Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: June 22, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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r" .. *


K of TaM Youn Ma Filpineos Surrounded a Battalio Horrible Details of the Murder of
WFr of Tampa Young Man and Surprised Our Troops. Notorious Minnie Ross.


K10 A WM SOME WEALTH TO ata uam of "- KrauO. of Tampa ld oom-
Chased t rebels Back, But Our oo"--eu"-'iA on uaspielo-Theo-
Lomwas Two core of rift About the]ulty Party
3W te Waoa of. the o urded Wo- aluable aTe and Ke odq.


* dkae e UZM clOeofa's

%dMit ^ rf* owe IaMmm tar, ad idse room-
S m ip n MMr 0 ot oaVe the room mtti
l. mi ar M- "T loek (t r aumn a wben the
ar The w st to Titaf* with tohl. He went
A":. O. a to 6ttno. wher be woo an-

dtk. d as e the e tationer de-
w* t. d rI ter ntl
^Ur'fta A k3 *.omI he went to.hloh with the

1- 8 i4" ildn IheM M;sder is dop mytery. and
too *aft the ftvnia qoioe and detectives are
S thory s ome woki alone their musal plan, which
Sm Ia w one. and whidh will give the
tf woe U bai ml ttim to get entirely away
ifi' t fru the l-aid. No American io al-
i m the to take any part In the investi-

W ow ioio thmeag It Is eurrotr reported here to-daw
I-A 7 I .t of Wred nUt another Tampsa ami who was in-
t b"e blM anom- tWtated with Minmte RoM, to respect.
Ca r e the crime, but at present hie
NMMf d M w4heemboota cannot be aecertalned.
ip the'thfoowtUara&- nme hasbeen opendlof noch Utime
owm menia tae&wo- and moner on Minnie Room butit ito
St beUleved by those who know him
aSM MMas ed bd et tt-he I gKWty of the horrible
a .anMM &e ade mMOr. A omptain of the regulaarmy,.
bue. egmma i o Ute 0o04tationed In Pinar deg Rio province,
UFSIpwe=&ah who ham to IsknwM to have been insanely Inat-
entU d d o with the woman, and it has been
a s tte that he went to the houe Pri-
beo "he- dp nfbt. No one can fn out hio
JWj [5i ME B makine or what tiU he left the booum.
diaKI k- qarn- trhbe body of Innie In at the maorsu.

madoo recowai e It as being that of the
.f161M.A to saiUL'= woman who was so often seen on the
Seh toped Con.- streets driving the "white horseS." 1Te
-WL poUle tboeve taken j os tloin of all of
|t m a.the eo or the deceased. and will,
U *A *At ai 0 s o.t.T, Ilap thea for a long time
a- t fat that I thiMr umnal method In ouch
'i *t -The ionsaU Mf ma wben Krame

....s inanm twh an lbL .Jintice

S- 'GU rar mtiAomnf J aaCygo
k.G Ik .'% s The s carriages at theV. C. AP.
fes mN& honM were laded on a tosg .town
am- d, The wa. ot anvbw sthe pon-
Mm e'u4 omestlg was a dmtent ne, but

Tf Ymallght ersbno givesr e
SnA.oof ae emple G aM oan the
hWinaseo li st m aafaft aBettomg oMt-

W'nm n weather woo deAight t. s B the
gv"-n Msi ored. the onmsc ex-

...e...- tm ng

S aleg hd =,wasre, sad te

M U f
oea heaing sat a-er

gughymto Be Wen WM
M of iMle e Ron.

u~om i~ttAIL Amm

te lo


lie in

Manila. Jume It (p).rTh Am-
ero is suffered in to-da's operboins.
losX g 4 men killed and a large num-
her w ordd.
General Wbeaton. with a battalion at
the Footh Ifatntw, made a ean"-
aane n thin morning in th' direction of
Perm Dee Marinas. The party ac-
cocenpUldd tts po pom, one and one-
half miesu from the town, and then
started to return.
Soon after tarting, a force of tlY -
lneos were discovered paralleling both
flms of the American battalon. The
lcT'euts io.wwdtitely opened fire
from three side on the Americans.
The American continued on the re-
turn march to Imus. They kept up a
heavy fire a&inst a large force of in-
surgents for over six miles. The Am-
ericans lost five killed and twenty
As soon as word of the attack was
received at Imus. trwo fresh battalions,
with more gums, were sent to reinforce
Wheaton. The combined force pushed
the rebels back toward Peres Das -
The enemy lose was severe. The
American loss for the day will probably
reach forty killed and sixty wounded.
Reported That Two Rebel Factions
Went for Each Other.
Manila. June l-Beclal).-Genera.L
Otts received a report to-day that two
PF*ipno faction bhad engaged in a
pitched battle north of Ban Fernando,
slaughtering each other unmercifully.
General Otto does not tbeeve the re-
Otis Requested to Take Charge of
Affairs at Town of Rosario.
Mania. June 1l-( pecla).-The res-
dents of Rosarlo to-day sent a petition
to General Otie. askiMn that he garri-
son their town. General Otis has not,
an yet, rmepowded.
Gale's three dismounted troops of
cavalry were sent to-day to Omamo lake.
Their orders are to strike wherever
they think It possible to Infict aoy
'0 FIX AT.ArTs
The Board of PulAic Instruction win
hold a regular meeting on Mtondao,
alares of teachers wil be fled and
other important matters attended to.
F. I. Brlkde representing the State
convict authorities. s here to take
chare of the criminals convicted at
this term of the criminal court. Many
at theme convicted have not yet been
sentenced. Bridges wiM wait for them.
Profemor Buettllts, president of the
State Teachers association; Professor
kocmpton chairman of the executive
committee, mad Mrs. Lena alNkthes and
Prot. Arthar Wiiams, members of the
proEram eosmittee of that association.
wil confer with Piofeseor Buchholts
to-da and prmeare a program for the
State samonlatlin.
A larse uhooner from (British Hon-
dmras arrived at the Tamen wharf last
night, containing 1,300 large and lus-
cious pineapples, consigned to Messrs.
3. P. Bacdee & Co., the Asbley street
fruit and produce dealers.
N. K. PettilnrI, formerty an at-
torney of this city, tas been honored
witl the important appointment of pro-
vsta s def Jutine 4 Porto Rico
Sin Mends will be happy to learn of
his smoces in that new American poe-

The siemer Tara Cola went to
Wfrra eala bar 9terday, rateving the
Sn- rwhi. was chartered for the
thopin thtf -nl.

k "

. .

Angry Moebs Attack the Car Arr MA Pm ePar

and Shots are Fired With "dyaa ifay


-antlkmoto o Cmuoremmo at Nmo l s4nsm asm
Ores 8pmleb Proemeo ha He I m so-g

_towa uiiime Metotee. to 3t g -v
ruhsarete icc ur matnlfr Tst om baam

., -. ..

which flrearn were generally med. aol w Im ean
-The not. bcot ol t .an r e h
on aT the main street. and there 1 i T beait i
danger of a bloody outbreak at almost Wo ". -.-.
any coonunt 'WHoa J. Brraa era "in 1
A" the worklngren' alon are now .Gem who mn the i
enltsted In the cae of uthe trin ers. Y S*MM
and hbande of armed enm are paraing eey who ta hj 'beea M fi
the streets oenly deaat of the onl. viNe-reomldeaon, tave Ibeem SWit
oe ma ta post In the I.oryna* g l i
The riots at noon t iean with an at'- tt ,
tack on several cars The ief of theAl TRI E
trBlkerso boarded e car and beat the chvoa. ti OtomI M
motorhe into s I.ene ltity. gAtf t thl c thofen g haav b .'ls- a
Platoals and knivres were Orate.. ana n W of th t oaii r the
a enerat fght rested. k ndst. thed ose ollI'gas
One mnu wao shot and may die tesec toqt nlemo ito sit on
Others were dliehtly wounded, notes wesea ain era of thea
One of the otrcingi conducto... who a eymias etic la-m wtr hW be
led the attack on the cars, was shot every luni n dw i -
In the le. ,
There nmch unealsiness and uanret aiUnUIT. '
to-night, and more riots are sure to -Han. mt ji i
foUow. boo .-1ted agaho .". 3.i
CONruMiW.W trejk for crlMal 'aQ fi.

nilater Storer and Beaish Premier meree and PuAB -i,
Unable to Agree On DtatrlbMion retary of Justiie lhas bees
of Prsone.rs li Pitnpy e by General Br leto to ke tib
Madrid. June )-- Storer, the United Statea inter, to- med. +
dap held a kmn conference with Vte "' "

The subject of the conference was e Tedh J'm 2'
the dispowlUon of the 8pan"b prisoners tof M'ngdoom"to
In the Plsnotnes. c4 the act dwn A 4 M -
It Is retorted that the conference end. osiM now M V
ed anatisactorl, and that no agre- .
t b een t tl bW ....the
TRY. TRY AOAJN. '"""c""'"""""'
C___ P- .O. A s
President Loabet Asksa fWtaU -Bom.a
sem to Make Amother Mort to ti ae
Part June ---peaocl).-PrSde t. Shraei P. Iam, Cog 6 t0e0 0
Lonbet has not lost tatth in Waldeck- to las MU&ttle 4@dad ep iage
Roesmaom of Mr. and SMa Ch maxe
Be .to-day reuesteo him to make maatalea . 3., S .E
another effort to f a cabn .

Wa tho I ec ad kunore teeg o I ta," Iweo -olel "-a

wa pt, o the vfr o' a r te dgard a
e IVaMd hotel B not a dead k F n ft.

Wone yet, N ct j Lanl B *m Ma

aNever feht ba better tea e in. k dn" i. the Bal
monesi vttet Fm on itfar mtr P rsng ho M te 4m

the' all feel the oame a n I do f and thft the tx ties .
se that I hote m Tan a good aght In me 'ad "roda" 1"i C"ty"

I Oil be R hem' TWO "w U LDBBD 3m., mm
IHavooa. Jane X9Bgar-Generao 'Dr. Weero f 1'5Sg
Madmonos aere6 mpon Goteneeral Same imp health

a cfience ha about haef an moer to ltagrosea Che vtrto m NoB
which wal dothesaed amonI othend the toas te aeT a.t tha. 3g
larte Iuadber ot C am a gooled wtome eindilo oumad. hi
nameo wer. omitted i naeins up the moral S 1ee tof Sih.

From u'eosdayts dal.y
Tanpa people have talked of little
other than the murder of Mfnnie Ross,
at iIvaaa. the wrst nMes of whieh
was PMIished in the TrRmuse unday

The following partlncars of the kill-
Ing were gtven out yesterday tby the
Amodiated press.
*Havana. June 10-The local papers
to-day devote OsIdersble qsnpa to the
murder of the notorious Mnnie Sto,
who was klMed with the blunt end of
a hatehet after being choked, and was
tound dead early saturday morning
"Itas last reported that a well-
known army officer was Involved. but
the imnorm found in the room of Pred
Krause. of Tampa, Ptl, now In cus-
tody on the charge of beinx the mur-
derer. is undoubtedly one formerly
worn by hinm
"Krause was at one time a lieutenant
of the Florida volunteers. He is a
member of & wealthy Tampa family.
"Thus far therets but little evidence
against him. Many believe, from the
nature of the crime, that it was com-
[itted by a woman. One theory is
that the blow with the hatchet was
not Immediately fatal and that the vic-
tim was then choked to death.
robberyy could scarcely have been
the motive, for the police found $2,500
In the murdered woman's room, and a
quantity of valuable Jewelry on her
dressing table.
"Another theory Is that'the authori-
ties. having received definite Informa-
tion that the woman had been payIng
nuney to the police department (for the
privIege of aDondctig haer house.
which was one of bad repute. had sent
an agent to ascertala tMe name of the
guIlty social. Tis agent, it i thought.
had threatened her that unless she dis-
closed the man's name 'her house would
be ecboed. Ote, as the theory goes, re-
fused to give it, despite the protection
of the blackmaIler. lt% government
agent left the house after mnA-tht,
according t this explanation of the
orime, and it is supposed that she after-
ward had an Interlew with the blach-
maser. with the result that he kMled
"The friendss of Kranse bitterly com-
plain at the Itct-nnwptcado system=
which Is rigorously enfrmed in this
ease. Thus far neither his friends nor
legal counsel tave been allowed to am
Chief Harris Arrang& a Program for
the Drill on the Fourth.
Prom Tuesday'sa DaIluy.
Chief Harris is now arranging his
Drogam for the drm and review of
the Tampa fire department, whic
I occur July 4.
e maWor and councA will make
their annual Inspectio of the depart-
ment on that day, and Chief Harris
will gtve the public an Interesting ex-
hltlon of the e tipment and work of
the men. The entire department willt
The finance committee of the Wb-
man's Chrlstian Amoctation, t"skful
for sih-'itI. aid toward the' pur-
chasing of a Home for tMse rescued
from a life of shame. is ready to re-
ceive contributions for the purpose at
any time and in Sao amont.
a"rs McoCa-nthen,
Mrs. K. P. Stewart.
M-rs. J. A Weber,
Finance Comn.
When the firm of Cohen. Friedman
& Co.. sect Mr. Isadore Hapem to
took after their affairs here In their
Gainesvlie store they made no mistake.
The ywung man In rapidly becoming a
favorite and to held in hgh esteem by
not a few leading merchants of the
town. Re is as shrewd a financier -
he is a decorator. Se certainly is a
boelneoes boome .--OsInesffel Sn.

rolls as prepared for the p ccmpt o t a. er-a. -
the S3e000.000 It is believed that a '-
plemnental ro wMl hmme to be gotten UP i
in order to provide for the men w6ho 'I W J A m' f '
were le ot o t of t ot 1re dA i
FOOLS OR IRoa id t u iala
Two soutery alariners set Ban afor Th def. wo -S
muope in asma Boet Jim AllM

YatC c"U and a afine oo t r "-
left y1 ht. Howard Bienkhol omt hmal. .siorml
aeoeUMthis aetermoo. in e h o bl -
rice. fo e ur-ton be e t ot, r merWe
era, on a trtip aesro mthe A aUL .
Ilastio Citd s atue l

ore to-aw mm tae mnm a ta of
meaise 40NM-0U. 1 1
4y6? L.

