Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 16, 1897
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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COnLLITcNW CASB. w mentousinterview, and that-strangeml
M^l\" Mas it may seem-was said in the most 1-
LNh A et.edStatemhn ois i OUlUoIr. casual, off-hnd manner possible. he I sUv
Iii^ ', *When the sheriff had flS isneu nnat was i
Tallahaee., Dec. *.-At the instiga. IcCof's ilrtleu R Hears His to san uns: e e ask Si 1 to & til A metago iaib
tion of t-e civil uits by the state D So far as that death warren un- he
agai ajt Clarenre B. Collins and his c, eroed, it is only what I expected and en f
Scountyto rover teforty odd thous CIE TO GCOT I HIS CELL d tn t"traa.T dd. add PITL CASES TO B C.O EBID D. entT"r
ai' d dollars wbich the failed to turn slmne pious platitudes to tl e iffi t that cetary er read an t a
ont the FlyXe over to his sucmeagniswhetn be resigned By Sheriff Epencer, Who Beads God wan with him, and thatt e was wdn
a6. Oalg oa in June last. ComitrollerWilliam H- the Governor's Death Warrant- ready Lto de. The bhe-rif t tien aid Long List of Xu erers Await- tree for hecnidies, 4
.. I ..ptReynold .wa ahkew d efor a detailed st -th a I t thai s -a- glad that he re.t in Ibat t 'iagTriil At lhia i .iri--imo .St. wmo.... ir rm eae iiit*ab. 4
=4 AAGw at A Dramatic Sene-the Day IswyI c o Leb-d that: ri At ^ ^-A3zt.of
1J X Toa p ubsnb were kpep inohis office with the Fixed WOt, ha v r ie d o i nt ... J a-.i.L. -Le w. d t..em, bui usa
-stat etreas arer. from TtesdM y's Daily. Sit g 'eton cilmlr replied that he felt
.A recapitulation hf the" various ac- Harry Sitnzieton', ieci is I rac ic ,i assured ,of tr. and that hebelie-vedl th.ai ro a Wednesday a Lay. D
I*1112. coats show the following amounts to broken. His death warrant was re- Cor-t did for him ms much as for an The fall term of th I rcuit tourt ftu treasury r and the aet n
_t I iit sient + bedoe theseveral Tunds from C. B. ceived .%e-terday by Sheriff Spe cer other sinner. tbis judicial circuit w* convened 5e jnrel .' r
um iss36 m 550 Collns, at toe date of his resigrnaticn r, mo Go.roor Blitxbam; an- a 'l tan Tn, pra. -ially contclmudl thuf pain- eiday morniar with Judge Barror. It.T or Cam aT
swamao2S. iSfx I-sMa: after2o'lock was read to h- cun ful ceremnry. The leriff informed Whillipi om the beach. d an imtosngS R
"5 awtiM^ rc General revenue aooonti... .$2..23381 demred nriounihl as nhe i t t in h cUtl, Sir-el-tan th-t adetih watch woull be 14rray i.f legal talent in attendance T. 'JC e ; 1 M
k Ge raisnoimiill bo T ,i ) tax 6 ? 68U in the presence ..r several interested placed over hiim and that he e..ild have ;,11orf the jurors sum ooned answered, 1$ Ike MAsit; W .1. '
-Jb W. Wsdie, ot Comrn oo fund. :snempnl IA i1Jos wi neanes. The ofirff had th e anything he ant raso. About pith tbe exception of iwo. for whom o t 1 r
o. hblMe fa41blg saveer- Com. -ebooml ftimd, nereg. 64.3u tour tr Ute formnil i.resennon.,r iht te, the nwpaper inirudern ttchmenta were promptly issue,. $: Jobs Triw i 1 J. Tia1su
oir p rdh jue_.. eininary r fund prbe .pal... -001 S1ing!ete 'se rdic t, but it wa little withdrew, a.d as they did U. a man The present term rtoorit m to ba* a to ba 0Mto. S X
16rtdtea-dintkineyfunaa hond*a1t t ap e
msM | : .:....^ inkin. nd bend i S *.or1878. 40 t p ined t,... wh-, n i,- ntired with a now artItris nnd pil-.:otableone, and veri cti es of un- Wor t e.e L "t.' I
T io l ,e certifl -ir d und1d. uttai appere un -er-. laow and began the renmoal af eery. isal interest will be tried. No Ies cents; .T. u st, 4 001
Iatfe* f G'ats. was rne of [nuime.rous party awaited Lia M ji r tn r in t he condemned man sa cll. injn ten capital c-es Wre on the dock- Bus &Co '0 t J .
biber br*o"l t up from Hon- Total .. .... ... $62.. I 691 97 Wright wa th ; larav ey t.,opr, t, e It wa. ncod by those present thai t, t I ofthese bes adg for rape and 0 ceon Dr Morto,
S b-i err1- k on. A r retro Mr.Reynol s made afefdavit to newspaper-mati of enltrne- -iiJeas, to- en SheriffT Spencer in hia kiadiy iuht for murder. m two prisoners 1; G. C. Baul $I; G. Wer
-the correctness offtli foregoing frll-es. gith r with a rprenentsa-te or ntwo ruanrs r extre-mtd the hope that Siogle.- di: d for rape are ticola Muccea- cents; Cc s tr
rrM ado Wif, f AAtlanta Th fact te l f hat it.a criminal suit fru i the HImral and td S Ti sOT L..I wn il ci o huneelf no harm, the c.ers x and Sylvester r .vans: while the 0 C c .et; Bi s .'' BSi
.Phe DNSo o. o Thy ar a aso agalat Collinsie o he circuit cou-t Will Al. these (-<.[r werd finally turutdl primonr rt-piet lt hat if he hnd had i aullowici are theme ho willbe put C.E.Sietewy at b pl Ed e 1i
>byM. tibirs ess and b. Mrs. H btoetS rSm nd Tn esda.. when it' iwo e in thr jul hy Jaulor Blo .-un.. ai"v such intention he cula have pn trial ,- mur, l : Tom JonMe. M P. rC. K i ,t,
Thought a mno for a citinou nce The paTh sed throum gh t ena-pi%\et as- *il m a v i ti h himi-lt upnn the firs Ptt f i L aey Gray, Tonim illiame, Mos n-Id ch iairaaid trit er i i fe l
~E if3^ o f Sidn ay will be made a ird a ued, tends offietal sage n, reekin.. a II in iit re; ah- m ir- h- un int.r i-inrnt. Stewart, Jim Acragi I Jnmes and ta Mrs J trlii, pMsackage-ao iothfe
eo, y of they inLrest to the at4nary uowpublishd aught a gltrl .. I ail kitcha n -- -r r n ,... h H army si l e IeNil and tene St. thn. bi ei b ppl e s ,an, st o
i T fortbefir mt tm weree.... l. er g Iv e n- t r mthe-ntar- s pnmelty -fg Tagarhi r sn-. of Y iurse. tbe chsef tL Eiw-n Bentn, ti q
.1'i"'f io.. A. 1 .. .. o rf ri -q, aire re tr. t f attricion a abe wan brought, hickory nut,; Mhr, l P. oM.
uer q .t DECIDa.D.LY pISCOURAGING.. i t.. i..i. S;, i.t.."" hler "'tto nS. -ned Into rourt for the p. poie of having two pekage of ice frsbatae i
9J1a.-iito-agent of Jon - -an- r n -l r t- f o n tNie A ri- i ttee day for er tThe p lnbtuht C. B. la
Le an' i* ..a e 'e "G : a, lii, i . .. .. .- -.h- . -e,,t ,a-l T .mI %!er waa n ery pale. ani-y showed clearly from the L in-i. A.<
r1Ia1 t, the ct Wa the aecaptm A&crdd es Cr mit -oiiiie, rte a- a .a,- i A -- - r nim tn i t e-Ne Pn igh the nature of the ordeal Bai-t :chtl; wl-
?a t Idit A nlmeria caitOhaer -eets Abandoned.. ,u, V . .... ..... .-a en u ce. through bich he inas passed soce Coapany, one bArre aplte
ba d t l a Tha e tot laar k .. encourageme nt i n.1 ,1 re -,e u -. i tonn-- j l COMX TlISSION CON VE] TE nnn killed Phil Th.. pson. the Key Sboto' ba nil as and ta ly ;
B te aoow bh illy g venManagerJ ti. McLeish and th i nto i "., ,gi, m. .'r.gi on, Weot lawyer and politcian The20th PaepUia trnght., t H'" aS
i.dllt kiy pbihtc-aplrited citizens who have so several e t-ier s i ,nd-irr- n- u cu't- FP-id 'd State s St railroad Saolong uIn..w S fflxe as the day of her trial anad Thhnktaaitvg Day orae*,
FI Sl^ tRoLito5t6blyldr semondad am i u his efforts to give ong the -..-v .....eit- --. .. Tampa -,be prisorer was ta back to jail. candy, gave eamala ol *
y., Tlap a e tries m i nhte tipg od at- iTh pia., i ,. A- ta t ,a g (.n Ti-e tatea ra-t a.- commm-.on m t i, ohe ia to be defended aty M. B. Mactar- handed e Me
.. y- %WTgNk oiTat'fpsa series ptbanded maedsa--oedrI mpaInaaa-m
my. tractive bicycle minetr at Ballast PoinO i.n ajeclirv cn rev w in ,,.- an, tini so Tampa yesterdt mornrlng. Tb- --F la- and Loauj llarri of Key West. WAS ap opriatd a r
Iadl~ 'Tm iij ti. during the winter( has forced that gen- nmui-n a-' .. gau e rat tr.ap. lTh -.on- tnn, which was brier ,n mui.rart .?t Thecourt appoitndHarri & People- for all the etitren; Mt L
it-- no_ a S tleman to ancel lae contract eqttered eO.d t -l,-u eiy u.En A- nih la-dgir e heild n in h iarS r rft-i raI,.,,mi .. o G. P. Rn-y. j4 and M. Hegry el1. twqn doten S ta e{x
Sito and relinqili the plans which shmetI that serve- hi for a bora a- ine ,,,n-Ing rat 18 30 aid content intgD hiur 4-nheo to defend uo Stewartooet, col- F brand I S. itberwise maglht re provess a source grated dour owun p A ..a..i .,r Itew houri.. sored man harel wi h the murder of Bhatry. s up r e ; ,tIt
41bsio th got the seaon. hbeI bhung ui.-> *ite-a pont- i.e .. TI e a l h- ra wn ,nr- ant.iniodlid Wil.lalna Whiae. a oil. .
.Metarand, Stevels and Juth leave ta- th. e anrrow i,=. I n-- upl. m hi- -ir o-i ngr?%- i R. H. M. D ti9sonm Tae grant jury is ade up as fol Btal cecnthnd B benl'
S '-y for Erle,Pat, where they go to that tnh vi-it r. rrna :d ati..-.o -. -. A KE Day a,.d J. M. Br an. and the low t: ,5; amount r54eiad Fro~ ity e
.X ay 4 7y closet p o up theirs inte with theit -m u- fNex h- wit. du. i c T- u. .i u.. a icretary of the co .....s..Q. J. Lm J B. W- alom forem Jn; B J. Stewart, e5;e aamo;n rJeiy .-$ nt
i J playerstheB ci 'Manufacturing Co wm, p a half -u-i. d ar d', n-rin Nr. ley, of Arcadia. Mr. Dvid. n' C H Specero E.i-e J owa. end, J. H. commlesloners, $20a; lteai
i l e uimabeL the askers oaf the famous Tribunee itu.; txi- c-.ue Masj r l irg.ii. wi,, represent. wit may be suppAimed, the '"BrtndonoJ T. Grovn A. S Johnson. from e lJldade'ae oatr,8 *So,-f
W .F'Pleet ity Yj tee bi elI e. After omocolt ding chia busi- lookr.d unuS.uail .ra. '.. a i1 In eu ileneat of the board: Mr. Day, 'W. P. Green, J. 4 Jaspison, D. B. received from oiaBtri4Ut !..,I
S eo to gI aews, they wilig oenme for the winter. Mau.s at ta ixt, 'a t-n-r ff ';, ever who is the F. C. & P. representative Spikes. J. S Whiteh rs.t, 8. E Collins, toal,20.15 -
I.i -a bear.- IMear Freeman, Acker and Meleiash astl warrs... i .t r.iart. a-e th t-h e at Gaineaville. the ethit af transp.M( a W. E. KnihE,, N. I H j. Green, W. ,S tSacS, .
"t .- wil leM w vinae Isome tI ee this week forothe na-row el-nsit-re or the window. station. while Mr. Bryan, abo ii a tvpi, Spirkmaan. W. A. Pe berton.
i M]o. h ne of hie latte in. ] Moon real. where i ra ena -a aan w etonet ,%.ri ,cy cal F-o,- d.a farmer ,r f the.h be-t rtpe pET-iIT. J Y ,r tBeEaTlo, EE8
i te r i to be spei w a inv le nad o aw uindir look out f r tim Agricultniur- ane San ford Bryan. L. i, Tbomas, C..B. t-, 8 lO O.
emiteg This abrupt tehaimatlon of Tampa'a as amid a cloaly-tititio pair ofl-i. Fitoa. S. Hnh g B. Harvey. K. C ?
by .: .j=d ftmiy, maclogoaesaun wil be dply regret tdd-n-. H.e sat m a milimomangy- The est a.. apenn- hi Cbaus- Samue Kyle Thea. St. Fmsbet C. H. eeriatham^tre
l^Inssulce - o-ena bae ,.tlon .ey,,Dterehad in wbeiln wheel- n buni wmhg hrnnwi of cloth- afrin gDeit"c lbotna .i.. hiaadueBknba,-a a T. nnounced.btk S3J tn T--
7 .-.. .... betby a en free tust l city mg ha,,gine atone hIa. le looked putpa-c of thu smaetm ag, wh J. L. Buzbep MBx U M r,. tlD e nSt, 4 ^.. _
l.. .a .". .b- al.fatlteao tbe requited pub- anithi ag bat sad: bis fce was c u-m his to give thoi we mba ht hat c.obn- .a -aIu
(ESS^ Se-1 OB' Xs. m..L^ ___ it., to(; ano, upon the appearance commissioner without incurring the ex. E-tAHOa E B -r. a
ti s" ....... l M eci 8Z. e bor hias unwelomie visitor, narriedly as paints of a i oip to Taity has mee. tb CdeOTheA iualConvi n ofthe3I ZCB
al.t Dsoe0taa . ; '--- pulled on a pair of laded n rusm tahoes. the act mtf the lhgimature resting tn Church, ath,. ,,*s i --
a~^- 4~aq- t-dent P aPiftaBreC e- art r that time a nip ti. Srf autere- ccUmiioo: Tnat bAsty CK allowed to sio n t K. I. 7
,e ? .. ; -a moae I bis hat; one of the raw epap ir .i s.. h secchons or th tate a as it maa The Florida mna.. conference wil A Wd U-KXno a!wa
r' en li ihi cigar-. the rest of the crowd nlect for the purpose ofevidence; and conve"e in the Par- I tbooibit church aBouto
'' "Most peoplekntw-that Preuidel t H. felt as if they were asuictii t soi e wLletuch e tingsare entirely option on Frnday morni, ng; 9 a. m., Bluhop
|^K r'll _lt-,j '- t Con-ectcus. strange reaitioos ceremony ad were 11al' in evident tromn the recent course o-e W. W. Du.o.a, t,--. ,g. Tneaessioa, Paul Lalane uo
Mc*t- ." uo11 se ath. hit tttace sf ilent. The sheriftlt thenbesn by tay. ty e ct. mission that it ,a their iote flaahe wnfheree ... be from b a.m. mrP B trip o Hnwhelt-isek
_a..?a_--... ...wa ..t ls a s a.oItr o rd luy.a .i.b n Bay, in,' tp on to tar avl the people of the state ev 'i to 12 ch d iy. ,. and. while p he .w de .e l t

