Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: January 12, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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S- "*^ *

8:At the ammW vieftt
-at i*rr at the
bwwt-u. mm wow~
his; ib-imwbd)Ajbe elacu


;m I iCaflmld Tha1 Dib" is 6"ttyofI
jwa otf C Vr;.


at sanihfulu Twele Killed and Thirty Injured.
ovsM llre~eee Congsan inaley reported
"'Sl where $Somewham Improved Ihird
pa-r ago Mrs. Georgia Sas for Cuba.
pcanrs o-f the
r!ml .a a.riy opecall to the TrHbune.
of the amt. dibe Chcago, Jan. .--General Joe Wheeler
* wel as the in- and General Merritt rved here yes-
liWi The inter- trday, and are doing the Hoeon act at
permeated with the charity ball that is beinL held here
looked mo rie to-nlghl. It Is ope of the most elabor-
J1anlanme- anm ate Aairs of the kind ever held In
a Mm. dcCamp- Cheago, and the two gallant generals
he proeedd at are out In full drew looking as sleek as
rsiarmr In any two toads in the puddle.
Mt It iraw --
b ld eoea-In a COURT OV CADBATION.
S inad o wot- Convinced That Dreyfs oWans July
ibLed dOahi g I Condemned.
e teiaadmat- Special to the Tribune.
the old r~a wW Parts. Jan. .-Le Goir says it learns
fron an Inqisputable souree that the
thisindaofwoik Court of Cassatlbn Ia convinced that
ame a dLfferent Lerefsm was Justiy condemned.
s .. Quesnay de O tarei alre. president
tn the haslt of of the Court of Cassation baa resigned
ebt to the Bhoke his position in consequence of a ds-
ttsb ehb-d cue- agreement regarding the Dreyfus in-


to th

I xeacte
wt that
r train

cee tanox on ot eommnmnl:y in
hSng abot this mat _hange. in WILL SAIL C-N WDNESDAY.
!-.C she inot only eaves the hoi.e in
mcshest oanditlo, hbet with the .nug Special to the Tribune.
= Oa two hundred dollars in, the Savannah, Jan. 9.-The Third Georgi
emrwy. The mnr friends of the in- regiment has received orders to as
rtaUonB very mush regret her ietr.ng ifrom this city on Wednesday for .Ne
fBAm the ork. ad wi her the s-ne vitas.
1Se at vse in her futur- worK.

W D SPORT o S6peclal to the Tribune.
R SP OR T U I avana, Jan. 9.--ienor Fernandez d
cCatro., eiU governor of Havana, act
S a thought he has Wsl former power t
5llhilirek5 pUp,5 on command.
-- t OW M o ft MTVleaato aOaERR BmLBCmROCUTEP.
*: .^ -4 .. .; *'. 61 M..* e e-W
.-.. 2. **. "lnS .Ja. ,-Bailey Decker. t
aw r I Sl A f Taa n"e tafm m wurdetred h fe was leoc
S .:.. .an- e.ted at M ---i l h li Mee t -11t tU h

Irna thes m aga1at o tm .C.
bowmamgthSogof aesbty 9th X. A Ac Tothni
Ml-a. lres. Mulncpertneadornt. D
at the Conoumern* MOctr Ut aSM o"
Street Railway Company. bs teoa 'r e
EPIEMICS AEIN EVERYWHERE W" v-t'"his -w s sha e TS
Wednesday. is ecee ebs sreaf
been aponted, and is Mr. W. B. Cba-
SWZCGIY & IMOMI ift I&* My T is Pin formerly cennrstcd with a-he
early a Hotet in te City That is in Mi ute tates l ] s a .
Not Intomle Writh YT Feer o W r thege thinw ym MsN. m
has een maningtn the oe09mpy, mad
and aa'lpm-Shtoakng Con- d urin that time he ha labor oder ad ta
^dtbm 4Ammany vlstiCtar. of whieh tshe pubHc
atr a was not aware bt with a H ha et
has given a meet excaelot servas, aad
made many friends for these aumpeng
Prom Tueday'. PUy, lie is aHpractical m&an d tol&. Special to oSw
jICol.fp J&nerA Laat Of Basltimoe, te q to manae tmhe tldlh of the WtleJoft.

any oz whom ae ,
words show that
on months ofty
di mostly from
Havana or mny- -
his country with
their condition ,
the condition ot ii
Phere is no work. b
, no health, no v
little respect tor
Lo are labuoctn
That they will
onflscate all the

", --- utic-
lo may min
h from
o I ep
nk. 9pe,
re nowr C1
Lmeri- sen'


Ianheacte bfo
I-- struggles Ia b
to the Tribune.
er. CoL, Janp lO.-Charles C- P
a. Democrat, was Inaugurated
or of Colorado to-day in the Newsy Items
ce of a very large and enthuslas- DeepWs
wd. The oath of ofce was ad-
-red by Chief Justice Campbei. Sptiad to thee
-ITIZENt TICKET WON. totte left to-
-freiat s&d

to-niags aoA A L sbg 1 l05


hlff Spncer rKept veryth

"P" PPMW I .=- -
tlkb hs n 4 anl SI7H C T m WROVeMBN.T.
S.fS. ep.sa i to the Trbune.
e and plMai W'. Wfirtgteom 3Jan. .--A slght change
9 would wtlllWN for the better is treerted In the case of
3 +0IN*M;j Cogsman Dtngley. and the physl-
runm -no *Ave adtliht hetpe of his
S recoverR.


a sn
eacm geiy r o rg. Me ,, - ,.

Liln the^ FroPm Tueeday's aSy.
ewm.canity, Circit Court convened yesterday
Rwork the *r- motInehn at L o'clock with Judft Phil-
JpIotat of excel- Upe on the bench. SberifLf opener re-
ported the Jury venire a number of
which were excused for4ood and oui-
tTLIT. cWnt caue. after which te trial of
? -.- ". Thai Milton, cbaved ,wth thte mr-
t C. & -J. er at GeorgliasAQrw wa callaTl Ts
as itiet fanum i Mlton'a third time for this arte. the
roteM o Keys'One Jmy in the lamt attempt havitf dos-
orthet fr agreed and In the first attempt' a new
as from the G trial for the accused was grated br
It st hardly rea' the court
It tha -mpm a Neprly two hours was ocluped in the
t5of blldag Seisecun of a Jury as follows: J. L
Zi l .noithe Udwad fSIMt Oims, I. tL Hs.alway. J.
there A C eepe.ter, Ueate Fiakln E. W.
op a F .CollIn J. IL ur. W.
f iD. Kefly it.. .tal..
o wafet The prior I being defe ded iy
blEia fbat tm a torne rank Harrti. Har aoeples.
dIP. r n ne ad damul M aPte t
-is t d te ssp a ed by i la. e ttoray J..
- theba teo olutMoF. whenIraigned for the criee.
OW. N&&4i.t, ItYIamd 0e eama-
a us a a to of 'ite-s -i e a S a pro-
k Kbyto 6db with ittb Tadjournment OC
athe e court n the evening. Considerable of
iS withod daisy, the frmr Cstimoy In bel rgteated.
y n the 9art Ot and the probabfltty is the ee wUI ast
t6em dificit to to-day and pert of to-morrovw
A telegram received hebre Feterday
al stoOdr bk y G. F. 'idWtIlams announcing the
Oma B.ak and death of p. P. Chamberlali' of Ne-
eld at" o' ov waska formerly well we a well known
ittbtJe 0entIW dcitaof Tampa. The deceased came
t nadtd and to Florida abeut eltiteen ro ago.
d tA were land located G Oanesville. o years
mlord, ta iM e Wmr in 1M he came'to Tmpa and&
tlowgdlretor visted bre until about three yards
avis 2 '. 3LeLg 6a -g% aso be moved with ti family to
weeehn Saxwer21A wieS vIneisa sifGUS
ryn jIIehmOIL. C. W. ton and
-. I,. .V tX lli ae, all o f th1o city.
b U7. BOB '
IoI it4 erImt


investment or eiht-seeinm, is to stay
where they are."
Mr. A. J. Knight is having another
dwelling house moved on Franklin
street between Harrison sad Fortune
street and the street car pasenger are
compelled to tramp It again for a few
block This inconvpanence will ast
only for a few days, however, when
the excellent service or which the
street car company i noted, will be
gain appreciated by the poublcm
Thae aed coqoert at the .p'rtpa ray
HoWd unday evening by the hotel or-
cheetra was the nest ever listened to
in thi city. Bhoold .Mansger Diek
decide to conanue'thbese entertAimaIUte
his popularIy v-1 take a big jump mn
the minds of Ti- tLanys Taml rrtebd.
A very large crowd wa present, ad
the delfhtul' mi ic wa a source of
profit and measure.
Things about the Tampa Bay race
track are presenting an animated sap-
pearance. Thirty more new horses
have arrived, and wtI be p:it .u trailing
for the coming races. The lnlshing
touches on, the track have left it In ex-
cellent condition and trailntib .re con-
fident oft owerlin a number of rt cords.
Rev. J. P. HPtburn, the few presiding
el4er fn the Tamna District of the N.

ONLY OW IN E H OL WO maR _gut%
The Cuban Cocgriosal Church HSere i'
Florishing. r t9b g nLsn
4-0- the seol wo.
The annual meeting of the Impry-owl trAesrhat -
(Cuba) choreb took place ymsterday4-I r
afternoon at their e hmeh on Ninth Ave- agalut the l
nae.,s ad rcreports f romi antie ad de tir"
ote er of twe tt mai- ar. m The ban u
astor Weewoqthe Wrk of tbe r. m MW
seven halmeai asa ang tfhe srtw hbrand oe
ship Vol muatoer ease AGedA i-Mitm aisir h iia
After tlstaisela th tr psts t Ihe retr. V 10W

ifficrs wbeekwltedt aga fstHv 'tig am.lAu"asrl
. L. Ueerrihk was. 7 4tono t'(a
electedator. ad P. A.. a Ait so J
Jose K. L'braxa. wesr c i be AL Per4t"t
aMr. Stormoot leato Cle par dGel No
clerk andt'.B Giovrtaar. Af er i amo to sgf
th transaction at owaer abo mattea.ip -me Ia.

livg Te Cqpl
K. t~h..
=Pat;,-1CI-~ ~


1 .. .. ,

hTeb Tti

S W 4se teer doe is thau te
n aso .Cs'tshe teaft m ncrese alone &
U4 0 nA l*as- aula a inubstantaWl
i 41,MOt- m'* n c c o b>wu
014- T aithihe retpraotg so mayo n tar Ce
S o40bter Uative land at &ite ewse f te

S. + i l of eand o oer hldranc s,
iUhps ha: mambed steadHr t or
w and i ble to bow a re od for
Sthyearirn thL wy 6 laneverrent and

Y o tfdu le our ie a pretenon .

^.i.^ AR 72ARUJNObeiVmwLdW.
a i a bs te r 8~ie onw
o f Mr.Umd.ww 3 deCeranadoete,
I.has a s oo' 40 pa tts loata

+ a pe n altom ate te1 nta
im -hMt .an nvensm for a do boakf
An ber ateabs tomae it m andatyor
tI P P dear e to grnt ad Kn.
Sitoair e f t Pie gn. aBOert theeds

N r tadeak In behalf 6 chi wtent

Sr mbf ItAb webb ms to ea omn-
li^zin'a W i th t s ndW e A band a
ht re forb ad and around
t be da of the Inik orLer the enl,
Vh M*R1 pas orY the chin wito
Timm e rac nleto ahoep
w^. tiatsew.teastapea wo3ey ta d tao "'
laa we 12 to ax sizs of eeadr
oilfrM- -Ale e vuioa dwoom the wvmne
*w'^^1 \- rifa~ r Itthtee e no doabt oaC
mlO&. W adty flat and eoontry
AM O:Pbaa f P WIMwlae hwe e ahowered
af *;a a i A utcstm or
igMt MMArs m~mtn iro to bad

6 nmbbnasps my yin a stock

o1t ad Teyk t

som "only ja-
a kYL IheL ~u~rrasp


he-t a h

Jon S. lh~ar
RAMS wpt

a Yrdecad
.Jwca r-r
eL, Farr

*"'."WaW nou
A o1

togeme aoI fi dsr1s te the
-tiff u- to at.do UM
in i IiM tI Iap etstmtheihe o bans Po-
9le mta in mwrto Tat n a nt It t

Hood 'sSarsaplrilla -i, *t ** -** = "
r fr m heI ThisA not a P-8

t a47i tes opE1'Mnts a betaeisti o at M ha rr tei
haaba d has d ...t ..wheb pbrdent oi the Kadsa i atrml It

I ol ms IA b 1 ~01 R CTh9If O S b e111o- the eart ac ob t ci l tth
an trouble. Wekalw iven a ie o-ip ~ ftbl aI c s et acn Le

