Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: May 18, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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fa Ih ,,, k Serious Trouble Is Feared In the Twreat Scouts and TWo Coipanits L y Times Anticipated in Deaing With T
Ith Cpiol Adinlntstration of Cuba. Drove Them From Their Stronghold the Convict Question

l -tla. tefatba ArmAy akawses to Captured Records Show That Fully He At aches His Signature to a num- T
Iisesd, ?orte Wi1 Be Used to One-Fifth of Their Forces Were bir if Important Measurea That
a the land. Killed or Wounded Dur- Have Passed Both
.., -.. ..... n -- ing tha Battle. Houses.
:' -L Was2nttia- .l6.-J1'nagh no ofli- _..
-itl e ii. t @t ved M tMeall nia iy 15.-Twenty American Tallahas ee. May 13.-The investigat- Ib
.ji iear nmoonr foreshldowg scouts. under the ooWnmand of CaptaLns ing committee sent to Investigate the w
tInhs e stoo Catnere isarea- case and Berkhetr, sported by came in East andouth flor- L
'a.s e i a'w-t t-le a&tborities are two companies of the Minnesota and I- 14has just returned, san Its report. ,
Jp'n heg w ptiSae fth mthe ma- Oregon votenteer regiments, flanked i be ted (Mondae wl contain tart-
S-"ad b i the Iowrgests at San mdedorboo tit is disclosures ofcruelty and law- P
et.to.4txpIleal tdat Mo mironig and cspured the town. fv treatment of convicts, & large num-
B Sis pasiali6.s 006so 0 (308G1".b ajighpl.Su tbey fired twenty iriumd se i g to povet. furth.wrIn B
a t e pmak ma niM 6 or ros of n-m~nailn. they ony a to-alght is that t
M i' Ar d etpgt or pro- lg i fded e scot. Ithe Anw t mh debate next wee
1^^ w tth a view to Jos" ,ided one Insurgaent officer aneS 1 aVIC BB5M L aw6.
W so t b wemsed sx men' (Ogeraor Blasoxham has approved the
a tatter to the rs (-pt-a8 0 re"esb imow that twoeaty fen twi and roemaoria o the m
I e. mi to paot Ie-es u peor nt. of Me p nreet e ran the untlet o
smEmu^ WbtMf temmi torts iasbeenidiled andSwounded Ae u Suces a
4.o"S8 S5Saee 'or o owawtnmsadeanne begn 00 3Mia L bottbouaes:
S was ason paln'. mittary pre- An act to amead sections 2 and 46
ES ebyb tte senate te here, a se the Itnibitants of o t chapter 4136, Lws of Florida, en- "
mtannact taoopra.' on the i.ed of Mlrom o, to an act to pn rvide for the munlc- i
dodo Wt prove" mdee ed rm8 froi (iebers twoa -nt-ethe eity"of Key WesL an
OMWn w .n mhlonger.I f the forces. but their reqoene was UIVs i.ipal corporation exAtIng in tane 0
==Its p innlits a to She Onstnn this haebuw eir o s te rms o omae, provii dte funetor tr ta
j 'SUI~h~l be'en to s otter at m0 n"tised "a' t"eW Sn- election and appointmen, and to'regu- ni
n Ina Iconnec onsinld- nmchine go n and rifles stolen from the nCtloes 2 and oa chapter ias, La s 5a
rgar mnaner of eqa ad te inititybypsnainh An Sact to XeIn repar ad peri- en
j4-S'hA1,, t thi s sbeen collected The nsaives were repunsed with at lcro adn bridge and to open ne n s
S w &eub ua sd, sensed by the Unked low. General ,Montero. a major of en- roats. and to condemn the right of wajlec
sdnTiE e"- r s-in-dee in some gineem, and Captain BOutlea, were for same in Bevara county, Flah., and t
6as m nd-p O i e lf the peea- gravel .oun.ded; Lieutenant Granado g,'iveto sai .county ceruadn righs anon r
W 3"e fS4w t the mane-fir was rhitly injured, one private ot- privileges, authoring the levy of a ar
.-1g ^ abItehe United dea r wars kNaed and the-e wmalned. s pe lt road tax In each commissioner in
O nea ot the n thnsaid t- n ot Th e natives have enoff thte water strict l a and providing the l method d y th
S E thd arthe sph t their supply and other resources of the s an ewhion esdnta shall c levied and cx-r
So r b k May 1 A the- ro t A a m i a riended. r
I lu. bld resort to. eirda r tat n b etuNeg o Also an act to cause to be audited I
eitqlspad dmaiby adrirho
t nS w. MO tww the 1NMtm maLRIGdG WIL BE ORe DAINE D. t 3a old the s3 account of James C.n tlo: m
anAe in ve haen da the ef lt, Cin e te oriaod manager of t hea r
;A nerlcan^ is lt Cbnlath e Ce Or f -Bshop Potter Says the Ceremonyh Will Oca&B ,%ent g "-1tar, a newspaper pu9b- ro
tadlepl, tIn CON.lt troe &A. n otu. hereet D.BTake PlaceB an R14. lished in the ciS of Ocala, Fla. his t
pur tn a st g o f palones New York. MyI .-The Rev Dr. cha e for publishing the tax sale
vSiaWhg mMdd nes bqelcean of the r n-eker ewU te ordainedeund the dat week for four consecutive weeks, of an
s conditions W ibh B Ireval nl d olicallsy appointed ib s the bishop of Marion county, State of Florida. for
-orryin S-e tet e dBoubtediT would N atYork. heay 14. at the pro-iat- of asesent madre andei ehe pro- e
Saio toer QICublian ieto e eesdencel. edra. aStasuton aenet. New York, at mons of chanter0 42., Lane of Florida,
T ent "" orttlen are etfindei, that the 10: 46a. m.. The Rev. George William the ey" A D 1 90, tased on warrant w
e. e. aglfeaor regmnt p seed thae n eDouglass w ill preach the ordination for the yeanr x a6.
S peaeultr arieatnow. ian Cbe.arWen r i on. The Rev. iD fC.tB B ith ll A.- asan act to amend section 591iof e
0 0atoe-a with the present ito1 present Dr. Briggs and Rev. Dr. thes avined bStE atuesf the State of P
IT peta. a pdsv av _peae anld r i3 eis Nelson will present. Air forid a defining the purposes for and g
Vem akh" Au strength. Bishop Potter will chose the pro- in while county bonds may Issue, nh
-ea erai Brooke iRsa been In- Cathedral as the place f.r the ordI- An act to authorize and emnpow er
SLe.i etrct to be as concllaimy as psposl- nation because of Dr. Brlggs having cities and towns tot issue negotiabler

the Itha e wsl taas'se uoll audtiuorlty by law Laborers Have a Fatal Batli WlLbh kouses by the Slate 'ard of Health,
2 e- no M e force te aotoMpspltlvneg the paur- Police and the C ot' is Patroletd and prescribing a penalty for falling
apeaceful O he'th"eIsland. I w By Amterc-an Sfoldiere .n i place and keep said buildings in
VWS ._S'1 l m.b',. -. i ' -sanitary condition.
's.gWof ": 'f I'SaPA s3DI3Il Cietfls, uoCotuba, May 17.-eA bandi Also an act to incoporpate the grand

iCainptann B kser, captain of the portn Also an aut auborting ey of ex-
"' _r "---- a--- early thi evenlte and made a demand upon real estate.
X ws f y sat Oinst Itoas GOnfly T.or .back nay. 'As they were violent, Also an act mating aiproprlation for
1'f' CrMonicedl for Tribune Cabtain BaIer drew Ia revolver. The military expenses IOncurred by the State
.:' n g th laborers retired, but returned soon after urcri inhe war with &pan.
^ ^il 'with flftf othBers aind made a similar Mr. Quay doeelapes that he hat been o
p - T demand, uslng profane lang'iage, in- out of clitics fot a month. That must t
f l iI- 1.hel a Inte a e s a bee t during bch time E bat he ng an
oiftCu ban btnbusa-orersscalledis-onlodnuttigightsainPand othering, of b n w r i F
n affti tiromt p ,Cutaan por naece ordered toe a trresi o C h o in y f e-
l'roass -to Swn tou tee lteadeg ise. ile U maneenitangs and a gent eal en m n ft BRITISH te ROP

Wf -^ .- ^mm.killed n-e ne-ten persons w-ere e oundel,
Newlfneatma& evening, t cbein forbc. Ia
f'As the Cu bano threatened roThengm iliHng Kone. May 17.--Nat-ec oppo-

lpatroring" the tows this evening a ter 4 )" eenwren t ed .
with^ f % o v an r----- a -Mr.Qer t uy teen renee-d. Aboul t ine asbu-e
MN !q Bainsin i veryt much needet- The wSApOrUA KHOOT-ING AFFInAY. dc .iiene of thef Hong Kong regiment. u
AND toban swulaheeut aeem to get show- -i-S C1 machine e guns. are leatieg here
F.M e btt cnl e te asyeL Dr. B. B. Smith m3hoots and Fatally to-dam and lo-n nht. fJt- 'o a
1 S '. .1'N P Me8 re an -wife ace rejoicing Wounds Mr. William Holhofield. trees hane been ntrned to/te in readn-
I t a n.e f m th PesI acolu FI n. M" y 17.-Two well- eio frr army em agency,
.BS n t.. i, weseon en was appxAntoed known citizens ne thin place, WllHajm The British s 'ennd-clasa gunboat
Siblk u to .ota ouss.te l~ ield al d B. P oB. Smtt, ai dentist. Saifl and three ol .r @iT osts. pro-
o'r. been. to^ W engaged in a shootig sotape yenteeday vitoned for elsbt dua,' n aev proeeting
d ile*s fT. h e e n c a .art a f t e r n o o n t o s e a u n d e r s e al e d o r d e r s w i t h f l v e
1 ndhakwy.sornng for M. ',Holifleld was ahot three times, w en on, board.f d
-. .adtihew ou nadsare z r b.yd The territory bao of m he hinterlands
l,,ea s uete ortoosre teaituoei g physidans as fatal. The pinae been sent there,

S -l iss per atory t we ed and held. In all. .lOT lfanlntr- soldier, 100 ar- d
0 n9.i i .t 55WPu heldanIny ter ir h agate- Is tread to ebe because of Uhlic ey'tIen, 0 enge neers and 500 m a
rmgaSl^ir we a hi Drenhwd Boil rines have gone to the Kow loon htn- t
-^ u it Both geeenen arc evil nlesown ani la. T gesatent secry Bis o
respected ubsens of Penaanla. and served as to tte plans of the Brittsh P

160'3 M tl i P. Nw '. the ffr m re ted authorities., and notfltg is definitely '
I. and W. Bewan ithe known regarding the actual destina- .
i a el Xihi canteen men. MAr. J. Winter, proprietor of the tion of the troops, but it seems evident w
aa ,svn oli -rv y over their Family Bakery. at 102 Franklin street, rnt two detachments of troops wllI o
ti securing control of the bae so his business to 'Messrs. R J. ad dance on Tal-Po-hL and .Deep Bay, t
a t .ih1 ventl h infantry here. JaxgW ha & Son, experienced grocery- rut oft the ra bels and drive them from
per4zl all th e canteens of nen of Belalr. who will continue the the ceded territory.
They have secured an- 'business at the same stand TIeae Troops are patrong the lEuopean
n , ~ ati No. 3 Benfi- gentlemen sTme to Tampa hisUly rec- Quarter of Kow Loon. It is reported d
s itost rt*eok t hy w ll enoab- onMPneeedt .and the Inrblaue wibes that OChinese rebete from"liung Kung
Mte egsehaMve um oat them as the success pole They invaded British territory yesterday.
in 1 MAeoe, Sk Cris- 'wM endarge their tboek and seekf a evening, and that two armed gangs
'l i try ( a s c S the ptIhc O gmW, s cb robbed the city of KNow Loon.
.w1a -vep- senst ser ag e at y enti 0ed W HogHO Kong to istte quiet.





be Stronghold of the losuIreats IIt*l
-**Nine Thousand in Sight 4

he Nebranka Voluntees Ask Their It Bk l
Comnvrssider to be Blieerd Prom .- at ti 1
Active Duty at the Froat.

ManUa, .,May 2-Ra rei
ive been sent to General MacArth-r.
ho is dispooig biM troopaand OGenerae tlat
awton has moved his columnF tnrm C dd 1.
linai and atanin to a &stesgisaf -
mltion. The whole prpome oa thes enea egM
eov in- to 55Wtsd the4M iOA tosfbdiX
vefta boleKved to o isle-ncked &t edamn-w
acoir. cubh the xansed .nOc, f-,sthel
ad make pratonersa of who are noet hm,
1Med t battle. m
It is became e of th abgeeity of n. U
g a Mstrn e for fpc r thtis pret -e -
utthat bi wra Othm hm wt Mooshoo

sy L
Ine off
.L It I
tI to
itn a I
la to

Ictin aand at
as aye witn
come withia

e sa
ent S

The memorial states that the men are nMh1M
1lllg to fithe. ot are In no condition d
o do so owing to the strain ot leangs e 0 11
marching, contJinual fighting and out- M C
ost duty in which they have been en- felisio
aged. WaS also
It in added that many of the men In the 1
ave been unable to have their cloth- O5-121e
te- washed for months past. having wheia-
e ed omapelle during all that time Ings or I
o sleep in their uniforms, to be in readi- 8nMre M
ess for fighting. CThe memorial adds ad. or v
iat since 'February 2 the regiment has an 9f
mt 225 res in killed and wounded, MOa-- Mt
lnd fifty-nine since the battle of Ma- th e p aU
nInS. artieR U
Sennaite mw


ntArsthe Store of A. Levin Lasto "Asts
Night and Gets Away With a trat iS
Dr. Coi
Quantity of Good. Thwis hbW
A t ld attnmo e wan made boat 8 theta O
'"cdok last nitgdt no rob the merchant e JdusIt Bm
llorilng stoxxe of A. jevin. at 817 Coleman
ranlrlnh street, while the proie rtor the otppe
-1bh several friernda was engaged in a tha"
leaaftjum chat on tfhe sidewabJ inl fnro*. b the C
f the store. nne nmscrueant came In s 2 "*w -
L. the reaem door, which was open. andM bhrd oC
suiceeded In gettingE awasy wth four- T ien0ti
.en pears of fine tailor-made pants. -t has
Danvid Kirchick, who lUven next door, is "e -,
ad occasion to go out beak Just as tie aiheneukI
hief was croteing the lot with hi tmbun- marked
Ie. At that moment the man .who ao- "Is fog
pies the rooms abowe the atoMar, ew .Wiy. th
he man witb the goods In h m manas ,l h
nd gave the alarm. A policeman was tbeM
summoned, and in iese time than It tan for
siaes to write it, the entire block was Is reached
surrounded yW the excited -p c- .
As the craqw entered into the lot
nak of rhe store nfro were the got The Brnt
vere stolen, a b die wa noticed lyim A .1
ear the fence, 'weere the thief evi- Mayor
ently Jumped over. bhe bundle, wVhen
xamlne. turned out to be nine pars Brti
f tne nmisati Xmen e tI% aMe tvl- ltm ps
tenty h ad mor tat" he concd mmato e, s t .
nd was oonVeed to drop. the resawe -_ C
art of hte losd. i ^i& makes the t lie atu-Po
Ons emy five pa. 'Alli effort to SP- k -
renend tne thef were futile- The ou- Queen'S
ers awve been fatmished withb a& de- M
cription of tie stolen geetd, mai nd e, d rp w
SO do their tmost to get their ens ew
n them as wel as the man wsho ealse --.,g .

Herbert Coois of Ocala. formerly ,'(W"
nanger f the ff. B Masters ncothtng
popantment, of that cift wo t('?% is .
raveiny Hsalmiiimn a Or a J-sniniviffleli
iieRe dpy goods and clotli hoag ,'.
remid in tde city yesterday and5w.. "jkl2W
mend mecwrai d&Tn among the ibtmm .
me of tmpa and vciMnty. EC
t-ok ntau t very lu.h is the omt
si the 39nrts of Pythias WdpW-1t ,Wi4
iart m. I wet ery poplar throssUIneg
heState. At Me KL at P. Nr=a ,xn l WM.

