Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Publication Date: April 6, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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_ f' ,, -_, ,___,_,,___,


Santiago District Infested with a
lang of Lawless Desperadoes.


Se"Ntary of War Alger Making a
Complete Tour of the Ialands.
A Telegraph Line

opeeial to The Tribune.
SattMga. Cuba. April 4.-FIve more
bandlts have been captured, including
S &toe. a noted desperado. The others
wbd have bee" Infesting the San laes
dittl ct. seemed to have moved their
opetatiom to the northward.
A body of armed men a few days
ao attacked two Americas near Hol-
guU, took their arms and horse. and
heavwent otlU farther north to rob
the%=htho at Others. Col. Grbbh
oat the mopnd Immuones has goe in
The vtoubte eems to have grown ot
of the eaUon of pblc works in the
povlnoe and fe d in the approv-
al o the ettimates. Many who -be-
came bandits during that period now
refuse to return to work.
Secretary of War Alger left Santiago
thla evel4ng by the transport Inalla
and after the vessel coWas at Jamaica
he will proceed to Porto Rico.
The telegraph line to Havana. con-
structed by the United tates sinal
corps. Is completed and will be open
for commercial message to-morrow-


A Tempa Man Arrested In Jackso1b
vil e For Having too Many
Wives-ZCamc O:d S ory.

From the Jacksonville Metropolis.
In a dark. dingy cell at the city jail
reats one Edovaid Paul Theeling, a
traveling opitican. who has for several
months past made Jaxksonville his
headquarters, boarding at Mrs. Hamil-
ton's at the corner of Main and DIival
streets. With carefully brushed hair
and epotlese linen and with the haugh-
ty air of a French dancing master,
T'heeslng stood in strking contrast to
the dusty. ragged and dusky offend-
ers. who are incarcerated at police
kx years ago Thesaing was in Mason
City. I.. and therehe met and wooed
ana won Mi s Ut e White. VTwo el-
dren blessed the union, and everythUng
seemed lovely, when the happy couple
moved to Tanmpa. na. Thessing was
compelled to travel in search of pa-
trons whose optical needed renovating
and later on he moved to Ortando.
About two years ae. so his wife al-
tgee. Thesinr deserted te, and she
had not seen him until yesterday. and
when she met him at police headquar-
_,erly a moo h ago a brother of the



06. f

field Repglar Moeuthy Sesion Pruiest ad
In Court House Yesterday. De


The Board Orders an Uxtsa of At n Doparsan
the NMok cekR Down "t U8L @isss iaw
treMt to euira isar the Oealq
radstr*. laaM

The regflar monthly season of the to gn
county C^--.*CTes convened nto the nAte
court room at C oUclock yestar&y Knl a hb h. Ig
mornlMr with the (olw'ag mmbam i fa a m M
pmeaset: Charlman S. 5. Dmwdy. J. lamesamet S tft
R. Tomberils, W. A. Deleb., J. W. -gBalt a,
Valsa a and naam n& C. A. ,C,' ~ a,. iW
After oe-AsW 1 the mlMtes otf the *s -
prevous aesals the oshems of thbe ela at
day w tas n o and coasred AM -: as ;I
the toUownla =tnr: the a
Paroper app"rp4aties wore Mad as
follows: 'Mrs. ays, 6; WIuam OR- ftre M
ker. 3.46; ZO ODa1ey7. 2.4; r. Stat- V tet tftetbW
seL 16; ad n01.J.-Wa*r6r, 104. w t ii
aUe report of the county t s 6M"WW "b
wa read as folows:
ome r ftro d ...... ...... ... .. _ ..

Coetor fd .. M.. .en .. .1,, o ~Mt
infe amnd foretture eveud ....for 2 eeUsee d Now
eoolfunty .... ...... ... ... .6 8 3. 1 11
Jail fund ........... 0.. ... 1 8 in It"e VIdaty,.
County JAne Harri tha ant Tax tde r '
Collector J. M. Mellrten m poll tax- be M S
of the amepoted received for lenses fo the f1
tor the month of March a fotaws: t
State licenaes ......... $6.26 ad out 5 or od "'s
County licess ...... .. .8. An the iaWg Up
Four hundred and fourt--en poll tax- b eioaed at'noon.:
e3 were -reported recereod ay We tax fo the finrel eM
Alector for the moath endingg March
Z..st. IC A
Sheriff Spencer's report united the -
Soe"a to fte T
collection of fines to *he anioun. of Bostomn. A AS.-
$12.40 Commission on same 66.27 throghbat the N
Total balance paid over to county have anZnonced "
tieasurer, 1119.13. in wae to *k !
The constable bond pies-nted by wan rejtc
WV. C. Spencer for District Nc. 6, was ploe.
duly approved. The notary r. rid of
i. E. Jackson W. C. Dempsey and .DBNI.a"
E.'. Worth were also duly approved. t
The drawing for *.he redemption of if "
the court house bonds was proceeded al
with resulting In tVie blowing num- t am
bers being selected: ft. 4, S 3. k 387.
7. and 2. They wll be taken op oa n t th
'Jhtly lst. -
A number of petitions tor road ex- of. Jukeb"
teoitoa and Inpreovementsa wre pre- camo i0 haM
rented and granted.
Harry Levick who is budi tbhe uwldiL 0.
Nebraska avenue rook road was pres- fli thM 01t
etA and asked the bosed to extend the steamer w. NeI
time for omopletin same to July I. the Almele
The request ms rated. _
The board adjourned ant 2 p.m. M. WI he N -tok
Before, coeveanig in the aftersoomn eww dpW.
the e baeres of t sa .d a.,co pe
led by Inapector Us-.. tcttoet took U t
drite over Neberla awoohe north of UitbL'. V"
the city where It Is belt paved, vs. :T
turning ut 186 wso a the i nsting
dewr VIesM e ema -u pe
by his attorney. P. 0. Knli&. ..
Present Wnd asked that no six e nub S
croak road ha bele.a.f.l fr am h Pr nn i *a T AUM-

t46 per can")

9Ft kp

Oral struts. bore a vey thsorincg ur e- wo o tea t r t o t %
semblance to the descrtptton given o f Mar. niht pcnSsod S ae to
Thes ing. and consequently, In com- bodsowhin the.lmswtame of hw- -
pary with Leut; Broagh, went to in- lng the rsd ext to this thing n11
vestigte the matterD and to arrest t4 thiI of the ct toldOt efL the b sa1-
party, if aecemary. RoWh went toihis b Pothera O c A Ad, Thela
room and told Theasin that a warrant b Sa e ohemrs a-" 5 .s te Th m
had been issued for him, but with the Alsl nht.e fro, m ~e. s n ~eo n
assistance ofraYoung lady whom heo1- Ad talso one from te bDst Iar X d-v
sian was courtihg and to whom he was ndto aft in o ea d nretAn
soon to be married, umped out of a the Burton Coo buldiSng. Aster s
window to the ground, a distance of some di wsi a chmste i fre asap- be wl
over twenty feet. iAeut. Broouh wasti ompterdsco ning a a eee. J. e -~da
on the lookout and started in a live- pointed ns stio e J.rmo ao DrBf r*frel
ly chase after the Ieling husband and c ndt. Wioioes a e enn Pete wd
captured hlm at the corner of Oeean o the Pt. iflh e wandi. anit Postwoo m
and Cnurah streets and conducted h the r7 e W2o o d e to
to Police headquarters.h rt ro
T HSShenG TAL.,KS B-T LITTLE. pChasre mato pimy waainstructed tof rom
A Metropolis reported this morning tuTchasen t o oate rcot of ck a
called upon the prisoner as' he was to ueni the work on the rock roadIOO-,
Te e olangte or th eI'bidgeb(blre-
eating breakfast In his cell. hot he was The ooenh. of the brid ( re-l
not inclined to talk very much. he The oh pein of the bri e tre
admitted that the woman who caused united In awardin the Young brtw to n'
his arrest was his wife, and said: Elbert Browning for $70. The ui-i Bride
"There Is always two sides to every fort $0. e thoe ,then adjourned. a N
question. and I set myself right or e oard then adorned.
before the court ar.d the people. I win Tp-i-Pel) Tl ArANNxAH ForI 1
be mv own lawyer. I have committed JSAAed the
e ie."acehed Thesng had 7.90 All the Fovernment Stock In This wh
on his person and a gold watch and ity Sent to Savannah Yesterday. alace
chain. Th e younggirl ;o whom he thing t
wa.s engaged expressed satiSfaction AllA the government stock In the cor- even H
this omo nlng thai she had discovered tlals here was loaded on board the cars deliver
him rn time- Mrs. Thessing has been eserd i t ion.
In the city for several months past aan d shipped Savnah, wa d
has made many friends here. She where 4l the stock from the different close a
supponrs herself and chUld ,y working camps wUll hereafter be located. Capt. Of lea
In a dry goods store on West BaY Brown, who has had change o the At
toeet. The trial will not come up be- uhadrchargeoof wth e dAth r t
fore Thurnday. as Justice Willard is quartermaster work In this city, tnce a' coUe
In Tallahassee. The arrest created the departure of Col-. deIlaer, has day, ai
alite a stir in police circles this morn- discharged his clerical force. He will atito
in. still retain his office here, at least, un- ra a
`Dr. Howard L. Mann, manager of til matters in Cuba have been deft- .eo i
the J. Ellwood Lee Drug Co.. of nitely settled and the removal of the ,Thea
New York. who has been In the city volunteer force has been completed. wti.
for the past few days left yesterday There is also lare amount Of Prop- this =
oe-er the Plant System for Birmlng- e ty here that he will have to look tif
ham. after until such time as It can be- r- beaut
Mrs. B. F. Bennett, eprn Capt. Brown and Capt. Byron of S.e
the Atlanta Journal, who has been 1 Aan
spending a few day with friends vanhe t in erdaye mosnonsfto telegrwam
here left for Atlnta yesterdsq no- from ,W& *ton i I tr 'I o t-
compIed b her daughter. ae .nts ld de th
'L. Cohen and K. Carson, of Port locate about four thoband trooe e .iot
Tampa spent Sunday with friends In there for an Indefinite period.
the city. I ,t is tbo ght that thi t _t-
Claude Jones, traveUng passenger mneit intends t Iring 4l ther m ha 1n -
agent of the Plant System, left yes- Ieg volunteers from Cohe. nh1ek git
terday for a few day business trip to about four thousand, sad loatf t t -a
-----. ,___a_ t tb oint. RM1 t,

