Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: September 15, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00118
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S o o _Sat First Metang ei d S day Mwrninac O r W ese
f Itis Helfth and Another sterday-4pan- trd With Whom h m. s In
' r9tt w. Jti e ?y sia Commiamoners Poui BBut Cnt
It4 ie 1rot ssiase A LSu e n m ea ka

' t r wrt of Dr. Seecla to the Trbae. i to glb A
ter. the State Health Of- Haan, Coptner n-Two eslon Scial i o ,b. e .- t..l -
a idil esect that there e he beenhi by the Ai 4erlcah -- S ,tim.icea W"
vqr it W it t eih r taryIn Cmibr-io wel o t I the frt time ince HASu ws- eater-
yd t rwa fr or the s omatien of Cuba by theoem- ed- by the Americanea SonuiSTW s O t
,a -r trr ,laht e t he *rst.rnsiom was heMld srwed. yesterday. ao a daoU -ft .
.he uBmessanse e I y Acnye, n a ,Oteoorid. e second 'this w erthip. Aa ponhe w the W u- r -
_o; Z.'-_t. s of Porto and efui, avaor tir loed. At tbe is P
I1 eth mae .m The commissioner lMft the steamer taWnad. O ereh beet w~s to be
I atTl6 axt Ie rm l-- lo. "Mai. i. dcl. ,e iar were gl to

St or were extremely' oteu but wei odloe B hvetd Ow h

.oaimt" wh 'a etded Onu the thew af d thte th
e ttase of health of n thde ctOa P orto R o o w plantdedaon near mt

hu a the d3 'orm e mbe rs o the p~LaLnh commission dlers from general Casllo omand
ll .et to rtn 0 trher crednt a-sm Snda y ard n thewhaT theS the
theb rtuasnane u harts of rning, and ft and Porto R* -ja WIo gI Tw lo adebd am thais v
i taseta l, n saed.o O and also eve convnened e or the ydlnw feee among those who remain
. th&se ns int pls ad ort he time commit ion- behind. Colonel Hay had two f s NaZim
toof Flida Dr Palor a
t Pe wird DPorer b and tteir staff of cleris and wcre- killed for fresh meat to the
he Stae Hedth Ofaero n e Nt oe s d panards. o fresh beef wa to be
Sthe tteBoard h ommisioners lt the steamer American army t ntn glad to
meld at Tampa next TlbrsW5Resolute at 7:30Sund"a morning. At get the mue mea.
nodn'thearrtival Ofthethe palace thev were met and welcomed The FIrst Bttalon of Colonel eRays
will sats that r bd byethe lelmb erhdo th Sand oommi- regiment has contracted yellow fevod

ie aplalon e l~i'eaed b7 t~med tahehridgePcheemen. Lawrenee county, .Nort Alabama, and
eideht he woud on, and rpreentative of the colonial from at 11 oprd. soty ths es have
in ei opinion r s to t her council of secretaryea. The Spanish bro enram r
ow fever In aer Wet, ore a N s were extremely courteous but an d prostrated Cubanh have la d down
board would sustain tooktheir y of In g getting d own to business they oun Wheeer was a a and gone
p boards of healther pl n torm t -. They rode through to he wo on the piantat ons near the
reaen to qarantlne with- does not please men like Generals W ade tow
iTat l th cases. T h and Butler, and Admiral ampson. The Santiago Is now led with Cban sol-
lsaa thd members of the S ranieh commss ion diers from General Castllloe s command.
e could ttoPort Taimp Prod ed their credentials Sunda
the teamer Masotte and morning, and the American cormmas- WITRiVRT. 'S SON AT REST
ee lng, and than lave or a e arsd the posame. r
ain the same night. To-day the time was spent in getting Buried In the Soil of Hi Native
endergon did not wait for acuainted, and arranging the details tate- General Overcome.
he board to be held to de- 0of futre sessions. Secretaries had to ee
t. He wired Dr. Porter be selected by each commission and the,
the tate Board of Health ariou clerks assigned their spec fc Special to the Tribune
he State Health Offcer In du-tes. Not one word was said during be ntgomery. September 1.-Hon.
state quarantine against te session about the evacuation. remains of Thomas Wheelero son of Gen-
ral Joe Wheler. the noted cavalry
rIndihetion of Dr. Porter, iaazsDx TEB3LOKS. leader of the Confederate army and of
at the State Board. through w the American army at Santiago, we e
. lll enatie r. Pa er. Tool were wYrkbytlorl tm to ei- taken to the famny burial ground In
me otabnio' e-tpresaed ty tBned the Bridge Pc LWmen. Lawrence county. NorhJ Alabama. and
e than It doee the opInion Interred at n o'clock this morning.
'the Ow Hoptal Specia o the Tribune General Wheeler was almost overcome
Swho ave.never eenl a New yor. eptemer .-The First and proetrated with grief. He will re-
Sfever. Comarently the UnIted States Volunteer Cavalry, better main home for some days before leaving
o0 plthaeVulfwMito"tt.-L Jknown as Roosevelt's Rough Riders, r -eontau ..
Istnt a/StreCt quiaritine toek the ctty of Greater New York by Young Wheeler was a naval cadet in
a and all other pla in storm to-day. They rode through e ecod year at the Naval Academy.
--- ireet and ad things theIr own yIHe had been serving upon General

e- a-" e island and ppe o h
as lon as they nere here. Wheeler's staff or several month. He
5*ad TrtaL 'The entire regiment, while marching wa drowned -Ile In bathing at Mon-
Ss theo Brooklyn bridge, drew up in ta Point last we
Sline and fred a volley with their pistols.
y. Wf Key West. Wowa .-The bridge policemen were badly fright- CBBVUBA T. SAPIL O] SPAIN.
N' bpw bhyuteTd etates eed and the police reserve was called
4 n rv -fW safetY. ,r' o" When the officers in charge as- y Lat'Wode Were In PraHee 0
l nCI ht on h c Utaiaed the cause of the call, they
Ma 8 -aihar a Plls 1 gehe4 and joined the crowd that were Poma ca
VmoSedsta tn Sined meatbl"tciop the Roh Riders' po rt. No -
r. -Hratit Crane, 0n0 a areests of Rough Rider were made, for Special to the Tribhoe.
ldting wiritk Ift-n to TW- the police would have, never been able Portsmouth. tH.. Sfttember 12-
q|Jxo9pAg-"M p=5P- to loc dB a Rogh Rider. Teddy's The steamship City of Rome sailed this
sllsb--of La-- Trere'r owned the town. ad all wso afternoon for Santanda, SpaIn, with-a
t Whltje LhjAiy fe saw thbm were wIlling for them to have larp number of Spanish prisoners. on
NM op~NtiWret. .*m man it. board. The men were delihted at the ,
Ie f U-sr S. XKtnis. at prospect of returning home.
er ll. sad- thaw wee VILT il.AM!-ALT AN. Admiral Catrver. aad ah captured ao
imFBoh> dol* vtolenee to ...--.-e-r-. --- hue and men were sent home on the
SMariwhal Horr brongit Tipatfmad Barlow Unit In Conn- City of Rome. Sixteen hundred and
I andpilaOel--te eosaeda -heal *fl 1r I -cight soldiers wee brought hem-
tntbal JMa LC. ithpy: The .t the military madheval priao at
1hw^ a ihsaae ed'Coiomel Is a islang r f 18ad mud eblpped on the
kseatoe-B~leir t Taapa^ j iiini |' n p Chty at Royo.
wPI~USberam o ci het wet. the Courlerb-Itnorman he last words of Amliral Cerverea
inriBI>-rieHR i p tht plsce saa I - the departure wrse in the htihest
di~d~iba&< tPutier d, OC Thwsday; u"temsar -tsI 'for the Americana
aaxt HbB-wasr." c~s. pa te tetdeoe i .

w; =-~--~ ec m Mustred Out.
M - I tl oi a to the Tribune. -

^S^ISSStrtI st ittw ..Wt^dSW 31 p, wsre lseued tO-day by the Wr-Bepart-
1^B ',aq^ *>egat t (, *hidFavln ( ment for the First aad Second Georgta
W~artwaa cmIartt aa *"'**"** the iPq. r ImJ^ r dt.angdd tand i s Xh **ooaek.traIfst.' eled -t at service. Three of foar
(*ta 5 5Ysai e t-1L f"hap where thee went ut noes 0tthes'wlile mi Tampa, the Second Gear-
ta 'lsr edl wme fm- -ibt lafltTpe" t 'hpBqpley"f/fabq lrr to prepare for departure

oBEri- a i OebUft WM % thr 40dOX Jta O A CA I or Porto Rico, but each time,
. .. ...l.c. e~ ^ ** -'.-- were aunitenManded. The
ilb ~eaio~f aTle groom ie a oung pan b sterlln lbale& lad to receive orders for mnUS-
um~- paw-da g Nor- b maiiqqs highly eateee etafi out as they have had enough of
ta.l l-wdlau-n f by thore who Snow him, anrd a proml camP lfe with no chance tor participat-
a .btrpi ,- Jbr na.mt amnalesd man, with varied letter tI In the victories
W ARiim lu ed. stlL He Is caeain of the Tamp
&isi t mM e Ule Vheftlie,'anst eDjoys the respect and coafl- Italy Tw Colomi
piftrjiN', who have o& e den e of the men under him. -
-tediMardJMaMe. a WgL The 6rtde 10 the daughter of Mr. V Special to the Trbune.
pa ,4S e Par-, for .the M. 5WaBman, and Is quite an attractive Rome, September 4l-The government
M-Liths lh r emalinkw and Sa-oeugal>wed yo=ag lady, one wh of Italy has declared that all dipDAmeat
mt e Woodlawn aeeaeter ha hlqA enjoyed the -loirauton an relations with the Republic of Colsmia
t l moSna-. The pi e dia host ofrCir In this city. am ended. The cause is the refusal of
lj .4& at smman' The betae was the recipient of a larg te government of Colomto to recog-
aSw BrElt, notaher oft iWebowne maa Valuable pres niqe the British minister to that country
e 'a. ot KeyiW m Un e absenoe of the Italian minister to
hav tees~a up-'JeBd JidlleOote, of Key West, Tub.'
Se4 tat paniersiope- an d Oeputy -
:. he- -at th eUptdSstate Coast. ar- tatn Jams McKay arrived in th
.- s e ai. wle, cia __ e r a 1WdmL NO left hee the isme
--," -.. -_ _,_. ," -- ha.. See. ia -.e

.i_ r tk 'ni i." 'KHJ T -

U Of th e Omustti


tot andte O :m' 'or h D :