alm^^ ii^m^

: I


arl kly. The Tribnes eatlon of Gea. One of the moat displc e and S
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peiijULIB neot g o Tere Sidta 1i me ished In the Garreson Calamity a noE d for h'at li Oo. I c C
Sa hea ryeho frm the press and Howler an on I yesterday afternoon. In this he our T
People of the merable dia trie the evening paper h. vea k ayed e Alea iSa eleaemt
.T WIIe peom has been ayimTne Ge Walt endeavors to cast aeperones on Mr. ave"doltobld sa ~a, e
N D. LA ty Edi0tor s ro tr te ad the people Edward Manara because he does not i earaa O
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So JS puic career without croo or re- r manner. While the American soldiers already reading matt
l'..trY "RATES: rW inter before last, when the cigar there have displayed rematrkabe oprvl Iotne
S WILL.a o YOU I ATEBR. meakev r of Tamps were In destitute bravery, devotion and fortitude, It o WlieN tl" I
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M Oe ( ............. .0 It is greatly to be regretued that t it h no m nanimoualy fed them from to the adminatratlon at Wo ahlntoa khim thefoaiB
. fs ilftte 3t ths e larst kma beetn (oan naeaseary to cat off the week to week. It is now this same ele- that the only way In which to supprem "Wha y1Ia
in 5.pgrbas a 4ta5 ,B vMe n ou tho at Juiy celed -ation in ment ,v people who are endeavoring the rebellion in thet ,lllpplmse is by, m mwveaar
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a P W tne nlit adance The r aol for this action on the part of the city by organic an anarchslt efficent fore o troops 5. eM7
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MAN-,U ar cartr itVn e1t tyad ash eaiuon rates from the rslroads-. trtiking It Ia not, as the Herald trie and victory ba h invaroI m ti f- i
m' a1-" t e very effort t aa made to et ch to make ts readers be pevee on account ed with the Amerito arms; but the no24%teI
-a.', ... a.e.poeaid eo .5amett to r vhd vi-Toom.. ba. Maortimatlty? it was 1m- bas inavurated a new system of eF .ib i albas c and e Acmerioan .icom.- soeain
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S eatea t il IMe rinoem a so er agents i f the over to the operatives to make Into inue s ts mn o foe l a
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I =L0I r. w1The necessty was unfortunat. t Orea tos rike 0 I6. he thee, i s o tar be
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.nw ste app earsnthat agreat da of lmealT tnicnsteakfdetptarnamehe a r support of that policy which is noewp esl, oand his
prelm y work maust be done before Tete tent r n o ente tacicrt ai idno

ft.r a t ,r eadt ton sba t to s i- et n e n e the ti he cre ed o trshe o c rat i u w s 10 M
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-Il. an tev I temay- a lne bf orth e tcou nlan Tecowtiepig, the seep, the dog, been the man of aLl men mentioned as The CC

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C Tru. st t tracts load h a ia-ed lt Iben o vadctike ha a r.d fervid oratory from a young Nebraska ya hi i sPyeaaI
-Vamned nd itsrebelli tode'ngt e t eette w th rodcn deJt hoelinlduhe
i n& asD iht to arctet-e od te at s c edithen mth.eet a t tr e nt hom mo u in
t- to satyo o a a adIns-c ahe entirel newsof the e moment, the coveted honor tfom oal d fi l
elf g u 1WthemIOwes an Imrovement so desirable to TampTa-a er d t deeikn. the very grasp of the man to whom t he I h6 .
S n mthe m ma c .ia. emphatic *'Is the A l an Howver, the Tribune hopes thatW t mea v l nd t ia c lo a or ipreJudice, B ad lived t o the

-k t i a l m~ t l~n -,l' t B B ktdff th., oearve- x ed Is sue In bm b a nd," |
'.. to the-p rtei- mltt inarie. whatever s ths.a the ,wi entire to took up w- d in th the rank and file, the b thlk Ia
rf t6"h m"m b wi andthat t he p- r ks eose te un o t cefu battle, 3ntder the leadoera he r de
m'epd cMbea Mt gem of his he a o rud who had disptimed himt1 we they he

F4 ji e will e t a e i a either- irn the pro-chitcken or the anti- The record tCa AericanVpoti ,. so e ethe y I

L- eia"a a rm.otld & Da T .r E dicl hoe .e et be, tw-oh ayo tan aod- dcombln ton. andpetty a e aemses. I citrh ir Sa
en tkm -sunbllMg-nace; to Vrteiaait Hamburgers ideas w fae e to reveal and ineradimbl e blot the irea ps an
j^o *ea- a'n *1 iha-jama. 5b Admiral )ewey'a modesty isiInedfrom running at larve. upon he Hctehap tralotted to a p 0ghlst fee
an the T ha-o thecT he bt Tt an e oere, atiq aFT vst mpokn. ,E Dutk ae ww F heT ree r fr taleaw
Ie oortSSS mope I4.SThe eS3tor of the t
I ^ il r eeSj ei~it ardor, t ea!mr mci 5 honora h at e -aa e : Yet convre irfashIncIng dashron, the utter sw erwviBng anty. to a princ e. 2 wouldAnd *

aart afor th nations sellers Iand %o- OVe white chnrhes, one hl that city bristle with "st1king" in- -ne New Ti
Pag I o- sotle*. 1 Tho -.au- fsor the wel- sheoL, one carriage factory, two cidentas p.afthIei
i a forW the ae pt % ra ade a character- bladkoath 5hopt, two isvery stableD. I g U6
SA. tofr dL. ot la ned eeral oe. one mitary ompa, It is tmfortunate but true that the r plauhe ee
wgp t10 octy kmu nlf. he a tot It one bend. flor deatorA, Sve lawyer, ea of thee eagle in Tms.n theG M
... .t O*those wh ddo needS& Suc. el' Fourh r supaootPbe taurtinnot e as loud as anU-
g sptlia en his a rt wl add m- plant and over 1,W peoPle."o paper. Bot
2t ho mkkalad UWce- These we tact as distithisiied .n ^. sd hl Btallow tengIn
SKVgWM^ '^ r-^ &rfrom (oibam The contention that rail- th eseex otrtctions to Unaserlong ho
vro-"* bi^ t -e Wb egW gvre him an roads deSoW towns is ie cae inOtwa Dawy of the ark ptan. tothsPape,I
the sha e the reworla n out of ten a t of wind-amint ---
M10iete all tTh sif 1hat iMaernmca.n fxm~lah pre and Ltabple- Wthout a oI of It is to be hoped that Chi Harr A
Sabats or h ee a t d.t give the house- late to stand upon or an arm of pre- will h.ve the fre department exhibition glt to a
.to. need W. d2to ,the poor. out- anyhow- oOm g a
.o-deuto-nd-llm r km been e *Poetse need write no moem&beut
^^ f l S ^1A WOR2^ ^ .cousined hymodern CaWnrr to P5106*
AM"M M&a- 91.. d ivthUdlers.ci the Demo- where si wth i iCo go te n feosas n is now orrl the5 Cdry n SIOML

the.' 5- Owparty sho ld overtmefa =0 eoa be o
SAWN-." MWLO a '-h ie is blood orconastPMIp dies and


what Created ue<4wsA-
tr sa e s, k ms umade

Sof 20 yMan-pers l*

uforthefutu- . P..
gent people wfemB d .A
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they apm U m et U Ucgfl AmV



at aces
I yeass
was *
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; 8 Z.5me

1ORC FOR If ll PiO

S A Fourth of July Celebration Called decides on Prompt Mili.
WVAndredes Relieved of Care on Account of Unsatisactory. Cabinet Decides on Prompt Mi
Md Frpemse of Disease. siuroad Ixcursion Bates. tary Suppression of Rebels.

praised and disapointed when It was
announced yesterday that the Fourth -
doasting Corps Has Attended to 3` Juy crniva had been abandoned. Thirty-FiveThousandReinforceents
The Board of -rade committee hav-
Four ThousanAd-Dr. Porter I= the ie4ebration in charge, Iseued to Be Forwarded, But No More
sCome and Takes followingstat nt: Volunteers Will Be Called
r__** 4 a To the utblc-In view of the fact
Tug sCharge. that the r ,ilroads are off ering cheap Out.
excursion rates to the people to go .
Ml out of the State, and will give no rates
fir Pro Satdag's Daly to Tampa other than the regular ex- Washington, D. C., June 15.-It it an-
5- t ment. lappresion and mg- oursion rate, the committee having In nounced at the War Department that
NW a1t .nBpo9 in Tampa is now charge the program for the celebration General Otis will be given thirty-five
ati bW. Uern the control of the State of the PFourth of Jq hsve concluded thousand men, or five thousand more
'$inn Oftt o l ., that it isa nexpedient to hold the cele- than the number he asked for. The
e iWtof the responsibUittr bratlon as contenVlated. method of raising the men above
60M .z 6 the cty eBoard ot The flaace committee return their thirty thousand will not be divulged,
i M12- "W OO S ,s e ceoin- sincere ha-ksl to the business men and but It is asserted that they will be ob-
S s ,iterdatI sad the the city council for the liberal manner tamned from the regular armP and there
4BW. W t MT erI nIdt s f both. in which they subsribe for the occa- will be no more cal l for volunteers.
-z-t mr. the ft health sma. and will retn to the donors the As a result of orders issued by the
o the city yesterday, for anmunt subscrthed by each, as they do President to-day Otis will be reloforced
-ti gnm m s ee ettUg SMe transmer. not think It advlsaMe, tn view of the by two battaionos esa of the Twenty-
ttge ter would h e been facts as stated. to expend the money. flfth int atry, and is resiments wll
W msl* fa dqhS4 *tW 2'ka.The program committee wish to be ivressed by enlarging the compa-
tA9.tMeb ard has been, up to state tat the aturea of the local nies, to 128 men each. Probably later
1 metlg of the seent leg'saturI astreactiosv be given as p the artillers and cavalry. egimnit wi
t15.51,04 i the 1ack 1 avia : the beyele road race, the biocite be increased in the Isame wa.
that boy isla nin ood aradB and carnival, etc.. for which The Fipino tUtion was the malu
*8Kmam the rese-Itlty and the program will be issued later. topic of discusaon at the Oabinet meet-
sthe aaM- tO e enforce- Ior committee, tg to-day, iw e General Otiw dls-
at o namthew a o "I. CUecy. patch on the battle was presented by
Doom. Dr. IP r Whdon with e he The e = *u-o went was received with the Prelsident. There ls no loner any
i altf a< otr, ag repe- nuch regret. However, it is stated, doubt in the minds of the oftlials that
S m = B r ealth e t re program for the ceb lon will be the military suppremssion of the Fill-
.Sf 5 nesp- -5 carried out as a purely local affair pnos s the only means to pursue to
to^-<.40 a -0p ~ 3y s in There will probably The a few visitors bring about order In the Ialands.
5M m the otsde attractedby the re WOULD NTSO R 80 AGAIN

S'sanDr. Jakon. who Th.canvassing committee is return- R ITS,
0g a 0l a i am OIe tiag the mone,collected from subscrib-
havd e~' ade rem aIn'k-d I I awoke last night with severe pains
l ..uie in the pr ealsesand ear It is proposed to begin at once on in my stomach. I never felt so badly
V. "1. h. : 'th e disease has been so a carnival or elas week, to be given In in all my lfe. When I came down to
S" '' e the late tall or early winter, for which work this morning I felt so wek I
^*Tone. case at the special rates can be obtained, could hardly work. I went to MJler
WSDr. W omn The tat eak ot the railroad's position in &MoCurdy's drug store and they re;c
In rm. hBSve Ceare of the the matter, Division Passenger A gent commended Cbamberiln's Colic, Chol-
en lm. W. V. Ltsey.e of the Plant System, said era and Diarrhoea Remedy. It worked
o a isKg opsi. there- last night: like mic and one dose fixed me al
h w"x itst labors, and han right. It certainly is the finest thing
Sa stalteannt of the ork t *The dea that the railroads discrimi- I ever used for stomach trouble. I
be ring the thirty nated agasnat Tampa In this matter isa 9hH not be wIthout it In my home
E-- 0 i s. The Trtme hain manifestly, emr eous, It is an unwrtt- hereafter. for I should not care to en.
oi oth issaee ten C slaw among the railroads In the the flens. of last nI
-BN eo h S vacd-m ten lw alone the rallroad n the saan for fMy times its price.-G.
LO-P,' -..k 'and examined and Southeastern association that no spe. Wilson. Liveryman, Burgettstown.
Ma entented, 3,0--all ela rates be given on holiday, other Washington Co., Pa. This remedy
SThis Mlkes a& total oft 4,W0 than regular excursion rates. We oar. t for sale by S. B. Leocrdi & Co., all
.... .. In T whoae been vac- druggists and medicine deniers.
.taLjiy could not give special low rate d and medicine dealer
S---- to Tampa and not give them to Or V lD Q

other towns in the State which are ala. Z IE UII OINUI lRiA ES
to have celebrations. Rather than
discrimination against Tampa th( Iow Rates Over the Plant System to
pi Failroadreh OorthsT. u. position of the roads bam been to b Low te, Over the Plant Sytem to
fair to all1 oneerned." all Resorts in the United
"c WPtthWteip B rt.f M. Gallacher, of Bryan. Pa.. States.
the Country. says: "For forty years I have tried -
various cough medicines. One Minute Effective June lot the Plant System
Soe o G Cough Cure Is the best of aC.. it re- wtn ell sumt aer excrsion tickets from0
e t :C or all points in Florlda to all principal
d C"tra& Peninsular Ueves Instantly, and cures all throat pleasure. n sad coast resorts
..4, d .thl1Men ,exursonl and lung troubles. Sold by S. B. In Florida, Georgla, AJlob-nu, Misasls-
.p.&a jo~rnort jd li t d G Leonardl & Co., and Central Ph svol. South Caroa North Caroltna
Kentucky, Axkacusa, Tennessee, Vir-
P-- ^ ab*h li5 /1ppl, South Car- macy. Tampa, and Diamnond Phar- inlart nd West Virgiola, Now York.
CaISrOula Kentucky, macey. Ybor City. Maryland. Indiana. Iowa, Ohio, Dll1no0s,
m Temoews. Vhula, West e shy1ign.a Wisoonsin, Minnesota,
TopAl 6, TTwk, iaf an& l- I- PAN A.INtD T CAROLINi & North Dakota. South Dakota. Colorado,
""'- .Bf Illnot MlchiLan, -- Uta. Canadm. Prinoa Edward and
a _9 nn, North D__ MadId. June .---OwIng to the policy Caoe Britain IslaT-do Tse Uckets
."V 't esado, ^ Utah and Of obstruction adopted by the repuob- sa- on sIs daly a Ut] September 20th,
.'.5 t 'et 5~ .i~tJS m On seOake icans, the minister of finance. Seonor with Slat hmt October st.
tat OMS 2 wth final Vilaverde. has been compelled to po t- 'EXCUReaON iATlS.
u". ---- r poun the Iptroductlon of importtat On honday, l7nse 25th, the Plant sys-
F -,C "U- ON Ia financial bill the bill avrovw I, ten ,wil Ms roa A trip tikete:
.... Ju n a d r e 2ptb the Florida the cessation of the Caroline islans. Tama to Lake CUy for for 600
SABL* Pekohular Rollroad Com- the Ladrones and the Pelew islands; to Tampa to Lve Oak for Si0.
wAU-ssb trip Ucketr: Oen y to lket to be delayed, roa.mpa, to vaJdoft for 5.50.
.-.- L..- a of "* a to Thomsvlle for $5.50.
-.- '., Thonw Thurman. deputy sheriff of Tampan to Mionticeilo for $5.50.
l -"' '.' '- -aA y U Oak at law rate oc Troy, Mto.. mays if every one in the Tamnpa to Chttaxgoochee for $5.50.
'~ IUnited States should discover the air- TIckets good to ew tnuntl July 6th.
l1 j ''f tdlsOn at: ]lO, n1 Lte of rue of DelWltt's Witch Hasle Saive Thse tickets are easo sold from aii
'fs-":'s^ "~s :*' for piles, rectal troubles and skin dis- other stations on the Plant System in
be.'s (Moatinaeo at low rate of eases, the demand could not be suep- Soth d end ddle Florida at oorre-
*pied. Sold by 5. B. Leonordo & Co., soonitcgly low rates
89s Tasir.sfet at low rate of and Central Pharmacy, Tampa. nd-
Pharmacy. Thor City. TO DETROIT, MICH.-Tickets soad
ta at tow rate o July 3d. 4th and 6th fro$0 sU points
f g S^^TM^, tltm &t tow rite TO TBmT I7FB rOLLA ND. ticket limitedd August 15th.
";a" lwr of | W hlmngto, D. C., Jnie 17.-At a POURJfIH OF JULY RATES.-Tlckets
f ame low rate ot meeting o the fsa-vs Board of on- ll July 3d, 3d and 4th to all points
T ystr"cto to-day, the recommemdation it Florida at one fare roond trip, and
he tlmasobloela at low rate of of the Board of Inspection and Survey one and one-third first-clas faiw to
" for a trial Of the -,be,'-t_ torpedo al point is Southeaster Paeensger
uta se. to Poes-' 5511 PaIF beat Milmand over a measured ooure Aasecxation territory, with finalievt
Ssld M n511 5M1105lol oa the in Lang Islas-d Sound was approved of ticket July 7th.
,... at *" low ad forwarded to the department for ------
:..t7.; < !^ -'c.:-. . I .ts aetf O..... TO Ctyi rT.AINlD BlAOffD.l-ok,

