Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: August 10, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00150
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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te1 .rthe owners of aing plants an Rd p Phyosian Removes ro. Lskul Frag
maethe peetp pointed 2W. S00tbe manager for thti British Admiralty Charts-f rom Ear- meat Carried Since Boyhood.
taaoth s vesat Times Run the Line. -- e
Sto. te limt Washin A. I-All v c ew York. Aug. 6.-Dr. I. B. R_ ed
I Wt to .the unlita of RtP1BD. Waulmrbton. Auur. 6.--All the evi- of Garden street. Hoboken, yeterda.
.tiW m --c-idmena- denoe obtainable hee here discredits the took ro took the ead of Policeman Me
S d Adt PoweiH Reaeuet President WiU asertslo of John Zalbert. mining ex- rd. of tha city, a piece of glea
SVW la id before ot ete Them. pert, that monuments were erected whlch had been there thirty-few' years
Along the e Alakan boundar line in During thelaut few months MCurd:
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S "President will not execute the prison- ntence.m tm msuob ian. (He called Dr. Rue'
i- it Ua O era ara restes yesterday. The Library of Congress. the Co et attention Do It. and the doctor dlacov
th p e rm n oeton of Mr. Powell. In and Geodetic survey and the Hydro- ered a hard tubetance under the Wi
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sEs" %st 3to atiS3as cleatd an excellent tw such as is referred to by WM. ZLlbert. half an Inch -wide..
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poit.s to allow the men Haytian government in eurrenderIng for boundary line eveldence In St. vayian with copmr-ikit when he wa
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woUNd tR Bent the Matt Carpenter House. f such monuments existed they would
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The government mp oolections But Bx-Governor 'Atklnsob I istil
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Bit Stufmm with 3g Sag o rtos In that Alu the ol0d map Anmecan and-
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aoA i 02bSi fttWelt pto-Gay for del by the United State. Official The condition of ex-Govemor Atkinsao
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"T-i"t rtaw remain ci, the l ra o o a ood health will cavere, b.u b ar-,threrthang her
3 r .L ., tm? 'ocd i_ the o 'anao w as a utrHA coseesuence.

mdks- S?-^"^ "P""" Thi "c -i^l- thwed ton *top t w^^e has deeeded to raise the steam-

Mmbh imr~ tO'-ouud lUttr' viewing the deatruc- tt~o

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pteNSOd how the death list is so froan Vclotoria R C., states that thie Effectively, yet ently, when costA-
ima l ,9pople genery atre in BrItisht and aamlan authorities have
pSit. I land ,wil at once enter decided to increase eatty both the or bliou., to permanently overcon
the a O reb dIr and re- rf military and mlitia foromes. habitual oontipatlon, to awaken ti
06a tbem, lost gortesae That statLon in the depot of the kidneys and liver to a healthy actlvlt
-'...... a,.r myer on the Pactoc colat without Irritatlon or weakening then
-A*, WtamLotAW. This decision il considered algnrfl- to dispel headaches, colds or fever
iO *I In view of a the etrained Alaskan Use Syrup of Rg., made by the Califo,

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New York Lawmakers ;Skipped
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TheLatest Phase O the G- a Wth*

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e against the emeoution, wIna that It it weatn i .S
Scontrary, to Porto Mica tratu taa
no execution ha omurred on the Island tattesta Vaemdar a -

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iL tent -e -a ma e s cn4 Gvmi
d "W alnxon, lAug. r-(8pecal)l-TA h o. .
O Navy Detent rred rap lla balm d

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e to-d that the wummiboat Macma had e %atant 5ecretarp v"i
arrived at San Pedro de ofbrcuam. Santo hism office ad at oeol -d .J
UP Domingo. uon that toh .heraJ
Se captain or the gnboat reform .k O M
al u iet there. lrir !
StenerftS redn u ed. --,

SConsumer WDamn nOmpleted and Pul Bon a vze *m
BServloe t Riaimm .m -..
General ianapr 1W. B. Chapin, or I ,^, n
ve the ConmaumerW Hectric Light a towtbA lJ .
Street Railway Cooxany, requeate the S
ie Tritbmse to announce the fact that the steam hiJuiq'
compaew is now ome moe pre pared ai oistatme
re to frnh Its ptra wIth all the lights .S t .
r- that they may destre. ainat -
The g okam ha been practlcaly;
oosaete4 p0"a the mecbtneryi all
r n warwttl order. fte the first time
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D ,TO~p, -_r _a LhR letters From Fever Dstrict to

t -- Wa Made Pomible New Navy B Now
Uarmiiia arljTidiTe It .. er m. .. Admiral Willtop at But O - -o ,
[ --SITUATION SMLL THE PAon. ] Po-- fl-nfi
: i.r ". wder to rea. -admira Ia les tan
tx month Iste remarkable qudck Two of the Old Bodlders Fron the IAncl u. .eb A
S!fII VE USED: OPIATE "L s nme s.ntue, coe .H a 2. a ANOTHER PLAN OF WELCOME "

*****= *m she **te ai tt a .xw w ]Wea lam i
L 1eLa Gof* ai js a lonntaken by the V hinglt |
Stolen Jevle Fond on a String Tied Navy Depetmeat In ordering his re- Xartk Atlantic fqMidn Will Go Out
A lut thMe Paon f the thet ran and Ht re, he ee t Him at Hampton there was e Uttl
-4 qortere ft& VWNy of hia next highest Waahlrwton, Aug. 3-(SpeclaJ).--
Soeration of the Navy Personnel There wa no change n the staeu of Roads. a e." to a to e ,' ..
B p t od. First Bo -ie." In saw to *ave netted
law Rear Admiral Bn whistle was the foer caes at Hampton and Pboe- him not I m s and be
trMaterred to the 4tne of the navy bus to-day. dolebtide oWo o *'' A h
Smet a,: d nthe r ao e ao oan w- At the reO tf the Marine Hospital Trieste.Aug. t -(pecil).-if theg e s

"* ,oe ,e t a.nos A an drd Me c o the e^ om
h w rOa oteao e aalot.t o trY-rh un at l ~ fo aa Ta ttedi
SUei e d the War oeInn are ervk1e the poe cn department to- c ie ep i a a an F ec e t urn hae t f e. t
a fro ht es- uited to ntkre w the ak the dy ised a general order for the dis- She is now en route to TNoiple, having
lbuiar wan a Woman. modore having been abolased by InfectIon of mal eleven tanr toiy ot coa n hea r a 1 L

