Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: October 27, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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i liM O mlll HitOME

To Take Part in the Big Philadelphia
S PeUF Jbfle8.
e _


- In the United states Court at Wash-
Ington-4en. Xerritt Harries i as
. liams--W. J. Bryan Roport-
d ed Critically 31
Special to the Tribune.
d Savannah, Oct. 24.-Colonel W. A
Bryan is reported critically I hbere to-
r day. His wife has been telegraphed
* for to come on first train.
Special to the Tribune.
Boston, Oct. s.-Richmond P. Hob-
son arrived here to-day on a fruit
Tfromn Santiago. After spend-
d it few day here he will proceed
40% ht where he wilN take a
A part In the peace jubltee
I Big Case in the United States Supreme
0 Court Ends With a Defeat for the
r Ralroada
i Special to the Tribune.
Washington, D. C.. Oct 24.-The Uni-
ted States Supreme court In segslon
Sphere to-day rendered a decision In the
* Joint Traffc Association j liroad case
In favor of the United States, and
9 against the railroads. The case Is
I Pnftfdr~dnna f tho mmt mnnravi

r0 -w.._.- _.. -- ...... ..................... nsic ea,onor e mos ,ip ,,n of death and will scarcely live until
teave to-y for New Orleans for a that has ever co before the u- morning. The affair has caused the
10. e p oe eOf cotton. Sbe will then sail preme couMrt, not only to the r Blroala greatest excitement here. The news
re fGermany. but to the general public, and because spread like wildfire, and men from all
re ared and The government tu Foster eft to- of the first railway properties repre- oer ts section of the country came
i day for ao tri to Egmonth teyo allShe s rented by the Traffic association. to offer their services crub Afterhing the
0 wiue m en t he The tu boat Catherine Is now inthte MARRIED IN IocADON.
at ito-0 he s rOpl rted The steamer arglret will be taken Gh general o erritt Weds a Societiy Beler- E
S been nd to the way to-day or to-morrow fo r a load les were Generf Chicao.
ra to ehe wile en a omlete overhaul-took a quet d n L a

w.*. la reMdan If the Jr Jw PhiChlbrshok EWItake the plAmount- ecial to the Tribune. or
aWe of the Lawrence for a month to allow London, Oct. t---4. wedding of more Caught in the Scrub After a Long
aism s ma t ke some repairs. than usual Importance occurred here

l baS h bsebn t e ouThe Port to-day or tomorrow for a load len were Generai Merr tt of the United
th counties Of hog for HavaGna States Army, and MICsa Laura Williams From Suroania. s t 1niy.
io -Lnaoe --ea a sdee a society belle of Chicago. enoturi, :" ne ro o ume tHenry

2.S t aag -on the unard U Jne pier about .n is .nea in lJall bfr steahng cattle. t1r
S hr O th- Of the J. J. Pl ebearlo atride n o'elocn yet erday morning ac or- the tas e o the many who have nsu

cn Tbore T hey tnhet Heseae o ther ch me tmanyo mSadho-errie Rce Riot at a Te ( J 1r u
t to partdee wer contesting, representsl000. paed by L. H.ree Strother. His thaly fered by his rn aity are trueveral hedwll
iaertoP na ae all -. morning visit there was dte to the tact have many sins to answer for.
l.e aedysh i men the From Wedneedaycs Daily. that the Campania was about due. amn For the past three months cattle
Inaltl e tr t hlaboutt There will be no further litigation n It 'was Miss Williams. owners in the neighborhood o8 Sin Mile
On ty ahe arrival of the big vessel en- creek have been mia g their stock
elsoed gh toe0 e- over the Plbllrick estate of Key WVesters Merritt could scarcely w until e a en a s Their ed

ndSg mrt oSSS pee.h w ws o en beoeno alarming rate. Their repeated
All of e nt. The onte ngthe a was open before e made f to catch the thief wer fruitless.
- ahe ad the heirs that hasabeen in tCare. -for t tepassenger deck, and soonhThey handed together and spent days
me ome time has been omopromised on on a rs. he n m annights in wtc g but the gu

4* z t Of Tat edd RevM s.Nrtt e an man could ort be apre hend oied. They
Swre n amicable basis theby te litigant Mr. Noman Wlliams Jr.ted r n
Sro armed and Nearly week ago Mr Phlbrc and They were all taken to the city here created failed to catch him in the
a Sofre tie s eriff her son erman L.ngicker camen- t he arrangements were soon completed f r act. The cattle men finally agreed to
-this city from Key West and hrouh te arri hyage.pe a reward of $10 each for the thief.
=atia ttony ess ifhC and t e and Go. P. Rne.SEVENTHCORPS AT SAVANNAH d or aie

hmea S of the d eide at iG ener aleuto h e w he tdown. He worked carefuly on the
S ss d nephew ofK the aec who rs des 1n General oee Arrives to Take ca e for nealy a month with little suc-

Hfflattes de5 alght.It *as bee long -Sti dmandthea e Rrt the aceRot ce ceRss. Oh n last Friday morning he re-
The entire estate over which oethhe Rac o t ved word by a special messenger
I parti. were contesting, represents real Nfurfreesboro-Meputy Sheriff that- WIgon had brought several head
etiat to thevlwoflnealyapcIt a rof catle to Colton & Whitten, the
embraes the street railway, electric buerieHdge. huie proceededn to the place
"meUR- ig ht plant extensive cigar tctory and SlIh all speed, but on arreting there tie
Sla e amoun Lt of vainable whatnaghe Special to the Tribune.s foend that into was heavily armed
, a pro1ertM Is located in Key rurfreesboro, Oct.2&,A tentle and would in allprobability show fight
so I.ra* e w ar began here to-day, and at this He returned home and riot his w in-
go e L weritingit Is toe when itwichester rifle, and once more started
st writing Ii driff'it to cl when it will after his game Winton saw him coi-
h attorneys who were oisao end. The negroes were assisted by the L and fled to the woods as fast as his
b ow UJO 1n4 colored troop setatloned here. T horse would carry him.
pa leave been be ongratulated. and all Parties con- .trouble to-day began over the arrest MHe'was followed all afternoon, and
finally tracked to Fort Brooke ins Fat
O lAMtot Oa er e ae no Isout oh the ourti Of d eO by Dpty SherLiffAiMrphree. Tampa. P rom there he wa as chased
mal2r tah m o The negro h been acting very dis- to Tor Oty, where he was Joined by
wier a n CONNUIALA. B ISS rderly. and used abusive langua ge to hisc bruther-in-lawi nea-one fired tfle
I-n ,1 the officer. A crowd soon collected, shots at them with ha Winchaester, but
g Two bopudat n gLeolet be ng a o e North of Ybor CiteI avine aepe
by a Wedded this MornIng. the officer finally made an attempt to the trael with bulldog tenacity, and
U Fr sot W es arrest t the rointgleader orfa the 4rowd. he finally caught sight of the boy who
k A 1 From Young PseopleDi y to the rested and the othersejoined with =n tways with ntol e onang into th bor
(u A Uoos-setoigate. ao aCity, he captured him and Ibrnought him
9e t wi n an attack on the deputy sheriff. A into Fort Brooke Jasl, w ere he tld him
renu"pe Of the hrbde at Eenton few wifte men who witnessed the he would be kept until he told wher
%99 t a toe l onigM %. Bard Hendry o tranedctlon came to the asaltance o0 W inton wa biding. At first he re-
J 1 keat .y weda MU a lo Bty the sheriff and a bloody ftut ewso ed. fused, but finally between 8S and
is "M .to b It".pW W.D c h searofl ok Iss g fire, tevocsock ahe told ovine that Wi nton
NOW .n8 e-a n Se a sh s w ere fired and clubs and could be found at his home in the Sretm
IIhis iam imp ressIve and stones flew fast and furious. Tzoe nar Muge's ice factory.
e om m ner. deputy sheriff was killed outright and ecur the assistance Of Officer Wil-
St~e~, ~e. Srry Hendry of Fort Myerv wi a number seriously wounded Ha m, they went to the place designated
i Sd g ae ,Intw capacityLt O best man. The affair has caused the greatest by thel byD. There was hoe gt or
sign of ils Three tnoes the putter
sGM ad"l.s s-n- tely N ti the nemnvy excitement. Citizens ar arming them- knocked on the door before any re-
'*wo anreq t lon, theO *h otracting Ing themselves asfat as possible, and sponse. Then a woman asked thewm
ball i pattie will W depart for this iy whe another confUct Is hourly expected. what was wanted. They ried tha
AL S.-4% Ol the they wanted to come in. She refaded
Sthe ri otnes.., thu will renmin Tor a tfw days before Word has been sent the governor to and they declared that the door would
ensi going to their home at Port aWer, suoprees the riot. be broken down i tshe did not open tI
St t been o whers they expect In future t reside. st once. She then opened the door.
A kge p lOom who will leave on the iSteamer GN. KEIPER N COM11MAND. but the room '-as as dark as a dungeon.
Sdist oth -m-tonThe woman rvfun ed to strike a light.
IQ IntW trouble. ManateethLq morning to wittw the Special to the Tribune. and aas about to leave the room when
.ls w a0IM hA tl the wnadptsi are: Mr. and m A. J. Knight.t Savannah, Oct. f5---trneral heiftr the officer struck a light. Just as he
th M c. aed o. it-eisryT. Lne h has arrived In this city, and will as- did so, Leavine saw the man they
11111100d.30.Lan re. ry T. n a i hsum eo in othes eveth. a rmy-were after crawling down behind the
I Clarke. Mr. IL 3L Hendry, mse command of the Seventh army bed. He made a grab for him and
sht do gos aMlorrie Ailen. Miss JOSeHBends -T, HisM corps soon had him by the neck. The officer
ar- Tite Hendr... and Rev. W. W. Deart. took him In charge, and in a short time
The bride and groom elect are among A SMALL BLAZE h .ilo ltas ded safely in Fort Brooke
-" I i- the most estimable and popular young In the Feed Room of the Fire Depart- Yesterday- three of the parties namely.
2%Wz*eap eoplI na Florida, and their manyt ment Yesterday. W. D. Fulton. Hr. Clarkson and Mr.
at a QW, flleuds throughout the Slate Join the Burnside, came in and identified the
ea n to omow tlaor- Titbune In extending most sincere con- The hay room in the fire department negro as the thief who had stolen their
"t&tos in advance.stble unerthcatte. Soon.- of It was seen In his
...tulatonsIna ,stable Itied under the sairii that posesi-cron when he was trying to sell
our leads up to the ciy hall was the scene it. go certain were these men that the
i" ema as t .As It swoultdhe a good Idea toge te of a small sized fire yesterday morning, guilty men had been caught. that they

at ..elet ane on tim p bUc square atur- The door of the room wams s ut at the pd their share of the rewan rd
.a igs-w di night. It% has been a long time time and the first that was noticed was the officers. He has a very had repu-
WO comma isg e the people of thsl city have beard smoke Iasuin f rom the cracks "along station. and has been behind the ba-cs
the charm SUbof t f fnamous the side of the door. sere-ss times for thieving rascality.
: "'. band ssd thgw od&a aPreclate a Ch Reeds was the first to disover Col. J. A. Turner, the irrepressible.
._ nda t nlgt eooacrt. It and he called the boys, who with who has been at Huntsville for -te past
the Babcoc extinuihers soon had It two months conducting a lame iramch
hM ug ,-who badttr_.eJell d ie home yesterday to sel at a the


Miss uIs Morrtson, the lctiUm In a
Critical Condition.


The Negro to His Hiding Place-The
Diabolical Crime Was Committed
at the Home of the Unforta-
mate Lady.

Special to the Tribune.
TompZbvlle, Ky., Oct. 2.-The
news reached here to-day of the lynch-
ieg of Arch Bur, a negro brute who
committed an assault on and attemp-
ted to murder Miss Annie Morrison, the
eldest daughter of Henry Morrison, a
wealthy farmer of Oumberand county.
The horrible crime was committed at
the Mlorrtison home yesterday afternoon
while all the fatniy were abent ex-
cept Annie. He entered the house
about 3 o'clock In the afternoon, when
he committed the hellish crime, after
which he escaped. The cries of the
girl brought the neighbors to her as-
sistance. She was almost dead when
they found her. but she had strength
enough to tell who her amailant was.
A posse was organized at once, and
Lrailers were put o nhis track. About
two hours after the crime was commit-
ted he was captured, and as quici as a
rope could be procured he was lynched.
Miss Morrison Is lying at the point

Special to theTribune. visit tht ct
Philadelphia, Oct. 25.-The big Joibl- peae juble
lee opened In this citythis afternoon ith. i be <
with a grand naval review in the b tr- ths aaternoo
bor. The magnificent war vessels
were gaily decorated with bunting abd
flags presenting a sublime appearanIe.N
About 2:30 p.m., the war vessels began
the parade in the following order: The "
torpedo boat VWinalow, the auxilIsa .
cruiser Glouster, the cruiser bTpeta,
the dispatch boat Dolphin, the crutAer
Marblehead, the flagship Texas, the '
cruisers New Orleans, Mayfower, and
Columbia. These vessels were fol-
lowed by numerous crafts of every 4e-
scription and the display waas the nnest- P and most imposing ever witnessed befe.1 5h
The streets, whfrts and bailldni
were crowded with multltlde o of ; .
pie, anxious to get a good view of the
warshipe. The first day of the JuaUe e A
is voted a grand success. '.
Mr. 0. I Spafford and wife and OEi
L .L Spafford aad obeIdren h,-e r-
rived tfor the winter, and are at hot e
to their many tfriek aI their ise B g
restade n Pak. I 1. .
There Is going to be a & gre natv fB -
nlor athis er, ain4 the hb ams s bh
hat a s prepand 0o I the ..
reme of Iamlsas b em by -
an event wMl be striy Imhe swB

~ ii n


Insurgents are Growi Resive and
Trouble is Feared. BiIir Li
Special to the Tribune.
Havana, Oct. 24.-For some days re-
ports have been received from taen1tUe- --
gous amerting that the lntents are A I
growing restive, committIn eDere-
tdona and tbreatening to precipitaep
trouble with the Sfpanih op, M The BIS
frequent hove rumors become and so .,
pparnt tGer authenticity tSat t
oTmEme'OI wll Captain PA55 a. ihe,
Foraker to ClcoZrp9 to look hito tU1
matter, and. if necesay to read U
riot act to the Inr t lead
The 1om11on I is greatly P- ae3 h
the reeWiat oe a cabels a0 met UM c t o I
yacht M snteo, w Inh i eo hbe p bluei bok a
at its diapoel ona a dom eat QL
OnionokuosAa to-4ed made a pant- oreeatntag t
tive statement that asgrefiment 0un stoo hby it
the date of evacuation would be resohed pooltion wV
next -week. and that it wil probably __0 _
be Jeanua1 1 51 m
water the a
Mark Henry Saen a Load of Shot ot the el
Into -i- ater-s rse. anda' sP ,ls
Special to the Tribune in response
anewle. FIaO O ct. -faI g o off
HeOry. aged S yms shot and klW ha gi o
10-year-old sister in this couenay. near Whoo a
Galne v ile yesterday. The two che he mieht be
ren had been left at hme by there tory.
parents, and the boy toa down h ion d
fathers aotron. The gt" was *wnd
on the bed when the little fellow flred. wanted an
The entire load from one of the barrels Mslrqls Of
penetrating her breast, Inictain in- the whole p
stant deathL In_
The muzie Of the gun was PIlaeoed n
so near tMat the powder burned er The blue J
clothing. ing letters
Atlantians to Urge Him to Attend the agent. reep
Proposed Jubilee. attitude. I
Special to the Trbune. ener warml
Atlanta, G(., Oct. 24.-A committee possession o
of prominent AtIanttiana left at mn-. conquering
night over the Southern for Washing- that asare
ton for the purpose of Invitlng Preial- which she m
dent McKinley to attend the peace
jubtee, which is to be held here t the Fa
month, by the Pme
Th committee appointed by the chair- ilieght misag
man. Col. W. A. Hemphill, consists of Lord Sallsb
the following citizens: Gov.-elect AD1-
len D. Chandler, Mayor Charlee A. .l- with the FiT
lier, Drct R. D. Spalding, Aiderman Courcel, a i
Frank P. Rice, Capt. T. B. Neal, Col. fears follow
A. J. West, Dr. Joeeph Jacobs, ex-Grov. terday's bkh
R. B. Bullock and H. H. Cabaniss.
They will call on the President Tues- welcomed hi
day morning. express the
the view of


First Florida Boy on Furlough Can't Chronle
be Mustered Out at Home say that a
I-- taken by
Special to the Tribune. epeedlty to i
Tala1hassee, Oct. 24.-Soe of the sol- "M Dei Casm
diers of the two battaltons of the First
Florida regiment, now on furlough, do his itm
think they could be mustered out ax eoltion.
their home towns. In this they are
mistaken. The War Department or- MINITI
dered the conmmrd to Tallhansee, aad
gave any ofthe men desiring it thirt- And the Jbn
daya ftriough, while the cartaIns aad
United States -rautering officers were
transferring sovean.c n property,
making out payroUos, t& Speolal to U
When al lthis is nacomplished, the
United o atea pLyarster will be in Pris. Oct.
Taihasasee to pay the troops United ties opened i
State surgeons to examine Lhent aMt citing and t
the United Staten mustering officer w% patrolled th
be on tand to muster them out. T w
la under orders of the Secretary of War, leaders and
aad the State has no authority on the acted. In w
prene. wounded.
These troops were msotered In a in the chaM
Tampa, and ed they been r
there to be musteved out, would be and general
received no allowanoes for trawelhw ted with the
expenses. The farther they ace foil li was eat
Tanpa in the Sate. the dreater be d
their allowances for travel when paid room tendel
off-as the government aUow tihei 0 iser of was
much for each twenty mies they wooia few minutes
have to travel from the place In the rnlf-ed am
taate where they were mustered out to
the place where they were mustered This actic
Into service the greatest
The effect is that the soldier ge. le, and 4ir
more pay when mustered out t1 "Jbl- udl wM
lahaseae than the would if mutered flit
at any point east of th city,. as it is Joined the V5
further from Ta'mpa. The War De- atha. It 1
pertinent havteT directed tSeem to he ortsis i ne
paid off In Taflshmee, no one can
make a change of locetbon; and the U- a nticate
ted Statee mustering officer is atth-
Ity for-the statement that It would be W'J
Impreciheise to agtenpt uo muster
them out at their rectve cities or
homes. Special to tc