Sodsto bsult ey .o kms tow ith tow as-tateamp a ao5s
F lare, fse c aor bom ncan tas t oawn ipn

TOndi arsai l a wayd n the anak o
bottes. I was vory'Much b. Sims. KansasaLeislatlve mind cannot bet be

taking Ltar bth.a I-aea bd en bMto hoear e I oheit own ay tdea
eOy Wt. M ohalb i s htal iraw makn poweand genmwl
Hood's Sarsaparilla a wa to at ah at the anOparpt
sd the ae-If re oa m.as m ai B pad i and n th erto thetelephone
O&tM by aINtgo;. e tw o~i t hewoas been restricted tothe rich Tbhe
brokeri have had it thetlr own way, It
fod's. Plls ""M PNOW m has nonnected the tzaM with NVWi
ee a i t the h ben used to corner the
- - -- -l w t. I product of t a ansas farme. It

The ld, pleamnt weather of the andt ha aided the bondholder to tlshten

lionn W n~e foi rUistecl t te c o thte m l.he. poe r man.tl e o t
Shave been o tivated and ted for 0i the thiwhich ha hitherto aided in
th t.he i t r e he r enslavement. slot ondey s o
atempning toh e Tcaah rNoy Hn i HO Oto be connected with the t
ider thoe care of wthist aseng are saea with the State capital and by
a sight to daz l the eyes ofthose g die e are Weo the
thave a aste or th boarntr w In n- East. bnw ta l owing the eampe of the
haveia taste Cor the be ntUWinth naCob- shaoaa he is to wve line s aunr
tare. Taey are said to be In the finest

stem t/ou& othe a Dmm f the t wokuh mro ae to arioe ait
condition e the destructive freeI t a I
t M and in many~" rip ot i 2 Is hi Prembme Nosmr eO t more Ithe
in briliancytheuiaturalbeautyan orn will call him to his noonday mos.
artistic cultlvatioan of the easo h but the housewLfe will simply pros a
to ieat ortis a niaster b nd in the button and cal. nop wvealtdd No. 1 or
work of training, Suting ard eio Na 5 ans the case may be. When t o
vat ton; added this the a est t1 9helbtnilg-rod agent h te han it in
weather of the pa to or three ee the l or and cttoe uate
and theseret of his seuases a swown writhh hat-ndivis to part a IsN
ert. A w throghwiovince the farm and in a few minute. a contract
moot exauitnit wI~that the vos be mate to cover al the roof paro

tattemet is nt in the wlast r aerdm a a elile with aimin meta.

be obvious poll and the ua ob- d come truehowever, the Kans
viou duty of the Democrats of t e t rmer would do wel to keep a Jelois
LogIslaturo isto present the name of watch Upon the wahs telfehoos bel
'JI= 'Wanstaker for urdted states s answered, least the dreaded octcjas T
senator witut wlting to Inquire aofthedtepoweraold yet outwit
t orhim in the use of the very thl I whi
attempting to nope. canteiono o e any e pio for hmone aiver alotett it
kind. whey should do It bemuse ho s would be ut lk the ter minwo-
the one man who, without arat~Ing de- 11ts to call 'p whe5.tfeled No. 1. orIrt
votdn to b& lEqhlollan faith, met the I thinokebTO end ott how the Crnp is
pelie Cate .to tamsrom onee of thte prCogren aand byrmanIwuatin t lds
ItAte to-theothr tedonoun the abuse infornmation In their own pecnliar way
of rtr in wby the wonicaot fhi6sowern re eCrl t so as to ll their 4o

wedI ni mer. I ...T WlL, ,Sar 'R OU-TyIT.I
1dm, the pgoqppete ot ft" this mataLwh and is worth Its weisb Angold.
a Mig Inein Oka Shehe wheat growerV EWs flyl m los- does ph tlo
d& uaj. g" nve rtlot 37 e f caed for it-t LW. perr ,G ar^r
ho eentaddd to a o a*sn a em..ort I ,:m -0111 .ItC
'dgmgU wdeti a ood outlook' ~Mr aimmda.,rhe tros -.

r. &MEL a'i M t f r ,CroMbB aln will he mai .r 4t

wqe Vwited waoe hM*Wbi5i two-mar
glaM IioelenrJ ta* t rrrlT fhTo OGaraaaeed or for hlle e,' &and'
ftS mwhich tbe7 rmu IL Agu e, or money refuded. a costs -An
anu whichf thyi dnwanrig rheru __ists.

"o om l if.
TheNew YorkLW1a18, XI a, wes
after omnln nSiUneng ohthmat? ?
ylwekter Bmow" W no Moalr an sea- -usesuseFw slorw, otontrastor a 66.
Snur ~a member at sfied labor-
Ie mt ISC noW m oer- empoy d and there are ket-
try eniard m avans special to the stad.it .
cartocnitg who dngt the nawyn TAdT
maatared ommer Iomsevlt as Tom cpre Chlm and erc. onathe uver
Plait's 3a ntage 3a, hwre chane1d and regltesw the systm gasearaly AX
Others a ia and are hawnxt the Drussists,
Mar efplta s acaUOplor. % The work o layinr the las sewer
Od NWtUne afteriat terrible pranks Twotrkmen haw a hardtime oIp
te as t Atunsei s now strewing o water, wm.h is a edmouc
me Irah eaewtwre. w I he win- Owhube ad aiay.
ter Wtar searing eople has been one hMAenON W WIXDOBiD 9 r
4et qwltped di aste. I ltcA
S4 Oar t dsciass Iwhat heand grnad to ces ha sIoer
I tt I C o.. i -- -

ers t ob we ." xmrat S vW-motord -

Mask Twain tIa srious ea

o -.- -6 a.
a revivaTl of OtfUd on a the 4 anlm

ewpeody w5 hIh e is sto ln. tokjad ienlo tk a lweafr
Ur i B tI.J .Hfimlailmi' have dim- b Ill auO
fots^^at t lessi aixty3yar US~IYU~aC ED *0IYSa
oiL. It rm= make Mo per haAt thfat they canat ~
who goe" it fe thit olA Wi loft' aSctivi The
Mtr. Tomi-w -cmrn_.b theeie-. d adl D. food; a t&bo4.

-...-..T... So o ,,- --
I" iA lew Peregman Dew awytthepea-
<. a ,i eOded to start .the Ox to I
559aPr-deaed botoof IL 1r COOfl fil

,tO Vti& i i.the

'"rAbbkv'" Em. n mr,, e ,, tem


!~trl C1
i~ iy-


-ww! =


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? i:"-.:
rI ;b`

'~ - .'.e

- A W--


T*by Wpstern Ba Reng Aociatik e
-g u, -ftom Saturdays' Daly.
j, i W,B W B LAi Di.c of the T Wpa
.. 'll. HoHte, and mhe proprietors of me
ew race track ae very Indignant at
.f tbp qMuemlu item that recently ap-
M a the PhiladelpnlaO Press and
1rhyalap"er. In talking to
patr yesterday,
I~e p tti. MMr. Dlok seo:
.4. A5 d O MOoulawing a race track or
i f rom a track on which a
imemas mover been held is pre-
andQty e man with any Ge-
S omanao mense, would know as
avft i to be told.
F i*faoi a=sthe matter i. the Tamna

owlt O, b In BR ral TiaN
galwp" athat.


uocessor to equator worrll Appoint-
ed-.Radieml Orders Boang Iuned
in Hvaana by General

Special to the Tribune.
Washington, Jan. 7.-A highly sensa-
tlonal report was started here to-day to
the effect that General Joe Wheeler was
enLaSed to be married to Mis Helen
Gould It was published In a local
paper this morning, but the old general.
when spoken to poftlvey,. denied tbe
report and the statement that appeared
In the paper.
Matt. Quay Once More on the Rack tor
tMsusp of Public Funds.
Special to the Tribune.
ffladelpbla. Jan 7.--The United
State% Supreme Court in this city was
crowded to-day to hear the testimony
tn the embeztlement proceedings
Laalnst MattQuay. has son Dick and ex-

the. h

bougIh itbin m aei sof the
o thy marabed by, they war
m a for the pma was mptoaly
ad by the winterF wood pile, e
he bc, were thee wua a
enoe through whom oraeck t
wasthrown in. Whbmmvr the
idve gmulad told u that a

I oft:
If of t

st tUhe dsokla
ough to march a
On one oooaion
oed. A wagoo

not t

bod b
vk d

o. That ot the de- accomplished wonders in the railroad
the supomltton that development of the ioth.
inces it was impo-
secure a fair im- L4
ot Quays counsel
itemts the ease on ;.
arugldency ot facte
pou which the petl- Wa the Verdict of the Jury in the
a jug stated that
td be heard b re es W&rd Murder Ote
ts question of dis-
D. T. Watson ot P.rom Saturdsy'a Daily.
"hbts Irgruent in 'Miles Wa d of DeBoto county who,
3 Cwas tried before this court for the kill-
SCONDITION. lan of John Hay god left the aourt room
yesterday a tree man.
,-Grave tears are A few minutes after court convened in
ir the recovery of the pwrarJn, t*e Jury that had been
9y. Hts st alcas e st AH night, cae In and through the
Sto-daysaoS pro- torweane J. I.Cra cne. vur nord4 that
on vey ertic i caand
e for the worse at teyi had fund the dpndr~ Mies
Aus been grawIn Ward not sLtLty. As the verdict was
e pastmeek andon iven out the friends af the risouner


Avallabe siUmeb. .
The follow tory wa% tOt y~ a Ka etl
jMe aaedao of a Vinacnnes lawye owhe-ua9p
appeared foe the dfe daats in a tial bw ,' h m
fury and put on hewilmesilam.t b e
hron whom testimony he e xied to
sin a greal deal. To the -.mdoite of U u
the eataney, the story told by thbey
was grtly to the det~iam et th d
odait, and theattobmua7te'4w4 lto s
dow that the bay ai "warthirs u
"Whps is yr ourocapetiarruA a
the boy.
"I wok on myt thers f'te.tmel'
witem rephed.
"You don't doU uch baut 0t ad.'
do yoar'
"WeL I help m father.-
at Fyoa' worthlw e am'yes
was the atptraeyw'ssAedwhb* %mtna
"I don't kpow wmhetr tam wat,
retortsd bwite m .y.
Tbe the l cta ey oubk esm eL sk-
"Yoer sathr's a worthiM mae. aT, kfmi

h Wes. heo ndyab t he e i Ai

.1 fte to the Totune.
0' WasklCOnat Jan. L-Prteldent Me-
Kir-3l11 was noted to-day that orer"
S-or Emaith of Vermont bad appolnfed
a fteistrni Ffleld, senator to succeed
a the late GOeeral MorrUL FLfleld is a
"Ormlnent railroad attorney, and wel
known throughout the State.

!D000 NEWS

othe Traveing lrbl i Who VWah
O Cambias Owbrt With peed.

