Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: February 9, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00064
Source Institution: University of Florida
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"f __^._ _________ + :______ _____ .


Oily Twety.Stm -n e tar Voted
Aglit i e Trety.


S a te Sp1 aish government Acts
gvqrything Will be Finally Set-
S'Mad ia Connection With the
Laute ar With Spain

^^^^*b^^^B9 Opt" to tb Trlbune.
Bfaeolton, hsb. i--The treaty or
-'c'.mmlrtAws a A br the comm-
.-torn r.a.Prstn the United tatea of
_lw_' tt tw j td w the Unted Mtate
UUTED a l'l e e To r, to 7 against
totZaj~g *"" -ity. nft-our votes were nec-
.- mr r ar ati scltno nd the expan-
lm trnk IsdrtM a w eseted over their victory In
. = V Ui&'e more than the necessa
2% N W" el'o larun fasa wta camr
4C. a*VJ Of stto comng oner to the
S maritm. Thes atea met promptty
ort.,^ .A e voe m, s taken at S
..~* A kW mftt me .U a Indou bt. &.wa


,itb a mIeta r \Aedgl

raraSa o a ghco uZsst mt.
I asre teNt at ta heC se Ma

i m he o to ae* an.
e a oasentad th charge lhae
01sewhyt lheqme re re 1

e,, sos mm t ,m-a ew o-
p- samhr~d m reram wgve

V"Abermse waa
* 1 It -s by sca maLter,

.a *Be dotod to the Tr.
mis to feet grt* e at the amlo-

. ... elr.
e m aU rie0h Wetn, end ite

F O r ueas irema a w
W on "A Wnun"W-

..... a "ad a p
ah + -- or C Is U" By
t Sapeeovt ara e eraAwe o
W-th is winseeJ anearm"as en
a_ ed he *Ia aoe saero ho.
Olakeud umarea "l ave me-

M" w" man r.

a -maa tNow ea by warm eV
l a SUMr'k M Sah mroca ams"
n ea tmsvo hVrher "Aug-

eteAs S h am ItsinSA
0A egnigea hor. Her voice is

.ae" &*t demolt of alu peseL
wiao peSu by Prof. Turner was
3bweoCF the eventin. Tampa
in I havcin a violiOUnlat so
PUit fames accompanied on
eue o IdO.kXL aih. at

f6;a;iiwpm iiat uie Widw."

ole fiweetaee aLm power.
M"a emit ec few singersCan.
spaopa with thte Musicpeo-
an an aAw her apearane
m'" a aOKt an msatoan. hd
are Oa the ptisano by Mrs

pAs *Le bty hreK a nd Mis
pYm -ellyaemonntrated their

dm550o0. IV Mr. "avia wa toi-
*R. Joiher channing solo by
, 0me Wma cvqurHed to

r epeeial roeuest sup-
;=- b y irnm Our. wh

Seven Hundred Filipinos Killed A Favorable Report for a $100,. SI
by American Troops. 000 Public Building,

llI[IiDWAS 100BLOODY01 AP8I ON Il 11I8

On Thoesad losauents Wouded ad Of Ay Appropriations Favorably Repor.-
Fiftem BHand Prlsomer tid or Solthera tles. ta
Om-n. .ingr General Bays the Amer- The Tem~ eratur Twenty-Xight De-
can are Happy Over thaBenlt. gres Below Zero in the Wek- of
Spaniards Berving in the In- Seapte confirms Florida
urgent NBan. Poftaaaier to

Special to the Trfbne. Speal to the Trbe.
Manila. Feb. 7.--Be insurgent losse Warhington, FPe 7.-A lage number J,
in the engagements with the Amerio anefavomble reports on public bullJfgs 8
troops Saludy night and ad o fvo e rorts on pb LLli
amount to about 790 killed. 1,000 woun- throhot the country was made to- c
ded. and. 1,500 taken prisons. The day by the House committee on public
American troops bd 60 killed and 200 tbuildlin and ground. They wil be
wounded. The lnsuents left their taken i0P to-morrow, two days haviln th
dead on the battlefeld, and the bodies been assigned to
were buried toy the Americana The bill includes Blueletd W. Va6. i
There has beenopitched battle ine ,00A0; Brunswick Ga.. 50e000; Beau- P
90nday, at sevrl times Monday and month. TCL. e9000; ONewport News, -0.- wi
to-dar there hvt been clashes at arms 000; Elisabeth Cit y Nf. C, 50.000; New th
between the ouasts Oa the two armies Ibe. ris, La., $0,000; An'-ton Ala., $0.-
The Americans te not had more than 0Mo; Bristol. Tenn.. 5,0,000: Tampa. Fla.. .T
ten men killed In tes encounters while 100,0e; Macon, a., 5.8,000; Coktus, tb
the insturents io os have been at least Ga., go,00; WInston, N. C, a0tg0; dl
t kled and d w~s* ded. Durham, N. c 0. Eo e
The volhuters have shown that they.
are fuf eSaal to aU demands aod Uen- QD)IBtXA OBF TrHB TYH.
eral Oti and General Mccrthur htave lpe to the TriQte.
y wrem of praie for ta ene ntire D er, OoL, Feb. 7.-o-dy wnu the a
Amertics armr. The Insurgents hae i ot the Inter is Denwer the k
n their alb largemnrber of a"ns- w mthmno u twenty-one degre amw to
lards who have gome over to the rebel an Cheenne. Wyoming. bpeartd P
anwe with a l0'M obta ala lar below me. The weather i tlr. w
mwra ther ao es The Intense cold had the ect an iof .
The emse of Agt ldo have ben Ig t work ao open up the
alven bfrk tr t mils In the country blikaded ramWas It w so coa
and the Aer)6a are now t control A m"orng thot poewtet losoootlvt B
at lU the vmta tZo c m oooted by with w"th q esgtnse hand on thke P
the Insu t byews,
The onlp Anerteas Oa be m hurd--
alplsno, a tfar as known is D. R. POUYItAAITURB CONFInMED. w
Young, late quaermaster at te thmra so lto t Tribune
tlllw. ie was torttred to death. Washington. rb. 7--Te senate to- r
and his be horribly mutlAw 6 w ,he o o on
nd y confirmed the following amin
QUWTfr NOW REVALA F PoeRVmaterm-Fl-orida: J. M Jolley. 7
Im e Daytona; Hibbard. DeLand; T. J. C
(enrai Otis say the VL cmrleus Amern- P
iltcheSL Pert Temp
p *ama amRaTennese- J. dLA ne., lAtbuM.
sidaOLto the TrIue. Tenas-W. UMantl BaLWD; T. v
Waitnaton. eb. t?.-*a oiai Adl- Georwg to be collector of aetoM die- ft
patch frOen Generl Otie, dt6 ManDla triet of St. Agutine. ia.0
Feb 7. tves a detail dermarition ot a
thefAltging betwes the e Americans and iS E
"'-ar' -ie- nt MISSED HIS MARK

ndtd a h se sense sr amount 4 .ieut. Collins, 01 thesa wtt aio AArmy,
K The Ameuscans barred 0 bodies AUtmptOs Uicide by Mocttag.
of rhlipS an the batleaeldsa.
OOetani Ot w6ds that the isa utreM Pom Tueas e Dael. P
hove hme drle beaf c into thae country, Lieute t Mn I ela OtUn who Oa
ad that he torms hav Posseon ot bae n eacw orf th e drWreona a t
the uwatrworka a o the cUiy of Manl ths h Se ttn Ar fr W ener moar as,
whtlc mor a aort tnme wm In the ih&dta tt htumai n the left si ah eb t 0:9
atteenem H couclu4e r ayn Ook e5t rdy morning en wi l
proLbbly din from tbh effoaks 0 th e
Seui sw prevals, ead the Ameri- wad. He oldenStrted to ot a
ma troeoe are haypy over she (eltoome hmself in tthe hkert, bu m sld the HC
S The Uuisnat a a2ecb a t g
Dt. A. K. WILdC. w DTING. t th seiv on srs.atio
tor Ihis attanpt to e his wae Svrars
eeaJ to the Trhbue e ona living earby beard two sbom
eC id. h did not itiate the aus a
crtn s Fb. .--Dr. A. f. tor -m' twol horn whenla s t hel3p
WlUams of this place, ooe of the eat ad Ram were heSl d. wa found
Lnown and maot prminent yl ,,.,t- lyo inste mad ..Se La a dess
d covl ha etlt cmadn from Ja
peMibly bve unatU mofimo. 1r. Wil- the wound he be de. Bie wa verl t
ams han been a resident o1 Dade City wek aod wa alo deliriou when
abot sx y ovng efromHer. d for Olarn wound,
e Before anythng done 0a tm wl
n ndo coay, wre heb hadreided tor bieriff Seamer, s ad the potoe w re
twelve a fifteen years. e ha stood notified. The sheriff and IUeuenant a
hith inhtsproeioa. andhis death wil Cmrter i tbe polie toree went to the p
be a sad Wow to ties rom~nnonty. Hoene and examined the wounded man.
be adowto to mant Hey. I* co not or would not give anr In-
wite diea about two months and ormation oneerninO the affair. The wr
astne that time SDr. Williuams has been Dltol wbi wtoich he committed the
bevy low spirited. He ban seerad sons. rash deed mws ya close to bli aide. It y
wa a Smith & Weson, 38 Oalsbre. and
JOCKEY BSMITH IS DES&D. the cylinder contained two empty shbels ,

and Oanee crtrdea. an
Jim Smit, the Mttle colored jockey. Sheriff Ppencer took lreutensit .Vo- f
who fell with Gatig during the race Hne In his b g and charred him to the ^
last Thrasdar. died fat 11:40 an., yea- Emergeney I*pltal where be was
terdaw. His rdattve live In OaLUfrnia gven every attention and his wounds tr
and thehodt of te Ue boy wll be In- dreaed. No attempt wa made to at
terred I Tmpa at the expemne of the extricate te ball, but twaseen tat b ent
RaElcnafg AMsortlonr The boy wa ih bad barely mieed be hert and hd th
badI l tjred on the head and body by totdhed the left lu The patient wa
beiln trak by te thooft of the hoaee very weak and small hope of hisreco-
dolowam Gtam, who ws flh Sn the e r were held at the tan report from tb
race of teaL White tlhs s the second he hoseMaL au
deafa at the Ba a Race track. It leutenant CollS ha beam actt vr or
sauld be rm -ne-d that. fatalItla engaged in slvaton Armny work for na
are n mor frequent at this track man a me ma O late he ha been quite o
at otm a t by hwqen on every rMae despandet. and It ts beiered tit he th
trUak In the Turf O noem circuit on attempted dci wde whe temporarily In- fo
the bos pat. aw e. i
'"-.---- 1

r hgl~dr l m
a Cuastauda a Fr Diactenrs
icamasd a Gigutic Swlae.


etiticn the Amerija O sve .am t
for Protection ad Iipr r ..Meat
of SugarSaiming and Other
kBrnchee of Agrimcltm.,

peclal to the Tribune.
Havana. tFeb. C.-The maistrate oC
e District of the d'lteedrer hm indte-c
d Senor Cauteneds and four meoMs
the Board of Dectora of the BewaSa
inway Compay for frad.L The n-
ctment s based upon the charge cat
e director sold the tramway to Cta.
ed who wa the lowest bidder, ude
e Influence at a bribe. The decJlaon
the JudSc e created a tremendoul
ns.teon in the dcitm Te dlirecta
deited are oegndo lveare, ex-lens-
r ad ex-mayor of Havana; FrantaeD
ena. Secretary of the company, and
umnel BSavedra, wealthl, mermatt.
Lvoteevp/ *wa formerly a depth in
e epaneis Corae cand represeomed the
amque Inarnatlon ot Paris an the
=akpffva se"tia of HEan it is
Id that aheera assacated la tthe pr-
ase 0 therailway with the WUhitm
odicate of eNow York. The Indict
ant choa (wntanedar ad te dimro-
ra with rtadMniM te V-oF*lir o
a compeaP, hirte them by trthUeet
aceoM a lqw price aad not aowMtr
a4er biderm to be heard. Ie ntir
e- a Havana appeiade the attlatue
tha j0de, the MarQiS ofE Vt rl N.
ho0. 6p000 Wariem infmnom, es.pi
a lowfe rears-y.
1e Indfited men are required to ea-
ih bJM to tbe amount of $1Xia0 eat.
ier ait ibe a .ig Pkit on the part o
Sdefam. as the conviction of the In-
cesS men mans. the -lbsnnr of the
Me at the tramwary.

rom T eadayb Daily.
The cw 0 o1 the wMranschooaser
aclhee toer y dt PAlad,
eam tu to the caty homa Port Tam
terday and aMlid to UOithd eta
5omlmlreML H. IM Canm2 for en e
ISkong Cltal O b to oive am
tr db"mem end pW them. T
ew ins hi Il at Portland, M t
el l to carry a oM ao C opiM
om Port Tampa to nsmmsrm BD
ulaa. ThsalwO obiwt to h t
dy farther oth b- I wte but
my r oalb rst o r a=* WWcM
ained to abe Jthe =rw
b emew to dbeha asS sa& gae

a a = a- EIFem

to teeda hiesi

Special he riea
*ve ns, 'ftah

Y-e mTtr. wd

b al kd to tbe m Otia t a ,

Ba ahdatol no gt at his
Adre iat tsavesrioaW.g

"O a" 0..'
M etain u Jt ag fiN r

geesak t hajt tohe 4-I

T ATE .1
'is -l

Pr lOm


ol. Jamer nt T isin ex O0oea
az the Plonyue.

Pmo ommrs

and- PY

s trom

::i T-11

- T al nfBorawdal lge, the Grip. pois-
ona the l82rlth Its atal germsr, so that
pl b4pme 6Mr0 pa b ravages. but
amsitPd-have-.tu a mus pevtectjpp a
utmli. tL ta IagErou malady. in.Dr. D
*lagItr ew blacoeay. '" When toa Cee ,
a aerie tf.you..thraat paain n the,
back i the bhd. calarral ymptolmas.s.
aad atlbbora. coub. you may kMow
-ye have the OIr.t, and that youl D d
Dr. -tnra ltbw :Dlaoevery. it. wll
popzptly curs the worst cold, heal ther
-tgatm edp stctvsa kit the dfashse
germs and prevent thq dreaded lter
e ma of thtalsidr' Price 50 enlt
snd Stl.M. hionewy back if not gured.
A tzll .ottl free at S. M Le nardi &d

-.. Aiti Ca,'e f t-Rheaeumatrsm and
4ihl~itt.dJa1n BpYart Ln 1 to a 4ayf.
RgIts UtLqOp a r afacnm 1 W raart-
Mble I d lnytartUFs. It removes at
adw a* aum san the dlerame Itmmcc
dat"eip daasvewsrs The fars 1 O4 M
grstlJy l exts i. Soldby rm
' Iam6rai C-enpa-y.
. .- '* _: _i " .'

