Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: September 29, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Ihi ftiPtl Ei j o D I bo tll isch the You Idea How

I8a c ilm l fes ,. to Shot.


I* wa Yet Win at-Saratos if He And are Prepared fbr a Hard Tem of
"On Oal Wil k Ris Plac of Abode school Work-8upnratedent and
elpt onm the 0otweaton-Bai Teachers are Gratified With
mmubl. Zxppqe ed vlud". the Outlook.

4eial to t. Tribune From Twelday'i Daily.
Siaat toa, S. Sept6 -Tbe tate .The opening of the TAmpa publc
B apbUn do rena Im U Wamt m t- school& yeter4ay, was mar ed by an
eRysirwi .rery arq PPl' ttbs Ia. atnd, pteadac.a*newhat .in excess oi lst
0 a6MM vs-4t4 year, Proessor Buchhola, thA prineL-
ardrWvd i at 11 w oe pak pal is veryP btay getting the mahinwrye
4j d Chauncey Depew a-r in motion, as4 it will be some days Mbe-
S lae to tWe greadiag and cifeyg s Prep-
nmn aof hofe B i1S to. Ons count of so
aad akeememal lei nm= i -few deh"t&lam f a., 411

Eor of -' ot tret progt t
a oenst r. o-. .. .... t~V e mcher hae i n as01 e t toa s ana
b- eSTT~M tr I a ohnfris.U* d o ccor
WVij wlie&. hee obe- B ,th In thsln i.lers un^
G t- Mo eIu...ors. .a o. n -IE o.
4 bWH e toltw-he lne At ele ofateadst ne soev n
1t e. itre B tI of great pronee-m;diug-YMhte r

l, :l t lt one ye ort behatlthee ofn- th E PK yeHr. OO M
s5e tht The a stechrs have been ass nnie to also t

MiLSk^ PIs8lh adfr lc IT W.ED 8CHOOL It o

S to i lew a The -*lu Manre Gramlin. principal, Miss m ake
-itLbv tyio hol s In thior state m, .th maI- the different rooms as follows: en rbt

.- -f h rtQf le tor his friends. It tthe fafthfol assistant principal of the awit,
t epts r by ofthe oppion th. Mat Don- h s a y electe
rtl rpoltint, as~taat tPor oessor Bo.tera, t on acounr B. troops
"1iei ott OViile l in Aprl, 1 onthiMed b serious Clnthriess of er. m Aohe
GRADEltfD SCIfOL. 0an00

,r n- a hetats JohnToP. li rerofde lan t comelleaon, prinipa;to r er many tte
; ayess. .Li iu.teClellan, MUbe A. Davis, Miss Trade
or Ge ner al-he ohn a es,. Ellah oesincer, MissrE e Hale is ced i

SA tD eaina Jr e oe McKay, Mi sas Jet Calhoun the T
statof oWee-n l It claimed orbet oy Feage, igh Oaryi. ti
rI sb slevTd her ee that he conVen- Miss Ada Mcapy, Miss Faith Stowell. e

W4 thaa-ll that o wa ntof W n1ton The eas
i, Jl o the i1t Ulat tma, he iaot bnow bte ele- Ypeci to Pe Trtbi e00L. ieoair
at osen o rine a at e ov lTnoi erteoes tu l Tabel Suga, iss Jennie Sto of The
i ttle o the iMst ballot for Governor well, pt. fr th

l M the oline oIFthen hardfora tBlackray forV
name-(4 Pt StewLatin~hart for TheL F"bdT WinnL. It Coe
lte V iaen tholdnga crucuis sto- s en a wle eoramling principal, Miss malr

U11010l hold 6alee In this state, in mte- Ms.e Louiee T. PhlloyM who has been e
a> tw Abe'. ..* to bow at'n-oble for his friends. it Mae ain tor assistant principal of the awae A

MWS-bOf -tbh NUTTBSlo in Al, 1#7. continued serious illness of her mother,
he took vsee restdence n Washington Ams compelled to resign. Her many psrag
expecting to remain at least four years friends bhes will learn of her action
'hile their he paid his personal taxes, with sincere regret. ai
eW wasaIn &l respects a resident of the
Dfi strict of a hdrhpa. It is claimed Oorberott c oy Fight Off. Por
that i eae was a resident -f hWaeengton The

t&t e C11-ar p1wbett to rpitn fInthe Ste tm ll be for Ve

tti hen' t t now V T r u lie n ad to the oidy. a ni

IM^.-.sAi betoe tw Spec the we.h eigiee S Trbn. The
Tro~lheeto legal ca the questate willhe of the Interference of the civil autbori-
."O Sirt e-ltOn bam-- ties here, the orbett- en o toy ghthas h or
Sbeen de lared of for
'"a A OrN= t talkspon the I onThe
N eow Appoisntments tcharg
EoS4 r Ot t Puipa to r Send Ten From Tuesdayos plyo. Ant
Kiica -no in o ar,. Chief of Polite a S. T. Woodward, made 2418 h
STh- First- the following appointments yesterday: Thea
Sr beeen-rSpecial to the Tribune. JO. Jones, who has been on the ore quara
l~~~l e- Cica o, Ill.,ept 2 wh i -A train bearingsbeenoa i
j .B960 ounces of silver butlion from for several years, and has made a most where
PI, adephsa to San Francisco is soon enviable record was promoted from Iugte
to maOsW.a new era in the federal go- captain to assistant chief; W. A. John- The
S erment method o trsportn the son, Who has served the city over three venue
.p..c.. w moelse athb eenatsentieuea It
habeen known for some time that such years was chten rert lieutenant: S. sertl
a grent shi M nt was In contemplation, Carter, who as also been a fai- For
IS .NlO-~=14. andthe1 appearance oft Assltant Set- ul member of the corce for the Paest oaggres
ret VaoderlIp, of the Treasury De- -three years, was chosen second lieu- phatro
SPam las t Isen i, n C the deia ate arrange- tenant. The appointments will' be The
.--.abe U 'r. Vaert waa ions;utl- handed to the city council on Friday ton, h
ja atlon iruth *ster n ralroed officials night for conirmation. The men are on bi
" .,UR ,. and Oshipment"is to be made on a considered three of the very best on asbi
specl d lt freig train guarded by the force and the chief Is to be congrat- Capta
-i n e rraln 4dW* tm anidl 6 oeuee uTlhatoed on his wise selections. charg
m'spcd that herenlter freight and not
e -.willb he the -ethod of shipment. Cathi
S. 'h ia4depla omint Is being run _.Pa th of S. Not L-o nes a, i
-S its foil capacity, coining gold.-beth-Ma
isme egsad doam stlo-wlich. ba5 been- 8 1.Jones, an old cities of this Port.
=:,Mt. at h aIn at,& heodr ein
o, uion aIs at a saspri rt, othne county died on the 22nd Instant at ile Cat
dt sriler to t Pacic coast. Thin home of his sn, J. W. Jones, near Mond
aount mans more thn three hundred t Tampa, at the age ofr 60 years big.

Srndo n o talJ et silver one was a native of North Carolina, one o
dftpaa a OPiiO,- r Vanor il emiratingf to this county in 18s71 from has x
S kown that th Ip- Bay df Loots ss As a Confederate In tie
ted, and It in also true soldier he served under General Stone- 16th v
im treLt peop a. wI .l Jackson. H twas a goodand re- resig
h es. to my whetheror not the spected* cilen, a kind and Indlulgent
of shipsaent by freiht was father. He leaves four grown child- TOO
ren, who with his neighbors,, insourn
AM" 31 EL' his death. The family desire to extend San.'
thank to friends for the miany acts
UL f of kindness shown deceased during aps
Alnunury 3fso utB-Ia i wok ofsIs
V~ __ -a tt

c Ondition of the troops is mprov-
terday t e mn re given fresh
l .a number of head of cattle hav-
Peen purchaaed byCol. Ray at 75
LPeremand 3.00 Cuban troop have
tedand are receiving rattona They
wailtog IntruCL o. from the junta
s city. it is beelved, ha less than
Wnration. and the condition of the
ddMte ofhe country districts is bad,
tg ato.lack of clothing and supplies
m ise people are ot allowed to enter
a ecty. They-are In need of medi-
wes and treatment and the aid of the
ed Cr- to wanted.
- wVq lled ian Circus Wreck.

Elk"7400tL 14 1W. Va.. Sept' -Fore-
daM ig jtram wm a wrecked here
is maonane. illine two wA 5d s er-

founry man machine works of Shea &
Krause, has O New _Tr& r the
It is his intention l e
capacity of the a
unable tor the last few weeks to handle
the work they bave received in as rapid
and sattsactory manner as has prv-;
vtIosty characterized them. 3Mr. Shea
will return in about ten days.
Mr. L. W. Smith and wife, who riave
been summering in tirginia, have re-
turned home. They. had an excellent
time, and visited In Washington and
other places of note. Both were greatly
benefitted by their outing, and their
many Tampa friends were delighted
to welcome them back to the city.
Col. L E. Barwick was in the city
yesterday on his way to the Manatee
country from Wldwood, where he hat
just tnished a big contract for the gov-
ernment by furnishing an enormous
amount of the famotm Wildwood rock
for the fortifications that are being
erected at Egmont Key.
r. J. A Mellop, formerly editor of
the Ocala Star, and one of the best
newspaper men in the State, arrived
yesterday to accept a position on the
Tribune. Tanpa will soon reap the
result of some of his effective work.

CoL. aolon Turmnan is the proWd father
f a fine -nttle girL The little lady
*r,.t yeXterday evening, and -Papa"
W94.Sto tm.rpriaof ma,. a<,
~is~o eL

be m

the 1


and ti
of the


10T IA[K IAMP IDl B Yu SKt BAlY 11111

Iayor Bowylr, Col. AntriO Id Boa. Senttor 1)tpw Prmated ioseielt it
I. B. Gilltt to Late Frida. I Bloqulit Sp Ic.


And Tampa's Claim thoultd be Pet Aigd a Grand m ZD mateawtIa Lmt
seated to the 'Wr Department in light-The Vibtliea Can-
a 3tsineeLik Manner if We : didate and He Priemde Now
Expect s BessainBle : -' Re jotdog.

From WednesdaysDaily. of ecToal oThe Tribune.
A special and very important meeting S ratoga" N. Y., 8it,. t7 he gre s
of the City Conell was held last night -t eieitemetnt preYb4ild At ithe Stat
for the purpose et devising waL r and IhpablMean coaventsio toedayb T- e
tneans to prevail on the Wr art- oL the rowa a tlertei t. UDllt
mebt to tech en extent, that al the
otroois ordered to wAs i ce- oawvestoaon hall b detgv'-rwdo- bt
~ay of this city s" ea abr a t Port to a loi Wton. Wb'n
Tamn.l After a short cenmfenf the w ei S r die_ ha L a.-

hiday, and a
be anxiously

or th


graphr Pertainng to Saipping
facilities and S ilin Vesls.

STampa, Florida, September 27.-
British steamship Glendower is
rg with phosphate for Germany.
Austrian steamship Istria cleared
nice on the 26th.
British steamship Cafo, cleared
'rance loaded with phosphate on
French Bark Tamaya, is dis-
ing baUast preparatory to loading
onio Fernandez ,DeCastio, shipped
ead of cattle on the schooner
ey, to Havana last week.
Plant steamship Tarpon is at
ntlne on her return from Santiago,
o she went two months ago, tow-
te government enag and construc-
boat Suwanee.
e cutter McLane again flys the r--
e flag, havln re-entered that
e on the 20th inst.
the month ending to date, the
.gate tonnage of foreign clearance
Port Tampa is 29,250 tons, phos-
- Uniter States Steamship Prince-
has returned and is at anchor here.
it Jas. W. Fitzgerald is still absent
iuiness. Mr. Sogabee, assistant
er, and by the way, a nephew of
ain Sigsbee of the Maine, has
we of the office in the absence of
ier J. W, Brannan who is in Geor-
attendtng a sick child.
ny visitors spend Sunday at the
It is Mtoasette day and many
to see the crowd.
ptain Smith of tbh. Mascotte. spent
lay with his family in t. Peters-
i. "Billy" Fielder, manager of the
t Staemshi store on the dock, is
f thebusiest men here. Mr. Field
hown himself to be the right man
right place.
a potoffice changes bands Ocober
when Mr. Banan goes out, having
ned, and Capt. Mitcbell goes in.

Wood Advi CesCapitli&t to Go
-to Stiago in December.

i t e Trbuace.
S.-In answer to a
b all~ capitalists who have
n here aski0g for information
adv 8 s to coming to anMtiago.
Wno d lvises them not to come
ftl december, as there are ne
recent for the transfer of
rty. After that time there will
any opportunities for the use -
a and capital.
t city of Santiago is cleaner a-.
Iler nOc than ever before in iat
7-L No cases of yellow fever are
in instructions from Washingt, n.
Is here will be opened on the h. -t
ay in October.
. Lawton's headquarters have
moved from the palace to the of-
formerly occupied by Gen. sToral,
panish commander at this place.
Tremendous Significnce.

al to the Tribune.
ihington, Sept. 27.-Those in close
with the War Department boldly
t here to-day that tremendous sig-
nee is attached to the order just
I for the Oregon and Iowa to sail
rrow direct for Manila.

Safe Blown Open.

I to the Tribune.
veland, Sept. 27.-A special from
, Indiana, says: "Between two
three o'clock this morning, the safe
Farmers bank was blown open by
re, who secured about $1,000 and,
good their escape."
unse t l Uver and bowels, and reg-
the syateCA by using Prickly Ash
a. It creates and sustains en-
Solldby 9. B. Leonardi A Co.

B qw2

SesbaltoC~R the R3

vote was going, pulled hi- deletion o In- ~ ~ m
line for Teddy, and the band played. h"f IRONING
In the evening thelo aldsrs wers'Re JNm
tendered a grand deonstratlioa in- .h ha
hclor of their gallant ktder,


Four Handred Typhoid CaOes in .en eeia to th
ermat's Oorwd prn w ,4.tl

Special to the Tribune. a-Sit 5l f
Ponoe, Porto Rico, Sept 17-Thsfte r h5. -411* iitt
Americans now ho tow fifths of the n t es'ai
island. e i k
The epdnitrds are retiring upon Sean Iv0l SeWSMb
Juan fr6m all directions, and the BnetstWi.Weai5 ii
Americans are movin p. win go tormw#lh' iTE iviB
Some light disaturbanee hawv o eonmmead of 00a1t i .
curred at Barros and Fajardo, ut their Bamed gdserl aa st u
seriousness has bIen exaggerated -ro Jatoarliileigl.&46t
Capt.t Hammel's company of the Third fyeDae the WrS
Wisconsin regmnent oeupled yC yes w rrM ucsi- u
terday. r.
tGen Ernst has moved his eadfut TA -
ert to Aibonlto, but it is doubtful it he i
brigade wirl follow. The percentage of
ick In his briadeisbr e and there are
on the sicklist in the entire command
2.600 men, 40 of whom are suifernt tlegra i
from tyboid fever.
The transport Obdam will safl to- lt urt si
morrow with. t0 convalescentM and the
relief will leave Arrop with $M0. The - i
medical officers generally belteve the Dstectrsnon ts isI
troops should be sent North, but few
think their condition will improve when
they crose te mountains and get into
quarters. atohhc m
GEN.OTS dealtT ] [ xPOMT p*M S ;CW i B
robbers afw mtels .i
se ]eports Too" ia f.ood Con4tion d and attempde Sbt,
for the C imte. Ti
falldtheis hbe leS~d
Special to the Tribune. ablls in loah i? fewer iSMi
Washington, Sept. 27.-The followlnbr beendetroye. Te Ib
cablegram was received at the War D- up an ktttr wtlr w Si& io
apartment to-day from Gem Otis: ae, pty mraet hle ,l
"Manla,. Sept. -6-To the- AdJutalrt emots then ; tadOk,
General at Washington: Understand train, epsenve-. teI
reporters send exaggerated account orf ~ah. 8isi ~
sickness. Total in hospital to-day, r"oo'silt i' eo i
highest of any, 529; typhoid fever pa-, office ht e b Pe4 I
tents, 95; all doing well; and mostly tie w to .the_ .
convalescents; about 12,000 excub ed c ipta-
from duty; mostly slight ailments,
showing condition fair tor this latitude.
Nineteen deaths from disease tht his ll NO
month; twenty-three in August. l -T.-
Special to the Tribue.-
M fm P -oosedlipn- ilaM, SepSL s.-aU thu
.'DFoseuens th le .Reitob -.e
-Frech. left Manfiat. t
Special to the Tribu. ne. c -I
Paris, Sept. 27.-A remarkable plea
was made for Dreyfus to-day at the Fivl ln 'W
meeting of the cabinet, the resott was
due to the eoquemnce ad of 3. .Contract..Aor L AeS55^
Brissn, who armed asnl theress ofso if riatwop .- w Tkf
hlility. Ts te .cainmDU ntsrnLsaid. t * M
"Mi your scruples ise from tp
considerations, ymou naad not 0l6e loci
to SaTrie., he added, the Tamtar ind3 4w
follo of the inleror, I il# t tea i i
justlie, and thus all the i
will devolve on me' ,

