Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 22, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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pr-t tb I. Vanager Phillips ofthe Caaino a Tom hiltonaon Trial for His Life.
Fight Wit.oa Tarantula. Abl Axument by CorunneL

Col. John N. Phillps the versatile and Il1 Circuit Court met at 9 O'clock yester-
affable manager of the Tampa Bay day morning. Soon after it opened,
t t,"dem ." "*the murder tri al of T ho m s Moi lto was-
- Casino, met with a erta h ac tideent .. d e taa soerTi Mac o
Tuesday evenng. A party-from Plant resumed. The testimony of witnesses ,1A4 PL:i
S cw ven to Aler th e At the River Will be RestoredA Soldier Taken From Jail and tespersed th reptd o- avana Finniers arlthrf
City arrived athe teatre to the s w ea e eat t s oc apned legal tilts bythe opposing
t by Wilbur Opera Company, and Mr. Phil- Better Than Ever. u ng to a Tree. counsel.
: .lips had received the cloaks from the A nube witnesses for the defe
.. .ladies and while taking them to the ne r of tne d for the m deesegot ..
cloak room, a good sized tarantula w- examined during the morning. e
jumped from one of tiernT *n to his urost -exa o nation s by o Atto rnt ieey
aa te way I e Usi abreast. One of the bysti s t e anorders saw It ro WE oL lgf thebl IoM n ta ciy e thesisbn ogtteE t he l e Ld S
"'d shouted to Mr. Phillips"to be care- what tenacity the case In being foug.ht. |
tl: or it would bt.te him. For about lnop th wa l of the o^
tw minutes there was the liveliest was Thomas Xltoo the defend t a in
S d oo au l w h b w Mr. it ips, p obl the case. Me was permitted to relate "

? Fa.. .. arCt. kiN* g a mixup between ri ftPhilleps h Is sterdayto yrin e Sea the T re it of aoh s cor M'r. a t voe
Si lok, t e eiste ia thunder and tho e i Con aa ehi o p e ble o atasat I hav l e at

Im Do" ofr eattea ta ratue h Was order wased t onr bfede I Knint tas to therousmwuee tn foloin A 1eati tonhded mnig of havana btnhers dattebrd It Ws0
g-i-h ..':- -Phillip h"o dd .eaB ... ,inme 11dn to d te eet at the damol dd be r a teritoi a o vt for h awa io f arom t the testimony of- da
mige : e dela enat th ta s a_ I *S I ohrd ter as ru etoe e ae beote tel fowr New hre e t. z erea w fole Tihtu e w em es m e ra the x e a-t w s
poi _w dN1 "ate -. t ae a sto on 14on Iuw QwteOen othe r GeWare itnesses that tBo Th e baven bsn d

ydd la o ale' A .:e th ia lam p ls dlelaat as s lpp evnoth el slree no the preoles condi tio n forylio on tah ab eneudill oel ncla de cle arres nt, roea d m ote l derl tla p s to
1 n ,tre .In for no oi1 e ced ir h, tnhot dothre pa t ba t t adted a wt the be ren t tere hph ariroei atu eis l strtag the y hthe t oa the pi
He clat eped that he1aeW te t refearena ort edthee o woen Ito theate t aaeted Ino- ft-
ense, cete remind that R te te ay here a ranum- Meecht mr 3e in wehapih c h
as t as A lr drew anr o to t a y he aete Aonnd attempt t Un e ee r o.to t .

Sthe heat e b e suldenly wit The regma reter a the foreeno te thatt wdTeofi heefe w as
O hl tcka attt troop *gain th een committed in the destruction of S pecialtotheTribune. the borrower wllh fnd t V m el

a':lc l t ,taal In At" r Annual Conclave im Jackt d t hdam and the great lou s It entailed Cincinnati, .O Dec. 21t-A special to Grand Preparations Beint Made for to add six cer cent to hos lndebt dBso
n ai, nl cat l thel t toar ate o son M aled s tp wd bfe 1e0Alcl reftot of Raw tehstmany Of the ng i tis the wadin Winoeow
Sa th m there was r a dnot bx o ueirer te pacen ot l the i ts ow e b toe u ch ang te read the l united from the former teria
fil dlingn the bexcit eand most approve d ut building up and developing the o e- a p so wh hundred infuriated Ther re ille some oranges comtno turn 2e24 they aitept
q ml er ea conducun, hoteln we e strcee the community. He stated mr p i o a tree near the jail atnd a pressing demand or them w ams political camb ap w c

.. hatvely d acthed Mrh AE Di ak t at the s tentim ht expressed n te rd as" ou and his Mr anied Mrn taki Dre w lon of wift-y ago landed tEtale It t.

"o td e e O u e o t e m ob them ....da toB the. eV en b o n 9:
i non a smend Ct kistenit. but making greater investments than amo the orange groves of De Und bh ale me e

3el who .has had an extensive y e expresed himself as be han dopeful e turkey seao id getting nearer e mean l a a-t e
to f-te Tribune. t f s9 wm in" the hotel bu lnin Nfet As stated In yestatoerdaya to the Tribune to the Tribune. Mr B Ke of Kevle been conront them
n that ate by the p enter, r com erc relations ning who was arrested eteray e. the sert.
lC..Cl l Dee. tMeem WI "ael said was0smn o aned and C. W. Cthea n. receiver and other contempt of thecourt or re using to ans ladie s of the M E. Church tu h-e only pe ia t on th e ei iueo
am b t-' t n s. in u a re t of th. cos bing ed w tl Atlanytic w mti and our wide ttee o n imporeign relations pctton eluded e n riday n ght In teeopeet dent bSycKlea y vte bDec ak.s The gse
S thend w di ect oonside. sy. te aIakes ptrore o the affairnes enrg ard to its r eviioun cel tor Mrif okins, in uil ding Te evnt proved a pl e a then te
S Tol s tel o odb eventually make Tent disaster at the damo and te a territorius murder nt wa relead ant onP. Te attended a. s are. t the o vatoe

a 11 ee"*- t an any. T exces;ve portent co maercial center and winter om tody to-day He appeare in and we t that the evening a ordershould be ten that tipo ev
ns Jirgave bOt h 9@Usua l e fidSl pem bl was quit poeen o t rely th be t Setor Cullom repor afternoon and the changes attorney largely added to the lchrcn disburt ag edin t plet o e
a "r t I O alt f at. fo ts l e The phil sicianl atler a o bl yesterday before departing for New the ena to. T here were quit e e aws nmthre i ent t a uperant oena t e at the wstBh M-oe tAt %te m lae
IW e p o Li bit c aretul exstM toeght thet his tic manage r of tto ed his agent, thColonel obnooai, moeston thmport giving tih e tae Astls n fwaor a c poa et v te tL I ths teel e
S*'tta k t the tr A patnt was wore sared than hurt Peter 0. Knight i state to represent patrons wer eook an opportunity to order his Chattahoochees a, many of on r t eou C an b ta

ofl tsaiI g. A #thi lr thi I e declared that anot i dos e cobnp yterda y afternoon. e ver Tam- fining citizenship oneofte leadnghrit donated tor- f t er e
l m dain poo 0 the aid ti rly s is dew as Ano e t he- bi lt d, ta tatied that te u e exp l rencto ugese. This of the day. Court adjourned until thi e tsa reconmedat on

BIsteiyad whf" ard he waehn two st of at uportdd him to complete at as aides, the hundred co.torts we every -or ter s proposing It pret ..e
an a Tafthe m aid i6? tw o me et o. psuchA .burilta dat a po le, athe instae lUaton b UPPREBfern THe T e mITap T8u y mrig "-j et that it wPor bt scepted i
Sde ed that h tr m a wish a f emrh s a sn f the new battery of bo er th house was changed the argu mnt foworlws e ---sd w ial berive ou they Frank H
e oSm t I t SIm ta e o t his po stofduy a a, a nd gatt te a tone located on As- a ll persons who wandhee Army Prob- cons lonl tat aue rlyadepr eof fet o th ateir reey Jw te p i
Sthere was at no time tied that a haied the cloaks very Mr. Knight stated th at ably to bthe conference United States." eveoud cheers fr the after hich the case we ould w c s t
SoMotn e seu between Mr. Chapin and the opator Rpublican ide reeted the reading of jury. r o
d wmt a sle dayttw had messed tha e company hieref was very pleasant the ult. --- etr os llt o te .
He n n d f ortentedli bH tn N TT and ag t ftreeabe. That or. Chapin while to t A bune. r.S tKD T e ie for aUon Saab gold. l
ft a' t I VIL i regretting the terrible crime that had IoI e dl w he p uo the
e0a is in per imig troop to min- -..r b ,een committed in the destruction of Special to the Tribune. y the b o wl d f _-.
'so the com-pany, expressed himself an thin city to-day from Decatur, Ala., Qhjidt o s-Other Newwshle the, .llmr lene is 'o e
In= .lw. 7t temoviul or 33utinmes Furpos. being .lgofy pleased at the stand taken the soder who .
by the cities In their efforts to brn g so unprovokingly murdered Robert Nor- plant City., Fa., Dec. 21.-or the Washlngtoiil

... F 5 atu& e hotel kepeseo Flrid es, held in pittste propet y e wa t, ted o at a case loaned about sixh Flri ms l y sun h weather. i n omfad tair i ra- so :
tat nd e T progressthat is b e mbyi le fn he ws lnehi tt t. A. J Dr e ro ae md hi c i is get i t .-
standwr4l o m t b s cty a s n dragged from many of hie friends a pleasant call the tae o t b a i
G4N*W i the State. Speeches were made by Consumer's Company wiUl do its share the ounty Jail. where he was coined, middle of the week.
.men, and taken to a tree near the Jail In and a pressing demand for them. fromthe oli c

H iO^11m' b-ow41 add oS It has gone to aboot three weeks, It will make a total Madrid. Dec. a en nt o o ea read- some reoa ma a
doilMT C-ieS th a im at. it s .of eight hundred hoe power at the 'larin, Governor General of- Mrd wIn ma s llythi. WInaft.
theeuledr- ohiUM ot eli thai thrts 15dam. which *ill be ample to operate about to issoe a proclamation closing MT.r 7W. M Ih k t waerla spyn. hwisp is *kwf3
5i...Br 11-5g *" the Ught the ifty wtill need. and it is expected that he will alo or- reading matter. Who _ieNloo -
e j^a e gJgC3 p s SPAIN m tmeiately on the completion of der the person of all Orilst news- might result ft rdons-
this work, the plans ad specflcati papers. .* carq. enoe n that be wI mre
kb&!q anner Captain General AP or the repairing of the dam will be n, The general commanding the northern donatheo tr. St unte Joeary th whe w wi ri
peGIa GreWAly Affected oR IAdiGo pared. In the "isunttest the people are army has proclaimed the closing from Mr C C. Carito g aturda turn the Isian Mwr to me
S poln""" requested to be caretuli with the lights, to-morrow of all i Carlint clubs and the _ity of Taa ..*
a th The and not tax the present power of the societies in his district. To- the Warnen cret bee we HW
eneraorre, the- Se of War, Indebted r -a Sew bones of exsosewn e Spain
steamer VUTerde wit Ubl a- is quoted in an laterview as saying it sices a to e resby- In lay o ..
on B lmD former Captain General of sixty thouad Pe- pianos are in will be necessary to raise the effective terian church by Clthe Rev F Bssi dry good.
StCol neral Peal and Tebeda u to-day. Nobetter testimonial is force of the army to 140,000 men,, owing in he morning te lm t Bar-as, ,-a> -. I a
Col0d1i0s Ceva&Uo Paliery, Taer amd needed. J. A. Turner, Jr. 211 Twvigg to the Carlit citation. This will en- children and oe to the evenIU Bargate l d.B ".Es
0' di- Demenleo. ad several Other ofCicers street, agent 5t tall a credit of 20;000,000 pesetas. men in particular and ll in seral argas in mineryat
d ,St. a IM i essser te aft. ertived here this eftes .ab Our jeweler r C. ft ."e ee d a te. en b-
Bs.i-il fo mo Havana. All kinds of ladies, felt slippers, 50c to W. E. Chenot, The Stationer, for toys abent ra. few dys r ssi Braldentam Z
`A&^ 1 Uve XMarshal landed without Lri- $L6S. at mar-frlane & 0lenni. c A niece of Mrs. M. Hersge. os Cocodl s. HX MaINmed
aA 4 Hattie Smith o Pao Gea. arrived 01oncord- H i
Sir t and, evading the crowd which was Wednesday last to spend some time
aatf him, took the train for Mad' 'with her any relatives here. .
a er ending the Queen Regent a tee- T The e r usest wek of all the year, thi
Sgram of devoUtin. and receiving rom oIs the experience of every business man S
sreet aveg one of cothe Hemost eleant n tow Green of Ta
Of lined. to 41scuss the Cuban campaiM, tow Christmas eve, heavily lad.1
07- 1ko Bp 5 and ete F. ones, for the yo n and for the old. Chem iss -
t 0 s & B s ad1vi Capt. Mooney up 4 t jr turay in tow n,
i ;' at lamps, dolls., toys. et., ever Tuesday. The i .
is ta dild inthe city. Sl ee tMhe before sMany of our people went down to T t.V
eleewb.te will soirflou lP. iia Twat ITampa 'Tesday to attend the Opera at
t C wh they w eou the Tampa May. returning by special MOV O geg
1 l .. U turin bys.

W" JoJ WELRY QOXPAN. cf Opposite
a .. "US& ga ................

. - . r_ f :. t( ' .- .-
-Z ..z j ., i : '- .... --,- r. -- :.,, : '-! "

I i f T 71 i mmi =7 x

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#" + "T*t o

S e the lderme
"rey' memory to, mm

'-be La tea~ soonr appac
ti fr tco leeItn the Wash
ON pad tnsri wIntdr Li

l'A-eemued Spaisbh as
Roare l hove "caght on"
t m any rate the Aldern m
trlaatured. as beos

. "Teddy"' Booevdlt, so
airng his message In a s'
Mag he a sign that someba

-W .p'vailng Havana
&beg upon oImenalrocesst
s colet eas soon as'
ie^rop in tSe harbor.