few'it V are ery opportunity possible to ventila Preaching at 7:J a. m Tnursday WtteP
f ,e that $I15 4iost ener- their grietasnes against tale lraail -nd Friday. Pae....bg onC Friday nd be seer by no ias iupa
fulal o egrekit rail- Secretary Cunning-nam. 0o thee bo Saturday at 83p.. m Dsemanani ptoe e
tay Iasat D uble of Wiade, r.ad a communication fro The Miasionary Anisoverbary on Sat- wasPuerto(
a sabore of the transportation committee of thl. urday at 7-80 p. m. t wSt e patosred 51b
Gi the nobody, under act. of qov. 8th, relative t The ai. bers of t conference wIll lel arted plaega oa
briobe-ee summer re the Interpretation of the rule sertainsearriveon Wenesda andThursday.Let Vai poi
S -SAO- =an m boaxt.I tog to tie protection of the rate those who bave ki y greed to enter- go of banas a
whichIs but % named in the billsof l dang and tain arne-hers and le.sgaeb ,red nuad) Ieaksegita
r-- MI Plait's lirth overcbarge claims, The board of trad flor the aon Wedi e'- yorbu thursday. jUs oWsattarel a
relt onm No wrepreMsentative wa', afared that The people gaene y in.ted to ao! heellt~.
410 palate matter wauld be taken up on the a tend the session oi t contereie and tloe of t
ur of tbe commission to Tallana eligoe slices. naber of s els a-t I
.e ug" A commonicatioo from several ~Al Linguished mtttti of tlse ca ire Inlftt tw raas
al vtee shipper* aas pteusentee, asking the expected to be t, W. M. Poaoa. meae -d alap
the trawmportatien companies t*ie Comma cing ie i amanat,
to comply with the ruling of the co Iad n lori veti ed i ied orm ted o s-eiv no i
69. Mission, which ordered the robe4ta l-past yeropeted ween (stinu snai "

''.....j oder "eo d rl~b re hli oa 00 P hnMe I8 e
BARBY No ninceates obox os orange to g an a Jaboef
asoSO nre known d Harry 8 a- been' o w .doto

he1. sherig then eoned: d anne of cease, which,. In .pteof t and leave 710 a. -. da ly. orr elug5 a -
71i efetkeno yen tew Hit aoleton averse rolngof the commission, w Jaksoenville 4:0 I and t -
omope m to or depth warrant.S continued tot 80 days, amoontets- nti lse second eye lug at 7:20 p. .m.
li I: .. i%"NO 1 000,e30 A00boxu hppedd

tToihe document was then red. I 700 on the 30,000 boxes whipped d onnat at Clsc ath w h UIes -n
iiwas long, t"dd- and tbomugl ing the, time. s North. Most and eaL Only
"Hecryimca it hd engti dwn ts plea maeeti, ahdwo s . in change of ,ars bet Tay pa, Chicoma
sorsti idles p tf black osd that pesant ad aaornoas one, was toll goCleveland, St a, tB
.e.int. ee thId eart sheriff atte b ram b e, present being irt io and antermed toin pota. -
och noncero an lt rom tintia tO lime 1I~he M.l(It-able po d Wilbur ec&oyrands the 51t koow
u soved It out oh ne .s itis u- Torep liedYoun W
? bn e as o re p th e n a uee a d v e rs e K n o x J ud g e P r r "an d o th e r s. s d ea le s o i c e: M "a tCa d s
00.0'd wasln 'g rteat se tea hof u i TIn cutmmiLim o metN las at Arcad a town, nit a ll uslOn hV e a
n-ds a asTheuitno Stglkn welintinue w~it or lrog wm ixo e a
sZ..Jlmein Januychangeetweenareshour

S it ado w n it s ,le a un t il n dth a i of s oe a a c fu l atth. A ab i l 0
poaaibl bandbets hal.611T60aiiftbloacay lbs uothat

attnderaon,-thse p.bein ad termu aW
V we hs WmvutwAhoa le smdu W il tbur g,4 j.$*
cocrna h rom y n e t iden tn a

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THE b GLEY r sr ujici

The presieot'a message ma
reference to further revenue k
tion in odder tr supply the deft
me in. iD the Dinglhy law. The pres
like other leadSig republican
sPosIe~s. probably still hugging athe hoi
pa when the stocks imported in an1
*ion of the lsw hIve li-en exhb
PTIO: the reveute witl im-rease. Thi
Lsimd appears to be saiy based o
&ad Seety.
... light impurtatiuca of wool and
...... y et made under the existing
-. :.. Theseare two articles of whit
A-A da Vs5i. small producer. Large stocks
pl notea, r necessarily be imported of aca
S expainr b will serv* to-swell the customs
nue o7er the figures of the pas
O tesaMdbe Th re is no assurance, hb.,

that the Dingley law will ever a
as wma the revenue needed for the gc
meat's support unles supldem-
,8g by measures enacted by the p
congress either to raise more re
or to cutdown expnaa-s. Nor
ks she likn I coigrebs was ever kaoi
S o pursue a policy of retrencbmen
/ the alernatite, therefore, see
abrd more taxa ion a continue

S The oslb ly rtern4e msde'to t
26 O bcit by the preideuk woo in his
meat ,of tbe ctrrwuey qu
"' Speaking Is that regard, he sa
jokers proposed plan of ressuing green
if end to those pnly who deposited go
peo- their steald should t.egin aa so
the t easuri recellts were ru
be 'ha even wit dijbhreements Thi
be mes ref-remace ehiws how important
Sto have te deficit stopped as
inti he, matter shkOall1 not ha delayed o
Other nasnbstanil expectations.
Some lboughtful republicans
recogani Ute fact that a count
I'g a deficit woudl be a.: worse blo
eteb their I*prly tln the'i failure o
Dinatte l y il. ,r.-pt prompt
s and uresat te-ebcgiinnin of conmer
strestt a
ls t more t iune ih the treat
S This m iep ltie ;wise plan.
lot tr0 -Ihe inill't iit .osrep that IIe ire,
var. leaders'will suit; until ia-rei
sought forces them future' uclih nCti
epsrt- seriously undertaken.
4qual 0 .rE rE Ao OAD coxMISSI
hans. --
Ods in The fact-inht ih- stste rai
thief 'oc m:eissii is now bfolitna a i
'GCer- of.meetingei ii various ; pris -.1
di offi State give.i tlise iptennrasli i
ch i. operatins i|iPl,1oirtuniltv of vt.i
tiog euch grl-vnra-ts ami lr-
,e il hbae against lt" a0.rtxratioit
eT -i Iran'p ,rt Uit,, vt It tie Viti
gpe o not thlil aportualt. will I,-
a et lnuaviQ relumains io he b i.
if tbe hands uf the commis'ai,,n st
k^ fully 'sopIed wfhlA fctla isda
al__.rBIW l is sppre than i d~oubtfll i
stelsu~lWbft retesuletlll fsllu*.-
H) iThe TaMst-s hss ievwr aikn
y tock c i tlB railrolaitc ia uiss ii,
U.t ag t ever ,tilhevedt th ibe rci
c d 'ibg o anOnoui
be aes M f t n., -r mkn iukii
,U,~ to Itr, rat e. W. Llr t
atip n1i tiel1l fuil fi hi itvhl
.idaP~ a wn colmm.. .u

Mth l, a rud U;v
w. T 'ii-i -' fw l at


i~liiy^ ^.t.

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" Those Dreadful Soresi T OOTBA E.
de no They Continued to Spread in Spite F. onertit and Virgiin wi. ee
egisla- of Treatment but NovW They are r et
clency Healed-A Wonderful Work. In battle array this afternoon to "et-
Bident, "For many years I have been a great tie a difference of opinion existing
sufferer with varicose veinaon one of my among the adherents and friend. of
8, Is limbs. My foot and limb became dr-. university s o the foall
e that fully swollen. When I stood up Icould each university as to the football
Feel the blood rushing down |the vens cf championsh of the .8o0Ui nAebthe Oneothem
ticps- this limb. One day I amcidtally hit ty parla ce of the gridiron .ie gj a i s iacrw made
austed foot against some object and a sore broke expected to be a hair-'rsais eri 'rin wen kown ths
hope out which continued to spread and wi: u W a- dimo t
n the exceedingly painful. I concluded! 1iuiiai-ts are se charged with exite- mo difclt
sugar needed a blood purfer and I began taking a heart ttlas been assimilated-.by S 1i
law. those dreadfdl sores wchhd caud the r-going nis
-h me so much susfering, hegsi to heal I know a football from a hasetallsfd p.Vd
t kept on faithfully with Hodd's Sarsapa- the prospects. are that the greset loude tha w
er and riia, and in a short time May timb was crowd of the a 'w afll be an he cute, after ma
muos completely healed and the sores gave me e~atmet, isaL
n and no more pain. I cannot be too thankful grounds. If Vanderbilt win ,bbe eases of the V
r for the wonderful work Hood's Azarpam- students will make the night hideous doto. en
reve- rcila, has done for me." Mels. A. E. or glorious, whichever sentiment hac hthe syisiptos
t ve Gnaso. Hartland, Vermont., o i atent on
l ahe .t Sars auditorachooses to accept, with Jehe buwhen heti
ever. H ood S nrilla merry college yells, and it will a with ati joit3
supply Is the ~est-in fac the One True blood Punfler. proud day for the old gold and blad. isconclusive. E
overs- tood'a Pills cre al lver His c..s. If Virginia wins, on the contrary he pected from tt
ienedl staid and quiet Village of Charlotta s- i
resent A UTV LE APPEAL. ville will put on its war paint d bood remedy
vene there will be tear, sad tears, at Wstthe iiplesyst, b
repub- The Cabana of Atlanta have taken Side Row. Whatever the resunlt,jet leerIt down
wn to be bull by the horns an issued to the game be straight, clean footbhlU rwrecksrT
it and congress an appeal ip behalf of the from beginning to end, and once iOr
mas t island whose heroic struggle for free- all silence those anxious critics .eio
.d de- dom hus aroused the admiration and are ever ready to carp at the sphin-
engaged the sympathies of the entire.did and manly sport.
he de- civilized worl1. Many of these At-
treat- lanta Cubans are among the most TUP TO DATE
-stjou. prominent of heir race in the United -ane' sota asr.
id the States, and tb ir object in Issuing the The colored preacher sail: -'I sh
tracks manifesto in question is tolinduoe the found it necessary, on courtt of e
Dld in general government to take such hard times an' de general def c ie cy
Ion as steps as will lad to the prevention of ob de circulation mejum, in ieis
ob de circulation mejum, in f1is
inning further ravsges upon the :distracted chuch to interduce my new otter-
s very island. i matir ,oliclun box.,Ito so luted
it Thisis bypo means the first time m co un box. I so fied
d 'he in the history !of the Cuban revolu- dot a half dollab or a quattah fAlllon
n any tien that the patriotic exLes who in a cushn' without er noise. A niaie L.
their adopted -country have done wll a b t
Iwho mach to keep alive the sacred fires de congregasiun, and a stipenfah 17iigZi edpretan
nu-d of patriotism in the hearts of their button, my fellow mwtels will iah dollars whic
to fellow countrymen, have taken steps off er pist so you will g rn d wasa
Sto urge upon congress the "ilnecs- yourselves 'ordiugly. Let the o- disease, which
f othe talc lecehn box cow proceed while I afterwar Isph
mess aity of action .in this matter. Those lechun bo owi These soon t.rol
.s to efforts have heretofore blen futile, lines a im. ey to & i
Lury. and we venture to say tLat under Mr. E. B. Barker. one of the dost Betce I b
But this administration little or nothirg energetic and bestall round newspaper the e Io
.,hli.rwill be done in this direction, in spite men in Florada is now corierted ith really tb.ow
ersity of the fact that the sympathies of the the Key West Ilersi ad ni we w rea the dise
is American people seemin altogether on expect that ipaer to a.-soumv a sew my firi otdIle
the side of the insurgents. lease of life irese.i te la,
chest-bee- a-r- to
ON Basv asUJ IS NEEDED. A great nevspa ver is u mote i ure, a een to
- of Ileassng evri .(dniy th%'a a pedi- regair:_-i my Ic
lrod .i far the party in power in the dent' message i,. It is a g..oe ttfIanng. rand
seri-s national government has made a re- that ail I-er.oi'rin do n.t thuik alike clear as a piece
t ahe ctrd of disaster. Immediately after There is more ctarrh i.n hi.n s on of sd o
, it. thue inauguration of Mr. McKinley of the couarry than ail other diseases Vi7ye reseits f
'tita. congress was called together in extra put together. anai uosil the last iew T f w
tnA session and passed a revenue mess. years was auppo-ed to) be incurable. '-For
,,id ure. It did nothing else bet this. for a gest msny yiers doctors pronouno- msd'ooe tous
ed it a nsca, disease, at d prescribed $ica f proof e I. .
r-,ier, this was tobe a panacea for all ills. remedies, a. d by constantly failhngto
imie i b ris law passed under remarkable cure with locaPtreatment, pronou -ed Va ebodo
and circumstmnces, without freed om of de- it incuratle. Science has proven s -a. eas wll be
,ouild hate; is now producing a deflci0 of tarrh to be a consautuional disease, n l S m
fita. *9.00,000 per month, that is, the therefore requires eonstitutionea tt. -. -U
meet. HfAi's Catarrh Cure, manubo-J. W'. HUBnSA
fm rapenditures of the government ex- eured by 4. J. Cheoey & Co., Toldeo, 1111 J
ceed its revenues by this anmouat, A Ohio, is she only constitutional eurem H hhPfl
, ",, 1,ainsess operated on that pan could tbhe market., It is taken internaliy~an l (ljlP l
Ia uos last lung, the government has dose trom 10 drops to a teaspoost I
-road almost unlimited resources and will surfaces of the system. They offer e
,1 of continue at the old stand, whether or bundred dollar for any cas It fall to Tf ll-ll
mu Si, bat it will not be long before the si. .Aet E f
Just. *eplialling condition to which this F. J. Cbemney & Co. Toled O I U U
Sre. Dingley measure will iaevcably lead aold by Drggists 7c. .
sans wil cause aan and pani!e through- a I iteeive adSn
*rt out the country. Bonds will have to R ADY f bumne t
*" o*f issued for defraying the currant T m ote !
sili",, expensesoft tlgovernmen ; holders t s Itara does OU "RA
e sUn teln.... ..e.f~eoe~o