Cok -and-. .Por, of Or-*t:-. t.
.. bees ,"- :'- -,




-The recent suspension from office of
Are epari Na-w. e. Graham, judge of the muicipa
~ ery mIty to tfade ture's mild lax-atives, and court, by Mayor Bowyer, has become a
-: o while gentle are reliable question of absorbing interest among
; nw r&. -with our and efficient. They the people, of Tampa. The causes or
qvpvq &e L arking em with our suspension weri outlined in the
.. .... !Icharges presented to the city council
.low... R "_n" 1 l4 It ca h S -at Friday night's meeting and puIbllsh-
Pf s oatb.it c M-- Bue c in Yesterday's issue of the Tribune.
I -O po Cure Sick Headache, They have doubtless -been read by
+T *.... .-. .. iousness, Sour Stomach, Inearly every citizen of Tampa. The
mn2-sages at them New Tork and Constipation. Sold council ordered that a copy of these
S nto gett into quite everywhere, 25c. per box. charges be furnished Judge Graham
r.epsredbyC.Lood&Co.,Lowel.MXs with a requirement that he answer
aeol Of the Pensylvania leg- same at the next regular meeting.
i are getting down into the one- As yet there has been but one ride of
A-AN 1;. INNOVATION. the case heard, and while the charges

Ml e bottom out of the new The legislature of Michigan has P low that they will all be subantiated.
- e d andGovernor ingress will. -
dot:btedly sign a bill which provides Judge Graham's answer may put a ditf-
_,When't1& Alger goes on a pleasure for municipal ownership of street rail- ferent phase on the question. At all
.t i l uesoA i anes and ways in the city of Dertoit. events the public should withhold their
L end. I ith hm. This is an Innovation In this country decision until both sides are heard.
and ma go far awards settling this l ot i a a
ba. yie political- Queson of munipal and government The city council is the tribunal before
StJayteiyhe Is still a ownersbo of railroads in the mind o t which the case will be heard aud while
*7y UWw-4 ^ -er accordingas this experiment shall sult will be watched with great inter-
-ha new e no a bres wire- prove cessht bein the or the reverse.e
low lsPP .neer coepop t it will vrove disa failure est. That Maayor Bowyer ha a griev-
.o g ,tkrthat l-ticia- we have not the slightest doubt, under ance there can be no ques-
lar Mwe VQUt1&t- he present conditions. It is doubtful tion. Whether It Is sufficient
Vibe st thesew book, In MenIf It ma ever be made successful in a h m si s
* es ls IA i In C- government such s. ch a to Jusy him in remo g the
s.ag i uicanLt. posnilbflity les in di-osatlong PoilH- Judge from office is a matter entirely
I ti entirely trnm municipal, govern- within the jurisdiction of the city coun-
" ...h. soldiers meant. And instead of tending to le- c. It will be considered from a legal
ne -ug tatime in the son polial interest, the ading of
r. e pla andnMoir thousidsednsor f e tandpoint and some of the law points
ni places to the fftes to be distrrou- involved are somewhat beyond the
S... .mp ure. f l~ *Ater In ted oY city ofcials wil only tIntelaify scope of the average citizen.
a bal not = o rc the desire of p tlas to get o irol BWhen the best legal talent in the city
m 6"k k s oa ea, and when onnd in the patronage would
; _..L_ .": -i mosgt guarantee the p epion in is divided on the merit of the case It
-^,- 4AMli.rlll _is T In t he PowWer a1 the crowd In control, is altogether Improbable that citizens
h A o W t and runs But this law should be welcomed for or even editors can correctly diagnose
F t e the exam e It wl finish Unless I the Problem from a legal standpoint.
o "W- monte ctancnt aclt ut y operate om a sentimental standpoint peo-
In .s n nw. Oonimer- railroads and telegraph and telephone pie can talk, and will talk, but that
I s as r t. thvinesit is m thae n et'o t te th rt has precious itile bearing on the case
n to a sera-ch, government ownMship of ths enter- and s n oe in the least on
N1 s the -m ost V0VWM 1ty in Nriee. When the step is once taken the members of the city council.
t an tgat i sase a great It will he ton late to go back. The Tribune has only words
^ ,s gWIth Detroit rlunnln its own street of, praise for Judge Graham.
...... -railwavs and the United States govern-
t. et-arvey cannot conmpaln that meant In charge of telegraph lines in both s a private citizen and
the- were not plenty of people -willing Porto Rico. the people should get some a public official. ,No man in
an eotribte advice to h b anCaig lessons of value coonerning the scope the community Is held in higher esteem
__.of fMU nivcla. state and national gov- He Is a loyal democrat and enjoys a
* ernment control.
S do nott blove the Baster bonnet large practice in his profession. As
the women a f as much as it T DOLLAR DL-'NE.R Judge of the municipal court his ac-
dIXoes the UMB who spend their time tons had never been questioned prior
ink a bout it. The "dollar dinner" which is to be
______ .__ held in N'ew York Aprl 19. with M.' t beginning of this controversy
The 'irn1rtf wil sever get done 'Bryan as the giest of honor, .s meet- and se believe that in this case he act-
w f T ed Stoonsevelt. Here they Iny some of those obstacles which seem ed entirely from a sense of Justice and
,U iMwgeslng him. a &irst place man to lie in wait for political dinners now- equity. le is entitled -to a fair hear-
Sfor tend place on the 5" preslden- sdavs. A r'Mr. Brewster, who is at
t ,the heed of tin- movenect., is at loxwer- mng before an impartial tribunal. We
_-. .-- heads with other members of his com- also have the highest regards for Aiay-
1Te outlook for a &i& orange crop mittee. trenwter's idea is that it is or Bowyer. 'He has made an executive
1 hfan eIs wry encouraging. Orange t be a "Chicago platform dinner." officer of which Tampd has reason to
eawee have already begun to seitec- -hile the opposition in the ttmn have
at ontheir oen fruit which seems -bx-e It mre that the dinner i-r not feel proud. In his present contention
to 6e lhetr golde opportunity. to be "brw ?olt-y on free silver." The with Judge Graham he is no douat
1 two ideas should cot necessarily con- acting from a sense of right. We do
s u s'veg onleetons have flte but such is the "n.r. The ao- not consider him capable of a dishon-
t jhotof hibs espectationLs and he rications are Pouring In. however, 3.-
tm vl iiai U hts positon as chief 0 bavlng alrendy- been received, 54 est action either as a private citizen
r of the -tree aflver campaign "f which were for seat. "next to Mr. or chief executive.
f. teo t sy resigned, too. Rrvon." Tie, whbi- indicating the The effort made in the court room
p opularty of 51"r. Br-,e. ma- mean yesterday afternoon by certain mem-
&.L O niriMt in the n advanc- -thlv sN' t0l-. fovete a lats c honor bears of the l-ar to pre-judge the case
ot the PbUipplne&> and the 0 MssHelen Gould. whoSe attitude to- was in our opinion wholly uncalled for.
Sbe left forward hliC affairs generally the c'im- It was an insult to the better judg-
h ben 0. R. P. Belmont to show tct ment of the city council, the members
e o wr .m h Sans truck those giving the dinner have -o 0n. of which are looked upon as intelligent
MI W= WwWtam-r Legisla- tl-.atkve to weelthr ctPopI,. -xhir C. as well as fairminded. They, of course.,
Accestedfo or -erilg Sl an who hle hen a d isturbiw represented only one side of the case
B - __L eleen. I t e Tor -id t i hes bn ef and probably a greater number of the
.,. -..... -, ". .7o.ed from the dinner- tu-au. % members of the bar remained away
*-i> I f- l, in l ltc wI "ftal j to siltver-" Despte all ib- whose opinions on the case are en-
saVs -h however we o-edict the di- tirely different or at least they dere-
Palte pa~ee-Wl he Sa tremendous Success xar,- -

mi-M a the vrbr-- w I bthe frst of many Similar a cate any sun action untl toe case as be admitted. bout all that Capi m*
S that wi e A *r th dollar dinners been heard. As very oey stated arre ees to congratulate ourselves
fata hosot. hnuld e more P1o1pular than the ten at the meeting by Judge -ulOai about ts that 'c army will haveex- W l JS JW
-'douar a>t any such action by the Tampa a perience in the Phipplaes, which will
... sucha ction byothe Tampanybar.be exceedingly valuable and make It
e 'rThe speotacte presented to the coun- Pending a case brought before any all the momssefteffS fi the I nture.-
in-m 1Mm to se the w t tho tto dtats where at tt&npt are court in the county would be very i e jaAsvi ........... --- .,- -l, -p
a~ a~e Os 401 beiown made to elect United Ntte much oto place."" -The 'resolutions FOR BRTAf. lea a? at ,.. ."
i thesenatosdravasharperAttentionth pted atsaid meting mbe c- FOR BRYAN. 0
mabth4o lakes cU= to the seate strued In no other Light than a threat Political predicttoms are almost al-
l 1tbl e mr attef are ter at d sale. The-Irce to the city council, what will happen ways unwise, partlslarlty when made
are tg o e T e i s coton ea anw aiei- si n ngtxl o aefvenB i s='06w
S 91m11 4 cc r a cd cord- in case the mayor's action is geutain- a year or two in advance, but it to be-
Sf isa r th w -StoSae onstfed. The sixth section reads am fol- inning to look as if Mr. Brnan ewgl .. -s i
Sa .-&Charn e s sa a tf5 was otnedl- ows: friends had some right to be jubilant 4 .. .. ...- . f-
utm't the aentsh of Mr. Ad- -That if the city cancil of tamp. over the outlook for his renomination
di tO a& smsher of membeIrsn ad- should sustain said charges and ratify for the presidency. free silver is not Are !-i :::.
f yrmew upthat taheier setse w eh remove handn the action of said mapor, that their ac- the only arrows in that gentleman's 9t a.... .. .
t Ges ~Theyl sone ,eats. Bribery in Delaware, tion would be ah outrage on the people quiver. He gets promptly to the troat
Sta ie. ant the lton- CW"tOi and brbert in and subservient to the worst principles on whatever issue is uppermost and Cenesal Passeneagr and TIkott O ,,20t'
.-ad will be tn- h oete I teresordn indla-w of rovetnment which we do not believe bids fair to be a decided thorn in the w..WarsebastsO.T.P.A... M
lion thati the men who offer the beithe council will de." eh of those older and abler political C. ."0 Tea kn yl
OrtmTesof hisap- ve them offered took with any Such actions before any court pend- wit re pllers who are trying to loring JaesMr. a. j
i; as ability tx keep up pst ad iqso n us ofde^ Ing the trial of an important case out a ""more conservative" man. Mr. Tie.O ge' w. f. .ss, S M5Tsek.
f, that makesthe hoped that there will e to bel would be repudiated by the judge and Br-an seems to be holding his own in CYD ..G
Ilthee trmaen Squat to justify prompt unlshment of the every member of the bar placed under the south and the west, and with those
es tot that kind of warfare guilty men in Pennsylvania and Dela- arrest. If the members cannot win sections at his back he can bid the east
tha t QuyandlAddlcancuhi o cazes in court without such action they d ea se.It takes a two-thirds ma-
elected by the purchase of votes. Now had better let them go by default. We joritv to nominate in a democratic na- MO
3* %52e0. Kni that evidence has been found that they firmly believe that had Judge Graham tionai convention, and if Mr. Bryan o ea...TNgg -_
b *Abr itleasprati tried this method ,ever endeavor been at the meeting he would hase pro- should not have votes enough to nom- ,ts ef a f
.tHowlerin nowseat ht toe beemadet ythetewople of bothd tested against the adoption of such res- nate. it cermnly looks as if he would .Ysw&AF"r Spour eci"al
po'.t' willdeprive the ot escape. solutions. He has too much respect f,..r o o diciae n should oadsnd t hefre-g ulare a5em foramb
hoe ds go o-nn ---------- the members of council to fling --.u a, hom. We ihe lea ding op- M r ItRE rM
stda ,nhos'- ast the -Tavorlte The .Metrc liv s cf Jackson .-Iile an,' threat info their faces-. ,. |' .i-- 'M sr. iii. as. Is ita signs-r- \.,.tS MS Bial ef
of nuth Florieda the Gaarrison Calanit"Hotwl-. of th. s We have no doubt that iustir i tce V',itr r tru-ts muonuplees, ,iu Sa v .ar5pOaIsN&a .DIonLWLVs S
.. "city. a. t i ng ui ktsitsss. fec .... uo toe sity ou est . to a gaeat mano people5 ..... rtievesf reot m .a'oa
'Me.A heanfr, Hre iso the kind of smack ts that eour E lilety-the cty n y a. t" .;-tman eleg
Of pa I as tha Jacksonvi'lle "contenpura ry -e sa *oircit judgment wegh the. er i tnv- tick ar. isgo ngt o spta st ,the rMon 'cod-mu inr"t.."n m -
r of the.nd. antd we bolpe it Tamia friend: "The Tampla iHerald s d.ne and rendi .n. impartial d q. ni. t e the tc csto paitgn. If .. -.. .Im.. ..
bi l. igtU .*ftatbefalpact1.- as-.fond of misrepresenting The Me- Urrti they act tne Tribune d.- oh I turr. u- ts c't l opi, .r. Btran is '.... ri'-i;.t.. ,d o
t dbwurs the tncoiAfortable tropolis as it is in watching it to odL te fc r a s 'ttet- -eun m tin mn o. hi Ool Hritd
SS sethrlin at th i e to f fel c- edupon to sit in judgen er. o a .:, c,_lnd ,on i.- a, h o er a- ,. ...t .. t
o ace adt ttIaid now accuses ish of asIdi-_tt1-Tla- te olc. ar: ..ult -,t o he p riOma n. i i '
t,'ell tthe bole trut p pci te the benenets cone Aoferred ulnor-n the"'
peope by monopolies and t,-rust.." cent dispatches. Pe.saeola m.ay ..,-n I.1.-P tun oat mcii Cc 1EV l.. . .: i i se%!to