S72 .ormo expertss o
halte m feoWvemhew rhuj
Strcnls trade ins gnewit
6"od for thought in these f

iiad Hoar and a
ma elr wiing to accept
ilv._-the a sHrsmmet mu
Vie-sy. oft.hoe war ai

|t5'elee-. prsesntfA
ltwo I be a sabscrlpel
bhe I *doleoting fo

MW lg04bhe ta as a
S-t P p ;esw: s st

IBI^^tS ^ad *^?~ tSin'; fITa
Ust~i~l-- f-a ga

.~TcQJ" Ronv~t Ski
-tr B ~ 5soInrt

~j~l~b( ~dfn h~t ome5



eel hle f pa SiSjetm Bouy
oence of the Florida Ttmes-Union and
SCOIft Ciizen of aksonville. the Orlando Re- ODigestion Improved and Throat
I porter, and 'one or two other Floridal Troube Relieved
a- g ppee- and in thetonrt olmnns of the Woniderful Cood Comes from *
Tampa Tribune. certain statements re-- Us of eood's SarnaprlUIa
specting the embarkation of troops at The biding up powo i Hood's ar-
__ this port. which are not only grossly1, spall wha the ystatiI ran down
uust to Savannah. hut are acutely m tmhe sieta of disea, is wondermfl,
S + unjust to Savannah, but are absolutely ais du to the great blood enriching
+ untrue. We are not willing tV believe qualities of this medicine. Bead this:
+ that our contemporaries named, would "I had bon troubled for several years
ald. DaiUy 4 lend themselves to the promulgation of with asthma. My digestion was als
+ falsehoods for the purpose of injuring Ipoor. I tried varions remedies, bat with
..... + a neighboring city, still we cannot Uttle or no benefit. It year I bga
2.. 0 understand how they can have been ttaka good's rsaprUllSa It has done
.... 00 misled. with the facts going out daily an ame se amont of good. My.
Son thq wire of the Associated Press whole system has been bult ap s
S and in the columns of the -MornLng t My dst ha
S New. A port that is compelled to improved and my throt relieved of the
+ bolster up its own claims by circulat- severe irritation." ADA To awo,
pisyble in 4 aig fabrications against a bigger, bet- as Chas Btreot, a lo
te Ler and more progressive port, cannot
oa hope to ever amount to a great-deal.- Ois e-
,. The News is evidently a little aoff its Hl rl o ull Tr :S
the sob- + feed. The statements referred to were e '55" *l se
m the ad-'+
h those concernlg the trauports load. Hood's Pills s'ly P t
pgia oB,- .* with troops getting btuck in the mud in with SBed 'srlM
Shet Savannah harbor. Very lane pub- '
LXfq*'r + *lihed in the news column of this paper Probably it t at the Philipplnes that
Swav g t to uo through the regular Blanco expects to meet Lee.
+ ein i Frases serylce, and every Item
Swas d5 +d atl & sraaunah. If the News As a champion lasso artist. Platt fb
iL really serious a out suppressng such : thrw thc ..
tatta1ents It hadltetter get after some Neckties will not be popular mhtst-
e bsineMs at of the a vannah corrpondent, Instead mas gifts for Chicago Aldermen this
of reieotima on the papers that p b- '
T sjtaM X Alkheq them I9 we ilataie not. ome e- yof- '
i t ohe anme aattAr appeared in the col- The SabL state Qf ujidri Cbhagoa
.-ttsth mns of the New*. manages to somewhat,, teuper the
g el Sd as pretty. -
d Te amaveloum growth of. our export The whole thing might be settled by

ar to be cut- trade s but an indication of what Ues appointing Agutnaldo ceal oil InspeMos
ington dpo- before as in this direction if we haXe at Manlla
I the sense and judgment to realsemothsbe
iuokalani i nsr e a-e made t tames- Some capitalists' mouths .hCegi to
agns.e e ado twn a o water every time they think at the
ca gatne. ,We do not own a foot of Nica canal.
territory off this continent, the newly
rtoonist aP- acquired Hawaii excepted, and yet in The voice o the e man is no longer
in Chicago. the past years our exports were greater heardin the land. He busy cutting
,- than Eagiand's, and were double our
n are being t an g n'sand were do e next yearstock.
Imports. We so;d over 1.00,000,000 of next ears stock.
goods last year We are expanding coam- Chicagoans are throwing n, flowers
merclally at a rate never known before upon the grave of that 50-year ordi-
iUs said, isn the history of the world, notwith- nance. Yerkes mourns alone.
water. That standing the arguments of the expan-
idy will per- slonists. Mt argument It can be called. Lieutenant Hobsoo nill sink the Mer-
that we need to annex 10.000,000 semi- rimac once more-this time in Chicago
barbarians In order to advance our for the benefit of the Press Club.
fashion of trade. We are already trading In the
faashon t and to stih an extent that If Dewey's health is bad, as reported,
ions will be- only necettly a British consul at Tokio, and he is looking for a quiet time, he
Uncle am's Japan. in a report to his government wit-not come to the United States.
on "Forelgnk Trade Competition," said: Spain will officially teQ ,11 about her
*U glance at the trade statistics will troubles in a red book. A binding of
f the United show how rapidly the Import trade ti blue would be much more appropriate.
arw rapidly, Japan of the United States is growing,
w r particularly in machinery, locomotives Barnstorming aggrevations can now
. There is and railway materials-articles for tour Long Island in perfect safety.
figures. which the United Kingdom has hitherto There is'an egg famine down that way.
had a monopoly. This portion of tie t seems that a little anti-street rail-
11 that gang 'report cannot be closed without a reer- way virus could hereter be used to
the peace ence to the quick deliveries which advantage n Chicago municipal elec
ght deputse 9iay be obtained from America. tons.
As an instance. English locomotive on
rainst pn. builders required two years for the de- It is said that Governor Black will
t a appro- ,Utjy of an extensive order, while the open a law office in New York. He
i a oo-Baldwin Locomotive Works turned may yet get his revenge by prosecuting
them out at the rate of two a day, and somebody.
Ion atf s to shipped the whole quantity within eight Illinois Bible students who do not
rhumanlty. or ton weeks. Another case recently linois Bible students whoo not
Shunly. or t weeks. Anothercas reeny like Governor Tanner refer to his re-
occurred, where the hngrsh time Oft
meant of five locomotive was ten cent ashington dinner a Be
dIser*s bill of months and the price saout t2,000 gold, as Feast
e royal cok- delivered in Japan and tAmerican mak- No longer will the youth of Chicago
personal s-, ers offered to ship In fourteen weeks at tuck their gloves in the seat of their
about $8,000 gold. The same specifca- trousers Whipping has been abolished
'. t f: oitsse sohbmitted to both countries." in all the schools.
1ne4 shett,- We~dld not need territorial ac omeody
i tlcs to beat the English In the mtrinet; Shmnsoy, Is cating erotenil.-ts a
wme4 l r or tte simple reson which mase for the recent disaster to the Mas-
all bne tr ons is. sachasett has discovered that she has
p ~ e That we sold better goods at lower fi- thtrtee letters in her name.
I 'd asesd better aine5a1s Gen. Fitzhugh Lee may occupy a
agie-m c ',sethade. Trade does not follow the subordinate position in Cuba. clcfilally
4. :flag that opsense~a as knocked in the speaking, but his handiwork 'vill al-
k r. head thirty year '**o. o It touows the ways be evident to tie-Americn n teo-
i ias been ris.' current pie.
.asi~.e Zas ,'The powet house catastrophe was a It sla a fact to be noted that more
h a om ge. ... ... .., sailors were lost on the New igland
. ,. .-_ ,. coast during the hurricanes recently
WviwbliFl -,y "-- than in the navy during the nar with
... ... .. .* ,':b . s '. Spasn.

..ihes s5 ."'**: ,l'AtSr Realism on the stageIs all right. but

i. ~~ p.. a the Toledo explosion that laid out three
tf~olff h.oseg ators In "Cuba's Vow" I llketyr to
Srighten Thespians idesatled wih th the
s prealIstic school.
"^>>w-^i r7Wr Another -harmless duel" h" been
iMa "' 'I m 1'fought by maddened Frp fch states-
. .. men. What Paris needs. id ew shqot-
(* isM. Ic tRO"O^ undertakers a chne.
APLIP The recent fearful -eombate between
S- CCubans and Spanish nl'Ravana, and
jid# -oo g the wiulngess each de ehoiis ts -k hIl
Trs htim to and shoot, only emphasizes the -fact
j a that complete control y the United
.se one who States authorities l t-eedu at once.
the a pper Cuban officers should be kept out of
meeh O heheisTi^SS Havana as long as the Spanish torces
w d sad~~ sad ef hold thcity.
Medical The holiday number of the Galnes-
Di eoeery has ville Sun Is a gem in typographical
k"t of e neatness. Is is ten pages'seven c*ol-
to thousad umns printed in colors and teaming
ebb aMr M m sad with advertisements, news and br
e oea to cMr on t a Christmas stories. Editrc r

Ljashf aWz^sspa "c SM^^ enterprise. This edition .would Q
l si--, ON& credit to a city of a hurrida thousand
inhabitants. 100
President 3flKInley'a visit to t"e
-s su SoSuth to attend the Atlanlte f ce ju SI
.lee and take part in it&A' us..AeU hse
givent hi m an opp ot nit, to dtasp-n
a ninted degree his msL Inad

ial to Al s Apata dllof

a N w- ly.. or


that occasion.
It Is a grand thing to celebrate Cnrist- Special to the Tr
mas and all that the term Implies. The Sylvester, Ga.,
giving or gifts is a grand impulse of the wreck occurred
& loan tram r(
human heart that has been ismplante4 mulf sooth of
by the teachings of Christian civilsa- tooQ0ps at 40'
cased intense a
tion. While it may in extreme cases borhood. Two i
dozen negroes i
be everyone, yet as a rule It appeal Two and perhe
to man's better and noler natilre and trpm tnelr wou
we say let us have Otristmas day ones Tle warec wal
g year and twenty-four hours in the tton that was pl
day. and secretly bo
day.It wa thbe.wol
scoundrel that
A commendable effort is befa made kill the 'fttle'tr
and melhbarhos
at Tampa to apprehend the party or tb rta deC
parties guilty of destroying the da* of ft1 M Jide lynch
the Co-.vBar.' Electric Light and i lEATHP P'
Street Car Gompany on the itilsbors erdct
ough'lAver last week. If'-was n a 3c' Tro
of vandalism at should not beakllowbt.w; p tmesU
to go punished, and i.hej aJre ;e- ,TheJ5r imtpa
wasrtls- oired or thb~aireheinvn of wa f1ond dead
the perpetrators m ay caaseM shlpcap- iae PM. T7es
the o9e ag Ju
ture. 'Already $1,600 has been ofered Mrsina.,&ad. he
and as much it is thougt'will be adbed apeeral witnesses
opiiflon that he s
thereto. The dam was destroyed with .delrifm tremena
dynamite.-Jackeonville etropoli.s ne. or the othel
-C ; "We the Jy I

heads of fam~ilero have oer es loed ir .
TYesterday there were one hundred B P,.Tr.owlIln.
and twenty-five apen throws out of em- 'ex0obure, prhas
pi ompet by te Conss merr' Eilectris aerinl tn Ae Trn
thta and p treetpal 'all A Company. of tthe swul.

to some uLan imasied wretch, in blorw g Snte of Flortid
up Its dam personapwer house T outeda Nothing aais
tves of the dea
night. 3 st aLkof thee men are the was b ied In ev,
beads of fanmllrewho have others look- terdy.
ing to them for support and the vicihi-
tudes through which these people will PROMIN1'1
be competed to panss is nothing less Ical to the Tr
than apupallng. 'AU for what? Simply Utical N. Y.. D
to avenue an imaginary wrong or do elafzs formerly a
and for several
some one a personal Injury without political affairs oci
swuide ata leaa
& has heretofore
and wao always
gained to his n
Jo 'w was found lyInk
-1 tat he did not I
name. and his wi
destitute circtam
given a respect
oMad fat of herb
f iS. d=, .= was h.ootkp in Ign

dOdrmce IAncshtM
arrived here yes
DW )unedi-s wbece I

elm e

Dec. 1 .--A terrible
to-day on the Alfred
oad located bout six ,



en beard from the rea- j
Ad man, and his body AS
ergreen Cemetery yes-

Ibone. w


cted over the
She say be
his fnancial

is a ra nd asy Ing a
eve hat ae effect of his l ncill ^ direi tbpt Is V
ory words iitastngr i' recepj thf rash and act
tlon accorded him by the people of be hounded down and gtive c ue. as s
Georgia was a cordial one, and the of the law. A midnight assassin. aa -
w-hole coebratioon was characterized by a train robber aink into Peae si_ al_ U '-JJ4
warm spirit and sentiment and a feel- flcance for pure msuaness and, t
Ing of trust In the future of the country nes n comparison with the demone .
with a people so united as Americans blew up the di t o tly1 It

hap;"- in his mode of exprdssing the etri i aa very se a w
ase..menls oa brotherhood and anloio, t arie he most needed, the street ear
which he has wished to convey to the rried crippled ad at leat five bl d- A Ih
Southern people, and there is no reason red people cut off/i m thdir daely ra
to doubt their sincerity The Prest- Ions. but It Is bad iadertiseen t tor a
dent s visit to the Atlanta Jubilee wil: South Florida in the commercial world..
doubles be remembered as a land- when eery influence is being taxed to' - a s -
mark in the history of the wiping out its utmost to induce people of wealth -'
of sectional animositles and refinement to locate here and spend tpec6altOi the M T-,e
CHRTSA I CO N their money in developing the resources d th i
CHRts 1of this section of the State. of l.oo dadtroea
The action of the Board of Trade yes- A
The great t holiday of hee year Is terdfay l oflert a reward of r.00 or. bil
Christmas. j0f all the holidays in the the capture or Informaclon leadtng toa
Aneri youth. Weter er it wa the cOnmTted this outras is i oded ve" W"
commendable. It should be follroed. Residwt of (brrs splas
exact day on which Christ was born Is by a fitting reward from the county, Amersa dSzs.-asa
a secondary consideration. Among the and on o from the ceitz ov. BtdUs, m I Crc"ken woe fired taf i
etu vrci ad mdate a oola it a oelet. wll no doubt do thi right thin t ta the
rated as the day on which Christ was pnnk 'y ocSLt siable PeW5 '
born. and that fbct alone is suficient to esvern flueln as the to S lt o' a
make It the best of all holidays. It is ertd r tebrit te o tpaeo tho
fair to say, however, that it would lose parrym'to jt aS; i tnd l w sd drivia
S,,,,, ,,c,,s et o ,jCIt1 ,u tg Ueethe .iet
the fact that the oelebratlons as a rule has Xestoyen" ofthe av
are attended with the giving of pres- i~sdrlT l all WIorlda hTurtaa

beq moesoy-esed in. "L MR.4y WU& i r of
o apopriat;chitsn feseaal.and Shldftor e ace n
the developments aloog this line In the exPe ats thea entitetasl t.o- d l t
ed. and tei he tb eemob
past ten years is something wonderful, had dso
Every device of the most skillofi ar- a i sntete e it SrorpanIn prfsi orme 1t
tists and workmen of the age has beo n t .. pps ofth optee t .t
turned in the direction and the product I e lte oi o o ae Inn:ibs
of iese master minds have suoceeds ed. :a lyutd meai.- 'ts' t-
In throwing around this day a. aio of t rei dsc ...ve .l lkShi? .
happiness that will never be effaced, addji' to the comto. n of alnd is o'clock this afte
baa criblte, awndar c mo botWMAfilett lta nisdw
All the attacks that have ever been tio--, .tWe a gLad lea t eHsGov :tsoC hSrt e't-h.e -ad
made on ,the manner end abttm of tOscerf of this process ntrnad hi arSSeatvt ) .is tt .
made Amidth. ...a d tIelt discovery over do into the right -th Irew MhtL ga
obser ling the day hare hcmly e.rred to J-fChmis, president ao the'Chase Rt- The T-x-sa o
strengten the ties that bind it to t fTgertng- eompy, Bo o l
b. now erectIng a e ale t goe u VIiNe ad ae Parsla. T ei C
hearts of the masses. As far as the tur. on the -erritn~sch lvp.le3. con- row that the disuhSge wa
cord. N,. H., with ai ael hacity of atoin t the ,5toe walls th.o
biblical authority in regard to th e- lo gallons. M'. Iris o exprt te saiom sound adl er tVhe
latlon of the date observed and th in the refriLerating mBoinn and was terrible reverberation gel n
one of the experts ent to Wh sngto sm" tIP 55it a
actual day on which Christ was born when President Garfeld wu shot, to been shattered "
concerned. it matters little at least devise means to cool his room. She Texas' sainte brought the
s concerned maers le at least de from the interest the puc tte chla wei
so long as none of us know the exact takes In the success of such an enter- flag the Texa was d cd i
e I tprise, our community will be more par- skeleton of the wrecked a
date. I is the day we celebrate, and ly W retS b1y hLat.s;a: pass
we fa l to know or a more appropriate i. eCsaae .8 's Importer. 4 Captain lgsbee will a tlm
wterr.DLtlling Pialt a. ;3 Petare asal prsillege of itistng the
season in the whole year. The charac- burg, and a mother of Capt. Case o tripes over the 5on 5 Se
ter and manner of many entertan-' that place, and neice of one of toe oea
"4teachen in the ul tary oenois of oun .
ments and celebrations are v"ry nap- city. he ma.ty no
propriate considering the solemnity of g
the occasion. This does not destroy TEAR-UP ON TRAMROAD TRACK Il l s
the grandeur of the objeo nor the mm- f O 4.""U
portance of the occasion any more than Nearly a asor IgE Nang
Sthe carousing and pleasure seeking by nad ome Will Die-Sose I 1- 1 9't h sJd j
some on the day we observe as Sunday Craft Plac OboaM B
Destroys the beauty andd importance of on .'a -
08 Trs % e ek 61