Beat. lt B
himrt. oye..
we earmif my
u. dn- oW il

Total fteeipts for January I~e$-$1I
4dwiJ~k also be lenwe to--eport i Lu
drig the mona of Jnuary 1l, I
haveitied l Icenaem tor whten the
tax colrector has revetved 5l7.. a
-ftesp ettfuy mabmmtted .
S "tw. a L aL, j.tMoS..', lD d
St ty c".' 'Exa'~mie ed nv tund correct as per
rponis hbd in my dmc'tbdm- a 1, a.
S )-AO.'J. bTJAfTLt*;Ek,
J.iNt A. A, Vr.i LLa1
epCta.of Cty AudiUor Wec.-e., Ckty
waarsetl Woodward and nChie at i"S"-
LrAu l. ji. tis are, pterre SetL read ana
.reerred ta.thi audItor.
ar. de ^na oaatuea the attention ot
the Ct*k matronl t;o the very a n coa-
auUn ort the Odewalk along FP'oteenth
srett between vthb and 11 th avcuulw.
Jtt sw.td jJha.the city would have tro--
tie ana. daoaKgw to f Lj' uniefa 1a wse
repeoie4 without d.el&a.
A-". recator called toe attention ot
the bounil to the condition ot Fralkin
sIeet aidewai&ka. mv sateiLeu LaI Ue
ofdinanct caicma for hard midnelaix
along him street. and ne bad poilc-d
Laa a nalmftr were repisrngL their 0o0
bar e wa*a and bullldtna new one*.
Atem sntu f(cLoer Oiaeuomion a mOUtio
wrevallUa that the cuty aiabh&l be In-
fLulUcie to OtLacy ttoue pe Wi toe.
the orGlnance c&S to&r a aAt-U aLILX,
&ad tik- buidLng of board waiMa w-i-l
peve to be stopped.
Mr. John Bevareme. the wetl known
flis inetrok wan %a ra&eoea le iuOi..
iLe mnaLe a oompalnt ln u regrl to Lu-
ajnonmt Of Jk cuy mnstroantlte iticln
la. tie staHea tR u lUa ta" L as -
and he wae compelled to close up h3s
u bA ess M1W. ur tuitas IA4-u toe sat. tt.
thouita that be ought to pas_ otnl lot
the CAogDt imatns fe was. a.oowed to do
buslnes. kyAter ome duisao ,on, i.
\waa teelded mat under the circum
setanees tme council cotud tuLe no ac:.iuu
In the matter.
j conamninication Jrom Judge Geo. A'.
Cline 'and LMrs. Levoaia tlint, wah.
read In which they made the following
- v'e will dedIcate to the cIty a strip Of
land running thrutugla our property it

a Notadd pa heO ireO da the X p"o p

Hoe W= atwo kn o D L for 1ti ad.-
and mwjiei." fediS

od *t-wne ad x to Mited o et t -.
'Voridaii Nby to BL ."da UI t1 S 4 &

Notic In hereby given to the pftopelty

contty n the dates -laed otr the pur- and

rtt No. 24, uraJarso F i
pose tq maklno en mnnt for 1181-Pro- Itlh
pronply and' to bring deeds with dime?
-them so that correct deseslpt;pnn of.
property may be had. All property de,
not returned will be ansesied ananM- IS
known. The offic- In Tampa will be until
o'i e.d 3 " 1. _
MDistrict -o. 5. Friday, Jan. 27, lerml-
District No. 1t, Sattrday. Jan. IL.-5,-Si
Thonottissa. all 0
District No. 17, Monday, Jan. 3B *ltaf
Kwewvolle. RUdt(
District -No. S .Tuesday. Jan. 31, PetotICAdf Ad
District No. 13, -Wednesday, Feb. 1. Sia
Hurrah. tbdn
DiLtrAct No. 12, Turlmday ,Feb2. I.- por
Tiger Lake. et"eA
District No. 23,Friday, Feb. 3, itR theq, I
City r e
District No. 7, Saturday, Feb 4, Peru. afor
District No. 9. Monday, Feb. 6, kl- -.
Dtitriet No. 16, Tuesday. Feb 7. 7, Gal- "
vin Store.
District. No. 15, rWednesday, Feb. --
DIstrict No. 24. Thumday, .Feb. 1, .
Seftner. 4hwU
District No. 5 t,Friday and Saturday, .- a
February It and U. Plsat City. Pea
Dstrtct No. ,11. mday,. Feb, i, the I
Bethel. ai
District No. 28,- Vednesday. Feb. IW. i d
College Hill. s. o

stt 'No. a j t
.-TaxAert7 Sanv hnC"Ity. ..
.- T a K.f SAUCiAoTI. for

Sor laon al regard to the deplorable condion o tivalon of said land ia

%m l of 1EulneTs .... lyre ted i. our Pir-r Owne 0 WIl T[ Up *n t gj te finances ad tha .e. mc ty ot Jf A. D. BRANCH. Tama. Ia.

EO enet to guIde anI onotrtl a gret te D.I8l bs C 1masng. n. de Aeas -- -- o-"
in 'ei- Hr. Fre1 er f Mo is O

Sleitmate ine of sed. Mr. deArma wa I o of G. Q n.
Dsr PLew ANDma0 e Krs0 p aA C yTIOl "a n es
o f. .e..h.t.therea trd to the deplornblcrea-e our e r tco..dion o tr.on oBro w wd as sr"

--tti a.ptlo e iw Xto Peet a b o Pa .rtai t owners pa o atY the citympl whioe t l .-e
cur ra-ae.a of ere ns. e o orbowecwA nuber of radical o o er mStm torueraske sxg- o an inm m aui ? T c mm

ie .n h board of Trade located at the corner th ere wor T.xsm a-Fr Ac- rkt ttimlsr ta e ^ar e Stad lT. ht 1 C5lfli*
e tt S u 'rankiint ead La ette n et i tte cout of the Proceec igm tl. so iA d that toey will be ctrepetled nUmber St entitled on a
t e oremet irndebtedbesM, and steps to t~ay tle taxes. After a long ana lng for & tar od a do -nW -
ta k en =to erect adsutiaon.ott. U t From Sat urd:a aoilylna reat- o2f am .e isl men CitS o 4 an
that ect to gu ide and county a r.ea
oecityo the n hedquarters for the st of tte oLr The re lar eeek. meeting It te Wherea. mte maJoriwt of the txtay- a U the owner a every g
of TradBe wa held at 3 o'e'.ck V bea en a meo rte rono l ot d 1- Cit to i.R was bEld aAt R-Yt O itO N r0 of the city of p are not to at large in te cty of T l

ly for th o of electing o'- w use fot h il an propriate talk. Tn- the follow-ng rnembrs present. Brown. ptte piteent tiowner pa their taes, and for the sane a tax of o de. l
f.rw t yearrt ass tdtain- meetltHadlournted to meet on the r. o. Precker. Krone, Phillps, It ebb, \osg, there La no money on hand to tpP" the er year, that the owmB of e # rl
of M inn. Co .r that w. The minunesw of tb the ola t -tng hld. it reolved by rnie City Councl that the nod shall tiros-ae for every m h '- ;
l httl dent6 of the sbosad catec t were read. after whtch ton e bosl.- o ch of sanitation be, and i s hereoy in- o r bitFldh O owned an t i nog at ar

t 3.;0AO ordr. Bfore proceed- lhT-l A li T fl lb.- esaon was tahen ot, ;usd tot rsd- strueted to rfusc- to do any ztaitary a collar and a w-umbered metal tag. ft'-{
t e-ton offbetra, S *cretzAy .B d 1 ored In te following order e orh of any. kand forny person, firm or Pw oh mast be atttahed t'o the gcosr itf.-
;.-tsn tted hTtis annual re- I IU I ull A cmmunittion from S ruprmttet- porptoraylon tiat has 't piad their city the da or bilc, wich said tam ia be.

q t utie outlned the work at- ___- dint J. J. Purden of the Plant 8yF-t.m, taxes In full. oem or etfte tihe lOth any furnlshed iY the oity clerk *it p Sk .
toard oe. Trade locain the pat th e orne lar ie to the destruction of te tt of rary. 1 eil their t pares who caL Be it ore .
S nfgls.ihfte.Dpwort in tuft: Weller .tirntm.Leo the Tribun With halarom ire over the Fortune strce-t nod Obins ag-aTtst the cdty, that is i Section 2. Ta t all ordlnaneot'o ,a&rts 'n- M
T nptIa. 1k-, Jan. t st, tm. Total Col ectoiaS to Date. Lrdge. Ii stated that if tnd -allroad the said -bilkss due them atmont to a of ordinances In co nflict with this ordi- thel-
membe of the Tapa Board i company as lIable for the damages, sum eso valenL iL Paid taxea. nance n be ad the ttied e e hoereby. ri- e p
r ; .='. . t ha t he) would pay for 'aene, uaid the The .Pesolution hasastro Ngly oppo Iealed . ".. t c
e --f- otit' aceospllfsheb City Auditor 3. A. Weller has coi- city could proceed at one? to hate the oy Atr. n e Amas. .but wras ldopged by Passed v tha..tClty Cotac4l &ti ot. I or the
ti' e4 dtreorm during the pLeed the work of cbecsu n o p the a- work done at thar expense. the vote to 2. .- day of faI n the City o Ta. P

a redthat we would Cth ax oiet t e r CFarto-te in regard to the Plant l y item .ward to thetllth condition of theity Pei atti c ouc'.
r i ith O9ttl. we caled the la The total wiU doubtless be or axt3aabent. was certe to oe jsl ... deotemar. 4t to he thae most M.nei i s mend ead tIo.,
n a' t to t t~o uh later to ers Tri th e- readerV The y O ffn r zuittee on e twea n r aicn -rrlble the are t tay laaj rt ice ee Cerk onf. the ett r of every dog
t Trade was hed at o H m tlow was eetitio was read irom Julius El- watucak his no inwo, and t l t Otampropoeed tto t Aprge ind the ci ty o 4t dampa of aa.,ll
ao r t Be t eati Uon- f "I not otl- !tceea coll ecteet rom cthe r. g eaker Knd Crumpahillips. I thai two It be cle Lned up anon handt n decent ton- ..er year that's r ofW -i L =.
kh Aer braAu e as C-M E ontbly in nr aightlenmrei be tand d owned at the factor in ditlo a d officials. therore, be ary to- av a tax o! fo dollar --
iColtT J. C The minan t ofutes o the lalectedt t:ng h. across ie Fortb htreete bridge be pt aouner edthat the nd y. council then ev o i
M merlchat t nts the moa s fat. -erel.2. r fainic h t uslx>a 6.at tnI.Sto. kn.repsatr. Referred [o the fire c-omdet-. adjourned. IS *W O 31t !
lFt it.Bae e t -O a at the coetorh. se on as aken uwra rsdr strued to refue to do any r -o-ar anee imbered d, .a.I
fso o aa tarm on ve y .certfrcate couporr to the in the followin reere. to te death ... kind any person, m or w h st be attached o thea to I,- Ht
ubtith a aantasg ad i ~'.amonCIt of A rlmmun whicati der ti of nupneer Buter, orpongon that a pas A great mny property ow a city the d-g or eith. be m siovc sadf-mee d ,41
2fortCa, wel 2 t o orf the city charter are re vble of goudt J. J. e ed tn he he city treme- city are planting grrape frB tt trees fur o ise' heud e theit thiclerk .Ojrt m e I i
E M S nport In r 11: be tller uoecnr o the Tribune With f ai ter in whIch to hert decF t nstreeno d bns amant the cis, that esr Section 2. T( all -ordinlanc ei o sirts

eonJns anw et' poortito whteh is spread or deeIgoated The recommendation was grranted. tbilr yardt and gsrdem. T ,er ty Ia f -Ios"t .-.t- _. -:- -e.o 'm e
mpa. Fla, Jan_ Slat, le o. city Certlfl t et ctpons. Toan leaves A com un hat icon v t rea r f rrom the notsaid more eap mepriate or yont to i o. IJaes m d onct with thisordi- the
oits sof the Tamp a olecton to sat amount- Board o Public Works. staln that the fo BMlar t mae to n a ftw aes. rto ane it an t sa te be tre re-, It'

r 'i 'a ..n. to e-wer woul t he Tpay wor d xne, l rii t re The f solu dalas-Lco u Jfnr and w M jed. 1.lIm
fttraccomplished CiTh- Audeitr J. J v Weller has cie cttn com pletion, and as t ha tmeo h ar-e the n lMr. da careastbut wacc ado te by Pa I tod wiB.Cltk a thisU ttk fW 1b0
au s director( rangtnen urnge made adt onhe witoh of cgwg up the w nkere In is d at tir expense. st vote dt5f tLe d -Jt. the A )5S

3 Br~ t of the CoowtSpg- h y Acom-mu nthe manitary con rom tteea. gra fruit tree.r madeone that I Pnt .in re- ) eW
m- *ro '** .... VMS " AMatlwoewolde akd st-nh e tr cortlbodledector V."F en .a(4en careet t g fiiz
-itS ?S we called the 18L The totals wll doubtless be or C*1 art12*er .Wn regard to the Plane d t Whia tn re are rt the b lth a condition r of l the'veitW Peat o fl m r ur
niart to lhe Itterest to eretesttobun errea s of tn g tearfruit in twotyears ireon

a dw e m ok" u r a.b are as r ....... A etition reta The reqomJul t ws El- uck his nose into, and proposed t Ap d th, o
bs of199113614r.To. Lenses collected from Oct. 1i tr.Bea il dy ba ed aki ha wo t be ceaed and pt .1. W V.L

havingaIMtoi'r- 1.hip UPtbes- At ---owaera. asked that a took itdewator be w in have d n hand at al tary l .cow- it t 3S
.... LA Weti st. a ar eet t tl theairte Alarm wit re tmtee w" i LAstructed to ha er_>ive et-t "
-the w agLe fl t fraiga If l4 o f TS t Inrter wae reerred to t Refertto mhe f ireo tO adjo i thje city. ?. d. NO. t21L '

