Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: March 9, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00128
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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AMBf1 I1 M i M i
I ^' A Card of Pive Events Wulled Oft Yes ---
s C W Eagi APrac iCd terey Afternoon othe Tam- Says the F ipino Goverem Lt ad it Tke Rotd His km Boelt b tk efl-' of theb te rnal Uadoaa o r
SBay G rrac Willbe cceptIed lams Sysdcate of I1 cha1a 1 as e
.... tryby2 .! = A s .
.-Ho e rai th- Tm, i1J
---- a ci of Tid where he has been for the t t .
nd i Jost. Fur Timea -a' l .'. By the American Oiffite a-Transport T a&l Principa Cities of the North a n' g t' a es w t1
I ,. ,,i ...... .... lM ..!A ierl. "4e M 30at l ith &
"g -t Betig Char.ed by at :.l ... X.., .,, organ Arrive a fe y at Mani s a sedat of the Deal-Considered a suooeam hanvl si onodd to l'A
Other ac loam- I*.In-C n--n W..ii m Women not Permitted to a Great Beneftt to Tampa and I- bt s w ee idenat ds lall
S atiotl ia Cuba. ..-re 0c i L-_ :.- r- Land -Weather Warm. the Wet Coast. f re an n T Ss .
..e. iro '.... . : no: ago and reported at the a 1 0q -'".
t o pay exzI. I. me pi ainiy ei the orange anid rge w lt tmraee wa w a as
.l.easaa,- M ch 2.-d 'h.t- s vslLKg dd i that ,ll. i t..ol *i ".i.-iit h .. I a tn t Tic Trioune. 'Ttie Associated Prees dls:ia:chea of allmo r t m pv tt e. The V *'.' .
to tran d -en h .. r .- i;t.,-" lht -| ahila.. ia arcn n.-T tie t'nioed ?itatei d y as-rd.ay ga t ou he following in- i wor Inure bytoe -
aessg go t 9 Xe n uo o:tas r in Ie tranort Morgan arrived to-day roman aton aern th eand
.. o5 anlotbet~k" 'Who I.) Wa tOn atteodar-nie. San Franiesco. Among the pas.en- erbn.nmfr rajroso. he Old. sentrmd' h" .
Stil'ae Piti n a fthe prest-r. T he first -n t .. trl IaI a. er were the wives of several of the John B. WVUUlan & Co., of Ri-
lt Tisi. itlOO t ala f rio e ior o t .h '.n.r. t-- offlters and K everedl other Amern ca.M mound. Va .. aal 5aldetdnd i Pen Oliver & ered eem cm to_ l1a j t

too the pr omen- thi' rd e was and Therm- t oTe ionable noarti it tet o Co. ct ati for themselv cesatrng r
agent a ati g wne oamle. The Mriital .ook ald wthre to p e. d oneof which ap wM e edl the

S tis draft er v tts g rat the td n lie lea a ve the vesrlon alconi st Wther as-sliat have Srchase d tW. Bama--s athem
was en the re e- pers here, one of which 'wasethe er. O t te a a t

use t U ,tt* S er.lhagentfheni a- Ni-ne o -o, and ets ore t O I ha n a- a e by for anl other stock er of the tis -reinrI poK mo (roa0 ai3
r it Cuba.-te oh les gd inarys a I thl atd then o the saed ut c the te autho ry the atrAme l can da -ntj the l prilege of eelt r tilp
as s t ra s e t, ta-etch J e-o-sot secured thoe lead and M
d*ahas are r is a New le ath in .'Tloot of d cls Ta have been publishing their .uritY sto on terms' gy5k f iS toIt-
Sw(r er Th thUd piaeo was annexed Ter-u ran* *It eonleale larti :ltes t olpan. p R e d ..
Et a en .a eftge outn i rpr. e u ai of t very- e to pat few d in oneof which P- wt be made Immediately In te

!xo a n a ne a a r t la. whae The horse racing nea-on In Tampa lnton to tm a mre iut d e e el
,l 00 twt. hen v U.. sawr a E. te Lo, oulo e fa. f ta v: a A cabld of four oevena was a ltd mendoff s prl ba ted o obtain a f iood northern

So tooocan rd l aa war r ood e waon davetopedtIo n toaeler uniono aen io lie
Stb ".t f Aw d draft w e t o .l e r a aorE a e was er a L r t T -a a s ma l cro 1d a g a t t a a nd r
J.pa& hiss 'n upo-d eustftS-m beleti duaandNo ewWo.n a
the -. ,. ,r A Isumintr a s whe i QI"si t tw ew andhot ; o mad the to.as o ua e h rsmenlar 1 ant rl the 6i5 ai u ed l' a.e .....O

Slowdt alth o to t o a to one i, the time eon thi In thei rts e oDlmn or t we tmm .cnIt th eoww4

t--th ud T r va wt four races t pu pahe, a specl sou-e edition, con-
Xi66, Zo 2Cuba stre-. LHavanta." rei;&Cthvebt Blokodhm d hd things hade. Nothing has been heard ofthe n orida-. center l a r Pe.f AIR.- T btt.0 .
'-,55 a.1 @-a t r111 u -y 1o" the ss w -a- aug th Jhwe entire race r e b 4o- y a f tourtier trouble tred......... 1 "L l

and-& t . oe- I e wo et y t r tbflnOiteih In ioe n atWoma--n

was s fB lar Vs. the Fa C e t D iot as he fbwao- ee ts t e Th i e on Ta h s a l of which mention Is at In t 1~ l an.
a ilrf o a O a fs ctos per did veyT o woad but In thefa s h O a A sG P E FR FE
L ioPa en s wors k e s s o rpent eceedndef THt re nue hoINs enL e a eTuts ah omrnt, e t
_____. o per tac lte epreo: h. isd t r tf -r est-n a-ero, o t ,ds' L a ,e o s to. igKeyt and hBar-iya- I M- ow Is

MG- aaes en;s: otao o toNine good horses were entered a ad Seasly ver len hs & t the Prodce rUe-e ,t t- a n t ored esr ies ht
e .t epa r tmest, ala-n ed tOth WhIrd tahe decided frh a c..tNe,- w wrke T ara y er ao.n-
tere Sielii beare a to o onne.Caraa a dndterRichmondTr ado eivi -stw a an al attI o llt

erae s and l ten aesa.eryo w as T lso wel rbarked. bu c d B ond ho C F as oth 1 h i tr aopno n for sCoahee ittnek i Iet
.ee p!.o1c .LI Tea 1.e athe odaimet and gentleme nor mehn d be s ed strbtion Mid, na po e

-I. K -J 4mr, Sk-ylarei Bd. .!l Chiue 8aJ, e uon. dhet areeatlee t a t re e tt .ai". .e lr ot h t --ed a ep t -- ,-y
L IiL tI e la osing the" f oeper a-n one the starter .eo ldterrutp ltt dhe s ,ot i the syndite whi ermh tentgsth dating the o lbe rom sest a

a 2 o 1nrce fi Intel In th eht o e et s a
w-,t. trt the W a rd ad arr-itoo--.e The horse racing season In Tamp oth ro Intert t o ceat A
oloTu9=11 Ie O:tn T, hheV.-rars to rhe e t oe The rac was a t r an tedh o r w oae aoy d2eibat sand e r o n se ts t

N. .^ ; ..... -.,. | .... r 'ua r . .. th o- e WI N] Pip l O l -e
031c -e ung oirer 4,:the ataslina at the dst a T nt ,un0ke was n brought to a close yesterday at- mites of sa'iroad.Of I an i 111l I

throhe resat appeared to e mI_ cnnteda a n t hsd
et r otler -arnsaad o ero ht e n nee s ar o .the Tata Be race ra ca The u ultimate asi of thes ma- wnme mention as K tosr-oa.i Is t he -h L
cs hnot"tosothatLAthee. ,' iw od ea me o. se are t sooatteservicewI Lxte a otb esda akina y i
hietrbentli-.e$ -or ato one h t.'no ea'rsm c e te n frss

3 ,,s 4 ag. a 45 i-ln t-t- ed the tea l and won. th e firaw reLtt stea ntt. tn fro d fm he n. rh.extreme sooth to Na. ew. ri ma-f-it eIss owe disydaoT ? d O tla- .a
,elpo -eT-ihat if repeated wouldbarerwn-as a-iherind.ini ulet- anvitto ei were r- hr tni-aalreadyocor.iststled. of ntotiers othe e&r wtl send baca
I-obh ? I .came h cuMrt TLmarti. th ird. There wanonly a email criwd oresv- and Wi-lth uwhitch tra aia-ra ments for eTinitaMneom pIRlcadip insI the

Idt t Is a fair di-o ontrnpt. .letdrng .btc-tne M V..-- d- e m h i w te ap franc-bloc fo etwhich has already detaod account othteir recenI atons
deit enW h.l. wasne' rai ttle tII y Ift a t Lhat0t ton mary. d e l during th e tegultar.-keen secure.CL t-Wtlhe constructed In-various toint and o he no rms-ti
Orsthe s %nr core. and the attne intn- whichn-I ltprove of general interest oIQ ho a ..
i, adat her n p int. i The loo t - a on-c e ksmd-las i r rae m3ccl. ichti lnd ahlttotrn. ithuntsle nne cted at W h gtoof h ands u-ho
T halr. yatd e m at- ard of r Iut upto W'l tcerd. at the tBaltimore & Ohio. thud mu s k-
IN.o-'ODH EM rf 0 hielby n thre- at tYth-VAwtchr h m nde P. ra i-" eialo W tee trf etur n iofa to h
n- J G tI. y,,, t hO mi- P re pe te raie rNtor T racwer-e l York to

P'atroa flr thot;o Theh cTetfallx d h .) any din

Uhla.wste n w r eb treo na e n M re l t y vera vens wltchoondi a. willn e good news to ote orate and the mot coma
C- ha-ent..C- n L ie Di ct, and1 at tut clot.e Bimettetint w-nt oe thi k-rOtu Ofi r 'to othn Floridaeaystem 'L t- h- imove woii-k on the oauth.eve hi ft-. -
Sh irs v a rF d Macon, he d t bye ka, a s o ad Fr Ai th Mdug In the tm tud, h o a w s htall Idobro htlto ,mai- omucl fo Tain ad 8at.Co t e lit* any nesp aper. I i.0s
UaBtVe wll a w thetF. C.fritole Dick wan thelfavorite atnodds i-d toshow am ttie Dinst. t cat veiwo ot& trit e tMSPan tho:fthe state. Iti meant i i
o.tthe fae itha rag-unto n oeitw loo fitdhe Juntied the fath h t r e n -o -o-so S an the c tr et te a- .
w, jtamtneA hlcontempt had anaN), Lmne. the Gvtorta and Alabama wi 7n
half a mile and thre. ouerso badwi P Crott Cnh thied. r h ed oF.n ie h&a and th lho- ti:lpleonoWant Seen fII tot hn

