Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: November 17, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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;-* fLvh eB fc --, "Int

SgeP [ antme Imm~usat I~aking body t men, and when a.
girtmaga at *eed to relieve the rayed in the regulation dresr, with ha
t 4vlin-ahsa& n itCbad ariy nmet and club, they present a formidi
I UeRg5 eMW oet ditartbranea ble appearance. Wrong deers hea
I .ler-r 1e1Qgefeaeif h* I reason to fear them not hbesea n
their uniform, but because they hai
A -" RTTST. .rov-s: .h-mnl-:Ives ab!e and loyal pro
A 'F. J A RTlT Ltic-rou of the A eaA an1 d-en-,i.
my ftrrti ade Lt A. Taylor, the law, uniform or no uniform. The
r efto and rp9irt*tor of the new dess is thefore becoming
towl W. s wlit-i dellahted to them, because they will honor the
attbe I hobijga respon- positions, and respect the order of the
) kaatteIvraOt n sl e ts New cief
I. a t John Fleming ticket agent of the
! k .?ls.* nr the C. P. pRlroats who has been temp
a ntt aT A in -te o rarely transferred to Jacksonville, wa
4gii a s~e2L k r-esekanand in the city. on Monday. He expects
e mme eftmt and
. a .. ithe n ~t permanently located at his old pa
teIR r. ti m InIn this city where his many friends w
be glad to see him.
^ -M' Ner in you ife wii a better oppo
itaity be presented to acquire a ne
&q ih treot of land near a growing c
ae tii that otfereb at auctionn by Sal



S hold bi Kept in Tapma by A
Means-Let the Board of Trade Ac
The Board of Trade and in,.zns gRi
erally of Jacksonville are turning hea
ven and earth to Induce Mr Vincen
lntic Squadrn Ordered Gu rra, one of our largest cgar man
facturers to leave this ci:y, ani loa
ilize at Hampton Roads. his large cigar fa'na i that l.a.
The Board of Zrale tLf Jacksotrvil!e
making fabulous promises to iiidu
SMr. Guerra to make the change, aid it
m iA Tribune hopes to see the Tampa B-ar
S. i U f Trade take this matter under ai
tLI l l iment, and act quickly in the pi-tin
I Ies, and if it is money and not a as
S perior location Mr. Guerra is looking
for, this city should be equal t- eab
i m b Im f -megrgency to thwart the vile work c
San envious nelghbhring town.
h T The elimatic conditions of Tan-ta fo
S thq. manufacture of clear rHavana good
Sk .; L- LequetUo .an of the best locations
h be found in Cuba, and the goods mad
t 'Q btal AIAIt this city are far superior in navi
M 5 j L jto any manufactured in the world. The
S: baVe a reputation the country over, a
S antage that no concern can ev&
i t A 4 attain V located in Jacksonvile. AM
* Wi : 0S W to AVai Guoerra should consider his move set
iof the Peace oati eion lously, and the people of Tampa sl
-pr t enii O deavor to haveasim remain where h
Sis. We can ill affo-d t lose eo god
.tltisen and large manufacture-. Le
Sthe Board of Trade take this matter -u
o th tribune. COURT NOTES.
ot00, D. C., .ot. IL1-There I -
abl exdtement here to-day County Criminal Court Doing a Lan
PresmiLet Office Business.
UlSn The morning session of the count
for, piiya Crimial -court convened yesterday a
wr t rt fr suM not r e10 o'clock with Judge Carter on th
' Spah in,' Its fi. not bench and Col. P. 0. Knight, proaecut
the fat that be had enter- ch d Coht ro
t f n fr r ti d Ing attorney. The following petty case
t feeingonhim th y by cay wee. dis posed of
That the latent advices from 8 Patterson, was found not guilty
fartrm being satisfactory, the charge of improper exhibition of
sad ol dIcating'peace, 4anerous weapon.
310ee Andreu Williams plead guilty to th
be President as well as the charge of aggravated assault. Th
V of War have entertained sentence was reserved.
tm u rsti at t rumination Jose Ferrera and Antonio Fernande
ac negatio.tlo.- tre i no plead guilty to the charge of gambling
The orders letiy set out and were each fined 10 and couts.
thUe fleet, show ti. lcayond Prince Mc Fadden plead guilty to th
charge of unlawfully carrying a repea
cons have en given by Se- Ing rifle, and was fined $10 and costs.
ng to the o tfcals of the Navy Preston Rlchardson was acquitted
Brooklyn prohibiting them the charge of utering a false instr
.-* -rn any ney w work on the menl.
As In North A mantle waters. K as Knight was acquitted of tb
tWb oMpleI e it iois ex- charge of assault and battery.
at wHit tfn tAy Commodore Henry Winters, aenegro was brougb
stlfhve under his command into court cargei with the larLcny
Sye t" eoalsting of all the dornest.i animal, presented su
o armored erulsers now a woe begone appearance that JudS
S ept the a and Carter refused to have him placed,
whih are now at EYo Jandro. trial. He was ordered taken from t
@mle w mill e ept Ialong the court room, and the sheriff wsa ei
Sa" & ai sthe' ten days sn routed to have him examined by t
a l, a th toimee thethorlt- county physician, and if pronounce
'ta 5. pl .y eat saRn with sane to bring him bacs for trial,
I a a of the armor wilae morrow. Court then took a recess f
y dtt sster. aaut and at 2:30 reconvened, wh
mseb .gso a New Tork and the following cases were disposed o:
eger hepadld csedltion; the- Harrison WMoore, charged with pet
Swi aveII lareny was found guilty and sentence
a i lr ttem. Herer th e p c to 9 Wil days in Jlfo
SallA I pa g sech aWorki on anWll an aowler was found guilty
ia. as he omptate d with- keeping W a gambling house. emten(
me so faraas Uhe Te xa i re erved.
H. naval lam sam that a The motion of the defendant for
a y will be neesoarp to new trial in the o cae of C Floridav
SpWelho dS ve. J. Weabsher w has quaed t
I gsta alh oi the ae t mn aeda The case of L D. Pennwhigtn, cbud
y fayr wtil prcee to amp- wieryth assault and battery, was nol
aw ai g thy ega tg The case of WIbear vey cell for apecto
Sea petg sn aSction salt and batteryps as conthey marched .
hey Wmeas ry to a tree trt of in-

SAy rgaore the ae or prThe entired frse imof poicemenng as thppearnc
_top de P ally te at e central station yestero
to th e eaa. day for their day's work, were escorts
5 Ha. l5---The Itrber oll- into the office of Chief Woodwar
t:ldty of Has na onr 5i500nt where they were met by a represent
m1isr plbaOO. QS t S tlve at the Gordon Keller clothlng ei
IOf ape ) hd' llhament who fitted them out
s assste em ehdsuee Of l~. tir new uniform, which inC-uds
PI~In -1 555U1U are i bhdt,-cluhe and helmets They all I
e-eti. Cu. ae t5Po. very esatly, and both the make and ml
I g assese~;at Wt te r la will bea very close inspeoto
esmeheheuao L a n.avaln to -r- noon corps as they marched oi
~mO.... U~eld to satsfy in a body to their respective beat
reiumom v the causeor preented an impoing appearsac
ei-oC arp deahmo eC the Physalealy they are a very -Jsnzerot

a- social features of the occasion were or imitation. There are more cases of Pablo Gonzalez, of Hayan.:, wa a
a- heartily enjoyed by all present. The Piles being cured by this, thaq all passenger to this city on tLe -Mascotte
ve ladies netted a neat sum as a result others combined. For sale by S. B. on Sunday. He was met here by his
of of their entertainment. Leonardi & Co. wife and son, and they are a-ow pleaa-
e- Mr. W. C. Crum of the Florida State We offer for the next few days, the antly located at the Hotel DeSoto.
. Republican. has purclrtsed from Dr. latest and beet grade of New Home They will leave to-day or to-morrow
-r H. Hampton, the defunct Daily News Sewing machines at $22. Only a few in for Winter Park where the mother
to plant, and will at an early date begin stock. Come quick and secure one. lives in a handsome cottage with the
-ir the publication of his paper in this city, C. C. Burns, 814 Franklin street, tf three children, who are attending
ir rdng the ;att ce of lun- -school at Rollins college. O r. Gonzales
nir nsa Repub ic an rhet.rcs Phone Carrutherts for stove wood. is an extensive cattle dealer with head-
a Republican het quarters in Havana. He has not seen
his family for nearly a year, and ex-
F. pects to remain some days with them.
-s A cough is not like a fever. It does

t quickly and effectually with One Min-
M ute Cough Cure, the best remedy for
all ages and for the most severe cases.
D-P P We recommend it because it's good.
rt- fRSG I L U For sale by S. B. Leonardi & Co.
ty The night clerk of the Central IPar-
o1- O f6 m" e o o macy will answer all calls Press the
*am &51. vow55s5GO, MW button.

L A Tampa Belle Weds a Bich Xen-
t tuckian Yesterday.
n. Special to the Tribune.
a- Lexington, Ky., .'ov. :11-Mis The-
te resa Varty of Tampa, Floriid, and Mr.

" rn)flicing Reports Concerning Is Taking Actor Joe Jefferson w. E. O. hit"-" o L L0f nu y.,
re "were married Ii this city this after-
S the Condition of Dreyfus. to His Grave. non while b-it' of the contracting
ce parties are well knuwn here, the mar-
he riage created considerable surprise, as
d only the immimedite retatres of the
S O F Afamilies knew that It was to take piace.
ii- UU I 0UnUANlUl W11 ILL 80UN [RI I r. Sullivan wa3 best nman' 'Ihis mos.I
ig Ing, In Lebanon at the marriage of his
y cousin, Miss Susie n. attingly to Mr.
or Girs Fm InstractlOns to Prepare a I Crisis Has Be Reachel in the J. William y. Spauldins, of Atlaita. Ga.
Miss Varty is also a cousin of the
Dr Defese, ger-Mloae COnto rS. Lebanon bride, whom she had rcen
Is visiting and a ine on to Lexington with
o .--- the bridal party, whlit- consisted of
le Mr. and Mrs. Spaulding, Mr. SBaulo an
n place, and Mire Varty became Mrs.
r BSullivan. The wedding was very quiet
r. General Breckenridge Gives the Cor- express and Freight Trains Come on account of the recent death of the
S pulent Commander an Unmerci- Together With Fatal Rsult. bride's fath Mr.ut late. V ford
ie fal PRotig Before the In Mrs. Btevens Elected W. C. T. Mr .and Mrs. Sullivan will return to
a vesigating Committee. U. President. Lebanon to-r2or:o morning, where
et they will reside in the future. I'.e
P bride is a native of Kentucky, but has
resided in Florida fir a number Of
Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. years. She has frequently vU ited reia-
Paris, Nov. 15.-The court of Cassation Washington, D. C., Nov. 15.-An open ties in this sectio, and the l-eople of
id which is now in session here, informed rupture has at last occurred between Lebanon will greatly welcome her as
the Minlster of Colonies, rM. Guillian. Secretary Alger and General Miles. she has won a host of friends by her
that it had decided that Dreyfus be in- The issue between them ever since the lovable charaoeor an winsome ways.
ty formed oby telegram that the revision war ended, was in regard to the author She is a beautiful blonde and v hile
it proceedingsxhave commenced, and that of a certain order regarding the troops no doubt her many friends nd ad-
ie he prepare a defense. at Santiago. General (Miles accused mirers in Florida regret to gve her up,
- The Ministry of colonies have recei- Alger of having sent it, and Alger now Kentucky is ;,rotid to regain so; cbarm-
> ved a dispatch, stating that Dreyfus is proceeds to call him down. ing a daughter.
in good health. .Despite this there is a He not only denies being the author
Srumor here that be is dead. of the order, but declared to-day that Miss Theresa Varty, whose marriage
a The rumor is understood to be based he will in his report produce the order is announced above, is 'he daughter of
upon a mysterious telegram received and show that Miles was the author. Mrs. W. A. Varty of this c ty. The
te from Colmar, capital of Upper Alsace, news of her marriage w.ll be a great
ie signed by an unknown correspondent. RAILROAD WRECK. surprise to many of her Tampa friends
The father-in-law of Dreyfus dis- although it was known to her relatives
credits it. He says he has received Serious Collission Between a Passenger and a few intimate friends. The bride
g excellent accounts from the Colonial and a Freight Train. has resided in Tampa for the past six
Office quite recently as to the prisoner's years, and graduated at the Convent of
health. Kingston, Ont., Nov. 15.-The through the Holy Names in this city with high
t- Despite these assurances, there are express train on the Grand Trunk rail- honors. She has many loving friends
dark rumors afloat. In view of the way running from (Montreal to Toronto, and admirers here who join in wishing
curious manner In which the letter collided with a freight near Trenton at her every joy and happiness, and who.
u- from Dreyfus declaring that he had 3:30 o'clock this morning, most heartily congratulate the groom
abandoned all hope was conveyed to Eight persons are known to have uponesecuring such a charming bride.
e Mme. Dreyfas on Friday. some people been either killed or fatally injured. WEDDING AT DADE CITY.
believe he is dead. Among the killed are Engineer Brady
v -and Fd.r-rman teM Donald on the express A Popular Couple United In the Holy
S T '-tGH N H.FTratn, and two passengers, whose na:nes Bonds of Wedlock.
ip-cial to the Ttribun-. could not be learned. Three others
n angon D. C. v. -General are ataly injured and fully a score are Special to the Tribune.
in J C. Breckinridge continued his state- known to have been very badly hurt. Dade Cty, Fla., o. 15.--Mrs. Evelyn
ment before the war investigating The accident occurred at a place G. Clarkson and Mr. F C. iltine
e committee to-day. Hermade ome een- called Diamond Crossing, and is one of were married at noon to-day at the
d national charges concerning General the most serious that ever happened bride's residence at Earnestville five
o Ohafter. He roasted him unmercifully. on the road. miles southwest of this place. The cere-
Shafter. He roastedhi nmerciful rmony was performed by Rev. M. tf.
or ays be, "I believe thi s a the Lord s JOE JEFFERO DYING. Wamboldt of Jacksonville, pastor of
en war and that the wonderful success of-
the Americans at Santiago was odue Special to the Tribu the intimast churhela were ty. Onlyd-
Smore to the supervision and help Of New York, Nov. 15.--The illness O he Intimte reies were in atten
ed God, than to this worthless command- Joeiph Jefferson, the celebrated actor, dance. The oride Is a native of VirgM e
ing general who always found some ex- has developed into an attack of pneu- ia, and the daughter o ar an
o mim for not being near where there monie, and his friends this afternoon A. J. Derteux. who reside at rnest-
c was any fighting. declare that his condition is becoming ale. he is then widow of the late Col
ce desperately serious. All of the great James L. C I s n who tm was proi i
S oLA'DIEn AIDoa wa i actors engagements for the season have n y identied wth th roI es
A. Tje tgregaotonal Church Ladies Give been cancelled, and he has announced Pasco county. The room i a en
a Peai nt Entertin ent hi permanent retirement from the tuckian who has spe nearly twoears
Sstageleasant Entertainment in Florida and who made many friends
ed A delightful social was held at the Mr. and Mo-a Slaine will reside at
l e i ongregational church last nlght, under tW. C. T. U. PR rDENT; Earnestvtcie, anf have the best w~il s
She auspices of the Ladies' Aid S Boety eN of all who know them.
SThe foowin program was rendered: t. Paul, Nov. 1--Mrs. illlan N. BEATS THE K NDII .
Voa Tel doet, prs ane a and Mi Stevens of e Maine, was to-day elected Mr.eA. C. Thomas, of Mitryville, Te.,
Recitations were finely rendered by president of the Natonl an has found a more valuable discovery
S Roeyitataconfwere andel Meidelle b Christian Temperane Union, the pod- than has been made in the londcike.
Cars tion held or so many years by the 10' For years he suffered untold aonr
r- w e na melted Francis onllllad e a
d ss Cora Srgue sang a vocal solo ne Fac il from consumption, accompanied by
d, in her usual bewitching manner. This BUCLKNEs ARNICA So LVE. hemorrhages; and was absKolutel cured
5- was followed by a reading -by rMiss The best salve in the w Srdf for cuts sbDption, CoNhtw nd Colr fore C-
s- Klan Glenn. upo Cought and Cols. dre-
it Th cosin rfora, ce w a well bru bores, ulcers, salt rheum, feve career that gold is of little value In'
'd redsi actsWon 'by noie etie Disesn. sores. tettar, chapped hands, chilblains comparison with this marvelous cote;
It At the conclusion of the literary and corns, and all kinds of skin eruptions would have it, even if it cost a hundred
r- musical perow rmanae, refreshments and positively cures piles, or no PI dollars bottle. Asthmu Bronpe hits
a were announced, and most of those required. It is guaranteed to givi and all throat and lung as.ectonsr ar.
t present rgpired to the class room in perfect satisfaction or money refunded positively cured by Dr. King's New
u, the rear of the andlence room where a Price, b coats per box. For sale by Discovery for Consumption. Trirl hot-
most delicious dutiay of edibles were B. Leonardi & Co. ties free at 8. B. Leonardi & Co's. drug
1s served. lWhen you ask for Doe Witt's Witch store. Regular isea t cents and $1.95.
r- The crowd was quite large, and the Easel Salve don't accept a counterfeit Guaranteed to cure or price refunded.