I'^t^g_ fa rend g that oT.eniatbon --
Inor dItcrg Is too mail, ade fo ory

ad i a as am saount the c, ? 3 a h tePaN .eHits rT
= AMM S aind bripremolkn c on vea acnd thiceaion ase read firm Firn 4 M pI .^S ^ T^SS -1^^ An 4 e'^ to repal i e S

ts advantaged tTas it hemrs,- Chief Harris in remetere--lo. iedahrdr tro aSan^yRcsa .ati t
it II0 sda rt for cub..aeoaoun aesf wa b ec under th* of Engineer Butler, asking that a plut A gere, many property owners in tW tovSld*-or -tbe 2arnoving-4toersew isad
90K44*1-. terms of ths ^i charter are rectlivable of gound be. selected in rhw city .vnre- city *re plantimg ga..cfl tiI in an l*1he Ts a bam dg5
Wi 43 11s fo r t or that ill hent dfo rto y in vti le b to bauryat ec a se drtoem. WI&TmwAdk AWO fP

e hplw army oorrsbl soon to hd or desilstd Te r -ome epodt dhn W granted. Their yards and Theem' .mdee
for-het -hese wi s-lt c'ome cigs t ITdleaeo A omrue anicato u o vas reg z L om the oi t hig mor-s Mpr i or 030 e.otlto S

.aitowv er h Oa aah c ooAeMs, beIg rendO anr d that tePubc or ,a ti t the h- Fthil tP-he f tin. t t aI Lted .Mes4 iXaai md aSON
isa 11 to them-bu th nvet n ereaer^s the Tbrld g tanss rxpcli trees & tba cow OWL anSd Wait s,
IThi terrol rpveaa e F i llertions s tr rantpment be made rtt ncee with thet nis tie

'r -' a wen a s di r7g t i ct rebate on the taxes Pn i.ii v~,ii ." yem. r nuttree, n one that Ise a laB ~ '
lt ~,N AIOU176 . E H tim--a e &rsm tii-t I str bt al budded 'and takMe me n 4 11

S ee i .. a................ o It d Te erected at the c hornet r ofWhitieng f twreama r
L' ruslt~tdiB. os tof.. hq -e at' 0 but d an 'Inrooarion Clerete. ndhe renon a dewa t
6la ar aa o 'Ji at cot rgt ......a .... .. a wo 00te ted. a Iopt leamone. bsthai heeeow ,ug .f o a at sa i

...I.. ha .Hn ble.t. C.. U Aptto It.n e y onlx,-ian proytert house t mat U F nkU.. .ghha Zuhf

.f~~an to the OWwS wdmt t can c p ir P Pv y the tr esarerter r

"ac.AmTem -a iHa fn a midwltl a
Bevatniab. ak n. A. ., a .ovee' s siedletlait !s& a- i, ktll.
thy a. htorb ts -oim, o afct e.a. lxx .Is eto s cmall, andyecom-
A .&- -tStoiea .CtU oa that the p Oo AtosacI dttthCt Athornon 5.18 b returned
f d oot. which he d wqL Insure go od

a a toorm ht1 a n dimep ad any to. ebe q an.d re Ia. mai reining m' afIe60m-

.,1,w .aia conoems. being Plefed. ild' that the &laint for Lae 1io- t"k at duk ble".0"Aim


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O isspl7 eaa agiw rrahod to Kin
=A-,WlPod cp ~~ Occoants
,-.'Wred-XUWiw to be Court-
isrc~~- Neialid.
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My Crit Cutte"p *.n aM Ih De) LirUdl to thQBAoHsad Shot VIth OlW I
posmW a al Pacago a lsa e tsjarnlig SBO IES
-----" -A
fE iM 11 EU IiChAL iT&S. BOYS FIREB E Fj *l- f1

td- otes Camht on the TI Hm' Husband and Wit utsed. and An
and Tlasre-Com and Going aof Old Feud Ezisted -'Between Bimp- | LAMM
Peopie- I ciden s .nd Accidents of son and EBlteh- murderer
sWrydy Lifet. in Tampa. E E aE aU| WE |a I i gs
Mrs J a den s 0 rw who has From Saturda "s Datlt o. bodies m W -- eadS il d la al A
L been vhestai trs .her da hter Mrs (leo. Man's prtldL" ands L a woman at trie ss boes doIsandtoadsserbtime
t. Mafarnane or this Cty. has re tr-d bottom of It has caused another muord .r oaAo=amSaea .&B ..
ng home. ""in thiscty. l."t ui6 about 7ocl0oc9 bak.oe go toa anf,.
Mrs. Kate -, aaumerLi. has r iet .ed ito.Is c L ti oM s

Sderly. man aby the nr7e at SinatPe" 1 to 1a M%,e o WLA tsss
N early every ad g" hous i t w- the vas.t hre ysstrs had charg o f as IAA ER

s- m f or ibdte adl klled by his nehgbor Ja. Bltch- e. WRtW e POeta OeU .e BV, OA 6 satb CM
T nae mdehoonaer d A. 'ney bo t 'ho e Tcould obtail last aboeVut two
it otdel co Wed neeL oa for tus city with yea s- ego mw itch charged SEmp s' tt "t' -
s V t e enS t the asffec oins of edls ofe, C Mdi.W W

a W O wn after tbhea keinlb dyte d p b nahs ple weJrae eve b ait mats ter .u I Pr Oa rma SntC 40MPm
i e u ree h e .asd aid e svn e a wife r ted hladren. Yesterday rBe ts-h wrd8 AS W0
S W Whittl as c te ftia p was p re la ta a tab otS -t e
The as ter 4t hthe- M nce .eta tcr ab have a nieat smpper ann T"'
-'. I ho. est.alt hoar . rs. ltb fl se a M sad
Am larCh .of*I o PWtid. w d 0 sd. an.dl th an d Simpson tWas i 5.aS s-.i.
or severEl eeanr wa resident p sont ae and was present., WhTFen 1 i nce4aa

m tt t re m Fan leaves alas oa M4 sea two eating traentt od aIlltch 7 da t ced, ah ptIanY
b h ea t e telhv r~,aohday b oetod-hie sra t.ed i ampn wbe y M5r Ron ert mathe tier .d
*9 ^'jZ 'h*. .aty.. aw.nil end you .ire n sdtan { y
On .E hot 4e33 t sotakr n ua tac Mr. c ea o. %statt heal tired the caotnt l. a .bo-r. -lt, t7h 5ssE, 5 Ehos 55s C ees K m

oA& t a ,s oeneo tha M ay lheit wrosT ansr d threO f s at a thea e a ble iit r erand A m HICIm M E.
-d e ba tce rsoe O A riob .O ftno a ~5 0`6. "1 u
S e pereafn ton tr . a ve'd iout n 1 a way anh nd it us ulaio thatn rso u a ss ll
e t e'f 'ld abs n a- ol wh hare. bees r.tN th th Ortr m i oa et" A t .tos
-.as them-toa-he fullst estent of the ta urt. stlet opened Ore rt thlert f.ter S adfnSdtltetstmai^ SoLd.e ^TIM is
ALIN01e, a le- a vesbs, su s eadana t* eat box o t d ts rr oik t hes ht40glt.s- 1ou dat2 Bsl e m a

smatire to those tiarIn 00 the ahu-nets hriai s nt blteati soflS the aocat on tee RAI'ITYEED2
wsi k r ne' si tsmi ms the - ards are Drut-ya mh rll" F oill .dcn,.er A-nd d" r *ssjes es a aB
l 'e several pieces the t ia. a lrcattu ro0t o. the tuera r asnd relieve they -- i a..s d -U re, TpM o est i coats
Wt ibt- jbtoeabtona nd y rw. rapture lsew h by Say light thi mtotins g :d. e el-aoJf I bestts a .1 1 e I & w S
Vas. ho at a late houe r lote tI b ttr, a -i f OUR REUABIol TY e ESTABIiED L4,.
i etTe ithorllestTotalednno ctue so t s w hereabO.ts. otdbsMaha mi s-set neIfor a sas -1= V.M
onet "jaro ta'o C nt h 3ttI r. Shei-ir ift r ncernoid L'nd-iIrt-.o t liUher s ad h espordtd mo nn 161.isoemo

eloan a result .el a p io L ri~ n t .e nr-cn to ta ke th .dy more hlb diSd SydtoJs .r nt 1t !^ ^?.
n o tat, o Tt otse al reiten ee t a n la o.t e aLr O st r viia t in tpar it ts i -i t ias nor. csOa -uiL ,Asr n
0 ," w i th o a soappr, la e r iA-r o rc td w ater-s -- ",*-"
"-wh tatai Peur t at eod Jeresy no. .Mutsate r sa mo ot ,0 e Y i
ha bee n menrtug the wituetr in Tam ann a a regretteS In au by rti. cio nernt d mOltSI0 54 1U isR IS S-
s ht waths par tharit Te a reans esinS eoa-- were c pondered gou n aw idthe og u-ut par ei.s ooae- Imdoflt o s P Ty
b"y sles statprop osed to condu et th bs A. N APPR --AT PRE t-tt y r a n eo a e- 1 your are
I. res t erant is the str y ae is orated J4100 111la gs b 7

s-s-f The ti f th hrCiy T ehnerw tishe otnxsesd thO e s In S is aow, or5 0 mse i Al
.. m c .ymade 'Up ,, prfesent ust. roeuv ed. mLosinog 01 and isnoweMshis.sZ
,-talen. Tited tohal e O ititiwor is 103 a. box of ,st ird reareshments f'r'ont the _s. le ne m rstet i masrs ment ena ues.A

Iqof G 4 eise of she M ass oniaz n. e tpine rtasss ud "wrs ,ronden huttties-0s, a ss i e
in s te ,spendingtheAinter e 'hInarn-esand borttles qf the celebrated "Mllt oes Io

lid-" t au ro M "e -" -..a menm& rd wo a beautiful car sIx Suee -. I Tet Ide, "ma 00; 211
toe g tiAm a isof sk cmugiaF-gM Ni" I"MT .-..
t aso heplie ulto ot t hesoti re- co rhe.ANew P t pMre -sent aew06 Ist', ar__
d BsOit inthee ttyc *ts I oa t th no -a t70=ow to treat its ft-eni. i
Wk-9a Fr klcou in m tanyethe e iW& a10=.a-"We -t h yI N echo the ,e-t..tlo.

. .t in. .se c ig l t trhGi v f its a t G O I Wos a so, .ace1un i t e

.... -m is Is .th tty vIsitin rea- e. l the largest to -mericaanti wa.s .'i'"n
.... . ..... ".......bre erieaA- heueo. Tae assoc ation is -sotre-i .
-eni. Waltays that Trees Ia in' a mom and the s-d sreort of the .o-ezer a> n .e Tam p

IV q W omp emonatloo an4 m-e rrop rs cha w e".t" b n- a
-- o.is health has ebee greatly eretuprate x atHkrrall Huantd for Ande e-ne doz' en, .i,

w s atoohe.t e -aa smta o"t door exer ose
Sto Le 'will swntIa i FuuSn r..ejOoaaL
'n w--eekem.
,lb WiIbitn. I.. Porter of Key West f
fo 21MAI ~ kv ".av' ftam n'

as. .7

y.1rY. Machine and Boiler -W
rn TInpa( vas O. Sd P Depeotsha -siw
Pvrf Y,,is s. Stlre Fronts, Silf,, .Columnis, ,et'. R"Batir A
ear mboa Machinery and Boiler'. Ourproipt afttenorli
Smus Lhat to installing Irrigati g apd Stasm Heating Plants at team*
Sr errin ric< ;-aichiag Posts and .Lron Fences.- -;-
id~fa~w- -:M r aLs A. pse . --

2d-*-1.ilt -JMM Mands -itn aa aaaei9pukit-d udf^. n r* .- -)0.1014P i r? -*- *--
wishto a ac.4t0natt sue-
srter ia woa O4 Lf J.. Hon. W. Hunt Harris of Key West.
b9o4" th oLer. etl catle Senator elect, representing theE
S counties o Monr and Lee, x n t e Agut Cl rq
1",:.- I^.^s^tbpt at Lbe Tampa. Ba-y jt. J P& in 1 Vity or To' -
wtw bere UWe.s ar ably represented Monroe Canty an On' Ca -or Com ssion.o
Pe ree-ro rhw snum- to Otse B"a Sepa ue is a guarantee ibat T R TA K N A
c e S FrOankltn t street .thwe terest of his constituents wil be sa q
e rpaltA that are oeing carefuny looked after this year PATO LU o . M de JRit ftameased a TS-mWt.
Lae:rlor of thin tooniwtH U 8 S".Ve l-ep sa i.forone i
ot the handsomest ofas Mr. Fed Bars., who has been wlu SH IRtl'I smd IACKEtTO5HES iH .ate .r s e
n oddltios. Cb a.res Roux. Gns g& Secktnger lor the past three
Ssde sat the room. Mr. years has tendered his resignation wltn Samples and self measure blanks sent by miL
traveling frelgat agent Lhet firm and "s making preparations to
k. R. wl- haawe his office open ut a bran new grocery store on I **too 9*0,,a..s1
dcltiuig wori of the trei- Harrison street in the store room re-
ML WUl be transaced here. cently vacated by 'E. D. Hobbs and Co. -
bi ?gent for tme bmlddng, Mr. Bar is a hustler with tine is PBOPES6IO bAL CrD8 K, OLLIPA r ..A
tbr pains nor expense In qualifications, and the Tribune preo.etsI H K. OL'I'PA e
I up for a first-clss- bus-- a big mCtees ior him in d his new de- .ATTOrW ST
In addition to the tinc In- Paxtuse. e C '141efiXER
M. be Is bsmig a large Prompt U "stis gese I-i
te S. fero th"t illt -e ATTORNEY AT LAW, e.l ts
W night-". W. t. a Lte d .od"e IaO
S the e A Health- Zahn.e Bass But ding. TP. F
gssaltltuve. c c do Rich- A .
)cewa s tow t in the ci"ay Hie Sto #
siand* the Vrrmme a ach itwsm is a IrTE gXnOS e, a
,--baker -dPaper M-ak- er. ..
K er heal^ ^ ossa a ATTO RNtY AND COUNSFT L(JR a
IVosqsaoye a t. a ,eIhl -Wsvee. It mka the blood A.D COLI-SE.rTI w !Lb" ....
most aieMtatial cscensa LPa; 111a tho mmoa afiag. ehbse in AT LAW, .
th t~rrtLItMU~tJalll .Jb[ t t .., 1 t.` * IUow, LA. r ,s. ,-5a-- I,-
a I '..* 1I we5' 4 SEN -. eIeme =^

doa n~bidr i -~ ~r~:rrict~CO Mr
:ak~dl i v~~hrrril~ I f ~ -~r~I~;p~.P;r~llX A~
IIIT-T- ~ ;tr~L~e~~qLlli~~ CJ$ C~EI~ I ---9~- 7!

