Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: September 22, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Ow AM~a No tb W~hO ko ftu ft a It

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At a lrw Oamp Selacted by Geral
Whise, ..-es XaZft ill =m
.tM* aioM wie be Camp
f *^ "

w mu leSu e in a ew It was decided that 64,00 men shall ISS DAVIT rFUNT AL
the hotel had ome fort the be ient to Csa, 12,00M to Porto Rico,
vin theatet and attend- A se to awali, and that the num- s b be nta rd Ri
eally alone in the bom. her of men in the Ptilipinee shall be
b however, a relapse in increased to I.0e. The detachments a rwFath in Hollywood .
W condition wuas noticed, and to be sent to Mantia and Hawail will ____
a the sl pt a lhst strength consst almost entirely of Infantry. special to the Tribune.
Y. This morling the phy- Those sent to Cba anl Porto Rico
That the ed wa not far of. wIll consist of artillery, cavalry and in- Richmoad, Va.. Sept. 0.--The re.
a death came to end the sut- antry. mains of Miss Winale Davis will be in-
Pth at ti has been inten Important conculaions regarding the terred in a lovely plt beside her father
laehad wrtheds nrenmstaing- di1 tion of tr Hlloops w r d at d Priday 4ernoon at 330.
laUwkPo bedSsidde, and Me Is the conference. It was decided thai
mi with sonrrw. M Davis the second cavalry, which is at Santl.
Sup with geat calmness in ago, sha L he sent to posts in Dakota, OG UOB1DONI' OBt .
on, and no fear are a pes- relieving the Eighth cavalry, which has
taled St ner health yielding notm en any service, and that the later He Announcee the Death of the Idol-
us. reimnent shall be brought East to be
Lavis, the "Daughter of the sent as part of one of the armes of oc- ed hter.
xc.," was born 14 the coined- cupation. In the same way the Ninth
mitive MRsaien at Hchmond. cavalry will be sent West to relieve special to the Tribune.
I. e was educated prlnci the Seventh cavalry in New Mexico and Reynolds, Ga.. Sept. 20.-Gen. John
ma, owing to the trouble soub Arisona.
her father and the publelty It was also determined that the B. Gordon, commander-in-chief of the
ended all movements of the Twenty-fourth infantry, which distin- United Confederate Veterans, to-day
ty gushed Itself by its gallantry at El issued the following order:
i attained her mtlarity at Caney, long 40 per cent of its officers To the United Confederate Veterans:
Is. 'Here she assisted h rand a large number of men. and which The commanding general, with a sor-
various ways, and took her subsequently furnished eighty volun- comandng general with a or
he many al functions of teer nurses for the yellow fever bos- row which no words can express, an-
he wad her father's con- pitl. of wtom fifty-five were stricken ounces the death of Miss Winnie
Pe loa. down and were replaced by ftty-five Davis, the idolized "Daughter of the
ted hRis to all his work and others,-shall not be sent to Cuba again. Confederacy. "The boundless enthusi-
I* Information which was re- Accordle0ty this regiment will be or-
p r. D is in his wnrltin1 dered to Port Dpuglas, Utah. asm which was evoked by her every
Ve for h by his =ahter. mW OA"P IN. AY.RPAWk appearance at our reunions indicated
r karacter was marked from In reply to a telegram from Acting the depth of affection and the unfeigned
Sen d to marry a Mr. Secretary m War Melklelohn asking admration which all Confederates felt
him to recommend a location for a
of Syracuse, N. Y., but winter cavalry camp, Major General for her. It is not too much to say
ter her father's death the e- Wheeler to-day telegraphed the Secre- that the ovations with which she was
was broken o Vilp e r notary recommending that the camp be everywhere greeted by the ex-soldiers
alnatoa Of the rupture wa located within one hundred miles of
t is ell known that It as Huntsville, A This remmendaion the southern armies were such as
rpose of maintaining her fa- was approved by Acting Secretary have rarely been accorded any woman.
sef Melklejohn, and accordingly others will Their grief at her untimely death 'ill
ieal the name aw hert fa be lsued -within the next two or three be as profound and poignant as their
deracy'" in 23K when her fa- days to cavalry commands at Montauk
Shi family trip through the not yet asalned drectmng temotoago love for her while living was universal
ft. Davis being unable to a&- into winter quarters at the point to be and sincere, and their most affectionate
I Wtnnie wa- brought before selected by General Wheeler. sympathies are with the grief-stricken
mads at the different points
route and introduced ns the mother .
of the Confed ed a s. OV t X AWAY. "The commanding general directs
aral armngements for the re- that the department and division com-
is Davis not as et Army Pd*epkw~b3 i& eil"' b Set manders select delegations and escorts
bat. It is an absolute fact
wil he dnterrd In the outh. roatdast Ovw the Country. of honor, as they may deem proper, to
is In p asraked- with gTe --- represent the United Confederate Vet-
Swery seriol condition. To a casual observer it would not erans, and to accompany the remains
look as thqth Tampa or Port Tampa
iA, nAderson of thit ety as a woekd plo aseh part In the embuark to their final resting place. By order
mon frlen4 of Mss Davis ad tms of the Seventh army corps when of J. B. GORDON,
ir. and ta a d sath of this It is moed fro m Jacksonville to Ha- Commanding General.
P wa a Sreat shock to that vane. Every day some order in re- jWOIORIGe MOOMAN, Adjt. Gee."
.h Ttrwer. school children ceived movior some important branch
ad he regarded her a one ofof f the an stationed in this section to
w t. bceedibengly bright, other places. The ordnance depart- Alger ays 'is Palse.
mudstta mBt. -he occupied mentro o l located at Port Tampa.
this world that will be bard has been moved to Jacksonville. and
other army paraphernila is to follow Special to the Tribune.
-p In a few days to other parts t the Lexington, Ky., Sept. l.-Secretary
S ediOs*i**Pgat & oontry where troops are located. If Alger interviewed the troops stationed
this tbi keeps ug much longer there
T wil not be a vestge of anything tft in here on dress parade thi evening and
ar i, Carre Ham- these parts to Indicate the prosperous was highly pleased wth the appearance
Carrie H days eniJ d by all when "Johanie" and condition of the men.To a press rep-
sti Wdfre marlreied In cameoo thro the sta lt5 wilh resentative hhesaid that the story that
lbe T sssu y nd s sa olds a l ae e spend his money with .
the chldzsn S Dr. uG- anybody who had aslewslpOspL -, saIP d 5im was a ,bsolutel false-
at th above es Tere is a fine canoe ftor the Board That he had nidea of doing such a
rssmwr month Th oa Tryad ut oe to iot Jy thHe ond colrti~ d the strictest exima-
sum mein rs >1Ton a hrd e and trac and ih tie t*le- 'r
l mt e the early Pr st d othe n t ofm in the Wkr Department.
S rmms m and an rens- cated hire permaney hv rll o Meeta oturday.
y of pair wa a Harry tee ra
not So filiar with err them to a p tha s i bun
1cw ." Tampa', The Senitary d epa .mentheiW--kep wo k!S, ep r-ne
Is one of Tathrp en th e chty. Ohlef Whnitn .a C.. Sept. 20,-P-esl-
ri lledph laothrop? e mn tthe, e - "d wi m te th e e
p ia tipon an.d the Pbli that the citi c. dent McKinley issued a call this after-
iareSrcter, wler d there wis awas r eootes fr ilmprovpment, noon, calling the meeting of the com-
stthe i wilh as Crimit s i asoon to Investte the War DeParn
'tas. ,%t th.at as e ou- and while te Triie apreciates the m o to invesrgate the War De
gm mante joa wthotbo many vicissitudes under which this de- meet to convene in Washington ftt-
thb rf m ? f tieds ah apartment has laboro. it hopes to see lrday, and to proceed at once probing
it d see and prosperity the good wor pushed ith a vim. the matter to the very bottom.
n to Tama next at-' Councilman Jai Holmes has returned tMeess Cohen, Friedemen Co., were
Se r f ncnat. Louis vi le and other advised, yesterday that 'Madam Hope,
pressibe Prank Hough of places of interest. He reports having an experienced French dress-maker,
s in the city yesterday, and hd a dllhtfu time. Whi away he and Madam Forshae, French milliner,
ginm.r He intends accon- investigated the running gear of the formerly in the employ of Siegel,
hi. parkman on his cam- mujsio*i machinery oi several places, Cooper & Co., of New York, sailed from
r and will Join that distin- and is thoroughly convinced that this that .lace yesterday, and would reach
coleman at raldentown next city s on the antediluvian road to the here the latter part of the week, to
The Trbn was griedrodttoot
The Tr ohne was grieved to mnution bow wows. remain with this firm f or the coming
Bconditi.o, suffering with a season. They are also expecting two
* of typhoid fbver. Mr. Harry Steele, a prominent and experienced decorators. tr. Cohen
prosperous merchant of Port Tampa writes that he is securing big bargains
Maw of the Chicago Purni- City will lead to Hyman's altar to- and will remain there until the middle
a.y, 'who has been rustiest-
nreuqe Ctearwater for sev- morrow, Miss Voorhees, a charmlnm and of Octob>er. Mesrs Samuel Gold and
rith his family. has returned vivacious young lady ofat New York Joe Hardee have charge of their store
teatd with that charming State. The many friends of the high here during tMr. Cahen's absence.
ira, Shw and the children olsatCUnCt parties extend congratula-
tm for Veral days yet. tlonars in advance. "Mr. am Heradon, one of the most
a tie wholesale liquor Mr. John Bndley, the tenit agent popular and efficient men in the em-
of Cunctnatl. of the Plant Steamnuti line with hbead- ployment of the United States manl
last night, and qustters at Poet Tamna, has returned sss'ice has complete charge ctf the
ioeCal d .1 'n an extended trip nda. mais from this country to Havana vli
ge hare of t Wr.,H..C w .r.or,o r-Proda .-ars- "1 it rives the Tribue
os eathi ectl. CIOrycmh'sperons a iriast has retr-., pleasure to state that he is giving a
srtbe AlsQ. ned froa a pleasure trip tin Indiana. mort supeib service.

aid ys "It's a U,"ThLt 5 3B
bltmUr of Msf,

FiwfrALlFfss oMYUIsFS

Co V. J. Rhrio asa igne and wi
a or iUta Assixad medPrdicks
a enam4 ViesW yr so Dieem
~cy ist et nmpaige.

pecil to the Tribune.
Jdmaavlie la. Sept. 2-CotL il-
liam Jeanlnk Brpra bma etaa posi-
tively that be will aoo regica a *-
onel and return to poae lic t again. He
intenS nterizo the ptftcal arena, and
will bee a c ddate fotr reiden1 on tha
free silver itmue, .ec to ethusiasti
of success, and is emphate in his dec-
laration that Democracy wll and mat
win the next fight.

if each one who has or feels an later-
eat in the matter will contribute evea n I
a small sum, the amount can be raised, o ~ A '
and I will take the responsibility of see- psaNOWs:ia l a -
ing the work well done. bay on 4 cruifIC a age it .
I make this public appeal because my
heat is in the work. and I have been
solicited by many ladies and gentlemen a l 9" si
to do so. Subscrtptlons can be handed .M*e s
to Judge C. 1E. Harrison at the court
house, CoL R. B. Thomas at the custom
house, or to me at 308 Morgan street.

Lieutenant Colonel Bellinger, of the
Quartermaster's Department of the
United States government in this city,
one of the most excellent gentlemen in
the country, gave a dinner Monday
night to Cole. J. B. Anderson. Pt 0.
Knight, Captain Brown and Captaina
Hutchens at the famous CosmopolItan
cafe in Ybor City. The evening 'w-as
royally spent and the party had a most
excellent time.

Capt. Jaa. A ge ea to Daltoa,
-oa., to vsit- his ft "' ^m who, are
spending a few weeks at that elegant
reWt. i i.

_ _

-- I-

ii I I I I II


rm nu iu kt id-n'kU PBMn iii'
.l d L< t W il Vn ketr.n Wh lls M
L4W, 3u ,',et p' -r1 a


tOrte4M ei m& Amyor aft aSew t4t is ,,,se
vm Prian te anim a yed WaltirS W m lai4 i
the trolan- '*Mammu let em ,
eot to be atsmerto Va- iWasti

Vdcal to the Tribune. Ir to (he Tri gag
ayvanam. spt. 3m -a IO ffin.3 hir .> A pt. I
tVhcation Cwouiee A D te - y. W .CatMO i
fortabey domcied in the h Tred a Sotle, Na* :t
st Veado, he Wing comOe a-eS ess "N TUM i, C j~t
the Remsolute srertay. i to rer ae m. fier eiit

wVuif yenrt wll te in..nwa toty- UKHnIK -jLKes
4srthdraw its troops ttn JtotYh t2t reke -e et
oan profebly longer, but the Americ' s the *e t a*g-4OlWr M
CommlIsion will not uoaltd to thri Bwb ork. Tbstte ~r *a
"rmnansa" policy, and have g fivena aa tectft*o4 bfy 4 C a
Itmit eight weeks, to either withdraWbe as& iAtaftid-WWB
Its troops or pull down its Sar and' t505ao he Paster ermri
make room for the American army at when s a teas brag
occupation. as on loe of the roase
Conditions persuade the Americans IEWd 00Mu80 attAiis -
that more speedyo actn Ne as eCro lod dpLAtr the sta ti
than was at first contemplated Tampa t tSeo,=* i
The Comal, which satled aon riday, wr e the"tD wttiD
s still at Key West awaiting t 4a aMid, youna lIadu ade a ti
the comilon's order to return, which Panr with her guardtmf.
will be given when the Spanish reply dene e a en seotft
4s received to a petition to the free on- Meadfonrd arrived p rew
loading of. the steamship sent by the ment. 20IEsahnwO wasA
Americans yesterday. A reply on the hm withe r Irsleardia&,
Comal question Is expected to-morrow. before Catholie piestm
The answer on the canal question ried, after whiMh.tha sa1 g
cannot come too soon. It was te food dian returned to Taipea
problem that caused bad feeling be It became known at thu
tween the United ktatea and Spain tbe- M eandnrd was newly soa
tore the war. It is the food problem- wife visited him tasiurt
now that is bringing nearer and nearer caused oame surprise tot
a serious crisis. .acquaintances, w ho 9-
The insurgent Cubans have thus far hd a wafe already at va
observed the suspeaslon of hostilities ae d that the young ls4dy
but the Insurgents, armed as they are were afoased by MeadfoQlu
still, cannot be left to starve mang days Dnes to bave tm -trriae I
longer, it peace is to be preserese d in S beg a lCan tailonS a
the island. asfed herself that her tAus

laden with cargo of supplies, is not d eadfourd'o eannab wi
aVowed to land it. of the ZSeAr birhte M
Some people here eay that the Ameri- county, who created intch
cans insist on the sole supervision of there a few years' a& by t
the unkoadingof the Comal, and the dis- ahertiff roCer, Sad d the
tributing of her cargo. They express manner in which they dea
the belief that the Comal's cargo isa Meadourd Is a CanadU
smaller than a million rations. It is known In SBvanmah. He O
stated that the objection to the cargo In physical stresrg; anid
passing the custon house is based on most dpoweso an in oh
the fear of the detention of a defpit. Meagoufif W enlttedin Cdi
bore agood record. BeJ
OAELAW CElrsrT T promoted rece .yy, firt to
then to Sergeant.
Mrs. I a. Thomas nervously Offes er. asa-
to Take Charge tf it. i Brandowili
b*- T pan as 0A .8"ttr
lad Ime. ~ relat d ,r
Editor Tribune: What is everyody'a lady ..e. related
business' is nobody's bttsess." is Slly CbwMe ot0 _4=ty, who i
Hlustrated by a visit to Oaklawn eme- t. r MmOf"rtt
tery and see it in its neglected and reatl deplore t'iyl
unsightly ondition--where so many of It is ps 5remi tht lthe
our loved ones lie apparetly unared the grand scounda wh
or by those whom they re so dear rnmtag Bet wIn e y'ip
in Uie., and who stl chaereheon-em- ted. co e
ories of them, but are so M prbaibi J ;s..I ;__
different. For years the woe tti ^w U n-eIIf ,St.
lai this hallowed place of our dead In -- Cuty eti.ea.b

