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Zonian 1955

150-a Z7

cl Cr
Zonian lo5C
This book may be kept
MR 55581--PANAMA CANAL- 12-I9--- ofi

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21 MN 70

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MR 55581 -PANAMA CAMkL-12--f9-52- 000

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Carroll Adams
Ileana Angulo
Julieta Arosemena
Nina Brown
Marge Curles
Tilcia Femenias
Mary Jo Greene
Dixie Humes
Sue Marshall
Georgia McGinn

EDITOR .....-----...----- Juanita Jones
ASSOC. ED. .....-....--- Sara Collinge
BUS. MAN. ........--- Robin Harrison
FAC. AD ..-...Miss Hazel Matthews
FIN. AD. ._--..--.. Mr. E. W. Hatchett

Pat Quinn
Bob Zumbado
Peggy Donovan
Jo Ann Euper
Shirley Harned
John Jenkins
Shirley Ransom
Janet Stockham
Janeth Vinton




We, the Zonian staff of 1955, dedicate this annual to Mr. Victor A. Herr.
His has been the kindly word of encouragement; his, the spark behind every
explosion. The ordinary day was brightened with his laughter, good sense, and humor.
Hour upon hour, with or without rest, he opened the gate to a musical heaven for
Balboa High School.
Therefore, with deep appreciation and great pride, we present our book to Mr. Herr.



Table of Contents
MINORS Page 33


We, the ZONIAN staff of 1955, present with pride this annual to our classmates,
teachers, and parents. In glancing over the pages of this yearbook throughout the
years to come, we sincerely hope that you will be able to recapture some of those past
experiences. Our attempt to enfold the school year 1954-1955 may seem feeble, but
through it you may some day reminisce over those wonderful games, the super
dances, meetings under the clock, cokes at the Clubby, and "the laughs and loves of
the girls and boys."
The year has been a success! Some of us are leaving the halls of BHS never
to forget, however, those golden high school days. This is their tribute.


* -1





~7 ~~~

C. F. Anderson Ross E. Anderson Mrs. Donna M.
Drafting Phys. Ed. Andrews
SKansas State Coll., M.S. Iowa State U., M.S. Secretary

Linda C. Appin Claude M. Aycock Hallie Beavers
Secretary Span. PI. Geom.
Columbia U., M.A. Duke U., M.A.

Theo. F. Hotz, Principal
Ohio State U., M.A.

h i i. 'kL. LI LI I59I4
Capt. Mary S. Brigham Stewart J. Brown Alice E. Candee
Thomas B. Blake Eng., Journ. Phys. Ed. U.S. His.
ROTC Columbia U., M.A. U. of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. Columbia U., M.A.
U. of Ala., B.S.

Geo. Case Katherine I. Clark
Phys. Ed. Library
U. of Ore., M.Ed. N.Y.U., M.A.

M/Sgt. James H. Elliott Mary B. Eugene
Elmer O. Edwards Shop, Gen. Math. Bus.
ROTC Nebr. U., B.Ed. N.Y.U., M.A.

Walter M. 0.
Chem., Math.
Columbia U., M.A.

Erma C. Forbes Beatrice S.
School Nurse Gardner
Columbia U., M.A.

Frances K.
Columbia U., M.A.

E. W. Hatchett
Columbia U., M.A.

Victor A. Herr
Band, Orch., Cho.
Columbia U., M.A.

Donovan Huber L. D. Hummel Robert S. Jeffrey
P1. Geom., Gen. Bus., Eng., M.W. His. E.W. His., N.W. His.
Gen. Sci., Gen. Math. Duquesne U., M.A. U. of Ariz., M.A.
W. 111. State Coll., M.S.


Natalie Johnson
Fr., Span.
Duke U., M.A.

Paul R. Kuyoth Geo. O. Lee
Shop, Dr. Training Bio.
Bradley U., M.A. Columbia U., M.A.

Capt. Eileen Lupetin Hazel P. Matthews
Wm. J. Lober, Jr. Phys. Ed. Eng., Zonian, Geo.
ROTC Brockport St. Teachers Peabody Coll. for
Wes ern Reserve U. Coll., B.S. Teachers, M.A.

Walter Mikulich
Health, Phys. Ed.
Iowa State U., M.A.

Eloise Monroe
Home Ec.
Columbia U., M.A.

Donald E.
Eng., Span., Sp.-Drama
Chicago U., M.A.

DeWitt E. Myers
Phy.. Chem., Math.
Washington State
Coll., M.A.

Dolores R. Peter
Phys. Ed.
Fla. St. U., B.S.

Jane Pittington
Home Ec.
N. Dak. Agric. Coll., B.S.

Sgt. Geo. A. Rosen J. W. Seaquist
ROTC Bio., Gen. Sci.
U. of Wis., Ph.B.

Joseph M. Soha David A. Speir, Jr.
Span., Latin U.S. His., Amer. Prob.
U. of Wis., M.A. U. of Fla., M.Ed.

Mary Stindt
U. of Mich., M.A.

Donna M. Stuebe
Phys. Ed., Health
Ind. St. Teachers
Coll.. B.S.

EW I I I. W WW ff]
Subert Turbyfill C. R. Vosburgh Allen B. Ward
Eng. Eng. Span.
U. of Okla., M.A. Columbia U., M.A. U. of Nebr., M.A.

Margaret M. Ward Marie C. Weir
Typing Bio., G:rls' Adv.
U. of Nebr., M.A. Columbia U., M.A.

C. O. Webb

Margaret V.
Northwestern U., M.A.

Harold J. Zierten, Asst. Prin.
Boys' Adv., Bradley U., B.S.



Four long hard years. Eight short wonderful semesters. Our high
school days are past and only the memories remain.
Remember the first day when we passed through the portals of BHS
to become the class of 1955? Our graduating year seemed, then, ever
so far away. That year we chose excellent class officers, Ed Napoleon,
for our President; Larry Cotton, Vice President; and Jane Jennison,
Secretary. We had many activities that year. Our Strutters Dance with
Jane Jennison as Jeans Queen, our Freshman picnic at Summit Gardens,
the Frosh-Soph Frolic where the Sophomores beat us, are only a few.
By the beginning of our Sophomore year we had gained more con-
fidence and began the year right by electing Charles Hummer, Presi-
dent; Jane Jennison, Vice President; and Carroll Adams, Secretary.
The Sadie Hawkins Dance that year was, according to us, the best that
had ever been given; and Jane Jennison and her Committee worked
hard to make it so. Then came the Soph-Frosh Frolic where the Fresh-
men beat us. It was close though! At the end of the year the whole
school elected our own Paul Glassburn as Vice President of the Student
The Junior year came, and we were at last upperclassmen. It cer-
tainly was a wonderful feeling! There were many activities to organize
that year, and we chose the very best officers to help us. They were Cesar
Von Chong, President; Sandy Hinkle, Vice President; and Nina Brown,
Secretary. The first thing we did as Juniors was to choose our class


rings. We elected a beauty with the help of Greta Navarro and her
Committee. The next on the agenda was the Junior Christmas Formal.
How the Committee worked on the original theme, "Santa's Workshop!"
We even elected Jenny Gau as our beautiful Holly Queen. For months
after Christmas the two committees for the Junior-Senior Banquet and
Prom worked very hard to put on the largest and most wonderful dance
of the year. The theme, "Romance of the Sea," was very beautifully
carried out. At the close of the year we were terribly proud when the
student body elected Sandy Hinkle as the next year's Student Associa-
tion President.
We're seniors at last! That wonderful time had come when we were
finally the mighty Seniors of BHS. We started off with a tremendous
bang when we elected Jim Stevens, President; Charles Hummer, Vice
President; and Pat Steiner, Secretary. We had loads of fun going to the
football, basketball, and baseball games, school dances, pep rallies, Elks
Dances, and all the other activities that add to our memories. The
Cards and Announcements Committee chose a beautiful announcement
for us along with cards, a card album, and a memory book. The Valen-
tine Formal was next. The hall was magnificently decorated with tiny
red satin hearts. We elected Sue Marshall as our queen with Jane
Jennison and Vilma Delvalle in her court. It was a wonderful evening
for all. The year was quickly slipping past. Very soon we would be
walking up the aisle at the Balboa Theater to receive our diplomas. It
would then be all over but the memories.


Seniors, stand up and sing;
Let all your voices ring.
Papers are in and the books are read;
We turn our eyes to the dreams ahead.
We hesitate as we go,
Thinking of friends we know.
Fondly we sing this tune.
We want to remember the days from
September to early in June.
-- Here's to the times we knew,
A smile and a soft goodby.
.- Here is a cheer for you,
Old Balboa High.
We worked and we played,

right: C. Garden, N. Sager, D. Crowell, N.
Brown, M. Tewinkel, J. Fitzpatrick.

left to right, front row: J. Wood, P. Phillips, G.
McGinn, L. Rigby, P. Quinn. Second row: S. Strope,
D. Ellis, C. Adams. Last row: H. Turlington. Cam-
era shy: N. Lesley.

CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE-left to right: C. de
Paredes, S. Collinge, R. Duran, T. Corrigan, J. Brinkley.

SENIOR PICTURES COMMITTEE-left to right, front
row: E. Estenoz, T. Ford, M. Sandrone, J. Brennan, M. J.
Greene. Second row: P. Steiner, D. Schmidt, J. Arose-
mena. B. Greene.



And we fought and we made,
And we're proud of the job we've done.
We come to the end at last.
High school days are passed,
Years that were filled with our tears
and joys,
The laughs and the loves of the girls
and the boys.
So thanks be to Mom and Dad
For all the fun we had,
All of it gone too soon.
We want to remember the days from
September to early in June.

R / /
Class adviserr

left to right: S. Gonzalez, M. Zent, D. Hilliard, P. Chalu-
ja, S. Marshall, B. Ford. Too shy: H. Raybourn, J.

right: T. Femenias, P. Castello, 0. Cruz,
C. Schrantz, M. Drennan. Out roaming
around: P. Glassburn, R. Gramlich.

front row: S. Beckley, C. Hummer, C. Von Chong,
D. Yerkes. Second. row: A. Ho, N. Jones, P. Hol-
gerson. Third row: D. Huff, S. Williams, J. Gau,
J. Hammond.


Mary Rose Abele
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
"Nothing great was ever achieved
without enthusiasm."
HR Alt. 3; Stdt. Cncl. 1; Christmas Play
1; NHS 3, 4; Ush. Clb. 1; VB 1, 2, 3, 4;
Debating 1; ROTC Ofc. 2, 3, 4; Grad.
Marsh. 3; Dir. Assemb. 4; NHS Assemb.
4; Zonian Ad. Sell. 4; CGS 3.

Carroll Adams
Ancon, Canal Zone
"I never met a man I didn't like."
HR Alt. 1; HR Rep. 2, 3; Sec'y 2; "Life
of the Party" 1; "Beauty and the Beef"
2; "Glamour Boy" 2; "Showdown at Saw-
tooth" 3; Math Clb. 2, 3, Pres. 2, Sec'y
3; Drama Clb. 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB
2, 3; Pep Sq. I, 2, 3; Chrldr. 4; Bell
Tone Trio 1; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho.
1, 2, 3, 4; Frosh Dan. Comm. 1; Frosh
Pic. 1; Orph. Dr. Ch. 2; SH Dan. Comm.
2; Cpgn. Assemb. 2; Little Theater 2, 3;
Frosh Mask 2; Fash. Sh. 3, 4; Christmas
Dan. Comm. 3; Grad. Ush. 3; CGS 3;
Visit. Day Comm. 2; Cards and Ann. Ch.
4; SA Dis. Win. Comm. 4; Stag. Prod.
2, 3, 4; Zonian Ad Sell. 4; Holly Qn.
Ct. 3; Zonian 4; Banq. Bugle 4.

Sonia Judith Aliponga
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Curly hair, shining eyes, merry
humor, she's a prize."
Span. Clb. 1, 3; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2,
3, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Sq. 1, 2;
Fash. Sh. 1, 3, 4.

Boris Angel Allara
Panama City, R. de P.
"A successful future awaiting
Chess Clb. 4; Cho. 1, 2; Biol. Assist. 2;
ROTC 2, 3, 4; S-t. FC; Ush. Sq. ROTC
2, 3, 4.

Eva M. Altuna
Lima, Peru
"A true friend for whom no task
is too big."
Span. Clb. 3; VB 3, 4; BkB 3, 4; SB
3, 4; Cho. 3, 4; Ofc. Assist. 4; Ush. Clb.
4; Zonian Ad Sell. 4.

Vs Ao

Gladys Amar
Panama City, R. de P.
"A sound mind in a sound body
with a cheerful smile."
Vice Pres. 1.

Ileana Clementina Angulo
Panama City, R. de P.
"A dark eyed seiorita, with a
warm smile."
Zonian 4; Chess Clb. 2, 3, 4; Span. Clb.
1, 3; UN Clb. 4; Ush. Clb. 4; Stamp
Clb. 4; Zonian Ad Sell. 4; Pep Sq. 1;
VB 1, 2, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3; Bwl. Tm. 2, 3.

Edna N. Arjona
Panama City, R. de P.
"Small service is true service."
FHA 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4;
Clinic Assist. 4.

Bey M. Arosemena Vallarino
Panama City, R. de P.
"A gentleman is a man who can
disagree without being disagree-

Julieta Arosemena
Panama City, R. de P.
"Doing easily what others find
difficult is talent."
Zonian 4; Span. Clb. 1, 3, 4; Stamp Clb.
4; NHS 4; VB 1, 2, 4; BkB 1, 2, 4;
Cho. 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 2, 3, 4; Ofc.
Assist. 2; Clinic Assist. 1; Fash. Sh. 1;
Span. Clb. Assemb. 1, 3; Jr.-Sr. Prom
Comm. 3; Zonian Ad Sell. 4; Sr. Pic.
Comm. 4; Zonian Dis. Comm. 4; Banq.
Bugle 4.


SJudith Lastenia Avila M.
Panama City, R. de P.
"Friendly smiling evermore, she's
a girl we all adore."
Span. Clb. 1, 3; VB 1, 2, 3; BkB 1, 2,
3, 4; SB 1, 2; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3; Lib.
Assist. 1, 2; Fash. Sh. 1, 2, 4.

David T. Azearraga
Panama City, R. de P.
"Lucky are those who have Toty
Sfor a friend."
ROTC 2, 3, 4; M/Sgt.

Sally Lou Banton
Panama City, R. de P.
"I make the most of all that
Ush. Clb. 4; CGS 3; VB 1, 2; Pep Sq.
1, 2, 3; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 2;
Lib. Assist. 3; Ofc. Assist. 4; Fash. Sh.
1, 3, 4.

SColleen Cleo Barnett
Salt Lake City, Utah
"Silence is more musical than
any song."
Cam. Clb. 1, 2, 3; Ush. Clb. 3, 4; Cho.
1, 2, 3; Sp. Cho. 1, 2; Grad. Ush. 3;
CGS 3; Sp. Cho. Bacc. 2.

Ronald Lee Bauman
Denver, Colorado
"He knew the precise psycho-
logical moment when to say
Cam. Clb. 3; Gun Clb. 3; Cho. 1, 2;
k Band 4; ROTC 2, 3; Drill Tm. 3.

Samuel C. Beckley
Brooklyn, New York
"Clear thought and capability
Let. Clb. 3, 4; Swm. 2, 3*, 4*; Track
3; WP 2, 3, 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Cpl. 4;
Val. Dan. Comm. 4.

Wilmur Blackaby
Lexington, Kentucky
"Our BHS cowboy, with a ten
gallon hat and boots."
Service Clb. 1; Emerson Jr. High School
1; Oft. Assist. 3; Brackenridge High
2, 3. I


Alfonso A. Blackall Morales
Palmira, Costa Rica
"A friend received with thumps
upon the back."
JV. BkB 1, 2; BkB 3, 4; Track 3; FB
3, 4; ROTC Cpl. 2; Sgt. 3.


James J. Boughner
Mingo Junction, Ohio
"No talent, but yet a character."
Track 3; ROTC 2, 3, 4; 1st Lt. 4; ROTC
Spring Camp.

Joan Patricia Brennan
Colon, R. de P.
"Not by years, but by disposition
is wisdom acquired."
FTA 3; Eng. Clb. Pres. 1; VB 1, 2, 3, 4;
Ofc. Assist. 4; Val. Dan. 1; SH Dan. 2;
Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Class Assemb. 1, 2; Sr.
Pic. 4.

Julia Frances Brinkley
Durham, North Carolina
"Here is a dear and true in-
dustrious friend."
HR Alt. 2, 3; Zonian Bus. Staff 4; Math
Clb. 2; Drama Clb. 4; Span. Clb. 3;
Pep Sq. 2; Cho. 1, 2; Sp. Cho. 2, 3;
Band 3, 4; Orch. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm.
3; Thanksgiving Dis. 3; Jr. Ring Comm.
3; Cap and Gown Comm. 4; Stag. 2;
Band Assist. Sec'y 3; Exec. Sec'y 4.

Nina Marie Brown
Colon, R. de P.
"Always on the go-in the midst
of fun."
Sec'y 3; HR Rep. 1, 2; SA Sec'y 4;
Zonian 4; GAA 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4;
Ref. Clb. 1, 2, 3, 4; VB 1, 2, 3*, 4*;
SB 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; BkB 1, 2, 3*, 4;
Pep Sq. 1, 2; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho.
2, 3, 4; Bacc. Cho. 2, 3, 4; Christmas
Narrator 3; Hon. 1st Lt. ROTC Co. "A";
Grad. Ush. 3; CGS 3; Hist. 3; GAA Dan.
3, 4; GAA Banq. 4; Frosh Soph. Frolic
1; Frosh Pic. 1; Innaug. Dan. Comm.
4; ROTC Dan. Comm. 4; Sr. Wk. Comm.
4; SH Dan. Comm. 2; Jr.-Sr. Prom.
Comm. Ch. 3; Spt. Awd. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Elida Castellanos
Panama City, R. de P.
"Common sense is very uncom-
VB 4; SB; BkB 4; Pep Sq. 1; Cho.
2, 3, 4; ROTC Ofc. Assist. 4; Fash. Sh.
2, 4; Ush. 4; Span. Clb. 2, 3; Zonian
Ad Sell. 4.

Pedro Chaluja, Jr.
Cardenas, Cuba
"A quiet chap until you know
him and then clear the decks for
Chess Clb. 2, 3, 4; Math Clb. 3; Intra.
1, 2; ROTC 2, 3, 4; 1st Lt.

- ***

Armando Calvo
Panama City, R. de P.
"Men, like bullets, go farthest
when they are smoothest." -
JV BB 1; JV BkB 1; Wrest. 1; JB FB
1; Cho. 4; ROTC Augusta Military
Academy; Best New Cadet 1; Best NCO
3; BB All Stars 1. .

Charles Carden
Chattanooga, Tennessee
"Man is the only animal that
blushes or needs to."
"Curtain Going Up" 3; FB 4; Band 3,
4; Orch. 4; Cho. 4; German Band 3.

Marcy H. Carpenter
Ancon, Canal Zone
"His favorite book the tele-
phone directory."
Zonian Ad Sell. 4; Track Mgr. 2; FB 2;
BB 3; ROTC Pvt.


Claire Claxton
Knoxville, Tennessee
"A very welcome newcomer to
HR Sec'y 3; Make-up Comm. 1; Bwl.
Clb. 1; Music Apprec. 2; Bridge 3; Bible
4; VB 1; BB 1; Cho. 4; Ath. Banq.
Serv. 2; Bacc. Ush. 3; Art Comm. 4.

Sara Jean Collinge
Ancon, Canal Zone
"The good are always the merry."
HR Alt. 1; HR Rep. 3; SA Alt. 1;
"Beauty and the Beef" 2; "Life of the
Party" 1; Stag. 1, 2, 3; Prod. 2; Zonian
3, 4; Assoc. Ed. 4; GAA 3, 4; NHS 3, 4;
Vice Pres. 4; Ref. Clb. 2, 3; VB 1, 2,
3*, 4; SB 1, 2, 3*; BkB 1*, 2*, 3*, 4;
Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp.
Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; NSPA 3; Christmas Dan.
Comm. 3; Cap Gown Comm. Ch. 4; GAA
Dan. 3; GAA Banq. 3; Frosh Pic. 1;
Frosh Dan. 1; SH Dan. 2; CGS 3; Elks
Clb. Dan. Comm. 3; Grad. Marsh. 3; SA
Camp. Assemb. 2; Little Theater 2.

Ralph A. Conner
Panama City, R. de P.
"Polite and easy to get along
Cam. Clb. 1; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Bat. Sup.
Sgt.; ROTC Spring Camp 2; Mem. Day
Firing Sq. 3.

. I

Ernesto A. Cordovez D.
Panama City, R. de P.
"Not much to say, but with one
word you know he's a likeable
Soccer Tm. 1; Track 1; Cho. 1; ROTC
Pvt. 3; Rad. Clb.

Juanita A. Corrigan
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Never trouble trouble until
trouble troubles you then
Stag. 1; Ref. Clb. 1, 2; VB 1, 2, 3*, 4*;
BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3, 4; Sw. 1, 2;
Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho. 2, 3, 4; Sp.
Cho. 3, 4; Ofc. Assist. 1, 4; Cap Gown
Comm. 4; SH Dan. Comm. 2; Frosh
Dan. Comm. 1; Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. 3;
Frosh Soph Frolic 1, 2; Ann. Assemh. 1;
GAA 4.

Page Costello
Fort Benning, Georgia
"Sparkling eyes to accompany
the friendliest of smiles."
Pep Sq. 2, 3; Grad Ush. 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq.
Ch. 3; Get Acq. Dan. Ch. 4; CGS 3.

Olga Critch
Panama City, R. de P.
"What is woman? Only one of
nature's agreeable blunders."
BkB 1, 4; SB 1, 4; VB 1, 4*; Cho. 3;
Ofe. Assist. 3, 4; Fash. Sh. 1.

Robert G. Crooks
Panama City, R. de P.
"One of the best things to have
up your sleeve is a funny bone."
HR Alt. 4; Cho. 1, 2, 3; ROTC 2, 3, 4;
1st Sgt.






Ila Dawn Crowell
Neptune, New Jersey
"The wisdom of many and the
wit of one."
Ref. Clb. 2, 3, 4; Ush. Clb. 4; Drama
Clb. 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 3, 4; BkB
1, 2*, 3*, 4; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 4; Cho.
2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 2, 3; Bacc. Cho. 3;
Ole. Assist. 2; Zonian Ad Sell. 3; CGS
3; Sr. Wk. Comm. 4; Intra. Spt. Awd.
3; Ref. Awd. 3; GAA 1; Neptune High
School 1.

Orlanda M. Cruz
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Something attempted, something
GAA 2, 3, 4; Span. Clb. 1, 3; Cam. Clb.
3; Ref. Clb. 1, 2, 3, 4; VB 1, 2*, 3*, 4*;
SB 1*, 2*, 3*, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep
Sq. 1; Sp. Cho. 1, 4; Cho. 1, 4; Sr. Pty.
Comm. 4; GAA Dan. Comm. 3; GAA
Banq. Comm. 3; Fash. Sh. 1.

Margaret Louise Curies
"Marge Rita"
Norfolk, Virginia
"Man has his will, but woman
has her way."
HR Rep. 1; "Showdown at Sawtooth" 3;
"Curtain Going Up" 3; Stag. 3; Ush.
Clb. 3, 4; Span. Clb. 3; Cam. Clb. 1;
VB 1, 4; Sw. Tm. 1; Water Ballet 3;
Pep Sq. 1; Band 1; Orch. 1; Play Ush.
3; lath. Bwl. Tkts. 2; Zonian Ad Sell. 1;
Little Theater Banq. 3; Zonian 4.

Vielka H. de Gracia M.
Panama City, R. de P.
"Stylish-one of the best."
Span. Clb. 1, 2, 3; Zonian Ad Sell. 2, 4;
VB 1, 2, 4*; SB 1, 2, 4; Cho. 1, 2, 3.

Mario Delgado
Ancon, Canal Zone
"The Latin Amigo within our
Track 2; ROTC Pvt.


Vilma Delvalle
Panama City, R. de P.
"Who knows her smile, has
known a perfect thing."
Cho. 1, 2.

Frances Anne Dillon
Boston, Massachusetts
"She is athletic, friendly, and
kind, another just like her you'll
never find."
GAA 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Ref. Clb. 1, 2, 3,
4; Ush. Clb. I; VB 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; SB
1*, 2*, 3*; BkB 1*, 2*, 3*; GAA Dan.
Comm. 2, 3, 4; Ofc. Assist. 3, 4; Clinic
Assist. 1.

Lawrence M. Drennan, III
Washington, D. C.
"The first true gentleman that
ever lived."
FB 1, 2; BkB 1, 2; Ten. 1; ROTC 2, 3,
4; Maj.; Dr. Tm. 1, 2, 3, 4; Hon. Gd.
Goethal's Mem. 3.

Carole Dunn
Stephenville, Texas
"That redhead from Texas, cute
as a bug in a rug."
FHA 1, 2, 3; Booster Jackets 1, 2, 3;
Cho. Clb. 2, 3; State Cho. Cont. 2, 3;
Ofe. Assist. 1, 2, 3, 4; Outstanding Stdt.
Eng. 1; Jr.-Sr. Banq. Dec. Welcome 3;
Ush. Class Plays 1, 2, 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq.
Sel. Soph. Serv. 2.

Paul E. Duran
Panama City, R. de P.
"Here's a boy we're sure glad to
welcome back."
Swm. Tm.; Track 1, 2; ROTC Sgt. FC 3;
Span. Clb. 1, 3; Cam. Clb. 2; Dr. Tm.
2, 3; ROTC Ush. Sq. 3; Goethal's Mem.
3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Back to School
Dan. 3.

Rita E. Duran
Panama City, R. de P.
"The wise are never without
Cam. Clb. 1; Span. Clb. 1, 3; UN Clb.
4; BB 3; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 1, 2,
3, 4; Visit. Day Comm. 3; Cam. Dan.
Comm. 3; Cap Gown Comm. 4; Ush.
Visit. Day Assemb. 3; Fash. Sh. 1, 3, 4.

Doris Victoria Ehrman
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Wit is the salt of conversation."
Drama 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 2, 3. 4;
Pep Sq. 2; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Frosh Dan.
Comm. 1; Adv. SH Dan. 2.

David A. Ellis
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Laughable Dave, always ready
with a joke and yet not without
a serious side."
HR Rep. 4; St. Clb. 1; UN Clb. 2;
Chess Clb. 2, 3; Cam. Clb. 2; Proj. Clb.
2, 3; Cho. 1; Sp. Cho. 1; Lib. Assist.
2; Chem. Lab. Assist. 3; ROTC 2, 3, 4;
Dr. Tm. Mast. 4; Hon. Gd. Goethal's
Mem. 3; Rifle Tm. 3, 4; Sp. Camp 2;
Chess Clb. Const. Comm. 2; Get Acq.
Dan. Comm. 4; Cds. An. Comm. 4.

Fernand M. Espiau
New Orleans, Louisiana
"Dark eyes and friendly manner."
ROTC 2, 3, 4; Sgt.

Elena Isabel Estenoz
Colon, R. de P.
"A cheerful look makes a dish a
Span. Clb. 1, 3; Cam. Clb. 1; Math Clb.
2; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3; BkB 1, 2,
3; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3; Cho. 1, 2, 3; Fash.
Sh. 1, 2, 4; Span. Clb. Comm. 1, 3;
Christmas Dan. Comm. 3; Qn. Ct. 1, 3;
Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Sr. Pic. Comm. 4; Span.
Clb.; Pan. Nat. Dan. Exhib. 1, 3; Ad
Sell. 4.

William R. Evarts
"Billy Billete"
Colon, R. de P.
"Plain living and high thinking."
Cam. Clb. 1, 2; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Dr. Tm.
3. 4; Cho. 1, 2; Sp. Cho. 1, 2; ROTC
Ush. 2, 3, 4; 1st Lt.

SAndrew Fazenbaker
Hymam, South Carolina
"A smile and a cheer for all his
ROTC 4; Industrial Arts Clb. 3.

Tilcia Rebecca Femenias
Panama City, R. de P.
"Always happy, always gay, just
as nice from day to day."
HR Alt. 4; Zonian 4; Banq. Bugle 4;
Span. Clb. 1, 3, 4, Sec'y 4; Cam. Clb.
1, 2; Math Clb. 3; FNA 4; UN Clb. 4;
Ref. Clb. 1, 2, 3, 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB
1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; Man. VB All
Stars 2; Pep Sq. 1, 2; Cho. 3, 4; Sp.
Cho. 3, 4; Lib. Assist. 1; Span. Clb.
Assemb. 3; Carnival Dan. Comm. 3; Sr.
Pty. Comm. 4; Zonian Bus. Staff 4;
Parrakeet Bus. Staff 4; Zonian Banq. 4;
S Zonian Dis. Comm. 4.

James E. Fitzpatrick
Mt. Clemens, Michigan
"He puts his troubles in a trunk,
sits on the lid, and laughs."
Morie Club.; Rifle Clb.; FB; Track; Sr.
Wk. Comm. 4; Bellville Township High
School 1, 2, 3.

Robert Ira Fogel
Panama City, R. de P.
"Eyes sparkling with mischief."
Let. Clb. 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; JV
BkB 1, 2; ROTC 2, 3, 4, Cpl.; Intra.
Spt. Awd. 2, 3.

