Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: October 20, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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_____ Getting in Readiness. and Great Brit
ein au Trembles With Fear.
ailway Trac Crippled i Telegraph Spe to the T e Fernandina and Miami Will Also be In
WI's P"ro ted. | Paris, Oct. 17-The most sensational Spcted.
i war news is being circulated here to-
day. France is rushing orders for war
S* material, and the greatest excitement
S BLOWS BY A BLIZZI prevails in military circles. ecla- PERSONNEL IS MOST PROMINENT
BIG BLOWS BYtion of war w'Ith Great Britain may be
declared at any moment. The French
fleet is getting in readiness to be sent
Lose of Life and Property Appalling. to brest and orders have been issued Men of High Attainments and Repu
Chicao and NKa as City Hit for a large force of Frinch gunners to station Looking After the Short-
proceed there at once to man the bat-
Hard-n Unsual O r- teres and forts. The test rumors coming of Those Who Made
rncen at This Beason. here connect these preparations with the Soldiers' Life a Burden.
the Fashoda dispute. The Soleil pub-
lishes a dispatch from Toulon which
sayscil t that Pve-Admiral Fournier who Special to the Tribune.
special to the Tribam. Is now at Tunis with M. Lockroy, Min- Jaconvllle, Oct 17.-The apecial os
St. Louie Mo.. Oct. 17.-The greatest later of Marine, wll return immediately conveying the members of the invest
Sww storm Im reftnt 7 1r is 0 to Houlon, where orders have been re- gating committee on their Southern touo
over' er Western Stales to-day-. celved speedfly to prepare the armored arrived, here at 204 this afternoon
e t terrific blhzard is prevailing t cruisers Admiral Trehouart, BotvIe Phere no limit to the time they mao
Iwpmp I ad valmy aor tive to mw be several days
-I So dtelintg elt in many of theNorth" and also to send to Brest without delay TWQ uib-commIttees have been ap
western States. The big jtuhl being the largest possible number of gunners POintea to proceed at once to Tampa
seve from to man the torts and batteries and Fernandina. General A. MD
et is s u~~eredC Cnook and Col. J. A. Sexton will go t
th effects of the storm. A heavy wet Tampa and Major General J. M. Wilson
U as falle in Kasas City since GOOD WORK and Capt. F. P. Howell of Georga wil
S.clock thir morning. Driven by a -- go to Fernandina.
a 'clock thisMorn ig. Driven bya And Increased Attendance Among Our The personnel of the commission i
S.terro hnalcA the _mr pas.ro Public Schools, a.s follows: Major General Granvilli
S treated railroad wires it Bay places.--- M. Dodge of Iowa, chairman; Richard
Sand i now causing general delay to Yesterday at the central school build- Weightman oT Washington, secretary
Sralroad traffic. ng on Tampa Heights, the attendance 00 J. A. Sexton, of Illinois, Captain E.
P. Rlowell of Georgia; Major Genera
S Never in the bhItory of the entire was 535. This is just twelve less than J. W. Wilson, chief of engineers of the
Wt... &tA sch at tal snow storm and the total enrollment for the entire term United States army; Hon. Charles Den
b.ilsard come so early In the season. last year. It indicates an increased at- by of Indiana, late Minister to China
lasdtn summer has scarcely ended, and hundred. Only three weeks of the term ex-Governor Urbana Woodbury of Ver
Semont, exa-overnor James A. Beaver
people are not prepared for such a has expired, and it is eafe to say that Pennsylvania, Maor General A. McD
Storm. The suffering is Intense on fully that one hundred more applica- Cook of the army (retired), and Drr
ev- ery hand. and if the snow storm and tions wiM be made by incoming pupils Phineas P. Conor of Cincinnati.
Intense cold continues many days, it during the term. There would be double In usual ddon to the members others and ar
will undoubtedly result In great loss of this number if people knew there was army of newspaper men.
i e. plenty of room. In the central build- The special train conveying the corn
7 ....A. 'DISASTER. ning there is not room for over twenty- mission is made up of four cars, and n
Five more scholars, and about this num- chargent of C.the RPennsRoeboroulvan h to
fourteen lives Lost When Within her In all the other buildings combined. Company.
Sight of Land. This means that the limit of the school Just as soon as the committee ha
building will be reached' at the end of finished its work here, it will procI-ei
Special to the Trbune. the first month, as it is estimated that to Tampa, where a thorough invtiga
Specialto, the 1 Anoer o111 tion will be maade Into the charges o
London, Oct. 17.-4nother ocean dis- sufficient application x ill be recei.eed mismanagement of the transportageio
water occurred near here. at an early during the next week to fill the vacant of troops and supplies, and the em!iar
hour this morning. The British bark seats, nation of troops.
Blengoell went down when four miles All the schools in the. county are now It omm alleged in the charge land witcl
t from land with al on board. Fourteen In operation, except one, and the rea- the camp at Fernandina was locate
S hve are kown to have bene losti son that one has not been started, is on ,was located by a tropical growth. Pre
The Blengfeel was on her regular trip account of the illness of the teacher luminary to establishing a camp it ena
from New ork to London, and was The reports received by Superinendent essary owto clear the ground o thi
imot at.the end of her journey when Buchhlz from different schools of the said to be ree from such obsteoc
the terrible accident ocurred, When county during the past week are very tion. It is charged that Secretar:
-. bol four nmes out and towed by a encouragIng. Most o them report an Alger's son was interested in the land
aboti. torr i out aon too e bye an encou nc. Myost oX them report an which, it is alleged, has been improved
t a terrflc ewlosion took place, and increased attendance over last year. in value by being cleared.
..-mediately the whole ship was en- Prot Buchole anticipated a large in "I am unable to state whether th-
veoped in flames. She was well in the crease in enrollment and attendance, commission has brought the matter to
hIanel r.Sing Margate- when the th hou tho. attention of the Secretary of War
on occurred, and the burning could not only in this city ut troughou the is friends deny that there is any trul-
e seen from shore. county in the charge, and declare that the coin0
bee own from share. mission's investigation will prove this.'
Very soon after the flames burst out, ANOTHER SPELL OF WEATHER.
the vessel was burned to the waters STAY IN MiADRID.
te dge. w ... otre nt ut wathe' Another cool wave bas reached Tam-
ll le Iboat were sen t ari pa, ana w e th e re is precious little Admiral Cervera Ordered to Stay
all possible bt rhed ant danger of frost or snow, yet we are Where He is At.
"- eve wad pe The four having brisk winds and copious show-
S teen Hlves that are known to have been ero ran Madrid, Oct. 18.-Admiral Cervera
lost. inclined the captain his wife and Weather Observer Lanouette, baa a O l m Cervera
f-"orelsd the sudden'g Ihanformaion tewho is anxious to go home to Cadiz, ha
ncl d the p n his wife and furnished the following information been informed that his presence here i
dauhtr.concerring this sudden change In the necessary.
.. sO Oy 1r'mR'ANS. weather: n
"- "A storm Is now deve .ping o er the Immedeately peace is declared con
Orgeaiaed Last Plight and will Perpe- Central Oulf, moving northeast, with titutional rights will be restored to th
t* Me the M.emor of the Old Conteds. the centre of depression at Mobile. The country ,
At the suggest o Col. D. H. Yan- Information signal was ordered up at asta who knows what he s talking
S a number of young men met aC the this place last night, stating that storm about said to-day:
&ly h-ll =et ni d organi e at a sinals had been ordered from Browns ill be long n powe
-.city bell 1W nigi and zed as 1 "Senor Sagasta will be lor in power

St ile Te t dan revoolon favorable to Spain haus

at de oa of n edetast te e ts man lnso, hilg T to w oreshiti bTualway started In t ie Phile to p ssolve th.
- The falto ln officers of the ap morning to the northwest. A letter containing many details
;-mr elected: B. *R. -Whitoer, corn- \ FpptT CEHOCKS THE FEVER, expected from Senor Mtonteco Riloe to
: 5adt 5 C. Johnson, adjutant; morrow by Senor Saogasta.
Wa -eat leutent; J. C. Some Iprovement iNoted In the De- lwng to the cast Iron censorship
s urgen W. B. oWillam.s creased Number of Cases. cannot tell anything about the Per..

o,. a l. e s r measure. Jackon, Miss.. Oct eo o 17.-The yellow In official cirle it s denied that t
r Ga W er uogeated the name fever situation hers to-day hows a ist of Do n Carlos to London ha a
t h aer as a app ropriatae one slight improvement which is no doubt regnifntcance. h
I Ts a n ae ot the camp, which was doe to the rold weather. The record IettHoM ON t FURLOUGH.
r a .uad 'ely adopted or this city is eight new cases and no -ta

s C p- m, U. ,Walhngton. Oct 17.--The mane hyelo m I o o Sunday, Among them wer
o .hiateagrand organaonthatrep- pital service to-night received the fol- noticed the following: A. Montero,
sresls a sable eMs and every yomng lowing reports from the yellow fever Henry Ptennan, 0. K. Crawford, M

cgi .-" -. ~ IDIR HWG~lNS., deaths. Ida regiment were sent home on a thirty

Ridgeland, MI3s-One new case- day furlough, after which they will re-
.0ol w to the Tribune. Hattlesburg, Miss.-Four new cases. turn to Tallahassee, weere the eight
companies will be mustered out. The
lsat al O r t ina.- tionel Chand- Oxford, Mis. Two new cases. committee of arrangements for the
S haW edera re on M Col- WNatches, 3iss.--Thre new case~a Democratic rally on Wednesday even-
r a, ThIrd es reg Iment, and Qeer Hll, Miss.-One new case; one ing is negotiating with Mr. Ielilowell,
i to return d h the band leader to have them furnish
on tothe 06Ad rt Taylor's, issl.--One new case.
S TO JOIN O NG SOCIAL E. Gnby, Republican Con-
._ I jug" rW-Y" OINtl SOCIAL E'. <":. gressman candidate in the First District
. --- '- returned home last night from Bartow
mi Trmibune. Among the leading social events that where he addressed a RepubUcan mass
aIi., Oct. 17.-Eight are booked for next week, Is the mar- meeting yesterday afternoon. On Thurs-
l esuaS hked here to-day rtage of Bard L. Hendry, son of Jacob day he will address a meeting at St.
Sfor d, to Mis Mary Kin of Ellen- Petersburg and on Friday he will go to
901111114W hound for La Hendiry, Miss n f len -Jacksonville where he is advertised as
a '- ten, atee county. The happy event one of the principle speakers at a big
i. jr a and Mis Bils wi- occr on Wednesday the 26th at meeting to be held there. The Con-
S ett were united in the home of the bride. Both the con- gresslonal Executive" committee has Cse-
ualeok a: t the reel- tradtng parties are well known and cided on a vigorous canvass of the dis-
.0sF* .-9Mf y t fter- highl ty trtct. Frum now until election day,
iqh f after- h esteemed In this city. A l e the pot will be kept boiling and every
I J OMktrsea ofl the Ftr5t circle of admiring young friends sends man entitled to a vote will be mustered
fw iuWat r in his beat wishes in advance. Into line. Mr. Gunby is down on the
C. A aund son of Sumter- program as the leading attraction, and
CAp .* T' H 'Abner and son of. 15mtsr- his tine wlU be well occupied for the
,eBagta is' oa man vte,. who have been here for tbe past next three weeks.
^E11MA ^ gas fte prospecting for a vegetable and
_is thke brd dairy farm, returned bome on Sund&y. Truth wears well, People have learned
y They epreased themselves as being that DeWitt's Little Early Risers are
"TOT_ Much plead at the1 prol eote here reliable little pills tor regultiaung tlhe
P eir anad befor iavsng made arrangements bowels, curing constipation and sicx
VS tra Mun in the near future and Invest hedachbe They don't gripe. S. B. Leon-

a et .d-. y' of land. ardi & Co.
tsen, 4t
s:; ""t"


Wives of Drowned Husbands Seeking
Their Lost Loved Onea. -
To Leave the Disputed Country in Pos. special to t Trib ne. United States Cmulsam S
session of Uncle Sam, b~ondon, Oct. 17.-An inquest on the
session of uncle Sam. bodies of ^ S those who perished oin the @
oohioan disaster Is being held here
The scenes about the office of the At-
who were lost are running about like
Recent facts that have come to light
SOf a Greater Part of the Island, and ow prove eyond dispute that many ofS stP et
Of greater Part ofhthe victims were robbed whUe drown- nto o to Ao %1"
Gen. Henry Will Command the Inog. t ht or Poltti vca Ams&a
'Mr. 'Williams the manager of the A -
Remainder-Flag raising Trans-Atlantic Company, says the dis- ica's Abuse of- Her Newly
eakes Place Today. aster is utterly unexplicable. The ves ... Pow
sel was new, and he aeserts well formed A d .
while the captain and crews of the con-
pany's vessels have constant boat prac- '
twice, and he is indignant at the lnslnua- -ir
Special to the Tribune. lions that he had an untried crew. Special to the Tribune.
r Poonce, Porto Rico, Oct. 17-The One of the passengers who ws saved Paris, Oct. 1--The poltiotaakeia '
Rico, t elated how Dr. Fellows, an Americantthe 'kwrm sv-
r American flag will float over this island tucked a large roll of bak ndtesIn hi r ntatvel of h
bAreast pocket when the Wip struck. ernment to the Pam.- --
to-morrow. All preparations have NWhen his body was found the notes Peace commission in respect t
r been completed for the grand event, were missing. ban debt is regarded in we
SUp to midnight fifty-one bodies have ban debt Is in l
Sand there is now no fear of trouble, been recovered. Some were found miles circles as being a meiace to e h
a Nearly all the Spanish troops have away, in coves, and it is expected that tinuation of the "
Sdepareted for Spain. Yesterday a san- more will be washed ashore to-morrow. efforts of the Sai
Sdeparted for Spain. Yesterday a pan- Many persons were undoubtedly killed airec more'toward ohaibtns dl-
by being dashed on the rough rocks who
mth transport sailed with 300 men. bwo u ht re o let from those obligsttons thba t1b
Another sailed to-day with General an ordinary coast. Some of the bodies tentlon of territory. They ess ie i
SM d mnare horribly mangled. A good deal of that to compel Spain to sboulde
i Cacias and 1,50 men. jewelry and money has been found. enorad nc o S
Complete possession is now assured
to the Americans, and he ceremonies N PERMITTED TO LAND. the same time to take from her *h1
Incident to the means she has of paying t, Is to -eit3
and trent to the unfurling of the Star Italians Without Money Still Aboard to runlr the country &b tey.
Story o our country. T he natives Ship at Pensacola. out her colonies and with the l
e tory of our country. 4 The natives1wi oft dh.
; the island have entered heartily into Special to the Tribune. weight of this debt rest a* 9n be
the spirit of the occasion, and will take Pensacola, Fla., Oct. 18.--Only about would be iposble, the7 arge, 4. ll
an active part in the celebration, sixty of the 408 Italian immigrants on spain to rid herself of her S aiS:l
Following the work of taking formal the French steamship Britannia has ncu u.
possession ,the command of the district been found to have sufficient money to It is not beleVed that the -AnWta-
e of San Juan, comprising. ithe^ j carry them from here to their destina- can commission have held o(t 5ti1
of San Joan comprising the juriodic- lon in Louisiana. The others have hope to the Spanish confertres thbat
n tion of Arecibo, Bayamo and Hunacoa not been allowed to land, ad the cap- e i
with the adjacent islands will be given tain of the vessel has appealed to United rates will aBm ,e,, or
n to Brigadier-G'neral General Fred D T Washington for relief. Unless the gov- guarantee, all, or a portion f theaj
o BGrant ernment takes some steps the vessel Ulgations. This attitude Is re -eMcte i
Grant. will be required to return them to the pessimistIc utterances of the E
The command of all the other portions Palermo tteranes o the
s ofPorto Roco wi0 i bo g'ven to 7 'adir TOBACCO C'OMBINhE FAILS. sh press, which intimate that the '
d Ge.eral Henr resentatives of the Washington g
N r r.;: Cjncerns Wouldn't Sell Out ernment are not willing to meet I;.t
A DELIGHTFUL EVENING. to the Trust. proposals emanating from Madrid in A,-
The handsome residence of Mr. and Special to the Tribune. conciliatory spirit, ht rather 1o5 -
h Mrs. Bucksbaum on Tampa street was Louisville, Oct. IS.-The Evening Post on and carry ontegotiation a n stru*c-
h the scene of a most delightful whist to-day prints the following: e e with td from e n actions tley
d party on Monday evening It was It is announced here that the big received from Prident 1Kie. .
-given in honor of their nephew Mr. tobacco combination is a thing of the Relief from cudhing financial obf155- 0
s M. Bloomberg of Philadelphia and was past, and that there is no further tions rathw than retention of terrttonkt
s attended by a large number of invited chance of the Continental Company seems to be t frst pupe of
-friends, forming the combination expected, and Madrid government, andIt its a on th 1
y The fascinating game of whist was that all negotiations are off forever, line, the Spanish commissioners wiuell --,
d played by nearly all present and the The purchase of the Drummond and deavor to conduct the negotiations Wit.
contest for the prizes was quite spin- Brown plants at Saint Louis last week their American colleagues. '-
e ted. The ladies prize was won by and was made by the American Tobacco -
Sawarded to Mrs. S. Fisher, and the Company with the expectation of put- AN APPEAL TO EUROPE.
h gents' was won by Mr. A. Gundershei- tting them into the combination. These Special to the Tribune.
mer. Several of those present rendered companies will now be operated by the Madrid, Oct. 18.-At he counmti of Ml-.
a number of very fine musical selections American Tobacco Company. slater yesterday it wzx decided to send
and a most bounteous supply of deli- Concerning the Louiusville companies, definite instructions to Montero RIs
cious refreshments was served at a late it is stated that they would not enter as regards the debated question of the
y iour. the combination and 4t is Intimated Cuban debt If'the Americanco
that a part of the hitch which caused o d y
~W HA 1I r~ to companies in this city who wanted tice of our cause, and if they, compel -
WH ARFl Nmore for their plants than the combine to accept payment bi the Spaanh trea-._
s w--- would give. ury of the Cuban debt, -pain will p9 e
s Inetreating News Picked Up Along MAY COME TO TAMPA- test to all the nations of the WOs tV
the River Front. against the way in which the Amerl
Seventh Army Corps Will Not Go to cans are usIng their strength and Mlf!
e From Tuesday's Dally. Savannah. manner In which they comply with U .TWi
The sharpie Poinciana, owned by the special to the Tribune of honor.
r Tampa Fish and Ice Company, arrived "But," it was asked, "will not 9Si0l
Son Sunday afternoon from Old Tampa Jacksonville, Fla., Oct. I8.-1A well- cutimatelygive Wy -way -
Bay with four tons of fish. The schooner authenticated report has been heard "Without a adron ad without
Chase owned b the here to the effect that the movement of sources how are we going to contUMw
SChase, owned the sae many Seventh Corps to Savanna ha been the fight? -W are we to do -
s relofsh Th firm Bacyed and ship declared off tor the present. This looks CIGAPsiaa ,WISSTRI K ,

