Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: October 6, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Ltea in the dt4 the diampate am.
boe Amencane misaaonarkea wer- elm-
sor sattfC ed, a- was mae chaieanLe-
emry of athe Ubsted ates Latna.
e latter s rtbs were broken.
air Clbade 3. Macdonald, the Difash
later at Pltei reports tht seh
@a OeGeso* feeibg arad. Saoa"
rae bAen taen to ea 'the aMttatae
t the C lneam ,emMt o tse out.
. mank. .

Sm W tr. Alteri saear r The Deror In known to bave lately
fptaIn mad enang par s abown tenaa toward Chrtistanity,
ee.a ~ heMio ns.TrCar and it wos recently reported that he
leected their mw haa lm ittle d Mbtmed the ntuan ca e a in
n 'tVe GUSCra bdin, in the palm .
"d ateVed o lmece Tmho
W tb@ Flphe Inhre aotermLee to Leave goon.
qFMa ennd ed Chat 8eakel
at off dome a osome ofr Werton
b w a tr" ied to Wtlee t'ton, r .n .. Oct. 3.-G-eneral
11Mt'h ter towo N r e s t after a lon gbnteece witt Pres.l-
Wssld amdt heom ti I b M Klnley qd the War Depirt-
r aea e n ee mentr tal atern~on amnouncad that he
h.Ee o ue w take his commax d to Cuba tbe

Thb the cbir ebegea to r -
a raom and ouGds like. the UTrh1iROs T rIted b nat An gut
Sane manlld0 oAld be heraz d. t n
ed open the door and- oued od Yeaterday.
h RM tea nrouod the room U te
a. *le lie aw Walker he From Tuesday', Dally.
sW on.le bu t coolmuied to The regular ratm mesaon of the
erafgly aBI he reiehed the Bord of County Cr eLinBat.o began
, rat the cmort houe en s mr JrlaIg.
I OaS SeU t ha T he oUowtn$ member answe to
AsIthacar-roll Cail: J. EK Tomberlin, Hugh Srner-
wesa Med wIfe 1lft vile. J. W. Valandlngtaaan. and E. C.
& h li thIrd one, all lnvtog. Bintoo. In the absence of chairman
Pti bee lIig tf peae with dmadY., Mr. Somervile wa chosen
w "r af or tintB t mle chatrman pro tem.
tWivem s thoigM to be Clerk Givens read the mnlVites of the
of theIr ,sansubsl umlpl- lost meeting. whict were duty approved,
the "pr altre that he after which the b ines" was talen
tg w te thee. toIgood d d up) and transofed In the foewing
r 9ftaPaO ng arga IC order:
Wr tree the Jury. 3m paerr was dropped ftre the
relwhaw tor h ealnb fr uaa US6 L P Pr^ sha eviiMq t f hMm al- at $4 per month.tbe hetr 8f JA.'Polrd
Cnd1 b y hm a fet e L y 'were added at $10 per monoh. and imr
amd eem tatInh, eCCray at $4 per meath. The Iat am
" a. MOST- _k2M approved eas then pawsed.
. 3. T@ RCS I The county treaerer rendered a re-'
port of fumnd l the treasury as follows:
ar h d e a (Lal Fund............ 7.
Road FAund...... ..........e.... sl
"" _._ Pine and Forfeture Ptud .... 320.S1
-t w The tountp Judge and calector re-
War&^-ThW ported h having collected l censee dur-
gip more troop to Iag the moath of August amomung to
Tase, twat go az;.eS.
___knd C "h h Sheriff pEr er., =reaj aj o ving col-
wthe M L X"York ha b to ted fne dtudng the month of sept-
ordea e embark a embtr mdantiar to s $

s T awne north of the city, to the bndge
W e aWroae the river, distance of about
--four miie There wvre tlreet biA
ap a 1 *submk4 s d. and e L he enti tre after-
Danoen we mmear Re jt Aision them
aThe y the bids rad, made it very
S--- difnlt for the bhuam**arh AefMstal
SwTmrae wdb one was the lowest. They-
O. OCa-I-The yellow sent the hide .
in Jshmn s --~atead- them and lnetrpred
f altl He-t to pre- out on the s basint
t1 nmd O the f m, that the beard wod know Xa
rrmeeem sw ecase reported to- what they woul t -i t
er The ether case mile. They were a e
r nHea the ortrtpaly -mected" the bids to r anote Oeed
it- her r this manla, rheg. w th e contract wwi
tohtalnoWMber- ojaas in the ciy be awarded.
si tmwen-tLV ..wttb th LCe deaba. "
a. 0 9t a*d hricbett r*ePrt from Chwoot- raTOLLK ouNT
rse tnaaewr ca-seA one serious.
W a w rts ferom fOeM0rd About Three Thosand Tampa Chfl-
na t. Tere are aenow onty dr A et d SchooL
t 200 w nlB pFrple in the town. A
mb n camp-l being e b Tllaed'. he total entUlment of our ctty
rme "p-Me negroes wll be placed.

q WtrVJip, Dr. ~at reports schools durli the first week of the
Suam=ad t ree usmpiedou. He term which ended on Friday numbered
i wr an Immune physeidan and two 1L Thdis ns conaldera'bty in excess
7 atsefous case Is reported t!an
mpacloun nine ha reported from of the irs, week af haat year. The term
LtieMan t aFmith Officer Redus. enrollment of last year numbered 1,760.
Meg*, other portion, of the MSate In an interview yesterday with County
'aseport a9niloes oases, ada ar- Superintendent of Public Instructon,
t thasbeen made to have P-of. Buchhola, be ews fmt u his oqpn-
.MLepeorts three new cases and ion that the enrolment last year wou!d
Irahso Brt-lon have beenat Inset w larger if we had
S -sf" m other infected sauffient room esides this," says
e . .b he "I am satisied that In the cht-ch
and other private schools in the city,
l. n Owe hattee-t / have tflly Mteen hundred pupis."
WIth a knowledge of all these facts it
;. T" .' wil be seea.tMt over three thousand
*64b-e W ar"-o oour ChlIdren tiwnd school.
Oc.. Oct. 3.-The War
ebmem Va wit e9 Mrs. 3L J. i. Ger and two cute and
^toa0B MWq, a& fta't- ck.c. lttlUe daugbters Msaes tattUe
naoa428d n G Tnt. aand Jalea, whbo have been pending the
wIM.t IL WM4L-tknUP Su moaeer &i t the fme resort

ta earog To-


.ay-. . -
r 88114@
$Igh L
Lar h:?

I DSAl' JddIP? LAnasmjLu.

he IllinUaa laccessfully Christeaed
b Kis Laeter.
SpeciaJ to the Tribuneo
SNewport N ws. Oct. 4.-A very large
crowd assembled here to-day to witness
the launching of the battleship nfIols
The ceremony was very Impressive. Not
a single ar occurred to mar the com-
plete carrying out of the program.
Governor and Mmrs Tanner and Mayor
and Mrs. Carter of Chicago were among
the dtnulhed guests. At 12:32 p.m.
the magnificent ship was launched, and
waea. christened by Miss Nannie
Lel tP-of Chicago. The crowds cheered
and the whistles blew an honor of the
Geo. WidTer private secretary of
Congressman S. Sparkman. has ar-
rived In the ctty from Plant City, and
will'at once assume his duties in the
law office of Spartknmn & Carter, In the
capacity of type writer and stenogre-
pher. He Io an exceedingly bright
young man and his many Tampa
friends welcopae him to the city.
In emm &&vft a tn br nw mInut gIeHier


y Sle Irmsd liter GirtNg Oers
S the Slip


%oek a Cry. antMhome O Car er
.rid to Arrst Him Chrge of
-abe ,WOtg 150 Broeght

F~pm T'esdaya Danlr.
At boos yserday Guy Saakl of this
fog-r coUllector for the Siagr Sew-
t i Company, w uarree by
weat Carter. Be waa charged with
mbea-o-t by the Bsaltofun Bood
9omwpawr. The warmer t was
y sbirtaf ste th Bse b eW c k

bL,. aa w-o.r anrr ce-

1an Juan. oet. 4-The evacution o;
than twofa the slant of the kasnh
idlerala abmost a-melete.' In ha
troog.u wti hae samied or SpaaB.

Mk Failure

Special to the Tribune.
New Tort. Ot. 4-Cmederabel ez
eitemenlt ls oecaaSone here to-day
itan feaeMH cicles, when the statement
was maed public that the Tradeaman
National Bank had gone into Ilqulda-

Georgia sections.
Special to he Tribume.
Atlanta. Oct .4.-The *tate electlona
will take place In the State to-morrow.
,The campaign has been one of the moat
bitter In the history of the State. Riots
are anticipated at several points during
the dty.


Captain and Six of Her Crew Per-

Special to the Tribune.
Charleston. S. C., Oct. 4.--Word has
reached this city that the tour masted
sohloner. Barah Palmer, wa wrecked
in Ite storm seven mile out from shore.
Ca4 atn and six men are known to have
ieI-shecL Three of the dead bodies
floated in shore to-day.

e~---4- and Brunswick LoaM H f
a Killon.

Special to the Tribune.
Fernandina., la., Oct. 4-The disas-
tros results a the great storm of 8un-
day are Jumt becoming fuly known
hert. (Half the houses In this 'city
wee flooded *with water, nd there is
not a wharf left at the dock The
quantiae station is completely swept
awB y. Twenty-two cottage, on the
bekc were completely destroyed.
'he city of Brunswick was Irondated
in rom four to ai tet of water. The
Loa to Lble chty and Birunsawrk wil
aegregate over half a million dollar.
a alch onere are lost In the harbor.
Twe easire crews leat. It Is town
that two persons were swept away ia
this city. An mlknown as4mm r i
washed ashore at Jekyt Island, and the
wrecked crew hem not been heard from.


N OW m ee g tha GunA rom tee
incamya'a Wreck.

Special to the Tribune.
Saniatgo de Cuba. Oct. 4.-Ue-ueaant
tfobeon has arrived here on a viit.L He
changed his program anad worked for an
enUtre week in the Vitcaya in removing
heruna. To-morrow divers wUl make
a flnal emiruntion of the Vxcaya's
htom., in the hope that there It a nare
poMasiblly of raising the hig. Lieut.
HEben will afterward proceed to the
wreck of the Almbrante Oquendo ,and
lake off her zna, leaving the Chritobhal

Frpim Tt


Amrim aitd Fglis Attaches la slted Tradesu Bak of ew TorL Goes Into

a t~e Streets. UiqldstloW .


The OrCier Baltimore OBn of the L'at of tha 0 to Le Saea b
Vemel That Will Protect Amer. m RuU, l ip la'nfhed eorgia
ican laterete-Orave Trouble leciond Today- Bo< crelt
b Now Feared. Aoep the Wo-Talpiov

Special to the Tribune. Special to tM' Trlune.
Washington, D. C., Oot. 3&-The Brat- New Yort. Oct. 4.-A letter wua rec"e-
lih Porein Ofice to-ay r received a ved by the New York State Republta an
tspatch from er MJMeety' Mitniter executive comanttee to-day from Ted-
at Petn ayin that M Mr. otmer, a ty Roosevelt In which he accepted the
member of the rItha Leation e* re- neminatioa fr governor.
tturnsh b me yt1uerday with a lady.
was tmate d ad backed ty a maok Wli soon be Soe.
wltch stooed him and moered hm with
... etecal' to tdo TrItane

s i 1 rll ll 8 M SUB MRI

lad Tls Ns Tir o fMM atit t ie s ib 4jji

War Depaurtlm .


*l D id Not be Welpe4-e The f.OmIadi
Shared in the ardshipe for a tMe n
Whole Week and ad toeep the t
in the Open Air. l 1 u 19w

Special to the TrIbun, roae W edek
WaPdlngton. D. C. Oct. L.-Te In- The biasMm tft
vetigaten comnrttee get down to bWnm c the et & a
nen to-day. General Joeeph Wteeler grap D ame
wau the mft to testfy. To the com.-' e. 6
mztte ,e aid: The dpla of the u fmandr
mSanto amnairn wa aa effeetliave eLh aiabi yri a
It wa poseale to make It The oba rl s at dlg t
were kept 4n a bealthtf oemds a ao n ad 4I
praiecat Mo a the wound in battle A V .Cl i
were roamry eared 0 by t "~ns olr a. etS
There were eptairnta tin dear ly at So ein & o .a
reCtmeats.^ t t amdr aa l enral aa n a el mOe g
reported. There ri a bshortae of aW y oa t~ra.
coamimar au oa a." a them m ftto mer
OQeaerwl Weer slated to mW to-alebt er a sl ade a I Sdo
that he expected oe rwta here aVlolg I t a ep
as the commsle oa desired him. In p a la atthe l
answer to ay queetlon. General WheeL- WItakeripka ftr
er sid; .r rn a -e aO -
"I had prepared to mrae a gameral o te m a aE -.:
statement. but if the commission visbe lseat aMa p
It 1 shail answer specific coamplat an repeatedly lnatqee
they are made. I do not beltre a ga e e AC the M
camp was ever better provided in everP r, the cha L&

troop thea OeLam Wtoff. Tfawr were exaeed to te m ia
in Camh p WLor of about 25.0 anmen tro di4a thnv had b r
Gantiago and other point, 1.140 of sd help theitew
whom. lacking i. were Immediately sa the ltvitgtfla
put Into the hospitals. the arlval of thebQ
"Of the other troops nearly hal were ftOl eort wear d
eltc. and the elcht of suffering waae thf found rlyoft
therefore, necessary. Oftany women fnle k that had be
offered their servlceI; I know it was arroundB the 4
only from their tenderhearted Int6eret. perfectin, aandl~h
I could see that Jn their every action. grace an MH. tb
But thne very tenderness ceased them repuotati of 3;te
when they aw the men in such ansW- A rftr a Md ae J
Ing to cry out and make camlaInt. more .than eraatl
when everything wa being done that again h th Ln
could have been done for an army of a- mka wi'g o e mtsi
men. B, .3 mwa In tal
"It wae war. and the men were in a meat eanelelf hall
bad etate, but It could not be helped. I true priactdplea o
there e any blame to come while I oemiwed -A I. B..
wae there IA should be put oa mn e A &a maIng ae
cormnn"aluf pfler to redpontlle for el U at ctW e
the well belat of his men, and I ahll in psrty lIaen To
not endeavor to escape that respoal- w brtlght to a d
bllity by trying to sh'tt It' upon any one eOQeMlt plag o
else. I am certain that no comp tint "EoesRt wk by 1
came from any of the regular." t OL.
aeked aa to the part ftanUao would .a e o'w4 e
play I t he Lvelelialon, (heeral p r ws &tb
Wheeler ald: .a rm
"There wou d have been more prep- 06ec we e .
aratlon and lam haste had It not been maei -
for the dapateh roe mAaur WanEIaon ek- a we" l
saying that with 10.0, men be could The crowd 01m" t
take the city, and so they were'hnrrtied a eAvery.o M M
forward. to aet-the d
"I wu myself one week wIthout a t
change of clothing and without my tent, *"*".
ePtpln wicut any oQvering. in rain heat pebhe ot-U
or otherwise. I do n ay th bo fo te edCI x
ingly; I wages lad to do it for the sako rs pad wew a
of the example, aU well an to be expoaed t tthec. "t
to the eUn and ahower but we were
doati the bet we could with the en- (C* U. ; TaM
vtoanment ad with the program that- cani e Cor 6dO
had been planned.-" I. maruman I
The comm'lalon will be detained here _1'sm. P_
two weeks longer., f not more. and wH ill "e 1 e -i
hold their ieslons next in New York bop-'nta""4en f

eg m oudag i

sadk emy the~

eveen ma t n be esetadc =99o e W4%VWO a
at least, to contlnee the tactorytna Jack *pnrWW sa
OOav91Isla=d a-eager InO
I"n sfct," aid be, '" ee no rood rea- rghel da htsb
am y It should not remain here. The
former owners eee to have ton It tMALS 141M.B
here successlfly, ad I see no reaoa itXd
why I should not continue to do so." d- d ."'
Mr. osra intrhimated that u was dd guaratree to
posble that other aLtoles mneht come and Ag e- All.
to Jacksonville, and that posasbly after H taWeotsZlf w
awhile the enterprise peok the of tr
city might be given ah oortoWtrnty to
offer indmMeseta to thi end. It a in ""-"
clamed that there are dleadantsai
in the matter of secoung employee
where there Lo only one'la ge factory
In a place. and the clar makers Ilke.<
to be where. If they toe a job at one
place. they can go to another factory in
the same town.
Mr. Go erra will start up the factory
again this morning and an increased
force will be employed, the force.num-
betrin about two hundred and twenty-
five hands in al. The name of the tae-
tory as El Modelo Ctgar utifadtur- .
lng Company is to e retained. The fac-
tory wee ortgtnall tMeb)bed in 1B
and is one of the oldest in the tate.
El 6Modelo ood s having a& repOtelmo
the world over Laboalt and are know
as first-clas ina every way.
,%I-1%1rw W IL n Po -0- W

4Lis2'h A


EL PoIanaVACOST 501.3.