Guillermo A. Ford
Panama City, R. de P.
"A fellow who's tops in every
way." I
'ROTC Dr. Tm. 3; ROTC 2, 3, 4; M/Sgt.
4; Sr. Pic. Comm. 4.

James Thomas Ford
"Lord Ford"
Panama City, R. de P.
"Good humor and quick retorts."
HR Alt. 2; JV BkB; ROTC 2, 3, 4;
M/Sgt. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Sr. Pic. 4.

Loretta Kay Frangioni
Washington, D. C.
"I live for those who love me, for
those who know me true."
HR Rep. 1; HR Alt. 2; Cam. Clb. 1;
Span. Clb. 1; UN Clb. 1; Ush. Clb. 3, 4;
SB 1*; VB 1, 2; Deck Ten. 2, 3; Pep
Sq. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho.
1, 2, 3. 4; Christmas Dan. Comm. 3;
Bacc. Ush. 3; CGS 3.

Laura Jeannette Gau
Ancon, Canal Zone
"When in doubt, giggle-that'.
our bombshell cheerleader."
HR Alt. 1, 2; Banq. Bugle 3; VB 1, 2
BkB 1, 2, 3; SB 1, 2,.3, 4; Pep Sq. 1, 2
Chrldr. 3, 4, Capt. 4; SH Dan. Comm. 2
Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Frosh Pic. 1; Holl;
Queen 3; Grad. Ush. 3; Fash. Sh. 4
Awds. Day Assemb. Comm. 3; Val. Dan
Comm. 3; Orph. Dr. 2.

Richard K. Gau
Ancon, Canal Zonw
"What a frosty-spirited rogue i.
HR Rep. 2, 3; Swm. Tin. 1, 2, 3, 4
ROTC 2, 3, 4; M/Sgt. 4; Dr. Tm. 2, 3
Rifle Tm. 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm
3; Christmas Dan. 3; ROTC Dan. 2
Awds. Ball Comm. 3; Orph. Dr.


v-m i

*,a~. -.i



Paul D. Glassburn
Pensacola, Florida
"He is small but so is dynamite."
SA Vice Pres. 3; Rad. Clb. 2; Cam. Clb.
2; JV FB 2; Cho. 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4;
Sgt. 4; SA Bud. Comm. Ch. 3; Christmas
Dan. Comm. 3; Stag. 2, 3; Visit. Day
Assemb. 3; ROTC Spring Camp 2; ROTC
Rifle Tm. 2.

Estella Oderay Gonzalez
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Nice and sweet, a treat to
Ref. Clb. 1, 2; Span. Clb. 1; Ush. Clb.
3, 4; Sec'y Cam. Clb. 1, 2; Proj. Clb. 3;
All Spts. Awd. 3; Pep Sq. 1; Cho. 1, 2;
Ofe. Assist. 1, 2; Sr. Gr. Pic. Comm. 4;
Play Ush. 3.

Richard Gramlich
Ancon, Canal Zone
"If you would see his monument
look around."
HR Alt. 3; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Capt.; Drill
Tm. 3, 4; Dr. Mas. 4; Sr. Pty. Comm. 4.




William C. Greene, Jr.
Panama City, R. de P.
"Loves to live and lives to love."
Lit. Pic. Ed. Parrakeet 3, 4; Chess Clb.
3, 4; Cam. Clb. 1; UN Clb. 4; Span.
Clb. 4; JV FB 2; Cho. 1; Lab. Assist.
3, 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4; M/Sgt.; Sr. Pic.
Comm. 4; Patriotic Assemb. Comm. 3;
ROTC Dr. Tm. 3, 4; Zonian 3; Ush. Gd.

Dawn Diane Griffiths
Staten Island, New York
"Her voice was ever soft, gentle,
S and sweet."
S, Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1.

Sylvia J. Hagborg
British Honduras
"Speech is great, but silence is
Cam. Clb. 1; BkB 1, 2; VB 1, 2; Pep
Sq. 1; Zonian Ad Sell. 4.

Mary Jolenta Greene
"Mary Jo"
Annapolis, Maryland
"Gay and friendly, a miss all
BHS adores."
Soph. Play 2; Stag. Prod. 2; Banq.
Bugle 4; Zonian 4; Drama Clb. 4; VB
1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3; BkB 1, 2, 3; Pep
Sq. 3; Cho. 1, 2; Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm.
3; Sr. Pic. Comm. 4; Grad. Ush. 3;
CGS 3; Soph. Assemb. 2; Zonian Ad
Sell. 4; Intra. Spt. Awd. 3; St. Mary's
Bazaar 1, 2; St. Mary's Academy 1, 2.

Robert Greene
Panama City, R. de P.
"A harem-his ambition."
SA Rep.; "'B" Clb.; FB; Track Capt.;
Cho. 4; Petty Ofc. 2; Bolles Hi, Jackson.
ville, Florida.

Helen Hallax
Athens, Greece
"Never a friend has been truer
than you."
HR Rep. 3, 4; Chess Clb. 3, 4; Span.
Clb. 3; FNA 4; FTA 4; Stamp Clb. 4;
BkB 3; Cho. 1, 2, 3; CGS Observ. 3; Jr.
Ring Comm. 3; Sr. Ring Comm. 4; Ch.
Christmas, Easter SC 3.

Jack B. Hammond
Pontiac, Illinois
"The man that blushes is not
quite a brute."
HR Rep. 1, 4; "Dust of the Road" 4;
Let. Clb. 3, 4; JV FB 2; FB 3, 4; BB
3*, 4*; All Zone BB 3; Track 2, 3, 4;
Band 1; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Sq. Ldr. 4;
Frosh Pic. 1; Christmas Dan. Comm. 3;
SH Dan. Comm. 2; Val. Dan. Comm. 4;
FB Dan. Comm. Ch. 4.

Joseph Edward Harari
Brooklyn, New York
"Big man, big heart."
"Beauty and the Beef" 2; Cam. Clb.
1, 2; Proj. Clb. 1, 2; Drama Clb. 4;
Span. Clb. 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4.

Sion George Harari
Brooklyn, New York
"A future big business man." '
HR Alt. 1; Cam. Clb. 1, 2; Chess Clb.
4; Span. Clb. 1; UN Clb. 4; Track 1, 2, .
3, 4; JV BkB 2; FB 1; Intra. FB 2, 4;
BkB 1, 3, 4; BB 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho. 4; Sr. ... .
Ring Comm. 4; Frosh Soph. Frolic .
Comm. 1. ..

Robin Elizabeth Harrison
Colon, R. de P.
"Rates an 'A' in every under-
Zonian 3, 4; Bus. Man. 4; Banq. Bugle
3; Cam. Clb. 1; Ref. Clb. 2; FNA 4;
NHS 3, 4; Drama Clb. 4; Zonian Ad
Sell. 3, 4; Span. Clb. 4; VB 1, 3; BkB
1, 2; NHS Speech Initia. 4; Pep Sq. 2;
Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 4; Lab. Assist.
2; NSPA 3; Jour. Banq. Comm. 3; CGS
3; CGS Let. Awd. 3; Jr. Easter Dis.
Comm. 3; Zonian Dis. Comm. Ch. 4.

William Held
Long Beach, California
"Talent for making friends."
BkB 2; Tumb. 3.

Doris Henderson
Panama City, R. de P.
"Ability exceeding her size."
Cho. 4. ,

Edward R. Henry
Montgomery, Alabama
"His bike is his steady."
ROTC 2, 3, 4; Cadet Sgt. 4.

Joan I. Hensler
San Diego, California
"Tops in charm and friendship."
Cam. Clb. 1; Span. Clb. 1, 2, 3; VB 1,
2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2*, 3, 4; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3;
Cho. 1, 2, 3; Sp. Cho. 1, 2, 3; Fash. Sh.
3; Bacc. Ush. 3; Sp. Bace. Cho. 3;
Frosh Soph. Frolic Comm. 1.

Stephen A. Herring
Tampa, Florida
"Quiet and shy, a real swell
Jr. Rif. Clb. 3, 4; Cam. Clb. 1; Sw. 3, 4;
Track 3; Cho. 1, 2; Sp. Cho. 2; ROTC
2, 3, 4; Sgt. 4; Rif. Tm. 3, 4; Spring
Camp 2.

David Armstrong Hilliard
"The Shape"
Wadsworth, Ohio
"Happiest when loafing."
HR Alt. 3, JV FB 2; FB 3, 4*; Band 1,
2; 3; Orch. 1, 2; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Sgt. 4;
Cam. CIb. 1; Sr. Gift Comm. 4.

William S. Hinkle
Panama City, R. de P.
"Give to the world the best that
you have and the best will come
back to you."
SA Pres. 4; SA Rep. 1; HR Rep. 3;
Vice Pres. 3; Let. Clb. 4; NHS 3, 4; BB
3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4; 1st
Lt. 4; Back to School Dan. Comm. 3; Jr.
Ring Comm. 3; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3;
Camp. Assemb. 2, 3.


Ana Ho
Panama City, R. de P.
"When she speaks, she's worth
listening to."
HR Rep. 2, 3; Chess Clb. Sec'y-Treas. 3,
Vice Pres. 4; Math Clb. 2, 4; Span. Clb.
3; Stamp Clb. 3, 4; Vice Pres. 4; FNA
4; FTA 4; BkB 2, 3; Cho. 2, 3, 4; Clinic
Assist. 1; Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. 3; Val.
Dan. Comm. 4; Fash. Sh. 1, 2, 3; Jr.
Ring Comm. 3; Zonian Ad Sell. 2, 3;
Christmas, Easter Dis. Comm. 3.

Paula Cecilia Holgerson
St. Andrews, Colombia
"Ever looking on the sunny side
of life."
Prop. and Scenery 1, 2; Adv. 1, 2; FTA
1, 2; Drama Clb. 1, 2; Sock Buskin Clb.
4; Ush. Clb. 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2,
3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3, 4; Spt. Awd. 2; Pep
Sq. 1, 2, 3; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho.
3, 4; Ofc. Assist. 4; Val. Dan. Comm. 1;
SH Dan. Comm. 2; Ball Chain Dan.
Comm. 2; Farewell Bawl 2; Val. Dan. 4;
FTA Assemb. 1, 2; Drama Clb. Assemb.
1, 2; Frosh Assemb. 1; Soph Assemb. 2;
Frosh Pty. 1; Ush. Bacc.; Art Awd.;
Visit. Day Comm. 1; Play Ush. 1, 2, 4;
Sr. Dis. Comm. 4.

Judith Anne Hoopes
Salt Lake City, Utah
"Sweet as they come, well worth
HR Alt. 3; Cam. Clb. 1; Ush. Clb. 2, 3;
BkB 1, 2; VB 1, 2, 3; Pep Sq. 1, 2;
Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Ofc.
Assist. 4; Zonian Ad Sell. 4; SH Dan.
Comm. 2.

Winters O. Hope
Natchez, Mississippi
"A truly wise man is one who
knows not, and knows not that he
knows not, and thinks he's smarter
than everyone else."
Stag. 3; Zonian Ad Sell. 4; Cam. Clb. 1.
2; Proj. Clb. 1, 2, 3, 4; Rad. Clb. 1, 2,
3, 4; JV BkB 2; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp.
Cho. 3, 4; Band 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Sgt.
FC; Dr. Tm. 2, 3, 4; Ush. Sq. 2, 3.

Donald B. Huff
Brooklyn, New York
"An A-1 athlete and friend."
HR Rep. 1, 2; HR Alt. 4; Let. Clb. 2, 3,
4; JV FB 1; FB 2*, 3*, 4*; JV BkB 1,
2; Track 1, 2, 3*, 4*; ROTC 2, 3, 4; 1st
Lt.; Spring Camp 2; Val. Dan. Comm.
4; NHS 4.

Dixie K. Humes
Vallejo, California
"I chatter as I go, and I go on
Zonian 4; French Clb. 2; Drama Clb. 1,
2, 4; JV Chrldr. 2; Pep Sq. 4; Chrldr.
4; Cho. 4; Hon. 1st Lt. Co. "B" ROTC
Spon. 4; Innaug. Dan. Comm. 4; Grad.
Ush. 3; FB Ct. 4; Assemb. Comm. 2;
FB Dan. Comm. 4; ROTC Dan. Comm.
4; Awds. Ball 4; CGS 3; Girl's Cho. 4;
Woodbury High 1, 2.

Charles W. Hummer, Jr.
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Ability plus personality make
this all-around fellow."
Pres. 2; Vice Pres. 4; Let. Clb. 3, 4;
NHS 3, 4; Math Clb. 2, 3; Cam. Clb. 1,
2, Pres. 2; FB 3*, 4; Track 2, 3; JV BkB
2; JV FB 1, 2; NHS Initia. Speech 4;
Mem. Day Speech 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Orch.
1, 2; Sp. Cho. 2, 4; German Band 3;
ROTC 2, 3, 4; Spring Camp 2; Best
Cadet 3; Mem. Day Firing Sq. 3; July 4
Color Gd. 2; Dr. Tm. 3, 4; Rifle Tm. 2,
3, 4; Lt. Col. 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; SH
Dan. Comm. 2; Christmas Dan. Comm.
3; Val. Dan. Comm. Ch. 4; ROTC Dan.
4; Marshall Grad. 3; MC Talent Assemb.
3; Sh. Case 2.

James Hardy Jarvis, III
Tampa, Florida
"A smile to delight any heart."
Latin Clb. 2; Rad. Clb. 4; St. Hall.
Assist. 2; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Pfc.

Marie Dolores Jenkins
Colon, R. de P.
"Grace was in all her steps,
heaven in her eyes."
Parrakeet Ad Sell. 2; VB 2; Cho. 2, 3;
Sp. Cho. 2, 3; Lib. Assist. 2; Fash. Sh.
2, 4.

Norma Anne Jenks
Silver City, New Mexico
"Not ten yoke of oxen have the
power to draw us like a woman's
Drama Clb. 4; FTA 4; Band 2, 4.



'\ i..

Jane E. Jennison
Panama City, R. de P.
"Good works are worth much
and cost little."
HR Rep. 1; Sec'y 1; HR Alt. 2, 4; Vice
Pres. 2; Stag. "Curtain Going Up" 3;
NHS 3, 4; Span. Clb. 3, Vice Pres.;
Drama Clb. 4, Treas.; SB 1, 2, 3; BkB
1, 2, 4; VB 1, 2, 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Cho.
2, 3; Sp. Cho. 2, 3; Chem. Assist. 3;
CGS Gov. 3; Del. Girl's Nat. 3; VrI. Ct.
3, 4; FB Ct. 4; Hon. 1st Lt. ROTC Co.
"C" 4; Frosh Dan. Dec. Ch.; SH Dan.
Comm. 2; Daisy Mae Ct. 2; Christmas
Dan. Ch. 3; Holly Queen Ct. 3; Sr.
Ring Comm. 4; Band Maj. 1, 3; Christ-
mas Orph. Dr. 1, 2; Grad. Ush. 3; SA
Prices Comm. Ch. 2; Band Scholarship
Comm. Ch. 4; Jr. Dis. Comm. 3; Drama
Clb. 4.

Ahna Luisa Johnson
Boston, Massachusetts
"A cute blond with a ready smile
for everyone."
Parrakeet Bus. Staff. 4; Math Clb., Pres.
4; Y-Teens 3; Latin Clb. 3; Glee Clb.
3; VB 2; BkB 3. 4; SB 3, 4; Pep Sq.
1, 2; Chrldr. 3; Cho. 1, 3, 4; Sp. Cho.
1, 2, 4; Concert Cho. 3; Jr. Prom Dan.
Comm. 3; SH Dan. Comm. 3; Frosh Pic.
Comm. 1; Mexican Dan. Comm. 3; Penny
Carn. Stage Sh. 3; Frosh Pty. Ent. 1.

SJuanita Nile Jones
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Reason and judgment are the
qualities of a leader."
SHR Rep. 4; Zonian 3, 4, Ed. 4; Banq.
Bugle 3, 4; NHS 3, 4. Pres. 4; Ush. Clb.
2; Math Clb. 2, 3; FTA Pres. 4; VB 1,
2; SB 1, 2, 3; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Sq.
1, 2, 3; Cho. 2; Sp. Cho. 2; 4NSPA 3;
SH Dan. Comm. 2; Christmas Dan.
Comm. 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. 3; Inaug.
Dan. Comm. 3; Val. Dan. Comm. 4;
Frosh Sh. Case Comm. 1; Grad. Ush. 3;
Sp. Assemb. Comm. 3; Frosh Soph.
Frolic 1, 2; CGS 3; Camp Assemh. 2;
Zonian Banq. 3.

John A. Kaska
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Will make a mark for himself."
Stamp Clb. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orch.
1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4; M/Sgt. 4;
Noon Orch. 4; Jr. Assemb. Comm. 3.

Jean Kay Kelly
Jackson, Michigan
"Silence is the element in which
great things fashion themselves."
Ofc. Assist. 1, 2; Fash. Sh. 2; Grad.
Ush. 3; NHS 4.

Regina Kierszenblat
Panama City, R. de P.
"Busy as a bee, sweet as honey."
VB 2; Cho. 2; West Philadelphia High
School, Ofc. Assist. 4.

Tonia Kinsel
Toledo, Ohio
"A masculine favorite."
Girl's Craft 1; Chrldr. 1; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4;
Cho. 1, 2, 3; CGS 3; Queen CGS 3;
Bacc. Cho. 3; Jr. Assemb. Comm. 3;
Glen Burnie High School 1, 2.

Bill Kommenich
Chicago, Illinois
"Time is but the stream I go a
fishing' in."
JV FB 1, 2; FB 3, 4; ROT' 1
1st Sgt.


Teonilda I. Larrinaga I
"Mamn" I
Ancon, CanaJ Zone
"The best of sports in on game,
in other things she's the suamn."
HR Alt. 1; GAA 2, 3, 4; Sp.r. C:.. I
3; Cam. Clb. 2; Ref. Clb. 1, 2, .1, 4, \B
1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; BkB 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*: SB
1*, 2*, 3*; Pep Sq. 1, 2; Lib. \,.II. .
GAA Dan. Comm. 2, 3; GA \ il.ni.
Comm. 2, 3; Fash. Sh. 1.

Alice Yvonne LeBlanc
Ancon, Canal Zone
"I never could find fun in loin-
only one."
Ush. Clb. 3, 4; Sh. Case Conm:a .. I.



, ,


Glenda Rae Lee
Ancon, Canal Zone
"She is gentle, she is shy, but
there is mischief in her eye."
Ush. Clb. 3; Cam. Clh. 1; BkB 2, 4; Pep
Sq. 1; Cho. 2, 3; Ofc. Assist. 4; Play
Ush. 3; SH Dan. Comm. 2.


Nancy Sharon Lesley
Eugene, Oregon
"She comes with tenderness and
Treas. 2; HR Rep. 3; Drama 3; Bus. 3;
Cam. Clb. 1, 2; French Circle 3; Span.
Clb. 1; Lib. Clb. Pres. 3; Chrldr. 3; Pep
Sq. 1; Cho. 1, 2, 3; Lib. Assist. 3;
Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3; Capt. 3; Cards
Ann. Comm. 4; Stag. 3.

Judith R. Lindsay
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Without music, life would be a
"Beauty and the Beef" 2; "Curtain Go.
ing Up" 3; Parrakeet 3, 4; Ed. 4; Stamp
Clb. 3; Sec'y-Treas. 4; Drama Clb. 4;
FTA Vice Pres. 4; Pep Sq. 2; Cho. 2, 4;
Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Oreh. 1, 4; Noon Cho.
1, 2, 3, 4; CGS 3; Flag. Tw. 4.

Camila Lopez
Panama City, R. de P.
"There's a language in her eye,
her cheek, her lips."
Pep Sq. 2; Cho. 1, 2.

Vilma M. Lopez
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Variety is the very spice of life."
Span. Clb. 1, 2, 3; VB I, 2, 3; BkB 1,
2; Pep Sq. 1, 2; Clio. 1, 2; ROTC Ofc.
Assist. 3; Fash. Sh. 2.

Bruce Malcolm
Fort Snelling, Minnesota
"Smiles for everyone, a friend to
Rad. Clb.

Lambert Anselmo Mantovani
Panama City, R. de P.
"Handsome and then some."
Let. CIb. 2, 3, 4; BB 2*, 3*, 4*; Track
2*, 3*, 4*; Sw. 1; JV BkB 2; JV FB 1;
FB 2, 4*; Let. Banq.; Awds. Day.

Susan Magruder Marshall
Drexel Hills, Pennsylvania
"Woman was not made from
Adam's rib, but from his funny
Frosh Assemb. Play 1; Drama Clb. Parlia-
mentarian 4; Prod. Make-up 4; Jr. NHS
1, 2; GAA 3, 4; Art. Clb. Sec'y 1, 2;
Drama Clb. 4; JV BkB 2; VB 4; SB 2;
Cho. 4; Schol. Art. Awd. 1, 2; Span.
Fiesta 2; Sock Hop 2; Twin Twirl 3; SA
Ballot Comm. 3; Jr. Paper Dr. 3; Jr.
Prom 2; Burlingame Tourn. 3; "Arsenic
and Old Lace" 3; Christmas Concert 3;
Zonian 4; Sr. Gr. Pic. Comm. Ch. 4;
GAA Banq. Ch. 3; Art Cont. Ch. 2; BkB
All Stars 3; Hockey 3*; Christmas Dan.
Prog. 2; Fash. Sh. 1; Val. Queen 4.

Ricardo Enrique Lopez
Panama City, R. de P.
"A composed and deserving
Span. Clb. 1, 3, 4; Chess Clb. 3, 4; UN
Clb. 4; Cam. Clb. 1; Cho. 1; ROTC 2, 3,
4; Cpl.; Zonian Ad Sell. 4; Span. Clb.
Nov. Assemb. 3; Art. 2.

Carmen Martinez
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Few things are impossible to
diligence and skill."
VB 1, 2, 3*, 4*; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1,
2, 3, 4; Pep Sq. 1, 2; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Ofc. Assist. 4; Fash. Sh. 2, 3, 4.

Georgia Anne McGinn
Salt Lake City, Utah
"Thoughts too deep to be ex-
pressed and too strong to be
HR Rep. 2; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4;
Nat. Thespian Society 2; Zonian 4; Latin
Clb. 2; Church Choir 1; Deb.; Dr. Ch.
4; Cards An. 4; Grad. Ush. 3; CGS
Attny. Gen. 3; GN Del. 3; Hampton High
School 1, 2; Act 1, 3; Props, Costumes,
Stag. 1, 2, 3; "Curtain Going Up" 3;
Little Theater 3, 4.

Jimmy McKeown, Jr.
"The Parrot" J
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A good looking guy, a wonder-
ful dancer."
JV FB; JV BkB; Cho.; Sp. Cho.

Burton Fred Mead
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Talented in the art of mischief
Let. Clb. 4; FB 2; Man. 3, 4; BkB 2;
ROTC 2, 3, 4; Sgt.; ROTC Ush. 3, 4.

Gladys A. Melendez M.
Panama City, R. de P.
"Hidden gaiety in her quiet

Frank S. Mott
Charleston, South Carolina
"Sees something funny in every
Princess Anne High School, Princess
Anne, Virginia 1, 2.

S Donna Ann Murchison

Fort Sill, Oklahoma
"Good humor is the sunshine of
S the mind."
S Ex. Ed. Parrakeet 4; Knockout 2; Cam.
Clb. 2; Science Clb. 2; Chess Clb. 2;
SVB 1, 2, 4; BkB 1, 2, 4; BB 1, 2; Pd.
Ten. 1, 2; Sw. Tm. 3, 4; Ping Pong 1, 2;
Soc. 1, 2; Cho. 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 4; Gar-
land Girl 1, 2; Pacific Grove High School
1, 2.

Eddie Napoleon
Baltimore, Maryland
S "Lucky the big league that gets
Pres. 1; Let. CIb. i, 2, 3. 4; Sec'y 2;
BB 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; Track 3*, 4*; FB 4*;
Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All Zone BB 1, 2, 3, 4.

Ella Isabel Navarette
S Panama City, R. de P.
S "Refreshing and jolly in a special
BkB I.

Carol Ann Newman
"Little One"
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A willing and a warm-hearted
Counc. Ofc.; Fash. Sh. 3.

Jose Humberto Otero
Havana, Cuba
"A good looking note on any

SCarlos G. de Paredes
Panama City, R. de P.
"Fun loving and good natured."
Stamp Clb. 1, 2, 4; Chess Clb. Vice Pres.
3; ROTC 2, 3; Cpl.; Cap Gown 4.

Lloyd Stephen Park
Des Moines, Iowa
"Lanky is the word for Steve-
pokerfaced humor and can he
play a mean trumpet."
Lat. Clb. 2; Track 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4;
Orch. 3, 4; Band Vice Pres. 3; Germ.
Band 3, 4.

Issac A. Perez
Panama City, R. de P.
"Always full of fun and folly."
FB 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; BB 2, 3, 4; Int.
FB 2, 3, 4; Int. BB 1; Int. BkB 1, 2;
Cho. 1, 2, 3; Sp. Cho. 1, 2, 3; ROTC
2, 3; Pfc. 3.

Phyllis Ann Phillips
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A handful of patience is worth
more than a bushel of brains."
BkB 4; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3; ROTC Ofc.
Assist. 4; Clinic Aid 2; Span. Clb. 3;
Ush. Clb. 3; Ush. Bacc. 3; Card and
Ann. 4; CGS 3.

Patricia Teresa Quinn
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Model type with a winning
smile and accommodating ways."
HR Rep. 1; SA Sec'y 4; Little Theater
1, 2, 3, 4; "Life of the Party" 1;
"Beauty and the Beef" 2; "Curtain Going
Up" 3; Dia. Mask 4; Zonian 3, 4; Banq.
Bugle 4; GAA 2, 3, 4; FNA Vice Pres.
Fdr. 4; Prog. Ch. 4; UN Clb. 4; Ref.
Clb. 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Clb. 4; VB 1, 2*,
3*, 4; SB 1, 2*, 3*, 4; BkB 1, 2*, 3*, 4;
Intra Spt. Awd. 1, 2, 3, 4; SA Camp.
Assemb. 1, 2, 3; Speech Assemb. Comm.
Co. Ch. 1; Pep Sq. 1, 2; Chrldr. 4; Sp.
Cho. 1, 2, 3; Hon. Capt. ROTC Battn.
Sponsor 4; Sr. Cds. Ann. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banq.
Prom. Comm. Over-All Ch. 3; CGS 3;
SH Dan. Comm. 2; Orph. Dr. Comm. 3;
Val. Sing. Comm. 1, 2; Zonian Ad Sell.
1; Val. Ct. 2, 3; Holly Qn. Ct. 3; FB
Qn. 4; Awd. Assemb. 1, 2; GAA Dan. 2,
3, 4; ROTC Dan. Comm. Ch. 4; Sw. Tm.
1; Pres. Prim. 2; Frosh Soph. Frolic
Comm. 1, 2; Visit. Day Comm. 3; Frosh
Mask 1; Zonian Banq. 3, 4; Little
Theater 3.

Cecil Herbert Raybourn
Panama City, R. de P.
"My only objection to an edu-
cation is teachers and classes."
HR Rep. 1; HR Alt. 2; Let. CIb. 3, 4;
BB 2, 3*, 4*; BkB 2; Track 2, 3, 4; JV
FB 1, 2; FB 3*, 4*; Orch. 2, 3; ROTC
2; All Zone BB 3.

Gretchen Reynolds
Dallas, Texas
"There's nothing so contagious as
Soph. Play 2; Drama 4; Yr. Bk. Staff 1;
Paper Circul. Ed. 3; FHC 2; Allied
Youth 4; Teen-Girls League Science Clb.
3; Lib. Clb. 3; Joun. Clb. 3; Drama Clb.
4. SB 1*; Speech Contest 3, 1st Place;
Essay Contest 3, 4th Place; Pep Sq. 4;
Cho. 1; Sp. Cho. 1; Lib. Assist. 3; Girls
League Dinner 2; Field Day Assemb.
Comm. 3; Stag. and Prod. 3.

James J. Richardson
Ancon, Canal Zone I
"A good time his motto."
Jr. Rifle Clb.; Cam. Clb.; Dr. Tm.; Band
2, 3, 4; Cho.; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Sgt. 1st

Lee Anderson Rigby
West Chester, Pennsylvania
"Brisk and alive to every oc-
Let. Clb. 3, 4; JV FB 2; FB 3, 4; JV
BkB 2; BkB 3*, 4*; Orch. 2.

Gloria Dale Rinker
Palm Beach, Florida
"Likeable with gay giggles."
VB 1, 2; BkB 2; Pep Sq. 1, 2; Cho. 1,
2, 4; Sp. Cho. 2; Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. 3;
Halloween Pty.; Thanksgiving Banq.;
Christmas Pty.; Grad. Ush.; BkB*.

Luris Milena Rivera
SPanama City, R. de P.
"Be checked for silence but never
taxed for speech."
Span. Clb. 4; Lib. Assist. 1, 2; Ofc.
Assist. 4; Fash. Sh. 1, 2; Zonian Ad
Sell. 4.

Bryant Rogers
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Friendly and courteous."
Sec'y St. Leo 2; School Paper; St. Leo
2; Let. Clb. 2, 3; Rifle Clb.; Track 1,
2, 3, 4; Int. BkB 2.