of that lovely .womanr. Mrsa t. Crae o a i

to the work. tmtpni.AeN of -her sw' s 4 fau _S W.h s tic.*t- Pw
poor health aads wek strsngtl Let e-easndltaussl-"" over i
us who are left show oif epprdation :r.. J'- tdp y e CT
of her work in the past by taxing it up cleat mak mErsim O-f dP3
and continuing it in the future. Mrs. PserksskH 510eeShnf
The grounds need clearing. the iCle of rj B ree' l0a55
to be repaired, sad the atea put in a ;ws ct w a
condition to be cloceead o prevent whe. tb~
cattle trom roamig at lajg e o r the tipos Ptouneii
raves. To do thist wil require some tbi
money. (Not much-$lO will do it; and bhaded by Robert-Cul

r' CPt" "BaO" As in his Speech to

S.04 slob and d

a I feel kuee every manand
F' a" ra fr woman will appreciate the object of this
- .. msIm-ta *-Sn thd aAil wirtl ppissd he
. ii 5p,- Op;odIe Pest patriotic women who are endeavoring
I 6 o to carry on the work.
SAt the same time I feel that all think
--g Tg Ainmericans win regret that such a
O~f i .neetiMg is necemsn7
7 T rhish is just wbadLil thinking A=m
r i ans ar tr..-cLa bet the meeting ar
: I neceskry'Jast the same.
lr........ ......... .. ~ If the mne agem.ent and incom.petency
9r^. a, "' .. ...a .' 2 U had been confined to Jthe treatment of
'";"5;, "" '1 the iddiw c t on Sgil re tti th
S- War Dep'rtment might have been able
f m m 3D4TIO e to screen Itei. for the tese oa I pwep
knew notht of the dtnculties which
^uI5 55 p5 hb9" is P most be surksounted In transport-nig sol-
e m quat to rna dies to an enemy's territory and would

s7fcdrt tl y of tii7e c lsn-
e s of wir and nthtn more would
have been l*ard of ,t. But that was
A t La4m u e and hecoi
too0i dfcty= ,home tq, tb
S-s; ....... ( W 0".'. C -I i S..p..-it as ha a e psrO*nreIo henm
&ILM e B e t aetn ispectaks ot t can tso theia
-Is Wr .y LlJUt n doors. Thirteeahi&lIsdd elers
died in campe, soldiers who were select
sSSm.tt e5SW k ted after a competitive examination be
. ca~ose of their physical qualiftcatiois
r ii 'hsie eAreesatge of deaths has ieen&esti
S- ,- te d h tbh applotteJs as not so very
Sia% fanAibering theb sie of tht army
S, Bu evkoenOy they did not consider that
s Stie 5O5MW* SheeT*nlsted were not old
-M06 or bbye fi(t.n*Ber age, but tul.
iOtW U i3i grown .nm. *fulk-odled mea,' In the prime
i vigi lor of lift No wonen, no clld.
sea, were among these to increase their
r i rte of inarthity.
... mM It Is not necessary to Inaugurate any
;. cruahde agelast the War Department,
the Secretary or the officers in charge
of these eanpa The horrible facts are
safbcitent arraignment and they need
Sno elaboration In order to arouse the
- people of the country to a sense of the
,,gi~* treatment the soldiers have received.
"Fighting Bob" has voiced a univer
,i -s.al sentiment. All regret that such
SIO T. meetings are meoenagx and all regret
m l C4o0t. that the strongest and richest govern
s of Aa0 a ment on earth Is unable to take care
Io of the sick soldiers who fought its bat
amb .- eo

r b, l stractions

#05ts.9l frIm p 'o
biSb head i nsha4

11 iettthede eoe teeiyeL

Ssetmtgh. Doi are


aS~d~P1 It

*dai~t o

P W... S



From Saturday's Daily.
When a State is one sided politically
as Maine is, it is not of much, interest
to figure over its election returns. Wt
really cannot see what Democratic com-
fort there is in the fact that the Reubli
can vote fell off 27,000 gm compared witI
184,, also an off year. In both year
the Republicans had votes by the thou
sand to spare, and a few more or afewv
1e seems of very slight importance
The Republicans made no campaign
this year, contrary to their custom
Umally they take pride in piling up a
big majority, but they let things takt
their own course this time.
speaker Reed lost 4,000 votes in hi
district, but was elected by a comfort
able majority. The defection is attri-
boaed in large part to the old-soldier
vote. The speaker has been showing
strong opposition in late years to pen-
sOa abusesL
In the next House Maine will be repre
rented by the same Congresamen who
represent her now-Reed, Dingley, Bou-
tets and Burleigh, Senator Hale will
te reflected to the Senate.

mld has done'her share in the war.
The duties of peace now claim her at-
tention, a.d demand the energies of her
people--Tfs s-Union and Citisemn
lWhat U s Florida ever done for the
eoldiem? Enjoyed the vast revenue
derived from the money they spent In
this State.

Catarrh is

Not Incurable

'Nt iU sa net he ured by sprys
ysshm sadl-slohlieg mitures w _te
*mhema.t %I*surfees Th" dWasassis

S dMneatpelier, a tes
siaG banIss asq

erufe rithe Its odim
speya sad rwasko
pposbad by the tee
Soe rneliSd thal

bo tge th I 1. The
M osurey e md seasd a
nsem ea thsa seer. I tried amnmber d
Sbloodv minerher aiengerdlte
nStf bm,qa MWos gave -me rheomrztss.
i I.n1 is4 lameHatblePonditon, and after ex
Ata | Ues tent, was declared 'amuble
B Ls LI La. adertdsed as a emr for blood
W dsmissr, I delded to try It. As son as my
aOrus dear the effe of the medleine
to improve, aal ftera ting it
I asu ared completely, the
was eamdested from my Wse
hav hahd 29 return of It."
beeo taking local treat-
years, d na hemseve

fno to be the ril rem

p 1u
Oo,:: ,.._. rt :..


n.'i Agony
!:F:C D4bies ce r lr oe r t

ist wks I BSy" andr&td with a
na leg g and a few Ye&s ago it broke out
na sre and spaied from my foot to 4-y
-,k m J& tlisg d met gony. It wond
buss and itch all sne time and dicha t
Sa gpm de-l. Myj Jea wOs good with
tbhC ption of this ue. Itrvedagr t

rftristajhr oru so sitt I could ardl
hi ths as c sxj 1 .: go new th
fbWhL shpassugisng la.irlsIY. Someoi"
enit mecapes const i e .c.;suo-iaste of
cures by ood 'B Saarstr'll., and 1 LoWd
.jnyhbnd i won'u j.e to :yrst med-
draugi S e ahtoigebcttteaBoodldn d%
OudwR IepATO S Ing AWAIt ifol
Ahmb Vwe 'eemFkeslY AJ I I M="
Hogs od'b s b&t40t55h 5Ihoo H
cemi the et oe d of aof im&U ithso and

t is with aproound re.gre that we

learn that our fellow eitizens of Hawall'
dnumerto 3to00 America*aft 21,Mo

Chinamen, te remaining 75,000 being
manlsy navs, riea, ng bore a
oreitives of S Ae god Queen Af do
nt is with profound regret that we
leaf our other fellow cities of enwato
umberpn am e Americ, who are now
Chrinmeg athoe re waning 7mk000 being

qmaUnlty nat, z speeches and oer- and

wtoe inaugurating themselves into the'
good graces of the odwa u people. Ad
norrespondent o the Ntew York un ien-

forms us that the natives exhibited a
"cbold- oke curiosity toward our Sena-to
torL, a circumetance whoh canw soe
understood, but why tsehey d fail ton ap-
0qualteanPrA anw speeches and other-

Sthe inaugurating teloquence of our
Senators s not quite clear. The or-.
orespondent of the n fYort Stells usn i
forms that the natives flocked about their a

queen with the greatest affection pre
"childiske curiosity" toward our Sena-
tors, oferin her fruit and flowers by
understood, but why they did fail to ap.

audthe lo burning eloquene of our

Imaginable tribute Of loyalty."o t
senators is not quite clear. The cor-

respondent of the un.in Hawa further Cuba, the us
that the natives flocked abou; their

more are we impressed with the greatest action pr
that in order hato governati them in aord
childish curiosity concerning our Sena-
tors, 'offering her fruit and flowers by
the caioe-load, and paying her every
Imaginable tribute of loyalty."
The more we lear of our fellow-titl-
sene, whether in Hawaii or Cuba, the
more are we Impressed with the fact
that in order to govern them in accord

7 with Democratic ideas, the talents of
t such gentlemen as MrT. Platt and Mr.
e Croker are sorely needed; to arrange for
- 1,000 to rule 97,000 under a system of
- government where neither race, color
h nor previous conditions of servitude
B shall abridge the right of the citizen to
- cast his ballot, is a problem which will
Seven tav the resources of these versatile

a Just as the Tribune predicted, Col. P.
e O. Knight was unanimously chosen by
the Democratic County Executive Com-
e mittee yesterday as its chairman. The
- wisdom displayed by the committee in
making such an admirable selection is
r indeed very commendable. A better
9 qualified man for the exalted position
and a more staunch, zealous and enthu-
siastic Democrat would indeed be dffi-
cult to find. Col. Knight will make the
committee an alert, impartial and ag-
gressive chairman, one who is thorough-
Sly conversant with the responsibilities
attached' to the official head of so im-
porstan an organisation, and will ever
Sto he found doing herculean work for the
cause of Democracy, pure and undelled.
This immaculate hero of Jeffersonian
principles as enunciated by the great
leaders of Democracy, is thoroughly
patriotic, broad-minded and liberal, and
abundantly imbued with that tenacity
and enthusiasm so essential and char-
acteristic of success.
There Is a grand and glorious work to
be accomplished by the Democratic
party this fall, and Hilsborough, the
banner Democratic county of Florida
will always be found at the front with
the banner racefully and enthusiastic
cally waiving for success.
Karl N4eufeld the German who was
captured by the dervishes about 10
years ago. is reported to have niade
is escape. Karlwas attired in chains
and carried Iron rings on both feet
but on one occasion he called a mass
meeting of the widows of El Mandi
and offered to decorate the tomb of
the departed warrior. Neufeld did the
work so effectively that the widows
called another mass meeting, passed
a series of resolutions and decided to
unchain him. The ungrateful artist
then escaped, and the other day the
British demolished the decorations with
six-Inch guns.

President McKinley is experiencing
exceptional difficulty in finding men
who are willing to investigate the -, n-
duct of the War Department. There si
little to recommend the appointees a
already announced by the press. H I
should seek out men who will no I
"whitewash" when their convictions
demand other action. His appointees
need not be men of great acquirements
but they must be men of great courage
President McKinley evidently believes
that the difference between Miles and
Alger and the pugilists who conduct
their negotiations In the same way is
that (Mlles.and Alger might fight if they
met face to face. For that reason be
bas taken pains to keep them apart.
ie Both can claim a very large
share of the heroism o Teddy Roosevelt.
HEe I the sa of & s bthem woman

The Tritune mightlPOyly h i oh c esarc naa

to capital, and the day is not far distantclates he eling of n R .I D^ hl b '"^
ien rsearoo. tos anee wit th uni- Diop ... nho er dn' enlh ...... W phri Don'td .Vres ar c obe so t.. =
dn ~ aryn oportunitiBor werae offered tate .l ... ,S"Movd .",

..he i t. we bPhe ila mo P Ademlia Norh American. held at the various adlca. f ol : e5h $
an otes cire n h enti South. The -Santoe calsee 5 o have de- for the baeneft and edifoaton of afi'
ti< naturaly the unbl.. eg~imnaie entre-

ot for the Wnt Indie trade. It sdmtly J ame i saznits $ scsseBa P
reirs A JIttie sagacity and aoney on t
the part of our bmee merchants and The war reatosuep-wllli' bresd' fhe ciledy Et t t
Drospcctors to develop this trade into campaign argument very closely in Florida. This aslertios brM a tl "
immense proportions and with the unt- popular interest this fall.-Walshineton nd flnures and cannoStbe &L I x 7

ted energ- of otorBoard of Trade turnedBU. -S a ti. bs* d'..-* I t<' J 5 s : a *: 31h
in this direction we see nb reason why admirall Oervera want to blw Read the Tribuo e carefully_ y .
Tampa should not control it. his ships instead of maing a ron from to day, dvertisemet and a and te l ,a
Various plans aot American capitalists Santigo. We saved hi the theirble.- do your tahkng with the chrhu tha _
are now bein formulated for the de- New o Tri tl e na o iti i
velopns et of tr ae inte the est I.n- .: Th ane oo :- o o r e Fr teI tI e d e a t e t
1LIs nai u rathe rus friction of Sanihtar- rikeytop -at--newf tt -til New la th e 7 ta.8 eath. Dreortr this umme
ips Jamoes Har W asr1 ise& b eahis L14
die. It should be borne in mind in ute5 the Ct peae at he advertise on that hcTo ti ae. -
tns connection that no study of the
figures ot past years of the traneV : Mai eandc. e, 5 t -' .o. a .o..a "o s"
these stanos, at Itast those uM er h pant ., e t e e
i nb rule ni. afiord a fair lndicatran 1e Elsi the time et.Y9w a bW taiteruqecre thislh the dimpcta&lo Ett s
wfM ,.e lutuo e is to be, but neverthe- dent man is a little caUtbeti -aat Board of Health, and A& Wl 't oo
pres it is iLoters tldg to note that, ue- chanmngpi too abrgmptly from the gin appreciated by every i tnglls t gee o/ .ss
ite the rorctions of Spanish tare rickey to the rlnbhttan coclktarl-New in thee te. a Dr. Porter ar-Preslduptl,
ite ene thg roforitronsk of Tdpande tar- 14 ,,PaWohl. ', i'- i
in this orec tionw se e ri e o o r n blht
ifs, th_ United l t.stes eurlitheo over -'orkaeladti eT "'iu c 1 OdAt ra ., ,-
21 per celt of the Impotsa in 1805 ad in t ene t -r ofo n t bist- l* rgL, peo ..... C,, C. t: .
1896 and o0 per ontmooA r than did tithe Seet oae r aeied thet theo.afloo.-tef .dyoe Ebre li sw itahle e ethi
Utntted Kingdom In fact, the total of BiDftn wa kbos la tOo WuDiOnt pa Si*-nd ottn iiPug.t o" .-.T A, ,D-ar

to as. the rest of thm a fort a mersoant that s urnae are Mme.@etll e -Marr emet Pso alas 'stb e
Continent. The wiures, ae. furnhed r vetmmeteat 5a it a1.si. S re th)ighth. b .e..,.;v i ltt, ...h t "& ^1
eby the C-attanoog Tradesman, which by the party in power irat cb t hlt bt ddns d petisi .
"is now engaged in giving its readers a nostrils of eery decent man. and If th Jacl~nnvlle Metropolls .. -
prospectus of the past, present and u- Amerlean people knewsthe true woak-j Nor~isg armonieo an df te n.
ture trade with these Islands, are wor- lgen they woulM rlse an army and leTment ad cremet a ti tto o inte o -'i::
scheme willjustsuitSm o thee Ioto h a. e ohe place an aboul b '.

