Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: July 28, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
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pozsports His Arrived Off the French Ambassador Pr*eents a Message Gen. Miles Has Landed on the &i
oast of Porto Rico. From the Spanish governmentt of Porto Rico With His Army

Kilo h l f I I1 -AM .i11 3 .1 ,.

adW.od Toldy Wit h His Ships and Will Clea Everything Will be Left for the United States to Propose, as Our Troops Have Found a Good Macadam Read L ik
I retaadilg of the Army of Invasion. Spain Will Accept Her Losses Without a Murmur. the Landing Place to the Capital Cit.

e.m 'cUsO ato televe that the troops will be Special to the Tribune. and Spain, and the settlement of the Special to the Tribune. evening.
4= gy 2.- re all ashore by the end of the week. Washington, Juqy 26.-Spain has sued ters or peace. Port of Guanica, Island of Porto Rico. The ai s
-tVherea 0fshe y t Oe MILo a or peace, formally and directly. The The interview between President MC-July 25 via. Island of St. Thomas Dan- lT ghw
S ofevsa negotiations
S- a s 'two ho. Judge Day, the Secretory ates military expedition, under com- F. j. 9rg i adhW Cs a
Sa c e o tO Jroi e Wr President McKinley through M. Cambon o t wras present he Secretary mand of or General Nelson A. Miles
h ills r the French Ambassador to the TUn ha commanding the army .of tie United on which consisted of
Sec to the Triune. t n A aao to t Un he communication as formally pre- States, which left Guantanamo Bay, Diie, loticeter sad T F
SW n ton Ds. C., July 2.-Major states. rented, and was Spain's urgent request Cuba during the evening of Thursday es sl
S the. ha .y General Brooke,. commanding the First The following official statement con- for a cessation o hostilities. last, July 2 landed here ccefully the Yale. Tfe troops t
0p145P the ea~i- Army corps, sailed this afternoon from Nmpetitiowereoa n bout
S ort News to oin ernng the opening o the negotions No specific terms were suggested. There wa a lively little skirm
k ds to jon PGeneral tole, was given out by the State Department Spain clearly indicating her willingness' proceeding the Isding, between a de- N
qpa of Port-o Giqneral Brooke embarked on the S lt. ento accept her losses. tachment o Spanish troops, and a crew Unofionist, ....
ial ouis. and s he l proed i ea- toght Is undertow that General Horace of thirtysbelongingto a launch of the
W i ely, without mblenP for the whole of "The .French Ambassador o Pn behalf orter will be appointed by the Prest- cester. formerly Mr. J. Pierrepont Mor- the order named, and the
arrive off Porto Rico nd. government of Spain, and by dlrec- dent to conduct the negotiations for the gan's steam yacht Corsair. lated without a h bespl
s bv a Friday or next Sunday at the latest. tion of the Spanish minister of Foreign United States. Four of the Spaniards were killed. u It Ishtzty-re atm a I
is The O A was accompanied on her Affairs, presented to Preasdent McKin- It Is stated that Spain, in her message no Atmertcans were hurt. ptly i Juan over ed i
to ses on run down by the steanhp St Paul. ley this afternoon, at thehite House, to the United States, proposed an Theord troops wca re pushed on prompted leading Jan
h Aspwsi Me i, Pa which are the headquarters of Gen- in order to caPture the railroad leading ryo d aen d ts' oon asbis a
SG M~~ a the head re of en a message from the Spanish govern- armistice, for the purpose of discussing from Ponce, which is only about ten gn go
The remainder of the troops at Chick- ment looking to the termination of the the terms upon which peace with the miles east of this place. Ponce was srl oBrake, arrves. e
ast i s nads e as radly as r btHa t present war between the United States United States can be secured. reached and the railroad cptunred this to be here by Fbyrdy at 4

k f s sO shf -Paperss tseas the L of Soldatiers in Pinar Del Rio Fire on an Steamer Ad ian Comes From Santia- Only 109 Cases of ewerf Outt o0 a Pop *hsy u lak
Porto Bio m aus Comp. Asocited Press Dispatch Bort. go on an Important M,ssion. elation of 96,0o0. I of Ti -- .
SecWal to the Tr~Use. Special to the Tribune. The Norwegian steamship Adri. Capt rom Wednesday'a Daisl1.pec ma a 1 tn Trae es -
London, July 2.- 9 news has been Key West, July 3L-A squad of Span- R Rosmumsen, master, which is under by direction of se a-t s sMe o fde lsss- '
i In LeAdon as to, special Ash soldiers three miles from Bahia charter to the United States government by direction of te VS"t ard of 0 s i
*. MIM& sqrA i in SVUL A dispatehfrot Honda. in the provInce of Pinar del Rio, jesh A
eisoui t at theCabine t yftera estooerda afternoon cia erea at Cua n water, arrived at Port Tampa a &j r ab uM. W. V. l Urst L 151. w b ew-
l di e e i. spetion of ce- shaa at the Associated rs dpate yesterday from Bandal e via Key West. T. Mi*otI F. P. an.. d t ers. jso
so mMslilt& sad 4,, ed to noutinue to et- boat Dand.y, which was passing that The Adris Is a swift stemm.er, and a rrono and covered a perled of aten o th
fosee the reuais The leading point two miles out. she came up the bay with the Uniteddays.
hsi Vpn, ghresisn ja to speublication. FLash and smoke signalsaled, matke" Statm a dying from the fore top, and The inactora visited Ll4 oae, and u ed whih
_...-lh uslen the nsnlp is removed. hot the progress ofthe Daady along tin the wegian fag over the traift-ll. ond the resident population to he
St ip douhtful it they will carry the shore, which seemed to be most li* she attracted considerable attention. los to ,2000.
thr 9 l"t eanalob. s leatly watched. The Adrisa brought here from Santlago .ib t RESULT -.
E I= i: *nto1ilowanllg thoea for The entire otry rom a t jut 1 tube ielog to the loon divt- Following is the result of the tinspee- The T rsbne
e of Cmaad Port Rico and for west of Bahia Mooda to Havana is in Ion of the stgnsal corps of General flhat-
so*pl at Manfla. a high state of caltiva ton. ter'sa army. The tubes are to be char- ot phoid fever-White, a. "Gste tf a b .. .at
= 1 l p tisal.nsleettlg a widespread The red hull at the steamer Altonso ged and sent back as quickly ai pol- Billious fever-White 30; colored, 1; ever produced' in
.11 s1" atebdirect nageo"ti"-* for XIII., which was sunk near 'Mariel, is a ble. They will e taken to the Porto total 37 Te 7. *
it y h W the XUnited states, a d ad- conspicuous objecL Rican landing place as the signal corps Continued fe4ep-White. :; colored. 2; a t
=.s1i dse t wantnsem*tiwsn of Cubs The Cape San Antonlo Uight at the wui have moved from Cuba to Porto to
I rfesb ie to Cban independence. If Western extremity of the Island of Cu- Mien by the time the Adria returns iBt ever-White. 2. colored. 1i delcio s l.tlO
r en meet lose tMhe colony. "Suacs the' h I. burning brightlyl. Capt Rosmussen said that he has had total &.o tr aot gf the 5 l l S
se'aM Ses interests of Span- The city of Havana was brilliantl some very interesting experience while Chilts and fever-White, 4; colored, HerrinSg s not etly the
Dalbmu safeoar under ,Amerl- illuminated last nights wen the Dand engaged In fishing tor and cutting cab- 6; total, 10. the brtt
a, r passed the blockading line. les oe the coast of Cuba. i says that Maarial fever-WhIte. 2; colored. 12 paper in Georgls bet he
eattary prscautio takes st Mad- ORDRRL D TO YODTO[rOO. pedo boats were sighted rlme to the Malaria-White, 4; colored, 2; total, 4. o e trilrrbod'
agalosm ay pomihie ditsrbes.o' -- ship. The Oregon was close by, and Dysentery-White, 6. the vrlpnae n i a tS
ral disteses cotInes among the Fiet l Sond Georgia ad soon put the little Spanish vessels to ld and fever-White 5. colored 2; e Trs t a to
g.r- w i g classes at Barcelois ad Ma.- FI h Marpland Selected. flight. 7. o
-. 1 :s and it is 4aid that not a vessel The Adria did not have to .ton at Bowel tropbie-Whlte, 7; colored, S 2 '
is to e pesa aher at Cadi or Barce- Special to the Tribune. quarantine but a very short time. as she total, 9. .
!. f ''Waashaingston., D. C., July 25.-Orders had not been in the harbor oS Santiago. Diarrhoea-White, Se.w s one of t l
u ,omaowaI "Pr P 1OP'XD we'e suedra to-day by the Adjutant She was in a hurry to put the tues Catarrhal fever-White, 3; colored. 1; 1 :a', to -dB.N1d
General for the immediate departure o ashore, and have them cllarsti. so that totaL 4* are to1.d b
S i^'" '-. mm tlm W the Second Georgia, First Florida, and she could ret back to Port Rico with Measles-White. .
B ^ ..-. ":"f F'if l L" th tMaryland regm-nts of voluntftrs them In time for them to be some benefit Jaundlce-W lte, 6. d!tr!B W ..S
a.- W...- .U for Potto l to the signal corps. The tubes were J 2.
__. ... ...Total number of cases of .all kind o . ,es _ir ...h.