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04-. OW
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-l y up
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aor aSi4b

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. o-s

- -~i
* ;rSenb
hat: Ows
a iawS

: 1

.a- '5~

tnilof t ae t'publc busa eal o ef e s .aarla Cured and irportant electiorr The selection of Friaend, beginati six months before coo- pat experleace it wea .i.,
ten million illptno Malays. and half Mo a competent men to office may depend flitme t t y S p to e {ecyeu V0 t 'arlt w op. _9i
S h a.J i-r 0 40 miles from o ur u heh r o on your ballot. Great party issues w hours before th baby was born. and "t W a e
aimilPe? I hn h ad rheumatism, off and on, have been defeated because some one no orh a o hea no i sea .
A 7e Mex lot it le want Pin aolwa4oftehtme Itwentany man failed to exercise the right of Euf- trmatssing tights. no awolie or rites 4 ,4raa it a mthe.wg..' Wt T
to get rid ofn the ptread-mill at home. catches, ad eat deal of the time I frage. It is necessary that we, as breaks. Her baby was strong and the pic- Thlis bnc the tre ma be
MEll a wants to turn the people's minds from og o ae I a Democrate not only el-ct our whoe toure of health. qut tt't
- home affair. to give them, In the words wa ob t h M he enaml, ticket,, ut make a healthy Increase .n Mll Fpf eMl athe o re ly te ott elrtim
*s ofthtenoqueaAttornet General of the ad I spent a great deal of money for the aloe of our vote. It not only give the it is a linwnent tcebe tlest place frem wh c toe
Vat-tedottar ites In his wpedc befo aro le ithe a t2rbe l eer- lst fl fro io r3.4
am'- i"t Jetey n hi er before tmedteine@ without permanent beneft. us a larger reprentation in th tate ernally. Nothrg but harm can come from troops. The troop that were mt to
,.;.t rew ey Repuablican convention. Theywould give me relief for a time but convention., but it chews up our city taking medicine internally at such unea. sPorto Rico from 1ewprt i -
"New thoughts, new questions, new the.trouble would return. B1 month 2 andI county to a good advantage. i All internal preparations said to relieve com- Charleston pagedthroughn i "'
SATXA. fleldw fresh hopes broader views, wider Ibegn taking Hood's Sanrp9rilla, you have moved from orne ward to ing mothers are not only humbugs, but hariMpe au co wtnwh m t
S* PO flue t nce." We believe, also, that It is d now am fee from my ailment another since the last election, see that politively danero to Santiago from Port T a .
"I- right and proper to go to other coun- th my neighbor ay I act morea like a you are changed on the registration eS43a iiomcorna bcttat reason wa attributed entely to the
e n b tries provided certain conditions have bof 17 thantman mao0 t om- books. If you have the least doubt reo -t yu u..oo e.- to i
hoop-- t Lmed at bouts, If we have tqo bS'^'.0 about your right to vote, It wilU be welU t a Mei fi h1ate- t.L Ah~lan f ournea. tn twhyima
j^er^d ti thO airt ofrmanaging affalirofr -, for yep to -call and interview the regis- mitlte agai? Ite stic
State, if the ideal repubtlc now exists U o traction officer. He will be glad to ere that occaalMn .tblh qg c
S 4 go r country, if the demagogue, the answer any and all questions on the ON TO -'pASHINGTON. .n eapenal a In .,tg o ae. lt
es. elattr and the corruptionlrt have tel r. matte that will tend to set you right. The committee appointed by the city tees after the wir mw.. .
|(-i^ -, --^-^1bern excluded from our politrc,. If the AMi Ma fl; sixfor L.,etoulytoonlyR Our new wide awake county chairman, council and Board of Trade to visi APO,
Sj and foremost citizens are, an by I Ies doing all in his power to have every Washington, consIsting of Mayor Bow- APOORWO
o voice, elected to pdiltions of ablic A rS ggjM teak. man In the county qualified, who desirEs yer, J. B. Anderson, M. GHlett, left No man or weman ca O we
tlot. if our currency y systems I as It to vote te Democratic ticket bt un- lastight for the national capitaL mentally or physical, nor pat-e '
shq, l shuM bhe4 if our tariff need no re- lese he has the co-operation of the While they realize that It will rtqurefctve mer ofa ony f d"y t '
if our system of civil mser- prnclpal streets. How necessary It Is voters, his woik will amount to nothing. work to get a heing from the proper eta with a U itVr. "g ",
... ce Is in peed with the dviewe o the then that we make a goed start by re- The regltraton book wll be open authorities, yet they are hopeful, and ad deficient tee I I
epnd_ d wleeat In the jand. if othr soln- voing to get the bet material we can from now until Saturday, October 8th. een confident of a suc t o p tthe orminn eef tdsup 6 -l
.-*r slter .1 u model for other coun- for the money. The cheapest Is by no but dnlmt postpone the matter until the ton of their mslon. that they candt ep
VIMbto.ad i ma,, If am tand ftteaes amtlheo The e hown ery mthant lajntlrn t A
5 sa t o-. Ifmrtand ot tto e means the best. hence to buy paving U Mment, and then say you did not Thew Is one very Important point i to the pipe ktdab t
SZL *1'r apcet faie P or p0t1. material tust because It ij cheap, ib a, have tibe to attend to it. To-day 12 thelrawor, and that i, th rftfu went iahM. .iue ,i

" --if the Pla~t .th fee t t the street r of Tamp t. ther r of T0 t s a is c a p ad others oendn .' brodg ient in .ae be'Wa ,d""
...... m -U the denan somethi better. ,Wo have vely new. s is rottolo kby a 1- the most .urd and mtMal .te tam s
c e vlbe. I tbhet ma- agetn oesu. epewtlono p In conaidern inch steel bet t her look the matter m of Tampa. either aa pace oc petite re 'A t a

'Ga: afbrk ,eW mi t h Itant a e e h M y 8eet a et ter n d w se v ..
PC ey gw"nMuet ar nO W n byar the price of material and of the im- up- "Now t a t cePted tune. embar)twon for the troops to -oa, or th aas wa rvi,
iA' I'e are as is argued nt poln to ettle ip how lone that knots t her of natu a de repo rats e point for the'ocaon oercenta It e kesn t
te W lp t i wapelvanla amd Oeso, t"or wll lst.WIe thapest T esblockd the oara l cntPAA AMar IesA. ew he ar a intr era t sbe tooperi. toue. the -
I h had 1i thee oonptio lo- a be e to answ er or paingis-odays nfanta barsa Tereoa e ot o Pt Ino the United ttat osrIt u loaiiMa. m arth .-
e .oi ftr ee Wo one by, and In many caere have asted turr r t anlated an r. adelt on to th a W known lect that greet onyouthe o 1Cft 5

y t. thw a ioeaO tom at ll ouan eoretyet threi Istno tey thte Utd Stes. She aerfirrt-cbasta. ee4M'theC.ty by s.cein twondA?", A .t't
ea-s ftfe Statt, If the Plattdi the fiet that the otreto of Tampa to-day The cruise th oS t i andi hma s whe icals a or o t of e others sending e

saT P O d r m e r d everaolly ne hae tstthe cows are l ttern aer sent ecIte o the tr
Ceohtv thbie naad Q ademing d something better. Wr have y ShI oprted y the moos t -eurd ad thel atW e' t n sr lld .
-' to been pbd tohte walU and the oved wood s re paving, and now need steie terelt, d he h y geseo mnts concernir t aherheadt of the '"so i-"
e c-ta ofs tby b rc ietyt a in- something bemore aubtan reu thtar pat Jackha inch steel firtn aarch ro the tvre s tharo e.e here. It tne a u_
AOESf* afte n devotiqin to *dity wherever vijle 8rvannja. Atlanta Macon. Mem- Sh ftinlenth. t qu .totai o tthe a bt called to. relsne. In hi and hean other large cities have is e0 nhomi listo hne oweri daed thin A d o aroundrThtha b th rit- *-- -g .
t n stead.t f theseothing arae true, then by discarded the oouths entirely, andeare wIthndomia hpsehed atih Santao. eamaa fact worthy of no wrtht acrqe -i
b.r d all m in let us go th o the P lippiant ee. ues dg e t esrok e r e h a se oe er on a t wr e

a e 6 nat h ome ama a singt. ae waest actk, so met n that nds r at etIMPtbo an mpade1 th4g,ng toa the most reliable nd t er rustw-y
etusm m e lbeg i argued by some of these places theat elnos a gers ooicl caraldruge omhreports ofthe Percentargeoortiot to I thes
a at there see to beho when th ae block s become decayed, tabey tr ials during esigh a hou esenin at Tape aper tam pwats a little ss thn tr I ,
sea" b-mly STSbedindahe the speeday cald.h...

Sc O peat their botie brefres to work, ands te that Tae e discard th, r well se, slt lte tdofl the epree led Inthich olaethen5 T 6er cent tvr m s,
lp V-h eet talismanic chbarms.tb the use hlt cut af t is ai orinthes contract. She caraine sae two i rasoa to that the to. t opert .-
'o t" .e blockst and as y r. Pettingilo remarked t icnto mounted srinly on gar- encamped here, the number of aeta
fsi" e We musknot Iteep our secret; as- In the counrQ4 on Friday night-look bette turret fore and aft, and ive 5 1-2- from all causes amounted to only fr .S s M-a' ..
wtil hedt b theIrnula the sened.'Th oInch guns on each broade de, the pasl wmich Ia nortalfy of one te ofnt e

t wsIff" there w.i rowaet tos mthe to. lrvnp tot-itthe ard o c beet Ine It."at mTore as o e. d mpra it u
..- teach- t"e how ethe demagogue, the t he aet seeraly nearest the btows and stern per cent, After the troops were re- M A ME M .
a a theo and the corrupt t are bet paving is n the cntry lo brac and beng apona ned out, so as to fire sethat- moved from Tanna, they were taken rp
o se te gate nthis tfe ecout re gandiut o o e hee- th everally in those directions. They also from one place to another In seaert o
W ...t With. p"mntoethem an Ideal system. y all out exorbitant freight rates they are have a wide firing arch on the beam. that "healthiest place in the woidrd, O
m Lans we hay, on the the Pht pin p e about as cheap as any other material. The cruir th Spanish handling has The official reports how tha oat the t n
l b te nsr ens om to Wtdwood rock makes ba good endur- r a hown whathe could really do. or a dozen places that were giv a -
that there are BATTLESHIPS FOR DEWEY. able pavement, b an is ( cheaper than onder asi American captain, with trial, this city shows the lowet number
Inth tho PI o- -st sr omsa to be an air oart th t e te American engineers a charge o f ner of deaths in proportion to the number
Ss tow P Nu-A g snm toIe anaar o try because It i more available. it the Maria Teresa will be a vessel to be oft trope sThese facts ar e itown to o
I p et o rent tte gerss cannot be made near a ooth s Proud of. well worth to fly th r the War Depoartment and we can rest ... o. "

_. t ooeeeatThdd oe tew Yot e Dodreaoedemcrti on tseomoo nlthe, maryotea the satulsltyreestlon.sItic
move ent s at mant i ryeItanr brick on the surface, but will doubtleos and stripe She should visit the home assured tht the committeewill g .a-it i .
WtgarDpartment In sending thec-no last ully as long. It is certainl y the ports when she is again in seagoing it forcibly to thetr attentIon. MT3AO 9"
t e ant duty of property owne wo ba tw onto and figttrim. to give the Another element largely In our avor
glfteX totheppt AdmiralDeeyk satIsfied by thorough tests necery ind of ships we whipped at Santiagos. demic is not half as great here during -sT
^'y^-' ;. ; e the anyuagent wil before deciding the question. They are the winter minntbe as through the sum, S_
only have the Insur-gentstotes tasu ed abefor den th q uest. aThy arthe TRItMPH OF TRUTH.. mer, and the handng of troops ee atenlf g oftophere
wn- l the ca- eer and at times menacing attl- little and looks ni ce because somebody now would be fraught with much less
o tuode of other foreign powers behooves aid so It may lok all right and At last there is a suggestion that the danger than during the time the troops
Sttfht p* a p Sable fleet in thme bay. The prone answer the purpose very well for sword of justice Is something more were encamped here. There in every,.3 w
S. T faet In the bay. mTie Plresence 0 i nhe, but aftey It is paid f or they dis- than ao abstenraction in France, some- reason to believe that the War Depart. .j "
Elm Ii twohsch-warveselsa. the. Oregon an cover that it i no good. They spend thing More real than the emblematic ment will consider the matter from a '" e
S Iowa In the harbor at Manila at ties the rest of their days blamIn g the stre-t rerations of the painter and the sculp- proper standpoint. All we want is a
-ja tlmey V W wI probably do more to prevent committee. Board of Public Works and tor. A revision of the Dreyfus case fair and impartial consideration of our-
Thiat? out hiatlle n eIterth peathe City Council for rotten pavng. has been ordered, That martyr to fiull- claims, and receiving this we, are wil- MADE ME A MAE -
have commissIon or double the size of the tarirom, who is now suffering the Itg to abide by te decisIon wIthout T
M hla present land force. The people of that NEW YORK DEMOCRATS. ure of the inferno in his ce on word cpl
w~arfa o en,"tey t ne adeatson Iy f at Te aThe New York State Democratic con- Ievilrs Isle, may yet walk the streets-
-.; 'hav : -ead" toe btho oipst and fear t ventiont is now In session at Syracuse. of Paris a free man. And in that fPANNY PAVEN oRT.t S '

S made bth in aen t d e os t o eayby the pladlt of the sons of man. American stage has lost one of Its 18
of i Bhe ...h of AdImal4 Dwy gun the ....btrleay Tihating S -aiclon at A t nglar, and, perhaps, too many gatt motIonal actress White

S4SIwdL, -thoughtstet a this outburst ol enthuee nToraneeus w.. Tom Kippur" of e x ow t b never tbo ofr fmusto never be for- r ,;. ,. $ .; .1
adw-n omte r o a n Hebraic theologw-. fa n g her ac e.- "
era r that etaront the people of Tsmpa At corn to the pols on election day. they -Not alone mill the Israeiites through- suscept hbleloedevto to Idoea plhe .

SB t'^ hsiAr' (ls .^^ ^ ^ ,|K ams to th on fbigfo-c utnw ^She was much beloved by thetre goer. e .-.. l

i., sI the well grounded, opinion, an r. f:
Smany close observers of his actions. Blano's valedictory wil properly and professionals. The w erld oa r t
P. ravery on the battlefield no more fits come under the head of continuous per lost both an exponent and a patroness. fILE. Fag
man for the position of Governor of formances. Her theartic creations will tonus ve eoratci m.
IL great state, than expertness and fame .. 4 in the memories of those who.hail the I hr mi~e ll..sofnw m eto m a
on-t----W R good fortune to witness her portiat- iaw N o.to u
or any other soldier seeks to make his oTryait-nmd m 11 sm.frf.-
Sskill and bravery on the battlefield a o r urea. s e, m a
notoriety, they simply input the good D e i le
sense of the American people. There The French people take such a our- Sold t n TapMa it the .lk. .-
are times when a man may kill just as passng personal interest in everything Pharmacy, Polk St. Call for
many Spaniards to gain political prea- that happens in their native land and
tie and renown ashe willforove They do not complain of a re so comon n active FREE
m Del country. Subsequent actions often 0a The
e the true motives that actuaten anythnOg particular. that revolutions se y. Th In- tO ho skep~rs
d-ve hine true motives that i. tocer- eat enough, but keepthin and flexible character of, the government
tainly wouldhave r wounded to th cer- pale. They appear fairly well, in another reason why revolutmns are a
S 1ih -re it of Roosevelt had he allowed the ut have no strength. You regarded there as the best recourse for
il~ iir every me exciteWent of the war to subside for a cannot say they are realUy the people. v A. a
Hq -- t the rA t few months before becoming a candl- sick, and so you call them The Dreyfus case is a good ilustra- EiAU W
^iqts tess t tSt date -for any office. The Democrats of delicate. tion of this, and the shooting down of -
enee'- thidre Medical the Empire State are left with only one What can be done forthem ? a newspaper man, who had not the re- aCOOK BO
Her 53t. cf e'M1 if course to pursue, and that is to nomi- Our answer is the same that motest connection with the ease, by a
itha s s Masy nate the man who is in every way best the best physicians have been woman,,i.a particular incident in point. tellin bow so prepare maJ -- .
It t si. SS .the qualified for the oMfce. regardless of the giving for a quarter of a cen- The Zola tral another ataand der '
i influence of war heroes, Tom tury. Give them No case in the United States couui mta di cojt P
Pir aCom Platt or Tammany Hall. ever bring about a condition of things Addrs, Lieig P .
in s-.ea rrw w This we"a ce rpt S S such as the Dreyfus case has brought ew York ,
T aft so whor wibSs The Kansas farmers who are reported &W - about in France. The judiciary of the
t*r*ad- 40e-B to be holdng their wheat to create ath United State could never or a long
Scorner no doubt believe in the saying of Cotd-Livsrt i s t Hyppn e nted Si cld o f.or long gY AL PiLS
be ae corner nees-a period carry on such an abuse. The
o tothat turn about is i play. ptospltm. It has most re- next aeleeton would seetheendcnuchops"".
EI isgratifying o nhr rkae nourishing power regime and the correction uf Its evl.
hspof ma.the-tu to note howSe r m'uch inbhr- It gives color to the blood. It aio, l-
te et some of the State officials are brings strength to the omus Mr C. IL Jones, formerly of the firm ,
-n I h qo of I es. It adds power to the of Jones & Keller of this city. who ha
now and thnhng nerves. It Means robust been In Georgia for ever aw re-a -
Every now and then the neglected health and vigor. Even deli- ured to Tampa yesterday to tr e da 'd.
V__ -. -f... ifondike omen to for a small share C' cate infants rapidly gain 13 personal frenda .He odea t l t A "-
Sw~pme from : the sanery."- s.oIfo ggivenaatUL amount few days for Mobile, where he ln
shul bor fourt eack day.- entetbug hualnes. again.