11M { T..LOqnS. MW. eta sold t 26Mt, 26t and 27th from
)h 2kand 25a R Co F.C. J- A. setear. O iadaAtd. sn ated Pointsi Florida at one fare round
Sn omMnt Coug b Cure, It ues TO Sr. LOUIS, Mo.-Tikets old

CAT. asd .o ld throMat Tlas lnge I&fvtfs inn 'oria at one fare round trip, final
lt~thst from p ~ Sold by .L B. Leunardi & Co..,si4 inilt docet3-th.
.&., at rate Oaf Central Pharmacy TopaM, and Dl- TO UPALO, Im TN-Tickets sold
tl I f i a 'i ts. moad PrMSaoy. Tar City. June 1th. 11th ed 12th, fM n limnt
PriorB".IM Witte 0 arorev. b dJune 20th. Rate from Tam.npa. AS4 6
he-i.WOlO M of sn of efniwOa. iromS trip,
be eo be t" tth. ares .P'Bghephas ire- T tO 'n A-tket
%gone t on hbro acci t p inedbry fstMter
An'"11jM W. -. C. Peso. Rbeeawho Sisend several maid June 24th to July7. Incksive, final
SM*****l^^^^^ M^ w tl wDeek s-c ^ imieptember 2Sth. tRoud trip rate
"Are o & Ai spet o M ou (alwed on these tickets west of and
H .r ua ~e i viCm seeccy it ncUdng El Paso, Trinidad, Pueblo
'fimBamT s- wst a a V mV e8. m tat a Cbrado dSpr m.ngs

toriiy : .a'-Abitespor reviig sold July 25th.to 2d, listoi ve, from

Oat ets the8enproints. Ien 1 iat e mpey i a r pInt in Fr at at one fareround
it.neaf ast trip. withallimit AMDiD2OsDtk pReO-
AwaCt lkth anM be bood aw w itki iat es ArniY the vedvedd center makes paymnt of 80
st .Sde, od by, O. L eoi se nts and deposits ticket with Joint

W ftetln Vta., a.O and Meg"P. Ridmards leave to-
Ut%6 iNSO"Mi day for j r trly whit w$U n- TO I )CEHYND, VUA.-Tickets sold
el cude Now latd m iJul y11th, 129th and 13th. with final limit
UM theV. 4q.,- Oin S'lurlda at -mo tfare for the round
kAm-nopct se re' O jtax RtPTIO Ns trip. In order to get extension of liIt
-gd trip fr-m all- to Juaw 3Mot, der must pay Joint
*% uait t satucketo am 5 $5'sbut Odli ruptios bTicket Agent at iommd SO centstand
i ue-asss mmak lifeM of Jp. aw. enls Arnic sSalve deosit! tcet prior to J ulM b1.1
A piudwoir ticket t eau the=, asbe Od, Runnin and PFow other information and sleep-

M .. &. W- w tm s ano wU.m. ,, ai thMe r m a*
"The Ity prodded six witness 1a 1 S0bak bw h
prove at rUm, Jackon restted the ein the t
policeman and used proes v slW M not
at rim. LMr. NMa rl.ae by puttl as s h apoSest ts
t under the rule and by aL rd defendant's
cross-e.nsnt.cin, made es h of the Ti rse 22mM. On 1mm. a N
six tel a different lIe.- urti c s "W 5, W Sjo
Hme (Woodward) and his allies a 0o ebarged with a i was ai
manciuhated the white newspapers the defendaat. awo 1V qteo we
and hadh their colans filled with lies l the eity. m fd a 1la of g9
regarding the matter with a view to Judige C rterti ed a S& l
prejudicing the came againt her." aMd OMts. aid. tin mb a
---o-d-the detdaat tht" he
These me ac ato e fair samples -of low him tt alternaMive of p
the entire iartlloe. fine, on cI 09mthai he woS
The article is ptto create much in- leave Oe wcl-or Pease te eoC
dignation in the city, as it is easy to offese na eild -
see that it is an InmSt, .not only to the a e C il w tkwas d
city authorities teut to the 'wite peo- te r gt iandn a=lsm a7F1
pie of Tampa as weU. afternoon. *d a newa wi
Such articles an the above are not tendance on Mbnday.
calculated to do the cause "ny l good, yra iaer out-Of-t
and the Tribune wi l be very muc lab ieac ame oft--0
mistaken if it does not cause its author X&D in tile cem? o't. t5m" t
some trouble and promptly resut In D. ~eoWan. imna withI
compelling him to swapS tate n oa l., wch Cses i
DeWitt's Little Early Rise=rs t act is time for all i
a faults pill. shod, ele&ng an' time to ta DeWitt' LAttle
reviv-ng the system inmted Of weea -Risers is when you are suffe
ending It. Thely are mild and me. conetips-tion, Isulloum ess, sic
small, and pleasant to tMke and en- abe, g o or other
tirely fre' from obJectionale drugs, or liver tr ilee Sold by i 1
T hey asmist rather tha n O s-ri "A 'O. s-d Centrl 3
Sold by G. B. Leonardi & Co. and p nd D
Central Pharmacy, Ta2ma and Dia- bor
mbnd Pharmacy, Ttor City.
Manatee District Wil [Have the Larg- Killed itat U& naIant It
est Orsngz e and Cor Crops IohhAn LArrmse.
on the Records-
Proma Sunday's .Daiytc torlou wnca *, Whe me to I
AMr. W. R. FSer, who returned yes- frmnm .npMa at months. i
terdaet from a vilt of several days and kUlled fere te-
to the Manatee district, talked interest- Indleatina attendiog t)e&
Ingly to a Tribune man about tlst rich point to the Cow IO n (A-
and beautiful ection.v Mant Is n ideid by t ter Pr
T-le cose of the vegetable eeasOn, A s" rrroted m lua mStima
said Mr. Fuller,. "ha^ as u ua redned u >
to some extent the activity of the peo- TLAN -
pie on te on the rter. but they are flndieg
ample work in other a nea, to egge pking lf Mr."-e--
ther attentonW" VSas Nt t WIl t
Tbe vegetade shipments tof the apn the TRKt LsO
season reached the total of |7L500 I -
crates, a decrease from u he record of hca D I, Jane t .--M
last seas, -whlicb was XO cArate. tya waTin tmo o afe
The decrease was due to the t-d ,, aineaordUf.-OA
SloW, &ry opetl and talo. in s= at8- oe- nio I tradeomi*1 .1-
gree to the over-abondanm e of rsin "WOS ,taMdat'alot's-f
wben It did set In. Prices however w ithmn aS-_me .ws
have been very sat ofactery. and the m5o0 s itlbo1 ua ."m2
truckers ar not ea mpaIaI.M- lhsa do n3 oift ,-i
The rMaatee district wil l1 o2 ut- fta h e hO prete leeOO
year. The srovw are au In excellent 1 a the yot-
cond~tion, and the pedWe are mcha en- amdthuem ria o alsWIf
ooursed over the proets. B o a trJa5 s no
"It is rather unummaalbt. neverthe- f. tdE yeer not I
les true. that the fhrmerm of thbe ns- en trUets.wMchW wil u-
tee set1on are raisi &grandmop re"iW comwpratsly 6
of corn this year, s-nd wUltprodan1am.
to gthe entire seedkb ,"Of -06e,. lost.& aMr. Om
rhe crop Is beantifulone." a "the ope am pleide
Mr. Fuip- legvsi to-day ftC Cvan- the tasitElaws. butotwe na(I
nab. to spend ieeral day a4 bus- of the tarit if we went to-A"
ness.- real reo .. Tha Saw ".1
WtN"SIA. imeSfW been 5.0lunicsrf 09-l

on------ectin h.is
-His. Premot Replie, i
From Sunday's Dai. SK- im2am 2^2= S
LA oomniittee of cored fttnse has as
upon OfHror BowYer. 1 befupel ?1?W& ? -1
The demendes" -were presented' to hv bto t l T!
the mayor at ite omce, aa be msdo a an.-d 2m "'..A. -
prampt reply ta each Of Co
The .fir was that the maorW put _nh6
a stoD to the oompshory var~-in s aster-. b A3u811
of colored citben. To this. the mayor 'ft El ths'e. M.: '
hs replied, Ctot the v nP,r- c, mat- ="1-
ter is now enthety out of hs hands. Aeso Ia 1r1" it 01
being transferred to the State Board Of the es. tab U
Health. r t
Tie second "demand' was that thel% 1l._. tine ew1 1
m wnor see to It that the city provide a m
mom to pay expense the F

that be had no authority to avcglseateeS110-. Thlnes

.The third "'demand" w- th5 .ralBeT -^ | t^StW'1W

. _




low6- .



~T~ ~~L-.li ii-p~i~~lf~T:~~/CZT~j:F~~q~~;E: TJS ~-7 Z 7

iwW-41- - -7-:

y. "Wouldn't yo like to be the lca-
ma o toisidanwer of being superseded
in p... popular pa, ne by, "Wouldn't you
CO. 4ie to he the liquid air mane Report
has it that a company mhee recently
tor & Manmrer. bee organed-n New Jersey, we take
.... it for granted-to furnish liquid air for
t, City, Editor refrixerating purposes in hotels, dwell-
-... e7 t M and businesaetabtlahments It
--- l ag is even claimed that this ompany wl
.... .....Solcitor sell a ittbe bit of liquid air about the
B. BOCJI ^O P M maize of thirty cents, wsich. when let
fceT SUDSCRIION IAE l: s in the cellar will convert an en-
. O .. .. ear .... .... 0 tire dwelling In the hottest summer
ml. SiX M ih.'..'t.... 1.00 weather into & first rate imlita-
py, Three Mtonth"...... .... ton of the Arctic circle. Everybody.
" O ME th". ............. we habe no doubt., wHI heartily el-
lw o ---e com U thi report, and wish for its con-
SWsm- y *A4-B: sommatlon. here are all sorts of fas-
., -"- ctnating features in the proposition.
W c I.............. .. it soid me a new era of mbapineos
mh :::::p......-...... AD
-to the human race, and people who can-
a tlhe laret not afford to so to the seashore or thP
FlOriUd iIt mountains in the heted term coaoib
40 gVNUog tMe United State smile with atiafactlon over the pron-
S1ct f having a Kioodike in their own
aeI seabUlisba eweay day badcrkyard. Hereafter, when a man
tiS m pt and is de- feels a little hot under the collar, n
a in and ean pick up an loe-creAm box and go
p t toei alUni ate or the down to the nearest %qidd-air station
S.to get a few spoonfuls olfcomfort-solid
t C o. I th l Ppeii n comfort, toin ste of its UIQad origin-
WS Will coa &r & reat for e tme, h"s wife and hia ttUe ones.
' ai ft e ptant tE mel It is understood, we believe, that while
mat am-o that the matter the company will for a time have a
S l .nonOpoty., it w I not clare exorbitant
- W '3T~ O 176, ratea offering spectal Inducements at
If .r-i- DidTti. 1 M Pra dr- a rn t to nl trodom ite goods. A mere
droo of the stuff In the corner of a
ret 'srerator will freese the butter as
'i ear s. Su mm eraway. t Tle hard S a reek nd eep the cream-
em.I daW by ms without ci crwam t that--acool a aeciuon-
her. LFoe thow who Wihb to t out on
the front ste e In the evening and en-
TV It 06 P rIT: joy the ai r, ae&wgtamNnts wid be made
for obtaining the commodity, In
Vtof t e g Ihm;hass bada bo oof Cr or ove. may, and doubt-
et heu o Jaa tsn Ca lm'tte residents of a enttire street
, .b- mam tmI teProm.for some distance wonusd be benefited-

fmL m& &" In tspotle lotng a Ulittle of it down a gutter
is -aftSavoiwe tste. t e sd te er theat sereamwould
& ba em&t for the oia- &,pe-eatn eabe. more
mAa a e r e t habeencould e desiredT lAnd yet many per-
osiAto thmdimtc r Stetuaso smona fid It ote of the most pleasing
bsa. toa'md s feature of thewbolte matter that lt
Satlets In their newspaper w ou an end to the reign of the
-s b oemat.

b. mworVs wil not gain anything
- .:Aalm, to city ou da, la such
a,,, wnra tra.p.5" "-neavtag,
,,,te-D, poamuga-" etc. o otr

f t to benesto
of itmpa leal are lhme*

V**:puo son U owe ten. in

e to colored peo-
te aptator. of their
Ir, wbma"ahes h happens to

Manaoe to their people
ap tsarsed. Nearly
g d .with a dangeromB
web at. and it i to

me ba sute-tenthsat O
ba tels ouee have

e the Interest of
that the eober-

e of th temat-
ftt p b antagio-

tatte to-b
to eatisy

PfMlelated bftb

I'^oe& hUaews' been

4*s~5 fO Tate of

sh ntaten Ow
sof tsewaMIo

Ddee ame.