monopoliTaland &;- A I- mc. 1 whn oteliat re
Never did such a thing. If our con- ci;t-ct a visit r she ,scc-eta ,.. -t tIe. poli- ,,-. "- i- : -. ..rt_ .'-e
V .33"iA party- hae gone tcsnora- -would t c close-r to th n-nai T e ..dpari e. .. "'L ..a. .'.- .i'o..b O n : i, .tro, 7 i.. f '-- st. ,...--T*
L, *.d rou there to Nassau. ,truth It would not find so taM h faulty no dt t torn-. to thlic rea r- a..or- al, w- t s n ai e 'to S ,Ti t a T o s

fm i- uBeyn. Mr. t Orla ado Reporter: e t those who ae o hich can mate th. finest ris' l in wun ih cor goi hel ^tr
tmhpthepdStte f wlt worali tseota t hti hsenort-al o- emstr or s o 1 e a r
Sobarc eh io esi 'in the p rad and f
SA ir- .e:t A one of th he ltiest sae the Key WN1est '1Herald: Mr. J. a P. Talsa- t- r theAwYsU has 'air in he -
gad O them a eMr reordferro of nih e i stopping at eisn Breow House haseEU
R report te. cain shosofwhothert t hv e da le for 'n noted's ta imv sena. to r tn- hoen m meeting m an y of h i. old friends,
ttaletr reently otwe"ted tshow to the iy -teray in the interest f s-ho hare tailed upon him The sen-
Whih he foh each iest Inhabtants. Tho his senatorial beom. We usta" ator seCi ll wot to be in the leas tcled I
[ 'but a g rate for the group of six that Her. Tal d:ferre d .d not get much by othe resul t wofdthe ,primary ointtei
9F R01iW[Sd knont t it asteI t k i s U s- encore nt here ,.w this Is a solid b ny t He Istop t satheill in te re fo

i -nitensa show T ssWneeti when the legislature mets,
wrT- 66 M rat or he g- rou p rof needthat o31-r. 5dio nt g keep the Is much better then mt wan h naI -
ah n ae y eld Tere ar a os- agwresidential fros bsacotidme c fewtrwee issg tillInthe ratv e f.or
4-re t in the Mr. Sherman ant r. Kipling might vin him ass' hi w gnoad emt se

A horse is the lead polls vain u g Vtn
thewbeel hoe lays back in the breehin'.
A man's body is a good deal like a team of
horses, and must work harmoniously. The
head may want to work, and strive ever so
ard to work. but if the body is balky and
ick the head will make no progress[
The aman ho is out of condition physical-
ly may u well give up trying to work men- ACE QU M OWU U
tlly. He will not be ble to do good work. badmam0rEMe mia--, n 5d lAig
Z stisfctorywork, and in the endeavorrto forl 1
do will only do himself further hazm. h
The reason that men have nervous ex hass- "et ___dnemja __ mr
tios and prosqatlon is that they try to work I -ACME esbtia _
the bt s whn the body is lky. The
eight thing foersaaw to dogshen he finds r. dwkafi
be is ont Of sorts physically as to give the
mind a lite rest, and promptly resort to
the n rt remedy for Ms phyieal ilments,
Dr. Pienr's Goudet Me ial Discove ee
the best of an medicines for a balky body. al
When the bead aches, the appetite is nor,
the rleep is reests. the erve se haky WIM rmVe n ,a
rad both body ad brain suf from dutliiO -asasWrR W uK

It is the ueat blood-maker eod o etanp- a
he 1m 1 bIet itst ra pitioef ttneseand
-r eIive. ftiuaee be&yb brassI
a nesd nactive- Medicine dealers bis
smft 'tijus r -d."
N1tRedtye-with assheaiand the
__c__ here omd o an 4s me &ay ssi," wiftee
Me. johm juokisso aY' W. M& iadis oan .
Vs. "I leak twelee tueaor Dr eeces
Ods. Medial Diseerys as I m wea I
V" eb aleteas is t motge if it had ambet
1r yawr s edik if 1
Pieree's Pesi"Pellets areethe st set-
ural ad pe ect core ever devised. They
act ffeutly brtw suely and effect a e

The rapidity with whch t he army of
Aguinaldo can chamne its base has
been well iustrated In the last few
days. General Otis, so far, has not been
sle, apparenUy, to bring ihbot any-
thing like a decisive engagement,
though he is pressing steadily forward.
On the other han4. the news comes to-
day that the Iniirgents have turned
the town of Bulacan. one of their hfn-
portant cities asd they are preparing i
The plan of our arm seems to be to
take this stronholdm scattering Asgi.
naldo's forces in the meantime, with Mt- Caisea d Saevie No unf 0rt viss
the expectation that this exhibition of TegmFlee sessnpoearf i t sng iesi sstMM
our power will impress the enemy to manche(new), Algonquin, Ixoqaois e
such an extent that a bombardment ofCOmane
proclamations will do the rest. -.OrH-BOUlD.
The fear that the insurgents will Wtames ae appointed toWi
scatter to the jungle and continue a Fe&rn JicasnvaUein^(calin atlCarivsza.
eueirilla warfare, is pooh-poohed. It is 5 5 rMawttmI &C .......... .....ini' "."--' "*
interesting to note In this connection ,5 asO gce' l e Scb5,O.Blnd i itse
the opinion of some of our soldiers whoti
return from the seat of war. Captain Steaiers are appointed tosailftrom Pie"re'iz, aaSskl
Por Charleston, U ....................... .
G. P. Farrell. of Chicago, has just got po ejrjle.,s ft,'"'-. ..
hack after six month service at the.
front. He speaks Spamnish and for that Pl-NU a rn.l. q .tl i
reason it is stated, -was chosen to car- Cl'J O deU Now (E1 agaUDd l B .f B eaSlF|
ry on many of the negotiations %Ith Y s, *
Agulnaldo. Asked what he believed (wt)g at Charteo. 8 C.. b
would be the outcome of the campaign. SceamaaseAe appoiel todl a sl r
There willb e several pitched battles "TS Ya' ,, a
and then 'Aguinaldo's army will bxe dis- I
perused. The American army in thel itlsrde' St. Johns- ow]
Phllippines will have to onitead with, lyd.1A 0J "J 0 c A
the guerrilla warfare for several years ,
to come. The natees will not submit Jaselmis, OsafcsdEeeiissia..ssfi
even if the mais ody of the ar- f
my is deuoxished and scaftleed. eBl, E IM
I do not think the prpect tois one that = -- .'
should be alarmiun or dstrewMinr. I 0,)J.i-tO-s BQ O s0auo
This Is rather poor eosns tM It mat I



R01 a8rk Herses Upholds the Mayor in Suspend- The Gallant General Sweeping
From All Sectoles. ing the Muncipal Judge. Everything Belore Him.


aterro, Can the Avowed If HsHonor Wa in Error the City I Spite of th- Intense Heat the
eIile the Light- Charter iWrong- ine Ptintta 1 Tr s B-spond Bravely to
ning y rik night- of Law Quoted on the th Commaa. of the
paJt),"-- orSparkmaa-L subject. Offices.

; al to The Tribune. From Friday's Dally. A S.p0ecial to the Triune.
r ifSt s. ladi March 30.-The To Mr. Pettstht. aod the Publhc:- Matnil a.rch It.-Late this after-
.u L ,kftW Mae e henext Th. e a ctmio o the mayor In suspend- noGn General McArthur's brigade ar-
S4 S fiA W1 ilm be maltna- Ing the mtniicftal Judge habeen cit- Hved in front or the Malolo entrench-
a 01astefaetTora United 1States tlied by Mr. PettingIl. of this c(y, meets and at once made a determined
S. da a&nencroachmient upon the inde- attack on the Insurgent oucaposts. ia
.1 h I ManiBB and Cal there In ontWpel fena -the judiciary. He treats soldiers diaplayel great i-avery and
& vowedI 1r =be. and he tin thise ubject from a iMA sgandpolu although the heat was Intense they re-
ES 3 S TafP C C ojk- ai a contends that it isla cn a flagrant Donded promptly to every command.
W. k snot otqatered Inl aibae Oc power on the Part of the ex- Tlhey displayed remarkable precision in
s en a"no othe ecrlve ieaAch o the cOity vemnment rfitn. The Americans swept every-
HI S 3 M the iIstu' e s to wairatt the ooB^w-Hon of the thing before them and to-night are in
I-M!t m I2^ r. e!- .? T".aOfesov blel%. T re PrEnC0le he d&oaa can, nt o tohe rngates of the doomed city.
WWbdon. Sa _Llot. It not be denied andhi bin t .otm.'Lreileavy firing was heard to-night In
&*.a-.. ast__tibc_ ut are ties' eaPulble Y ,Ithe dietoen of aloios and It is prob-

thiss case
I there a
in eet

The Ol W tarM flmeA Ri "-a
retry Alger.