Judith Rogers
Cornwall-On-The-Hudson, N. Y.
"Combine a lively wit and a
sunny smile and you have Judy,
a friend come rain or shine."
Drama Clb. 4; Ush. Clb. 3, 4; Span. Clb.
3; Zonian Ad Sell. 3, 4; Zonian Poster
Comm. 4; CGS 3; Senator; Drama 4; VB
1; SB 1, 2; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho. 1,
2, 3; Lib. Assist. 1, 2; Ofe. Assist. 4;
Ush. Grad. 3; Fash. Sh. 1, 4.

SRicardo R. Royo
Panama City, R. de P.
"Possesses the ingredients neces-
sary for his future."
Span. Clb. 1, 2, 3; Int. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho.
1; Lib.. Assist. 1; ROTC 1, 2; Cpl.

Araceli Rubio
Panama City, R. de P.
"She's our little sparkling eyed
VB; Pep Sq. 1; Cho. 2, 3, 4.

Natalie Alide Sager
San Francisco, California
"Not much talk-a great sweet
HR Alt. 4; Lcs Lauts 2, 3; San Rafael,

Pablo Ernesto Salas
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Pep, wit, and energy."
HR Alt. 3; BB 3; Int. BB 1, 2; Int. 3, 4.

John Samson
Colon, R. de P.
"The friendly type, witty and
well liked."
Track 2; ROTC 2, 3, 4; 1st Lt. 4;
Goethals Mem. Hon. Gd. 3.

Mildred Eleanor Sandrone
Forrestville, Maryland
"A return cheer for this spirited
and popular young lady."
"Beauty and the Beef" 3; "Curtain Go-
ing Up" 3; "Two Crooks and a Lady" 2;
GAA 3, 4; Ref. Clb. 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2,
3*, 4; Sw. 1, 2; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; VB 1, 2,
3*, 4; Math Clb. 2; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3;
Chrldr. 4; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 2, 3,
4; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3; CGS 3; Prod.
1, 2, 3; Staf. 1, 2, 3; Frosh Soph. Frolic
1; Little Theater 2, 3; Little Theater
Banq. 2; Jr. Dis. Comm. 3; SA Camp.
Assemb. 2.

Douglas Clinton Schmidt
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Gay and good looking."
ROTC 2, 3, 4; Cap.; Bat. Adj.


John Schmidt
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A tall, shy chap with likeable
Cam. Clb. 1; ROTC 2, 3, 4; 1st Sgt. 4;
ROTC Ush. 2.

Carol A. Schrantz
St. Paul, Minnesota
"Chance makes our parents, but
choice makes our friends-and
she's one of the best we've got."
Parrakeet 4; French Clb. 1; Pep Sq. 3;
Cho. 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 2, 3, 4; Clinic
Assist. 1; CGS 3; Sr. Pty. Comm. 4; Jr.
Red Cross Rep. 1; Hamilton Jr. Hi. 1;
Baltimore, Md.

Jean Ann Seiffert
Watertown, New York
"Enjoys life and her surround-
Treas. 1; Nat. Beta Clb. 2; Friendship
Clb. 2; FHA 1, 2; GAA 3; Sr. Y-Teens
3; FHA Prog. 2; Class Play 2; 71st High
School 1, 2; Medina High School 3.


Gerald Underwood Skelly
Governors Island, New York
"Ticking every minute."
Richmond Academy Ga.; ROTC Cristobal
Sq. Ldr.; Balboa Sq. Ldr.

Frederick A. Smith
Iquique, Chile
"Silent but successful."
Parrakeet, Asso. Ed. 4; Stamp Clb. Pres.
3, 4; Chess Clb. 3, 4; UN Clb. 4; NHS
4; Span. Clb. 4; Cho. 1; Lab. Assist. 3;
ROTC 3, 4; Sgt. 4; Rifle Tm. 3, 4;
ROTC Ush. 3; Easter Dis. Comm. 3;
Zonian Ad Sell. 4.

Tom Smith
Colon, R. de P.
"The shutterbug of BHS, that's
"Curtain Going Up" 3; "Life of the
Party" 1; "Glamour Boy" 2; Stamp Clb.
1; Cam. CIb. 1. 2; Band 3; Cho. 1, 2, 3;
Sp. Cho. 1; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Drill Tm. 2;
Ush. Gd. 2; Assist. Sqd. Ldr. 3; School
Photog. 3, 4; Inaug. Dan. Comm. 4.

Lois Ann Spencer
Barboursville, West Virginia
"She's petite, she's diligent, she
"Glamour Boy" 2; "Curtain Going Up"
1r 3; Drama Clb. Vice Pres. 4; Zonian Ad
S-ll. 3; Music Clb. 2, Sec'y 2; Int. 1;
Little Theater Bus. Man. 4, Assist. Bus.
Man. 3; Pep Sq. 4; Cho. 2, 3, 4; Sp.
Cho. 2, 3, 4; Ofc. Assist. 3; SH Dan.
Comm. 2; Ch. Dec. Comm. Christmas
Dan.; Sr. Ring Comm. Ch. 4; Jr. Ring
Comm. 3; Grad. Ush. 3; Stag. 2, 3, 4;
Prod. 2, 3, 4; CGS 3; Sec'y of State;
Fash. Sh. 4; Little Theater Banq. Comm. 2.

Patricia Mary Steiner
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Devout, yet cheerful, pious yet
austere; to others lenient, to her-
self sincere."
SA Rep. 1; HR Rep. 4; Class Sec'y 4;
b Cam. Clb. 1; Ref. Clb. 2, 3; GAA 3, 4;
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2,
3. 4; BkB Capt. 2, 3; Pep Sq. 1, 2; Lib.
Assist. 1; Ofc. Assist. 4; Awd. Day Comm.
1, 3; Orphan. Dr. Comm. 1; Frosh Picnic
Comm. 1; SH Dan. Comm. 2; Sr. Pic.
Comm. Ch. 4; Fash. Sh. 2; Grad. Ush. 3;
All Stars 2, 3, 4; BkB; SB 3, 4; VB 4.

James Franklin Stevens
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Our popular and capable class
prexy-R.S.V.P. eyes."
Pres. 4; HR Rep. 2, 4; HR Alt. 3; Let.
Cib.; FB 2, Assist. Coach 3, 4; Track 1,
2, 3*, 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Lt. 4; SH Dan.
Comm. 2; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3; Jr.
Ring Comm. 3.

Sally Strope
Flint, Michigan
"Always ready for fun, we call
her the happy one."
Cho. 1, 2; Debate Bendle H.S.; Jr. Sp.;
Cards and Ann. Comm. 4.

Ida Elizabeth Suazo
Panama City, R. de P.
"Life is a jigsaw puzzle with
most of the pieces missing."
Tragalgal School, Montreal, Ca n a d a;
Drama Clb.; Fash. Sh.; Play.

Margaret May Tewinkel
"Dee Dee"
Coulee City, Washington
"Dearest friends, alas, must part,
but will never be forgotten."
HR Rep. 4; "Glamour Boy" 2; "Curtain
Going Up" 3; Stag. 2, 3, 4; Prod. 2, 3, 4;
Zonian Ad Sell. 3, 4; Frosh Dan. 1;
Picnic Comm. 1; Frosh Soph. Frolic 1, 2;
SH Dan. Comm. 2; Thanksgiving Dis.
Comm. 2; Bacc. Cho. 2, 3; Sp. Cho. 2,
3, 4; Drama Clb. 4; VB 1, 2, 3; BkB 1,
2; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3, 4; Grad. Ush. 3;
Christmas Dan. Comm. 3; Back to Sch.
Dan. Comm. 4; Fash. Sh. 4; Sr. Week
Ch Comm. 4; CGS 3; Sen.

Helen Onis Tilley
Panama City, R. de P.
"Love is only chatter; friends are
all that matter."
"Curtain Going Up" 3; "Beauty and the
Beef" 2; Stag. 2, 3, 4; Prod. 2, 3, 4;
Parrakeet 3; Cam. Clb. 1, 2; Math Clb.
2, 3; NHS 3, 4, Sec'y 4; Drama Clb. 4,
Sec'y 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Orch 4; Sp. Cho.
1, 2; Band Schlor. Comm. 4; Thanksgiv-
ing Dis. Comm. Ch. 3; Latham Art Prize
2; CGS 3; Band Pty. Comm. 4.

Judith Titus
Spencer, Iowa
"A giggle is worth a hundred
groans in any market."
GAA 1; Nurses Clb. 4; Drama Clb. 4;
Badminton 1; VB 1; Pep Sq. 1, 4; Cho.
1, 3, 4; Talent Sh. 1; CGS 3.

Jeanne Toledano
Panama City, R. de P.
"There is no cosmetic for beauty
like happiness." :
Span. Clb. 1, 3; Cam. Clb. 1; Cho. 1, 2,
3; Fash. Sh. 1, 2, 3.


Henry A. Turlington, Jr.
Fort Bragg, North Carolina
"Quiet, good natured, and fun
S Zonian Ad Sell. 4; JV FB 2; FB 3; Track
I ,. M l 2, 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Sgt. 4; Cards Ann. 4.

Eleanor Ruth Van Zandt
Sacramento, California
: p "Little deeds of kindness, little
words of love."
Parrakeet 4; Drama Clb. 4; UN Clb. 4;
Cho. 4; Lib. Assist. 2.

Ramon E. Vega
Panama City, R. de P.
"Well liked, well groomed, and
Always welcome."
Track 2, 3; Bowling 2, 3; Int. FB 2;
2 Summer BkB; Cho. 1, 2; Sp. Cho. 2;
SROTC 2, 3, 4; Sgt.

Cesar Von Chong H.
Anton, R. de P.
"As indispensable to the team
as to his friends."
Pres. 3; NHS 3, 4; Vice Pres. Let. Clh.
3; Chess Clb. 2, 3, 4; Pres. 3; Math Clb.
2; Biol. Clb. 3; Let. Clb. 2, 3, 4; Track
1, 2*, 3*, 4*; JV BkB 1; JV FB 1; FB 2,
S3, 4; Int. BkB 2, 4; BB 1, 4; Water Polo
1; ROTC 2, 3, 4; 1st Lt. 4; Dr. Tm. 2,
3, 4; Ush. Sq. 2; ROTC Spring Camp. 2;
Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Val. Dan. Comm. 4;
Christmas Dan. Comm. 3.

Joseph A. Vowell
Oakdale, Tennessee
"Takes life easy, but enjoys it."
.1 .29

~ Martha Nell Webster
Leonard, Texas
"Silence is one of the virtues of
the wise."
Math Clb. 1; Pep Sq. 1; Cho. 1; Lib.
Assist. 1; Ofc. Assist. 4; Grad. Ush. 3;

Robert Whitus
Madison, Tennessee
./ "Always has energy on hand."
ROTC 2, 3, 4; Field Night Best Sq. 3;
Lt. 4; Sp. Assemb. 3; Talent Assemb. 4.

Sadie Williams
Ancon, Canal Zone
. "To friendship every task is
HR Rep. 2, 3; Ush. Clb. 3; Cam. Clb.
1; Drama Clb. 4; BkB 2. 3, 4; Pep Sq.
1, 2; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3, Co-Ch. Dec.; Valen.
Dan. Comm. 4; Zonian Ad Sell. 4; SH
Dan. Comm. Dec. Ch. 2; Frosh Picnic
Comm. 1; Frosh Dan. Comm. 1; Merit
Awds. for Posters 1, 2; Fash. Sh. 2;
9 l Christmas Dis. 2; Carnival Dan. Comm.
Adv. 3.

Alicia Winberg
SAncon, Canal Zone
S "We have been friends together,
i in sunshine and in shade."
Span. Clb. 3; SB 2, 3; VB 3; Pep Sq.
2, 3; Cho. 2, 3, 4.

I Joseph John Wood
SAncon, Canal Zone
"Quiet but dangerous."
HR Rep. 4; Cam. Clb. 1; Int. FB 1, 2,
S 3; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; BB 1, 2, 3, 4; WP 1,
2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orch. 1, 2, 3; Noon
Orch. 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Sgt. 4; Dr. Tin.
1 2, 3; Cards Ann. Comm. 4; Band Dan.
SComm. 3; Assemb. Comm. 3; Ush. Sq.
1, 2; Frosh Picnic Comm. 1; Air Force
Day Parade 2, 3; Marching Band 2, 3, 4.
I 30

Jacqueline Yates
East Ely, Nevada
"Silence is the most perfect her-
ald of joy."
Pep Sq. 3; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 1,
2, 3, 4; Fash. Sh. 2, 3; Nat. Poster
Con. Win.

David Yerkes
"Dancing Dave"
Topeka, Kansas
"Dancing Dave, the ladies crave,
a real terrific guy."
Let. Clb. 4; FB Man. 3, 4; JV FB 2;
Track 4; Bowling 4; Cho. 1, 2; ROTC .2,
3, 4; 1st Lt. 4; Spring Camp. 2; Ush.
Goethals Mem. 3; Red Cross Comm. 3;
Val. Dan. Comm. 4; Inaug. Dan. Comm.
4; ROTC Dan. Comm. 4; ROTC Soda
Con. 3; Sh. Case Dis. Comm. 4.

Margaret A. Zent
Santa Fe, New Mexico
"Kindly and companionable."
HR Alt. 2; Ush. Clb. 3, 4; Pep Sq. 3;
Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho.; SH Dan. Ref.
Comm. 2; Bacc. Ush. 3; Sr. Gift Comm.
Ch. 4; CGS 3.

Robert Fredrick Zumbado
"Big Bob"
San Jose, Costa Rica
"I am a woman hater, but the
Bible says love your enemies."
HR Alt. 1, 4; HR Rep. 2, 3; "Why I am
a Bachelor" 4; Zonian 4; Let. Clb. 2, 3,
4, Sec'y 3, Pres. 4; Drama Clb. 4; Track
2*, 3*, 4*; JV FB 2; Int. FB 3, 4; Cho.
2, 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Capt. 4; Jr.-Sr.
Prom. 3; Christmas Dan. Comm. 3; Frosh
Picnic 1; Frosh Dan. 1; Inaug. Dan.
Comm. 3; Jr. Ring 3; Sr. Ring 4; SH
Dan. Comm.; MC Sports Awd. Assemb.
3; Let. Banq. 3; Frosh Soph. Frolic 1, 2;
SA Sh. Case Dis. Comm. 4; Camp.
Assemb. 3; Lathem Found. 1; FB Dan.
Comm.; ROTC Dan. Comm.; Banq.
Bugle. 4.

Migueldo Arbaiza Romero
Panama City, R. de P.
"The light of the body is in the

Reginald M. Hayden, Jr.
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Here's someone we are sure
glad to welcome back."
Int. FB 1, 2, 3; Int. BkB 3; Int. BB 1,
2; Bkb 4; Soccer 4; Sr. Play Stag. 4;
Sr. Play Adv. 4; Christmas Pageant 4;
Hawley H. S., Hawley, Pa.

Patricia Ann Smith Caldwell
Sylacauga, Alabama
H.R. Favorite 2, 3; Stud. Cncl. Rep. 2;
Jr. Sr. Banq. Comm. 3.

Sue Weaver
Oil City, Louisiana
Assist. Ed. School Paper 4; FHA Corres.
Scc'y 4; BkB 3, 4*; Pep Sqd. Pres. 4;
Glee Club 2, 3; Jr. Sr. Banq. 3.

Janeth M. Willoe
San Jose, Costa Rica
H.R. Rep. 1; H.R. Alt. 2; Span. Clb. 3;
Cam. Clb. 1, 2; Pep Sqd. 1, 2, 3; Cho. 1,
2, 3; Sp. Cho. 1, 2; Lib. Assist. 1; Off.
Assist. 2, 4; Clinic Assist. 3; Jr. Sr.
Banq. 3; Fash. Sh. 1, 3, 4; Frosh Dance
1; S.H. Dan. 2; Grad. Ush. 3; Frosh
Frolic Ch.

Jack, Sam, and Don

Bobby makes like
Jerry Lewis

Which is which? Our co-captains and our trophy

Our Alma Mater

Graduation days



"The land divided; the world united."
Miraflores Locks. Canal Zone

The Crossroads

of the World

"She wralks the waters like a thing of life."
Panama Line


"Shaded with deepest purple.
glearns the island on a dark
blue sea."
Barro Colorado Island

.'";, 1
:' :*"1'- '-"

I'%i. -t; ~?: .11'.


r r
-, ~
~r~t~. i.4














Only one more year to go! What
fun we've had with President Tim
Hotz, Vice-President Jay Clemmons,
and Secretary Janet Stockham leading
our class. Peggy Donovan's ring com-
mittee got us our beautiful class rings.
Then Dorothy Sandrone's committee
gave us the best Christmas Formal


JUNIOR RING COMMITTEE-left to right: H. Cody, J.
Clemmons, B. Esser, L. Keene, P. Donovan, Chairman; C.
Morris, P. Sullivan, E. Scott, L. Tate, J. Petrilli. Camera
shy: P. Allen.

right: S. Harned, F. Brandl, P. Hattler, M. Brady, J. Selby,
D. Sandrone, Chairman; T. Hotz, D. Stoudnor, A. Manas-
sakis, J. Magee. Camera shy: D. Angstadt, D. Fulton, H.
Sorrell, J. Jensen, A. Lee.
1U- .A.S.S 0

Left to right: E. Ho, S. Hodges, D.
Staples, A. Lee, E. Scott.

Left to right: 1st row-M. Nahmad, H.
Cody, J. DesLondes, M. Rodriguez.
2nd row-F. Brandl, J. Sorrell, L. Tate,
A. Martinez.



ever, using "The Night Before Christ-
mas" as their theme. Ginny DiBella
reigned over the formal as our lovely
Snowflake Queen. But this wasn't all,
the Junior-Senior Prom headed by Jim
Reece and the Banquet under Janet
Stockham will be long remembered by
our Junior Class.


Class Sponsor

Left to right: H. Sorrell, J. Kraemer, A.
Jones, N. Dixon, J. Vinton, J. McNatt.

Left to right: 1st row-G. Hasemann,
J. Stockham, J. Vinton. 2nd row-D.
Staples, M. Hackett, J. Kleasner. 3rd
row-B. Esser.

Frank, S. Ransom, B. Crawford, D. Hannigan, J. Hannigan,
J. Reece, Chairman; M. Hackett, R. Carattini, J. Vinton,
J. MacKaig. Camera shy: D. Eggleston, D. Cotton, C. Smith,
J. Reynolds.

J. Stockham, Chairman; B. Apster, J. Euper, E. Kirchmier,
M. Witkin, B. Boyett, B. Connor. Camera shy: J..Ebbs, J.
Maduro, J. Perantie, J. Colby, G. Mann, A. Richardson, B.


gS 5g M WSW



Vice President



We're veterans now! Two years
have passed in our high school career.
S This year it was fun to know we were
not at the bottom of the ladder! Our
officers were Owen Sutherland, Presi-
dent; Jim Watson, Vice President; and
Judy Engelke, Secretary. We thank
them for their hard work.

right: M. Marshall, R. Abell, M. Eberenz, J. May, Chairman;
R. Wright, J. Galloway, D. Jenkins, B. Fearson, J. Henter.
Camera shy: M. Musser.

left to right: C. Hearon, Chairman; M. Flowers, G. Miller,
J. Degenaar, H. Nita. Camera shy: D. Jacobs, C. Payne, J.

Left to right: S. Gilbert, J. Henter, B.
Fearon, R. Rennie.

Left to right: R. Borgstede, A. Rous-
seau, W. Young, F. Leslie.



For our Thanksgiving window dis-
play depicting our many blessings, we
won first prize. Gerry McGriff, Julia
May, Chris Hearon and their commit-
tee made our Sadie Hawkins Dance a
great success. Let's hope our next two
years in high school will be as enjoy-
able as these have been.

Left to right: R. Fernandez, C. Seice.

Left to right: R. Zdravkovic, M. Archi-
bald, O. Rodriguez, K. Morris.



right: 1st row-R. Rennie, R. Hensler, G. MeGriff, Chair-
man, 2nd row-F. Leslie, C. Englund, D. Metzger. Camera
shy: M. Kocher, J. Pustis.

W. Dunn, M. Musser, J. Pustis, D. Jacobs, J. Olson, Chair-






Vice President



High school at last! To lead our
class in it's many activities we elected
Don Ryter, President; Terry Corrigan,
Vice President; and Mary Hebert,
Secretary. They deserve much of the
credit for our successful year.
We thank Mary Hebert and her com-
mittee for our Thanksgiving window
display showing the scene of the first

-left to right: S. Mable, M. Hebert, Chairman; A. Luddy,
B. Crowe.

del, A. Luddy, J. Tribe, T. Webb, L. Dew. Camera shy:
A. Nahmad, S. Nelson.

Left to right: D. Roberts, L. Parsons,
J. Dimfl, A. Frangioni.

Left to right: G. Barbier, N. Pederson,
A. Field, E. Washburn, F. Skinner.



Thanksgiving. Betty Crowe and her
committee received many favorable
comments on their splendid Christmas
window display. Everyone agreed Ann
Field and her committee gave us a su-
perb Freshman Picnic. This was a
wonderful way to end our first year
at Balboa High School.


Class Sponsor

left to right: M. Hebert, K. Goodman, B. Crowe, Chairman;
G. McCullough, J. Mann.

Left to right: E. Sharpe, W. LeBlanc,
J. Sloan, B. Betz-Mykland, E. Ashley.

Left to right: C. McCarthy, N. Coursey,
S. Purdy, M. Wiechman, J. Whiteside,
L. Whiteside.

Dimpfl, A. Field, Chairman; G. Kirkland, M. Hebert, G.
Simon. Camera shy: T. Corrigan.

Honor Graduates

One of the highest honors a high school can confer is the title of "Honor
Graduate." These are the honor graduates of 1955, wearers of the white
tassel, leaders of their class. Citizenship and scholarship are predominating
factors in their selection. It is a truism that knowledge is power, but a neces-
sary corollary is that it must be exercised with wisdom.






































Jane Jennison and Sandy Hinkle





l" j^ 4- ;;!

Sadie Williams and Steve Park

Nina Brown and Jim Stevens


Teonilda Larrinaga and Herb Raybourn

Tita Corrigan and Al Blackall

.4 3
3' ~--

L t

Doris Ehrman and Isaac Perez


Jenny Gau and Jim McKeown

* tL


IIt r-e



, i


Georgia McGinn and Al Otero

rr L


. u ;

Julieta Arosemena and Carlos de Paredes


Juanita Jones and Cesar Von Chong

Pat Quinn and Charles Hummer


Judy Lindsay and Ramcn Vega

Fran Dillon and Ed Napoleon

Lois Spencer and Don Huff

Judy Rogers and Tom Ford


Vilna del Valle and Mike Drennan

Camila Lopez and Boris Allara

^ f|

Helen Hallax and Pedro Chaluja

Mary Abele and Fred Smith


"Girl of



Football Queen

Snowflake Queen




,,*V.Y .V
I 1 ,


id, a";



Valentine Queen

Track Queen

Carnival Queen




* s. -

- '.
u r "



Back row, left to right: S. Hinkle, President; Mr. D. Speir,
Adviser; J. Reece, Vice President; First row, left to right:
P. Quinn, Secretary; N. Brown, Secretary.

In May 1954, the student body held its annual elections for the highest offices on the campus-the
Student Association President and Vice President. The winning candidates were Sandy Hinkle and Jim
Reece. Pat Quinn and Nina Brown were appointed secretaries.
This year the Student Association sponsored innumerable dances, games; the Red Cross, Infantile
Paralysis, Orphanage, Community Chest, and Crusade for Freedom Drives; different assemblies; welfare
projects and school clubs.

MITTEE-Left to right:
F. Wise, J. Reece, N.
Brown, S. Hinkle, D.
Humes, D. Jenkins, T.
Corrigan, D. Yerkes, J.
Stockham; Not pic-
tured: T. Smith.

DRIVE-Left to right:
P. Tubbs, J. Jennison,
G. McGinn, R. McGarr,
C. Hummer; Not pic-
tured: F. Townsend, J.


MITTEE-Left to
right: P. Costello,
O. Sutherland, M.
Tewinkel, C. Eng-
lund, D. Ellis, S.
Knapp; Center:
T. Hotz.



S. A. REPRESENTATIVES-Center, standing: eAaJn'
M. Hebert. Left to right, first row: P. Foiles, j
P. Steiner, J. Stevens, P. Allen, J. Petrilli. 40Y
Second row: J. Degenaar, N. Jones, J. Ham-
inond, J. Stockham, L. Tate. Third row: D.
Jacobs, M. Tewinkel, E. Scott, D. Randel, A.
Lee. Fourth row: J. Tribe, P. Tubbs, J. May,
A. Field, J. Watson. Fifth row: A. Luddy, G.
Simon, J. Wood, M. Magee, J. Engelke, H.
Hallax. Standing: C. Payne, C. McGriff, L.
Keene, H. Cody, D. Ellis. Not pictured: D.
Ryter, S. Nelson, G. Kirkland. .

ASSEMBLIES AND WELFARE-Sitting, left corner:
J. Reece. Left to right, first row: J. Engelke, M.
Abele, Chairman Assemblies; B. Zumbado, Chairman
Welfare. Left to right, second row: B. Earned, J.
Olson, M. Drennan.

DRIVES-Left to right: T. Ford, Chairman
Infantile Paralysis; G. McGinn, Chairman
of drives; C. Von Chong, Chairman Crusade
for Freedom; E. Van Zandt, Chairman Red
Cross. Not pictured: L. Spencer, Chairman
Community Chest.

S.A. ALTERNATES Standing: J.
Mann. Sitting, left to right: T.
Femenias, R. Btesh, B. Boyett, J.
Jennison, A. Otero. Second row, left
to right: P. Hattler, P. Sullivan, S.
Ransom, J. des Londes, B. Crooks.
IA Third row, left to right: D. Noble, G.
Dew, N. Linfors, J. Farrell, J. Clem-
mons. Fourth row, left to right: B.
Zumbado, N. Sager, B. Halvosa, A.
.- Nahmad, L. Prosperi, C. Morris. Fifth
Srow, left to right: J. Dimpfl, D. Dren-
nan, T. Hammond, K. Brady, C. Adair,
-- O. Sutherland, D. Fulton. Not pictured:
T. Corrigan, D. Huff, J. Flowers, T.

- ~ r -- - -a -a

Juanita Jones Sara Collinge
Editor Assoc. Editor

Left to Right: Ileana Angulo, Sue Marshall, Margie
Curies, Pat Quinn, Dixie Humes.

Left to Right: Shirley Ransom, Robin Harrison, Nina
Brown, Carroll Adams, Tilcia Femenias, Georgia Me-
Ginn, Julieta Arosemena.


Every day during the 1st. semester the
6th. period class in Room 116 turned this
classroom into one of the busiest school cen-
ters, the home of the ZONIAN and its staff.
In this room lay-out sheets, ideas and staff
members were all with just one purpose in
mind, the yearbook. Work was continuous
in this place in which only the indefatigable
clip clap of the typewriter reminded us of
how fast time was going. Picture schedules,
writeups and sections were given the help
of our editor and Miss Matthews to meet
the deadlines. Finally, the time came to put
the parts together; the 1st. semester was
almost over and the ZONIAN ready to go to -

Left to Right: Shirley Harned, Peggy Donovan, Jo Ann
Euper, Janet Stockham, Janeth Vinton.

Left to Right: Juanita Jones, Sara Collinge, John Miss Hazel Matthews
Jenkins, Mary Jo Greene, Bob Zumbado. Sponsor
at *~ a:;~~l

Mr. E. H. Hatchett
Business Manager

Left to Right: Eleanor Van Zandt, Diane Staples, En-
rique Ho, Dicky Angstadt, Buddy Blackaby.

Fred Smith
Assoc. Editor

Judy Lindsay

Miss Mary Brigham

Mr. E. H. Hatchett
Business Manager

Left to Right: Billy Greene, Carol Schrantz, Albert Calvo.


The PARRAKEET, the Balboa High
school newspaper, is published monthly by
a regular journalism class and is supported
by the Student Association.
An interesting fact about the Parrakeet
is that it was at one time (1930, to be exact),
called the ZONIAN. Later, that name passed
on to the yearbook.
At the beginning of the year, the staff
members choose their own editor-in-chief
and associate editor.
In. the past, the PARRAKEET has rated
very high among the school papers in the
United States. It has won the Quill and
Scroll, and Gallup awards several times.

Left to Right: Milton Frank, Donna Murchison, Dicky
Angstadt, Angela Lee.

Left to Right: Judy Lindsay, Fred Smith, Becky
Esser, Martha Hackett.


bi i- '

N STAFF: (left to right) Cadet Capt. D. Schmidt, Hon. Capt. P. Quinn, Cadet Maj. M
ol. C. Hummer.

OFFICERS! Draw Sabers
The ROTC, led by Charles Hummer, had a very successful series of parades and
reviews in honor of high ranking military and civilian officials. At these reviews and
some of the football games the Drill Team performed very well and was compli-
mented by the reviewing officer and spectators. The Rifle Team, directed by Captain
Blake and Sergeant First Class Rosen, also had a very successful year competing
against teams in the States.

SPONSORS: N. Brown, Co. A; D. Humes,
Co. B; J. Jennison, Co. C; P. Quinn, Batt.

COLOR GUARD: (left to right) S. Herring,
W. Ford, E. Kirchmier, J. McDonald.

^^ I*^^D


Cadet Lt. Cc

[. Drennan,

COMPANY A: Co. Comm., B. Zumbado; Exec., W. Evarts; Ist
Platoon Ldr., J. Boughner; 2nd Platoon Ldr., S. Hinkle; 1st Sgt.,
B. Crooks; Sup. Sgt., T. Ford.