so. ast Tame

Tra&nportation ticket scalpers Jn
Florida are a ting of the past. Under
the new order of thMis they will hbe
co etled to hunt other felds. The
Hdtoad people of this State are In-
febtedto Esditor John Denham, of the
Key Weest Hereudo who -was also a
nisber of the "l'orida legislature, for
the introduction acd passage o f a bill
that entity wipee off of the face o: the
sandy moft of Florida all scalpers. ,'Tae
Key West contemporary, in co1mment-
I=n on this heportant bill editorta-My
"*te of tie mn-i. important bills
Paused by the laet legliltrre 'was the
"anti-salp" n act." This law prohibits
the raMroad ticket scalping busianes in
the State of Plorida and at the same
time requires the railroads to refund
the nmomey for all unused portions of
rafroad ticket We note that some
of our exchanges have given credit for
the paneage of this act to Mr. Joseph
Rikhardson, precedent of the Southern
Pasienger association. This is a mis-
take. a the writer of this article well
know. It the credit is to be given to
a railroad officlt for the pamage o,'
this act. Col. Beverty W. Wrenn, pas-
eenCer traRic manager of the Plant
Items is eptitled to such credit. It
was through his efforts that the bill
ma drews by an attorney of the Plant
S#te"m and forwarded to Ta ahassee,
where it was taken in charge by
Mfends in both houses of the legislature
and became a law. The railroads, as
well a the people at large, of Florida,
fsid feel under obligationma to Col.
Wreun, as we feel satIsfied that the
enactment of that measure will re-
slit in great benefit to the roads oper-
attn In Florida, but more especially
to theO pele at large. Under. this
measute the roads will be enabled to
offer more liberal pisngws rates gee-
eray. as wesL as inm ertate the run-
ning of frequent cheap excursion-".
The M atomnobl tad ha captured
PaMl sand ito raplp gaining a foothold
la the lase ceite of this entr. By
piMtemiA teote. ed evotee, of the
henMR sM carriage are trying to bring
the -..- te Into general use. 'A geat
antooe raese. from (tcd ao to New
Yrts, Ia bein asttatedl and if msc-
iDi O nua seo tahed wMl greatty In-
sB the interest in the new vehicle
ai 'aMe" ofe the water.
eat eile. t patienthoe r iaeye-
ilw akmanee this development of mech-
Sanml eaiu aan t d oadering if he is
to become. Mke the late lamensete
pterodactaL imausodon and lBhtLyo-
mie-, & ta2pe of an extinct peles to;
fattre na teme to babble over and re-
-eGS t C sbrieded oo
- MI Oca Star with At Mincerity de-
eCaeM thtift ma not been on a Rl&
Vik W96" mean, and thmoist that I,
V" aw-miof the seateow race rio,
wk IMMO M w before t thermbng ac
0o0 of 4t aKpeare a teinOne Trfhune
*M a-lMWWa GPW 7tto-.isample, but
in tv in ta mrs that he wml pnubsb
PA anws whbe tIs teis, or we wL

Jadao choce Dof pomefs baaor

The Standard Oi Company has in- MAND)'S DUICK WIT
read ts capitalstok from 10,0 ANDY QUICK WIT.
to 3110.000.000. It is a very healthy in-
The title of Lord Charles Hereeford's EQUAL TO THE OCCASION.
new book in "The 3reek-Up of China." *'
That is about the proper English view As Raxlttag Race That Was Grandly
of it. Won Wbeu It Seemed Surely Lat
SJut llBea.e Thil Clever Woman
The Foraker-Kohiaimt feud is not "Been Hei Duty. id Sbe Done It."
ousting enough lives i o bring It up to
anything like te Kentucky standard. I "My wife remarked ncle John Al
# gus with an .lr of pride and proprietor
These cool spells make the "can'- ship, somewhat more prevalent among
get-aways feel that there Is some- young hubsnds in their honeyniinpas thn
thing to be t lul. for among old one who have been a ried
rhfe to be ehul. for iro years or more,s e Unclne John was-
S"my wile is one nv them women the Lord
GRANDPA AND 1. only mtkhes a few uv. and them mighty
scatterin She's jist cz good natured and
Grandpa and I are beast. happy now as she wuz when I courted
Lillian has had bher over a year., her, but Mandy ain't all mnsh and upom
And Harry hba got one and la her "d victuals. and there's times whemnhe ham
And mamma has papa. goodness ow. to be handled with keer er somethin will
o there wantay for him ae nd me be spoiled hes o teper a- tye
Until he thought it ont. you sea- s eetd ol sent h
"Artl love, le us twoshe ain't feeredv the olderpent him.
ays he elf.aL mind one thing abe done onse that
S111 never fergit ef I live to be older than
Then in his arms he held me tight the parson's wife's bonnet
While I smothed his La ir,. o fine and white. "In them days Mandy weighed a boan
And sang him a little lullaby song, deed and eightyseven pounds in be
And he thotghi nd thought and thought m = ekn feet. and I ps- only a ment hub
lio,; --amsIn feer, andy Iagh anlyawent sho
Tll11 paitel his head derd and forty We had on the farm all
And l sohtly mi. the time seven e r fght bead un fine
,You mumn't bhe luutiom, now we bekn," horses, and one winter we bad a pair nv
And then a tea reeled duwin eu non. 4-year-olds that we prided omrsalves per-
Butgenrat-s and 1 are he ,'mre; beaus. tickeler on, fer they had bee tan takin pre
-O'Neill Laiham in Brooklyn Life. mlus a the fair every yar since they
wue yearlfn'L. They had speed. soo, and
SPRUCE GUM HUNTING. we thought they wouldn't e bt by
-- o o anythinthingo that neck uv wouds, but a
rbe 4dvelirean, marine Wodsnme nedighbonm r us m named Ball -eperybody
Wtho Carry It O. lknowed Jim HEall. it like they knowed
Although chewing guiu uf various kinds me -had a pair he had bought in the necx
-pepsin and sperbal digelion aido -can Woety that he offered to bet a cow and
be procnred at every cit corner from the calf eould Iast om n bands down. He
penny slot machines ng has ver uem d to let 'em oat past our plane to kind
taken the place of she genuine qpre-e and ua tanituleua, and I tell you they wman't
it still ells a a high price. Ist can be a funeral e oeuion by a long ways, but
Imitated, nor Is there any oointerit uiMandy usftelto laugh and y we'd ohow
which ia anything like t. Some of the him something when ti., gtin got good.
druggIsta in eacern Maine have conete "You we. I wt asalong in November
for spruce gum aggregating thousands of them, and the roads ad't fras ye. The
dollbir. Some of them have'istmked" gum ens snow come in Deoesuer with a
hunters and sent them Inu thu woods, mighty cold spell following and hanging on.
Moat of their MN oe gum nds its way to and in about a week er ten days we had
the city inarktes that demand for con- Ae ldelgbln. and one afternoon Handy
umprltion the round. red lumps thai gleam said ahe guemed we ought to hitvh up the
with inner flres like thebloodtone. This bay and go out fore omeair and eeresim
holeu gum is readily sold by the Maine That was enough fer me. and I bha the
wholealen at 1.60 a mpeund. team to the cutter and out at the gute
Gum hunting hua many elements like waltin fer the lady in lea than no time.
rubber cutting in the tropic. the men "'The team wuz feeling a frisky as kit
burying themuelves In the wilds for t rns, and the way they dlung the a n
months. Thle apoiscs of the bunter are and spun over the road would stir the
aluimt nothing aiul the rcx-ilpts from his I blood in a wooden man. Whm we got to
guest are likely. to be In the nature of a I the turnpike. here the folk usually let
small E ondike ind. omem tobacco, a few their teams out. I g-" there wux a down
bushels of beans, soni coffee. flour and er more novin up and down at a clippin
fat meat, with the gmei he kills, furnisah gait, lid e iails l right In among 'em,
him bodily fuel for theh sauon, while he and in about seven minutes we pased ev
will froqquc,lIy In a single day secure gum erything on the road.
that will nutt him s10 In the market. He "Jim Hall wuznt out with his team.
it independent, too. with his canoe, his and I could aee that Mandy w hz gittin
snowshoes and his gun. His canoe will anxious though she wun't amyin much
be laid up during the winter, but when The road leaden o Jin'sI place truck the
the rivers opeb he will bring down hiswin- pike about Sw yard from the upper turn,
term's tilos. He is not likely, however, to and there wuo no sign uv him e we pamo
work any to lnidustrlously In gum husLt- ed, and we didn't see him as we come back,
Ing, but ratherto tOu make abort days ud but Just after we got by his road we herd
flabish and hunt the balance of the time. A a clatter up the pike. and, by mackey,
few days' bard work will furnish him a there wiz Ji.m a-comin ltckeuy Spit. I
oozy shack in the deep forest ner the guesh be d been to the potofice, and the
bank of a trirtm, and with wood unllmit- way h wux osmin after us uz like L
ed and a sharp ax hIe is not likely to suf- I mink after chickens Mandy took ons
fer. and w on a sturm is on he does not, look over her shoulder and told me to let
leave his comfortable camp i 'em go for all they woz wuth. I didn't
The solitude of the thing would drive need .4 be coaxed, and by the time she
many men mad, but the northern woods- had smid the words we wus fairly flyin
man Is different from most mued. He car- over the nooth srow track, and Jim waz
ries a pack with him at all times even comin right beabind us too Fer the fins
when hunting, so that should he run few rods we gained on him, then he begun
aeromsan old gum scar he can take ad- j to creep up on as in spite unv all we could
vantage of it without making another; do Everybody on the road knowed how
trip. When spring opens, h-. returns to! me and Jim u set'tore by odr teams, and
civilization, tough, rugged and hard & they pulled oct to one side and give us all
seasoned oak. and he may have a pack of the room there wuz.
gum io tho value of several hundred dol- "I shoonk up my beauties as I felt him
lars; but long, long beforethe next season drawnls up on me. but shakin wun't
the money is all gone, and probably some I enough, uand I touched 'eIm one er twice
one wUl have to "grub stake" him if he aIs with the whip, but Jim jist rared back on
to go for gum again.-New York Tribune his strings, looking like destructi.os smnlin
Sat desolation, and kept a comirL. When
The Caaadaa Porupirne. hisa horses' heads passed our dashboard
Under any and all circumstances he is i and I could see the snort in their noen, I
cluImsy. Ungalnllnes with him seems to I got kindl av sick and thought I'd have to
be a virtue. He can walk. eren to gallop-. let go, but iandy nerved me up. and 1
ing a bit In a paiufUt, Impotent endeavor hui g on and leaned away fortBrd as If
'so escape insults but It is merely an effort that would help aome By thLs time Jimas
to turn tali against his pursuer, and. this born-s bad their heads even with mlne.
accomplished, he Is content to hunch up and I held him there fe* minute er such
and fall around and over himself and sigh a malicr. but jist as 1 begun to have a
and moan like a very Falaaff because he hope that it might bea ecek and neck at
can get no farther. northern porcupine the finish Mandy reached fer the line next
never seems to have any laith in hbi out- to her, and, with a sudden jerk, she pull-
dosr surrounding.. Catch one up a tree. the team off to one side uT the road,
and ten to one he begins to back down where the snow wun in a high drift, and
right into your arms it you dare to receive Jim wsct ahead with a yell that made my
him in thai fashion. Aed nhat a hbck sur stand out like windmill flapper.
down It is! Tail thrashing from side to "I w a t t d azed fCr a mi nute at
aide as if it would cast Ito owner loose; Mandy that I couldn't do a lick, and,
long teaws deeply scratching the tree deenon though I woz, I'm afteed I'd
trunk; ar a pams and qui a-ed l g thai wouldn't have
ing asm one foot deviously follows te h ununded exacly right in Sunday nehooLo
or, and as a grand finale a tumble of two bun before I had a chace to make a more
or three feet so the ground, wber hand made a flyin leap user the side us
flounder, shout like a fteat tall of iuila the sleigh and lutn the deep ow. Then

If you catch one on t he ground and his ki s-u aIder thaster anb @har um
den among the rocks be not near, he is kind uo an Idee tha we'd been g" Mack by
sure to revere proceedings and make for an ethqnake methlng md andy
a tree, perhaps the very one he seemed so wuskilled, and I muss go lckmferher
anxious to forsake when you chanced to and di out. But the team had their
find him in it. Cut him off, and, moesat a ih two huended pou ndslam l tis
likely, he will put hi head down and, wo hndd ponds lato
quills eret, charge for that special tree aul than before Mady jumped they
with fixed bayonets. It ke a arp didn't stop tosm u3 w th had happened, but
whack on the Done to tmurn him under e theslvea out on a Spurt that wu chuOk
such conditions, The groan which ol. ull uv chain linghtnon, and neo uv the
lowu asuch rebuff is pitdful in it'human owdri I ould hem Mandy onam.
like tone ma helplme,. Forest and GoIt, Joha; you're all righ'inow.'
Stream. "And so I we, and so wu n Mady, fr
I. before Jim knowed that anything had
What a m emory. happened I wnz up with him, alongdids,
One rainy day In spring an old York- neck and ek, no and naoe, ahead and
shim fisherman returned to his native TiJ- past. and when pulled p at the toll gma
lage after an ahbence of IS years and fear he wun ten lengths behind and too much
fully sought the house which sheltered strpriaed to even sum
his denerted wife Entering without "Mandy wuo tn the middSe T the road
knocking, he waited himself near the open brashin the snow out uv her slotheeand
door, took a long and vigorous pull at his waltin fr me e me back, and when I
dirty clay pipe and nodded jerkily to d I'd give her a new silk dmes far that
t'owd woman be aid It wux only what any wife ought
"Morin, Maria "he said, with affected to do far her husband, but abe couldn't
unconcern. l ?os it by hbowin me where any other
She looked up frm thepotatoes e was e hatd ev erOM ettand I Ms e ehertake
peeling and tried to utw the nothing tAudsI In spt uf b' ua. Tba'sthe
tirade she had daily reheated since his kindaUff ahlnOam ywltIolas,adUndle
departure, but It would nos oome. John went down into hiL nida poket
"Bena." she id instead, once men O and fihednut a quaint, old fmbloded di'
suming her work, "bria gthe serbo'erto geBype in a band new i S f am.--
flre an Ah'll darn that hoel i'tShy Jersey. Chi.cago Inte Oean
Ah meant dein t' day tMa went away, but 0
eunsat pint me ORffl"-kay store. We are the repreuteatlvea oC South
k P A-ida for the famous Champion
O W WamA *AA am lm. Mowing rM htnme mad ars tnow ready
N.w=s aelBw mOth and Msumed to take ordes fr future .delvy
Aku, toyhe saidfto&a ys woman 'teme are the on tr asM-s made
Wiir sisecae Wasmin ia e i a md, t wi catw In azl potN a and tt oi
"yoam look ttL What u etda n" one that never w ri the driver to
"'l 'ilag I s" she s leave ht, eft t tQ --uOtpsvt. They
.Aj.d. ty.M oj d o het am te tof made l for orange tree

. lIP,. m .,,- 4- t e -------

*-.'" .- With Pb^I wl

Thethem pdvrd of..c
&anacheo spab Ath
blood Is he feedg f e
whole body. Ph6 it
Hoots Sampan-H&
Kidneys, Ever and etosth wm
once respond? No tihorlmaial pE

wsr he to kont the m hwe wemD -i
wound at fAlueime Mll two s-b i
Awi It wauld bave nolatned m ff


Pon tny Ugc-ow Attach Aenican
VolanterM'Ofca is We M"il

London ,Je l-(Sfpeo al),-Poeton-
EBItlow, in a lect e before the Roal
United Service Indtltatos, avevesly
handled the Unite tatm volunteer
oaMoer, eSpectaMy omoes, ap-
pointed directly trom private ft,
He told a story to thM effect, That
while gTraduata from West Poantiwem
being pained over., a rov =a sebo
had strong backtn tbut whome 1"-i
experience of warfare had been oialin-
ed in an apotwecar eSUM. was am edeA
a colonel of engineera e wanted to
be made a captain in the qeatem-
ter'a department, "btat" he -ld;
naively, "the Pr nident looked over Tis
list and said the only thing vacant
was the colonelcy of engineers, uS ee
made him one."
As to General SMatert, tueetose
said that shout the ontl r ooi dMf-
ton he had was that he eea rno the
same State as the ouoretary 1 W .