Pbnpan whhis will take i ttle oty o le
oelleae eALl and PIlie. slame IW. rear &znirale the nomthe xDent A s t opAlnn t he eabsuhed and all yor aat N2000W0ak e on to voc4edThe Mooli eet a E. I

whrty bo nf e f is t -oo M t twdtl u aT amae -"I& b ro u a.t a conchel on e
testerda mOrm'ng. arretteat Carrie St th t whch Enwlet letter ent out from Old Point Corn- week. order to let the men contue
me orlwaI e poe is en-ged with Obtained by til Ltnadar W le the l4 t hine.of the ra lu their r a th ashore. tc -
this remarkable crim a the evl Hence his p motion to the ra d fot homizn Hais we and the Soe- On CSuethandr t as ahaorge umber
deuce aganat~ bar is a Iin lve_ rear admiraLL .die's' r will be punched and fumi- (h Sunday there wa e i n om t $. f
deuc at w ow isodopunched of v:tian on hoard all day. At asOUun- E N
aotnday night the ho f Pahitown to Pahl do e cruser'a band pl yy te oW W se n d l s ra*

e Valeroe. a weL--ot o muluto woman, COALNG teoro .o e a the surgeons at Aes trian national another, and a the r Southrermn* it: aN de en -
US stoia .'he P.hl W notiied, W. .hingtO. t been dioooA ered there wi had been The-Nor .th A..ant' fo"drent Me ,
Sd e t r Siow u3r the exposed to lnfcct h. Dr. tWoodward MR ithn e ia Y

n la .t of atiu a atd te ,con r hr o o de tt W e M e S
thati nge,, n.imsnea w the. burglar. Anbe n to 3gne a ru n enW tnr.e
TT sa o a ca t he NavI hMO o m l=& o wbee de ed officrtR.,0-ter ID to hasi
t deMt-S s a tae sme a pa-to r. C there ee wro a It Thes l tl here wo awrectr almost 4l te ie es eat {.o Jatb -a
r.ln goleu raby-i rtt IJrtek c Tn .e B a t? at thae m -ston home dh the ddieas tth, bee t Of iel ,ant t lS -

M o t M T at n. c d b l rats my h Al c at s Ta ln o qte, nthes inh. a.oag vmto e Ina dsealt e- s ctWaa = dmr
aa. f ar t Wit h taes t O te ao mut h c ty. t y pC ael -iso as t ierI w a & 1a Teete y m enm b teow t thtn- o a at sqado ot cram io0. N cI o
'I a cwil t ace ocO u era d I ter o an t09 r datd free from sym om t set fet o either e 6W t Dlaw 6"dk L eras* a ...
sohneo. It- an M nneary totompe OSl ofea CMerno ."ton le, and othen ro- w a. 4 feet e- at a inte tham"
~ he om tro s t bwor. tab a- n tod 4esdegreea veryss ne a the Sem zrk ae or the A ral a a ve been tahe n. w pa r t bee n cu_

throD thi sw c7 led In.gcced t ne miatn m oay L bat tt e 1 ave- In1o1- mlen loIn tace d tn I W ne aaho hm
Cev werefou oWn ahst tongredg bt P, sail weal"- but Tcio af the Bn kt itn in "tohe e rowatnt swv7. to d m a. tp he&! D lamo d ewar iiery.
jlA e Onand sparebed bN claptai will. It nft

eor- ntnsthe, aOt r- te UWat necets ris ta re-e te --r N oo al a toeag I i the eit r etd l lnte r't
ho t T Do. tte oud O T C and the En let the tyde te md e lae In the a ad uket cre t
pOer to t0hn t06t ha Place. to-edy. The eha m fo a I navlgled net o e thel wou eel of htet a. n un -
She given a P~eeinary ~e t thearengta -I b .. ..I ttIndt e At t omTrotetS E T O A Wm t
ri e n tih Jt I oluee ob to e loc -- coast of ood f tih ont I riia s bttac e atI molesie and a- At O
and-p I ahnd In alay. ocallia eid- ocean voyage In the eazne wy an the New -oritn. oAug. Ag-g Spcicl l).-Ll t- tie e ua heaned. Harior fver s

o tae the Beet e ittas mon-lthtaittle city prpope0 to Sf ,eet over al. 10 he ath ceert n" b royalstyletheco leton de Her topitt hWe feet. atvely tl-natd at nM.S hen iAdvocated By Afiken znate t pol- T sd In
dagi WSLetnaii W who In new man- of the fis fite mies of the Tifitn. Includile an overlap f 12 feet at the been brought to a Onoeion by a c ClDIn at 00i'* "-*I^d c ani ri Linm* i

Glaover o the Mate t at Sulphu am o pAlvtion AGof the ;uRailroad to ant h t h Erin Teft thnet fClyoInde ta geIn Cle d the wage" t s e r yaJugeenen
.- y he In roeing a Governor Candler and other promI- oer all. 4 feet beng bew deck. The the United State it court, In created in the aAlo of t,
st" f h est 0 peoe1 1 Ipn the neWnt speakers wilp t addresel the vant nialninat n j n atoe p of the raD n inaet, T ,0or of the Internatnal Tooth Afr lgan ne thodt Eapi presIdlng. PH TU.._. ..-

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lining profane and obsene t-cpirtpa In tae feettl1" Strong Probability That Largrw One. Wil inritute Lockont in About a at the Southern atates- and to y b a ndler.

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ane pecuaraa that rlhe bloeantan v tge sor an as te New rerrhto
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1. erin t c 5reon daotton at Etoge ns C Iy. HAVANA. AthgunI 3-(Qperial).-Doting the pant weak, the ctgar facttr-oa aire to do 90 to em i.ate to AftLra.
Ap.-' th imope -l re the Elllnn wr City of eavrna have laid off ntht le Uthan remc eludlnyee a critaty att 2 eeen th. bee net th elders -nli o by, ,
". W't: e 6W*Iug resort ,t DI boe n ropertyvowle r& hanu ror toed to the t
e atas.po lthle tha rrpee a Iter been added i o tle f.000 fo wtore emy w king h e atreem.
0' 8nn' lO sy h Intruninge at wiGvthe bin property In that locality. o a l 4 e e b i a T en Ihe nie St es os th vreted in cahe se m asid on 2 !' o t
0 "e-. sIshi I ne g atlOr t I& M Wole wt A addes the Oanterd f r at reatonahele wL t Heoth aand PW i -l-
W- *l Ma Ia beWhrt.O and healthful. A gang of aneWo dS have %l b meh a Added to thi.n there lna aftrong prtiheeer lty, lodging ft-tn present eide- ropean enmierant are landed In thai- De Mlf nea.Imfic.

copleon tat beautiful woodyavrd on the river, at the feootlf 0 w e o tt tr a t o a. WkM . "

ta. S B triptheire oneofthe atreeta of Ellnget city, and anonsa tnht all the, ho-ge fhltoriet here win, wIthon a week. initiate a Bt." aid he, "in pIn to Africa, one tl s
r t t cofmottedfo detei-tiO, non the ahutg lo o u.n ayty with the fiar Ptorop e o at Tampa. report o t Vag a.tOa t acm-n a
oqvP l -- ^ t yPt.t Go ocean twice a cost of tiee. ltimore ,ti Aug. --

ng"D. Policeman Eardee wanasent to Dn- The-e In nO wok here ror clea' easie fron otter ptecs In fact. The teslotio we adopted by a TOn&.war- gh a he

c.-; "SS S~ wi e amote< al, eeyDd o .B ~- ewhle "DeWtta n LItt Earty Rlnrs did in o G ot ferst e .
SO-^,- hea ilo I. v r ioewoZe Ylese rda. run ofat e countMer. (re Kyle debny. th more g oodt anci li o -J o ato -'efiU t

(:i- *"" u T' er leaves a Elethese apar and ef. 1rare the decsinlel, which effeete nst aIL eTher pll" wriT e Sts G er.H J f T'' X --
mad.e- two hoers. ltple Rao e on the L on a te an d ade at Pba--le .ef Go denttet In Thm n't h e nted Sht at s Cons 't Pew o l en e Vat& e lvbeeil N.
m t ofa ne am ndobse ia n te m o t The -wowk of trengV thenipe the retb eonfpn t he vLardlhy oef paWet held. never LgtA- South e ei awe M n lp ato n Vi
A lpvety rae ocoted yesterday Scott. of OUeenodk. Staea o andDed .il tKare nrSS

