Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 15, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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^ ^ -^. a^ ^ ^ ^ ---- - -. t-[- a- *< - : cs-- w




.,m'P P. A. the statrhannblter to the ground. lo that it will have to be built new. total loss but the greater part of the As ha area
isteple bosee were broken, however, but the iver since the building of the da, machinery could be saved. He would Tribune, the p
ca -ins d Utle fellow besides being stunned, was there has been more or less troublenion a to who program
SIi wa.theO badly bruised on his head. face and with the people owning property abovi not express his tinion as to who la program
t wa the y b where the slack water gave them a caused the explosion, but stated tfat Thursday mor
LesG U ed shoulder. great deal of annoyance. Protests long thousands of dollars would be spent ar F B
:4jlp MM5at MUr. John C. Grtn son of Mr. D. and loud were made but the dam was to bring him to Justice. s Mayor F. C.
.the acpiest g a ma formerly of this place is again built he protests ripened to threats school children
hI PlantM ty, having eens isent in that the dam would be cut, and three Wad the te tU pa Bay band ,
.4 .. ** Plant City, having been steent In addition to ot
a Masmry of eorgia for the past ive years. thing is ree
edWa t thing is |r vited
Col. Prank a. Jolly formerly division Bited
rL y eutate passenger spent ot the Plant System BUCKJIEN
t n to in this city., but who is ctin t The best salKth
sapi p e capacity with headquarters In bruises, bores,
.JaLcksonvile was in Tampa yesterday. aorea tettar, bo
eetnhlit hifs many. ri nda and admirers. orns, and ail
I: t as been nearly a year since Col. and positively
SJolly has been In Tamrpa, and his many reqa red. It
an usaintancee and admirers were de- MakeS fo d deios d wh Mperfect atrisfa
lighted1to welcome hbim. He returned B. Leonaridi t
h% bome Mst night.


Youngblood H Been Located, amd ToAppearatt
the Ofcers are Now in a Quandary. Next Week,
The West Tamps mystery still.re- IL The favorite
mains unsolved although some import- Opera opa
ant developments were made yesterday. seventy artists
Ssertf GSencer received a telegram tures. heausefu
t Made by In the mor n reply to one he sent The Consumers' Company's Dam Aros the Hillsborough River and one hundl
o undp from Clearwater, whichsurb wardro
ay. o nh Jo o lod wasr, wie Blown to Pices Wih Dynamite. at the Tamp
and sate. The word came from Young- commencing A
blood's relatives, and verifies the theory Ing saturday I
advlanled by some to the effect that w *mr ar n The annoumo

i PlIlOW l IliSS MOST IIS. Mo,, ,
and wished to conceal him until the ex- leading light
eitement had pased over. country. The
herlffh been furnished withstronger th an
e'proof that Tounsblood was at7 P" 18 nog It ho WdK of tin 'o m0%0 nEidm rcoiaere
tho West Tamp house on the night .T H ti l ato I d rgani o nlratior t
'of the trouble. he was not mur-
deoud. as many supposed what has hbe "
been fd since the night of the row? ev wtera
s orte | of locating him. They read emouati e wto e
the newspaper and heard the sories amounted toee
.. e erhas never besn
.__ 1 [ the te oble. Te P The Lossee to the Con es' ompany H s to the B sinees nlter. orttto
Itro kno..wk why his where. __t of the City Can mrely be -The Water ushes the com
STah .ToumnIblood w n as doubt be arrested Throug the OItty and Raises the Flo Gs of the andin
the eheestra
and stgiven an epportualty to tell what Wholsale o-s, but No ws Reported. tain at every
4w know af the afihlr. We ouget also straiat everyI
o te le to e'the names of others parallel In thn
whe a m*upposed to have been present th country.
SatV ao the cotentso of the wagma that From Wednesday's Dally. different attempts to blow it up pre- The magniic
Ia-re saUoted -suc
e. jy-atr dAwove away from the house at an early 'A dastardly crime was committed olus t. this one were frulstrated by are^ dI
STl'Ittoast hbow In the mernlar. near this city last night the enormity the watdtful guards who were kept con- mances and az
, amn w The rive women and two men who had of which has never been equalled in stantiy on duty. avih scale t
g an haoer been arrested and were in the county Hill9borouch County. The first impression of those who of additions h
Ihe m coi. Ja, who were supposed to have been at About 7 o'clock last evening, the peo- heard the news last night was to place already textr
tore of thec o
Nssi Cearas, the house were released yesterday as pile living in the vicinity of the dam the blame on the property owners along her of the fave
oag where it was thought useless to keep them across the Hilllborough river abcut the dam, but on inquiry with a leading by, which are
6 with Pre.1- confined at the expense of the county, nine miles north of this city were official of the company last night, it much enthusia
th retired Judge Phillipe in his charge to the startled by a terrific report. At the was learned that during the past year conpoltionl
wasonam y grand Jury yesterday, Instructed them same instant almost the lights in the or to nearly aU the land had been The b feature
resident bad to take up this case, and give it a thor- powerhouse located near the dam were purchased by the Consumers' Company, been revived, a
sLy govetror ougih investigation. Meanwhile Sheriff extlrguisbed. The roar of water that ys he: "'We stood the grumbling from dazzling light
the new post Spencer and the deputies are doing their followed the explosion told plainer than ithee people just as long as we could, lution, making
ule authority utmost to ferret out the mystery. words that a great hole had been blown and then paid them almost their own lng display.
ary and civil in the dam, and the water was gushing price for the land, which in some cases
Ld and ie PLANT flT T out 1n torrents. was exorbitant. I can't conceive what |,i M I
rty forerly l The fi rstthis city knew of the trouble would prompt them to do such a thing, SIIM L
general under P C was a few minutes after 7 o'clock when at this time, when 'we took nearly all
the lights went out. About half an their land at big prices, and have done Is The Wond
Births, Deaths, MArriages, Accidents, hour later a telephone message came everything reasonable to adjust all lf- Expositio
I "bD. Ar rivals and Departures. from thee manatthe power house say- ferenees. They might have caused the Grea
k by an En- inog that the dam had been blown up explosion, but I can hardly believe it."
htey Will special to the Tribune. with dynamite So t ate the news began Between 150 and 200 men are thrown The erior
ow. lant City Fla., Dec l-every thing to spread, and in a few minutes the dot of employment, the street cars will s ion tutling
S to the coming o a merry and whole city wa in an uproar. On every be stopped (or an indefinite period and beauty and
Shapg Christmas. ach merchant hand, the fiendish crime was condemned the hundreds of business houses, manu- fostering care
saeve Italtian gw ah ne display of choice holiday in the strongest term s. acturil.lalinte and private twellgs ti decorator
md several usful and ornamental, and even 'A representative of the Tribune that use electric lights will be put toit ha been tir
Central rai- th eather ti ChristmIas like i n cold- visited the scene of the disaster late endless expense and annoyance arrang- ard of artistic
County this ns it nothing else. last night. Quite a crowd bad con- lng (or other methods of securing light, rare collection
ro In front h. Osborne In town on a regated, and the whole lace was in The los to the city coming as it does, been retired
S front to relatives and friedr an uproar, and a dark a a dungeon right in the midst of the holiday season ner that gives
e instantly M ry Wilder spent Friday in T he facts the case were found to be s irreparable, as it ill be several old relies and
Sand killed T s ing as follows: The dam is about 100 feet weeks before the damage can be re- triuted larwe
lr. Peabody, traveUng agent for the long, and was built from both ends to Btared. Plant fystewr
fAUPe TIbmes-Union and Ciltien. spent a day the center, where a big flood gatte was It is yet too early to form any definite tate exposltio
in tow the middle of last week. located. A watchman s kept at each conclusion as to the motive that country to the
it i 'Nlese-l w F-ederlck Twsher, Jr.. his Just end. day and night, and ample lights prompted such a diabolical crime. The le have beet
Completed in the vicinity of the Warnell are located on the top to readily ee work of finding out the perpetrators Plant and his
g grounds. three neat and cosy cottages- any s rt of tt. iShould not left to te people tht t
Prof. Bchhoi of Tampa We in at- The watchman was sitting by a ;own the property. Such an act is n curiosities, new
dance at the IMasonic meeting on wood fire at the west end when some dtgrace to this city and county, and etse the antt
I bete 0 TriTday aedht. one evidently passed him and went out it will be multiplied, if the county hels- resort Tamp
le an des- The ladles of the Prebyteria cF on te top of the t dam and threw a tales a moment Inin findg out e theof-the have dit
te Unt~a erd red ce cream and cake also oysters dynamite cartridge down Into the flood fenders and bringing them to a speedy leig articel
*t t b ad coffee on leriday night last In the gate. He must have me hie escape punishment. should it be known owb fancy, bu
a eat *it s e beulein, before the explosion occurred as nel- abroad that such a crime had been con- of ther gue
tho s t in l Tampa on Tuesday last. their watchman could see any one on emittedd against eople who spend such vis tors who ct
a y ent r t Nelie Sw ldel of ths place. Al I immediately iave the alarm, and sent cty, a blight world be cast upon our ositos a
It songratnlaUons, wishing them word down the river to warn the people progress. son of life siae
a long and happy life. to look out for the flood. The fieod The present jury will douatles be military and i
Ki'. li arnd re. Weie, returned Stur- gates were found to be blown to atomn instructed by Judge Plhillipe to teke war. Ty I
da mora after havin spent several the entire west end of the da entirely p the matter, and this should be sup- around the I
b ay hi Tampa. destroyed and a breal k through nearly piemented by. a special meeting of the lth only a
-eit i I- R. B anoim aned Jamels Yate, th te entire length of the east end. The cocnt commissioners to consider the extend along 1
a Civsi( t hft for Port Tmpa Siaturday night on work was certainly well done and In- question of a suitable reward, and the ponent
ageaid j an l t dr way. to Cu a. dictated clearly the work of an expert, employment of competent offiere ors to as- i ow
aigleP oa IPisT isabbaieyih day In the b Baptist Ths dam, as well as the power horse rg Sit sheriff Spencer in working up the o ising, v i
rtr5i Wn ta sa .h by the wev. 0. J. Frier mornlnt furnishes the electric lights that sup- cm .a o teevelt ar
i o m eet. pl this city llnd power to run the LATR. paintngs weel
i i the scarredd en sunday evening at the street cars. and is the property of the About 2 o'clock ls morning Super- peace Jubilee a
at4e.ta and rdenre of Mr. and Mrs. Samnel Van Consumers' Electric Light and Power Intendent asunsing who had been at the puchased b
l) 11t. at eLut d Of thi place. Ralph Va VlIk tc o Company, of whics the Chester oW scene of the explosion, called at the his exposition
*reet *heU- M Iiis l n e Eahertson, Rev. J. P. Chapsn heirs own a controlling in7 Tribune office, and requested a state- fine a te
ersuak la-H Nlawis offlclatn r. The bride and rtoom terest. The estimated value o the ment to the effect that he would have Intereting fei
am well and avraly known in Plant dam and power house alone Is ,000 one O the large generators at the ercses to-mo
et with th y sad vicinIty. We extend to them and an official of the company said la. power house transferred to the small usge quac
.-j espo't of h uee wishes for a long and tros- night that the entire plant is nearly power house in the city, and in less than vegetables wit
|' at ^. icet pero future, ruined. as the water deluged the ma week would have eufficient power for ena growers
Lasnsut la Unrortunately unday afternoon one chinery in the power hoe, rendering ting an d running four or five street Joining -cousn<
Sm otir. J.j. Blgnton's twin sons tel l fr om it almost useless for future use, and c ars= e stated that the dam was, a quantities for

atity of Florida traltsand
1 arrive to-day from *sev- Many
throughout this and ad- ono hand a s a.d
e who have been growing cure ror iroup aam np I
this dplay. U te iogm h Cure f.
diy been mentioned In the re i a
performance on the regu-
ill begin at 11 o'clock en Phone Carrnihrs l
ing with an address by
3owyer. Exercises by the ]itab ed,
n will follow Tbe Tarn- Concord, N. ic m
rl dispensed fne music in" 1Z -'.
other exercises. Every-
and all are cordially in-

ve in te wo ld i or ou Chemists '
ulcers, salt rheum, feve
happed hands, chUblalns
kinds Of skin Arulptions The Largest bro Ut
cures ples, or no pa3 The BI t
is guaranteed to Iiv
Ction or money reftded
per box. For sale by MOVU3D(t 3mHLOCE
Co. aEB A"IC ,
*. ^^ "-* +

Oftb. ln, D- -.. .
i.. i 19 t .-
5 PA'--. .- -

*:.. '^*VI. D. C, oIX

a.'ior-wtth a4ltaa l
Sto the WMe

i 4sla arrivo be mdW
t.: to:t11u 0-r:1q It
ehiesd I IhaO the PI
ed- ha Island of Cua,.
with It the abd
^m* keuiul e entire mill
m of e entire U

g- .eagm IV- tue captain 4
4Imv tlGOP & me Awaa o
aal6 nsa. d.,.ln

-. Soven of Them Wee Str
t'a- and afnt lWbere
Me Eadle saohLre i

l/ on Es. ew Tork
.-. Crltende, tib-
1Thsyekpp rrpedl
| Naeahing trabi
?ait mimeta and we

--*t awr sifpin

Loani and Jewelry Co.

B i . .- -'-. -'-.



he Casino vHer7M gkht
Beginmng Xonday.
and ever popular Wilbur
y,, with its ensemble of
, magnificent living pie-
I and intricate marche-,
red and fty truntke s Te P1 grc an"m R
be, are booked to appeft" > _
Bay Casino one week, i'PPC Wilbe
monday. Dec. 1"th, Inelud-
enent of the annual en-
ir Wiburs is always re-
light in this city. where |
for yerM conderld tUhe
pera organization of the
y come to us this year,
ever, and have been for
d the leader lght oer Mm0 III t
if the counUtr. The
a -roartii. av than f
ucord of -paekld ho use
rsonannse Bleemsber,

Wg her t the M p
e sented rhe a

ave nhebe mae t h C afert.
at p of dar IgoMa
sarb' $IMSa X ftt*j ^'yC^ B -j& fl
inow reee 24ved with sy IIt nil b w .
m a the more mo n It wll strong
playn two e bst rbeth
oanbf wrws at 141salk
was put behind OWnthw
Peritbretves. Owlguamr
ffects and intricate evo- Sdal o tohe o'mtt
Sa sitiely bew ild- te of sf government.
*ot living pictira which day ditoessed t *nrodi
awfrore herel hat Ysr gat to &thOe Philisoi
the featuredction o f the U-
re presented on a mo Admia
ehan ever. t number maten s simar nto
ave been made to the in Cba afte -the T arned
tsely complete reper- Ad in fact it eis the BM
apany B nclWding a n thath p
.rite operae of days tone. erior
now received m with By tender hibt wr a ligtl
is as the more modern It will strongly adrha
tante of the Philippineg
, marches Rhich were r- their peaceful prs m t,
tcf this company. haft
nd are being given with I" them iartttiation
effects and intricate evo- fas of the b overnm ent,
V a positively bewUlder- Ite of self government ass
the luridiction of the Ue

encell the ne.tional a~en r-..1TO 8P ot.B
.Y RAND. secretary of the Inter
nAdministration Pure,
erfsl Exhibit at the oouent ofu"
l touiding of the Sipecal to the Trbune.
STampa Bay. Washington, Dec. 11.-
ththe Interior. ii., s wll t
ot the Tampa Bay expo- tender h resignarti to
is a model of neatness, This has been officisllp i
grandeur. Under the ohatehal mSptair .d"M
of iMr. A. Fihe, the ar- if, some tU3h, Ah.mngb
, designer and tgalr-nf. t ia jt le uohd bhe a 6.
ught up to a high stand- tiP. to hlsl ai; b ineLm
excellence. The nany rFetain to notion 41i
iof former ye" have any dihf ences with thu
and retouched U man- hi advioora. bat as the 1
them the appearance of he does It -very rehlptant
nurlrities that have con- business motive.
.y to the fame of the,
in all the national and OeVrs E
as from one end of the
other. amn new artt)-
a dded. In facttMr.
stmaele wife are always The mebtle of ,illni
for new attractions, new No., X PF, anaff. BAt. he
Sgerms of art that will in- astic meetl-w istglaift
actions of their favorite folowln M to m- e
a. In all their selectio- wsid. W. W.M ]. LXas
played rare taste in se- JF pos j. W.lrbs aJ
that not only take their 3 L anet me.;j m sw U
It multiply the pleasures C. C2a. sel. JCOk ve
a and the thousands of W. T. iBrownJ. I.; A. V
all to view the wonder.
new itractions at the ex- BUANeTxfOStK.
aston is s large coliec-
d paIOtiogs of the -le as ing mey Q i -I No
save aller e ar annd t ll enjoy af.Wa

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stiue of the opening *t- kindrtatis jtopBe
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to reipri
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with h
Ited tate"

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ly on 0c-



so~ rue as to tteq
o s fer of the vie
- o tn Mae contemplate
lMUMt .ad M-anagr friend, the Preaideni
;~t Sit .erred to It whqn he
00"sp-sm L 11. sage" that the differ
tween the revenue o
.+++++.++* .... .... pall oat would be
+9 DingIey blandly exi
W;M. OFa OM UBCIM-- PTION. + deficiency by tellhns
S- Bma Pestaes Prepaid, Daily tougta war, and
.4 -- + Ba r money, and that if
SOne math.... ... 50 + war the revenues fro
ree nohtb.. .... ..... .. 1 6 + have been ample for
ft myeaot.. ............. 00 + needs, etc But, unf
ls year...... .... .......... 60 e complac
+0 4 Dlngley's complacel
4+++++4++444++++4+++4+++4 books kept in the tr
show just to the con
.++++++ 4 +++++ + ++ + ++ there been no war w
eternally swamped,.
S+ 'Al sdbscriptions are payable In ,war that covered up
+ advance. +
+ ia stbwhrberbee are requested 4 nDafednea and saved
-4', to remit by check, postoflce 4 exposure and the rid
-. r M order, postal note, or reM- War taxes are still
..: .'- a letter. spite these, there w
'" d 4e on which the sub- 4 recommendations for
s -pres ts on the ad- +i and a navy. "one as
I& al of ei ch copy. are carried out, wa
S ldvertilsi rates frnised on + increased still turt
+ -pesati. Dingley is complacea
delivery Is Irrecnasr-.
WOill 1lea mae. im- 4 The liffeaenc bet

abou l taf want to distar it In that 4, M)at $ ,
:; complaint. a catiflcation of the
|0' *. ; 4.4.4..4.4'4 e *4,4,4ians teooratian thew Ph

. . . . in atslf the 'tM
S. of ts ooin be sbodd
s '11 T eWrly ChristmaA shopper captures aMiAd It Ipossible
senate who will vo
S^Fn~ Ie'ig3$. :d'1 I' ton oC the treatykwl
"iB wtiy bwho has read tae Presi- omed to abdinin. le
d n" tl imu o td 3p PMW WBs S^oe ope
^-* AL;w"ii-1l-1* P01 as 9MWtt ina.