63Ve .a-lY-The o k at gooza. -.
seeruaad sten way to a look of Jotand tthoe o5 e do or e dtnea
kigivningr&4W. ed
Judge Phnlttew thanked the jUy fo The ebyhad mf sd t i"
the Maence an d feotearanu that had D 2 s" c8 ARLs. N Md,
been eMbted. General Wall afterr a he Ia. loadla~ "f" a y,
few remarks on the fairness of the Wr- tol e s kOd bs 4ek mir
dtot made a motion that the pasoear wddm M f hes bIM2a 1
be dismuned rom further etody. He 1" "-- -aPeII in"L
wau sven his release and the jury was e ULsrvteg A e.
disntmed with the *tr of the couMrt A. who&a iedo OeIv o s
As Ward left the court houe a free wos do a wm
loo poplar imer0Mte wamanee
man he wu warmly congratulated liy martod is hfoOa or eas
hais fle. and even mw a e rteset-thy Ia s. aoet
wbooprpeard se witnesses against hIas im bt had.f i mioas te m
oave him a hearty head rlahe ate. Ual my tettn tJsyqd
It was a verr hard fought caswe and us, sd another qanrdm ih
Ward owe a debt of grattude to C. W. et Fage f 3l ta m |oI
s tevrn of thisa dty, and ar. mTreadwe t tjlbhe ii t s
at Arcadia, for thetc strong lght in hat. 0S The & aUp aset o etyiagl
bebalf. ovor 8 for wme nd N mio S
HOW TO LOOK GOOD. torMm' =OIa 1m iemises
Good look are realy more than sktin is s and fad tmebdee ls
6eep. depend mtentire ln a hMealthy I Seo l 0m
coundtito of aU tbe vital orgManaIf tW Yomoa Sv eao
the OverIs tanacttve you have a bUltoua and 11 gamj i
lookF if your kidneys are afected, yonu h lr 1&i
bhav a pinched took. Secure good tI ^^." dim" at
health, and you wI surely have stood S ... 4W..
lookr "Electric Bitteri" is a good .Vad M in q Mie.-4
Alternative and Tonic. Acts direat-, le d -r---.-rtm .a M
on te stomach. ver &ad iWodn pur h lwilthtbe Meak qiaI
es the blood. cure pimples, blothes wa tbSB -fewlS 2eSIme
and bonls. ,d gives a good complelon. .. I-.
Every bottle guaranteed. dU at aL. -
Ba Leonarl & CompasnY' drg tor a8 I tWo tesNMewf i ep
w0cqhft'ps r'Lfatue.' ** -- C-.d ..^jbeooBomes seep d "
s ... T- A ^ H'. a O of 1M h. e &h

*" WTa w pro- Whiah
\et boardins I naa
in this etty, and an who were "oa'~
evr goesl t~ hatseapeak in theit me
. lhtest prtee of the pmaasnement of appoeft
S s. Wal. Sie has the 'best wishee of old it
all who know her. .The-
SThis a
r bert Eme few men-more wide awkte r
and enterprsling than B. L o fardi fevor.-
a& A4opany, wno spare so pains to se-
coee the best of everything tn their
Un# -or their many onctoum*rs They a y
noir have the valuable agency for lr. t ordrl
s K i New Discovery for Consumptlon. Gra
Conghe and Colds. Thi is t1pe onder- L
tl remedy that is produogr such a Ma p. i
rurror an lter the country by t s many quai
startLng acres. It absolutely cures atl
AMthma. Bronchitb. Htoareanee andall ea kmI
Sarectiom .at the Throt, Chest, and Ip--4f
Lungs. Can at above drmg store ana dbe
cet a trIal bottle ee or a gular se Aslag
Sfor R cents and LO. Q Oaranteed to la ma
tr or price retn4e -
.c :
t. B. ent, seedam eala s Ia,
ha reuivet a carise of seed opt db
~te he ssweestveTr odseti tn Piorfa. a *

iwpittpn 4apsa.
,A 0h N

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ely for the name re lfa
d ia di g the eoalyM i
a tanse m s imlk
. qPpes womm in emd hi
"pat" oppkta i pepamaldb
peror am sand ervInS Ne aid
rtfik iasl ewbaae h l Ca
A E.mtboes eek,.

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t Arthit-Tea a.- 5.







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vim The Mmu TIC4 t4
tm.hNo bw @UK to the asdl t oMa andaoe o the wa or st aking. -
e Nr s__atr Dauer tQ emtbe magicary a Mo ar .

m. 9auoho wahla ha g o frBbyc Ny led ito It n or t-s 9De Ttra is ats will beeawn ofue a o and ra n*

......... I p, se nmot beac worth seood p inCL oed C a. tanMets: the r re lectrve States. coMr at 3 odek at y atagi-
.. the bht how eK als ho&w eantrenly ec- The glyP B l takwtBo -lM 0. located here t he na yo peso em- wi the fowln t We. -

.......... oateeMra te wt ied out by the played the v n e, anu .e anua jr ad the def da T s
S l ptata heptiyer the- a re thland PACTORIB9 ..NEDEDtD. hp e eeoftsacof' bd atree- ha s o atd las tk athd as itnSS,
nSit Ta"at t e iN"nthe ?i upg a- -roa e uteap te D4 aft. m m s,"
t Theevetig plants h k a means of development t the ch t ote p ro uo whn aeedy Op an tunitenafrete
1 P taN+.o L netwo ty, and north n and buldhe upee nh 1 oeoiates to note the ipato ee o ta in"

'g sh g l beens argi ton wtl Snew thiie OIotlS to say on the e oct: tlhe re sho ted o 0ro pe toi- have pr ared an tespti h t hef in r.ll.ll Teh .

Sl qte a ad- Lr a bai s o o the U npo edment. A o n ator it s oeem 1o me to st a t d internal re s s. :or murder by ur of or o I ,I g
1.25 40- piggg as not Win worth AL erPrpard by Q L Road & Cs- cth qts: the numnrber o: fgr factories

t s an bow enrel m- M h Bas load he. .the e. bt the r a od w.
t tMe +l osneain s e ai wnt whant o io-d b and h- a.pp oyed In the same, at.ntne to tnu alo t- d tury of the dteear m* T rtn asi
S er tiMae on w-teh the Confederate Felae te Ot. Ad or I pduct t of thpreefacto ries At bie e- rttny of murder in the first deg r antr8 g
o1+.++wi *: eth prat year...J2 ._,- .io scrtpt m of the encampmeL of Loc.l

i tdler oid er gelt aunoy om the Tampeople of Jake onve ilmrealie the tro het, the e ep prtre or the charged In the Im-
a+ a L hp < ity. pore bout thad e irtlof necest of s criag ped ition ano toe heeathai- ,I mend him to the mer oy the eor |i i

++-+ ++++1 00A by Wt eMs y woud-oe t thne t l tto-res to osi n got t e t ymaen t a at o the or .7-
Sto ts tater, datkg oma m nfe to I nei f an the Taud b ds t cuniew150 1o,) ray ,e m all, ged. ,N. D. Keley. teve,- li
a sr wl t a t s een they did hat proltabe inte ament. Her ain ste our -the tdo cap at other aa plac. pa U nI M rM
9 D amy liatse to ay and that lIttle a tnd building up the material I nter iss ao be itnerestixr to the 'a r I a .. -

+ -* adlos to thenm sw b td the* ran1 no r on we hold ot car one ex nse while Ld a as ol
imlt only .at o" e m bte ot prt and eIe.t. ofthat city.d ne o henry leading the pos the Proer tepann polte .. er h a
t e aelt +O TG Ropreent tioe Femin g o Gc er sta cn e re arg amount of ave. s n to stand dp. herepon he Pr- &
S ei Fe od ens In a letter addressed to the et through the 5lltary Congra... -noun.ed on him thefol:lowingsenten 'if
wSOw + Nis mpolU In Its issue of the 10th hs the 'Irbuaen d e L do its snared ad e.r C.I- ny e t

s +Valo l i e tert i wlsolal Bank wt.t Ue s a terday a byoney, we h e the market and bhip- D t. e .
A e a renat t i w nch l he foun llowg to sy on thde uavbjete le en hoo d do e svern'.l lo t ss.
I M __ 0a dIther cIototn. No flamelal dment- a the asneed actor: t seems tha me to sOge tht tyOdelrd roeau.. :or urder by a jury oif yr c -
Sm-s fr dow r the i en ar th to o hope I w t toe and stateman i me and by that jury foud d.s.ty '
"alhmd bestencerovtfe o renderedt Fuantain oir present position aso de iets o thios cOrLO ta i i I ter t e f rt d r

83 4t l ao t ins a florda. sd e tal o e the ,- tUa en ts hape for the .i, races next |
+ te aur ar tnt r a of n Ltto n abilio etropolis ow f Flori; and surel tai wee change In the tat )eialJ&e en e c
newodlcials wll: .vr',av o senten..e. at tni eeo f the .bw 15 enthat you, w Te sEsa ub

Sak + taJUres s yeta ned whe In the bt elir J hopeto key owner ad nar and bd u ros e ,- .a t huI a nt
c O ,i g-row and prosper, we musrt have t- On the $tate _rnl r___o. A!..t. ;)1i the Stf V

+l d nt Cai.~t the wreat ol er of m tore. l tive people o Taml fo r ent sice eLan m trtemoy of ilt ur,.derA- . l- e p 'the
en+cli r iand i id o the Uni nexted t ie t mepth or atortoe hacom nderablt- to ta e e Kcontr r.' orla ati ardn laor fr te
I t tandem Gvel ab mty r vrom bu quato extnt, waebrat It m to-dayalandt ee appre- The S t .pkeellog

m l th o h ,r CoL J. B. Adeon. ".Benator Psco. v ntl.e to
n adso nwi the Cnederate cates the fact. And our is ter city duieosjost pa parent. R,- ..ae, v c that had be essown the irIaN
eIdlei aMldrnecr t goae rat m IT the Tampa recognizes the Importance of Is to be preled in ApriL -., h itI ld
we m0 teentug ,, 7 tremry wouLdb- that of Simi factories to that extent that se gives Like to Succeed hiemt. -. _Le -rio-ct-
atcart&am.support from this eton.hb e d W
hal 85550S~ a oamity pure aiod 5Ilc-a dage.- 55,655 for at Oodelo, and there is no do sooethlnrg toward aertaurtn, 5&.- ad

C I~a wl- im atoU whia eaw.i, an would be dlt h wek trn the orth to ted qmOt appropl or tkUne a tf ai, r a
I wr m o scrto a o ep even iif they did not proItabe tnve stment Her s our the do tk o.f T.lPa.

w.ea She ~labamae that hae ofre bse mti Ar ortne- or tr t .. .. ut.t,- i
know. an ~ s Urtanl do. that Fedsrael km.s but becaue we Maae Janodee- Is

l- .D. _i o rt t s- s e n let n trtho Kinr c or.. I I
pnnse to them are bkad the oahe no reason we should not have a ciga or exnso, while it-& 0".
r 8b of the r otest p baty. de factory, and one even large thton the p oe. t-he exp son e er-e h
a .t at u on%-e w. e lose. There is no alt ho can an eye to a n es ot i- .. .-..
A~ FlNU SHOW me 1o z Utare hwnor y ono il -Ld -
e hNe or erdssRcl onf the m would liken ago-Ad.i. po r ta lt
a no" a other oa fica nstt- lna theomane btet prlim bhi re s e oood te Ta.. -. ta ls I t

*am. .~-~ ~*Be an tsaiteeting of feeorthe Be m anp thea to. ai a o.... p.r- -. WhNhav the In the. the s"
.. tblag tdona lt Ban war Onb yesterday &aton". we hare the mrarmet and &hip-
Sag s et of which wina be found pitnm facilities. and we hoave the ea to dgest Rso U S ge ic w a I,--n

.Da a -I m t in the rtat e an produeo a ette tf proved experlinr . o .
-, frc nwnfor the year than hati one the et. it tss mand utat ana -ip &dy & IuchA u t

Sbe sten ~ f o t ea talet ItFuy Lve houdred people came soly dersino the t'.hi t ed t. cot. W WI
Ihbe able to r.po. te ..--& ;e. --.l 'c
f m t s e h aong t the btanki t- with the race hore s that are m igelt- a It re"a ,ed

S s d R 1ot O O O Florida. what the nd- tin in shape for the V cbi ra-ce's nxt
oe ae aIin a nou Otioed ability week- They will inchde trainers. ivan now has ive "sa. l pr weet
s je the n t h in he j e Yors erand manager and tirom the United a-tataiu. Three %,.k 1I.a.
f bd dhe ge t vo oft increase the populati of 'l T m and two via Miami.T. :.I-
.s- i o".e We" T Te. b.attn pou t decue or b n capital Is strictly In It ..- er a. I-

fsI m eHl s -ist tie laMfre tahe ea the nxt mout or two toa couiderby i ep formatol n o the .... ng && -a
S wendt-w aa ankd B a rUe a- ext e nt was celtabr d last u era> .* |-