*m w lcni OinadI Pis .TMO
toWetan6t r -ot.i
.t 3ePc e be p ". -
iS evm^ S 2E buiy 9P

* V



IA -
eet UEss'fl1

di~ore tw le
wijewbis islst
iA te 4e
bl llirii mu

Ihih and i OF i JULV FON1 therSTRONG : e IPAtMER WA A
.'1e charge of the BOft ilndred atBale- O| the lEttaIgent- 'Discovered B3-Gen-
Marva shows their tesales devotion to, U eral Lawton's AdViace Guard.
dut -Havedock in India and Iavins-0091 H Of j [I [ON Of the "e a WAS I Pa ."'
ton lh AftIa represents the highest Manila. Ia y 11.-The strongest insur-
Yes of older and m onary.Nel- Preparations for a Big Natonalgent ion yet knon in theon In the Dscussioao the f
son at Trafalgar strutc the keynote of' of General Lawton's ad-caene was de-
sery mntd-. h nd u Holiday Celebration on Tapis. ''"l op a":.ed dad C unmlmSSiO Bill
'every n os his duty." ttil'ber- miles north of Balinag. by a recon-
foree and Howard stand for philan- nottering party consisting of companies
Lincoln for tatesmanhip w Nathan PROGRAM TO BE PREPARED Oregon regiment LEADING TOPIC IN LEGISLATURE
Hae regretting that he had but one e earthworks extend for a me ----
life to give for his country. se e I from a swamp on the left along a high The Debate On Clothing the Cozm is
Coi tles heroes, on both sides of the Bicycle and Other Race. Barbecue ridge In front of the town. the right.
eat civil strife, in he war ith with flaningtrenches commanding a n With Pow
Spain. have exalted manhood, and made and Cheap Railroad Batea Will | vn.t open country given up ;n rice i M
the race tlilstrtous. Dem-ey sailing over Catch the People-Board of I flelds.h ow allOther
the minee and past the grlm fortress at I m The nemy. on the aptproac-eh of our -Lell native O a i
Mmlla. winning a bloodless rvitor-. Trade to Act. snaa. force, opened a terrible ontulllaJe __
iHo deon sinking the Merrimac, EnslgnI Iand the troops withdrew. Major Dg-
IBley dying on the Winslow. 'borne gle, of the Minnesota regiment, was TaxhA te, MA 11--In the Seae
tenderly book to deep In the soil oT his Frcm Friday's DaJly. i shot Lhrough the head. this afternoon Mr. cLlun.gave notice
.rolina home. These are a few cases In conversation with W. A. Morse I If the enemy holds that position E that he would introduce a mton to
culled from a, multitude of similar ones, yesterday regarding the bicycle parade great battle may be expected soon. All reconsmiaer Pam lament t
which set forth the Anglo-Saxon. and road race that nad been announced the indications suggest that every mil re nai M sier eadent to
Free from the monarchicali ties which for the ltbe of Lhia month, he stated of the forward movement of General the railroad cOmSoalOn lM ooneerrlnfg
bind the people aof Europe, our own thai it had been decided t ;.osipoae Lawton toward San Isidoro will be re- judicial pOwe-s to the commiandaoners.
fair land seems destined to be the cen- the race until the 4Ltn of July. This listed. Tb. Lh l Introdoed by lMr. Kiln, L
ter ot this new eJvltzatlon. action was taken partly behtcuae the Thousands of hungry Fillpinos are witi] provides for dts pening wuh I
Of the ohotce type of manhood here Laaelend fair begins on May -jh, and swarming into L.wton's lines. They quor petitIons and aubtItuttgl per-
developed and the condions which manny oQ the leaaong -cllers in ti., city are being ed Tromr the large insurgent's 05r b nty omti 5 onka pase l
produce It, tiUme will not permit me wished to participate in the rae tntne, stores of rice captured at BW .nag- sesood rea id s ho I Ow e. It ,na
to speL The Anglo-48axon is a colo- &ad the two events cane so near to- General Lawton has etablidbed the airongly oased by Mr. Zewidltal of
niser. eier elc. persevering and inde- geth r that it It wotuid te impoalible co flrst nativ-e intlcllap- government in M-arion, and Juit a stxi-aly sp ed
peadent. His is a world-wide mnlMslon, race at both places and do tit nistvea the Phlpplnes at Salunag. A iliHpIno by Mr. Heair ad MLrT. Mc OMuIn
where the Iro heel a oppressialon and justee. Another reason for lcstponing mayor, W6o Is authorized to Select a In th a -eiM I, Clarf k ew L *
cus bnd of s-ar breed woe. The is the fas July th is k Nua:iunaL public meeting at the natLives. lbel bil paed with t asm st ,
Thwentleth centwy w willee this civil- hoatdaw. a&0 plans are already being #q&wylo-s. lAfter a louidrdeft. i-e s
ismfon dominant in Me emiD formed to have a regular old-ti.ne oele- EXPORT JAIL BREAKER. t rA C iooauiwion De01ws5mif A
%At a recent conventIon a twAn flag, braUon in this thy. rhl being the came spe rclsO erder&W tor i XIOOmv
be&Ensish and hal Aericin, was the parade sad raoes could te mde &a Is Profe Thor Thoms r J er-. oa D eO m oD s FW In 15
unfs --edl testoas eat company. part of the cetebra-ion program, and CoMCy. tapt bebft hft a il* 9i V f -f4'
In the and@c.enr. JV. ahead hll tbeng a holiday would be witnessed y This altogether oril and mi aouMd as *.nt thI..rue hi1

K,'sqer Ser S,,_with bs b efortsan beatin a ,oM. On the snti on at a.gnor ceitbra-
l ,t wl wader to oiicdw, to banb fm tm on O tt da, Mr. Mores sid: "'I
r Iriri"tS lbn al "el'l crelot" and ty-may. a.d have been talking with a number of
go abfts to a dimtredSsd and need word leadlstinessa men, and they all have
a f Stiaft and tiberti expressed themselves heartily in favor
t a -- of a b cebraton on the 0th, and
f t eto Mfss Florida Deyar to mnaltfeede& a wiluanase to contribute
"&dJM vr the cats valledlctory. wdbih tibeally toward defraying the expee-
r tt n sh performed In a most credit- Del I teel Satlated thAt if we woxd
-L-- c R ie w d Ilawesort u manner. he gt upafirst-ttas gala day aitra-aton,
-Inchlin g woc, parade, races and
-Mad h ea upD O lloniont to the !th- swier sasnW ta and |get a special
^snd to stae tl principal, and delored teacher% low rte on all acthe -idaf annd steam.
5I5 gIiltl i WlI5t O had piHoted the class over the bo w e, we would have have over
S many oboste as end made it po-lM* twenty thousand people on that
f. or the mentiers to reacd the coveted dW. I am sure the raoroads
negnded aatSie oaI. would be sWd to make a satisfactory
Stfces ie- T he ap puse that greeted rate, and there An no doubt the steam-
each pertormanme taod how well the Iboat would fall nto line. Excursiaon
w M opened etforit of the deas were appreciated. from the towns along the coast aad
Jr. An.-lse psxlftuion of bouhQets to the grad- down the bay would brtng tlouamds
NOW ort s Utee a marks BUof roval a d appre- of people. It could be made a family
i te r dt o i their friends was the flpoet gatderig between the city and m-
- eI en at a G a penorm-nte y people, that would be ottlly
.In t CRY. The eeange o foral to oa We could well afford

W a ., he^ 111%W o ter r n they don't often see In thalse part of the
-lwftSMi aMp rWit- Pot. Oraham in a few well-chosen country.
A or el- w yd then preeated each meniber of I think the bet plan to start tShe
U-'W .. Bay," U1 'iohmuM with a diploma. Superintend- beZ rolling would' be for the Board of
iMnbe rt t, eat L. W. BUchhols was then Intro- Tale to call a tmeting and Invite tdl
wiait "h dised. He spcef In his usual happy leading cttssens and business men to a
S- .. &Adn tantertlng manner giving words tree and open discuselon of the matter.
"i fi t the i Proent of e txna&emset a wal as warning It ist a big undertaking. aned wi re-
tiMg" e of anothber very to Te young greaeLtMe. quire the best men to'o&rry it therongh
r_ ,,t_ het 5. ,o- is ae poaisted tot the road to a higher uccdsutty. m
i' poem '- r ic sphere 4n the educational world, and This being the first 4th oe f Jyttn ace
,iDst wa one of the may otf the evto to be avoided- His the close of the war wt h Span and
W -t speaker pos Ihaf-hour's address was listened to as Tampa sas the hot-bed, of military
SyIftei b voe t Usad her with marked attention Theo class activity so ar as this country was con-
to t of te then sang a good-nJ ght song and the cerned, a patriotic celebration of bhe
"otth t and. entertain- audience was dismissed. day wo f be eminently appropriate.
r r in t1I sincerely hope to seeto see the cten take
t proiam was an ri- an GEORGE BU.RBRIDGE DE&.D. hold of the matter -with proper spirit
"ah faro vAnglo-Saxon, -- and energy."
V'114 wMa ong the moast W'as Well Known in Baseball and o
eofote ewelnt-n. Tieatrcarl Circles. A NOVEL SCsHEofaE.
i- ftn Ca k RevC-. aB. JaCsonvtle, lWay -George V. Bur. -
fi r a young sum .has bride. manager aof the-Park Opera Devised By Chieag Business Men to
t'i4o lT *.lty-. House or thi city, and well lrmown in Save '.Money On Postage.
SW .eilet i imntcnet aheatncal and baseball circle through-
Sthat he had giveB _ot the country died here yesterday of Washingtomn May 11.-The attention
gl- t .ant prepare co-wtion. n, Dring the season he of the Post Office Departnment officials
-at -tif text of s ma naged the Jackson baseball team of was called ito-day to a scheme devised
1 -, 1 Pthe lldligan Stam te League, and also in Chicago to enable business concerns
rB OP .Hex ANGO- managed the Macon (Ga.) team in the In the United states whith send out
SSAXON 'dou"en League. large quantities of advertising cire-u-
las to eave money on postage. Post-
00 t %taand lirk-emi- 0CONET FIAl TO FL-ORLDA. alge on mail matter of this sort is nomd-
te f l fle the eath. --- -- nsaly the same in dMexico as to the
it Ibheigesin the foremost State Reimbursed Isor Expenses In United States, but as Mexican money
RaisIng Troops. is worth less than half ax much as
04. whih ba left la-sting United States money the postage
if-itood ft r some gre-w t.Washington. May 1L-The secretary cha-ges there are realy less in the
Saiite. 'W central Idea of the treamry issued a warrant to- ratio. The -lean proposGe Is to
ils lihl l Tbrawl dew to the gvernor of Florida for have flrma ship their advertislng
eeae 0 5..o "i ', S.5i 0on account at reimbursement for matter to Meexico In bult and
- expenses In raising troops for the War malIl it there to points in the United
stans -4ee two with Opaln. Staies, thus saving the difference be-
wii 4 t11"4 t1 i tween the value of Mexican money
7R6el t eoBtgltesd MILLIONS GIVON AWAY. and United Etates money, less the coet
tiei hs ohs- of the transportation of the circulars to
nan 5 f t he It is certainly gratifying to the pub- 'Mexico by freight.
bI /1soe edysd* by lic to know of one concert In the land (Mr. Dvan acting third postmaster
A. B ey B- wtamho are not afraid to be generous to general' ad there had been Instances
itiSW aui poo wifci the needy and the tisffering. The pro- o person s living near the bor-
00- "e ..- a. -the United prietors of Dr. Kljss New Discovery der oH Mexico carrying their malt over
I -r scqidred for ConsupUtion. Coughs -and Colds. the line and posting it. but the schesne
0i00 wetobe that have gIven away over ten million trial had never been attempted on a large
oesoev t e Ilezlb- Ibottles of thisz great medicine., and have scale. He sao ihe Chicago seheTrs
trrM MO M ton we the tsftlefactlon of knowing it has ab- could be stopped. since If the mailing
g soluteiy cured thousands oft hopeless of circulars thus was tried on a large
t ili n "fe roti- cases, Asthma. Bronchitis. Hoarse- scale the department would hane little
o mig,. enterdise and ness and all diseases of the throat dfliculty in getting the 'dexican gon-
ti M llicknas, 'lAs Chest and Lounwo are surely cured by ernment to refuse to accept them.
a0 enter heaven on- It. Call on 6. B. Leonardi & Co.. druir- #
tpe farther west. O ifta, and wet a tree trial bottle. Regia- Messrs. Harris, Peecles & Borebhardt
n n -to this pesqRe. The gilaranteed or price refunded. Court at Tallahassee. that the verdict
i^stf6 efpW sa esx of the lury in the case of tw ta9We
g1 I: the asLt THE QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY, r, Florida va. Joseph P. Richardeon
tWhet^ thierei ---. was reversed and the ca-e remasnded for
S e.' titr y Of The yearly celebrations of Queen new trial. It will be remembered that
We bsed Oft Vfctrila's birthday at Port Tamta- the verdict in this case tried In the
OsisinBed have become vents of -National and Criminal SCourt some timp axo. created
-eiaie. In _the Ipternattonat Interest. They are rotoe- considerable excitement by the defend-
It UInM! i ess d by the TJ government and re-' anr. Plehard.nn. helne sentepeed to the
1311- teli- dessrytd attention throughout the oenltentiary for a term of on- year for
woc._ d. InaugIrated in the Interest of -keeping a gambling house. The young
hDe, ace and earth's highest civilisation, man. as well as his lawyers. are to be
sgIn, ad s a tribute to the ruler of a friend- coTwratulated on their eminent success
ii" 1 fv power. Port Tampa will celebrate and big victory In this matter.
1Lio'ji tb comlar birthday of her Britnicl
'Mh Ss with Imoslng cerPemaonLs on BRAVE MEN FALL.
HWA1iv1tlss-ftg daw Mayt. Leadlrw Amer-
V-:i k i02"i llfirm S-arn various Staten. of Victims to stomach, liter and kl4-
it V' 1 .B tine Tlcos -will participate In t s- exer- ney troubles as well as women, and
Setsee"of this event all feel the results in loss of appetite,
,. poisons in the blood, hackachl, nerv-
SP nl.eum .nila Ieloem. couichs. colda- ousness, headache and tired, listless,
ajSI~I olf- crovo and Whooing couwh realty run-down feeling. But there's no need
ia'^ :''' '" Wyield to One Minute Courh Cure. tee to feel like that. Listen to J. W. Gard-
H bfeAlslOi 6 this ssdyr In time and save a de-- ner, Idavlile, Ied. He says: -Electric
s.:4.lig. ciws iaw l-sir the undertaker's. 5. B. Bitters are Just' the thing for a man
B|^H tiI~gt-.j riB O & Co.. Central pharmacy, of when he Is all run down, and don't
hit-or-JL] .'B :A ,'eseo. Diamond Pharmacy. of Ybor care whether he lives or dies. It did
Hl ^ Ce 'Cit.y." more to give me new strength an4 good
I,,J!S^" t*h'YL"*" 'O3^.k .' appetite than any-thing I cold take.
.cAUll^^^gMh~utattean AMBRISn BIYCLEl COJPANY. t can now eat anything and have a new
is5.t n-- lease on life Only 50 cents at S. B.
^oith^ ^!e Wheel 2mssr 'Will BHave a Capital Leonardi & Co.
g flB ~J~i"' re -.,---.- "The ahitoos-hing season is pretty
p -* B 't. xeo:_ n !10. r. 'Mayv 13.-Articles of well s-ner.
tb1,,t4t tfaBa baaticn were Sled with the see-
i _^ ^ ."_.^. retsey of ig o-sght of the Amexrlean RED HOT -FROM THE GUN
BB -^ .^f -> >, I jt Was the ball "that hIt G. B. Stead-
es,. i Is eehoa-tsed in man e- of Bewark, M ch,. In the ciw
H b and' tectrlc-an -oti 5 snsto wao It eaia d horrible Ulce rs that
aJ m ur i.. 'Gordon B Arnica Salve cured MM.
-..5_" of erssF-^ 4uere .Cu,, Bruise. *rns. Bo, ,

trea cer may ana sam in tne person or t ove
the Proteme I DeWoto. rcara.
t 1he (Hr

Sto lean lm
One of the est ProFitable CroWps mm.
That Can oGrow a orida. enfen

are the best. We have just received One a
1,iA bsmhels of this variety. ioscAtl
Peas are like clover, dIaLinctly an ailr ih law.
plant, the leaves at which absorb oxY- Br Jad
sen and nitrogen frgen fm the air, while lt
the roots descend deep down Into the a i
sOc bringing up the necasry potash. "mter. l
which combined with oxygen tard ni- I qlft
etrBen. makes a complete ferttlltrc. n"Mwtd
Planted for frtilier alone the stock The dia
peas are tar superior la clover from the nPins e
fact that the number of leaves ame far Sm The
greater and naturally take in more o ter~ t
the ferutiliing propertea from the tr. oenaer
They should be sown broadcast, one of ihe ma
bushel to the acre, as early in the sea- the
son as possible, and the first crop cut Sase-r
for hay, just as clover is cut, and in log uft.ei
about the same condition. The roots era was
should remain untouched, and in a u l P e B
short time, will put out a new growth nmgrnfhg
whuch can be turned uAdw In the s-I Q mer ihen
at the year as a purely fertilizer ma- a apeal
teris& Any farmer can thus secure Thies r
tram three to five tons of the best hay Teet wth
Ina the world to the acre and greatly en- uat Se i
ich his soil at the same time. d omwee
Cure the hay like you wmuld Clover and ston ema
nothing better can be grown, as stock betig o10
ot all kids generally prefer It to any As me -1
of the well known hays. this and'c
Another very profitable way to grow can d
stck peas is planting ia corn. First actor P
plant your corn four feet apart, and The ac
when the time comes to lay the corn by, to the pe
drill in a row of Clay peas between printer p
each row of corn. l"Ce peas will ripen pecte f to
early in the fall, especially when fodder Captath
is pulled. When nearly matured turn here ye
inta the field all the stock you have on Tampa I
the farm, and they will eat every par- ,he pe
tide to the peas and vines, never oun
touching the corn until the peas are the rana
eaten up. By that tine they are fat
enough to market, and can be sent BH
itere without ever having been fed a
bushel of corn. The flesh will be hard For the
and firm making every bit as good As
corn-fed meat. By sowing stock peas Chan
In this manner a farmer can make as
toncmh corn per acre as he would other-
wise have done by planting the rows bealed
three and one-half feet apart, and In opened ai
addition raise enough material to fat- 1899. for
ten all his cattle and hogs at no ex- for congi
pense whatever beyond the.cost of his it rope
seed peas, and the labor of drilling une. N1an
them in. The hogan and cattle do the -plans a
harvesting, the land being left much cured fro
richer In the meantime. Use only congregat
one half bushel to the acre when plant- corner of
Ing In corn. Ta a.
In planting peas for seed they can be and all i
drilled in like corn, or broadcasted one (Each bl
bushel to the acre, and If harvested 'Bid for
properly will surely make from 2 to Congrega
60 bushels to the acre. Plant about mailed an
May or June. -.
Wherever stock peas are generally P. 0. B
grown, the sale of commercial terUl-
isers entirely ceases. It is beyond The phb
question the most profitable of all ?fever Is t
crops, figuring from any standpoint
that can be Imagined.
Very respectfully, Toe plea
Tampa, Florlda writing a
# of trsani