I. i-na
kii,~r- ~ u~+I

rtd s.iyfqp


,randk f


"m"4 isD e k weekt 3m-ma to the
best hdetwssb of *a Whie te
action + iIn w& r*Ad sp me colectlon
SI dcit taxes nmp not have been the
aerproe =erse to prsone yet under tshe
etl ardisna tele council is jtiLed
ii '. in adop extreme mensis in the
-iSrprop" dZaMy + eaolkUio od money tat Is justy du
. the city. It is a weai known fact tat
.. ......... 11 Me dte employee have waited loon and
........ M at ently for the money that is due them
a. and whht they bave a right to expect
S'he non-apmsann t of this money tas
wd emnomlae them In nma3r was. T They
r4lT-4+ +" t + have dbaponlated their creditors until
U aire paUb to the are ashamed to look them in th

rss. r-, potoL+oe 1 On the other band It is out of the
it + g question for the City Ouncl to pay
a e.Nb- th : tI e m th emplops unless" the people pay
S em- their taxes. A the city finances and
S at .t.e as+'o obligations are asked on 'the taxes an
liciiij I irregtar unless they are paid the machaery is
Bu fl ll p radctlclloy at a standstiL As. a te.
S9 the blames is lid on the aotkers of the
Fz oun. ia & madny of ttho se wo lck
;i *i nlm tee d hardest aid complain Me Most at
Sn s cmunli for not ptaytn the cty's
A soem -402 L 'ii'M Mt tlo obMsaons ao e tIose who owe the most
~.Wl| jl^ tle btasxs. l The council as a nrie is disposed
-. to be liberal with mooe, hot the pubic
Sbeula bboa te i main two things: The
ssirr es MW of e tp Ba t ot spem money be ares
S I tt ad -l tap b t, -eandcond, te money thei
S- i said Into the cty tre-rsa for thetr
t s at be. t have isosal is supposed to be spent only
stnL r~aCaori that tetlr for the best interest at the city.
.l16p" ereotafed. FPrem remarka that were made at tOe
F& Pridr b meeting, It would see
Pbe Me Wraimry- wor. Mthat there are tase tax payers who are
d Otse to get into a ithKMdiEo their taxes on purpose to
hlPiE 9 at 'lpd& retard and hinder the work of the city
M' I-- Osunclm simgkpt because some things
a_ -.. -. .. . have been done contrary to their wishes.

-Nluww is; ftsr an 1w PE m

Mrs Aft me-fm -~r#

gu6&ppej'lilm mid to ba

dian I"zam
~~Sr~~a, ON Deft-l

T. '7-~ ~ CI
a& aura

ads gll~ mll

we Tamps,
A.L~~s ka~




je UP

It should be borne In mind that the
council to he sole jldge of the manner
of ezpending the ity's funds. If they
Sae doeig It contrary to the beet inter-
L ests of the city. the only recourse is to
Select su.budp else w'en their term of
- ofiie expires.
It seems to be the general opinion that
3 the councl acted unwisely in the course
t mr pursued on Friday night, but if the
qetple wlN come up and pay their taxes
hefre tele 15th of this month, the duel
dE aitatki will get no Ht of deln-
L Quets and the reolutlon will die a
Smnmatre death. It people neglect
SW'refae to pay their taxes, they nave
o right to ktck.


rLnm lnsavtile tun.
i limpr-I with the necessity for a
AWjUeh -reorgaisetdoa of our State
nML R srvlce, as ed by mem-
bre a theB NationaL Harbor Defense
Ceaventks at Tampa in UM, Governor
skgabmaW tga deamd it Proper to Isstle
4 da e fr a natural m coventon in this
#treft to aawnsAft at TSmOl on the
tb da of Februay. The object ol thi
oamuktlan win be to dsone and ug-
awt methods or 'sac ukg State troops
o fihe most efftive tooting. Ques-
taoi relating to arms, equipment, tac-
tes..clotng tod and transportation
WslR be considered d L doused by ex-
parta. Spece attention will be pgven
to the aobeat of eamp stes, sattation.
l ai4 preaotilonery measures that
itmodern science can wwet to Insure
Ihe comfort od health of troops A
'gqmmodSoom bums ng has been azrmged
for exhibit of scau tihdes as may be
deemed desirable for army ant navy
me. ItheInterest of pariotrm and
the welfare of te ountryt Governor
BIoxbam hbas reeclf y t quetes4U
Lonasas of the various lates ad the
Union to appoint delegates m their
land and narvl militia serve to this
convention. The army and nay of the
Uafted states w=t be represented by
prominwet delegates.
very detail for the asemblying ot
tile convention has been rraned by
Boa. t. rtto-'ihr ta, % se efficient
aenret and it Is ftuf us red mt
hAre wiN ae a large attendance.
R toed eailroadt amr has been ee-
oared end doubtle meaw o our dcu-
Seam ws aw Bma emelvee of this rae
oppermtuitm to attend tihe n Rention
and at the sme Utme see the many at-
tre sa mIn ad around TaUpa. inciud-
Inh thoe Tam Bay Hotel, one of the
ft"ast aOeW Ia the world, many ot
te warships that participated in the
late oonmoe with Sca, 6 ie innumer-
abl cigar Efctores, and many other
intere tg. and attractive features 0:
te coming city of the Gulf coast.


'A gtrli a nkaglend recently drowned
herself because some profeesor of pal-
mnetry". had "read the unes of her
hand." and predicted trouble for her.
b&e was gsarted ao self narder by hUs
rekeIne proe erWy. Then her father,
declared was -r M w. tried to And her
bodyrby throwing Into the pond a loaf
4 brsad stauM wimb aokeaiHver, be-
tirvoe g eIg ya woald *rJamO around"'
t -ita l osed eer tr e pet where
im_.'SS,. Nt. .l...oba&. IS
t a- te Ust a m the pot

,. ^'.^"- .

WUAMRThLY Onsvmwm 2001.ON.
-eFrom Wednoeset' Dsily

sy tand statesmen have arrived and others
*sy o op-eU-O Many d d ,-*-tar ac,:ls
Ari ista peelr tP ui *o S Pars. i M an will be here to-day to attend the Na-
sttsstw Ms, e0r0te1ms0 k ANm -maa tonal ~1htary Convention that will
Sonvene In this city at 8 o'clock this
H evening. No convention of recent
years has attracted more widespread
interest than this one. The Lntervt
H* bhas spread far beyond the borders of
said.:. YoU msers w our oan country. It might be aid
havr taken a pil tf it b all that all the leading natolns of the world
roprie tors Lowellod Ma. are studying the great question of a
P P S e'tom o well. ;s. P 11
The only Pll to take with Hood 1e-r a definite military system aU d eve&,
movement made by the United Saies
Sat the present time is being watched
The 'Brlti EIpoyer' Ieague,. e- closely. It is well understood that the
signed primarily to overcome reist- action of thts country wtll have a great
anoe from ibor. has omsed the farma- influence In shaping the policy of other
tion of a central federation of work- countries. It was a wise move on the
men modeled almost exactly after the part of Governor Boviham ween he con-
atteran o this league. The Consoi- oeived the thought of calling together
leted Labor Union starts with 6000 the military men or wisdom and exper-
men and 300,000 capital. Thus trere ence, not only of ow own country, but
re W Itmmee armles opposed toother countries tt~a the way might be
each other and an armed peace in the paved and plans fotrmuated for a great
insItri al world of Engiand. U bP1t&l military policy that may be adopted.
.and labor cannot be enemies without not onty by the United States, but may
heamy loeasc to both sides. PoasMly become a unIform policy for the nations
this state of affairs in England will f the world. It is befitting that this
be as ooductive of permanent peace convention he held In Tampa, the place
m the stleendous armament of w r ere tle troop were first mobilied
eem to be. in the strUgle for Cuba's freedom; the

AccoCing to the statistics compiled place from where the first transporLs
by the Treasury department the colo- were sent that decked the conalUt in
nols. dew&deno-le- ac priotectortes of favor of the tars and Otrpes
the world number UI, a occupy two- Now at a time when important mill-
fftoa at the land surface of the globe. tary problems confront the nations of
E~fand has over 11,000,000 square miles Durope ,and when our own country is
in oolones. France over 8.000.000, China absorbed in an effort to correct the ms-
wver 2.00000 and Germany over 1,u.oUW. takes of the war JtA: ended, and to
If the United mttes je Into the coio- form a basis for the eptabltWhrnent of a
o hbuslnes she wii require year to military system hat will correct exist-
catch up even with Italy, which has Ii evils, it is most agsprpriate for the
104,000 square miles of dependencies. Leaders to oonsel together. it is only
In a fair and tree discussion of these
This Is a big country. A man nas to issues by men who are masters of the
be a mihty big man to be known to situation that we can ever hope to ar-
al sections of It. There are nen Just rive at the right conclusion. Hence,
elected or about to be elected to the the imkpmtance of the meeting in tbis
United States senate, whom tne -great cY this week cannot be over eatsmate.i
mass df the reading public have never Tampa feels honored that ae- has been
even beard of. There will be many new selected as the place for holding a con-
faces in the upper hose of the Nation- vetion of such vast importance. We
-' li iture. It will give fresh inter- have every reason to hope that at th;s
est to the procedin of a mot ven- meeting, the foundation wil be laid for
erable and amusa t body.
erabe and ust y. a military policy that wHl be taken U;
Senator Whiteside of tAontans who and adopted by the leading nations oc
returned the M3t,000 offered to him as a the world policyy that will prove bene-
bribe in the Senatorial contest, has been facial alike to all and above all, a policy
turned out of the State Lagtalature. It that wMl mean less milltarysmn and
doesn't do to show a man's white side universal h meace.
in Montana. For the distinAuished men of out
'Money talks above a whisper out o" ncounry who have come to pa L-
Montana, and possibly Senator Hta.nn, pate in the proceedings of this corven-
will be willing to -bestow upon Senator- tion and to contribute their wisdom and
elect Clak a share of the dollar-marcs experience In the settlement of the prob-
that cartoonists insist upon giving nhm. lms that will be broqrht forward or
consideration, Tampa extends a most
The eMlitary Converitlon that con- cordial welcome. The same welcome
venes in this aity to-morrow will be Ie extended to the eminent men co other
worth thousands of dollars to Tampa in countries nwbo have come to learn the
the way of a splendid advertisement. drift of military sentiment in the Uni-
ted States, and to carry home with
The Oetlbltie w Ob has been orga n- them, the pLan of a better military
ised,by the Kentucky whisky distillers policy than they now have prmlitd
wll evidently lead the trust friends
to anotherthey get t. e tribune bespes a
pleasmant and prodtaiMe meeting and
When it comes to the distribution or hopes that great and lasting good may
government jobs, there are any number be accomplished.
of spotless Cubans 1-ing around idle in The hospitalty of Tampa is again
the provinces of the island. put to the tet. Oistingutshed men not
only of our own country, hut of several
Mr. A ddou. who wants to be ilena- foreign countrie are within ota gftea.
tor from Delaware, is probably not Let s discard the saeun formalities and
only willing to pay the freight but the vie with each other in making their
gas bils to get there. visit one of pieasame and print. Let us
Mayor Quincy rf Boston has reduced as citizens, do our part in sounding the
his own salary.. It is emokument keynote for the f nture military policy of
enough Just to have the intellect to be America.
mayor of Boston. Governor Bloaham will arrive in
Tap W this morning. He will make
The Washtanto Post has Irightened his headquarters at the Tampa Bay
o~ manMlddout of his fa ted lnHotel He will1 be as he deeroes. the
necktie. He is now wearing a brand-
center of attraction dringlg the comen-
new one. tlon. Whatever good emanates trom
Tennessee has passed a law making the meeting will be largely through his
crap-playing a cslme. The point is to lastrumentasty. He has a host of
enforce the punishment that hti the warm friends in Tampa who will give
crime, him a cordial welcome.
Sooetiy in New Yozk may be able to DOING GOOD WORK.
pull off another scandal before Lenten -
dae3r. Hon.'S t. apartan is Immortall-


Winter's Terror!

Colde Damp Weather Ag. ta"" it until it cured me perfectly.
ld, Damp Weaher A- ine year ag, and
gravates the Disease have been in splendidlth eer inee.
--- "Murfreesboro, Tenn."

Cold, damp and disagreeable If you have Rheumatism, why
weather is dreaded by those sub- not throw aside remedies which
ject to Rheumatism, for the slight- have done you no good, and take
est change in the atmosphere or one that will cure you? Disap-
temperature is sure to increase pointment never results from the
their suffering. A great many use of Swift's
who experience little difficulty Specific; it
from Rheumatism dthring eho always cures
summer nti,;lhs ar, it-lv to he- Rheumatism,
lieve themselves rid f t ihi .. .I w d beca:te it is a
but with the. first cii,. t:antj. d:v' real blood remedy
their a1 l- & p.- ri in. i adl goes dowu
they sooe t :tC .: I I-to h t tom of
iey soo t f t he'. i I:;' P 4 ::.". .:d- theiri trouble and
who torture0 :hte U,, ,r ~- fo rC it from
to" ru, : th.'.. hvi lm. Ev-
ever. ti s- t moe
'S ver:t! Ta. r-o nrn L rro ,a .t '
th wat It- 're f no r S. i S -ed uttoti what it
Rheinuatisan r Lu "i t.,'o.. t'..r .1..t 4 irady dout --cures actually
most intense sogny at times a nd e.;r iIIniL.--for anily waho were in just
confined to my bed about a year. l- as .d condition s you, perhaps.
though tour of the best physicias (one
of w wa my father) attended me S. S S. is the only blood remedy
durifl myllnes. They could gieme guanunteed

d ,, I BM -
Soi Not l r Ora thousand dolars wil be paidto
"- ...t ay chemist who a n. had m it a


7h~: ;. ~,,3-~-,C r ~~ C-;a lezi

the oma et ee anI upsptade .
ood work for river a&d harbor -~*t-
provements hba already been a ote
| Ysterdwy the news came l kt he M4a"'
won another great victory By maneg I t
I a favorable report by the SM e-a- mi- d
Smitten on public buildltai a grottnds e
Sfor a $1M,0 pubUc SiMdln tfor TUampa.
SNot GnR the teat Tats leads all .
Southern cities In te amoaut t r- a av-
p1 portion Lat wua forably reported ItM
is a well known fact tat Conagr sma
Spruaman stands alone in the matter th
of obtaining agSproprations for tshe c<
West Coast of Bou tl torltd. In ot er
words t will never come only m r mut l
Shis personal efforts, and this fact xsn S th"e
his work the more commendable and nLsa
list a
his vlrtoriea the more Important. Those
r who have crtlcised him for apparent do,
lukewarmness should be the first to Ha
recognize is fldeUtty to bas constituents.
and his many rends wll embrace toe lso
opportunity t de to dec other dae voteon to t tl
one of Tampa's best friends. 1r1a
The puerile and conteimptile attempt d
Sof the Garrison Caaknty Hower to
Cast aspersions an the Inteagty of the ohe
I Board of County Coounlt-oners and levi
other proIlget people of tirs eomnty. er
because the board had the wisdom l 6oot
generosity to dm~nate the Tribunee as wno
the paper to pbisbh the delUnquent tax
list after it had "been poIlahed in enoua
another paper for five yesw, is charac- the
teristle of the populstic Ctrea who a has i
made himself famous as the chrone
growler of Tampa he Herald would'
rather see one paper recognized ear j
In and year out, is to see a good
thing divided up occasionally and be-
cause the board named the Tribune,
the old fosM is tearing his shirt -
necessarlb. (IEs abuse and contempti-

itaf Lernt~i
00 aeism bag

the~ blebdthr
lk un maw 4

oLira 3=4M,

ble flings will not hesmirch the
County Oo CmntMoners a particle as the
people are acquainted with the soutre
from wtich it emanates.
General Wheeler may have lost his S
seat In Congress, but he still retains a
high place in the repect add esteem of
the American people. /

A good many members of the various
State Legislatures wIt be in a condl-
tion to declare dividends by the time'
the sessions are over.
T3he oeganisation of a laundry trust
in liicago has been effected with the
purpose no doubt of collaring all the
business in that line.