- to the TrhlbOn

,L the BrobeISI muc d It *i*Apb
he ealaBh 0ldtu preat 0be a reWI

to-n'U ow -. 'o "tllt -
iords at Candae. w ch

&e tha of mom r thenW f f66

Sweiter. Bhe aeorm a -l W~i
T acam faahe theiau t g '
governor of Crett, amdhoilf l Ot.
within forty-eright hounk he outi T' a
river up the rtaneAerJ O a te 4iare 00a r ta-
outbreak and masmcre;a. Oreud~r IM n te 1 Am"
forts and ramoazrt5 000o--4Mt hirhee
Lown of Candla. and dibarm the t
suBman troop.
The Porte has announced Bhi reim || ilL
to withdraw the ruIlh trooV bitpasgiA Ol Q

comply with the demands of the BAtsh
gave trouble a feared. and It Ia befl v d
that the forts and ramparts ocopetled tby Zwy
the Turtish troopwill r be bombarded fEsB yak an A$
to-morrow. t
special hl t er ..H
still tasthtekigthe
The Zilgore House at Jackson Bi titled t
to n er tthrd tht the si8
10 4 new for ret aai rPor rl.
the P2i0iiaia
Jackson. Mta.. Septemiter 14 -t1maagy w1 jt*
yellow fewer situation is !wJnf Mrs. Kilgore. wife of the man wtof died Smiber ap saB
Monday nolt. and her chtde. & o sli t i
companies by a nurse atd ten people a hali R UL
who resided in the Infected district. aer
were sent North on a special train to- to rproerle 9r
day. The houe e In which Kilgere died tine
haA ben burned to the ground. t.tOlieved hbe
No new cases or deaths are reported he o ; igr
from Orwood. l ise 1" to pPq
Five cases h*ve appeared at TayloI' time the re M
and wo are not expected to live. The miYt
physicians In charge have wtred for
help. Dr. Waldeur has been ordered aI-6
to the s ene. ., t ;/-s i
Burgeon Carter of lthe Ma ne Hos- HBsi ."T AS
pital Service has left Jackson for a t ran nk
In, La

T .- la y ah .L
City Marshal, Stephen I. Woo*d.wa* rrered a*a"
is onthe of the most quiet d unea g
offiBela In the city gverimanent, bat "-Yw Sl r
under his adnmiaetratio the poltfe 46:- i van.S",
partmentI sI wos dotlg gosd wah,-nad tklrm -e -3
lag a most eMoellent record. OnOy aS- i* ^We
short time ago the police. records wTre Cue e
crowded with sports of all U lds oCi'i" #i I
-various crimes in Mduetert plrtms the-sit 13 e .A
city. wwbthe rmeuew is Ste eM sa- -
this peala well. for the digi t nt*a1t
Since tbe Btty oqmdi adopted a rule
provitetIs that l moneys ritpe & LCltpS. i
from faes Impisd tye monlaise) hemio
ourt aotld be pald Into a thed khowan 1lr^y
as th e pdo e fauo, mad ethi al 5.55 *5 3
so coleotud, mllo Eb tW lSs
the iseart of theBenisere otth ea P sss s
forc, the pollee depertiLa .heA.. hi
self Msntateln. A aharper watch Me--b tSP
kept for vlolaterd of the law than aver
before, coiwatmr tc lenequraii erb U e i'e ehe.
w the teahe tealt et Taaaeo heh o m
than for manye .. *pau .pa

Tampa Board o raes atron d- hoper hue w
vocxte ofrsarin aee water t e te. ma MeiB

docks aO Ut t river rtWt. E w O
kewp Mae project con-t v e bore tUh i
buad. end no opportunity to 'be ift-de
the weelty- tor tlmMdheM mi6u bae udi
Congress to attain lthe detre rmit. I
wlU be allowed to aess. Tbthis wl te .-r .
apprecatedtby t th people of Tpam ad.
the board may look for the hearty sp-
port of every bushmoe man i ntereted
In Tampas future welUfase, If the pohly
outlined by the new relid to ear"sieda -
OULt. By securing deep water to the -
docks along the city's water' frOUt
cheaper freight rates c an Oeowm.. -
More wort and ales abue of cerpra-
tlons wf no more to sectre cheiner
rates than anything else
The steamer Macotte left Pert Th '
palast nibt for Key Welt. aid it "0 b ;
with ever berth taken. w She lsQW
Mled a tews amonilt o ftef -

Sa oveadbu





r^^^^^ .-~I

S^ every firmer.wewrobantB
3 aMcmrer in thi secdio so m
S 'nd endeavor to uecuz an aproprta-
SYour lion ,or Lhia worl T co.aia
ted Tamxna last winter, and thoroughly
Ste~se wrmdable craft of which we By nourishing nvestiated the needs of the city and
S-' lR e -mot-m Ym art or- -I a appeared to-be Lap, es_-d with thi
. a Irportanre of the movements asked for.
ron ... .n .ae -a- y r yten Notins~, was done during the last me8-
clesett and lowa now i emission wfth blood mdc pnere by tak. n It Conga bendn malting m
.nvestigalion a oteerI.ns. u. ho
Sia teoinrf.-llf 1' B rtarparill. Then yo *enin.er of the project for the proposed
Ir~prvvemaentrL Congmswtll mast os
S *fne c eo i We rp mental, bodily sad Demb. And unL s teps a e t ke
a a t*ve the matter pushed. It In not Ilrub
WoCL~b~~ ha 1~mt any "Colm Wll be km T
oe ti a l prin a Bkard of Trade apspeso to have died
ss l, thefrom deny, and if thbe peopi m to de-
of the th e navy d gste strength. Then you need not rive any benefit from the vit of e
I os -at t ot f at mdtieass, because yourn system wil Con6eshamal coasmstise it will e nee-
'eeaate -y roe th rm eaye cltlseiu is
,gazpte oa t hser c wadIly resist lrofutlous mte eet w ryt rame orttaheat'el n eorsesm t
ah demorated i mowtr aulkek orn e. Then r wUll to trge Imnedno e action tpon the sb-
k nw *0 aabsolute intriusic mprit ( l ject. Trade is opening with Cuke, and
rotboese bft wseels now Porto RiMo; the oadua trdS ia
2hei4 revivea and TaMM00o 160M
deep enough water for the vessels t
t.te ut ad t~~otthe new come toe o the docs the dty to load
*,I w e setd ang discharge csulo.-
ft r aM'OW"T5 is li pQ chase o. l-est PAaBC90 S UOC[ OR. 1
panS The -ot Neais The samter County Times gvea hena-
e 8 %a6t Q8 "06lo. T. T.At iS@ PaSemr. M.sifh Fz Md tor Pato cold comiot ItS olfewita
mnThe Timeas ss:
s m id t W ol oW ve etasil. pmiy lld O o the d uties o t the sstra sembly
is .-meam ...... stwill her topepl to aM Unteomd oftgeoM
O -r -RB; WB who whll wort mos tamr'tbe ats ts
for th own Vkftbk0An ~a th WKr st
Sb t snill t neer ha b.e e s a mi m os .
MGM ..The? womb** al Inneands aIndd d ttry st whs wVi
s .-.,, W M, bet- h e awd. Zt oar" l. In l ch-opes-e with le rothresessee
Aloft E !!WK."teomnof aors n nd dAmid and not rioofte
Aw. %olze Jr Mt- f",..ladM.....-.9 dM that- vth
E eF tt w ould bmterl changed. Aa teS pawom

dbi imust IdQL ahe4at

beenesas ally l oai ateb BVr- isLacre Bt re wr e Boverof Ish troop mut evae Pod r tor Ro
g o M o< of f t e B it s oy b7 ? thne Pa sB r io u q es a d t e o nre l T ta d o o fo teede sm en er
St*u at- ttia 3 the etsS nelw att te olow' Ian aaa aaelyl ItAo

t ht the f as&en o w ee hword (or eter tt oI, ndr eidet, bu It their object tt

e ( J G4^B>v. d ot .eoeueca wooee ver o p Asto ric i
^ ^ T^ ^^^ Ia a^ d= o b ,o ,. YdU to p e.

-7 h gl ntadsta wait havra ah well o "hrw war bet" ad Is tonC- oneatetaina with th me merican
Opt Woseanas. Iaredort. RUNia of mid -Vufri and tees r a'

tI mMto dbs tre owta anlal to the euosl o I opnt of an otairy-
S 4 t "wb'a tch hut a ea. Whdle an sarm- no a ralTh the S patar t ar playing tto
4 -t e been ua oir t to eew the sword for either time Is very evident, but their object hn

^ pn t p< .prb to be a,
S m h pil te wel It as i o maton de- the tnn o the nquestwoe vame- Werthistoric

sy e" who cn dv avnotUy to be wsched, sal d the wornd suth mln at etnerat esrooke and Got
La der the kntes of uneoa wh te hn o e da whrR oro sodoito be pdeult t perceive.n t
S- of the aria i t.h I a h old move, and we is It that pal don and military only ton n Porte
Sa t me thai a -uefu ion- roe has ea on tahe nt a natifld that hasfor

tv e vo modern mp Wment of destOlru Rico al ot shown a dmuchow.oon to s~Pa
Syatf ct aivataeatin ne by aeur- at a eemen uet ae e et dovernied Lt-poe eting with thaae Amorto Rcoem-
kA 13~;e the pstucbydi hentlon t othe eqoisnent of an lualnod-
h O e h army. That the Czar Is In earnest miassioner, although the terms of the

eo MeoVr BtM of tdee. While ro m- no0 oe douaon? That he erths utaken th popl te eacte oto
thr th wau and th rtep e hoped s a. a thoe sooerd thelicty do st the tone
i t.g le other P' ber-irhan-o and tomay mimsnes, although the terms oa the
l..a- Whoaae th germs a thur he It picks pro lyseeem to be cl peaer.
'aL in mesr of nell It nb certainly a onedummatl dve l romf the Boardsgnngo ublic othe same With

in 7 j Atf iad~ ltvialy aa w to be wiheed, and the world such men ae tsenerl e ooke and
Nor in5"r the srkrl o ufortun&t ho aot.uto be prepared for it In the nine-

7 lt9 -; -ct Y O o wy ile n th. r" eh c ont ro'erases on the battlefield than for

S a ane ttarfll mvetoar ed b ua- Individuhoal to dwordld a or pistol in a wlle not stand much show. The Span.
ONdibsagreemeunt. But are we yet governed ish troops must evacuate Porto Rico,
M'~ O goo te m O by reason? ThatIs a erloua question.