The ffect oA the Conolidation thel
F. C. & P. and these eab2ard Air
ULne at Baltimore.

The Baltimore un contained the
fouwing about the tealdar ncenlt
and Peninsular aod other ratheads:
One of the first steps towards co-
solidation of the Florida Oenta i .a4l
PeninMuar Railroad, the ebord Air
Line and the Georgia and Alabama
Railway wa taken yesterday n a-
more. when the local omf of the
three roads were consolidated m put
In care oft. one ageat and 001 .corpm
of amBista Int, 1
&. .L r. Glover of Portrnoa Va,.
traffic manner of the Air
Line. Mr. W. HL Pleaaants antd ir. A
0. Macdonell. of Jacksolnvll Fla,a
general freight agent and general pas-
senger agent. A&vpectivey. of lor-
Ida Central & Peninsular and MIr. L. .
Allen of Portamouth, Va., general
samemaer agent of the Seabard Air
Lifne. were in Bali Unwr yesterday,
looking after the affalra of the three
offices and having the oones~datton
perfected. and which took elect ye-
terdav. s -
The consolidation s lUbe local -
ed at 207 East German treet which
Save been with o ed bym. I P t.
rhoMaoon. local freight and 0 ms-g
e ,nt of the Seaboard Air Lse. Mar.
trhom eon as been o e atear Ret
Ie charge of the eoMa ,| Gd C am!- 7,
nmd wll- retain W Dnid a ei eount-
In frethet Smeet and also t ark Bd4
haM had with shal Ma. lsI aon ti.
reardedi as a capable and estleet reml-
road'man. He is wel known ad opge'-
ar. For the pastSitywars 6e an s e
ere as her a e te of ite Benm.rt Am '
Line. Prior to that he wm l ae Nor-
folk, Va.. am ageot of the jat cam-

The office of the"orida CeStral aad
Peninsular Railroad, 31 E Bo h erm-aa

has m iss etla'd ce.VNI ingest

and otsm~ei--tl the weak -1to Inas

office. with ome aent the om aeo
bear dropped roa I ta e -i
is wert of tae pvei i sea e ezFage


IDeW TWH'WdUfmasm it
i -n grt ;e> eammut hV *5 a

We- b o

~l- *'t. BB^

bi had .



Indude the^
both ia fahj
win ourp- e an
we wil1*l 7a a

. "~

wo .`"d j .

wear, ftd1

have in tRn
Hose iad
w winners '

,(?n / .J.



PASSERS BY r ^o^ o ni
......... ,-Notes ofComn.g and GoigVsitor. CnSCO SAW N1856.
SBars Revolting Caught byJTribune Bporte" The vigaamee Costtmee That Ie-
6"- a W Tr FtgiC ae. In the Hotel Corridor-. ae D a.. s.Its al es- -
Towvn of the Crimlaai CIL .
OF AND SHAME Robert Hydrich, of Havana., is at the It was in 18,5, In San Francls o, and
-SA T ORY 9 AND SHAME Almeria. law was chaos; -nob law was supreme
as 4al- The judges were finally given warning s o
SG. R. Deussure, of Atlanta, is at thai unless they enforced the laws they
a at .ih1b10 Was There a Oonsiracy in Slepy the Almeria. would be summarily dealt with-thatdo idi
C they would be taken out and hanged to ||ni
7W eyvlle to Convict This Brother W. H. Towlee.s of Boston, was in rL the nearet tree It was a stirring time.
. t of dSiterofoatsome ctyyeterda The vigilance committee of San Fran- Rhoti|
a"e' citt o and Siater of Zathsome city yesterday. cisco in this year was famous for its des- SM g
k-eafts l of ac-- TIeestP The Plant System pay car arrived operate deeds, but after It self assumed
0 tof ye terday at noon. I Is
. yesterday at noon. reign was cover the morals of San Francis-gosd
- w tb r # eo Increased amazingly. It was almost a tam oj
I G1aem orW ftn t ayI .obert Love Is registered at the PaI- paradise on earth. Drunkards, cutthroats, 1
smetto, from Trilby. scoundrels and others of this Itkg g te. should
IIdiOe o' the onueerest of all: neer casesb. place wide room They knew that If they
SI -" e i 0 te r t o rt e er- |s es -Kingof Areadia, was at we aught they would be anged. An
6 A e into the Arrimonal o t yster- ; ,no yesterday. drew J. Kellogg of Detroit told of tem opm
,a dm from the sleepy village of Keys- days.;
Wttie i se wi I Jch ov y D. Banke New York. was in "The Calfna ot 15 was a terrihle wel
1 .1 tr di-Lb i. yeeterdav.y place," began Mr. Kellogg, at ease with
e- m lowest ant M basest elements of t his pipe. You se, itwas like thl: The M
bmn depravity, and one in which a W. N. Irelan came up from et men who rushed to t goideds in the
-L i at so rev lUna a.nature wan PeterebuTv +}Y&tearly daysonevy expected to remain in the woiMhA
r s a nature atetheswester country Their purpose was is WoWiste
S t that m ern int nce u . Nore the Ame make their pile and get ou They came
hairged thader It md verdict of guetnc m fao m ie i pestertasy Is to Callfornia, scrambled for gold and paid beg
rea d can pos te a at one. from Ne Orean rdno attention to law and order. It wasa
. M .All. partlye to the c a e wer white W. A. .ighefoot and C. W. Hiarichis parade for egabl, thieves and
q Svp -msoin 8tewart and ULnnie Stewart 0o St LosS. are at the Almerta. throats The worst elements, t seems
aim.t' hora. nIdoter, nd the Stat ecamo Isto Frisec, w wee densson Into
__0Ce m o fo esL TWo at C. R. Kniglt, t e Plant eem sur- pOesinofth f I
S and eg' Bird. were the man veyer. was at the Armo yesterday. woh of r t pove t r never r--t
-^ w -^ .othe f foan milton. iNs&vile, is among madeL But the aonsttawtt we net. l, Or- blood d
S~&uArS u k th*a t the we re 4re-wtloen s der to give abosfm aeobane" Vie flour- .oeai
t e tig he commercial men at the Arno.
of. tiw.. r.,II If tt l..Ws da They told the m inbed like a green bay t 1e Itwaalaw. |nstod
str, poitidvelr. m Un- C L nyder, of Cincinnati, wuI leN violent whom M 'was$a worth thb eN
r < P 0roWv--4s-to*n bIyrealtered at the Almeria yesterday. pinh fsnuff "M Be
ea e r oe b resis te "rThoelrafew weeks I was thee things Teftge
af tef Jud.e Barron PIfltpe did W. I ullerreturnedeth morning like this happened: The United states Book
=9~gy not erifttir obato UbemL ^"^ wa shot in WM blood by a gam-- 9w g
-'f amoted by Judge ~rom a business trip to Jacksonville. t;shal wabsh solt rpb tp1d by a gamin
r a --an st by Judgebler; the gambler'paramour put up $10,
32MMOK. bero it out the evidence (or si Thomas N. Bird ha gone to 000 to defend him, and the lawyer was
n State n tho st dcsit ts Woodlawn. Mitch., to p0.000end te sum- ithe got his pr
'm and W a aoewto s- t eW. "He had bad one trial, bu the juryd-
;'T ~, wH d ld~to '*at to4W their coJn --- no agreed, and in the meantime we took him -
man, with unkeosmt beard and M. H. Bawom and J. M. Boone. of 01- out and hung hinm.
eIe. the woman a ra saay star- ford. were among the exeurstonlsts at "This was the atof California jus-
IR i ad tih condemning witnespae. Out the Palmetto yesterday. tin
N _wro 'A a* tthr Why, men convicted of murder, arson
tS! the rootm.n er a mo lte C. C Lockhart and Misses Bessie and and other foul chmes would be hauled up
3FM teM t i ^te. lre. Ail sw-aM tme Loc art were among the ex- before the judge, who ater listening to
cu"o hrstani a o L-fromo IkL the damning testimony would my:
II. t at 0 tu of Lnlie Bitewart, The sentence of this court is that you
-en M stl t isruioruce. GeneralH- H. Greenwood, of Wash- pay w S net'
e- e of ih ma de & rve as ht. to ., at te AImeriea o w was brought into court, a judge would
e" e y o Brwn s and a certat e e There is no need of bearing the wit. ,
l W"V den. aledhbot& of the Stewarts, J. H. Rafftery, traveling peasenger neses in this cae The prisoner is die-
S n d witnesses for the State had orm aent of the F. C. & P., was in the charged-
la-' .. ahei csi. l eagant the city from Jacksonville yesterday -And the ballot box stffng We nt
VW. "- -- Unfo- taely for the 0 one of the hones t the Smithsouian in- .
w o_& ..t V t -1 the facts of this ncwspirac B. B. Baber. of Richmond, Va.. the stitutesafter the fum was all over and had
If, they were facts. were never tren lIrrepreaslle "Old Glory Cheroot" man, it la baledot bo a speffing men of Califo
(i W was n.ote to the j Judge Carter sent the is at the Palmetto for a few days. "There was a crick the ballot box stuff
j ary out wbhe witneseea were e used to employ to keep the gang in
s qmat w ieer- es-s ess experimentaey, to eWtabUst H. W. Fair. one of the popular rep- office Yon know. In those days tailows
.this eatensI'elted line of dpftese. Be resertatives of the American Book and servants used to have small pot fllltd
Ailed that the testimony was irrelevant. company, was a visitor to Tampa yes- wth chara sed to het fatron
.41A wdksa of aful a. notloed that In every election booth In oer-
aI Joe P. Me n exception was fuy terdY. d tain precincts there was always one of
m '. T 'W -n noted. 'The jury was recalled, bnut de-eriff Wil Spencer these little heaters The ballot boxes were
S The i _w_ ot the .aeged consepiracy Dep ty Sheriff i SpHe reports tha t re supposed to be of Inch pine, rough pine
nWstWT I Ut e 19 st got uru turned frm Dever He eorts tha boxes, with a little beading around tbe
fi i._ act that wtM-its-eap Wid .en hadb the court martial will probably be con- edge The top ewas of inch tuff all right
S .he .sA olsOle ein td ceenton. a siorn oiued by to-dary. enough. bnt the bottom was hollow,
_A uctiv n the eight ch s hvuff iworn e wh^1 this false bottom were
t t t the Infomeoionh furnished the A^ex L Weiss, one of the tustlersof placed enough votes to win the day forte
e see State's witness and elpoyed Judge the wholesale dri goodo trade. who has gang's candidate When the polls were
rtaliwt m a odO Hanson to asistt thf solicitor t ere friends all over the oumibh is in the closed. the little flre pot was brought Into
Swa na m t behntd this activity or city for afew days the interest s Of u" and the unfavorable otes destroyed
J.P-* 7d"_ .NIl as Itremaned a seeet.The city for a few dJ in the lores f A The ballot ox staffers eaid that they hadW
t '.s 'w _" Wd os histne caS house. Jon" Sialvey & Co.. or At- the flrethere hecausethoeroomwassoomld-
defense was otliAge to conline itsc as -, ihou.o W as jus.t tp -ta ac at lan them
toan ts- s the credulity of the lanta r We has jut been ap- ItW uchacts or lawlesaes"a thte se
i e te an o the pnted Florida representative of te that led to tihe formation of the famous
bo tw was testI ed Slat they Califoria co mit tee of vigilan, It on-
had been known, on suitable provoca- e sister of over fl. of the most highly re-
1 04s4SA. 0"_ tbon. to .l*e and steal" A xong the F. C. & P. excusionists spected people inthe community, whose
TSSt N. .Suint4 The defendants sworn, denied t Who r-.r.d at the Almeria weresentimena .of jsice had been outraged by
Sld en e or a e ca the long continued actsia of injustite and
., S. *'b fl pisi abtr. Price andw vwie. .Hawtihoroe; N. crime pernItted by the regular judges
?Aimse.Ls Stewart, a brother, corroborated B Crowell. J. IM Fleming, Jr.. Jackson- The tlrot Icllnatioo I had of the for- *
? tf tt dental. They had been "toting vlle: E. W. tMJillican and wife Waldo; matlon of the committee was when a
W mmamm. f eallsabgBpalmettoes," and nothing crito IBugene Brewit, Fernanditna; J.F.Solth. friend said to me one morning
._i l i_ .. bel c "eared l' knowed." he m ia.d r mit and ldren, Gaines- W ait to see some fun '
e'nsine ^ Tien acrgments were strong. Judge Then tcome own oto the tail n
a charge, with amendments by Philipsp, representing Phillipe & double ro w of men drawstn around the
bs ? eulate of the lawyers, was cloee ta Meyers, Charleston, S.C., is at the Arno. whole square An assalts was about to
m.1he ohesmit1W therosUi. The juy was out almost one Mr. Philips was In Etunnellon during be made on the jail by outraged citizenas
i W ^'el l r Seo SSSJ~d tio t the of th the late unpleasantness, and cougratu- ]?hey were calling on the jailer even then
mlanes himself as has-lng lived tbe1oro to poen the doo rs. In the terrible quiet
ie-rtao Th two defendants loced to ea i. He states that the condition were e mthe broke I could ear th
gave tc f ad moetlyi Jon e PfoIra1ne decIdedly troublous there for a lime, ''Open the doors r
tot sd tave otoe of a motion for a new and that only the firmness -, a. Sentence wa deerred- white men wiho are brave enough to "'* Upen the doors' the ringleader cried
ff .tO 'i waitig mothern" heg r n e- lve at uDnnellon prevented a very ser- again, 'or we will batter them down.'

woiem eased a a nlamor and cotuilion {Many sere the hearts made sad when orteretoCOO the canno., She's loaded
"tB thme oBrt room. The scene was an the news wan xread abroad in our "Thee was a cannon before the door.
|^aeot im e*e. iTbe batty alone was midst that AMts. Cora Fisher wass dead. "The man with the blaming tonh stood

