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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Publication Date: January 5, 1899
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"O -skitn m gu fht In-.
ImSIsl BR f:t Pi ls la.

rtuueists the PrA a


SOr theI Customs Receipts Por.
wared to Navana-Ten Thous
and People Will be Thrown
Out of Zmploym mt.

Speca to the Tribune.
Santiago, Cub, Jan. 4.-A general re-
volt aainet the government of the city
and pnvince of Santiago is threatened
by the people, and general Wood, the
military governor, is concentrating
troops in the vicinity of all government
S lw4ing- Indignation meetings were
held to-day at all of the cl.bs, and by
Sal lot the societies and vigorous reso-
Sluton were adopted protesting a taint
the order of General Brooke the mill-
tary governor oC the Island of Cuba, re-
Sqiring all moneys collected by the ian-
Stiago uostomA oaciaIR to be forwarded
to Havana.
o beetofore the receipts of the custom
home have been used in paying labor-
ersemplosed inleanng the cdty and
building other public improvements. In
Itte manner about 19,0W0 persons were
given employment, and as the receipts
from local taxation are barely
S rismsont to par the current
expense of the government the
laborers will have to be dis-
charged it the order regarding the
custom receipts is enforced. This dis-
charge of these laborers will mean that
the men heretofore employed and their
families will become objects of charity,
and it.. feared will take to the hills
and became bandits.
General Wood has made a plain state-
ment of the cese to Gen. Broke, but
has not yet received notice of =ay modi-
fication of the original order, and he
will tonight order the discharge of all
laborers employed upon public is-
nrovemegsts. The ignoring of General
al iWtod by General Brook, and the
latteers action-in ordering the Santiago
cutom receipts forwarded to Havsna,
ha stirred up the people of this pro-
v. vince to a high pitch of excitement.
It Is generally admitted by Cuban as
well as American officials that the
slightest spark would plunge the pro-
vince,ofrantiago into an insurrection.
Special to the Trmneh. ...
Huntsvllle, Ala., Jan. /.Oical
notice was rcMeive hbee to-_eto to the
effect that-the battalion of toe First
e nin a rerietent, which was retained in
serrtoe is o be mutesed out. The
U Pattalion Ul so to 1 .iahasee the
gtato eapit, and will then be given
IV trioughb, -ater which it will
e ~ted Ot of ervioe The th
ONOt o New Yok volunteers also
-- 3uw been -
to be mustfre out.
SSpecia to lie Tri ne. ,
WsaIng814~ n,5 R-4i470Pe~ on of
ported toLA not so avorablels 7e stef-
da Grbs fears are t d
fHor 4aw

aBIT'mff BH A SNAtE.
SBIly Wood'as An Encounter With
Monster Reptilia
Pridayr Da-lly.


Thkr wI Seatesc to TVrios Trms

for i tstlg mAest at Leeh Lae.


Orders General Otis to Pacify the
Pilipinoa if Posible-The Insur-
gents are ti 1 Defiant-Gen.
iller Understands.

Special to the Tribune.
Washington, Jan 6.-President Mc-
Kinley to-day granted a full pardon to
the twelve Leeoh ake Indians who
were convicted at the late term of the
United States Court, and sentenced to
various terms of imprisonment and
fined various sums. The Indians were
charged with resmsting United States
deputy marxiale to making arrests, and
were implicated in the dian uprising
last summer. The action of the Presi-
dent In pardoning the Indians Is gener-
ally approved, and it is believed that
it will have a good effect upon the other
Indians in that section.
President's Advisers Wish the Filipinos
Special to the Tribune.
'Wkshington. Jan. i.-Another meet-
Ing of the cabinet was held to-day and
considerable time was devoted to the
consideration of a cablegram from Gen-
eral Otis, regarding the situation at
Iollo. The details were not made pub-
lic. but it is stated that the news was
reassuring. The cabinet agreed that
every effort-must be made to pacify the
Filipinos and instructions to that effect
were sent to General Otis.
Press dispatches from Manila say
that the latest news from Iloilo is to
the effect that the Americans had not
landed, but were waiting for further In-
structions fromgeneral Otis. The in-
surgents boldly notified the Americans
that an armed force migft land, but
that armed occupation would not be
General Miller, commander of the
American forces at Iloilo has been in-
formed of the President's views and
wtH not act hastily. The Fllpino Par-
Vlament will convene to-morrow at
Malalos, on the Island of Luzon about
twenty miles from Manila, and it is
believed that this meeting will show
that Agulnaldo Is rapidly losing
strength, and that the natives are grad-
uaW becoming reconciled to American
Special to the Tribune.
_i. ew TYk, Jaa, r-M Ca m oU f ar-
ringtonrnpopsoo, adaigiteor oE ar Ad-
mirali ampsona .wm married this even-
S to My. Hedry Harriso Scott, of
a Frankwco, ?je wedding took place
in toe# CongregAlonal church at Glen
Rid, g.~ J.-,sad w"e attended by a
l wegqaber ofgeopie. OMany omfi
.Uof t1 Be and asry were present. The
cwr~mpny was pSeOrmed by Rev.
rak J. Goo60dwin, Pastor of the church.

1.4 f ah sn t ta-sa ied to the new



3, sta-
In the
n the


Pulwood wife of Rev. C. A. F'ulwood
of the Methodist Episcopal church, in
which she claims $20,000 damages for
injuries received while attempting to
get on board a train on the Plant
System at Leesburg, Fla., In May 1897.
About twenty-five witnesses for the
defendant company arrived in the city
Tuesday night and yesterday morning,
and are guests at the De Soto Hotel.
Nearly aii of them reside in or near
Leesburg, and were present when the
accident occurred. They will all testify
that the plaintiff received the alleged
Injuries through no negigence of tOe
railroad company or its employes.
'Among the members of the party etop-
ping at the" De Soto are the following:
Mrs.. 'L. Godley and child, and _Miss
Fanni Colins f WebterA~rs J.RTh

F-annie OoUlins of MWebster; Mrs. J.
Ornith of Wiiston: Miss Glenna SRni

a tes om W u nt In 'F
thetenam Lundry.



S Ouc gs s se eo ewr er uveuiisae. ni-, aH. L Pendlleton, J. Bj. Pendleton, A. R.
.at" beenAown for yefas at leading Les, C M. oove, D. G, Barnett, Rev.
rlU, siatloner and newadealer-of the city, Clarence Norton. Marion Norton, Fred
or the and he will continue to be known as the ,p. Barnett, regory Fletcher, U. H.
titeed leader. Norton. E. Y. Dails, ,M. F. Huntley, E.
It I I B. Huntley, Miss Minnie Norton and
' A number of the ladies in the party
E e Sla'f o rida 7-r& under the chaperonage of Mrs.
t or W 4 chtrzc erth the mtnutbr C. D. Walker and Mrs. L. God-ley,
of John Haygood, which was begun in spent yesterday in seeing al lof
the Circuit Court Tuesday occupied the Tampa that is worth seeing. They
atteunone o the court all day yesterday, visited every point of interest and
ace on and was not finished when court ad- thoroughly enjoyed themselves. All
e Tra- joined until this morning. The case %, e greatly pleased with the city and
ie, f wil very likely go to the jury to-day, suburbs.
fSnsll and then the case of Mim. C. A. Ful- Among the witness or the railroad
SThe wood vs the Plant System will be taken company is tMr. Henry L. Pendleton of
to hs u Leesburg, who pulled Mrs. Fullwood
"jump from under the train at the time of the
Tharp CONFEDERATE VETERANS. accident. Shortly after the event the
on the -brave young man had both legs cut off
be dg.' There will be a regular meeting of the by a train on the F. C. & P. railtiad
t with members of Loring Camp, U. C. V., In near Fernandina. It is reported that
sade 5 the Campben Block, at 7:30 p.m., Thurs- the F. C. and P. officials have prom-
je hiW dan January 1lBI. All Confederate ised him a life time position as soon as
B pisto Veterans, whether they may be mem- he is able to accept it.
it. Aa hers of our camp or otherwise, are most
9m, he cordially invited to be present. IHIGHLY APPREIXATED.
where J. B. WAILTON, -
around 'IL BI AW~RRWE, Commander. The local editor of this paper is under
Idowa "do --~".nt obligations to J. *M. Martinet. Manu-
Sgood facturer of the famous La Norma brcnd
lN r rrs- agsse and ebdom equal- of Blavana cigars for the present of .a

and the county $5W0, making a grano
total of $2,600.
This action of the Board of County
S Commissioners is commendable, and
will be heartily approved by all of the
beat citizens of the county, for it shows
that the authorities will do ail in their
power to protect the property of persons
and corporations that invest in this
From Wednesday's Daily.
The annual New Year ball at the
Spanish Casino on Seventh avenue in
Ybor City last night under the auspices
of the Centro Efpanol was the most
brilliant affair of the kind ever held
in this city.
For the past seven or eight years this
occasion has been made the great soc-
ial event of the year among the Spanish-
people. This year surpassed all former
attempts. Tue decorations in the main
auditorium of the Casino were very.
"In the beautiful hall
0Where the chandalier's light,
Drove back with its splendor,
The darkness of night;
Where the rich hanging curtains
In shadowy fold
Swept gracefully down
With their trimmings of gold;
rNWhere the mirrors of silver


GeM. Wilson RBects Ordrs to Ius

Troops to Hias.


The resident Issues Orders Begard-
ing the Monetary Standard on the
Island-Cuban Money to
be Redeemed

Special to the Tribune.
Washington, Dec. 31.TGold is to be
the monetary standard of Cuba as long
as the island remains Iunder the control
of the United State.
This was settled by an executive order
issued by President McKinley to-day
establishing the value of foreign money
In Cuba.
It is hereby ordered that on and after
January 1, 1899, and until otherwise
provided, all customer, taxes, public and


Free Postal Detly instituted in All lad Ws iccidutally Discovered by a
Parts of the City. Passerby.


The Organisation Has Beeu Complet- A Large Dog Creates a Big Excite-
ed and Many Cubans Given Good ment in Front of the Tampa
Positions-Havana Matters Steam Laundry, Until He is
in a Nutshell. Finally Shot.

Special to the Tribune. Mr. W. F. Peterson, employed by the
Havana. Jan 4.-During the first few Tampa Gas Company, had a very nar-
row escape with hi, life last night. He
daye of American control, there has not w-as at work in the large ditch on Case
occurred anything of vast importance street about 9 o'clock, repairing a
out of the general run of ordinary mat- broken pipe, when in some way the pipe
broke entirely off, and before he could
extricate himself he was overcome by
In the custom house there was neces- the escaping gas, and fell to the bottom
sarily muh friction, no one being ac- of the trench fifteen feet deep. Some
cuatomed to the new schedule. Th poe eopleassing by noticed his heavy
result was delay, but all things con- breathing, and surmised that some-
sdered. Col. Bliss ant his corps of as- thing wa wrong. It was sometime
sistants handled business In an excel- before anyone would venture down into
lent manner. the ditch and several refused $26 rather
Colonel Bliss had occasion yesterday than go down. Finally two negroes
to exert his authority to stop a final started down with a lantern, and got
attempt to defraud the customs ser- about half way down when the lantern
vice with the connivance of old officials set fire to the gas. 'Wile they were
The Lydia of the Ward Line, and t ttn the gas out, two other men
Aliges, a Morgan Liner, both arrived lifter IMr. Peterson up to the top from
with cargoes consigned to Galban & Co. where he was carried into the Central
During the afternoon Bliss learned that Pharmacy and restoratives applied. It
both vessels were discharging their was thought or a while that he was
cargoes on lighters ,and he sent Imme- past all human help, but he showed
diate word that if another pound was remarkable vitality, and responded to
discharged, or the lighters moved, the the treatment to such an extent that
United States would confiscate both he was soon on the rapid road to re-
cargoes. The consignees paid the cus- cover.
toms this morning according to the new He remained at the drug store about
schedule. Had the two steamers ar- half an hour, when he was sufficiently
rived one day earlier, several thousand recovered to be removed to his home,
dollars would have been saved., where at last accounts he was resting
'During the first twenty-four hours or e Tsy.
American control the postoffce was
well nigh cleared of the mail matter SCHOOL BOARD.
that had been accumulating for weeks.
Eates G. Rathbone and the members or Be ter School Buildings, The Most Im-
the Postal commission, Messrs. Machen, portant Item of Business
iBlngham, Fosness and Macdonald, ___
took control ot the postoffice yesterday
morning, although the Spanish post- The county school board met in
master, Don Carlos Abalos, insisted up- monthly session at the office of County
on persuaing the formality of lowering Superintendent L. W. Buchhotz ySester-
his flag at noon and saluting the Stars day morning, The most important
and Strines. matter brought up for consideration,
By decree of the American officials was the question of more adequate
stamped paper is no longer necessary buildings, not only in Tampa, but
for legal purposes. All mail will be throughout the county. ,After a gen-
delivered in the city free. eral discussion of the matter, it was
The police force is well on the way decided that nothing along this line
toward organization under the manage- could be accomplished until the county
ment of Colonel Moulton, advised by school fund was increased. This could
former Chief McCullagh, of New York. only be done by an increased millage.
Seven patrol wagons, with horses and With a view of accomplishing the
equipment, arrived to-day. Captain desired end, Prof. Buchholz submitted a
Oreble was given command of the 130 resolution calling on the members of
municipal police taken over from the the Legislature from this county to
mounted police, use their efforts to secure the passage of
The four companies of the First Uni- an amendment, raising the maximum
ted States infantry forming the Third taxation for school purposes to ten
battalion under command of Major mllI.
,Doaherty, which have been at Port The needs for greater school facilities
,.,.ca5Vor a otWle of days will leave areaBrent to gery citizen who takes
to-night for 'Havana on the steamer antyte'rest in public school matters,
Florida. There are about 500 men in but the people should bear in mind that
the battalion. Some of them were here the eyes of the school board are open
last summer when the regiment was to the situation, and they. will leave
camped here prior to its departure for so stone unturned to adjust the matter
Satntago. at the earnest possible date.


Big -Suit for Damages Against the The County CammlniToners Add $500
Plant System. to the Fund.

An important suit for damages From Tuesday's Daily.
against the Plant System of railways The aggregate of the rewards now
will come up for hearing to-day before offered for the apprehension and con-
uTdge Sarron Phillips in the Circuit vlction of the persona implicated in the
destruction of the dam of the Consum-
Court. It is the suit of Mrs. C. A. er' Electric Light and Street Railway

1irhcuitCourlt artg

l on S nctdm t e I n to a

Circuit Court eat at 5 aa ^

lips on the beecb.
Sher iffspencer returned "tha

Rowe, A. W. V
L. 0. (age, 'J.
rd., W. P. Divine
(Wooten, J. W.
&. Warren wau-
I Goodwin as
crime for wiric

States money at the relative value set ofPs enort so Coylca War
forth in the above table-namely 4. change of venue was red to
for Alphonsenos (25 peseta piece), and court's of this county. PTb Stal
$3.86 for Louis (20 franc piece), rePlesented by OGenerl J. o R. tI
It is further ordered that on and after listed by Attorney Smsel rS ueto
January 1, 1899, and until further pro- by Arcad.i The defense is lre preeb
vided, the following Spanish silverbyC.W1te sOf1 OTand
coins now in circulation in the Island of H. Treadwell of De Soto County. T
Cuba shall be received for customs. trial will pobablyi last several .4[
taxes, public and postal dues at the fol- as the number of wltnesse is q
lowing fixed rates in American money large.
The peso, 60c McHE NoEe Pwe
The med, peso, 30c. THE
The peseta, 12c. Rev. J. B. Ley Preaches His Firs
The real, 6c.

at their face value for fractional pas ,gtion assembled at aMattethtd

: l r A l d1
of a dollar, In a single payment to an chrch n Sunday moesev o gO
amount not exceeding 12 cents (one their new pastor, Rev .3. ay
peoetal. WIIAIM t McKCINLEY. listen to his inspiring di9burse,
selected for his Ltext, 2 Kil
TROOPS OR CUBA. chapter anI a portion of the lfh i:ve
SE "I thin he art right, as my
Special to the Tribune, with thy hdie oeart? ed
Macon, Dec. 31.--General Wilson re- The discourse which followed

brigade forward to Cuba with all poe- teaton to the mmbe5 5 of his new
sible haste. He will sail from tsvan- to r41P to the v0r He sh
nab on Thureday. many happy VbajsUtMtio that ao0s1*
2nab on Tue~nda. oould be omp1Sd oaly
SHE AIDEo KIELEY t. heart is right. He inpreseda n
Ss ,g eatImprt mportase o- c
hkert h;rEd
Special to the Tribtune. e pad I glaowling a rbutie to m wt
ILondon, Jan. .a--rs. Bloomfle d that had been aeeoms laid te 6e
Moore well known in the United States decesor- gRev. Poge and stated t
'shtie his ability was not as e dsat
as the patroness of Keeley of motor he hian t may s not be as efsat
fame, died to-day at her residence on those of hiP s be er. yet bhe c pe
12 Stanlope street, Mayfair. She wa ieh a love for the woEt gd forhs a
the mother of Prof. Chas. Moore the people w deep and a &et as seat
noted Indian mound explorer. Mme asthatof any eman. the
e throughout the season gather lar
Moore always expressed the greatest diAoe gave the closoeet ttenttoW
faith in the inventions of Keeley and in- a deep interest was mrultemsed s
vested large amounts of money in pro- Peskdr a Unfded his lae P n fofru
work. ir. Ley s not oorkan fits
moting eeley's wonderful motor. he and elonkent M L im btr aniS
was frequently accused by some of the reasoner., nIe jiio el &we
stockholders of the Keely Motor Com- and believes in winning sob w
pany of Influencing the inventor to trapogh the Ipde of o i lS
not at all, His disoo-s
abandon a plan o faction when success lasting itpres o for good .
seemed assured, and to start upon a te t .he congregation gathered.
new plan that would consume much him and pany warm Cionnrat
time. Since the death of Keeley she and happy reoenW were te
,At the evenly aserviceseG ann
has constantly bemoaned the fact that aSdience aseemled, The pist
no one else would undertake to corm- elected as his theme: Th' w5ew i
ihh choice," and ilelverid a .a e
piete his work.. teresting and tintruotiveeama
"OOIM AND SEE US." large and we* trained charsangi w
lY. and added much to the &semetos
Eat Oysters, Taste Our Lunch; and Mr. Ley annoianced that on -
Drink Our Famous Wines, Beer, Etc. day, Rev. J. P. tHlbrun, th~ netg"
pointed presiding siderno th T t
This is the multitudinously daily bos- district would be present and ne
pital invitation extended to their guests, ,theo servloes. XMr. lbu m hsa 'i
old and new by Messrs. Rew & teave pastor at Oaa for the east .
proprietors of the "tup-to-date" bar at where he has a Ao.mnspli a w
No. 30l Franklin street. There is rea- work in the building up of that
son and sense In the Invitation quoted, and assisting many Werak ctarc
because they always have something ,the e murounding oo trs-. -4B .1e
to offer the public. The best aborted sidered one of the le ngPastors :
stock of all sorts of wines, honos and Btate, and in all respects wel aqtl
t,(w ...... oithpr In ,v t n~W ~frofor the position to whibe hasI I*

firm has bouWht A graeithn tWa or'
phonograph for the enrtsstIoltS
their guests. In the oozy ltlett tBg
room adjoining the bar, Rew & Reaves
always keep the New York, Jackson-
ville and local papers on fle. In a
few days this enterprising firp will
branch out on a new departure,and fill &a
long felt want. Go to No. 10% and
"watch out."
As stated in the Tribune several days
ago, Mayor Bowyer assisted by Chief
of Police W'oodward, put the prisoners
to work on the rock road pavement
leading from Franklin street out Harri-
son to Ybor City. Two blocks have
already been completed, and the cost
to the city has been less than 0$W. On
othbe streets where the city has con-
tracted to do this kind ao paving, it
is costing about $600 a block. The gen-
eral opinion is that the prisoners ought
to be kept steadily at work on city Im-

Special to the Tribune. -
London. Jan. 6.-While beinW to;%
a port of safety for repairs, the m
ship Voor Worb filled and mLnk ti
near Lundy Isle. The ?teeaer
wrecked on the rocks and we
towed into port when she went 66M
day. All on board were fitte
without and accident. .
'Mr. Joe Hardee, the popUlar a'
fable head saleeiaso of C en, 2
man,& Co.. who -has mbeen tsritis
interesting little famly at W
has returned to Tampas

r~ ~_


the to
M ii re



ru~ss- -~--L_ :I~e~E~?
t~.r~-i ~~c4~~c--- s-rr~c~-ni ~- ~J j
rY--L i~l
4: F ii

-EKL ~ u
Bf'.i E ;~
s~ i I i'
[ n

pany Is guilty of such criminality. Tc
this w eo luelon the testimony of several
^y "+ . ercorroborating witnesses points. Dur
f ng the progress of a suit against that
Aco'lwst! trot tlts weelk at tr5cvean5 d
i 0.. tstituted by the Attorney General
S :- 4 the-lttte for Sagrant violation o
P Datl the sIte it was shown that several
M bes of the Coal Oil- Trust's books,
i ............. 1 containing the record of the trust's
...... ...... 254 transactions, on which the State re-
-2,,: .... .....: lied to prove its allegations, had neen
Thrown into the furnaces of the ttan-
dard Oil Company by order of officials
of the trust. The teamsters who hauled
+ + + + the book and others to whom they
aure pa able in showed rolls of money, which they
+ boasted while drunk, they had received
II M P bm e"ue ted + for burning up the books, testified to
tr'-- taenote, or reg- the truth of the incriminating charges
w-. +o A brother of the president of the Stand-
_ At'wllhch the *u- ard Oil Company has been ordered
S* mx is on the ad- under arrest for complicity in the burn-
id OEN emy. +
5 rats tfurnished on + in of the records. This is a sample
I- of trust morality, exhibited by the big-
i pyI trre mr, gest and most complete trust in the
p e ao a whole trust blood. It is no new tning
f ifar the Standard Oil Company to be
'+-+:4+:+4 ++ 4'4'+ 4 accused of a disregard for the com-
;nandments which forbid greed and the
jon seems to he selecting tWeans that led to its gratlficatl-. it
tObeitsf0 Utah to remain has been charged with every species o0
it his d aily, law-breaking, from wrecking the plant
of weaker competitors and railroads
kb rM with Spain was that reused to submit to the cut rates
,ut tMs does a C include it demanded for hauling its products, to
gC'eilrm eg. debauching Legislatures and placing
its teols in both branches of Congress
' e O treaty by 1ta In the matter of immorality the 8tand.
S blBes was e rtio ny ard Oil Company ns not alone. It has
fo them to d n aide t 'hs set himself a growing colony of law-breaking synid
I 'edfingt hif search for eates They make laws through pur-
eMIoang material to New chased instruments, and break laws en
acted to curb their rapacity. It is
better that they should be crushed by
t of the Itlipno Cablnet the people before they crush the people
i oIdaitlton that they are and become a law unto thenmelves.---t
Mstiede of modern politics uis Republic.