Cuttansa Who Are Too Poor to Pay
Their Fare Home.
New York. May ll.-Ebtrada Palma.
lately the delegate of the Cuban revo-
lutionists in this county, intends ap-
plying to the administration for a
transport to take from this city to
Hasvana aad other ports of Cuba a
number of his compatriots who were
drh'en from the island by the war, and
who now desire, but are too poor to re-
The takeland fair will be held the
latter part of this month. A feature
of the ement will be the races, in which
Tampa wil be well represented. Joe
Symons win have four horses diatrlh-
uted in as many different races. They
will include the following flyers: LitUe
Dick. Loreno, ColweU and Levan. The
eances am, with tht arras y, 0 tait.

prefix to
well know
eat 'Medic
often fit
easily dr
Hood's S

Last w
ed the dl
spells. N
Cough I
croup an
that tim
combh ax
John .L <
Houe. 4,
is for sal


-the 1-1311 in Telic nw B; tdeunan Jriom Best
.t. -um I h i ,s,4 1 6k a. m e on earth. cie. a box.
- ^ *IH E Slf.'J^lI1I^e-tsMVe grse-sAte 8 W byy 5. B. Leon-

At~ -s~

ni-sport get he
tsw ae the
eoT~ psffpwdt

-p hweaswl-h
Sbeen Dome

mat I

t|" tow
,d u. PUI ,

a effoet p i. *

erday. and t about the only l
man In evidee.um
ropostlon to dlvrde IO
& been adversely reportedly
e Jud.,sary Conmittee. A- -
ereetlon of a SymusagEue for
creation tearat ZedJt 0 .

bids wUl be re i edo C .be t-
6 3 p. L, Thursday, JAme i st --
the ereotion of p SyagoM gue I
creation aha-rawi Zedek on
Mny situated on Florida ave-
and specMcatlons can be me-
0 Abe Mass, president of the
ion. a&Lt Maas iBrs's stare,
f Franklin and Zack streets,
Fla. The right to reject any .
bids ti served. wit,
d must be sealed and marked 1-*ant&-Sad
Erection of synagoge- tor e M o r ia
tlon Schaaral Zeoek," and
nd addressed to 'adj in
tox 6S. Ta a, Fa. -.
ilosophical remedy for spring
o do nothing fbr It.
ase, attract and give pedle" B -
g to talk about, is an art ina'
prosaqic advertisement. Hood, M
parilia fame, is the original .or
tensive sense of the Idea of .
overbs and wise saws as a'
a pleasant Introduction ofCA
wn virtues of America's Great.'
eine. These quaint quotattons
the news of the day wt-
a n, with natural good t
arsapartla. S
COUG. is ca ng
inter during an epidetc o f
Sought my children cotracAt- ,ct
seams, having es vee to hogb :'J
We had used (hatslberiqJns Jna s
emedy very 'uccasfnlly for :
d saturaitly turned to it as Mieaq xc
Sank od undt rele f.d th .-
Sd safted a foplte und5.- #k.ie.I-i '
affordd, proptetl*VOr WW
Norwood, X. alrs h
w b r MATUR Co. -.

S bg High School

Via.kttfk csio mGUt-

4:., Work at Zome and are
_, t fttwe. to eek, toI
B"-st, Nat Not to Vield.



- ~ i'~ -


t Iss tha. Oqe Cent a cap.
Be- that the Package bears our Trade-Mark.




: ; ". it'; "I. a" eke ."ws...

S a& Ii.a .t .. bab was s. .

13rri the (,asstise 8evice.

]4New Efgland and Southern Lines

.d. t0 ni O Iand l Easttern Points,
a-i- .g aBM l bo h ways .

.... ...................... ............. .irm Iws e brf, Bostoe
| :........... ;-. ...... ...... ....... fro a of s etHgO si-ews Jacta tlvUe

Oyde' S t- Johns River Line.



oa nmthoMwef aSfm (De&asd). See frangus sad Esterprim adm

- .AP... ..fe

Sat .M p. a. setae. les a
a". IVN. a& *a. m.
Ai "l i i0. 20,04 West Bay St.. Jacksonvlle
YAaL t m ,r. P.
geaw T. im Vein INW ySfJAcknerl ieMts

PregaLsatIs, 1 .1 1"47 147


a". Retailemrof

order Department.

IarueTlltll under the super-
rhnm e o --ur hvve w. Partiedso

-Write to

.-&q, ebad ted ,up ad

oan ,ag.

',/ a. of Pwacy and Dr

~Sve~11Estai Loinvle5 KY.


Gov maat Now Navwes Oppor-
tBtyInto bta$560 a
month Job.
From faturdan's Dey ,
Thne Unted Stats Cvfl Service Comn
misMon a mno chatt it is desired t
elthsi s an eUigtble rosier for the posi
ttoo of steam enatneer, oatomsn aerv
Iee re uiOrwr Department). Tampa
AppucaOts will not he required to
appear at any pace for examnation
Sno educational test will be tven
they wi be graded upon their age
a a workman, ea3Qtrlnce
S ate siieqles lttWB from th
neel Iost ou b eniuneer
for t w on steam lanach, custom
P fTreaeury Department), A
lP Fla., at a salary ofS $0 pe
This e-sr-tion is opep to all citi
seesa of the United states who comph
with the requiremAents. All such dtl.
sms are invited to apply' Ma at
tentlon t isinvited to the fact that i



In Spite of the Strike the Cigar
Output Is Immense

Mr. Manara Talks About the Situa-
tion-Personals About the Heads
of a Few of These Gigantic

From Saturday's Daily .
the interest of the facotry.
also Myers. secretary of the Cuban-
Americtean 'Mauofacturing Compan), ax-
rived from New York Thursday night.
He wit probably remain a few days.
H. 3. HunL. bookkeeper at Seidenberg
& Co,'s factory, returned last Tuesdai
m a visit to friends and relatives
In New York. He reports having had
a great time. and returns to his post
feeling greatly improved in health and
-F. Arulliles, dt tArguflles. Lopes &
SB. had the pleasure of a visit last
week from tw c ot his friends from
New York. Mauoel Garea and Norberto
Cuevas, of the firm of F. 'Miranda &
Co. These gentlemen were on their
way to Havana, for which point they
started Sunday ut-Vk
It is orrtiy reported that a scheme
is being exploited to tax ell working
clar makers ten per cent. of their
earnings to he used In tranaporting the
xtrNt cigar mhera to Cuba. What
suotess the Ideals meeting with could
not be &as yet e-Isertslned.
S IaTltjail wIM lMove en next Mon-
day nitht or Havana to look over the
market with a view to future epr-
cMrs He will he abseft a couple of
he masay frile dof Jose Lovera are
Notwithltandig varitou pessimistic
reports paoLhed. frm Uime to time
about the cgear factory situation, the
Tanma factories continue to tmrn out
fone Havana *nker to the extent of
several thousand per day.
Briefly the strike situation Is about
the same a it s It at this tIme lain
week. The Tbor-4Manara factory i o
stlU cdoted. There Is a force of about
thrty-five men working at the El 'Mi-
delo factory, but outside of these two
houses the cigar factories are working
under a full ead of steam.
F. Garcia & Bros settled their strike
and the men returned to work on Tues-
day morning.
The Ybor-IManrara strike promises ti
be a protracted one. As Mr. Edward
Minrara pointedly remarked. -It hi
not a question of dollars and cents. L
It was there might be a comin omli
effected, tbtt as the mutter stands It I
an Imposselbility for the firm to accede
to the cigar makers' demands "
Teodoro Perez. president of the Mon
roe Cigar Company, is expected her
about the 15th on his way to Key West
J Vidal-Crusz. foreman and buyer fo
the El Arte Cgar Company, who ha
been In Cuba for the past two months
Is expected to arrive home Sunda3:
night. He has made some extensive
purchases for his frmn.
'. E F. O'-aIlloran, of O'Halloran &
Co.. left last Tuesday night on a bust
neEs trip to New York.
L. J. Stdelktir, the Chicago repre
tentative 6t Juan La Paz. the Wee
Tanpa manufacturer, writes that hIe
Is about to start on a Western trip it
pleased to see him back from C(ba
looking in the best of health. Mr
Lovera is well known In cigar circles
having been connected with Gonasles
Mora & Co as buyer for several years
Mr. and 'Mrs. Igmnacio Haya left las
'Monday ntght for Havana. Mr. Hayi
wUill Inspect the new crop, and if bh
finds what will Suit the trade wiU
make ertensive purchases.
tMorey & Co. have just had complete(
a new set df tablesd. They are intende(
to a&wommodate sixty men, and tha
add lcn to their working force will b
made stostb-.
Parttal reports from some of thi
larger factories show that during, th
vst week there was made 2,314.15
cigars and 2,361.500 shipped.
Tell me you people far and nar,
Why it is that Tom mnlth sell
If this qteetlon you can not gaueas,
I'U tell you the reason became tll
Because 'tis beat, the best to sell.
And connolseurs can quickly tell.
When drinking S-port, Special or Pale
That the best doesn't always come hI
So now yjo see the answer quite clear
-Why, Carlie Reaves too, selL
Florida beer, -
Tor these two men who are after gooc
OGd. the best beer made.


PeUseM Deurteag to Work For th

r T
- a
- T
0 1

el lay

booc iA~ -frnlar

St I

he new company is a corporation that .
I Un? the Beli2Telene OSi n, DIBMOLUTiO NOTICE.
d it intended e stabIsa asyastem in -
A the important towus o4 the Sonth. Tampa, Fla., April 4. I 59L
he gentmn who will have char The partnerott heretofore efo is I1
f the Tampan tne o a Georgia gentle- between F. L. Wing and S E. Hale' ',.i
ma wel qalified to look after the doing basne under the firmenaomao
aterests of so gigantic an underttaking., WR Cigar Company. i hoere dm-t I
nd wl artvre here In a few day, solved. HE L. Ele eretlrnt and ft. ', "
rady for world L. Wing, continuing the busln. un,-' == dle
There Is no reason why a city the der the same name. C In
Ihe of Taumpa should not support two F L. WI. a m' aime
etephone -sime and the lTrbtte *H. a.. nAh' tirSiia
relcoes the new enterprise with open -- LP iW
MA-La Tarepa, Fla.,.AprIl4,Ull Miqm
7Te partrm an .lp. hers afar s .-i
A London letter descrthas Reihard between F Ia.WI-li S.IHe a 21
rIter as' a sodal lon in iss. doing bUmlnea under e-thS aTe
Mo ,,ma. ay se,,W te -- eaml wat.
M-j- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~h a rt ^ S SM^.^'? *-*^*i^t ^
OL A ?kmt m-j wt-SO **- ,.a^ ^HgC 3

SODIS Of lil[ O8iTi NO [Ai[IW ll

Assembled In a Grand Reunion Strong Opposition to the Prop M They Iv. Ibg
at the City by the Sea. oiition Made by Gen.Goomeez. iC$

As They Pass the Reviewing Stand General Brooke Decides On a Rule i o d
the Air Is led With Loud Huz Tha Wi 1 Be Observed in Mak- e to t
zs--Meeting at the Audi- ing the Cash Paymeata-Edi- To Tl
torium. tor Dawley In Jail.
Charlestun. May 10 -The annuaJ re- Havana. May 1 .-Cotniderable a,%
union of Confederate veterans opened citement was o ea iunted in army c irvtes ahLea FPl
here to-day In grand style. The crowd here to-day wen the news wan given the armsaap h
is etmormou and more aj-rtvng wih out that General Gomez had s ai~- lom oved sat
Incoming trains. The patriotic deco- mended to General Brooke the advisa- J:stla to And so*ow hllntliiml
the kind ever attempted at any former of 15,000 Cubeana ItisI not corsidered e ho tedoV
reunlo. All the Southern States are probable at muc notice wilt heamott h ot C E
Itrha r otcl as' Irl
represented by magnifl ent displays. taken of his proposition as It Is In- t e o
Tahis morning at 10 'clook the vet- erred from the tone of his letter 6tha w 1 i
erase formed In oine n front of the he in aanotxi to be placed atthe ead t oe 'sa lmt
fa.rnoa old chael's church, at the of the ry. The opposition to large ail
n other of Broon and evelnng reets. tadingarmyStreet Car Y terdon every Pld a s t o a
and marched to the great Inditoan ea. day. and recent inveetigtion proveso t hvy L all t
As the procession passed MarIon square ietO Ivly that even rl gareds atr i M the .
it was reviewed by General Johr no i ]ae needed. ear Eh n e e om
Gordon. The air wa rent with cheers It asbeen decided to o ser the n S- tO St M WKt
for the old veterans as they passed oloawlng rue in the pea-ment of Cuban I ofdb10e 1%0 the i
alom the streets thelr gras heirs troops:t o m sma
glistenin In the asuntght. It was a A m es and equ isments relw4he d fro s h 4 _
sernFlthat will never he forgotten dby second s ler with Conductr dl y te
those who witnesmoused. reort to the nea restaUi o n m pfe ht ot, si.S 1
I he eertses In the auditorium were by the United st ate the f nee s ir Die t by one aDo 2
opened by Genrenn l L Walker. who they wa I n e tran et v As e or o to5 i t e Spia
Sodused Honse F. B. eri eowhe In entiSeo, whea they wi -belte k h e t he ,'reM 0fa
mur read the r tatiens eallin e the risen sand e red ra ar t a T he t

t i P C I T r lea r. ntet cr ridi (r ar*1
SGvterans|together o nthis occasion. gesIet-el by the comsneBeo-iso0tefl at of 4det wra m
o, u n r J sa ryth then dee vered an hee me e a t eo l e e m
eloquent address of we ome It ws Tome Dawey, proprieo tor of tshe
fittingey responded to by General Wei- Thes ot f C u*ba a abeen a t ela nd a
Joe Wheiler and General Gordon fol- against himn by rl _bie "rwmln for- A eqegsM u'"141 elk" I
ted w irth sd tht ufilledt t is&ly d a ooDmnsperin t his emplonM oa esderAbI

t hadeeuwith enthusiam as whom he had a tnessed vrhe ac c im. G-
SAt I o3 et, this afternoon the grand wlr, the n aww.tif necessary, wi m ho is
e arade took It formed at Marion newspap t r Jl. l- let rem p a
square and marched through the pile- friends- t w furnishtbs e-IlH of i who1 vis'0s
a1 streets of the otfy. The der toa- without delay. me the isat a e
lons and patriotic displays along the i PRe.ooncentWado to-41ay violently at- neted ia h is Ml a
Et cte were very elaborate and appro- tacks Gen. Broolke's Judicialtnomineesem l
prikte. 'At the conclusion of the declaring that they are aH docile tool . ani nB"
Slre at Maenolla cemetery to ok Tsg a at
S The night session was taken up with ehe eWe ilIs sie
Sa presentarton ofri flaeg. oquer nt RL O
t xpeehes were made by Geln. Stephen n te arts eiIs e V"h
SD. Lee and General Moorman.t Jor Bryn nt wae iouial laje a th e nd '
e took plane in and about the city dur- Result Of iSon ru a-tby a t n hebtoen eiuS. -i
- g the afternoon and evening. a deit r er the I fll N'

ear asoa ay, Ls one f the a John A. Broant. who resid aes a t
e charming and deLghifu summer re- twomiIes out on the Rock r064 orth The ebrois
sorts to be found In this entire State. of tris city. wns struck by a street c"ar t hoad, c i a eitSe -
The house is up to date In every par- on coeta ..a.enuenea. Eighteech mean. m-ar n raLf .eis
ticular., al the management is uperb. street ye terday morning, and re- The nf o o' 5S
Rates are extremely reasonable. and a s ery mon I e- poa
vew lines addressed to Ite genial pro- celved serious Injurter. arantive for tbCr ice.aIr
t priieor, M.r. John Healvertn. Sarasota. ar No. 25 was comiN from Twenty- is h ellSeved. tW tfuat-0
r it. will elcito.t the information de- second street, with ( conductor G a ly t 'eZ
Sisired by so.y one contemplating spend- and Motorman Jack Easter in charge, h M &ed d prelnl d e 6Ws
. Lg t.he summer outside o Tampa. hen nea. the place where Mr. kr-- es-rihme oft .a-HMs In-.the
SRcad the advertisement in The TrJb- ant -as standing on tee track, e tar. awAU t #t* s s "_blum
t one of this famous resort this morning, motorman rasng ine uell, and when tie awas=net 90rpetofUWai
Sand then pend your summer there in madre no movement to heed the warn- tleesr a t ,2S
place of running out of the State at an a. ery effort ws mae to stop the as W* tesa 1
enormous expense. car before it reacliesl him- Not until a qrA ot thee vhlatelg'_
a a- passenger stanoung ,on Le front part T h whio-wh is SM=
i at af tthecaryelled aot Mr. praatitfto get fam haindSwhow ajl3 irES i
car. Then he sprang the nwaug v'ay, f'f" rthe flee lwat "
L. dand the car struck him. knici ing him prompofi May 1sfe a.40
. The Jury in the Case of Jasper Sum- several feet from the track .an I tre a- Cr%020
ang his right leg just aboave the Knee .mr. Davis Is! one oft theMmo
merlin vs The Citizens Bank and rortunaelb tate injured nan was not s a essteeheshcltU.ens at 100W
TrstCo.Fild othFiod-t und- r the car, or his Innilies 0t an .4eldl1-in the po
. Trust Co. ruled to Find night hbwe- been fatae Mrs. "Theo. chureb 'sada" I- n ro" S",
a a Verdict. Girpers, who was passing at the ume, ws asfifty-e Tea y s aw
e tendered the use ot her carriage to coo- beautifu t tenty-year-d4,
From Sunday's Daily.iv-y Mr. har-yant to a house near by., is tresldgans lanthe Umae
h circSuitayourt opy. where be could receive medical treaL- road, one et p -
T h circuit cotirt opened at t0 o'ctotC* meet. Dr. L. W. Weedoin was soonebuses is nemft blaft samdaleloIt
d yesterday morning. The jury- in the at his side admnanlsteritng to his wantt. roadside.
ct Cae of Jasper Summerlin vs. The Ctt- The fracture was reduced, and thw
tzen's Bank and Trust Company, which patient at last accounts was doing FR W TllumW .IA
had been out wresting in the Jury room -ewLL -.----- I-