the of paper monod will become appre- -
uuld hensive, or will feign an ankietv con- AND:-
uroe. cereing Abe re emption of his paper,
and begin to eicange it orgold. Bell on O
This wi mean more bonds for the
repletion of the gold reserve. Con- r
grTap will b criminally careless if it
(itoes not reaely the condo on which
/now controntsu To ove4 man of .
common senet wilU appear that the
fIM& rst step to be taken, and one which
K should be forded before otZer steps TOba04
bass are even oondidered, is t* Increase i- I nthe is noa
gal the nations revenues. A tax of $1 lmayhap
per barrel on beer would tqru thirty il --dirth is-f
to forty milliDs per annui into the Of t, cerd iffC and Bated,
treasury, and other amendments could itre ietsnoI give propae.se.tno. -..mo
Seaily e devieed which wold bring NM other's Frie ld CORRESPONl
the revenue to a par with the ex- t he-poaneatth M,
peI"bet the sesble m Is "best help yocan aum isi
w pelle& B"' It is a liniment, and when regularlyap: wa .
js Of course the sensible tibg to do plied eewrl ons before baby ceam
m of would be to aRlish the a surd, law it makntthe dvwateasyandnearlypW. or- B ws
r on and substitute be where ta*es on im- It re es and pDrevens 'moarig
o portations arein. keeping.' w thihee ss" ea -te o MADE
cies rdiev he dhiended feelinlgg r -i M A T
Practices of conmoon ense and popu. ens labor, makes reoory rapid and 'e. l s
S lar needs, but there is no hope for tain without My dangerous afterielt
taniS anything of this sort as log as the Nother's Frtead is good tor one ol me
aty! republican pariy is in conVol The purpose vi to relieve St nof
rt, only thing we tan wish for is to see d er ae
vp* an adequate re enue for maintaining by hS& ar asos rp u ri s
the government a credit sofi paying tmSe o S rocaa
its expenses. this lpomentous su BA DPt eI 5 b ATOR rk
i matter congrea sbolhol dewte itself -A.inte. a. T 4

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,JGL-. at .t ,'lo i _J a-

I a of Orers Among James J B5aks has decaced that the PROMPTLY SENT TO MAN WHO A
.....r ,i tslfttr ,tate .as a arighto wappa the bact laxEIO A N _!i
Fh cs. caF.from bte course o cosuny oon bui- e IT BRIN 8 PERF C- ANH*IQ
rione ,but he has orAered two of them, T e t PHYSICIA INSTITUTE, f
alter which the lower court in ordered ri 7M .. -
I e h Th, Week sa orl In the City's Lead. osent em back to CIrent coart by ro s .'.WSJ !L- use q:C t w -MCA LLms hr
b aghe ingInodustry Silefly STe4a1ised- wn ratnu appeal 'tn is a g S I \ S
~i~ii~ii~i~~e~tss ep GeP-e Becent Rui ng Jes ub tantial vactr f~or Backt~ Tix e Cam-L~oi d vctryfrac'a k to
mis souer Henry ivadham, the right ,tof s T =ia t
f Appraiers. appeal being the main paint on which PfiTS SAY
the defense e rehed. However, the .1, -A.
'records are o incomplete that it 1 ii If t l (n ew
The l local ciar trade ontinwew t dobfalnl if a angle oas now ou thea cir .... .r-e .m t.i -at ft W
show every 0 6c-4 ionofcuntinuued im- cut c-uar docket can be tried before 1 ; a t a wersa e Ioera i
a! |1 WI6wo:Wi."stBO oB ronenodt, e a gp teady inux of ent bac o the county com mi ssio ners .'. .' ''i' t acsB
r. mo hrolida rders baa poas p cou ttan for better record. This wlil probably / Ji
Uog mte aleft % :$ have the effect of conaiuing all the I . .. ... '; -f- .-
grassiH gS to the ttade in general. case&. Ir-rt. L
S Some uiotabtli a Biioos to tin e force In she case of the Howard -Harrion .
e oiq0o3 eJ i many mu the ifaLo tres has Iroa comply Jndge ~ Banks took e ac- : tA' ,; .s..
ont the tint asd i entioned. The same action t s s --k rms irr
gently been madwi and ordered in the eae against the Br.r- .
Col. LR. Guaby bas secures from the misgiarn Waterworksecompany. whose 10 P4 132i 1 0 LTMleC"IA
ilo hIe..board of a ppraseritn New ork a de eaz valuations Mr. Batdham seeks to in-
n' letoi fareewiat "sS'l&wbthe Pi" importers Ol A on' : "fromM .000 ,00 -Q '
rTh,0Gas company rss". PROFSw, ,ONAL CA RDS.
~if kfthe grbtsgof.W' OLD anf 0toiac- wherein Mr. Badban seeks to ratie the I amii a.
emwels l toes r ue much Bore boy- taasessmentfrom $28,100g to 300,000 C. WHITAKER, &
7... i aOu oWthe maufactnruits. Is before the court and several t hii- I
12 '--Titi me ftheuolwigt,.neL cabltes are beiog ftargiui. ATTORNEY AT LAW, '
T e main defectI4n all the recof l ia Will pesetiein State ai Federal claouas "
5 411 in roriptof heavy oI 5 is Jodi. that they fal to show service shil ona Prsoapt attention gvenn toal le s'w.
eaed Iby the iblowing data derved on the defendants or that they appeared l ne ant BuidJln. Tampa, F
frin tht regular ky visit: O.in s*i court below. T O. o. u u= I
ag 8fega1ted 188 605. This rm has re- Altasm Commlnit.. ease le s s ual AT LAW, I
taiiyis s rae ar so-e lea l leportWIth auw The TAPA, EX. Nat. Bank Blg.) FL. Grea; 9:ash Barg i-M
e s ad e pyg hout 800 ama raroad cmsso filed T SB-w C WSte Grea Make-Roo
"slr;'?-* Thitthre ~k ith &eitr w & wth ths governor its aeventeenth aun-WAL. & STEVENS, ;-i
Co. as good see is aw~ hw ta te are ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW.
"s0 sh54own bythe mie of main lizle and 8 ,il ow
ssbio~aheats fitS week. which d Wacil aader eteomino hI the United States Circuit ad

h .! l rece ly 4ieiv^ed 1*0 ~al es of The gross earnings of the lis for OPNT
wsa J r om a ol ioa Na are the year arregate $13.739.091, in in. OLPHANhe SCOdieek of our gsa8
e ea of almost $M8 ,000 over sho pro-
0 1 oora' tol6I9InCb, which will prob- vious al 0 or h ATTORNEY AT LAW, 1areshed and rejuw iated by-a hostof new
y ,sely. msoi esithitwn. The st o operating railroad not Prompt attention ie t bu.i- d all Tampa o the superiority of P.ot* ? Qr
i f 8 o nalnger a eC l o OO c iars isaluding taxes and interest ona bpnded
,5&h- ..af ciit& eaanpeoa 6,0001s040.. i., er seend -nur ainouncemeat and tbhe ocerityofaIl.onqw
daoria tbeweek d shipped'.,' 81 0 l dBot5eeo .4. is it i-rene-i $3:60lt0.12 a edue
d thae h bi n overn preo si yea...r which is I per re building a n 1 srticture boltpd together. by
t htlsbi as e doing It us uil caof the ..r t.. seartgs. showinga IRNK M. SIMONTON. pfthe public,
IM ee ae d I ere f i n- o..t ian ine priport .
,Te. e ii.ent. s .wthi e MonD- of opera tn no earis .over A. 16TO re Y- IT- LAW. "r-
eCPO C g d 10,000, the the peev-i.a yea ri
N A--eT he. -axes on raro- ..
aPSospeb9s oe iss werkang 100 15)1.. WI.SN a - -N-.
The report shows the roadare&idd'
0Therno s'h'owsado, h, e roa are ATTOPRNE" 8-AT-LAW, bf all bargain opportu Aties1 occu s oa6
o eslni.tu.e y lr .1a use ofirn d ri raa BiAir ow, LF 1.WA er aroe th e g.res.te tr ave ever offe o

4. opie lbrallo a. Th, ad is still en ere cmphiy eer ei il of Court Honse So are. a will bring o far greater tW a thr
IIt3 u D g.'s 2n morr faitaline to pa3inea ers 5f., e offer over 75 pis of
.itis l revai hu- ys resisted than did last year., DETECTW sftr0 1i .50 yard, your e"ic for Youshould
aaWs.Jrlnow engae h'ere, tri- aiirmi.gb a...Ma -Pr.e. serl. ,A 15 pieces Dress d, worth 50c and 6,
d here, tu sad9Ga "se 1 oh(
... Op5j ,lswreek ih000, while130,000 BltxXIof"A Ala., De 11. T1 + h;o i'' -Aa a
wan-e fbewaruded. t '' city appears to be enjoying a pe -- .
-Tie rm of Arguesles, Lopes A Bro. eady prosperity, in spite of ate l it C, n
s r! 10S41 0 sid tirm doe i t 78,"0 q iiranine, the low price of cotion au .0II-... |A
e""@ ="^W'"^ ^ 9 .J. Bel*f cCa0.
tmm will still further Increase its a t = her hack cheeks on business. Din- ar,
i foree ometrrw. idle indut nes in the Birmingham die- -at unheard of prices. What a triua phat an
E*-.m": AsWhIha8 C o.', the ShipmOLt iact have rmumed operations a ist u .
sre ot o fd that more tha 0 bee Tinners, Plumbers &aving sle we oeon up for you Monday; .
&eB1" o ta.ow" l? 0it n d Ispmen there this year in building dwei. l T-. . P l.m -,
.e4 Co. made" 5 ing home chiefly attractive co tages.
raer 5D d a b0 tev 10 e 'cotfing o an average somthsh g Jk- -AND--
cietSolBo. ia, Dia mliava 100 men 6iOXs Sheet Metal Worerks i I i .
d-. r n ao ll ho dP last smorv s.as s8s.lsSheet MtaIl OeWorr,
'41oil 5 5#iW.*isi 9, ieo shippe .- Aessor Ala, De iL-Da~ Caom- Skillful Workmen Sea, tr iard e wide Perc-eS-on- 5.".
u t .i 'Os .; pr )0 th h e l< iols Cai o and EiliPme^ co-. tO Outsde Points. .Muslin, only icq, ]rees Goode w orihrM'ol
Sp.r Mr. J.Maiaoi ha an MARINE WORK A ECIALTY 50c. Dress Gods worth frtnA o tr ,
--.wi .os. le g i mtoiiwkig pa she day in co sulvation ih the 213 Franklin St., Irampa, Fla rom 75c u -rth doulle the mon
I -&inr -. r a bWll lestptn 0 8,400; eec oitlciala Thliey came to Oonaide, ______
the qCoiov oe o.n thrI n i ei & G. Oprets only 891, as li, .
!0.B o anarnTee loin 0fTenth ompre- ues in Dress Trimtnmings. Great balin Si
l o 9 she only barrier tr, ihis propt ed im. in Walking H .
ttt- p1@at d8O a s...... .as. Adt... . ..u
S. entoi08, 00.while grahd lodge of M aluols has adjourned ;" I;. -

,F~~et Ih o on ~ha after having re-elected all of the grand /
s e~. ,pt h precedent o f o tern i o.-. .o. ,-
ptfli et- a ir4 il ;lwtiise i isiwttatlthe anid only tan The lmeesti g hers ws B *
Walft~a^ir .^ Ww ^ Dawrt0BtRip-Rse of especial interest, on acdonas so551 -Bl --- ,

WNOr & isn cIs srieg all the placing. pq the cornmsone of ZLYMCREAM BAlM tosaspoas5empea" +; J
k5 blh *fatin.-amSmt sew tsmpie, ind will long be reAnrs. eet Osse WnlWtI &4itp m dails sup "blt b ll
ta st~uz i km itawes- e red by she delegaaeso in attencanoe. t o 4 R IM ubam a'sos SwTI't% L h V a rb lpv
2ay 00 a MO* a- 9 tu me No rovor os o Aar, A1 o D OW v o
kfvgqtm mm ar l N heerx A. Demaw. b
4 sltwa-"fteara, w5 s aedy sgs of more sheA three
sasjeaNiaMg the'i 12. "ee a l.st aharced oal l f iC hres
01,; '.1'. tIA yellow fever p&tesOe end relieved iu Ps U ifhl -
t and AIm an p"ean i.ab from dy. The c o
'n p e w, eJ e hand lad in au inrelsgeoa lu c sns -
S manar tn Mobie s nme ravss were To Ta er -t h-ve" an h __
other. memusl.for Cr. soa~c-,4. Byhitimny Ur.
"Ji'WIn hw hae been. tbouaof.d .0 h.-.bewetu
4f 1ssasseehw etme rasssta rrmanmtly ;a Piat am -th It
'Szus. Ale., De. l-The snt d la w n*w of a

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At minina I eblU h aW l2v .