They Had a Loeg Confeorntte andi
Were Both Apparentlyy Wt aMal
Pleased With tWhe Asin
Alger Derpt.

Special to The Tribunae
Hlanvon. Sareo s.-An oeder ha "
been made bt the judge of t.e CoTn's .-ii
court rejeewct the ap5o trom the .Int 5 i
of the, F i m..rl Urb hisby f iamR- S, m i
ity of the haazehodel to tt Hare
syndicate, v Aull i vaed. hW tn'WO
been obtained n iy Orf Stood. T2- 29 the xtlNl
"..towsaftmA& lhedboos, fto

A Puwerful isooeaeM At the Bagetl
SI2e*tin Lat INght By Dr.
t'*l Porter.
,,AftaU how* greeted Rbv. porlcr at

"It 410 by b 0 faoncfl. Sofar id the 14th chapter of nCA d% A"ithe sheretaTy. at t gpgSI
_-__ -__- _t .__r._Prettsl ts -nd, took te tth vene ott e ht s eumtet, aft We seld d nt h e
rgehtihe w-e haeW him, ] oo ushmake a utockt On."' Ie wW- "t0 ubae hn d thle upete m l_
-R are ha. hboe in WSCon- Scuiare empb-aeed tf lant Vwond%
new 's 9oa a le f b r mithat the Chtestlan's har Dooe0 left .ho ...B a
--ramsge ^^ Mhe le ciy Charter n diect teorms- tattls h me ar Ina fghn sin aid Dlaf qr the eferw he Dda ft pte At a
gi96"0-- c the om the sthcigAht or hep dan sad id nobody but re 0ead not all to sea sad ca4e to ae.n n M tis
.-oecaAe. an o - ao eO edh ar mus ahe' wou teuo tahe seatre, o m t ooon th e poat aec tmy Al ....
Shm- 'Now, as thee wyors oearges wedotwe that mried the w idow and sereet h imeefn a e h pa a a
-;Fs"oa ,*'** hmte not teen lted with the council each gd eve cuthlden hand to them the pas o I e-. m tbl t g 2
eNTmit.t o.' they are not before the pw tot, nad the evn. naora were added, and one dia L_ me t te l n..on am oi N ,ar ,,,t ._ al.O

t-- rbitra"eWove.the vtyreand.t h cce e edisesedfboature an the
*0 wsrof_ Only qn option ope otr Citi in oe smi is oenn C teen aut wa e o the ioi iOf the eMtty wI t r s

gEa omf -arp gwSr Of"-.-hhdn ot iader t asn fi w it hon r -n the o The t....rg
r r f c t- Ca--- a h wther tne mayor had the right, lout seven, when the wife said: "John ram k ntCr. nacd boarded the Iu gSg t .
the? a aei.tm th carter to saiaend the li- pome here ; your children and m ch- aain t o'clock eveos. i
Of am p th at or- lw aOdr wud o d tat c sen a re about to kia ll our children." wt n o e to-i orrow toh aetcan thoene es. Id
E .i oe u' thoerneflt of my learned friend s owt* that the chtldrea of God were to Clenfoueg .u .is
Ser Athe me-O chatter M of the LAw of Florida so Sow people would rather revel In &LMNL-ajwY FOU=G GUILTY.
"i 0 1 ena aS la r the t it will be-monaifesto at least to the gutter with sin than to be respected I ht l .he a
Mr. Pettingll, "upon wat meat doth in G wvd' house; Lae the carrIon crow Special to The TrHn.
|Am 8"C8Y4i 5 thi or hear feedt th.at he bath thscats ours the eles and views all the New York, March .-TY e tpooL -" 'sm 300 i
grown t o great." c hoice edibles of nature and then de- IToly" Reynolds murder cam tha', are nt a. -
SB au- principlee of W In the abstract. -iscetr to some tnd carronanded the n theattenton ..o.
oeings th l* s e which has not the support of tnhe or- eastt. A man's Idea oft sin In his criminal court during anl of the prt- Antirt %r
1bSd Cin ? Aa OtbTf saoic lare of the municipality or the theology. He can see wnen it in the ent week came to an end this Mer- tseda J
A L poSem amd isU'Mo""- government. ia like an edifice wiath & drunkard wallowing In the. gutter, or noon. Dr. Kennedy was 2nmusi y > /V 4
S la n i *ec O .b q".b Poor foundation. It totters and falls In the fallen toman -to the tbrotheL of mwder In the first deree end th e 'tt oinfat
iQ. Thin lm resa~frd bywhen an assaut is made upon It. Tr. but cast see it in the reeling, swear- Judge sentenced him t be o.tedrocited ent a
oSSM %ith e best sounlcimin iorda. Petunginl's prtliple Will not stand Un- l- ,ig sassiety" dude. It wa sin in tat- during the wSeek of Qihy 2 S
Va-tf ee rolo5 OGdnot altogeth- less be can deationstrate that the char- tered rags, but not the shinin sk; crime was one of the moat brun
tOihitys35u5 vw0t he c it ter of tlhe city fis uncoonttutiunal. -ut I sin i sin whether by an angel or by an oUsa9i.vble Imn the annals of New e ee ....L

pe eb enc h tO. 0 & e a.he han made no as eault opn c ho se y
She a d u no t o ho adulterer. There is only one quality To c e e rimeUs.
n. e -M As,.T or whoen.d thero noot teer tmys i asin, whether In palace or ibui. The -- 'hm wLa ',
muasir1 eth ~ 31 Se h ta eto.cwhe.ther or not the mayor's educated villain Is the meanest. The ws teB
-,,b UeImade.IN fn M _f'c a es against Judge .traba in % o. be verysmaoi est. in unfor w ven wkI t wreck s e o Geea Bro ok e t o t fe -.OU -
Ssustained is a matter left entirely to a soul for eternity am d Uke the ml- Af -l l 0t
Z .itlb *"*s i the a rbltrament of the city council. It w r. cibe In the diseased boldy it Is the Mii Ell HULeLrO If art wih "1
t au e n is a legal proposition and one which tore dangerous on account of the siz. h e ay Cta,
(E ,_n.XA ,of Tarpomn Sr .ze. by the carts, if those charge ale when i of not destroyed Its 0n tmulti-. Vill oon be oIntheeHandof An ri.- A The. .
- i* n, nmis With .Prof..ro. .tfea.ce in office. o. e., the doing plies beyond control. ansa In Havana-Ane ntersatr the boserabyh'swvey-
C anK, Viol"ins.of that which isnot a n uthorized t -y law: No an is honest that ins not a Chris-P ca a -n Tter- th
1 Turner Which Causei aid are proven then there can be no tian. b cause he Is not honest with sng Confeerce Between t -ect Toeb esnf aw f -
A .*_ai quesjoon as to the mayor's right to God. He then took a hit at pyores- nBrooks and ra t e. hbe up "tae.ral .t
uitU. aomoT--an. ..suspend, and he should receive the &ve euchre and kindred society in- se rhe makes It."
__^m tcommDe nation of the citizens of Tat- duigences. and said there card game "
,-iP& p. _a for a prize was as sinful before God as Special toe The Tr.r.one. j ax m MhW"
s The 20ribne. tAhe presumption of law in such a the negro crap game Ia a gambling Havana, oiarci 30.-The Ceuban ar- be.neve. "'
M a Irc -The ase. would Ihe in favor of the e unic- dive. and th ofcer should Lae e ros wi y soon e t the po- t
hConcerteat and would not do that which so that his diamonds would light up session ef the American authorities.
B 'SoigHtful concert to & larga aU- Is unarthorited or iUegaJ. if the ma-'- t;he jail cell. He then told of meeting 'This determination was teahced this Whea s!
JM lnit inferna fs last ngK. There of does piot Show good cause for the 'a man not long since, and On sasking afternoon at &'conference between 5hOld Bel he ld
threrfres duty of the neinol to restore him y nwh thesecretary of' war, General Brooke to nnnI" tb-te-v
thi %eked' In nukbers Thel his office. bout on the cotber hand. If is? I sa.d yea. f Ibelieve I -do. It i sand General Maximo Gomez on board tlul'rw eo-we
W =lliea Tha the ma sor Ahould show cause such as la mm n that ge ms his rations from God the United States tra pnport T g ~a pay. I a Js f! t
S ofa dte in thel e nioffice It Is equally the an is toomuch of a hog to glve VariouB matter were discussed some- _A S .
PS f, A. Turner, who has ebauwe .charge and to expel the oflleer guilty Fuopl talk of hard times when Ills what In detail. among them thte ques-
ac tl n 'ft -a fa Of such charges from office, and It was rot the times that are hard, but the Lon of changing mlUtary department An Lna shiii)
Bf the. ubmp en and iene fbeplaBdPt ay duty oblSaToy upon thq mayor un- peoples' hears. Talk about hard ctbmnmnderB. bSt such decisions as way to prevest v
tug a a ecubaruncenSt. Idter the charter to prefer such charges times. why. our liquor bill In the Utn- were reached jve not been made polo- stop totit be A-l
1 wea peouWith mhn *whenever sh information came 10 Led -Stats last year wa1 0L.N9 Uc-
AN& Creakens vioun. gaten ihtm and that Is more than all the gold and After the conference the secretary of t
a .a thegreart Oud I this exionent of abstract prIncf-shiver coin in our country. People war drove to the Colon cemetery to I
A3 tvexy hfy and oples of laVw in really seroua in bhin con- Ausuall make a mock of sin and exalt visit the graves of the victims of the the#v wt iou b
haSe^ r I il-'tentlon that the judiciary Is being un-/ a dollar. Pay more attention to your bauleship Maine. they tOmt pieed -S
JAM" oe in a ssvusel. dorminded and that Its Independence boys than your business. Last year General Al-e has taken up with 'siai.
4ups~y a* v 'a'"u Is bFlng stLffied by the executive of this.;here were 25,0e young men under 30 some of the department commanders
minte tilMet 27hisMr. Turneal cItY. the way to remedy that evil Is- years of age In our pwrsona. the question of appolnating elianS ai, B t
*iR~taw. 26.Turn played! to Prepare anamendment to the cIty The only thing God eve; said be hat- overnors of the island and the earlousB tiar25
oen IBtiy. charter and submit to the legislature d waldsin. but he loves a sinner. Sin Droyince8 and of giving them power in tit"bi55
as lbs inlt &SWye;l or oike state, which convenes next urd Chrt, drov the nati In im caUpon the ittllitary garrimne abot -attack upon thelntegrty of the mayOr ibrow, caused the blood to Ilow fromVarious o 2ui w eremoffered. T ow '
Waain wen .Leithetow"nbeing Violated, which if contin- for you. that the Cuba= ans mmore resetfat
e me Sea whic. theSL' InLmighlt shake the very fucon- to miltar' than 0 ciilian
Wotam' ini a tfl~ n wim dahsn of oow republican form of gov- and that thW ftear a posi Ira* r
SBmiB a