r noon to theicar Maof fish yesterday wl be kept here a while longer, and The clgrnera dT Jilsa -
r The schooners Alice from Bishop's ent to Cuba via Tampa. and Co tfactor ar e out on a
HarTor, Ruth, from t.J hn's P The only reason ever given for send- for a increase In the pgrie for
sCava-la uth, from L t Johnat Pass, Ing the troupe to Savannah is that see nd for better material. !
s Maud from ittxm Point. d ytes d Iated by Becretary Alger to the mayor e was not couwnllad 1ith
terday well loaded with fish for V. B. of this city, that Jcksovitile has had A
I Mclvaine. This firm made a large t s arenn to ardent Ic Havana icay ai w*ll
5 shipment It tisnbeginy ngo r to heap peciated by o bfnco, and wits- ee bis*
SS yesterday afternoon to nor- the officers oe the corps, however, thA t nite days, seaes 5sharge4
SThe schm u Rolkets afford, Caen al n It is not a question as to what Jack- aetce. He a done every S ?l
Teters ischoner Roin Sanford, Cptain sonvillee has had or what she has not nower to induce the men to iw tei t
Peters, is getting In readiness 10 taBe bad; It is a question as to the effect that work until the ron of' M-.

sligit repairs will be made to her before wil be had on the troops by talking yesterday to HaV~vana but a it .
she is loaded, and It will be several them from a well established camp and a bea been received. It 1. hcpe-
1 days before she w il l be to vr t uutting the"'Bln temporary quarters that the dlfficultiayctti be speedllfron
hi s oer assh ied ready to B a hlch the medlcal officers believe will jbated and the men atnn to wor k.
e schoone r aota te by- the Bertha bring on Increased sickness. Fu broken surfaces sores, linst
. Savarese line succeeded in raising the WILL SAIL NEXT SUNDAY. bites, bUrle, skin diseases and asstdij
Henry Stanbury that had recently sunk piles, there is one reliable rnemedn Dse
iln the bay. The Teresa About dReady for Her Trip Witt's Witch Hasen al ve. W'hesayca

The Bertha Louise will leave in a day North. call for De#Wtt's don't accept OOU0
or so with a big load of structural iron Special to the Tribune feits or frauds. You will not be
for government work at Key West. Caimanera, Cuba., Oct. 18.-The In- pointed with DeWitt's With
The large schooner White Water,Capt. danta Maria Teresa ai to sa" North next Salve- : B. LeonardA & Co.
Bodden, that has bene at the wharf Sunday towed by the Vulcan and the -
several days loading with lumber at Potomac. Her drains and the bilge
Lucas Bros,' wharf bound for Hon- pump are now in good working order.
duras. Several men at work on the Teresa
The large steamboat Cape Charles, taave been overcome by the intense heat
Captain D. Webb, finished unloading below, resulting from the exposed steam
her immense cargo on Slturday, and on pipes.
Sunday afternoon started on her return :A transfer of men from the Newark
trip to Mobile, for the Teresa and three hundred tons
The Manatee took a good load of 4f coal will be necessary for the trip
freight and passengers from Phillips & The officers hope that the Teresa will ,.., -
Fuller's wharf yesterday, be sent to New York for repairs, where p
The schooner Enterprise arrived v a- they expect there will be a great demon- 1- .F ORD P =
terdey from Key West. Otrationcam P tt .
The fishermen who have been supply- IRHEUMATISM CTURED IN A DAT.
ing the martlket here complain bitterly -
of the bad weather during the past 'fMystic Cure" for Rheumatihm and
week. They claim that with the high Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to S day '
winds that have been constantly blow- tas action upon the system is remark- U t 5 4NM '
ing, it is almost Impossible to make a able and mysterious. It removes at "
respectable catch. O4nes the caus. d the dmmese --- -m
G. A. Henderson is preparing the 4Uately disapea The firet dm lu ''
plans or the erection of a handsome greatly benefits. 7 cet Sold by .. .
dwsllla on Tampa sHeghts. B3 Leonardi a Co. asasm


z. Franlin -


Dime OP Sam
ria postage IE



imserierm aes

rg ates, f

Stion, is criminal neglect on the parot olifornia left out.
Scorrals that are come one. Let prompt and active along this line, but the probe ought to war, but such as may be sately ntrusited
id many imp-ove- measures be taken to have the nuisance Injunctions against the spread of the go a little deeper than "knock-out to eldl rInpiping timspes
~ade Iat the Oar- Wabated. yellow fever have thus far been a fail- to the mand th as well ashe htoapply ns to polish theblad and to m
that the War De- ure. Efforts are being made to secure ththem with "i"i s tSl "ps i a !
I tbo ake this the Around nearly every town will be the services of Jack Frost who will stop Seretary Alger is reported to have "grips' and6 "springs.'" tha c
nta for the arty found some yougu men who spend their its onward march. gone to Minnesota to investigate the oet and permit of s being attached to
time from one year's end to another Indians. In the meantime the country tbe rif The polishing Ioks as th o o
on the lookout for a soft place. They is continuing to investigate Alger. It must be workmane detrimen th r be
have the swell head too bad to go to ca ne it i allidry work, whwreasThe utn i
If Gfy woman who expects to become work at anything that will soil their Y o u r sr oudard K ie o t es are run In a trough w
se the VeryWV~m a mother would heed and read that great who have heard of the C1ar's peace polishing Is done by meansof assail w
seek ,it hs in- hook,"The Peoples Common Seseed- cus or raise a sweat and no one hasproclamation and suspect his o ha v- en wheels, covered with band
al Adviser, by Dr. R. V. Pierce chief confidence enough in their willingness roclamation, an t h om ha- e rfa a ve
or into our people consuting physician to the Invads' Ho- ing a knife up hi sleeve, throw off a trail of s ks ta t g I
S. el and srgcal Institute, Bualo, N.Y. to iot to trust them in positions of vast floor on whiohth wok cried o i ,
etone the h- e would be sroger mothers anid ree Tsibility. On the other band, we The American Peace Cimmisioners an almost uncanny appernc. There ,
lI changesiae Iths ; lume-seera'l hundred of see young men start out by taking any sa in Paris are conquering the daily bill of atgreati aoun-ofdti e |h Iwyo
ithousandpgwe kind work that comes along,-If th Y dO rn all about Tare, even though their progress in other the wrkme's wheel by a powerful i
o women how to take care of themselves kInd n ark that comes along, If d icines,,r ng ee
Streets yestr- evry g critical period of fall iid positions in a store or Th directions has been slow. vonganoperating
their especially at the time ofI channel, runnipdoalongbeetuin
re rk thathe a ngwmotherh ood they to the farm or shops. In a jsit ask him what he nthilrnun e i ua l o s h k p i *h
g ,ot. tg t authorof this remarkable work has Ofe d oplefoliots are b gae nce ass mso munt l t l a mo i-
Ssite had a lifetime of practical experience in short tin these young men are found to find out that they id not et muc eio
ptseewe e-ttn treatingthe special diseases and weakness- otoyi ndheo ut that they did nott get much t erestingplaeur ac ecfri tols fw i
es of women, and is recognized as one ofccupying the bet positions to be fo s to boot when they traded an Altgeld r machine and eo po
pp TheractiS, the foremost of living experts in this partic- A willingness to do an honest days for a Tanner. I nd suggestive illnstres poesse
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e e i t ~ionie isthe most wonderfulmedimne work at atnyt kind of labor T is ea bIett ap its. We e willit g It is getting to be a question now
'tetigth and power to the delicate femihiswhther it was Quay who shook the
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le.1 oTaken daring the time of anticipation it hih collars and tight-fitting pants Em on for alns weak- auosas. They are the Santa, who
t-isow i' a timely deprives this ordeal of all its accustomed can wear nessnervous exhaustion, and shakn Quay ive n a Inaccessible mountain ange be- '
r" wow m a u ^term=r and danger ; makes the coming of a weaa.
o rush to Hone- baby absoelately safe and romparalelfrIa-or si toe .pee de a
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m hg painless; renders the mother strong and ritn political plpes Ted ls inn fle-. d call informed France and the other e today. It is their inv, ibler r ol
S maing i eerfnlaf, d helps to endow the child Roosevelt has de lined to submit his It creamy color and it powers that it has no more tail to twist. make four days a week holidays
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JIn osL a u. a.of Swod. Lewis SC.,g n pe nly useful fortiaTHAT JOYFUL FEELING
wa-bt e. u I took Dr. Piece's Paow. War Department, or alk)low it given out delicate children.
hases mplittlmOe girl over twweeks old. for publication. Some who profess to NOth e rtn c With the exhilarating sense of renewed Some s hbit et power of d r
fl or I led pa n than with any of toher liver oil like it. Dont lose health and strength and Internal clean- ance when depsrived of aOcm to teira- ,
bhe sixth chid. and she hasgd know are strongly of the opinion that time and rsk your healh bySive element.. Thus it is a
t ItI tooish im-upsathestidahyandlbesswhicholws the use oSyup of k p ,
I -gI cotld mn dotdith Z It will never be published while others t In something unknown F, Iknown to the few who ven ta in Holland to ke capllef,
d- IathinkItwill be suppressd on untl d untried.e n in d g is n n thweekseramonth,theAbg p* I
.ldeGd andtDr.t ierceteh apt SOOTTBiUMULonON progresecd beyond the old time medl- wetMomssend eptinaa mll -,i
l-w tat "l f- after the election. Teddy is evidently has stood the test fbr A cines, a&" the cheap subslitute some- -
Medical Adviser,' send quarter of c times offered. but never accepted byr the An aave g of tc Bram *12 in .
Ctasee ent of m-1l aware of the contents and Is too shrewd
s t O Ss^^ S ^ t0a politician to let the public see it un- gCOToo 1iI hus"Ie y B s ssm s s and -M
t he if elated governor. ss turned by the California g l i,. ,s V aU

| lI nU The Tribune greets it many readers |g jy The people e ep f Pnsacola are lamenting Copp r C l re E__.
SBY . this morning in a greatly enlarged form. the fact that they got dolefully left in I AN INTERESTING ACCOUNT OF HOW
jSI= C0rMDT FIrom a four page twenty-eight column Health Was All Run Down-A Few Eecuring the enaatipmnent of troops du- Splotches. THEY A MADE.
to an eight page, forty-eight columns is Bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla r'ng the lar. unpia-antness with Spair.
a big jump. but the Tribune is equal to Restored Appetite end Strength \Wh;!i hey have ma.st excellent facili- There is only one cure for Contagiotn The Procers Flom the r.aw ats re t I
Manager the emer-ency. It is with considerable -Now Sound and Well. tie f,,r th- handling and av)rr-noda- Blood Poison-the disease which ha the Feihed Prodnct-Thelr Maate-
S"I was all ru= dewi.i aftcr having ty- completely baffl-d the doctors. They t Al FaLi
St., Opposite Post pride that we point t the fact that the phoid fever and c anything tgt a lar tudv of r, a na1"- a repltely etre !n et a director ,ae In e o
increased demand on our advertising that would do me any good. A friend i-harf. i n, a ngl- sol idr has are tt efforts toard bottlin diec se I Tme t a.thp s
cspate, anta t-rmnatin to p n told my hsnand what a wonderful e. Tar- ha .- their effort towarilnttling the poison A writer In the London News. in ase-
Call. 17L. space, and a determination to putl gn told my husband what a wonderful mea- e .d thr The N. s has up in the blood and concealing it .om coun oftervisit o f ms m
ilI had become perfecly disheartened bu to say n rar th mater which s view, S S. S cures the disease posi. factory, gives the following Interesting ac-
BSCRIPTION. enlarge, i my husband persuaded me to try this : : h a. ei Pen- timely and permanent by forcing out ount big binetre et ma.
Prpaid. DaMly and The pepi)le of Tampa take and r-e a medicine. Before I had finished taking aca eve trace of the taint. The raw material comes in the form
the Tribune because they want ail the the first bottle I was a great deal better. wV can n v.r h pe t gah ad of Pro- Iwasaffictedsth a ter ble f bars of steel which are o pisto th
news, and the merchants come .to U I had a good appetite and was able to do grsi., hutn its unless we our- -ad oery bod nec-essary lengths and rolled. The strt i
...............1 news, and the merchants come.to us ome of my housework. When I had i These son broke outin; of steel are then borne off to aItremendo-ri
................ 60 with their advertising because they taken the third bottle I was sound and s ue -nertic methods. De- ia nhis press whih staple one ed the
..... k... 0 now that the Tribune is most popular well. I had been troubled with little -pite Ptnsalas unuestioned ad- dd. efotang, an from her they go to e
ON $1 A YTAR. among the readers. The only morning sores on my hands and face, and Hooda's vantages a a point of transportation, d cnvrsceuldd nn in the first place, a rather lnberinglook-
daily publisbed in Florida South of Saraparilla cured these. I am thankful w hav n others fitted gain te oa a h l ing "trophing" machine anto
Lr payable In a4- Jaclo publied in lofia, ouith on to know there is such a medicine and I a ttn aae thrown away. I then iscours the edges with emery until the en- -
Jacksonville, the largest of either morn- keep it in the house all the time." MAiY advantage ver Pensacola. And ints, treinsa r.ob pateni bryo sword bayones will just ft into a
re rested to re or evening, a superior news service, J. SOIGLrrARY, Blue Spring, Florida. Because Penr.saola did nt make an not reach the disease gauge or "trough." This in.strs that the
alaedn etft order ot. a a a When I had finished m2 metal ia-exactly the proper sie and shape.
t citer. wide awake and enterprising, it is no Hood's Sarsaparilla f i.rst bottle of S. S n. N8 x, ...e. tbe 8 e b a ,
re abel o t wonder the people consider it the lead- Is the best-in fact the One True Blood Puarer. ness Pnsacolas busins and co- t e ig grdston o w h e are 80
ing newspaper, and the best advertising old byalldruggists. $1; sforS mercial rganzations, her business men the result. Thelarge red sloe as on one log akylghted bld
chest began to grow paler and smaller. 5ad weighing, when new, a &oople Of tons.
isd no- medium. The fms who advertise in d Pills retheo Us tokeand merchants, wake up to the imor- before long though o coue they n aed
PB~l~d these columns are the very, best in then l =-| withHood'sarsput tance otf placing Pensacola's claims for- {'MY _g tp r onger endjay as well an thie grnd t epam.

