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-) A, -^t ifc.et

\ 41ra~




'50 ZO


---- ----------- --E --d--e -Edior"Ol SPonSor
Shirley Sm ith ...................E f or a Sp s r
Mr. John Keoney ---------- staff Photographer
Eronk Scott . . .








c- -~


ot-4 i





Because of the im-
portant part that
it has played in
the school year,
we, the Seniors
proudly and grate-
.. fully dedicate our
Yearbook to the
Spirit of Balboa
High School.


S"i I- t '




a~ .3

^. -~ "^?-?
I '.." -

We Honor


Vocational Guidance
New York University,
B.S., M.A.



Girls' Counselor
University of Florida,
Columbia University,



: I


M[/ScT. PoProvirrTc


Cristobal High School

University of North
Carolina, B.A.;
Columbia University,

University of North
Carolina, A.B.; Duke
University, M.S.

Physical Education

Kansas State College,
B.A., Columbia
University, M.A.


English, Journalism
Battle Creek, B.A.;
Columbia University,

Columbia University,
B.S., M.A.


Columbia University,
B.A.; New York
University, M.A.

School Nurse
Army Training School
for Nurses, R.N.

University of Michigan.
B.A.; Columbia
University, M.A.

Iowa State Teachers
College, B.S.

Physical Education
Redlands University.

University of Chicago,
B.S.; Columbia
University, M.A.

Columbia University,
B.S., M.A.

American Problems
Colorado State
College of Education,
B.S., M..A.

Duke University,
B.A.; Columbia
University, M.A.

Physical Education
Graceland College


Meredith College, B.S.;
Columbia University,
N. Y. U., M.A.

Duke University,
B.A., M.A.

Household Arts
Washington State
College, B.S.

Latin, English,
Manhattan College,
B.A.; New York
University, M.A.

Iowa State College,
B.S.; Columbia
University, M.A.

Physical Education
San Jose State
College, B.S.

General Science
Northern State
Teachers College,
B.S.; Colorado
State College of
Education, M.A.


Household Arts
Kansas State College,
B.S.; Columbia
University, M.A.

Ohio State University,
B.S.; Colorado State
College of Education,

English, Mathematics
Kent State University,
B.S.; Wisconsin
University, M.A.


Physical Education
New Jersey State
Teachers College, B.S.

Taylor College, B.A.


Assistant Librarian
Columbia University

(Not Pictured)

Physical Education
Notre Dame
University, B.S.

Geometry, Physics Physical Education Algebra Commercial
University of University of Wellesley College, B.A. University of
Southern California, Montana, B.S. North Dakota,
B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A.

Nebraska University, B.S.

Oklahoma University,
B.S., B.F.A., M.A.

Social Studies, English
Hamilton College,
B.S.; Columbia
University, M.A.

Nebraska University,

Northwestern University,
B.S., M.A.

Efficiency Business
College, Los Angeles


School Physician
Nebraska University,
B.S., M.A.

English, Spanish
University of Florida,

Physical Science
Michigan University,
B.S., M.A.

Metal Shop
Fitchburg State
Teachers College, B.S.

Ohio State
University, B.S.

Mechanical Drawing
Bradley University, B.S.

Hunter College, B.A.;
Columbia University,

~S 1













BILL LANG, president;
vice-president; MARY
ELLEN STACY, secretary

alternates; JOYCE ENGELKE,

~I , r

Left to right: Bill Lang, Mary Ellen Stacy, Alex
McKeown, Naomi Witkin, Dorothy Hicks, Betty
Kenealy, Norbert Jones

Back row: left to right, Barbara Ely, Floann
Pierce, Naomi Paddock
Front row: left to right, Albert Joyce, Roy Gaul,
Jerry Kadock. (Not pictured, Stu Plumer, who
was on the Ring Committee with Floann Pierce)

SEPTEMBER: "Hi there, seniors! Believe it or not we are on
the last stretch, and it's really swell being back in B.H.S." Class
elections were held, and the Inaugural Dance was super.
OCTOBER: Our first football game, and we trounced the Junior
College 13-6. B.H.S. spirit was the best it has ever been, and in
our second football game we beat Cristobal 19-0. What a game!
We won, rain or no rain.
NOVEMBER: More football games, and the Bulldogs emerged
victorious with an undefeated season. Yea Team! The first Club-
house play, "Saved by the Belle," went over with a bang. Volley-
ball games, a National Honor Society Initiation, and a superb
G.A.A. dance, topped off a month packed with events.
DECEMBER: Swim-meets, water polo games, and the first girls'
inter-school play day headed the sports events for this month.
The band played on the steps of the "Admin," and the chorus
and orchestra combined to present a wonderful Christmas pro-
gram. And to end a perfect year . a Christmas dance at the
Hotel Tivoli with Santa 'n all.
JANUARY: The "Nifty Class of '50" started the New Year with
the boys playing baseball (in those flashy uniforms) and the girls
playing basketball. B.H.S. models presented an A-1 Fashion
Show in front of the school.
FEBRUARY: There's nothing like singing Valentines to cele-
brate Valentine's Day . and we sure had them. The gala
Valentine dance was coronation night for our queen. The comedy
"Go West Young Man" and the Speech Luncheon were the last
events of the month.
MARCH: This introduced the Balboa Relays and ended with a
Spring Music Festival that was really tops. Such banquets as the
Little Theatre banquet, Letterman's banquet, N.H.S. banquet and
the Junior-Senior banquet will long be remembered.
MAY: The last of the boys' basketball games were played with
B.H.S. spirit high. Girls' softball, Awards Day, G.A.A. banquet-
and then Baccalaureate Exercises. We were the first class to
graduate from the new Balboa Theater, and it was really some-
thing. Our days at B.H.S. will long be remembered, as we say
good-bye to our Alma Mater.

Back row: left to right, Gemma Wright, Gay
Hogan, Ginger Coffy, Betty Kenealy, Geri
Front row: Charles Brown, David Robles


of '50

Senior Class Adviser

Left to right: Alex McKeown, John Rimmington,
Joan Powell, Mary Ellen Stacy, Norbert Jones,
Bill Lang

r-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
ogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation: Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C

Ruben Abadi
Manchester, England *
Track 2, 3, 4*; Basketball
1, 2; Football 4*; Water *
Polo 3; Letterman's Club;
Louis Pasteur HS 1 /

Harry Akers, Jr.
SPanama, R. de P.
Camera Club 2, 3, 4;
R.O.T.C. 3, 4
Mary Virginia Appin 0
Colon, R. de P.
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3, 4;
BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; MA 3, 4;
Camera 4; Zonian 4; Chess
& Checker 3, 4


Clemente Aseron, Jr.
Ancon, Canal Zone
SB 1,2,3,4; BkB 1,2,3,4;
Charles N. Becktell T 1; FB 1, 2, 3, 4; W 1, 2,
"Chuch" 3; Camera 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio
Gardiner, Montana 1, 2; UN 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3;

Baseball 3; Track Mgr. 4; 1 3
Basketball 2; Football 1, 2;
Mgr. 4; Water Polo 3; Bio.
3; Chess & Checker 3;
Letterman's Club 4

Athletic Association; NHS-Natieronal Honor So-
Panama, R de P.
S Cm Spaea isCl Club 2, 3
BaR.O.T. M 3, 4

PrktaParrakeet; *--2All-Star Teamo Cards
AnncMrards and Announcementsr GAAgAGirlp
MrAthletic Association; NHS--National Honor So-4; ;
ciety; Q S--uill and Scroll.
Lettrmans Clb 40

0 aaa R eP
0 pns lb2

an 6-a n on U-ntdNtos
Anc-adsadAnuneet0 A-il
Prt-araee;e-llSarTem Crd0
AtltcAs0 ain NSNtoa oo o
0it;Q&SQil n col

Blanca I. Alejandro
San Juan, P. R.

Janet L. Barnes
Cristobal, C. Z.
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1*; BkB
1, 2; GAA 2, 3, 4; Pep
Squad 1, 2, 3; Vice-Pres.

Daniel Alexander
Ancon, Canal Zone
SB 1, 2, 3; BkB 1, 2, 3; FB
1, 2, 3, 4; WP 1, 2, 3, 4;
Stamp 1, Bio. 1; Radio I;
Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra
3, 4; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4

Robert Bartel
Philadelphia, Pa.
Baseball; Basketball; Foot-
ball; Water Polo



Bol d M. Be% iuilion. Jr.

NI4*- aI I

BH' 1 It1I 4~ Ih '' IB

Charles Brown
Joplin, Missouri
Baseball; Track 2*, 4*;
Basketball 2*; Football;
Letterman's Club;
R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4; Valentine
Dance 4; Chula Vista High



T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
*"h ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Blol-
ogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C
H ******************

Iva jean Bolin
1 Bradenton, Florida
Volleyball 4; Softball 4;
Basketball 4; Beta Club 1;
S2; Band 1, 2, 3; Talent
o Show 2; Fashion Show 4;
Pasco High School

-1. oIf ,-ll tin ( hIt 3 4. Eleanor Jane Buel
% NhI"l \ )ICl tIAi.,1 (-!I~ll) "Peanut"
.il,, a d.,- Denver, Colorado
,Ct-.._,l VB 2; SB 2; BkB 2; Arch-
ery 1, 2; Art Club 3, 4;
Camera 3; Aqua Ballet 1;
Fashion Show 2, 4; Usher

Richard Brown
Ancon, Canal Zone
Broadcasting Club 2; William Carlin
R.O.T.C. 3, 4 Rifle Team "Bill"
3; Color Guard 3; Best In- Long Island, New York
dividual Cadet Baseball I*, 2*, 3*, 4*;
Basketball 1, 2, 3*, 4*;
Football 1, 2*, 3*, 4*;
Sports ward 3

rge J. Calvo
BBradenton, Florida

Panama, R. de P.
anisr Club 4; Camera W iimCrn
Volleyball 4; Softball 4;
0* Basketball 4; Beta Club 1

lub ; and 1, 2, 3; T

a -Cap ariGown; UN-United Natin; i S 4

Prkt-lParrakeet _*-All-Star Team, Cards &
A Inc.-ards n Announ ts: hAA-irlsh

Athletic A BCritfin. NHS-National Honor'So-o i
eltiy. Q & S-Qu;l1 and Scroll. ;
elety Q & S-Qu;It andi Scroll. .".


Elsa Lee Chang
Boquete, Chiriqui
Spanish Club 2; Music
Club 2, 3; Camera Club 2;
Art Club 4


Richard E. Burns
Kansas City, Kansas
Baseball 1, 2, 3*; Track
1, 2,3*; Basketball 1, 2, 3*;
Football 1, 2*; All-city
Basketball Team 1947, '48,
'49; Red Bank High



T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
ogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA--Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C


Henry Chial 0 4
Panama, R. de P..
softball 4; Track 4; Basket- o
ball 4; Football 4; Chess &
Checker Club 4; Camera 0 st

0 Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Softball
S 3, 4; Basketball 2, 4; Glee
SClub; Counselor's Asst.
Jeanette E. Collins
Sparrows Point, Md.
Volleyball 2, 3; Softball 1;
Stamp Club 1
h a


New York, New York

S VBaseball 1, 4; Softball 2*,

3; Track 4*; Basketball 1,
2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4*;

JeJohn J. ConnardC
J "Johnny"
New York, New York

3; Track 4*; Basketball 1,
2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4*;
Joe Wade Crawford Water Polo 2", 3
Spartanburg, S. C.
Biology Club 2, 3; Camera *
Club 1, 2; R.O.T.C.;
Zonian 3 0
Edna Mae Curies
Norfolk, Virginia
SVB 1,2,3,4; SB 1, 2, 3,4
Office Asst. 2, 4; Pep Squa
Si1, 2; Clinic Aide 2; Prk
I Ad Staff 4; SA Rep. 2


J *

and G-Cap and Gown: UN-United Nations;
Prkt-Parrakeet; *-All-Star Team; Cards &
Annc.--Cards and Announcements; GAA-Girls
a Athletic Association; NHS-National Honor So-
ciety; Q & S-Quill and Scroll.

Salvador Cordoba
Panama R. de P.
Baseball 2; Football 2;
Radio Club 2; Camera
Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 4


Virginia Marie Coffy
Ancon, Canal Zone
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3, 4;
BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; Sw 1*, 2*;
Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Pep Squad
1, 2, 3, 4; Zonian 4; Aqua
Ballet 1, 2

Fanny Correa
Panama, R. de P.
Volleyball 3; Softball 2;
Basketball 1; Lowell High

Emma Jean Clement
Memphis, Tennessee
Office Assistant 4; UN
Club; NHS 3, 4; Producing
4; Quill & Scroll 3

"*r~ ;i

Jack Cweiber
Panama, R. de P.
Chess and Checker Club
Pres. 1, 2, 3, 4

Robert DesIslets
Washington, D. C.
VB, BB, Track, BkB, FB,
WP, Stamp Club, Art
Club, Sadie Hawkins
Dance 2; Cl. Pres. 1, 2;
Xmas Dance 3; Western

T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
ogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C


SCarlos U. de Gracia
Jersey City, N. J.
Spanish Club 2, 3, 4
Hernan R. Davila
Ancon, Canal Zone
Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4

Donald Divney
Columbus, Ohio
St. Aloysius High

Everett Dillman
Panama, R. de P.
Baseball 1, 2, 3; Track 3*
4*; Basketball 1, 2, 3;
Football 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*;
Water Polo 2*; Letter- Maria Teresa Doran
man's Club 3, 4 "Mary"
Ancon, Canal Zone
Volleyball 1, 3; Softball 1,
2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3;

David Donaldson Cl Z
Boulder City, Nebraska 0
SB 2, 3; Track 3*, 4; BkB 0
1, 2, 3, 4; FB 1, 2, 3, 4; WP 0
1, 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3;
Sadie Hawkins Dance 2;

and G-Cap and Gown; UN-United Nations;
Prkt-Parrakeet; *-All-Star Team; Cards & ,
Annc.--Cards and Announcements; GAA-Girls
Athletic Association; NHS-SNational Honor So-
ciety; Q & S-Quill and Scroll. "
DavidDonadsone -0
Bouldr Ciy, Nerask
SB 2 3;Trac 3# 4; kB0

1, 2 3, ; FB1, 2 3, ; W
1, 2 3, ; Jr-Sr.Banq 3;0

William Dunning
Butler, Pa.
Baseball 2, 3, 4; Football
2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4;
Softball 4; Staging 4;
R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4

1 .

Donald Dolan
Motley, New Jersey
Softball 1; Basketball 1, 2;
Football 2*, 3*

Mary Feliz
Palo Alto, California
Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft-
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball
1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 3;
Staging 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4

George Keith Ford
Panama, R. de P.
Baseball; Water Polo 3;
Camera Club 3; HR Repr.
4; "T" Shirt Comm.
Chrm.; Munro High


T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
ogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C

Panama, R. de P.
Vater Polo 2; Archery 1; 0 -
Spanish Club 1, 2, 3

Barbara Ann Ely
Ancon, Canal Zone
Volleyball 3, 4; Softball 4;
Basketball 4; Archery 1;
Camera Club 1; Glee Club
JoAnn Adella Fischer 1; Parrakeet 4; Cap &
Creston, Iowa Go w n 4; Girls' High
Soph. Dance 2; Chem. Lab. School
Asst. 3; Chorus 1; Lib.
Asst. 4; NHS 4; Orchestra 0
1, 2, 3, 4


Juan Fong
Panama, R. de P.
Baseball 4; Softball 3, 4;
Track 4; Basketball 4;
Chess and Checker Club 4

June Fuller
Clarksville, Texas
Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4; Soft-
ball 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3,

Hooks High School 1
Juanita Garcia

i lMorrill, Nebraska
Voltball1, 4; ,eH 4; Orchst- r

lVolleyball; Basketball;
Archery; Roman Fashion
SArShow; Roman Banquet;
Chorus 1, 2; Biology Club
0 2; Biology Asst. 2

and G---Cap and Gown; UN-united Nations;
Prkt-Parrakeet; *-All-Star Team, Cards &
Annc.---Cards and Announcements; GAA-Girls
Athletic Association; NHS-National Honor So-
ciety; Q & S--Quill and Scroll.

*0un og

Anc-ad n noucmns A-il
0tltcAscain NSNtoa oo o
clt;Q&SQil n col

James Forbes
Ancon, Canal Zone
T 4; BkB 2, 3; WP 1, 2*,
3*, 4*; Sw 3*, 4*; Radio 1;
Pres. 2, 3; Prkt. Ad Mgr.
4; Jr. Rings; Christmas
Dance 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3

Joyce Anne Engelke
Ancon, Canal Zone
VB 1, 2*, 3, 4*; SB 1, 2*,
3, 4; BkB 3, 4; Arch. 1;
GAA 2, 3, 4; Jr. Rings;
Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; SA Rep. 4;
GAA Banq. 3; Dance 3;
Valentine Court 3


Roy D. Gaul
Tosion, Montana
BB 1*; Track 4*; BkB 1,
2*; FB 4*; Cap and Gown
Chrm. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3;
Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama 1;
J. V. 1; Letterman's Club

John S. Gladwell
Panama, R. de P.
BB 2; SB 3; T 4; BkB 1, 2,
3, 4; FB 1, 2, 3,4; WP 2,4;
Camera 1, 2, 3; Pres. 4; Jr.
Rings; Xmas Formal 3;
NHS 4; Valentine 4,
Zonian Photographer 4

S T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
S ogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C

'. .

William J. Gilbert
e Ancon, Canal Zone
Softball 1; Basketball 2*

John L. Geisinger
Ocean City, N. J.
SB 2, 4; BkB 1, 2; FB 2*, 4;
R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Camera
Club 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Barbara Gynne Golden
Parrakeet 4; Efficiency "Babs"
Medal 3; Distinguished Chicago, Illinois
Cadet 3 0 Basketball 1, 2; Spanish
Club 3; Dramatic Club 3;
Chorus 4; E. T. H. S. 1;
SWW-L Virginia 2, 3



Kathryn Faye Glass
Paris, Arkansas
VB 2, 3*, 4; SB 1; BkB 1,
2*, 3*, 4*; Sadie Hawkins *
2; Majorette 4; GAA 3, 4; Margaret A. Haines
Cl. Sect. 1; GAA Banq. 3; "Marge"

Drama 3, 4; Pep Squad 2, Ancon, Canal Zone
3; Paris High School VB 1*, 3, 4; SB 1 3; BkB
1, 3; Frosh Picnic; Jr.
Rings; Guid. Play 1; GAA
C3, 4; Dance 3; Sect. BGAA 4
Richard Greene
"Dick" *
Akron, Ohio C L one
Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4;S 2
H. S. Workshop 2, 3; Or- 3, 4
chestra 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C.
3,4;3, 4; Jr.ance 3; Sect. Gl,, 3 4

AnnRi c.-Card and Announcements GAA-Girls
Athletic Association; NHS-National Honor So-
cietya Q & S-Quill and Scroll
3, 4; Jr..n' ,Tl,,,I,,;., 3 0

city; Q & S--Quill and Scroll,. ;

Barbara Gray
Detroit, Michigan
SB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 2, 3, 4;
Archery 1; Lacrosse 2, 3;
Ice Hockey 2; Tennis 2, 3;
Drama 1, 3; Biology Club
4; Vice-Pres. Cl. 2; Prkt.
Ads 4; Camera Club 4;
Bishop Strachan

Aida Harvie
Tela, Honduras
NHS 4; Chem. Lab. Asst.;
Lib. Asst.; Prkt. Ad Staff;
Fashion Show; HR Alt. 3;
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 3;
UN Club 4


Dorothy Hicks
Ancon, Canal Zone
SB 2; BkB 1, 3, 4; Arch. 1;
Music I; Orch. 4; Prkt. Ad
Asst. Bus. Mgr. 4; LT 1, 3;
Usher 1; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3;
Cards & Annc. 4;
Dramatics 1, 3, 4; Fashion
Show; Pep Sq.

Roberta Hollander
Ancon, Canal Zone
VB 1; SB 1; B3kB 1; NHS
3, 4; Q & S 3; Prkt. 3, 4;
Arch. 1; Usher 3; Work-
shiop Sect. 3; Music 3, 4;
Lib. Asst. 2; Bio. 3, 4;
HR Alt. 3; Jr. Rings;
Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Coun-
selor's Aid 3, 4

T--Track, BkB--Basketball; FB--Football;
WP--Water Polo; VB--Volleyball; SB--Soft-
ball; Sw--Swimming; BB--Baseball; Bio--Biol-
ogy Club; St--tamp Club; MA-MMusic Appre-
ciation; Cam--Camera Club; Zon--Zonian; C

Norman Haydel

N'ew Orleans, La.
Basketball 1, 2, 3*, 4; Base-
ball 1, 3, 42; Softball 2*;
Football 1, 2*, 3*, 4; Water
Polo 1, 2, 3

Gay Hogan
Montgomery, A~la.
N7B 1, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. B3anq. 3;
Sadie Hlawkins 2; Grad.
Usher 3; Prkt. 4; Camera
Club 1; Art Club 3; Valen-
tine Dance 4; National
Foundation Art Award 0

4 V W 1

John B. Hearn
St. Louis, Missouri
Archery 2; Biology 3;
Camera Club 3

Irma R. Hernandez
Panama, R. de P.
VB 3, 4; Office Asst. 2, 3,
4; Jr. Anthology; Spanish
2, 3, 4; Music 3; Carnival
Dance 3, 4; Pep Squadt 3, 4

Roy G. Hohmann
Ancon, Canal Zone
SB 2, 3; B~kB 3, 4; FB 4;
R.O.'r.C. 3, 4; Bat. Staff 4;
Camera Club 1, 2, 3; WP 2;
Chess &c Checker 3; Orches-
tra 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4;
Dramatics 4; Biology Club
2, 3

Yvette Homsany
Aleppo, Syria
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 3; BkBl
1, 2, 3, 4; Soph. Picnic;
Camera Club 1; Music Ap-
preciation 3; Glee Club 1;
Fashion Show 2, 4

and G--Cap and Gown; UN--United Nations;
Prkt--Parrakeet; *--All-Star Team; Cards &r
Aunc.--Cards and Announcements; GAA--Girls
Athletic Association; NHS--National Honor So-
ciety; Q &r S--Quill and Scroll.

Elaine Holland
Miami, Florida
Volleyball 1; Museum As-
sistant 3; Parraheet Ad
Staff 4; Chorus I

Helen Holsinger
Lawton, Oklahoma
Graduation Usher 3;
Music Festival; Play Usher
3; F~resno High School

Martha Hook
New York, N. Y.
VB 1, 2,3,4; BkB 1, 2,
SB 1, 2, 3, 4; Bio. 2,
Music 3, 4; Cam.
Prkt. Ad 4; NHS 4; I
Usher 3

T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
,' ball; Sw--Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
ogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam--Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C
;-lpl ******************

Ancon, Canal Zone

SMDance; LT 1, 3; J
*Rings; Jr. Anth.

Anne HowzeC
West Point, N. Y.
VB 2, 4; SB 1; R.O.T.C.;1
3, 4; Sponsor Company A 4;
3, 4; French Club 2; Home Eco-
3, 4; nomics Club 2; Christmas
T 4; Pageant 3; Woodrow Wil- Donald Jacobson
son High "o"
WeCasper, Wyoming
Baseball 1; Basketball 1;


Casper, Wyoming

* ,f. |4

lall 1, Queens Vocational Con-
2 iCatherine Joustra
Paterson, N. J.
Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Softball
1; Basketball 2; Clinic Aid
4; HR Alt. 4; Jr. Anth.;
Library Assistant 1, 2

Norbert Jones
Ancon, Canal Zone .0)
Softball 2, 3; Track 3, 4*;
Basketball 3; Football

1, 2, 3*, 4; Water Polo 1,
2; Seni* SchoolPc rs;

Prkt-Parrakeet; l-Star Team; Crds

Annc.-Cards and Announcements; GAA-Girls
Athletic Association; NHS-National Honor So-
ciety; Q & S-Quill and Scroll.


