Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: August 24, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00152
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flb I -;

F ioal LL Ni

l Raito FraM Tampa Dealer Notified That

y. C- Se .-

0', 1 "1 "A K '

-.. \ *._..
.lMa' n aek AU tMh

46.or- VW ame M aSDO .
s ftfl i 1is' to be mamde oa Os
a law tn Tanspe he
'* i J, 'derle are akeady t -
^g' ei ha a me en Clarke pa zemas-

MWIMMAletuwe al tl e popol~
a*de s deda dcamettea,. 1s back of the
As4 ana f ita o ren to o as warm
U* di"ie legalteleuM can maee it.

r-an a

10 001 O ll 0 OS

New Secretary Goes Up to Talk
to the President.


he neral is O of the White

Km. Yavorites an Scalp
iay0 Beaved

SWas hiton.Au, B-pal).--gc-
rtary Root le to-dy for Platttborg,
I T. .tfor a ceaP l etlon with the
It si sai that his misIon is In regrd
to the now pol au wob the govenm-
meant he de ed to laD grate in the
Plpo insm
RIt Il sy out that the new see-
t nM ppose ed the cWntiamAce of
the meOnt eMglm in the mlitarx
afslim of the blMadL Ha wants Otts
hined s aemmmurt,"sad the command
t' fte arces vtren to scne one webo is
moa competent to eope with te wly
The Prealdent. It Io further reported,
Is i iUtte avenue to aMnitAstertr sroub
: robke to Otl who happens to.be
Soe of the White Mouse favorites, nd
be has askem Root to oome up to
Plattsbumr anm di oume the subject
wttb bhim.
It Is reasonably certain that some
radical obmae Is about to take place
ho the PtMippines, and, if it does not
ameint to a poite recall of General
Otis It will at least be of such a na-
teM as to relieve hti of absolute con-

MM to the existence of NOT FOR MANu1..A
tag that the oUWMW
Salt lablltes andpe all Secretary Root ays E e Is Through
O toesel lubted. y Talkidn of Otis Dlplacement.
. Iwe a s te ,Washi w ton. A.. 2 .--Aguinaldo t
In thI cty on Wtday. evklmtly fomentinU re[l lor through-
dealeiw rested the out the PhllMpe6 Islanda to offset the
o h strong- army have to combat
-toad Msthe Amrtla In tajsmM Thi mut was made more
ainy proposes to stand Les R wTh s Ges m tecLe
eLde In anhot thmslAs thatrA --r t C*o e and eghty men
s unemItedcatal the of the Bth fttry had attacked and
*at theyWite capta.the rooted one hundred of the enemy In-
atthey wi e e I trenched at Tibuan. Neroe, m--supposed
6 mae tn the city for to bbeaxmred Tasooe, ,who a few da&y
c Oe new law snwe n.osroed from Pan y 1in em l
r'uim when C.S an AC.b tsado thtnl that ae addln-
elobwee maio& W fU rato. wm l &aow General Otis to
Vmm ttkamIDtr Dqwty weaken his force In LLuzon by sending
StSo e before MoV to other a het Is mistaken.
a Ow beonarr bew- The lan of c -tgSe ontenenlates the
Uw aVed a b to 0amfL M Mon w t l pf lw y all the men
life for hmUs H xoaeina pi9 9 a Inthe southern I*-
SlSS 10 e NSrM f.t Lw'atral Wefeon s trying to
WrM h1ma si01an* ve amed insurents crn-w-nc
'1,3E>o =W behat- 6 Line M and Paner to other 101-
-5b.. an famr" but t dMUtt to prevent this
V60% oUns of UM a t like and
hsfoowd iy the

Ow Qsbem ~ut i Feeetof -the

TalkYwh. U-4POOal)-
vw I Sto o tthe Nesicoal

W2r.uqe. 5.

#W11t k4dioGge, L 1

-FV%&OO Lost. Prt.L
.U is on'

67 i48 S"1
56 .1 a?17
- :.A as


afPto d. aS.ms ste Ay ma
he4eUN 55Nlcye@To disehawree

Pour of uL antas Flneet Get Suspen-
foxr Under the New Rules.
Atlanta. Alma 3-The TeOUet of the
e oamuemd IVpWtaImtmot o m to
the SWeegate and captebm to glee eIa
miees im omramemfg o their beeta
a tew dav offm In order that they
might tmanect 8s1h lrtvate bsinewM
on hand that onseed tbem to taUk
with cdtllen while on dSty, was the
mungesimoa of four offlhear to-day.
Thew we OMerm Terry. toamnme
Kerlin and Berry.
tbese are the firet suespenelona snce
the onMmita nmlers eee km ImplicItalt
Instrweetlponas last week. Under this
rngH no pilhyer-me can talk to ay
lUtso tmAie on0 tty. except anp re-
iefotm bimineeBm Citsense genera
regard thi cmula as Mb e and sito-
now"r amecemar, 6 at tMs comante-
kmaerm inemn to enforce It rtgidly.


few TorMt Anr. s-ir. Bva Inger-
sol, widow o Ot nipel Robert 0. In-
enamlu. ha a ad as anetrtra,
other huteand. Mm. IncermoM wears
m st he has made &a diligent seiri
for the wl of her humband but that
to the bear of her knowledge and be-
Uef.he died Intestute. The value ct bi
petuona property 10 estimated by her
at about 30.00 At the lome of te
Death he held no real pmperty. The
he6rs to the estate re am a Inemont.
the wltdow; MmMme R. irmwenU
Drewi, the wtfe o Walsto E LH. Brown,
and Mho atnde Incereol


Second At1

F1310 A

to ake ULe of


w oUmem ha Omt

ft ., d-.

Eiter CramSee la

. . ..


Trust Tells Dealers to Cooinue

B. s.iess.


l-a..tt.er a it eJsw 3. Puo-.m d
same as fekr lae aepa and

item Wemeseds are- o
Aemdams to bracislcofn Im, ge t
OaM enlermet r qM hoetbwme in the
nat or t hipa &ed b Rt rWda td olit
JWAle T. doeoi the right oi th
MIa-nft a 1 atle f paper cllar
ettes A t es s to mbridtaged ma"
am te cared on Wth Inepanity.
NdD=o was arrested on the eharce
ot seolsw a IaL iomrdae a4f e Clgar-
ette con thr -n n W t ofa the ltot
Itm I ,tntrodiad by Repreent
tiV PFank atk at Duval Couinty.
The sarest wae a geranged plan of
the Amrse TbnMceo s e opa e In or-
der to test the valhftr of the law.
S Solicitorl a Chle and Fraak
Clrte r reelated the State and C.
ML Coooer tte pettianer, for whon a
writ Ct habeas arpsb had been wworn
mte wh oe J. Parker of New York and
TIan e.B was rtaIlned by the Amert-
ca Tobamew Compane y.
Jdfte Call dtolleazed the prisoner,
both becMue of the uncom o tutional
portions dlacrtulatin in favar of
FloMrd aend Cuban tobacco Invalidate
the whole act and aelo because the
Senate chased the actn in euboatrae
and the tboce concurred without a yea
and me vote on the A eln i eage,- as
Immnedittely after Judge Call had
rendered hie deciebin declaring the bll
uncotlstltUtional the agent of the
AAmerican Tobacco Company, who has
been in the city watobing the program
of the case since its beginning, wired
the leading merehante that have been
handlne there Duke cigarettes at Tam-
pa aDAMree clues &a town throueh-
out the state that they e proceed
to sell cigarettes at once and that the
American Tobacco Company would be-
come rvamepr taAme afa y trouble or
exvene they might be put to on ac-
ooMt of the Coark c.erette bi.
f 10 now believed that Judge Cal's
deie lon wWl permanenty settle the
oost tttionsIlty of the bil, ad that
5o nppeel will be undo by7the State oc
Florida to the Op mne Court.
overald ore dealers placed ctebr
teste mo ale ryestena ei and thee t
bow no diffoltly In bxte what yoU
0 want.

Twen" Plahoer a isnet Arrived
Teterday tor tbe Fish ConaoWy.
fts Floride ot Vb and Ice Capwnr
reiamved waeertar at tM point, by the
a vareom boat S,M fret0- nmilet and
MS bertis di aldt UaUet,
Thte fleet aof the onpans Ia outiUln
O wataeai tis now ea eritnptfcBe opera.
tic.. end Iasses u aln heas idely cone
etofml di df which ore prompr

country ,_____ .

offices In oM city R eterdept The only

No Real Miatate.

Me n%
m eI&
wobomwv .;

Dw2d ws

| IR Q^ _ 4 -'-4-i----.

-~ :~

* ; "-*- :i.

shmaiffmm di

and Oiftn wmal mawseo

oI attempt amO the e me o lMsaftmr Tb heeI* beohe t
Iagei, e'U"MIe. attar M a--ed--o- p
an asthe De e Peopt e a It to
MArM. M1 *Smwleesd al hell WAAD w -

ws dNa ead eterond totht ded x- M* l s. s
e klr Ioo s se aseeOte out UnaUPS uses U.na
of the wa m r 4sor4 gir. W WMOi
Wmie labor a geared in court Mas gmd0 PSm GaEM 0 t s
m aorbe, he wac greeted b y a -ro.U gade to rStoMta1l
9 MbseI, M le a paIcalg .took harege Said atd o tmb*1 I
ot mte ics Owr the weasn, de -mc. the ge9 at6e" ct OO l*. 4
Onesede to nase the "tepony. ra had Otamwin esn t

T bom were tt to ~~e pamor&aW t I a tM
tahen LhaiK returned to. Msspat- tiMa caW ms ed An m~e
pent. he tofnd a apadkge awaftlhM aGMa "1s1 dI
him wd tht ,ex a opened, wao found the xoite e a tt 0*
to contain 6 homs The Asing ar- he had about&R the ePk
rangeei- more uperfetnd, however, without e ta of te-Sir a
at to t act. the counsel probe. at m M ftonhg eM
oNWe t .nn h s tIn"dw p of .,
The boswere a nF lelekto ba tto Mtfot Meamse a
tw msitr y laboratory. aiseis l=g a spe a d adm orI
showed that Me oontalned Aun-ootton .M exit. Colonel Ma. A
BOY Rt. I Me D epase tni the to atient *p
Ehaineer WlTeft Behnd, Bt But ethor bim e Yak M .L 8 a si l
oueg Om To(* Hi mPUwp a ed at Pewk. "tm -mto
When imaswa~ MFgarty uoumded the eitabiM
rto tor to aees on imhe leseadr The 2 e weMIs Ma9to WH
M 0a0tee, Seaded with eMwta an s d o U We i m I

tOetA tOwar Mfnet es w ther me*Mte SOMME to b %he he
nan w sbeved to e ato b e a tlo t e ies t"
handle the macsers pr perS,. was ot P It -
on dut In Le engia pei o o eS
St bOL 4 thEatW WeM on the 2 St 5ke

of tw garcrowd al mdskin& adie w II .&t. S
those on the deyarti stetameer.ld to a da...
72m Mbn exe had cones nse distance r fMSi
not Ino t r tPi ash barel i hba r bieri CM the clir fto WO
.W. M oreae that. Wae ws
not onm .-r lsbeaA Noamoois e d the ft4- -
peomW c as m and mse a sa i

atoeadr4 i Ios l tho aebe rootm
The Bop ma Ws eMTrse han the3 M 0sit

goerh.o M M t aM e- w a'S
not on eam .Mswht It Woo 16 ^ m

sr 7 i s h e had e.m

the hi ehi w toe otrek al aoo w
ietaInms a

owe. .is he rece ,s Sa d, a O ,wI I
lTeft 3 t oieWe6ti to trh SOa hthei
an VIMer 0d e a coi l x be

e finM to At0 w a the aeitm a
tA D eraato pt ~sha t M'.'