~le whickens Casatsir a aw"a a"k
M, s0 9I ms. The i r rl mrt od n er debris by theholl cse 1' "
B 0l. here by sO cstho'mae Eat of the Illinois 8 l ,"
.4 4. Moarroo IL -- Colosel

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hat wid Wesrailg wtkead n n oh- he mel

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; - A4TN. AI f .-.it D imw :" --w
1-19 .- ,emk 1 51 sim tw A '5ili slb

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on tha.m an) day--.lut we a...' do the Bible tcut the resurrection of The Daunat.s eapu.,t) r-tuia,,d Spe,
it. Our nrewrd will (cnle sly and Crist and the ouuversiotk of Paul. to Jacksonvill. Stiae was apromp All re
by, aol it vi.l be grea-er than *ome le finally got rid of Panl's ease by boaidpd by ano oIl-r of the lrutir Fire C
pul.le think ., aianmutli-g his conversion It sun- Vesuvius, and nALhing waes parompty
Evbty enterprising uan it a help stroke. "'And a friend of mine," found. It is wonderfAl hlow prowpt,
.to hii town. l The m ru m oney he coniinoed-Mr. Moociy. says it would everybody is when ihe Dauntless we
makes, if he ia it, thl bhtterfor the be a good tbing if thTe rth-logial turns from Cuba, light. Furn
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irg town i6 a benefit ttt he surround- Bro her -MoodV's idea is nt, half bad. With a cut-rate war now in progrit R.
ing couotr. : Ileoce i is to the ad- Some of the young and green theoo- t is possible to travel from the Mlet. -
vaptase of allhto ento uage e iuerprie- giass who call themselves to preach 'rranean porls to New Y-rk foe $i.
ing men in ilawalks u lhilf aal frown seech only half-baked. and it is im- Anew Decemtetr nrtcd (f arrisis
on tle efftsfri Of ir etl'y, e;ivioliS po--.hli faor the old deacons to say has just h-een made. '
.aniv-.aluis awhtu tre ever i adly tu swell donee' to them after a Geranon.
bh tir mre etc. Georgia'p lugisaptri r b live in o g-
thbai ." tbhoir mpre e snt. atidg ,o-i,. Tht! ciy authorities tef Tat mpa h eav in an ilt. e e t i
tr o tie bck on t he ol:L~t;t,.n the commislers ing with unanimity. The.a qpused thi
bros in liae khwck oa tbe jo;:!>t. joined hands with tbe commi~siooers .p
oovoci.aa r, in an jemphn d wit to antifoothall hill with few disaentt~o
provocatlo, an at to of Hillsboro count on tahe ep i- ot e.s and then indr rsed the iovln -
ta.es aana Ihsi ussefuln aI .t :It tion to provide a oapitcl for the .ire vo tht irp te
s.. j la I ,ut ht3, mell in of the indigent. Orange. esa or's veto without a kick. ThetCrae- I
every trow. fishing and niaduct; ng tle County era are vell versed in mass playj.
T'ri*- .rti and crlis-e of Ga,,erol Home upon a itasis thllt sav(a huu- New Mexico sits knocking at Ihe
lRuz Huta.vcI." is another indication, dreds of dollars annually, has fur- door. pleading for statehood, butSbe
ih,,t siiit , trying tq effect by d nisled an object lesson by which would need evtral silver coret j
phimney la subjugation of Ciui. e-tliher t lunties cau profit, although bands tostir up thiscongreesto faver-
which she-cotld not effect by arms only a few of them have ;,ied the ex- able action. -
eand sakrvatiob. All lovers of fire- r-' iunert, aud some of ihb<.se few lanve --
dos and adlrirers of heroam wil t su.-reedel so we!' a ths county. The Dons seem to think that Pl-
hope that this new i etlod aL.3 ulil The poor bocse succef is 'a.tributa- dent MKinle walk a perfe"ly
fail, and thalt,. Cub will win and cu- ble more than anything else to a lack lovely Spnish. At
joy that independence to which her of business methods in the-manage- The disturbances have ceased in \ JM
hertio sacrifice and streggh a entitle maent af such institutions v-Orlando Guatemala. The white dove of pace
her. -. Replorter. is kept busy jumping off and on he ;
J A, Goodwm returned yesterday pereh in those South and Cenital-
A great nya~ triotr c cinteds ai from "Tehas, where he welt to at- American republics. t t aortui^
nidhing O ha ei their esu nd the opening of th Tmpa Bay High
drctorsof tin tl ces. tu ht e open of the Tsm ope f An areolite bearing queer mtks fully'
h botel. Mr. Goodit sayst he open- fell in New York Slate one day 6st Horse
Th aeile ent of the wlndaue-glass ing was grand, and lIke the queen of week. and there ais a suspicion thai it lovers
sasle at an advance i wages means olden ties be could but exclaim. is Piesident Seth Low's reply to Tam You I
a erry C britmas for a good many: "Kbe half bad never fLuet told," of Plait. teed
egie. '- the grandeur of of theTampa Bay.- i- Mne
Gainesville Son. Te Norh roa dve
The Gieeks were --- believes that a r: ;ig;.-us daily wold
-.pyscaly pctn and Georqia Lrhs a three-year-old pay ,as not 'et opened books 1or
r Kmtv. K theyh preacher. He s too young to be stock sunscriptioni. '

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'h ere is n an article i ie oa
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ght out atiuch pries that
aing Dec S 3th, the following be oi
y low ri JMRTR T.A^. ';z
e colletion 00 Leado.- a.4 (.e:' l 1z e A
WllA 5satCI on Il?-e .,r\ %lart mrO.@.
s of rovlty tlndle-. prie
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demand oa opr -K. Il|-ar. H. e ft nrlhenq
aendoualt.utWit ha.- a full a 'ii A' n "0*
t Ine to su4tly It- d-nRrn. -.
Pearl B ottoa................ l 6 e t!.f k cti4
Pins beit fIT .u3..3 Dye. .iwA
Jewel bram. pr.te only ... '- All Wi,& llw s ta
ar Brusbes o go ats........ :loIe aew="r e
ir Brushes to go at only .....li A sA c rlcsa Sm
lew dozen bottles of Lb. Itn raneti
y Rum lpfr ....... S WVl to
00 arlies i tlhis dparitmntu to tnT
ucb low prCas -
Speciaa Drive in .dwl.e
Lace (nUrtais, ,I. S g

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ant It e If 600, 000 and 1 000 at
8s tobe t l ak eF a lh rot.t 1( I. faitr'cos4 .B
bial S~ leof Gloves T. ,t
ol black Glvew was 88c to go ,a .
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anms' lPur isaa inze A5rW
...-.abort imS

ave a bnstilful Bmet of OcniWll the di
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d eet priecm to convince you on All eolol'orEV
eat Reductp on thase goods. Bt Iek 8I1I



Tamp rLivery, Boe and Tiawhc
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Class Bsinesa Horses. These Hor
selected 1for this special siae, aia iwl3
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all kntlu how we sallthem;' Norpae'
Sale iy mpdy at 11 a. ma., rain qriw



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woman who The na;aleagagement in Kentucky talk about the batter.
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S t gul and wo. great larls to christen the new war- Coald tea is no longer on tap in-the
lall frnmO ol ship at both end- alsd then all could senate wing qf the capital builtg. A
ill-s ealthb i happ3, but walking is still gocul to the o ier t
'avetheirin- side of the house. y
of be t Simon Sa of Hayti, is not a very -- O
s the lbood' comes iin- distinguisaed-looking mortal, and An Aikansas beauty has cevidIce
an 'dt, s some current portraits of his are re- of her fascination. Three men .ve U
s:ldn eahy tloes m ad itear down, miniscent of the late Whistling been killed on her actouoa. qua- el-
Mad arrmL a those that ae inert i'and B
dead The nea arv net rebuir t Charley ing about her, whlii the is oBn W to E
Jsm day t t day i uih nel, vigorous, be blamed. '
t!a fibers. Everylrgan, tissue, BTsu- The I ouievillegirl who put her el
; att na..a-e~n the 154y no half fatiseted-
t.he.alty entrims t A ai lit ca in tckage o tobacco will Sata Glaui is a very close reader C
'Mehin the dsry fothnmaa ils aye never ask bte busbead she caught by of the sa- vertising colu mns these d4t)s.
dile' seet of thisagtnmlition. -ost 'fre-
Ia 4t-#smmoae desadly of disorder this plan to give up smoking. Bc e urplies. Quality and ice. *
S omweti'ues it is some equ e satiufaeory at Tropical I
a gain, mav e David Bennett Hill has not yet ac- eq., 108 Lafa'ry at tropi e
S nea pe _tiveyand remedy knowledge the receipt of an invita- d ow,
91f 0* estu-and tialadl it.is .I P 0 gI don't know.atbere may be ol ca -r
^. l nd3 S1co It iU lion to Tammany's commg-out party be aibut I usd Prker'olo '
e .rdf"rps 6of the aig tit. on New Year% Day. Cough Syrup in my family for yb --
j[-8 rm ^S sand w~ud not be withbot it," He Oiew
It e Cof olonel Watrop ay he doe no better than to y the inferior
SlgH, btalry, active want to be a party leader; but he is tion that was be- no rg ed upoW,
a es oa. making a big hustle to t in front Parkes aoln Courh Syrup no
di IteaO of the r ar k. il or il nos i y
i . thros. Hoareses. Cro-p,
oaea nd reoienin. .. e
,- Oleo ;atrg-ie a -ew 'ijal in idradt t. a i" .
B PeSant bo S us. S epf tha gootb- U4 a salfe *r.. fee
sssl vu erensted a h11LhlopleS ws.^ 'aa tr ahlOI
H, : Uthed tbs r. 'san a Dra V da "H K
aI II It t. I 4L Me
Ub e- 110s

a y BriWyaots&

Ol Wesineday Eij of lat wst4.
ttule Bats, bab da gbfir of Mr. and
JiM. O. N Branoo M at their home
threbmples atroth of. Ptnt City. Io-
ertmeat Tirolday at StilALh.
f 1 Os- .day mistat, Dec. 10, at tIte
Preibftertia church.br J. M. Furb-
i e rnial oid to the full work ir the
inikry by tie f.' Jobhns Presby' ery.
lir, J. C NarOe Ksigtt reacbhe hott-r
',4m S t'terdoay night, iis bb" speut we
i p4. s three monut 0s i'a N N'sbrviale, at toad-
is e^i q- t*d de al couIie'e thbele.
P ear Mltnls Eonowo' Thorsday last
kI rist Starting, wife* o Mr. John Star-
$ boihtH "dA. "l The dreceed b-ds beea a
3 S tinl tostet adItaerer for iutkny motaba.
iiWa The remained were laid in reet at Mount
an good Tabormoa Friday.
i-~Ir srqfOF Rev. F. W. Fixton who bas been pae-
J i l pretty tor rf tho M. E obrch of this pce
S tsi g1tr On ft rthe patttour S*ars, takes for grant-
ror aei edrs l du a bh- iillhaTe 0 go elsewhere
a sd speluitf for the couing year. sojeam fUlly pre-
T 0.LV'Ii iod tn pared to pr-o bio his farewellnims-Rge to
POeW a aty*' htP p op e ak9 Sunday morning. BRv.
it i rehvilose* P.-tout hb.:s wurkd earse-tlly and faith-
,s cratoa ld fatally ring his stay with as and his
ai^grtltsoeieci--emoiatlwl ti et4Bcerely regreslrd bN
irlaffilM as tit,4e Wa-.1V
i-" '- ..Sur.day nipgit the PcFrb-erian
1 r1ot *waS form-l y de*lcated. Tne
sibf deaic.tii.n prrmin ''by Rev. E. C. Jore-a,
s f'or a0L-, r ca r' ofI this ard other
ias (1s pIrrInr.' rga-own f the drt"liveiia
|g damsia ttuitt ar-atrl5 iii the -ersices. Ti-n
^^EV'pt5eIit t o Bs was woll fflIhO.
.f ir *iroaf r T. A Veoru a, wife and liHti son
C ise.u\ jn it Sloht atf revernlt du-
l.t:i.i. ip i:' iwlh Mr. "erno'sdaufgbtor, B -. f M.
.'y4 l l"ing a' inos.o tfad: m ly said bas many iriendt
i rlthre.- Rev Vern-m as formearl. pe-
idOttlstdl o IMew iLor of:hm M E. chtirlt of Plant City
e Sapoase nd a nd eTjoys tae re pere-p n.t est-em ofr a
amm as Gt he t or eur people- lere. Mr. Vernoa'
Irt. te d away will .ve f or Tarpap on Friday n-xt to:
*LeMimss Ktrwio co in rtedi o to agteal the IM. E. -,o-
oC- Isu wncarig feen a '
d'tis better pro, Mer Frask Huf., traveling mtoicittrj
is. .Tie baunts-'for tre TiTes r;iojn ind Citizpe wiho
soi<hL e i'as ameilrng a rural-lrip t-.oubgh Souoib
"UUi still rs- Flariea mad. Pl'-nt City a business ,aill
spe worl as'b n Monday
Sevo*r poieiug fa AmPrO the real improlveaots of our
town t be the Warrender biocd of
latrotb i d.fare c n 'uered ick.
W. tiIftlit h lte Itc*IpresumeJ tntobur public ~hoal
dm:iatsrenlar wJ Ico e oo I:' d.dy or a htoli ) ul
ltt goits6as abd two wrees for t -het njpomeot I Ch -'t-
tB Wte O wonder mis tide.
te eWtght 'of the Mr. Auguusus Ia m, an employee of
e.: Ctbtrtcabo b;e Asyrum roer the !o-
^_.^. -gmn eW s tass J M. osdy In townone b- way
' hbomte witisn ptitfetr that int.itu-
^ ^ tusaBM-. Bait Kiry
sMr.Jabe A. -reat8 s hving a tine
tr_ at of nuw ;aNid i.t 'red touth of hisi
6 Sborme fore roppinig o rpi e's.
,sld ^ The ite ra lr,..d t pm-iss on spent
u -TPdo ay our tqwn.
i PrBs rijCity rsrs imp aintcen-d of(
isa "eport, tbheiey he inertetas of our
,ba t i et 'rs ab'peis t are worthy of a
Tse Zrith poi-;oi the 'er-,oSsirp
Sff *^ athe onarog a. ss-o.