-, of pdominen
At the Philadelphia Peace Jubilee lanta that b
Teaterday. few days ft-

Ma been haere los

nt McKlney th th~
ty on the opee
w to beeld lda

.hc .*hip


L .


a the as

mts -4000ft
at waibe
t ligea o

to Bma d oQt t -gg
ered to egely

able toSScts

Comwct .then i
Outet to a the mf

roposite on sa de

t, General w impSA

tHe ate to Gene el
y thanking him fr
f Fashoda. anderet
for Egypt the
oher eistete, ..'
shoda yellow hbqk imm

Wings In this e m a. I
ury'rs firme f t desisim
ench Ambaador8&44
speedy disuipaseb otMW
ed the publication ata
e book. rit is I $a
ir satlsfacitlon, notable a
the rfEgyptianre. 'en
nuU entirely the d
ongand O lacs teb sipS

the ) rnthene t

oalet to facilitate a

e Tribune.

e attreetI 6heafto4 by
abcloody riot jas

mner exin wtetcht atbK
4.n ohveatgr1
TUTlo ATII a.e~iIn
me lthue.c owa

The Democmts
-' ".* -. , throughoutt the cc

-- ""; ---- of organizing war(
club. It Is not
S ad candidates exhib
lSs Os., Oppee Pest meetings and cirs
pi. Pie on handsha ki
... kind of work is
..-.. a 1n. goes, but it don'
tU SCRIPaTION. their camxpalgninn
ti i D@l and sacked up .by ac
l-"ganliations it -
.... ........... little good. It
S........... countrythatthe
o"so*-.......m......... 2 full weight against
;-............. e more important q
, A than the mere ele
A to office. Thee
Sparkmon or 'Mr.
AMpaey 15 t a. matter when coi
sW 55 remasir and national isas
n3ses3 Jw p ~Would we as D1
RpibHcan appe
^SfrsrSf a t eiewty been n
tb ?^.nddu la-s ~ Would we endor
S bill Would we
ia ise i sis ing of a large sti
and Porto BAco?
S rotten plUtical s
a '-b-low &-Qda. -ltt M
let us iase or ea

of.M Wdneli acc, )outm palis thi
di" criat of the N j IHKSUT TICKET sdo lot all reaofse
7 ; to sem e that the v r e

to greater actorrt
Sin this county w
aiUedS ,O mEwant an overwu h
.aIe Os ses4 tion accomplish this
r o .m working cluonb n e
district in the ci

S"g.ATE TICKET, sole purpose of t
to- blame,- to see that every
n iio orthers fore muchdtiou if t
helm_ a p caro vote ais deposited
| B f Leca. THAT CRUS
|XM^ of 4&Ichea 's Editor Crum of
a O ceola. lcan, t his repo
Sot am n. meeting on the c
F last Saturday ,
ton tnue la Paris. Bpeech delivered

O ", i ing and masterly
I dent on others for much doubt if t
Iinf-s a precarious conn,- paper It Florida
-that would dare
the "crushing" si
6r regretted having enter- Nebraskan. In
u thought or spoken a words were contr
S- of American pat
SlarIty obnoxious
save this week extended. southern patriots
cyState, but at no place ate every vestige
In the next plan,
learned that the Amerls- with vulgarity a
-a diept the slightest op- sonalties that th
ia it our torbidden pre- to hold the papei
"' ;bhis noee with the
Sw Crum, we are noc
htforwardtnese of pur- uch "crushing"
rl i tonsiscet with per- of ilorida newspe

.st sane t Itsl possible to E
Sto a conclu on, but It seema quite e
Bi md*,? nt. lsahed reports ti
Mission at Paris i
M liea the fndng ot te the United States
C trt C ofm:e=.TnA She Cula, or relnquis
SO rem being the lands While w
S" o acn. u qustnted witht A
t to b l of sSe t uedayce commit

iOns Isnehakse luige btySpai ha
S they are siply p
-with the hop of i
|| to be cultIvating at the great powe:
|| tea wiill at latest no question. The
ea'tot1tage, and per- too much rope al

he"c uia t gse Peac l
.thoidw ath eIgor that (re
rs n aw n avy. The u a

%,-lay all men were impressed with his knowledge of to wait. at odds of 2 to 1 on Roosevelt has gran-
l|"iow-. the polit lal sussee of the day, and with ally changed until it is now even. The
Wit h Prlas l hbis eAlty and sincerity in discusang chances are that before another weex,
different Na. them. The distinguished gentleman the odds will be in favor of Van Wyck.
S tre intended has most acceptably represented the A F leshy Tis shows how the wind Is blowing
shoulder First Florida District in the Congress and indicates what a splendid uphill
long and useful of the tUnited States during the past fight the Democrats are making.
life, and die a four years. le has by his ability and n nUIIpJLiVe
ut death energy earned a position of influence Every State gets a lttse be ter and
Men defeat the and prominence in the National House Did you ever see one? 1 every people a little more integent
hitention of of Represetatives which will enable Did you ever hear of one ? according to President McKinleys
Providence by him to extend and Increase the good Most certainly not. Con- speeches delivered on his western cir-
the manner in work he is doing for the people of sumption is a disease that cuLt If it keeps on at this rate. he wiLl
oftwhich the Florida. He already holds a position invariably causes loss of reach the land of paradise and stnae
tare to protect th on the Rvers and Harbors Comittee flesh. a band of angels on te round p wlcn
Sandestore it when of the House, a place of great import- If you are lighting weight, will- ostikely be somewhere Ohio.
csaee resmltof neg- ance to this State having such an ex-
yt deaosd disease, con- tensive sea coast and so many rivers even if your cough is onl It surprising how quickly the peo-
ow it is kn that and harbors to be materially improved light one, you should 91e -get acquainted with a man just
medical Discoverywill by such liberal appropriations as this Certainly take assoon as he runs for ortlce. In New
all cases if takesiinon Yok Sa, toe the Van
rd during a period of position will enable him to secure. His fs York State, for inst e, the Van
fthe thankful patients unanimous nomination for a third term SWo sw s WusWI l V Wyc-ks are known as Gus and boo and
r names expert in an evidence of his popularity and a Of l oi hy- Roosevelt as Ted. The rtue is the same
S ediesA just tribute to his fidelity. Mr. Spark- posphs. No remedy whether a man is a candjae or cfr Car-
ishes to investigate man is a native Floridian and his sue oner for Fort Brooke or for President of
aop of this bookcess and usefulness are rgardi-d with i pe c prevn the United States.
r ey, to the World's pride and sadtisfaction by the people o the moment your throat The Tribune extends con uaLUlations
Assesatise, B ffalo, the State. His Democracy require s ei mo ent you to EditortC. D. Clough of the o akeliand
e to the patients them. on excuse or Sexplanation. His record begins to weaken and you to Edltor c. D. Clough of the lsaelad
SD.. va by i stand the test of severe security. find you are losing flesh, Sun in advan-e. May his wedded ILfe
yes s He isa entitled to a capital support of all ypu should begin to take it. be a happy s his ir aff e In
, & tre atIn true Demiocrtts and be will receive it And no other remedy sharing and aomplshed The hp-
lststn o, at Bn ohre dy py event will oicur on the 27th and the
"ues oa&ff of for he has-tie entire confidence of the has cured so many Casess bide-elect is Mo s Ma1o y Steinsyer.
e Utiyuetedems people. of consumption. Unless o Laeland
s ent lchei you are far advanced with of
1 A ao street-car tlie has just h i disease, Scd t8 Ed ul What a vast field of miselonary wort
e Doctor as absae. been trying the effect of a new car sion will bold every in.- PUat amnd Qua will have when tse
g f gt ender. and it has been found to ten i ducemant to you fOr a pine tns omes a tesMto f o tM
.ed. g fuetly. It pIcks the passengers off ftlur. gorious union. No doubt they hewve
S the street and lnds them on thedelat- AU Drucists,5eand Lr -m asTrraned tbtek CbnQ mmomal
B S i rm, M wae they are met wlth t he ScoTT&owAnimSat bdbook ftr 1900 to income tthe aIm-
V e Iplease," of the conductors. ber from NkItla..

It Tampa as well as There are at the present time, a rn D doctors Can t
country should be eau- fidence among the business men or
to the importance Digestion improved and Throat Tampa, that's bound to Iork wonders C ur
d and district working in the commercial development of our
enough that the the Trouble Relieved city. Some things have transpire-]
it themselves at the oo omes from the during the past year to shake this con- Contagious blood poison is absolutely
eulate among the peo- Wonderful Cood Comes from the dpaence ur in other words to put it beyond the skill of the doctors. The,
ng expedittions. This Use of Hood's arsaparilla. the test, but the most important crists may dose a patient for years on thei
all right as far as It The building up power of Hood's Bar- is past, the season of unrest and di- a
t go far enough. i Meparii when the system is run down trust has given way to an abiding ta mercurial and potah remedies, but h
g the county is not from the effects of disease, is wonderful, in our future prosperity. This faith s ilter hand, hia condition wihgrow
*tive district club or- and is due to the great blood enriching by no means a matter of mere -nti- steadily worse. S. S. S. is the only cur
mi do cotnparatively qualities of th medicine. Read o th : meant. It is a faith that is being for this terrible affliction. because it i
is necessary in this "I had been troubled or several years monstrated every day by the building the only remedy which goes direct tc
Democrats throw their with asthma. My digestion was lo of new and larger business blocks, and the cause of the disease and forces il
st the enemy. Vastly poor. I tried various remedies, but with manufacturing establishments, Ine rom the system.
questions are at stake little or no benefit. Last year I bsan buying of larger stocks of goods than Iasithan w led with Blood Poison. and s th
etion of any one man taking Hoods Sarsaparilla. It has done whs ever seen inourcity, theur seme no good. though I to
on f endorse the me an immense amount of good. My s thenr trmt fe treated veiy t e u e In

election o either Mr. ad w tdovelopre m in th reasry e. ehe-e a-fully. nt 2 In2 fato, Ieeld
unby s a vthery small whole system has been built up and an developing oi real estate. The ad-

uBe t ae oer Staty s remal My digesin has bee li ani tingst es in prceof desirable real estate, oH a t wor alth
Ssanre&Mydigestsionethetasesthovewhile. I took almost
apared toe the State improved and my throat relieved ofthe. and last but not least, they urcanse5 every so-all e d bl o o
st bnd rengthenPed.f tmiooeswtotwerpnremedy, s-tailey dibdad

i tat Ico tuba us. uese stvs elessirr. O onlywns fewA ISnde dleemtoas, e nt eaf tahe d
democrats endorse the Ent Chsw t Street. Pensacola,Florid t heretofore aggrengte lrs. Every ma who es sad d an da
moments that have n rn i s e here, who has property e el sew here wharteer, w dim

seat htatcoron To us. s s tiou. oC Tab s oft r homes by m of t hoseswh oiwe rieresose to neatldsd
H oe liv easne as e nalo te ofte -imtesd JON AN J S en tale po wta ass rcr edo
made in this State? ior is trying to get rid of it to centralize ehat I would sneve hei

t o T r o d e o t aease JA the te oh naeo
ese the Dingley tariffH o d t w e arrIel his investments in Tampa. While a eknSw ImtoI thea l
endorse the maintain- sthe best-- n mct the OeTrue B P e t t it this class of investors may represent
andig army In Cuba Sold by alldruggrsts. $1 ;six toreft. only few hundred dollars, each, yet saedieisse.ad I o eae w pl mme
Would we endorse the iae the onlery ps to se n the aggregate they figure up a ar-ge I onatmyhe alt t yeasilr ens s
net ods of thea. Rt- Heo od's Pills se tE se thb" s..a t amount. Again there is a growing Ce- yets sign dotte disteamse W to m
machine? Would we sire among our citizens at present to S w anton V&
go plaat thform? e te a nd the tber homes. This is one ofM the Is Ithr f-detretmst s ithemu"
se and make nofort stteo itsis shai adtie ontce nsi bet signs in the world ofs gowin con- nato o potash a vn~ d .g
Sparty vote o t States to make a definite positive e laim fidence. People who live in their own totaLgy destroying the r les
and If vSte o e pain rejects It lt her take the bcsit Uis son ck is" ow is ea-
re would righ these homes invariably keep tbem In hotter d'y up the marrow 10 e ng
essary that we make The Nlashvllle p American in Gspeak condition and this will add1 greatly n stio a simglt ad o eb oa the

er -in oenenie So s theb point csay of the tehe attractiveness of our cty. ot. s0 san the ha ow re toi ror.e
e ar7 thatn we throw The United State won the fight, the he wl end more to e an attve O-
egaleht, the enemy. A United States have the right to dictate ment for our cit than t eo owen ou n I it r i ior I nst of
vter than a A ul one atimns and the suggested proposition o raes. This feeling of confidence Is teor

iluence os the emo-s in established cannot be countenanced wholesale and shIape m. Tey cant seeo a reo Pst o he S r,
ef and Went that we The Peace commissioners mo nt set- the opening up ot & trade among teW t i n o ry bl a eosnl t l o te

e, wasso nte of the prop ebt a hd Snividua rhs pess. The isns, HodtuIs lawenrs al dagruith T hntey w o me moere
. It adssntr 5to tie the questions at Issue. Otherwise B aest India islands, Honduas, Central SXtbs
eat fundai tA a state of War Cuba. Ifwars to America and Gulf ports that wil force frietn S ny oony, Atlanthei ay
ay are stl a live in renewed the sooner this is Known the the opening of a deep channel lto tec
will stimulate them better for all parties and the loeace Tampa docks. They feel that it must a5r e o
. A bee majority commissioners should at o .ne so de- come, and when it does, Tampa i I senator Quay Is having a touh 3nse
ril not suffice We care. take her place as the gretestiSouthern trying to shoulder the rascalitles of
I ing victory. To S pain must get out of Cuba. This city. his son Dick. His own i s heavy
we munt organize a is the car. ina doctrine of te United JOHN AND JACQUE S. enough the Lord knows, uto force on
very ward asd voting statesand our Peace commission must r o r he r him the sins ofo hisbeloved son is a-
ty and county. The carry it out, and the correspondents a he war cloud Is lowering between log insult to injury. Instead of matk-
hese clubs shouldbe to the contrary it will be carried out. Dover and Callas. Not in half a ceo- lng a manly acknowledgment of their
Svoteris in line obe- What the Cubans, freed from the gall- tury has the situation been so grave. crimes tasye are mw adin counter
and then see that his lu g yoke o S pain, may do afterwards French statesmen are amaz-d at the charges against their accusors, and try-
before the polls close, is of no ie portance to pain, except combative attitude of the London ing in every way co shift the respon-
that the property and individual rights press. The issue (ai the lawyers say) sibility. They would make more
ri Eteeem T aof Spaniards in Cuba must be protec- is joined. Salisbury demands that the friends ny realtenGr that their day or
t the Florida Repub- ted. There must be no reign of terror, Frenth vacate practically all Nile tea- reckoning had come.
rt of the Republican there will be no reign of terror, tortritory. President Faure and his advis- The Prohibinlonists seem to be going
ourt house square on the United States government is bound ere say they will not. Victoria's Pr- out of their way to select candidates
in speaking of the by honor and decency to see that in- mier dare not back down. To do so with appropriate names. Minnesota,
by ex-Governor dividual rights in that isalnd are pro- would mean political ruin for nlmasel New York and Pennsylsania have, to-
ka, says that nioth- tested. and hie associates. Moreover, his cour-gether, formed the most sTuggest ve
I report of hiis crush- we fought Spain: we won; we nave age haa returned to hint. He Lsanx- combination possible. The former runs
effort. We very the right to declare Cuba shall be ree to throw ack into the face of Lager for Sheriff, New York holds up
here Is a Republican from opanish rule and Spatnish in- Cortinentaiil Europo the phrase a.ed Glass for a similar office, and tOe
or in the entire South debtednes. If Cuba, being free, is to him b y Bismarck 'A lath d Quakers want a swallow for Governor.
to publish one half willing to assume any part of the Cu- to resemble a seeL .Never c as b'ance The cold-waterites have never iesEan
Mech of the doughty ban debt, that is for the Cubans to de- so unprepared for war. The question given credit for such a keen senseC o
the first place hin tide; we have no right in the peace no- is prEiaredness, especially when ap- humor as the above would indicate.
ary to every impulse gotiations to saddle upon the Cutans plied to Europe, is not limited to arms
riotlem and particu- any portion of the Spanish debt, and and men. Who is your friend? Who Mr. Walter Graham, formerly ed ,tr
to the great mass of ce do not believe the people of ne is our foe? France to-day has no and proprietor of the Sumter County
awho would obliter- 'United States will agree to take upon friend in Europe. Even Russia has Times, and one of the brightest young
e of sectional strife. themselves the payment a any portion parted irom her. journalists in Florida, is now connected
e Itwas o tarnedof the Spanish debt which Spain seeks with the tontgomery Chronicle, where
e, it was so tainted r- tTonE CuOLIVER TWIST DONS. he will soon demonstrate his peculiar
nd disrespectful pee- to unload upon Cube.
e reader would have The ridiculous demand made by th fitness for any position that he may
r with one hand and BUYERS ARE CAUTIOUS. Spanish Peace commissioners ave be assigned on that paper. The For-
Sother. No.eBrother ben met with urcompromising nr- ida press congratulates its aontgomery
t apt to see many A. E. Parker, a fruit-buyer of Net e by t-cretary o State Day n contemporar- upon hav ig cftoured
forts in the columns York, arrived on the Mdanatee last his colleagues. The Casllltan conten- such a valuable acquitmion.
ffrs n th colmnsnight. He has spent several days in tion that the United States shall as- n r-n t rgs ar
rthe orange growing districts of Mana- sume any part of the Cuban debt is being substituted for bef and pork. A
LMUSI' ACT. tee county, and reports a good crop, preposterous. Never in the history ofgoodrat cannie considered qioltr
- although the quality of the fruit is not warcs ere a vsanquish people so luxury, and command a good price.
evident from the pub- up to former years. Some grovea are magnanimously treated as in the bio- A good dog market on this country
attthe Spanish com- hadly rusted and in some places the paoo-Ameeican conflict Cones deratioemn olssttaar t s anmun e

to ^ assme the db month late in ripea nng, and wioi not he apptio0. If the object of chotalrous the mrw ror r-

mah delay and parly- the trees. Buyers are very cautious log that they are f the genuine porcine

For sale at a Bargain, consist"
ing of Presses, Paper Cutters,
Card Cutters, Stones, Cabinets,
Display Job and Newspaper
Type, Body Type, and in fact
everything for a complete news
or job office. This material is
comparatively new and will be
sold at a Bargain for Cash, Ad-

Tampa, I -, Fla.