* new for the plaintiff, the attorneys tor
the defense made a motion for a con-
ti uance of the cae. A hot argument
on this motion enaoed, which fialy
resulted in the juige sustaining the
motion and continuIng the cae.
The Jury was discharged and court was
declared adjourned until Monday
morning at 10 o'clock.
r'he Be41 Telephone People to Have
Strong Opposition in Tampa In
S te Near uasrum.
o The TrIbune to in possession of facts
From an authentic source to the effect
that "u s to hare a new telephone
1 systems that the partiesa who are
interested In the scheme wlt be here
In L few weeks to beg n istiaIni their
Awtrs and Lu-a.-a-jts. raed f 6s08-
Snems The new concerna is akmde by all
r the coLital that is nenessap for Its
Searly *cc pletiont aned It will be made
t a success if It require suillioa to do it,

STRO UBL IN CUBA. The e apitol of Florida cannot ae re- The character of Alger is suwh that "
tloeg"r pnnfh moved without consulting the people af no one will lbe at all surprised If hee
It to the universal opinion of t he State. Wh-thbr the capitol should should form a combination with Pin- T a n L
J . .. - "'lDoeople of the United States who have be removed is a iqu-stion seh h direct gree as outUlned by Washington dis- U
-eB T. H BENEITS? tk pMed on affairs in Cbua since li conrcens the p eple of the h bi atc hes Thu rsday. The plan is for him.
et deal been written and the war with Spain as ended .that Sat-. Th .ffer :f a. ,nus t,:, rur I support Pingree in his presidential '
Lat tltood Intentions of the Ino another great Iarrection Is brewing. th. atin of tih- apitiol -shoul.I t as-iraii..ns in return for Pongree s aid'
ri o toi their treat- and lthI time between the Cutans and b pern t exert t:... g. -r n in- n helping him i., the S-nate. Mr. Me-
it oftthe general pibUlc. The pro- Americans. This belief is shared o:. duens.:- The ..apiai shc-buLd a.- Kinley has stuck by Alger through
of the various trusts have per- a majority of the most con%.trvative nearly aa. pit.ibl- not on) in th- -- thi:'k and thin, and lIthjugh it may be
e laim ted that by consolldadon papers in the country., and th.? fo.l),ow- e ar.h .al c-me of ,th, Sitat -. _.ut nt n has intimat tt.:0 th- r.: v h '-- 11: lu S -
tt. ofproduction would be mate- ing from yesterdays avaan N -.. kig i- u-e i. .hai t-- o ian n wu...Ll, br a s i a ..-"c:, he has I
l keded and that the manufact- is the same oppinion shared by a greatly ,n. Ithe -ni-r 1t p.,an.in. I m- r i r--a rn as hrm f-:.-n ih.--uhout
*adcounsumer alike would share in majority of the press. It says: alon- in-l.- s the. r-mo.a: oif t- ..ap- And .a r -s- ,.. ual so lge s
Peaidts thus derived. Thus prom- 'We shall be ortLnate if we succeed -t no. th- is .min.nt .lans..- ..f in har-r i sur-h th a l II :xa--on
wete lmde before the deals were in ectablMishng peace and restoring ag actual II' the pplen ,a ia dlatd- na p. iur risan if h .1i hold turpo
inaanated, for the purpose of soft- Prosperity Cuba. without t trouble Beiaue tnis. ".hat or the o.-her plac' ,)n de.-.Krey ant th ahl n s poeal
St ppeltion of the pubsll and with the Cubana The rnajort" a: tho bids tt mu:n to tabke the ,spit,, bmm tda hi. the habest -secretary of-ii
atthe enactment of State laws voh3nteer officers who, after service in Tallahassee and locate it elsewhere is nation Such s the eaABSOLt setaT P of)
wlgt s trut. In nearly every In- Cuba. have expressed opinions for pub- not suffit-ien reason why the .pihol t h wa l- has Its Strength comes from I nursty Itl' a
me the have been violated. ication since their return home. have should be changed. Jacksonville, we Mrrtt called him n his Detroit speech, freshly roasted, and Is on
a" I OrefU te t to con- said that the Cubans a aen ungrate- beli-ve has made a mistake in bidding It is not creditable to the country that packages. Each pcki 11 swl ts,
iW the trut have raLsed the fal people, and that they felt no g-a4i- for the- capit.l. The effect .f tlhe m e.- a man f A-s methods n possess age Is sealed at thsMISL0 that
-*W not a few of them have tide whatever to us tor relieving their ment is likely to result in causing the pNanr 1 cantisa- othold a hIgh place weaened, Iths a d
t0A tle quality of the output country from the yoke of Spain. I capit o to remain where it is. or to em- of responsibility and trust. j strength. It l a luxury ti
a r eftwt raway companIes o the If the Cual-ns act decently they will broil the people of the State in an un- prom the number of school marns Ngeavr ground seor old n
ale-already onftmrtlng a 6ia have self-covernment. The Congress profitable wrangle. The best location in Tampa to-day, it would seem that NoMc tCualn without
lut the jrlcee of nearly all ma- at the Unmted States has promised it in the State for the capitol is Gaines- even the timid young man has a chance ae st 3
. .th"t As me4 In the construction to triem, and there len the remotest vllle.-Gainesvllle Sun. to show his gallantry. A nice horse ma_ l
n otbi wat the properties. A probtabllt tIhat It will tall to keep and buggy and a ride over some of the
Z*N ago, & representative of the elegant driveways throtrgh a picturee-
.wmw of St. Paul and in- ad faith, if they- conpel us to use army beef.s having a good result as Que countrt- is enough to Induce most
ted for the p.r- force to accomouiMah sisat we have In far as the general public is concerned. any swain so discuss anythIng but p01]-
A.T. talal for a new ele view. it pretty s afe to say that We are learning of some of the "tricks tncs and the weather. s atoe your en- t
i &lM ht wh n the priem were Cbs Independence will not be real- of the trade" and know that we are gagements early this morning and '
E aId he would have to think rsed for smaaW a 7ye, If at all. dafly taking Into our y"tem impure avoid the rush.
Sbefore belftr at the present 7%0e aCba n weneran whio are bloek- stuff hs the result of the adulteratsion -
ice0 tr h has risen the payment to the Cuban soidJers of food for the purposes of presera.- The remarkable good health oat the
within wt ve months, while o tte $3,000,000 sent to Cuba by the tion. Nothirrg has resulted from the In- Americans in Havana at," season of 4 Z'
has been added to the cost government, and the disbandment of quiry so far as the government Is con. the years simly phenomnl 1 There
ag. The 40ntion of the cop- the Oulban amly. cain hardly repreit erned, and it is improbable that army re a we number of T mp eople in A -
5~~5 ~ea~"~ for trenueon- tbe nd ea vole t If tery dthsfoereofficersawere no more o fltpableerhan are from the letters daily receIved from '
he the palesofthatpridanttIn be n eed ofvoluntee f Cubaan
of-an advance o1 60 thatwe haltl eave Cubautll we t- i h lmf l-rwy. u t there .rillfrel ce that .ey reall *elland
t Inhe eaostof rcapper within think oa= won there is done, and we hse bts bat ao n e-osem ta enjotlnt exctlentt health Ty ar l e n
I %* stel trust has -kept Is.l be the Judg sa n to iwen It is hnads -.t deTr rtment.t- and unne hone
l om steel trasst hin kept oathe ede. W dttk t too h eave t sa who sunoly th-ir fellow.= with fond. 'V The County Normal ths year under I
S on t wati t ein -other done. Would t ot have bn a the polsons a continued to i- us d the direction of Prof. Buchholz, is a
StaWof trade, and within five OLDn to baVe offered the Cuban so- thefuture after the kn- ,Jg f gratifying success. The attendance of
i advanced prices for ral d ntW? The poison to pay he facts h, prnpral teachers while not a large a it omigh tT p IptMn t
5to U a ton and has added them at anmounst chased the Cuban the tarts0ha'Me e-- s hr s r we nt as le as It mh ... FULL OF l t1
LM0 I % % tqr troll we isZ the otstetto maed tthbe uan be. Is made up in intellect and ope- -..:'
"r sent. to the cost price general to believe, apparently, that P'n a lewnr rntiar.-r t t t"e rior traiilrng, and It is refreshing to
S l for trolley wire. The ther threten to make trouble a ^ :h sar..- - know that the educational standard of AS announced in our advertis..,nts of-ts" tb '
ersce which the trusts es deal more than that sum 1 be T h ve o nn is-- this nonty Is rapidly d aadvancing year parts aOf Ouced Mr inkour Masv fr ste
o h a startedamove- Ort n. ,f in and ar ou. partre of ou Mr Ike Maas fo
~ Western street railway LIGHTS. Hugary. \ young, b.- t.arrismr. I to purchAse a second stock of sp g a fl
i or a voe tmlon oat street TS.- tired r f waiting for cli.nits. -'- .- Those people who are disposed to wear, we take pleasure to announ0 to thoe paub."
iW< Iof- e tou fight the monopo- Fortune la very humane: we hold of earning .mone. b, paintin-.. t a-.... boom r. Flagler for the United States arrival of the most interesting vales ever phaed ..
her choice gifts by hinting for them. window cleaning paner haning. Senate have not even stopped to think sale. Watch OD ad. each day a learn o
the Cmm The value of a'dollor depends on spring cleaning, etc.. in the provin- that he is a Repub lcan. All good poll-
11 been set in motion (or the -whether you earn it or have it given to0 cilal tows in the district In which he tltans know that a Regibllcan In but real facts, not mrnanrufatVtured i tal p -
W cobf the big trusts a od vou. practiced at the bar. An effort was Flo'ida stands about as much chance from the tree of imagination. W! w te tl
S whether they are acting en ife begins to give man the cold made to have his name erased from the to get a seat n the United States Sen- can rely ; what we offer y will fid
aint lt trade. The firt hearing shoulder he declares that he is tired roll of advocates, but the lord chief ate as a snow ball in-- here, The price you may judge decide
to 5 helbd in Washlsgton, of life justice ruled that the young lga rev A Missouri paper announces that a correct, as it undoubtedly must b judging ftMus
S, laed -that both slkds sill Amosrdlng to the germ theory. the lutlonlst was within his rights in earn- woman cainnot get into society in. an- d 4ai ine undourbtel e us,-n tsu
and tt the methods only. safe way to clean a house s to ing money by honest manuallabor daily increase in our sales, d t i o
tEsj-? si b tougl stfiretoit sas City Unless the dqcollete of her crowds of bargain seekers in our tore. n -
i gq 1 w l be thoroughly women reer find anything Politicians in Jackseonville are hav- gown extends down to the third knob

;1f".o wil d r naoft atamce .Thank GodT nittedin Ne Torh society unless ist T O D A Y
S5 )th 1t0tSome peWrona st-sabgle so hadad to -will -be no more 'traightout' and 'Anti' extends to the sixth knob. This Is
0 '' clinib in the social world that bystand- polities in the city. There "ill be a Imoortant if true. T OD A = :
LICN PERL.MIT, ers can hear their shoes squeak. I factional fight, o t h n inig man n canr #
A woman beIgns a diary when sheI deny. This time. however, the ,isntest It now seams certain that our own
.yterdap passe a bisll fs In love. and again sthen n tebywill be between the decent .law-abiding O nral J o-ph B. wal ill6te Flor- we wil offer Gra Vae i Fre
SS- .n citizen of J-son'lle. and the tinshon ida's net got v-o .-e Is a man of the Vanea .
aanwe lne f obeerlio-n I commences to say bright thing gambles. The lines are plainly drawn. people, and th. press ad public seem gandies, White and Figured Pi Pla and
t wlame and beer Th lover who ends a messenger There a re no fences to traddl and to be very much gratified to have an Linen, Imported and Domestic gham, a
i tta n omep th lns n ever .. e forced to fae the opportunity t u support such an .xcel- imaginable Wash Fabric on the market. '
. le te.he present the I men when his time mes music and place himself siar-ly on ent man for the place. s e '
.tisis permits by peti- down and see If the front donri s S b lc en d Tb p--ning of the fish season will
ati hbOad to ont aW- It will Nbe o ra st To rer- Glowing reoris ha-e be,-,? n r ., nlltomany y h--pe, roY he sThe
Itl of grearhnest-m LOei Rirea tes hat M illity
a coety comm ioioners. nandina ople, noit only at "home but from the spong., fl in the bay at I Ph Call and our new Sb&Uor. Shs s "m
l profe o the meas- tiwoughout the couLntry tos khn Y ,f Keny .-a The arr .la-.t ..-k .b-a- Th. Hn. .ar-u A. Hatsr.a is dis- nd anta our new or s.
t ore l the power of grant- the wonderful improvements which n unu11ually clear and ery boat ,-n the p--d .to put his .'c...t d. on this pro- Ribbns, Veil and everything
APeeait frm the worst element have been made there since he g-eat bars made g.w-.a .a.ths. in fa.1. it .p.siy ,:oif e'I-t T.:.m. Dick and Ha-rry the Fashion Centers. .
a under the present lae, o over the esti mae mad- .ant a'er bunches eaa h. s--. iet-n-r n .iht.. ... . e.' d i . -
i f th epeopieofa s -t the storm, it Is found to have Len vhat th..y hav .rady dot, winell e- ,, mr1, n ,- ,
: ~t~ t atmm4lr are ftuly as much as then estimate. Re- for v.a-s. It is estimatd that there inte, a' e an 'a-tn h o e!. "
5fl to uaat the permit, whether pales sInc made, and vh;e.h ace ao. I .,,;]l yt a-..5 S.,. o:th ..:n -....s t -c Don't delay to get a pair of Oxfoids o r
or'*- Ul the st In" Tiage, woiln rerfh a f oaure o.,:r o .r's-hi Sc ." the nI... f The .. .h th-n .. ... n,.,.a; Boots while otir Special Shoe Sale l8,0n. -a. .*-::i
lt te wilt be so Uetitlon os- $100,000. I rh-M.e for Fn,.on'- name hI been 1 .. :,
"- erst-oe the ard of -. I C,.:.. c ill..: .,-,. .... hi o .. ria , aa . !e- I _, __0.. .
S eave b icave l disere- Large shipmo- ns ot'inea,'.:. ar :n he s .v- atn 1 th-sg'a..l juryi d.e o-,,s a h 0 I i 4.__ _
i ,eae be gr ea t the perm mt to lnW 'b~ tnt m ade from th 5F l,-s, a f-anur.-i ".'.-ral in<,.,:t"c a--' .- Tvi -,s 'a I " "r -
=tifc thereIla any valId rea.,k'T- Saturday the .e.ehs... Tt.... ..-. ..n a.,n- Earl:, i. ..... Zh .... Lr..,.l ra \:r, M A A S
bei e. would notlavent them o.nI. oathetr and Lillie arri d in port .--,e m .,- V.-s.-tI -.-'. i--.i-a-.a..':-. B- --- ... r I .' ,.. ._'.. |1
I c ,ha ctr.-baiitts, etc., of a with a full cargo tnf =ru t. e-.-sit l .I...- a J...r a -I l--, .J.-a -. .. "..r -0 .- ,...i *-- .. -' :.
t We t tills is ot' d o s elotoac.ten o b tr ilhe F .t'i -.a ..._. ,_".1 rat ds._: ,.. P.,.-. -. .-..-.- -.saf.,l J '-' -.
: i .ss ,,e ,ta, has pa esed the rt a ot- ,r i ... ,,i..a..- ,i . a ,r- ... . .. T H E L E A D E R S t:'
sopeo..atle. oP all good t .e m h The pat, ...l i...... .-.- . : i... in .. .. - 'A"- -: ..... .. .. -.. aI < i >u-n>- '

me-rir now. and th: a or ut .', ,sl' r : -.. .- '
AND ,-S. .are casting s ..out tiswu- a tl'u;" et- --_* c n-cu L: cs ai a.... ++++++ "+,-+v+++++.%.'++ +++++-
.tina in the tlas n -.ag,.-n ba o. bi hv r,- Tn- IBr,,,-akl n I e i- - '.- . eiO -],ii" sn -I .