--- b aimltam
eamsi maima*- ,moi%

no o to ANDte KU e e aoe r te eeoWsRM

Cvic -*OPtWo o fa to parti I
-sate oU A coa3.re, aO a 3 berm Mear -p A 9
ment a he ud to commee
gears we M Wsel w theeM-ig as

scene Dena. te abo p

on 0- toop m epMineua ere

oarua tionz waMM aonam a fI

UDnO i to0e W ver t o ta Owtes maim"
wms tA W SeLtdsthper e-sInM s di ismi

.- _* *...: .*; ^,.^.P ..M. Zi. ..AYING. OF +E..+- GR.AT -, -.:- ^ H.a_.-
^-" ^' L. ^ "^ -". - o.. II F QU"STION. X
Ne.rof. BW k Hpless. a- II [03 118,J[(, Tw^ ItUt.I +t frnuBicn" ..-
f" .. t.. to Deat., Addresses By Dr. Ovenheimer and -- A Reflection of Cristian CivIlizationm H ve Jost Be Md
-,..- ,. He -y cob.a- .d Eleven Hundred Killed and an I e Beaute of ."
With all tbejlemnty of the impres- ---- Sam Jones has a way otf ,mair.
C biWM-4 Tale of ArrWo 'Crue'ty Ave Mao&c mrite. and witnesses ay thine veny plain and he haa tlatrat- O5 Brina 190 PW .gm5 oa S. S2E
a i ma-crowd.Int aete.pectators, CONTINUEDEIGHTEEN HOURS relation to the 'Walnfs by cit- N S-
From a eateSection of the cornersUte of the new Jewish syn- ing the exile of the Fch In com.
a*oge wan laid yesterday morning. law to ow aid aailnst the nclah m i n B
71b1 The exercises beaMn at 10:30, when Ve esuel evolution e b the Revolutionary War. Hle ays: _1?l l
the ocers of John Darlngi lodge of" ThIfVeeulan evolution Ended by 'f e w' ho came to our ire*-. rma. n s 'a2
S-- Masons. aa sieted by the members aOt a Zltective ot for oer- lief tn the war of the RevouutR o. a
T FaUBie F. Au .1&-A horri- 'HiUebor Port Ta&mDa City. Plant an fectiv Vitory for Govern- ad aaed these eame attlte w Real ele deisr f Iorf t o
bl t wus comtted recently near catrge of the eceremrny prefaced took meant Troope. have taken toward C b eand the Tma ae m succee ding ewanh tbwit
charges ~te e me (it thece~moy, Preaed b y Philluvins we wo have been fight- remattftea" v stet
S .ocasitn (ap, q the plantation of an Interesung Jewish ceremony. per- w tat oomtry yet." of latoe.n l d " o ktn.
.TRb i wRsae asr a arog irl, a.ed formed byciZellnoker. If afterdr a us to be tree uf r Two insla dea have b eebn ca- '
,12 mg i f'arr e BaaBMve t o Waington, Aug. 17--,(SDecia-_ England. Franoe had turned upon u s suaoa n tesin t ew iAe t tea
an"wasVad b the e n0o10icera atter Unite, &Stae Mat rIussell re- smd sougt to make. uo bjest to tbm Ttp"ay Psh e a liW I4 -.
?tbe girl was sg a baby boy for which. Henry Cen in behaLf of ports f Caracas to the State De- ooitwr, we can lnmalde the dha- ''at -e omofai s "M
.e ru wlt. of Vl l5sru Bentley. the gtk chaarai Zedek. de- vrtrneat that the fnsent faction in tion with which our puritotic fore- neeUl ta lu"u. riu on c t. e.. p ?A
some t' t e es it off ea s ivered an ad+e s d elouent address, te'Stats of ILs Andes. In Venesueiela, father wold h ave turned against Lap- eewrk. ur L faXsja u scaw nau e i*
f dwh hichWiswalos lYe listened to by the under Ow Gnerawil tnmc was faette an tiOwrb tfabis friend who beea id laz. o -- a l sr. j n l"
Wthen1Wue s1Mn tion- 2arg'e audience. Dr.&L. S. Oppenheimer, OL4 efttte d hr ciar t hto wto erat from them the inds- to C. 0-"WtsimW. Theplh a" S SEg
m iae ispersonT- s aue waysn- saw&"reads' t so etang good, depetadnos hethe gvesnmentfom ss. s S
ad about it. tahe- na the doga had responded, In behalf of the Wttson% In Mhf bttle W" fvery bloody ow., Bestlead. It ist eqmmayeasy to undez- amon tngs umuswtvai n UAWQ
1 the bo4 sleep and chewed off terent0 ta brief. but well- lasting elabteea houroItsd the e et ou o e tAing onw t oIhe brailn e ____ -a, .oish.
Nesa. and a"og1 was actuaLly .the attention that u-as given It T7heK was gallat flgltn on boti ert of the Pt11.Lnn, who have we.- Asris ab n made at ape
NOrSe5SS 14taia3n oS Car U* pSa totid. by the alters a. bt the aai. Wt a coned us as 9A 0-ea when theyfindus Frenln atrae sh
( Uery perg uocS tie pedmisea old WIsl Master s 7ranof John spite the i rn snce of teytyingto gWt into ltna eOhes vaan t lot btwase W. ,ta A. S
s to.wsle w" o lr cat Into Difrt lohe, p o' otmed the hene. w ebaotehr amed y. the qaimof dot dolaidoaary woo-Sstoreanits 1aefov-asa23s"
tbrelit shfn&te 005MW m com dictloaz6ater tw&Atfitiee cdneO-toneOfe he o e f the- 1WrWtV g~we ith the soldersgem am me esam: ata ffs 4WAssm o pn@6 X
Shov4CbVS* i.mo of mil s ae u .amil. ls,0ed withnierestig Placedf d aat800IN0de "11d old tndwoude 8 old osta pblAthrophy wM property u o-wsa by.U A lu aw
has2G, alvdfb.^ nkn& anSS.J~ ow nSs" sSfthe irS "-* The ovwiment loftoes Imt 3X6. to take the P ipng honk and th Bhibe C ark. an. was wobasisftv W .
p .uasbedh Witc live wa tneIo bearssen Cnfowtns dst-tot b t s
M*- AL uaI deino b2aaes Inv w east co at the wat2.- wa entt d re*ada t..itenttoh we hawve been n the gem aien. An L&A a of Ins t the t Vomm 'fu
i Lehi"f r t that section. whicb was tb eoy andi l te Ibe as the eSAeAneit oa o propsrenI t bissow C Q a~tf *
'S~r~r& idtro h Uve The cornerstone bea &airtfamnm metrit in tew 1-ooatrr anfected. COLD BNWB ctrhmafou. W& pn. Is givec by the tact colat Uto ag t-~i3
s0941 at amsWead took A sea 2on th. kescrtPdoee *-#-- teantan believe >I no nrabaaten otoar him t musM aper f Orat 1
4 .4vV aqie'e p, 'ebqr cbSE5J a5't e ABRICAIS-. death. Therefore we arme. we pet A number at othsr lage demon amoa
werein c l=Ml ly whieb oorporatedl December 1, 1LEt. freoted the eathon 0 the other ide la th *.. a the reide B aim m
b'Zw. Iniv y sa as the 11--MS. nAbe Mas. president; Par11. s polce Pre tir to Starve Out probation Bt It h 4 9indthe at to gire woeWtard &dM Ins ang 'a gaems,
I lann e 5 res0 ssar d when 00kiaemn, wios-tesildent: M*en -ta O batil.ftItsafen-te gtsoakird and c9dWe g-aWA the a b
.-thses- a -s- ran. sreasin to a ry Cole-n. 2rp & the Guerrtn iProsaL. hklO a wt alter we kl b I al deo* u f nof cC ezB wbed. of the tar 111 M6.lljS
.. Xkil. and told the mother thai tream '. w JTo Ba-sG-L a D Bn- --6A- ,ot a bet vr-ofiBb he e ater ( Pserite tt- T- 1 0 t
h.k by6ad bw ned hrer chilrd t Z16 11Leibe'. Fred WoK.' ,Parts. l?-Or. ela).Th o- 'alltnod It my be aihu--tkawh~k with ecletpro~mi-se. -
490 ,. .-With chasm b ptatity the ladles li e o- a eetod v a e trom barrier a t but It I not just. The ptoo r -
t the cenami. fantkc mother of the Temple OuL then arved the bo ahdseSd of the oRue C'hbrol. wfee-tR aM hs e wronge in misne JeB u 0001).O 0"RSANOWID. ls
r he o n w sbe found. herb h audiencew hdeloiemoesmie. t-iCuo enda ts e sma l force,. of anti- our efforts to give tem the bond" -
.,i. th fird" .tiereis-r .rast ed en tee i beslewed. ord vWSaon6 hbt I believe thatthey A Branoh of a Ta=V eps to
'SS:Btrraw ^ n^TTAU-m emran s^uad of ool1e Pre are wjuatfed In t1*11*n thtu a naUP0 is Locsted m inm % wr nu (W.
' '" "/ tk Lrbethaese fe^o ra-^ 1 Hepo^ Dot q 14 tat SS mored~^ M.j-. C. ,W. e o nn IiT^
F" M SIJNT. kept hoW at thbidetont all day dis- 'wkb caM not take care of Its own fn-
llpotwlthelaradfles.thaebenfctthatethese eo-slamthe ourioew and d enetnative fetior races need not bid Ifor anX more .'.Rins. ftnEB oem
-. 4 .barbardi~ties have been traced reJ to Talk out the Rteported crowd wh~ch as em blo.aate ton actso ll It boa ai owt s Laow t htit it acJienno, proaetore vi. tLa
Sto .7 ndshe adnista her xlt. Change In His Plae.. e how to fru them. The ad- ceerat toreuonj o pat n o
e a th T- tel topv mEl h the girl have are or than JU retDe aO We
-es tml Be a-Hree sa ae th- Grn Bec. le.,. AUg. 17.-'The 5.EINfDINl 8U'PPLI .. vantages of oecemc sow more hn lust itrned loiom maor. etore on
S-NorS &c" ace- Gand Beac. offsaet by the dIfficuity of boldin" theoe aa been for the pae wee comnsmao, lhe. k. e, B
1 at Ai oir*tand ItIs15 l m.i n Thomas Bi. Reea was sitLing on Axuinaldo'e Awto Activ and Assst- poor avages until we can drive a bar- tig arrengemenna to oeu a raua. vt lbott podi
811%at. narrates th details of her the veranda, of his cottage to,-day h Inoens ratyAneewithtion Layeeemate sct.te or enn ene" esl
--- "*'Iv t.*o Inurw+nts reatly. Ki Lneir a vnn --W Nam t_ 1L.+
-ai. ir ew twith e. cold-blooded- eareorter taled to mae InQuary g An Inexwiaty ttinb e.ete---oton"w ty.M ,ia UoW1,Ueon tam S.
4 2 S11 l Ii tdrigadvi as te- the truth of he late rumor o o. .17-oleclal. a .t atOle oraese, but it mmtbt be nmde on accoutm s the acoeMssty of * 5rtlt en
701" t1hat %as dtcided to remaLn in Conr-
TitImtPk O he l pkez wll h at oia-e grof t for the pWPDoeO of figtLn ex- 'G.4"8 1 aorvo ro 4wutnaldo. brother a-etea stronig- by Pontit otibi ei o- I n- oetto tkg ta o We. iS h nt
llk tl o- have this h eartless girl V l .e i The W o" the tan~se leadetrtw l, te e a- fed tloo e for erteran v ltlon. The other offhen tafy&t o toe project yesterday rearkdmat
mo e tainto court. ad punished as umkdied om r ttr and replied to thle bey'ofrom nalolla to seinte the we were told of tie- abatig of a town Mr. sennoa rv keWtfete teler ttht
eke serstB. / uirl s he bak't Wate any tak bardam of ei tlaaer m ,ti- of arms In to the inthabltanat Tie toerrtta edhoped of a ve thae a A- W UtHd
Rril s*~unta *)rpBs Vhe1711,nnos hss h DOWuj ^- fto^ ^a ^ts^CR7^ r
r" he w a doesn't ntend art sa uatloe -r ate v,1Hine. to te In bl the aSw ft a g 50
-. e'1forA tPhPeIn" to. atae appera to be enjoytng 1 he, It nedw said thot Thahattos. t nee thbltants--wanen and cAldren-4ed ni.g to its ubst capacity .aNt
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e li.e'thirwork a WORK JTJ han-e.ti'ationt-tt h by th tdactoor d ievel- 'WestolRiver Rbbers Suecessfil in a stores ani so-called seed hMaa who
-- M enBen l tih a -a ume eof O th- trooMe to he Recent Battle. sel o eed that ha batheyon c Oon- ilswsrc.PS e
:Ii' 5h e S 5 m W'.1 ,Work on the Manatee County e" State e len. eb bd been melted ad-im sn 0
cas CmwastheBan k bulding i f b-en o ne poured Into Mr. Hier's ear bwhle he Hong ong, Aug. 17.-Official ad- Wmes. eW'vAe & CCo wtll S'm.U for 0- l lo
tnmW a/ .tth a, vrim bo Cvontractor Alex wan aslee'" ,ces received here fremonCantoZ6 SY distributlon hn a few days an alegmnt
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,- g~lM I- Br e- owne. btdlzis beiicoal- Aean I l force o 5W onee moldersln WNWwhich I ai Antedoatbrlakt, andIsthert AM -tobe ani a band of robbers-L,000 strop. at seedtoimthe country. vIr ex- -
eani" ou a bbbom, uit on tenorthl side of the Manatzee -I _____J~ ~wlfe vth f
=o.fsItl uoa5seu ndcb3 w re iver, andt he hfank buiding o W l 1 1 Introducedi It Cl"veland to Codcon on the West tiver. The rob- buspea ene ablsd themtouS these
B sa~ gs^-^;"-h ^^ .^ S l~lltr tr^^c- rive.rt and t/ faslsmt g-1 buldn i
M. Iatom a' wia1 s at r Inm -cuatrooted in Mznate colun- Ct5bmmete with Street Cas beas were vtoriaL killing 250 of the a1-a 5 sde a.Ja them to furnes ed.I
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.ftS5n&A------ W The new maselom carri"ages wilt seaoS e0 tt o t . A R Z e lorI FiM a nd IeCompamn
Mama.~'J~*J Lt 8~5'. L I'~ ttab-S ^' dirt linseiiva mimi run_ on retHlar L I Stiow^S^ T.SS reertgdarles q ts
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bogs111 p l tto0 e a op;alt.~~ f~ schedule. 'heil. amanher of outoeinlles All1 Efforts to Tins-I the Cable mp Of fi.sh ar.t! Jio5 l 59 ., in

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i tolil, e- n am.. sn th Tll ainorediek tht41 ti ~eyt will ,Asi. Tmrse. Atag'. 17--thpecla).-xA wet ashore en a reef In the lkrjhlern of the~t Muumoe h 11 Sto d o uth. ,_
i| lB| -__ SS ia M lok ierth foromedl bele, whichpop to invMor 5to finest fBt. ot te 5 l BIr 5ttr st 1 ltaT f j A. *B
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tTDPW. *moecyhrm c m~e a...-* henmdles~ ati heFew Mexico faa beeno ,fradlm.9 .mllm Inls, -~ Raimha -___,'
wit the --.D1CIz f0LVBGCTS. ES. I TO 'ifItPQ" C AWIZYRR t 'SndlkSm Mspo^5^
ifjTBJ^~*Ba"~l.^J* Caroe for lie inarl& Tidte will -- liwe u~tom ndoissasf~t-5a and-- -"
ConLm.L k e- ,Drect flo Belghim. Aple ip osed~tlon. Tatomle- T 'Aim. gi-Cln ves ~'xam.-.,'~tUl
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Ilmtsn+, im cB utiates _pt thirtrae ,sdsrecot from whch US ftted King Addre. 1 6. o s iMsn. gsaat7