-- el t Two of the regiments are at Tamnpa. broughtto Tampa last night. and wilt fever-White, 78; colored,, SpU-o-sL. 0L.OS' I t the Rho'ell'peI-
Wa -" 7 July a.-f eaten- a third, the Florida regi- be charged at once. The vessel will o wc 1 h e called.a ytan rssvm l.I
'C0116 b.C, -i,-,-u-e- -whic1haventcaled
S' m verromNew n tk mentIto nt Ternandlna. but has been F to-morrow. This isei-ctaely r ti newi. tof t e ow :I
4 ,bae"* 1 Vt to W" so h and had a ordered back ton Tsm J. The Second Georgia boys are strong Probably aa good a show' o y C man. lavi MI s *O
Ms gra m to-day with Assist ant Tshen re ithe oas a been in separate in prale of their new camp site. They In the country can wtl-PW.ntit tlsosisi5i
A-r" Cartatn Boadord a d brigade, nbut it ts stated to-day that express the highest satisfaction with the effectively dIsproves i Mia a rIvatemIe of t16ee h i.. .p
l t- rso Dthe avy D_ they e to be brigded under command change of grounds. One of the men damaging reports wh mP ene-atlo of the arm t
*a"rtsem re.1t re to the raa of the of Geft t K0ne ane wif bhe et to as heard to express himself very forc- mies have been cTci ilip er aveldor more
0 iR olO tt so unde iM bTy- i av o the present camp as The Inapectors amre neb Jaow.. o rnunthant oDOtM t
eeod. hilil These will be the firt S southern troops compared to the reported experience of reliable men, and th*by d their w arytd..hs Is as
A l mn o wdth the rN- yet selected to go to m f rn the reg.ndh cs now camped sat Fernan- under the direction of Presient H. a''h f ts a
S C toaw r al i dina-s. ai the Georgian with many derson of the State Bowd of Hetl than a ei
t he d re- Wtomn Waiting, flowery additions: .i we have to stay who certifies that It was.-earectl y and t et es, t m i
0Tr"pecaia to a the Tritbne. in Florieda Tampa is good enough for properly dons. frtheTew rmlSAll
ame o (Washington. D. C., July M.-Pefer- the Georgia boys, now that we are The steanhip anita, owed by Capt mental as w'l aU s
__pEmaSi h, he t-e-. ring to the expedition of Commodore above high water mark, we have n0 James iRKay. of thts cty will il from gtd ther heh ,vf .., l
and Watasn to the oast of Spain, ecre- kick, except to be sent to the front. Port Tampa at daylight this morning -%
|]|t tary Long said to-night that there In One of the most accomodating.L affable for Santiago with Captai MeKajr a ad .
f-es nothtg sew in regard to the project. and accomplished gentlemen we have Major Hersey. of Rooseveltls ` g 'h
E ,.Is Is "im T i s It surely going?" he was asked, met recently I Capt. Harry Wright. of Riders on board. The ship will wry EgA
It Is waiting orders from the Prsq the Ninth infantry, located at Port a cargo consisting of the outldf of a [erg
Sa1toMWNL5t.'5'eS,., dea,' wa the reply Tampa City. CavpL Wright is 'every number of officers who ,ailed on lbs. "
__i_ 1 -BBovai he" dgSol| aryourf Long. however, noticeably inch a soldier, gentleman, and a scholar Shatter expedition, pad VU alo ,ales .' 5li. a
-Ehese s ofaAa dayor to te reatgrained from directly answering ques- and while he tkes a great pride In his twenty packers bdonging to the fi f- A M-,.
a aeo th lwr :tlon~. military affairs. and is smltten with this army corps. A small Howiltser will be
H^^.- 0Rao.Geoi. ."V -_ so- O section of tha state, he is exceedingly mounted on her forward deck for pro-
T -1 ,1 .-J G. o oes to Bwiaerl -d. anxious to go to the front Captain tection as she will saal aroan the
"'-." -" Wright said yesterday to the Tribune. ostern end of the Island of Cuba.
O.tt WuG. o t.* l Spcial to the ribune. I that the men and horses under his corn- ieat is the grief of Lel the
Vl( fawq Tiny See "". d. July -Don Ca the sand were in fine shape, and were pa- daughter of A. J. arris over the
-Olh petender, according to a d1- tiently waiting Instructlons to go for- of her parrot. Pet- The bird wam 'no-
patch front -ene t to the De yMaty ward. -t d
S hap h-riedly -started for rswitsora.lusuallylIntelligent.Adababe te
Mrs. Bemhel Fisher will remain here property of iUttle Mis e i 't
Orwntl4Ooigft. city this summer, instead of pending Yea family s and eatiran1Sghbor-
ms.J^ ^_.g Unmt .tointhe North'as usuL Te many hood feel the los of the aUsaltve pet.
diBsol s to the Tribune, friends and ,qoatses of Mr. and The Fiftu. Marylndi basA a
HgS ^ .0^emnen PRFV. July X-Genersl 3rs. Fisher wMll leam with deep regret soldir.sad &meathe
IFad his i'*1 Gi 116 MAI division, left this after- that the resonfor this is that during t hlgheed er.. tfeF ach t
.-- -mr night for P rte R on Sie tyi.their old obo, mke It ter snob geu
-., .. r es i d e n e t o t- t h e f u t u r e e a s .

cum as a wo''C .

st T

tw Of

ur snhips.
awat hitham




'f c an of means already applying to A Grateful Mothser Writes this Letter-
-i. b a in k oHawa t Tnll all shbot Her Troubles when
Rias, as well as Cuba. No doubt these
tIL ands re sent rich spoil for the op-' Baby Broke out with Scrofula Sores
Ieit, but the poor man, the middle class "At the age of two months, my baby
and the laboring population are not so began to havesortes break ounto hIseright
fortunately situated. Samuel Gompers, cheek. We used all the external ap-
b p bead of the American Federation of plications that we could i b. ,k or bear ot4
Labor, knew what be was about when to no s-il. The sore sprcd a.l over one
protesting, in the name of his great or- side of his face. We con ._red a physt-
ganisatlon against the imperial, mani- clan and tried his medi,?Ine. snd inaweek
fest destiny, coloningl program. There the ore was goo. a u to '0 sur.re oen
is no place for the American working it soe awesred on t r c art It
Lly andman In Chbs. Porto Rico, the Philip- grew wore ard woed no d Ia en s he wIt
... pines, the Ladrones or HawaL ew worand-or. ad he was
... The Pittburg Post truly says that three minth old. I r-:, bim
S. "they are overcrowded now with Ir.fer- Harood'arsia, and be. ;' .e tet, bo tle
lor and cheaperdraces. Then the climate Sas anilaed, t be scres wet'- t andbav
A Is against the white man, and going ne erreturnea. He is no. ', .-years old,
be t blW labor comes in competition buthe has never had an, -ig"i of those
I a with a degraded or servile type of cheap scrofulous sores sines he was cured by
S labor, which we have only recently been Hood's Sarsaparilla, tor which 1 'eel very
to e.- successful in excluding from our grateful. My boy owes I'-s good health
own country. If these islands should be and smooth, fair skin to r is great med-
annexed, as nL the ease of Hawall. It icine." MRS. S. S. WcocrN, Farming-
m ma will te for th" benefit of American cap- ton, Delaware. ict only Hood's.
Italsts and speculators, boas politicians 5 areomp. eent
and syndicates, who well know how to Hood's Pills y U, m os2Uc.
s l tilise this cheap labor and make It an
adjunct of their political and monetary -
power. the Hawaiian job is clearly of The orgtniiz.d bodies "unpa. the
w this character. It will be apparent Board of Trade the Clty Co-uncil and
soon as the fireworks are set off and other organizations sAnould make an ef-
S the smrke b clears." fort to retain what troops we have, and
i If our esteemed northern brethren at- encourage the officials to bring more
g. tempt to reconstruct the new territory, here. Tampa without any exagger-
fter conquest, on the line adopted at atlon, Is the healthiest city in Florida,
the Southo In SI. we will be sorry or and wth our ample facilities is perhaps
the natives, and the natives will have better prepared to satisfactorily care
cae to regretth that they ever revolted for them than any other place the
against Spain. I South. The scandalous and unjust re-
g ma. If our imperialists undertake to annex Ports circulated about the sanitary con-
Cuba or to hold It and govern it we will ditlon of this city should be officially
have to whip the Cubans after we get nipped In the bud by those invested with
soldier through with the Spanish, and we will the authority from the city, and the
find, as the Spaniards did. that govern- oner all c onern the beter it will be
dies we ing Cuba is a troublesome and expensiveor erd
job. Already the Imprilal press Is en- Sylvester Scovell and Richard Hard-
gaged In preparing the public mind for lng Davis are two of a kind. The for-
ny city annexation. It is busily employed in mer slapped General Shafter's face. and
S disrediting the Cubans and in charging was promptly arrested. Such Inflated
sepaer that they are incapable of governing gas bags whose chief stock in trade
the themselves. The Imperialist news- is monumental gall, should be left at
_ to papers have the appearance of all being home, and General 8hafter will no doubt
edited by the same man. They are all use his good offices to see that Mr.
singing the saipe spng from-one end of Scovell is relegated to the rear to pre-
revol- the United States to the other. vent a similar occurrence like the dis-

whole The mental condition of Spanish pris- graceful proceedings at Santiago.
owners Is one of continuous surprise.
Expecting instant death, and receiving Few people realize the enormous ea-
p.aMre naught but humane treatment, no doubt pense attached to running a newspaper.
hlat do they anarvel. On their return to Spain 'Besides paying high priced correspon-
rrank- the Spanish 'newspapers will probably dents fabulous salaries at the front, It
cease calling us "Yankee pigs." costs ninety cents per word for every
3Ibm- A report from the Klondike says word sent rom antiago or nearby
ed0themilliondol 4,gd dust has benPoints to the American press. Take
s ddollarom thrn gold dust has been i the New York Herald as anexample
t-stataed from the region to the United It very seldom contains less than two
S at news. w old have been very ex- thousand words daily frcm the front
ofd iP and not of ear go, buld to stir upt te talhs tolls on which alone amounts to $1,800.
id be American people now. The New York Tribune expressed the
It Is grSttlfyng to note the fact that hope that the census ot s0ie will be
the health of the people of Plorida is taken out of politics and that appoint
g". o& e ep idemic diseases of any ments of people to take and tabulate
p c aracter have appeared in any part of the figures will be selected for reasons
tSSS tate, and the outlook for the con- of competence and pecullar fltnes, It
tllancb of this ,.tftyl.s condition is Is a wild hope, a Utopian dream. We
encour.ging.--Galnesvle Sun. suggest-as compromises, that the offlaoe
Cam- and in the census of IMo0 be given to veter-
I.,or a-m. .ut now an of the wor of 18.
I*Ug. jocularly. but seriously: 'What would
b bre happened had the Oregon in its Now that the soldiers are to leave. the
faou'round-the-horn trip encounter- Board of Publio Works could make Tam-
ed Cervera's fleet?" Why, the Cbo'egohl p continue oht the road of progress
Swea have whipped the *hole Spanish ope y pavn the see o
SO'S adoS. the city where excavations are not nec-
t The Pars Figaro, speaking of Ameri- essary. Florida avenue could be paved
ean arms, said: "The Americans are during the summer months, and other
merely apprentices tin the art of war." thoroughttares equally as prominent
esing Blow, the Figaro should send a marked that are already graded could be put tIn
'sk opq ot that edition to Montodo, Cervera, thorough condition.
It I- and Toral, and then "swear off."
"The proposition to give Admiral Cer

ti ws Ladroue Islands and a big ullce of Ci- strung man he has been represented to
- _a-h, ______ be.