S ~ i the Oaaeofne s
w e atl unko atm
ir. lfred 4reatin ha written a long vie for a reli a1
j pit Oft the Veace of Britain. Wiy sovereignty In the A
he dod b want to dolturbs It In that a Oal t $08,8M.0(0
wb l nation in It for u
T-i-- l" anda. then wee presm
'~-l not l edxerimet tng-distance s nd te durait
lhleartion of issioe Is now rtng nade tis subject nA
Ij tne the trial of the Betkin case in light but if the rat iic
'ei h~. In itself makeff the I
fttertp tof the United flatee,

ses' rtlhe pead to le arn that ta em

.l a l elphis ave h
g u'pion. nobody knows wheth er the t et l
Sbe thorougly acceptable to irom the beaiolnn.
y The Ocala House.
f'hI capascty ah the National Santa Qystem hotels, opened
^^ ^ gmSlauwil have a busy time winter, under the mi
u gbttitg around to the homes Pht. he. rowl. II
of thte manger. M'
*-'Sensetat-ve hulser of New York, tiarsI fitted to the we
sm to wan ito go bolting right ahead largo hotel He Is
ul^an ti the war investigation con- agreeable and attend
-vitW s whte h bcket. as well as refined an
S with whom he comes i

o li .. p.ublic. Trhe ms
S. eit L greatly pleaded to ieasn that ts d travelingn n
^ Usoclty ladles of hPhladelphia have Goals house a period
V,0Se 'tha i iI the co.ect lea wi e ith edeasu
-l.hor^, We shall no longer worry Is bath at hIs oti I
moete bta atters season.

4 ar5dly-pie that President The presIdent's me
to COosta loea. cannot oroppre lvered to the pubUc.
-u he think of the for t lefthn and
We at natlj pject and the Unt- utteranceas there is
^a^^ i^ms fp***m >-* 'a4lnilsaees about ti
-,Agt h what bewAleeriang

"1100 tat. Pretseidne nof o-that procdains him ti
be -slpgooth for b asindays gone by,
ii^^^^"4k j1Ts "' go ve *rnment's (
arss r b-ii- s^Teat Notrth ber wa 11,000,0b0, d
BdMf h as> that any tins bil asd the war tax
tt am CdfiC. mrt-rate beersn n war tax t
es'l-lamiet retiSl Cor 36 fildenclea of the Dingi
Metrovolls when we thinlk-dw e

5.si'teregfvie5 n r to-- Tam Fpre a s er. ow le c
Batec1'^ greater and 01. rye of Mae
"S7rf 1lgiti~trha te over thequestion sir
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jB^^g^^ ilf-hnnf-~ '/ ._~ :the Impresslon that.
^ &om presen ressmption of hoestll
SiB5l5etfteenaki* S llts -

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rbus the tonre
ad citr.
u &if*i;y are ~tellIing wDon-
& t-mh Siave-
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make a
esonns .0- counsel
ckdure bWy the or sue
rsrgmr p tao thse The b
tSo i o I. the~ a-don of
Sarnd rear hathy, intell
.55,tgiwet. t the order to do ths, she i


day's Tr
e Crowel
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mpt t rob Was a fSf4 r from Rhuma-
-o he may get tism for Years mTOP KICKING. -
ion of hib law. Ris A we think a w es as we 'e
Es indietlY re- Hood's Sarsapertile ured and and aet so do ons a tootod a Xro; D
stated in his rues- Made Him Feel Young. enterprise however great can be ttaed s be en ] up
ence this year be- "I have had rhemutism, off and on, to death, asy brumi r pro-obu up
"I bee bedd rhemtmsmyoff s"d o per can be ruined by continuous cim wh in her cvm toS n sloBsunt
Ilected and moY ^ ^ j d complaints (Men, because they have Can We
i.L"e00.OO. Mr. in s 1 Part of the time I went on protlably tailed in a certain line become ta th aS s.u -a 4
Plain this Wtlng hes, and a gret deal ot the tUm I datis led and querulos. nothing can Iii lmeiit whi h"oeif "
Sus that we have was obliged to use a cane. I had be good; bustnes to them is dead and rLdax Lg t In b thef thing o
ghting a war takes stomach trouble with the rheumatism, busne of every one trse. AccordLing cto U ce a client in
there had been no and I apent a great deal of money for to them the country is going to ruin M OTHER'S FRIEND T B
>m this tariff would medicine, without permanent benefit. the town Is dead, bankruptcy stares M M
r the government's They would give me relief for a tim. but every m~n in the fae and e ar n ch shecan s upon dm & ln ve
fortunately for MIr. the trouble would return. Six months i urden of other song and the. .ore her a d 0 befod a Th t .erA
nt statement, the ago I began taking Hood's Sarsaparlla, timid take up the refrain adding their d labor Se nd to U 0 for over tnre world. FmIhe Ute tl
easury department and now I am so free from my ailments feeble voice to the rivulet of complaint ted Beo B g rown in a ttle mor t
trary-that is, had that my neighbors I act more like until it becomes a cataract of congteme ." grown In a lithe o .o.
me shouldend Hood'sSam ill too highlyy, fear Is the sepulcher of hope, happi- drug stos for $I 1 a bottle,
and that it as the M. M I, Key et, Florida. ness and prosperity. We are doing m TRADEDB .AT Co.Aa on the globe. The p.
the Dingley law's well in spite of all complaints and opin- v t thatil e o- Tofa c on e"
SngE rapidly. Our men ofmeans are not l MeOi DOCKq t ROOM dmemoes from the "I
Licule o:tt .an. o o d s eparlila ard t place teir money here The
pil ineg tah, dt-.' In the best-lnfact the One True Blood Purifier. wisole town has quickened ts ste and One .f the great needs of Tampa at scret
can Increasd Aevery ear o those who are not too deaf the present time alon the river front
b ca n eood's Pills arem ld, fenl to hear. Quit kicking; we have much is mre and better dock room. The *vv m4 X "x aie
r taxe n-m he o l A ggls ssicen. to be thankful for. The yellow scourlg greater prt of the doelm we have are I te m I t
her Mr. n e o6.1ea3r.that paxalyned so many of our sister very
tweem ageengwto tOREI fN wh XloAh E w strength and our energy are left us. all In first-clas conditIon, they would a o
tweea t. tnecne too De w ~~f de lon. Everything has a brighter hue; we a still be inadequate to handle the freight. t r
Parts treaty and r m eet riand tis not under the shadows -why tomaln The F co & P. dock in particular h o fi
Poaris es t taFroma TlmesT C en. e must s tand toethotsr. That manT heF. e& oipa ic arh a
ip a or the next ten days the Presdet's who can see no god In his town, ls been In a congested condition for several uccessl omtm9D" c iw
I be kept clearly tIn
message be t lear n will furnish the tape of dis- community and his fellow man has n week. They a not more than half foreignMade goo a a
nethat MA bepllthe may be csnal r orans of public place among us. We have not room large enough-too acomodate the b t ust "-,e s a .
e for ratihe~-o. and yet that document is Ines re= us say thia jnan got, o t of wind.in a a e r foono a i
are tterlo ot- uark~m le for what it says thnn fr vaL endeavoer to -tlk his town to me n and arond t ck with o
d a their influen- what it Impelie. ecessa iry we have death. Quit kicking. Let us all pull oely any room to load o0r mload. A t s
I t is no little that is now on the object of war together. .company that receives much bOsineg need be no tswg r.Itt. h
alug on g '- ,but the conclusion the past conditions ON THE RIGHT TRACK. and Ia depehteu t on dom faclte in conditIon to a ht .a-tt e
Inu the Phil hein on the mind of our chief ma- h -- handling so much of his freight oulht0 ,4e-o L . .K -".e '.el-'
L United States of onWe -nt th a ve eoars the cim-e The meeting of business men onWed- toy more ron. i t the eent A Ta a -i |
rts te e caie the treaty ne o day night in-the mayors ofce to ooGeauon thei c tt eere r a doeit of ow.
wta or hr- with new forcea,wben clothed wth his o de the eon e re condition the oeu e
ha of ~ n arbction. Notable among these is the rates for Tampa was rtany a step drawbCk to vel tihat n reqobro by nte
I as wel ma insistence upon the construction of the In the right dhrectton. -Every aven loading and'lnfloe irt As Iit sbme
e a weas noe earua canal atd the earliest pos- of trade was representedand a determine. of em are oo-ne 'to a' t O w d t d lAd nit t0to I to t
a. if thereis n i ce p- tion a man-ifested by those present
to take the is sble date, and the m laid upo put Tampa on an T equal footing weith ha.s witha rgo ofperishable thrahing with -I p o e's
me It will be r- its necessity to the work of developing other shipping center in the South goods before they can gt-dock Troom strength of his arm and h&rdeMe
Ion of the islands our merhant marine. Then this State that much good will undoubtedly be as- The erection c .d -eSi wie s fib eaonever i c. sdIe vy ~'-
stter of the real ter the text of the m e so plI- con of views There wasubJa free expres- thd e dferent treet to th rver
atlon of the treaty ly that he who runs may read, and the veloped a number of grievances and wilt lake a little more room. If those os et.ae4lM
Phlipplnes a. part words between the lines become to us also a number of methods that ought alone the rIver below the baete i aWea
the r more importance than the plain let-tobe employed In bringing about the put it n good repar't still help ale to the
the ratification alof more imporancethanthe pmlet- dsired r sult ohe n las. a
stubbornly fought of the d n ent l The meeting brought out one mprt- iatt A petitionn should b e pre-d o t
Else what does Wiiliam IcKinley, ant fact that will probably explain why sented to the F. C. & P. abroad cormn- t d d .e.r
thePresident oZ the United States of so little has been accomplished in the pany, asking them to arrange for more which 4wesupheld l ey-Tal e -Im w
one of the Pant Amricame ean when he tells the world way of establishing lower rates, and ock room wth t t argument
I this week for the thati-n view of the recent acquuitontelligent demand or proposition had thing is not done and done soon, our at footban. -
nagement of 0ol. f territory ,by the United States, there dver been made to either of the trans- shipping interests will be greatly re-
it dnt have a should be established reg@Ilar and fre- portation Idnes to make a lower rate to tarded. And now General C-oxe s out Vw"t
won't be the fault quent steamship communication, under Tamia- Indivlduals had been kicking
wtb the ult uent steamship communication, ue and heaping senseless suse without THE FACTOY VICTORY. pronoun meto that ee
r Brown is pecu- the American fla, with the newly a- iend which if kept up until doomsday, As an expert in the -Latter of dW01.
,rk maan a qired llanda?" What should this would have no effect There is not much remaining to be -n ,iii e
always pleasant' mean to the nation? That the private tAs the Tribune has been contending theresentIrufhrenc ngtothe noesu General Coxey wIll haveMan_
lyewtohi guests, mea..ns of one or two indi.idualsben, n from the very beginning of the trouble, aad at Present, in reference to the cigar
tiee to hisr guests, m"reou r ner s what tte transportation companies de- factory etues0ton. there is still a bal- 1 lievere in his Judment ont o s
n courteous to all longer relied upon to prepare our near- sid and demand is. an intelligent iropo- ance of something over $2.000 f the The iori man "who w aS
Contact. Alon est harbors for the business the head sition presented In a slnslIe manner 15,000 to be raised. A number ot busi-
contact Along republic regards as essential to and a. business men they will meet $,0 t e e bs for .eatng his wife acd $ Ser sa
gh hotel manager, of the republic regards as ient it half way. The trouble has been that ness men, including the members of u o
us. oas writings the rev- al of prosperity; that the Gov- individuals have e kking and ma- the canvassinig committee have guar- his mule will no dobt gIe histh
Sf ernment will now heed the advice o, ing demands for lower rates, but they anteed the erection of the budding re- tlons solely to his wife In :th futte
rod byom thre re- these engineers appointed by itself who, didn't care to have anybody elso enjoy qulired by the Cuban-lAmerlcan Cigar
Jo ed by the read- h hwn the necessity a suggest the same rates. This was for the pur-Beforererning-to:
any northern -il-hs. ...... ...tpose of being able to sell goods lower' 'Manufacturing CoMpany and In lieu
en who make the ed the means and details for perform- than others. It is no wonder that such of which they will move the El Modelo Lord Kitcihener decUied wl
ical stopping place ing the work, and that, at least, the im- demands have bean ignored, factory from Jacksonville to this city. book. This advances lm anoth
re that Mr. irown portance of the long coast line of Flor- .What is needed is an open rate to all Mr. Guerra advised the committee In trade on the list of heroes. :
eth Mr. r ido wi e recited and ito advat- fully as low as those enjoyed by, other
stand for another southern cites of the same importance. behalf fo the eosycearty this week,
taoes utilized. With comparatively abd then let the railroads treat all alike and expreeeed a desire that the builld- The 2Kalgrs tvr'k l book o o4
slight aid from the government our by adhering strictly to these rates. This ing would be erected wlthouttny on- visit to Jerusalem orobb nte
a ha h been de- arbors can be made the centers o r will place our merchants on an equal delay th were a- t 1 t
It is remarkable business activity and commercial en- footing. The committee that was ap- necessary as a testoft yellprofthee
It is reareb lpanne a d cummtyo aten-pointed will doobtleer present to get their business all in one lc --,l
ke kl Kley's terprise; it is theplaindutyoftheG the matter in tiAs light, and there and In a settled oondition.
an indefinite in- eroment to extend that aid, and of our is every reason to believe that the me canvassins committee that lhas XD CEU M3 6 OMAl
em that is some- representatives in Washington oin- transportation companies w cme to given much time and ard work to them o < -
Sslips over the slot tatIt do so. the recourse outlined by Mayor Bowyer, matter has a hard job tes It to raise bye lanl app1&UOt si as ~ 40
Cth an art ulness Columns that would fll volumns have and that is to improve our shipping fa- the additional $,W.. BSinee the last re- reach the diseased VportlO. oft0heM
ith nae old dodger been devoted to expositions of the in- cilities and establish a permanent port published In the rib e ony two There is only owar Rn to a 1ftal
been stated at different times in the ratnes hare been a our China trade, and we give $20,000,000 Tribune, is a safe and profitable mean- P. 'Dwomey and C. tW. Stevens, each for Deafes Is tcaued few en.Zl
ledlit for Novem- without a murmur to secure this ad- ure to carry out whether the railroads 125. The committee has been atle to do ditlon of the macboeelning of theSm
e DI5I D o vantage of a filch statIon as aear as make a. satisfactory rate or not. It, it sn t Tea smply techiaT W "'**1t 6 t ^

I. there had P0oible to the market to be reached. to and from Tampa, but it will stand for lak of time. The amountit have flamed -u hewe a onmSliL S u
over up the d- If this advantage be so valuable in as a prevention to any future increase to be raised, and thoee who are able, t ioll l-J ll l

Tyth .t a cesile by railroads. We firmly be- rurd to do thert t In m akng asp
.of the East, why not Miami, a station tieve that with railroad rates estab- the required amount. Those who have evenio, heaIut w. l's i
along the highway of South America ilahed on a- basis with other shipping already sutiocribed are aeked to doi a by catars whic Japlie#- I.