14 0 ..to 1 &ed it corectness. o wso It the. be beat gren I nto o sh t rs would bbe opaed. Bubyent el

M 1 .e Si fr~w t who is coverr behd oshld oandhcheo.nt nhturaely at a standatlU, t streetf atn
fI r4s testt every one iyn & now whplen nto, the oomplegton of human ar a outry were be opened up by entered
t a awar wold be changed, and history would prsg Aerwod teric ly creae an
I fkAtkiad by A EM61IOtheat he not record omily the victories of pea ce. u-
*r-o -. thot r a h s, man suffer ng would ye diminished 'a it the Board of Public Works dke sir

iaboao41e. It tquit difert -'attbadetothectytotmdcover Ioorb of Trade and Ctof Council, P k
thte energies of mankind have a larger
n, hekalanted whh aitrua ia weL Fr.dom There would be as muc need to Ingratiate Itself Into the tende
o1 ofefor cots-age as ever, but It would stow to the tert x the peOPe? W<
Onlm5verr t the s f neetli.t# dtie In different ways. Chival mercs of the people of this cityIta
% Sat**=en the Wpo ftia mapy come an would still ve, for- there is more chival- do so by pushing the street paving with
S~, ".r rn everyday life than was ever Inown ohrte e I

is^ wi ba WtOt irth at Uns Nei- in ta tented fD r a rush that woult d chrraoterie th e tun
*. euso nay sarl bee. any The whole world In somewhat startled dividual methods of that body In trans-
by the Car'e proposition, but If the
*_ foe eel-tenon. and the world time Is ever coming wien swords shall aotln business. Now Is the tIme the
ero ffW ithouttheref i.i t C he beaten Into plo shto areas It may as streets suld e pavr-ed. Busito benes I
well oome In ou day an In the day of
--. ~m~ who can d sover an otkr Wfidren's childr. naturally at a standstill, the street --
'Ai -02sthoei e gettla rg sOfm moe- IkWL THE SARH OUT OF yaready grai!ed, there are hundreds of
quitnes viwAm a paublo benefactor and 'tl. people out of employment who should
of s In the e p.las be given work. By paving the streets
C4 of Intheublicplae If the people at New York City wer
aware of many charms this sta now it would materially Increaseb-
A .pemesse, as a summer resort In sum- ne in Ue bedes acc
pssesses as a summer resort n
1he Hi wOrleans States says that in comparison wIth that swelter- a task so devoutiy so5gh0 for by the
South Ike ^imse ekIng their hs. Jstpe

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Owjfr S Septsmber season In New.
s'4i soqs Ga s Inima N- fTo* I aVt off for a few dar by thes
.a u wu s-.~ ab tet ae ra tue. But t .w i
..a- my n m ew now f = t Um
4A -m3 Au&, W m- M Mo Wkm OM as cool u syou can And awlat

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5 B~ap~Jk m- 1O~c~=b~rr Qansel Rm has mhot"-b'
Sreeed ~rm "oUolal ro" rt. of i .i-
u% be-.nWWW ..... ba .-i what baana hle tet A i i

g ----|----- & P- w sLa Pm# fe t e,-s !aK e It des e o
--- iook s Y** I -t -l aeOr-L U of the St. oPaul assr-de Brf i

lo. w'. w o at S b nt r tWa t hfte owWnd m W- f- -&a vm,3&" _It -y.^
BI^Sk^.^a^l 1.p^ atd nav Dy' that vessel and itLl jwO b retoey lsba'mHi q
--^a^^^^4-l in ibeasi t a- a an tme vewiae e to mae-e' aoco i apaelbissj^
0%. Vwa =ban" tim f the INe f NooM
ami- a .r aamleme e tb gnew- r6 *t tst fm mday fteroon, wet bu

....... paida t& W su,3-_-that Avsnerin..
VO i We'- he"et b beam to hwm It des troyed. Suct wa.s t gIee fp_'d at
S not the. cm and it i l.os _, ta o tos &A Di. PhebelI
say soem Mennot tar from St. Pan u&i Ontam MAi m I baheat Sf
laSma s& br'an Cemmal, b t'hoA be k e they see the P F% 6PLe8 all I e -mabsta ss4 it
0ore smuOi-e apouoo on qs'et meat s Pm e"enNa 1 d. It forceseat all
t. o. wast uen abod the trUampot and pt I- nd _e p01 L.6 lno
; one. thC ia on 1 he. ia Is f ord oi s eI -'m ~ ;w .
ep ved the Wn oIncharge. he calld na so la I xts in
The P dM Ofdet of the tonolu Board Imoper at now!
O eealh j d not destroy the condem- gnat vmsi ii & cmbe
at l~ndo:tt extad to meat In trwa
lag msW-bameat went to the St. PauL accom- "- Cm bat O d thnBe
asjC~~& -iof f ML oaiTLev I responsible tha t pai It wa cOre
* See Mm te o0 oOta toPaufe, a% will It ever tauP use s t *iaeyo. Me of them
h Withle Siricleat sort of Coresson mm aim
hvep4t~tC n will ever satisfythe pea- o

A C. C Maste rs ha p a ract
t land troMm eta aito ar -d ciy I
and on Saturday last clea k deal tor cS )otrw
the wUson pace, conatI "aMtre aa pa" eta".
reasdence. Mr. and Mnr. iIstrss, rb ai
daughter and tour. son went to t t d b
place Matiytl from Br l a., IE 35a4 on b
Matead s at g m asrp ptuuaae wtt .

thibera Vpethe teo c tol

ur etot wseenA he is 1o It As k rNef
0til 1he UnstdMatOem mi asroa a -w
Th d g ta a" hh sby at f 0 ew S the
fte stD Sates WWhbdp4 thtemet'g

to the att sahestaem onme f r tre hate
cutters Coni 'Ist11

The CUTy COUB didn't seem to re 'dt
gard the usbllc health' asof any m-a
portance whatever. Por weeat it hasth i
failed to .man asw arranmerurt hi rifyMs ant
which the city coauld pay the taary Catsion.

int the place up and keept t In thor-
ough sanitary condition can be carried
on' ~

Henry A. Adams a resident of Or-
lando for the peat asteen year, died at
the Church Home and HoIsptal Tese-
S -fta bif illnem Mr. Adams



my, are r a m .M Mu Psab
had been a succeatsul gardener, and ha these
r supplied many of the fanmlles of Or-
lando with vegetables for years. l tbOs
ived alone, and little is known of hN and
former life or history. 3Mrs
While waiting fo- the people uf the red t
city to pay their taxes the city govern- next
i ment in fo ced to borrow money upon toj
Swhh t bas to pVy Interet at the rAte i-be
of eight per cent per annir, and a UI noted
. the money to pay it obligatlr Iur- nc mo
red at a ttma wbe theM and eto dofl pi
tare wre rdha btI unpa lO4 1 bT prtL
Sowners. Tbe Ie-relt ba to be pad Cfcm
and RI alU eco ot out o tU e tax ppsi 1n tmedd
tbe em end i rMCl~em s worf d pa t'hefl
I up prom tapt o at the city could.-he
I run upon a ouh bam2a it would not he The
lor before there would be a reduction by t
Sin the ta rate.
lale in June a man arrived ti Daw- for I
son City with a newspear eoatalnr The
Sthe fst aouant of Derwes Mayl Day the

for 81L t m h rmd a Bal and chao"der U
o50 cents ad t o come In and -ellrmm
Shim read t. A crowd. .aoi _ad_
I two .m.e aho .Thenhe e et'* fII

v ape to (v miner, wit waf0lfo~te to Plta
r 5lt teor. S~ ~ ,upa.)D bi. M i

1ted. -be ew
i tore $s.,ec. n -HJ ifAcn i 15.o5r i' J

oTte= baee.. .t m

IsL .gest. v a LsW C ,i i a .- A
and dlndt d b .s toh aera l a U' --

sot hie r nk (hM e

to to Qhe ve0ry h2
is e
is eenta Rlght'
aL Ca and a.
km Sexar, lres&
patterr 06*a

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SWolf, ofi thal ,
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former retacd
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New thonm
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f-M I -- agr Ia -r,,.,- necess, s om. as he anlisei Pla

,l b- ::,::.: a SAmE .W HAS A SSEH, CARED ACMmfiAo COANGS^ E

St1 the PIN wa he t oon s tt OUnhp AoLto to* e l h.M 41 as It.ag|
Wr tt n M ede and hn Talhedu Player Came In Handy. M
h tm- 'l o -chr t' ,U.t i cr W tonA ember a tan Juan. Po i~- o Septe
ta t. u bTE c m s. A e.gA
as soet no 45l k lbS 3~l- -l l0 b O
1an 58o the on t I e s fk3 All of ask I eutoenan t ea r yqbeta p EmI L

prt D eapar t, i na -" w o er. Netod n RAndd. Me a We th emonw r ha laye C IHndy
.e -i hse, o l- thr nrt a ..
i ae.. ae that w.-eweo aOl d eiao 9 lWt- o I Yte t uinet e o t A. CTrib e n ,

I.la t tha Nar nc toma ,y Colne Uecse of h s a the t R n tar. cttedp moltary pmetnee h1o1are1 *to ler
eb itee ateW e ueo-wte he eeoamydant,= ;. upane rthewevacuation oftPortotaios
St S now se uI ha' -a I- t I tl h n b t

torh uste aing rhem e e-L" th e ommnon IsCo te Sestm a t n andinciet- otc eeinwele nw Ui naI b am
v*- ew wr ate rejste dii-ug n i._Oin g e ac dcl. a s Inamp Por taaa rt 'jr Sa
rb disposa- nt en M. To wne e e n m i drn- the eriman. Deort is lk
ti ieilmtdla bee tey erwUs& Mie aniont erevie. oaere kC)n oss n ]heRr so --reW

Ein? regula rsrer* ea-" b ]k Wb Was2pece Uat D catt R of to te trei P n d. im t A .. ,..,

ofth hilewi Dna edayL- r mi ~ I
"t time to bsectgras under Washi an gton Sete mbe Ref -MadeSa n Jua n, P orto Rico.e&-ptember L- S 9V

pAsen tr U n at-Btthed Onans P o er e NTeln A.M ieys era d niO Wsh -e th e ime m o t e ls eOf w jb tend w arw t
A lb ano salm 10 bf n o neal 0tnierof hl t en tdmta. T ul3 sen S whs3epters era s t ht > wbhI e ql

n'h O DreJ a ol otheueadeu :seto-dmyhrty1 .1 a
-Webr ero r th fo r wr Soel r be t secr eP t o da e O toe
K^'^ ', .' 'y *?- 2 t U atteuMA tow flt ItOa m hotit', Ue-ute-ns
Ee, ,,i os t ^ ^a t ~ e,~,e str ed eiteroo s ther .e la o eto the Ac -edt fh Adm r nea dSaeyo we ra e t i
SXpeE fter s herteenro e ee insetob r tpombera S.--lo son Tahda.atb oe, &o h ber th o 1
w a h -s W Predat wht he thouht of aS W br .h A .e.ri to b

clue leoaU tihee cai nthoee is g angae to dee Gn-E rl t weae otedt a e t ria Oeoe then l mis
"f 0 1400 Moo g og.da 3 n a t t h e isoa r Nersaiod h aAll o rf tswolE Oa o oe o Be 1tnha ol dSaB
% i 0 m t tatY the geoema ohuat th e" oe b m for thi s tra s e pooy-=ok.ftw enfl na"dtim
1r41 m J ~Lg snag b"r1e f tor e o roa ll gteron ottioe ids toetwn o e- br l play Me se.er.ss torr 1%6llFIn ward Sear SoO

hethir ra ht wera tt o a nigte- fo Detrot, where he wil leave o the miSewhisande en Ilt e -L itetbfl t W
"- The mortion a the es ager nt i thena Ier d arsn a1n the o on e hsn-I a n dlth teoeo~h boti "Ift wo ee theda

lo wB r the Wt IAnto t Tha e een amet thcy wl Isaulth." (ery n O T cO rit o lag eeerA
6uiys eesatdWeBs wil be hneld lMonday eral Srater turned to o1mo ,nadUret o Fr toed th we o Mysgty IBr sed a ftn I w M A tO

t.e awr.-d t.d s ofa tD hat district meme r otfB the ithl hr dof hi ttn t ah. er e im "Aesn w i e, agS somM hi UI8
2 .rD o g o r*eacey t e MM r tlarhl d fron the eaa efrnt e dd cooly |ab r egQ e steqL a e l Mt. a .
Visit lae co ailoslIn s. .s re to -
re-edtCnr h im c Medem. and wee no f sad i bNe os
'etas tmqa ae .2 -ate.- R ebl nc ir t.- II - J .d J /
UX4 General, Obafer. e 0A-V-at t wih brjgp 7