1 "- l fi an teen peeted. o Into w oewo k Baw '. ut h wmi t- e Opr es I t.' on ai opeait loa g. B. Laeard Centre nt P r- an orde th teh d

UN &' fr .. O emm a t ,-. and- I atit no t re r C wet -S for Ne Y urk. ur th at l ithe abe we ek the pe wfatents e ir e t dor s t o srate ttoAfrlesa
wes,.uUgl ad Whdt hv httad to noic tha proa ware ut-g Go liltanttoa G. con- -P"

seao.Ir h h ie s A gang otf. A .tr thisf there' isat ity. judgie ofom Gon p a Maelaneting
a 1tw raee at a bat woodyard on the rivery ctlose fone.obt Ofme hto'a t a..; fre li o to e a ta t s

property.~~~~~~he -h oca wc La oto 1O

to he l .her were steam- Mans.a. the Admiral while at Tr-lmee. nby ldothedr asn eodiamn wi
GoOVwO. aig alon evenly, several b.jets were did not CODttILI his dispIlesure at the Porlloo'i-te.wing miend rm wi
IF::- made atti tue f German naval oi rrt ait h
mpa.e-. ---a- t toN P &tTtla b of GermTheaEdian otor s Can Never A.gatn print rendered. to Go delight of aln t-smeS
.' e'b' _S LITBOGRBknPHERS. He raloed the tatenent that they a Paper ion H vana. "U.I"ea s o B id tah's Frak- t tin n Btay"E
t- -- gave themnseves the airs of being '- Aun"CeM Lote a. re
*1 tv P C eon- cVty Boq Now in Their Hands ai mate there. Among ll the Ew r-pe Th oe- 'Th aBe o preei" n
I? 2 r fromn WMU So Be Ready. ofiere s before Mania they alone re- tors of the t concentrado, Benore Ar- eJ e Ma
V=10 mwisM Y busywel with fumed, to respect the ret~lsaiono J. d Cervaftes, who were appre- "Young editor. J" K. SL H&
nfe 1 fot 0301115 The new ir hoodsn are now in the posed by the Amercan Admiral. headed and lodged in the VIvac., have & Mh, ahn. FentiB "aad the G e and ,
s hu ha nds of the li ographers. As s.o a adt woen. or s alle S
M ith an o. tfds they hawe all been sold, in advance, AoTZX.G WONDER. In the Presenoe of Captailn Pitcher, wtmini. wi bc 'ht
Si l be able to realize on them, alef of Police Cardena Chief of the Atdres on ao StrVt to 1nitewtrh Cae.e
c tety inae all ben sold eon dvarc. e, bAJ&L GUAT DIISCOVERY. Secret Police Salao Lieutenant W. J". I ders. te
e Mm'nap- t oOne me Ul bote of Grat D- and Dsnaga. P signed a state- Ra ofG Of ppre by Gto e ttor th e r tE
.0t^me Go as.PRtT' whlcl. It is expected tha the city will be oovery cures adl K dney and Bladder men w rtomlng to neverr again pubesh ]M. H. B lm
4MOW vee- aa nte-satcew r within Ma.an.. Ptrmi e e, Crtitlrs report. T. J.Warren. ternc t
&b-hit to miprtably reduce the millage trouaed, removes -ravel. cur an Da" ard bIndinx thernmsees to be good clit- 'im chairman appointed K. Holm a nes. tO him mad
I lnSt tie next budget Aeis.6 mminal emissio. weak ad lame I.ona here after 'They were released. mony editor, and i K. ton he ESS
Owe o r of all, OANC ERUPT'IONS. backs. rhe matism and all tr-regulax- In a short time the other ernsots an ais ta
'1m Gl o tte- w flbe acwom- Uties of GKethelsn and Bddder in both who were arrested as being connected 9 *" "
: h Are Wand. .hbt mkin eruptions rob men and women. Regulates Bladder with -e 'aper were alo set free. n e
lr op -a s d life of S1y. Bucllen's Artica Balve trou bless in ohlildren. If not sod by dtido y.pep l ('oro thot-,orhy dl L vern e na o a w b h ma n t
i...Aw 1 tol. VIgendereo's cum them ;aBso old, running and Ce- your drOgis will be seat by mall on gests food without aid from th stoem- t hinita. Loses a tNoaage sumn. t l k aitwtti -
a U" Gm al l. ver stores. Ulces. Bofl. Felons, Corns receipt Of $1L. One small bottle is two ach. and at the same time heals and re- n Ang. 4 e .-Wtlm-
ua e fca Chapped and Chilblains, months' treatment wil cure any tore the dise- dgentve organ. C. m member of the U
S e The FiPile Cure on eaB Drives oul Pains came above m.tioed. E. W l. It In the only remedy that does both States m o tapresetve
Sole Manufacturer. these of things and can beeledo CcuettS. was robbed on -
OVMala ae toe the and aches Only 2ct. a box- Cure dea nigh! last while on ho wa
19 tan.1-0L co guaranteed. gold by Teonat-di & Co. Bold by a. B. teonardi & Co., Tm o permanently C ure dse psia Ostemnd this o on t i the
V f Go Tatpa, Diamond Phar-macy, hor City. Ued by tuno nm but took Utte an
II S lD Tmis. S B. Leonardi & Co.. cen Phr- ofMe o atGo tim t Iu 0&
Utlett. Texan Sept 31. 11.-- W. mary. of Tampa; DIamond Phbarmacy, r1I in this oily, however, he d"M
O. t n'. e 'Two Chatleten afrieeref Eecuted Hall. Waco. 'exan: Dear Sir-I have ybo-r City. vptInae and nte for
i. -.hase- tn GoSame Scausd e ydar Great Dimvery for kidney C nterlng "ad di.-peard.

z ." __L._ A d e th an Ing o oe -red hi this qt one iff ering in like m anner. e .l er o Br de town. B ec o es in G o a matteo Va n o f
-jw N iS- .. $ B. R W. PSO Nthe Ws fe of B r a o B et omi. i e .t .
d m= eaSe-W d-4 -- gm- ar. were NM

U i f -t to a amber cc le i Canpa tmi ata am sILdm s W."
-H --u ...... .1 Go tt at I haes; i c. wa ateae b-
'upa :9~ W ; ...Se.rate a Go t ph ie depar .wO Br for

WEIMa =tf -f* j


Latest lnformatio About Our

Thriving Colonies.


Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philip.
pines, and What the Peo-
pie Are oig.


Few of the ruined plantations have
been restored.
Owners of plantation I Cusa re-
fuse to employ paA b aborers.
Onty oe plantation In the entire pro-
vt"ce of Havana ss In operalios-
There toIs talk of erectlne an (oe-

The more Intelliget residents are
anxious for annexati9m to the United

Nttlives near Santiago are doing a
land offlc business mellin g relics from
the hattie field.
dlled labor It scarce. Cuban car-
penters, plumnders d main are not
Not ocne out of tea natives ca read
and write, ead there have no ambition
beyond mere existence.
will posting toi a new t fdustry. ead
Havana is now wel dlastered with un-
sightly adnvertiserfts.
Life and property in Hatvana and
Santlawo are now aid to be as Wate
as In any city n the world.
The natives are aid to lack leaders
of national Importance, although there
are many ohlefe of factions.
The school sys atem as been tactic, l-
ly annIhilated. ohilfly because the
teachers h ve received no pay for two
Complaint i s made of the railroad
tariffs. Seven cents a mile Is the pass-
heer rates, and freight rates are cor-
respondingly high.
Retail stores conine themselves
strictly to one clan of goods and re-
turrniN travelers itay there Is a splen-
did chance for department stores.