a1t t l ho srsddaupplement the sums expended by an more than double in two years, deeds for the building lots to be de- tarrh) that annot becae .
thea' h55e 11a a de o ^ss nr t a The greatest nuIsances on the Ameri- mitered to those siot tove essuiobed Catarrh COure. S Toa
ttcs. possess, ot the splendid harbor and can continent to-dab ale thoee alleged c tion. It hoped that the sub- Sfold by ru ,-s 75.'
dook facilities on the Glf at Port Tam- writer who to the fond wdll be ready with tlatla iIfany Pilis are-theb(a. -tr'

Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's ,
SThoroghl pa, upon which several millions have cabinfor a text, in order to secre an their amount< when the deeds are.re- "_
healthy gir been spent by the venerable head of audience. sented so that the work on the bualeding .
hood m ean s one of the greatest corporations. If we can proceed withett delay.
happy wife.
hood and om would build up our merchant marine, The new budding will be erected near
ble motherhood A why not give our ships the advantages De Soto Park, adjoinhi the present
sw fgled p oar situation makes natural, both on Guerra factory. It will be of brick,
Sthingsy at the Atlantic and the Gulf. and same size of present one twith the
o know before they The port of departure and supply for DERIVED exception of twenty feet added to the
the duties of eat- our trade to the South should be the length. In consultation with a m -emn -
nd maternity. railway terminals on the r ROM er the committee yeterdy. he
Salone not nearest railway terminals on the Flor- ROM w
yongwoman thor. ida coast; the demand is as insistent stated that the presec t plans provide
y. The wise and of the same character as that ANCIENTS for the completion of the lbuildln not
s af goode mother which induced the government to sub- Modern Science usea many words derived frmn later than March Ist. .Jost as soon as
uaable. sidlie the trans-continental railways. the Greek or Latin. For instance, Dysmenor- the deedware delivered and the money
estandnoblestamit But with ua the roads have been built rhoea, is from three roots, cs, hard; es, a collected, bids will be advertised for, A
a woman is to be and the harbors improved by private mouth; ra, a stream. Science coined the word and the contract let, er te
lignt children. In sbeVase it so
lt be health1 and enterprie till little remains for the YS N -RHA e t
sy. Both the intel- government to do. Will it do that little I)YS-M.ENS-RHA simiy de- lt ioean't matter is much what thbe -cem eiu
Sf herhildte government to do. l it do tht little scribes the President intends to do with the Philip-
the their. without delay? paiful. prioic ounctiions which the Creator in- pines as It does uhat the representa-.
ri tion is the best tededwmetrerda tht ti of the people intend to do stout
wives and moth PROFIT R. ORANGE GROWVNO. eti-es o te pple intend to do about :
oe thagand the function should be regular and without in- t "
ioroughly. It acts The Punts Gorda IHerald Icys fath in i orraicce bt humoiti has fallen long ago
and important fro-.n hat Edaic sta of phyical pefectio The way the: Philadelphia papers (J --^ lC^
ihood and mother- orange growiig in Florida, und says: I horna-,;. in the dcist of all our highly devei scold about the muddy SciluykiU water J1W .
n strong, healthy, The Progres of orange trees is imost c-d c-iv:'.ion, wonen-the gra-t majority of in-ht lead people to suppose it is be-
in, it babies te phenomenal. With intu-nse cilti\ation w cC t su -r from irregularities of the cause the,- are in the habit of drinking NAa.s. a-
tion, it banishes the IL
eternity. It insures a acre of orange trees can be made to fuct;or-s f their maternity. The symptoms of itI
otherr and the robust yield five hundred boxts. At tioe pre .. A|, ap..P h. are neuralgic. o ---- g.-
t, greatest of price of fruit this amounts o i ,nors per PAliNFUL le. .T be just prt- The bill which is to be presented to
old er ho ens acre. The price of per o on te n continue Congress to stop the use of the Amerin- AS :h -'
,,old thestorofits r.T pfcrsowetime. The pains vary from numb sore-
uents. God media trees will hold for the next ten yo-arsb can flag for advertising purposes will
e will not advise rang e neowt orth from e to fiece, darting palns through the back, have toh hearty support of the people. -
Swill not advise at lest. Oranges are now orth from hae th hearty support of the people
S MDad, $3. 50 to $4 per box in the no-he-rn mar- hips and lowerabdomen, generally attended bv
t ket Don't fear tiate nero disturbances. The reglarity must be About the only solution of the soy-
I emamseOstt does not change in one's lift tiae. We established or the patient will continue in ffer- crapers fire problem, as demonstrated
ok&f S shall have no freeze for thirty years ingasoftenas these periods return. o matter bylte e fences f New York Is
-t b. -- -- h-- ui. a seven-story nre ensne.
St fr S There is nothing in the timht r theory. how helpless you think yon are
STe State of 'ane has been getting That popular song entitled '"WNat'
.4a warmer for the past twenty yea D REN EW EALTH the Use' s have been dedicated
thea t "otweitBtan l dng It has-been dermwd of i I nr e wh at ohe to the Spaasno ace commeissoners.
nearY all of its forests. Give the tree or left ado paid and alwhbs wi L .
Spouns of coranercisi lertilizer
the a wwat e rare t NoIatter how ery doctors have prtOomacd Ltllan RaumS dop 0 "it believe In Ge-

IA zoaS126F en SI 44 W & ArHhumbBw
ig owa tasg, and if t o erami's anwerton is a ly to mbanaima b ie ae a *
ibasi. A r1a armett one-that there will be no reese e-NewSc l*t- as leatNk *sragi&a0 s Isttsrsa-- carpenter iothe t ihe. ahK -
--an ew= b1d w pss- W ll0e we .once osr ale by a rer t A 0 0. ot rS be o h vaA -e g
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tilp would be a btig r undertaking. .i.Lt men i WOsaW,. itIsot oc tnognt a-
IsL ~.L fr te e- Jea e Wt o e to he viable to secure a channel of 24 feet at
gvaten t, thAf tsf harbor and mean low water.

t a thaveX.I v TREMnOU TO3AS3 TRUST

a 1ain~1 A Plug monopoly Has Been Formed.
MtISbas Oubran rteam r Again in Tronble.
wf l ala ws Senator MattQuay Sores
channel 1 miles. It i very truethat it
iW gta appropriated laIge-
tioi dfo rSpcil the otle barer-
bt. at the same tin. the gCvernlt Secial to the Tribune.
06 aot webs eag a euAridaMont until Phtladelpih, iDec. l.t-'b tt Quay, the
thy saw some incltion on the t Pennsylvania political boodler is hold-
Ze 5 oatbli is-elp m Ing on to life with a degree of bull dog
'If we omadUnd drtake the dig IdU' tenacity that indlcatee his wonderful
-ou, h&le i Iam sure hat wse vitalty. Pollticaly he is worse than a
sojaftidi'tu^ tJaYlaBLe a- a t wth nine lives. To-day he secured
aotace" t~hS ,To -wnen aM in the postponement of his trial until after
S r _ashot -tia wEoud have the first of the year, when District At-
teiamer lines from the principal east- torney Graham's term of office es
ut asw"well asfrom the principal pires. Graham has relentlessly proee-
dt y, Bfadid att oar cuted the wily Senator, who begins to
will ducl Tq rates fel his power. After a hard pull by
ri P aih thar' sll lie not dCn Ier his attorneys, he gained the postpone.-
at them So p AUV again menr, The election of a United States
"Should th people of Tampa carrJ Senator in this State will now take
nto effct a lct anAtLe Ieds the amc- plae before the date of the trial. Quay
ees ofour cf-trala ]tinreia eter named for president of this gigantic
woniA be for ever assured, and the pro&- plug trust-
p!cty that would follow would excel
that of any tSam dogg the history f GIGaANTC P3UUt TRtUST.
Tavmpeao&tn*Ielng cAity of-15 d SpeCial to the Tribune.
cTrenton. N. J., Dec_ l.--Articles of
,u19W tW I TN 'TOU.BLE. incorporation of the Continental Tobac-
ScO Company, were Filed with Seeretary
Bdpal to h Tr -Ribe. of State here to-day. The capital stock
Seattle ,Dec. -The Pll aterlng is seventy-five million dollars, one-half
Cban ra a is -ai n in of which is to be preferred with 7 per
troudRe w Unitt Btates govern- cent non communlcabte dividends pay-
menat, -Her offense this time consists able quarterly. James B. Duke is
i. smugiing a-Mt differ t times during, report gained circulation that Co. Wil-
A summer, -wb key- into asa, iiam J. Bryan. commander of the Third
aftrectiKg ~in value $171. The libel 'Nebraska, had tendered tiis resignation.
has been filed. His regiment is a part of the Seventh
f-- MME. Oarmy corps.J F A
yiscitito the Tlbbae. '
tiSQabad etesim wbmc le7e t-Russel Captain Chadwick and Spanish Officers
Ssci. no 9 f oa Secretary Aleor oc Exchsnge visits.
%avr gagder'r o hf-al father's pulp -
.606s .was terl ly Injured Speclal to the Tribune.
br being thrown from a Havana. Dec. 8--The United States
.. cruiser New York arrived here at 3:15
n P-m, to-day. lmseeet sey afterwards
Ii 701 iAJB B an Afid. the Ntew Tork saluted. and Captasi
4 1 * Chadwick paidl a visit to Admiral Aftn-
Bedeti r Owe prbea tetra-sad I Oes. CasteBasoa. AL naval

acre 1f CMl ever and
Ag .... or mo ta r endar. S cn. AU

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6 per
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at less than .... n wu meureume.er
of Tampa4L Senator Hoar Makes the Fur Fly on 'Ihe Unveiling Ceremony Witnessed
for Congress
Sdeepen our te Subject of Hawaii Comm2 3 By a L rand Pageant--onor to
It is my iblg- soners-Denounces the Yresi. the Memory ot Jeffwmon
it a long, Lme
priatlon.- Te dent's Appointments. Davis.
mpa Bay Will
Ia, and this is
go. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune.
xmmended for Washington. Dec 7.-The Senate to- Montgomery, Ala., Dec. T.-This city
nd t da had a long ade decidedly aensa- witnessed to-day, the grandest pageant
non andto dya Inm ste the day the corner stone of the
yV. of dock tonal debate in executive semIon o since the dera y te ornernt of Jeffersonh
i V. There- the subject of the coa firmation of the Davis was laid. The occasion to-daj
polrt is en- Hawaiian commissioners. The debate was the unveilIng of the statue on the
Congress be- was started by Senator Hoar of Has- monument, which is now completed.
sachsetts, who made a vigorous pro-
f TSompa dene test against the practicee of appointing WAY AJIL BE CLCOND.
They have Senators on such commissions. He
A long as.we declared that these Senators were when Special to the Tribune.
so lonir.wll appointed acting tnder the direction 'Augusta, Dec. 7.--Iotlces were posted
PA A t -in et, &and became the daly authorized to-day-in all the cotton mills belonging
ItappearSto ~ets of the President to oarry out his to the Southern Msnutacturing Aso-
for us Ideas and wishes. (He also denounced elation, to the effect that after the holl.
bhen we stand the appointment, of Sengtors on the dys- alt the miUL now running will tb
.S.aee isOm Peaces omnmtaten. The Senate eooa closed if before that timhne all the mills
frtaed the lpointment of Jahn Har, now idle do-not resume eas*.
haiman. ibat as eecretart of Sta.
ore delg t BA OpMAnoL. N AT .- OOfN- IH GUILT.
the uck. RaSic IAHS"AT tOiI:
~t the l tSpecial to the Tribune.
L-b9rtsant Wabhignon. Dee., 7.-A great sensa Philadelpia, Dec. 7.--Gideon W.
AhoW5 55t ion was caused in the House of 1tep- Marsh, president of the Keyste.e Na-
hry for Wto resentatitves to-day by Bales) of Toea tional bank which failed here M arch
eq enles serving notIce oe General Joe Wheeler 1991, was arraigned In tthe United States
gh lp- that he wil chaengi his right to serve District court to-da aund pl.ded
i i.ke s or in th house while holding a o Ommisslon kgullty to the indictments of misappro-
S as major general. DGenai l Wheeler^ priatng funds of-the bank, and makn
ed n ladsct at the ed551 of Cgress false reports oa the bank's ondltion
dos chMes mothx, and he to the comptroller. The sentence was
anted to serve. hi constituents, there- deferred. Marsh .diappeared in May,
0 U716 fre he would resign his eommimilon as I W, ris. lbond of 15.0 b beIng for-
ktonnaW 8 oOf General hot declared that he IOOhe felted, and he was a fugitive from Js-
lrst yeatIer be reappofIted after the lose of the tice until last November, when he vol.
ty thing Mr.ns sesn. untaril surrendered.
ys and ne1i5
e done l

pears toe-e. -
lo. that we
L s tew y for A Popular Young Couple Wedded C. L. &, St.. A. Case at La
Mr.' dont at Last Night at the Orange Hotel. Settled in Favor of the Chapins,
ben we would Who -ere Iepresented by
igress for an From Thursday's Daily.
channel still The parlors of the Orange Grove Hotel Col. Peter 0. Knight.
thbt it we was the scene of a very pretty home
tatter in thii wedding last evening. The contracting In the United ates court proceedings
x-years from parties were Miss Sara Yancey the In the United State court Proceedlnss
ring seven or beautiful and accomplished daughter of published in the lonmes-Union and Citi-
vsr docks we ol. T 1 f. H Yancy proprietor of the zen, the following will be of interest
i t would be hotel and Mr. 1W. T. L.esiey, the popular to the people of Tampa who are thor-
t time befe clerk of the county criminal court.
'water up..to The ceremony was performed a few oughly familiar with a case that has
f minutes after 7 o'clock by Rev. C. A. attracted widespread interest for the
fe sit down. Fullwood, presiding elder of the Tampa past two years. In speaking ct the
p we will vted guests who participated In the stand Street Railway case It says:
From festivities of the occasion included the "A final decree of torecloeure In the
e in taking, relatives and a few of the most intimate case of T. C. Tallaf-rro and NV. B.
in For noth- friends. At the conclulson of the Henderson, as trustees, against the
ceremony the hpy couple proceeded Tampa Surburban Railroad Company
r port to-day, to the depot ,w e they boarded the and the Consumers electric Light and
make an &- northbound train for St. Augusetne Street Railroad Comnanxy v whereby
* because we and other places, where they will spend judgment was entered in behalf of the
for the ras a brief honeymoon, after which they plaintifs- In the sum of $1,199.16; the
acbArge their w ll return to Tampa where they will sum of $2,600 was allowed for the com-
Dnd HiUlsbor- begin the stern realities of life. May plainants solicitor, besides the costs of
our caianel. their journey be pleasant and prosper- the suit. Thirty days were allowed
7e interest of aNr is the wish of a host of warm for the payment of these sums, inide-
th people of friends. including the Tribune. fault of which the property was or-
it would be dered to se sold as an entirely by Char.
tire Southern lee C.Whtaker, special master.
I tribtary to The cause of action in this case dates
SHARDl LU lCK. f Nrom Nvember 23. 1892. when the de-
- distributIng H endant, the Tampa Suburban Rallroad
erloli of the Company, to secure an Issue of $60,900
E ofater.up Tampa in the Soup so Far as Com- of bonds, gave a mortgage on its prop-
:SS ?. erty, including corporate rights fran-
Wouln grasmonal Appproprlmations are chises, orivtlegs, together with all em-

Twelve Hundred soldiers to Goto Ha
vans Tomorrow Via Port Tampa
Special to the Tribtne.
Port Tampa, FhsP ..Dec. L.-Great
preparations are being made for the
transportation of twelve hundred sol-
diers from Pert Tampa to H.avana Sat-%
urday. The soldiers will come fromn-
Savannah, asa t1hey easot be nnretbaed.:

The Ct

& looked for at 3 o'clock
ara it the St. Peters-
to-night with nine
hat part of the moral

arese Company Make i
tapt Purchase.





Gen. Wafde Cordially Aniwed by
Gen. Crfcas

Special to the Tribune.
Havana, Dec. .-The ofhelal visit of
General Wade as president of the Cu-
ban evacuation commission to Captain
General Caotelianos at the palace to-
day was accompanied by a display of
,ffioial and military courtesy and honors
fully in keeping with the rank c the
visiting officer and in sharp contrast to
the system which prevailed under the
regime of Captain General Blanco, wten
these ceremonials were totally dire-
During the latter' term of offte
visiting generate ad admodeal of the
United States on reaching the palace
entrance, were forced to elbow their
way tirouu the grow of lounging
soldiers always abounding about the
palace doors and courtyards Tqo
exit therefore had also ieen as uncere-
monious as their entrance.
The reception accorded to isseral
Wade to-day, however, was a revelation
in the matter of official cerefbny, and
Spanift courtesy.. -t .the conltMaren
of the interview. Geterl. Castellanos
In person descended the staBirwit hi-b
visit, and conducted ebe to where I
carriage was In waiting, remasing
there eatSi-the merican general drove
sway. -The palace. swt5aw :ps _
down file, presented arms as General
Wade and hisl party passed-thogth ke
lines. The ariyal f the V Ab rics
had been heraLde- by a bgle blast."
sentltaencts.of 2D0.r0,=Bpani-rmain-
ing In Cuba and Sits 'taddressed t6
the Queen Rsegent. s *9iabedO in It
local papers here., t ertn thst the
acoessibn of aut5rt by6it UnItS
States hae been amttaded la PrtW-Ilo-e
by acts of violence which may be re*
peatd tn Coba, the petftlohers a&0 that
the Spanish government "douesd ,w
flrmneW a solid and responsible guar-
antee from the -Utite states s
"make, an alliance with sozpaEureaean
power to Insure our protectlbio.