'W Hie, w amJudge tiftp decit-us-the meeting.LittlngD.-ick as dIen yhd. m e la a t ind Ni-took the entork Ta yte. and 'NWwsYork.tonIt-metos thatTLae -all
e.idte War such time Ur by T. aI an d a and a itbt let.L falloand vwooa easily b) -'i-cl lmg wealth Inhence of thee tan" of ,r -"W
of on rs iroa. WaIm. The ,latter -as of balayd bu ttte from tBloodhound, who wan.oligttly in a-met roads Ine oi 1repitm Will be offeretha pain sp- Rd es.he forM s.
toTester- t rude wed agnd was orlyo beaten ,tr a' fron t ad brouhte to ocer mn oei p a.ndas oe- th h ln Rebulc 555,555 1 m
Tester-fnTfCrotCa eDc- gt Sci s tu oa mo .W el th ,or e othe L seet t sthrout h whit-h for the aio at e of the Bpani s _prison-M-
the casiv thelA m ir e -sthe o ea ,m.arles of the events tot, In the third evenm JT r-o-sot a gain TheoR traverse. tt tha the o dind sad t s ts "tea'If i-
.to ing of D. ows.ashonwed bhin peicti"itm over the t aeld. A Tir ttune reat tiesentatvle had occa- wixime.
the 9a leat &M '1a11o frs; ); He opene-d"at 5 to2btimw ass sinsQuiktytstmej iw twof the roa d 5ete.rd ay. t tes -ios threatenred to.exp ,see the s-.
si(e07)sa's Sn Fr race. 2t .i he furlong J ,c-o-s oL b wan ey ts y tery. ttea-
a ,C.0.to1,s dTerme. ) backed downt T erare both expressed the opinion that the PhiliePVubias aa
a I2 to third. Time 1:11 i-2 seven-ten-longs and was a good one the e atmeant A"forFlddan ba s w s Iea t goe"mn

161ek OM aniM M svat%, MRas tothe hSUrc.seve.n "oc_,,MgNKa The ;tS
-lSg""OU- M S T-h rie) Belap to a fl I Mse. The .- orted sa of the P. C_ P. so Ms III. .
L fdesuwi-7 Thse uul
y. 5 m" the l- S in eacia-es llows First 04).hOnM Se V to amend; ip r ain, mui n- D erd Mrtn a, .
tb_1600L" MO S in C amok M as two to the . -be ,d Air oe an __ ~SS
M-O6 I' s, J' to I1T;; ; AIf rz 66),. ervlson. 4 to . thLrd. Thte Tm troeIftGesneg Inats m m- OM&T tw W B3-
(-e.d t edIM Ato IL1.n. 1-c.peawen, BobTurner, New- DndeSO t TO 5. 1r96 Undl -u, . .
the .. m b Id se s a(IsM 1 i tS "t "- Ms 1 wi t ,K w= be -.e.e.althe Tz I ...

,p- 6Ela b "SA- B e MOMP u. h r,, t oWhe adate due iVs se the iy.rte m lesia"ts VdM -d tm .h e- '

-of WUM peowth two st torta ralwasem
p.ans- kte De P o4L &Amc" 1 .0 wa. n a n-a-iwa- thatwin .come mr eas emae
S The .-- -, hten CAttle Dickh 'thrw, foort-n- ihaffur- di af s e m n WithGo pln Owt tto-O .. by a ,a --
Wnand M ancini wasnttno. -ever M lmWUtIa--sa- -- .tred. m vtnv an stOrm.. eetGo A" tweaty nav .. .
ft", Ser afee agn em tan m The hMRmile was" n-lsoou~) nthet to 55M am nmad *kbwillputitMsnwdIc sM U*

t:e. e a0"B eW 2 B Ito Loano ther-- tline i se r g to in mM dei sl hs sad .a
nwilms'a- sas th t. 1- secon d: Barw Aaron. Jr., ntO) Moorey-West Indles. The chagise woua n ot WoM wa I o nam 5ews Iu ie SaSoSh
- ti vi n ma t e amMEeI t is an- 4a 1, 1 third Time UI a -2. Mine 1ct O the Plantt DO 01o there win- f ta" Me" Is Wooud Am""eaen
alhonld noancas tr i -marrow ate-ato es. oTher-ne opdain ke E rty, r' 4 maed a-, W n- t s gan-e whbole o a t aMIn OfMt e .i. .. * 1litsou
.'. enroe ck-v" inth ni scale rooI ewwn a, d ets oud beI -ioen -m n .theret-0c -& S e Mem itug Is "pefd
"a nesn te-LS'. An a. andE s = ttaF .. oran..1 s1 t a- Pof iTazaW s in- mMnoa- .lan .-
I teiwets -ould he msLr-elicsa. Wetruet+
tianse haw than he man &MTart a a-c. os. a A.La du f-
0 J. 3= aof XOesa-eft bul. ~ -~ rS--by~It Is h n-dhat he wM be retiraied&&. JManoste 0. i fAiMOON.d5
m aa f he t to- e-o-aa- t3 o hear efas i t h s cad Ispe ow B if
an advertise n-> c ncerit con tby the Tampa Ba porches- tau A"
mat in Go Tabhem -Ofte niong thatEU WN Le*]w-'wimnl
vp atwflid he lAbw hesee-hssddkoh ar- h sid'~e a 'fM tswt 5~
ra-bsamheIim in Ms we guisis at telw-n aU Eln.'Iaraan-sU M uda-1e -n at atbsorn- saOSCAt
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brwsetpiGOV ia eanlast s.Wht to AnoitaIn capacity Gohe c.,ino-tvbIme L The were os-m he.yTa-am cosed akthi~e 15
tOf etat-itsattormeyl Of Attor- 011000 a hows wo.bw of i earned st m
Mled ~mr5epot MM V5iLha I be-n r nma ey a- c5Stafr the' let-sfn of o -a sn 7=85who am in-' c
cc 15 s- lsa-Mha Utnolt cost06- terse".In Umadi teguod weslenow. soZmael- of
%=IML.I* ef asd~wtcur fr L"*bomin Tampa. The amwangws mw ~a
ati fw Maa& aW Psattra~L. new nEta- Mm CbpvGa neab w ts pd MOM
Qw~rb. -ft am eve t, ASMen ot nera. wM n arrveis a r tem it; and after a deR MC
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HI i a = .TheApplaWsa Wa Deaflening When The Natives of C
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again, curing lock Was Announced. Were Ailo
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was clearly stated that eci to The Tribune. Special to The T
be kept open one dar Hrsitorg Pa., March 4.-The long ManUas. March ,
e late. Counal ad- prededtd break rom Senator Quay 1s disheartened as
9 casm. on to-day's Joint allot. cent actions
T-ut T mn*tembesa. IMesrsa. Herah, Mac- Many cuomasti
rCVl'f S key and Yatesa Republicans deserted have retired b,
Ar NI ise ra" and voted or other Repub- kUl and wont 1
tecan cendA-fes One tunsdred 1I
e. ewOr amde. 7r Hersnh and Yatee are Philedelphia toward the Am eri
SW lea of Senator David Martin who centUy shouting.
Tow-immPt-r- r went into the RepubUcan cancu early ffiht. Viva Aane
S~e llpe in J"o7 and voted a ainat Senator SPANIAMY6t Rim
S Qua. bat who bmve alaoe abided by The local pree
o the Thaps the decision o .that meeting sand voted Roe' faihare to 4
biebtd wt of the f.or mst-r Quay. the Spaneih pSea
M an a itmated sla from Iackawaia county. Atguilnta rItm
l ar m im- & Unto te wotn. eAtins entor began ne rests unless tho
,Sa1mm p tye wa oouted an antid- y man. but ed etatles. He a
,aqo ba.rd aet,*t he s"mpoed e.. jod ty' voting for dluton that the P
I"r to n ent the teIr esoator. the tull rtgche oe
em weilma ~i e weret tattve WOOetlan Hersh, of who because .e
Sao J i. Philadelphi started the break by perlore, are UAh&
S the golf csa b iantbaw from senator Quay to Col. tion
S ,k ewe. Al. OGeoF P. .ueF of Greebo rch. Tae The St. Paul ]
i Wtm- Ube tanylgw anaioament of the vote was greeted taking the natve
S ero onal and with applause mrotm th Democrats one battaejon at
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go W wlce in mound at L askwana was reached. e called The O~mnieso
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M4d i The is a Iwery House brake into tumnuitoa applause entertained the A
s aatenrt espectamy when be voted, banquet and dinm
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V, ..__.. Mr. G .lUepl e The latest new
golfer In the late to HiThe natives ae r
ore either on these HO T IIIEBIU The coolies are n<
r other. He displayed reasonable wages.
u in his game. Not seek- T.mp&'e City Fathers Are Maki, g a KVe'-rnent they
r. lwhen he go.t with ine eutationor Th e s are now
he hole he put his ap- ine eputation.or Th- has been resumed.
mA 9 times outt o 1S, elves as Wranglers. The inrflutential
it tne in each case. --- Gen. Oils to sent
cchlevement that any From the St. 'etereburg Subh-P.n:n. .proud t and for which a. subdue the rebels
ra heartily applauded. Realiaing the solemn fact that 'we The inhabta.ts
was never in a more are going through the world our laat aro disgusted wit
SMon and every plea- time we are anxious to do all the sgod; three successive e
er are out trying their we can especially In the way of adevl -. e hto i ands
lGRleple is always for to drop into the language of t'pok the fod supply
ibeginers or make a shave. that la something that makes the south.
Spergoa so dqsarinM. H M A he and may make 0otYh. A T
inatrnctor as well as era rich n mea Tu especially appli-
to our neighboring city of Tampa The butidlng
which we offer in friendship and good dwelling houses b
AU IlN 3E falth and trust wIU be received In the gar Co., in Tibor
U IENCE sie prit. Iof the suUtantli
FIrt, iwe biggest that the council' rMovement in the
chamber be eilared to accommodate this city This i
e Camlan to Witae an audience of say 1,000 with a box o- cigar firms of the
eth*i; odilletl flee and reserved seats. It is not neces- understand the it
S X ary to Prvide for any orchestra as uatlon Drobably a
40 there tas generally plenty of music n irm in the counu
ettme aialence assem- the air. A twenty foot ring properly neos was threaten
Wg Bay Casino last rooed off should 'e put in the center the situation in
a ts aUn eo0 andt the coancll meetings advertised h ,rdly be ushjn
Bbotbern Bo lew," a* not o0ly in the city papers but their facto, iu
ta. Bernard4& h1 thrA" u oau t the country for we are con- twent3-six new d
qCh.lse. fident they would draw largely from ploye.
.a16 is W_ the Batide. Then make popular prices
mM d and gade of haore that is now carried bes Beard wll
,, -_r J .loff by. traveling abows w6uld find its lectures on kind
l d into the manilcktpal treasury, mak- Kraue haltl on 7l
n the second lIi the city Oourssh tike a green bay, will be continued
e' i beM timee. Her hore. It ts a pity that the perform- noon. Thursday e
iP a- ad u..3to- anoes being given there week after afternoon. The 4
indeatoets week shoul prodpoe no revenue when begin promptly at
ilatlma erae a they migbt be made to yield so much. ternoon at 3 .
hit he -de u rart Wu e mjuubjin a synopals of a meetlag as
af "Lttb 0- It come to us, without, of course, (Mr, W. T. ,*Lelt
EA that BBme. The voitching Cor abhkate accuracy of de- nal court is busy
-*ie .ft e1 4a li tall which we cold only do toy having ehaee for the oipe
si' iesstr from the t.ee ouha bto vs next Atbndah. H
w h wIS i ..t Feb. 9th c met in Irreauar ty e and
^m',^'jir. ^ o ru wo Mr. BrSen in the chair, them aa the Units

n at li oo.k w-m o after etiduog plaster. IM C ata
t-ha. thege- ot e --a bett Cata r
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Mr au- ~sa Pkaf l *S-e-h a-a azqe.d-"4S.#. SNW.'0
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Tampa Shoe Store%_Il_.
allch~ed 71.1 F ray*k1n.16 L
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Safety! Cefort! 'u ack Timl Low

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Leae Jae ksonaville ... ...... ...:......... ... ...........- ..m 't .. .
Leave Sanford 9 0 &a. Bnterprei..Se3 a ...
Sarvice Strictly First-Class in ivel -ec