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Avo M n e York. the cement being Celery quiet the nerves, relieves
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1M 0 o- ee01t t1 the MnMo Hlb at fr- imommtdM y In rae a x and are aso t segerb follow theem. R S ar ni d pe W o cials to t e ani on b -., <

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VU gM ra ohm in InM aM E the appetite and iense the folood.w toiln most extensive (S Its hind In Eober Road bhs doaf Oi m f
'Whaede Osta wnd e thishew ar. Beets,,carrots an= paranipoare nu- l uth hlttida. and he exceedingly ft.*'AgentRoasesas- Sputvis w I

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MOM K is now enro ue. n. W. ad ,nl t i v atr wh a New YoI eet.monm ani yore aaddrss roe e from a yeto ur Ite& v y S& I t S 'ilW- a
^ i 0$ t M-nrf-ctmer' a v m wt be taken ater zateew York to meay whe. Rch- na aeo sasto anow at.i "-
I a g o -a many o a de Siuent need not mn te ae ismo comsao teda w = e i c t Ito h to h atmeV9 erw her r.. r .
el. .. j If u are snstoT Aed aWONDtR fty miles shorter that any other.". the xsaj&v. a a cd;

.. .-' .RAT l'o lt h .City Attorn ey Whitakter Gives Notice -d as a"_and MO aoG aad R isJ f ,.
4 nejHairs Great Dis- he U cio
"4r49s 4treali dney s Bladder City Attornety t a po pose to A high offic-al oft- te i o Mn
t^ fCuam, '. aao wOtresei-pT ceed at c-nceisgainet delinquenuttax 7d a sftry Fogart left tast n*it for Keg

i lbetsl00, m n ws an la I payers, and ,gives i.n t-e th ollowing trade a n ement with the yl- .et.
sb.. ^ lfB11W I^ rheatia& and l rrelari notice: vani a P. R from the of ier a 8. A f5
^ ^IN.....e sIiai eo th Kte a Bladder In Math I have inn eat d but few suite oo t to Washington and thence t New
tp, Ohe Ple In hildirfa. If not said by ax pal-ens, having recognized that I cmond. Petersburg & CRoam I4, )
pS ssfVwl-sor-drWggMs WMbe sent by malton ti would cause a hardshiaeng dIvIsion from Ridgeweu ay use the R- w, An tane moll, had bilslh Stl'
mal ny cinny tizense of the cia'. owog to Me isconpleted, ill us e heRich-

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e -* "esm e Ctieta W &menieg Matter. Negroes.
0 T a k u at e r E x p r e s s O ff ic e N g o
Knights StaUon Fla, Aug. 1.-- Bostoq. Aug. 16.-Miss Li ianD Clay
S LTER .sIER M ,a Umintl. a g.rlr o ^ TAMPERED WITH PACKAGES go" Sut n
has assisted me to take off my coat, agaiws lynching which. she says, Ba o
I should set im uo in the clhing messenger ween Washington and t by eas ended th
The fact tha a man does not pay his Atlauta Gets Himself Into will probably proceed first to Georgia
debts is no proof that be is discontes; ad del ver addresses.
Neither is he prompt aymetu of aill Sellous Trouble. Yesterday Mis Jewett a Lon
,du- des proof to tbe contrary talk wi h a young negro named Rob- A T
Ss -hs i esu-o W u AuI 1ns-Sptatal=.-An no Mea w- o KIDNEYS, LIVho Et
hours; yea, thereareto thwnogu ns that I A e a e scp
,?~3* Destor5 "busted iNorthertner "cualn" the coun- otiUng epcde occurred to-day in the to lyvtChitMM at C ortownL to that
n^alth. try and the other is a "Cracker posing -office the Southern Express Corn- place. ch is in the ve heart of AND BO
NaYan e"ses ey "o tnyn his city, the 'ncJla district- MGraw was an
it es n sGsa she wworhd so o George Davis. a messager r unnIn eye witness to the uching o SSW S Y M
i as e ho has tried t tw o Atlantaws Hoseand to Jewet told the
Ol em As edtors mail 4mIg Ins like apopulax brought before Siweritntendent Hac.ta- terrible story o wa esw. the w t Cw.
e.,fever -ay f ..uan ieg, l t-n of c n The Post rprese ve a ed the
rhdPi sate eciipiteto Oracl8hargsowhic hhad been made against Baker dtmily yes erda at their homee
at r -etan r of goods h at des s public be a e a tol er street in fa e

US -ASAnamss -maf y esar abe Itaos a in with- T he ch f arges a b were t o dyihe effect that iss Jetit. The a other d OSeae t9
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Is bou whenhee oe he U oma y with ackag es. ai he was brought to hasde n desire to ret Sou Potth.

^- ulaAader Dep art en. d h o la salsit to GW e bmous Can.on auea 2, el o ky bto Sold *b Porl --- P
e r or ededrtmet under the per- suapicianed and when ad a he speaks all the avanace for the 16-Fur bronze cant L-AON EXIR day th
S r anh of o tr busine ss. rti ehis a m with the ss ci ns enerta ued L N AS ICNIrvous hea.
e rice afersonally seleed. Witethe A l.- cat y don Geeal l beaver sk P steamer leav the repub

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bWoIiuied Pr-esnt si-,L-o-i e, 18t a ~v~h rook m the an of othea. e ne wh he had opened When Davis H we com i amt&on. Int n sAp e hrag s bor d I.

r a ypocri te.e e in l aeme od a eo n an the nature headache. nalar is,. k it disease,
Br o n Of the.o4ccs.=he. he cetC, drew a. &pistol fevers lill..eart faSue,' aervus CfAfl'*N
Shat a his getlema sd eg an flrw in a vernbody lon Leanon a tir dtane al
O N.S1--. S-" C-.ToftMi;e ia s .xci. 0''a aio l I& One I blet grazed H thawtio er chse hi a torpid liver and kidn ea. lM t t
p I OT- a emtaiBR-etala leri of is f an. dlM" it he zwat and another owed .a hole ti.bugh L It is an est ished'fact thatt lemons,m s
ore th t ski8n et a dead o-w detectve's coa.L I e is now win Jai. w ein o o bid prpl with or her a
'I.Whinh oun ei the railroad compnsy IC L N B. W okm produce tleS moSt desirable Tims Now a r
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o -e " pUsually tple wee are te t s nu u pn the stou liver, bow- F are n fit ers 5 t
d-tL iderMUT D Irf ne S hrt motd In rcwsery-are the .lrs tt to ot Four Cannon. Valued at S20,000, elm s, kidneys and blood. od "by all -
,-n -'d.dM l. L L r e'spit dhor- the* a~ tas otthe. al, is bet, is Said. A Stole 4.0 ads I0 aania $a bottles. Port a PrInce, a t ai A -3--
S. & Those fa1my narme has w's a-r- The ayeren oer fnalt h nt h a
Sinei ner the per-d een cr n oorlcNt disregards the rules of Hst nH e AuoeS l.--Fiur bronze cn- MZEYS LE aON ELIXIR.
S1of b .. e.. .. ". as. e and s ahe hands wi th L t non. a l ed at 0 h .we . ., WreinteIfo _-ig n -
.... A U o o u essE r t ar t e .as U Si i l a s with his emnloytr. the fort btiltE a Guabacos datng Cured e of sik and nervous head- h isae t els t e re-
mend for sam pU and may deped orf &alving oDe whose position in society is In she 'ar b, the Spaiards. have been I been subject toallmylite.uew are sin e Ogk fer
uiAl _a fihiAe ".ath she ame pWznpta and 4cert51 is alwU s at ucd that he will stolen by two Ameo a.ns who Dre- N. m A, MHtR b te rg mlssfate h Git. -
.t au-. .-,-- a-th t ,e .a,-, wul-tnwm andIcome Jn onia with some beneath beensted a bn ordyr pttra iLr toing fohave r inP c A. XsEe7lion. teavit the re Ii A .""
A MI"= pi ea s4personally seleosed. Write 0 t eom. been atgoned by Gea s rai Ludlow for Pia, e C la dlELtTG.teIL r lof eL I Ln Debl.avi n an B eai d
* ad pries on an Bhing in The Fano" Dry Geoodvr c No god isi a nn's life is t m great their delivery-. The gn sere melted traQuil
IqP*K***''been peei&. constructed for the p rpose' ememered hu e enemies. d y ay we
s -ness. Ic in te lo est, best 0d up a d ome people try to blde their own The theft wa not discovered until d me of indigestion and herr- l were appointed to- 'M ie
sl ratte as by expingrhe fra.Ult.es_ to-dat. when a genuine order fiom oS l etinam I agot more relse, and" of ustice B c ad F in s .- abter-
,dcon'in ba eperim c al an gest ,their selgim,. General Ludiow was prehented. Thir- B h n ll a Itter i suce i.D ti, who 5 -
,it$ The .af-madel oman is usua lo" tn in xe teen persons have been arrested In ron-ALI6 now In Pars .
eil comkT able and 1t4active Pott h hi e own, hateiwotk. nection with the obh .uet S Iedi -I Z s.
hison of t sights of Loui wilne.l Iftou were in a log-cab" how- ColelBecailao. chief or detectives. ne C.ut Cough ure OnuMkltey
Si ZUM insS list of Pa stu hasMi D r ettotre Bleot illYu aey r tich, bus reoed thasformca t. 7on 1t1ih the w i* Ga. ttrite f0o. S 5 G. too
it Is astonishing what a small hole was gstlen frtm the treasury b-ar -he obetitate ssMNr coghs an
#jp] it;SOn ai a2-caUber ibulet makes in the ar ot m en wie forged the money order that hOI"i L Mn EtLXR "I consMIder dit Moth woo'df s 'l
-,+, --" or the word of a me ,ef like d1mn- was p -reoented last wegh. An lnise- cine-s.Ilck an s fo- W.srs
ANs. tgatton Is being mane. s-d me of a o-stann case o fhao.sew, W Su Bs
SO.^. ' flMatter a.fool sa un be will thiak he oiL2s and lever, by usisg two bodIeS. d:entrai (infs-msc l iftu2t 1 i1-.
l^^j Q" ...;nand he m ill try zot ake your wor.. R t -- n r --. C.e. t. smond Phernae Th Ct y. ".
.tte-.nsv prit., above PoostonLoui Ky. Amxteive o lo ow Being inere P T. T.Va. & R. -t
Eat aboe seto Lo lI Ke e S.o persn In tfgrel engUes wothsi Cured me or a cse of heart diseasedAtxe nex mh ,SICyre mes -c ife
W D A 1 T l. the filth of the -dl. ( Every l "Fw people realize the ria it ideA l trie d a doe differ ent mredtcn 'd Socet wis adlea tla r
mEU JflUagurtalp aMI1 1 tesis thtf iff-is O neighboro) of the fish s ienIn til is1S m and None but i-mon it doe me any e O that the- o
BarFTLh. he .formation of the lIdn a a, d e tl T DIon e Imtane Slatep .s n a l i.
4ce eCotrss -a -co sibisation Wa w i C A- r S n t.Tho. m as t.,
4k .A I . ...DtLt9 controls the trade a ar' s wet as Cedar .H j'h.G a .V f *m e t t '
3Awweaa o to Land a L4n in almost indefinte %texpen eimanlof. - *-;
Cua -1 wres moo.bt...tio now ha.o h d
'breeches at is PuntaGorde, now 'h I y os-s it for nervous pro @ 1ly feed men a s e .
SsSSR .k , --'OAIICC' "S^h..Ki t^tK h ^ ^^ ul d St."tr-tiss 1 headache, ni and oos u n i' ..
"p.AI. OT.. 'HONE 148, Presk=L nley will hawethe fin- Pe rsburg. Cer Ker, T eitue llis. Rt-a. heyd dgewi mosts a ourarvs
Aldeli In tequestion wjeber the iWand. Cocos. Uimsalan Jensen L a eL siek seed aitw thoest UOi 5-tO s 0
l, isto he Colle and Prt Pierce. At. or near.r e nwds had failed. rio'by MHoo's s i ,
.-. R4i IaIlers' S~iplies. -ebdAtlobedto nd a cable ilzCube. each of these mpol av been eatab- i. w. LO..
p eSeeretary Root will lay ite minion bhed fishing cavt>s. frometS ich theI--W-,a, Ga. o '"true nerve fod M1. r

Ie t#6 hecorts -r e6% "A olts o--ll 1o the ware- Qu&c&A cure-constlpatl&O--nd rebolt 1.z1- -,' ,- i

go mg forthe" than the power of Spain ... ...... .-,- toe- Centra Phar-man, ot Tama i o11 dSqanses ;ae oeis s atoasmoefrhnllr h asotcth oitPamc, hrCt.0o d snl3h ed c b