She fel asaleep in Jesm Jmine 11 189.M near by.
In- In r tavings the mother called upon after an mnes of ony a few bours. "You should have seen the hand slowly
,God- to cue the court and jury, and She was the. third daughter of Mre. alIl It wasa most thrilling sight. Blow-
ois- rto dead the State'a witnteseS Hendrix. of Plant City, who, together thehand fined, and at thevery Ins
wo vng xment the Jaei doors was flueBng pe,
e s quieted with MeU" y, an1 dwt tour eletetw tve brothers, a loving and the populace entered to drag out the
bialr' tbe colored rom who were husband and a host of friends are prisoners
01-.1gl for their turned on the stand left to mourn her low and submit to "At first the jailer refued to give ome
eN" to give womanly atten- the will oat God. Too much cannot be of them up.
gg5~l.^ -^ moe ^ sad of Cors. as a daughter, alwayS Wk t WO
.at e Carter will tear the motion for thi king of something to do for mother, were give ,a fathe executive om thecos
.rw tlnI to a few days. & eatile. who seetned to hold the first place in teau an the evidence as given. wuir
S- a And antie Stewart will be in her heart. She won her place as favor- ed a unanimous vote on their part to hang
of the ol% aers, and Brown and Ite with her brothers and s meters by a man as well as a two-third majority of
an- d the Ed lf 1 op*Y wMI gl her unsetflfh, gentle, loving disposition,M he otnmltote of delegates numbering
Sto oAleeW Ke VISr they a d As a friend It is enough to say. to 0m meinbe.
^. .."Than night Sa Frnnan wa ns In
a h O the good or evRA know her was to love her, a td last, f"vor of tnigh M -n Whal would happen
.he" cein but by no means least, the sphere of nextW Where would the revenge of the -
w t. the Mother, was eport- wifehood ehe so beautifully &ed for populace be shown tomorrow? feo
Sla critlol co0 toon 1 t two short years and a half, were, like "Everyone stayed Indoor that night as to
1_ was ta. tIi 1 rom the court the other years of her life, spent in far as possible. sto
IS a hoedathe houme. sBu mOan- tryng to make her husband hapo. "A few days later the judges we inR
.L ea,, e t. t It." thereby tearing the greatest hsplnesswaed or Ther th penalty-ory m .s
'. or herself. Oh! how r e loved her, and up their lives. i
how hard to say, submissively, ''qW "Twenty rreeprnslbli members of the
wlt- se done." But we know Our Fa- community, rigleaders in ballot box
thr makes ~ no mistakes.. fg and murder, wa taken to the "''
wharf, put on outgoing timoa and told
onow. but in the cmingyear never tocome k agana on pain of im- .
It may be in dte better land,
We' read the meaninTg of our team Appesrmees.
.t&ind then, sometime will derstMnd. Brlggs-Appearan you know, am
:. -. b u s Gris-Ye A pemon can ne Wel
We the broken t hlread g ust how much it is otIng tocost no keep
lW|AM ftd h what we here begno, them up.-Columbus (0.) State Journal.
Heaven wlA the me mter e xplan
-, wese 9a. these, weR understand ta s MM t rust who mve an a Man
le..d who e ad knew her. tdaada admlk Ohe needy ways have P Ck
ih -k her so ean advanced age wh.e p Ma
L hSews*A*snbaitAerai U o


y EIl tooea P
late DIsease. l
I to t, blood trouble,
iwa to tim ee to ti d

.a e



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MW aA. -I4

flipbosXakt a Onamd Rush Upon
aw "oreems t Are Most Diae-
trousty aRepuseed.

ftnfla. June 16-San Fernando wa3
attacked on all sides this morning by
five thousand ktienta, supposed to
be under the personal command of
rbe attack had been apparently well
isiaaned and was made after the Fill-
pinto had out off all communication
r he rebels were galuantly repulsed
by the kansa, Iowa and Montana
voleteere end. the Seventeenth regu-
The enemy's loio was 75 killed and
twesa .bve- wounded or captured.
Ite Americans had fourteen woVnded.
Thorebel defeat was very severe. I-t
is-leared rom rtsoneM that prepera-
tine for the attack were made some
tkne savo. In the lt few day the
N9j "O received aige reinforcements
ena trlan fPn the North.
'.The Xn did fle work to-dant
innlfe thirty-nme. .d their ront-
gf l WN re y Lv0

Onet dtnr sioseato; a botUtip9amn-
S at

& t be tendintr to bhe business as obsrman of
i wM noe tle Mailtatlon committee.
d The The street committee recommended
that the grade at the corner of Four-
d (col- teeth and Fifteenth streets be rained.
"p/s.l 5 In -'he US lf B. K, Coe for laying side-
sMW .4 1 walk was approved.
t at Chairman DeArmana o the sanitation
t 'bed committee made several recommenda-
L by about needed improvement on
I OW to tothe drains at pin and Constant
ey her a et. and' Sixthr venue and Thir-
tesath street, which were referred to
weo the sGreet ouanittee with Instructions
wed to Oa
sat & ap r. eKrue reported that the commilt-
lames of tan a4Veionted for the purpose had In-
Sg fa tiat peoted the draw of the Franhin
Sbeen Wret bridge. and had begun corre-
pa et. Be Mondene with Savannah parties n
aof the reference to Its repair or improvement.
Pim, esidennt [ en stated that Manager
m t her Taft. of the Consumers' Company,
pa w*il j plea, bad agreed to look over the drawings
te i ee l.- 'it the bridge and give any any assistance
Spal i lm hti il tower toward rtpairing the de-

owef ., On motion of Mr. Webb a warrant
Sfor h was ordered drawn for W. L.
Smred .hat a HFanks. on acouant of contract for
'5pi-W en in- flooingr the bridge.
The special committee on printing
Io,. duncltran expert Clerihew's report, recommended
Pa *mawneHr at- that the bid of the Tamp1a Timesf, be-
W&1 Mt igXing big the lowet, be accepted. The ree-
isgee woman, qourwntio oAwas aooepted.
er easl that- Ot. Pirecker reported progress in the
S W- e matter, station that several sites
ior _Cn&.a cing had bem oftares&
4 "die- Mr. Webb took cocaslo to state that
b s ere wa unaiter opposed to appro-
iurm OWtIng any moDea for the purchase
a hing pa ldn't think the peope people could
S~tbMs:' -efford to be taxed for such purpose.
S StW Ad- Fre-. re otnnedu that the park
a Wts a ni L woud ftsorm n ate a complete
nar lag.
Min A In D&. Mftior Bowyer returned, without his
t b a proval, the, ordinance providing
pp bepdI dlvi qlqloaMtmtlons for moadidates for police
S'1 [*a The ordinance became a law
rw without his signatu re.
~t-j rftbe osdinmce providing a penalty
Sftr fai to pay the license tax on
*^ w O w5} o- e placed \on third and final
_00,- Bfth*Re'eadfdi and was psed ss adopted.
A reedutin to save Ta&pa street
i whal v~ztrifie brick wa adapted.
tk 4 sAme bil hs were ordered paid
by mbe a e a ttee.
-An _oiui-n- Introduced by President

Ai'0*a bng ftor the city and Mno a
b... a f x san c of plinbM&. one

o.be.f&h*ow ws e* a3 t and the
on.pontmb9 mab was

^^ ^ 'ft,6 uMpnfr- w oa refoz towaspad

, Vp A&.

Mrs Charles' Cucumoer Compexion getti the boats, nets, etc-, in first- teasne, there were No erKO mI- -
SCream is unequaled for removing tan eAm shape. Jurile sr ter*tl gt tl swiv -t0,w -K
and all tscoloratons, It miaes the ds tNone (AtWaK'n.ight's- a re- t n sb. ex- lights "beft.
akin asft. whitesand lovely, and IisPt e dent John Savarese and Gen- pected before o'lock thils ame-sing bI 'a
made from real ncucubers. It is ipoe- Florida Fish Company, left last night A TEXAS WONDER. ib OM ehnfb a '
Sthe Red c s Pharmacy and r Ja ksonvill A GREATz.
by the Red L ros Pharmacy and They wil proceed at once to open One .a botle of Nal&s Gret '.
headquarters for the company there, covery ourem al Kidney and Bladder
What you want Is not temporary and get things In readiness to begin trou es, reovw a ev crres Din- TA PA ,TV
rellet frem. piles, but a cure to stay. the regular operation of the company's ba seminal emiaslon, weak and la -TkAMe
DeWitt's Witch Hasde Salve cures tesiness backs, rhes-tl-w and all irreTlal-
piles and they are cured. Sold Another company having the same tie osf the Kidneys and Bladder i both 4 .
by 8. B. Leonardi & Co., and name as the Florida Fish Company men and women. Regulates Bladder a -.
Central Pharmacy, Tampa. and Dia- has been formed at Pensacola, and troubles in ohbldren. If not sold by
mond Pharmacy, Ybor City. unless one of the names is changed, your 4d gist will be sent bh yma on
tr.- W.B Ob nthe genal and e- some confusion will doubtless result. receipt of St. One small bottle t I s ',
et general manager of the Con- JUST ARRIVEMD. month treatmet.ad will cure i n T
aimmerf Electric Light and Street Fail- cam above an-sii*> 1n B. W. HAIL.,
Sroad Company, has returned from Mas- Union Bicycle Co., with new Craw- Soa Maxf-eturer. a
SSweeks isiti he s enta root ford wheels, for sale and rent. Try P. 0. Box ., WmO Texas, is.l.
and undergoing a delicate surgical them. 111 Lafayette street. tf Sold by 8. B. LAomardi A Co.. TampS
operation. He is looking the picture ot Fla.
health. and his friend welcome his re. We are the representatives of South D Tr ,.
turn most cordially Florida for the famous Champion New LaberiS Ia., M di mt. 1699.
R]ERM ATIBM CURED IN A DAY. Mowing Machines, and are now ready B *am a Weu Tsed a-I am !
-- to take orders for future delivery, -p--,-.upsn for kidney and blaser i i S
"Mystle Cnre" for Rheumatism and These are the only machines made trunbles, but can L& t.A Aly sew t at ,
Neuragia radically erres in 1 to days that will cut in any position, and It Is nothing has PrOve6 A ef3 -ei ... .
BIM OTNRA'r. one that never requdres the driver to obr great 1me0ri7 U "I
S--- leave his seat to menlpmlte. They r0th.Or4e
o dnotractors Fluri Bat Partculares a the nanet made for orange tees
S. are Baetg Witlhhbeld Temnuporarily or tumps Bold by the Tampa sar- -
nagen Stewart, of the Stewart nes and Wagon Ce. .l. ss"', pi p i
contracting Co ,as been in the city le man who was 'born tred" I
for several dWs on bantems connected shou % ePriekly AAt Bitters. It
r wit ha obei i. mues. work a neeesdty to gve vent .. -
t.i a-mager Btewart bo Offneing to the ener a ex rae of W ...
m- a oM-"m- -- e aa ct, the pat' uatse ainssratti dr WW --i4 ant10 -
Sie0tf not hem sade pu ft an etns. BoAb he' B.B. Leon- ,
k '- a:. & .. -.. . _:
-. -._. .-'.',- .. -;, : 0- ..' '., .a-m
:_.. Y...;, : . e ? ; :: ":.*.. 4 . : "_- ;

t .

4 w

Flashes of Tampa Life That Reveal- -
Judge Carter Imposed Sentence Intere g Development of the Jury Di't Believe the W
On a Oroup Yesterday. variety of Human Nature. i Gaabfl Ctes.'

court has a clerk whose superior in fit-
ness and capability would De hard to
Questions About a Woman Who. Un find. A Invlving the Disappeare rm
der Sentence, Was Allowed Liberty It was the year 2899. It Seemed as If of ty-Fiv Dola W
every one of the ,00000. InhablitaniL t
-Had to Pay Her 'ent of thee great city of Tampa were out on Trial in the Af- .1
on the oriIlisnly illuminated boule-- 7 -
Anyow. vrd. Swift automobiles sped over the tenon.
______ miles of asphalt, and. In the forty- ____ qi I ri iK..
- eight public parka, superb bands -Ma--- SMON'
Yesterday was gambler's day in melodious the hsoft s of the u.0-n- il
Judge Carter's court. The jail cases ners. a group of e debating w ._ The .aersi again beld the ceamter;
resulting from the recent raid of the Sd excited. grO d the ta in te crimlti t ye
deputy sheriffs on Franklin street were a empres e nhihrsn siit b ratch o sthe idnt-g stu d
c ale aadosmeteoouotooteR had died awayempires d risen tbi -e .
called and sentences meted ot to the andft and the erew report was captured I the raid June w
unfortunates. prined-btot these people, as in th~ tried and adlpMted otf , ,
Utitule rrampa of the lonw-age, were still another warm cuwer' n l.
The game was "monte." and the disuavsng thetog jckson J ae. ow r the n A Hah whoew as
majority of those paxtic*pating In it 0nta .
were luban s. here was a current of genera good- mentioned in thesti e as the ale-
The f in feeling aelonge WesCt tant f street all ctper wdtefme *sgaTne e ecinh awise 4es, .
The foilowii were the cases, with yestersny. Thedwellers ont ot f ltln h woman, a It iam
the dispositon made of each. thoroughfar looked at the heavy asn "rlaag .
i. Valdest, 6 and costs or 30 days before their doors and for the first veloped, hmad noto bmto .r
in the county ja.time the OMdidno provoke ro'- sesr ththe be. s l
Sthe oun sty jail. t orotherpr otesets 7 he rssouta uo on her oe t r caO e 'Mdea
tean to alcomen. $ s n costs oer of city counc l. passed Fprlday niotd- &R wa edbt
days lI the county toawi.hrw to pave this street &t once with vitri owSer l i d lhe lew"ta theS os

e*and5id Lboe. 36 and costs or 30 d brick produced the god fealt g lw o th u eseted a Mn
days In acout ja il refeir teto.r anheed Wesert t9repa streee in o WaAsb at eapertsa ala
i l Saesn 5i on be nnn to nrealz that tesn again p t thee o e e w e i-"

Pepo h arle m$ i ands wos t ttred rda s in they have someB 11e to look forw A t ha 4iot y w and .. ^ -^
th e c o u n ty bja l. *a r d e ea i ie d t o fsrw r thied w t th e w -.,
~Ot ltend en and costs or 30 a essrs I. S. iddens and Joi C e n was roa her si o Jhat

daonth o un otya. sew haoe nolt yet tired of ta ingthein eoas
h- seRP.'Snqlst, 9o sond as ts or 30 wonderfula story of their remarkable t her adefen the s te gtem t n
he 4hae countfyhingi. ndteat at srasota a itsew days d hotmeon Wee that Juoe ater o ;r
day the n act, the two placatorl heroes dered tht she be eufnined jlt-
a. W. Stevens, charged with an at- have about reoesved all the vebali con- niht atnd kept there nei her. nec te a iv -
tempt to commit a mrson. who entered a gretatioss.and compliments from ad- .tasm awe. endt

coIed on tot .da servlother~~tdes Can ffor, Seve ne resiow or t riaed e t y. -
d ned i6lm be given a trial at this bomeonr s, drework oand B Aoh tetrn h e sw aedt aid and JohnoC ent
term. wAsort.allo whd tep and It n EnS tON that Aorneysoihnr. Peepisan
otemof court, supers will have to be to ..W. re nt al
Thee Case lnst W1con jeohen, charged to express the unm elifitedndadmiraaono t' Of _. .Y
Te e against tw oyhein, harged rules ine hearts o the The rst two tre Davoe RTherts a tS otrtD aAli R