s behind'Geeral in his alleged Those merchants that continue to
ardent desire to continue the war. advertise in the Tribune year in and1
'le the year out, are the ones that have rea
a ba bargains to offer every day in the week.
a ,-u -i1 i l f 'S Try tans proper.

f fc efti 'Joy Commodore Schley has show his
h s mma is ability to dislodge Spanish shells, but
4ralsed l.' PO despite his agIlity he will flno It hard
hsy 1selo- to get out of the way of a college degree.

tl ofBI O WIth paved streets. Tampa will he
ae se of the most picturesque as well as the most
Cajlth ef the prosperous city in all Flofida. Let
wf Aethe good work begin at one-s

S It would be a good idea to transport
of te or. all of the American politicians to Cuba.
t at are di. and let them scramble for the loave
S s and fishes
T azs Admiral (Dewey is proceeding on
aUte rack proper lines if he intends to civilise the
SMPhilippines. He has made a requitsi-
ZZ t er tion for 60,000 pounds of soap.

d WMpibsw.beoe l 51ee S .Tabe When Yellow Jack struck Shatter in
helpmfte surprises her h= the rear there was nothing for him to
a w. aievksyst rt futl and do but fight the Spaniards in front o
l' -This a -f~ts compel them to surrender.

uire eor this 1mrr* It Is proposed in France t o tax "th
ed hi .Dr. Pierce's Fsevrte outowd signs of wealth." Such a, ta.
96ssowiNme. I5tsaid in al country would reach the hone
1, to it, dicovere ksetdria .amonds.

Prec- TrYellow ack will help Spain to hold
Soothe s Cuba un October, but Porto Rico 'will
Cs -.- pos-, be taken because the yellow .ever is not
." nat orne there.
B minmsm^tbTkSth .k If Gen. Fitzhugh Lee don't look ou
.es W sell it his zpilitary career In Cuba will end' be-
fore It begins, and Blanco will give Tdm
s1Wte a the laugh.

SBI e anxiety of other nations to have
i:'4Spaiwn sue for peace l dicates a dtlire
a0to hae qi anm gM the terrs.

it was said of the Spaniards nany
years before our -war with them began
that they are 'the easiest people in the
world to whip. but the hardest to con-
quer. The present altitude of Spain
seems to explain what this apparently
paradoxical expression means. Spain
has been whipped for some time. the
Job was easy enough; but she Is not yet
conquered and refuses to sue for peat-.
C; course Spain cannot now ,nter-
tain any hoi>pe of successfully opposing
the L'nitted States. Her navy might at
the first have afforded her some hope,
but with that destroyed she is greatly
outmatched and the longer the war is
protracted the greater will be her losses
Waving the dynastic necessities and
popular delusions that largely control
in Spain. this holding out must be due
to that Innate sturbborness which, ac-
cording to the old saying, makes the
Spaniards "hard to conquer."
But there really is no necessity that
Spain should be conquered, or, rather
that she be compelled to confess herself
conquered, in order that the United
States accomplish all that is desired in
the present war. We have destroyed
all that was effective of the Spanisl
navy we can destroy the remainder I
it comes within the range of our chips
We can in time compel the surrender of
all the troops Spain has in the West
Indies or the Philippines. When this
Is done, what will it matter to us
whether or not Spain acknowledge her
defeat? We will have accomplished all
we could desire and there will' be no
more Spaniards to fight unless we hunt
them down in their own country.
It may possibly be the policy of Spain
to abandon the colonies to their Late
and allow the Americans to take them
as best they can. It is Impossible for
Spain to reinforce her armies In the
colonies or even to communicate with
them. and the conduct of the war is.
therefore, not costing her any cash out-
lay. If the people of Spain can be kept
in ignorance of what is going on outside
of the country, the reigning dynasty can
best promote its interests by protrac-
ting the war. .
It was many years after all efforts to
subdue her revolted colonies had been
given over to Spain made by any for-
mal acknowledgment of their indepen-
dent existence. The obduracy of Span-
ish pride is something very remarkable
and it would not be surprising if no
appeal for peace should ever come from
that countLry.
Tampa Board of Trade has had a fin
opportunity to demonstrate its useful-
ness, but the Tribune is pained to state
that as yet it cannot see how it ha
ever benefitted the city a particle. A
proper move on the part of that organi-
zation would have had a big tendency
in keeping the troops here.
General Toral expresses the earnest
desire to be landed in Spain in accord-
ance withj/he terms of the Spanish msr-
render. This show him to be a brave
man, even if he did have to give p in a
hopeless cause. He is not afraid to
face the Ire of the home government.
The United States navy cannot point
with pride to a bountiful supply of
smokeless powder, but, on the other
hand, the United States navy has a
supply of the old-fashioned kind of
powder that does very well, thank you,

While the An'.erican soldiers were re-
membering the Maine It appears that
their Cubat allies devoted all their time
to remembering the menu.

Will Mr. Weyler kindly come out from
under the bureau and tell a waltlnlg
world Just what he would do under the

SGeneralMiles' proclamation in getting
Soff to Porto Rico was evidently pro-
Scrastination by accident and not by in-

With a glance of disdain in the direc-
tion of General Miles, the curbstone
critics are moving rapidly on to Porto

SDM You Take


through the winner P If so, we
are sure it quieted rour cough,
healed the rawness in your
throat, increased your weight,
gave you more color, and made
tou feel better in every way.
But perhaps your cough has
come back again, or you are get-
ting a little thin and pale.
Then, why not continue the
same helpful remedy right
through the summer? It will do
you as much good as when the
weather is cold.
Its persistent use will certainly
gv0e you a better ippeieand

It will cure your w Shn
weak throat, an&- heal
your inflamed lungs., g U
It wul cur every case II1
of con-s "po,- When 188


committed suicide by drownIg hbmsel NoC a b.W-t
No such catastrophes ever occurred in Cl Sia l
The boys had a nice outing over 'to me In
Fernandina, but they would rather .mt
camp in Tampa, and the war depart. MM, iVeON WII .
ment has ordered them bac& to this ict. y
All of the Santigo expeadttons wil ,r
depart from Tamp ,. .A.


dm wRu1M345RW '
-;he .77.7-27-W~



The Augsunta Chr3 w& paieLtsi<
to educate their daughters to know
someth ings besides ~ ayla few Ltune
on the piano. smattering a few senten- t iS
ces of badly pronounced French. and n l p
drawing a few crayon pictures under .M
the superintendence of a teacher. Wh.ch
they are never able to duplicate when -PO l l,"
they get home, and for whtch latter n- h
ability you are general profound tiaak- for is-3 S 4,
ful. This is a utilarlan age, an& ltre em', Gu E t6g .
whether It be to our liking or not, many
a young woman must take up life's RW "
burdens and responsibilities as though Ov TA A
ehe were & man. .
GIrls should learn how to cook. aew t lea'-e ft4e
and do housework. Then If it shall be
her fortune to marry a deserving man, c b to* .h M
her accomplUshmenta will be valuable to rI 27'hii. s
her whether he be rich or poor. If he the vo ter.o tIWO
is rich. her practical knowledge of
housekeeping will 'enable her to super- FOR CL B J F
Intend he work of her servants IneUl- I heresby
gently, and to know when It Is properly t I
done. It will enable her to instruct her botigG e y
servants so that after awhile they will
be a comfort Instead of a worry to her. WfHI .
On the other hand, If he is a poor mpan, POR T" ^l
her knowledge will enable her to I hereby asu t Mp
aid him in getting ahead and In making date for rs-M*esAi -.
his home life a source of happiness and
comfort. vetlO. -
Under no clrcun atannc can her pac- _
tical knowledge go amws, ano whether -, '
dependent on her own exertions or.
blessed with a competency, she will find
It a source of happtiness. .S
AS TO WBWAMD&. 'Wtee-fltasss. ARCO
Public appreciation Is very shadowy. long. -The work eun.
It is here to-day and there to-morrow, 'of the tcvmsi )"i
The Idol In one hour Is forgotten the andit B wi WIM l H1W ,
next. At least he may be, and often Is, another IsaWge treriSa
and the government, like the people, W. A. Gaftiua.UmH bheftan
has a short memory. 'the men who wiiFte 1w feet
have risked their lives for their country for sersnoe IngAboet tW4
in the last few months and who in s0, teer s eauga' .se
doing have especially distinguished luanbus by partes p m,
themselves should be rewarded at once. thm beleig .*40Lt bs.
No good can come of delay. ime re- Dmon Car atrifl
ward have already been given out, but ready to eip o4pb
in some of the most notable instance the throne.of the tM.t
of military heroism the mater of re- r is a
-ward is in abeyance. The reward toe dies appre "
Hobson remains to be decided upon; v L t
and 8hatter is yet to be rewarded Cad they d bee -- t 1
Sampeon, Schley, and the Captan 0of The 'aeai'. 1
the Santiago feet have not received h ave >t as yet esppWj
high honors. These honors should be yellow feverif *t hs
awarded as soon as possible.
A local paper a few days ago said hat jor the rsethrWl r hooW
PFranklin street could be Axed Sor 6 ctve veIn -.
If it cost tea times 6 It shoid be re-
paired at once, and the Tribune hope W t i
to see the "powers that be" have th -
prominent thoroughfare pst in g9od f b .
condition at once. Its. parent dilag- o '" i
dated condMon is a refectim onl ..
on the city government. but on the I We
tdllgence and business sagacity of the for any ae
entire citUsenahp of Tampa. Let It cured by-
be repaired at once. F. ;. IJC21
Three regiments now a Fernandlna "j. ag e s'.t a *bt
have been ordered back to Tampa, and beliw 'hll iib-i
the boys wil be glad to return to their busini tran bsams
salubrious and pIcturesque camptIt t eserY '-
grounds. Tampa welcomes them mcst'l,&