City. IThe tact that they are advertia- of the mire or turned up In a m,- waid, Pensacola will always be ignored K. d.Mysas.1tDeMulbery St.. Newa .e would on horseback.bhandn t te
S ing so extensively is a positive indi-hea. Once ascertained ta be the truth, in similar assignments, for natural ad- 't destroy all ssible o wt th w aa sp
.vantages, I.tlc nti exte el, s th bositive cutre by taking the doctor's treatment something like 3,600 tn ah mlnu
r g e cation of their prosperity. They are it must pass at once at its intrinsic vantages, are simply nothing without of erery an potash. The mineral when they an fl e-- i .
sodit SmPIlStes worthy the conlldence and support of value, regardless of its antecedents. hustling." a the hai Gto fa. out, nd will of a miles minnds.
wzk the entire sysem. Woo betide Othetaluekygsl If Shir
SCAIDIDAgT the people. They know the influence The men who stumbled upon the evi- GIVE CUBA.N THEIR RIGHTS. m ouldhappen to be a fla ino te stana
- of judielous advertising. After rea- dene which showed that the treasury Every impulse of Aneriuce manhood Whirlng round l sasa a im h trl.
atMN. g enesecafly htoluaa 'Upont
ft orItd. lang the news, examine carefully what ofPennsylvania was being used for the ought to assert itseiU agalant a la- r XW grest,, andI h tt e teO wfomev tew y
CAo yMAN. they have to say, and give them all, profit of private parties have done their standing army of ocoopatia lin Cuba t lo o TeeudyAL andoIs s s ndw ftW to-yis a to
C or a share of yor trade, Oy in submtting it to the public by the United States. The Demo- po mercury, or other miner. There has ben at least oe o
QUAY MUST P AiCE THE MUSIC. prosecutor. He in turn has done his critic party as a whole, are strongly t reei the kind aS felt d.Sue i a
D>R. Among the great and most important duty, and done it nobly, in causing the opposed to it. The War Department Atlanta, Georgia non would be, and the seon estthis tuild.
Political conflicts of next month's elec- arrest of the parties implicated and under the control of the Rtepublican tg are arranged se to m inl me ast h
ton, s the contest for governor and causing them to be held in bail or party seemed determined to force the KNOCKOUT DROPS spted every morning before ar
ELiEN. State officers in Pennesylvania. Three court- It may be that the desire for people to submit to such a measure. A r w l,-nant of danger called work.$ bul otb ow i
lEXAN. candidates are in the field, and all con- abstract justice, was not alone the a- It looks now as if the action would itnoct out drops" has become a menace vr, tha onseutlit es 4 O pe to
l Court fdent w ig. A Stone i the tive of the original movers in the mat- be endorsed by Congress, and if so our to social life in Jacksonville. The the workmen hera Mea-cannot be bend
ouTfident o winnie Of this we have no kuwledg. it treachery with the Cuban people would worst feature about the "drops" seems ing over sword bhlad ha a being rub.
of Education, Quay Republican candidate. Geo. A. ter. reacry to be that they are ruining the reputa- bed away in brllia$nt tra of park all
WALL. Jenks Is the regular Democratic candi- is possible that the fact that one of the be complete. President McKinley has tion of the low dives and questionable daylong year after yar without gting
date, and C. Swallow is the candidate parties implicated by the evidence is expressed himself trongly in favor of resorts of that city. The Metropolls ad latlo st ald to
ATE TICKET of the prohibition and independent Re- a candidate for the United States Sen- a large army of occupation, but to the of Thursday in speaking of the matter he fond that the maklgof the weapons
Court publicans. Many of the latter will ate, and the men into whose hands the credit of some of the branest men in says: "The encampment 9of troops here for European armies and navIes I almo
, of ASac publicans. many of the latter w evidence ell ae opposdto his re-el- his party, they axe just strongly p- has demonstrated the need of a new law as deadly as the use of them. It id,
R, of Jackson. support Jenks. The most bitter con- evidence oll are opposed t re- his port, ct.y e an y opto prevent and punish a person known however, to be partlythe mea'sown al
tests are for members of the Legislature tion, stimulated their interest and posed to it. The already poverty to prepare, to have possession of, or to A good deal of the mischief might be ob-
sonereo. when in all the counties, members of the helped to determine their action in I.e stricken island has been pest-ridden by administer the compound known as vlated by the n of mea r
of Alachua. tate Lgislature are elected who are matter. And why should it tit? "-hen the Spanish army of occupation, and to "knock-out drops." This agency to rob for the eyes, either.
Nof amton. pledged for raniion S. Quay In interest and duty co- ae n a au inflict the Cubans with another army helpless victims is no new thing, but its All the work her is e by the pe
N. of Hamilton. pledged for organization S. Quay. In like this theplic -s a-, t frequent use upon soldiers here who and the men-are of opinos that these pe-
fact, the issue in all counties is Quay like this, the public i.t dt h ,I and thus deprive then of their acknow- tisit low dives has been frequent. Any tectors seriously interfere with their tar-
king to Canada for or anti-Qua. The notorious political served. ledd rights as an ndpendent people, man thou ht to ve money and who gs so that, like a good many
anada is for Pro- boss has been arrested and placed under ABATE THE ISANCE woud e adding insult to njury. u can d d into questionable reports order tat they may th
5,000 basil, charged awith embeAAlemEet --- t o men as Senator Foraker of Ohio in the is almost sure to become a victim to the time that we have learned to do without
$5,000 bail charged ith embezzlement At the Council meeting on ray strongest terms, advises the Republi- drug and while thus helpless is de- bayonets, we sball have learned to be
r General Bacon of State funds. The evidence against priced of his valuables, and is- uncon- content to give a man a fair living for t i
t to e classed as hm seems very conclusive. Quay and night, Councilmen Frecker, and Kruse cans to support th Democratic policy usof his condition untilhe arouses best he can onestly do whot bok
made some serio e revelations in re- in Congress to at once recognize the from the stupor and regains his wits, himself with steel dust.
West. his henchmen denounce the arrest at If one takes in hand onif thesemader .
Af Barker, who are this time, as a political trick of his --no- card to the city t-umping gronad. they rig ha rf the Cuhans, and git them an and realizes wast he has suffered at the sword bayonets which have superseded the
SBarker ho are t ti a t s did not speak from heresy, both ha- opportunity to enjoy their rights. This hands of men and women whom he is old three cornered skewers, be will see ,:
pultit Presidential mie to influence votes against hm at ing made a careful examination of the is one point that the republican spea unable to identify The law should not that it is a Cat blade each side of hi
ting down to the coming election. The people, how- la satemn health urthouse re only punish those using the drug, but has a central ridge between two hollow
never, down to it. we stio lh s place. Their statements revealed a a n the ourt house quar studouy those occupying the house where it Is e hollows Psre ground outof the solid
ever, ae not stied with such a fli most lamentable state of affairs. They avoided on Saturday night, used. stel by a mllstone ribbed all road ape-
e we succeeded in defense. The Philadelphia Press, one were disposed to place the blame on the I The Metropolis evidently don't seem aly for the purpose, the r rdg
of the leading and most influential Re- in the surface of the atone correepending
m te red men of the leading and most influential sanitary inspector, and Mr. Krue g-ave The sympathy of the United States to realize that the "knock-out drops" to the hollows in the blade. When the
o save it from" the publican papers in the United States, aim a most unmerciful scoring. .11r. and the entire civilized world should be is only a just punishment to the sol- grinding has been carried up to a certain
and heretofore one of Quays staunchest Frecker declared that dead hores and with England in the stand she has ; dies for visiting such hell-holes of paint, theweaponor thepIeceof s
legislative investi- supporters, has the following timely other animals together with great quan- taken in regard to the French expedi- iniquity. Instead of knocking out the ao another department to n is carri -
e's shares agsalnut words on the situation: titles of filthy refuse had been thrown Uion at Fashoda. Not only is England tdras or the women who adminiser change ain it composition. Thns far
The proper move "No matter who makes the charges, there in a pile right in the open sun, technically right in that she claims they would accomplish indfnitely more Now that the thing has been rolled and
to anti-Quay the let us know if they are true. Even ir and the stench arising from it was al- through Egypt control of the Sudanese good by enacting a law that would keep stamped and ground into i ganeelform i
malice, revenge or ambition is the in- most unbearable. People living on the territory, but there can be no question the soldiers away from such places. If is put into ort of baker's o jas
inks the members spring motive which brings to light opposite site of the river were corn- as to which country will do the most in the s ers cannot be prevail on to oven that is o a vdee
e not earning their the abuse, wrong-doing and robbery polled to close their doors and windows giving civilization and good government right 1o complain at the treatment they fire and the other for the reception of the
pInto a meeting of the pletic that there is every reas-n to keep out the smell when tLi wind to the vast area new occupied by semi- receive. Most of the women who run steel to be heated.
ad ee the ret to believe has characterized the man- blew in that direction. The matter de- savage tribes, such places have been ruined by men The t ehnar lun ito and bt at
g manifested in aagement of the State treasury for a mands immediate attention. It is not A letter addr- a to a leading cit,- tunity to return the co imp ant. The round it to aemp dow e te rrs
generation, shall we remain passive and only a great nuisance to to surround- zen here this week, from a friend reaid- women are doing wrong, tet they are This hardens thestiel, butleaveslttottal
ee e refue to punish the wrong doing be- ing community, but it is continual ing in Boston B no is coming through no more to blame than the men who It would snap off it any attempt wn
rer that the te- cause not pleased with the motives of menace to our health. The ordinance here on his way to Hivana, stated thar nightly frequent their houses. Men made to bn I t has -t hrefo t
s esat. te ar those who have revealed the rottenness regulating the dumping of city refuse the New England people who contem- have no more license in to ciety to et ThIs gives id tbe Oceaserye sooty s
e m long exisin, out hitherto hidden? This at this point provides for its covering plated goingd to the West Inde, con- uan e women hae to deotete brothws batha 1lybl elor, ar lswoedS
Smore numerous wit not do. Truth is always a fire- securely with earth at the time it is sidered Tampa as :hey did Chicago :n they shalt be conducted. "Knock-out butonlya bladeand somewhatrough,too,
knew them in the cious jewel, even though i be dug out placed there. Allowing toe matter to going to California. Cabs with Tampa drops" are no worse than many other and without any a It goes hkto
remain a lnger in its present oond left out is life the Great West with call- drops. only they act little quicker ing n
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As a growing boy Aubrey Beardaley "The superstition about 13 works both
ltl C or s in 2 i rd was to wa ...s to w-rite He drew picture ways in the hopel bugi.ess," volunteered 1
for fun and never thnht to be an artist. theproprietorof one of ourbotels, -though
Begt FodU0 Hi1 parents were terribly poor. bu be a in the great majority ol aes it is again st
ways managed in noi.e way to get books anu room that is numbered 13. People
At 1n he could read ancient French and who are strong enough to reelst neatly a&l
even Spanash black letter. After he had other popular superstitious tll dow
SECURES A SPUENO SUPPLY been some time in an architect office his when the 13 caa arise. for their oder. h
wages were increased S shillings a week. tion and especially when they are Ahown
and be went to ao artist of note fnd took Io a room having that number. 14 preas
InOf r CampS-W lessons to drawing. number of hotels the rooms nubrad 13'A
Srom 3a- One night after be had gone home Le are und for storage rooms or linen caloaets
set down and made a sketch. It was not and the like. though In many of she most *
vana-Work Wilt Begin meant for anything Ia pwtonllr,. not even modern there 1s no room 18, the .jouap be-
I-mndiatvly. for a Japaease prince, as haa been said It Ing made from I1 to 14. This is no ost
waee a picture of a loan In strange robes. the best way to get out of the trouble aM
with a big sword, standing on a curved far as the guests are ooncerned, but some 'tES...
Special to the llune. Itn. The background was broken by a extra sensitlre persons will notice the
oeba.. 15t.-It la gener- queer bltcb of dead black. which repre jump and fight ahby of 14 as well, for they ChillS Fly
S td that4e lcipal camp ot mnted nothing, but which was of unoiual can aee the numbering was properly
ellt this province andaaaiang design. Later be turned out carried out It would bear the s oy posed
O e41 southeast of many mo all equally absurd and attract fatal or unfortunate number. In my hotel ROSy 011 qI
an orcamp will be lo- tle. r there sl a room 13, and, I assure you. it Is
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Ma ideal caffting places, except far t- e b1', hbis b..ook Salome." to illustrate "Only a few weekea inee one of the mpna
facts that the water supply is inade- were mn e than, 10 picture I a this whose nam are en l p mineutly men-
qUate. At Co lmaar.,;1wm at r d* i 0bemi they ...i mor notoriety to timed in this country in ioeton with LDTU
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cay utlittlted amply. ut tt Is feared 11 t, o a t lLIFE WatRTH tVINC. h
thaX a camp will mean col luation b bh aeeardaley goS out The a lpty, as rinal. the clerk sent him to it,
of the water.he oa t tted tn elonu tbhking UMa be was not affected by the
Colonels Iee, Livermore, Tompe>n <* A: row, tQ1or the mos sairstition. Ha naedn the number be-
Led If eo EngLiv permwlore bewd satrat drawolaa ton be got to tie door and refuted the pld ItIJnUeUIU Be Ub r
ie cMab a those r- Ooplua letomub war called t( room, ay.lng that he would not oooupy -
o 0 tt t tRiTi Otma-aIt M gt wan the clerk that be had to dled Into the au-tlf l l
T '--0 J f ,Lntl le., book sruuck peantttion utf u it rated to pol -iti-cs.1
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Itone before the arrival of troope. hut from the bet Itnformat o that ean t e tEXPNSIVt X CB uSE. tIed to a ct a n t lg on asad r ia r a 0 0 0
Wblaev e at h b e on ul t b e done at obtained it same a that the redlat properly Joaph B5. Wall. C. W. Stern &ad Enecata, X aa. X=

S U intended that the camps beloto the town oommf Beverly, .. An. aperi nte That othwn That eldig ALL & S.TEVENS, teel. O anklg sDe rtae teai
all be completed before the ca Te inc iotae raodla hIn c a Cheape t W A ne o s oh e y ma he n d ra
old er land at Havana. Tent will Th ctcu a i es lenvSins to this to ev er Than Walking. d A1TOR NEY AT-LAW Tbe i ll h e r.
be erected. floo n t builthoapta made diovery may e oos internally to our read Hat ne stig at a labla taikie g a d CSPA s ta c oira t eou aaettentai n cb 5 y dr ,

e a edt Sha ome yoea ago Mayor a H antoul of pa ote Uritdn St CeltIt atred ae e pd s_ ttm a cl y BeM e w
ready and supplies, placed in newly pandy ofjr fbh t k d riends. ryth l l, Ite d every- Iut, Ay Lro t t York; to Bak Sava nnah; Otrst Ie bs

aercte warehos es. This donei s tru i Salem, was Iwn nvted to Pawtucket, i b a nt F na F a on l i e e d
beit evd tot will be pil to a omie to any R I., to attend the n a en a tenesal exerorcie tue o tri h eaa m,' hot the a t i s pe ric Fooe g.ank, tntertuel.
ncl dalo such t as arounded the camp held at torhat pol aIn s inomemorati ; ho n nof use \o w tsor n o abou tlea Ittel y(A Tit 0 e poata Cuag Dep a ote t..

at ti ah nad, bu f toe openg of mthe f oItar Sledterer mll. In rn-on te horth. We bule t Ite tyou' 1r. Th a ren wi l bH Ne n -D L Dart nt
General Waring arrvar sending out Invltation s to thin centeunll cabeniad. Were ATTTONEs AT LAW, s e Ban ceoil be ope ItO rAoang day pS
York the morning on the Orzauai He event, the owner of the mili claimed It to aI "er tri eDo waikog, ohoooed B T FLsA.o A E AT ba od pUay g hours aDandC. fr yettv

dIay lokingt over to city a thrlgtIntebe i beoofto he ed '-Do you ultwalk c r. on A I AIITOW A LW oarai henaton sodn toe mneelvag depen In
spent the I ome to t e aver. 'Tried mc-rvtblgI 1 c -.1 But, by Prone a t attentionM given to oal b K nt. oana Srdayt afternons from tol 7o.a0

t did not take him o oe d th e n atd Stants the a d fied oSums o oe o lartt pwar T i erllen
sonchalon that boe would find erm ror Hantau therl m y I n ty, 00u wee md ii of o an p r of s. on deposit in this daparxt.
Wruitfl f peield for labor. He sad to rotat Mayore aubat w en onsahi to Luh. Interest |wil ie credited on each aenso
me to-aight. present at the cxercioss but. beieg dcreply In lhod lenm" with leorge!] neer 01bog.h 0 Saw: 1 N SIMONTON. uey ofiea hm n ay w e athar duaw a t
lg rb g interested in h isto rceeraly e t. h do t te e oe il erlo rlh be e deofacta, tm ay oo eihr

aI thase nothin al g e ayvtll ok ae a t o to lvtt Jrigt e o m. you ogn to alkt w.ret I bthin A* [ o t NE ATtLAW. so.deda toohe deposit acceuna
tampaeliutIna erly g t y I o ll wor k p in- ln d hat b leisureato Inot thllif te alr i would do yeoo 620 rd u te 'Jd T he -ate o t i ant-rt hall be 0 par ao n
under the direction t re nt n W g l for dn of Colonel Becker. coMA of the Puwtoo.t mill otor s o I d ou c Bo tom amen does n t s aot a ,
soheawll atarot ey ato ance te m a rg 1 m- on ofi Io the Tai t t | t the d rftrr 02,ct t he race of iotser-tt i thaou o t d e t
I shall st av.ot il .- aot toncgI ooking to the This iug o ad to GU E Rd.20 a week a 01)0d t4 E. a. LUCca, W.to -soecial agreement in each ease.
matter of sewers and sewerage dotheor alS that the old comono ill a t Do cerly, H A 8`oe. Joot Ib k what you'd -tvte ino year d fL a 'l l, Interest on depeaits atoXl bagia from t1c

and the posbll ty of pavi noglreet t which waa burned d dewi itn I u bm, to to] By George! t | | |' | t at day oft hm meeth it which depeost in madetr
clieanIg and the disposal of garbage In operation for t eoeraile Fty i th ec bOler, yoorI hads a ood e was ld to Aiee I A ed aat in madeon em before Ie t
,and cite y wIcaste generally, ol in m erety estara lihmncSt of tho 0 eot w ay I tryitl yoBu.i d DidnOt of t ie m
a prewinar waye l wor c0 and that d no ole a wsates ao paa. ltd 10 ip ty riCot ioJn an the theqatr-n--- J
clpalt inoHavana, hut before treaturninotog Wa higten heoolei cout h by wd on e t Tl 0 d 1 e Al- ol inrc BricBk Buotlgin ton north side t0u--be s.
home will probably visit all the large firnatlon of the fuct It beere lot thoung, swhot walrd I tte bome e o ot Co.ort Pooa SPuuarT DIRECTORS: JI. T ICE, W J DAt J .L J A
ciies of the Island." eral oash gond while on a tour of lI evthough o tnted tore faelt bort outte I v-n e St.
New England states n Ia 1 tooto't r; vho t got ,oon 0.0 otent s lottlo oyI i H oA
t r n r na the old Beveriy cotton tr il In ad %t a tort d fecd oh.... .patted ... 0 the fhoulk LAWYER0
UP4 PmI hmAIEL Ipurneadl wh thenoaty IFtho totohe der, shook hondas said Ihe was glad to nee
tfh at tab e o devoted e orl c- of LB te o a e eerny a I ee ta n orted hLk 87 a nd 88 F u EdaEll t ld ng,