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New York.
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. Seta to toh lhome with Reo. DHart at the s The most vigorous workers have TRtOOPS ARRIVING IN SAVNNAAH. SHOCKING CONDITIONS. OMTT
Sp od'e-toth- Mb -Te following f Twigg and Marion streets. He has spells of -tired feeling" now and then. ___. lXlMTT
[ slSa yellow fever region made a host of warm friends here who This feeling Is caused by derangement Special to the Tribune. Mortality Report Shows Havana to be
kIn 3-ilwere received to-night will very much regret his departure. in the stomach, liver and bowels. A Savannah, Ga., Oct. 21,-The in a Deplorable Sanitary Condition. spe the T
btheo lntaospital service: few doses of Prickly Ash Bitters quietk- Seventh Army corps from Jacksonville, -- Atta Ot. I
Jadbon- w cases. M ALARION S9 DEVOID OF BITTER ly orrects this disorder, and sends te I arriving to-night in sections, and by Special to the Tribune. gt c tt
rya. rs-ne new case TA blood tingling through the veins. carry- Sunday morning the entire corps will Washington. Oct. 21.--The mort1lity In Fort .&-h
S s--ne new e TASTE. ing life and renewed energy trognou be encamped. report fromHavana shows that shock-
.-new ases. Cures Chills and Fever acts on the liver the system. Sold by S. B. enard & ng conditions exist. Yelo and ty- present as001
al nI ew cases. ". The Ikey to health it Jn the kidneys phoid fever is claiming many Victims irregularities
-'aasoo.. tawo new cases; one and regulates the system generally All and hundredsaredygfrom starvation.
arzIlon-^-o Lew cases. one drsat. ---- c Ltd a eni-n'ten of ,-oors )rs 1,: oha\ hoil t strength ona nd THE OTtR
i N e new as one death. With the addition of Porto Rico ani and their proetr adv&?rs1- t meet In cheerful spirits. Prickly Ash Bitters Special to the Tr
F.. ra. ith. five new cases. Hawal, our colored population has been Tampa on February to consider lroper Is a stimulant for the kidneys, reg- Special to the Tribune. New York, Oct
Ai s n dam nand PeM O. te aune. Toum Plat will of the cont on aunifor ulates the liver, stomach and bowels pament here ositvey dees the
Ki Ilha '"dl the Raymond doubtles ha- New York, while MarK ing of regulati._ns.and to conSider all A golden household remedy. For sale story that Dewey has had a battle with VanWyck l
-" .".f. i t CzatlB N t- Hanna will use Hawaii tfor colonizing questions affecting their Increased et- by S. B. Leonardi & qo. the insurgents at Man:la. by one haed
,ll~ill PL g h ft y. Mr. tfce B e an- the_ great est ficiency. It is a project full of splendid,
S la ty. Mr. Raymond p oes in b and a thecredit to the Sl The Tampa Tribune has been en-
'-.a.t i ri i---I- --- -- that such a suggeston should have large changed to an eight page torm t os an...
BECO 1kNG AnholderChiecumh EX andbearseveryoeviden f peopoerity.
= a .If ind eed I.G A MITE0 N"%%York Commercial GaetP Editor Stovall is to be congratulated
St e at t S know tat ure Way to Avoid Danger. Sour stomach, fullness after eating, paper buiness.-Leeburg Commercial. W EAK KIDNEYS
it- &ftks BlsZeg getting control of one flatulence are all caused by sneperfect
S. fItlee rj digestion. Prickly Ash Bitters cor- More than twenty nelllion free eam- a vm enf a te
emI ZW- -lmm~fl tn u- mother. A baby is the dream of her life rects this disorder at once, drives out pies of DeWvts WItch Hasen Salve
"tt h I oUet The Mxhange -the crowning glory of womanhood- badly digested food and tones the es
t ra the rst day it cn i be kow stomach, liver and howels. Fr ae have been distributed by the manufac-
sadJtst husinme^ ow U-iblessi8ng5a child brins. by S B. Leonardi & Co turers What better proof of their
e e EPinI h . Opened through of Bartow has confidence in it'S merits do you want?
F Is 90 fan of pa in, Mr. W.eS. Oppenheimer oreBartow ons P I
oalbo in street d wsere he will ope nshortest space of time. S. B. Leon-
10 Iipei Itt aiU ewup ne gstoreby the 18t of No- ardt & Co. a tim KIIIIsI me
SX rt, s d bys I IWS on vere-. Mr. Oppenheimer Is a hbut- t ve.
8%- ^ fi, ^ -aw wad5P& lln young business man with many OtURE SCBOFtTLiA promptly and 0 v w B I
___C preseigtion clerks In the country. The Hood'a Sasaperille, All forms of thsis
.e 71Sd? k.and Tribune predIcts for him a brilliant painful disease yield to the blood / -'
.71 adwit p h "' purifying power ,of tisS reat medicine. .
-C S A a Is For broken surfaces, sores. insect HOOD'S PILLS sea the best family .
to ,,,how . .ad b@bites. burn, skin diseases and especially catb.rt.e and .lver tonc. Gentle, re- r .- ->.
be in plies, there is one relIable remedy, De- Olabie, sure. a^ a w.u am PM 3Z
g 5> T Witt's Witch Hasen Saive. When you I .
fuells or frauds. Tonwill not be d iss ahbedmuictl teacher of WMsonyhe.-IL Am
Esive. SI 13 IeosrdiC Td-dess ck C,., o. T-^'SittfyS

I llI I LIsECI I l R COi O1[8 Y Pl Pl0 A PA llRlEAIE8s R)IIFflN1 E1[ FrI MimlO [OR MI I t II

1 UD i n lwr BD a, C8it Boads Teads to Stiffen the Backs of tse High Fe Agr:s to Evtuate on the 25th of At All the important llitary Posts on Sergeant-ajor ICon, of tuhe Third Al th ughAty
Golng Up Suna aud Half Points. 0Mcials. October the Coast Alabama, Found Dead I the Street. I


Thor *munadW MAimi Dollars Out- Narly Ne. Week-British Wa. -ips And Three Thousand reoplePerish in The Cabinet in Session Hears of Atro. Many YTellow and Typhoid Fever Pa. Diplomay Hay
shanding-Two Issues, One for to Have Crews Made Up to Full an Awful Typhoon- Gen. Brooke cities Committed by the Chmese., tient at Havana-Xthodisa Con- Where Spu
Six and fthe Other for Complement, and War-Like Issues a Proclamation-Joke Full Reparation Will be fOeren Votes to :Beturn War Qalok-HI ag
Right Per Cent. Preparations Continue. on Li-Hung-Chang. Demanded. Fund to Congress. Debt-Port

Special to the ribune Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Speal t- tOie r
W hsiierton, D. C., Oct. 20.-What London, Oct. 22.-The Brtsh cabi- Pekin, Oct. 20.-Li Hung Chan hnas Paris, Oct. 20.-Active war prepera- Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 21.-The Ten- Wa5hta q sn -
w'i be the epXact legal states of tht In- net has been summoned to Aeet early been made the victim of a practical tions are still in prog-ess, ana the nesee Methodist conference is in mes- tratlon r elas t
habitants of Pouto Rico ae regards ci- next week for the purpose o discuss- Joke by his countrymen. Some mis- greatest excitement prevails In this slon in this city by a unanimous voe able at Paris
tise2ahip In the United States will de- nJ the Fashoda quetfon. is gen- gve the newa ers a stry citr. reed to return the war fund recently tth war tb o i
f tto the effect that old U nwas married. cgreedbto nretue
pend in large nT esire upon thetforms rally understood that the vernment The report spread like wild-fire, and To-day a secret council ( war was rated by Congress. 'adj-stau -t.
of the treaty of peace with pain -and proposes to take steps n asary to would have been accepted as the trutn held. Nothing could be learned in re- ARMY OFFICERMURIRDA PD,
on s en ltt b Co insist n an early and de te state- had he not caed at th e gard to the result of the meeting, but th
t W W t blecttfrom ce. it as a lie bat could not find the nuar the gravest fears are entertained that Special to the Tribune. wt d
Asagener* law 01wk,* tis caH, the BrftfshthdmeraltY the country is on the verge of an out- Montgomery. Ala., Oct 2L-Sergeant Statee. Nor la I
the relationsof italift nts of ee has ordered every seea-o.n war-ashh TYPHOON IN JAPAN. break. Major Calvin McCon, of the Third Ala- sY tbsbtbe8m
territo to t e e ereign ae to have its crew made up to fu comple- All the important military posts are ama regiment was found deed In the ai h t-et1m a
dissolved d h e u cltisons oron as qrcted in case of m isatilon. Vancouver, Oct. 20.-A the result receiving daily reinforcements, and the streets this morning. He had -been mae w to q
s ujeeats O _ty, Under. .A dl era yes- fo a terrible typhoon in Japan, three everywhere re keeping up their murdered and robbed, as all of h- lO
b ru broadly spe d tlt nha- tery at a secret counsel ot war at thousand pEople are drowned ay m military r experiments were made yes- ets were turned wrongM De Out Wie
anta of Porto leo. uo trae fer Bret, in which the chiefs onte marl- twenty towns are under water, terday at Foulon by the naval depart- No clue has as yet de~wloped, o that mfn at D
.o ,a. t qtthatldasad lathe jt Utime forces took part. C dental WILL VACAT mnt The fort have been supplied the a could a n
^ ^7s ~ohwith a full complement of troops and a _niS a ?
S IlMa be~me a-s t ol orders were subsequently oisei to the- good supply of arm and ammunition. W4DOKS LIKE WAR. s
ga. a- on. pecia to the TIune. CSINea ATtoCITeIl TrS
he rule is no i nve al Inits, The Ahrore aertp that classes ol th ann one r placebo iars while the cabinet was in seselon to- Hosti ties Between Great Britain an
ahon, h vea id t ma b the Naval Reserves around rest have te hacuate Paco a sabur-of ai day, the news came announcing that a F ce be Daily Expected. l
frthe*r df by eati i is a been ordered to hold themselves in on the 25th of October. enu mam cdro ChFrnh mis sionaries bd I .
reco elged or tional readiness for active service. PROCIA-ATION mediately considered the matter by de- parc 2ot -eneral Kitcher has ah
a that the cItt whose The drift of opinion on the Fashoda PROCLAMATION manding of China quick reparation, in- arrived at Fashoda. The orders to the .t
t-ot'n9.* to Stateis pare~ statu- quUestion among commercial men m Issued by General Brooke at Porto cluding compensation. A reply to the British navy includes all of the &vail- at the Pont Af
tory, when tmerehfov returns Paris was shown by a resolution acop- Rico. demand is being anxiously await-d able ships be taken into active service. But American pu
to bhs ar status 7 tt persons ted this afternoon by the Municipal ADMtIRAL SCHLEY N COMMAND War council were held again to-d Pv
In oc c h u h Special tohe Tribune. but no satisfactory terms could be
-.hltti l sIbtna S natr al ied San Juan, Oct. 20.-The excitement Staton at San Juan Now a at
ties of 1 L bome citizens government without sacrificing the ma- occasioned by the raising of the stars The Naval Stater at an Juan Now arge present, it looks asnd from though hositilities Pa in at
of the sove )aud* which they trial interests of the country, to use and stripes in this province has pretty Under His Charge. are imminent. assure themelvei
w.e"tl baor Its utmost efforts to avoid a conflict with well died out General Brooke tioek Si riue ml
Thi a rule ode stullfurther modi- Great Britain over this dispute, charge of the palace and issued he cial to the Trbune.Oct 0 Admiral TROOPS TO LEAVE TROCA.
finely the' peaie. and it prob- It is reported that the policy of first formal address to toe citizens or Washinon, D. C OGt, 21.-Admiral or a ,
ably will be, trei witlrobably France, as definitely sated to Great Portoe Rico. The d.ocum nmt i con- Schley was to-day, by orders from the Americans Informed the Spaniards Will The as d r
enalees n hesland Britain, Includes the retention Of sidered fair, impartial and dignified. navy department, placed In command
etai u h island rasihoda, Riun ors that the Russmian All fear o f trouble among thea i. of the naval station at San Juan. Porto Abandon it November 13. qu or delay
tltaicond ciio ;A iVb notice Foreign Miniter, Count Murevief, has has died away, and the people are Rico. So far the department has no toilow t
of Intention ea tngt Island esseed .M DeL Casse, the French For- everywhere settling down to their daily knowledge onf the vale of the aval Spec ial to the Tribune,21.-peang of
within a' d lime. ThY may also eignT minister, of Rueoia's support in routine. pr perty cntained in thei s station when aaia Cuba, Oct. 21.-Spea t ngn d of
be requofred t1 u their property in the the controversy, tend to stiffen the it was evacuated by the Spanish of- te failure aof the two omm os tses t fna attitude of
an desiring to remain backs of the h er officials, although DARING ROB Y Admiral Schley has requested that a the date at
edltrens of alror remainngn the these continueto maintain aoionc!a- em iley sret rvicete a f or member ofn the dAmerican Cuation, a watemmsit
o pme owor rem oxlb the sile itoemmaiotaiutn as aon a s Adomfira Ot thathethenasoh e
service of Spai rillU be entitled to pro- story tone, and declare that France il Ex-coovernor Bullock and Wifv otod he he permitted to retain in eervice ro e member of the .American Commiasson at-a.1r-es are
tection t0 their er.n and prp .y prerared to carry amiably to the utmost In a Washin ,n H .e atear W acqaor the wih e station rful y the Ameriaf the f lcu was thie may accede
in Porto Rico ony so far as luch pro- mimts. consistent with ter rights and - Th- has be n graintedw question of sovereignty, which the ude, tchemay .e
teAtlon esy x lb o be e mated the by digtty Special to tho TrDu t I t c sh int-nti a 12 il -Iartment -Spaniardsa attempted to introduce at de. and
rtreomtrT.TBVashington a, Dn er.-- I i -athe intr nataleoft r to relieve ever o atunity. iMyIinformantd n
All Po-o R'..q. except those hcrn AN AGED CITIZEN DOAID. e irnor BuiloR and %ifi,,f eorgia, wh et, ,-n: an of"thercnava nd verysoorel l every ot wasth. e "y lnrof t e -.e
subject to a tbirepowr and those who -have bene stopping at te Arcnto the avmirae of tethecoronwatemand vmer soon telt o me it c aso s the rfu al of te nexh t o
may elect to rin citizens of patl -, From S oundayms eily rHy. H hotel were robbed of p.-' r.I tornS- an d to maintain a permaaant station Auericanse to discuss ths reeiotte a tth e choice of thet
Sbaing become the transfer pf sov- Edwin D. Cows, aged about yeas dollars worth of dianon. Mr a t his t important traec point evacd a failure to agree n the te nd the
Mrs. Bullotk hvc been vioctino here tn the South. of evauation, ahen a agreeent may ts jun
ereilgty citfsetof the United tate. ,died of old age at the Emergency hoo- for some time taking tav i inaere Eo otf the S l seemd asGiurato last nweek d t ab "tati o
it remains with on seto determine asomttimet kingri nt-dnthe ea i oK tht the o er a eNI-G. Colonel Girmre to-day handedwen-- tr o o
thee to wlac they -has l hse en- piaal yesterday morning. The decead sights of the city. Th robbery oral os a document in which notice i not iely m
tthe&. to extrc the rights and privil- was formerly a citizen of Bartow, and reported to police head.luaEersi a some Spev-cial to th Tribune is given. that the Moron- Jucao troche. nAt. e ia
egmo of clt igprip. The- will be en- came to Tamal about ten years ago. days ago, but the f ull exte of the will T ei tianidont dby the Spanish ero p s a
le t n s loss was not made public until t-da. Memphis, Ten., Oct. 21.--Quarantine november Satere along tiS, I
enta. may deemed advisable to or several he a not been a It enveloped in the deepet mystery ha been raies-d against the yellow feer the most important trocha crossing the
Ibe adml dletratni. f together. riht in his mind. and some sensational devof>iitrints districts, and business will now begin island, are nearly four thousand troops oWi Be Erected
: etr its 6f Porto. Rico on He was a rdember of the G. A -R., are promised bece the robbers ar All train inset have been nearly equally divided between na-
anR- e-thUnited States will be and for years has received a govern- found t been try and cavalry. b-t n L iht a
given all the rlhit of citizens of the pvithdrawe r.cWeather is ne-arty trees- tThe Infantry will embark from Ju-
several tes, cwhetber they will be meat pension. In searhing his pock- TEERAP LINE COMPL D. ing at Jackson, and the people are caro, the cavalry will march tougt pla e
required to tskeeome form of oath will ets after hins death, pension vouchers-
be a matter the coneide-aton of to the amount of S 47.47 wre found. Government System Between S hapy to know that Jack Frost is gos.n prlsbere te aematbe(din- he la d
Congress. He was a member of tle' Baptist and San Louic to be Upened. close on the trail of Yellow Jack. posed f to advantage befe the men blockstin a- p
church, and while he was able, was a- ebars The Americant a bere QUested r an p ci
a reg-lar attendant at all the services. Saritiago de Cuba, oct. 20.-Lieuten- to send word to the Cuan forces that bi y. i
ant JarIte, of the Signal corps, to-day V tnte movement wr to t be made so that owns the lot by
MAKING PROCGREPS. found near the Zocapa battery, oppo- FE RLl I T e ct ieeh m ey not fouow any mOsander- of the ot
YELL W J K ---' site Morro, some rolls of seven strand clash not fow any dri of other property
; I Special to the Tribune. conducting cable, valued at 4,000, stn another document oomlilt o d" w be
Sl T"' q. pidnic WW Anniston, Oct. m .Te War Invest- which had been left there by the Span- Cool Weather Has Rapidly Decreased made that the Cuban have erstablt ish ue a d rnhi ite.
S-, OL he .Aigating commission arrived here rom larda It was intended for further Sew Ci a hoItal within the Sanish .ed street, etendng
-: $ -. : p A* & .'-ib Over. Atlata this morning, and is busy madk- mining of the channel to Santiago. near Clenftegos and that this place go
!^ Ing the usual examination of camp and The first government telegraph will tneir oan so near those of the Span- n et. h firsi
h .oeiial tothe 4bune. hospital sites. They expect'to remain be opened to-morrow between Santiago Special to the Tribune thatfriction might easily arte. Into haBO
jaCksO w. Oct. h0. T ye yellow here unit to-morrow, and San Louis. A line to Guantanamo Jackson, Miss., Oct. 21.-The yellow The Milltary-Board of wbich Colonel second and i
ieer Oct.aio 10. yellaowppi in im- r has been open two weeks, but it is fever reports for to-day are very en- Lee is head- has made two reports to raed jo c
pf r atvi&a.m O Miisirppi.oImts im ecd OV0D TO IUNTSVILLE.- only of temporar- construction, the for- couraging ,the effect of the recent cool Waktdngoton.in addition to one m The
po ints s quite a number of The New Tampa Army Hospital Ship- Seven delegates from the Province weather is now very apparent in the ons tbyColonoi Hecker. ending a nse i-
U e w ese dlia It is confidently ex-
h ft Sthe list will gTrad- rd to Alabamae Yesterday. of Santiago left to-night for Santa rapidly decreasing of the number of- answer to these reports. little can be portion of te t
1 -i~theepemiosooS -- Cruz to attend the government assem- cases, and it is only a question of days done, bat Coonel Hecer consoes 0t1- rree an
Is he e e Fo-drom douurdlyee Daily. bly. They- included General tarcia gerW-
The w hIs somewhat" warmer, The amous West Tampa army bos- Carios Cespedes and Rafael Portuondc. before all danger will have passed and selfwiththeeremarktveshat the e 1
it is- .ed other frost will pitsl that has been located here ever General Cespedds said to me the pur- the Quarantine raised. sacrficed to the clmate. s corer