,~~., ,~, OP me to Ws ngto~~n. C. September 9.-The Maye olsted o, h s d rive bac to, the s Iws r~ t"ea
= Wee"b rthsesrmatee- Iulw ca bie o-dadecbidrted to- ha ve any al t y headq ar cs f tohe WAmer tm i U we a o '
,. m c0o eatsy o te mp. e otuldtona the WWe actio t of tth War sd d
Deparment pvn I ca n S The pon who hre the brick hast S5ht twoapq who Vm
'Gee Cal oeety. left lesht nicht o rhaehePwr s Th at y oBe, thave se ah.

S sfe thar sWt dl atngh the wito he gatedlratene, asnd tate the megJl rem ect thet COr A. O bho wel e ema as -.b u.lI 9, _
_"M "s e Aatl o Iby n Otinge tn te dla n e
C Kicley. Sever-me ofU het~mbr r his tup. Clouds Spa manr Ann uncsUsst N Lt
.... pvi,,dtber he e 0111o601 W t to.t d PrW" ato tto Tw .I 1whe wN e O to r 1 e t tot

'" P-- ^t. s diepoei bj J. wo. .Towne. | e-.- H.n. S. M. Sparkman. De nocrstoe o who a- .i. t u..- 5W q
5Wehe^V55lYO The ~pllu s taken to -Havana w totheTribune. P r oi-nhee fmor Congress In thhe Firstm Coo- e = i AA 4o "
ck on the Cnton have bee theo-dy named senator Gr of r-loru a. District ft of Floridal together 90i
SS ~ od o he ciy nd ed In Delaware as the th member of the d n d a willA a s i
S a wrehouse nail the erasent or Ul aen the m iin Tth people of th e dti at the d eo i i
1 rng theln in Havana. While wait- Dy Stators Davl. Frye and Gres Ky West Fr idy.F y September- ld, i s c. Ad B
tdete for th point to be decided, ak qluan and Mron. Ws.itelaw RefO. nigt. wha mU j ti oa B B

1 o de ttto Cr ban cmd to meet the general approbation of the Bronson. Monday, October N. am. t
thN ly drt the war or the le- o ran arrs.nd fli of theregiments as the edar Key. Monday. October 3rd. p tho h a
AR have < Cuba. eamaH of the taas-' boys are ery analo to ge81 Alt to their nigdht.r
servingW to the inoeBrofhgent ranee. Bjt tB1 am. ni ?nd and t fe lll

k'&earte a V1 berbe Md heMe monday es. Sraftretaur e t ue to n rcokvle Thurc da. hty b e h.O and In 19 U a "m etw s116*Y Vt
.-. tv n this attempt to him ". Of e.l m-swhich am. -
p e e r- MIaoid.S e brr 9.-El Liberal to- Dade cIn Fr the paykct wbere i s-r-n lh and h(te be diem -
y be r he, reeves Specia mbint -o drU y decided to h, a ,, tn-, 5 wh. the 4r tmakes theAasscartio that

qr hMaichbe a a wall m c e the Chamber adop the actio o the e peac bl rs.
~F-idl' ir. 999 ~wtw to we s to serve on yers Wednsat been Opprehended. t,

a I-fe se am fcha Cot M. B. Macf ae. collector of -MwB -ed omm iion It is gnerll beliv edS
D ee Vaos sesdloft lastne for ofthat the Torer tofTm tur That Be," have d c S y b h
haug ingrece imved ateen and many oth r thn 1t nigt wth rs. uo Mac frane and i o x- to Is e os t "4WeL ho im S
S opiq stu sa wn e mnted hene. and tha.t the mer act that Ub .J.UberN BM e a eo a st whd. rlashaee Mody Oc1"tober 1"
isahi el= tet wth Ps t o ofesc. o acarah nvehatsen s u ri we th m.we "PO ho 14 ;hogwe60
mea. lermasis- reDarment withofiversthaff.his oefTame up. a s el. Ls t partc t ,and aPnc e Dy-es
theSo t e m here manwfiedsoptatthebamysi O ne o r me of te f i t

S 5 lnger. d ai on ardJed to the office fect Hnealth. Hon. & W. Sparktan in his cante: i weem petknlo ul b t hl l.5 n
artta -en eral ofed Washington. September .- e

w8ca r %w awrdo the Clintontrct. hav e been dent to-vrmy named sector Gn leray S Psori on. Bo o f er. isr catdfFod.o
'th to the city, ad swed In Delaware. as tc e anuth member of s he rwith n .h.r dis n Dvdon. Hn. Shbds is sl asey-hs
we hus- nirgove meant Peac cytamisson. This PPOlnc- addrAlw the peMon e of thtitie Ma t at the 1 0 Up he ac al e 11 t Io an s beN1
Le e t a r e T meat complyetawtthhe nersotei of the foh.ila sea rolL. e s
1M IcR ar C oaatuto i lr stabler to l-eeL Th eehstaveaready D r. stng times and Placthe eraaoesw aOi& Va "m
been seeafretefrfiintoewDsrc.welt- Dayrienatart Davs. Frtye and Gret

140 Xuatere I^d Out 26th. 11 a-m- belards

;I Lh Zd Si t- t-e Sjrn -L .. ......, se.rearY.. 1" ram imw
9 the i sapeeiai to the Trebue. up premises "' - "'Io you wae doiog a gooeS 3si In l
SWshtanton. aspfember 10.-oAmong The Plant steamship Florida is now a.'
ahNaval order today were the fol himss Katherine Wicker, of Farmville lying at Port Tampa This vessel has "' ,' I said, keep pety b. *R.
aw promottons: Captain Higgin Pa, a graduate of the University o een under charter to the governme "'My, but ya matbea s
sa comma er oft the battleship Md ashville, the Peabody Normal, and nerlyevery since the war tWgu. t bilot y
L.mehbeoptts, tobe commodore, dating the Stonewall Jackson Institute, b ehas lee surrendered to the Planf ainge wanT < ibo
.batut "d been appointed by Superintendant teantp Conpany. and will e fitted was getting nth. fat F
Si'Aw r t Nasal Ceastructo Rich Bto Buhhboto to the position of principal of fr the Havana line an soon as pos- ai t the qaeatwis dad potafr bs s
lal trson p B obn, to be frll &Val the Hyde Park school. 3h W, icker sp f ble. aH s gavana lne sad i oelt th aI had t b inS
e W uou .t asto d*, ro 6 June aL the highly recommended and It sl believed e I edmitedl'th uth asl .So6imr
M.lok'?" ncbat a imle act of Robson and till give satifaction to the patrons of Next Saturday, September 17th. wll a. By this hint she hahis btedtnd-gsps
P i- w of ea ves men in stakikng the the schooL be the Jewish New Year, and ten daps herself fato the chair, and abe gavme saH .
~-o ae riae r- aro-the cAmmorl to or thereafter will be the oelebralton of the look that-well, yon rueMaelr
seitsao Be a danso bay. Nav al e carrir the famous feast of Yom Kipper. Nearly pira eUteLed 'The AAms Hipppb o
0. V iOa' pJowipow ra n the o c ad er e all stores in the city belonging to Jew po nawi
4th a "t o 1the service a Tama posoffe was held byt the loca ish cities will be closed in obervance "'Sy. dOit,' aherida 'ud IA imn e Aa Ab
S-e .r, an i board of examiners yesterday. or thete holudas Ingle woman.' "--New rnk S.O tN
aapere of the apiicants will be sent to
.~Sd o t ~ L~ the civlt service commlession idW Wash Mrs. W. F. Stovall and children re Aft r tle O semr .
Mits Mamn U eihetbe g4eer, who. has ngton, and it will be some time yet be turned last night from an outing c Mr. Welwood--Ho did rlke B lt_
WstUa het aer e Ag lst r. Nomierin, fore it is known who stood the best ex several weeks spent at Monteagle, Tenn Mma. Mebley?
was caed home saddeply Frt- Aminatlon. and Dalton, Ga. They were greatly im Miss Hgharock-She Was WEatlad I.e1 B
y the sIous lneaof her mother. proved In health by their stay among Mr. Wetwood-I'm aftoni-fe t1at
: ch~ek se er, who resides on Tam- Th Inn at Po Tam a orit the mountains. Mrs Stoall's mother hr you I My tht LW
S r'.Bi a The at~d of Mis resort with Tampa people as well as the returned wth them in e Toia .'
:S^ it t^ a atre piaease to have her in Tm traveling public. Manager Sam Hin hro-Oh. H oeM N
-b t t tht s- wa4 caedI nah devotes special attention to Tampa Mr. Harry C. Dozier, o Tampa, spn have been ual ght, but eg rMa ti-.-
B.. d 'Mr. Do people who go to the Port to spend the several days the past week with riend gown sIhe rM e mer coald habi "
e who h-bee day, and no where in Flgrida can a in Ocala before leaving for ,Philadel a ide in fPrisa-Cleel d "Lt-
'fio at M. PTet Srytep eHospital. better meal be obtained than at the Inn phia. where he will take a medical
".i a be s db =elo teo be"ed of The brig ira C. Rhinehart, formerly course in the University of Pennsyl- The cw-lutim for nl.lad a '
he hi tha rs. the Amapala, ia still lying in the stream vn-Oca Banner. INa itd a
I t e and pon e near the ship yard The owner, Mr Postmaster Reynold family returned inimp heo Ma P sle d
SIra C. Rhinehart Is HI and the brig wil home yesterday from the West Coast a Oa their owa
i WT rnot be placed in the Chban trade untf where they haVe been enJfIng them
S he T evers Man returnsao, the city., slves or some Utt ttee. At wr TTI

I -I.. Lfaeatge be sefstted by tolw h.tdgq
"~s~ % :-.- ,.i., _. . ., m , ... ..a. .