Water melons will be excluded treo F.
the markets after to-day. $. wise 0EsPW*gt'^ l
move. They have created more sAk- diwpti'5i
ness In this city this year than all the onu s st. . J
ran and slush combined. Oi-iawfrser "'
A soldier was so disappointed with -
Fernandina as a camping site, that he TA .. :N

4rn rR cum

th FLtA I s tla st luadin ai the imam o Oil r Ir l. .. t

Beaten in a Naval Engagement Off Nipe Bay
While Watson is Bombarding San The Commaader in-ChM .e .Moteaode Bo S pb
Juau, Schley Win be lft in Conn T. thursday Last. by a Unpeimn,, Vote O*_.qr nI.. o- p ,n i
man of the3locading t tinguished SoMldera moto jam,." t
Around the Cuban Coast With Lmportnt fom 0" %m
rirrc rinirWtn hI oaT Otmoee T.[ f I
Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. S eal to the
Washington. July 21.-IL is reported ir rAtlanta, Ga., July 21.-At to-dayi's se- to-day 4lvei a I"
to-night that the administration has silon of the Eighth annual re-union of e s -a
decided to detach Admiral Sampson the Confederate Veterans. the folloiwtng piLS f r 5
from command at Santiago, and place resolution was offered by General ifteroft.for i
him in charge of the Eastern Squadrn resolution was oered by General enoo o r
&which is about to start for the coast Many Spaniards Were Killed, Vessels Sunk and Mines Guarding Stephen D. Lee and adopted by a unant.- oT he ips
of Spain to destroy commerce and bom- mous vote of the Veterans: Dixoe, iotesster,
bard the titles.
Commodore Watson will be left in :the Harbor Successfully Exploded. "Whereas, The United 'States oC ULadn amd-
cn-mm-Pd ot the North Atlantic squad- America is at present engaged in a .waf* bo fd
roan, and will be put In charge of the with Spain in the Interest of human I a.
chps going t Ban Juan, a orto Rico, to liberty, and s tefte lt t
S o"f thle ta other ort- Special to the Tribune. I will operate against the fortifications "Whereas, our c.mrades and our sons lear of theA o Uf
C1ommooe, of thye o te nd.1 Key West, July 3.-The details have San Juanwhen he investment of e ers of that gio Army to
osmand of the bkadng squadron smade. Navy, the achievements of which are ti
oc ow tie eurunpdeohe nca nferce naval engagement which occurredI A soon as the entire army arrives at sao ecitng the vender of lmanIn
*NO nownow enttrnl theurroundsthe wonder state that L:-
og e CItwial. s t Thursday. The accounts of the battle the point of debarkation, near agrdo, Therefore be it a the
Nf reason is assigned for this change show it to have been one of the most, the march toward San Juan will be be- "Resolved. that we, the avivo of a p %ad .I
itn program, and while it has not yet fierce of the war. Actuingunder oredes gun, wiT h the navy making such demon- the United Confederate Vet anspledge Po- r His e na

i Selt ed r he Es er sq ou- bomebanrdm t took possession of the tion of his artlierists at the fortifica- c-tIcal a tions, to support the Preel- UM M B-

There wi il ta no ch ran j aprbovi and Santia ghe Spanteh tun boat f a-tianeo and Destroy or Conat cate. t v as many delegates p Joined c the deofpo- I
S Itwilelecosted otheEser & hrbor as a base of operations t or the tions to repel the a ault of the Anieri- dent of the United States a comman- oles ne the
k. to Rican campaign atn troops. d o m an ae t i
h n e the Oregon, Maaehetder-in-chlet of our Am andnAeItIs ................
S ihe the Ti'one ans uhs ae vessels engage ed in the bombard- until an honorable oeame h been co- t o-da l tht t
0Yankee, Dixie and Yosemite. until an honoraemt s e o n- to-da i
trulantis, x e uad aoTem inte as. ment weie the Topeka, the Annlapols. C B W DIAPO D. quered from the enemy.- ma from 'I ".
the imtentLp to ultimately Intease the Wasp and the Leyden. B There was the wildest asnthrLasm bute that he =e.
the squadronhas. ordo-no at een rga ue oh erbor of Nipe Bay was found to place nor olndi the nete anal -,B on Generallo t
aunts probabilities are i e e t o the when this resolu lon was presented, and th
sa d proenLet tmoae ta mt the sunrete forte at the entrance of the They Epected to enter the City of t he twenty-thousand visitors end equa- o tt a were mmt t o.
S r nmet to have aOsecond ndanhe pa gueboa
squtidrouzoiloe that under Admiral harbor and sank the Sp anigish n ot~ nd Destroy or ConfaLte. n as many .delegates, joined In the dem- Y ftr d1 a eIn
ftsimpeon's command wilt be adhered to. Jorge Juan. onstration.o dition shorted will he V
As may armored ships can be Te Spanish riflemen on the hills were The session to-day was devoted stric- gated, and the blaml e
ared from the blockading line will be scattered and killed, and were driven Special to the Tribune tiynto business. The election of l*lngs
used in the naval campan against from s ti ghan eer a July 22.--General Gawciahas cersa resulted ias follows n o-.
Rco~o oo au er the guns of the Spanh letter to General after, which was General Johno B. Gordon. for com-, non1
reRico. e .orts and fortifications were silenced, printed here ths afternoon says that mander-in-chief, re-elected on the first
TEEe ouLs are ae. the Spanish flags were hauled down the Cubans are disappointed at not be- ballot by a unanimous vote amid great _ns.
S VtoA. d nBite Sad run ue. lg permitted to occupy the city of San- d..re d te t t
e tao t -e w.t--T.....aahe a o te of the ii aish vessels sunke was tSage. They expected thabu the Ameri- General Stephen D Lee. for cont- T
Old e t a g a rio fund to be a Spanish gun boat of 1,100 cans would do the sting and then meander of the Department of Te
Timfa tr anw nlh5tgor oav horse power, and carried a crew -f 120 turn over to them every city captured. i %-.I
The n or g twithdourawalof ttles Cuba n vai un- see.nSpecials--toothe o tr
Udmnu An a; MlnA1tg men- She w rs .cruiser in model, hut The withdrawal ofere Cuban olun- General W. L- Gabell. for commander Special to the T.b L
-r ene Knca ;had never been entirely completed. teers means that the Cubans will n of the Department of the Tran-Mas-/ W-ashg 3sl .
StreiLr lto the Tribune. A majority of the crw of the vessels longer co-cperate Mwit the Americans at sippi a of m lecaown o her eg
Atisisas July -The Eighthan a ri tbers, whowere e to-day have been serenely Acay general Wade Hampton. for comman- a case of B yellow tee In &-et
bean, begaion In tlls cty1 t2 o-d.te shaving the pemawras and Amereian Waiting for Particulars. LouisvIlle, Ky., was selected as thestto-day id

lVetera nnsbegan Inthiscity-, to-da care es aa d t ae ywhs seaehte b e the. d eo
(usnerni Joana,. Gardon,I t wrgia. 1t ho, erb o io place for holding the next a re- Surgeon General of tollft ,
W de r-n -haefL is inid over be well mined,. da two of the mines Special to he Tribune. -a u Iersth t ciesroft
0 1 5 L l e n were exploded by the first vessels to en- Key W est, Juy 23.-The ritlish battle of Manassas, oreruarl R tn. hTe ,- .mrto tm -a
eAe Larze opesnt vCtbne atep n- ter the o harbor. steamer Regulus, -of about A,500 tons morrow will be the anniversary of tho'"The oerne of anxiety 41a
ea t rae tprentu lwthe O thae eptrnC One ot these mines was about 0 burden was captured to-day while at- battle of Atlansita. and will be appro,- was at licHeory. M .NwbDfal.
andWaes Hamton. Amn, g teph Wreler yards of the Topeka s bow, and the other tempting to run the blockade by the priately celebrated.i a r-
.rni.mWtare ton- er o tehen m.oat L was about 200 Wyards from her port quar- United states axhilsiary gun boat Hawk, The grand parade of the Old Vetera~ ... ...i e er. ."
steintare General StephenX). Lee, ter. Au the imps came out they came nineteen miles from Sa Iuatrnd i s ood forward to with muc h 'or ao lo g ti
0,1u tr con toack with-a mineT oati on them psr ovince of Santa Sages La r i ui which For aIlong faP f rm
n,nun --e r in conac wath-a mi e floating on the province of a Clara. lr She had interest, wld take place to-morrrow. but I am now" co deit
s-s.si, General Charles Hooker, s race of the water. landed her cargo -at Saguq La Grande Various social functions given by the no yellow feeer the*_ sI
, ne orator'. tle s y, .i.iiI and wasO coming out when taken. The citizens of Atlanta In honor of the Vets- noe. '
reSS. tm.eer; i Sj.JL1,,teo hn. caut o SAPS S ON VS. b'-TE'P .6 Hawk signaled by her minegaphone and cans, too placn tbe-ight
mea erm tuxmte iepa"m. J B.,cet ULt tIure- informed her she was a prisoner for at- In the course of his speech, Generalr o n ort nM o nre hee 1t .
-:L- er t -utempting to run the blockade. Her Gordon eo-dayasaidcpoint Of anzxety. Tbhe mi
(tSrteal hu bt it. Smye. cuamanler- Admiral Claims the Merchant Vesse", commander made no protest, and En- "What is the inst ,eetng. these tpculay suiacius cs, .
vsers.e "tinea I. o.t luger. au e Ala in the iaredbor of Santigo. ignSchofeld was placed n boet wth Confederate pageants? Are They dueosn tmti (is.I ct w11- Wl W
ems., -the oldest Con.eura. geinol -- a prize crew to take charge of her. itue to any covert or sinister aims, or in the'..... ,them -,
ifrigadier tueneral Asbury Coward Of Special oe Tribune was brought ere to-day. The captured remotest degree to self-eeskinT? 'Their edre e -. tve 1s.
boat hailed from 9t. John's, New open sessions andi pubitehed proceefinigshl .'h He ear the c '1n
veterans, and" .Santiago. July .1--The question has iBrn eiLwot
'.w thousan veteran and U- arisen etweoen the army aun navy uli-I h ,twl c lg o-g
X t as to the dipositio to be made spect, urnish-the answer. Do these T esmy tra p A
l S my victors are o the city._ "Bound for Porto Rico. reunions,' and popular deinonStral.titn.
The- aseeft gs are being hedi In the of the half a dozen large Spanish mer- whi. atendthem0dra1thir4isot
audlttra atPd t Itark Tle chant steamers whtlch were in the har- Inispattenytm w irego ir-s a sum "
featUre Of the eserolees to-day wass the bor of Santiago at the time of the sur- Special to the Tribune. lon from any suggtion of diloyalty i t end a e
speech. air General ltookei.4o sitaeae- render. Chickaenauga National Park, July 23. to either of the tremesndus o results of g bat. neaessry nfl, i'
"UpPL. He. Ra Admiral Sampson arrived in the -General Brooke and staff left' here the war-the freedom of the saive or the iatonj.--
enoarly all of ihe sponpais have ar- city to-day on the Vixen, and claimed this afternoon os a special train to New- eternal unity of the republic? The, pro- d.
rted. AmMOng shot are: M.ss Mary the steamers were prizes g0 the nav). port. News. From there they go to tection of the negro by Southern courts,
BS Senmn Xe- KcstuenL 'k M Jennst. .He also was desirous of placing prize Porto Rico on the expedition which his reliance for security upon southern TIS SHK "M
'esger, SslssainaVi; afnum idyl Jett. '1.X- crews on board of them. Generate b0haf- leaves there to-morrow. The train sentiment. and his education through "
add Ma 3m-nt -la ter, however, refused to recognize A carrying the party was composed of two white taation in Southern school the fir-D. D ummer, .tue Essd.
IMJonnson. "Veneasee; Mies An,.,rI ....rLI sampson's cialims. He declared Pullman sleepers and two baggage sa the eonth aoewcta to t first .
Dkltron Len Is, West Virgiftia. ., steamers, with everything else tn coaches. To the second loyalty to a Perpetual Sap. O fZo P Aysg "
.Al inthe onuorm Ion" tne Sons of baidago had surrendered to nim. The The departure of General Brooke union of" the States, an\d to the honor -. It...
(2onisdeato Veterans'have arrussoc, asIC .. _stion. apparently, is still undecided. leaves Major General J. F. Wade in and glory of the republic, t. South h The folio gt nM "j
,eaam q* tnelr eponsor-tnM-cn.ef. Lt At any rate. the Admiral returned to command of camp Thomas. been conuintuily answering since the
-beolfvul Xss Delle StripgLel-,w ot his flagasbip without having dlitributed close of the OYil War; bd she is an@- the Thies.Union .and V .IO
Aft Jnns. ta. are at t Aragoon. prise crews among the merchantmen. wering to-day, by the presence and and h d st at r
F". Dsghttetk 61 the Cis iederacy are and the latter are still in possession of prowess of her heroicesons at the front lv: -