to-day, kit w, as follows Mrs. T pa. W to

*tter taken up will be the esab- Harrison-One new case and 11100 mune regiments of Cot Ray and Cot Wo ?.

iafard-Fonew cases corps hospitaL Interests. Taylor's-No new cases, one not ex- Col. Ray has'made several requeeas for to emompletion,
Mad-' Iin-F-I new cases; sick doing United States Army Surgeon Dr. C. C. EeINE\lT JiRLpT DEiD s"ions ance his arrival at Mania-
-. --o tllaoh, who ins bad charge of the EMINENT JRLT DEAL Haitiesburg-TTwo new cases and one nillo and the Department is doing Its
15 essaaa twO chlldr-n hospital since the troops were shipped Atlasnta, Ga., Oct. 20e-Jadge Marshall death; several very sick, new foci out- best to keep his command supplied. Spacal to the Tm
I r Poweiare sick with to Januondvllte, will leave to-day for J. Clarke, a prominent jurist, was side cordoi. The transports are not regular in their Bavaseeh, Ge,,
...5 iuSS53e- fantaviiso, where he will dtontilmu in stricken with parasis IcrO ti-day. Pe Madison-No new cases. Sick doing trips to Cuban ports, and it is by 500d Ing daughter of-
CwaaiatS wb-05 aswocae. was well known throughout thu Soulh WL locg rather than by good management is anmasuoeto
1 the service of the hospital corps. Du- au a profound thitc.r anJ legal .I- Ya... Citg-Three new rae-, tw the supple fe r Cot t ay's n-n are to L.ighthe d
fPITAL KPOTrT. ring hei stay here he has made hs vsor. .g on next Saturdays IcaL T - hemrVH

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1: 12 1 n maB BTampa is no place for growlers, and o t pa i
-.-' -- '* chronic grumblers. Of course we nave Causes fully half the sickness In the world. It science. m i1 m
6S o ro5fi fUKZI COUlE!,T them IAke out of date goods, we are retains te digested food too long in the bowels There is a silence where bth been no nd: U t;U
carrying them over from last year. They and produces bilhiousness, torpid liver, indi- There is a Rilence where no sound may be
...a e lyrum down ac the heel I heolod re, under the deep, deep sem,
,+ : + T~lu4Tampa has been growing right along Which hath been mute and still mu+t s -^ ; +
sio. Fankinnl, Opposite pt In spite of them The eiih of travel uprofound.-, -
6665. and traffic is Pushing them O1 fthetr uovoice is hushed, no life treads aliently,
fdephas OWL c. lssidewalks. The baneful Influence of toatne, sick headache, ta- But in green ruins, in the desolate walls
These camity howlers is being felt in aomnia, etc. Hood's Pfls Of antique "palace where man ath been,
-, BM 03 NJfew-tP.Ob. every town and city in FAlor ia-The cre onstpaoand@is all Is -ouh he dun fox or wild hyenilsa c M
Sai PIstag p II an' am y VlTaYtroSplSbere becomes tainted witA rhsyaies ghyly. Nc Aldrglhis-ek to the echo,-and the low o ws .mo n,
their presence. T-hey isve only PreoaedilH & to ta w ., Lth How, T e the t isses i sf nTomswooad '1
S.. ...*........... .. down and destroy. When they anll to ---Thomasoo
i ....* ................ 1 And an audience on the street, they
S ........................ wrote ir scandulous stuff and pub- RAVID B. HILL'S SPEECH. The Calf Pa. .
l,.sh. it in newspaper that are only too One day through the primeval wood e
k Wea1.... .. ** w5 Mln to cater to such trash. very David B. Hill spoke with the old-time Asalf walked home, s good0oalvs s hld.
bLA Improvement Is regarded by ring in his voice in Brooklyn the other crooked . Alall day yesterday-s dol last week nd d foe-
+I them as the damnable work of m uas night. s IAe clap-trap and demagogy of Sine tin tu hudre a,.-. ou l Al day yesterday-el last weekaInd day before. -.
S Wta* parme 5t and monopolies Any man who saves the Republcans In appealing for votes And I the calf is dd our sre thrilled with eager buyers. Inertig ac-
"alsltMr ar n *m to*. enought money to start a little bank ac- on te grounds t th e President Ad thereby haam t tivity in every department, increasing S ls.
f Eidi S 9o ^> s Wm count Is regarded with suspicion. mut be supported iwa t well set forth The wail wa taken up a 4a day
f ett The fact that these obnoxious indl- He said the Democrats had vied with By lloe dog that 1 i way,
as &- a =0th vidSi aere rowing less In Tamepa s t Republicans In voting appes An d t hen til onT'ls sa seep 4
L .one of the best signs of the times money to carry on the war, giving blind And draw the look bhid him. too,
They cn t stand the onward march o approval to the administration, whether As goodalw oars always d ,
ThP--Tr"-ou'gh sitani ddtws...warma.h&i5w ro d
bright t or wrong, because war Was on. And frm tins day, s'ehiLl ad gla,
Mus.ness activity drives them frantic. Tt duty having abundantly dls And any mrwoud in sa out
W -Instead of nalig an honest eort o charged," he said, "there is now no obpi- And dodged aodas 7-bd
dreal Ins tead of ^Mo t Z1 Ownh a efrt mn toheco And u tiret words ot rightaus wrh h
i nkt cmbie otli s rrec the a dfalf As oor wrtgo t the w llon rest ingl up n ancybod i to su~ The- pas e o e. 'r e p su h a o path,< I -
oIX wro gs aoI coLnetiilty, they set Up a laln the Ni&UonDea ad .drrniat ration, unless dut st illitinyfoliow d-4od sthlaugh-
conspidAsltt agsesotd thel twn c d theeo s MealmYorol's Iotse onlict is no Thies5 ilgarte m rof tialfU
4 coml Wa aste town or the emele n giTey aPe olve t lyiy t nd through the digwodwayalk.d. Oomes this way more and more is N he
+ a sti ~ kka the rallroas, at the city the Potle that they decne to This forestthamaa coditioa that confront us This epori is
no r psst rida, t nt,es aate ch soety oondoonte inaoteYon, the negil- T od .ntIe ing faith With the people, and so it twsan pa
S JadamwiUe. ended it e a the express comPany, ai the hotels ose, the favorttm and the corrue- ere many a poor hares. with his load. pers always improving, alay leading, betr
-_ t itsib i manod5um0 cnthis +er in 1 5,e oftoing thathtends to blide lion which charaoterized the conduct of Tuilsa d norae h thcr ne burni wesunt y e a
-n o Andss, trr teendstoo m eth em mi t ots a than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today.If
at-&* tcircula es+ oane.SupeolerOu Dom theReP ns teoaveled some ree miles in o
vsrshe a a ra up e Su people ot some of the eprtts of the gov- And thus a century and a half yOU want nothing yourself, om and th
ss .Its ciruatlon ti + to be arrested under the tramp law and eminent, and especially since the cloe o They trod the footsteps of that calf.
:.B tar i thecorbted lists of h eIther sent to Jal of tmipelted to worL of the war, resulting in much privation, The yorer mased on nnswfltwuest buy*. .
S e.-]rthe ser v d a .in the tOt + suffering and death, saddening the glor he a d thi e abe i e rlneg e s r .e at
A little six-year-old girl in Sunday 1o02 memories of the conflict and de- A city's crowded thoroughfare, A
:;S St o"?t s a"_ &" hE Rpool itaarked what she remembered manding an official investigation." And oon the central sreert wms ti
binc servteei to -to-date +e K f the story of Sampsni and the Phllie- The caramouint ssue in the present O a re ctw omentrisd a half
o e ryparticularoandIt o ho e- tines, and she promptly replied: "Hec rmpaign in New York, he contended, Trod in the tootstepa of that calf. J T
an enee r i swith outrI t.e ae -h+ effort r owp i
Il'ere to hA partpp of the city'+- e Sed i nto the bay at night, and at was honest government, that the glor- Each day a hun dred thousand rout eaeerl
s sent by moati foro Hcents per 4' daylight opened fireAonthelandsnok iest of the war did not belong t ioy thAd o'erc hi c ... otke djoueywnt S1
Mathe. eleven of their warships with the jaw political party and should not be in- The traffic o e an contio-t. I.i
-. ers who had never seen a razor, hono- the Republicans insisted on claincing B-Frct and Fiction. .T.U s
barded the town rand took up five bask- all the glory the Democrats stood ready dn an i ts. E d
a is "Next" In rthe tonsorial evac- et of fragments. He hen told the m to compare records. He then pointed One of the Home Guard. BS J, B t|
im^01 iitor, thabt he would set his- bow on the bay, out the position of Mr. McKinley to- Never much on mnuvi. U.0 flower 's sweet
.. . :," ""." "0" """ ^Tr .-; anded Originator of Low eRicesS m 4
s -ltru5s lnheah are In good de- an that when they saw it they could re- ward Cuba. the position of Mr. doanna- As o tr e
eseniber the MahUe." "fresh from his senatorial triumph at her.sOriginator of Lo i
su ti as year. Columbus, purchased bry bribery and May be gold in Klondike, but it's far away to
toatW W o reeretan teat he used ie political campaign in New York eorrption' .and the position of a. Buthe tht rce in b a. T hr s
gntherOriskRthe riches in the valleys here at

t its o are all right somewhat unuteual among standard "steady, persistent and determined e:- ain'tt all we have to live t or, but it's mighty ;A,
"no" ,WorthI Repu bl~ Heisuniqurty, acndheinatifortn ofuhaes ationa:all, ndthetoor all the woro d ig brighter when the roney's
40W io h ryw eciers esu ionne thinto the pol t en or men qeo n t oath f nltpe Fuoeoncttl a t r idu b igt e on ie t hoie boeesyes
e ovinro t t cnt In axs a utdor ial exclralon aided boy the powerful Democr itatic press But oinho esy heart in bat tghter is t he
It SCpULa drama on the through the te, aten hi ae b a of the iounry and e thae ptnaI- ... h lle e y t ho amA At or in TI R S
groove to be lbtongest onre6- party of RoughRBiders and their bugler,n cOdtSentiment of thesPeople, Untiltat I try to he contented. I don't Make no tom-

and he delivers tis ePeec from the last their effort sere mte ned ith pai t
So < Ie. end of en o m a te trapritn.l it o t ana so imrtura a eh tAeytIs canarelucnt A nngellae hppy fh ctant eoo m k s '
ldbjt rlportsf romi klna indl- Ori gnlAdmtinistration was forced to inaugu- He might git rich in Klondike an build a shin- L
Stb E, .. e a eror ir y in a rate a war In behalf of humanity and in dome, r m
i .S t A man was arrested o vacancy in civlILton v wch It was at heart But her a ont ae a iows tothe vaey

th- ere o oy '"aand i ainsh'dsock et AOsf bc me htoont he tU- taying-as
Ah o-ra i. th BuD l end o ioe of the greatest There's gold thaarth done us, an whoaen Extend a 0 rita m to *
i is a Oed o In the s iver lute Me cost 'wasfnounda on pitue Dt o n th e rue a feller's eyess i
ed woman. In ainewer to the question men in the country, and the Tribune n find a wn tar or tw in old, failamany f ndS
'S fHV is a oiada as to who t Wse delivered the would like to see him the standard Anoies t torim hesr 4oat mr tot h e
0100W Me.r- '- ^ollowingsrmmor& nutskida : "S"hat's bearer of the great Democratic party. An on e trheart to love him heneer'wats men to.their
.....y., A ga t wtllg beghtec and my good old mother. I've carried that There may e gold in Klondike ut bu ne's
yi d.. -u a withk me for 25 yw5 SOCrTTY AS A REF'ORMER. struck it rich at homeo I __A_

O c -2 n it forihrI e F i
he i lke rt. IIta foti d odens h c o f mene"sgre Ing to entownthig le js t deopldedlyou ah c 'dA oa folly, 1
S o----cto--ico-Intabihitthird e ar edition oi t l- T d w p s
E "ioswti eo." Wspcroa sJournIl is oe0 of the hand- g Into disuse. The principal reason The quiet charm that larks in melancholy, T T IR NEW T E
s"omea p AlMs of the kond ever for the decline o both The after bitterness of tsted pleasure
- Pw ee the Inteou th. and,, t ,luadeis bti t men x are Tha tBteiparan Looffeelnrgankd of words
tr Wit t"os kib e th I, th lilreit, nag more sed more careful to reraln arewete tattha fer seal affords, oet i n
i ud -e- e ligll"oveco to nnt, snd will do ida woty soanp. control in peril. Society is conatani-y That klndneea ssqoerh in and out of season- *
g..'SSf..a.. Whra l G ie r e wetrr to bhe pt who n"td eitpolse, e whe the iaeener bsyuutht know. w, youth would sal.

..S tkuSa 9nseat ho solar plexus the sun never sets on Uncle Sam's do- ... ...