Fes Othe CauvinrSi

Special to the Trbpne ,, P
Paris, Sept. 22,-The Nat6e 6omi Co e tun, the
sion arrived hemlsMt night ad-4s cs. was W ct & ya ystd r a.
ing to-day. They walbeeia ark to-, that ; t _ctr"-

The Tbor City Jovelty Works PVe. eF?wccOWe
paring for a Rig roeiga T /d Tb. Adate tm the co p s
addres MoThe oaajm n ite-il .
Mr. M. 3. Jetton, manager of the o i ', I i
Ybor City Novelty Works, left for Psef-e Oc it'ji
county a few days ago, Cuor thepurpos -. M.e'-
f locating a large Ianmber mill. aMe ga u P .
Demoeralic love feast W a
Eddenfleld and Jetton, tie proprietors
of these works, are regarded as being .
among Tampa's most energetic and en-
terprising business men. The history
of their steady advancement in the lum-
ber and novelty business would _maI_ -_ .
Interesting reading. Suffice to say they
began business when Tampa wa in its
infancy, and have steadily forged ahead
until they are now the most extensive
lumber firm in South Florida. Their
trade extends to Central America aid
other foreign countries, where they
maeke large and regular shipments
Heretofore they have been puichaelmg ,
all their rough lumber, but their;tr 'r -
has increased to such an extent, that
they have decided to etablIe mills --
through the best lumber regiaa o( tIl-
surrounding counties, ald In 'thi way"
-supply all their 0wn'itmhte 'Theyr I
employ quite a ase tfoet mssa t the :. ....
novelty works, sh-- h id be msterl s i -

Olist~it of i Belo

A~ mii~tesula.

beto Xiv L New:f1, M

-AM- ___2
00 3r~





S 0oH D p tt Jo plicatlons tha we old think or har want the Southern boys to feelc,"_7t the camps ia the ott a
J~a^B^ Oa~l75Poet a150 ptIOoA pooc 'usen ni peatinaa u t 0m ,-a. The 'ares spread sit oer one he says, that the government appre- h sify, in|d of the mildness of theboutthern wlafea
s *IIeA iaqJ ama1 500sOTnvTs ilde of nis'7ace. We conslted a pbysi- ciates their work JUs as much as But the committee .ho14 not 4
aMFe***r-t **m, k05i.^ J5a *wre -astfESlk tefitatot, s.-ltewk wea ogh they hadk fh theIn rit or _hw .' -
tm -ele ohly the wonders ao New theoce wseo:. Bat to mty surprise ia hostilities. There will be an oppor. 2of .T t eatfvls
S c iy of tepep twowks re aotha.eoloss.iok- ,tclty yet for them to ch w wht they 2o "__ Bi
rt514W04'at'ound theat n ing'me specie4 0n hab"i 'm. It tan do." ve
ted cet teags. andkerchiefs, grew worse and store. aad when he was President McKinley appears to have Sii .Sthat si ni on
' chasm for a bhbtton, for a Mauser Hood' tojs.pari s. I also toos Hooo's the war is not yet over, and a large as ehe oft the owtkmes wlateln J At .- a
| ... ....o.- . bullet, or even a lock of hair The Sacsparill, an. d before the tirst bottle part of the American nation haa the tyrdfo .aT ..-I, mLm i the |lcoaet. The government, Itefor, -
1i teawm a toi the"t
nlanmn eA Dever had uStc U timetbore w wished, the sreT wee welland have same idea He appears to have taken 1166ll une t wans od the troopld to er, 'e
s I their lives. They think New York evertreturneo. Heisnowfouryears.old, it for granted that the Peace commis- a gowd anl a co o wer. SB
eat rd next to bat he baa never lad ky s57ign c tboa aloners of Spain and the United States rm "r0SS a, 0 nAot t m

aft and Teddy Roosevelt the greatest ood9rBapartis, for whelcr] eel very their solution of the Philippine prob. n Mddl wat a'. .-
aI~tflw^ p* e* drew a bead on a Span- L a k I lod le, and he is unwilling that the United THE IS ft RBENT vmt sa-Na W of 0oo4 4!l~ t
Salt wM oA, natural an "s-' '. ." Wan a ,S.' durable that tee wol be rn- rom JFarm onvme a etroo+a. s soMirs oi e
ez Ltmi, i 49 tPUswe U t 0 a ita litretehed an4 covered H p r|| PCt tceatd Spain prove disinclined to do the right borough county is .rolr the ters fo e tCaey would hare. 1 S o ,
S"this ecdillo Here is how one was thing in the Philippines. qualify themselves and be prejred to shelter than is srdd by
treated by a magistrate. We lke The "right thing," as Americans ee cast a ballot at the election. 'Now, men The camp tte should ot be t as
.llll fid "'thksw York Evening S n: it would be for Spain to gtve up all of tl Democratic party of Filouidasre wtbo t t 4 ,
B1ghBuAttaoa, s Ay-e. w se A fotepDrry5 that t is set- claim to the Philippine lands and to all white oen aeqaite'wtih t h S nf' tt iet..
eo the dwalk en the that Mitw Woodord to re- alow the Utited tate to make n n aw te BtW
as 14blg h*treet let night. 5g4 tuea to Madrield. t e T He wa'- theme whatever dsposIteon is desirable tthey ti oae to gmreee them i u tot ni
pre u nii'oto stam heasa esa tolm, whoa war was' n e- ect, declared ."ain, ta atWh allo s an e 1rat a p based to k un tb& sits'
grew "- s po t amA ~lv tahe d s e mtanad, 2Spher wt',dPItten oetsinie't'e o -sIII- a .it=te '
hecapItalo That we, have alway i ined to din the point that t Mar-ely td atCrtn&la
!I i5g ov e- atP tines t ahu statooP, was the iufsatioa our nlaws c ee ita esation of' las a wnelt k at that the me e a *
.... -4 tt opn.s Jf o lraMa hsier seed at 4 pn.m H. os h'tsi terfl h t.h wa l to. atd th atl< . e wr -nt ,- ia -.
Mr .-e6 .va. 1551564 of tupaoenatcy earryinT Aamecss, therhfbrsa hMd no claim on the tsputa is satAe traW S;I u l V"
South Ios orda be hteaiasd till ttsg, hil{patnes. The United Stthes a Mn &1 h is t tMe n hVease f that the e Louth Is a ve '
51$ -, -. wick _ e",^^ ^ ^ ^. . .. .

^^as.-(" go. From this em n, atlIet. we shouldaMB, FLAIGIaR' OPBNINO WEDGO. psarte, agd Inotqhaiw wa tWhes w bg iiai t Ad at thagg ig -ag
. fter that Misater woodford was too FProm - esis would ha iued oby committees m I not 'in et raI. e r t h
tof r s ly tinkNew Yke'eriow to. ret o "corntw r even In Mr.- carter, chef construeton to voters. ootch men deserve to be lt athe North. Bal t "'itUt
the eat'srtbuto h ehas v s countysi n o m=e e oth ie orkof frai n c thise ,o no bd e of 8 atim e oo ther is mp p a m s
e ht o mehlS ersnetathd en rob the land of "w, engineer of the Florida ast Coat Sys- f areomnttee did not t iook fe typhoe tl ev In e SS -
the olar5, tSihate I' 'poie -o thLh Thie p ms r will go on record as tem arrived tn the city Saturday o theb regitration and potllta paing bthe s- b andota erem ls foh t dl a u '-'
awho arrte the man oande a one otett the hopeless t ly and-perseis- steamer Ct of Key West, to ike gregate vote l led In some oSntis meat y ne es N mets, eont
tel the d olt - tmy dsareea of recent years ook at the property recently purc sed would ebe deg7als outlet smional very t thePh i e '
So e tm ein l d ot fro m gan- ate b.. as by Mr. ylaler from W Curry's Sdons, ode cl e hod v te n deelet o
o ratohopehyou ofrsreterss,'w ntandu tomakde arn gecrtime cudive entsftor dthee. t te t a a
TI on Arant," wouldn't .with tho for blt so fierc Uit igaee eas t might hav ben tothearly beds this proportion of the 4enot oA' of the cand al sfh
o grea t t i. droppd ao o pne rd atinvthe tt.t baa b nro bta v e .... ble and commaencment of the wor s of building the dovernm ent la refuse to owsll remain halst"at h el _enpep te @
n aa at a our s a rnypevailing, theo a breezes have 2 breakwater and bulkheads for the ortohaIt t r o U l em
,eit s troro ble, when I pdeo been robbed of cooling properties, the new whin to he erected between the Qe sotc a lt ot tt tto seMo it es -
Snoff from h perch." The Mastrate electrical tonrm have done much dam- Phllbrvdi wharf and monton street, The Hon. "Kid" MseC d announ wces o
P 1 reud the weapoM n t its owner, age without cooling the air and be- Includln Tylor's old whar-, which will that he will hove notng to do withthe A go e sa h m
S e e t owner O teO l teprina avage summer, be torn down and a new ron wharf Hon. James Corbett. It may o Oenel Mle. ow far wl
soW d fe"'We an' t your mnesyl," replied dull times and war, the business and will be built. essary to appoint a peace commistson have to be to avoid Coagtre when that t
Ste Maistrte. "I'd advise you to the pleasure o the people of this coun- The Tribune has been assured b a to bring thee gentlemen Into amicable body next aasembl ti mpe pet ps
ltt to bfore laestasyonu r stof yormonr Dey, try have been advereetw y affected in gentoemand ien authority to ie those ta h pt l Somthe soudihe wrati of the ou irican psowe
garIaBemt back toot arl as soontsy o reand donetelsetisoet ca o uld hit e battlgeof theJawi thao l Ws ee to a o
Y mooa",ou ere d oeharg weed.o every n dtrectaion.--(LwDell D eaws.) It 1s thee quartermasters and commistory de- dtt e a
w not eer hieee so delicious to see a counItry pBemyer f the a s te a wail remain here will be wore Its effects on the a en- w y itsllt t. -.
wh t.:'t, t r nearerr winter approaches the getting the conduct of the War De- for aome time at least, and the gen- era publc thn the mettle n of astia o -o f
.ri gh- trig rter becomes the outlook for Ito- apartment long enough to grumble at the eral presumption is that about five or w on rhaoeer'a men. aT.e --O J Pa& -a w ero eam

ci her- Ing, and it is reasonably certata that Those of our readers who were far- daring tlhe winter months. Democratic Executive committee hoas the United Statesgtnateehte eB ae eat'.
', _oe"_ s- business interests wll improve and tunate enough to witness the Gala That Major at Camp Thomas, hck nsumya te arrangeent whereb s of success. He wilt entoU r
that there, ll he an advancement eek festivities held n Jacksonville a ofmpe nearly all of the romnent speaker of conderabe tlo. however, out-
S alon thewhole line. The state Is in last year will be pleased to learn that sick soldiers to get out of their bteds th county w l dresa the Deo" side of the Pamco and Call ranks. There
torIste to eneeet condition to offer Induce- the Executive committee of that fete and salute him, should be the first to cray oft tsboroun at various are "other.. )
S a step- mente .to hosme seekers and Investores. have decided to hold the Gala week this through the investigation miill es at different and ti e Tha naoun .
le and'Alachua county. es-' year on November 22, 23. 24. and 25. and then handed over to Teddy oose- dea ad hv te The Board of Public or getln
^- '^', *- "pecihy. afford a field for profitable The program, which will be announced velt and h gentlemanly rough riders- effect in polinog a large vote at thedge- +>down to linens with a vim that"esi-
Sha done ts ve~nt.~ Those who come to Flor- next week, is a most elaborate one,ot t eb
S'th hel" Id with she view of mni Invest- and there wilt be plenty eneran- secretary Alger couid not come G aor d eTtei aomi-h wam the InadtM
I. e5tothtMtr. go further. If they cannot find what $10,000 wilt be expended in furnishing advantages athis city possess over all t dW< reght tan ht V* ?w
of play- they are seeIng bty vtlttng thIs city +amnsementl, and many .e. ad .o.el other ]plaes as ideal oamping grounds, heretofore been exorbitantly charged oity in the Southfland Keep the goed
to and county, they would Indeed be hard idea are to be presented. The rt- he soldiers can come an they would oe or The Tribune has contended all work goIng
"" to pleae. All that Is receaar'y to se-- road have granted an unusual low very cordially received by all hand s, along that this I precisely the way to
eaIs cure additCiona population and Invest- fre, no all can e sgo. tfa, and 1di teor 'Ootr W. Wls lstln
b aepei Cscan went to this part of Florida Is ftor those
a who wish to mke chan to come Dr. MxTmo M. Dia, formerly a ct- for a Job printer that don't drink blind it Is grtfed to see that the Board has Florida the bert daIly aper t -
Sw to th ptrt of th e state atd invetgate s f Key West n 1 Tamp xi- tiger lIquor." There Is.. no objections we been working on a plan mapped out had. be Time.-Unlon and Cte f
f hor tm lvs. No stranger who n In the city yesterday, on the Mas- presume to a printer drinking Tampa by this paper, and that its ultimate u.- ahead of any Ipaper i thend
]n comes to Fi-rIa on eIther business or cotte, to look after his drug store on beer. cess is assured. t whe populslona e consider. It
S nd alauld fac ty pay vGanesvtle upper Duvay stareetf ands to pay a vist to the return of Dreyfuc would not A few years ago the news that Nat i a credit to the etire oth. -
athe b of tI the War De- friends In over two years and te French Army Department, but t would horse and fractured Ils leg s T w r d g

evdentlytath o m e skipping called for special commt Pl thear
"I'ontverypargewithtandfwrbedensoledanItoheisgho anestomakearrangemenwould have shrugged their shoulders reception wasoddCt the I .h i ["
H l wt wo onte, otherwise the Presi- hand again. Dr. Dia wag s one of the Blanco should be made to point out and smiled, and said that oat a ev" ater that in thei
t WM5Wrs d roulds not experience so much nmot popular druggists in Key West, the assassins who tl-w up the d Mane, denty been at it again. He ha led t n o
[ -. "i waf W .tobgle lttsoing a competent commit where he Is stIll loved and honored ty and if be refuses he should be bung suc a sober life for the past few to etu a torfet. -
ta old friends, who wil away e from the yardar of Sigbee's shipl month, however, that the chanw are A panios q,'aohp was th' ape- ,
_9 a m h "wnerthegeadrthouwcom him tthe airtand bty. do with the
"i When the patch get toghwro h w oeloes hintotheIa d The immune regiments sent to Santhis ugly fall in Indon was a legitimate prits music f or .t o Dons Inbt.-h rl
r~~l they m t nd t d h o tiago are nearly all suffering from the
t.T'.-r 'Lgwhere It cotaldv be ustol to Occasionally fresh oysers show up ravages of fever. It now remains to "Tbie Adirante O'lenWn, the Chi- the jneriaat a1tad during the war "--:
-- "onL. oay tyO Vantae- "e enre In the helle. MAIny peron be seen what they ere immune to. ean warship which cut such a dash be-
Is3 o t r e' think the color Is caused fy tore the war with ptin ad wIch W e o money
4a5^.s,4Y o' u is T to lite or sbstance, and that the Bjblem' are ta te InvestIgatIon committee will ted States. and then to neither nation. _
H o t rot wholesnrpnfome. Thre natir ttal not t0 round Robin Hood's bars. may soon have ad chtaanote to dtpbUn- h a n te.attleof-t ia
W 4 +p.,. i| eh"MA-o kt ^te hat sr.".lop hae recently u.oc an .. "herself. Chile and Argeno-na are ta- se e .. an P