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ab-V.s f l srsdaond's Ad -
Ws taoon, Ovsr the
W he i of Life.

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ld tbihe CoC aed 16 Their
te chi.


&rsiad rad the Infect-
and a House to-Xouse
1a Iaspctio Ordered-aicuaticw
it"Wer Orave.

Special to the Tribune.
Jasaon. Sept. 28.-The State Board of
health bu posted a bulletin announcing
that five new cues of yellow fever uavc
'appeared In the northwestern portion
of the city, lon the vicinity of the eec-
tieA bose,- where'the first Case was dis-
covered,. three weeks ago. The nve
patients are all negroes.
The nehtbornood is populated almost
excluxvel~ by colpred pMale, and hr.
teuPBL. the tate cedatf offloer In
T pnousc" ti4 (Bhere has been
bW-l'f A' 'nw fLtys' duration in

He IBs Two ThesaBd laiipa'artsat
at torS.


VaaWyck, McLaughlin Hil. Croke
and Murphy Praying for the
Lightning to Strike Them.
AU Have Hope.

Special to the Tribune.
Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 28.-There was
great confusion and intense excitement
at the opening o fthe Deaocratic State
convention here to-day. After order
was restored a temporary organization
was effected bytthe election of Palmer

ABrother of tMe Iiy i T9rt


SThe Platform Adoptedt cores oc-
Kinley's War Policy and Applauds
Bryan-Outlook for Democrat
ic Success is Bright

Specia': L the Trlbune.
I Syrac,- N. Y., Sept. 29.-The Dem-
Soci.:is ial convention assembled ttsia
afternoon, nominated Judge Augustus
r Van Wyck of Brooklyn for Governor.
I Amid iaterse excitement the result of
r the flrst ballot was announced as tol-
lows: Van Wycir, 350; Titus U., M2-
Guire 21. Stanchfleld 38. This L the
State submitted by Croker this morn-
Sirg. Danforth withdrew from the race
. fr movernor at the lasrt rriamprit and

ESf TB-1 kn m MmRS iddr It CaIbr SeNIL-$Odom.
tR Or4gl Ist Culelin


Lateat Advices esem o Ha&e xxtra- Nob t
ordmary Signiiatcance Attachd to Othe y a
Them-They Will Land at 'etobabili4t f l
Mangino. People as jr

S.eciaai to the Triune.- Spe to the
Washiungton. Sept. 8m.-The Mecretary D wr? ^ ~,L -
of War has promulgated an order to- to-*daig feesrt -N e a'
day for the Immediate ISmbarkat.ion *asse g etiferis-.ts
cW the first division of MX tho~aad IUb Vaoaeaw.. TNga
men for Cuba, to land an Mgllleo and fwmar th aSSe.iSs.
received orders from General Wade in n o bhpe otr'e iSsa l. S
Havana. This wilu make four divis- .itaLreda .t _ile aye aa
ions in ail ordered to the Island-three C m.

he hoWice
vr had not
'. It Is
an demo.

- Zus-a onS

8s.-Nc;~jy no

men of the*tow
lociatio for t

tpa e pernliciou ma-

iha dra.i r states that

oifd. wrad. A 4n

e. -. ,a.-.Dr. s u n.s
L Ihs tuan Board of
sa tlhfolowtg reprt 'or

~tsbe tose;

4f P :


c~~l;si~:i~-Siiit-' Xwy

SOrwoe dand mti- ei N nesh to-
day,21; total tqa ., t: whites 57icol-
ored 10; eat one Cdeti' to-day;
tbt 'day to-ntght since fever


Spanla ThIf Many i Havana at
/ the Preent Time.

peoial to'the Tribune. S C
ew Tork. Sept. 28.-Dr. Congosta,
secretary General of Cuba, arrived in
th cIty'this morning, on the City of
Washintton. to act as attache to the
Spanish Peace commission.
-Dr. Conasta sayr there are 6,000 srck
eidiqrsm m Havana, and it is impossible
to transprt them immediately, as Spain
ha fW traUnporti. and their embarka-
tion ia gsong to take considerable time.
He alo Bays there are no more recon-
.nuaiad a They are no longer kept
together, and their condition la worse
tha fopoerlx. t l j

dW"hKstUiUtoy and i t imn es to
Go by Oct. .

.--I honor 01 AnalsoNAon, Ala. Sept. 88.-Ben toyal
*oI"ey t- bM r Bk, ommrnrdin Ca hipp. re.
I B= IeL erved A ret Wa ft on to-day
l rr ar to Ort a U3t sk.tr ixP a. Sixth Im-
munes sssd1i t pocWed to Cuba
by- Octo to C...
SThe irt f lfantry arnved here last
. Frday from Montauk, I.tt the Sixth
.- ImmnuaW l stin at -sCickamauga,
S guardfbg pblUc property.
JosephWimanltie, Company C, Four-
Steetthb iew York, died to-day of ty-
Lf efW phold fever.

Dri-Souchpon'sB '-port.

1x- Spesiee to the Tribune.
We ies' Orleans. Sept. 30.-Dr. Souchon,
ei- = peI e stat ot the Louisiana State Board
oegi Sccurried to- of tlAi. makes the following fever re-
t Of three women port f. the day:
io .. me and New Orlean ne ne new case.
:. ui aM -Oe new case.
S r-- ionl-Foar nei cases.
S. Thre were no heaths from fever in

V"T Troope to Cuba.

t- j. S pecIalto tie Tribune.
V Waafhington. D. C., Oct. l.-The War
.r,6,** Deptartnment baa issued orders to the
S- boe fr jot officers to proceed at once to
vAgStO .1 Ct an sad make a thorough investlga-
S5W 'iL tinm ot the best and most desirable
t5an j ji t place fr t e lotlation of ce.mpe for army
O.KS or oc .., n. Thc b a4i'd as erdere
h t' b resi t to vIt t havana. Ctenfugoes, Matanzas,
l' _g' an. d Mariel. It has been decided by
Lcts.ako the department to locate six posts An

Bow. Taylor Worse-
fIs"New to the Truytune,
Sno n Citty. Teno .Oct-..-Oover-
T^^yltler3 a whso haa hbeel suffering for
t.with lver troubles, is rew

V POWs~ 1gr~tsie

atss a vrituos nere now m.anaeve ciae e u" u -w n -. mesinkn mdl J tr U l
known at any -previou eonveantion ln the ChLtcg ea WIf -l platform. CVa W'ry M wilt =0 W a
the aistorr of the party. Tammany In the convention. Delegate J,- CI o General Wheeler nla s h her hits
alone, has over two thousand. No Pteroe mtof oe Ear er t edt a resoti to remeh se C rs. oehRe
State hasm yet .been atttemited. The indorsing the CeagopiatlUenoru. if a ava ifall ye Sclter*" .u 4 n e a
most atawd qt ur Van Wyek and Me- was not allowed to 0peak pon iL, at .utal at n psie Tm t t
.-gil r r. 91,11 and Murphy it was-not read. l al-t -
am Sow han r V e 4 suitilt lalS to the dayth llvr adlhe- o* .at the

Stity of aDbeetroysd. selection of a .Stpte ticket, which they likely from Tampa.k ._ ... -
nclaim they wll lut In the field i t 'ey o scl tot
apectal to the tune. are ntot r teaonid.d The proposed T LLO E T L fE AT CRa ec
Key Welt Spt. 1.--About S o8lock tloet headed by William Cark of fres th
a ht r discovered P s Together with ther ready made sae r ofe C Oan p
w harf. nalarm as trned In. ade of candidates, they also have a very "hortwt0alt tShe obeow. i ton.a
whr An d learm wa turned p p and brief platform, ue of whose planka is = ,JS.. for so
atnd dib gallantservice. At the en. a rearmaton of the Chicao platform SPSta t the 'miune. t
o d It was ved that the ht rytmen onof y ton. ept. .-T
t a sit f w, ofliev d &t -nnam e deurirw the dal the convention k from
sre was rut, atad the tired firemen were came durl the day the c 0enton iespital service to-day prepared a ae-. I ssa
a tat oet y ari i i t f cheered to the echo. and distress
ent home. Shortly after midnight The platform adopted denounces mary of all yellow eve as and Bar d
the omnlo found of the fire bell was President McKinley for the abuse O deaths up to date in this country eo sr and the I
sgin hetd. a2te.eond \ti e his appointing power In the recent war. reported ts the uthlUdtleS hers. It n t
Seat ae T k a h'n rent erence was made to the queston rpord a fohow: ire j
coal shed freight house. icehouie and Baton e Srrite Seorptal expansion. t oe ps t
upper wharf had beed destroyed. aend Bn to le, E, e eae; iht- ]p I --
again eay n el he LOPD TO OHIO. tn to ep t2 caoes. 0 ee ; Eery p
fire out went home.e Onlye one tail nhed g e very's Canal, to Sept. 2. casee; Hou wsave te
was left standing on the wharf. At Volunteer Private and an Oil Op to Sept. 22, one case; Hoouma on Sept. 1
5: this morning that wa alo in a tor Daughter an Off. one death; Jefferson Parish, Sept. o, 5 MAlY
The fire originated from spontaneous cases; New Orlean to Sept. ca te i a
combustion. For about two weeks the Special to the Tribune. 2 deaths; Wlson. Sept. 7 12 caee. 0b
coal In thdae sheds has been on fire, ut Yungstown, Ohio., Oct. 1.-Society h ssasippi; Edwarda vicinity, aept. 7,
active efforts have been made to empty here is all broken up to-day over the 1 case; Jaokson, to Sept. 27. 9 cases,
the sheds of the coal and extinguish the news of a most sensational marrltae deaths: Orwood to Sept. 7. 67 cases, 3 pecs to
fire, but it seemed that It has spread that occurred in this city to-day. Miss deaths; Oxford to Sept. 27, 1 cases. C tpp
to every shed and in all parts of the Agnes A. McKelvey. daughter of Capt. deaths; Taylor's. to Sept. 27, 82 cases, 8 et flres a-
coal. hence the Job uwas a hard ont. F. Beatty of the Fifth United State deaths; W'aterftord, Sept.; 9, 1 ro tent Inthis
The loss was 12.000 besides about volunteers, with headquarters at Jack- Water Valley, Sept. 2, 1 case. Hundred

say nothing of the many thousands of o his time. They were comparative m Brya Wired or. Oni a Il
dollars' worth of coal that were, and strangers until a few weeks ago, wwen serious loa
will be destroyed, for the fire s not yet they met. It was love at first sight.
out. It is only party smothered. and The bride is well-known In this corn- Special to the Tribune. 9 1
every hour many dollars ,worth at coal munlty, nd bears a most excellent Lincoln, Neb., Sept 27.-Mrs. William
is being lost. reputation. They left here to-day for Jennlngs Bryan received a telegram to-
The property Is said to be Insured for Jackaonvill. where Mr. Beatty will join tay, calling her to the bedside of her 0 estrwn
about $40,000. h "s regme't husband, CoL Bryan. who is sick in s At.1
liMd at her home in this ci y yedfter- Washington. The message received by
day.hMze. Jh BIto,.Theaafter urrffir
daye. Mfe John Bartlum, after tfo t x ow BULLETf Mrs. Bryan gave no information as to special to
weeks' tllness, of typhoid fever. The e WTOheTB une.the seriousness of the colonel's illness. Washing
deceasedlwas a ertde of about one year, She departed for Washington this even- HavaL a a
and came to r Key West with her hus- One Thousand uen ick in Santiago ing. "Havtn
band about four weeks ago. and was on Monday ss ; t oret Fie s Infantc Mo
taken sick two weeks after her arrival. on fanh t at rored t e -9 tor HoIto;
TLO ss aM S TO Uhi .OUT Sp eln to thhe Tribune. tlgo de C
Washington, Sept. o.--In response STpecial to the Tribune. tendon to
u dto a dBpatch from 'rothe War Dnt p Denver, Col., Sept. 29.-G-reatest fr- i ecre

Two Bttalron ofthb irtol egiment meant, Ceneral Law ton sent the follo- et fires ever known t the hist ory o to-day to
to fusth r Out. ing health report for Sept. y 5 from the State. All the no rthwestern port a prospect
tleo., which he had omitted for some of th e State new on fire. Thos ds The depiono
of people are fleeing In their Uves. daton of(
o y h reason to transmit: ndreds of miles of solid blaming for tenant Blo
Special to the Tribune. "Sick, 1,10O; fever, 80: new cases, 6 et In a mass of lames. Several lives charge of
eHuntsville. Ala.. Sept. 2.--The First returned to duty. 23; deaths 4. already lo4t, The ploM of Hife and mined to
Florida Intantry wil hbetaken to TalLa- Gen. .awton also sent to-nlght thois arJeay ln e B e lya ossei legrato n
bassee within two weeks, and two of report for Sept. 26: "Santlago. Sept. 27, property wle l e aopalh. Petton Colon,ffect. an
its battalions mustered out. One bat- --Adjutant General, Washington: Sick. hae been sent to the government, efect.h c
tallon will he retained intact, but men 1,000: fever, 726; new cases, 99; returned ask ng o i. of th
In the other battalions wi be al e allowed to duty. 152. n cTseed
to be retained. if they so desire. LawtOT'e health nport. a psPec
Ex-Governor Fowler. of Ohio Is here aa oG Mr. Hob
as the guest of Brig. Gen. James Rush Is most ei
Lincoln.. Special to the Tribune. Inheritance
Lieut Martin L. Crmnmins of the WVashington. Sept. 29.--The following t
Sixty-ninth New York, has been com- dispatch trom General Lawton has been ofsabe, t
missioned as a lieutenant in the regular received at the War Department, dated rinbSlty
army and asigned for duty with toe September 8. Scrofula is the most obtinateof blood instead
Eighteenth Infantry in the Philippines. "'Adjutant General. Washington: To- troubles, and is often the result of an be given
Lieutenant Crimmlns departed for Ma- tal- esick 1.093: total fever. 77; new t aint in the blood. . accod
nils to-day. caeSes 120; returned to duty td70;oeaths, is the onyree onwic. gos s andep ohedepas
About twenty trained nurses have ar- is the only remedy which goe deepceu
rived from Camp Poland, at Knox vllle. enough to reach Scrofula; it forces out Reports
and were assigned to the various hos- More than twenty million free samples every trace of the disease, and cures that the R
pitals at Camp 'Wheeler. of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve have Ihe worst cases without a
WOOD'S PESENTATIVE boost distributed by the manufacturers My n Chorle, rale l rin!
Flora. IfODa n t ry lbeahxat better proof of their confidence in Sh 8croftals,and be tfereds that it was storms, a
s--e Co It's merits do you want? It cures tmpoeible to d him Colon s e
enor Cs o epre t im l, burns, scalds, sores, in the short or three ears. His their tte
Country .Ditaricts eat space of time. S. B. Leonardi & head and body were a Is a protein
I emasst of sores, and his t wasd;bnllt
Special to the Tribune. It is stated on good authority that a eyegh also became thortle ct
LylsighS also iscams 'cthorielesce
antiago, Sept. 9.--Senor Dometrio deputy revenue t-,lletor as to o detail t sceeted. n trittme nAint
Castillo has accepted the position of- at Anclote to put a stop if possible to was spa red h e st
feared him as representative of Greneral the landing of aguardiente from the tho t would retiera reiits
Wood in the country districts, and will Spanish smacks. The fishermen from 11 ltndi he ends w tors po b
until his sond lis t right spot
enter upon his duties immediately. 1is Havana are more eager to trade the Indeed Pitibtl. I h S Iwanted.
salatory has been fixed at e,00. The liquor for provisions than usual. Dur- almost despsired ofhis-th
appointment is much appreciated by ing the blockade of Cuban ports fo. sve beingsed s, weSdi & Co.

he had lairs. dsl s-h e brenof
nut weas not recscnized as ht ding the operations,han twenty ml iroveree samples every trace ofthedisease, ndcum that theO-Ft

position by the Anerian government. greater part, by men in a hal sta d he h tan don botl no oe who ew
The friction with the Cubans is dcv- condition. The boats were loaded with Oe hiO former dreiadfl oaditlon would hve ches "and
rWcognied him. AU the sores on tht bod ure, andi
creasing daily. an unusual large supply of aguardlente. hvre healed, his gkn U pek t Eln arnh 0oo eyes.
and this is being distributed along the smooth, and be has been s to perc__ or fe .
oortest in exchange for ridiculously small health. d Md 8. f. aa ru t
Porst "- quantities of provisions.-Tarpon 'Iruth. i Mn ot.. rsen. a ~ o sw
Special to the Tribune. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve has the For meal blood trouble it s a w ste
Den.v.er. CoL, Oct. l--The great forest largest sale of any salve in the world. oaf le.od diseases are beAyond st n b
fires that have been in progress here fur ts.sBloordieases
re tha have been in e This fact and its merif has led dishonest i. Swift's Specific, Cseae
nearly a week, are stii o raging. iur
Rocky mountains are a mass offl ame people to attempt to counterfeit It. Look slai .te e
Several larSe towns are still threatened out for a man who attempts to deceive 1 |t. SZ ie
with destruction, you when you call for DeWitt's Witch ilhi35 J jri i
Secr y Hay. Hazel Salve. S. B. Leontrdl & Co. as a dof i OMan
-- That TIred Pasing s dfe 'o nps atar2t,80 hies b oass sosoise sna

W-VwOlt sept. 29.-CoL John Hay. stalAs tlb bleoaasd gives Matreg.eugy eSrel Yeua gSlil
p ~o at appointted Secretary of Stte, Ess t lota5fto pr o erd '5crd. ,d l&C.
--ae d thae duties of his offie to-day "au.w'
gcverc~r o S nta&-) y Gmorn in ua fnallyhod a Ill n opp uLiy t vty restsddp
iti" -vtli. ~nrianwoernen- nina hlfstrvd h h tke adosn otle, o a6"bare o

resestena Is *61*n U -
weasua m.san 1
city.leoss o :.

fInOK9 3Uhl
~i~daTT~d Btt&UQ~kf

ieavy rainfaR wiU pces


itintion to the Qmnips .

ion. Sept. 8.-A apeclal Is
sueedsd on floating
aria Tsresaf.oa val CeMt
a and the udecters atO
iuba wUll now turn tb l'
the Chrsi a-Col. ary Alien wired puerml
Mr. Hobon to attisd
of floating the CoO0r-e
artment upar time reodel
;ommodore Wateon qJ ~
w, the atter having pe-
the. wrecs f,
abandon the wsrt i
id ave instruction* tO
Ir.AUen In speaio
nee in the de-partoan ia
n view of the sucoesotu w
tio- with the Infant ti:
Swas thought thece imigtii
tof floatin tbe Cohion

wn Oogoth W tscklm I
Ida to Oe Miute 4
mrless-L effect. t Ioh
reliable and ,ust Wl
it ats at once. B. a

far to our beam t5 .
mplhn, when orchard
stuffing for plea; swbe
eppaes have both been A
irries of no kiLw-dbav
How proudly we-tar
Scornfield-the fruit tbi
re taught to defpsiso-i-
amusaki the- M=-4
the UOgS-beWMed sunmis
h goodpies,' 7
be Uverand bowe aw
stystm 4w mengb
it creste. sand-
d by &B. IL 4LeendIbV


..... B B E. .- .j.- -.. . . B .. . . ....