-- o, without sau eir 3t agm a

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I N ses to locate here, and he esbd pU
., .. :, ..$e i oit o.. W.
L-a lltt 9iof thee tban

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gate d Anl b test sal co

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.44~.clh*'r. 'Ae mman As tem

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hidt kape mMi, ane
.MEiOWW 1 "f de- olao
Moine I. Ba of.Traf t*fr an ~etoa
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IAr B hw* w am i p M l& t im %I ban *iv l tbe
MP-Plox Iuft~ imd Gilt Co dorfab the united
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E l .<*r o c m aft Uary. bo tb
IS^^M^ mO ^dL of Ce'fme to a

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;dL..ad jinfj)mmkisia jhim views
~s~1Q q !(Pow.

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o. t isagred ty -"spoa tocoomet that

*W o qei .Mt wwr.* The foolish
e 'j 1 qa lil parts0( the
or he patriotism of the
S telb eo has been difpelmed and
BNortheo aital is ready to come south
'i3lr eMagt "aliow us the oppor-
ltwl afr investment t and here is money
all you .at," is the word heard rom
the eor.. The opportunity I bhere.
'lhre in th. ape o nature's products
c os4 a e, otton. wool. pht.s.
Wf pate tatitle. ibhe products of agricul

H wsdiep offie' What is more. to
at BcV,@r t on. a favorable clt
I it W mtnwdastro people ana an e
%9" id makIet await the manufacturer

W- 'Wa in mhe ChkLago twrmber."en a
SrecoUmitt of thme facts and a sao
gaista ef the possibiliaes of Southern
Sutrader s amht on by the war. It says:
i i-.; f especially to the
Sitiois'crtaed' nm'soeptsam to which
S.6i00014M .me Prlse fand. devetopmen
';4y. -fin ilatalsed'it to very elear
I4 M theWct ae our emmon country
wth& South 1Qd4estli d to reap
^ -li*fl hmrro the cdhasres
c A ';tihsie'a Of the Western
- tI~~atWthftsahL Tim
fi~~jw I aso IarLg a por-
IgA iin ~ bLft the United
ven *s
-~~~ ..ope

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hsc s ar w iua h os lstsw mat wit the S -
Uc>ed?. *Wous s Seib er t scd asos obWe t
w-mo odre N a^s a--Ma ^c.. -,n R ,

rally of thldrtoury
the probbtlity amounts to practlc l l
certainty that the time is immilne It i tot be regetted that Oen. Lee
when American Interests and occpatlon has permitted himself to coma ae
of the Island will dominate Its polltles1casddae for Unted Staten n
and result in ultimate annexation, and from Vfrgala. Be is said to be ha
tn the mesawhile will stand in the re favor of the lngle gold standard, ad u
Nation of a commercial conquest n prac no man who ia not is line with the Cht.
tically the same sense that the mnquali- cago platform is going to carry off
led acqisltlon oC Porto Mico will sus say politleal honors in Virginia. Bena
tain to the American republic. The tor Martin will defeat him for the ft-
commerce thts new order of thin- I son that he has not only been a Con-
certain to open Uo wil a pertain to its raent silver man. ht has bes, oaal t
tiatutrL d interest itnetdlng forest" the most useful.public servats that
products in a 'dh qigu'- wd measure Virginiaever had at the national cap- I
S* A411 of these various e--lutio toL Be has worked for the best le
of.the war, thus iefly sketched, will o erts of the state with an energy the
neeessity entain heavy, Oemandse upo never tviaes and tM been w dertelr
capI&l. labor aad material, and in th aucceeSt l t obtainlg all he ham hop-
pgreeate should. and we believe will sht to accomp-lis-olhe Ilamili n. '
meant to a ver marked quickenaig
of the indutries Iand nteresa natural The Democratic committee f Nal B
Involved tpoi an enormous scale. county held meeting att Tulee Thurs- r

LET T E BOARD ACT. day evenlg or the purpose of ur o e-
I the op o t city are b ing i and mapping out a plan for the fall
theP l efths Irebeig capaIgn. HBon. w w. f*rmer was
robbed and the Interests of Tamp& are tcamnpaln. Hon. W. W. Parmer w
-being Jeapordised by the railroads as elected chairman and 3C J. Careton
has been intimated, the proper and right secretary. The peltical situation w
way for the people to get redress Is
through the legitimately recogntsed or- fully discussed. there being a represen-
ganisattons of the city. Let the Board
of Trade, which organization is com- tative from every saptios ofthe county
posed o nearly every business man In present. A campaign committee was
Tampa call a meting of the ouslness elected, o wle 4. L t was
people amd discuss the matter In elected, of which 0. U Baltvee was
calm, business e manner, and make chosen chairman, to whom was referred
a strong protest against the so-called
graspIg corporations and present It all matters of a campaIgn nature. It
to o t adsofoe so su is the intention to make a vigorous and
stantltgl backed up with facts and
figures. It is certainly not the nlten- aggressive fight t
tion of the two railroads entering this a
cty to cripple Tampa or any of Its One hundred and fity marketab i
Instftuto norhertlte. Th e Inte.r- .water melons from six vines that had
ests of the raIlroads are identleallyI
.those of this city. If TamDa continues only ordinary cultivation I sqenitagly
to grow and proser, the ralroads ll almost redible, but J. L. Wll
flourish, and on the other hand, If the i
city's progress Is hampered the Inter- of Gabriella can boast o his yield from
ests of the railroads will be n4terlally I
affected. Why then n the name of six vines that grew among his corn. e C
common aebs e should these corpora-' old the melons In Orlando when the I
tions wittingly try and kill the goose a
that laid the golden egg? There are a- market was glutted with all sizes and t
ways two sides to every testlon. The kinds of melons, yet they brought him
Tribune has no desire to pose a the or-d
an of these corporations, but it as- $840. ar. Wlliamon also has one o
eumes the authority to say, knowing the prettest young groves In the coun-I
Stt w S ^ ~toos y wm the prettiest young groves in the couna
that It will be characterized by some ln-
discreet and imprudent wind bag as the try; it now has quite a sprinkling at i
exponent of corporate Influenes at theo
sacrifice and against the people., hould oranges on IL
the business men men of Tampa get
together and make their grievances Young lawyers, dentists, commercial I
known to either one or both of the rall- travelers and other professional men i
roads the matter would soon be rho rushed to HawalLxpecting to maJs
amicably adjusted to al parties con- fortunes, but were the victbs of mli I
cerned. All thi uctseht finming, and placed confidence.. letter from ouo-
whinin is entirely useless and will not kulu describes the sitaton thius:
amount to a copper. Agents and captains of everyZ saling t
vessel are besieged with these pe ple r
ALGER'S REPENTANCE. trying to serve e passageback to
Sanfraclsco. Many of them expected
Secretary of War Alger Is now en- to do buslnes on small capital, but they
gaged in a frantic attempt to put bolts, found te conditions all against them.
bars, staples, chains and locks an the Commercial travelers must pay a license
door of a stable from which the horses fee of 00 before they sell a single bil
have all been stolen. He has sent to of goods, and all trade Is managed so a
the Commandinn General at Montauk to help the local firms that have dxed
Point instructions to investigate and to places of btdness. If immigration
report on the case hronfcled in the continues heavy there win be mnch su-
newspapers In which a private was re- ferig among those, who came with
fused admission to the hospital the day small means." I
on which he died because, as the doctor
told him. the hospital was for sick men. The Washiugton Post describing the r
Had Secretary of War Alger taken new subway railroad of Boston oha I
such action way back in June, there serve: "The people will, however, soon
would not now be a clamor for an In- adapt themselves to the new conditions
vestigation of him. Had Alger taken But a city without surface railways.
proper measures to supply blhmelf with with no cars in sight, mut have a
the Information Indispensfble to the strange look" Well, there Is Loondon,
proper condt ct of his department, the something of a city, wtth no sufte,
newspapers would not now be supplying cars i tlght." and It is not very
hm as well as the whole United States g strange looking. Paris has but a few
Th newspapers are not the channel surface cars "in sight and outside of
with sach Inormation. the moulin. Rouge and a few kindred I
to which an efllceot head of the depart- places or recreation there is nothing very
ment looks for Information of derelic- strange about Paris.
tlon In his subordinates. Derelttions\
must be glaring and continuous before Punta Corda's fishing season Is in
they come to the attention of the news- full operation, with the prospect of be-
SSecretar- Alger may remember that ing the most prosperous one In years. J
his old enemy, Colonel Teddy Rtooe-
veit went about the streets at night .Lage quantities fish are shipped.,
observing his patrolmen while he was daily. The fishermen say that the good
a member of New York's Police Board
If while be was holding Teddy up to results from the new fish law may be h
scorn by gawing out for publication his seen In the number and qua;it of the
private letters, the Secretary had fol-i
lowed Teddy's example, this would not Coh taken.
be thus.
The Jacksonville city jailer reported
an average of 13 1-2 prisoners in jail for
From Jacksonville Metropolis. the month of August. The cost of teen r
General Shefter is quoted as saying,
sine his arrival at Camp Woodruff; lng these prisoners was 1 cents each
"We have to deal with things as they per day, including soap and potash to"I
are-not as they should be. The men
who ordered a summer campaign in a clean them.
fever-infested country are respoaaiole e
for the natural and unavoidable conse- The- aoods are now foull of fine deer
qauoa ruSl es 1 was inevitable. The
doctors got shis like the rest. They During the few past few weeks Jo

were overworked and exhausted. But Perry and Jim Snowden have had ex I
their ability is unquestionable. Look
at the low percentage of death from cellent sport, and have succeeded In
wounds. It was never lower in any bagging several.--SL Augustine Herald
war." These are words that must be
heeded. They are true, wether r The new steamer to between Day
ter has been misquoted or not. Whether The new steamer to ply between Day
the demands of the occasion were great ton& and Palm Beach is progressing
enough to bring on the war In the hot,
summer, under tropical Influences s s She will be 6i feet long, with i fee
question to be thoroughly considered. I beam She Is to be provided with six"
The whole subject was canvased. den- teen bertha and to have a guarantee
eral Mies was opposed to sending troops speed of ,fifteen miles an hour.
to Cuba 'before October. The war is
ended and everybody is glad of It. in the The Sy-acuse Post, a RepublIcan
abstract, but still there is a tLertinent paper, takes the position which the peo-
qoeston: Might It not be better f it pie have already taken, namely, that1
were Jnut commencnlg? The story of -for the continuance of Alger the Presi- I
the awful rainy season had been told dent and the Republican party wI!L bei
manytimes. The Spanish soldiers were held responsiblee"
J popularly understood to he obllge toi e
Suspend operations against the Inur- Rioting in Crete should be a warning
gents in l rnmer. The Cincinnati rEn- to the imperialist what to expect'wlhenI
qul er asks: "What have those iho we have taken the PhUipinea .There
L were constantly goading the govern- will be rioting there every day in the
sent to get to work in the bloody b sl- week and it wWl take wahips and SOi-
nes to say about it now?" i ders too, and plenty of them to keeI
n s order.
-4"-it ts an oon secret and alm o sha I

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tresads I
the tar. i
would ha
y home to
3y memory


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mr* man botte ot Hata-teGreas Iis.' Cclee i
)lery corea al Kzidnean n.ads la5e has ast'
cumanbe. reamos gravs, eta Din- bed sine fsi i
Witsa seminalsiWids. we "a"d Is Wlast ebsefis
orathmea"- san a lmuegsicl- for evl w rO
lee of t bt bsisys a"SMaidderl In -t
ma. anod mA. Regrlates hader awe cr muscba

P Box Wit w'S S byhtn t
oClaoa. AMt. oah ar 4. U.- o of wih
ieI ofadd" troubleOl* b ty tl a i to* p .

r-.;r .-rnvh r "s T - 1W CoL B H." .
mat's as-,--a, d Wil f e6 1 towa of Aeat 3
P55ahI' M& I iO4, W-" y0t0rd60, aa
P BTo 'Sax tW6 Ware Leve by his =q&*X7We
.M% v S. R I t t4* &r M &is weU h eks.4
-Ie hms domen ag
Cleate Als.. March I. WP".-" P k en of whichrof

th bhat Ihag rd Wean meeod Kidnae
snd laedde trouble. brt ags* fs
--r vrm Wo 'a s40.LP. .d. 10" 'sr

t Treasurer Gua01eoupe Courye mitwf s-w

hit las redeme mlol f e hitiO pe ise ..