Senator Quay is beginning to wear a
careworn look. So does every man Tgg
when his trAut crop falls e E
Is again abroad in the land. The
air you breathe may be full 6f its fatal Wsho
gersl uont neglect the Grp" or you Ltm Yhd,
willU open the door to Pneumonia and min Pqid
Consumption and invite death. Its
sure signs are thlls with fever, bea&-
ache, dull heavy pains. mucemu diehar-
ges from the nose more throat ad
never-let-go-cogh. Don't waste prs-
Ious time treating this co sg0 with
troches, tblet or poor, idWap syr p.
Cre it at once with Dr. KEigs New
Discovery, the nfalable remedy tor
bronchial troubles. It kills the disease
germs, heals the lungs and prevents the
dreaded after effects from the malady.
Price s cents and L00. Mony bK M ADE
If not cured. trial bottle Cft t a t
B. LeonrdM & Co's dr&g tor

.A Tlarg tep tnsd e d interesttng
meshng of the golf club was held in the
club room dr the Tampsa Bay OnAno sn
(Monday evening. The committee on
roles and regulations appointed at the
lastmeetingmade report. Thrywere
caroreN u considered and disnoused at
some length. After making a few
slght changes they were adopted. An For mie Is V"
important item of trtneMs wa the un-
animous decision in fvor of a charge in Aa Your
name. It will hereafter he known as DRUGGIST!
the Tapaa Bay Golf and Sele Club. a eore
The adding of the social feature means tO CKNT 'N
that the club stands not only for te ITRIAL
promotion of goK and other outdoor
games, but for socidtl enjoyment, eNc Kh l W% n-
as hoasewarmings germaM chest C Osi -- oPasM
whist and other card parties, recptlona aeey I say
etc. A number of new member were 2W
received. britngt the total membership saos. -sKs
up to sevenaWftnve A meeting wI lbe N mmI- s l-
held next week at which time a ladies
chlb will be organized to wotr in con- .
Junction with thue gWtIemn'. Ci, ts .em a
pecdlay in t devecnepment of the WsOWes 4WIs L W
work. Grat interest was taken m nthe Oa,. aneW m
Monday night meetIng, and the mem-
bers are enth9drtter in the wort. -
Th. jet salve In the wolad for eus
oruises, bores, ers, salt rheam, teve
sores, tettsa-etWped handa o Chblaitie
corns, and all kinds o skin eruptions
and positively cures piles, dr no pay
required. It is guaranteed .o rwv
perfect satisfaction or money Rofundsed k IrC ON
Price', 26 cents per box. For Mae by 3
8. Leonartl & Co.
.frat ic Cure- Le m nt m an -- Q R"an
Aeurlgia radicany cares in 1 to dsaya
Its action upon the Jysts is remark-
able and mysterious. It removes at
once tMe cause and the dClsese ume- OmpIM sencu, 1
diately disappears The t first
gretUy benefita. 7S Cent. Sold I b h. Is ai&ti bh
B. Leonard & Company. f i

orders whth whotaI they have *- ,-
cme di Its infL am .
t.-yter If OmaP t aedom. wem


end Nhe'roi raneet e U UI
rwI se. the entre lot by .taTes5y
mrt. sa ersons wishinm to have
,. a t the pick ah d cal at once. A num- egar MXothly setting Reid Yw-
I te United Stue her of splendd riding and driving bor- tarday-Important Bu-inees
Iny s. led s bys his m aes are la the lot. Tr ct-
a erned ~ Among the arrivals from Cuba on
1 Tmp WhUe the steshpYarmouth yeerday The regular men of te Board of
te 8U'T Nof the AI PS E4a Bp were B Sergeant P. E. Holt and Corporal County Commiamloners was held at the
F. M, MeWiUliamas of Company C, and court house yesterday. It convened at
S Morrlea ay I s caused by PlPeser n oaf i K. o'clock am., with the following mem-
S d' Bur and Skin Diseases Thesee a n had been olunoray dicatrg. he bers present: Presetent S. J. Drawdy,
r ima tasdtely relieved aad quickly cured and were Iboad for their homes in At- W. A. Belcer, J.B Tomberln, J.- W
br DeWitt'a Witch Hasen Salve. Be- lanta. for which point they left last Valandlngham and E. C. Blanton. The
S ware o worthless imitations. For sale oght. Themen ere not very enthu- minute of the lat meeting were read
by B. a. Leonardl & Co., Central Phar- volunteers h have t remain in C~peba d nd approved after which the business
S icy. and Diamond Pharmacy of Ybor all the aumner. of the session was taken up as follows.
City The foeowing were placed on the
Jr. i. La Grippe aalin in epidemic. Every pauper list: Charlty Keen, $4 per X
al bOui- .Te new Ouette of the Plant iteam- precaution should be taken to aviod It. month; F .Mercral, $4 per month; lrs.
to-d. C.- pasp o led om w lsn Its sDeciflc cure is One Minute Cougn Baded a6
ubde atp lr .ob i number of -Pas
it Pe tmrs S" ser r met Wby nume'ou Care. A. J. Shepard. Publisher Airi- The county treasurers reprot was
do the laendsr. 7%0 stawr oealed for iHa- cultural Journal and Advertiser. Eden. read as follows:
1sboesnu vansiga.& Ma ltbtaend carried out a Mo.. says: "No one will be dlsap- CGenral Fund........... ...$j,3A.O.
S e o and a heavy pointed n using One Minute Cough Road F nd.. .. .
A- i Pac eof CLCure for La Grippe." Pleasant to taxe, Jail Fu.nd.. .. .. 1,
Sw a Pd'Pry, of Colmbqs, c., entered qlick to act. For sale by 6. il Leonral Fire and ForCeltre d ......,4179
maow a of thirty yem and than cured & Co., Central Pharmacy, and Diamond rool Pnd 'Ordrawn. 41-
41'v ma as d l1olve, I. t heals inWsrie and The county J ge and tax collectors
ap TU a skisn disea like magic. For sale by The eteammahip Yarmouth of the Plant license report to Dec. l, 1898, was rad
SB. Lsond a Co., Central Par- SteamshIp Company, arrived from Ha- as follows: State, $41L0; county, 20.75.
macy. and Diamond k-narmac oft X 1 vana at 7:30 am. ~stebrdy. dhe To Jan. 15, 189, State, $1.444.72; county,
Ia r tnti Ct. brought over a large nudher of passen- 4.iES. Report of the pol tax., 127.
ala Aadgof the Boad of Tadecom- gem and a quantit of freiht. This Bonds were reak examined and ac-
cttee on arramngnte for' the Na- steamer leaves Port fIhmoe at i p.m. epted as follows: Notary H .F. Relle
wnol M[lihktwrll onere wi1 be held at on Tuesases and Tridaya, and s sche- and 0. N. iBe. Rifle bond, G. W.
I* r o'oa a ic mornult in tUbe 'lm4 daed to reach Ktvana at 2 p.m. on Water. ax collector bond W. J. Mc-
a.t Itbr A-HO to ri s the program bor Wednesdays and turdays. Rewnturing,. IHien.
.44~ d .s esaWvmti. Col. J. B. Andersoa,
MW raLit 0 u- t BO li o(CTI Trade is cair the Yarmoh leaves Havana at 9 am. Obairman Drawdy reported as having
m omn the couniattee. on Ttharidays and usdtays and reaches collected $30 on court house rents from
a Elm.-ITy Port TemPa bemoan 7 and s a.m. on the United States Court.
s agat a T smallest things may exert the Fridays and Monayas This is re- The petition presented, asking for the
s yaS L e. De Witt's Little markably tast time .and the vesse ls appointment of I. D. Green as court
S ql ove- ecomlng quite popular with the trave- house janitor, was read and accepted.
WW, 65515 6c5lws ilor'il and liter troube mIg pulc
,gf l & oe aM PI, Lbeet A11. ante pilL For sale ing puic to petition No. 1 was aso read, and
Wst tob. It. hr & B b Ioardt and Central Phar- From Wednesday's Daily. the same granted E. N. Odom, L. P.
fO_ w oae TampDa and .Diamond Pharmacy. Dr. Henry Mitchell McCracken, chan- Gills and J. B. Cranston were appointed
casn r 31er City.- cellor of the New York University, ar. a special road committee.
_erI W ATifS cam more aches rived In the city yesterday, and is reg- The Tampa Tribune was designated as
a Pm th.an n a mes e disea lstered at the Tanva Bay. thepaper in which to push the delln-
e is0 to acd in the blood, and is cure The regular monthly m ng of the The otax salewi were received for
by o ds auaparlls. which netral- managing committee of the Co idren's
U s, les ts' le acid. 'home wilH be held Thursday at 2 p.m. at the burial of upers: I. lventreen
ri-aot M ---- k th e ,Home. All members of tne cum- S..a0, Bouitware & Tuoker 84.V0. A mo-
S OODS PILLS cure bloumaesd mlttee are requested to be present, Lion prevailed that the contract be
Mail ed tor cents by C. L Hood & Gr the Dora awarded to Boulware & 'Tucker ior tne
E. 3 ss reason's schooner, theDaS
505. Cs-latians. Is now in port loading for iesr iin,
IbD o ants Ur. and Mra NEr 3 Plant ,irpated Fort Havana All persons having freight 'e tax colector a instrIcted to
b tehe mo n udtl afternoon aon and tes- to ship to Cuba and desiring coea collect taxes on a valuation of $3,001
dAft ar ttMe doa and isn d the roads were Ieshi ll instead of $2,000 on the Tampa Board
rtthe der r es thse nt s we on te shoAld apply to IAr. Greeson, at r Trade property, an error having een
: ,e rated wt ~ Do -t s in noeor
ar that of Mair V~t. They Went abnoar the once.u covered.
o5tr w vestta. and were sgai pieasd t er. Ivy Register appeared 'before the
to Js- to p~h~L nde raehrrms af the Joseph L.ngbeha, representing the board In regard t raurveying, postln&
p .l.tomaSAm Lgu the flgiesho of the taet. Atlas Cement Conm y, was in the city etc. of public rtad He stated that
estealoing after the Intere he would do the work ata price of t4.00
T "-'' teter lo n ater t interests per mile andl tha he required no money
m 9 'le cear alpy new yea v, keep thed his boneo b Dyurin his stay here be paid until the work was fnsed and
1 V.SQl a DeWt' Tan t te ,n avorous byo established ttesres. Philpps & Fuller as passed on by the board. The plat book
L e' Ms -~10ft DeWitt's Ltttle Early Risers, the of C a to be on fle n the cAek'As office as per
a t paG amoo little pills for constipation and the memorandum on file.
,: ter trablss For bale by S. B. Leon- The Imperia theatre, Manager Athan- A contract wee awarded to the Tan-
Sa Ce. Central Pharmacy, eand Die- asow r y C opa Tile and Paving Company to lay new
d amow's c t font a reart firsis concrete sidewefis on the north, South ++a
l -04 .P-Fharmacr ot Yor City. oming to the front as a first-claas end east side of the court house square.
,t 4 Je ,LA o e chair-man of the house. Mr. Atha asow spares neither Road petltio (No. was read and 4
.aaE a L the s or expeme to give his patrons granted to openthe said road at the
0AMUM at Io expe nsag e u RP A G O E
Value received for their money t n e Ope, e of the petitionera+
.. r& ,'ed a t u e received i- their moe Beiton _The petition for a new bridge over
m k aor Bl em e Deage Edmusda; -ayler & Hay- the south prong o the Ala river, was
be 3 a nt hi ult erant O lee; Mtele mnr; ay Harry Aroher read and after aome discussion was +
mi Pt ite would a rive inand others gve a performance well rantr After order the payment
Worth seeing and no one hold m et a number of bll sad n iling out war- +
Tamsat"smnimthe Perielan art scene, rants for same, the beard adjourned. -i
w 'si en. .in snorthe ParLstn art scene. +
t D' t sct scared whn w ttFr heart THE eMODERN WAY 4.
L yMa t Y likely eou suffer The Tamep Baye Hotel will be the --
t W dltoa KO Dysp epslia sene of a grand mUltaury ti on Commends itself to the well-informed,
S iat-. Wha you at. It R iu Timadny evening. It will be given to do leasantly and effectively what +
Sc-r. ai dy pep or ale In honor of the viaitn delegates to the was formerly done in the crudest man- +
IL#,B &Leardi & Co.. CentrPirt"- National Military Convention and no nr and dsarreely as well. To
._ Di.aMnd Pharmcy of TYorpainwil be red tomaket srct cleanse the system and break p cowLs,
o arayi o pa ins spared to man It ibeadabche and fevers without unples- -
uree~ ain keeping with the oo edon. it wil
"-' "lbe helda in tci tse rear weekly erant after effects. use the delightful 4
i' AL. T wr. the wel kIown srl_ g -.enermin. and the detail will be arran- Jade by CaliforniA pIg Syrup Company.
,4sst ~W e~e Ada. where he master of ceremonea. In addition to
$ CbS SS ^ S TS^p hotel wln be the elite of 'empa society. |-Nl l l