Albert J. Joyce, Jr.
Ancon, Canal Zone
R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Prht. 4; Jr.-
Sr. Banq. 3; HR Rep. 4;
Cap & (own 4; BB 1, 2, 3,
4*; T 2*, 3*; BkB 1, 2, 3*,
4*; FB 1, 3,4*; Water Polo
2*, 3

Egbert C. Jones, Jr.
Memphis, Tennessee
Basketball 3; Water Polo
2; Christmas Dance 3;
R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Rifle Team

Eleanor J. Isaac
Panama, R. de P.
Volleyball 1, 2; Softb
2; Basketball 1,



Carol Ann Kepford
Marshalltown, Iowa
Volleyball 4; Basketball 4;
Counselor's Assistant 4

William Lang
Brooklyn, N. Y.
BB 1*, 2*, 3*; SB 2*;
Track I*, 2*, 3*, 4*; BkB
1, 2, 3, 4; FB 1, 2*, 3*, 4*;
NHS 3, 4; Cap and Gown
4; Valentine Dance 4;
Cards and Annc. 4; Sr.
Class President; Zonian 4

T--Track; BkB-Basketball: FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo: VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
ogy Club: St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C
.****************** e

enneth J. Kadoch
New Orleans, La.
later Polo 2, 3; Football
National Honor Society
Cap and Gown Commit-
:e 4; Track 4*; Little .
theatre 4; Christmas
Dance Committee 3

Patricia Anne Kelly
Los Angeles, Calif.
Kieth Kreth Volleyball 3, 4; Basketball
Kieth K sreth 3, 4; Softball 3, 4; Little
Colyer, Kansas *Theatre 4; A Club 3
BB 3", 4*; Track 1*, 2*, n 4
3*, 4*; BkB 2*; FB 2*, 3*,
4*; WP 2*; Sports Award
2, 3; Letterman's Club 3,
4; HR Rep. Chrm. 3; Cl.
Pres. 3; SA Vice-Pres. 4

Max R. Kurillo, Jr.
Felix Larrinaga "Max"
"Pasha" i ii. D. C.
Panama, R. de P. SB :I I 1 BkB 2,3,4;
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball FB 2, 3, 4; WP 2*; Chess
1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; & Checkers 4; Christmas
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Water Dance 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3;
Polo 1, 2, 3, 4; Sports Sr. Pic. 4; Frosh Dance;
Award 1, 2, 3, 4 Soph Picnic; LT 1, 2;

Robert Gene Leggett

Felix Larrinaga "Max"

Football ,"2, 3, 4 r RDanGow ; Urnited Natin3;

Anno.l2 4Crrds and Announcements; GAA--Girls
Athletic Association; PNS--National Honor So-
*ciety; Q & S--Quill and. Scroll.

city; Q & S-Quill and Scroll.

Betty Jane Kenealy
Ancon, Canal Zone
VB 1*, 2, 3*, 4; SB 1*, 2,
3*, 4; BkB 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*;
Sw 1*, 2*, 3*; GAA 2, 3,
Pres. 4; Cl. Pres. 1; Vice-
Pres. 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3;
Zon. 4; Jr. Anth. 3; Cards
and Announcements 4

Peter Lang
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track
1, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Foot-
ball 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; Water
Polo 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; Sports


Edwin Letendre
Panama, R. de P.
Baseball 2; Softball 2, 3, 4;
Track 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3,
I; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Water
Polo 3, 4; Spanish Club 1,
2; Chess and Checker Club
3, 4; Camera Club 4

T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football:
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
Sogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C


Football Algr. 2; Wate

'Teami 3; Letterman's Clul
2, 3, 4; St. Thomas NMilitar
Anita Ancon, Canal ZoneLombana

Panama, R. de P.
Basketball Football Mgr. 2; Wate3; Sotball 2,
Polo 2; R.O.T.C. Rifl

STeam 3; Letterman's ClSpanish
Club 3, 4; Sect. 2; CameraMilitar

Club 3; MAI Club 3, 4; HR Richard L. Mallett
Alt. 4; NHS 3,4 "Di Academy
AnitaAncon, Canal Zone
"Lolin" *
Panama, R. de P. 0

FootballBasketball 3; Softball 2,2, 3, 4; Water
olo3; Volleyball 3; Spanis; Swi
Club 3, 4; Sect. 2; Camera
Club 3; MA Club 3, 4; HR Richard L. Mallett
Alt. 4; NHS 3,4 "Dick"
Ancon, Canal Zone
B Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Water
Polo 2*, 3*, 4*; Swim-
m ing 2*, 3*, 4*

F Yort New York
S"Joan d oie"
VB 2, 3, 4; SB 2, 3; BkB 2,&
3; Sop-h Dance; Jr.-Sr. AGeorge A. McArthur

Aht Ancon, Canal Zone
cBaseball 2, 3, 4*; Basket-
ball 2", 3", 4*; Football
1, 2", 3*, 4; Water Polo
1, 2, 3
Roseann Marion

New York, New York '
Volleyball 4; Art Club 4;

Joan Macaulay 0

VB 2,3, 4; SB 2, 3; BkB 2,
3; Soph Dance; Jr. Sr. G Gor A.Mc r

Rep. 3 Ancon, Canal Zone

ball 2*, 3*, 4*; Football

city; Q & S-Quill and Scroll.

Phyllis J. Malson
Alton, Illinois
VB 1, 2, 3,4; SB 1, 2*, 3, 4;
BkB 3, 4; Camera Club 3,
4; Soph Dance; Jr. Rings;
i .i. iii. 4

Erna Belle McCarty
Ancon, Canal Zone
Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Softball
2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4;
Camera Club 4




William Mabie
Track 3*, 4*; Basketball
3*, 4*; Football 4*; Span-
ish Club 2; Biology Club



Aag II

Phyllis E. McLaren
Panama, R. de P.
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB I,
4; SB 1, 2, 3, 4; NHS 3
SA Sect. 4; HR Rep. 3;
Rep. 3; Jr. Rings;
Dance; SA & Elks C
Dances; Orchestra 1, 2
4; Staging 1


' s

2, 3,
, 4;
, 3,

Jorge L. Midence
Panama, R. de P.
BB 2, 3; Track 3; FB 3, 4;
Water Polo 1; Spanish
Club 1, 2; UN Club 3;
Staging 4; Zonian Ads 3, 4


T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bin-Biol-
ogy Club; St-Stamp Club: MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam--Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C

lary Ann McCoy
"Ma m"
Ancon, Canal Zone
B 2, 3; SB 1, 2, 3; BKB 2
2, 3; PTA Award 3; Q &
3; Parrakeet 3, Editor 4;
HS 4; Producing 4; Jr.- *
r. Banq. 3; Soph Dance;
A Club 1; Library &
Counselor's Assistant *

Leo A. McIntire
SAncon, Canal Zone
Swimming 1, 2; Band 1, 2,
3, 4; Orchestra 4

Ernest Melancon *
El Paso, Texas *
Prht. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banq.
Comm. 3; Spanish 3; HSW
3; NHS 4; NRA 1, 2 *


Karl James Mellander
S aLos Angeles, Calif.
SS Baseball 4; Football 4;
Victoria Mizrahi Softball 4; Camera Club 1,
Victoria Mizrahi
"Vichy" 2, Pres. 3, 4; Bio. Club 3;
Colon, R. de P. UN Club 3, 4; Radio Club
ColoVB 2, R3, 4; S 2, 3, 4; 1, 2; Broadcasting Club 3;
VB 2, 3, 4; SB 2, 3, 4;
BkB 2, 3, 4; Archery 3; C Chess and Checkers 4;
Music Club 3, 4; Produc- Spamsh Club
ing 4

Pedro Moreno, Jr.
David, Panama, R. de 1'.
Baseball 4; Basketball 4;
Softball 4; Football 4;
Water Polo 4; Cristobal

and G--Cap and Gown; UN-United Nations:
Prkt--Parrakeet; *--All-Star Team; Cards &
Annc.--Cards and Announcements; GAA-Girls
Athletic Association; NHS--National Honor So-
t'. ; ciety; Q & S--Quill and Scroll.

.9'. ci, ety; Q & S-Quill and Scroll.

Emma Rhea Menzel
"Emnmy Lou"
Ancon, Canal Zone
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,
2, 3, 4; Camera Club 2;
Prkt. Ads 3, 4; Cl. Sect. I;
SA Rep. 2; HR Rep. 4;
Frosh Dance; Staging 1

Alexander McKeown
"A i"
Panama, R. de P.
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket-
ball 2*, 3*; Track 1; Water
Polo 1, 2, 3; Sr. Pictures,
Cards F Annc. 4; Sports
Award 2, 3



Margaret Mudge
Hackensack, N. J.
Volleyball 1, 2, 4; Softball
1, 2, 4; BkB 1, 2, 4; Arch-
cry 1, 2; Camera Club 4;
LHS 2; Lourdes Academy,
John Carroll High

T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
S ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
Sogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
Sciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C

Paula Mumma
"Bo *"
Fort Monroe, Virginia
5 Softball 1, 2; Modern
Dance 3; Greek Games 1,
2; HR Rep. 2, 3; Dramatics
1, 2; Hempstead High,
S Hampton High

Paul Mullen
New York, N. Y.
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot-
ball 2, 3, 4; Water olo Barbara J.Norris
2, 3; HR Rep. 4; El Paso "Baarb"
High S cho o1, Cristobal Mount Kisco, N. Y.
High Prkt. Ads 2; Xmas Dance
S 3; SA Alt. 3; Staging 1, 2;
Zonian Staff 4; Amsterdam
.High School


John Edward Nixon 0
Walla Walla, Wa

BkB 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4;
Spanish Club 3, 4; Forensic Janice Enid Osorio
Society; Jr. Dance; Foot- "Jan"
ball 3, 4 Ancon, Canal Zone
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3, 4;
BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; MA Club 3
4; Lib. 3; Act 4; Producing
4; Office Asst. 4

Yolanda C. Orsini
Panama, R. de P. B
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 3; BkB
1, 2, 3, 4; Spanis Cl.;
Music Club 3, 4; Clinic a
Aid 2; NHS 4 4 M l

and G-Cap and Gown; UN-United Nations:
Prkt-Parrakeet; *-All-Star Team: Cards *&
Annc.-Cards and Announcements; GAA-Girls3; Act 4; reducing
Athletic Asocation NHS-National Honor So-Asst. 4
city; Q & S-Quill and Scroll.

Naomi Jeanne Paddock
Colon, Canal Zone
VB 4; Pep Squad 1, 2, 4;
Jr. Rings; Cap & Gown;
Zonian 4; NHS 4; Produc-
ing 4; Broadcasting Club
2; Rudsburg High School


.*".* ** K r I

Dorothy L. Netcel
Ancon, Canal Zone
Medford High School

Patrick Ochoa
Havana, Cuba
Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; T 3, 4;
Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot-
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Water Polo
1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club



Floann Pierce
Cleveland, Ohio
VB 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; SB 1*,
2*, 3*, 4*; BkB 1*, 2*, 3*,
4*; Archery 1; GAA 2, 3,
4; Pep Squad 2; Cheer-
leader 3, 4; Prkt. 4; Cap
and Gown 4; St. Peters-
burg, Fla.

David D. Robles
St. Thomas, V. I.
VB 1, 2; BkB 1, 2; Cl. Presi-
dent 1; R.O.T.C. 3, 4;
Stamp Club 4; St. Peter
and Paul

T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
ogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C

Burt Page
Panama, R. de P.
Parrakeet 3, 4; Zonian 4;
Acting 1; Producing 1;
R.O.T.C. 3, 4; NHS 3, 4;
Q & S 3; Camera Club 1; 0
Library Assistant

Stuart Plumer

New York, N. Y.
BB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 3, 4; T 3,
4; BkB 2, 3, 4; FB 2, 3*,
4*; WP 2, 3; Sr. Rings 4;
Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Staging 4;
R.O.T.C. 3, 4

Panama, R. de P.

L *

Edward Samples
Panama, R. de P.
Baseball 3*; Basketball i
2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4

Helen I. Pasamante
Ancon, Canal Zone
Volleyball 3, 4; Softball 3,
4; Basketball 3, 4; Spanish
Cl. 1, 2, 3

*: "

S Joan Diane Powell
Ancon, Canal Zone
VB 1, 2, 3*, 4*; SB 1, 2, 3*,
4*; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4*; Sw 1*,
2*; GAA 3, 4; Zon. 4; Jr.-
S Sr. Banq. 3; Jr. Rings; Pep
Squad 1, 2, 3; NHS 3, 4;
Soph President
* *

Virginia Sanders
Ancon, Canal Zone
VB 2, 3, 4; SB 3; Arch. I;
Orchestra 1, 2; Xmas
Dance 3; Jr. Anthology 3;
Zonian 4; HR Rep. 3; SA
Rep. 3

and G-Cap and Gown; UN-United Nations;
Prkt-Parrakeet; *-All-Star Team; Cards &
Annc.-Cards and Announcements; GAA-Girls
Athletic Association; NHS-National Honor So-
ciety; Q & S-Quill and Scroll, .
ciety; Q & S-Quill and Scroll,

Henry Lee Phillips
Ayer, Massachusetts
Baseball 4*; Basketball 1*,
2*, 3*, 4*; Football 3, 4:
Letterman's Club 3; Presi-
dent 4; Pascagoula High

John B. Rimmington
Reading, England
SB 1, 2, 3*; T 4*; FB 4;
WP 1, 2, 3; Drama 1, 2, 3,
4; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; SA Rep.
2; Sr. Pictures; Chem. Asst.
3, 4; Phys. Asst. 4

Cleopatra Sanidas
Panama, R. de P.
Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Arch-
ery 1, 2; Spanish Club 1, 2

E T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football; .
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Blo-Biol-
gy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C

Joan Savage
Lvnnhurst, New Jersey
0 VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 4; BkB
L 1, 2, 3; Drama 2; Camera
2, 3; Bio. 3; Talent Show
,l !2; Prod. "Saved By the
,,%. Belle" 4; Prod. and Stag-
.* 'ing "Go West, Young
S' Man" 4; Cristobal High

Arturo Sanson
Panama, R. de P. 0
R.O.T.C. M
S Florence Ann Scott 3, 4
"Scotty" Clu
SNorth Plainfield, N. J. Bro;
S Volleyball 1, 4; Softball 1


Edward P. Scott
Brooklyn, New York
Baseball 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*;
Basketball 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*;
Football 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*;
Letterman's Club 1, 2, 3 4 Juan L. Severino
"Johnny" Adl
SPanama, R. de IP.
Baseball 2; Track 2*; Foot- R
ball 2*, 3*; Water Polo 2; Art
Spanish Club

Port Chester, New York
Track 4*; Camera Cl. *
President 2; Radio Club
2; R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Dance
Committee 4 0


and G-Cap And- Gown; UN-United Nations
'Prkt-Parrakeet; *-All-Star Team; Cards &
Annc.-Cards and Announcements; GAA-Girls -
Athletic Association; NHS-National Honor So- -
ciety; Q & S-2Quill and Scroll.


elia J. Shacklette
ichmond, Virginia
Club 3; State College


ilyn L. Sealy
hicago, Illinois
eyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft-
1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2,
; Water Ballet 1; UN
b 4; Camera Cl. 4;
adcasting Club 4; Chess
& Checker 4

John E. Schmidt, Jr.
Baltimore, Maryland
Basketball Mgr. 2; Foot-
ball Mgr. 2, 3; Letterman's
Club 2, 3, 4; Staging 4;
R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Battalion
Commander 4

Orlando Smith
Santa Marta, Calif.
Baseball 1", 2*, 3*, 4*;
Track 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; Foot-
ball 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; Water
Polo 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; Soph
Dance; Frosh Dance; SA
Rep. 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Cap-
tain; Letterman's Club 1,
2, 3, Sect. 4; Usher; Sports

Norman W. Spreadbury
Lacyville, Pa.
R.O.T.C.; Lt. 4

T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
ogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C

James Shobe
"Jim" a
Ancon, Canal Zone
Baseball 1, 2; Softball 3*,
4; Track 1*, 2", 3*;
Basketball 1, 2, 3; Football 1
1, 2, 3*; Radio Club 1;
Camera Club 2; Chorus 1,
3; Sports Award 2, 3

S Judith Anne Smith
Shirley C. Smith Ancon, Canal Zone
v"hi" Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft-
Panama, R. de P. ball 2; Archery 1, 2;
Volleyball 1*, 2", 3*, 4*; Museum 3; Zo n and
Softball a1*, 2, P, 4; Parrakeet Ads 4; Pep
Basketball 1", 2, 3", 4*; Squad 1, 2, 3
Jr.-Sr. Banq. Chrm.; Val-
entine Court 3; GAA 3, 4;
Usher 3; Xmas Drive N

Geraldine Snodgrass

A17B 1, 2, 3, 4*; Softball 1M, 3; Usher 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4;
Charm. 3; BFootball Dance;

Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Zoiia al
3; HR Rep. 3; Cl. Press. 1

Albert Stallings
obile, Alabama


I ; 2, 3; Basketball 2; Foot-
ball 1, 2, 3A 4l Camera Club*
S, 2, 3, 4

Yd G-C ane Graldine Snodgrass tons
paMary Ellen StacyCards &
"Mary" Rodney, Mississippi
Cheyenne, Wyoming Volleyball 1; Xmas Dance
VB 1, 2, 3, 4*; Softball 1*, 3; Usher 3; Band 1,2,3,4;
2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Valentine Dance 4; LT
4; Chrld. 3, 4; Prkt. 3; 0Clinic Aid
Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Zonian C c

4; Sp. Awardand Announcements; AA-2, 3; Q Girls
; Association NS-ScholNationl Honor So-; NHS 3;
President 4; Sophuill and Scroll.
Secretary *

Albert Stallings
Mobile, Alabama
SB 2, 3; Basketball 2; Foot-
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Camera Club
3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orches-
tra 1, 2, 3, 4

Mary Emma Smith
Ancon, Canal Zone
Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft-
ball 1

Rosalyn Sokol
Panama, R. de P.
Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft-
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball
2, 3, 4; Music Appreciation
3, 4; UN Club 3, 4; Usher
3; Clinic Aid 4; Spanish
Club 1

? I .

Davis Stevenson
Panama, R. de P.
R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Drill Com-
mander 3, 4; Football 1;
Water Polo 2*


Louis Tinnin
New Orleans, La.
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4*; Track
1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2,
3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4*;
Little Theatre 4




T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
Vj ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
Sogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C
e ******************

Sydney Stevenson
Panama, R. de P.
Lou Marilyn Tekulve

SCincin nati, Ohio
SVolleyba, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3Softball
S1, 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3; Foo

ball 1, 2*, 3, 4*; Water
Polo 2; R.O.T.C. 3
SyThdney Stevenson d

Panama, R. de P.

C. S. F. 3; Choir Pin 1;
Louis Tremblay
0 "Louie"
Ancon, Canal Zone
ClBB 1, 2, 3, Presiden4; Track 2,,
Volleyball 4*; Basketball 2, 3; Foot-
ball 1, 2*, 3, 4*; WaterH
Polo 2; R.O.T.C. 3

4 _. :. ..

Thehna Townshend
Panama, R. de P. *
C. S. F. 3; Choir Pin 1;
French Club 2, 3; Music *
Club 2, 3, President 4; A
Athletic Association; S-ationol Katheriae A. Ward
ciety;Fort Banks, Q & S-Quill and Scrolass.
Volleyball 4; Basketball 1,
2, 3", 4#; Deering High,
Cristobal High
Ruth Turck e

Bethlehem, Pa.
Parrakeet Ads 3, 4; In-
uguration Dance 2; Picnic
Com. 1, 2; Speech Lunch-
con 3; Staging 1, 2, 3; *
Xmas Dance 3; Drama 1,


and G--Cap 4nd Gown; UN-United Nations.
Prkt--Parrakeet; *--All-Star Team: Cards &
Annc.--Cards and Announcements: GAA--Girls
Athletic Association: NHS-National Honor So-
ciety: Q & S--Quill and Scroll.

Jane Trimble
Brooklyn, New York
Christmas Dance 3;
Zonian 4; Volleyball 1, 2,
3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Bas-
ketball 2, 3, 4

Ruth T. Warren
Norfolk, Vil. iiiia
Volleyball 4; Hon. Lat.
Dip. 2; Jr. \'lh,.1.11. 3;
Lib. 4; Lab. Assist. 4;
French Club 2; Latin Cl. 2;
Washington Lee High


S .- .

Shirley B. Woodruff
Chester, Pa.
N.H.S. 4; Biology Club 2,
3, 4; Music 1, 3, 4; Frosh
Play; HS Workshop 2, 3;
Orch. 2, 3, 4

T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football;
WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; SB-Soft-
ball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bio-Biol-
ogy Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Music Appre-
ciation; Cam-Camera Club; Zon-Zonian; C


Fred Weimer
New York, N. Y.
Baseball 3*; Basketball 3*;
Newton High

S Louis F. Williams, Jr.
Washington, D. C.
R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Drill Team
S 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4;
Basketball 3, 4; Water
Barbara A. Woods Polo 4
Birmingham, Ala.
Office Asst. 3, 4; Lib. Asst.
1, 2; Softball 2; Volleyball
2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 4


Gemma Wright
Norfolk, Virginia
Donald Shaddock NHS 4; Prkt 4; Art Award
"Shadrack" 1, 3; Office Asst. 4; Lib.
Goshen, New Yok sst 2 4:

Stall I; Basketball ; Chair-Grad. 3; Val Dance
Football 3; Vice-P'resident -; Smas Dance 3; ^y 2;
Cl. 1; Student Council 1; Usher 1, 2, 3; Drama 1
French Club 1; Photo-
graphy 2; Wellington C.
M*epham High School

(Not Pictured)

SOakland, California
k F/^ School Paper; Ramey Base

and G-Cap and Gown; UN-United Nations;
Donald ShaddocPrkt-Parrakeet; *-Al-Star Team Cards &
Annc.-Cards and Announcements; GAA-Girls
FootballAthletic Association; NHS-National Honor So-
graphyciety; Q S-Quill and Scroll.
and G*Cap and Gown; UN-W United Nations
PrktNParrakeet; *4All-Star Team; Cards &
AnnD.-,Cards and Announcementss GAA4 Girls
Athletic Association. NHS-National Honor So-
ciety; Q & S-Quill and Scroll.

Naomi C. Witkin
New York, N. Y.
Prkt. 3, 4; Xmas Dance 3;
Bus. Mgr. LT 4; Cards &
Annc. 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB
2, 3; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep
Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; Usher;
Sports Award; Clinic Aid;
Music Club 3; Producing

Perry Robert Young
Balboa, Canal Zone
Baseball 1; Track 2*, 3*;
Basketball 1, 3; Water Polo
2; Biology Club 2; Orches-
tra 1, 2, 3, 4

Dolores Zimmerman
Dayton, Ohio
Volleyball; Basketball;
Music Club; Camera Club;
Biology Club; Parrakeet















I ,

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4 r


T ~cfP~

li-I )I1111toI I II"
Mi. Fitchl-i

HoNi r ia-ll 10i
Mii,, D)ahhl-n

Homilcoom 31-1
Mil. Wa\Vld


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;-.- -."-'(f


Homeroom 206-C
Miss Juvet

4 5'r4-
-r L~ arE
jr A ~E 1Z. ('


-;"~ --h ~ Glasf-~


~I~CP~~ ~aCl~Ri

* _13 s f



........................................Frank Mayo

VIcE-PRESIDENT ............_---- ....- ... ....- ....

...Jay Troup

SECRETARY .............-................................ Annette Godby


S. A. ALTERNATES..................

.............Terry Ford
Joan Sprague
............Dick Maguire
Sara Sokol



Mr. Myers

Jay Troup

Annette Godby

Terry Ford
Joan Sprague

Dick Maguire
Sara Sokol

Juniors! !
Upward we climbed above the lower classmen,
Noting with seriousness and rewarding trust
we placed ...
In President, Frank Mayo; Vice-President, Jay
Troup; and Secretary, Annette Godby.
Out for the team, screaming in glorious
Rhapsody when our football heroes carried away
the trophy.
Somehow we'll never forget this fruitful and
pleasant milestone of our lives.


S^ i

Frank Mayo


kl i

Frank, Barbara L., Barbara J.,
Ed, Louise, Patt, and Dave
invite you to the Christmas

a"\ji gic or Til%""
.*wuu- ~u'

Terry and Dave working hard on a chemistry

Mr. Oliver,

(rooa '. N'ick?

Cecilia and Charles donate gifts for
the orphan's home


., ,"r ,g,,,_" .. o% .,, u .. ; .
V -

-- -


.'` I-..i q",
-- .,it IlI :-T -
* W-[

\a^--r,^ ^. .^ "'
1.. 1

\ I ( )li\.l

ij- n i tI lii
IMfi, \\\ ii


~e~e~r~e~ ~

''l f. .- lhm I ,MIt il 0';
Nab*,I n


|fe^. -^"
W 1': ''' ^-or" B *.-"-''


1u t


HI-liIl'' l ,i I ISI

H I I 11i lln

H o miil;I HIlllill
Mli. kl.ilo\

;. -.--e
J .. I~^;
1- 9'-
..~. .!'5:c. :il
''': ~1, i

g r

-~ ,YY'` -
a ~~. --0-t' 4t

'-h.r. -

'-: -*. !'.

ALL". 14





PRESIDENT .....-- -...~. ..... .----......Edgar Kourany

VICE-PRESIDENT ...... ........ ... ........-- .... ...........Sam N l.ipli,

SECRETARY .-... --.... ............ .... .. ...... -- Shirley Long

S. A. REPRESENTATIVES.............. ..........-... Jim O'Connor
Ann Morrill
S. A. ALTERNATES...............---- .................. Ray Tucker
Helen Edwards

Edgar Kournay



Mr. Mastel

Sam Maphis

Shirley Long

Jim O'Connor
Ann Morrill

Ray Tucker
Helen Edwards

Only as we approach the
Portals that open into the second
Half of our high school days do we begin to
Open our mind's eye to the
Multitude of benefits that are
Ours, afforded us by the love, and the
Real interest, of our parents and teachers in
Every effort we make to reach that day of days,
Senior Graduation.