1 the Tampa Bay ExpomtioM onen
Thursday, Dec. 1M.
The opening orf the Tampa Bay Hotel
exposition on Thursday, Dec. 16th,
promises to be one of the Most pleas-
ing social events of tbl session. The
interior of the exposition building has
been fitted up in the most elaborate
manner. A.-number ef new articles
and attractions have been added to the
already ragnificent collections. pec-
ial pains will be taken to make the
opening day one of pleasure and profit
to those who attend.
An excellent program isa being .pre-
pared, the principal features of which
wfll be an address mby o. P, C. Bowyer
mayor of Tampa; drill exercises by the
Tampa Naval Reserves; music by the
Tampa Bab hand, and a parade by the
school children of the Tampa schools.
Everything is free, and the people of
Tampa as twei as those from all the
surrounding country are cordially invi-
ted to attend.
special reduced rates will be offered
on all t e Plant System railroads to ac-
comemodate the people from out of town,
who wish to attend.



W..e are 4igent

is and am-Bkm =*
asea heretofor ;0f 45
Lys epoect a da 3
vaY *A -*Ad *0U 1

-The questions involved in the decision
were as to the rights of the respective
parties under the two leeaes and the
two mortgages; and the 4lecree which
was entered yesterday decided that the
mornzlaints against the Tampa Surbur-
ban railroad Company are entitled to
a (foreclosure in their mortgage by rea-
son of its priority to all subsequent
A. decree of foreclosure, involving
about $390,000, was entered against the
Consumers' nompenY In favor of the
Central Trust Company several weeks
MASMSAKtlchUbteUI-i-Ag Di.tiRiND.
Special to the TrViune
'Washington, Dec. 1O.-,A telegram was
received at the navy headquarters here-
to-day from *tw Yort, whieb stated
that the battleship Oassachusetts, soon
after leaving the seewr Yort navy yard
for Hampton Roads struck a heavy
obstructon near Governor* Island,
Three of her coMpartmeart were oirn
open She was tAken bnc to the navy
yard at once, sad will he piased en the
dry doek at once to ascertain the ex-
tent of h-ertlury.
osGWo- thMg are the moat -O5S-
lantoan th. Theye taken -to- ht-
lng up poor ~serewomen.

shipping line to the Baltimore and New
York market.
Both. Mr. Crweil and Mr. styares
are men of recognized business ability,
and are regarded as among the most
substantial citizens of th commuanty.
Their signal success lb -buItnew ha
'been gained throngk the. mediurn of
honest dealings, enterprise and bard
work. Their corps of clerks and sales-
men are a credit to any firm. and can
always he depended on Cor faie anD
courteous treatment.

Special to the ribu. ti
OSevannah. Dec. I.-A *tartling sen-
sation was ere taedtebhgon u n the
will make hi Punl fe19-
The block onFra,_in ttei
Sarrisd a nd Tylal1w# W elid ke he
stem rrash aenmaely, a A P"a"W
on it will bgis in dad srnsstr
morning.. 'o.. *-

speeb atbtentils
AIn Bva
We bimk tian aft
ray you will HsC
new atore ontatsis
Ig. -

: i.

Ij. Looking for,., -
The Wa^ ;.'?^7
To buy Gents 'tr riiSia
you will find J. P. BUAI~j
714 t1F'Mik"f, i

Cila th
a ir., We ;faid^ dS
o rule that hasL I
:iwbmeiu faitt.$I -
Sclose bayerasnisIyl6B

*pc*4 psie6 ptja16 @&J

for theirwearin q

i youeant.y air., Mi

countse fortr t .bi a.ii
i ^nGo. ----f ,. -


714, 716 a1d 718 Pr'a7 S


Meoiefncenries, .W

. . . '~ _ _a r


~irr4 Wai~t--i

Of staple ad al
cies 0 iompfysupe.W;
haigveingiiu theda

highest qiiaistj), at'~~ ~b li
est psel~ible p;rica. -Oulq~ii

be~sl in the mrai 6A&7_*WBrR
moua~~j~y-. ;LS .Idu. -~ f Ots r -1

sa w eA a .smS-
Cog. Frerltn ye' T~

H A4 Itsm~il t. -kv ni 3F



m. ma)
.2W. t. WOVANZ, ilthe tad XaInu-

gtephoese CL tp

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ta?%sss1-:.;;.-: :::: +:w:2 +:

t. !Al saft..utliUooa are prsble ln +
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V.& eers are requested +
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i Ai o eter ot that to t un ir t is

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S. va fa rmerW ha t. to
C-Oai grtetaut. B son tar few
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million wtth nothngh bot hot
*OMAN cart tab*W1 warmed Ua

Sa streets book lite the reilt of
-. gr t Western ayloe bow, but
J:1: uwt atml they are paved. They

Oeagreaetam-etete Roberto, oto Utah,
t rsmqoaible for the verbal waloptags
Stbe the 'tMormon Octopar" t now get-
.t gaUla&round the land.
S*tem the wild Psco took counsel
1; i~teeieaments that ravaged New EOn-
| t...i.. retho teoeatly and belied its
Sin pridsays hr-ritcane.
Ax a t oer nsot fit to eat unti it Is
fPAite reS obi And It is Ulkewise a
m uaoltabdele morsal after a few
-dw seonratioa from itses betL
J6 teeh of o dce holdUing s a na-
am w disease. There uar 3e, awli-
.0asr for the poltios at the dis-
ef.teOovernor-elct Crws of Tex-

pt A plenty ot reeon at the top
^Hjai of btuine ss. That il the
qaI i Thsbaeu rests so osoiortably
f *l tea toCh R05ofa suae and pros-

ie!, ftine of the light lterature
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is pltics wham She gets
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etern at hm tights O

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d~gpftud bar v to th

seduWM eat anldeed yet


mat thse V 0
*Ostia own ci ~i

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the aR
at dun& W.


This may not be the right track for a
mayor to take to win his fight, but it
is hardly the speech the head of the
munlcpal government of Chicago would
be expected to make when riot and law-
less scenes are openly threatened.
S tl Chicago Lt an exceptional town.

The value of the Tribune as an ad-
verthAia medium is apparent to even
a casual observer of its columns. The
number and character of ts advertise-
ments speak more eloquently than could
the most fluent canvasser. To be really
in the poh, a business man must ad-
vertse nowadays. But advertising is
a business within itself. It can be
made either an asset or a liability. 'Ad-
vertisements in the Tribune are live
aset. They return ten times more In
profits than they cost. If this was not
s, the Trtbne columns would not be
"ed so exteatdely.

IMhte a-ers are so blamed narrow
Malfded that they demise everything
mand ieybudy that seem to be get-
tS alrmo ir this world better than
asetes. Pech stupid critters
a-luld tati a trot to the booe yard or
Ak ,d osesthy esxmiaelooer for
seb~iSi;~ sae-a V e Thlbeir ItufenCe
dow"Oftt shout as RAMe

We note that the Army and Nary
Journal t s exception to Gen. miles'
nmy reorganization, proposals incor-
porated in a bill recatly introduced in
Congress. To the feature providing
for increasing the army to 100,000 men
we were opposed on the ground that at
the present time so large an army is
unnecessary. The Philippines are not
yet annexed to this country and it is
hoped they never will be, but with the
technical aide of the reorganization
scheme we were unaiquainted. The
Army and Nahvy Journal, whose duty
it is to understand such questions
pontsout that a regiment should consist
of .WOi men an in the European coun-
tries Instead rt 100 or 140 as in our
own and which number Is again recom.
mended by Gen. les. l The Army
and Navy Journal asserts that by fol-
sloiag the European method we could
quickly raise an army of 100.000 men
without the addition of a single Une
oteer and probably without an increase
in the staff offers If properly orgn-
ied. Following out en. Miles' pro-
posals we shall hre both a large army
ad a over obvered army. A ma-
jority of oacers and a minority of pri-
vates are tsre ruod htins ina civil
trial e and in tie of peace for they
hae every good American etimen an
opportunity to Dores which so many
e av ecravs-a title, but In the real
business of soldier g useless and ex-
pentve officer are a burden to the
taxpayers and a drae on the efficiency
of the army.
TakIng the l eaoyma's 'vwww May the
pot df teCa JCtaifin Lt avy Journal
to wenui tdsn.


We see no more reason why the
Amnerican people should pay shipbuild-
ers money from the public funds than
why they should pay money to any
other branch of trade to help it get rich.
Mr. Carnegie is authority for the state-
ment that we can make iron and steel
cheaper than any otherpeople, and the
way we have taken the markets of the
world with these products is an evi-
dence of the truth of his remark. As-
suredly our lumber is cheaper. Why
can we not, therefore, build ships, as
cheap or cheaper than anybody else?
Why is it necessary for the government
to go down In its pocket and help out
the shipbuilder? Every advantage is
theirs. We have the skill, the labor
and the material to build ships and yet
the ship builders go to Washington ask-
iqc for subsidies. Russia has acknow-
ledged our superiority as builders of
battleships by placing a large order
with the celebrated Philadelphia firm
of Cramp. -What is the matter with
the merchant marine? Let us build it,
encourage it, and sustain it but to do
this it "i not necessary 'or the govern-
ment to father the industry.


Wise woM tmsgfne from the foUlowing
advertlsement which has appeared in
oen of the Ch(igo papers that times
arem quite Ihwpry i thatt tr: "Wasnted-
Ten thoui-ind gtrow-limbed, tfearlese
men. Apply at the CityCouncil Cham-
ber with ropes Om the npght tjte Alder-
men attempt to pas the fifty year fran-
shie robbery. Come prepared to do
business." hayor B -rrison is quoted
s saying: "It is ot Idle talk at all,
and I will not be surprised to see some
hanging done in the streets of Chicago.
don't mind sayl too. that I shall
not send in a riot call when it starts."

In other words we are in favor of both
railroad and bshpping advantages at
rates as low as other sApping points
equally important now firmly believe
that the present efforts of our business
men will bring about the desired results.
The Gainesville City Council has
passed an ordinance requiring the mar-
shal to make a house-to-house canvass
once a month from April to November.
The duties of sanitary inspector are
thus made those of the marshal. No
extra compensation is made for the
work. Another ordinance requires the
niarshal to rigidly enforce the law re-
garding the impounding of cattle al-
lowed to run in the streets.
The Gainesville Sun with its custo-
mary enterprise, will publish for its
next Sunday's edition a special holiday
number which will contain a complete
illustrated writeuD of that wide-awake
city. It will be printed on book paper.
and will certainly be of great benefit,
not only to the city, but toAlachua
County. ldtor McCreary is entitled
to, and will doubtlew receive, the sup-
port and encouragement o every citi-
en in his laudable nmert .
Gainesville is a good town because the
BPea hasmnade it so.
Take Iaxative Broeme Quinne Tablets.
All druggists reamed the money it It
falls to cur. c. The genuine has
B Q. on each tabit.

COsis t er ta fskMs eto i the word. I
rfrast tas deast e food too t is the bows


I 1 saawad &iPillsa
ceue onsttpstonand a t *--- ,
reuiL.eh,'slyad thorougl. Sc. al druggista
Prepared by C. L Hood d Co., Lowell, Ma-.
The son PUll to take with Hood's iarsaparill

Our fractious contemporary, the
Evening' erald seems very desirous
of monopolizring all tte honor for hav-
ing inspired a number o out merch-
sats to hold a lbusine conference with
the railroads in regard to a reduction
of freight rates. For the past few
days its columns have been running
over with lf raises for having inspi-
red the meeting of merchants on Wed-
nesday evening. It would have its
readers believe that no one else n the
community was smart enough to thin
of such a thing. This is characteristic
of the Heald tut tn Justice to its read-
era it ougtt to have some respect for
the troth.
In the first place it don't matter a
etraw who tnpitred the meetlIng, or at
whose suggestion the action was taken
as far as the result is concerned. It

Herald deprecated any such action as
that taken at the Wednesday night
meeting. It knows perfectly well or
at least sa well as it knows anything
truthful, that it has preached against
the merchants going to the railroads
with any more petitions or propositions.
Its whole cry for weeme has been to ut-
terly ignore them and throw all our in-
fluence in favor of establishing compet-
tition. It has also advised the mer-
chants to support any opposition lines
even after they were established and
rates reduced to the exclusion of the
Instead of favoring the actions of
Wednesday night's meeting, it has
said: 'OMake the railroads come to us"
and now it has the gall to pose as the
hero of the dayI the supreme inspira-
tor of the occasion. This braying and
self laudation wiln continue until the
committee has failed in its efforts to se-
cure satisfactory rates from tihe rail-
roads; then the Herald will strike one
of its long ears against the other with
that cymbal-like effect, and cutting a
megaphone bray of pure unalloyed de-
ligt will shout that it was all a scheme
in the interests of te corporations and
the only way to get even with the rail-
roads is to tear up their tracks and
t throw them into the river.
Whether the action of the business
men on last Wednesday night results
in securing satilfactory rates or not,
the Tribune has dtcou raged tico mode
of procedure against the railroads.
While we have always contended and
do still contend that Tampa has been
discriminated against in the matter of
rates, yet we ibeleve there is aquicker
and more satisfactory plan of adjust-
ment than through the method of vili-
fying epithets sad continued personal
The fact that developed at the meet-
ing on Wednesday night, that no intel-
ligent business proposition had ever
been made to the railroad companies for
a reduction of rates is good and suffi-
cient reason for our present high rates
Whether the present effort to estab-
lish a lower rate is successful or not,
the Tribune is heartily in favor as it
always has been to establish and main-
tain a good, healthy water competition.

Special to the Tribune.
Secner. Dec. t 1--The temperature
went very low again here last night.
There was a heavy frost, but veryllttle
damage was done to pineapples and
IA J. Nye of etroit, Mich., who has
been visiting his uncle. Jay, of this
place, returned yesterday. Mr. Nye
contemplates stopping off for a few
days at Glenwood, on his way North.
W. C. Benton and family have moved
to Taapa.
J. IR ghtfoot of Ybor City, who for
the last two weeks has been buying
and putting up oranges at Selner, fin-
ished last Saturday, and has returned
to Ybor City.
Rev. C. W. White, the Methodist
preacher, accomplished by his accom-
plished wife, left for Gaineville last
week, where Mr. White will attend con-
Al number of farmers near here are
busy grinding cane, oa which there is
a good average.
Has found that her little ones are im-
proved more by the pleasant Syrup of
Figs, when in need of the laxative effect
og a gene remedy, than by any other.
Children enjoy it aitand benefit them.
The true remedy, Syrup of PFa, is
sprnufate red by the California Fig
syrup Company, onr.