,-ts' 0etoo will go far toward wr taken early it prevents consumption. . --.
orwardBy.by corpodeawta
;taskngup for the heavy expense of the And in ater tuages it furnishes prompt night an the
:jwC, to, H. onsq at. Our flag CHICKAXAUGA CPltscMAI. W C
t.,to B the Unit State1. Our Sag I think DeWItt's Witc Htav2i Salve reief. 1.B. Le.nardi. file anything
is the finest preparation on hb e ,re a.Brad. of 'I h.
f.o" """ or pis.l & enites Jokn tl. Dun r. o( Mrs. J. y. James and children, left At Leas Two Dvisons Will be Oi-, service, who afllea aigE
(- at v SAe Z D. wbeeale. Va. TryIt nd you wllton Heghts s ng hiat i lr towaesp. e v fi d rod r to on te t ote twith M' .
tink-the in.eo n alhoa nr l' n time in Bartw, they will visit i iOcala,-7e Wester o B

e c.aasanb. roo a nd16 henietoNew tolremaonSpecialothe Tribune. who was the
Secovered by the and all skin daisrea-. i. Lrn u and teenfext l. New yr remain ehickamaua Naiertloal Park, July 2. headquarters In

&VI. M 'hre Pertr G. W all so-Tharte is no longer-aley -doubt that have both gone 'to J
.%..Mrs. Perry G. Wall and her son. of camp tomas Is going- to furnish I Capt.. Bradyc
Tampa, reached Tallahassee a fewM Oas bThousenl of persons have been cured t sgn
t'" -*t o ele large force of troope o for the Porto Rico late with the Pre
t 1e.4e ago 'to spend some tIme with Mte. of piles by uning DeWitt's Witch Hazen expedition. The details cannot be had first, for the spit-tof
Iaaiutgd by .Adm z Sampson, to Wall's parents. Adjutant General and lIaie N.It heals promptlyeand eures dto-nigt, but is sate rt say that two atethe seepo laceofte
olusi the e of the elna-lMerce- Mrs. Patric4t Houston, at their delight- eczema and all skinodiseases.nit gives divisions and piobabyues of the Firtest
t e aCorps -will ,be ordered out_ cers. and the --m -a Nv
e Itithat the" 411s e"hlnahlYf tl home on Houston Heights. east of immediate relief. S. B. LeonardL The following organizations were to- that came under-the
" he rasd added to the American the city.-Tallaasseearte. .ew- cothe on
szavy. er w have been recovered Mr. J. Newson eRolemus. of New Or- dy placedu t oet recovr er d
_)W. 00 Iowa. The editor of the EveCity, Pa. Globe leans, is in che city, representing a pert News, from 'which point they' will" Long befor t..,
T o e t wholesale grocery house. fie is -alSO embark for oierto Bc t-Brady thoatbeo
-' 3 M writes One Minute Cough Cdte as agent of the Cuban junta, and well-TheScond'brigade of 1t-found
rightly named. It cured my ctudmee kuoon in insurgent circles, sons, First. Curios, Fconsi stin- of the like the
r othr na medIescaie d rowFourth Pennsyivanla. Fourth Ohio. "d Capt. Brady
after all otherremediessfaaled."It ,-_r" 'ofBiflnr-

ling eye and vigorous digestion, ptakea O ennsylvani A of Mi s ouri.; Af Wh i xe eSe lo s
He^"S r Work.B troubles Snolnd by SP. PH. C eo aPrickly Ash Bitters. It putsn thea sys- I iois; and the 7lwnty-svevnth n *dJ-t-
Mhe barber shop and bath room at t1iL tem In perfect order. Sold by &3. B ana Battery the at Cu.to-ps under ro coy.m1 '
TFankin street Is doing a mnagnificent Leonardi & Co. Majo r G .dfrt Rs. m pPJ;e the.bs
JulyreSaar Cot-ps,eunder jor I &m tlo542.
business. and is rapidly working UP a Mrs. C. MH.Knott and her Interesting Reseorve Amrtn~vee Comyd aT.e" un e-rshhed no
-A 'ee 5 i nlruc to i erlo han ddos e trade. lt is centrally located little daughter, Clara Belle, arrived In Major Fra es oyd l g.
"* nWn 91m ,, in itosp0ovi and equipped with all modern concen- town on Wednesday froemTampt. TheyThat tohoe will all go, t ayIthere Isheby
iOt es are visiting 'rs.J A. Tiehenor.-Lees- than likely that a larger-orce than in asupn
lao p ov IRd e y leno burg Commercial will be started by that tine, tw Im to
w a and en l h vntntthe Ichief o-sanee ooer. anCsislam O
tb 46 Ins- ed moat sr seas The occasional helps your staying qualittesL Workers sste qa4rtermaster,a dl In
'~e-~tb~l.~ Of p -A~nk B, ure who use it occasonally stand the heat had seemed the never. aimt oi
and regularity In all Ga vital he and are loe algued at night equinping iwe F lesi. MLts.h l

Duri the ahsncb of Mesrs. The many fie ids of M issary Wall to t hte TrdCOmtps. Ift"q- wool
Bros&=..ofGahe as.Steam aun- will hbe de lIhted to know that shedifew,-dd s- =mit- w 2 111 "t
Ap -W tedop ularI Mnatito. oisoters. .1q While 5he has been quite.sicklL