thy of careful examination. dritv tth hm nto tee Potona ver- indvsble whole hie a p at pubiC
In the last fscal year Porto Rco New York iuY. calamity. It was dle i Amer ca ,i ,
bought from us less than 12,500 worth Mr. Plait Is for Rooevelt because t' theMane under the wte otHa-
of print cloths, while In the same.period desirable to be in the butldin, even t van- harbor. It Is so In thkustri c-fow n -w '' '
San Domtngo took $120,167 worth, and you are denied the ground oor.--De- that the Emress has fallen beneath an a
the other West Indies (Including Ber- troit News. aaassin'sh steel. ort :
muda) purchased $793,175 worth of these he r ech The school bo- hould am e-ew ;
S oh ic o t ae The rssembllng of the Austrian Reich- The school board shod ma sor
toods. According to a tabulated state- qarrans eents towardt ero vriteb'l
t by te trath pounds the death knell of the-a re tiw to. ereng suiable e .
prent by the Britiradest Imandia ColOnies C s peace dream. -Bi lngham school buildings for th -dty. Then old h T
ports of the Brih PWest India Colonies houses in which the children are taught .f
In 1895b-9 aggregated t19,082,2123, of 'w are about one hundred years behind
which $ta-.95,230 was received rom the We hope General Mtles and Seretay the progress and impotbaone df the city. M
United States and 8,M42,318 from the Alger wll bury ter differences until They are a reflection on the IntellIgence i c
United Kingdom. The total imports such time a the peace commissto shall and progress of the place and sheaud be "
of Cuba were 166,166.74, of which only have fnshed Its labors and adwounrned replaced by new and btantlal onea a
$7,o30,S80 came front the United States sine die. No public good can come o at the earliest moment posle. .
and none from Great Britain. The the quarrel, and a nasty and a acrimo-
total imports of Porto Rico (1895) were nloue discussion wd lId really help the war is loom e g promises to h eorion
and in a short while promises to te-

$16,155,'06, of which only $1,833,544 came enemy. Let us hide our wounds and precipitated upon a peaceful public, the 4-.
from the United States and $4,592,98 acar as much aa possible for the pres- o which, i i to be sincerely
effetsbn Ane'Metr p H&
from the United Kingdom. The total ent, alyly dealing with certain army ped, e y every n, oman
imports from all the West oIndes pos- officer reasonable for the needless d il cobtry. yon maes r weo d
Sandild in the corynt the eari The war we r
sessions for 18o5-'1896 aggregated f120- deaths of the soldiers who never reached reero is the h t-ae War. u t .
408,041. of which $26,338.780 came from the front, leading the rows imon, high hosile parties are the American S= ga
the United States and $16,.48,891 trom officers and higher officials for-C:2 ress- Refining Company, commonly known
the United Kingdom. lonal inquiry. as te '-Sugar Trost," Messrs Anboelee,
It may be confdentl predicted that If reports the newthnew r the coffee magnates and tie Mer'
with the introduction of American pendents are to be believed, Uncle ream Doscher, a Brooklyn sugar relning con- .
methods into Cuba and Porto Rico, the will soon be fighting insurgents in the pany. The last named concern baa the -.
importation to these islands in the near phigpones and In Cuba. There is a capacity ofi,5000 brrels of reined ;
future of all sorts of manufactured chance that the newspaper men are see- persday-, tho Arbuckle concern a p ':
goods, food supplies and notions will ing ghoots where there are no grave- city of 000 barrels per day, and the ,
be vastly increased. yards, trust a capacity of 34,000 btreis a day;
It will be for our home merchantsal product, however, is -oly
and manufacturers to say what proper- The intelligent people of the crled its actual product, however, is only
tlon of this trade Tampa will get and world who love jutlie will rejoioes about c theaIrbulel. d th0e f -u n ..
hold. We are entitled to it and he ko th Captain 3reus of race tr ce retail the dhrbu oesir the -.sua r a
Tribune 8opes we wial get it. is W& be awarded a new M ls t ntr bossne was tI retigastd fortI e .thei.
UnitedStates an 8&238f hvason by thu Oubarrhe'ut, th roughthuel

The mnitary condition of this city in th e
is getting in good shape, and with a Jste wl prevaiL n '
few more weeks of hard work by the Tampa needs a street oomaio Miss 1 ttE a Byrd, one-e Tampii&-m "0'
sanitary department, and the govern- very tadly. A good competent mm n attractive and popea tsrceuot d sulmmer
ment tCams under the supervision of the should be appointed at the eartueat Rocylt Pointe. a an

State Board of Health, Tampa will be lible convene ce'and held responbtlte -. ..
prepared to enter the parlor so to speak, for the appearance and dilapidated co o-.
with its face and hands nicely cleaned. dlton of our thoroughfare. f ----- -. i '

The three banks in Tampa are doing The Hon. Wharton Baker should not-.
a tremendous business for this season take his nomination for President by I L .' .a ,
of the year. fraction of the middle-of-the-road
Populists too seriously. Everybody
who does not regard it as a wrong will
take it as a joke
Tested Ml- Taid f We are all drinking muddy water-- -j v U.
Id I Tim Rome, (Ga.) Tribune. ,Why don't yowu
.A try some of TaLmpa's beer. A change pIi the "
Fo r Y ars would make you robust, healthy and

Would you feel perfectly Having lost several pounds of himself -
sate to put all your money in Ouba, General Shafter is refraining. about the is M i -
hv new bant 9 you in so far as posstile, from eking an to ay we o d
But how about an old acte part in the pending unpleastness s e of wessahood, make itt yr.
bank ? One that has done reieds end thatI she siseta apes oe
business for over a quarter The people of Tampa should make a hood's camr th fel woan l ewogNs
Of a century? One that bhs united effort.to get the Seventh army sad capacity. She will bless you it a
always kept ts promised 9 s ebas
One that never failed;never corps located in this city when it breaks Th is no need of enmis
mised youI in any way 9 camp in Jacksonville. We need the "aloeav pliobutia re" o aiend h
advice may he obtained er chargeby
YOu Od trust sh a bn soldier bo s in our business. riti to t R. V. Pieiee, chiefrs saim
l couldn't you? physical to the InalidW Motel Aad Sr-
If The M.etrorpolis of Jacksonville con- ica institute, of Bwtlo N. T.,hose
thirty yeals occupancy of this nmlth=
TT S tinus t prosper. It is a bright and made him recogn sed am t
a O t newsy paper ably conducted and richly emnet of woman' ease dis
Wtmant of wsman'sedisassi .
a' inU lW deserves its success and prosperity. Be E se submitted to him he mail ae-
A __ceires careful couasid.si& Bckaient sad
Of COD-LIVER OIL WITH Aspirants for Senator Panco's place 'inexpemive home-tresatent is necibed
HTPOiOlOr3PxLn.rS is just whereby deliate. feminine complasts may
I ts J in the United state's Senate are bobbing epro alleviated nd cd Dr.
Like ouch a bank It hasnever ier's Faori P o iP s th crp '
disappointed you, never will. up in all se.:tions of the state. Ocala roetame
; It has never deceived you, is yet to be heard from. for ths special namoe by a pela
Never will. cm e duated t^L-B-P r expear
Lookr ougt that someOne TheoliiciaOs- spci set. b P LYagusp
Look ut th on The politicians ve in Lake County VCia as to Dr.
does not try to mae you to ...s... l . ,t . e .a_ myg,,
inv t Fyour health In a new are always quarreling. We fall .to see 6.Om ,,ma, ,f
inetwsty u healt in a noe emsm thS m
tonic, ome new medicine who is ever benefitted by such wrang ,les. ~sgey, .t r a--_ '*- .-- .
you know nothiMng Of. .,atulk- "arn bo w ,.
g m;il i When Tampa', streets are paved thisbeyT l w hisgdi f:e -'
sCOTr a BOwE, Cihmisi N YMew will be one of the "adsonest cities in -tramte Ar now
ea t- So0U.s, e



K- ,sle~b *ao
As A

a 0

~4:; rLec~a# a ,-thq e
~4l ~- ~a~A~' t i4~vNu~sitle of st

P~~ltt(- ~ Utc j '

Ti; if;~., eHYkalI rI~tfl in~4 theal
VV .RAJ isleSI

Damp cornb~l~
,ta5. hsrti
Inter-f dow

; Of It cs

lift~B~r ~~~~i~t
Ulm~r a

-wt~wa mks* I&

-i~ -.Ihs-tbe


-he 1


Lr t
r- C


ad Col.
I '- .

gd in
d that a

deceased. and report the AtI i
ie empmatep Tiechairman VIIILLI
Venr.Casuin& _C, q ,Whit- 5(IIrri -YEW
O s 71stamer as'such con m-WILLI I III
tion of nominatng a caaLi--
ember of the county board of at a nam PrewMr
rutior. to OIL the vacancy
the death of Jde 8parkman n d tm
to the attention of the com- i
t no action wa taken.
ion was introduced by aena-I
SPlmer In rtae of holding us CALL RF tli
election fr: th *selection of
amiasioners, and callng for
on tl be heeld In each of the epairs to the kd4a "amn l a a o
f th.oo o s the on sa daw
nersl election in Noeember is 1i0on3eM Are to U Paid or--
ali nr i a srong speech eoo Sthe reiolutlo. A subeti- tiona Cousidwe
dew %T C. C. Whitaker to
ttat the, county, execute
recomMbsnd t the governor Fonm Saturday's Daily
A #w pVoan- for appoint-, The City Council met in regular sea-
unty comod-tor. T. M. sonM last night, with the tuflowing- mew*-
ated entr Plmers resMo- 'bers present. President Bruen and
'nfe woe a number of Councilmen Kruse, We.b, PreckerPhtul
on each side. Chairman lips, Brown, and de Armas. Aftsc th
ked Victor Catfa to the- reading and approval of the minutes
oak tb S Heeavocted bisess was transacted as follows:
* matter by leaving it to the A oorne'-'iatIon Crm J. A. Weller
b *eleetia pftc tict to in- was received, statlna that the amount
execitt o~o,~tWOw n of of work upon the cit tax assessment
Lnt ardi tebT choice roUs necessitated the employment ot
i n sM r" tr" the an asilstant for ten days, and asking
as from_ the sWetit is perstson to employ a person to do this
*~e S oC f the- dyv county wort. The desired pemnnot was
*WV districts to i-spwr to the gmnte&
ommltme the, choice of the communication as received from
th*t *coMmitttee ca50c- Sparkman & Sqparkma, attorneys tW
tothe govvas for tUe Tampa Water fWaoris Company.
.it- witt. h, .a4 .w drattb wig the propolDtkS for a ro
tri nm e duction of rates previously submftted.

Last Monday night Ivy and Hook
saept together, but when -Hooksa ar
in the morning, he found that Ivey wa
gone and the $150, and an old nary re
valver was mlming. He enqsuire
around Port Tampa, f.tb could leaI
nothing of Lvey except that he had. beel
walking up the railroad track toeand
Tampa. Following a this clue ih
came to Tampa and soon ascertaine
that Lvey had been trying to dispose. o
the pitol. He notified, the police. an
the sheriffs deputies and they in tar
notified the railroad conductors leaving
here on-the F. C. & P. ad the Plaa
System trtLnm Tuesday night to. watd

