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dLOC Executive Board Meeting Notes, 2014


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dLOC Executive Board Meeting Notes, 2014
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Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC ) Executive Board Meeting Notes, 2014
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Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)
Taylor, Laurie N.
Wooldridge, Brooke
Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)
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Miami, Florida
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Notes from the dLOC Executive meeting at ACURIL 2014 in The Bahamas.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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dLOC Executive Board Meeting Notes dLOC Executive Board Meeting Nassau, The Bahamas Thursday, June 12, 2014; 7:008:30 am dLOC Board 20132014 Chair: Margo Groenewoud, Director, University of Curaao Library ViceChair: Barry Baker, Director of Libraries, University of Central Florida Secretary: Sandra Barker, Caribbean Community Member: Dulce Mara Nez de Taveras, Director, Biblioteca, Pontificia Univ. Madre y Maestra Member: Astrid Britten, Director, Aruba National Library (Biblioteca Nacional Aruba) Member: Joy Ysaguirre, Chief Librarian, Belize National Library Service & Information System 3 Members: elected and confirmed: Bernado Alexis, MarieFrance Guillaume and Ashley Till Host Institutions: Anne Prestamo, Dean of Libraries, Florida International University, and Judith C. Russell, Dean of University Libraries, University of Florida dLOC Institutional Member Representative: pending election Scholarly Advisory Board Chair: pending election Past Chair (non voting): Jean Wilfrid Bertrand, Director, Archives Nationales d'Hati Judith Rogers, Manager, Library and Faculty Technology Servic es, Univ. of the Virgin Islands Meeting Notes (f ollowing order listed in agenda) General All members of the board were in attendance, ex cept for the newly elected repr esentatives Jean Wilfrid Bertrand Brooke Wooldridge Sandra Barker, and Dulce Mara Nez de Taveras 1. Sustainability Planning a. Update 20132014 b. Begin Planning for Business Plan 20152018 Decisions/ Actions: A pproved transfer of $30,000 into foundation/endowment account 2. Governance a. A pprove Elections for the Executive Board (3 new member positions) b. Leadership positions Extend current leadership one year (20122015). Elections for 20152017) c. Scholarly Board Changes Decisions/ Actions:


Page | 2 Extended current leadership one year E lected and confirmed: Bernado Alexis, MarieFrance Guillaume and Ashley Till Scholarly Advisory Board/Scholars C ouncil Approved charging of dLOC team to develop plan/proposal for expanded dLOC scholarly board, including possible renaming as schola rs council, etc. Due by next ACURIL, and better if available sooner Ask partners to identify possible faculty collaborators at each institution, and to assess and share on needs/interests from scholars (opportunity for partners to query and meet scholars) Need to ensure CSA attendance or mode of communication with scholars Margo Groenewoud is interested as core collaborator on this Possible partner change; Margo Groenewoud will contact K I TLV : KITLV clos ing collections going to University of Leide n and collections are being digitized with copies to their ar eas (e.g., Aruba, Curacao, etc.; Margo is a core contact if any additional information is needed) 3. Funding a. C urrent financial overview b. Budget for 20142015 Decisions/ Actions: A pproved transfer of $30,000 into foundation/endowment account R e view of budget activities, and discussion Suggestion to seek out new dLOC members, as paying members, from Law Libraries ( l esson learned with new connections with LLMC project ) 4. Collection Development Goals Training and Collaborative Projects Discussion: C ollection development plans: FIU: phonebooks UF: (PCM) yearbooks Agricul ture ; sugar plantations UVI : newspapers and audio (opportunity to r esearch copyright for older audio in USVI ) Cuban law Newspapers, ongoing Discussion and updates on various topics, including: Equipment doc ument listing for EOS camera for digitization of newspapers dLOC awards O nline exhibit training A dvanced training, in planning for 2015 5. Any Other Business Celebration of dLOC 10th birthday will continue again next year, when we hope to have cupcakes in Suriname.

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