Leave :36 p. .m .. ........ JacXaonvw e' .. t
3:00 a.m .............. ......As to .........
4: ....... ....... .. t. raa ..
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Arrtve 8:30 La. .............. .... or ..... -

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:," a tithnto seIWa to l the Ta o ead
SL I of lete oa traeaitea bawork ti

& Sa r Chl a fs W h bo"und to bef wtlr us both1 in ue and W lk of chud traanbC in It w UetiM to
S' beat ga tht J to manye Innu re epIainn- th Irnowt
M wThe formatIon 0 a cmnin trust in onud &H r, wa w-sprkhtual

ut t prom used. tterestin sad omprehentMve manner
M Seenrs a fair outade, a&d Quay's supporters are beginning to why e training of a chbU bould hbe
s-wquoet vigor in the frame, with the -desert hi at M arrbitMar. Which goes the careful and steady development Ot
to e a gow of health OB the cheek, good to show that he Is getting his deaet nature in the mind and heart. She m-
at. i petie, perfect digetion, pare blood, at last. planned w It was best to beald
.OfIt-- I hav ehad noreturef the teaching a child first in those thhl
but Ma tiarrh which troubled me Ior yeasa,~sne Bome of the New YorT pat uere that nature has taught it to love. me
mn0t._ 'l.aVu ils cured me." MAL. Joe wtI evidently concLude that an ill poet Lwe at cestderable length o te
'a32 W alegon St. Ogdessburg, N. Y. blow some at hem a great deal 0o proposition that "the chtid deals with
Jr oa tae .. -" ComreM w C geod. things before it does with words" and
".. Withdy with sevrse pImuna lots explained why we should develop the
M a e d hot a ucy." tiarmh came in like a lamb. ,\C -. mind through the med.nn ef obltcta
at cr swa ins0rew.t Aenoen, e. itg traditionitisb it tos t o ot1 0ot i -rather than spend time In trying to
attineo a lia. That Is something to beor in I tea It to read and write. "Nature."
mind. habe ssl.& "is near to every child, there-
of com- m fwore It aholdd be taught to use nature
a ghte- A BSouth Dakota Indian na ane seA the e truth."
*oweffe trw me;athefi ltatlsM SheMoot-at-ilBm has sued his Mife for The speaker then spent some time
M eabtey a t-ake dwi t a voets. T- s is evnidenty the time in telling "how to deal with nature."
to sil*o. en he takes a bShot at her. Mbe drtded i into three part s a fcl-
atws: Law of tnter-dependence, the
D.JOURNMiT'' CONDRI It most be interesting for codectos law of obedlen e and the law at cause
Sof m se tits eggs to know that fraud- and efect. Ey a &numb of beautiful
L or- V t end of a .. for o e at nanufactsiers Instead at the yet tampe iUuatrattons shet n.onstrt-
rtmn n Is au ss welcome. 'WS ibe ^e ot, have been "laylne" for ted the ftct that" iNone live to htm-
I s eo It '- .- e tlem e Wu-l" Her de alst lloo of the true
i f are e afraid of ouem it be i they .- n m Intn of tedel as apUiled to the
wt t -r am tie f m a ai te i s It ra mad for MayWr van I ch e was very ltteIrst1
a thedatr nMe goes en tm 'e.h Wyhi t k of TNew York. to overr matter tb sBeard proved iemelf In all
S e that as it Ihere isn t these yesr n RtnLrd Croker the re apect &water of her aubJect. te is
tU In the la wki eongre .. -s a o neL countrfart the man who a plesmat speaker, rather coawenrs-
cawe ofThe t, one has been a b -could not tel a ne tonal in manner, yet very tmiressive
-fot body an hbeen a histor- and entertaining. Wat a blessing R
WiaIne body and the members of it About this time there s muh atlv- would have been could her words of
t ate ts ears to meir luck ion-aae in t t certain circles with the making cf wIsdom and truth have been listened to
ot aMt e mornsgreso that deielaredl war on plans and specelfcatJuns for the Easter' by every mother mid teacher In Tam-
S omn alndenaoted the te lsati-a a- bonnet, the keels of wnian mut l uort-
alt o se -t 'na. Ir be laid. Ouc l-ctuire should be free, or rath-
e 1W the he oubeiKt drama." t e or the exenee of havtng--m should
MOthed There s m-nuch 't say of thetg L-JI n sbe pd out of the city's treasury. MIm
to*eth- that Is o mope. of the leiB-&lior It The good news comes that Is1- Pop Beard's idas in regard to child train-
enacted, of the ipen who coropo id i, Is so far recovered from L. o riour, lI and teaching are pure and ebeva-
of thofoe who dieJ m Its servi-e ,;-ud trouble as to be able to write a poemUng belyOnd decription knd should e
a be. the stiTtg days in ahilo i's life was and It is hoped that Kipling will soon burned tod the heart of every parent.
i- rt S Mpent, and fr-5 i Sie in time we ,hall reach the same Stae cool weather last night kept peo-
take up and comment on these sub- pie indoors. If it becomes .-ticiently
Jeeta 'ThAt ariLof ., ietrlap,;s. tUich Croker's proposed Jeffersonoan ba'n-. warm the hall should be crowded at
QalIs is mos. ltoiest-ng ;t to ttax--payf-rs quet is to be topped off with 21?0 tol-t every lecture during Ms Beartfm
anoth- Is that it -sued orders ,.) the tieas- ties of champagne. The spirit J- stay in Tampa. It is not often that we
uryfor a. tlllon and irtl of their erso is suppose to wit'drj..v befo.e are favored with sJoh an Intellectual
S good hard "aeje ,Ia..s. 'it- un- this part of the feast is reached, trea t.
ispasa- dred and :or'- i. rititJuns of tis -
. ibow- an- for pensions, Stt,,,NII t.,the
-W armyeSlt ie.eo.Bs, the k navy. The Tenneseee legislature has paed PREES ASBuOIATION BETING.
STwentd r$UiionS cf t o the navyan a bil to abolish crap- ayirng in that -
rs a h twhe Pmil pions f X 's Fainstate. Ths as evidently a piece of' gantrd. Fla., la-ebt 23.-By direction
S the Ph ine Isadhare or mpr I 0001- clealsation that the lndigaant of H. H. oCreery, chairman of the
O t M masats. The moet obedtaormabte populace' will strenuousy denounce. execuetve commAttee the annual meet-
t. The aofbtiona- ------- t ing of the Florida Press Associdation is
The p te f $1t.000ao0 for pensions According to the tebtimnoit',. of O V- hereby called to be held at St Peters-
Te a W at after the el war s uteer Clarence Water, before the in'g Tusdy, Mrch 28, 1, and wtU
of bis oro e. i Court of inquiry. there IVas a? O thing be called to order at 12 o'clock noon
eW..r- Th.Wr wasl W e h n ee especially in se besides beef embalmed in those of that day.
W tps~ftring in~ag6a& disog nonthe cans of AniY Mt h Members will notify the seoretsay
of *,- ls o'n i f' the d la mum- tInumedtstely what route they expect to
l,[ w'9 ftM s--- oaia nc t Une Sean Is getting wiser. nstea travel to reach there, so that trans-
am "e il. tey were imereated, ift out a of destroying osolete stamps nowa- poruation may be secured. Transports
,:*W04Inerst, o de he p is up a few bmdredl thou- he tore has bea n imted to
Oa- thegeerain s WriStio bMto." 1- sma d ollars of the ht i.telLoW t' od members and ady members of an edO.
bMterrSid tiM tgM holdi of an ex- moy in exohaweg for stock that i toes fmiy, and it ts expected that
a 0 or 0 .." es1Y. But h l di would only bring coppers as waste P- a this will be gWven this year.
S mWsettled er. The Ipgrarm will be made uip and
4m" osss-4.jaw without a day.Plishedtonafewday
mat here m s a very good assmrance that Mr CecUl Rhodes Is -redl.t'.ng ksreat lub a in a her detri to
Ae new conr will not meet untH things for this country as the future hI std lisheri desIrtig tc
e tMe trmia sr seio nex P December. ruler of the Western Hemlophere. But ohave apc tlon asbyd sin
iumof are we quite prepared to Indorse the he ecretar, at Banford, Florida
t'e the Wnt' OID pWAkKE UP. ind of ruiershl that has markcJ the I t eay, a ROBERdori ,
I '- --- career o1 Mr. Cer11 Rhodes as an n- Presid
"lsanrnsa tmn men are tsi ul p p Uah T. .J APPLEYARD,
a r ho i0a AAociathm. That Mr Addicks nv not h t t Secretay.
ene" W t l o adonl cowe ci .he see'rs to have the state of Dela State papers please publish.
Et ih ware by the rff of the neck, s 'er o e be
thah eaufori tO nne ip tuosinso is e If o
and gr orwed b.I drawi ng cards, tt w __ou hve n item sen
el-s ot wi or eating attu acted to e- It in and It wim be lnserted. If your
S sae n by them. Wlle Lieutenant Hi*im d t eserveds pwe do
eheat-e Polk, DeSto 5d L5 con- 0noa the mo he got for kung see we o ot
teUs are ast coomag to the fo-r- a nyd retty girls In h t he r J n of weh. Help na a sending la
7 emS t an eMt t would setve a good deal of praise now for t' tems
...ib the mfeb written about ast reslssting he teswget'toi to x so,
toa Mt have u chle untnog up and maG of the pretty grteo f Jbl. Gen. A. A. WHey, of Montgamwy.
down lts thnd omlanm. It tim he Ala.. arsirve at the Tampa BTy H~tl
'weW t Owst ws puling together ans The postalater for Hm aas s ~eed He i e eoe for the
Swd is winterr teta bett foot forward. chosen from the state o Indeia.m, and Mlan smean d hi ihut her at ths
e i Pe w pleds Ielf to wWr this rlglt in the fain o' tne fact tlat tIn i I- a al business. He was oe
he J gtoe 145 e has liae, fo e ae 0o0. has had onn in trainIng fir u t u se tses d1a at the
f p coutm1 can show the ob ever es the lob became avallatee. recent nMitary oongism

&Vft g ela y x sn to be 19 tee.ie a J dhaVrob hpo aOt- maem fnt Unio -
.~o n te issa. We do set be.a' slimeance. A ahey lto coat maire" if th as'am tine if
ama tMe We dn o not me-sjt. ad C- ot L s who ba been ere or s
Samees E a t.m cOs.o. met. ISa .dos sms man Sewing a k piNg "M aus. nlng the TaM lWodge.
-... umS the YK a l ofamW ,,,tim a g.. e cam la t aaterWm he Ut. a& sns *w theri te
g a~uatW ea t- be a da m t f asr aer. h wlB I tte a lode the toden
rat tas citr bea a s camornme m-
hs. 7t s Kad tl t 2t hoftin tah. Nebtraska nd CaIorniatK e
uP IO lg' PrtaMs and step In the sa I tortai deadlock ._

Wif that 4 "1ne Most Cot.-Promn a Tampa Bhimfie Club at the city hal
-~ t.a, t,..t w.. D ,.. .. l- -