M n atralAM aiwas le:t Qo0 The fact i in the ad-s

0"r as M aro t sla teoo osaen hsdrs w tk holstration sem to have a t of d no
I p gf" adPy rt I nti f n lthe enue, aftert. din r that manage to drop into the fat posJ- 1 '.
prsl are notH sirassed Io n thm 1SomU in a drggits.
It.atetPrepared by C. L d & o o l i n wltb remarkable eularIty. Had

. Ie baa b he efforts that do now t aA strk g of pe tiie seen per Saona brveryd and thlleiy were to :
t i ben h made to induce Cotrres to act, through tthe South nTH e Intertet will check the owrd fmrh o the McKn-
S a l oertainl be eflecttve in the end. which being arouse n t he develop- enemy, such men a Le e o Wheeler sent '
ao the htanoacjturer Record of Baotmore comes to leading the troops into the

S .e cannot tbWlk for a moment that ment of manufactures. Everywhere and Bryan, all truitworthy and useef. -+ at

a r s Congress nll turn a deaf ear to the en- press and people are working to bring True thene men are honored and aAmost
id k AL.O tresates Of our representatives. The about more general Industral advance- worshipped by the ronmon people. and
Improvements a-1 bou d to come, and ment It in not a spasmodic boom er- the troops under their command ould -d
O0ll oWR& W Wirlted efforts should n put forth fort. but a soltd and substantial move- wade through blood at their command -
lt g i NDIDAT i noo'rag a the means and methods men. looking to the upbutdLng of tht but they are seldom noted in the di- o t
Sr that iare betna used. The large and sectIon. The (oily iL seen of beLin the tLbutton of pottleail or military honors.
S ect, n4d the exue Improve naon and n rpect or The newspaper man the public ,
.. .o ta e t ,ish by the wbrld. oote n i s our raow sive. He heMsP to mak ei l o t by egh as trerio r
nf0i sh itPpers of our ctiy indlatea that they .eat- o cotton, lume- wool, tron rich and dies poor. He helps to qlect *" *1 W '
sotaeia that wthe sal settlement or creating factors The South uedas patomnae at starvatIon pIlc m -
SPssm e with Cba, meane ash s:lan pre wafts until doomsday for e .n se
.n i Tp"lnt may net come for some dep dence upon rgrliture. and coe- itlttlons. He etpdia a mlt w out o -pfl t c, . li
S Mee, as ths devastated sectlo of the cilty upon cotton-growing, and more years for his paper and he then.
sla d wII build sp slowly on account opportunities for all Clasoae to find mad and quite. That is why a w- n
at the poverty su'adwo oa~itk of proftiable work. The people are appre- paper men to go heaven, and why so 0
al tIlMataw. uat the thousn b ot elating this at never before, and they many mis connection with the t- .,
mw e from rie StLate, together are realtg that every new factory pel train. .
wth many uesises proectors ad in. MrtaO5Sd t5nie living wages for ' ;
4 stor m rno other co natrhs, will soon "thoe wis. withoi t It. would have been, pe 8. QUAT ,O"ern RACK, .
bein g tne etry oind u e oguere so al i chronstantt wiwSr hI. v her i cotton mill One of the Lerdet -t most tab-
katBin to beat" w & Ita e wbI come the oprawthiy c he is. bi^* ng of ranlgrad midn twhde beroly e sn as po b tl< a ( theellB-
e' a no n our tatin f ra mh em t we nt en tof many thuf e t res bE e r of vlw a. nd .Ga or al d otr r t y a 0 M e ...
oat Alashus- a M take a'ivaatugse of the O nortunatty work. The population of the South. I State oBcerna. tore ddr wltbSa- la a
llJra koaott. t ratiasmo ora -in our martUme Tasltv and moraev e ner7lyed. coSiC& ture walr oe elected pext month, The P 17 202 uioe
i"" . a ouo. ... reduce probably twice a much a waamouet t e aion the ma es t .
nIow turned out In asiteolutre and man- the tddice of the State from W
-TAlidM e ,Jalaware qad the Caltornia 5u- ,cfacttrwe. thus doublhin the comforts route. Jobh Wamainker of Phtiasel.-
a Oj thOt. appear o be at tberheads and the wealth of this whole section. phata I at thr head ot an organization,
i .. in the Botikt case, and there is some In other words. the entire output of the known as the By adieM Men' .... n e .
thatbpossb l sdty that in the aclmage the South-end by outot is reeaent the as- that hes beoLme an important actor
.glprts may escape ca-isWiehsa Thin b i regate busItnes of alt kinds. u sercha e- In politics, Down with Boes s "
a toeci wrong. MurOer by ma should be tile manufacturing and agriulture- tois their war crys They are organized p,
.4s .o sternly discoonteaisnced by the In- could be handled by about one-half of throughout te State, and will exert
,5 ta0h to ssj e a tke Usoed States uiat s deterrent lea- the Southe present population. if every- a big inchuene on the result of the corn. 4 0. WD
are& oS t u iB be taught future maledactors body wasb steadfly employed. We laieg election. Through the work of g tthe a fX
e th e of the mai for thtil prpose must double the amount oa employ- central committee, some of tthe high- I ii
S o id rtin te case uier the ianrts- nrent of this t ectton if everybody is to banded mMee of Staol, furds ha been
d ,i te iM ier 7dltrWoI of the Pederal authorItIes, and ha ve a lair chance for steady work. In broulsht to lgh, and as a consequencea
ha. Tthe frolts of v- t p adeoaste laws are now in ex- order to accomptish this we must have Qtay thas been placed under arrwet to. 1
l~Wb i totnce to cover the case, souh aws more than double our manufacturing await the outcome of the tavestigation. "W;& 'K ".
S would be passed at the first oppor- and mining Interests, and from this *will On different occasions during the past
et arI a is managing to tuniy. flow a natural Increase tn railroad and few years. Democrats c or anlxatons AT AW
alttloi t $1 il tiitf m eroaotile business and a broader and have made strenous efforts to unearth T
A Mid-Ocean "Crank la the title of more protable agriWculture. The gos- theo frauds, but on account of all the l B
a a r book that we have Just lnished pel to be preached by every Southern machinery of the State being controlled, B.S W.. W -
dah>: lkp e sw- r bnsasn. It was written ty Chsarled paDer, anUd by e-ry leader of Southero by the repubbctn party, tre ivestiga- lAi* S' i S
,S 5.w ll peror 5an W. Ba~uard, M.D., D.D. 8., of Braiden- thought is a gospel that means more lions could not proceed far. It looks d -
NMIt. town and Is dedicated to whoever may ellI&tal for f'toe5 ror.e employment iery mch nof i e f he would gt hl s ... B..
Ba a uile- .. e __ lef of the D a Democrats o r thte peoepl. and thus more senera t deserts 131331 "** "'.aea v m
It is a most interestn producton, an schools, more huchehs and all the eom- AGRIOLTURA-L RESOURiEd OF -... '- T ~
well worthy the facle pen of the au- forts and ble of advanced cvii- CUBA. Make a of his purchases ie HK
MA Celd rq- thor, who Is reooneed as ll one of tne ao. The Aer Cronile o- It is estimated that in the Philippines Our l O sock of fuishings
,a Adow o oersdolbe wehtht eo ssaotmn baus tsays we puor mnon, it Is stared by people a 1,'dt nl on
RM 9 & eh eal ofb00 Y4 Teoitnfh rtI trfs good. well Mritten story send to the r lr -
athao A td f L Ju t to w te how for t ae hiher things of ie. We must d th uWhen Uhe cult.- ge everything he needs iy l the pr
apthoroducoy. Bat esphasle It we umay, paint o0roleth wace ou rasefis a

tne to- a foutnaspre f and n- ub the ae oO 1eo .O000 s under hit ad plainwiM
about to interview Presadent McKlin- trudthsa d experlentc nhic ealhstory w Lsvathon. making a ul an l owance nw style co hat .
n toyb Aoc-i ho en etahe swen th m ans material need S for mountain, othesnre sI tsh ,t Up o s ten eothie
"e ,reltht to d with kowledg mrimy a set aes must rSt hbe met beforene will lo lrban of amese annmdpcota
Agut- lp Ii. SA we Jua to sioos how for the gate r hngs orodo fep We mcat s o vi n re s ts ahen m oscf til e gpoeept sonall wlo'rie ,
mut sthernly"i..n.e.t old a tChicagon.t-stlrtdat btheaoundation, lanhdfo In.. the Wen c uill week ci y l i
mootaUviewer ihathe thad visited china datiSouthiseployentpwhicheeny-cabton of this vast terratorhr comes u nder .....thecol1
*--u9tVmcoll -WCu e atau ght rl amteeehnbodywastel dlyn, of fanl Amertcanl thrift and en.er-prise, the Uw1111of..he
"o 4 t Thes oft h enies th orotingpr o thing. Double th employment for yield of products with be enor9mouh high-
mt._. ,o 0t hi to the feodomI o this n l country. Ango the people of th Souithi and swoeom s There iQ hno reason why Tacpa d bu his- t-
au 4' i :sihoet Russlanext, and then he' and churches wtund dolddoobie without superb shipping fuacite ca..nnot be -pTon- C e H"u eet=
.....hould be passed at haveforsher gossandlrginthe cecesofdafsingehargumentOl made the basis for hauling the hg atsr -
's sm t~ims Id-sm Ire.es a eied forsrtudy-a-_ feld. pot-ion of these pi-odbuctso41account. f .a ...s .

;^ ^ lL-;5rS. ..2 .'.r d en e oher t ...man ad wo me a o r -

n ..' w lblety osebtoveplpe hats and may be aided by a great nloi IronmS tentative paper, oie that received the

He tRon of p ACAoDys.atR r,.a a fo n
Shrew hlBS lInto ItS e itkersn~ee And LI Hong CbIng hE MACADAM RL.AD urna.or. O,:,,ced ta yethinseriously re - andhasbeen
S 5 ....i w equal to t IM emergen ncy. arte h d t bMr. Je C B. ong eoa
be=e"-y =t o= "a a sot-far cAAn cnportont step to being taken by ful oi, trm an enrgy and will keep , t.b-i

and moreen nt secretary Aer stl vEndiratins the Board of County Commis- erio n t a te Times up tn gI h&gh Standrdl of Fo -.-
fSu5oateat 'fbo l himIf beTore the people Preparatory the cocitruetion at a macadam read. eacellenee. e t ri the
Sys wtal no roie to bhis receiving the effects of the white- leading front the city s ilmit on the-n rth c C .LB::t on r -flohe Ocaia Stars
z' t B i pwash brush an the nd s of thes investi- an extending in a northerly direction a return from an extended western
S- i-':. gat"ng commIttee. He wants this un- distance of about four miles, to he rip. He represented the Fl,-rida state
..e n "a rn i- pleasant 1 investigation out of the way the bridge crosses the Hlllocsrough Press Association in toe Nationa.l c. on- .
^ *e.'- iim -S rtwe'< ta re-~ s soon as possible, so that he can river. This road when completed owl ventia n recently held at Denver ol. "*l
H ue^ adopted -y enter politics. be of inestimable value to the cOcy, a H- his viitvd the Omaha eCposlK... A COMPLETE Na. 5-P3 Chsss BsUmsig
e e l well as to the surrounding country. It and many other places of Interest. His
ra. t? We rather. Think of L.y- w l enable truckere, farmers and fruit- wIf and lile dLa.ugher accompanied UB AU...
tknoc ow Se, I r, tiengs the worl' .wers B lin i.nty community Ic hit.. NEWS OFFICE Bond~ Stocks ;OraM|
m&ore emlosI 0thmslif tbe orehepe ,pa from the make mtuct bonier fta mc. and brIng notch
S gnidta It wi Uited state. Nex tllgNe you Know, o largerdo wlen coming to the ci.y Tampa i- ... pa. her principal For sale at a Bargain, consist- ProvIsiosll
.iw,- tn ie .weab hear of some royal per onaee In fact they wil1 De able it haul beh-av streets wh Vtrie Lrick, the work dresses Paer ue and old
tortering his crown from an American iet loads s ith .n hre than they haut having already b-gln. In a fee years Ca d outtersSne arrived o M
ere _"s ronyJweroerr inole- h two-- 1 will also have the Tampa nwll be a ver han.i-ome cty.- Card Cutters, Stones, Cabinets, aerid onD C
? a h a eIrect ofaeinng e truckers 1o neto, V useia County R ec .. l. rch Display Job and Newpaper -- -
2ia T i 01 dotbyof at' e ate Washingeto soulge oItt .... Ie ..d ........ rIi,-t,- It illtie the Om Type, Body Type, and in fact wessfseotysslOPEEN.so

i qutheen states. hold as to pans their iondemnanon ot means ci mprow the land thelulg unda sau an idelotr chrc eemhnhor compllete news mmoddaanhaadfe.
S rthe codt o severe blow to the war. nt will be ti l e Lendst to the countyI wers ll at c-i, .efr- thig breeze from tie west Or job office. This material is we ase D aesq s es ir
En whetmr a ever blow to the adnt- a cred o tf y It cunnuaUy day. As a consequence comparatively new and will be PoemI 5 "a ihihia*sii
tiri raMtion. Trey ill hardly attempt b to i, beyond le ciy lt a.s the chirehes enjoyed large eongre- sold at a Bargain for Cash. Ad- "
thahe earo:soro l great advantage in both ctFy rod aten dress, ,,nc sist-
e. -; " A bg time is anticIpated to-day at improvement will be accomplished i-hle in Perts the U'nited States fy mwe iyast S
ithe Democratic rally at St.- Petersburg. when such roads arc built i1o the Peace commnssioners might work a lit- THE IReLb ONE5 pen. r- etesa is e-rv
ol r hs c A Ur excuirton ai being run from this country from all avallale -thrhugnfares tie overtime and restore peace In mesed of ePueelaan
ilty sad many Of the esailer towns. It leading frohn the city. France. They seem to be badly in need Tampa, la. soma wi it sat ..
bes laee extentlelyo advertised, and a of peace over sieres .eeamW hle
l Irge .rowdiistfic.Ia-te, When Secretary Alger pronounced Notwithstanding L. HBung Chang Is iuseesI sgi
Ge m b mnag roloa s YOUR MAMWE
via Chcao then-ofaas-oval of every itthen tIckson the country Emperor can doia e
-rwaob Oy4tiot that Gan. Lee perpsitti In point of pioturesuoenese the Penn- yatsfor S co.s yes
whoit otxwnithtoxpeinmehtwltbb4 sylvania campaira si entitled to hrst esasIt aegerapav Mp aygh s f
tbe ondnit o thelatewar.it wll b a c-ps-ly, fr-, hrg ree rmt-aws o o ffc.Thsmtrili w b