What's the matter, Johnny?

Everyone enjoys himself at the
sophomore picnic

Sophomores all set for the tug o' war against the


Myrna, Polly, Lilia, and \1.m,.iis help make a
Merry Christmas for orphan Yolanda

'ook I Da
kv'J A\L \f p^

Ii-i. II, *-

II " Sia ^l t


[HoJInlOO ~in i 15
MNis. Zimmlier

I U(OIll 26I3
MrN. Sill

oil'f Ne ll.
M.r. A er,





H o il, i-i )1 11 i -( .(

Mi. N1,\ild

H oimi ii- JI 1' l ii %il
M iI .-\\( o1 k

/., ~r
r~i b~~

I '

~1~ I i:~u
.. I' C' .:,L~~C;


_ O


Eddie Armistead



Mr. Munch

Noble Holladay

Ted Norris

Bill Bird
Joyce Gardner

Bill Rosan
Magda Coloma

Freshman! !
Remember how we started out into a new wide
world with a bang, and...
Eddie Armistead was elected President, with
Noble Holladay as Vice-President and Ted
Norris as secretary?
So we tripped gaily to our first Christmas
Dance and had a wonderful time at the
Valentine Formal. Then ...
Hoped for more interesting school assemblies
Sin which we proudly cheered for B.H.S.
and had wonderful winning football games.
More and more we're sure to welcome the next
three years that will come inevitably. But,
Altogether too soon this new adventure passes
which ...
No one will ever forget.



PRESIDENT -..............--.. -- --- --.-----------.Eddie Armistead
VICE-PRESII)IENT -.......-....--...................... N Holladay
SECRETARY .......... ...----- ......------------------Ted Norris
S. A. REPRESENTATIVES.....- ............ ... ..... ----- Bill Bird
Joyce Gardner
S. A. ALTERNATES.................... ..............--Bill Rosan'
Magda Coloma



Fayc and Charics having a
,~io niuc at diLiFus.oh
11011( %%hlIIU -SILI- tak(_, (-e cok-
-it tile cokeT,

"L' (ii
says SandoUd boy tib
s ta Claus

~3rs FP
F ,j
~vJo's i~~~:~yld

Gertrude, Bill, and Marilyn make their choice at Camera fans watch as Mr. Wilder demonstrates
the toy sale the use of the camera

Homeroom Representatives

Left to right, top row: Paul Mullen, Earl Schroeder, Clair Godby, Ray Tucker, Charles Smith, Paul Mudge, Bill Rosan
Middle row: Joan Powell, George Ford, Al McKeown, Ramon Morales, Don Connor, Clay Lewis, Elaine Smith
Front row: Myrna Boynton, Barbara Shaw, Shirley Long, Sherry Parker, Coila Goodin, Joyce Collinge, Magda Coloma,
Faye Tucker, Cora Canham


Left to right, top row: Michael McNevin, Fred Lee, Albert Stallings, Sam Maphis, David Albritton
Third row: Ed McKeown, Raymond Crucet, Don Eiler, Fred Sill, Bill Derrough, Pat Hutchings
Second row: Jeannette Page, Miriam Cornejo, Lia Saiz, Pat Reese, Louise Rowland, Joan Western, Gwen Miller
Front row: Emma Menzel, Ginger Coffy, Marguerite Flynn, Patt Walker, Louise Glud, Naomi Witkin, Joyce Daly, Catherine


II -









-. ?; -' I









~ ~';'i t

,.~ :
~St~ ~"
e~ac- - r:,'.':
~:. :
.r~.;. ~J."





Ir .-
c ~

+-- ~t~r








- r

IQ 1 I

A*' -^


, 0 11 0






Gr- i


d .a



- g


d \



w .

*** us






i~141C. '~5s
*i Q



In white tie and tails and
evening gown Roberta and
Clement are the toast of the
town fn

Here's o u r "Intellectual"
couple-Jean and Hen.
They've been getting "A's"
since-you know when

Two of our favorites-Boyd and Janet B.
"Personality plus" fits these kids to a "T"


SWe're proud to be graduating it
the Class of 1950

Most All-Around:
Most Likely to Succeed:
Best Looking:
Most Talented:
Most Intellectual:

Bill and Jackie, this lad and lass
Are two "good lookers" with
plenty of class

At the piano and
trumpet they can't
be beat
Shirley and Jim
are really "all reet"

Top honors for laughs go to these three guys
For Jack, Mart and Wendall-the booby prize!

Turn on the music, roll up
It's kids like these who help to the rug
make our Senior Class so Nifty! Watch Bert and Emma
Best Dancers:
Most Popular:
Most Athletic: ,

For popularity there's none comparin'
To Dito Smith and Phyllis McLaren
Upholding the fame of the White and Red
Our "Most Athletic"-Shirley and Ed

The reason these
are tops is
| Our hearts were
1 won with a smile
and dimple

ApaR S

.... .. :::._ <. :: :.. I:.~ .;'r, .~ -~;~~
,, .-:-r :.. ....

. .. ."..:'!-
. .- .. , _
i i:,,, .':... ... :
s::. i ,;': .'. ':": '"" -









I Ii.
Top: President Boyd Bevington. Right:
Vice-President Kieth Kreth and Secretary
Phyllis McLaren. Lower: Adviser Mr.
E. W. Hatchett

6 Student

^ Association

The Student Association of Balboa High School is the
guiding hand of all school activities for the students. This
organization has for its members nearly the entire student body,
which elects a small group of officers from each class to form
its governing body.
At the controls this year was Boyd Bevington, President.
Sharing his duties was Vice-President Kieth Kreth. Phyllis
McLaren was appointed Secretary. Working with all officers
as first-rate adviser was Mr. E. W. Hatchett.
The S. A. Council consists of S. A. officers, homeroom
representatives from each class, and two representatives from
the Lettermen's Club.

Left: Coach Fawcett and Mr. Hotz exchange that winning hand-
shake. Lower left: L. Tinnin, G. Coffy, C. Godby and the B.H.S.
Bulldog receiving the Sears Trophy from Mr. Glud. Lower right:
Football gear displayed in the school show-case

Left: Cheerleaders: F. Pierce, J. Sprague, C. Powell, M. Stacy, B. Kenealy, C. Goodin, R. Boynton and
M. Ryter. Right: S. A. Representatives in action

Our first dance of the year was the Inauguration Dance given at the beginning of the year at which
class officers for the year were announced. Other dances were sponsored by the different classes in co-
operation with the Association.
Awards in sports, scholarship, journalism, speech and dramatics are offered by the S. A. and are
presented to deserving students on Awards Day early in May, at which the President for the coming
year is announced.

The S. A. sponsors our drives, and this year it came through:
with flying colors for the Infantile Paralysis Fund. Dr. Prieto's
Flying Caravan was also aided by the generosity of B.H.S.
The Bella Vista Orphan's Home received its annual Christ-
mas donations of food, toys, and clothing. Dito Smith played
the part of Santa Claus.

... I ( ., I.ii 1I d F L : i l. .11 ;.i \, i l .11. I ti. I -,,I .111L \\ ,i,,, l i -- .
E(";"L~~ p~ r i l.icilCilt;ui:~; -:~~



The "Big Boss," our
patient (how does he
do it?) sponsor, Mr.
John E. Keaney

Hard at work on the problems at hand
are Zonian staff members, Jane Trimble,
Barbara Norris, and Mary Ellen Stacy

Frank Scott, our ex-
pert photographer. It
the credit for this
book belongs to any
one individual,
"Frank's the fella"

Our ad staff, the
"Bloodhounds of

Joan and Bill haunting the
gym for more material for
their sports sections

Here are the girls you
can thank for the pop-
ularity section, Betty
Jane and Ginger C.



Shirley Smith, our
beautiful and brainy
editor who whipped
us into shape

Our clever, hard-working cartoonist, Burt Page

Martha Irvin, our
competent business

- -I

Rosalyn and Mary put their
heads together over Clubs and

Diligently working
out the problems pre-
sented by the Popular-
ity Runners-up and
the Senior Portraits,
are Naomi and
Ginger S.


It's deadline day, and the Parrakeet office assumes a look of chaos. Editor Mary Ann McCoy dashes
around writing an editorial, checking copy, and conferring with Miss Mary Brigham, the sponsor. Co-
Editor Naomi Witkin, also the "Inquiring Reporter," is busy inquiring of any one within shouting
"Wolfesses" Gay Hogan and Patt Walker are comparing notes on man-chasing, while Bert Joyce,
the enterprising "Wolf," alternates between his list of irresistible femmes, and his half of the Boys' Sports
Kieth Kreth, the other Boys' Sports Editor, reclines in the office. He believes that if he sits there
long enough, "Kreth's Korner" will just come to him.
Gemma "Shirts and Skirts" Wright hands in her column and settles down to dream, while Girls'
Sports Editors Floann Pierce and Celeste Powell check on pictures with Dick Greene, the harassed
Picture Editor. Photographers Clemente Aseron and Jack Geisinger appear in the doorway every ten
minutes to see if there are any more celebrities to be "shot."
Louis Tinnin, dismayed that the results of the last Student Poll came out 55% pro and 57% con,
asks Louise "Orchids To" Glud and Clay Lewis, the Literary Editor, to go over the statistics just once
more. When Makeup Editors Roberta Hollander and Ernest Melancon discover three ads missing, Boyd
Bevington, Exchange Editor, is sent out to check with Business Managers Jimmy Forbes and Dorothy
Hicks, and Mr. E. W. Hatchett, Financial Adviser.
Burt Page stops in to leave the editorial cartoon.
When the storm subsides, a finished Parrakeet emerges, the pride and joy of the whole staff.

R. O. T. C.

3~ `


1.- ~*

No\l 1'I1il R III-
-\n intio niil R.O. T. C. lnd .: u, lihhld
,,[ thtl Bilbol i C \i lii ]il tiil tI, l.n [
hall :miii: l.n-t I. C.. and 4Ii H. i.
Thi. 0. 1. C:. 'li.nM s' \t: inuI .

A ,.0 1 wA, li ht IdI in Inmt oI tihe .\sI.
11 111 i'"l ,- 11 .",ui ing,_ ill hn,-r 0

S\N \ \ 2 1.-
A U i. : ii l, iil- t .tlth i ,h1 lit 1 ..:1 \ld
Ko b.ui-; l n n ti.i i'ln i i ton



Our band playing at a football game

Our director,

B. H. S.
"One, two, play two," can be heard as "Branny" gets our Band off to
a snappy start. This year the Band, had the privilege of playing for the
opening of the new Balboa Clubhouse Theater, and they really did them-
selves honor. We will all remember the Band with its pep and spirit at
the assemblies and at all the games as it spurred our teams on to victory.
On December 21 the Orchestra and Chorus presented a never-to-be-
forgotten Christmas Program in front of the school. A procession of girls
dressed in long white gowns entered singing "Gloria in Excelsis." The
entire chorus sang Christiansen's "Christmas Hymn," Gounod's "Sanctus,"
and Handel's "And the Glory of the Lord" and "Hallelujah Chorus."
Yolanda Orsini sang the solo in "Cantique de Noel."

Part of the girls in the Christmas Music


Balboa High Orchestra rehearsing in the Little Theatre

Music Department

Other highlights of the year included the music for the
Fashion Show which was provided by selected members of
the Orchestra. The Orchestra also played for all the club-
house plays, and combined with the Chorus and Band to
produce a successful Spring Festival, on April 20.

Last, but not least, a selected group from the Orchestra
played for the Baccalaureate Services and the Graduation

Congratulations to "Branny" and the Music Depart-
ment for a very successful year.

How could spirit help but run high with
a band like this playing at our games?

Behind the scenes,
Mrs. Turbyfill puts
the finishing touches
on the makeup of :
Roberta Hollander,
while a fan looks on

The future Barrymores of B.H.S. emote
in a scene from the Little Theatre pro-
duction of "Saved by the Belle"

Little Theatre

For sixteen seasons the Little Theatre has brought B.H.S. the best in performance and entertain-
ment. This year has been no exception. On the calendar for the season were "Saved by the Belle" and
"Go West, Young Man," both presented at the Diablo Theatre.

During the year vocational guidance plays, co-directed by various seniors, were presented to stir up
the interest of the freshmen.

The Balboa Little Theatre has the distinction of being entered in the National Tributary Theatre
Directory. Diamond Masques, the Little Theatre's highest honor, are awarded annually at the Little
Theatre Banquet at the Hotel Tivoli.

And so, for the sixteenth time, the members of the Little Theatre can lean back and point with
pride to a job well done.

Under his expert guidance, the Balboa
Little Theatre has come successfully
l through sixteen seasons

a'* 4

I- W%

4.1 9


I ~iT


Top row, left to right: Jack
Gladwell, Burt Page, Boyd
Bevington, Bill Lang, Jerry
Second row, left to right: Jean
Clement, Aida Harvie, Pat
Kelly, Yolanda Orsini
Front row, left to right: Mary
Ellen Stacy, Mary Ann Mc-
Coy, Joan Fischer, Anita Lom-
bana, Naomi Paddock, Phyllis
McLaren, Joan Powell

National Honor Society
Balboa High School confers no greater honor on a student than that of being elected to the National
Honor Society. This is the third year that the Isthmian Pacific Chapter has existed, and its criteria are

N.H.S. members clean their boards for the new year, and listen to a
word from their president

scholarship, leadership,
character and service.

At the reins this year were
Mary Ellen Stacy, President;
Joan Powell, Vice-President;
Burt Page, Secretary and
Anita Lombana, Treasurer.
Sponsors for the first part of
the year were Mrs. Mary
Eugene and Mr. Frank
Wilder, and for the last
part, Miss Hallie Beavers
and Mr. James Gartside.

Guiding the club this
year were Burt Page,
Secretary; Mary Ellen
Stacy, President;
Anita Lombana,
Treasurer and Joan
Powell, Vice-President



'n ~I

*^ -&:. i r

r ,





Left to right top row: V. Mizrachi, Y. Kouppermann, H. Hollsinger,
Mrs. Sill, Y. Bull, S. Woodruff. Second row: E. Chang, K. Ward, E.
Anderson, M. Jackson, J. Savage. Third row: T. Townshend, Y.
Orsini, P. Reese, A. Coloma, J. Blau, S. Sokol, R. Sokol. Front ro0w:
A. Carboni, A. Lombana, M. Coloma, G. Mariani, J. Osorio, M.

Bach, Beethoven, or "Be-Bop." Music at its best. The purpose of the Music Appreciation Club is
to acquaint its members with all types of music. Re-established a year ago, this club has been growing in
both membership and importance. At semi-monthly meetings the programs center around the life of a
composer and his music.

The club presented to the student body programs featuring the amateur talent of the high school.
Students and teachers took part in these programs and gave B.H.S. some of the most successful and best-
attended programs of the year.

Our "prima ballerina," Lia Saiz, dancing at the
"Music Festival" while Anita Lombana accom-
panies her on the piano. Rosalyn Sokol is turning
the pages of the music

Mrs. Ruth Sill, Sponsor; Thclma Townshend,
President; Rosalyn Sokol, Secretary; Yvonne
Koupperman, Treasurer; Sara Sokol, Program




Bill Brock, Noble Holladay, Dan Gaul, Don Snider, David Dixon,
Jim Suterby, and Gus Mellander

"Look up in the sky!" It's a bird! It's a bee! No! It's one of those flashy planes modeled by the
Model Airplane Club!

This is the first year that this club has been in operation. It has brought great interest to students
in B.H.S. Meetings are held every Friday from 3:00 to 5:00.

These planes are made of balsa. All work done with these planes is supervised by Mr. Yankee.
Many attractive models were produced by members of this club.

Piloting the club this year were Mr. Yankee, Sponsor; Noble Holladay, President; Dan Gaul, Vice-
President; Billy Joe Brock, Secretary.

"Will the meeting please come to order," says
Prexy Dan Gaul

"What a beautiful model!" The members of the
club exclaim as they look at the flashy airplane
made by the club members

_^ f^I-

G. Mariani, J. Anderson, D. Tribe, W. Dawson, D. Robles, J. Osorio,
G. Mellander, J. Fuller, A. Wright, E. Schroeder

This year the Stamp Club was organized under Mr. Walter Fischer, for stamp collectors to compare

With Guilianna Mariani as President; Jack Clement, Vice-President; Jimmy Anderson, Secretary;
David Robles, Treasurer, and Dick Barr, Librarian. This club meets every Monday for stamp auctions,
discussions, and trading.

The Stamp Club organized a magnificent exhibition of stamps in the Balboa High School Museum.
The members made a map covered with stamps from all parts of the world. Each member showed his
collection of stamps in this display.

Officers of the club were: President, Guilianna
Mariani; Vice-President, Jack Clement; Secretary,
Jimmy Anderson; Treasurer, David Robles;
"Do you want to trade?" Janice and Guilianna Librarian, Dick Barr, and Sponsor, Mr. Walter
ask David Fischer

Jacob Cweiber, Edwin Letendre, Mary Appin, Mr. Gartside, Shirley
Woodruff, Henry Chial, Juan Fong, Karl Mellander, Ernest

Chess and



The interest in the old games of Chess and Checkers has brought results in Balboa High School.

This year an intra-school tournament was added to the activities engaged in by the club. The
winner was Jacob Cweiber.

Guiding the destinies of the club were: Jacob Cweiber, President; Mary Appin, Secretary, and Mr.
James Gartside, Sponsor.

Members of the Chess and Checker Club are
engaged in an exciting game of chess "Who is going to win this tournament?"

Jl~l ^l'NNW,



D. Hardy, R. Kelley, J. Hutchings, S. Woodruff, J. Baron, B. Shaw,
N. Wells, B. Lockridge, S. Zemer, S. Karst, A. Gallaway, R. Wingrey,
J. Madison, M. Morley, J. Gibson, J. Johnson, L. Hart, M. Morley

The Biology Club is one of the oldest and most prominent clubs in school. Its purpose is to stimu-
late interest in biological study and research, and to increase appreciation for the wonders of nature.
This year the members of the Biology Club decided to better acquaint themselves with the wild ani-
mals of Panama. Fortunately they were able to have at every meeting a native animal of some sort.
Besides the advantage of actually seeing the live animal, an informative report was given concerning it.
Some of the mammals which visited the club were a young coati, a pet spider monkey, "chico," a two-
toed sloth, a night 'possum, and a baby tapir. Some of those in the reptile department were an eight-
foot boa constrictor, two rainbow boas, a vine snake and some turtles.
The club also made a very interesting and educational trip to Barro Colorado, the famous wild
animal sanctuary of the Isthmus.

Dave Hardy, President; Roger
Kelly, Vice-President; Jacque
Hutchings, Secretary, and Mr.
George Lee, Sponsor

"This is the way to handle a microscope," explains Dave
Hardy to Roger Kelly and Roberta Hollander



Sb Club

Mike McNevin, Elsa Chang, Anita Lombana, Magda Coloma, Alicia
Coloma, Hila Hawkins, Nancy Weltz, Maritza Van Hoorde, Patsy
Reese, Aurita Carbone

Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Leonardo Da Vinci. How would Balboa High School get along
without the Art Club? Under the leadership of President Hila Hawkins, Vice-President Magda Coloma,
Secretary Patricia Reese, and Sponsor Miss Beatrice Gardner, this club has produced some magnificent
and laudable pieces of art. The Art Club is a genuine credit to Balboa High School.

Mike McNevin, Anita Lom-
bana and Elsa Lee Chang are
decorating the board with

SHila Hawkins, President; Magda Coloma, Vice-President;
Patsy Reese, Secretary, and Sponsor, Miss Beatrice Gardner



Y. Bull, C. Garcia, A. Cermelly, B. Jacinto, R. Lamastus, M. Bassfield,
H. Miranda, G. Fonseca, A. Carbone, C. Castellanos, M. Toledano,
M. Vengoechea, M. Van Hoorde, H. Filos, S. Cordoba, J. Calvo, P.
Reese, M. Ungo, F. Lao, M. Raudales, G. Rosas, I. Hernandez, J.
Barnet, E. Chang, Y. Orsini, A. Lombana and R. Paredes

The Spanish Club was organized to help further the policy of good-will throughout the Americas.

On the third of November a very impressive program was presented for Panama's Independence
Day. "El Conjunto Cajar," Panama's most noted native dancers, presented the "Tamborito" and "La

Next on the club's schedule was the Carnival Dance
with plenty of musica latina" held at the Hotel Tivoli on
February 17. Something new was added to this dance. Petite
Aurita Carbone was elected queen to reign over "La Fiesta
del Rey Momo."

President, Briseida Jacinto; Secretary, Vilma Vengoechea;
Treasurer, Anita Lombana; Program Chairman, Yolanda
Orsini; Sponsor, Mr. Allan Ward

Panama's national costumes,
"El Montuno" y "La

U Club

D. Schneider, J. Tsudy, B. Harrel, H. Kelly, D. Dixon, D. Klotz, G.
Mellander, K. Mellander and D. Williams

The Radio Club carries out a program calculated to help members gain a most important goal-to
become licensed amateur radio operators, or "hams."
Members this year have been mixing practical work with theory in the construction of such equip-
ment as amplifiers, transmitters, receivers and testing devices, while simultaneously learning the principles
of their operation.
Expert instruction has always been provided by interested outsiders in any phase of radio work
that the club desired.

"Mr. Thiel, will you please
tell me what part you put

iH While Sponsor Mr. Thiel, supervises, the club is led by
President, Roger Kelly; Vice-President, Melvin Mayer, and
Secretary, Pat Hutching



U. N. Club

4" '
'ML, ".f

J. Blau, A. Coloma, M. Coloma, T. Ford, R. Kelly, G. Mariani,
M. McNevin, R. Morales, R. Sokol, S. Siegfried, Sara Sokol, B. Jacinto,
D. Hardy, R. Hollander

The purpose of the U.N. Club is to impart to the student a better understanding of world social,
political and economic conditions. By developing an interest in current problems, it seeks to establish
better relations among world neighbors.

A very interesting and attractive display was exhibited by this club during U.N. week. This dis-
play featured posters on the U.N., and also the flags of all the countries which are represented in it.

The club is divided into departments similar to the real U.N. These departments meet once a week
to learn about the duties and functions of their counterparts at Lake Success.

Rosie, Sara, Jackic, Magda,
and Alicia prepare the U.N.

Rosalyn Sokol, President; Ramon Morales, Vice-President;
Guilianna Mariani, Secretary; Jacqueline Blau, Treasurer;
Mr. Clarence Vosburgh, Sponsor

Ir C, .emir" F i

SI9.'"",c r !
^ --W S^



H. Miranda, B. Yerkes, M. Ford, D. Colins, G. Smith, K. Mellander,
G. M1ellander, C. Lopez, E. Letendre, Y. Koupperman, P. Kerr, R.
Kelly, T. Jordan, J. Johnson, 'R. Ho, L. Ho, R. Hollander, N.
Holladay, I. Hanson, R. Guy, J. Gladwell, T. Cherem, E. McCarty,
J. Calvo, H. Akers, M. Mudge, J. Page, M. Appin, E. Armistead,
J. Broderick and B. Shaw

"Smile for the birdy; click, click." You've guessed it. It's one of our amateur photographers taking
pictures for the Camera Club. This club is one of the most popular in the school.
This club was under the leadership of: President, Karl Mellander; Vice-President, Clemente
Aseron; Secretary, Roger Kelly; Treasurer, Jack Gladwell; Sponsor, Mr. Frank Wilder.
The Camera Club held a school-wide photography contest during the month of February. It
received more than 100 entries! In the black-and-white section, Roger Kelly took first place. Jack
Gladwell won first and second places in the color division.

Mr. Rene \Volf shows the
Camera Club how to operate
a movie projector

"Can you put the parts together again, Clemente?"

& L


(Chez Eloise)

, .-



Sonic of the attractive models were: Joan
Powell, Helen Kridle, Sara Sokol, Betty
Wilkinson, Ann Edwards, Yvette Hom-
sany, Conny Price, Peggy Mudge, Eleanor
Buel, Joan Sprague, Mary Jackson, Joan



Fashion Show

The Inaugural Ball

Our first Senior dance, the Inaugural Ball, was held at the Hotel Tivoli on September 23. The high-
light of the evening was the presentation of the class officers and advisers who were designated to lead
their respective classes for the '50 school year. Our Nifty Class of '50 officers were: Bill Lang, President;
Betty Jane Kenealy, Vice-President; Mary Ellen Stacy, Secretary. Our S. A. Representatives were Edna
Curles and Dito Smith. Their alternates were Joyce Engelke and Jack Gladwell. Mr. Zicrten was our
Senior-Class Adviser.
An odd but stimulating sensation swept over us as we realized that at last we had reached our final
year of high school, and that upon our shoulders rested the leadership and responsibility of the B.H.S.
student body. We hope we did a good job.