--a-t- I(tlm a"la E u'.:'If helingctan"clamss thi evening at 7-W & olto aid, aS
--- otatera and dstr~~u~g ember w reqes ted rto be POsnt
S.-iWe Prldisan: Tbe thorssh sear can be ouanted as lever- as t wllobe osad aL sns
daict datma d Oearbalt at f the in- asg, Coareeaumn Bob Davis is ssre
ctg sW et tr te ital. wsda h has been to be the next United rates senstor Hom. H. W. Fmu. of BadentowP
' W js s e a oMelte of weeks has romn Foartda. We got the seed ana senator of anltee county, was in the
011m bomiet m.ad the he hose is the are eprouni. and If we had a, ye teds the uest of his cosn.
id- mred. o Tho w .w ow- vote "Cotgrewman Bob" would be ,W. Fer.He Is enthWAoartlc over
e wa In the 5wtoal caged higher In the councils of the na- the dAe condition of the orange and
glKiai0ft aere..*tmna the attention tion spelled with a great ig "N.' grape frult groves t his cmaty. He
it Set..es.-ua f aI a uOmber of the flow- It begins to look as though G bearing groves were covered. with
... Anie l he treeasI and a_ s vile woutd secure the ne oummner I ooms and the prospects for a large
be i tared beyMond re- railroad. and that an agreement with d of fruit was very
', hMn mt mdown and re- the OCmUner Colmeay looking to t h
W aPt9aMa n4 :ise are end may very easily be arranedL The Anae.a are being made to re-
ggakals. W M-ythag is be- oMpas' has made no proposmton a pen t2e bile path rom Tampa to
plsem IxiCe"Ms Ir the amcom. yet; at a;" rate,. it ha not yet sub- Baast Point. During the encamp-
snend osessdqupFc o( pE.*u- ited in mar ta5W tet shape, though mnt if roop hers' mirner tie
m ad .r es7ap'pe, a hintN has m conveyed to the st a- w nerWsanL. Its report-
Was zee eenuCC i iaeinesie. whie hasoUbe the aud tt Ol.oUSier wihp had chatp

.If u,, ur s . ..,to e.
a sw orionor pek VO

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Each day will be made more 'ai rei
stock compriasBg 'anl *e neroaw-i
unequalled by any houes in Florida
sonab lea wdloet figure poeble, we
our alee of any former year, Aw.p
give Ou advaBtag.a we nemr hod.
to bay in bulaer lases des
with more comfort aad -eate ri
day. No. e y rn n I lb.
make this the m S ittpombt . -
point of Sout*B r id 6 a
Crepons in Wool ad d Silk,
gandies, Mousain W I a RE Op
Skirting, am well as Wee TV
Come here, aee the new goods. i i
the new and up-to4data style.
prices correct. one o can e a o
Without first bhavg een.iip

Our collection ia large &ad prine
IOOKS, eae and fit, wear a pair of o-
price is right.



President. Vioe Presieat

AP 0I TL -inP.

SoUcift the .9
Boar .a- (.-;iA

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ed. din meAl and cordta g as
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Thoia insem They Were Not
just eld -cc9e
t.C was
1 victory
caHed to fwato to The Tribune.
SWmabinzta ID. C., March &-IroW-
ble lowi are some of the more important
S hi Meares acted on during the sessioe
1lie the of on0 gm:--
fo f Treaty of peace with Spain .
tbr both Naval peroinel til.
iLe. S provonal army bUL
' Bil to make George Dewey an sa-
tes in .
aid the BW for taking of the twelfth cen-
ted. He am
5fos 1 MBill to eamwve the c dititp of sea-
Sto th In i the mrcnt marine.
ma t a obwlaw e omame of tBe emoe la.
d1mgo ti omasM of the approprIataUon of the
aaIlaiUs, emnow :
marM 010 IBt IMOM mllan canal routs
o ofa the PAlo t inga s. scIl00,000
sr. vito-b n pMitUOC P0SLO^ 0.

t that traportatlo d l U ency. O
L Port printi offce bud

ually fe ael transportation, .1,000.000.
nobTith- ODr y do ns, Uooo00
there by Wauwhis and armor. 510,000,00.
he Plant Payment to Spaln, 3.000,000.
no and it 'New comt defence batteries, $1.500-

Inaee the commirnt-
I bow as wel as
.iient and
t hat had been
did not xive the
relief they prayed
be in high terms
a Pasco and oth-
tatives, for the
renlered In behalf
also gratfled at
tatm other places
aed He exoress-
.Tapa was now
the best possible
re a ropriations.
d in the future
natural connect-
United States and
as Clis fact tbe-
e eet_*Nllshd we
r recogitlon at

, manager of the
Tewetry Company
Ollvette on Sun-
Havana, where
nt two weeai on


Mei 4te aixnocail Restamrat. 306 1-2
Fradfem stlet. has been parehmed by
M 0 W .R. PhoLMpta aad the boamume
p wpmt -WO be cotdabed by that gentleman.
bo5 ome hem been thoro amgy reo-
t wSVMeA soa MeB tfura nsed and is now
n ss' in tat diamm order.
a& Mr. PUMIsma has@eured the e40Oces
-NCC lA inteit.4 an eWperiefted
ts o Chicagosm, wo wewill
iFlr inN a Gthe btiness. They wal
1 hTi amiiim to maemote n cents wMer-
nat iasm i whieaW hs ready made
e oa wen te ho
eome 11r :3B *ad & M ldksok p. m. .n-ad twiH
'AI hae m'cimed to aerve rt ortedas

pft H e. scci. e .t n
Ne* 6 -d 9- iand apea anthenUon win tbe
the ihe Coounercw *Iiitym al towo

W.wt w. and to sem to prove

Bastot tlie stated ta
adn. ier atGem, ins-

Aft .'ft=ft +h=-
.on ft, =gem

O W :_, .. o-

War department deficiencies on ac-
coMt of war. 47,000,000.
fo uowing are some of the Im-por-
tant measures which failed to be-
Vatoulo monetary reform hbils-re-
ported from committee to house of rep-
To prohibit unauthorized dealing In
railway tickets-pased house.
To establish a code of laws for Alam-
lmta-Med house.
To establish territorial governuneW
In Hawall-reported to both houses.
Bhip nutlidy bill-reported to both
Hawalian cable provision strickeh
from the Sundry Civil bill'In confer-


Conference at the War Department
Between Alger, Corbin and

QpectaA W The Tribune.
iWaeatagiot D. C. March 6.-There
wa & conference at the war depart-
ment this efeetesmxu- between secretary
lAlger. Adjutant General CorbLn and
tosonel tomaw m Ward, assistant ad-
luftat general, for the purpose of de-
temnlmin the strength of the three
arms of the service under the new or-
g-2 -*k taw .
Whie no eInite conclusion wm
moied It is un&dert Ud that the dl-
viOlan wtl to maBe uan the bheats ofat
the anoaw es at reasent orgniased. The
sat to be taken-and lnatruction to
tho Metet ave beea given-wIl bTe to
rest the u riw resents now In
rvice up to the oo fou strength .
Ia daeftmg the teoith of thae conn-
paie ,of the reftor servIce the low
iedLaknmy taites that an iafantry
m ma n not consit of more then
feftewe enlisted men bu tthe deo-
partmft reels tUat. under the emer-
a Itroviason of the low. it ha a an-
thorW to increase the number to
Mbout ome bua Md and six.
In Ume of peace the enlisted street
of the regular em I s limited to leu
than ,000 m en.
ttAi Jo i 1, 18S ,he president can
tIncresa the rmguisr anny to W1w
One bounded ^t lonaJ cadet. are
to he pupohttd .
hpre kidest is authorized to en-
ltt 3,N votkm erw for two year and
wr monnth.
Mheare to be twenty-seren reg-
mmiot of aiAtry and three Of nval-
Ir acoogn tMe amlteen
Ones rediar genmsA may be apaed
Air mih 4.00 Voloateera
Ons Mjor general r Seact 1eO
P n mtAao arem abolkaeL

lh Fm ao-t WorktWa t tat ar M Lead

eal 60 f "to tod .b &
~ ORi ho &we Ieccie-

me st Paot bteonw and forty thou-
Ml mesa tn that cnsm al neighbor-
boodL whe perisenal busiesis to to
dbmxae otbere fm aft Ma IdIM tU-
W oW In eovmn China and gn toal-
7 to ftwllasnn me with the idea of
Pcn as the reskhence oa a H Rutlan
The m a me y force ing eotr
wr. a=d thaes~ a pvoclamation seem
to km been the signal for redoubled
l]kgband Ls othnmat that .se m=y
sooe %e caned Opon* to flgbt against a
csRition of Uaeswl and Germany. and
that It Is not beyond poas ilbUlty tht
fbence may make a third In this coall-
It It well understood that th e n-
sh army and navy tare in a better
estate of eqo'p.nt. organization anr
ebting spirit than at any time sloa
And along with aU of this it in matm-
feet ta-eisy in high aad tow thai, pa-

thet are, they mart be settled peace-
by em. mterntlonal supreme
. H th

^1fi-tei afa-o1I i..mnlII*

The Wonderful lM s ih 1k


/ ,

'Now .what is the grip? of this remedy have never known so awile the d
Can it be avoided or prevented ? great call for It-bs been due to its ie wai ata
And can it be cured? use by thouMnd of people forwhom It oemrIt w I
Grp Is characterized by a centelwued he been prescribed by tatenlgent phV- ogche to m te
Torever, Ut a tendency to llamMarato1o statna to restore tbe patlenr. vitlU- wonMa, a we
of the memmmnea of the dilestlve and ty ,to purify the ald or tthe enerw- wroti a fte
often the resiuralory tract, by pain tn tin poo .to restore the nervous g. rasp t in
the muscles and sy debflity. ten to health action and to strength- ibe
The grip In Indivdual eases varies en the vitalSoWana. or nnear esei
ftrm a light Indislposition to severe A person wMl eonttme to MfBer fromn ame .U
terms with rave Sympton--these the evil effects of for msane Od. Ar
v&rl&ttom n dftedinMg 'whofti uWon the ioi nt~t uniesi be tteaks the dimaM 4gfT s -0-
alJte ,axe ,te-eranent or nervous y getting rid of the unatal reMAdp fmaod
coUdttion of the pernm. TbKme predt- sealthful nation of the ludnM, liwe sweres=?at Y
posed to rheomatimn offer great pain .ad digestkwe organs and notrinlag to joinSni2
In the snies.: peresm of rnU ow tem- and gid-g the orer-eserted and p- endiq
erunment become hlow pirited, often d tt ed nervouom lYtem A a "Alt
have bteria. aA if not closely and jAst tha PaiWe' ceimp cawT .p 4 > wr5
watched keve been known to conmlt wid do. In toe n,nittfq O crj a Pseef b ea m
Miclde. hveral cases o( this sort have Whe' It haa tbea used it m newer e5S1A I
been reported thi2a mnth in the nevws-fa Cled, fthe
i papes Headedhe rIf Constant smv- A Case weU lknomn In Chbaho si et- ed. & %2S
en. nie bowels are geecajoy -on- ted.& a. &rank 3. DZait, wA i w who t o MMW
athatedL W Nahtewr form the d ese one of the mot Olrlnt &W best am eSaSo1P
takes there Is Invarsiabkr extreme piet- known enseein th te world, bad )j t hue S
tramon. The danger to persona sn We- nished tbans for the gj tlo-in- thLM.
vio.s healthful dltion inatkt. texoept am sower 3 P ofaf > Sj t^Sa ei
It _as taee absolute prove tht| hi is to divert-tbe entiremewsr 2aao t
them Ia one certain preventatve of se- rf the tC" from Lake a iK men omd
ri)u e S of crip; and MtUat there is ca through tetae fa Cs .