Be o i r l.t tworthy and straight- 'A entire an whh o arrived Inphy w Despite the a.r oe'.v : .rv mutlt. T ,& u- -#
C kinaWet- m in ae hu lOhiMrla and in lot Uwee d rohlUon ot the tCrttah e tort e PerA L.M .3 ioy u rnc .. LC. t(- L'
-yn t Ye rthee tpit mo t.r that au wal become pr orprx-n a h omely truma n- nt-r .. s,rt. -
w b~di fo the e tutlon and l iht bP n tr than b I o thnilteho t htl et t o. o"t o t riht .. .. -
seia d It through a year of bust. aeen Jin any-plae since be left 9 L i tg .
mo-.. .r ttriatsinauaaer edneyaatcll- 1o- Cart'. lut .sar utr. o:-r u tI
c t a aad lodnel Jack Cha anrrePr the lnai on g r, oiace r.
In to Untied ckboklP and LbeIRoosevelt that be old o'. .-uoor o-
Ao* m.. aYft tikehess it has had d830 a event souL Re b" b~wme opponent No one onerlotic 1CYitit-
pD in Nevada with the Intention Of doavg much reoa." 0100 ,c.Onl u t0L.
esust pr--~ 11.5 littlazboe &et e sa to Ironing out a few wrrinkls that Sow a o the trouble us ci..
I bin iJ take special deilgat iatIng ostomlntg g zufe the political on of the hats Another h-rmles G h LES1146
06"d M ecOtboss a the Tribumnebecaue eitS e fought In Paris Jus tO.
wt ies-form togil D a n aver- T aceIn thethe thing the seconds It rce I ,-n Sll -
a tofa Tfase ba s liable soil affairen. Undo
t atbs pani Ify Mot e It Phlll M pptam but it wouldn't W safe tO little cnlf11100d on
age j id g toeteanD 5 eb people that count on maing a fortune in selli Io ngalls expea-res thke
11100oul" at so- q~ v the tomato-can glabis and cl Oears doubt whether the rest cure r.-lli & n,
ham b~r 'be s eaglr hew ~ 9e bcc ~O5L a person any sese1- .. toi0
Wlbingshe Msat and dutle bltWd @rVom now until spring Tampa bll -
t b fohehead whe he mtnte thath bae al the big seetilg, tanportant Benator Stewart Is ssoiemluy in that
NNW A t*h go ie rva than o Plar mtes gatherings. entert-sanm-nt and a&#rt- Nevada lizht to the death, Riu. le- aS
I It. b aprth mni RstsatWos at nle events she can wedl handle. n Im ported one Killerical Fobeer to
oct a1yh w to the ublic that the othe ~ words we will be atrtl in i-l bheIO hi-s cbaoe
w it h na t get r ed 4w ats wim- Somebody on the '. aIde bha,# wts-
=tnl bc~ aus5 t can't set Mr. Belmwt5i new comic weekly. the pered Intn the ear o, L'zr tti_-ed
emT~ her mobribrb whom ie isytlr aae blck contin to excoriate the he had better rivea ora I, Ca..n 0, 1
1=0 -to iw -""vity black- whole bunch of mllienaires Mr. BIe- Ea lsy e I I -L
- .C moot ought to know whet he i L The twh 4th Vincrue. -ma.-.; V .1 a

SS--d in Ito al Wind I re at Last -
Sblmedthe roalmais aud the xorbi- L at
4 VW. teat trase rates for drMWn the Daford In st
Pon &p Wiehebsi cgaftte factor om Do Not Oive Up In De- war w na hl a to do bs her W ood, ---- -
-ofmp Tawsa to e&'Orlean Tlbe iEl Model f finally pMr FW-'5'd ltCsro5Wf -I i Rve Bourb.ii. Mzl Cas C-
A' rt of Jhaen a.,a spair-ThlMe Is HopeI Wm e wee stTle ye r
S r ld and gave her ev0ry Ined .land Corn .siey
Vlr thalm tbw In.h a betal moT" as eeo minded, but b the did notrGa or u
S tama IWe3 wowdr Ifthe Herald For ages it has been thought to reachthe diea, and it eia ot
Sa talt I was- th., e --=rbitan~e" that Cao. is ifraf l, tod h to .rL ,aeead b d e k thet_ t 14yvrcl
ta Unwuduelserd it to move tos Tja. fafrf &he be. 1Slake ~. Sys.. j +OR
are in Oc-fe. *adwafter a f bou ^lesWbeen > .. %4a Mock,14-yer-old -_^-
thisdredful rion have e coo- a decided improvement d Wa noti ed'hi e .
S'I TrIbme heisdig you and your didlerd themAslves beyoil hope of and cootruimn the remy ew 120 pe Whi rev,
~ ItLa~ It I heg in buid up and ~ratwvery. The doctors are ai cored aomley andTPd theA
S et o t ta'" ,. ,!tleily unable to afford raur re- TAPA O ALE is
alauetir s a ood tuig as pracue !if, and the poor sufferer might rtureL thoughh Ai
s r w lasw.~ecrskepemk. aord to your w-Il consider himself on the way je rs have lapse i' We keep Ihe bet_ goods iin ti
aSr ea l e0 eo anbbor ad make course ,, n early grave. H.7 Mta EMOSt, i.. litahed a reputation for seQlNg au aCptg
S t.lbs edt oc m np n b iero n A t. i i. nou easy to seTe hy the The mSL mi b b "lrders sold 1tand P&i Ms alsti
n r ot Ot,&w Subolu .!e-Ntor..Ins-o l failed to cur, Cancer. 8l & a. ne mN *.. -
r iri ero therieA have tneUAll wr"o., n Ieg tDlmtb Ub n -8o ,***. *+++4
OI mapm & er OEtCUmao l uae or- 1i,,! hnch e lheir trtatjneut MIS- loo d
iLL~tar5l r 00 +ut- twrlireetedl. Thpy hrave mad.t, the1
8 a he v1 theL s'arepO uniitake of thinking that by I'ul- 'i
Lirg out the l'e or uilear, Lbp pua*o
A-- Cancer, the di6eaie nrwotAl he
t.,. q,,te.rid of, nd a tnthe iei re- -ior- f-o n.gO4h9
~-a"" ri sred to health. But the Owr~tel
1b- knife saooppishei nothing. for 8Ir8 e O to he

*wn p hirmt than bojef bear.. I 7_;7
ta has lass tenemasd ba es pseuin IwLaeLb
& b ood -e -i i-1 6 s soa,. Vn .. ..,
ST- -gg
L ~~ r~T 4~Y Q~~Y~

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st"a twa beds

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Ait1Wic Ss-.
Ate~f~9""- r

aw leery l*ta*o

*s. aS & Co.. Central Pharmacy. Tamp&;
t * **-, &-sftl-1 "..'--iH aMstL d

*will be thev;realest event of the season.
*and will be .the santo atiting 1 aNat .

S etly erected at the large number of people to this section
d t adjoining L of the Ctate, who would ny. otherwTisea
(Itmsy, is being nied nometlistar South.Ind
nd of Pb Works withCty

Nm r i stree.L The a J. icrs of Kuisammee was In t5e
milllefsd In a few dys, city yesterday.
reml e t..apve ment to that
v int. The u a The work ofe tfingn the new buLk- Spa ecial

O Condition, the better It head at the foot of Washington street Maul
R tek fiudlitt in s almost completed. idly ap%
and earhsm to re, re- QuIte a number of Tampaltes have cution
bD Ltt eai secured-passage on board the Masootte under
that makn e hle al bound for Havana to-night. dsatem
d Wier. Faor sale by I Mrs D. Hays and child of Center dered
& Co., ntrale Pharmac Hil arrived In the city yesterday. ana and uq
d Phrmacy. or City will spend afew days with friends here. partm

rtple wto arrived ere J 6I R and hat Butler jo
tt TIn the eC1e of prominent eltlsens of Jackonville, ar- whole c

ty thiee In the party aU ImmWdl
he'601b5. Tey 2 .aMr and 2rs. A% B. Strower of St.t of aj
Msr lesmtoamsd m outs. stopped over at the Hotel 0 o Preesid
S yesterday o there way to their intcmerdly ap
m w at St. Petersburg. altged
Known as a namber o Tamp haverms
beastly a an att 'ahr e mca Isvng committee of the Tam- thoie
Vdsw. Like M all 4 poWaCildrensHne will ma to-n tat he gti

r I I dI tI It c on e at o'clock th (TAursday) after- Amerlc
1 ir. Dy e ae J by & oo r (D. yl te and childs dsrd Desre ed t
" eat.L Forsawle by 1
SCo.a Central Pharmacy, A called meeting of thosy e nteresy.tea and
ad Pharmacy, TborCity in the formation of with elfreand outinere details
l b wl be held this evening at tae h a"ti
Ssople wao rhaive re- sa Buy iL ManerDick is as to tB

a NibsI the h Crtomsinet Crtal oasef l Jlfeld Ionvlts -tet oe i
te V bstaowuaZstr riand hie at elatterd ar of this no ado
r e t h week will then be tranerred to lt orio
n th o R here people o the Iand h
L. r sl ay*. dM ad 'ftn A B. strOner oo f. te the

T e eac mats them Caty aoppe vean o aor the oty to ee It w
eted)y oas others see them peWras
velyk I
Sll. Jo w m aet received several boat fotniba

n0.a of t _ahk atd5 of Iyesterday numbering i
fal 1 eM ship ments for the c wMe s
mebmost prosperousaiodgesin~~ the ra cty
sag urGto a arto ns llort hern a commaitge ga the Ta- les ra
Them uit seasoN Opened UPoagas'tthin.eve e
bas. furea ethe Wsd- Pa the fi omen swy they at moO the al
"04 Isaoom n r it ea mra d oL tol CnIerdaint- Imnri

.4 mene i st pnseniful than n the early Prt being r
Mo Ct of the seaneeson. It O t

-R reb"esd Ureri-bei C
dt a W m heborh o en The e foratr of the World outlne oftar d
l Mcb nt tgsher tho loges In the city
a and r5er haves re wTa Bh l oasweek umatt thee s a to tlod
m Nte .u AX other room in Odd l low s Hl this eent a
on sme ds0ff nsmi lIsi-uddltione to the Into)tioof tS precila
-Ironp t oIn c rnersal tnal en tertainmento al

a .. rie a.n=t r and a a
mnw, brw ie he v eld at the li peop o the Il em d
mh I a. sla o C ofrefwn e saent wMl be serve to s e m ntra
iott ww m a them d, n n eo sem

tesne ad of wtes ses fromal boat s seemi
a3ir ter a.. t1n he aind yotey nnnear itookn t tvan fot
"2?tatoen an ,_ciy by strm last WOL nes Omomo sdierne
hsm espet ndayt enjoy thern balmy Infreae of Tampaed el,
air. They arrived las oeed night and are
S ld&.nd. lhv th e rl enated at the Doto re IT they came
1t. heo trIal. but is o n the st for t part o he sP
W;ot fh thee m# any. ie In Tampa of cr.
Sp*ate*nmd ia te BaJ.S.d beliewil tdlghted ow
II -uft l atr chatn h e, Isodasal C teso o rin g e om his ecil
JJossotae mo5tporor lost in the city with t

0:&N,- oca rle a 1and holsl entertlanment Mamreb
hu-S i m- tow3t..thret Ion the be. that eook tIe ys5,
E e paaay thy^ y^m ,nyuenc o t T sop i

s-ltf~a diI -1-1 t- to w aik arrt on the stress ajealn Inr Wpeta

atasUWttOWt IA se mtreoptlcan alertaament together
' with Be2ka fainos Illstrated lectures
lwo hhs be ao- wll be produced with the finest Oible
iTbaus In the me- dcts at the irst Congoratlo&Ia
moi te f Id or tow chm on Thursday and nPrdav even-
ua on a Jamasry U1 and 20. The views In-
atade nscne tin Cuba. Porto Rico and
~ im toiVg the PhUMlplnss, also views of orid
hseir Int inocc hbattleshis, battle scenes and pubHoe
r traame se bulldima SW
The de ,Prok Guild wil ive the
lth by Prik Am rt -Df-O-eco ta" of the year elh-
was ths gryeaB. -pro- e amrhnd ninety-nine on Friday

abs w ar oetsaf rtTam a v s Sided Choiee confec
Iwl sr 1msen ttmnh lin @ad theecO that boaters 1e wll be
kSad M s remtu In a e r a bqvy oe ohuarln s rls,
* te w dsa his an a smally pleasant natternoon
my be-me cted by an whro attend. 2t
rao of Lshrg he tM
trnill marrts'i In t Mrs I. H. Cooper wl leare for
rd s a sed ma, Porn Tampa, this evening, where s e
L 3.5 1 het that wIl trOlamege ao board the Mascott
S-aon a vae" romB there she wlll pro-
ma e to SIUMas whee am wil woa
*rurtaar baorp r khA who ha el uu oh the
wete k 60001obaot INBft aaC06t PI bDOU t that laeeO
tft ur stl rM- Byewt ve with te machinery abot
1- ma lsak woSlm a thr wese ago, and nleft r, Cooa
3rL .Xsa&rd a at tbhe homes of C. Witseld on Marlon
-, s treat. .Dwi ber irte stay hee ne
S m t s h a hBst of Irend who reret

Oaksi C MCECuOr. WES

fTTh Lewirtt a Bwmano 00noselidated
SyhOUf1ysS I"are eL.tAAI i < tltion from al
EM ruop- w tsr tahe i tnn BDtate to be
"-( Il.is3 hI a ad-w rt exhIbitIonwsra e m
.. e'* to the Arerlcar ..
..-,, I rr ? +. :. .. ...R.... .

o -- .. . .. . .. -
... .... . . .

-. ..; : *.'' : -' -, ....

the loO

VUL be
heart o
and toll
with th
then ll
when o0
to corn
could Lo

A nes
R. B. 61
Oeon o
Mer. Bai
of Mr. a
of cons
ford. fl
Anoni t

Jan. 7. 1

Annie O
sad MBn
Dr. J.