reasntly handed dos a Te TrIbune's favorite candlJate f.:.r cure by pDo:pular subcs, rip. i t a su;.'- natural and th-r,:ugh or-
i 9l15 4 t Wgeneral o inter- governor. Gen. J. B. Wa-ll, or this city. -esidenc- at the national -ca-ia.] fo anie r-gulat:on, t-ad..e- Lemr.:n Eli-xr. [ 1
blmdi lr wm allt seems to be the universal choice of Admiral DI.vey. There is n.:t in al: 5,(,: an.i $l bottle at druggists. p i
iIbO.i h us-nt by oral beth the public and the press of the this broad land a man homn the -- Phepar- only 'y Dr H. Mozl, At- '
,eState. Hsl noniumtieon has been made ale of the United States would more lanta.3 Ga. -
iht r- ts olo ,,nv ms lu,. deliFrht to honor, and there should he i'+
.dsaglka l3s.IT A no difficulty In securing a suffi:ient sub- RATITLDE ve ba
11eatq,,a m as nas The people of Joksnli are haing sesrtiot for such a purpose. Th- en- Dr. H ozley: Dear Sir-Since u 1sng i
11 to MM o ." -. . tta ab the e oTln d a. toal terprise is eminently a proper one y-our Lemon Elixir I have never had .
to-l u : .I d s s -i Id e, I t t n-he s m e o ld factio n a la e s....h.fa u si
ma ': or d awn St wtlrtet two elements of ward poUllU Hon. J. C. B. Koonc mmber ot he anoth t k o earl + e are daily reei g r Spri
bhw i fla st. ag t m dclas w destme toa run the city ma.- legislature from Sumter county, refer- heAlaches and than k God that I have ve s
rJ110 if^ er. ring 1. the removal of the capitol, at last found a medicine that v% : i ing, te very'latest.'
^ mnsavs: "In alt seriousness de s he .tl sel. r it. W + time to get a Spti lt, wh
aft.11 11over a The nus a lteamwaoting peace. Is to us that Sumts-erv-le is In about as Parkersbuh.rg. W. Vs. +" .goods'arefre
UtV 10M4.1 she Wld they do Pot get it now thek- destre fair a wav to secure it (the capitol) as MOZLEY' S FMON ELIX.IR $aad W ? 0 '
as mtter wil strenathen materially from dy to Jacksonville at this time. and every- a 20 three and fourkutton .as. .
p-to udr M Oth and his men press the body knows how much chance Jackson- have suffered with Indgestlon and and eam our
. ssss..... pus-- bhsm swm anrd e or cloely, valle stands for It."-ainesalle Sn. dy.niary ftr two long years. I heard l k I l "un
S*ree Bvem sthat er .m.' i J1 of Lemon Elixlr; got it; taken se-ven. + "
11 his in,. W e mn In st v Those people who process to have al- bottles and am now a well man. HaTry
to be a aandda tef or rs o ways contended that the Keely mot w Adam .No. 1734 Firt avenue, Birmln- nryd d
B areqi^*:'-^. *^,,* *. 11lt . ^^ IW mut ie a Juicy ^won never VD. now have a chance to haym, Ala. .
at3 00 d oena In/a 'Int~a it Ie proven bitter and their prediction refuted. It ha s -
.- been carted off to a junk shop. MOZLETYS +HMON ELIXIR.
j -f 'h MMs Itera tana o Boaton will There seems to be a decided inclina- Cured nam husband, who was afflicted-- o.,
S-IMrhav.e t wos l- t to pt sp with tmIsa on umon the part of some of the Fill- for years with large ulcers on his leg, il .
BBMnsstm"". e ..t n^ which omoeks oti Dino leaders to Dush the terminal faclll- and was cured after ustrg twpnobottles +4.4'-4.+44"i+4"'.4"]4444.44.4p'4.t,
.'tOis.governed b thirmei aldermen. tiesof their valiant little arn- into and cured a friend whom the doctors W P -
Mat. .amM etta ha not becoe fully the sea. had given up to die, who had suffered -..A A
Wed AtMtoab t e Those devout zens of Montreal for years with i ndigestion and nervous PHILLIPS &
ea u been led who went out to pray for relief from prostrationMrs Belle, Wood-
"Is,- -- -- up t o _f in te e at ptilars w would have dono e se l a- V V e l iH ( E L ,

who d rnSM am.ghg. iMea llanufactureA etsr04,11
-- ,': ..L .. --T-, TT -. --" l, :Tnf~,Ji -" IR 1 .., i,. LTI .Il~M,


SUW.1iDRE10 1 lAE -From FROM EClZEMA Diy

g bti dbeen I alldk s Im o bR OeeM I n ilMkPOdsat
second re TOwtur0 8m\ to thio ot much attendion is often paid to the* f A I.
<,troubl-Trom wife,.,e No Tort ,o |0 dure Equal t11 first symptoms of Eczema, but it is not long *^S
PAe of t e Ameri- kinds of stealing in almost every town before the little redne begins to itch and ---
Le*l*ag s]fforwon in the Southern States. He arrived in of ng a rn fr n burn. This is but the beginning, and will
TamDa about a month ao andby nus Itchin and Bu U lead to suffering and orture almost unen- FOR reaso trit
S .a representations got hold of the restau- durable. It is a common mistake to regard re s trit
r . ant of theo ascotte hott. Hed no Tdis Fearful i sease, ... b a s we are going to sell
hs This Disease nsmerelya local irritation ;itisbut anindica- er
t orn- manae the lna, dion of a humor in the blood-of terrible COST and if ou wil
Swearing that resort many days until he fomd Bezema---which is more than skin-deep, and can not be reached by local appli- L offering you wi n
WS jt wsMbe perform- himself in the city cooler charged with nations of ointments, salves, etc., applied to the surface. The disease itself, g o Th n l ai
Iitrr nuive e s mad under being drunk and e disorderly. Relatives the realause of the roube, s in the blood, although all stfferng produced goods he only re
at A.mercl" o .ffie s -s rsc ent e oaisitcame to rescue, though the skin; Ith only way to reach the disease, therefore, is throughT w a
. dwasahe weeoutg of a fewdolae he tante h t e here blood, a I 0 is that we ave a. w larg
S UMe- d af osx Mr. Phil T. Jones, of Mixersville, md., writes
W 8be-rs A tt ad c arlven rhis liberty. e did not "I a m ad rge- store, and must have room. W
cientl W Vpreciate uch kind treatm et "I had sem thirty yeas, and after a great deal
-rp d irecd 0tO a- tokeepnhimelf straight, for it stoy took of treatment my leg was no raw and sore that it gave me prices and ask you totcome and E
ptat am of an, a few more doyaDS nithe cops tcaP- emtant pain. It finally broke into a running sore, ando
.. AiIdI hi tor him again, charged with the same bepn to srd and grow worse. For the past five or convinced that we are gong to
g ioffem a e wa the second time Uber- l yoI have suffered untold agony and had given up ed with the fact tha we are
t Bsl ma ated re veg, and only reciprocated all hope of ever being free from the disease, as I have 1
n" kind timent iby.gette a himself in a ben treated by some of the beat physicians and have GoLt,' Furishinge, Shoes and ]
abyas^ 'ino e woren mese each time. taken many blood medicines, all m vain. With little h a
ilinthm U npeld Uemib from merchants and meat faith left I began to take 8. 8. 8., and it apparently only first-class Tailoring House
a n war men and the %nlord giving him the made the Kesema worse, but I knew that this was the wefull ua e cand fn
:e stormsare moon cased hisfaimin wy the remedy got rid of the poison. Continuingwefully arantee each an d e
of the bA_ e not however until he had .13 8., the se healed up entireythe skin became sell. The sale willU last oniya fe
M ja cbatreu erat e s er a0 d smooth, and I was cared perfectly." by a-hisis
.his e e mma Is an otinae dlsand san not be eared bywa remedy w
.hW attsasce ,to Meabs. ofanm 8. S. 8. FOR THE. BLOOD
N. "gbM. ba h go etFvw"tywor'ldtO HmOC
t. n h sra e capped the ell-amI 'r-h superior to other blood remedies beeass e it eres disase whieh they oan
-. N.s., '^ ._e a a..o --gt cee at To treaoh It goe to the bottom-to the eauae of tIe disease-an will cuare A EC IAL
rn pias- S. >ba T *^hri wonst caseof Ememano matter what other treatment has failed. Itin I
aes end 1i to Yi be hba AIpped the city ;V only blood remedy guarateed to be free from potah, mercury an +
jrwH t46wiiMhisto future address, 5atd 'Iber mineral, and never-Wis to em Eesema, Berofula, Contselons I
Ab l ~t m iv IPrtty e ran n b"re- Pim, Cancer, Totter, Rheumatism, Open Sores, +
a- X rv,, am Sheriff Bpencer ,had a upon B. S. S .; nothing can take its place. 1,
-L'M of deputies looking for theYotug; Books anthes diseases will be maSiled free to y adres by Swift Spa O
l -;'e nftbelth o is ea rL ma Cad am -Oompany, Atlanta, Georgia.

.-/ il a saij that dtrinsy bhle short stay in
S Tamba thatt b wife left him on ac-
ot OE brial treatment. HFs mother
Sats a reskt of Ocala, and his famiy
sm eanor the Same of being good people.
HeIe sipl h be 'back sheep" In the
oc and he is about as black as they
,Wnk are ever made.
Any eoAier of the law throuWhout the
ta tes that iUl capture him will toe lib-
'ersaUy rewarded by notifying Sheriff

brsla Items rom a Vary Busy and Flour-
m t ing Country City.
Plant City. Fla. May 16.-Mrs. Mar-
tha TodA 7 and uWhter., Miss Lola B..,
h9 retu nMe to theLr home a few days ago.
am 4i. Todd and her daughter have spent
the past winter *,ad spring months
V with Sind otr relatLves In the vicinity of Plant
he ad--ty. 0 -
ever"y eferal of Aur ctCe s left Tues0ay
.U'for Charileton to be 7n attendance at
to 1 he reuzlmn of Oonfederate Veterans,
st Incldhtng Capt. F. W. Merrin, Thos.
IneedW. Wilder and John Collins, of tr his
w4th so plae.
IAd Bee The nest and conmfortaile dwelling of
rith all air. R. F. Swing caught fire on Wed-
rodutcts nbday and burned to the ground. The
A lageefir.s t broke out overhead in the
ktsisen. Moet of the furniture and
s ooods were saved except the
ft o0r0aT90 of the kitchen, whtch were
me mAl entirely comsumed-
.e The sweet Utle twin daughter of
odUct- 1tr. and Mkrs.0. D. Pemberton. aged 4
WPM=reJs m' died oin Wednesday night- The
We sAn tti one Ihd been a sufferer for two
'Pap months. s flrt with fever and later with
D& whooping cough and measles. The re-
ema, it malo were taken Thursday morning
racter-to Wildwood for burial.
d It ra. J. P. Lewis and little folks left
side as on Tuesday morning for Starke, where
on the Rev.. Lewis Is engaged In evangelical
work. where the aiamily expect to re-
side for the present.
sotr.W. HB Reed adid Httle ones from.
TAMip are restIng with the home
1tug fCam*in town.
mani '_ IM Irannie Fisher, formerly Miess
tsUR, Paa be. Thomas, is on a visit to her

S ber is into the viemity of Knight
S tre. W nel Lumier and Vl lumbneer The
ise, OPin't Clty, im.n the F. C. & P. had
a.ft' t- here a side tr act wis l a put

S or te nenar. eno
&Mr. H. ,W. rEewood. and .gMr. J. i.-

ffl k. ency maes oath that he
A the r I rt Io e vicinityhe m of F.
1.. a s tra. Of fin mll lumber. The

6y BQ'iallyl bel locatedd ju t tate tilore-
- tf Pa ot Caty., ont the F.at cannot. & P.

n,* r y the oonvenene of R s hiparlhn

.- thr th o D y ai ecemberl
W. Nowood, and Mr. J.

Cprner 8th Avenue and 16th Street.
Every facility for giving the most perfect satisfaction.
Fiat class Livery Stable. Fine Carriages. Rat-s Reasonable, Satif.ction
Guaranteed and Patronage Solicited.

** +++++ i +**

+ J. M. TOWNE, Manager. +
+ FOR___ FOR-----..
+ Rye, Bourbon, Malt Case Goods, Wines, + +
+ and Corn Whiskey, Brandies, Imported or +j
+ Gin'or'Rum," DTomestic, M i ne r a 1
SFOR Waters, Ginger KAle, +
+ FOR .....s 4+ etc. - 4 '
+ Old Mock il4-year-oled .
120 proof Whiskey, SEE THE.. 0 -
+ + ..
+ We keep the best goods in the South and have estab- +
+ lished a reputation for selling at lowest prices. Out of town .
+ orders solicited and perfect satisfact ion guaranteed. +
+ +++++++++++++++++++..+... ++++++++++

A visit to our always-popular store will be rewarded
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Goods at new Drices. ........ E


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Wonderful how people have caught on to our new sys-
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those old fogy and, worn out back number business
methods despairingly far behind. Look around and
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and satisfaction gu

:t ...^

our owk business
our entye sto k at-
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der'wher4ee stoe twB'"
son we can give y7uM
e stock d ."d a -uil
e .quote w a.3[1
see the slock sataW;ib,
gt yon fjy sacqUs
landlilag iifull line '
Bats, thli we aie4$
in the c ad t
very article that we;
w days.

ITS. -"
LND $18 ? -

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ure and1a perfect t

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a* Sic.
am khe best'
~em PI lf cm.
umvasuteSa nds


W . . .

r ..................... ....... ... ..


4+ + +1++ + +/4++

'All obtoeias A
*emanir g hgeck-




ak kf acwis
20 PiiSoi"atthelaI

wetss o-po
event a~
by5ao In

Ab Bum j

ban""i ~

as mellrea. el

[ SIMPLY 9P9ccLAV m Pride in its big trusts bas not yet NOTICE OF XefsMAST AL A o
u~ --clSrtlhwweaned New Jersey from its early and Under and in pursuance of a certain ml
The Ocala Star tells how ete people unolterable pride in its b osqu- decree rendered on te th day ot April
of that olty wound ip the affairs of to s. A D., 1899. by the Hon. J. W. Locke,
"+++++ the defunct First National Bank In the Judge of the Circuit Court of the Unt- J .
4 fodowing Interesting style. It says: General Punston writes to a friend ed States, in and for the Bouthern o .t- 1.
-AlON. ', "At Ocala Monday the bankrupt as- In the West that he hopes be has nw trit Florida, IntChan n frttr U es .
s et of the aFrst LNatonal Bank were proved he is not a fake. we eIsn acert'an cause whereinj.. A. A
id. Daily 4, s esofdthee orstNatnodl ..BOankrew-er reetivers f
4 sold at auction from the band stand in i should say he had! ersouthern nd tual Balu and rteivers o
....... S1 0 the ov-rthouse. The sale drew a big Lo an ssa o u at on of Atlanta, are cor- i .
....1.. 50 + ohe ote scued by thi e iria Riudyard Kiplng is rep)riTd to, hal c pialnants. and Earl HIgh David LiL't. LThe' a
250 4 crod. otes secure by .he F .lon | SmIned fift_ n pounds ,n a single doy. IHgn. j. %N'. riarow. k. ao Shal lb,
....... 500 Phospha Co n appeared the This taking up of the bite mai s wr- innio e gA lPurnell G. Purel.r,T t eo- i e
+ favorite, bringing 5o cents on the dal j-Imrrii o dore irtppera ano Andrew J. Kntght the 19
fa+or.-te, bring 75 ..... ornh 1- Babies and children need den see. s to go merrily ou..
t+4-^ lar. A pile of tax sales to the village e tnn n to go ____ axe defendants, 1, Charles S. AdaOS, as
of Welshtc:-. brought iU, wnle the proper food, rarely ever medi- Senator L-pew does not think much Special Mater, shall, at public u-
crowd laughed at Dick Davis x- I of Andre% Cnarnegie proposed pan to t ino h expose fo bae and sell foOrt h
.. ,.. e. If they do not thrive o 0 to the highest bidder before the Court
+' pense. The second mortgage on the I spend his dtlining ymars in phiaan- House door of the Circuit Codrt. I the t
+bl in+ opera house for 12,50cwas knocked on their food something is thropy. There is nothing funny enough, Ity of Tampa. County of Hillsboeus.,
Indown for h. Editgtor C. They need a little it for 1i Depew sale, on Thursday. June 15th, A. D.
pantce + the Donneion Citixen. houthtH a1 help to get their digestive A a1in 5nta all the following real estate, to
+a r an- + a burnt saw mill for $45. H i said help to g rda ta e thesOgh anta wit: t follie-ing real estate, t w o