Its attack. a a o dGah d F,
The _m eamileP puio demandfo05".U i s wasI He ws wew Iam"%W
nwe'GsBiay M me ,di I*A zoxhaud amn ook tows bed I
nsat two .--mab-sAm Vniriotw && h an-ota ."p of t, A fr Z

DIy TIM at ttwo Or Iwea40 1 B mIG

t ofa i - ,t the 0 "of eo amnfh eM .
'nd "tra Georw 'pr.'a alt all. kind. o la id a te
T. fa. ~i ~t. f~ & .and a mair. 1 c. a d
Toturlr gi Nag= Adeft WfUt X A. K -P?7 Os
Who h" a"afour MODUN ,

Mant rtiences, fraerh t.-jnm N. M lltn ar PimaT CWy. baare d
afthwomes h ia jst om Aed a, new thio myth boud r F C. & P. train enM

AOn t nceda a f ase itan t t hws ot-? OeMn r Seira fleolr M eL A .
hemt do in Ge n OB mert o part of the R&. adW y l a m n a ow -

ad otownr dn the m depot a TCrum, M A ( 4
fDed on ht Pt MiCitnt Nl-f.. .aa, hebean Died I Wy 3 e 0 -
a t the rimfwwdene dr I on a H. a UW

parent. Mre re. Band ette od Boo e- tmem beant Arm- one r a n
m for Thoe rkd ea oo bmm to P .Lanet s 4eI .,',

"to be now g her parent and a thed s
Went dow to Ta on a Tit iUr e and wlQ dfm1ator tao let Mt- -.it c
adO Ma o e orge Spea eIserm t MewdtMlo fallkn ds ofM am& at s weeds at W s e t hoat $"
and othe rkdey & CoAh. UKe )ras n sbat arma .e.a morn-

at be r ddeneo heram ld os t their 3 .- b "
ith. Mrs. eJ. T. Boaret to f aOnm- C e o naom inDoArmi hns NWie amNN "
lostlae, M&a, Ursggeti bed been Havana for a few do"ys ona swigmect- OE W
S1 for mo tisse, oming to Plant CiY tog trC, N.i.S

-V~ 5ngto tk --C

i Dow


-a se*phd 1.L Hood as. ,
now C -erwte Lo Moesl. oa aWiE

60pe1 lte of tlw
-hWAt 1hM a .aln the Florida Indian ar claims
l H e Ated to as the t'eit-d

__ bafiptgm Inyancgatd ad afvor-
014k"'Itow Ay w ,t ov 0 to bt every commit.
r,1ii upawit. WIc of t"f mba& and otuh ? to whict
It,._ a tooana rerd and for several
Ai ,,. ,. v M one branch or the
-ktrat Fr -1iota eW bte b t he never
SU d bbranchesa t he ne sW-
fta.. a d -mttisl this a. It cannot

a'3I tot t-f asm aot Tb r wte-
Itnal AKOtha t'e claim and the ac-
Crnet Iftimst Dso r wanotnat to a sm
thwt lsUmi d be sate gf t bat to the

Et. thA .s, nte rreewft wer eompelted
isW lto dt *. les-a c latm f, a the
oaMOW 18r tei order to save tht 'blL
*i.ssb I !lsm. There* wan t he arle SiItem In th.t
mso-ald meOesM acpoiertatUon aIo
thatManAth IA Mdldfes maMe rjust or
eg M eooe v thua the P a claims.
Sblit*rv e rgrt the ftaure of th
Filrkw. a IndA! claims, but eould not
t ilfr QsUt h-41i, It. aThere i no do bt that
M t o a t.r P. sio doe .birttly reg ret"
Sthme oillur of t I Jtorlda. clalma for
-, T li a Msals had been allo-yed he
l V'rV wf0wii yevo at eaat had sosuetIhrg tc
algv^ Wt s r to Patti i as haovng been achieved by
Ste f a ila- him during histwervse years t. oid
_ed, .,tcdl'r. eNow It wIt be th e same o
te, h oi-. 'e people of Florida will be
W' .U P Jo0l6o0n lne .i^-cl by the senior senator togive
4 ,t' (B B4 tIsFal- him snothi er t sm m that h. ran u.-
remart rt h irt"tmeaw' anhd "cxpirle-nc" In
S c;. u lng t ne panasge of the F.orfdu
t., b o .ameda e
Tl 5 Tilewa for Years Senator Ct '
tW hatchig l4-a* 6rl re-election and the people ate
lliqft alSha tIcrt 's 1e. They at*t Ured ot promises
tho)Laws qa tha a cttunt to nothing and want a
MnIo t' cceedPsc Pateso who ca:t do
o the him besid make promises.
i ,,t..a at-PPatcoli er making great efforts. appar-
.-- ey- enttr.t- t dbm sonethinrc to show the
peoe bt that he Is a valuable
rtTWio.eotaiUve In the United
s t teP. taei Jsenste now that his
tI IeeWt lzetrm Is ahout ended. He did aflnost
lN M ad notuingr durln his first term a"en-
4.1 lr to tal n tdl bha onWy recently shown any
dere of laerse In securingr pro-
eatis t e r tire different sections of
@l4dltl4ay the stat. If he had worked as hard
SaM to for hon lnttsat of orlda, during the
10ab, l toh~tre time he hasi been senator as
"M the dot h&in tl Uam fm e temonthUm he would
hav* a mth s..onger claim for re-
a i etekn. Be no doubt expect the peo-
W brn pe to ovedeok his egm Indilfference to
A- their tIntretse and to look only to his
More oWorit durin the closig- dla&t of hIbs

..1aOL tIae I Tho united States civil service, coam-
but It ton amiou that on p.rUL a be-
W ginlnsin t s o'clock In the morMlA .
,examnamtton w.i be held for the postl-
"d't tid" of deosW collector and inapeetor
St Um Jl wose custom hou-e.

Weis a t at which Open to J ct.-
gS twas m ( a Uen a b wso ho con.
iply di t th het emquIereooa
Oak DOVE: 111A .Mass 21-

'n. t .,se -. of t cl. in a lh

5'f t,sMm n taD he sea t mo ma alrety

bI i 6e sb at a m*asialtre-
the 4psditosat thor paweG

est thut tkar is Isoe he at guv-
Retg lgla I. ^hh will te Io-
1hekt5l>*IUte~tecf 1 cntent hoase: de-1
lor h M nal revenue and
e* tsw the s next tep
pC a4 :-5te,: locatoa for the
Whoever this baldins is
t*aunsa m atits s t prop-Mm
5 eS*t ha ofbt awdeansd nod ha
as to-

ar the I

} -W 6 aehelees from Washutsaon It 4% sa1W o asi i5orthe Tel--
Ian tor f oraothe

e exs vety in the no severalIh th l el)- goin to the oaon-a mult 'n
da3s ago Is followed tby a confirmation wow.s a slmw itcam tti : s it
of the news that the river and harlri to i.-:t .:i-r I.. .e!ar aut the aIten-
bill. prm irp atilg -tl,000 fir te I iL p .I tIc l -tatet ..a.. be..4 a ..tia i i -
,pqceents o f IdUSth ugkh .a 5. lie %Le ra %. aci s ..i the newv no offence
is no q1estlon (attilpadl, i ty100 ft cn L-ue It is o late i> r* I
gaailr In n of thoh tw-'a s~roprl- aitr it. At th-e crnta of Prat.-lin and
ationa. It has needed the-m for; a:s oa.ulri(.n at .. :s where the ,iaviin Itv- s tc s
and this recognititie of uriseivat ne-a- mi.natc.c. Iz., i ti ai-e being pulled
0s the Dart of the National or.9es d9 o .n I... i he puaung v-hlclea. ThIs wp ssina ftot weakness end dsa
place Us just wher, %e should have natter c I-d e remedn.l at small cat thdtett cyfemint oWIS'rctbt AW Z
been years ae Ih tu.ih coming late If it o- at &d-lI to at once, bat I. t tlOsUotf isbehg alw rta bate
as it does It is none the less apca- It is allo md to run fur a few weeks ft5l5 2 .51 aheSe hlzasn ows
ted and the efforts put forth oy OUti i oi nedi tme s the oth e edfM selr tce" e
rpreientatlives. 8. .Al. Epdarknian and sala-ry of a r-od man to r..pailr It. On e 5 ah t'iitXtLSTism eO,,*h1 She. o waut*
es et.-o m.worthy rts hh..t Immianddl, dow i
Sanuuesi Puo a-.worhy the h: i lnth atei.ut and Several places on sTncte. Bamhe coands W t4er os Me
commendation. TheuIr flhit tfor Tun. he other stieets that have lt-en p s vd and Preode tm. .e nestweea fere a ome. Cat i
pa's Interests has been Igt and hard needs the ImmedIate attenlon of sonie ; alndi ts etT"t wth antherhbad If hie t
and the oeple rejoice with them at e to look after It. onatte nc the aien hlmMlifthr Is Sg tBa
the mal staor s ; h their efftio. The city should have a street comn- erl ca-ew of her t Hsdae howinMasth I a
Tht the expedlture of $0.000 on a mistioner. A man that Is capable in h erh a t frel ne to loamacin ld eaheet o oI s
pusty ct bul bdohreand $1kS.000 on -he ne it s r at I ch I ant^ Awm L o
ptlc bulidg here and $.0 on nhe Industrious enough to took after the str-veihoeld olte. Atomaenetila cdl.
deepening of the river enannel will o streets and ke all of the breaks In fu ap- m tli t who had a wide ee
a great benefit to Tampa as well as to ri br ore they become dsano es Dr. te. V..tIs-e,' s- tfor
the country at large. It will place our or expa enite to hey. Take a big t anun ohtief con ulting lcst ie1 s 11~ "
ncity an a comercIa l bsre rth ales-for instance and some of the sewer Nf.wY.. aiwth te @"low m g
soothen citle of I eiiportance and oveninge will probably get filled Up me"'ibMs11s Hel1 t111 d- t o- in
give a Usa n ft ainglr m the business and w1th a commissioner whose duty deS-ael ee sr B lhs_ aS ph .t h
world that we never pom ed before. It L l to ok motch matters they as o. Pe lee. nlg .l
The b ft that wll r- tour would be opened up so that the water e 4d c on e S a U-m
city and tcaetry by the deepen t of would flow without any mprent In-. e cm e -
the rter ctunnel and thO opening up jury. There Is not a city In the country =e dchlg m themo-im IN 3 0I
of wlirratlan to the city docks cannot that can afford to run without a street of rr o tm sSL t t 1 W
te overtimated. It wiltU establish commissioner and Tampa needs ot serves g. SI bsr s m iks, .-'-
Tamin at a ow &A the ite lng center as tbady as It needs paved atree. Te milotaonelg-oy,-e g wvlo md 1 '"e
of he sooth. It will eshele our mer- Tribune hopes to see the council P- Iwatmsas f resewra "k
chants to seewe the most favora.e point some reliable and energetic manof H66 Witt *r1 Wis.reP_
ghtpitng rates from oal the Ileadng to this pooetion at once and hold hotrl ad nh1l1 ahd uch eItroeme m CA
inat~es of theworldtake weiall wna walkoIto m Teeam .o
ma e* oa the world\. It will enlatge personally respons aIble fo rthe condi- htoi h mr a Z0 b t -s-ms
our ippg operations with tfte Wet tion of the streets n the future. tWellsPreme 'ans.s m nswOa s .*i WU
Indies and Central American ports It -- -- ----- --- dom
wit eMtUblsh Tampa as the connecting Senator Pan-o added an amendment a
point and shipping cene between the to the F iJver and Harbor bIll plat ing I TOURAxUN .
Ntcarau.r canal and the UInit-t JackaonvlIle on the contmlnteing con-
Iates i tract list. the Mc4tropolls suddenly dis- The Tanpa -Bay Gotf Club Will Hold
It is we!l understood tha the amiont covered thai Pasco wam not such a a Prie Meet Next Week. O1atll
aCBrorprlated Is not near gufflient tIo bad fellow after all. Nicw that the .-
conmlete the ne s-"r-y v;otic no t.. ainondment has failed to pam it will The Tamps Bay Golf Cll hasb de-
-It-i'bcrough river and boy.i but It 1 .11 :e of Intc-ret to watch the iMetropolis' I ded to hold a gobt tournament oa th Ac
Te titulado Ktve us a good start and there no aitltud. dui.no th. coming senatoial 00w ro Md5 wes Of tSe r mtace ga.
It will be held on either Thbtsaday or P-sant
douht that ithe amount net-d 1 ll c contest. _____ lrtday of next week. and will prob- .. _
mads o from either soutrer-c. m the day ably last puart o two day Invita- last week's
Tak n rlm In,,hl Tmpahon.ma A aazane writer -m tlona a being sent oat to nanW' a a ea m n
Takn lll. In all Tapa hihoe e- orll a ne iten otetnry wIll not be t i promnent golft played throughout the of cltiens
g-eat victory and It Iehlov- u- a strittllenr That Arilns up th.b quetlon: tate and the presence o quite a nutsm- evalww
citizens tand t rot l'y h .". l ) PIU t 1 '%%'hati 111 be done to get a surplus for bet' n already troms. ,I)eegaio s
citorwns ard tnrn liene '% a w f% r.;% I IN 'Iwill be preomt fmm Kissimmee and compw ti
forward -ur Int.rnal o me ovm.. 1 thr astoe baStet trust. Orlando and IPobUl. t ol otherdiLs aroc
Pb1d i '. Arr .l'.\ .<,) thit th ,s ... 'A #- pIaces. The local club wUil offer saMe 2% w
improvenier.ts i hi L. v a-.. ,,,:,. :- The faddits %i hi rvouldn' t ide a new troolhes for the winner.L T frt o k a I a
ed. will not Ih),l ol i ooi i- l .'. ; i.i o f'- Last cear'- model i he .l any more than pries will be the elegant solid st Wtr
itY hollers a nd -'hroni k. .-it I,-:.11 they i-o ld wear a stra-w hat of a -for- cup recently preeanted to the club by Sd IPs te
be invited to takro a bot aSeA rI:.i -mTer sries" are the pride of thle bl.)'- President A.. e Dik. Thed sd reta -y 'AL
irize wli be a beautiul gold medna too"lp d
'~e more rcm lo t;._> 'n iu' r, .r ie dealr' heart, be a club prize. A full list of the oth- e"
and willing to lobcr for tthe good Of the! C_ e i er prtses will be ptublashed later to-
cc'Th.-leltor of the. Congre~pional Re- gather with the rules and regulatidonws S to ON
community and the belt inte-'. '" i~clr tl nd It ntcr-rsrly ithis wetk to fill governing the tournament. rn al t
the pco,.,!e. i, lt a g )l h eal ii "teail\ti,i ." Is n l t I
-+.. LSbO- t]
This Is by no means the only in. The- Lulhaile along the rlier :ront A DIV I lUN biter oppo
stance In the city where there Is BIgCS still nef-]i onalderahle woili be'or A D I I iLm of the
of a material revival In the business. they Ill l in i proper shaiw. titai c the oon"
The large new factory now in course The Garrion P opety Bdelogic to I* bto 51j
of constructlon by the ,CubanAmerlcan A PLiBAUiRE PARTY. Bell Heinr ivided By The to aW
Cigar Co., at a cost of 91.000 togetheIr Oo 0-
with a number of new dwellings that The famom RaMmondd-Whltcomb ex- o i
will te built for the additional em. cursion party from New York and -a
ploys and the removal of the lage noston afrived at the Tampa Bay last Tbhe commibdone wanted y thU tm aot1
factory twn Jacksonville to thil city cr to m e d on o the proper- wt
are additional proofs. Added to this Is night from Aaheville, N. C.. where cotrt to mikto the B U d hlon of t propti- w r
the fact that the output and shipment they madle a few days' stop. C. plW. ted their work yesterday ad have
ot all the leading factories hows a Barrett. of New York. has charge o plta thelr work yotocrt. The co t .
ta Iceae over last )-tear. Tamps, the excuriol. They wiU remain nve made their return to caurt The com M- d ower In
Is the acknowledged center of the ih exelon. They will rm Ie Isioners conMsited of Judge C. L 3 -
grade cigar bulnesu of the United days at the Tma BayW Hotel after Hrrson. Lajrmore and W .
SBtate and It will take several eaUn- which they will proceed to BaUalr. .. Wella Td C W. 'tome
triesa like Cuta to deprive us of our Key West and around by the BNAt o reoainoer
rettatlon and Indutries. Coast. They are a jolly lot of IPeO- Thepropertydividedw as aDft ba
_ __ Poe and reprsnt the ulure, wealth old rlao wr In the e-a l
....... "" -.. ..-- wit and st.le of real down ert Yan- tree southernpa of the ity and m