Football Championship Dance

The B.H.S. Football Champions
were the hosts for a wonderful victory
celebration on November 24, at the
Balboa Gym.
Ginger Coffy was selected by the
team for Queen and reigned over the
festivities as Queen Ginger i. Mar-
garet Haines and Mary Ellen Stacy
made up her court.
Dito Smith, honorary B.H.S. captain,
escorted Ginger and crowned her
queen. Margaret and Mary Ellen were
escorted by Jack Johnson, J.C. cap-
tain; and Bob Kariger, C.H.S. captain.
The team provided some hilarious
entertainment which was enjoyed just
as hilariously by the audience.

Winter (86) Frolic

The date: December 16, 1949

The time: 7:30 to 11:00

The place: Tivoli Hotel

Occasion: The annual Christmas
Dance sponsored by the Juniors

The committee, headed by Patt
Walker, did a splendid job of making
this occasion one that will be a treas-
ured memory for us. Santa Claus (Sgt.
Woods) romped and blustered as full
of fun as his sack was of presents.
We'll never forget him, the snowballs
and snowmen, nor the beautiful deco-
rations that festooned the ballroom.

,4,' .I


I %. _1 .4 1.0i~Ir

Queen of Hearts Ball
Fcl,ritir II tlih was the big night foi
ithl ,L01 ,i1.l1, s n:ior-sponsored, Valen-
utnle I.ll. T I(_ Tivoli ballroom was
IlI:lautilull\ di:, i.trted for the occasion.
Itlinil Ii l i: i mission, lovely Jac-
tltL.lil.: Bllatii a, crowned "Queen of
I-l:.it" hb\ 1ill Lang, Senior presi-
(I ntl .\AI i ll. coronation, Bill and
I. kLt. li:-d Int lust dance of the next
~ I-t HIA ,tunt included Edna Curies
.ind Ph\lli Mr L:cren, Seniors; Annctte
(C..,ld\ :mIc d C.\ kit MacDonald, Juniors;
(. la. (.... ilaii .ind Joyce Daly, Sopho-
i>o> Lt.-iici blevenson and Kathe
I it- HI-.b I t. Fic>himen.




A J .



j ~Ci~

"Viva el Carnaval!"

The Spanish Club celebrated the
Carnival season on February 17, by
sponsoring a dance for S. A. members.
Petite Aurita Carbone was crowned
"La Reina del Carnaval" during inter-
mission. Queen Aura I, official Carni-
val Queen of the Republic of Panama,
was an honored guest at the dance.
Many thanks to the Spanish Club for
a colorful and enjoyable occasion to
add to our memories of B.H.S.

... and remember when our officers
were announced

. . and remember the Parrakeel Dailies

.. and how the gang used to meet

. . and our senior class meetings

. .. and when we signed up

Andl the prices; and everyone wanting one?

Do you remember the torture of the
senior pictures?

Remember those motor scooters . and remember the classes

: ... *.A

And oh, remember those gym classes

... and the passes" to the" S. A\. room

Remember our football team that led us to glory

. and Coach Fawcett's immortal
speech after we won!

I guess we will never forget the spirit of the kids and the fun we had winning those games.

'- ~'t=~y
''~C/' I
-I- r~
.~ r

Remember our Senior Sweater Day-

... and our B.H.S. T-shirts-

... and getting ready for the Christmas
music program

Remember the
super colossal
Christmas Dance

... and our own Christmas tree-

. .. and OLur "Savcd by the Bcllc"-

ft-t "----F jr: j9 ra W s j mZ..-

And then there were those silly singing-

And Carnival

with that rhythmic dance of the
Spanish Club

And do you remember that track team we had

And how we'd yell our lungs out at those pep

Looking back over it all, we had a lot ol fun,
didn't we?

And remember how we'd never get our work
done in the library

Eifl I.I
a^ ata / a u4M*tB
&. ^ j'w LA


Smile pretty, please

Talent yet!

"Only come to the library when you have
work to do!"

Our Stars!

Well, hello!

Ugh! Like a rusty gate




t. I
iL.' f

I r

4 .

*,' I S.


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together . Everybody loved a football player! . Dancing in the Dark . Surely not studying,
Joan Ann . Our winning football team . Bill Lang, President . In Natural repose, Bill Gilbert
S.. This page-Our coaches relax . Our boys relax ... Now let's don't argue! ... Who are you girls
looking for? . Ain't he cute! . Good, huh! . wish I could sew . But Mr. Hotz . Hi, Naomi!
Everett Dillnan-Letterman ...

d .
I O:c- ~

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eq q
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lsBiB I


N IkI -

7, 1-1

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I 1'6


i ~~r "r







Full Text


'50 IONIAN Sh i rley Sm i t h ............................... .... Editor -i n-Ch ief Mr. John Keaney ...... ..... Editorial Sponsor Frank Scott ............ ................. Staff Photographer






pnrl :lI1 t .,,11' 1 111:11 i l hns p l ayed in s c hool yenr, I h e Scniors p roudl y und g l'uIC -fully d e d icat e our yearboo k t o thc Spirit 0/ Balboa H i g h S cllOo l


Contents rr a./ n. e rs JJ

MR. THEOPHIL F. H O T Z OUR PRINCIPAL LIEUTENANT NOL AN M /SC:T. WOOl) i\ I /SGT. POI'I'OVITCll io.'f/Sr.T. YARIIRO[Jf:11 R ,(:Ilt\IUl C I .AK" COl/lise/or Vocali onal Guidance Nel\' York U n i ve r s ity, B .S., i\I.A. i\I AIUE WEIll. C;,' ls' COlli/spIn,. Biolo gy Unive r silY o f F l o rida B.A .. Columbia U ni ve r sity 1\1./ \ C \I''i'AI N J OII, ... Ross Sr. .... 1 S T 0 MCCLURE


L lo'Il M I\I' I I N S,'rn"flry Cri s t oh:tl 1-1 ig-h School Kt\TtII'R t N E CI.ARK Ubmritl1l Columbia U nivcr sity B A.; Ncw Y ork Univ e r sity. 0.,\ UDE AYCOCK S/Hlllisli Univcrsi t y o f North Carolina, B .A.; Coitllllbia Uni\' c r s ily. M A. V i\I. COUR V I LI.E School Nil rse .\rmy Training School for Nurses R. N. H ALLlElh : AVERS Malltelll(lIies Un i versity o f North Ca r olina, A. n.; Dukc U ni ve r s i l) I \ I.S. A I .IIE R"!' BLEIElUSS Edllralioll N E i l HRANST I ;"I"I"I' R Mus i c Kan s a s S l at e Collegc. ItA., Columhia U n iv e r sil) z ____ I\UC E CANIlI'!. H i.f/or)' Coluillbia Unive r sity, B.S., z __ BErr y L. DAIIU' .\I /-lislor), Uni\' c r sil)' of B .J\.; Co l Lllllhi a U ni versilY. 1\1.1\. M \R\ C Olllllte/cial 1 0l\'a Slale Teachcrs Co ll ege B.S. J OliN FAWC t n R edlands Univc rsil\. H .. \


W. H. O. FISCI-IER Chemi.shy U n iver sity of Chicago. B.S.: Columbia U niver sity, M.A. KATI IER tNE J ESSUP English Meredith College n.s.; Columbia University, N. Y. V., M.A. LORRAINE HOllsehold A rts Washinglon S tate College n.s. BEATRI CE CARONER Art. Co lumbia University n.S .. M.A. J OliN KEANEY Lal in,EIIgl i s/t, j Ollrlwlism. Manhauan College B.A. ; New York U ni vers i t) M.A JM.IES CAR TSIl>E A lIIer;call Problems Co lorado State College of Educa lion B.S .. l\f..A. E])WARI) \V. HATcllI, n Mathem(ltics Duke University. B.A.: Columbi a U ni ve r sity. M .. \. A1.0llA HOLCOMJI Plly.si c(ll Education Cracel a n d College z __ NATAUE JOHNSON Freudl Duke Univers ity, B.A. M.A. z ____ O. LEE Biolog y I owa State College B.S.; Columbia U ni versity, M .A. ROIII;!r r LIKINS Physical Educatioll San J ose Sta t e College B.S. B ER NAIW MASTEL Gel/eral SeiellCf : Nonhern Stale Teachers College B.S.; Colorado Slate College o f Educat i o n i\f.A.


ELOISE MONH.OE H Ollsehol d Arts Kan s a s S l a l e Coll ege, 6.5.; Columbia U ni vc fsil)" i\ LA. E O W I N i\ f. P I P E R CeOlllell) '. Physi cs U n i vc r sity o f So u t h crn C a lifornia, B. S., 1\'I.A ] HEon O R E : MUNCII Sciellce Ohio S lill e U n ivcr s ity, B,S. ; Colo r ad o Slatc Co llcgc of Edu cat i o n M .A D O ROTH \ E. R ECTO R P hysica l Edu c a t i oll U n i v c r sil) oC Montana, B S EI/glish, I l'f alhelll{/t ics K ent Slalc U ni vcrsilY, B.S,; Wi sco n s in Univc r s i ty, M.A. i>, \"]"R I C I A O'CONNEL L P hysical Educalioll Ncw J e r sey S tate T e a c h ers Coll egc B.S. ,"V \ L T E R OLIVER SImI/ i sh Taylor COll ege, B.A. z __ (Not Pi ClLlfccl) .lo w P n INGII.I, Physi cal Eciu catioll Notrc D a m c Univers i ty, B .S. z ____ R UTI' I SILL A l gebra W e ll es l ey College B .A. i\ I I LIJREIJ SWENSO N Commercial U n iver s it y o f NOl"lh D a kota B.A., M .A, DON \ V, JIIoo dwork Nebras ka U n ivcr s ity, B.S.


S UIIER T TURII\ F ILL S p eec h -Dramatics Oklahoma U ni vcr s i t } I \.S .. B F .A., M .A. LAUREN ,VOOOln' Physi c al Sci e nce Mich i ga n U ni ve r s i ty, B .S., M. A C. R VOSIlUltCH Soci al S / ,udies En glish Hamillon Collcgc B.S.; C olumbia M A H E RHE R T YANKEE M e /al S h o p Fitc h burg Sta l e T c a cher s Colleg e B.S. ALLEN B '''AltO S pall i s h Ncbras k a Uni vcrsity J 3 A M A R C A RE T VIIiTMAN ElI glis h No r th west c rn U ni ve r sity, n.s. N n .LII-: K W HITNEY Secre l a ry Efficic n cy Bus i n ess Collcgc L os A ng-elcs z ____ FRAN K WII. n E R En glis h Spallis h U n i ve r s i t y of F l o r ida. II. S z ____ W I LLIA M E ZEMER, .IR. S w immillg O hi o State U ni v c r s i t y B .S. H ARO Ll ) J. Z I ERTEN M e c/lnllical Dra w illg Bradl e y U nive r sity B S FRA Nt.: E S K Z IMM) R M n/ .lle lllatic$ Huntcr Collegc B A.: C o lumbi a U ni v e r sity, ]\ r .1\.




S A. REPRESENTATIVES EDNA CI1RLES, DITO S i\IITH, altert/ules; JOYCI:: ENGELKI-:, .JACK GLADWELL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS B ILL LANG, /nesidellt; Ih:rr v .TJ\NE vice-/Jresi d e lll: A R Y ELLEN STACY, st:rTetm)' CAP AND GOWN COMMITrEE CARDS ANI) CUMMITTEE L ef t to right: Bill Lang. Ellen Stac y A l ex Naomi "Vi tkin Dorothy H i c ks, H elly Bac/{ row: left Lo rig li' ) Barba ra E l y f l oall ll K e n ea l y Norbe rt J ones Pier ce, Naomi Padd oc k Frollt row: l eft to right, A lb ert J oyce. R oy Gaul, .Jerry Kadock. (lVOt /Jctured, SlU Plum e r w h o w a s o n t h e Ring COlllll1illCe w ith F l oan n Pie r ce)


SE PTEf\, r BE R : Hi th ere, seniors! B e li eve i t or !lot "'C a r c 011 the la st stre t c h and it's r e all y swell b e in g bac k in n,H. S." C las-; cleCl i olls we r e h e ld and th e lnaugural Dance was supe r. OCTOllER: QUI' fir s t football gam e, and we trounce d th e .Juni o r College 13-6. H,H.S. spirit was th e b es t it h ; l s ever h ee n and in OUI" seco lld football ga m e we b ea t C ri sto bal 19-0. \ '''hat a gallic! \Ve WOIl rain or Il O rai n. NOVEMBER: M o r e football ga mes, a lld th e Bulldogs e m e r ge d viclOrious with an undefea t e d seaso n. Yea T ealll! T h e fir st Club h o u se play, "S a ve d b y the B elle," went over with a bang', Volleyball g ames, a Nati o n a l H o n o r Soci e t y Initiatio n and a superb G.A.A, dance, LOppe d off a m onth pac k e d with events DECEi\ I [BER: Swim -lIlee ts, wate r p o l o ga m es, and th e fir s t g irl s' intersc hool p l ay day h eaded the s ports events f o r thi s month, The band p l aye d o n th e s t e p s of t h e "Admin, and the c h orus and orch estra combined to present a wonderful C hri s tm as pro gTal1l. And to end a perfect year ... a Christmas dance a t t h e H o t e l T i voli with Santa n a ll. JANUAR Y: The N ift y C l ass of '50" starte d th e New Year with th e boys playing ba seball ( in t h ose fla s h y unil" o rllls) and th e g irl s p laying ba s k etba ll. B.H.S, m o d e l s presented all A I Fa s hi o n Show in fr ont o f t h e sc h ool. FEBRUARY: T h e r e's nothin g lik e s in g in g Val e n ti nes to ce lcb rate Va l entine's D ay a n d we sure had t h e m. T h e gala Va l entine dance was coronatio n ni ght [or our quee n. T h e co m e d y "Go Vest Y oung i\' r a n and the Speec h Lunc heon we r e th e l ast <..:vcnts o f t h e rnOlllh, MARCH: T hi s introduce d the Balboa Relays and ende d wit h a Spring Ivfu s i c F est i v a l that w a s reall y tops Suc h banque t s a s the Little Theatr e banquet, Letterman 's banquc t N.H.S. banque t a n d the .Juni or.Sen ior banque t w ill l o n g b e r e m embe r e d. M AY: The last o[ the boys basketball games we r e playcd with RH.S. spiri t hi g h. G irl s' sof tball Awards Day, G.A. A. banquet and thCll Bacca laureat e Exercises. V e ,,'ere th e first class to g r aduate from th c n c \, Balboa Theater, and it was r ea ll y so mething. Our days at B. H S w ill l o n g be rcm embered, as we say good b ye to our Alma i\tfate r. VALENTINE DANCE COMMITrEE CLASS of lvlR. ZIRTEN, Se llior Class Adviser U ach row: left to Gemm a "Vri ghl, Gay H oga n G in ge r Coffy, B etty K e neal y, Geri S nodgrass SENIOR PIC TURE COMMl r rEE Front rOll': Charles Bro wn Dav id Robles L el t 10 right: Alex l\f c K eow n .Jo h n Rimmillg t o n ./oan Powell, i\I[ary Elle n S t acy, Norbert J o nes, B ill Lang


IJa ni d A l c x andc l u D(l" .\nco n Canal Zo n e s n I. 2, 3; Bkn I 2. 3: FB 1,2, 3,4; W P 1 ,2,3, I : S t amp I Bio. I ; Radio I ; nand I 2, 3, 1 ; Orc h est r a 3, -I; Drama 1,2.3," R o b crt U a rtd / J ( l r l Phil a d elphi a ,l'a. Ba seball; Bas k etball; Foot ball; WaleI' P o l o KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Track: BkB-Basketball; FB-F'ootball: WP-Water Polo: VB-Volleyball: ball: Sw-Swimming: B B-Baseball: ogy Club: St-Stamp Club: MA-Music eiation: Cam-CBmera Club: Zon-Zo nill.l\ : C 0 Rubcn A badi Nuu)''' Ma n c h es t e r [ n gland T r a c k 2, 3. ".; Bas k etball I 2; Football ".; Walcr 1'0 1 0 3; L etlC r lll all's C l lIb ; L Olli s P a s tCLIr H S r M ar,. Virg ini a Appill I\I(U)' Col o n R d e P V B 1,2,3, 1 ; S 8 1,2. :t 1 ; I3k8 I 2, 3. 1 ; 3. I ; Ca m era 4; ZOlliOIl 4: C hc.'Is & C h ec k e r 3, C h a rl es N. BccklC Il "Chu c k Cardincr, J\lomana Bascball 3; Trac k J\lg r I ; l3as k c tball 2 : Football 1,2; M g r 4 ; Watc r P o l o 3; Bio 3 ; C h ess & Chcc k c r 3; L e u ennan's Cilib 1 lan',. Ake rs, Jr. ['" llam a. R d e P CUller" C lub 2, 3, 4; R O T.C. 3, >I C l e m ente As eron J r. Anco n Canal Zon e S B 1 ,2,3.4; BkB 1,2.3,4: T I : FB 1,2,3, J ; WP 1 2, 3: Came r a 1.2.3,4; Radio 1,2; UN 3 ; J.-.-Sr. Banq. 3; Prill. 1,2.3,4 iUanuel J osc H errocal "llI(ll/o/ill Panama, R d e I'. Spanis h C l u b 2 3 ................... a n d G-Cap and Gown; UN-United Nations: Prkt-Pnn'nkeet: Team: Card s At lind Announcements: G AA-Girls Athletic ASllOcintioll: N HS-Nnt.ional Honol' Socicty: Q & S-Quitl nnd SCIoll. llia n ca I. A l cjandro ;' / J /(lII'IlIilll" S a n J u a n 1'. R J anCl L. Barnes Jan" CrislClb a l C. Z. v n 1 ,2,3.4 : S B I; nkB I 2: C \ \ 2. 3 1 ; P c p Sqllad I 2, )I: V i ccPres. C lcI l


Boy d M. Be\' inglon J r. Bo y de" Ancon Ca nal Zonc BB 1,2-, 3-. ,,-; Track 2 ; BkB 1,2-.3-, ,,; I U 1",2-,3-,4-; WP 1 2; NHS 3, 4; CI. Vice Pres. I; S \ Pres. -I; Jr. Ring Charles B1'o\ \ '11 "Clluck" Joplin, i\l issouri Uaseball; Trac k 2, ..(-; Ba sketball 2-; Football; Let 1 crill an's C lub: R.O.T.C. 2. 3, 4; Va l cntin e Dan ce I ; Chula Vi:;ta Hi g h J acc i li eli lic Bl a ll Jackie" ;'Il a l aga Spain Volleyball 4; Ba sketball 3, -I; SofLball 4; UN C illb 'I; l\ltts ic Appreciation C lub 4; Florissant Uoa I'd i n g School "Brollmie" .\neon, Canal Zonc Uroadcast ing Cluh 2; R .O.T.C. 3, 4; Rifle Tcam 3; Color Guard 3; Bcst I n dividu al Cadct J o rge J C .. l vo Panama, R. de P Spanis h Club I ; Camera Club 4 KEY TO ABBREVI A T I ONS T-Track: BkB-Baskctball: FB_Football; WP-Water Polo: VB_Volleyball: SB-Soft balJ; S w-Swimming: BB-Baseball; 8i0--8iol ogy Club: St-Stamp Club: MA-Muaic Appre dation; Cam--Gamera Club; Zon-Zonian; C .................. va J e;lI1 Bolin "Jetl/I" 13rad cnto n Florida \'ollcyball 4; Softball 4; l3askctball 4; Bcta C lub I 2: Band I 2, 3: Talent S h ow 2; Fas hi o n Show I ; Pa sc o High School E le.knor j a n e Buel "Peal/lIl" Dcm er, Colorado VU 2: SB 2; BkB 2; A r c h e r y I 2; Art Cl ilb 3, 4 ; Camera 3; f\qua Ballct I ; F l sh i o n Show 2. 4; Us h e r 3 Willia m Carlin "!Jill" Long I s land. New York Baseba ll I 2, 3 -I.; Basketball I 2 3-, ; Football I 2-, 3, 1-; Letterman's C lub 2. 3; Vice P r cs. '1; HR Rcp. 1 ; Sporls Award 3 .......... and C:-'Cap ariW Gown; UN-United ations : Prkt-PaTrakeet;: *-AJIStar TeR m : C ards &: Ij.nd Announcements: CAA-Girls Athletic Associu. ion: N H S-NRtiona\ Honor'So-ciety; Q &: S-Quill'-and Scroll. ; Richard E. Hurns "Dick" K a n sas Cit) '. Kans a s Baseball I 2. 3-; Trac k 1,2,3-: l3a .. ketbal1l, 2, 3-; roothall I. 2-; r\lI-ci t ) Baskethall Team 1 9 17. 18, '<19; Red H a nk Hi gh Elsa L ee C h a n g BOIlll c le. Chiriqui Spanis h Club 2: u s i c Club 2. II: Camera C lub 2; t\rtClub4


V irginia M a ri e Co fey "Gil/gel''' .Ancon, Canal Zone VB I 2. 1 ; SB I 2, 3, 4; I. 2, 3, ,I: SW '-,2-; J r.-Sr. Ba n q. 3; Pep Squad ',2, 3, 1 ; ZOllial/ 4; .Aqua Ballet 1,2 l :anny COlTea Panama, R. de P Volleyball 3: Softball 2: Ba s ketball I : Lowell High KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Track; BkB-Basketball; F B-Football; WP_Water Polo; VB-VolleybaJl; 58-8o ftball; Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball; Bi_Bio l ogy Club; 5t-Stamp Club; Appr e ciation; Cam-Ca mera C lub; Zan -Zonian; C ............... Hen ry C hi a l Panama, R. de P Softball 4; Track 4; Bas ket ball 4: Football 1; C h ess 8.: Checke r C lub 4: Camera C i llb 4 Jcan CllC E. Co llin s "}a)''' Sparrows POilll, i\l d. Volle yball 2, 3; Softball 1 ; Stamp C lub I J oe Wade C rawford Sparlan burg, S. C. B i ology Club 2 3; C am e r a C lub I 2; R O. T. C.; Z Ol/iall 3 Patri cia Ann Ci ce ro "Pat" A tl a n tic C i ty, N. J. Volleyball 2. 3,4; Soft b all 3. 1 ; Basketball 2, 'I; G l ee C lub; Cou n selor's Asst John J. Conna rd "}0"1I11)''' New York New York Base ball 1,4; Sohball 2-, 3; Trac k 4-; Ba sketball I 2,3,4; Football 1 2,3, 1-; Water P o l o 2-, 3 Edll a Mae Cu rly" Norfo l k, Virginia V U 1 ,2.3, I ; SB 1,2,3, I ; Office Assl. 2 4; I)ep Squad I 2; Clinic Aide 2: Prill. I\d Staff"; SA R ep. 2 ........... and G-Cap and Gown: UN-United Nations: P rkt-Parrakeet; .-AII-Star Team; Card. &; A nnc.-CRrds And Announcements; GAAGi rl s A t hlelic Association; N HS-National Honor Soc iety; Q & S-Quill and Scroll Emma J e a n C l c m ent }eoTI/lie" i\l e mphis, Tennessee Office Assi stant 4: UN C l ub: )\'I -IS 3, 'I: Producin g 4; Quill 8.: Scroll 3 Sa l\ adOi' Cord o b a Panama R de P Ua se ball 2; Footba 11 2: Radio C lub 2: Camera C lub 3, 4; Spanish C lub 4


J aek Cw c i b c r j (lc/(ie" P anama. R tie P C h ess and Checker Cl u b P res. 1 2, 3, R o b c l t D cs l s l cts "/Job" Wash ingtoll, O C. \,U B U T r a c k B kB. F U "'P, Stamp C lub, A rt C l u b S adie 1-1 a w kin s Dance 2 ; CI. P res. I 2; XlIlas D a n ce 3; \V cs t e rn Hi g h H CI"IllIl1 R. D av il a n eo n Ca nal Zon e Orches t r a 1 2, 3, 4 E,' e r CLL Dillma n "Ev" Panam a R d e P B a se b all 1,2, 3 ; T r a c k 3-, 1-; Uas h t b .. ll I 2, 3; r ootball 1 2-, 3-, 4-; Wat e r Po l o 2-; Lctle r -lI1:1ns C lub 3, I Da "jd D o n a Id son 'Dlllle" Bould e r City, N e b ra s ka S U 2 3; Trac k 3 -,4; BkB 1 2,3,4 : Fn 1 2,3.4; WI' 1 2, 3, 4 : J r. r. Banq. 3: Sadie H awkin s Dan c e 2: R .O. T .C K E Y TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Track; BkB_Basketball: FB-Football; WP-Water Polo; VB-Volleyball; 58-Softball : 5w-Swimming : B8-Baseball ; 8 i _BiolC lub: 5t-Stam p C lub: MA-Musi e Appreciation C a m-Camera C lub; Zon-Zonian; C ............. Carl o s U. d e G r .. c i a "SOllll)''' J e r sey Cil),. N. J. S p a ni s h C lub 2, 3,