.-t its de s Ti badle adn w atc saizd ca wor paer, inat super eaeen Keep GonsantyLo Han From 50 ,0 to 8OO, O *
to h hefound amoag General orahingonoa I wmen. Inside were s party of s e nlle- Coord o-eenc n C ylicit lTh e
tl o lie d lp t ThIn o ldtt.atyFIn o nth ftTrt-Car Wildn D. 0.
im hen Friema ln a nce. e nt the esCaoesof tort tnhterri men a hom we bo hew, end ae eil of w eoSen' rdorwna at XtA..
W itham nes th ente d ri gai nr m seemd t ro h s ett l tee r Hauoere t old l o1 -une d t o ome thiagd 'e ohatto d anti talked Phoda t. W .L a who
it n cd nte un a e d t tthe artsiu er lyo oM t awhile, had a tooe. talkd other b ha make a S e Tal aH s c aly 1
rohe thret dtthdt o Bvya'e n nac tod had of thing more Looking not ,e y Epilpsy has withod c or _TI
ceaued a handsome tablet to he erected hwae tch ,-d i_ dIt d b tnap ad Srea ed Oc
It e gmPtyri ng te note from t 1m 1o the sit o f the old miln, commemorating I ttcg M hlot won past te tee r. in ua dBin asei h ay Kl
time the cnto ual advanced at ofer the establihment of the irt entrprin e ofr e od I invited eA the hco u p towo asucess in atoniing of Fia C
Tampa a enterperising mercantioe boo- Its kind ever Inaugurated Itn te United .. t d have board of cases
aeg. it in a satisfaction e o know tMut tane-P ottbr Dispa ticO with ma and hate a good supper. me bad of at yesrs' smawhngt O
the merchants of thst city are no t onloy llap lute fu at o dpper timte. Soin- one even cured bo
suggested that we tern. go to the theater. Of him.dnpr-rm. He
prospering, but they are making g Ito- Cen t of a Deor omsadlna. pub saloo r w w y aftra thethe weh da
g thtof Coddsn& nf The aesthetimpneraonwodesac iars u fin-tt 'D10i0 we oI n.l"A Aorne W. wok tacladf

o en .init w&o dare to Inlect whether When the mold In once msde, the prioe of -And God' great peace obide hero. Chlanging t-mnrc a nt l a n- aeud Cuipionas:t -
te n t called to the weole page ad- number made, ato e s the five hudtredth A nd hiftiaeg easne vari, wi soe d bcim eI e vmanL ba NeT ,

whenre for ohe worh remsing a sin- Comyoseleep.and wentdIm wome nei nound h ant' yod: T hlha riddentre by S NT REE O
tent of the American Baptist Fore in Miso- They adn all alone How wemore thane white Am tane roadside after the maler o ca r thad an w 0h al. C. Gl ow.. W
slonary ocley. metal pucrat to ie New York Smade n dogwithout particularly noticimA otheorn aCl t i l eri1 a nati
s Taylor i a mt earned con- one n. ld and twhi pople in another travelers. From the first moment the
ets Christian worker ad t, (p, sall atya, a tabele hi th ole d Th elephant by Morton Cot o theSash, Blindsdog Paints, Oeneve O oOrs, 1
e sed w rare literary atanments~i his journey w on a railroad train: lo ght of him, ing from side tolepnt.
tnwe thin week for Chicago, wher "Never did I mee such a thlg before. I Riding along a road in India I saw an oo.
*" Ater the s donary training school gad very tred of ting in the train, s the following int-e .. of a hipg eee and S-e
were the wilt remain one year. train- wen to lileep, and when I waoke I found phant's timidity, which I venture to SENT FREE
lag for the work otf becoming s a teain- myself e ach morning In ome new. coun- ed you: The elephant, ridden by a SE F E
ny toforeign land She anticipates try. I have een lots of towns, nd I do mahut,er were followed by a small M- t ho I PORTEDsekeepers AND DOrESTI w
end to the pooater peand n beedyn de Do know now where these towns hane te terrier, which, intent on its own a
ared to engage In active ml tonery g one T BRADIES, WI haven the carriages a ir, o, e t a Ybor City Branch-Cr. 8th Ave. and 15th SE.
w oerb andr the direction and uepes e that move wiheaut noils. They are like a ,totted bat oe it master, mat-0 hLeee sa
wa uer te die td aus es the fire wagons. but more wonderful Ig occasional in L etinctive investigations
of the Ameria n Baa t Forein Ms- They aun all alon ore the whitu by the roadide aftcr the manner Extt eu. 0n. R .
lona society. efrom his a created e ties crthe made in pdogt, w t particularly on iy noticing otheith prdona e, w
p Taylor is a m art on one n old anti tbe-w L. was n anot her traveler. From the first moment thehavn the most expert
aclenteous Chrehtta.. worker and oh pea- W'e aliall on.ly .ee..- t a.....e dou The elephant aet ervs 00 the dog he nevel CooO BooE
seedl rare litmcrwt altaomenta. and wtee men arc wonderful I hbcn I gu back lost eight rjf him, Iurning from side ta* *O I E 3
e he ol e.tl f tte Ea tfo whee re he hac t side always with mr. an eye on the remallr
is tminentby fitted foe tbe calling she that run along witl-'., 0t 00 in0 dragged. I aniwa t on eye on he eai telling how to prepare many del- T H 0 1
SIm adopted. She has been a resident they wtll tel toe I a t 1 is nut In animal huri nt f way cl eWte and deliciouP disre. V
of Tampa for may yearsa. is a fathful trCle aThat is oe..t.e -.c ry cr l orl enlever he ae .. bea oked. The timid:it and de Co. P.0, dospre s &tr "

frend to the poor snd redy The are not a" don -,_ctat,_r tme T
bta wishes o f n host of wa... r.T.r0.1.. r.. rE N OY Hi BRANDIES, WIN BEER, N, ,
wlt -a-cm n y her baa she goes fC..ro. rd OldTFu.ier-That .... lt Iof 01.. J1-eph ho c. -..o. ....o.cice o Pai-. t . 0 .,. i Ceane'. -he Newest, the NloNet NY R
s.\ t o.'.Ia het nw field of tsrfnoaeoe. over th,,rmo Whnt do y.u f0 0oht t '.0 two old tOLL . Lr:,tocrs. wLo are sc0 _lane-o Sforo an de o .
Mr. Abe Maa, one uI Tanpa's Old Farmer-in tb. c r ,' rnyih much mrYe I s r
:- -elace sinrchants has returned from his Atnateur-Certaoily LUt. in the noUth I .. el- i
..ee g. dqi of the East where he has seph Cri: i-. ..- --:, 0 ewppt -,. .... o wt Plae*State
aht umcsepeebstock for hil new The French uced the bicycle ir IS71, on hb 5 erz- L 01.-.. ",t rcro -; t: ,- .... I We wIll opnaractate your pa
He eo home via, during the siege ot Belfort. for carrying "There s "-.,I .r o y: ,A0i Lnack."lugayd Tt bett goos- d
Mas dispatches The wheel adopted at that Whaet i: '. c. .t, o ; c r the old I-API BALSAM
tq. 'saps tret their ime, wet,,a of core the .ordinary." or gentl. ..ao... -a '-. ..... C-. eCa al: = lao,-so-, 5e n the lt.,O ti'
AX b pina rAnti- hflgrwheel. This win the earliot toa- "'It 1 ,, LIn eoi 0r a, ,u Is (leaf, ncm', m aev- t- n ...h
o tie army,. t i" T
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ly l pelrde ve



UBUNE it s gratifying at this time to Pote
UD the rapid increase in the circulation oT
the Morning Tribune. tot a day
CMpR, passes without the addition of from
five to ten new names. In the absence
of any special efforts this is very en-
s couraging. This shows that people ap-
mite Post preciate the true worth of the Tribune.
The city of Tampa is making rapid
strides forward and the TribeWe Is
determined to keep .ong Vwlthoie pro "
IO. cession and a littptW in advance if
Dy psible. Sle people' f Tampa n
... p and ar"eeplp .the Trilbe in
Um I ward m of progsrme and our
r umb willt sow h seartily we re-
caihe favor. a leading bust-
ne-snan said on the street yesterday.
"The 'Maru~ng Tribune was doing more
l tka yny other agency to build up Tam-
Sat the present.time." '1A strong pull,
iS a long pull, a-upsiln gaoir, and ap l
for Tampas ias ela~ Iy rWe can win.
* The formal raltin of the American
f. *ver Porto Rice ato take paUce,4
&ocordinc to present agreement., to-
d eay. Te acqlisitheon of Porto Rico
B ji ta igesht Wei dianV ty E thaa,
of 0so( !al c t-f e Ppa91b colo.'
SN, o. Th a manainaWnedado V-
*- f-t ton* feeltIn for u%, and 06 bu~ldlnt
IAs, up of a trade with dtmo ought to be
O& easiy accosnpiltsles it is not likely
Uwj'.that 6 I lpd wilt p tvoc an Eldorado.
or Slat, iwpeAsi-kortoaed will be Imme-
diately made, but from all accounts It
fern a good field for wisely-directed
Awerican thriEt.
There is no room to doubt that Tampa
is the best port on the Florida, coast
from which to embark troops for Cuba.
itl, The delegation consisted of J. B. Ander-
S seon, .S. G, OGillett and Mayor Bowyer,
K which left Tampa recently to present to
the Secretary of War the claims of
iebua. Tampa as a military base and shipping
0 point for the United States army, has
ALeon. returned home. They were highly
L pleased ith the visit and with the
a. treatment accorded them by the Presi-
dent and Secretary Alger, and have the
hems days assurance from the Secretary of War
that as soon as the State quarantine is
be some- raised, Tampa will again be used as
sell a sahpping point for the army both to
and from the West Indies.-Gainesville
'es in the sun.
e. He l
The readers of thq Tribune are de-
lsta have lighted at the Increased size and greatly
ready t improved appearance of the paper. They
empress no great surprise, because they
know that it has already kept fully
w si tackles ce of the city's growth. The fact
ho don't that the leading newspaper of the city
is forging ahead and widening its in-
somebody duence is a sure index of municipal
ee for the pritpclty. The interests of the Tri-
bune and the people of Tampa are one,
ing their and the same. The building up at one,
uay have means the butiding up of the other.
bapelves Every public Improvement our city has
attempted, has been encouraged and
i with pushed forward by the Tribune, and
d the people have Justly reciprocated our
i.sgs efforts by outribu~tng thelr support

+ The ay arrial of Jack Prost In

S O. .b p IbIty that beore It will retreat

S the sconage of yellow fever. There are
iaPenn- bright hopes at Jackson that the epi-
Sin desni will now sate and at Matchez
a 9 011l- the qciserantine has been raised. Every-

id not to
guns, but
o belhve
a paid a
i his love

us can-

hose to

porter to

s home to
an bretb-
em to be
Th perty

or church
t of the

ree lised
tseet care

body will rejoice with the South over
this prospect of an earty abatement of
the fever. It I no wonder that to the
sufferers the band of Providence ap-
pears to be in it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson's son, Dr. Ed-
ward Emerson, himself a boy when Lou-
Isa Alcott was a girl in Concord, has
written an article on "When Louisa Al-
cott was a GirL" which The Ladies'
Home Journal tois about to publishL.
Doctor Emerson gives a new view of
the author of "Ltttle Men"- as a mimic,
sad as the central figure of every dance
and merrymaking in old Concord.

The best slve in the world for cuts
bruises, bores, uloera, salt rheum, feve
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains
corns, and all kinds of skin erupUione
nd positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to cive
perfect satisfaction or money refunded
Price, 25 cents per box. For sale by S
B. Leonardi & Co.


When.ou take Hood's Pls Thebig, old-lash-
loedgsur-eld pills, which tear you a to IntereaUBg Items Pe. asning to a
piees, are not in t with Hoo'a Easy tostake Prosperous Locality.
Plant City, Fla.. Oct. IS.-Mr. A. L.
Pratt left on Tuesday morning for his
H o o d former home in tMaryland. Mr. Pratt
s&aWsyto oe ,i re has spent the past year in Plant City,
iof Hoodars P, which are l and his many friends regret very much
up to S n every respect. X hti departure.
S derms and sore. hAl SBome at the fortunate egg plant grow-
rggelst Se. C. L Hood & Co, Lowell Mass. era who have made their first shipments
The el"y Pit l to taIkewt*ah ood 1's p11rib of this cuch prized vegetable are ad-
ted that egg plant is bringing 83 to
S4 per barrel gros, in eastern markets.
Fairly good prices so early in the sea-

Okra and popper shipments are also
Why a Floridian Would Mot Rat a being made.
Western Bird. The harvesting of the late rice crops
Is t eepinag many of our farmers busy
k Mr. Berry Hendry hali from the these days
wilds of Lee county and he made the tMr. J. ia. ONceal, a lately arrtded truft
Tribuse a pleasant call yesterday and dealer left us last week and later went
related his experte as on his recent orders to Mr. T. Ml Strickland to die-
Western trip from which he has juet pose of his stock and close out his busl-
returned. 'About six months ago Berry ess In Plant City.
passed through Tampa bound fo'_the Mrs. .. C Thompsen and two of the
glittering gold fields of Alaska. It was little ones, spent t ekin Orlando.
his Intention to locte out there and r. Thompeon amd his eldest daughter
grow ica dlaggng out the nuggets of ^ gn aso oa trda.
gold that se read so Vg* abo t. He Atwe mary ilWder is spending the
thou t the West 1 si Its heyday of wee lIn .a with relatives.
glory as It had been bostd until every Ber. Mr. Win. Shaw urneff to Plant
Southl-owr thought t -hat surely the City Iterday ntght, preachiu In the
garden spot of the world was ct Prealtyterian church on Sunday mora-
out In Alaska. Berry wa from a &l si evening .
country where the eun smiles on the IA de ra fell on oaiy ad n
land twelve months in the year, and the T d morning just at the rightbti0L
waving fields and luxuriant orange for newly painted strawberries and for
groves spread out until they loose them- the gardens which were looking dry ad
I evine clad hills o1thatparched.
selves In the vine clad hills ot thaht aevMt.haw very kindly favored
picturesque country. Truly It to Gods his Plant City friends with his popular
country, and when this man from the lecture on Paris with stereo _oplc dis-
"Land of unslhtne, Prespierity and -pla of views of the prtnclpdVtbilonllgs
and place of note on that old histori-
Plenty," saw the barren plains of East- cal e o y.
ern Iowa stretching out without a house. MQ&. R. 'W. 'Norwood has charge of Mrs.
or rising knoll to punctuate the monoto- P. E. Gregory s room In the school this
nouo sameness of the landscape, week. s. Gregory being ick and un-
able to attend.
his heart rose In rebellion, and he Died on Friday morning at the resl-
longed for his dear old Florida home. dence of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hood, their
He found that the exaggerated reports second daughter, aged 5 years of fever.
of the untitled West were a delusion sympathies vement
and a snare. Rev. Wm. Shaw left Tuesday for
Going into a restaurant in thhe old Tampa.
town of Keokuk, he took up the bill
of fare. The first thing on the menu EN nl D E
that struck his eye was "grouse." eck- ENDORSED.
oning the waiter to him, he asked what
a grouse was, for it was something new
to the man from Florida. The waiter Miss Mets' Method of Kindergarten
replied that it was a bird. Work Highly Praised.
Ahere thereThe Hyde Park Kindergarten whMen
Oh. yes sir. opened October 3d, at 206 Lee street is
yes siry s? d e steadily growing in. numbers and inter-
Have they wings? Asked the Flor-est, so much so that the little ones are

"Oh yes sir," reiterated the "coon." expresng the desire tt Saturdays alnd
"Well, you needn't bring any of them Sunday be kindergarten days also.
to me. Any self respecting bird that Many of the mothers are atli expres-
has wings and is able to fly, and lng a desire for a study class 'n whlc
wouldn't leave this God-forsaken coun- they may be enlightened in the w .rK
try, ain't worth eating," and the Flor- of the children, that they may aid the
Idian turned hti head towards Tampa kindergartener by carrying out the good
and landed here as fast as steam could woik in the home.
bring him. As a testimony of my efficieno) as
bring kindergartener, I append a copy of -
JUrMP ON THE (MORMONS. letter of commendation which wa pre-
They Hae No Friends ays a rented me by the trustees of the Tampa
They Have No ends Says a Good A formerly the
Deacon to angOanirelist. Kindergarten Association, formerly the
HydeDeacon to va Park Association on the comple-
China is a great big laundry shop, at tion of a two years course under Miss
which the bad boys of all nations are Emma (Metz's instruction.
throwing bricks, with the knowledge Tampa, 'Fla., May IU. ib
that there is no one inside that can beat Miss Carrie, Dear ,Friend:-Having
off the gang.-Tampa Tribune. had the opportunity of assisting in
SThis remind s of an incident which marking your examination papers ana

ago. A famous evangelist with "roast- kindergarten training course, we desire
lag" Droclivities came to town and was to testify to thi high degree of e cet-
met by the committee, lance of both. (We also wish to express
One of the good deacons approached our appreciation of the presence, ear-
the evangelit and said, "Say, don't nestness of purpose and spiritual insight
Jump on the saloons., beacon Sondeo manifested not only in this work, hot
owns a building with a saloon In It, and in the conocienclotus training given day
youe will offend h n If you do." t by day to the little ones In your care and
'All right:" was the reply, "I'll jump wish for you success In the future.
on the- Eptscopailan5." Very truny yow's.
"Don't do that!" ejaculated another of Trustees Tampa Kindergarten Asoctla-
the committee, 'Deacon What'nis- tlon.
name's son-in-law Is an Mipslcopallan. CARtOLtY? M. McILVAINE.
"All right, suppose I jump on the city WILL..E M. LOWREY,
council; they mast be robbers or bood- LILLIAN B. WELDS,
lers or something?"' L. B. ATHES.
"Don't do that; Deacon Tlhingamebob HENRIETTA GUt3N.
is on the council and we musn't offend BERTHA M. OPPENHEIMER.