i N. erabla dl' n lculty In their work. One a *oi-me
LARCH K. tient belonged to the two attorasga In- lmf hve
'S" tereetd In the ease HoratIo Bhoee. he gi Is his
-By Sauel Dberty Gros, ausetr of J ilsanoile and Me-. Palltt, of .
"- *The st-rhant Prince of Cronvtilie." Waslhngton. The other hnif wa dil-
T O lThel.olttn. clouds aros the meadows v.ded between ate heirs and she h. t -h
teaEEW lot. al9 aharee had to be dirtIed baheses Co wll g1
0 Descending from the rain-drenched two mInorheIras t a ,i
Ihills The property of lte ysars hs aot on Mondap
The naked wools In vapory dimness bar-un v-ey mariketatbl hot during the I e_

505 UW-ah U Re -I' sttt htsrytng to ths v|llage mills of the cityW, especIaly the rve ilb r der.
h ahiNi AM i i j|. Ju .t The sMl*eolloe of barren. grJniema tthe- lad are ta.tln, pains to n -

k hid ILs d11 .I r YOU H Tbe vei ulplifted to the hard wind A lIttle Party ci Chicsoaqa. CO -
drI Cn't ?d C hlrow The ,, heds the hagerow o, Mr.ddga. r oMto-, ,

>sad -t4

to thail

who claim to b
-amnt di cm
or attemptior to 'M
s the ndmeoeh
ting Wa oshmad io
ad W.C. Cmg wse
at &ad 2L 0d
osmsltte on W
and an~.e,-
heo rsortgr W4'

DitlOm to smamk
dan and th ow M e
r *adomt to s sA
M1 amesopta iterspI

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rd uA vu

m so-wood[or

ICbie l

ma Vi rog &AM
>KhrW C-a~i
iU m.Wii b-rfi

day ImISt owf the food And awhiver n the fields ueploighei. topped over I the Oy resterdag em
their wW bft trem di LPtkshmR.u
aqin A swinging bird upon the garden tree, whae the enjoyed a visit e. samg
SjA 7 Aee branca a w ,aif tupon the a m. w eekswith fr -1&5. t asW, *
PO oId m W A trs clear voe -- tho bir WS to t o-fst a et iWbu m w..V1
strongs fmooar t, the rni p _f. ,.
SSw 1 r If thSt WhU .aaround the March winds e t

155MUNAMM I, IU S A aseet adventurer Ia blustering .r A. A. S. w, of ,the Met ,e
evr -d sptnlfa. soto .wis8hesto tate la t pus l&ts tht m;got
SverydLy c mon Rsea ,s robin with heart so bol, he h"an tdthe' IsterdtbtVfl, A -Slal
s"s and helph -jnait a Tao.. i.rts.on their nortlhward Jo n- Coner and is new prpaMred to. saMo
ftHS, "9d the W 6y d6 No sweEter tale in southland told reasonably weily rates Rate by the sa 3l
I to add half empoon Than thine,. md rain and piteous des, and dS .togsalp
cd of Judge Barron PhilUp'lpm 11 la ve to-,. a '
InsM- the farrchoose, n*stlIngr in the dav- fr Lee county where he will opeI am. e
glThe oen ,thstone flre glows; the regular term of teLrcut omut to- I.h 91ji be
SCOTT S aNo clam. the lovTZI heert as- morrow. Col. C. VW. ,tea will ae
EMhULSI ON le le withduty arw. h ay.
The whemi tal] >mingling with the t .___ TBM_
EM UL O N rose o.rG f F A tLkon. 'rfe a Siam
And gazing through the rain-dwhaflh d Mairhter. i a 7Whi *vd on a
baby's ood three Ofr window uane, day from iton, to sped a few weeks as epatalin
fOak tree and roms bush MyswaY, iIn Tarrpa.They ar stoppingI at the I ha
four times a day. The gain The Arelht, woo s w h rd the drip- an e o .t S
Lad f ping rin."Atno hotel. b-avo
will ben the very first day ntl acros the meadows gray. t S Sm (
yo g It sees The ngshtllghts plercehe faded lay. The lare ashooner. Rert SBu- m 2eh eai
,nI. Is booked to arrive here on VW- aUdes HlAld
COT eCt the digestion and The ui n-webbed arht g tton the day with a largs.arg o a. u tpor wt t,
geps the baby started right e certain tthesouldond, w; a number of our leading merchants.
i U the baby b sus s A dm-clad r by storm .ng winds
rot hw does ti i u wn No froe cloud nor winter thaw. A HCoto.aproltraleatin citin m A
Smo tB uta k e t h e B t g e n tle g o w o f lo v e s r t h t la w in t h e c ity y e ste r da e g a a ve
M tulSio I WI haveM a Mr. H. Barker .the weU knows reeim f 'o'the -, '
lA L.a, togcelu ,i,, hia ,alact-& 1 lit- grorm in that vrun.tr, Sf4W ,.g ..i.-
now& bedi iiiiimi stand I ti-I --cMAtVd'let s-eso.-tan at Riim

; = I

Vern Ia heee wt Been. 4 Y

st1nd ,, ,,, c1 t 1 'V lt rm.-t at :t



t Wn
-- C


I". MAN MkA '1., .iND C onfA-NY'.
-hl 'nIn the Ci:cult Court et the SIixth u-
Articles of incorporation enteed iano ki-jal ircarit of t.e tate of
qI Lthis the lest day ot ttorkcuryA, A. rt'ortoa. in and tor HHeIl-ihB-
o n G s i o e l.a ; by and bet.u ee'n O t \ n r t', t r .ri- Bo-.. n Cou.t i-i tC.a- -
Sson y C araon and d6;-n la-
.... "i .n: d ;!: associate tnemnirelveS togerner a. 7a i7e C.c a ,s -at.e Lu!lrrf a li