5t' yd'E d ~ his itll- ORIP RAV'AGES DOOMED. I
a. whe the were have been caued by the Grip, that OF THE +
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siad belching. and allows a your system and paves the way for LII R 4-
s. t acttr h mst. It etsinstantly. Consumption is quickly stopped by this Which will be here in a few +
-t> l' thiL a rdi a o., cen- dmathleare. .oh hveclisad d s,.come and help us make '
.,Lifat. C sr~ a. Dyfever, pain in the back of the bead.
,ihftMI '. .t CaJ ersoreness In bones and muscles, sore A re
Wl. 5 d r e inat thtoat and that eough that grips your
J L ta (i p b r bstheOhU tntrlin quest throt like a vice, you need Dr. King's
[B, .'.dd "lO." 'A 'm' qwSdt,~e~-l New Discovery to cure your Grip, and u eU

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scattered ever aso
theseaes in va a i"
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cnig sard anlWa uesiXM

NOtak taem imh a SID4
deliate "theSam&m --
have your pathwar
er tif ~rso seW s.
-507 Franklin. 8 '

jvnsdent. VAe Prd s

change Nati


TAPI, -. ,'- -fa

'Ii ~ --

r%'t .1 i"II..r r: ~i7
r ~t-L~
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s 1 u
r I 1

Tagpor. one rIe

S' a rood governor he was one of the most
Sl ique characters fhai
-A -;-L"B^ ll 4 it
Swh hso ct fddled hi e w~iy nto

epai. Da ly and broa4dbua nAor. Hisa table style
tInr- xB iren Bha tataAe him lir-
S .... mensely popular as a public sp-e:; er
is " eW & .v5o. L. eas oa ,%vasl in-
00 r k Vd4he- bhit enreeQF*r
t Y~.n*e lE k bgun too.
S was called on for a fev remarks. There
F T f: o Lkt t f *a new exracts from as
k 1- b 4t"* 'id',on:--Irr, i atn aru:
d rtIS. lel lsu*Wt*bt ft lti ohr stal t-; of pollunc
diitliiiii_,l1'^ ao"ty 'to.jJ Uri.hsvrven o- ty
Wet at hism thsees 0' we
S^'i SPP ijhb titsF, white 1 ra.a: I

t ulre e fro is ilo ekiS" and

^^y-V. i Lepb great

Syet there axe Mbad b wings in the polltl-

Wars elear the atmosphere. and the heel
q aUlIU IN'WTddsWtl'W6 alWsot5 the sesieciteo
W .lliA" 91 A.' s- .
Mgfth Aian rspntment and cha-
S i rina within my besn"s *but :maer as
~ .4 "'M.one rwho retres from labor to great; from
t .; ~wir to happlI mt. o -

i) T V- ofCbEa baesttlng into blooc and all the
u-gafma ltu hSi' lattputrltngig tWks. Hi
4=Mo -jontten, tedAth 104t in
a l ie Three ames t haev wuorn ihee
MW bT the
, .hat is
i Tor Cbiqry enotegh for me."
fO., I G.. cfiviffy, ;
A drew Carnegse is a reqtarimabi
r n a diatewer other aojectivl may be
^ ?mnstvssola aWM-o4s-l.-x'r was no so many
.iiBoei : y~emr ago that he was only a telegraph
he pue hlsvay to-'w at
S" .J hol4lptg n tagtbc

0o to a stt r. --
l-JfamrCJ --j ciple tMal
jif sd thatd bv

.n at.,r. t

11& i *^ 1 Wor I tel.

i#vtle FLFe kiclso
tie'r and, tar-

1t4he e Wmmttee-
rie all the tOI
i AprovtWia'&o
ier ber-ors, we
t tiwt aggre-
id, and that the

Amenca sGtieatest Y- T I.C.
Ane G test YT bi I E ALL THE TRUTH.
', . se Aeaonal charges made against
ed icinie is thoe me.ackers of Chicago. who car-
SHood's SarsapariTa, ntshed bad beef to our soldiers, ar, not
Which absolut .y .. founded upon dreams. however extrava-
Cures ever form ant the exaggerations may be. Their
oCures every form of 1is enuta truth in the series to ustify
kripure blood, from a thorough invetegation of the eon-
SThe pinple on your tracts. The War Investigation Com-
Fae to the g t misson can not postby pass by tnese
Faie tO the e accusatlont and retain the good opinion
Scrofula sore which of the public-an opinion that Is in ser-
Drains your system, ious danger of radical modification for
Thousands of people the worse from the friendly way the
board has recently been treating sus-_
Testify that Hood's Dected persons and transactiona The
S~rsaparilla cures board should go to the bottom of the
Scrofula, Salt Rheu beef contracts. It should summon the
Scrofula, S t wifts, Phil Armour, their employes, the
.. Dyspepsia, Malaria, telegraph commay employes. and
Catarrt, Rheumatism anybody who can poalbP, throw any
And*That Tired light apot the contract The court-
Feeling. Remember this marital tur done its dut': to Comrts-
Feeling Remember this
And get Hood ary eneeal Eagan. Let the War,
'And get Hood's Board be as prompt and as vigorous ir-
And only Hood's. dealing with the beet barons. Then If
N' TORK AND HE L there ibal be rtdeno tha.t the hoara
OF CLALIhas only hkade a pretence at lnvesita-
::.: "- t OF LAi.MI
-" O "-- tlomn K will be proper fbr the Prest'ent
"he Nasy Department, according to to appoint a cotmmilsslon to investlgatie
tdispbe a from trasitngton. has ra- the investiatora. Half of the trute
d to.Ve Court of Claims the decls- has already come out against some or
t ofsi__ ues ion whether amrpon
Sof t~~ qlesHon whethrrampson tremopatractorm. The publie demanded
was act i present at te b' tle t. e a
fNEagroa..' This must be a relle. to Lhe whole of it.
ideorptarklLAng. rbether or not Be is CHANVICS TO LOSE.
partial t9oAmdtral sa-ipson. or peju-
sidted aos ut Admiral B S eyy, a-state New York papers have many -tortne
of'fact's ibeh we are not prepared to of the "secess" of plungers who trave
admit. nrwttistandlng the number o01 been gambling In Wall streeL The stair-
times the charge has been laid at thi ise of the f"allures" % would he equally
Tecret art e do e.
The sit tton 'a brief is this: TJ0.interesting. Tlie tendency to itnltate
question las arisen whether the omiers the exploits of successful persons Is so
a&4litnen n the New York are enuueo strong that these examples of plunglrs
t. ".ead Inoney." underr the law,. a making a million with a ten-dollar Stit
bounty a o Is paJd t or every- person are almost irresisuble. To form a good
on board hostilee maen-or-war sunk cr-
detroyes.by a veeel-of he rute judgm 0nt of chanc-s one should know
States. the enem,'s forces it super- the whole truth. There Ls (ne fortune
}or, $00 li'aa for each perspnt aaooaa. made where many" are lost. Of c.,urs'.
Ln aopearw that our valiant naval om- those who are legitimately buying
cars t"avnAgured t out that the p raian stocks as they would buy houses, anti
fleei. in conjunction wiAh the land uat-
tere wa n etror to ithe eet ar ating for them, may make a fortune.
teries. w&s superior to the fleet unoer r
Admiral Schley's command. If the New or good profits. Those who lost wer-
York be left out of th- count. But the ones who sld the stoXKs at half
AJlral Sampson says he was tniere. zo their real value.
4 ftwe fnein who were with him. it wil -
be ieen. 'terefroe. that, in aldiUon to America gt-j an ad\'ntis.ment wortn
any tight: the deacson on this pcnte tens of millions though the opaolIh-
throws upon the ia.mPi n--Sobey con00- Amerioan wa-. A year ago many t,.
trovey, itn may hwve onsIderle the leading papers of Durope did not
YToet o &e amount of cash paid the
-J~e Wk r-Texas, Oregon and the other onton the avera of a aiuarte .o a
yghel. 'rJwWUh updoubtedly aided in column of news about the UuoLttwal.
sinking CA era' a fleet, Now the -whode world has waked up to
Ie should really itke to see our sail- a realtlation that we are the biggest
Oegoflloe a anr men, from ar mlr
fpc, t w ne'ids as metn.frtmssdn wimiers tion tnt earth. The way We did put
di, wellpaid tr their weeks f seaft y -
i in bdiUan waters and (6r their p th e r cash and hustle whes we Stared
bravery li" action, hbut we have sae opu out to teach Spasa a lesson astnltashle
doubts if :the people would tosk u poa all 'Europe. And now even Eaglana
Utie payrmat o f dotte 5a-rttney "admits that wew must be reckoned wilt-
or the re 4 alleged asa _t u.ti- A
cal attach. on tie trea-sM- ara t-n gre et nannclal moves. And 1qe Wortd
Bchleyin Mends will await wtth much knoas we hare nlimlited, resources
r no doubt a decision of thet ahd iti coming to our bargaIn couniess
ion wheer there t eIe York i eln i fr erery t qartwr of the wirid.
S to share In the bounty. Thbep., Be-noldt, ipreeisatatrve of
w ITWrASHING PROCi tMhe lgyptl K goernmenO, is figuring
___ wfth le Tressed Steel Car Conpany.a a
As the Tribtus predicted at the very Pitsburg, for an expegIpental order of
outlet, the War Inveatlgatlun Commit- ea, to be used on the sotdan
tee e.polrtei to Investigate alleged' Ir- lr 'We: ll be loterlly stripplot
reguarilties fn the conduct o1 ertain
war offlck:e has turn ed -hlt; . -- s t o N castle it this teeps on. Yes.
little whitfwashltng del 4my4 rt're people.
tnletlon^.. to n uppo4. rt jy ^ i i porto Sa ptoportpdihl-4a#-a0bar
Uso at any coalt. Thiti ; *MU ta ot hia ;i (n "a n .a
.ptiUily adiered to. eren at the cost of 'bo in Germany and now the- A-en-
lunldbinglnthe Innocent a-I' loalrlo can bicycle is being boy'cotted by tmte
the gullty.-to escape. It ls'tfo* a no- German manufacturtern 'fe lndnastrial
torlous Last that groes outrages and gi- aggressions of Uncle Sam do not seem
eto sbe appreciated, bt that will not de-
but as skeinhit iWae teithesi twhlte- Ler the old gentleman from reaching out
washed by tne bo.tmnsionl thhn t -tWsmof seore businesna
chief offenders that the metited punish- Mr. ltetkes like Mr. KIiour. t trp-
sent ta% been turned Into encomlums
_ot Lua-.T ake for Instanoe te snves- lng to impress Chlcagoans with the idea
tigatlons that have been in progress in that tdetrgroundt trolleys are Impracti-

.twd uto ay the bad quality of the seek cable s the meantime ether cltles
*tenished the troop. In t Ctft6e o ri ever the success attendant
la.Mftet tat sxty-thee arsty toil '*
Pon the burial of the vrlrea
l;54Uthat the beef was filthy nd the u of the w
, for.. a s. ths.c-t, o, e .,,>.ia -:

t P entirely u tnounlrd. I U
*ew Yo, Hnaerald i csferrls* Wh
Sin a recent Isue says:
w evident fro the outset P at

k.hl'A.uld :FEF tW d j mB er t
truth; apr wtlch did not deatre to tsw- i rt- th
cover' this sbefd it be unwholesome. = fod. Did you of
The authority gVled them was por- that
X0Pe made too Ilmated In character Peshape yoUtt B need
to rescnaay real result but even nad mltre taegth neves;
this been extensive enotuh the spirit O e [hPe lIS Mn
manifested from the belitnring showed .n g t =
that favoring, not incrlminaung, teati- no a t t
money was sought Notwithstand ing tLmtake a -
tilas. tamnaging facts reflecting upon
n*earM every bureau tf the War Depart-
ment were by some persttency set be-
fore It. apd 2ouwh their pregnancy can-
r bedened the committee finds that
b War -Department is practically of "I with Hyp ":'
^a4..n^ x~pis :. athe mostt
Polltkc are beginning to occupy th e Mt i niato
minds of the politicians. The Hon. at t Chy^ op10 t2
Peter 0. Kstgt ti widely tated of as the bI { i
rto actor Pasco, and roam ;
Polt. DeBoto. Man- l kB

e.n^ .. .bisman h e th
aw heits is *Akuiry br bath read- !!E _u of




Zma~mas"& wafmmmsau.nw
s osqsd LiSasis 84satha 'l

La WALT&%- ~tllP10

........ in. om~ EUT*

lPri: 22Itg Ot swaw Yet I*.P t.

,HOP -PIO B M f-L. I' . ,.

J. BACO N &'$Q.

.ipoiter ni i.. ..er o.'.......

We have & g-oi4aO ed IparPo l _to *
vision of one of the firm for thi b ianch er'o. ...i
at a distance. carn send .pr samples apd mar' d~ ,-

of a Drf Goods business. It is the large, bestfit4f a
best contruetled, and contitis all thart~ exlrie in -. h
to render it the most useful, comfortaNb)' uinA.t-
kind. It is aco ordily eoie.6 othe ighsiosIfiu -A
G"Baon's Advertiser" contaius price Ji-s of Fat"-_3.
Goodcmaiied free on epplieatron t ,, ,-' E
inJ.- BACON (. a FA

425, 425, 429 E. Market t., bove i on.
W~Te baxe e~a regultr~arganizW Jowa o

ision of one of the firm for tbiof ae
at a dis-anc'. can, s -a'le O Op'"es tad j'sms tairta
us f or r*ples andft rigwifi pa -tiithi in lUK

LiCon rhe (now), Algs en-pecial t ca ctls fawIeroke

of a D Goods business t i 4rg sss)bes fi

best con w ted, cois th&er U i &c?- lg'
,ind. It ao he sigh .
"Bascon'sAdvertiser" edntaitO rice Jis of FJeskasis

425p 4 .51. 429 g.-Mirit b.2 i,' .LOU.

'0 -lie..-

vms Ri M

JacksO vltim~d ztal

2,0~ g~~~9

-; i. pjeeeaair,

--ss am.---6I-Namto

tiBVe a:* Pan .1. .Zsters
3:00 rL... .,.. ...~o
4. 34 IpLm. "and.....~ r
l. s ... Blue hiltr

2AA v brJw a a a =;, -.j.. --W wpf t 1

94S a"dss
Md wosr.s%.

-La --r-,

-1iii~; 43iS~l
--. kf ..........

~ery ~~iti

Qdj huP



I Withdraw

sm s In Pa-

t. *. b e. ,
ga isemb1--to, raical

& ,JWteled By a teea-
kil Mia The surts
.; betemined

t. uiit .-t la'in' 1Mhte

Iacee. of

bha ea

Debate on the. Paris Tr-t-ty-hI-a
Bill Passed by a Close Margin.