"Well, who shall I Jump on?" queries The fine little steamer Mistletoe,
the pu]zled evangelist.
the the puzled evangelist. Whady in Captain J. T. Thompson, belonging to
A r the Deacon Whatdyecallhime the Tama Hunters Point and Sarsata
witpered in h ear, "Jump on. the Stegam p Company. came in yesterday
Mormons, they haven't got a friend in afternoon on her regular trip. She
the house"' had a big load o C provisions and 5,000
And that is where the nations emulate pounds of fish for the Crowe4l1 lavarese
the small boy who throws a brick at Ah Company. She wilnleave iis morning
Sin; he hasn't got a friend in the world. load of groceries.
--Orlando Daily Reporter. HERIFF'S SALE.
The Lafayette Street Bridge Laid uP for In County Junty.s Court forida The labor
Repairs. City Land and Improvement Com-
pany, a corporation, vs. Edward J.
About noon yesterday, the bridge Glenn.
across the Hillsborough river on Lad&Y- Under and by virtue of a writ of ex-
ie street broke down. The breakoc-ecution, issued out of the County
curre street hibrokle the bridge was standing Judges Court for Hillsborough County,
cued while te brde was standing Florida, in a cause wherein the Ybor
almost directly open to allow the pas- City Land and Improvement Company
sage of a mall tg. It just began to was plaintiff, and Edward J. Glenn was
maLke the turn iryo the right place defendant, on the 15th day of October,
make whe turn yok the right place -D., 1I., 1 will sell at public outcry
again when the yoke of the dros span on Monday, the seventh day ot Novem-
broke. This is the same place where it ber. A.D., 1898, in front of the court
broke before, and it will take sometime house door, in the City of Tampa, Flor-
to hav e it repairee.ida, to the highest and best bidder for
t have it repairedcash, all of the following described per-
A number of persons having small sonal property, situate lying and being
boats at once embarked in th :erry n Hillsorough county, State of Flor-
Sida dand now in my possession, and
boat business, and for a few hours did more particularly described as follows.
a land office business carrying people to-wit. 32 coffee cups, 28 butter dishes.
across the riv to and from Hyde Park. a pie plates, 27 large pie plates. 40
Mayortinyrasso"'n as hehardo dishes, 19 glass tumblers, 36 oval dishes,
the break came at once to the rescue pitchers, 2 glas sauon disholdes, 5 yelow
of pedestrians who wished to cross over. pie plates, 2 large dishes, 1 Boston bean
He procured two large boats front the pot, 2 covered stone Jars, 6 tin pns. 2
Tampa Fish &andIce Companyanodtin boilers. 1 large tin boiler, 1 gr-anite
Tampra Fish afde- He t. ni tea pot, 1 granite kettle, 1 granite stew
started a free terry. He then issued pan te casting spoons., 4 basting spoons
orders to all the small boats to cease (tnml. 2 sdup ladles. 2 kim dippers,
running at once, as their boats were skim spoons, 1 butcher saw, I cleaver. 2
too smtt'nUd dangerous, large traye. 4 glasses. The same to be
Sfeb & KraAse, the machinists ex- sold to satify judgment a all costs
Beid the break and pronounced it a in said suit.
nen. In their udgmtent T_. K.P SP.CE,
or Ave days to repair P. o.KNIG .T. Sh .
+ .-... ++:+: .- : .+: ,; A-l... ., y

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Dreamia ng nd sBilbe as ohe works
Be suot negeas s gbow
b. usgs e fndW old l oasewant
While i the lsea. =Po sy
TbMr dwell the look ale aslsknow
Whsog atpefarlelss
beea ftly bla by emidtag p
1 astaad M 55s5her geats
I S1U the Uer. PlMul1a saf
my love's-"Ms AncietRight.
e sww "s dew _me thie b

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Whet fiebob lP"edodouasg h k

la se fssd ieh O eii? a

te-Ws mo pr o aeDA.
nsmas et ofI hes Om s.

fs ad wthe abeld o idte s abe

S om a bOO a&o68 ernkat- o
five iisag a day at least, unle a

amount of food consumed nud albs to
The f lass as melliynameoed he-
otf os or sh nor-iosng rcaomno5-

e hagm tandoIssolhe hrlyIaum,

h and me eeIn he Ihi en
toe IsM# bs o 'tnu poi, and ein
whBe coh leois aein fe ass medor

"a fivgass. a4 daT s est, s he a

ia s how sAua-s and t ae
heboar ml. Aos lar onaa

l epent the ameksson nk tf the Ilohg
gionad oad oanseo and e ase to
waseby te o sememSly Isc mrasd qusu.
*Btt alIe droSd onit- ot h's oupanl.

The lge 1 -d live heore firmly I amb
San who wsah a for nsessi ble g iot

bMmesln haesI Wis for!It. Poshs s,
e geI tOad ni gio vr sa y adoa

te dshConan et hopUr she masor
whdo cod l Giner n wy W nen d M

hskein ho wbeer piand o awelli ean the
dooldy andtm rise D a e as w orses

" en. f thaea ns alongsad a
I TPe They on w sbog ol d bes dInobe

nothgma shun ofsabl outla.ing would
br ngIenssew a feea i tostI les
ort undeaed of to wuek or eI

oThen go oand soasuNd end c"as' im
in andy the Anoessarin man mlad qalen
ty o wssote mucpmotpnout's omp
thas they done cons.Tanani of ouible

shnoutlbe soge I ve ily an m
i Plenty of dale sI weu woldbe dhe risk

iserm oe the ime, plugo 0f atde a larg
plug gn bat the. Ten' sp Increasedqua n-
tity of mawh poidtl awa -uhistm oanr
bTeehe p lof i mar oe. It
sTh mout I livethaa fvrm ho all
Tahove ogsh hei ar sMse l"s"thatm a

4 who wanos a f ortune r g soet t o dola
*nd hard mkeel assuan an bei nme
wo 15osna, ve, saerdg the ic o
sisod passes whn olem e and ssDre -la
atwOwi Inviatio nlsve may sWe Indg
'Om erallatn sewn or aoe on s ha wus

quietos. Sir JohnIm Lbbook hs Just
d widely puble the am tS tbou-
of yonogstes paer though she our-
Sulo of the LAdoa sJebool baard with-
e gone lon s of geography exesp
d I saslsb t ilamy nonszietwm.
Germanyr snds over England very
year hundredsof young me who oan hold
their own in .-.,, and who as thor-
oughly well equipped in tha so aetoet that
mightie taught in the board schools.
Some F -nglihmrsn ame beuonirt to
tAink that te strides Germany i making
I trade are mainly duo to superior Intel-
ligence and the batter general educationm
her peopla-New York World.

"hamma," asked $he pretty bride,
"bow will I know when the boneymoon it
at an end?'
"You can tell very esarly," snapped the'
aid gentleman who bates to be Ignored.
"It always breaks up in a cyclone. "-De
trait Free Pros
S Two Tiewa
"By the way, did Biggers tell you about
my telling him someunpalatable truths'
"He didn't put it that way. He said
ou told him some things that wer pretty
hard to swallow."--Indianapolis Joru.l

Some of the butterflies utter a click
mund. Beetles haves remarkable odor,
Which they distinguish one enotr, .
no one can watch saot without being om-
vised that tbey bave a meanu st oom-
munication known only to eAmselvea
With the lIamt impeovaed apparatus for



$eW +
, '* -, [ -,


Have arrived. now we iurtoti
aid wift be hal ii a few 4 Y

A. MaoWjeL .,
b-tt' pX4ri. Vybnn |
Leoae the atk. :in .i,
aamprelpiens of- -v

714hit. e716 od td i I
-UH bililan 4QQ~fl,'Ii
and table pnraa : h(

Agethtfr thfStauisri


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asaWeterniands to Partict-

. t.,U nlteSpeak

, ,.. .. -Uwe
'.cl, ,, t "h t u e.

-a4e- w- tw

.WT-1 -m- an. m... -we -ea .. e -...u samo
Lm 'Milm Bow was ttar or endurance "-New
f.er .aA o Hobao Yoreek Prses.
S S tee. grone dor tao naval
ti c i at tatlaso re here, A -y soea.
ralqgt. hlMhter mand 'Weeler An amusing soeae took place in the
eprwes t t aros ot Invas- Glasow aherff cot during a board of
d Inquiry Into the elreo"wtnee at-
" ... tending the los of the Wast Highland
ar at te week wilt be the "MpaW," coasting teamer, the Helen
-f Prerem nt IMclnley6 to the MO egor. One of the witneasea was
*iBr3our try.-" at the banquet Captain Fleteber, a previous master of
needae slgt. The Peesident the rat, and the sheriff asked hbtm t to
sa that nter h opinion the vasel was eawrthy.
SU mW that eIn t aInter- "WeU,".said the witnen, leaning his
e tayteaA more defnLat lncon- rm on the rail of thewitness box, "the
Wh the policy to be Muraued eain behaved no se beadand worked
I to colonial dxg Mston than he middling weel. "
e jepecmea made byr 1im dur- His Loerdshp-You are a very cautious
bote IAt hntaedthat his re- man. "No aem bad" and "middlin weel"
&attrecat mnorthan usual in- may be vee good Saoteh, but they do not
~t ony.t th utrys convey much infurmatlon. Was she sea-
Witness-Well, yea, In a way.
O.1 attended te great juilee The Sheriff-What kind of a way? The
t, the t audtorlum and re-M oroper way?
to a demand for a 'speech. Witnea-s-Ou, Juist loIn a mlddlin, ardtl.
m=ery Bpeer made a most elo- nary way.
. e reviewed Spatn's "But that is as vague as the other. Had
I: htatory. George 3L Peck, you any fault to find with ber?"
kBMer ifyor Harrison, en- Witess (eautously)-Well, she wase
s and others made *Dieeckes maybe getting old.
sn eoptle-brnd the chilly The Sheriff-Dld you think she wa sea-
it rwded etai the auditorium worthy when yoe saw ber to the Crinaa
rat the return of peace as aonal In November last?
ec Wltnee-It would be aocordin to the
LM VT 01 TA4IM N MECURY. 'But a voeel to be wwwortby must be
-. mwothy In all reamonable weather, must
m will n ty destroy the n
aa" m nten n Wtis -'Well, it would depend upon
IS sytemi wf-n eieriax It Captsn Filether's departure from the
tits ScUaKn 1 Ouch5 winless box eased much regret in court,
lhOU overM be dotO ept O an4i was asme time before doesolenaityr
"sWenoaA0p0atab phy t eiana prValed-.-Weastaloster Gazette.
114 4 the .do. t. C.ld to
j0g-cn pOeatlg doefre from ThIN ?b Ppeae.

had a
who I
any CI
He la
a ma
had n
why t
not di
he ha
a sec
ly arn
he m
see h
hear I
"If y4
and t

koctly opon the blood
ftoe of the system.
Catarrh rus be sare

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sec of

s, betonging to
Bred yesterday
siae ay with

is etumed to
i vacaUon,
phtoaeo was
I -coa in*rtx dts-
$ItrN at a Nor-

mom, en wsehne nosod s ms e a oom woee
be aally holds the U tem between his
tsWt teA have bem w .orn-MOT

A Natn Desest.
A Cevland youth who Is bookkeeper
d GMlrofW Is father in the matter's
lamge memataeooneem r weftr some un-
seounstablAes men ams $10 not lob g
ag. Be hua bg band tow fom It, and
ha father helped him look. Fortwowek.
ther kept up the search, and till he bookls
Mstelned unbalanced.
finally a bright idea ,cured to the
,-"11 fix thas, father, he said.
"Wati5a that, my boy?"
"Good" sald the food parent. "Go
The young man bent over his books.
"It's fixed," he said.
The father smiled approvingly.
"And how did you fix it, my boy?"
"I charged it uop as contributed to the
hurch, father."
"Very good Idea, my boy.'
And the father robbed his hands with
pleamnre He admired the young man's
Iongenouousa ingenuit.
, And the story of this highly moral at-
eampt at feloting a balance comes from
ldm,-Cleveland Plain Dealer


to be
and t


one d


The I
but 1
bis is
- know

Am UmplIamat xperTlence of a Drummes -----
"Speaking of ertraordmn fay measr -v.
Sme." d Hery Asn, "of n IN A GREEN SOUWESTER
amusnlg story Con W. P. P. Curtis once "
told In the old St ChEarles hoteL It wu as Low Ccalts memB r Cam, Very ero
damp evening, and the 'boys' had been nW PsK xI itrm by Ri orew ew
deeds they had done In their nlad days tl 5 kP'gM CwM ne-Thosar
and frappe nights. Wheo It came his tuoan I pwreeHd s la a aBest.
to be a gogeous. eoinumamatua. and am-.
?011ml liar, the colonel leansd away hatk At a diner in Creole lodgings, ib
amd maid In hi sawt Klentcky vlea fr Jamaica aome three years ago, the oon-
he hatledfHott m tftariglslly:'Boys tvaatte Maned upon the subject of
I cantmathanyd thelbmto sreng hi ghostsand apparitions A person pres-
1110d activewalesYOUea"hae fd.t"hu Ican
Wtall yea1a11u ofedencn balt may eat quct d the words of Professor Proo'
be wmeyeawt r eanes. ctrI "There may become means of om.
'TYe age wMen Tea was the pari. ""ie-tti ruder special oondition.,
d 1 stm~g easeba., I was aVlngfor a tween mind ad mind at a distaoem
iesMeseo ao a e oum tully 0 though no one may be able to explaia
mi n tha esne ugIoelsl me eat how aeeA wa--loaiton Is brought
wsisan IEshas abowt." Oofa the gant present made
ato ft" w ad ehad al 0mlaL 2 o W r a reference to a tale of a ta stc*ionl sp-
In ~ ~ ~ --A f- -V ha-AAA--.i _