COMPANY B: Co. Comm., R.
J. Stevens; 2nd Platoon Ldr.,
J. Richardson.

Balboa High School ROTC Rifle
Team: J. Schmidt, Captain.

Balboa High School ROTC Drill Team:
D. Ellis, Drillmaster; C. Hummer,
Asst. Drillmaster.

Gramlich; Exec., P. Chaluja; 1st Platoon Ldr.,
C. Von Chong; 1st Sgt., J. Kaska; Sup. Sgt.,

COMPANY C: Co. Comm., D. Ellis; Exec., D. Yerkes; 1st Platoon
Ldr., D. Huff; 2nd Platoon Ldr., J. Samson; 1st Sgt., J. Schmidt;
Sup. Sgt., S. Beckley.

Mr. Victor A. Herr

B.H.S. Music Department
Balboa High School was quite music-minded this year. Under the
capable leadership of Mr. Victor A. Herr, the band, orchestra and
chorus have had a most successful year. Mr. Herr is to be congratulated
for his fine organization. He certainly spent long, tiresome hours in
building it to one of the best in BHS.
The two hundred-voice chorus blended in the presentation of some
of the world's outstanding choral literature. The golden tones given
forth in the various concerts thrilled large audiences. For the first time
an operetta was presented under the direction of Mr. Herr and Mr.
Donald Musselman. Entitled "Down in the Valley", the cast included
about forty chorus members.
Something new was inaugurated in BHS this year. The fifty mem-
bers of the orchestra participated in a combined Cristobal-Balboa
Concert. They also performed at the fashion show, National Honor
Society initiations, and school plays.
The band began its year with the election of officers. No assembly
would be complete without a few appropriate numbers from the band.
The annual joint band concert with CHS was again successful, and
many selections presented will long be remembered. Highlighting the
month of February was the much-talked-about Repertoire Concert of
solos, trios, and quartets by the leaders in various sections of the band.




The snappy "Toreador Band" with sharp red
and white uniforms was a new addition. They
added pep and fight to the cheering section and
in general, kept the spirit of our school high.
The BHS and CHS Music Departments aided
in celebrating the anniversary of the opening of
the Balboa Theater with a special half hour
broadcast during the Yuletide Season. The com-
bined chorus was joined by the band and fifteen
minutes of the program was played over CBS on
a nationwide hook-up.
Seldom has anything been seen to match the
artistic beauty of the 34th annual Christmas
Musicale. Presented on the front lawn of the
school, the accumulation of months' work, prac-
tice, and cooperation merged into an exceptional-
ly lovely program.
Spring was ushered in with the delightful
Spring Concert. The beautiful numbers rendered
climaxed a truly busy, but full year.

I Hnl11 1k


BAND OFFICERS: (left to right) Pres., J. Reece; Vice Pres.,
P. Donovan; Sec., J. Brinkley; Drum Major, D. Grassau;
Assist. Cond., D. Randel; Treas., D. Sandrone.


~qy: IIwI~ ':ICF~r la3
'' I i C1

Left to right: Beverly Boyett, Rita Duran, Jeanne Toledano, Rose Hensler, Margaret
Tewinkel, Virginia Di Bella, Mary Virginia Cunningham and Judy Rogers.


to right: Jo Anne Sorrell, Anita Left to right: Jenny Gau, Betty Coppen-

Schneider and Carroll Adams.

1 r

haver and Carrie Miller.



Jimmy Doran, Charlie Carden, Jack Hammond, and Bernice Metz Mykland, Beverly Boyett, and Pat Tubbs
Norma Jenks are the cast of "Dust of the Road." put the finger on Joe Harari.

The Dramatics Club sponsored by Mr. Donald
Musselman has presented three one act plays this
year. The first play, "Dust of the Road," tells the
story of Peter Steele (Charlie Carden), an honest
man who finds a large sum of money a great tempta-
tion. His wife, Prudence (Norma Jenks) and the
Old Man (Jimmy Doran) don't approve of Peter's
dishonest plan but leave the decision up to him.
Luckily for all the Tramp (Jack Hammond) appears
on the scene in time to persuade Peter to do the
right and honest thing.
"Sunday Costs Five Pesos" is the amusing comedy
of small town Mexican folk. Berta (Marjorie Smith)
suspects her lover, Fidel (Michel Nahmad) of flirt-
ing with Celestina (Emma Kaan). He tries to ex-
plain, but Berta sends him away. She is immediately
sorry and through the help of her two friends Salome
(Mary Alice Price) and Tonia (Rose Btesh), Fidel
is persuaded to return.
The third play was an "Illustrated Sociological Sally Hdges seems worried, but Bob Zumbado re-
Lecture" by Dr. Robert Zumbado. It dealt with mains calm.
marriage and the many relatives acquired through
matrimony. Contributing to the hilarious fun were
Joe Harari, Sally Hodges, Beverly Boyett, Pat Tubbs,
and Bernice Metz Mykland.

Marjorie Smith, Mary Alice Price, Michel Nahmad, Emma Kaan, and Rose Btesh all seem
very happy about life.


I ,
I r




This )ear's chosen eight %%ere: Jenn Gau I Captain I' "
Pat Quinn*. Mildred Sandrone*. Carroll Adamlns. Dixie
Hunes". seniors: Marge El *. Shirley Ranisomii. juniors:
and Gerry McGriff*. sophomore.
These girls showed outstanding school spirit with their
cheers and enthusiasni at games, pep rallie,. and in the
halls of Balboa High School.




CHESS CLUB-First row, left to right: Enrique Ho, Cesar Von Chong, Tomas Alexander and Ben
Thomas. Second row, left to right: Chris Hearon, Albert Calvo, Jules Dubois, Leopoldo Arosemena
and Pedro Chaluja. Third row, left to right: Aldrich Lowe, Irene Abadi, Rose Btesh, John Maduro,
Milton Rodriguez, President; Ana Ho, Vice President; Lucille Dubois and Ileana Angulo. Fourth row,
left to right: Claudette Toussieh, Helen Hallax, Fred Smith, Lia Urrutia, Antonietta Capitani. Not
pictured: Alfonso Blackall.




UNITED NATIONS-First row, left to right: Marie
Eberenz, Caroline Zirkman and Diane Staples.
Second row, left to right: Mr. Vosburg, sponsor; Rose-
lene Briceno, Ellen Rathman, Richard Carattini,
President; Chris Hearon, Secretary; Beth Little,
Treasurer; Fred Smith and Mary Curtis. Not pictured:
Elaine Green, Pat Hattler, Alba Martinez, Andreina
Miliani, Sira Miliani, Michel Nahmad, Milton Rod-
riguez, Mary Tharpe, Pat Tubbs, Eleanor Van Zandt,
Vice President; Emily Wilkinson and Sion Harari.

MATH CLUB-First row, left to right: Diane Hearne,
Anna Johnson, Gerry McGriff, Lynn Parsons, Melinda
Marshall, President, and Diane Jacobs, Secretary.
Second row, left to right: Nancy Purdy, Caroline
Zirkman, Eileen Kirchner, Janaan Olson, Joan
Dimpfl, Don Loehr, Martha Van Zandt, Charles
Adair and Martha Stevenson.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-First row, left to right: Fred Smith, Donald Huff,
Cesar Von Chong, Charles Hummer and William Evarts. Second row, left to right:
Julieta Arosemena, Pat Steiner, Helen Tilley, Secretary; Juanita Jones, President; Robin
Harrison and Jean Kelly. Third row, left to right: Helen Hallax, Sara Collinge, Vice
President; Carol Schrantz and Mary Abele. Not pictured: Jane Jennison and William

RADIO CLUB Left to right:
Danny Roberlt, Mick. R.ain.
Joseph Caro-. MRark Marshall. Aid-
rich Loue. Jock MacKaig. Bruce
Malcoln. and Mr. Ellioni Club
Sponsor. ,ot pictured: James
Jaris- and Robert Chang.

to right: Diane Jacobs. Pauline
Molineaus. Fairlee Skinner. Eda
Alluna. Jean Mol.neaux. Rose
Btesh. Grace Lombana and Alice
Le Blanc. Chairman.


USHERS CLUB-First row, left to right: Sandra Turner, Juanell Henderson, Tilcia
Femenias, Gladys Kaufman, Eda Altuna, Kay Frangioni, Alice Le Blanc and Stella
Gonzales. Second row, left to right: Vielka de Gracia, Ileana Angulo, Eva Altuna, Elida
Castellanos, Janaan Olson, Dawn Crowell and Marjorie Zent.

right: Carol Perantie, B a r b a r a
Elich, Patricia Adams, Sylvia Hag-
borg and Edna Arjona. Not pic-
tured: Mary Lou Dailey, Pauline
Molyneaux and Ginger Reinhardt.

SISTANTS-Left to right: Milton
Rodriguez, Michael Witkin, Shirley
Harned and Martha Hackett. Not
pictured: Frances Brandl and
Victor Brown.

LETTERMAN-First row, left to right: S. Beckley, N. Linfors, B. Zumbado, President; I. Perez, E. Scott,
C. Von Chong, D. Huff, J. Hammond, K. Morris, H. Sorrell, J. Stevens and J. Winklosky. Second row, left
to right: B. Coffey, B. Rogers, R. Fogel, B. Connor, J. Cicero, C. Hummer, B. Fearon, D. Yerkes, J. Clem-
mons and L. Mantovani. Third row, left to right: C. Morris, J. Perantie, B. Thayer, J. Selby, C. Carden,
J. Blackburn, R. Reyes and B. Bateman. Fourth row, left to right: J. Magee, O. Sutherland, B. Mead, M. De
Groat, L. Keene, H. Cody, R. Richter, H. Raybourn and E. Napoleon. Not pictured: J. Reece and J. Robinett.

SPANISH CLUB-Left to right: Tilcia Femenias,
Secretary; Ricardo Lopez, President; Julieta Arose-
mena, Committee Chairman; Fred Smith, Regina
N. S. P.A. Left to right: Robin Harrison, Sara Kierszenblat, Sub. Chairman; Richard Carattini, Vice
Collinge, Judy Lindsay and Juanita Jones. President; Ileana Angulo, Treasurer.

OFFICE ASSISTANTS-Front row, left to right: Alma Ellis, Carole Dunn, Angie Manassakis, Pat
Steiner, Joan Brennan and Judy Rogers. Second row, left to right: Kay Steiner, Luris Rivera, Carmen
Martinez, Regina Kierszenblat, Judy Hoopes, Glenda Lee and Sally Banton. Third row, left to right:
Brenda Cunningham, Paula Holgerson, Martha Webster and Ginny Di Bella. Not pictured: Frances
Dillon, Olga Critch, Judy Colby, Juanell Henderson and Antonietta Capitani.

STAMP CLUB-First row, left to right: Tomas Alex-
ander, Helen Hallax and Jules Dubois. Second row,
left to right: Judy Lindsay, Secretary; Ileana Angulo
and Ana Ho. Third row, left to right: Julieta Arose-
mena, Antonietta Capitani and Lucy Dubois. Fourth
row, left to right: Enrique Ho and Fred Smith,
President. Not pictured: Frank Miller.

Dubois, Sonia Mendosa, Gladys Hill and Elida
Castellanos. Not pictured: Eva Altuna.

GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-First row, left to right: Camille Ellis, June
Barlow, Orlanda Cruz and Eda Altuna. Second row, left to right: Angela Lee,
Frances Dillon, President; Teonilda Larrinaga, Secretary. Third row, left to right:
Shirley Ransom, Niza Pasamonte and Judy Engelke. Fourth row, left to right:
Sue Marshall, Mildred Sandrone, Sara Collinge and Pat Steiner. Not pictured:
Nina Brown, Vice President; Pat Quinn, Diane Hannigan and Charlotte Herr.

FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA-Left to right: Maria Girard, Recording Secretary; Tilcia Femenias,
Chairman of Constitution Committee; Page Costello, President; Becky Esser, Corresponding Secretary,
and Ana Ho. Not pictured: Pat Quinn, Vice President; and Judy May.
I -- -

LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-First row, left to right: Elizabeth Monagan, Sheila Patterson, Marie
Greene, Doris Stringer, Nancy Coursey, Margaret Cleve, Rosie McGarr, and Matilda Stanley.
Second row, left to right: Caroline Zirkman, Laura Sanders, Elaine Greene, Ellen Rathman,
Mary Curtis, Diane Hearne, Eileen Kirchner and Mary Jane Lavallel. Not pictured: Rachael
Trapnell and Jules Dubois.

ZONIAN AD SELLERS-First row, left to right: Judy Brinkley, Eleanor Ashly, Billie Sue Spencer, Eva
Altuna and Vielka De Gracia. Second row, left to right: Sadie Williams, Matilda Stanley, Robin
Harrison, Tilcia Femenias, Fred Smith, Julieta Arosemena and Jaime Rodriguez. Third row, left to
right: Winters Hope, Mike Carpenter and Carlos de Paredes. Not pictured: Henry Turlington.


SC, _DRAMATIC CLUB Left to right: Helen Tilley,
Secretary; Lois Spencer, Vice President; Georgia
McGinn, President; Richard Carattini, Advertising
SChairman. Not pictured: Jane Jennison, Treasurer.

P' /

Angie Manassakis, Sandra Turner, Juan Blau,
Robert Eisenmann and Don Randell.

left to right: Juanita Jones, President; Judy Lindsay, Vice President; Peggy Foiles,
Secretary; Janeth Vinton, Janet Stockham, Judy Colby and Eileen Kirchner. Second
row, left to right: Sandra Turner, Helen Hallax, Ana Ho and Norma Jenks. Not pictured:
Jeanene Kleasner.

The loveliest night of the year.

See the world upside down.

Aw, please.

Donny Ryter, boy cheerleader.

Let's not get carried away, now.

It's been so much fun.

r9 1


Gerry relaxes.
Ileana, Helen and Ana.

Hey there!

Glendla and Judy just a-sitting.

Girl Staters at large.

Our first game in Cristobal.

Los Monos.

FourI' a crowd.


Charles Atlas.

~c- L~a


Girilq' State officers.

That wonderful Valentine formal.

Judy Rogers alias Chiquita Banana.
A mud bath. It this for real?
M Is

What a terrific birthday party!

[, I~ rlH r


Two kool kats!! Aw, coach, please! Forget the bathing suits?

Our sponsor.

Queen Sue the First reigns.








IA "

i ~``

Top row: Coach Anderson, Mgr. Mead, Mgr. Eggleston, Mgr. Yerkes, E. Napoleon, D. Fulton, J. Clemmons.
Second row: Coach Brown, L. Sharpensteen, C. Carden, R. Richter, B. Fearon, J. Cicero, C. Morris, B. Connor,
Wm. Thayer. Third row: C. Von Chong, H. Raybourn, A. Blackall, C. Hummer, B. Wills, K. Morris, J.
Winklosky, D. Tucker, A. Jones. Fourth row: L. Mantovani, D. Winklosky, O. Sutherland, D. Huff, J. Magee,
L. Keene, J. Selby, H. Cody. Fifth row: E. Scott, T. Hotz, B. Bateman, D. Hilliard, L. Rigby, H. Sorrell, D.
Washburn, B. Kommenich.


An action packed football season saw our battling Bulldogs go down fight-
ing gallantly against the overwhelming weight and experience of AC and CZJC.
Our scarlet warriors were led by the brilliant defensive play of Captain Herb
erkes Raybourn and Al Blackall. The offensive burden was shouldered, for the most Bui
ger part, by Ed Scott, Ed Napoleon and Larry Keene.

Traveling to BHS on October 1, CHS returned victims of a 20 to 6 setback. The victory was climaxed
by Ed Napoleon's 65-yard TD sprint. The following week an unconquerable AC eleven beat BHS 27 to 2.
After two weeks of strenuous practice the Bulldogs valiantly fought the Green Wave, but were tumbled to
a 13 to 0 defeat. CHS, continually beaten by all opposition, was no match for the angry Bulldogs on
October 22. Passes on two occasions to Raybourn, and the line crashing of Larry Keene cost CHS four
touchdowns. Blackall also scored when he ran back an interception 50 yards to paydirt. Once more
proving their football supremacy the AC beat BHS to the tune of 34 to 7. Bateman crashed the AC line
for our only score.
The final game saw a much improved BHS squad and the JC battle to a 13 to 13 deadlock. By far
the most exciting contest of the season, it kept a capacity crowd in wild anticipation of a spectacular finish
throughout the 48 minutes of play. Charlie Morris' dauntless linebucking resulted in one touchdown and a
conversion. Keene latched onto one of Scott's passes and galloped another 25 yards for our final tally,
thus ending the game and the season.

COACH ANDERSON Captain Herb Raybourn
Balboa 20 -............--.. -.. ...............--CHS 6
Balboa 2 ..--.-..... -------................. AC 27
^ Balboa 0 .........-.........................-.. JC 13
g |Balboa 27 ..................--- ........-- ........ HS 6
Balboa 7 .---- ........-- ........---........--- AC 34
Balboa 13 .................. ...-----------..---.....-- JC 13

Dave Y

rt Mead

Bruce Bateman
Jersey 79

Al Blackall Charlie Carden Joe Cicero Spike Cody
Jersey 44 Jersey 82 Jersey 36 Jersey 67
Fullback, End End Halfback Center

Jay Clemmons Bob Connor Dorman Fulton Bob Fearon Don Huff
Jersey 47 Jersey 75 Jersey 63 Jersey 46 Jersey 40
Center Tackle Tackle, End Guard End

Tim Hotz Dave Hilliard Charlie Hummer Albert Jones Larry Keene
Jersey 80 Jersey 54 Jersey 74 Jersey 48 Jersey 65
Halfback. End End, Center Center Fullback

Bill Kommenich John Magee Lambert Mantovani Charlie Morris Ken Morris
Jersey 55 Jersey 39 Jersey 53 Jersey 77 Jersey 52
Tackle Quarterback Halfback Fullback Guard

Ed Napoleon
Jersey 81

Dick Richter
Jersey 45

Herb Raybourn
Jersey 38, Captain
Halfhbck, End

Lee Rigby
Jersey 50

Ed Scott
Jers-y 42

Owen Sutherland Harold Sorrell Dave Tucker
Jersey 43 Jersey 66 Jersey 69
Quarterback, Halfback Guard Tackle

Cesar Von Chong
Jersey 37

Dean Washburn Bob Wills
Jersey 83 Jersey 85
Guard Tackle, Guard

Dan Wink'osky
Jersey 41

William Thayer
Jersey 86
Guard, Tackle

Jim Selby
Jersey 49

Blackall smears an AC halfback.

Scott piles uv yardage on a sweep.

"Midget" Cicero crashes CHS line for a first down.

Bateman tramples would be tacklers.
W1 I r

Selby receiving a Scott pass against CHS.

Once again Blackall makes a key tackle.

On the "give or keep" Scott keeps and gains.

Hard hitting Blackall forces an AC fumble.

Left to right, top row: Ed Scott, Jack Perantie, John Magee, Dick Angstadt, Owen Sutherland, Ray Bacot; Sec-
ond row: Jim Reece, Lee Rigby, Ray Reyes, Al Blackall, Dan Winklosky; Third row: Mgr. Harold Sorrell.


Built around the unpredictable Ray Reyes as center, the Bulldogs for the first
time in five years came up with a top-flight quintet.
The powerful Red and White basketball machine finished the season with a
record of five wins and three losses. This normally not too impressive record is
easily understood through the uncanny equality and balance of the teams in the
league. Time after time our scarlet clad hoopsters came from behind in the final
minutes of play to turn sure defeat into undisputed victory.
The Bulldogs and the Tigers were featured in the two most spine-chilling court
battles of the season with Balboa emerging victorious both times. At the finish of
two complete overtime periods the score stood BHS 48, CHS 45. Again the arch
rivals met in an even more thrilling episode as the scoreboard read 48 all after two
three minute overtime periods. It was decided that the first score of the third extra
quarter would determine the winner.
At the whistle Reyes dominated the jump-ball tapping the sphere to Captain Lee
Rigby who wasted no time in dribbling to the keyhole and bringing home the bacon
with his set shot.
Congratulations co-champions on your great performances and excellent sports-

Coach Mikulich Captain Lee Rigby
BHS 44 JC 39
BHS 48 CHS 45
BHS 41 AC 46
BHS 46 JC 48
BHS 50 CHS 48
BHS 53 AC 51
BHS 32 JC 29 2 5
h'J BHS 31 CHS 39

Sutherland captures the ball
Sutherland captures the ball

Playmaker 'erantie

Reyes dunks one

Sutherland pops one

Sutherland gets fouled

Angstadt prepares to pass

Reyes taps to Rigby

Blackall takes a jump-shot

Left to right, Top row: B. Malcolm, Mgr.; B. Black, R. Hamilton, G. Kirkland, F. Harley, B. Fearon, Coach
Brown; Second row: D. Washburn, O. Sutherland, R. Reyes, E. Scott, J. Cicero, T. Hotz, D. Winklosky; Third
row: J. Hammond, L. Mantovani, E. Napoleon, H. Raybourn, M. Delgado, S. Hinkle, I. Perez.


The 1955 baseball season viewed breathlessly a
CHS team playing well over their heads against
BHS. Eventually the strain of many close games
was too much for the Tigers as the season was cli-
maxed by an explosive rise of Bulldog batting
Dedicated to celebrating the Panama Railroad
Centennial, the opening game saw Mantovahi strike
out nine batters to lead BHS to a 2 to 1 triumph.
Unable to hit the puzzling slants of junkman
Sandy Hinkle the Tigers lost a 3 to 0 decision at
Mt. Hope. Hinkle put the handcuffs on them as he
allowed only two infield hits. Joe Cicero's base
knock with a mate aboard in the first inning sup-
plied the adequate margin.

A wild see-saw affair followed that ended in a
seven run tie to enable the CHS team to catch the
Going all-out to clinch the pennant Coach Brown
started ace Mantovani the following week. The pres-
sure bubble finally burst wide open as a barrage
of assorted basehits greeted several CHS pitchers.
A bases loaded double by Ray Reyes, and back to
back triples by Napoleon and Raybourn were the
main contributing factors in a score of 14 to 3.
Excellent hitting by Captain Herb Raybourn and
.co-Captain Ed Napoleon aided by the spectacular
fielding of shortstop Jack Hammond resulted in a
championship baseball team for 1955.

Ed bounces one off the wall

Nanoleon bans a triple

A base ran by Hammond

Sandy Hinkle, P, RF

Jack Hammond, SS

Ed Napoleon, SB

Lambert Mantoani, P, RF...

Lambert Mantovani, P, RF

Ray Reyes, FB

Herb Raybourn, C

Captain Herb Raybourn

Ed Scott, TB

Isaac Perez, LF

Joe Cicero, CF

Coach Brown

Left to right, top row: A. Blackall, D. Huff, E. Napoleon, R. Fogel, J. Winklosky, M. De Groat, B. Rogers, J.
Stevens. First row: B. Coffey, L. Mantovani, H. Raybourn, I. Perez, C. Von Chong, B. Zumbado.


With the season only half gone as the Zonian goes
to press, the Bulldog track squad has already com-
piled a remarkable record in winning its first four

Fifteen returning lettermen aided by a crop of
extremely promising newcomers have made such a
successful season possible. In looking forward to
next year, one must admit that the thirteen senior
lettermen will be hard to replace, but it can be done!

Though hanpicapped by the fact that the letter-
men could not participate in their pet events, the
seniors, nevertheless, emerged victorious at the inter-
class meet.

Des Londes heave



Coach Anderson


With the sprinting of dependable Ed Napoleon,
Herb Raybourn, Jim Stevens, and Captain Bob
Zumbado, it is expected that the Red and White will
continue its winning ways.
A sight to behold in the various other events was
Don Huff and Bill Coffey pole vaulting and Charlie
"Mo" Morris putting the shot. With the season still
young Morris has already broken the BHS shotput
record with a heave of 47' 1". Battles between Bry-
ant Rogers and Isaac Perez for the 880 title will
undoubtedly continue indefinitely. In closing it
must be said that hurdlers Robert Greene and Jack
Winklosky along with high-jumper'Lambert Man-
tovani are to be highly commended for their ex-
cellent performances.

es the discus

'- Bo*: -


*:*g ,
-, -.J

Napoleon catching Zumbado

Wheeler takes the baton

Stevens wins the 440

Von Chong passes to Stevens


%:r;~.* 4 -_

Greene timber topping

Z ba .-wins the22 atCH

Zumbado wins the 220 at CIIS

Perez wins the 880



Another Bulldog win

- XiaL


L. c




WATER-BALLET TEAM: B. S. Spencer, M. Musser, J. Engelke, A. Dube, I. Straus, S. Ransom, S. Gilbert, G.
Miller, J. Sigl, C. Perantie, P. Pennington, C. Zirkman, D. Murchison, C. Corn, and M. Eberenz.


Due to the unfortu-
nately late start in this
year's swimming schedule
photographs or results of
competition were not w
available. However, a
lucky star shines over
BHS as there will be four
returning girls and five re- .
turning lettermen around
which to construct one of
the finest Bulldog swim-
ming teams in history.

ley, J. Blackburn, B. Connor, J. Magee,
and N. Linfors.

S. Ransom, M. Eberenz, and J. Crosby.

BHS SWIMMING TEAM: M. Eberenz, S. Ransom, I Straus, J. Crosby, J. Magee, J. Blackburn, S. Beckley, B.
Connor, and N. Linfors.

A LEAGUE ALL STARS: (front row, I to r) J. Bar-
low, F. Dillon, C. Ellis, L. Malone, N. Brown, T.
Corrigan; (back row, I to r) T. Larrinaga, V. de
Gracia, D. Hannigan and 0. Critch. Not pictured
are E. Riley and I. Straus.

B LEAGUE ALL STARS: (front row, I to r) O. Cruz,
C. Martinez, E. Altuna, N. Pasamonte, P. Steiner,
M. Williams; (back row, I to r) E. Arjona, E. Estenoz,
M. Martinez, G. Miller, A. Abele and C. Herr.

Game Capt. The closing of the 1954-55 volleyball season
BHSill Sr. found BHS tied for first place in both leagues.
CHS 24 As indicated by the scores, each point was
well earned and all the girls enjoyed the stiff,
yet friendly competition that was offered.
The sportsmanship and cooperation between
schools is also to be cited.
T. Larrinaga- Sr. E. Riley's tremendous spiking, F. Dillon's
BHS 31 steady serves, L. Malone's all-around ability
CZJC 18 and 0. Cruz's fine talent for picking up hard
spikes were some of the highlights of the
games. However, the final effect was that of
In the intramural program the Giants ob-
Game Capt. tained the championship, as in the World
P. Steiner- Sr. Series, by defeating the Indians. But in the
CHS 25 volleyball tournament the winner was deter-
mined by two games out of three.
With the All Star teams picked and the
interscholastic games completed, another suc-
M cessful volleyball season came to a close.

A. Manassakis, N. Passmonte, A. Lee and
C. Herr.

Game Capt.
N. Brown Sr.
BHS 23
CHS 22

Game Capt.
E. Riley Jr.
BHS 31

S. Ransom sets up a spike to
the front row.

M. Sandrone gently pushes
one over.


C. Jones. 0. Critch. C. Ellis and C. Adams.

T. Corrigan shows her skill
with a backhand spike.

A hard spike is picked up
by E. Arjona.


A LEAGUE ALL STARS (fr. I to r): F. Dillon, P.
Holgerson, P. Pennington, F. Skinner; (back I to r):
C. Miller, N. Brown, J. Barlow, I. Abadi, C. Jones,
D. Hannigan, and A. Schmidt.

B LEAGUE ALL STARS (fr. I to r): G. Miller, E.
Altuna, J. Engleke, N. Pasamonte, K. Brady; (back
I to r): C. Corn, C. Herr, E. Arjona, D. Jones, and
J. Lawler.

Game Capt.
F. Dillon-Sr.

Game Capt.
N. Brown-Sr.

*^ r *W A

M. Williams ready to
play the ball


Due to an unusual "rainy" dry season and the
long "trek" to the train station field, the softball
intramural program, as far as team play was
concerned, ended abruptly. Team play was con-
tinued on each day and teams were picked from
the girls that came out that day. From these
girls were chosen the All Star teams.

In the interscholastic competition, CHS
emerged as champions but only after a bitter
struggle put up by BHS. Although good ball was
played, it just wasn't enough to win.

Among the individual players that shone was
C. Jones, whose hits always came when they were
most needed, and the pitcher-catcher combina-
tion of L. Malone and N. Brown. In the B League
the outstanding player was E. Arjona, who caught
the Cristobal team napping when she dropped a
perfect bunt down the third base line. These girls,
and their teammates displayed sportsmanship to
the best advantage. And so, another successful
softball season came to a close.

G. Miller waiting for
Jones' pitch
I a

Getting ready to score
is J. Barlow

Game Capt.
E. Arjona-Jr.