.-iaaft combine has been
-i"Cg a But they have
lhedsarmament proposi-

fa tn s w-ork these cool
l h-ardlyd a day that
at two or three weddings

are is advertising for
[treSy. But, of course,
0 :dd a fellow that will

iwA-wa out for the may-
BBaB Philadelphia, Has
Imato avoid being inclsu-

MIte'SWr Mncludes the
&amoeg th e lst of distin-
int h e Ledg er as
iftaJrs oitnuy column,.
I Seleay will probably
lo Iuseeety-of hiring
ser es4I a box
Rt.iaut or that $4JO5

Sof gfrtO who were ex-
tt were eveotf
te the school tat
pwk. *-s-cb* W

NO ftr laembers of the

MIbNetaheir reference to

hriodA committee Of
da lf~a kCf (took-

-j- 0Ct.f the IeraM

hubeUSI*e Chi dCU-
l^^Pai k ^
..Plo ti* qu

There are quite a number of orangE
trees in the city that are hanging full o
fruit. ome of them are very attrac-
tive, especially since the fruit has as
sumed a golden hue. To people com-
Ing here from the North as visitors
nothing is more attractive than a bear
ing orange tree, especially at this sea
son of the year. It must be remem-
bered that Tampa is the only important
city in the State or in the South for that
matter, where bearing orange trees car
be seen this season to any ionsiderabfi
extent. It was only last Monday tha
a gentleman residing in Boston, arrived
In-Tampea To a representative of thn
Tribune he stated that he had madi
stops at Jacksonville, St. Augustine
Palatka and Oo&la, but not until he ar
rived In Tampa did he have the pleas
ure of seeing a bearing orange tree. HI
stated this was his first visit to Florida
and while he had seen many interesting
thnines nothing was as beautiful an
attracted as the orange trees lade%
with fruit that he had found in Tampa
It would be of value and advantage ti
the city if the fruit on all these tree
could be allowed to remain throughout
the rmono- Another suggestion wo
wold make and that is for people whi
haa orange trees growing in their
yards to cultivate them and keep then
n tee bet peesible bearing condition.
Let the hay who has a good oppor
iv nty to become a good farmer stay ot
thefarm, and there whe ate canot at
tead sbool. flture outt lifs problem a
-he himself se It. The greatest me
bf tIe pas-t began on the farm, to
reateut mea of the present came trot
the same place, and the world is i]
eed of thousands more from the sam
soiree. Let the winds of spring blot
the dust in your eyes, bogs; be prand a
the namne 'ayweeder," and by orawr
show to the word that energetic, sub
stantial and true men are what malt
up a good community, and that you ars
eat oat for lust that purpose.


L to ob
Item ci4

5.i eii

IFel vwInmrda ,rql- llmrt.lltit '4

S" r e pe orn tuit frh tebh p te rLe e ra 2 S
Sbst ei ed supplies, that t o t Ps
Vw our nter 4c "anv o r a i arnd gavde lul SUT _V
Si ft" I asa alli t t th t est.1mony ise thart Ior w ar U w f t Ne .
d pA e s t brnet considered ay allhih they were of little, r seogutu eb e s rt e O oa i ls-
Sebee takee V t aforpeartbnca an if any uve. Instead of a money corn- p b iiti. -
peeartlon for such services tbe~- may jp "See tar'such-i e WAY
taomachtroble. Wal performed in frighwayening the peakhil lt tr The Mrehand Sy Do O.. p
4W- 1U he found UOsA' G Ou"PiSeI l t be Spaniards, rfurnishingfntto a -fm a ti e *T "te, to tit PflO"nW6* ,e *-.,
the t Hootrengtheningp mdi i1 andttL supplies,d the freeing of them from the S Nofff ci m fa ltarquia, she could Lhoetrd.r
h yto erva, ic that I ha veeW tied fearful tyranny of Spain by the deeds rf tte Ar t l da lre Me. but exr sen wou

e rtma htoobtle. Wae wayspekhlghly tiolied t,- the United States, or only') reit disease Fo delicate
i Hood's Sarpa" mJilla T protected be thie goverment, should ithi uurm i s tTam and nh STEAM ERS STOPT i
* Dayton&, Ftorida. b-compensation sufficient for the sr- ,I t If Xlrn t
4 *did not have any appetite ad amd vices rendered. wr Au
not leptnight. Ibugn totakH ood. I, horeer, as oeems adtisable, the o m t o t2 ---
SBupn dborIdfihtw go government organizes native troops Cubn O tt t ulsion Th M to D t

Eo POl SIBILITy OF Ju RIEe. S troops andilipino troops, justo eause POWwso UtO
_W5 very munch b Ci1uba and the Philippines for police and a~y~I oo ut Tamp]a oa.
rom Jaing fon battles I have a trgood i not a neeity or a dppteuty. It would ppt sorb
general Joseph B. Wall in his aru be garrison r nat. offi ered by Americangoft
Key Westlo dej on Thursday ibnbe to meet the ne conditions in these P0- of CodIth Hyp- The Mor tine of te rs r

the heights by rt men gaines) an .. dtram o leans o i :
sesishw yu a y where te onaws under our control, good pay phplio c of Lirn Ad Soda from New Orleanu to
SHood's Sarsaparilla should be given them coand teys should It fils out t th an e r Ab pttinr Tampa and lnte edi ate eWp nts wil b
Sthe ott her han, sho O e a community. thus encouraged to relupon them- ight." eoge ee f di ont nued to-d h to t r t
Is the wllo u e Me Ont Tel4u.
)id oby : $l I t' E i steor g. selv-es and by valuable work earn man y, c rely olhtokh of a number of patron ti r cty N

t In -omme.tin upon the a ove thbed ....of the IJnited tntW hy..h ....Mly ...... in the n ofa So m e
of the benefits a new or e or rule' the Chres red by an nch one e emt wh
Sesi set twilny. promptly ay o rirh en ee o te to kw us wy
Hood'sem Pilles t t rmes themp ;- abnx It crntes An aoptite 1dicontlnue~ but a well Iow b ane
S6 p ereetit- y eestse oro unie i them. w s c r oman in taking of the matter yat day
SBut the whoiesal" paying off of Cuban for food and ives the body stated that in all probeblitty the eewe
tes civilizer in e Ir. tos and aFilipino troops, ju t because waT e en accounted oft spelg UP -Of
pREcpoialyBthan OF eueR... ot. -orn in pin iru s IpngS inS : i
the community and can do more tho time hae bned to form parts of what, co atulations to the man w heMob t -

Sd e tra sret host of the truggbing a gathers for life i of the a in the tentous soid so
SFrom Jackson t le w etropoli. isi not a necessity or a duty. It would su Th e Presdet and th m bet bs of MOTHER'S hd byth I
t General Joseph B. Wall in his argu- be a gratuity, and the granting of it SOl AAte al events the drsottmnfte of the i
ment to the jury on Thursday in te a mistake. ca Sad tae to; an dige h e. service wll work moreL orelUlIATeOis
' Milton murder case made use tf mo the se to the ahau o To heo hisn o h n to cnity, who
8 words: "Show me a community here A REMARKABLE MAN. SCO. t BOWTn Ceos erat, bought a grit del of their goods Il
the juries do their duty by livingstrict- The heights great mn gai a e by o oL
ly up to their obligations, and I wvill kept etsa tIsparted a petitkm that will be
show you a community where the laws iere not gained by sudden ligiit. Nobody has more rigbtt to celebrate prwented to the uersa osep1* & INg
are respected and order prevails. n But they, while their companions slept, this Christmas time than -ear Admiral suces thy will have remains to be
the other hand, show me a community Were toiling upward in the night." George Dewey, U. S. N. It has been seen. Their eforts BSoM meet wRl
Where juries violate their obligations, William R. Day, of Canton, returns the crowning year of admiral Dewey's the approval aad earty sppor of
and I will show you where lawlessness to his native land cross ned with honor. life. On r Monday of this week there every merchant in t ty.
r eigns supreme and crime Is rampant It fll to his lot to ge to the Presi- was a conjunction of events such as
In commenting upon the above the t of the UInited States such a rarely concur n the making of a red-
* Tampa Tribune says: Cristmas gift as no potentate of Ori- letter day for anyone. It .oan Christ-

Nothing could be tract t r than the above e h p-
th would e te a enal fancy, though he ere rich as ma Day as celebrated y all te em-
utterance. The grave responsibilities Croesus, ever received. It was WiUlliam ployes of the government. It was toe
that revolve upon juries cannot be over- H. Day ho ga-ve the President the Admiral's st birthday, and pon tat
tiipeace treat signed bythe united day, by the retirement of Rear Admiral Jth b c- -
*demoralze society than to corrupt a weate- and Spanish Commissioners. -No Bunc, Rear Admitral Dewey became the S Is a oeas..'
jury. A perfect jury system is the other country in the world affords such ranking officer of the United States period of eat pain addstrue. They
greatest civilizer in the world. It i n apple s that o Da He a navy. Those three event aling o bt ter any edic a
practically the law and order league orn in plein cicumetancr restheir sIffing. l ny fhey wl
thereultfthcommuniyandano moreto ninplud Dain y'ircustances. eone day make a .ittin time for Ii
e time he became a lawyer one uf a congratulations to the man who wonol w b i tie thoe jun n
regulate society aud prevent crime the highest tame in the the rentous mbtrs so widely sold. But they my
than all other powers combined. a the e w h t ho the rgglrs n if events of this year., p acc impicit fi n p i
eff"ort bofthosew reve th engtioHe hung up his shingle at Canton, 0 .
effos of thoee who are striking to His friend, William McKitley. in rec- The President and the members of MOTHER'S FRIEND
suppress vic he ould turn their atten- cinion his abileto, meade him As- the cabinet hate very sensily advised
ution to othe r work o puriTthin our wu t distant rear of State. Then. kven that the celebration in connection with hich is a oei srexi ad slb
system, they wuld get better and more. John Sherman resigned. Day succeeded the raising of the United States toag on t liniminelt lor e nal use. Dotubing
lasting results. to the Premiership, as it were, of the the island of Cuba on January 1, should wome -should get a botle at the drug

-e bring the matter home and Co*- M! for $1, and t"eat" ft. Them ft
S suec- through a mot trying time, not be of an ostentatious character, but s
pate a few things and changes herei n5He aid h coul niot afford from a simple and dignified. If there in one posibilityof itsdongharmandlhe-l
Jacksonville. We hate had some very financial view. to c,ntinue in Washing- thing that Amerirans should avoid ewery7tihelioodof its saing them my
poor juries here. The Justirel-oting holtrs f pain. i A A A0 i Ai A A tA
peopleghaveroftendbeen rockedat ton liae. more than another, It is vulga glor T
people have often been shocked at ier- e r.esignrd as Sec-retarv of State. fications over our defeat of !pain. THE BRAFIELU REGULATO CO.
wdite rendered. At one timr e it has the A7neicL LI'pt -L Ge ++
diets rendered. At one time it waste and gain he a s hosien to high oItie, There is no reason why any American 'N A.
Sboasi here that white mencould not be that of c airman of she Peace Commis-
e convicted, and for awhile it did seem sion. To his rpid and direct methods,
to be the case, as evidence sufficient in s aint the wimplictty of his
convict any one had no effect upon ur- aracter doubt, is due the
character, no doubt, 1i due the s-peedy ,
ies, and defendant after defendant was end the negotiation at Parist M l A
Turned loose, though none the less W m R. Dayr
guilty in the minds of the people, Yet The ""- of J Wl la w. a
the escaped punishment. This thing do well to impress upon the boys of this
went on until it became a question There is a widespread belief
S whether it was worth while to try to that the ime makes the man Great ,
Convict certain men who persisted In e ave held that this ks not true, and W M
violating the law after many failures. t n t a w4
The result of these acquittals Was as in f act a great man makes his opporto-
ilty. Judge Day's case may prot'eaa
Natural consequence an increase ofneither of theme points, but It shows B
crime. Murder, assasiLnatidn. gam- Vr fo
mwat wonders a man may work for
ebling and ocher crimes were (reuentt himself In tMi republic.
and no secret. Grand Juries and courts
r were taned tO dispose of the case. BHTAkWM P'tvaI i V~ ft
n l~nally a change came, and Juries be- ft bwr Aft
gan to convict, trimiata were hanged President lecKloley's inquiry, '*Who '^ > ^k 6 a l
and sent to prison. White men and col- will haul down the ga"r' made In his Poet 22fteb r ue VeakAftipms*CoNE W ""
Scored men both received the penalties of famous speech advocating the cause of 0 09 00
D a violated law. Then the guilty began expanulea is liable to become a famous
t flee from the wrath to comeasnd take utterance before the people are through ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ . ^, ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ . .^ ^ ^ ^ ^.^ ^. . .^
Sretug In other States. Those that bad with It. In his speech at Inctn Neb.
B dweeled here long and boasted of escap- en lsf Friday, Col. Br) as is referring +
C Inn punishment court after court were t it said: 4'

taken place; and that the profaeuoasl obedient to the national will, It wan +
b bumming juror had hehn rejected and made for the people, sot the people
ben the result? ;Nt aesle case for wsst the aag ralsqd, they raise it; when Forget The

term of the Clrctit Court opening her Saws. The flag was raised open Ca- Tribune is ^
a t -Nfeember, The firat six months, adlas soil during the war of 13. a -11, s

punishable with ife lmprlsonnent aso Chaultepet dunce the warB furnish all M

th dsnad hecmmstybeae a ove~r. t : Th mersa paper as-of Job ^ t

eVlden e and judges and solicitors who g hauled odown a o Cuba. erbause -t +
sever failed todo their duty- It waswasreind too us-oa The Sag wlle +
on notable thig to see thos tlt-rased In Cuba gas n ts Pr. t fr t printingg on
vec to be voltors st tse law tl ck January, but the Presadeni declares i
about courts while i session, to near his msage that it wll be hauled dew ort -410i ,
soon as tabls evermest is estal- 4
and watch for coming events, but it as lne Wh.o sill deny to the peeio 4le
not s sow., the right s haunl the ag daws in the YOU 0Will
Thelate iAlbert Owe, as State's at- l ine, It they s r
torney at this circuit, once in a pub- Stt is es
Ubhed statement here denounced a jury
who refused to convict is cases whee It must have been a strIking sight to 4
the most positive evidence was intro- see -William MEKinley, of Okio, ex- +
d ed. eo such thing new, and may Major of Federal troops In the war otf
Swe set indulge the hope that Jue es-S.iand Republican President of the + 4'imWa
United, States, wearing a Confederate 4
SWan*' remarks may bave a alutary er- bade Sttll, there was nothing n te or the west bidder
.eet upon j rars .i Tampa and tat so Incident more tha aearne- t of hi LOO1,ing fr the lowest bidder
guilty mi may escape? deep sincerity in preachiag cemented i
south during his recent tour. and thein pa
HOLDI-NO IP UNCLAIU A.M the badge of a Confederate charitable _+_' 9n-. i ore- w as
-and bistoalcal emacilation wan a grace-' by- getting inferior work. You 4'
There comes fro ton. it npllment by the President, which 4 4
will be ai pre nted in this section off evy h
some indications of reliability, the as- country, atnd which should not bea ms- can get the best of e verythin .:::
p sertion that President WfcKinsley will construed anywhere.-Savannah .News. + 4 -
advise Congress to pay Aguinaldo's a+_ 4.
troop. seemingly on the idea that they
should be paid by some one, and ans I n Printn g
SUncle Sam just now has a full e n *1 +
ury that he should be generous and +4
dish out the money which Agulnaldo I w aill uarutee R MF M BER
had promised, and which bis falthitul that my ko atim
subjects have refused to furnish to him. Cure will r believe m-
The teatimaon of Admiral Dewey and -i h ge, s asas ai n l
rQe. Merit. however, does not make. t.hw Ma paie B +
a appear that AgauaiBW G t e own anda Crl c eo a fw + Ir
a p any pheao l aid, eiter M y O
wavy nwf, atfg y e&rw _t* _
i -, L,-e-440 00 --4,,

.. ._.- -. : + +- ..- --
.+ : : -.+ : ; "-+'-
++ -..:- .- ,, = 7 ., .---.....-.