Base b all is popular.
Roads are being built.
Et ineers are In demand.
ianexnrcd are the usual beds.
Coffee sells for 6 cents per pound.
Ten oranges can be bought for 1 cent.
There are no venomous /reptiles on
the island.
The hotels are distinctly bad. the
stores the same. t
The coffee crop Is three times as valu-
able as the sugar crop.
Every traveler says the island's
greatest need to schools.
There is general satisfaction twth the
American administration of affairs.
With plenty of native hardwood, not
st ck of furniture is made In the
The thermometer rarely reaches
above 86 degreess-even in summer. The
rights are always comfortable.
Spain was thbe land's mazrkeLt. That
has been taken away and the tariff
prevents trade with the United States.
S8f tar as traMportation is concern-
ed. the reseot failLtes are Inadequate
and will have to be Improved if trade
Is to expand.
A few Spantsh Papers in Ban Juan
making a point of atta-oking the official
acts of very American holding a Gov-
ernment Job, whether be is aoing his
dsity or not.
Practically all timber for building
to exported. In fact threr.are no mills.
"with plenty of mtterala for paper,
twine, smackng, etc., with lots of water-
power, practically not a factory is to
The prevailing Idea of the United
States, according to. traveler. is that
it Is a ooetry shunt haif the miss of
Porto Rico. whi has a city called New
York and a few smaller ones. Their
Idea of New Tock is that is about 'the
sioe of Bun Juaa and not nearly so

Ftipheo women never wear hats.
American-oa clpcators earn good
W^enn has 'an article ma lr fuor
the asngt at bleye "'co"ehers.
snde unti they are from S. to 10 mrs

The report of the State Board of
Health for July has been received. It
gives the followln general ateipent
of H.IIborough Cusity
"Jtloborough hcoeMtm naetbing of
eventful chrmter to rupr tor the
current month. I have vmamm ated and
issued certincates a vapI, ties to
three to d nepees tfo m June Is
to Ju Ie a.nd thrby hbre -dtoatad

capses. moetly of mao characte. eA-
cept three cas where the fe was
very malzed. Gso-tIntemp.al ls-
eamoes t e ben ts,- 9' ,by their
abmeenm tho Ms mmr amd. a.togt e r,
ur eComt has mcw.d Wnmustil
good b heIlDh. The e tao lotdtlon
of the c1tr or TItpa to mmmi lu-
proved over tat ~ear.whes.Ie had
movesusatt crooss iomm eda a",
Tha e report showe th -IM the
moth of Jutme there oced la thi
county. 2 b rts1 6 ma-rl aand tt

me sa MMe- of a em w ivan ams
Aecdent 1, Chdblrth 2. Oongemtve
ChInUl. ooumnptlcn 4,' Malial Vw-
er 2 a Typhoid Vw L e 1. febefl Heo-
orrhlma 1', 1m ,. 6 eems
P Iroeaen emaw f;Mrth 1
Tetanus O. 1t0 WOBI. l,4on-Shot
Wgds 1. .Crop 1. Mtero Cotle tiL
Total 22
The report Inltudes a iniMertNW
statement of birth and deathtratee cor
the var oo. ooinles for five year
ending o Dember 3 1t. .L9 ch skaows
that dturh that pedood, MFrarnkn
County had the tbiet birtb-r.te and
Ltberty the lowest death-rate.
The table io a r follows:
Berth Death
Ragte. Rate
Alachua.. ... ... 9 .. 15 5.6
Baier... .. ... ......2IL 0 .& )
Bra.dford. ...... ... ....... .. -l 5
bicsvtraO.... ... .. ... ...2 9-5

t. .. ...l. . . ...

- e x. .. .. .. .. 6. .
,LeAe.. ....... .... ... 1
ra s ,,.- ........... ...... -
Ham.lt. n ...... ....... . 1 7 4 .71
bVl.A & ........ ...... .. , I 4
tiras. .. .... ..... ... .. .. 11
jacht u....... .......... 530 .
Jeleison........ ........... b .5
Laayette........ .... ... 0 .
La .. ...................-... 7.
Leoe .. ........... ........... 2 .U l
Levy.......... ... .........1. 94 8.01
LAberty................... .M .47
Madison........ ........ .. 4.6 i26
Manatee...... .......... ..2 9.74
.sarion ....... .......... 9.7 9.41
Monroe....... ........ .9-1 27.81
Nassau.......... ....... ....46 .43
Orange......... ..... i.0 9.1T
s.ceola.................U. 1.2 L6
Pa e .. ...... ....... .7 9.6
F k4........ ........... A 8.7
Putnam........ ........ .. 0.08 7.1
St. Johns................. 1.9L1 .41
Santa 2tc7a..4.1.7d 7.1
SumAter.... .........U.4 2 63
Taylor........;. J... .O
Volu.a ...... .......... ..u 7 8.7T
Wekuila........ ...... .... 7.06 L96
Walton....... ....... .S.M28 7.56
Washlngton..... ......10.65 41
Wbole State................14. L 8.06
"For the aske tf Fun MlmeobefI
Done." .A vast amomt of mis tef o
done too. because .eope negFbet it
keeo tpheIr ood Oe. Ths stOhf O
Cortunatei mar be nudohe. by tk
falthsil usm of H Ms OaOrsePersila
Hood's Pills ourm '1 Ever IlU. Non
Irritatia. .

Co Nov*(

So Job of atel It to the M o' wood i fth Ia It
city Its The .yilUos cow after the SpanIsub th t itsi1
S"Our bab was sick for a month with th ga ofwmer o d at Afteds. A
severe covah nd catarrhal fever. Al- may procure for them the desired coa d
though we tried man remedies she and trtouers, while phoes nd hat wil allU's FaIPyi
kept getting worse until we used One be of the native type.
The peasants wear only- what nee-
- tnte Cough Care-it relieved at once. cemit deal or what they ha
r and cured her IA a ftw daya"-4 L. oen to have. The men set on ncely on and te
N m N ee. tin. M h Schoool. nrff e, with musai troumels racing to the and atvs, et !f I
l Texas 8. B. Leonardi & Co.. Central knee W tle x Piece oi gindy cloth they weOu 5 onhha
SPharmacy, o TapT Diamond Phr- wraPpedJanLy t their bodies cityor atai a SUw
S acy t Tives to the women & singular pic- cal Canton.
Smay, TYbor City. t-uresquenes In a letter to hi.p
po A Kansasmsoldier boy wrin to his LUte. of r is
-s Oloks. oonVe Weeastonishing Informa- an Ameranlo

O omS Am e)-Out k in the aa'rd boom to "a o'

esomere ms* tbub iceu &Mdew &an


Decision Against Coes Ud (tnees 3A

la isieekdng if olon atentioentisa ,
ciserdt ythat1he ditinot "*u ^
s intntion -o.sp- ---r f "e=r

toodiby ieoep by faNtlos *. ht

Io daing w the ellow t ever

netion in supporting the choie
y General infotatof Ba t erPoiw- "
orl a to pro peotrlae forj tHe u ts -
leared to-py tom t he dd/nrt trins ta
to I icteoed by Iactenton bat -w
do thet Moeht was right ot the
necveaa the wOunt,. :j,
RU action In w umornT i the i e :' e
by General 'Merritt. of Bttery .PsAnt. .
Del.. an the vroper lace for the artUl- _

port the officer to whomp te iftru ;.
partoular worrC The Surgeon Gen.;- ..
eral favor ed me tbe. trooai fa ..ar
their north.
2Hs. intention to tnppert General
Wood by keeping the troop at dF .
tisgo during the yeflew fever eetm,- -.-.
notwithstanding the reon daitst< .
of General Mles to the eonItrsae i tn-
terteted by some e t zman that b
co mneung general wi pot he uma
in etadence. Btt the seetary.
a on conference wMth Genaoeral lls
asnured him that he wonld value i '
views s all matter Dertang to tf Om .