210T4eyslss--t" r"1- "- -- - minions". Teeoand to the Owrd g. 14
factory. Yo may talk about the tariff and protection
All location o.f,. hechp in-me ana Terim m ngs t
t nugi Sam will Tie stock Of the Chemical National All IOationo of the champi mean And party panoeas for oppressig human an
Sdt ha w Bank of New, York, whose exchequer man m st yield to the palm of New Jet- ills
d ont- Qwxothy h been unlawfully and extensively sey. It has produced a man who picked And "improving tradehconditions." and the For S es and
Stped several times, -1 still very good the pocket of the widow a she knelt by But the way to stir up buaene is to pay
S s n--S In o gpeated soon to staff to own. At an auction sale of the open grave on which her husband your little bills. W ear.
j rof v IWpol .ed WOr, the par value of ll00 each, sold for $4,000 body had et been placed. If you owe the grocer twenty, and he owes the
- ueripga etiectric each. There are only 3,00o shares butcher ten, ad \ the
altogether, the bank's capital -being only President McKinleys swing across the And five more to the coalman and to the
country apologiuing for the war policy m ct AiAfive,
"$3W,000.Your payment of the twenty helps along three
c ofs ?divorsi-of the administration and heapilg business men.

k ledthts hopelessly ineane wife to end Idle money in your pocket doesn't do you any s T Atf
her sufferings and then as killing "was The importing of negro contract la- good. bl e a p p infll'
s the Snt e. New that against the law he explained In a borers in Illinois to supply the places of isnot yours o o t o n
Il es Nt tht i letter he left-took his own lfe to save white laborers who had struck for Just pay up all you're able, as you wish that
S corraled wtat further trouble. higher wages has not been a howling othe or hard tmee that nvar
That'ssohs recipe foe hard times than inviat'
^. Efery indication points to the great- success. ably cure.
*Wn ^ tenOa e on et rTsh of travel to Florida this wier The Dowager Duche, of Southerland U you pay what you owe others, others still
f -ever n and a lrge part of it w has blen robbed of her jewels, and It's the iru t dollar that the pulse of
use o a m Best Lighted tore at
+to put. on a steamer line from .Miami u or the ads ertisineg that .com. with on so n ty ur c.yorkit u nan ad th . s Lig
e to Hava n a few wees. to compete h etit o bme o
t or with the Tarnpa route.-DeLand Itec- yur h it le -i86
esieaomsras t& ora. The Nashville American suggests, as -William i. SL in Siew York Sun.
a settlement of the Sampson-Sctiley rn
Ithweadbe a aeau reflection on the dffeutyt t im e ae.Of L4e D
T heu ublnc mey T heelp ect co h ea rtl9m H oc iho sa the
is MAS &, r-te r o Cerea fletA. crust........ of brea nd cs s corner to esle t I ,
A UGH^ Casdtoc r e ofalltheHRussians. f England a A minute to aniile and an hour wo wemp on. E K2wd hw
t l 15 "ailts e dectded to mettle their little it tis estimated that over a quarter of A pint of JOy to a peck of trouble E'
d And never aslaugh but the moans come double
7 n die f erence In the way thitt a million dollars have been wagered And that is ife I MR R
a'. bee. so popular In select u- in Wa street, New York, on the re- "
vaweee en Ci ro suit ot the coming election. With she silto warm and th team to or Electricity Not
r ead^ T editoter ot the Rome Tribule must So far as this stanxpede to kiss me l nd joyseemes seter when car oo minte.er die Power One Hour One t. -
i 1 5 Is t aret fascinatin -for pretty war heroes is concerned, the craze has And a moan is the Ineft of foils for laughter.
1l=su to himn: <4Wbiatito bhgter not troubled Genwrad Blanco much up And that is Ife. 0' 5-
satadanOctober daV? in the present time. IA J.i&.L OUT! s '
aonO,-'-r the Sy&- It's ne wr wohwhi netoek
t ow essbilo wevast, the world -wags diA

L Sp HCe i al to the Tribune E Preached by an Able Apostle for the 1
fan Juan, Oct. 24.-The evacuation of Befietof Humanity.
Porto Rico wan completed to-da. The d
KHf rlrh ll~ dpanlsh general and the last of his /I l I 1
ie took their departure. '"ne KnightOct 22-Victor Wilder, who a
Island is now in possession of the Unt- Knihts, O 3L-Victor Wilder, who
ted States. has been at borne for some time, re-
WI Voteat the Ekctior ini a little of the avoirdupolost In 12 he r
i, M ORE TROUBLE atTampa s returned to the army.
He departed for Huntsville last Mono-NICE AS

LE ELETIO TICKET lt ofthe War ii ppi day evening. "V.ic" was one of tAhe
Up-toDate ity. with a pleasant word for every one. NO
Sthe D3-oedrt -nS- Special to the Triune. He will be greatly missed.
.t. j Xhrke d, 0o that Forest, -Mle., Oct. 25.-Eleven dead Hardy Lanier has gone to Atlanta to A K Q i.
Ow be o Mistake if the negroes, one dead white man and one tbe treated for a most distressing case
t lb the Voters- nro and three white men seriously of rheumatism. C lls Fly
wounded is the result at this writing Che family of Ted Wiggins is con-
_Llovn is 'n th de rto the bloody war being waged be- vaoen t. iosy s Cheeks,
10.*-c Eth gS$ e.U i siC thbe~ ts to be arpervtle eWitbortood of t&es, Scott hog-proof line fence to keep up a feel- Giant Appetite
te.ar a elsetiw.n Nov. th. Counly. Several of the rioters have ing of brotherly love between neigh-
iIisErueuaw es to givevo- been captured, and lodged n jal at bH IVIN
tiael ?B r to-day, but the others escaped lue" Martin, aa amiable, corpu-
An X m'la b0"& tnto to w m > crow" ot lentY ong Mn of t t neighborhood I
i5. ^ n en pe in close ipmrlst, how- evide" believes in a display of plucir
oW -I ..d toe o added rto the death list. tli aboard the teacher's "b'e" s ,
T so vote w loversor IMcLearin weat to (Harper- Prp&at0tory to manning one of his
W srolokf lfr said vllm st nilht and appealed to tue own, and had unwiely selected a w m A
&S a b r iewtes ; -notto.molest the prisorsinin i. lbetweenthe aL. dandaV[lo 1 n U
kok 4": 1 0 Ns, talk had a good effect upon a to be osesed oft some of the char-c-
.*Mohr$,MAIte .=i- anNOIorItY of those in the crowd, but ter istlcs of the Texas bronco, it had.
s thesis nabrto be *oame of the hot headed members did stpeas, and just at the most dangerous
Eii. atq y(ur ballot in not rellah the Governor s interterence point In the path it "bucked," and Wil-
to the a and told him so in language more plain ke landed in the pond. he struck on t hC
a admitted to the than pofte. For instance, at the point his feet however, and waded out. Noth- -8 IP E -
Sg a you oneV to In the Governor'a speech where he was Ing daunted he "tackled" the beast ---S IFT B B u i -
it illt d it so esmr eising the duty of every citizen again and again it bucked, this time -
alKe wfetxpos, to aid in the enforcement of the law, sending the gay and festive youth ilce
eiitsimml, return baliUt to the in- one impudent Individual in the audience a flying squirrel into the middle of the
wwho will detach tie stab and yeled: mud hole. The vetlm was too buo)Y-
Sbsbotto you. Thpn deposit "Governor, during the recent yellow ant to stay down long, but soon came
it in thebox sand ,lre.- fvefer 5spmant, when your services to the surface and pulled for the shore.
ou rinanbaerll onite- were wanted at Jac kon, you could not Another trial was unnecessary. When
ot morme than three ballots be found. Where were you then? after repeated efforts one finds a thing
S iwm yom. Now, when your services are not. can not be accomplished, he should just
imot be avowed to consume needed, you come and stick your noee shut his eyes and take his medicine;
h ve minAteI in vo0ng into our business. Go back to lBran- this seemed to be the way, the cyclist
is nlrkeid like yot should don. looked at it, for he immediately took ,r '
lbellot on Tuesday Nbv. 8th, The Governor paid no attention to his way home a wetter and wiser lad.
aar degnatini g the iemocra theic remark, but continued his argu- Mrs. Du Bes was out again Sunday In cold weather depends
C iaLbaot.-lGeneral Electiol, Nov. ment, and finally persuaded the crowd afternoon on her new "bike." She was largely on the kind of Comfort-
,Precinct No.-, Hillsboroug to permit the sheriff to take the prt-- a vision ot loneliness draped in some red ers vo have on your bed. We
y loritf. Make a cross mark (X)to Brandon this morning. gausy material, wNich made her look have a ]arge variety at VarioUS
it thenam of the candidate of your Sheriff !tephenson has placed guards almost ethereal.
-. at the Forest Jail to prevent the lynch- Life is a unique mixture; moaning prices, to suit all needs, while
fleTwo. ing of the rioters now in custody on ac- and tears intermingled with smiles and the prices are so low you will
Uembersobfthe House of Represen- count of the open threats being made laughter. A dark cloud excludes the decide you can afford a much
tative i here to storm the prison to-night. Two blue vault of heaven, but here and there better one then you thought.
CAPPREY L. WILDER. negroes are under arrest, and have a beautiful rippling stream of sunshine
-IPON 0. Mc&ULLkX. made full confession breaks through to gladden the hearts
-ROY -. HANNA. The funeral of the murdered officer, of those who long for it. Such is thy l t s
-OiARLES DONOVAN. Shelby, ourred at Harpervle to-day, love, oh Lord. May thy mercies endure Ladies' long.sleeved Ribbed l na.tosS~ i"
Wlve -' u and was attended by hundreds of peo- forever. Undervests, fleece-lied, at 15c, ',, S S
i. Ae0: ple. It is reported here that two of There is a time that is sure to come 20 derests, fleece-lined, at c,
8_ wvON L SPABRKMAN. the murdered man's brothers are on to every one in life, a time when the 20c and 25c.-
'-RAXUEL A. GLZEiN. their way from their home, Yazoo soul will be tried as by fire. At such a Men'sFEtra Heav Under' M anatee
S. County, at the head of a large crowd time te truly brave will not submit to Men's Extra Heavy Under- Beautiful I iv r
S T lC tM' bound for the scene of the race war. what seems to be the inevitable, but shirts at 15c, 20c and 25c.
JOS L McM LLE. It is feared that when they arrive a will battle determinedly until all op-
SMOY SON determined and successful assault will position Ie overcome and he stands be-
be made pon the Foreet jail, and all fore the world a maker of circumstan-
m asrer the rioters confined therein lynched. mes instead of a creature controlled by A NICE LINE
ATON s BEWARE OF OINTLME2NTS TOR CA- hen a young man allows himself in OF W OOLEN
3 A blgo . TARBR THAT OONTAIN MERURY. be governed by this environment, when N T
loer m.us- ie of smelt and completely dertangthe when he float listimly with the tide,
P]MnY Q. WALL.- senwholsstea m wi enteringe when he eagerly presses his finger upn ED DRE S S
.1 So.- roswa %the mucous a s.Such the publi pulse smnd acts in unison wrtth OOS .
te- NU SOtIDIT0eIILLE. artieles smboud never be used except on Its every be Is fraud, and a the O
,u #PAEpre. s~ertitonls frrep utale physicians upon the being that God maotde i the
IJL. 3 A' as tie damage they do is ten fold to image of himself, and is not worth even
the good y- can possibly derive -to wer pet, ticoats, mh tess the gai t

Fl : n F. a n Toledy & Co., oieo o., Teand from mais eyes shine arena lighted |s-- | i
... A5.tT. ernly, ai s dretly n the nioct sw-ow r he helmet of intelds ....U1I lI 1, l I '

lr TA Burtc, Independent Line
yit fTlou et the g e. it is taen Inter- sword o wft c his fm e bet are shod with U -. s- es

__ oppr..ed. He "ys.to th 714 716 and 718
P .,Wa1s-LD THE HON. & M SPARK AN, and trembHng: 'Cone, lean on me. The
f, 3. AY.- Dem i ni.n. Cong.rs "p c "yu H 'e Franiuin st.e

Swill addr- the peole t Such is s S made in .- Elegant Sw if -
iCit S.ur. N.........th, failure, and spouhd ne relegated to-

S I Lkelad Saturday, November the the scrap pile to be in due time, cast TEAIER
. ih, at :h1.i) o'clock, p.m. into the seething, boling, fieryfurnsoe.n. ".
l ]T~As St. Petersburg. Monday, November of God s foundry, melted and made
tle .- th, at 11 o'cok a. over. When the average of this clams sow Wll- raiai asy-i ,,a ,sai. ,.,oo offafa s r---I
W. B .ENiDERSON, get the dross in their nature conrmced. .
chairman Dem co. FC r cong. it will take about a hundred of them For sailing date, rates and all other nformt applt
ito bevotd in Lparte District.to ll the mould of a true man By W.R. FULLER, H. P. PORTER, C. A.-- OU ,
o w aboin c- PERRY G. WALL. Secretary. this reducing process. the population Agent. As**s Agent. Oiy Ticket
tfai ceas. of the world would be greatly lessened; 0. E. GRNER nel
gia'rlec rtmlou. No. -MALARION WITH MALAXRION hut then how much more satisfactory S. GA ER
Sisto TABLETS. would be the new product, especially
lslliW4V8 of ourlGuaranteed curr- for Chills. Fever and when a 'an was needed. And what
Agels, or money refunded, 60 cents. All a glorlous era would then be introduced. A/ \A,,
. Druggists. There would be no desolate homes; no A
The report that Major Conoley had hollow-eheeked, sunken-eyed, heart
-beerroneousThengenedlaMajerConoiksyhabroken wives and mothers, and no + 1W 0 0 0 1wI
kim lesson in fancy cycling seems to no court houses; no jails, and no ecan- ..THE SOCIETY MAN.*W U
PPA ,W.N he n The genial Major likes l W
aUc -i e -with the same devotion that gangs. Then we would aohf
tfo the rti All live together, and we'd call each Makes all of is purchases from
Sbe or a rattle snake, the arther man r brother And we'd have no our fine stock of furnishings. O ak a
.. away f ,b him ehey c get the better trouble any more." BARTELLO. because he knows that he will
__ get everything he needs in the
i35^*a s .e ey to iALARION IS ENDORSED BY BEST AN IETEtPISING DRUGIST. atest and most correct styles. P P ine W oo
lPasn a PHYSIClANS. -
There are few men more wide Our stock of fancy dress
sad guanteedto cure hills. Fever e enterprising than shirts and lai e hits. We sell 4-foot Cord Wood and Stoe ood ny
e All dg fro n B. Leonardi & company, who new style collars and cuffs, hats W length. Carry more wood than all the er di-
lla^ 'MIt-Wedat P CMn of tohes. spare no pains to secure the best and gloves, we are selling this n l
.m u"- -b-r c o tof fU-Con- of everything in their line for their week at exceptionally low prices "
7 mblewV Zeotrc Aght sad street Rail- many customers. They now have the
W ay Coa, nppariif his road bed ftr valable agency for Dr. Kings New [] P U -
abwsI In vl and fty the t1ne the Disovery for ConsumptUon, coughs -IUl (, ie no 98 a *
sars aren ready to be paved be Wral and colds. This is the wonderful H[I UDD NSjVCO e'a 2W
%- bft ft Puts vfe asy remedy that is producing such a urror -
ls^I^I m s4 aost BexcBnst qoadl all over the country by its many tart- Up '1 te Co i fo W Prc s

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41lft.- Guaranteefito cure or pr-sN