The delivery, by
D. Jones

Full Text




Zonian 1')55 P.C. 379 Zonian 1955 Z7 This book may be kept 28 10 Ser t1ay &", 21 70 C


I BALBOA HIGHSCHOOL BALBOA, CANAL ZONE 2 Carroll Adams Ileana A n gulo Julieta Arosemena Nina Brown Marge Curies Tilcia F e m enias Mary Jo Green e Dixie Humes S u e Mars h a ll G eorgia McGinn


EDITOR __ J uanita Jones ASSOC. ED. ______________ Sara Collinge BUS. MAN. __________ Robin Harrison FAC. AD. _______ Miss Haze l Matthews FIN. AD. ___ _ ______ Mr. E. W. Hatchett o 3 N I Pat Quinn Bob Zlllllbado P eggy Donova n Jo Ann Enper Shirley Harned John J enkins Shirley Ransom Jane t Stockham J a n eth Vinton A N


D @dication: We, th e Z o nian s taff o f 1955 d e di cate thi s annual t o Mr. Vi c t o r A. H err. Hi s h as been the kindl y w ord o f e n co uragem e nt; his, the s park b e hind e v e r y explosi on. The ordinary day was brighte n e d with his laught e r g oo d sense, and humor. H o ur up o n h OUfl with or with o ut rest : h e o p e n e d the gate to a mu s i cal h e a ve n f o r B a l b o a Hi g h Sc h ool. Th e r e f o r e, with d eep appre c iati o n and g r e at prid e, w e present our b o ok t o Mr. H err. 4


Table of COI.tents CONDUCTOR S M INORS SOLOISTS E SEMBLES FANFARE 5 P age 7 Page 3 3 Page 47 Page 61 Page 85


th e ZON I AN s taff of 1955 pr ese nt w ith prid e thi s ann u al t o o ur classmat es : t eac h e r s, an d parenl s. I n g lan cing ove r th e pages o f thi s yea rbook thr o u g h o ut th e yea r s t o co me, we sincer e l y h ope that you will b e ab l e t o r ecapture some of th ose pa s t expe ri e n ces. Our attempt t o e nf old th e sc h ool yea r 1954 may see m feeb l e but thr o u g h it yo u ma y some day r e mini sce over th ose wonderful ga mes, th e s up e r dan ces m ee tin gs und e r th e cloc k co k es at th e C l ubby, a nd th e lau g h s a nd l oves o f th e g irl s and boys Th e yea r ha s been a s u ccess So me of u s are leaving th e hall s o f BHS n eve r to f o r get, h oweve r th ose golde n hig h sch oo l days. Thi s i s th e ir tribute. 6




. Theo. F. H o t z Prillcipal Ohio State U . M.A. Capt. Thomas B Blake ROTC U. "f .. n.S. M/Sg l Elmer O. Edwarcl s HOTe Frances K Gruhum Mntb. Columbia U., M.A. Mary S, Brigham Eng .. JOUTH. Coh"ubia U .. M.A. James H. Elliott ShOI'. C en Math. Nebr. U., R.EII. E. W. Hatchett M oth. Co lumbia U. M.A. S tewart J. Brown Ph)" Ed. U of P itl8burgh. ill. Ed. Mary B. Euge n e BU 8 N.Y.U., M.A. Victor A. H err Band, O r e h C h o Columbia U., M.A. C. F Ande rson Drafting Klltll':" Slat e Coli., M.S. 8 Linda C Appin Secret af)" Alice E. Candee U.S.llie. Colum bi n U .. M.A. Walte r M O. Fisc h e r Chem .. Math. Columbia U" M.A. D onovan Hube r PI. Geom .. Gen. BUI., Gen. Sci .. G e n. Math. W. Ill Sta t e Coli., M S Ross E. Ande rson P h ys. Ed, 10"'" U .. M,S, Claude M. Aycock Splln. Columbia U., M.A Ceo. Case Phy" Ed. U o f Or,, __ M.Ed. ErnUl C. Forbes School L. D. Humme l Eng .. M.W. Hi U., M.A 1\1I-s D O llllal\1. Andre w s Secretary Hallie Beav e r s 1'1. G eo m. J)uke U .. M.A. Kathe-rine I. Clark L 'brar)" N.Y.U .. M.A. Beatrice S. Curdne r A n Columbia U., M.A. Robert S. J eff' rey E.W. Hi t .. N, W. H i . U, of Ariz., M.A.


N a t a li e J ohns o n Fr., Span. nuke U M.A. Walte r Mi k u li c h U eahh. Ph), s Ed. l own S till e U . M.A. Paul R K u y oth Shol' Dr. Training Bradlt:)' U., M.A. E l o ise Monro e Iome E ll. Colurnbi'l U M.A Sgt. Ceo. A R o scn J W Sea(ui s t ROTC Uio .. Gen. Sci. Ma r g a r e t M. Ward Typing U. of Nebr., M .A. U "r Wis .. Ph.B. Marie C W eir Bi o .. G ;rls' Ad,' Co l mn bill U .. M A C e o. O. Lee Bio. Columbia U . M.A. D o n a l d E Musselman En g .. Spp n .. S I).Dra ma Ch illllgO U .. 1\1 .A. Capt Wm. J. L o ber, Jr. ROTC Westlrn newervc U D e Witt E. M yc r s rh) .. C h ern .. Mat h WlIs hinl:tOIi S tllt e Coli .. M.A. E ileen L upetin I'h) s. Ed. Brockport 51. ColI., B.S. Dolores R. P e t c I'h)'!. Ed Fla. St. U .. B.S. H a z e l P .1\1nnhe w s Enll .. Zoni lln. C eo. I'eabod)' Coli. r"r M.A. J u n e I >iuin g l oll HOnle Et.:. N O:

SENIOR Four l ong hard yea r s E i ght s h ort wonderfu l se mest e r s OUf hi g h sc ho o l daYl5 are pas t and on l y th e m emo ri es remain. R e membe r the fir s t day when we pa sse d thro ugh th e portal s o f BHS to become th e cla ss o f 1955 ? OUT graduating year see m e d th e n e v e r so far away. That yea r w e c ho se excellent class off i ce rs, Ed Napoleon, f o r OUf President; Larry Cotton, Vi ce Presid e nt ; and Jane J e nni so n Secre t a r y We h ad man y activities that yea r. Our Strutters Danc e with Jan e J e nnison as J ea ns Queen, our Freshman picnic a t S ummit Gardens : th e Frash -Soph Frolic where th e Sophomores b ea t u s, are on l y a few. By th e b eg innin g o f our Sop hom o r e year we had gained mor e confidence a nd began th e year ri g ht by e le c ting Charles Hummer Presi dent; Jane J enn ison Vice Pres i dent; and Carroll Adams Sec r eta r y. The Sa di e Hawkin s Dance that year was accor ding t o u s, th e best that had ever been g iven ; and Jane J e nnison and her Committee worked h ard to make it so. Then came th e Soph Frosh Frolic where the Fresh me n beat u s It was clo se though! At th e en d o f th e yea r th e who l e sc hool e l ected our own Paul G l assb urn as Vi ce President of th e St ud e nt Association. Th e Junior yea r came, and we were at l ast upp er cla ssme n. It cer tainl y was a wonderful feeling There were man y activities t o organ ize that year, and we c h ose th e ver y best officers to h e lp u s They w e r e Cesar V o n Chong, Sandy Hinkle, Vice Pres id ent; and Nina Brown Sec retary. The fir s t thin g we did as Juni o r s was to c ho ose our cla ss 10


CLASS rings We elected a beauty wit h the h elp of Greta Navarro and her Committee. The next on the agen d a was the Junior Christmas Formal. How the Committee worked on the original the m e, "Santa' s Workshop! W e even e l ec ted J enny Gau as ou r bea utiful Holly Queen For month s after Christmas the two comm itt ees for the Juni or-Sen ior Banquet and Prom worked very hard to put on the l argest and most won d erful danc e of the year. Th e theme "Ro mance of the Sea," was very beautifull y carr i ed out. At the close of the year we wer e terrib l y proud w h en the studen t body e l ected Sandy Hinkl e as th e next year's Stude nt Associa tion Pr es id ent. We 're seniors at l as t! That wonderf ul tim e had come when we were finally the mighty Sen i ors of BHS. We started off with a tremendous bang w hen we elected Jim Stevens President ; Charles Hummer Vic e President; a nd Pat Stei n er, Secretary. We had loads of fun going to the football basketball and baseball games schoo l dances pep rallies Elks Dances, and aLI the other activities that add to OUf memories. The Card s and Announcements Committee chose a beautiful announcement for u s a l ong with cards a card a l bum and a memory book. The Valen tin e Formal was n ext. The h a ll was magnificently decorated with tin y red sati n hearts. We e l ected S u e Mars h all as our qu ee n with Jane J enn i so n and Vilma Delvalle in h er court. It was a wonderfu l evening for all. The year was quickly s lippin g past Very soon we would be wa lkin g up the ais l e at the Balboa Thea ter to receive ou r dip l omas It would then be a ll over but the memories. 11


President JIM STEVENS SENIOR Seniors, stand up and sing; Let all your voices ring Papers are in and the books are read; We turn our eyes to the dreams ahead. We h esitate as we go Thinking oj jriends we kll.ow. Fondly we sing this (.u,ne. W e want to remember the days jrom September to early ill. J lUI.e. H ere's to the tim .es we knew. A smile and a sojt goodby. Here is a cheer jor Old Balboa Hi g h. 117 e worked and we rice President CHARLIE HUMi\lER SENIO R WEEK COMMITTEE -Ief' '0 right: C. Curden, N. Sager D. C Towell N. Brown, 1\1. Tewinkel, J Fitzpatrick. CARDS AND COMMITTEEl elt to rig h t Irollt r O lo: J. Wood, P. Phillips. G. McGinn, L. Rigby, P. Quinn. Second rOlo: S. Sirope, D. E lli s, C. Adnms Lust row: H Tmlinglon. emu.em s hy: N. Lesl ey. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE-I.f, '0 rig h" C. de Paredes, S Collinge, R. Duran, T Corrigan J. Brinkley. SENIOR PI CTURES COMMITTEE-l eft to rigl." fron' rOl": E ESlenoz, T. Ford, M. Sandronc, J Drennan, M. J G recne. Seco"d row: P S t einer, D. Schmidt, J Arose-nlc na, B. Greene.


CLASS AmI we fought and we macle, An.d we're proud 0/ the job we've done. We corne to the end at last High school days are passed Years that were filled with our tears alld joys, The laughs allfl the loves 0/ the girls and the boys So thanks be to Main and Dad For all the /"', we had All 0/ it gone too soon. We want to remember th e days from September to early in June. SENIO R RING COMMI"ITEE--Ie/! to rig ht: B. Zuon b ado, H. Hnllax, J. J e nnison S. H ara ri SENIOR GIFT AND GROUP PICTURE le/t to right: S. Gonzalez, M. Zent, D. Hill iard, P C h alo ja, S. Mars hall B. Ford. Too s hy: H Ray bourn J Ric hardson. /' / SENIOR PARTY COMM I "ITEE---!e/I to right: T F emenias, I ). Cas l c U o, O. Cruz, C. Schrantz, M. Drel1l1un. Out rOlllllilll: urounti: P. Glass burn R Gnulllit:h. VALENT I NE DANCE 1 0 ri ght, Iront row: S. Beckley C. HnllulIcr, C. Von C hong, D. Yerkes. SecollIl. row: A. liD, N. J o nes, P. Holgerson. Third TOto: D. Huff, S. \Villinms, J GUll, J. Hnmmond.


Mnry Rose Abe l e "iU a ry" J oh n stow n P en n sy lvania "Noth.ing great was ever achi.eved 'Without enth.usiasm," HR \11.3: S Id!. Cncl. I; Chrisullu P lay I; N H S 3, ,I; U 6 h Clu. I ; VB I, 2 3,

Judilh Laslenia Avila M. Jllry" Panama City R. d e P. Friendl y smiling evermore, she's a girl we all adore." Svan Cll>. 1. 3: VB I. 2, 3 : BkB 1,2, 3, '1; SB I 2; I' c p 5, . I 2, 3; Lib. Assis t. I 2 ; S h I, 2, 4. David T. Azcarraga "Toty" \ Panama City, R. de P. Lu cky are those w h o have Tot y for a f riend. ROTC 2, 3, 4; MISg!. Sully Lou Banlon Pan ama City R. d e P. / the most of all that Utih, Clb 4; CGS 3; VB 1,2; Pel' Sll I. 2, 3: Cho. l. 2, 3. ,1: 51" Cho. 2: Lih. ,,\ !S is!. 3; Ore 4; Fll Sh, Sh. 1,3, 1, Colleen C leo Barnett "Winky" S alt Lak e City, Uta h "Silen.ce is mor e musical than any song." Cum. Clb, 1,2,3; Ush Clio. 3, ,I: C ho. 1. 2, 3; 51', Cho, I 2; Grall. Utih, 3; CGS 3; 5", Cho, Bacc. 2 Ronald Lee Bauman D e n v e r Col orado "He kn e w th.e precise psycho logical moment when to say nothing." Cam. C l b, 3; Gun Clb 3; Cho. I 2, Band .1; ROT C 2, 3; Drill Tm 3. S':Ull ll e l C. Beckle y "S(II/1. Brookl y n N e w York "C lear thought and capabil it y com bined L ei C l b 3, 1; Swrn. 2, 3', 1'; Track 3; WI' 2, 3, 4; HOTC 2, 3, 4; Cp\. ; Val. Dan. C O "'II1. L r=:::o::!.==.Z;; Wilmllr Blac k aby "Buddy" L exing ton K e nt u c k y Our 8HS cowboy, with a tell. gallon hat and boalS," Serv i ce Clio, I; Emcl1Ion Jr, H igh Sc h ool I; Ore, A ssis !. 3; Uruckc nrid ge 2,3. Alfons o A. Blackall Morales "AI" Palmira Cos t a Rica A friend received with thu.mps upon the back," J V BkU ], 2: BkU 3, 4: Tmck 3; F U 3, I ; IWTC Cp l. 2; Sg l. 3 James J. Boughnc r "Toothle ss M ingo J un cLion, Ohio "No talent, but yet a c hara c ter, T rack 3; IWTC 2 3, ,I; l S I LI. 4; nOTe SI)ring CUll1I Joan Patricia Brennan j otH lie" Colo n R. d e p, "Not b y years, bitt by disposition is wisdom acqu.ired, Jr.Sr. Bauq. 3: Clun / \ sse",b. 1,2; Sr. Pi c, 4. 15


Julia FnlllCcs Brinkley "Judy Durhum Nort h Caro lin a H ere is ({ dear and trlle in dustrious friend." 1111 All. 2. J; Zotliatl BOIs Staff.l; Math CII>. 2: Drama CII>. I: Span. CII>. 3; I'el' 5'1. t; Ch o. I 2; 511. Cho. 2. 3: Band J 1; Orch. I; Jr.Sr. B a ll' Comm. J: Thank&gi"ing Di . 3; 1r. Ring Comm. J: Cap and Go .. Comm 1 : StaG. 2; Ibnd Sec'y J; Sec'y N in a Mllrie Brown "l\'ine" Co l on, R. de P. Always on the go-in the millst offfln." S'"e'y J; 1111 lieI'. I, 2: S A Sec'y 4; Zonjan 1 ; GAA 2, J ... Vke Pre 4; lief. Clio. I. 2. 3. 1: VB l. 2. 3-. ,,-: 581-,2-. J . '.-: llkill. t. J-. ; I'cl' 5,[. 1.2; Cho. 1.2. J. ,I: 51'. Cho. 2.3. ,,: Baec. Cho. 2. 3. ,,: Chriotnu. Narrator J: lion. l e t Lt. nOTC Co. "'A"; end. U.h 3; CG5 3; m t. J: GAA D a n. 3.4: GAA Ban'!. I: Frooh 501,h. Frolic I ; tro.h Pic. I; 0.11. Con" ... I; nOTC Dan. Co",,,,. Sr. Wk. COllOm . 1: SH Dan Com",. 2; Jr .. Sr. I'rolll. Comm. Ch. 3; 51'1. Awd. I. 2, J 1. Armando Ca h o "IUllndi" Panama City R. d e P. "Men, like bullets, go farth es t wilim they are smoothest." 1V BB I: 1V BkB I: \\'",". I; JB FB I: Cho. 4: 1I0TC Mili tary Academy; Beot New Cadet I: But NCO 3; IJH ,\II Stars I L,=,J_RJ C IHlrics Card c n Chuc k Chattanooga, T en n essee Man is the ollly animal that blllshes or neefls 10." "Cur,ain Up" 3; FB '1; Hand 3, I: Oreh. I, Cho. 1; Ger",.n n .. nd 3. ..... "IL_""..l..."" : Mllrcy H. Carpenter Jllike" Aneon, Canal Zon e "/lis favorite book the tele phone directory. Zonian Ad Sell. ,I: un 3; nOTe PVt. 16 Elida Ca s t ella,'os P Ullama City, n d e P. "Co,,!:/Ion sel/se is very IIncom V I I I, 511; IIk U I: I'e 5.,. I: Cho. Z. J. ,1, 1l0TC Ole. A".i.,. 1; St.. t. 4: U.h 1 ; CIIl. 2. 3: Zoni Ad Sell. . P edro Clwluja, Jr. Cardenas, C uba "A quiet clU/p IIntil )'OU 1000w hilll and then clellr the decks for action." Cheu Cl h 2, 3. oj; Ma,h Clh. 3; I. 2: nOTC 2. 3 1; h, I.,. Claire C laxton Knoxville, T ennessee "A very welcollle newcomer to 8.11.5." 1111 Sec')' 3: Make'''l' Comm. I; IIwl. Cli>o I : M",ic A[,.orcc. 2; 3; Hihl .. J':h. Cj';'\r:: Sara Jel"tn Co llinge Anco n Can a l Zone The good fife (f/Wll),S the merr y." 1111 Alt. I: Jill H e l', 3: SA Alt. I ; and 'he Beer" 2; "Life of 'he I .. rty" I: I. 2. 3: I'rod. 2: 3. I, A .....,. I: GAA 3. 4; NilS 3 1; \ ic e "re I ; ncr. CIL. 2. 3: VB I. 2. 3 I: SB I. 2. 3-; IIk8 1-. 20. 3 0 4: 1"' 1,5'1.1,2.3; Cho.1. 2.3.4: 51" Cho. I. 2. 3. I: NSI'A 3: Ch,i!'mal Dan. C",,,,,,. 3: Cal' Gown Co",m. Ch. 'I; GAA I)an. 3 GAA 11"",[. 3: f 'ooh Pi c I; Frot h Da". I; 51[ [Jan. 2, CGS 3; Elkl CII,. Dan. CO""". 3: Grad. M a .h. 3; SA Ca ntp. Ancmh. 2, Uttl., Thea'er 2. HIII) J h A. Conne r P anama City, R. de P. Polite Gnd easy to get alons with." Cnm. CIt.. I: nOT C 2, 3 1; II .. ,. Sup. lWTC Cn",,, 2: Me",. Day FirInG 5,[. 3.


Erncst o A Cordovcz D Panama C i ty, R. de P. "Not lIlu c h to say, but with one word J on Imow he's a likeable guy." Socccr Till. I : TrAck I: Cho. I: nOTC I'vlo 3; llad. Clb. JUlIuita A. Corrigan "Tita" A n eon, Cana l Zone "Never trouble trouble /lllti/. trolLble trou.bles yOIL -theIL laugh." Slag. I : n cr. Clb. I. 2: VI! 1,2.3, .1; BkB I. 2. 3, 4; 5 8 1.2,3 1; 5 .. I, 2; Pep 5'1. I. 2. 3 1; Cho. 2, 3. 4: 51" Cho. 3. 4; O f c. Auiat. I. 4: C ,. Gown Cornrn. 1: S H Dan. Com",. 2: ."osh Dan. Comm. 1: Jr.Sr. Ban'l. Corn",. 3; FrOfth Soph Frolic I 2; Ann. Auc",b. J: GAA 4. Pugc Cos t e ll o forl B enning, Georg i a "Sparklin g eyes t o accom.pany the friendliest of smiles," P ep 5'1' 2. 3: Grad Ulh. 3: Jr.Sr. Banq. Ch. 3; Get AC'I' Dan. Ch. 4: CG5 3. Olg n C .-it c h P a n a m a Cily, R d e P. "What is woman? Only one 0/ nature's agreeable blunllers." 8k8 1.4: 58 I. 4: VB I. 4-: Cho. 3: Ofc. Auil t. 3, 4: Fall.. Sh. 1. R o b et' t C. C rook s B o b Panama Cily, R. de P. "One 0/ the best things t o hav e up your sleeve is a fllnny bon.e. HH AIL 4-: Cho. I, 2, 3: ROTC 2, 3, 4: bl5gl. Ii a Dawn C rowell Neptune New J e r se y The wise/om 0/ mallY ami th e wit 0/ 011 e." He!. Clb. 2, 3. ,I: U.I!. Clh. 4; Dr.",. Clh 1; VIl I. 2. 3, 1; SB I. 3, ,1: BkB I. 2-. 3-. 4; I c, 5'1. I 2 4: Cho, 2. 3. 1; 5 ,). Ch o 2, 3: Bacc. Cho. 3: O f c A ss i s t. 2; Zoni a n Ad Sell. 3: CGS 3: Sr. Wk. Cornlt!. : Int ra Spt. A,, d. 3: H cr. Awd, 3: CAA I : Ncplune Hi!;h School I. Orlanda 1\1 Cruz LIIII l iy" A n co n Ca n al Zone "Something attemplelJ, some thing done G A \ 2. 3, 1; S I,an. Clb, I, 3: C.m. Clb, 3; R e f. Clb. I 2. 3, 1 : VB I 2-, 3-, ,, ; SB 1-, 2-. 3-, 1 ; BkU I, 2. 3 1; P CII 5". I: Sp. Ch", I. 4: ChIlo \, I : Sr. I'ly, C"",,,,, "; GAA Dan, COlllon. 3: CAA Baml, Co"''''. 3; Fuh, S t., I. 1\1 a rgtu'et Louise CurlC8 "lt1l1rge Riw" Norfolk, V i rginia "Man has his will, but /lJOll1aTL has her way," H it n el', I; "Sh"wdo"' n nt Sawt""th" 3: "Curi llin Goin!; UI'" 3: S tDt:;. 3: U.h. Clb, 3, 4: SpAn. Clb. 3: Cam Clh. I ; VB I, 4: Sw. Tm. I : Watcr Jlllil e l 3: P C I 5'1. I: Blind I: Or c h. I; I'I.y U.h 3; 151h. Ilwl. Tkt!. 2: Z"nian Ad Sell, I; Litllc Th ea lCr B an'l. 3: Zoni a n .1, Vielka H d e Grne iu M UVilky" P anama City, R de P. "Stylish-olle 0/ t.he best." 5 'Dn. Clb. I. 2, 3: Zonian Ad Sell, 2, l: __ I-.! VIl I, 2, ".; S B 1,2, 1; Cho. I, 2. 3. M ario D elgado A ncon Cana l Zon e The La t .in Amigo withirL portals," Trac k 2; ROTC P v!. 17


Vilma D e lvall e "jUimi" P an a m n C i ty, R. de P ""'ho knows her smile, has known a perfect thil/g." Cho. 1.2. F rances Anne Dillon Frllll Bos l o n .i\'l a ss ac h useI L s "She is a t hletic, friendl)" and killd, another just like her Y0ll.'1I. lIever filld GAA 2. 3, I, Pre$. 'I: Ref. Clb, 1. 2. 3. 4: Ulh. Clb. 1: VB .-. 2., 3. 1-: SB I . 2, 3: BkB I. 2-. 3-: GAA Dan. Comm. 2, 3. 'I: Ofc. AMist. 3, 4: Clinic A uill. I Lawre nce [\1. Dre n nan, III "Mike" Washi n gton, D. C. "The first true gelltleman th.at ever lived." FB I. 2: IlkB 1. 2: Ten. I: ROTC 2, 3. 4: Maj.: D r Tm. I, 2. 3, ,I: Han. Gd. Goelhal'1 Mem. 3. Carol e Dunn R e d Stephenville, T exas T ha t redhead from Texas cute as a bug in a rug." F H A 1. 2. 3: Boo l ter J acket. I 2, 3: Cho. Clh. 2, 3: Stale. Cho. ConI. 2, 3: Ofc. Auill. 1. 2. 3. 4; Oul.ftlnding Sidi. Eng. I: Jr.Sr. Baml. Dec. Welcome 3: U,h. CI .. Pl aYI I. 2. 3: Jr.Sr. Bin". ScI. Sor-h. Ser\'. 2. P aul E Duran "Pllblito" Panama City R de P f/ ere's a boy we're sure glad to welcome back," Swm. TAl.: T r a c k . 2: nOTC Sgl. FC 3: Spin. Clb. 1. 3; Cam. C lb. 2; Dr. Tm. 2,3; ROTC Ush. Sq. 3: Coelhal'. Mem. 3: Jr.Sr. Banq. 3; Back 10 School Dan. 3. 1 8 Rila E DUI'IIIl "Rili," P a n ama C ity, R d e P. "The wise are /lever wit holll frien ds." Cam Clh. \ : S"all. ClI,. t, 3: UN Clh. 1 : Illl 3: Cho. t, 2. 3. 'I: 5". Cho. l. 2. 3. 1; VillI. Day COlli"'. 3; Carn. I):m. COlllm. 3: Cap COWII Comm. 4: Ush. Day 3: t' uh. S h I J. I. D oris V i c lO'zoia Ehrma n Alleon, Canal Zon e "Wit is the salt of conversation." D r .. ma 1: V B t. 2, 3 . 1: BkB 2. 3. ,,; Pc" Sq. 2: Cho. 1.2. J, .,: Fro." Dun. COIIIIII. 1 ; Adv. 511 Dan. 2. David A. E lli s UDtEve" A ncOIl, Ca nal Zone "Laughable Dave, always ready with. a joke and yet not without a serious side." HR Rcp. 'I: 51. Clh. I: UN Clb. 2: Cheu Clb. 2. 3: Calli. Clb. 2: Proj. Clb. 2. 3: Cho. 1: Sp. C h o t: Lib. 2; CheAl. Lab. Auiel. 3; ROTC 2. 3. 1: Dr. Tm. MIUI. 4: H OIl. Cd. M eAl. 3 ; lIifle 1'111. ;J, I ; 5 Call1l' 2; Chcn C lh. COIl51. COlli "I. 2; Ccl A c q Dan. Cornrn. ,,: Cd8. All. COI1I1I1. -I. Fcrnand M. Espinu UBrothe r New Orl eans, Loui s i ana "Dar k eyes and friendly tn01l1/er." nOTC 2.3, 1: Sgl. E l clHl I s a b e l E s t elloz "Cookie" Col o n R. de P. A cheerflll look makes a dish a feast SI"n. Clio. I. 3: C,,,". Clb. 1: Mulh Clio. 2: V il 1. 2, 3. oJ; sn I. 2, 3; Bk n I. 2. 3: Pep 511 1,2, 3: Cho. 1. 2. 3: F u lt. Sh. I, 2. 4: S"an. Clb. Comrn. 1, 3; Dan. Comm. 3: Qn. Ct. ], 3: Jr.S r. Baml. 3: Sr. Pic. Comm. 1: S"all. Clb.; I'all. Nat. Dan. Exhib. I 3: Ad Sell. 4.