a mei-ad- -ot the committ e at a f -at la---rc ---iro-w. do I as cou o
mwsmo, tonkCe talfn rea- The petition o L S8. Gid4ea & Co., for ofthe rrest, the cksaue Reto-
PrCt aTei;sy. ,y- sii .permission to build a platform in front Its of W'ednesdY says:
. ~ of their wr eboue w.as gran A terer was received from the
tI This o auwbar tt last, ht W_ D nl.vw
Bids for excavating trenches for the Tae t lt night by W. D.
'burial Of nig l ois o etc., were op*d, Vimaat, chief b of p'oloe, teq.sig him
rt*s a lefn NOegro. Aeep a on thp J. P .Blantonns bid was for 3 cents per to ai eat a yourn wite aun amed
lineal yard, and 15 cents per cuic yr.j iFrank Gray, who is wanted in that city
bask of the F. C a P, Wright Boubh's hid was ~2t cents' per for-robng Harry Hooks of 5 and a
Slineal yard. while Thomasu Coasma revolver.
po st a submisltted a bid for 7 cents per cubic Gray left Tampa last night or this
n lla n bnt war ilred by ter yard The dthe are to be fodrt et city and wua arrested at the dePot ths
o, .n s y~ .. .-etan Wd ald toe teet deep.. n morningO by Ocer ler iust a he
tenootat e a~~A it about thouie. d o. ade Armas, the bids were referrd iePed off the tr~an.
hibcI otreo Pjtti5of ee. The trial to the ianitsry committee which .w he arrested ander haderih tlsay
t it a i t whe given power to otwhenarrested
-en be AVu d yesa w a man lyin A petition from property ownls of At the police station he adMitd om-
ronan tba-tek. He did everything the Third ward. at dng that the Board mittlag the rohhrT, aod alM e of
ii, powlel etea the-ain but wa of Public Works be instructed to ave the stolen money was found u p him.
dn9hi tu.doUo u .t the negro had bee Plant avenue with vitrified brick, was and also the stolen evolve.t- -
Sand run over. received and erred to the countnenUm Gray stayed to a Me&ool reporter
t'kh* lOt Of'the ktomottv4 struck th from the Third ward. .A resolution. that he and Hooks had been friends for
M tLRIthe w Oeel paged over his let the oard f aPublic Works to pave the United States transport Florida.
arm and left leg. The man was pick Plant avenue in accordance with the but left the steamer several weeks ago
py the tridn crew and placed in th wishes oft the property, owners, as ex and went to board withe Mrsa acKeon'
gg oe-car. le was carried to Bush presedin the petition, was introlitcs4 boarding house, at Port Tampa, ectC -
^e opy the same room. Re feels hin dis-
ad t there in care of the rail and adopted. png te sme room
rad sgMt who summoned a doctor Councilman de Armas reported thrt race keenly and dea ore his plght
While horribly mangled. the man wa an alley between Sixth and Seventh u assigns no rewui for having tom-
llve when the train left Bushnell, hu avenue extending from 16th and 17th mitted the theft.
'was fastaro g ~etakter and it wa streets was washed out and badly in The Tampa authorities have been notl-
meom that he would die in short time. need of attention. The bad condition led of his arrest, and an ocer will be
picked and iLs name could not b attention of the council by Councilman
earned He was evidently aleep O rume. PThis and other complaints re- e a ye y i nt ertttned.
he track, for he had taken off hs- ahoe garding the condition of streets was .
which were setting beside the track referred to the street committee. I Mayor Bowyer entertained at dinner
No bplam- be-iatached to the eni The condition of the bridge on West last night at the famous COnno=-lltan
aeor, hedidp all in Ul power to sto Ninth avenue was declared by Council-I Cafe, Captain C. H. West. Lieutenart
the train matter he first saw the negro man Kruse to be dangerous. He was John M. Bowyer, Lieutenant Arm9rtead
the pas egers arriving here on on t authoried to have the necessary, re- RUbt, Mr. J. M. Pickerell, Mr. .H.
train last night say that the sight wa pairs made. Loundes, and Mr. R. H. Leigh of the
ost horrible. The special committee appointed to U. ,. Princeton now at Port Tampa.
Steadjust tax settlements reported the col- and Cols. Peter 0. Knight and J. B.
Died In Jackonavie. election of taxes from one of the delin- Anderson of this city. Lieutenant
quents. Bowyer is the executive o officer of the
'-- A resolution directing the Board of princeton and a cousin of Mayor eow-
rLr. J. T. Bryan. father of Mrs. G. Public Works to investigate the cond- yer.i The meon u wa come f Ma yort and
parkman of this city, died at hi hom dtion of the District cemetery at the in- a most enjoyable evening was spent,
n Jacksonville at clock Thureda tersecton of cth avenue and 16th streets and the distinguished ests of T ampa'
morning matter a brief Illness. Mre.and devise some method of placing thelenee ic mayor voted him the most
parkman received telegram rtednes same in proper sanitary condition, was hospitable host of the season.
a* afternoon aiforming her that he introduced and'adopted. i
father -was seriously -i, and she lef A resolution directing the Board oftar
tbt night for Jacksonville, but she ar Public Works to pave with Wilswoodod ood aitary Work
rved a short time after he had breathe rock Arch street, West Ninth avenue ---
h last. The many friends In Tamp and Green street in the Third ward. was Mr. Walter Spitler who has charge o
of Mrs. Sparkman, extend to her thel adopted. the government team under supvis-
profound sympathy for her loas. Th The bill of William Hunter, attorney ion of the State Board ot Health.is
tnetal too place in Jackonvtlle yes for services rendered In the case of
WW +Q a-.* & ,*.c e--.. R. ,Mugge, vs the city of Tampa. for $600 i) dolg some good etary work in this
was referred to the finance committee. city. He ha ten teams and nine hands
ALARION NOSED BY B T The bill C< Shea & Krause for repair making a cost to the city of about S9
ICIAJ to the Lafayette street bridge, amount- a day for the work he Is aompsvhisng.
-a- -song to $30.40, was received and ordered' His wagon e haul from tour to seven
ad guiaran to cure Chilt e Fever paid. loads o garbage a day and considering
andAg" I druggsts o fronm The bill of T. K. Spencer for $242 fO everathlng, he Ts ucceedin adm thr lyh
otW Co., St. Lou. feeding city prisoners in the county jailn tyconditing Tampa put in a thorough
was ordered paid
den hastur.... ed BOWS THIS. x-.lld at Ta ,,l-nd.
V ehe has been per-
sele-cting hff mam- We offer one hundred dollars rewa From LalelandSu
enter stock 6f. goods. for any case of catarrh that cannot be. MIr Bowaer, one o the night car
b ofH~ theks most elegaantcured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. w H B o one of th night car
of the elent F J. CHEI EY & Co., Toledo. 0. inspectors was run over by a moving
bo nd the rries e. the undersigned, have known F train in the Plant tem ards here
ee In f Se surprising to 3. Cheney for the last de years, ande Thursday night an d instantlye lIed
Ouuere.a HI came horn lleve him to perfectly honorable in all adisny le
business transactions and financially He was at work as usual, when the un-
e at here his family have able to caryw out any obligations made fortunate affair happened. He leaves
weeks and accompanied by their trm. a wile and one child to mourn his loss.
.MiafsGertrud( tra.- West & Traux. Wholesale Druggists, The deceased wa a man well thought
wo ha een wth tr idden Toledo, O. of in the comrnlnity and the many
S b e=en.with^ sr& Oldens ~ WAIJrNG KINPNAN- & MfARV'IN, friendsof the family join the Sun in ex-
S 4Caolna and, .ennesaeo e- Wholesale Druggists, Tolcdo. 0. tending sTympathy.
I wi th them. They were greatly Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter-
bmtneot.ewatJr eating. nally, acting directly upon the tl.)d Traffit s.eoned.
enefitteb their un mucous surfaces of the system. Testi-
Le&aera, of Jacmoa4lle, who has monials sent free. Price 75 cents. --
mbeen tb. XLe est oatfce h os the b Hall's Family Pills are the beat. The Florida Central & peninsular
esallroad desires to inform the public
Western Union Telegraph Company for Mrs. Jackson, the owner of the stores generally that the freight service over
the ast five months, arrived on the on the southwest corner of Franklin their Northern divesloa o recently inter-
Magcotte aod will leave for home to- and Polk streetoccupied by 3. T. Burtc rupLed by several severe washouts has
day. ,He lays the Western Union has reused yesterday to allow the linemen a b e resumed. The freio h schedules
e -in e tWRene thed businekin atof of the Plant System to place a telegraph her2ofore in effect have been reslcr-iL.
the ettileship Maine, but that there has pole in a hole which they were digging
been a decided failing off in bolinese in the sidewalk on her property. Th Jake Lewinsky, who shot Willie
ance the war ended. pole was for the purpose of carrying the "Knight in Key 'West ten days ago, and
railroad telegraph wires above the trolley who was brought to this city to keep
Remember that the Tribune ofce is wire of the street railroad company. Th a mob of Knight's friends from lynch-
heardquarter for ll classes of fine employee of the company insisted upon Ing him, was before United States Core-
printIg. Letter and note heads. bill their right to place the pole at the point missioner Horatio Craine. for prelimi-
and statement heads, cards, posters, selected, but Mrs. Jackson was deter- nary examination, on Wednesday. As
drnclars, and in fact anything needed mined that they should not. Mayor young Knight is rapidly recovering
a the store, railroad office or steamboat Boyer was sent for, and he settled the form the effects of his wound, Lewinsky
idf ie n the latest styles, nd at the matter by sustaining Mrs. Jackson and was released on bond in the sum cf
west prices. When you need any.- the railroad people -were compelled to fill $2,0W for appearance for trial.
ing. 'phone 175, and a representative the hole and select a new location for
if the Tribune will call on you and sub- the pole. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve has the
nit sampless and quote prices. largest sale of any salve in the world.
3fr. S. L. Pemberton has purchase: This fact and its merit has led dishonest
-Dr. S. Tner, who passed through the grocery business of C. S. Haut & people to attempt to counterfeit it. Look
eeral yellow fever epidemics in FloW Co., and will assume charge on Octobeo
da, and came known as a yelo t. Mr. Harris has made a phenome out for a man who attempts to deceive
hoer expert, enlisted as an immune nal success since he started in sussnes you when you call for DeWitt's Witch
ad w ( one among the first to die o a little over a year ago, and only cold Hazel Salve. S. B. Leonardi & Co.
hLeawfever at Saniago. Thirty year. on t so that he could mor e his family
ito Dr. Tyner occupied the Methodls to Asheville, 7. C., where they thaie Phillips & Fuller received a contract
slptt in this city.-Ocala Banner. been summering, and have been E3 from the government yesterday to cur-

he by ita ipite cogressad children mayt Harris and his estimable family will besl osh the quartermasters department
e it in bue quatrties without the sadly missed in commercial and soclail with a car load of hay a day for thirty
danger. It has won for itself the circles by the people of this city, who days. This would Indicate ,that there
at -reputatico of any preparation used will part with them most reluctantly is "life in the old land yet" and that
s-bay or colds, erou~Fpepar t the all of the government stock would not
toat or obst ugh 5, Iwin- MALAtION WITH M.LAXRION leave Tampa any way soon.
#I-dA .. TABLETS, Mr. Frank Broen contemplates erect-
bvy of b nds at' aoasltanlp Gaanteed cure for Chbils. Fever and tog a handsome brick residence on his
l the git TampaBa. An. C or money refunded. 60 cent. All elegant lot in Hyde Park at an early

r tk shs mw.. m.ssti of

e wit eroemoesi o r

* Tealcst sNaM fot on h, 1 aa. ^

t htno tHMUSe o oridinthe ossss11

doIt 6 J = ey, 18 h 1, 11o h-
a I aSyNa, mbn E.ersdsy, ^^., a

at T the- tB aDemo a7,o Ft Ife zan JCt%
. It hi om the a t tim Ubaftsce tat M M
I every Democratl tI=. B i Irb amgh'&cty' lIIrI, l
h preporiy nautsd. Io a to ne a hC_ to -
gt em enera l a option on the eigi&to .. mb
of Nwembiser, h. t0e *W -ma
Alr persona swer twenty-one ears of aL L. ",
bae wil be entitled to vote at that etec-D Li tl% !I
tton, who have been reidents oabefint taie u

your pol tss r^ r t LIy Democrat
Smhoroenu county far is ao itho, asa o a *A-m- -e
th* twe macr of fi or oner 0y o

Itour thous8 n e t t.e wge ut alour c as t. _egr
wth o eo ropes to registered. ,Tfster- e
in w-a twe ty- ne. n rsessaof o cna o,1he6a
i thin th arde 'oten trdat eothe fit st
t*6t ofjanuoW, 1nl he will alo tae -.,
Spropa Tir pu taxaor t the years IMss her sa d
t and every Dem vote. i he wa -ount r ea la
Scotitute himself a coma ite of othe t fs l l
day Jaar an De. tn o-- Daoty-oa Ash
t year of eGe, and after tht ft da y ot ot f
o ianobae, eim he wa have welto pay Kvhis.s-a

; at of ioda Bt ny time after the La i
,rt day -at Januwr. y We, o m of W31T2 s'bam

k c e O. Kont oe < E A and BLT -'^ es s 1
Sage at a w Ntime ftter the st. day idn l tur d a
t asmar, oLa, it teill nat Se ce s-aaary st ok-
Soe him to ey aypliy tanx Mb~tj he c.a iT .
become a qu.aed voter, 5ltnPlg by ba e- S '-

ton emiral hve otin the second sature Theorete
ftry th Ocuatr, nthe iath e& eari a t be the
eighth wo thereof, w to r te y rregster 4d pay
your Poll tams. Rvery Deocrag itb, sasam aY
teshoul te that he Id s Tqual ed andB tdpeud -
should vote. llhorough county has and sk tI -. f U
Sta-Democratic Voting population at I .overt hi
four thousand, yet the highest .vote cast a n bo eg! a aatI
two yes tae go was and roexanftely r r
twenty-two Chundred. Ten years agoc appnatedWa.
illeaorough county cast eighteen q3W & Lebeth dPhiips A -the
hundred Democratic votes, and at this NewsA l S.*, B.. M C.rlnd b
election. its population having beentso Philips ad soSLT. Jet 5 D B0

c ealie Blr with v s at h e-zIs iB
double that much.e acctr ther. ,t-r ow Ayaa
It is necessary q iat we cast all our fact t t -absha bKeen en 1W
d vote, so as to have the proper represen- the- A5r yrr d sar ens
Station in the oState and Cangresona tonal ft -of her recorwe.
conventions Every precinct should isat h erbedsiae,
take a pride in seeing that every Demo-BC
e crat within its limits Is qualified and A
dvtes, so as to entitle the precinct to Thanktfl words wcrlttenlbElm.
HaHrt of Groton, Ow y na As
proper representation I n the county ton- wi.h a cold whih settld on reit
Senion. Iough sret In atd fnally Inthu
CaneNmption, Faor Dotora
Let every Democrat In the oounteyp,u sayimn I coul e LI lw mfCMw
constitute himself a committee of one tba i of t n"a- IT sav
re that every one In his nfehborIoo& M.ds n5t a hev Iou ld.wtast
set ones shove, -i- huahda7an.
will properly qualify on or before Me vised to get or. thie mrNT w
eighth day of October, and taet o t he o brn a C-onum, Oc U ah
t ofrme tt t triad 101d inde so b ibA
November election day he will cast bi Itt has oqrad ma, and thalfNi
a ote saved and now. a L*1 AL;0mw

SolIr. Thomas P. uante h ', O ;

P. O. Box 28, Waco,. Texas W. L. Fulton mxetoVed ridagr
Sold by S. B. Leonardi & Co., Tampa, from Marion conty, wh r A
chased abouteightebhunured U"
la cattle for the CulN n trade. iWr
ton now hds nearly f -thousandJ1
S Clanton, Ala., March 4, 1897.-I cer- of catte, which wond ncAenhs I
tify that I have been cured of Kidney intends to mke money In ttr t
and bladder troubles by Hall's Great trade, it dealing in it on ax i-&
Siscovery (Waco, Texas), and I can fully cale is the way to ocompn~ i .
recommend it. tf. More than twenty mil lontfi
REV. L. B. POUNDS. of DeWitt's Witch Baser S
I-- been distributed by themanft
READ THIS. What better proof of their
--- t's merits do you watnt?-t t
Seguin. Texas, September 27, 1.94.- piles, nrna, a or the
have taken Halls' Great Discovery, an eat space of time. S B. IseoA
it has cured me completely of kidne !1 5-
t and bladder trouble. F. SOUGHART,
Treasurer Guadaloupe County I rts sma B.a M r satk e m lMsr
Toqul t, tosaceo eIAily iom fm sr,.
The political campaign in the First set, fuloltlie.s er~aIed vgo .
Congressional District of Florida. is to e the wonaer-worker, toasmin e i
open next Friday night, September 23, in stong. A IIt drbiysg-s, c i. 5.
Key West.Con. pressman par- teed. Bolet sasd amias f.i .
man and a party of well known Demo- *rUtiie tle'- o 't"O -- -i
cratic orators will leave Port Tampa Seekers after sold kmow
on the Mtascotte on Thursday night andmay be disapponted, buti
Reach Key West Friday afternoon The health, take ooda 8- i
first meeting to be held in Tampa wil the utmost confide th-
be Tuesday night. September 27. -The them wonderful good. : -'.
Democratic voters of the county are ex-
pected to turn out in large numbers to ]Hood's Pillare the only taa;t
attend this meeting. with Hood SeaU0isarffiaa -li
-- For driywi out dull iliam
The best salve in the world for cuts, strengthenlng the &apeii
bruise, bores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever in g the capacity of0 th boef wd E
a sores, tettar, chapped hads chLlblaiLO Prickly Ash tit4er; a c goli-s
corns, and all kinds of kin eruptions, SlId by I BE itnrLem a t V,.
and positively cures ,piles, or no pay- n eys.----m .-g '.-
required. It is guaranteed to gtive, a r |
perfect -a sfetlcn or money refund e., S-ful md t Its
Price, 25 cente er box. For 'ale by B. sWt and
B.Lo.ard &


erd estt to Join with the ii Sne In the conduct of A luialdo we havet
ted stt is jo Vrotectorate Nd bi sp i fcho wn At the be-ni- of vcae
?-the -ll"r.o t y, history repeating itself Arauinaldo in season the question of
appe al 1i the United States. b Th e d ea o OrientaL and e es aotentol he hr come up for iucos nsl . ass ti-. i

adopt oriental methods. He is a every branch of the cone e n
A e i IAtThe United Staintes has had one ex- o d
*.F..Tai i. teeSafi a5Sa5 peienest a$1teetote, shrewdd mana who received a thorough There are big advertises an .
SSSren*,e education from the Spanish priesthood. advertise sod
amowa th e . s Jects. which It does no; spiet his con s
-* 0 ect of this molti suporylsioonand mis t t -sio eo advertise tavide blt nn ittl5.t icu,
AA- I M As set attractive. issue toaiscuse. Following the 1ils- ON- a .
3h. -1 _1111as, low. tom of his race, is a flatterer, end. on advetisisg is does big
y t besa--UI-sfo- after the manner ol 3Issracli. when in es t ea -
So tie ae t sthe presence o' royalty, he lays It n qu and g i l
00-0-4100 a*-with a trowel. me extols, he nmSeatVA 1200741 mosss ca ftha th
o negottations TNG. GROWN IN PRIDA me he sthe Americans. the
Ger a Sner p no re.ret thePhipe An- e vo dote of Crescent City In the "great nation which 'has set history oarn ll tH i. ma1
r in any wand the U ited.^ *shape of a thrifty young appletree, the example of liberty and assisted .a*rtp of Zpr ra
0-T A *SAM. Problem I ywa, n thele Unitra ed
AtMes does not like Germany's effort wkh a Am looking ample Of Lt, is at- down-trodden ram" -But, of course, Only Wiad that ts. worth gaythtag
do force an entrance to tractlin attention, the "great nation ul protect and aid that WhIch brigs results. ere is
h s fte ha beentrange tie sinc 3J. L Torrey of Crescent City to try- a young nation instead of grabbing tts nothing that will eat u oner lUk fhe
"l# g, It has been long time since the Iong the experiment of growing plnesp- territory." He was unable to under- andwsppef iersinst ao4 yt saOele 5 3
death of a lady has caused as much pies under sheds. He eas Sbout nine stand the autonomous system of Pro- covers s amaaly halt miltalnj S, S
aJsorrow and profound regret as the on- Ihundred plants of fAne vaTrietie. tectorate In vogue in the British colo- dollate and then mamosy Bac.)s|eg g
> Timely demase of Miss Winnie Davis, The chinquapti crop at Levrville this nies, he understood "absolute indepean- egi o SIvtis t i st Ig'Stji S
-^;r~g."*" wood 4Ler ago the "Daughter of the Coisedeacy." ad year is the largest ever know. There denee," that was very clar to hm, hot Trbae weill brge a doe so -'B '
the d -aughter of the illstrous Jefnw- ave been gabwered and hipped trom anything else wa a tearul mist, which T it. t --
Sson Davis. the South' great chietrsl. that sect over wesa bhm~sel his mtnd could not penetrate. e knew .- -
S A ay wss a mta y, h te bta win- P. 21 Bryan of New 8mYrnm has go"o nothing of PoUitica economy, he knew Wa N rS
.^6isome lad, rAdbly endowed with aLl f to &i Fort anderdaole place. where he ntnag of the 00ous forms of gevsna- O -'ito -MOCeoxit
t eof e soi il l begin --re-aratios or the r Mowth He is surprisingly l-norant o te'_thr ----o -
wossesisood. the T tertetly et^ 5, som sqb*cts, srprisingty knowUigon 00 -___ .