Prominent Citizens eg Arrete. at
Port aU Prmince.
Port anu Prinet*. .tL A 4.- .
A er sis Impedbg.-
NuMner arraWs of pcawenues U O -R
hiens have feen rmade. shiming IL
PoUchard. tormert omter -
Several re fusgee ren t he Anwt-
ca lego Among the ls -
nos. a former fitnter of Forehe Af- *
Great unealne eu 9 WI t tt ol
finaneta depreesb xa. 1g1.50 .
pe cent. 4 "
Ar. Wi-.aM Lee 1 .the Tpa iw .-
mo and & Wagon Coi&V au m JA l*. I
"Ch attention to till. ., t-
dffcuUtd of bicyciln and b&
to soon rsWal the most ULpeirtp wsw \-.

la he tr .p,. y m ^^


two?. 2l/ h

o. .. mf a g tok a th ,akot
am* am tl a a

am, a- n be no e
;.tm2 %Dtat omle W.BW

t. 4to r tateASo s em9tm to

-. -;4a dmdog= toon. sd it
Sto. t be cow
coned stmam to auth

dSaisb power be ev
e MIs an"at Am, taos.
em l en h a m (Sr a
,er e waa th Daw k ti

i .. "we
T h f.5.,.5 h -e no if

en to h Cbaymi

b e-'o tetd to '

e ~s. S a-
.s.I s en -e l

S i.,' lt s eslt *ma been raised In view of the t that there to The Interview with Senator Burrows *y
no l a oBpUen wit the Imalyen g of the plenty of yellow ver in Caba and a of Miehigan. published ft the Wash- agtj
ItasaNa Inlan d lan. The Atlanta nmuber of cases at the abldters Home nton Poet this morning. Illustrates the
m Journal c s atts etIM to it as follows: at M PtMV8. and the mn sea- very orcibly the nature of the re- 'th
The tousan as to when aien who Woa & i over', t babooves the sponsilbity which Presidet MKlaley co
a lsa r. lorida coast town espedalr, to be assumed when he determined upon a
seek atralmsaton onder tthe Isw of on the alert and adopt the mostrin- neUonaJ policy hI the Phbuppines with-
-tar the United state actually be Comd ct-. gent W sin r M to prevent the Imports- out consltatoo with Cngress or a era
a a h ben rs ed ofte ad oms tion and s onred of the dreaded die- mandate from the people
u ap aAo in the case of the Italians ease re oonditons which I feared" says da
*...'aWter who were yached a few days a eo at hbe knowledge that the state has gar. arrows, "when I made my fra
Trelatof. been exempt from the pl g for & Lspeeches In the Senate last sessaaion,
ThiB: ee of the ye victims of the mob few years past Is likely to have the when the su wect was under conider-
aed s pied forbrutin ha effect of permit"g the people to be- ton. have attaly artmen. I was
n ot received their M atalrtlo pa- come negffient. but this should not afraid then. amid a l the enthufetae
S..... h be the case. shooting, that we would have somes
*.*. It t w annoaced that the State De eternal vilgilance Isa necessary to keep sterm adid opleasnt tasts to tft I. Rt
...... t purm t wMIl re egase O claim of Plorida tree from yellow fever out- I could have tad my way, we w T o
.. B lent. a on Bgeas the apere have breaks. and thorough cleantiness at all inay have taken a coalng mStLam
,* been actusl l Mhlinn. times should be the watchword in every or base of esupplteq hI t Te island at
S.....M Is a' tne m of opinto o community% l an. we would not hav pald *|a
9 th ipeot between th Deprtwnt and Keeo Tampa clean. penny to Bwna and we would hewO ar l
Atteorn General Sta. of osan V foothold In te East without sacrtfoe
W v Teslatter has conecded that the three A conference on00 ramboppers Is to of life or mones." g
ItM s in u esti don hd eonmeo t- be held jointly by Kansas and Neb- Who can mr bow mannr other Sea-
,lta' e s No aa.e acoy7 ieW R. or -ask nd now thev ioor asOpser on and ReprP.ontaIT E the *e- E
w, Hrpev9ao. ThBe Cb BBcretar ay man expects to bhavW a set of those tion iMd teen allowed to eara to a te. i
iry A w not adept thtols view. It was held famoih resofltions burled at him woald inw he bm t snmh really of the

Wl s e. by h ey w h sa h n he w as se ret oa ry ion i t t.B h e, n? Th at. m any w ho Vno e

est so from hts a th e country yncln be proved the erine of any hir lateno- Tbe esa coastey advanoel toy ts
U7s edam l e o seo MtioaI O t te prel on that Generalom a mr Ioat 's for tha treat weat re ta strnooppos hed
a-t om f1or n atea lt li ba a hobe wa r to do rted on Its J-tu as w ouo to the Poamp- -s
a sm it n-otod Sh fe tk o too6 fal to als aw recruits. wellknown;:2&. Ipoemrof Wu1llm Ist
MOW a" up.MP5ssan nihesim 5so Ma +one of a& lbsisear tepmbleaa Semalors*M
= that dtereof ow no ee f I tor leotec- Governor (ledr otr G teora has is a caatt MIan
w l f er aom Ns mat to t aBe old eproved T he e anestness o his Toh It woesectly erdvandhnt that e
I. t tk e tin to breas op lynob by saving isra;tio and lsspo e e was'',,, T
Une mn wheae th artun nt dels- one O from a m t Is that ob w w mt ean to day