Williu m R. Evarls "Billy Bille te" Colon R. de P. "Plain. /t:ving and high tJu:nking." Cam. Clb I. 2; nOTC 2. 3. I : Dr. Tm. 3. 4: C h u. 1. 2; 5 1 Cho. I, 2: ROTC U.I,. 2, 3. 4: lit LI. Andrew Fuzcnbakc r "Andy" Hym am, Sou th Caro li na A smile and a. c heer for all his friends." .... __ .L.'--Ii&"-'I!II.II nOTC ,I: Indu a trial Arl s Clb. 3. Tilcia Rebecca Femenias "ftlallty" Panama City, R. d e P. Alwa ys happy, always gay just as ni ce from da:)' to day. HR All. ,I: Zonian 4: Banq. DUGlc 4: Span. CIII. I. 3. 4, Sec y 4: Cam. Clb. I. 2: Math Clb. 3: FNA 4: UN CIII. i; Ref. Clh. I. 2. 3. ,I: VB I. 2, 3. 4: 5 B BkB 1 ,2,3. ,I; M a n. V B All Stars 2: P c p Sfl. I, 2: Cbo. 3, 4: Sp. Ch o 3, 1: Lib. A u i l t. I; Splln. CllI. Aucmb 3: CllrnivlIl 08n. COlnm. 3: Sr. \ Pt y. Conlin 4 ; Zonian Bus S t llff _,: Parrakeet Hus. Staff 4; Zonian !Jam,. I ; Zoniall Di s Comm 4. James E Fitzpatrick Fit;;" .1\11. Cle m e n s, Mich igan H e pl/ts his trou.bles i, t a trllnk sits on. the lid, and laughs. Morie Club.' lIif1 e Clb.: FB; Track; Sr. Wk. CO"'HI .J: B e ll villc Town lhi,. HiGh t..",,,..""' ..... Schoo l 1,2.3. Roberl Irn "Cuk" Panama City R. d e P. E yes s parkling lvith misc hief." Let. CIL. 2. 3. 'I: T rack 2. 3. I : J V BkU \ 2: ROTC 2, 3, oJ, C,.\.: 'nlra. S"t. Awd. 2, 3. Guillermo A. Ford "Billy" P anama City R. de P. !"". 1. J a mes Thomas For d Lortl Ford" Panama City, R. de P. "Good humor an.d qu.ick retort s." Ult Alt. 2: J V OkD: ROTC 2. 3. ,I; MIS!:'. 4-; J r.-Sr. Barl<, 3: S r. Pi c. Lorella Kay Frallgioni Wa s hington D. C. I live for those who love me for those who kn.ow me true. nit R ep I: HR Alt. 2: Cam. Clh. I ; S llall. Clh. I; UN C lb. I : Us h Clh. 3, 4: S ll 1: VB 2: D ec k T ell. 2, 3: P el) Sq. 1.2.3,4; Cho. 1.2.3,4-: 5 ,). Cho. I, 2. 3. 4: Chri l lmas Dal>. Comm. 3: Bacc. Ulh. 3; CGS 3. Laura Jeann e tt e Cau J eIlIlY" An co n Canal Zon e When in dOl/.bt, giggle-that's Ollr bombshell c h eerleader Hit AIL 1. 2: Bnn'l. Bugl e 3; V B I, 2: BkB l. 2. 3: S R I 2. 3. 4; P el' 5'1. 1.2: Chrldr. 3, I. CIII'" 4: SII D a n. Co",,,,. 2: Jr.Sr. Oan". 3: Pi c. I ; H olly Queen 3; Grad. U.h. 3: Fuh. Sh. 4-: Awd!. D ay Ai&Cmb. COII)(n. 3; Val. Dan. Comln. 3; Orph. Dr. 2. Richard K Cau "Pooky" A n co n Ca nal Zone "What {/ frosty spirited roglle is this!" HII lIell. 2. 3: SWill. Tm. I. 2. 3, ,I: 1I0TC 2. 3. : ,,; Dr. Till. 2, 3: IItr1e Tnt. 2, 3. 4: Jr.Sr. BDnq. Comm. 3: Christmu Dan. 3: ROTC Dan. 2; .... d s B all Comru. 3: Orph. Dr. 19


PUll. D GllIssburn "K;IIky" P e n saco l a Flo rid a fi e is small but so is d),lIam ite." SA Vic e 3: R : .. l. Clb. 2: Cam. Clb. 2: JV fB 2: Cho 1: ROTC 2. 3, '1: . I .... uemb. 3: ROTC Sprinl;: Caml' 2; ROTC Rifl c Tm. 2. E s t e ll a Ode ray Gon z a l e z "St e lla" A n co n Canal Zon e Nice and sweet a t rea t fa meet." n cr. C l b. 1. 2: Span. Clb. I : U l h. CIl,. Plo ) Ulh. 3. R i chard G r amli c h "Dic k A n eon, Cana l Zone I f )'011 would see his monument look around." H it All. 3: RO T C 2. 3. 4; CallI.; D r ill Tm. 3, 4: Dr Ma!. 4: S r I'l y. Com",.. Mary J o l enla Green e r.la r y 1 0 Annapol i s, Maryl a n d "Gu)' and friend l)', a miss all Bfl S adores." 50ph 'IllY 2; Slag. Pro d. 2: Ban'!. Bugl e 4; Zonilln 4; D r ama C l b. 1: VB I 3: Sr. i e Comm. k Grad Ulh. 3: CGS J; Soph. 2; Zonian Ad Sell. 4: Inlra. 5,,1. Awd 3: 51. Mar y Bnaar I. 2: 51. Mar)"! A ca d emy 1. 2. R o b ert Gre e n e R obi,," Panam a City, R d e P. "A har em his ambition." S A R cp.: "B" Clb.: fB: Trac k Capl.: Cho. 4; P e try Ofc 2; BollCll H i. Jack so n. ville florida. 20 WilJinm C Greene, Jr. "Bill" P a n ama C ity, R d e P. L oves ( 0 live and lives to l ove." L i l. Pi c. E d P arr:o.kec t J. . Conlin. 3: 511 DDtI. Con lin. 2: Val. Dan. Comm. 1: f B Dan. Comlll. C h 1


J oseph E d wurd I 'lnrad Joey" Brook l y n Ne w York "/Jig lIIarl, big h ear t. Span. Clb. 1.2; T rack I 2, :1, 1 S ion George Burnri "Si Brooklyn, New Yor k A IlItllre b i g busilless mall." Hit All. 1 ; CD"'. C lh. I 2; Chell Clb. Comm. I Rohin Elho:nbclh Barl'ison R obbie" Col on, R. de P. Rates an 'A' ill every wuler. takill g." Zoni"" 3, 4; BUI. Mnn. 4; Ba"'l Bugle 1.1 Scll.3. I; SI'nl1. Clb ,I; "B I, 3; Bk B 3; CCS Let. A wd. 3; Jr. Euler Dis. COI11In. 3; Zoniau Co",,,,. Ch 1. W iIIi lllll Held "Blitc h Long Beac h Cal i fornia Talellt lor IIIlI/r illg Iriem/s." BkB 2; Tn",h. 3. L. ..... ..;...,L""'i:..C._...IIJ1.....I Dori s H cnde rson "/)orill Panam a C i ly, H. d e p, "Ability excee dill g h e r size," Cho .... Edward R. H enry Tri,ullp"" Monlgomery A l aba m a "His bike is his s t eady." ItOTC 2, 3, 1; Cntle l Sa;t. 4. Joan 1. H e n s ler Ionuie" San Diego, Califo rni a "Tops ill c harm (lful Iriendship." Cam. Clb. I ; Span. Clb, I 2, 3; B I 2.3,4; BkB I. 2', 3, 'i: PCI) S'I. I, 2, 3; 3 Fro!h Soph. J-'rol ie Co""n. I. S l ephe n A, B e lTin g Skis" T a mp a, Flor ida Qui et lIIul s h y, 1I real swell gu.y, Jr. Rif. C lh. 3, 4; Cam. Clb. 1 ; Sw. 3, 1 : Track 3; Cho. 1.2; 51'. Cho. 2; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Sg l 4; n il. T",. 3. 4: Sl'ring Camp 2. DlIvid Al m s ll'ong l:lillinrd Til e S lwpll Wadswort h O hi o Happi est when loalil/g." H H All. 3, JV F B 2 ; FB 3. "'; Blind I 2,3; Orch. 1,2; nOTC 2, 3 . 1; Sa;1. 4; Cam. Clh, I ; Sr. Gilt Comm .... V iUiam S. Hinkle SIl 1ldy" Panama C ity, R. d e P "Give 1 .0 t.he world the best thal you. hllve ant i the best will come back t o YOII." SA Pre.. 4; SA R e p. I ; lilt IIcp. 3; Vice P re . 3; I. el. CIl . I; NilS 3. 1: H B 3.4; Tr:l e k 2, 3. I ; nOTC 2, 3, 1; hi Lt. 4: Back 10 School O a n Comm. 3; J r. Hin g Com",. 3; Jr.Sr P ro m Comm. 3; Cnlnp. AaICml). 2, 3. 21


An n Ho "A"ita" Pana m a Cit)', R. d e P. "When s h e speaks, s h e's worth. listelling to." Hit Ilel' 2. 3: Ches s Clb. SecyTrcaJ. 3. V i cc P ree. 4: Malh Clh. 2. 4: S"Qn Clh. 3: S I an,!, Clh. 3 . \: Vice P res : F NA k FT, \ : BkB 2. 3: Cho. 2. 3 \: C li nic Anisl. I: Jr.Sr. Bnnq. Comm. 3: VIII. Dan. Con))n 1 : F u h. S h. I 2. 3: Jr. Bin g Comm. 3: Zon i an Ad Sell. 2. 3: Chri l ln UIt. EUler Di,. Comm. 3. Pmlln Cecilia Holge r so n "Tuggy St. A n drews, Colo m bia E ver looking on the S llnn y side 0/ Ii/e. Prop. lind Scenery I, 2: Ad .. I 2; FTA 1. 2: D r ama Clb 1. 2; Sock B uskin Clb. 4; Uilh. Clb 4: V B I 2. 3, 'i: SkB I. 2, 3. 'I; SB I 2. 3 '1: Spl. A ... d. 2: Pcp I 2. 3: C ho. 1. 2, 3, "': 51', Ch o 3, 1: Of c . ,: Val. o nn Cornm. I : SH 01111. COlUm. 2: B nll C hain Dan. Comm. 2: Fue ... e ll B,. ... I 2: Val. Dnn.

Jane E. J ennison "}/Inie" Panama City, R. d e P. "Good works are worth mILch (lJul cost little." Hit li e I'. I: Sec'y I : HH All. 2. 4: Vice I'res 2: Slag. "Curt ai n Going UI'" 3: N H S 3. Spall. Clb. 3. Vic e l'res. : Omma Clh. I. Treas.: SB I. 2 3; BkB I. 2. 4; V B I. 2. 3: Blin d 2. 3. 4: Cho. Z. 3: Sp. C h o. 2. 3; Chern. As s is!. 3 : Conlin. 2: D :lisy i\he CI. 2: Chrislmp8 Dun. Cli. 3: Holl y Queen CI. 3: Sr. Hing Comm.

Glelldu Rne Lee "Gl e n Ancon Ca n al Zon c She i.! gen tle. she i s shy bllt there is mis c hief ill her e)'e. Ullh. C lb 3 ; Cllm. Clb. I ; OkB 2. ; P C I' 511. I ; Cho. 2. 3; Of c A$lIilll. 4; I'IIlY Ullh. 3; 511 Dan. C om m. 2. Naney S haron Les ley "Nallcy" Eug e n e, Oreg o n "She come s with t enderness (wd sweetness." Treat. 2 ; H R R e p. 3; Drama 3; OU! 3: C a m. Clb. I 2; F r e n e h Circl e 3; S I 'an. Clb. I ; Lib. Clb. 3; C h rldr. 3; P C I 51/. I; C ho. I. 2. 3 ; Lib 3 ; Sa f e l y Palrol I 2. 3; Capl. 3; Cud_ Ann. Comm. I; S r. Gr. I'k. C o mlll. C h,

Georgi a Anne McGinn G eorgia" Salt Lak e City Utah Thongh.ts too deep to be ex pressed anti too strong to be Sfl.ppressetl, Hit H ep. 2; Drama I, 2. 3. 4; P res. 4: Nal. Thes pian Societ y 2; Zo"iuu .1; La l in Clb. 2; Church Choir I ; D eb.: Dr Ch. 'i: Canis An 1; Grad. U sh. 3 : CGS .... lIny. Gen. 3; GN D e l. 3; H a ml,ton H igh Sc h ool 1.2: .... ct I J; PrOI' $ CO$i"mU. S lag. I. 2, 3; "Curtain Going Up" 3; Lillie Thea ter 3. '1. Jimmy McKcown Jr. "The PlIrrol A n con, Canal Zon e A good looking guy, (l won(lerfll/. (lancer." JV FB ; JV Dkll; CI,o.; 51'. ClIO. Burton F r e d Mcad "Burtie" Ancon, Canal Zon e "Talented in the art of mis c hi ef making." L e I. ClI,. 4; FD 2: Man. 3 1; BkB 2: BOTC 2. 3 1: Sgt.: nOTC U $ h. 3. 4. G lnd ys A. Mcl cndc z M Panama City, R. d e p, Hidd en gaiet), in her qu.iet F r ank S Mott C h a rl es ton So ulh Caroli n a "Sees something fUl/ny in every occasion." Princess A""e Hi gh School. i'rineeu Aune. Virg inia 1.2. Donna Ann !\1ll1c h ison Do,, Fort S ill Oklahoma "Coo(1 humor is t .he sill/shine of th e mind." Ex. E d. Parrakeet '1: Klloekout 2; Cam. Clb. 2; Science Clb. 2: ChciS C lb. 2; Vil I. 2. 4: Ilkll I. 2, I ; Bil I, 2; P d T e n. 1.2: 5 .... T ill. 3, -I; I'inl: P o n g I 2; Soc. I. 2: Cbo, 3, 4; 51" Cho, 4: Gur land Girl 1,2: Pacifi c Grove H i g h Sc hool 1.2. Eddic Napoleon "Nap" Baltimore Maryland "Lucky the big leagu.e that gets him, Prel I ; L ei. Clb. I 2, 3. 1: Sec'), 2: U B 1-. 2-. 3-, 4-; TrQc k 3-. '1-: FIl -1-; Band 1.2, : l 1; A ll Zo n e IlU I. 2. 3, '1. Ella Isab e l Nllvarcltc Panama C il Y R. d e P. ;'Re/reshing and jolly in a special wa)'." IlkUJ. CU I' O ) Ann Newm a n "Little One" Anco n Ca n al Zon e A willing and a warmhearted friend," C O IIII C ore.; Fash. 5 h. 3. Josc Humhcrl O Otcro "C"bnllllo" H ava n a, Cu ba "A good /'ooking Tlol. e sca le, {my 25


j Carlos G de Paredes "Chafe" Pan ama C i ty, R. de P. "Fun lovillg alld good natured." S tamp cn . I. 2. ,I: Cheu Clb. Vic e Pre s. 3: HOTC 2, 3; C.,l.: Cal Go ..... 4. Lloyd S lcph e n Park SI ,eve" D es Moines Iowa "Lullky is the word lor Stevepoker/a c ed humor and can he play (l mean trlUnpet." La\. Clh 2; Trac k I; Band I, 2. 3. 4; Orc h. J. : lJand Vice Prel 3: G erm. _lL._ .......... B a nd J I. 1 I Issac A. P erez "Cantin/las" Panama City, R. de P. /II./l 0/ fun and /oUy ." FB 3; Trac k I. 2. J 4: B B 2. J, 4; Int. FB 2. 3, 4; Int. BB I: Int. BkU I. 2: Ch o I. 2, 3: 51'. Cho. I 2. 3; ROTC 2.3; PCe 3. P h y lli s Ann Phillips "Phy l A n con, Canal Zon e A hand/ul 0/ patience i s worth more than (I bushel 0/ brains IlkB 4; P e l' 5.,. I, 2 3; IlOTC Ofc A ssis t. 4; Clini c Aid 2; Spllll. Clb. 3; U sh. Clb. 3: U s h. B ace 3 : Card and A'1I1. 4: CG5 3 Paldcia Teresa Quinn "Pert" Aneon Canal Zon e Model type with a winning smile and accommodating ways. Hi t H e p. 1: 5A S ee'y ; Liltle Theate r I. 2. 3. 4; L ife of the Party" 1: "B1!all1y a nd Il'e B eef" 2: "Curtain Goin g Up" 3: D in. Ma s k : Zonian 3. 'I; Bam . B u g l e 4 ; GAA 2, 3. 'I: FNA Vi ce n,s. Fd r 'I; P r og Ch. 4 : UN Clb. ,I; R ef. Clb. 1, 2, 'I: Dmma Clh. 4; VB I. 2 . 3. 'I; 5B I. 2 3., ,I: I1kB I 2 3., 'I: Illlra S i l L A ..... d. I. 2. 3. 4: S A Camp. AlISemb. 1,2,3: S l leech Auernb. COlllm. Co. Ch. I: Pep Sq. I. 2; Ch rldr. ,I; Sp. Cho 2, 3; H on. Capl. ROTC Balin. S l'on s o r 4: S r. Cel8. Ann. 4; Jr .. S r. U a '''I. P rom. Comm. Ove r .AII Ch. 3: CGS 3; S H D a n. Cornm. 2; Orl'h. Dr. Com m 3; Val. S in g Comm. 1. 2; lonian Ad S e ll. I; V al. C1. 2. 3: Holly Qn. C1. 3: PH Qn. 4: A".II. Auemb. I, 2: GAA Dan. 2, 3 ,4; RO T C DOll. Comlll Ch. 4; 5w. 'frn. M u k I; Zonian DUIIC/. 3, 4; l ..illi e Th eale r 3. Cecil H erbert Rnybourn "iUi crobie" Panama Ci ty, R d e P. "My ollly objection to an edl/.c ation is teachers llful classes." HH H e ll. I; HR All. 2; Let. Clh. 3. 4; BIl 2. 3., 'I'; IlkB 2: Trll e k 2. 3. 'I: lV FB I 2; FB 3 4'; Or c h. 2. 3: ItOTC 2; All Zon e Bil 3. Grelc h e ll Reynolds "Gre t c h Dall as T e xas "Th.ere's nothing so conl(lgious as enth.usiasm.." S oph. P lay 2: Dr a ma 'I: Yr. Bk. S l liff 1; Pal le r Circul. Ed. 3; F HC 2; A llied Youth I ; Te e llGiri a L e ague S c ien ce Clb. 3 ; Lib. Clb. 3: Joun. Clb. 3; Dramo Clb. 01.; SB I.; Speec h Conte!! 3. ht 1'111ce ; E n a), Conl es l 3, old, Place : P e p Sq. ,I; Cho. I: Sp. Cho I: Lib. A nisE. 3; Girl s L e agu e Dinn e r 2; Fi e ld Day Anemb Comm. 3: Slag. and Prod. 3. J a mes J. Ric h ardson "Jim. Aneon Canal Zon e A good time his motto." Jr. Rifl e Clb.; Cam. Clb.; Dr. Tm.; !land 2. 3. ,I; Cho.; ROTC 2. 3 ,I; 5 g1. 131 Cla88. Lee Anderson Rigby "Rig" Wes t Che ster, Penns y l vania Brisk. (111(1 alive to every oc casion," i. et. Clb. 3. 'I; J\' PB 2; F H 3, B kll 2; BkB 3', 4.; O r e h. 2. Gloria Dalc Rinkc l "Slillke r Palm Beac h Florida "J.ikeflble w i th gay gigg les. Vil I 2; I1kB 2: P et) 511. I, 2; Cho. 1, 2. 'I; Sp. Cho. 2: Jr.-Sr. Banq Conlin. 3: H allow e en Ply.; Thanhg ivin g BUill,.; Chris t mll5 l'ly.; Grad. U sh,; IlkH'. 26


Lllris Mil c n a Riven! "Lury" P anama City, R. de P. "Be checJcecl for silence blLt neuer taxed for s p eech." 5 1.0n. Clb. 4: Lih. A ss i st. I. 2; ore. AMIS\' 1: Fas h. Sh. I. 2; ZOlliull All Scll. I. B r yant Roger s Alb uqu e rque, New Mex i co j F r iendly anct courteous." 2,2;3 2,3. '1; Int. BkB 2. Judith Rogers "Judy Cornwa U OnThe H ud s on N, Y. "Com bin e a liuely wit and a s unn y sm.ile and Y OIL h.a,ue il/.dy, a friend com.e rain or shine. Duma Clb. 4: Ush. Clb. 3. 4 ; S I,an. Clb. 3; Z oniull Ad Sell. 3 4: Zonian Post e r Comm. 1 ; CCS 3; Senator; Dram a 4; VB 1; 513 1.2: P e l ) Sq. I. 2. 3, 4 : Cho. I. 2, 3: Lib. I. 2; or<::. Aseist. 4; Uth. Crud. 3 ; SIl I 1. I Ricardo R Royo "Ric a Panama C i ty R d e P. Possesses th.e ingredients neces sary for h.is future." Spun. Clb, 1.2.3; Int. I. 2. 3. 4; Cho. 1; Lib . A ss i e t. I; ROTC I 2; Cp1. Arace li Rubio "Cho ia Panama City, R. d e P. S h e's Ollr little sparkling eyed seriorita VB; P e p Sq. I: Cho. 2. 3. '1. Nat a li e A lid e Sager "Nut S an Fran cisco, Califo rni a "Not muc h talk a great sweet silence." L ee Lauts 2, 3; Sa n itaracl, ..... Pablo Erncs t o Salas Pllblito" Aneo n Ca nal Zone Pep, wit and energy." H n All. 3; BB J: Inl. DB I 2; 1111. 3, .1. J ohn Samson D e lilllh Colon, R. de P. "The friendly type, witty and well Liked." T rack 2: ItOTe 2. 3. >I; lst Lt. 4 ; Coethals M em H on Cd. 3. l\1i1dl'ed E lean o r Sundl'oll e "Millie" Forres t\'i l le, Mary l and A return c heer for this spiri t ed alld popular young lad"." "Be Huty alHl Ihc B eer" 3: "Curta in Co in g Up" 3; "Two Crook! aud a Lady" 2; GAA 3, >I; ltd. CII>, 1, 2. 3, 'I: S B 1.2. 3., : 5w. I. 2; BkB I 2, 3 4; V B I 2. 3. '1; Mllth Clh. 2; P e p SCI. I 2 3; Chrldr 1; Cho. I 2. 3, >Ii 51). Cho. 2. 3. 1; Jr.S r. P rom Comm. 3; CCS 3: Prod. 1,2,3; Std. I, 2,3; h osh Soph. Froll<:: I; LillIe Thcuter 2 3: I .iulc T heat e r Banq 2: Jr. Dis. Comll1. 3 : S A Caml', Asscmb.2. D o u g las Clinlon Schmidl D o ug" Ancon Canal Zone "Gay and good looking," ROTC 2. 3, ,1: Cal',; nat. Adj. 27


J ohn Schmidt An co n Canal Zone "A shy cha p with likeable ways c.,,,. C l b. I; ROTC 2. 3, 4; hi 5/;1. ,I; ROTC U.h. 7 Ca r o l A. Schrantz "Cnrol St. Paul, Minn eso ta "Chalice makes our parent s, but choice makes our f ri ends and she's olle of th.e best we've got," P a rrakeet 4: french Clb I; I'ell 5'1. 3; Cho. 2, 3, 4; 51). Cho. 2, 3, 4; Clinic Allill. I; eGS 3: Sr. PI )', ComtH. 4; J r. Red CrOS I R ep. I; lIamilton Jr. H i. 1; B altimore, Md. !.,,"'_ .... _06_i..-. Jean Ann Seiffert "Jeanie" Wat e rtown New York "En.joys lil e and her surroun.d ings Treu. I; Nat. B etll Clb. 2 : Fric m ,bhil' C l b. 2; HIA 1.2; CAA 3; Sr. Y.TcclI' 3; F H A Pro!;. 2; ClaSll Play 2; 7hl lIi;h S chool I, 2; Medina H igh School 3. Gerald Underwood S k e ll y "Jerry" Gove rn ors I s la n d New York Ti cking every mhwt.e Ri chmond Acadcm)' Ga.: ROTC Cri alobal Sq. Ldr.; Balboa Sq. Ldr. Frederick A. Smilh "Fred" lquiq u e, C hil e "Silent but successful." ParrakCC I. Auo. Ed. 4: Siamp Clb. l'rCI. 3.4; Ch c H Clb. 3. 4: UN Clb. 4 ; N U S 4; Span. C lb. 4: Cbo. I ; Lab. A uill. 3; ROTC 3. 4; Sgl. 4 ; Riflc Tm. 3, 4: ROTC Ulh. 3; Enler Oil. Comm. 3; Zonian Ad Scll. 4. 28 1'0111 Smith "Tou,. COIOII, R. d e P. "The s hutterbllg of BH S, that's TOIII." "Curlain Goi"!! Up"' 3; "'Life of Ih e I'''rly'' ]; "Glamour U O) Z; Siamp C lb. I: Cnl1l. Clio. I. 2; Ibnd 3: C ho. 1.2.3; 5 1 Cho. I ; HOTC Z. 3. 4: Drill Tm. 2; Cd. 2; \ u i l l. S"d. L d r 3; School I'holol:. 3. ,I; I"aug. Dan. Comm. 4. Loi s Anll S p c ncer "Loie" Barh ou r sv ill e, \Ves t Virginia Shc's petite she's diLige1't. s h e blushcs! "GIDI1Iour 110)'"' Z: "Curlain Goi"g U,," 3: DrDl ua Cill. Vice I'rel oj: Zontan Ad 3: Mu ie CIl,. 2. Sec'y 2: Inl. I ; L :lllc BUI. Mall. I, A ss i s l. BUI Mn". 3; P e l 5'1' 4; C ho. 2. 3. oj: 51'. Cho. 2, 3. oj; Ore. A u isl. 3; 511 Ihn. Coml1l. 2; Ch. Dec. COil" Chrillrnu 1) '111.: S r nin!; CO."I1I. Ch. ,,; Jr. Hiu g CO."III. 3: Grftd. Ulh 3; Stag. 2. 3. ,I; I'rod. 2. 3. oj: CGS 3; Sec'y of Siale ; F u ll. 511. I; Lillic Thealc r Banq. Com.1I. 2. Patricia M a r y S t eine r Prllty" Ancoll, Ca nal Zoue "Devollt yet c h eerfut, pious yet (ll/stere; to others lenient, to her self sincere S A I{el', I; HII Hep. 4; Cla u Sec'y ,,; I \. \ 3. I; IIk B C apl. 2. 3: Pcp Sq. 1.2: Lill \ Ui!l. I; Ofc A 88isl. I ; Awd. Day Comm. I. 3; Orl.han. I>r. Comlll.l; Fros h P i c ni c CO'1I1I1. I: 51! Dan. COIllIl1. 2; Sr. I'i c C O nlnl. Ch. 1; Fuh. Sh. 2; G rad. Ush. 3; All S IM I 2, 3. -t; BkU; S B 3. 4: V8 4. J a mcs FI 'unklin S teven s "Creel/g rass" A n eo n Cunal Zone Ollr p opu la r and c apable class prexy R.S.v.P. eyes." I'res

Ida Elizabclh S uazo "Lizz ie" Pa n a m a City, R. de p, "Life is (l. jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces missing." Tral;ulga l S c hoo l Montrt;at, Canada: Drama Clb.: Fuh. Sh.: PIny. Mnrga r e t May T ewillkc l Dee Dee" Cou lee C ily, Was h i n g ton "Dearest frientis a/as, must part, but will "ever be for gott.en." HR R e p. 4: "Clamour Boy" 2: "Curlllin Coilll; Up" 3; St a l;. 2. 3, ,1: Prod. 2. 3, '1; ZOllian At! S e ll. 3. 4; .'rOllh Dan. I; Pi c nic Comm. I; FrO$h SoJ,h. Frolic 1.2: SH Dan. Com",. 2: Di a Comm. 2: Bae c Cho. 2, 3; 51). Cho. 2. 3.4: Dr a ma Clb. 4: VB I. 2, 3: BkB I 2: Pcp 511. I 2. 3. 4; Grad. U 8 h 3; Chri s lm as Dan. C o mm. 3: Bac k 10 S eh. D a n, Comm. ": F u h. Sh. 1: Sr. W ee k Ch Comm, 1: CGS 3: S e n. l:Ie l e n Onis T illey Panama City R de P. "Love is only chatter; fri ends are all I hat maUer." "Curlain Going U II" 3: "I1t;allly and th e Be ef" 2: Slag. 2, 3. 4: Prod. 2, 3 1: !'arrakee t 3; Cam. Clb. I 2: Malh Clb. 2.3; NHS 3 1. See' y ,1; Drama Clb 1. S ee'y 4: Band 2. 3. 4: Or c h 4; Sp. Cho. I. 2; Band S chlor. C O lum. 4: ing Dis Comm. Ch. 3: Latham Art Pri7.e 2: CGS 3; Band Ply. C O ll"n. 4. Judith Tilus "Judy" S p e n ce r I owa "A giggle is //Jorl A (f l/.lIndred groans in any ma r ket." GAA I; Nunes Clh. 4; Duma Clb. 4; Badminton I: VB I : I'el' Sq. I. 4: Cho 1,3, 1 ; Tlll enl Sh. I; CGS 3. J eunne T o l e d ano Panama Cily, R de P T here is flO cosrnet ic for beauty like happiness." Span. Clh. 1,3; Cam. C l b. 1: Cho. I, 2, 3: Faeh. S h 1,2.3. H enry A Turlinglon, Jr. "lIlwk" rort Bragg, No rt h Caro li na "Quiet, good natured, a n d fun loving." Zonian At! Sell. ,I: J V }'O 2; FO 3: Track 2. '1: nOTC 2. 3. 4; Sgl. 4; Carda Ann. 4. E lean o r Hulh Vun Zundt Sacram e nto, Cal i fornia Little tieel/S of kirllilless, little words of love." ParTak ee t .1: Dralna Clb. '1; U N Clb. 4: ;== ___ -"..:-...... ==, Cho 1: Lib. A i &l. 2. I I Ramo n E. V e gl.1 Pan ama Cil y R. de P .. frI ell IiIred, well groomed and always welcome." Trac k 2. 3: Bowlinj: 2 3 : int. FB 2: SII",,,, c r IlkB: Cho. I 2; Sp. Cho. 2: nOTC 2. 3, 4; SGI. CeS.:tT V o n Chong H "Clzi"iIO'" A n ton, R. de P. "As indispensable /'0 t he I em n as to his frieruls." Prce 3: N H S 3. 4: Vice I'rel. Let. C l h. 3; Cheu Clb. 2. 3. 4: l 'rC $ 3: Mnlh Clh. 2: 8i .... 1. Clb. 3: Let. Clb 2. 3 1: Traek 1.2-.3- 1-: J V IJklJ I : J V FIJ I: FU 2. 3. 1 : Inl. B kB 2. 1 : UB I, 1 : Waler Pol .. I : IIO T C 2. 3. ; ht L I. 4: Dr. Till. 2. 3.4; U e h Sq. 2: ItOTC Slldn, C m l', 2: Jr.Sr. Banq. 3; V.1. Dan. Comm. 4: Chrislrnu Dan. Comm. 3. Joseph A. Vow c ll Oakda l e, T e n ne s se e T akes life easy bll.t enjoys it." 29