The Tampa Trbune is beating the
brush for leislatve support of a Tam-
pa man for United States Senator to
succeed Mr. Pasco, and in Its issue of
the 7th inst mentions the names of
several very excellent and prominent
gentlemen of Tampa in that connection.
Tamp Is a great shipping point, but
has had very meagre government sup-
port to improve its shipping facilities
is reason wfhy a Tampa man should be
elected, is the Tribune's argument. We
promise the Tribune, and if the Hon. J.
'. Talaferro is elected to the Senate,
he will get all the appropriations p06-
stble tor Tampa. Not only that, but
he will get appropriations for Jackson-
ville. Fernandina, the St Jon's river,
the roaring Ocklawaha and other im-
portant points in the State that stand
In need of government appropriations
for public improvements What we are
working for is the appropriations, the
bigger the better. Tallaferro is the
man to get them. Let HiRiboro make
a note of this, and let her representa-
tives vote accordinty when the time
comes.--Leeburg Commercial.
The endorsement of Mr. Taliaferro by
the Commercial should be appreciated
by that gentleman, but the people of
Tampa and South Florida want a man
In the United States Senate that will
be able to secure something for this
place. W are utterly tired of promise
that are never fultled, asd for that
reason, a Tampa or a South Florida
man will get the support o the people
of this section ofthe State.
From Savannah News.
The brewers 500 strong, are going to
make a raid on Congress shortly to see
whether or not their political Influence
amounts to anything. Their grievance
is that the beer tax prevents them from
making any money, at least as much
money as they would like to make. They
want the tax taken off-that is, so
much of it as was put on to assist in
raising revenues for carrying on the
war. They thought when the tax was
put on that the consumers would have
to pay it. They find out, however,
that they ave to pay the most of it.
That is the reason that Cangress is go-
ing to hear from them. If the oon-
sumer had consented to pay it, they
would have nothing to say. But the
beer drinkers Insisted on having just
as much beer for 5 cents as they re-
ceived before the war tax was levied.
It is safe to predict that the brewers
will te unsuccessful in their visit to
the national capital. No part of the
war tax will be repealed yet awhile. In
fact, it cannot be said with any degree
of certainty that any part of the war
tax will be repealed inside r the next
decade. The chances are that other
taxes will be imposed before "any tax"
is repealed. And the first tax to be
repealed will not be the beer tax, but
the stamp tax. This latter tax is a
very annoying one, and a good deal of
The esteemed organ across the corner
has at last come to the conclusion that
the Tribune has been doing its utmost
to adjust the freight rates and bring
Tampa on a basis with other equally
Important shipping points. Its as-
sertion that the Tribune was kicked into
harness is the only difference between
us on the question. It would be a sad
reflection on its ideas of modern Jour-
nalism if the kicker from kicktown
didn't kick "somebody in its spasmodic
kicking. The NHerald proceeds'In the
rear end of its afternoon effusion to lay
aside and forever release all caim of
being the pioneer in this rate war. This
is Important, and indicates modesty as
well as a decree aof fairness on the part
of the (errald that is emiknently com-
mendable. It rather makes a mess of
things when it states that the other
two papers can flight It out among
themselves as to who started the rate
scrtmmage. In the same item the
Herald admits that the other papers
started the rumpus, yet it claims to
have kicked them into the harness.
Evidently a typogaphical error.

pressure will be brought to bear on
Congress to have it repealed. But
along with the beer tax it wiU remain
in force for a long time yet. The
brewers have a pretty strong political
pull, but it is not strong enough to en-
able them to get rid of the war tax on
beer. "

******* ********^
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seeY fa
Cmrred Weight u eern i
*L drngs.

wd especl
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series is simply superb. We numb
have everything in the gro. vaes.
cery line fresh and of the
highest quality, at the low- e. ,
est possible prioe. Our so- arwe
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we promise to gire you the Tom1
best in the markets for the CC

sawe w ?o taas r
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aod Colored, Ha&r6d cwh fa, Bdtob, :
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S mto =ofeid oo lA" IM PATRIOT DEAD. ....
1 -a-rise st toir andet
tol A Tndealer In musical G0n. Olixto Garcia Dies Suddenly in il I r I
S. intentt. old a Km-ck Bach Presidet and Party Wil Leave wasington Sunday xMonine. W
L W-t mahogany plano to Donald 1. McKay for Atlantaoday. ecial to the Tribune.
S-Washington, D. C., Dec. 12.General
S i i Insure your health in Prickly Ash Calixto Garcia, the distinguished Cuban -
Bitterm. It regulates the system, pro- MILES WANTS MORE MEN warrior and leader, and the head of the -
S. ot o appetite, sound deep and commissary elected by the Cuban As-
A l kg hatmtle gdray e oflaa Laborers Xoot in 8s City- C Sunday shortly after 10 o'clock at the V .-
ae B Go at S B Introduced erslt parade Hotel Raleigh. where the commission
ft1%A,-,_ : ft md adcideBts 0f9 IMs1W.-'H. Fly of Tennessee arrived has Its headquarters- The sudden "j
m.athe S'leete o eka Puay. ciiare from the warm climate of Cuba.. But our stock of goods Mst
IFXWhdW ZA& S in %Vmp in this c. cyeterday. on her regular wi the ?ly heljp ther But ou stock of goods must be sold first. We do Idt h e
.. .winter visit to Florids. She is atop- lng sled mner." duwed to the wintry weather of -New need them in our business, and the first coms is te
SDlleased to ee her nampa friends. Special to the Tribune. hmn e hie8t serVed. 1ics cut exactly n two. O
&Mit. a tt. a prominent hetise 'When you ask for De Witt'a Witch Havana, Dec. 12.-The New York regi- He contracted a slight cold In New
Ss n te y h ale don accept a counterfeit ment arrived here to-day and marched York which did not assume an alarm-
-o cg stage until the latter part of last
r -mli-tlon Ther are more cases of through the streets plwyg the r eekl. On Tuesday night General Gar-
'R.H Saard. of Punta Gorda, spent PIlem being cured ty this, than all opanled Banner. It created a big ca In company with all the other mem.
dai. & d with frlet in other combined. For le by sen on. and great deal of enthusi- ber o the commission attended a din-a n u a ry 1st
asm was marnested. Thousands Of ner In bis honor by General Miles. and
S & C the eMposure that night brought on an
-k CAmerican boy% In blue pan by and attack of pneumonia, which culminated
.ri*h_ w wseortor eapia of New No man can work with a torpid liver hundreds followed behind the parade, in his death. During the twelve hours
ifck e dr5mwg AMas Brom5mW wil- or consitpated bowels. A few doses of As comnmanung general of the des- or more receeding dieolutlon. Ge. We will move to Ybor City and rry t different lie
U a -&ftMMoM st* Tey Prikly Ash Bitters will quickly re- trict, General Davis will continue as far Garcia was unconscious most of the of goods entirely. The stock we have new is gant g
no ekot, time. At intervals he recognized one
move this condition and make work a as possible the existing civil govern- or more of those about him. any price. Monday iring te fun begins for the
'r. a 0 1 a 1aed 0 F & toy I. enardi & Co. meant if It wll rPecognie the tuftmay merry purchase"ts.
odi Ni0Mr at tw Tartc0 me- of the United Statea. The Cubtli gov- dREB PROVIPmO94M
& gndiloa Woodl Wood! OaW ad Voee W00dd We ermnent exting there will not be -
^. nh t. C a d than dne neuro.f Tam. QualitiesAe the Best,
la. Jeso.. h. m S bta oth ry mr town h T I&=& an The authority- of the American in t S "
o .a-ily L. prt0 Dr. sa uel & Rartello, w* has had Stle- -th-
_wlis M=. .7aN r i=&a!. slowedd to retan thi owanisation only chare of the Red Cross relief work Quantities ~rf-tf .'c
7-1 4atlhS .i ets -" t yor du want the nicest job printing as far as It does not claah with the here since it was Orst established as a
*- *a. gji ss.ad in n het bat In the ci ty St the lowest United States authority. war relief station, left for Washlasgton IPiOOB OW t
i a iephod oer to 1 d MrOKINLt START OT ct t igt In response to a e tel-
swum w o r 4d WM disptch a gowtor to g- gram from Clara Barton, who wishes = A
Wri esg the, ow Tres.wl an&i aV ric ec al to the Tribune. to consult With him in reference to the No conditions of maret or effta of sOp e
Y". .. Wusa-taston, D. C., De. la-mrssldent future work in Caba tition permitted to ffect our leadership. We
SL E at t i the Ot MKie n party wll start South When the society closed its regular s8ustai our splendid rcord of the past an
t4m, -is In the 4U lssg afte 7&necke Bros, New York dealers in Tuesday afternoon at :3 and Will so arny wori here some weeks ago, aew
o"senests &Va in*A t printers Ink arrived in the city yester- direct to JAtlanta to attend the Peace Iby offering thbiggest
O % a a" *M to dy on wrs to van wh e Jlee. The Preidmt ha retived large amount of provisions were left brg s i outh Flo
b.. ba day o cordial Invitations from Savannah. that 'were not used. Since that time,Southlorda.
S I Will spend a few weem tin the Inter"at Jackonvlle, Tampa and other places Dr Bartello has donated all the stores
jesie GIle the dstinz oe Ies bfbdnb. of note, but it is thought that he will
i n ah i w 'tU tIe Cracker', only witness Uthe Peace Jublee in At- for relief work In this city. It has .
S* sstwleoorgihA istja this Be loathing after eating, indlestlon. lantsa and return home. been divided into four departments as
M ftoin MMXPM StatItS and ;wB r*- fSatulence of water brasb. may, be fAa3 a IN CONnLzVE follows: USK,
lin Tam o -several drt crect through te its of IABOERS IN OONCsAVE. Ybor City with the following mana-
'TW rtlar winter term of chfuit Prickly Ash Bltters. It strengthens Special to the Tribune. gere: MIss Mary Bruce, manager. Mints s
Ot.tiMt e this city this maorn- sigestion, cleanees and retgulate the Kansas City, Dec. 12.-The eight- berta Jones, Mrs. Hugo Schwab. Rev.
S& C = ith Q t'eM owels Sold lr 91 R Leonardi & Co. eenth annual convention of the Ameri E P. derrick and tev. Originator ofLow Price aro.
on the A Anbet, A at haportat Ccan Federation met here today, dele- Committee for West Tampa, Miss Originator o:
CaS are sted for trial this term.h a 0 H. Greene and son of -Patter- gates attending f'rom rall parts ofo theT 0
Mr. &. Is R..drfta, one of the proo- so. Wn J., arrived here yesterday. Te ing will be held. jamin Col. F Pigueredo. and Mrs. A. m T P
&Mou a substantial ditisess oC were met at the depot by Mrs. Green's Heresa. a
F"%t .wa wIn n city y-etwarft. (He siter, 3M A. P. Weler, of St. Peter- OF C0NSIDFMOAIT.ir INTEBEST. committe for Tampt: Mis Iyvaa 4I
55" ,#*t4d& 1n hi neigbhebood Is mic, who took them to that pleasant Lw' a M
SitC s and tRI the goose tt where they will spend the Washington, D. C., Dec. 12.-The Nic- Lawrence a Mrs. ChaB w lmon
N om her. araguan canal bill was taken up this managers, Mayor Bowyer, Chilef of .
Sinter. afternoon in the senate and was ably Police Woodward. Rev. Father de Car- ------A R
i nfDic4k-l t the Tmw& Bay, is The ad s' Aitd Society of the Con- chaperoned by some of the most in- riere.
fet arsotern th nate is s-tiPlant, bgregtiona.l church will give an oyster :iuential members of that body. Ciee.
S. ak s -h s ome, and supper Thursday evening in the parlors Committee for Port Tama City
Sa k .o Mats d U o i ocaoSk A TO IUOVB COLIMBUS' ASHESI. Mayor Perkins.
th hecordial l*vitation is extended to all and -hie Invioto is eetl Nd Lotlr The supplies will be kept for the pres-
.wa ts-" a most enjoyable evening and elegant The Discoverer Evdently No Loer ent at the same place as heretofore.
The .g wa finis'abep d trepast assured Considered Spain's Evil Genius subject to orders from any of the
Walaf a uer of at head ofaef e ste special attention is called to the new eavana. Dec. 12.-The ashes of Co- above named committees. Those
dR =w te t-qens t of ertement in this Issue of the Tri- lumbus will be transferred with il-u named as managers will stay at the
M where the t wi he L- bn of S B. LeOnrli & CO.. who are itarv and sacerotal ceremonies to-mor- storerooms and act as a distributing
to rMUS940 Decast makigo fr cristmspgia. Read the Venadito, and the cruiser will sail for committee.
M as reuned freu announcement and then give this wide tsadi., convoyed by two gunboats. Dr. Bartello before leaving last night.
Shehasbeninserve awake arm a triat stated to a Tribune representative that A new stock O O--"-8
-2raLE Tbers be has been in service A new stock of G on of
ON -as nhi r Tflalthe it wa more than probable that of OnTampa
se" s 0N wo be DOUBLE TRACE ye the ae of ie for ng to a ew location on anuar s a
lck.i weTM and de ghted to get I RON u eE --- location. terent line entirely by Spring. You wont b
.- Four Members of the First Florida TO !THE AMY. isappnlaRoO a O
? o < K o T. disappointed; a gl uasoe through some ofO
.i s G e A. LstwL the gm ia 5*. Bandmsiu structuo surrounds Grave Regiment fight a Bloody Duel. -
N in S er ithe wl kno the Mae Heroes. tGeneral iles AlpearaD, or Mlitar extraordinary 0rioe ottimn Will aaaore yo
is l W n & t tCeraiuo --C-- A special to the Time-Union and Committee and Advises that the of wht we en.
s n te O ther wa in Citizen rom .mts vlle sa ule: Ary be Increaaed.
so pin U p z. Nay Went, Fla., Dec. IL-The dedica- Huntsvile. Ala.. Dec. II.--_._double_________._______.__..___._.
W "as s with te tsare this ato of a a tragedy occurred in the cap of Cor- Special to the Tribune.
IN e" ci. osether in which t th regIment, after supper to-night Whshingtn. I C., D 12.-Generl Men's t and Ladies and Ohih Colored dress goods, al e
CS"- t --- f the F. t. a S9 e od the saIlors who wre killed Igenry ITetlgan and G. W. B3eaverly ;Mles appeared before the committee
assia sTng It PC Po the s-li n became involved in a row in the Oom- on military afalrs to-day, and advoca. dren s winter and aunmmr un-pln ani fired valued t
I :U% as wen as tow mn t WinSw paw. y street over tril matter. nd t ehr e t stro i n derwear at hf and less than and O8cts for.........,.s .
y W15_ ama Gomi Usl~a- NeWport. and am from the -a e Tat tewhted to shoot Beverly with an rsn arm y Ta
e aSp u nde geld a a te l t ro tebeen the occason of considerable coin- All.n...r.t-cls music wol e f a. .-e
...r. sa -tsthdet demonstration eF equsrd Be tThe am To he 1r... ... 5 -
.UM k . TishueaOe malo h o ed Ra poua prtrate form of e igans Great DM fOOe Lung; Cornet-PLIH Ed. Meyers: TroICIAne, quli for ... an atj
wer i Tog. W. evey from behind three tm hr.. A. Turner, Jr havtin just r,-

le? aa 2 In e sent it to the Tampa pubatcj F. i. *t ul
sj m ino im *s I troubles la chviden. not old by against the executors of the estate of reoraunBe his orchesBAtD a-d is .
-I a sgoe.l&i. A T W S T T oto of Ortt Flortda Bra as tollows:ot ad it of

d"[ W ilMO v tfati swiat] t m eatunt and will &W a verdict in favor at thiest-ate for .,. -e ciies who were orunteH OD
2%e 43_55956 'was e above umeatione W. HALL. the ull mount for whh Dunn be ough to hear the sweet muse dlsper-
S0a 56 now Bole Mnef'ltorMr came security on the official bond of 0m e
s-a B- B. Waco% Texas. Clarence B ollns an State treasurer, sed by the First Florida band on sever'ai *A
Ba b. de Collins defaulted to the State for over occasions before the regiment was di- '
old by S. B. I rdl & Com. Tampea MN. and within about eighteen vided and afterward were sent to Tal- H O ID A I
mon t tuths nthe St Circuit Co rt inst lahassee will be glad to learn that it
READ THIS. Collins and his bondsmen, are enabled has returned and joined the First Flor-
S-o-pan.. to present the following gratifying re- ida Battalion. The hand has only "
bim4t engagemeL -'his is to certify that after suffering Jdgment against Collins, prin- rector, Prot Halowell will recruit it
,li il to Manatse rjodkcally for nlne years with severe cipal and interest..............$ $.000 up to its full strength. This band bh a
a A' M kftau troubles, I feel now, after the Judgment against Dunn's execu. been acknowledged to be one of the o
Sof bout two-thirds of oneboteof ....000 Before purcang yor Holiday Goods, re
l' M PhGl EHisOreat Discovery, that lam cured. Judgment a4rainst receivers ..... 16,000 leaders in the military service ever t n wi
'"Judgment agaInst Thayer....... 10o,000: since the recent war. The clUiens of see the line which
J. A. WIASSENIC. Judgment against Jennings..... 5.0001 .untsville will hereafter be favored by
"'ea t tmesG m BOARD OF TPADE METING. Total udgments.. .. lO00 man social concerts. All of the me- 8 B. Leonardi A Co.
,*CfDucT nl for the s Dun executors sub- bers and the professor of the band are "
"4 60 a Usht are get- The committee appoInted at the Busi- mitteda motion for a new trl, which more than welcome back to their old B
n.es Mess' meeting of the 7th lint. met was overruled by the court. The case camping grounds.
at the Board of Tfate rooms yesterday will undoubtedly go to the Supreme TROOPI FOR HAV A A. g. Th tck at
-IL P-niS t Aded addressed a letter to she General court. Are now displaing.
Mu Pont 2Tas trelght agents of both railroads, re- Twelve hundred soldi ....laUng
quesM m tosneet with the oinit- LL AT RK AGAIN. of the Eighth United States In-at monde, WatchesSerl
tThe secretary of the r Botrd o Trade Fromn Thursday's Daily. S stm tae tor n he t Novelties, Toilet Goods, Pocketbooks,
Swas lastrcted to interview the princl- On last Friday night at the council They were on their way to Port Tampa, Leather Goods, Umb
S t pal mier" ants, snd have them make meeting a statement was received from where they were loaded on the teamer large variety, Lamps, Fans, Gold P
1I tt 4 sa-rwmo e M out a written stestement of their griev- the men employed by the city sanitary Florida and Whitney. bound for Ha-vaety, j p
W5ptIisy r,.mmas 268ms. sowtin were they are disrl.- department to the effeet'that if their va. One trti oad went thou Sets, etc. We guarantee to save cstom 10
BsB .,agX gaa s-w. am~>led Imat. and what they should salaries long east due was not paid about 8 o'clock in the morning, con- per cent. On &al g 1 -od"'sw sel.
&ams Mach member of the committee them before ibnday morning, they sstg of six can loaded with amyent. n a
...- -a as t as a nosiolttee of one in would refuse to work lower. equkanent, and the remainder went
M thiBsed. IA visit was made yesterday to the through in two trains In the eve 0 ning. U-
CAN J A CICGK&R? by a Tribune representatives I n refer n Important sale of NaUtonaI bank -nUf
-ece to the trouble. He stated that the stock occurred in the city yeterd s 7
Ho. taLrs easy. We we e-C.ops men had all gone towort again on hi lb- is worthy of note. Perry fWa1l
6 M %W. Pat rar esesese with Personal guamntee that their wage of the well known har firm at
a I see n W1 are slo I ta e urely be pd l this week ht & Wll CoL. .2 B. Anderson
V'. Mr. Wir stated that a rvest de@al 0 and Attorney Peter 4Y. K.gtn pu- -

se's" "V Ii ve w ave sat ltaion isoont..uvd. T"mipais no ls two name are aireed 'AV-
"went to make it the heIttlest in the be qLite an scqulsltion to the list
.... o o..i l. wis United Staes.- .


tf .b Ir 4, 1 0ct

S i^ a K 8 IM WKt4

l tha Shippe TellT'SpoTs cf Boed 01oa a Beat ti Eleiy lmber Attacked His Signatte I
bau So tthe (cls. .e ae 1 to the Doeeamt.