... A _

-'A to AFL to aor rtR EXTERMIN A.t
brta season seems to ie n Ius minte b h
S vorab for the organization of new l
sgI. an la Tampa. Yesterday two U.es -ftb t bR, K"s LInd L.g ms S
oC our er m tiebt. Judge W. s. Grasam I, .t a Ua sWr--OtE a SO th ros-at -I -
and K C. MgcNeer. formed a partnership I V sa Ppred Casbi --41arIss sMe. f
for the ererce of law.0.
o n e Judge rabham has been a practlILtL 1 ml fs iHedC ea.
attorney In Ta np for the past Idhree
l years- He is a graduate of Vnderbllt i it possible for one man to a acomm.
*a gA enl Onli- University of Nashville, Tenn, and or- sioats disease to another by the shaking
m6WAni-f-" 1' young attorneMy Not only Is le a
brUUl nt member of the bar. but e If tis qutation be true. ahouli the .
-" a wide awake and public spirited csto be abandoned or should it be

~iI lbhoe'th e party work. The exieence of mlcro-irganisms
4d4.L Te TeoPeg of bids EL. aMe-Neer is comparatIvely a Inimical to life and health bas been his -
a ftee ferry over e new comer in Tampa. bt his rom- tablished beyond disputeDr. Breiter
qw l Uit Indeb a n opened nd rmendatdons are of the very highest, and founds his tbea recently printed m "", -.
o S e~ wxte ten he will no doubt prove a va uale found esisrtly rieRosy Cheeks.
iu trpmklee ctlont~. AdrW i tlon to the legal profession. He The Medical Becord, on this hypoth e
Moned& the contract was Is a graduate of the Law Department ai But his leading point. inlstied up- i
;S 2. .- sbee for 3 per 0of Washingon and Lee university, of nB with mucn force. is the danger which.
f ^^tbO low1et wb% C eiuaaeungtoun, Va. uszd is a Young man I b hidden in the apparently harmless
1I04ihe wI NaeLMONISe to draw brtsht promise. The new ftrtn wiae aod sometimes pleasing custom of ahak-
!ta e'"o..I.-Me-e.s I ad olNainanmlod n ||odi LIFEr WORTH LIVINaG o
iW In ar ed l with the styled Geahn and 'tNeer, wLIFth oWR-T LIVIN t
e" In 1the P~it National Bank building ing hands. He says:
st si ~ ekt forpe rly o 10'"0p0U1111 *LrL thIn. T e firteor tmertar out witb is a very hotbed for the propagation of
.,ts s the bews -the Tnibune for ad a gret variety of micro-orgatism Si E Larme and bb E"ej..
noeeeS the c astul career. oearbinger. Mittmmt, Cis izro.b no Ma-
Sg t OOepe 00 g dis end Welch hTve eltoiduated moot
cMsoPrn 5s Illst o te ainly beyod es uI m If ll
S Dn mwin e al onm sofi a double that aln tha.e pres
She Arub -ob sti-nwrea disatb tLe a deroblo diseases i
S- la g ....t sa c byter et- eNeintoA _o_ _. .... _ __ELN 0

S .os n ron sae otn esi 0 yuisban O M r eeIC1 t p rr 0: ".
MOM Irai t mo eNan end seic is e- o. B"=ofz H To Pme a pus. B R-1-
ifii* tbt g !otped mm n We be... . _. , ,--
0,1,, *.W, receme, P a bt in "'1b14h am on 4b m N n wel p'n ,mWa pIee 01 ,-. ,
noSthe ootinugI dions by h th "mye d 411 011ee 116Speols ICorrespondence.
*mP OW~4s0G 0 Dsast wchoa r i t o I .t Poi- W. Plant CftY. a.. ct. t .-The Warell
Sa -.alte Ir3nar m d3 eU c tL ih Lm-ber and Veneer Company and their ,. .:
Wl-or tiW g odQUl lii. Ire and GANS00 tOfV% sl~zr thI thkaO b tos ewlorv. bavf alreadf added AMrr2- d:'
ce as I" au ev b Uio Amledia studio" -tstu ma- to ouw dfthct
W MIAW"P; at Ulle ** Klili sIk"f 00f0i 2`011
a a -M, nsra'i- ,

T__ the .ab-ar rem Thl0 We- 8 hl~d claued lIatalI %- r tbe h brhlt t two yea n f o~d spa ofn
IS. j t~'lb.rM~s apkr fm. amd r'Mr W. g died T er5- W.FIe s-'Jrd S
nilnrt i~t~ "- ri TA4^^ wL Ir n^ lla d hl l ^ ll^ aday mornim Last of paralysia sat tle et .r ; ;./ /^ ^
a .dloftedin ithe Cmntral sa$& WO511ps.hbeoidthepmt, Wh W d,'
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lug the.. _een0 ed ma o t ero h di i de i ds ltheoem ldgor mand ju t now. Qutte tar laracage you in ai ,i .
sanstencf 0' Jb* S 1ut620 to 1WLOW bdLO WLdc yt aoCigntl wil be cultlht&d this *naw.n in this /
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ibTe wounded marn was attended tolM d vacncia, a well M mos horrible Mr. J. C. Knight started or Nash-'
B ig lml *a, OIMSl'llli'.,bMLr aaA t'h ied : m icgs' s bm not danweoa. stutiod of either a wavaoidable cqse sume hie dutlea in the Unterity o .
cc 1a bul tye ohlrlmn bm
Wo~r Betvices Lbbath day In the Presby-
'. D i e r. IIM g thorough disus- tertan church by tis paptor, R.e. J. M. -
Ow alnsutl Ags e U Gay S lkel d# towbat may be the reault of co. orba.
Owniii> l.ivor lape i caPI I o the bhabda. e declares that with Mr. ieo. H. wilder left for Tampa i .
S -_ mm who er of cleanly habits, but who MoDday morning expect to spend 14 78 x6i
J_ -'.. %b aeoeot peinbihed In the Trtibune hav acquired disease and sunob a they a couple of montbn In that city.
pak W ltter IeV oay Cofernbst the rtnetW mGuY sssibsoiiusf134thldeeas Dle three and a half mileswent of
611 4MNS t the coi- was an Important topic of oonvoeraation. has been found in filth collected from Plant City of fever eariy Monday morn-
litqse W1i who reside .at tnhe corner. o man Ilffemio from tuberculosis thizes with the bereaved, sand his three
.We b4 1a0 the war akm and Cam street, they stated Klibs-Loefir microbe among cases of motherless little ones. Interment at
our n C m e es speed diphtheria and bad no do ou 3hlob Tuesday m morning. S
BS i that M% "meckel hbea not -been living diphtheria sod had no doub One of our meat markets has again
tt he hund, r some ime er that specific germs of every microbic changed hands. mr. s. P. Thomas has
enL0W d to witM ao en d nKfr disease may and would bel und in mil- aold his interest to Mr. Klpatrilck, who
ane-.' t. y ifsfi mongh a"o she began edes sor lions the surfaces of the hands if has heretofore supplied a large share of ' -,
n A w dlvrc s and since that time, sheed by te
I" 4etid Um to come neap t of the Warnell Company. "--+A'
.ririr ta t ttt o app or a dtoee A fol. Anotherer death occurred on Tuesday ... ..
41" g ots ig" t the thne of applylpg for a divorce., o at follows: oa
"many victims of scarlet lever, both Ceen t death c-p.m. 7e three months
PE _.RWW she .Iq@s.I that he was acting diaboneat in the early and deeqoamative stages, old n of Mr. and 'Mrs. M. Smith. of
.... i t 5aI0 with his employer. She done all in peidally the latter, ar3e walking the cholera Inantum. Their many friends e o ay t sOuth Teatrses'red
ffj j7 beI:R-Z her Power to induce him to erse heo of ery large city t read a lin egpte thise with them deeply. Burial surgst capitns
RES.3h3o mePy aad make up the sao'tase. o graft pohn the moist barndof may hbaoe at Oklatn Tuesday evening. bUsiness. DSYr a modmmda tloa
S t ievmen asdwlmed him ga of her sselnaa thri irus of the cool"h weather Is becomIng pleasantly b-te H tr swnrSi...e3
i ret b age ta help him out of his diffcul- dise. The mie may be mid of per- fdritB eou ction* Sf
inwtlved tiest hen shled tisa rhe w som wth pailoaary tibero loau f .. ? I "-
irsn 0, tetlng deeper and deeper in the mire, wes eiods and i,,adw |ief he. t. .hr ough. .,
BrliterrAr tt tIwtey-Isar abe eoncluned to have nothitn more cmant wiping of the moutb, se foalI
afea as2?i fe-d to dotthb him. @be hopes to 15e5e sad said wit ths b~ria ladm FALL CAMPAIGN BOARD OPMs y
rfish i& Itn her efforts to obtlIn a Mwtvorue w en apPtot*la c the dieasa. T'uberou- proatMad L 8oae". .Sg. '.
asm ainmbteS- Wslayay he wlt have no atrther Elaims on her. loie of the bad the leriar large x ProBminut Spieakr5 to Addree the .s,. L T;* *
rwsaoS 4 a5a5dwoeLar sal ia eax. ohao painless and on- People tf This County.
IlesLa ^ t ^k -- aws pearpe nteatad. is by o ieani san .omie of our moat prominent speakers
3olBS iSSm5 in r Oleninseielnp and Lou-tai tIneqsnt oocnrorece. Scabies. we iii! address the |eclile of the cout y .t
isa-misa!^ , am. kmow, haI a marked predilection for tihe at the hereclnafter named times and
hS from ..__ Need I mention other? Now place: LHOrTIP N SC M 'ic
e-i;h Specia to the Tribue, whether them conditions are the result .w .Care.nT C.L. OhNEaker CALL &Tv..
.t1ialos.'m.s'ti1 Washigton. Oct. 4.-The marine hoa- i hand to hand contact or not do not G. A. Hanson, M. H. Cohen. W. B. Keep CotstnftlyA On(.dPlrei f h ... J
,L. e -i ug, peop, p ai nothing om,- matter. The condition themselves are randa. S. E. Sparkman, Prof. L. L .
tt3atei a t dal to rulMoS^Loi.h e yellow dangerous elements, and it is the cont Buho.z. Hbon. i Thos ToPalmer,. C. D f P rtIa. Lumbe;r.-c .ct,.a

rd atW Act*E =t con- sderation of such factors in the cauna TL-v'"" H"OM C- L- VVq" on. -
aqd hau e3St saS 1we a is L.n Ys& I- Young. F. 3. Simonton. B. N. -
o 1 awt beet U ofdisesehat we atudyi Malhes. Hon. Hugh C. Macfarlane.,
S- ,W i 'irte-ead uhed U eau "0f 0o*0o the mUOosa membrane Frank Harris. Harry A. Peeples, S. B.
L.& -t Blsaaco a a rai d some irp- ea"e, serve a a better pebualm for the oava- Turman. W. A. Belcher. Hon. Thomas
thosePW pI to aimD and development of micro organ- F. McCall Hon. John T. Leslie. Geo.
S''t'r h rilt yethenermlas latest Isms. but the Akin is not absolutely neg. P. Rane. M. Joel McMullen. and G. B.
S and ought Lltin thows rwafve case and Vw- native in that respect, and it it were is Clearser. Wednesday, October 5. B
:~e~-ysaeU a ~m to Cioarmoslrr. Wednesday. October 5.
a Asmetr w baths up to date. would make little difference, as the Tarpon -prings. Thursday. October 6.
a POne. aA:' uT p urgnon seer ba U pe- trvo, skin and mucous membrane, are E l.- .r,~rar Jole. "iturday. Oct 5.
edshelall l n o p corps Po mph ad evening October 8ician
i ted the y ea corpse n e veryoften in close apposition with each Tampa, Saturday evening. October 8,
si -AILlr e s amS Other. We know that the hand has car- court h,:,u. square.
-"~P e.ru.. Sa:urday. October 15. fHrenou
-ein Fnter t sta ri- bat totht the m arne hospital starffu. ed bacSteia to the mouth, disseminat- and afte :n. rnaslo
NMRao"t iat Ocltans tonsts .o leon ing contagion in that way. Typhoid fre Ib te ernes.y" hoped that a full at-
t C to~sWer. Past mssstant surgeons War- Asiatic cholera, diphtheriand oth- ltendarce Democrals %IIll be present
an d': jone.eA- 'a-sndntaSit oneolr dAitph
S sel tro r d tio waen a Clark. id the Or diseamen o known to have been pro- atr,the hetnga. and all persons., r- PE .
iggl!. re ." ^ ofn peryaffliliioed ns are roe- lt Grile ,nMnMW, K -wni int a w
lff4il d mist eesega ,et yerllorw feeri che to the Ma- duced that way. Why upnh through risubject t dise pars Thtne ft dose- ply with d s I
ie4 we en g tt r' boiy t at that port. libraries for and -:'Ifuir Invited to attend the meet- omply meithsaodeen
;"..-Nw -.rlpe eanU Lt" thtport- k- ial libraries for dmilar andpen c? P. O. KNIGHT. Chairman, and to give -atiafr"4o- Mill I Vs,-o _.
lpappea V. .red there. le a-D-. ht-s more conclusve eidene The Dem.caic Executive Con l and Seventeenth ind Erbnth ths O
lbece o l eanly Cra ao t.e ying te pas the se of novelty. T C. CL ARKSN. Sec rotary.

Swho ew not raid to be generous to wUSt neceily be greational pThe subject
10soMe m start rtreon Cummings at Jao rea or of our professicia anrced so invite
Sfr a sy ti lspoIti onl of tege sta t and aen to attle-for ye have antisep- a'1tc Curre for RheumatEsm and H, L. KNIGHT, e ro. WPE G. .SH

o best .-W vn ner aAl rcei ai report ndr the loak of custom invite thom able and mysterious It removes at
to; from Haris MISa. stating Md the leave them to do Phet harm.eddy a t
tt yellow fever of a mild to e had "ore may look upon t his n besic oonsthescau s an di~se mimme
the -re withsaes draw io l ubck ond beginths t stately disappears. The frt Ode t
shs 'by- aF.peLed there N A iWA h derisio. Ho eerthelees the truth is greatlly benefits. 75 cents. Sold b y
agleof evil conmnuencee arisaug fro B-nrd & C
ft ,rtanly gratifying to the pubic this uiversal handshaking the total H A R D ;
who not afraid to be generous to must necessarily be great. The subject
!or TTR the pseady &ad hufferts. _'he preorie- is e erios M tonideration. "-ose-. ... ."da.
toes asID ins ew i ovesy .ot GonmsiblIonui physicians and surgeons U--aII -:-
.;4 .1" coNmalmml Cos si and Colds, have Wil ao0ord it"'. "-
on beo u0er my o eritm million UW hot- A" In"s ::'n
V7 thlgrme t .medicinean talnde and have the
th o nwing It5bo-STo 411a ash Blinft P Out
"Um ulg)mprn of hopeless pm~5, Thy pas a plate of cakes to Freddyr ra
.t.pPondf bopcaa hU&emahoplrelessgames
Hoarenes and all at demrt.' He putetout his hand, hsi- periu.ly curgd io -positive am and Sporting f
tam ~ '151h Ck MAop Luras tisa, then draw it bi ackL and begins to s po tht I comr my dut to
SWha ar you g cryi gfor?" asks hir wbo have olu.sopion"Th"lk -OM Chi or
aa s..ubsiati5..aritWluhe- ~ ijm TroobisIf huwt wrig wdte me theIr
.. ... .. "BaM pm we g. b U ."otml toWON Corner-m f
.. . now.A LM.-, ... ;. .

sexton. was read ad "a Depted. The
report of T. A Weir, ce of the rsani-
t ;ePi 6U SIie anl llo s r ia. W alAni Able AHre ss To EaBny 1Cdln. Blcycilg, Temts Ad
..rV... In^- ^ -7 bls 8W.79. t -&
"rat erusM il arj for the amoLo "hr .
SAuditor JA. A Weer for the munrici

St +, I edw to the fAnsac r tre- e -r-
a M PTszgino Kta@rial port at next li 5, Aa Cohenex forensc frton Was When Fkiished They Willbe the Fin-
w lRd Alone- eport ead a. s R oret ected pr t prC Warm lceived-Chwman est in the South, and Will Furish
sI "Ei;l b "" tern of the ecib1l do ing ta ce- for port-oring opl
4 *, .." -ood Mf Oty m of the Maor, a&4preesdent'of tt Graham Outlined the Work Fun for 8portLoving eople.
S V .i*to: GOo d ]Xofgh, body r which motion to Journ of the Club. A Pleasing Prospect.
S- prv fd. -
Proma *Itrd ey Dally. I, XqOPA.qABI. -I "COR From Thursday's Daily. A visit to. the new race track and
-TleACty ConncUt conveyed in rsgutar The Tampa Democratic club held a play grounds west of the Ta.pa Bap
.b lear t inght. City ClerikHtender- a. .td Cron meeting in the city hall last night. The HOtel yesterday by a representative of
een carlled the meet ggy agggg attendance was not large, but the
Scalledt mei to oder Ine tob i, TiA te Tasmp'sUn- speaking was good. and the interest the Tribune, revealed the fact that
s 'heasenS ot Mayor Bo-.er ,an -.1t 6i CooUDCi Brpo, ham was In the chair, and he conducted the track, and the track is fast assun-
ornTh fol ase rrespondence b the proceedings with becoming grace ing a very fine appearance. W. J.
.oar a T._ btwee and dignity. The first part of the
roll for trand will, forever poutt aevwral speakers discuasingla the issues the work crom the beginning, and it is
an Kosr a osp hthe and raul foreverua tnai ot the ampnlu4P The first one called laalely due to his skill and many years
ad Krause o-ftett ; stot the enraculow gran irous on was Hon. Robert McNamee, nomi- of experience in this kind of work, that
S reports that have been ~l lyt cir- nee for the legisture from Lae ence n this kind of
-olated to the detriment of this city. t cun ha elouemt itye the construction has been so thorpugh.
Tr ad and is foUoww: he upheld the principles of Democracy, and complete. Very few who have not
Evening G am a~ Patefo. Agent Amert- laying particular stress on the effective taken the trouble to investigate have
Dr elr I WWrtello, Axent, organisation within party lines. +He idea of the work acomN In
thoowgcan National ed oss, Tapa, F2 oa o s any idea of the work accomplished in
g- o f ,red r PIZ Close Was v~ I be o t i'p the track in its preset sape.