s 0 .*Ve, and eyes ehed a ssithetc tear rsect a tdy ge o n orop duri eaily ciout, again heidaden by .ot - __
gg.Ii -, Ossm^ - the Counilh Hee Ibe oomlgw atieroeh pthaps not' meik btprteaded Oriental Ignorwre. s mteMe me s -r / *. o
S.C natives o rIrieeaf good uras lest pvar. Trople growers Agu naldo is entirely unretlable and tUe wmr2oas m swg taest- sri
I til snwcre contdoence o e peo- look for a large crop. sot tote,trtuted. Thee only way to coast wt r l th M
'Saple on. John G. linclair of Orlando Is meet him is with the plain, blunt. dip- ai tw
Q-ovWeor 8- 0*A of p orId tfollow- putting out a phie at his Formoss lomacy of honest ate teat enforopt f rthe b seektl
?&-~r o U0o01 has9oO. St OW, cor
l-g the esample of his pedoesor, has home. He sto ddelopBng iato a tarmer, at the cannons mouth. But theme fit a -
pled. an nlodal coaoterace f Gorers- Be has about forty scres In velvet is not 'worth the od ndle The Phtipe e se t 'ir
o:- S ..no.e. pon l U at.O Of thsmotry, with beans, and expects to harvest a large paines are useless to "U. we have no John's co u tyco call Stat ies cot.
KAM ...l ^ ap te"l weOaneto 1 the m1altiay rvio o crop. He will u e the bea ns or stock more need of them than we h0ve of Ta s yi bm =aued &a *aus i
i. I... Treis no dot that there should be eed. New Gotueas, both of which are hbote t large anmer of catterpllare oer -
Ai I a eting ag no lioe atfo ore saiimta The owners of orange groves at Or. the same distance from our coast- it their Apparance. and thetr a*rot
S ap T ekra eul s-. Citr tilm e them by rais large will cost great trouble, axze and 5e wa0 e toiWll 4110
?SP f, -40ofslqufln hel ected by the pmen- me of (orate for stock and the harlw may be continued warfare with the I&-t pmt
i.sL d. t T mas cofiereage. There seems' are Stag up with a fine variety,'the surgents to keep the islands, and pNhy fte a d e twametbo, . t
to be somethlag AS the Florda climate principal being beWarweed and cow- we should burden ourselves with them of samh TIs beautifully a t ed o* I
a t wich propts the Governors of the eAs. In aome place the former is no one know. cayne bay. seairy due west of C .
on Sate to note what the country needs, taier than a horse. Florida; to o ly a few months old, an-
."A1',; At Alca and calls a copterence to consider what The cotton crop at Jasper has been A curons plan for elevatg a en houses r Them are StO G
beS~g^ don-e about it.---aUvLZMte v oei us ed iu byt tee I recent [1
e .A fr Ae ro tbouws. i heeary remains, and the crop will e tmuch known citizen of Atlanta. He proposes prepared for tomatoes and an pg iltsII. "
1A ,e t I C. eI n, th s eno. ewh oted a mnr that each county sasll decide by vote T 5 .. .S.
illm awn ,lba D uaave a walh on oayr oe tfl on the qnlor v iaso ago During the last week, how- on Jan. 1 of each year who the worst P resd i u con- ei
Sor are all on the quive vive, and ever. the weather has been very favor- man in the county ise, and that te man Cocoa Plum road Is now under con- '
S 'the prophet who Is without honor in his able, and as a result the fleecy staple receiving the highest number of votes tructfon. which will connect with a e
S Is l to have the o u has begun to flow Into the market, and shall on the ensuing February 1 be stekboat whar on the bay, so that
I mtss--exmn -le, thinks it probable that that business wM se on be on the upwa h ed. It is claimed for the pla therwill be no trouble about s ee st
-5 T^np% b Mr, ;la~k quite:^ hind the ehobe now twtheir The- ha n gd o. in claimed for the Plan'
g. a 1 msu o[that At r Is the cynos- K es means anything, It mean w S. Mh har that it would induce bad men to emi- ... T. b m s m'
in ot i a n no time atrized her husband's ttfe- grate, and that the "complimentary Died in 51, Petersiurg. Lte
Mr.ta*3'5 -Cm& bas The man from Monticello long friend, Houston Stewart Chamber- ot b bu w o adusFrom St. Petereburg Sub-Peninsula. P esSLws7haimaibet
me aner f this asection of the is mUhty apt t prove his own success-egun to be bad, but were not general Last Sunday a Spaniard came over m.l er mes s 'et
-ftsis nsris~tJo plant an unusual or.-Jacksonvllle Journal. artIcles on "The Personal Sde of Rich- recognized as such, would tend to cre- from Tampa on the excursion and stop- se
S egetsbls this fall and It would be well for our esteemed W rrate within them to be enrolled among ped at the Alhambe-restaurant. i a ue at
it Jaoovae contemporary to remain- nrd Wagner." Mr. Chamferlain under- twlba, transpired that he was sick and kept aewhpo 2s
be that l Ca' quiorof great emen, took the work, and The Ladies' Home getting worse. The proprietor t o a t. tB s
i of anpe tal tn e and astute politicians is not Journal secured the materiaL The A number of Key West citizens have rant, had him moved to rtoomn dos.
l ~iltd i try totatle hs unk- conned to CoL S M Sparkman. There articles are singularly valuable in that interested themselves in raisIng a fund Ninth street and hired a nurse to attend We tehoesatiortesmS m-e
l with thewndas of thare others." they give a complete picture of the to uild a monument over ahe gravel hsi. tThs nh oa CIPaLe. S t sAIWAielS
mao 5n his home and dally life, and of the heroes, of the Maine. A large to be quite wealthy. On Wednesday For fsideTasemilera!22
ldrthe wmn ave evr nmon contain muck new matter, while many umn of the money has been rained. wfi sameov Tampa 10 InV .
|nSeHe-' w lt. e O n. of the illustrations and portraits have but is Is not yet sufficient to erect such morning 501-CheMwal Buld~ig. St
bp' fregel heini, he in a p aro never been printed. There will be two a monument as the people of Key West
nesl 41 e &r articles, "His Pernonalilde" and "How desire. U n 1
g -, dler that political weather-cock' r e Wrote His Opera.," and the fr Senator Matthew Quay to expected a

K ||*S f tor iher tex Mr. tor tehlares he ts not a cas n kdate y o the mag hatne. Lucle some ttme in October, to ind ulg e
'siyleh.ea ie th isUlnd are for the tilted States Senate, in spite Poets who have sung the praises of in the fie tarpon fishing and other : -
hgaf-ia to thoe ox the beach at of a rcent editorial paragraph In the the war s heroes and of the "man be- sport that this section affords.
|e s ) tTampa Tribese. Mr. Clark is quite hind the guns" should now twang their The man who Is too busy to spare the r
Squiotedtalh havtng re- right. He is not a candidate-but how lyres in honor of the army mule. It ap- few moments It would require to de- riT 'ib b l A e

a e st'y one lung left, but he would like to be.-Jacksonville Jour- pears from General Shatter's report posit a ballot on election day Is the -
i t'O Slep that one in the nal. that but for the humble adjunct of our greatest stumbling block in the way of d
. W'rItam o. -ity d Clsan has Only fve of the examinees who re. army the troops would have been star- securing reform legislation. f -i h al
O t~ ns. ceptly took the examinations for teach- ved to death In front of Santiago, as the A western distillery is making a 0 .
'"uet! betteera' certificates at Orlando were sue roads were absolutely impassable for Fitzhugh Lee" brand of whisky. It
sa "' t" l esatful. This ito a very low per centage. wagons. it is as popular as the Virginia hero .
I. .1W A... it H idRM Of these Mrs. C. L Arnold. Miss Eunice Mrs. Col. R. B. Thomas has an appeal the "ag" industry of the county will : "s
Sw--Ii l- .rd *t -W teor any DeIjaney and V. H. Starbuck took first in to-day's Tribune that should meet receive an impetus. Pr ntiu gl
"Bt. BIdM Ao l theAtlan- grade certificates; Mrs. A. S. Beyer and the hearty approbation of the philan- The orange crop of South Florida is a horP no
VC tge0leaptga i over h Us Mis L. Hargrove secured third grades. thropic people of this city. This esti- great deal larger than most people im- '
edi t e No second grade certificate were mable Christian lady generously offers aginre it to be Florida orange groves n
hail BsO i tBdster side. Issued. Of six colored persons exam- g ovesi 4i
ted, none was successful. The stand- to take absolute charge of Woodlawn will yet be very desirale property in 4.
a Aerteia wall tarntlhe ar of excellence adopted in Oringe cemetery and keep it in good condition, this state.
St .it t er zthe tw County is high. providing the people will render the If Mark Hanna has any spare tne
SCOL P. 0. Knight is demonstrating instance neceary They should these das he is doubtless utilizing it I 111II
t e ht he I theright man in the rightrally to her support immediately, in wondering how Alger enjoyed the 0. I I 1U 1 ffl U'
t e oral tInestute place as chairman of the County Demo- Senator Pasco stands about as much sensation of being "It' for the admln-
cratic Executive Committee. lie is chance of having an opportunity of ietration Looking for the W
.to hb nO .ot&eray o0t doing some herculean work that will hoodwinking the people again as does Mr. S. B. Russ, formerly connected aa e p r s. w a
aton.oughtI to annex ha telling effect on elections day. Ex-Senator Call. Both are dead ducks with the Tribune is doing some good and then P moe x aWI a wea
An.ftit Dreyfus tree. politically and they should be relegated work on the Jacksonville Journal. Russ by getting inferior work- Yo*
Sto by the progress eme is s bright as a mrnng glory. cangetthebestof eveyhin ::
aerss PleA. Tsl e -. .. je y this S.a.. "ho are ick and tired o The woods over in Polk County are a get

-.a th O0 .mossbas nited States en- tofull of political aspirants. There are
*l4 ,nivi^ DojlllountyR ae six candidates for the legislature n th a nti
^ B i qB .^ te r oe"* FRIEND (tb' ex- The Washington County grading more to.. hear from. .
S .her-day totetal linimentn
e is a true sae- committee completed its labrs last The largest delinquent tax list pu-
oguard for expect- Saturday evening at Vernon. Eleven l shed in Florida appears in the Ocala
.I" _m l nery ant mother. It -" .
helps them thro' applitant out of ouuteen failed get Bannter. and it is a niodel o, oyp goa- 1 -4+
;ss .il ,boliw"' I down thei eorlY stages a certificate. teach in the -l-''lic phicat neatness "
.*l.w i~h morning- iIhutS DEVOID OF mrITTin
t- he i hUrheouerrappcsaches iturelaxes cesEfuL applitants are: Charles S. Aotin- TASTET T ribun.

.e00a D 'itt- and, and regulates t];ie system generally. A TJ
e_ v elr '.ded i sassred a The Lilrly oites and the Baby Phone 176 202 Franklin
j I a certain, Blacks wiltl find It a difficult matter rchik has had his extended Phone 17 .
ia r o 1 a befit.in the rear so that he now ha twioe .
Ada woft m81 even muster up any entliusta- sr for the floor space and shelving room for- We Blank1 -t,
lthbt candidate for Congress In this dis- merly ue e 1is receivi his fail
ce;4l~1es. and winter stock of goods and expects -
C L to doaargcbu ad & large b.
.. .. . . -... -. .- -

ea .l in -umm To for a N E W
-NOOdN ot E t the fmsla m E wbae01ZOA ha Dumpo ft pem fpar.