Mary Feliz ('Red" P a l o .\ho, Ca lifornia Volleyball I 2. 3, 4: Soft ball 1. 2 3 4; Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Biolog) Cillb 3: Stagi n g 4 Chorus 1 ,2.3. 1 George Keith Fo rd "joe" P a nama, R de 1'. Baseball: Water Polu 3: C;lIl\c r a Club 3: 1-1 R R epr. 4 : "T" Shirl COtlltll Chrm.; i\l u n I' a H i g h School K E Y TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Track: BkB-Basketball: FB_Football : WP-Water Polo: VB-Vol leyball; SB-Softball; Sw-..swimming: BB-Baseball: Bi_Biol og)' Club: St-8tamp Club: MA-Musi c Appreciation: Cam-Camera Club: Zon-Zonhm: C ................. Fred A. Durling. Jr. "Ulo" P anama, R de P Wa leI' Po l o 2; A rcher), I : Spanis h Club 1,2,3 JoAnn Adelia Fi sc her C r esto n Iowa Sop h. D a n ce 2: Chem. Lab. \ sst. 3: Chorus I : Lib. \ SSI. 4; Nl-IS 4; Orchcstra 1,2, 3 4 j Ulic Fullcr C lark sv ill e, Texa" Volleyball I 2 3. 4: Soft uall 4 ; B as ketball I 2, 3, I ; Fashion S how 2, 3: I L ooks Hi g h Schoo l Uarham Ann E l y An cu n. Ca na l Zon e Volle y ball 3. 4; Soflball 4; B a sketball 4; A rcher ) I: Camer a Club I; Glee C lub I ; P llrl'llkeet 4; Cap &: Cow n 4; G irl s' H igh Schoo l juan Fong Panama, R. de P. B aseba ll 4; Soft ball 3 I : Track 4: Basketball I : Chess and Checker C lu b 4 juanita Gar c ia j el/n y Morrill, Nebra ska Volleyball; Ba sketball; Archer)': R oman F ash i o n Show; Roman Banquet; C horus 1 2: H i o l og)' C lub 2 ; Biology ASSL 2 ........... and G-Cllp and Gown: UN-United Nations; Prkt-Parrakeet: "'-All-Star Team: Cards do: Annc.-CRrd s Rnd Announcements: GAA-G irl s Athleti c A 8IIocintion: NHS-Nat.ionnl H o nor Societ.y: Q do: S-Quill A nd Scroll. jo)'ce Anile E ngelke 1 \1 ;11" .\nco n Cana l Zone VB 1 ,2*,3, 4*; 513 1,2*. 3. I : Bkl3 3, 4: Arc h I : GAA 2, 3. 4; JI'. Rings; j r. Sr. Banq. 3: SA R e p 4; CA \ B anq. 3: Dan ce 3: Val entine Coml 3 jamcs F ol'1)cs "jim" AnC O II Ca n al Zon e T 4: Bkn 2. 3 : WI } 1,2*, 3*, "*; Sw 3*. 1 : Radi o I: I r e s 2, 3: Prill. Ad i\l g r -I: Jr. Rings; Chrilittllas Dance 3; J ... -51'. U a n q. 3


Roy D. Caul Tosion, 1 \ l o nlana UU I "'; Track 4"'; nkB I 2"'; F B 'I"'; Cap and Cown Chrm. I ; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Band 1,2.3.4; Drama I ; .I. V. I ; LCllcrman's Club 4 J ohn S. G ladwcll "jac/I" Panama, R. dc P UB 2: S U 3; T 1 ; l3kU 1,2. 3, 1 ; FU 1.2.3.' 1 ; WI'2, 'I: CamC I 'a 1.2,3; Prcs. 4; .II'. Ri ngs; Xmas Formal 3; N H S 4; Valcnt i n c I. lOllirlll Photographc r I John L. Geis inger "jach" Ocean CilY, N. J S U2,4: UkB 1,2: FB2"',4; R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Camer a Club 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Parrakeet 4; Efficiency M cd a I 3: Distinguishcd Cadet 3 Kathryn F::lyC Glass "Knllly" Paris, Arka n s a s VB 2, 3, 4; S B I; BkB I. 2"',3"',4; Sadie H awki n s 2; l\lajorcLlc 4; G f \:\ 3, 4; CI. Sect. I; GAA Banq. 3; Drama 3, 4; Pcp Squad 2. 3; Pari s High School Ri c hard Grcen c Dick" Ak ron, Ohio Camcra C lub I. 2, 3, : H. S. Workshop 2. 3; 01' chcw' a 1,2,3.4: R.O.T.e. 3. 4; Jr. Anthology 3 KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Track: B k B-Basketball: FB-Football: W P Wnler Polo: VB-Volleyball: SB-Soft ball; Sw-Swi m m i ng: B B-Basebll.lI: Bi_B iology C lub; 5t-Stamp Club; MA-M usic AplJreeiation; C a m-Camera C lub: Zon-Zo nian: C ................ Willi a m J. Gilbcrt "/jjll" Anco n Canal Zon e So ftb all I; Baskethall 2 Barham Gyllll C Goldcn "/Jabs" Chicago, Illinois Uas ketball I 2; Spanish Cilib 3; Dramatic C lu b 3; Chorus 4; E. T. H S. I ; \VL Virginia 2, 3 Margar c t A. H ai n es "l\1 (1)'ge" A n con. Ca nal Zone V B ',3. I; SB 1"',3; UkB ,. 3 ; F rosh P i c nic; J r. Rings ; G u id. P la y I ; GAA :1,4; Dance 3; Sect. G \ A ................... and G-Cap and Gown : UN-United NRtionll: Prkt-Purrakeet: "'-AU-Star Team : C ards .& Ann c. -Cards and Annou ncements: GAA-G i r lll Athletic Associati o n : N H S Nntion n l H o nor Soc iety: Q & S-Quill und Scroll. Ual'bal':l Crn)' "HobMe" Dctroi t, l\li c hi ga n SB 1,2.3. I ; BkU 2. 3. ,,: .. \ rchcry I ; L ;lcrosse 2. 3; Icc I I ockc), 2: T cnnis 2. 3; Drama I. 3; Bio l og)' Club ,,; Vice P rcs. CI. 2; Prill. I ; Camera Club 4: B i shop S t rachan Ai d a Han' i c Tela H o nduras N H S I ; Chell!. Lab. r \ SSt.; Lih. j \Sst.; Prill. A d Staff; Fas hi o n S huw: IIR Alt. 3; VB I. 2. 3. 'I; B k B 3; UN Club <\


Dorothy Hic k s D ollie" .\nco n, Canal ZOlle S U 2: UkB 1,3,'1; A r ch. I : I ; Orch. 4 ; P rkl. Au Assl. Bus. Mgr. 'I; LT 1.3; usher I : Jr.-Sr. B an". 3; Car d s & Ann c. 4; Dramatics 1 3, 1 ; Fa"hion Show; Pcp Sq. Roberta Hollandct t\nCOIl, Ca n a l Zone VB I ; S B I ; BkB I ; N H S 3. 4; Q & 5 3; P, hl. 3. 4; Arch. I: U sher 3; Work shop Sec t. 3: Music 3, 4; Lib. AssL 2; I\io. 3 -I: H R t\ll. 3; J L Rings; Dramatics 2, 3, 'I; COUIl-s el o r's Aid 3," K E Y TO ABBREV IATIONS T-Track: BkB-Basketball: FB_Football; WP-Water P o lo: VB_Volleyball: SB-Soft b all: Sw-Swimming: BB-Dallebnll: Bio-B i o l ogy C lub; St-Stam p Club: MAM u a i c Allpreciation: C a m-Comer a C lub; Zon-Z o n i a n ; C ................. Norm a n Haydel l VO,."," New Orleans, La Bas kctball 1,2,3,'1: Ila se ball 1 3. 1 ; Softball 24; Foot ball 1,2.3,4; Waler 1'0 1 0 1,2,3 Cay H oga n I Iappy" i\font go m e ry, A la. VU 1,3. I; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3: Sadie Hawkins 2; Grad. Usher 3; P rkl. 4; Camera Club I ; Art Club 3: Valent i n e Dancc 4; Nati o nal F oundation An Award H e l e n H olsingcr I lolly" Lawto n Oklahoma Graduation Usher 3; Music F estival; Pla y U sher 3; Fre s n o High Schoo l John n. Hearn "lIrrlce" S t. LOlli s, Mi ssouri A r c h e r y 2; Bio logy 3; Ca m e ra C lub 3 Roy G. H ohmann Porky" A n co n Ca n a l Zone 5 B 2 3; BkB 3. 1 ; FB 4 ; R .o : r.c. 3 4; Bat. S taff 4 ; Camer a C lub 1,2,3; WI' 2; C h ess & Checker 3; Orc h estra 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4 ; Dramati cs 4; Bi o logy C lub 2.3 Y, ellc Homsa n y Aleppo, Syr i a VU 1,2,3,4; SI3 1,3; Ukl3 1 2. 3, 4; Soph. Picni c; Camera C lub I ; Music Appreciation 3; G lee Club I ; Fashion Show 2," ................. and G-Cap and Gow n : UN-United Nations: Prkt-Parrakeet: All-Star Team: Cards &: Annc. -Cardll and Announcem e nts; GAA-G i rl s Athleti c A uociation; NHS-Nat i onal H o n o r So ciety; Q & S-Quill and Seroll frma R. I-lc I'Il;\lId c'l "Olls lye" Panama, R d e p VI3 3, 4; Orricc Asst. 2, 3, 4; Jr. Anthol ogy; Spanis h 2. 3, I; i\lus i c 3; Carniv al Dance 3,4; P e p Squ:ld 3," E l a in c Holland Miami, Florida Volle yball I ; Museum \ss i s tanl 3: Parflllwcl A d Staff I ; Chorus I


Manha H ook "/Harty" Ncw York N. Y. V B 1,2,3,4; llkB 1,2,3, 'I; S B 1 2 3, 4; B io. 2, 3,4; i\lus ic 3, 4; Cam. 3. 4; Pdll. Ad 4 ; NHS 4; L T 4; Ushc r 3 Elca n o r J. I s mtc ;'I ::Ie" I}anallla R. de P. Volleyball 1 2; Soflball I 2; Bas kctball 1,2 Ann c Howzc We s l P oi n t N. Y. VB 2, I ; SU I ; R.O.T.C.; S pon so r Company A 4; French Club 2; I Iomc E conomics Club 2; Christmas Pageant 3; Woodrow Wil so n I li g h Donald Jac k so n "Jachsoll" Ncw York, N. Y. Quecns Vocalional COIl t i n uati o n 1-1 igh Norbert jones "'Noruie" A n co n Ca n al Zon e Soflball 2, 3; Trac k 3, ".; Basketball I 3; Footbali I 2 3, 4 ; 'Vat e r P o l o I. 2; Senior P ictu rcs 4; Cards a nd Annc. -1 KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Trnck: BkS-Basketball; FB-Football: W P-Wat.er Polo: VB-Volleyball: SB-Softball; Sw-Swimming: B B -BI\!Jeball: Bi_Biology C lub: St-Slamp C lub: MA-Mull i c Appreciation' Cam-Camera Club: Zon_Zonian: C .................. Manh a Le e In' ill "/\lart" A n co n Can al Zone V B 1 ,2,3,4; 13k 13 1,2,3"1 ; S B ',2,3,4; H R R ep. 3; HR A lt. -I; ZOIl. Bus i\l g r I ; Fro s h P icnic; Fro s h D a nce; Soph P ic ni c; Soph Dan ce; LT I 3; Jr. Rin gs; Jr. r\nlh. Don a l d J acobson 0 011" Ca s p e r \\'yomill g Uase ball I: U a skctb all I ; Football I; Nonh Hig h School Catherinc JOll stra "Kilty" Paterso n N. J Volleyball 2, 3.4; Softball 1; Ba s ketball 2; C l i ni c Aid <1; HR A lt. 4; Jr. Anth.; Library Assista n l ',2 ................... a n d G-Cap and Gown: UN-United Nations: Prkt-Parrakeet: .-All-Star Team: Card s &: Annc_-Cards and Announcements; GAA-Girla Athletic Association: N HS-National Honor Society; Q &. S -Quill and Scroll. ES' b c l l C jones, Jr. ro'/I" i\lemphis, Tennessee Bas kctball 3: Water P o l o 2: Christmas Dance 3; R .O.T.C. 3, 'I; Rifl e Team 3 A lbert J. J oyce, j r. "Bert" A nCOIl Ca nal Zon e R .O.T.C. 3. 1; P rlet. 4; Jr.Sr. 13aIlQ. 3; HR R ep. I ; Cap & COII"Il 'I; BB 1,2, 3, 4 ; T2.3-; BkB 1,2,3-, 4"'; FB 1,3,4-; Water P o l o 2, 3


Ca r o l Ann K cprord "/{e/J" Iowa Vo ll ey b all -1: B asketball 1; Coumelor's Ass istan t 1 Willia m L a n g "/Jill" Ilrookl)'n N. Y. BIl 1-, 2-, 3-; SB 2-: Track '-,2-.3-, .(-; Bku I. 2. 3, 1; FB I. 2-, 3-. 4-; N H S 3, ,,: Cap and Gown 4: Valentin c D a n ce I ; Card s alld Anne. 4; Sr. P re s idc nt; ZOIl;OIl I K E Y TO ABBREVI ATIONS T:.--Track: BkB-Basketball: FB_Football; WP_Water Polo: VB-Volleybnll: S8-So(t ball: Sw--Swimming: BB_Baseball; Bio--B iol ogy C lub: St-Stamp Club; MA_Mus i c AppreCam-Cnmera Club; Zon-Zonian; C ................... K ellnelh J Kado c h "jerr)''' Orlean s, L a. WaleI' 1'0 1 0 2, 3: Football I: Nat io n al Honor Society I; Cap and Gown Committee 'I; Track 4-; Lillie T heatre 4: Christma s Da n ce Committee 3 Kiel h Kreth Colyer, Kans a s B B 3-, -1-; T rack 1-,2-, 3-, ,,; BkB 2-; FB 2-, 3-. 4-; WI) 2-; Spans Awa r d 2, 3: Letterm a n's Club 3, 'I; HR Rep. Clum. 3: CI. Pres 3: S \ Vice P res. Felix Larrinaga P(lsll(I" Panama, R d e p B ascball I. 2. 3, 1; Softball I 2 : Basketball I 2, 3, 'I: Foolball I 2, 3. 4; Walcr 1'010 I. 2, 3, "; Sport s Awa r d ',2,3,4 Palric ia AIIlle K e ll y JJ{//" l. os .\ngeles, Calif. Volley b all 3,4; B a s ke t ball 3, 1; Soflb all 3, 1 ; Litl l e Theatre 1 ; Club 3; N H 5 Max R. Kurill o Jr. J\I(lX" Was h i ngton D. C. S il 3,4: T 3, 'I: Bk1l2. 3.4: FB 2. 3, 4; WI' 2-: Chess &: Chcckers 4: Christmas D a nce 3 ; J r.Sr. Banq. 3; 51'. Pic. 4; Frosh D a n ce; Soph Picnic: LT I 2: J H R : R.O.T.C. Robcrl G en e L cggclt "l1ob" Hi c ldburgh, \Vatcr Pol o I ............. and G-Cap and Gown: UN-United Nations; Prkt-Pal'rakeet; -All-Stnr Team: Card. & Annc.-Card s and Announcem ents; GAA-Girls Athleti c Assoeintion: NHS-National Honor So. ciety; Q & S-Quill alld .Scroll. n euy Jane K c n e a l y 'IJj" A neon, Canal Zon e VB 1-,2,3-,4: S U 1-,2-, 3-4' BkB I -9_ 3-4-' 51\: 2-, 3-; C ,\A '2, 3: P res. -1: CI. P res. I ; Vice Pres. 3,4; J r. r. Banq. 3 ; ZOll. 4; Jr. Amh. 3 ; Cards a n d : \ n n o u nCCI1lC lit s I I' e ter L a n g "Pele" Brookl yll, N. Y. Baseball I 2. 3, I ; Track I 'I; Basketball 3,4; Foot ball 1-,2-, 3-, ,,-; \Valer 1'0 101-,2-,3-, 1-: Sports Award


E d wi n L c t c n d r c "/Job)''' P anama, "R .. d e 1'. B aseb all 2; Softball 2, 3. 'I: T r ack 2; Baskctball 1. 2. 3. I ; F ootball 1 ,2,3,4 ; Wat e r 1'0 1 0 3, 4; S p a n i s h Club I 2: C h ess and C h cc kc r C lub 3.1: Ca mera C lub" Will i a m Mabi c "/jill" Hawaii T rack 3-, ,-; n .. :'-, ,,; F oot ball 1-; S pa nC lub 2; Uio logy C l u b 3, A nita Lombana "'Lolill" P a n ama. R d e P B as ketball 3; Sof t b all 2, 3; V olley b all 3; Spanis h C lub 3, 4; Sec t. 2; Call1e r a C l u b 3; Club 3, 4; HR A I L 4 ; N H S 3," J oall M aca u l ay Jo{/lIl1ie" F o n Wa y n e, I n diana VB 2. 3, 4 ; S8 2. 3 ; BkB 2, 3; Sop h Dan ce; J r.-S r Banq, 3 : A n C l u h I. 2; H R R e p. 3 R O S C; 1 111l J\lari o l l UO::'flllll" New Y o rk New Yor k Voll ey b a ll 4 : A n Club -I. Staging" K E Y TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Trae k : BkB-Blllk elbllll: FB_Football: WP-Wate r P o lo: VB-V olleyball: S8-8o ( t ball: Sw-Swimminlt: BB-Baseba ll : Blo-Bio l o g y C lub; St-Stamll C lub: MA-Mu M i e App r e c illti on; C a m--Camera Cl ub: Zon-Zo n in n : C ............... D ; ,jl.i L o n g "J)OfJC" An co n C a n a l Zon e Foot b all :\Igr. 2; Water P o l o 2: R O T .C. Rifl e Tcam 3; L e u crm:ln 's C lub 2,3,4; S1. Tho m as J\li lil:l ry \ c ad e m y R ic h a r d L. M a ll ctt Dic/i" A nCOlI, Canal Zon e F oo t h all l. 2 3,4; WaleI' 1'0 1 0 2-, 3, ,,-; Swi m m i n g 2-, 3-, 4-Ceorge A. McArthur "Georgie" A nCOIl. Ca n al Zon c B a seball 2 3, 1-; l}aJ;kC l b all 2-, 3-, 1 ; F oot ball I 2. 3, I ; \ V at c r 1'0 1 0 1,2,3 .................. and G--Cap and Gown: UN-U nite d Nations : Prkt Pllrrakeet: --All-Star Team: C ards de Annc.-Cards a n d Announcemen t s : GAA-Girls A t hleti c Association: NHS-National H o n o r S o c iety; Q de S Q u ill u n d S CIO\]. Phylli s J -M a lsoll "Ph,,/" Altoll; I llinoi s V B l. 2. 3, 4; SI} l. 2-, 3, I ; BkB 3,4: C am e r;1 C illb 3, I ; Soph D ance; Jr. R i n gs: Staging I Ern:! B elle M c Carl. y "Erllie" \ n co n Ca n a l Zo n e Vo l l c)' hall 2. 3, I ; Sor t b a ll 2,3. I ; B a s k c tball 2 .3. I : Came r a C luh 1


Phylli s E. M cLaren "Phyl" Panama, R. de ]'. V U ],2, 3,4; B k U 1 ,2,3, 4 : S U 1,2,3,4: N H S 3, -I; SA Sect. I ; HR R ep. 3; S \ R ep. 3; J r. Rin gs; Jr. Dan ce; S \ &: Elks Club !l;!n ccs; Orchest ra 1. 2 3. ; Staging] Jorge L. M idencc "George" Panama, R de P ilB 2, 3; Track 3; FB 3, 'I; Walcr P o l o I ; Spanish C lub I 2; UN Club 3; Slagi n g 4; Zoni(1II Ads 3, K E Y TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Track; BkB_Basketball; FB-Football; WP-Water Polo: V B -Volleyball: SB-Softball: BB-Baseball; Bio--Biol ogy C lub: St-Stamp Club: MAM ul!ic Appreciation; Cam--Camera Club: Zon-Zonlan: C .................. Mary Ann M cC oy 111(/1I/" Ancon Ca nal Zon e \ B 2, 3: S U I 2 3: BKB 1.2,3: PTA Award 3: Q &: S 3: Pafmhee( 3, Edilor 4; NI-IS -I: Producing -I; Jr.. Sr. Ballq. 3 ; Soph Dan ce; i\I A Club I; Library &: Cou n selor's Assistant Erncst Melancon Ernie" 1 Pa so, Texas Prill. 4; Jr. Sr. Banq Comm. 3; Spanis h 3; HSW 3; N HS -I; N RA I 2 Victoria M i zra hi "Vichy" Caton R. d e P. VB 2, 3, 'I; S B 2, 3, 4; BkR 2, 3, 4; Archer y 3 : Mu s i c Club 3, 'I; Pr oducing 4 Leo A.Mclntir e A ncon Canal Zon e S wimmi n g l. 2: Band 1,2, 3,4: Orches t ra 4 Karl James Mellander ;'KJM" L os Ange l es, Calif. B ase ball 4; Football 'I: Softball 4; Camera Club I 2, Pres. 3,4; ilio. Club 3: UN Club 3, 4 ; Radio Club I 2; Broadcasling C lub 3: C h e s s and Checke r s 4; Spanis h C lub Pedro Moreno. J1'. "SOlllly" Da v id Panama. R de 1'. Baseb all 4: Baskel ball 'I: So ftball 'I; F oot ball I ; Water 1'0 1 0 I ; Cristoba l li g h ................ and G--Cap and Cown: UN-United Nation.: Prkt-Parrakeet: .-All-Star Team; Card. A Annc .-Cards and Announcements: GAA-Giril Ath letic AS8ociation: NHS_National Honor Society: Q & S-Quill and Scrol l. A Icsan d e r M c K e ow n "lIfi" Panama, R d e ]' l3ase b;1I1 I 2. 'I: H askel b all 2. !I: Track 1 ; Water Polo I 2. 3; Sr. l'i ctures. Cards & Anne. 4 : S ports AW;lI'd 2, 3 Emilia Rltc.a !\I c nIel "Ell/III)' LOll" Ancon. Cana l Zon e VB 1,2,3, 'i : B as ketball I 2, 3, 'I; Ca m e ra Club 2: Prill. A d s 3, I : C L Sen. I : SA R ep. 2: H R R e p. 4 ; F rosh Dan ce: St a ging I


Mnrgarct Mudgc Peggy Hackens a c k N J \ oll cyball 1,2. 1 ; Softhall 1,2,4 ; Bkn 1 ,2.4; Arc h cr), I. 2: Caillcra Cilib I : LJ-IS 2 ; Lourdes A cade m y John CalToll Hig h Dorothy L. NClccl \lI con. Canal Z one Il i g h Schoo l 1'.1111 i\'full e n M ooll" New Y o rk N Y Hascball I, 2 3 , i ; F O Olball 2 3, 4 ; \\IntC I Polo 2. 3 : HR Rep. 4 ; EI Paso Hig h S c h 0 0 I, Cri s lObal I-Jig h Johll Edw:lnlNixon } Ohlllly" Walla Wall a Wash. HkB 3, 4; Trac k 1 2 3 ,4: Spani s h Club 3, 4 ; Fo rensic S o ci c t )': Jr. Dance; Fool-ball 3, (j{ /(Ii" Col o n Cana l Zo n e Vii 1; P e p Sq u a d I 2, 4: .II'. Rings; Ca p 8.: Gown : ZOllirlll 1 : N H S 4 : Produc in g 4 : Broadcasting Clltb 2: Rudsbttrg High Sc hool


Floann Pi e r c e Flo" Clevc land, O hi o V B 1-,2-,3-, -1-: S B 1 *, 2*,3, -1*; U k U 1*,2*,3-, -1*; A rcheI"}' I : C.\r\ 2, 3, -I; Pcp Sq uad 2; C hcer lea der ;l, -I: P,.kl. 4: Cap a n d Cown I : St. P e t e rs-burg, Fla David D, Robles Dave" S l. Thom as, V. I V B 1,2: llk ll 1,2; CI. P res i d ent I ; R O .T.C. 3, 4; Slamp Club 4: SL Peter and Paul K E Y TO ABBREV I ATIONS T-Track; BkB-Basketball; FB-Football: WP-Wnter Polo: VB-Volleyball; S8-Soft.ball: Sw-Swimming: SS-Baseball; Bio--Biology Club: 5t-Stamp Club: MA-Mlis ic Apprcciation: Cam--Camera Club: Zon-Zonian: C .................. Hurl P a g e "Hul"p" P a n ama. R d e )l. Parra/wei 3, -I; ZOllitlll 1 ; Acting I: Produ c in g I : R .O. T .C. 3. 4; N I I S 3 'I; Q &: S 3; Came r a C lub I ; Library Ass i stalll Stuart Plulller "Sill" Ne\\' York N. Y Ill! ],2. SI! T 3. -I; U k U 2, 3, -I; FB 2, 3-. -I.: W I' 2, 3; SI'. R i n gs I ; J r.-S r 13anq. 3: Staging 1 : R,OT,C. 3, ] Edward Sampl e s "Sf/III" Pa na ma R. d e P B ase ball 3*; Basketball I 2, 3; Football I 2 3, I Hel e n J A n co n Canal Zon e V ollcy ball 3, 4 ; SO( L bali 3.