arms around Gardah sudA
Eventually, after oai4
be was abs&e t eaht- Is-
Was driven raIdl fii*toti
houe where hms sethera

To make it appdretea t
who thtik thsamehq fAfi
not afflicted with any4h
the system slmpy <
to bring comfort hoftoe
as a costive iaaSnTS,

only. and sold b lik
Ia5.t tieng& bie
pares a man otr m b haem
t early to bekasdm a
Risei, the pmel t. tsek
and better and WMr.P
B. Leonardi & Co ,

ved a,larg*e asd eleghmt
thaecoerect thingJ" s pe
era; la4eiles' p-ocet bookl,
vWkivng-caWds, and sagene

wste~ledthesq HEItsdO~hS
Concord,;N. L H. Mh19wu

Chemists and. -i

Tlw Largest D^
Tm ov~ytif~'t(O~b 3i~
m "Mk~pll i~~

anA f '.'-&~

Four DIn6. Up

.-r. -r

.... .D fflE

For Oea. larcl by f
a Frieas.

it id With T imioy BeA
tkeW r7id, heate
pie to Geet 1 h2
ow .- : A

Special to the Trfbn3i un
Havana. Cno, Nov.I -a.-.Qeij
Garcia. 8angua~l, a 4
(Miguel Gome, member of tm i eo
delegation fromSafntl s
ved en route to Wa inE epo~
acconW aned by menabern of tbanh
and many Cabaa oftGerM, w"ho 'i
at Batano. OmBeard theSteamfl-
also the Bpandsh Com ndei
the body of General Vera del iy
the boat neared the wharf therf;w
seen a strong battalion- oat fte
troops df1aw up as a oard ot
for the reception of the con=1miioe
The Cubans at first thontbe t
some objections was .40 e t mahdk
Garcia's landing, This, hoTmves
marked by no incident, .a: he "iq
boarded the train at EftWS.ajwo .o-
all stations alonn the route lre Vl"
of spectators turned oat to See them
ban leader. -With the egx9ption
few ohaeers there were no den Im
tons until the train stopped at Cenaa
a few miles rom Hava. v
There a committee of Officer i
3enocal's camp at Hafrano ao e
his arrival, and many proainest
residents of Havana wereasso ClhM
there, -
Owing to the dtOtmarbO e an tez
that Garia ehoud nt ent er
and it waa believed be woat4l"
the train at Vte1uai 0 Wl0'J-
to aiarlano. --nrstr T
tahIeua he determlutseed t
PriocIpally with tloe 4i"*
his mother He left the tra.
Teroero, the next tatis
nus at Via ueva.
crowd, awaited I-tr a It ..
difconty that be is sw8 h
One of the efst to tinbt the


`e 3P

r- '"Y re 'r~l~~ .~A~~i~- w -ui s- 'IK-it -~h w w-- w~l .-I .


li ..... .... ..e..P o
-i 5, Posto Pesao. ODai


' abserbr aytean r squestea

rates uratb asd

ra agba Poresaemems to have

Wyck to see Croker for breach
i'. n m um
t am a ob lo not the
i ps enorto at raising, tl

S tl SeeseveIt ia already
e hai the Preeldentia

teger5arp div,

.Tthnrwau e acn p t in New
te tddy tales the bit In his
t et -nk

~atgor tle4aa hMa way of pe
^oyI5IO5 .t 90op4e with a Pita
a notaaiw'sprpeatc&
lQSe'heboeshOmda.s who lent
gumitepos* bopaln a-re p now re
qenpat -sir~Coy P~drtr

agor I

s naB tr
iat t column btr
Thp entire nation
maSnations aor pei
s eizption of the


S 1 a )

~i -k~


,s a wit


T D R Jt 3 y. Se la d a clrFiatcSallmng
4 be0 when--"1 h e tde "bn eB sal those t ving within a radius of
U bl'*Ae ove-eh Awe nmes of that city who have mOre
a E T wo-l~flee troin the citys rule tand than they know what to do with,
and law-from ia t ions ad forms to donate not less than ten acres of
S cut oose-n4d go where the strawberry od tarming land to those who wll
p rt rw on Its straw, and the ooseerry guarantee certain Improvements nd
grow on its gose; whe the catsp become citizens. The scheme might
free is -clmbed by the cat as she clut- work well in other sections of Florida.
ches for her prey-the guiless and un- A SPLENDID VICTORY.
. suspecting rat on the rattan bush, at While the Republicans have
r ad play; I will catch with ease the saffon elected the governors in the greatest
cow and the cowlet in their glee, as number of States, there is no denying
.1 M they leap in joy from bow to bow, in the fact that the Democrats have whip-
. s the top of a cowslip tree; and lit ped them out in the senatorial and
.5 while the partridge drums its drum, congressional elections. There will be
and the woodchuck chucks his woo, little change in the complexion of the
. and the dog devours the dogwood plum Senate at Washington but the over-
In the primative solitude, whelming majority of nearly all the
"O let me drink from the mossgorwn Republican legislatures that elected the
tD ri pump, that was hewn from the pump- Republican members has been cut down
kin tree! [Eat mush and milk to a mere handful. This will in some
a s- from a rural stump, from folly and cases make it very difficult for ma-
fashions free-new gathered mush from chin, candidates to win. Take Penn-
the mushroom vine, and milk from the sylvania for instance, the old rock rib-
t milkweed sweet-with pineapple from bed Giberalta of Regilican bossism,
the pine. And then to the white- where for years a nomination for the
Swoshed dairy I'll turn, where the dairy- legislature was equivalent to an elec-
maid is h e ening hles, her ruddy and to The Republican majority of 176
been 'olden red butter to churn from the has been cut to pieces, and the official
mik of her bqtterfles; and I'll rise at count may yet give the Democrats a
Van morn with the earliest bird, to the frag- majority.
h of rant tarmyrd pass, and watch while In the election of members of the
the farmer tmrm his herd of grasshop- House of Representatives, is where the
ay per, out to grwa-Paciic Union. Democrats have made the greatest in.
hing QUAr' SAD P5IGHT. roads. The full returns indicate that a
Senator Mbitt Qi y has become ter- magnlfcent victory has been won. The
y co- rtbly scared over the attitude of the Republican majority of 72 has been cut
Sbee new Legislature of Pennsylvania. He down to nearly nothing and the official
Il appre"ensave of trouble and has put returns may yet give the Democrats a
r re- D U ,0 aS reward for information majority. It ie now certain that the
e leading to the arrest and conviction of Democrats with the aid of the Popu-
erte any one endeavoring to bribe any tate lists will be able to organize the house.
senator or representative elect. He This is a defeat the Republicans little
York has authorized the depositing of the anticipated. It is a rebuke to Hanna-
teeth above amount of money for the purpose iam and the administration as well as
mentioned. It does not yet appear blow at Aerim and imperialism.
from what department ot the State Whe fact that a few Republican gover-
Mfork funds he has made a pull, hut he is nors was elected Is nothing compared
evidently in lnancial shape to put up to the splendid victory of the Demo-
S big bluff. There ms toe some crate n being able to control even one
their danger that Quays guns are about to branch of the national congress.
(elv- be turned on him and the above bluff COST O0. TIE WAR.

'of am-_ iapmdcfotohcte
o is a spasmodic effort to check the stam- According to the latest report issued of the opposing political party but great
baa received another pede. For a man of Quay's political by Ellis H. Roberts, Treasurer of the defections in his own party and is en-
tlhe in the form of standing, to raise his voice against United States, the cost of the war with titled to praise for his victory.
ort'of the war. bribery can only be regarded as a huge Spain may be approximated at 165,- General Wood is maintaining a stern
Oonsiderable wayer- Joke or the wild ravings of a desperate 000,000. At the close of the fiscal year control over the insurgents in Cuba,
pped into the Demo- character. the increase of expenditures on account and seems determined to have them
s feo majority. COMMENiABLE ENTERPRISE. of the war was $43,041,732 for the War understand what civil government
4 regardless of party The Jacksonvile iBoard of Trade s 'Department, and $24,262,438 for the means. It is fortunate that we have
udio, rejoice at the engaged in the commendable undertak- NavY Department. For July, August, been able to put the island in command
OldNorth State. ing of trying to induce a leading cigar September and October, 1898, expendi- of such-men pending the settlement of
Wa&emal er fought manufacturer of Tampa to abandon tures of the War Department were a form of government there.
t.auae to 'lve out his works here and move to that city. $107,620,368, being $81,613,131, greater is claimed that uny took his
any pom-preserves. The past history of such efforts on the than for the same months in 1897. For vts all with him to New York and
a of Paris eat pat of Jacksonville has taught our the ame months thi year the avy v ote th m for Roosevelt.
yecigta manufactners more sense than Departmdnt expended 127,409,577, which Induced them to vote for Roosevelt.
earthy cigar manufacturers more sense than Deartm t exee $7,469,577, which Now that the political excitement is
ery slowly, after to take an stock in their thin coated s $1014,92 mor than it spent for o tlet lay aside al party ani
promise. There are plenty of cigar a like period in 187. Up to and includ- over, let us l ay aside all party anl-
manufacturers In Havana and New lng Oct. 31, the war with Spain n- entis at building up our city.
concerned about an York that might be induced to locate n creased the expenditures of these two y.
tte Chicago papers Jacksonville at least for a season if the departments by $164,932,228. It may be true, as the Emperor Wil-
Sip affair n proper inducements were offered, but The newspaper field is a wide field lam says, that Ge any is one the
beet of terms "with Turkey, but she will
fake boomers of that town would rather and full of roses and thorns. When t be able to match this count inl
Ktmmns., wi l now drag away the industries that Tampa you roast the preacher the ungodly t e e to ths on
po0tklng his pen has legitimately secured than to or- smiles' when you roast the ungodly, that respect on the 24th of this month.
i slarl~e-etild, ganise cigar factories with their own the preacher smiles. I you roast the The Democrats, prohibitionists and
S. capital or to induce manufacturers to saloon the teetotaler miles; when you' John Wanamaker Republicans com-
""- a Come locate In Flrrida Their t the tbined were not able to dislodge the lone
J come and locate lord TheIr roa the teetotaler the saloon man t Fisherman tat Quay, from his political
o It if t~~ motto seems to be: To h-1 with Flor- 'eIn up. If you swear you are a wicked perc in Pennsylvania
iaTe m ot e lIda it we can only bring Jacksonville man, If you pray you are a hypocrite. The clone o e vote n nearly
through all right If you have an opinion you get cussed, all the larger Stes will furnish a fine
SiritPe d"J" l &ANITARX PRECAUTIONS, and it you don't have one you are a bais for another great struggle for po-
eM esIs" NeXt TueS -the ridaState quar- nonenity. The preacher knows one litical supremacy two years hence.
M ig other anthr laws that have been in effect
nce rJune fit will expire. After that
codtem-plate. WOfI ftalt a e s a color, from
't' tth ownl clt ad natkm wil have the Tor red By
71 for. ime to ptYi to posirwoghb our State un-
S.t 1 Rheumatism.

t sltS reetor th t han ot w*ere A Purely Vegetable Blood I bl soel t e I in *
"Mlittle oetUM tey were & o si rm ts nmedy,
a~ amegM. J t because the reic Remedy is the Only and in two month i. a red com-
ta s are no owr DIn tferne s noet Cure. pletely. The ou rs tiem at, for
are 4 an* 40 14"W Cu re. I a
eb tese W' e tos Rstan o- ooapno," iut o---- Rhest, thoq&_b s *
exposed other blood d
If the eopole ener !y know the 8711 Poweltonvenue, Ph h
that sk -we m&* sOw fair State en- trite oi'upe of Rh'-u-ina'ti;i, there Those who have had expeneam
k1301 M MIos fr7t0 9fotion dseabselfand wotid ise nio suclt Ihiig ris liil'- with Rheumatisip know that it
Salntaint nor repeutaton as beIng the inr;', nid lolisir~j for i. il paisftilbecomes more severe each year,
P-6-1 i beafbildst State In ll the ieutb. ant' .lisQbing dieeos. ',te fact I., and like all other blood diseases,
rhsbi'r'bbe -ta Ie n our own citr. the dangers now Rileunalilism is a disordered state the doctors are totally unmible to
tS is hay- w5 be even greater than they were of the blood-it can i.1 reached, cure it. In fact,
o, the. bat sw- aorng the hot months as many of therefe, only through the blood. the only remedies
But ullblocd r,.r. li- cun not cure which they pre-
r0 r e-se-r streets willhe dug up with the grad- Rheumat ism t'r i! is al obstinate ic t p
tas. i-s ok was stopped by the disease, ontil 'hiis requires a reaol and mercryp, and
o te ati Board of health on account of the blood remedy-- omel hiig more than though temporary
^ ^ motoi e~ d ang W that mitarrirve,and now that a mere tonic Swift's Specific is relief may result,
A. -l heworkJm smitR fo-rward. every precau- the only real blood remedy, and it these remedies pro-
t tt. tl hn bold be taken especiay until promptly goes to the very bottom duce a stiffness of
W U s t at br twa wd of even the most obstinate case. jots d on in-
SR have a few ye go I was taken with in- tensify the disea se.
ea haveagain ator Bhematim,which,though S. S. S. never disappoiuts, for it
-e. that tthe he aa weakness Mta o m B o u in- made to cure thbe deep-rooted
Ser Q ay d ntams tof twalk. I tried several prominent phyt diseases which are beyond the
tbe s. al. ans ad took their treatment fith- reach of all othet remedies. It
omeAuofigibers who faui to re- hb w sth slightct ;r. Infac Rheumatism,
tbeft popers reg am -re- r 60 Veins a b Cataf I Canoer,Sorofaula,ERcsma,
H i eiswmb regularly ^ 1atb 8 5 flpom vemb5 t and all other blodd dieaae. It
iOTt thesee at t-is- p of.- E jn.... I tH.-d many is the only blood remedy guar-

ha-~ibf~~~: sa 50Pon'

sLG3edees me 5. tske Prtwcytcag

; 'io-i --
-' cxc-l~5f~t-"




<- .CAPnaitO.QQ. -

Largest capital of any bajrkaouth ot^Ak5PrimnfS
business. Every soeovw--eoetiOe onatea wi
bainstg grated. Havs 't Msaasud faSiliti
for ntgl gstbboctioes at sll pointe in
for th li.4t4 titiukBt. a,
BOARD OF DIfRk ,-OBS: Joe. N, 0. Stockton, J. B. Andl
Mranr e 8eo Keyeer, Lib Kibng, C. I%. Jos- Peter o. Knigt,
and L S. -CrW L,

SThe Only Typewi ter;

SWhich Emtedies all of the Experience
O of Scientific Achievement .


I EWTY & 0 E,

< 6`; .aV


fiBU N iiBlmiiiii~ Iniiii lirii~ i

But that tired d
Means danger It-
Indicates impoverisab
And impure blood.
This condition may
Lead to serious illness.
It should be promptly
Overcome by taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla,
Which purifies and
Enriches the blood,
Strengthens the nerveo
Tones the stomach,
Creates an appetite,
And builds up,
Energizes and vitalizes
The whole system.
Be sure to get
Only Hood's.

thing, the saloon man and gambler
knows another, but the journalist is
expected to know everything. Be dam-
ned lt you do, and be damned if you
don't-IWycrfss (Herald."
To conquer the unhygenic conditions
in our new dominions is evidently to
be a tas of magnitude. The spetre
of yellow fever has not been laid, and
yet a new one arises--mallpoz. which
is of a particular malignant type. In
various parts bf Cuba the disease is of
virulent character, asd similar reports
come from Manila. By way of variety,
it is chronicled that typhoid fever Ib
raging at Honolulu and that a number
of American soldiers have died Of this
disease. The expanalonists who dwell
with so much enthusiasm upon the de-
lights of the climate in our new terri-
tories are apt to overlook some less at-
tractive features.
The Rough Rider- rode to victory in
New York in the face of fearful odds,
and demonstrated his great ability as
a campaigner on the political field as he
was in the battlefield. He over-
came not only the opposition


We will begin one of the greatest sale ,
Goods Tampa has ever known. Not Qe or t
will be reduced but reductions hae beena
Every piece of Dress Goods in our stock. ot'
of the extra good values you will find here ,
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a custom. New h e find their way t or
tive. Maters t how n you see you never me

J Of Table, W. J.a VI Hoer, C"
Ta Etc. Newsor oei. Co rerI find their wnay o oacr itoe
t Department every day. letter'Gooda at loetr prices
is the cause.


-All-&A/ -

Tampa. Florida. Corner Franklin and ZacA. tr
Stokkelders Ins ivi al Lieblilties a hlel the Iuint ef
enBeral Banking baia tr ansucteL Mace
Loans on approved uae m ad real estate- D- --
psoosresled subjct to chk wibes t nshss,
Jill bu d onm o th mavotLabi
terms, BoP rod ntrekt nurlt~t.. dbAnthe-
and to nct eTrm AmI nA.n Ains.atetr
teed. banking a rmtsof a e
Lad oorporafoms of eity tad a enoitqod no
matter bow all they a e be, ad prom
ootoo f Jamaeam to orf iI
S A S^y X Bank, X6V nab, asr
Yorka Bak, 0 tnnah; S Iav t Naltional,
mnk JakesorniBQ 0. custom ChildS &a Oo,
Ravan, Cub
Savings Department.
Tbhe Bakwlil be opee nt rheat depen
and parin cheobksI eackh ed x b0 da-y4n
omnl asrayiay nsoo fsm 4 to 7o' "
Osf oneilar andmpsad tlt be reeivnd
InMastwil hb e andtsd each ansat on
the frt day of Jar il, Apryl, an d uto-
added to t b it moon.m
The of intE t bh be per eat. per
annum wrhentbeamoa doe noneoeed rasee,
if over 5Oitths mo of intirste bonae-
lnteson dTsetoseD begf omitob OlWenba lS
Tihd tbe so ade on or bfr me efeka H
day or the-,tk. -|
5o itnaeM wi be pid onanrs witha*na
ooetw .ae Urrtenf tSuiryA.pril J.), sad .*
DtBBCTOR,: JO. TBICu, W. 3. DAVSB, J. i. LOWO, JI.. ATAIVs, .J.1



.... .. .