r*IT 1. tr IL

. . Z --


; f SfEoi-SESSION WU [JIJ!IIUBJO ___ll aaeinjt of t
!-Of the City Counxa Held LAst Night Asa s-H Of the iiam Dim
ff ti to P At Wk l to Consfider the License etiou. DstCtWV Fi la Coke Ores lar Spaish ire it te ftcy of WaOil- veg on by theGraa ury. TGNapn
Poc iii From ThursdayasDaiy. rBimiegim. oseult of the recent I V-,L.a.
lIpetcial meeting of City Counci was tio- -of the g d Jory of the reen
held last night with the followirg tie-n da________furprsnsi
bees Present: Frecker. Webb, kbr ,CTBITROSpas ne arsnml:j
: "Bron. an -1ranch. Seaborn 'Roblee6 T~hom
Br-, owrquardez an 0. a Weeks.,
A comnnicathf was n' B e The Sp), Cota 3: Country. c y pSome of the men arrested, it is uner-
Sun: Noay the Sigala Win be s iv Judge Graham in wvhic h the tated n:i stood were implicated in the attempt to
n and the Spaniards Will Deliv- reasons for no bein peer. at M: Lonare Chas F '.hwein ing to be Hard to Control-0- destroy the dam on thr former o- T
meirg. mb ca1iOnX and it Is claimed that some
er Their Authority. to the The rsclutn cretg a fun wit!i Dyng- -i of des bak Feared W:thn a W s een found con- B a
which to meet lt p art o." alrts i nesting them with the recent success -
-Aaric n Ctmmssioner.. was read and aft-c.a i i- ds.uittn, -. Nuh &fl'ety. tul attempt. Of the nature okf th evi- C'o i 1
-----a unarir.-,- a.et--.--- a'-- dence the public has thus far been kept
The qunation of touxirn dogs, next . t a-
Special to the Tribune. came up for consideraton After a oPecia: ..'. ah T une. sit- : t t.he Tribnoune. I presumed at -,
tHavana. Dee. .-The American lengthy discussion, parti:-ipated in bv Birming.at:. .D-c. 2.--.een 1 ashington. De. 208.,-C- P:'.: a. ltle will be inowlntganu the accused Special to the TriDbas..
ncmn have a hearing. Havana. Dec. HW
Evaeuatlon Commesioners has issued nearly all the members present, the and 2 o0ciock this morning the night Singap-re cabed t.a folowint t,- the They are well known in the co- of th e Sa
a proclamation to the inhal;tants of city attorney was instructed :) drac vatchman at emet and Sl>ay cig State Department to-day: I r:o was They a l
Cub,. saying in part: up a new ordinance placing a tax of $I1 coke plant located about six a .es taken on the 2t a the pa all s cattle owners. Itt claimed nepe ha e .
-tha theiroere cattl hade a;_ large gra.t> Officers a-h gie 0
The Commissioners on the part of tMe on male and $2 on female dogs. This "am this city. discover-d that tire wa fled :o Baneno. This ttre the ot- thatheicatlehad a la rx .m m
United State having been invested will take the place of all existing ora.- raging in the oil house. One hur.dr-. calls htre into excitement. range on lands along the river tat is of v
withpower by th President to arrange r.ances on the qu-ition na dog tlanes. ad swenty-five cok..e oiet....p de- Just b-i ....f ..e noon another dspach noe .o.ed by the backing up of toe Illilhs onte as
fo and execute the evacuation of Cuba Considerable discussion took place on struction but all the principle buhldings came frm General Otis that at one water caused by the buiding of to anything stronger ti .
a, adjacent islands, and also taxing the best way to put dogs to death af wer were destroyed, causing a loss of 2,0.- confirmed the fears o9 the offlcias of the h)dam.wt key.i h b ."
over the public-property of Spaln, have they "-ere caught by the officer without '0- No insurance. Clarence RL:t an. th- 'Var Department as t3 wha' :ial They -t ere a rested at the;r home, aIt hsbenentnt
entered into an agreement with the the necessary tag. It wst the gernerai tmploye was badly burned. ta:en place at Ilo-lo. eerday by eriff Spencer, a
Commismoners on the part of Spain for opinion that the chloroftrm route as Fro-n the wcrding of the spa-5;, it- ushered into the presence of Judge Phil- Is ObtaIae
the final eremonle and relations t proposed by ity Attorney hItair. MERCIDES GARCI_ Dt.iZ. appears that the American forces had lips, they declared that they were juno- been denied
be observed and carried out after the 1t was the mot feasible. Council then ----- arrived too late on the scene and that cent cf the charges. They were pised tupon these
S ay of J&nue'ry and thereafter until a. went into executive session to consider Special to the Tribune. the insurgents had added to the ti- of ech to walt a On the
lpah troops ahall have embarked for the city licensee question. Thomasville, Dec. 25.-Maso Merea-? cUlIy of the problems already pre:-ented hearing. In the mean time the rana Cuilaugh, fO'rm
a f relptrialo, and the eame is published Garcia, daughter of the late Calixto by hoisting their flag over the city. and ur c i c i etigations. Yor. one of t
for the guidance of the inhabitants ana- DEATH 0F. A N'OBLE CHRISTIAN. Garcia, the Cuban leader, died at the cabling the following message: - ^'
: e -thers outside of the Santiago district. -- u.a9ury Hotel in this city, this evening Mani!a, Dec. 27. To Adjuatant gen- ae f
Sww nearly fo months this com- Mrs. Beckwith ied Yesterday Morning of consumption. Mrs. Garcia and ner eral at Washington-Sent colonel Pot- T / l "
;: SiaS? of ktheane in the &Ripe Old A~e of Seventy- two danrhter arrived there the day ter on fast vessel to Iloilo on the 2a4h to |WII rHAlr m, ti3 0d
4 er pbo roteothon ot Five Tears. General Garcia died in Washlngton. communicate with the Spanish General
t.* ti. They haw e- and while at dinner received inteli- Rica. The latter evacuated os the
S tended to us theno crupulous cour- From Thursday's Daily. genre of his death. The contents of evening of the 24th, and Potter art-
ts and consideration. and not one un- 3Mrs. Beckwith, mother of Mr. W. H_ the telegram were never revealed to ved 39 hours later. The inmrgents Seen i:i Tampa Bay by the Captain hft
oesamt incident has marred our Beckwith and Mrs. Mellican of this MerOede, who was at that time failing took possession of the city on txhe -th .
34mv in their mist and now tb~t Our na ly-of the Xisrue~e oe tl
*ito are soon to be reversed and sity, died yesterday morning at the rapidly. At the members of the Oar- and Potter founo Aguinalde's flag y- o ite rt. 'N
an be001n urg^ tsd en- residence of the latter on Tampa cla family at Present in this country ing. Cannot now report probabite re- andthe Praoa
tted to o recto e mur see to Heights In the advanced age of seventy- were at the bedside of 1ss Mercedes suits. Will not hear from them tor From Fkiday's Daily. i sur.
tIite to our prohecilen, 1-e must seen thtn ae eCM wovr ag lc h
tlt they esoy the same imunlty five year. The deceased has been a when the end came four day as there are no cable corn- Two very large back whales wer" The teSfrtory
i tas e noLsratiea consisLatent member c-f the Methodist The body will be embalmed and taken munications. seen yesterday afternoon in th outer t-naow a| Miii
Atng under a senM of duty to the church for the past fifty yearn, and was to Cuba on the warship which the Unl- The Spanish forces have evacuated all bay some miles below this city. day and th now 00
Sunodesdor aensenodty to ivs e one of the most noble and kindhearted ted States has designated to convey the 1 the stations in the Southern islands ex- Captain Joe Thompson of the steamer suare ml o*.th
lpqIOplS &a owr go.......nt .... givi se c
otice that any violation oft the eerma women In Tampa, and her generous remains of General Garcia back to hOs cept Seamoango and -Mlndanao by or- Mistletoe is among the number who got ee
nt ime that any tiso-aon oft wilt be deeds of kindness will live for ages to native country orders they say from MadTrid. a good look at them. In reporting the mske Jknsar i ad7
"Ar ~ ni ineade n lrs brgh e come. Sw Joe to the comssunlty and --((Hgned) OTI. fact to a Tribune represtatlve last ti.n..an so. 2
eQ to JUtice. teptrenting er fti ends will be Irreparable, and the UNCON'DITIONAL 9LtRRE sMDER. The evacuation by the Spanish of all evening,- he stated that he saw them check them
to jutrese w sehall be gsi S bereaved have the aincerest.condolence' -- Philippine ports although doubtless nitt far from Terra Cels Island In the Blt enough trooja
... : sy .ol e t" l htall b re of the people of Tampa In their *ad be- l Special to the Tribune. inspired by a desire to secure safety 0y lower Tampa 'Bay. He said: think ostesibI? Oan disiy.
t. lffe4:z d1 re-vement L aoisville, Dec. 28.-The big light concentration, undoubtedly have aone these are the first that were ever seen V OW Ibe st59 J
e' <-e [n teae. The remain ll be interred at the aaairet the pool rooms in this city much to complicate the prob- anywhere in the Bay. As I was comtln recnenttiOvi o fa
ef-b ol- t~ies a nSent jtride -falily burying grounds near Brandon is nearing an end. The pool room pro- lem already presented by the War De- up from Sarasota on my regular trip, aes and other sm
= gats- t w 'alv .bked thts morning, followe!l by a large con- prietors have been defeated at every apartment of extending military Juris- I noticed them throwing water when we d will be -oSd an
nlua in con..i of syapathnigan friends and turn and the aght has become so warm diction over the islands. were user a mile sway It resemblec Al cite0 wll be*5u!
theeresnt oartTu eaoyis heart broken relatives. against them that they surrendered un- Within the next week, some very im- water thrown from a large ose, ana and those od wiha
g py's grzanteduMder ierfitlis conditionally to-day in the criminal portant events will have happened in went fully fifty feet high. I thought will be lpro-oned andab
ip^oeg granted under lterTcoun-e court. the Philippines. General Otis will de- at first they were some kind of a eSU- Cated,
U PA MwTTI -_ mand the surrender of Ilollo into his marine craft, but when we came closer h 5wearinlaofB
at i sm -be I q% THREAD TRUST. hands, and this may at once raise an I recognized what they were. t ple forc cos
r.. their syother In te I I ag --- issue between the insurgents and our After going by them at a dance of hundred have arealy u
e5S0h. '-ir Pmtal an ood tegraphic -- Special to the Tribune. own goveremeat. five hundred yards. I turned and went tothe Unitedstspe 'g
5Siv i ge :will ontnue as at tPresent iag a Nearly All Siippod-Good New York, Dec. .-A spool cotton back to get a better view of them. We ready o complete ev
athitasn" w oxile re ain ud the.-' trust is now being formed i this city. -E T lflONTfl T went within fifty feet of them end could aI-T Te hs
of thse wllremanues myte use Vegetable Crep. The deal now on hand is for the purpose aee them very planery." As nerv- foce e 1s!t M iiaa-
tewCa M le the ][tted S~tat army, the- of pooling the Clarik and Coates inter- could calculate thy wereully e ,
E- pecisl the Tribune ets with only one selling office, five feet long, and about six or seven ton resoled
ho mm i 1U3 -is aia- Palmetto Dec 2B-The orange -- feet across the nose. Their 1uge ps concerning a man2s&
tam ordei, and any ending soldier tdsi section have nearly all been gath- (MILlONAIti DYING. To Supply the Government Awarded protruded six feet out cf the water ana I h to re i ,eS
will be promptly punished by a iPan- M'ed. But few will be shipped after thett tails seemed aboe t ten feet In to the ntaltand piua
saltary ^ tribuna.whiO any offensecristmoes Special to the Tribune. to Swift & Co They made very little fussi eneib
job =Mary tribunal whllq VW offensej Sristmas.
oom ttte a 1 pan- The vegetable cropt are still doing Ot. LociS, Dec-. .-Chas F. Orthwein, water and apparently took little or no e he Sa rdo S
l arid wmi k _1 U welL as there has b no ore frost the great millionaire grain export Dal. notic.-e of .our approach. Some of my CUBB t RU 201
f ' ret v Mass vMetsblsL shft as beans egg- and street railway magnate is rapidly E H ov net i e crew strenuously objected to goingeso -wAtbr o t athesDt o a S c2
age from t 5 and english pa. are bein ship- Passing away from a complication O p close to the monsters, but when othey h t
w i mpesent all claims 0 the Sianlsh ped daily diseases at his home in this city. ing the meat pankisg firm of Swift 6 aw there was little or no danger, they t
i Puzznctual Nrment will The people are now working an 112. p 10V c|.us -0k tr s A PgSITIVE D IAL. several days. left for Part Tampa t With the assistance of a gVo Oa e s
at ss4L lofobetrresults poewecould easily have landdoeterlsi ~3~
r ne. t ye.tb theyhaveevr ise Specal to the Tribune. night. where he will take pasag.o n or both of them, as they manifested no a hace of rin
'"0 i c S sa osyoi uFlMat ba aseonidls-b 0 efore. _8 t. Louis, Deec. I---igettandMyers board the steamer Florida for Ma- desire ofgetting way at our approach, t.ree huadrefrom
Pa twety-oB annn and inue- MT. ad Mrs. Crawford Parrish 0 of this city deny all the rumors In clr- tanzas. He is taking with him on the I have asked Aule a number of old ariao ha already
if after the ftaxish Sag wi .O.ak MU are spendnlM Christmas with culation concerning their connection boat six oar loads of machinery, that ne rivermen and they tell me that ths is mnt.
l owered from Morro Castle and from their daughter, Mrs. M. F. GIddens of with the big tobacco trust. They te- will use hat place for the construc- the first instance where these large F G ve=
C 5 the buildings where displayed, Tampa. dared l-day that their company laa tion of a large packing house ice plant whales have ventured into the y."
,*'t Sagad lt0of the United Stat -s PialU Rawdon Sharpe returned to Palmetto not joi03 the Union Tobacco Trust. and cold storage house
M04q44 Wgud=WI~isthis Week.Ti ir h~ d.i`,ovrrpeet O D T M
se ( t" t&g.2e rPwell of Terra Cela died tact FLORIDA TEOHP_ a T. has lcti tha cotract frov reprs gv aG lD la s
Sse bttey these atst aturda. ferment to supply all the tro o the gor
SAM c& and Spalnsh artioi- Mrs. Livirgston who lived on P_. I There are 500 Prent at th t. Augu- isd eat. Fora trhis po trposeE Hvna, (c _-T
-i eseate. Forathis psepose
e r e iowmie X. Amterman =m Barlee -grove near town. died last Sat- i tine Convention. they will erect fifteen lare packing &le So
tS55- si at war that may be in nrday night. houses at as many different places. One At the Tampa Height Bapti a o e
T Iat I *4 M Ca aydma Axhey died laa Sun- Special to the Tribune. sa already been built at Havana and narrow
0, WS I'%^s~ te-P 4l ISrl^tutiFl Dec. 28.-The soliS"^ % ^t *in ffuday Sahool r s gt 31"^^ f
olthlga. dtrlthe proper4r ay nigat at AIs rsi dence in person St. AugstIne, Fia., Dee O. .Te is now in full operation. ThL one a t sion Snaida Schoot Lr~t Night. juoon. atB I
...nIV ~l-e-mct_ Captain Ashby was in nis Florida State Teachers' convention as- ftstsoas will be the second and will trohh d
- -" seventy-fimt year, and his old ase, sembied here to-day to the number or be entirely under the supervision of Mr. From Prida-y Day.e pi -e dAy
.^Sl *L if k Jl .t "t " -- ln d wlthit hi *ltl t rl lilnem, was 0CO members, with many teachers trom Coover. w. --_ .
3 Jtio onud stand. ot tes. The contract with the government The Christmas treat and hetiday en- Thetwards whicthh
liSd, l^ l E t %<* "*P nt several . tate Superintendent etiats, former prohibits Swift & Company from sell- tertainment at the Tamap f[elSte -- wow .t haSr-eg.
.. ~rM kl~ v-re~e PaltuPdetto. president of the associaton. Prof, Fulk log any meats on '.he island except 10 sion Suda school last night, was one h &uei
d b oh down the river of i.ve Oak and o*iers prominent In the gvernmet, so they will not nave of the most successful and most lag ltot a
".- Tn B. Pare is firm this wee,1, school matters are present, much experience in dealing with either attended of any e h in this city. Cs s
r.T .Preisspending Ihrbia-- President 'W. SI iKniblee, in deliver- Spairs or Cubn-Eertigpasdof oteeniest-ecp oe h
:ra uaead TonmTwr. mas in Leesburg with friends. During Ing the opening address, was preented The packing bones at the other trilr- ESetctins of s pet, I n e thre Pea r eof oeythe'Saliare
l-ookintl g asloee. B. n. tBeretsr of Tarnpa a with a betIful gavel Prot. ulk was teen Points will be erected Just as rast younettaon oldeseat, tlhe apoeatrne o
if -o Mr.- ,lokn Vfr hG. Wlintrss here. a receipient of a llke gift. Dr. t ocum as the machinery can be rushed Colr- Ivn$ te rard of the romwa ip~ a ethuandsc Of d

O5 z,. S, hedule -ld asms d'by bm"M.~ ot.. lams g pa. is spent- responded for the teachers to Prof. J. ward. Chitma three deoraedi t he oo most bythe wome no th e-and'
.et Jan2ydt? -at lni ssv-e-T -q m rss hnssrma~qeageto Mr. and Hs ..s...e ad their da.ugfl- The tearh-ers enjoyed as organ rec.i tal him to this city wIll remain at the eaoaelighted. This artitic'--piece ml-Yof work eSpedleres. ~ t.l
e gr -pi fuses a ~~-eelh as...tea. 31o J. S. Deity, spent ssveral aoys at the Psasbyteslan Church and a so- home of inc-. C. W;hltefield 00 Tw'5g5s was performed by M1rs. Pltmm's cfass of-
Wo'e,. be"a conete by-athrogh Tim'Da last wee Y p's-no solo by Hirs. Terwtllingr in toe street until her husband bee found a young ladles. and demonecrte both C OI( or i
"" i--- P .llman paac bufe.sopng. Casino where the convention is h-log asuitabIe place to reside at statanoas skill sad taste. COn the platform wast. ..
hRU BILLar u man held. The town hasbeen turned over.
e, e n joye d ueb ralroad facilities as wU to the teachers, and everythIng pilcaie COFFEE AS CORN PR Wasngarrang Ced-t wch un.dre b.ogindld pweirth Frdm nuthe ollowang ye-
b een erraneed forti s season. fltte IlU UIL for their enjoyment is provided. Therny or ndnl ln ie At thie buies et
on - ~~~~~~~:c-invention will last until Saturday. kenerinan Olficeis Warned to Use 01 Via--a n msclpm ftei~t*ofceswr
~i Wsten ~- Ieut wn.Joh 31 Seonel, t~le tae t Pro-en Smgafs~g exercises were manipulated by 3. It. charge of theUa~
and peeved so satisfactory t-o FounI Against Two Men for ihe MaLr. ISlates army, retired. Mrs. ochifelecd and ---. Tharp. Hqe performed his work ina a coming year:
vbgphldwl ehiedsIo ~ .~daughter arc here for the winter. SpecIal to the Tribune. most creditable nsenner, After-a ltriaf. "Luca; assitant t~~4 mld ln dr ne c d '~i~oD ec 9-Looe.pae yRv ol h olwn Rnt.......
Thi1l Y1s train stuthbsound win us o anr acu : n or -no i -r.v, TheiWsintn D.. C.. De. i-.oin... ae.yRe.M.s tefl~in in