I.a' oe 5.e as to thae NL'O rney To taS*e trs& roots and a large num-
opci e CO her of large hiidIrs from 0 1 eses of
ma locin kof dolo- the f pd el It e3 with rasueve
tio that a a r Cato en 1e 4 9
m.e u e t b i. g e V .

awere I ou o oaght to beoom. Democrats. ,, I 1l.,54l t A t-at bwth' a
5 fMroY. Yane ~ g ofuly acCeethe A m..- or about #: feet oC' It*
mt glygX.Yance 5s re.p to,
4a a portion to the true *a*cti the-calose"stioat ba M gdr -it6 lr";
is and I assure you air, that rorU intess H5 2 of iMefs -ate tond both *nds -th ^eth
toee to tIn r ofp in this matter will be greatly 4pre and has studied the teachings of De--8 It feet, aOd tapertiag d"- 30
^^*^B c~p ^Z Srfas tb illnr-r ciated. Yours very trulyA mocracy a principle and not an Net Tdn th- the Tde&n; ncT'nr tU hWIf
i oso C. BO M atrct theory. ae believes In -tc h y-

y 4g 4i?* m Fla. Sept. a S#W ed T raeb tetr T bed e t of
^^&^S!&E&!5!!!SM? P 3 ,L-~~fOfrS r ~ States t^nsy~rBenen9Lo *r i^


long years of her "unews. A r
circle of friends deeply moorst er
death, and extend heartfelt sympathy
to the bereaved husband and family.
At 9:30 this morning the funeral er-
vices will be held from the family rel-
dence. Rev. C. A. Fulton, presdln
elder of Tamp district of the Metho-
dist church will have charge of the
services in the absence of Rev. J. 0.
Anderson, pastor of the Presbythrian
church. Interment In thel Oaklawa
cemetery. Pallbearers, A. J. Knilht.'
D. S. Mckay, E. M. Hendry, C. Z.
Harrison, W. A. and D. B. Olvenas.

Work to Begin as One on a Now

naaruua cu r a sla ui iu -n i- tee was instructed to make a canvas or "C anu as u a ver)- w -
dckness, as most all cases of sickness the members for funds and report at built structure, and has a seating capa-
" of the typhoid natecae next meeting. The names of thirty-five city of 1,000. Underneath it is a large
There were nearly 10,000 cases of tnclu- young Democrats were, read as'ap--U n atI t
ew ocl clantsormeberh They ere commodious room that will be fitted up
pasee' d e*t scte Ausntr plicahfts for membersrbl. They were
t-atkthtu wee' sent to4X e hospitals. unalmnously elected, after which the for refreshment headquarters.
500 cams of fever were treated at the dtg aourned. North of the grand stand is Located
Wen Taimp hospital. the mortality be-
ug I per cent, ay 12 having died out a row of substantial horse stables, 1t4
f the 500, and tnese occmrtlng during REPUBLICAN8 X Tl feet long, and divided off in stalls, with
e month o ugust. There has not- eery desirable convenience.
ee tsg dea since August 23rd. For the PurIpoe of Arranging for Farly next week Mr. Baley will put
Th total number of deaths among all
heF t9boon oro& aL causes was i!. 5 ,p ... eterign a large force of men to work painting
helve of these were from accidents. '-- all te enehe ene The buildings are al-
L.a.sin. Psuiciese etc.. thus leaving t n m Thured ,Y d diy. readylpainted, and the fences .wll b
y tltTrl t l- s the low1 i e A well attended, and enthusiastic finished in o s to correspond. I will
f wh fSI=ch ia a good citeerion of the finished in colors to correspond
M *W Sng t ^ on meeting of the Republican County Nx-
t- ats taM g dthe tro eristationed meetingomf the Republianu he unty i- trequlle folly a month more to complete
~gBntedao oecuilve committee was held yesterday the rk and when this is done, Tampa
1- -tem o othe wark. and when this Is done, Tampa
,hos tal were santr rth afternoon in the city hall. Very m-m- can bost of the finest race track and
60 to l0io her of the committee was present in aid- n
t* 1U planboatod in Florida.c
and a di th tr be tion to about orty visitors, among iyounIlTia
S s i ech trash (ly lto to about lorty visitors, a g While both the grounds and track
en rou and any other whom were leading members of the beong to Mr. Plant and he is hearing
ccmbed after arrival party from different sections o the all the expense of their erection et
-h 41is or their hms, county. L. B. Skinner of Tarpon
t174ve berouwht to a fatal condition the people of Tampa will bepemnitted
V C#&V* to gome higher elevation or Springs acted as chairman with W. W. to enjoy the racing and participate in
LttItde, o.,blPInjudlclous eating of for- Hooper secretary. The meeting had the sports to the same extent as If they
h4den os at been called for the purpose of taking ned h the cit or county Th
The percentage of sickness at he the work of the coming county andwere
ampa camps therefore is, according to te campaign, aennd devising was and track can be utilized very nicely for
my figure, a ttleless than -in 55. means for holding a number of political bicycle racing and training, and be-
mta show t that e actual per cent is meetings throughout the county. After tween this and horse racing, the people
Iboat I" a ftce and open discussion of the ques-
e peentage of mortality among to, t was decided to appoint a co- of Tapaha reason to lok forward
the ioops is too small to tha amount mit' e to arrange for a series of meet- to some rare sport be ore the end of
f men to b of any serious calculation fris with power to secure speaker the winter season.
SIt would be'somewhere around 1.10 o The following were named as the corn-
Te per cent. mrttee: L B. Skinner and G. C. Knob- iMO iY ALL PAID.
The loaotton of the campsites had a et of Tarpon Springs, Col. Kidder of
eat dkeal to do wieth t rmhe 1 per cent Clearwater, G. B. Reynolds, WTom. Hun-
Sal' l the troops been ter and -Mr. Macforland of T aapa. City Council Met Last Night and Re-
tasinedon gpa He tts. the per- Another meeting will be held next w k ceived Report of Committee.
tae of ce, tn my opinion, when a report of the committee will be
rossild heve been inetr to 1-2 m 1 per made, and the date of the meetings an-
Suned. rom Thursday's Daily.
.Therefore there is no question as to T i he City Cjuncil heli a brief spnc-d
the health of Tampa and thbp localities
oundabout, andI think them as good Death of H. J. Madsen. Ial session last night in conjunction
any to be sought for In any pact of lth a few members of the Tampa
he.outh. From Thursday's Dailv Boardi of Trade, for the purpose ot
The natural facilities of the city, and H. J. Madsen an ageJ anr highly re- hearing a report from toe committee
he Immense* advantages to be had specied German. w 'o has been a rei- on Tuesday evening to raise
rom the great dock privileges, should dent of Tampa cor the past to nty-two appCi"ed on Tuesday evening to raise
sake a natural gateway of Tampa, for years was found deaa in hi- bed rn sufficient funds among the business
h necessary purposes of the govern- Tuesday morning. He lived Pt ne in a men tc defray the expenses of the com-
nent, or other commercial ard mart- small cottage near camp Rogers. A mittee to Washington. Mr. Frecker
iome btslness. negro who had promised to eC. cc ':-nc repenrte as having collected the fun
pThere Is no city in Florida, or in the aw-k fr him. on en er'inv -h amount, and after an informal talk, It
South that can show their health re- horse. found the old man i'ng eon a was turned uver to the committee, and
otM to any better advantage than your cot with a tiank-t wrappI a r urd him. the meeting adjourned.
hrivjng little metropolis, and I predict On a. r'os c x-teiritiennr ho v- found
bright ftture for Tampa- With best to be (- 7 'Fir r, : A CLEVER TPICK.
Wishes, I am,.slr. Very truly yours. a-rd J-,st: T -I 1 v ;'.., iff --
SAtEL S. PARTEL1O. 4 tee, . i I n It certainly looks like it, but there
L&s't hurg. and Field Agent, American r I T. ,,"- '- -- really no trick about it. Anybody
National ted Cross. Tampa, Fla. ll ex - n try it who has Lame Back and
f17 ail. ,c di.:cm -. ;. A, i
Camp RagtaDeserted. funeral services were he dyesrday. v Weak Kidneys, Malaria or Nervous
-- troubles. We mean he can cure him-
BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SAL' F- self right away by making Electric Bit-
SThe large wagon camp heretofore o- -ters. This medicine tones up the whole
eated at Camp Rogers has been abol- Tbh best salve in the sor-ld for cuts systepn, acts as a stimulant -to Liver
shed and the government teams are bruises, bores, ulcers, salt rheum, feve and Kidneys, is a blood purifier and
low e4i0m6 ed on the garrison. It sores, tettar, chapped bands, chilblains nerve tonic. It cures Constipation,
wakea the camp very much larger man corns, and all kinds of skin eruptions ness d Melancholy. It is purely vege-
toeutr About three thousand mules, and positively cures piles, or no pay tale, d mild laxative, and restores the
S tor ve hutondether. It rewagons rerequired. It is guaranteed to give system to its natural vigor. Try
eedt together. It requtts itter nd be convinced that
p sos of men to care for these perfect satisfaction or money refunded Electric Bitters and be convinced that
they are a miracle worker. Every bot.
se a g th e wagos in Prioe, cents per box. For sale by S tle guaranteed Only 5c. a bottle at
ill..- befact d l, o the L 'ru t b Leonardi & CO. S. B. eonardi's Drug Store.
Cdki the-fact of a number
fl'v5ve5d sheds being erected, and s* C psOn" rO wesesa Ede aiteo s T eM with C0sares
S pinRiton that the camp 1~eltlee,5 00 5,l0oe. Cn Cltnh.& eus'oomipaioe ssmsW
is CC.C. fl to ure. sssns X t, 3,-IfLtQCC.C tai dueMi srsefasdnsev.

; . - -. . .. .

new of MipiC i swi b rs.i

Maas Brothers. the le&tM &fT go4r
merchants, have begn moving UMtr
goods Into their -%ygotolent neW i oi
roo r.oa nrvk\lv r yl terday. Z0
hope to gt Sterymi %iabSLJ. *
next week The new room is the lar-
gest and nmo comp be"o0 e4n thet aty.
They will occupy the frstl and second
floors and will carry a tock of dry
goods second to cone In the State.
It is certainly gratifying to the public
to know of one concern in the land
who are not afraid to be generous to
the needy and suffering. The proprie-
tors ef Dr. King's New Discovery or
Consumption, Cough, and Colds have
given away over ten million trial bot-
tles of this great medicine and have the
satisfaction of knowing it has absola-
tely cured thousands of hopeless caslu.
Asthma. Bronchitis, Hoarseness and all
diseases cf the Throat, Chest and Lusgs
are surely cured by It. Call on &. B.
Leonardi, Druggist, and get a trial bot-
tle free. Regular size sOe. and l1. Every
b tttle guaranteed or price refunded.
M. W. Carruth of Tampa, was In
Palmetto this week, and drove out to
Mitchelivllle with Jno. W. Jackson to
view the grounds where the residence
of the old ttchell homestead one
stood, but which was recently destroy-
ed by ire. and to get the necessary
evidence of Its destruction In order' tut
the Insurance money will be paLd.-Pal-
metto News.
The key to health is in .the kidneys
and liver. Keep those orgfns active,
and you have health, strength and
cheerful spirits. Prickly-Ash Bitters
is a stimulant for the kidney, reg-
ulates the liver, stomach and bowels.
A golden household" remedy. For sale
by S. B. Leonardi & Co.

Tried the&*rea
aysfem reutator


nawandbiftedisa reebe
bThe&t1omich mfdsviota
in amion.

They will lYu-its
noTdTdU direeable.
COnsipa1tor), Hidn...
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s. B Leonsardl & oa, Special AguCnl.

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A new legal firm was forima t
dty yesterday that forabthity, sue
tlon and high social standaien whif.
tainly tke a high position aom g
legal Arms of the 8taLt O het a
of theD n rA ameThomae o .
ford. fogh C! Macrrelns. and
vine L. Lirimore. The two 4
named have already acqu ad
1pms in te f ieulee ord, cfa Wh!v
have just reasoa'to fel prod.
torney in thej tte esfta nds
estimation ot preefsis tLs
people *
Hre. Larrimoe, the junkpi msiq
the fim, poim se an the 6e"nwr
a brilliant lr om tb he legw
fesslon. He ame to thIs lyt
Alasbam a a feW yeasa ago,and br
tou and stey work In his pntllea
has sreadty won tM war into uthe
Mndena and toteme of the pepleiA
with beng a worthy yoeg m"Oan

social staS~ypn^ asd 55(.-1 lfj
of adbyi ng. yogLeunlr~d S r,
hitr a breeilef futesu as-ta m1h,
the newS. *:
The'lra I wI occupy omlie
second floor of the Icehange
building .
One small bottle of ailf's 0r0s1i
cover cresa all KIdney and JR
troubles, removes -gravel, cur
betts. seminal emission, weak n
,hacks, rheumatism and AU rre
ties of the Kidneys asnd Bladder i
men and women. egulsss
trouble In children. If not
your druggtt will be sknt by -i
receipt of .L One small bottle
month's treatment and will enrol
case above mentioned. a. W. 3I
Sole tsntedl
P. 0. Box 2iM, Waco, Texas.
Sold by S. E Leonardi t o., Tz

Belvilte. Tfexas OeptW 1fth.taS-C1
is to oertihI that I bwave used %I
Great Diecovery for Kidney aSd bh
trouble in my family. asd can trtcI
say that it gave good -sartistctimr4
Tax Collector, Austin Coa.,
For broken surCacm, soress.
bites, burn.s skin diseases and
lally plea there Is one reiable T
DeWit's Witch Haen Sale Whe
call for DeWItt's don't accega 001o
felts or frauds. You wit[ not be
appointed with DeW&itt's Witch
Salve. S B.& LeopanL&m fC j_.
The Comouguaie1 0ectldc Light'
Street Rallroad Copmpay, is
big corral in the garrison ict
emrnment.- IAbout oue hndrcd
win be placed. which'goesato show
the govelnulent has not torgottOW
pa yet, as a place for tock -