"g t -aThe0l"4 wblles r huheMd
t0 teibt ba.by, e w~I sM the good old.
fi...I. o tl iwown o looks after her
homaee, sfl l baIr, it niw e otptf dows
shialtb. They wi tr obld with
S, -' kolfyprtrte, aalc ietpene1sspsn
a.- +

aei t altries st.uw ee4dobltasI hedsr
.g crrajf ~ d'ha bifttfd. T ia tIc
N1..t.. ee ter rooan. ]palI coo-

i": 'n s-,op. reatsrl tb ste ua of Electric
a,`- ~flrC e btkaloSlhea p
-l..rie.edya on i to. bi.ti up the
e^n*^ Ouly Jper ilttt For ale
^iM e L.~Ijd~p aidi^Co. -.

a-- j "'a'b4ifget*a take it toyoarde-ug-
a pie bott* five of Dr.
Moo f eor sumptieo
Tby jnot e:tO
AIaMatry It sa will
i -mer tfi tbis truly

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pie I lln s d0u] a t-tw B,,te aid =s o ;.. ,- uie mm ta ,s us f ""iilll "
CHanzar, Di OQDa pD 1-A nurn-
a MWala )s alte a4 TriTp 1i berof the moss promiuens Masons in G iit rT fbin* easmirto
All his sta-s -t d South Car&oa attended all Pt. atiteb
the annual meeting her of Oasis Tmern- i a '."
80Y OF THI IWll BADLY BLOATE o the Noble of the Mfytie Shrin e aT~'
The Charlotte teim-le is the only tem- su tIMRY FOg 8 nu **
ple of Shriters in tr -! two states and ts al
several Xarks on the iecX Leads ma b-erhip inclndespromtuient W souDs r tactical i
Friends at Mae Home In Chicmo present offers ar: h: ae ,h1 oivrefr oCr at
to BeLeme e Was ordered, W.& l.addell. potentat; D. E .Klgo n. i
an investigat Been SItrte nRab;n; Rev. 0. 1& Hoffma, hhA
priest and prophet; Dr. J. P. Robertson.
CmGO. Dec .-The Italian colony conductor; DL G. duaxwell, director: -nd
was thrown into a state of great e- William Anderson. recorder; B K Di m TInr3ssSLe# e
aitment when it was reported tha en Jin r. R .mm U*ft a
phales Paladini, one of lbe oldest Smith. trustees; R. X Pueboy. tiler Ttiler Therans refi to dka Suss tm a ettMy
Scone 1s caud-dates were initiated PaSeIf KaO COboM ba govIs hag
moat highly respected residents n that into the mryseriesof the Shrnna A't. r o iaoe e. e 3
part of the city. was murdered while au the initiation aof gslids.f. the annaorl m rome
Sbusiness trip in Alabama. banque wrs t in te rooms of the mOetifO eM. but de0t beIf
he rem ol Psdi arri iShrmners. t Ea de street 1, ws it degrade; o o~ a s
,Ohicago ver the Barliugtga rgki ud andt country to Ki".imeommo .,
when, nnuaiedo later by a, niiie r JAILED ON GRAVE CHARGE. bati I o;siaah
Fina* 'ithe a~esins nad! tiuumlucl l-sdee o
they weee found to be iU ts- ..' tion that the police tre a .,::L c andd tN. pen4tala,. clusiily for Germany. hia yields high 4*4
the coroner v;ll be asked toi..tn- r ': CHABLOrrT, LN C. Dec. 18 Ofil-r on aosher points. ie h
imortem exuntcartim TI:e t.ny l J. W. Autain has arrested Edwarx Wi- Ti M tf
beeu sbi:. i:..,n E.=:r. A,.i. *. l,. r- on. a negro. who is chah ged with lte i To sld K ss i c ba m. eaG 'ru.as*t n
Paladiua v J I murder of Chat. Gilmer, oauther ner-o I BPau. DeM. .-I its wlMiseifli y -'. '-
Ionrr,' .... I .. I eems that W;hoen ad Gi:mer . announced that the shart Ger TWOTO 'H
po It -' IU I.LL j aged in all affray several days ago and man. would evacuate K Ghou bay eu y tWsr: r d fr
'T'oe body. r.c-.r.rr t.a i -. t ..* Gilmer ws s serouly injure ii : for eoaiaug esttioni t Sam-wsaia iotass s r-e ,tes i
taker. wa-'b, I .o-.iin s ld i..r death followed asareuticof his ijarifs. let n nufo. nd. d. A D 14
ored and borei L-:1 i.... ...... A warrant waU asiued for W, i i .1CO..
ws done to urtiw i v-: h he was brought to te iUdty a;i p. CO VICT BILL IN SENATE. T Grady~b~ae aisi*
cir ihe uecics iute oetno.... in jail. same gauloWse
cn.oe rlat Pal.auom.' .:i w ... Dr. U. M Strong, the tonuty phys.i ~..at" ilke.. Up.,d oIf ti me d Inrtc of MMvrar
to i...iuir! ci.aes L in- i. i cla. was uunrfiawi wiit an atoopay v Crt ll--la-ol.'. War. !aJ Mwo rmaernl"n-
WC flr.: .il iheai irl'i. .;- held. e 1tbut s tha tatb t irect cii i. AALsTA. Deo. l&-Thp lener.l s- ptur p -- f AlaLp _i _
Tln .>it,: :'..a re : t;- ..' i i of (dmer' adeast ws poenmouis. eem y will hold over onea day water th-e is
tLIat. s it .d .. en cil.. -el Wilson wi. however, be kept in jul1tex on o-f the present litt I. Te sat hve
the uroh. .. slbar. Aif rea. c.'.. ustil the master is ifled ti.srooagh. iLe se nwnt nouneh -
usi-ucari.d %tit l I1 Iu i ffu:t '.,.-.." does not cto havin au ai eroatlo en I lt taIouP rorldt-4 or Ltw O .ra n; .t .
moree uhour trie atrei With Giluer, but does seuy that Le iaay4bL y uecltnrug Sud.1 *ind Moud .v i the.ar t itam n. ue
used anythilu bat hiL fhit. If he ts h ,td bas this remolos..il. was Ui AlA .r eurs
SWEETHEARTS SENTENG 0' 0 responsible foer deat e Gtr he byjleho"e. It wa oseod up sa."ll.j The ltw
weiri i Go io ... e.. ,ill be eld for an astans and the atndmmeudei so as so desire 6 dny a tue goa Il
laws Qiol randr Iy Gu ,., r, t ,, .r k..:Lila 1- -- !L OIIdS o e it the Case. d 1
i. a ish LEStsr's r atIaer o, Y eguative day. ttllJ BtuJundi oac g Ioa
SWaranLY. ,I... Dee. 14 -Jn. t.ie r ayi NO PROI-ITS FOR SUMTER. sesiun through Tluraday. whoem tha e
hua ster.renced Del:lah F e.. a -. Od ora ,E. rb. ni se. tr. he. Tur:. I :a erally asurisi,;ed th.nil troe w.
years. and Will Kerni. ar e it 11. I1, -'.1 DVaea is :on.,bles' ;Brntll snc. thei l ws u and 19 years in the petnireirury. CoLzruaBA. S 0., Dec. 18 -At a meet- legiatre for the tranus aon of Ii4"t1i perl quergaireba"il
ilri 1. The ptrqueels on,
Yoaque Kern cad the Fajie l ,r' ilng of the state board of couircl here b 4itesso before it The :e.airs e Jasoksonu aat I
lover-4 to w-ich the fatbor i' thi t.., the profits going to Samter from tle of ale day will benefitlte c.nuise c biht., hismpeOdlig 4etabmtur
objected dispensary were discouti ned, aunid G iur. the x:.s;euone ao wk c- is ctserw isl it-
The Fa es C ir. piannii to u"r.u i ernor Ellerbe. ot the request of te thrMued siId
father no persaded the cOr o -- board. has aniroonced thas he wi.l p ..e eral hillt were p dUring thel weakness
hcr. O_ Atg. 2_.the ernie r ia e ln-i psidoto n9a .mlrlwnllim asa iwoil
ber er n u,a2 s aP o .. I l-coustable thereto be ptd out of r t d edthe mos timp'rrma of wl en w WOMA &'O t I
the eider Kseru. tusu.- iri to h'tf-v heor ... .. ..0, rW
in the woods ab-ut 56 mies frJL e proais wslinhei i rom uemter. T ne oneo autniortse asu ta lu 4 tate
to the woon abrat 8 mies trio. I'e:l i of tile niohie wasS fellow' 555
Falls Who he a-rived as ti ig ler i troit t supeoy otefi i r of the Nornhe'Lc. rtte Wiaro tSh r t ites -
pointed rI s shof ho hi ti .r r..-. as plac o e boar f courl Thf- places the Northtern i '
t ," wi... n I iTh_' ne county vboad oreconcrol of Sam. cato'fory with the Weste b and Atlant RiC Q. r
the ba K n w brush. brruig i; nit I I S
Y'tgu R-u i its ,a arrol .te ., t tek county neqoest tlbiit tie share of nt- re "... t brhlay. ..th .
miider, anad a. sat tame ago e-, .;.f.-t. prellsfrone rue tuireorr be trot psl T Vconvict ball was tIee at in t-i V b Cpgol imttoMw
his part. d- ati i a i n rh F ne i tO til 1;he- t.r ..; cra, o himr e ho e-' be eriate aud read for is feit Itime.. -l "
mitted the. l. at S i ... p ed to, !ap.o e f rn t it sales a t e morning sg a the h aeate w.- s eo.
rreItel. i Sl:orn lerwar : tb .r city colnil as ed mauiy to the p"sirga of lo 1l Menius hr d.the brgle.r .t
aesste er geit or . erw reu-d a sit-.r to a O. P ue'ler. anud, tunimportaut bibl. e only bti o oImdeotded noesalwB` ak
fed her porurnc to come RUokr-1s Prtaed..rl t She pbl da, Ip b .a w
SE14SATION IN A C. iies t5 i ... i-a..uioe. Beier'e hi-'S to l iit i: e foes o,. re: by Lb bedand w-aitsd dfiq
SACor a -.. S. C.. D-c. 38 -A ctse of I celemran. rs-U g from J 8 per ons r In. a 8fewp lamteb reo)
weas.a t.neai ..ic y a-c ml tuI haLs de-i opedl is Roc- Hill, l sse1wo r 50 tokrsh wr ngum otor edngeade
iL....i. ....h -uld I r si. here raere re r.e 45 young worn Ii irom hitter a warm fif;a tt e roe;trt O: r, oh- bbsa sdiutAls4.4
roiifoiaiitee. wriach wad fInorTu ti-u I WH and when ibae se494eShe
SAon FPi&ci->, c Dec. 14- Mrs. one tie- ait ireulni re Wifiturou passiage of the ali. wag't"opauu bd. o &L e bIada rs ba. s s
Harrle,. who killed Seuator YFo.?.e i. ri, e. e n.ind 'u Ji ,;nerabo auxiety s owi to e poor ttentanee. Perow iia of bloe wbih saic
Reino several yel a ago, created a a..-1 A li ve-r-o i :-i a: J. B. Johnrtoai to- i Betaer hati the bil letae or.ri .-JTia oi woman's a sirws goe -.
octal of .citet ,i t .E tel.. a .uii' taed. t Pu.. -.k ,itil teu days r so fin i'
h of e- c.t.tu.t cou Encuso Bof he.ha Aittfa. 'te ItS bqU S THE4N C0TV5 N MLL.
chnreh. At the couclnsiou of R-v. tj meit to hIis -.r--. tuod two days ago "%I e1 MOtO I A'IfB.. IN
George Gbeaou'o sermou soe suIma.t I came Iill w : -11 I .ui ipoZ The b o 'rd of .U s i ea.s, i. tln. mamt Or ..- a -+ 8 at sth'av t
icalilr to larcd tiatsune lnd a imes,- bhezith aii. c.:- council. iave cri.tr. I L .ul-. tce.-- nw ai ste.or i cZt ir I. _tl.siv
o G a vBATLomeE Dec. 13 A'The Marnufac-

from her so the efect hlae Doreai to'- tChat ever c Ir-AdJi uthlut enrl e o eeatre 13 -Theow' ea thetf rithe i pe'lr l
allfe ehold boe uave ud er it u Ee e Angli of New Hampshtue writes .. au i ar ia. ,utau re a of -n c
fA tlel onrpetl for a eomm tIt. miles frmo Geriu o lbe used bas ar. Perioa- 18; 4.t .m A L p.t he h e a Ti ore e i A s
Rev. Gibut-. who was Dnrra na'me t!r- piOhaLe, s pr oh trhele otloul the 2u e.7 d 10.Sa lac an r lmc re l
tor. refused to see the cooemonuld a: a Ir i of theall oe atteet .o ao0 millthat dq'rd ta n ti 8