-rt;r the j ojjj -~ u~~+~r ~e d~k I ham~. 1t aeosa
lb a w-w e& vwrww h"bbSMODItm 4.d wa mi swlatd eeaceak
m wo ew eve Jams." he mO. "I --- o MOWUW Q ofowAmmicao a e
bapaaa es sl"eot tat w at O em UmLI o O Na.s. arivud a
im men-b~i~CCSB epmommod -de
W o mmv "m Mob*-; -W iw e hays. tirb. f, b" ilowing to. IQW
l o imifrt'wiaO b I&* ses4go, b5w Ta w m on. MA ftflA10S MW b&o4s
loa w oem -j M ab aP *O "r d o ooa" ah&i ec Ia t b et o w +m bl 'e .da
I" GUM V414.1 tbft in S" lop"rt~u'k iSTr~W~
whithbar06 t up r wq1U m ba@"T W OO t ii. u**& U&A& MW, Thismu otn wm& *6 da i 1*4166 White sirjo
th m inm yfwk -sae
~ ~ maw -am mio7me 4mb seek *a MOWy&'Kn-w taues 4%21*S5t ae

Sfo towe ua thw ad"&of, th*m Is the ta* w- t OA thm no- ms IOWA
m a pfmin vu a. a fthi b wtmi bas i h i .a ba Awe p&W md hl m & da MsM & Ide Ova A Nv IA= of Fguslty, wei_)SLme
P2~~'~~46y__ Vse~i *em teeC hi ofLd#oa~ti~yt1~CCS
me aha the at"awa smee A m-ow p
Om laaof the u eo m&b I'um@p Wham h mee e5.heeWN Ybo I OO wNU Awal And *hages b ~v ~t
b" s"o his sawA tkthmaoa ws ham. t = the aw*e1ha dasau thesOeneyo Odllteatdlensaaethe"u
taw WWI"& T* *0 so GOIDWYIlaIN "el 0410ta the blik ,is do urn'
U sks. ra f haUmgso m e a a smam eami e ha twbas eat h L4orIwh Va
me m amm wlth Ow dmer asab" "'his" XWaMiamip eSthea J gf T ,~.n
r~_ Uat~ I ~ ~ ) am16hu~ Wihata ~L ~lr~k ly Cthe! amI ,, ~
6011kiewhbeft me- 71-44 70 j,-- dtk(LIC-~ I lt
bgti ~ aS s,- at. l~Ii mFmii I ma

g i v er m m~ m %at 0t o h M M *0 6 6a0 & 1

*S am hem ~ 3- p

Chame.ehaeOMOD I",w
"' at thus;r' -' 21 at L D5sB ~Iaamdj3~iiiib

i~~C amiT a' -'e g~i rbUGCa rs &U.P
a1~311ra L ml ha Im' ~ wW 6 ta S s ram us _L -j awlouw tMO -
m~ 9Brr~~r~~ Ii~uYY~~1Clnrlarlrrrlrarrr-, ob ~,~~~r~~if tb

Nr By hea cap m t at shn h A< aOQwear tQ tIe ls ht&avow4eso-hbt
..i WOW 'a m t= " ,a 0~f r s the WS* blita home by to ntle rgia ad. pre-as!W to"
bow i-i. Thesn fat made oi htam is elasmod at thetr V41p' GoTWMor lAe, who t"OitW hi.
0 STatfo- riU&r h e Nt. f"t*= a o. fra sheMW,'s who to he state Be wea kept in the apil
ALf5 t btappa mawaywioda t his old 0o9do s the runude at Ladiston as a valuable relie
is bL Ir ao I- O -ote tbiad the terso tho s at the war until be died, Marh 99,
wee1o ebazc.tcn rpe.w ?ba to pb n ho t me'tde 1y a81.t shed p0 yearns. Re w ofte ee-
t eof01 the m0oneawSamlta e lnbd or a p rauim chirkn doc. faobited a firm and was a grue attnro
S, eso waed5r a Ael l< UD te Oaref a .wf mtiug ton bat the centennial exposition e
esdh "Frftfwit hedgerow. a the irstEaemlk Philadelphia In 1ia. -Botoma Glob.
glam. If nma by~hli4tol e WOnl h SS td n e lho te he y
1 aW rift byhasky. l laiha w wag.ed
eowew.r 1 TCk kinodoma ga in a fol- Siamm the ia'tpsiMuia of the volve E LADIB
dl-e- S pe whlh, tO^ hM tW. Ifr the traitaryid a tbe harp ig and CAS
iaoh eam-eily load a etbi" stock miniug states to the north theneThe pleasant effect and perfect safety,

ii et&'laaao a the L, baa == m a .e:am a .a'
S TMam Yet e kin' the Ieaems hailed wam w ta ndve d i t fth favorite remedy. To Cet the true ai
waef al aforat aina, wbiob-for s poAet tbe fock ad herds and genuine article, look for the name of the
'fh af r oa.ardloao with the have offered ,gaa eou bountreo or the California, Fig Syrup Company printed
einaf rOtno e, fit was. Aa scalps of the oratnure a pr eedi near the bottom of the package. on

I o ~ k it r WasAseve y p ao s sal e.byTaTn .LAW.
e~o( daitoae Uterally) kOwathat has renslted in the laughter o "e by an drust
Atl* e MW a ti e a s reshi t whA r t heoOsans Ymdc werethe auply aseowne
i egesniOmbytoway. hmaotberobs. thelea, and all the hbarpFbootng 1i P.OYa[IPALN CAD.

at~- 'rl Phr b te a a eiLng LtYr s by a te ad the ;adreda of ATT'ORNY AT LAW,
sel r e doll spent for bounties bave produced w Dr" "a 2 a two a eAertatt or Msa
giv eA3r14-] a o afto n o n gmtbfI- 'Utle d"iMtai ci o the plague. nt upit p otie goo irten to a a& l**.
I" th' oh mibt eproepy Io w r er Oetapin the bouidoe areot what Ia sam Bs ni d^g.- Tam. a
o eamse. ma s ue of ba s mnian Bem Ue portstWd to be. Te people of 0
.mLaSme eres.s qutnsd i naothl e ouI OiWAdom that they pMT"o.
a mlltelms !onig w am~eI' I&. Os beg w ew d er y hpe a6ly r the- ATTORN.EKY AD COUNSLLuar
valy etd hirshe" ~t o by toe- a* i lm4 dans fs ora eE mTw-and
ItSe ha m tl lhe I e ee tsini o thatc or tne huntese Bwas d u tiAT LAW,
i"Ah aOidl o onld obwSed hbUdM out ofthe proceeds o t prow TAA Ex. Nat.eBeakiD.) FL.a
w "*P X Bj.t,66lJ a AstSpW1 M =thieP lda ph in& walnf, .w. Sevt

k I :w. Tlla rs isqea r h IOWai s pa ~eent d wans T"heoieW was Wo LL gBrInygW.onors
w -h a NSK'S.y egpesima WALL & STBVBUUL
A* e41, I'l tel l t It* do 'llus04 but one were pay13out2money extery of an of tob su in ,
t~heorrowil gbiWY w ea d eWJMiI. for wth wbhic the rvut t-c- seand ATTORNEYS,-T-LAW,
t ls i e ad L-Loto 8tru_ e bld 5aeserve ue but a haeae showg w te fer h te w U ith d at Circuit a
t Ath e e of othe county clerk'somie ado trWicw,",
y apor'esrr pa n. iree a a whear tahe are damed weth e s wthrownn Feir "UoM i B Bntneianag, Tap a.
a 'TbeSa sd Daaaren of Vn"f 4 a osnaatnt openingb the wall, TK.OLLIPHANT.
a 4ad a bess tn uroa as which Vie and throundh this othe scalpty were pulled
r wsPtam R Eoltl a oid this. scr p I thae ightr be presented atthe ATrTRNEV AT LAW,
af hn cou t I LothtW in the mornoilg or another BAtMow, FLA.
h gen baor company of spring bounty of eac. Itwaseatmated that Pmpt attention given to all bus
held we ry moy d byo o wc man eqip the county had paid t foa e te oe fscalps
A eaphed eaauo*. and. dorChine to pro. not leo than It times and the enpti- 'R"K sMOTON
ca friU. otra hppli. bripto '" the -srty wai explained. The A

41M 81le oxtr'eawards questioned e
pew were eatarou. The aU ddest part of the happening wa that A EY-AT-LAW.
hboe, miieU among the number, war th chemer a. wthe inveatigatora a5 isr . n lorit
Sgivheo bre ai the wor Iwatp t thehole and became bounty oumpern at
I madlitaf rooms ver i a oo eryad o c"-j piong the cof cat fore f er O w edor e a a
y tered the law office of a oln. Hejm A1R TS-AT-LAW
a md me numberlesa question ,d 1 e Another carious carctu&. ooe was BA W FLole.
ad to tell him all I knew of thi fre n noticedd by the officer of two counties
brieade and its members Tben he said: adjoIning in central Kansas Theofficers Ottio 1in Brick Buildinon north side
'Well, I'll tell yon what I'll do. '1 ge of were paying out money every of Coit IB4ulSouare,'
-ome to supper-Mi.. Linaoln in ge er day for wolf scalps while the otherel-
lly good matured after supper-and dom had any demands for the reward H11 B GCERRI,
Stba u1 tell her I've been thinking of Each of the hunters was compelled to LAWtYER,
owing M50 to the brigade, and she'll sweearthat he had killed the wolf inside 87 and 88 Feadal Building,
t:."Ab. wilU you never have any the bonodare of the county here the W hington, D. C0
Se? Twenty dollar. i qmte enog' 0sclp was presented, and there was no nonioin Sy
So tomorrow my boyyou come around reason for doubting the troth of the te So
and get-yor $Of' "-Chiago Timea timonoy But what could be the reas
Heranld. of the disparity in the claims? One day V
h a ettler's on was questioned: 3U NAM
00e18 ft ZoMtU "Where did you kill this wolf-"
SWhenn American enters a cab in "Down near the edge of the county.' ou will --
Berlin fr the first ti e iid t "Are coyotes very thick there" wl cd your i en. an pti ma et
be absorbed for half an bor in studying iWell. rather, though not so thick as address to Drawer w.. St. Loui ditmy ., d wil
t the impresive notice hung p there, they are farther soethi" learn sl zo your advanrtaoe nd recrve
I In forthe benefitofpassengers. It reads, "Oc-r in the other county?"
Slierally translated, thus: "No passage "Ye there are more there. i EnTECTIV ES
ammy has the passage guest to pay, if "But they do n&e kill any there. ..xtrsot1nLanTnnuM .MA4Se^se,
to him not on the mounting of the cab Why is JIt?" s; c.ttOaqeb nSnnr PeenI ncod&&a4
Sthe valid pamssage tickets, on height of "The other countyy only pays $! for 9 Art **"*^*r
the for a simple pasesge to be paid pas- scalps and this pays $2. so we drive
sage money, by thb coachman dowh them over the line befood we 10oo0
reached become are."-Chicago Intel them."
Omean. The county officers at once readjusted
1 Kot Hi P1the wcale of rewards. -Chicago Times-
'lweddy, why don't you let your HCLok 1es Z U
Sr muslahe grow?" Cork Rope. AND ITS CWHf
**Wbhydon'tI letit? Good heaens. A h nork rope is made of small corks TOTSEDITOR have bsoISluCte
dahh boy, Ido, but it won't."-Chica' Placed end toend and the whole covered rcnedy for Consumption. By its timely s
goor with a braiding of cotton twinav sandsof hopeless cases have b already
P;,I -is a c e biding t o h er permnently cured. So proof-positive amnI
The nativ of-iiV prrepua & vina. Itislis a coarser braiding in heavy of its power that I consider it my duty to
The7 Iio Si prepars tnuods. The rope will stand a strain of tud ftweotis fr to those of your reader
Sjintoi cati'n beverage fom 1.000 pounds who have Consumption, Throat=, Bronhil or
s Vm Sw Lung Trouble, if they will write me thcr
^v^-- ( Knightly lances were from 1I so 90 expris and postoflice address. Slucerely.
^`?--yB< oktha was twan Inic4m tet feet long, the heads 4 to t inches brOas t t A. uncarX, X.. Is Parl 5tLBewTltc.
tm- n~n~ss e0ns-c

W. ] ,T E.t7 .W _R q mIIhS P L

20, Lafytica Bii I t ...; '.

aa The ea~yum a hio reht. t

if yodr roof needs toatg uin T.C.- 0MDotd'.OtIi^s
Asphalt Giraphite Roof Coasting ad Ceaent, which is pat"
ized. by the Piant Steasnaip Lioe ad Other and p oora .
This coating i. the only thing-that will water aof i
roof. It is. absolutely fire and rms proof and gtarme
longer than any roof paint Be sure that you"are ettia
geniumi No-. 1, Coating, and watch oat for iifa tuMr
D GodmAn is the buly local repreeetadv ( our goodf i2 IT
pa. We ace headquarters for all oiafte*Roof PaLt.
r. c. m u QRift um iAuT C.
Orders Bolicited. 447 Loyd St:, rA't T,
Sold and applied by J. D. GODMAN, Casiadyf S#
30 oCae Street. 'Phone 219.

br.. fAmow.n ?t.eriim. a. GiLYJx .I I-L.hi ii.am *i* M
L. r. DAamsY. tmal Ma..

oBrokers and Dealers in es.

cMMI CUlIN 13 ACaING C r4M#?
Assorting, Grading, Ouring and Baling of Tobacco
Crops Estimated. Planting and Harvesting of To-'U
baooo Superintended.
wseahC tixpat.. wAusa.w.

(Successor to Hooper & Beatty.)
Is headquarters for -the best aua
freshest IM A TS in the city; Orders60
limited and tree delivery. 'Phone youi
wants to 188 and we will do the rest.

02-203 POLK ST*. .

H. L. KNIGHT, Pres PERRY G. WALL, ygr. ad TrmM,

Knight &Wall

Hardware, Guns, Sportinfg 'oo.i


YborXtj rnchiCr frSIA'.ma-

i -
A-&* '


DemPoadoof V-cW e loea-o b-

P t plcltasndtaL. They arn the

tbw ocl" statement giwvacut by the
tn 'o1hI ~tt t @n behalf of

W been
t^ KmBasame t

mu~ey 2npr~Pryt~ofnl
* taried to-day. ow

MAU thaL
atiri lend~tdPin

Apnlal o p tah eTnhen
i M~ss., ~Sept

m ri spwi0ene Aew
ue1R Wateeford,~;

u to u le
t I 'lU - f' t

of BI toeJ .


Spaniards Rave e*gun to ithdra*
Their Troop. a Amrd Are.
SOcrupo ^t'at~~tW-v ,
Deao tc tiyen. o -.-

lere the vesel to put to Ve.

'qta Ostabysa th scoItb tg
i ep

aut forT C. 'tgcunt o(
giv" RBrroi&H1- Countr

"I. Om n I- learned that the nomination olr'Ur.'

tIM n of' Yeb, waiideCtay .'., ,,,
h hatS l*sp eaf f'jli. ounby,. was po04e
r I optip osot"entlon by Shields4.,aru
Sts of Franklin county, and the 5nieT"
; .a-waqiAtoaded i &,. .Atn*aA

SBw s* a.*a 4of-- -- dRsl
'Ill GROUND. adopted strong rsodttoo toh Itg

his .d-issue+...

me n control A resolution was carried authoris l
Cc Aiiio appoint a Congres jonli
Swoo e campaign committee.
s .-"The ongr i slosnal committee was re-

rt s n from every county
veim*2 t. -dc to a whole committee of
onte th eand Santa
ooshas w 0 between
a adopted
ee, Wash-
aanand Li -
ed States this erty. Leon and Waukulla, Hernando,
t' et* wv qltf Pfit hod sco. Manatee and Lee, and
SDe e Jel era a m and L.ao-ette. Al other
ME T4ETILT. couAtle were allowed one member eacn,
eo f te nd uffliednt- de tes at large to com-
tni an*1ga plete the requlre4 number.
&to cedeto
ftoS? ihd-Sni Dr. Olannan MW Dengue.
he West adles -
and.to cede one
dt' all of thee A telegram was received from :Ke
~aefatily car- Weat l terday, announcing that Dr
A. H. Plennan, of the United States
NUMA 1- A n_ e Hospital Service, was ll with an
ts to be reached attack of dengue fever. Dr. Olennan
a Iten Military was sent to Key West to investigate
9AAGt yam*& the reported Oases of yellow fever in
as -st .e that city, and has been there for the
lpetall lpro- PaLPst montl. ej LpWJI wV lever ex
pert and It did not a m p. t
tf1fastebq attreat
theCabsau. Inent were not yellow fever e re
prewton -f.or' turned to Port Tampa for a fe hours
jnerican fag as after te had b i e or te
t i
oner BlW w M6oifi 'le ot1 west
i [ j H.,5 D1r.b r,U :t teb eal offi-
aXD. cesAlsued an open letter declartlg tha
1 -. ~~~b 6AXswing disease in Key W~pt was
oi it dnot allow, ever, Dr. -lenman concur
*..red lt 4. lTedbetor'a fanftly ha
been st.BerT hopa for several week
a remains of the and have made many friends Vo join
IWtria were en- them in wishing for the speedy;ecov
erywhere there ery of Dr. Glennan, and his safetreturn
Sand the tolling to the mainland.
1 wreaths were
iape lceo onhe North Atlantic Equ aouC

ss ottil) 'rofL pecial to the Tribune
spru&ckwhen the -Washington, Sept. 16.-Secretary Lon
sprack when the
e-Y of the- Naval Department Issued order
S'-to-d y for the reorganization of th
r44 oigd. North Atlantic squadron. ft is to con
sist of thirty-two warships. A number
i. of auxiliary cruisers are to be kept In
L. 15-Inspector commission.
mcame of yellow A
Doctor Landl Owen Symmons Drowded
t r m e guards

tnfecting work Orland. Fla, Sept. 15.--Owen Sim-
ts trom Benolt mons, a prominent citizen of this county
t fever. No re- for many years, was accidentally
)m Tayior and drowned in the St. Johns river a day or
pria te lerm two ago. He was attempting to drive
at. Tglors A
m e5stabmIhed at a herd of about 100 cows across the
lege, one mile rived. just above Lake Harney, when
mad twenty-four by some means he got into a deep place
alvetluance who
i and was drowned before help could
reach hlin. His body was recovered
OB after about two hours. He lea-s a
wife and four children.
! MiS Peace
fSSenor Mon- I HE LADIES.
la senate. Sen-

NZ, --T' .. - -w -'MJlw -
-i s- .: ,oa I

UtI W a e B ofI ol Bis t etW a B l U M t

UBlTl KlT cUEST FAU 18E MOWS M fft* 1g7iag

esiat to t ite bitae Spe Mialatutoe Tub s.M Wg Q ._l. As-m-4"* r a J cum totqut

Sc b e tthe Tbw

S l 'nountc to-deg Mtsat

e yern O 16 1hfr '& matftr ee tawtfolr ea, 1snwcbi^nta,
wlaaC9mir4m Ih, I -

.7Mmy and, navy of bs United
Sfltaptreented by proQILnQ.e

pill~v u e m
r "e.be welll luelqln

9i6avana, ept. 17.-A-dmr-al Samop sol
and his stai cme ashfre this morn-
ing and drove around the town. No
offica.l business has yet been under-
taken, and no sessions of the commit
sion have been held.
Mr. Robert P. Porter left to-day for
Cienfuego, where he goes to make
survey and-report upon the conditions
existing there.
'Advices from Matansas report a ter-
rAble condition of neglect at the San
Carlos cemetery there. Twenty-nine
bodies gathered between the 3rd and
13th lnrt. are unburied and in an ad-
vanced stage of decomposition, infect-
ing the whole neighborhood and ereat-
ing a fearful stench. The bodies had
been left unburied because no propel
documents accompanied them making
their burial regular.