qua4Wed for the position. .. -
.... -.X- 2

Z".M Jgfteerni N 5 .a 3 5tf- would have escaped the blockading real understanding of the altation in morning and lt *
wein qualifrl I to rea ~the subiectJ squadron. They had sreaterespeed than which they are placed. times the drilling and
t ehnicaIZ, a well :is "- m a ommn any of the American vessels except the But there is another element in the be done. Men coufl pertno daty i
sense point of v*w. led in a vry en r- 'Brooklyn and had they been equally matter, which the government at Wash- at those hours a not be too nMt .
I..fn gctle protr*L 'n wh, the I1es %.,Qu-1 manned and managed, the fighting ca- ingtonr cannot allow itself either to ig- tiguod to perform e oftesar'4y
CohU nr-Ii. papers o- *he? country have- v.r& gr~n- paclty of each was greater than here. nore or to belittle. The possibility of in camp work. The hetth!esit st '
erally joined. It was only because the Slanish vessels bringing the war to an end in a short are the best troops, andit to th o
I-^- .o Every naval power in the world has were In bad condition and unskillfully time depends not only upon the vigor terest of all commadersto exert
Op t Post- increased the standard of speed for bat- handled that they didn't escape, and with which it s carried on. but also, and selvs to keep tr men realty
tieships to 17 or 19 knots, and there are this incident alone is sufficient proo it may be in an even greater measure ready for duty. A emmar wh '
a- 1a 5 m now more than fifty foreign battleshis that our navy needs faster ships upper. the inducements which Spain mayr men are pihd ap in hospital ismt-t -s- y aiih
,j 0. afloat or under construction that are In the strategy of naval warfare speed have t.. -r.-ent to an early suabmlssio no use to the cou -nrv, -nt a l.-rden st,0W
aB SUBCRIPTIO. faster than any similar ship In the is often necessarily of the highest ad- If our demands at the start are as great it."
kw111 American Navy, while fully the -qual vantage and our navy will be essentially as we could possibly make them after a
gWh ....... ........ 5 *..... of our ships in other particplara. defective i1--we have no fast armored long and bloody struggle, which would PROPER PRBOAUTIONS
Bm.. ..........2 S This deficit in our navy will not be ship-. give Spain the satisfaction of having Tanpa will cCmpare favorably with
, .. ............... remedied by any of the five new bat- If we can make use of the Teresa and inflicted upon us losses from which we the hea est tieetthe Soth, helt t5? t t
| B'A *dDITnON P tieships now approaching completion. the Colon this defect will be in some have 'hitherto been almost exempt, comes to facts and figures, and those te tf ltate
Snone of them having a greater speed measure remedied, but it does seem ilke Spain cannot be expected to give in un- that are so ready to misrepreset this
Wo l p-bl a-. a than 16 knots, and it seems to be a great rank folly that the new ships whose tii she has played out her game. If we city are invited to read the following andg ejBrlt i
2 WIis Psqnsssd to oversight that the three new vessels. the construction is soon to be put under take the view-and this is the current from the Brunswick Times, one of the i th at-.
imnan wt~fs keels for which 'have not been laid. contract should be of the slow-going American view-that Spain should ac- foremost papers in South Georgia, a P, tsh n -M
B 0 '5W, Ia o w should also be of the fow going variety. kind. knowledge herself defeated. in order to paper that is noted for itsltsicretion and aSM the
6 = s ia t i A recent Washington dispatch in the ABOUT HASTENING PEACE spare the unnecessary effusion of more sound Judgment on all matters of pub- ected b.
Ne York Times quoted "high naval of- ai wil not easily bring herself to blood, it is not incumbent upon uS to lic concern. The Times sagm "The be neasr. 1 *
" otira sohed appir. ficlals" as justfying this action on the hold out to Spain the reward of saving Ti takes Uttleto the repor T. J. t
T," *: l following grounds: sue for peace on terms involving great from the wr eck of the war something so Industriously circulated by ceetalw of lrlt i tb.
t .g 5 5 ..AtLaAsLoans in consequence of the limited depth of lose and humillation;yet she cannot have which we should extort from her as the newspaper correspondents as to a, the th,.ge t .
S. O water in most of the harbors on the peace except on such terms. The Uni- persistence in the strule? nerou co t now re-
ted States desi r cost of her persistence In the struggle?dangerous santy condtion now pr'- s nesa a
American coast, it has come to be an ted tates desre to bring th We shall doubtless be able to bring in in
unwritten law of naval construction in an end as speedily as possible and theSpain to her knees in the end by sheer South have more to commend them to
pst auing ia'rnyaTh this country that the draft of the lar- prblet confronting the Government at force alone; but the struggle will be a public oonfdence than the coming me-
J CflhaorMMAII. est of our warships, in their normal Washington is how Spain can belong one, the cost of i t heavy, ad the tropolls of South Florida, and the most
ESA M.U.Me,& 5S condition. shall not exceed twenty-four brought to ask for it so soon, and to ac- Justfcaation of it exceedingly dIScult, sper&-elal examinatilo of Its mortuary
of alMlen Coounty. feet. ~ost of the big battleships of cept our conditions if we adopt an altitude of arrogant ex- record for the past few yeas will ouf- C
SEuropean .navt draw twenty-seven In regard to this problem. there is one action, and refuse to bring to the aid ae to indicate the healthfulness of t e
ia polling for 'tkmpa? if not. aid pne-half feet. Depth is a most im- point upon which there Is. we believe, of force the resources of reason. town. 5Pl51 Ki-t.
portant factor in Increasing displace- no difference of opinion anywhere. To As a matter of fact the death rate of el illhs.v,
t regiment will return to ment, and as it is limited in this coun- bring the war to a close, to bring Spain RCHING IN THE SUN Tampa is far below that of the average
w,1t4yd amtry by the shallowness of our harbors to a true realization of her position it- Florida town, and, If the result has been ATTO Y
to twenty-four feet, Increased displace- to first of all necessary-just as neces- -The Jacksonville Metropolis very ap- brought about in time eacei sd ATO
tr J .ae ll e bstabht the ment must be sought in eitsier length or scary to-day as It was before Torals sur propriately says: "Drilling men in the under ordinary c ods_ It Is only .
kVsWWAizd atSft nguetune on rTA Mt.%o-h
at neon breadth or both. render to push the war with unrelenting southern camps in the beat of the day fa to uppose theat ti aeaed vgi-
SIn designing a battleship of more ltan vigor. Spain must be made to feel that during the present month as produced lance of Tampa's wide awake and pro-
of thb 'd lawyers will be 12,000"tons displacement with the draft its continuance means blow after blow, considerable sickness among soldiers, gressive citizens under existing iracm- W ALL
t o g Wb hout new suits limited to twenty-four feet, the in- as severe as those which overtook suc- A little discretion should be exercised tances will prove sutifcient to meet AM
creased. volume, if gained by lengthen- cessively Montoja. and Cervera. and as wel a authority. Saturday, the any emergency that may- arise. i '-
w..WVI6a .demands all the Ing would result in a vessel of too great Toral. Whether it be San Juan in Second and Third Wisconsin and the In oeur judgment, the danger ot dis- Nist o ikBu
Sblo"g to men without ue- length for efficiency, Increasing the Porto Rico. or Cadiz or Barcelona in rixteenth Pennsylvania, somewhat ease In the Gutf states may this year K. O P
,-"f the"WVices. weight of defensive material and re- Spain which are next to be attacked, heavily accoutered, were marched in be reduced to a minlmutt by endorsing.
make strange duc her handiness n squadron evo- preparations for the task must be the scorchin u Just for exer-ise and' the protest already made by Dr. Porter, -
.MI forcibly demonstrated Utions. If the beam alone be In-p pushed with undiminished vigor; and to accustom th-m to service. state health officer of Florida, a nast
vefio. creased, the vessel would be too wide for the grim determination of this country, As a result nearly a hundreJ men were the transportation of wounded holders -
nI r many of our docks, and would afford an as well as its great resources in men and prostrated and many made aick. The from Cuba tlrougih Florida and Georgia.. iK I lAftt IrM
s A a race horim neas and highly unsatisfactory gun ships and money and above all l *war- ex Iencies of the times as not such as This dangerous practice was supposed
t people behind him ptor like ability and courage. must be to demand that men heavily clal and. some time since to have been discontin- -- -.
SIcramble t s further held by many naval au- d onstrated with et.--kn.reeasing accountered othould be subjected to dxil.- ued, but from recent development, t Is'
Short- red thorities to be extremely doubtful emphasis for the enlightenment of the ing or marching in the hot sun. One evident that military invalids are still
'... .lsmssa. am others whether a higher speed of sixteen knots Spanish government and the Spanish of the things most desired of our troops passing through both states on their. A't..|M4
l f tl v up thB- ingBap s.lB an hour- would prove of practical value people In the course of time. their is good health, and It cannot: be expec- way from the front; and the protest
ibash <'-Z-. har "i' knew to a heavy fighting ship. For steaming el-es must be opened, by such an ex- ted to be maintained if men are unduly against this dangerous practice cast On~ose iI
t# 1e Heib i dthe long distances such a speed could be perience as this will give them, to a exercised in the sun. I. the early hardly be too general or too vigorous."
45a flsvgt tMlstaib with tesed, and no squadron ever maneuvered
or was any naval battle ever bought at
-. .4 e ga sa that "thes as high a rate of speed as that.
Pi sf latrto The Engineering News shows very
coroners Jury and conclusively the fallacy of these argu- "'i
.I I eI nrid -t m ents. I says that there are now only
.we! W .notna caotpe a limited number of ports on the At-
lantic and Gulf coast which vessels
ahth dra wing 2 feet can enter, it would.
therefore, not make any material differ-
ence if there were some of our war vesV ictim s
sels, drawing 26 feet. It argues furtl-er .

i^ i .' ?- berth at the Nortokk yard, some dredg-
.i .... b r ass l 'would se nedegsary for a vessel of HorribleasaretheconditionswhichContagiousBloodPoisonproduetheef- -
7 twe -saixs feet draft or more; but I the t of the treatment universally prescribed by the doctor are even more dread-
Uied Sards can aford t spend as ful than the disease itself. Hoping to counteract the poison already in the blood,.
at.'it lsa'h B grlda many million dollars as it proposes to g they fill their patient with mercury and potash, the most' owerful mineral '
"" b e ltllac'iou as spend upon new shplls, i ca. afford poisons. But these drugs do not cure the disease; they only dve in the outward -
i w h T whatever may be needed to dredge me appear bottling up the poison in the system, where it pursues ita dehtroative at Bawt Road
yditittothe channels leading ro it principal nava .work unchecked. Besides doing the disease no good, mercury and potash dot -., .
s t e hunt- stations. For that matter, it our ar- the system irreparable harm, causing the bones to ache and stiffen---often the .. ; .7
B Yr v .m w nu would h necessary for avessehair will fall by the handful, and when these drugs are taken as long as the ef
toe It bad est battlesnip can reach the four. sfa doctors require it. theo fineer-nails will drop off, and a complete wrea k od the boI H
thad to. .retire. ions named above, we do not see that system results. Thie i no overcdrawn picture, for the world is to-day full of
:bl-n i se was rls ey need any further accomodrtion, n these hobbleug mercuival wrecks.