Y- .. A IMo Pr1eah ed for the diin Circuit Court, HUlaborough County
Nibf hI Ft IBm IBa tian of th Fastive a'olritician. Sixth J Ciarcuf or O6a,... -. "7"
] o. Knight'r Staion Fa., Nov. U- 0r Hafr a Score Ktued Durlng the ARenOe Property OtOers Petition thl Ie s L. et Buc
Quite a number of our citizens have Race Riots. Co0cl for Vitrifled Brik. This cae oomlg to be beard upon
LEB mA Ogne down on the Ksslinmee on a application or an order of pgilce.-on
E LONE camp tunt. It supposed that noth- directed aJt the defendant J. .
In stronger than pond water will be saon o the Cle of iid courJ'
r no by a ed for throat lubricating purpose CITIZENS NOW IN CONTROL BU LKHEAS MUST BE BUILT ada the ofco
Mr. J. Samuel Knight, one of Braideq- CI NOW IN CONTROL BU LKHEAD plaint in said cause that the said defem
21a100ty- ARM you n town's most popular young men is dant a noo-resdent of the >ate
oes in this vicinity. Waon County, GAL. and ovyr the ag
a rBs. 'The good citizens through the encour. The Mew Government Assumes Con- Ordinance to That Effect Ordered of twenty-one years it ri therefore
aeet of Mr Joanna and James trol of Municipal Affairs, and the Permits for a Number of New appear to the ill f on or
e wTribn Wiggins, have furnished the school da of D n a
hau-Wls with S" vubeuifu new "Now. .w Mayor Has Isued Buldings Oranted-a G Nov. 0.-Will Gober a house with six beautiful new lights New Ma18, else a decree pro confesso wll be
M r Ga. Npolv.1-Win at Homer a Our neighbors can no longer call us a Proclamation. Work Transacted. entered against you.
ssowas o intsdt ev omer a "foot vitrginsap It to further ordered that a copy of
"" O :thf is m tar the iburder none, once a week for four consecutive A n -- ju -
.this lae, for the murder T e d away and "Richard is him- weeks to the said 6th day of Deember,
sM t via cmpei.Tl to the Tribcuise. From SA6turday's Daily.. L MT LL
i idate has glen place to the sat- Wlmnton, N. C., o .-During At the meeting of the City Counell Clerk Cuit court.
No/atIeed i- e a; sed ofce-bolder who tao e lge ffd the rioting and bloodshed here yester last night, a communication was read Win. ki Ur-LarRt, .o."
u. ...... I ae y toi rush t Itai, ass aye ten negroes were killed. Of the from Mayor Bowyer, stating that Prest- By D. IL GIVEN D C
I D, Nov.-19T h s ma ltrera to Shake 4kseil With- I eo who were seriously wounded, at iweedmnvto lt
t the st-ea another amo on Y many womwer L H. L. Mitchell. Clerk Circuit Courttt
asL 5 t oe t content Im ast three will die. Three white men dent McKinley would attend the Peace for sid ounthereby Certyetthe D
S"e the" were seriously wounded, one, ataly. Jubilee at Atlanta on Dec 17 and nug- uforegoing I a true copy of the oEr o
A S e e nod r ae t of the objectIon ble white men mar. gested that we extend him an invlt tion pui teon filed In thoe l orsal ac
EVity. Mo.. No -'ft les tme S g iteiral up the to "eli er hed out of the city with their alies to vist Tampa at that time Mr. Tampa, th dt day of No.,.. A. a1.

p[ ^^ B y~ ORtM, uo eO organized sovermuent asusmed chare the mayor was lnstncted to extend the and a .isS proust ..unts,,
A r n y C. wto right to sar we oheto municipaodistu the s Z As invittatiovs and at the ame time han er. The tor Cy ty A DI
VW un er I ho we as.'orur. we will train our "twenty-two o m en n ew the realdent a cs ehat the Board of HB oI., r
v.A 'a .iyr laC lnt ueiey ethet mete, chie s of pon B, an de Armas. In the ene of the roult ourt of the Sixti C O
Sfor nter c t "0 w Aofl eMe ter. president and would viextend a -presidemilar Irvtuta- or o r.N, Dn c
S a they hve repeedlf on choen from the ranko leaders o wereputable presided. After the ation of the n d

galat the most red eel of tht e whted to the tra ut on boted it m res of the preiou meeting, the Brown and e o ,

St a Re wu pblican campo so if we houl-fi s ant too the rural dh trcts for the benefit A
-11 ~s e no oO e ton ldly o t mait ito ttheirt althe toen to p e wl p s- of ae water bengto that et, and In oth Cirmbcuit CourtA. 1f, the Ath i
o.f their health. ^ MawetheCircuit of thexStae of Floridaw ..y in
*". tfting__n1a p inU to r ,u -o o oranied goreninent assumed charge the maem was instruscted to extend the end frUtca ilahrtet bein -.timty t
WMDXsi^ o loan sa aih co W w an orpLratio nt R J

____wi .- ao rigseyawel knwe that ioft new government wis devote tits atten- and askin that a sart i said water Iaesddeo a t yhet Bulln m

!" s upreay ,shold ot, the ion to restraining recklessness aknong be thrown on Morgan street, was re- lots. pieces, parcels or tracts of
,. A at we wi o train our te ntr-the whces, o well t s keepier down e erred to Preet committee withe reso- v. Jtyhn B. Browning and n n the
R tr on th e foh ontlawlenewerss amdn the oefroes toAe t Fridand d bed follows, to
l res to e mayllor ed the following poclama- formeemplo in the fire depart on ock wele andthe

ao Mas u' ^ rty creo he to wn r together being a patrel of lander, ein-
a slo-e as e dIt d ond e t e x f ndersined,tupnon who a ree mont emaidIt waed dgelat thesouhwest corner of Pild
.I wnt HCogesaAtr et. tacdeet hmobepstrPhrlipteo rue rfcfnthegreereoonste oytan thop etindofcd firrhel n the ,,ty fet whl 2 dyoOcbe,; D., iab
O n w elected mayor- and dgar o Par- Webb, n-eter, Win.e Holmes, Kuoe bonorail Barron Ph"llips, judge or f-.,

ur ,e co o h lytes'.+h l 1 r c thence easterly to boundary oh said e
to this method of assuring the god A ~Aetition from J A s Dalton ask ing ock ulent e southern e Sixthyone ad..
-.a 0 '-""- that W a--brothis f fthne tt possessed boy th n bett The firt act of the new govment pre o ets e str epeat thed outhwett Kn- end aortdnog tyie ea ma
._a.-" "D. C '.sst ov. 1.- a our oitisens, we ca at see. a taw s pn of ; ouethete o Fnid, s, aAng i
th&elcty, and bw thsm was5 to s1ea0 2We speia policemen,

D o No themat there? Why doe he not redly outraged e aon eae in ar tera action o Ale It was laid oa tin s aro a oa the te it hlad
aod tna tgte Ctany m e enof the chosen from the ranks o. reputable pesided.sferte Ladotnof thepery ln or of ante aTority Bldai

aKIy .si53 apsw5S. .ing ,-. 1 eedno w ouldtooe tople Reubr"lowli s d msns tere ead councilmen from the First and Second N.ot.e Is oeeb nm oIn th an erT. "P.
uthern ha the ies ko ah. Te white citizens. They are veste with minutes of the previous meeting, the Browning and Jane Browning, ""

SoutenS rnAd ALAh not of enuehie reteo p r aot Maeor u e Iron building at the corner Ti mp Ci o sbol aching cold, btin nt
htow in either are ofwe in harmony w ith r tw adlo the aoorr n ol rao s oe lDol ftoa puli utylit, I fo

Sto b cal Docra enampment. The Ten Carg e of the city The citizens A re iepetitiond Fr om The special committee appointed to theampa. said countral Peninsular wi
h:- Ita k do party h eouth buord isldrnk onu the will T ampa to No rthern Markets aminer cn ing o the to t h eCounrcil lthe e. 9n thate o eday
to Seein that a nomaton int a Demo- Ths Iut the veritable gardeven spot om f aainst the deing pquent t ax payers of Deember, A. D. 1 e. tl, the sO aee

crate convention r equivalent to elec- t State and the owners of orange recommended that Mr. r hunter be said teran being unclaimed gows, and &bOr te WaBht .-
Bfee hereiu th h money power hai garnered the brove Dropertye are strictly n the m. ranted a where o 0.00.ers are being adopted having been n the posseson of th
oy. r v ro adIous it would rsetem so. er ,et for cash tRto the highest ani
5 WS-'. r. MKnley well knos gtht o new government Will devote its atten- and asking that a Part of said wat et b bidder, all the followLn gE U3 d

S.. 1r I negro supremacy should obtai, n, the ion, to straining recklessanet ao th r t nng e sthe wtwas re- ltS pieces, par. cels on- tracts o
MSmA' -o the whites, as well o as keeping down fer-ed to street committee pwith power land. situate, iyng and being Ion th OR 16 8
"e a a eart wouth become uninha bitable for county of HNatisord ,klu and State o
Stfe pa ottaelo even f somde of our best and tee section were shipped over the groes. C. at. epor a and described as followsMPAN, toc

; !_iF- "+n, -.". .....Bn. "IIcin." nm bet tathfltl servants are relegated &p Rairoad to northern and eastern Chief Hais eth ed that tPe an d oay, AuOHtNDI, rn orAgeofc to -. O 'I .^
fth tmbn whi-epeop men are nrointed, and growen are reading handsome prices city 125 t or te damage done the ces ity The south thirty-e fee of lo. R
Neth.* Ameria *.-eturns by and finsalctaledly, to very Important ts year. They get two dollar per all y the recent re The propo- tO, cof FNAL blockn tei ans te

^^^H st triaM lter 8 and Coma. oteae whose only qua~fllatten to a so- box (or the treit on the trees, and get alton was grantedT
t'o.. Ict He. i tbty to then e ee o thre powers th caat h before the oranges are The mtty attorney wa. iRrtructed to lt ontas after the lndat e here I
oit Is w hi e o o, ensadgany mishaps or r t f i met, asking that a hack salary- ofmile fat b twev
W^abUr a-gaisi ot last night ft dt to reognize th e aif together being a paptrel of land, begin'
16-&W.e niae theSintate, ticket in services of the colored voter. Very The undersigned, upon whom has three months be ppaid him. It ws re- ning at the southwest corn-nr of said

H d so e and on et or po led of the alctons A the R great reAN nsOT BE CURED to erect ulkthe n contormance with ceaeed an d fire chief block and running north seventy feet
M"t .llaot.ait ht, wle aret no o Il to a vuce s tlt the action of his fellow as ethoy cannot te h purves made by the War De- men as or a boundary of salt
HUieJ=rLt.~ voters euallyas faithfulasthei pie of this city that all the 100 i i the city to lease to him a strip thence westerly to point of commence- .
c-a W the 1hib l brothers of the South? Yet haw many which lod is Inet-ed gold be hrnited to Lafayette seee at the southwest in- ment according ta the general map or -. U
D. C.; Nov 1L ha ho preserve order and poeac in thsis CO- t tn-section of Ashley. It was laid o Tampa of te8l, tegetheel pi.b all and '

of timlb M iletat tho etere? Why douties he not recog. ndt ity, and that oe amply e l- the tate in do r singular Athe tenements, hNBIBBER
"19W COn I ,.6 M I tNG O statement to- lse fi thferul sre hreeiCtede l t lod to otn Pdteasternd A reitionwas ed from srerthe Ilon i n ay ie apI heretni ne
n1' sih'sass a Republicn Majority and Cincinnati? He knows such At Petins w ereea fo Drpeth l" or In ane fprtaining..
o etedrewoul looem to the Repub-l 'All tell disposed petronsons a ear- owners on Case street between Frank- CARLtOS TEVENS.
Yolcanrte Stalt eo se to Ohio. NRegr neatly requested to co-arnperate wtb th4 lie and Florida avenue, and from Prop- P. 0. KNIGHT. aster in Chancery.
supremacy would not be endured in the muniripal authorities In every o .wa. e.ty owners on Central avenue asking
11 ith T10h106 North- neither cnO It b maintatine in possible to secure reform and the per- that those thoroughfares be paved With Cou
CotP, Nov. 16.-4Charles I thsesoutua except by a very lan-ge stand- -manent establishment of geed eviven- vitrified brick. It was referred to the
M-yaf..r1k1ort asgirointI eleo- lug ar1my. The southern peopl meant. The law wlIo he rigidly en- councilmen from the Fist and Second Notice Is hereby given that on Mion
by w whatdt I for t"Mhe b eet kn et dlt e and impartially administered wards. day the hist day af November. 1, the
Ans long ai. the present inodus isoer- Muon, porrugathed tnon buildig Bat the rner Peninsular Ralroad Company, in the g1. b ..

51 aa t sc-al the oi., watchwmr t ne t n lbut l order to cure it, you must take in- building formerly used by I. S. Glddens -TORY T *a'-,
tsrnal remedres Italls catarn-h r Co.. at the foot ofCusnatt r-
em ras the 5ot Deerats on guard be superseded taby 1is taken Internally, and acts directly on & Co., at the foot of Jackson street
OpwtlV S Ital ap- 'PFt none but good mn on wad." the blood and mucous surface. r M a's to be removed from the street. l astsgs
l'e-'J 0 and the Democratic Party will be the Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine. The city attorney was Instructed ti s l n < ',1I
tes andsIt was prescribed by one of the best communicate with the F. C. & P. Rail-
h physhs t th country for yei:ars, of, th S'unn
an 1 l ph B Rians is a regular prescription. It leas road officials in regard to the dispos- g...

usilhi ll composed of the bes toores known, Uon they Intend to make of the foot __ A lgg cm
***Bi^10,.i&U-jifl' combined with the best blood purifiers, of Waiting street, as they had previous- se - 3 S'BL ATLH -
S acting drectiy on the muons s u,_ Ibeen granted the privilege of using IroTad for Colo y- i hly i.t _
a a ed iigredients is what produces such won- said street. Wo iscfheesm c tsem bi evn -al
ti0 a neded T21 fb' t Nalvs Ia the world for outs derful results in curing Catarrh. Send The petition of the property owners Pmia-ly cured. Soproof-positive m I .'W
,u-case be o Insi cers. salt rheam, fev for testimonials. ee. on Water street asking that said street of powr tt I 4 my diLy t STUh
*b 961^ Xlt4ttW' a^pZe hf elbsE&CO.Po.,Tldold by druggists."Price T&- d' be paved with vitrified briok with a a o Am s clto thdoossf-r= W ..
"and1 Os, and lknd. of eruptions Hall's PamlUy Pillts are the best. rook foundation, was referred to HEngrm Cowui On- rAA^-0
ol-id s s ot vdy cum -Uesl ., or no pa never Hazlehurst to ascertain from IM TrouS if they w tit rle mm tiuk
.Ptl 3ta a 5eM It is guaranteed to air WUARION 59 DEVOID OF BITTER him, what was best to be done In the LSALOCp0.09M4 dn-Lm.L Baret.M
11t a 0p et M al l titon or o refunded TA T m matter. 0 7 5 mse ad oSfa m &s 0
HIfS11a Nihiar M, M oenet. per bos. orale by 8 Cures Chills and Fever acts on the liver The salary ordinance was placed upon .K. OLLIANT
and regulates the system generally. All Its second reading, read by tie, un m-
oI I +i il h1.: +:+_ber and passed, with a slight am.end- .... -,-',
meffm.-"' ...... *--- D r sts ment, allowing the tax collector a mC A 3t tt S
SThe neobtle Steamship Company has commission of one per cent Instead of UI "-
chartered another steamer, and the a salry. a rn "u
schooner John Stellman, that will be The sidewalk ordinance as read at A IMQ
added to their Mobile line. last meeting was passed; and the mar- .. RT ATOR A'
w~ALARION IS ENDORSED BY BEST ha was instructed to nye tot all prop-W.
PHYSICIANS. erty owners where there are defective Su ccessor to Win. Barrnit I - -
S- sidewalks, to repair same at once..
and guaranteed to cure Chills. Fever Dr. N. B. Rhodes veterinary surgeon FrPr Milk W j.
BtfADP- M L ad Asue. All druggist or from for the city, was retained for another Pur e. Fa -Ml
UATOR Momlt-West Dru"m Ca., St. Louis. term of twelve months.
1 M aa i IDelmonlo here, Delmonina there, A resolution was passed ordering the OBee f
ono biscuits that wii flat on rock being removed from Seventh ave- Wagons make regularcll ofCou~ oalShs
.r there In a place in Tampa thnt the ue, Placed upon Maryld avenue and o all partea' llso :oisy, e8 m w f-
o tht are oher than boot e ity clerk was instructed to com- twice a day.
Detmouon Rstaurant. 19 Lafaette, munbnte with the Conumnerla Comn-
Sme~t. Open all nisht. tf panys-lu regard to its contract for lgiat-
g stALARt. WIpen A allaltAttIO ing the city, and ascertain from it ftt ll Seve -
S r AI N WITrr WAY AHION wether they were able to carry out
1ABLLETS the o tr.ct or no.t