it jr *|Mn| fI I g --My thl *s *f a;nf tion of &ra&_.ater.s. aud Dng PoUilcs in Illinois is characterized t.y ing faces at each other, and there may : ,'u .
S nounces that the color Is caused by a breeziness which would Indicate that be war.
-|gSh Id 3-1-oma f. vetable matter, which serves as food Hilly Mason had blown In.
4-0 or J-4 theaoyster, and that It does not In As an additionaL ttOMfn 4WCj-A
S hl n Il manner detract from the healt- Acago's Peace jubilee, a debate between a
S. ihe ton. Peter 0. Knight has been elec- Miles and Alger. with Ldd o-
"waa- ted chairman of the e H.&sborough volt as umpire might t ,, ^SuhiSa
Weg county Democratic committee to fill the Uncle Samias submarine torpedoeralre a
thteLacY made by the death of the la- proving very disastrous-to his own .
04, B. parkman Mr. Knght vessels. A seood boat has bee pal-
isn a shrewd plitUcian and hard worker, I.E i verazed by them through accident.
S- nd- w1 eepilborouwe to the A greats deal of entusiasm ugh well to thee
-p tront.-Bartow Courier-Informunt. ~Jt nbw tht all your manuIested by zealous Democrati 0.Wle slt g.a .
li A edi the bb t te The Democrats of Utah adopted reso.- ateth mu come your s who are anxious to swell the Deme- .. ..S. _. -
II Dr. Otfll lotions realffrmlngthecn'icago platform fiod. Did. you ever se crat majority this year. j wt sh
5'nghmStcmf I t who aaxuosltD
r. eII les and declaring that the "use of both_ tO ccrat o y thisyar.
not"-e- Pc to -tothsea ew! to the welfare and happiness o(f man- or perha your omaoh r Is a strong probability that the Re ap- yoard lsc R. ts
-' W. atdo I ing ew ht what lecan parry will he gla d to enter a di5- !0olisP n I esyel ..a-
eit P autl s an end kind.e e That sliver corpse continues to weakte n e te Tean otdgtth cowhd t eraa II

pte sysh mayflega visit sae wiw hardly nSome tf the Aeertnlt who went to mw t am a s "I-
600 111 0 pea,- I S "m r"^" the-iBr-.
increase the patronage of the saloon- Havana several weeks ago have ac-'sart e- ad.Fv,,
keep, bu Lcre t asi my etronae ro reas sloon-at I qulred something that they did not care mad I w

L er a part tr th e rieaso h ti rMy o d and wa^l i tois reported that the Spaniards at Everybody that
being.so badl rveelvhe uhy 01 re. B011Y W" San Juan are throwing their arms Intot I a d sd Stam e t the blond,1and
rm ltuMrnad m F- Is being so badly celved upons re-y a lohitaL teoilinthe o the ocean. They seem to have located ony- blOd I'eo '-
I be Is U he t hfr f ighing46 nub hs owird S eaily changed of aQ fbod into Spain's new armory. pot msh onr7d m 5 -
B@^&-SS au ia atr he had for telling with bs sword t in Sro5aic;Sand the hypophos- :
w c S He' rosMnee ea stead of his typewriter whites are th bet The tobacco industry tn this state
tedso ftehersfat *'l te at Adia eiteweysiis a'd I & I tonios for the nrvsB. S is noi yet in its zenith. It is a successful hr 5
F Among the recent additons Is l t and paying crop, and should be grown B
vessel. ,As to heroism, however. he and quickest oure for e ,t ..-
0&"s-_/1!d h ,aeo w l l Wcontinue to display the absolutely wo There is a great o e *
rnemarks taled varety. 0 fS ssSofd : with money to quadruple IIn ThmPa 457Inin5
d--" +--it ""U m etd for f r epo rts an d Im Of f LhG general Miles is sim ply deinOt -olI -. JI
,. kta+de l i r y gM ea bet your s. &W sst, 1 W & .1 tee a that he knowb a. .kigW Or
95 ,e&D- "V' .lbt$.5OWvorT.
aCm -inersoe 1F00 woaotdnealnbin h tw

,: *-





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,IR., furuh e

sto b In e Iatd r th Ila-
'.. ta Cr .
4 0 i: t q s baemtiob


.' T kAo do the Country Alger to Arrive at Huntsville Today.
iM -- th Oabiast at u g ackon, of Tea esee, is on-
4 I TeIWMM4Eamy in eril. ord on the War Inves-
ret .'" w" Utemeat, tigation Committee.

peoalto to the Tribhne. Special to the Tribune.
.fPris,,pt. S-A great sensation was New York, ao.t. .--The grand Jury
created in open court to-day by Col. at a late hour this afternoon return-d
Piau At" Luinag" that he expected to a true bill against Dr. Kennedy, charg-
"" motAered by French military a- ing him with the murder of Dolly Rey-
*-. bth-rite Ho ie t being posecuted nolds in this city a 4ew days agu.
:' egim a documents t the famous
fleyf- rcaie WSTIY OLVED.
S.' '" -Thdshe T is~ rd mal-
U rl' 1biilN n re rSditmes. Walter Q. Foster Vader Arrest ;f. r
afsil Is"at prsimte*rs the QAei n au 9 rdePag mas 0111.
g 5 La. S ebhk.ehr sad merlity of
thw M4e .their Special to he Tribune.
S. tb als.. r- g~lpeWort. Coan .. eptember 21.-The
.'' .. t ahoem *st.a Brldgeort CBrder m erMey
^ X?^( 3[ o st,, .lo wh e is r~.4 .with

S e Issm .hSas bw a: e Itc .s.t toe e en n r a

.-- ,r4' .vh rc iSpecil t>o te Tritt ne

Ther b sy rs Useer Ia whic they presented them -
A*" *off rder* o :Ab

XOi O f '^Xfad--90W -Lc ..... tll on the -
m, trr ; h rlee ryS A- e tA eaes '
oin bl te t Usonovlll ee s-sige.

e -*A last see wpoint thngwb tsoe

i f that a pte oMo the inestfiation committee
.* b.y f resiarde Intre elr a l byo e Preirdentt McKinley to in-e
r.rtj,.-..rthl I h.e t w aesticete the PWar epal tmhep t. A
S. Olcu. jlae, t : bl b rt a ur t oe-a iht, et.ckon out-
trui)sefx s occWr. himsn policy and wired ris acoept-
S' anca. Hn wl leave aor PWahiesnten
WKr S r teV W own U at once and unlly intends peoblng the
Am matter t thec verhttm.
Tum ira ri O'Wm Gi e P teveninq O
tonig* r o h t. )p AD ~ tiesn.
t .-& mmm* d. *aimr e -. .... ..-. '
IN;..~i oil- .-** .F .;t, &ad eoeial to the Trbune.
Part. Seot 2-lCoL Peart at thei WMshingto, Sept. 24.-PreSident tc-
eimot i co, a nd ~lh con Kinlety t de afternoon promoted Cold#
t: d"i eulth nsi t et. tht t revo- res VIle. Whoerry. _Pae,'- Carpenter.
etu eia pet I m nevitable. Patterom ,Dagrett, 'Humphrey, Wat-
Ts mIi*i52p&s eapolnted by the son and Tlling to brigaiersr tor ser-
':' 45^.MJ Sarr8ea, toex vice l Santiago. They will leave

*,^ dse 'spll oOs ee upon the advt..- service for the American army.
U Ky tite ev ernmaent fo rmally A-
*..* mistriall int this afternoon at the lu IIAMU PA1l5 N
n"s1try Justlce. Thegreatest pre-
one&i as ,rwm lo insr seeo si.
S: tt t oo-dt neainssedepoi wirln U t .h
ome a "decIOn by Monday next, Prominnt lpearsm to iddres the
S edin srea i oicil w which _wlt Pplof-This.o-nty.
be orsAue ofi r by Pre.ideat Faure. \, Some of our most prominent speakers
t '.. k Our. wllu address the people of the county
&poe b -at the hereinafter najned times and
-"." t.so solThe places:
3 B w to Hon . Carter Carter C. C. ltaker.
W. S. Graham, Hoi. T. M. Shackletord.
S e I it e. 0. A. Hanson, M. H. Cohen. W. B.
'HutiSttSJit.AI lrd. ILh ise Second Mliranda, S. E. Sparkman, Prof. L. W.
-' 'Hsatghfid bi& IbsEt paeaeS at Camp Buedhola. Hon. Taos Palmer, D. C.
Sminl" thia=ssl The regiment Mo-ulen, Hon. C. L. Wilder, Hon. J.
a rrow. L Young. F. Simonton. B. N.
by Mar y nt emi of havig Mates. Hon. Hugh C. Maclarlane.
-.':: --.- eiS Ml I es tawtm or three -rran Harra. tarry A. Peoples, S. B.
ft se-P thaodt ipLght com-
K: -of clothria This Tyrman. W. A. Belcher, Hoe. Thomas
b." h:. "OlT e t bled the regiment F. SmcCal tom. John T. Leslie. e-o.
S" '0 9pWpt t I5 the parade tn honor p. Haney, rI Jeel McMullen. and O. B.
06 arAWy r Pradays
W ,Sn Gh by General MTles wa Wellt at
r' to a dQA.hLh gives reat sat- Plant City. Friday, Sept. 30. forenoon
.' : stonI S oantrY s Saonber. and afternoon.
e' r IL i irt n gt at a dia- Soener, Maturday October te.

S r l Clerwter. Wedneay. October 5.'
'. This sultiW them Ce their Tarpon prn Thursday, October t.
fumes and clothing moaey Bloonrlrgdale. aaturday. Oct 8.
t thee. Tiae Klwo can Orecfr can Tampa. Saturday evening. October 8.
c dok Hr the endH of that court house esuare.
T'^jii.J-IhSy Wi5 reserve no mopey Peru. Tpesday, October II, forenoon
:&and Thistet. however. A. Bemy h4 afternoon.
-.;A mms the & irst battalln It earnestly hoped that a fui at-
.:" he have ra caah left, Il tendance of Democrats will be present
-b-c- .j wl ,y thqt Ohs mjrty or -tate clas at toe m=~Llog, and all persons, Ic-
wISp gials~ them selves of the oppor- reipeetite of party afluations are re-
~ur~i f to~seP an~ ,esrl discharge and Spurttully Insied to attend the meet-
e iLts. P. O. KNI*IT., Chairman.
> Democratic Executire Cm.
e . UNt TO B VIV W. C. CLtA-RKFt lN., Secretary.

,. 'inr: z e; C ho. to Op o
. Up ] W "" captain-Geerl Blanco Pridam.
t Evc tijon tters Treted
A.#rj~.. *WK wara bat aht

an a buaU
me that i
the contn
be te strs
i o ..,

gilitflR I~flfD : ~B~l~

Death of Captain Capron.

Washington, Sept. 21.-The funeral
of Captain Capron, of the First Artil-
lery, U. S. A., who died at Fort Myers
Sunday afternoon, was held to-day at

ectal to the Tribune. 11 o'clock from his mother's home at
Washington, D. C.. Sept. 2-Afer Arlington Va. Major Cheezer, of the
any exasperatLng delays President
DKitney at last feel safe In announc- Sixth Cavalry, had charge of the uili-
; that his commission to investigate tary arrangements for the funeral. The
e conduct of the war will be ready honorary pall-bearers were officers of
aamemble for business Saturday. his own rank In the service.
is statement was given out at the The interment was made at Arlington
white House to-day, together with the beside the-body of his son, Capt. Allen
fertton that the President has found K. Capron, of Troop D of the Rough
ree eligibles who are willing to serve Riders. who was killed in the first
the commission, skirmish before Santiago, and whose
Ufter scouring the country or men body as afterward brought home for
i, might giv weight and dignity to burial. There was a military salute
e Investlgeatio. in which the whole fired by a full company of one hundred
)rid is so deeply interested, it is men as is customary at the funeral of
tted that General Anson G. McCook a captain.
the 'fighting McCook family," of'
.w York. former Governor Urban X. You invite disappointment when you
oodbury. of Vermont, and General experiment. DeWitt's Little Early
Ullam H. Jackson, of Tennessee. have Risers are pleasant, easy. thorough little
scented to become members of the pills They cure constipation and sick
he three names. announced semi- headache just as sure as you take them
Itally to-day, will give the Presi- l B. Leonardi & Co.
it a commlmision of nine members, so
at the President's Idea of dividing the The Board of Public works is prepar-
bject Into three parts and allowing ing to rush the street paving with a
L sub-commlttees to go to work with- vim. All the minor preparations are
t delay can be carried out. The being made, and In a very short time
mnmisloners are invited to assemble of all the handsome thoroughfares of
Washington Saturday when the this city will be elegantly paved.
resident wil otline to them the scope .

,~ri O


T o t W, Nh e rI G f d D o n
Will be GITs tla is o


Teas Why Spai Wa i cked-tays It
Lacked Money and Science. and
Hearing Neither, Had to

Special to the Tribune.
Santander. Spain. Sept 21.-Admiral
Cervera and fellow prisoners arrived
here to-day and were loudly cheered.
They proceed at once to Madrid, where
the Naval Department has organized a
great demonstration for his arrival.
His first visit will be to the Queen
Senor Canalejas had a long audience
with the Queen Regent to-day, in the
course of which he advocated the ad-
vantages of General Polalarelaa coming
tate power as soon as the Patls confer-
ence Is concluded. The Queen RegMnt
who studies minutely the., political
chFeeboard. was rvr ..sagiSt with
,.Senc r..JRee. who left i ee
himself as-much pleaedat the success
iothe PolavielsrA rty. whtt is Tdraidy
gaining ground and is a eerla tborn
in ti e side of tbhe 8ttiSee.
eoiorSelmeroct t Phllpeplcal poli-
tician of pain, said to-day tj emming
up the results of th.ewe
"W.ar is clence and capttL We ad'
neither the one nor the other. That is
whty wslJost." -
Genera Pando has arrlvre4 n .din
and is sdoffering rom feter. 'He is the
be-rer o, a report n t-i the Tue state
of the army in Cuba.
ThePea ce e mlittMoneer irl leave
rere the SU t tris mont r-h. -

T5 IOW 'T^w in- H -ATIOV.-

.agatlst.tho taue -f:-6Il0awn. so s
to embrace only the parish q rleans.
't. Mairys and Jeffereon.- o npaseen-
-gers, baggge, freight >c.9r -ires wil
be admitted at present from tines
points, except freight aticles in class
one under the rules of the Atlanta eon-
vention. Freight under the second and
third class me laid-down In te Atlanta
convention will be admitted as oon as
Dr. Carter of the Marin Hospital

wood to-night.
The foltowitn telegram wa received
to-night from Dr. Haralson, at Oxford:
"Five cases of yellow fever here under
treatment; one death. Exposure to
infection has been general."

No New Cases at New Orleans.

Special to the Tribune.
New Orleans, Sept 22.--President
Souchon to-night announced that no
onew cases had been reported to-day.
The adjoining parish of St. Bernard
has refused to quarantine against New
Orleans, and is, therefore quarantined
by the rest of the state.
Three Cases at Tayor.

Special to the Tribune.
Taylor's. Miss.. Sept. 22.-Three new
cases of fever are reported here to-


Reports Place the American Sick in
Porto lico at 2,500.
San Juan, Porto Rico, Set. 24.--The
sickness amono the American troop is
still increasing, and at last reports
there were 2,500 soldiers under treat-
Outrages bi natives are reported
from Barroas and Arecbo. At the latter
place the Spanish troops fired i the
rioters killing four and wounding
several others before order waa re-
Five Deaths at SantiAa.