Spec] to t he Tribune.
Wahlngton. Feb. i.-The senate
worked away on the treaty debate with-
out saccomPUblhing much. There was
some tak of taing a vote to-day or
to-morrow, tut the leaders all seem to
be In favor of holding over until don-
dar. When a vote will be had by un-
antmous eonaent.
Senator ldsey offered a resolution
rovJdiOfl that thIe a oqtcetlloa of terri-
tory oarrles no obigation to admit it
to the Vnlon. ajd that the PhUippine
Cesmo will be accepted in the hope
that the ichatitants may demonstrate
their a"bdlty to form a government.
The House ocoouded moat of the day
in a dtlcorm on of the river and harbor
SUL The general debate was Umltea
to eoe hos. and a half. It s tauder-
stood tha amnendments will be offered
Stvesewho ashe hot after additional ap-

S tioR ps oanise and increase te
'army to about one hundred
Stha men. but rfving the President
.~h t tO reduCe the size of infantry

0 W is the number of saB


4.9i..mp~$l t e Tatpaa Bay Last
Sight a Very Scoesafl AL r.

w Fr K-oqFriday iy a .a' i
Mw Te Tamsa Bay Miomel presented a
Imy appW eOsae las o n: t on the 1ccai-
- toiat te aseatAr gsarma Qf theesasoM
%%& intarth~ar wA bmUlmaatlv lichftd &"

aoe tn
Le a, r

Mo re. lrdericdeti, 0 0 .
ad pcer ;valud at ....I .... JW AYs, d
oeic work o mf te tire ae- "
eated te uire from Pronrlrlaygli4rlly.
ilourin g bulkdipgs. An Immen crowd greeted
salMJAL Dt.)WIY. -lmlse IS plabL ,"AAl at
Tribune. .tusfszw ihSSg

ore au hlteretts of Admual DeWy. At
SIn- aaneidmenw was pia4dec to UAsolutloi
uao exoiaoenula. the date f retlremenit to
d aeap-.,tep,)er. . -, .,
either 'Iplib arEATr-;
Ie part o wr. e nf. t e ..R. c ", 1-
ch de- rHua 15qnylta. '
er n -

WMi1 eb Bet to Chicago to be Tried
iate. "in the Courts of 1 hat P ace.
S' ieclat to the Trbmne.
Jacksonville; etl, 'feb. 2.-Baron and
' Baro neo De Bats ,'wto were arrested<
-'on JWL S. at-4e3tf Asvanwtl. obarga

b IS ,. .. ....e.rea..,..irt IT

iomn,*Iu Again" embez of C* :'-'-'"
^'SS^sifSS'T-x .t^ -.). si
Wphlsg uon% Arb. ---i pelfal meet- W-
s.Q the tlclrsTomm-at.ee of M -'i
ouMse wNe haM to-tw to RAs on th -*s1W t Phetr-09a
norulry Osdso"d.J4 tw Houe aus to We n -1 m
tisba. of sagetr to hold opmlseioons
UmtheerWOW Aid m otkqerqcos

ustake Ar Lo mI .n mr .- *. j A .T vwU,*- .
be anhwu 0 -a r'e "a-tat- -
41. w1-W i t e poor aunmail A. LL-8 lOBtaT IMCOVELR.
sumrion. A The latter part
I.Ija tie.s US comitnS One small bottle of Ball's Great Die
'i0B6ac eboarfte41An every res all Kidney and Bladde
S s ft is .the .satom or rouIWs, removes graveL, cures la-
% w t eyw 'pvut s-eminal emission. weak anO eI&=
& a 'tbsc'- *eAs rheUat&ism and all trregolari
hwflsl-- -oom t, .ef Ithe Kidneys and Bladder in ootm
a1Ksc atleenleed the ani al men and woman. Rteulate biaddei
qrat.pte sa.ge pptnIon. as reublea tn- children. If not sold D
we a ~l ,ter amt1e raI ,' drlggit witl be Sent by mail on
iat l e sier thlLdis sane ri'aIitl t 1. One smau lptue is w is
to-& lty ad be head oc- aemth's treatment and will cure an3
Eajfl inom "So A" huva mentioned. B.W. HAi.
*lA t from Memw- 010Sole IManuacturer
f i na hat it ec t0 O. Box ZI, Waco, Texas.
T he trWee'-a& so by B. LBeonardl & Co.. Tampa
ftr, b ground aU l.
-"i*43 pxw- sanal securely
-s M t some EAD THIS.
lslfe ap SeSeI aIL is Weatherford. Texa. June 23 -1IS5.-
ltW ~O,. eS hoes was a Foir een years I was suffering with
0aMiook d as though he was kidney trouble, and found no permanent
rr b ren r rteit tn raeLef- After usIng dozens of bottles
r N ivetlsotlLand toe qis different kinds of kidney medicine.
ther ws guilty of mach a bad come to the oonclusion there wAs
'ne shoild tbe trsiT an no ce. for It. I w ladsOucoed, to try
an oa all's Gread Discovery, and find tnat
I am cured by the use of only one Dot-

ideeji wbetler.memerss on ncvn Hom- Tamea on hisway trm wao
missions apolnted bot the presaidt v ._ ,,n, .
,ere to be taciuded I1 It; i:-.cs
I bhas en prealty decided that bur som he n
mepl le serving on the postal and tn- cased on Afa 0e6r Tom S6
4uotrlal commissions will iot be dcs- showed him through hsU isimn
tueed. Notmlir f the ihoat e 6 iW qt
OTTi' PLAY A FAILURE endft h for bhnm ad Tal hot 'l
-- discoiraed ilda' him 'to ottne
Speil to the'rIibune. Trthso96 ki .WIdM vd
W\vshbogtn. D. C., Feb. Z---Reastag
that "A Dog in the Mangrer"lJs t agl- wavned. Tosn at n0M de"Wt'rd
ui e. .eers. Hoy t &, UKee wti close National Ha ess CoMipay OC
me company in this cIty at the end ot ville. Tenn., for aome >oodb an
their cegagenoent wo ardiy b.h theGeneera ecOted'o. at #aIM
and cancel all date to ol.
Mr. ,cK saS that be unifortw ate Jtlt what he waAtetd sad ~dt
condition of Mr. iogt'a health iaes It sevta st ah iteiieiUd airlet uaiA-it
ia Soi-ThO IOtOtB dweA e the us- noe as ever graced the'bair 4
uSa t ort 4fkernl L the prLaH. aHe pSd 4 oA ttw eeLaets.
AoconpanAed byl h prilvqte physicIan, have them- sent to bhmI4rmT5
Dr. Barry of New YorKg, t. ioy wiSt ort er. Sk of spSeef' &torbid
go trom here-to Vlrinl' ibt Bprinpig csAOI onf 'a.ts itne 1-Urn.
for a month, and then to Florida for the enderewoahSan e6sa ipSiU
spring. It. t expected that ret and ef.t se ooldo Gepersl Hsem.*i
exerclee wli restore htim to health bbe-. wIl e you to c al ld see them
fore his return to New York In iday. naddi&ton m t6the oneeih
Sdemon sold the gener al m.
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Special to the Tribune arem l pte"B
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Ilefltfa Syadic te Absorbs a Ni lBal- Bsortl-gto fttast Thrht ts to ie b. A be
road Enterprise. o n Votes.m

______et' He ibte He ste
hRt Azaerican thatl wu iga
Catholic Prelate of Havana Refuaes Tine Louisville fiayhoose in Ashes. ish ballets to the l ar
to Permit Protestant Clergymen The Men Lrcaped the Avalanche Jti]t illbe s thefa
to Cficlate at Interment Ser- of Snow in Colorado-Dewey of the first American soldier
his life in this war. TUi .
vices of the Maine Heroes. Favored by Legslation. sent to thelJunta. ta'hew Ter
unknown person to be used
purpose and no other.
Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. On the 12th day of last Aprl
!Havana. Feb. 1.-Bishop Santander Harrisburg. Feb. 2--The only pre- pedo boat Win low, one of thi
has served notice that no Protestent ceptible change in the vote for Unitem Bagle in command tried to
clergyran can take active part n Me Statee Senator to-day was a lose of one landing off Cardenas Point dn
ceremoniee over the graves of the
Maene's dead. who are buried n the vote for Quay. and a gain of three tor coast of Cuba. 1he
Cristobal Colon Cemetery. The women Dalzell. been oristed aC thm iU r ei
who are arra ig e t ceremooneas to. The Quay leaders who have been very themselves in thl~e
February- 15 h0ad planned that boota IbW'
Catholic and Protestant prayers snou confident o the early election of their shore. lThey
be misd. The bishop's decision nas candidate, now admit that there Is no deadly effect.- tszlgT eiS
thrown them Into confusion, and w ile longer any hope for his election, at irst to f t I1
most of them are Inclined to accept the e et, est. MLt a r ot ss.P.tC M
decision %I out protest some are so least until after his trial for consptracy. deck else h b wpdaha WJ
bitter tha they would appeal to the They still think that he will be acquit- board. .
President to enforce what tney call their ted of the charge, and his elecatn will When' o bd f
hppes have ben sned n a ea o course follow, but at the same time sent to M stSil
by which a synadcaLe aens erican aana they admit that tf the trial goes against secietas. of thel (lIr An JW
ngliea capiallsts comes Into pstee-, him. there Is no hope for him. Th.e United .tate& 4 .-:W h
non of the Sanus railroad, being friends of Chrs fgee of PittsbUr r re 'New Tr. Ha o ltaInqu
aizother steo toward the ulnmate am.- grouJngs i anunAers every das, a"nd a draft for the ie oi .e
masiation into one trans-Cuban system breuk from Quay to hMagee is Ltsb4l to>rsaw offered manr tih=I3 t
ot aIL the pratpatr In t e sand. come at any moment. It was -.lM- by vaitlesi- lto w LtsivI
The purche price is the par value of mated to-day tht B iot, Yatea and. a Before sstmr with4-tishad
the stock. A3000,000, there beings o uon- number of. Phltidselotla member ar'fi, .phmotrsaphL. t i *dI I
and Oc rioaol. idebtednesas. The StocL- getting ready to start a stAmpade 'ttr butemd P nmo g 42-bia.
holders wi l e February in to aeciue Ma Lee it t %&n and t the anc-euIc At the I 06K 3iiw t
whem"er wilI acoept par for the forces swlse into line, it is gtood by0Cieu takeBn' onKey WWeI., _
stock. orcchagie jt for stook lan tne to Quasy_- The iUot to-day ryf.lUi4LA hoUtl.L *-Te t .atoIi-
-ma ap ted company which will 'con-. s tlsloe; 103, Jiak JV. .lse there to have ft r*Im dddA
oLr CtIe etprek 1lenfueg _and 17., tbwart B. B b 7., Ston t. Irvin S. home in Ohio, wh. wt e fl
la.wm 1Ii01. ald possibly to-oa '- s blose.erA Neca rtq y to ,eiot .il. '. bretl w. il .be ebeh 'titI a
sBd Jucaro roads, the latter being the brav. -o1dipe.
most propproe roat In Cuba BIG THBDA.tE FRE. r .,
Senor Galbias.' present of the 't. "e .' -B F-l
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tL Gigantic Intar
ory for American
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e. 4.-The Cuban rail
atrolled in New York
heir ownership has b
nd American capital
llnoce has won. the o
from an aH English s

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require $tl.onooqX in
tsLunt. The deals v
attention to this
of capital were the a
United Railroad of Lca
Matanxas and Sabs
lag in top of the pu-rc
in Orange railroad
e o are in this synd
others, of 'SMntreal;
Mey, B. G. M. Harvey,
ar, bea rY P. WhItne
Wea V. Young, F. I
as PF. Ryan of New Y
eno adi W. L. Eikln
Ruffee & Sons and J
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and Geats e Co.. of
Lae' a ba was firot a
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stodik otras of the a
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day's Dally.
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Intnendit L. W. Thus-
and Hut" SOmerMme.
Dr. ahnr was pscve
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SGrnted by Judge Locke in the U. B
itsl I A Spleudid CrlTll Of SpOrt OB thl Court at Jacksonville Seems to
Tampi Bay Rae Tnct Plea Everybody. Never Failed to Oure Diseases of their
----- rom Sundy. Da neys and Liver.

btotnsoend P.sa. KnLgqu Isortved titn
" praise Patrons Now Satislfed That No us- :hey ap'-e.red fer udge
En- picious Work Will be Allowed. the United taten court to r--
SFour Jockeys Fined byJud the petition to iart c court to Lssue
an order to ,om.- Rceior shapin o o- 4 7' it
T I O SYRP Or ROe and Starter. the Consume-rs Com5pan)- t. reconstruct
t of e O SYRe cO treett ra wa track o pn Seventh ave
is due ot noly to the originality ac d Fro kutdayee Dall i ni.ooz nMat1kr cid to ioLV n ren proee.-
roads city f te o ion The tenth day of the mid-wint D r ntled L t Totinl ai n d .u. it '
e *a t re skici witthich It is meeting of the Tampa Agricultural thu recri ver. :'"
mal r OWufactured by bcirutific processes Racing and Fair Association, was a _.it o n and'lr iz-nrin udg
CIP~s- on.y, I'dwv wo tops-ss upon grand areess and thp large numb-r of a:i, ecat f in- Crig bo cir: -ud.
yndi- 6]l the importance oftpurchasing the people that a-ttnded more deligted with J a n r t i t pt .sI
a re- truen a original' remedy. As the the entertainment afforded them. The tIu-.tn cof her our. inee trouiLe
rt ienmitatineSy ofFiismaact ured by weather Was rceht and entleaant ke th e veriest dyaor aen toene Lgr v t or
con- by the Chigh standing o SY C. in thel wool roas In very far condit oh, 0a0 0an the macr onerof other ~ --o ntat uil
42la- ony, & Fknowledge of that fact wi!- the races were all first -cans in every to is honor iiaa noth nth.t di-
ca a ist one in avoiding the aowrthlei n trea c Ter e ladies were out in e full o.ius si de. ant t it s ,Ild a c V-

er- tenname. ofa the Coapany o racerty in attend d swelldom's l s sof sty. I A le pros t eon nna mo en mac rotc e tI
y. ar. OU the excellenceding of it remedy. It the wol "roo wat vder"f th oo inth o oth tlhe wiaaOm ra oeraton ei relT. it runtaelo, i HS tl
1 iordU FoIGthe eSlsUe Co. with the medi- horse. Peety spring gonna anita noOe areitevaedby te cttIoc5 rIn soN-it i b esa-