-,gq or moey refunded, S ase m s.A All Of 19 p1i Yd, after which Oe Wl .
: --D. 9 .... a urne.. pT.. ated. . . -. ,

S N. Tb Whom Issued. For What Purpose.
8 Vlamcente Alvares Merchant
31 Lois Herrera Restaurant
184 nW. H. Brown %Merchant
at Lewis Moses Liquor Dealers
169 K. C. Valdes Merchant
187 E. A. Montejo Merchant
in the 1i 'W. F. Halloman Restaurant
M09 J. Palmer Druggst
e 190 Castro Fernandes & Co.Clgar 3'act.
91 C. F. Gibson Merchant
199 W. W. Leak Merchant
193 A. Zoldevar Merchant
194 Gabriel Correa iMerchant
State. Co. 19rFrancisco Valaaco Merchant
3750 18 T 1 94 Aqufllna Lanz Restaurant
S 1 0 197 J. 'H. Giddens Dentist
3 160 198 M. Noah Merchant
3 160 199 Cabello Gonaales Merchant
3 160 200 Jose E. Reyes Merchant
5 250 01 A. S. Richards Merchant
5 160 203 Geo. W. Kennedy Dentist
S 150 203 Tampa Cigar Co. Cigar Factory
10 S 304 A. B Ballard & Co. Cigar Factory
S 1 50 3o R. P. Stewart Merchant
3 150 9w Sonto Gllo WMerenant
3 150 307 J. W. Smiht Merchant
3 150 20 Ramunda Vallaverdo Restaurant
3 1 0 209 John R. Moore iMerchant
3 150 210 Anna L. WUson Merchant
1 60 a1 W. R. Robbins Merchant
50 75 32 Lt. Petersburg E L. P. Co. E. L,etc.
3 160 213 D. C. Rolf Mercnant
150 214 WinL Larkins Merchant
10 5 6 15 Strickland Bros. Merchants
600 160 i J. Bronson Restaurant
S 3 317 John Browning ,Merchant
260 6 PFaul & Mathers Merchants
6 160 219 Faul & (Mathers Merchants
6 320 20 Pitisca Merchant
S 70 21 J. 0. Donough Dentist
2 10 N 3 N. E. Fogg & Co. Merchants
o 223 J. W. Osteen Merchant
Ua 160 m4 F. F. Delgado IMerchant
3 130 I Enrique Eteves Merchants
s 750 3M Tampa Grocery Co. ,Merchants
is 760 = J. T. Burtch Merchant
W60 9i 23 Manuel Chavez Cigar Factory
SO =0 S2 R&mon G. %ocorro Merchant
n 2.i 6 30 Gulf Oil Company. iMerchans
1 3 60 M Wmin. *Heath Merchant
160 32 G. F. Fernald Merchant
S 560 233 M Grs. IN. Fernald Merchant
26 0 34 J. L. BIE ar Druggist
2 130 23 D. J. [Murphy Merchant
S 9O S35 Joseph 'McCarroll Merchant
3 6 12 237 C. D. Webster Druggist
M 1S 28 L. L. & Globe Ins. Co. Insurance
3 239 Thomas Richardson Merchant
t0 340 C. MLunson Merchant
6 50 260 241 H. -R. Lightfoot Merchant
10 342 G. A. Nichols Merchant
3 160 243 E. E. West Merchant
2 3 244 Arnocello Argielles Merchant
S 150 245 H. IM. CIayton & Co. Merchant
3 1 60 24 Kee 'hung Merchant
1 60 241 G. A.. Bramly Restaurant
1 60 258 S. E. Mays Merchant
1560 246 C. Sparicino & Co. Liquor Dealers
3 150 250 R. 8. Partlau Merchant
3 150' 3I Tampa R. E. & L AsLn. Real Estate
3 160 2523 Babbitt & .o. Merchants
3 1 50 263 Rafael Delgado Merchant
6 234 G. Moreno de la Torre Druggist
3 160 25 C. S. Harris & Co. Merchant
15 750 256 P. 0. Stanaland Merchant
31 1050 2970 F. Gllo Merchant
3 1 50 258 J. A. Rankin Real Estate
60O 260 269 Chas. Pinkert %MerchanL
3 160 260 W. P. McLeod Merchant
26 12 50 61 Palestine Ins. Co. Insurance
S 1 60 262 Phoenix Ins Co. Insurance
3 160 36d Lancashire Ins. Co. Insurance
3 150 364 G. Scaglone Cigar Factory
6 60 265 London & L. Ins. Co. Insurance
3 150 264 N. B. & M. Ins. Co. Insurance
3 1 50 27 Commercla U. Ins. Co. Insurance
16 750 a68 3. U. & N. Ins. Co. Insurance
3 150 2Ins. Co. of A Insurance
a 159 270 Delaware Ins. Co. Insurance
9 460 271 Pennsylvania Ins. Co. Insurance
S 150 273 City Bakery Merchant
3 150 273 Fireman's Fund Ins. Co. Insurance
3 1 50 274 Glenn Falls Ins. Co. Insurance
3 150 27 Ybor City Pharmacy Druggists
3 1 50 276 British Am. Ins. Co. Insurance
3 1 50 277 1Western Ins. Co. Insurance
S 150 278 'Nicaragua Ins. Co. Insurance
3 150 1 2J Southern Ins. Co. Insurance
3 150 280 Queen Ins. Co. Insurance
3 150 281 Phila. Underwriters Insurance
6 260 281 Eng. Am'. Underwrters Insurance
10 5 283 Victor Herbert Cigar Factory
S 0284 A. C. Crenshaw Merchant
S 150 285 Harvell Wyune Merchant
3 160 286 Sou. Loan & Jewelry Co. Merchants
3 0 287 Van ...eckle & Gellespie Merchants
0 6 w0 288 rW. F. iMeree Hotel
3 150 t 89 J. A. Walker Merchant
3 15 290 flnalago Norcga Merchant
3 150 291. A. Phillps Merchant
S a 2392 H. C. Macfarlane Lawyer
3 160 293 J. B. Lowe Merchant
6 25 294 B. T. Cowart Dentist
10 19a M5. Dick Merchant
S 1 296 Jose Y. Valdes IMerchant
S 0 297 lnd. Ins. & Banking Co. Insurance
199 398 G. S. Petty Merchant
S 30 299. RL Huroposo Cigar Factory
9 i 0 310 Antonio Alvares Merchant
901 Tarpon S. Livery Stable L Stable
1 50 5a Tarpon S. Liv. Stable Co. Merchants
$ s1 303 C. W. Perkins Merchant
6 190 304 Clark Brothers Merchants
150 1 ul IDieas Merchant
40 0 304 'H. T. Vatterlin Merchant
S 110 307 Anglo A.m'. Drug Co. Druggists
3 1 60 908 Ratael Brews Merchant
7 60 16 9 39 A. Towell Restaurant
3 1 M s1 A. T. Swanberg Merchant
160 31 Tibbett Bros. Merchants
1l6 12 T bbett Bros. Merchants
S19 213 L. ID. Armwood Merchant
S 160 14l P. Shurnway inerohant
194 313 Joee Perong Merchant
1 50 316 E. B. Trask Merchant
S 1 50 317 Farmer's Allance Ex. Merchants
i 318 Miss Sule Johnson Merchant
S 1 690 19 Tampa Water Works Co. Water W.
1 60 3i J. C. Parry Merchant
360 321 L A. Gold Restaurant
29 322 J. G. Bradshaw Druggist
24 323 Pu-ner &t Hallowell merchants
2 324 M"anuel Varan Merchant

69 6 386 J. Winter Merchant
33 6 Alberto Lufln Iterchant
t37 Gonzales Mora & Co. Cigar Factory
A 3 33 Juan Lava Merchant
2 U 1 .0 39. 'Del Monte Merchant
10 5 30 R. Mugge Liquor Dealer
2W 5 31 L. Culver Merchant
280 333 W. F. Rice Merchant
2 6 33 J. C. Carver Merchant
23 334 G. A. Hanson Lawyer
2 50=WtM. C. Bird Merchant
20 336 W. B. Newkirk 'Merchant
20M 337 Cash Grocery Co. iMerchants
3 50 3 A. Howell Merchant
216 33 N. N. .Armlngton Druggist
218 0 ,L. Y. Jenness Real Estate
I 6 341 B. GIlermo Merchant
S 1 342 Dr. Isidore Creci Druggiet
3 15 3435 Morena Merchaut
3 1t 44 E. Carrawdl Reslaurant
3 I46 John Corbera Cigar Factory
a IS O W. -W. Cassidy Livery Stable
3 I 347 L Salgado Merchant
a 124 K. S. Hnrst Merchant
50 8 WC EL Bali Merchant
S 1I0 1O Orange Lake Cash Store Merchant
S 3 331 Isidore Kaunts Merchant
a 143 3 Isidore Kauntz -Merchant

a IS 364 C. W. Cullen Merchant
S 36 P. Scocozza Merchant
1 3S0 6 HMrs. D. 'M. .Blue Merchant
9 230 367 Plant City Supply Co. Merchants
1 9o B8 Dr. G. H. Altree Druggist
1 150 0. A. tA. rlcklan erchant
19 29M R (3. .Fowler Merchant
3 1 4 A. a. Wheelock Hotel
1 0I 30L L R3. de Armna Restaurant
I 15 M IR. L. Turner Merchant
2m M364 Crowell.-avarese Co. Merchants
a 1S0 3 Robert Mugge Liqur Dealer
9 4 I20 J. W. Matcbell, Jr. Drugglt
aL m5 39W.LH. rrle Merchant
3 g x W. Powell Retaurant
W Caras & Urabaen PL Table (Pub.)
M at Jose Pulua Pool Table (Private)
S 1 M, I I. ,Zemons Merehant
S- 9 = iJ. P. Aadre LLq Dealer
S II B.L CDeennott DrugI st
3- s lim arrysareta Kerehant
-y- WP5r St ZSa t Co:. -erchant

.. +- --- : = ...'." ......S' ^f "

From When. To When. Btate. 1Co. Tbo 'Wb i& af ir& A
Oct. 1,1897 OctL. 1. W 3 160 3t G. 1W. mlts-Im la y Se4|^
.. .. .. ...... 2M It D. -bo MR
.... 16 IS John F. Bimanton artusnt
.. ...... 00 0 39 E. stanor MWeeht
S150 ......A. Hernades M chnt
3 160 3 1 I Steinberg DVe. ,*
5 ......0 S H. Steinberg Mera ant
.... 10 383 Louis Fine Merchant
S 3 284 0. B.Halnee Merehabt
3 160 36 0. Keen MerchaMt
3 i0 396 T.Fisaher Mtrchsat"
3. 0 3 Caios ,Foro Merchant
3 150 308 Ramon Tapla Merchant
.. .. 150 39 J. Roeenthal Merchant
6 260 290 0. W. Terry Merchant
10 1 bl5 Terry Bros. Merchants
3 ...... 10 39 Paul Buto Merhant
3.. .. .. 15 3 93 P9w Butsloff Merchant-
...... 150 94 a Telephone & TeL Co. Telephone
3.. 165 396 LoI PitLcdl Merchant
...... 10 6 3 W. A Benjamin Son Merchant
...... ...... 1 SN. Wooldridge Droigst
13... 50 398 P. W. Knapp Merbcant
...... 399 Morris Cracowaner Merchant
3 150 400 Morris Cracowaner Merchant
3 150 401 Nalvidad del Sol Merchant
250 403 Martin del Rio Merchant
9 405 403 Arnavat & Co. Restaurant
3 160 404 F. Cerito & Co. Restaurant
3 160 409 A. Campos Restaurant.
10 s6 4 Francisco (utlerres Merchant
S...... .... 160 4Aatonio Norlego Merchant
3 150 4. T. MX sh & Co. Merchant
3 160 409 T. 3L Buh Co. M3 chbane
...... ...... 6 410 T. I. Bu mSt Co. Merhbans
160 411 A.. F. Hunter Merchant
.. .. 150 4 2R. F. Nunes Meremhaat
.... .. 150 413 'Daniel 'Morris Merchant
3 1 50 414aM. .L Dias Druist
10 5 41 Robert Mugge Liquor DOeaw
3 150 416 Goldberg Merchant
.. 3 417 A. Solomon Merchant
S15.... ...... 0 418 Muel Rodrifues Merchant
3 150 419 M. Brltswtts Merchant
...... ...... 3 40 Felicia Nortega Merchant
S. ... 760 421F. J. Kimble Merchant
...... 1250 42 Geo. Reese Restaarant
3 190 43 30. 0. Sexton Lawyer
3 110 424 JE. P. Busser Merhant
.... ...... 160 45 Jose Wintry Restaurant
3 160 428 Vinvens MEatroano Merchant
3 160 427 a Mayor -Merchant
3 150 425 Pedro Sooto Merchant
.... .". ..... 8 150 429 Artrello Pertm Merchant
3 150 430 Jones & Keller IMerchants
3 150 4O1 0. Ramney Merchant
.... ...... 260 433 Patrick Hernandes Mmerchant
S 160 433 Morton & Co Druggists
.. .. 160 434 H. N. Roberts Dentist
3 160 435 E. D. Hobbs Merchant
3 150 43A. Peroy & Bros. Merchants
3.... ...... 10 437 Marco. Mesa. Restaurant
.... .... 15 438 P. F. Palencio Restaurant
...... 160 439 3. Rabonvlc & Co. Merchants
.... 150 4C crlos IWolina 'Merchant
.... ...... 60 441 Iselado Regera Restaurant
3 160 449Jose Fortune Merchant.
600 350 443 L P. Annspaugh Merchant
3 150 444 Wells & Son Merchants
.... 1 5 446 Antonio Menendes Merchant
.... .. ..0 446 J. Martlne Cigar Factory
3 150 447 Guieeppe Caruso Merchant
3 1 S 448 La Fee Y & Co 'Merchants
.... .. ... 449 Megtrel Garrdia Restaurant,
.. ...... 3 1 50 460 G. W. Anderson' Livery Stable
3 1 50 401 F. J. Clemone Merchant
10 5 452 Lee Deekle Merchant
.. .... .. 3 160 453 George Garche Restaurant
3 150 464 C. Sparacino Merchant
.. .. .. .. 50 455 Jose Bustamento 'Merchant
...... ...... 454 P. Curbalo Restaurant
.... ...... 50 457 Paulina Gutierres Restaurant
.... .. ...... 1 50 45 Manuel Valder 'Febles Merchant
2 50 459 Cuacaden & BSfford Cigar Factory
.. .. .. .. .. .. 250 460 Erneso Guelles Restaurant
2 5) 461 Alfonso L J a Merchant
.... 50 462 Lino Pride. Restaurant
.... 583 Manuel Rodriguez ,Merchant
.. .. .2 50 464 J. D. Clarke LMerchant
.... 50 4 H. W. Smith Restaurant
.... ...... 3 150 466 A- 'L. Thayer & Don Mkerchant
.. .... ..... 50 467 AJfomo Merchant.
.. ...... 2 50 468 C. IL. Knolwes Merchant
...... 3 150 469 Anno Ortes & Co. Cigar Factory
z 50 470 Striokland & Burts Merchants
.. ...... 2 50 471 errlwether iMerchant
S.... ...... 47 R. Busksbaum IMerchant
2 5) 473 B. Brown Merchant
.. ...... 474 W. A. Varty deMrchant
.... ...... 50 Maarlane & Glenn Merchants
...... 250 47 A. ampson Merchant
.. .. .. 125 63 471 A. ellar Merchant-
.... 150 478 Geo .Aleck ,Merchant
j 1-50 479 Caldwell & Lowe Merchants
9 450 480 Francisco tAhoda Clear Factory
160 431 J. D. l3lv-a j Merchant
10 5 482 Robert Thomas Real Estate "
3 1 50 48' Jnc. 0. Douglas 'Merchant
3 150 44* Yuocente GaAsales Merchant
3 150 483 Caesar Mantalvan Merchant
10 5 45," Lester & Shore QMerchants
3 160 497 J. IBlanco & Co. Merchants
10 i 48 Francisco Kmores Merchant
3 10 49 C. J. Alien Merchant
S3 150 490 C. J. Allen Merchant
S50 491 J. B. Parker Merchant
. 3 150 43 Cregh-Sadnecks & Co. Merchants.
6. 50 26 493 Reeoid Wasserman (Merchant
... ..... 8 160 494 Cayetauo Antonio Merchant
.. 1 0 5 496 S. J. Drawdy Merchant
3. 150 40i EoJsl Batano Mencant
.. 1" 0 497 Central Pharmacy Drugist
3 150 498 A. Norwood Merchant
.. .... . 15u 43 Beneto Cervantee Restaurant
3 16 5604 8. L. Pemberton Merchant
9... 501 G. I. xoucsu Merchant
9 0 503 G. I. Loucks Merchans
..6. 23 6050 Alsmerla Hotel, Hotel
...9..... I 504 M. Essrig Merchant
50 60; Moore & Crandall Auctioneers
...... 1 950 506 Mrs. O.. Materson tMerchant
.... 3 1 07 o 'Weedon Druig Co. Druggsts
.... ..... 3 5 506 C. W. Kennon & Co. Merchant
6.. 150 0Wah Slng Merchant
t.... 0 510 H.G. Warner Merchant
"9 "" 3 * *5 611 M.r. Americo de La Oya Merchant
6. 1, B. Li MeMnlen Merchant
--*^ 3 1 5613 J. 13. Zayas Merchant
'100 30 914 Dominico Zaocarrotto Merchant
""-3. .... ** 150 515 J. W. Roberts & Co Merchants
..1.. ... 530 Sl Manuel Quesand Merchant