Arfrved In Tampa esterday-
Cuba Declared Off on cco

Trip to

2NEW PAm.mtmSMP.
Or JAmhl & Roy Iorrlson ,t
s b sOiwae m e ...s-me
ewalsr In to elan. s ~smk

&no ay s.-
eat a, .,".
e1 Ar. DBATN OF WIS. W. DAVIS, A Seed O"f
erom --- 7 wa -.te
at wi A Leoable Womaa Ot Masny cr'itman
after a- frbrclve q patU to Her
wee ,ieaveuly ,lewmi.. w h ,e A
Coast. -..------ 'e;m
7 learn- The funeral of MIOM. D. ss. a s li
ourse toot Olamce ofI otw e-weeasfteron The doa
that on i pred Priday afternoon after I '
*s ftru ful sse of a several nthe. S
" 'a: &, elegant, lovw a ab

So'theem "r. w a

tfeas Mr- omeMaps eg OFs' aS
a5 #lsb'a~sesst9

nTe thiwr* t of dleaw
chei or pai Butthe
Ss ,he feeder of the
-. ^ jw y. JNfify t with

*). dne... .ier and stomach wlMl at
psit hat C'ece slnt? If. thown in Ihispoint.
Sgay- 100JOPQo0r~sgThe sursOaw mId
I-t .l.~. a d t B wat8 Jea n RH l two weeks befoIt .
st..4 tho t ha ve lp tiolv ed m e M It bad

hma.t pteas swdles. .


iit-t It *gse W ar

-i mma.Is th ea e

Ie t6Mss, phe erm s aush

a r 'e s eKba is ound ages
at be aTmatt s m- nsot wnMotd
h^-t tei rt ater o Oaw a tit ly

tMS stand ta ta tea a L-
tkare to w fat ear, aNOWams I
AteamteIMOnt small beads and

bKsas oar roops a&ta themnis car-
"IS-f Th tagct 7k" -no ud
md accep, the t otf the rUitedb
smt toreeke wa imaa agaod fgs a et.-

waym tasmem- Havingr acthe die -

Aissv forth iettonmandre of
teir cities an d towns. They barn
IM# fe'sn lth Enarer bandr and

ata r.he ot mn ot dafe stmeMn
ia aepsagtie osnote ted
Bi: theirmre heuao peg alnd a ganst

Ms" i0 to. maspo for. eo the fht.
nto ap il-cops, hea the aIs cr- the

talr. Th .n-t me diasan

d eon the eorThes of o Irostye
thir itie and towns. They butothe
khiiys i i nconoelva es as- o the

aFksee t~0so. Otis wi not checked by
-.A thos weeke before the rainy son-

bktaensdM intsns Ico6ibe aev

w! -,r" y --- -
Mt-travel betweit

wn d il. am

- s f udituL ure. Jut as It is-now
avetopes that the mills mut Mso o e
brought to the cotton, so it is that e o- l U
amere in other employment murt e A-Trihm, Aes 5p "
multiplied to enhance the demand up- "t-TNE ban a m w
on the farm. the truck garden, the JOINT p but a SAg a WJ1u6 A W
dairy, the hennery, thus enabling the I S n drs alodSSin
tarmer, the gardener the housewife, |to c'd'1i A.-d stt, Palo all IBi f- 0 tff
engage In and utilize that which f4eia.msry. T'ch--'', Hav
would otherwise be either TprofHtS FRIENDa
Florida is peculiarly adapted to Psta- in stt yre every the batterI1
Scesafl manufacturing .and in arttlels dht:-Cr and s rand 12&- it. ,
of large variety. Our lumber mills not be a vr- LC-uce-: cal. R-nc er beauttul prks,
tobacco 'actories, fertilizer and I1 that MOT7-1RS FRIEND an ae- hospitable people.
mills, scattered as they are, give e's- tcel lining tht softens and ra far better condition
ployment now to thousands or peo L- tbe amcs, and i not a dango find thlfn, a Uas a
who in turn constitute a very import- compound of o-stes to swallow. A& o f ythti n i TAn
ant source of profit to our farmers aid your druggit fcr it orsamd ipees l) n D AtOm ooterAMU
gardeners, etc. All these support a&- Ie maK K MO KmLATW 009,e.B tl -fa,
other very large element who rel4e ad (fo er tree tMosMated .l
in the towns and citie engaged Ilr4- hnsk, Defac.e aty is Bee wI Ihe n Aet
rto vocations. But our people, s a! water rect te
fact. have scarcely gotten beyond the ib timn e wst.

offered for industrial enterprise. Onu Ia
railroads are doilg atn Immense wodrk ss s -tew*p -
In adding these developments, the em r sa
of the political demagogue and layr ba i tnbu e ,
calgAty iowlere to the contrary. ot- Tie #ee 3fi0 T" l Fm t1 bab e.' 2
w U ttandi -but with these we tM1 am ace- ua l
PeOd more capital and energy la the t iW l IL ia m n
etabisuahlaet of factor es and the d4- i @
velopment of the resogrm which 0s 1Sa A me
Sbe found in every ecton our GALLOWS F TE

/. C ta 4D raaSi
SMalwe tt M to nowt o s 9 re Y.a -- -. g l
at TalSbamasew s composed of s o e ed e t' sA Tl

pleay is that so mremaN thrspi ee w
L ss troem etim eiosids. Te H i toTaMk TrshaM. to%0esTlrsa l
boreat ncot t for distance, and New Toet, AprU l.-Jot C. 8HeaSSS bM w s-
nwUt s w coow r mft r am of the best too", aorafti Ng aall Mes
with a7 member oc the slenltare ntt in th state sn et ft a cost ;
nam 7 aown d verior I tatn s w rth e enm s& r the Cm a-i09 d o Ia.t kM a
the d i sto be a valt bem ot of we* t hsnw cr S

eefmt of tie people throw ub r thi 111"QI B 'B. A -s -.Ur
eats oad the TrbMNe hoW tmat sta OV U e tU Vwft
nel i ans aw n aetand o- e wh w l e tohe w e t T r la n._ pr 'c Ao
Mt i n th electim o a Untt New aoek..AOe 1.--JWo Ms sho s -a
Sta saor to '~ eed ar. P t e found to-da2From e nd a toc tass i

m so that the people will not he ben thm vas beSinegS a M ftme ent at 4
te d. eaifn tlmie. The other was e ea reconsider I .t at g
t is now er ctain who t he comhpalnon ad e -ea M
ourccNdul candidate will be, 4ut 14 M e M A
aeeesu evident that neither "e wMr. I NW QQiARlS 4 >p~B ts
Palco or. Tallaferro stand a6 got0 -nO a of r e Se terS e
a change. A dark horse, probabi J. P. Hadlee & Co., Have Moved y is =aly
whom the peop have never s Into Their New BUding or Ash- JWl del leG.S
will win the toga. Where there ine h l y street. t Smel, o"f lo
large a number of rePredentatve--a wah -tmravl Cing sl
S3ve not pledged thene aves .* The wholesale t fo t and Prodcefe lhae lets ar e NI
there s tin the legtslature Of florida j p Haardee & C .. hd moved reir efforts t m
It is indeed & difecult problem to o aolst J h P. bqaeno on Aeh- so a teass
Take the representatUve from to the large st ruling on Ah- amem as e
county and no one but themlo erv ieey street formerly occupied by Bona- the Plant
know how they will vote and proba&y ,ker & Bow It Is by all odds time W Irn.Mr. Jesm
they have not as yet made up thel besat building In the ic for the hand- have left for Ta
minds. But it Is very certAn tat t e a
people of HiUsborough county are not ing of fruits and produce, betglarge wMl remained o
smittel with either of the proinen well ventilated ad pertecty dry. It nsr Lroad
candidates that have been mentioned has a hard concrete floor perfectly here by Mr. John
and If It was a choice -between the two smooth and can be washed clean with passenger agent, f
otr people would e willing to ht an e ae th
their eyes and take the first one th a hose n a few minutes.. Underneath Wile th line has
'they mSght astumble on In the dark. i ist lined with sewers to carry off the ownrUs nng t Lher
It is all over the state. The andlda ed water and a &good drainage to prevent tn Vhe Untted Wti
ave not created any enthuRla.mi dampness.. 7The second story 'e well eites.
They are not men of the people an' W. J..
for that reaso the Tribune does no4 suited for a storage and dry room. WTAMV J. Deuw ov
believe that either one of them willU b The shipping fafilltese are second to nesam here tha i
elected. a h none In the citY. the railroad track Ot e has a splendtd
conservative papers In the south. ba& the Plant Oytem. running Lce up to ts is g the A
the following regarding our lngislattire the door on the west side Lf the build- ha0s is atd
which we reproduce In full: ing. Direct shIpping communlcations .well kCnowna 'am
"There does not seem to be any mae oth with the Port Tampa nice baaines lin ti
certainty as to whether enaor P are ma
will succeed himself or not. The me.- soand Tampa docks thus securing ad has A l large bo.
bors of th legislature have either not the advantages of shlpping byrPil and closet the United
yet made up their minds as to whom water to and from all the leading haaenu of a d
they will suppoort for they have been maket centers S weU In the
very succes utl In keeping their m ce- k f coters. 1 Mr well In the 1
ferences to themselves. It would noti This ftrm Is composed of Mr. j. p here via "am.35oL
be surprising if the Ouccesful candi-1 Hardee and C. G. HUderly, both wide jg^" Cewis. wi.
detn should be either Senator, Pasco awake business men and each having pa people, Is tiep
or .tone one who is not now prom-i had many years experience in the bue Harvey J. Cooper
It is doubtful if there Is any good! nc In which they ave now eoi-aged 1 has beenher
ground for the alarm felt ,by the railo While the ftrm is comparatlvely Iqung Oltliiara postofln,.
roads thae the commlston will elai yet the members are old in the bual- he was sppooto4 s
to practically confiscate the rallsd' nes. usderntalid the market ind alive tiso lie tltta of 5
property of the state. Florida ln'tn to the wants of the trade. They rep- eener
goIng to Injuret he" own interests by .resent sone of the leading hi-aces o his in1Ienc dTid
103klnZW a wa 'on ralrld5 w- ari New York, Baltimore and New Or- the aspointment f'
tha would prasticalty put an end tor leans. Their business reputation is Mrs. Norman, ga
railroad building in the state. Beldee, above reproach and their many f..,rlda of the resMrsbt, d
the cort will ee to It that the rateo bespak for them ouccess in their new Jaekson srees.
are not redimud below the Profit line., location. Place here atcNo. il
lorlda cannot expeet to have as iw| t ung a good lawe.
railroad rates as a populous state tkel MO2LEY'S EIMON EIXIn. patronlaed. ;
SNew Yoek or Peonsyimanla. There a t --- Dve leaqten,
ftw traveler on the Florida roads and: A Pleasant Lemon Tonic. of the Ms-coit te5
the freight offerings are llght. (For: __- stew-ad of the rn