t jo wht in eswIto -ase d t ed-s pnes to aftanounce tir vwterSo to aiL

1%aw e T "h osalsd atb wcm an anon beconne en toanonc tr version was ine y to involve as r anextrIadhly
he a5b a, e ttse sho d do ed tely dete- the baeba p in the poly o tm Te w
Smine t *t of CO reame to went if the strike at the American Bar- nacm too maob time to prevent the
aomNte arinnUs hr the taten De- tenders Assob atioh developed Into any- oouty dri ftti without forthou or t
apartment. thing series. it will affect some people aaJertalmet of the nation's desire "71
I LA To the average layman t will prob- we can name more than some other into a course that could mean nothing ha
usip dur glay eem that secretary Bay'i deci- people imagine. but merlastic expansion Had the
ps e Sm w is more reasonable than that- of opposition to imperlallan concentrated ff
th e 0 lag edece.sor but there houl&ld be We are reliably Informedby the tM I at*nm lWtty, upon the AmeetiB t
s that It left no rem for ncertanty or dif- Lake Champlain letter In the New of Coamess with a declaraUtion f Itn- ths
rutniall fearence at opinion on such an impor- York World that the President act- tntio 4 as was contained in the
ir telescope, tant ject. ually takes hib hat off when he speaks Bacan resolutons aad which coaincides
ad coe to people. very closely with that now Indicated
SThe mere fact of his chanRing his In Senator Burrow's interview, there to
A la he i anu*e n--"'. that the Prei- nationality doesn't by any means war- would have ee a tioalbilty of pre-
drent may play gl while at Platts- rant sqa of our Western exchanges venting the situa tion whch the Mlihi-
Wm divorce b ismo MOM nOrtant than mtuch of In referring to him as 'WIMW Wally nwa senator so depnwoe fhis i" d.
'or he be the Sgs whlch demcrtbem his move- Astor." Indeed, have Involved the uppreslon
mat n. ments while on vacaUons. ie willU of the Presideit's pronuneus.nanto of
win require ftd that it is better for a wearted A cartel censu of how many diff- "benevolent asslmlatioo" but it may
dtutlon of -mrain and jaded p-von system than erent kinds of Democrats there are in be assumed that aMr. McKlnley would R
Mos Coa- fliag fshing and going duck shooting, the country, wold make an Interesting not have ventured upon that arbitrary Am
Io dbwec. which were the ecreaonso of his pred- contribution to our statistical nform- decision as to the country's intentions a
M to Con- ecmeor. No one who likes out door nation. ff Congress had plainly said that It In- Ta
e oevtey Me can find m h fault with r. The record of inventions for the past tended o have a voe of the comattery
Sbe te Clevelands enjoyment with the rod years shows that there are 2,000 of been decided by hio o etry ll
es dwiald and gm. IBut any one who has tried them patented he mother of lwven- when ocody ksows wnether tha* a
i be -t both gsoland those two sources of ion i getting a very numerous fasin- cwheno kno ary deree correipo &f to
Mi mc- pieasur ewil nattest to the soperlor ily.
* mI d heaid tng qualities at days on the the desire of the neUoo. (
the aprav- k& IAttle aid s cares lose their It otouht to be aome consolation to tHE "SERP6'MO TOOTH".
ow readers hold on the mn while a player is the Italian Government that this B
to a ohim- working hio way at golf. The whole of country has never allowed the lynch- The Hlavana Herald of August 4 con- vi
lct the a- the min attention must be given for ing fever to extend to the hand-o an tai n this prg ra.ph: ney
ihs. h timebeingtohigatuw,.salthe tatk metn. stnl at the Academy of
imO d that vvovlvm on the limbs and the inB- The Rm ^ Ha nn aI uran" olence to protest aganst the ad- Ir
I th e n ems deri the Ma Cany to vislt Jaie before he comes doctors to practice (lat n bout
Mhon& sta. some for aote or Id et redeoaa (n the home. 'A good ma9 are of the opint o 3 i0 person were present .
i obtAled o40 in22Ot Meoo rinesa. A h tter that It wi tbe his oTy way ton e It. Was it so lon ago that these 3 a
est uarl mresae for feeling emb ttered by tte- a many touad more were
a ennot- igrattude t .o feUlow-citiseos the There is a wide difference as to .ow other meetntan, ot stormy" but up-
a e Prea dl t wlM not aln and If. like al the name of the automobile should b pniUng. appealing to the American "P
e of te AMrteam. except possiblyr General pronounced, but It takes a good dea people. Come over and delUer us?" Ba"
tne their Oteat, who had the mt~ach of an of money to call It anything. Were there protests then?
o Strta. Mr h inley is trodbled with m- n -Wmpttterson hea .rtied to Burely the "serpent'a tooth" of in- 15
m T IrHt. iet that tSme weri has yet pro- Kentucky 0mo0reys sense of pr- than Is manifested here, when the pso-
BIt e daed sonal pde has been sLatised, pile who had shed for them the best gr
m em who is t mt is of blood of American soldiers now hold aw-
- wo is W n the county cosmnioners o Vice-Preident EBtart is beoomf "stormy meeting's" to protest against Sbe
jof lShab let the otraet for the an exoert on the "'ulet little talk" but the admission of American p-roem- stees
pauIIU o rmas- 5vem they cow- so far he ha not arranged to have sional men to the country free from in i
ere wee, e im with olsen. It Is the one with Gin51 Otis. oppreaaon ,!y Amerbcen valor. pot.

.aI is sl ne if al lovers of proa- A -otsaded sherti and a fast Sa The ratiyIrg tfat that there is a
east pa w -urupetyt *A th"is ar mss trash abse the best eomblnetinr "only one JAger" waup again ulum sed bu
sems now to a paved w ad Ao the west yet formed for ooewittin the purpose upon the country on Wednesday by or
a t ma m a 'th i hopes of a lyhmeht neag mob. the liuorlbuons oe the asrhes at De-
**rul aty conut-*------'
ea m-pJ -wthfc pvethruh~1n- fom resoatdon twtns out to he the A cmo of the ew Tot barbers e
is, lbe.'thee n hea- In sem wtht party csventlaos. b*ot this orshably does not Inciude the __

.... M... . m a ,se Bpanlab wrzl WW ould sased Gin set- A dttee of TIrMlna wasa Otakn eha"
e stasr Is sehAed ta-day or to- toUlma dIaRerviw with hb a party at Pert orotlk for a s&O witl

S W thet at M rAi Pewert serapen. Of tconso he a were se .at at
:oo 4 84'.. -.mb-i im esslo eussy end If ieeralies JISnot iMto Manilahnstriped t bu h wer t s.
a- s.s es ; ,e the i shouM at least tbo Oneo d mlittar ad- Tam S a bus new have been -
wIs. etW s .ed i ona more viser to Pred5ltA rodaty and SetCE- trying in thgr eerts to artls 1 shap
0v= 0bs hed of 8iamto 10 staryHoot I trome. Overyhodg apreclatm their
Is-t a1 M M It ars that theW zei4ay seso n ar but athee ~m

___ ln M which is but ahotser am of sayng

w I be s b. trthedeo da itha .t It spoles the hadbsniut m arearby anhe wagon
M*0bt-le 4ga wMH eaUOmO L. s ad Ites her en The Pese Conference hns changed are going out of sytr.
*l iM, W.abs l v. e ohber drt with pier- the d m-daw toBet to read wsat ts Adral ewe wl be abe to kew
ftg sM. b0a. same5t. 5ad aib hd It nher joy, name pells hen you read It back- two or three cpping bare bay
10 mlt the 2 as eamne G d ue s OlsNeWd -. a "I 9 maklnr a scrapbook of the thins that M
SUo-t It wasm a bey."reaB News Detroit seems to be able to make her- he didn't sa.

.asL eha. r st oheeEvning catl. t kthI*nrt i t whith painful rtrlarity the weather
M l D erl nw atrnoon paper, ... bureau is comfortls ous with the as-
w ,y eso me ceved. It Is a newe sheet. The Astor pedigree seems to hwe sorance that it will be 'warmer to-
da9.-shp edtbd with aarkedl ablit. and has been aH right In Intention, buIt got morrow."
kpAea- hesLabr p*sartidoa patroasge. It is to barking up the wrong family tree.
RheB Sm t Ihesp dtv oaveeri a.d looks an W It Is n;ip and tuck now between, the
be-oem Wtoesl ,We notice that ftoe GovIernor Pin- Carabeloe and Lar&l'k people to, prove
.-----gree commenced to talk the Bandwich in which place the hurricane blew the Oa
t Mg *She.OS i se t of tthe City are Island voaleana has ceased to spout. harder.
^ 'h-s r-l wthe'obsbmt that Neb- 0 *
S* to he known i the The professiami ttust burster is al- The people of Cartelle are appeal- We
Iae .Ws ber s tt un a Int of red y begonng to complain of the Ing for aid. They need It. Some of
Bnr -r tah1 moonlight osiowneessOtthetimese. them lost all their clothes in the storI L o'
4 a their qwbo 4% at 0peolar There Is nqt likely to' Ne much ex- Admiral Dewey has, by this time. We
citement about the octotm ihnticg In discovered that a m&a of his iapor- IZ=
Sthe State h fal. tance can't even talk to himself.
^ b he, *ho Mihowm gusaxnatruald volcano Bvery time the fesMve Flortidan ed .
P, bp Irentan vwlhaveamnAlger reception euptos dhakese a bush. the days. some amber-
41a wt. 9 nator'al aspirant indodged.