Washington, Sept. 24.-In his report
of the health condition of the American
troops at Santiago, made to the War
Department to-night, Gen. Lawton
chronicles the death of five men. The
indications are that the sickness among
the troops Is decreasing, although 1,-
0U of the men are still reported ill.

heho- _truPba t old.
a 4A

ii .

*I^' 5tY'~i~~-7~'~ Cr

illll I ....." EM O



Il4ft YmBmo Er sn

Scond OGeorgia se*td bE ustered Am
Out-Funeral Trin WVith Kimss
Davis' Reminus Depiarts
for ichmond.

Special to Lhe Tribune. Spe
Narragans-tt, Sept. 22.-The funeral a
train with the body of Miss Davis left La"
this afternoon for Richmond. X.Mr day
Davis accompanied by Mrs. Jos. Pullt- holi
xer, Mrs Hay and others. am
Immediately upon the arrival of the co
body it will be escorted to Lt. Paul ciel
church, where her father worshipped G
and was confirmed. It will be placed Ulm
in the lecture room and remain there ban
under a guard of honor until 3S:0 o'clock .hi
p.m., when the funeral will takeplace, tod
the interment being in Hollywood, In,A~
the Davi secUton. at V

loel ribaTre r e.ry S. te i.
t- u oio. tote

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cial to the Tributne.t i

tfcute wae-s ivrrsad. aAd we with the PlsP of natter -fthe-pro. v-
from every state An the Unlon. The inoe under his command. S e scored
prooesdon' was over a' lie In lee gth. h-e vtiev of thettlkeioe ote-Ao y trouble ____ _

afternoon "and will be mutered out iof ci ,
e in ty or r Pi. t A g r- s o thestrhe wl C h
ception was tendered the bos. Fi.uy rid ol r-^r t _li
twenty thaoe Mti people re at rm h e D wa wi he allow fp e oc r
depot to we le ep to the city arm ut no uble nei
f t ed eOn th as e st aft w
,Acordin regtoent ar;Ivae d tre this Th10Iral s 8@tis eoce s tema 414

Soldier hot in. the clirmte those armse pr c te .B
S .__ really useless. Tf i? haw tte iam l t
ueeii to the Tribue. nitloti now and shal take care that.
Knoxvllle, Tenn., Sept. --Private.. they et no fresh ispplies. :To ma e
Sbeopman of the Fourth Tenne seee an attefm- t to take Way" ;nSth.eir rm
regiment c volunteers was shot and in- i s imply tO vekst. togo gd a
stantly killed to-day by protvosgt rd o their own importance t
while resisting arrest. give some otret. sad-in tnh euua ourr.al.h
SP defeat ae deo tle in. vW. T ey Vti*.n.
secrete theiramn and -attath" sbeft0'V
.. g~b~fcla I I I= .. : ,~;:rJ,-;:..I .,n x ,m
Special to the Tribune. O nI"- A1a -t
Treni on J., Sept. al -Atmoatio- r n . a t be t e
Generate Briggp preside r over the Re-uo" r.a te e
publican convention that is now in Sea- +c . ,m a.
sion in this city. Reptbl.icans say that. Miany v ISurt iy eP= Pr s eted +-- in
there is no combination on earth tht h rt e. t 0B1s3-m
could possibly defeat the Republican i e b
party in the next presidential cam- n bIn. "c t
palgn. The members are hopeful of Knight's Station, S ptt.e -MtMrers.
success, and the workings of the con- Mathew Giddens and so n, o Cha otte A w &on
vention are moving along harmonious- Harbor were here r st t k. nr. i wd-
Ir. Dr. 'Ab -. .l"-Ah
dens owns a grove and other handsome unforitunte' I s
Zicitement.in Peken. property In this vicinity. night that he :wll H"a
If the appetites of the Northern eltites droe br hei b t D
-, eO hIclub. mdeUsae
Special to the Tribune. ho d good and the railroad companmiesbefore
Washington Sept. 24.-Advices recel- take treatment for tape worm the farm- te o thac5" k is-~.
ved by Chinese ministers here that t "-a c
British fleet sailed from Weihal-Wel e th vi nity i nd oub t t
for Pekin is creating great excitement, well, a truck Is looking very Afne. A w Wst 6=rade
According to special dispatches rec- This is an era of peace commissioners. miles on the rahir l
ved from Pek in. members of the Erac bome however seem to be ex parte. se tune
,pean community here believe the. life Slfe
of the Emperor of China is in danger. 'Mr, and Mrs. 0 Knight of Pat-,
It is added that the Donrger mprds Cty were rustlcatlng in our neighbor- manld l .Sb
desires to place Prince Kun 's gTndson hood a y .o cmlet X "t t Jti
on the throne. The emperor, it i a- We have been thMikin some of going w Eoo Q ed
ded. relies tae Strength of the con-e e en t
spiracy.ALinstn him and has ordered to Tampa, so that aur complmtary
the guards at the paace to be strength- notIces of the eatof Knight's IEay e

COMN eE.OMA OAMPAId N bock fifteen are on-exhbition at Jens $9 0-,0S e
Z. XKn hts..I I
Cool. S a. parl m, Im emDka 6 ton. C. Wilder is buying up all the t.etial- e
a d a lancs of akiLa available beef cattle in this ct. Ismtro it ~se. te
Oeore the emflent private' ecretw j o- i.T
The Hon. I. Ui. Sparkman. Democrttle of on. S. L Sparkman, AeeuiS to be treed the c
nominee for Congaess in the First Cn- coerking fo Ar sfa eri n The icenim o. ,
gres onts DIstrict 0o FForida, together s .e atho her i ue II 5l helS-
with other distinguished speakers, nill the s addle t t
addree the people of this district at the Somethin like thIrty-hbe etas ago te L. a e
following times and places: General t Russell A. Alge,ha-a a severe the
Key West, Froday, September 23rd attack of nervous prostratIn bought 'l W
nighfft. Co
Braidentow1 Monday, September on by a too close proximity to Confeder, ch e- son fei
6th, ii a m. ate bayonets. We think the timo forw- rmy. z
Tampa, Tuesday, September 27th, another attack will be due when those wamtid ksaH aOhr s
Mayo. Thursday, September 29th. 11 two undoubted soldlers, "filet ad t*anlaSCex -01
aM. Roosevelt call on him at his p" ,riva .. r .d
Perry. Saturday, October lst. 11 am. apartments in Washitngtn. .
Bronson, Monday, October Srd. 11 a.r.
Cedar Key. Monday. October 3rd. Although q we are as poor s n atA ne s e Three f lo t
night. there are some people with whetom we 'i" : "
Inverness, Wednesday, October 5th. would not exchange positions i web had Jackron, ePS Sae
U1 a.m. to via: secretary Alger, the cptaIn eIse. two death as
Brooksville. Thursday, October 6th. 11 Ar twde
am. of the first vessel that clears for action Il, is reported fr -
Dade City. Friday. October 7th, 11 am. in Mlanla Bay. against Dewey, the Three new -casie. a
Arca a. Tueonday. October 10th. 11th 1 Empress of Austria, etc. ported from Omrwood0
am.y Have we "toted air" with the Cu- utietonremlaisg
Ft. U )-ers. Wednesday, October 12th, bans? Sometimes I think we have, ut Vs '1
onticeo, saturday Octoer mot times I think In the distant future, has
ontello, Saturday. October 1th perhaps when the Cbans e citn A head nas best oter
1 perhaps when the Cuban* a" ci
Tal!ahassee, Monday, October 17th. of the United States, we will findout ,And udden i Ut
An dim beore.-
1.m.Prinzi, in New York City--To me a And stra d -teore.r
Other appointments will be madte by ti e atr tay- feking-- And straig te cc
the committees, due and ample notice Roug Rider is greater tn a kng- A new strange ot
of -hich will be given. Spanish king anyway. Withword. to. 2-r
One or more of the following iistin- We are a Democrt; not a George The old world .
gushed speakers, among others, will as- WahngtoThomas Jeerso Adrew A I
s1st Hon. S M. Sparkman in his canvas: '.
Hon. S. Pa co, Hon. Geo. P. aneyy. Jackson Democrat, but an up-to-dte A 4- sddentgle a
Hon J. Ed. O'Brien, Hon. L. J. lieeees. Democrat. We object to sitting on the fra e
Hon. FredT. Meyers, on. W. graves or our ancestors, a laC hinee ~k b0ore.
Lamxar, Hon. Nat R. Walker. Hon. Tfics.I th e btom
Palmer, Hon. R. H. M. Dtdsc.1on, Hion. We believe that true Demoera,-y r n. That wichdX ee
W. H. Milton. HIon. J. aikeer, hchoe true, equity and all unnatural neiualt-' forth,-
arnd Hon. W. Hunt Hi.-:e" ties are un-Demoratic. We tereve .Win radianthupem
W. -.0 IISP t oinRSOI The aid XaP couid
Chairman Dem. Er C m. First e :on- that Democratic legislation must be in
gres-ional District the interest of the man, instead of the Detar ipi werep"re~
PERRY G. WAit,. ISecretary. property, because the government is itoff sudden 0asap teeR
BATS THE KLONDIKE;. the people, and the people are mns, not A A l ca t a
property. Criticism invited A neow strane s:el-s.
Mr. A. C. Thomas, of liaryvville. Tex.. "BARTEL-O." ". hod
has found a more valuable discovery arln- it ece-r e vti e. i "!ll
than has yet been made in the Rlon-
dike. For years he suffered untold toter of the World" brought her much Ad BeS i
agonay from consumption, accompanied fame as a novtelst, has written a new DtUoel~ome Cttq. lI
by hemorrhages; and was absolutely novel, which she has named 'The Kin- catei n of ta t" .

Consumption, Coughs, and Colds. Be chapters ace pUled In ibi October l
declares that gold Is of little value in Ladies' Rome Journal. A ministetrs pp- raith
comparlsod with this marvelous core; love aS atr in the ih motive of te oe _- ----
would have it even if It Cost a hundred story. Set the au thor tak ocosl on to
dollars a bottle. AJmess5 Bronchitis point out the eyUi tha s frolt the J I +o
and al throat and lung affections are 5"

Regular sise 00 cents and t.04. Ontr- love wtor deat 0The Mnter of C_.l cmatn o
anteed t9 cure or prtcas rtfnded. age. will h beet appief.atb .

Laiisihg W -he ai^ A of school.

Sid is upup old books, and making out estimates
%iltoctt PoMt of the imniertof hew boes they wuld
hW to trehM e Prof. Buchholz and
L L his efficient corps of teachers watched
W 3the inepaing cwd an .lornlnotwith
rpm 5 41 more or less anxiety. t ey were fear-
S ful lest the increase of pupils would go
-,;, U ... beyond the capacity of the rooms, which
at. beet is very meagre. The instruc-
1 tore in our city school from the prin-
cipal to the primary teachers, are ac-
peayi i knowledged as being among the very
505530 to T- best in the State, and with proper facili-
ties our schools would be without a
ShOtWl 3' superior. It is a lameneable fact that
..e ou buildings are inadequate for our
S o school purposes, We not only need
tore room, but we need better build-
N lb i ngs. It is unfortunate, but none the
V ls %.sstrue. that cities and towns through-
CrM eat the State with mucfteesS pretentions
pill I lift&> the, this city, have muoh superior
S- school bhildingo, sad better aomia

ea tfoot ftrontIn this matter of ed4-
S atiloe ad with r upted effort, our
J choot bftdng wit be id MWoping with
OW aspe Woa arp-Ist t arctomA This
Sc. W | Ietuao iv llir llli by cnstst
granett*g mad -pd tt talt*-8rtg at
S aettos of the Board of Peblic In-
. rmtft.ow A word of e earw'aeent.
-A1 eJ oisimo l tisi to the schools, and
a. adper Iterest in tab general work of

... 0 W rafly bqat A pace of time accom.
pL "n theadsed t estta
,tXI~o~l on gOe; 5Mb.-n 'Alger, secretary of
S..'ar a now a eIMM rtv istor to our
jatgha u- 9ta, hravin aeirvlad ln Jacksonville
on Sunday mrmisg 3eUpin tendered
Q1 "' a mst -le rc wseption by the people
of tha wttret it yrlte by the oecers and
S -troopS medam the eotaMand of General
7 1' i1 Le. The effoMe to lodue him ta visit
@eiQiia TaraM ans oted In eaturdarys Tribune
aipIosr AA were rItis, wbut nevertheless. every
lya l citisen-ao. the entire State feels

mss' toam m an d t osuLq-
Sthoi thal e a two-fotd meaning. Fint,
I She it- sd e ll h ^ laftibow o set right
thsB ailiff W aoBsg to the soldiers dur-
i Ing the war, and to place the responst-
b lity where it belongs. The second is
to ee the real condition of the hospitals
and camps tn or State. Along this
line he will get a taste of Florida cll-
sJ q wqSd be mate which will have a bearing on the
fi121' M he questaon of locating winter camps this
ra-macrd. tfar fothi. It is well known that Mr.
a rtaort th* Alger has been highly censured for
It Is thtp he Asome of his actions during the war.
tesaig Other officials have preferred grave t
W hts ood hages agatnat him, and his only
S tt ansUwer to the charges thus far, is to f
rom a demand a fair and impartial investiga-
tion. President McKinley has acceded
oret4to his demand, od han selected nine
a Invted competent men to conduct the investi-
fi f woer- gafion. It ie dc Secretary Alge tht
S.the verdict of the people' be reerved 1
fhno thie, until the committee submits a report.
^: -- -.^

t.a woourd

ed complais-

inet city to
wlt begin to
nla-, as a- e

football sea-
et .in the
costlane in-

m E owto RIDO
a* H| "hewe. an
3*~ celrailtos,

a.1 pcn through
-him up in the
eapfves 0d anolter

i ll*- will
1M Unotc ple Sam'

se of

The Democratic campaign of this
county will open at Plant City next
Friday, and from that date until elec-
tion day, lthe poii.cal bail will be kept
rolling. County Chalrma, Peter 0.
Knight, is to be congratulated on the
fine array of speaking talent he has se-
cured, Every man on, the list will
give a good account of himself on the
platform. Without exception, it is the
ablest list of political orators that has
presented the claims of Democracy In
many years. Campaign committees

and Democratic clubs throughout the

county are urged to give every speaker
a cordial and enthusiastic reception in
their several districts. See to it that
a good representation of the people of
al political parties are present at the
-meetings The principles of Democ-
racy as enmuneited by such speakers
ought to reach the ears of every voter
to the county.

Agulnaldo is said to have given it
out in the Philippines that the Ameri-
cans would give the islands their in-

dependence for $80,000 and to have pro-
peeoed with the collection of that
amount of money. Aguinaldo appears
to be a many sided genius, possessing

the gifts o

Sarmy'e badly in ni
Wityq w~to be takin
am tL

t front
cM1,^-".^' ;^
S~m lN-^'^ SSt



Z~iz.L`~ ~b1

one will be trying to discourage the
drinking of whisky.-New York Tri-

A public executioner is wanted by a
South American Republic. The salary
is $3,000; but, Judging from the intense
activity of folks down in that region,
the compensation is rather smalr.--Pil-
adelphia North American.