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M -Ve- peetedDsBCry B B Ad e N &e
S s rda ineni t hiltoaical write) CF MEXICO ARENA.
B. -T. Linco to geDWt an W- Importers and Retailers of
cm-- SiCak wasm answered thas he asaglcsa rse iegsd 1 psrW h t
was a Preabyterian. "Well." mid Free- Matt tL. Asoiieas. ersaso
Ident Lincoln, "Iwill have to looklad t 1iht and Shower the O udilyD R GOODS,
SI O IN OMAHA my book to see He further said: "1 swordswomen wtb h vors.
Am not sore hbut the Presbyterians are I contended that there were no "new,
full I have to do this. women" exico-tat I to sy, among Ma Order Dc tm
wia 'rEo No aSunucos as ter. Lincoln then proceeded: "Bishop the nntives. "But," said my friends trl-
o^...-^^.^^^ Succe^ asM dr Mail Order Department.
hteg ot#he Confederacy. Silmpm was here the other day com- umpbahsntly, "you cme with us to the
i. I etr n i.ng of my cabinet's giving all t u bullfht nue Sundaynme whether We have a regular organized department under the uper-
Sdiu X y eturn to Sppointments to Episcopalian I did there are or not before making such wi di ma OF Tvision of one of the firm for this branch of our business. Parnie
0 not know anything about my cabinet. rtatemeat. You'll find that Mexico Is, if E at a distance can send for samples and may
races in the matter of new women.' sipltyof the com tion, o t fied th
thhtBlaifor a gd.ldPeabytekn anthi ef d of se AgoISax.si due nolytoftheco riinaitnd a odeanted o u w tdhe smepro n a
to rltone. uameand as forward, I didn't know Tberefore I went tothe care and skill with which it is care, ani at the same prices as if personally selected. Write to
t. .--Pes- until I went to Epicharch with him tha The b aeion w s dbt of a cs- manufactured by scientific processes us for simple aid prices ou anything in the Fancy Dry od
soldiers in cuba President Lincoln had mid to Bishop bad co aSegted out st the Bncarell bull hkown to the CALuroiA Fie STrUP Liue. Our store has been specially constructed for the purpo
at e rUted to all ste mo: "Yo wit here We ua to rln sse the flr seorlt Eesy ou Co onlya.dwe wish tomprua po of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, best fitted up and
g to their homes, until bsve cabinet meeting here directly, was onnoe of epectation until the la- all the importance of purchasing the
w"e n tlyo trcuperated to nd I ill e to it."adn dhen the cab dla entered for the promenade, and load tree and original remedy. As thA best constructed, and contains all that experience n suggest
tSe t r e. inet came he maid. "Here is Bishop was theilause when theydid appear, genuineSyrupof Fgsis manufacture to render it the most useful, comfortable and attractive of i
tl ~e m eing mio rs ir sertainl qaule fetchbg In titheir tor by the CALromtnA Fe Sru C0o. kind. It is accordingly one of the sights of Louiaville
o p dtned The ombinaticasoher prett, sonly, a kroledige of tot wthle "Bacon's Advertiser" contains price list of Fancy and Dr,
55Wi.phtio ilt~ tim w 1Spanl]hsd the combinatloseof colors y slat one avoiding the worthless
to Im ot ae yhld eted were cestly all that ionlmautyurs e boterper. Goods mailed free on application .
01 i e not trueif2oul5d 2ed. tis. The high standing of the CoLoui.
Smy deprm. I never give an ap- o At then ovf some quite pretty work mA S SAPe Co. l the mesd t
W ae tw an dau ter of n ointment to anyian because of his with ps was de a aby.m qlr at n
f denomination, nor even know what he Anl-beoet of j theIr amanbe ioe a" the tiow & "
d I ng a youngbull. Throw? Ilpked rwhiretheBa u.ine 9MSyrup ofl hus aa
ins.was this w ad applauded the senor.ites s-e.'toeallouS ..of families; unwkr
teed. A ltsvero brarveip the.nam p1e theoComp a y S
-It a.oCloni asktlIappoited" eto alof'r npf .o s ei1n e u e Ot a 1I a425,p425, 42 e re29n, e Lia

ftrr... ,
-IthiW*e Dian Sa i; 5 n on the komrssolier And CM A .
m.-mei)Y Jl-5orS ^< oi -wtt_ a; ss ?T8P At thssee patted Sl s~ai farla' gne of.l all othrc laxt'es -
Lz *' r5 hour O.*a I a# a5k " lug hs imd It dot. gipe ~ 4
,.i, 11 ----VoP-s t" ard-, ,. get it* bezitie. .
ad ^ p~eT rememiber theg nmeC P M AP remember the aror mos :-

SrJ!iS3 iiqo'ai o 2s.s CATi' FIG SYRU P CO ,W r. Is 4s........ .... ., ....._.. ..., _.__:_ 1 ..
-g~IN bbP pM. e In &s siXt~ sata FKAX t e.. e A H "x'AfL) 0 I H
assra dev itI senf Itcla 22N --"-w os inw..i ca
mecums5 .ght nt Wtgi ng 1111111aI me02 sept see0r tull*IaSetI .TG, 410 0 t

Ai be JA itii tereAsh binso Samples and aUf measure blanks w
the aIa, 41"_$be_____________ 1 .
__QW jM Pie7t5 50$ 0000" a
1beenray ac iljJ eigeal a"toktw"r a len %elned aFALL CkVt YCN@-

ly yreeday." as Aop impaw r took theawaord. determined 3 A t f*
t , about yo du' n. of P ad siler and loked w- People of This County
"I haven't time to se about that." p rety I er about. lJer mtouin
"Sir. it is of more Importace than you w ko ra&with all bar might, but Some of our most prmnent speakers
ow. yesterday you mid there were naughty b bull refused to be tauced will address the people of the county
Stlwwhm l i e aarng lnd| ttsatgelltInre plyo at the hereinafter named time and t hereinafter named times and
at d thu 5 Werew go two that were n" replts place: r skelbottles Of 0 GRAYB2Z&2D0VM V 30
d- te n o a Mre en the wotd.A it Tie h Hen. A. Carter, C. C., htaker, W -noless I fL hottlesildo't Ho Js Ilo aw touI

~ aw icated ttooneof ttebest <~Po tromeb wtheo rd thYoun, oFh e aSimo n, Ba an e e A.Cry ter C.e.
d- a so o orce m bhn l, a'd rolled r In the dust of the W. S Graham, Hen. T. 3. Shackleford, oE wt untls tei n.exat ee We 8th
Ot to loaok a it. and e found that he an dd ft not b a ln f a wale o G. A Hanscn, -. H. Cohen, W B :aCo a --d the dela yWeh0veaa a o

S-ACe r w" vital fpeh %d the poorliotle toro rolled tbu ed Otor 4 t ott f5 Ifr ySor
OR f w hy',1. ll who A *a to tude r aingstlos, Ag Miranda, S. E. Sparkman, PrTor L. W reD. Z. D. Re Co eLs
I w a an lgbv)Desgot herown quite in place Buchholz, Hon. Thou Palmer, D. C. ad at,
i P o r was, wo hsarm s done, Mdllee, Hon. C. L. Wilder, Hon. 0 aJ.wys2 &
Sommnioua ted it to one of the ezs aopt btashull, who recei ed scratches L. Young, F. M. Simonton, B.. c tI '- .y oy. .t p._al t

ew probably trom death. The rimstance t th e hbear It r~at aunn It is;earnestly hoped that a full at-
Lt kowh ctiseas of this country, a mo aDd uts fromn Agel t arod until be p athes, Hon. Hugo h C. Mac.arlane, p t gemy n rl e I had Ctncaer- w oas ler
Snmea hsea. a d and red what sort oted ha t esadore Frank Harris, Harry 'A. Peeples. S. B. A- th a t =e .ae r- .ter a.Cme Jorda, P owDn the &t e 1.
a l l y d ld m r s hoim. No doubt I w a s Turman. W'. A. Belcher, Hun. Thomas ECI a=et Ie sa- ome Bttle o acksmYTBEAhing. ArcD l

a who oommInia it to u-ei bs of ld r te him dut ite wes F. MCal, Rn. John T. o'ier G rkS. Store Froeos, SilABs, Coluons etc. Repairs n a
ent much of &.rprietobn as any one eme a f oS ttMoMms eelse F. Mal. Hn. John T a L'.e St eamboat Machinery and Boilers. OurSprompt attention ven
F-rn Aa. when the fair tunoe foallyhe l did touch ths Pn, Jne n, and G.. e e. GAYBEAR ed I mif
and Vital spu d thp mort dod e ikl e uettion of a albeic Library.at -
rv e, U' "i twIy bsual-, As tnheaudtesa e sbhiked and rfft Tarpon riongs. Thumday. Octobe-r 6. LEAL A VERTZ. I. RMAEs rsTERo., Ad ,
alfront certain English regiment de- Ted a bravoed, n more dollar and sIn toomingdale, `iturday. Oct 9r. i.
go- e y thng er w ad qg andeowent gools of thread tumbled doold ampa, Saturda y e evening at the I S.

whseo s:e"fsessio na m ligmo noat keep & fair Angilts For h y part, I home of J S. eunferty on Florida ave- rs a c o cuhseq

...j Bed for tb bo T J bi nue.cAf a ..n Afoa&l K A s 1 EI 1 I a
to S he tripped about from side to side, bow Peru, Saturday, October 15. ft-renon
tve ger saved his ma from defeat ad ig with hands on her beart tthe a lod and afternoon.S th A t n ra S ,
ew oabblyfrodeath. The rcunitaxce the toathe oth omwa. It was rather fo ny It is earnestly hoped that a full at-
-whikb gave this offce bigi 9poputiolo a1see a wowas oproarioosly applauded terdante of Democrats rill be present Foundr. M hio ul gg
Sistelted lby Radyard Kipling In Thebl forworlk ha l a Da would hae be at the m-eting and all person, !r- ny, tt machine an l Atoi e, Worksa
I~'e Westminster I saiOpp He wrm: hised and booted for, buot I goes to sh aiw rpectie of party alilirary ons n s t f ren third day Octobe. a the

be- particularly buy on ls wea t aU al prlinary and the holding of stated meetings for November, A. D., 1898, the aid Tue th same being the '
e A v"er young oiert, who had gone oteno ategallantryof the fexlianpeopl iterartfully invited to attend the mee-a be e e a e n e
e i alm t rohol to te ay T ~ullm In, nd a ings. P rHT. Chairman. SPECIALTIES :-eavy Blacksmithing. Architectural Iron
y to and thence to Indiat waeading his eim with ts tty C. CLA SO, Secretary. Works. Store Fronts, Sills, Colaumnsh, etc.l Repairs on u sc
a en tad intly wt tbis they do g mr te Sttesamborot Machinery and Boilers. Our prompt attention given

Paw hQ. t. tings wab turn, sadder If the xan bollalMer, El Negri books tp the amount of 550 Fifteen of Court of te State of Florida, for full M8K and beCno t" a uaS Ired
emaendit the a wA aY Ce reaoll, asno theU raifE tusfoer o s Osn zEd toh installing Irrigating and Steam Heating Plants ast resonable
y besehj y enemy h W s.iAll ytoo u have tot to do in to Rp -ailroad Commi sog P osts and Iron F enes.
8 *C .0ahi the a sfok B ate ~bte tom and if be gets oo Young Xen eeit and Di cu the r iin o an ro
-s b to y aO eanomfort dodge briskly be- Question of a Public Library.
ato hAda barrier. But the girl@ e me ush of -A
6 t in the ts wkoop without accdentR'Sron and daughter SL
Sron to n t have retur The bed fr lla rk wiom a ththiwo-mo s visit FA number of oung men who have be-
hblbullwwaso ath os a tmeine as the firsth-"ce interested In literary, social and In the Circuit Court of tieFit SMJH
lThe ooI o ffl aB i doquit t, even the ood n ited audience could a meeting on Thursdtay evening at the 8, N No. 10, No. 12, No. 1- do bi
'ilm' i AB I'ml-ght, pnot keep fgtwaa oao l.For oy Part, I hme omp J. a. Le A. esty on Florida ave- No No. erso N. whch 2 d omefe pant d t
len -- ; groaned for th lu. They jabbed a him nue. After an informrnal discussion, I. ..o....!Luci Finer-gan" r..S..
A ~a t o anr lit ~t. and c othi end tuckL him antil it wa the society was duly organized, and the in prCctleo of law s.todr 1' ntale
Seas)a o Aer ug and a Sol. ri a s aight to beid. Ot of the two bandoer- f: undc r the .n.am Of AI tm0 olnr
SofT d ou. uw si you'll s tb me ng corSe of n otcer s elected: To the Sherif of Hillsborough County, and mu. et R s.
wlyM Mebley I tmShis I' ll he ppe -rush off a o an or ad President, C. vans;t toVice-den of the State of Florda: Chrl b erlin. SInda a a
e BAbookS s outir hands inalarmedgestures D. Lenfesty; secretary, John Durst; Know ye, that I, Joan i.. hraword Establish Atto n
the Me. W"wAnd hbe oo, -tr uk a matchdR. Lightfoot of Tamparecker and Relief. blklet inand los
S ear y o appeared tha I thought eWa wth i-only d t oeasur har. Secretary of Stetate of Fthe lorat f Flo- divionder aof bya virue o a "a
began 4trle. Ti Thitfstearf adied d ndd rly as a latoklow'It was unanimously dec:dead that the idai, hereby givno tht agener 2 rendered n thef o est b o

own abe wre never could have been hanat With the exhilarating sese of renewed Secreta of State q t of the orthes
M aa eelad e He bad e ultimate object and purpose cf the or- election will he held in tIdfltbor, gh th l th day bf Juln, M the
i Bap An alt o was rolled upon to tae o nef; Hi oug cuud o d i d
the-- sword kill tr With Sppoi ganes an theh seutitut ands man- Counth, state of Floridae Tueeday, nttled e oe
i:1.g. a--------- --k--- r seA... t bowed an- beod oned and tanning of a public library for this city, next, succeeding the first Monday to third day of Otober, Will D the.
S "I ar tolarly buy las wet heS I all the usual prelimInary and the holding of stated meetings for November, A. D., 1898, the said TesC- the bes m ing r- t "_.o
M 'Tusda"mid the dentist. "My of motions an ba made the first wbS k literary and musical culture. The daye the ehth ay of ovemocr, sa nth and ule day, be-

red. .. e r. s de.If te 1st dayb t f the igSt wa ooff Jaomes a er, feu th e g oe .r anird e stu 0atedtx
ws. the moved up to the chair with a<bhe tohad not bei tn the ring just then, us louse present signed the membership term. For one justine of the Supreme County, Fhmsla, tu"Wdtl Goveenme~
SaI r pac of& steam roller. Appp at.s would have known what happened, tlh p A R. ln hds bte smreui Court of-the State of Florida, for unex- lot fourteen (14) In Stlon nietee
lywthe the office ihad Ida A bat loher sword.I ntookd H sW p 'wentynlne s) south of
1500had mk ; tImetog the bull gsffisently and meetirge will be held every Friday 8. --- s= eten 19
themd downtogivem anotharthrust, evening. For Treasurer bf the State of Florida, demands of. seid tdes o satIeey the
j.1. ." s t him in the nk, r g For two Railroad Commissioners fr t o pay for title Theurchaser
you.. mgobea teoo- hItnal to tumble him. But be SEF NEB. term of four years. For one Railriad C.C. WITAKERF
.. wa. byu o eanis dune for, and it was Commissioner for the term of two Sptecal Master In Cannery,.
"'e%. e' I d 'I keep pretty busyl.'" aol atb 0,e sharp work that the little Seffner, Sepa. 30.--A school entertair- years, For two members of the House SH &&RIFp I SA
i 'MIy.n h i ou t -e meigig a !ull gave uZ tp gstandstretiched h hm- meant will be given at the public school- of Represntatives of the State of tiior-
64 of I Say.Bt dodtr, Tm you self out an tb sand. The debated wbtUnder and by virtue o t cartel
g ot f mnemt ay .c..v.. o dm if nbon ondT momed whtr house Tuesday evening, October 4. Al ida. For clerk of tLe Criminal Court executnod bu. .
SI iula d-ag bitn out moment, after oaiare....diallyinvited.ofRhcord, For Tax As. ,For. of..ed Out Of the Ciircut
"tis wasetingrther intereti ng. emid the itaudlIN of the orowd," to join are cordially ln'-ted. of Record, For TaxTAseessor e or Court af the th Judicial Clrcut of the
lent unthequestion w e pred "- bla5kh bis mps nest e Itheoorral, whence o mrs. S. L. PEmberton and daughter Tax Collector, For County Treasurer, ft5te o Fioh~ia, for Huisnrofgh
ore next day would be soldUlm" bfeeutaeakrom a womon's iit o three membe win have re'urred from a two-mon'h's visit For three members of the County ..) id Caut). nerause here-
ato It"Frankdelmners and Frank Ballamn M_
let at nsort asn Iad Itte th t b d "Th rd l to Mrs. Pembortorn's old home at Troy, of Public Instruction. For Just!ce of -Paxtnemers and bank Baelsme t..
died Mu r, ma t admis t thead a*k '' Tethbirullw hwasrouht inanthe Ale. he Peace in and for the following Ballman & Co., ate aS
I admitted A-A tbA Will Aiford has returned from a to: I sItice Districts, viz: No. 2, No. 4, No, Francisco Colado adP15flflk mud
er e *snm t the UnitedS tats wer me visit to his home at esvile Fla H o No. No. 10, No. 02 1, o-lgrtners doig bu - -.
ip1 o "iett"wlb the soeslled too femint e was accompanied by A. W. Bullock, who No. 7, No. 19. No. t21, No. 22, No. 3. andth day o" are fendan,. dated the
-an ..i . end coway women Of M 3.leo.'.. is desirous of locating a homestead For Constable in and for the following l"ed upon, and wLsea "t p a Iic out_
Franl-s rArguad, d, uta. Fumc Argua here. o justice Districts, viz: cry before the corti h e C door ia ou
or "- Tek nml -n 'o OhYd W Mrs. M. E. Falls of Webster, Fla-. No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, oN. 5, N a Flonrida, between the legal hours of
&No .e7,No.8,-NoD9,No,10,No.11
--e-Ie-io d visiting her daughter, Mrs. E. L. Ditto. 7. o. o. S,. o. i, o II. No. e D o a the day fNv
I" comb= who is ill No. 13, So. 14, No. II;, No. real estate, situated fn R- l~be
dd wuawblch he always used when it wa1hisl.. 18No. 1. No. It. No. 21. N;.12. County e Florid& t 0odn ecnlbe
w- sougb to put him off and spare the oh- Street Lghtfoot left on Wednesday . 2. ounty, Florda n
stphoas ho. 23. of block twelve eliexy and seven,
Jects of big attentiono the trouble of an for a three weeks visit to his cld homeInts" o wh.fa"in ntunderaad Clay's
S tghrcks- we le wih him:e in wlabama In testimony whereof, I have here- addition to East hor: also n .
.aided one-hjlf interest in and lo S unsit
L Wei wod-I e-stosaltsd tn "But I assure you I want but one word H. H. Lighofoot of Tampa, was m unto set my hand and afixed the great and 13 o block r nan ts
.. r yoNmMy that._ I thought heat withhim -onlyne word" to on Sunda seal of the State of Florida. at Talla- division 0 East T or; also an undlb-
oI ia sie Tice Becalledonceen a celebrated Iy.to hassee, the Capital, thhs the 25th day vided one-half rInterst in and o tsi
O. tl. MW lhrocka-Oh her voice may The lawyer'a clun met hIm v Imn- of AUgUst, 18H. dd one-third Interest i, a&d ooto
2" _o"&Iright, but I'msuethely with the remark: WHAT JOYFUL FEELING Lnorth half of the north-west quater of
I'e -_ "Why, haven't you heard Mr. aB. ~i edL. S.) JOHN L. CRAFORD the iwwet quarter ofi the norheat
1pw ahe wore never could have bow st sightt' With the exhilarating sense of renewed 1-ecretary of State. quarter ofsection seven. torte.ast
U e in Paria --Uleveland Leader. te had scarcely got the words out when health and strength and Internal clLan- To T. K. SPENCER, twenty-nine, range enelteen.,
StpplM1 w sy ng-woociangy: lines, which follows the use of Syrup of herlf Hlisbug Cu. aidroperty big levid upo os the
Shiltriem trensprsa "But I assur you I want but onewund Figs, is known to the few who have not NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT. .ad 4wi be sold to satIsfy such execu-
denn-e ro]t hi th tto with hfmin ia -oCdp"--Yonlo'n progressed beyond the old time med!- lion. T. K. aSpfle
cines, and the cheap substitutes some- Six months after the date hereof. I
e'umoe-_- ssmio times offered, but never accepted by the lWtll present to the County Judge oa By WI,, S D
o~ .... In Ml J9kkst al e" we~l-'nformed. Buy the genuine, account and vouchers as executrix'" Attomany for Panojif
_- ebo. t M Jbanufactured by the California Fig the will of James K. Van Bibber, du--
. . .- s is ar o so ment as sou h executrix. Dated thl