Oen, Ottis ay Bv rything I Satis-
factory In the Philippines

Special to the Tribune.
Washington, Sept. 16.-The War De
apartment is In receipt of the folloswinI
report frOm General Ottis who is conm
mander of the Amerlcan troops in th
'OManila, Sept. 15.-Affairs are mud
more satisfactory. The demandr/or th
withdrawal of the Insurgent forces war
complied with, and all have withdraw
or are withdrawing to-day, except amal
forces in outlying districts, which ar
not obeying the insurgent leader. Gen
Agulnaldo requests a few days in which
to withdraw them by detachments an
punish their commanding oflcers. Ove
2,000 have already withdrawn. No con
sessions were granted insurgents, but
strict compliance with the demands o
the 8th Inst., was required. Genera
good feeling is prevailing. Manila i
quiet and business is progressing favor
ably. No difficulty is anticipated.
have been compelled to confine th
Spanish prisoners temporarily with
the limits of the walled city.
"OTIS, Commanding."

Death of a Distinguished Divine

Belfast, Ireland. Sept. 17.-Rev. Dr.
John iHall, pastor of the Fifth Avenue
Presbyterian Church of New York City,
the handsomest church in the world,
died here very unexpectedly to-day. The
deceased had a national reputation, and
was considered one of the greatest di-
vines in the country.

A Big Railroad Deal.

Chicago, Ill., Sept. 17.-Chicago capi-
talists headed by Armour, the great
meat magnate have purchased the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. This is
one of the most prosperous railroads in
the country, and the purchase by this
syndicate means that the road will be
greatly improved and extended.

Minister of War Resign.

Paris. Sept. 17.-Spanish Cabinet
Falts, minister of war and two other
prominent members of the cabinet re-
signed to-day. There is great conster-
nation in the cabinet, and it will be a
difficult matter to hold other members
in tact.

Off For Pars

perfect safety -Special to the Tribune.
use Syrup of ashington, Sept. 16.-Secretary Day
,makes it their met with the cabinet of President Mc-
t the true and Kinley to-day for the last time. The
he name of the Peace commission, of which hs is a
pany printed members left Washington to-night for
package. For New York wtwere they will embark on
the Campnia for Paris.
e have learned Xarthquakse in Maine.
ty Raers are
gUlatUng the Augusta, e.-, September i.-Earth-
lo, opd sick quaces occiro-i n different parts of
grt. B B a-. this Stft t -day and several lies were
| Z 5-/ ^ t

.I~ n -a. B su.o....
I --rtfcyyi-Mtn ---laatrte"t- "FH r -II *
I rltV ui'oIP irtl isled .thrir much Dr. Bc
e.gyllo a- towtta'rtBe f .....

t t do hemos theq;

M~ el' w M io tIP Cruee ZLaos Tartw o l se
aG beCulesd oeee tates

rc onvenon o vacuiioh c o
i 8 taisa hld~ ontCc8tesold dinst_,j ande4 egokluin.
tr a troia r T the l_ re w od p ~ o.'. T

s Narraaett .Pi R. 1, Septg 1.- e s._e
to-d~e and toahe pron p: t ae good fo D aOt.q M--
eher rapi receV e ecssto e .e i
I will occupy all towns and othb o d for trs r t.
e-aa sonda he the Sptanards withdraw. xPuitna worda 4Septt, 1L1r.lT Demo
crti co-vetlon of bis 4aty wa
,vrs DavIs nn r m theSrd tl ie held on the ls lostand s,-aton tIkel
-lal until it is safe t w re a oilt
Propects Are Now Oood fcr XE'" judje Ziba King wasInoeqlqiteS to
a apid p orsthe t .the Legsl ature without p6-tlooa. Ti
1- people hPas acted witsei ls ainiatlnem
Narrsganeett Pier, t. t, Spt1. 16- the Jude. te Is the latgeet yrpera
biner een ti on couot of coura
* TG UWinnie Davis Is mch D tmprovei d ot n ty a ut itet
tol-day ad the propestf are good for jde o -o *
! her rapid recovery to health Mr it h T. Blolkas oSt fthlstlOce wa

woumld ter. rlays tWnrs ol t tr ota 'sto

eWher m Site oet fur memers.f t o toWeealth 'l.of er
fish Pom 1o s
S The hotel in which she i a xst mom tedfor taa oo
s.-joL Heon .. is & : we
" closed tor the season to-day, bht ir. gt f esh "nrm Lo fW*s
SDavis and her mother and the attend fiand eoniriderd on2 bew
Sants will remain until It is safe td re ment h the toa ty. MeOl S B integ
Move the patent. r ty t his bywwor. a-'eie'rPter it
Punta Gorda, wiU verfiy et Steovesrn

On pp atlion. He is present leto anr
'The United states i Derma ed f has been for four yese past o te
hs K onih Fare a dine ato Mr. N.4 n L r "ea was eereamnate
Holdtthe Largest of the Phip Toe r As in s hr. se ha c ouo Isloc
pines In Spite of Protets.. fom found -for th-e position." h hIe thor
Spain. Instmuctios sGin. o sonW posted aon and oa tmy FrirM-sa
ro r o of e Yo, nar e county **. ossloj.
a iI, or ri t t. been extremely dL her
Special to the Tribune. throu the t rsuime. b t.a se
Washington. Sept. 15-President Me- season draws nearer ouritf o4tvr @
SgKialey to-night gave a dinner at th the bay taies on its i U ail rl- u c
White Hoose to the four members of the, We feel the lews ofourn Ooll ver
Paris Peace Commission who are now In muh.tin s n ashe
Sserv ice onfthimsr clr ln In b-el cam
Washington. The honored guests were and are willing o spare hbim,
HEx-ecretary of State Day, Senator We havea fedwiytlclan tin rI town
SDavis, Senator Frye and Hon. White- but they are seriouly thtinkng of eek
law Reid. On a ew i other deds; a rnoe sOetne n prreval
w ile rsent Sen At her oi her o io going North to re-
were present. Senator wGray of Dela- cuperate. better come to Punts. Gorda
ware was not present, but i is expected Such at th Tr as ibuneral la *lmost un
to arrive In Washington early to-mor- known. Tere'has nof been a burlta.
Art hor i. here in more than six months. sad we
row rninghave a population of e ometing over a
The dinner was given as an official th ouano. e
farewell to the members of the commie- The ish Industry L one a btoo. Block
siono as they will leave Washington to- som & Lewis and the DeSoto Fhsh Com
panly, ship from one to three solid ear
morrow afternoon for New York. ad daily. These cars bring from $UO ti
will sail on Saturday on the steamship $M per car net.
Campania, for Paris.
The commissioners held their final ONIt FATALLY WOUBIMDW
meeting In Secretary Day's office to-day -
but It s presumed that they will hold Union Plasterer In t, Louis Oaus
several meetings on board the steamer Generald Riot
while crossing the Atlantic. While the -
commissioners have repeatedly declined Special to the Tribune.
to give any information in -regard to rls. Norman's Cosmopolitan restau
theirplasns for h the peace settlement, rant have secured a quantity of nice
selarge cat oysters, the first of the season
Is stated that they have received In- They will be served at her place to-day
structions from the President, which In all styles, and lovers of the luscious
they will follow, In regard to the Philip-bivalves should not fall to call at th
pines, of such nature that they will not
even consider any of Bpains claims to Grand Spectacle.
sovereignty over the Island of Luzon,
upon which Manila is situated.
The commission, it is understood, will ap Iot heTretm 15.-Moun
insist upon the rght of the government Vesuvius is now presenting the grandest
eof the United States to determine the esitisenw identing the grast
of the united States to determine the spectacle since 1872, due to a violent out.
fate of te entire group of the Philip- burst. The lava is flowing dow the
pines, but at the same time it is not be- mountain n a tremendous stream.
lived that the administration has gone Pt of the railroad is already destroyed

ls ofI life e. i isa d d
S Manila, Sept r-There is a o tron Body Identihed. u -
probatility of a battle between ecute in- --
surgents, and the former rebel chic Spocial to the Tribune.
Artacho, iwho is noo marching against Bridgeport, Conn. West, 16.-The head
Aguinaldo with a force of 1i,0s0 men of the dismembered body of the young
The forces under Agulnaldo are en- ooman found here last Monday, has
trenched in the suburbs of Manila, been positively Identified as that of Miss
Grace Marion Perkins, of Middleoboro,
The war in Porto Rico has resolved M^ass She left for this city three
itself into a button-cutting contest, a man, for whom the police are now
sort of "button, button; who's got the searching.
button" game. Spanish soldiers with v s a
drawn knives tall upon American sol- ii Z i~l onaSl
dies and cot off the buttons from their as they easted. w The .Aiseetanuw ot-
uniforms for souvenirs. and the Amern- diers are no hbc. They knsrwin w
- cans We adepts at the same game. they have entogi. -

-he ibyweF
Sen Jik to ,9ws2

utoae n idnee h l
meant o AItroopOO

at vsypenqerafth,

e riht the epfidrnaBa rm

~ hurettro afnd h i
1 ton el n romw._' I*
'- w chl s d' ar. '

A the htlto ht3of .a0 a

- preoed aspiaon brd tubs besJ

he coast diser tit y lhla
* 'A~i A lanWMa t .iotf',

Sousn woundedceded uringthe
Sday. Tere rioto was iafed
ing plasterers trying topeate
i Ion men from taking planes
the trikers.
William Lan, a no-SIM
. peranks of th e 4- ice,

Swasp shot during a ealIe
mounted polie, but It Is, -
whether a buet fired by the~
0 a striker hit him. The ot6
wounded metd received thelr l
the time of the charge b the
The strikers Afred a volley
ranks of the police, but i14
their advance. T Tah i
: ber of shots, but the office
have fired In the aIr. The ri
s dispersed, but the strtkc.a aAn
Testing and more trouble is I

All persons whe property
sold for taxes due the city o
can redeem the same onpayCMl
taxes and costs without Interes.
ing the same is paid prior to .
1898. JNO. AL' t&uE UV#

Capt. Chase of Miami will mtx
mence the manufacture of saw p
cordial from the berries of'thLe
metto, which abounds through
section, Already ze has Ina ^
the purchase o, the berries, fq
he pays 1 per busel, deliver
store. ,The saw palmetto Ii-;
one of the most valuable ai
section, being rich in mediWo-
ttes. I is claimed to be ii
balm for kidney troubleLs.*'i
We know of no valid a
people of Florida should
eral and permanent
at* aware that ee s
blocks :1t4hews.ttbu


~ _ I_ _ _


ST01mv^SSP PNG BY MAIL Eatabliashd P4 |

i's. BACON & SONS,
ofpraem aed awa Iporters and Retailers of
tttm no ",.. ,.,, .Tb a 3 6. ,'
:-fit.. ..E LET N.a -- DBrY GOODS,

-y ..... 3 .,. aw ptof givi Troop. s. i on, kgkin.M., 1,ed at "" Mail Order rDepartm en
itki th. T5k OL 0th fro n 8 rl. y o 88 OT-In esea We have a regular organized department under the ppet
.t a-Toocomingouthatoanrmedtw t, o the ^a vision of one of the firm for this branch of ot" n~n a &t S "ad
Sfor rt Ord. aS r at a distance can send for samplee and my depld l I
" F----% msaeSf~ 54)*St h I lsy WON* Vessethe lobiat I 4 oany order entrusted to us filled with the sne p B "B3
*one Sae WaaAg*tofb.WSe pt.ui.-4T0he&abn a5e1eaU- twh ears mo skB tb with wiciast care, and at th e same prices asif personal selected4Wrntea
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Sa ery vs.fer t S the t meat ton S o eastoCUe -I=ALs&- k.Jw U- IAne. Our store has beew..Spedi y constreted for the purpose
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f *statesMeen a m' r ftm" i g- ai re.e.Aa. S- 'best constructed, nd cotins al hat xperiec san ,
lc r the .mrrs aB m In irer to eia out the pou m m4 10o a iageni e< e Asssel t to render it the most useful, f e anf4l, a t- ac- it. -%
Fhe in 5 bf1551W this 51a of the regiments t 0 o t he lua rCJnS W a 0 ANw kftd. It isaccordih~lybneortl ai ^teofLetIthvil
to by raw g eeds mailed free br qP0' t 4 9tI'

-eaow..... por theoftdepart, ure whn o -.

whet.. t el 111ta k ide-,-- -'
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ei sega vmha cot OfaelOf f 0 the o Mal-VL"hed" "'eo.d e
SA.Sas 051 Wi g atloh o ,h hoit di and, h'ieewt Lectardio &,Co Je o eas
4W,4426,429 Eme arn PLPTWP.e 1 Pis
i. t' s w ', n 'S flfttT i/ew ''nmlnsnwe ut s-

at.hs o art Thep w been oede ailrto Y nl ln' thmeto.. h have a n @ .0s s.''i aed we mnioq.a. A fineS a inat tbelte
I t pil i g -Sci A& -.,. R - -. . ...
,i2the eris ple t ra~ ~esessdyw oow W the Mardn vsla tay thl re e me a S a nfdelmeasurelk sentby mL _M'

SJat r 5p eralm opPes t Memphis erept its freight and urst p e Foundry'. Machine 'ad Boler Works
lana 40a r4 w tar aab1ac., O r r M rapa rt b i_ en itr om e =PE i a rusb IIIll________ _______ __