aS" ampa t alt-m, r metten, ---- -...- %-. L .'U 1-V-. askar 'H-. Bmiss, in c aarge of ce cot -rogam a rendered Mt t
BE.fS int to"atslant. Oa.. via From Friday's Dally. lectlon of customs in Cuba, and directly program selection bydthe r ied r. nt baetisy
VocalySS~edhr^ lle ^lB0 cr ci seletio by~.^~. then~utry^^ ^ ctt-u horltare. lneydn haT s hehlt
Mo ,v nt- At the peing of Cir- L Co Ye- eas rhe:- Should bp Na O-- charge of the Havana custom house. Vca stion u Chrcs .hyast fs
M Wa t aJi^ns M. r e ,h,-a l n -vi Janu'ry 1. Recitation `ur Christmas .iv.
=d. .' Ss bUis &d Ohio oCalh- kas been instructed by Assitant Seore- Albert Burgctt. a record fur punta
^eae ~vetam pa .m. arriveid-ay morinng. a Sjtaniisi wh. go.,- h a ndy of War Meikiejoh. to direct Cimas slub oh eurgien wokp.
Aat'iw .. (s O neaL motnt g d. A r- 'name as Jose AUguti. aier .efor a .''at 1o tohe Tribune, d ordinates throughout the island to use LIz Ae Watson. fl pod Al d
Ta second morning. Judge Phillips as an appe!cant fo- ct Washington, Dea 2-T he calnet a t te utmost vigilance to preve nt ug- Recit atio t Banche Brach, or- l awl st
Reiaiu I~ BlncheBran
i-re f rinous 'olL vsa enh.p. After making oath that e-n !t. meeting to-day listened to the rei:.C- gflng, tse.e gon a.nd Cwiester Lac ore c h h ld h i *
WWl he-put on between t5.ifibPa tvou hisnTiver ceountry and upoeinc pr--rotmr ipran arsoftl Infortmation baa reachedi ;ha 0o Recitation, "While Stars of Chr]msad eymc
wi beputt on between taop u hivc rn ren u gn -r leg o- parti en through the Treasury Depart- iset bar Ce e. bore a his ims
Ta spa pm.. returning, leave ing other necessary qualficatiore. h-. Park Peac- treaty and tb-'i grave at- ment that preparations are being mde Shtine,"c by Percy Rigr. 'h bee.chrt u rich c t
i l tx tl llu'ic by th t choir. -l eh
ddt In 6d~ttOa to 10e was after. due cevior.. O re d r a I !- terion to affairs in Cuos. to get large quantities of ceffe- Int R e
.....s a w i ene aate-llt tnd S iried ..... - navana la n th ; belled and carried an man- ct tockng on th ~ r t
el..i-s T-e mrlton to quash the I--cetit 0. the nanz and of -fests as "corn" just before the Anci p Jl e an d thin i o s
.a .e p 1.3 a.i. in lstt at'.ev Florida- 2 .i Ws ,'r. fcas ab cnr .. J ur. r o t can take cob Mro on Jamnuary cl. as of yon ianp Hegt Poat
oSISISM., teher T^ mcrd,-c: at,^ ucerrut.d ,Cl;u t jidie a.' I ca:ico -' 3. Qei Brantleyn^. was^I^ ^ OSI
it'Sive -Tmpa 11 an ou'.;R^ ^ ,^^i.C^
UBB wtm at 19-%. murd %," on uverruakd lt) the j sdge top.d a plan :ooksng to the ixag on a prma- is inferred that o owners, of the cothee ladies. atio n ce J" Br l StS
MS. Tor f Lrt ., L a,,!ar. sna the tzia: set for Tueef-ca. January y 1. nert ha-it of the values of current and Spanish customs officials in control Recitation, 'Old Santa Claus, A .' T
t-WS leave Tampa bt.a toe oliawn-g paterwrdt di- hcha n--n until thot date are in collusion. e fred B rgettte nt
i.e flio~n&pe. n- w.r. cu- .n :..evReeitation, L~cve lightens Lasboc." year.
V60-1. ed Cy ISM-' Fe V 3n... th p jur.anyte .. h fr-.,71 h ". d that on c. re Treas hi.. y department has been infer .a.. As in You r rfct e
32 B S will continue .le Tan-i' Leek ci Wn reu e t or te o s e re .Laoerate r.has teen prepo a or -ed thaI coffee has froa uentiy h -n some by"m Reay Durst. g Bokr .
tio ,pm in houh -aa tL .-- is a itts a. e Itation by George Boker. oI A IOf ub ascorn.
Pm.,eer.i n.g'. Coire.olopr c a J. ianLd R ons citation, 'TheAlplan Crosts by PT ICT
" B a 3 k8 fnvh^ie and ..ey,,.'W. Coe J Cra M_ an r t 01 .t_ '' wa. instant 'Secretary 1.oiklejo Laia-y N rrt m Lucas. : -
n C-.s t U1e. t D. B. rM ,' i y G 1: ..d the to-.i. yist 2-. .. J .. 't..
a. 61M Ts ilco ngsouthwi.lla: Toe, -'l--ir. a-n, XV. 1 !I1e --i 4 N e cu. Lit- A.. a e that ert d c- the --nted chat es you ao er and guarsuteed IS.S
01 : hsroasI ile.o e. ei Or.cenc.Ia.... en -.gthat Cristmas. by Nellie Durst- nd Ague All-
t _at '1.. .: Hibt es iIrth era '. ,Ts "ii I -of an 08t- ,ttth on Fs tb pr Tven u Tgg eng c-- stations by Thomas Metcalf Flora Moft Wes it g
e a- H ^ BS, .M ... fP "-felsotl "1..-f-, :-e gran .. .ar. to ... e itt-nd Mr. TideWeil. Clonin sn g o .
pean~t' ~WssrnFt& ld 0 ter a rre- rl: e C o iole n -s aftr iiilportc- to- toe SpoelobI i .i' i-h ~i.- Fo nod)sDtr
.'.- t Cf st 2 fIron Jacks5o0 i,-. t- .e filc a : -. .s-rI o co ." a..'to Re nod, bow cc.r toot aler -I:-.-ee
----' -BiB~ffigra~igS^ nn-ln S- .te aa -nthe rttlarcIn addition to the above prowan ty Mre ra B. cawia-S
fom New YOrk v& West Co l 1 ,ar tb .-" M redithl. n.1cl men tu r- ',rvert smuggling, and In.-tructa.o n th e folks. Ibu nteresting tot e w ntl f
wa-U~~~~~~ an-e by Superintendent J. Q. B19ly ~o ett bueipi
:.1 P.M ,ler -,. tiu- bilt! moar g t.-. I Ur..-:.n- .'. -. .o.*:-. in had bet s-ant to off incers in charge to t C Mr.iTharp anl
"'"ne -" ,,. naboe reurn thr e jury re. urned t.cl a-.,..: p t.:. make mcci thorough inspections c0 a I IRE '-e f M ances vere atlexllno t C. in. egat' a I
roo)-i '.r.ro o urther delil,-pra:tons. imports ar-d not acept th- evidence aTh a6 os ropariate t.'3 t e
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l 3.;. = ".urer f,-: vP.-. Ea r-. ::- :d A),, ,1 ;REL) l:i A n"n .; anift.t=ts ckr invoices. n.1m s apr rit tth oca o ,be ft -.-:
,1"t --r. ~i-I Mer.dith am supine oe hi Z -) Arm,." ott.cs ro- lave been in i After they wore over the Snday schtl" friends .f the bet-..
eAtueesded to. the very bloom ot pnc sled was lhst of Mdr Mit. A 1"i -7 9- !scot c :- his be hasve cnformed -he- Wiar Depa ct-ti -7 -cPl. to th ubro eryto te otect
t at t s Pla s-n te 3Ls.1 known baker and Lust'sles iran oa -" ,h th0 -r0 t ib ere evii oa .ni.-c hundred formed in line, and, a t.hl' bi a _
~with fever. phe t..ersburg He was saylati a a-.....r tie .... -- -_- .g and n.e marched pant the platform th.y Iws enjoypd by all.
'e. inns-i the railroad on his way to Tampa fr,. : .. .oo fa ,. t ..... a- h ca- r till O;-eeslce ,r, handed a treat by the committee 1 thi n lye
T Ybor City. on' May 27th last. These two upon tei r.%! :r .ever :o-r s E -.. .:e go- Zhat ...,Oct i b charge. At 8:i5 the -losing song ws weree
n men were anrefted before. charged with stool I I t. r .c- r :r.- bui h-cr \ualc l ... :" socce tine ao-r the A- -s ours and the audience wa d mssed some
the ertin'were afterwards discharged
a, for want of evidence. Since that time ra a-re undermined and death to.e ca-g .
hew at adtio-. some important developments have oc- seemed Imminent. For three months Deputy Sheriff John .ooney has Ask Your
r e urred and new testimony brought to she coughed incessantly, an~d could not ta-ken up his residence in the State_ 01 DRUGGIST C~ Mat5Sc
A7HT the attention of the grand jury- which sleep. She finally discovered a say matrbmon. -Miss M-ary _Myers. an ans- fa aCnoo
Lj".L. :' ,.t 4 1anasynslaed in 4fttr indictmenL to recovery, by purchasing of 0 a hot timable lady. who came here some time for a gsnerss
jnffer w?; o.. W har'ged with tie at Dr. King's Net Discovery for ago from Pittsburg, Pa-, has consented 10 CENT
m'ss on udiTerte. fronm De Olto Conmsmption and was so muc: relieved to share his jove in his matrimonial TRtALL SiZMA .
ty and .. b h first one on the en taking first dose thai she slqpt all prognostications. Tbe connubialkoo
UU~lSW SW-- sniZU and with two bottles, Oias baen was tied at 7t30 p.m.. on Thursdy Oby~Qu
absolutely cured. Her name is OMrs Father de Carrere at the Catholic to
...3se c w Fridys Dafly. Luther Lutz.' Thus writes W. C. 4iam- echivh on Florida avenue. The news Ctais he
V P.1 901hw, who Owns & very mucr, N. C.. Trial btsotles tre* *tiL B leaked out yesterday, and 4dr. Mooney Not 4W
.. tufw hn L"eaw. Ca's Drug Storsieg- i was the recipient of numerous con ,I.-
hi= h~utra~te9 toat R L* very Lwais- gratulationa s.aml
#A 39. ~ 0-iLjAmloN is DEVIDO Blbi


0aWtor anda Manage

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S irpes is on the ad- I
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at wh a e precteted geaspte es.
a teo h tr5 rassg to be a hothouse
Blt Is t waster? It seems that
A nos t exmad toward the equator
St-ss s-4aa.toville Times-

ewe^ t tep M-tpist should read
L aSilih Ubls trade joarsa, show.
|*5,stb a 1e basnmes doAing It;
i*ke te ralroad statistics

he iawiirr X leU di tui sad

She drtsrd N and
*. :--
P~E~~r~gp ha 3

ISt A iiasdnt of Mt elan-lbetween Ui
ChSua lrsnt a Sewresce to tb
Sproosed celebration of the termildi
of Span-sh roue is highly typical of th
S tuition. The chief elements of dIZ
culty and question which wrtl hare
Sbe met by us upon the island were pc
tentiaUy present In this matter. I
Swounld be taking a rose-colored view o
Sthe affair to argue from the course o
Sthis incident that everything is going
+ to work well; but every American mus
+ have felt a decided gratification o
learning of the outcome of the stan(
taken by General Brooke and Genera
Leadlow.. There may,, of course, still b
troublesome developments in connect
* tion with the prohibition of the Cuban
Srejoicings; but for the present wha
we see is that General Ludlow's letter
to the Cuban chiefs was a model of con
a ideration and tact as well as of pru
dence and firmness; and that the Cuban
leaders, on their side, had the wisdom
to recognize the propriety of the Ameri-
can attitude, and to submit, however
reluctantly, yet with good graces. It
canont be doubted that President Mc-
Kiney's clear promise, in his message
to Congress, has been mist potent in
putting the Cubans inti a state of
mind which makes them indisposed to
create trouble.
It Is fortunate that these delicate
questions which are sre to arise con-
tlually for some time in Cuba are going
to be settled by the deliberate judgment
of responsible military commanders,
and not by polticans who play to the
rallaries, or who are influenced by sen-
sttional newspapers.
The growth of the city's business as
evidenced by the inches in the ank
deposits is a most gratifying circem-
stance. A pretty sure measure of the
volume of business transacted is the
bank deposits, while bank clearings
which are so much quoted have very lit-
tle meaning, only registering the btsi-
nee the various banks do with one
another. One local bank has increased
Its deposit account 50 pae cent in the
last sixteen months, while all the others
have gone forward at a most satisfac-
tory rate. This is real, substantial
evidence of business development, and
it means, too, that :noney has come out
of its hiding place and is in circulation.
The wholesale and retail dealers report
the best holiday trade they ever before
eperienced. All branches of business.
In fact begin the new year in a flonr-
IbshlM wondrn, anticipating an in-
,exvlmf trade. We think it can be
soely said that never before in its his-
tory hb the city begun a New Year
ude ore favorable auspices for com-
mercial activity and prosperity.
Senator Pasco has placed his friends
i4 this city under obligations to him by
sending them flower seed, which the
Agritclturl Department distributed
free of eharg. The varieties of seed are
new. and the flowers will prove some-
what of a novelty.-Gesviiie Sun.
This is the best opportunity the sena-
tor will ever hase to distribute seed
among his constitiuets--Metrspolis'
Why should he have the opportunity
to sead any seed except at hs own cost?
It is time for the government to retire
from free seed distribution, and also
free printing on government envelopes.
-Orlacdo Reporter.

An expert safecracker has been inter-
viewed in regard to the Lima bank
robbery. While it came to the point
when the opinions of expert murderers
will be sought? Luetgert might be in-

terrogated abopu the Rollinger crime.

IEnssb ham never figured very ex-
teinively in the trust business, but
they do say that out in that erstwhile
bleeding 5tate a corner in sunfower
seed has been formed.
Thomas Q. Seabrook, who confesses
that he is a bankrupt, would create a
sensation in New York were he to ap-
pear in promenade wearing only his
sole poessio.
Dame Fashion like Time works won-
dera Many a man is wearing a red
necktie to-day, who, a year ago. would
hare sied at the color like a mad bo-

U Johsn5 herma isn't in politics
rany great eteDt now, but he has
fklected the suggestion that
S ight do in a Predstential way

POW"A %Lr*i be true. o rporte

t ft MM srd" a AMC-
LM 0 ta siate trust-

lee weM eern the
~t~;~,_~,?l ~w3aldR .;t:

e asy to Take Congress will havetwo predo
r esssto poes during the ren
S asy to Operate the sesLThere Is a dm
f affirmative sition on both. mes
iee Ae feateire peia to Hoeds Pilts. ean in The peace treaty must be rMati
.- slzeta telec thorough As eman a bill for the costruction of a
across the Nicaragua passed.
to H A h cause the greater differences in
- The treaty s either advocated
posed. The canal bill is oppo
[t 1dsome respects by those who Cai
Construction of the canal but
)if said:6T-osroow eP s e '0ooplano proposed, by other
f hetaken Iisan 'he concessions upon whi
over." 25c. C.L Hood & o.,r Li,'i s based are imperfect, and I
, Pr orietom Lowell, Mass. others, who hold that too large
t Ie only pills to take with Hood's Sarsauars is to be paid for the concessions,
all agree are not of the clears
n The people in general want the
d THE NICARtAGUAN CAINAL they want the United States to (
it, if possible they prefer tha
government own it. They kno
The Nica-aguan Canal Comnmiion little about the conflicting conce
n has made a preliminary report, in which- the technicalities surrounding t
of a concession or the legal po'
it finds unanrimously, for the feasibility Nicar-gua to grant a new cons
of the scheme. The Luil route and before one granted for the samo
t pose and covering the same grouch
that of the Maritime Canal Company lapsed. They know little of th
were both particularly examined, and viasins of the Clayton-Bulwer 1
or the treaty negotiated with Nica
the expense estimated at $12350.0.000 and during President Johnson's-adm;r
t$14,0e0,00 respectively tionr But thoe do think Co
Should be able to provide for the
STo these estimates General Hains, ing of this canal, even if Englan
e a tom to be asked to modify the Clayto
the army member of the commission, wertreaty and Nicaragua nego
takes exceptions. He thinks that o with for a new concession to th1i
Sernment, the concession now clair
per cent should be added to allow for exist being thrown aside. One
the extra expense of the work occa- chief difficulties the canal measure
have to -ervcomeis the fear the
signed by the disadvantages of the have that there will be too
tropics. The commission's estimates "take-out" for those who claim ti
concessions preventing the constrl
are based on a canal of sufficient sle of the canal unless these concef
to allow the passage oft the mot are purchased by the United
o gwoernment. Yet the wisdom of
modern battlesdtips. The Lull route tors and representatives should b
is recommended as the most desirable, honorably and fairly to overcome
dif resira ficulties, to protect the treasury
NO LE lunr. THEM, to provide for the beginning of the
on the canal lmrmediatelW.
Taxppa seems to have more than its
hare of a certain class of individuals -P .
found in every community who through An indication of the upheaval I
a diseased state of mind have a dis- seem to be threatening Spain an
torted conception of the world at large. ministerial crisis which is Predict
They have harbored pessimistic views be near at hand. is the audience Co
and evil forebodings against the corn- Weyger with the Queen Regent. a"
munity and the people until life has a man of torce and power, is eeri
become a burden to them. Not only ill He bas to bear the btunt 0
are their own lives miserable, but they negotiation of the peace treaty,
make it unpleasant to their neighbors while he is bitter and vbispat i
and those with whom they come in remarks, he at the same time expi
contact. They are continually giving the belief. that if allowed t O em
vent to their diseased ideas, either on office, he caw save the present dyO
the street corners or in the public print, and reorgaaize Spain. Yet the co
They declare the city is rotten, ~oply of Weyler to the front, wit thle re
because their ideas of government and he made in Cuba, the effects of M
municipal Improvements are not in- are visible to every United ShaeW
dorsed. They cry out against the city dier in the island. would seem to
officials because they have not been cate that t09ta is fearful o1 re
consulted In regard to the appoint- and would be willing to intrnduce
ments. Spain the Wfysler reconcentrado sy
They kiek against corporations and of warfare, .# the event lon C
capitalists simply because they Have does muster up enough eneaUbr u
not received the lion's share of the a struggle Sw the throne, aI sy
profits. They complain at the cmrr n which is warranted to be more effe
because it is too cold and at the weasler than bullets tr depleting population
because it is too hot. When they have that it affect.n n, women t aht"
exhausted their fuod of epithets aegxbt alie. and iF smre to kilL Ix W4
local affairs, they begin on the country shesid come 8-6in to the fm at an
at large by declaring that any Ober reconcentradf methods against thb
country is better than ours. very- lowers of rD-a Careos, it wil l; e
thing it going to the dogs. The poor eating to nolt tteway they e-reo
are getting poorer and the rich are get- by other Earepeai powers. W5IP
tt richer. iMoralas political and. se l-, capable of trying the ventue,. ift
gian are on the down grade and g@Png an opportufrty-
at a 2:40 glat,
This class of people in a commt Ait The result of the Sea t1d cOm
does more injury to society, religion in Indiana aad West Virginia wvh
and industrial development, than alln an tmpertart infsumine iU tIN
other causes combined. They are an of the UniliS Les. Thelwo eW
oOtupus to any country, and their in- stores will tueK pert tla ft b
&desee is always in proportion to their making le StOtion of the Fifty-I
numbers. When they are incilisd to Pifty-sevntba soad Nf Psifty t
growl mad grumble at the conditions gr sses. 'se new 5001 U 010om
of our country, they ought to study the country seems asUt te O"s
the conditions that exist elsewhere, and an iresisitbe destiny, ~l, be -W
thea oomplre them with ours. for better or for worse., by the Lnsf
Mal C(ine, one of the ablest of Eng- aWl the West Virginia Senatue"
limb writers in a recent article speaking cenjunctin- with other new legish
of America ray s and the old ones. thses two
"It does not require any knowledge in quantities shall be -sea 9 brainW
economic problems to see that in one patriotism, of leaoMshis, their i:
important particular America is master enoe will be more than t-bt of
of the world. Already that amazing votes, uch menn Sahs eAs Bl
country absorbs all the races of the Webster. Clay and their IUe. wh,
earth and every race tha tit absorbs it in the upper or the lower Bom9e of
feeds and strengthens It may be gres have had the oper of a d
stated as a sure though astounding fact of their coleagless ay ths Ieg
that no civilized race whatever has yet tmUes of Tadls ad *et Vin
been known to decline or diminish on choose men worthy their Btates,
American soil men who shall ahow patriotism
"-As for the wickedness of the big earieasneus
American cities, Chicago and New York
It can only seem greater than anything The Pbijppllns. Porto RIco and
else In the word to those who do not he. ae ours, What we will or ca
know the wickedness of our own citus with them wl doubtless be settled
at home. Our appalling stories of the on, To the shame of the country ;
ways of foreign cities saUlly come it be sald they were taken by trieci
from people who live the most bum- rather than by conquest. By do
drum lives in London. The secret is tio we gained the friendship of
a very simple one. They are explorers unsuspecting Cubans, only to i
only whim they go abroad, As for them worse than the Spanlards.
the higher religious life of Americans. they are db armed, and yet we ha
there Is no country where that great commander in chief of the army
wave is more felt which is now carrying ing to teach the people that th
the Christian chuchh bhak to the early tight.
ideas of Chistianity. The work of the
slums is splendidly done both by men The LoutsvihLe Courier Journal
and women In America, where there is
no State church. l es-erence for the more eaewmesr than usal. in spea
church is greater than it has ever of the New Year oukotk for the CI
seemed to me to be in England or esen critic party, nomand General Fit
in some, for President,-nod Geserat F~tal
'tI love America because it is tbig ana Le for ve-preden In te
because it's bMgness is costantly tin- article it states that ;Iicintey
,presing the imagination and otti..- General Joe heelerr soil surely bt
latiog the heart. I love its people be- Reputtic-n ticket.