-it W"emW

-- at
u Im d'r ie as

SSfualh to Obs Trbune.
S edia December. 14.-
PrO-St blt y and party t-
f'er* ths nss- a4pIn abll l trinort
to .tt the big pm Juilee. Along
e a la to be ..topiln pise
wer' d agm ted at the
the oProodet. Wtee the
<. t- ta roat titnh owf ex-
." @ w oeUe a t the epot As
fro. doBd om the trn, they
uses setb. preamed ehe4J

i'.. Stto We Kvrstmb Gone Ma two0M.ck&
f of'tlw I dtpy o red n t-J Wheeler

lea sant ree tnioa u the b at weIo.
mandvy ead to std .ind 4-w-tuastli

ye n'iS k- amR s n biceo settle-
10prke t be growIng sm
e Gr-Im to nduw the Oisbdn of
at v li-t-"e that ttey wll.l re-
S-it betorthewl

ft. M anaanlun a d aemand"
Te Bh otel w~as~emet Imon oeadyn obe
-s" to 30at by abs United Butts hb
anm lover tot them, as ransom moey
M I*&e h anirh VxImoners In their 9p0-

..e. the to the T ibun fe.
Bwmm.0...Ga. Dc. 14.-The most
detructBive conarato in the histoSry
ofsttl a city occurred hero to-day. The
U NtA, HoteL SLt Simon. located on the
-4vignd of St Simon. a few miies from
her caught fie in son.e n2mserloass way
and butned to-the ground with all its
eonteonb The fre spread so rapidly
that vTs little furniture was Saved.
Theo boel was elected in 1ot and cost
the owners 80.08L It ass nsiored for


.--s' T s w't


The r ry in Beasts
isuse afsok
to 'AgAO

Special to the Trtfbu
" 3adrid, De*VLc.-
opinion berf to-daj
Spanish ministry wlt
In cae It dos. Gen
ready to form a P
predicted that we
care of oil ticsa
troubles will jast be
Special to the Tribul
Syracuse, N. Y., 'D
here to-day that Ba
Lacturing tewn twe
this city was almol
by fire. Three of
featuring plants w
ground and the four
stroyed. A number
were also burned.
Specalto the Trib
-Wlmington. Del,
Kenny of this city i1
for compiity in the
a national bank, s6
of going free. Th)#J
three day and there
a verdict, but have
report from the Ju
states that the score
in favor of acquittal
Special to the Tribu
Savannah, Dec. 1
who was recently
governor of Cuba,
attending the Jublle
en suddenly 111 and
company the Presid
northern trip. He
to his room all day
is hopeful that he w
his-utlem In a nvery
The Tampa Chapt
of the Confederacy,
Abernathy is the eat
very anxious to sei
to gladden the hea
rans at their hon
They" will be glad
tlons, such as can
cakes, nu '; also.
chiefs, Jiet.t, etc.
gift to -'the resld
Abernathy, 702 Mad
nesday, so that the
and sent off on ThI


Jtrpno Tuesdayrs -D
Circuit Court c
morning'sa tew min
with Judge Phillips
criminal docket wa
came of the State
Millton. charged V
GeorX&a cMcraw
crime ..as ommitt
ago, a"d ttl Is the
ton at the time he a
a peUceman and h
, great deal of inter
Witessw for the pro
tal wa Polceman
duty at the time oc
visiitp ot where tI
mthte Since tb

BANK MIAL P E chandcey. t arei A.
o _i s* it a 1 e M a -a e* -ex tor, etc., v. D. IL B
ra IU Hw 10 no Is an e. &L Foreo- ur e.
Uttci kJ~n Brkmi Thic eue Co=Lac to be been
appication for an order of pub
directed agalimt the defendant
Isfactlon of the Clerk of said col
r wy Case for Jacksonville Iquor Cas Settled by on affidavit filed with the bill
plilnt in maid cause that the said
yuns Vnab ae Tht Nigh Tribunal of Jl dant is a non-resident of the
ae Be With a Victory for the Big of Florida. and is a resident of 3*
goy Liquor Dealer. Walton County, Ga.. and over t
of twenty-one years. It is th
ordered that you J. G. Lawrel
ne. Special to the Tribune. appear to the bill of complaint
-It is the general Tallahassee Fla., Dec.. 19.-An inter- before the tb day o Decembel
y that the entire eating case has Just been decided in the 1598, else a db pro confesso
II resign to-morrow. Supreme Court The City Council entered ro confess u.
Iral Weyler stands entered 4- ou.
ew cabinet. It s Jaksonville recently adopted a nher ordered that
a Weyler assumes ordinance, fixing license taxes. Among e ther oied tat a
this order be publahed it Tamn
Il affairs, Spain's other requirements was one imposing bune, once a week for four conu
a special license tax of t1,000 upon per- weeks to the said Oth day of Dec
fE -FIRE. sons selling beer at wholesale. For an A. D. 1898. H. L. MTCEI
- alleged violation of that particular Clerk Circuit C
ne. clause of the ordinance, Robert W. Wm. HUNTERl
L'Complainant's S!Icltor.
kec. 19.News reached ams was tried In the Municipa court, By D. B. QIVESS.
Idwinaville a manu-
lve miller northof convicted and sentenced to pay. a fine I, H. L. Mitchell, Clem Circuit
t entirely destroyed of $500, or stand committed to jail for fr said county, hereby certify th
its largest mann- ninety days. After such conviction fpubore n is a true e of the or
ere burned to e and sentence, Slmms died his petition lcaon filed in the ared
th onepartiallyde adae si ei Wltne my hand and offlclai
r of dwelling houses for a writ of habeas corpus In the Cir- Tampa. this 4th day of Nov., A. I
cult Court of Duval County, alleging H. L MIT.HI
" therein that he has three places within Clerk C rcusts
ON ITRIAL the municipality of Jacksonville, for all By D. B. GIVe,
une of which he has duly obtained a permit DIVORCE NOTICE.
Dec. 9.--Senator frn the authorities; that he had paid In circuit Court, Hilborough C
ndlcted and on trial tate, county, and city license tax for Sixth Judicial Circuit o
S m is u s e o f fu n d s in ao Cuin ofh a n e y o vser .t h
andis;a o odSchance each place, aWgregatlng $3,450, securing In Chancery. 3l&uel A. M(
Shas been out for the State county and city license for T vsh atalis Snchez deo onte
e nights, trying for each place; that in one of said places he n appition -or on trder o
failedriTenrarpatonD for an orderr of
failed to gr The sells to retail dealers beer in kegs, half cation directed aSganst the lef
iry room to-night kegs and casks for which place of bul- Matalla Sanches de Montejo, anS
stands ten to two ne th city demands an additional pearlng to the sartsfttlon of the
1 license tax of $1,000. and that the pro- of said Court uton affidavit dile
L B ROOKE vision of the ordinance is excessive and the bill of complaint in said cau
ERAL BROOKE. unreasonable. the said defendant ie a non-reela
. The circuit judge denied the prayer of the State of lorida, and is a
hne. petitioner, and this decision aimms of the City of Havana. Villa .nu
9.--ieneral Brooks asked a reversal of by writ of error to Island of Cuba, and over the
appointed military the Supreme Court reversed the judg- twenty-one years.
and who was her meat of the Circuit Court with dlrec- It is therefore ordered tha
a services, was tak tions to grant the writ as prayed, and Matalla Sanchez de Montejo do
I was unable to ac for such further proceedings as may he to the said bill of complaint on
dental party on its consistent with law. fore the mth day of Feb., A.D., 18
L has bee confined a decree pro conf-sso will be e
r, but his physician SPANISH WAR PENSIONS. against you.
rill be abe to resume I It is further ordered that a c
r few days. Only Special Applications Being O-'cn- his order be published in Tamr
sidered Pending General Clasriil .i-ron.. I bue once a week for eight cons,
b4AS BOX. weeks pnor to the iaid 6th d
er of the DaughtersSpecial to the Tribune. February, A.D., o89&.
. of whom Mrs. Dr rWashlngton. D. C., Dec. 19.--Pensi-n L. E
teemed presldente.ae cases arising from the war i rIh Spain Clerk CircVEit C
nd a Christmas box are being duiposwd of in spec-ial n sian- VWALL & STEVENr' .
rts of the old vete- Cmplaina ictor.
ne in Jacksonville. ces. .The wIdtt ,f Capta:n Gridl a'- Comlainatches licircuir.
to receive contribu- ready draws her p-nsi,.,n, and the fr ad county hereby erk Circuit
ined goods, fruits, widows of Allyn Capron. fath-r and foregoing a true copy of the or
clothing, handker- son, -tho lost their lives before San i- P-Fubicaiion filed ;n 1-11e aforvisaid
Plese send yournd ocal
dence of Mrs. Dr. ago, %,It be ptt on the list without d-" Witnehs my hand and official
ison street on Wed- lay. Commissioner Evans will nvt lake Tampa, this ot da of Nov-.. A. IT
- box can be packed up the great bulk of applications r..--,- Clerk of Cir-jlt C
Irsday'. as -some time must elapse befJre thn- y D. B. GIVE\NS.
fio are classified. The Santiago ca_.ss-
T T niL will be considered flrsi. those from th GL-ARDI.%AN-S NOTICE.
I AI raL. Maniichampaign nut teot having ben N ,e Application t Sell
S reached. Interest In Land.
yesterdayy l-id e Besldes the pensions already n.on- Notice Is hereby given that
= Today. tioned, one has been grant-d In the apply to the Hlon. C. E. HS
STody. ase of a blind veteran of the Santlago County Judge In and for Hlllsh
County, State of Florida at hi
)ally. campaign now in one of the %tashing- In the cty of Tampa, In said
convened yesterday tonh ospltala on the 24th day of December. A.
es after 9 oclock.for lease to sell at private sale
te aer 9 'clock BIG CONTRACT AWARDE--. toe-sts of Roy H. Hiendon, 3
on the bench. The % ---- Herndon and Soamuel 3L. H
a taken up, and the Special to the Tribune. minors In and to the following de
of Florida i Tom Havana, Cuba. ,ec. 19.-The -Muni- real estate, to-wit: North half
with the Em9ner of cipal Council approved yesterday the Tamp sa1), block nineteeng (19he
was beguoni the $12,000,000 sewerage and paving project of re-lnvestment for the
Led abott twd years of M. J. Dady, an American contractor. of saud minors I
Sdecoqd triaL Mil- La Luchla attacks the Council for Its SAMUTEL P. HOfRN7M
hot the woman, was action in the matter, alleging that Im- Guardian for Sald .I
Is trial is exciting a
ist. 4 '. prncStple proper influences were brought to bear DIVORCE 'tOTfCa
setlon in the frst to the approval of the council- In Circuit Court, HIUsborough
Metcalf, ins ass men.
th shooting i. the Cuban troops occupied Cardenas yes- bth JudiUciali Circuit of Flo
e mrsr was .terday, hoisting American and Cuban Chnce'7. A. A. Hyt, vs
Stime however, 'v" This cause coming on to be her
Irom the tore, and CRI A PRESEoTS. n aPtlton fr an order of t
nploy of the over- ton directed ugalnt the def,
bei. made to have T temer Manatee on saturday Vrs S Hoyt and It appeal
Jest ,to city 5- night, i addition to her usual large "t1fscles of the Clee-
^*Ldm l ,^ cargo ot oranges ud vegetables Ctst upon affldavit filed wis
^-,, .- -- brought a box of the finest Satuiasa o. _onl3iai t in tmid cause that
Syet rday martin Imperital navae and tangeroee weer asende t bi a non president of to
ar ."*-" sees it this city They cam from the ~r'bor*ida and resides tn Lowe
ater .onsi er e- beauntifL grove of W. L KIrkbuu nea Lnmty of Washlnton, Vermot
m e. Sl rside~ntown on the JManatee river. I Ow the Set of twenty-one yeai
r--a- a ete^ tft on- t. er therefore ordered that you
Ilokn,'. w Tt to_.c r CBX e <_ r hty. who Inix'tafc r lar tp > oyt do appear to th* -sjl
t toui sgned Ion i to Prelbe n implant on or efore te d
i .~ta~nldey as a Chisemamgnnea o J la i e entAred D3,

I T. K. Str.i, r.. of O(iiesnlie is It f Further ordered that
I transmng hmInes U this order be Isaisbed in Tam
-=t=nat u in r 4 -ie c by umneonce a week for tor conm
ilon aUd ,e ........... ,prior to the said 2. d I o
evptna ., s'y, A.,'Diase. 1LL33I ItQ

S tWall & Bteresm,

b an a.. d.
gstL EtA rG M VID. I& Gta n e

&P "ffi I'wouuuiarl' saw scom

MIS~i~_r b d L~

iat the
order oft t e 4- --- - -

D. 19888.n in IEery City or Towo ,
ourt. n Salary or ConmrwiqsAl
D. C.
Iiunty, oda, StIRT and aCWIrTOSHBE Frdi f F eat C e

Jo.ard Samples and self measure blanks sent by mail.


I Clerk*

I will Safety! C(mforlt Qick Time! Low' tali
uarison, I ,
imrough FIoe _t Cuisine and Service. No transfer between Jlkenvrl)lleand flew or, % a
s office The FLeet ls cauopo6ed of the falowine Handsome New In eel seaseo
county Comanche newn, Algonquin, Cherokee, Seminele
D.. lis.
the In- yOKra-BOC D,
abel C'. Steamer n re"appointedtoaal acoordizg to the dids, a
rrndon. m Jarm ..le. Fi.. c. at sCC..... a... no-, .. .. Amday, Ts ar ysand
e on From C o S ...... ...... ..C.. ................CMod Wueda
-crib-d For hour of sbihng lee '-'lyde Lie" schedule, or Jacksonville andCi C~.r ibs ptm .4
of lot SoUTH-BOUND..
pof s-ees are appoiled to malromn Pier s Et Bs Riw SewY ork at .m.tuwfBoi V
purpose For CharloS, ... C .......... ... ............... ...-l. si l
benefit For Jacksonville.a. r, es.clisL t Chausnatoi............. .....-oaad a Ws 4adsw
:(Utllng a Cbhrkeston. 8 C., both wayL)
na Clyde N w England ad SousBern ne--FrigitQi ,

County, er a d re appe ted to-9 as O. -a
fsrom Fooutr of wet Jachsinell, Iarm

ar dWo Clyde's St. Johns Biver lin
endant, ascbo "1*, Baafnrd. Zfrooi n"M.. a" aumetle Tand-bo r'"i.eJr i^^--

die g City orfJaoLk ,8oz^v
r Cabot CAr. &W LAW. a,
at. and -ppo t sed t s sae ewK
'Velroy LeaTvSaftf 9.-0 asa n eprim a. ........." a. wPcl S
bill of
day of Leave :5M p.m.i.......... .. .... Jacrmo ijve..,..........
ro.e ,-u 8:4 o.i-m .- .. .... .. .. ...... ......
S" 3 tme.ril.. ..... i ........ .
ecut Ie n a .............. . ......
C Uol t :00 L L a.m......... ....... Bb priam ...... .... .... .
.j&=- G 1,lM.........;... :..... ,.... .. .....
,Ai .- --.
,~.,. -..m ... ....
a "onaral P"asm-"r a"nd.iTiet O fIe, 230 ;Won S

Stoa. WStoe he.m'_ R, .
"D. C olae TS

Foundry. Mwht Mind, anid '
t. fous

aft aot 8PZCIALTIES: rHmav BtcIrwmtllng, -
lu to Works. StMre irons, Bill, aOrou, tc.&
f- nte- lfe
Bushes, Stea bost OcLurry and Bqgmi Our
bee "d to jrtt&lintg fry 5g a pagjh fetg
sate In PriCes. cAmaa Pis"Poab -IC
toub t -- C- I S S

vSetuen (17).

is e nL orth- Mu a .