S + brought $47. The mot spirited bid- aTound in Charleston habor. el a map of said subdivii on be- vidls 't
S ding was over a mortgage given by In the process of the Hon W i. E. lg duly o e aeo oung the lands re-'
+"so.rds 0C HilsbotD Counmmty, FLor 6 =a, a
V. L. & C. A. Liddon on the property l Mason's pure-food linvestlgaton at Chi- in Plat Book one (1) on page 41 togath- lta of U
Sthey occupy as a Uvery stable. The cao, It la not recorded that tbe has yet er with all anr ngular the tenament A
Pitle bouht the poty of the bank COD LIVER OIL com.e to the brand of ham which an ad- Lhrersmtsytapo, os'tnd lSm." to be,

St ad e cent. interest. Several pa rtie w n g eneray wed thS E
awoe after Mthescur.tles as an invest- l In the Ciru utCourt oebSaSixth Ju-
17 in nIf est. Mr. C. LIMdon was anxious M""" Y' dm51Circuit of the mate Of F LrSdS
a SmSu b $t. up hoPown at a sd1-d f If you will pet fr*on o0e- in and for EHillsbwo Coo tU-In
nt amae fi wount. Cnnt cery notes sold for Ma Bra.son s. Lnoa -
amas*t **markeZ. BrandonVao vLanoorar ean- w
howt an to W. W. bHarso, pra dent of the do.= bj c paa *n
P=3p A bs Under and b vrtenoa m ane cuod

leliet otocry betror iSSOonhd. acc Iitfns t a S e t do o or, doaD ; oS:I e hea
S wn, O IUe-peew d a and pM ment visit to i s in the city of Tampa, P adtsd, sdati upon and wtl e at opuBe ohty Cie

the Adt wao e of Y. V. Buwaer aear torhe hoshedeater, Mallorous h Conoty Ino the State of M lowlBg deerbed SrtedWet:- t
an ed soteo a4 Caar4stoih. Tb W rau a o L pWe. I Florida.n levied .upon oa the property of eirtia team lanry b U.
M be the old ellMg are t cthanner. n d t ae ohe e a ntn mthe abon A.61A. on h Se ss O Is intd J .re .a .
to the -wth d offe 'un..AD.1, IBMr-i gt-t,---dsgepn ns; o it e the -

I ftthe ear .At nM.tely sad la l re the l interest tn nd to uthe soiheast quay corner f6WAtthree W I o I 0 u l M

a1 w o be an cwdotmdandah epeetlerasatheveivet- $toi. It Wl SotOW al M ryed In southcealt corner of f ectloa iwentg- the town o Tampa, and am thence Wh
a ther abshte evedt wnfo rteirt vannalty br me hand Child two. township twenty-nine, south th et thence northerI y parallel with Maa 1.
00 ma to the 7 -in no iii the South w bi sooncs hoth upon mothe dayof Jubne.A.D.,:110 t the we 'hbetwno the-eOirt e o ...

ahlnst the nih- guaranteed them under the Con- lndo. rae twenty dcdealt alest, situtae treet thirty (80) feet. thence

retic lead- stttuUon tler father had forned. As SCOTT & BOWNE, N lk hn o. nonhety-f s on-huno eth easterly pgel wit r
Sthe fact. theay meet in oiwvlar greeUng the word -, i e ter of thIe northwest inquarter, and the poarallel with Tampa street onel-
people of the boos o w th ee tear n the eye. an south three quarters of west half of un-ored an lot three (13) feet thence A.
d ton 9A t he an Iso something alnd soutet sBa tIn center of northeast quarter less one acre t18 )ad aondinmg dt toIhetsyndmap fccth t s

etw e an coTnitr nohe-it te meet n ting teir The a a It will showfu eft In southeast corner of section twenty-o the tn o f Ta= and thena
tett It is shente, sand their mastchlet woe P i t e week eag tt- twenty-nOne, south of range twenty, ro erouny 8te oftasorda to- .
ra othe wotds hrsetoon I ns wte llr r e n mOthtwentysoeast:.c also the west helorth Teheh e angy eeas. n) Pfeet, thenice0
gnitl CC the toed ore the Conranwelrly bear e an fhild rf b southeast qaurter of ssctionrtwesiin- terly parallel Cwith Cam Streetf seven R. e (w

'ooion ed eoo"tadrorscb- .two. township twenty-nin made to satisfy sai etthence northery parallel with at
eagAnst the nts gusaranteedtmundero the Cn- all range twenty, east; also the es.tt wmpas retote 1 d R feet.,thece i
0. lasttitwe and ninety-tiee on-hundredth easterly parallel with Cass street this- ho1pOu

fa tore the& y eetIonitwinrth g them omd. SCOTThe &OWNee. Nies.Net e om, chains of north baltofsouthwestuar- ty-ove (36) feet thence souterlyand

wth fact the e me-e thn lasn met ome i their igh cal o e wra ter of te- northwest quarter, and the par n with Tampsa street one- i eon

people o the ts on with a tear n oth thve eyet ndes are south tre quarters of wet half of hundred and he feet, thence A.C
ie to acqir- nCotedete s older a axt fngs t for his busy ih aq r y plafsnt freight caeert NOTICEt OFate ou SALE. sterlsfy execution, stra the foroi .a
Iest ail ex-, wi t h or the oandtheir matchless age The aggreg this rush of export ness fromdecree rendered on ty-the 28th day o f hteginnog. being In ls- e
SPensaconla durinue all ng Sat- twenty-nine D, 1899south ofy rate twHoenty, borough County, State of Florida to- W.
o, Id ol veterans ho meet sa Lock, Jie of thmade to satisfy said gather with allthebo engie 8A n.
Ckeor tears Cat rlee ary. rwith tem to their The New Oclearances andte, ie refer- t her nite dtte Lnand toor he e touth-ae dnd
tthoe iage- t wm tsand thue da their camp fires rtng the iheek tandaleor te T. K. c OusehER. together with three (ird ) wa of an A. nd "
a olade in the theat of the t Southern people. f thei el ca r loads of gene, sal m t A. Andheriff of nt M. Auoroug County.rwe o2) eao. I h f thomees riedIn said t e ,
ap tinoemcm r and m Omeontedeathe soldier r nehor "thae t r export were sn-t ics, ed over .Sng a. MONON arod SON B. bulr ness. I ail property to be solde O. D. Lt,1 h0
at a ften and eoa wll be tote of tahe i unr tham TURMncNmen of thEe PreSolentitors for C thereis as ase the i see a tre, liolL '
ants wt swap th tars and ripaeshve ash the the esil d r the oplainant. thea ee, o said Uroperty being leviedrU ponasloIIJ. ota"

n It t ordd it e a chStvlr s and honorable; the her yFi heaid the eide pte s th property of t:he ldefenda ints and to f a
ne s esta t i- Costeder tesoldier caught pure sans to thet and d beefl t frhe art rs. Cares FAdaa, OM Attpecial ME satisfy this execution. tth rygo ng&a
Sto des r t government And to veteanf ctl as he the Rico wll ha serves. and the nations Under shall, atn pursuance nation efor cet T. K. SPo CER, Sheriff. thpe ad p
d where- ft for the ewi they foothirty ears a wre t n t hat is r on the rosh of export b e d rendered orn te o thh trday a of JOHN C. WHIT a rttyforena. I i
aof acton tg. e a they o made wl be cherm n will A continue all suf Mn r. Apts Did the Circuit Court. inby the on.Ta I J. a levied Wie o l a It S!r
1 w si a l ined dty" the thn peo- the not know when l wee lshrlm h County of FLloboroe, Judge of the Circuit 'oCourt of W

totatrlf piea ad o, to truth or their- hlOb- up their eporth tohe American peo- dal an sngt uars th put se, on eetw theceg nourst ope paarl .,t.fh
Ill gtrve toheareston c rry with thee to they pie had rea the tetmo and wereter- theUnfoitow real test in and for the South. ae In l boroFb CAountylor
Pte fir ev-s do reun nd around their came of tirhe Con- a o the l beef acq canted with the fats as Lytingin and becla hei r Under and by virtu e of a itertJlf S-J

d th rate soldier is ee they wethree men-tools, s obtrv ent cei ers of the sthernutual Build- e feas tinh out S reel 1-
pat & system 5051~w~sa wil be the type of al that henchmen of the President, we should Ig and Loon AssocIation, of nAtanta tderiac.ran castle wotthe rern tun wsd1
Sasrecomplainants, and Jesse it Dot-sey AndeO. tacaso f the ExcOhang t him s 0a .-

os ration without ltdlcai pow, predicts tha t honobeMr. Henry ; the. Fagler dt led In toMcethe ck town of Tampa, and run then noeslt- i- .
me In clo- L s, be made effective wowth- f In *r spuresat the rottenabete. He wil have Just borCharles Cty, Doreida, toget anhedr wi jt-f ( W t.m al B rst- ,
aC Poolrs right. partners doing business as- W tates? ablie

I thod biadvdetse rs ml on whoe In Florid politics when SeCnator ooa- benseg or S d ated sthe thsr d day5oMay.3|.
PR Of their story they made wll be cherishL t ed? Amer'can Inaexpyres, sLacreants! Dihe res and the O all the right, n the City of Tam- I have levied upon and will sell ts- oti ta
b & it and remembered by the S southern pea ther not know when. the lnre shapna- claim of tlsborough, Floridalit outcry on the lirst atday ien Jue .caton win
ms Of taf pie ,ndtats tO he truothd of thi artho- OupO their report Ithat M.the American pea- duion the hours. oubisale.on between the legi hor >of se, A.. D tUS O f*

bac fm'r Its to e rrh on t tshe ends of justice, to wear a senatoriaa toga.-tSavannah e Spei i Matil ero l yg a, el t wit-h u lsel nt t o u~f ?Se t
at e wi 1 t parteaHy with Call o- News. COOPER & t OOPeR. t ated s ino the oi ndtllopwi bler, e
tlt w add Sad De a e Ien y mehadefe aoe tti we: t d stuatetndrtng atn the southestpornerln g ri

- ceIsanhlon w& tO judcla ptoer, Un- pf Lred has Mnr. bill to0 ee i -NeOTICE Oa ccording toAE. thr vlUsdepy,t iapofsidcl o the generee 3wal up offthe
rall t-t icsno t to see ~ will t bods or landlord the i- und t Cod i In anti or Hl. city' aloe as s e to Thot s 1 ^treet

psroty. f-han Sa testisy Is one t^othed Lockew Juiue ot tte i lriutt CoAurt A tied above ( ande ihom sen^or-

*VeW Ii this bw contributions to current Uters- It is said that Georse Johnson, of the United States, In and for the South- .rty bdteing Ivied upon -s prserty t '5S
m"' t ik.- tr would be wmr Interesing at thi PaIl5m.ka Intends to establish a barrel ern District of Flotda, in Chancery of the defendenut, end1 be od m to
Sasatm NactuatSt.Peteru.t sitting, in a certain caus wherein w J. it .satiLsf this sxeceuio.
tis 1uelt time than a, statement fram eeta ctory at t Pete to uppAnderson and tM. A. O'Byrne. receivers 't ". K. OaerM, eem-.
swell tO as telnr i ot he boodoed the inves- the fish dealers As it is estimated of the noutthernMtutM11 uln5 and C. C. WI15 TAK IB Atty for Pt' R
.- gI tmthe tp n... that the &t Petersburg shitIppers alone Loan Asoclatlon o Atlanta. are tom-
^ tusatiM 0----- win usee 150ar0 bmaret a year, Ht would plalants, and rrADMoe IoATION NOWh H
Jota Wsmlpo e a t Montever4e, eemotoo bea good point at which to Jr., C L Kaht and htr WIall -- I t
s e -omtr. dal lt Wedney, locte such a fcto the nearest partnerS, etc., sader the firm name ofAll perss g clas agit r
M aged 80 years, He had lived in the cooperage plant being 20N miles away. Knight & Wall, are defendants. 1, estate of Thos. C. Collis deoeaWed, aes
.5eh- caBR ileMsintiaue ~anls came oriat- 4 Charles a. Adams, as Opecial Master, requested to present mame property am-.
nefbR *MW MMuQdouns. and was a OUDneeviie is, ort aept men= mr shal a s"public auction, exiose for salethenticated to the n-wiped wi
taliRaElmJ. is 0 es- o eerea ep over b iUme pres-cribd by law, or'
the need a ble prbilc school Circist Coart, In the Ct o Tampa, be barred and declaredsas1 IH ad Vqi'W .
win bul ding. .Mlett l will be held and County of HWraosmlh. Fl oridw. during J. D. 0
eti tat wiB We New Yest ocaffcers who were con- the question oC "Why men who have the hour of public sale, on Threday. Amintrcsator of ast etat *
,; iing ldata0 a O owa0r0e h.ae since then no children sho Id pay school ta- Ju tSl A. .1899.Si al the following ~ U S l 1 D 2t. the
real estate, to-wit:
i Up M bh e et. t ttFsl the vr drti by calling p1ing and being In the city C Tampa.,
t b Go- BRotoelt a 1a ule, lkle Uttle Hillsbotough County, Mo-d O N to-wit:
hee thib You must ,y a towny et Lot number six (6) of block sixteen NOTI OF T A.t
Ioe to econ oan open car and dilart upon (t). o Clarke'subdi sion of the south halt -t t s th da

0eV-a 0ma iemrism psllIeople who want a seat as intrude of lot four (4) section thirteen(& in w- m mtWAe. Gatbe barPo I e -
..t- inI Yii. g t a HIOte umteSr up m-n e, hutle, tte ra-.o t towuth p ten -nfe mouth of range t o Tfto thme mn Jdg a b of OMM
.- "Wto s ot with all yoa asr bacheo een et. a thence runo sth alone id sd- n
S.'Do not let yor ales rut slon being recorded m Book H,. paes n n - o
ft- T Whtle the orters raise the dust. 1 an i h Etooug Count, ast w i Uaeemegrteof

------ ctmt, wannt to entered n 23 and 4as r t an ouS "ewI eatr
blvp r way, Admi ral he Tinm wl who tom~pes an end seat he west line of block four of P_ A. uftaauy ix,1 d 0t4401rlni ll

AM ____-__"-_.___' _"P__..... .people who want a seat as intruders of lot four in section thirteen, in town--it s

h th" ra becOnMe they t hel a ve to wives feet sott-h of the northwe t corner of lcea l' l
What with nmowin cofiorgdo, cy-otr oR trnrr-4N
imones in ke hati I/n Bagers- two feet. thence ron west eighty-six lstmratx the estate a-o- i I kftsr

y ...~ Is"oa o vine one of the vatnes of thia coo- with a and aLdaulr the tenementa, claM at & to Ikd I.
ech f .- Th it 0hermditenrns and apprteuncam tate asa notifed to ss b tOr an
"m-- ,y tem-bmto 'loo ar in any wise aft- me, m Metb
p.._'S_. ertainin-'andNA '' m f a therigh, te-lons t p provided


~8~:i---f7: 7 ---7f T, Mt


O IFe.. P and the 0. & A. B. 3.
OMicsia Preparing to Conso.idate
the Two Roads. a
Jacksonville Metropolls-
%A meeting was to have been held at
1 Jackonville to-day by the officials of
the Georgia amd Al&bama and the Flor-
Ida Central and Peninsular railroad.
0"Oe of the offnclsa of the latter Une
is aick, however, and on. that account
the meeting was postponed for a day or
S twe. says the wvannah News of to-
sil be re- 'Whon tbe offiates get together for
W will be their oontereniue it is expected that in-
ftmia- AA taff amtfn ..,,M, lamu W11fllow. It t= tis

,* K ihe, *May 132-The Philoma-

S T at ths mo hbooms on aordty even-
- -Si) th Inst., tn he to 1, mere-
*"*- '- to were to attend the Normnal at

*D o onolwith a recital orf how a certaI
S. + T wftd shesitdried n tagt his wetade.

Sread with goo
Xpg^ b way 1BThana top la

r Smain es n'Wlder read an amusing
w ast wei received, as w s eao eta
S-ems a on alarmm onW, read by ato

h- 4 T4eU S"ereiod&.vely well Indeed, with
. the ecepion of the undersigned, whc
*" m b. oht down the house In tears o1
+. aO.ish, a d heaved great sigsM of s
sT-' when hae ad finished. It is lond
S ped by te who are compelled tc
- I set ftr t1eilchildren snd family, thai
i he wil not be tempted to perpetrated
anotherr for years to come.
if the eason holds good the fartmed
*Hs- Iln thiSa section wi undoibltedly have
Sl'ldla' something to sell as wel a to eat-
n fact, shipients of beants, cuviso-
mli potatoes, etc., hfwe been quite lively
.0hafc h hha Curs ts looling fine. i
!> .-ai There ty been womethonk lte thirty-
S'S a tSt erd ch tf water melons planted Io
th sr vtecty, all of Which bids fair tc
M rioth harvest. Verny the Ftoride
tS I- the, always "Igon it" when he vhe

0 Inthi Br5$ t.iowllho hae been vlsitina
d sPomethin l h a. Mr. Knight i one of the
.- - e..o-..f ;.. ,, o Maaptee county.
J.-*." ....a" "-____ 4


l3'L'3 GREAT _jUCOM stfKx.