Clcopatr; 1 Sa nidas "Cleo" Panama, R. de P \'olleyball 1,2,3,4; Arch e r y 1,2; Spani s h C lub 1,2 j ohn E Schmidt, Jr "'!Jill" Ballimore, Basketball 2; FOOL ba ll 2 3: Lelterm a u 's Club 2. 3. 4; Stagin g 1: R.O.T.C. 3, 4: Battalion Commander 4 Arl.ur o Sa n s o n P a nama R de P R O.T.C. Edward P. S cott "ScQII" Brookl yn, New Y o r k Baseb all [-, 2-, 3-, I; B asketball 1 2-,3-,4-; Footbilll 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-; Letterman's Cl u b 1 ,2.3" 1 Richardso n Sel c c "Dicit" Pon C heSler, Nell' Y o r k T r ack .,-; Ca mera Cl. Presiden t 2; R adio C lu b 2; R .O.T.C. 3, .J: Dance Committee .J KEY TO A B B REVIAT IONS T-Trac k : BkB-Bask etba ll : FB-Football; WP-WaterPo lo: VB-Volleyball: SB-Softball; S w Swimming; B B-Baseball: Hlo-Bio logy Club: St-Slamp C lub; MA-M usi c Apprec i ation; Cam-Ca m e r a Cl u b : Zon -Zonian: C .................. j oall Savagc L\,nnhurst. Ncw J erscy V B 1,2,3, 1; S B I, -I: B k B I 2, 3; Dr:UlI:l 2: Ca mera 2, 3; Bio. 3: T a l e n t Show 2; Prod. "Saved By the B elle" 4: Prod. and Slag i n g "Go WeSI. You n g I : Cristobal H igh Flore n c c Ann S cott "Seolly" Non h Pla i n fic ld, N. J V o ll ey b all 1,4; Sofl b all 1 juan L. Scverino "jOl/lllly P anama. R de 1'. B aseball 2: T r a c k 2 : FOOl ball 2-, 3-; W a l c r P o l o 2: Span ish C lub ... ............... and C-Cap and G own: U N -Unite d Natio n>!. 'Prkt-Parrakeet; $-All-Star T eam: Cards &: Annc Carda and Announceme n t s ; CAA-Girls Athletic Association; NHS-Nati o n nl H onor S o c i e ty: Q & S---':Qu ill and S c r o ll. Maril}'1l L. Sca l )' "Sc(lly" Ch i cago, I llin o i s Volleyball 1,2,3,4; So fl ball I. 2. 3: Baskc tball I. 2, 3, 1: WalCI' Ballel I: UN (;Jllb 4: ClInera Cl. 4; 13roadcas l i n g C i llb 1: Chess .& C h ecke r 1 Adelia J. S h : 1Ck1cu c "/)e (le Ri ch m ond. Virg inia \rt C illO 3: Sl a le COllege Il igh


O rlflnclo S m ith "Dilo" Saulfl J\lana, Calif. Bas cball 1 *, 2*, 3*, "*; Track 1*,2*,3*,4 *; Foot ball 1*,2*,3*, 1*: \ Vatcr 1'0 1 0 '*,2*,3 .... : Soph Dance; Fros h D ,lI1ce: S. \ R ep. 3. 4: R O .T.C. Captain; L ettcrm a n's Club I 2. 3. Sect. "; Us her: S p orts Awards l'iO l'lll a n ,V, S p r c adbu r y '''emfafl'' L acyville, Pa. R.OT.C.: LL. KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Trllck; BkB-Basketball; FB-Footbllll; WP-Wllter Polo; V B-Volleyball; SB-Soltball; Sw-Swimming; BS-Baseball; Bio--BiolOilY Club; St-Stamp Club; MA-Mu8ic Appreciation; Cam-Camera C lub; Zo n-Zonian; C ................ JamC5 Shob e Jim" .\ncon. Canal Zone Baseball I 2: Softball 3*. I : T r a c k 1 *. 2 *, 3*; Ba s ketball 1,2,3: FOOlbali I 2, 3*; Radio C lub I ; Came ra C illb 2; Chorus I 3; Spans Award 2, 3 S hirley C. Smith "Shirl" Panama, R. dc P Volleyball [*,2*,3*, "*; Softball 1 *, 2, 3*, "*; Ba sketball 1 *, 2, 3*, 4*; J r,Sr, Banq. Chrm.; Va l entin e COlirt 3: GAA 3,4; Usher 3; Xmas Drive Chrm, 3; Football Dancc 3: H R Rcp. 3; Cl. P res, 1 Mary E llen Stacy "M{lr)," Cheyenne, \Vyoming VB 1,2,3,4*: Soft ball I, 2 3. :]: H asketball I. 2, 3, 4; Chrld. 3, 4 ; P rill 3 ; D rama I 2, 3. 4; ZOllirlll 4; Sp, Award 2 3; Q &: S ;}: Scho!. Awa rd I; N H S 3; Presid ent 4; Soph Secretary Judith Anne Smit h "Judy" A n co n Canal Zo n e Voll cyball 1 2,3,4 ; So f t hall 2; Archery I 2; J\l usCUIIl 3; ZOllitlll and Ads 4; Pep Squad 1,2,3 Gcntldinc S nodgrass "Ced" R odne)" J\l i ss i ssippi V olleyball I; X ma s Dall ce 3: Us her 3; Band 1,2,3,4: Val entinc Dance 4; L T C l inic A id A l bert S t allings M o b i le Alabama s n 2. 3 ; Baskctball 2: Foot ball 1.2,3,4: Camera C illb 3: Band I. 2, 3. 'I: OrciH.'S tra 1,2,3, I ................... a n d G-Cap and Gown; UN-United Nation!!; Prkt -Parrakeet: .-AI1-Star Team: Card .& Ann c.-Card s and Announcements; GAA-Girls Athleti c A.II8ociation: NHS-NRtional Honor Socicty; Q dt S-Quill and Scroll. Mar y E mili a Smith Allco n Callal Zone Voll eyball [,2, 3, I ; Soft ball I R osfl l)'11 Soko l / ?oJie" I'an:una, R d c !" Vollcy ball I 2, 3. 4; So rt ball I, 2, 3, 4; Baskctball 2,3. I ; J\lu s ic Apprccialio n 3. 'I; UN C i llb 3, I ; Us h e r 3: C linic Aid 4; Spanish C lllb 1


Davis Stcve n so n "Sleve" Panama, R de P R .O. T .e. 3, I ; Drill Commander 3, 1; Football I ; WaleI' P o l o 2-Louis Tinnin New Orleans, La. Baseball I 2. 3. 1-; Trac k I 2 3, 4 ; Bas k etball 1 2, 3, 4; Football I 2 3, 4-; Littl e Theatre 1 S)'d n cy Steve n so n "Syd" Panallla, R. d e P. Thelma Towns h end "lUemll" Panama, R. de 1'. C. S. F. 3; Choir Pin I ; 1'1'cnc h Cl u b 2 3; Club 2, 3, President 4; I'al o A l to I-lig h S c hool Ruth Turck "!?lllhie" B ethle h e m. P a. P(l rl'tlilee l Ads 3 4; In auguralion Dance 2; P icn i c Com. 1 2; S p eec h Lunc h eon 3; Stagin g I. 2 3; X mas Danc e 3; Drama I 2 3 KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Track: B k B-Baskctball: FB_Football; WP-Water Polo: VB-Volleyball: SB-So(tball : Sw-Swimming; BB-Baseball: Bio--Biol ogy C lub: St-Stamp Club: MAM u sic Appre ciation: Cam-Camera C lub: Zon-Zonilln; C .................. Marily n Tekuh e Ci ncinnati, Ohio Volle yball 1 2,3; So[ tba]] 1 2,3; Bas k etball 1,2.3 Loui s Trcmblay Lallie" Ancon Canal Zon e 1313 1,2,3,4: Trac k 2-, 3-, 4-; Ba sketball 2. 3; F OOLball I 2-, 3, -\-; Water P o l o 2; R .O. r .C. 3 Katherinc A. Yard "Kallly" FOrl Hanks, l\l a ss Vollcyball 4; Bas k e lball I 2. 3-, 4-; D eering I li g h C ri s tobal H i gh .. .......... and 'G-Cap And Gown; UN-U nited Nation>!. Prkt-Par rakeoet: --All-Star Team : Cllrd, &: Annc.-Carda and Announcements : GAA-Girls Ath leti c Association: NHS-National Honor Society: Q &: S Qui1l and SC1 o ll. Jrtll e Trimble "J'lIIie" 1 3r ook l ) 11. New Y ork Chris t mas Dance 3: l.Ol/itll' ,I; Volleyhall I. 2. 3. 1 : Softball 2 3. 4; Ua!i-ketball 2.3,4 Ruth T. V ancil "Kille " Norf o lk. Virgi nia V olle),b .1l1 1 ; lio n Lal. Dip. 2; Jr. Antho l ogy 3; Lib. 'I; Lab. Ass i s t. I ; F r e n c h Club 2; Latin CI. 2; Wa shing t o n Lee Hi gh


Shirl ey 8 Woodruff "Shirl" Chcslcr. P a. N. H.S. -I; Biolog} Club 2. 3,4; i\l u sic 1,3. 'I; Frosh P lay: H S Works hop 2, 3; Orch. 2, 3, 4 Dolores Zillllllcnnan "Dot/o" ])(1),1011. Ohio Voll e) b : dl ; I\a skct ba I I ; r-.lll sic Cluh; Camcra Club; Bio l ogy C luh; Pf/rralleel KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS T-Track: BkB-Ballketball: FB_Football : WP-Water Polo: VB-Vo lleyball : SB--So!tball : Sw-Swimming: BB-Baseball: Bio--Biology Club: St-5tamp Club: MA-Mult i c Appre_ ciation: Cam-Camera Club: Zon-Zonian; C ................ I ; r e d \\'eimc r "/Jud" Nc\\ Yor k. N. Y. B ascball 3; Baskelball 3: NcwlOn High Uarbara A. Woods /Jabs" Birmingham Ala. Offi cc .\!(SL 3, 1: Lib. ,-\sst. I. 2: Softball 2: Volle yball 2,3,4: Ba s k e tball 2, I Donald Shaddock Shad,."ck" Goshen. New York Softball I ; Basketball I : F ootball 3: VicePres id e n t CI. I: SllIdent Council I ; Fre n c h Club I; I'liotograph)' 2; Wclli n glO u C. Mcpham Hi g h Sch ool Louis F. Williams, Jr. Wash ingtoll, O C. R.o: r.c. 3, 4: Drill T ea m 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3. '1: UaskClball 3, I : WaleI' 1)01 0 Gelllm a 'Vright Norfolk, V irginia NI-IS 4: Prht. '1; An \ward I 3: Office Assl. 4: Lib. \ SSI. 2; Staging I. 2, I : Chair-Grad 3; Val. Dance I : X ma s D a n ce 3; Part)' 2: Us her 1,2,3; D ra m a I (Not /)ictlll" ccl) Jean Gardner Hfl/field" Oakland. Cali f ornia Sc h ool Pape r ; Rame), !la se Schoo l ................... and G-Cap and Gown: UN-United Nations; Prkt-Parrakeet: .-AlIStar Team: Card s .& A n m: .-Cards and Annou ncements : G AA-Glds Athlet.ic A Slloc intion: NHS-Nntional Honor So c i e ty: Q &. S-Qui1l and Scrol l. Naomi C. Witkin "/llllllly" New York. N. Y. Prkt. 3. 4: X m as D a nce 3: Bus. LT -I: Cards & .\II11C. 4: VB I. 2. 3. 4: SB 2. 3: B k n I 2, 3. 4: Pep Squad I. 2, 3, 4: ,!;her; Spons .\wa1"<.l: Cl in ic .\id; Music C lub 3: l' rod ucin g P erry R obert Young "/Job" Ualboa. Canal Zo u c B aseball I : Track 2_ 3; Basketball 1.3: WaleI' 1'010 2: Biolog y Club 2: Orches lra 1,2,3,4




H ome r oo m 1 0 7 M r. Fisch e r H o m e room 307 1\1iss D a h l e m H o m e r oo m 3 1 4 Mr. W a r d


Class Horn e r oo m 206 C M iss .Juv c t H o m e room 3 1 3 l vfiss John son H o m e r oo m 209 N f r. V osburg h


Frallk May o C LASS OFFI CERS PRE.SIDEN T ............... .. ......................... ... .... F r allk "f\' r a yo VICE-PRESIIJEN T ... . . ...... . ...... ... .l" y Trollp SECI U-:T A R Y .......... Anncw.:: Godby S. A Rl::I'RESEN T r\T1V E S ... ..... .... T crry Ford .loa n Sprag u e S A .... .Ju n i o rs! ... Dic k IVlaguirc Sara S o k o l Junior Class Upwa rd we cli lllb c d a bove t h e l owe r ciaSSJll C ll Notin g w ith se r i o u s ness and r e wardillg trus t we pla c ed. In President, Frallk ivlay o; Vi c e -Pre sident, J ay Troup; and S ecretary, Annette C o d b y A D \ I S ER: iVf r.1'vl y e r s V ICE-PRES I D I-:NT: Jay Tro llp SECRETARY: Anncllc Godby S A T erry F ord .loa n Sprag u c S A ALTER NATE S : Di c k Ma guirc Sara S o kol Glit [ o r th e t eam, sc reaming in glori olls Rha p sody w h e n Ollr football h e ro es carri e d : nv<.ly th e tro p h y SOllle h ow we'll n ever f o r gcllhi s f ruitful and pl e a sant mile s t o n e o f our l i ves


AnnCLlC Godby, our c r i li c T erry and Dave workin g hard o n :l c h emis L ry proble m Frank, Barbara L. Barbara .1., Ed, Louisc, Pau, alld Dav c i n vile ) 'Oll to lhe Chrisl1lla .. Dance i\trr. Oli ver Cec ili a alld C h a rles dOllaL c g i r L s for lhe orphan's h O lll c


Sophomo.-e H o m e r oo m iVfiss Candee Homer oom 3 0 3 Oli ver H o m croOIll I Of> \Veir H o m e room 204 Bri gham


Home room I 1 6 N liss\ V hillll a n I-Io lll c r oo lll 109 M r Ma ste l H olll c r oo m 20 8 J \ 1 iss B e av e r s Home r o orn 1 0 1 i\ l r r. K e a ney


Edgar Kournay CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ............................................. Edg; r KOtlrany V I O :,PRE S I DENT . ...................................................... 5<1111 SECRETARY. .. Shirley Long-S. A. REPRESENTATI V E S .. ..... .1 im O'Connor A n n S. A. ALTERNATE S ..................................................... Ray Tucker H e l e n Edwards Sophomo re! Sophomore Class Only a s w e approach th e P o rta l s that open inLO th e second Half of our high sc h oo l days do we b egin to Ope n our mind's eye to th e ADVISER: M a st e l V I C E -PRES IDENT: Sam Nfaphis SECRETARY: Shirley Long S. A. J i m O'Connor Ann i\lforr ill s. A. ALTERNATES : Ray Tucke r Hel e n Edwards Nfilititude of b enefits that are Ours, afforde d liS b y th e love and th e R c a l intc rest o[ o u r parents and t eachers in E ve r y effon we make LO r e a c h that day o r days, Sen ior Cr

E ve r yo n e enjoys hi m se lf at the sophomore p icni c Sophomor es all se t for the w g 0' war ag"ains t t h e fr eshme n \ Vhat 's the m aller, J ohnny? ;,\f yrna, P olly, Lilia, and rvfarcos h elp make a i\f crry C h ri stmas for orphan Y olanda


Freshman H o m e room 3 1 5 M iss Zimm e r H o m e room 20 2 Mrs Sill H o m e room 3 0 4 Mr. Myer s H o m e ro o m I 02-C Mr. M u nc h


Class H omcrODIll 207-C r V f iss iVf o nroc H omerOOlll 102 Mr. Wilde r Homer oom 308 Miss Aycock


Eddie Armistead Freshman Class ADVISER: Mr. j'vrun c h VICE-PRESIDENT: Nob l e H o llada y SECRETARY: Ted Norri s S. A. REPRESENTATI VE S : Bill Bird .J oyee Gardner Bill Ro,an 1\1 agda Coloma CLASS OFFICERS I)RES II)EN T .............. Eddie; Armistead ... Noble I-Iolla"ay SECRETARY. .... Tcd Norri s S. A. REPRESENTATI VES ........................................... Bill Bird J oyce Gardner S. A. ALTERNATES .. .......... ... Bi l l R osa n N r agda Coloma l7reshman! R c m c l :nber h ow we sta n ce! ou( into a new wide world with a bang, and. Eddie Armistead 1\as e l ec t e d Presid ent, with Noble Holladay as ViccPresidCnt a n d Ted Norris a s sec r etary? S

Faye and Charles having a good Limc aL th e Fros h -Soph f r olic while "SlU" takes car c of Lhe co kes C:c rLrlld e, 1 1 ill and make their c h o ice at L h e LOy sa le Joycc Gardner enjoys her pi c at L h e conLesL Call1cra fan s wa t c h as \ IVild e r demon s t ratcs the u se o[ the ca m era


Domel-oom Repl-esentatives Left 10 top row : P aul Mulle n E a rl Schroeder. C l air Godby. R ay Tuc ker, C h a rl es S m ith, I Jaul Mudge, Uill R osa n Middle row: J oa n Powell George Ford A I M c K eow n R a m o n !\i o r a l cs, D o n Conn o r C l ay Lewi s, E l a in e Smith F ront !"Ow: J\l y rn a B oy lll o n Bar bara Shaw, Shi rl ey L o n g, Sherry P ark e r Coi l a Goo di n J oyce Colli n ge, J\' l a g da Co loma F aye T u c k e r Cora Canham HOMEROOM ALTEIINATES L eft t o r i ghi., tOJ} row: Mi c hael M cNev i n F r c d L ee, Al be n St all i n gs, Sam J\laphis, D av i d A lbrillo n Thinl )ow: Ed M c K eow n Ray m o n d Cru cc l D o n E i l e r F r e d S ill Hill D C lT o u g h P a l H u t c h ings Seco nd row : J ea n n cllc Pa ge, l\' li ri a m Co m e j o. Lia Saiz, Pal R eese, Louis e Rowland, J oa n Wes t ern, Gw e n l\HlI c r FrOIl/ row: Emma M e n z el C in gcl' Co rr y l\largllc ri l c Fl ynn. Pall W : llke r Louise C Illd Naomi Wilkin J o yce DOlI)'. Calheri n e J Olls lra












mOST TAlEnHD MARY ELLEN STACY JERRY KADOCH :::;:: --. --: ---=::'I (, --. ----------" ::: "')))4 f ':/"/










In w h ite tic a nd tail s a nd eve nin g gow n R oberta and Clement arc the toast of the town H e r e's our "Intellec tual couple-J ea n and H en. They've b ee n ge ttin g "A s" s ince-you k n ow w h e n Two o f Ollr favorites-Boyd a nd Jane t B P erso nality plus" fits t h ese kid s to a "T" Bill and .JaCkie. thi s l ad a nd lass Arc two ';good look e rs" w ith pl e lll y o[ class At the piano and trump e t they c an t be b ea t Shi rley and Jim a r e reall y all r ee t Stand We' re proud to be graduoting i c the Closs of 1950 Most All-Around : JANET BARNES AND BOYD BEVINCTON Most Likely to Succeed: ROIJERTA HOLLAND E R ANn ENTE ASERON Best Looking: JACQUELINE BLAU AND llILLl\JAUI E Most Tolented : SHIRLEY \I\'OODRUFF AND F ORnES Most Intellectuo I: J E A N C L E MEN T AND HENR" CHIAL


'. Top h o n ors r a r l augh s go to t h ese t hr ee g uys For .Ja c k Ma r t and VVc nclall t h e booby prize! -Ins I t's kid s lik e the s e w ho help to make our S e nior Cla s s s o Nifty! Witti est: l\rARTHA IRVIN, .lACK GEISINGER ANI> IVENI >ALL SPREADI WRV B es t Danc e r s : l\ tl\I A i\I ENZF.L AND BF:RT JOYCE Most Popular: PHYLLIS j\ T c L AREN ANI) ORLANDO 51\11'1'1-1 Fri endlie st: EDNA CURLES AND STUART PLUI\I I>:R Most Athletic : SHIRLEY SMITH AND ED Seo n For popularit y t h e re's none comparin To D ito Smith and P h ylli s l\1cLarcn Turn 011 the Illllsi c roll tip the rug atch Hert and Emma jiLl crbug! Uph o ld i n g Lhe fam e of Lhe W hiLe and R e d Our "Most Athle tic" Shirl ey and Ed The r easo n these arc lOpS i s s imple: Our h ear t s were won w ith a smil e and dimpl e


c A p E R s




Top: Prcsid ent B oy d llev in g t o n. Right: V icc-PIcsid e n t Kicth Kr e th and Secre t a r y Ph y lli s Lower: Ad v i se r Mr. L W. i -[alc h cll Student Association The Student Assoc i atio n o r Balb o a Hig h Sc hool i s the guiding h and of all sc hool acti v ities [o r th e students This o r ga nizatio n ha s for its m embe r s n ca rl y the entire student b o dy, w hi c h el ec t s a s m all g r o u p o [ office r s f r o m eac h class to form its governing b o dy. At th e contro l s thi s year \\"

Left: Cheerlea d c r s : F. Pi e r ce, .I. Spragu e, C. P owell, J \f. t;KY, B. K e n e a ly, C. Goodin, R. 13oynLOll a n d "'. R y t cr. Righi: S. A. R,cprescntati ves in action Our fir s t dance or the year ,,-as th e Inauguratio n Dance g ivell at th e beginning of the yea r at which class office r s f o r the year we r e announce d. Othe r dan ces \n,:re sponso r e d b y th e di[[erellt classes ill co o p erati o n with th c Assoc iation. Awa rd s in s p orts, scholarship, journalism, s pecch and dralllatics are o[[e::rcd b y th e S. A. and arc presente d to d ese r v in g students o n A wards Day early in i\1;IY, at \\'hi c h th e Presidcnt for th e coming ycar i s anllO llnc.:ccl. T h e S. A. s po n so r s our dri ves, and t h i s year it c alllC thro u g h wit h fly i n g colors f o r t h e I n fantile Paralysis Fund. Dr. P ri eLO's Fly i n g Caravan was also a ided b y the ge n e r osity o [ n.H.S. The B e lla Vis la Orphan's Home r ece i ve d il S annual Chris t ma s donations o[ food, toys, and clothing. DiLO Smith p l ayed lh e part o f Sanla Claus. B e/ow: S. A. drive lor Orphalls Luwer right: Carol s ill g in g ill lh e hall s Across: .J. Garc i a and F. Larrinaga \\'ith Santa ( S e r g'cant \ I Voods)


Hard work 011 the probl ems a t hand are Zon i an staf[ mcrnbe rs, J a n e Trimble, Barbara Norri s and ?\r ary Ellen Stacy J oa n a n d Hill h a ulltin g t h e gylll [or m o r c mat cr i a l for the i r sports sec t ions T h e ';Bi g Boss," o u r p atiellt ( how does h e d o it?) spon so r iVlr. J o h n E. K ea n ey H e r e a r c t h e girls yo u can than k for th e populari t y section, B C l t y J a n c a nd Cing' c r C. Frank Sco tt o u r exp erl p hoLOgr apher. Il t h e c r edit f o r thi s book b e l o n gs to any one i n d i v i d u a I "Frank' s t h e [ella" O u r ad sta[l, the "Bloodhounds o[ fl.lL S."


Manha Irvin, our compt:t ent bus in ess m a n a gc r Shirley SmiLlt, our beautiful and brainy edito r w h o whippc d us in to s h a pt: D i ligcn tl y work i n g out thc probl e m s pre scntc d b y the Popul a r ity Runnc rsup and thc Scn i o r P ortra its, arc N a ollli and Ginge r S. Our cleve r hard-wor kin g cartooni st .Hurt Pa ge Ros a l y n and put t h e i r h eads togeth e r Qvt:r C lubs and Unde r classlllc n


Par.eakeet h's deadline day, and the Parmheet office asslimes a l oo k of c h aos Editor i\Jary Ann M cCoy clas h es around w r iting a n editorial checking copy. and conferring with i\ llary Brig ham. th e sponso r. CodiLOr Naomi V itkin, a lso the "Inquiring R e p o n e r," i s busy inquiring of anyone within shouting di s tance. "Vo) fesses" Gay Hogan and Pan \ '\Tal k e r arc comparing notes on man-chas in g. whi l e Bert .Joyce. th e e nterprisin g " Volf," alternates between hi s l ist of irres i stibl e femmes, and hi s hal f of th e B oys' Sports Pag e K i e lh Kre th th e o th e r Boys' Spons Editor, r ecl ines ill th e ofnce. H e b elieves thal i f h e sits t here long e n o u g h "Krclh's Korner" wil l jl1stcomc to hil ll. Gemma "Shins and Skirts" '''f r igh t hands in h e r co l u1lln and se ttles down to dream, while G irl s' Spons Edito r s Floann Pi e r ce and Celeste Powell c h ec k on pi c lUrc s w i t h D i ck G r ee n c, t h c harasse d Pi cLUre Editor. Photographers C l e mentc Asc r o n and Jac k Gei singe r appear in t h e doorwa y eve r y tc n minutes to sec i f t h e r e a r e a n}' more ce l ebrities to b e "s h ol." Loui s Tinnin, dismayed that the r esults o[ t h e la s t SllIdent Poll ca m e out 550/0 pro and 570/0 co n asks Louise "Or c hi ds To" GIlIel and C ia}, L ew is, th e Literary Editor, [Q go over the s tati stics jus t once more. \ I Vhen Makcup Edi tors Roberta H ollander and E r nest discover three ads rnissin g, Boy d Bevington, Exchange Editor, i s sent OUl to c h eck with Business l\f a n age r s Jimmy Forbes and Dorothy Hic ks, and 1\'11'. E. \ IV. Hatchett, Financ ial Adviscr. Burt Page S LOpS in to leave the editoria l ca!'loon. \ Vhen th e storm subsid es, a finis h e d Parraheel emer ges, the pride alld joy o[ the w h o l e s tarr.