V Wilses=ak.leestimsd bsla .w i ".
X iQfeet. and Smamp l 3iais. hip 1 a
@red OMN) feet, .ATO1
ehunder (100) -'o.ki. -

9 ,Thern. Ba . .dm ,
lesc-toed 11am in cowimnz wILOA ANDWUl5

1zz s3.sq.3-I^a ., ;..*
b rt t a L-(L7), eig ht A T E?


/ . .

j: ~f~:

laoPPINTrAM Irfai

ifwteb Prhf f M d fkirfrWi ^ *- '
DRY GOT ..: -

Clr Order De
We have a regular orgpan"ed department unddr Ois
vision of one of the firm for this branch of our td .ntem. i
at a distance can send for samples and may depT k ond
any order entrusted to us filled with the same premptnel
care, and at the same prices as if personally selected. W
us for samples and prices on anything in the Fancy .Diy
Line. Our store has been specially conducted for the puW
of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, best fitted Lup.
best construcd.i, and contAins all that experience -Aan Su
to render it the most useful, comfortable an attractive
kind.' It is accordingly one of the sights of Louisville.
"Bacon's Advertiser" contains price aist of Fancy and Drj
Goods m ailed free on application i

425, 425, 429 E. Market bt., above Preston, Leisville, Ky..T1



A I rat kkat K&D r

,4 P -' x. 4-.: ^r

al mail PMtage Prepaid, Daily
S e month... .. ...... 60-
S. moths m ...... ........ 125 4
S .. x nt. .. ... .. .. 250 +


S++++++ ++ +++ ++++
Al. subscriptions arq payrble In 4
4w mian Gutml r AIa +*
csto remit by c aas4Is ce +
4 money order, Zn'eote. dt reg- 4+
S l tre t*ed "tter
-The daute Bjrwbj the sob-
; -'atian epstr Ia on the ad- +
s label of ech copy. 4
S:, si.rt ratem tarnished on 4
S deli-ve ry s irreg"Uar. 4
.wRll vise make im- 4
be dte complaint.

Es + + + + X+ + + + + +s 0

.'.+ .+' -- ----
i. the winter of the alewoman's

s even glye' us a new
house for a Chrittmas gift.
Si- Itj Ida wleonviet wtha bangs up his
wansd i st# for

narals In Cdba-
he Oalmjieen. Mles' flag-

SOet to soume coapolatlon to the
rgise 'that he has only
obe od.

S awt being called
tM,.tan d yet she contemplated
oasoner forrleayor.

i~tt of- panscawi -has reached
iWherl e they ar dtcussWing the

in the lDemon

sell 55be t1
-g the
eoa rLee wit

Jte House.
4e "Coin' Har-
"that .O ,tto.800
rati campaign

at his honor
hock of being
i an "I told you

Ut-tOe like Speakter Reed
SdtioOSUd wtil the expansion
st e tsOesaln which has

it is eralre S coincidence
saido ademaAd for 3.OO.0s
f"ng a the pesos treaty hap-
at the same Awe.
tYork Hsti has elected W.
~Depwe i the BSenate, and, of

)apBta eioaI City who al-

wt e si to e tp4


is r trained a
l~tofKs ftt ,r of a slr
a tg o ist ih

^y~ym cf^^^

win. aoa e. Hood's P. T Loew. Mass.

NakteelaWn Andsure. A ll EA I D
r'XiUts a lie. I. Hood Co- towen. Mss ______
The only Pllh to take with Hood's rspprilk
ATO E. While Intoxicated, the Engineer

The Augusta Chonlcle very truthfully
says: "New fields for work for
women are constantly being sought by
the friends of the fair sex and occas-
ionally we hear of some new departure
in this line. Harper's Bazar tells of
two enterprising,.New York girls who
have mapped -outs for themselves a new
line of endeavor that is proving re-
munerative for them as well as a great
convenience to many of New York's busy
women. The Bazar says:
'The New Yor $rls have found a
novel line of wrk It is not shopping
for set-of-town customers, but a simi-
lar service for women who live in the
city, but who have more demands on
their time than they can fill. These
enterprising young women will under-
take all sorts of commissions. They
will secure theatre or opera tickets,
using much more judgment in selection
than a messenger boy would, display,
and standing in line with more equan-
f7tV, 5Fs itatsly, n the busy women
W'-oclety eotl 0 i4nl r They will
Wke inQufteftIbdit railroad tickets
and time tables, "ee6eIfdead about dec-
orations appropriate for valriOs'social
entertainments; in fact, do a thousand
things which require both judgment
and time. It is the role of errand boy,
but amplified and idolized.
"Of course in a large city like New
York there is a much broader field and
greater opportunity for success than
in a smaler city like our town, but even
fn Tampa there would seem to be suf-
ficient field for profitable employment
of at least one popular young woman
in the way suggested above. Very
frequently ladies of Tampa have their
engagements at home which make it rn-
fonvlent for them to do necessary shop-
ping or fill other business engagements
upon the street, and If there was some
Intelligent young' woman whose servi-
ces were available at any time, no doubt
they would be called into requisition
frequently enough to furnish a good
The best way to build up a town 4s to
stand by every man in the place who
does right. All residents are, in a large
sense, partners and should not be op-
ponents. Nb mater what your call-
ing, the more business your rinal is do-
ing, the more you will do. Legitimate
Saggresvese in business life mean
something quite different from slan-
dering or otherwise attempting to pull
down the oger fellow. Evepy business
-axw" ot ag&a I aLAtoqieri honestly
and courteously will get his share. .Be-
ides, mud slinging is sure to become
.veptly.4A boomerang to business,
haijd to rea'c to- the detriment of the
ifnger. The dog in the manger de-
serves dog's treatment; and in the end
he is bound to getit.

SThe Democrats of. Pennsylvania
ougLt to bring suit for damages against
zQWy because the Senator Iwould have

TXhe.Ciowero atfVhS e company recel-
vedlword rmtwrids'tl.t the schooners
e ga THiii~I i s d Asgustis 1. Herrick
had arrived safely at Key West- The
B srtha L leammedately cleared for
dti c41 ~ ~ii ttle. The
.nn carriages
and other supplies for the government

!t tp^a sad-Central American ports
f f it.

4 e ipf.ew -qL Ta.a, Heiga liue
fbl and en

^"S~ctn ttA M tei'f- tha-
bounrtrp, 'atm thhe aiedy ouired

Opened the Stop Cock and the
Pipes Burst, Killing Him

Special to the Tribune.
Havana, Dec. 20.-A terrible explosion
shook (he little steamer Fanita shortly
after midnight this morning, when
some steam pipes in the boiler room
blew out, killing one' man and fatally
scalding three others.
The Fanita was at anchor in the har-
bor ready to go out in the morning.
Three )en were at work upon the ma-
chinery, when Chief Engineer A. E.
Geer of Tampa went, into the boiler
Geer had been drinMing. By mistake
or accident he opened a stop cock,
turning the full pressure of team into
pipes that had been found defective.
instantly there came a terrific explosion
that wrecked the room, instantly killing
Geer. John Wilsey, Assistant Engi-
neer William qreen, a fireman, and


Shipbuilders Think They are Not
, prepared for Such enormous Con-
tracts. Ad are Figuring on
the Proposition.

Special to the Tribune.
W'ashington, Dec. 20.-Assurances
have been given to President 'McKinley
and Secretary of the Navy Long by
members of the naval committees of
Congress that the ship building pro-
gramme which they recommend will be
This means that Congress will pledge
the government to the expenditure of
almost $60,000,000 for increasing the
navy. An immediate appropriation of
such a large sum will not, of course, be
necessary. It will be spread over a
period of at least four years. In the
forthcoming naval appropiLation fi,
an expenditure of only ten to fifteen
million dollars need be _authorised.
Strange as it may seem, some opposi-
tion has developed frem the shiybulld-
ers of the country, who may tr yto se-
cure a reduction in the number of ships
authorized, or, if Congress be willing, tl
obtain the authorization of fifteen ships,

Peter Walsh, a "machinist, were so the contracts for a certain number of
scalded that they are all dying at the which are to be placed yearly until the
Reina Mercedes Hospital. entire programme has been executed.


Views the Ruins of His BigPlant on Was the Social st the Baptist Church
the Hillsborough River. Lastllight.

From Thursday's Daily. The social at the Baptist church last
Mr. Chester W. Chapin, receiver of night under the auspices of the Ladies'
the Consumers' Street Railway Com- Anigt uetyr tas a success of t every
Aid Society, was a success in ever
pany arrived here yesterday from New partiular. A large crowd w4s in at-
York. In company with General Man- tendanceand the social feature were
ager, Geo. D. Munsing and P. Knight most gratifying to every onb present.
counsel fo the company made a tripThe literary and musical program was
yesterday afternoon out to the am, vry interesting, a feature of which' was
where the ruin wrought by the recent the solo singing of r. Palma Atrey,
explosion was viewed and the question a rec acquisition to Tampa society
of rebuilding carefully considered. a recent acquisiin to T pa soe
and musical circles. He is possessed
While no definite action was taken wi i peculiar richnes d
regard to the dam, r. Chapin decided rae melo dyi Ho rendition orftwe di. -
to put the steam power at the dam in cult solos during the even ewas
first-class working order fo rte present i a he hearty apaus
operating of the system. the rebuild- told how well he as aprect aed.
tng of the dam will be a matter for fu- s e recipient of manyFpomplment
ture consideration. fr hs fe ort.
Mr. Chapin was naturally, very much r. Petes bookkeeper at the Tamp
surprisd wenthoemrlearned theatre Mndr. Peters, bookkeeper at the Tampa
surprised when he learned Jhe true Steam Laundry also sang a very please
state of affairs and expressed himself ing slo. h r. J. H. Thart, who served
as being very anxious that the criminal in t capacity of master o ceremonies
in tgro capacity oofmaster Bo ceremonies,
be brought to a speedy punishment, not entertained the audience with a nost
only for the benefit of his company, but interesting and amusing address.
for the reputation and honor of the en- A dainty lunch was served by t
tire community.
e t ladies followed by a season of social in-
BEFORE JUDGE HARRIO-90N. tercourse, music and short talk. ,
Sn These monthly social gatherings art
A case of more than ordinary im- becoming very popular and much credl
portance was heardbefore Judgear- is due the ladies for their efforts a
prison yesterday morning. It was the asking each one a success
State of Florida vs Joseph Reyburn.
The charge against him was assault The beautiful schooner hitewater
with intent to murder, and the prose- owned by Mr. W. C. lBodden, was towe<
cutting wtiness was iMrs. M. J. Clay. up the bay yesterday morning and w
She was represented by Jude HWanson, unload her cargo of 80,000 cosoanuts to
whle the defendant was taken care of day. This Immense cargt was bruugh
b)y r. M. B. Macfarlane. The hearing grom Honduras. Mr. Bodde, is pre
began at 10 am., and lasted until 3 p.m. paring to take a load of metchandle
( Aarge crowd was present, ad _abbut from this city to Havana and other Cu
a score of witnesses testifeA. The- ban points on his return trip. Tho
Judge, after carefully weighing the having shipments to make in tlhe'.eas
Testimony, rendered a verdict in favor future can arrange with him at ver
of the defendant. reasonable rates- The Whitewarler
E fCTEVD mrFICER~L -tne of the best and most teeable mr?
os Drl, chant vessels that comes to this 4ort
John Darling Lodge F. and .A. M., and0hse e!efy advantage for hanotih!
elected the following officers last night goods promptly andesafely.
to serve -or the ensuing term:;
SL. S, Oppenheimer, W. 3M.; W'. J.
w tt. S. 'W.; Mr. Harris, J. W.; J. H./ -f-oes week-the nicest Jeb-O iatU
Krahse treasurer; F. J. IJ.apnotierf, too-
secref This ,lodge" is making ar-- pri telephone your orders a
rangemtnts to move into,the ,new.hall the hune will dispatch a sol O
In the Krause building on Jpnuary sho you yo
DSSte>UT~I:t6 OEF .AHIfiNH.RSHIPP N man can work with a live
or stipated bowels. A few. o
Th., e gtneiurip heretofore- eoxtln% mo r
he' twrew A, Altgelds and A. J."4 1 !e. Sold by S B. Leonar & C
'-~t as_ bee .. d -issolve. by nutualCOa: -
sent. Sir, r..telg.dwill continue the ._ie y .u asa for ee Wt
huvess, and arrmines all liabilities oft -~Aj Save donrm acts mornte eel
or'. htAtLon. here ate more easbsid
,the ltteflinrm. Piea beiretf-- red by this. th 'h i
TIbiAN3IC A. ALTOELD, othefs-.0salSet& W oI f^2J
A. J. PARKER- N2a. r MtC..- (
Elegant and cheap frame mouldings Wood! -Woodl O ad ad e wood.,W
made to order, New styles of wall selt 4-oot-oord wood and s to"
Spaper from _0 cents and up. -A full wut-any le*rtl- k mCqarry 111 W6* thm
an the tathe~lyrde In town. Teitobe
- line of g as and paiqts. .-w._, L 'ttOe. m ~is, for i t)owt Tces. J. m
& Co., Fra. lin. CQr.;ackion's ~ sad. fber,. pro r et.