Tristo Via IMeat Hi Waithout And Locates Some of the Parties I Great ejoicing Among the Ameri- 1
our ina-.a -loennoeen and plicated-Xore Arrests to be cans and Their Friends at the Re-
aorsace Pamonsed- The Made Today-Martines's ^ sult-American members W111
People Want Facts. Statement. be Home for the Holidays.

:tr :-In of myself, Lrom Sunday's DaBiy. Special to the Tribune.
tihie r of T -Te aceqgukt q9 th~nnysterious disa- Paris, Dec. 10.-The American-Span-
S a r a e o~J~ t e shEigbood and to teh treaty of peace was signed at the
k)rompted a certain piece 'yor dealt with as published in yesterdaP j~i conference of the commissionofs
dbL paper, headed "A HUorrible Tribune has created a bigsensation. at 8:45 o'clock this evening, by all the
e, t~e," &id eferiMg to Ie body o- 'SherittP Sencer and hia corps of depf, members of both commissioners. The
SiKR uMI e ckb wum ambasled ties are keeptag on the trail with joint session previously arranged by
hQped *nrm y undprtaklesa-e- bull-dog tenacity that will solve the the commissfoners met this morning
slinent to St. Louts, ib., in Aug. mystery within the next forty-eigt with the understanding that the treaty
hours Some nimpoftanit dscloeu.l was to be signed. After coming to,
&.body remained in my undertak- were made yesterday that were not pe the immediately adjourned to
b-t.b'*,bmw&t for five dayu, _uterf ~tt e aD VV de c rre as await the engrosing which had not Yet
rthe embalmif proceed ~n er own -t the f ..ea L 4, been finished. They came together 1
t tfg insrttion, fStWFi7h i -A3 aI trtp toocate Youngblood haf again at a later hour, and after a few
4t W" = C.i otsfh r f.r6 b'en of no ava All 4 pJrelminares, each member came tur-
p.lp~ t iiiy ro-several officers and a numbig d & ad attached his name to the
55l Q t* fourth of his friends includis.rhis two brothdo treaty. IA few minutes later the meet-
jrOwatucm it in a good state of seared high and low, but no traceof t4g adjourned, and the work of this re-
ratQO. on the nfth day, bein his dappearance or whereabouts col ..e.e body wa at an end. As t.e
F w P *~Ptdbn P : -t frto TheWtrAoe evidence ws spread trouh th city,
b LeqslS, r4W ^^li. .s9rin h fe w ln the Wet Tam dive, a s a great demonstration among 7e
t r w ? l cenral tP! *Aeue ft t track o o the Moon to the crowds of American visitors, and their
ssols the bo and t vernd the blood spotS in ymathier who were waiting for the j
.eC~bilsisnl s know bottom fi the row boat are all M result
* oft f clotheM that from -tte Trce hat have tht-far been obtaisd Th.e American members of the coin-
I ad laemaItton, had been in use of the missing man. mission wil salrm here torNw
east two -aa by the deceased The man Walker who lives n York at the earliest possible moment,
ah h l e was ifrnised to where the boat was found, and who and expect to reS therebefore the
n 4 thouvt to hav*e been i the house t holidays.
the ti occ d, was oad A special dispatch reached here to-
wi4 1by ,l aw Msasezx 4er44, but he day from Madrid, which stated that the
ad the dead and demanded the posiUvely denied being there or know- position of the cabinet is most critical
em -t Il -. 1r know of.ao ing anything aftout .the, trouble. e and that the resignation of the ministry
ol4llar 4&ehe5aq, & r ler, dmitt(- 5l.gthet s pon ueuday night, is expected as soon as the news of the
tat was bo tt for the deceased wAfh waq two days before the rumpOn signing of the treaty is made public.
urial uWrpes. I have P~OcOa4 '" iwo i the officers went out on the
ad amdtill muiing a through in- RockRoad late Friday night, where the DEIATH OF I. iM. WESTON.
tY r MI a".Jm LlG tocated ebd- special to the Tribune.
pin peated se;uneeme before they arrived. ,ew York, Dec. 0.-I.
l$r whtWhfve and yesterday th oftcers got word of New Weston o
Grand Raids, iMlohigan, died here to-
a P s~t at a house ahout pine day of Bright's disease. He was at
:16004s 4bL KT pa, h one a one time law partner of Don. 3L Dik-
or 7 L. ~ tl C.Pst h To ed bd hi enson, and was formerly chairman of
process was en- een relo e cth Yongblood over the Michigffan State Democratic commit-
ienhalmiig process d tp a man who has lpT my trus- a woman named Lizzie e years. The
loyor and whom offers are on hiU track and are con-
^to' hih Sald comigl up with him some time A IBAP IN THE DARK.
SFrom Sunday's Daily.
t fh comr 'Nyis -'womtn Is also missing, About 3 o'clock yesterday morning,
ilt me. I am anxiousu but the sheriff has definite information John Wall, the well known attorney,
te griayef rom au an awful in regard to her hiding place, and she met with an accident that came near
N tkta, ~ste. people of -ill doubtless be in custody to-day or costing him his life. He occupied
-ti.~ eve"t, and bo-ing to-morow, It is known that se left rooms in the Well's building at the cor-
i l lte s ame L, am town, jpremkably for her home in an ner of Polk and Tampa streets, and the
-POQ5 I U H a adjoslng coeWty. With these two is- supposition is that he became crasy
.. Agent.' prtat witnesses, 3oin and LzzUle with drink and Jumpew from the second
76f th tf doing H te, t hger with other evidence in story window, landing on the hard I
l r I i rt" d~in possession of the sheriff, ets onfident board pavement, parties in the house
ip 1ulai i l ot something dealte int re- rushed to the window and called for a
h&Vb at publishing uch
a "w...o. t thee fulisneg st g4 policeman. Luckily there was one
an w ot the llest iv il T. artines, the wide-awake marshal handy, who heard the cry and hastened
b- r -. mtt'. or est MMpe, w men yest6 day by to the spot. He found Wall lying in a
Sa representative of the Tribune. In re- heap on the sidewalk apparently muncn-
?i StatiU..s" oea ly tolte q estio o: what fe thought scious. The ambulance wme sent for,
m ot. tal .of the, cae, be aid: "I was the first and the injured man conveyed to the
person at the house on the morning of hospital, where he was given medical
. Loveagreen.. w l consult with te row, and a w marks of a terrible attention. It was found that his rtht
nIa ~seew struggle. N one was there but the leg wa broken. In addition to this he I
foht a our women -that 1r arrested. They received a. number of ugly cuts and
dL o vaeae la s 4WIainthat won u tas veryt tle I found tracks
Itwt w aindient~ l2 gtbtl<.- a wagon that drove up to the front bruises. He is resting as easy as could
t t Matter sl Ibe'nvestiga- the hose during the night or early be expected, but it is more than Inkely
~ir^p~j ill pr LoHut mornini, I followed them out of town that ha wll look twice before he leaps
bths-^ assina 'shoe they drove to the

*tc han h e a rfe, te oPtte. I ftiad bt t at tE river, but
pth to believe that there it was empty. The tracks along the WORKING FXR TAMPA-
5Wnh1 crime" com it- doe-r showed where men badi taken
MlbaiY" iC2how co d nit te hoedwhre p as .ad sev- Judge IW. A. Carter of the law firm o
Ltoeshow Usome eral ood pot in the bottom and on pearman & Carter, received a lette
B. al 0 a? a* h .- I. t00hi..nk at a from Congreasman S O& L Sparkman a

3 2act on I Ictlon As a possible reminder to th
approp riation committee that Tamp

of Tampa's superb havanas, wnilcl
-- they forwarded to Washington for th
-----teaial tote s,. ib aaa exclusive use of said committee. I
SId ec .-The is dont bring of a deeper the chain
ti ateeof i ap toe _m yam v ,bi orstng nel will hardly be deepened this year.
e s tiver as now before th -

t- t too mu .e sn- A Fleshy

committee on appropriaum tiveons, nd'h

p ger mT o has strong assn Did you ever 'see one
S caes action. s a p ossible reminder to t?
tthue wn le.aI 4th holteras of the MostillertainlJ nt. Caon-

a to fl Otte, ole up fr company with Cofew day. v yt, visit l f

y u lIfv^^^ a you are light in weight,
R nte beside caking _ae-era basnd rfreIg a sive use of nt a culom e.
St will also ta about two hundreds e il l be deepenedo this yea
nbs whig at 10rg Noi to st erne

lip e'- si' Te 'lye to consuipption. Just "

:--'. + :+ *.,-" g old time, when thousands of sol- -eMg s tweaken and you '
vZ sO an d En..:_.yidg tne d 9- aloIg
i wer you should exin to take i t.
hss t too mcah un< o t thrct pasien- A Fleshy

modehstt W remedy

lRea and 100urec s-d o xa ofse

ot os .P. tewart y iaretfbolvafedutek
kkaPeater tramf cenex ^inn badea ;t-Rs eP o SnL

ouueuo a masLtrcr again granted d to o urem a f uaO tus
f a genius The placed on the Benate.
d their apr'ecla- -
outbursts of ap- SSEJNP A'fI L T T l the
special to th
I and beautiful Special to the Tribune PhhidApbia
house were bril- Washington, ec,.8.t-ttief tArmy S~r- steamer iV%&e
snded in sweetest geon SternbergetestIfied Obefore the war baltimor, hai
inating costumes investigating board to-day, and fur-
f the assembled nished some emaetUional testimony, re- O .. mae of
garding the medical service during the do AhS. T%%
war. -He stated that the medical de- Boston lNaov
apartment was not proper sequipWed. ted" psevtoun
At the very beginnia of the war he rtvIL at--MY
O g said that he ubgbBested to secretary sighted on hi
Alger the propriety of mak zn p- .done,. Tiw
chases for his department, but otare ter& hi
SCounty 1,600 policy was to wait." Be said that they
died of i typhoid fever whente e TtSwre
era Peaigna tion being treated for malarial.
--- Special to the
-Informant. HOB0ON PROMOVTED. P ari, ,kec
has resigned the -of- tihp Untiekr
clerk, and Mr. A-Special to the-T'Ilbue. to-dSytt .S
x appointed to ni Wlashinoston, Dec. 8.-The Presidenth- as da ibsh"
two years sent in a number of aLtintents to ,oo ioM Ith
Mar. Jhnson has the esatetO-dm. ch tasWhicht
Shis personal was one aC~- H Hob- E
i to defeat his op- son from iepoltlon o naval--
fter another. Per. constructor to that of naval constructor., pecal to the
sage to my that ,
madeIt possible TEN NaW GAS Ll f : Srthat-the
d every time have O' 4_
As is well known Ordered by the Cbunty CommiMionIers W t
generous and free- for the Court Mouse *iquare.. town 1Mw
roves that hi has
urt. For some The most important twoen tbam acted flgps
not been as re- b. the-g'oas oa C OseBty o omm t o ,,i "
past, and moneays ona. wWi tbhoier to the T W pe
ated for the Sate, -n
LvebeenUMe by paoasCaompany, to erect ton addbitaRl

r Of course r. Johnson will be cen- running tmoeeamee s Aorwtweam t r9m
st sured and critiised for. having used Tampa and ladlne- roads made'a '
monep belonging to tle Staea, and no report wbhd 6e adopted and It wan4
one is more cogniawnt ot the fact that declared a public road.
e he aa done wrong dean he-'l mself, The petitlftn, Catin tr the opentg of 1
e and yet we believe that every one wint Twelfth venue, one mile east through
Sbe charitabe enough to admit that he the Sandero and CO sub-divisions,
had no intent of defaulting the State or wat referred to a special committee,
his bondemen. He has concealed noth- consisting of E 1E. Evans, Cias DOno-
Sing but on the contrary has been active van. R. 1L. U toke6and Jon H EShort.
Sin trya-g in every possible way for the
protection of all conerned. A NNW CITY DI CTORY.
A HAiNDOMEo STooCK. T Mess. A i iet&Ae ad o DeMti
twot gentdhi well a seice ,
h Of Silverware, Jewelry, and a Full Line for their ltenitfworth arla ei 'I.
e of Holiday Goods. gentlemen, will begin at sce in' bb-
Staiing information and data for the
" One of the most pleasant and agree- purpose of spubishlg a city dtrectos
ccuh a pubication saeoseg been needed
able places n the city to transact busi- in Tamp and the Trbue wishes these
ness Is at Turner's jewelry to at the gentlemen every suces r A. Bow
corner of Franklin and Twigg streets was formerly connected with te Time
wtae Mr. Deraft las been with the
The business at present is being man- Central Crang and Packing Co., e-
aged by Mrs. Turner in the absence o since It has been onganised. Both are
her husband in IHuntsvllle, Ala. She eminently qualIfled for the tesk, and the
is affable, energetic and accommodat- Tribune believes that they will be able
ing, and enjoys the entire confidence of to credit toup a dthe ctoy, tht will b a
the public. credit to the city,
the puhiic.
The storeroom has recently en From Thursday's Daily.
doubled in size, and the stock increased bo.Hugh Sonnervle, the effre
county commissioner, from the West z
in proportion. The new and elegant Coast, nssred his train yesterday morn- n
show cases that have been added pro- ing just five minutes, and consequently
Videa ample room for an attractive dis- spent the entire dayin the city mngilng a
pla,. among his friends and they are legion.
Mr. Sebnnmerville has served as county- s
ihe stock consists of everything kept commissioner for a number of years 1
in a first-class jewelry store, and in- most etoaeptabty to all oncerned, and b
eludes a cor4pete line of silverware, hereafter will represent e educational i
interests of the West Coast on t he
watches, chains, charms, clocks, souve- co ty school board of public iatroc-
nir spoons, manacure sets and an end- tion. He is a good man in any cas-
less variety of holiday goods. The de- paity, and the people of this county
signs are new and very pretty, and the wih always appreciate his services, by
prices extremely low. These state- keeping him to the front
ments can be verified by a visit to the He says that Iessrs.1 J. Canova, I
store. Willle Varty, and iL. J. Codper with a i
few other Americate are t1ee, but ae i
TRULST THOSE WHO HAVE TRIED. not making very much .,p gm i n iA
S f --e finaci al or commercial why., as thre0
I SUF7MRED from catarrh of ~~he I absolutely nothing dnng and notl e a
worst kind and never hoped for cure.,Wf importance -will occur petliU ams-
but Ely's Cream Balm seems to even January It. new in a I
do that-Oscar Ostrom. 6 Wapren Ave, seems to be rw5sgst ad W A eeral
Chicago, D. thing the outlook sce dil gloomyy. 1
I sraJtjFtKuj from catarrh; it got --
so bad I could not work; I used flys B a-N]d-3 e a, (2lll'ett has retCred -
Cream Balm and am entirely wel--A.vt to nd-A
C. Clare, 341 SebwmPut 'Ave., Boston, fo a
dnaa+ set-v at Lake lwsir where, he has bes58
A ec. trial sie or the Oh. aloe S of sperlntesilg ,the.h we4Poat ot ai5a-
"tly's Cream Balm will be male aKept Ot to Jama, -
bI drtosts. Ma rotbern, t$ Warren
OL. N. -i.mported u rw and U5* 3iMmf
aye makes the bt pasturage. Seed, o wed 1s "e-rte awb",;.
for sale at the Creashaw-Uharpe Beed rshaw-Uharp eed 0, iS Fraiit
Ca. 3 F FrraOl .st.re. .-.t:.:

L _5,- I '`. :
~C~_ ~i~;~ -~L
'L~3 C~


.. RD ADF5NCR NO. i1. L:IuI ,
An Ordinance fso. dtr the Laying dir agaizt tr h 4e d st Q6
SF iT of RL^roads--d' 9atrLt d kros TLawrence, and t appe to the -Imprtes a-d Reti^ "e
Tracks in the Cty of Tampa Upon isfactloa of the Clerk of said court W- -
Paved tet. on affidavit filed Wih tYe bill -D S *- ;--
LIRE Be It ordained by the City Councll of plaint In said cause that the ad defen- 0 .
Ry lBartello. Tampa: dant Is a non-resident of the State
Chapter II. Section 1 That from and after the of Florida, and is a resident of -Monroe. !.
WVat Is life? Ask the bride ,f a passage of this ordinance, all rallroed Walton County, Ga., and over the age M ail Order I r
month and she %ill tell you, as the companies and street railroad compan- of twenty-one years. It is therefore
msh of jootnantles her beautiful c*ol-k lea laytng their tracks on, through, and ordered that you J G. Lawrence do We have a regular organized.depart.nit 1RiII&
ad the live llnt In her lustrous cyes upon the streets of the City of Tampa, appear to the bill complaint on or vision of one of the firm for this branch of our b -eineet.
epens and strengheers. Life is love's where paving is to be done shall lay before the bth dayoft December, A.D.
pes consummated. But ask her again their tracks In accordance with speci- 1895, else a decreespo conesso wlil be at a distance can Eend for samples and may depod :oi .
renty"yem later aa ele oends we'aly ficaIons following': entered against you. any order entrusted to us filled with the sameepr
'er the wa s tub trying to rub out the FOUNDATIO4N. It is further ordered that a copy of
and of husgo-r cries co. .nr star.intn Foundation to consist of .stringers this order be published in Tampa Trl- care, and at the same prices asif personally selected,
tie mpte, and rh- will t,'il yoou s laid on cross ties. The ground under bune, once a week for four consecutive, US for samples and prices on anything in tl.Fancy Dry-y
ar trickles down her e-rc worn cheek, cross ties to be thoroughly taii.ped and weeks to the said 6th day of December,
e is a season of bitter dappoint- brought to grade A. I-. 1898. IH. L, MITCtEL. Line. Our store has been specially constructed for the
rots. ai th.' end is the fru~llon cf STRINGERS.
ted hopes. Stringers of 1 i timber in 15 ft. m. H CUNTE rk Circuit Court. of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, best fitted up, N
Sthe noble young man a he least lengths to be laid on foundation pre- Complainant's Solicitor best constructed, and contAins all that experience can
a beautitl trusting bride to the altar, pared as above specified, being laced By D. B. OIVES. D.C. to render it the most useful, comfortable and ttrsiative f
d he will tell you, ashe proudly be- centrally under each rail. Top cf the H. L. BMitchell, Cler S Circuit Court
d the sweet hpmate, that God has stringer to be chambered and drift- for said county, hereby certify that the kind It is accordingly one of the sights of Louisvillv o
cen him. Lme is the realization of bolted to ties below. ZD
ind's dearest aspiration But bolted to tie be foregoing is a true copy of the order Of "Bacon's Advertiser" contains price list of Fny and aid
k him again sifter two or three de- Ties to be of 4x8 timber In feet publication filed in the aforesaid cause. o
de nte sorrows have whitened lengths. Witnes my hand and office sal at Goods mailed ireo on application -
ia darlt weary loc ar d bent his stringers n at ght angles to sarre, and Tampa, this 4th day of Nov., A. D. 1898. j. S ; L .
wc manly form with thetr merciless sged n aH. IA. MITCsMLL .i
eight and be wUl tell you, as he. -RA" lerk Circuit Court. J .
-lrge .- ro w bis wearisome task,' The ralns to bellitd on top ot stringer. By D. IVENS, D. .C. 425, 425, 420 E. Market bt., above Preston, LotWsTUxel .-.K", -
l& phs.- th per spiration from Each rail to be spiked firmly to top of DIVORCE NOTICE.
a dcan-frro*e brow, Life Is a season stringer. D.VO E T. ;C-
patnftl struggles to keep the howling FOUTDA'I'Of. In Circuit Court, Hllsborough County, | n >> l || l | |i | -
lu .... e h ixth JudCcial Circuit of r -'lorunty
mdlthe waocesefol young politician as I The foundatedn to4ae fllHed with earth Sixth Judicial Circuit of FlorI,
to 0 ArhSSt f ole on the shou4 to the top of the stringers. The earth in Chancery. Miguel A. Montejo. Af Pe r
atE su5S&c -constituencij 'lAng to be thoroughly tamped uridWr, Vs. Matalla inchess de Montejo. A e or
d he will tell you as he looks dwn Maround and to tie top of each tie and This cause Coming -on to be heard u Uf ftesir-u "i,
ba= e r=e him up. L.AI rifWnger. upon applications toran order of publl- O il 0 "tt
^Skk tda e-wh i P* .- TV -9, catilon directed .atguost the derfdf t .. .
.Einta ;t-tIS-de FO. ed,5AO e All timber used e fm 1 7 Bof then Matalla SBacnhs delitostejo, and It 5p- '."-
red llfe and each additional teptaL ibeart phe, treate-ti0 wo i 0peerMa-W petring to the satisfy a cton oF the Clerk f oo
o64A ofsaide.Of" CoutuofdaVt -fledT
The company to have the privllege f t 4 b1 Of cem9LnZt i aild ataoe tat -.use N .d
A t ssa to do so to meet the Oca t- the 5.1 defe ndiant I ~ oa-'rwdent O fSl 5U065os a to.
tmot ,~--. th4 state noneid andis-aes-t 5Hal? sad- ta1 ttrOiT )ori
e LT r B ff e s ina arin fromP 10ea~or*.'l of of Itbe City of IH[ em ,-v4116 it4ee& 14, r d ....... -
vel Kmhd weitbt to be vustainedi ^ ot ob d .the 146 m a e .lir .
iecarte6% d he in allowed to retire 10to iWaha directed W e bo-otllil BOgneberagwfocy-ona-peare. -bIw -.
G;1-Mle lth very little visible The rotroad L ,aO eet ri co Is. the re ordered that youw -o
means of support. and he wUl tell you, .. -*Weshag NO M 6t4a lia Matalia tSanheso orderedto t yu0ppe 9 -1
a i h welts up from _heis it est .oOt sran- r" r ,,
now ofItat me, a ltf d 09 *e#I .A r to the said bill oa-eenplaont on or be-
. dart and his words ttlo th atwi. tc t we ever
lhsl rwat hw OI. nf n tmc k, t err a decree pro confiesso will be entered "ra- 'r "- -.
loekd 5peIt Inene a. -: 1 It is -further ordered that a copy of
id &s men r ra as e A beld order be published in Tampa Tri-
&sk the saloon keeper, as he opens ii05tqrapss 0he cdty engineer and ac- t O pce.ls to trhe sadlgtt day ove
ithe doors of his enI Ioa veort sot ng'to his appra a; I.' .. it ,;ftt l day of
imes hi8ec'Ajno_ to the -,-See"ny-OL -3 U* IgIT4N18
lbc and in. wi tell youth while o .fr n e o .
s-akadenc ounte e street railroad company negledstla g of rthe ri Car .
VV11ei V' oin teZ e ance steals tT~eik- Clrom tul o rina nee : ;t T m s, 0 r .
Ith Influence, lie is an existence en- te vng noted to d&, X l `W. L & fth 0-u-& t
p ,oe aow to's you ri as-d n rfio tt al Uicths oan&tf v ee tee t e Complainant's Solidctor. .
Seep inlMo earo moreing after th n Ihilses heretofore granted to pla Iy I-. L. itchell, Clerv Circuit Court
sptent iKdn a lerin, 'e agler their tracsn the ftrets e f the city of for said county, hereby certify that the .
S spent in garnering the golen Tam andany tracks found lald' bn oregoing a true copy of the order of
p ~odros of wives and mothers, aany street in the. ty o 'ms V, where publication fied in the aforesaid cause
anecca= fallen A victim to the sounl- n tect o ampa a be publication fled n the aforesaid cause...
'ot uoflen h is timo tho c ol-t i is to be donee-ot co normahlnlto VWitness my hand atyd offilcisl seal at
irntr pon his thoral, l l Uh oegoi, fatl Tampa, this 21st day of Nov., A.D., 189.
asgnary demons and h will tel you"qugubject to be torn up and moved by the I. L. LMITCHELL,
s hiotortured mind vlewo thepa ao- city, after thirty days' notice to the Clerk of Circuit Court.
o tort uredmin aiews thea-eon pany or companies% owning the s.ld By D. B, GIVENS, D C.
,ot a pre ion tracks; or the same shall be torn up
Eol the mellow-eyedio.liw and moved unless the same are made
bold. the mytllos-fnyerf, ho _" .... GUA .RDIAN' S N4IcE 0
aeeked victim o Cupid as e to conform with thls ordinance. A 'S C
eHklife in the i miles of his hear t's 6ctun 4. All ordinances or parts of
ft -enchantress. Whodoes not rec-" conflicting with this ordi- Notice of Application to SelIl Minors j
ttse himself in tke pictures You nance be, and the same are hereby re- Interest in Land.
nesmbe-' don't you, how your soul pealed. -Notice is hereby given that I will
intout in Mloradton of her who had Pa-sed by the City Council of Tampa, apply to the Ion. C. E. Harrison.
n youT first'love? You remember this 7th day of November. 10 9. County Judge in and for H!ll.sbrough
w you accompanied her to church the HENRY KRUSE, County, State of Florida at his office
5o time and enjoyed to ithe ull, the Attete ) Pre pro term of City Aot-l In the city of Tampa, in said county
ivy you imagined filled the hearts, uof N t..% HENDERSON, on tne 24th day of December, A. D.. ls8,
e other boys. and how, in reiursltr 2 City Clerk. for lease to sell at private sale the in-
me. the longeet wa round proved to The foregoing ordinae.e seppr od by trests o f Roy H. Herndon, Mabel C.
too short, and the geonte pressure of me this 10th day of November. 14n8. Hendon and Samuel 3t Herndon,
d.he bade you F~. C. BOWYlER, minors in and to the following described
a hand at the door aas she baden a yOu 'sor. real estate, to-wit: North half of lot .
d night, sloudent. You soaring way one I), block nineteen (19), map of
m that night, you just loaded ORDINANCE NO. 213. Tampa, said sale being for the purpose Fine-t Cuisinesad Serviie. No teai&ferbetween Jaekeehvi eandlew imk. -o "
trough O sir. You don't know how of re-investment for the benefit Tht Fleet i combed ut the followlngHanodscmehsStel Stee melb:t. ..
ertetre*l the house or got Into bed, An Ordinance Fixing the Salaries of the oftd minors I N Comanche new-Algonquin, Cherokee Se "ino ..-
-- yu do know that you did not go Several Officers of the City of Tam- Guardian for Said AMinors. r o-OaiErD.
paeep until near morning, and then PD RthStea areappointedtoapi &Ceordin; etolth. ti I
me dreamed that you worea hamming PFroms Jacksonville, F a., (calling at Charleton) ......,.... .tsdaya, 7neayolt snd Th&i"
td in a arden of flowers, sipping the Be It ordained by the City Councl of In Circuit Court, Hillsborohounty, From Chrston, C ................... ........... ........on Wedea -
mey dew from the half open roses, ampa: sixth Judicial Crcuit of Fuorida. un orhor ofsaiaClyd rne heduleorJacksniasd
Id lA rose wore the face of your Sectlio 1. The salary of the Mayor tOUTH-BO D.cl Circuit or.- in
'5crm. You awoke in the morn- of the city of Tampa shall be o600.00 haery. A. A. Hyvs. ey Saera are appoted ts sail rom Pier tO, Eat ilver, tNew Torkt 8 p. aA. .AI. s e
d1oded out upon the orld, you per annm. For Chtn, C ............ ................. .........Meondys, Welemy s
d ever seen it look half o b)eautiful. Section 2. The salary of the Auditor Tica ln on obehr pf- r Jaclinoedlia., cliaLgafo Ohaorless eo................ i ra, Wssesia
he aler was purer. the trees reeler. of the city of Tampa shall he $1,2060 0. pcanfrs drou0gtion directed against the defendant.Crl ..o
thlrt hearty through n ...a atn.y Te eclon 3. The salary 6f the Clerk o the satisfaction of the Clerk ofe Clyde ""
rlU thels hearty con -ratulatlons. The a i e d ty of Tampa shall tae $1,200.00 perCIteuponEnglanda dSoferedLinehFrhigbD i
1115 a e Court upon affidavit tiled with the bIll
Pn e d t annum, and all mounted provided for
a]k" se I e[M "ympathy by upom uln Isaumg license or other- of Florida, and resides an Lower Cabot THL'RSDaTS ".. i t
m hawise ihall be turned into the trees- County of Washington. Vermont. and -
ae' of uFe had lost its charms. Tou Section 4. The salary of the Treasnrer It is thereefre ordered that you Velrey s St. Johns v r ine ."
sed i the cloOl all thaL wesd t ht f the ta o Tampa shall be a809.00 per M.-noyt do appear to the said hill of Jd o S aifxrd._ app. d edl stdt fl e.ws.'
hat a fall was here, my country' n. annum. "o omla.nt on or 'be-ore the -d day o
he the eaxt hua.day night o bet5d SectIon 6. The salary of t]e Chief o Januaryi nt D. 1o99, erse a deree pd o The PFieeai ero, Bds.'Whse el ssdiaw-
er coming Into church leaning oaabe the fire department of the city of Tam- conueaso A.l be entered a deainst you.e e,.a
da sed bU rushed home. tiulw c- ee~tlon 6. Th salary of the Chief of order he publiehed In Tampa oTn-
acroslZ~P~a~~CbeQ and W'epr 55~le of ltr honne once a eek for four consecutive
wane of briny tears. You hated re, be $,760.00 per annum, CaPT. ate.t m lt .o -,. ,-,.d
at h nS~S sah--- ado ',- r a whk Jude of the city-bf lTampsa, 00alle "Clerk Cirult Court. Laese. Jeseil e:..-.-..t...... 8Np pR:e
er. lna. you ventured forth 46)0.io per nnum.. Wall & Stev'ns, er C t Court. Leave Jgekslowvlll ..............M m. ., Wae~mdg
to try fowr eand at awoth.er leetion o. The city Ta e City At- e olCmplalnants Solicitor. -
g.-ewhel ot followed t u wt varY- orney 90 the city of Tampa, shall he By D. B. GIVE.VNS, D. C. Leave 3:3: p.m.4............. Jarksonwvle...... ...... IAlaweeb:* .
~~isb d dde a the p1en20.00 er atnnum. I, H. L. Miltchell, Clerk -ircuit Coort :' t pmi .. ........P..o. a ............... .lI-ae SCilp -
Smhie-yte Who ddm yr. SebIfn 9. The aljar y of the Marshal for said county, hereby certliy that te .:00 am.i....... ......I..at ..t... .. "-1 J -ilcl.
So we, W .eeihfe thro~egh the ,,r- of the City ,f Tampa shfl! be vi,0 Q80 loregoing a true cop' of the order of 4:3 p.n.......".. ".'.r .o ..,.".
hae~ve colored. Section 10. The salary of the (JTy Witness my hand and offcial seal at 6:0 a.m.... ....... Blue ps-lgte........- i... f .; "
eaitlth Offeer of the Oity ot Tampa Tampa, this 2nd da5- of Dec., A. D. 18t9. Arrive i-SO am-l.................i-. ford...... ....