777 4%law with f-oa linpatience. nsme at Old Point Comfort Jut now.

0~,~ f -

~ is adowU 0SD bW 'S*a 0

.s.Fnssamsne.c...nenm and uaam I
The 00Mow a? A' wan hlas..
an AC, ~ hAp~t the -Iinato SnodccaI
*a~d Mte feedep of the "to9010

. no stneamer.ussis -MR
-' oOU WA t l erw

TIN V .lrTeY vic

2 b PSoury

.1 Oa"

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-& -

N.k Wk. AM 7-4 E

3m. ~~ fteftV.-fta mw
bme ", fa dI&seambmrve Ats
at at so g-
sm~e am-Mmoupo of7e-
&m~t6avowam em s
-at, O G 01Mm dt -Wd~m


Mrm-M. A. EA

S th~Wbpt~ ~

bd= bo eaa it t-ratt mane~mg
th. Mt nt.ad tIa mmw seuto
i~'~that kFw1fMe =.amk.Ia A mmmc

. otb. hItin doIntmamt or tum bImwa
wl. be 3MA
Mir, am ~cA ow

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P~Mu sun VILAW JUTit Dow i
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it i*0* IW a fkmllr t~ee

eq uslhi.own effet orw c- h sinw zets cod
4hqd inemu waft" ftwrd aM Adef
3i~a~).tuM oupr of-

2 nL tatln wlmm inom w wh Aftlpema
kt.whi heptl`eia adVw rBt al~.but h ni IThy weeay d

VN9olhi &t iv. thathe U emmmu t hm UlevU
Wb h ublhe,,I, WkhwendeL, ate bwe a 2

08-bdf fallsbat-that., moma V

tb. with what -tw to"onciene could.
m, gae om -to ws awt& eager until NOTICE f
a ltreAoM lT been ~tes Her eroase
the thtiatt inot met orwa arei state or Pernui to
to -arbitmaTe awi th a epenency,' will
. hardly be aoeepted.iby the remt Of tLe Public notice
4 J wwld. It fBilead goes to war with G. "IRIM TA
the b BEe witahet Uz& havrg m et toard o
intteda the tau M at, lte to arbi- lor h
hoe tra. thereonit f tae Bague docer-. to sen liquor,
ease wil lave boes sadly jeoprdised 'tiOn Disetet aNo.
pet bee the dreates. zre d their re- te
pi pectiUve hkome o eI
f The Boet"Globw thinks it humillat- g wl'tm
M g that GeaeralU Ottis should lord it at t o'do hi
ovwer Goe Dewey. Someo qn mu da. m d the
WI th V bet utrnfnf thme Giobe. NobodW 'arm otimen
hW 2D Aiemub believe teat et -wo1 )E 45
Bt 2ewn _ut Otiq aona elee to Jor 'a _

a 2 "!,

IaitucemWin Po I

o -W., i ,M wi nt be ,war .-i S
hiJ^! O# wcaattmot cone^t j^ an x-eeao tKoISSoWl-the *Boa ot'Op,mA"% 4-
, w4 velmem YGe4m, Cartoe Blown should have: o i-o" f usb '.,1
,. .aa4 menthg e lArmy Out rhtMlrida.this a dew or Avg -
s there Im &4-er Dt 3I the miw Cn A_ .. .
. ei g ro tt ai a e fo 4 A. D. U".
yq clt ein& O('yjJ' : D. H.OIVBlB it C.
For Pernft w to h -L*tl.,. Wineg For Permit to foS UqWor, ,Vutna-
a"dBe"r. a" Bee.k
Puhrtionotic I r ' t o ... .
Pubila. notice lb hereby gien that r Pa-ic
mum l-dth e 'PW o nRIDABNIh_ K K-" --"-naa -'ow_. at n,
UMMUMwatl% 20diedwith theOwbw
o rcOmmdlmlonera at fi
A."P .PRO .,--- mubw. ulft ,,, AV. ,in.... s ,, .. t. f p a.. ,.... a.

-art umme

W. q 'H. .. -4 ,--volN
ma. 'aoinow. myD ., WNPNM2b C oerL.1/D. in
S -?4 rC5I~( or Permvt to ft&-4AqoOreWlofe
q~ot'mB- Wbw 'Put.miic f9~htsW'Om

'iouno A ,Mi-



mi I

not b

k For Pe"%h

r 43i4
6' D'4424 AM
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fhi n and

leb.e b5 -& goubat olata -l

*&IIjIAAMTAW GXus9iuvt-LkA.
vWY-alyGA .01Dw33

Gets 1051511*y Tanked 'at a Culls

. experience Walk 'With Bottlep In 'time W WiV8 to mt"seU or.' 1
MW-R A it- Itme at h peIlase' waS not oltabe .1
Sao" in At Both Adnd O&emn. to et ,m ktow when iad Whies
t she w l vrwe'coau meet them. T7 this we t
at he wo -- n asime-er that they lbed antith. g 1
mid think oaf., .with DaThen came the- tothml
., *s SO.& Atlanta, A ,. 3-(8peca.U).-A-sn.oe w ,e tand to tihe .,,
the city pobticlans there has been a wood men of the lar make. d
Coem. >od dest of speculation to-day a- to elde whether 41 nt we wore se
jindohe mo arId hwe did. 5W t
ycom- probabstoy of Mayor .Woolwwar O some ends of both sieZ S .
t bottle a during his resignBt on in the near snxteturem aeetd to 'sbmit i
tOt tiit VW ftrew. arbitrationo on the tollowiln basis:
]bad In our fe talk grows out, of the charges Three '-sBvutdo.ae. Mhrmtniet
a lht W made by Dr. Broght.on against te with oo*pr to name one unintereate
L mayor six wedw. ago, an the Maor's In our trade: the oigar unakeiw to nao
mSmin t I~ s...% ineqtat pledge to reform or resign three. so unlstrwtod. with powerr 1
Sold havre "7 nayor. it appears, from the sto- n"me on. alsdnlrnterepted In the bus
an-xiety and rates oin the rounds to-day, has not n r. thoeth two unintersted nartieg I
Mfr~ sauoceeeded inning otp to his promise., OrWO orn Mon nMrndre: thoe n tn to mee
B 1 b b andi hence hi resinat tion s beli trotha-. 'e r-b ide eDoli, thtpir caw
pan* ted uos Pr- bhii5 themoi-ve to atceo* the A
Jh deal- tco rdie to the story that reopen- eIrion whq*ow it sa be. Tois tff,
ed the affair to-dw. ihisww Woodwstd -n "vr-' thosd ehftsuti friend
S attracted good deal at tention lat "' 5ew. n4 j answ-- hP o.
r-sub a.-,Tt5 soa i beeit.. thi, locality?
l_-jodr or bottle ofof-onge in ome pocket, aod ry that In ^^1"- th<< I<^lty?