.,. few 'l st. 'Ine namnle of tnre curpurmation 3 rener Ba l aen HJos Ba
-V I shall be P. San Martin and C'omp&-.n'. a ~.l.
MISo O, prlncale prac< vf VUH1, "A'0 N L nd r and b o.r a.tnal d
4'." .te in oe town ut fort Brooke, cunjty of cree r ndered Uf the Hon.BaFrron
at ''5" *- nl 'Guile IUi1WOUgn Mgana uC I t on I. llll. bJue o.' trw 6La judicial cir-
AUB-o i ileT r.d 1t z11 un a.L ... U' LaL" 9Ir pa as es or C :L o the state o. Floo:fda. In and for
Pw im B in I v- ir- free. e corfiuidry m l hereafter letgnuaL. Hilulstough County In Cnaraery. tl
.p A ALh -.. Ph-:ia. Second. 'L genac l nature o0 Lhc !-U'aOr Of Lh;- Georga Building anm
ifaccna at i b c l m business to be transacted soali be t.B L:a.n -Adcelatlon and ag'atnet Mere
SS Tmanuatacturlng and s te of cigaus, Ib- Balt arldo JWep4tam G. Ma!lt. her hus-
cigarettes ana cnerooti.. the purenabe band. I Cartos Wh. -tevens. Master in
F and sate of tobacco, ana or evcryithln Chancegr, c e U sell at laubic outcry in
incidental and germatn to the cisa fror.t of the court house door in the
- se- manutaccur nous.ness. Said orn- ltci oTay In cnt
h --ActibLegra -pny may also deal in real asotateo Lte. tlNoinLn oyk-oj tours o.x sale.
0.W.e..le tony ,y lbuy ll own and mno r ge Cns the d ay of April 1899. t2he saOW
is o uduu~lestate. as ift tey )were indivsidnals. ka Cg the flist LMdonday in said mount,
S0 t [ lM ad company hal have any and & fr cash to the highest bide .th ol-
irM aw I it t t ol t power germaln to said business. Io-ing real estate, situate In Hills-
s. n lWL U Third. The amount of the capital borough county and state of Florlda
s ock shall be one hundred thousand an moe particularly dascbed as
-- "- da to be ditvied i ,nre foilss. to wit; Beglnnisn fourteen
q i Ol tll n' t t thoand shores e tptrhe par Te Inches east o the
Swith- e m value ofone harited dollars ,eanisjlt See.t corner oflot number two.
t b U a t b l o c k t m e t h Hf t I nRt h e ci t y O f
S0a1~: 1b b I Msaid capital took to be fully pa id t :Ublock eira -eitu inh the ett of

ou; -SUM FOR THE RIVER~ e lts non"tad r neet. naletat
It ti.on, as re,,, ded taJ& book b, t. ide. a te,,y boe or oon p -ra-
.gger one..'O thssrettte ro ot lel tM th 'W-. .bhn a et.i t th y-fe
feet thenoce northealyA a -st rwith
mutd llayeda h r Hl bomsi adh l. togthrsdAoetsss M tret. one nasdredt ad e
Si w t th. a. of the prptrty ofidy a Pt t aftmtu a ontot of egimnnb ttg i pat
to maroaS Of The m batand Company uted in ofd budh- oflo nw r oce ie sid Mo, ck. pirtd bC
cC tsr.., AeQ9ilPl. WP4 H ~ h-n cigars aigrr of a ot r nq ir sad blockart-
hogn wrat afe gf rrno
=r""slliwfn. cc the ta "al apt'cotd 4 beng me forhthes-

A teirana te Coiigtv and Copanyt; thl mealeg and latest Dates at Tanpa, Florida, this 2nd
ebo-- One tpark in ne,A. ;# ULs t ly yes- eing that al of the personal property et of a .D, U
Bi-.nw : t ,e y4, -- .elc ^ .... owned by .,,saitld Pt. San S- Sk. .
vIelest In this CoT-
C-? s aq. the b dll.u d aoI esttit A9t a-anuton and be the Uselta stock tw- St NtON Atioase.n
S s orptin bUtudic .n Tapa aa of e Md capital stock may bL F DLTO Ambettor
io. -, .t^ eased hei uear to any amount wtllc
4f tfit4matye bXte bl e 4Wirced. lbItaf C..A13
oD u had b Mad tt Pbarf- The time it the c .oonc t. a AL
pjmame trr aw nd had baeire aa law. Later meat of thim a corporation shall be he te Under an by virtie of &a cerstin w0t
bp oie avi La rin e-, and.sp, the d&e ot the Iuane o at letters patent i eseeutio. saaed not o the circuit
sses of Tampa an arert -tianL idill-ontl in operation- for court ct the 6th judicial ctreout o. tne
e of a can rest the ao bof ninety-nine years. state of Florida, orw HR-borowlh coun-
.pt B the fA--t that ithy L... at l-a.tM -B F9*h Tae buatnes of the corpora- ty. In a certain cause herein LeOora a
0ljh t t~recomfflaol by tLiW Nuatiornal t.eas tfion shall be -conducted by a present, Brandon Is ptaintlff and Mark Z. .
inth n the matter o pf .lpaons, for mb-. ve-redent general manager e- Brndon A defend~ L tedL he
"t heat Itd be- ne WUot ,mento. The important"vie- three, nor more than five dIrectors. ho levied upon and will setl at out-
tory is laety, It not entirety due the shall he elected annually. The otfloer' cry before the cont itoe door In the
brilliant or of Con.-eatL paik- of the corporation for the frst yar,t;dty of Ta I Ferlda, between he
ndSat a. Therepre-. orunt theIr sucessor shail be elec- gal hours of ee. on rd
ted, shall be: Wilfred C. C n, ~y of A e A. D., 1 the tong
s te anted their co etlftunts in a manner Xrenident; P. San Martin. as oe- Idet-lbed real estate. stuated in HiS M-
e t .- worthy of statepen. president and general manager, lind borough county, mate of Florida. To
Isato a of staten Cruy C. Clarkson as secretary and'vit. The undivided one egtth inter
Sw. .A .- -*treasu-ar. and the above named Wiltred est In and tothe eoutheast quarter 1
C. Clarkson, as directors. I In southeast quarter. ec '2t T 2 '
I LI Sh. The highest amount of in-; 29. R. 0 east. .lsohe we al
debtednes or liability to which the oor- te southeastern quaterter. See 22 Tp. 29
iWU U Now Operate tFrom This City poJ-ation can at any time subject Itseltf R. 20 East. so west 12 and 9a-lt x
til w enall be fifty thueand dollars. The I chains oft north hablf of ethestb
S oa di ortbrn me and resIdenctso f the subscrib- quarter of n orrh-est quarter an
i -: a t w - oh ers a e as follows: Wilfred C. Ciartkon. south tee-qters of west half of
aprsp; aOitielTt G l C. Clarkson acd P. Saen Marti, ael .-r!h,-p.s quarter of southwest tqua-I
ofe ta tTampa, Hof'Pbwt:ugt County'. Ohtie r : -o .3 T. 2p. R. 20 east.
se tnkeofthe townvytrda15wa s flNlorivt. 1X1tLvr0 madet u satisfy sait
the sle of the old reliable F. C. & P.' ILFR-D C. CLAcTK -,N. (S:a-,, .'. r. a d. u satiLfy saeS
y.,- railroad. The many benefits that Tarn- I GUY CP. CLARKSN\. I-ral; T. K. SPFNCER.
l Da will derive from this great raSlroa. te o. Fhl'- r ,tr te..ur.. e ShIll H:let.EV rEN. .
ha 'hi he a w tem were discussed and the oplet boro Fct CeI .t 2 a CE
'll" L the -al e denthted to know that this city Personallv a, peed b-f-,rre roe on
i a oo SoOoD hate two of the greatest this the rhtis da. o; Frtoary. A. eD.,
Sralroada in the country with teir lti. T ifrod C. C';ai.on, P. hao Ilt:- h
here The c ttin and Guy C. Clarkcsun. stn rectnzI
.d .~s' southern terminus here. The conwl- uy srn, acenowie-gd a t tae t e :- n
t Misse ladIndu- datlon of the oeabooirdg arAirles oL in- iI F'rnor- illiu A. Ji:cnak- sane
t &e 4 al Aabatma and -Florida. Central corporaSton for the uses a d purple arBonackerc&iBotyer has this day ron
Pir- enlnaslar interests means a system therein exT, resed. R dissolved by mutua.1 con-t.
ofi sNosa' over 2,30 nlia- f ranil- | m a; WILLIAM A. 1JONA.KEP.
S hW anr; W. 'iU- capltaluatlon of over 450.- 1 FRANK C. BO0\X Y C.
W a-oOhe. The aaamation of all the (D)IVO1CE NCOTI!E. NOTICE.
v us-nq aim'V-eb boardsystem It ls In Circuit Court.Hillsboroagh Cuun-
aisu~ win ood wbegin at once. The' ty, Saxti Judicial Cirtcult o Fl oct0I- in the Circuit-Court of 1Hlllsborourh
Gaarau of the qtm are expeCt- In Chancery. County,,-Florida. In Chancery.
"ed to he tin Batlmore. When thcon-a I mma aHart vs. Daniel C. Hart, In th* .atterof the diaolutlon of
-- Io the ,'Janmp 5fhl^- the oel.-' This ca coming on to ho heard Assoclaton, noltie is hereby
esmaitusi-awtt ''.ns o.. of the'unon aslation for an ori o... t R0iph- .lnen that weptton-wltbe made
L Mng M aytemes in the sooth liaatlon dtlertetd against the defetdid l a majorty/ it the stochotdcrs aS
son -" t'. bias a and enerletlc ant. ael C. art, and It a n ald assocatton to the .nora-ole liar-
it oenestalat In said ca tana bem or. a decree disoin meld corpora-
Sainngt dranat talr< os he ti:ons in accoatla.ne with the statute

r "b Pata. ane d. 'i Stfl dO. oW rl A. D ., liE, else a decree ADItflfwr tettX NoTiCe.r

WA. -ra L Tt-Jw

PPOPO eed *STn o L, c-l t c.,,t me. ppr -*< Wted. witf3e
-reu.e-- Qrntie o 1erk r D o the time rtwOvded by loa or the some
wea WD.ELGWt' D eC. willbe ra arpaesns indeed
whey,'85.,.aVr1v-. Ifor -- aNd as w re q utd to mate
Cmirt for sald C t. hereb po Ad nstrtrixt of Richard pWefls,
tht the foregag a true anpey ofthbe deceased.
sof p ADMINIRAn ed in the beaororee-
sai -"-a s -mo
a be barrl snd h-andeffelr nall seal at NOTEM vton f a l UCATNv ,
Ta-mm tis s rdday atMarch, A. A.1 t i t a er, nd ie

Hm- Dert'm DmTI f Oh Iar ae TER
SOb(eat) H. L A.TnMvai,. talimarie. Va. aSp.I2SL t
OonHBS ltaowi dar CIrcuit i itoe IOU is herebyOvens that the -tnt- I
By-O2D. B a1 u-V- ,4% nD. C. towllt-naaed settlerhasdIlednotiem of
his Inttioatoin stnakedial proofln-mtso-
port tt his claim and that aid mus
JacwAilol NC E wn ie e before Clerk CIrcuit coort
,^ --at 5 I&. on mar. L B11. < ik ULs.:
nsf s-oTh C. t0111n5 deceased, are 2 h -and a I-i
pesnhaigZ'ZeZ the II t ar. i b1-2.
City ed to ment me pr erly &U- of se1-4, ee 14, tp 29s.range 19e. He
of- time feerlbeod b b-iaw, or they wll hi cooon t o reasdence upon and tl-
DOWy anIC be barred and declared null and v.td, UvtUona of sad anQ, viz:
it -L a SPENCER. J. A. D. B13ANM Tait Fa.
aSam- Tam -,8,. Dec. 2th, MW.t IDAVI am p i
-old onsNOTIC OFv mrALtz.Vermin. . OhON.
1w". n 1 ont+ hs'f Z&he date heraa 4 leittr.
Res "W UL &* ,t AP t '00oty Judg eat DSOLUTlON O' PAi&VEttehusnm t -i

AMPoo5 till it Lida E4 jn iettia, assantxcu trix" of

c05 Alas utan @Wm

Entlaheihad I frlm.