between sAney a
.street, on Zack str-
street and Marion st
between Ashley s
a street, on Cas strs
street and Mariob
street between A
Marion street, on
f between Franklin
ion street on Sev
Stween Nebraska a'
ston avenue, on ELgl
Thirteenth street an,
SNinth avenue be
street and Sixteenth
th street, between I
Tenth avenue, side'
Sfeetride. On Thl
twden Sixth avenue
on Sixteenth street
avenue and Tenth
S'teenth street between
Tenth avenue, on PN
Stween Sixth avenue
sidewalks shall be 1
Fourteenth street f
to Ninth avenue, si
curb line. On all oti
of streets in the cli
feet wide, sidewalks
wide, and on all store
feet wide, and mo
wide, sidewalks shas
and on all st]
forty feet wide,
be five feet wid
Son all streets
when wooden side
to be laid, the woo
laid shall be eight fi
other streets less
mure than forty feet
sidewalks are pern
when laia shall be
on all other street
wide, when wooden
mitted to be laid,
five feet wide. Bu
that when any side
Sof the foregoing a
woodenn sidewalks,
same shall be and c
specified in this sect
the several streets
City of Tampa other
as spefeed for woo
Section 3. That
i Franklin street froi
Scott street and sid<
street, tfr*m Floridi
str eet; ang all side
Slimit in the llrst ;
I sidewalks ;a the T1
S'est Latfyette store
Stxthn anvue; anc
street frosm blIs
e Grand CentWl. avei
e avenue ib the Fourl
teenth street to SU
Fourteenth street ft
to NInth avenue;
ia Wtard,- Seventh av&
avenue to Central a
of marble, vitrified
phalt or other har
Serial with substan
t Sidwalks on all
parts of streets I
built otfall heart ;
free om windshai
ot4]iesird wood ft
d@leck. The strin
four inch lumbe
epnics shal Ibe I
t stringers shin be I
t not to be laid over
-placed so that the
the plans shall n
inch from ends ofs
the plans are t
i thickness.
All of the stringer
or een with the g
t possible and not b
shall be one and or
and laid croeswlt
e leaving spces nbt
rter or an Inck
six inches and well
r than twenty penn
y .nail to each bear
Is '. 10 own of
phosphate rtck, br
asphaltor otherUk-
r- -deir. And pTOVI
every case where ti
of tny prop.
gf~jsgSthe ]1ot
t iisso o rderd tt
S erii' nfrent and -O
"dir the 'Id

Paseed iT3
all\ 5Aiwalk 0 on day of Dec(
SWbltitg...treet to (Attest)
walks o0iT'eayette Prei
a avenue to Water JNO..-M.
valks iaid in the fire Cit
Ward; and-iall the Approved
hird WarilfDuth of December, u
et. and e of weet u
I ot tfae E to tte m
ait akeeitg to..

th W5AKKIDNEyS IW^ainthy .
three nil

Jmb ,, *p3! BrigRe Disease. b"

or -

L' Weanks c. .an peys. CoAsos ae t otly. a
SI a i -' F c ity

7 .
M. .'. ,.m.-

by a. ILt

jolnts or '~

_____ bqpo
l8^.?- Ab4l


I the


S,- -. :
-' pc

To be Added to th ItTy in the Next th

Fo" Years. P

.-8T..~-- .


ap cod ammrHnfl'st begas
j ounoey over the aStt. This is

Many a household is saddened
death because of the failure to
t d a int6errtet ue
LC ds ore cdcr oup such as the One
S- ute Cough Cure. See that your
wat ed we protected against emerge?
r or sale by "BI h.teourdl & Co.
O tr. 8. Rodriguez, tbdopular
.1' T .... '- Tampa cIgar manufaetuir e, has
W"-! ^ i / ~to Brooklyn. N. Y.,- to Wend the
r ^l days with his friends and old acnu
*4d oQei4a4p0 r*Id the dances. His many Tampa frieeas
5**isa a reiaetsrtd at .the him a pleasant trip and a safe retu
The Hyde Park Kindergarten u
, iCetb> taet tiat Plant the able management of Miss Mets
i sMsted by seventh of Is have its Christmas tree Friday n
a,!c the sCaiine the other lIM at10 clock and the manageme
the school cordially Invites all wn
interested to be present.

VIuhtteedn of.ldfedI oEt b
thebean vsting rle1 Lae e olU and eanly to lner,
1 I Vast two Weeko eK fve Pame a man for his home In the a
2But early to bed and a Little X
miser, the pil that makes 1 ie Io
r a s aspeciam i St. and better and wiser. For sale b
, apl.' rl- edi. a the, B. Ieonardl & Co.
Sia tinsea after se t ., ndlge
S fatniene of water breast may
nirtr St < uidy corrected through the as
Se ikly As Bittenr. It tren t
p t io rs ertI e eLB cleanses and regulates
f~it tMty yesry aboeeI Solad br B eonLoaerdi C&
kE P1gB H. Uonea, age twentlbdve,
ir 0is I4eOr i sh ?aesday night at the residence o0
Si + ster+,Mt. Mary Robertson
k0ta.A the r typsoid ever. He leaves a nut
ftecland of rartise and friends to mowurn
P runtim dem i
A3 ,n A nogh baot like a f.ever. It
trPt-tt e' ,r-, J RP tickly and efectaly witth one:
i.Mei"a ir etdou And Ufte Cough Cure, the beat remedy
p bl;Maltfort-ihite all a"es and for the mot severe o
We recommend it because it's C
Io or sale by0 8 B. Leonardi & Co.
Ifet n bte nhisal of --
r ptirrm The Tbj. lest alvne in the world for
3 h iiri TIUBA ,iriaxel sores. o tettr5, chaoped hands, ohlbIL
at ea. It is a relable coorns. and altindsofa shin erupt
g BA o regewator, and p-sitively curee piles, or no
at1 t robale before'It de- reQfured. It Is guatranateed to
perfect satisfaction or money refuc
gsou e. 8a f., ePrice, cents per box For sale


i- iMomoving

iBro ing. Monday morning, we 'ill begin a Gene
31je" on eIery qVicle in our establishment. It is che
eienm at os tlo M to move then'

Are Unusual

'1"iMle in.J r Necktwear, Shirts and Furnishin1
4 pq i" PrCales, the handsomest and cheap
16 larg. ine to ,eseet from.

11tbefeit or4-treakers6 when it comes
iopces. Nothing like them has everb

t auy tesnonable price
^< P kP shM Ogwlfl th

evi. II.c~. .-

*^f stl tll t

m m ULU/IIIIIIVU VIIL ULIIL IIVULUIVVIIV1 lIlL VU[UIII '. ;,,,,,.es- -,ww, ,vvv i i

H, Adds FPinT Hded 0 Dollars to llhe a G A. H. P W ttoies Prtsidet
keep Rh wards. IcKioesC e i1aMU1 Q--
Min- 0 +
little "
-as ATETt
holt- Wita Good Prospect of the County Leaving Havana Rapidly-News Re ....
aint- Commissioners Raising the ceived of the Awwuination of r '4,
w Amount at Least five Hay.ien President-Protest by
rl r t will
norn- .
nt o A committee consisting of Col. J. Special to the Tribune. --
o are B. Anderson, chairman, T. C. Taliaferro DubuqueIowa, Dec. 2.-The H yde
and C. C. Whltaker, appointed a Pa k I. A pot o Th c y has n
pr mass meeting of citizens last week to Park A. R. pt of thi city has un- .
le correspond with the State, county and animously Indorsed President McKIn- .
a city officials In reference to offering a ley's Ttlanta declaration that the time Only Three More Days TillChrisrmas. We are
Sreward for the apprehensIon and con has arrived when the federal govern- going to carry any Holiday Goods over, ad, h
sy IL viction of the perpetrators of the dam
disaster, are d(ing their work well. On meant should assist the Southern States fore, have Cut prices to make them 00ve6 w
last Friday evening It will be remem- in caring for the graves of Confederate 4 -
bered they laid the matter before the .0. r.- "
tlOKin. City Council where an additional re-. deaLd. . '
be ward of 50 was secured. In addition --- -
e of to this, they addressed a letter to AMERICAN STORE RAIDED. -
hens Governor Bloxham, who Immediately -
I tlhe offered another SM. This makes a Special to the Tribune. R P c
Co. totalofUtIO rt th cuny cmms- Havana. Dec. 20.-An American store -R PUo jV I
died The following is the letter addressed in this city, owned by a New Yorker,
ht 1 by the committee to the Governor, to- '
with gether with the anwer received that who sold American nags, was raided Good
aber night. and outraged by a Spanish sCa ptain Dress Goods and Silks, Capes and Jackets,.
2 si Tampa. Fia, Dec. 15, 1. 1 t,90c.d chiefa' Umbr+l Belts, Fans,
l Hon.W. D.Boxham. Governor, State hereto-ay. Te Incdent has rae cif, Ne lsBlt F n, Hosiery,
doe. -As a committee appointed at a meet- Blankets and Comforters. Reduced Prce a
t of th r -ve cities of the demands an investigation. nery, h r and Ha You
Min- county of !lsborouha, held on the- fly, Childrdnsuaps and Hats. You
r for 16th d y ofD member, 19M, tor the pur- ATTIAN PR D=NT A4S A good hes d b them at the r t p ..e. -
s.o copdering the matter ofhePR T goodShoeshe buy them at theright
nood. destruction of the dam across the Hilas- -,* *
borough river, and property of the Con- a" the Tribune. '
sumers' Electric Ight & Street Rail- eal
L way Company. Parie, Dec. 20.-A dispatch from Cape w q 1 .
We beg to Inform you that on the Hattien received here to-day, states
eots sight %f the 13th day of December, l, that it i s rumored that the Dominion - R O
re the dam of the Consumers' Company.
a across the illsborough river, was by President Ulysses Heureaux has been j D D f U
loan some person or persons, now unknown assassinated while attending the chris- M A A S B R O T H E R S
p to us, blown up and practically 'de- tening incognito. ,' -
ivt stroyed by dynamite or eome otuor T i icgto
ded powerful explosive, that the destruction EV+ACUATING HAVANA. j
Y 1 of the property amounted to 650,O(.0N. 0 O TE bP.. S,
In addition to the propee.y destroyl(d, Special to the Tribune. gk IS&
almost the entire plant of aid company Havana Dec. 2 Te Spanish troops
has been made worthless for the time vana, De. 20.-The Spanish troops
Being, and which also works a hiard- are now evacuating Havana. Two .
ship an the entire city of Tampa. transports sailed from here to-day,
That we believe it is to _he interest bound for Cadiz. Al lwlll be gone by i
of Hilleborough County, as well as theIt
entire State of Florida, that, every in- bound for Cadiz. All will be gone by -
ducement be offered for the investment the first of January.
of capital within the State. and after -
investment, to glve it every protection PROTEST BY QUEEN LIL. .
which the strong arm of t e law can e B e
throw about It. Special to the Tribune, A
The perpetrators ,, k the dastardly Washington, Dec. 20.-Ex-Queen Lil- a s
deed are still at large, and tare unknown uhk Sobb, a o n ent e
to the authorities of otils county. Toot oukalani to-dy sent to the Senate a iT
Is is the concensus tif opinion of this protest against the appropriation of II
committee as well aG that of the good crown land of Hawai by the United "W
citizens of this county, that if a suit- States.IL L AL..4A
able reward was offered for the appre:- ta e
henslion and conviction of the guilty W7 -
)ra party, or parties, that thea.nor n wod/ rirr N n
ap- to justice the perpetratoes of the etle' ri hu
And that without such a reward be- __ ,,
punished, which will bespea to th.e A.merican Visitors Getting Robbd in And in coneeqm ce we are obliged to close outaw-2
contemplating investing capital in this Havaa Daly. much as possib of our stock by Janary1t
able protection under our laws for thbir -- order to move ,, goods than we Can possily -
We would, therefore, ask vou ex- the many pleasant caller hep, we havetill further reduction i
erclse your prerogative e a of the Tribune office yesterday was Mr. .. -
the State of Florida, and that yi offer John t. Cobb, a prominent citizen of
S a suitable reward or the app-theoeion
est and conviction of the perpetrators of Montgomery, Ala., who with his wife
the offense to which we have above re- g f n h re
erred. Yours very truly, and a gentleman friend, has just re-
J. B. AND J SON, r n turned from an extended visit to He- e .
Chairman. vanM This gentleman was quite se- -. the Bargains.
C. C.WHITAKER, vere in his condemnation of the manner Our 49c Dn S W''.'
Committee. n which the Cubans,. Spaniards and o ..... . ...... ". j
--- -OE O.resident Americans were trying to beat ur c rat.
PROCjAMATION BY GOVERNO, everybody ,who visits that city. -He OUr2 5cI | k ............... .
uxitve0Tflks TWltahaasee. Fla, 0ea. si h, at AndowtherM fPoAm 9c to 1A ^12
o Whereas, it'Is officially brought to my citien of Havana had plotted to fleece determined a sm much a p hl. somp Aelm .-
to attention that on or about the 12th day the American visitors who per chance, stock

ough ri.er,-b., onsi_ jto the, Coos.m- seemed that thhtie nlardp. Cubans and ) W .. .. .
fr CompanYc otig authority Noested.in luoshed In business vied with each I . .E. ;*.
the Govercor, and upon the earnest so- other to see who could got the most Waves Over O es'y department and yan do
itcttatlon of the Board of Trade of the money out of the verdant new comers better than to "' el M car'tion befoi'" ung 1u2" ""-
o, c ity at large, I dObey a tor of that Areen land. ...AT -G.P.i2 .i.
..... ]PJVJ DR D "KO-O / kf. g He said that Havana was filled with -*. . .--* S ..

,pay^i teg m co25^ o, s enfs_ e were qtsout a_ s lrc.-a- the proverbial .p- ,,,i ti .l,

_. ++t.,s ^'__ A. -, -" Ab.se "t WIreI<.hegoni eAd:to, nd~tt a.large *7 w i'' --... .. M.

3Mt Florida. houseon tho e Anmerloan iplan, RW th- b s
-.f^roC4i tAJ? *i cheapest thing in t was a efty- a Aw
Seven roos house in a mote pamo rt q t i. jF
rthe cftyi. that hadb" bass .coadlsaed by q OO. "1 is id sto
LIW s1MeLPLT Ul e. f 9 jIashistethait ws offered for-ale all .iSi
S ,m.gWbhnnan t shouldd be o p- l i aj alege .eal estate frm for mM,.
IUled wifth ptiy meater possblte-forIWt ., 0o. o guarantee weaol4 go with -s
ijeAf. aI with pleaSrewe pisphth transaction as to the title of the spp-.
the omowlnr; "Thist I t certify. tt edty, a after Investigatiml he foanud E5WABD MAXKa" ,A
JaundeS flor oversi x month, and w control of 'Hvana this property will re- E 1
treated by aoMpe of the beet Ihyaiclaa Oert back to the party whom it was
in our city, all to no avail. Dr. Bell, confiscated from during the war with
oear druggist, recommended Elsetric Spain. .
Bliters; .ad after takIng two bottles His advice is to stay away from fa- is
I was entire cured, I now take great vans until the United States Iets abso- .
'pleasure in recommending them to any lute control of It. Then there will be T .l.O$ 0.0000 J0i'
person suffering from this terrible ample room for capital to makes proft- Largest capital of sa te uh 0ofak 8o92i~ _
salad. I am gratefully yoursa 3A-naWeInvestments.AbM~
Saolarty. Lesngton. Ky." Sold by W. He says the condition of the majority btl8ineB8 m to
B. Leonardi & Co. Druggists of Cubans Is simply wretched. On banking g t a e passedl fit', ,
Severe corner and In front of every, doo, for o m 6llections at 1 n
poor women -and half nde children .", Uited 8 t,.
.Its &ar wixr tao nto standbegging for penniei to buy b;eod.t ,I
r ine. s away than Mr Cobb and'vtie wiii remain In BOARD OP D S QJ5, 3 L to0. 3 ,
,'!n hmpa for several days, and are com- ra MWS, M Lo. n es, o
i i d of fortably domiciled in a pleasant board- A ,
S at 0 better's ing house on Franklin street.
Sy ime, ud gs thdl. THE nODMRdT W OTSIR iA .S I
OiS iy saia power t got --full Ha found that er-ttle ones are m-
Sprved more by t4 ple asant yrup eof 70. St. .s
b t Hostetter's w en in eed of the I==i Chinese and i "
H. .Seata rme, than r y any other. tion &a r.o ala-tsa
Ci cnnor y ena j It an& It benefm t dnrhemm.
Te o.. tr ue re" d dy, d in ..a
S ^S us' mrr.aui coyd. ar a '^ tttriadh



___~ __ ~__^_


' .p a cBm -

W 1W. IS wugE t~ E PL

Abltde t* Honme of the TuCker Arreghed end Jailed-GOnd
?W da X uter* and S ui JnreInestating the Ca-Ar-
Amivel a*oe and ahe ofwhat, ranhats Being Made to
U; ems 'h*me Lighting.