Atuiso Dee. alteo-A special to The e tpttomlt by.oone Or ha. oto r a.
mother wiln iue called pwih a measeer. Old 1 o ie ietarnud. Bh t o ltheth oataon ai t eqssrueai is th i5tle rsforctslr
from her t a enupau the preacher tel, oBi .o a lre- IL-Ad.atantGbenral h ths e an as he la iris tnHie
all he n k abe eertl nlih of ehW hIaphle te u a sti e e o .ew lmne il. era eee of Qrstan
Aflinal appeal for a rommarnore -. juataat General Cowlet (bat res. Peraic 1.01; 4Lii. e sentence ud death r ll be t Cha, of tw t C a e late O-louel 11 2,oad.7u7. sad ,e.-t o lonsa. pan o ITen a 'Mw h '
Governor Bndd thias Pee. ward Cron of e hieftth Neaw iam-d. 0f 4a; itslmFi..i .
shire, hba pieced in has poweeeiaoe T tanmber of LEIttr are punbHeheu 1 S ttO J
as-u Iarere t wast reays. atats flag of tbe Fourth North Carolna. fin t asi it io wners. *t4i. r elors lit maISrSi ^ t''
napureaod bs Colosal Cross at Shaps. eatli Ita coitus beufoedsrtn g mrade si
eloba~ewor~that wl 8~bu rrgfd s rg, ; that h. had sruogsted to her, and hpis tai vie't .r se .; geslal au tri..Is -tsi
Globe.Denorysays fromBaith Frin cisco they fully ht- ted0r that if shei e is an at sOeithenrshle spcs itr nee tsl to cia
sayb k In an itteniew published here. a satin a -na t ors of the Forth, westc of sare pr'powdxtlle an[oo as 110oab "I
Earmes Denprey, she attorney who is they would be rad to havr the fla reo nth' Osroet. in OB b f e.i nSL l-^ A.
akis sash a fight far Theodore Dir surened, aud if there is not, is will be of the nlesellanenniM sew nsriialtni Miwrl, h AepOsa
ra gives weru-ing of sensational de- returned to tse State authontles. enterprises ]ou'so euy.P ett uioe ll niiioals >s:hJh.a
veLopasat. He says that Dorra', w.lI ae-; ite m-os limUorlean Ipsaf gr al .
not haag In January as to pgneenilr en Ci. a s o^ ete. a h. 4 s-i)> toOe o fInCoCIy anlding. re- wn4Sr'5i s
pected aud declares that he wia eves t COLDnB dw a. Dec. l8.-The r ted 8 l.000 laiois ca. mpr .li. plan. .
nally go tree The attorneuys t poototehdesb ta a th e as tsin- mnt power a e, ;s.l 65,11.0 eenor.." -Pq -
avlatinl are moo to be wide i pite- 1or tde onedultan.pe5ino. i.tid, r e. u o a -.
nacs that will casew a profoand sensa- teaneet of thas Mnt-opolitan Baptisi laght plant. ac -.;i FuPIa; bee fiotory. Ort)WMi~loE?*^
tints DeIprey sara that they are ,i church, beth negroes, became in~olIve-t ekrtrncialghn p aou. 40artU e flour mill. IlinvI ^.b atl
the tract of the real murderer and ter* in a dspnie osrr the sigunlsoanoe .- W oaiwortktt.g imary, fcondr anil mar y
that arrests will soon be made. some pasiaffci -f cripture The argu llneshoos. lc.. in fleot-e $O.U b~riSS%. S
meat grew sU warm that at the ead of lutnber ciomparsy. rotrotill it dldituion. ^^ *
t65 MerdTrsr i'rtsa.s the meetotig. wheu they left the cburoh. tftephone listee. e5o, a ui1Ieir thOrni*^15iea- w *5la
Moovoomay., At. Dec. 14.-Gocer the two analiro expatudere gas halo 55WB14s 65,000 merc5te ausitait tS^an
nor.Jolnstou has pardoned Ohri Qolsas. toube t.oe ane ma lidlsyaint tep nrep a y.a t al.000>leambit ps-nv
the'Bicmingham Greek who aIlled hts othem for a r-s.rirAaseoowas made agpoa in es;, iu 0 sotb 0apisnasl Ao?-
wife last yeer. On the anoliastiou rae Ule court re:,l ui Leemn as fined, .* -

governor wrote: "The evidence irt a.u rIl.a- s sen. ue.r sira,. .-
case is that the man on reaching ht-lie oWrane i retgrrphl Order. MrADrDo Dec. 13.--T* IpparajL p! t
found his wife violating her marltai BAVAsN.H. Dee. ]8.-Oaptain Marl Iibed a str oa artlje, 4t It31r it do Mon.t
vowl* her cmpaean enheStpe am pa Jounes, chaired with forging a tele. na Spain will noe arwusR the rghof o 8 ha
lees shot his wife sail then artaipripd
to kill himself Ers aot was not josi, graphic onit- for $50 on D. CO Heyward Iestdent tIcKinley. to iusrvene in
blbe. byt 'the facts persuade me thut of Greeupond. S O., was brought to the (pe in case the war i prolepned. sa ?t
the oatrag- .erpetrated gMainst h:.m oity from Chtrleston and lodged in the fmands sl' rs she o memad"upt tPi .
peet his mii'd." police barra.ei. The moner on the oa eti enerertic gei to el IntlTm yoteo .-
der was obtained from John Sonreen. United Stafes ar y adoued t. B d g
U. o. eor ., ias a tas.t. Jr., and the oaptain makes no denial w a rd a because ; a Mutl Ji- aj
KANSASOrrv.Do,4-I~ .Wi.ofi. -'s DeW ht.-eeun W
atse Car-. D 14-Letna Wli i- ofIt l:Lu gess the right of" U% e P-1"t
low, who eued the Knights. of Maucc. As werk am a New RejaL. itU Ub" "
bes for $25,000 for disioca otig ue of iWLaSTOS, N. O.. 0Dec. l-Work on r , , Ji
his kidneay while iuitaiaig him into the Mooreanvile and Mocrkille branch CoP'Esia E,. &sC o--Ctb nSir aLt Si
aBathe r d r for udemonstrs ia, has oben of the Souhere o Mribe ing puhed rapidly ru.ted tas mi tst t a e.
glt' dHaytias.o of the iref t oean e traienetr ors J who have the work in t uc by k
ctrd harge say tiaro everthiug wi M be thi utria ia he e ll
S im ..... htpa Loeanv,, iarY. great S yefoar taold ong of trains bhe p .ing Crisatn a, i e e te se iA rt

eay s Not a ona W 000. Y 4 ir^zetur vise a i v o a ede
RaBlar. Dec. 14 -The German erhobl J an Iuext t h seatu ise the a i alter o the
oii cg r in the Biti Loan O ain E ,
isbChari anot to e ad try w which e whh oled ro Montreal o 4. aJ to his maje set hate tooha
susaged in the reintt demonstration .aLOrSViLtz Dee. 13.--Wm lakelend tiog of the comrrm ]rbRt o'r-s-a
agaidst Rayl. here leftPt Poan au e, trainer for J. eIand Fmxhall Kee, e ntertated t leh b.y ha.e ten et.
t0 former going so SSn o omsl ab d has bought from John SKMadden, the I. -m"is 'sasi al
t4latter sailinWg for, Havs, geat -year-old Hamburg. The price LtojCuW. Dom I3-te- aoer's 3r
Oay Isoe Not .d a avm 'af ban. retueoa*.. l a v at .of adaips 1
WPAtsroemm.-, Dec. ,4.-Posliastaer A WRh s ebia Asho.e desat ii nthe can of us lteio 113 tL.
'Gena Gary in out in an illitervLw asa- Bwusot. England. Dee. 13 The kngabar.teitw
nroncing Ms intention to rnimai in the BrItish elemer-.loao. Captain n E rans, n12niratnrIe freos
sbiat end not to kmae it try-for tie whioh taled from Montreal Nov' 58. l w lrh' cmlp ay; t ,bht a,
.4tp4mthe ae or of Gorman of tfr this port is ashore in the Britiah ~y Oasa i
Sl,.a .. hanelg.... "glub. onO the a;rei -
, i Yseo. lwer. l -Cioriss nS RB-atA Dec. 3-A proposti i -ur
S eMn. a Swede erote from Cei- nmdeto ct a XMnUm9en0 to the la te I | t
:OW to Sweden. wea couni4 hasgPig toOv Grive, 'ab e lather of the Naorthm ^d fa MR.,
*V wr-woo"dsnuswr'Brnu id the ithaliarei lr4." sa n the

i jd " ;1 r 1 _Ls be
7-T t ~ ~

i. i-4

Itwrad'Jt pesat
ib~ta o~efean

-A~w n -b
1".. lbo oa


111V VA1
k IU~~bir

I ktapais Pnmlea d y tie et f Public Works
On tbi'Bo Quaeston.


.. Soon Are ejected By the Board for
0 Artidle- Certin Reasos -Coler & Co.'
After Flori second Offer-orither Delay In-
From S"aayB Di@ly'
Som" new developments have recent
milUrprise, and ly bee made in the necotiationi ov-r
mot0 indefinite tne sale of tbe eWisue of municipal
is t"e, pack- bonds, and they are ofa nature lo prove
Ely bee atlab- highly iateratiog to the taxpayers uT
"Ld Wylie at the tov.
laughterr pens For 9aqan time pasl it has beoa kuowo
1 to thboi OB the icside hat J. B. Ander-
ens are said on, carter of the Exchange NaUtioal
new venture, Bank, iae quietly conductan egotia-
eletre and tins tina were likely to lea to bhe
t P epLets ale ol tbe secures. His efforts
boesiaes will pryed ~Iceufal aad entirely through
m laered- bis d 1~ndrested exertions Mem s.
l bowler. Pinel & Co.,-. well-koowir rm of
rdloe7 rryo' Chicago flnancierq, were induced to
a 'tt rapid take the maslr up pn earnet.
i Of ho, t .rl t~ the wee a repreeptativeof
S001m- the f rm arrived inm be city, abd, after
*M .Witi, of a thorough examinioua of the site -
ee aai9, .a -lon, wnat before tL boar4 or public
ml etaogbher works al it aeett laut Friday eve-
e greactiPoo leg, aae made them the followlag
la e p ealtyl Proposaton.
Ualt Ihe aldi The C lcago man offered to take te
he obtit, and enUre lae of $800,000, Uthebode to be
B .li wbat taken opl at the rate of $0,000 a
a a dc1mes- Bth. L-A forfeit of' $2,00 for the
S fallht performance of tbe contract
ien oeoe w the walkffered.
tobe doind Thai poplaeitioo, ewhicic by far the
t nllbbb mil monot reteeable tat, b h ever beo
bUa1y tr.t- ede = lita Ilretl. wa finally re-
0r3 51 p jnted tahe board upon abh ground
"i _.wlf- that lt it ls epae oBld render it. un.
b I berw posbldo te Rlr city tb complete the
dd"m eart- pr po weirea rage r lttem before the
f s Ithde etforemabt of the usuil quarantine
BeritL reu Mpq~k next yew. Thi plea will
agomai triksh in average ioalen.as one some-
9 .M .the what li "iy. The qg santoe restric-
5p .i5r a 6e lot r anddlnfg ezrdavtioos wi1ll not
MmB. rk or go ltatu toroe unsL ;nexs May-four
/ '. .PonaUth tDe. By iat time te board
would B thise prpaPsilion; bave in
Shand o PM0,000; a4d, as the pre-
fOiK a.po-md i rtb e.t but, $10,000, it
i.:th Jand o i bv that the exoavaioo, of
I. sobWee hk N s bmw il, ightb be
e~p4 e lon before th
W. Co0a wbo avi eo loqg
i bo. p the Id d lisue, have
als another or brto the boad.
Ist enict tth 1O,00,0 will be
paid miately updn' tbe release of
tbe T, board of pblle works
is bf eot # toe i aiept tbe proposi-
qias, eoeppre ep S inaiationes it in
e vide LpaaOT00, of avail-
o ahle fortoeweabVAed pwements i
-tllU a gi al gC e ieralt But the
eal, l itc will probk'bly rrive,
sd o4e1r64a trouble, at he conclo-
e h iiffer ofthe Cicko farm
a Gue oe woHld have
g .fnva e anut uta n a press
? 4l. innpkd that lt resently con-
f frenatd people To mp.
:lM. .. ,'a -. -4n r ci tt oree.
t -f, .r u od trc uo.ao o a= .S

__ For. tattest ret the flay State sboea
It tete~pl t TT Poi warrabif i Sie eign, big
k,^SS es l^ doawor, 711PnIFralin street.
^^ Tas^ ppa ^oe Store.' ` *; 24-lmo
fcp-eft^Jefa4-Wblep mal If wLtrnBZ somo annb-
h$3^,^au- iL 4dggle~ boly--wben'bia
Sew x and aiay-l^ train dull
mi nta' :w lnp ra
% i(t b r^- gk-tmd,1 before o it a

ai d o llasiajme the

Sfood.~age Is


'r ~y Xor

of the dila~ srr

'A: r

I A''

I .IA. "'-
With only a Few Goods ib it, we wouldd not.i

but as we have two large Stores a entire -

goods, we deem itnecessary to m e the mo

l.Would-be Co

a I U .