30 0 .-.---,'? .- .. -..
.iaoooo.,nb.,,O'' .. '. ~pra-s"-"- o~*t" 'ui' -


c -i


=A wwobs -7
-A on tfts jtmioLqv --


throsLi at the first sign of their nerar- [wpighed about seven pounds, and in one
ilols practices. It is said they are e- Iof the largest caught during the "a-
[US II niballstlc, and the most blood-curdling scr The entire cargo was loaded"J
tales are told of their doint iretly from the boat to the car in
Much discussion has ensued as to the bulk and was shipped last n ght t: Nor-
C C- U I fegy Gtly mtzl tsi Oer real meaning of the utterances attri- Things Done and Sd 6s fllnt thern r.a.. k t
-;:": .. buted to General Garcia lately at the re- A. J
Tie PrafiCaUt. ception given by the United States nit- Dent lO-yorts reached here yesterday i-s a
ifldals at Santiago. But as La Lucha tet til storm along lh-e caet in the
l. "C E reports to-day that Garcia has gone to A Firn'e.2
BLACO GETS GENEROUS henitoedStatestomakepreparations CURBSTONE GOSSIP CUMGLY CAUGHT rains du at 5:50 p.m. did S--
for paying off the Cuban army, it would ------ not arrive until after 11 p.m. on Sunday
And Requesthe Pardon of Political seem that no particular cause for alarm News Notes Cauht on the Fly Here an t n c ot mote. .
Pr sW s.J6aldbyWylSr, Which view with the correspondent ota Paris and There-Coming and Going of ut un account the storm, and it was T
Crataes- Great Consternation newspaper, stated that as soon as t e People-Incidents and Accidents of nearly o make up a train in Jack- / 'aZ
,Spanish forces leave the island, the <- -- sonvi;JE- t, take the place of No. V V .'W
'Among the Natives. ban troops will disband. Garcia says Everyday Lifein Tampa.ace o
-'* _____ the Cuban army does not recognize tne We oeodaa Da ly.
a Oct Cuban provisional government; that for F T Daly From We Inesda) Da-j.%
avaa, Cuba, Oct. -In order to them there s no such government leg- From Tuesday Dail. E. Tuts of Sanford, is in the city
g-ive thepeople of the United States an ally or really. In a private letter to a Sheriff 'Spenceris sti in i charge t on business. AS WELL AS
,^.:"...i.v..........Cuban citizen, published yesterday in the Almeria Hotel. He X Wi iuAS WELL AS
i:AklrgJ]m the way In wbch the custom E a Havana newspaper, the writer, a Mrs. Thos. -. Weir Is rusticating at "A
Ar er*'1* handled at .this pot, the fol- Cuban In New York. gives a very sen- The hotels in Tampa, for the dull s a. Oron for a few weeks. R AT IF Y IN!
,, B ,l- i p-,-_-,___ sble view of the situation. He says son are doing a fine business. '
$owlBg btuat from th- bill of the ew UnIted Stat has agreed os e au M L. Stoner of St. Petersburg, is
-Oreas J-lpoter of poultry are inter- that the'Island is pacified, and in order Joe Ball says he has a car load of the visiting Tampa friends.
satiun. On the arrival of the cargo. to do this, will send here an army sut finest milch'cows ever brought Sout.
fAbe'ftr*t espousel was, a S Al ficient for all needed. That it will be a A. L. Scnrbner of Washington, 111., is
theirytenpeose wasa warting,, 1 Alllong t5h e before the American govern- Mr. Sam 3.5yers of the Steamer registerd at the Hotel Arno. .IhI
Sa broker, the inee hired that the land really n state of ot pent erday the y. Curry and daughters of Braid- IN T E L L I E N C E
se ~ a man and began to learn the peace, and in the mean time the forces F W Marean, is spending a few days own e registered at the Hotel
will remain here. That sometime in Arno.
- The shipment was as follow the uture an election will take place, vacation visiting his family in Ocaia.
t4oaof poultry, 53 eases of eggs and the result will probably be a peto- Grand r .bbon sale In slk taffataes and
wrreo ofanoins. Thereularexe-fr Apenti nte wl not The Smth restaurant en moire, at your own price chP.,
*Ieu *ere: For the poultry, w0 thing -bso ;fobutrthe ttreet dao been closed for a few weeks. Frieman Co. i ft vy yytyy'
1W.or the tin m ot . pItd for the te sttion an go to work. They Deputy Sheriff Lester of Port Tspa mp W W H a H .
eto *r*lout of duringthe Voyage, will get a0good stable government that City, was among the many callers at 31.lWere.IHank4 teiaand M isa 0]E
-Th- t aa o ie ce yesterday ay.f-t a rt i in the e t r
|wlthd (flUbbodSSn tet tu of thet P... fro Bisto w9 of

S t thi.anot a Giba.t the contents s ae ksonChapman ofto Pa etto end ontt deu ) 4 r th_ firm soe ed.l3e 91 '

tr V-1tV. r '- He, r wo hundred bi lists enJoved rm Lo t ho i* ewe,
^H~eM 1*Wtt tftt l lt is.e1kb ett y and Sunday In tua city, as Haselalve theseat pile cure, dont h o ate d ob s t h5t

apavemett on Seventh avenue, diana Stn, Ga., w ee they have been -
s ed toper s a py reeo th guest of his fater.law, C WIrt- accept anything else. Don't be taked

aftwebe t of me e-I to ... .s ta.enth.e latter J ul
t--, S f and^gl- grea Oing ldnto iater'*kieeaarlan substitute, fordpie..for Good ecassag NO x

m u- loest d tp s d iyter of the oe dee ract are paved, anad there will not be c ,ty a J...a a
S~ p al aleoua.gger Bto Ullwth the comusmpon. Lengthy cotn Cin t he entire Souneth that can frold a oh n A. Mca B. went up to ade o wil b ece Coty
.to......bt ti tL o.e o ray candle beside Tm. yesterday to ae nd th covern. today D ando h, get B.
meet he content par unknown to the friends, is in on in that p gt offered.
? OW"P f ioRM c puNI, The eky Is quiet and w head4uarters at wamsout Key, wai t
awetingwith what eacietience ea Ir. oordoKley ab yerst-ao
l pow citieso ora the den th ofd hr better this morning, what v will be D fr th wo hs n
135 t7'ftbNi6, O -,CT. thle ad little
the a wre fJ .'ts- t ". Mrs. F. W. Barae and charm little

oe hII4 ^da t wcow a of re at bow ion It fine or bicycling that orda Brewn o repera ad i
a p tl n t humble subm on tontie Davi, the Just waltuntl the streets of the cty esmS. Harry teeple iHugh C. Mac .
of ter lptydauterof' the Confederacy, are paved, and there will not be a cty farlane, Judge J. L Crane, and Captain e n
0. caund t4 il t *d a6 y .Tampa Chapter entire South that at hold ha John A. McKay went up to Dade ty, and

pIare in excellent spirits anoh eatyned thoi dfr. hora win continue it, and assume
to- dya SI ay tO the e d a fetne Conferacy at a nd a, wb schdued to reach ened bray to attend circuit court wi ch
o as t. meeti held in theparlors of the al is in session in that place. er a nd

*.t iaa le In Iles~.'Slve re ttee be D prau e on our mayutea Rev. A. n E Jbnes n, pastor of the Ocala affairs of the ottte are in excellent con-
"t ,ad given tto Hotel Thursday even for pubng lia- Mr. Gordon Keller has returned ditiro
SThe whole nation weeps wi th his purchasing tour in hre Nort ant l i n Dr. t. o. thode., who bas bees

was eatio sn seep i gays he has beotughtsiselegant and welho
SSouth land over the death f her be- selectured ock is hearing oo re- siting for th e past two months

t-o t o bes gr aea m Mees -M>. M .Gn, J.d. a And .oo ie in the uperateodnd in uorante

c tloedr dugt er ,eW ne oDav is Geora*retreoo Tta t the mpaoaTch eito thO i n Wee ai s hTP roung e uk
abl e to o wheta~i n'i 0 00 humble submission to the so-Ill of HIm contemplates potting in a barroom

beawwk a atl the end of the who rule in peace o r in war, we mou where orton'r g store now situ tShe ohad a most e celenta time.
e W*r n oto the deth of a true sister, and ever- ated as sona Dr. rton moves Into k e er hore

menotf thisruoorsgnitenp efh. A. E. oea nt, J er sao Amerchants of Port Tare iat he ctoer
6r the bene of the etherh wseo evice ere always ready ond Govern ordandMrs. H. L. Mctchell, dissolved by mutual consent Mr.
have returned from their summer out-

n in totr'he t'its-. o a estthe worker Mgl inv ora ane h. Ca-e Inr. o theLse ester retire from the business, and
heof goverundren oTh Ismetings mother our p sCap te. J. W. Fitzgerald of the Plant n ashal Woodward is getting his of-

g e w edo the ouy- o en f the uverse omfort ke as tending the rand gne of the urolvette at o hape Mrha oee
a l ma Iy tsHe alone can. b T Fern andina, wasos scheduled oIs reach e ed book-keepers -who are acting to --
tt555iI lyto p. provide tero ur t hork A f t h'est nt the capacit of station keepers andt f the
to i. I mte and give n to the city press for publiwa-cl eored Epilscopalt church, hais accepted o

Pl =* Of meti ngs .mother. ,.ei.g turned o d r. Jk T s r w mt was L
|^ nee fltter o ll hlte question, Mrs. W. J. BERRY, Saturday and preached to the church on Roy to the State Agieluxtural college at

7-Waets outceee been no one Sunday. D.is 1 ofsS ona Lake City where he will enter school
09 0 UW ""7 ellw tMRS. INDIA LESLT Y. The Tampa Steam Laundry Is rushedforetrne shole ats te a. Ctt Young pt o
SC the 0 letlr -wl re ture R pto ith work. At force of twenty-e em-winreturnhomteerk A hf aiher part oft thin -' Y
oteh#Af a Wt pow ner n CAMPAIGN Cty eteda. Itployss making things hum. The week.

i S ^St kqp4 ..4u.. 1r_ f ilt Oe-oeiere zh.hads aiW msmpuous dln- *busy yesterday moving ]Ms effects from
eor U .s the win the church. and the visitors were ThatTtredTeooilng toe c toi mpov r the property, and Mr. Benonm of the
the ettisf the begga elrs wo red for. About S o'clok the ahed blot Hood'e* parupnlla aArice and Arno will re-open the Almeria on the A
ta ht It iste be mi- M f e ed and able addresses iiam. the bloodandvgi..s stegti, estge thirteenth. w
tut intu .]can lch"IM. If ,M. H. Cohen. Mon.oT. Ad vigor. Be sure to get Hood's. SM k.
3L,43. lse fokrldB. -N. Mathews, S.E..s 3-
Ofa t heir means to parknmn t&. .' Brockway, MHJ. JMc- Hooda Pills are purely vegetable asd do Congressman parkman who
i .x ith a doaion llen and P ete W0.here e ill sop.on Abc rea sas.
toweDr. L e Cotpeihe F.er and Prof. BuS Mmnt u, M Csohen, senior member of greesional District, arrived home on r
hlDr. TrL made a d the w known f of r'on f..-man Monday night, quite l. He is con- tor business. Until then you
r 45 Ia 1.58^ ; 1 i he audience, and athe en- & Co, arrived home on Sunday from fined to his room, bt hopes to be able
L5; I s lief k s t a tnt much good was .one.. New York. where he purchased an im- to resume his campaign work not later buy .
ib' M06%$. tb mense new stock of fall and rt-,:
A her rally will be held at Seffnero n Te So th than next Monday. He has canceled
a. 4 bash4 W. being filled to overflowing with t) all his regular engagements for this
est styles and best values that -... wee rk.hin in
fu fttlhs t rief ofr T HHyde Park Kindergarten. found in New York City.
i t s are bng --- The Womans Home Mision Society
'gse m i ctetie., anwd The Hyde Park Kindergarten, which Walter G. Crum. &on of Editor .will h.old the annual weet of prayer at Un 1.
y after the manner will be conducted this winter for the Crum of the Florida Republican, the Methodist church, beginning Oct. .I
'ei the Uieted tMates. fourth year under the auspices of the ved home on Sunday from Egmont -,, 0o and closing Sunday evening, Oct. 16.
S.Will do rem to a Tampa (formerly Hyde Park) Kinder- where he has been engaged as a nu- Special program has been prepared.
talpe zieat has deeded t garten Association will re-open in Hyde at the maritime quarantine hospital H- Sunday ..uinug song ser-tce and
b Imibttat to bewknow as Park as soon as a suitable teaener can says that about all the employes oav e special subjects. Every one invited to A L i K tJ lj iI 1llX
4eh usteof the nick of the be procured. and notice of which will be been discharged, theseee services. Hour :30 p.m.. each *
w. ery nmose convenience gtven through these columns. l ce aturday.
tl CAIOLYN M. McILVAINE Mrs. Agnes H. Suarez, cne cf the Ms; e ay e.. S I at.rday.
equeMo o nerWl Blanco, the LInLIAN S. WELLS, PPreidet visited this city, leftlast tght for her r. Picke..s of Boston, a young man At the Old stand, nn ts o
.*"a t atdoned the polti- Secretary. former home in Havana, wherehe e wiUl cilf leisure and means, pa-sed through e ds a A ne-ts l f
suiotd the wUl al soont be join her brother, and look after nr ie O eala Saturday on his way to Tampa, every description at O l
These inosude the terrihe Capt. J. W. White of the Tarpon nas valuable interest Mrs. Suarez teis er aa ,rerday 1n dos ae his to u Ta ,. mo v.
Sltter are a bnd of returned from a trip to Santiago and moct excellent and cultivated lady and where ha roosas to deve ns me e *
Itter -a a a td of other parts of Cuba, after having spent made many friends whilhere ho talents and means to expeImenting n Their Valu . .
e aa robbers, which a considerable time In the quarantine regretted her departure, growing fine leaf tobacco, and to hit)er-
ahaa, and were ban- station at Egmont Key. The Captain nating the orange tree so that in year
E t the ,sle of Plies tells some thrilling stories about that Mr. VW. s. Hancock left last night for t ci, the groer of ct-ru fruits wl l
famous country that would make he Jacksonvile th Jackonil where he goes to enter the to coe the grower of citru ruts '
." e- The P 0 hair stand straight onar dead man's liquor business. Mr. Hancock is a have no dread of cold winters.-Ocala .
,a, dread of head. He it looking- ell, and says gentleman universally liked by all, and Star.
po that they he has been enJoying excellent health. many friends regretexceedingy his -- o th
iHs manyi Tampa friendeare delighted departure. He had his fixtures that WANTED-A man that is a worker to
hal_ s f -7"_ to welcome him back'to the city, were In the Almeria hotel, shipped to represent us in Hillsborough County. -
so Ie A r a Jacksonville, and has leaked his other aMnt furnish references aund have a ma a B o h
8h 84 3ALARION WITH MALARION resort. hoae. We can give swCh a m " "-
s TAtea ady employment and a rtood conr- ] M l i IM Ar e
....M^ *: -"^ f -^ i 3John kavawee's steamer Vigilant, ar- t-. Just the thngB tor a yoOng T C TM .
^^gnu II^for Chill. Fever and rived lat vening from the LiUttleMana- mn. CaU on or write to the Sliner .. .. l ^ .
All f t.o.e.v. ey An tee Wuith i,9 very fine muet. One Mneufiacturing M -3.... i .rrt-l
r.. y. te late h one caugt on thos trip street Taa, Fla. St

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