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AWFPl, R~WTI~. could not and would not lawfully do A lnner one pe bof thp warehot a eA -eXl -sdtEMahpeer .-'
hIf os were still the soverign power in lrnow n of t hw t aci stora reh oru TTo WOVE- AT CiNCE. dsati rgesatmen tsat
gi. IteUt oat the Sluieane Fatal Work Cbs. Wkle Wr-. slimSl- says the of tw-vie hnIs toren roomnt1 TO MOVE- AT CE tet mt
ppcuIllW P to oU. esf stn nion new floor soe'ta a irsat w-Thre Regimetas to Goto the Pacifaiwsao
e Is certain that the monopoly claim- hove h ,a- nut It. W hen oetletmd. _
Sndea the ale d o. A bee rs goredrad euthet emneln wi1 hav the larrent Wshlgo Aug l-5--Bpelai).-The 1ea _..I IFI
me tdig a s Pincone n far a o atlde n&e co urtt oaf ni+t lete fish houve ever er tpd deoivhe intentIon of the War Depart- ar t te .'
'Cl The whole cantrT has been - ment, wonder It new he to puV sGA&emmse by t ir
Ar deIsNet RST Kodol Dys pepsa Cure cUes dympep- thinly in the Phtlppines to a speedy tss bast"bthir beLs .s
.-. 4w.';--- el Wtl$m the lurriicaie de- Oreat Bsltahti Acreement in the ia because its Ingredients are such cosgmdalon was agat demonsn-ted ThepMios~selecrystll
stgagSo a l th toS as sd Vlages. The Event of War with the Boersa, that it can't heLt doing so. "The Dob. to-day, when orders were issued for adayscdt*par s P waa0r'd
-i-Fnms. we.re wrecked are -ic c yn r17 upon it as a master remedy dTwetty-eentMh, Thirty-flrt and s leoInrt -'.'l .
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. S. B. Lennardi & Co.. Central Phar- last night what thousands have proved-that NA WERAE TRi
fr t e-1tan ithiat manm bodies are macy. of Tampa; Diamond Pharmacy, The streets were thronged with buy- Electric Bitters is the best blood purl-. prtstShanw ,smse .S
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Hamlton Clar. Chance G ever cough and cataha fever. A- trenh. Only 0 cents. Sold by ;
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S'"-." ..- .Witel Hazle Salve, two oxes of which E.lnote COwih ure-It relieved at once. t ". 'as--a Be" eS
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.\_ .,,- -. 'aaD br' was an air IaiAnrV ec b& me ea r 10'aw.0a ,eMent

ij.-h s i USt pft Ba suiri ant Chim. hi cimmr t will ter Ied of which In a&moet univer fy 5, Ifte nohnVi ever Iaothtw oold hv sii mor iit5Mi

a meet in P1ins 4b g the World' Ez esoised bn terope, e i before. eso alannig report e were geV- io bis bowoe l
') w o m o to y a the matter. Italy; but the evil eye e n out rt the ex cte m .en d and onl Br at eeofo.enc of D ea lor i
... -. in the new ceaer thee wM be a not as ha ad the cross eye. prerl obtaled were >ub- Thtis n than1 the w itt at to
..n.- each 7 5 dUats the farst month There are ways tb which you my liabed and through tnurIs eand o hve twe under b tha Ma -fe h.M
ne .to be t aed hCe t ory". I this Ina one, counteract the Inluence of the evhl dent course mshin good wans a th ker vs Isna ethg e acfca a io
the eaieell will do ior Iall ti As eye. If yl have presence of tmId and pilahed, as the more prludent shewedt isla-t ndon, of lateamour tbe is
'Mond -a1 (MDk- y In the fist d5y ct the com- tiae them u t i .h n the- reliance in the observation and a, i o. t t l ead
-Nmial week. cL Is to be made the eyit pe on g ve you a square lo prAoceeded ag s aeal with bi pesa and byah Iner wiBt a I -.
-- first de oIt acbh mot and each in, the faceyou are gose: your luck WbithUot a w mant itation of fear. t hemo but an.-he atrrt the
ONE"i-g TW taway h i ens n fast? Is shatered, and for aita real of that -otuian ot the a Crome ue Fo v

fi n c t o an e T and p ecton we y east y ou a w aba- 'A kieR T~LIAA. weens the bri aon &aer lam r -
ol. i every lag by mal whiiot find to at so tha It will hisnge all oindth the hose that iatthlreg you may no Tlb n t t wil s as theo to he-
telklaa 1 Years n Day would undertake wIN sauceed.rmna
w chaed to tey Day, Washing- An Instance In point is furnished by laurel or rather to bnt s hAnd wisp. al n eato Mrny aw t e am

L CROKtW' B tMERAULT toe hirthdia wocld oame on Janu- a contractor it Newark. N. 3.. lat which are the proper bead decw aa Mr. riag p
sod a 25th and Decoratio Day would be week. who put In a bid for city fwork, frarmew stteee we befeve. WtItt of Alama was ssd tdeny me as lbre
m'.let i n a to tbe Bo it as it bomes o the 30th and there his foure being about t100,000. Just There is As ant New amp ra g into prominence as a King- if there mh tam 1
a h ta es protr as an will be no moth of 30 days The 4h before the bids were opened the con- shire for Bens proud title "the Pitch- ini.er and a de otters whose It is la the dI p
dica" telopo that Tm etefl J wll be on the 17th of June tractor met a cross-eyed ma and fork Statesman." Thso yankee tAllow nae sve never been heal of here, editor ofe iAai
Sters to a it tide rer th tn d be the only hol:da knowing the malIgnity of this infu- eminently practical as all his kn. a-re Thes gentlemen were got to launch shut p ei
I han 0 aa at nt. Ise as and e e of t oome on tle same day o, ece. he immediately fed another bid goes beyond 'flman l pitchtoi k pof U a noboot-a for onnfto .r l and set the Pa'e. Theiw Imp
d.Sme 55eus to he or B ra tif e Maoth as now. $4,000 lower than the orst. When the tIca The South arlnan tie the Democracy on its feet agaIn. We felt erea da s in a J
e5VSM m te btliddr n ts -- 9 bis were opened it was found that implement fNioratlveiy only, the New rkau deosbts aN the time ahbot the ci awo ba III...|
l.a. we m then get t BAsPP'EsINGS ON FRIDAY. his firat bid was 12.000 lower than that iamoehlre man apples it literally. It eicacy of Mis miethod at reviving a soemi--the iema w- 4.
I -t ... l* l fri e mi d bow -- of any one else,. and the seosond bid seem that in New Hampshre here national party; and now tiat a frown the polle or h*i g
t it-- w ot e pealprit- 'Mo n was horned on Fridas. the lowest ~ry t6,00, So. as he says, are aboot Cha a score candidates for from Crkenr vhas trown everybody in- toln &t t ohii
S. ffJB il t Oat Wt WE- Bhakeeare boan ry. ltbe c e1w d man did" after the senatortao t oa. which "Bill" to a DanlIc Mutte atte t wilB b l* elt iin
.. d llgVan Wyck's a dower anmled on Friday. alL and for the rest of hi ife he will Chandler may lay aside after next to the Tatheis. erhe id Wcant ioart. w 1 wm i~+
S- itt waD that Bawte dnne4 on Friday realize the futhlIty I of contending year. n of tU te the 'ol of the Caler Iadoranent of BryaU s d -
o kq .: the beht Iai aoolo MMaglted on ndy. against a malignant influence of ti metoy: the tact tiat thse Brya managers tderarc ro Maee ti
BibemJ^Sm5galla0WrIk a loa- Kiam Charles beheaded on Friday. character 'During my tour of the State, ran seem ready and willaw to welcome !Ee themalggA
& Ba d im hastRed a t puet n ls inmreb was dcilaeered on Friday. The matter is so serious that steps errose a tarmer whos iunibce his Tamsany with open ermaW tM. W. 3. of
,^ i il ag mMe* amamr Jullhs CaehB asaimnated on Fri- rojght well be taken looknin to legisla- section is no small factor in potitcs. Btone. ,the power blaal the Bryan Ute water at, M^
x i --k m then *-tion en the subject. Sinee It is a ci. One of mny rmuts had visited t far- throne ost now, sa that if Croker a4s teleldsig
$imfd1al. I imnt. Wtiiate5 Wmahutooa was married on Friday, enth fact that a baby altutoed with met and found him in a h ld. s erio. his change of view means a
r it S i thS m i- -ci Q u n o Viela wasV -m married on Fri- Q uint can be aed by a sugcal oper- The candidate snled off hits S ad an end to Tameaay' oppo.ttio to-too t th
*e eeInIne. and thos al baleful tendencies V, took a sWWr at jug ead heip" Bran sad r an badn 4 to t
?%a.lb it_ 4 ftinoleon Bonaparte was born on removed at an eari age why should ed load the by. At the famer Ivl- Brsata lail of ma~ I real Mhti ....
parents be permitted to neatect a mat- tatio the wexcld-be enator ped s aBidt binl' In the oteltib-. It li to
,le Sa- a 815 H-los ~I athle of New rlteans was fougbt on ter so tlaortant to he wel-belno of wIt the y and alter the meal. rr amysa --If Clker Bad amde iM t
B ." Friday, the rswselmty! A cross-eyed man they talred hae Bewatorial s>atOanto a-o stheVl In p e ear
a -dAtai.Rln me tW a httle a Waterloo was t t on not o eepe his own am uset over QUder tine slade aT a er a san pme b et & WC 'th
w.. l lw with bad bck all the time. but sows tree. The result is that the farmer Is he an. The Ct that he bhas made al.
tm thhe tim Bftle c w Baker 'Ml was t-ht on mIschief aS misrortne wherever he the ardent wporter-or his teary tm gt bse loaok m.-
to* beU calleda LeMr Utei. A crms-eoed woman is Just as bnhabasd ad I tohe that I bat tome low 1 pot be a ma of int 10 1
tSaM eaiseaNWm l of Idwe-Wpe we- was ead. or even worse. I statista could too late to do any good." a Jwm pople
li sa'm ,s. men t e h thr woa robably show that T eiman mayx me hIs rep uation. wedgt B i
a* tiee ThraUagc. Boqa cI Ac wus imaied at tSe take tdree-hourth- of tSe mtismated mar-. This yakee telolw ma de downed. n w1o oa 6 la
-a ema t eM weekr. riLes. diveroee and elopements are Amd sioe Tpoe an add dBI Chand- Tbere were 51.05 peeloae oU thea
S ll rt due to snoe cr esu. woman iming lr are good r here is a chance ationul ro Jbae 0 last, riiw the f
.lb Aro Mp LIt ri n i nna to due fcore wyhle the wedding is tior Be to do a turn for hise and Houston Post. The Idea that the fed- I1mmlt l n
s a m ndi takddha se tt adtehiaew iS ino- o aMtaw. *' a ate lke o Into New ampnpte and gdve tis erale armaes ttot ov,-a..,e the to do eis wo t.

% e steet lb that it lced In hbIs mouth the dreent. Wen adenOe Is DIusil eWstat a trn at laerakiti ereby DOth onlt Tmberned ma0raW In being aM his ltri* F0..-a
h not s o Imortlant a part in Ihman affairs, peserwis his own distinction d the steadily d&isp1ed dy the testm p ael Ylls. m~lgr-t. wiir Vi
Wa'ds i a hoesM cMhrerhe hc It a ees .n-sc, t ewboe that oublIc toga of ns triend Theyi wxere more lamely h00 00t, accord- -a to ft th
tim a D s e. a i et t morhl im-an s des o o tihre i t ~ e reion r- to the pinion W hy awd ss ao G
Smbe ebaeIn to Smo om nenDy t aroWadshth An te sInst-er Infseu-r e nih erd to Its te pror service sa ten a ha the omer m

s tewtd two great monster nmicians that play tweve orre in advance c awr other blit of the people mosey for the rad r. ..mwi&2
hDurt tae h tw wee e the re o er.Love and DeaJh st r c to irald n te m Bsdow ofr it pthS fls st M
S A "n IM b sr of Nortern cspI- And I look at death as the greater of the Trn S service With that theb ri t to it. opBaequeOuy hm e iyi ,
.lare1a sms In Smhe m-try bioL-- City, t two. If there were no Death in the rs every day ad yo will se p f te emIty of ha
C Ba e. = rthke' ba g imIat a. T hey are world tiere would be no Ltve. Dtath ti everything of impoblone is oov- the pe nstins who are no am- -lim. h t 1 i_ e *at there 2w m- delne of Jul of pur- is the coldest, aterneet, most pitiless d tienwt br p, orin for ahi h is o"a. thie as t aw -l
S t Mte a' f ra ml. mad beai btte a nmber fact in human existence. It is the u t It has been I tinated that thise a it -Ins t t
Ai Se cii at Msa ftrass have ha.maead. The great reat hard rook of universal paidn There two papers to Florida Lweiline cmor wm pwre soeoesisl and & a Imttle Aagi

grelvi vlet r w wal C tWeh.u astry tin the past and orrow But around it. growing In harmoy. Ther are the Tin- mes-soaer va wil have to o. 90If 1 r grs W. -g
fe wAr u In ep f t mao ha ut as Pa stands of dol- out of it. as it seems. depending upon Union and Citizen. and the Ioveningt Wd we true It-Will pi 690
Ea .t 1 b ,t a, lat ID cirnUlatetO and -e a result the it for their very existence. all the ten- Call of Jacksonville. It is an simnuiM be -dict-ai evadente tit the pensae
ge ople are i t much better crcuatan- rests. sweetest and grandest emo- occurrence and should be remnenkered brea is used by the Repu*bitao pa rt eMd
iiidon, tons of wbich or hearts are capaLe by the prew of the State ad Mleated for political lprpma.
Bib/.l p spring Into being. Just as the tendrils by the brethren the M ii I

be --, 18 00 ot b ne ad ble .
llA S." lA" Tebctien bs bee ordered for c f the losonet -'y vines fasten h a lr re r e enter S m race whI aiCaker ana ..