WeeMtid the Tribune. From T trsday's Daily.
mt-< ALJ S Dec. 14.-The great The --at-i artrophe at the power
that See hung like a dark
M SS^ ot sever house a -.1.Consumerw Electric Light
W "v>e iv during theb ieretSR way Company, Tuesday
t ld .." t. tf ch was graphically re-
tr IS. NWHe J. Horne, a beantiul and lated in the Tribune yesterday morn-
sepised"oung woman whohal oing was the cause of considerable com-
ii here durin the winter for ment all over the city yesterday. Street
1-r slW. was 5P .tted away some corners wr lined with people express-
_id u s and all efforts to- a hd lng tclheilr ons of the affair, a41 the
__ waII*ng. After a long ad universal entiment of the public Is.
ft ~cb b the sherif, circum thati't was a most dastardly act of a
ted stro tngly to the belief cowardly villian. who should be severely
e beS blen ordered and robbed dealt with If ever apprehended.
e* afed. E arly yesterday morning, and during
he ntft declared to-day that the entire day, people from all parts
: a *a a tlb: evidence is produced, t of the county visited the scene of dis-
S rSeve one of the most heartless oater, aDd were horrified to see what
* sdenwtlonas crimes ever committed wanton _lknction of valuable prop-
e -Jh "comtn.y. t ety hat thLen plaee in such a 'short
i los as though an Aotf cyclone had
dl ".-i".- Jai 'Ml.* ci wi a p wernlosendrd yards
~ius ft to house the dam
Is' a 5 L i:It warhunlt
rBt pringa5O oqy .it was .re of cement and was of the most subetan-
t that r., one' bed had been tUal character of masonary work. The
I brought with him a ack water that had accumulated there.
othe orr5 e vlidence that rushed through with such force that it
ad been cremated piece took everthi in ts wake. and re-
S. q3~5r, iefflddiffi Io se. Te, sembled the great Johnstown flood sev-
S o kblaF human banes, ashes and eral years ago and played have uhat
1 Ser'bsl&rs covered from the fre- w ill cost thousands of dollars and years
9ce i th Bb fflel house. The evf to replacC When the explosion took
eponle strongly to the guilt of place, it tmde such a report that It was
heard for nine miles up and down the
eomuntl* at aroused to a fever- river, aniSirly made the earth tremble
a ostat o excitement, and threats of for at least a mile around. The people
i tphtag are being freely discussed living in houses on the hillside thought
TleW is expected at any moment. that they were going through the ordeal
f P o a destructive earth quake, and wore
#XIM FlsW SAf O fPTA. fearing every moment that they would
S partme- to As Bd for be swallowed up by a big gap in the
S- department to Ask Bids forground. suddenly the water burst
S Transportation a Spanish Troops forth and tlk,.gigantic power house was
.' Pm P.hletneas. deloged'the" flne plant was covered
with water and the electricians and
eei sal to the Tribune, workmenh-id to run for their lives to
Washinrtoa, Dec 14.-The Quarter- keep from drowning. Way up on the
ter. '. DiBpartment bf the army is hillside the water rose, and for miles
sgn* c e4" upon to transport from the do ver, it sounded like the
'all~Ipanieh ioldlers .consti- ragiFl ppi. It was several hours
garrison of the islands. before *accumulated water had suf
bout .fifteen thousand of flcietely passed, so that the workmen
hein.preel din to the best information, could Teturn to the power house where
l -.vtl sr e-t t. All gvern- the. pn-tn Bhdlmot been entirely de-
""ea iares required lor the stroyed.
tsovementof the United States Army, When the flowing streams of water
i the diSartment will be obliged to had subsided and left the ground north
the of the dane dry, fish by the hundreds
pod to repealt were fo and many people from the
SOwith ntIa psoners, city were ngup the finy tribe yes
e .ariled home bi sthe Spanish terda
Company, a ovserument 'ARRESTEID.
Ine. IrcIng ailing Spanish sol- J. A. Tueker, one of the watchmen
in th bands of their own People who-was- on duty at the time the ex-
Ua'00 esnioo s, the department avoid- pioslon: took place, and on whose side
Sl. .treatment.wlch al of -teL dam the great catastrophe oc-
mes esrta would have been mae curred, has been arrested, charged with
n the sbim reached Spanlsh home complicity in the affair, and is now in
t dh ane dying men. the county l. In three minutes after
.' _-- -_ ao"oler home the affaa thbe other watchman by the
et$ta auat s i f, i that th.e" namte ofhantrgan, whose post was on
g rvew s.l cost ne yhe oinii iWl of the river, says that
ulePirs fTunm, owing to the great die Tucker haffcmed the stream and was

IML--A-,-- --


Iotoiktqg oit b r i't TUW B T V WHO) HAVE TRInD
at C i.i' Trowll was -a man about forty-five
ed by R'.i aMsu of age, five feet and eight toIbes I oUfIJ //WRD lnen csatrrh dl the
sles, fees. In heiMt, had gray eyem, hair and mus- worst kind and never hoped for cure.
k, Tedo tache. Is sVkint was fair, and he had at Ely CSarenM Balm seems to even
_-O the appearance of a man who hadn't do tlat-gOcar Ostrom, 45Warren Av.e,
Seat. worked hard. He wore a blte pair ot chicso, Ii
trousers and vest, and a gray coat, I WJNIe-rtU proim catarrh; it got
VU army regulation shoes and ht, and had so had I could not work; I used ,Ly's
on three top shirts and two suits ot Crea.r Balm and mm entIrely well-A.
Rushed underwear. C. Clarke, M4 Shaoaw t Ave., Bostna
Rushed For The above to iross yesterday Tlmes- ME.a
i Tnion and Citln. The family of the A I0c. trial Is&e or the .le sie f
g With Vitrli. deceed reside oen Taump sght. and ly's Cream alm will be maled.
inns paving he was a n time emmloped by; the by drulita y Brothers 1eW
sba "sk Consumers lectrtc Lht Sreet Rall eSt N. T.
me. ltel way Company In the' capacity dl
-PeatcI ioe- otormt known whether UST isact T
5s1 o a his real wiUl he shipped here for n-
thon p terment or not., R USi T J
MBR tA.MKu u TO.ID O. F ATTER IM.R SAS-S0m. bus.hela gso
bjub ;3Lt~a truat proof atd oa e at -i S
gth oh w ubosela Stntu 4e U .daywpne
paS~ anoci. Crars Cbllie and lever aets on the Iver eats at 7an. pea U b= 69P4 8 Vm
.m sad Wi aM they sftem -gamay.U .Allt ihel. e.o Vad e 4 i, 0 (0. C
..-< -5 i r.5 i 3..-
1f11 otac?' lsipqtaed rmed. ad ,AW oo Be aa a
fllt CONi619i f4 jot | rDper .1tthe MM"Mim I so ta- '(k~i

CIwZ~ fc rlt2e twp, d .tr.:. m 4,e *^Aa gas I A C f


7i_ ,

-- "~ 7

IMy IrNUWmtto bti BMEr


He bxpresees His Grtitficatioo at Be-
insg Appointed Governor ot the
Province of van a-Will Pro-
serve Life and Property

Special to the Tribune.
Havana. 'Dec. 14.-General' Fitzhugh
Lee is once more on his old stamping
ground on Cuban soil. His last visi
here was as consul general at Havana
from where he was summoned soon
after the breaking out of the war with
Spain. The transport Panama, that
bore him and his staff from America,
entered the harbor here to-day. Great
crowds were on the shores and along
the wharves waiting to greet the man
who has done so much in behalf of
better government and higher civiliza-
tion on the island. He seemed highly
pleased at the grand ovation that was
given him. Soon after his arrival here
he was informed that he had been ap-
pointed governor of the province of Ha-
vana. He expressed himself as being
highly g-ratlfed at the appointment, but
said that he had only wished for mili-
tary command. le added that in the
command of his soldiers, his most im
portant duty was to preserve life and
property, and that his best efforts wil
be devoted to that end. In this work
he promised equal rights and privileges
to all nationalities.
The headquarters of General Lee have
been established at Quernado camp,
Marianao. Many distinguished officials
and former friends called on him during
the da".


He Went Wild rId Died in Ih
Woods Nert' Jr.ckson\ ";'e.

From Friday's Daily.
Th body found in the woods near
Orange Park late Tuesday afternoon,
proved yesterday, uporn inevstigation,
to be that of B. T. Trowell of Tampa,
who was a clerk in the quartermaster's
department of the Fourth Army Corps
at H1untsville, Ala., and who was on his
way to his home.
From the facts learned yesterday, it
seems that Trowell had given up his
position with the army, and was on his
way home. His ticket was purchased
at Huntsville on the 8th inst., and read
via the Southern and Florida Central &
Peninsular Railroads. This was found
on him yesterday. He reached here
from Huntsville on Sunday, and instead
of taking the Florida Central & Penin-
sular train, as his ticket read, he took
the train on the Jacksonville, Tampa &
Key West Railrway, leaving here at 9:45
a.m. 'He was informed by the conductor
that his ticket was over the other road,
and not good on the Jacksonville, Tam-
pa & Key West Railway, and when theb
than stopped at the bridge over Mc-
Girks creek he got off talking with him
his three satchels, intending, probably,
to walk the four miles back to the
Florida Central & Peninsular. He
went to the residence of the bridge
keeper, and asked for a drink of water.
His actions were very unusual, and M.
L. Twalnsnat, who has charge of the
bridge, thought he was insane. He
caught hold of a wire fence, and told
WMr. Twainsnat that the wire had been
run through a baby's head, and that
he intended to shake it off. He shook
the wire for about five minutes, grin-
ning in an idiotic manner all the while
Finally he was told that if he wanted
water to go to the well and get it. He
did this, and then picked Up his lug
gage and walked across the bridge
About 9 o'clock utoday, night he re
turned to the house and asked for more
water. This was given him, and he
went away.
In thinking over the matter later, Mr
Twaisnat decided that it would not do
to allow the man to go off in the woods
in his condition, and he started out to
toob for him. He heard him in the
thicket not for troma the bridge, and
called out for him to come to the house.
TroWell answered that ilshe would, but
dinbtdoe n Mr. Twalsnatt kept after
him untit late inte the night, even build-
ing. a se so tathe cupid fnd the plaes
hot although fProwell conCd be heard
asking' and rnmning'aroiind in the
thicket but woIuld not nome out Finally
Mr. Twaslnat hesa e leepy, and re-
turned to the bhoUe. On uSndr5 morn-
lop he went out to lookior the man.


a ai. sr iw rntan i


Sudden Death of Calvin ] Brice. The Childru 1Mke things
Nw Order Instituted in Atlanta. With thber a o Sht of aughte
Order Sent to General Myor twyer Delivered a
Pitzhugh Lee. Plirng Addren.-
-- seasmeld
Special to the Tribune. From triday ,Daily. A
Washington, D. C., Dec. 15.-The Wa & The rmal opening of the Tampa
Department has issued a public order Bay epost1lo took place yesterday
this afternoon bearing on the military and was attended by fully one thousand n o-
government ofCuba. It provides that men women and children. A slight &, l1, a
General Fitzhugh IL-e's functions shall drzaing rain that kept lling at inter- l'
deal entirely with the military in Ha- vale prevented a great many from at-
vana province. tending. The unpleasant weather, IBG ab:-
Sn however, did not prevent those who did o 4u8Ie il
POTTERY fRUPST. attend from spending a rarely pleasant t CAMi
-and profitable day. 'w. fa
A Gigantic Corporation That Will Ab A great many visitors went direct to GW*bSla%5
sorb all the United States. the rounds while others ,waited for Ib~'li J
the parade that formed at the depot.
Special to the Tribune. The Tampa police nineteen strong with tfiag 1-bf
Trenton, N. J., Dec. 15.-Articles of tlef Woodward, lrest ileutn- vn lea
incorporation of the American Pottery ant Johnson and Second -Lituten- ^_
Company, with an authorized capital of ant Carter and Chief Jonea i
$27,000,000, was filed with the Secretary charge, acted as escort They were Whag
of State here to-day. One half the followed by the Port Tampa drum corps h
stock is to be preferred with seven per and thirty-six members of the naval tb a
cent dividend, and the remainder will militia company of Port Tampa, with- of ttr4dt
be issued as common stock, the following officers: J. K. Merrtn.
The Incorporators are Charles N. Lieutenant In command; nsign R
King, and E. F. Bariles of Jersey City 'Hamblin and EBisgn Plant Titzgerald& s t 59 -
and T. Frank Farrell of New York. Next came a long line of school children bowel witni
This syndicate includes the general and ciltisens. is bum, s
ware potteries of the United States with In order named they marched down n 6
very few exceptions and others are ex Franklin to Lafayette and across the e
pected to be absorbed in the near future "bridge to the ground. The exposition L
building was soon packed to its utmost Sa fO
A GLITTERING SUCCESS. capacity with those who wished to get '
S-. a view of the magn flent display of
The Peace Jubilee at Atlanta Ends in relics, painting, irults, agrtiulturial l al
a Blase of Glory. products and tropical curiosities. Those LesRxs X
__ who were unable to gain admittance,
Special to the Tribune. spent the time viewing the hotel and
Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 1&-The big peace other attractive features of the sur- te enfoy the
jubilee closed to-night with a banquet roundinew. month. Mr
at which President MoKinley and cabi- -A pleasant feature of the occasion, months. M
net were guests of honor, was the address of welcome -by Hon. F. Hotel, conee
The peace pageant to-day was nearly C. Bowyer, Tampa's popular mayor. He world, And it
two hours passing a given point. Gen said: piercing the
Joe Wheeler headed the ex-Confederate We have assembled on this occasion as a monum
Veterans, and was given a grsad ova to celebrate the opening of this mug- hope -tht he
tion along the entire route of proess- nidoent exposition building. Within to enjoy the 4
ion. Me Kinley was the recipient of the walls of this building, you will ind home.*
many telegrams from the North to-day all the resources of our fair State ele- Inow delay
expressing hearty approval of the gantly displayed in all of their fln-ness open for t
proposition in his speech that the .na- You will find the portrait of We Ex A number
tlon should care for the graves of the cellency, William McKnley, President were receive
Confederate dead. The jubilee thlough- of the United States also, those of lowing gentle
out has been voted a "glittering suc Dewey, Sampson, chley, Wheeler. ifontgomer
cess." Shafter, Evans and other lMtriotic. S B. Plant.
heroes of the Spanihe-American war, late you on
PENSIOLN BILL PASSED. whom our American people love and your eohlbitl
cherish for the patriotic and heroic precfate t&e
Special to the Tribune. manner in which they have fought the magnbcent s
Washington, D. C., Dec. 15.-The battles of our country to a succedsful and dedicate
House passed the pension bill to-day. end. pie. The measure was read through and It has required a great deal of time l
voted on in less thas twenty minutes. and money to collect the various ex- San FrafcL
The bill calls for $146,233,830b hibits, curiosities and attractions that _&r. HB. LB.
The ways and means committee of the this building contains, whieh has been I'rancitco gnr
House at to-day's session agreed to re- done in order to show the people of the oem attend P
port a resolution for a holiday recess world the resources of onr Sta:e. on your aids
from Wednesday, Dec. 21, to Wednes- There are very few cites if ihe Unl- ours will be
day January 4th. An animated debate ted states that. can boast f such a the great vd
took place over the Nicaraguan canal magnificent exposition building; and which the it
ill in which i. Morgan took an active there Is no other city which has the Signed.).
part. advantages of such a building without IrI"ga
spending large sums of money to secure g, B. Plant, 1
BIRTH OF NEW ORDER. it. Therefore, the people Sf Tampa fee sends you a
proud of this elegant bWlbit,. whic mills will ft
Special to the Tribune. shows to the world the products otf cu and plates o
Atlanta, Ga., Dec .15.-The Peace Jubi State and enables the traveler to see at Plant's sa
lee will be made memorable by the birth in a very few hours, all that they coul Tampa. 4i
of a new order to be known as the see if they traveled for nionts in thi -
'Service Men of the Spanish War." Land of Flowers. Isacola,
An organization was formed to-day in TIlls building will relpaln open 'all Plat, Tamp
this citv, the list of charter members winter for the benefit ~ all, who fee tt
being headed with the signature of sufSciently tintefeated tIs entu.lr,.O -- EN.
MaJor General Joseph Wheeler. wish to say to the people" whobvi t vi s ..t
Tampa, that they will make a mistake Secret
CALVIN S. BRICE DEAD. not to see the exhibits that this build- Stubenvije,
Sin contains. They are not only in. B. Plant5 a
Special to the TIribune. teresting to the northern visitors, who grettihs am
New York, Dec. 15.-Ex-Senator Cal- leave their homes on account of the u heaths tfB
vin S. Brice died very suddenly st 3:15 dagreeahble weather, to enjoy the 5un- ate-- to art
this afternoon at his home tnthis city shine and roses of Florida, Cut they honor to Floi
He contracted a severe cold Just one will be of interest to the people of our gI ned)
week ago to-day, which developed into State who will find, by carefully g-.ing A Very ton
pneumonia. He was not considered through this building, that they cn So thee
dangerously ill until a few minutes be- pever-d 9 glvei ndhltSa Tb
fore his death. never given aS. )lUkbd tS
It is very pi~ltafbi e tbe scb or B ( L Gnxa
children for them to take advantage ot Pedro Castro
BODY BUBIEDI BY HIS BR TE te opportunities to vt ethis id aid te A
of this great eta. It is oonly a ques lad ferweaft
tion of a abort- time before the'rei -. f t~t '-
Ra Brother-gorkmen at heK.ll this tate n all bramehas S^ ^ SW S w Sail i. S
e sto their hans^, and the ruponsbi is vaa?3s is
Lo co nductin th a aitirs l t this
ir h-Plo l -- guge S"xtat win settle down upon their w-- c -