" is wen t. te .weat wf othse bo. a
at s %w aceut % w to el tS twnt M theat as goma R.

bib' t'ot Uvep aettdarr*
e f.&@a .ti wis.o henahe .n. h e e ,a

0,i- t neoa -"0- n ao n .~ .i ., ... n R,' .s a .p A , r .
-_ ,ownt isin, a2' b. ud-.M r H ba- a., ..-

Saibe bwid Irituthe wIL, nfe. lo

ciioatiptest or kMai trouse, her sm 4t^ .b
s-hure6waOiz seane piples blothee ora an-s id iBUe.
e A Siiqksbaa IeUs a a w. tet.e en.-.
f Nle UII Ui be 1 th

.e" WmU N. '
- ..;.. ,,. .... . .......
x Pr de

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winbed 2mW KewNod

pI.na wictn -n aim Hoa

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aepsOue ae Usnow Me of A- andMer au '-

avety di B. ring PI"%ass.
be a gend-look- .I

at LeonaedL. ei& aa-e -
at MM*rete Itiwerth and D.9 N
"I. D J NiM
be Toketoee 1 ..u-rm

IAMe Branch an of im

m Rbtlnoer t.oT Vs. a0. N B
I~.. first Ales w i
Lb hianto--onek I&- 3LX I=a
ic BnThU5vCh 'cv 0os=0 at Ia qase 04 wt-
V~st tO LIte anoid Mseun 3Pm 1570&W 4bs
ceevvent WesA94
A* tahe Nroo Ua W.

a juat bes= or- (3w. ama5~.Tbxemnats .,
tPth residaida
it gms dur- f Pl"*b-. 0O 7 wot

p to In Pay 'at. 1 3t~V 151n 55 le it5ter 5 Deno" 5
ailaishebm bevim t vime15 i

Mi~ hd i-fro&
Ihma-esat W aMd0(e

Vis tmtia orato tfimaMm ft
elife. snhtiz'aBoutte isee

IK NaAM lima aswh

"kiy duo tbm,.
;I& W= V OwIth l Ulieti t atthe Froi s turday's taal:
14AU& -*m btftd 't6 IstimrD too-IsN. Tbe. oamRo r Rosq f qe*A d, I&
babdiag. Wecel-netla- hor ty IAwae)job"
~ ~ -9 their smawita ba skOMAnsd MUMA
A13 AtI5AI, to sadest it pmdesbi.s saukestt- 0
the MW Ugabba
*t faws I~s~qtOwner at ItvW t dit atdlo
,-VM brb &b at Lt= dMaA
YO#qkmm5 mw &r -rgm ts MMOC Anlookout Ms: .u'k. I !
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to beodel


A W, L-e," '%M-
of the afl1i13,6Ml

redek a setlpmmt

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that he C e
-XL' Wn~iedo
ow. le t AAe.A *%..aan

AUMS4 pr is b
bel-b llna wo tut~d toI
ew m a~ e tumnatbea


makhet:T ooan A=oa

AIMoShd 15mw -

Factories WE Decide Ome Way
or .. Other.


Otlem, Rowevr, Will stand irDm-
F ew Nqw Apprecable

Despite etstctooenf to the contrary.
pubuMbeO ,hwterdas there are a no t
apenable e fmatams in the labor ltt-

A awH tetorlmf afe pam arit to
-moo term wth their me. but te
hetom attltaet of theo general oom-
ldttetw aterooe a a deteorraf In-..

=40"M semu to hnve n mer*
gAe m tl-eOn to the mim;lm at;
amM e or me sm a a thebwr me ae-
he Jtem -c nemm ase -al tBhe
M n" orM b.t m atm ad tf them q4anl2

0 006 ItaIf, no ft bm g ,, A 0e. a -
*.rdm an h e t thewher o.M ent

nano to Stom ona thwPoat

am ieh Kee roo catge at t-r eon
L ,Wai a -mtmhr a im ort oer tA o

11 .to Robtir tourt A e a -
Mm to U at b usanu q. wit hal -2

bMa am Dmut t m to. tul, @hadN





One Death and No New Ca es as
the Report from the Boldleri
Some Yesterday.

From aturdaa .aly
WieMamton Ano. 4-.48pe 4im -a asn owat mel That was
the extent oiptewn f the lpobct.
ad "Eelru l1 t, a ete t, I

~hmw bme nteetat

_t -rtos bee w eaRe ta w eh rt inat
m a no" coa *
O h o twv drh. ee the

V St e.a.t an lal aw at m
iet e ba c eP t a t

Z am Fou1-Smellig

-AM 1 Catarrh,
am r~era.l n Gal-r is one at theMCA qotins
IN. e. th %at daSeaned hencetMMh mrt o l&
' er .Te I but one to b
no lbsmdismfeiba IM the bl, ad' the
Ia Cri to aprayn, washee and Inhaling alttrxm
e. hte bhe warM cnb have DO =peri&ea
,n owiM ue at habversupan it 8wift's Bps.
Lin peesle. cffidnBreeCatarrhp Ima etyifrtis
Vowt t be only remedy which can reach the
36.r. B. P. MAiete, of s
qned m a wtoC^Sievi

C. P. tIaus. or Jackamorve. ai sn

a C. Steele. at Port T&aoa City. in
related at the
SRev. andem a.. .C LQ n refoed to
their bome In aoapy yesterdaMy.
Mr. T. C. Locan of a4n aBroaw, iIs
out of the city for several days on hs.

Jone Herna&dee. the eattie- iog, 'q
Havaa*. sa at the lAlmerta for a rew

J. C. WItlliag of BL PetL.-burgL
wan In the cU yesterday, on a bed-
acm teit.
The fkmfny of Captain ft Polipe Job.
eon Ina imodldg tw wo nathl at Ira-
Sler's Beach.

eajor J. Pitmaa. U. & A-. roead
throeaoO the dly reatarday. en rcett
icar pooa.
SN Perkiaa came over rom at.
:A- a us Wanteraim -

WSmo TiLP,. P gti tweri ent t na
wanetot at ^Sbu Idn to the city. etop:
pMan atdthe Aime
J. I PbIpM. M ft 0 wOW,
kao ,w a 'L, InMer. p to tae city -a
bte totenrt o athre ee
hrt ,e t mdorm he 0 n" boy the
Shostt menVer hesnmm
e 01;a..40
and Urne. a. c Mu a eoqe-

to the "am Nttb of the apenen f

an Cu*.w san amm e the fy pMw,

Mnm.D. Woodard. wife am the
popaSr elation kneew. wavee to-ar--
row fOr a vtett to her old hoMM .

Mr. Catoe Uttle ,t gir ppetm) to
rofkte a 1ersom accident yemteram eat
Peauiwed the aMl o Dr. otaefforto
aelae Ther m sfe iwa m
ITU d4~ airds mwr that Jaml e
Hendersonain eproeapecg .rth a vime
of pofchealag a houbm on eatmib
Helrdta. It 'in ht welpy -a m

ta beW E ttor h se a wi &hawi
whe4 he woll me"a a leae lo
of te Inv* 9. iwimll1- heMCr. e
hie fiet t v aia ya -.ra
W D. Dav the well ""
cant laMUr. wo b ee I hm ,om.il
to bah bed Car omq eo weebt wtt. a
, ,vea '6t tieid th, wa, n
to hu out e t far t. b at

taom adiuwve* me -n the rfew&-R

Conaet 'amawN hNeir Yes

inhem es ued"t zuea

to Quaamos eea eeL

the NO".fh t w te ie-a at-I"

to rant pa fomNev Took tto a
a. a4Shelton WIVhes,. a6CPhil
nwperel 8wirammw41vq

wt J. 'W. eple

mah beiheKhat


I "


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