.... .. 1 i 517 Juan Perdona Mrchant
3 150 51S Manuel Osta Merchant
3 150 519 Tbor City 3Brewing Co. Brewery
6 150 520 R. C. Stuart Merchant
3. 1 50 521 H. D. Stewart Merchant
10 5 522 W. E. Shofln Restaurant
.. ...... 3 150 '523 Tampa Bay Hotel Co. Hotel
3 150 634 Tamp B. Hotel Co. Liquor Dealers
...... 500 3 53 Tampa B. Hotel Co. Billiard Tables
.. 150 56m .'.Tampa B. Hotel O. Bowllng Alley
3 160 ET Tampa Shoe Store Merchant
6 8 528 Lee Ferris Merchant
10 5 529 E. Castllo Merchnt
.. .. 150 50 H. B. Wardshoff Mercnt
S .... 4 31 A. T'. Morrison Merchant
3 150 632 New York Cycle Co. Merchant
3 150 53 : .. A. Wood Restaurant
.3 50 534 J. A. Turner Anstloheer
10 65 W. B. Gray Merchant
3 150 534 Simmons Merchant
3 .. 10 537 Hendry & Knight Real Estate
.... 150 508 Gunn & Secklnger Merchant
16 750 539 H. Giddens & Co. Merchant
...... 60 126 540 Hanoker Co. Merchant
50 541 S. Loan & Jewlry. Co. P. Brokers
. .. .. 1 50 543 R.. ugae Electric L. Plant
3.. 1 50 643 R. ugge Merchant
..1 ...... 1 6 544 C. Fld Mechant
.. 1 50 9 C. F. eleld 'Merchant
3 150 544 FUwie t & Bryan M3erchants
9 460 647 PhIllips & Fuller Merchants
5 ....0 548..Noronao Merchant
6 .... 3 549 Win. Viokers Restaurant .
.... .... 3 150 560 Est. of W. B. Alderman Mebhant
3 150 551 C. E. Woodruff Merchant
9 450 6522 W. A. Herrera W(Merchant
3 150 553 B. Nease erchalt
0 .. .... S 54 Fitzgerald & Co. Cigar Factory
3 160 65 ward PIMra Merchant
.... .. 1) 5 R. Wngge lque'e Dealer
6 230 567 Mrs. E ,velna Beasley Retaurant
3 150 568 Wmn. A. Morrison aferwhant
130 t69 T. iHrnems Waem Co. Merchant
...... .... 60 pole (not luaed

S 3 260 56 .1gb S tehens
S1250 5s G-. ML, er."t
I1 5 6 Tbee Br H ,sa.
a 1;0 -so C. C. W ^. WM

:: -:: :: ^ -: -

.. .. ... :; 9.
Nov. 3 4 . ,4

..: ;: :, --
:: :: :: r::: j ;

'. '.- .. ". . -

.. . . ... .. I "

.. .... ....... 6: .

.. .. .. 6

.. .. .. .. .. so b

.. .. .. ,o ,

. .. .. ..

Nov .. .. ... .. ,
S .. .. .. ..O'
. . .. . .

.. .. .. .-" .. .. .I PI

.. .. .. .. '.. . 6 .-

S.'. .. .. .. .. s .-

. .. . .. 2

.. .. .. i-,16

.. .. .. .. ... S .
s s 11 0

.. o o 3
~ a
r r 3

r r 4

r -J 3.'

r 9

ec. L1 97 .. .. .. 417

Dec. .. ....
(.. .. .. .. .. .. 1.
Oct. L .. .. .. ..

Dect. ., .. .. .. I

Dec. 1 1897 Oct. 1. ,18s 25
Oct .... .

.. .. ., .. .. .. 1g
Dec .... .. .. .

Oc..t.. .L . ..


.. .. .. .. .

; :1


Continued From Fourth Page.


^ ij
W^^O,.JntiLte. lb Penin.-

Z 4 Zak*-
plI. Anew-.

-'TrtS b7V.t- -lA Spanishw Pece
;bCoassrbtea ht dahrrod joint meeting
ntaPl. .Wednedasi This was done, it
lON s4O e m- ethe strength of advices
asadr s a fnsrm^ia There I thought
hue-mburokmmch ear.e attached to this
dlamr, It a1s5 regrded as Iiamttg
thstgpiasis ooa aloedanrs are pro
i-vpj tr a.lB sIstand In thesa aa-
atbit i m ha bea dfiatltely stated
: A hg wiffl awt San auy treat ot
"M5 a 6wai A m A to pai no oas e
c2LL aZ Ihblla e warn. tha am
safr -bl B dlor ftd"ated by the
* i-iiinliissi f llr 11 111 oiit ni *
ft e. h11 e ad ay still insist,
h-bw s6ss_! reserves her Ph5i-
J-1P sspar-|aly froc dlsuelaion or
j;.~ltt- the U- tsd Stas in a
V^ ffli. the
ktil Iasoaoer ed..31relgn affaIrs.
''mf-j4N0 bay, t"sae Uite tate
*ft wrt ( ftate. datOm (Mad-
ItsxU o4 4oist It Is by this metthod
1 Speha prem asiy aoeepted -the
*sanrmawe whichI at Spain's request
imieasmat sort by Presidfet bM3en-
svlw iU Sewestary ZDIay wada Oats
O &lc 1e *ap d by theu rsponsa of date
*irfat m iad t Is by this message
S Meowti Almaodovar doio and by the
NioM Bacetarr ODay that SpaLn
asem" to prews to t United Sates
CeodmIon, Stad to the tr-
M isA Xittol, that Spain's sever-
nigadO vew t he PhIppine Islands was
evrrd fraS any discussion here, and
without protest bF the Unied States.
White the, vitls pets.ot both of these
isteoro ppers were tolly treated in
OtheM& dhipatchM on the day of th- last
JoIbt ismlan, tiese communications are
Ahei ast Orth In tail ad In chronol


I kea.borhood GosWlp
..-*ar iZdy Sated.

OCftlrya. Nov. K-ats. CpSt.
g fli t maingh n arrived in Plant
s eday night last. Captain
wt e te here also in a few days
is bwinteu,
41k,- W. spear. pboograpber, is
jii~U&ICjMW to naeke typin s ocord-
taiBiCs-the Suiest z d monst teproved

Ag~ y man visting in the Keys-

090 c ai6l0ata of Suny-
l~l ,is~eaWd age .4y t Feodrl'

OsI~th eIt~a e on. OYr. 0. B.

W*jo~sel homefr Ioa thiopdM
c ilasofSyeeolr; i ts. F~leaure

m Ia (t1 Tactk arn

s9tsm *t mm>> Iowat aad
S ^ iS'^hewsaraclato choice
:O~e Sa as.ad atetr, at the
l~an~egot Os. late war
~ Manrers-j the~

o ~ earl'tar Wani~ and

th WiM~~WeaL
5a~thse~estt dn Frtdhg
~.tl~bt` Mrs. C. VC.

hewedShwlnf ai;L jde

ri oed In

N. To Whom Issued. For What Purpose.
Ses Pierce & Albury Merchant
388 8 ,W. Allen Dentist
670 L. D. Green Merchant
571 0. Faulk4 & Bro, ,Merchant
57 Bailey & Son Merchants
573 Joe Andrew (Merchant
574 L. H. Parrish Merchant
679 Nicholas Rofo Merchant
676 M F. cAyala Cigar Factory
577 EL F. Pla & Co. 'Merchant
80 068 Q. Dias Druggist
o579 G. E. Lewis Merchant
o 580 Trujillo & Bereurelis Cigar Factory
OF r Myg I Rf S %I Nelson Mlt eynolds Lawyer
i l 583 Tampa Bay Hotel Co. Theatre
Jam"s&s9 onl o oginalty d a8 C. 'W. Stewart Merchant
aIsillU 7 0f tf"leObi atio-, but also 584 M. P. Fernandez Restaurant
btb-lh and skil with which It ia 505 R. ugsse Liquor Dealer
-+ f aaeed f 4jJtlJU roOes d Sanches & Haga Cigar Factory
*-. teO )lJlrtee C Pi 8n^' 587 R ., L llibritde Merchant
__ 04?"o-R 7to 8 906 Lowe 4& WUllams Merchants
S Wish t taBpre npon 5U9 Lucas Bros, & Co. Merchants
c =W_ of pe-b anff the 600 Juan Martorell Merchant
lt and orgIl4 m b i"edbo. 4A t 691 J. Mloya Restaurant
r Imno4 rsp oflaogsmnan 2 892 Susan Johnson Restaurant
0 Mh CaX A l 6cP O8 6931 J. '. Bennett Merchant
594 Tbor City Loan Office P. Broker
2.a towiedg* ol that act wl 9M ffend Merchant
a. Wao tlu -e the woUthM O6 J. WF. Higginbotham Merchant
I lslrt ssiste6,.i.siu by othrpar. 97 G. C. Gleason Merchant
8s6 ThIsjh stanlin o tg CAf 041 9W Antonio Lodato Merchant
I t r Ca witht th e 599 tAntonlo Hernandez Cigar Factory
t 0O The Wallace Great Shows Circus
;pf cad tc si 1sis 01 Robert Mugge Lquor Dealer
IMA th< 09uioe 1PlI0o PigP bs s 0 Oriental Restaurant Restaurant
1m to 1 o0Wc o fa amillea, maim 900W .W. Coleman Hotel
c u d a o th CtompBy a -m--t- 884 Chas. J. Castlilo Cigar Maker
of t3r ss-Tfl ts. e s.. 86 N. Anderson Merchant
s ON J. P. Moore Restaurant
Ia sdWe 515 Florida Brewing Co. Liquor ,Dealers
i.1 n th".e l"kQS"s lfrY Sd tWSe P. W4 Anderson UMerchant
bow5s"tS oat illaol or, weapo 8- W R. F,We. bb Hotel
tog tb~n aol it does not g ripe or a U U16 ms Galrt & Co. Cigar Factory
m sato In rdesrtog tit.s u 611 Frank Co. Merchant
4ffmLm- U-2- *ie urn. a 811 Thtoor C7 ty PradlcaCo. .Merchat
t Puan"~ "U'"m U63 2WJacob Rubateln MterchLant
Ioa Cmpany- 814 W : L LHancock, I very Stable
ArLarIrA m, o en 615 IMdguel Galvin CIgar Factory
C M M F%18Y C( AL$ L. A -Forbes Merchant
saN rFAsCtIsO C1. 17 A. Villina Merchant
.IWar .. W eem XLi. 818P Ratael WMena Restauran
S_ 1 r : 619 Gto. L. Thanasaw Liveryi Stable
S20 C. Saracoio & Co. Merchants
Guard your kidneys; the health of the 621 Jose Gerares Merchant
body depends on those snmIl, but Im- 8i Not Issued
ortant organ. They extract uric 1 Vailaml 4& Cotern Liquor Dealers
dd from the blood, whtch if allowed 4 Cbas. !Welssburg Merchant
to MraAin In the system would cause 50 lpe Blak Show
dropsy and Bright's Disease Prickly Garcia Vlet Co. Cigar Factory
Alh Blttere is a successful kidney tonic, 07 C uesta Reg & Co. Cigar Factory
it he6ls and strengthens the kidneys. 2 Angel 'Miguela Merchant
segulates the liver, stimulates the 6029 1uel wIln gar Factory
stomach and dleston. cleans the 0 Juan Torres Merchant
boWeab It anll prevent cr cure Bright's l Beatry Pelleri Restaurant
Disease. told by S. 3B. Leonardi & Co. 6 Joee Alonso Pool Table
D33 Juan La Paus Cigar Factory
The sooner a cough or cold is cured 634 C. s. Chinton tMerclant
without harm to the sufferer the better. y W. RestauraG. Man Dent
lAngertng colds are dangerous. Hack- 37 Florida Mierchantile &o. Merchants
lug cough Is distressing. One MIin- .38 A. Valente Merchant
ute Cough Cure quickly cures it Why 639 F. Kistenneacher Merchant
839 1-2 J. Patterson, Merctant
suffer when such a cough cure is within 640 E.Neve Dentlst
reach? It Is pleasant to the taste. For 641 Sipe & Blake Showt
sale by S. B. Leonardl & Co. 642 J. C. Warshaner & Co. Cig. Factory
64 Villamil & Coteron B. & P. 'ao.
64. Villamill Coteron Redtaurarat
VIADE M E A MAtU J.i Jvead rs Cl
fM lE !1/ '26C M I r 46 C. J. IBowden Liver-y Stab!e
SAJt.^ TAl.TL.5.S POsir.7nvLY CUn 647 Bustillo Bros. & Diaz Cig. Factory
h' .Ar~.i.t..LL N. --- A"lc 648 Maria Cueto Restaurant
V i tAbuolt totUl ..'caw & lad ld 649 El Ohta Co. Cigar Factory
C sesomLrtitTsl .s 3 a.m oss 6 Manuel Ferandez Restaurant
1*iatfrst.i sr r UWai 61 Antonio Dominique Restaurant
.... a Isaswoit O w oasscSd s 612 Aurello Galvan Cigar Factory
meeatn .da2cl CM X" whsrsI? fSe f Is 653 F. Garcia & Bros. Ciga Factory
ai"&-)0 bar So Leiss ? 4 -a$ Ts5tt 654 Santa Falk Merchant
boime.eOOtsseuSM swodli Jtoe 6es -ps 6 055 Ramnon Gonzalez Merchant
SlsSM55.9,s5O O8g,1 6 S K f1 56 NsaHerrera & F. De Castro Merchants
vl { a q tefD 657 WA. tBenetis Cigar Factory.
6CO58 T. 3N. Shackleford Lawyer
S. 659 U B. K. Pettingill Lawyer
b 1d In T'Saia by Morton a Co. drug. 0 P. 0. Knight Lawyer
11 8661 C. C. Whitaker Lawyer
663 Jose Riera Cigar Factory
63 Hugh Brady Livery Stable
04 Perkins tMfg. Co. Cigar Factory
SA i66 W onroe Cryar Co. Cigar Factory
S66 Maranco Rico & Co. Cigar Factory
Sti ny, CpWa *up 67 I. Simpson Merchant
to Balsam of Copib. 668 O'HIAlaran & Co. Cigar Factory
Cubebsorl sections and 660 G. F. Laseter Merchant
CEIN B HOiURS 670 West Tampa rug Co. Merchants
s m- -seas with. C 71 Fla. Brewing Co. ULiquor Dealers
out icoa Wen ce. Mn7 Caras & Uraba-yen liquor Dealers
J7 ri $ 873 Arguelles Lopez & bro. Cigar Fact.
I74 H. A. WIMltiam Hotel
S675 Wm. Little & Co. Merchant
676 Gauri Furil Merchant
PAR 13 7 7 Robert Mugge Liquor Dealer
SHAIR BALSAM 7 W. A. Carter Lawyer
"AL". idsce fi i3Lo2 87" W. S. Graham Lawyer
.a n rg W 9o 0 Leon Hale & Co. Druggists
91wi r tv lr t Os 81 A. HE. Vivian Livery Stable
UHP-- S o ... < I Ouerra Dlaz & Co. Cigar Factory
r '.,, l "l 61Geo- T. Marshall Livery Staile
*-5 0' 66,4 LeslU e Brown Livery Stable
Tft 1I tKcMathe & I!rracnley Merchant
Tr 6" 1 *" 7 Spoiled (not Issued)
"A powder to e shaken Into the shoes. 6 W. U. Scranton Hotel
AU this gesefn your feet teel swollen, 69 L. H. Ravey Motel
nervous and damp. If you havew mart- M0 J C. White Lawyer
lag fat or tight shoes, try Alleh's Poot- 0 5I. Perez 4 Co. Cigar IFactory
It warms the feet and makes 60 A. U. Potter Merchant
walking easy. Curs swollen and 313 Bellevlewg 4otel Hotel
sweating feet, blisters and callous 94 IBelevew 'Hotel BMU. & Pool Tables
spot Relieves corns and bunions of w Bale Jones Restaurant
ah pain and i. a certain cure tor Chil- a9 Erilque Clnero Cigar Factory
ballins and Frr t iMte. 'ry It to-dys. 97Padron Hernaodes Pool Table
Sold by all druggists and shoe stores 696 M8. Grant Merchant
lr Be ~la package tree. Address ses C. W. Chapin C. H I & 4t. B. B. Co.
AlIaS 8. Ohisted. La Roy, N. T. 700 Robt. Lnsey Restaurant
7081 E V. V Vila Merchant
SNAK _ITO_ SHva O'j Sr 701 W. H. Bames Restaurant
7 W. 1W. i Hunter Lawyer
"--- 7(M G. L. La.rrtmore Lawyer
Almel's Foot-.ase. a powder for the 786 A. TaM alesi 4 Co. Merchant
feet. It iPOn ful. two3lle. mart- 708 A. haanas o. Cig-r Factory
in. nervour teet and instantly takes 9W J. 38 C. Toumans Merchant
t09 t5i out Of corns and bunions It's 706 C. T. Miller Merchant
th retst omfort discovery 7 the 70 ranch McCall Livery Stable
a"e Aletn's Foot-Base ni les tIght 71 NM ToIrUiE Hotel
or new ho feel easy. It is a cer- 7 1905 8B. Annspatlsh Hotel
tia cure for Chilblans, sweating. cal 5- Theo Grippe. Livery Stable