ime p t _Shea of theMbj enter t rac w! a
S a m. whL ato lds tohed conde the- Tefingers DngWty hor the fate of the reorrd of m CM er ugrQ cfp. Sm SmiS
S em a Slp it lo uen at to whetS'e whbl I o vives t o rudesly for forty-e it houlders so the most er h and s a wllfie et
,sJeWims h e r 's to hasad. Sames litthe rival- oe' ten ie s reach out A and clng e o teletrai hs -e of fldy In o ien fam ane 1. isl dU Is
g% V n in 11 eaested b ther sm iance mt with sternal tenacity to the face of thre po ape d W

Sdeodeter- Unde ad t OTe fjamj t oh ditor at -t tdItaEi

l..^he tmim ha by Sm 'nd d life reorll n ftom e.tharowtt one of hern faa- a the o10s! a ae in tryHood's llostin "n d S t e
Smsnl h-e IL I&b IiNV capa ign haKnuke bee__ s w..... ..rHa nowWe n odttae amoe day that the Trnune wa as bright r .as-me AooT o-
e, said dbSm t m-prom to be a them $2 a d&7 to wis TThie osihi he of P. F a .r.-MWa
1we n well. to be holding his owo member. tme zt e a, t ,
well. after all. R is t wht
e ac eism Te Ncmeo oa-s ares new mat- 'l'ere wil no doubt he an awful ex- 'Th W5y the c"i-tenlisra" 9 investing Lwh& Hods elm e m

da.. ..sy. ,- l..b t__ of Sm :ye that Iis2 W

The ChIcao man -bn laughed con- ex hdeoFlraoeofamples o t-
&a bimpnemimgodki thSm greatest trade psd the rainte the ta assessor camen time a boo the largest mausilies in Las ,don gothremi-s and

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%ft"e Tribune's CorrIegIdents Furnih A Jacksonvhe Authority Makesthe
&p.lwj- G, i er. it. x2ai.a. .ru s Tampa Could Hlave an Observ. Some Boston and Saaiinah te"'wt Pl" to A prop- M Vv w
N, .er ance of Occasion Capitalnterested. ert
Riverview Fla, A. .1.-We are al P. D. Casidy, clerk of the Circuit
w,.r' i l be of Int-east to an llvirs,

J. ,. Haeaney, Green and Frank -- ean erd It is as flo : ", -'.n
M m gmnt is naar. Theazapson have left toe. the phosphate If OrgAniaritonas Wou d Take the oepny Improvements to BeXa&&end ul terCan b te16 a e0
ni es nema Fort M oweade. eeo Matter in Hand, We Eight Have Facilities of th: Service Genray tIde- a tax sle, ues the api Deta the
of'Our youM men will follow % tobe M toethe ol t uithie y
3)1sula gm soon. an work in that section it plea-d Something. Increased. days after the period Of &akIlon, N
..r ,* :..* .. -^ A.. fi L L e., tw Year sfro t m date at m aae.
,' S. Morrison and family left last- certlte~eed upon ahNewerno t. C Ah u te
.-..-. J ..I. .IS- week on the schooner Isadora for an From Sunday'a Dalty. It is very Drobable that within a unlem the application be made to the
IWt"as at- outi of two or three weeks down the Monday, September 4. will be Labor short time the Consumers' Electric k within atxtly dC from the dale y the t
W'.5'5 wraiMnt bam. but returned yesterday as some oj Day-a national holiday, the Import- Light and Street tRailway Company Of t the tat the cost
i. ea Moote their children were taken mL. ance of which ls growing each year. wi be taken out of the hands of a re- tmanlte pars at tthe tax sale by an e.
D li lpdn tthe It- EMl Lmnnle Seglous of Biast City This year, the celebration o me dqy cetiver., and that the company will be a tindItvldual provided uch invidual d
aMd i omIe at one of HISaboro' ewHent ichool- n the princpa titles of the country placed on a sold tooting and many naoUee for name within the pirseribed The aetomr A Oo '
i m eIi.d_ teactheam. I to Biv.AVlew on a visit will ne much more extensive and gen- Improvements made In Its service. tiMne asa the O i the l de ported iit, h a, ]
I, that to W. =. Ba2g~ m- ny and while eral than in any previous year. The Tribune was informed last night n m e accord and ake BeiT sebon
m was taken qite sick with ever. Tampa has a working population by tMr. W. B. (abpin, who Is the zSen- no protest.
S- e ba remeed i gently to be lare enough to ara a noteworthy eral manager of the company 'bu "A tax deed can be issued upon aS MI t-

,tIi smproopsdMorI. of Welborn, P, ItIa po s e year to range iin Lmmao-erttft pINmemt han esr se&L ao
who w ~ been en a visit to relatives w cn emneat the developments stated i le tan ca Ipa

Sft fpro hr home isa week. S h be Trine takes this opportunity 0e j.t h thasaniah, In oc.I eot fled amoor am to law and if no pro- a -
to ,le lend ilie ,here wo re- tk me ssstlon tha the varitouts With it sit In 'Boston. a ecome tt I s f e aieca uoe.Pow"
o atee In paying mad carryingnout with Receiver Cbpl. of red n and Is aowed to re- e t sa t
tttow tpemetbe w t e oevance. or. banitn states t te present b hevete m oe' tat puspo so oen r.E '..
Mnm wd l retun. The c gr mker enthoused over the Ino ,rlro wi continue, jntd he tiscates not moe thana two yeas old. _Otoit
SP. fW ti Wnr- it of Zol ote i ho St result of tbe labor troubles. could prob- hopes thai, under the newCmanBe- Appatu to purchased mat be n1vst itSs. St
Scame t .tvve a l0 be I nIduced to arrange a parade, mBnt more fmTprovemente wilt be mate to the treasurer aid with each bSe
.m3o. "da n o to Riverview a t Mon- which w be, n itself, a (eature of made and the faoUltles of t igt- acatiO mint be m rt a certcate "s ae
da AoIL f eia. After kav- no mal dinmenson. "The other or- ino and street car erice no rea- in tie dcerk. settk frh al the
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i3m s' t r. Wadsworrth w become ata pma h- Tribune commendf this matter the reoostrwtlon o the dae. and is the laAd to the oorl t tttf e a cte .
t a b coun ty.to the tendon of te organizations conte other nprovete in "in cae of prhae, nodeduction
Si Po~ t O oto counmtyo est use- mentioned. The ceitr-atitmi would coot the line of improving its ser-vte. 'With welt he aaowbed 5 socoa of any sub- w < LW
Sbutn little. a-d it w nod make a good on capital and entetrp se ci .Chae t seent dee ter. ad i
~ loel tldea e lad y wine e showing to the outsid world. M associated with that ofMr. id-'Appicat o "redem cert0ates' eTkw oe
oe h. e bein to i a moona r. the Trtmne foeel& con t ha t. o ver two ye A &s mlr0 be made to reets
fTe ate the mouth othem pu BePthnrM 0Morth e
he ;a" ae thl e Moh of the Alafa hBiE e ( UP AGAIN. he e vte ataente w tbe lna- theState trsu.s Allowane w e g I, t"
Riv er Is< bols quite ac et Atrl --- died in rich a way as to redond, mode If sleneqasut tazee are paid, ton the Anf S >.WAI old
? AMPT ea Another- Upward Jump Made 'By the n-re than ever before, to the credit and that fact can be shown from the
SlSkdP Porte gi are pmassng nearly every day for .v. w recetpte, toe m en wt
.^ ;, .' .,* tht point 'Ier go tbe& to wet filsh There was a subdued hum of excite- INHUMAN CRUELTY. and am-da iII
96mm bed a to a 0 s tow thingn, the ment along the line t loat restauraita A Case -o the Survval of mvaaeryn NNWy MIa C . 'M od S.
beef had taken another-Jumpno I pr-I c to Florida. tesca C. B. Ls and S. B. Graves,
t tarke fIn th v deep. -the jump, of course, being in an up, an o oue e -nl a avne two y nofn t hi me cit etat e pav M5L

At aA t-a ofwo-Im s to r ea ties rssed pven more interest that amount d na thepu t irnUmin Ia- a
..ie. --.. OD4 e. reft e t taurat- and hotel keepers. amnong the people. I cnmn odatti teer l-- inenwtpohme na- T m he
The Prrice of beef has r-sen a cent a saite ol.eoismem o atipr m anner p omli .ese i.
__-' __. r fel-eusi t"hv0uisiwignl oee- O incease, owmingC.hc is Ae- An.ren. andigmnto of bin isutalitt haae Itoo emae their undertaking &a m- n extON

APB".0"1.1MI dam.in this 10CARRYING CATTLE TO CUBA They foutheeldet ao' ii t t:hi.en ginethem arcaltle ik

.. pet iPoed to use a heavy sixf-inch 1E WORLD'S BaISET .THI a-g- i
th= e Be- A-- P. BlP. er. pr5aced to a FLEET O' HIPS AT PORT TAMPA bbml Herclothlngconiited i .
SI N tTe hoohIe TRA. of an add pair of boy's pants, reach- W i aous
.i. WWdd E AE. Isng only to her knees, and on either WHERE TO iPTN) D T LARGBTYT 3wIn
M'. Hy Wilder, who has been ---- elde they were torn to nearly the walst-- 1 -O F IUV Y o b1M0
vet.. l, for several w is m.,in- bend. Over her abuders and body HeX"gPLd 05 I.NDiRY. ci 'bwanim'
ma N odrtetrauuS fD.Olivette Made a Record-Bm oklg Run Ste ^ had SS vhs muslin Of anB old wasti
AMO C. 1il n te trtment of Dr. torn to sed -Her clothing was not ---- S
at Ph"* o pl city. frrom Havana to Key Wmt Ou rofient to cover ber akedne b e Facts l teretinly, Told Abost W6 em g VM i
--kfl 'W F n supervtisor. is en- Her Lat Trip fr Talwor and Frobawi were o o S
i~Hin^ i a midM1*n~ eeed booked that they gave the mother Bigft ulding BridgeB. Stores m-r an
i I wn Knf and a ptl on fcent money to p uhatea herr omae
ntohe %mnt (w ra and aepa s snatobhbng. The father was workIng In' and Bastuinesses
Bflpi i ort Tanpa, I wg. 3L-At no time town. Wben tbhey arrived tey hinted At
4A. .5.A M m05110 7. o00 1 CliC 5I Mea- in years have budisnea prospects bean him and rend the srot aot to him. f ti I
#W100a 4WW11 audnd QUoi.W HuSA"- brightir for tf i lae _;at =- n fair -wrnim ng tI ,alem
'ti, mieiiai Alm Ovin J j et. ItINsan oldpiiIg strawss suck brutality was Moppedby wd 0 claim esin by d to itI
_3|1?Wt td bll ows" and h ve him aSeeoe. Bu bere T I anh IC- cit ietseand t thatli map s at al
001 0 BOnt Int io' s poiP to- Cnflon eA d- mby kowr i. restimt knIowwbhere w lan g-in

'S55 the eSrt ma hitoij perch o- au-sw in Port tone follow n WIAmidtJVl f PR.MnUd *b. wtrid ,w In Ph-ledeim TheaRS feakw.Im
It Is saf ta ah vesina In the cattle trade, ot o -- airg ear maSa, mrlt In i ai

Ginsted Bmt weew ri islht..The N woreIan sue, nade Tirm Cd meuao Ang. 1.-Booker T. Was-itoooe Swew Ys'eS. thier lSoWe- --' aoar. U rS5S a!
lld aBL l u.i- E tne rdwitmh ai cam Ar Dicn-e nt anhoIme r, wth si- Amerin "imer aIne pgd ato ethe n tohaa fato is In 5, i, _s t

miMrM fmi'oeblr-adlymLa tfor an interha ndgt oTia erwin e woua d The osentiomn'e ws'fIec oe the t 1 in 2iI"t t t 15 1 'IDI Is., ., !aBaH

us^ e^intAg. MM te r-- naliure t n sott eo t i 6 hy r adc O t nin ba t wten the cP o it tbsfore ts iibaym te Tret- i a k00 t] medC.) M*r-5 goCo_
oe mass eAd It 'Bf-A mute& Tis lis a reocoSrd breaker. She council caled at h15 roome t *wa un- 5IU~ lt1 a rae t *"tmS
iu t ws toond to-aigat for Hahvana with a t be to ea him, It wa givn out as TItest hotel in
HiBIt~illl~fl ^".- .--- n ^ his desire I to have them loosentiom To3k ThBe gs t nes i. pap Ner. .
--T.: I ,t 'r-eno- -an 'r A Omeen steamship Felclan teft ttake no a i n to aTtln demota- T bt ia
S'0 0 si3 f :e*ls -aDebe A t ian steamship saled to Washington was afraid e to appear g i
e n orVeic. is eoc-t oate a ,metthe enin e e ops a ds brsm
l 0w*de s a o John ]thgeraniis .in I, oe of the sobmethingR poi1d be done to rupture sell St Wam y.. Teh tc"U&
boomw Anamed is t ef-9r tis, left. aIst wee oron a moke ns his eo ten te rcl dlat eN w t the A dminla- stov e f Oun t roV.ed het gesat. =,- -vmip-.
.f t Ita sw wie o6 d a n ac he a t his suisoer-home in a .ritedh l- t t Is s the toins I

er tAe mastegament ci taseac Caerl a
i l etszwayORinai o nor on-sat INaeit son.., 2 e-grew -
w e a i s to hoe Il D. Fltgorsd las nesihy complet- Hs a Gala OccastIs inO largessdtento in tVe I
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dampf ThIs is no o ed r contraie et of movin re vatdn -E E ttm em. T he l ofbt eiest rbt- 2L' ih

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t-u-d" "" ma n a g em en toeswgacihe o ato be S ad a ci e t wSt. T sihel ~