I a boned hi eamer. He is not wad dried himself with Msal. ?re
a Alltfl seaman ad naviglor, pieds of coane beef and 14ddaplUlag
als a vwrocurteosa gentleman. @rImed their menu for yeas, ept
anh about to ail. be took time to- pob one oocason, when Providenao
es tellowing: changed the course of these viasd.
the early thirties Cptan Beoner, Mr. Daneer walking oemp 4 in
^mye of h*B.m.r>, ard emaubmh o h bone and oter deaests offal.
rig Mohawk of New York, then l t a dead heep and id eisbeit hme
pedithe Westlndlataatad After a ftrinmph. His sIster received it as an
St. Thomae, ter last port df Onmeat- gift from heave. Time
m cen v es, the brig was steer w st on, and the made fell ll. Lady
Sees*hweserly oora0, homewar4 Temple, a generous neighbor, was o
, bealag up under short oavas kind that Miss Dancer determined to
to high wind and heavy seas fol- leave her S,o000, but abe died before
g in the wakeof a hurricanewhich the will could designed, and her brother
reversed the tropisfive or six day claimed her fortune as the price of her
& Her captain, who had been board for 80 years
hours on deck, went below at mid- He constantly guarded against thiev
after directing the first officer, and concealed his gold and bank not
was oa watch, to keep the course with the spiders among their cobwele
steered and to call him in case of in the cowhouse and in the holes n
change for the worse in the weather. the chimney, covering them with ashes.
y down upon a sofa in the main The light of generosity, however, pene-
, but, as the brig's bell struck treated one chink of his miserable soul-
. became conscious of the figure of he loved his dog. and while denying
n, wearing a green sou'wester, himself bread he allowed his dog a pint
lug beside him in the dim light of of milk daily with other delicacies. Mr.
hbin lamp Then be heard the Dancer's delight in life was to visit the
i: holes where his wealth was kept and
change your course to sou'west, count it.
in." In his seventy-eighth year Dancer
pain Benner got up and went on became violently ill, but refused to see
where he found that the weather a physician. Again Lady Temple played
moderated and that the brig wao the good fairy at the wretched hovel
ing more sail and making better attending him to the last and was gen-
way. He asked the mate on duty erously rewarded by his immense for-
be had sent down to call him, tc tune, which he left to her.
h that office replied that he had It would not be a difficult task to
me so Theiaptain, fancying tilr show the influence of avarice upon na-
d been dreaming, wentback to th'e tions; the evils of society, the corrupt.
, but was disturbed soon agaiau Ly tions of religion aud the tragedies of
end visit from the man in the war have often bet-u instigated and sup-
sou'wester, who repeated his pie- ported by this bae passion.-Detroit
order and vanished up the com- Free Press.
nway. The captain, now thorough-
sused, jumped up and pursued the WEIGHTED SILK.
sting figure, but saw no one until
et the mate on watch, who insisted oetimes Ninety Per cent ofat the
ie had not sent any messenger Ls- terlt Is Foreian Suboteree.
At the present day the practice of
ratified and perplexed, Captain weighting silks by means of astringent
er returned to the cabin, only to extracts, salts of tin, silicate and phos-
is singular visitor reappear, t, phate of soda and a variety of other
him repeat the order to change the substances, all more or less injurious to
Sto souwest, with the warning, the wear of te wear of the fiber, has reached such
on donot. it will soon be too late," a height that it is seriously affecting
o ae him disappear as before. the trade. This is especially the case as
though a cool headed seaman, fair regards black silk, but fabrics of other
otagaint uperstitions, the cap- colors suffer in the same manner.
was nevertheleossdeeply impressed It used to be remarked that a silk
ese happenings and determined to dream or a silk handkerchief would last
hat meaning was hidden in the or- a lifetime, and this is almost true for
f his midnight visitor. Going on absolutely pure silk But in much of
he gavthe neceary or the necessary orders for the fabric sold at thepresent day there-
tagp in the shp'eourse Stomuth- is notmorethan 10 or 1 per oent of
The officers of the brig were not real slk, all the est being extraneous
surprised but also indignant at matter applied to the fiber in the deep
dden and to them unrsonable ttive process of "weighting."
Sot course. The new course Pure silk, when burned, leaves a
ht the vessel at a right angle to quantity of ash which is always oonsd-
roperdirection and if persisted in erably less thanI 1 per oent, but the ash
idstraderon the oast of Santo left by me weighted silks has been
sogo Meanwhile the weather had' -oundo amount to As much as 48 per
rated till mre, additional sail cent of the weight of the fabric
Sea got upon the mveasl. and she The extreoha aneous substa to which
s1"100. theater by psaino the ket1u through
a impatient officers had finally do- hot baths of tannin extracts, tin salts
ned to efia their captain and put salts of Iron, antimony, potash, etM.,
In hvaukwhen, soon after day- and it has been found that when asilk
the lookout forward reported much charged with euch substnem is
object dead ahead As the vessel heated it will not burn with dame, but
Em it was made out to be a ship's will only smolder away, leaving a very
As it ranged abeam it was seen to large amount of ash behind.
da foir men lying under its Bti these weighted silks are. how.
rta, one of whom wore a gree ever, of so oombustible a nature that
reter. The Mohawk was promptly some have been known to take fire napm-
to, a boat lowered, and the cAt taneously. a result due to the gradual
s taken in. The castaways proved decomposition of the substances ued
the captain and three men, the for weighting, and disastrous fires have
survivors of the crewof a vesel beentracedto'thisa se. Spontaneous
a had gone down in the hurricane, combustion is liable to break out more
hay had been drifting helplessly especially in black silks that are stored
out food for five or six days. The In warm, dryplaoea.--Chambers' Jour-
Sou'wester was the property ol DaL
maned captain. A few days late, nr iiwsat netom.
he had re d sufficiently to be The newest buttons, says a New York
ao leave hia berth, he was sitting fashion writer, are shown in three di.-
ay in the main cabin of the g tnot sixes for the jacket, skirt and bod-
Captain Benner. He suddenly ice Many of the smaller buttons are
Shis host whether he believed in veritable jewels in their artistic beauty
i"ahe ctin, of color and design, and many are set,
in havee boonhers, hec like actual gems, in low mountings of
"I have been thinking how f- cut steel and silver or pure gold. Jet,
r this cabia looks I think tha. A opel, plombh colored enamel and old
been here before In the night be bronze buttons set in riveted points,
you picked me up I dreamed that I framing dainty miniatures, medallions,
to you here in this cabin and told etc., are familiar styles, but many of
o change your course to eou'west. the expensive jet and cord pascemen-
trot time you took no notice of me, teriea have buttons to match, which are
came the second time, in vain, not intended to have any-strain upon
the third time you changed your them, but merely finish strap ends,
s, and I woke to find your ship mock buttonholes on skirt fronts, etc.
side of un" When used upon the bodice, they are
en Captain Benner, who had n0 generally fastened on the outside or very
the resemblance of the speaker to often in the center of handsome jewel

ystens visitor told s on trimmings en applique, the bodice clos-
of that night. tng with strong hooksand eyes set upon
ptain Blank could not recall the a fly underneath.
Sof the wrecked vessel, but saidu
all the facts were confirmed by thy Color Effects.
ok of the Mohawk. even to the de- Mr. Murray Hill-It is odd what
)f the intention of the officers of queer effects colors have upon persons.
brig to put their commander in Mr. Point Breeze-What effects are
L The story is an oft repeated one you thinking of?
aptaia Blank's family and is well Mr. Murray Hill-On a gray day I
11. Ia the locality from which he am always blue.-Pittasburg Chronicle
;-iw Ytke Boo, .Te^qaph*

.ea Who Bare Btavaed Memay 8avetg
to aa Xaiatiag Art.
The f-G"nativg study of flnancil
gain amounts almost to genius in oma.
Avarioe was the inspiration of one en
our own great men. Franklin, whose
memory is debased by his reputation as
"Poor Richard."Tbe materpieoe of
Balae oishis nov6l "ZuagenieGrandet."
The hemro, old Grandet, is a iaer whose
fliral geitus amounts to the sublime
mad which Balsac oaonaives and succeeds
ta making almost picturesque.
Amwag the moktdistinguished raisers
wam Daniel Dancer. Upon the death of
his fatber Domer oame into the etate,
which yielded a good teom&. One oa
his wea lived with him end imbibed
the miserly teachings. Dancer was
makhble for the style of his garment.
is oat was made of I sof ea ery
hoe andi taiw, collected from the
ete and a&h beap. His g amentt
were held tqther by a twist t hay.
He and his sister lived happily in a
veL theonalo si sa mkat whinoh

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VUL The action of the police committee in [R[lGHI ru [OR[lgH[ 8[M8 TO B[ 900BBORN MASS MEETIg
award&W the contract to furnish police
Uniforms to Gordon Keller, was veri-

Aerus o ash'augt Strut at thlg the salaries of te a Lg of Pssenge Se'tg Ad Absolutely Refuses to Rergaiz A a n u m1 T
the coming year as follows: d
dl................. ...Auditor ........,2 P'asi. Ud Busiess. Aitotly of i..i.an.. .. A .0
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Treasurer .. 600 The Republican rally on the Coo
KRAUE 1 S TE ATER h. .... ................ HEAVY TRADE WITH HONDURAS SHARP NOTE FROM UNCLE SAM ouTe squr last BSteE was attende
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............... L2" re that ft thres thousand people
oir Not F~ ri-hinne Decent Grb for rne.................. ........1,2 Will Be Handled by The OroweUl-Sav- Urging that Evacuationbe Completed listened to the speer :
STJga Prisoines-4Nilary Ordi- HReth afcer... 500 rese Co. This Winter Other by Dec. 1st but the 8pnde sy crowd. the Tanga colored
,Tax collector 1 1-8 per cent of all ites Inl gurated fbi Central That it Will Be Impos ble. tr es ad ent ert eSt the crowd
....l.A resol uon to pave street to 6t American Ports. aPeculi PrFesenert T o *'- b oee a A, the
I. ;- .velm witb vitrified bricr*vo granted. -IS211wa- to .the- b stand... .
Prom t y Daily. The city attorney r et 'rom Friday. Daily. Special to the Tribune. jith pe i
S.he Cuit oefrco et lst n ~ht I& drft an Irdo prope The CrFwell-rfas re e r Company, pro- Havana, Cuba. OOt 13.-General Par- pCobiy aL & -,elo 1j =_uW jeisfon' ,ftik the ors w,,oto My jb popes n* PIP" e- The. Igrcwefo-Savareeem- -- a
-ul weinon, wfoh the fn at powing and t prietore of the Tampa and Honduras rado this mornn g -re ge thved
memenar present: Bruen, Frecker. The report of the fire entwas aters line tanised loading their American. commissia. to e fpantheir tt Of. ar i all
Ho d Arm, Knae, Wn PhiMt- rad ne d buies Ir fK ned e, large schooner, Augusta E. Herrick government again urges, the insel- -0 Hs
Sgipaa, atfey, Webbhat Mayor e W thu being gives pterday morning, and atl a.m., with bility of the etvactop po Cuba S l

la Wh r ft.leofur th e af te ord n t a u r t otners odid port s. Dr egbre rist tWeir in e th

Tfterw h e o s c to executive cleared for .g following ports- da t teh
t e sin on was taken up feedf e n d p I ik tah ra s wl Gher af a lm a Cs RA t pAIL OA o S STe a the abegins of trasn sefis andd aoi

In the Tolawing oeaerer:r the food they re get is the Ocrt horraioe o er iondpras portas l t tilet t rvatie oot la iy t h t
Sflec lei un of r~t la a other sawpoint of tloit for ane otiatin were inaugurated, bunes here ii le more corrremomener with tan ho t m ae s oi e o e senate r V i
bae S5Slo fWor ater'e Iuh "B was rne d anduthe Herr ok wa. at r d merican so l tfrther PssAtime. s0eeals eA andhs 10 o a a116 tfiN
p raaoeop le w no c owas fine 0. B. Greesonh Dr. John H. Mills. er mient ma kes a repy whi c outctaAls the borMe to hissa rned J12d0

ayye itash an tpMe sine dre IonV o ates a oure t nceotn timfor a uth e m In te anie m wth ote fro h I- orde tpn i sodu to ahi 1cn o1 1- oter an9 .
r tho an othi th ere Is fop t for oI; ,, inam ,r es s boat let-t thwe wharf he a n tu Spad Con I es witho poen and w s lo e e Nl
led a c a t owr abl e tsd a o tths he m e resrl w i e on mAnYe ntas OLDnged nh l th O u iEacah aeesr minig reference to hAe Procaedings of the om- te e otoh e n
Co cO f o h e g e o van in sess n in Paris -or to the

ert comud dt qP W 1 than tae toal toe co t, to g er trac co r t n ery ti no dr o rstrth e nret Dis- fl ofw tae e
'one w oo r4s.tnextt meet r in vsg. tmf h w e.hef ut toef octhe ot pratiac in th s o pot mof A T iA -a e e oe or t
e o Frecker epoke in vor f te It is a tat worthy o o t a e ee moa d sitl art r eersyo the npa l G
hlerynreIn ndrens oho ome, end a for S a t frs- mad yDonois of r vesel sambe aspr.o hoot be
to ofer aee o I nt was granted In favor Of t sitntetof icls a the was withPr theown llees d the T ~ 3, -to e mo
Ihad the honor of being selected ay police Osldo r Thw m e who Ws lat time, site e w oil &afer bes- maeZInans RO AD ta o- od e r a th n

Y aa member of and Y O neos and making re Lr trips betwevee rwsto thohe canint ttdble0y th n Ha point te ed b .J thel athle de oi.-
o Tm pa- ,ed ut t o eliere reeprt a t or W sis America. The trade w rapidly in %As e e i o a oaon he ever iy inr b
o n .e el r e o n y s vhas ily th n i cT and h nre. the C r e nand uc ousb he s aces o the Inm a m da ler o rn u e
n that we poe oeery reseg aon wen t a b polite waye ofoo r urnt h t he o- ofer sj hies r h e,
a The streetc the d i ore d ia rsls a nd Th e st.sreent c ommte &u Southern, in reasfi e Choon h b m or ie lmnh t o re gal ap'bit lugf O9 a at th

we fee l b taer e m disio nmwl esuctcs to Collect balance ofor street oavIng from "W etile o llotern In f tIs etrlc i t e r he a f att he S
w e Cooi .o n su metrs Cia o q lports and rosi c n p ort ---ly places G general W ade A d- a B ro w le he i L f ll n a urd e I ^ r e- toft heo

M'We hadsm C ony wt 1e TA to the leng ran eve of tastien wt a so nsd t eantdann Gpo rafl h ter- whisper t the l aud imni a nd a nerlane tIo h ne reaert nod u
Ie wer mc i n o b o a mf enft a yo g a e w c to b td stn ctdIsa t e W ng wdo.n st re t 3hat disinc lef

:aft 10 p hm getwa Vswt th ers icam t oa r s uddten s to a th w st re po rte m to formulate their ia State b e com mit t ed otne ts- hearuee anda 61o t .c i
0h !War e s ant_ Be further After ordering n dorrants dr a number owner did ent cas e to ptthei One policy, which, according to alt prece- ba hsp k ie r ttan eetfol Pelocarty W a he n a e o6515-

Sweeres po. nsibloo of bills, the- ne o uncil wense t into executive vessel fa. ire I e in e o the d ste no t ng e t of e the thas e a o ere t e m o r iter s w th e ir
s t o an oTiea r iwasrepon le fedaor Spaniards. However as soon as peace meeneral Parrado and his aoe oci-s t t pelted to ridicule nthe private liferofa do ,Lela n y to

selection of Tanpa as the point of seesui-ta na- negotiations wre inaugurated. bultem a S en s rte willo the lmore corrpe por ntod ni man who stands as higr l In the etf porter ie drwn
berk B to sensors aer's Mdf ter iet was resumed, and the n-errictwa Madrid, and a further los of time. ato oTH masesorA whCose pat lie p one atl co'
am thy of Invasion, ando that he made the once put in trim f or this rc p In the meantime this r ote from Mad- Is as pure as t uhat of W. a.Ani a iting on his.

e weren e l, y on reaeit o i the e Un ite d guard Of co sethese agtemaan r d mapo r Lawn by vsIte States order to produce an effect on hisas m eniwd la l
se lecaion An on f ou ty a The svne guar haorthern vlsi- rid gives practically to General Blanco dne he shad u edfr nag- tel
n whd beceeose ou p eg citlmted wer c tor e is already beginning to arrive in her regular trips do an enormous fruit and General Paorr do, authority to pro- mdent. Whe toher xc e s ptndforns r fis h .tAee ]]eporier
enperior to those of any ober port of Tasnea. it to seldom they ut In an busness.hig most direTa and cnced with the disembarkation without Crounse maeie a gooi speexcep and was aie
the Atlantc or Go tf Coast. He sald appearance this early in the seasonT. ve ben s no a pon t Is Tampashod reference to 'American protests. Some -well received.

that at the sresen in the i govern- This id s bo nted upon at sure indica- 6t here is no r oolwy Rof eay, guns of large e allibre were withdrawn lHon. E. Ro Gunby, Republican cad-W fl cert tI if S
mei could Mit adceflly embark or tio n of much more than the usual r canthae m o pl yuoter tadt A from the Reint battery tlis afternoon date for Congress, n from th th e rs k wte hrde I
Asb ietml- Rtieroth ourmportseemon ac- ther. T~Uually those who come this few vessels Imte the Herrick making to he transferred to somie home-going strict, was ntext Introduced. As- a np o n ob
e f round oquara ore ltions, ac- rly iare either bugIness regular trips would place the ftuit Spanish ship, so the 'American commis- orator he is too well known to ra m. o t o
t at qth aS erea gwastor-ros tor. a oly the ids a Te mt u trade of the South practically in the sloteels Its position. many encomlums It Is safe to h crtcn
o ghr. posteid regarding Tampa in des who come for recreation and pleas Mhan o a that as a, Political orator le is the p
every respect and that he had been a o re seldom show uip until near thee bolt- Regular trips will hereafter be made CUBA'S RAILROAD SYSTE-M. of any, hnas in Floldsb. His appear- a is new giere

f to 1 T" a i n a, r iod, and aodute odnme the patane eIdynTeen hey reason to beled es ae arie by the Herrickn and the large busnteeactin o n t ae is
wisife oc ldu t e ate n b ofs vsseds itorsr to Tamat dooe previous tt the war wreill be tn- ane wa-o s the signal for an b sation.He e er te n the pape
od S tlediu s to Tepinv thea re thishat thea nwie s asst teiou ear gained and meruch more. Secr tary Alger to Recommend an E has a moat excellent voice for t ope aiRC- rt ae few
this yea will speak and hisvpoweryover.an audi. makeoblsnpewarinvertanl

gsntfsman Iu every, respect, and w. can bhe no question. Sver fora gs no t the mcrn c i has n o fto affe 69 hery c il bte Tobpne. en g the whole of his speechtlayting therawearemany aethe

l to him iortt the cordial wy sons ar parent for this big increase. n ho w h p it f tebl th e over an hour there was scarcely a i to ve
are igrateilha tone. In the letter received yesterday c eSsistLei, (o ct. .--Svc.retaty Alger whisper in the audience, and the sil
We were met to Washington by Col. Tampa Is the gateway between the fm theichr areorunedetae iNew ot wel reilom s to Cema ina Cb the was broken only by repeated outb reuand promp
Brat Q. Bown. vice-preeident of the great North andthhe West India Islandt n ic hannotu nc e the pur ist0e of applause. One great element of porters with info
Plant od: y~es te. s~rt.an Co .H.H.D l The great trade traffic and posoibilitihe the vessel. he alsu o stated that he was tented so as to frm a line running di- trengti in his teoepu, is the perhysioal to p i o t
mi tt ere o n t f rs will attract J Drad and I. S Gidden & Co- d of the land, to Cape Antonio n teanes are entirely devoid of h
thingd I the rpo er fore T oamp ery Ath oands traers and tor teto tdOrit c panv of i s city. hsdrm n the t te He will also or unmnly personal allusions, and h o n as st lst copa
Wen wn r co rdaly civ b Pre i- th ousnd otatea as cn u se ters gotiatin for the purchase of ve ry' recommend that this work be aunder- .e.er stoops. to vulgarity to pr- tOduc.
sWa badwere cashor orly on brt ntel- ptele will oaes by w ofrse thea large stemar. and if a trade st made a taken by the United States governmenther Alo n this he is ei ueitt,