.orerton Shall he 54580.0 per annum. _. lv D. B. GiI'EINS, D. C. General Passenagr arsd.Tlcket Otfoet2 4O WsS ..S ti Ae*eern :;

ee ion. 12- S;U -94kW Of tk! W atoon T. A. F.,NT te e tai- ..... ..
fr the K *m- -4ector of the ityTgampa sehal be one NOTICE OF FINAL 'TT'LE4XONT. i Warburtoa, T. Pi. 'P'.. t a '2 ; .
"---r oast on ad inoneys collectedby 1 m P p LoT 1. A es S a. 8 t a JL. HmBL
9f iCle as taxes. i- ix months after the date hereof, I Jck sonville. F Foot Hoa.a
sectionn 1 That all- ordinances or w present to the County Judge of The.G. 4ger, ', ., 5 BwlOgGess21ew TBk. . -.
der parts of ordInances in conuflct with this jistborough Cunty. Flonda. my final Bowling Green, N..V- m. P. QLYD7 A CO., Gnersea Aget, e l J
ordinance be and the same are hereby count nnd \,,i i A.rs as rexecutrix of
repeata ed. last will of LdaR MacGregor, deceased,
fi Pased Ibis the e1oenbth day ofIt o- and will make my final settlement us E ,
member, A.D., 189M, by the City CWntici ouch executrix.
A.Such execu u x."S"HEA K RAU-
l'*JdIeath war-. Of (t IRUS Dated this !Sth day of Nov.. A. D. V18.
eeai Attested) i iRUI. iNA. AJGKE h poor
rIng toJohn .Predent o the Cty Cncle m ee of last will of Lida Mac- Foundry, Maochine oand Boilet.-:
demned to be JNO. M. H -NEIRSOIClerk. Gregor, deceased.
inged t mueor of the Ca.tain Apxro.d this the 16th day of No- November. mr C. P. 8.
ad mate of the steamer Oilver Becker. ember, A" -., 1W. -Wear F C ad P, DepotPhes
.t WO o'clock In the afternoon he e Ce BO yER. NOTICE DrR OLUTION.
Ato nthe scaAold where brief se rvices D UTI SPECIALTIES:--Ieavy Blacksmithingc .aayhioi
ear Aed peeraO to ta being lann- Notice is hereby given that the part- Works. Store Fronts, Sills, Colutmns,- etc. Rep
bg& Unt etidrnit. H HC tiseid per- DIo.dOLiLTION .NOTIOE. nership heretofore existing between IA
y can and expressed hiiseLf as D E. Durham and ston s r Whitner, do- Steamboat Machinery and Boilers. Odrproi1npratsin
ag ready to. g. L took a great oWe beg to state that the firm o ing busin -ss under the name of Durham to installing rrigatiDg an Steam HetingPlnt
terset in tb asvices that were held. Gucrarwa Dias & Co., of New York & Whitner. has this day been dissolved rigatig Steam Plants
oa B. as.ceided to the fetal trap. ,ity aer Tampa, Fla, has this da L. E. DtJRHAM. Prices. l itebing Posts and Iron Fences.
tvpaed t the wowd and exclaimed been d solved Tampa, Fla., Nov. 5. 189.
tdle and go Into the presence of G Th business will be continued by
L lt a single blot or blemtsh ofguli Messrs. H. 'Myers & brothers and Vi- PROFESSIONAL CADS. K. OLLIPHAN
amy souL" The drop fell at a e nte u o have become the4K OLLIPHANT-' -
cente rra.whohavebecomet7
tes after 3 o'clock, and a few mn- era thereof. Our successors
tea later he was pronounced dead. are authorized to collect the accounts C. WTAER
r and to liquidate the iabiltieS. -We 1 Prompt attio given 4Wa
UlT F Otn thank our friends for their past liberal ATTORNEY AT LAW, a -
U u patroag,g and tak pleasure in recoin- aW E b l D loe.ln astte and fedeml a urt.
VIO5'T0r U E;. TOTOt EDITOr:--I hnve an absolute Prompt occ tion gles toa lins RANK U. IMOPON,
OK EiAb- bsaselis Georgia BR O DIAZ, medy for Consumpt on. y its timely use Ehane Ba B dng Tamp, ATTOBNEY-T
uWs, oast at 0,c LO. RIoARDO R ODIRIGUEZ. thousands of hopes cases have ben lrdy .
ScS or -day rust proof New York City, November 18th, 1898. psantentUy cured. So proof-positive an I PcTEBO.nKr. Ta0. "-
ota at TfS per bushel. 3 pounds to lHavlnk succeeded to the cigar manu- of its power that I consider it my duty to
ieS5m .iab.aldw~ta, Ga., ash faturing busfne" of Guerra, se.o.Die I&gdofm&S fr tothootof yo reaM ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR W S
.S= -accompay orer. The Val- Co. we beg to inform the public that t O TCE..B~ o AT LAW twTAW,. x.
Ia a 0. a& Parruralos CO. we wlt for the present continue th*e fhu Lmg roe, iff thy wil we n helf -
brstnaw under- the ste and name 0 Ta"A., Ex. Nt. Bank Bldg.) Ta. I k lit
no i Or =9do and Overr Diaz &Co. iL A. SLOCOL 3L CAM US P04 SLIP 3bW To%' of C-PUA
stods-w Imnding PFlese H. USYEIRS & URDS.. mtB. w an, W, nsi Horn
5-w all ,"-- --_a R.e. w- ad,
Noel w Y VI Ct dtt5 GEtr RW 18thA. 5ALL & STEVENS4
,S TWy. i_ AMTII.QRII ATT( ;-A T -L-AW, lea
^-------- -- --- ----------------------r T E -

~p~ T' ~J~~ey~3.~tl b41Fp-~'~ ~slf~P4 L~B c ;ialJ5]~t~~Ai
W, 17r r
j 11R



P r -


V rom Ta

Wi la arg
.'; -defacto

aD5 sO
as 0pasi

ian ~a c

ad bagle
y~a.1 *S 0 2

is isseca
Z-1 7, &SOON",S

own- b"

Suffering humanity should be sup-
plied with every means possible for its
relief. It is with pleasure we publsah
the following: "This is to certify that
I was a terrible sufferer-from Yellow
Jaundice for over six months, and was
treated by some of the best physicians
in our city, all to no avail. Dr. Bell,
our druggist recommended Electric
Bitters; and after taking two bottles,
I was entirely cured. I now take great
pleasure in recommending them* to any
person suffering fron6 this terrible
malady. I am gra"tefully yours, M. A.
2togarty, Lexington, Ky." Sold by I.
B. Leenardi & Co. Druggists
ar& M1-1. AL

." aabaf
the interior an

e the tinguiSaed
h, h r they hell

N OtwBme g5
tu uw 1e Wd ith
and r a ma on not
wet Ulght fw the

err cbw there wll
ber.oh tlir WU


ri Hesyesom" Keeps Cr CrWiN h NttI a tkh Days
PI Audience Ained. DD1s II S~Dl PIalag


raikw ad His Superb Co PWhat People Are Thinking About in
raishu Tampa Theater- Tamp--Town Talk Taken From
s With the Best Show S dry Borces Personal
Sof the Seaons Pointers And :Items.

alsIda's Daily. .W. B. MicKinson of Kiseimmee is
and brilliant audience greeted calling Tapa fri s
lor's honeymoon" at the Tam- ca on a a en
asso last night. Farce come- H. Grossman of St. Augustine is reg-
ently take with the average istered at the Almeria Hotel.
audiences. The one they listenedvare went to Saan
tLhbt seemed to suit them to Mr. John Savarese went to savan-
l It is brim tull of jnmrth nah last ntht on business.
r "tvaS&o1a and laughable IDr. .. Symes, member of the
There are so many comi- county school board was in the city
rs that the audience was kept yesterday.
stiat roar of laughter.
Water, as the unfortunate A. B. Medlin of Jacksonville, arrived
SBachelor gets into so many in the city yesterday, and is located
Ste -t*-+o that It isa won- at the iAlmeria oIteL
he lives through it, yet he The Central Pharmacy is headquar-
wthftbo -0oor His ~ terms for Rogers an Gallets perfume
let the character Is sperb and powder in any quantity. tU
le Dasm, a Is wArbsctle,
meetlent ortrtrae of a vey oDon. C. tMict saen, ., one of the
Pat, as did MW Stover as brightest members of the leal frater-
the saisater guardian of the nity of this county, was over from the
SWhst Coast yesterday attending court.
L4qui as Anthony OQiabug Our new o heater takes pirodencs
ewgteatUr ot tihe perform- over all otbar. You cannot mnUk it
I raair was decidedly clever asoke for aanthln, and the price too
Em Ia niM ry posing, and M bLt5 th5 tw0" TtM Cfit OU 00, iW
llNob tart oen brig a a1A tB. lmo
-El tilA fkid Lar n aspte WIte heah a is nt nly a ver -
Sa asee thLe e Witr WIatb fSo Salv"t lesthe impla.
W i *a"le n=m of esteebans and wounds

L equeeled to his bewilder- Krtalch & Bach piano veneered in
t W attempts O hde, this wood a bin exhis baited at Turnery'

S e atgh&L 1 Anished 211 T7W street.
Pt the crowd in a constant
e saabter. 1ota a to bed and early to rise, pre-
r Ward, and Miss Anna Paru a man for his home in the. skIes
Sas win daughters t the But eary to bed and a Little Early
Were tgrc and reed n t ie,' the pill that makes le longer
bt weretoo mch alke to and better and wiser. Fr sae by E.
tIeren&e. B. Lenardl & Co.
Ired St. Pierre ae sBarbara,
Was *emHitgly clever and on Overcome evil with good. Overcome
one occasion convulsed the your coughs and colds with One iln-
t her comecalitles, ute Cough Cure. It is so good children
I t W as Stephen Howston. cry for it. It cures croup, bronchitis,
e MWoohead as Joe the man- pneumonia, grippe and all throat and
re In line with the re- lung disease. For sale by 8. B. Leon-
W the caste. and sustained ard C
i sami rably.
I little or no plot to the 5The manr friends of that moet esti-
at thf tact may hbe considered mable lady, Ms.w. I). B. Givens will be
Strong points. It is diflcult delighted to know that she is convales-
9 bP* so much real humor, cent after having been confined to her
me mirthvcan be had in the bed for several days with fever.
t any plo t The different
of the aste or perpetrators Tenderness or aching in the small of
6 are nadirably, adapted to the back is a serious symptom. The
es they reresent. There kidneys are suffering. Take Pricly
nute in the whole play where Ash Bitters at once. It is a reliable
Sleepy or Indisposed person, kidney remedy and system regulator,
ta5o to become tired. The and will cure the trouble before before It de-
Sfor exharlon is from over velop lits dangerous stage. Sold by S.
and those who are subject o Leonardi & Co.
n this cause had better keep
Sperformanco. 'Ph g Little Cracker" Is the neatest,
Philis has "reson -to be cleanest, and sweetest combination of
bs effort last night In ftur-
show cS.ible or peasingja words and muaic ever published in the
S eIf any people in the South. No singers repertoire Is com-
"A o t to & P. be her issed A to te
k sho s as the Bacheor's & Poiet Tampa. Pli. Price 40c.
ft wl the casinole ba tttya oe oeigh this a mediatl
ea hee T ridding itself of waste matter. De-
Witt's fLttle ay reRisers will remove
Sthe trouble and cumr Sick Headhe,
lMtUomum . Inactive Liver and clear
| in | uthe Cohmplewon. small sugar coated,
TER Tdont gripe or cause nausea For sale

Is by Vt OfDEil ogused hb e sooner a cough or cold in cured
n- tws f o U eo olst. without harm to the eafferer the better.
'' Igres-g coldsf ap are dang rous. Hack.
aV flvts lug eough is dietseeen g.r One Min-
O B. Itasmtr the eminent to- ute sg Cure ipckly eures it. Wsy W
brurti tsu fr fler when ncm h a eouab cure is within
tt 0 i, H. C. urt reac? It i s pasant to the taste. For .
set the lP. C. & P. ra- le by B. Leonardi & Co.
Xr. P. WX aaetlhano5 a mu-
*r rqsrie the Bhis B aCBO FULA promptly and
5 of London at- permaaently ty a thorough course of,
Sr. C. P. Mr. aiful disease yield to th Moodl
Me t lasguet leaf tobacco P ltysng power of this r-eat medice t

I"fI i TO I ati mmt- and lver tonui. Oentle, re-
- byE anS inaus pro-. a. r
o. esnWtloein differ ent Having enlarged my store and put in
- coai se recognized new show cases and an entire new
- the In"imo woid. stoL I wil he pleased to have the
hiss, kas manise ted a ladles of Tampa and surroun ling coun-
Ut is n1ts Htats and its try cal and examine my stock and
ilen At is request a prices. stock consists of watches,

Special to the Tribune.
Belleair, Dec. 13.-Yesterday a special


train brought to BeUlleair a party ot f 4
Plant System officials, consisting of F.
Q. Prown.mhird vice-president; P. Den- l
ham, general superintendent; A. E.
Dick of the Tampa Bay5 and D. W. W
Wiggins, manager of the Plant System
of Hotels. They spent a few hours rest W ave
ter of powerhouses, came over from
Port,Tampa City on Saturday and W are an
stayed over Sunday. 11 11d
Lrs. J. B. Hart came over from Port
Tampa City on Saturday to spend Sun- Celluloid Goo
day with her husband, who is here put-
ting the large and new dy-namo in the.
powerhouse. have created a *
Private Fred Turner, who was of the great big sensa-
Second Georgia regiment, has returned grea g s s -
home, his company having been muster- tion.
ed out.
,Bedell Dukes, who joined the regular This week we
army at the commencement of the war, will
and who was in the battle of Santiago, Will ShOW an ele-
is home on a furlough. His company gant line of Adol-
is now stationed at -Port Sheridan, Ill. 1 i
C. E erudley is having a small pin- P Spiehler'sfine
ery put out. His plants are of the Pertnm series in
nest variety., )e, l.r
Mr. and Mfrs. H. Coachman have exequsite pack-
moved into their new house. ages ratn ing g i
A. carload of furniture arrived for
Colonel Yocum' new and handsome price from 250 to
house, ust completed. 10 These are
The firt trot of the season fell on 1 fi est .goo
Tuesday morning, but did no damage. he fine t gOOu
oolNYifr1Mi CBUM GOUILT. produced in this
A Boy Thief Returns the Stolen Honey country. W ec60oa
for His Freedom. gratulate Oursel-
Joe Mitchell, a little eleven-year-old Ves upon being
colored boy who has been water boy able to sec re
in Boass win's county chain gang a t secure
for several weeks was released from thl ir exclusive
custody yesterday under very peculiar amp
circumstances. About three months sale i ampa.
aio he was arrested for stealing some t prces
money from Joe Grable at the South A
Porida depot where he was employed a s ter January 1st
errand and office boy. The amount o
money stolen was SIL00. five of which we expect to
were found on his person, and evidence make a change
at the trial showed that he had spent
one dollar. The remainder could not be in Our bnsinress.
accounted fIr. Joe was found guilty, PriOes must be
and sentenced to sixty days in the rifled in or
county JaiL sacr iced in or-
He was too small to work in the chain der to move these
rang, and Sheriff Spencer not wishing
to keep him in confinement, was at a goods.
oss to know what to do with him.
einaly he secured him a job as water For the next
boy in the chain gang, where he worked
rd and Calthfully unt Saturday, few days we do
then he sent for the sheriff, to whom he
nade a proposition that in case he wa not expect to do
given his freedom hC would confess his n e
ruilt and return the remainder of the much but show
money.. .
The sheriff, after consulting the the Goods, but this is
roper parties, accepted the oy's pro- always a peas
position. Yesterday, in company with always !a pleas-
Mr. McErwIn. Joe proceeded to a pile
if lumber, under which he had put the 4 ure at
O6.00 and there it was. safe and sound.
S$5 and a $t bill Joe was almost,
ivercome with joy when then officer told
him to go home and be a better boy.
Another grand discovery has been
made, and that too, by a lady in this
country. "Disease fastened its clutches
upon her and for seven years she with-
stood Its severest tests, but her vital 'V 7
organs were undermined and death
seemed imminent For three months
she coughed incessantly, and could not
steeps She finally discovered a way
to recovery, by puahasldng of us a bot-
tie at Dr. Kines New Discovery foar .
ComnsmpUion and wss em mach relieved
on Uib fart do. that she slept aUll
iSbt; a"d withdVo 6NUoL han bee t iz
abehti ct Man Hear be Io ars UK= r ^0^ tN"Citize nfi'
AOQW T ht S rf e t W Next d fisew

^^ a^^ ^T_ ....... f *

200 Rolls of Matting, to be sold from .0o to 7Se r

Of Mattings, Carpets and Rag to be-to 1s uI


Undertaker and Emb
307 FRANKU ---

l y O hatsna- mha
SMORRI S oN e.al...
..". & a"... .. ... i
ha Pt w lmakeaia

Stioenc t e w hom e_ W
thwe tioes wes&ar ag
*ierhue same w

torther. or tae m a

HONARVIR &C'COq, 507 .f1i-1rbfl

S>Come and See h kC





~ ~
r- r+ p_
rc~ -:r ir.~;~-;.~t~;t4.~~ II
~" L


YE HD I m0

Serious Accident Happens to a
General in Havana.


Of Tennessee, Expires at a Ripe Old
Age--Portion of San Francisco
Seized by Uncle Sam for a
Coaling Station.

Special to the Tribune.
Washington, Dec. 12---Mr. Herman
Comer of the general land office of the
United States in his decision rendered
to-day, holds that the Mission island
and other small islands adjacent there-
to, of the southwest direction in San
Francisco bay are a part of the public
domain and in accardance therewith
President MLoKinley will in a few days
issue executive orders reserving both
islands as a coaling station for the use
of the navy.

Was Law Partner of Andrew Jackson,
and One of the most Prominent
Citizens of Tennessee.
Special to the Tribune.
lashville, Tenn., Dec 12.-Col. John
Overtown died at his home near this
city this afternoon in his Mth year.
He was eon of IMsJor John Overton. one
of Tennessees pioneer citizens, and an
intimate tried and law partner of

Btate and belonged to one of the most
prominent families
General Castellanoe Seriously Injured
by a Falling Rooft.
Special to the Tribuae.
avasn, Dec. 1M-While Generat Cas-
tellanos was snugly ensoonsed In his
bed this afternoon, a falling roof ser-
iously wounded him on both shoulders,
face and breast. His orderly was also
hurt about the face.
Plant System Officials on a Tour of












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