cause they are free, with the treeaom
which the rest of the world takes as hy Judge Phillips has waded throu
stealth and which they claim openly as great deal of very difficult work di
their right- I love them because they the present term of Circuit court.
are the most industrious, earnest, ac- knotty questions have come before
tive and rIngenious people on earth, be- for settlement, and his efforts to a
cause ethe are the most moral and re- all questions with fairness and i
ligious, and. above all, the most sober tialitr while they have failed to sa
people in the word; because. In spite every bct are worthy of come
of all the shallow judgments of super- tion.
facial observe. they are the most child-
like in national character, the easiest The country trade and the track
to move to laughter. the readiest to be y Y r City and Tampa are cord'at
touched by tears, the most absolutely vited to make our store headqoa
true in their impulses and the most for all classes of merchandis.- .W
generous in their applause, save you money, just as much j L
'I love the men of America, because purchased your goods in Ne
their bearing toward women is the fin- Come out and see us. A- J. ;ush,
est chivalry I have yet seen anywhere. and -1: 7th avenue, i or C,: .
I love the American women because
they can preserve unquestioned purity
with frank and unconventional and na- If that Bct0oth Edi t.r hal ha
tural manner and fine independence ss chnce to use the boli pen -it c
sex; I lose the constitution of America Judicial ve-rdict that nent hii. t.
Tbecaue its freedom is the f rest I know for contempt t court, he'd t.o, it
of, because it has broken away rom suficiently to get out.
ail effete superstition of authority. T
whether in churoch-r State. and left the Talktes of hernt Ccicag. o has
rest of the world in pitiful shadows $r tO o deserves a star-spangled med
both follies to tol after it by more than twa He is a high driver, who p!u
a hundred earss" into the dirty Chicago river.
The Tribune is now located in its new Senor Sagasta should smother
quarters opposite the Tampa agon anger. The people of these U;
& Harness Co., Fra n t. Things will States are not worrying over his
not be in perfect running order for a bles.
day or so and we ask the indulgence
of our readers until we get the ipnittis t VDewey should come home it x
picked out, our rusted feelings take all the anti-exPansion leader
smootI up a lttle, and ourtdislocated the oountrty to keep their tore in
oints straLghtened out. Eea.blous
win soon be Itn shape and the Tribune ChbIcago is breathing easier on
w be bh er and br ghter than ever franchise qwestm, but Is keeping
ropes in handy reserve.
The Oufzrs" Wises Italwa Com-
pany is pushing the waM Of pslu 4 t One Prench deh ha drawn blood
tskL m 1hb &U po01e haste t Man r It took two meetlng to breng aboui

ONAld to me W nihet _ad Sw I 1'e~ Jos j sad was not an
WNrs OM pehePSI I. asioMis stUWSW Ciu" kin to one.


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550 *

sR CEc;


---TAMPA, Fum


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W.c. r U6mM *. "6 -A
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4^^^%^-^%^% ^%%^^'iM


f-i-u's- ~ -~-t

good, bat fsoodaut ft -%ft a tW-0 O Lw
iBInte t i rw a^ C5>dl'l^ -UVmar- pioTH goo. i ai am o -I -
eA'ehangainthe county taxeaseseor' eCy Mati Maker a ecd *0!
thaes oe. =k= thAeTampe ByMTrack.
the pat term, anded the reins o gov- The Tampa Bay race track was the made tme rpaire an iaiMu e St "*Ted" S 1v
'..... ,. romenu t over to his successor, Mr. scene of some exciting horse races o greatly lmpvnilng its aplain% o faame. lft for lHavana et a ste
k .I X v-ater*n0" Saturday afternoon. The weather was moved into it the following umme. Sending a coiuet-
3i ifl33jmlflg LUU.BT ^ perfectft for out door recreation, and a The situation was extremely pictiur- ra cte o am oba -
l hsarie~ Lewkowits, has opened up very laxge crowd, nearly one-half Ot squ w M de ranging for a t eries of eams of
B .the aratog a-lunch room. and oyster i whom were ladles, assembled to itness wqu. It wasboked by a range h ban to be played ha rn r-
depot at franklin street. He was the sport. The track is in superb cont clothed in the rich green of pines re- et e n between me the
t got a ng the1 IerS formerly chef for General Wade s staff edition, and may well be classed as the lived by a traoery of gray birch. A famous clu of the iNtiossal leagIe,
o d the encampn ent of troops here, best alf mile track n the south superb elm ervedas t parasol and alocl cub compope of the
an-d is a gnia in thi line of business. Promptly at 3 o'clock the first race
LuoldesItI and A IItsI of edb hig announcement in this issue. on the program was called. it was a umum r, nd besides were apple trees,
Lni dAcidt of ead hi announcement in this issue. n mile racebest tto in three heats, e- pink and white in May and red nd players n South Florida.
n pve train loads of troops, horses and L U Of T t een T. M. Weir's trotting horse, r). yellow in September, which commended Mr u hvan w arre a club a
larmy a epppies passed through here yes- is due orialit a Rhodes," and Dave Macfarlaines pacer, the plaoe to the frrit loving father, who Havana. and the clubs of Ue a ,t -
tem oSUPpdu ntpnl throorgihere ydL-
terday afternoon bound for Port Tam- Ce originality and -harley Mrtin. The race was te caledit Orchar s n front, be ae which vist Tampa will t
e leather, h.a known ,where they will embark for Cuba simplicity of the combination, but also outcome of a wager made by Mr. Weir r lled it OrchrdHou r e re t va an l et
it in te on board the transport Florida. They to the care and skill with which it is on last M'onday, of $100 to $50, that hs twesnthe hose and the wooded hills their trip to Iavana and pla y
lawyer, 1 .tull In the city -beiong to the fnrst infantry, and were manufactured by scientific processes trotter could beat the pa cer. The about Walden, stretched a broad med- o ame t a u e
Ls ".-]'W' mI~It lawyer of amoa those who were sent from here iown tote CALIFORNIA, FIG Sirau friends r o the contestants wagered ow, said to have been an ancient bed of al lot theclubs o fthe NatIonal W

ieyerofknowntwao Isnodorto Vvien oea fewdasan. g eu ione S p of Fi soism facture t horses aft erashr t tm e s eath of pine. srAsoits bands, fon Theserus of cours e
y. e prominent a r G eanetao last June many small amounts on the result, ans d C harordi A th come Aorth durin erur a -
ttow. Lw a in the city on Profes- to an eg last June. Co. only, And we wish to impress upon this, together with the fact that \teeir s er A woodp to praye
Yesterday. The moving of the El odelo cigar all the importance of purchasing the horse had never been beaten created a led up a little pas among the hills be- March n orer to practice d
rT. of the Port Tam- factory from Jacksonville to this city rue and original remedy. As the deep interest in the outcome. nind the bouse, sweet with the hotel s s
r is now onl" a quetlon of a few days. nile Symp of Figs is manufactured The horses after a short time spent breath of pine. Mr. Alott's hands, un. These clubs would o coure er to
wBStytois wargnuThe largee Monne building Ce s A FI S Co m got in goodshape and then aided but by taste and skill, greatly play good !cal clubs l to merely
e e of mTenth avenue and Ni.netentht t he fun began. They did not go far, ra
la A .tu r srberen a i ete street a en i ad by the w r- only, owledge of that fact will i er until it as se that barri beautified theplaoe by a little terracing Practice at i the ter tranin ur- i
Pr. I of the iroer S. And Pc y, and will be utilized until the new ast one in avoiding the wortes accidents, the pacer would surely win. f the ny slope hereandth the terms, and In order to e he
so b meita mucan of building is completed. Imitations manufactured by other par He lead all the way, and could have planting of woodbine on the porch, and and afford the aeoplei aalp ndd le-
S The high standing of the e ao made bolter time had he been pushed, the building, ou of cks sot on the a as well s the vit me
the Char ofM Ai kktews T At the annual election of officers by otiC wthehhghandneothem Wei r did the b oest he could, but hiss eb
t t be "ii ~~mib tated 0 Isecuring71 te21IA Fe SricuP Co. with theme-horse was outclased. The cred plae of a rustic fence an gates and a amusement, M.oUina dr t edet
a to e o w thet K enoo E ap a n o l h e ld o n wton da i*rh o rse wa s o ut cl a s sed .eTh et oro w d
o hbt, S enor Vicente Guerra was re- l eslsionm and the satisfacon cheered the horses and drivers as tey seat around the pur o te e by th for the eserie of games to oe ritaeS ir
e.n h i lal. C. *C. 1w 3 a nR. MS elected president for another year and which the guenine Syrup of Fig% ha passed the grand stand, and as "Char- o o r." this city and o avana. -
i i, well known in Senor Eugene Valdez, secretary. The gven to millions of lamilie, makes ley" passed under the v-ire several The fr e to pa .
circles, arrived in tW city annual e port showed the club was in a the name of the Company a guaranty lengths ao thad of the trotter, he was A IAte rayCoede ir hi ad o a
O etik~i'sa" wilt heave to-sight for flo uIsi~ln financial condition. The of the excellence of its remedy. Itt i given a flattering ovation. The time Plagiarimn is a literary ril ,t is announced for 3Inuary 1 the ."
n.- ',ile here the7 were guests- election was quite spirited and hotly was 2:1 which is the track record, charge of which should not be uade too I day of the hore racing on the ngk-
1he iDowtooW O W contested but alt seemed satisfied with arn adv of all other l tiv s er a half hour spentIn reorusing freely, especially we a Veryeminent wea
P.^ ^i Sstro, the eleg 5deaSler" h move e e ea t, ta speeM *y as t o tomem eds oftera l h p bn h in
the result as It acta on the kidneys, liver and and warming up, the second heat was freely, e eil R e e ien w t e the o R e
i M your heath rby Prickly Ash bowels without irritating or weaken- started with *Chaarley" at the pole. person is concerned Retentive memo- ga, will beied twe the
MA tptre lgulrate th y Ah t~e olor AM. DIOe of the Tampa I g them, and it does not gripe cor ,He took the lead from the start and ties eem to be responsible for mwa h events and there ll e no in w
S Itappe e oidchteepp pare t a serve spcian l noneat irs aned nausete. nat- to twas never passed, coming in a o winner that in an outburst of ndignantc n to annoy the spectaors Ted Sblu- r
tao yeo w iash 0in tge L&,pes iaeooefvt pa-psciean randgeber u n of the heat and race in 2:46 1-2 Twice ton we would lay to plegitr a This, va a he ma te a
h &s Sd b L *.pery.toaneonenwishing eto ve ss e tn thisTo es heat Wer's horse brokbadly, t mea
functions at the hotel Theservice and the Company- and both times when She wa gaining however, can hardly explain the follow- e
cu st ne are first-cla and tea healthet- rapidly. Had It not been for these In, which aen merely be alled a re good play my be for.
J W. CarOS S&dful chI ss hbeen added to recently CA FORPIA FIG SYRUP CO breaks, the race would have been more markable oincIdes.m We have never names of the mmber o the I
heta.otial hkrme t o ef by some sete of mt delicate olors and ass rhAouistsI ei eve-. heard that the genial antoora, OlTver and the oIs with whom firt erI te
tar hand*Aol bscritbe of te Tri- choice dsmis. MernIiLLr KY. Ie TrOe N. .I In neither heat did the Macefarlane Wendel Holmes, wa Oere aouaid of of ame is to be played wl be e -
s e W d s a thl e sterdarp -y, The Tribune is comfortably doa- needed to keep in the lea he seemed dealing from Whitier, or do we ever nounced i late.
S s te highly c- ed in It new home at 1006 franklin Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kenthal and Mr. to have plenty to spare. He has tine remember that any oCe bal id that the
theaaTMss to. g street, opposite the Tampa Wagon and and Mrs. S. Fernbacker are among speed, and keeps the track as steady Quaker pol borrowed fre the pry- MA N LI
-- t. t of (l~a E HsAeav e Company'es building, and it prominent New Yorkers sojourningr at as clockwork. With careful training, suia. Ipos do th c saled tuutthe o l
oelvo for s e s would be piesseo to see all of its the Tampa Bay Hotel. The gentlemen he will no doubt make a fine record.
s stappin a theT tasB HoayO friends and patron and as many new are bothlb here for the benefit of their The next on the program, was a nan preSu l 5C saseis e itheri au ^ -
S andJ t e W V Carter ones as possible. The latch string health, are improving daily and add- mile dash between two ponies owned We picked up the other day at a as- ,
uet owil mp5 the a bangs on the outside to the public. Ing to their avordupois to their emi- by Wll Spencer and Will LaDu. The ond band bookstore a oopy of The A- The Storm Of t Oot o a
n tShe it which-omesI to-lay in Come up and see us. nent satisfaoion. The party wciT spcnd latter led all the way and won y a Llntic Monthly of January, 1870. In it Did O t Daa
i sthe hcuCourL. Wt no u some time'here enjoying this congenial length. LaDuc rode is owVn pony and we found that the two e tinent poets
h d C t i. hen v you have eaten too muchio, or climate, and the palatial environments handled him in a much superior manner P
The conMerta given dlaly6 by the Tam- when you suffer from any form of DYs- of the Tampa Bay. to the other. Had a good rider been on above mentionedwhile writing on total- Specil tote Tribune. :
a HNOWI or tesAtra te grtly ap- peWra or Indigestion, remember that Spencer's pony, the result might nave ly different themes gave two lines that London. Jan. -Reports continue to
prete S by th, gs ofg- tthe hotel Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you What is commonly known as heart been different. This closed the arter- are strikingly alike. Mr Whitte's i come ins sowing the dreadful esecta
eSd mncyfiseof Toe who enoy eat. It cures the worst forms oof Dys- disease Is frequently an aggravated noon's sport. "Never by lover my lips be kiad,*5 of thereent storm. A pilot w esc
Itsmia to tahecelleat Music. P papia. For sle by S. B. Leonardi & form of Dyspepsia. Like all other di- HOW'S THIS? and Dr. Holmewrote. "Lips thatlor a reached almoutt to-day, havag on .
Co.. Co central Pharmacy, Tampa; Dia- eases resulting from Indigestion, it can -- has never kiseud. It is rather An ex board the mater and eleven of the crew
A.numBrwlatriOmbet mtof scids of the mond Pharmacy. TYbor City. be cured by Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. it We offer One Hundred Dollars Re- traordinary ooilncidence, a we haveld. of the steamship DIsuein, boniI
"- atSatam wi l be bw th mhrn- digests what you eat. For sale by 6. wAard for any case of Catarrh that can How curiously andd tentfllrally and from Rouen to Swanse The s.ipwas _
"fl to atten thetial ft theease. t-. A most unique bicycle delivery cart, B. Leonardi & Co., Central Pharmacy, not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. mystically the doctr Fmust have explain- lst in the gre torms and eleven ot
oenmt att eM.kIisiii 5f t tate. was retired on isonday by Fted Tampa; Diamond Pharmacy, Ybor City. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O.ed i all if his attention ware ever oall- her crew were drowned.
49"s5an&LSke moh&deo.IL FPermanthe bicycle dealer. ItIsuse- Dr Fo od o ulsile t We the undersigned have known F. J. < i I-N York Vines.
aWi gt M oE theA tm at LJee- fut au well as ornamental and Is meant oDr. O.,ca ptaiwendtofrtoniovthlcr tw ofthe- .
Sf I ycr rthe Uvery of y smll package arrived in the city on Snday. tiCheney for the last 1 5 years, and believe His blag Name. Si !B l ahf wst
e 0 o- Aa t- already here. On good s treets, it will crry nearly a purpose is to make Tampa his perma- bim perfectly honorable in all business army office in town tall. i p orm th e a whle er r
P.astr. o. tae er h quarmoved Q tuer of a to at a speed fully' a ent name and will bce He coma i traansaew tions and fnancialy able to to throw a ide lit the tSe sah.
gthe 1e ebasmov great as, the fastest e days to open up ofice. He comestrstory whiob th A lare n ber o ai os h
.AI at an the fastest horse. -arn with the very highest recommendations, oarr-y out any obligations made by their ways of recruiting ocrls. In his om- wts aslore.andIt is beied tht
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n orec os ens f. ability, but as a ge ntleman of the high- W'EST & TRUAX, Wholesale, Drug- a private who cna evasy sk pard..
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M olet wI ia h of the asItobeabet to wailwitthouteven a tral Pharmacy, Tampa; Diamond ahar-phens has been dissolved by mutual something Uke that; non. for ymO n." siht l J. awi, I '
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er with af*dew Cisr .tedby hrmany friends here.- Lur- Among guests of the Tampa Bay HO- tinueit. Tis has been one of the bost'd That- t moe h or sd. "y" .Arcadi a.es1u co n g th ;
I IIld haMII pIlecesi I is" t hotel_ iagi~t her stay in the city, she cwiibeithe teb, who are spending Part of thesneason substantial and prosperous commission name listhat. IgoI tothe recruiting wie C. e Of thin dl.p- .
:5f S-WS,1W e IsShblthbul n tthal and family, and the mother and- of'Mr.Sliggh from it wll not in the least ay, What your sam I y, m Giovan- .rep ent thedeant. Swer p i
"l5 aG IS apei% tal iWigui& ti .2LE ARN TO SAT "NO" WhBen a dealer father of Mrs. Rosenthal, Mrs. M. affect Its Cuture prosperity. Mr. Ste- ni Paladintl OMatlgsI and be my: i ibeloucee -te., end S iiu e
S .t T_ J," offesyow something "Just Uas god in BSoi$tumer and Louis M. Stumer, all of phen is a hustling young business man Oh, cils of i othctsnoyA
Cohicao. Mr. M Rosenthal cwa-chair- wit fine alifcations ad b ke It 'Oh. bellades that no,= nam for you. r ,
,t.:s I h te5 ma plce of Hoods .arseparilia. Tbse of Lhe flnance committee and Mr. Stu- op to ij highest standard. Mr. Blgs You not fight with name. Ton ight ,
Ofia h.tabslethaanagstsw can he no ubstitute for America's met- chrman of the committee CIn willgoon theroadrelesentlg anum- with gun. Asllthat same trip yo;u F up ^ '
;-fcl.. e a siol ant at 6 1-h s redtomo. decoration at the Pea-e Jubilee -o her of well known commission houses You be Joseph Murphy.' o be Joseph aaOM -
S-'ilia It e e e to in i. nago. They own one of the largest of the country, and his past experience
^J| ct fajmett ODS^o PILL curs nasea sio holt hndese wmilery mn In In tis line will easily place him in toe Musphy o ow, and thai Is my letter.'.4 rRl'agIE' 11MW QU.AER _
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i Xar thbe cordall P waea- casts. esteem ef man oo pte obie affairs In the sitives n othe ro Th Tribu l P in b usines t t eis in the Tew Brito brick io t
muroc room of t a y eof the one boisodred ladies oa the receap- men s Is p uros erity. ltiv leader of pesimody, or proeeae0d o wilat be ptsiessed toml e allnt 6-Tofe its.@
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]athilamS a 961st isaxe diug- Whaley. The check was for $12 ad buy other laxitves, wtchl S" VSIeS _O A ..... the congregation into the muscc t to Comlan ,, th Jackso-vile If

cb dw o-in., and to whom Mr. Whaley tme, but finally injure th I IlsIII ., t.......sathushewt delivers Theeffetof cc
m~aIsecure&eoden aevef l t and was cashed by a man who rn.bfalljeth o, ndo as this wold no donbt he fiquentlymor company the em City u
hlrne is ettogreatly endorsed it Jack Madden. Yesterday mna t tderson of trnousoand entrmining than ediy g Bu
it, an unhltatingly Rel ,sly wie i identified as the man who en anty uleandsolemn, andd developments re n l e
t imt tie be ahepest endoMse the check and secured the Theannualeetn particular ars muEt ocasmaly ave eorsed. te retained nserle n i
le: I~t" saI Issd, money fro& the First National Bank. Schaarai Zedek, will be helt ned,pbartthe mocasionally hav onu T the regiment w ered out
Be was committed to Jailto await dence o R. Buekbaum, T relatives io ste the
af n. O .F, and W.tri-al. on Suday, January e to sadevente qualifietiaons, but also the llte ary at to Cuba he r marn dy. tni
i etahs.. are guets at A deUightful reception as held in the p.m. Officers will be e le a ft to the be- tainments of the leadileri, and o there are t re o e b ntee r
i MteL Tote e0Btlemen parlors of the De Soto Hotel last night ensuing term and all mern i ~ SS S Psalsn a caused in Sootland which must T m