A few d ays sine a meet ng of the A .eitf eood he
CongTegatlon Scbaaral Zedek was bhel mkpla b wri
at the residence of H. Ologowekl for the .___ call
purpose of perfecting axrsanemeia lors
the holidays Bosht ha Shasa and y abusiness is I-
Eipur. which pkes place September of good teeC a
16th and 2th. It was deelded'to hold .prte f tlhedr
these serves In the hall in tate thIrd
floor of the hew Kra setloek erraik-
in street, and M., Fle of Feet eTasal Puta Gr"a
City and lMr. is theaoeaen ofn ewa ToiC .
will oflClI&t. the Coertebm aAina 11& s


.,1~. ,e

'f~iV i mm TL .pI 5ItLaa Ders i
I ;. anmnaeenr for Co.r ia the ~ rs Co- n-
sre l s onal Diterict ; mor taR

tI-W 4Nf W -_.AO YWrfta
tO imbar-i W ork f Bantldanto~ n M day.. September
** *<&ftl^ **rirtlM^ii Jif't Wiairm.
3Thl m Tuhday.ta September 2th.
u-sieG, I a OSmI 21am
---- s Mayo. Thursday. September 9th. 11
Se'-i' to the Trlae. am.
VPerry, Saturday, October at, 11 arm
Va.OeuBttmbhr 1.-The poeele of H y.o ber 3rd. am.
A1 whole of AustriL huwe tnaepsated Bmnm. Monday. October k 1U a.m
.- NsUade i th eazUMMl1inn d a Cedar Key. Mday. October 3rd.
Sev eamsumpeoted of b~. outected
ith -a ow -'e tit t that o !tes rness. Wednesday. October 5th.
oursbl tAsi b trun a o the-couon- 1AMn
WF. sm es u t r toksrvllte. Thursday. October 6th. 11
: u t~if atlr* epollt dat Treats In _
i4Mie e.l 4d twow 'a Duu d- e Pde City. Friday, October 7th 11 am.a
AmE aoda at m ams a:Iea peddler Bart w. Monday. October 1tth. U a.n
iea niim resaGd j a arP itaphy be- Arcadia. Tuesday. October,11 Utb. 11
mftew eo bwlke t llsUre- eduntry'.al,
SFt.-- u -yers. BWedaBear. October t1th.
]MtlrIr sls tf9lWn e .Bn l ki Ital- nllht- .
r bi'ak Mi iMlelio ot cello. Saturday. October 15th
4 *M aBei V6 iMe~**A& been m
NblatOy Gmnla-tsi Ak t&b ~o avoid Trsilhaeee. Monday. October 17th.
4bfclirqvs -I~fti *oevb l wt 1 1 *
9hH" tbjek'qirdjiftj, 4W g Md Othr spotprnts wil m e mad' tby

A miast shirt sna
ai d s edged oads M k
thseftft Nt Bhl4d P

sity drives them. We " '
Stng depatn irtmnais WeTM

in town,-both b ftetos Of good pods Aji.
and ~Es caue icrPiou eaAd. .-

714. 7ie 1ry 'k" IL- ~
-iy rv~ h~t *.^*-*-^A aar* '-t

HikRW.----.---- ..--ie -" of I---'.T ^ KlW -
G4 eT-"aoa 2of "5 h ma .. rmed t"., fo. h iTch wil se given.
jift An- guishbea whtera among othejm wittIs
fta de itt1ii M iiA i0s9 la t Stoa. e Mi 9 park5na in tXp a In histaarro: -
r "- HBk, Pseo, Hon. Ge". P. RA-wy. ;.t Vij e. u' C

a. to hi h.t n r the and Hon. W. Hunt i WATER WB1'T-- ---I
sowW is ~ptfII~ he lc8tr IuaTbe&Jknown his WfR. T. f 1.ttS R A
father or mo- t p hr First o- ROCpBO'e'TO.(a PRIrRF C-
a I and p y wtr secretary olit he boainess flail -tea .

bom ,

atpgS pett ;.--,let de hamLber f the tary ordinance which requires are l Nv-i_
1 Pa 1e of Aedtf'te three a et h At denta to clean up the f premisnes l and
a ies atohsll 4 aJnt anhslit idea begaft to poe- place the garbage and other reftu se W TEtR IDftft'

g n the ro use of a life of adventure, he notified a number of person s that they
fep.hened Ibe at odsest in 1ni mst clean up their premees or te
STh ore t' the Brst time ie saw ampre-s will be acrritl eod iak.a before the d O
E Cabeth. He was miserable and weak Municipal Court. The notices are bav- o
Sa d a applied to the Italian comnsl to be ing ood effect, for a general cleaning s
1 n t iB v.t hu e lb returned d to Italy. h, Consul sent him up Is nso t In peogrees in all parts of A- -
.....t.to pl'I LitIo idlIy. flA K... ..i...
t A 'h uron t ciraw. one of the mus&st.n s FA R

It i* T ,S o "er bve be en E "v e C rn ernotat e ha ac k p ints
SOtfd a postln in Marshal Wood. g dsAtdensl at relasanuteuabree pri and 7r
OaiId sac atsboAk a-" d hrt- p rPhe and st ttheinr rd.ver
-WOa W i is "te aT hlsenead e' and abenn t tthrat r e prose t ae st ni b ghthe* Ir
2TW y V.ork trws to "Lev till edefigar Z Itt fot favorably known In Tampa, and his h. uarl-teed.
rr~L*C pad burJ ~ W wi ,at *a.A.-,,.i friend will bm pleased to learn friend will to* a '.-l '- ~ *""'
* *- thathe has agai decided to locate with Corner FraPkmand8optt~'-
-c11d&.- u-. He has -ust returned from a tri p _____________out_.
Ipee i a th hTriun hu*e to the North and Wet. extending over
Iste thIal. oSp mle ro la-dete hFeunch a period of eighteen mofrths and says
r f Is in a gesera cieland The that Tampal' prospects are brighter
" wam--ftS1fd IMblter of Waner wIt resign if the D rey than any place he has yet viiated
fP On isse ereoDened sad Prentew Sa- 18
e ts wtB rmeire it e' r Ss' the c not Coressman 8. M patman wtU ad-
aters to~ e th paepec tatrehU Jthe en, dress the people of thia cesnty M a pub.
tirshllant wall as iaBnd ftat the pre lc meeting to be held fa Tampa on-
*4graw 1 I t- tbaled ot a to eonagale a Tuesday night, Beptember 2,7. A nza
ab Maet, raverable eropenrg the ber of other leading Democrats of the Ws
f Itd ir etI, aTf tplmaed of. men who state will amlso delver adgee at ethsl
. thesu wmmera 1 wl- be caet --pda to Oe an tne a meeties. It I es propoed to =asu t hei l i
uM7nason sIe*t-s *e h meeinag a regular Democratic love-feast ..
-, W r I 'i and the public generally will be invited
nbunhu P StlatSto alte^ a d and listen to the addressee
upon the leading political questions.
Gf Was CCa c1ate- In the Plti There are no new development In Qsrr y a Onnmplete Stook and Tsolicit p- s C Ieo ab.

:I .I foro embarkklcatlon to tCuba. Nol merchants Only.
S, f an4,Pecl to the, Tribsne orders have been iren and none ar -
as*11MI1*ga'rt0rs on b~t September lS. It is offllaly expected until just prior to the time the( i Q faCDtfCII^C fU 1HJ Rn a
daliem 5 a trip ^p Ciaon*'D D1s0d that Colonel iupaty Ge Clam troops are to be moved In the mean
Br 1r pare.h bhan pla ced oo the eiacive list and time the Seveoth Army Corps is rapidly h .-.
St u issttd fnm hleapos in consequence growing smaller as a number of regl- 0 d W r
e t te general stars inveattgations in- ments have left for their respective
e".a s^^hse ^ tp testeraSlycmes-. states for the purpose of being miatered 4
W&"e ,fes~pptij -Psldeat Fauro retIred CoIloel Dus- out of service.
W w"WOtIfP.. tout, sE Clan at the stggestion of the Mtrn-
-'.so t .asa atu Wa g eVesherale U theen dsThe prate office of Freight Agent &
-ftIgSSSSS?^r y Two abinett meeting. hare consrdered moCrtte, ot the Plant SdItem. baa been o n
e rmrM us was the beqetofarevion fthe removed from the west side of the P.r F *a.e5pwIT t.* M. aGrt.It.r, v ,ati
ha dchooa, wca is and adjourned until Saturday, at counting room in the freight depot on V. DuWAMPUB. 1e6eii tam p.
t he rest oa the Minister of Justice, M. Atshle street to the east side of the
Greifts e8914, aMbed of n b room. This change wll be appreciatedsatIthis
in of theo hiV Corn- wh bec to=Rd*5 d to h ou wdse omt ra ee wlth the agent as they will not he UW
nst "pl ith Te court o T r edt la for- have to wak across the building, but d D ler i Le
MA merConnePcqaantpendinb are- ca th wenf ice d tedt Brokers and Deelers inLe
hearing of the case satinst him. the ptfdorm In front of the b direng.t
5 ES. the sanitary inspectors will visit
piisspio NoBWa hplea oe the the ot on eite northwest corneIr of Hor-
?? ples-nt effct sod perfect safety gan and lath streets, they will find a Assorting, Grading, Curing Bali ^ ^g
y 1A ran"em swth o netw lMeas mary use Syrup of The -oo and d e n
eI o Fig der ojdion makes It their quantity of decayed vegetable matter Crop tite. Planting
4 -t look r e name of o the chin se ae is diagonally across the seet
E. h Nar the tmtpan ofan the package. F or d ml the con ventte ou net, i o abi
biiolr m bdti aaleL sIt oragoid loesis r. miesCall should be removed at otne, tnd
O0Dh td a fCcL& tCslr-mpb thC e io t placed to anltaery condition be-_
tiq5els' -icltth ha bP Place HeC o n Br sh wilt leatie in a new tore tickness is caused In the neighbor- -
doI a cagse r n bgaew InPrk and other great oo a H. L. IaeHT, r 0 r
h o"", V tswre tradingcamtfus to lay to ha Rail and H; L, gltI ar, Pr a f mjtL
V M af rs-ieui inoetser slor ot ent. furnishtng goods The poor and destitute wLoon whose -
S? ? of lthe l lmt stock of goods ever sevea wee ego is dead Sae was a ae
SPpi, '*5S SeawUssw thle tampa, sod to maaE room Miss Wliee ofSumter county, a dangis- EU U URN W
asia mmossIs^ti f t per m T a, ofring htis present ter oI Hartley Wells of that county. J% cosdee
a1QSS i daam^S soeh girca>lorogy tow prices. Cas- Vho s reported to be In a good condi- i^ ^ T -jcn6 i
$51300. h-e1na' the- Pisgida Mercantile Coamnpany lop )nanclInly. Her little baby alo, alse ,'.:' ^-"- ^^:
9 SrIWS'd once-Ser genuine bargains In the died sond her other child wae placed d 'is lL
L i5h0e W a JtfiOg line. the p^han's Home of this dct. This HiWn of th Dy
t t ouinfortunate creature was a tit t he-U 4
e a dt M T h e sstc hnt edro p o f w a fe r p t i an d r al ty
eoi eVl sm ay the hardest stone, diedain shnte of disgrace roadhavingt.n Os-E
hearig ofthe gaint him theP-or In ront f th buiding