*,rtU s r6 '0 O n t o 9D. D. ,w- .Ciar ker h asneae f rom plet- smha a Gl aU pr-cctionm 'n largestt re e ortdto In is alhys er -,o 9
M- neobyle .e-mamWrand tin -s ipar- e cies Of i er udergaflssImn ies ow- t

oi..Vet MW_ ti.m p Thee the supplyblfan esm bein nctrh.- deem rae dbound.- swe wt. rm*
-. i...'_" paid, m s~ h fa mei Ireater thsn the demand, a those .The fa no th g grand es which ofate sr Is In lo.on2% e.-' s l5st- -
wiPt s f the extrilon poso labter Usf OleneIbr irn e-an, dr--lm ed at port. Heot des Irte1ne InI
thbossrwm anci h.e q.. it Stu Ithofcsniewhos or, n l '- i sTnIw-
reportthatit.n o.claa at Hav.tae i.a e0 na ptn e

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Wm10 e6"er tbm nt A toao dr-1
neambesmee deve2oped direng the trial, ubl'TLa i es lg re n that Pub mco hereby gIlent
I whd e tors ement ot -e Jae- h. go r for ing on . e wgtien WHUATI e B mt a" tttw
CO. A4voaete-eea1 w dismd ne ommi- t i- ek y4ur throat the board .t~Ce' Comaetmonergs of the eas4 el O ty CU mhnlea o(
-atin circmtances wha.evw.- 5 and lungs, ad lead Hll sborouhb County, in the Statse t Bf lborogh County, In the tate of
-a m -a gegr. TWas t is an ndtoent of General SCriOUS trouble. Florida, his application for a permit FPortda. his applesation for & permit ymIs. hi m a i
gan an a a co Uatloa 4 the Don't trfle with them. toi sel hon., wie and* ber In Elea- toBse! Usom, wines and eter Seei
Pre. de t--thln veiled under nt Take Scott's Emulsion a tion istri t Wo. 27 amid coopa~ .-a on tret No. Gasld co nt d an s r .. o
S O w*oP aoaser soitton of a his ag been o se ODC. It sothes, heals, State: that nch appatioo wn be State: that nt h oUcheatlon win be 9e :
.an severe as it Is compact.Vc What with nd ure acted on by the sald Bord of Couy acted on by the a* Board of Conaty &ated a
i .... .........Soltor its stand on the Carter case. its view so. t. A d t. Commission at their next c ot loners at tweir next Te l
of the cvil-service order and now J is meeting which will be h td O t meeting.. which Win be hd on g
uaguj dganAuN AlB exposure. the Tribune is giv- first Tuesday In 5eteenber, A. D. first Taesday in September, A .. L 1 t sa
a ---=--un- 1w rrAl. n McK iley more than one bad .. I at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said at ten o'clock In the fbenoge oMf uM ,
i o One Y1iY ..... ** @ carter of an hour. DONT DO IT. IL d&ay, ad the said Board hereby calls d y. and the said Board hertfy calls S
COW,- l --- 1000* 0uon any citizen of suah election Its- upon any citizen of 1ch el otton Di ~
'O..i.h Qe l.*.. *" SHO'UJ. A MAN MARRY HIS It is ainoounced in this norniLng sa trict wno may desire to do so, to siow trict who may desire to do so, to abow nemt I >ull ar
SOne Week MOTER-1N-LAW? Tribune dispatches, that "Silly Lille" cause. if any there bt. at the sald seane. t any there be, at the aJa wkbysall' rit It
-- Jewett, the female freak of Boston, to next regular greeting of s.ld Bad, next reclar meeting o said Board. Utth
*l SAT=: That walw a peculiar cae reported by whom peasant reference was mae n y su permit hall not Branted Why uc pemt ha not be granted o
---- the Trl'a wAlabamra correspondent these columns a% few days sincenwtoheit shall nout be g e wthy Detarot no Cte1__
TOW-, Oneei, ............. esterda& asue. Accod to rd asew toch n rS outh--yea, to BY order of the Board of Ceounty BY order of the Board at County.A. 18 .
3eth.O -* story, a young man ot that State. eo --ad tell the retmon- o es o~bswough Cu ot d oo h y
b Weeobp T is e ,i the largest order to keep in control of certain sters who have been taiding deciraive A. D. sdewofUg5 FA. s h.Auus.
"df est11ape ptlhbadi loildd. It proper left byI his deceased wife, stePs to ott the tue of heir H. L. MITCHELL. Clerk. H L. MtR Clerk NOTyy P
&-Sat to pa ft aihe United At t yielded to th unusual tenmptatIon and e is thea bat she thinks oftg creureD.tB. GIVENSh D.C. D.B.GIeVMS "
SU in a anereorndmed the rea armkable Tfeest of mar- who has ateraced rtcwh attention of -NOTIC OF PLICATNNOCE OF APPLICATIO.
ry g his mootber-in-law. a decidedly unfavorable sort. by tak- TC A.LCT, IO
JI& Xro.mw ishuInlshia every day There's jk hilUant opening on the Ing the family of the Lake City negroFFor Permit tBell Liquors,
et Mnda. d Is de- platform for that fellow. ie Is ent- postnastmer to the enter ofbean For Pernt to Sel Lquors, Wines or Perm nd t L or Wies Pblic
ar1 rlr n th6 e city and mb- tied to the datinguished considerauon eating "icclhah" and parsing them. and Beer. Public notice Is herebi i-ven t ]e thatPR tt l
ent6-- by sl, pest tP of a c rlous wor The column of the as her sweet little wards. PublC notice Is heeb ven iat o CK has filed wth ier
SItoUnited sta is for the 7e~ Joualts could tbe hWs to corn- R.ight at this Juncture. the Tribune, BBRNAItUINO CBUA.)A hasmfiled kith B.l8borougb County, in the State of.-
t mand. As a mum attraction he would give iSly Lilie" a little hbit eof
would be a gold.mune to a y mana- adoe. which less hes he- the board of -nty Commissionerm of horeda.himalcaon for a pmit
othe W h Think of the ekmointe rashness, the rape-flends that she is mtrpervlotus totioDistr sic l o. w and eer n ind slaedI an
= a greag retkies daring of such a step. What advice, she woutd do weN to take. l he to sell ors.wines aad beer Iin E*c- state: that sdoi aeD calln Will be to X
W w -ta phinit $1 Mall lauoreled hero. In war or Deane. has advice Is this: tion District o. f said county and te on y the said Board ofIi
thVe sm r t a w inuthe =11M r mheit?St a rat home rState: that suc1th pp 0a~lot till be i next .tif
Te5~7e acted on by the said BoaId of Coamy- eGngW hl
rebs etmnUo. Wiech wiG ^VesNoTICtOF PP CATI
Hemisa .a and odook- Thteople of the Sout are n'- Commissioners at their me rc o Warh b u l. d. w
S1 ani or protet.tr the sake of a nate courtesy toawoen. orhi thfeelin- firt ed eteger. ,A. D. in day. and the Bad Board herebyan SM
awTn nel. hIS ofering w at ten o'clock in thoren ofaid o o ins n
SdU tm pieces o t ree estate has toward the entler ex is what at ten o oak isex iorwaoov si a nY elon the forenooC o sof aatoTmp caS-
o Lr seliswhat o vsday, and t he mid Board hereby callms ipwho ay Adesi e to do ato to eto
1-.__ 1i'ft 1314 2W UM wr*aA dWofb8Vhs lmi, les-ted into the. arm of them to o roran action when a dastard- apon any citizen Of such election Illsstow any tre he.da dthe
n--ed u to,er for aade the who naydesiretdbrutisho do toes tht re eu tr en o s i d P
r \ life. pe himef p nnently In her sanctity of the family and makes a cause, if any there be. at the id s enext r meeting ut said be ard. twe
/j 9owWr. baned all the bridges of es- tender daughter, wife or sister the vie- next regular meeting of mid oaxr, to the arpit ha notbe oated W
cthe awa eape and lsbtb ua weU-fouloded tra- timn of his he lusmh havewhy such permit shallnot be grated yo re tth d n h// lsgaW.,
Wptobding the su T~n away, dloto Wcorn. 3But the people of the outh have whBy ordnt.ofetheBorof Couity
fi f cievery day by wtheTr e Ai a experiment s mwhave a Limit to their Datience. Thalimit to the applicant. Comolssioers at lfAbeongh County =e0 W t
a offset onthetoofthe hu- wil paby he reach whenever a By order of the Eibard uf County orida.lis the M day 7of Agust. o ? h
ffla =0La grmt effect on tbe fture mofthe hu- wRI 1vrobabty be reached whenever IL Commissioners of itiiorough CCu.rty', A. D. 1899... .
W m race. iBtherto, the mere exist- miscrenated tongue-lanher like the Florida. this the 2Id day of .-augua tTHtLL Crk Coidu f
.. ence of the mother-In-law ha been the Jewett woman comes among them to A. D. M99. H. L.GVS. 0. .C. lovs. tsi Cob
greatest deterent influence to the mat- uphold the cause of the nero rapist B-. iT LL Cr.. A,
t o ;~~ _* *___ rimoolkal inclintons of both sexes, aialnst the best sentiments of the D. B.GrVES, C. NTICE OF APPLICATION
; 'QXOUR 8Particurir in the case of every man white race. NT C-E OF A-PPLCATN -
-'=- 89 w hp baS found himself on the thresh- Stay at home ill. We would hate to NOTICE OF APPLICATION For Permit to Sel Liqrru Wines NON. .M, iiV,
f p"ra:. fw.Weekw paat the .oi of a proposal to the object of his see a your thi w like you treated to NOTICE O .or Permit t Se l o Win .
! SWeifOOO T dlieIhamh send- ldolatry has the qstweton arisen. nut a trown of tar. trimmed with chic-ken- For Permit to Sell Llquozx. W ne and Beer. _
-otej aSa ou itd' I afford to o a wifse" bu. onuls, and cut a la latest Georgia pat- and Beer. Pbic notice Is .reby given that hCenu
Now e that ad a them Will4, law?" aAfterd tmoriaore a mhe been. J. P. ANDREU has iWed with IN
that al"f' Idt heee il t 1 P b e Public no tice is hereby y '-ven thst the board .oKountyCommissionersof c '. .
fisA l sut. f-year, & to often.-Pe Serpent that spoiled the Jude Grahamrn's term as municipal G. LICATA has filed with Hllleboroug County, In the State of The of T -
* CtS-fs -n t-75 ia y heneal s den. PrFvom the testtmony Judge of the cty of Tamrpaa has ex- the board of County Commissioners of Florida. hi applicaton for & permit PorCatlo .t d
soda. iM tiei "r i f rs a of rpea exsenences. she has be- r red and the Trftbune but voices the Florida. s application for a permit to sellliquors, wines and beer in Elec- -ALt. o M ..
,Sike'I tle come tradttion. iathed and exe- sentiment of the noople of the city to sell liquors, wines and beer in Blec- tion Dstrict No. 6 of msd county and bsleS t
;'hwirsto w hvte been crated. n when It states that his record has h-en tion D'strict No. 20 of said county and State: that each applicatio will be anod.m Botha .
S'eMnt Umwa O i*U&Ic- f4 et it Bet the AlabetInao* mt -toA.wby s rlliant. Aws conscientious State; that such application wiL be acted on by the said Board of catnty Ti cs o- ne-
=BS lewBi o r bold tr e of oriTLnaUilty, may cange snm fearless In the dischare of his acted on by the said board of County Commniadloners at thlr ne t regular uton an s
rWX5 5tua ,L I afl ofthem all u tha BHe mawy oumceed in giving the dunt, endeavoring to puirish the nsri'ty Commissionerss at their i.ext regular meeting, which wIll be held"on the ulico icbL
n ui etfre le nto precedent. He My find the posi- ar eTonerate the Inocent, he has d- first Tuesday In September. A. D. 1899. first Tuesday in September. A. D. 1S fen
tbSe he th e.enoih thoin o 4f steZll to his former wife a veloved a fltnee for that peculiar woT at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said at ten o'clock In the forenoon of aid f n gym s
iStU a ho neic 8 5t c. As sting grandfather to his that as ellctet t~he admiration of jl day, and the said Board hereby calls day, and the said Board hereby calls ris m no te
bm mi t e pa' Pid, own chfldreme he a make a brilHanIt who have watolhed his career. The upon any citizen of such election |Dis- upon any citizen of such election Di s- unen- e
hrmae ae tw sB t word; ad ahood the secoond union 'Tlriune tender"Tts sincerest congratu- trict who may desire to do so. to Show trict who may desire to da s, to show *Broters, a hl
V sons result t In ofslprioc. he may find Muchth lates ti the J udre for thes afble mon- cause, if any there be, at irIsaid cause. If any there be, at %the tod0m
uwith u mental eniosmfent in the reation rer In whioln o ha mdlipchtrged the oeh- next regular meeting of said next regular meetig of oid )toard. tr 11 fortals tf
.im a he B aer o ha eldsrt ton's itons of hi office and trusts rht why such permit shall not it, ted why such permit sall nob Le grantedfthe yea 1M.
0 l.t hol-.vl 'we uncle or the fod pIent of his youn- hi succerr. wr. R.an-v. will te eaual- to tne apicait. to the applicant. o B
-1 1I& 1!Withe hindy 8 t 5 orexter'r S thrL -ov a' euceueesful and acceptable tn tho By order of the Board of unty By order oC the Bo"d oit 'unty ad it anrtg to
mmib 3sod Iterest do we wUi watrth he career of the oneole. Commissioners of Hlashorough CMI)-y, Commissloners of 2lMsorough County, the oerk of aid
aid. w os- 89 AJamm ouriosiy with umch inter- Florida. this. the 2d day of AUgust, Florida. this the 2d day of August. le with the f
.i'.amow lined d te sat. It my y lte oin a complete vindT- o- ]. who mr .. e A Q,49A..D..oM.A 1899.
s ea # blw. 'We it wil be so; but, ever tio escaped ovcton b e D. B.GIVN. D.-- D aG1Ny D.. are rda.lb
iT ba am. 4we hm the votes osfal history, only. 9oo
s Slih tachi of aLl experience, tetl l -- NOTICE OF APPLICATION WOTICK OF APPUICATIION o,
^ n 89. 1 tha 'we bOpa in vain. In French court, it appears, the dc- --- y
Ke.&ll~cnl 9 V fendant In required to convict himself, For Permit to Sell iquors. Wine For Permit to Sell aqnors, Wines th o f1a5 teu5
t wil con-. UAICE if be 2a1. and Beer. and Beer. S aaB
a a If t bea of drum by the me- poI urn comes PublIc notice s hereby given that puUr notice i hereby hven that r th o
S--t155 .s lw o ofhg b ny the mesa- P ly 00a rno MEMBUTA Y. SA, 3 Z has. flied, with M A X O CAR has filed with Inedwith
eIi hopean 4macen it only seees to accentuals he will be found to have a little dossier the board of County Commissioners of the board of County ,Com --tor of th a y
T. kimber Me the fact i tha modern cviiuaion o f his own. Hilleborough County, in the State of lieboroughb County, In the State of w "
l haw. 89 o n there are others. andi to suggeac Florida. his application for a permit Florida. his application for a pemlt 55 n d theO
1. tM O aa8 tteran to gmrad nuo nces, ThSnasats oif acres of ripe wheat to sell l tquor. wines and beer in Elec- to sell llq os. winW and br in flec- rOtM do 3 o
"WMDO W to sobeduie th4a In the order of tneir were destroyed In North Dakota by a tion Ditrict No. I2 of said not3l and tion District (No. 0 of saWid eooty and'O cil or
am a- &Ad inw aice would bnng Amus State: that such mbpllcaLd w will be State; that such -.cle-pitk will be tmnbet. A. I). 5115
na NS-MI'Tnd 'lnwer t andig a sta es t- o r acted o by these malt. Boar SIonty acted on by the said Boar a County onio wn l '&h m
on the fact- th- das aiaInido'ntea to thenowe7 meeting, which wl be held the eetnwh chwLe he onthethso r S&
teIV 13r- *wl oS ,mss e is anOther ma will probably cone back to him from first Tuesday in September, A. r. I. first Tuesday in Septehr. A. D. 15t5. t-rdne. aM n ppr
.. - T j dta e ceased to the pc- the dead letter office. at ten o'clock in the forenoon of--0d at ten o'clock in the forenomn of aid City of Tamp, o a w
'mft&d sa~tim.f w d a"o Aito* roOtii ong&that wants The thattheendof6'day, and the maid Board here calls day, sand the said Board hereby calls oonsecntlve wa
O: Co-'* "- "" ce" sst Inwt gtting Weneeif out of world Is at hand hal come forward i trlct who may desire to do p, to show trtct who may desire to do so, tt show "' e
'.. .O.......o By order of the oard Of County why much permit-shall out 'e granted C.. "
h In the earhi Imini or t nig .- Commissioners of ugh 'a^nto"
they 'As wSoJiS^- Z wth ti s o ina'. e for to n alliance wilh Florida. this the sn day Of A.gtust. By order -o the 'Board of County S