Jude strgglssInththury ou^r t and f e
Charles Willtams was acquitted oftarpon weighOirng iS pounds and Mr. tbe
re o mCrenshaw did lend one wegng Don Iea C amties ai eand-
he charge of. burglary. poumds--and no poa'itg critic can rise Lewls G were tried, ato n* time

ervs alS ronrd two charges ofng too assert that these ar no achieve- Attorney wr ak i Ha rris cod2 t h
petit larceny against hir n eo He wan menta meitiong unetinte hero-wo a g defense The wir e det i 2 A
convicted on both. Jund a arte sne- hng m bwlnee the oa of tha e women.
enced him. on the ofirsta charge, toE NO iOlyT ')n UItEha S. aice heae th and aoeitted s 41 .
three oInonths in the country Jail, and onl -% defendants. d uea,(W 1 sar
he second, to two years In State The women w ho is lovely In e c o t S e &l
prison. St n will have quite a foh r and temper will alWas haveThe c s l ,-- S t o,. .
anled prison experiene baeo e friends, but one who would be attract- u CorWillias (whltsa coai su med& a F A.
eats through. lte mut hoeed her health. If she Is Vtu oft pattern whe sso n, r-__
Jim Gregory. P. Senders andDvtweak. sicly, and all run down, she was not concluded whe-n rees until
Roaberts. all colored, were among th will be nervous and irritable. If shene in as ed Williams
tthirty-eight aeged gmblesca has constipation or kidney trouble, Ger a haed with grand larceeg the ZUD0
inAtue blood wUii cate pimples, p tor being. h ld6dro Ray-. 1' ,' ',

lured at Fort Brook on the otet Su- ces los inertosadpawet- m tron se tao e tat n
Sof the month. They were harge e complexion. Electric Bitters ls the she was vstng friends nearieBt
wh playing "shn." A woma wh, nbest nedcine in the world to regulate Park one dW- in Airl, she laid lhr
was arrested at the saned 1i .. and .s..ah. Liver and kidneys and purify ocketbook, containing in a chair, J" '."
who plee uinty, was the rinpal the blood. It gtves strong nerves, e da sdtle elee ani took It.F a- A
tness aast the men. bright eyes, smooth. velvety kn. rich ri. Peepese and B or chart p- .. IE
In hearing her testimoany It develop plexon. It will mke a good- peered for the defense. The wtneses '
ed that. although under a sentence of looking, charming woman t a r- for the prospect ae all wemen, ..
*va days In jail the woman had been dowi4 Invalid. Only 50 cents at and three of them testified y yesterday
acewed to spend Wednesday niLtatLeonarxdl & Co.'s drug store. a ft ernoon. The case wilt be re umea U d
her home. Attorney Wall, who repre- WILL #AIN I.)N idt. this morning. ,
seated the three defendants, sought by S xtett Accountant Cerihew. who a. ue Carter mtha risin yeterda IombLITI -.1 ..,
this to Prove that the woman had been Just completed his ivestigaltioi of the to the effem thda de-feSntse win are 5,Us w i "lV 3 f
givenherlibery ind csidratond ciats 'books. will remain in the city unders bod ar tor beaild d- O
given her liberty In consideration ot some time longer. It is reported that
telifying against the other prisoners. be wi do some spcial work for the ing their trial, unlessa by special or. T. l-NO A.
Judre Carter sent the Cury out and1' Forida Brewinteg Co.,der of the court, K.ADISOW aD sARTOR
L l I sprained ^.L my.. lf ip j) .g
called on the sheriffs force for an ex- .t. 1.. .s *e -

stted th he woman d been al- FishIng Operations Ceased on Yester- to- I caled on 0s8adAt first It was a
iUnder the Law, Be Idle but It grew worse and the doctor then e

f 1(ocoa
l sa than Oe Ceat a cop.
ack bea af w Tradeo Mas.

ITER BAKER & CO. Limited.




Knight Station Coming to the Front Where is 8 Johnsam, Whos
a Progressive and Flourish Lawt- Gets Posssi of il- ]M to- at e ta. z
ing City. Ilage and Island of Imus. Awaitng Hi Tx*rd~ y O

Ki-ts, Fla., June 1t-very coon- MAYOR MAD WITH THE MILITIA n'T ua'
try. State county or community has at Without Parent or guardian. l
some day reached a point in its his- ---- the kindly care of confductor nd 1
story where a pecl an d well sup- aysFipinoAr isaBand of Out- ie John a
portedenterprise of man was necessary ay y i old white boy. arrad I Tompa Oq
to be development of its resource. ThIs crasta-Success of Lawton's Plant System train l& t nrht
stage in the conotmeon of its own c i n asked AnttveLy fore "P
history has been reached y Knight' Campaig I n There as no "p sa" to meet
Dtainand vicintl. But on the very Cavite, Lttle bl&e told MWe story at th
heels of the neoesity-appears one
who to in every way qualified to meet Pot- It. is aecar ote.
the emergency Mer. H. P. Blocker, a Thehe bra rreaes, in I Uttle
J oung man of sterling character, fine Manila. June 1--l Americans ob- In M ich tn placed Ilnt on the
business sense end a fnd of vabiasided ait on Vobday, In
ezpeience In his peal line, pu- e posseon of another town to- o th oe c .. to be bes
chased land and wNi commence the 4aY. Tampa, where tser sMid ahts
motn otf a ll on the line of the Thbemayor of iMs wled to Bacoor, . 1Eo0M0CW, Ws M wta &a.
C. & P. about one-third of a ma ltle feu w S 5 thS5 sa
sa- s of lnIgK'station. whichW" as oceopIR the &ceslo Uutthle f aimlod p the bop trfts
It would not be fair to call this a Yesterday.nds rredered bi town tereet in bi andAD "
swnmill-Mthoun it will have a to General Lgawton his wwats. e Mane ed t
dse-itar th h reason tat Raw*" ty wr-vl ed su besvae
,umily ruice nothing beyon t d lum- I" pins. and ther bels loeft a good l
"Sber. sawdust and smokce; while. beside st ok af t me therm. to ^ mowa. nri* l mS "
-'lh-gs thebesterae of native The r told Geneal Lawton that make hlmemt ahn m-wn Me*a

rice Mis Min it Fiotida. whieh wil U alo wO w be proved a satm op- gur
11 -e aopac t ti Cf *0abo ut to hMe Lou amaer the oon s2afiAte
*s sew Me. SAwlo .cit Iest ted __a c. __ timm 0e. ,ok of tim hiS
th, ther sare over 0 ores of rice iatmi2 t Z wt d provide wiha Rid
S in iBst Hlletoirouah county, .W*lch, .mAy w Ia 'Ua tautd otcas." that n ih Thme -N aw
iatully wil be tributary to this they had pawed thrBh Imm in up thid s moI b ust dinSmt
= M. we5ll be able to handle a Utter 000fien crrYtin with them =de lest nUMSt a11ed W '
MAY c to hismfom the a4jolng W 1 0 W .,, ,,, in 11 M .


t him aelsp is e t I

LOW, il-,

50 ~ ~ he14~g~m~


Tl i n- k 34t There is to be The mayor gwre the trttler ltnfmx -
aqp j ll1 in oonnetion i that the e were redMed to
WMhoue Omn is a htut on the
markets of this section, but Blocker a VM y mail anMOt O f -nmlntitlon.
willU ep the f rmers out by changing and that their dlolutiloa and final
as nuch o it it to meat and hoMUng aurrender was a matter of only a short
as his cutiooerw may dmre. This While
lbramnch wtU be looked after by a com-
vetent mer. so the former can depend The PForth infantry was to-day ad-
on getting Juirt the kind of 'rita" he ded to Lamwtoo'sa ccmBnd
wants If he brings the right kind or As a reeuit of Lawton's operations
'But this Is not all. This energetic in the Cavite province, It is reported to-
man will be prepared to grindl al the day that the rebels who numbered
velvet beans that may be brought to over 4,000, lost one-third of their entire
hbim Thins romises to be an Immne number besides ar q t of sup-
business within Itel, Jfor there is In

q . b, .th wu- .
nm tie Ceasluise 8ervic4.

e and Southern Lines

t d all Einastern Points,

L .lWBarsftfatma

S 'ohns River Line.

l. ...meLWas, sa S sg* a wA" temsrpi esd

I= ,LOW l n-

dse Vcai O.114
K_ Wor k. of M .N g eM

i. tabitabed Present Loeation, 001. 15,1847

^9NI & SONS,
l&~eBar d Retalera of

order Department.
4 department under the super-
Sbtanh of our business. Parties
o aid iy -depend on having
h. h do prOmpt-es and
.A. NM* elted. Write to
gip the*anc Dry 'Good

e-qlrgst, best fitted up and
Sthat aperience can suggest
pfortahle and attractive of its
die sight of Loui will.
prte list of Fancy and Dr)

Move Prestom, Loisille, Ky.

acres in the aforesad beans. And, ty
the way, the velvet bean culture Is
audoubtedly a very proitable Industry.
Besides being a most excellent feed for
stock--maings 3'lney-woods cows" give
fellow "Jersey butter'-it is proven to
be a bhihgrade ftertilzer-many or-
aenge growers using It in place of cot-
ton seed meal. There ought to be
5,000 acres of be-an raised In Uus
county next year.
The buildings that are to be erected
-Dart of them are already under way-
are as follows; o hts ed proper.
2xSO feet; placing and rice mill tbuild-
Ing. t'wo stories. 30x8Q t et. The upper
story of this building will be used for
tbe storage oa rice, bea, corn, etc.
There will also be a comntadlacus boaw-
tb house for the eacca nodatlon o
employees and customers, beside sev-
eral neas cottage for the use of tboee
who may desire them.
'And. last, but not least In impor-
tance and Interest t thel cotnUomnlty.
is a store building in which will be
found 9.a weRselected stock of general
merchandise which wUl be kept up to
the demands of Its patrons Buildings
that are being erected by aer. Blocker
are of the sibstantial character, show-
ing that 'b haa come to stay.
The tocaton for the nills and build-
ingWs io a besaiful site and bespeaks
the sound Judgment and god taste or
Sthe afores&ad entlemaun.
SBvery farmer in East idlllsborough
i oiht to give this enterprise substan-
tial eniur sent. The benefit to be
derived from It is incalculae. here
is n1t a farm in the whole vCoaty that
w not produce corn, rice or bans,
and a&v man ran make a lvtnang grow-
Ing either, and should be gnow ah
three and patronize Blocker's milis, he
wi1 be "In It. stdcrty in It."
It 7ou want to eoe ood health, a
clear coMsoience and keep abreast of
the tUm. oXme to our malls eand sob-
scribe to theli'rtoe, the bee t paper
sout ocf Jacksonvile.
SeeiW will comnence next week.
The other branaces of the bslnes will
be in operation about September lst.
Mism Pearl Hil. a charmlnr young
lady of Punta Gorda, is vlsdtSn her
uncles. Messrs. W. B. and J. Z. Knght.
ST eTOP al34TM.NO.
SMiliUtary Governor Ludlow Proposes to
End It In Havana.
Havana. June 14.-iMa. Gen. Ludlow,
military governor of Havana, has Is-
sued an order appotiUng three secre-
taries of the civil government and two
well-known attorneys to lmvestlgate as
toaP as*Uel in Blaana, and to report
aw to the best method of putting hto
fome the ezxistl laws on the subject.
GvnMoing is now more prevalent
tere. according to the statements of
residents of lon standing, than at any
tioe In the history of the city for many
Particulars haws been received here
of an outrwse by outlaws on the plant-
ation Ban Frncsco near Guanajar,
pvminoe of Pinar del Rio. On sunday
night tent men. mounted and well-
armed. surrounded the house of Pran-
eiseo and Wtnml Motesionsgo, brothers,
and owners of the plantation, and de-
manded entrance. The aontelongoss
opened fire. which the thieves returned.
hilng Frandismou They theo forced an
emnt-aee &ad carried away all the vat-
uables. leelng MWanea bound.
Last niRt tend presstnaby the
same party, attacked farms at Popilla
Pad ierana. where the Cuban guards
rove them off, killing a negro named
&kntonlo ifmorles.
Maj. Gem. Lffe and Omor Dola civil
governor of Pinar del Rio, have been
noted of these outragens. and have
bees asked to send troops to a num-
ber of small toirna
The tipector Batloed wih the Gm-
ernment Work at BEeont Key.
sL Ft C. R1 qarlty. or the quarter-


Dewey Will Not Accept a Home, But
Says Build One For the Sol-
diers and Sailors,

Washington, C., June 14.-Whlae
unwilling to accept a home for himaeff
Ad idral Dewey is desirotm that the
money collected for his benefit be used
in the esabllasLhment of a soldiers and
sailors home. A private cablegram
sent by the admiral to a friend in this
ctry gives the authority for this state-
Members f the committee and
friends of the admcal have been ex-
pecting that he would decline to re-
ceive the home and would sggest that
the money be employed for veterans.
Treasurer Roberta, who is also treas-
urer of the Dewey WFd, said to-day
tht the committee would continue its
ollectlons, and that when the sum
originally determined upon had been
raised, a decision would be reached
relative to its dispostion.
In naval colse generally and among
off ials a satisfaction is felt at the
adaial's dsclslo It has been stated
that he miould find a home such as was
intended a white elephant, and would
prefer to ive as he has been accus-
tomed t0.
Strong Indorseinent of the Park Plan
as Outlined in the Tribune.
vrom tmuresday's DaoJ.
The statement ln yesterday morn-
IBe Tribune of the plan for providinr
the city with two punMe pakts cre-
ated mu h discussion and enthusam
in the city yeeterdap Everywhere
strong e xpressions in favor of the plan
as outlined in the Tribune, eoure heard.
that the oouncile shoRd proceed at aoe
to matheorle the eparhase of the two
tracts mentioned, and make provision
r their' conversion Into suitable
A leading Frankln street business
ma msld to the Tribupe: "Ia hpe the
council will not allow this Important
matter to drop. In purchasing the nec-
essawy property and providing the
parks, the council will Te sustained by
the general secenttment of the tax
payers and ctisens."
Was the result of his splendid health.
Indomitable wil and tramendoa en-
eSgy are not foutMd w-ere tomMh
liver. kide ys and bowels awe out of
order. If you want themse qualltlee and
the suoes they bring use Dr. Kl=i's
N7ow tife PUaL They develop every
vower of brain and body. Only 25
oents at S. B. Leonardl & Co.'e drug
The Famous Free Silver Champion Ex-
pires at Lebanon, Mo.
Lbaane., Mo., June 1. Rlichard
Parks Bland, the famous free silver
leader, died this morning at 7 oTlkok.
He had slept munnterruptsdly for
thirty-to bours previous to death.
Bland's career -was one of dJtin-
gukabed publIc seMvic. He was a
Kentuckian by irth, spending his
early life In Caliornia and Nevada,
and settled in UlNwMI in 18M. Ne
wa dencted to ogress in 1=71& aad
na bu a mrbwa of the House ever
nBow. 'He -w the e okt. ajrant for
the Ihe"ooralO iresidemi'l nogninstbm
In u186 on= BiyaAs "ro-wn ot thorne"
- ,ch I anged the cg-rueeCC of the

From irdays Daity.
I. IJhi a. the missig ather at- S5ter o e ii
Ulttl Cle e JohnonM appeared on the

scene yesterdnw f others, and o n maor towebs
promptly- took charge of Me oNO. EL^
the Tribune told yest ar morning
of the arrival of little Clarie fror ftar- sa sAnd %strsa
off Michiga been nd obe in ef when he at
ound no father to greet ime at the de- at fte
eots the 5-year-old two was placed ,nty,--1
under the carsent e of atron s ter. who ts w rswiat
seusred to he in Flor him at the Mas- center oft n w
cote rhoture ot e elw
There was a joyfult Une there
ryaterday when father and s on ther b W 1 Bs,
together. They had not seen each.
Infour Syear.O'a M aia .--
eand ha been located in the oonatry, t : "
near this city. Abo t two weeks a o
he sent transportation to his foI__ mattio
home'ln .a hlaan for his boy, whom __
he desired to have in Florida with him.
The departure of the little fellow was AiaU Jua
delayed and when Jhoason ocame to '7 Watllso
the city to meet him several days agoe end &sMaid .xn jlBlt
he was dIsappointed, esm&,on. v
AllN was we lat night, however, and h mkas Wto i
father and son left together for their but I BtlU. Whe V 6A
county home. T F i nu -

9D Dwea se&s
If your stomach is disordered, bow-! me ee'-nl wese
els irroular,. and yoo don't sleep weIll vselome. tbi wtlsohfg 6
you need Prickft Ash IUoer. It.l and the Cf
very effettvte In removing this ondl-i im wit ha a e h ae lA
tian. Sold ty lE B. L aeodl &A Co.
Jeffriesa W ites B tter to t m u

James J. Jbffrs, the conquersop 00 1. s, -
Bob Ftxslmmindons Me Med the taj featoyw4eNGiSWM
lowingr chalense to T rs
the smilor po it: a

. bedl e wh1i U--es. to Bt, 9rte t iIn -r i

wcto w hldthav being w tn a tnn l
twe ao. Too know in y -n ow& ugg J
- erta that Ptta e w yq ln.wS
L. aned ato wea*es t o 11he -Stapt c
a d:lnow h ne that ha n tti.o te ,,me
y ou rt foar ti4e sqtal andolbi a
t.word aim Y ou kno w i n yawposi
what tohmeetme. That Ia Just wYur t ,,

you once and do it oeg. not w x BM-ase
am I me now c0no9M of the wd r f .49
and you desie to meet -e I herew

Fttointni ma- e-.-n. in otmir tI t sUmkthfe ttw
aI mionht eanet and In the tIlel ea. it a

oo a B ftk ar -
'7 will ficht ym on or about Beiac- Is the abet 5d
ber 1th for the lngeet pwe offsed the ace.
by any athletic CMe s*A a NN Odte or new sboa fee Ma

lian jhe tee of wood faIth. I uatop- that tm e where. B
entire Pee Ail go to the wlne s-. Trlim p 1 -
ments cldered Fighet (or ao&ao
none. You want agree to Geces BLer
as referee. who hba demcrate to -A F i Msa M
the world that e It a fir man. I -
have no u-Me that yoi shpien A.
tats any Wyatt Nigeen M& Also c
the Coontest han takesplace in an eVh- r
teen-foot ring you cannot runzazwf. Istup 0045!

expressed a williennese to h t h -4tat bee

at6f cm witiset y' .N


I'v. .