The people of Hillsborough county.
look with a great deal of pride on the
county Jail, and the excellent condition
in which it has been kept For the
past months, and in fact, all through
the war excitement, the number of pris-
oners averaged about 110 and In all that
time, not a single case of fever of any

bloom and other irons and 114.000 tons at nos re e thewn,-e t
at ac emr th l~I I )~l

gone conclusion that unaidel she could
not offer any further effectual opposi-
tion to the United States.
There has been a suspicion all the
time, however that Germany might in-
terfere and that hope of such interfsr-
ence might encourage the proud aAd
! bsiate2Ub-*rsrd et r national pat-
Itament-o refuse their consent to te
preimlnteary agreemset reached between
the repreeetitifve of their government
and ours at W'h-rVt-n
To the.timerou'e spuo who entet4
trained thismphalon the ratiatbaiotiof
the protocol wll brnng mquh rel&fe.
This act~ao of the corte not only *6ow
that the Doeish nation has reconciLLd
ItetU to the terms of the protocol, but
that otber'ntions will acquiese. There
has eii -moi6h'ascta4 sno t^,v^
exhibited in the Carte", but it has sbe'e
atsoeett that it wa intended sieael
efr effectt upo* the Igporant asases.
Strange to iay it has act aroused
'ay eMAipt nt among t the pea They
coatUine to exhibit the same indbler-
enoe t i tesatonal disatera that they1
have shown from the beginning. The1
braggadoci o. Wel r and his like have
been taken at their true worth and
there is no evidence that there will be
any sort of attempt made against the
reigning flnauty.. ^


There will he a job lot of Spanish tit-
les for dlsposition in Havana very soon
now.-Richmond Times.

Major Eaterhasy refuses to commit
suicide. He will merely kick the
whitewash.bucket.-Washington Star.

It looks very much as if France would
have to choose between a revision of
the Dreyfus case and a revision of Its
government. -New York World.

Under the protection of Uncle Sam
there is no reason now why the Cuban
farmer should not proceed to plant his
fall crop of Havana cigars.-Chicago
Record. -

Should Representative Hitt succeed
tolsn-e-iay- a ambassador at the
Jiurt .6tm, Jsmls thw aglish at least
would not have to drop an "h"-Chi-
'ago News.

One--tird of the Spanish prisoners
held by the insurgents at Manila have
lied of bad treatment, which shows
hat Alger has none the best of Agul-
maldo.-Kansas City Star.

Two Connecticut former went to
New York and buncoed a lot of green i
goods men. No wonder the papers of
hat city are demanding more facti-
ies for education.-Phlladelphia Times, I
The governor of Kentucky is said to
be discouraging the carrying of pistols.
Ireat Scott: One of these days some

f both General Campos and description has been reported, and. singular as it may seem. yrt it is
ey. He aso appears to be very little sickness of any kind. She- nevertheless a fact that Colonel Bryan
ed of a sound trouncing and iff Spencer and his son, the efficient in taking his uniform off will only be
c, the proper method of get- deputy, have labored incessantly to doing so in order to get inti his fight-
keep it in perfect sanitary condition, Ing clothes.
nt- real ~tate dealer said n the excellent report shows w c ley is hurrying up ihe white-
that Tama was coming to well they have succeeded. wash for Alger. The Nevember pros-
t a gaop. It is a fact numerous comments tha ae pect causes him to tear a storm before
up unti ps gets into a run.I the whitewash will have time to dry.
the called forth bp the fact that General the whitewash ill ve me t
t Coxey is rolling along in his private If political scars counted for anything,
Bryan has been &' lon time car only serve'to corroborate the gen- there would be no end of available can-
t bot be seemed at last t eral opinion that he was always greatdidates for every office within the gift
lp hatlplePce ts golden. on wheels. of the. people





of manufactured cotton goods The
building of cotton mills, even during
the past period of depression, seems to
indicate that, with good trade and
plenty of capital, the growth of the
manufactured cotton industry in the
Boathern Btates will be very great".
SHere we have one of the chief com-
merial papers of Great Britaim rtecog-
nising the material advancement of the
South. T here wer a time at may
ye e ago when the re oat te English
capitalists were turned to tie Argen-
tine and to South America then came
i the South African uTrry and lor several
yeAre million of pounds terlpg poured
into that part of the world. Vho knows
but that it is now the South's tea for
^*^tvtqdale^JlHct jdrttlyb cspital.
Thetie d bems to be no lniit to "the
fatt the pi. ech hSveenet in
dealingwlth the Dreryus qase. Its
latest alfstatwnto the new War
Minister's caiw of koruert brought
-SgalstCooaei Picqusrtj ev4ently far
Saurpooe of indefinteiy iosteonift
Civil trial a the obvioo"y absurd
charge of reveaig secret docents
concerning the national defense. The
new charge has been aUlowed to sup-
plant the old one, with the effect of
puttiag the prosecuted colonel into the
hands of the military authorities add
thus keeping him Silent for what the
Minalter of Wr doubtless hopes may
be a period suffoent to'settle the ex-
isting trouble.

Ocala seems very unfortunate in
the matter of securing the presence of
an encampment of United States t"fV
When the war began the public
citizens spent both time and money
to induce a few thousand to locate
there, and now after the war is over,
they are makng strenuous efforts for
a winter encampment, but with very
little hope-of success.

France is just now indulging m the
luxury of a new 'Minister ot War every
dAy,. The latest La General Chanolne,
who also threatens to quit should the
"hono,'of the army be assailed" In the
revision of the Dreyfus case. The
honor of the French Army judging from
recent events, is of a very shallow
bran. t

Some persons point to the fact that
Aguinaldo asked a correspondent
whether Australia was an American i
colony as a proof of his Ignorance.
American possessions have been grow-
ing with such bewildering rapidity of
late that Americans themselves are (
finding trouble keeping track of them, t
and under the circumstances Aguinaldo
is not so blameworthy as would seem.

The battleship Illinois will oe chrts-
tened with wine, acco ing to ancient t
customs. It matters whether It I
is nine or spring warn Neptune c
drinks. The 'main gti e her
the right kind of offlcH s with
proper equipment for wa d then she 11
will take care of.herself, wbiher Nep-
uce is a teetotaler or a wlne-oltber. o
Christmas packages tor the fellows i
n the Philippines should be got ready f
low in order to reach their destination
n time. It will take us some months
o get accustomed to this colonIal-pos-
esslon business.'
In the school geographies wh.ch are
n use this session an island will have f1
o be described as a body of land sur- b
wounded by numerous diplomatic com- o
Ulcations. Li

allied upon to face Spanish bullets, they
ave endured the long weary months The county crnrmi
f camp life, whh is acknowledged record at the season
o be more trying on ihe constitution MondBy.. Hon. Peter
han life on the battlefield. They, were prom0WIn attorney
rst located In this ci*u, where they nine 'ns to dlsope
pent several months, after which they so, he occupied ut v
ere moved to Fernandina and from Of the umbne s
here to Huntsville, Alabama, tieir nto a
resent quarters. No troops in the en- MALARI ItO .S ED
re army have been more ubmissVe l
. duty, or more mindful ot their de- ,d sve9,teel .ta.C
ortment than the Florlda boy. While and 'agP Al A
ey patiently and heroically endured Mont-et Dreg Co
he hot, sultry days of camp lfe, with-
ut a murmur, they always prespsddd

and industry, not only tor those lear- 8th. and ee that
Ing this country, but for those return- istered as a Dom
"Ib laden wit hwealth, and covered with qualled elector
glory. The wild statement that the same rights
is going the Pounds of toe'hiel corri- -IMg who sOal W A
dotr te'tbe seteei sat peaoC a I Ca oaess. and i p.hib
meanwthtuination of Flodri Ismtoth- notM Aeraumise
ing lews than wad spe*-sMteL I'sb _"T
thilciret kbosh. lt eomniwtelrlpg m'
portulttlee that wi be * oen aor the
-' bomsefy, U"...
with the development o f*lW islands __ai -
will. if utilied, be vwrtoh 1 *t1 4Ta6--; '
pa and tie *Rt,"ee V yoer to"e
tlow of eall wn mayas s- .to 1
tbe country' t4 es h flksr" heow !a t
across the water., T haarM thOee- The Miij a
sands twh awi t era et tis te ms I i|ta*o a A- a
before embarhn Cor OL Cua. will dfer 410o t nas 1
an opporstaty qf seeing the sMtropuite gi6 to anvoshsl
o6 the t. MtWMU'no Goubt y of-y at- frt W0 h Ms A
them WlU iarry with us. jt I q Id P&I"tC ._.C
4s to make oar city so attraotneINve UI..
woen they arrt b here dh ti w oo
if te~ a toIh^ th |rIhItrt ll P-dL 'j Sm" M??11
and wrilnl be *al red wft l aete kusi
their money asd aetingWsa lot r n ow e' L'sT r t
midst .ydefv

wpotulale m o i Ten m e Tainti 44 e T 5 .
,cstl gAood' lan atuo, epre -w e lrrs ,
othe feeling ot confdePrnce wt dL e.ae
idy becoJmng treoa r OafD to'C a r l I aP

Stat These Uited ttaed tare ex-
portindg Immense qeantldi obC~fa. R 4tt IN@&,

a tmenmeiw h p loa a moeo thril ,ei a el a:soon uela e,
portion at the world. Crops have been sU l
good this year.b rrTrs x en ietet fdlnastnnps tic
condition than tht ae bet n tb ab d.- I
Ic0 time, for they hame bId thrw M041
the period of IUqudateon suecessturh, Montana.P P eo1
actd uponw t a solid bai. Mom acem ioe i t
cash and le credit trade I practiced s o th

indicate that an army n aabering .sta ap
by' them and when theavana, picother The at1* W $a
populathongaties tevdence o bu tnesv .Te staortimn d

Itr naaf tb" 6g am -
prsinIs. receved was due ;t flies, %y
hs ilfat f confidence, the War Dparfeni
of the beTtet that the depressing effects-
a pesslmnism are tast pasong away. Cohe Frenh w a*
and that the tide sn turned towards- course, a t it
Improd S- business a co nditions andthou- te w a dB
brighter prospects. ReneweOd courage thro n i ow
has taken the place of despair and the l WWt
lessons o the past few sesse teaeh thpt Cong-se, thb h
prudence a s essential to good bsTampa did J Ch for t
conditions, and must be observed andiee him to pe
acted upon. h l r b &ws '..
THE PORT'S FACILITIEt S. the po-i- that
-- city before the sea
The latest advice from Waahlngton MYke wonderful oh
Indicate that an army nwabering szty appearance.
thousand troops, will soo be sent to u W
Cuba to locate aPt Havana, ate other Tohe attntnO.
important points. Among those who is btrqtud to the tea
gill be sent over will be all the tvolu- o eDOon L not erw
oeer organs atlons at Jacksonvillie, corn- fa
Ace~dlaff to V=
pricing the Seventh Asray corps, wander
General Lee. It has not yet been de- SPoo til te.l
nme toe TC ims
tIded at w sat point the troops will be .
transported, but It is generally under- There oagkao *,
tood that most of them will be shipped sick soders,.ow4fa
from Southern points It Is a well begun to disagree
rmown fact that the advantage ot Port
rampa, as a transportation point tor The FTench ar
Cuba. is unequalled In the entire cons- cours.,but It wlU b
ory. The experience ofrdes to ilmuster Druggot
ending ShaCter's army of fifteen thou- e lvsm9l dn
uand to antlago, fully demonstrated try a ttie Weyeh
hif aact. The trhopey ere conveyed Goverment.
right to the dock on the care, and the
ine ot transports when loaded, ex- HOW''
ended for over a mile down the bay. Weffer one
The army transportation officers de- for any cas of c ti
lared at the time that no other point cured by Halls Catar
In the entire coast possessed the pe- F J. Oe'sdeix
uliar advantages that Port Tampa did. tChe un dorsiagi
or sending an army to Cuba. We be- Ueve bhn to perfect
level that this fact ought to be brought h551pes5 tSOraclnpe
orclbly to the attention of the army Sy ^eST out m
ificers, and an effort made to Idious West 4C aTrux 'Wh
hem to make Port Tampa, the 'stan- Toedo, 0.
og point for part or all of the troops
or Cuba. We teel justified In calling HaS' Ceatelrhi C
he attention of our board of trade to raUly actingr direct
hte matter, and have our claims pre- mucoos 5i155 of I
ented In a businesslike way. Halls FamilySPills

After several months 0i active eamp T L
fe and considerable changing around Guaranteed cursete
rum one place to another, the Florida Ague. or monns efm
oys have received orders to muster Drsggists.
ut, and will soon he enjoying home
iv again. While they have not been Brose thb;

to d

IbedPiij tot

me.'he In Iu
~ad wiit

l %. -#. "4i outhe ndon aa st ti wt t Wiht th is th the itr
I ic h in L it t lie l GROWT H. F I G R I by the d ar

railroad where the reigst and paasen- United Atates Alreaf the parch
home seekers, speculators,'ad also
ger traMCe urnih a basis for estimat- tm a fu o te nw do
ing the business done, says "Out of a Colonies are being formed, and soc
*bt^ O @&- a total freight of 7,323.000 tons carried in ties organized all over the country
dig r a erel 1, 1-1297 by one of the ir6miaeneaS o "a s-iog bed Mew uR c a4i
orSma, ewnt es llls td e. leern railroads, only 1,320.000 tons con- fever dtire hasl s usted. anyd
2%.ol t WULto t WLUthHoodIrft assted of agricultural Oroducts and 207.- dit that the rush to the aida
000 tons of animal products, while 2,- surpass all smlar- demonstratol
THE PROTOCOL COi(FIRnMED. 830.000 tons were coal. coke. various slnce e pam y days of the Cal for
ores and stone; 7.4,000 tons were forest gold fever. That Tampa will be
important factor in this great scraml
If Spain had any hope of holo from products, chiefly lumber, and no less to renachour newly acquired
the other powers her Cortes woul.l not than 2.330.000 tons were manufactures slons. cannot be denied The fact
have confirmed the protocol, by a crac-. and miscellaneous merchandise. The It will he the natural gateway to t
tically unanimous vote. It was a fore- later Included nearly 500,000 tone of pig, islands, as well as headquarters t





. -SWI M

ib. hehi A or es have never tailed to 185 H
i DeaLmd to the wll of man. To be a
pa2ht .a.geneUAW e ruitorent far awore
Ai bralU t1a to be a lawyer, doctor or
." ad mnan can learn to spout
QmOm bar or mix physic, and the most
.l t *i-. ordnury men are preachers; 'but to
t A operIL a piece of machlnery, to pipdr- p-J1 I[Ul
a drlr the expansion o< team, to
S know what to do at all thnes, and in I
/ a place. that the Intrlcate mechanism NO 00- 90 e3 Cheficial Buildiag. 8t.Leala
,me e htOIWrf a r teas hlp. may OUR HEW FALL STYLES "
t We Dt bOwinte WoK, taes require More
Com bmhL o the ora on cn boat in men's and boys clothing show
1iC01 tIn the way of brain experience and all the newest textures and Bonds. Stocks, Grain and
i to 1oh goo dbr cticM ehe. In this light weaves in handsome fabrics, Provisions
9b"r ~s tor aaet view this work so wel cqxrrjed hat are-made up and finished Bought and sold for Cash or
k0eo w tha R wr i welrtought and Sold for Cash or
onut by M ,. Matt Post, chief, and Mr. of the best style and handiwork Carried on Marg.
Y t & t eneer o in the tailors art,and re el arrived on Margin.
L 1 oiSOb a o K Bt emth seentlemen i finish, elegance, fit and style ne l n u
liMermWt, and through itorm and to the best custom made cloth- oete.o er on a the leadw,* uchagesin
nairt.i. tle ifart throbs of this pop. ing. A glance at our stock will mo~amolUM desnt i
tir steamsahlt are ever Cao e. are shoe our lines to be more comr- we lso cept mots or taSm Sar
PSR K 9 a eldujods"" -plaete &ad of larger aMert ent p .% ,war g m...gfts te w.
{SSB Pr5**V 'r ai h*"it Wite 1as to- chooe from thaf ian be &Wvr ae m fitea mr kr e hof d-
q-polip. S ibe ti nsUAg fund i.. the maar re toU.n _.
Ftotb m evr e ane m a e some bt the at ear ba"en oftrcomm deabs ses of I
14 4^hB f POUVES VW'A2W%7saawsa area a s ra 'i e.amnri een yve
4W#Id hWOiUeo r no"Ro aim .& sert,..
Ac 5e td sa ; bi -1 oe afrt"&I in'
418iftm fro &W pm m s roce five to t
$MOtou&ai ets *otS eL-e
86MVa1 a 1e .I

-9 aftri agve ritleso fut i fam ad
Ws"AtW a lsJiouri JM?*&dn*4fC0'. Lan
-=1 k~euc efe m t 10ee 6le $i0i Mt io


p1 s- eBo AT...d a a
UMb1t- oqr E e txps -BIS.
to ,Xth di .ee irything frcme

*Z *6s 1 imS, OCird Outtms, Stooes. obinets, rS3r
rr isSSd ts tfe o Dispday Job and NeM+wepper OU3. 4LI-S!Sva t...
ie 1 -. Type, Body Type, and in fact
i**. to t diterent faes averrhing for a complete news 6O--1- O ,- isa, ma
t o' ra" .pronal. or jb office. This material is
et county. ~W17,- comparatively.new and will be MADE ME A Af
t*iS rap ero per- sold at a Bargain for Cash. Ad- aXa
s ^dsts e. K M.O county, dress
i;.ePiai thool, 17.30 des0.
mir, -- ounty. 3. ; spec- THE TRIBUNE,
o"- TaCVpenrena, 577.S55; state, $3.- -e L ai
fa" ss: eom s law W; special ool, Tampa, Fla. ,ia -mP i '
e two sAkwenrz9OXffW Oir TATR TAX IOrSOIAO GAIDS.S S
Sbmi .... re-i 3 ..=ORMA CAS00ts. .
,,- -tm imii 'lls p.3p I.11m .. W sL 3s
t i taeCh1I 5lea i .19 1C &V -m
eb t f. o --- ATTOBIREY AT LAW,
.-^l J)itta Mt all pUrpoac.. T78M Will mns1 Iao ln mt* aMd Zed rm ocmn ta yf ?