t. ml-

- : .. -.. o t ._ -. ,

The War Investigating Commission
Ably Dfedd by Some of the Best Spends One Day in This City.
SpUat if to Coulty. From Thursdav's Daily.
The Tampa ena of the. war invs.ti-
gating commission cons sting -'f Major
TAIC TO TO TATT S General A. D. McCook Coi. James
TE TARIFF TORN TO TATTERS A. exton arrived n the city yesterday
morning over the F. C. & P. They
were accompanied by thelr stenogra-
By Judge Carter and His Collegues. pher. Waiter J. King of Baitinorr.
et Kell of the C aig. The members of the oeinnltt-e reg-
Sed of tthhe Campaign i ed Ameria Ho and lost
Very ine Xuaic and the no Itoie in getung down to business.
Thetr work hert-as outlined to a Trn-
[raatat Enthnusias. Ibane representative. was to make a
caarula inspection oft the different
'sr s -b*ere troops were located, and
From Thursday's Dailly. to- to certain all the important facts
The Yotng Men's De k tic Oh co cerilng any dlfficutes in trans-
oom in eKrMae wi cro, po~~~troops and grmy supplies, and
ded to its utmost it I ht mak atn o cthe
So is tmot nihtrouble with the transportation corn-
the lt f n. panes in h handling army supplies.
Quite a 00lum r tho r Are i Ampi nled by Cao..iin Brown of tie
we e o fa sex, they quparte rter'n department and ap-
o I. t? --n e prof trn Hutchings, they visited all the dif-
iMaisn eas pr%'i- rten m lc They expressed
of the large handso*ly smes surprise a.it snch desirDle !a-
f er with bun a i tOes. nations could he reura ad a see ned
G SS Ithe" w 1 nhoe ~f t very much pleased with the selections
Swas &large On the that had been made for the troops 'i-ne
S was a long O f canvas, examination of the .amp sites occu-
t ,the wors: S o man r pled the oniomhng unt l .otkck. we en
;O -n tOth ieneto the left they returned to tie quartermasters
of th wl the ords: "Young fi In the First National Bank fruilt-
A' Desw tic Cub BU. I g
SCounty.5 The fine d% The SS was 7Ae ommI tee bttis point made a
under e supervision oA.e t Th. tha that s ,es r', bem called to an
The fine musicby thleb rt eta ileieew with these 'who was in all
Regiment band was a feature of tte rspot comVeteaat to give Informa-
o astoa, -Pro. Haiweil and his lion concerning the city, hbe condition
bo' were gtven a rousing reception of the troops during the time they
andwell thy eartmed it. were encanhped, and the transportation
A few minutes after v o'clock the dlfMeulties Col. J. h. Anderson was
meeting was called to order by Judge considered the man for this work, ard
Graham, In a few well chosen words being inspector general of the Florida
Jhe introduced Perry G. Wall as the State troops and a frequent victor to
first speaker. He took up the live Is- all the different camps, he was peculi-
A es of the campaign, and discussed larly fitted to furnish the committee
-them In an eloquent manner. His ar- with much valuable information. The
ent on the tariff and monetary consultation wth Col. Anderson lasted
.ah to the'-oint. He is a forcible mittee boarded the train at the Plant
.-seaker and sound reasoner, and was System depot and went down to Port
heatedly Interrupted by hearty ap Tampa, where they spent two hours
Siiterrupted by he nsecting the dock. They expressed
S ter another fine selection of e ie c great surprise at the remarkable ship-
the chairman introduced Judge W. A. pIng facilities at this point. Oven to
Carter, who delivered one of the very miles of dock where vessels drawing
best Democratic speeches ever listened twenty-five feet of water could load
to In the club room or in Tampa for was something they did not expect to
that matter. He is not only an orator se.,
of marked ability, but Is a most excel- 'About o'clock they returned to this
lent debater. Like a lawyer trying a city where they held a short consulta-
reat casehe ro.utes agaayentrin and tion with Captain Hutchins and Cap-
spends very little time in sentimental
oratory. He took up the three great office. Later they In company w lth
of Walter J. Kir.n' Dor. C. C. MoCullo'hk.
tariff and territorial expansion and Hutin. a an nCaptain E.
handled them in a most able and con- Hutohlnsd accepted an intat on fr, 4
S viscing manner. He neither dodged Col. And&eron to lake tnnse at 'ior-
S nor straddled a single party issue, but taron & Vlle nil's famous oPin- n
boldly carried the war into Africa and Cafe in Ybor City.
shelled tfhe enemy with Democratic ar- The one thing that most impressed
glulnenta that took the bark off. Where Ahe members of tha commission here
Mr. Gunby made a little sport of the was the remarkably low death rainte of
Sterritorial expansion question, Mr. the troops during their stay in Tampa.
Crter produced arguments in stfpport Of the 30.000 that were encamped here
of the Democratic policy that were less than sixty died, and 12 of these
simply unanswerable. The speech Ini were caused by accidents. This is a
Its entirety was a complete refutation record lower than that ot any camp In
7 of the arguments produced at the Re- the United States, and certainly speaks
4- publlcan meeting on Saturday nigit, volumns for this climate as well as the
and stamps Mr. Carter as one of the healthy location of the camps.
Svery blest political orators In the After the feast at the cafe, Colonel
state ra in Anderson and the other members of
Another lively selection by the band the party were driven to the F. C. &
was followed by a fine address delivered P. depot where they boarded the spec-
by Hon. Don C. McMullen of Largo. lal Pullman car and at 8 o'clock the
-This worthy representative in the tate two members of the commission and
tgs wath re veryy pleaslng and In-i their stenographTer departed for Jack-
.Atle-gtalker. sed while he makes sonville, where they will join the other
no profession of being apolitical orator members of the commission, and all
the-made some 'good poInts and en- will proceed to Atlanta.
1. geo aneete- He spoke far fi- A iRILLIANT WEDDING.
rod, at applause at the close. Two Popular Young People Join Hands
Tj e oeleg address of the evening and Hearts for Life.
Ww uWed bVy City Attorney C. C. Whit-
S, ker. He as he was proud of the One of the most beautiful weddings
aTosag i Sn ien'ctatl Caub of Tam- that has been, solemnlsed in this sec-
faaa felt bo r-ae bein caled a tioan of the State for a long time, was
.s e B K urA'" t Sesi ty of the marriage last night of Mr. Otto
-,a:es.w ,pa ,,ad.aaeg. t-ene- tSatlng.s of this city to Miss Minnie
ity of evrey goter workng as lendi- MiRcbell of Fort Meatde. The happy
v vidual fro now unt-election day event culminated at the residence of
i to getAetti.n vote5 ,e deula-ett that the bride's parents in that classic little
we sedeadriSete, a nltptnal ma- cIty; In the presence of a large circle
$ lorlty foro" oar .didlt~eS inth eomlng of relatves and admiring friends.
ee- ction, n in e r to have our- ju The groom is a young man of fine
r e. eetetioa In nationall State and business qualifications and sterling
4lOsnrlonal affairs, we 'must work character, eminently popular and ad-
,, to.gts-, every Dt mocrative t In tircd by all who know and appreciate

s acse ......... The bride is a charming little lady of
;" The best attention was given the many lovable traits of character and
s pa i ring the meeting, and the attaInments, and Is regarded as the
tinue applauseIncaS ted'how well rose bud of society In that delectable
the sueeches were received. It was s.eton. sod Is the daughter of Dr.

one of the best meetings of the cam- aeuroott anCi a nieee hrs" so, a.
il and certainly did mue A enderson, Mrs. Governor Mitchell at
'lT l were mam d hae m~ats d ex f T. K Spencer of ths city. She
S- htsew r aeant nthe eon-m learance o to a most elegant type of Southern
os. s .. C. WIlson O Barlow. Htis womanhood, calculated to preside over
Ti" d arguments for tOe cse of De- the household of a kIrg with all ease.
iocra s hav ouledve added grtly to and diity. and will makp the
he -t eousias of the occasion. He is choice of her h, %rt a helpmate through
s. loyal Democrat and had he made pr.^-peritl .uru ..ian r.y t :- .r.,.
hIs appe some last night he would have of.
bp given a hearty reception. Immediately after the ceremony i-
1Pocouple left for Covingtosn.s Ga.. the home
Ag a il-SING DRUGGIST.. of the groom and other points of in-
-terest on their wedding tour. They
Th are few me more wde wil ke't cty their future home,
Te are e r w int mand the many admiring friends of the
awake and enterprising than I. happy twain will welcome them mnst
R B. Leonaardi & Company. who cordially. The many presents demon-
Ssecure the best strated in what high esteem the con-
of eerythng in ther l r ir traheir lin parties were held They were
6. 0 elegant, useful asI profuse
u may stomers. They noiw havt- th-
valuable agency '-r Dr Kuigs Net TiAT JiDFir. i'.il.'s',
O. D very f r t Ctusum o e wrp une With the exhilarating sense of renewed
it colds. This Is the wonslerful
remedy at Is producing ash a furror health and strength and internal clean-
n o b S line which follows the use of Syrup of
S: by its many Sta Figs, Is known to the fw who have not
Scores. It absolutely cud all altmec- progressed beyond the old time medi-
SHa cr tlnes, and the cheap substitutes some-
S. ns of the Throat. Cheat L S times offered, but never accepted by the
' at above drugstore and get a riai wll-nformpd Buy the genuine. r
-. I bottle free or a regular aize for ad vens Manufactured by the California Fig i
..and .0. mGuaranteed to cure or p-cn yrup co.
refyded. yrup a.
i' DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve has the
e..'A One tlnute Oough Cure surprtees peo. let sale of any me in he wo
- pie by it1 quick cures and children T st an I mr ha le t dtshonesr
t y take It in large quantilties without This fact and ts mert has led dshnest
te danger. It has won for Itself people to attempt to counterfeit It
e best reptatm of aky p tio Lok out for the man who attempts to
l is bea4t reputation of ay ppaticking delneve you when you call for DeWitt's
S ued to-dy for colds. roup tickling Witch Hasel Salve the great pile cure.
s t t abalsba& 8 .D&1. toward & Co.

be WUL bg p _7 b~usneL 'Northors and Western people are
nb-oa K-'L, ? ery t, nw rala coming to Tampa is loaded
B.ffla--tthechAnf with prWopectors and Investors and the
reO estate bu-fnfts is beginning to

.A stubboen opugh or ticklIng in the
SWich throaL yields to One 1019e Cou" 4
j5 lanas In emec to.l.m.M the
mt^^^^^ H~^^ .^a4,l. ftwltF toi

H. C. McFadden of the P'ant Cytem,
Marine Surgeon Wyman lakes an n- says the outlook is Bright. And tt UnirRial Cry is for iiM
vestigation at Egront Key. winter tourists business bids fair fl Brlick
this season to be very large, so says
---Mr. H. C. McFadden. assistant general

from the North, where he had an op--"_ _
rt'lry to judge of Just what may
Steamer Xascotte Arrives From Ha- -ed for the coming season. Bender a Bill for $810.08. Including
Vana With Heavy Passenger List N. oFadden says he sees no reason Hotel and allroad xpeses4--Oity
Why the season should not be very
and Much Freight-Foreign successful, so far as the railroads and Attorney Instructed to Enter -
hotel of the South are concerned. He
Vessels Loading at Port. was asked by a Savannah News re- suit Against Water Co
porter for some of the reasons that
indicate that a successful season Is In
Port Tampa, Oct. 20.-United States tore and stated as follows: From Saturday's Daily.
Marine Surgeon Wyman, arrived here The war is taken as being the prime The regular session of the city cou-
this mornih for the purpose of In- factor that has wrought In favor of cli convened last night with the fao
vestigating some rumors concerning the tourist season. Mr. McFadden 0 n ast a it
the government quarantine hospital at says It will have the effect of sending lQLv emers present: Predent Ce
Egmont Key. He came here from a great many iNorthern people South. BrUs. Webb, Morey, Wing, Brown.
the yellow fever districts of Mlssslipii There are a nus her of reasons saar- olmeso de Axma-s, Frecker, Krusea nd S1
end Louisiana, and reported that the ent to him to show that the war will -0i
epidemic was decreasing, and with the ng the nople South The most -e of he la e r
eomtng cold weather, would soon be Portant being the prosperity t has The m tes of the last r lare- s S?
entirely under control. brought in many sections. Many peo- log were read and adopted, after 'w)id /it
After $ good break-,ost at the Inn pie have made a great dear of money the business wa trantaced in the i
this hor-ning in company with Dr. A- Out of tle war, and they feel that they following order:
tree of the Marine Hospital here, they can afford to take a trip during the A pei 'i
boarded the government boat Foster, winter. Nearly every industry and petition was read from the Tampa -
Captan Russell, and went down to branchof trade, Mr. McFadden says, Bewing Company, stating that tle, -
Egmont where they spent the day at has been benefitted by the war. He company in seaordancee with an &arse&-
the quarantine hospital, returning regards this as rather an anamalous menyt with the Cty Council h eet- .
about 4:30 p.m. He reports a very fact, and oe that s in direct contra- th the Cy Counc ad erected
eant~trip, sbot would say nothing riety with what was expected at the a budding to coat not less thae H10OW
about the bospAl, furtherthan every- inception of the trouble .with Spain, on condition that they be tWed not
thing wAs om vie adlont somactri ly-. ut h els assured of his reality, over mt or city taXe Tho e peUttIon-
J, A. e sskin lproprietor of the Tre- PART HAVIA h PLftS. se
month hotel, ot Lakeland, arrived at The reopeningof the port of Havana e tated that the buUkdiig erected had 1
the Inn thie morning and left in the and the safety that is now to be found cot M84 ,000 that they coutd avebe ae b-lt oft
afternoon for Tampa. (or Americans in the city. together with on the opposite side of the d d xs S"-t A
Assistant passenger agent of the the great interest that t is felt in the track, and thu be outside of the city
Plant SIteems teamship Coanitay, na- place, and the surrounding country, ....
rived home to-day from Macon, Ga., will end many people to Florida to lilts. The tax collector presented a IL re lei
where he enjoyed an extended visit as take the steamshp line for the Cuban 1o l for several times the amount agreed the O aP -
the guest of his friend Nat Winslip. captal.They will go In the winter = On our refuse to pay same, he -c -
The latter gentleman accompanied him father ith an in the summer, for fear stated that the contract fo e in
hr ne, and will spend a few weeks here of contracting diseases that are popu- tated that the contract or
fishing; and hunting larly supposed to be common and con- u 200 was invalid, and oould not be ac- .l.l S r.
The Ma.scotte arrived this afternoon taious during the summer months. pted. Our property was advertieA -
from Havana and Key W 'est at 4:30 Another class that is expected to be and sold for city taxes. The IBrewtg - A
nearly two hours earlier than usual. thoroughly in evidence inCuba and the a i i
,There were twenty-six passengers on est Indiess that f the capitalists Company is wiling to do whatever to I
board, and a very large cargo of freight. ho will come down from the North fadr in the matter, and asks the corn n
Mrs Samuel Hannah, wife of the to look about for investments. There to appoint a special committee of three
has been the guest of her sister, for hereby to etter iste for s condition. The matter. The president appointed as Xo.e p a t te Tit aI
the past month. Indies offer a bright prospect, and the members of the committee. Messf-rs. l Rebat
The Plant System trucks along the roadswill probably hae the ransor- Frecker, Morey and Kruse. a
oharf are lined with ears of Phosphate nation of many men of this class. A pett
waiting to be loaded. The repairs O ofhe t hn s h eatwa con A petition was read from Propertyte rm.eJ. a t
on the mammoth elevators will be in- sdered hy man of th NothheMr tour- owners on Fortune street, ain for .L S irrivWdat .
shed this week, when work will begin idts before deciding upon their winter privilege to widen that thoroughfare
loading the vessels. trips is the health that has been en- to a uniform width of 50 eet from Ofnr l their home In Key 1
The Abbo-zia, a 4.000 ton Austrian jit ed I a prospetive ocalit0 during Franklin street to the river. Referred Puftpse of consulting t
merchant vessel arit ve here yserda'y the-'ur m r months. There have hben to the street committee. Messrs. Hugh ad -. 8
from New York, and is now waithcnt;mes wh.s c -nplorida's se-aons have nct A petition was read from. property eo P, -K' ey r1_
to be loaded with phosphate. The work been so lively as th,-v -might hav he-n I owners along water street, asking that S P ae i
of loading her will begin next Monday. on account of the health o tfhe State vitrifled brick be used in paving that an important suit that
2.200 tons -wil bh dumped into her. She not having bhen of th- best during the street from Lafayette to Whiting courts hera for some til
will then proceed to New Orleans where summer. This was not the case du- sir-nvts- Referred to First W'rd cotn- The suit involves the
she will take on a cargo of 1,800 tone ring the past summer and it i thought i lman .valualeproperty eo
of cotton, when she will sail for Ger- the good health that prevailed will A petition fro H Se l Raytta wrasre ra
many. have the effect of bringing many ort ;in whh he claimed -that an erronhou.. p J. Ph"lbric who
State Health Officer, Dr. J. Y. Porter. those ho ae ooing fr relh ade on his r- West.
arrived here this morning from Key phsica ailment down to the Lind ertY, and asked that it be adjusted. o two t
WeSat andpreeded at once to his room Fwers for a time ie ncrred to committee on appeals an H. B. Plant's steamer Florida, Petition from I. M. Morton 1to erect receiver ot the pro erty,4i
Captain J. B. Allen will arrive here in ST. PETERSBLRG. a corrugated iron building withiln fire untithe settlementt of thUSi
a few days from New York. It will --- limits, was referred to fire committee T*l uIt was brodatit hW-
be remembered that this vessel was New Buildings and Enlargements of with power lo act. h re
badly damaged in a collision with the Old Buildings the Order of the Day. A communication was read .from Mr.Phl- rlk who rssh
iazlni, during the time the troops were George D. Munsting of the Consumer's In his complaint he B- 5~
encamped here. She was afterwards St. Petersburg, Oct. 19.-The town is Company, in regard to moving electric Phhbrck has-no rght't
sent to New York Ifor repairs and is not on a boom, but keeps up a steady poles from streets that are being paved, 'on the ground that b r i
once more in fine shape for business, growth. A n-w brick store has Just was filed f r information.
It is the intention of the Plant Steam- b ei-n b uilt ai occupied, and three of Communicetion fro-n E. W Munroe ot-os" F r5I ito the "
ship Compnyey to substitute the Florida the merchants are enlarging their in which he presented a claim for $60 s. Phllbrick we e
for the regular run to Havana and stores to accommodate their growing In payment for security bonds for A. former 'ilbaad In Utah.
eKy West while the Mascotte receives business. Several residences are being J. Herris, chief of the fire department. f
some repairs. Captain Allen will built and others contracted for, and the W. W. Woodward, chief of police, and m*d e sat thws d(Uvcre V
bring his family with him on this trip demand for cottages cannot be supplied. T, 5. LWeir, chief of sasitatlon. A war- ma te as to SSImae her o
to spend the winter at the Inn Col. and Mrs. W. J. Davis, owners rant was ordered for the amount, any one else Al -y- j
Manager Hannah of the Inn is enjoy- of considerable town property, are here A comruanication was read from Ex- Thec a t onf ,a
ig a good run of trade for this season for the winter. Mr. and Mrs. Frank pert Accountant. A. C. Clertihew, in a i o
of the year. He Is putting everything Chase, lately married, will take charge which he suggested that originalotime unar inportaZMe, larvotvi
about the place in apple pie order, and of the Lake View House November 1. books be presented to the committee some of tbe ntst pa%1Ua4'
the neat and tasty appearance is the The house is owned and run by the before warrants be issued tor pay roll. Key -West in fudi m
subject of much favorable comment- parents of Mrs. Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Motion carried that request be granted l ", t l Iree
Mr. Hannah is taking daily lessons in G. L. King. A second communication from Mr. 10eret in te teet r
Spanish from a private teacher, and The DicKerman pinery, one year old, Clerihew was read, stating that he de- trick light plant. It b now
will soon be able to rattle It off at a is said to have an apple on almost sired the council to meet him in exacu- ted States our of the o
2:40 gait. every plant, from the bloom to nearly tive session at the conclusion of the o
full grown. These will ripen at a regular meeting for the purpose of get-- .1lt o 5,ndl the
QUARANTINE REMOVED. time when prices are high. ing instructions for the different cle- emenonesare returnahti thi
Robert Love, mill owner, of Laroo- partments to establhlh a -uniform sye- tthe first Monday in DeOO
*Mississippi and Louisiana at Last chee, has bought the fine residence tea of keeping accounits. -
Come to Their Senses. owned by Col W. J. Davie. CoL Davis A petition was read from property A TXA8 WO
ihas another neartb completed, owners abutting on Seventh' avenue,. 7"oJ