atiert.. -m v S- .PreeWmt
el~ ;' mrier Ihate rst


Deosroate the Pa

Havanaa Cuba,
whc4s ~ meqst w

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b-a deisltien ef
*Uts, gat by (h
c P Pa pala of the I
a4 q~~t ~the

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r %':-i ir,
. ..... 4

M41. ue, ; -t 5A to iose such
rQ to a QUe G w-
c ed .jwa .He willH

IIby t ]rt & br tha
fis~ nmd ..- ,, trry.llr &A El t
bIo 49*. d heastralfMAbnagei
9'at iowenb 1 -4 P4 l l PW
l uTa mpa about the
i;'.-I o nt.di d ..i.a
Sffitp Vsw ^
sah eld.
visit to J cksonvil

anaman enteil

itsminMt rad T e made public.

tItalitsr fortnew firt tme

_a ***ot-bTb ifc^" e tt present.
.- r -: Yt steamer Te
aetg from the an excursion trip t

Mi eced tad a debghtful place t
Wt-rj he*_t5, setpazer retnwrs e
bug d. t an l who go ar

logo ji UlL m 3-+r T an

-,-a l enter the Geoita
warw ann .PrO.

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E io Thomas N ten
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%. Basle- Sarsbal Pvget
thn I thU city yeat

9 perrth Georgpa
tends f or a shor

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Db..t. _.- ADW tt MIslfqus i&rtoeil -h.Wtb d dTh ya -!9 bB

A. Ia Ning a fewha me so
spe ~gcde to the h.e das, eame a ne,

lam* s pamtatUn 'TeikAe W.h ikte *rseat aTmug Falong.theIaU SiP, M lbhe
S...... um_ me h t. ..a :.. m
be, amielnrs Tils His epart of the -aut *-ia W u o
iACsrupar With Ajtaat _
&M aft once. een ealCarbn.

o, ,t sm- i IWeLson A.X ttheeneral tcomm snd-reet b g oan moe-0.
haAa im --S dsuwo mobl^"^'33lL

a T toenutre h wth f Triet ork othem tasMd ras iatrr ay rid
SeeptembMer tl-Tli WanhinaSep&temberl lo-GeerI sre he wab saely oppaitse th
itd # Boamfsislcom-n

ovated anid dmeorn- and upon leAale the white r ousemBad. w etheheaer Apeed. o em
he 4e' t tht e at igthe Prdet hd th o toe UnIted States to a th i g a atr os afba e o N'
palace e won hia s oia sad thme troop under hW is b doJ 6 h tahs et hoM a oa

"C C r a e. 1.q page tes l r
t d ,a st mand wtho rhed In tnhe orto., . b ,. ,tt S inth

-in -Cal C~On prllegeparad, hn report upothe Baa* A gIh at sI m ites -AiE4i

Cate camp o .N Hw e carried with him to ret aina YOd5 4 frIgh I

a Sp ash Gas capturd at s ,. l ^--^^-g--^S SmaSSl^.
teres General Miles w held a long conftrencaw h b dS tbb
novtSad and eors- ad upoa torI bthe Whiteie1 H *eumb a. !LI 6* eUam=

out" from ooer who sceompa his. a mfSBS tTtHPB1
Sthroughowt. stated trip on the newaport Crepty f exicomOhki Ap6. dherme S e-
fthe homen r or- oat the Presity dent had ons..te-- ato a Ia h SUL. th

d e dedea to He h ea scored conalderable, of a vie-. ,,y^ g
alt acea _ai ie t- aerade of tro h ve Po ar ved, al throo n New Ia-

ot net n Lh. 0he n ar review o A -
et* next Stoaorr e -!!r o aturdayO. eucIuher 17th. ip
eL of mral BShaa er also equadro laNt mon. ** L 7 A

ot y^ a idbs T -ie sFe%-aeid be day Wd afterwar dsent to-the o_

trk otAde U rWorrpd rDved art we whth fve hld a hundred ta m a ee On 0 4 i .
a 11?^f volunteers from a ew York alnd Penn- H es ht pAta tlt
lendd to stlntiat, d these men witl tharet pe a T Atop ~
tant General. his report upon the san-l a a"Sh ot

tcari na the paIgra E adirr the with hi -*o WW t S S alh
T olkre pnrorha B ptredali playt deo a b ethe. -a . i

Y11 "o 1.e wbl ) otS dlS um SS? e| "l
re the well known Pt fr t has beot ler Ma dtn woee e 0 0 e 1aW 4JeID
Sof B on rom oThe defficree retre es who aomanthe defendant his wabro and to S o

eeor o the trip on the transport Ciny I t e'xio, atO da -iat efr tr n
Sp hC sthast he expected to land n N Yorke tls pr har'ksh

r Crwell ie oXhrold buband. General Clay powers of ap iitatis and ftema *IT
tfo rthin. a lnd and parade his trop s through he streets w "-0Dy. m -,,

of the mroweale or- h thte city. hll neer d
Satriotl and rist t a ry for since his arrival a la nme m aw a es "
le 113ere tey h er of troops have arrived., ad the paf- "an pW fts s

nad a o guardians a rate now b d Wds ta ttra e to a- stttrcto a es ti mIe I i -
S teotlon than he naval review oLf Ad omA- f
-,mrea. l wmneon suK smou.on's squadronn p at montiL6 aww I oL;

o r t Today the tranort e s sis ippi r o "a r 4 ek w a "a gt w av S- N
rivee at Monsa o with five Ihundred hi sl, i- -arW whier a t" u W I ii -.

Urra Cela wUt ta v volunteers from Nle York ant d Pe n-w frce of eht pghtLoB." aid Mrt- S ll .
d a splendid e -orosylvania. nd t .hese memn wsll participae t ae a .oa B ~U b t he -eme

o 8eteb tU in theparade.e goes to pe eera p the ptori about psOIB a tS

.'C': P. ; delauJt-t Wr. t e o ba m b pah 5 kw- b
ia-dent litoeraiur e' t' U

o spend the da. The das at laot been captured by C rpid, and et abat their getto g wp m ad breakJ .
e assured of a pleas" thansporta.ton wi call for two Instad the mring w the widow a book a s
-" of one. Mr. o oe of TE mot o"e alln' that ,hat tPthing. I f st a sic ii

expert brewmate In this country, and terrible draft the other I A day l te a -dl
ouly ad i regretex e e m aIe Tampa beer famous t t Oar, ad glan ciSng or W' my ho l Sd ^ S
a worker a ."Jeff" T Only _ida of Gsta a oelb ua
leave for Key Ws of Vitrinia, Paean wray aityN, a- wdal n I didn't wwh oh isqz tb7t l5a in BoW rk
folk Aurora Boreli Plays 'demydentl' "-Waehadgon SPtr. W
lll%.*Ia:naWS r of the Havoc With Wires. -.-- s a Lj N
carsas Wrttn dI I dead a capital akmy of C0sit-__LTb

a three ys crse Tpcial to the Tr iune. Mrathe ws writ r.J ter ontor to Ea s Jt s. is
s eth em every t i ed, y., d eptemberi city hall s ply .i wted over to -th0e other ide of
pndld bookng of at- W5. Cla, was to-day granted a decree t "
-bon has been n divorce from his gorl wife. Dora Stch-,sw4 CatE NW: Wu A dt mY5 Ma asse E-Lr Maw bw en
C& o hls., by Judge fcot t ha.on 5 d to o r dn w s
re,'t well known County CIruolt Cort.ft w be C our bt t-e q.0-i VFW&%..- -. .
Mnewubroklofmu doa. d thshwl, ad 0 -.ep
eect 'to return to her maiden name.- Noldst Was Mo hn on tL ea who &. eb _1 .. ,I
nde ot October. the de-ore about aiouny. The grounds. j w- mm =6 bo .tk r _
for the divorce, a wset forth In the petih MIhot,.. i-. h ,m h _
tion, was the desertion by the young Miends and admigessacr h" r ab
to.R e'Cn tell. whie of her old basband. General Cl ay power traid Imttio d mat -. eb s- 4g e em
oftheCrowell-S'va- has n roe d that she shtallt never th erat tiona th ageas well as Jiaaae c"l 'aei
e ueorne em want or antbing. It st understood ba hr .he h a mos m. e
that he has settled upon her property tProbablyhW a awe m
Ile., where they held suffient to bring her an Incodi of' a tall s b ilsi-S Sths. i UtT-._ is'Ma ,- i
tlt u d several thousad dollars per year. as' ha a this o Oasion LA-&
~af it e'lnngu-I as she lives.Thhotha eta atd ouat 0tedin-
Ith arn e of Special to the Tritbune.eMt r I n a wen l aaot the bach o t shop, M ,a- suleiso the l lS
Snot Virginia Pelham Stuart Weller. the only hea alteerd his heir. tusd up hip o
he Is'fQ .the rdat eter of the Cootederal cWKalry aerdl and po o an other 's ot hee ''t ,
leader, GOenersl eb -tuart. died at Nor-I Thma insf a olkit-day d. Je
folk to-day. She was ffty-two cYvtn b waE ab k, ahe tookgWM