0't 1 6bu g t bl........ t i i s 1 1 -
.thhof: r,4,, t... .... -. 1-3 A TTORTEY"AWD CoUN^SKTL "O
Pau .. .,3 .EAT LAW,
IEW 'It m 9W4at.i-lls-.-I. ustMtah TAIs. aEx. Nat. Bank Bldg.) FIt&rA.
r S l L16o 0 atrOak iPHnt t y ANT
*^ '-ci i~~ h.4 hsp ILm w&c id 14Ha. W e 11 W 8, S 1e0e |

~ the We in inMn he -I care him t imtt a"
F i Tqe .Itedaoleue tonu up tAe whole ody P eS am 0wrl miA t

.'O1e+ 13rt1e,1011 at & a ti ant t bl ^T ssaNW M. 6ImMaWCtnll |i lrC ll wl mr M "I
fit tbo has Lame Buach as tK.aOLLPHAWno

aed w* Xoi. I. urStalacrte. or Nervus ATTORBNEY AT LAW, e Mdle.i .

... S .tw i - - w . my ,- ,.. N. |
6b tes rs toitse natur vheor. T er him- BAOryW, LA
to st stt andg be ta convinced trI h Bit- Pra opt at. ntion givn to ll he o Street
hti e a T iro aedlrtne worker. Eery botl Phamay, Polk St Cal te
Coe ac"ts ea a stinn. a bottle at to 1=/[ nO nor5l PILES
ei'ws ee41Mte m -is e i a blood tpur I 1sU, h g. uarantedONiATIOK h ecod at acavFILM.

1 ordn.l t e -, OtOtre ott oosetf Beefot
mm aesn ^ Meac It is r. wy a ofr r- filing b ow to prepare man. del-

.,ryie t"ood I P, t' curse s e befamUy carted. ct6e iand delicious dishes.

)uop$. FZW2acla t t. em The months with the letter R" in Address, Liebt Co.i, P. 0. Box 271s,
il v: e And ml laxatie,r and reCtores Ve I r e o Ir New Yr
tA o XR l wicht1e1. C.o Reestaur-n--,
St gJy tjo I.its natural vgor. Try AToaR ,V5-ATYSAT W, .1

aW; laeatniL t Bnite and be convinced that m a Soe or d ampa at the olk street
t1h- the H miracle worker. Every hoti B', A Phamc, 0. 8rs. Polk St. Call fo samm

^ U a s$ilmprtl e Drug s ..tore. ofCr SOus Se O
,+ *~m -- ende-o-,. one of the HOMERR iatgoYS
t o*'.t exienemd to bacco growers in c to housekeepers -
aIt ,s-astr. wa In fronm Ws larm at Tnd 8 ed ld ng
P l- yr.i eW&W. send lin, that his to- 8e and 88 rond, P g, aLf l'S o
'^PO~iWssr810 C^fJincoahington, D.. 0. ueig4O!N
rwe. tg, re alwIr e s aof ths tends Mi Tampa wi Sooct~ tr dhc osfof Beeft&f

who aTomftM W Mrin t me h&In torhe Be raru +u.
. .,dl l Sba eft forthat pla8 c Mo"%
hea 691 snmmer wt hn owrhuer. telling how to re m
e d -sp a Pills; an / tirt bersamb n i tAcy. ica- and delicio s dishes.
Ok i onicr1el. Oeetle, reltbur to The months with the letter -R" in Address, Liebig Co., P. 0. Box 2715,
Baa themt have rorled round again, and _New York., .
Rev. J. Anderson. and Capt V. with the M the delPcoP b-vl'e,
pumt. 11L 5cglvalne of thim citMY and Mr. T. with them the delicions bivant ,
-E I t 4a of Bradentown are attend which the Comopolitan Restaurant is
t the t Rh u oh Presbyters, at epovva nernng in various mtyles.
Oft week, tkawing left fAr that place Ail oyk4
lastlat hIg The best mea.la In the city for !5c. ft, l su Ova re, A Done. ee 1
liaq/ Mr..ti M. H. Grizre of Tampa. who hIsasRDU .=4
le V sdinm tbe pasts ummer ith Anyothing cooked to order at anyC
ceto ,h -M. WI_ ,. lyi, on time. The best restmnrnt in the city.. "aff
10c8QX n~ft. eZZW" tO return to her Ewerythiog clean and neat. Prices T oma
shme In a isort whIle.-tacksonvlle l reonalile. -be 4.
S. K. PettilgiL contermplatee E. NORMAN, PROP., PARKE0'S
r =ShtndEmtrip to Poeto Rico shortly W A KEIR
%ed ilallensng tor. O J[Jnkson and Faaeklila Streets. HA!tIR BALRSAM
3L F of Lakeland. was mi, To U" a e m rs.

Wp~ed.hr ,

I ... l lB :.;
The cold weather seems as far Qff ja-..r, and your
wardrobe is depleted of she shin, ligh wtar nee-4.
like spending much just to '-patch nms." We have
some things you need, and theprices are o-)ow J has
you will not mss the outfay." Bhr'yi wfbi
much comfort i you let thtsokasce sll by. 't
&Ood LUh4 weight HsM black oru taIit nI fr ."
A ose ilectioo of Lawm. Lioae aid Orlasd .at
LiUenCrean Saits, thoroughly hbralk. is 44Rt shd dak eei era,
la wis's We- we have a Fi s QaJliy BiatIgaU Usahsrw" e
at Oo a sI. Book. at dey Warm a ireM i eW
Cr'ash Butti, redoad to L7L Cali mo w airaetai, f-ivtll .
.TS 4-. --H : .,

71&4 7. 18 andr y -, ,- -', d ,- ,:t
7. 7..L ..'a0pT


o Amiols ;i |

Crops Etimed. 9 PlAMt&ing aai- ariag.of-T.
baeoo ap nt eides .. -
ean IUaa i ., A.a P

207 ayet Smteet
Ther i.Nja pleasume In e@Ating wba ooak
properly; that's the I" it is lo wh yeu- k i
MIaurant. The olyChinesre etaBntiaftW6 -".

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You win
Looking for the luw es bi7

by getting inferior' worb
In Printiin||

The Tribun e J ob

In Pritins;

Waste Tima e B an B 0e, i -eY

Looking for the luw t bid-dtOr'
and then pay more than we ';-
by getting inferic6r ]: r1 :
can get the best of eve4 y .-

In Printing _...

The Tr*bu .J A

Phone 176, 202 FrVJklin.t"W %. .
We make Blam lBWki !V4s -,
# ...A:_ -. :.

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*,. p r ucamedBrqBy *j.ood
; Advioe I.. D a.te that

that o ae tos aElshboro
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Wm. J. Brya nised tThis City.
iasy few Eembes Adid to the
Boll of Zoaor-arnest m eet-
Siag eld Last Nght.

From Friday'as Dafy.
The Young Mens Demo tic Club
met in regular season at tbk city hall
last night. President Oralam occu-
ow th ant b nAibes 0de larxe at-

---- ~ ~ - .LI __ __ _'jl-L


People are Fleeing in Special Trains
and a trict Quarantine is Being
enforced Against New Or-
leans-Much Excitement.

Jackson. K Sept. 23.-The tstuation
in the LUtte.college town of Oxford il'
growing serious, and it is feared that
the board will be unable to dheck the
disease before It spreads through the
village. Dr. Iaralson. the health of-
fcer in charge, sent the froolwing re-
port ao-anigt: One now OAe and
touea two death to-day: tWLL f.tn
eases sad these deah wItll y do d-
mr~m i'mtha nvw al

- onton. Otto
h Smith, Con

p-R obert Killer,
Dr. Leon Hal. W.

wim 1
I pre
A" I


From Thbrsday~s Dally.

SI Fr That it C ot be Stoppe
Datil Frost.


saturday's Daly. ; :
slaent bruen oetspied the
Meow&w.MD .

slaa tGOesea

San order,
to prevent li
i mt lP~

e, nsa -
s. b4' I A ?aisdo on lorida', 1
S ... luscious Product.

ig the Special to the Tribune.
t there Punta Gorda, Fla.. Spt 23.-From i
J^ that" tbat
d-ne tLe crp of erangei lp year from De-
spects "oto county will aggregate about 60,000
atlons bexes. In fadt the orange crop of the
r that Sate come f-ro m a raitw of 100 tiles

A now
W. A
af, -a
e Car-

eak of

!re&f kI
r upom
ide of
t elec-

--t lZ ~ e~ t that hbe would be the entrepot o
....__.__ fet .:.-_ .oruth and Central A4Smrl
.0-traae._ 1% -eapts asLjmtbushaslao cam-
o, w -bl a tw a bunhness poinf otview.v
S -. -- ,- ",Cdo. D. rancey embraced an op-
portunity to make a-new .reiats. and
.: t reviewed the cardinal principle of Dti-
t he on r a mocw. 'e e had listened to the other
".ro- s. moom m wames ond i o speaker with eomntermsgivnles as to
Sw 1 rsil re and sent te cpe l r stand e those
k sret. He remained there un- romptnu sp lech. Judge Caft r..and
aed -, e .,until Tuesday night when he dent Graham supplemented his re-
did marks and the aneeting adjourned till
toweI- 4mmediate neat Wednesday nihr.
tye W 9ountl
he-':: cS e then
so.- d or, sevnteean hours after his
S he bodywas buried by the TWO YounG en of Sanord Found
psi tawsoIse i related Guilty at Orlando.
i" : 'w" -eim the utter, IndIfference
S elrt C and the deg- "pecIal to the Tribune.
S:.'s.oe of O rtando. Fl., Sept 23-I n the Crmni-
ofthatp lRacave fs ten.
.:. 4 tn oat. e have alen, nal Court yesterday E. J..Bell and Jef-
i rs R '-.- u person Vaughn of Sanford. were found
; ^" ".i t 1 pere*Ct -safety guilty of the larceny of a calf beee hnging
-1 e ,fvmvbteh res Ee U" y n pof to Seth Woodruff. By the prov.si.on.
II ~aagMB~aiiiiLfit their of the statute under which they Fere
E Vi.- To get the true and prosecuted. they are liable to sentence
W ,rup, CoOtany prInted or more than five years. Probablhey the
S Wi' Sh tmohtm of the p0C s.J liar value of the calf was not more than $7
511] r~sl to t. The penalty seems rather Oue ,:-f
proportion to the size ct the o>ffensc.
:ees5 eo"'a5 '' :d. the.aEmer- Counsel for the defense m,:.ved for a new
1g=sy ltfit"4- p night of trial. Arguments on the ma)llen ailli
n ps Inan be heard on the 28th.
*kLorn has no relatives in
P or to his entrance FREE PLI.S.
he 14ssi thehbsiness-
pa5I. jwetry and Send your address to H. E0 Bucoen
..set. & Co., Chicago, and get a tree s .ir, le
7. it '.eba mof Dr. KUing's 9ew Life PIL. A
AM .NOWsa d trial will umvtnceyou of their mori.
dlO. I ,x d These pills are easy In action and ere
la-aies5 oartieulArl effective in the cure of
,"WO by S. B constIpation and Sl0k Headache. For
--. ,alarO and LIver tramhies they have
-e".graoved taIMhle. They are
S'B-nssnPeed to e 4erectly free from