Tenn. r

WI O tieg t A eas.


a Ordered to Ignore the Amer-
Oficers, and the Outlook
licutea Speedy Claah Be
tween the action.

to the Tribune.
la. Jan. IL-The situation Is rap-
proachlns a climax. Tb eUnlted
authorities are taking every pre-
i. The troops in quarters are
arms. and the Callfornians have
arfed from the transports.
es, it is reported, have been or-
not to work for the Americans.
nployes in the Commissary De-
mt have gone on strike. Many
Share leaving the city.
General Otis, however, has the
situation thoroughly in hand.
ond proclamation by Aguinaldo.
t the same date as the one which
1tely followed the proclamation
or General Otis, based upon
nt McKinley's instructions, ap-
In the streets today. but it Is
to have been recalled It
are much more vehement than
sde In the at proclamaion.
n-tdo threatens to drive the
ns mrom the islands, calls the
o witness that their blood will
beir own heads if it is shed, and
at greater length the promises
rts were made by the A'w1er
h part of the insurgents in the

elieved that this second procla-
aI the origlsal draft, 'which was
pted by the Fillpino Congres at

a stated in a dispatch from
Wton last nigt that it was post-
mown that there were the CUll-
troops mentioned in the the e-
om Manila had landed. Thee
were placed on transports sev-
ys ago and It was sated that
lets had simply steamed out into
idle of Manila bay, the troops
sady to proceed tm Boto should
me necessary. Tls leads to the
hat th troops have returned
ended at Manila.

to the Trbun.
d. Jan. IL-General Rios cables
manila that the rebels are on-
Las for an attack on Manfla, and
ttermined to attack the Amer-
r'es before the arrival of reIn-
nts. The situation Is con-
very serious.


f a Neway nature Orae Qos
missd For TrIbune leader. .

to the Trib~une
City. Jan. U.-The New lear
e umsal samont of labor and
so presents a hopeful future at
rly date. Bverytlng looks
Ike, thus encoursed, the frut,
he and gratn psoducinu tner ot
is at work preparin or various
I which the tppoattlon toero
many more acres planted thls
than In the fal Could the
each railroad magnate be
toced In favor of the tiller
er of every Stte with a )ust and
transportation rate, Florida,
e abundance of early frndt and
lea woold respond fruitfully,
e Caifornia, her products would
rom sore to shore and at a time
her States are prparing cropt
Slater in this way, Florida.
her many discourag cents
ok forward to a reasonable pros-
Sdanghter, a New TYesr* ift
at the home of MYr. and Mdm
ier on atlardWy.
nday MRs. LouIlms Bael, wife of
rmon Hael, and tblir d&aStGr
ad Mrs. Uicard Alderman died
ompCton at her lae home Gi-
aU having moved rom Moust
Gflford only about two months

Easen leaves besides a devoted

at Archer, Pia, on tatorday,
to (Mr. and Mrs. E IM. Osoe.
Mr Oseornte, omrmerly UKI
lrVS, was os of Plant City's
young ladies. rs. E i s ist
morning tor the home at Mr.
C. Knight one of the mefIdat
Sof the Univrerety f Nashville,
ached Plant City Monday nirht
Strom Pneumonal ii .+ -.

- -~ ~.- ~ .1 .. :


-~l --- -C -' 0..lcte

class repa fr fo rttq.
Mr. A. K. ter tseme ac mtaa an a
comfornaMe et aes oM hist t In thi
northeastt pa town.

By DOecUlit the A mppiammwa s
kntor to dfoe i ., r. KOu
Dsassd-Kauy Applwh-t-
ftr th PaoutMn.

special to the Tribune.
Washington. Jan 11.-Hon. Joseph, SL
Choite of New York, was to-day ap-.
pointed ambassador to Great Britain by w"
President McKinley.
Special to the Tribone. lew
Was ngton. Jan IL -Judge r da piy
of Vermoat has formally declined the U w
appointment Ito the Penate to sced __

~what of a sensaton he
Special to the Tr e. a
Washinton, Jan. U-en43ator Sa m
Introduced a resototia In tla rr ate
to-day recognisinth be in4esd ~ e o te
the PUp It aioo Glared that
this covols ent wil tora tshe hsad
over to them as oon as cI4(rt ame a

arrin vedo in Tuda evls mu"has
J. anaed. oatdt rcSora l er and Oft -
ohaler of thl ter osalstd ft. Cth t4

The opening a tsr of the season eds to
been tan Tuae by s Jay nOreai a0
prSUL At aa careul BoMtBtn a- am cab

the aiespOi oft he Cra5at h Clb wUl ,)

held on Toesday eeOnIng, the l flw
enagol cemWmitima was v et"= 5 i e
complCyete the I INr raw V.
worth swith. =Mwr .. C. UWseap rU WO
frank Stanais t I thfe p Pups"s
te comlnritte to eInMs O ths eaM of 5 I
ladinng social events at the .se.as

. Truei

Bargain are not always Br gsb
If an article, matter mot hw b
fal or cable to te pO s
bargain. What you Ai '

Our Greal

SAre am usethl valnmee gesds tha

te s fOt or wlrat U nm w

Gives you an oppeuni y tt byi
made of th beet material, at peO
regular prieceg It

Our Whitoe oo
You will be able to replsid
frnishiags, such a Shemrt,
Table Linati, Napkis; t, at MoI
goods a thee have bereo been d

Flannels, Underwear, etc., ft.I go

Our Shoe Dopa

Is on'a boom. Like every other art
is ihe best, for what you have
goods ebsehere.


oial is the Trbhas. .

s given tor.4 to VSa*-

Itng for hie heme ia- si
ltg to a tasmt Mift

ty to see ta hm

t week do"s by
5oeea d s, i
^*^* *--i p

151 the

lit aw

lal toath eeM

r 0 1fat
;ia hdnl
IBI ^^

;: ,. !

. i t



Ali A-

~~ .

-~~ ~ . -If be

J A'4-1yk?

e It ", I LI

% v

m the Trmhn

... rtomi... t ed =
MAs s 4 oa f ta ILe al Ifa

Aheb*iSrds CS- i aup ot Ind.. Jan. 7.-I
SLis l 's theirlnitovlsed pblcan ca s for Unlit : Stats
A b.,s. .ataearly hW t-or is set for next ThNeday
aa4 twetr-tbrse men Several names are being prone
I gMi idteas being ser- mentloned to-ng4t. but to all
a..' e saeesx-Congressan Ranley
saomodahe mte n5B safe lead
Sdeckedf struCture e

eas a.n the men ,acing TMen T k Btth

'b -wsS St it"ne Tea new flyes that have wi
Nb L- L 0916&14" "M U" ..e Rd X= ink ftuQ..6r

and fortune on the race track
at the Tama BSay stables ye
S d ~h be put in tranini
% omen of them have made sen
S. records lW an, ad expect t
thpm Ln the euftlr ingmeet.

-RO-- E it e tlhuglhw thee'mddle oet ne
n to- -the llMt rf nriy two hundred
!Ofi-ttba oftd b 90h, toe grlond Most tbo
,'i4ail on tbe PtresiOt *ave arrived are fine looking sp
jeu eatagi tot0 of rseidesrh., and Iook as if the
skpin a mil In law than no tmu

In: -A REl This in c"4re of the horses are loud
br t"r q Ere atr pfte of the track and ground
"3 -no 10.also think that Tainp climax
P ra7b te b68t -itn o $ gI e
'it h ma ccssmittes: t he I

Vmeets daurg tI

6MW 3. I O One O wne 1 aowna horseman and
I Opinalaon to a Tribu
it the horse o

S t& att5?Sa v.ng.- 1 we would have at least egh
Im :r oe thosunad horses he
fSSE^' SSSOS W He stted that the wit
,mnri m"t -iB' ArM a-nlma d at La ata lnts where winter me
p as1 thse rised ns bAd is not to he eogsared to th
t"ao MW oMan climate.

i5r5ld a loog speech In Iermanentli bueeficlal effects ni
VW ISOM- w itl with susUenMt action; l
Stht it is pernseoly town tha

a ne, aut faity injure the sys

S i aft .r-In itr Csurt o if Unined
Shas beean for 0outhrn District of lo
Sate of Ba*ruptcy. In the ml
Ot rJata IL avis. B anlau

s t Le, Polk County and district

lr-ateed- Ngptloe Is hereby given that on
B t2 s thS e no dy w at December. A. D. 18. 6
Siif s ^Ii -~'- S i 8. Davis was duy adit
salkrf hl kriat.; and that the first me
htwoeSa tbblAl ceiedltor wll he helddat my
r aM ag m- Bestow. Fla., op the 14th day
re to Otoln later 5uwy1. A. D.. M1B at 2 o'clock afti
Ir6S0t Itwh"h -Sthte mid credited

Praej rcose-iefoSore sd iSei

Referee In Bankr
___Ued. Attorneys for Bankrupt.
i r 'r

i ?Notlce of ApRlcatioii to Sell
a.1d -s 9es blnss4
Notiee s hereby given that

i Of Q Ud

S irm Ofla


T' BRpublccaa of Iadis
Probably Nams the Ex-CO
man for United States 8
tor-Cacus Tuesday.

Special to the Tribune.
Wsehinscoe- Jan. 7.-The flight
ress agalst General Joe Whet
ttmues, and the indication an
la favor of his losing bhs seat
penerally mUndertood Tiat if his
for salary went tb uough all ri
received the endorsement of th
parties there was still some 1
him. .The warrants were m
thi morning, and presented to
Reed for d signature. ipe
quite a number, but among t
poUtelV reftued to sign was
vPQrhting Joe" Wheeler. The v
tf several other officials conecl
the army were also turned dows
affair has created a sensation
atrcles and the outcome ie
eatcbad with great interest.

uptcy. y of marble, vitrified biick, concrete as- fixtures in said place of business, and
phalt or other hard and durable ma- also the book of accounts and credits of
terial with substantial curbing. said Martin Caraballo. The said capi-
Sidewalks on all other streets or tal stock may hereafter be increased to
parts of streets In said city may be any amount which may be desired.
built ofall heart yellow pine lumber, Fourtl. The time of the commenc--
Minor., tree from windshakes or bad knots or ment of this corporation shall be the
other haid wood free from sap or other date of the issuance of letters potent,
defects. The stringer shall be of three and it shall continue in operation for
tI wit by four inch lumber laid edgewise; the the term of ninety-nine years.
Larson, plankr ahal Ibe laid crosswise; the FLfth. The business of the corporation
borough stringers shall be laid lengthwise, and shall be conducted by a president, vlice-
noffice not to be laid over two feet apart, and president, general manager, secretary
county placed so that the two at the ends of and treasurer, any one man having the
D., 189- the planks shall not be more than cine right to hold one or more offices, and a
the In- Inch from ends of said planks and that board of seven directors; the board of
label C. the planks are to be laid to an even directors to be elected annually by the
lerndo'n thickness. stockholders, the remainder of the off-
escribed All of the stringers shall be laid level cers to be elected by the board of direc-
I of lot or even with the grade as much so as tore The officers of the corporation,
lnpM of possible and not buried. The planks until their successors shall be elected
purpose shall be one and one-half inches thick. shall be: Enrique Pendas. president:
benefit sand laid crosswise of the stringers, Jose Pita vlce-breesident;.M&arin Cara-
leaving spaces not greater than one- ball, general manager and tric-ast.rr:
)11N quarter ot an Inch between. When Bautista. L. Balbontin, secretary, and
minors. Ili, the planks not to be sider than all of the above named parties, to-
tSNT. six Inches and well nailed %ibh not less gether with Adalberto Poro, Jose Hanina
than twenty penny Pati,. using one and Constantino Campo, to be the Loard
ereol, I nail to each bearing. Provided that Co directors.
iudge of the owners of property on said streets Sixth .The highest amount of tndeit-
my anal may build sidewalks of stone, rock or edness or liablllty, to wbich the cor-
~.trf. ft phosphate rock, brick, marble cement, oration can at any time subject itself.
-g& Id asphalt or other like material if they so shal be five thousand dollars. All Of
it a desire. And provided further that in the above subscribers are residents of
every case where the owners or agents the city of Tampa, state and county
D. i of any property, refuses or neglects to aforesaid.
06. s build, or cause to be built a sidewalk BNRIQOUE PENDABI (Seal).
abetting the property after having OE PITA, (BeaW.
..-" been so ordered to do according to the B. BAL.BONTIN. (Seal).
m term. intent and meaning of this ordi- -MA'RTIN CAR nRAt-t., (Seal)
nance; and the city has to build the, JoSS REP A, (Seal).
same and charge the cost thereof ADALBBRTO PORO, (Seal).
S against te abutting property under CONSTANTy E O CAMSOi _up .P
Sthe terms of this r the ity tate of Plorida et oi Mbor-
Ssha, t in o _-all es b_ -i i#.ewalk of .. .