P. o. axf t,
4r~. '

a aswvery'. I am now using it sans fee
Se-a new man. It's effect is wonder-
C& 0A. iW. WIT-.TTAGR..
SA. t Chief of Police.
Omm A those basebaU players -who
haie been doing so much bragging will
4 b lM&y to get in usder the grand
asben they read how General
#estis esugiht a redhot PllipIno bail
'-ft kit tarehand.
,' ,*** 4,e
r, Xt 1m-5es no difference how bad the
r',,idnI 4f,.you we DeWltt's Witch Ha-
|oBl -Uait It. will quilty heal and
%.. IMa s asar. S. B. Ieonardi & Co.,
O0-istal Pharmsy, of Tampa, Dia-
lad. Phaarmsy, Tbor City.
t-' "'.. oIs ea p to be some diminution
-!.at af alma over those Americas
,.hmaz U the PhSpplnee now that an
uA4Ilaaa Ibg has diverted poblic atten-
i 4-W6 wy &W Wr b ating a baseball um-

kein s e thl remitls of elected dys-

we ezpvessh
mact authr
it Is sat e
soot hIm or

, Tampa


Occupied the Attention of Circuit
Court Yesterday-Plaintiff
S 1 1 Claim $5,000.
rom Saturday's Dally .
PutS a Quietus on Councilman Yesterdy's session of the circuit
court commenced ati 10 a. nm- The jury
Frecker's Pet Ordinance. a4 retired at the closing of
Thursday's session with the case of The
Citien a Bank and Trust Co. vs. Ful-
11 P N MI[ llM [ ton and Summerlin. rendered a ver-
S N II diet in favor of the plaintiff in the sumn
o $2,686.99. The total claim of the de-
1Ifedant& or rather the (face of the note
was $6,000, but certain credits were al-
r- pM 1a 3* lB 1 < lowed, which reduced the claim to the
above amount. The juJry was dig-
0 t C a charged and the case of Jasper Surn-
s of SUM MS meprlln vs. The Citizen's Bank and
Trust Co. was called. The folUowng
jury was selected: G. D. Boone, E. J.
C. 11H. Ohm*aiandPrank1Blount.
The issue In this case arose peaty
Orders Given and Resolutionp Passed out of the lamt one. It seems that
to Continue the Work in Many then the ek people proceeded
azlhit the property of ,lulton and
Parts of the City-Pro- auninerltn. which was located In
nOseota comtn they made a sheriff's
ceeding in Council. levy on cattle belonging to Samuel
EUmneriin. one of the detendanta In
From SaturdW Dally dotin this 'L C. Mactsariane, attornM
The city 4l#ilatar met in regular for the bank. went to Kiarmmee an"
week Messtoa ltnight. The follUw- gave heriff Prevatt, o that county.
IMW member. were present at roll cal: in-tuctons to evy' on the cattle e-
easldent [Bruen. On Armas. HIdmes, lo ng to iu sel Duraertin. In do-
Wob. Phillip* Wing, Frecker and tnr so the shertff lewled on a &ar
JIuss. amber belonging to Jsper ummmeilta.
The inatsm oC the last session were n brig n the cattle from the Uwn-
read sad apprevd. after which the meMin range to Kerimnme a dtc
business of the evening wAs taken up of about twenty-bve mBM the owwr
in the f aWx a orter: of t&e rtoBe ctamaed that aevliat led.
t emmauleartion was re;d fpm a mber were lkt and the entre tot
a sailir of the TKOmba street prop- mee or lea damaged. As a retAit Abe
esg hoMbrs Ing that the resol-u has bronwb t suit tnr ,500 dmaages
to on ees" l adapted by council fo treepm'
aeaM the Wi* oft. that street be 1*erif Prevatt In g VL his teti-
IeMnsitdssd. an d that they be allowed Inorny stated thla Ur. gMaetfag e ave
to pceed with said pavin. The mat- him Ins"tUotlon to IeP on cattle wit
t"r was r m to the oouacdman the "'Ifart H" brand, which were
repre enttng that wanrd owned br the s P tUff tn the ame To
A oom "rt*-tto was read from J. this suttement ft. Maefortane made a
T. nr-eh ta which he made a vigorous- p ttve desitl, and prondced a wtt-
cocalmnt against the smal railroad ness. named fu<van, who went with
s5msf house t0 stands In the street at him, a as oo of his assertion. hris
the corner of FrankU and Polk streets. witness stated that Mr. Macfarane had
The matter was referred to the city instructed the sheriff to levy only on
attorney, with instructions to tate le al Such oatte sa belonged to Satmuel aa.-
Steve against the Plant System to have merlin.
the home removed. % The examination of witnesses con-
A petition was read from H. C. tinned until 4 o'clock in the evening
Joyce, ot Y r City, asing for per- The plaintiff was represented by W. A.
mission to make some repairs on his Carter and Judge Harrison and the de-
bldrI at the corner of Frteenth fense by Macfarlane and Slhackeltord.
street and Seventh avenue. The mauer The arguments by the counael and the
was referred to the fire comnunltttee with jJde's charge occupied the remainder
power to act. of the dae. The cae was given td
A comuimcatl n was read from (Mr. the Jury and coiirt adjourned until 10
A. Sholes. in which he spoke of the o'clock this morning.
new city directory. He urged on the 9-
city counell the necessity of providing OREAT CROWD COMINIG.
each department of the city government--
Swith a copy. After some discusstmlon the The two British war vessels that wil
matter was referred to the finance coin- be at Port Tampa on May Nth, to par-'
mittee with power to acpt. It was the tictpate In the celebration of the
opinion of those who partclipat*d In the Queen's birthday, will be the cruiser
discussion that a sufficient number of Intrepid and the large gunboat PearL
copies should 'be purchased to supply 'They are both very fine ships and are
the city offloea. being put In the beet possible condi-
A comm unlcation from Mr. Deltweller ,1 for this occasion. It is not deft-
In reference to some Injuries he had re- nitely known yet what Ships will be
celved by reason of a fall on the de- selected from the American fleet. It
fective sidewalk, was icferred to the is generally understood that one of
committee on appeals and grievances them will be the Newa Orleans. There
and street committee, is no doubt that the celebration will
A petition was read from a number attract a vast crowd of people. The
Sof Palm street property owners asking rates that are being offered by the
for four street lanps along that thoti- railroads will tbe the lowest ever of-
oughfare. Referred to light comnitte, feared to the people of adjoining States.
"with power to act. Itwas stated to a Tribune reporter by
A petition wan read asking for. a vit- a railroad official yesterday that the
rfled brick pavement extending along round trip rate from Birmingham. Ala..
Harrison street from the west side of wiih be $5.40. and the Intermediate
Florida avenue to.the east side of Tain- I points In proportion-. It is thought
pa street. After passing a motion to that the average rates from all the
pave Hatrrison from the east side of leadinR cities will sverige less than
SFranklin street to the west side of Flor- one-half cent per mile.
Ida avenue, the matter was referred to Ii
SConacibnen Brown and WeUb to report WORKING 'NIIJiHT AND DAY.
Sat next meeting.
Ai communication was read from The busiest and mightiest little thing
Ybor City property owners asking that that ever was made in 'Dr. King's New
Sthe Ninth avenue paving toe stopped life Pills. Every pill Is a sugar-coated
at wenUtieth street, and instead of go- glotibule of health, that changes weak-
ing further on that avenue, to extend ness Into strength, Ustlessnesse into
u p 'wentieth street as tar as the e s- energy, brain-fag Into mental power.
Sdemisw cgar factory. After some die- They're wonderful In boliding up the
cusalon the matter was referred t the health. Only 25c. per box. Sold by
councilmen front the Fourth ward, with 5, I]l. tLeonardi & Co.
l isttuctloIs to report at next meetIng. 4
A tesoiutlom w adopttd ifltrctlnlg ,Admiral Dewey 00l1 find It harder
the board of titlilo works to grade, to resist the hospitality of the American
curb with Tganite. and pave with vit- people when he comes home than he did
" rifled b tAshley street, from Whit- to reeist the Spanish squadron in Ma-
f to i.fnbette streetay.
resolutionn was asso adopted tn n --
f avor of paving Tampa street from J. D. Bridge, editor and proprietor
* :Whiting street to Polk street with vii- of the Ulemucrat, Lancaster, It. n1.,
SHlfled bric't says: "1 would not be without Onie
r A favorable report was made by the MHirte Cough Cure bor my Dog, when
street commiKttee in regard to the Hytle trobuled with a cough or cold. It Ia
P aerk and Adeile street boulevard. It the best remedy for croup I ever used."
was adopted. S. B. Leonardi & Co., Central Phar-
The sanitation committee made a de- macy, of Tampa, DIamond Pharmacy,
tabled repn't. which cane in for a ltvely of Thor City.
discuasSon. Mr. TDeArmas entered a
strong cotplalit ngalnst some of the Miami's new ice factory is completed
livery stibies. He was anxious for and is turning out fifteen tons of cry-e-
coutncl to intsruct the city attorney to tial ice each day. The plant is said to
bring action against several parties, be one of the month complete Ice plants
By reference to the city ordinance rmg- of its size to the State. In connection
atullng such matters Bt was found that It has an Immense cold storage room.
the members of the sanitary committee
were empowered to make affidavit and Get a Peatherstone bicycle at $25 or

r have the offenders brought before the an Olhve at (50 from the Tampa Har-
Scouncil. nes and Wagon Company, tf
A communilcation was read In refer- -_
'once to the lots purchased by the city
from Jinde Geo. W. Cline. It was powered to employ some competent at-
*ordered spread onthe minutes tome)- or attorneys to assist te city
The matter of Jackson street drainage attorney, In said suit.
> reported in detail byH Mr. Holmes. A resolution was offered and adopted
The reconmmendatlons trade boy him authorizing the city to Issue bonda to
were referred to the street committee the amount of 3100.00,O payable in
with power to actL twenty years, the proceeds of whi-h
S Reference was made by (Mr. Kolmes sshai be devoted to the payment of cer-
to a number of places where the Con- lain outstanding 7 per cent bonds due
suner's Company had Tailed to make in ten years.
Proper fillings at several crossings. An ordinance was introduced regulait-
They -were pointed out and Mr. Knight' ing the speed of street cars through the
counsel and agent for the street car cliv. The old ordinance provides for a
conpany, who was present, addressed speed of five miles per hour. This was
council. and stated that, the work changed to twelve miles with a penalty
would be done at .the earliest possible of $1U and not over 150. The rules
moment. aere waived and the ordinance passed
Mr. Holmes reported in reference to fnia reading.
Sthe filling of lots 6 and 7, block 2t. in The ordinance Introduced by Mr.
SYbor City. HB stated that the cost of Frecker in regard to comnpeillang a em-
Ssaid fllng would amount to a little ployee of Lhe city to be citizen s of
Over SM0. but it was very necessary Tampa for a period -of not less than
that it be done. The committee was six months was returned by the mayor
given power to act. accomtpanietd 'by his veto. After cori
SThe light committee was instructed alderable dole.u:ion the veto was sue-
e to revise the present lighting schedule, tained. Mr. Precker then made a
L Tlhe m matter of compelling the Plant motion instructing the city attorney to
L *s'tem to Pave the FrankliUn street prepare an ordinance making the tme
Scro in V as atn brought up. A three months, and making It refer to
nottoP prevailed Itnructing the city officers Instead of eniployees- The
ae arney to imnstitute proceedings motion prevailed.
anst theS Plant System to compel The rer.D in regard to the Sanches
them to i eeed at once with paving& 8d H- i- 1.aLuc r -wan Laid on the tale
1 W sa crossing, until next meeting.
I he os resolution Introduced The report of hMarshal Woodward In
t L' 212iker, was adopted; romard to the Dtrey fence was refer-
W beheea. a4 ltt has been entered by red to the city attorney.
tb*cW. O Tampa to nullify the so- The reportA of the c ty auditor and
td mU t'ft asl to exist between fire department were read and ordered
t4be ,elt O' d Ta a T a the Tanmea lied. fhe aoisi batch of bills were re-
M l-Wets Wate eispoy. therefore be It erred to the fiance commiAttee with


Cases Disposed of Yesterday-Grand
Jury Makes Its Preeat ient In
Ten Hours Which Is the
Quickest Time on Record.

From Friday's ally.
Cirocit court met promptly at 10
o'clock yesterday morning. The petit
jury for the second week was chosen
and announced as flows:
W. M. Hooker, J. H. B andn. WV. F.
Dervane, rW. ILC. C%. rruthers, A. J.
Davls. J. J. Garron. 'D. S. Buchanan.
L H. Eavey O0. P. Busbee, J. J. Hope.
Luohe carsoworth, J. H. Brawn.l
Two citizens of fpailn made applica-
tion for and were granted naturlIa-
tion papers.
In the case of P`nljk and Fulton vs

'sea KU~PatUkya



turned a truA
2, chased



Jud Wall. The presentment t1 as
The grand Jug yesterday morning
annoyed that It had competed Us
albors and made the fotUtforag en-
eral presentment:
In the rtult C eourt, xth Judicial
Ctrcuilt of the State of Florida, in
and for Hmlborough county, Spring
STerm, 1In.
To the Honorable Joseph B. Wail.
judge of said court:
Having performed all the dullies de-
volving upon us an grand ji'ors t
said county, -we wod t before req aes
Irg tos e dims laed respectfuy offer
the following general prepentnret4:
We have acted upon the advice tv1e
us by your honor In your charge at
beginning of ow semalon, and have con-
fined oure attention to those rimes cog-
nigable by. this court, recogning that
there is provided by law economical
and expeditious and quite as effectual
method of conducting Investlgations of
minor crmes. This course has
resulted in very materially shortening
our session, and In decreaani the ex-
pense to the county and State.
We have presented to the court In-
dictments in all cases in whloh we con-
sidered the videmce warranted us In
doing so \
It has come to our knowledge that
there are confined in the county jail
several prtisoners, one convicted .o
murder in thbi oourt. who, though sen-
tenced several months ago to terms
of inwrisonment In the State peni-
tentiary, bAve not been forwarded to
that institution. We are Informed that

How Work rr
s Btreet* are sets pAveO.
/ i !

trying out the sentences and putting au w i ie Ieii to
end to the expense of maintenance of as p osWie,
the prisoners. enth a
nWe have. through committees, made 4 U ibnohk
the usutp inspection of the couttty oft- NO** g
ces., and we fus' A itorse and empha- "edto the
sise the cornnendatm r expr-essions Tt "ed
used by former wraad luries. without been I*b W
exception, since the present incumbents dj
have Qbeen in office. -ra sdilt M_
We have not deemed It necessary to A'"*60 t,-
make as closed an examination of te- 05 is ee ed
accounting oflfee as we would have.- f .:lowls
b~edt everI
done had not the State examiner d evr h
already peitformed that duty, nvh a COMAft-winth"
more effllently and complptety than rr
we oouid with the time and faclities
at our oommand. itpave 0 ,-
We visited the county jalU in a nds' Otin tPM lIh
and. a a result of a very troritki lSt lS '
inspection, we are constrained to say w w1in e Vta"h 'i
that, In Its oleandnes. freedom fr ho behsis,,ajt
disaRgreeable odors and sanitary con- I'ndl
dition generally, It is a model Inatttu- i oins 121
Uon. spli-as, cct
The course of odr county commsrioon- In a&lUlFord.
cr In causing the construction of Ote- itis Muk iSd
street iso t10k
AdamIzed road meet with our heartV stree Mn'ble
Indorsement. We hope the system will Wal tha t S. tt
bo extended as raoisly as possible. un- -Mn Tmpasr
til It connects all ) important points esa to
with our country capital. "'We 1 , ti
We CoCWraUItte your honor, the Is cosnalete-'Tanh
county and the circuit upon your aop- and helter s-da
pointment to the bench. which you re iIn iorlda and th2
so well qualified to grace. so wisely
We tender our thanks to the court. a,,vngr-bu--*,
the acting State attorney and other Saidf olig
officers for courtesies and -etre 0 1,w tndira the
rendered in performance Of ow douUeL sth t av* hee
Very respectful. la Peeiele.
Forman. A5Is~
SEAVET J, BOWERS. Clerk. stanc'aw
Sttecko-f ma
It you sffer -rom tenderness or full- '1,_W S
ness on the right aide. pains under M ft'ABe
shoulder-blade, constlpatiUo, bUloes- JTJ'. t
nesa sick-headache and feel dsl. S l
heavy and sleepy your liver Is torpid ei T
and congested. DeWitt's Little Brly
Risers will cure you prompt. plea- ams- T
antly and permanently by resnoveir
the congestion and causing the b1e b
-ducts to open and low n ra u I--
They are good osts. S. B. I=eoarddit,
Co.. Central Pharmacy. of Ta
Diamond Pharmacy. of Tbor Cltr ".S
'There is already decided activity ,
among the Repumlcan leader in t qe
direction of repealirtn tho &ad ,
breatworka '" *"
--' -- '
B"roK-acm tn CTl'w; A ^


