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Title: M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction brochure
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Title: M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction brochure
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?r, Sr. School of Building Constructl
constructionin and Planning
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M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction

Mission Statement

The mission of the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction is to be the Center for Excellence for the construction
sciences. The School pursues this by:
(1) Promoting professional ethics in education and practice,
(2) Educating individuals with comprehensive knowledge and skills in preparation for an outstanding professional career,
(3) Creating new knowledge through research, and
(4) Providing service to the University of Florida, the industry and the community.

The M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction
combines the skills, diverse experiences and talents
of its faculty members with an innovative educational
curriculum to educate future construction professionals.
Housed in the College of Design, Construction and
Planning, the Rinker School is dedicated to construction
science and management and is committed to excellence
in education and research. Established in 1935, it is the
oldest school of construction in the U.S. In 1976, the
Rinker School was one of the first programs to receive
accreditation from the American Council for Construction
Education, and has been recognized as an outstanding
program by the Associated General Contractors Educa-
tion and Research Foundation. Twenty faculty members
teach and guide the School's 500 undergraduate and
120 graduate students. Courses are offered leading
to the Bachelor of Science in Building Construction,
the Master of Building Construction or Master of

Science in Building Construction, and the Doctor of
Philosophy degree. A new Master's degree program
in International Construction Management delivers
advanced education to construction professionals
via distance learning. M.E. "Doc" Rinker, Sr. and the
CSR/Rinker Materials Corporation provided a $5 million
endowment to the School of Building Construction in
1989. These contributions combined with the State of
Florida's matching program enabled the School to build
a $10 million endowment. The School was then renamed
the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction. The
Rinker Foundation and numerous benefactors donated $6
million for the School's new building, Rinker Hall, which
was completed in March 2003. Rinker Hall is the 26th
building in the U.S. to have been awarded LEED gold
certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. In 2005,
Charles R. Perry (BCN 1960) committed $2 million to the
Rinker School to fund the Charles R. Perry Program

for Crafts Awareness and to build the Perry Construc-
tion Yard to house the program. Perry hoped the
program would educate students in the work of sub-
contractors, master craft and trades people such as

plumbing, masonry and welding. The Charles R. Perry
Construction Yard was completed in 2007 and has a
green roof, the first of its kind at the University, adding
to the sustainability effort campus wide.

The University of Florida

As a member of the Association of American Universities, the University of Florida is considered one of the 62
leading research universities in the U.S. and Canada. Founded in 1853, it is consistently recognized for outstanding
teaching and research. Located in Gainesville, Florida, the University of Florida offers diverse educational
opportunities and academic programs to more than 50,000 students. A wide array of cultural and racial groups
make up the student population. For more information, please visit http://www.ufl.edu

Undergraduate Program
The core curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science in
Building Construction includes courses in the following
major areas: structures, electrical and mechanical tech-
nology, construction techniques, construction manage-
ment, estimating, scheduling, safety, finance and graphi-
cal communication. Graduates who receive a four-year
Bachelor of Science degree in Building Construction
receive a comprehensive education including theory and
practical applications, and they are fully prepared for their
responsibilities in the construction industry. Students
can specialize in residential construction; commercial
construction; or heavy/civil construction. The Rinker
School also offers an
electronic distance
education based B.S.
in Fire and Emer-
gency Services.

Students must com-
plete all lower-divi-
sion requirements
(including general
education, or A.A.
degree, and pre-pro-
fessional courses)
as described in the
University of Flori-
da's Guide to Majors.
Information concerning curriculum and admission

requirements may also be obtained directly from the
Rinker School at http://www.bcn.ufl.edu. Students
Interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree
in Building Construction are advised to contact
the Rinker School at (352) 273-1150.

Master's Degree
Courses are offered in the Rinker School leading to the
Master of Building Construction (non-thesis) or Master
of Science in Building Construction (thesis) degrees.
Specialization may be in areas such as construction
management, sustainable construction, safety, housing,
and information technology. The Rinker School also
offers an electronic distance education based Master
of International Construction Management. Curriculum
and admission requirements for these degrees may
be obtained from the Rinker School at (352) 273-1150.

Doctoral Program
The College of Design, Construction, and Planning
offers a program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy
degree. The Rinker School offers a specialization
within this degree program in building construction. The
doctoral program prepares students to assume college
level faculty positions and industry research positions in
construction management and the building sciences.
Areas of specialization include: sustainable construc-
tion, information systems, construction safety and af-
fordable housing. Courses may be taken on campus or
via our International Construction Management distance
education program. Several Rinker Ph.D. fellowships
are awarded each year. For more information about
the doctoral program and Ph.D. fellowships contact the
Rinker School at (352) 273-1165.