-U a botl"t eyes Let us turn next to the ma&-ter of l- --
a a shirt .and dock accomodatlon. At present h i 1- I was afflicted with Blood Poison, and the best doctors did ne 3 C1e s
lit l ak- have jua three docks on the Atl nt no good, though I took their treatment faithfully. In fact, I - -
toast,which can take in battleships of \ seemed to get worse all the while. I took almost every so-called
i-.e (*%. i lood remedy, but they did not seem to reach the disease, and Bondd. tOkS Ci
I"' the dimensions now proposed 1(cludtg r. 0 1ad no effect whatever. I was disheartened, for it seemed that o t
... <-. the Port Royal and Iague sland c-, 1 would never be cured. Upon the advice of a friend L took ;ro
i e Ute'unant win eh-are inacceaable to our present -S. S., and began to improve. I continued the medicine, and. ought a
l -- o~ o p nit cured me completely, building up my health and increasing Carri
o-3S1 ,a battleships by renaoh of shallow wa:er.) my appetite. Although this was ten years ago, I have never
vhi-0re- Congress has just appropri ated thae yet had a sign of the disease to r E S oturn..
Wi. R. Nowx&n-q, Staunton Va. -W-L oeia
eat- tndasCor five npyw ocks. We luiow c uite orderson hatslemnase
of no reson why th,!sosstr.tci.ures .emes ,
S no reason hy t trctures I had a severe cace of Blood Poison, and was doctored con- we8 4
t. -' should not be made wide enough to s otally by several good physicians, but instead of doing me any poa
S"dtrk-' 'take in whatever size of battleship the good, their mercury and potash only aggravated my trouble ed o.
'- and made me worse. Besides ruining my digestion, these min- also hrep-'
S t'of -e lasens of national defense makes it eals settled in my bones, causing all the joints to che and stif- tmtt :' -
s" | 7.y wisafer. us to btd. fen. I decided to try S. S. S., and it proved to be the right rem- By or m Tt
e re stops to think of t edy, for it forced the poison out of my system and cured me .n D l
permanentlyl. It is lbhe only cure for this dreadful disease.Wsa, a
_?__ s ig- ees the declaration that JAeDSt W. BaOWw, / esed, UedaO
a tweter-, rot e and asinx- KMurfreesboro, Tenn.A" WWI
e a a pma t ult It is like self-dfstrnotion to take the physicians' treat.-
tI .. ue.sps. other sauons may. mrent for Contagious Blood Poison; their record with the 9 t
datr-pkemea teen knots disease is.ample proof of this. Those who continue to Sm ...
tfri How long islle .1 themselves with potash and mercury are forging their own chains and .--- tow
-da'-int. Are w Is coustinue w-"ia akesd. Swiftf Specific (S S. 8,) is the only cure, because it a o
S anerWhhe only correct principle-,that of oi out wy parytieal of the prison,
pe_ and forever.ridding the system of it. No other remedy can do this, beea they
t ve getbSek d 'ne Thon.and Dollar will be paid for Dt, i- ."
pa-tile of po -s., mercu.y. or any other mine.al. D 't. S..

~i' .,.IL~ r~-

1, i


W .T. AsLer. A. T. Sitmh, GA. Han- ad 3 a
aI. -.J. Stepheus. C. Boulware, C. M Whereas, we have solemnly announ-
Kiett. ced to the world that we have no inten-
Oftiral AlTen Thmnaa moved the tlon of annexing the Island of Cuba to u I
adopiton of the majority report. the United States: and
iJudge G. B. Spartman moved as a Whereas, war at best. s unchristian- TdiO F Sutl tg i IS h Do-
J subs. tute thar the minority report be like, demoralizing In Its tendencies and
m3a.d e adopted a drain upon all the resources of the ti1BB 1t Bil o ej Weon.
Judge Sparkman made a statement in country. Therefore be It Resolved.
Esu n pport of his motioncharging that that when the declared objects of the
tour well known RepbUblcans voted In. present war are accomplished It will 1 IS JOHN JIAB AST R
the primary meeting, and voted for their become the duty of the government to
bi t~LTn a j, & Wer delegation. He submitted affl- grant peace on terms. of course, just to The Colonel Wiahes to Come shore,
- T .davits in support of this charge, giving this government and honorable to our but e is D
f names, etc. -He declared that without' people; and that In the adjustment of
S these four votes, the Wright ticket such terms of peace, Cuba should be left ported Newspaper Corres-
ia ft 'Won, .would have been elected by a vote of 61 free by this government, and untram- pondents-Scovel is There.
to 48 In favor of the Weir delegation. I meled by our army and navy. to estab-
To this charge General Allan Thomas: lish by the free atlon of her people a The seam hp Aranas, of the Morgan
of bboroughresponded, contending that the Demo- free and independent government of lne. one of tIm Government transports,
8 a-e ohD l yestr- crat e party should admit all who de- their-own. arrived from Santiago Monday might.
'fo!Xllow t candi- sire to come into Its ranks and swell Resolved further, that the democracy and is now in quarantine at the Mullet
Pr. by te eople of its strength. He did not deny that the of Hillsborough County will support the Key sta r. n onboard is Colonel Joh
mbt- tour men in qgestlon voted for the Wetr administration in all Its efforts to con- Sylvester Scoral and other newspaper
tiket, bat he contended that they were duct the present war to an early, honor correspondents who were banished fr:m
Rtdi. C. MeaMl- not epubtleans. The men named were able and satisfactory iesue. Cuba through Shafter's orders.
I Colonel Juan Jacob Astor has been
e pde wrhltcomb. Martin Sparrow, John Resolved further, that It would be am making ever effort to secure a modsi-
B. Anderson and Charles Howard. All act of bad faith on the part of our gov- cation of the quarantine regulations, so
S were declared to be Republicans or Pop- ernrt. and a blot upon civilization as to permit u his coming to Tampa,
an a re' ., either directly or in-....... and proceeding to Washington with the
S.O u s for a result, either dity mr rtant apat hes that he has frop
S rt o veral delegates argued In favor of direct of the war to annix the Island general Shafter. So ar the colonel haa
I -' one side or the other, and the result ofCuba to the United States, and thus been unsuccessful, and is still detained
o wag 3 votes for the mtnerity report, to rob the Cubans of that free and in with the deported newspaper correspon-
S sa : S votes against the minority report, dependent government for which they dent oGlennard the Marine sptalur.
W l 2. Ts geated ie Wright delegation amid have fought so long. geon, and Dr. Echmendia, the State
ip"lJtse t& 1. &S r The following was also Introduced by Quarantine officer, have declared posi-
MCI' I R antiantvely that not a man Will be aod i
ia i ~b. n tej rary organlation~Bwas made Judge Spaman and adopted: lteav the t They m ay t hat thed t a
S hLML wMhlmim. .mt" o ad the nomination of "Whereas the public opinion In the. several qea of slckness on board the
JI. Ojl t" e ty oilers was taken up. Candl- United States is turning to the belief Aranas. and while none of the cases
L.: a X th Learfltu re wre then that the present war ws endangering the dwei any way suspicious, they will
" ,_f5Un. S" pd ate ds feethe Legislature .... that the .the fences and the vessel wilt have
S iol i f ollows:. American ntmo tutons, and It appears tano aes an the eelion da e
Te oG~,i, bn a o.as tfol.lows: A-r- to nunergo the usual detention and will
rnm r.. Toumn o P mt CUty was nomi- to have been promoted for the benefit then .have t e toeumlgated and disnm-
S -i ateD. y Judge W. 9 Graham. 'of the Republican party and a tew spec- fected before she can enter port.
S L Wd ofat Cty wanoml- lators without proper and sufficient he nations of the tte uaan-
t ed r PL Citye a causeW, be let- tins requires that the vessel he d-_talaed
hated by Judge W. A. Cancer a sufficent Jeagth of time to make ten
..I. A D=m C. MCMi of Clerwatji. was. "Resolved. by the Democrats of HIUs- days from the time she left Santiago.
tL.. ot. c,~pd rby Judge B. LSparkaan. borough County, Florida, duly assem- The collector of customs has steel tnat
a 4. a.. m.Uited -, e reflt was the nomination of Hon. bled In convention on this 27th day of If Colonel Astor or any one else succeed
Wo addDir..H a oc)"In getting away from the a hip, he wil
"I-? '0 weDr t C. ascullen. by a unanimpu s vote July, 1898, that the delegates of this be seat rorsa n naer guard, and prose-
ib -l e n Uthe irs ballot.e On the amu branot' count* to the State convention to be cuted for attemuing to vlodate the
L ', L ..tt. tWe Wler rcelved 44 votes and Youn re-' brid In the city of Orlando on the 3rd quarantine Lt .
Wse I-r e i l o d A ,tire State are deeDly interested in the
I On the second ballot Yo'ung received proualte a resolution by which the anti- outcome o' thin case, for if tn.o uvern.
H mi- -i teB-,0 1-I votes, and Wilder 45 1- votes. Im nerialllm system of government bel ment otfceis suoceea ian se-urIng a
4tnsto- The nl sourte r ir 1 senur ee
,. ~ 4 e On the third ballot Young received 36 Included In the National Democratic moflcaton o te q en
S-. H .votes and WUderreceived 50 votes. platform of tshi grand United States a e pl aeo In the re iatlon
c aned Canebe PIared In theo beeg omne h
M a led fourth ballot was then taken and of America" Colonel Astor has ent several messa-
r.aaf .tm secre- Young received 23 votes to Wllder's 63 Judge Sparkman also Introduced the gee to tne \var Departioent stating toe
S e^ votes. Wilder having received the ne- following, which was adopted without situaton asrlon B oa upon tyh te eopie
t e l e r t h e rup.ofIFi w "IthGeo Stesin arive h s, It is aid, even
l em ary two thirds, was declared the debate and the then atd- mane thieats tut all h as Des n i 110
oat u'ssl otai t nominee of the convention for the L ogls- Journed sine die: av ana l nie is a,-.l virtmGlyol a prlspner.
S.. latae. "Resolved, that we re-affirm and en- l' n mI"ti.. y hu.htriiei here .r.- a oitL
Sfi 0 cor-n Nominations or county treasurer. dome the princlpfes enunciated in the I and spp ing tc quai lat.nel Astor wil
SeWL-d to were declared to be In order, and thei'platrm adopted by the National Uemo-nt sucn a nurv1, ,t ho,., ..d nt :n.. on
is.y5kh 5sCe- ,narm of te present treasurer, LS. Gld- cratlc convention at Chicago In 1898. and a'steamer up tue Aol til' Instast or
-dens, was presented by Judge Spark- pledge the Democracy of Hilsborough l ifr g to te newiUL paper men on
coSInty rrPrin o L -ewsaper men oh u
umans. Thii ias received With cheers county to their support' b tiura. to t i I n .ae, .ewY orK Her-
I s u"ani e and isvplaus, and the nomination of It was exactly six o'cloc-k when the alo ut -Oonda, na Use lu110bing frum
Sr Giddens was by acclim.atIon chairman armounced the convenUon ad- IUS antiagu coriesponoent:
Fortxasss'- soroere were two candi- ourned. "t the ,c 0 a nyivester Scovel. .ho
.was exprAe t(t e ) General aIiSatr. ir was
O i ~ sdui e S~imate Ivy Register was nominated by urcrAUnit Statmo militaevr again Pardte
al-. N. 1e O TP Jt, o . HERE .......... ....... .
'T. A. Blvenis and sparman was 'nte t military lines or board
'asL'nlte- -a \ ar ships.
Gib tdim. 5 by Fred ayeru.dThereewas Wall Pleased With theeport IILe tMire auui na umenrexpelledywere
a sharp contest over this office, anl u Wal Pleed W h e Iport and usgrave. Thre
S eIght'bhaots were taken before either -- Fiom Tampa. ioieAdu st Sanuagu Monday night to
"- didekte secured the necessary Lwo- upen a busuneas once, with s.0N u Joor-
1MU . The -hrds vote. On the first ballot the From Ashevllle. (N. C.) Ctlizen. naJa and colored posters showing the
r udge J. B. Wall Tampa, who is. rthe am c with dead sailors
vote stood s Begter to foro tingpast. scrpton t the
- ve w spending the summer here, has natur-I top read, "'emeber the Maine," and
1kunn, t e b cpar wman vote ings ally watched with Interest the story tu at the bottom 'another. "Buy the Join'-
couned to the tour city wartts Oemt the "ect'that yeoifee te ail th
an -' te. A t n. the e 1,' S Dtsetu No. 6; I, in Dstrict o. a e was o "oAat i soon as General Shafter saw the
S5 j;; 4 In 'DI$lct o. L2, and 13 tn District0 1. 3. PS Ee1s he .i, a detail of soldiers t
-O 'i -"'*- N _o. w n te ...-ased by -the announcement In the arrest LhvUur alJ men and seize their
.;:. " : ws "' *e < rinn.g _the %". -York Herald of the 1st that the Paraphernalia. TBe correspondents
S" s twre was no uange during the ec- untrue There are malarial. w'ere paced under guard over night In
". o h ,Tan e raire yata The nest day Gen-
Snd third ballots, but In the surt nTn. Thenextdyd r Tn-
S. the otein District Na d phoid o.ver t Tampweare but o eral Safter himself saw them placed
rom Reg-er to parma on board the saran.as, with Scovel.
.... : "- "*" 1 fr e"! to B rma-F. Judge Wall.- who has become a eham- "Ln sending them Into exile General
j:-', l was'the frst brek and until the pion of INorth Carolina by his yearly Shafter expressed himself In vigorous
'--.-end S'tIe 5.i.bt bliot the Sgkirtio vlsi to 'Asheville, resents the false-
'i t fth blnot Spafortn had 47 of all states In furnishing Its quota
!-lh i O.T h eto t a lute ball Ing that this state is the most backward "P a Roig
-i votes and sl 0 tter l votte. OnO th of men for the war. J Ndge Wall served ittelal to the Tribune.
j ^-',,.- / it5 t belie IIa m had e 8 votes and in the uonfederate army when a youth ad J 2
h 1 b b of ti, and he knows that the men of adrid, July 2f.--There woas a big
.uikas St vdotes.o Ont the seventh hal North Carolina .are made of the true- rise .in prices here to-day on the Boure
-l5 "C ,: tot there e anot-tor big cha e, and stuff. He says that hIts brother, who Spanish securities took a big boom. This
"..r .- n re'evetlff vo tes to egimser's was an officer in the Confederate army., is looked opn as denoting great con-
I^^.M '|i l Perr ballot told him that if it were possible toOdau er eotis h G -
award the palm of bravery to any one ldence that peace between Spain and
"iQ-Si "s i nSpariim n reoelvn 63a votes miate, It should go to the men ol Northl the Unalted Staes wll soon be oenclu-
oio a"" ister U votes. Mr. Sparkman C'arohca--the Tar Heels. ded. ,
,B ...... C~'"i'slaredr to he Cte nominee of the A CIt I ENJtal d
" e e fce of county tax ollec:r The pleasant flavor, gentle action. ano General John B. Gordon. the noaed
thename of'M.'3r. MclluUen the present soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, oehet Georgian. will arrive here this morning
.1[i hi .a eiseetor was presented by In need of a laxative and if tne lathe in.. Atlal..t, accompanied by his
Perry C. Wall and tbe nomitltion was or mother be costive or bililoun, the daughter. The0" come to visit the Gen-
---~ by B" acclimation most gratifying results eomlos in n, ;eral' Ohs o iohu I... mqiber of the ktc.-
md r for Clerk of the Cri-ninal Court of no that- It Is the best family remedy cod Georgia rmglment.