of Punts Gorda. asu tsenter, with Lee mb ...and... .. ..m n "n iaoli, o n, She
those apytrng tr-hrh1. We do ritecncentradtes nand r e nnd U
eoanty to the south and Manatee county atk for any sweeping redutin.L es a ee to these protedild Pam
'on 'theewst. T fe milr Is bringing ele. simply to cause a loss to the t ans- as a .conse21nce ofthe w pawtIs-J ,
gant prices, about U per box on the portation lines. We only ask that we Whereas --these f iet- n
tre s. "- orange grove bearing is- a e put in posltlone,.o ltt we c tan.catro ne of "eus:dsse.n and
~Kldos e bonsa w i on ar lettlnsste ",errfrv, t -d wr tcusttem un at% it ae 6
pm ja presek, and this munlotspa o..tl WPr
groKesae bngs lt d y yong w1that we will have your hearty co-opera- heln the
tv for the et. five years., nny young t ton." h g emh. toa; slebS been-7
groves are being plante, d all the oThe members of the Boar e of Trade do te hrouh prv Se mIi S toSan e-
old groves which sufered from the are very sanguine of ultimate success. ttnthedistrssn '. .,
old groves wcThey believe that the railroad m r tution: and
ow i re being replanted. will look at the matter In a buxine s Red through ls :s
fish baslne in Punta Gorda as like manner, and regulate the char&esa ad C enth g I. ,d aI
the create In Its history, so that the business t people of Tamp anr d exn.b
0oofn al Flw and do- will be on an equal footing with those- msretched oltschsalteri "'sn vao eif
%m Fis kbompany of other cities throughtl t over these. or rrd the
-f. Waycross, Ga, Sept. 22.ACo T. T last fewmonO s, anA
on ftnaty 'W"ree car leads Wright, the fAdustral connissioner for r and ting benefit 1te
of te ed fist B W t han usual the Plant Sytem, arrived here to-day to Tampn : e i a dem
from Philadelphia. and talked interest- t oW ea-. ie ty lT t imp*: rew
e b g re ". Ingly of the Goveor'os' Ooagres, which Whted is 'en Sl ? S iy % re fw -
The Republicans of De Soto county will be held at Tampa for the purpose of. pres tion shdcd o t e
t i the field reorganizing the mflita of the various tello for the nobe weof he banS benbie
y have not states, the ea k f t csse rrn on n behal o the a.s Cla 1
in winter travel over the Plant System byhis energy; sad f teu t R < M,
a e rore In- They evi- to Florida and Cuba, and the outlook by is-Mr n S to the s J det,& pr5an-
dently have some success to for a great fair here a l November. He tipies, 1 tlS othe stiety
warrant the bother pease of the said he recently engaged the skylight of C ha the tenee s ethe b
woaWana the officers' cabin of the battleship bod the'lu-That the sensc i of e tis
-i Maine for exhibition at the Waycro of Tampr, -. s that thsd preamble and
.A ,,I fair, in s olte of the dft reio of e m a b sataLW let-
WLLLouis fair to secure it. o skylight ters o a re ntord b th ae lethe
has been exhibited in Chicago and ot ers, o be teered sad for wae o
e tlo.,0 for a az=- Omaha, and thousands of people have officers, be ten onered and forward to
viewed It. It will reach Waycross in the American, th Stka a ted Cross th
SA o. a few days. work being done here. and to. the e=dAt
It will be no surprise, having in view nl that we approve of the select Dr. a
the aa pgressle spit of the I iI Partello to control this week, ani for-
the always progreealve spirit of the K H lhim to be anlowed to remw" and o Un-_1
Plant System of hotels. tieainships, and T UUU U utte that which he knows so well how. to
railroads, to learn that arrangements do, and whIch he hadone to ouratl-ts-
are now about complete to have the i. Mx nufacturers Will r em id faction rnd his own credit. he atheA-
Inn at Port Tampa more than doubled u aRed Crctr continue e good work with
In capacity. Such has been the in- Here and Continue to a factur assurances of our hearty o-operation.
tentiss of the system for some time, and Adopted by the City Counci the 23
they are now in a position to definitely the Finest Cigars in the World day September, 1 aSt
announce that It will be done. and the-- (Attest) FRAAm K BRUEN, I
work completed in ample time for the The cigar manufacturers of this city President Coouncite
increasing fall and winter season. say h th the future outlook for Tampa 3NO hW.e HmDER N.
Only recently the manager found astheCi ity eClerk.
necessary to annex the St. mo, st- exceedingly bright so ar as the to- Mayor Bowyeraddressed the coc
uated somejiUtance toward the end of bacco industry is concerned. There is on this matte. He had investigated the
the docks from the Inn. not a factory, said a prominent cigar possibility that its adoption would have
It Is now the Intention to make this man to the Tribune yesterday that will the effect of having this work protc-
annexation permanent, and the open be moved from this city to Havana or ted in Tampa by. the Red Croe society, i
space between the Inn and the St. any part of Cuba. The climatic con- apd thought that there was a prtbiL -
Elmo will be built in with a structure editions of this city for the manufacture ility that Dr. Portello with he cops
conforming In general style and archi- of an excellent and superior grade of and stores would be removed. The
lecture to the Inn and the 3t. Elmo. cigars are equally as good as in Havana resolution was adopted.
This will make an addition comprising and by remaining in this country, the. Mr. Frecker asked the city a pointed
about onp hundred rooms. Necesear- heavy tariff or import duties are saved, question. It was in relation to the I
ily portione of the Inn will be remodeled which virtually amounts to a larger water works problem. theattorney hav-
as the dining room and kitchen are at profit than we can possibly mak. Be- ing been Instructed toInstitute suit to
present too small to accommodate the sides this, continued the cigar man. the declare null and Iold the present oom-'"
guests in proportion to the enlarged factories that are here are all owned tract. The question wa. "What have
Is.- and operated exclusively by people of you done tn the matter Mr. Whitbokerr
The Plant System anticipates an en-. independent circumstance who have "I am investigating the case," sait ]
large travel e eiaerf the States and large property interests and family, ties Mr. Wbhtaker.
Cuba. and are getting themselves in a that would be hard indeed to break. "In what way, Mr.'Attorney?"
p -itlion to handle the travel with comn- We all take a pride in developing our "The law in the case."
fort to tourists and profit to themselves, adopted city, and are anxious to see Mr. Frecker vouchedsafe the stte-
Frequent announcements of progress- Tampa move rapidly on the road to ment that the city council wanqd no
lye steps by them similar Lo this one success and prosperity. Tell the Tri- unnecessary delay and dallying, Ad a
may be expected, bune readers, continued the cigar man, suggested that if he was in no position
that Tampa is all right,and xIll remain asto handle the matter he should have
BLCKLEN'Sj ARICA SA.LVE. in the future as it has in the past, the taker replied,
Greatest cigar manufacturing centre In ofMr. Whitaker reply woed,tah l tshcmee "ow,
The best salve in the v'old for tuts the country. of'epirit that he wields t sX&thg4t ine
necessary to isstitUte owtagaslr
bruftes, bores, ulcers. salt rheum, feve There might be a few factories In
Tampa that are at present short on Ha- Water Woks Copany; or any other_
acres, tettar, chapped hands, chilblains ana goods, simply because it has been of his clients '
corns, and all kinds of skin eruptions impossible to get tobacco from that Fecker retorted at tor-
and positively cures piles, or no pay country, but suspension in that line y had acted In d faith, nd had
made himadf busy in oppdiln t thoe-
required. It Is guaranteed to give will be only temporary, as by the first wishe f of the In L the
of pMarch the Cuba crop will have been ir. Whftake eouae tio
perfect satisf.a5ton os mosey refnded harvested and sold and then our peo- ~'rsonal ee, psy to a qgue tl e of 1
Price, B c~s~trpr bo. or sle by pie can secure an the fret class Ha- npersa ra i egoneate ltha th ch tl
B. jonard aI e o. vans sood a they are looking for. man had led Mmt oWich Was
Mms.aid..true sad ftag him to Gm
,s ti.esolousass esreOse. Ieseslee 1 sse, e i wit h essews ate hi Nostas'" -
Lbesaasren CuendyCataruc. itOor s. Can cum sue constipation of nev PZ Tl 55Dad 8 .
a C Q Cc c.:.::no zre 'trnoUtais rgod S at.Atr Im C C fall druisstretundetsans unr lmwn hich e bad

P.o. Bex
Stold by S.
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and bladder trouL

with Mr. and
ade home of

a visit in the ho
health. f etr a
Tueday aeiqi
lined with the iai
neal, hawe. eb

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Sa= Taippa cited Fairly, or ail-
ing Ships Will be Patronised Be
tween This City and
New York

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&ad thOoeol XhunW tb(Mo I"
fTorzts V ofs de 1tS-ru'S .t.U
S etwemn a Coosecisr 'm
ad City Attorne. 5

JA SHOPPLN43 BT Y U -'AI p.tpt P'mU"ls a,,

sT d T ereOomi~ and G oft Can be 4Xt Only by theMan of Port on thea Dete- atet t ru o n d i.

______lL Ti mpa. w Approb.n at a distance can eend for samples and may depel-ond osavS
t nh o the nn at Port p e T s al to th Tr e -y order entrusted to us filled with the same prom
'ma Tmp, ws5 tlrazeting business in Santia^go1-Cuba, Sept. 24-General Pais. Sept. 24.-The civni commission care, and at the same prices as if personally selected. Wcs ,o -
^. erta tnte city yeterday. Demetrio k satllo. Colonel Thomas appointed to act on the famous Drey- us for staples and prices on anything in the Fancy Dry (o
Dal o the y returned to-y o qu e tImporters and Retail ofvision. The government

&si. accompthe lishn the steamessean Juan frorm Labor As th will decide at a cabinet m Reting Mon- of a Dry G ds busOis.- It Ord the target, let ft Wp "

whee tro tse tity. "ng n beteft re e novernment is now em- da itt.o br p SS best constructed, and contTins s h that i h. .
@ of the Inn a tablished. 't o, eraS Cc"asfollo saiTd: admitted to be grave by both rosm

. ... was...c "uee ithe tablushmnt of authority people. The conflict between the cim l tO render r it the most Qaa, sombetal ae -ad & M -i .
r-bt ofghe Unlted State, gov- Ecnd mm ltMy antMtiand -onbap kind. It isaccordingly one of the sights ofloo. ."..l .
!.il a .. e nt ,i ng eu The 'soduen ani uerpe2ted
teciy yesterday.wll ve cmi trio. T r.d h L ^een T h acUon ofpGenerat Zuroftn, the muster "Baa on's Adverrser" cntalda price list of nC Fancy d
onelacon. J g er- oto the Cuaanp on- Gov erno S p e s Good. maled free on appilieone
peso nInay Cra TllI the wad hrown ic Iy D ew two weeks abo with and sinn fored docsnto ayuies A .
ut C.the h . .' thet ....

be 5W, on- hb e Y thte& e t e35 n dt military auti h ritlesIn aa OAOn kn It sac ngyoefte bta n kdai tsac n aet r.sa-- .
r s i isinar aithaert m M y toswor t heSi'a-de pla l t.s The T csue iect
toet o: l Theul obme y T t Cb theC Iagove- epthofe l I oms whoes n Gailede fm o,.. C:

5,6nmnw. ces| ,rs o .n ..O..5encbsig. a copyer o
g.aai y w manet k ntoe wprd.s soa e in e taate f or ge-46 ar: 6tc! t asums: A
rt e tewo we ks iade ere lgowt

H-* oeea r ro to8n h ost hen ..t A .-.
beboep tred -'r hab, o4t h Wrises and s a . .," ,.
to-ol J-S Atistbratili trf eLate ii etlni t s o he -grvea p onee s o th e t c htares.f t Ad-
naT9fo m al -am n, s&= 3#he pa-e

Apa .amat yi e tet B o ntnaediCo nl 'h hlcee 't d oackae -, _ola t.---t n W on 8ile the eel sn etlt n S & K A S
atenatCuba ed d n o o-- h tw the e Attorey. Itbga ab theye tu bOn over At t wEoniteelS

-L 0 : 1 are lrP no to lord d"n req otifoar t l that I am elpt of a let t erae 1i o hNAr to N 4. 1 f
,!t nohi At 41 datr4 Wne O t Dan e o_ ywr ~ab tueo aats 4tobri.e John W. Orl e nelt A coy oft t a
g B ii f lht on .r and u the r a & ttwt c thanaerr to r At i m-lg ....-.. 7. .^ h d m p... _r. .. o ot ":. ^ ^.,SfiO *
romrt ma -, srn ty sa.ea.rnned to a Cc a t o- e to he m a oe- b ts a a attorney j Sa ess oy "t a," nde r s ilt m ere
or i 5de repeatri asd chnm. ghtdWrTNecs

1 4t r idly and the ub t ts l of the new govern-. retar o e Navy, .with re- .
rt o udi n o e arn. Pothebly hen occrr at te ta e hat e ash a- ? a
S as were ling takn to Key WN
go e s tthe o s oto he had r fm. the ne tse r tohe sdierds abi whbte baee ne e o th Tr ib e. o

dafm iifcitr = nr eg i t no whoetr ye de of the A toneyat y. N W Strplg 0. one, Unlted DrL- Co. Uie .cnn \ las sam M
up, to IN m ra t - at f rnie nd it n tcantk esOctbei. a-toic t A- aa e B or a
are Ittekiotto orda he oo otcy v isiostaIa-incet a lt fr Attrne enra Wo a tIeor mT ra ort

thigt ag- Textlin ll dEvrl a fcst0o-d mon1e1 Wi nre Dor aTO sf the deatrsiteron igad oJeo hThe oeng y o ra t m r f at ant h .Uotao fl n Ji
0ur stree, and "the Dree a t -- cha of t s a n t n -da, ot and dheisa g Deein rednatttgati--
p ort b us inret in the ar so. rl eo r S oek. line tt e s e wtto r noey SGeo f Pl or neral bynT u .sd-y _.a.].io

e d ft o r 1 th o ent thb e snoi ler w hic t p s e b eing takeren thoutfou ne. t sl d i da d n
ti-lts,. Bi.u JO fualre~ bveu return d mentfrom ha de-p t Aiis AthTeht quePs i8o .nat as oneidredha.n In Umaonthat WNtoer, a oe Fron tae SJ o. s, bet, t o* 3
Saemporn had s. m srit ree hettte o, oa an e to
epdl reeny, le b i' l ^to .- _I V. BnppoSd to tave Been thin a y, and a cu ie o nqu w cont tm e t o006 Machinery and Biers. urprompt attntn

A hA r th a-t p stilf e 1 cWso n ysr-- Ue io i apl e er V l im
-pWeiop l ef or~feiiiitth ct oi a ha --- star the o Cadet Joes. The prices. ithih ag tetSo and Iro Fef eCe. us s- mea

Si o hbun Lovder A resrtaned or priazOne ewe. ,wedh.. ...tale o i .-. ..; o
belief that e had been In tthe Cr t. CoIa g estA

seend wanted. It ac t s atonce a.d. dl a es D r.Nn to wir thd t and --o--g wh 'a y We t. d Mstc -- Bole
operatioiand"chaes orrte tha tt eer e w iho u foun d- .. e -

SS S Dr. GidJ e and bride h ave returned fo d -avma A a a 'onuT en t. wn- to -t- nnsi drdia itimtio t&WatFr oans'p1.n "
--d t'g lig-,,PHt&fUcu a l h t w hA -ora sn dm e std o IF.Soe:'r wasec erates

an.r oras i s n ous o t aom suthngs. aabit. To oUfwe Steam- o MAdchiorou Countyd Bo ler ns. r sro abtt e ie .

ion ise iant rf l tA ^ on-ttle Atlanta. a, p< M--A movement A hittle aft iu ^cloc- ye'tera" a|" oft a Fot illa S ^ In X2
Id. -fc~t. ye ro the Drfootwnecd, Apers whachs a Bri g ce]ort-d laem -who waz doing sqmueu tntw o e, tvst-tOJiosalli Tg a rn d Steam .. eSa gPlAt s t :e -zaab ?P
la L Their Y Sept 4-dented o tles Lo erect a eortk or t outh "orth a Tth re -S
dir e most cord- th and n e y w nom fount on eecreta o te o te S of otor- Under ahed Dr VrtEe of D VLI SMY' -A" p
o matentt O nneDeac t h o p lI. tht CicitCurPhe; orner of Ph deldec -
I Ga y ste teste tmc ad dby t teerbem rise ftheretend A eg le t ogth Shoke d

cc, e e- J. e rd a Con t veerd accdey tlly JLt eleAUon mw L we hel In El bebo ld l i-
n f son 1 Davis Non o ricAnrey strd t adeve es Uned"men

from rg w.ilTrlb e- ntat deah, de fell from Huoe aop net. auao the first ouday C lnthyrd d une October, of D h
i Atl an a, tIL 4,. m---ov.e ot n t e poAt le to t r ound stuing r e November D. 18 the rd Te- me t fl -
orethe leono ft i* wic am eettin o crt iam e of be hrro and hret G it.eAs day ben he elhth day of aovem nr Sa o l' is iad .

city. i d oo y.ttJ? ortn .rra wforl fortunate ma ih Atken to Dir. Gre'B
The mpe Oeyit r- woth one e rs tce toe k eyp"out aoi Te ieg rea pbrigaet -9S,
cithwil beasehig n asetheimooChayto Cubaey se wres comeIIt a li e e -e e

ie slingS ly .Sand the s ubjectto ThWl caloftech nw galve has te reant the wse sho every, thiL n that SItflda fIln the u56d Conrr a fi the Unte n. W- .M lsoa e j e I Mll *
ns r i i fo l l ia f a n s a rdin t ao n gar deto h e s est fro m th e p oor net, S ut e eding the fi rt i i thir d a 0 Octoe r. A. .

ii i anepot to ro m ey toos e f tleypol H eos name rad T. T. H btclth n. isd term- .or one 3M .the ia id TS em-he saete frtnty- -
gtofterira _adbeknofty b tandheeighthi dayofybeemrrdado asel ot n
exodus eCusbas t uisc Taityorh s altt-fly rhret'I condtia s he accdnt occhred, he w0- fortee of tatwoeig, thet Pit-tK o teWesothe aho e

*A& la -atjbe ft.a.47. etheltMth kin me in the phenomenal r, ,rw. term of four year For o me Railroad C.C. WSiTa .
a vest gso Tlne tsaftoe butes, twenty-three add e... e Commaissioner for the term oq two Specl Master
s years, For t member of the Hou sse- S
M*MM1Q" se t of Repreantatives of the ,Stae of Flor- r M A-- ,
Ida. For clerk of the Criminal Court
u of Record, "For Tax Assessor, For
eo fer eZWItt. d at cept c er Tax Collector, For County Treasurer,
ss tFor three members of tbeCounty Board
S=: 0''"'' of Public Instruction. For Justtee of
c Y ", the Peace Ln and for the following
X ,Ot" Am." wMI eon their c i"ar -Justice Distriets, viz: No.2. No. 4. No.
g DO YO5,.No.S'No. 9.7 No. L10,o No.11 4"
S DM ta I YO U I F L e No. 17, No. 19, No. 21. No. 2. No 23.
on = t#-d -"f#dme P C YFor Constable in and for the following
: E-YJustice Districts, via.
i s.W' ,omo M Ain o. oNo. 1. No. 2. No. o. 4, N3 5,
)_ _eet t..eo. 7o.N No 5. o. 0, No. 10. No. 11. No."
_Mss- _- whteaySM4or
M-WM. ,MA-- ,._12.N0o .1, No. 14 .No c. No. a N0 sdvhe-evsoe
17. 'No. lbNo. 19. No. 21, No. Y 1 1

1rolagae-- In testimony -whereof, I have here- V . -.
SA e, Subotil a unto set my hand and affixed the great
Oil alads. +. seal of the State of Florida, at Talla-
S "'--lit a r l yitme.."familyca- BI V S A VIVOOR I S. hassee, the Capital, the 25th da ___
s6* toHls111 "sh b rea krCWhe, bra A aRdof August. 1898. If you will ad raour as ad paiS
k'idne"r" ~~ CL.) JOHN L CRAWFORD, addrn nto Dmew W.. so.iLMa ny ,
daIieseese, th e relent assist-ld ths eie2 and b6, a ay ael (LSth e) JOHm dSecretary of State. I ea rnstehIsg to yaw e s .
Mek d ds f ll tae tis i. e s In negulaind s d 8 To T. K. SPENCER, Pme .- .
1i a nd Street RdLlwayoCo..ssheriff, Hillsburough County.
E ALL DR UGG1Six months after the date hereo M I
wq" 011will present to the County Jud oO
Prim $8.00 er. UGM& HMsborouh Count.7, Forida. my fKi ..

ment as such exeeutiti. DO" A r 'Word wIth a rusaet of 12
st day ofJil .A. D_ 15 M '
MAR .Y A."VAN ..a- wa
". .. i. .