Marth a Ne ll W e b s t e r Leonard, T exas "Silence is one 0/ the virtues 0/ the wise Math Clb. 1; I'el' Sq. I; Cho. I ; Li h \ u isl. I; Ore. ,I; Gmd. U sh. 3; CGS 3. Robert Whitus "Bob" I i \'ladi son, Tenn essee "Always has energy on halld HOTC 2. 3. 4: Fi eld Night Be s t St]. 3; LI. 01: 51). A$s e rub. 3; Talent l \!I!!cmb. 4. Sadie Williams Ancon, Ca n al Zon e "To friendship every task is sm.all." HI{ n ep. 2. 3; Ush Clh. 3; Cam. Clb. I: Dra ma Clb. ,I; BkB 2. 3. 01; P el) 5'1. I. 2: Jr,Sr. Ban., 3. CoCh. Dcc.: Valen. Dan. Comm. 4: Zoninn Ad Sell. 01: S H Dan Comm. Dec. Ch, 2: Frosh Picnic Comm. 1: Frosh Olin. Co"''''. 1; Merit A,, ds. for I'o! t e r s I. 2: Fash. Sh. 2: Christmas Dis 2; Carn" al Dan. Cornl1l. Ad,' 3 Alicin Winbe r g "Maggie" A n con, Ca n al Zone "We have been friends t ogethe r in sunshine and in shade Span. Clb. 3; SB 2, 3: V B 3; PCI' Stl. 2,3; Cho. 2 3, 4. I Joseph J ohn Wood "Joe" Ancon, Ca n al Zone Quiet but dangero/l.s HI{ Rep. 'I: Cam Clb. 1: lut. FB 1. 2, 3; BkU I, 2. 3. 'I: SS 1,2,3,4: WI' I, 2: Band 1,2,3,4: Oreh. I. 2, 3: Noo n Oreh. 'I: ROTC 2, 3. ,I: Sgt. 4: Dr. T m 2. 3: Cards Ann. Comm. 4: Band Dan. Com",. 3; Asscrnb Cornm. 3; Ush. 5". I. 2; Fro s h Picnic Comm. I; Air Force Day Parade 2. 3; Marchi n g Band 2. 3, 4. 30 Jacqueline Yates JaC(lltie" Ea s t Ely, Nevada "Sile nce is I h e lIIost ver/ect her aId oj joy," Pcp St 3; Cho. I. 2. 3. 4: 5[ . Cho. I. 2, 3. 'I; Fus h. Sh. 2, 3; Nat. Poster Con Win. Davi d Yerkes "DIWcillg Dave" T opeka, Kansas "Dancing DlIve, I h e ladies crave, a relll t erri/ic gny." L c t. Clb. 4: FB Mon 3. 'I: JV F B 2; Trac k 4; Bowling 4; Cho. l. 2: H O T C 2. 3. 01; Lt. 01; Spri1lg C1lmp. 2: U eh. Go ctbale MCnl. 3: H e d C r u>IS Comm. 3; Val. Dan. C"mm. I ; Inaug. Dan. Comm. '\; nOTC Dan. Comm. 4; HOTC Smla Con. 3; Sh. Case Dis Comm 4 Margare t A. Z ent "hfar g ;e" Santa F e N e w M e xico Killdl y Gild companionable." Hn Alt. 2: U ah. Clb. 3. 'I; P c p Sq. 3: Cho. I. 2. 3 '\: 51'. Cho.; s n Olin. H e r. Cornm. 2: BlIcc. U sh. 3; Sr. Gift C o mlll. Ch. 4; CG S 3. Robert Zumbado "Big Bob" San J ose, Co s ta R i ca / arn a IIJoman hater. but the Bibl e says love yOllr enemies. Hit Alt. I. 'I; HI{ Hell. 2, 3; "Why 1 am 1 1 Bachelor" 4: Zonian ": L e I. Clb 2.3. >I. Sec'y 3. Pres. "; Duma Clh. 4; Track 2 . 3, ; JV FB 2: Int. FB 3. 4; Cho. 2. 4; ROTC 2 3. 01: Cal'l. 4; Jr .. Sr. Prom. 3 : Christmas D a n. Comm 3; Fros h Picni c I: Frosh Dan. 1: Inaug. DOll. Comm. 3; Jr. Hing 3: Sr. Hing 01; 51! Dan. C ornm.; MC Sports A,,d. A sscmb. 3; L ct. Bant]. 3: Fros h Soph. Frolic I 2; SA Sh. Cuc Di$ C o mm. 'I; Camp. A ss Cluh. 3: Lathem Found. I; F B Dan. Comm.; nOTC Dan Comm. ; B IIIHI. Buglc 1. Migueldo Arbaiza Rome r o "Migue" Panama City, R. de P. The light 0/ t he body i s in the eyes


Regin a l d M. Hayden Jr. Reggie" AncOIl, Canal Zone H e r e's someone we are sure glad t o welcome back." I nl Fil 1 2. 3: Inl. DkD 3; Inl. 1 m I. 2: Ilk b 1 : Socccr oJ: Sr. Play Stag. 4; S r. I'llIy Adv. 4; Ch r i&trnaa Pageant .1; lI awley H. 5 H awlcy, I'D. Patricia Ann S m ith Caldwe ll Sylacauga, Alabama U.R. r.vorile 2. 3; Stud. Cnc!. Rep. 2; Jr. Sr. 8an'l. Comm. 3. J a c k 5ulI1, lln d Don W hich h i whic h ? S u e V e av e r Oil City, Louis i ana A uiu. Ed. Sc h ool Paller .1: t'HA Corre . Sec'y 4: Uk" 3, 4': P C I I S'ld Pres ,,: Gle e Club 2. 3; J r. Sr. Banq. 3. J a n elh 1\1. W illoe J uni" San J ose, Cos ta Rica H.n. Rep. I: H.R. AI!. 2; 51"'" Clb. J: Ca m. Clb. 1,2; Pep S'ld. I, 2. 3; Cho. I. 2.3; 511. Cho. 1.2; Lib Aui.l. I; Off. A uilt. 2. 1; Clinic Anill. J; Jr. Sr. Danq. 3: Fuh. Sh. 1. 3. 4; Froah 1 )lIllce J; S.H. Dan. 2; Crad. U.h. 3: Frot h Frolic Ch.


"Sllmle d lVitll IleelJest purple, g leam s 'he i s lantl o n (l dllrk blue sea." BarTO Col ol"ado I s l and 32 The Crossroads olthe World S h e loalks tile waters like a tiling 0/ Ii/c PUlltima Line








TIM HOTZ I'r esi de", /. JAY CLEMMONS Y ic e Prcs iti e ll' JUNIOR RING C0i\1i\1JTTEE-le/1 to right: H. Coeiy, J C l emmons, B. Esse r L. Keene, P. Donovan, Chairnmn; C. Morris, P Sullil' an E. Scott, L. Talc, J P etrilli. Cam era shy: P. All e n. J UNIOR CHR I STMAS FORMAL COMM ITTEE-/. II 10 right: S. Hnrn c d F Brandl P. Hauler, 1\1. Brady, J Selb y, D. Sa ndroll C Chairman; T. lIot z, D. S l oudnor, A. Munn s s aki s J. !\bgcc. Cm U erlJ s hy: D. Angs t ad t, D Fulion, H. Sorr e ll J. Jensen A.Lee. SHA o f Onl y Ol1e mor e yea r to go! What fun w e 've h ad wit h Pres id e nt Tim Hotz Vi cePreside nt J ay Cle mmons, a nd S ec r etary Jane t Stock h a m l ea din g Ollr class. P e ggy Donovan' s rin g c om mitte e got u s our b ea utiful cla ss rings. The n Doroth y Sandron e's committ ee gave u s th e b es t Chri stmas F o rm a l Lelt 1 0 righ': E Ho S I o dges, D. Sta ples, A. Lee, E Scoll Lelt to ri g llt : l S I row--M, Nllhmnd H. Cody, J. D eslondes, 1\1. Roddgucz. 2ml row--F. Brunell J. Sorre ll L. Tat c, A "M:lrtinez


BPS ever, u s ing "The Night Before Chri stmas" as their the me. Ginny DiBella r eig n e d over the formal as our l ove l y Snowflake Que en. But thi s was n t a ll the Juni or-Se nior Prom h eade d b y Jim R eece and the Banqu e t und er J a n e t Stoc kh a m will b e l o ng rem embere d b y our Junior Class_ L ef' to ri ght: H. Sorrell, J Krn emer, A. Jones, N. Dixon, J Vinlon, J. McNatt. L ei' to r;gIJt: 1 s t row-G. Hnscmann, J. Stockham, J. Vinton. 2nd row-D. S tap l es, M. Hocken, J Klcasner. 3rtl TOlo-B. Esser. '--\ MR. JEFFREY Clas s Spollso r JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM COMMITI 'EE-Ielt. to rig"" M. Frank, S. Ransom, B. CrawfO'rd, D. HUlllligull, J. Hannigan, J. Reece, Chairman j 1\1. Hac k e .. R C:arattini J. Vinloll, J. i\hcKaig. Came ra slly: D. EgglcslOn, D. Cotlon, C Smith J. Reynol ds. JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQ UET COMMITTEE-l eI' to ri g"" J. Siockhn m ChairnulII j B. Aps l c r J. EUPCI', E. Kirchmic r, M Witkin, U. Boye ll B. Connol', ClIIllcrn slI Y : J . Ebbs J. MadUl'o J P eru ntie, J Co l by, C. MUlln, A. Richard son, B. ThTift. I I






OWEN SUTHERLAND Presicl ent JIM WATSON Vice President SADIE HAWKINS DECORATION COMMITTEE-Ielt to right: 1\1. Mar s hall R. Ab e ll M. Ebercllz, J. Muy, Chail'lua n ; R. Wright, J Galloway, D. J enkins, B F e arsolt, J H c nter. Cnmcra s hy: 1\1. M usser. S ADIE HAWKINS ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE -l elt to right: C. H ea ron, Cha irman; M. FlowC't's, C Mill e r J Degcnaar H. Nita. Cam era shy: D. Jacobs, C. Payne, J. Flowers. FLA of We're veteran s now! Two yea r s h ave p asse d in our high scho o l ca r ee r This yea r it was fun to know we w e re not at the bottom of the l ad d e r! OUI officer s w e r e Owe n Sutherland, Pres i d e nt ; Jim Watson, Vice President; a nd Judy Eng e lk e, Secretary. We tha nk the m for their h a rd work. L eft to right: S. G ilb e rt, J H e nt e r, B F earon, R. R ennie. L elt to right: R. Borgs l c dc, A. Rous seau W Young, F. Le s li e


TS For our Th a nk s givin g window di s play d ep i c tin g o ur m a n y bl essings, w e won Iirs t prize. G erry M c Griff Julia M ay, Chri s H ea ron and the ir c ommit t ee m a d e our Sa di e H a wkin s D a n ce a g reat s u ccess L e t 's hop e o ur next two yea r s in hig h schoo l will b e as e njuy. able as these h a v e b een. L ell to ri gh': R F e rnand e z C. Seice. L elt to right: R. Zdravkovic, 1\1. ArcbibuM, O. Rodrigue z K. Morri s ----JUDY E NGELKE Secr etary MR. S EAQ U I S T CIIISS Sponsor SADIE HAWKIN S P U BLICITY 10 rig/II: 1st rorv--R. R ennie, R H e n s l e r, G. M cGriff, C hair m u n 2ml rOlo--F. Leslie, C Englund, D. M e tzg e r. Came ra slIY: M Koc h e r J Pus ti s SOPHOMORE SHOW C ASE COMMl1vfEE-Ie!1 10 right, W Dunn, J\lusser J Pus tis, D. Ja cobs J. Ol son, C hair-






DON RYTER Presitleut TERRY CORRIGAN V ice President FRESHMAN THANKSGIVING SHOWCASE -Jelt to right: S. Mab le, 1\1. H e b ert, Chairman; A. Ludd y B. Crowe. FRESHMAN PICNIC COMMITTEE-l ei' '0 dg/'" D. Ran. d e l A Ludd y J. TrilJc T W e bb L. D ew. Camero shy: A. Nahmad S. Nelson OFF OF High schoo l at la st! To le ad our class in it 's man y activitie s w e e l ec t e d D o n R y t e r Preside nt; T erry Corr igan Vice President; and Mary H ebe rt Secretary. They d eserve muc h o f the credit for our s u ccessf ul year. W e thank Mary H e b e rt and h e r com mitt ee for Ollr Thank s giving window di s pla y s howing the sce n e of the fir s t L eft to right: D. Roherts, L. Parsons, J Dimfl, A. Frangioni. L elt to right: G B a rbi e r N. Ped e rson A. Fiel d E. Was hburn F Skinner.


BEATS Thank sg iving. Betty Crowe and her committ ee received many favorable com m e nt s On their s plendid Chri s tma s w i ndow di s play. Everyone agreed Ann F i e ld and h e r committee gave u s a suo p e rb Freshman Pic ni c Thi s was a wonderful way t o e nd our first year at Balboa H i gh School. L elt t o right: E. Sharpe, W LeBlunc J. S i on n D Bctz IUyklu nd E. Ashley. Lelt to right: C. McCarthy N. Cour sey, S. Purdy, M. Wicchmnn, J. Whiteside, L. W hiteside. MARY HEBERT Secretory MR. MYERS CIWiS SIIolUiOr FRESHMAN CHRISTMAS SHOWCASE COMMITTEElelt to right: 1\1. Hebel 'l K. Goodmun, B. Crowe Chuirl11un; G. McCullough J. Munn FRESHMAN PICNIC COMMITTEE-Ie/t to rig/." J. Dimpfl, A. Field Chairman i G. Kirk l und, 1\1. H eber t G. Simon. Camera slly: T. Corrigan. __


Honor Graduates One of the h ig h est h ono r s a hi gh sc h ool can confer i s the titl e of "Honor Gradu a t e The se a r e the h o nor graduate s of 1955, w ea rer s of the white tasse l l ea d ers of their c la ss. Citize n s hip a n d sch o larship a r e pre d o min a ting fac t ors in thei r se l ection. It i s a truism tha t knowl e dge i s p ower but a n eces sary corollary i s that it mu s t be exercised with w i s dom. MARY ABELE J ANE JENNI SON JULIETA AROSEMENA JUANITA JONES PEDRO CHALUJA J EAN KELLY SARA COLLINGE NANCY LESLEY RITA D U RAN RICARDO LOPEZ WILLIAM FORD GEORGI A MCGINN PAUL GLASSBUR CARLOS DE PAREDES HELEN HALLAX NATALIE SAGER ROBIN HARRISO N CAROL SCHRANTZ WILLIAM HELD FRED SMITH WILLIAM HINKLE PATRICIA STEINER ANA Ho HELEN TILLEY D ONALD HUFF ELEANOR VAN ZANDT CHARLES HUMMER CESAR VON CHONG 46


. S 0 L 0 1ST S


BEST ALL AROUND Jane Jennison and Sandy Hinkle


. MOST TALENTED Sadie Williams and SIeve Park


MOST POPULAR Nina Brown and Jim S tevens


l\IOST ATHLETIC T eonilda Larrinaga and Herb Raybourn


FRIENDLIEST Tita Corrigan and A l Blackall


WITTIEST Doris Ehrman and Isaac Perez


BEST DANCERS J enny Gau and Jim McKeown


BEST LOOKING Georgia McGinn and Al Otero


MOST INTELLECTUAL Julieta Aroscm c n a and Carlos d e P a r e des


MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Juanita Jones and Cesar Von Chong


ATHLETIC Fran DiJlon an d Ed Napo leon MOST TALENTED Judy Lind s a y a nd Ramo n Vega MOST POPULAR Car ro ll Adam s a nd Bob Zumbado RUNNE FRIENDLIEST Lois S p e n c e r nnd DUll Huff


WI'ITIEST Judy Roger s a nd Tom Ford RS -UP BEST L O OKING V ilnlll d e l VlIU C lind Mike Dr" CIlIUII1 M OST I N T EL L ECTUAL H e l e n H a llux a nd P e dr o C h a l uja BEST DANCER S Cam i ll.l Lopez :lIId B oris A H ar a MOST LIK ELY T O SUCCEE D Mar ,. A bele :lnd F r(!d S mi t h


PAT Q UINN F o o t bu ll Queell SUE MAIl S HALL V"iclJli n c Q.well of My CAMILA LO P EZ Cllrrri v n l Q.well 6 0 G I N N Y D I B ELLA Snow/l u k e Q nce" D I X I E H UMES _ ..... T r c k Qucen




s. Blick row l elt to rig"': S. HinkJc, Pre s id ent; MT. D. Speir, A dvi ser; J. Reec e Vice Pres id ent; First rolO, J ell to right: P Quilln, Secr clary; N. Brown, Secr clary A. In M ay 1 954 t h e stud e nt b o d y h eld it s an nual e l ec t i o n s for th e hi g hest offi ces 011 th e c a mpu s th e S tud e nt Assoc i a ti o n Preside n t and Vice Preside nt. Th e w in ning c an did a t es w e r e Sand y Hinkl e a nd Jim R eece Pat Quinn a n d N i n a Brown w e r e a pp o i nt e d sec r e tari es This yea r th e St u d e nt A ss o c iati o n s p o n sore d innum e rabl e dan c es, ga mes: th e R e d C r oss Infantil e C O lllm u n it y Chest: a nd C ru s ad e f o r Free d o m Dri v es; diff e r e nt a sse mbli es ; welf a re pro j ect s and sc h oo l club s INAUCURA. TION DANCE COM. M JTTEE-Left,to rig/It: F. Wise, J. Reece, N BI'OWII, S f-tinkle O. l:IulIl es D. J enkins, T. Cor' rigan D Yerkes, J. S t o ckham j Not. p i c lure d : T. Smith. 62 o R P HAN ACE DRIVE--Lelt t o ri glll.: P. Tubbs J. J ennison, G. M cGinn, R M cGarr, C. Hummer; Not pi c tured: F. Towns end, J Brinkley.


S A. R EPHESENTATIVES-Cellt e r SLllIlllillg : 1\1. Hebel't. L efl, to right: firs t row: P. Foiles, P S t e inCT, J S t e v e ns, P A ll e n J. P etrilli. Sccollll row: J Degenllar, N. Joncs, J. H um 111011(1 J. S tockham, L. Tate. Thirtl row: D. Jacobs, M. T e w inkcl, E Scott D. Rande l A Lee. Fourth r Ow: J Tribe P Tubbs, J 1\111Y, A. Fie ld J Wats o n Fift,lt row: A. Luddy, G Simon, J. Wood, 1\1. Mngee, J Engelke, H H a llax. St,tlmJill g : C. Payne, C McGriff, L. Keen e, H. Cod y, D E lli s NOL pic t u r cd: D. S. Ne l son, G K irkhllul. ASSElU ULI ES AND WELFARE-Sitti"g J eft. eorlle r : J. Reece. L eft t o right, firs t row: J Engelke, M. Abele, C hnirman Assemblies; B Zumbado, Chairma n L efl, to rig lll., secolld r O U I : B. Harne d J Ol son, in. Drcnnan. DRIVES-L eft t o rig h t : T. FOI' d ClUliI lImll Infun tilc Pm'u l y s is; G. M c Ginn, C h airman of driv c s ; C. Vo n Chong Chairma n C rllsncie fol' Fl'eedom ; E. Va n Zandt, Chairm:1II R e d C r o ss /VOl picture d : L. S p e nce,:", C h a irman Com llIunity C hest S. A. ALTERNATES -Sttuuli"g: J. Mnll n Sin;lIg l eft, t o ri gll': T Femenias, R. Btcs h B. Boyell J J ennison, A. Ot ero. Secolld row, l eft 10 right, : P Hauler, P Sullivu n S. Ransom, J d es L ondes, B. Crooks Third row, l efl, t o right, : D. No ble, G. D e w N. LinIors, J Furrell, J. C l em m o ns. Fourth row, l eft t o rig h , : U Zumb ado, N Sager B. Hlil vo Sll: A. Nahmad, L. Pl'O s p c r i C l\1ol'ri s Fift./I row, l efl. to right, : J. Dinq)f1, D. D c n. nnn, T. HIiJUmond K. Urnd)" C Adail' O. Suthcrhuul D F illi o n Not picture d : T. Corl 'ig: m D Huff, J. Flowl.'T!i, T W cbh. 63


Juanitn J o n es E ditor L e f t 1 0 Rig /lt : S hirlcy R u nsom R obin H u r r ison Ninn Brown CUI r o ll A d a ms, Tilein Fcm c ni:.s, Georg i :. Mc Ginn, Julic l a Arosem c na. ZONIAN Ev e r y da y during th e 1st. semeste r t h e 6th. p e riod c l as s i n Roo m 116 t u rn e d t h i s cla ss ro o m i n to o n e of the b u s iest schoo l cent e rs, t h e h o m e o f t h e ZON I AN and its s t aff. I n thi s room l ay out s h eets, idea s a n d s taff members w e r e all with j u s t o n e p u rp ose i n mind th e yea rbook. \ V o rk was co nt i nu o u s in thi s place i n which o n l y th e ind e fatigabl e clip clap of th e typ e writer r emin d e d u s of how fas t tim e was go i ng. P i cture sch edu l es, wri t e u p s a n d sec tion s were give n th e h e l p of our e d i t o r and Miss Matthews to m ee t th e d ead lin es. F i nally th e time ca m e t o put th e part s toge th e r ; th e lst. semester was almost ove r and th e ZON I AN r e ad y to go L o press. L eft 1 0 RighI: S h irley H arnc d Peggy D o novan J o Ann EUJlc r J u n e l S lockhill11, Junclh Vi nton. L efl to Right: Jua nita Jones, Sar a Collinge, J ohn J enkins, Mar y J o Green c Bob Zumbudo M i ss Hazel Mauhews S p o nsor l\1T E. H H a t c hctt Busi ess Malinger


L eft .() Righ,. : Elcanor VUlt Zandt, Dianc Shlplcs, Endque Uo, Dicky Angstadt, Buddy Blackaby. FI' c d Smith Alis oc. Ellitor Judy Lindsay Editor L eft 10 RighI: Bill y Greene, Carol Schranlz. Albert Ca lvo. PARRAKEET The PARRAK EET, lhe Balboa Hig h sc h oo l n e w s paper i s publis h e d m o nth l y b y a regular j ou rnali s m class and i s s u ppor t e d b y the S tud e nt A ssoc iati o n An int e resting fa c t abo ut th e Parrak ee t i s that it at on e tim e (1930 t o b e exacL) calle d lh e ZON I AN. Lal e r t halname pa sse d o n L o t h e yea rbo o k A t th e beginnin g of th e year th e s t aff m e mb e r s c h oose th eir own ed it o r-inc hi c f a nd associate e ditor. III t h e pa s t, th e PARRAKEET ha s ra l ed very hig h among the sc h oo l papers i n th e U nit e d Sta f es It ha s won the Quill and Scroll, and Gallup awa r ds seve ral times L eft 10 Rig/lt: Milton Frnnk, Donna Murchison, Dic k y Angs t adt, AngelnLee. L efl. 10 Right: Judy LindsllY, F l'ecl Smith, Beck y Esser, Mnrl.hn Hackctt.


. ..... .... ... ...... r;..... BA'ITALION STAFF: (left t o right) Cadct Cup t. O. Sehmic h I I o n. Capt. P. Quinn, Ca d e t J\1:aj. i\1. DrCIIIUlll, Cade t Lt. Co l C. f:lUIiUllCT. OFFICERS! Draw Sabers The ROTC; l ed b y Charl es Humm e r had a very s u ccess ful series of parades and r ev i ews in honor o f high rankin g militar y and civ ili a n off i c ial s. At thes e r ev i ews and so m e o f th e football games th e Drill T eam p e rform e d very well and was co mpli. m e nt ed by the r ev i e wing office r and s p ec tat o r s. The Rifl e T eam direc L e d b y Capta il! Blake a nd Se rg ean t First Cla ss R osen also h ad a ver y s u ccessful yea r com p e tin g aga i nst t eams in th e Sta tes. S PON SO R S : N. B'OWII, Co. A; D. Humes, Co. B; J. J e lluison, Co. C; P. Quinll Batt. 66


COMPANY A: Co. COI11I11. B Zumbadoj Exec., W. E,'nrt8 j 1 s t P latoon Ldr., J. Boughner; 2nd Platoon Ldr., S Hinkle; 1 s t Sgt., B. C ,'ooks; Sup. Sgt., T. Ford. B alboa High School ROTC Dl'ili T enm: D. E llis, Drillmas t e r ; C. Hummer, ASSI. DriJImns tcr. COMPANY B: Co. Comm., R. Gramlich; Exec. P. Chaluja; 1 s t Plalooll Ldr., J. S I CVenSj 2nd P l atoon Ldr., C. Von Chong; lst Sgt. J Kas ka; SuI'. Sgl J. RiclHlrdson. Bnlboa High School ROTC Rifle Team: J. S chmidt, Cailluin. COMPANY C: Co. COIllIl1., D. Ellis; Exec., D Ye"kc8; lsi P l ntooll Ldr., D Huff; 2nd P l a toon Ldr., J. Samson; lst Sgt., J. Schmidt; Sup. Sgt ., S. Beckley.


Director Mr. Vicaor A. Herr CHIUSTIIAS D.D.S. Music Depa.-tlliellt Bal boa Hig h Sc h oo l was quite mu s ic-mind ed thi s year. U nder th e capable l ea d ers hip o f Mr. Vi c tor A. Herr, th e hand o r c h es t ra and c h o ru s have h ad a mo s t sllccessful yea r. Mr. H err i s t o be co ngratul a t e d for his f i n e organizati on. H e ce rt a inl y spe nt lon g tireso m e hours in bui ldin g it t o o n e of th e best in BHS. The tw o hundre d-voi ce c h o ru s b l e nd e d in th e prese nta t i o n o f so m e of the world 's o ut s tand i n g chor.al lit eratu r e The go l d e n t o nes g iven fort h in the va ri o u s co n ce rt s thrilled large audi e n ces. F o r th e fir s t tim e a n opere tta was prese nt e d und e r the direc tion of Mr. Herr a nd Mr. Donald M u sse lm a n Entitl e d Down in th e Valley", t h e cast includ ed a b o ut forty c h or u s members . Some thin g n e w was inaugurate d in BHS thi s yea r. The fifty m e m bers o f t h e o r c h estra partic ip ated in a co mbin e d C ri s t oba l -Balboa Co n cer t. Th ey a l so p erfo rm e d a t th e fa s hi o n s h o w Na ti o nal H o nor Society initiati ons and sc hool plays. T h e band began it s yea r w ith th e e l ec ti on of office r s. No assemb l y wou ld be comple t e without a f ew app ropri ate numbe r s fr om th e band. The annual j oint band co n ce rt w ith C H S was again s u ccessful, and man y se l ec tion s presen t ed w ill l o n g b e r emembe r ed. Hig hli g htin g th e mon th o f F ebruary was th e mu c h-t a lk e d-ab o ut R e p ertoire Co n cert o f 501 0s tri os, and quartets b y the l eaders in va ri o u s sec ti o n s o f the band. ORCHESTRA


CONCERT CHORUS Th e sna pp y T o r ea d o r Band with sharp red a nd whit e uniforms was a n e w addition. They add ed pep and fight t o the c h ee ring sec ti on and in ge n e ral k e pt th e spirit of our sc h oo l high. Th e BH S and CHS Music Departments aided in ce l ebrating the anniversary of the open in g o f th e Balboa Th e at e r wit h a spec ial half h our broad cas t durin g th e Yuletid e Seaso n Th e combin e d c h o ru s was joined b y th e band and fift een minutes of th e pro g ram was p l a ye d over CBS on a nationw id e hook-up Seldo m ha s anyt hin g b ee n seen t o mat c h th e a rti stic b ea ut y o f th e 3 4th annual Chri s tma s Mus ical e. Prese nt ed on th e front l awn o f th e sc h oo l th e ac c umul a ti o n of months' work prac ti ce and coope rati o n m e rged into an exce pti o nall y l ove l y prog ram Sp rin g was u s h e r ed in with the d elig htful Sp rin g Conc e rt. The beautifu l numb ers r e nder e d clima xe d a trul y bu sy, but full year. BAND OFFICERS: {left to rig/It.} Pres. J. Reece; Vic e P r e s., P Donova n ; Sec., J Brinkley; Drum Major, D. Grassuuj A ss i s i Cond., D. Randel; Treas D. SandrOIl C BAND


Left 1 0 right: Beverly Boyelt Rita Duran, Jeanne Tolcdullo, Rose H e n s l e r Tewinke l Virginia Di B c lla, Mar y Virginia Cunningha m and Judy Rogcrs. 1955 CHEZ ELOISE L eI' 10 right: J o Anne Sorre ll Anita Schnc id e r and CUTl'oli Adams 70 L elt. to right: J enny GUll, Betty Coppe ll haver and CalTi e Miller.


DRAMATICS The Dramati cs Club sponsor e d b y Mr. Donald Musselman h as present ed three olle act pla ys thi s year. Th e fir s t play Du s t of the R oad t ells the s tor y o f P e l e r S t eele (C harli e Carden), an hon est man who find s a l arge s um of m o ney a great temptat i on. Hi s wife, Prud e n ce (Norma Jenks) and the Old :Man (Jimmy Doran ) d o n t approve of P e t er's di s h o n es t plan but l eave the d ec i s ion up t o him Lucki l y for all th e Tramp (Jac k Hammond ) appears on the sce n e in Lime t o p e rsuade P e t e r to do the rig ht and h o nest th i n g "Sunday Costs Five Pesos" i s the amusing com edy of smaillown M ex i can folk. Berta (Marjor i e Smit h ) s u s pect s h e r lov e r Fidel (M i chel N ahmad) of fli rt in g with Ce lestina ( Emma Kaan ) He tri es to ex p l ain, but B e rta send s him away. She i s imm e diate l y sorry and thr o u g h the h elp o f h e r two friend s Sa lome (Ma r y Alice Price) and T o nia (Rose Btesh), Fid e l i s persuaded to r et urn Th e Lhird p lay was a n Illu st rat e d Soci ological L ect ure" by Dr. R o b ert Zumbado It dealt with marr iage a nd the many relatives a c quir e d thr o u g h matrimon y Contr ibuting t o the hilariou s tun were J oe Harari, Sally Hod ges Beverly B oye tt Pat Tubbs, a nd Bern ice Metz Myk l and. Sa U y Hodges seem s wOI-rieci, but Bob Zumbado mains culm MurjOli e Smith l\'lury A li ce Pr i ce, Mi c h e l Na h mn d Emmu Kaon, a nd Rose B l es h nIl seem very happy about life.