M I I sMERA2C N 17. U notice dIrected to the property ow-
LII a lts to build or resr the id sd
r An ob fmace entitled an arordih s walks within the time and in accord-
U regulatia the building ot 4d sft ife with thi ordinance. and a copy
and declaring the defective sidewalks a of the resoution eOeringg the same built
declaring the defective sidewalks a shall be embraced in sald notice.
!" pubte nuance The city marshal upon receiving aid
Be It ordained by the City Council of notice, shall serve the owner, or his
the city of Tampa: agent, oi the abutting property by de-
ection 1. That from and after the lvering to either of them a copy of id
passage of this ordinance, sidewalks in notice or post a copy upon the property
the city of Tampa shall be built of the as heretorfor provided, and shall state
Sdimenands and the material herein- upon the original how he served the
N after mentioned. same, upon wlom, and the time when
Section 2 n Franlin street from served, and If pasted upon, upon what
Whiting St. to Harrison St., sidewalk.e >'t nnd when the same was posted, and
to WBJi shall e fifteen feet wide, from Harrison .. return to the city clerk such ori-
.fTt^-4. street to Scott street the sidewalks shall git.2. Mith tis doings thereon .
rnesl be ten feet wide. On Lafayette street section 7. That n case the Cty
~ from Florida Avenue to Water street, Council should order a sidewalk built
sidewalks shall be twelve feet wide. or repaired, and it appearing to them
On Ashley street between Lafayette that notice has been given, as required.
street and Pulk steet. on Tampa street to the abttUng property owners or
between Whiting street and Harrteon their agents, or that notice has been
street, on Florida avenue, between posted as required, and that the owners
t in Con- Whiting street and Harrison street, on bave failed or neglected to build or re-
eler con- Madison street between Ashley street pair the same within the Lime required
Largely and Marion street, on Twiggs street. they shall contract with sme persons
L It was between Ashley street and Mtaron or person to build or repair the side-
warrant street. on Zack streetbetween Ashley walk, and ninety-nine percent f the
Eight and street and lMarion street, on Polk street, entire cost of the building or repairing
e proper between Ashley streeL and Marion of the sidewalk shall be paid by the
hope (or street, on Css atrest bet en Xshley abutting property owner and shall be
ade out street and Marion street on Tyler a lien against said abutting property
Speaker street between Ashley street and as hereinafter provided.
signed Marion street, on garrison street Section 8. That the crossings or walks
those he between Franklin street and Mar- across the streets shall be constructed
that of Ion street on Seventh avenue ne- and paid for by the city.
warrants tWeen Nebraska avenue a-.d Living- section 9. Any person or persons, firm
ted with ston avenue, on Eighth avenue between or corporation building or erecting any
n. The Thirteenth street and Nineteenth street, sdewalk in the city of Tampa other
In army Ninth avenue between Thirteenth than as provided for in this ordinance
being street and Sixteenth street, on Flften- shall b guilty of contributing to and
th street, between Sixth avenue and maintaining a public nuance, and
Tenth avenue. sidewalks shall be ten any sidewalk so built shall be torn up
D. feet wide. On Thirteen th street be- by the city authoritleso nd the builder
tween Sixth avenue and Tenth avenue, thcee pou convictionloff btldng the
sn Sixteenth street, between Sixth same ill be fined not more than St
'he Re- avenue and Tenth avenue, on Seven- or imprisoned for not longer than thirty
e Sena- teenth street between Sixth avenue and days or both fine and imprisonment at
night Tenth avaue, on Nineteenth street be- the discretion of the municipal udge.
ninently tween Sixth avenue and Tenth avenue, Section 10. That whenever a sidewalk
appear- sidewalks shall be eight feet wide, on in the city at Tampa shall become so
has a Fourteenth street from Seventh avenue' defective as to be dangerous to persons
to Ninth avenue, sidewalks shall be to passing over the same, the occupant,
curb line. On all other streets and parts owner or agent of the premises along
of streets In the city of Tampi eighty which said defective and dangerousI
feet wide, sidewalks shall be eight feet sidewalk may be, shall be notified in
SLE wide, and on all streets less than eighty writing by the city marshal or any
feet wide, and more than forty feet policeman of the city of Tampa,. that
wide, sidewalks shall be six feet wide, said sidewalk is dangerous, and to re-
r uidlll end on all streets less than pair the 'same and place the
,- forty feet wide, sidewalks shall same tp a safe condition with-
t *y. e five.- &eet iride, provided that in twenty-four -hours after havIng re-
S on' an streets eighty feet wide ceived aid notice. If the owner,
on fame when wooden sidewalks are permitted agent, or occupant refuses or neglects
to be laid, the wooden sidewalk when to repair said sidewalk as atoresald,
arrived laid shall be eight feet wide; and on all within the time mentioned in this sec-
sterday, other streets less than eighty,. and lion, after having received written
it once. more than forty feet wide, when wooden notice ad aforesaid, they shall be dem-
sational sidewalks are permitted to be laid, ed guilty of maintaining a public nul-
lo when laid shall be six feet wide; and sance. and upon conviction thereof.
on all other streets less than forty teet shaU be fined not more than l25 or by
Nearly wide, when wooden sidewalks are per- imprisonment of net more than thirty
ng, and miltted to be lala, when laid shall be days or both tone and imprisonment at
Xt week five feet wide. But provided further, the discretion of the Municipal sudge.
he that when any sidewalk Is laid on any Section 11. That all ordinances relat-
will be of the foregoing streets other than ing to the building of sidewalk, keep-
se tha wooden sidewalks, the width -i the ing the same in repair, now ar force
ectmens same shahl be and conform to the width or any part thereof in conflict with this
?y couid specified in this section of sidewalks on ordinance are hereby repealed.
the several streets and avenues of the Passed by the City Council this 16th
e. city of lTampa otter than those widths day of December, A. D., 1898
hat are as specified for wooden sidewalks when tAttest) R. MOREIY,
in their laid. Press City Council, Pro. Tem.
aSection 3. That all sidewalks on JNO. M.H KNDjRON,
They Franklin street from Whiting street to City Clerk.
Smof at Scott street and sidewalks on Lafayette Approved by me this the 19th day Of
st.htae street, from Florida avenue to Water Deeember. A D.. 189.
inter street: and all sidewalks laid in the fire F C. BOOWR t
limit in the First Ward; and all the MaYor.
joibape Bsideaalks In the Third Ward south of
he ,ur- west Lafayette street, and east of a est
Sixth avenue; and west Lafayette 'ARTICL0. OF INCORPORATION.
street from Plant avenue to
.trainer Grand Central avenue: and Seventh Of The CoamopolUtan Drug Company.
mne rep- avenue in the Fourth Waro from Thir- Articles of incorporation entered into
aners of teenth street to Sixteenth street, and this fourth day of January, A. D., 18M.
wed the Fourteenth street from Seventh avenue by and between E riqus Pendas, Jose,
to Ninth avenue; and In the tSecond Pitsa. Bauttita Balbontin, olartin
LA Flor- Ward, Seventh avenue from Florida Caraballo. Adsaberto Poro, JbseRelna,
it hund- avenue toCentral avenue shall be bWilt Constantino Campo and their aisodia-
re every limits of the City of Tampa, to con- tee, wth hereby associate themselves to.
struct uniform and substantialt side- getber as a body corporate, under the
enter cli- -walks around their several lots, In ac- constitution and laws of the State of
r Louis- crodance with the provisions of this or- Florida, and do adopt the fol-
ets are dinaunce and to keep the same in good lowing da their articles of incorporation,
we south repair; and upon failure to do the same, to-witE
within the time and manner herein First, the name of the corporation
mentioned, the Council may have the shall be Coamooitan Drug Company.
same done, and the cost of which shall and Its principle place of business sall
be a lien against said lots, which may be in Ybor City, city of Tampa. county
be enforced in the manner provided of Hillsborough and State of Florida.
dance of In section 691 of the Revised Statutes and at such other places in the State
ad were of the State of Florida. of Florida and foreign countries, as toe
Seatlon 6. The City Council ,may at ofiCers of the company may hereafter
but now ay regUlar or special meeting by re- designate.
t yrup solution, order the building or repair- Second The general natrem/o the
conatl- tog of stch sidewalks as they may deem rness to be transacted sha be to
will not neceary, that maid resolution shall re- buy and sell drug, patent medicines,
i for a quire the abutting property holders to perfumries statIlonery, toys, jewelry.
tern. build or repair maid sidewalks as the cidgars, tsoa., fsncy goods, and to buy
ease may be; that In the case of the and ell any and all other articles, con-
building of a new sidewalk, the owner nected with the general merchandise
tateea. or his agent shall have ten days after and drug business, not otherwise men-
rida. In having been served by the marshal of tonedd. but appertaining tu and being
hitter of the city of Tampa with a notice 1o build germain to said business. Said corn-
pt. In a sidewalk in conformity with said pany may also deal in real estate. niy
resolution; and In case of the repair of buy, sell. own and mortgage real estate,
B. Da- the said sidewalk two dads notice aa if they were individuals, and shall
tafore- after service of the resolution have any and all powers germain to
a aforesaid, provided that in case sld buslnes necessary to the full car-
the 10th the owners Are unknown, or ry1a.0 on of Its operations and purposes.
the sald reside beyond the Jurisdiction of Third. The amount of the capital stockl
idleated the city, and have no agents In the of said company shall be five thousand
ettng of city upon whom notice can be served, dollars to be divided Into one hundred
office In notice to build or repair the abutting shares of the par value of fifty dollars
o Jan- sidewalk, embracing a copy of the reso- each; said capital stocm to be fully paid
er noon. lutlon shall be given to the owner by up by the present stock of goods and
a. may posting upon the abutting property, merchandise and drug business, now
bint a tsid notice requiring the same to be held. owned and carried on by Martin
pt .and built within thirty days from the date Carabailo. at the corner Of Ninth ave-
M may. of the posting, or repaired within ten nue and Fourteenth street, Ybor City.
stlng. days from the date aforesaid, cLty cf Tampa, county of Iillsborough,
Section 6. It shall be the duty of the and State of Florida, together with anl
12O. city olerk to Immediately furnish the of the stock of goods, furnlture and

Attorney. LV
Notice isto hereby given to the property CoNSpsVIssWa .
owners of Hillsborough. county that I L EI L. lthsdr 11.M
will be at the following places In the for said COotB y hirS
county on the dates named for the p W- foregoing a tSeS
pose of maJking assessment for I.-Pro- pubulcatIon fled tSU
perty owners are solicited to meet me Witness my hand af
promptly and to bring deeds with Tampa. this thMri
them so that correct desnrtotlos of IL L
property may be had. 'All property Clerl
not returned wUl be assessed as un- By D. B
known. The eflce in Tampa will be
opened Jan IfCA, IV.
District 18. Tuesday, Jan. 17. Key- N'ON-BRPSplET
stone Park.
District. No. 1. Wednesday, Jan. 18, In Clrcuit ourt HJUh
Tarpon Springa Stash Judcia C
District No. 4. Thu-aday JaL It inch, etA ft.
Southerland, forenoon; Dunedlin, ae- .
noon. as eTruteg, etc,,
Distrlt MNo. 'Friday, Janmury B2. an etL L Foreel1s
Clearwater. This ra m iss U
District No. 2. Saturday, Jan. 01 PAl mA3i2eSA .
Largo forenoon, CampbeH, afternooam dres tttd egLg t
Di1trist No. f., BM day and Tues*a, reacs. a"n4 W
Jan. 2 ad St. Petersburg. .
Dittrto %No. I.' Wednesday. Jan, 265 ?fld, -.
District No. 5. Friday, Jan. 27, Hralt- p aint p1 a
tage.o, roA Af
l)hstrlct No. 1 Saturday, Jan. 28 lss.Pioridi mtd*^11t
Thonotossa aa.to Qt y wet
District No. 17. Monday, Jun. M. iT" Za p,
Kevavllle. oraa e toha tboe J.
District 29o. 8, Tuesday, Jan. 1. Petot sear to the Wl of
District WTo. fi Wednesday, Feb 1, b- s th 5h day Of
HnrraL e xt a .4fsiL1p
District No. 12. Thursday, Feb. i. enteraqans JL .
Tiger Lake. It i s tur s, erdGM4
District .Ito. 3 lday. Feb. 3. tjif this ordertwi pblstk
City. aune. ones a we
District We. 7, Satardy, Feb 4, Peru. weeks toL9 UM4hA -
District Me. 5, mday, Feb. 6, AhL- A. X. LA- 3 I L
District No. T sdy, eb. 7, tha- *Wm t'TEe. .
vlin Store. 'Complnaln fe 5.5
District, k 15, 4Wednesday, Feb. 5, V. By I. 3
Brandon. X. Lt'd I4 chs l,4 C
District No. 2N, Thursday, *Feb.. for m.o8, or0ad VGU
Seffner. foregone tIs a true 3W
District I2tso Fday and Saturday, poblik-t o u "itea t
February 10 and 1, Plant City. Witness ay -Il'er m
District No. L. Monday, Fee I2 Tam.P flti4sl ....
BetheL c r- K w
district No. 29. Wednesday, Feb. 14i -
College Ha. By 3J
Distrct No. 22. Fridar-and Satrday, -
February 1 and 1,S.Pert Tmpa City., 1"
Tax Assessor ot Oit ilsbTogh County. In Cisc"f t UMn .