R. O. T. c. CALENDAR OF E VENTS NOVE:\IHER 1 0 A n informa l R O. T. C. dance wa s h e l d a t t h e B a l boa G y m followin g t h e [oat ball gam e b etwee n .I_ C. and B. H S T h e R O. T. C. s po n s ors wer e introduced JANUAR Y 11-A revi ew was h e l d in f r ont o[ t h e Adm i n i strat i o n Building in h o n o r o f Lieut e n ant Gene ra l V illiam H. H Torris, Jr. .JANUARY 26-The 33 r d In fa ntry Regi m e n t at Fort Kobbc d emon strat e d ni g h t firing for th e ca d ets l\ I ARcH 22-R O. T C. asse m bl), [ o r Lhe stude n t bo d)' at Bal b o a SLadiu m. APRIL 1 4 -Annua l F i eld Day I'vfAY 1 2 -Annua l Awards Ba ll.


Our directo r Our band p l ay in g at a (ootball game B.D. S. "One two, p l ay two ca n b e h eard as "Branny" geLS our Band 0(( to a s n appy start. This year th e Band. h a d th e pri vilege o ( pl aying" (or th e openin g o( t h c n cw Ba l boa Clubho u se T h ca t e r a n d th ey r e ally d i d the m se lves h o n or. \ V e w ill all r e m embe r th e Band w ith i t s p e p and spirit at th e asse mblics a n d a t all t h e ga m es a s i t spurred o u r t eams o n to v i c t o r y On D ecembe r 21 t h e Orc h estra and Chorus presente d a n eve r -tobeforgotte n C hri stmas Program in fr o n t o ( th e sc h ool. A process ion o( g irl s dresse d in l o n g w hi tc gow n s cntc red s in g in g "Gloria in E xcc l s i s The entire c horu s sallg C h r i stiansell' s "Chri stmas H y mn, GOlill o d 's San c tll s," and H a",le l' s And th e G l o r y of t h e Lord" and "Halle l u j a h Chorus ," Yola tlda Ors ini sa n g th e solo in "Cantique d e Noel." Part of th e g i r l s i n th e C hri s tm as "Mus i c Pro g r a m


Bal b oa Hi g h Orches L ra rehears in g in th e Lilli e The;nre Musie Department Other hi g hli ghts of th e yea r included th e mll s i c [or lh e Fas h i o n S h ow w hi c h was provide d b y sel ec t e d members o f th e Orc h es tra. The Orc hest r a also played [ o r all th e cluiJ h Ollse plays, and combine d w ith the C horu s and B and to produce a s u ccessful Spring Festiv al o n April 20. La s l bu t nOl l eas l a se l ec t e d group [r o m th e Orcheslra played f o r th e Baccalaureate S erv i ces and the G r adualio n Exercise s Congralliialions LO "Branny" and th e i\ltl s i c D e p a n m elH f o r a very s u ccess rul year. H ow could s piri t help bUl rllll hi g h wilh a band lik e lhi s playin g al o llr games?


:.>E , -, The future llarrymores of B.H,S. emote in a scene 1'1'0111 th e Lillie Theatre productio n o r "Saved b y !.he B elle Little Theatl-e B ehind the scenes, Mrs Turby fill puts the fini shing touches on the makeup of Roberta H ollander, while a f a n look s on For s i x t een seaso n s th e Little Theatre h as bro u ght B.H.S. the best in p erforma nce and CIHcrlainm e nt. Thi s yca r h as b ee n no exce pti o n. On th e ca l endar f o r th e seaso n wer e "Saved b y the B elle" and "Go VVCSL Young M a n," b oth presente d a t the Diablo Theatre During th e yca r vocational guida n ce plays, co-direc t e d b y various seniors, we r e presente d to stir Lip th e inte rest o f the freshmen. The B a l boa Liul e Thea u 'c h a s th e di s tin c ti o n of being ente r e d in th e National Tri buta r y Theatre Direc tor y Diamond rvr asques the Little Thealre's h i g h est honor, a r e awarded annually at the Little Theatre Banquet at th e H o t e l T i vo li. And so, for th e s i x t eenth time, th e members o[ th e Little Thea t re ca n l ea n ba c k and p oint w ith pride to a job well done Under hi s ex p ert g u ii:::l a n cc. th e Hal b oa Littl e Theatre h a s co m e s u ccess full y throug h s i x t ee n seasons


Top row lefl to "i g ltt : .lac k G l a dwell, BUrl Page, n oy d llcvington Bill L a ng, J erry K a d oc h S econ d row lefl to right: J ea n C l e m e nt, Ai d a H arv ie, Pat K elly. Yolanda Ors ini F l"Olll TOW, left to l i ght: i\lary Ell e n Stacy, Mary Ann i\1c Coy, J o an Fisch e r Anita Lam b ema, Naomi P addoc k Ph y lli s i\1cLare n Joan P owell N adonal Ronol-Society Balboa Hig h S c hool confe r s 110 greater h o n o r o n a student tha n thal of b e in g c l cCle d to t h e Natio n a l H OlloI' Soc i c t y T hi s i s t h e t hird yea r that th e I sth m i a n Pa c ifi c C hapte r h as exi s t e d and i t s cri t e ri a are sch o larship, l eade r ship, N. H.S. m embe r s cle a n their boards (or the n ew yea r and l i s t e n to a word fr o m their pres id e n t Guiding the club thi s yea r we r e Burt Pa ge, S ecretary; Mary E ll e n Stacy. President; Anita L 0 mba n a Tre a s u r e r a n d J oa n Powell Vice-P resid ent character and ser v i ce. A t th e r eins th i s year were Mar y Elle n Stacy, Preside nl ; J oan P owell: V ice-Presi d e nt ; Hurt P age, Secreta r y and Anita L omba n a, Treasure r S p o n sors for t h e fir s t pan o [ th e year wer e Eugen e and i\lr. Frank \ Vilele r and for t h e l a s t pan, M iss H a lli e B e av e r s and rvTr. J am es Garts ide.


Music Apploeciatioll Club Lefl t.o rig/llloJ ) row: V.7\ li zrac hi, Y. KOllppennann, H. Holis inf,;'cr Sill Y. Bull, S. \Voodl'ulT. Second row : E. Chang K \Vanl, E. Anderson, i\f. Jac kson J. Sa vage Thir d 1'010 : T. T owlls h end, Y. Ors in i P. R eese, \ Col o ma ,.J. Blall S. Sokol R. Sokol. Frolll rnw: A. C:lrhoni A. Lomh:"ma, i\f. Coloma, C. l\briani, J. Osori o, 1\1. } \ppin Bac h HccLiwvC Il o r Hc-Bop. TVf u s i c at its besl. T h e purpose of the i\l u s i c Appreciatio n C lu b i s to a c q u ai n t its m embe rs with all t y pes o [ mus ic. R c -cslabl i s h c d a year a go, thi s club h a s b ee n g rowi n g in both m embe r ship and imparlance. At semim ollthly m eetings t h e programs cente r around the life 0 1':1 compose r alld hi s Illu s ic. 'rile c1l1b presente d to t h e stude llt hody programs f eaturing' t h e alllaleur lalenl o f t h e hi g h school. SllI

Model Airplane CluJ. Bill Brock Nobl e l-l olio d oy, D a n Caul Don Snider, David Dixon Jim S u t e r b),. and ells ?\fcllall

PlIilatelie Club G. j \ l ariani. J. Ande r so n, D. Tribe, \ V. Dawso n, D. R o bl es J. O sorio, G. M ella n d e r ,.J. F ull e r A. Wrig hl, E. S chroeder This year t h e Stamp Club was organized unde r i' lr. \ 'ValLe r Fi sc h er, for stamp collecto r s LO compare s peci m e n s VVi l h Guilia n n a N f a ri ani a s Pres id ent; .lack Cl e m e n t Vice-Pres id ent; Jimmy Anderson Secretary; Dav id R o b les, Tre a s u re r and Di c k Barr Librarian. Thi s cl u b Illee t s eve r y j\I[onday f o r s tamp a u c ti o ns, d i sclissio ns, a n d tra d in g T h e Swmp Club o r ganized a mag'nificc llt ex h ibitio n of s tamps in th e Balboa Hig h School i\1[USCUIll. The m embe r s 1l1'1cic a map cov e r e d with stamps from all pans o f th e worl d. Ea c h m ember s howed hi s colle ction of s t amps in thi s dis p l ay. "Do you wallt to trade? J a ni ce and Guiii a n n a as k David Offi ce r s o f th e club we r e : Presid e n t Guili anna !\Iari ani; V i ce Presid ent, Jac k C l e m enl; Sec r e lary, .Jimm y Ande r so n ; Treasurer, D av i d R o bl es; Librarian, D i c k Barr, a nd S p o n s o r Mr. "Valte r F isch e r


J a cob Cw cibc r Edwin L e t e ndre Appi n Gan s icic S h i rl ey \ 'Voodrurr, H enry C h ia l Jua n F O ll g Karl i\lc ll a n d c r Ern es t l\ I e l a n co n Chess and Checkelo Club T h e i n t e r es t ill t h e o ld g a m c s o( C h ess and C h e c k e r s h a s bro u g h t r e s uJt s in Bal boa Hig h Scllool. T h i s yc a r an intr a-school [Qu rnaJll c n t wa s adde d to the a c t i v i t i es e n g a g e d in b y t h e club. T h e winn e r \ \ a 5 Jacob Cw c i b c r. G uidin g t h e d es t i ni es o f the club ,\"cr c : J a co b C w cibc r P r es i d e n t ; l\fary Appi n S ecre t a ry. and iUr. J a mes Garts i de, Spo n sor. r v l c rnb c r s o[ t h e C h e s s a n d Chec k e r C lub a r c e n g a g e d in a n e x c i t i n g game o f c h ess "\lV h o i s going to win thi s LOUITlilIllClIl?"


Biology D. H a rdy, R. Kel l ey ,./. HULchings, S. Woo dr1l[f ,.J. naro n, fl. S h aw. N \ V ells, H. Lockri dge, S. Zemel', S. Kars t A. G

N fik c IV[CNcvin, Elsa C hang. Anita L ombana. :Mag d a Coloma, A licia ColOIlla I l ila Hawkins J ancy \ r Vclt z j \ fa r i tza Vall Hoord c Patsy R eese, Auril

Spanish Club Y. Bull, C Gar c i a, A. Ccrm clly. B. Jacinto, R. Lamastus, Bassfie ld H. j\l firanda, C. Fonseca, A. Carbone. C. Castellanos, i\I L Tolcdan o, 1\1. Vengo ec h ea, M. Van Hoorde, H Filos, S. Cordoba, ./. Calvo, P. R eese, M. Ungo, F. L ao, M. R a lldales, G. R osas, I. H ernandez, .I. Barnet, E. C h ang, Y. Ors ini A L ombana and R Pare d es T h e Spanis h Club was organ ized to h el p (UrLhc r th e policy o [ thro ughout th e Am e r i cas. O n t h e third of November a vc r y impressive program was prese n ted for Panama's Inde p ende nce Day. "1 Conjunto Ca j a r," Panama's m os t n o ted na t ive dance rs, presented th e ;'Talllbo riLO" and L a i\Icjoran a." Nex t on th e cl u b 's sc hedul e was the Carni val Dance with p l e nty o[ Illll s ica l atina" h e l d a t th e Hotel T i vol i on F ebruary I i Som c lhing-n c\\' was added to thi s dance Petite Aut' ita Carbone was e l ec t e d quee n to r e ign over "La Fi cs til del R ey Presidcllt, Bri scida Jacinto; Secretary Vil m a Vcngo cc h e a ; Treas urer, Anita L omba na ; ProgT

Radio D. Schne ider, .J. Tsudy, B. Harrel, H Kelly D Dixon, D. Klotz C. M cllander, K. I\[ ellander and D. V illiams The Radio C lub ca rri es Ollt a program caJc ul:acci to h e lp memb e rs gain a mos t i mporLa n t goa l-to b ecome l i ce n se d amateur radio oper ators. or h a ms," M erllbcr s this year have been mix in g practi ca l work with theory in the co nstruction of s u c h equipIII Clll a s ampl i riel's, t r a n srnillc rs, receiv e r s and te sting d ev i ces, w hi I e silllultaneou s l y l earni n g the principl es o [ th eir operati o n. Expert in s t ruction has a l ways b ee n p rov ided by inte rest e d out s id e r s in a n y p h ase o [ rad i o wor k t hal tile club desire d. Thie l will you p l ease tell llIe w hat part YOll put h e r e?" \ V hile:: Sponsor 1\11'. Thiel, s upervises, t h e cl u b i s led b y Presi d ellt, R oge r K elly: Vice-Pres id e n t, iVl cJv i n [\ ia),cr a lld SccrcuH)'. Pat HULching


U. N. Club Blatt, A. Col oma, lVf. Col oma, T. Forel, R K elly, C. fiJariani, l\1. r d cNcvill R. l V f o ra l es, R. Sokol S. S i eg fri e d Sara So ko l g. Jacintu, D. Hanly, R. Holla"de r The purpose o r t h e U.N. Club i s to impan to the S Wd CIiL a belle)" u lH.l<:rs Lalldi n g of world s ucia l politi ca l and eco nomi c co ndi t ions .By d e v e l oping a n inte r est in current pro bl e ms, it see k s to establis h b elle r relati o n s a m o n g world n e i ghbo r s A ve r y inte resting and attractive di s pl ay was exhibite d b y thi s club during U.N. w eek. This display fC

1:"1. B. Yerk es, .\1. F ord, D. Col ins. C. S m ith, K. C. 1\ Iclla Illi c r C. Lope!., E. L e tendr e. Y. KOllppcnlla n P. K err, R. K e ll)" T. .lo rd a n .I .lo iJn so n R. H o, L. tlo, R ] l o llander, N. H ollada)" I. Hanson R Gu)".J. Gladwe l l T. GiJe r e lll McCarl)" J. Cal vo, H Akers, M. Mudge, .J. Page, Apl'in, E Armistead, Bro d e ri c k (lnd B S h a w Calnel"a Club .';lIlilt: for the h iI'd)': cli c k cli ck." You ve g U l:ssc d it. J t'son co[ouramalc urph o tographe r s taking piClllrcs for t h e C;'IlIlCra C lub. Thi s clu b i s o n e o r t h e mos t p o p ular in t h e sch ool. This club was unde r the l ea d e r s h i p o f : Presi d e llt Karl i\l f e ll andc r ; V i ce-Pres i d ellt C l e lll ellt e ASCI'Ol1: Secretary, R oge r K e lly; Tre as u r e r .Jack Glacl\\" cll; Sponso r iVf r. Frank '''' i ld er. T h e Camera Club h e l d a sc hool-wi d e p h o tography Contes t during th e month o f F ebru a ry. ] t rece i"ed 1110rc than 100 entries! .In t h e b l ac k-andwhite sectio n Roger K e ll y took firs t p l a ce. Jack G ladwcll wall first and s<..:cond places i n the color divi s ion. R CIlt.: \ voir tilt.: ConlIn;! Club how to operate a llIov i c pro j<":cL o r "Can YOIl put t h e parts togcth el' agaill, Cleme n tt.:?"


So m e o [ lh c allr a CLivc Illodel s wcr e: .Joa n Powell, H e lell Kr idlc, Sar a Soko l BeLLY \Vilkin soll, A lln Edwards, YVCllC J-I011ls allY. COlllly Price, P<.;gg)' i \ fudgc, El eanor J oall Spragllc. Mary J acksoll, .10<111 1\1 aca 1I la y Fashion Show (Chez Eloise)


The Inaugu.eal Ball Our fir s t S e ni o r dall ce, th e In all guraillall, w a s h e ld at th e H Old Tiv ol i 011 S eptembe r 23. The hi g h light o f th e evening was t h e prcsc llLali o n o f t h e class of[i cc r s and adv iser s w h o wc r e d es i g nate d to l ead their rcsp cClivc cla sses [or t h e '5 0 sch ool ye ar. Ollr Ni[t y Class or '5 0 o[[i c c r s w e r e : Bil l Lang, Presidellt; Belly .lane K enea ly, VicePre s i d ellt ; i\fary ElIcll Sta cy, S cc n :lary. QUI'S. A. R epresentatives w c r e .Edna Curies and Dito Smith T h e i r alte r nates we r e J oyce En g elk e and .la c k G ladwe ll. 1 "'1'. Z i c n cil w a s Ollr S e ni o r-Cl ass Adviser. An odd bllt sLil llu lalill g se n sation swept ove r LIS a s w e r e al ized thal at las t w e had r e ach e d Qur final yea r or hi g h school and that upon Ollr s h oulde r s r es t e d th e l eade r ship and r cs p o n sibilily o f t h e n.H.S. s llld c lll b o d y ''''c h o p e we did a good j ob.


Football Chalnpionship Dance The B .I-! 5. Fuolball Champio n wer e th e h osts [ o r a wondcrrul vicLOry ce l ebnllio n o n Novt: lllb c r 24, a t the Ba lboa Gym. Ginger ColTy \Vas scknc d b y t h e t c a l n [ o r Quee n and r e i g n e d over the f es t i v i t i es a s Quct!1l Cing c r .l.Margare t l -iaincs alld J \ lary Elle n Sut e), madc lip h e r COllrt. Dit o Smith, h o n orary B H.S. captain, esco n c d Ginger and c rown e d h e r quee n. and Mary Elle n wc r e escorLe d b y .la c k .lohnso n .I. C ca p tain; and B o b K a rigcr C.H.S. captai n The prov id e d SOllie hila ri o u s c lll c n a illHl c lll w hi c h wa s enjoye d jus t as hilariolls l y b y lh e audie n ce


T he dflt e: D ecembe r 16, 1 9 '19 The / ;111e: 7 : 3 0 L a II :00 The 1'/fI [e : Tivoli H o tel O([(/S;OIl: T h e annual Christmas Dance s p o n so r e d h y th e JUlliors The co m millcc, h ea d e d b y Palt "Valk e r did a s p l endid job o [ makin g th i s occas i o n o n e t h a t w ill b e a treas+ ured m emory for liS. S a nca Cla u s ( S gt. "\f oo ds) rompe d and bluste r e d a s f ull or fun a s hi s sac k was o [ prese nts. \ \f c I I n eve r for get h illl, th e s nowb alls and s nowm e n n o r the b eauti fu l d ecorations t hat fesLOollcci th e ballroom.


o U R q U E E N Queen of Ilearts Ball F ebrua r y 10th w a s the bi g nig h t fOl the annual, Senio r-sp o n so r e d V a l clIt i n e B a ll. The Tivoli ballroo m was b eautifully decor a t e d f o r the occ a s i o n. During intermissi o n, love l y Jacque l i n e B lau was crown e d "Quee n o f H ca n s" b y Bill Llilg S e ni o r prcsj d CIlL. A [ te r th e cor o lltlLi o n Bill and J a c ki e l e d the firs t dance o f t h e next :-.t:l. H e r court illclude d Edna Curies and Phy lli s M cLarcll, S eniors : Anncllc C odby and G ay l e Mac D onald, Junio rs: Coila G oo d i n and J oyce Daly. S ophom ores; L eticia Ste v e n so n and K atht'l in c H e b ert, Freshm e n. J A C q U E L I N E


el The Spa ni s h Club c el ebrated th e Carnival se a so n o n Febru ary 1 7 b y s p o n so r in g a dan ce f o r S. A. m embe rs. P e t i t e Auri la Carbone was crow n e d "La R eina d e l Car n

R e m embe r h o w O llr A inu l oo k e d in S epte llib e r ... and h ow t h e g an g u sed to mee t .. a n d w hen we signe d up ... and r e m embe r w h e n o u r o ffice r s we r e a nll ounce d ... and r e m embe r t h e Parra heet Daili es ... and our se n ior class m ee tin gs


D o YOII r CllIembe r lhe: lorturc of lhe sCllior picltlres? R CIll CJ1 I b c r l hosc mOLOr SCOOlcr s And o h rcm embcr lhose gyrn classes :\11<1 Lhe pri ces; and everyo n e wanLing olle? and remember t h e classes ... and th e p a sses LO t h e S. 1\. 1'00111


R e m embe r o u r fooLix til t eam that l e d u s to glory and Coac h F aw cett's immortal s p eec h a fler we wo n j gucss w e w ill n eve r forg ctthe spirit o [ th e kid s anci th e fun we had winning th osc g:1l1les,


R c m cmbcr O ll r S cnior Swcatcr Day-... and our n: I -I.s. T-shins-Rcmc m b c r l h c super-col oss al C hri s lllla s Dance .. and ou r "S av c d b y th c B cllc"-... and gClling ready [or t h e C hri s lma s mu s i c program ... and 0111' OWIl Christ ma s lrcc-


A nd th e n t h e r e wcrc t h osc s ill y s in gingVal cntincs "lid do YOli r C lll cmhe r thal trac k t c a m \\"C had A n d r Clllember how wc"d n cve r get ollr work donc in t h e librar y And Carniv al with t hat rhythmic dancc of th e Spanis h C lu b And how \\i:c'd ycll our lungs out t h ose p e p rallies Lookillg' ba ck over iL all, we h a d a IO L 01 fUll didn' t we?


1 Smile preLLY, p lease Tal e n t yell ;'0111)' COllie t o l h e l ibrar y w h e n you have ,,"ork t o d o!" Q u r Stars! We l l h ello! Ugh Lik e a ru s l y gale 2.


OJ)j)()S;l e jloge-Iook at the bi rdi e . \ ,Vak e u p, J o h n. "Vhat a time to slc.:ep! \ 'Vhcll g irl s gCl toge t h e r Everybody loved




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PAGE 104

PAGE 105

La b Ass i s Lants Museum Aids L ibrary Ass i stanLs

PAGE 106

Counse l o r A id s C lini c A id s Offic e Helpe r s

PAGE 107

J ack G ladwell, p h o tographe r w h o pitc h e d in and h e lped LIS in an e m e r ge n cy Ev e r yo n e went Ollt for bas k etball \ IVhat was lh a t a bout LOO many cooks? Shhh-QUI' P r es id ent

PAGE 108

Manha Irvin A l b ert J o y c e P h ylli s M c Laren J o y ce Enge l k e Kie t h Kreth Bill Carl in J ohn S c hmidt Elle n Stacy Eleanor Hue l

PAGE 109

Com e on and buy your S. A. tic k e t ... R.O.T.e. s h ows o f[ .. B e l it wo n t fit ... ''\fell, lis t e n to thi s one ... Did you put i n a ni ckel? ... Our j\faestro Evcry penn y ... SOIllC wo rk so m c ... Look Nfaw, ain't t h ey cute Ev e r yo n e CQUllts m o n ey a r ollnd h e re.