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J. C. Olt


:*. : .' "! iS ^ec' g^ .^ ^ .-^. S 3 s,
S. .. o r
In Hrerit Court ilUsbgrotth C4aty, An ordinance entStle aa ordi Um
bit~h Judicial Circuit of 1"Iewda. rculaa b n m, '
Cncacry-Ewrcdi A. Puning reguAting the building Of: sidewihCb
-- LL..". t I in 'chancery.- dw A. asexecutor, etc., vs. D. A. Hutain. and declaring the de Utive sidecwats a
S If h tbn to PMe. Orm Giva tn the Suath Cvairl to ilIaMrl kM5 R ed of D!o1 ud an et. aL. Foreclosure. dearing the defeee sidewalks i t
This case coming to be heard upon pubie nuisance. s w
lone ri, htli thehy. lu atOnce Dlsowntapplication for an order of 1pubtlcationl Be It Ordainedby the City Councd fltI~
Una NDyo tO. directed against the defendant J. the city o
Lawrence, and It appearing to the sat- The ccti mofTma
isfaction of the Clerk of said court up- .ssage Of tue ordinance sidewalk te
LOUD TALK AGAIST LUDLOW COMMANDER AT CALIFORNIA SPANIARDS RESCUE SCHOONER on affidavit filed with the bill of co- the city of Tampa shall he.. b it ofDte 550 .- O
plaint in sald cause that the said defen- dimensions and the materia.: Sowing ht either
--- ;dant Is a non-resident of the State after mentioned. notoe.orpost a coa
Xny Criticisms Heard Among the Gen. Shafter Gets Orders to Return The Vessel Carried an Amerct= ,' "'rida, and Ls-h resident of -Monroe, Section 2. On Franklin street rom as h orewofe pioen
,"County, Ga., and over the age Whiting 1t. to Harrison St-. sidewalks upon the orlslra-
Amerincana Agains His Orders to the Pacific Coast-Express Crew and Was Thought to be ; ...y-one years. It is therefore shall he fifteen feet wide. rom Harrien e, pon
ordered that you J. G. "iwrence do street to Scott streetthsieAs al redg f mt
Prohibitin Cuban S&ldiers Company Robbed of Six- Lost-Augustus W. Peters e the sidewalks sha]l roa If Pos
appear to the bill of complaint on or be ten feet wide. On Lafayette street lot sodhen the sa
From the Parade ty Thousand Do r. Expre Sudde!y i before the 5th day o December, A.D. from Florida Avenue to Water street rtu th
Ih9u, else a decree pro cnoaa.eso wi'[ be sidewalks shall be twelve feet wide. $inSl Withhido
t --- entered against you. On Ashley street between Lafayette SectIon 7. Th -. ti
Special to the Tribune. SpecIal te- the Trbune. Sp-cial to the Tribu-e. It is further ordered that a co.:, o, street: and Polk street, on Tampa street Council soul ei
Havana, Dec. 0-On of the grar- S on utonn,. Texae, Dec. '.1-TAt in- New York. Dec. 29.--Au-stus W. thi. order be published iL Tampa Tri- between Whiting street and ih rrlion or repaired, andt-

j?^ ?One f th ganqs-i "" i-3iin. A I -s ~ a
est and meet Important features of tne formation was given out here to-aY. Peters expired very suddenly here to- bune. once a week for four consecutive e street. on Floridat avenue between that noI d
evacuation ceremonies here oen Sun- that the local office of the WetoLs Fargo day. He was p-resident of the borougi n to the sasd 5th day of Deoember, Whiting street and Harrison street in to the al ttin W
day will be the American salute to Company had suffered a ot; u- cs f Oanhattan and a :rcrner Tam-c A. D. S. H. L_ MITOELL. Mdison street between Ashley street their aents, or Si
Spain's falling flag. The details of the robbery yesterday afternoon. many leader Clck trcui tt Couot. and Marion street, on Twi e tr p ed as rtel,
Program have all been completed to- It is claimed in the report that $Ju.ica --W HUNTER. between n Ashley street and a n h e faied or neh
day, anA If no break or unnecessary in currency and $600 in gold is marein an BI- Cisrpnan.c. ,',oA street on Zack street between Ash P h sa m
Interrptii occurs, it will be a most Efforts have been made by te company y B. GIVENS. C street and arion street, on treet, they shall contract
mpltosing iffaoiltr, to suppress the facts, hbut they have pecial to the Tribune. H. L. M itchel, C.eru Circuit Court between A4shley street and 'Marion or person to buid
A full disderatanding exists between gradually leaked out. The efrorEs trfus Londo. D>ec. 29.-W-d we sa ecl' fer saiod county, hereby certify that the street on Cass street between Ashley wak tand ninety n
the Spanilrds and Americans and the far to apprehend the robber have been here toi-day that a. large Spn.bsh ve0se. foregoing is a true copy of the order or street and Marion street on Ter et re tc of
utmost good feeling expressed. unaviling. The iTman who drove t-e had rescued an American crew. lba publication fled in the aforesaid cause. street between Ashley *trekt a of the sidewal

utmos goo ^S t fff^ C rtaUKcldto* _wl scedHtholaa aeao.ofeln the expesed The saaa il uv 4 e trwie. ietal, soan be trhts ~ set W
Cubans, however, openly avow their delivery wagon, and who was Inarge believed to be the bark Evieded, whc Witnss my band and official seal at Marion sree on t rr street abttn property
hatred of -paniards and their distrust with delivering the money to local firms has been overdue several days, and is Tinpa, this 4th day of Nov. A. D. i between Franklin street and Mar- a -tin. d t. V
Ame icarn Under some cicum- is missing. Th is is the only clue tnat supposed to be lost. H. L. rrITChIt yi. ion street on Seventh avenue be- ae ter
stances this condition of affairs would has yet been obtained. Officers are Clerk Circutc Cour'. tween Neraska avenue and Living- -i5l L Tlgtb5
'T stn avenue. on Dio~th avenue betwena.o i
ssly resul n disorder, but owin to hard on his track, and it is thought he TROuBLE LMMIH aNT. By D. B. GIVENS, D. Cd a ir aeend o e t a ve nueet wee ta t stret e
the evident desire Of an classes to pas will soon be found. Be arrest may Trt eet d ieee h
a ary wiout trouble, Hava is ilead to the discovery of the missing special to the Trtbune. Ninth avenue between Thirteenth rJql
en snore quIieht t .han was expected. Money. London. 4>ec. 2n9.--cuth Acfrca i in a DIVaORCE NOTICE. street and Sixteenth street, on pfitten- o co
The broil ueteday ot n Bombs setet. political turmoil, and a a revolsston iS th street, between ixth avenue andi be Idjesil
whith was magnified by scme Into an BE W AS BAD. liable to break out at sny time. News In C rcui Court, Hilsboroug' i CT,ulty. Tenth avenue, sidewalks shell be a tall a sid a
Sni2-Ansarlea ? eoc, was notSHng, more -_ U reached ttis city to-dis hat JoonSus- sixth Judicial circuit oth lilor da, feet wide. On Thirteen th i trest bee sd nlltbeir al "df

antfAnni1ks riot wa-s nydeothtaiInig mtoret erar.AD. 8% iewlsar eritd ob li. ian h im O
tana ight between dru wretches Special to the Tribune. burg is greatly armed and is sset'ting In Chancery. Miguel A. It ntelo, tween Sixth avenue an4 Tenth avenue ont i e ie
.f botha sexes d low eree. All Waslng o. Dbec .--neral miles with disoonteet, vs. M ataiia Sanchez de C onteto. on Sixteenth street, between Sith ee ssw M s tow I
: bsoretothe sexes ctn lohat teete re todTy Ab'n army oierl This cause coming on to be heard avenue and he nth aven s etae, on e- b ty ofbe
stories to the effect that th e isters vinscted by leading army fi ere tor Mr-IAM FV 1R RU,36IA. upon application for an orderr of mpubli- teenth street between ith avenue d thereof upn
Sreuton the Tenth Infantry are the be oe the the r w ear commission he ree to atio reacted agan st the dfendani Tenth avenue, on t-teenth street be- mesha be fine
rSemit of an ILftmed thmgiratioul The da;ed Thyt declared that the of Opecial to the TrIbunm. hatalla Sanchez de thfontejo, and it aP- tween Sixth avenue and Tenth avenue o iltPl'IoUe r no
At srloaj Orffi queealled the broil and canned by contract for the us e of so- Wasington. Dec. 20.-It is lMinted peering to the satisfaction of the Clerk sidewalks shall be eight feet wid, on any or both Sn a
to clear the street fired one vey into diers was unit ot beats, and repulsive her to-day in offaica ctreles tcat int- of said Court upon affidavit led with Fourteenth street from fvetht aene the deronofl the
the air. Te t no one and were to the ee and tasta Many f e Governor terri& rmy M be apse4ed the bill of complaint in said cause tat to Ninth avenue, sidewalks dt he to pcet .t t
not feid uk-m. ofthe oee*, toyt "hre byf n,
not X V ou r oia reffrd beef, and packed in a spoilt as assador to 5mmia. It is a&nVtced the said defendant is a non-resident CA curb line. On all other streets and P I t'
the- tblyt rfueeefad pakdi s the otnewt& Republican leCder the State of Florida. and is a resident of street s In the city of Tempt eighty dfecte am to be
ria reetto he condltioa will succeed Hitchbock a amtmiensor. of the City of Havana, Villa Nueva 14, feet wide, sidewalks shall be ea ht feet p i over e
do so irs, g>C ed lnt w "aQS n a o--, Islaalnd of Cuba, and over the age of wide, and on all streets less thtan t we or et
.ai .. wllh lhe -took cars to AMRDEr TO W ARE. AP .RICAtN MFLAG RA-ISoD. twenty-one years, feet wide. and more than forty I hc i .eci
Samp. IuTe .ad the honor o betn It Is therefore ordered that you wide, sidewalks shall be six feet wide, udewik a be-s
the'kit A' eulein* to, oes. up Obispo special to the- TrWb e. Havana, D>ec. 30.-The American lag M&talia Sanchez de Montejo do appear and on all streets less than Oiiting hy thelclt
stret, .wh",h Was profusely decoraed Macoe. Cec. 2S.--Orders were received was ielor-d to-day over ties public build- to the said bill of complaint oa or be- forty feet wide. sidealko s sx polieesfi of the81
dgawrsle theM at rae reception, They here last night by the officers in com- ings at the town of fearit, near this fore the 6th day of Feb.. A-D., 1588, else be five feet wide, provided that said aldew.ti de
created a She Impression. matrh1ng In mand of the Seventh cavalry to make city. The ceremony was in charge ot a decree pro confesso will be entered On all streets eighty feet wide poor the same
excellent order. d e preparations to move at short nitLce. Col. Seyburn of the al-nd New York against you. when wooden side*vaiks are permitted as, In a a
It Is" been definitely decidett squadron will go to Havana ana volunteers who delivered an address to It is further ordered that a copy of to be laid, the wooden sidewalk when In twenty-fou bour
%kmesictn Unbt ios wil achhe touh the other to Neuvitsai the large crowd present. Great pre- this order be published in Tampa Trn- laid shall be eight feet wide; gad on all ceived said notice:
the -r-- pattons are being made for the lrg buo7e once a week for eight consecutive other streets lees than eighty, and aI et, or occupant
evacuation. GOo Brooke, with 11e- SHAF-1ER RETURPNS. demonstration in this fri on Sunday. seeks pror to the said 0th day 01 more than forty feet wide, when wooden to repair s adhel
orals Lee and Ludlow, will revlew-alsoest -- i(any declare that It will be the must February, A-D., 1ss sidewalks are permitted to be Liid. within the t me
2CM menAfWm the roof of the Inglia- Special to the ekrtbune. important event that ever occurred in H. L. MITCHELL, when laid shall be six feet wide; sod tion, atid baring
tft 20*AL GeahI'l L.55 will m Carh San Francisco, Dec. 29.--It is an- the history oof this city. Clerk Circuit Court. on all other stress less than t otie saaf0ead 4
Wi men from the camep to Vedado,' -onenced here to-day in army circles By D. B. GIVENS, D. C. wide, when wooden sidewalks.axe per- ed guilty of mnsltea
wft* they wilt-be hbated for IurIa i that General Shafter is ordered to re- Ak GOOD PROMOTION. WALL & STEVENS, miltted to be laid, wden laid shall he and upo
a resl. Trb -wil then m ro, 'owu turnsto this 6fty, where he will at once Complainant's Solicitor. flivefeet wide. But provided further, slha be fined n
Ban lAsaro stret to the Prado. resume his duties as comulander of trie Washington, Dee. iO.--General Law- I, H. L. Mitcheil, Clerk Circuit Court that when any sidewalk is laid on aIy 'mprlSodmit 1f.
The Cuban leaders held a stormy Department of California. tlrn has been assig-ned to be second in for said county, hereby certify that We of the foreigoing streets oth-,r than days or bothflne an
mseetingthi afternoon, and much bit- command in the army for services in foregoing a true copy of the order of wooden sidewalks, the width if the the seton. of
-er takefgs -was iu neerssted towards S SUJ,.L- A C'APTAI'N. che pi tlupines. publlcation filed In the aforesaid cause. ome shall be and conform to the width Seoton it That as
aet iaa -.Hr and Lndlow for their at. Witness my hand and official seal at specified in this section of sidea'ak lk$ in the lulidisgo
low the Cubans to participate in the, Bt HT Tampa, this 21st day of Nov., A.D., I&. the several streets and avenues of the i the same 15 00
.,parae. Mnftr counsel n&ay pre- Worthl-eas App-endage. H. L. MriOT .4 city of 't~mpa other than those widths or any part theoof
"vane-d. and'ettef a 6aWul toOltddai- C UUU Clerk of Circuit Court. as specLfte& for wooden sldewailts when ordinac are hece
of the matter, the decided ye SAec -alto the Tribune. By D. B. G. C. C laid.ed y
piectoesQhly to the orders of rooe, Se a -WVVIU &b. Ga., ,Dec. 2.-PRe V am IW Violators Dane to the Tune ot *eltlon S That all eldewi. t s
l ja.11.1-" '*W, the noted evangelist, is ....FJ1A.C O.29 Franklin street from W'hiting street oi r -lr 4
wWi"ot atetin eevac- 0 tair.of the Third Eng~ineers, United Ritght aud ice:.._ N.eSeott street and sidewalks on LafayettProsCity
t d nor ev a 6bo e c ny. He. yed here tocay. An ordinance. entitled an ordinance street, anfl sidera lailngereto f t
pe0t I tIbh&e'ctlb&!ofl the Sd ", 05 the first things he did wahsiuwday's DillA. to provide i penalty for any Person limit In the ,First Ward; sad all the Apploved by Rie t
n l e V o trew. Amon special term ot County Crimina driving across Polk street ;t Its inter- sidewalks n the Third Ward outh De er A i
_at disapoinlanst Shad their, eqest e .tf he maid Cto rt was held yesterday mornlng with section with E--nklin street, alter the west Lfayetie se a east of wes' .W
111}, do so sJud geoed, bu& no0W.i- a a s o 3Ude W. A. Carter on the bepch, and, signal has been'kiven foe lowering the Sixth avenue; s" west e a4fyet.
lit to buh.'& submit to a "l~l" ,d l sntment.without m,.uch Col p. 0, Knight as prosecuting attor-, gates of the Stvannah, Florida & West- street from P a.cnbe to-en.b

1PgRt -sufie endevore to ^ S ^ 'it"^ 't take^~r^^ a fromSS
,- -me C_..l e endeavored to su ace S them. ,They us take a em Railway Company at said inter- Trnd Central avenue; and Sevnt
tn Isim whg such cehodl od At d put a i The following cases were disposed or: section of said streets. avenue in the Fourth Weed from Tr .
1w the Cuatm at this time would be mmhand turn him loos on 1,00 State of Fsorid vts. William Jones, Be it ordained by the City Council f teenth Stret to jixteenth tr
fepedlett' htut they simply sent men vi thout any of the implements of charged with the larceny of one coat Tampa: toy unth re st ro e v an I e-43t i
Ses fora#ntives to maintapn oe, rttuiJ, "weffm to fight with. H ve th e wie of on e W oltiamFourteenth street fromn eeqSa th a" ir .......S?
6ir fr atb na tives to bnel oade. s t we ar belongtng ito Henry Gidders oe n the 24th Section 1. That is hall be unlawful e o
-ow cuy awy ee dsa5poi.ted totithavene; ad Is-the am
;be JAmein soldiers and cltIsens '-When I get or, I aon going t sug- day of December. Dfendent plead for any person or persona to drive Ward, Seventh avelnus frtoi -Iur -
s dvytat Elity, and :.as sentenced to sixty clays across or attempt to drive acrees the avenue to Central aves 't i he built be A.