Tampa highlyin a groat may respects. -da passes without the arrivatl of pas Tampa. Cuba too Honduras. easary funds. eminently sound in doctrine. Asa -
a d expressed a desire to visit our city se e h our the West Indies.,,h ..O........ The secretary exiects to serve aL dou- matter of fict. he presented butoneGo es ....
tigersbound to IAmerpca. TheyRAethhealhiesTAND NONSENSE Isle purpose by the construction of lhoi side of the case last night, hot he ddo-
dswine the vilswter m oanth. Honduras, or Centrca l Am ues hey road. In the first, pace, it is a military it well. He had convictions on all
we are ildeted to Judge Jno. G_. ong, r-cognize the superior advnyc ety o He Dismie r e d Manzanillos .-Myotr and nteceslity. The existing railroad sys- l eading Isues ot the day and the csyt Lo ndo Got. ld .
ftatio lOe~sbilsse" committeentan the Tampa route as being the cheapest, Installed Another. trm io Cuba i s extremely erode; It Is age to express them, People who he
ffts. jor(d who-kindly aided us in our quickest and must convenient one that not possible to get troops within 2t H or while he is following a forlorne hop s o.- thecat o f Bo
wt nM clily proved to us that he they can possibly select. Special to the Tribune. 300 coonles of Santiago by- rail from t-Ha-wi a orl The A t Trero
uden t Is that- a Uitile later. e traffit from MInhanillo to the office of the A No es important se ice to e served where its colors will not he misun tina wi
Tan e willnC v y o cns is Tampes Many ohefn sojourners sociated Press here says now that the by the construction of the road is to re- stood. If his pole don't bring do
u. ly submitted. will tarry in our m e ry for an indefinite American flag Is flying in the city, the store prosperity to the Island at the the persimmon, he will have the a o er t
- MOt ot y sor. Be as w impresse withe our c limda. The people are seemingly enthusiastic, the distress now existing among the lot of birds off the tree.Ladbw
~of~lo~e. n ou r mera a a n- the office of the collector was found native Cuhans. rthe coastruction of
c omfinulenticasclo a cable message from Senor Montero, the railroad will give work to many- of BEWARE OF OINTETS FORC-w
sones t w10 L af e tte oAer Ta R e rt eh meo a
t stad yfing n s n t ty As th ra Fe

Ow M & emud it In very bad con and the leaders In the int Vtes s )Ipens ax e Antr e ea
the stock and quality of ARhMt A' s ts n grev A gr
1-r 0 l Aftre some further dis55l0n, the stock and quality of n o CHA.'NGES t ARMY AND NAVY. are making desperate efforts to opportunity is hebeingfreceied to peopeibuse. oOt
T e Matte was referred to the chief of When everything is considered, Tampa their farces. Everywhere in their ow l topounity bsh e re e rd e to l a 60
, 0 s with Instructions to have has an enormous stock of goods, and the Brig. Gen. Miles top Command Second ranks they are met wit the tide o in th county whounderstand poultry here
nu is D' yan ce eb ted; a on qual ty Is as iAne as slit. Then we Corpe-Capit. Ms-Cala Transferred. discontent turning toward the Democ- suie the ade hrod e a t m m thae e l ct tnh a
qu, -i t. ato mstepodu ctso fa grea trma ny. rmv n Oc.relief.
IL, .eh.a heks rmand from W ought to take a full page ad and run it - cA for reliNef -poultry arms. Nto home market In the winir" c e In Geor
Crm. wlch he asked thataUse every da in the year. Be awaiteng Spec ia to th cribune
I" ende0 sah tho ahr mu bme awtla *n Washinston Oct. 13.-Brig, Gen REPUStLICAN BLUNDE. e is u re m t o ohat o r Taa ere-i ant m:
b" e e tmit the u Imprison- and talking advertisement for yourtry. Wtasvn to nM Ot 1 g e .the EcB n BLNE is a big demand at good prices not only
9 foif le ow. 'L7 matter was 0naslly if you are disposed to criticize, compare Eo. ans Mie ha bees t igdo t the for pIultry, buo t for eggs the yeaa V. an thiiapend shal0
S- stirred to c Ummittee appeals your city with others and the chances c m f th Fs Bie o e There if widespread discontent among around. This demand haik steadily in- Hound, cas ITn:
Stl forge at areenville, appointment of Jeseph Lee, colored, of are now being made from here to H- The Ca t ae v
o' Ie ed 4S S dosing ahead but It will forge a ltle fAster Capt. MeCalia, who commanded the Jaeksonville to succeed Geo. Wi Wilson vans will axsaye keep the market M ee wlh 7T, unA S
e wek a" T c was in a if you give it a lift. It will not he -rblehead inrougoul the war, and as internal Irvenue collector. Only active and prices good. With a fit- isadt d rs- MIlva hipnen or i
. ve5r bad way. The department had built in a day, neither was Rome. rendered such brilliant service at Guan- recently ihad Lee received a most excel- class home market there is nothing 0 bu-rels.
tm st mew ones en trial. The romm itee tanamo and other South Cuan P rt, lent appon tmnt, and besides this, more surer or more profitable lta n a
ws aqUt yi'edto have fire buildIng re- .n C MIANDERY OP.G.N- a to-dLy relieved from the command some of the leading white Republicans well-kept poultry farm and there is s
IDA .t-f that vessel and assigned to duty as of the State were strong aspirants for good reason why the people of Hills-PrT4 "TO I-

s treetaley d bridqestomm it.I IZED. captain of thre Norfok navt yard tho this important position. The selection borough on ty should not supply the
la repotted the petition pce bid y Cot. Bishop. re- of Lee came like a clap of thunder from home market with both, p itouly ttan '
ne s eaing m tohm Micbh pan aey e t ho ivndh rn at sa Ct li alear sky, and while it may add a few eggs. en t
thnwth tavsen They deman ded that plar wat organized In this City loot Toe votes toathe anrived.
werfngbe" po t tpvi 6 wth re e in colored votes to the Republican ticket.t ie gt
fi tnisahed before the pacng Iigit 0wth rIc now eenst hm. D. Cushig. l.1ET 1.0 i'r. riN -'UBA. it is estimSated that hundreds of Twhite gaifng oo f a
^ and |ib4 'was begun. Petition as commander, The meeTna Fas en- The gratife y t information comsondition
'-l ne cesdingly enthusiacLic and lanrg.y aL- '. ..i i ih Trb- Republicans throughout the State will from Washington that the administia- ta o
Iheither remain away from the polls, oriI tion willre- mndtoCoges t^
Cerlvsntustlaeo was presented by tended, and tiLd fair to be she larc-st Hot ..... ,-t.1 ..h." remai awy fr ti hetpll -re,'wll recommend to Congress th dam a
j'tb ala,,att.. from L 4. Giddens & C-i', organtatai.)n of the kind in the S._iin ,--, h~r- .. 'to it the announce- cnn of lhs Republican party freely admit promotion to that rank of Rear Admiralenlyher own
eeuo.. eng a prope nation tostrto 'Axlehbouneous banquet asi held and r'r- .-r that t-ta,n htd 'p-ned the doors that McKinley has made a serious blu- Dewey. Secretary Long makes thi life but the life
.-. uxxvaeWashington street Stir h be.f b r-eval s-Ttr-m-'er aod the vicious, der, the result of which will be a lergely1 positlic announcement and the dual sod perfeclion
e-ef. anoAvand e the mone- to pay L- W. Btuebholz made a fert .nt and il,-Athirst Afr i.an th0-uz- will ro-urn decreased vote at the coming election. prposit-ontesadt hndorsedb
p, e the city would give quent speech whir-h was hightiy oc. -,. I proposition is said to be indorseddet c/nly.Aaunerc l
-i tmedltiftrisine on thefr city taxes criatd and applaudeda.I,- EN-OIStD BY BEST '
SH of thcrnmIHI-Sing lawo. Dwy wil! reBech the retiring oE S P-t
W chaIran othe uommit-i T.- tOr.,,'l.,..r km- ~,, i0an:% "'., PHYSICIANS. ace in Do'cmmber of next yoar. th-re il o a
ll* i the question. tase' I One purely Am.-riran product. 11.. rthr sh "....... fish Y--....rdayo -
S46 be tbe g the tnIme. had come Jfor baggage-emunsher, will cion be a ti.' I r..tnt,.-4 bv-alrhr b,,s not sho(h:- an. ,cranEi'd t- care Chills, FCccivr t,':- wi" air-. edt and urgo Con tws"
7 thew t Lob* up this matter of w-harf of tradition only. The Bunsoaon MJ.: n ,s us. La,- in the afr-rnoon t h-.n Do cod Agu. A:, drutgetes or fn t,',- tow las Itrittiog bin retention r the deinde or
"esve nt. S'ie wa in flavor of .ie- Railroa d has isued an I mperat -r r a vi .- ,I t al : 0 r- a t A u n l Drugo St 1 ,0: t s ta la rnl t or an ret tn
enthe p Iti would coal --wich is protably the begin~-.g -. t-our Tr.vr s h a t.) 2oftt-vst Drug Co St. O)uis. uporn tht1 active list rP an a-iddto is no t il
1Mb an woUnld be money well the end-that baggage must not '-' N,,rth. rn -- C tI:,, their -tal T e .en d eti
th nar ts along the w harf thrown from the car do or fourth .r tha t. ih NIFI )t t .,r s a ll The schooner Blahche. arrived ) n i-e reo
dpig lany Importnt Improve- 63 feet. Thus are tho American pesopytl and Hiuttvs P,,int to-re a-ti 1.)ad a fd Thursday afternoon from St. Petere- Cures Chills and Fever acts on the liter wtost-n.
_asS he hosbt Ithe cAty ought to gradually deprived of their sure-LeS -..u act wn-'chod:,e w burg, and took on a big load of general.
ole d tNO the da privileges. The Bomon baggag.- r-'ur t .-'t" %kith a ift ,,f .h ; merchandise at I. S. Giddens and Co s.,"MoLA ySDEOIDOFHiTE. "p-
sash to the Wharf- tnher is now asking himself whohet. whan:. She left last night on her re- t TASTE. book, "E- x j
discmulon. the mat- his ancestors fought the baitt:e .f The Tam-pa Fi-h and Ice Cmpa r turn trip. and regtuates the system generally. All onayephetino.
or.oleewe Bunieir Hill in vain. tr-hon-r hahsre. c ame n er,n Letmon Ran y D-pgML0.I)
with 24.PO unds of fibh. The Elits, AL-RION-D.uggia.s.
Kibme to re- The government steamer arrived 1.-arrined from Bishop's Harbor with 6.00o TABLETS. The Tampa 4lah and Ice CoMPaSy
tei.gefor lrde ymorning from Fgmonft Key. She pounds. The schooner nehantre-as t shipped 160 barrels yesterday, and 16_
U, a-e aed with a big supy of general sorrived from Old Tam- with Guaranteed cure for Chills. Fever and the day before, making 350 barrels for
r- s d* a Co's. L of Osu &h t Ag'ie. or money refunded, 50 ceta All, the two day and still they a -se o
Bi g Bend. 200so pounds or fi Druggists. aiMe to. 11 tbe.r orders.

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a5fBt. 7Tse ear.2ne -. To the Sheriff of Htllsborough County,
N el om ovayed the toow- of the State of Florida:
L to iat meettlw: County Know ye. that I, John L. Crawford
,Peter Kniht, Joel aMe- Serretary of State of the State of FlO&-
OC> U, W. Bucbola. C. C. Ida, do hereby give notice that a general
C. I& Wlder. A. P. Brock- election will be held In Hillsborough
L 11anon, olon B. Tormani County, State of Florida, on Tuesday
ei" Deputy Oeria MooneY. next, succeeding the first tonday in
r WnVder, ?ldden e and November, A. D., 1898, the said Tues-
bter. Mr. & Sparkman day being the eighth day of Novemocr,
there but he made the for one representative of the First Con-
tebafdL gesselonal District of the State of Flor-
kiautes after 10 o'clock a-m.. Ida In the 56th Congress of the Uni;ted
g was called to order, and J. States. For one justice of the Supreme
member of the Democratic Court of the State of Florida, for full
ui e committee was un- term. For one justice of the Supreme
,,1 airman. Court of the State of Florida, for un.ex-
tine dJ thed speakers pre ter ed s of B. S. Liddon. resigned.
Id i pon tin the order For Treasurer of the State of Florida,
gj na one addresses on Abr two Railroad Commissioners for tio
s uales of the cam- term of four years. For one Railroad
f. urman. C. C Whita- CUmmlssloner for the term of two
Joel lcOfullen, L. years, For two members of the .Rtousn
oft Repreantatives of the State of t lor-
i Of Mr. Mor~n'as ad- Ida. For clerk of the Criminal Court
declared a recess of Record. For Tax Assessor, For
Ve wd was then led to Tax Collector, For County Treasurer.
thatht were groaning. For three members of the County Doard
Ilarray of viands of Public Instruction. For Just.,e of
e htf and bat the Peace in and for the following
r Moryed at a p- Jutice Districts, viz: No. 2, No. 4. .No.
H h e entire crowd ate 5. No. 8. No. 9. No. 10. No. 12, No. 13.
Sloed,*nd many basket- No0. 17. No. 19. No. 21, No. 22. No. :,.
For Constable In and for the following
S eot in pleaasnt social Justice Districts, viz:
us etins wa again No. L No. 2, No. 3. No. 4. No. 5, No
!wh a 1 t esee-min 1 No. 7, No. No. 9, No. 10No..N o. 1o. No.
^ S lowltnxnamed, re- It No. S. No. 14. No. 30. No.
Short ut interestingl 1 .No. 18, No. 19, No. 21,. No. -2.
"'Ca. Wilder, Prof. L W. No. 23.
[y ]. rockaway. 8. E. In testimony whereof, I have here-
"lial O SWL hunto set my hand and'fflxed the great
tae mettn. Peter eal of the State of Florida, at Talla-
efwo ,graatsed l mAn e the Capital., thi the 25th day
e a*n for Sti exceUent -of August, si.
the crowS had been (I1 S.) JOHN L. CRAWFORD.
-thewfBr the S secretary of State.
h lkn4 e Po r ted To T. K. SPENCER,
in-* ttadprocen "Sheriff. Hllleborough County.
hld in the grove -9HERIF9 SALE.
"Wi building, and a SHERIFFS SLE.
bad beSen erected to
Sftnt^ t un. Under and by. virtue of a certain
rtr h boarded the execution. isued out of the Circuit
-lean of the meeting. Court of the 6th Judicial Circult of the
Moaf the m tal. ae of Florida., for Htlsborough
lB at the county cam- Cun'ty. tn a OBrtain cause wherein
aktl Picnic on Satur- P* n Helmers and Frank Ballman co-
Stio& umenuern will be **tera doinp buainesn as Helmers.
big th im ti- 11- lnma & Co.. are plaintiffs, and
-,.-ranc.sco Colado and Mfanuel Alvarez,
a^ to-partners, doing business as Colado
as t turned aAlvares a defendants. dated the
day of Sept., A. D. 189, I have
tlowov er th W e stFled Upon. and will sell at public out-
,Started arty six cry before the court house door in Tam-
BBll. gl d field 1 a. Florida, between the legal hours of
an far 'Wett ae on 'Mmtday the 7th day of Novem
S- woul teo, A. D. 189 th L following described
al"wdO uiould VaW estate. lttbated In HUilsborough
4,e .S 600=7 MUoth. County, lorida: Lots six and seven.
hady. h lts a of block twelve In Baunders and Clay's
.-.ln "glad to re- Widltlon to East Tbor: also an undl-
Us'" "T o wf iFvlded one-hb~f interest in and to lots 12i
"Lid of Flow- and 1 of block 14. In Turman's sub-
"Uts it i the only dvinon of lat TYbor; also an undjvl-
ttef r A nan to re- vlded one-half tm-teret in and o lots 1Z
tate a SW, ed. one-third interest In and to the
I.% beftore pr- North half of the northwest quarter of
hore the southwest quarter of the northeast
I-Sl&p" be e e*tts to t quarter of section seven. townh.'p
wenty-ntine. range nineteen.
S aid property beIng levied upon os the
bjU-y wten a dealer r'owerty of the s ald Clolado and Alvare
aod will be sold to satlsfy such execu-
il as SO good r' ti.on. T. K. S'PEN'R,
"ML There Sheriff,
.- : Attorney for Plaintifs.
s rs tSau., sink : -
an~ff--td all iver ills. ; NOTICE OF ATTACH MIST.

Stf Ts

for Hills-
n. Attach-.

-MA 5. A y.





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princely assortment. None but the choicest aad most desirable.
The grandest examples of the productive art of home and
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merely obstruct directness of popular appreciation and thwart
the most complete and embracive comprehension of the bene-
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Dress Trimmings.

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Established Present Location Oct. 15,'9

Importers and Retailers of


TAMPA, FLORIDA. Mail Order Department.
-. A ITPALT sfioonooo We have a regular organized department under the super-
-o --CAPITAL $100.000.00..,- ^ vision of one of the firm for this branchof ofur business, Parties
Largest capital of any bank south of Jacksonville. Solicits your at a distance can send for samples and may depend on having
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and I. S. Craft.de e s oe,
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Wanted Agent or Branch M ger
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an maket bottles.ofourGRATEADevery weekNo we ~ .
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shb-.)ta soro. b h. - nZ that dropped off and soon reappeared,
soa .-e.F.ly R anoyd me to have. DartingBpnh8ettin, o
ig my sight ol said I bad Caooer-I wV BISraMe&.
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'aB 1 UPO'M EIiE OU8LICIEU. WlITL FrM -iUUIAIIUOR. prices. itohing Posts and Iro Fences
S 0, 802 and 304 Water St,, Tampa, Fla. r
" :! Tribune for Job Print'in .