ttreason the rat~escannot be low Iprbose.cntp~onad&-IgtqCW fO
Tin itThe t ual.e cnditiona ofwate most of thaitI udieit andam do t
rAd In, th eastaitets depable.t For ind s on sick and nervoo sd nt i
For indigestion^^'. -- lidof
Sft dtfulmIT a- of theme makn Seno bdhe R n icentefa
"td hage-at least not oam than w 1prasleeplemnes, nerves and bum here quKO NO
theo charges. The reot that wast Fdoheartaseep-ene nervotisne" sd tm
er ltr boan not the st a tM Forrgever chills, debltyS ad kid. dW and the Comm

r Us bona IM When: the srst f my tke L m3 i>iw. ivi .b < -'A Q.
becomes more thickly settled and th ey dsse aees t ke Ialnid ltair. nnm t & tdWaft.
eerdt and rms keep the "af ldlntes htonta"s dthfit or-hati5BtO
tua the ralroad coammeton willae CpdrlatteA lemon Blair
s0' oD formking~u Ms &AMin Dr. aeF's LeAon Mur is peeper,
', _'rtsn 'abutt to It-m now ed from the r s aJ Ofl--- t .A
P, extent. the People swold Me0 .to cbd vothertle lver knownkow
tim' tak.mad wa llWC. UK 706 m. IS Say n s, whop
m ham' lowered touldruMt In Any1al let. wim*A"
petit wthe mostof t hLthem bndsofthesoenmddsasa n adInhvn s fft
at tme hai le LI bottles at sMi. drgista. Is mtll im
SAtlanta.GH abeatc ity
PMrdol y; ILgy. ^- M^.gaesa gosibl. j M^
A man shce has been hard up i ehepred 00.1 boy DX. I. nosiwo padLpJt
oL t-, m_--,_ mo- AT AT---PITOL an dP- -. .to

1St &lsga4Sq'l~

tlaM the10
geni~es, ta

them a
rule ac

tehtey P
and mast
-Ns -s
Is' beds

Doorteper o s. State nate,.
State Con.pL Atlnts, (1L -

Ito the vewr bet inedagt I Mer ued

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~ W thaEagXTN-~ dWoleasqiduphlyW- leave ir.ue. I t NU4*i

leadkdvem ih ey seb MW mawbsm
E~oe,~gJ .-+~ ~ll~~i* eath. a" s, to ;take. Tryt them.T aheew dw ol @me

WOW dis aLt11hae esdd o ui 'toldRbydS.b Leonard N .- an ee *

toemi kele emie~r W~u leaee, ym,1ifmyu ed--f meni~

KqW&16.ACME .-lip Wpee heltihealuth- Ekytoto be heaTeryesi- 0-.
cofdn ateeotie l-thesrtee Mo atw dnely beas m tthn ,
In Vsw ftAR tithey y cqWstit e g gCbe eant e 010kaat epeW~,
time caedeit 4etmi -s Ounutieebat the 0ma% -ee

MotVw exceed -bere byGOD.

r.setIreand h imoe wae

psd rp atthepr th-e-

6"qa atof the Mabat opow.t-I
w~54h~pee~ uehI
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standing a.S

ItOc vu111 rgan(b


wi r55me set s- to-Is to the e Ism-wesyMAi "F -
mosoeg. cc ulinmr; threin O a -Is a[ ~ d ~ ~
e5 ofsgs~ ahd Isms, MUMUttiAabbmeuem: smo pseope:af
eam tbey,*aVeto Mkev .10the &eeimeainaA smiebar

msee e sexd&Am"theA athe o4bn",*N

r4~. tat w am& tsON lw e iat is ae..m

It~ ~ ~~y to" to mtW -4 Abeo*.~~

it; Won"
Wn. aa1*e09 ~ A
eearjystm 5ethe. Nows %a'"=4i&me


IE Fea ImCmael N M l el Spt r ldpalt
Nhoa WORL WPM JB(4esh mu s g.satia.


Don's Trde a ljew Makes a Good The Oharges Read and a Copy Ordere
Shoiwg TAaroughout the Bent to Judge Ozaham San
Tear formthe Firet Quarter tary Chief Weir Tenders
Less ftilures. His Resignatio'

Spectel to The TrSibne. The reMlar session of city council
S aatserrat. Cuba, Maren 31.-Three was haed last nitht. At the hmor or
b" mad usmen ha s h or cv vennZ the city hail was packed tt
mmsv Years s ne ,r Spain n-4wmto Its utaot capacity .with 'an t
AO8 the repeat otmges of Cuban throng assembled In anticipation of L
moldlers. It Is said that the actions of g rumpus over the controversy be
thi soldirsare OuLngo and them tween Mayor Bowyer and Judge Grae
Ss. sffiut to tell what would be- hanm. The nmors that had In
OR& ft the a tf she was turned en- circulation and the com~-et- puobltbh'
tUsly over to such a elasn. ed in the city papers during the paat
week bad awakened &aep interest 4p
S the matter, and believing that It was
;6& Aseprt mSil aw i ess Ower. to be ibroagt to an e last ng't
..m Prleod at emas te crowd gathered earnr and waste
1--*j *' _ -_. I fir ft nW tOP 01. --

ed Our-


theN*09U tie ts aim in- lg said pa rties with some vio-ation of
k havingt Al.mr l* 1001U an ordiance of the cIty of Tampa, and
Sipueang a warrant for sald'partles; that
th- "" .a the.m .sid order was absolutely null and
Svoid: that said Ils al Judge, on the
Sfete o tamS 5 ise m2te4d M th day of Marh. 09, upon the chi ft
or mSo' M/M -.. wwttt -theu fns lo the pOolces of the clX of Tampa iIn-
a e -. o in e fte n a rd judge bat he had not
leanInlt a~r~otc t-oobe aye said rder-, adjudged said chief
ofifhg..uof the police in c contempt co and
i o n 5 ."am se fined him M00.00, which sa8 order wa
-g -- ,- "'-- md nulleand void.
'W 'tWen "WdaS d et t -e t Second. 'at -W. S8. Graham, mu1-
the tiUeket was forthwth cipal judge again and further repeat-
d InselfrotectIon the r ed to the captain and lieutenants of

ot U.h, 9agen t% tVb themakeri-
to enter l Jenvle have he pol" "e his order to arrest certain
tenfs.ced to ane s pecal In.truc brtleas, without having ftrst had an at-
Wr'timftoo their agents whlch make t fldavir made, charging said partles_
f w- l tfor a tlet. to be used If with some violation of an ordinance of
t- eh tMhe hna other than the the city of Tampa, and without hav-
old. -puxchsaer.--lorida Tinw"s- tnw a warrant Issued thereon against
gdt ,M .tsa id parties; anhd.did on the 25th day
S. .Y -* .of March. 18 9. adjudge said captain
da" 0. ,. and. lieutenants of the police In con-
. Mrc % et of Port Tampa tempt of. court and fined said captain
: City. sold hbis htteres in the firm n d Ueutenants of police the sum of
ho'- a v O. to Mr. M. F. Gardcia. $100.00. because said captain and lieu-
o tenants of poice had refused to obey
T fimn .aine wi remain the sme.I the null and illegal orders of the said
municipal judge in making arrest of
1 ef tland .aw s said parties without an affidavit haring
.-. the arrivals at the Bampsa Bay been made against said parties and a
Z^ ma warrant issued for them, which said
SheWr y..-s.:t,. judgment in contempt was absolutely
-s v .. -.... .. without authority of law, and a vio-
laion of the trust reposed in him. the
said municipal judge.
,. = = --=-- ...Third. I further charge that the said
U1i3. *Kf fk'* .-A municipal jufde did on the 23rd dvay
M I E BE of Gfareh, 1899, acquit and dlscharge
the foUoe-ing named persons to-mwit:
Ella Williams. tAnnie .Burk and Annie
^ .. 1 fIEays, who stood charged before his
court es keepers and inmates of baw-
dy houses in the city of Tampa; al-
though the posUti-.e testimony on the
Dart o, the eltyis police officers of
eald city established the charge against
-L M' Wl 5ue- said parties. -
's- ft Oft Fourth. I tfuher charge thaL said
^ fu^ 1 W. S. Graham, municipal judge, has
a on several occasions assumed. witham
authority of law and outside of tht
mnnicipa court, but on the strets e
frSB go the city of Tampa the duties oF the
.chia of olice of the city of Tazpa in
ortelux nd irecing he olicmenof

An Exqci-3eut Covi onioton
Tjine pleasant zcntltod sod hseffdaI
r-flotts c-, tMe -ril knoswwn ,~ft

fancsOe --dAette
I A short aad aplpcy corna-sotlons
Swas read fom orT. ,A. Wetr in whe ifa
resnatlion as eaf of -ttatcl sa n and
thanked the rmerbnerslor .
tended"him daring his admZetot -
The proposltos to paothase a strip ..
of land Ofeet en EaCt (=ss inges op P=( ,WO &MA .. 2
adjomingm tt of rank -aJ^er for V
SThe. relues t of HT.. tUnebat toK' .lI
-fill amd irade the street in, front e his C B
property at his own expense. was a- '-. '....
S The b h of J. W. an re r or
Work w*s ordered paid. ,t .
A numerously dgned petition wV= GOOD sj lot
p resented by citioens residing einn Ln O 5ur -e
vicinity of the city duip ggromund.
S Aey complained that the garbage and
dead caresses were left on. top o the
Sound. The matter was re to e have ereed
the sanitary o ronnnlttee.
The botice comsitten was author e ision of do Mof
to neffotate for jail cells and have "1 a 3tjistano.ceat fri
them placed in proper position. o
The clerk was authorized to adver- y "orde er tathtad S
Utse In the city papers asking for bida Ciae', and at the annie priom |
or trying the peuer corpses of the s for-srples and pl ',
Mr. Holmes asked for and was grant- Line. Our store has e.oajia
ed more time to confer with the -ater of &Dry GOOD blinW i
to flush the sewers. best constructed, andpoieiiQs an .'
S resolution w as adopted requio to render it the most'
the Berger & Mngle Brewing -!o.. to
fill lots e and owned by them inti kind It is aCeordi f OR a
they conform to the grade of the "BasOUg Ad ....
street. BaeAOma s mg
I Amotion prevailed compeUting the GoodS m ed free on i
Both p lorida Railroad Co., to re- ..-
move the little switch house at the '/
corner of Jrsaltln and Polk stretD. The j A t
suggestion was made that i t te raised
above the tracks. The same comnanyJ s A
by a motion also was required to pave
the Frankli n street crossing with vitr-
fled brick. 425, 425, 429 E. Maikt bet., aboi
Mr. Kruee made a motion which was .
carried. tpat the city attorney be In- -
Structed to submit a written opinion A 0 I
at the next meeting in regard to wheth.-
er-or r.ot the city can legalMy appro- S H E A
oriate money rowards the expense of .
bringing thle Toronto umaets to Tampa. I
The sanitary committee gave notice Fo un ry. "Maohin
tha ihey would .b-tgin a crusade at u- 't.se-,,.bp.
once against people .who maintned p A T a
.filthy yards or streets in front of thair P IALTIESt -Heavy- "j r>*
house. Tbo who -ould escape iron- Works. Store FronDs, 1fiel, Oes"
tie and p:osecutlon had better ',egin to Stmb.-tr Machinmy an. Bo1ie-r
clean u-o at once. &teamb-a6 Machiomy an4.Ba
The committee Is determined to en- t0 installing Irriga iag Sod ts ]
force the health ordinance to the let- Prices. i gt s I r -
ter. No further business council ad. Peice icug Pee Ad [ru.
Journed. .