Had better let the Customers say who offer shi

as we cannot consolidate until after te. OCH

is over

517a eQ llea Sa. e

and from Monday, December 13th 'til Ja

Goods must go regardless of cost. Tey iOay

but they will never do it,

The Tireless Toilers for Cash Tiadeand 6rigiuatpr Sf
*.. : ..i !..

.'., -. :

No, 704 and d06 Franklin St., 1422 and 1424 7th Avenue, .bor and Main St. .: est T p&..
i, b

TOBACCO TOPICS. Vt Tabmree 6a Lad Saoke Tour
To quit tobacco esUly and forew
aetin.t U ot life, uas and vigor, I
Interest Ug Dbtt About the Plant a. thel w lde-w wer, tha make
strongA. drluaget,.Weore. C
cityCrop. ted Booket and mple t
P. C. Drew, of Dade City. was in the 3teU,, itRledy on. Chll o or
city for a fewhorseyesterday, return- Why allow yourself to be s
ing home by way of Plant City on the tnred at the stake of disease
evening train. He describe the fall and Fever will undermine, as
planting of tobacco in the vicinity of ally break down, the strong
the latter point as now nearly all gath- tuion rFebrlm-ur" (eSw
the with Iron) as more effective t
ered and in the cwing-houses The nine, hod being combined wi
crop aggregates abaut 10000 pounds an excellent Tonic and Nerve
and is expected to be ready for sale in It is pleasit to take, and is
abon aixty das. No fall c&op Ws positive guarantee tocure orl
nabo tyed. Accept no substitu
put out at Dade City, where as much ,Y'jut ns good" knd doiu effe
as 90,000 pounds of the spring planting For wale by Maximo M, Diaz' P
is now on hand and owing to the dry Cen6t.a Phaimacy, Bay Phan
weather in a condition readers it im- Tampa Drug Cc
pwaible to hatnile it without artificial Belief In Sx Hors
mohtatare S Di, remi Kidney and Bladder
It is believed that some means will I "n i& bours bV te -.wI(
Ameros Kidne. Came." Th i new
eventually be Soundfor rangingg for g et surp ea a sooonst of it
the diposal of .his crop, and that the bey, ne prt of t ar t
energetic men who have civen their male or emale It ree retn'
&W id Pain In pea, I ; it all amost vit
time, money and labor to the Dew to- 'ouwLMtqdclr reletd mmc-e bl i
baccobulture Will in timereap a rich d. Cos byo. B Leouardi a ro.,
reward. A portion of Mr. Drew's crop
will be handle by Ilubbard Minich, .Eervblod a y 80.
oCasnmrets Candv Cathartic, th
of this city derful medical dnanoner of the
ant and refrehin to the tate,
It Looked Yellow and positively o nadneya, livera
That collar ou have en, but t was cleaning the entre system, d
cur headiabe, fever, habitual
not laundried by the Tampa Steam andbloiae ssPle i buy nd
Laundry-Phoe 168~o a C.C.. to-dayt o1, Wdos oIs
gasanteedaso Coey n dramps
All person rqqulrihg occupational l Ce-lo Pal
iteeam hol all, lat the colUetor's l i 4 bo wa -fl"ut la.m
han wy i n iern emap mea o
officeredi' oewe name at On RI. T&te D Cacill n* re iPharmha
Fevos It'P a -mllm B Irm and L
member i- srand .jury meets next ruste a. Cb i alore It.
wete, .T a for cotllcSio of 1897 lo e I Nbl eruee .tieg o.a.
Tax- ti- ter.r "In ll a ute" one doIe of ]
S- .. r enceof singer wdl relieve
I ;ran ai a 'd1aert 4I cebpea noJ eameof CoLic, Cramps1 c
hatnetn B f'AUiktnd of. bkr- An onexcellede remedy for I
ame Va^p4 SI4 I'TOj7'5t Cblefra Iorbue, Summer c
.tkI4Mthh" 'aoi L r- ad s a eli Internal pais. Foi
so"p Mio Nmaxoamod tee ,-atk M .xwo-M Dias' Pharmaci
S. es Hoa. Phac nauJi Bay PPharay1, 1ta
Adl etegeatt aephyt 4 hieihtmase Drug Coamany.
oaflir at f Suart's CMe Stores. Ino of waer
at Franklin and lAfayette street. ator ame o w1"yr dr.
Don't faslto see them. Imo oo i Dtf tinretc. mreeeht
adult alike. Prioe $1. S61d
i tn Prhospble cures kidney trouble Le onardi Co. rggmta, Tai
nervous' disorder and indigstion.
t all ta Wantsed-Tradtworhy an
gentIlemm or ladiesto trayv
'art' Bal oiona Odd Liver Oil oibi4etablMisbet house ii
with Creasote and the Hypophoaphites, omtbly $00 and .lse&
If fawalI limed, ts specific in the steady. Reference.. EnSloe
ifait y d, t apecic in the dressed atamped envelope. Th
treatment of Weaki Luags, Consump ion Company, Pept.4 R, Chi
tion, Brotchit at, 4.Lading Physi- deo.
oeimm reeooimpnd 'it. For mle by. i te
Maxino Pia' aracy. Central Don't let wisky ge the be
Pharmacy, Bay Pliar e a Tamnpa gd t the bb ofIL Planter
Drug Ce. !betin Anirina. old"at all
-' inn .. .. .~ W a g I "odo bknoew, there may
WLo nu If to e .advaton-age ho e b d, idbt I have Ieed P
tUa offer. 8e t cent to os for a Cough 8 s.p n may family I
Wn ie r als _P oreak aoodrTggist. and wouldlnot ~e wiUthoqlt
4ktor fowy ar t oe most better than to y tihe fr
poeatiwv"ae etbcurit. Pu laei aetse. tUn 1that. ba

-lwd eiwr ame
oned forcu-aI

of the woi
spd I new
Cream Ea]
Jy aeoqual
Wairewr Ai

slowt 9CwT r

iaod I to-r a oh

Not it- qn0dp h$


9 en af nt
swaad rymoney anydoa
woro. them. ~1e~~i~
'eat qiiu ,th

bul, bsipeeOie1 Not: ai
L.as. to

A bein t ehvekt
din No4~ftt
laot lea $oh
has- SAV40-rr sai~ dollaii'

this.e eihewhIq

BCe&IUraf Pt00 I5 t6S 1D.
act jov '-

.ta. a -
L WIG *4p c.~ L

bm~i~ ~ e eek o

Notetfe -6f th
edqe to 1 a:
'rid F6

I .. V vey at~ -'M4a
orX2 u 'th* ei w b ''

sau -.of--
cow- iim
ad 'rf!! ;' XM.



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~T1 :'.d'?)-
. _:


. -


"11411 W ,r ; i o-s:
s* -s- u.ss s VaC. a -- -'. rrisl casedE Lung Treables and asmpienon Ctas CaeI
-,-- ,S-- s ,-,n .-He --l.. l.,,I l t, lW an ,
AtL A TA, D ec. j i er Wrqpglinl WASmHIOTOs, Dec. 9.- The three C nred
ever the c lease il, for early house commiasees on eleras are be-
two moutib tle hole sedt hbmea gtinng to mw p ocs their taorkt wt a An Eminent New.York Chemist and
Swe by a le *a l. rte 0 The h will view to determmnnzn coasestd eectiio- Scientist Make. a Free Ofer to
go ita ttly to the qeaste, where it coes at ihe erlie-t possible day. There Our Beaders.
Sa I w 3ll pa1 riPhout omnde re 21 of these contests peudmug Some The distinguished New York chemist
es of these will require esreunred be ling T. A. Slocum, demonstrat ig his di--
_ts ee pr.e that thestate but quite a inmlber rca be disposed oi oovery or a reliale and a~olute cure
*.Af iwve entire ,eosrvsin or mui.. bout much delay. Ar bet, however, very of a reiabe and alue cure
,sac oncsus; ta. -entl tm expect ed. it ii n of thg con for Cosumption Pulmonary Tuerc
cabe brouh biore he house losis) and all broLchiaJ, throat, lung "Sc 5
S1eotd for all wol a~ and i~nvt Ware bce holhdas and cbect diseases, stubborn coughs.
s. vies; and that all bleboded 0o Charman Taylor of.committee ho. 1 c ta l aecons. general de
visa" be leased olt. said tlatthere was nothing uin the cr. catlurhal affeioni, general decl _in ...
In t In st sdop the W rant report that these co tests would and weakness. loss ot fles. and all con-
s pIas oted tfrohe be s brought before the house with a view diLions of wasting away, will eod
Sa hi ailhed whcbh si occupying ime and thus limiti u three free bottles (all different) of his
wO a i pkoviii fhr mta Tspeo- o I ths connection hat even whe ew Discoveries to any afflicted reader
tim the kmBnd aJ nq"r couvicts uIa reported to the house election cases take of The TRIBu.X writing for them I
ted h& fortheenmplomegiotte lie time for consideration seldom His New Scientific Treatment" has
-ot ll ovit. byshe lesqe was [Pores han a day or two, so thab they cured tnousaDds permanently by its
-. sio ua s o livlbnt their bing could uot postpone other buaiues fur timely use, and he considers it a simply
*15mm faealsrls. frcs an aso mliaternal length of t prote..onal duty to suffering humanity ." .
o Ali t iamportlatC meandmat w right t a seat In the house is of pri- 8oience caily develops now wonders, should be
.._+.. +..,+ .o r-... ,+:"5 1 ,''d He Seas 's Resub
me In Sin a thCeha smradon Itoc rr-he mary importance, both 59 the aktiue and this great ohemist, patiently ex- f
n oo der ta .OO ie o member and the contesaat, and for perimenting for-)ear, thas produced re- fTe so p i a l o
i 4LOOQo as lbriOlVoioded. that reason he will ose every effrs o oIslts an benoefica to humanity as can l A Iri
have cases d sposed of oy thsehouse ate oflalmed by any modernP enius His
By Itceldaots dmat thI, the earliest moment asser that lurg troubles ann con- i 1OI
opnwltlofl tOle bair4ad by Pli~da, Theo"trrt of W. F. Adrieh against sumptuo are curable i aay climate ia ;
11M,* lhfbe -mlan a 5by Psdes$ T. & Plewmaut or the Fourth Alabam proven by heartfelt letters of crati-
03fe t a ngs haT Sbeenr S ag fJr D Womu2,',b efore T h e S e a Sor o R e s u lt '
7it'i hasdL been st for Delm bore tude, filed in h Amoericat and Eunro
5 sal f e ll theineby a* le o I pean laboroitelis in thoobands f rom r
a esu sei easlsIprsfill thebe weoeurro
5i $otis" lae OdO ese ndliTO OPPOSE THE TREATY. those crd in all parts of the world. Oar IDELE bl oa
I d d Medical experts conceal that brao- dSO are the Aall o.
~ jIk4te oleoft saBdeIu tt "lair, i ti whint f t i & s i.U o chial, hest and long troubles lead to d SO are the g A fll eetck o0 P
--.a siel onIs ,,,,- .a... thr 1 onumption, w.hic. uninterrupted< %B ne, Acid Phos c.Nitrate of h,'+d
s ips&h .h 'e t ar v WAs oc Dec. -A iesar om speedy and mico dehth. < > a.gricunral l te ale and material .o;
.i d WeAd we la d-r l n. Dec a elaoun o Simply write to T. A. blocueum. C.,
s- r b rder o dr. Mo ad Hawaians has arrived hereto 90 Pine street. New York, giving post- VWrite for pri as uk for our bokAieiC"
Soppo e ratification of the anea office and eprss address, and he free Ideal Fertilize
T e L noaatd4 teethe ta sfo tia ytraty. The delegation il con- medicine wil be promptly sent. Sf- S
l ll PL ADd t andp t p andl O o e o Isa e J rerrs should take instant advantage of
0'il86 w .mur/ik"tT asom b on de OColonel John Richardsou, J. hibgelnroas propositionll
S Who oritB isrtlpK. Kloia, WlUiLam Auld and David Please tell the doctor that you saw
i u strlh eat 04Leetl.- Kaokal ani this offer in the I'lburP TzmoLig.
., I W ", +, An effort will be made to have the JynB ly.
erKN W aL H4eO. A elegsar g l .ven a hearing before the
l4 oer e Sasm odsse afste -r -baus it is doubtful if this can be accom-. : JA ro V T 1J eF O
eer .tci ed. Trejece an exp. tec tratyla A ee ranl- r Prw m ocrhAs
r.i.. ll i'r a se. 1 pllshe eThe Hawin mmi erspect e ri- arsa Burke'e Capture Tenderly Pi oot
..- a-oe.. .r reje Car --red ForBy the Auth orities. o i
S ll b le ~i iplUy it the IAn uoher party of natives is enrmoreI n o e e i thoutee,
'o Jo s0 ar asd c saced a nd mn d will arrive in une to autaguums In tie e municipal coort yesterday '
BtNk to nuii Jaa. 7m ratiftoaio. morting Juhn William&, the mysterioatu e y .
t h i u aoonlidecasle his ~Selonelaichsoardson said ar he lnz overcot,. and not
ties.r ^e a s r el e waaa who do hiot favor usr much .ele, who has been prowliow i
sm'ilstcdllini At f m leabeltw desire annemarlo to the Uuited States. bou p rate resideoces of lute, was I
pi, l e l&darkceti anud Tdey ptalnally bring no credeurials put on triol. with the result ttat he '
a l; r a rmiver.. harnd reaes $he e 3250 S andoh- rrth nce to thir- .
tin rives ,p wih tem as he gerumo ude e fied 0 0od e nced to thir.
-fr d i.abeycod he s pa ic to the U hikiien ty o.r. in jail 'Tihs -eeteoce--wbu-h ;
Aa a _JMi B e aa d al a sopui l at H iler Orce.n .f ilty cents. is equi-va- a
,rse d rstLplvd of sarl fst __udlr, HOW HAYTi WAS HUMBLED, lent to iuet> days on the street. r
-. wtag a l. oo, d np. d -ni a charge of indeec.t
mkykcins 36*" hi kovilos -100 al .A.hipq %o.w.o wrolii h to.. ..
'll e aBI P1i l pllioa (tie trigg r n. d Wied Wa,- Hlcek tLaublie Y.Oldd.l. exp-:-cre 'I he hearing on a charge of
i1. ltct'a headollitAl d 4klct. BsB1nni, Dec. 9.--The office al uccot vagrancy wa in the absaere of wit- :, -
ar'.ig I .iU Ordert 0 o- of the -.lec ionof an nisemlr.,., fru a nec continu nn il Hondasy. .
SSSrl'3 bod$ fa y 100 yc6rots Hayti. accompanied by a salute of the CATABR H CUBRED. ,-. 1
i pl"[40l o fraflrthrolday lass, owing to the ailered illegal ir ling sr.d curmie Catarrh as Botanic
boa, l the al lurest of Herr Emil Lueders. says that B lc Ad wl. (i B. B H.) It purfles and
--ier" i'avda ed5 after ~~ the ultiumaum of Germany hau enriches the bluoo, elimieates microbes, .
;+.- r1 ..tooi re 'lb r, to lre bee,, tro ,ction and noon up a posiLo,, ,,ut-
leeaudrsgtca#6B.onesaP.nnuwiw been delivered to the Haytiau, govern- bacieria. e.c.. oo builds up the sysiem
uoni eper to mbee nt, the German cruiserSieicleird f e irs oe Thou nd of cases
robb. After kihm Ham,. 'who bad Io the Hayctia war vesseia. of catarrh l,are been cured by its magic
m 6i1Dso the rpter.ltn thbe.-anitatlon A diplomatic request for delpy in the power. For all Mood and skin disease
of Hep a*. to look it some cattle with axecutioo of the uatilsatum wtl refused II has ilo equal. Buy the old reliable
~. .vtI to purchussk. he robbed the and half ai hour before the expiratiou
d *i_.'e _' bo ClChis- mouse, watch of the sapulated time. all the demands and log tested remedy, and don'
2 oi"-koa-fe. -l of whilch wrn pf Germany were couceed ad the throw your money away on substitute l l
oa Io lan, the poegeo U of sum inasised upon as ani indemnity polmtd off as 'just as Rgood." Buy the
h r ; ( M30.060) to be paid to Herr Loedr. e old reliable Botanic Blod Balm. Price
war Oa, as on board the Charlotte. -. '
.S" 55i15w The aytianu government's letter p 1.00 per large bottle. s o I (u. Tie '
iehbY s, Os.,tI l(-JNuis WillP apology to Germany arrived shortly SAYS IT IS GLORIOUR LS.O "o I".
-6c-o-aerry, es dPesu of thb.Are Pte-. I cannot refrain from telling you 4 T FflSscamps" therO SSS
aln d oM d -- the otla&sMtaosas Asuad r ol!s.2 lusdfdaisid. what a giorions medicine you have. 9",aLIA"(-)' ---: "
"<;e Ldissuea.S, iaMbseS eag ai ll. I Uis O(TY, De. 0.-Paul Alexan. For two yeas my mother baa suffered ... ,
S we eu -I ^T^^^^^^ dn :d Johnustone, the mind reader, s.ys he witb & severe catarrh of the bead nd -c:, r T*. anl 'nM,.".
SSS ~tsli~re~ eSs'sy, to o takea trip iao ihbe world ulcerated sore throat. 8Sh resorted to 5 'tihanisstaenk S
g.waC gb d-e e fu t e Mbtalldel At the aume time he is vranous remedies without effeet, until FoalmS'-o =!f=lm" lwl l ." hhi.''
k pioa.. tGaer.-golasg so tty and beat the record fe shbe uned Botanic Blool Balm(B.B. B, .) '^' ;._. ..-...-
te Demee isewe- glob mot, e d: t wills .be m wbioh cured her catarrh, and healed steet, a.w appstedtto ..A... .a ist...... ya-
rp uas I ~and ph.y-ie, yim. tus = : PePP ft. sa ,-.s s.......... .. ..
^ fLrS in th Js ~ ~e strain sea.y her ar throat. W.A PEe, uSlSsna.,xlemlueg
tbelaw. Tshpb omhinh omffdciat in Wuhingion tart For sale by druggists. Fredouta, A'a a ." I- ... "
B IMko f eitfit' apaolCeroo ade the aWtrldand B. C. Verdler, of Oleaerater. who ha (' K -wh
d :.~~~l hk r i f .Iwlul be bllondesd en trygse owoz beeIin the city for a few days vidting "
sss.gr w.g. take in. I think I can do thl.i bihaauntlIs. I.V.ScuU,baswoiaform- cc" : ....
.'?haiSW (e2. I '. Aboei iS- sehlf t. P-. 1 igh poaiton w s oontrator, id Stes..a '. "l i. ..
sh Ma b lbiwaeeII omuirtb Dnoel. manb pr now superintendong the erection of a ,s al' e ""ine "
a alsrgiedewal thew pale. e artwal rsidese in his towa for An- b Is ; < y
r:tege6 thet ,maeny, United States Consu Warser tin Kimbalm .ho, whe co. pleted, a
mt d emrtbe Wltrab Sn velO erman anc aboas promises to be one of the Paset private
L^-a eia Tate corftet offlexitoety reoidodenesn,notlia l iFloridAl but in '. CLYr daE ST i ~ ao curesass made of hardened steei cabes the entire Sooth- This manatlon ts ID. ,AR '"".1
I wr li seem. tha ordthreu bes-lr' toolav fre and spared, is to be elaborately and texari- JtCktoliviO1, PaI&tk *8noyTord, E
i rtur- the seatrehlT orther pool ~ i onsaly finibd Io every detail and will i'edjate ans)ingi the ~L' t1