: .. i .. ..- -, ,, 1 j,~e -A- ....

*--..***** -***.*********e**e 4 t


_ j


^ ~uC

vicdta tefmu elbiiso

News was received yesterday from
IHI te tie VISITED TAMPA (R ilNM1Tarn in it a littbebrit. of
Without the Permission of the Eayor Glasgow, Scotland of the death of Mrs.
Had a Mighty Big Time, Too. Curt Curbstone Chatter nd the Das John A McLaw, who spent some time
Knights, Pla., Oct. 17 -We ve been in Tampa with her two daughters the
visiting Tampa again, this time withb Do0nS II Simll PaCha'S. p at summer They were front Mar-
f tpj Jftn. out the mayor's invitation, and without ianno, Cuba.
his invitation we enjoyed the freedom
of the city, though really, this is tmot l! IIKOR IDUIC1PAL IATTERi S. ir. Ed. Cubel, a former resident or
an unusual episode in our checkered tnis city. died in the State insane asy-
career. We have never had an invita- lurm on the 26th of September. The
SE ENTH ARMY SU EONSWORN from his cellenc, and away What Pwople Are TbhikU About in deceased used to run a restaurant on
down in the hidden recesses of our cic-rot.favecte streei and was extensively
"culacry plant, we have grave, very Tampa-Town Talk Taken From kfayete streett and was extensively
---- grave fears, that we may never h-ve. known.
In fact, the rules of good society foridi Sundry Source. Personal
Ash First Witness in the Work of his'requesting our presence within als Point-rs And Items Mr. E B. Barker, city editor of the
baldrwick or at his festal board. The Key West Herald, was in the city yes-
h War Inw05atglgU COMMs- mayor has never been honored by ani terday on his way home from an ex-
sio-Hoboon u His Way introduction to your fraternally. IIe From Tue daty'sDaily. tended visit to New York and other
other and pliat.a words,ewe have never W.. A. Garr-tt of jacksonville, is places where he has been taking his
to Philadelphia, been "made used to each other." And s plces where he has been taking his
It is possible, just barely possible, that spending a f days in the city on usi- well earned and deserved vacation.
S.His honor, has never heard ot us. This ness.
Sis a great lose, no doubt, to the mayor, Mr. C. H. LMi'lls, the suave ticket agent
and should be looked after immediately Col. Boaz, proprietor of the Hotel of the Plant System who went to Chat-
S.pcial to the Trib6me by a well ordered commission. Arno, has postponed the opening of his tano a to accompany M. Mill and
New Yor. Oct. 18.-A dispatch re- We saw an object on Franklin street hotel until tomorrow tanooga to accom pany Mrs Milved Su and
cetved here to-day from Carmanra. Cu- that carried us back to the days of long Miss Ruth Mille to Tampa, arrived Sun.
be, s nouOnce that navalofficer Hobson ago when we were a hearder in the W. B. 3Makison and Doneghan of Kis- day night. They all had a most charm-
AWledforPh i- via. Jamaica a oyote, t the lo, lean, lank, sneaK simmee were among the Sunday guests ing time, but were glad to get home.
.A ompea hess e tablished at Colon. ing, snarling, cowardly, hungry brute of the Almeria Hotel. Mr. J. T. Symons left last night for
whlete ,th wed x cm.i e or that P so often seen in that region, with
"hftee prtiy lt, an. th side long look and tatl drooping between Mr. Harry Howard and wife will leave Savannah to meet Mrs. Symons and the
dar his e*m w ho can trot out of srght of In a few days for their annual hunting children on their return home from a
OUNVIUX b ;01 60 dn tn he hsaacomon ncar dogIn fifteen ma e morand fishing expedition. delightf ts visit to Boston and New
a Abece. if he ar a aad to, can make more York. They will go direct to their ele-
S onoATS AI Car a c on a darknd ni t J JJ. Purdon, superintendent of the gant new home on Tampa Heights
S : steal a piece of cheese from your vest Likela d division of the Plant System, which Mr. Symons has already pre-
W Te* bna pocket while you ate asleep, but wli was in the city yesterday. pared.
0s, Oct1 lS..-ire latest advicqs not bite you if he is starving, but a
Sd inte l fat cou rtle honest looking Ait miJth and Allen R. Wrenn, of From Wednesday's Daily.
g animal, This tllow s a curi sity In Jacksonville, were registered at the iL S. croble the popular agent of the
Seo c ofGn a ow a tw 1d aseie. fe, t,"'as & cayot t A3meria Hotel on Sunday. Clyde line is transacting business in I
M WQt Mon. ta ho se power of cllllstln. Before we sawt Lo t. Afford, a banker and leading t ct
me t t o he animal in question, we did nbt be-
iwOleve that one of hisM ind could be made citizen of Tarpon Springs, was transact- M L wares has returned from a
e am known to have been killed and re-spwectae; bui since we have beheld inl business here yesterday. flying visit to Cuba to the delight of
.m1s a13 .t*u drowned. the undlSputabie proof to the contrary, her many friend.
S-- W a re a4 to believe that even a Miss Tura Bond has returned from her many friends.
T', EX i 'AT WORK. D g" In s m d ht a become civilized, a trip to Northern relatives where she iloss Lucas of the firm of Lucas Bros.
Sat ast t an eqalRty with our p1iti- spent tMe summer months. I stillported on the sick list and
S eO 1-The war in- w o nds PWe Ex-Governor Mitchell came over from able to attend to his offic work.
all mmnislow began the ex-. Tat. both orisinally from Fort Myers. St. Petersburg yesterday. Mrs. Mit- Jaseph T. Brown left yesterday for
-islatla of witneamo here to-day. While w f ae pr ticularly "dry" as to chell will return in a few days. Gainesville where he has been called
e cs room c g l Dodges pri- spettg, we cCan not fall out with an
Sa be aroo b utilized for the wor old friend lIke Rew, especialy where The refreshing downpour of rain yes- by the sudden iMlnes of his mother.
he so kindly shows his appreciation of terday the first here in nearly two Mr. Guy Crandall will arrive to-night
t iesae qdenbfo oum OigC .oet, and we unhstatingly say itn weeks was thankfully received. With a car load of horses which he will
s ofthe tf eonnectlon th"ataTae"hap no More
9n amy as or Wps s cal0ei to.e l .i(or getltemanly citlen than thi E. C. Stewart, the well known real stable.
asa"e W. B. Rew, whose motto is:,My estate dealer of Bartow, was visiting
staod and sworn. others do unto me as I do unto them. his Tampa friends yesterday. J. H. Rivera, a well known business
In"in ueetlh with Mr. Yant, notbonly our man of Braidentown, arrived in the
T ,rq PI~ W ATrS. mind, hbut our heart seemed to go back Judge Ziba King, the towering pine of city last night, and is registered at the
o the day when we were bowed to the the wilds of DeSoto, was greeting his Almeria.
Over Uncle am's New Possession At earth in the greatest sorrow we hadyesterday Almer
ever known, when our very life seemed many friends in the city yesterday.
to oo. to be ot out after one who was about Mr. J. S. Ernest of frm of Canoa Adjutant Dearing of the Salvation
Sto beretrned to mother earth. He J. est of the firm of Can army arrived here yesterday and will
special to the Tribun cae to u and with kind and sympa- & Ernest, has just returned from an im- labor with the local continguenta for
Washngton, D.C., Oc. 18.-The cere- thetic hands assisted in performing the portant Business visit to Savannah.
Nones attending the hoisting of the last sad rites for our beloved dead, and a few days.
tas and Stripes over the Island of then with lovekin to that which C. B. Wells, Esq., a prominent young Some of the best orators in ithe coun- i
oo Rico passed off without a itch aused orble eLoried us tp for attorney of Plant City, was in Tampa u y will be present to adares the Demo-
Porto those in distress he carried us to his yesterdoy onberofessitoadres te Dmo
t.o-day., s the much coveted territory home and administered to our wants yesterday on professional business. crack rally to-night. Don't fall to at- f
I ls pit of lo it. The WUtar okin breast t than that poseebed by wes- Geo. A. Foster of Jacksonville, F. T. tend and take your friend along.
abe y rigft of conquest. The War Yant. May God bless the good Dunson of Orlando, and S. Starr Stern- W. H. Toes of Bartow one of the t
received tt following tele- Samarita s and give us more People berger of Georgia are registered at the leading cattle dealers of Polk county, t
Swr to-day, hmh, laBself et- who pour "oil and wine" instead of pep- mera. in te eserd oti t
pl. Rit : versauce Into the wounds of their fel- was in the city yesterday negotiating 8
a Ja, Porto Rico, Oct. 18-Secre- low men. BARTELLO. and Mrs. John ng, of honoto- for a shipment of cattle to Cuba.
.r Of War, *Wtelsngton, D. C.-Flags A TEXAS WONDER. sasea have taken up their abode in this The Tampa Bureau of Information a
I*e ten -raised-on all ublec buildings ERY city, and are pleasantly located in Hyde has been purchased by Messrs. J. S. n
.*tb Ino this city, and saluted with HARLLS GRAT.DISCOVERY. Park. Ernest and C. T. Frecker, who have ex- l
dl alute The occupation Of the One mall bottle of Hall's Great Di-S r. W. V. Lifsey. division passenger cellent connection in Santiago and Ha- s,
ld ISOW complete, cover cures all Kidney and Bladder agent of the Plant System, has re- vana.
) .BROO. r ua-n." troubles, removes gravel, cures Dia- turned ro'- -;n business visit to A stubborn cough or tickling in the

a oop was forwarded to Presi- backs, rheumatism and all irregular throat yields to One Minutue Cough
at Chicgo. ties of the Kidneys and Bladder in bott Mr. Frank Ruse of Jacksonville, arri- Cure. Harmless in effect, touches the
men and women. Regulates bladder ved last night and will leave for the right spot, reliable and just what is
S troubles in children. If not sold by Mnatee section on a prospecting tour wanted. It acts at once. S. B. L]eon- m
I flE a Ii your drugiUt will be sent by mail on this morning. ardi & Co. it
U, m recent of L. One small bottle is two it
; mont treatment andll cure any John R. Jones, superintendent of Pub- When you call for DeWitt's Witch
I od A came aove mentioned. E. W. HALL. lic Instruction of Sumter county is in Hazel Salve the great pile cure, don't a:
S f-ole Manufacturer the city. He gave the Tribune office accept anything else. Don't be talked w
S PO BOX Waco, Texas. a pleasant call yesterday taked into accepting a substitute, for
u^ sasmz o Garcia -'b. The many friends of Mr. Goodley piles, for sores, for burns. S.B. Leon-
iWehbIwill be delighted to know that e oardi & Cmo.
Sadj n the Crescent Halleteville, Texas, Feb. 13. l9.-I will be deli hted to know that he rr
:ota-S cer m tbt i wrtfy that noy wife was troubled with is rapidly improving from a long .and Jacob trauss the immutable poet, w

Bnit. lse gthe body, He wn pas- the ~aieys nod was relieved of it by The many admirers of that mos be "only a drummer from Savannah," nt
Sth acuatt a.en hse- eye caught the use of Halll Geat Disrcovery. She excellent lady, Mrcks. Dr. I. N. orton, l In the city smiHng on hi fritene. His
used onty one hotthe, and tin she is
55 aeta rshli a body permaSen l ed. feaE G EE, will he delighted to know taile is ~ e story is a t ide-eplltter esDecially
i he the ed. took a few Baptist Minister. convalescent aer, n e ftr a hard spell of fever, when elaed by the "only.
m9 lks ,actm.nemore m loreey TE NON. . ', PARKMAN, 'Mds Edith Harrison of Palmetto, Ot'pt. I. 'A. Armistead, mayor of St. te
3i oluo nd it waU the who has been studying china painting Peterslswra was in the cty yesterday, te
at Rs. Oae&.gave tDenocrati nominee for Congress in unedr Mss Watitine, has returned home grreetlng his numerous friends He and ti:
B and s a orowd jlt people the First Conseeional District of Flor- on account of sickness of her family. his family hayse just returned from an
.p1 ipi .bti'4 He wasa so ida. together with other distInguIshed A. extensive trip to Northern points, where
e.^smlsgo arle a Cohn 5peakees will address the people at I Mr. Perry 0. Wall and family have they spent the summer months very p1,
uBy hip Kle h i1 weedS Plant City, Satuirday, November bb, turned from the mountains ,9f Noihtt feasantoy. i b<
*' F rlweitru, whste minl- at 11 'clock., am. Carolina and Tennessve, where thek ,t o .
rot -bia dSeM Ofler Lakeland, sitarday, Novembpr the have been recuperating for the past two You tnvlte disappointment wea ou 70
ls d m ad took Charge of It, at 7:0 o'clodo, p.m. months, experiment. DeWltt' Lir"e HErly

_St. rargt, onday5 Tove r Mr. W. S. Hancock has returned from tle ls" They cure oonst -na
S hothe m, the 7th.r at fl oBcloek, a ESm. Jacksonville where he has been proe- IsI r headache just as sure as you tac ak
tE S BB 3 ee Cpo- herf.an o eu-WB. N DERSON, pecting with a view of opening a saloon. them.
-r- has ~en .rma Dem Esx. Comn. First Cong. It is not very i-rely that he will Bave a
P. o $e" dt PverR wALL, Secre t ry. Tampa. Delmonico steaks are selected by'an ye
an e hito PDR G. WAe Secrtary. expeMrt cut by' an expert, served by m
Aw f< Hai a w aan sDI9COVU eED eT A WOMAN. B. Y. Benson, proprietor of the -Al- agood bIqtoj people, and eaten by people at
" o 'r [ tha se n-- meria. in disposeng of his big stock of who know a gd thing when they see w
acirt i. Another a t dt coverl has been second hand furniture, like hot cakes. it. Prices reaoinahle. The Delmonico he
S i.t i fid ad%. and that too. by a lady in this He advertised it in the Morning Tri- Restaudadt, 2te fi aett" street Open i
Sti va o v the c try. "Disease fastened its cluttes bunes all night.' tt
'i t lb a a c:w upwm her, and for seven years she with- 5
a l dy niht stood Ita severest tests, bat her vital or- We sell buggile and phaetons, all The key to health is in the kidneys Ia
gains were uan b-ri mined and death kinds. Buggies 30.00 and up. Har- and er. Keep these or acv T
od ml tr and you have health, strength and
a t e as -J. seemed ImmInent. For three months ness and saddles; we are here for bual- cheerful spirits. Prickly Ash Bitters pe
now. to she coughed incessantly, and could nes. Come and see us. E. D. Hobbs & is a stimulant for the kidneys, reg- Li
s tin fmorTel ti M ar -1 not sleep, She finally discovered a way Company, ulatee the liver, stomach and bowels, de
at er M b dn- to recovery, b purchasing a bottle of A golden household remedy. For sale W
I- I "aIe him to I Kings New Discovery for Consum- Rev. R. Y. Walden and Elder Kane, byS..B..Leonardi & Co.
lf o and was so much reeved by tk yesterday to erect a large tent eourso fullness after eatng,
aof doe, that she slept all night; the or City end o the street car flatulence are all caused by imperfect j
apiT all th wt'ts In and- wittL two bottles, has been a&ao- inefr i olding ame s. digcstii, L Prickly Ash Bitter s cor- ar
I6Bto hal lately cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther angesc srects this disorder at once. drives out ge
he lp.y y-toik n Lut i Thus writes W. C. Hamnick M & iss S. F. Henley a leading milliner badly digested food and tones the nI1
H biottums of the de-. Co., of hbelby, N. C. Trial bottles free of New York city, arri. ed here last stomach, 1lver and bowels. For sale La
blhe~ to-dayw. at 9MB. Leonardi's drug store Regular evening to accept a position in the mil- by S. B. Leonardi & Co. a
: size 50c. and $1.00. Every bottle guar- linery department of J. S. S. o.ney's arl
S bot la anteelt dry goods and millinery store. Mr. C. E Wade, the efficient and on
r w h sbe -comittee of the war popular piano and organ tuner is in the
stvstlg aeatn- v inaut commission, consisting of Mr. (W. 'A. Carter went to Savannah city, pnd can be found at Browning's
MOW Xe. a Gewi T w i Cock and Colonel Sexton, Saturday night on professional business. music store. During the summer pl
WW ow*100 iroM ftom'Jackeoavllle and will res. Carter ano went to Montgomery months this excellent gentleman has m
tim aeh beafn t wL of investigation at once. to visit relatives for a few weeks. Judge been In Cincinnnati perfecting his pro- the
f a w-". olaaede the roeeu r travel- Carter wll return to-night fusion o degree of efficiency that the
't lngsslCr or Lelsbung is calling on knows no superior.,us
oS t Twoblac .kInthe io terestM Messrs. Ch"in and Cochrmn of the The steamer City of Tampa will take in
o mood. TVa Coosumers Ele-teic Light and Street an excursion over to St .Petersburg to-
a Railway Company, have returned from morrow morning to attend the repub- i
I..... L"Wt n I LS JJ.B.,WqlslSSa a delightful visit to New York andi lican r&N at that place, ShewlXleave nix
the rktafs-d Jandwei y rag Boston. The;y tvok in the si&uos cf the wharf of L Gilddens & Company, see
i..S id atl hoteL both places and were thorougbly con-a 4:.30 p.m., and will return at nflt oc0o

Who Used Paine's Celery Compound

Suffer From Fever.

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