1r. 1"ranh Soleofaeld. the Indefatigable ut I aet IsiAs d he UPf -SathQ

ds .qish,them every the fire department In the cityg hail simpply thited over to the othealrdeoi ~ .hl r-- ulluw rk D~*rrr

Shave almost completed the work of the o M ,d ts m.Mtre mw tnIenM t Ib& dap
,6A N an hitting up their new quarters in th window tti I had thought wih s I 0S to Q tsbM It a MiA6ama
Sr eared by room formerly used as the dl counc wa in ritycl e. But 1 I 'tht if twhe Maru mldeMa w*oM*
ylrs the ood', chamber. They have everything very ch-gried by the disovery. On the* tM Mee b
ealamcS I. conveniently arranged. and the room tn l aS tm d e h e oi two ad pmt te al n d h I s
M M t N tv& be presents an attractive appearance. Th emt e, and dta reieted the tesn and nd n l w ellWtuh" ilwtte o ra
er. AndS~A~5 we like It much better thian their for dissipated the draf -Nw Yot SI g
e el real an 4 a henasping ars a Iit omhehmatt
mer quarters an the ground foor ot L n of a W0t rMl Joh. woa wouiad rath stp at hcasA1,-
of Clearwater, was tldi Nasioa, having called ~fr make a M moip htf t vohlut ddngl t
day on a, combined he pot Ennius, and the nuvt w York
res ti e Remember th at the Itbune ofce I having told him, on him ian qiren a tt d s the
trip. headquarters for all clazs of fine
person lepft p y iLCutnpg. Letter and note heads, bill doorl s that oEni was not athome. ma An o d A
tsanda statement beads, cardose'posters, that she had s mid somby mher s d ttes or- f r eant Mt w oe
to vitt r4atlves and clrculare. and In fact anything needed der and that he wasre ally w th,-a nd f
t while. In he mtore, railroad omce or zeamboat, when a fewidays afterward unius cal- s d3iD te eearYm caly s 8s.t.th
offc, In the latest style, and at the, ed at Nasais'e house and inquired form "M the drzs with a h matni.-
lowest prices. When you teed a Y-- himattbe M tQ HAda rid 89.07' n ec the Mua.h ed b la
thing, phone 171. and a representaTive p dcirthevnhent'hld'b
of the Tribune will cal on yoq and sub- he wa not at home. "Whatl" mya Pe- oi, do the erv at went 'to her
mlp samples and quote proe. I nrin "Do I not ..knowy ote n dbnd akmlc ar em.h
%"o oarereimste wereCLw mae" p I" you are an i mpdent fellow', rejon-
No arrest were mae byhe .po.c ad assies. "When I inquiredfor yea, I between the two; then .ddhbl th t
from the time of ad.oLm ent 4 the I believed your servant when she told d..
maw g nicipal Court FridaPs moromtiUntil Ye Ome that you were not at hans, anmd winl yoD 5l hr~ wi a Bwi a
terday mnorciag, and consequint there no yon believe mewhen tell yen that JOhn
was nq session of the Municipal Court, I am not at homeF'-Cioere'sD[sOn-a Ima' do W n 0*is
B yesterday. 1 ." replied john, "bht be PcIraUSekA
yestest o' rhe e ne got last sihf" '
Policeman Sam Carter has returned t Sb 1es B rnond AnlmiT
from is .trip to. the West Ce -. ant s A little dahz at Mn the hormas MHo
read t, dut. beor" aty se rwa y bean- Onmdini gMa thmnb na.ilwii . . R.

-. .>'7
Stked In eath byh~ vsittoe

.;- "

Bto-lBan W iNtuu'hIMulbe Fib

vi of 4Viwa
69 s sad: 'SAYS so

la~kin j om kpioam a"
a"~'dr~h~~d ~ i

FMl for the Ctlas la Be ufutttd
Ilitbt Dty.


Tb Vunited Stat"s Wil Mot Sabmit
to Dictate. sad Barbaros Metb-
ode of the Spaniards ti Star-.
ing the Inurgets.


Importers and Betlalers tof


XMail Order
xan orew~


~;P.'G"Tt.I ~ 0

0"e of d917, $16Mif o4-60 e aUI~etM-4i~5ftiq it UipW!
of the co--.eail gere f its Usite -
ttMten t a ps at e=try.w1"m
b~y o 0. ass at rii rboo ot- i A t W -' ~ -alJ
is.a*" tbl

Ws424, W405 19 uk r

rroa UU. 1 ~ till'

VAR Do a1 I~undida
&Inp-m sa wa mow b a



lack of
ow fe

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-Y :.~

In a
Ste chi

ashore. The
d proptly, tQ
a the part of
The part 4
ma consigned,
iLv to pay th
thus their

rmers were -ertu.ea .Uaau SM A -'a .es..-
sing no ob- st ...ott .-
panlah anuis es- ,er & a" V
whom the I
d that they a44, fl lii 3
oes' duties -

sound to SHEA &
I before tbe
*w from the "
abne Foundry. Machine and Boiler
course thoeer P.Bt. P
I ileed to er 1 ". 's s. r ee r
lifrom ts SPECIALTIES :-IIeav BItckslth- g it Architcra
eIn tS Works. Store Fronte, Bills, .Columma, etc.
ratIon hab Steasiboat Machinery and Boilers. Our prompt
Sande men to installing Irrigting and Stem Retiaig Pl at a
rmatla pries. Hitching Poset and iro
4 bow soon

SsVs, b s rieo a tthe Haen i -i m-Soratzonm
Um dit0orl te edfi A Q" Wd We.' Reehs ad poor. lLEGAL ADVE 1RTJSEMlr
ms ;tmm, d e ie . RAo poer St ot oOtire tre U]" a teeea Mfro te r or t ruh o rty

Sgr to steat t r will arrv at Pot TO a on ofe the tate o F a:

.aidah doe ereby ttre notice t t Ste b
A 'r i It.tMs. o teCont Vate, of saorida, or
etrOi~m nest, f~ter seeoon Wa thm maade the
.t n eo t nt tha &s-t -y Dwn Treir embr A D tere. thet tMe
st;e. >a a rms% Na1" m We att &n s her m an ln last ei tht.
"nh tt On cfh over e Oelt *a s mnT -En'
1 W bi O Sthe Samans@b1e did o& her first ttjrp The Ta tohe Rthesu of EMisborougli Conty.,
A~a 14MDeO.l.- -tdme winlarve at Port _te ia on of the State of Flor t-a:
O ti 1 t.e, He,.rix tip from ~ sa, d day Kpowa ye, tbat L Jo, L aw ,r-.i
lYr of in the fte gm and wll leave for Havana
Me= 16 n Ia ,rd r hta, aSeeta ry o etate of the SLte ot BaO o-r
.. an. ,e-t s L -ud th t lh i,,e, dsohereby give noa Ice trt a am
5 -Eet eletion will be h eld int C mbI u
"Ym Y.riL v r d ama CountA state of Florda, on "Tuesdays

'0^ A: oru ff^ 1 -Raeid A ri to Ther Meo day d M efg ir th e obth oft 4Eewaubu- -J
af i.oltee Stales ).se1ts Hospital. for ass m rentatLvee
SpecieS to the TrbuneI. greonal DIstriet of the 1stql9C Floe-.
Wushington. September --A. an-
RMN.mx aza. nouncd In dt medate Pre M& in the6tb Congfem oflb

arman md. return mr amm._'WitZtof-

teievedOt AelMto~uBn.wLm at etM- tCrmirmleWr -fo the term. of 'V "
S ny a o tlD Cuamu lSts"t Sr yl Por'two aeeb oisr sosm- "
pai, of lta nd m ft f A Its o uead ofR v II. .
to ot~rU pat of tMhe m lAd mnhl t* R t t th lb o Fot.-
thaw t tIerter meaed the Government da. For clerk of the b usJqaas -
in Cuba will be averted of Record, Fur Tfa Ataor. Por1 c
Everyting w an d freoh on A. J Tax Colttor. lmO Omuntp TresreM, -
Bush's eelve. No losing out sale oft o three member ortbe o Cr ty n 'n .rWA.
old stuff, ibt the lstbnMahmhent ef prices o Publ Inmltructlon. ar JuStOe of Ft
on a aml m atLm that no compettor the e s ra ad for the fteowiog b"
a matc. JUto, D.trtetls:. t .:o. Wo.. 4, Noa 4,
5 NI N. o. N.9, o. l. o. 12, NWo. 1I,
Na 12. No. 1i N, tL o. ANo. ,a S. A,
a.. r *m. f For ConMtale lan sa f the following
r Jestlce DiOLtrctN .va: TA
.~rf ^ rSS No. 1. No. o. 5, No. 4, o. O. L" T
r 1 4 ro 7, No N No. 9 No. HI No 11. No p
N 2+1%. No. 14 No. 1 No A
S~..~ ~ase .ar.. No- 187, No. i. No It MNo. StNo. .
Mn ,. He In ta tbneny whweOet, I .hae here-
I t et m.Y h ae anfd t.e d de. great at
work o. eal of the ta-te erida, at TaJal.--
W bassef. the Casta tbb the sb "T K
he aesad of AUgust, ilB
wS^ th tL6 T" lS Carof ftlte-i

^.^:--: : :;-. tP .*- -H
;p,~a c~e~~,s~- Ts-r"~ ~ ~ ~ ~ jhAPWM ~~t~
W r
'N~iiB ." ~~~g~" 4-rr,!;~

We bove a gre gurlar "M
vision of one of the firm t I
at a distance can send for swti
any crder entrnted to e~O ei
care, and as the sme pr a e A
us for temples nd pries an
Line. Our stor has bhemS
f a Dry 3 Go3dslw '1 i ^
beest contrunoi sC
to render it the amot ,O,
kind. I iscoeinyt a
."Bacote Ad er WMat

*A* ''
I ,'
t Tt

LCu- -lair *. mntr ^11 rf-~if^Hl~j

J~ P~aa~ ~ nag lst rew lw"te

ow r Ida --lo Is Wil 'S#TPJIB

= fir In 4 *

Sbe matl& AlsooSPtdW, ut- It fit Dzbmk-
k ocalivanUe ow-i the fa' imfi ot Ner

taselI' of
Authaltmed -W eit o toe Trbune.
Mw jad wdswus:aW l fago. ',pfqte r i4-President
on"&" s eep-, l7 .bJdc UsftO ao ) ter' &re
aSueg o Jeba 33l.odes iL 8 b0 40-


A sri swe.4w-- ;Rnb

~pat jti ~U Ded ~O.e~b 4zdi- Geb~iit'I

iiie notM AmDm~t
to, the ad, OW&W 4
bit 67 U~b h Lrbneaft e
p of OUV W Nam4 ~r

Timps %%a

a myeteet

a aatnaz?

6f the
wara i
4 v rwaAa

UlP, ..l rom aum

- rill o.r Hi~eh


b th

A -11 I

jrwww to ooan Am" MsbLT

r lot


F~ .`. ';

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