l posebsea aor hold. .be upplied with every modern co ven- -;. -
Sea ese r .. ,,onadlas. Weno tha skill can provide or money. ,
Ji0n L, O TOsrN. 0., Dea.\B.r-At oon it wa comma J o ... ... ...... .......i."-;"nYe .
S tased by Mr. Anier McKinley that Bead the llf-pae advertisement ~ n ..S ...:,.i -..... ............
e ee had been no decided change Io fbs pa pr of the Central Pharmacy. eral P n a ket
:I O":iiralPdi tio n of a& mker, earesft 20nb
t w e e o .ditio oof his mother. eae he This well-*quipped drg store ba one it, W tb. :WA t P.. .
.. g P Srt he saw indlcaons that lshe of the best selected qock of Ubarst- 'i I -no Tr""
tiblp : grows weaker sinee the eArly '-AT
nemist be The present has bee a goods ev.-er sppd South s d thu
neat his pioheQ all rising. No plans moat (astidious can hii supplied and dlieiw n. eN. V_ Y X D AC0
r-. as lo tohe lengl of hm stay 'have bees and sutedI. Prices pe rpmatkably .
cheap and the vsta array of desirable
e PS rohr Trm ble F eared goode Is bewildering. You will make ; .
S, Isoiaw. oea -The Sth Jamgs Ga- a mistake tf you fail to examine theWe' some et ba
'let' a9 sa' r aontbhrisatielyt bhalte Christmas stock or the Central Phar- e boug em a ,idtaff pr
BrjLsh gorrmeaet does no expect any -may before yoe buy -your holiday le you w at em a d sting
l^4la erp ulile with 'Pre marnced good. he you att a dld3e oatiigbt4or ^Ai
a iupper i Frace ha ne avu Mr. Kay Tanum, of Fpr- Myers, ba .-

~~ isi Kul ra National bank i tbis city and bhas al- ColOredG ods .-
UeBto i YOtx. De 9 --The directors-of ready been lostalled. Mr. Tatm is' itree mea of the Arr sA of r '
HseiBbebIf' i[ n Sngar tqfilniug comnaty ope of the most methodical book- a SptS i ?sp saq9
14FT? ( i Id ,referred stocks ast the gentleman to the minor tore. *IlTpA 'P 'SpS e w ti naea Aiaw ag -
4 af RtSircsma o -the cammom and welcomes him and bhimestimable wife mhes.t am est

ka i tds cs kCeulsre i totn a Barry Gray the wefl-known esaI mh i

SiIed o be Sgh & tephes hav 500 ead of*
BtHV fS ftz ipath sde ato fne fatcten.that they wl deiver Black DrS Q
wi fre ope it arms. lTb day. P oaH w r 1s
wrenss wre Ch ia p.. 0 Savery lop, poaen 1. The remained er &
D D ft-Are ionOe of thilow be tpped to Haia. a
"v -clerk bta Port Tamps and Wsay; Vida; o
-- jpin y-' rr^^^ierda. a: 6O me b0 It
oakench, Mpleaeem anLty al acro, i towy y sbe.will1g
Pr"a 'hk GsleaoldeeR to be. liWdl & te tp ullsve 4 25 5 4, a
,. -amtm=~r~t~ p to, lit n e fatichi ita Lbsy *W.iUdefwer . B .m D-m, a.
m, w I r~..r in O, oity udtal. Thacsfty- r + w ,w- .--

IL T b== t MAE& to UV LSISS r w .r Utfty... a z Dr-i -------
11.4 -,00 i .. 84 6 .. -.. . :I

7- ;

^;if t y A ti of the

m eas'u aPit.
Al.miebrtriaaa the famous Wl -
Im Opb Coempay of -srnty people
r isne city lat evening, from
Athqd wherbwe they played en route
i wl .]ew York. This will be the
fpieulrtrSig at the Auditorium
SMa~ M eatouing for one week,
litt esl Wednesday and 3ator-
be & f o tbwe "-*aions
O laborwtely iUsgrd,
setthpenontaime of both bhe principals
ggheb~ersn id to be the richest
i ieeet e ft ofU ew York. The mao-
go;ied 1elle e that standard and
awqCepsraaet pieneed within the reacb
rof s bjkib aae as great a asuces in
ii -yA the. are elsewhere, The
eal4t f priuo'aeatnooedo is certainly
ldalowest; r w oa for nc" bTimleprled tsonsare given under a
tal. pea Iavetament of more than
9*.-b fa .cc panoy onmbenrag over
Lf geopla.
.i_ r lMopera season the reper-
I.oi wll atdee such' choice works
a ~itlae,-" '"MMadame Favawt," "The
Quees' Lace HIaoderchief," 'Car-
( f "Said uBJsh" "Fra Datvolo."
e."-. *The Two Vaerboods,"
I ;sa Girt," .tlartba," '(Grhod
,, p"inafure,' and numerous

a.teio a ufsle ,irwin, Clayton
J. Clirence Harvey. Charles
Liwr,'fWClT -T. Ellwaogerd George
-i CZtSaret Baxter, Sara Carter,
*Pooie; Ioiaese Roberts, and a
.Te-o aMmpany will open their eo-
M ti wit.ri bse opera O 'Said
l",tW+h ieb lid aid to be one of their
gwi-'.ls .lotera of good singing
"LP6dnhote with its rendition by
kiildariaf td etgagsemeit
aIll4 n.thaeeormousexpense
11 0w W, O M nd itc.
ef'aeanery, costumes
s" itb tbe company
SAr G. Pell, Mr.
Uar. Fullwod arequar.
a t .mpa Bay, while the
dabatribat at the
ftth- y. o

S j. s t n Court

T profaN and
Ja-iadlf i-, e d tbe

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AI POZ RY. ing. Tb bonds were noteold, however bondl nd motoWn bti ndeato
and, Ihro lrgt information recelyed the deJvery in this wiy
sla from Colonel J B. Andenon of tth sve the nateret, ad I'tedrat
tred at the Exchaug Natloal Bak of Tampa. we aobh was doae here *a Jacl
elay s G. Jiel- we o requested to makea bid for the wll yor reoelt hen We a
etag ; Duke M. palr ha of the boods at par, whicb, we tber, hoWever, and offered to I
tisersad dealer were afohed, would be accepted. guarantee for theb IblCtA per
of our past of thopoe t.,
t Chlcafo. "Upon receipt of this information I of our ei h r. aod- was t
hla oly back to immedilatlj went down to Tampa. ored to oo"llo".1th thoI
d Tamp, wbe ibhe Whe I ot th I uod that tbeenti-ome oer gi
a the muoaieipl meant nof ta people Lith regard to t he
a' bourt '850000, sale of the bonds wma tha the moy Beveral prominent citiens
le by t'e c eity. aboold be flerihed as needed. After who were pregnt durqg the it
II of par! for great diffleqlty,'I steed4ed I getting with MLr. Panaell exp saed
;a n.tept. the board ~gether, tnd ld my propo- phat agag. ltsr op
l4r. P Wrkal action bef e them, wbichl as topay to he slbjet, aedidl tl M .l
. or le F. n the city .000 per'month. I was in. nell' off.eh beta nespi the ,
ia wing fornaed tat berd would not sell have saved ah 'e
aOiidzao the bomdlaseipt fo spot ab. As the it being e atAtL prope
S- baond soej po d be in- very~ s eal IbyI
at y of etee o boever, uo t T mpa; Mh w
my slt p g so mj head with tls
4haeiat r M hea ve awd s1











fur- did.a gfret -d
rsp dubetm, a*d, I
e. O rn than My
was tobt Southbnreec
fore ing up, and tbht
bad of m.ney IItlsi:
1alegf frithg.s
mpa ir'. Alber fia
iew mcst sulmttat
rery capital tin
-0on the gsL t.
faO- BBird s. ti* 1
sald breaer

~;F~ fb~'~
F -~

eaT 1a
lasi ~

_l'pT.'P*`' 3f;r
"i tF
'~L, B 1



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