lons. third, aching feet. Try It to-day. 1a S.- JU aenooja Drug store
id.g_all druggsts and shoe ors, 714 0. S. Parr Lawyer
Scenmt Trial package tree. Address 715 0. -,H. trust Merchant
Alm & Olestsd. La Roy, N. Y. 71 Chas. GOriffn Merhant
717 Chas Norman Restaurant
o a Amie" ". ... 718 Ed. T. Lewis Merchant
i2l A Satana 4 Co. Cigar Factory
SL sY iL 7L Jose Retencune Restaurant
estBmieso l-iu .,. 721 Collins & Rhodes Livery Stable
?a ?' '-~-'* .? 7a J3. C Fres ada Resturant
..s.4.. li 723A Lf 0. Gibbons Lawyer
.0I' -5 5 U 704 E R. GuIxby Lawyer
4wL 736..--.. 7 F l. Brewing Co. Pool Table
.. 725 Domingo Perda Merchant
S727Mariano asquesto Restaurant
,sa t S C. 1W. Stevens Lawyer
729 0 B. parkman Lawyer
730 Mh pparkman Lawyer
711 U Cohen Lawyer
73 Cudahy Parking Co. merchantss
It prSi S 79 F. M. imontoton Lawyer
7 l 7B MD Balbontin Pool Table
795 Ch asDonovan Lawyer
est@ 5 MIma HoIghet Merchant
4" 717 Fla. Brewtng Co. Liquor Dealers
S n Aurelo Campos Restaurant
73 T. F. McCal1 Hotel
S 740 lOeo. Devo Merchant
U C. rWIlliam Merchant
7I 4 J. Rodmnan MeMrchant
H -- 1783 Woman's Exchange Merchant
4 1 1 7114A L BL fetfwaloa Lawyer
745s fl nIpoed. (not Issued)
M4 o, obnFurchgott & Co. Merchants
714 Oto. P. Raney. Jr. Lawyer
.-1 .' L. lershon Lawyer
710 Jsrgsens & Lnd Merchants
I n1 A -uller
M LA. Valder Merchant
U0eno Bandy Hotel
73 LrWard Merchant
W-ILUTripp Baturxant

From When. To When.
Oc.t.1. 1897 Oct. 1, 1S
.. .. .. .. ..

Jan. 16

Oct. 1 1897

J-a I, 1i98
Oct. 1. 197

Oct. 1, 1897
Jan. 1, 1897
Oct. 1 1597

Jan. 1
Oct. 1. 1897

Jan. 1, 1898
Oct. 1. 1897

Jan. 1, 1898

Oct. 1, 1897

July 1, 1898
Oct. 1. 1897

Jan. 1 1809
Oct. 1 1897

Jan. 1i 1898
Oc. 1. 1897

Feb. l. 1386
Oct. 1. 189

Feb. 1. 198
Oct. L1.1Im

Jan. tt
Oct. 1.1817

.... ..

.. .. ..
.. ....

.. ....

.. ....
.. ....

.. ., ..

.. .
.. .
.. .
.. .

.. .
.. .
.. .
.. .
.. .

,o .. .


Oct. 196

~- BF"

5 20 099 A. C. Croones Meranf .. .
325 113 WO J. D. Wilkes Merchant ...... .. ... ..
225 11. 901 West & Marshall Dra Store .. .... ..
10 6 90 A. de la Torre Melrehant
6 250 0M Arthur Barnes erchant -- -
5 250 904 Lucis Davis Resta rnt .... .. "
10 5 906 Judge Styles e ........ ...
3 150 90 J. J. Hagin Mtpchanht .. -
10 5 906 1-2 Arthur White Shooting Gallery ...... .. "
3 150 907 John F. Gaddy Cigar Dealer .. .... .
3 150 90S Ruching & Hedick Merchant .
5 260 909 Hawkins g& Co. Merchants ....
3 150 910 L. R. Nixon Merchant ...... ... -
125 113 911 B. F. Walker Merchant ..
5 250 911 2. 8. Morrison Merchant .. .. .
10 5 923 Sitler & Hays Merchants .. .. -
5 250 914 Felipe Marttnez ,ecnt .. .. .. r.ch a
10 5 915 B. Crespo Ctigr Factory.. i + .
10 0 914 A.J.Boh Merchant .. *"
1664 832 617 C. C. Aman Merchant Aug. -1L 1 . .m
250 125 918 Cristobal de la Beyer ... co~ ...
S 250 919 J. 3.L ( Neill N ha. .. .. ..
10 5 920 R. W. Powell IMrcdnt e r. ch an
10 5 921 Hecht & Co. Mre ..ha ats .. ,
-10 5 92 D. Valdez de la Torre Merdhant
10 5 93Hoadley & Anderson Merchants June L.
226 113 Ia 1W. P. McLeod erehant A 1. I 1i3
10 5 925 R 1. I M Cormick Merchant .-....
25 1250 o9s Perie & Barnes Restaurant 7- ,
10 5 7 Justo Torres y Pellet aerchant .. .
235 113 28 J.B. Lowe Merchant Sept. l
500 2 1 certiy that the t foregotg is a true and o
15 250 (Seal.)
25 1250
3 150

10 2


750 271 55O0.T&25.I5
5 2860

758 B C. .ys 1L hnun I"50.. t
75W R uddotph rtmsn Liquor

State. Co. 71 F alipe ld Me -Aerchant -. :
S5 253 785 B.. Mug Liquor Deler *
1I 5 763 T. Ketenasky Hotel
9 150 764 R B. dHen Dentit ...
3 150 7615 Fl. Brewtng Co. Liquor Dealers ..
3 160 766 Fl-. Brewing Co. Liquor Dealers. ..
1 50 767 Fla. Brewing Co. Liquorealr ..
S150 78 Fla. Brewing Co. quor Delers .. ..
3 769 Fla. Brewing Co. LiquorDale e rs.
75 38 770 Fla. Brewing Co. Uquor ... ... De
3 150 771 J. D. iUva Liquor'Dealers
3 150 772 Fla. Brewing Co. Lquor Dealers ...... ....
a 1 773 Fla. Brewing Co. Liquor Dealers
1250 625 774 Jasper CNardenas liquor Dealer Mar. L ...
834 414 776 R. ue Lquor Dealer .... ..
18 75 778 Gueppe Coatilo Merchant -. .. .
3 150 777 IR. 36aUge Liquor Dealer I
5 250 77 James Cansey Merchtnt 'Mar. 1 18 ....
60 250 77 Hartford Fire Ins Co. ls-'rnceq Oct. 1. ..
2 15 7180 Brantlo Navaro rcha .. ..
3 150 761 R. C.Scott Merchant M ar. 2. .96.
1 1 7803 A. C. Rodrigues Merchant .... *. . .
15 750 783 John waiter Pool Tables Oct. 1,-. ..
3 50 704 MR. Muga Lquor Dealer Oct. 1W1 .. . ;.
S 250 786 Spoiled (not issued)
S 250 786 RO. Muge liquor Dealer .. ....
S 150 77 Callxto del Pino Restaurant Mae. 1.38 .
100 50 788 Prince Ward Merchant Asr. 1. MW ..
250 21 57 -A.-tLtOwen 3ehant t Oct. 3. 1, .. ..
25 115 0Thos. 1 Weir al tt .. -.... ...
3 160 791 Gates & Mdw&rds Mereh ...... .
3 150 7 1 14Tbor QUnrara Co. Car Jtctory Ap. . .
25 13 99 Urs. 5. M. Thomoa & Co. .....t. Ot. .. ,.
75 79 1-23 Carlo nes Merdant
600 250 793 H A.. B3tc lale Mermhant .. 1. ....
5 250 7% FPlu. Brewing Co. Liquor .Dealer Oct U. .. .,
1 7 B. a F. Party aetrchant Apr. 1. 8 ..
S48 S796 Julia rigu ereda Mercant .. .
22 si 797 Robert ee e ...... h
5 2W0 798 P. Butnlodf lerchant Oct. .
500 50 7 E.. a Peters lMsrhaat I .m & A Mk
3 150 MO Schawcn A P lpper rchants ..
is 750 n Pedro F. de Cautro Clrr Fictorr
60 6 802 P. A. Maen Merchabt Mw .
S25 1 1i 80 A Kokin & tK "- a f ts ........ ...
1 150 WT.B I Mwrt .n ..6 .. .B. .. e.
10s 1 M6 G. S mmes, Jr. Merchant ..
6 120 F 806 LJ.Jutlce oMrcbiatc ..... ......
50 80 Priend Ward Merhant ...... .. ..
S 15 508g Jacob RutIatein aMerat ...... ..
S 150o 809 F. J James Mereant ..... .. ..
6 250 810 H &. Claytona Co. Merchant ..
S 250 811 Francisco Oalvan Merchant .
2 50 125 812 R- Mo.ge L Mquor Dealer .. l W ... .. .. "
a 150 813 Robertson & Mitchell 'Merchants 1. 1 .. .
814 J. a. BergD Merchant
500 250 815 Guimeppe Scaglione Cigar Dealer
3 15O 81'8Mrs. J. Ca rr Merchbant
5 250 C17 H. P. Frdenberg Merchant .... ....
10 5 818 A- J. Prince Merchant
10 5 819 R. F. Smith Restaurant ...... .
3 150 820 W. A. Stebbins hottng Gallery ...... ....
250 125 821 (A. L. Gramling R merchant ... .. .
3 110 08aa0. Peres Merchant ...... ......
5 250 823 F. Sance hez aer .. o .- -.
10 5 824 Xtche & Perkins erhants. ......
65 313 825 teele & Perkins Merchants
3 1 50 821 Steele & Perkins Merchants ...... ....
5 250 8371. T. Nixon LMerchant
10 5 828 W. J. obm s Merchant .. ....
3 I5 8O2 Morris Wolf Merchant .. .. .. .4
3 150 &) C. C. Pahenln Merchant .. ..
3 150 831 EBauketon Merchant .. .
3 1 1 832 Wm. West Merchant .
750 375 83 'Hayberaer & Cramor Livery Stable .. ..
5 250 834 J. A. Daxon Merchant
250 123 835 0. H. Heel Merchant .....
0 836 C. A. Gramnlin Merchant
15 150 83 ; Wm. Moathew Li very table
15 7 838 Octavia E. fDavis. Shooting Gallery May 1. 19 ..
1 5 89 Octavia E. Davis Cigar tore ..
062 37 18W0 J. W. Wells -Merchant
37-5 18 841 Geo. Martin Mer-hant
250 1i 2 42 Juan Blanco Restaurant
5 250 843'Mrs. S. 3. Swain Merchant
5 250 844 F. H. Praylor Restaurant
0 25 C. E. Et.llibridge Merchant
25 313 846- Care Cigar Factory ... ....
S 150 847 Halsema & Grimm s Merchant .. ..
2 15 848 Johnson & Campbell Merchants
125 113 849 T. Wirt Merchant June 1,1898 .... .
250 125o 80 J. T. Hamilton Merchant .... .
10 '5 0351 C. W. Robertson Merchant
13 852 Jrs. Dempsey Merchant ...... .....
10 0 853artin Holt Shooting Gallery .
10 5 54 J. J. Woundry Restaurant
223 113 855 S. Dayderg Merchant ...... -. .
5 250 856 Jerry Washington Merchant
8 19 807 Watkins a G would Merchants...
12 25 6 'rS M. cackmran Merchant
10 5 859 Okane & Hooker Merchant ...... .
3 150 860 E. R. Hill Merchant
1250 621s 861 I Cason Merchant
3 150 862 B. Creamer M merchant ......
3 150 863 Sam Cowens Restaurant
500 250 0S64M. FinkleJteinr tderchant
500 250 89 W. S. Hancock Liquor Dealer Oct.l .. ..1.1.W
1 750 060 J. P. Waller Merchant June .). .1.
19 750 867 J. B. Thompson Merchant
6 868 Chas. Beldt Mercoant
3 150 869 J. T. Thompson Restaurant .. .. .. .
600 360 870 . Davis IMerchant
10 6 8071 G9 cheen.imer .Son Merchants .. .
10 6 872 C. H. Smith Restaurant .. .. .
873 L. Wlggns 4 Co. aferchants
3 1 90 874 onrlque L. Calleja Merchant
35 1250 875 C. S. Gurr, Agent Merchant
18 878 Nancy Holmes Merchant
18 s 877 9. P. Jackson Mherchant ..
z 808 T. tMcKnlght Reataurant ..* -.
a isa 879 C. L.. Salter Merchant /
880 J. B. Norton 'Merchant
5 250 801 P. Cour 4 Co. Merchant
| 350 882S.Lusar M4erchant
16 0 883 J. B. Stephena Merchant .
6 3 804 Louis Cordova Merchant
8 t o 885 MrsB.R Thse Merchant
37 1071 886 J. S. Theating Mercshant .
23 11 887 M. S. Herring Merchant .. ;.
6 235 888 C. A. Parrish Merchant .<
S6 M e8t B. C. Scot: Etllng Fire Hns s ** *
793 276 8908. 3. S8ngleten Merchant 1
3 150 092 8. J. Singleton Micehant t *
W 2s 092 Rogla Hernandea archant July 1. W
5 2 SO 893 Payero 4 Devane .Merchants ..
1 150 894 R. B. Hancock Qfercbhnt ..
271 187 809 Joaqoln Jover Mscaant
10 5 0 89 J. B. Jackson Merchant
10 I 89 I.. A. Wolff Mterchant
i 888 981. Stanford Merchant .


- -v-i ,4 .* -. r
jZ13h 0. --~ g
62..t s-io7 .-.. ..a .5. -


1 .


3, 0P

1 .81'

f IIK -= t9 secr.-4&u ..fIo.Us e um wn s-
a imaOut of the, baded Mr. Harroun has written over I coit-
UanMd psege presidents n the United Sates,
+Ept tand- thatthe askin them to co-operate and Advance
.irtig"e be foro oedl, and, in default Gen. Whteelee plan. Over 19t renles
to a t be pde, within thi am t e ip bt th PiUS of ts Rpbtnfl are at hand, nd with one accord the
colleges take two or more
-rty t ti b advertised and sold as an loartgo. young men, who can pass the necessary
entirety. -Charles C. Whftaker was 5O. examinations ,and who can come pro-
appointed master to execute the decree, __ erly bvuched for as to character, and
and was directed to advertise the prop- mafe the beneficiaries to the extent of
erty in New'York newspapers and also )OUBTFUL DISTRICTS TO DECIDE free education- In many instance
in a paper at Tampa. the college agree to aid the young men
A further order was entered directing beyond free tuition. In several in-
the payment of the raam due the prize TheB hturensp m h X oCleans stances the colleges recognizing the
onIs sthl t o thuI t several crses, Te e m ly oa difficulty under which the young men of
amounting to ,et008.; also to the In- Doubtful Districts Come in So Cuba have labored have agreed to re-
terpreter in the same cases, So : elve them without insisting upon their
e i e a e Slowly That the Result Can- sing the examination