"r' iM dat.in regard to Lnudow's or- Ietu ).g they do away with the chanp in plea g intersection of Polk and ltklMln u "
S" e career with him. while ealee. 'I suppose there may be a howal. I ilsitts of the City or Tslmpa, to M- sp a
m bt Joseph Snyder was charged wlth streets after the signal by idIngn the strict uniform and substantial sI Is H e. nslag
niade sa. the ft a mistake bri been hvt it Is better to raise the issue and stealing five grape fruit from the truit gong, waiving a flag In day time or a walls around their several lot, in on-", ia sssr.
X- 1- we get down to Cuba Ill wagta er most of stand belonging to Nick Kokin. He lantern at night for the lo ering o the crodance with the plrovWsions of thisce t; _l!td ia .
'0 e "X the men would rather go to a cock em ht &?plead guilty an will try ail for 30 days l gates of the Sava nh, Flrida & West- finance and to feep the same in ogood V r ;,' M t
them wovdirStehtr11o 0 Charles Waingflld plead gltty to tie ern Railway Company at the intenee- repair; and upon failure to do the Ame the sats ,f
Pol ICKINrG. or a btLIght than attend service. 'r erge of carrying concealed weapons, tion of s ,aid streets, within the time and manner uk wn rber] ts umys idavI
tell the truth. I am bectinixn to think and will have occasion to stay around Section 2. Any person convicted of a mentioned, the Council may have the of
Port Tampat,'~ 5,-C a t. '." t~re is a" bee of balderdash about the Jail for the noxt 30 days.' violation of the first section sf this ordi- same done, and the cs of Whish shall .fen .- ---e_.
what the (-Ihaplalus do accomplish out- John Wiieon plead guilty to havingr nance shall be fined noi less thatn 11.50 be a lien against said iota, which may Of Flrlda0 -aedsm
White"ha returned frost ot Mes esIde Of meeting ihe sentiment that calls helped himself wit q pair of hshes nor more than $1I.0B. be enforced In the manner presided Coed -sO Wraaw8
argro Wt o-morrw ,, u ntm rthl r~newt every bo~dy orvalued aitlO0 belonglng IoKiretrcalc, Pamsed by the councIl this 1l lb da.t n cto- o the Revised Suttatute O~-t
Cal. 1-TT We tht Of the Pis-p system troaand sill spn the Ous~t month of toe of December, A% D., Itti. ef the State of F lorida, It II theredoreordee
iattenewhrhewliiaifraC RCt' now year with the JaMler. (Attesti S. Rt. HOIEY, S estlon I. The City Council may at -'. Itoyt doespe '
seveet thennwere e-wlmast o A Th FRCUA Pe follng parsons plead guilty to ~ o Pres. of City CouncI n eua r~eca etn yr-.opan mn-e
edschhson- the gambilg: Wiliiam JO .ILrENDHIISON, -olution, order the buildings or v'epair--Jasusry,: AD,,uI
hb tr e-sadte Sa~n g ~ner Ha .atmed His Headquar- Thomas Heury Meline, Alfred Jackson, City Clerk. igo uhsdwlsa hymyde orso~ eqb
,_ -" gts lM~p has mssaolttoan- tesa --also Hote Thmas Biloc and' W~llilam Peoples. Approved ioy me this 19th day of Dec. necssry, that said resoluth-askall 1-i i ist :Se.P~tibnr-des
lag~ wit pisisphateu and -will" sail to. 6 l to tl -rbue The first two nimed were sentenced to A. L'.. 1115. F. C. BOW'ltE, otulre the shutting praply holders tO tam -hep~m
......areson ..ibne liaise_ sixty days In lasi and the last three to May"u, rrearsi sdwlsa tebnmo okf
o ,-. from the esasahee sa, dmajs ison C, Dell, Ik ---en Cubac thirty days. aemyhlta.i h aeo h ~ enteae
lat nighM t, an a ~~ pesse-" here,,mt [m~ withl~ to the charge of gr~an larcenty, and 0ss .''-7 or Isis agent shall have ten days afer- r q
'I. ".,. .-t-anso-e lnaewa ha the given mix month in jaiL .otice is hereby given, tha' haigbe'evdb h mrhlo AL&S3~
-:ands. .Morton- have,, re,,urild trh Voaleusrs The regiment Nathaniel Barber p~leadl guilty 10 the i". ch.- after toe ilct publicaio ,n, I CitYn 01e Tampa withea notoc tof buid omlaan'
.. visit to relatives n 1 i* e oxpoe to arive in th~e ci ty eh~argo of enterlngr a building In dlay saou ..-I will appty is the Hon...ablosde ....y Talk a lo t vo nforml ..i.. sad 3D.
,s---' -- ",'- Icmro mrigtietco itamemsr, an .a hoie V. Hario Couty J"dge Of resolution, and in case of the repair of I, H. L. MiteheII,..(
Wism. ,S, L h a.p beerture l omis The 'tt Battlon -4 mn strng set~ened to one year In the penltet- HO'i-_bor...eh Couni,. fora . d... 10r t,,, said sideealkis s days notice o: sai count, hec
-- / u y s_=1 !pent several we oet of th ,Bg,,lar hnfan" .-, ari--v-, elar'y. sell at privacy saethe undticied inter- i afier seredoe of the resolution loreogoin a tr ~e
... t lF with islatives in South inthercity d ring the day. The e ..0.. , e~nt of Rosa ...5 Buabe-, Ida J.u lEubee'a,1 as aforesaid, provided that in nes putlibaluoi file in it
: ~~Ward Lien stla,,e, g~~tw -a [--m happy es ,u ..b...r.s L. buzobe. Henrp 0. liobe n~dt the owners are unknown, or b itness- m o45

steamer was due here to-dBy. but failed 0t w N a 13 t--.b wio'o7 ti the Ioi- reeide beyond th rT a th oi day
wir de:re pnc^ptelrozT^S,^^^ !ituato.y ^^ ^: 'aB
TLRSTII)D SANK steamert, n hven aetsi
tr put in an appearance. kIn slc, M r o o h cit, and have no ents the
lhe~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ PIania Instuino uio Afaue~ te~~ aotcm I~dSEIorougli Count. F.orlds, 10-v,*ti city upon whomn notice can Zb serve.Che

.p feature of The dy wn street pa- cannot 0OM4 ios lix (6) .... -e: "i (7), "eight' (), anda t lh t
code given Ne thecT sIel ith Nih Yom, 1 notice to build or repair the abuttiB 1.
Spr ig a hes tot l W all. u r eintnd oer o teord L hes a mine Co. on hodn re (F. gn leb o n sidewalk, embracingm a copy of the res- ..
-ZT o were f in in pange of the atynao C omne eSid f_ Uj Rivrtviet, In noction e venteen (17) lotion shall be given to the own b --
FgesSrodaf Daily. the reMmn wa C~~tt ciy h oip thirty (30) south of rangol posting uopn the abutting property. DVRl
..... n callrp_ m .( ..... the rectl t was hear-tily cin ee.ed all pi *y mn r(_'-_K A- = M-f. -'"n thene we ct onpoet, n up4o n ther d autn rdr ty, Th is e .> -
be-,* .ovakl%-, of o 'ty ton thou-d said Toticc requiring the same to be
2%e bank of Tarpon Springs ?^ Bu-erong the Use of its march. wil pob8t \[ S ^ta'en'" aT" "^,^^ sid walks on arlnothe sameto be d .. ai
'- m e tlhasieet a considaered a safe e nger has establishedl headl- ia n Ws s -an eQuar ftee!..e built within thirty days from the date n C-ci. o ur, i
S E a utlon, but falng to s rea- np qeral- qr rs at the Charleston l rtel, white 1., S.iabSSOid ca ortoe lots are further described t oft sting, or repaired w'lthi ten _
em 41 an enormoull ,ont of Out- ieoerai Baltes has his headquarters on the %Va- -- a- o--, ov Commencing in tfrhe unorth-' ,days arte the dat e afo.-sad. "
l, B pperr caused ts fHure. Ite the transport Minnw hka. The gen- I 3 MADE m A wenh coM. o l .ot6 I... (h- rn fro eI the dt, e.. a f.said Jcia C
... .11115 9wxatid o Itslhaln bh dtr.yN. of erth and the offers tie reap ... j i.. M AD bar"E ME A thenc es one o the (100,Tr ,et nd
-ne e a m dn H or a I e sf s th repti e s uth es one hundred (10) fi e from cIty c-r3 to immediately furnish the" G aimre. ovorc-.
W' tet aM- -L. T. Stfford, who were s a ff.T llne d ae sAOUth one hundreds tt feea -i at marb e itrified brick, t o ne te a -
S l end aeo. r repeto ely. an b e-g enterto tnee- at w .. .s-'.fro-nm the t one hundred (100) feet, t a rr 9e o t, 17et
bed" a ca"ll of $-",h-0 depostsr P9Th Manto wit le agali I hm ra fr.rn toho no r nc ortoe hunder (199 I L, at, o-r other hard and durable ma- Ths cau e c i
It- a : _.htflt of. ea la, .. .t lThe Manitoba with en Tanger and !n 1 i "- itt i s t t. ... t I teral with substantial curbing. upon applct tion ro
Wag tejetts $31 0 The offDcers of the Telifth New York will probably Sena toe r-_ t c .t tn o* u i h d Sld a:Pi onen a ll other streets Aor .c.ticn ete ad
.... Institution were in Tama yeser- get to sea tomorrow. bht it will hSar-ly al "t th e saidt 'I six ,t s oen it ..,eimht
purt .f stret in said satd may bex Lk6- Gsee and t eih
Sendeavoring in wind up ithe eailais sail before Saturday. The Sar:t s-i tui ofai heari yellow pine lumber,
uh ln -. n nn () rcp f,on windshak~s cor badl knotisor asatin f.t-
v? i be able to pay dollar fr dollar h her arrival here. ,i. e-- t t t- t -,ro e e .e -. '. r trard wo frepe fro. : 5 o ot-r o dr pu
anl C ae the cru of the concern ir n d _ -- vast powm s OI i v-, ni.- a t.- r to- 1 ... ..It. d3 e 37i-act wod treer f sa ;c o e oen opt lin t -i filae
owners ofJ .^ R~l^ Nom !t hB- N s A CTri.* -.n a I - eeulr01 1 | l It .- -aid -ii dn, a or i t Tlhe stringer shot te t a, thr e p lan pi s c
5,iny, of=s NYVPAP-mS LI.~' 'oIITA L' /: t ebuo rac, lumber laid eP. l6-; the fend-ant In a non-ce
S A J X OF ~ t'^J Country Mtusi Not Be S *acrlfc- ad an tie or nos- di .n the si ; leving spa te tnot a ser than o f ra reri
.o, o ier hes, uo%. il-oMo,- l ""o t I I t -trirfgero shall be laid lengthwise, and Mss., and over the-
.-- ouat @ S~a'f t'n t b .,- : ..I -' e laid over- two feet apart. 2n ea
Ow Ldge No. 1t,1K. of P., ode of thle' 0 i a rto let t.pa anzds yas
pssper O. lodges in the P. ly, cOsc~o t was co s totac-d ro that the tao at tae suds of It is therefore ted-
e pos perous l s In the city, ee-S l- Tr .sre. eetfl smile, FoAr sale in Tanmpa by 6 ..1 the planks shall nof bo e more thant a bt intore fo e
.... 4 -'* "^ *F o^2. las nihtifj "IDO ^- *s lS to pla: .. ...Bn* tU ocfficere last night t( Madrid. Dee. t .--The eprestest tnier- 1" druggitss. (i. inh fror endiai of aald plant se m an hp.' one t -nore d ot a
S a"mw r the O e ing t er est and curiosityW wtaen tna 11.Jv. in loone Ia to--. ir .t = 0 ho cni e w iea be laid e to h. a D. 19e,
[.- DM* JR. D is Cs Q; R. D. In, thte o a i c which jjn. W''r vtt to-wntl o of :he lonngs ofarpert, one ad st ee, f.i sd A.D.. 10, hele
Jo.:. C. ,-c-t-. pre'a e; T. i tA il- had v.Ith th Queen Regent ye at-tl. 0t to then 0(..... ,a A, of .tt bu itg .e shalo be to ."ne, c It Io s furthereo
1&o W.;Dawn, Cnee W. s r A : U.I
O.4 ih o 1W.; C. H. Ohme. Mcf A The newspaper here. whlte 'y-.-,- :oh lt so well No'- ,'o t b n t cs ovn .ith the grae as mu-t-a I of s this order be pub.y
K. o % and S & A .r thzrg with Preroc-i-cr t -. .las. ti- .poi.- -. j, SA.- i ap. Iy s -t,. poei0le and etve burled. Thb- ot-e Tribune once a wos
DoiS ,-rchesier, i. of E.; -- F- c-untry Canos: h r saeties ,- a'h--E E Contc i-g c- .n tor CSle.,u.d i h-ol -e one and one-half n ehe too, tive c pror t.
G nrlRe!jef eommjtjee; Co s ) .; .r-s.a n '.A. u.L int-. _St a r i- r.ia ,i a-, i ,h' and laid cro~srviseO h tiqes eray .
i, W. "Allen and John R a.rg.:,e f t .. -, -- In the cr -.- t a in. u tun lc leavirg space rot greater than ose-- luL
ilu^^sthGenatal Beilef Commitiec;'^ TA, ttoul tia iec. g9.-Twon a s ic o 0 a |-B* UU'aU (ur, OTC tO' PrAL p.,- lit'- aEnd ln.. es i of the strigers ae Perlry A bOO.
M foMg Ist-eess. Representatives to f s demanded T oe .e Larers wr s. ; "' J cn the A0:. ,:.. e .- r o I, 1- teb a .cof an inch botie. W1. Wen i C,:
CEL.. Wo Ii. 3L 91i110n,- Doa Ca :. n w tri.g to pla:oa i-1n ull=not i 0w 'foTInEr[M -4 b1 f.-r u:t- ,o -; atIr.- o le lo- l., tae planks not to wider than -
W. w.. ; alternates, C!2 sr^ i.. -.r -,He e-. :- i.p.rp- 's H H a Hesc.. ea l ntchn arndowe' a !nailed. c-.ot leesI CCn.E
.;,- ngv. W. ILDrcetr %ad J. & on*]'n 1Wa he6p e:mnmum i
tsr ad ILalldno ls o tr hat~h~~ccu he c~rnd and .ao'Iii co han tes~tly penny noth,. using on4 opaat
-BS grBppeslcrd i. al Iy wi la Vs pnM.en t a i i- i akte li V1 .u nail to caeI Peartog ro ^wthat. ti I8 SO. antche.
4. ..as"-a. vew. it. I. create o-:.f JestIteot -it; NrLh half c -o l r aot the owners of property ton sait d streetsfurehtro o
DX OoO6 c he (1), bloc% nineteen (19t, map of may buid sidewalks stone, rock f
Ah RARROGI FiteiT. ,W Isni. dehuobCTampa, said sale b-Ing for the purpose phosphate rock, brick, marble cemen
abe rwellier-ef-w chraw I 160 110 re-ineitmitt 'or the benefit asphalt or other like material If they
__a-1 Nix hIled George B oe T= cald minors desire. And provided further thatsin-Tma.his s da
-0 'Ioth Negroes.s SAPTUL P. HERNtDON, every case where the owners or agents :
VA tthe Tri es HulK Guardian for Said Minors. of any property, refuses or neglects to
Of 1%e to the Tribune. e@ V-- tbulhd, or cause to be built a sidewalk y-
l-e053diaves 'ThMLskssee, Dt-c. 29-Two negToes, N1b ."OTICE OF FINAL SLTI~BT autn h poet fe i~n
am.-Saw e t had a s--culty in a barroom last night been so ordered to os according to- .e
r, a tmW ths owning George H. Luke was Six inonths after the dati hereof, I. teru-. intent and meaningo-odtl-.
-, w 5fto and Usury Nix behind prlsosm breipesninthe County- Judge of~ n~ance; WAd the cftr-f~hto 'e41_
wX VA* rxw en~loedat the but. LU Kae't 16 &[I' "
Whqp~ emes~ lia ers empoyed t th bet .AINO11iti6eaugh Coun2ty, Floodde,& MY fishi i same a44 -nba tens
W05sWinUW~Cssaabeees ptayftg Doak pad a dispt -- seenunt %nd vouchesr as executrix of Against h
dV%5 q, wa,-,=*,ee mesukld in the snoot-, c r .-eu -- last will of LAid MaoGregor, dec ,ed., the ter= of ths e
~Y5 i thalag.no e s-~fin.,fC7 j*Aamt* Ies-s'o land wWll make my.,f dftl smismet as sall in At Cuse bUSSa, WER
'dint a w Pftef got" who shot Will Johnson,00," .r- ric-r0 A'ft 1Wsb5-' O i su omltr. marble. stons, rock, u p a
9101111Y .1gM, in ifi terpinteo caa r o-eis --e1 --L w*wo neM Dated this 315b day of Nov., A. D. tIlM vitrifiedtb hcel. osmet, esat us-o 1111
eom~o ws brought up an _0-- X-seN ~sS~dMtA. SAO POUT. hard. apG durshle ~lsdsikncs,
x"d Wiged W Zzeeubxi at last will of Lids KANO- ~ ct of
J11-11g1s. i Greser, decase &
J.e.I .-.,-10- --L -


busd &ad =
" aiiw~l emo

=00n b "'19ha0 i i"0 n6 nere married and ner o dman faam-
bi-sr witha vilha. mesos at sap. fly or homae I have questioned him
,afoia dbMe was a rog elosely.and I heas been nsable to dia-
6 jaoth ienSas hots' ho v soer dee aerap of genial renolul.-e X- & w ha et aa t the mine he wae in thewerdd, squalid, minbla record
.. _. hi os'eer,. He iabsolutelynothing
alytHeg KM Gulh ever that he san ponder over with the light
ai to'bidoin wa pLt- degrs pleasure, and hin peesnti
Mte Iata at cangp -tamt ins simply frightfuL
; .1 alr fead n*c hapes Be aIleeps in a shed back of a negro
i tei iNy to tall, ad tht was why horel and depends oa alm for his food
M lads haes Batd Loaek Bankiae and clothes; yeT, in apite of ih au, he is

tftS Sr pfolei o s a the bre thooght ath. .a a
iS rii '. ua i'tSaer ci d, bts he wats to otinu
tChrist. a tane, It's w myliy ot mycterena
row t 'Bsve tpgh. ot goeptirough either.
so t to eat her n t layer o ey oi othen w the t like

t"- hai ye~r asftr yeve, a I ~abC rSwr the wide meseoo t
S ain, b = ain opi mo iom by the hla iken itself when s

, .W W C LCk'e te. It pe ste off ths nest. Thua leved of table
aJ w t vywa r intes abothe iod c*k don't eat their wn etilt

iwEaslAeck~ld been liviI aKteno there enoughto toll the egg off intoaplace of
Was maiktin heagsn his Christaa sty ms de for its reception.
Shaken To arre e ommonly earited on-
i lti_ it iM Cyol dp water shiptonlongvoyages toe ap

he 9 m iAsno thes candi ply g for the apaina's table and or -
S ii with' Loi feet. "-Selected. they aremass To prevent this among we
i FATiER CHRISTM Aot ai a in e fh a Ame bign ship ri let a
S8rawn 'Bate v antaeInsh Thahgswered go the purpo e

Aiag t t to e ys F t- and was hay it o he which tml ntle
s ae Clea Jatlenr ycnd hed to i a the ndersid te if the estad

Why ecoldu't our boys get up some sboote by which the egg when laid was
iliay plys simil to the immemo- bared safely down to a box below.-f
l il Anot device i atomatio ad tso

gin tu? The prginf $ti i oplay is aion tess ehite leitesar be
1i M it ftisa CFhl bat i dltre with They weof peformes in Thue mateedo
It wr lhal eryi and ia h tha e the play a n's timeig, while the nest tilt en
mih litadL ad 1 beeani din ar the iwanou eeh to on the sg of tho ple oym
aso e aoethI haOin aonhis Christmu fsaetaa for ita reoep She oio ked

igh c mt Obick are cd ommold f as ed on
f Var ci et eingated Cycleo dee ap water shis on long voygea to sup
isita IN' sanilQ^- other amibst p egges for the captain's table and oc-
Q iwas oldeISdh JeL ckw urs. sina saosally a fowl. Chickeno at ea are
ytiSSSec rd rewm aPlt- dahu e a ts likely to at their own eggs than
I mail kiofia with Loth feet "-Selected& they weashor To prevent tbis among
l the ubickens carried on his veselm the
F FATkER CHRSTMAS h captain of an American ship rigged a
contrivance that answered the purpose
A Ahsosi 4. ... =W" wc~ftertlio. attached to the underside of the nest a
; WhY cdn't C & r boys get UP some abooti by which the egg when laid wai
; behd&d plays similar to (he iDmemo- Carrie&- sfely down to a box below.-
t ral "Father Christau" plal, in whbioh jew ork So&
*W I6da of Aerrie tenl-nd have so
g .m funa? The origin of (hi play in ihulaea meter* pieasr.
*ol in antiquity, bat it dals with They wer performers in the am=teow
k-Jnishft and their adventure& certain thatriala Daring the Orogrea of the
vat whichcahnllge and fbht the fol- play *9 we time, while their preasenc
. W-~bar-~f teh*Ptc andaMein wuasnot needed on the stage. they ad
Stwa 'Xmtad tC Fataer ftm@Nw and togetber- baind the woee She looked
4 gtM cope in MOrtal" can&- beaW Indeedd s ol fashiooed go"n
t aUerwofeowm% being wonrq*d 4d POWred A"i- d 1W is aoel

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i- Pob tim be had bees va

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ing. W- they t bd&Wd t" sounse
be fat;BC affi Opports" SKMOMA M

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otre ia
dil sowr

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but ht e ins ss r tlsel
B daomead"myen^g
wr had e sr am, "bet.aeve
i Tou asad vetry earnleS
' Md L wslt yes o go a .L
oa y eoingMno mt'-P-art

saao enShe uses.
. 1 g 4.i -04- la. 4 the -eBrs of the army
Smet -I FasMuoas's tavI to Id tlhei
lbeewel. WaiLaglt.ua' o amaroe
L them aid eat oeated hi
r ^ -l l if la S cm at wine and
"lu- irt a ,aStIUoff lo e ssd
mspilsdo 40g1it 10 MaYw i iI-7y leave io70u
ite dIt 20006 d8e04ly whhtg that yoUr lhtti
r- maw- h days m67 b e rnm sad hames


-becaase she cannot sleep Inursia. teeple.
es is the forerunner of some sickeesa; set that
SS r_ doa pretty "it, o,
SICKNESS cke islik uiekqtnd only
a S"p as a ustie te lacleas
one sinks into it; but sae cnot retrace her step
ninless relief c homes. Pit it is merely a feeling
of wearise ; then an occasional hbeafche or
aicksche. iat taok out1 before y reamlie t,
you are hard and fastin a chronic ilent.
does not n ake yeu sleep stricly speaking. If t
did it would hbvet oconain some form ofopiste
which It does not canai= However. it relief
the nervous tuain, or rather give new strength
to tbe terees so that their work i ,no longer &
train, bet the gentle, nouona.ns working of
atUin.h healthy. In this wy 'New Heilk"
enables eves neervo woman to en)oy the ble.
lugn of atural. retfdl sleel Toma ds who
haTe tai ft haereeported that they were quit.
ly cred of rleepl*n and ntl they enowsie
asoi dly usa.aMl. ,Dr. ILreso New ea Ith
an absolutely mae and srtai care forerery al.
meant usmally known as "Female Comptalt.
The greatt female stgtator aad tic kewowi
is preeent day science. At al drug oines
Tor Sale by 8 B, IL NAaDI a CO.