tltlnd. vt of otmiio-ii dl.oo.v a,.a wth a t. MFIVC>BBL. Clerk. de- of pulibeelm fled iry
.i P .."' n umeh .ti th tseet piano. the t-tc- Yhe Socialist and Republican parties m NOTICE OF APPLICATIN D. GIVEN D. C. e0e. .
*t~. t- ., bem.bmd the early moruing of Spain wiU -begin a campaign for the ---- L Witess m y band an
slibh *et l 512550 et exputlson of al reilgbone orders from| For Permit to Sell Liquor vtoner NOTICE OF APPLICATIOW at Tania thIs h day of

w.S n cai** -upo* a1 m1r? Pleased to learn that there is at least Flortid. his aplpll

EHth..ed ._'t" oei medical frternity Ctarrh being a Commnissioners 5 t .t l aced on by th said Bosar OfCSnty
,,a,,,, *... .... com~ttstntonai dies, requires a con- meetiM., which will bes.hed a n the l'bmsslslneems a~t the/i" next remts _

-g Cna o. r trenewingtiutnoal treatment Hall's Catarh first Tuesey In S ,tenhber A 19 D meeting which will be held 7 M
Sw the War De- Cure Is taken Internally. acting directly at ten o'clock In tie forenon of said first y In Septemb, ,
t&snmo"m w e eenr t be ~pon the blood and nmucowm tzfaces of day. and the s Board o here calls at ten olook I, te foremoon of C aid "s
,." y .- h9. 8w f c to be athe system, thereby detroying the pon any citizen oft uch eleotlm Dist- day, and the said Board heeby calks .
hes awiof paww rwate. foundation of the dieeae., and giving trict who may desire to do so. to, chew upon any citise Of such e iotl s- Di-
". - the Opatlent stre~4ti'by building up the cause. if anSy there be, at the said tict who may desire to do to show a .
Sitlbs atift of InWlvog has conat lon and amsrtlug nature In do- next regular meeting o.f said loard. cause. If any there be. L I tat e m a
4h L Asi ba. wit tories ing ts work. The proprietors have so why such permit salal not be granted net rPesar ming md Jlme d.e sj-
i -' ed-heeth55 suffernisa on e Ednmoo t Lfaith In Its curative powers, th&t to the appilcat w why such permIt hall not be grame - an. f ep
They offer oe hundred dollars for any By order of the Board of unityy to the appUlcant Mr inSar
Woe' Tcam that It talle to amas. Send for lst Commlssoioera Of t U1oiugb Ctu0 .ty. By order of the Board of Coanty U
C t Of testmonlals Address F. J. CHE'NET Florida. this the d day of Auguist CommIssioners of Ulerou Cotinty. IMI
-thl at Predent KeKinley & oO.. Toledo. Ohio. A. D. 1899. Florida. this the 2M fw of Agst. 'th a
st h Aie a adiate.fur oe renomi- Sold by drugglatai 76c. It. IL. IMt(" I.BSL.. Clerk. A. 0. 9 saorid da.
tkmwi c M&a me u OfaO ty ,Ha's Faly Pils are the best-D. V8B. .G-Vr D.-C. L.Cer. ls
^ 1* '- r ""- For Permit to Sell Liquors, Wines For Permit to Seg LIquors, Wines For Permit to Sell LiqAerM, Wines. ,Whtuass up a. l
T| 0 06toI ef 893e.) Canl now pyWS and Beer. and Beer. and Beer. flinue A.. 5.
ii.e- f I tssevent' ho Public notice is hereby given that PubUic notice is oereoy Kgiven that public notice is hereby given that
m-mlan uti y th blrth- ovwCALIXT1 ALVAREZ ad AN MANU .E. IUAR, has asflleo with the F.ORIDA BREWIG COMP.ANT.
'.IC.IM .M ta t U toiAnffDXBAS OADRB, partners. as A]- a oorpormaUon, ban fltd with the ,
am M g arAb :Mlrthe- vare & Seav haure. nave id witth e board of Couny Commissioners of Board of "oMnty CommialonieM Of. :-*." -
.sL a f.e rf der uer- the board f Clounty Commissioners ot f illeborough Coumty, in the state of Hlllaborouigh Coatv, in the State of 2o4tie t ere
lBm- fBHillsborough County, in the State of Florida, his appLihation for a permilt lorida. Its aiUdcatlon for a peItL gt e e
F.... lorlda. his apsllcation for a permit to sell llquors, winter a beer li Elec- to sell liquors, wines and beer in Mee- e o S
0 ] dhtoet alIquor, wines and ser inElee l-ton DistrictN &oS. 1., 21D, 2. L2. L=a
tion' District to. 2 of said. cout, n tion District Io 4 of mi couty and27Band29 of mid countyandMWs 5
State. that uch application will be State: that euch ,elatlc$ion wll be State: that cmh apptl catoIn will be rU toi reS
We ed on by the aid Board of County acted on by the samd Board of County acted on by the said Board of 0onty within atei
.'Bi_ ni sst-lonerB at their next regular Commlsmloners at their next regular ComyrssIoners at their next r-gia OtE -a 0t
S meeting, which will be held on the meeting, which -wsl be held o0 the meeting, which wUil n eld on thb tb g
Si s ( g t T imday In September, & D. 1899, first Tuesday in Seembee. LA. D. 18in. first Tuesday in September, A. U -
y'our ,0 at ten o'c lock In the forenoon of said at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said at ten o'clock ain the ftorenoon t o l s __. 0
adn ay, ov d the said Board hereby calls day. and the sad iBoard herelby calls day. and the maid Board ber0by aS
Upon / 8W citizen of rucl election )is- ipnO any citizen of uch eleUtbo (Dis- upon any citizen of mech elestlon Ill-
r' "'%\'.f ""'1" tile .wbo ni deeP- to do 0 lto bhOW trict who may de'er to do o, no show trlcts who ma destre to do so, to sh S
= iLi r w etl ft sail Board next regular meetln of' aid Board, next recg br meeting af said Board ;
S it t w p mit hal not be granted why such permit bhal not be granted why such permit shall not be rraiatla
je O Wtpi Ce lt. to the applicant. i to .the apolicant.
^ ^ ^ H H H ^ B r ^Oird" of the Board of County By orderofBth Bowed of countyy By orderoft the Board A AMes ,
4tl Of Tsubaough CCounty. Comimioters f boroghCunty. nsilnr f ii
re i l .thnl 4 U d day if August, Flovida. this the 2 day of Angust thor i s the 2d day or Anuil dI.
X. .Clerk. "f. T .
C -raa Xr IM.

Details of the Formu of Ten

More Regmets.


Oti Wmil The sav Troops aXnngi
to 3Do S0o0at-bie if ae Knows

IWear' taco, (as. i-(peibal)..--
f-smsI orders were Issed to-day byr

'a deal

S T." e A"mid w/ll Le e Svau for I bo l-
tnuiaa y5 ~ aii rE 85..... tor I: -res

a -w to- &. areemen o f the o-ic ot Bantoe
lPmc t11 asf i a nl men aad fre
a~i n alber of media odicers, o that Oen-
-er_ ads 11ot in have an arnry' of praI-

oAth oa Th eeme oE ten ef nal
-lir, t a 1v IosiWtese s a will an tetowl
rv#oNA i.;-o (ores In service bot WfOien,
^T'-eiP-'- I le S& giW nl" 4,0 3V oft th OsLWau-
e Ul asugthof O so-my about IL men.
k^ tt B* e- Theiwr" of the annr wtH be obupple-

i lc h 'rbo UtODately As a rebtlt of a confere ace between
ftlt Mera dM" REair GenerUl Otds and Bear Admiral
T'W lerifiamim Mor the Wahoo. an agreenest.has been reach-
Q-o. Dr. I. US Oppen- ed thathe marine 'Mer the com-
'- ., mad of Cooi P. C. Pope balw oper-
"'"aa I '" ae In OvIts provntce. sad ctear that

WM sa lnb ciy ytr l JIMAEZ ABOUT TO START.
- 'Ba He tW .l Leove (Havana for Santo
atG& sod M .. .I> mai-taa ]svana Cuba. Ai. Is.-General
sah e5il$fit loySt-. J ban tUdro eImenex the aspirant to
an- thbso imldency of the Republic of Santo
!--W '. Dosiwdo. wil nuibaUy leave Havana
'. -- .-.- for SanWto IDominro, shortly, sIng by aL
IS ITS aiw''rnr Bo.tb Cohaststeamner from Batahetuno
WI; I. lotw Areven b me Be fi i tie wrpt d by two ftri-ends
risb5-eP- vao ccewl and wilt tfel Uianasud. In his Judf-
.. mase theO' time tI now ripe for him to
-A% .i hinmeele at the head of the move-
i ,-a Hlstof Pythias mes t m hi- favor.
hoa. iaSt iht. The dimatoh whlch Pedro Lubera,
Pktt S rl fio^ote tpooiminlcan Mintster of the Inte-
'1a-r m'Sanroti-Saausgo to the revo-
oawne esma* ItionAtemphani the Os imortance
O ltf donAg. the Ostoertpc oc the move-
man-O ma aM or amonem the latter In.
J l nhl %a. terprsew asO mnley Intbded to check
4----- *o the -horde of Cba aend Ae"tan ad-

bean,. aS be he eadalna ta telegram receiWed
.. to-w a, ,esi O the defeat of the vo-
va0,, .

w* SM ag.''^

,.~- .. .

f tke &ad wtta, of 2 ,w Or-

l9iA ..-f. t. L. i m in
in Pr8s -eaghomed at Os

caten d V.. V. Xwrz at-
dae at Pert Tampa .Io

gidoa.f r. T. Burtch
IW ..W .. *;-. ...... ..

gJ_ tdihoI la a*tr, on


Tampa Will Control the Output of
Florida-Good Men Behind
S the Scheme.