Campalffign in Philippines May SHoon 1. "
Come to a Close. HIS -TA,..
Special to Tme Tribune. Dr. 3. Horny Xoe fte Cabhaa*d
Washington, April l.-The following .y., N n a r MapsN j
dispatch was recet ed at -the -- Li a -
partment to--sy Yr la Gn. Otis:
'*Malla, hAil A .-Adjutant General .
Washinton. Troops renting. at M ,elo- Dr. J 0StMD.e
los considerable portion of city discov- eyeear.throstand se
ered on fire. Our eCualtie, one khil- opened 1ces In theaf
ed. fifteen wounded. Hal has return- dgy w tham
ed with his troops nto former positiM wAltin Ak E lk S Jb.t-, f
north of Jif la.- eat Mg.
It Is said at the was-departtment that 1 crow emo O&A'S jg
Gen. Otis wll not make a osmpsgni ___nd trau III E Atd.
dura- the ralny s"aod, or is it he_ -_
leved that he wi H at Pre at hae the tewI *f'tJ
Filpinos Into the mount fatlam of .at fcub .
Lemon. 1Ofikcita consi r it i- h t'*m -ad wIcS. w!

m nt w t U B e a ce dtat i n oo a crtes
hostilites or further ftorwars Al-

eave fthaiep o the ilipnos without aad s be" "ft.i -fn=le
defntte rwt. ab sert et wml der _'_ _^S

Pt ws wiuhecnt,.,o to aeet t hea

" gorrha as-o f,.the anc rf, usatd -.a '

Zibhfl ien us peoted.

ACohei Preacher Stuck by Noarthwestera Pemisyhlvaslia ism
the Cars and Killed. I latest Storis'a Years.


Beca- bewildered at the Ap Special Cabinet Kutng Was Held The Xggabeos t7 oms
roeashmf zqprees and as Be to Iranct BotMas Buasses etU totO VW ,.
Stopped rrom One track Delegatesa to Pas. Con- VW AM
to other wO Struek.s vantlom, of yr Ma L .....

From Thurdar. Daily. peeal to The TribIwe. f om sunaW a y
-A fruitful aecite occurred aiA ot Pms.., March r .-Ta 'wet-T' A mee-tlno of thee TIpu e r wo
o 5c'k last eming at the onetm ,Flor- ssr ohen n i t the o .ewn. B
us .dIpot i Tbor ity. Re v. eaW. itpe .this morning.Atth owr fo t o .s Ota^iag_._
Cumminighe. a oeored prmer, while howse sad r i tsIo B *p of ab&te- coW-ecsml MaypOg N w& r 8 r* 6r-OR
ruling seetheraird b"be- Igraph S*I"stOP"?t 5.Od aft wioneleown fJodgeike. The
14h.an 1th street was stru M- js OS 2 f the northbound, Vgn5 aro otSnerd tisestea hg t. RO .i ros- MFai I5g 0Pe'gAgur
arpz 3 *ad simost Instzatly firhaittt WOtas Owtes.e pMa



-A *pel

foerty ia tee wavase Salrf t m of routine .m- that had
TMprice made a junimp of 2 cents Per aicmioted f lT the pseridaet
tko b t pban d crop reports. Toe tdoe- t* edr MduKiltey rfoeddes the
Top 4 san= was good and prices strong at me ubrmn a h. t he wMal d send d sed -
I r Ub -CItOes rates to the coming peace conference.
o Wt a l trifTf1 E-
Mr members to
i crnoeetS As Preached by ev. Porter Last The Tampa Rifle1 Bowed in Sorrow
is at =d to Night Created a ProfoundIm- Over th- Untimely Death of
r away from It. res Ao earth. One of Their Cmrtdes
the protection "o T -
dng the sst r ThnaFay's Daily. Prom Sunday's Daily.
Boston Fruit Last loht'a service at the BaptisAt a meeting of the Tampa Riflee,
chtluh was the largest attended of any Co. 13 Fifth Battalion, Flor da State
of the meetings so far. An interesting Troops, held last night in their ar-
con. secratlon service precedes the night mory in this city, the following appro-
United States preaching and was Joined In by many private and timely rsohtltons were
r district of person who discoursed on 'How to unanimously passec:
W Wety ster- Get Niear to God." Whereas It has pleased God in lta
en atent for Hw. Porter began by reading the ac- providence to remove our friend end
WU attwded maM of how i'tpw"n 100t hs comurade. William Lenfeetey, at a reg-
Ss th- United strength from God, from the 16th mlar meeting of the Tampa tifles It
kis raina cnhayer of Judges And took his text, "
accent t "-'He wlst not tkit the Lord bad de- bootlved. Tat wt deplore iS low
sS IbM&'S &d parted from him,. te peacbed about and tender o6 sitnoere syrapathv to
wh"sbp has backaiding Chdbtiau an a idsal If God his asficted parents, brothers and Ms-
The Irip wAS could reach Ihem It could not be any teras. assurin them that the departed
Iveel. Con- trouble to reach the world, that life ,ham left behind him a name ano a
"h. atarted was maEde of oatlosnim sad retro- memory, wicht they may rcherish with
he rs trp gression and it was as p selt to the wide. As a oltier and comrade4ie
e PA w le e" 'rttesl as In the material Some peo- was frank, manly and resolate. As
Mi t ,_ *lSg JM be l Ii "A d6t0e111frm m e, aM trend he was true and loval. As a
be 1l0061 ba tthe d4dn't kW heW&Mwh .a Person c wtle wa the poesessor of tt si-
soh tOIWO would W It. i ednr i ehesem ee ues. which give to men
111, 1MIc seesR M wa tar ssaitrody, ea their gratest worth.

of the
J. B.

never was
tr otf the
a -nteoW
a mIbjeat
In the a


himp fulavnn udsa oe h aSe.nsew In Se aM
, tau e- -_--- T- --c --mo in O W- *.

to vacw frot *o4A andadso A w n ae n s wehe s heaoo
0h 'aving 'a f. ,e, was 5Mtf"d54 55 5 ,weett'e,
CM chi? Uddiaesm sham a to

doup't Uoack Pm emd uwhnw - Ca e
ds. toh e ape e TH o m . of the ra..T
t e aWe hbut' a onth the mother Ms curen erou a s
b 5.5 ankd Mt,= cw It. oeAsted = aItuthen Wa -re Is me

e so wine fro t ms and f't wou m mu inty to-da the im

irt tt'rigt; i to t roed the wortaIBAed Tranme ofpeWrnteed yestera tone
In -ItA e. .B ma a.. view the beasiftesbome.

9e Bob Inewijcn't nine chmdren to mourn her (oma
t dot thie Tham ,neea-d
Lide 'O e. | per qos e D TH n J.&d sam.ly. were tfr-T
Objective case, frt peso
sober, and sog, 6"he lhwhRives Jmunton, VIa., March25.-
I caught to QSn," SOD&utGreat fgloom vwes amutovr ocr com-
are so wise why deOpt y mntyot-day by- the unexpected
Get i'rlght? Obe lapa ist deaLt~h o~f Mtn5. 7Tiaoee,. wifeo o 3. W.
Osia to b20ti the wer," end Tr~mmaeU. superintendent of the insane
the same time. Be man, asytiset Se leaves her bmha~nd and
mase. Bob 1ogermg ~can't onine children to mou rn her toes
soh, teat the shami Chris-
I Mr- Trammneli and family were for'
rLnw "Ant keeps the good merIy residents of T-Slee.ncd and have
Weonkst t Ulhve at manfy friends In o80th Florida, who
horgi venea s.s3 gs I serlotlmy mou-n the sodden demise of
wfad dogs that u ha nhUbLe and ChrItan
on a bridge and one threw lady.
W an hmtumywma k - -.....

he eato YUtt ToT- SEASOAN.
eter to the ret-tring --
a4thenes, when he was xP'&t City and Lakeland are now
._a tow. a Rome iled with drummers for northern conm-
.__tonxf s A .Zi-. miezon merrhante, who are there so-
*y beoIre it gL, t=lhting oGnen nments of strawberres
Sthe miS'7oak. so for their homes. On ac nt f the
to ftht sn 'iy re- ,lg IIlthaer eager to Otag n straw-
a4d when we return, berries they are nearly alway rom-
b eied to buy the fruit outright. About
-svesty-five rfigamt eceh con-
mK HAM. tiAig Uty quata wereSold at eacb
place ygtdiday the, pricespid aVWer
Sorris n lL, a bright twelve d a af cnt pew
at c. g s i ion at "'t '

Judge A. T. Cornwall, of

3 .