Of Queen Victoria Will B. Celebrated 'Proprietor Walker oat the Hotel Mae-
at Prt TmanFin eStyle on lgrSs Gla to Uaderstand a Lirge cotte Sipped amy ramHiscee- Pan'S Ce
Raly=rd. ay4th-Attrictive i Amt li Be Pid Them. i tors and Wi a Do B inem l'n

S he celebration ofhe Quens brth-UPES MAKE LARGE DONATIONS From n
estimated at FromIata PorthTata on e a is.'Claimed That NegroesHaveAl- rortor of the aSU e Hootela
.Ma 24th. wUl be the most Impo:tant
9yto Thirty- Fearfol ent of the ear and ill no doubt at- ready Pad Over $150.000 In'o t--? corner of Polk and Tampa streets.
Sat the Wrek tract a crowd, the size of which is sel- ne Fund-Bill HangsFire has skipped by the liht of the moon.
?w" g iodom seen in this part of the count onreA number of anxious creditors mourns
5 The announcement of rates by the inr Con.Tes an.his abrupt departure.
9ab soliurred at Exeter, adt six Southern Sates. They are by all odds g olorhd mn i- ayi. c Thor1sasds of tng moenrhsago fim Huntsiille. Ala., and
S of tho city ast tght. that the most enticing rates ever offered by duced to beleas d he en re building for a period
d a In the death b oot thirty any railroad entering Florida and io eand t Iese fiv e years T"hro ulgh tie grossest
1 addoteo to this about sixty there is every reason to anticipate a co en b e U t- n ar en the l e n behind
e v o- trio' t P th a t th e y w e re sorm e r y ola e l
r anMo the PIhUa,- In addition to four big battleshipsT k --- li,:.-d sUppit of cab e was ex-
"am 4andhetping railra. The Lthat sIll be on exhibition at the Port, Da pauoters of tis asia-es 1ese beo t atmted he began to run bills. This
f .,lF. Peteville One program of squaide events. horse s-nork for sever-s years and it is esti- Itractive was continued atitil his credit
Srac Pottille s and athletic sports base been ax- mated that more than $1.000 in mna l became abhatered. and business came
e at the sta- anged. IL will nc e th e fll n sum has been collected by those ha toa snd evening he ed
with a Wrain trout 11e tratrete testires: Itow-laug oorna tobe-Ing tee project ed t etIeo a stndau evening he tainsied UPA
'. S i ate wit. h a -o tween A xner cn and Egish rews, sn the pro nor c Io h dood -

,Craeed -w i t o & U hes Y ours dor t a rry a. r ow h en t e 8
QI m M .hs55 tO uthe StLe tSm etti Oanm t cricke t mat. e tug The a tter to tahe 0 urae o'lock s deh-boyd train pulled in tiein e
i .oft-warh ttwo d ratces s. r inge throt come corTespondence betNsve- c u Cbi out andsc tmbled ir aboard with r
mat thesto,55ri h water poloIer dS ck hihta o eo Unite .te his child t and ho s 1"z went

r -w b iN ale.t a d -les ento i- are If o ir e b a o The preacher m told the senator co ePot T ani t w nhRe o r a p o- d Tr r
ist l '"n e at o rse Uion rn O t people tn h S esPoeh t to t the Ohetml anthat M aitosr B- .s leens .. at
..i Ti tsot li-tt Bilatt ora lB tt e ct t ac t ha i beesn asese d o de- the pea- d t o o
t l ,tie n w llv ee ato-ed n the mot p a des f o n ing the p-op s ed deeg- i p xj d.
si h --, fM s ad e a ntan n mn and ,u rie .e n uwa, w i n sm oLe of the n __ m_

liftd thebl n es ftme du hobVl r& X
eMsr* a D 1sleai ancf ofe a o h hea rty eor m er. i x *etla Vedht a r ody Revsaooret h s Vexed at thde Re-e rt N -ok *egr C.
5a rhW109 a 12015 wn 6e i lmd tut1d an t Cnveelgimts foand l is t edhSag c health e
wK n ll oe e bftt y th bo as ed em ts h a s dt of he the ubas of what he r ortad o elth o t t ,
. .. M 1 s11 ,'aJd her r tINyewe on the theh ro dl dvin:
haw, thl.1 o ,w be, J rlsato In may mur a inte at tn years othe ex-a n-T Dat i h a o f : t ta- Pa
41WOlNilr .-a rsfti n io theolns to a.Thes e a icue a. i* l r r ,u ,t ta d ese-i nt meay sy te P Pi i ne n a bsuabl s 1
220 la"" .d pe-tit-o rr'" h pa r or ne raif A in -les aa had agents in every u o s
r ,. tat O the Union for Me purpose of riens tha, t it to nm to altteo
i. t the LAS. CASE. o tie a l t -frm er shtve -lo w ere ours sasvm nic es f r of rn
"9_-1!%_Mira' a 1----___ to l th a ui e ws ah spend a eing he- -il* wo o ct r "I
'Ot qiM13311 Pad to Be Dlsehars-d angresas toegve the m t lge pen- ss
O . e In L on whch Is In D r In thehands oftn e i tie o n i heerd p a le Is
I s twm. b"d tyo sit .--- heBmato e feon t to, on of the at- not now, no r-ba ever be"io ma "x ate a.
gons --.. Ok a 16in Af vie ..IlsTens L HEL -=load-ayett u l t g i M at m
_is s1.s, W t _TD r-AU"^,_wn-6-0 "1cli am t otnsuT.retor mml 81-ge.. .T oe

I "-t'5t 4. = p-h emae eevd ea tle I a e aJ m- ns er v i nt everyPhytsiinaIn y the et eawoW l ?' '
Da.dast ws twi ro pe 1 r). alD kes erb s whan t ofIn ta aend t wm st sJteBrs Iw, W a the 4 oe1 1 tJ. m 1 US
l f baa f the p5atheiest, to Vi- ty W. C Lam, of- Wa.hi z- Ofe vaJcinateI requested. and all we

.he.... ..Hs Hlly, ete-ao t he e a e T eAm e -, n vas te I ms mentioned as att nosp v a o d o J a belir th es a i
r c n cippin t w he d been soen b^ c ln th e apples hto every ooner wdt 1A vijsi nato B x 1 eb 'anid 1a tlag i peslesakleg

there woo t t lley W*el d"c 5omr- vetoe tnd nam with the tegis a view of Itsexterand the o who d ,a 's .l.e.o -
g r RJ M a Uis4ajen o tlaterai "a trato ee of twr s ty-five nitsr a o rea --enve wd and hcloanded t %ba wb .t s aw l i y wt
lded to A- t he h pate i onPi-I= 6enators,-alianter. Ex s- slav e as o as-c alanomTurner vwsfted u- !t l Bb- Dmma l pesto.51'0"

day i ni for M Aft o s th e stated a b ed tiosrcsl ate five ic te t ors the. bly e rsB I Gaine S --tl se us andr and WIs ferd e f Ls tfa e t h e
ls ae that ex ra Pcai. ons woull d be t aken c re- tgoe of tia e Lcame. These ds mo g'men v h m ad a an aih t u nd e7M i vep ,n d lfayo f \ci ab les fst a "
-titall !he I O fe a s a lo e he ado't are to blhe sent to eetad o t of thenrstA ihains uesfr- wie putt wi*no t reword
t f se ee aoesaS e evrloeradtggiandt s Vta t t tevery- t adedegate. h a re s I s eer whs mddstsa Iruo toe rwet Try oesaof lettsrs Oa veu bev. as.it
1eMg thhnhw Iia- e o ittetd .Healnus pn o th ter. D An O r | wit t aa sin rand see faPrr o- 09 ave& by the o s theSreS-

i DiHbta es e anuncen nosathe ra uar bea rsa ctreof ria we d ve made adh4 and edy from e de-pvei7s -

AVijsit'stW o- exr ng I r, rK Ir Ing |t AI in the etty, bear and
.lMWmmf^ -, th e T A, ra t e p asttw w ll hsbn Tis clr declare "ta the only receive from our leaders-ren1 ; A l t '9

11111-.fw I s o au d s adoess prevailed aenwe nes strc tt. .b I R
ient no Dg Dale of Oraln ge Grove p tb e her mas re atteves and friesotlI no rtn mthe soonhy vs. s il. Case in CirO. sen of e r leatcomm en d utrn theo Bar -, Is .l
wa s V artqad to time and on edust Fin y hJc e t nditon cult Court R1nde rd. in a.v s Crc r eus at othei r oateAmto b" -dalt
eist nel t- bl indies. Oflaeritems of Le l asctoe. becomirngm alarming. word st as .sent ofttieVol-mert The speia low i-ales of the 't-att
Ba lame had fallen s-i.- here so her en. E. -. HendlG". andsil

H t-toS Wasl.erhed tpl at xedg s ti onis l n etc Frpday tot Bonds t at once. Ohs-s Hendr- lie d until Cler-olt court i--t at 10 o' Ich tahe ateitnuen ay mosis trets tiosto O \\ Wr -
1t eS1 o'ter hl p clock lsesteerdy morning nwhe sbe Od rday mostr g. Th case to J.e C .
a,. e. 54sadratble so antic M Petersburg boys uere is the partty--, rver. Sce wa s-woman ot suble..
'a Wi* d" sax -dragged Otouse sed Glean Pepper It their rottwi ade. adnd ss eei a t oan waL s rattng -nd the followig jury a-- t os ia sset-ed It these- '
t "ess- -O M"the tran ales oft rageit ropesa r operels they. able d ipovstst d ... e 'ast in r ma..... ,elected: T. WatLon. W. R. Toss- -Iat boof wtei t.TastQmartty.eL -
andt was o-tthet R o hreeen gt oe n ears a resident of Tapna c .nd ti" end. J. Brows, t'. o. Hooker. J. H. "d 4 "
wheelst4er e -still able toae ta.. tFhemrelcs .....h at s of s-ati ends .be main- d -- ictriat id A J Dat-is. T plaintiff0, . -
".mo osiNd In freeing his cm-toss olsppin7g wthen t uSy come bash il rate those dafs i1 lea-n ,, Ot dash-
b a .ne hot when Rev. Fo C.. thedred b resigned a ... lb sad -c.ics" ac rept-ee-ttd by Hat-ru-. Peoples and t ea
Ui 11 ad he we t orhofetehers on.fM.cucandsyheeistems and tne ti-.-ehe osndin -naii ekd te defendant by W. A-

A 1 si t a n e take a S p 0s iuon In the C .ild. een's h om e .-Irsti e her e H t-e s it-i-ts a- m &t Jl T he t a&tog to te stim ony o.,c i ded tdie
o aMrs"ndt Oberlin. Ohiuo. .c. Friebele anti -.,ira. t..,. t-I,-e ...... time ut mti the noon adJournmenat ,e

h Othereh aWve the ay. This seIll tend eo cot-trr t the:wo tlo udge of in cirout-c ou t t-F." t samxae.fterwh thecitdeenerC
ha-. Ba 11 the disparitty between supply and demand,- city Her hiritares ore H. M teit Moo-ehi s-- .r.-in isj o
uto.-vat-lobuiprgboyswe reof nthe pte)-n rivrn B i e-in s ut a e rdet ise tate '
BasmeN The andozGlement Is Just made r If Henir'u ast Mt- Nettic H-endt-. s a ir thw aintitf toe 111704
01t tthmbvhI asD te Oine orange grote "i Mrs.zd theye r atl edspo etn.- wa s aternison i s the ,elicit Chin morning.
." was T. la rs Giat s-itt nuts m et ,.-nc of many orrosing feltande send.twn PicBrown..W.l Hooa enJ of
"J.. ,and the The Plant s....em Is buildi.'a w at-e- 35HUNfTEs Park slw l leo-iat on Fridisy ford t
ser. B t takee te pdldae Thcees d by misNIF eand a er ad c% fu TArM" Wtic- d b ritherdefend ant b5IW. "e r
""t G. As- oaf he" etatthee ndof ind ie- es -e. nhere I-e si f
1 O fst-.....l.l .S1 rs Floridag Central & Peninsular railroad, Mthilco 'bene iti her h usbhandh ere e-w kees .
e,%rvetixue - ness for his company. .
of". .... n eleeton Is ordereft by the bead Set-cm Rendere. mots ago she has dipse ,f ratfyngetoinotelmthetenor
Ia matOlins t. Petar org a school sub-. F..e. a Toesday's D i.E flntimed u still tees mush reg-ret h-r de- tie against Quay Is still guo'5g os




SCo. repaIrs Fish dealers Daniels, Eady & Hibbs te lni pel jurors reported nwn appromc somewhat inclined to pose as the .
2*d.it 305 a meeting for ttae purpose of organ- Buhann L Farnsrt, J. H. Bra- motherhood for the fir end of the Cuban problem.
........ 4.50 i the ash dealers of the State into don.. J Browu, J. J. Garrison. W. M we ad aod for abodin It will be cheatDer to elbalm AI/ ff
S am ee ctie a itahel uson opere he Hooker. A J Davis F tP".Rngle. C est tdhe rth than to leave good officers in a sa
**" 0 otatton B. Ftch. H. H. Kinyon. C..T. Watson V deaths shouldooff susected rottenness. you meim
S 3X The f0tally mof Mr. Vincent Ridg-. and W. I. Townsend. \L sn-datch them 9a it
-.. ts le has returned to Idia I but Mr- F'ratn Patterson. a native of Swe- award ranl E Dvery time er. Carnegle takes a o tow, ,e bS
"oM RIO ^Siy a am den was after he usual etxamrxeinat. It ant 8 around the coux ru a fftsh rose of prok With daldai
:i heT home. T evia elded to become a citl- granted naturalization paper. motherless. But erit" turste Intabloom. o
St nit t The cane odf a. V. Stcl the frifies herself The names som of othaz ItZ! ith ada
allie.iMTr RsE. Peeoi an it taking the dof Tampa. was, mutual con-ent, re- wirb the strength- pine towes are almost :.s rnard to tawtb.am hate
S gIIel r stateolete f State deo6- e Yre a to . Ftlaey. hening power of Dr.as the towns themi-elves. sa
.v-s"nezaie The next case (ortsial was that of Puer-e's FavoritePt. -
S-Dmerstsed pinealles are contsnu- William Hunter vs. ithe City of Tampa seriplion needToe es
13W tow 1itm I n and the shippoing season for a claim of t $,ot-or legalrqetes one instant's misgivi t either her- Ex-Saker Tom Reed seems to
willE -L be- oa- rendered. iMr. Hunter sves represented self or the pospective lithe one. a good time in Part goIln lon. wB& e
I oe.'n WM by Gatiby and GRhons-, and the city by This matchless Prescriptio" will "g out knowing ihi
d.e- '"ay-,My go o OO& SWm'- C. C. "Whttaker The following jury her exactly the kind of healthy vitality
mar.WUAb tttA ues when all oth- as eleneted J. H. Briandtn .t she eels and at the time she needs it
aken-emtei oI f t i. he tre you asould Hooker. A J. IDavi. J. J. GarrisonT t etpIe h s iilastic endnane to Astht e eoffd blame-tr 11 40
Ho odse o'sp nala i. prefer.- p" ostel and ro. S. Buchanan. the entire delicate oic involved in army. General -eao w 4tLestia be.
motherhood. It ill make the oming of to eajT hte gW is
e tol esAfter theexa minaon of witneesbabyabsoludyfefromdangeandneatrlyne alIa
-Rosef- orthe- plaintiffcn-tadjouned fore teesfrom pain.
iwras3:3 .nhen the as tor-ed eerIt l sre thel babv' s:tarst t linbe it Is t i-ty-y presumed that e t6p
tow NildneYs begas arguments. and about an imparting, through its intf-ciapr ues Ibnthroposed plow tr i ,sllt- mod k Vnkc
,I_- :'111in' "Hata by C. C. ^ hour laser the Judge chaedthe Jry mother that tud faIe io whih
A^,"^BBHH^Sf S & e" verdict ws rendered fvr 414 n favor gladdens a mnothe's h earth. It is t.%e only I'
of BaSS'-",t '-- c ll nt ." aftf er which I court ad-muedien whieh he eimpticy weil nb e f tlday
.4-. ILH.affery, ofr ie or- ut-ned u1mw 15 this morning. gvm for this s= and the onlyarewto- scisni, ve t"S- T r F,'- i W.soad .
theandfi the asic eve to lena tasYletrrssyaby-nyeIncowd, 71-ael
MINetCOr, dOAlt J. T H. A K RW. Cbiles 5 EDarts, one of Tampa's perieed physician to give perfect brealth-
P.RI ba me teud a audMllasr- sts most popuLar and pt- greseven ,yuc ea ts- sad strength to ihe deliae, aps-eal otgaw Ha n o t he B sw io M

foo dane bn tlad fto e. s at?-- Bee sta a nlj I ntention& t -hiatsus I J,, "
-- will'h taeq W a stage- obrdwest. wasl ice tt t h
IV-BEL' cIIval.e. W. T.Adam= and sh u the time ofbisthsand nsaes um-ft hehe--

M1O INm ISIl. .5 -sla OhN fO ai
16 and- mikyNnis ,, s,,, t--nse.A = Is Is ,

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