W. R. Fuller returned yesterday/
from Savannah where, tor several
days, he has been englneerUa the or-
canisalton of one of the blrest naval
stores corporatlona in the South.
Mr. Pulers work. and th&t of those
associated with him will mean a
great inclreee In the busneess of Tam-
pa, aod beneficial effects wil be felt
all through Soauth Florida.
Par the pst several years. It has
been a seAK-Evdent and Ull-oncealed
faAt that the oaval stores outpst of
Worth O enl a South Catxotn& and
Gawl-a has been slowly reachln &a
condition o exustlson. The move-
ment of the Ibusies. as each territory
borwed st ba l ,odr--stlt. ohae been
steady oWh. At preeont. South
Florida ts the hope of the naval stores
The territory of S nth oBrida, by
close and rella eestlmaite. sa good for
fiten Tssres m-oe mof atea, naval
stores production
The diMteltg has been setllog the
6utmA to deep water. Hitherto, the
product of thits aectin ha beea going
to thmauh for hipmenti. The Inun-
venlence. as wel as the addlUtal ex-
pense < this method of Iandl w is
'TIm oe a olsato of the owwomn
Vwhi I&. FeWer has been ,rrthberin
wfl thawe aM this. LWhen it gts Into
oPeixom. the naal stores orodnced
: In Wlorik wil be spped
throWctTan TaoxO *advanatage
(or this tade are evident. It Is tne
gatewaw to the GuK a nd the Soth Am-
erlean markets. It Is most convenient
to the timber.
'. PtAser spoke of the proJect to a
Tribune reporter yesterday. He said:
"1 met wtth most Ulberal encourage-
ment fru the ePintllsut and naval
stores men of Savannah. The organ-
4aatIon of the projected company is
now asmored. It wsl have a capital of
not less than 60,000. The leading
splritsa In the naval stores trade of the
South will be directly Interested In It.
At Savannd. I met the leaders In this
line, and they will ztve the riant the en-
comEp muent of eterience and capital.
"Under the operatmlos of the com-
pany, return cargoes will be assured to
ail vemais which come to thds port
with mlboeelaneous cargoes. Foreign
shipments will be mae direct from
Port Tanna. while smaller vessels, of
tght enough draught to enter the new
chanLnel. wl be loaded at the mharves
of Hlisboroug rive.
"The company wfl ha dle about 500
barrels of reatsl ad splirtts turpentine
per dsp. and the mivcpy of this ter-
ritory owil prove Satlclent to last for
fifteen Meam.
'The advantages which will accrue
to Tara from this development of a
trade which has hitherto gIven us (but
Uittle benefit, are apparent. Defnlte
partiularze of the orgaJlnzatIlon will be
obtained In a short time."
ntr. Futler showed the reporter the
names of same of the staftholders,
which. while not ready to be made
TlubMc. showed that the personnel of
the company will be coonosed of men
who are leaders In any line of buhness
in which they enter.
Another oowanoiatton of naval stores
men in alo being formed. and a meet-
iex has been called for Auxust 28, at
OW a, for formal orgntsettjo- This
sto a cooany of the Independent naval
store operatoems m, aad It is probable that
there wil be af.fuLos of lte two con-
oerns for mtual benefit andm profit.
AdAutant General Tlsinoatad Them
By an ONder Yesterday.
Thlajasasse. Fis.. Ax/l-tn an-
cordance swift L totUui law enactedd
at the reomeit'shloo of the lrialacre.
uLbJlant Geersi Patrick, klauann
to-day Issed General Orser oi. 6.
dsti nmtU the Asia osers of tfe two

..,-V H mle h. nd,, -C. Lowell* olonel COMalI en Feod
.AMr MINO -ISOIIOt6 aid UUle.10 he J. W. aStt.UIesienact colon&. spec- cowttee. t
'*,o' .ao" I Os uetuslam ,w, *B AWU ft-e BattlMwa-JjaM wsl. major; f ndzenser eoAttA
,Ap..m Osesse A.T.,st im is in tegard ootOsero
S : . ..do. .-anto-. .Coi ..3.n-o:,b< B Sw. f A St or cb A N Z
Iniight L-""tryT, Coanyer C. Ja 1nnr Md been ^ emolo we
N.a' '. a S L e Til A .t no o if .s i O o- rersst Osm c I n
.0i eUo oR lns, .'*s rm imbUi, e rides. 5w0stCompany. T

0. 9UPta-- acona trl te t kn u S.U- eorS H. XPortero, ce vedw
tyst ~ Ohioaftter weraiffg MSiji;r CW P uwenmF rifses; A re eoation wm

.f ist sme y difeaMllyr somea nW 'Per- 0, O, sernm's, d ie u to smleMW tS Ind
*' mth blt oLe a neadgr thfie mrt attaeo--.. & B ehwry. maj or: O2 er cetW
o d- M sadfT7ag o-n iona. C oma OcambLa rides: Comany- Coulitintalen ao

y 'n ltail -Halm iBel A p, p ta.tp I nftan t; ComW i opposedOals s rntyetto
Me Pls ss MMM A nd Os -

-'4..f % -In 1th e t - c a.box.nUt C ond egtInt-L H. Weter, had tinae It nesen

"AM- .Jiarewa o g Battolonel;, F. C. Brtih er. lieGun- borrm m oney thand
1,.iA. t h a either s Com aa sE n able rst ob tesotto
AIP^ ^ S ^ ^ i; ".DltB -eaoo~ -D .s1^1 I ttr

K m w m S S S S t o i aH S 0 ^ w a lr t u l e r y s e e r t esn t on b t tt
VIMt imtatioo--.di. BaouW nf

h. ^ 'td t by t "a.nj BROmp rmLJANOT RETs;UCm- statement i a rean
Battaon-C. W. tg d the tm at

hemS I at enrribl de K The Depot s rtermGj t a Wl, Be Alfx By tM e ttme 0 eeM f
%N M o a cobyr Osr Thli r Ba-alon-' 8Mathewsma- some tof the mlin

t SVA.i o re uirage a e h tdn TrhUon wast. rcvea
iws and Teseroukasgad Jren thColsty Lestared frome Conptn the dntornttd
4.7 *MV& s lobi wMq te D li An pany 3C. dTmpa rifes; Coespe .Lt ais he e net yet
:-|Atf-tMeha nem s Of Os 4 ne.J woe cwunonl itgtu Tinfanotry, b tmve bften rm of

gbg w eT .xewu n. ^aex to dutty ax nother point. etkmft *Atn tioo. fa i Battalon of Ieght Artie ry i -J. Gum- the reading of e

. C a~ caae olmtnit. ^^ tn ctarr o C ^t~ H. F, m', Ctb Cler de ~tent
mum WON w-i--tofthe- who st now tg e omaonm An aA b lotofareelstpfa ot hu
thw .400M U"- tit ware ap- attery;Comepany BPeninacotoalight t ttliginlhen td)o1
en 4eeu "osisein anmppa&Weeatilery sever este of Ose

k sdtm n thbodies t there conci a nn.cestit --
VL ooo n. ha of Os for BOWiLatfL NOT RETURN.Ut'de tht was ow

^ alf yo" M't wor w t hot r the temperat n--
^-^ing Os irn aul "'ifa a pe an a" h'e r se'ggrl naigned to Another Post. some of Oes. I

*an S em es o a 2mn- -up her. Ii-premn tAry wM'
B M h.iiaK s cii dban.d Telegrap.hic -biratlon was recei-ved ostrat. on.. ndIt.
401W"inbod them. soundrshos wereIn this city yesterday from Captain If Osedocument had
,A td t OsN mob, aud tOs o~l0 fe~lBrown, depot riuartermaater that he mor'e pages. severs
to Gao grou4 He win! die. Would inot re-turn to Tanma. buT would have been necessary)
9 ~be assgjned to duty al another point. Chieof Harrimsumbt
CUIAf ulrj. The quartermaster-s office Lt Savan- showlow that Osec4
-nail is being elo~ed. but it is under- Osefire department
~oli to e OsPoplatin ~ stood that the local office witl remain 11Jul' was 12,62154
*99iMt k fttk e'sal wh ite. I open. In charge Of Captaln B. F. Burks, City Clerk Hendt
MRSck nd wt& 'Wh innow Oshofficer In charge. port .of receipts of I
Tawma. beier Ohes shpping point for COOSOCl then 8dita
tlA~hot~ Ossarp Iie suMi to- p thuhethere is a ninslity-
MAdOs ep oham t o- Osfor me -cal .iw the Olostternuaster u lhps ~ u

F, __ I or the-atuntasttbowerheheee
tsthmTea amen Gen- Bu.ts entrMakseN-con
of an P IOs toroasl basenassed
4"Vsale tistad I oy B. H.W0Lense inmadetto Os ie
in sn" tke P~ict As 331tem t reula es tlts o ss1l Th
fOrt~s esse orss t thespine pin t o ban gus
tien arabout e dey

B safe to say that,
I held out tor many
al funerals would
nitted a statteomt
oat of maintajnilng
to for the month of
orson mde a re-
No effce for JuLr.
Unexpected Sense-
pof$ at Epert Az-
ras lmedtro= the
ardty, In. ti ashee
ent4 00dohe -
Cita- rjat eel


That Body Has a Longand Busy


Plumbing Ordinance W as eagthy
and Tried tle Patience of

From Saturdays Daly:
There was no allure about oiven-
Ing the City CounolU t nIgt. With
their easgern Inmcremaed by the k)u
period which ha eltaped wthot an
amsemnage. Preedent eiruen. Comuca-
men Holum ,Webb. Pbtiulp .Winh
Atores, Ar em. Freaker. K e ana
Brown were In weir piaoes arM UM
gavel called te toe xto order. '
Jtq i prw vlouo tu am U o th oor,

by kguiaga to ns cas. a st e uce -
11owing a"m of osues of tine trI-
hew report, oaPlagm a he oaepoeuse
thetm: d va ounL LAWSie the 'UaMa,
And thue did theCouaoll Uam e that
the icwureBrUe monies = las1t e
of hi seaet coweted mJs to- the U e
of InterrogaUton pota. 0
The ro-airla-were eagerlysiaedzed- Ia
The nowMaitln oG CCeorge P. Baney.
Jr., to be joud of the mslpsi court.
his term to expire wlth mac -0 the
present admnistratAo was eit '1l n by
Mayor ,owyer. On moCtoc or Ot ount-
mar Keuse. the nominatIon wa unan-
moUony ooonts&ed.
3t. uMLnIick appeared before Council
for the purpose of doa=LUW I the
city. on behalf f ,W'. W. Uhuso. cer-
tain tracts o land In s", ptnm'p soab-
division for ues as ats. Xba matter
wase referred to the street 'ooWftteo.
A ccsn-omtni4etlon from MamOr BUwM
yer asked that 60 be aWc iated to
the meoar', eme.iecy ftod. A mo-
tion waes carried that the finance com-
mIttee make the a&proprlation aa soon
a s it gets the amount'o band.
D. B. Gtvea and esventy-tv other
citizens of the Second ward petitloed
that the cow imponmding lmts be re-_
duced to north of tEtele treet, and
west of LNebracka avenue. Council-
man DeArmDS moved that the petition
be laid on the table, which wam car-
ried irnrcTnoo-rmly.
A somewhat l obtx'o' petition was
read from W. D. Bartholomew, assert-
Ing that for a sa& lary of 0 per month
and the use of two men and one one-
horee team., he cold keep the streets
of the city so clean that they woolAd
be the envy of the wr'ld. The offer
wans filed for future reference.
A comrmnie-ation from the Board of
Public Works eked that Couoll, in
maklne its financial calcUatlouS tor
the present fecal year. e t a special
t=x of three milIs for tOe ie of the
board. Thi w&as referred to the
finance committee.
The Board of Public Worls also eung-
gested that Council make 'the paving
and sewerage certllcates ear 8 per
osx. Interest.
W. A. Carter aad W. i& Graham.
attorneys, represemting B.I B. I OUp,
called the attention Of CoWCl to tbe
fact that the y held certak cleCP Coo-

w u-es at ainooamuma roL-s syrou
o're ,

other ttOe Peoesaed Wired fro S
Aitbwem to R om BoR4lM.

and ds Umat e Planats thw i
my neght, wil mo inbwrrd ha 1a5


VTictims to Sth 6 inrp a&d d-
Beytronbhe a ,welt as wome'aadj
feol tO ree i In low of sOU,9 a po-
ons In the blood LahhA BM OUe
no ew hedache end tired. t mOn a- .
down fteelin-. l nt _e w need tW
feel Hke :e iatex to J. W. lard- -
aer. Idarli h Ind. BHe aow "Blect
Bitter afte atO the fic tor a-
wben he is ea m down.-and d6 -
carem whether he lives or die. did.
more to gve mea new st2nct l and
stod appetie than atythim- I coca t
tae I ca now eA anwthg a& hre .
a new lease on Ufe. OnIl/W eatam.
Ieonsrdl A Co's drng store. wvmzy,
'bottle gunrenteed4

finance. and supplles a void lon eun-.
filled-en sm-ate statement of Os m
ooondlton of the i.tvtcipal sovern-
Caty Auditor Jobo A. W~es', lk -
apealdwR of COh report to a Tene *-'
reporter yesterday. aId: 'Tha repset
wiX be of inoiaLolable value to Ows*
cItyi as it will now be pnlo r
begin an aecorate 'l-.n'alfbw of the
clty'a fnandal opera.oe H.fhulat
tbrt hee beea but vardal And

-a --
AM U 'itue WIML. -

rOn Dem Or a esye or
Crops oan the ftand Poe Strba M
Have Jucowd to Pi.

From Saturdlaya y. . D -y
Te .rauge .Irower o. ttb he O

pOs and the bOers weh wat to
puree tho amo the tres eW os o .

th r kred hMs bee made.- -
hage to b.0past fw as th e prihe Muftv r.
%ave voieeoU end as lM a W bm
ptie hat theA bea fbn dad M t-
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