--7 '9


The Demaadfor a Osl for Additioni ----- The Tamps Fish and Ice Compamy
.. l ott,..to ap otei William McCoum Coovicted of wil Buy an zce Plant at
-- p Ea. scs.. p Highway Robbery. Jacksmoe.

f= C TIE FACI CQ E Washington.I.-. DJune 11 l-peciaL- From Wednesday's Daily.
Deelopments during the last two BOWEN WAS TREATED BADLY President John s.mare.e and General
S moths have shown conclusively that Manager W. e Adams, of the Flor-
WI e k ws l -Tek ldents sad the military authorities have under- ircl-ini~t Will ot a Term of Years- ramed from Jacksoaville, where they
."' ma t these Trade the Pat estimated the amount of work before -Two Untrie Caes Still o went to seeect headquarters and trans-
'Wink TersIey Told for Major General Otis in the Philippine act other business connected with the
: '7 : isndiL the Docket-Other Court establishment of the main office of the
2. fTibune4"' ad wa company in thai t city.
". .;': ., :.It is aio evident that unless a much News. Wale in J e, IMessrs. ar-
SSaer tsfoee is sent out the strugge arease and Adam perfected arrange-
al o munt be domtin@ed for a long ime. U Dl. meint tfor the purchase of a large ee-
w&aM weather of theW ee k a n now under orders eroA Tuesdavs Deiby. manufotatir plant which will be
11100 It MW had a onseh ddirt' A ghlwsp robbery cse ws tihe at t cot c
Snt l We5mE5le has re th.L nts deed upon have been en- inpl lssue before Judge Carter in tating andl cheaenain the large s4p-
_^ % 25 nea^e'I~400mn, aO S M ie0 than he has ad criMinal court yesterday. The prose- us which the re obg to
itoft section has been nede, tbut a force. in the Junmeint outor snd the defendant were boat The tfinain oe f the company will
hp IM ot baen hi ms Msat M taW try utSatorttles, tar too well-kown white people of Port Tampa be opened in JacksonvtHe on July L
i. BaiiU to eopte all to mae rapid progress against City. and much interest was manifest- Ir. Adnams wMtU remove to that lty
Pi'lll t t- e __ dra mh the insunomlt. ed Ina the trial that date, and ai measse th om-.
tb bs/-1 1 jor F oRaetent It is evident that few more reg- On May 18, last. Benry C. Bowen, a peaWr business tlmera
JOi -tAme j O W t A, our 1o, c- m 'can he spaned I em the small bl ,-.i and WMI aMumne,. a ma- Owing to the tact that a ,mall
l a~e itpi tors Tmp a'' ore retaLned in the United States chi ist. had taken a fw gasmes ot spay of the same nas a, which hap.
Nd ensw eigars aF people ez- nless Volateers aw enlisted to re- beer together In a Port TasWia City pesed to get Its apploatlon for a
t arts ettba Ia atAlps tm tbhet and the Preldent is being saloon. and Bowen had ewgged in a carter In a tow dag a ad of Qe big
eral th*eg the ass st tr WMed not to detlr ay longer dice game for drinks and cigar company, took the name of the dI]lor-
S a tneM rea foCr an arate tfore of vol- AIt the clos a hoar of the saloon, the ida Pish Compa9s,' the big oonMany
.I-t tbit the Untee. two men left together, Ibut separated he chained its name to "The Florida
l is ie m mat hosm. nIIAI A i r i the street outside, ioOune eapinae h b and loe Coinpsnain"
tmie -seo et ms H M wha thatbhe was goingito. bed. #
nwiomenas ut every UH ICUI Bowen testlfed tha the started down
*+..gek*n"ep d mG nough to the street and, when In front of a KISH
ee algar. = When they ---- Chinese laundry, he was sensed from be-
they aend to Tampa. NeagO Deak-Keadm Fight Over a hind. violently by the throat, and ---
satts- e@hows no a O sQ .he forced to the i round. He recognized While Tampa Was .ool sad Delight-
S qi4e4 h The ftetory is,nd t to t his assailant. and wore positively that
.. ta~ out a nice lot of (Death on Stsai r Manatee. It was M Ctne, who choked him Into fU the Northwest Was Swlter.
Sii aa er Poes reports a force' nsensltiilty. lHe did not awake until i With V Msual Heat
4l? fe aer fata The factory daylight, when he discovered that 221.50
ih 1 e lgarf this week and Prom Tuesday' Daily. in cash, which he had in his pocket --
N O, nie Iure (oe J. N( CL aton was kMied by Abe tMon- when he left the saloon, had been taken From Ttuesday's Daily.
*t roe on the teamer Manatee yesterday rom m Suanda was one of the coolest Jane
- ,. 'a er of the ci ar de- roeGon oteammTe Nat yesterday Going to the shop where McCune dfs that Tampa has enjoyed in sees.M
"es Bros. a CUtler, oa tmanl oust I ottock. worthed. Bowen accused him of the years. he Tnr-Tlmwn temperature we
i a s, e les t week on tBoth men were colored, and deck- robbery. WMoOtue seemed very Indg- only 74 degrees, white the mInlinum was
d., .1l-Alaertcaa aan. hands on the Manatee. nant and struck his accuser in the face 60. Th gave a mean temperature oC
S Ni as very meH r tmu Tb had had a a & d ty in the with his fst. MoOune was arrested he normal temperature fod the
whts he m an"d tehe wa a "eub," the trouble being over a wo- and stood for trial in the criminal day being 90, the weather market was
mad let ftforh 0man. Claton streak a1aroe with a court yesterday.
fe'ce raM. and i0onroe left the neigh- Btate SBenator Thomas Palmer assist- 1te 3 oits o bout Bunday's
tba conaay esmorte bortLood. rebornial to the steamer. ed Solicitor T urman in prosecuting Mo- daYs weather was that while people
it Sug day efter- Clayton reached the boat shortly atfer Cone. Attorney Harris and Peeples ap- in Tamt wore thinning about over-
,I pleassanL hO Monroe did. peered for the defendant. coats. wnteatua ringa toen,
E .ftir l^ ar ei:n ILe w h T* Ihe quarrel was renewed. From the The defense alleged that the prose- a bo
"0ti fl t'.9 Ft Dias, testimony. it appeared that Clayton cutor, Bowen, was too drunk on the tg hot. At Nort Platte Nob., the
& S. tap ntJa- 5r- the aggressor n the last and fatal en- night in question to know what hap- thmomet registered 100, d as late
-5 Vbai Tm T" center. Monroe onally drew his razor opened to him or how his money went 8 o clock the mercury stood at
memim b o Ane, and slashed Clayton with It. he lat- They claimed that he either spent his Coad weather prevailed generally
S4Is spsleted to arrive in ter fell, covered with blood, to the deck. money or lost it in his perigrinations. euthe Soui.ld
S osg~A.Ft< inm 1t ciur- IMonroe gave himself up to Deputy The case waa oloseey fought. ThR' Yerda le most 15 degree
Mnltisa mthatWll Sberiftw Lester. Clayton died In fifteen jury was out almost one hour. and re- waesterd iheals i deg Peas-
0 tuOrn lt mi lnutee tter he feU. On examina- trned a verdict of guilty. McCune w r d uad, was le plea -
a rh erantcompared with the Juneaerage
lU..tion the body by Dr. BirdIt was wil get a term of years in the pen- t co
r ef flrqAhesPe k. Mra 1-own that death resulted from a deep entlary. Carttle and i*) Cheeker Playsr
Srpmgsmi u under the left arm, severing an Other casee tried yesterday were: James Wyllie/the "Herd Laddie," on
.s'_tn to amrtve artery. John Bossart. assault and battery, a very wet and tempestuons day, many
,t bi heoat. AIn Inaest was held by Judg E. V. 115 and costs or 30 days. years ago. turned into a little roadside inn
moinagel of te lWhitaker. and all the evidence bearing Antonio Hernanodes, gambling, $5 and Dear Lochaben. Soon afterward he@
9! ,. m J besN4 o Joined by a couple of strangers, the youn-
S He as been on the killingM wa hear. The Jury de- costsor 30 da aer of whom, a burly farmer, began to
A01 Aind has spent the cldesd that Monroe ah ld be held for Richard Grogan, gambling, $5 and boast about his profloloecy on the 'damb-
31s3 erm. HJ w3 I the action or the oonrtsa costs or 30 dawL roa, as the draught board is called In
s ..tr to look .... F. M. Johnson, uttering forged Instro- Scotland. He was at onDe challenged by
ot O'Natloran a CoI folE BIG .IACT Y. ment, nol prossed. the Herd Laddie to play and consented,
in e. e w mE3 t odelo eildi Will e M darry Qni nn, reftuin to apport wl th gan M attentively wahed
S Is vaiohis wife and children, not prossed by7,he thIrd man, a person of rugged as
-o fi th s ead OrJJues& JgCarter expressed a detemine,- Part Ttme after time Wyllis swept the
Is __rde board, while the vanquished farmertm
FS torils us The hbtr moildin fort the l iodelo tion yesterday afternoon to try the cases ed, swore and fairly lost his temper
w s5 asan t,- braseh of the Cuban-Amerlcan Cigar promptly as they are called. There Suddenly the third party broke sllenes
BC OJ(o., ian "hst Taap will be ready tor are -- cases on the docket .till un- with the following warning to his opmn-
MII~o^S ig II-] ooeopanQ be oame dispoeed of, and the court may be i panlon:
a ie U e h h poab.-ll selon two weeks longer. 'SlOP etopi Leveoff, mac I ties you
MpgA A B1g tbs week at construction, nd the g n himself or the Herd Laddie?"
ne ftry wIB soon be in active op- OD B. G4vens kat desk n Wylte mingdly Aowledged hsid.
fthe ct.', mh ctoLt cooat clerk's office, auter a ^ty. A jorum of punch was ordered, sad
I. beildhi is 0 tOy 30, three stories beneolcal stit to White Sulphur the trio had an amiloable chat, although
,,Tl45 Ot.R In heht, wih, "wettlng-room" an- an. the fanmer said no meaw abut his1owin
aiJs I It wl be oe a Li Ib. e luty h be took WyIHa desandwhlpered
B kSlt 005*5 sa best oepointed elar ".al/ng the name of the painter AlIed "That child's a relation of mine samdl
..." iw sMl ihgls faorisa th5io t p. Stevens, In the papers reminds me o big a man as you are in e hf
g sof l ath. e neat little fua p made by a would be Maybe you've beard of him up In London
t 8 se slr I Mrs Ida Kennedy, of Tampa sald a gentleman who owns a few m -a
the meant es. el 1RHe~iat ,,t' be pained to lear1 of her plsoes himelt "It is hard to realise that Japanese house in the laser clies are
u so dtab Amerloan, nd, in fact, there a rin t mortisIng, not one nail being nada
B thean theme thhat ouggete t throughout the constretionof the build
twaa dwag ogl As a mater of fact Stvens is a Belgian
UBtUer (in Afetha .A master, prononnoes his name 'Starrens'
tem and is as tar from English in his style as f -

il i0 is is possible to be.
'S.ev s i prominentet figure In.Pan A- WOTIER'S
sian artcircle and is greatly melsd,
& % -% Maw In one of the American salons at Paris a
VRLQatInewly arrival young lady, with artee~pLram ~ I ai sre
.o .and painting when some one changed p
to ask whether she had met Alfred Stevens
",Afler ...oment's hesitation the young l 1 oni-
lady replied: 'Noe, I don't believe I ve e ft It is ed dite
met him, but he has relatives In Bridge- the moads so that e is no dis-
por, Conn., and I have seen him there ofot, It p i
severealMmemm, think he isnone of your mort.Itmseh d reies
lever young painters, don't yon? '"-- ming abe lr
HNew Orl oenTimes-Demorats. o breasts, t beendpsv
A-We it elas is act the only plesthe mot get.
obe a aU &Itne isoflkasp tanc A naks .0of hrides. i. form.
for tl5abe b si, a well s Rule, the ummervapital of the Indian
Ad am.It is n oDrPi pirc' is a pretty pine treed place we:] 1
"4b h c,-stmedicinehat up in the foothills of the Himalay As.l
tIP eis1 s h hbud of a number of feature of Sinml life is the annual fair tested bookletur
iiml dA disamse. When a smn held by the native hils people, an etre a
waldelsick*.he cnmPer& habelive Item of which is a 'hank of brides'
Cn a n in an amphitheater, where cIt number of MOT E31% FRm
tonduceM =axay `lthte young warten who thusea tly lT "ounce ftd R1 0.ieak.
f uearod thetby ard~ene-iwidtevesfor hynienet n. eAels
wE- beandthe ue t of- boom
m'ms~et be bSome of thed&espirate to matrimony

tao the equation--Reoh-ng
t'e Well It's,
-Wham ee hreaks as a
'mileiml th IIbod, "l saplW
perMthing is =Am bte

.y Poltry

Pure Pit Games, 02 per pair,.
mated but not akin. The chick-
ens have a pedigree that cannot
be aWoehed. They are remrka
bly healthy, strong and prey.
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OAnd 94
Oarry a complete Stockl Io


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