CHEER LEADERS Thi s yea r 's c h ose n e i g ht w e r e : J e nn y Ga u (Capta in ) **, P a t Quinn *, Mildre d Sandro n e*, Carroll A d a m s*, D i x i e Humes*, se ni o rs; Marge Ely*, Shirley R a n so m *, jun iors; and Gerry McGriff*, so ph o m o r e. These g irl s s h owe d o ut s tandin g sc h oo l spirit w ith th e ir c h ee r s and enthus ia s m at gam es, pe p a nd in th e h alls o f Balb oa Hi g h Sc hool.


rn. __ CRESS CLUB-f.'irst row, l elt to rig /It: Enrique H o Cesar Von C b ong, Tomas A lexander and B e ll Thomas Secoml rOlO, lelt to right: Chri s Bearon, Albert C.alvo, Jule s Dubois, Leopold o ArOS emelll. l nnd Pedro C h aluja. T/drtl rOlO, l elt to ri g /It : Aldrich Lowe, I r e n e Abadi, Rose Btesh, John l\1aduro, Mihon Rodri g u e z President ; A n a Ho, Vice P resid ent; Lucille Dubois and Ile a n a Angulo. Fourth row, lelt to rig ht: Claudette TO ll ssieh, Helen Hnllax, Frcd Smith, L in U r rutia Antoniclla Cnpitnni. Not 1};Clured: Alfons o Blackall. CLUBS UNITED NATIONS-First row, l elt to right, : l\1aI'i c Ebel cnz, Caroline Zirkman and Diane S tapl e s Secolld row, l elt to rig /It: Mr. Vo sburg sponsor; Rose l e n e Bric e n o E U c n Ruth_ m a n Richat,d Carattini, President; Chris Hearon, Secl' e t a r y ; B eth Little, Tre a s u r e r ; F r e d Sluith ami Mary Curtis Not I ) iclurell : E la i n e GI'eell, Put HattlCl', Alba Marlinez, Andreina M ili nni, SiTU M ili ani, l\1ic h e l Nahmad, Milton Rodriguez, M n r y T h n l'p e P a t Tubbs E l eunor Vun Zundl Vice Pres id cnt; Emily \ Vilkinson and S i o n Hnrnd. MATH CLUB-First row, l e l t t o right: Dinnc I-ic al'lt c AIlIHI J ohnson, Gerry McGriff, Lynn Pars o n s i\1elindn Mars h a ll P resid ent, and Dinne Jacobs Secr c tary. Second row, lelt t o right: NUllcy Purdy, CUTolill e ZirkmulI, E ileen Kh'chner, Janaull O l s o n JOUII Dill1llfl, D o n Loehr, Murlha Va n Zundt, Churles Adair und Murthn Stevenson.


NATI ONA L HONOR SOCIETY-Fir s t rOID lc/t t o right: Fre d Smith, D onald Huff, CcsaT Vo n C hong, Charles Humme r and \",'iIIiam E,'art s. Secolld r OID l ell. 10 rig llt : Julicta Aroscm elUl, Pat S t einc l ', Hel e n Tilley, Secl"et a ry; Jll/mita J o n es, Pres id ent; Robin Harrison and Jean K elly. Third row, l elt to righ,: H e len Hallax, Sar a Collinge, V icc Pres id ent; Ca r o l Schrantz a n d Mary Abele. Not picture d : J a n e Jennison and \ V illiam Hinkle. S HOW CASE COMMITTEE -L e I' to rig ht: Diane Jacobs, Pauline Mo l y ncaux,Fairlee Skinner, Eda Altuna, Jean Mol y neullx, Rose B lcsh Grace Lomb una and Alice L e Blunc, Chairma n 74 RADIO CLUB -L c/t t o r i gh,. : Da IIIl y Ro ber I s, M i c k y R yan, Joseph Garos, Mark Marsh a ll Aldric h Lowe, Joc k l\1acKnig, Bruce Malcolm, ancl Mr. Ellioll, Club Sponsor. Not. picturefl: James J ar"is :nul R o b erl C h a ng.


USHERS CLUB-First row, left. to right: Sandra Turner, luane ll Henderson, Tileia Femenias, Gladys Kaufman, Eda AltulUl, Kay Frangioni, Alice Le B lanc and S tclln Gouzl.Ilc s Secolld row, left to right: Viclkn d c GI'acia JJean a Angulo, Evn AltulUl, Elida Ca s t cllanos, Janaan O lson, D"wlI Crowcll and l\tal'joric Zcnt. CLIN I C ASSISTA 1"TS -LeI' to right: Cnrol Pcrantic, Bar bar a Elich, Patricia Adam s Sylvia Hag borg and Edua Arjona. !Vot pic tUTefl: Mary Lou D a ilcy, Paulinc Mol:rncaux and Gingcl' Reinhardt. CHEM ISTRY LABORATORY ASS ISTANTS-Left to right: Milton Rodrig ucz, IUichnc l Witkin, Shirley l:Iul'llcd und Marth n Huckell. !Vot pictured: Fr:lllces Brnnell nnd Viclor Brown. 75


LEITERMAN-First r olC, l eft 1 0 right: S. Beck ley, N. Linfors B Zumhado, Pres id e n t ; J. P e rcz, E. Scott C. Von Chong, D Huff, J. Hammond, K Morris, H. SorrelJ, J. S t evens and J. Winklos k y Secolld rolC l eft to rigllt: B Coffey, B. Roge rs, R. Foge l B COlln or, J. CieCTo, C. BUllllller, B. D YCI'k es, J C lemmOil s and L. l\t alltovtHli. Tltirtl rolC, l eft, to rig"t: C. Morri s J Peranlie, B. T h ayer, J. Sel by, C. Carden, J. Blackburn, R R e yes ane! D. Bate m .. n. Fourt h row, l eft r o right: J Magee, O. SUlherland, U. Mend, M. D e Groat, L. Keenc, H. Cody, R Ri c h t c r H Rnybou rll .. uti E. NallOlcoll. Not pictured: J. Reece and J. Robinc lI. N. S. P A. -Left t o right: Robin Harrison Sara Co llinge, Judy Lindsay and Juanita Jones SPANISH CLUB-Lelt to righ t : Tileia Fcmenias, Secrehlry; IDeardoLoJlcz, Pre s id ent; Julie t a Aro s e m ena, COllulliuce Chairman; Fred Smith, Regina Kie r s z enblat, Sub. Chairrnan; Ric hard Curatlini, Vice Presid ent; lIeanu Angulo, Treasure r.


OFFICE ASSISTANTS-Front rOIO, l eft to right: Alma Ellis, Carole Dunn, Angie 1\1ana ssakis, Pat S t einer, Joan Brennan and Judy Rogers. Second roro left to right: Kay Steiner, Lul'i s Ri vera, Curmcn Murtinez, Regina Kierszcnblat, Judy Hoopes, Glenda Lee and Sall y Banton. Third roro l eft to right: Brenda Cunningham, Paula Holge rson, Martha Webster nncl Ginny Di Belln. Not picture d : Frunces Dillon, Olga Critch, Judy Colby }uane ll Hende rson and Antonietta Cupitani. STAMP CLUB-First roro left to right: Tomas AJex. andel', Hele n Hallux and Jules Dubois. Secontl rOIO, lefl 10 rig/ll: Judy Lindsay, Secretary; lIeana Angul o und Ana Mo. Third roro, left to right: Julie ta Arosc m e nu, Antonietta CUlliluni and Lucy Dubois Fourth rOID, l eft to rigllt: Enri(ru e Ho and Fred Smith, Presid cnl. Not pictured: Frank l\liller. COUNSELORS ASSISTANTS-Lelt to dg/" Lucy Dubois, Sonhl M endos a Gladys Hill lind Elida Clls t elhmo s Not picture,l: Evn Altuna.


GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-Firs t roro, l eft to rig h t : Camille E llis, June Barlow, Orlanda Cruz and Eda Altunn Second roro l eft t o rig1tt: Angela Lee, Frances Dillon, President; Teonilda LatTinagn, Secretary. Third roro, l e l t to right: Shirley R a n som, Niza Pasnmont e and Judy E ngelke. Fourth r oro l elt t o right: S u e Marsh all, Mildred Sandro ne, Sara Collinge and Pat S t einer. Not picture d : Nina Brown, Vice j Pat Quinn, Diane H a nnigan and C harl o tt e B e lT FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA-Lelt to right: Mari n Girard, Recording Secr e tary; Tilein Fcmeni ns, C h airmlln or Con stitutio n Committee; Page Cos t e ll o Presidcnt; Beck y Esser Corresponding Secl'cl a ry, and Ann liD. Not pictured: Pat Quinn, Vicc President; and Judy 1\'Iny


LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-First roUl, l elt 10 right: Elizabclh 1\1ollagall, Shcila Patterson Marie Grcene, Doris Sll'inge r Nancy Coursey, Margal'e l Cleve, Rosic McGarr, and Malilda Stanley. Second roUl l elt to right, ; Caroline Zirkman, Lllurn S':IIHlers, E laine Greene, Ellen Rnlhman, Mnry CUTlis, Dinne Hcarne, Eileen Kirchnc r and Mal'Y June LU\'ull e l. Not p i cture d : R':lchnc l 'fr':lllIIcll and Jules Dubois. ZONIAN AD SELLERS-First roUl, l elt to right: Judy Brinkley, Eleanor A shly, Billic S u e S pencer Eva Altunu and Vielka Dc Gracia, Second rOl(1, l elt t o right: Snrlic Williams, Matilda SlullMy, R obin Harrison Tilcia Fcmcllius, Fred Smith, Julicla AroselUcna and Jaime Rodriguez. Third row, l elt. to rig/ll.: \Vinlers Bope, l\Hke CarpenlCt" and Curios d c l'ure des. Not pictured: Henry Turlingloll.


PARRAKEET AD SELLERS -Frollt 1 0 boc k : An g i e Ml.1nnssnkis, Sl.lJ1drn Turnc r jllun Dluu, R o b ert Eisenmunll and Don Rande ll DRAMATIC C L U B -L eft to right: H e l e n Tilley, Secr e t n r Y j L o i s S p c ncer Viee Prcs id cnt; Gcor g in M cGinn, PI'csid cnt; Ri chanl Curuttini, Ad vertis in g C h a i r nulII Not piclurc t l : JlIne j ennison, Treusure r F U T U R E T EAC H E R S OF A M E RI C A LAWRENCE JOHNSO N CHAPTER-Fir" row, l eft 1 0 right: juanitn Jones, Presi d ent; Judy Linds u y V ice President; Peggy Foiles, Secrel a r y ; J a n elh Vinto n j a n e t S tockham, Judy Col b y nnd E ileen KiTChn e r Second r o r o l e f t t o rig /It : Sandra Turne r Belen H a llux, Ana H o a n d Norma J c nks. Not piclIlred: Jenn e n e Klcasn e r


Tile loveliest nig llt 01 Ille yeor. AID, plc tll fe. Let's 11.0 1 gel C(lrrie d (lJ V OY, II01D. See til e worM fl,p sitle down. cileerl c(t( l e r / t '1> bee" 1>0 mud, lun. SCHOOL DAZE l-Iey Ih e re! Gerry r elaxes. /lCfIIllI, fle l e n (111(1 Allrr. Glem/o rllld Judy jlLs f o-siuillg ---


Our first gam e in Cr i s t o bal. Four's (I crowd Girls' State oflicers. Los Monos. EIII .erlclilli/lg? C harles A tt lls.


Hey, j e ll e rs look! Ollr c heerl.emle r s Look "1lI, I l ette r ed! /)01/.' worry, I '(lge (III(/ Chri.s! Hi, S(lIII, Juke, Salll (Iud Loic Tlwt /lull/tier/ill J'"lellti"e jorlllol. Jwly Roger s (11;(18 CIIi(IUiLU BUlimia. II IIIml butll. It this jor r e a l ? What a t errific birtlHI(l y iUlrl y


Two kool kill/II! Aw, c oacll ple as e F0r.g e l til e /Wlltillg suits?


F A N FAR E -.


T ol' row: Coach Ande rsoll, l\f g r Mea d i\1gr. Egglest oll, i\1gr Y erkes, E. Napol e o n D. FU ItOIl, J Cl e m m olls Secolld row : Con c h Bro wn L. S haTp e n s teen C Car d e n R. Ric h t er, B. Fear o n J C icer o C M Ol'ris 8. COIIIIOI', Wm. Third row: C. Von C hong, H. Rayb o m 'lI, A. B l a ckall C. H u m m e r R. W ills, K. M o r r is, J. Willk losky, D. Tuc k e r A. J Olles. Four"h row: L. i\1anlo v ulli D W ill k l o s k y, O S u t h e r l u nel, D Huff, J Magcc, L. Keen c, J Selby, 1:1. Cody. Fifth row: E S c o tt T. H o t z B Bat eman, D. Hilli

D"lIce Dutemall J e rtey79 Fullback Jay C l emmo n s J 017 CcrlleT Tim H o t z JeraeyBO IhUback Bill Kommenic h J"rsey55 Tackl e Ed Napoleon J crllCyBI Halfhack Jim Selby Jency49 End D eo n VlIshburn Jcncy 83 Cuunl A I B1ack a U Jersey .'uJlb:lc k. End Bob Connor J CTle)' 75 T:l e kl e Da,te Hilliard JcncyM End J ohn Magee Jcrsey39 QU:lrlcrback Dick Richter Jer8C1'4 5 Ow e n Sutherl and Jersel'43 Quarterb:lck. Halfback Bob Wills JC<$e1'85 Tackle. Cunni Charlie Carde n JeTllcy8; End Dorman Fulto n Jene1'63 T :le kl e, End C harli e Hunune l leTte1'71 End. Cen t e r Lumbert Man lovu ni Jenc)' 53 Halfback H e b R ny boll'l"l1 J e n ey 38 Captain H alf hJck. E,ltl Harold Sorrell J e r'ey66 Cuard 87 Joe C icer o J CTlley36 Halfback Bob Fearon JCT8ey Cuanl Albert J o nes JcrJ.Cy48 Center . C h arlie Morris J cr5e)' 77 Fu llback Lee Ri g b y lcnel' 50 Center Dave Tucke r JeTsel'69 Tackl e Dan Wink'osky Jersey'll End t Spike Cody Jerle,,67 Center Don Buff J e T ecy I O End L arry Keen e Jcrlcy65 Fullback K e n Morris JCTlcy52 Cuard Ed Scott 1 2 Cesor Von C h o n g Jeney37 H nHbnck ?illium T hnyCT J C/1!cy1!6 Cuard, T lt ; k l c


L elt, to ri g 1" top row: Ed Scott, Jack Perantie. John Magee, Dick Angstadt, Owen Suth erland, Ray DucoI; Sec-01111 rOID: Jim Reece, lee Rigby, Ray Reyes, AI Blaeknll, Dlln Third row: Mgr. HIlI'old Sorr e ll. HARDWOOD HEROES Bui l t a r oun d th e unpr ed i c t ab l e Ra y R eyes a s center th e Bulldog s for th e f ir s t tim e in five years ca m e up with a t op-fl i g ht quintet. Th e p owe rful R e d and Whit e ba s ketball machin e fini s h e d th e seaso n with a r eco rd of five wins and three l osses. Thi s normall y n ot t oo impressive re co rd i s e a s ily und e r s tood through th e un ca nny e qualit y and balanc e of th e t eams in th e l eag ue. Tim e after tim e our scarle t clad hoop s t e r s ca m e from b e hind in th e final minute s of p l ay to turn sure def ea t into undi sp ut ed v i c tory Th e Bulld ogs and the Tiger s were f ea tured in the two mos t s pin e c hilling court battl es of th e season with Balboa eme rging v i c t o riou s b o th times. At th e f ini s h o f two co mpl ete overtime periods th e score s tood BHS 48, CHS 45. Again th e arch rival s met in an e ven more thrilling ep i sode as th e scoreboard r e ad 48 all after two three minut e overti me periods. It was decided th at th e fir s t score of the third ext.ra quarte r would determine the winn e r. At th e whistle R eyes dominat e d th e jump-b all tapping th e s ph ere t o Captain L ee Rigby who wasted no tim e in dribbling to the k ey hol e and bringing hom e the ba co n with his se t s h ot. Congratulation s co-champion s 011 your great p e rformance s and ex celle nt s port s man s hip! Coach Mikulich Scores BHS 44 BHS 48 BHS 41 BHS 46 BHS 50 BHS 53 BHS 32 BHS 31 JC 39 CUS 45 AC 46 JC 48 CHS 48 AC 51 JC 29 ClIS 39 Capillin Lee Rigby


Bacot inte rccpts Sutherl and captures the b all Blaek a ll lukes n jump-shnt Playmakel' P e l'anti c Sutherl and pops one Angs lndt prepares t o pass


I.eft to right, Top row: 8. Malcol m l\1gr. ; 8. B!ack, R. H amilloll, G. Kirkland, F. Harley, 8. Fearon. Coach 81'own; Secom i rOlD: D. Washburn, O. Sutherlan d R. Reyes, E. Scott, J. Cicero, T. Hotz, D. Winklosky; T ltird row: J Hummond. L. M antovani E. Napoleon, H. Raybourn, M. D e lgado, S. Hinkl e, I. Perez. DIAMOND DUST Th e 1955 ba seball seaso n viewed breathl essly a C1-::1S team pla ying well ove r th e i r h ea d s BHS Eventually the strain of many close games was too mu c h for th e Tigers as the season was cli m axe d b y an explos ive ri se of Bulldog battin g averag es Dedicated t o celebrating t h e Panama Railroad C e nt e nnial, the opening game saw Mantovai li s trik e out nin e balters to l ead BHS t o a 2 to 1 triu mph. U n able to hit the puzzlillg s lant s of junkm8n Sandy Hinkl e th e Tigers l os t a 3 to 0 dec i s i o n at Mt. Hope Hinkl e put the hand c uff s on them as h e allowed on l y two infi e l d hits. J oe Cicero's ba se kn ock w ith a mat e aboard in th e fir s t innin g s upplied th e a d e qu ate m a r gin. A wil d see-saw affair followed t hat e nded in a seven ru n tie t o e nable th e CRS t eam to catc h th e train. Going all-out to clinch th e pennan t Coac h Br ow n s t a rt e d ace Mantova ni th e f ollowi n g week The pres sure bubble finally b u rst w id e open as a barrage of assor t e d bas e hits greeted severa l CHS pit c h e rs. A bases l oaded do u b l e by R ay R eyes, a nd back to back triple s by Napo l eon and Ra ybo urn were th e main contributin g fa c tor s in a sco re of 14 to 3. Excelle nt hittin g by Captain H e rb Rayb o urn and ,co-Cap t ain Ed Na p o l eon aided b y t h e spec tacular field i n g of s h o rt sto p l ac k H ammon d r es ult ed i n a c h a mpi o n s hip baseball t ea m f o r 1955. Napoleon bungs a triple Abus e rUJ) by Hummond Ed bounces one off the wuU


Isaac Perez, LF J o e C i ce ro CF Sandy l:Iillklc P HI" Juc k Hnmmond, SS Eel Nnpo l eon, S U L amberl l\1nnl ovllni, P, RF Hn y Heyes. FB H e l'b Raybourn C Capl lli n H e r b R 1,..;.y_ b o u r n ___ --. Coac h Brown


I.elt 0 righ t lop row: A. Black a ll D. Huff, E. Napol eon, R. Fogel J. Winklosky, 1\1. D c crollt B. Roge r s, J. S leve n s. First row: B. Coffey, L. ll1:.\n lov:llli, H. Raybourn, I. P erez, C. Von Chollg B. ZUlIllmdo. CINDER V ith th e seaso n only h a lf go n e as th e Z o nian goes to press th e Bull dog t rack squad h as a l r ea d y com pil e d a r emarkable r eco rd in winning it s fir s t f our m ee t s F ifteen returning l e tt e rm e n a id e d b y a c r op of extre mely pro mj sing n e w co m e r s h ave mad e s u c h a s u ccess f u l season p oss ibl e. In l oo kin g f o rward to n ex t year, on e mu s t admit that th e t hi rt ee n se ni o r l e tt e rm en w ill b e hard t o r e p l ac e b ut it c an b e d o n e! Tho u g h hanpicapped by th e fa c t tha t th e l e tt erme n co u l d not parti c ip a t e in th e ir p e t even t s the se n i o r s, nev erthe l ess : e m e r ged victorio u s at th e int ercla ss m eet. TALES With th e s printin g o f d ep endabl e Ed Napol eo n H e r b R aybo urn, Jim S t evens, and Capta in B ob Zumbado, it i s ex p ecte d th at th e R e d a nd White w ill co ntinu e its w in ni n g w a ys. A s i g ht t o b e h old i n the vari o u s ot h e r e v e nt s was Don Huff and Bill Coff ey po l e va ulting and C h arli e H Mo Morris puttin g th e s h ot. With t h e se a so n s till yo un g Morri s ha s alr e ad y brok e n th e BH S s h otp ut r eco rd with a h eave o f 47' 1". Batt l es betw ee n Br y ant R oge r s a nd ] saac P e rez for th e 880 tit l e w ill und oubte dl y co ntinu e ind e finitely. Tn clos i ng it mu st b e sa id th a t hurd l e r s R o bert Greene a n d J ack \ V i n k l os k y a l ong w ith high-jumpe r L a mbert Man t o vani are t o be hi ghly co m mended f o r th e ir ex celle nt perfo rln a n ces Des Lond e s heaves Ihe discu s Conch Andel 'son Cuptain Bob Z Ulllbmlo


NUl>oleoli cn l ci.ing Zllmh ado S teven s win s the 440 'Vhecl cl' t n k cs the bato n Vo n C hong p asses t o Steven s G reen e timbc r IOl1ping Zlllllbado wins the 220 a l C B S Percz win s t h e 880 Anolhcl' Bulldog wi n


WATER-BALLET TEAM: B. S S pencer, M. Musser, J Eng' elke A. DUhe 1. S tT3US, S R a n som, S. Gilbe r t G. Miller, J. S i g l C. I'e r antie, P PCllnington, C. Zirkmnn, D. MUI'chi sOIl, C. Corn, and M. Ebcr cm:. SWIMMING Du e t o th e unfortu nat e l y lat e s t a rt in thi s yea r's sw immin g sc h e dul e photog raph s o r r es ult s of competition w e r e not av aila bl e. However a lu c k y star s hin es ove r BHS as lh e r e will b e f our returnin g g irls and fiv e r e turnin g l ette r m e n around whi c h t o co n s tru c t o n e o f th e fin es t Bulldog swim ming t ea m s i n history RETURNING MEMBER S I. S ',"U5, S R a nsom 1\1. Ebe r e n z, nnd J C IOS h ) BUS SWIMM I NG TEAM: ill. Ebere n z, S. Ransom I Stra us, J. Crosby, J Magee, J Bln ckburn. S Ueckley, U Conno r and N. L infors


A LEAG U E ALL STARS: (frollt row, I to r ) J. Barlow, F. Dillon, C. EJlis,L .Malone, N. B"own, T. Corl 'igall; (buc k r o w J to r) T. Larl'inagu, V cle Graci a D. : lanlliglll1 lind O Critch. Nol pic lUr c t/ urc E. Ri ley llncl 1. Straus. U LEAG U E AL L STARS: (frollt TOW, J to r) O Cruz, e. 1\1arli n c z E. Altuna N. Pas:Ullontc, P S t einc r 1\1. Villiams; (buek row, I to r) E. Arjona, E E S l CIlOZ, 1\1. l\1l1rtin e z, G. M ill c,' A Abe l c unci C. H c rl'. VOLLEY'BALL T he closing o f Lhe 1954 volley b all seaso n f ound B H S tie d for fir st p l ace i n both l eag u es As i n di ca t ed b y the sco res, eac h poi n t was well ea rn e d an d all t he g irl s enj oye d t h e s tiff yet f r i e n d l y compet iti o n th a t was offere d T h e spo rts.man s h i p a n d coope r atio n b e tween sc h oo l s is a l so t o be c it e d 5"1". E Riley' s t remen d o u s sp iki ng, F. Dill o n 's UHS -3 1 s t ea d y serves L. M a l o n e's all-aro un d ab i.lit y CZJC -18 and O. C ru z s fine t a l e nt for p i c kin g up h a r d s pikes wer e so m e o f th e hig hli g ht s o f th e ga m es. H oweve r the final effec t w a s that o f t ea mwork. In th e intram ur a l pr og r am th e Giant s obt aine d th e c h a m p i ons hip as in th e W o rld Se ri es, by de f ea tin g the Indi a ns. But in th e volleyb all t o u rna m e nt t h e w in ne r was d e t er mined by two ga mes o ut of three. With th e All S tar t ea m s p i c k ed a n d th e int ersc h o l as tic ga mes comp l e t ed, ano th er s u e cessfu l volleyball s e ason ca m e to a close. B LEAG UE INTRAM U RAL C AI'TA I N S (l to r ) A. l\'Iana ssnkis, N. Pass m onle, A. Lee and C Elerr. Game Capt. N. B rown -5 BRS-2 3 C R S-22 Game Capt. E. Riley -Jr. BlI S 31 CZJ C 21 Gmnc C Ulll E Arjona -J,'. BH S-26 CHS-2S

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A LEAGUE ALL STARS (fr. I to r): F. Dillon, P Uolgcl"son, P. P Cllningto n F Skinner; (Iwck I to r): B LEAGUE ALL STAR S (f,. / to ,), G. M;J/ e ', E Allnntt, J Englek e N. Paslimo illc, K Brtlely; ((J u c k I to r): C. COI"II, C. Herr, E. Adona, D. Jones, anel J. Lawlt..'1'. C. Mill e r N. Drow n J. Barlow, I. Ahndi, C. Jones, D. Hanniga n a nrl A Schmidt. Gnmc CUpl. F Dillon-Sr C "S-8 BHS-5 Game Capt. N Drown-S r. C HS-2 BHS-l l\f. \'('illi:lIllS rend y 1 0 piny the b u ll C. M ili c I wlliting for Jones' pilc h SOFTBALL Du e to a n u nusual "rainy" dry season and th e l o ng : : tr e k to t h e train s t atio n f i e l d th e sof t ball intramural program as far as t eam play was co n cerned, e n ded ab ru pt l y Tea m play was continued o n eac h day and t ea m s wer e p i c k e d from the g irl s that ca m e o u t t hat d ay. Fro m th ese g irl s were c h ose n the All Star t ea ms. In th e int e r sc h o l astic comp et iti o n, CHS e merged as c hampions but on l y af ter a bitt e r s truggle put up by BHS A l tho u gh good ball was it jus t wasn t e n o u g h to win. Am o ng th e individual players that s hon e was C. J ones w h ose hit s always came when th ey were most ne eded and th e pit c herca t c h e r comb i na tion of L. Ma l one and N. Brown I n th e B League the outs t a ndin g player was E. Ar j ona w h o ca ught the Cr i s t oba l t eam n apping when s h e dropped a p e rf ect hunt down th e third base line. The se g irl s ; a nd th eir t eam m a tes di splayed s portsmanship t o th e b est advantage. And so, a n ot h e r s u ccess ful sof tb all seaso n came t o a close Cmn e Capl. E. Arjona-Jr. C HS-4 BHS-4 C HS-3 BHS-l The d clh' CI'y, b y D. J o nes CClling' rcml ,. 1 0 score i s J. Barlow

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A LEAGUE RETURNING ALL STARS (fr. I to r.), P Quinn, S Collinge, F. Dillon C. E llis, J Barlow, N. Bl'ow n (back I t o r.) T. Larrinuga, D. Cro,",,'cll E. RilcJ and L. Malone. B LEAGUE RETUR N I NG ALL S T ARS (l to r), S Hnmmond, S. Ransom, C. Miller, I>, S t einer, J E n gelke, nnc l E. Arjona. BASKETBALL As th e Z on i an goes to press, th e A ll Sta r t ea m s in ba s k e tball h ave jus t be e n announce d The fol lowin g are th e vars it y memb e r s : A Leagu e B Leagu e N Brown S Tay l o r S. C o llinge M William s S. Ran so m J. Ma y C. J o n es E. Arj o n a P. Quinn N. Pasamo nt e P. S ulliv a n E Altuna D. Hannigan G Miller M. Saddl e r C. C o rn F. Dillon R. H e n s l e r 1. B a rl ow B d e l a Guardia D. Crow ell J. J e n se n L. Malon e J. L aw l e r Ba s k etball again pro v e d to b e th e Illost p o pu lar sport. Th e team s, five i n eac h l eag u e, provided h ea t e d co mp e t it ion and mad e it extre m e l y d iffi c ult for t h e coac hes t o c h oose th e All Stars A s th e t ea m s ha ve jus t been c ho se n th e out co me of th e in terscho l as ti c court b a ttl es i s uncertai n bUL i l i s assure d that BHS w ill give a good s h ow in g. 98 W e ll N. Bateman and C. J o nes ... w h o got it?

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