Captain E. R. Hutchins chief com-
missary at this depot, remarked to a
Tribune representative yesterday that
he was a little fearful of his reputation
inasmuch as the Times had him as go-
Ing ito Braidneton-n with a Mliss Hutch-
Ilg instead of Mrs. Hutchins, and the
Tribune yesterday morning reported
him having a "cute Little son." whereas
the captain's son celebrated his -1st
birthday Tuesday, and was a corporal
in the 51st Iowa regiment. The captain,
who has made a host of friends since he
has been stationed here, took the joke
good naturedly and the Trbiune gladly
asks pardon of both captain and cor-
develop dry catarrb; they dry up the
secretions which adhere to the
membrane and decompose, causing a
far more serious trouble than the or-
dlnary form of eatarrh. Avoid all dry-
ing Inhalents and use that wiich clean-
ses, soothes and heals. Ely's Cream
Balm is such a remedy and will cure ca-
tarrh or cold In the head easily and
pleasantly. A trial ize wll be mailed
for 10 cents, large for 50 rcntl. All
druggists keep It. Ely Brothers, 5W
Warren street. New York.

H P t-i. SAD

rrs d mp. you have sum
A powder to be shakue into the shoes.
At thL eisn you r t f eet l swetim
seols ad damp. I you have smart-
izu feet or ttit ahoes, try Allen'a soot-
Sas. It warm the feet and mak
wallkUo easy. Cure awollea and
sweatluf set. blIters and caolea
spots. believes corn ad bnalons of
all pain and 4 is certain cure for Cbil-
blata and TrWat bites. Tryit to-day.
Sold l an 1rs"t. ad aso satoe
ai IMe. Trial ipckige tree. Addreds.
ABM L. OtmA d, JA Roy. f. T.

AnI'as o76064-M a powder for the
fieetS It care 's"Inu. renis. smart-
lto& I bat in ast aiy tAkes
the out aW ress and bunimn. Its
thea g atmL omu rt dilovery of the
age. -All-e'O Tnat- mabeeO tight
or n w bta i ear. It Is a eer-
tata ere for Chlblaliaos aweatinC, cal-
ton as urldaits Tryi It to-day.
old. by all d lait and saoe stores.
X centsa, T r ia Lgm. Address
AbIIDm easl Sat w I. T.

We have a regular orgaaied dep
vision of o of taenrm aP riuli
at a distance can send to"d&
any order entrusted to us fall
care, and at the same prices agfi
us for sunmles end prices on i n 1412 y,
Line. Our store has been spec oate
-of a Dry Goods business. If is telarge, beet It
best constructed, and contAins all that experience an suggest t
to render it the most useful, comfortable I nd atuetive -t sD- ;.
kind. It isaccordingly one of th sgh s of Lo.N
"Bacon's Advertiser" contains price list of Pai an l :
Goods mailed free on application

425, 425, 429 E. Market 6t., above Pretoan, Iis .

i iiTUT...or Tow*
"o. ..Agent orB rh
la OSaary tity or Oge Ci


S ..e .. r..^;..^

Sa ".t-frt! .ck !. Iw ltai -:.

t .ctsna s^salssa .. he -"-...

Comnche (Dne), Algenq an Cherokee,, e o ;.-.:sh oe. ,

retBB.* : . .
w .5L --..., S
samples and self measure blank Tent .y mail. "ZVI

..w cha a 5 - .. -.".S. . ..s.. .
S f i a S e .... .. ...... i

l t d e.* '0.. 1-.s J f0-0 l0....0V
Te Tien ft ::^ s S ::.o.e:,-?Uam.".

f S. J ,,al........................::. :. ,:::.--
o osro a iU. ..... M t .........b .. .ilia .. . .. .. i .

:" .m.a t........... .... amU .............. ",aeip
... .............

.e re", ,.m. .,: ...-::. ,:

UP *om Ma. 0.x P.reau.e. ..L~ AA .- ..'
Str sM ms rby a w r Aad
S, mehis ei smlU. a-vowd ",J.I
these. 810a Ll, L' I, "-1' -i
i' s sa thmey e he t -s hat t
:,,, <,*,t ,,T, ,.,i ,.,.,,- ,AUO. Sam
seel stway he .de Md 1Hw b M h Boi

l %ear Ne" 1d ?. .Weis.. 1w
-10 COG ^d W ftd^O Foundry. euwhiteIP: sS Io iar:*:>*' . il:

ThL J I4 nrut ipo 'e BSPECIALTIES :-Heavy Bl"rasitbMg" "~a'xrdiattMo
wa wimr .le- w Is to M, Works. Store Pronts, Sills,- 9luml, e. BRpra -e~4
she wals lest bit otr x or amas. Steamboat Machinery and Boilers. Ourprompt attenitagela
L ] AIONA es to installing Irrigating and Steam'H nig Pla at .a.a
Ashsd o esniaa, with ah nwii For sale in Tampa by Mortma & Co. PriCs. Hitching Fots and Iron Fe. .
M"Im is a m hap"pu. iy If I obes wr rmt
y this has m, --. was oeony. Wn B A gV ..OflnA'rs.' .
bo gh. ta .s.a&s a.. i so n an A2
ci 7*11& athe id Lt-'ob ftil : .a
sAh MR t h 1 c .ZlEY At LAW-,

de Ob m asmv a rne"smles sgo"asam ..e.. -At ".
wnth 5 3rCjm Wnm .. . ... ..,...

st I r moI)BtY AND (O~xmaKIIrDo
jenheeaaq A W"





c i.-MO

9_Of ith TradeM
hit Station. Ila., Jan. 4.-
SIs over and the good citizens
rht's have recoewe ltbetr equoi-

t1 flc d -fmitet A" N lego


Jagii: ^ea tinrfg 1rom rIs W Today Fro tho Imand, When
l-- sBer for the Kore Firmnr ss Wi be Found
.e J a, g th-. Nreo ,a mry A n the Na-
rsas de'wapN tive Cubans.

SIt1 t eo Rlash Special to the Trtbuae.
"4Wt, De. 2.-he preliminary iWashington. Dec. L.--Reliable lifor-
IWe takeu here to-day for the matlon reached President McKinley to-
MO t a the Baltimore and Ohio night from avana that no trouble wa.
MWst Railway, prea-ratoory for feared in the change of governme.
bentM a late the B ltimore an ceremonies to-merrow.-
ahMed ad the neow plas of The president received yesterday a
Uisimn The proewedungs took cablegram from Havana signed by a
It the perIor court of this tUs- number of leading Cuban attorneys,
p3W lsd orer by Jdge Btmith. asking him to interfere with the orders
issued by Officers Brooke and Ludlow.
SHe immediately answered them by re-
Sto t b fo to grant their permiialon to par-
dla Tee ..L oi" Voc-er, the ticftate in the celebration.
d "Jl the Pppse'w was gulo- He as full confidence hi Qmeseral
L at -ooaf io4da. i-*- Brooks. and wil l ot interfere wit any
P MIM Tof the Frsen.. arrangement that officer may, make.
*,* D wVafl teo a m in mUltry General Brooke's orders am to be kind
i I& "dr. d WeWr Cblrtr per- and consldAt-e but firm with the Cu-
ak 3 o-m ssavoide d sWpl-55 bans- This Irmnese is to be applied
t htB October. whe he wsas with more vigor now than when the
I-'l arre panlsh soldiers have left the Island,
--s. and the Cubans will then be allowed to
WCr 21SSARX HAT SEAS. have their way in many things in which
.to there they are now restricted.
6Atian e .--SOmetary Hay
5&testelsattln to-lbr in wtlien

gsiL .... ss..s. s the
"PLs t 'ePLANT 13'ITYl

layr d nOeerd of Knots Organised-Local
de~m "W *, a t w cable
a. Palae to to lawaU. otes About Thoae Who Come
I1 tr the T lbune. Special to the Tribuse.
Ad5jTe,, .L-Premier Srgasta is Plant City, Fla., Jan. 4.-Dr. P. V.
* sMiesred os to be able to walk Sessions and family, have moved to
S.td moost. H s atoratlo has town, and are comfortably settled in
16i a 0S affairs. Mrs. G. W. Knights cottage. The Doctor
'- -, will from this week have his dental
office at his home, where he will bh
r Pkeamed to se s h many patrons and
I SON trends professionally or otherwise.
:- The Wells Bros. spent New Years
I. oVhoWm Daet to W ar Yt their parents at home in
il1*'T W-hf 4fto'War Plant City.
r'~IAA hIh o TasYork. dies Florence McLaren returned to
;her home at Dade City, Sturday.
The strawberry prospect is quite sn-
.. tTaBBnes.- oouraglng, the bright sunshine of the
ae dd., -IL-A touirteen- past few day has had the efNect of
e a.d tP, rasgar bri gtan out very many blcoms.
:_ d Ba ,The chQarh bteUs of cur town mourn-
sr trAhta trA, EfmrY tolled out the last fleeting mo-
m e mt IRn- S J lmAtsf s*9 KLBend merrily welcomed the

The interest in bore racing In this Dttrict No. 24, Thursday,
city is rapidly on the increase and every Beffnev.
race that takes pbac seems to Incite District No. 19, Friday and I
;elSei Jo take a atnd In the sport February 1 and 1a Plant CltY
Ever since the Thanksgivin day race District No. 11, Monday,
between T. L Weir and CoL HMiler on BEtheL
the old Ybor City race track, interest District No. 28, Wednesday,
in the sport hb been growing. The CoHee HBill.
race yesterday afternoon opened the District No. 22, Friday and E
way for another which promises to be February 17 and 18, Port Umi
even more exciting than any that Cas S. F SA I I
yet taken place. Raven Sprague, the Tax Aseessor of Hillsborougi
fastest trotting horse In this part of the
State was matched last night against HOW TO LOOK GOOI

e the L sve -acoarlane paying horse. It
S Is said that Sprague has made his mile Good looks are really more than skin
Sn 2:17, and with proper training can deep, depending entirely on a healthy
come very near doing it again. The condition of all the vital organ. if
amount of the purse has not ben nanud.
N neither has the day ben set, but t ewi the liver ts Inactlve, you have a billious
re come off in the near Itture, and will be look; if your kidneys are affected, you
- the racing event of the season have a pinched look. Secure good
J. (taith, and you will surely have good
Te, Rev. J. B. Ley rna" aminy, bavee ar- leoks. "Electric Bitters" is a good
w- rVted from Talahaaaee and will make Alternative and Tonic. Acts directly
qW Tampa their home fr. at Least two on the stomach, liver aMd kidney" peIri-
Se years Rev. -4Mr. Za.is the new min- fle the blood, oures pimples, blotcmes
oe later oat t eMe church, and is one and bs, ad gives a good oomleo.
D9 of tlp otI- t in alFn l -iorda- n bou d e a od oP .
' He lusaah C ttlntman aa n" T lp Every bottle tarahteed. Sold at a.
ry welcomes ,h lowesimabt l BlyS. Ljebnardi & Compaany's drug store-
a- most Cord .f Mr. PosAmc4 i ,til "r bottle
en e-d* h bgeWi 1mss 104rhiO1 caryingC-. .
wTth them wsi a".sa -sI.zmo-,C 'gmo ~IUILQ" p 0(
slo w&AM -A 4 mil. O m DAY
-o wA 0
si t. ctro

S- The Dl WVh ilaede ofl
luBsemn bat a hl IltecMaus .r Sthepafln.
t. QUill. Spealn to the Trtbnae
Madrid. Jan. L-It is annou
Opanish gcverument has
RIDE OVER THE ROCK ROAD sc ns o the om de
Spanish v aets in Philippin
County Commissioners Hold a Brief to ser.d two unooate to t
where the Insurgents have a n
Session and Then Take a Drive Sbanish prisoners confined. and
Over the Nebraska Ave. the release of the prisoners as s
In the Paris treaty of peace.
nUe Pavement.
ne Pavement watch has also been sent to
Rloe to release all native PFlL
From Wednesday's Daily. owners as soon as the Spanish
Thb Board of County Commissaners a re released. General Rios wi
met in the court house yesterday morn- his demands to the American
ing in regular monthly session. All commander of the Phlippines,
members of the board were present. not deawith the Fitpinos dii
A telegram was reoelved from Gover-
nor Bloxham, announcing the appoint-
ment of W. A. Belcher of Largo to take Admiral Dewey Sends Two (
the place of Hugh Somerville, who was to Defend Americane
recently elected to the county school
board. Word was at once sent to Mr. Speciall to the Tribune.
Belcher. and he is expected to arrive Washington, Jan 5.--A dia
here to-day to attend the remaining eted t-ay by Secretary L
sessions of the board. Adra ewey states that t
After auditing a number of bills and States gunboats Petrel and
revising the pauper list, the board de- have been dispatched from
eltdt to take a trip during the after- Rolio. The commander of
noon over Nebraska avenue to see howted to ren
Hary Levick was getting along with
his macadam paving contract. eral WMiller all assistance nec
They found that about one-half had earring out the orders sent h
been corleted with the exception of rd to taking possession of I
one more time over with the roller.
They expressed themselves as being tihesurrunding islands.
highly pleased with the work.
This pavement when completed, will AGUINALDO S GOI>
extend about ten miles into the coun-
try. The rook road pavement to is x FSecal to the Tribune.
MUle creek will be about six miles out Washington. Jan. 5,-A dispa
from 22rcd street. No improvements in Paris say
the county during the past ea willre- Paris says that a cablegram
suit in more benefits both to the city nila states that Agulnaldo th(
and county at large than these two chief, has announced his int
roads. The concrete pavement around voing to loilo at once to d
the court house Is another piece of
work for which the board is entitled movement of the natives in
to the thanks of the citizens, pected conflict with the A
under General Miller.
Special to the Tribune.
Albany, N. Y., Dec. 31.--Governor There are few men more wl
Roosevelt took the oath of office pre- and enterprising than 8 B.
cisely at 12:10 this afternoon In the
presence of an immense concourse or & Company, who spare no pa
people, cure the best of everything
line for their many customer
EV S PA LU R now have the valuable agency
I V AL Kings New Discovery for Cont
Coughs and Colds. Thisis thI
ful remedy that is producing
Negro Employes of Maas Bros. and furror all over the country by
Morton & Co. in Limbo. startling cures. It absolute
Asthma. Ibronchitis, Hoarsenei
From Sunday's Daily. affectiorm of the Throat, Ch
Three little negro boys who aere em- Lungs. Call at above drug
played by .MortontA Co's. big drug store get a trial bottle free or,a rej
were locked up in the city jail last night for 60 cents and 1.00. Guar
and will be taken to the county jail cure or price refunded.
this morning. These three little curi-
prits are guilty of petty larceny. For
some time. small articles have been
misslin trom the store, and at last A N I
they were caught in the very act ot
purloining some toilet soap, presumably e Ae sor Preparin. to ]
to take a bath to prepare themselves A Prepari to
for undab school this morning. There 1899 Asssesmente.
is no telling how much other stuff they
have succeeded in taking, as valuableR
articles in all department of theg AX B NOT
establishment have ben missing for
Some time. A sound thrashing and a otlce is hereby given to the
few months work on the county roads owners of HHtliboro coun
will probably have a salutary effect on wil be at the following plao
the little thieves. county on the dates named foe
Sooe of making assessment for
Sheriff Spencer arrested a colored perty Oners are solicited to
man and woman last night on warrants Promptly" and to bring dee
'sworn out by Maas Bros, the dry goods them so that correct descri
mnerchants. The man gave bhibname as property may be had IAll
Johe nMorant. The nameof the woman not returned w llbe &*sense
could not he learned. The charge known. The offine in Tamp
against them is larceny of goods. The opened Jan 16th, 1W9.
man has tor some time been employee Dstrict 18, Tuesday, Jan.
as porter around the store, and the tone Park.
woman at cleaning op the Interior of District. No, 14, Wednesday
the store. Tarpon Sprins d
In conversation wlit Or. Abe Mlaaa Distrct No. 4, Thursaid
last night be stab l-that for some tim, .Stutherland, forenoon; -Duned
goods had been missing, and he was noon.
certain there was a thief -somewhere District No. 3, Friday, Ja
about the plane. He discharged one Clearwater.
woman that he suspected, but the steal- District No. 2, Saturday,
ing still continued. Finally he dis- LSro forenoon, Camptbell, aft
covered that a close Intimacy existed Distrlct No. 1, Monday and
between Morant and this woman. Hus- Jan. 23 and 24, St. Peterburg,
celous actions led to the aest .s strict No. 21, ednec,
night. Bayview.
Then arrested the man told Bis name, District No. 5, Friday, Jan. 2
but refused to state where he lived tagef,
The woman was aken to her home, District No. 10, Saturday,
where the officer made a caefui search, Thonotosassa_
and eaucoeded in finding a considerable Distrfct No. 17, Monday,
quantity of the missing goods. They Keysvllle.
were found.efe two mattsses on District No. 8, Tuesday, Jan.
tlhe bed, ade I of valuable Pe-' District 'No. 13, Wednesdag
ces of dre-ssx -oe ribbon, etc. Hurrah.
The woman 4 5 Uattotied, dueeed sjl D_.trict No. 12. Thursday,
KnowR~e4e-.the:tf beq in the bed, Tge.-.akP.
5d exlndamlf5t'r prise when they.Dt lct No. 2, riday, Fel
were bhos- .eb.Ies-. -ty.
Mr. Mano ros sTr^Uns fo the opinion District No. 7, Saturday, Fel
that the ma'and wom~n live together, D~rtrict No. 9, Monday, Fel
and that thUmmualMtstoie gonds ana ..a
hid'them fn'. the hoas withoat- the District No. 6, Tiesday, Fe
- k 'owiedge of the woman. They were vin Store.
both taken to jaf atwa tets n hearing. Distrtct, No. 15, Wednesda
r[ d&v.

S. EL B.SONAMO h CO Aff"T ap-l A

50 Pieces Plain and Fanoy B
worth 50c, 60c and M6o, bnly(

Best Blealhine. .3
SPerale, -

- -.^ - -: -
* 50 Aieces Plain and Fanoy B
*) worth 50O, 60c and 75o, onlb y

* Best Bleaching. -- 0z

* 10o Percale, -

IDress 6io

^ I1 ... :-" .

.. .
".,. .-. lids-,

FBargainsOnI tO
... .

-.. . '- O
J .We -B ..: o-h -

The Record

For Big Bargains during the next six days. Oooddf m.
before our Spring Stock begins to .rrive .Wei.
ery department They are not strangers t6 tslli|-
want to -.

Save 50 Per,- .

On your invYQitments, come ald-Ue 9u.6? W i
figured, but we are in the ring. an4 in flao
we will present the public with me
the ceapst merchandise ever aold i n
"7 e "ee*' -ao l
:.. ., -,. .

Aa JL~ '=-s~- ~f;

.-I' the

the LIvu.

$&vAM mrmcwamn. &s umuum
6Ieaa L AZ&uNsm

,. ..


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