PAGE 110


PAGE 111

Capl. DilO Smilh R o)' Caul Ed Coc H oward J ackson Terrible" Terry Bill Mabie R euben Abadi Karl Glass Sam R oc W infrey Ed SCOl( J oh n Connard Frank ScotL Charles I i o lrn es Dic k Dillman Varsity Foot Kicl h Krelh Swan Plumer Leon Herrin g Johll Nixon L Ollis Tinnin Bill McCmnb c r

PAGE 112

Ball Champions Boyd B ev ington Ed Samples Fred Raybourne LOlli s Trembl a y Pal O choa Charl es Smith Bert J oy ce Tom Rhodes Emil Weltz Way n e Hamilton Bob M o rri s Bill Carlin Dick Johnson Ed i\l c K colI'll C lair Godby Fre d COll o n Eve rett Dillman Hill Fod)cs J ay Troup Frank Bryan "Co rgeous" George

PAGE 113

E. Dillman, K Glass, and an unidenti fied bulldog hi g h s" and I O\\'s" a helpless .J .C. v ictim M e n responsibl e [ o r our spirit and champi ons hi p L R Coac hes Fa wcell, \V oods, Likins and R oss E. S c olt, S. F. Nolan and D. J ohnson ba c k lip a s trong l L H .S. lin e wh i c h stop C. H.S. on our I y d. lin e It [\f a b i e sco res o n l y LOuchdown ill la s t till dde at in g C. H.S. 70 Tackle Balboa o p e n e d a n e w e ra o[ intersc h o l astic [o o tball b y winning its fir s t tack l e [ootball c hampi onship. The b i g and tou g h llulldog s o p e n e d th e ir s eason against th e h i g hl y favor e d College. w h o beat Cristoba l 13-6, the prev i olls wee k H old in&' t h e uppe r hand t h rou ghout th e g
PAGE 114

K. Kr e th bre
PAGE 115

Uulld ogs surrollnd a Lac kl e d JC p l a ye r Our hard work in g ?\Ianage rs, L R: lkc t ell, 5r. IIl g r. ; _\lbritLOIl, .II'. IIlg r., alld R. Carlin Soph m gr. S. r.1 ;tphis. J::. SLOLl, and H. !\Iahie surround a pile -Ill'. W e beat CHS 190 J. N ixon lo o ks on a s D. J ohnson i s b eing ta c k l e d b y a .JC playe r. W e ,, o n 1 3-6 Tackle-Action Balboa \\'CJlt thc distancc winning I I g a lli cs and l os in g n Olle. The y amasse d L I 6 p oints to their oppon ents' G and p l a ce d sevell b oys o n t h e all l e a g u e t eam: K i e lh Krclh and Bill r.labic halrbac:ks; Hill Carlin alld .lohn N ixon cnds; I-Io ll orary Capwin DiLO S lIlith and Clair Codhy as t;tckks and E v creLl Dilllllan a s guard. FO(>Tllt \ 1 .1.. STANDIN G S Il'ul/ L us t BHS 0 CZ.JC 2 2 C H S 0 4 College stops a llalboa o ff taLkle p lungl!

PAGE 116

' I V a t e r P o l o V arsity. T o p r ow : L R Ca p t a i n Di c k M allcLl, Dito Smith. Ca r l os J a r a mi ll o, J\lJ ik e BUl-set, Jim F orbcs. B OLlo m row : L R Edwi n L e t endrc. D o n Connors, D av id l\l rclilh enny, V incc Lcavcr a n d H enry Cruz ( : at pi cture d Noc l Namcth ) Water Polo 011 th c wat e r y s idc o[ s p a ns, the supe ri o r B H S l ads see m c d to h avc i t all ove r the i r o p p o ncnts. They swept t h e swim m ee t s and it look e d l ik c a r epea t i n w a te r p o l o. I n th c fir s t ga m e th e powe rful BHS t ea m unde r Coa c h Zc m cr. trounccd a b CLlCI' t h a n avcr agt: .Ie t ca m 8-2. T h i s g a lll e w a s t h e [ir st ill w hi c h a tca m h a d d es i gnate d plays. J i m F orbes led t h e p oint p a r a d e w ith f our g oa ls. D S m i t h and D M allett h a d t wo eac h \ V h c n t h e sccond and final ga m e o r the sect so n r olled a r ound, H H S had th e blues. D B urse t D S mi t h and E. L e t endre wer e inj u re d ,\I Vcakc n ed, we [o u g h t a n ow s tronger t ea m Finally after ba ttling a 7 ti e [ 01' [our over t im e pe r io d s .IC put ove r t wo p o ints to win t h e c h ampio n s hi p. T h c l i n c u p : RF-Conll o r s o r D. LF-Forbes o r Hlmet; RC-D S mith or J aramillo; RG-H Cruz o r D 1vIc]lI h e n n),; L C V. L cave r or N Nam e t h .Jim Forbes tries t o bl oc k D av i d McIllh c n n y s t hrow Ca p t a in D i c k p o ints o u t a pl ay J ohn T oo n e m a kes a bac k h anded s h o t Ace-goa l ic, E L c t endre b l oc k s
PAGE 117

Uaseball Vars ilY: TOI) row /ell 10 right.-Coach R Likins. Carl in SholT Phillips. B ev in g l o n !'IcArlhul', M gr. nob Orvi s Mit/d I e ro w : Ost r ea H a l man Ed SCOll, Salas. Gonza l es. JancitO Blall. batboy. /JOt/OIll row ; Tinnin, Winfrey Ktelh. Joyc e. Coe (1101 I)irl II n : ti Smith) Ed Swu drive s lo n g lriple iolo dee p left field Ed Scott. begilts dUlIb lepl l y Jerry Ha[I1I:111 1 0 Bill Coo l ill T h e Bulldogs, unde r C oac h R o berl L i kill s wcre s l i ghl [a vorites to win ove r interschool champs, th e stro n g .Ie squad. BHS o p e n e d it s sc h edule b y b eating .IC (j-4 in a thrilling g ame. \ IVC were b chind 4-3until th e l a s t o r th e seventh, w h e n we pus h e d ov e r three runs o n Hillman's s in g le, two gToundouts, and [ o llr co n sec utive s i n gk:s b y Smith, Carl in Kr e lh and Larrinaga. Larrinag a went th e di s t a n ce and w a s th e w in n i n g pi t e h er. Our second tilt aga in s t CI-IS was L.lllta stic. \ Vc were J eading 5-0 in t h e s i x th in ni ng and i t look e d as thoug h Ed Samples and Company had i t in the bag. The n it h appe n ed! Our sta r G Il c her, Di w Smith was injured, and b e n c h e d Baseball R ue Winfre y all d li crl J oyce. E'lc h pilch e d l wo brillialll gal1les

PAGE 118

S,lIas ric ld s a bUill for th e re s t o [ t h e sea so n O u r spiri t s f ell, and hefore t h e in n in g was over, C H S had score d s i x runs o n fOUl" h its, t h r ee w alks a n d tell e lTor s \ IVC l ost 8-5. \ I V C lo s t our t hird ga me. a p i tch in g d u e l betwee n B ert J oycc and IVa11y Tro ut, to .IC. 2-0. VVe r ega in e d our winning form b e h i n d "Preac h e r Roe" Vinfr ey who K.O .' d seve n CHSers in a [our h it, 3-2 v i ctory, I n t h e la s t h al [ o[ t h e seve n t h O strea drovc in B ev in gto n to bre a k a 2-2 t ic. VVc lost a h eart-brea k e r to .IC in our f ifth ga m e 7G. \ Vinfr cy h eld .IC to [our r u n s and tlncc hits u p to the l a s t o[ t h e seventh in ning w h e n .IC. o n [our errors and a n infi e ld hit, pus h e d over three r u n s to mov e u s out o [ t h e c hampionsh ip. K r e t h was th e batti n g s ta r w i t h a h omc-run and t wo s i n g l es in [our t r ies. T h e Bul ldogs. b e hind B ev ington's bi g bat and the superb pitc hing o[ B ert J oyce. won t h e la s t g am e 2-1 agai n st CHS wh i c h p u t tiS i n sec o n d p l ace CHS n i c k e d B ert [or o n l y f o u r hits and o n e r u n Boy d 's booming tri pl e a n d s in g l e accoullted [or both BHS runs T h i s Smith, acc catchcr. in p rcseason balli n g practi ce Salas pulls into third o n Carli's booming d o ubl e game ende d a thrill in g seaso n unde r t h e l i g h t s B evington and Ca rliJl were the two lea d i n g batters w i th averages o f and .35:{ res p ec t ively, 1\lc.\)"tl1l1r J-Iallllall Kr cth on a perf ec t pi vo t nails a \Vest Banker s t ea lin g h o m c

PAGE 119

Dan Gaul breaks th e t a p e a hal[ n ose a h ea d o f Dick John so n Track Vars i L y Bill Forbes in pre-season practice beats Norbi c J ones Traek vVe had a great team in both d epth and individuality. \ IVith the season hardly b egun, we had broke n f Ollr r ecords and threatene d s ix morc DitD SllI ith set a r eco rd i n the s h o t -put with a LOSS of LH' I O Ys" H e n ry Cruz broke the milerun record in 4' 58.4", and th e L l t lO-re lay team (co n s i sting' of Evcrc u Dillman, J a ime Salas, Bob Y oung. and Kiclh Kr e lh ) rIew to a record o f 45.3", Norbert Jones, olltstanding performer in th e 880, r a n it in 2' 1 0.2", H e la c ked thrcC-lcluhs or a second to cop the r ecord. Norman Hayde l threatened the pol e vault record o [ 10' 5" with a 10' 2" va ult. .It i s proba bl e that th ese s ix boys will better th eir records when they hit th e i r peak. Nor l1lall Hay d e l hilS 10' 2". H e n ee d s 3" m o r c to li c the record Everett Dillman and Bob Young baltic it out ill the 220

PAGE 120

I.f/I to righl. : H. M abie and R. Abadi we r e o u r H i g h Hurdles hopefuls As the Zan i a n went t o press, it see m e d almos t certa in that we would win the tri a n gular m ee t and thus th e championship, a s w e had a l r ea d y out-cl asse d b o th opposi n g t calTlS, beating C H S 95-22 JC 7 1-41 and w in n i n g t h e Balboa re l ays. 1n the Illile C ru z a n d K oura n y s h ould fini s h firs t and seco nd, N J o n es s h ould take th e 88 0 i\I Jabi e s h ould win the hi g h jump, and p l ace in t h e HH and 440. D. Sm ith, 1. Frank, and C. G odby shoul d swee p the s h o t -puL-on e, t wo t h r ee. Dillman should w in t h e broad jump, hel p the r e l ay t ea m w in pl ace in th e 1 00 and 2 2 0 and b e o n e leg o C the 4-10 r e l ay t eam. In th e 1 0\\' h urdles, J a m eso n and B e n ell h ave a good c h a n ce to p la ce Our mile-r e l ay t ea m with J ohnso n K oura ny, Ray b ourn and Gaul should find the goin g easy Young w ill run in t h e 22 0 and h e l p the 4 4 0 team LO v i c L o ry. L e ft t o Tigh t : B. Yotln g, K. Kre l h E. Dillman-stars in lOO-y d. das h Le/lln l'ig lll : E. K ourany and H. Cruz s how th eir f o rm w hi c h m a d e th e m LOp S ill th e mi le-rull K. Kre t h Bulldog with the D, Smith, s h o t -put c h t1lllp disclls h o ld s r ecord o [ 4 1' JOVs" E. Dillman broadjumps to a r ecord o C 2 1 GY2"

PAGE 121

Co a c h R obert Likins H enry Phillips Bill Carlin Hill TVlabi c Leon I I crri n g L Olli s Tinnin Tinnin inte r cepts a p ass intended ( o r H erring as Phillips l oo k s o n L as t year's c hamps. th e J u ni o r Vars ity Basketball The bas ketball seaso n had not begun as t h e Zonian wenlLO press. YCl i t was n o t diffi c ul t t o pi c k t h e probable starlc rs. Aft e r o b se r v i n g many of la s t year's s tars a t p reseaso n prac t i ce. we co nclude d that Coach R o bc;rt Likins has a t cam capabl e of winning th e inte r-sch o la s t i c c hampionship. Las t yea r th e Bulldogs wo n t h e c h allipi o n ship, l os in g o nl y one game and t hat b y a s in g l e p oinl. T h e Bulldog f a n s w ill b e Olll in number and in spirit, expeCl in g a repeal perf ormance. Phillips and Carlin try to b l oc k T innin's lay-u p

PAGE 122

Boys' Swimming Team: T op 1'OW, l: Illhenny, H enderson, N fall ett, Burset. B Ol -10llt TOW: L eave r Cruz, Conn o r s Forbes S,vilnnling Challiitions Coach Bill Z c m c r produc e d o n c o f our g r eatest swimming t ea m s Not o nl y did it beat Panama's Olympic t ea m but it a lso won th e inte r-sch o l ast i c triang ul a r m ee t and c hampionship, and th e intern ational tri a n gular m ee t b e twee n the Olympic tea m s of Guate m a l a and Panama. This t ea m had d epth in all-ar ound and a l so indi vidual s t a rs, N l allett and Conno r s T hi s tca m swc p t all its mee t s and set s eve r al r ecords. Jim F o r bes and Burset (both o [ w hom h ad n o corn petitive experien ce), plus rvl allett and Conn o rs, produce d the g r ea t cst fr ee-s t y l e re l ay t e a m in I sthmia n h i sto r y Althoug h we l ose Forbes and i\ l alle tt we ha ve Nameth J eters, Nlor ris, .Ja ramill o L eave r Cruz, Landin, Gunn and i\l f cJllh cnny, as the nucle u s [or n ext year's t e am. Don Conno r s a real t eam compe ti to r h o l d s l st hmi a n 88 0 free-style r ecord of 11.0 7 sec., 1 500 meter r ecord o f 58 8 sec., t h e mil e r ecord o f 22 min. 40 2 sec. All-Zo n e T eam -.;:;:=. ... Thc swim tea m s h ows startin g form D i c k )Vlalle" se' h e H i g h Sc hool 50-y d. fr ee-style ma rk of 2-'.L3; se t t h e IOO-me t e r mark of 5 .25 sec., and bro k e Panama's 4 -00-m ete r fr ee-s t y l e wit h 5 min. 28 sec.

PAGE 123

Leagu c captain s : L R I o p row: T. Pasamante. E Kourany. R. O strca. Hardy. Hanrahan. LR, bo Jlom TOW: J. Forbes. O. Kourany. F. J amison, B e l and Vinning \ Vat e r P o l o t ea m "Tigers" P. Lang blo c k s Olll [or N. Hayele l L. \ V illi ams s trai g lllarms an opponent Int .. amu .. als At th e beginning of th e yea r Coach Blicfuss grouped th e students into permanent team s for partic ipation in all intramur al sports. T hi s new system was h i g hl y s uccess[ul in crea ting:1 strong bond bCl\veen p l ayers and in s u staining a compe titive spirit duri n g th e entire schoo l year. Vinning football t eam, \ IVild ca t s." LR, lol) TOW: C D e Gracia, P. Lang, B. Ridge. L /{, bottom row: Kurillo, Vrig ht, Hay d e l

PAGE 124

Left to righl : .Junior" Davi so n "A" L e agu e tcn n i s champ, and Bill Dawso n "ll" L eagu e champ T h c class "A" Tigers took th e wate r pol o leagu e 7-0. B. Lang, M. Burset and C. Jarrillo spark-plugge d th e t ea m to v i ctory 1\1[. S h e nk e n b e rg e r C. Saiamina L. Brooks and R. Harring" LOll wer e also outstandin g I n t h e ba se bal l l e a ge. t h e "lllin i n osed-ollt the l e ague-l eading \ Volf erines" in a c ruci al p l ayo f f ser ies to Lake f i r s t place T h e olll s l and in g players were I. F rank, "lllini" pitche r 7-0; C. Sor iano, \ I Volf erine" pitcher, w i t h two nohilt e rs; G tl c h e rs, E. D illman and L. \ V illia rrls; E. Letendre, "Lefty" O'Conn o r and C. Crif o carried th eir t e a m s w ith t h eir "bi g bats." Bill DUllnin g s h ows t e am mates how to hi t N Hay d e l l e av es a lin e o f wouldb e l ack l e r s b e h in d him "Ti gers" show ( 01'111 l hal wo n th elll t h e wal eI' polo c hampions hi p vVinning Ba seball t ea m, t h e "lllini"

PAGE 125

\ I Vinnin g sortball tea m the \VildcaLS"; standing, L-/?: E. H amway, P. Lang, Captain R Ridge: I:lleelillg L R : i\L S h enkenberge r E. Rathge b e r R N i c k i s h er. (Not /Jicl.uTe dJ Fl y nn ) L. I V ill iam s drives a doubl e down leftfield lin e \ I Vild cats" surround L. ""iII iams, who vainl y tries to fight th e m orE N. H a y d e l slarLs IOllg endrull. E.. Rathgeber blo c k s for him The H ildcat s" won t h e so r t ball l e a g u e 6-0. They b C (lt th e .Junior College AIISta rs, 9 1 and sco r e d 1 43 runs to th eir oppo n ents' 30. T h e Dr eam" [Carn's s u ccess was due to th e superb p it ching of E. Hamway. B. Lang-'s and A. Fl ynn's co n stant hitting and defe n sive fie ld in g: t h t homerun baLS o( P. Lang. E. Rathge b e r and B Ridge "Little L opez l e d th e l e a g u c ill s tol e n b ases. In t ennis. junio r Da v i so n defeate d Browder and Ce rlll e lli o( RBS and severa l .JC entri es, to w in the "A" L e a g u e champio n s hip. B. Dawson b ea t D. Tribe to Lake t h e HB" L e a g u c c hampionship. H. Dawso n around end w ith good t c alll blo c k in g

PAGE 126

BDS Cheete leaders H;'H S 0(( t o nine o [ B a lboa Hig h's p eppi es t g i rl s BHS Spirit t h i s year was th e best i t h as eve r b ee n and a s ha re of th e c r edit goes t o these g irl s C h ee rl eade r s thi s year w e r e Fl oann Pie rce, M a r y Elle n S tacy, Betty .Ja n e K e neal y (capt ain) Celeste P owell, R e na B oy n ton Coila Goodin, .loan Spragu c and Margaret R y t er. Kalil y Class was the l w irlt:r "wi th cla ss"

PAGE 127

Lettermen. Tot' ,-ow, left to right: Coach J o h n P elling ill K G l ass, B. S chmidt, L. Herrin g, B. Mabie, R. Gall i H. Phillips, K. Kr e th E. Cae, Coac h .John Fawcett. Middle row l eft 1 0 right: L. Tremblay, J. F o r bes, H. J oyce, C. Bechell, E. Scott, B. Carl in E. Dillman, D. Slllit h 13. "Bev ington /Jolloll1 row, l eft 10 Tight: I t Carlin, R. HurscL D. Conn,ors, F. Bryan C Codby, S. 7\l ilp his, R. D illlni.lll, D Albrlttoll O l l i c e r s T h e Banq U C l sp r ead L E T T E R M E N 'To a Uulld og athl ete t h e r e arc t wo go als: o ne, LO be a fir st-stringe r o n a champio n ship tcal1l; t h e oll1(T, a m e m be r o f t h e L cltc rma n 's Cl ub. To b e a 11Iember of thi s di s tin g ui s h e d g r oup or athle t es o n e h as to pla y [ our-fif t h s o[ a var sity game a n d a l so b e vot e d in b y a majority o E t h e m embe rs. T h e 1 950 office r s arc H Phillips, Presi d e n t ; 13. Carlin, V ice-Pres i d e n t ; B. B ev ington Secretary-tre a s u r e r ; E. Dill-1110111 a nd B. !\Ia bic, S. A. R epresentatives The club p c r[ o rm s many duties s u c h as sclli n g sodas a n d tic k c ts, u s h ering and advertisin g all ath let i c ga m e s A t a baIiq,uct-dance held January 1 5 at t h e Elks C lub th e n ew m e lllu e r s wer e r ece ived E. S cott and hi s date Elli e Parker, see m to u e enj oy in g t h e m s e lves Coach\I Voods, Prin c ipal H o tz, and t h eir w ives debating

PAGE 128

TOI) roll': Flynn. Pow ell J.. O s i g ian H art. Se l by Hanrahan, Goodin. Second row : M c K eow n G la ss. H a in es. KellC'al Third row: Flynn, P ierce, i\fi!>s R ec tor. D wyer, B arncs. (Not pictured. Smilh) Officus: Ha ines, Sec r ctary; K e n e aly, Pl' esi d enl; Barnes, Vice-P r es ident C h o ru s lin c at the GAA Dance G. A. A. The GAA stands f o r "Girls Athl etic Asso c iati o n. It i s th e han o r a r y assoc iati o n [or g irl s w h o h ave made t wo A ll Star tea m s in one yea r T h e act i v it ies or th e yea r include d a V o l l ey ball Assembly, t h e "So n g T itlc" Dance, a trip L a SanLa C l a r a during Ea s t c r vaca Lio n and th e A nll ua l Banqllc l. Mrs. O'Conne ll and Miss Rector, facul l), advise r s, s h ow i n g how the dance s h ould b e p e rf o rm e d I n side a GAA m eeting

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L eft: Captains: Top row : P owell j., Sta cy, Smith. Second row: O s i g ian i \ [ ac D o n a ld P owe ll C. R ighi : AIISt ars: Powell O s ig ian, Stacy Engelke, Flynn. Powell C Pi e r ce. F irst row: Pierce. Flynn) Stacy tries a ba c k -hand s lam Selby spikes t h e ball Volleyball Three winning-inL rallIur al t ea m s standings: P owel l .I. Flynn [a cDollald IVoll G 5 L ost ALL S TAR STANDINGS l fllon Los t CZI C 2 0 HHS 1 I C H S 0 2 SCURES CZI C 2 1 HII S 1 7 CZI C 2 1 UH S 17 C HS 22 H I I S 20 2 1 C [ I S 1 4 I\H S 2 1 C H S

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L ef t : T O I ) row : Captain s H arv i e H a nr ahan, Powell C, Second 'l"Ow: Sta cy, O s i g i a n Selby. Smith All-Sta r s K e n ea l y S e l by. Capta in ; Smith Powell j., \ IVard, Pie r ce, P owell C., O s i g i a n J o hn so n (Not l)iclured H a r v i e, Mac D o na l d ) Trillibl e m ake s a ba s ket Basketball C HAMP S' ST, \NDI N G S iVOIl T ied L os t S mith 7 3 Selb y 6 3 Pow ell 6 '1. ALL-STA R STANDIN G S I I/ ull L os t CZ.lC 2 0 HHS C H S CZI C C HS ALL-STAR SCURE S 28 BHS 2 1 BI-lS 25 1 3 r l o an n Pie r ce was hig h pointe r against CHS w it h 1 3 points to h e r cr ed it. Yvo nn e Harv i e was the hig h -pointe r ag ain s t CZ,IC w i t h 1 0. "Vho gets th e ball ? Fuller and O s i g i a n j UllIp

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Prospcct iyc Sohball All-Sta r s : Pi e rce Powell, P Q\\'cll .1., Osigian, Smith, H anraha n K e n ea l y Sel by. piclured, Harvie) Now i t' s m y turn D iane Hanraha n Softball Softball i s th e las t s port o [ th e yea r
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League SPOt-ts I Vio l e t S hOOlS ro r two p oints r()w: S e olL, Spra gllc. Captain; 7. '''atc h Ollt ) '0[1 don' t [all ove r 2. Volley ball Captains. TOI) row: Sprague, Ridge. H art, Lewis. Second 1'OW: Price, Hutchings, Haines. First row: SCOll 3. Basketball All-Sta rs. T o l row: Gl u dd, Han, Dwyer Goodin R y t e r Joyce Pri ce , 1\1<::115. S econd Gales -I. \ V llO has t h e ball? 5. And w h o i s tha t o n th e floor ? 6. Ba s k etball Captains. Top row: Price, Spraglle, l\lcKcown. Second row: Han, Hutchings, H a ines. Fint. row : O\\'yc1' 8. Sprag'tlc hits t h e ball w e h ope! 9. Volle y b a l l AIIStars. L efl 1 0 Tight: Hart, Co-Capulin: Sprague, Co-Captain: R y t e r Goo din ivJ cKcoWIl, Ridge. Pri ce. Gates, L ew is, Hutchings, G ludd. J oyce

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Feliz Pi erce \ Vard K e n ea l), Pa samante Powell Srnith Glass Co l I)' Appi ll Fuller E n gelke

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Our sponsors are the busin.ess m e n oj the R epublic of Panama a"d of the Canal Zone. We sincerely appreciate their generous assista"ce in making possible the publication oj our yearbook. Agencia Lumina Agencia Sears Andres Ponce Ropas y Cia. Ancon Greenhouse Ansco Armour y Campania Ltda. Auto Service Co. Inc. Balboa Beauty Shop Barberia Riveria Boyd Brothers Inc Bazar Espanol Casa Fostor Casa Motta Carta Vieia Cia. Cyrnos S A. Civa S. A. Campania Martinez Campania Pan Americana Coplan Motors Enriqu e de l a Guardia Dodge & DeSoto Dis tributors EI Corte Ingle s French Bazaar Foto Astra French Bazaar Tailor Shop Samuel Friedman Inc Fuerza y Luz Good Neighbor Inn Hotel Tivoli Humber Agency Jul ie Ann's Beauty Salon Metro Goldwyn Mayer National Lottery New Ancon Inn George F Novey, Inc. Omphroy Auto, S. A Panama American Panama Tour s Productos Flourescentes, S A. Scadron Optical Co. S 'moot & Parades J E Sosa Star & Her a l d Tahiti Theatro Centra I Tivoli Radios S A A. Tou s ieh & Co. Tropical Motor s Inc. Trott The Cleaner Zig Zag Store

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lin FRANK SCOTT We will long remember his Little smile, please," as he snapped the picture s for the s chool publications The ZONIAN Staff is most grateful to its photographer. Frank worked long and hard to make this edition a reality May it serve as a commemoration of his efforts, and as a tribute to his memory

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