For all of tl, isdslnd tdd
the venerable emnry B. Plant, whose To hol Tm
Ptlnt Clty, Pla DecB 1-&4 W. Nelson will L orever be heriged in te largess
in the employ of te Wmtn Lumberi3? the fois risImg f ,asS ej -
& Veneer Co, holding the contract Cr piant hai biltE the batif Tamp tha 5?th
the painting of empa bc.d gBy Casin which _tea_ g .er_ _. .***in



vA-j^lR) ~ T FtLNTRAL. -
Eleven Wounded in a Streek j~l) -
tween Soana. Cand .'
spegLao tltooirtew. -.,y'
Maos" Me. 4.,mitabout 4 _lock thfh

ty- taxes
with that
it is done,

r rfilE-URlIE

solution Than When First GOOd Spche by Semer Preset in Be.
acovr. i half of Ithe lsar.
From Thursday's Daily.
A prominent social remarked to AY PROISED TO LICEME
Tribune man yesterday that fully five PAY PROMISED TO POLICEMEN
hundred people had confessed that they
were at the West Tampa disreputable
house on the Sunday night proceeding Precker Provides a Way to Believe
the supposed riot. but as tt now stands.
not one can be foun who will admit the Present Embarrassment--u-
being there on WMonday night, and Tues- nicipal Judge 8 verely Cnt-
day morning when the trouble occurred. ci y
Even the women, whoee furniture has cized-Routine Work.
been in the house for months has no
recollectIon of "being there at that time.
The sheriff previous to yesterday From Saturdays Daily.
seemed very positive that John Young- The City Council met last night in ex-
blood had been there during the row ecutive session with the following mem-
on Tuesday morning, but yesterday Ed. bears present: Frecker, Kruse. Webb,
Whhlngton. who resides in the country, de Armas. Morey, Holmes and Wing.
some mile north of t. Petersburg, In the absence of the president, r.
came to the city, and stated that Morey was called to the chair. The
Totngblood had been at his place all journal of last meeting was read, and
the time quietly at. work. He, like business taken up in the following or-
otber admits that. he was at the house der:
on _sray night but not on Tuesday A petition was read from 3R. W. Nich-
.- ols for permission to erect a frame
Sta-,-1]*,eodywtswald discover that house. The matter swas referred to
Ite trouble took place on Sunday night re committee.
instead of Tueoday morning, the devil A communication was read from
.woid r e to Vpa. Judge 0. a Ifarr in reference to the
,Washington reports Youngblood in .a matter of Nettie Stevens receiving in-
S tlo withoutt juries on the sidewalk at the corner of
He declared polk street and Florida avenue. It


a-. SW t-a-lae between a comn keto nvestigaato ot-sme Falprit. better than the Tampa Bay. -e brown wef hav ft
t naery rt and sonim Clt A.Aorne~yWhitaker addressed tle Many other places where I have been br n wth murder
ient t ti t _l ltala council on the importance of offering a are in some respects as pleasant We ropw u eth aWl
roo The owing were ounded: I udritaete reward for the capture and as here. but nearly all of such places life and the more dite
S in convictioon of the man or men who per- are visited by frequent storms and tor- the morewe liketo ta
petrated the dam disaster. He stated nados that overbalance all the good ittha her-sprtsme
deputy the Cuban general, Vilad the that hq.soke of the matter as one effects. h landing of a tas
Cut p colonel, Armando RLvas; E'ran- of a committee appointed at a meet- I spent two years in and around Tam- f the dexterity it ro
iac Is d cas e, aPanfard; Ratmop ing of leading citizens to lay the mat- pa in 1077 and '78 as captain of the subborn Sght on the i
4iM, mo l ar e .womn.ndl ter before the council. .-e urged the steamer Blake. We were dredging the sborl i t on the .
oodren:. Gawhbo was o stabh- importance ct protecting capital that bay at the time ,and my land head-; "gail we have prove.
Shad been invested here and-hoped that quarters was in Tampa. It was a very of our religion by our c
S hurt. the cone would see the matter in small toen at that time, and I littlee and penitentiaries, gllc
.- vealseri of the atrar ia that thte that light dreamed of ever seeing a thriving city chairs. We show ift b
i t--- vthtigy- af-ptt 'norn"m- M3r. Taliaferro, another member of t de Ou such vastly importance. I hope to' instruments of war far
A bax f t IV9dPvaes. Whe ireJ committee stated that the members of spend many pleasant days in Florida."i navies. and standing
tain S nj in the e hospital pordtco, re- the council had read the daily papers, In answer to his opinion in regard to shww it by the billions
ne remove their hats "an re- and there remained little more for him rehabilitating the Maine, he replied: "I spend every year to ke
Que o do so by persons i0i pro- to say except to endorse what had al- know very little of its real condition at for the destruction of 1
0 .h.a it ft ready been said. the present time, except what I have This heathen religion
nd At this point Councilman Frecker read in the newspapers, but I some-i "Flesh Meat cannot be
e offered a resolution to the effect that what doubt the feasibility of attempt- out injury to animals, at
-ed 4 pv'the procession, the city offer a reward of $500 for the ing to preserve it. except as a national of animals obstructs thi
o0' the windows of hearse being broken apprehension and conviction of the dam relic. After I have made a more thor- todo; from flesh meat,
ae snd busBetaotrLking the coffin. Knives rascals. The motion was opposed by ough examination as to Its'presenrit cn- man abstaln.".-
ie and pistols aere reely used. de Armas on the grounds that money dillon. I may change my opinion some- How diff-efetly we o
Tshqeocesoson which consisted of 180 was too scarce. He afterwards with- w at." faith teach, if not by p
y? carries eantinued to the Cuban camp, drew his objections by voting for the by example. We have
ntS W irnderaed. Mayor Bowyer stated in support of H M i mS AI TA fy carnivorous anppeti
P- Ther were more than fifty wreaths M the resolution that the city could st L gone to eating each other
". -owqrm fromn the friends of Capt. uoto- spend S500 to better advantage than by in the Christian world, I
4 eo. nd tbo procession and cere- giving it for such a purpose. He said a bone of contention; the
Se _rtually a demonstration tht we must protect the people whon to increase his own
ia t etl* Inglaterra outrage. come here to invest their money ng from that o his
(Mr. Holmes stated that-the principle in Love's Embrace. And the weaker struggle
"'. a Ji &O-8iCHES HAVANA. involved amounted to much snore than God thee a lt
-. the sum of $500. It was the attitude God-given principal wit
p.clasto. tbh'nnbune. assumed by the city in bringing to jus- From Friday's Daily. its full enjoyment. W4
a a uaDec. 1G.-The Unlted ice the perpetrators of a great public winter weddings are becoming very "people? The nntrollnfa
S a rt Mobile arrived heft crime. He thought at such a time the popular, and Cupid's darrs are getting olers the comfort
city could not afford to hold ack. to be alarmingly nuacmerous. Hardly a f ndteven lives ort,
ta with Brig. (,P--. Wilil Co. J. B. Anderson, the third member
f the committee stated that he had day passes, but what whate happy event This Is the o
y t rg, t e Hundre o St throughouttl L-_ i.t
it-fldrt Indi regiment, the o hsO been in Florida for the last ten years, is culminated in the marriage of some throughout all Clhristlhs
flt MAN l o a nt of the evel and In all that time, he had not seen popular couple who are willing to share od s s
the rst headquarters or heard of a lower, meaner or more hare gion so much worse t
M Y s headquarters Wte dempleable action than was committed the bitters asd sweets of life through' irn? Doem it encouraX
Sthe rt hBtade oi the Second Dlv on this occasion. iNot only he one prosperity and adversity alike, tion of ltfeor property?
Ott f .-rf A, of the leading induatrie auuffered great Last night at the residence of the ciplen oster srt nsU
l and. inonvenence, but the corn- brstanding armies? Iat0
r N lo hasd. bevene btheioutabidand de on Twigge street, Mr. L.6 K, converted -to Cristian
f14fbusiness have almost been Par- Strainer and Miss Minnie Colson were misIs of .war, or ry-iMu
to alysed. unitedd in the holy hands of wedlock Ie? ld thefo-Pnds
7e tW-19 u The resollatkn was passed without a The em.orm is one af the trusted and on teach "an eye f
sbI~e et idaitnhit diseesltog. vcein, efficint Cnemplywe o the CozUsmera a tooth for a tooth?" D
re m t s beena reached. by- hcLh, The fire chief was ordered to remove Electric Light ad Steet hallway. while thy brother mite thee
is tbe street railways in Baltimore will g' ot-MOt o sf peos ot'W~rtCOLt Y the bride is one of Tampa's most win- turn and p mite him on t
And hereafter all the .v 'belonging to the Consumer's Company, some and accomplished belles. Did he say: "-Theu siax

T Tam

Wth rcEaPa$ Ooswl~g

+Ika b.00


re pec alt to te Trlt
Havana, Dec. W.
S- vd to warn Ammr
t n avana withau

Mokporm e ofqciala wwere read andeor-
ered filed
he :ida for attendinW to and taking
roper crne oi the IA ayette street
ridge were opened and read. There
eem twenty in all and varied in ameu-
Is from OgM the lowest to $100 the high-
st. The matter was referred back to
he eomlsttee with power to act.
ome bitter complaints were made at
hd municIpal udge for allowing the
artles arrested for driving over side-
talks to go free without trial and pun-
dhment. The discussion was partici-
ated in by Precker and de Armas, and
came quite animated. The matter
ra nally referred to the street com-
littte, After seome discussion of the
avin lif lculty among the Seventh
venue and Ninth avenue property
wnes the council adjourned.
ieclal to the Tribune.
New Fork. Dec. 14.-Four men are
wknmown t6 -ave been killed. three

-unning as a present for her little OOIKg& VIA TA
IFrom JacksonvUle Mesw
THROUGH TPHE SOUTH. The First Ensglneering
-- States Volunteers, who
special to the Tribune. to arrive in this city to-
1 Tuskegee, Ala., Dec L.-The Prei- ing, will not come. 'A
aential party arrived here this morn- received from Captain I
ing, and was enthusiastically received this morning, stating thi
at the depot by a very. large crow#, in- the corps had been
eluding over one hundred students of changed, and that the Yj
the !Tuskegee normal school This through Jacksonville. -
school Is conducted by the famous route to Cuba and wlU
Booker T. Washington and was visi- Port Tampa.
ted to-day by President McKlnley. The r
oarty left here about 11 o'clock. reach'' WAGON TitAIN8
tng Birmingham at 2:46. where they -
spent about four hours before proceed- R. I. Ribus, wagonM n
mng on to Savannah. They will-'rach No. 6 left yesterday ma
:hat city about-9 o'clock to-morrow Tampa with the remsand
morning, consisting of 7 men am
teams in all 1 I
i George L Palmert, manager of the will embark on thW
Tanpa Day raem track, has rtured night, bound for Havan
.roe a Intslmtrip. to New Orleana wil report tar duty to'

Ak-4-4 4 0,


He Will assume Corrud limmoiately
on Bis Arti lt

Pleasant Chat With a Repreentative
of the Tribune-He Speaks of In the far
ligion-a hea
Florida's Wonderful Climate that God is ii
and literally, ths
and Tampas Growth. manfestatio
it is a great
Lrom Sunday's Daily. f eslie. All
Capt. C. D. Slgsbee, whs was com- God has ma
manner of the battleshin Malne when it red, especial
was blown up in Havana harbor, arri- beings made
ved at the Tampa Bay Hotel yesterday considered v
morning. ?He spent the day enjoying even acdcde
the hospitalities of Manager Dick until lower anima
evening, when he wont down to the Port the unintenti
where he took passage on board the struction of
steamer Whitney for Havna. At the knows no bo
latter city he will resume his duties as taking the Iio
commander of the battlship Texao, idples of thin
which arrived in the harbor there about themselves
two weeks ago in company with the This is a
New York. this heathen
Captain Sigsbee when seen at the hote place it wou
Ly a Tribune represenltatie, was en- world. Yet
Joying a sun bath or the west veranda, sending apes
He modestly plead guilty to being corn This is a ti
mander of the ill-ated Ba'ne, when it should be lot
met with its great calanmty tM Havas a suitable cs
harbor. In reply to l .te.lon regard- We haut de
ing his military muovem-o.nta, he r lied (7e of our rail
that he had been ninJoylng a short Itave wanton deas
of absence at the home oe his childhood If it is
at Albany. N. Y., where his parents re- feel wel
sided when he was born and lived nntill exofetant st
he began his military career. He stated fleld and ill
that his ship, the Texas-had preceded badly or ova
him in the harbor0ofrHavana, where he ba or hi
would Join her o his arral there on ch animal
SHB~ay or Monday. much animal
Sunday or Ofonday. "also demons
.In reply to a question regarding his s~hch we edm
oplnibn of Florida, .he said: are horn pl
straner tcan form any idea of Florida are rr pure
climate until tey come here and enpoy iare, ,ift we
it just is I am doing now. I have ses, to dest
traveled a great deal in tropical coouhn- .ects to de

KAYS' l ,Topli

5- Flf
rek(~tseeer Os




n life,
As tfo

LIFE. CaI ,Lh'..
--- -"-\^

i Fourihapters,.
By Barte>l.F Iw Sl FIi
Chapter UI L.
East there is always a reh
then religion-that teaches Ameiecam .Bapital i S a .k i
ife, not metaphoricaly, but Up thO Prooe-A
It the breath of life is a p the ProectA
n of God within; therefore OatrlMt
sin, with them to injure or :
possessor of that character .
things whatsoever In which SPeclal to the TrnMe.
difested himself held Sao- Havana. Dec.
ly the persons 6f those Havan, --Hv la& tI to
in his own image It is an electric -treet tN : e r
ery unfortunate indeed, to Americans. A

Irtr8~.~L;ZI; it'ts 'I
)anyC~tr~ r~a

riS~iri~i`i ~hirs~i~s

~jr rc~~ ~;;5%

a*. , ; c -

cCkgu ad thayl
Treat h IEW

br Y oub tu "t-
5, -v gi

To Come and Se-

lect for


e Oin Ot Those olel
lt Tailor-Made

lX MAS at 7.0t, $9^, 0in,

..i. s u, up w _0.

by Nn Xw PntsB, our sperb

i y.b35 Ul c, ;.?L

;4 V4t. .tttlu of.

irt ofmowar, in
;-- Pufts, Bow
-~~ ~~ *3MTA--~d
ud al s UM o Han.,

-Fse. yiaHoweo.; i& fact,
i is equaledd as
bftag Up-WDatse in Ev-

v a aUetSold.,*

What Pople Ar ThInking About in
Taxmpa-gtow Talk Taken From
sundry Sourcea Personal
Pointers And 'Items.