HELD UP. Special te theTdb ... A LONTrTR IPbn
Sashingion, D. C., Nov 9.-The latest
dlph y eld by Cut returns from the senatorial districts of r. Abernthy Tell of Hi Voyage -
the United States indicate that the next r.
Throat iand Robbed in Havana senate will be Republican by 12 major- to British Hondurtas
Special to the Tilbune. The vote for Congressmen is very Dr. -B. G. Abernathy who left on the
slow coming in especially from the schooner C. E. Herrick about five weeks
aw &vnaa, Cuba, Nov. ll.--Mr. Ran- doubtful districts and it looks now as
oiph H. Clay, son of Casslus, .L- Clay, if it would take the official count to ago (or Central America, arrived home
was held up recently in Havana by 4 determine the result. The Democrats yesterday and spent the day at 'his
daring cutthroats or thus and robbed have made remarkable gains in nearly otffce shaking hands with his mnay
all the large States, hut it is yeta eb e gives a slowing account
of ll hisready cash and otr valn question wther or not they will berind He ve a ow account
bhes, Inclipn a valiabis old sable to cut down the long-lead held by of British and Spanish Honduras, where
irooom n the shape of a magniicen the Republicansn. he spent most of the thee during his
watch which was presented to his te Oaiman Kerr of the National Dero- absence. He thb~ the obmas ad rr
tbha by the Cart of RuMi whie nn- critic Committee issued a statement so these two countrUs are ftnest
A"it,*r Wt M Rua .ea I. to-nglht, stating: that the Democrats Lin the word. The-inhtbitant, hew-
. Ons o the Aar~ItPftugs held a kkife 'weuld &*rely organJizte nezt Con-
".at j. olt th-n"iber r hetd 0 "e dby a good major the next Cn- even, are of a very.Interioroitass with
at MUr. iGm & th W M hethot __ g r s mjdilty. The Rep i,- the exception of course ot a few zwpc-.
ab hibs ack, and a thitht reid1 a a n committee also laiams a small ma- sentawes of this country, England and
bie hs.a rt and siy me a ho 1S ttmy after conceding the Democrats 3pain
ag woeld ha~ve beet ),a stukAl- al the doubtfultdistricts. nrioile tndustr is emt sad
CThe Princilde Industry WWit-an

sed byt.Bsoy TARPON 8PRINS.
atha to al tram copes Tarpon Oprlngs, Nov. I.-The water
mattheat pised between has not been known in years to be so
thandth ane t e lont y ~ or sponging as now, and sight
f ti. a V o the xat is trips are often made by the spongers,
t itman y M oft these tle- who loaf about town, to the fishing
I I .tis. of others will be smacks lying outside, where they barter
dos n tm ea fort liberal supplies of aquardiente,
tatt'; a Is a e hctave en, which they brLtalinto town.
slti J. W. Stokes, who for the last two or
.. three years has acted as roadmaster
D. T for the Plant System, between Trilby
a nd 8t. Petersburg, was given another
route several weeks aso, but has this
..: s opa- "+" wi -week been given the old one ba..
The Epworth League has chartered
p M aider in I mportan the steamer Joe and the houseboat for
It ath OoP-an ea- Oea an eurstoa to Shell beach on Saturday.
The Woman's Town Improvement AS-
Timeo-eatno and Cltisen. sociatlon is doing a good work by hav-
be tast Itmportant decisions ing the weeds removed from the streets,
U Untioa soatatme Ooura tor and the streets made to look neat and
S iSLtet ot F lorida (for a dy
s- waz teat n rendered yes-ti
'gLesaoOs 'In Ins c"e 01 G. C. Gleason will open a meat market
7it LMt Company of New in connection with the grocery.
a tJl'a. Consumers Atlectnec
SStreet f aulro Company BAPTIST MISSION IN CUBA.
I Ot Teaup. The order an- -
he S "ai torelosure of tne Rev. J. T. Tichenor, D. D.. secretary
On tle property ot tre de- a the Southern Baptist Missionary
ito s se tralway In Tam- Union, and Dr. 14 Connolly, mem-
ower-for operattingthe road ber of the board ob-fnaners of At-
tisred from' a dam in the lanta, arrived here on Wednesday, and
It rtverW, and a.ranch of the left last night qn the Mfascotte for Ha-
t Poibt The entir- e n- vans where they wlUl spend some time
It s at T re entire n- reorganizing teavan branch of the
i K mnts, thos peingent, teld laslovery Union. There is a strong
W'i, t Cebons bter held a pro abSity of Rev. J. T. Cova of this
*if, *d'Vs ed the moneyW city being sent over to assist in the
np5i005'a 4t the property. "wjrL
Seasrdti- a _year -_ago THI BURE LA GRIPPE CURE

h a

t O

enl house.
,At 4:16 the following statement was
given out by the Associated Press:
Returns received by toe New York
office of L7e Associated Press up to 4:00
o'clock this morning indicate that 157
Republicans and 143 Democrats have
been elected members of the lower
house of Congress. Out of this total
of 300 members from the same districts
two years ago, 1 t' Republicans were
elected and 111 Democrats. This is
a Republican loss of thirty-two and a
Democratic gain of the same number.
In this estimate the ,New York dele-
gation is estimated at 19 Republicans
and 15 Democrats.
Special to the Tribune.
Raleigh, N. C., Nov. 10.-The official
returns from the second congressional
district indicate the election of White,
Republican. They have aleo elected
Linney in the eighth. All the others
are Democratic.


Ha-ry Jutus, Colored, Serious'y
Stabbed by a Coa oade.

From Friday's Daily.
Rarry Jusa.is, a colored laborer aoout
3; years ot age lies in a critical con-

.. .ton atI
result of re
There ls no use suffering from this let side n
readun malady, if you will only get Jamacan b
bhe ribt remedy. Tou are having pain 16 year of
fl through your body, your liver is near the e
tju of order, have no ap%*ette, no life- terday abo
rimtlon, have a bad cold. In tact involved in
rw eonoletely used Electric Bit- the argume
ars it the only remedy that will gve poy became
O prowapt and sure rem.L They act older and la
"-" izd when a a
ls ron your liver Stomach and whe w ig
Edanaae up the whok system n breast and
a*e doyo el like a new belhg. They fury of a
n uiranteed to cu te ot. price re- the hilt in
i.NA- For sale at B Le sardi a Befors th,
.4ed4. FPor le S. Le0 he had don
3oa Ding Store, only it ents per bot- cape. Jus
Is. ing for bres
Swas placed
the. operate
where Dr. ]
.. was fool

ftis tio in o t aa
receiving a fearful cat in the
ear the heart by a young
oy named Antonio, not over
e at work on the fsh dock
south end of the wharf yes-
t- noon, when they became

.. verj preetasOsl4 csntion -.
Antonio was arrested last evening by
i h eriff Spencer, and.placed In the city
Jall He will have to answer to the
m charge of assault with intent to kill.
If she A Hunter Accidentally Kills Himself
erM bNear Plant City.
-ie Special to the Tribune.
Plant City, Nov. 1L-A man by the
,s*ua name of 'McDonald, while out hunting
hoW on Tuesday a few miles south ot town,
shot and killed-himself accidentally.
Mr. McDonald lived in Port Tampa
SCity, and had recently come out to
to w o spend a few days with relatives.
tsi oBehneider is busy having oranges
P picked preparatory to shipping. The
timr work Is being conducted ten miles
S+ It northwest of tows-
a @ad The members of the Plant City. To-
wrOm h bacco Growers' Union have decided to
I* bu ship their tobacco to Quincy, where it
betsthe will be prepared or and placed on the
wa, Sid market for sale.
It pIn. Dr. M. Wells, who has been sick
oM ad for two months and-more, was at his
h to office yesterday.
'writes -
kas Gen. Joe Wheeler's plan for Davelop-
aoe ing Cuban Statesmen.
New York, Nov. 11-General Joe
| Wheeler is deeply interested 1i the
Education of Cuban young men. He
= believes if young Cubans will come to
this country and be tutored and then
return he may be of great pee in de-
veloping Cuba, and Introducing a stable
rfrd form at government.
> en& Wheeler has commissioned Oil-
*Oe -bert L Harroun treasurer ot the Un-
SC to as the Ameriuca nol-
- es treach ot 'them weM' give free
iW9 -W rrl!=' to two or macw u"ldb ifo
-a w soft art. s f m aid. be found


Vistlslsn -ess
;Tb*ILb koo-- m'itl
ommace (new) ~A,4

'gP can dirop oro I'

U readily at -54 7 01 0"eSsef hr t erris Vi a,,
W buaon Steaoner City C tv
go rich MA_
ertliU nation CP. wr A. Ga
ries of the I. apponted to-s la Mi
tions ot the fleave Jadmhmaie... . ....... pss
Sing and-&( L aves d 9sf e 00 a Elaerpeimaa.i ........ ...
home he
water, and General Pamsengs o and Tekwt OWfioo,204,1
UL On his W. E.Wa B*ooO.T. ". A.
C.?LoU.lI-e-g-eeIr.w XrI

way ou aiter leaving nere nh was
sea sick until he reached dallse and did
not eat a bite of food for eight days.


, 8. Giddens Presents the Tribue
Editor With a Six Pound Sweet.
County Treasurer, I. S. Giddens,
brought to the Tribune office yesterday
a mammoth sweet potato. It is a
magnificent specimen, nearly round,
perfectly solid, and weighs just six
pounds. t was grown on nMr. Giddens'
orange grove farm two and one half
miles no r est of Tampa, and is a fair
sample T what Hillsborough county
soil will produce when given a fair
hiA.:. it is known that it takes five
ordirnr;- sized potatoes to weigh one
cut.J the Tribune readers can form
eon.e idea of the dimensions of one that
weighs six pounds. It is thought to be
the largest one of this variety that was
ever grown in this county. The Tri-
bune would be pleased to hear of any
one growing a larger one. Those de-
siring to see this one can do so by
calling at the Tribune office before Sat-
urday night. The editor eats on Sun-
Outrages and Lynchings Follow Each
Othel in Quick Succession.
Special to the Tribune.
Greenwood, S. C., Nov. 10.-Another
negro lynching took place near here
At an early hour this morning. This
makes five that have been lynched
Idnce last night in this place. The
name of the last vistim is unknown
The most intense excitement prevails,
and citizens are keeping a constant
guard over their homes.
Four negroes were lynched near
Phoenix, a few miles from this place
about 3 o'clock this afternoon. Poeitive
evidence was secured that they. were
implicated in the shooting of the white
men yesterday. About 100 white men
participated in the lynchtig, and there
was no attempt at digue or conceal-
mel ..


Thbs teea sae of Nervoose Tfhe le asw ,,
the brone age, and the iron age se rpa t. a
the preset is
fraught with
dange-ser ssmess. The wear and tear of the
present mode of living shatter the nerves, unless
they and the entire body are kept in the "pink
of onditol "; otherwise there is a prevalent
tendency to brain exhaustion and weakness.
Thls eshated state is oftea flowed by mean-
choly,dsppondis7, andeeInsanity. It Is one
ftof the ncddelt
more soscepible thanan n to those disease, and
her sensitive organs of maternity are attacked
arst; she ill then probably experience at cer.
tain period the moat severesins:',xtrem caites
end in convulsions. The canaesare most apt to
e aleration, abaceses, periodic ditsrbances
and leucorrhca The followingcan be laid down
as an salterable and unchanging law. viz: put
the system and especially the delicate womanly
orgns Into a state of good hath with
d these eaes, or ailments, cannot pevail. Dr.
Reao's New Health is pecularly adapted t the

anythfngelse or. Re
ie greater, put of hi
dbees sad the pesf
would Mreee and onc
fuaflie this ..si-a.
so. Tibsethem5sMs
doesoatand for an s
doot prodi e theoar
aeetoiners. "ods
Formbtslby a

C. P aoe l. 5 p .t sa.8at. .
T 0l.o . 5 lflowlilsgam!
Aalngare,. T COLTD9-& o I bO.+oiWW -l.AV=%

8HOPPINO BY MAIL tabliled Prefot II~6,n .


Importers and Retailers of i


Mail Order Deit1

We have a regular organized department wijier te
vision of one of the firm for this-branch of our bumibess&.
at a distance can send for Aimples and may depeft o:
any order entrusted to us filled with the same pim"nte
care, and at the same prices as if personally seewedi:d'
us for samples end prices on anything In the Fau"y BDs
Line. Onr store has been iay coastrcted for the
of & .Dry Goods businea.-l is the largest, beat itd ",-
best constructed, and cont% "all that *perwe h .e a
to render it the most use il comfortable and m ac~~er
kiin& It is acoordinglyo oaithe sights of Looavie. '
Bacon's Advertiser" co price list of Fancy an
Goods mailed free on a:plation.

425, 425, 429 E. C aove ePreston, Lo sI- ie,

:-- ----|i L..-m Ir^7V\,WTM

z- '. _e s in, e.
18. i- ~i al .ary or iC-
^: S S ( (Xs S M

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KNor 7. C. a id P.Dt. P" t, -
SPECIALTIES:-Heavy Blackamithi. Arohi't.-
WorA. Store Fronts, Bil, -r Columans, te.t
Steamboat Machinery and Boilers. Ouip .tten
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prices. Hitching Posts and-Iron Fence. -
i : -L : i --_'

The Ybor OCt Nf- 5 I, y .

Keep Co.stantly On Hind Prot 56.0.000 :1 Wm
S -.- it .. +.- ,l c.. _:ir +



t 2%s wth4Q O&Geral Demad
sist A lft apow A Suoppree-
sikt of the Facts-A Big War
s alialo Da Brrwog.

stal-to the Trboune.
ahiston n, CD 4~Nov. *.-aiaor


.. : _
.. -/

... 01ll"""^s W"ROwIZ8! AI"^ ^ ro CTW

ammla" y ab na Rul I hIS Wilt-Trough m e Woo tso r D lag to 41M --O oe T Dl,
St. PetersbUr, Nov, --The vote
An event of more than ordinary In- to E tem t Tuesday was very light. Seventy-a
eit ouned to take place In thewho were entitled to vot stayed w
--: city n Tts"-,N-ov. On that day-w
1'a ooa n Ta F meOndem the well from the polls: most of them were '
iB m e est-ee delres will, Iceiuct- SAD FATE OF FORTY SOLDIERS NO FEAR OF FURTHER FIGHTING Democrat. Only four neroe v E TEI.EI
.v- a s ne of the most novel U well as popu- they not feeling enough interest to pay
lar sale of farm lands and building their poll taxes, and nobody paid them
< lots that ever occurred in this city.
it hl Theyoffer a free carriage rtde I an ddl- A Horrible Condition of Aftairs That The President Decides That ihe for them. h Oa n
".b or tl- on to a leah to all those who will is a Digaace to Any Form of Troubles DiPot Warrant Feder. The Republican vote was about 2,. ] l..
lt r p attend thit eale a few miles from the Government, and May Cause al Interference-e Consults although Hanna, Republican on the .
cIt. GLegislative ticket, receiver 53. running
k M TaMp& The opportfalty they offer in this a Big Stir When Reported. With His Cabinet. & hea o ide r a h: r '*"
scheme to obtain some first-clas prop- Mullen, Democrats, and leading Dono-
erty at a norinal prlce has never been van, his running mate. by 27 votes
TrIple. epaeld in this cty. Special to the Tribune. special to the Tribune. This was because of Mr. Hanna's popu- peal to t
. a F. V. lad thpwlter for sale i antia Cuba, Nov. 12.-Frjm the Wilmlngton, N. C., Nov. 12.-This city clarity, this precinct being his home. Washintou .
H n .ag wo for located ale ar ffx le creek, or front- captain of the Havana ship Heriera, is rapidly settling down to its normal E. M. Watker, of Misisstppi Is to spi.ecal mgIl tle- -
9t eIngat as. O the rock road leading to the which arrived here to-day via the quietness. There has been no further open a wholesale businema here, and purpose of pM l 5BS
.it yt- f c reelt. It a all well stuted to tras birth coast; It is learned that the pan. clashing between the races and none will bring his stock on his own vessels cetv trfesm
e.hFCi Iro.Y: om rfarmin. rsdlt andd stook raising. .a iards are evacuating the Holguin dis- is likely to occur. (oth, whites and from New Orleans and Uoble. He left whri he ~Ilh
Wi gll o5t1y be sold without Is tWlet rapidly. blacks seem only too willing to declare yesterday for New Orleans for his frst the Spanih
isothe "er A perfect rt Four thousand men on board two ves- a cessation of hostilities. cargo. request ftt
Y Athe, ses left last week. Three more vessels 1Mayor Waddell and the new city Rev. M. A. Clouat has returned from their rep to ht
menO. i will menal h muslc wll take the balance. government Is exerting aU means to his vacation, and has again taken this wveoto
adfJtant chaba; l our.c There hasa been a total disregard or reassure the negroes that they can charge of the Baptist church. t e t .p
to suit can Ows pemort of the soldiers. Of the with safety resume their labors at the Mas. LewiAs a Dav, Ia te et O A .
a-nm s soldiers at Bantiago, thirty cotton compresses and shipping whar- agohave open a baar and bhaW Pt ar alS l
pid l p Perm t mt suresl, omed. ves. Th is rntl the mayor sent alley in the buildlA( next to theCl5ea.
"abl jfBship is taking smallpox negro messengers through the woods don RoteL. II*m
^Verala"t e. s d mnm sferingoitm dysentery adjacent to the aty to urge hundreds Peter Toinllson has returned to hlair-t.n att
Altl wver. Bad f004 cramped quar- of their race, who are in h ding to re- Winter home in St. Petersburg. ThM thetr t Wpr .
3e"s and the lack o moInical ajtentlon turn to the alty where they are prom- Immense Sag he gave the tow-was The
S.~.~ae tn o** ol the OofUretarning Span- tIed perfect safety. n onfurtend I hoor of his retur. Ce4 1 t.p.
i ilards pItifu, 2a lsraseful to the Mapy of those who took refuge in the r. Plant and party d tpa rdl eh POo 4,
XLt 60*hs government peitdIttng it. surroundla woods and swampu and here last wesl o tbht Wa to Deesir. Lt
MOtBI at f the These have beo forty deatbn of sol- who have been concealed for nearly The Ane steamir bgaret, having M R la.:imil.
A a", in a t'diers on the wWrt in Glbera in one two weeks are reported In a starving been put in neat trma for the Water --~ P TL~h
I o n day. A'te eort of the men to reach condition. Arrangements will be made work. will begin it regular rft- this
SI A A WOmm the transports cage deaths Cally. The to feed and clothe them If they return week between Port Tampa and 8. r C
rob- r -1 odaes are busied In the bay and cred- to their home. Petersburg, and the %Manatee river aaa
a iT DEOt^jq. ited to the transportation company as A telegram received here late to-night oonmtry It will reeve the LawrenOee, lht Mll
pb ng ers. from Washington states that President now on that run, has t Chit Qu^nIJ
e i P Dis Evacuation of Puerto PiLncipe will -McKInley, after a two hour's consulta- met qxwpImadl., ""
fi5*?- -^!' all K lSrii '5s lal4da occur at an early date. Preparations tion with the members of his cabinet. The sooner a ough or cold i try by the