In the Circuit Cont for Wititraugi Tirck da oriamo
iCom. w VsStoar vsr Ckt'a ta Sit P UVOCU Ol &

aSeal) H. Ia X I U ;Bl a
Clerk ot the Circuilt Court.
Deputy Clari. ol1
P. 0. K.NIGHT. A.
SSoliitor for Comsltona# w -narst
State of Flortda. County of SUle.bor. to -o-A
ough. .d.i... 1a

(kseal HL .IMMIC RL,
Clerk of the Circult Court.
3y. D. B. OGIVEl
Deputy MCl.
In Circuit Court, 'Hillborough County.
lixth Judicial Circuit of 0orda toin.
Chancery. A. A. Hoyt, va. Velroy
M. Hoyt, Divorce.
Thia cause coming on to be heard up-
on application for an order of publica-
tion directed against the defendant
Velroy M. Hoyt, and it appearing to
the satisfaction of the Clerk of said
Court upom affidavit filed with the btU
of complaint In said cause that the said
defendant is a non-resident of the State
of Florida, and resides In Lower Casbot
County of Washington. Vermont, and
over the age of twenty-one years. '
It is therefore o-dered that you VeIroy
3d. Hoyt do appear to the said bill o
complaint on or before thLe sd day o '
January, A.D., 1S9, else a decree pro
comnesso wilt be entered against yo
It Is further ordered that a copy r F
tam order t pubtlahedto ampaJrl-
bune oace a week for as ceafltcaUve
weeks prior to the mid 2nd day of jpa- *
ary. A D., 1M, :H. L. I OTMfWI.%
st l rkmSit Court.
Con mpalantas soicitor.
-By D. B. GIV-EB, D. C.
.L L L. Mitcheil, Clerk Circuit Court
of eald county, hereby certify that the
foreging4 a true copy of the orr t
publication filed in the af esldcUse.
Witness my had and offc l seal at
Tam&%l.th Bid day o atD oe ,A.,AM .
S st-k of (BeO t trt 't. -
., sE. a Ow n cs .e .
., O lr E.

A. D., 1

f ftee el(bmow UA&Pol as"-m,

Swora to s sahtemibed %Wfore in
on t" the fott tya ot J ,a r YA.A
Notary Pblic tatea ot Floia at

Notice is hereby gren that an aVpU-
catkon U til bmaPds to the G ernar Of
the State of Florida, thlrty day after
the date hereof. far letters patent UPOn
the foarecoin articleof at i n emm i .n

T T. I
de Await-

- '' ~

.' :-y


'.e OtA aorth SaIts That e FUl
Strictly Draw the Color Line
7- ; .T-zaation.

EBBecai to the Tribun.

.mpbeh e


to m--d" ats- --
5S -r c O-, edy o.kf iams flonutr P.0
. .- .. Tampa Bay Near Pw sarg
t*H aaR4D>AY. -
ecial to the Tribune.
uns.- S t. Petersburg, Jan. (.-A b
k &-7Bd r ispedal afond floating at Pssagrile, is
hoArqdt e taUr u 'Bar. Wednesday, and was up]
endsm deiroted nmr- be that of James Souter, the
j the em One- architect. who left L. Peterml
Bid by the committee Oarw Iter hbree weeks ago ii
lm saup *wA onae to A oeronerWs jury was Impam
mt'.0s5 e of cDruit itenmfled the body. as that o
Jibidiakldmut.t It Boater.
wigLI.W~h_ ll JBe ITheq body was badly decompo
IO WUL am L 'E Dars. was buried near the beach.
tate, and& ]at sji IBoduter was a builder and a
io---e siii jt and mued here a year ago trot
'-enow. He soerlntended t
"'i "RZb tion oat te lndsli bPudlng


as Mo


mting in

ody win
i Tapa
posed to
burg for
n a sall-
eled. ant
)f James
sed. and
m Braid-
tle esrec-
* of the
I albne tm
Point, In
day the
be facts
The de-


wram re-

Tr a.


Peopc Will Zve Jttle OCause for
Complaint When the New
Rule is forced in All
Ports of Cuba.

spesa nto the Tribrne.
WNtAinton. Jao. --The latest ad-
vice from Santlago, show that while
the excitement over the order of then.
nm 414e ml- ita rvwovrr of Cb IL_

ha-e 5ei The officials here claim that if San-
bto down tigao, at one end o fthe island and Ha-
vana at the other end were allowed to
co keep their customs receipts, such pro-
t n vines as Puerto Princite and Pinar
vacant. del Rio would be without funds to make
fttesi public Improvemeats. It i proposed
in Oon- to allow each of the military comoand-
nsed 2M- ers to submit requlsltions for possession
General o public works as a basis for allotment
n to- o the customs collections, and Internal
eeed iin property to the needs of the
ent Ho- respe tive nf mua"tie


CtbaIs iar "I uamtso.


An Upidemic is Raging in Kaay
Parts of OCba-Genral Lee
Makes Some Important

Special to the Tribune.
Havan. Jan 7.-Interesting revela-
1ons concerning the flight ot Z.carla
Breemes. -who is chaired with comnilo-
Ity in destroying the Meaine, were made
to-day. Breemes was a magistrate In
a preliminary court, having been e5-
pointed by VWeyler, one of whose crea-
tures he wiaL UIs position was one of
oonsderable reponsfbility and no sal-
ary, yet Bresmns was one of the most
lavish penders of money In Havana-
His manner of conducUln his court had
so long been a scandal that it ceased to
attract special attention. His influente
\was so great that It was known to be
ules to attempt his punishment.
The Cubans who were oonvinced of
his criminality in connection with tee
destruction of the hralne, remained Ga-
en, hoping to secure his punishment
after American occupation had been
realized. In the meantime the war
was fought and the protocol signed.
Bresmes then became nervosm and be-
gan preOaratlons for a trtp to Spain.
Judge Vilalba, a Cuban, who is bofS
able and honest. then entertained
shares against Bresme In one of many
easue Rb aotlon reersed him ltafte



We ave c

We have a regular orgamnieddep eamtt.I
vision of one of the firm for this talmhwa
at a distance can send for samples A pay
any order entrusted to us Moled with the
care, and at the same prloes a if pesoej r
us for sunples end prices on anything in th
Line. Our store has been specially constrnctedfo t
of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, beet
best constructed, and cottins all that arperiaee ea s_.
to render it the most useful, comfortable w aj ttrsti'
kind. It is accordingly one of the sights ofLeuaiT .l
"Bacon's Advertiser" contains price list of yaneq ai'
Goods mailed free on app ortion

425, 425, B49 ME Market bt., above Peston, oiit= Il

J. Agent orBraanohw bat
:~ 55~55 i,. N,- 'i
in zery CPY or 2 ,o-
-ant Or Salaryr o


e: m r 4 I Y M ? ?i

U In IL VI tollu eal 4ras, whose anxity to n I^-B 55 J 'n msn. .
tut for th ain e destrton: Samples and self measure blanks sent by maiL
A $15,000 S8uit in the United States made him conplcuous ast winter. "
Court at Jacksonvlle. Arolas nteered to save Bresmes, gete 1 ,A 68^t'-t .
ting Bianco's ear,amdpersaeded the iat-
Sca to t ter to order Bresmes to send all import-
Special to the Tribune. ant papers relating to Bresmes to him.. .
Tallahaaee, Jan. 7.--Clarence B. Col- ant drop the proceedings against him. ,.j1
Unss, during his term of office as State Villalba sraused to do this, and defted
Treasurer, made a loan of $15.000 to the both Arolas and Blanco, issuing an or-
Iverchants Nattonal Bank of Ocal derfore esmes arrest- This was re-
through J. N. C. Stockton as trustee, ported at the palace, and BLancos re-
R. B. Connell. president of the nk. moved Bresmes from the danger of fall-
transfering to Stockton certain pa ers ing into the hands of the Yankees by
and mortgages on the bank building to allowing him to go aboard the transport -
secure The loan. The bank failed in
January, 1ri and the Conlroller of the (ovadonga on which he sailed for. c. -.

<-oe pwsen~e and n en. Bre Rae fAbfo is Th the [n\ riness hand a on a b
SCurrency appointed G. C. Stapylton re- Cpaon where he is now In hid -
cetver for the defunct bank. He in- The small pox th s become epidemic at
stltted asuit in the Circuit Court of the iarinao, and Genoleral LAe has ordered
a number of infected houses burned.
United states in Duval County, to re- ankinCo t. a private in the hospital
over te bank bldn and collaters a a ate
and the de See ci said court was tat corps o the 1t Indiana. baa the
the convey-anee of the bank uildlo" smallpox, probably the result of ex- /
and collateral was good as to the 815.- ponsore In nursIng Sergeant lies. whon in -t i
o0 loan. An appeal was taken to the is now convalescent. I"
United States Court of Appeals and Lee's forces ae being lessened day by 'I
that coVrt at New Orleens recently at- day. Your compty n es, now doing pro-d
firmed the decree of the lower court, vest duty in the subure, were to-day
and the State will receive the Ill,000 in- detached from his command and or-
voided In the suit, which will assist in tred to report to General Ludlow.
voled in~ete the s which willtessist In 'When the American 0 eradatlon tookt
reducing Colln's defalcation of 2.- When the American o tion tool s i B.
,laoethe members of a lottery co Many 1'
-, that was famous a few years ago In a -. ,
POIRT POINTF7RS. Southern city made an attempt to se-
cure 0 consesion here. Local papes
Pickings Picked Up at the Port and have apparently ben sulbstdized. but
Paragraphed for Bus People. General Brooke declares that so long as
-r the American occupation last lotteries
Special to the Tribune, will be barred.
Port Tampa, PiU, Jan. 7.-The Whit-
ney arrived fros Havana tonight witi
at one paseenger and no freight, T N r
PorAds want out at 1 o'clock with
6 sodier. 7 hodses and the regular
at the battallon. aad 75 .. .. :,
lrit-clss pasngr Among bGe.Brooks Has Aboaihed the Span Fl eo sdSana s eIoajerbetwesg, tiir"
is were H. L.Kniht and John Harllee ThelFb I-seeomposedf O e f o Hb a f am o r V 7.,
of the Knight and Wall Hardware Co.. Ihis Bd Tpe Systa Comanche (new), Algonquin. heroke,
t who go to Havan& on boMitne connec-C
I "Sodwst Si amA. t.They wI bleroLYL Special to the Tribune. wtoIvWBHD,.. '-.
I &t HdL O kr a b IS tha & city adi w I H av an a, Ja n. --G en. L udlow is de- S 5 s5 s d oo lso
t sew's-F d, she ; i a~li a aJa"rg.e b. ". Ci n) Fs e-r.:..t.-a.II
he .r er- ml the ermLned to form a rural mounted police .CbNes.... ..........
Manatee ri this evening With lB boxes of HN men, and to patrol the Suburbs orhou e almksags y'd'ew .i.......
o erangue and vegetable, and a &e wlth-Cuban soldiers. About 2,000 'u- ".u U, '
a~m Pnfta Is In the cattle chute, bam m n cmpioyql In t&Es city.4 02
'l nita Isin.th cattle chote. nor Caros odWlzo a carpenter of Vedado V' lLf'" ., I(,lL .f
6 for am wht the a*ca xend cutrtion
1L chamber or torture chamber, diesuvsitd
1ARD ON "THE BLAC". In the late residence of the spanish son- Clyd. Nwl a W -' n
-- tw7 overncw. adjloing -.the palae, usmm- Are.ahm"ftm as Il 'bon
m raim. nthWotCaliawa < < bp him to premier mee ta From = dot Of Room 9- 1 A mw Iu" Vn +" 'o
:TaeaytdrN Yesterday. during the blockade oa the city.-
Iree A staufth metrne Teb u p 7neur-
pecal to. the Tyde dap aJt ohsseriouly inls ng
RPaileigI3. C.. .Jan.--Two blls wre eight person an dati sonm many Clyde'sSt Joi
to'o"eed In the North Carolina ms- dmwlng hou bses in the vicinity.
I r .or-say, which cow that the Seventeen hodim have been dlsnter- JakslcT5, qualt Inn it iesi%, and IB. Lt.stm letsst i w hiInN.
\sasiI ntend to dreaw the dwfr red on a & nplntsrlcn at Amistad ner Measatlna Wsm.W as" "ss
'S a bt rtl in this Sat in the tur. Guinea In evely case the skull wis
,nb' +resqum re al ,railroads In te O W in twain Cit ofgJe x O
State to perawseparate ooache on all Gee. Brooks to-day abolished the 'ity tA5 a A A
trains for the aeommodatlon of white pam@port stem trou ut the Island. .cn. w. aL. W.-
I ond olored passenger. He wil make h. t temporary headsur. c
IThe other bill provides that al s5ibw tere at the Hotel Trocha. In"'......a..las
funds cooected ftro the white peOisl Senor Recdb Arnauia y .Hernande. Leave Bsashed 8 is 9A9 -, irp.sm .a........ .....- i
Ioa the SWate and white non-residents' edtr of 0 Peionce tr do, issued to- .
edito oi i Iacon~ iiiad nisud enem

ramilmed. in


t wm to- et



to the

rhnom. wit Leave 8iS pm ........... ..J. acao e.. ..........
)f blowing O UP :4 p-m ....................... ...
map re atne :6 a .............. .. ..... r on .. .. .....
p Aeces o, -" V:N1ilp...... ...... .... .. r ab.... ..........."'
ta regarding .. ... :... es. .. s I ) .
Arrive 8:2z amSM ** ted..*
[PANY. MS a.n...... ...... ..:..: p ri ..... .........
ompaMny t General Passenger and Ticket Ofrtoe 204 West ap S t.. a
SS9r'SB- i w*Haw~rat ud for which W. H. a. SSwwlsgo o.ILP. A.
nsa T, L wa
C. P. I'me ALFSa&
srew ptu-bed. d1P


14th street. Neaw .i. sas P. BDossmhea e16.