6iOPPING BY MAIL Eatalblshed Prnpe n aL tit4,t

Importers and Retailero,
i e:,


flu Oder Di
We have a regular organized department
vision of one of the firm fot tis branch oe4
at a distance can e nfor s plea andt may
say order entrusted to u e& wihth he a
care, and at the same pnlits a'if pero s a l
os for saple s ind prisf on anything in I
Line. Our stto has beb specially coatuf
of a Dry Goods buslnes. It is the Iak.t
best coStrteW,,t and tltUi s all M sl i
to render it the most useful, comfo a.
kind It is accordingly ea of tha uaoA
"Baou's AdTbetw" eas taiane pricn H
Goods mailed free om application-

fx* -.-..

t I --


42 r, 425, 429, aet t. abo Pr-tona eI

Ponnr. Machine and -g il
-, '. Nso V. Cr. aw P. ts.. t rm '
aP3CIALTIE9-.U : ivH Blackqmithu~gt 54iy*ct
Works, Sto" nmate, liU, olommn, e .5
Btomatt Machinery &nd Boilus.. or 'Provo
to imtwlling Irrigatuag a"d aMan Himti
Priae. Ait6heing Proe mi d IonFene,.

wio wm(a at f, a, .
px m ta m Btb Se . .. a .s b ;7iam

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m atries and

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aft Oeak SW I

m is a -gAti s

s detflcats e

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8 as 'eat oe a o-stm-

& Ow' a DM Sto"

An Wrand. lot Wda ri-pUeas roe
M* *a dr. 6a VWalea salve

Cmes Naom: m aso Otm* by
so- tom;wes Old mlag and
aM PM e Comms o, Cmos sesotM
PaOm mae wem.Ot as mate a .
Cum enamaise. a by A. 1 0. *-
sume a Ca.. sb

~~~~5i ~ DG9 ~e-tWtt- *IS .Me NOM theywwONa. peat
m CUM wef "wnt is u a"7w
rft tislig usm amse to he s ~i*
noat wndkd.iae "Wby a is aSam sabdmeaejwi
ps55 &uv. asS 0001 That- lothe or Is 'letso
ge- aw *asOftan" cmCasmbats, *.That
~aaS b Pke'- is U Imam uals, remasft:asog5
iwberV. ..7 141M ebreL or bissal fPrenhlh15s
r maiea a a 01 n- z 0
pow -ft-
H. inw in t5mea or& w emsft *a

What trm evAt.and 0 a
itanews ZOKafem. hems1 DysPepsa"ahld~s~e
Ihe eaMW by S.I.L ELOUSAri & ~.aid
*Weak rel Phermary of Tbw d is
.:sm-t" ItRUUIATUM eC-5.lRIEN DIll

X6i"Cas"fr3heun~ atd
m~te s~afl.nam int*aMave.
bo L

or OR4, W a mu jw The senior senator i"s Nat aCase-
W t at tse do~ t Rom e at rote for tohe cate -AT-

s meen of te There Is some talk tn the t J,.
Tl 7. Itrh t 'haswthdrwnf BURTClH'S
irt c~t Uhe y m hunae pistoieri was Senatorial race and that he huas aten
09 W me 'hsn e w a up his effort to have the Alachu ooun- Investigate them Brin!
,sI eo o the st ar meets werea ty deleation instructed feor im at your judgment along with youi
SO by t ivena and adty appr th eot s eo 4 ae pocketbook. You will bear u
acqut- ed by the boadst Mrs. U in who eight from the fact that be tab aot out in the statement that w(
offese had een oa the Ut was reported dead- crtifled his name to the camp n are giving the greatest value
ato V& ibran news anid Fa. Thomas were c"..ttee and according to the r~ies
o fnedstt~eur tthe T ge covering the primary" not et have ever offered in Tamps.
added were M O. immoms at 58 and his name prlnied upon the ballot to Owne ard wide Bleaching. worth 6
Wia Cas a* $4 per month. be used at the p;.azary to be hell the to go at Sfc. per yard.
a ws Woo ~tr reastrus made the fol- 21st of this monna. says the taineasvtle The 'ateet tbangs A Spriug and Sum-
S d towg report o the condition o the Sun met
=,eing 'itwss aetpatnul: Rule No. 6 -it hoee adop-? I by t.-e
e 1. ..f.at .... ...... &3.72 ammiltee ryids as follows,
I .A fWA ......... .... .TU 'No candidate's nname ;hl bSe ri=t- L a w Is
a l................ ... W ed on the ballots r,,d oi who has
u .ebool ..............n.... 9 ot had his name ert ed to the chaIr- Great values! 1%to l30 jps yard.
A-e V t 8br g Heacer reported inecol- man of the examcte eommlite tWa-- LADIES WRAPPERS, eatly made
ted for the Umonwth of Pbrmr ty days Prior to the holding of aths oiy t4c.
aS MosM r M to "S election. a5d who has paid to the W0- LADIEM LIEN SKIMTB, tailor mad
i s a tm' wmwIage *w ad-N.ett- e0 abor 'tMZa M tsmm,- LADd SKIRTS Is drk slade

mhe o2eaeati riests r the f h. e us eda m d a a camtasO teadl.
WS bu- h w td i m e ,,aw ,T h r The wor Wm ballot. Utan !,-.a aot- ,,ssir

- 0 iSe CaD to have eitiofs hias name *to me, noW sBh^as, triamin.
m I- c. C. v-_ Chairman Bomoero. o *the D sa. Tohe m we will offer
.a &sStep sies- c uive ; etw e w "thesen r t v erylowest pri.. h*
Caira s Robernon wa ia the city mtbeTSr, we a termite
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the tax cann aenartP- aw*badsoeta.ft
be'r 02O ft from 1700 r n a to bhm, he replied that on a th LRAD ii
SX. .r on w ot Senvso rPesco. w .o is a. ca=na LOW PRICBSIN TAMPA.
5 a- ItiM board then took a re- fe re-eectlon. nd Hon T. I. Xemne-
a -me VWX 2 LA W2 u y. who Is a eeadld-#- fot r county flik
- Th.%e .ea.dtid &t 2 o'clock misIoner. had RTomplied with the law.
SODUM' d the Ore~ar ed- oa bua -' Not on ty is the Senator debasred
16 e .' fromin hiorstameprinteduponJsT.BURT
m 0tn.s rw s l m s uo. t nhe ballot, but by raie he i drarred 714, 716 and 718 Franklin.
t 0m a oeeI ne the wen known from entering the race, eir- the r-J
S omer daJr, w aety endorsed reads plainly that n, c tndldte-s oname
ase beingw' .qaltlsi Tothe Posititon faiU be placed upon tote ticket or %ot-
a arThebnl a dto a tenoCthl ed for. etc.
Ba nmaf nftr a atdefltsite period. I fhe matter is hard to uneerspn.d. L3 Y
"m- et pe"eUttms were read and The rules have been published, o
S ~ ms sia lsn-we si grant- sometime- whi Is requ.e I Lv law At tlb Lowest
'K.The deded to.pospone the PrJIs Lw
S. a e ates adif enu and and there is but Little groun.-il or be- Prices n -
oadndtoCteek road untl the next reg- heVing that this important n.at otier has God n ln ft
A r W Ier adSe. After the transactlon been overlooked. 3l
nof FISe Rbusin W eOO r othe board
C- Iof it alpes-s evident that BSenaitor Call liii fl 1
3 001"m-re.I....n .. -foodPRI...igninla
;% TOD AgRE MAKING a great mistsaKe chnua. and that the tnu aerous canda- Ol i n
In not sending for a 10 cent trial size o dates for county commlsisoner look
i catrrh and cold in e b ea. We -'o M, >tr z m ....OAMM m os.
tw.li l. L'or h i% 9 cent size. Dtrugglts mone to pay ftor entering a rac f Just received 60 caes aborted O
M all keep It. Ely Brothers, 56 Warren an office without a a3'lary. gandies, Fancy wFIgured ans and
ahet hi rhe .NewaYork.dlfcity ifn spi I t has been an oversight it will be N-c- Stryle Percaet asnd assorted Fan-
oa md to a great extent loss of hearing .neceeary to call a meeting of the t_'y Dry Goods A n enw line of Trtmmea
By thS use of Eay'i Cream -Balm drop-, Alachua county Democratic executive Hats. Altoo Children's Hats and Caps.
Vina of mueos a ceased. Voice and com idttee In orde rto aliow these who ise wit sh 11 our soods at 40 p cent.
hearing have gffreatly improved.-J. W. than ,Y other store Tamima
Davidson. Atty at Law, Manmouot, ill are now debL-red to enter tLbe race. In It is a plain reason why we do so.
tsen 4 this caue the time will hare to !be ex- Our ejXeses are 50 per cent. testhAn
m^ FISIEMS WOOD YARDS. tender In order to iTre the notice as aiy other store in Tampa so we give
.- everybxoy the bnetlt of the 40p ercebt
lash- Ca-ry the largaot and most complete l eitled ITy law. discount on the doUar. According to
-itpsty oa stoe ead Omarlsce wood to be hard times everybody wants to aTve
t a in the ty. al kinds d izel NO RIGHT TO UGLINESS money in buying the best goods er
sate -hsin eity. h ankin&o t the least mouey, so if you wan to
"a e n r-at F tte btes. tadolent Bogen, come and look at th egoods you wMil
M re t iPi ot eaan d Tespecially he woman whm oIs lovely tI f Lace. find thtt.tt wil benet you- I5 Ces
I e- Pee. DIWUit' WItek Hael Salve friends. btt e who would e attrac. moe Just arrived. The latest styl*
50 w sde an berst. Look for die- tive muost kem he riealth. If she is will o at 4eot ceat. les than Ms
ane other store In raFmp. Social bar-
oftpwpVs try toL I wek. tsiy sand ellronedownsihe wWll gais 1i% Mens 3oy*- end ToaSS'
iuts- ai"adrtitde- wrthlss goofs ame aom ad IrOt3Me. If ahe bM Clothing. spedt m acal.m in aMe'
I i atee, or w aes by- d t L"n- ftiao or I ir m e -
is 1 c 's-f sum m ary ot 00 6nwm o and a w re d camu- in MS i enar ates d w ear m pind erwh a r a t
( I .e -,r -.- 4.----- fta. BcTIto Biten~ is the bO L"te0t atyla and lowust pro t
g ai ati W s isu ^ -dh1*A s eisV- .-sad y. rsh s't
-_ n u s ,,,.. .. -, . . .. .



-n- ..e .,lr

e e..ac.h .....eS+a

gaseMend ando mafWE I
to are Miss o aB l'

mers.le t ad tod, &t p ts O s.s ui
ginnren with mmaie~r IpeM tjwe

Bondt ludo they ate m dewnrto'

Could they be kept dty eef well aie dthan
and never eht on l i -weeM Se sojm5
harm, but nIMht after t smad as
after yadsr tie he ad RMAWr ftmdf' -A
your own bama eat aff bya
teson andrredinaon cmSw" wito the
animal master of the feathers. (lMe- ashs

perhaps tIn addition h tha mulse ow a-'a-]
youn chtbidr lept on it and aded ll eu
a still more foul coathe atton or tae gy
me .aftr un _rh".am .i ar' w-



Free Lu rn
.. jsni


J.. OTH 2 LL.

e Frfnita ti glsmt Owerw Tyler.


Newspapers, Periodicals,
andir"aj Stationery.
Moved to l Prmakhli t Xm-
* tesN oIld stad.

Shrines M
SBrprisingly v
ara '",n ,e .
Bample S.,at 1-You.y Soky s
*s MO -an a I---

Thae m Ad sCsfmuse.
N- ew al

Renovate Yonr F
and Remove a

The laest improved mawery -tor f Cee
this paxpose i now s %ada cttv. s&aA a
vwyon* haus now an cpnsoltp oar -
removtin a& ansesse whii n s us ea'Mi

defrwy al the bathers abe smpaiteg
flastha matty and glateaso almh- um a
sea. gtvMl an amteastag tbcerme at.0
BSL. leavi the feathers MM asa


pwr aloCn

.'at 5S* ot a car

mpw ?
now vim


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