For some time past Inc health hoards burg have coms here to open up a stree ioniNebrska aevtnou e pved- e .de
;masntinhng a senseeso quarantine P.H. Stoner, senior member of the The reports of the bulging commit-
against Key West, fr the alleged rca- hard-are store, will move his family tee in regard to granting A. T Smith o
son that yellow fever was supposed to from Dadase City to St. Petersburg and We. Oieipnheimh, and Flnk troubles '
exIst there. The quarantine was main-t shortly. esteon privilege to erect building With- beots, se tmiest ue
talned in spite of the most poative Capt. Phil Washington of the steamer Imtlon Ore mht wr aropte erTet enas backs, r-u na-. a
statement by Dr. J V. Porter, State. Clara. is the proud father oW a new- tn as To Parsons ta t-ct 0111
baa exlstod there at any tIme thIs sum- H. 3. Morgan of the Sub-Peninsuar committee and adted. men and- wome.
mer. tnorsation reeteand at then has bent invited by the Democrati Mr Holmes, chairman of the street t .robles In .c....sa.'
once of the State 'Board of Health e-cI county committee to assist the speak-. cmmttee, r rated that Pbflips cad .^

Captain St. Deniq anod a party of in- repairing it was pograsaing as fast as pFl5 -
RHI L'MATISM C1-RED IN A DAY. vited guests had quite a '.hrilIng ex- possible. He alse reported that work ;

periconce on the bay this week. Mon- on the Ninth Street bridge had begun- os &al~ad 'll Te i. .
Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and pernc on th bay this w on- on the t
Neuralgia radically cures in I1to 3 days. day afternoon he sailed from Tampathatmerected the Lafayettet thestreetuniea rlfU1"ldge t dm
Its action upon the system Is remark- with his yacht, accompanied by Me=r's. ought to be compelled to put in repairs p aIn her left
Montalvo, Rivas and 'Mesa, on his re- In the absence for the contrrt for rhommati, ei -
able and mysterious. It removes at sme the matter wa referred to the
once the cause and the disease mme- turn to t. Petersburg. Monday ght ridge ttee to report at net the de,
diately disappears. The first dose a equall came down suddenly, carry- meeting. the uae of Hat as
greatly benefits. 75 cents. Sold by S lng the mast by the board, and leav- The committee on appeals and grtev- used only eonU ote,
B Leonardl & C. ing the fine vessel a helpless wreck at ances, reported as having consiOered permana tly iued,
the mercy of winds and av-s All1h te comrlaint and claim prented a ,-
hc?. -- rca o be at .3a nlast met-tnge by W. C. Crum. and recom-
TH .' ... ,. :ih thy p-chd and taed in the mended that it be not granted. 4Ralro a Haon l
open roadstead, and when morning Adopted.
On the brisk breath ,r tbh.- early came at last no help was in sight. A resolution was read Io the effect Total.... ....
morning one s 'an snw t- I h- zturdo
tornh on autun t f. . .''rd Afterwards a steamer pased, but that each department o(f the c(ty gvY- A warrant was "
mouch of autumn Itw fm-s *A-Iiripi: Afterwards a steamer passed, but e nc p eg a
touch of autumn It loni'A ernment keep a time bos- f'r the use lunt. .A6. fr
Ing of well filled barns., -ath -rod har- though a distress flag was flying they and convenience of the auditor. m was also der
Vt-si. fatted swine and go J-n fruits were not picked up. During the after- Resolution that the Tampa ',ater" W. S.X MoCarry
rich and juicy. noon Capt. B. I. Brantley borne down Works remove water hydrants in suca running ferry boat
Ther-? Is a breath .of quit peace ana with the schooner Lark and picked up a way that they will be outaideof str-e' ayette street
gend alp dream f 'ino l ,s re the ship-whecked mariners and towed curbing. Adopted. nt o red
adW rhamo zfe t tm -w ka n en the ordinance fixing the ofstleers Councl ha ent
fantas-li lights .nj rheir ni-liow rays them into port. Captain St. Denis and salaries was brought up for coniclera- slon with A. C., ,
flooding in fancy .Ir-arr r the i-. party express the i hispar press themselves under tion. Mr. Freker offered a resolution Journing.
fae-s of 'n-,.m, swee-i hm".t.a-
We catch the aroma o bri wni -i- great obligation to Capt. Prantley and that It be laid on the table. A sub-
stitute was offered that it be placed HOwWTo "
age and rip-nmg nuos. ano up from tn will always remember him and his gal- on first reading. The substire a w __. 1
%alleys comes the rnellm.o .pi.: o au- lantlittle schooner with the liveliest lot by 5 to The motion to lay on o d
umn flowers. emotions of gratitude, table was also lost on a tie vooe, tethe Good WONt
Tru:y. this Isth :r.wn-r ng "r o president exercising the right of. f- deep, 4p0 ng
the ever bounteous )ear. AMICABLY SETTLED. frage. It was finally disposed u tr a ldtlo o a hel
motion to refer it back to city attorney the Ilvfr inV e tiwe.y -
BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The strike uf the c-gar mak.,-s at w instruction to eliminate that oo "
-- Julius Ellnger and Co's. factory In clause providing for the saaries to be- - -
The beat salve in the wo-ld for cuts West Tampa has been amicably ad- gin on At t. ym Yois e a ryaco
bruises, bores, ulcers, salt rheum, feve ousted, and the 300 employes went k Ordinhoe pace on first- reading pto-ne a inacte
sores, tettar, chapped hands, chilblains to work this morning. The trouble hiding for the pdayment- .f al h look ecre
corns, and and all knds of skin eruptions between the firm and the workmen was_ i and rat un ling es lAntesr e hae good
and posltively cures piles, or no pay little else than a slight misunderstand- the police department fund. s y hae ,
required. It is guaranteed to gv tig, and when they cae together fr The report of Cy Auditor J. A. teS" 15 a g& =,
perfect atistactton or money refunded a settlement yesterday, it required the Welier. lsdlcated a defciency In the 4e.- "am 41 1 is,.
Price, 2 cents per box. For sale by S work of only a few minutes to adjust lection and expenses for the] w '" .l..Z.
B. 1eonasrdi & Co. matters. e-,mnasutl.e to ThU. Report i pt*ed9 1 9 -
To lwite,disappointment when you Truth wear. well. People have teared nrorde a n 5m Mw-inreckr, a
xexlssmentL DeWItrs Uttle Marty that 'DeWitt's a ltte Eariy Risers are a"tL0n9a1 for 5 tlfor the J g
Rls2rsWyepleasant, easy. through lit- reiltsittle plls tor reguatang thaeoqirlawi astois agaitnt 4#0- -, -) ,7
SpiLs. They cure constupation aal bowe'ls, curing constipation and 01taMS -' 4. -
i& adache just as sure as you tae headache. They don't gripes. B e o-

v 5ru





* Monday..

We nave a record which shows we hbve been instrumental in rad-
ical improvements in Monday. We nive made it the people's day.
It used to be the seller's day When merchandise was sold as the
seller saw fit. Monday was a far different day from what it is now.
You know from experience (if you remember a lew years back) that
the people practically had no privileges whatever in the stores. We
institute principles embracing a betterment of the people's condi-
tion, a widening of their privileges, an increase in their advantages.
The betterment of popular ideas meant the betterment of popular
days. and Monday is the popular buying day with thousands. Th
Monday will go a step ahead of any other in betterment--better va-
rietUes, better valunes lower prices-applied to everything in this -
)jvs Fancy Stripe Taffeta Silks, val se $1, only 60c. The latest for Skirt
{eiea Plain and changeable Taffetas i all the Latest Shades.
L 1 in* of Black Silks, Plain, Plaid and Brocaded.
Wele 1st line of Wool Dress Goods ever shown and at lower prices.
D manats of Dress Goodsat Reduced Prices,
fna not of Silks at reduced prices.
..O.S 9 amle Napkins, slightly damaged, at half price.
utvales in Table Linen and Towels
al 0les in Gloves, Hosiery, Corsets, Belts, Ties, Combs and Fancy Goods.

Irand Millinery Opening Wednesday and
Thursday, Oct. 26 and 27.
psl values in Walking Hate, Sailors, Ribbons, Veilings, itc. Visic this
l0seMonday and see the bew. Goods in all departments.

eTo Goods Charged.

an Don t!




..The Bettet

ber eonal property. situate lying and being N TRIC-, w.j. DAVIS. L>E, ALLEN, T.A, CHAbCELLOR,
SIn Hills"borougfCounty, S tate of Flor- o.TE -.A-AI, CR.ALN________
S, and now in my posasion, and Prmideet. Vice-President. Cashier. Assistant Cashier
otal more Particularly described as fouw, s SHOPPING BY MAIL. Established Present Location Oct. I 1,..
Sto-wt: coffee cups, butiS i A ll T Oter dishes
iOf dihes, 19 glass tumblers, 36 oval dishes,
an 6 plates, 2 glass epoon holders, 3 cream
S-Pitchers.18glass....edishes. 5 yelow Capta $100,000.00. Surplus $20,000.00. Undlided Profts, $10,000. J AN N ,
ilt pie plates, 2 large dishes, 1 Boston bean i
pot, 2 covered stone jars, 6 tin pans, 2 Tampa. Florida. Corner Franklin and Zack Streets. and Retailers of
H.- tin boilers, I large tin boiler, i granite porters and Retailers of
.oeia tea pot, 1 granite kettle, 1 granite stew Stetkhslders 'id'vidual Liabilities are Douhle the Amoult of Stock.
2.-43 pan, 2 casting spoons, 4 basting spoons ienerali Banklni< omoea rransaced. Ma'e
(tin), 2 soup lades, kim dippers, 2 o on approved ame and real estate. De DRY GOODS,
I, S kim spoons, 1 butcher saw, 1 cleaver 2 pelts received subject o check without nouie, D G O
nith, large trays, 4 glasses. The same to be wil buyy and seol exchange on the most favorable
at ld to satisfy judment and a costs nds and Stocks negotiated. Author-
Sold to satisfy Judgent.and a ll costs lied .o asTrustee, Assignee, Adi..ineas.-cr
t T. K. SPENCER. s.ed.,aing a nsof ind'idual,' M ail Order Dopartm ent
n'on P. 0. K.TIGHT, Sheriff. and orporaron of city and staieolicited. Dso
the Atty. for Plaintiff. natter oy tsmall they may be, and prom se
per oourteoussatention to our partrens.
oSHERIFFS SALE. O de --Non City B, New e have a regular organized department under the super-
ank, jacksonville; .-Lawton Chiids & Co., vision of one of the firm for this branch of our business. Parties
Under and by v-rtue oacainavaCuba.
eerutIon, issed rt heaci Savings Departmentn at a distance can send for samples and may depend on having
court of the 6ti JudicIal circuit of the TheSa1e open vings D r et. ~S rs A any order entrusfed to us filled with the same promptness -nd
Sats of Florida, fora Hilborugad payngebeksdeach ydurareg care, and at the same prices as if personally selected. -Write to
80r. County, in a Certain cause wherein talr b-nking hours, "ad for recevi dn pooit '
e arrank Helmers and Frank Ba'nman co- onS teasdanyernoon.from 4to 7oe k US for samples and prices on anything in the Fancy Dry Goods
h partners doing, business as Helmers, on deposit in this deparnt. s l t e h
e Balm & Co.. are laintiffs, and t will be credited echacone Our store has been specially constructed for the purpose
SMrncsdO ColAado an eanul Airare, te daf i, July and to- of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, best fitted u and
Ve l o-Perners, doing business as Colado of ech yd may either drawn of best constucted,and contains all that experience 'can
,a Alvare are defendans, ated the e per ., t o render it the most useful, comfortable and attractive of t
16th day of Sept., A. D. 1898, I have asnnum whenthe among does not exceed $2,000,toidithi mordingly on fofttheesight's of Louisfi-le,
levied UP)On. and will sell at public out- if ove24 the rate of interesttshall bean- M S g kind. It is accordingly one of the sight's of Louisville
dry before the court house door In Tam- se to spelal agreement in each- cane-.iB acn's g ontainpri lsof Fancyv ande.
t hours Of day of the month In which deposit is begi m herm r "Bacon's Advertiser" contains price list of Fancy and Dr .
S o Mday the 7th day of Novem e tthetidep tis made en or before theafth Goods mailed free on application.
ber, A. D. 1898. the following described day of the month. -
T" real estate, situated In Hillaborough No lntrest will be peid on sums witharan B l-n-e--
Sto County, Florida: Lots six and seven. thqo r JnyAplJl, nd
tAo. oa block twelve in Saunders and Clay's J iBA ON & SO
;addition to East Ybor; alao an undl- DRgECTORS: JtO. TRICE, W. J. DAVIS, J. M. LONG, JNO. SAVARESE, JNO. S. c J BACON & SONS,
P'0r. vided one-half interest in and 1to lots 12 FALL., L,W. PMTH, E. B. LUCAS. W. R.GRAY, J. .LIDDON. C. E. ALLEN.
;r asid 13 of block 14. in Turman's sub.
naoson set East Thor; also an undi vi- 4425, 425, 429 E. Market bt., above Preston, LouisvilleKy.
Svded one-half interest in and O lots Z DWARD MAARA. ZIBA KING, J.. ADEISON, C. J. HUBEIs, Market t., Preston Loiville K
iun ded one-third Interest In and to the President. Vice President. Ce-hler. Amet. cahis l y
north half of the northwest quarter or ft a
vW-,qtianrter of section seven, townshipFY faf oR
Senty-ntne, range nneteen.he Exchange National an Agent or Branch manager
RingW ndiderperty being levied upon as the
mnd will be sold to satisfy suci execu- TAMPA, FLORIDA. d --===___ On Salary or Commissio
BY_ c. cSwarr PENoCe R e .CAPITAL $100.000.0..-ee J HUTN'Ti TAILORING CO. is817W
S attorney for Pliantifft Largest capital of any bank south of Jacksonville. Solicits your Sum o" if S) Qo -anteed.a-ndesdv-um.a
o rl- business. Every accommodation consistent with safe SHIRT an MACKITIaOSES Orderg Ch n gs
Sn d banking granted. Have unsurpassed facilities Samples and self measure blanks sent by mail.
.-e- C o etySate of Floride: for making collections at all points in s
onel awl- TWIalvs rd J.GleMAttach-' the United States. .
rU Y MmemrebaUed atbaUke tboveent-. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Jno. e, C. Stockton, J. B. Anderson' Edward
1 d nt mm eem camm ednsste to Miangrr, Bego Meyers, Ziba King, C. L. Jonos, Peter O. Knight, Jose Arrange
.' rOAh.alofMidlefinmhe.b aunm ofl a and L Craft.
Mea, w anr sa na d malthefene me. At my onlew in f D y

H. L. KNIGHT, Pres. PERRYG W ALL, Mgr. and I

Knight & Wall C
v T A "Tom%%I FA r"% Tmm%


Six Months after the date hereof, I
il present to the County Judge of
li1lborough County, Fforida, my final
he onfand vouchers sexcBu trix ob Sash, Blinds, Paints, Oil, Glass, Doors, Guns
meed. and willmake my final settle-
t as eeutrix ated this and Sporting Goods.
at day of July, A. D. 1898.
Execute Corner Lafayette and Tampa Sts,
l'fH f fmj0nl Ybor City Branch-Cor. 8th Ave. and 15th Sts.

r ,aid 91ML ft *OI dad

MVkT she bottles of oeT GRATYBEARD every week. Ito more
WE ---noless. If .00 bo,'tes don' fill all orders, some cstomer
wait until the next week. We mean tle ami ameo
do nt tuocers:oand the delay. We ha-ve earned a reputation for
".il=: -:;"". fres!4 sure remedy for Cancer-- emaL. at&rrh,
u Dc .po iu-.iaus5m, and we oanno make GBA&SYamED aer, -
f_:w y,- z- Cancer appeared namy faoeltonofa
a 7---'"a..sor. b "--,ab that dropped off, andsoo reappem_ ed.
1"'. i~ y S tneeo-,dmetaehava I50risgphsetls,
.'-no 0 my 6 2 ;t x ue sid I had C-nsea-I wa miserable-
'h tc to- -c-u'c.ncr ,o,.moJordan, down 'the State, 00
'..-.:arly aictee, -.rec ase ahbottle of GRAYBEAradiftmd Meto
tr-.-ei:. IS(-lsoacd it -ygreat joy gotbetter, Sk.itnlered, ap-
Ir soei u i cprOved. I i't suteer and Cancer left Mt& And It bhaa not
-,ccurc. .GRAYBEARD saved my lif e. '
jeosei/s Daon, sTaros~r Coi,,e Ga."
tl buuo-tl, for5. Ifyoeeecdr hasg teshree'se AYBEA
--derdirect, deducting 50c on worth to help you pf treigh.
.d.ress Z. D. Respezs Drug Go., Atlata( Os.


Foundry. Machine and Boiler Works

207 Lafayette:Street. i .c.m.." ^i... pe1. --
There is (a pleasure in eating when your foodiis cooked SPECIALTIES :-Heavy Blacksmithing. Architectural Iron
perly; that's the way it is when you get it from the|Oriental Works. Store Fronts, Sills, Columns, etc. .epa on all
taurant. The only Chinese Restaurant in:the city.' Steamboat Machinery and BoileUs. Ourprompt itten v :
to......BOAR Irrigating ~toand-Steam Hteting Pltnts at reai=&e
M A D prices. Hitching-Posts and, Iron Fces. ...--o -
cne-. = .....15 n ... ..trt--tt.-ekue.

i Forget The
+ Tribune is
prepared to
Sfrnish all
kinds of Job I
Printing on

S- short notice.
You will

W ti e aida10d Imny |
Looking for the luwert bidder
and then pay more than we k
by gettLig ipfertor work- You

Phone 176. 202 Franklin Street
We Make Blank Books. Too. a
C s444ss++ .**** e** 4..e***44 446*****4,*4*4,44444,44



-. a tb Iifps Tta sae low

S.ete -


UM 2%tehat May Put ana nd to
Saostitise-War at This Time
.W Id be Calamity, and
anuld be Avoided.