"Nerw York, Jan. 6--A f5trom The catal stock of the company s .
AT WAYCROB S. er. N. Y.. says that an eIne $5000. Besde engaging In the cg SPECIALTIES :-Heavy Blacksmith~ng. Archi
S wet thri a brdg* this morning on brsines he company will deal in sren Works. Store Fronts, Silla Columns ete. aei-
th. Northern and HNew Yor Central estate. Peter 0. Knight fs attorney Our propt
JaLm. E-MisSC rail road near that place, and that for the company. Steamboat Machinery and Bere. r
and r. vett ws. Andrew oore an emple f te ro -- to installing Irrigating and Steam Herng lit ~t
eas La. were at- who was riding on the engine was i n
Ira. 9s ~illued 'Ee brte ta bene weakene Prices. Hitching Pots and Iron Fences.
rdea b theh water and coUi ned am tse V ) -_ -
.Y lpan and the aGoine reached the center of the stic-
ihapUcl5f i ture. T fe elgneer and fireman nd 4 N ,
two other [ m oen went sdown with the PROP B NAL CARDS. HK.' OLe.s1ANT
Seine, but managed to swim ashore. : K AT NTB ATLhAW.
s t Iess ast W 6ed to trse Tribune. w ATTORNeY AT LAdWa C mom
SWil n B. Jan 6.-Fire was d s- e I stated f
phepDpout PowertCmpan *iher's FPdisk1d 6dg f .
S covered thMa morning n the large store Php atete gea il at osmi.ea
=S tS o the DIWop t Poweer ComP W M,]M . "TO ...I..
tsws &*etoass Oc*. lc la the ta.dlo tfew fire- O TB 0. oT.
mn woid venture near. and the tars ha *nit f aat "mtln

agreast damage In the vicistt d toes mpid wibud M'AT
L s .A..e an -iam p,o A .A
IOWA DRW V*'m&Nm. +W --,a M,-L,- .b 8 V M .

r L-r __

r~lsqIFbattbo Ord$.
I venvast

in the
i Gen.
m1ill a

temble f boys at least from a Corli,
EXCITCMNT NOT AL.LAYED. Emphatically Denies That He Ever
iMade Any Confession.
SBntiado's People Want Provincial and -
MunilpJ Autonomy. Special to the Tribune-

ME 15th.

B aBow.

So prosecutor there.
en- Drey3s energetically denies that n1e
a is ever confessed that he was guilty to
ant Captaln Lebrun Renault. In whose
c- hage he was placed at the Bcole Mill-
p'- tale. at the time of his condemnation
rlI and degredation. and re-protests his in-
Lt" nocence.
en. pecWal to the Tribune.
New York, Jan. 10.--Te American
"o llne steamer t. Paul was sighted east
Ato i Fre Island at 2 i this afternoon,
h" much to the joy of hundreds that had
IM been asnxously awaltia som@ word
Sen from her. She w loa g overdue with a
ed heavy passenger list
cn- fiurk t.- DEATHS.
on- Special to the Tribune.
an- New Yort. Jan. 10.-As near as
"ws can he ascertained to-day, the number
of victims ot the Lehigh VaIy BRaln-
n road coUlslaon yesterday was sixteen.
rho Three died darinst the night. Several
B more are not expected to live many
Sri- hobro
Mnt Stedial to the Tribune.
rses Washington. Jan. 6.-Repoilts from
ber. Havana show that the receipts from toe
custom house yesterday amounted to
The golf links have been ud)inp!tted
De- on the Tampa ay rac? tract and ir.e
cult grounds are now in cxce'leat condition
OI for the popular pastimes. number
:en- of local players who ha.e bekn out ni
ant try the ILnks and groundJ irr-nounrno
the them the best in the Snnuth.
.ma9,4.,s .... wr ntaL .-, has



Levitt and


... ITr.y. ShUt l lL. IWaon Wit a Tmrli
adars-Daily. 40-Ma .
at meeting of the stock-
Iseaae National Bank
of the stockholders, either
or by proxy, were present.
G. Wall was e.eted chai Thwr o Men Hnamesr Btah Oth4
mee tli. and K K. Unmercifuly, but the Superior
i elected Kecretat.
3. BSnonton. C. C Whit- Weight of the Sailor Boy Was
and Col. A. C. Clewle. having
mted byr the board fa drec- Too Much for McCoy.
-em in the annual elecUton.
it, and served as such. Thl
tlemen were elected direc- Special to the Tribune.
ensslng year: New York, Jan. 10--The immense ball
.ncara, J. B. Anderson. of the Lennox Athletic Club was crow-
Peter 0. Knight, Perry C. ded to its utmost capacity to-night to
raftt. and Jose Aranso. witness the 20 round bout for points be-
* of the bank showed this tween Tom Sharkey the Sailor Boy and
to be in a very prosperous Kid oCoy for a purse of 120000.
The deposit having in- The men entered the ring at 10:30 look-
e the last annual meeting ing In perfect condition. McCoy was
e1.. Out of the earnings of about twenty pounds lighter than s is
or 1M. dividend oft per burly opponent but he looked in the
id to stockholders, and 10,- pink of condition, and his admirers ac-
Sto the surplus fund. the cepted even money on his chances to
P of the bak or the year win.
ing to --nmthlng over 11 per For the first four rounds McCoy's
cpita stock. cleverness was more than a match for
e stoccolders adjourned the Sh&rkey but the terrific rushes of the
mofttim wa u aimoorr latter began to tell on him, and in the
teolved that J. B. Anderson succeeding six rounds, it was plainly
ae oahane 'National Bank, seen that he was outclassed. In the
vote thas by thestock- tenth round, Sharkey planted a terrific
the masterly manner in right hand blow on the jaw and the
a mnsged the active a&La rs fbght was over. It was one of the hard-
for ths pat year. eat fights ever witnessed In the ring.
yp after the adjournment of and while McCoy was much the ilghter,
Ider meting, the board of he showed remarkable gameness, and
t. and the following were rare boxing ability.
lfeers of the bask for the
U. cashier; J. C. Buber, "s-
der; P. 0. Knight, attorney. H N I C r U
ASTISED Sangtiuly Defying Bon. Ludlow n
ASTI ED. aw inunfsonOfWo &
Special to the Tribune.
Havana .Jan. 10.-enor Fernandez de
taksr Appdies the Maw- Castro. the civil governor of Harana,
Ion vwo You"ths acts as though he had his former pow-
era He has ordered theHygienic bos-
esapss Daily. pltal to be closed.
sitaker ot the police court Gen- Ludlow, the military governor of
t upon himself to establish the district of Havana. who had not
post for youthful incorrigt- been consulted In the matter was dis-
erday mornIng he applied pleased when he heard of the action
Sto t^wo"ynng law breakers taken. and directed that the hospital
e court In the presence of be opened.
id of spectators. De Castro ordered the newspapers
names are Harry Smith and last week not to print certain business
yals. They had been found to him. They did noL do so. Senor ue
esling a number of articles Castro this afternoon wrote Gen. Lud-
a down on the river front. low. asking him to be relieved as soon
force of the tact that they as convenient of the civil governor ship.
nnd guilty of similar often- John Gary Evans, though not exactly
!r occasions, and were under alcalde or mayor of Havana. has been
ep.the peace. The justice directed by Gen. Ludlow to reconstruct
lied to administer punish- the minor courts. and supervise the
as loath to send them to jail police and some of the civil depart-
woqld be submitted to the ments.
lingnfluences. Major General Ludlow recently re-
usmttng a number of his own quested the Cuban ,Gen. Julio Sangullly
weR us friends of the boys. to stay outside of the city. or. in the
d to try the experiment ow event of his entering it. not to wear bis
i a Dod dose of rawhide oil. uniform in public. 8angullly was In-
s seemed more than satisned formed In writing that be would be se-
itltute as they were willing erely dealt with In the event of pro-
to almost anything rather evoking any more trouble, such as oc-
hem sent to jalL They were ourred at the Alblsu Theatre a few
pay the fine that would nec- night ago. when. with a party of friends
ve to be imposed, so they he almost provoked a physical conflict
eady consent to the flogging with two members of the municipal po-
Suilt of the culprits had lice who had not saluted him.
LShde two of the police oth- IMSOBE0YBD THE ORDIERS.
led them to lay down acros Gen. Ludlow sent a copy of the letter
uWbarrel. fa downward to General Mays ,Rodrigues. Sanguly's
Uice administered the medi- superior, and It is understood that Gen.
spot where hi own mamma Rodrigues also cntioned him, Pt to-
,A b I r.w a ha en sen around 01 city

I illful midir lut
In skillful midair 6volutions.

And other features too num-
erous to mention, all undet one
mammoth tent, on the lot

Waterproof Tents. Everything
the Best.


One Week,

Commenci t Jan. 16

Two Exhibitirns daily, at 2:30
and 8 P. M.


Free. Street Parade

Admi sion,

Adults 2k.. oMhilden lc.
Tamp, mFa.. Jan. 11, t8a.
EdItor Dary Ttibune:--n your taos
or Sunday 8th, I dotice a caene s-
sued by Mao Jr. M ouire. in wales
he offers to compete with ay locl cel-
ebrity, 'wit broadsword, Fo raM.er,
baronet, shnle sUtck, or quarter staff.
on horseback or toot. Now, I am pre-


S3 pieces Fancy Dress Goods, worth I 29I-
1.50 yd, your choice for 60 yd.
S10 Imported Dress Patterns, wors 1.25, 1 i
1.75, your choice for 60o yd. 4,.
S 20 pieces Fancy Dre Goods. worth c, 50~,
your choice for 25c yd spot cash.

,.-- -
SPlain and Fancy Ribbons, 4\ and 6 in.
50c, 60c and 75c, for 25e yd ; 1Toe
S:case d wide Percale,
1 cans BCat Bleaching,

See the Bargain, in Every Departmew 8.II
New Waists, New Piques, New I'ercales, New
S New Laces, New Embmrideries, etc.

SThe most careful and economical womavn A
may forever pin her faith to this stoware, nad
so avail herself of some rare bargains which
see the light of day elsewhere. .


J no, 8.TS
No Goods
1 : %le A <

And Congress of


AIM HAll 1

Carefully selected from
the most brilliant stars in the
amusement profession.

The largest organization of
its kind in existence. A show
once seen never forgotten. The
pinnacle of them ali.

A Company of
The Finest Edu:ated Pony on
Earth. Does Everythitig but
marvelous leap for Iffe.
The Greaf Scheol Scene per-
formed by Bonito, Brigam,
Nic and Pec.
BONITO, the horse that reads
and figures.
See the beautiful educated horse
Valued at $15,000.



Can be BohtgII

COm Early to


S ,IDD! &

+ The OMest and dLa:get S
+ House i .

+.. . . . .

SilTbhis City .
+ We cary manten Oothing

Slieins of o.to d a Pte
I I. w-1."

H i~ir~~~b~Qjl r+;b4


e . /
Entire Sto^

tant set



;I I:

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