Susqbies In chldrn w If sotold Iw ith thirty troops of cavalry, under $ $5 5$ to bas. B otwith a reach? It is pleasant to the taste. For the Plpp m es
j for I t have been complete e the an- epreed deep concern over tk to t resent
i aosri S c. o Iamrf hae gove moved to Nuel st where fton here ~but decided that thae deveop- olds ae drou Brant to 5te
-and al St traprts awa them. in ents up to the present time did not ng cough is dreBlng One QU&- WAS rput eOt F 1|l b&

to 6 # Sole Manufddacturer n the iland. tevoluonary Cuo Is m n ugh qthe It Why i t
satnVol S Waco, Tex bold a most hostile attitude toward WEAK KIDNE e rous Idsyaesc. te y houses, harbor t b e '

W~ A. H i, Co A__shOuld have the h'ghst of .. b ace fe th e appearasce of Bright's Disa8 e. amoua e
po and *rWev Ruate er to ine in e uer when uch a cough cu s within capital ofs s the r l

tedy to eras e. OctS. t I 14, 1898.-This i healthy condition ,nd te rads are most to Aesr hs & i be _
Stable by two good ydrsa If ians bl have been considered aIios: Impass za n l able. Jm fchr It Is plant to the tate. For the h
^SS^SE'.^y^SS ^ ^'drggit w ll b Se sent by mall an Hender son sale by 8B. Ko~rdI &Co, Mntlir to MMd -& o

o ly S.n oI a kdey ds command as p of General Complete hor hrr- t
a5.m. 5 ter.arq uso e and on al sonl the ILsmall towns on bet Mana eas tnw t mall0botleistw
"emoonts reatment andof Waco, I ll district A l n ill t er. St engthe thedigestion ae l :the
iW.H. tOWNa The situation there wl ake the lse t
8d H C.at ae dLe Praesidabe t. 14 s i heac p conditions i nu rl the Bowlsa.4 artS

S4 Hoodsa Sars r ho m llls which eradisate s IT IS FOwa MrdDIAK S IIN DN A SYSTaEM TOIC PCAl-nXCKJECL eiv iort, b Ie or
M-,ft tfj~ft TampW ww y goldt by S. inL L. & Co.. Tamp&e cspaAmerican control. TIne t ok i y Lihe buildings.!t Ail

A t f. s 1 a hoehold Ie saddened by r hvo, om the blood the ecroful ous tnt t t p a.nd sto ver y eglunig
" -a e the all to keep that cause it, soothingan a rebuilding gnn n-
h Te s- Oc a -lte 14188.y ertaini tshe delicatehy co andition eased tissues. ruds art TLl F T ine dy ed s.ei
-roug shehrts tile-One fi- a m Axst tofeeara sa
SCure. See that your n ie HeOOD S PILLS are the only pills 10to ...... l eat s l he
dL T A I c protected agast emergencies take with Hood's mSaraparilla. Cure it h lulr I o i
osae an don Le-onsardi & Co. all ler all .e H hB. Leonadl & Co.lM, MSpecial Agents. a Sofvu 9

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AW CHACEOPWha111Roosevelt's Rough Rilens
Tampa-Town Talk Taken From bi "f

Ib-ils Greatestof All
Sundry Sourcoe Personal
Allowed to naain He Seem. Dazed When Arrested and Pointrs And Itemn. o
'TiiesiaFi0onsP of the Former Apparently Unable to Rea'ise His t
vo Spanish Dominion. Ofree Disappointed in Iove From Wtednesda' Daily.
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Sto the Tribune. From Tuesday's Daily. those immense bargains. Tampa Fur-
a, Nov. 14.-The crusade This city was filled with consterna- niture Company. tA
Sthe filth of streets and houses tion and surprise on Sunday morning, The only cigar that satistes, is the
rsgo was begun under General when it became known that J. P. Clark- LaNorman Smoker, 5c. J. H. Martinez
SeXPeriaence enabled him to son, the well known newspaper corree- 216 Lafayette street
eeleaing brigade, corn- pondent had been arrested on a charge J.L Jenness, a prominent tanker of
i ft fl e badred Cubans, an of having robbed the Tampa postoffce. St. Petersburg, was transacting busi-
~3~~i c ]0r lubit benefit, nes* in Tampa yesterday.
metr phloc benofl He was arrested by C. M. Story, who e in Tampa y
SWood a tl aught him in the act of opening seve- When you buy a Babcock buggy or
Sem o l boxe and t n out the Phaton, you have the best the market
it sotremodeling,To ral ml boxes and taking out the maIl aford. H.D. Hobbs a fo/
anird 1esuiashit the It was about 2:3 Sunday morning
bY the0i aou oX m ce when Story was passing down Franklin A.nP. Prdy, L. Anderson and L.G.
J enne of St. Petersburg, were regi.-
ab af`ter-a'to o dabynea street opDosite the poastofce. He tered at the New Almeria yesterday.
she ntWtsuor odaro h r aw-
*lbbw ladftle sonI-ti. looked across the street band a Clark- All kinds of job printing executed at
r l at s-ad dtkW is son in the office with a large bndle of thivsoffice with neatness nd dispatch.
ar e mail t under his arm. He watched him Ping Up 171. and we will do the rest.
.Z .i t se mail from n ke_ than one bose and
S _a atWr. Lawto, and his suspicions were aroused. He Imported red and white Bermuda
.. .. PLtei cro sed the strst *where he could see onion seed just received at the Cren-
thrAeiqic la at the poetoffioe window, and where shaw-Sharp Seed Co., 1106 Frankln
W intgol rakad l t ow thee watched Clarkson, unt satisfied stree- tf
S d l that he was taking mall that did not w the time to plant rye and oat
s ere of man offce and placed him under arrest, and for fal pasturage. Seed an be had
.Fa ss eo new coats escorted him to the police station, where at Crenshaw-Mharpe Seed Co.,, 106
t ais104mine. a he was searched Nnety-three letters rnk treet
Jtulyf 41$" were found on his person, addressed to A bottle of Prickly Ash Bitters kept
Tbe hi twenty three different people and firms im the house and used occasionally,
i uiStuia arrange i n the city. means good health to the whole house-
W ek and tpe- Clarkson when arrested made no re- hold. Sold by S. B. Leonardi & Co.
.gv emew n statance, and practically admitted bit
rr5inm xdlxe tn .si, Curtis ea, :|t stturned irom
ls e -"ed blinds crime. He talked some to the police- Miss Curtis has lust retured from
ii gr r p nat man, stating that he had been under the North, and is prepared to resume
.l-b.r fa o f the a10go the Influence o liquor, and did not real- her dressmaking business at very reas-
ti he.etb 8 on ithlee the enormity f his crime until too enable terms. All the latest modes.
i e ae the stucEo had late. He remained in the city Jail all Gold building, room No. 8. tf
ALT y ore two later the night and on Sunday afternoon he was Soothing, healing, cleansing, De-

ti in t he municipalac, on the streets yesterday and Sunday It ardi & Co.
te I stern end of the was the general opinion that his method
over by that ageni a of robbing the mail boxes was clearly lny a fortune has been based on the
9aJ ol esT AlSade f S the wor o cragy m an ownership of a small piece of land near
a ej~rlnce of Oeneral In an interview with the Tribune man a growing city. You can now secure
i s emodeile- trougho t, yesterday he said: "I went to the a tract at your own price at the auction
isad out, and presents ofce very late after talking and drintr- sale on next Tuesday. Salomonson &
site w~l nd kt ft l g all ev ening with some friend to Fessenden.
gteiSibest oeo5 r get my mail. a own box was strand- b wlmonico here Delmoni co there,
os a'djitant geh- ig open, and I wo:ered how many Delmonico biscuits that will float on
O more were in the same condibln. Fn oo air, there is a place in Tampa that the
-i l o ghoe ly I began to try them, and otunhe people Just suits, where steaks are ion-
t Is abdot the only a great many that were unlok ed. known that are tougher than oots. Theo
b i n d8l tisgo., he fore I realized what I was doing, I had Delmonico Restaurant, 205 Lafayette
IB adh5yre wIrn the contents of several boxes in my street. Open all night. tf
howr.d ,theonuy where
S ths e b ll one or hand.t when the officer stepped in an d
Bi --gatial" Upon arrested me. I had been drinking Many a household is saddened by sia
t as lhaw heavi and smoking cigarettes nearly death because of the failure to keep
all agt, and was so dazed that the on hand a safe and absolutely certain Bronght nim Back to Life. Escaped lontak Hstal
sgiQ rd. Whole transaction seems more like a cure for croup such as the One M n-
t orril0aTe dreamS than a stern ~eaity." ute Cough Cure. See that your little New York, Sept. 80, 198. New Tork, Oct. 18M Sc S
^On ~MnPBa1y morning word was sent to ones are protected against emergencies IMesrs. Wells, Richardson & Co., Itesrs. Wells, Rlehron & Co., Me a egs We ta
ithe is brother, W nr son, a well For sale by S. B. Leonardl & Co. Gentlemen-I might have broken Gentlemen- anybody in the whoe OGetlemeP No
ArlL r e ha gores me rada e m r riin Overome evil with good. erome o I had had time to resllet to tobrve the generan weat eno eondiJ cr ca .po de b l
la e thea e olfea ends hron he soceee d in your coughs and colds with One tien- what was the matter with me before n i se m en when they stad hIa thea s o r
I is wrnta here oda a ute Cough Cure. It Is so good clldren the psaniards strend-red to the United State, a compared with left Siver CItc
t orlt o fm- bond fotr his appearance next l ondajt cry for it. It cures croup, bronchitis, God knows I broke down soon enough tho stalws t pn Uolo wen ney er
lt of morning at 10 o'clock, when he o iwa be pneumonia, grippe and all throat and as it was, and It was a great suprise sailed from San tatonlo on Jme 8, I It has pefied tegeiAoM
Sa ng disease. For sale by S. B. Leon- to me as it was to the other boys who think I had. aIwart m aman, .biV~A
l ,jaadasenmd .J. P. Ciarison is well knCwn thro.h- knew meat home. But the Sianlards Oklahoma is generally regarded as a all the had efeeus i' L/
etpthse r ond set the State u a newsnwer corres- In Lewis Morrison's producton of kept ne busy, when we were not busy healthy climate, and last MieF, when i and braoed me op tlll'1
th*e l pondeut and writr of more than or0- "Faust," which will be seen here the on our own account getting ready for left there, I hardly knew what Wok-- heaT tha5 I haverbe
h e holes e r bility. Previous tt locating in 'ind with the esteemed gentleman him. a fight. That I was a member of the ness meant. Earlier in IM however, nesiy deed fom the smp
F~3seC' their-thiS olty. he wrs local reporter on the self in his g great comilon of 'HMephisto," Itooevelt Regiment I shall always be I had lived In the BEpst, and slier a called ss~etws- i Cube
5 "- vlle Times Union. Whls. the there are more electric ltihts used in pouti and the ghis at Las Quasimas month in service knew that w gt I bct bmk to derr ity
toems were eted here.he digattVe. one scene than is required to llmumainte and at San Juaan H will be things needed, i my genuaj run-tiown' no ; ad ps5t lsaemeil
.0o r. a anubr of leadingl nerhez the entire White House in Washing- to talk about for many a year' dltlon, was a nerve tools. I knew mlisted, Thewent -tope
_, gay pePrs es-des doing the local work on ton. t But I would not have lived to talk nerves were fxed up ther wo-id be wer ly out in the 4am
ms.ieee nle ishntes ago he went os Constipation prevents the body from thing to brace my nerves up main soon as I got away fre th army. feverish mm e i[
~6~li ..~L~e tm a i st.oinild spree ran hia ineen ridding itself of waste matter. De- after the siege I had of It at Santlago I allo knew the position that Pain's When the Ims hag-a
_t..__gi_ .a~5 g ewa- since, Ha was engaged Wlti's Little Early Rtisers will ..mov so I COuld hr shoot and felt like h not had oscaslon to owe it muck .l fost mnysf eme
me-s.led toe meet-e stimUdn e n, the trouble and ctre Slck Headache, I did not car wheht-er- did or no, mysef I ot a few ibo ttles of It ani 5tLNr hi e a ttle O
"Ii t.h tS city, and the weddnle day was Blliousneee, Inactive Liver and clear I lost .1 poimds in weight and a lot began so take it and give it to a few eo I got wortpefar le g

............ '- to"to -te th of thte month,- the Complexion. small. sugar coated, more tnan that in spirlt, if you can my acaaantancea. tan- PCa we' -o
S ath of this o don't gripe or e r sale measr a fellow's spirit that way. Half It actually seemed to bulld up ma Pn r m o
l*g8vi & day, but some weeks ago a dosen ndauser bullets could not have nervous oonsi tution almost as rapidly fellow in the
atoe raW lady brokp the .Lgp y-fnt byIL( Leonardi &Co. made a worse mess of me than the as the Southern climate had torn it of the SRough
,Cuban climate and the mud in the Ban- .ow The s m teah was true of the With e o -
mndwill Instec be maur to a ri Sl es more achese tlago trenches id. As soon as I found other men I gave it to. se5ed eahe
adiosim. @ad pain than any other disease, It I was sick and my nerves were all gone Unless I had found t]is sonic to iS- Sad medicine, toe d
Cisasa tn a kntd and chartt& m e ia due to acid in te blood, and is cured I hunted or a tonic. I found it on the store my serves I feel m that I Ot tshe
^^ H-i4tea "by M~ ~ood's ASaVapriUisw which netral- way back North, when I got some of would have g to the hospital at, they o l e t
W fBe genialwh.tesle" it on acPaine's celery compound I saw other aontaLuk Point, and I ml1ght has beOthey ttSs
r Ifelowwe mePt" J en men using, shared the fate of many other poor fel- I d eeM I
7A he has habitsth at w" E HOODS PII cure blllnmotsne. How it braced me up my picture will lows whose impoverished condition did We d'ee
fs { 1time ra.a any mts He bd for a cents by C. I. Hood & show better than anything else. It is not yield to the docttos treatment. M 0o. Bdot K ks
ie i and a steai drtaker and when C L Ma the greatest nerve restorer that can be It gives me pleasure to recommend oospotud hsft ed me a
end disa t It e n 'made, for it brings all the force there Paine's celery compound as the best able to tell er e Mt
sed -dnk-g io siamg igare It As previously stated in the Tribune, is in a man to the surface, remedy ever sold in Americ nerves to me ashuI
is nt sa nga too a se to stthat work on Franklin street will begin this E E1 HIOILT. Sert. h. DO .t sru a. -,
S a stpation and troubles have been morning. The street car company will Dango, Colorado. Guthrie, Oklahoma. S veA
take the initiative and will begin atG-.
.ent to unbalance a stronger mind 'Harrison b ing up that dilal-
-tia is, sad it is the opinon of many dated thorouguiace, and wit proceed to
f hi monot intimate friends. and those Whiting as fast as a large number of is this morning under the elevator for Jr., Captain Pred Colae 4i
4' 0 kn ow htm best, that his mid at e an accomplish the wor.tThe a load of phosphate. Se s here coast- neers, Sitiop Cand er
present time badlylnared y his work a cter the Cons umer's Compa wise, she is not a new ship here, but has Falwood and w rie, -
and f there Is not a change has put its tradk in thorough condition, r been here several times before. MKay and ohr -
I~ l a wil be a phycal wreok. and will ash the work with a vim that What is Transpiring at our usy The Macotte eft last night at ten room taken, ad in
t h imotlvew attmaynditate that the right ind of con- Deep Water arbor-Doings o'clock for Kew West and Havana. She to aeoio-nte ths 1
f-3]~ motive what it may, H is most ttractors are behind this work to insure
that be has been driven to its early completion, on the Docks. was loaded to her utmost capacity. Had
ieac a rehi deed. He had amongg her freight eighty barrel of salt DID
l wa^P ^ adi much to lose, an Port Tampa, Fla., Nov. it-The quar- fa for Havana, three car loads of iBalt re
maa tresmut he lost every- antine will be raised to-night, at or fowls, twenty-three head of horse, and grO
fto os t the bnmt prom l good news all over our state right. dtas t
"! tth -l' asy to Operate The Lawence made an extra trip The steamer Maraet arrived here Pit l
IBiii ae mwrt jOleBt last night, to the quarantine station yesterday afternoon from the team Wns e
: e'leg his coneetion Are Iest rpeculfr0 t Hood's PMil. nMll n with a letter for the quarantine doctor. way. iSe s n the slip this morning. sdSfimpm O
Ae was always ba ti~uos a samds toroiL asone m1 The Morgan steamship Aransua, from She win soon take the Manatee ier i to road e
I ced handled noosi Nee e Orleans, arrived yesterday after- run and the Lawrence will be laid up -
r alw-sby1- -S noon at fve o'clock with a lot of mixed for some repatra
Srfilghbt for M-wrehAnt in Tampa and rhe i asate lst night tca Ied 1 as
other'V ints. but no bonded treight. a par of 'SiVshed '-p .
.Waf is lO r.d Ofr thi morning. aSe --"a .fr,. Oa 0 -api

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