...g aint oI twelve men- They were tired e S y, the a at the ex u or,. o. C. h i P. Dv a. Phone 14o.
t the smtt e 7p by the air in the -"t near to t h o died a wound receivedlf 4.hea.thyco tio. andyucan d. SPECIALTIESe:-fdeavy Bacsmithing. Architeciurl Iron
Lt, t e ehabt*.ed at Tw.pa aird Syv n with C b o gul Wor ator. Sold by S. f t F nIColumnsf, aoet. Re s "n "on a
1.f ,tn a 'tr.,-r opau e fAtt o f t nad iOBt. and. ( with oetdM ahnr ard o O pom MaA." on
4et St ad he rea ned The nt wil beie tl h ontt Vhead i .an prices. Hi ig Post s and Iron Fences. 1
jLan&y A&f h -A LEGALmftu.
wedoerped t h n WU .C itheoa B ogp "a* I-the suco-tt Coe ts h te..

f ." .< A .|.., -d. .... .i. a .. . M.ADE ^- ^r --. --. .- ..
s aSebor I j 5 ao ..eala won omBolddsted atot secretary of Stte of the rastme nof r ow. d nd by vrtue, o s f a "
myaOaatl nwo d a ubs onowr, odeTh ee h as t oSacm lo at id sela fn mtte r eb o e. t e
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Str wa no ~ooal t ibn .tend" lo b h esed atmew to B tan She in -hsthe and Bo.i. ler rao nt d
----nte e T borelan xp tOPaig paorty O o 4 .W

gyi e f twel nTve d i me n. They were, and oM Wt the nonmh At of the ex. of ho cD P hcaonr i.dfeo
dug t @aft@ know eae. r St boat F rAont hSillsColumn etc. Reps a irsu

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SsO thn -to and r d a s Adi an d, iVni e p no prices. Hitching Posts and Iron Fences.
= is l the memory of the corn*- Sc- d'otac za theMel .A

PI. d Finley and 8S einuel T. lisle

-HavanaJ I P WIj ig e5vi veKmKluow mayan d on i -form. Ioliatnottdo hereby gove notIce that a genet60.dt eao et a o
dewwtd~wsm lam ws toH 1 & ~ An S few. Three days t., t i j k toast, and at t~~imsmystomach= non be h eld hy Hboyof GA of .Juy. A. V., 17.y the
e a=1 tomy catgtreeatwa s County gtateoflorida, on toeet~t a 4up-

su*.^ t mt ^ 035 UPON Its v co duty. whic stift le ft so lSy uIdt i5 day being the eighth day of Novemtbcr. ?evlegalbousofsade frftost 61

imihltvar o iesslo north of enCuanm ". mew e IWT name h as bese. t. p coor of the State of Florida, for full lay tete swt*i U the 1

-m d tOT'AT.O O e-- .U7 O mo-s sln u,4& ired-term of B. S. LliddTn, resigned. Rang W Te say nn e 3 o al-
r Ax Jin S l id Li inso.fm Ia h e .S For Ret railroad Commitssoners for title
40 'be 11u,_ exae o fI0 Pe ta of four year *For, one RailroadC' SPec iSMaser
--- w faf-me x i h anpr e TeaO h eOL 5e s. Commissioner ft&E To b o r the term of two ater e ery
0rsIitwivia i years. For two members of the House P PO3SgOui CA2

4'o.S SOdi mi dn TmP a t the Polk St he Peda. e iF n and for the folCriminal Court xc .a iraAkBut i
who l .i --wbe atn) reemaly, pie. of Record, Foa Tax Assessor, For J. -
t t.Bo. \i __- w- ip V. It W p "Tax Collector, For County Treasurer, ATTORNEY AT LAW ,
so s a v bell For three members of the County Board Wl o tlee I ale ad to d al a w

16m iOmor ing the Peaonae in and for the follow A Eng
"eik tof ateeoMtotheih -Th 6a e "o hoth n Y e keepers Justice Districts, vi: No. 2, No. 4. No.p. 0. v XH .
ft e S i . itto n a with whoma But.. ,"Am"Bl," 5, No. 8 No. 9. No. 10, No. 12, No. 13, P.
w s or v on be e Add. Liebig Co. P. O. Box 27n u For Constable in and for the following AT LAW, i

"if O s e" dO to no tN o.heNo..lNo.Nvo.e N ." No. 4,No. 5,,No. ,
t S i; 't i o1~ e yt ON o. 13 N o. 1 ti t 1ro m pt at T E V E N S to s- .
te .a 3l,.twelltpereons knowntwith ysfr?'inquired Buttons. "That's 1N r NEYS. AT
to ve a titected Osee,. PAll .other ths toiything. heaskyenabout ; hetellingb how to prepar e many del- No. wo s lh A I thsUieSASt-A.
_VT nejM2dp.tte rnW ts*ne 4tl ain'@ t brought 'em, ye'd better b icae and delicious dishe. I tlony whereof, I have h-re- DSaeaSSSS,
.be tI. B n a fo t 0- arter OfHa n tho e down h's advntowf r L b Co. P 0 1 8 0 set my band and affixed. the great rst al S ash D .ai

c s nm r.. ..e.n fee k ad o qarteou'a o we, Yanork.ssd uml Y seal Of thestafte of Florida, at Tal I .
.- -,.I Nhassee, the Capital, this the 25th ody H eK. OLLIP-'IANT"
e e .oingw "- ot.there &M hdoctor,"'hatW owhwas actually 1 RYAL PILLS (L.S.)JoHN L CRAWFORD, Pp a BAn ...
about to act on the box's advice whnaeso aSAm ar

S l Q low i P I nobJsmeVrBlbberyde- a naa.aa. '
a nhel.i" =kHillaorough County.
=U sm teb 1MQtnCHeizenm at Berlin have a mim. -^ ar, a i' aD.ma taNOTICE OF FINAL. sETTLEMENT ATTONKIYS-AT-IMONTOM.
and Pril Az ary me thod Oo mtoppBng the dangero r s^*B ).^eeae ATTOR .W. #. i b

I L aA.n -i& a C j a mA sonowg h C o u n y M irF l o r id a m y fin a l

Nos~s at Count Namwauesrek '

7w . 4q

this r- EL Powell frobrNew York, wea at ti Sud ndaymo, tbe
0ias1m1 d the Almeria yestezi y. home of Mrs. parents, voterss
ISdaUdIand slsters. .
s to any Mm Jobh Rhoderhas returned from and s aters
to any t atj are Plitt, a young
rof bus,-a deUiattul visit tj i .
of boat- nadn. man of ell ten years on Wednesday,
hk road at their home north of town. Butned
same as Wilie Laeuc has returned to Tampa Thursday morning at Mount Enon.
Win mean from St. Louis where he has been for Services Sabbath day by Rev. J. X.
it on the quite a whie. Forbis in the Presbyterian church -

a, which he Florida Minstels, a local colored n r. S. ,. s ays and amIly, wi th
i saving troup, gave a performance at the Liceo nehbors and friends started early
. and the Cubano last night. Monday morning on a vlMt to the bay.
Delightful weather for the past week
[eative as The various business concerns of this has given hay makers a ine opuorrtni-
ctlon al- city are doing a splendid basltness for tv for getting in some as fine bay as
this season of the year. Florida ever produced.
Spound M. Ca bell one of Larg Mrs. D. Griffln left on Wednesday
F. MI. Campbell one of Largo s sub-
stantial citizens, was in the city yester- night for their new home Helena G
day. and paid this office a call. Mrs. T. M. Strickland Ison a vKr
ed to to friends and relatives in Palmetto,
The many friends of Mrs. W. L. An- The large store and office buldng of
drews will be grieved to learn that she the Warnell Company is receiving Its
d to 30 has been quite sick for several days. finishing touches of paint.
Ms ae n Mr. H. Bates, a member of the War-
Messrs. To-led & Ikes are now nell Lumber and Veneer Company, with
Motors are having loaded at Punts RaPssa, about s famy lately arrived, and are or-
k with five hundred ad of cattle to sp to cufaming thle tcommo arrived, cadence o-
own, and Cuba.cupyng the commodious redone
position. Mr. C. H. Shannon.
have the Dr. J. G. Wallace, one of the leading A new baby son arrived Sunday at
any city physicians of Dade City came town at the home of Mr. and -Mrs. D. L. Rob-
yesterday to transact business, and re- inson.
turned home last night. A new baby daughter on the same
at super- day was welcomed by W, and Mrs.
bforu Manager J. J. SmitUf octhe Mocern K. K. l b er
S. afre. is giving the people an excellent
eant Key, service. This Is one o the bhet con- A fae tlNpie ot home grown rice has
made the ducted restaurant in the city. found its aW market rowa by
Sam that Noa at e s t town.
d. MU Xsers Ppdaa & AW" Inrtcrease .
aso b n w eM, ( to& to htu.. "-r.7 -"
rt .cdosrr "- cs .at Ta ... ... '-- .4A
i:, : -:: ., +::._, : .+. :. ....-
~ iac ; .. .... ,: +

V fCt oa 'lat afw rta -n eo the popuhr
amy., none re ed eelsftrdy firo 151m h E sum-
e mvaLatlon Inatrholo whiswhere ie as
4 aorded been adlg aremral week&
r tb s s a Ad th dvertisements In the Tel-
eny. Ontille n1 5 DM 5i55 5 J r hIi~ Pf ..ss and trade with the merchants .
Norwood, ftlI th adverUse. They are the ones
0 daysI: Lht have gennine bargains to offer.
Ow ,, MLm OS2 ", ,M ,i " T r. Fr. M mith, one of the prominent
con l-bus alness men of 1Lakeland and a
Cori cn-" '" staunch) sader of .the Tribume, was In
k olicitor we ws Wone Cst JfI e ew the cIty yefterdy, and made this ogice
y herff and Thr-C'- "r g- of' apleasa nt call. :
hand with PeQle-IndCiten4 s ad M cat te Miss Jessie Wansop. the p pala
tMatched ag r7d Layih 4 and a4e loa,4inphder saa t7pewsItUr
by noon i' !n eparkman & CartWaw Lr Msn .a
, d ust l T .,.. 5.', lastn lot if for .-Vt. a- o a c der-
reed I i ic MiM aersi ade.stad ana les.
D. "w jeimi tame. retit-s (AW M Tn
D6U@P th"the Tf e beeam eof Mseu hir r. ha boe t WHl kR4
.The fup a 0 .a 0tJ1 114 !.. tm sge. "r, armmal-r w

o, ASlre Fr -elera Bea, *t' p, -' 't. Mn d e s ea- t asmel. 4
SolC-- to C at
The 4"ar 0w-1he an.A*erMRahi 3" aAs 1P .

Umeo. hmge&i ,. oaee.. e see *sbi bLeam
e k th 4wav 8 .,. ,, em Os.- "" _"+, .
L ohate Sot w,.as- pats man g S--,- I . -. ,

tin the-r a r. e r .

e Of tMheU Time-UnloS 1 C. a. C S. rtue atro4
0~- -f.W C~. a Se
-c-h-ed3 an d h 's e .hes +. It ll l b ae la t -A~ it a,, -

and Irecreio ltgr. m hd the biren areb i
w coneale peta e ten f ots r bure oP At san 5l' oehr e

c o n IL fe r s P t r ied ri1 151" 4 1t4Iss u sV S
mt nf aermalhasP goneo iaaaaM We. ,eer o ho scce Wnot.....

ed hr tr le aheart nngrainlaio na ,and J ai Ver i
kPor~ fte a4 eB could o -nly s b t. S{ertsare1 Piton, b1Irotwr .4 per

rest and se. va of the new r s of hisa uertion o teInme, ehas ge T
recreatio na s .nth ean d the childt 0 1 rMe are
lareny, m aben fro t ctyCTil enjoin ti
conc e Te te tie moth PalCl~rliy. l f ,.0. r -.
felt s. F.-*.' &s ItWIt daiedIa, f e repre- "i g It
Ille thintct a sre I es tr Tiot e-Ur on ad cIs Cl> hmertn lwo n returned from .
P r ob c
D.ja 0&ftQed lot icW olct rAbll to

Is' a .re n much n eeded and deIrved eraly. It wodt crtewr t o r nAtor

iarf'eny, -a --e abten m t. city, l e oy life
The ld e ten mfo t s old and. o gS and L lewll tart thir
concealed cR.-fleld died rTamay n gD s id Ita h e i
mle intetn f aiber i pmna Po C TubO,.dt ner befty p "deieertbon, andwho uceed C. 8.
coned of rotrebles Jtd his o ; "ee. f ala. t, , Vj

oe T erd the TrlrcahUntl and elI- eR s C. ae wiL enter teny o r obe
several otbir neavropevrs OC his Bummer hi amiy Ine bas yone to
4jeew dnigt for Ashevll e. N. C., tweahrto, dkaloas w i J4 n~rrc.Mi up gen-

irG rled reliabnrle commission mn tod the ia dben. T he w ill prove qte ai

concealed Tribune yesterday that he would sel option t the oety rle f the

ir thirty five carloads of fowls in Havana every" city.
week if he cd d only et hem. Me Fulton brother wh a per
Ith intent wifte r inuin PorulRiso,4 !d Me beton b who succeaft C.r-

The M oropertye carried over her en- hapa the largest catlt dealers In tei -
liy, con sed number o pasend to Key West section of the state have over five thou.
ee docket. for shipment to Cuba is o precede ,ted. Bolden. The will provequite an ac

-a o h b t. SLe ro a nd e o t cattle whleh fhey Intend

7,tZ. and all the passa33. 'e e boat is sold to ship to Cuba, ad Porto Rico as
until the tbir4 of OeJober. scon as the Islands are put under a T i
w. .,, stable form of government, and the IrI
S1 imply Wormr en are buo tly *si m n te ar- b le q as relations of the countriles an
~ge tiM 0 o0 the pktl, on eon thie es e.
c f Mecha rown. ore core thoroughly esablsellhed.
a United log Is beln pt n whi indic t cates -
the haspure carried over he frten- hae the largest cattl dealrs Ji ths

Is pettec- ,
S ropeon- ed ber a oasone eaine have over thou-
ears an d been placed n a run from here to dAJl- seriona lla of tle roia t Ph teo
tchi It Is fla river., 8he lak me Inetrips irli Wi bloa be Nuanl a g
nerabie each tweek and ryo shi to enub, and Pro rto Rico '8
,goeatty dl 6 the thleatbe ratelte toldo

te. h afere The orm of t3ri mentande --the
Si lp yesterday. tare will rede d Int dir- Plant City Fs o.. the cou.-Mr. andt
"iler tha ng chare her carpe oe from Ltca ro, t W. B. Herig left on Tuesday for
reatl- B& 4aron. Mvioret fri ens and're ves in
.e LnItedtIngs e in on v ent, U4lcb inda tes I
4 ^ b"g. that heas purchsed u e rc of The Wf t people brought with. d

S thel r mn er o their all nd r de.
ts ee The almr but n l d bunty t b paton tren M C-

r gecned b am. C eenger 4ne, has.
oor haSSlJk of h! s wife, bees i s.-- . e .
e plld ae ause the frm sb tA carge.A benI g sesar of Mrs. Crum, Mrs. J. lH. _
blch. wtre I s I aM Ta She l e ad Hot tr .lls the BurtM BrUthezad tb e Mll .
b priible e t ah. asrtia sad y 'tre

e sr y. She idne lay Daly. S sr t. J. yWells of D nvUtLe, K.- at--
SII %b. W. K. K.,Dcker, go" m Tarpb prInl. 2 rived on Tw sday B. rn it to be wth hior
at the Arno, lahfter. Dri. ., IM. Wend sa during tIs in
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dbll AWIW 44


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