* 0""1~-"~

0 dv -L

ay f intI
wl' Iups L

PsEPs O tr IA

0014 61 DI Mot AL1
WPM asd s Co=Ad
7 Pvgrev..-4igho
Abt a tbsar.

'AL E Church and I
pltor o rt he atist
In teopi Settuid prej
"-tdbay wort In thL

i MapaS Cfit yat'ed even
i MI . ~sITt h buist
i' romy boee store buOataa o
-mMt pdjolping the Warnell
r.- and office building.
Dted at the residence of
t Ipirun and family o rthe Al
Sorday night of fever, MIss A
surviving daughter of Mr. I
:W. Martln,_aftr an illness
.ay..y The death of this
L a aheavlly on the wldo
l* rothe. Tia death
h'hrn taneejfiAr wtafnA
teirenf a't Prea-sitfh'
Srexin. t The fmlly h v

SMr. Harrion Jones and Cja
S Halmes City Tuesday.

I A Toet to Our FL

6 The Lakeland 9n is rese
Ste followIng: "At a ehtr
Super to some captatis of th
Elmaisn Russia, Turkey,
S*Ameca, a toast from es
- honor of the fag he defL
Sefie t for and 'the follow
toasts given:
SThe Russian said. 'H er
bare and star t a ye.
Sktorn down. :, '
S The Turk saJd:.
o t Turkey, wh rW I
Is n clipped."
" The Freachlnan said: "He
Scock of Trance, whoe# fea
o never pulled."
S The American said: 'I
t the stars and stripes of Ame
r have never kown defeat"
I The nKtlluhman concluded
S"ere is toLthe ranPant roa
L great Britan. that has'tor
. stars ad bars of Russia;
i the wlain of the moon of T
" sld the feathers out of
Sgreaa and ran LIke b-
SMtas and stripes of the Ur

No man or woman 'can
rmtemtay or physically, nor
fsctlv' *rvfce of any kind,
8 -dwdn with a torp d Uver. ,
at deesidnt ecretloa of
the organs of t
t keep up
standard, he

seo of Prd lly I
i tee B. Itithe e6teM of

o.af-er they hecoms theroos
1 to s-ecnpa new li e
tabliWbeY he
which bring
S e hllla atn Ftoi r fct

Sat the rsidence of James
*FkOrda avenue, by a number
i' 11r" toke purpose of o
.,XM01P517qoplety and deb&Um
.- young men interested oin s
t A ation are cordially in%
wteXt& It i the purpose of
after they became thorous
tr Ud to secare a sultable hal
*Mtae pubne to attend and ps
WV Moamantr%
48 3MyiiorT B9 DEVIOID 0
0 Cauem Chl and Fever acts
amd q u| tx the system ge

I i dT ^f^ ^""1 a<

-10 PLPAIT-o:1
Neighborhood Gossip Br
fy Othr ixed for Busy Tribune
Plant City, Fla.. Septd-Z
praising tobacco growers
F n roomy bams well filled, ar
.FV ,,and waiting-for bls on as
tofco as orida ever pro
II of the are not asking for extorti
S but reasonable, honest 11'
S suffclent to encourage the
SSen a large acreage the coming I
Captain O. B. Baker a
Tuesday night from Miami
of some days with his
St i.- c. Drew is report
WxM o ouly ill at his home at De
;m days atl. J. S. Wells took th

s a lea- ville, Ky., leaving hbs Lathei
SMwi Well, slowly Improving Iz
GlMa7sP Co. J.&6 yao"and fami
Is aways Thursday from St. Peters
ten in L v
at ot .t. they have been enjoying
to tit ,I

I the tU- day z1Ibt
IL 1. lahe, lf M

bile have of the family. As the cemetery I* some
he body so stance out of the. city. I xquta ea
the enertg several relays, and thus it Is that plri-
ae, wearl- .bly a dosen accompany the remains,
. fickle ap- to their last resting place. These
be changed lock their arms over each others
Ash Bitters. ders, and carry the casket
thoroughly, It is a tiresome ordeal, and.
i drives out think that a wagon would d,
to the vital but this would be a ot the
althy tunc- customs, and such a oni copld
gs with it not be entertained. n engaged
body and in the laborous work do obt appear to
Sold by S. appreciate the gruezsouie features, u
chat and laugh as they stagger alLag
under the heavy load,
his evening Where the deceas is a emnll child.
dnfLeetf on the remains are glrally cJArie-l cut
er of young by fLv o i cung aenons, wh>h, sode'.d
eganlzing a the little casket .Abyr sandll cerda ccr
mg club. All strings, and thus march aamy t -Ihe
uch an or- cemetery, with tV casket swinging
vited to at- like a pendulum nlribihe ground. one
the society day I saw U tina, < Io being carried
ghly organ- out by tour little children, vho went
1 and Invite about their errand in the usual aimless
way, resting as the strings cut into thlir
rtUclpate in hannd, and stopped to stare at "'os
Americanos," or any other object \l hk-h
i B R interest them.
F BITTER tin Cuba no ladies attend any of the
funerals, a custom that i p Iaprove-
on the liver meat on that of the Anmeican. The
wAHIeen of the family experienee
enea5lly All anguial of the last parting Itl
homes and are spared the hareiete
scene which generally attend the'
pant of the trmenr tln the "States." With persons
aitr aMt tie t ""'nctlon, the gentlemen friends
, i 'eiad Lh-boom and a long retinue
h_- .-sau p M_. r e fol OW the re-
'.el.st eseing place.
"'-o o~:: J.Hf .. "'N F.

- 8HfR 8 1f lHORS
iefly Item-
Keader. inr Used Only by the Bich People I

Oui enter- I Hl i.
with tbeir
e now ready
da d. They
nate prices. The Remains of the poorer Clulas
ring prices,
planting of are Carried on the Shoulders of
Spring. Relatives-An Interesting
arrived last rews Letter.
I for a visit
family and
dSpcial Correspondence.
ted danger- Havana, Cuba, Sept 26.-Among ttie
de City. customs of this country, there is none
ie train on that strtles Americans as being so pe-
ome in Dan- culair as the mode of conducting the
r,Dr. R. funeral At this eason of the year,
Shealtth. th few Americans here have ample
ly, returned opportunity to observe tis custom in
buM where a liberal manner as the death rate is
the Gum quite large. On two different days I
have counted within half a day, twenty-
fve funerals at Riena, street leading
,u ,ot to the Colon cemetery. The mex"
ton in this segnt c*nt burying place
do with Informed me that for the fif thirtan.
rthelrr se da hc te pfte ait i meath, twes were
te n ----- And Inn thatcm--
S9 oktr a9s Thts indieaefo thA the-
Srrned mortality per annum for the cty is
= per cent, and l)owi g for

o oU I n td e o tb w .t ~h a
Wuold probably re op tj
vs er cent.
kbg tth probable cae. ofi this
r e the grandet atracst ancsh
J. JFrer,'* of sf y people reiuling from the War
Were both and' blockade, furthermore, this is an
ry for Sab- especially asidly portion of the year.
active ebur- Yellow fever plays no unimportant part
at tiB season, while ethles-feers ind
Only child dyu$Ery unite In a large total. -
rs, occtired WV se y Bae"i i approaching Its
pJgnfaMenud as in the stau the (lose of
e o er witnesses much aekias.rod
nc a wo the dangerous season, espec-
nforeigners, continues until the
ed toPortT fr art of December, when it Js com-
t- 'Aiaratively safe for strangers to visit
dng a seat the city.: After this year, when san4
n the block tary meaures will be enforced here, the'
I Co's store danger will be much less, but It is
doubtful it the fever germs will be ma-
Mrs. w. t erlally lessened until after several
fa. on Sat- years have leaped. The soil is im-
.ddine, only pregnated with so much filth that tons
red Mrs. J. of disinfectants, and years of time may
of only six be required to redeem the city rom
noble girl the fetid embrace of the ever prevailing
red mother pestilence.
1 being the Btraners coming to this city miss
year. In- one of the grandest attractions when
re wnftay" -bey neglect to visit Colon cemetery,
re4he ~pdep whch probably surpasses anything in
"e -I 4merica, being beautified by moou-
t'- ly moved 'dients upon which the moet skilled Eu-
ropean scuipters have devoted their
talent. tn monument to the firemen
Sg.. of Havana who have lost their lives
at various times while performing their
Eonelble for duty, is notably the most magnificent
p'gln sup- monument in the large enclosure. Its
e navies of cost is estimated in the neighborhood of
France and two hundred thousand dollars.
r eh one in Thedriveway leading to the cem-te-y,
ended was is one of .the best in this vicinity, and it
ng are the is upon this that one gets the idea of
the frightful mortality of the city. It
e is to the is customary here to bare the head in
neAer bheq pajsngra funeral, therefore one fnds
S t rt cwenlent to altogether din-
tq *e moons pe4qse 6ii4 e use of a hat, until after
have never" lesawe l .ii thoroughfare.
k- 'lc hearses, drawn by lack bores,
wre Is to the and driven by two men dressed In black
others were velvet trimmed with gold cord, indicate
the funeral of a grown person. A
iere Is to white hearse with white horses, sur-
erica, which mounted by a driver lIveried in a red'I
coat and white knickerbockers, signify
1 as follows: a cbild"s funeral. When one sees one
Uitng lion of of those funerals, they may know that
n down the it is of a person whose family is in
who clipped comfortable circumstances, as the case
'urkey; who may be, and in such an event two or
the cock of tout of the l1vred attendants waik be-
-1 (rom thes side it In thi case the person is of
aited attea wealthy family or is especially dies-
The majority of the funerals, how-
a. ever, are much stmpler, and they are
the ones that excite the curiosity or
work well, the visitor. The poor people who have
petrrm at- not the means to secure a bearse, have
who ts bur- the bodies of their deceased carried to
,onstlpatLon the cemetery on the shoulders of friends

well known frm of Sanchez & Haya,
cigar manufacturers retured to _tbe
city on Sunday from Havana, where he
has been In the interests of his firm. He
reported having purchased a large sup-'
ply of tobacco and the firm is getting
things In shape at the factory to re-
sume opeaions next Monday.
The in the kidneys
a stimulant for tbe
ulatee the Uver, stagnach and
A golden household remedy. For
by & B; Leot~:dt t Co.
WANTED-A man that is a worker to
represent ua in iUlaborough County.
.JMust turnolth references ad have a
home. We Cn give such a man
steady employment and a good con-
tract. Jist the thing lur a young
man. Call on or write to the ?ir.ger
Manufacturlag Company, 305 Frank-
lin street, Tampa, Fla. 6t
Judge Harrison's court was the sene
of an important trial yesterday The
cace was the State o: Florida vs. Henry
M. Whitehead, and the charge was
larceny. It began at 9 o'clock am.
and closed at 3-30 p.m. C. C. Whitaker
represented the State and F. 3M. Simon-
ton appeared for the defense. A large
number of witnesses were examined.
The judge bound the defendant over
to court in the sum of 30O. He se-
cured bondamen and was released.
Special attention is directed to tt
advertiseemt of the Tampa Fum l
Company, in this issue of theXZfIa


Things Dae ad Said by aUy Proal
Dat People.


News Note Caaugt on the Fly Hee
and Ther-Coming mad Going of
People-Inci-ents and Accidents of
everyday Life in Tampa.

From Tuesday's Daily.
W. Hodgson of Orlando, was a Tampa
visitor yesterday.
M. ikA Little of Ocala, representation
the M3cDonald Publishing Hou'e, of
New Orleans is spending a few days in
the city.
Ron. John F. Horr, United States
marshal of Key WeSt,' was In the city
CoL G. D. MlHuong moved yesterday
with ehs tasly to a handsome resdenoe-
at Fine Cou-n. 1
Vw Rosit of AlMoa. nanaer oCast
W o .N. Cample' pbhophle mines, l C
wrom P r .8 o

The West TU K an col woil r op

tend to some Iea b usness.
The may friends of Mrs. J. ALPraX
will be pleased to ar thaiat se ilara
Idly recovering from r oseriom Useea.
Oda.'IAddlah, who recently accepted
a position in the Sfuir'telrn Eprea of.-
flee, i. mouwog his atnfly from Ocala
to thialty.
Dr. Li W. Weedon arrived here on
Sunday evenoln from Waynesville,
where be has been vliting friends for
the past two weeks.
N. K. Will am the railroad street
Sonaor.al artist, returned last night
from St. Petersborg, where he spent a
week visiting f tnrends.
L. P. eorthenet and wife of Great
Falls, Montana, arrived in the cUy
yesterday oid will spend some months
enoyin g Florida climate,
Hon. 3d. E. Gilleit has returned fromn
Winter Haven, where he has been
spending several days with that excel-
lent gentleman, Dr. F. W. Inman.
J. M. Long, proprietor of the ice fac-
tory has.the plans ready for the erec-
tion of a large brick warehouse on the
river front adjourning his Ice factory.
W. T. .ifsey. division passenger
agent of the Plant System, who has
been enjoying, an extended vacation in
New York state, is expected home to-
Robert McNamee. a leadJng attorney
of Lake county who recently received
the nomination for the legislature of
that county, is spending a few days In
the city transacting business.
A slight error was made in our issue
of yesterday in the report of the County
Criminal court. It should have read
four days and two hours, instead of two
hours that court was in session
Farmer Henry Randolph of Leesburg,
who Is one at the most genteel gentle-
ment that visits this city, was in Tam-
pa yesterday exhibiting some of the
finest tobacco ever grown in Florida.
The congrevgatI.n Schaaral Zedek
will meet at the residence of Herman
SOlogowski Sunday nigbt. All mem-
I bers are urged to be present and an
Jewish residents of the city are invited
to attend.
Congressman Sparkman was a pas-
senger on the Mascotte on Sunday.,
coming up from Key Weat, where he
addressed a large audience on 8atur-
day niglt on the issues of tile campaigLn.
He left yesterday on the Manatee for
Braldentown, where he continued his
good work.
Ramon Fernandea manager, of the

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Tribune for Job'

Monday Morni,

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me n,-, .g I .od: s l.

the room-you the -go.d *.. .
T-- 'Low a M:-',

In the next few days. Brki"g with y dmand
our nmet cherished mm.iof eoie A i
prices for The Bext week. 1 Include Ia s
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-. Ribbo.s, Ladies' o e.

i :- Gents' Fntrnishfigs, -
^ Ladies' and Gent.' f1brIVS
r.,A&rew Goods. In fact, for the nMet wS-4._44
potment in my etore hall escape this 70cd
Se. Come Monday and be convi ed. -


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