T. h 01- aio e dvame of all other satisfactioves Werere on w by the fair orein r twher ab 'm. u ron un tois n ud e na onl h orga fr "
Wlhtich the geulne Syruep of Figs has Many colored toilettee had a very pnet- i tn cauie in nec njunalrlo 5ement

Uca .; at itE-L v in on the kidneys, iLer nd,.
Si given to millions orf families, makes ty eOect. Se verar carriage parties wee ir neravu av trtea a ane eb uoth n .'..
p.er- thiename of the Company a gesarty in attendance nds onweldm tleakL aer ofsitU onAtle t pro s Lac deon "maol-e s

S e. of te. In excer llence of its remedy. Itnt e Plan is e ale rt'e -ardecd InoO i e hi nb ase oiarmanat to cit Io Ie ciuni ,
01- X- ar tn advance of sil other laxatives, te oale wnte a hrel eemaa- or beer n the a set neredInt tn oree treoti

effetas, please remember they o p r arecincts a nd &o pre baent of the ractgr bemreth aveub. in arpagt snce wsineo.
tr ki ;. b s -it t o n t h kiita dng e le r fo fr thft e k fair co m pa nione T he crowu L u t ue aoteedy conotim m a t 0IcitULeltaI
adac g therm, and it does t wgripev o r tharn any yet seoen at the r-e in. cci tat0 eteeoor s r Sneiaiinta if nsoIM
Us- nauseat. in oderto get its beneficial h.e is. lat, president o lthe Plantsteet care oitamPnrY to te staceos lon4 /dt
effects, please remember the name of system, acid also presidentothe teienib avenue, in eccttdiaiieEZtimtc
nown the Company- aaeociation was presn; .accompaniect prxovions b nae for ta i f i bu'n tiap s, t n B
Cmpany- by a party of friend and maeared to Ul a.peat s sat the pavement cannA..Ot s
ain CALIFORNIA IG S RP S C breaoyenjoy the hiie grade port pro- D o until me Tat lay A t
r* L T M 6 ]K. w onae rT The fes t rae oe n the card wa at tons. ax ug o ewinci e as ai ed 'Y-s-
6. r seven furlongs, for colts a3 geldinos y.:c tuto1et einte 0 5ntrt--VPeCenLO &Tv- -7
MIrs t thr f eas oad and up that "dM stated nue. a bueLness thA.r-xJti, ,-e, Sr e
r ur, t A noto won at this meeting. The r e ace aea.u. e. .... a .5 noi a le tast
1501DA w tO1and Oent to s a wt open i t e toe h oe tirst red tb the street tar coCt-
t -dg LLL heolg~L I a e i~lod under a perast hestcing pafoy fur p aping. p et-e t- ret
sdthe an hieldbearer were in the first post- tLoc the ce aein eS A uti ae ioo ...L.
o sl A Splenadid Bac on the Tampa Bayt uon amte Owarette close until te Cotpany ht .New York atun t the Con- . c
penid ,aCs on Me Tampa Bay isi when there was a enera eLos- tsumers' kectric ingt nd noreet teil- ,
Track-Attendance Large. Ing up, Orettaseito te last l, way Company, of whc1t Caeter W. The profound and Iapbetre n- 'o Vtd nervol %xse =
and Judge Davis, with Jockey Iall uChpin tota eis te receiver .on the petition OffPfBdw 1. e 1416srainf
Time. fell SO toh ge mund. The bay got up the 4ty oz Tampa.thert ag Its a- VelgOns of f. daW k k m t gtl srft
Sthe lImmedeatAoYand climbed over the fence srevrsentativesC.Cd. Whtahker and a'. the discoverer f Palne' cd0 corm- of.w .ma W I I, T -I
Prom Wednesdlay Dly. unhurt. The hoasue coeun on has way U. tLui o the firm of tu Pt- poId, have robbed diseae a ach of o s5 ste h
Testerd ywas an eaI dW y for hores with the Held. pipe canie away bor e renft.er u s re sn..Onadu Its alarming character. _P__1 w4 i IV I l-1
raing. and there ws a large crowd in easly an won -by a bhaf length handiNaly. Putrs U tast.e oo Ut vi a n ca rver a penr rwiOWIhe
Mulatto was second, but was placed last sfors an osdec o te court "tthe-.u*.- a Nature has rtieided is th. liver a o the et i l
re s-tte- e at the Tanps Bay race on account of causMing Judge Daviu roev c. -,neswr t. uapin, Lo piece atfeSiard without which everyone socAY wli th SWtti
*m track to witnem the ve events on the f&La. Shiledbearer was moved up to te tracks or te rails,-a on oevenui would di e from the lifhtest tinpladenee er is a heartfIt better 1,
Scared fbr the elevethb day of the mid- second paceo, he being a short noe rie- aSeue., mthe cicy ocaui.ilpa, tna l Indiet. The blood loaded w.fth _os wl-tten on Dec. 1I laStht i3'a
be- winter racing meet.,fore Volutante., wiewas taird. T-re the amene *alt conform to te oras-u0-
hbe- wt" ws fet. Ct a the ttes- ue'as o bay, his jockey erer, cincee uf tur tt) wau ror o orm- reacIes the es, th excretMa fetion, e, w ie |
td AThe track -wa lr fat a&rid the ulng up wen the flag dropped. Bherer as may tie neCessary io .a.t. ...C 0 0.U of that organ rests them aid there en
Roe ew4 cCamtemnt In the racxs was alt was nned fou theA. td i6ion end conductive to pubc Immo;'ments."t thrown back to the bowel. This Is ecqound&rt ilar
- that coe be nd. There were but o aretta and Hohtahaia were noted The petition akteg that the wore of
- tht o Idedss The were b $6 each far brag n the sr vio w av IS i eun has ben the action of the health Uvler, bt tht fOr vir angdkl lf
I the four wittdiwa from the a hors"ee actUon rof the offioers m tlng re jockl- eGtaey tV y tne failure W ALe re -eVr mU perpetual overwork at last does wht.Wat do8*o4 up andftuklt l
S entered. vizw &a average of eight eye esusedmoce careful wotm Man 'nplace, the tracs in the proper position, over-functional activity does ftr Other Ps3t ellery 06 u31&
taM tn start in eah race. sioceediag meoe- __ o Itt the woa atparvin caoot.d t oeti r'-oI5,, ed
0 r" ht d att i eh flace. n hhe second race was o the t n o M of h s aa -impalr or detroys their ex- oTheset sni Me Sx
d- rw eookakr ein betting prd o ions of the day It was e been pied up -in ta street cretIng power and oens the. derw to $s ss-ft S
itbett l g rin, and hat alL they could a six furom handle p or winners. at tor oe thnS iietlsi Bmtrhts diseae Id Itrity attend to in-bindlrnthe lucreeof the this etig three yers poeier ompound enable. the lver" to lical i
"he betting opened with no particuiwt- eunformatatios by die receiverew=oinMeAbe
horse being a decided favorite- Three prova o t nrdumnoen io., -wime tok without teasl i to pise It
dent ,ess-nUr L Speedy, the worlds tam-nhorskItes-ed ?the henoGSmere M&- w utecia now sine trautasnDe oaldsupplie5serrous enes to the organ no" aroseds itowot
M see high diver, did his Itttle turn from grader. Mis Al Ya nsad IZand d bow the ounxdsnlon"miae preparm-, and prevents irritation- It purifies the ehesdancl of t.disee
the one udr Loot steel structure were the favored ones. Aam t~a~t d toe else of timers a the shapeofbeine of blood and does not leave the whole t- tolsed- ea oftOw
it tean ot stemlotrc ef riders en tenes-a thafarvof toi l D to Deuseda. wL ast ylyng task to one organwhether I, theme aseed of
feito i& I H'=te)isVwl wateronlyUs ret Agard toweeney a&oned eLil d bets, b ewto nt 00L empaai5AiAY that Mhis %OAL0 mont k Wie or bowels. It obviated the col- Me va ci FI ai m I9's

Sas cited mernited taue W the tower aowed for a no book Blood ndaOw iLlenthy It not only reate the er or- to make
opened on the second u qoouo at to ar. Knight after deliver length ft not only lae the aerohe or- to mk

at I been Wtdoned there will be only row. orf none too wes, raced to toe teu what they do want. Asm I hetI for L a
oer. I more ani ald It behooves lebut hut was tba ken cwIde ay toevmreaEb, bldtoL t07It.
mipeag u E e.14y es-e waq hey Sn. ed to be este get kyte oraA ave--s
P0t1 1rabe onW'ercing dats eIalthret-olM ws odaoff bdge when teo buncoed nuis uone irtsid ananother tod me mat Xnteret tem Picked Up in a .ey&Cm a
s Iam n a uil dan the meet- p in the bk .ete a th trew vnein avenue mu t c trnt&. li, y hI i0 neighboring Town. e
aesi i, her out of she mossenti osn.Magrudr Catictf is hackitngt up eveni avena, second
tte in berw asandondhie daswil omk-- mdo op ln w stretch, cost- .fr Hy.e Park doteas S I ecefr P LcAlTe CITP w
*edl Tfmi-lre raei ngiwet ,s ern-itt1 0io lenlgtb from Bloodtound, rwho was nabr owner to it Ul done a rIpntdy a po- Wise a viatter at the hMone of Mrs. and to emii Pts i l
t action i te msgement in ex- length before bMoB Al arrow, who sbie. I don't consider an order in tie t. R. BWho is s W i so h gm btoe hn4
idtoWtobe pon to tnee n exlocked u though she might have mance matter aet al necesary, for the rsea s t Od fi. V "4f
ltemdiI tMeof t te rt4eeag of tke tand it still aoer with a tviorous ride on nuoth street b will be fixed jut as soen 'Vths-t d lady T Hevty *I.' *
stand Ito ettead l Isa ie numbers. The tird rsce at one mile was for as we oan get we material. Re. J.3 l1.ls, teMestemedi Ibts IIp *I.t d., -......
pfiIlsei te ae i declared ir timoe at cth meeting, ad had not been manna ci the company ba een IBjoyiB9 no o el eared rt with pedls 3. n- .*I
and aet eir st, second or thed. Five horses went libierate that cit wc feed tha the A nownra a nt jMl .
141110 astt a3ty wttensdin everd sa-sce du- to hae post, two having been wiiudtaew. woes at pavtin woust not os done on- Per(ntW relatives and risnte at Mat f Alawrs 0e9., wMem &i O
Tae fr even ~ t ete hedr cal c-of ot o ta o Mis odrw oen he s-t Boss of eith sad i S we rcvo pare 1t* oIme. V,, w x ai iiPI
5t.- "e Ore erenta re a were all hd &t twoe. The nbettIng loosed 5u5- sues of trick would enciusber the
03Itsplied ot in good Ubwe and Starter piCtoont as If there wa 'nothtng doing,- w--lIa of seventh avenue asl summru 1Lr anId Ms. J. 0. N st CamiiF r it a s of w oeb.e
t aiudes pu-aa s of his provlous on Cresoent. he ciOeing at 3 to A. io a This ittesference with wt blmawse of fm-m'r rsesdente cr Pant aity. wh macma f r bes-C 're
etott t in gettng whe gor ood v tart billy MSesnile took the heed damps oould not be tolerated, and the have pent te last few yess in Tampa ar Hi. D[i slaimtl
It Ie and with aits-rt e of Judge Wheat lky tgrLd MotKenzle 'wa Indulged were presented to show that thetr ar-c and vcnt babe move. bait t t -J
i1e 5 as Sw at w .hih twe mount oritlcilty in- s m~le when be commeised to fan tne tesrferrd with Bh tese itrtahtty Ob- old restaant bru~lding ueaa Ins '. C( 4

It or sl-nA a mIle. weten he rtped beck to the receiver, d utleet their o t DIae C-ty,^ e n I3tef ,. *

C) -nL to e tur. i e L wa. third that It was a matter to n ona i rura hisent t tie
d Dee. Timberland, Chantress, Rto) Cnl- The last race was an owner's handi- a,,,tuy arr:aga between them witn- Mr. S. Bi.t e- n tng ties
ed q l., and naditne also ran. cap ror a haaf mrle or horses o all out ns interference. Hlis decsmon was well known coming ion house of b' mesm women E"Iui
g i cond re rive furiosg, selling- Vand o aotO started anA iot oeen one, wormy of a dxomron fdr- sa the peli- name in Philadeltfia, has been esend- troubi In ch drtn If nei -
W eond ra. ve furo. two. or three at tnse meeting. .cr0r tloner preeees teor an order a-nd the re- n several d aw wl h s rent and r drumet. W 14.1
.n. Cairo C. ( e) Hall 3 to first; Heed, re nine hor e to staE and Ir wan a Celver's rerelentatlve had no objection veral oday wt hiM s aent nd ourU te
e (1a) Castro, 4 to second; atdy At- most uaweixi y and nardeeL of tne ~y to y Cea an order, Judge ocwe dircta te r ha cre. n e
g aeo tend i. ) Bo4*nd. to 1. thirty. Time to get off. otatter taundcund was taxed tLd te receiver shall proceed wtLn alt eMiss Mbel Roe left Fiday for At- month's teatent I aWd wl
sa ant lad ear to a am eere for a fw mline ufwi to.y -bite nCs to taut his tracks in th Isnt la, Ga. where she wi lisdtt her a W Sl ,
HMs iv. iata P. and Callie mart also ran. were lined uap ftarly well, when he p;oeer poe-tion on t-eventh avenue, so r
Bs-e Third rae. six ttrioags Seling-Misa dropped the flag after a three minutes that the pivine of that important toor- Brother Mr. Chrile Roe ond ouln ono
Ad r.zrrow. (1w) Iolanim. 6 to first; wat at the epost t. Antte re nBal be aetle as little as of Atr. and iii. WhIMte. Ses Maeso P.O. odaI L s '
alUesL iamie Lou, (11) Oaley, S to I, second; Mlianona went to the front with Lord LooszIoe. All the lawyers expressed goes with the exlpectation of getting a Sold h B.~ o C& Ce
is_ (tarr t sd oti r n lo in attndaace. Little Duik themo-e ve as parfe ay sattildeQ and poltloa in the ord s o ler.
i I Ierd(01)o ner to w trd.'me off badhy, but at once raAea to left the court arn in arm. pMItio I Roe will e ollw e er Wlther .
Util 1:18. Bloodhound, Carlotta, C., tBob hud position. It was a hot cae s Ida Roe will follow ber other EAD S.
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t an by sevraal lerr ans and won handily by TABLETS. h e success in their new undertaking. Weatherftd. Texas Jnell
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i heMw'hss-dW. Mnt WoMreg Co., 5 b JsA, Qn St. Mary Florida. lSt 2, U Wi s S
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