Research Centers
The Rinker School encourages faculty and graduate
student research related to building construction. By
establishing a research center, the Rinker School
provides a focal point for information about the
challenges facing the target area.

The Rinker School has been able to develop research
capabilities in four critical areas of building construction
and has established four Research Centers:

Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing
The mission is to facilitate the provision of safe,
decent, and affordable housing and related community
development throughout the state of Florida.

Powell Center for Construction and Environment
The mission is to foster the implementation
ofsustainability principles into the creation of the built
environment internationally.

Fluor Program for Construction Safety
The mission is to acquire and disseminate information
on matters related to construction safety and health.

Center for Collective Protection
The mission is to develop technology and planning
guidance to enhance the Nation's ability to mitigate the
human, economic and environmental consequences of
natural hazards and terrorist events.

Rinker International Conferences

Since 1990, the Rinker School has organized and
hosted thirteen Rinker International conferences in
the U.S., China and Venezuela. These conferences
have focused on construction education, sustainable
construction, safety, affordable housing and information

The Rinker School has an internship program that al-
lows students to work in the construction industry for a
period of at least one full semester plus a summer term.
The internship may be counted as a three-credit-hour
undergraduate elective.

Summer Employment
The School encourages all students to seek full-time
construction employment during the summer semester.
Internship opportunities serve to enhance the students'
education by familiarizing them with applied techniques
in the building construction industry. A full-time staff
member is designated as Job Placement Coordina-
tor and provides students with assistance in locating
challenging and rewarding positions in the construction

Job Placement
The M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction has
a Job Placement Center to assist graduates in obtaining
permanent employment. Thanks to the efforts of the
placement office, almost 100% of the Rinker School
students secure employment within just a few weeks
of graduation. Job placement notices and information
about employment opportunities are available in the
School's office. Each semester, there are at least 30
companies that interview at the School. The Rinker

School also has a Construction Career Fair in both the
Fall and Spring semesters which is attended by more
than 100 companies. Rinker School graduates are typi-
cally employed by general contractors, construction man-
agers, specialty contractors, developers, home builders,
heavy construction industry, and service industries.

Graduate Resume Yearbook
The Graduate Resume Yearbook contains pictorial re-
sumes of all graduating students in the Rinker School
and is highly regarded in the construction industry as a
valuable tool for screening and hiring new employees.
This Yearbook is published and produced by the Job
Placement Center of the Rinker School.

International Activities
The Rinker School's faculty are highly active in the Inter-
national Council for Building Research and Innovation in
Construction (CIB). The School has established inter-
national student exchange programs with several other
schools in countries such as University of Applied Sci-
ences in Detmold, Germany; Royal Melbourne Institute
of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Australia; and Hong
Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, China.

Financial Aid
Information concerning scholarships available specifi-
cally for undergraduate and graduate Building Construc-
tion students may be obtained directly from the School.
In 2006-07, scholarships totaling $60,000 were awarded
to 40 students. Financial aid is available from the School
for graduate students in the form of a limited number
of graduate teaching and research assistantships and
fellowships. The University of Florida also maintains a
complete financial aid department.

Student Organizations
Students can supplement their education by participat-
ing in several of the student organizations offered by the
Rinker School. Active leadership opportunities provide
the student with critical management skills necessary
for a satisfying career in the industry. The student or-
ganizations are sponsored by national, professional

and trade associations. Many of the organizations offer
guest speakers, field trips and the opportunity to attend
national and regional conferences on current construc-
tion issues. As active members in these organizations,
students are also able to interact with their peers and
network with their future co-workers.

Student Competition Teams
Each year six teams of BCN students are selected to
compete against other construction program students
in regional and national competitions. The teams, each
consist of six students, travel to competition locations
where 24 hours are allotted to complete an assigned
task. The six teams compete in the areas of: commercial
construction management, residential construction
management, design-build, heavy/civil, LEED and
graduate studies.