Wade t tuer. t
Sweet- ,Pease" pianos at Turner's. 6
Phol Carruther's for stove wed.
Estey Organs, latest out, Turner's.St
Dr. ,yr. Porter left last night for
Sweet 'Pease" pianos at Turner's,
S11 Twiggs street.
One 'Maon & Mamlin Organ good as
new, at M0OO at Turner', 6t
Perrt loves are the beet and none
bettVr,,hy bho others. aaa Bros.
. KranlA Bach A Pease Pianos ar
uptos-st. at Turner 1.1 TwIeg St.
.'-k ot. The Stationer, for all
klnMof helday books, good sdlectlon
and Sig* *5rtcem.
Geatluamen home auppen be to te
J.wt the thint for a Chtma present.
IMcariafte (ismn. 6t
Mtr- KREmXing, bookkeeper for the
BWa-r CO., cIdar factory, left yes*
uerdky~ 4UB West.

We 'sa"5el and repair harness.
Best e of boggles sad barnes on
earth. B. D. Hobbs & Co.

It youWl.tea pair of rubber boots go
toe afti S & OGlenn'a, all sises.5 6t(
U. pure'trm. ase a palr. St
The Ctr Pharmacy is headquar
ters fpr. and Galets perfume
and anL 7 quantity. t
SBea Jle and musical de-
& ich pianos, exactly
Turned wiggs street 6t
M. i K the cigar manufacturer
of r left last night for New
Yrk 'dno' o weeks businesptrlp.
C. Wf in. receiver of the Con-
sum l Mer ric Light and Power Com-
pany or New YorkolSt night.
The'P. -IDouglass m $2.0 12.0, 3.00
S4.00 kadMO shoes are sold at 509
Frankia acfarlane & Glenn, sole
agen 6t
Sir. BiGlllett of the Central Cur-
ing P& pdff Company, has returned
from sb aiesl/visit to Fort Myers
and 8
Wa4 ve a damplete line o
gen patent leather shoes all
sIes, d 3.00 to ..00. Macfr

We sj0w doing the fAs t shirt
wrek W Lth. Phone M% Tampa
nr iir -f Corner Tampa and

Are gt~ro an to omp a piano or an
rsaT "~trill pay you to wait tll
w stock arrives, e t

S(We .04*t how you Mae same thing
the5#Iinr Opera aow, but we can
S esbt ban ae and haraness
In tLhes' D. BDobb. & Co.
uWMNtW Ir not a novelty
bmt ags s lae durasle wood. Be
the KxiuI a plae at Turner*s
1 twi ItMt, ad be MoavLor .
The pbs.'omr tWhtewater tme has
sek arretwae from epeanta Honr nM, Sr
tor rhatatihahi those conteiplatiac
nsa~dt oaspBrt.or Ise s--cte- womald
so wse to sea owner, wt. c. BoDsn.

wI u t. at we deaP t want the

tKMirc-mTnir ooea th. B.D.

..sa. l". *

Mrm. tiiiUaPre of Loauiana i vst-t.
la hier pother. >Mrs J. C. Friebele of
this cIty, a4 w$U reani in Tampa for

v-eral oailam Ja.-DaPree is weUll
knoLwn and bdmamny trienda
ra d tjo have her with them
Oveooses e with good. Overcome
your and colds wth One Min-
ute Coespre. It is so good children
cry tfoW tP .cunre roup. breochitis,
pnmonia, &pe and all throat and
lung d or sale by S. B. Leon-

Me & Fuller, of Tampa,
mecur i ..a months contract to fur-
nsh the *-sWj In Cuba and Porto Rico
with bl l and forage. It wlW
tabp a ti hrty-six cars each day
for giic to fil the contract The
promdop llm e delivered via Tampa.-

praents tthea body tr
liwa m C c wase matter. Do-
~Ws aryRBis3 WMremove

urnV sad -c
MbL'e~S. ever -
-s. Ri ' 5,~'g

REAd TRs. I Looki
me, Texas. Jaur The Plao
-is is to b rti that fer ffer To buy Ge
perodicaly for nine yens wIthseveres
kInrie troublesI feel now, aftr the you wil 8l
use of about two-thirds of one bottle of
H Great o th I am eure. 714 to 718
A-. ss &MIca. in the bus
A CHzIUzAs TREM. : just the ph
---A the true ki
There will be a Christmas tree in the W
Kinderarten room of the Chlldrens'
Home on Christmas eve at 7 o'clock, rule that h
The committee desires to make it an lishment ft
usually happy occasion for the little close buyei
orphan boys and girls, and will be profits and
gratified for any donations sent to the
home on Saturday morning from 9 to applies to0
12 o'clock. Shoes, whi
3"Rts. THOS. M. SHACKLEIFORD, for their we
-MRS. L. L. BUOHANAN. come for I
Committee on Arrangements.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets Constantly
All druggsts refund the monepIt it linery Dep
tals to cure. t5c. The genuine has L bright an
]. Q. on each tablet.
ST e ooner a cough or cold cured npt-dat
without harm to the sufferer thebetter.
Lingering colds are dangerous. i Hack- COUnts f9r I
og ceogh is distressin. o linen :
ate Cough Cure quickly crews it.: Why
suffer when suek a eagh cure lewithin -.
reach? It tos pleasant to the tate. For
sale by B. L3L 1 ardA & Co.
lO ew k igos hone st baness a
Vwoaklp( a "a t prices- MasBros I

ri---B^^^ic.'.g~Pe .'^^&ta ?^1 .^ J^^,nd .

For the removal of the Mdelo Fac- Lovely the morn
tory to Tampa. D trae S t.e
In conversation with Col J. B. Ander- Bright the hi
son in reference to the new cigar fac- Their rays on t
tory, he stated that the contract with and dead;
the new consolidated company calling Bird of the mor
for the removal of the El Modelo from BabeChild of the mo
Jacksonville to this city, and the erec- may?
tion of a $15,000 building, adjourning the All thou beholde
present Guerra factory, had been exe- Lovel the moo
cuted, signed, sealed and a copy of all passed,
same was now on its way to the New And the rays or
York office of the company. Mr. Ander- ith are cas
son said: "The terms contained in this Bright Is the h
contract are eminently satisfactory to Lie bathed in
every member of the committee, and beam;
the people can rest assured that they Bird of the moor
are the most favorable to the interests Babeof the mo
of Tampa of any contract of its kind Child of the mo
ever executed in this city. Mistakes may?
that were made in former contracts All thou behold.
were corrected by the committee, and Lovely the even
the public welfare of this city were west,
jealously guarded in the terms of this The "Monarch o
contract" his rest,
contract" Soft breathes th
CoL Anderson has been made trustee has spread
of the 150 building lots that will be Its pallor o'er h
deeded to the subscribers as they pay dead;
the amount subscribed. The planfor Birde of the even
the new building are being prepared, Child of the ev
and according to the contract, will have fray?
to be completed before June Lt. He All thou beholden
is also custodian of the funds and is Dark is the ni
hopeful that the collecting of the money the cloud
wil Inot require as much work as it Closes for evert
Dark is the hour
did to get it mbtcrhbed Aod ever lie wi
~AT Tr- AR .,pall;
AT TH~ Q O. .Bird the mor
A Large Audience Wttnesed the Mika- Bae of t m
do Lst night. lee?
Child of the moe
Another fne audience greeted the The dreams of
renditi of the popular comic opera, away.
mkaA, by the WUbur Opera Company, '
at the Tampa Bay Caino last night. It DIuSOVWa
was voted the best performance of the
week. IAnother gram
The company is especially adapted to made, ad that
this cause of operas, and the onmedy coutry. "DiMe
talent of the cast as well as the bewil- oMen ha and for
during costumes showed up to excellent stood its ever
advtagat onr s ere an
The Ko Ko L rd o Executioner of seemed imsn e
Tltipu of Mr. Clarence Harvey and she coughed inc
the Pooh Bah, Lord High Executioner sleep. 8he fi
of everything else, of Charles tuller, te ver. lB
Us at Dr. Kine
were the most clever renditions or these Consumption an
characters ever witnessed in this city. on tking first
Their acting was equalled only by their nlbt; and with
ine Tsinging, absolutely *cured
fine singing. e Luther Lut.' Ti
mise Susie Kirwin as Yum YiW acted muck, N. C. TI
and sang with her usual grace and Leonardi & Oo'a
elegance. size 50c. and $1.0
elegance. anteed.
E. A. Clark as the Mikado and Harold
Gordon as Nanki Poo. his son, took their RHE.UMATISM
parts to perfection, and added n0ch to ystl Cure"
the evening's pleasure. ,. e- t oia ur
The Black'Hussar will be the .program qeursgl radicp
to-night, and this company hlas made Its action upon
a reputation on this delightful opera once the cause
AVslNG CLBA. diately disappe
ING C'BA. greatly benefits.
Soldiers Sal/ for Spaln--A lutldpal B Leonardi & Cc
Contract Annulled. THE SOLDIE:
Special to the Tribune. H ood'sthe lor
Havana, Dec. 21.-Sixteen transports than their eom
will leave for SpaJn between now and gives strength
the end of the month. There now re-
main in Havana and Regla eight thou- HOOD'S PI1
sand Spanish soldiers, capable of bear. Mailed for 25 cel
nog arms, and six thousand invalids. Lowell, Mass
American post military offices will be
opened this week at Nuevitaas Puerto l lr. P. C.'Drew
Principe and Cienfuegos. The office day from XDade
here, under C. S. Beaver, is already in Editor Joe Hun
good running order, the Americans get- town Journal
ting their mail bag long before the gen- ellin him spo
eral deliveries are made. tro outfit.
General Castellanos has vetoed the J. Parker and
Contract for putting a sewerage system have been re
In the city to coat 51,000,00. The con- lorda for seve
tract wau awarded to f. J. Dady, of city yesterday,
New York, last week by the Manlcipal where they will
Oouncl. All other 5no sontracta made .....
at the last hour will be annulled.
On. sall bottns of Hals GreQat D -
oswCry oDres ali KIsae and laidks
troruM rumoes mIsh. cqrW Da-..
beta emainal emMla-a weak a la
baes, rhaeuatsa sad al irrulalI
tles of the KlMy aad Bladder an 5500

troubsi th Udr... If not sold by sio,,
your druga wiS he meat by maa em
nodpt e O e sm aal bottle to twa
tth treatment ab w.l MA LL

P. O BoxUS, Waco, Tns.S
Sold hr &'B. Lsouirdl & Ca., TaPah

ig for

ntis' Purn4itis,
ad J. T. BURTCH,
Franklin St., right
siness center, and
ice, if economy of
ind is what you de-
still adhere to the
as made this estab.
ami!iar to so many
rs, namely, "small
quick sales." This
our stock of Men's
ch are remarkable
hearing qualities. If
ry a pair you will

w Goods
arriving, our Mil.
artment is always
d sparkling with
inere," which so-
the big ales inthat

k" o

.--?- '"' *i -e ^.S

. . . . .. . . I . .

tide, when clouds have
the sunlight from sen-+
5t, +
our when forest and
the splendor of orient ---
ntlde, rest in the tree? +
ontide, cease from thy + jI carry more C1o
ontide, work while you ic Iwhih enables
est is fading away. t4xs O
+ h1 be- ,fl.tsbV proof tb
ling when far in the do much blowing, 1
f Day" slowly sinks to + line of goods is stri
e zephyr when twilight + from the purchasing
+ HoliW
omes of the living and + 01i(
ing, sing thy last son? 4'
ing, sigh, not for long? 4.
ending, ease from toe +. We Will4uoteYot
st is fading away. + '
rht when the S0oom of
he earth in its shroud,
when nature shall fa
rapped up In isSunerel W'
n sing no more in thy +
a, smle no more in thy 4,
M, slumbe r foaye? J
thy lfe U have all Oadeid
-John R. Jones. + P n
aD BY A WOMAs. *+ By, Borbo,
Sdiscovery hase been ad Corn Wh
too. by a lady tI this Gin orBRun,
se faMteed its lCAtdme +
r smen years AWL P+ FOR..it
stItest&but er 14W +
Ssm erd h .r Old Mock ll-ye
tersend and death
it For that e mooth. 1l0h pept Wfih
maty, and could pot + l OdA| n sAott tU
ily discovered a way A iS
pbrahasingrof u a hot-
is New )Wsorwry lor 4 TIe 1*- )
d was so much re.leve dt We imep t

ose, that she slept lshd rte mfo
two bottle. has heen
L Her nRheumatis + ordered sliced and p
iuh writes W. C. eRtn- +
ri albottlesree at WB t. + +++ +'4'4+++'t
.Drug Store.. Regular --

for Rheumatiem and *t
illy cures In to 3 day.
the system is remark.
rious. It remove$ at 4^Rl
and the hiseas med ne
ars. TbAhe first dose

rilla are said to have
marches much better
anions. This medicine
ind endurance.
Ls cure all liver ills.
nts by C. L Hood & Co.,

w was in the city yester-
Olty, negotiating with
phMries of the Braiden-
with a fine prospect of I JU
rtion of the defunct Me-
200 Rolls of Mattisg
wife of Chicago, who
Uar winter vistorsiO ONLtY O
ral years arrived in the
on their way to Osonsa, O O Mm Zrw
spend a few weeks.

JUTfrts JkVi
.,i ,." ... s k '
On rf ,t

,when arrows of ight.
heavens the gloem oS
our when silver beams
he homes of the living
n, thy song be it free?
n, smile on in thy glee?
orn, rejoice while you
at is fading away.

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