*in Ikrvolineae

Oho" emiat hea

i son si Kiom =I l-


Ltis ailer, f PaMeaWa on the Alle ko
ghany Boanu fbr rew York, dart
0ommaitt4d fSuide for Cas
onumaUnknown reason. Th

Special to The Tribune. Tam
alngston. Ja., Apr 1 .-Dortag the r t
4aht between Ameran sailers and na- ties;
tive beatmen at the wharf, the easual- 75.0

ladi-sa-Two blled (O'Grady and Chit
amoer) ad sMversAl wounded. ,te
s at tme brain and R. MdahSon m
bstemgd taee; am olocg north I thar

SOn ... tWo w e e GI t o n CfreitCout. C mtw-meu
Sit ..imn. ie f -% tv- s8a 1nd.1 camdt ait orase
to peMenrme "m i duties and to w -I Aft-In Chanery.
e the attary deparnmest o the -
or ofm el. 1 masMM rLhikland va Edwaw I
it ordlaned by the City Countil 8trc'~. 4 Diveroe.
tUa 1. That the mayor of the casme oomineg o to be b er
Lnpa. i pon applitSon tar an order o ptf
of Tamp b aa4 with the consent n 4i1mye fl^Sna thiS
be City Cousdl sha appoLint some ant.pBpeago thL a ntd
ible and qmauaned person to Clert at k o a t lpw nasvit e t
wn s the Chirt of PO-tatle o o ft i th ba oconolt n Wami
r a Tampa. who alul hold 0o11 .that the -mM Iddemlant IS & n& m-rld
an the term of the mayor appoint- i at the State at nMa mad
him; uniea sooner removed w redet of muivpe. GOoearf, and
i Chief of Sanitation stall per ov er be S wonty-o eyes
n such dale5 fa shall be prescrib-j ]WaU M f9StriasMd do 6 pw to tom
ty the ordiamaces of the City o 5s1 biMl of oe bisat on'or a w s91
sp.;? he shall give bond paw-.Ie to Ithe 1t dsy O 5f M A D.. 1 eM N
City of TaumpabInmthe tsw ato.f*O a decree rg oomteo wll bhe entersd
Lhe EabthI perforemsace of hi e do- faumt yaw
sd W hal mU reive the ss&I o tf I is fart ordeand th a & e a4




I"edto ki ) -

a a t Is6lu k.
0., 3IX

@ -s e $ S. The Clerf o Sanita s
bshal move or ..a to be moves by
A "n% t in the -City.atf'Samoa
se department aln then slope or swill
A FNE Y. seIl M lpo e-l d wit n due wconideraUon
s of goo sanitatea.
_,ty -- Thime Chief of fnitatlon shall also see
t. ; GraefruitffTv Ymied a Crop that the owner. sgent or eupaut of
_- a t ai.- po ., r @lbM Nsar- se sall keep the same clean at
drzoaDdc.- ped meat. or froft vegetables or
_potatoes or other unhealthy or onralsi-
S tary matter.
0. ;e Coonma the genIal postmaster Becton 4. It shall be the du-
t Palmetto. on the Manatee river, was ty of all prsoMS, Arm Ontor c
In thee d"jtr yterda, oemohh buel- ompn any premises in the nlty of
as m witht o a In answer to a Tampa to keep the same Dean at their
mesi edmi cow osenlaj the conmdtim of own exomene of an gsae. decayed
_". t 'atan e and Out growers of the 10515 or fruits. vegetsb"ef or potatoes
or other unhealthy or unsanl-
- fa atee eomatrtyhe stated to a Trtbune tary matter; and it shall be unlawful
i- ae ntatIve that they were never or atny person firm or corporaUon to
,dOC '1Te better shae. Says he: "The truck throw or desik on any treet, alley,
m ..or vacant lot any tras. rbagbe, de-
S %ae wer now shipping several v-a- esyedn meam or fit, vegetables. po-
A Ales at vfegetahes tn carload lots and tatoes or other ,un lthy or unsai-
S the e arM the hinhest the ever tar matter.
id eelved at this mean the year. of ecthe The itary Commith the
m We Iwtl sel omo ree rthe lo sutainedim onsent of the City. COncl *hl adopt
ao-Wo to ios vesetais by the late frees such further rules and regulations
ani-, aod by the end of the sman wtU be govern&g the Sanitary depare of
te ae h better dalpe then ift o frc-,e the City of Tampa not Ineondsstent
melt- bA rI.AO fit with the -ordnance of msd City.
W. r- g-ad* doaurr. A t amount of our Section Any peron. firm or eor-
tIO were MST"bd ty artificial portion olating section fear of tht
S O-M*an& gs &a. eahhaf ce"t, let- ordinance et h be fined not more than
rvM-00 ~ or confined in the City, Jai for
IsfW, iOt. strawberries.etc. These are be- not more than thirty day. or both fn-
Si sf hpne. 2atoes peas, ea os e sd a, Aoadt, e at t dist "rn of
S amt ilr vaRtsUe, -rted al ne the the mCrt. "
T tM at &T amee r.lm rpily and TI. That ail ot1bumeM or
OW ofrdinamnsI tain on0 t Wi this
P "OmN Wl W 8 WinL f in a few- ort fta be = adm te me amhor
-WdW repealed
M rh a I&V 9 can jasr to the. Famed b r the C" thl s0th Mb

frut os' 'President (the trsyconnt.
llthes- ter dd th season Jut Attested..
I e 1 fto 33 I ab on the. JOWN 2
S tow, I asI o have aw& in bearlsn Approved by ma this V:th day91
Wen goy = eof ..amt1 five and six Mamb.hA. D.. 123.
la e MM &At Teto Im the med. I 1. C"_D RW t Mayor.
s e 1si- _-,@P mo or a0. on U--

^Nf~i^ M at Pbwhm~t
-** a ae .. a .

Ir b -,.,,_aa D. e. JWm r and wife
- -tat mmonu% M f at the T m.
J. D -ee wUate ta & life
10 1 ad iod t J. 0J 4DCa'it at
1a.Ueufogr-Mspem mand It afforded
tha Auwtl -genuine Opiesn,, yes.
155I si atemnoon In company writh
SonABr pazamsamu to *bow the
ieiMitoshed v/sitrn over the city.
They wll remain onr a few dawy and
then return to their home.

In the Circuit Court of the Sixth Ju-
Sdicdael Cirit ef the State of Florida,
.in and for HU.lbrIu.L County-in
M Nesk Z. Braden vs. Leonora Bran-

In the Cnesmt Court of the th Judi-
eat Caroat it ma ftate t loriatl,
n Mm imi Bl CoUnyT. I
~ "U tr Cty Baioagr aMa daM
aT. Chmner ala sad John 1C. nwrie
tfse r aad by vrte of at oc o of
the 9 O of s o A. D.. 1t oby
the Booahioabe rves PhilUps, S3etI
of the couiit Crt, Of the Sixth Judi-
a CV0t at at the statu Pf Foda, sit-
tiy on Iand aor i c 1,ou nty Cunty.
in chan in faor the Thor City
Bhoding aad Loaan AaofIs tk L' a nor-
poratfon. ocaanled anM existing under
and by vArtue of the iamw ot we State
of Florida. and having Its principal
place of blsmneM in the city of Tampan,
'County o tf iHab orugh and State of
Flaorida. I will sell at prlc outcry, in
front of the court house door In the
city of Tammpa. In said county and stas4e
withing the legal hours of sale. ord
the first day of May, A, D.. 10 the
'same being the first tModay in said
month, for cash, to the highest and
best bidder, all the following lots.
pieces, or parcels of land, situate, ly-
Ing and being n the county of Hills-
boroiuh and state of Floria., and de-
ertbed no follows, towit: The west
hrJf of lot three (5) of block fity (5i) of
Ybor. City, acom-ding to the recorded
map of the same, dated A. 1D., 18l of
the records of r lliboorugh Oounty,
Florida together with aB and singular
tenements, herelt&mentsa and apscirta-
noncee thereanto belongn or in any
Usee appertainog.
CAtLOS 8W. E-eslvtinrr

Socitor for Complainant.
The firm a C. J. BS den & Co., has
tbi day been dlssotvd by mtual
eonset. r. w H. LEtrdee wti con-
tnue the businei unde the firm name
of J-. P. Hardee, Buceasor to C. .
Bowden & Co.
M J. 0I_ .AATnJW

iaist Ia m tby .^ that the u-
dsehin dw bA t ote udass
IX tlg ^ r -.

and all'laeIIt Idosseat said8mmWE
be pald by t.
3 1a Liwzza
J. a. a. as Lt
Tampa. Florida. Ms h 2S, A. D., IM

and styte of Mte Diamond Pbarwmay J
this d5t&y dtaes H. & EL3L. aRmadM
J. F. Steabins having prvm sd= tle
tnterMt of &E BerOr, thenra. ad the
said b osines wil ti futlur e e oduat-
ed boy the said 3 Rnkle .L T.
Moore and J. F. StebIbl under ed
arm name and sty of tbe Diamond
Phamuncy. AU bWIs due said iAm wtlW
be pam to the mid DiLmnd Paharmaw
Sand al&U hdl bedem 0 said Ar
wil be Pam by It.
Z. .G
3 T. aD Oan
J.77. raM;
Tampa, Firsia, rnh lUth.. A. 0D 11I
An Ordlsannaeto Comel All Persao
RAesiding in the U it of the eUCo
of Tampa to Datoess Vaooinatei
Be it e al ed tO eait-r Ceroft
o btifDL d a b o
mayerit t0h teltroil a, to s apt
ol a he=r td eoto t M. o
Umei, at, eDege. a8lt 1 s at
the dy t Tampa. weeo u spr to
them tha t ,Pd 4 1= A
eni ttrh"UW We n0"sd
of meat d4ay wiskh shall hed*odmbW
the qfysissaMm, s- Ittd. to Vo-
eClate hse riit am the e13 it
Ta u frsei of Cheme. It slr art

or to be isae lsA

T M ewor At in Yam ofgi**
hm agt eo mnomir vwabtad
within f yes and aVo 0be tn -8
or ta amer tw.tj-foa hoboam nou6e

ro it a hild ouder ftese s? t
age. who has nt been suneptljy
vacinated, and who al" C al to hae
the child v-xcinated aftet twenty-tour
hours' notice. shaU be gUity of a vio-
lation of this ordinance and suisect to
arrest and upom convtWion hereof by
the municipal judge shalt he fined not
more than i0i or be tmprtsoned sot ex-
ceeding ten day. either t .-bot at
the discretion of the court
Section 3. That all crdlnaiea or
parts of ordinances in -onhet 'r-iO
this ordinance be and the sade .'aie
hereby repealed.
Passed by the city council of Tampa
this. 17th day of liarch. A. ITX. Io.
President of the City Comeracil.
City Clerk.
Ap,)roved by me thbli, 2t day of
Tareb. A. D., 1M9. F.C. BOWrIE,

All persons having elains aamst the
estate of Thos. C. Colltns dooeasd. are
requested to present same aUprso y au-
thenticated to the uhderalked within
time prescribed by tlaw, or they will
be barred and declared nai and void
J. ). s8PNCER.
Administrator of aid estate.
Tampa. 1A.. Dee. M. 123.
aix moanthe after the dais- hereoC I
a-Wt present to the County Jadgs of
ititsfairough.County, Ficrmla. my amiI
acoant -nod vouchers sa e xeenti of
last wli of Udo Marr-er- -deetsed.
and will makeo y Stal as-iei-'t a&
such ezeontr.

Ixeo r, c of, s-iA wi R a.. ..
16g A. _%.a







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