Saedon, Oct 24.-tLe Brkth asd-
midrgt b issued orders for the e m-
S"aderss of an war-ships o the British
Oeath Amricen squadron .to at once
Aa atIthatf They hovie t

Sf- apr. The dock ards have been
instructed to prepare six thirty-knot,.
alpg" oats. The Canard Line and
mhe I W IAr iae ohav been 4
a* .to iINN Their subsided steami's
t i for being turned over to
.... +Um 5hfonan s&em ntfsnotice.
L MSe trame, ameu m te French

|5Xhgtase 0 4W Press Ii isft asd Siopac-
*'*-. The l he Iftsladisag artie*
M."a saes BverthSig should be
%-to ami dwr," Ist sus 5Bto
sw to at- ''dus bi demanding
7 v, uMatsid of Fastoda P without do-
f esfleg em hepom lty. -French
lws idW not acospt asuch an ulti-
S m toy, the matter seems
et arai geoment. War between
imsUilftsasme would be the wolt
Is~ t that oamd visit the e wilisea
SIt we te great nmfartune
ramce b not lees unfortunate for
to sensible amen In both
la reate this. We am tef
., -elos thae c5ner for wlaeclbe

extriacet epitonises the French

reseams but Z"0 peace at any price,
tato hwrd tehem
U#ses theIA irity and naval c aers
sabrt seeesp. totfhnk ahostlisea prob-
W e a.Heares ati B erpoat aps the
MI tooan prtMucal. When the
Amhear t ias Ipiaed wnray both sides
wh recosgn. that the easaoda in not
gifaed~m a terri le war.
-PRAffIB FOR lsujssruaiba
ABhesame, this officer makes a
survey of Prances naval resour-
es eohades that her prinopal
ito guard the Mediterranean
voulons and north of Btierta
a tdertoa the eat of France
Q-sIn a sUpor situationm
etenstve torces heae saye
t bhe swwnouloted there. Our
Oethor qusasrs at lbelerty should make
heoea hasst tat Brest. Rocbefort
^a9ZIbsetsB. so asa to be reaf to make

I haa liebsW marriage at

4 4 H, tae, aAt rdvi. NOUM Aa
h$assi~she ea T asi por ar and

aBalae to he a very informal

PrOMI, andjiwas in the
... ,

e taak fathe cr amp
at xnvls Hos) he-

d&-swmel vmeto Thaw.,

John Bell and Rob Jackson Have ar- TffP
row Eseape From Drowning.
On Saturday afternoon Robert Jack-
son and John Bell bad a rather C t Cflrbst GaUttr Bst the iIDayi
citing experience while out sailing InI
near Ballast Boint. In the midst of a D" In S al aKal
high wind. Mr. Belln gave the tiller
into the hands of the boy while he MI 11OB 0 IU jWPAL 1U1718
went forward to look after the Jib-
stfl. He had gotten only a-few steps
when the boat got the better of the in- What People Are Thinking About in
experienced boy, and the next thtng Tampa--Town Talk Taken From
they knew there were rollfg in the
trough of the waters. The boat filled Sundry Source Personal
with water, but lucky did not sink, Pointer4 And Items
and the two unfortunates cltung to the
sides with the waves rolling over them. From Tuesday's Daily.
iFor llyr an hour they struggled in T.E. Actope of Macon, Ga., is regis-
this unpleasant and dangerous predica- tered at the Almeria.
meat until finally their cries attracted
te attentIon of Henry Crux, a col- Hotels and boarding houses are doing
ored man, who was working at his boat a land office business.
on the Point. After considerable diff-
clty he rescued them. sandy were Mr. Frank Bentley and wife are ex-
taken to the home of E. L. Gross, who pected home in a few days.
gve them dry othes, a good fire nd Oeo. W. Allen of Key West transacted
L d e Ta wre both comVpeteF aheslne in Tampa yesterday.
exhuSiS when tbsp reached lea d and
k was some time before they could .B.AnOkmnan of Lakeland was num-
Aft they were thoroughly dried and bered among our visitors yesterday.

thawed out, they started for their A. M. Scott of Jacksonville, was a
ho t i th city. Bell made the visitor to this city yesterday.
caisrod man a present of his boat as
a reward'or his services. R. A. Coachman of Jacksonville, reg-
tered at the Palmetto Sunday.

PLA T W. J. Worry of Jacksonville, reg-
PUL NT ::: 5 I sI latered at the Palmetto yesterday.

== I Aou e IM tht Claw Johnson Kleammee, was call-
aesAbofounttoThet on T friends terday.
The Tampa Bag Hotel will ope in
Plant CUy, IFa, Oct 25.Mrs. 6. C. the latter part of November this year.
Hards is seriously ill at the home of H. L. Robley and wfe, of Savannah,
her daPhtMp, Mrs Busi. were the guests of the Arno yesterday.

on a visit to mother, brothers and sts- Strangers ar flocking to Florida and
ter. r. Spier was tormerty a rea- the travel even so early, is simply Im-
4eat Cf Plaat Clt$ gad has mwe mense.
endas welt as relatives in our town. .
J. H. Bigelow of DeLand was among
Died on Tueday last at their hm the guests who registered at the Arno
ner Lekeland of Typhoid fever, Mrs. yesterday.
John Keen, youngest daughter of Mry.er
Burean Platt; mbrial at Mount Enon. Mrs. Thos. Palmer has gone to Citrus
Mrs. Keen leaves three little ones and county to visit relatives for a few
her husband to mourn her early demise, weeks.
Mr. D. P. Hill and family late of M- W- Butler, Mt. Dora was
Mr.s Hip moved xts to Tamps trursd ay among the arrivals at the Palmetto

the coming season, yesterday,
Mr. J. H. Watson of Bartow was in When Frankln street pets paved it
town Friday and Saturday, visiting will be a very handsome thoroughfare
relatives, Mrs. & C. Harris and the from start to finish.
family of Mr. E. G. Bugs. .
AMrs. E. S. Tyner of Tampa, came up The Ybor City Produce Company, will
Friday on account of the serious illness -shortly remove their place of business
of her sister, Mrs. S. C. Harris. to Franklin street.
Prof. E. C. Hendrix spent Saturday Percy D. Logan of Bartow has been
and Sunday with the home folks north in the city for several days, and a
of town. guest of the Palmetto.
Rev. S. H. Waddell of Thonotosassa,
will hold Protestant Episcopal services The bids for paving several streets in
Sunday morning next, at 11 a.m.. in the the city will be opened by the Board of
chapel room ot the Masonic Temple. Public Works to-day.
The sacrament of the Lord's supper We are going to have a big winter
wfl be adminnitered. AU are cordially Chin yjvr, and our 'badnese people
invited to be present, should be prepared for it.
A cool rain on Friday last water which
the mercury ran down rapidly, giving J. C. Rhodes of Louisville, Ky., and
us an early forecast of the winter ori H. H. Whitworth of Washington, D. C.
which we are about to enter. were among the Almeria guests yeater-
Mr. Guy Buell of Peck, spent last day,
week in town with relatives. John W. Siby of Birmingham, who
The Warnell lumber & Veneer Oom- entered id forte brick pavin f r
pany at this place are expecting to the streets of TAmpa, i isn'the ity,
open up for regular business in a few registered at the Arno,
Mr. Dwight L. Crum is now the pro- Col. Thomas M. Wetsr, chief of sent-
prietor of the Plant City meat market. station ls out egain after having been
Ma. T. 8. Brasnell of Sanford, re- confined to his room for eeveral days
turned home Sunday after spending with a Toeiwh t case of yellow jauo-
a week with parents and brothers at dice.
this place. ,
Plant ty is shipping orange. hony Mr. W. & Oppenhelmer is busily en-
groves are fortunate enough to have gaged in making arrangements for the
each a few crate .to dispose of. They opening of his nw store in the
are reoeivtig $2.S0 per crese caeh and Tazget Store building on or about the
no risk. irst.
r &t H Mear h beenthet fro A green house where flowers of all
nate purchaser oU theru kids coutd be porchased would be a
The gardens and vegetable filds in ietment for some one who
ttve rei ns benefited the lateknows how to conduct such an enter-

Str. John Bloont returned to Tampa 'ise.
lst of the week, after a ten day'p stay u you want the trade of the people of
with relative here. Tampa and Sooth Florida, plant your
advertisement in the Trtibune. It wil

C t. G. Ross of Jatsonville ar- bring results when all other mediums
rtved here yesterday rom Key West. fail to do so.
where he he. eownsW ed work on a
very large etty contract. He comr- Mr. C. B. Fitch has gone to New
pited some time ago a large jetty York to personally buy and select a
contract at Jacksonville and in addi- large stock of holday goode for his
tlon to the Key et wrckhas reoetoea establishment before moving into hid
a. 000 omotract at a0e1oB wn, new quarters.

e, West yesterday to tav e out fo drummer representing Sable Brothers
two lsge bg lighter that h"a een of Jacksonville, is again in the city,
at the way for snme time undergoing greeting tis many customers and work-
rlejr. ting up new business.

her T. K. pencer has a force of Henry Williama does an excellent
men at work on the Six Mile creek business with his lunch counter in the
road under the supervision oft Mr. E. White Rose saloon. Hen -. '. a superb
T. Kendrtck, and it iA a pleasure to cook and serves his pautro.- in a style
note tcat this road is one of the best that is most appreciated.
aad moot popular thoroughfares in the Mrs. John A. Weller, who .s been
Coant adjacent to this city. very confined to her bed for several weeks
Snta It i lined with vehicles and with a severe case of typhoid t-ver,
btoyoulits who delight in taking a spin is able to be out again to the gratifl-
over a smooth road .It is simply de- cation of her many friends.
lightful and the people will e very
mUAh gratided when he gets it corn- Subscritbers who fail to get their
pieted to 2eyland's place, papers promptIy should report the fact
to this office so that the matter can be
dtor J. Ira (ore of te St. Peters- regulated. Wle will appreciate any in-
bug Times was in the city in the hn- formation of this character.
teret dt hi. sprightly publication yes- A number of oontry people wre in
teray. the city yeoterdao and thae nierchaints
Whenm the treets of the city are aM report busine ssbetter than anu Monday
sVed, Ta=9pa wl be the handsomest in montb 'The outlook for a big fall
lae It th entireSouth. trade t most grattying to all.
Judge Barron Phillips, Otates Attor-
Sjaww M -rsa af t P.e.. P rsbar'. ney, J. Wa-A, Juae W. A. carter,
the SitE ^ pr 1shon bnal and a nwnber aof other prominent mem-
of bar of h eft on the 3M
.ot seag egy sp pas t se Ar w onnin to attend Cir-4
~~eow~ v. otoemset atlaisomla.


The IMtug This fternoo Will Dec:de
the Question. G


To Our City Will R sult From This
Large Amount of Street Work.
Complete List of All the

From Wednesday's Daily.
The office of the Tampa tBoard of
Public Works, was crowded yesterday
between noon and one o'clock with
representatives of the leading contrac-
tors of the South to witness the open-
ing of the bide for sewering, cypress
block and vitrified brick paving, grad-
ing. curbing and macadam paving.
The following firms were represented
by one or more persons and hd bids
submitted for some part of the world.
The Chattanooga Brick Paving Com-
pany of Chattanooga, Tenn., J. W. Bib-
ley, representing the Coaldale Paring
Company, of Birmingham. Ala.; Jacob
Friday & Fone, of Pittsburg, Pa.; Bis-
bee & Foster, of Jacksonville; the 8. S.
Leonard Company and W. H. Kendrick
of this city.
A few minute after 12 o'elook, W. 0.
HMdsmon, president of- the. Boad
called the meeting to order, and an-
nounoed that the bids would be opened.
As they were opened by the president
and read by Col. J. B. Anderson, Secte-
tary L. Bigelow- made a tecord-ot
the ttems of each bid. -
With every bid was endoned a certi-
fled check of from one to two thousand
dollars. as the stipulations required.
When all the bids were opened an .
read, the Board asked for more time to
allow the secretary to tabulate the bids,
so that they could gain a clear idea of
which in the lowest. For this purpose
an adjournment was taken until 3
o'clock this afternoon, when the con-
tracts will be awarded.
For the street paying and curbing
the following bids were submitted: The
Chattanooga Brick Paving Company,
$1.41 per square yard for vitrified brick
paving and 42 cents per lineal foot for
granite curbing.
The Coaldale Paving Company of
Birmingham, $1.36 for paving and 39 C
cents for curbing. Atr
W. H. Kendrtck. Tampa, 11.45 tor loa
paving and 41 cents for curbing. Pai
Bisbee & Foster, Jacksonville, $1.41 T
for paving and 37 cents for curbing. die
The S. S. Leonard Company, Tampa, Ia s
paving $1.47, curbing 42 cents. nee
For macadam paving, .the following Pr(
bids were submitted: giv
Bisbee & Foster, 85 cents per square yet
yard, W. H. Kendrick, 73 cents.
For cypress blocks, the only bid was sta
that of 89 cents by W. H. Kendrfci. say
For grading, there were two bids, one crit
by W. H. Kendrick 28 cents per yard. to :
and one by Hugh Brady of Tanspa, who to i
agreed to furnish teams with drivers "-
at $2.75 per day. hig
For sewerage there were three bidders cap
as follows: in
Chattanooga Brick and Paving Com- das
pany, W. H. Kendrick, and Jacob con
Friday & Sons, of Pittsburg. tha
They contain a large number of items, cou
and are somewhat complicated. ser
While no contracts have yet neen sici
awarded, if they are let to the loweot to
bidder, the following wil be the sun- bee
cemial ones: It
Paving and curbing, the Coaldale Pro
Paving Company of Birmingham, Ala., tho
at $1.34 ans 39 cents, lin
Sewerage, the Chattanooga Brick and blo
Paving Company. Soc
Macatda' paving, W. H. Kendrick, 73 an
cents per square yard. This firm is
also the lowest and only bidder on the
cypress block paving at 89 cens per
square yard. Co
For grading, the two bids of W.H. E
Kendrick and IHugh Brady are so ditffer- nec
ent it will remain for the board to say 5ei
which is the lowest. last
In the bide for vitrified brick payv- e
ing, the Board reserved the right to
hold ten per cent ot the cost of the five

work for a period at two years as a hed
guarantee that the contract has been pop
faIthfully carried out. With this claue to
eliminated the bids would be somewhat I
lower. The Coaldale Paving Com- Noe
pany, for instance, would agree in IDeu by
of this to reduce their bid to $130 for w
paving, and 37 cents for curbing and he
give an indemnity bond in a guarantee tes
company that their work was in all wer
respects according to contract It is of
quite likely the Board will accept the of
latter proposition, as it would save the C.
city many hundreds of dollars, and lit- Woel
tle or no difference In the risk. ten
The interior of Morton & Co's. new of I
drug store is be!ng still further im- her
proved by the addition of a beautiful 0
soda water fountain. The equal in ot
point of capacity and outward appear- of I
ance of any in the state. kno
.Mrs. Robert E. Hodgman. the a&- of
compaished and popular wife of the crown
efficient mail clerk between this city non
and Havana, has arrived in Tampa. ,
and is comfortably quartered at the
well-known boarding house of Mrs. B. Spe
S. Hankins. L
The family ot merobant & L. Penor- Ing
ton are now comfortably domiciled in Mea
the Phiips cottage, corner Franklin rej
and Scott streets. They will prove s9e
quite an acquisition to the social cir-
clee of the city.
The board walks of the city in some V
plaes aen in a very dlaSpiated oSi- mw
S. and sasd he lo ed ft.er e re-a e
S tourists bt to arrive Bps

1shaci '~~kFi am~


ooct Health of Countless Ar

Paine's Celery oO Ciound

countless homes in every city in ProC Pheipgis a i
erica have been eawed from the sad and graduated tI ad
s of some deepaerng member by Has -al jtie sot
new's celery compound. reputation ad Urealm
rhe story of the life work of the professlpoal &retures.'
covered of this world-famed remedy elected to the profieesO
'amillar to most readers. The like- and surgery in-the VeiS
s of Dartmouth's greatest professor, iNext he was apotAnt
of. Edward IE. Phelpe, '. D., LL. D.. materit medicla-td me
en above, in the best portrait of him Dartmouth ce ;i
tprintei. was coaen em roen sso; .
Expecting its handful of magnificent vacated byh roeC oO
teemen and its military heroes," th counry, at tiM t
s the most recent writer upon and tormuasted. l s mst.
tic of America, "the people owe more S Hrlpti. .
Dartmouth's physician-teacher than lon in Pate1s a
any other mana. ztve cuee for .5lip
In every walk of life, among the strength, es
chest office-holders at the national omplat m
ital, in the homes of the best people i Inthe e
the large cittee, among the every- prescribed today .
folks of the country, families In cianst r messees f
nfortable circumstances, families stted n 04e11a
t 'live from hand to moath,* and ceeds ga"inaaa w
id not, it they wished, afford the elsa fails.
vices of any but an ordinary phy-. o reedr we everOa
mended, blem I noon
an-everywhere I have met people plimbed o=s o
whom Paine's celery compound has Paine acelery cPcwel
n a blessing." out oM tlMfor te
t was the world-famned discovery by Sh d 5
f. Phelps of an infallible cure for maney. t
we fearful ine that rest from an pet a M -W
paired nervous system and impure Wg V Od G::|
od which has endeared the great i.
tor to the world, and made his life of this l st hsafetti
era in the practice of medicine. tiury, -

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