Construction Hall of Fame
The Rinker School established the Construction Hall of Fame in 1980 to recognize the accomplishments of those
who had distinguished themselves throughout their careers in construction. The inductees would have their names
displayed on the "wall of the school." Following is the list of BCN Construction Hall of Fame Inductees:

1982 Ed Proefke; W. W. "Bill" Gay
1983 Charles Perry; Thorne Auchter
1984 Dan Whiteman; Pete Mathews
1985 Vincent Burkhardt, Sr.; Loys Johnson
1986 Marshall E. Rinker; Jon Crabtree
1987 Frank Hubbard; Milton Wood
1988 Thomas Baker, Roy T. Dye
1989 Ed Parker; Harry Touby
1990 John Koelemij; John T McCormic
1991 Edward Flom; P. Scott Linder
1992 Ronald Morrick; Armand Mouw
1993 Theodore Crom; F. E. Booker

1994 Joel Buzbee; E. E. Gene Simmons
1997 Curtis Culver; William A. Pinto
1998 Preston Haskell; Jim Kalameris
1999 Brisbane Brown, Jr.
2000 Charles Denny
2003 Jess Childre; James A. Cummings
2004 Lance S. Frankham; J. Stephen Powell, Jr.
2005 Bob L. Moss; Charles P. Reid
2007 William G. Lassiter, Jr.; William R. Derrer

Italics = Deceased

Rick Derrer,
James A. Cummings, Inc.

Dan Whiteman,
Coastal Construction

William Pinto,
Hardin Construction Group, Inc.

Distinguished Alumnus Award
This award is given annually to a graduate of the Rinker School who has graduated a minimum of ten (10) years
prior to award. Nominees must have distinguished themselves since graduation in a construction field and have
demonstrated consistent support of the Rinker School since graduation. Below are the BCN Distinguished Alumni
since the inception of this prestigious award:

1993- Lance S. Frankham, BBC '64
1994 -Arthur G. Witters, BBC '41
1995- Ronald H. Foster, Sr., BBC '67
1997- Rebecca J. Smith, MSBC '87
1998 Michael J. Wozney, Jr., MBC '70
2000- Stephen R. Palmer, BBC '79
2001 -Allan A. Kozich, BBC '65

2002- John R. Sofarelli, BBC '81
2003 Vincent G. Burkhardt, 'BBC 72
2004 Kweku K. Bentil, MSBC '75
2005 Harley W. Miller, BBC '69
2006 Robert P. Angle, BBC '67
2007- Sidney R. Jordan, BBC '81

Harley Miller,
Miller Construction Company

Vincent G. Burkhardt,
Burkhardt Construction

Stephen R. Palmer,
Stiles Corporation

BCN Regional Clubs
The Rinker School has graduated over 5,400
undergraduates, 750 Master's and 30 Ph.D. students.
In 2005, the School formed BCN Alumni Regional
Clubs to foster and enhance the relationship between
the School, its alumni and friends, and to support the
School's mission of teaching, research and service.

Nine BCN Clubs have been or are in the process of
being formed in Gainesville/Ocala, Jacksonville, Tampa,
Orlando, Fort Myers, West Palm, Miami/Fort Lauderdale,
Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Advisory Council
The Rinker School is honored to have an active Advisory
Council whose members include both individuals and
corporations. The Council serves as an important
source of advice and support for the School. The
Advisory Council provides an excellent opportunity
for its members to become active in the School and to
serve as a liaison between the School and the industry.
In this way, the Council can be assured that the program
is current and meets the ever-changing needs of the
construction industry.

Gainesville Area
The Rinker School is located in Gainesville, Florida, just
70 miles west of the Atlantic beaches and 50 miles east
of the Gulf of Mexico. The city of Gainesville offers a wide
array of social, cultural and recreational facilities. Many
serene wildlife preserves, hiking trails and spring-fed
rivers surround the campus of the University of Florida.
The University offers NCAA Division I action in all major
sports and also sponsors many performing arts events.
The Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and
the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art offer a wide variety
of stimulating, as well as entertaining events.

As is the case with all of Florida, Gainesville has seen
rapid growth in recent years. The Gainesville Regional

Airport connects Gainesville with many cities in Florida
and the Southeast. However, the central mode of trans-
portation for Gainesville's largest population segment
is the bicycle. Gainesville has many bicycle paths and
has been designated one of the top twenty U.S. cities for
bicycling. Student-dominated neighborhoods surround
the campus within easy walking and biking distance.
Students will find the cost of living in Gainesville to
be moderate and there are a wide range of housing
opportunities available. With more than 111,000
residents, a comfortable climate, moderate cost of
living, and a lifestyle that is both relaxed and stimulat-
ing, Gainesville provides the perfect atmosphere for a
quality education.

N- I "



M.E. Rinker, Sr.
School of Building Construction
P.O. Box 115703, 304 RNK
Gainesville, FL 32611-5703

For More Information:

Telephone: (352) 273-1150 Fax: (352) 392-9606 Website: www.bcn.ufl.edu

E-mail: Director: Abdol Chini chini@ufl.edu
Undergraduate Programs: Paul Oppenheim pauloppenheim@ufl.edu
Graduate Programs: Raymond Issa raymond-issa@ufl.edu

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