tbe 1 accltma~to 1 mornia Fig Sup C i Captain Eoan Roberts, r.aster, arrived
Three embers of the Conty Boadr Port Taa erterdayfrom t.
*gi of Poubl Inatrqctlon wert then nol- Mayor Armistead of S:. Petrbr Luca. West Inde.
SOaMed, ad the lrcky ones were Perry brought his little foureen year old son
for t ic hfl.i fe h trict, NO. 1: dC B Walk er Keith Armistead over yesterday
for School Diatrict No. 2 and will send him to Virginia this morn-
agh So.iervllbi for School dis ing to recuperate among the mountains '
mgyIc illSo .8 Mess Wa. l al and Spark of that salubrious and hospitable state.
a ,ye0re tlminated b arccllmanti.n The little man wiFll mre the trip bys
.Mre threec4nmdidk. for Distr t himself.
a. cHugh SmeHsr R.. R J .J ot-
o gJ. Wi npisscn. The ron was be- FORECLOSURE 01 IOR-ITTG 1G
A al~ed when the ases of Morgan in the Circuit Court for Hillsboro l
%BMoWla aamsa ^were withdrawn County, Flcrl&a, Tb ThYb City
t]~ u 1r.se r iaervie was nominated Buiidir4 s& Loan Aalociatiorn, a c r-
J .potation, vs. Edward D_ Gill~tt and
'Uary 1! :lillett-Froreltomure if
9ittese ile te$ ujgqft ag a mepnber mortgage,
i ar of ty Commissioners, Under atd by virtue c*f a decree of
&eMas aeneiber of that Boa-rd forelosun e cf mortgage, r-ndared c the
hendday ofJuly, A .D.'Zi", by the Hot,
a eQ.he wt lheve "_to enter 1arroun Philips Judge of the Circu t
ne. Of the office to which e Court ot the Sixth Judicial circuit of the i
State of Ftooda. in and fur H isblrough
OLd.7-..- Counity, In chancery, In favor of the,
-. T etre4- s o .the Ybor Ut Buskdlg and Loan Assoca-
O& | _-,wATl%+I candle timn, ra t=don. and against Edward itr
SD.GlIe and Mary Glliett, I wIll sell CURATIN DAY MIIE
"AL at public outcry in front of the court
y haen ,--r in the city of Tampa. in sI Will be witnetsed with -a great
adste05bd ca @%Mntyane ta e Within te iegal hours
e-at.- e, m the Sth day ot eptember, A. deal more co fort. if you pro
tv w pawe n Ike pcy.u tthe esme heing the rst ond viable yurself with a ,stylish and
-pe .i opa n fo fth, for cash to the
a t and best bidder, a. 1 light weight Summer.Suit for
theS, tDwing lota. pice5 O the day. We have .snappy and
equt o i sou ,mlr m id 5tbte nobby effeet for men of taste
'L4 ,I~, J and described as folow to- se paSern i ohevo nd
V. Ut Vwso blisk sevesistY-x of Thar
= a to the mar of m. r- fatcy worsted sits, stylish
UL the honk of plte number asnbe0 memre and worsteds, for all
..- of the records of .
a 0 n*5 th totn5er qa s SM d al sizfi of Imen a. d
amS avvurfne as a oys.

D'EW Y ...

Keep the Newest Line of
FURNITURE in the city?

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Maas = Brotf


********* ,****;*i,

S-4-.CAPITAL $100.oW00. 0..
Largest capital of any bank south oJac sooskmAet O
business. Evdry acconimodatLfn consistent: itWMR
banking granted. Have rpod acu .
for making collections at all peoautia -.-'
the United States.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS: J0o. N, C. N toek o0.t bed J.
Manrra. Sepo Meyers, Zi&a King, C L. Jones, P4te O0
and I. S. Craft. .
... ..- P ,
SHOPPING BY MAIL. Etablished PreswetLueagtl i6

Importers and Retailers of


Mail Order Doa
We have regular organized department
vision of one of the firm for this branch of onr-.- t
at a distance can send for samples and& may
any order entrusted to us filled with the .a pr
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Bacon's Advertiser" coatais prie it-
Goods mailed freeon .appliQa ..ttoo .


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....... ..n.T.If liMrI A QUEER BUTLFIGHT.


panni Huntred and Fitypps. -Iglia n Crel Alleged prpt hh Fr
te seventh ndiana, wich aos been o
I'o ian a.. .jcn'w t o M ANY M EN Sippll .. M ..ILEO MEX.IC A E.., + . F ro
Ipl- ri. tteY u redT here or several lae thd e Atdircre Screamn ith Do- Thi
se vere unexpectedly withdrawn Ught and Shower the audily Dresed
X.a ..d o&.ae.ed to, Join Its regi- TA -I+ trd-WithFavors, apat
of- SHORE netel Omy a few days ago the men MANY MEMN C TO MILES .. w atP
S w'e'e toltw to make themselves comfort. -cotdd t there n aDt
aeatewudralg I coot. rdrd that there were no "new F'e
e, abu:they .would probably get thirtyoy, among 'Wash
Son B a rations next ime. A number o Second orgia regiment Will omen" in Mexico-that i t y, among
t"m h nea tmoAred Aetrr tents, anRd eadi the natives. ",But," said my friends tls- Th
ts RSp.ae mfinonenThiseCdtY-Tbfodua. eoepbsntly, "you come with us to the saile
i y-: P -- ot~er troops were an extent here to guard to PenaHndina Hima Been b l.fcht next Sunday and see whether ago,
.. bthe water it see t to confirm the rumor d tcic ,.rv. or not before making such wild Vera
jO i oIBavIea. that thi part of the state is to be Temporarily Stopped. staten .-.s.. You'll find that Mexico is, if by t
h. p oabndoned s a camp. | anything, ahead of your Anglo-Saxon wuint
'ne jeteater Tarpon took on a load of races in the matter of 'new women.'" Wet
'* ]DSl, ice ~romthe f it. o t etersburg tactory last From Sunday's Daily. Therefore I went. seer
p Meles bark i-Ami-. ThurIday for Santiago. The Porto Rico expedition which has hut
mi t'ha igeerqae 5sti n we hme 'of oRev. L HV. aid t hwa been loading at Port Tampa for the The Oecaln was the debut of ta cu
shooti aoaayt h andrabigco
-thr as a saddened i week by the arrival or a past ten days is at last under way, the drills of lady bulfighter and a big msd Ten
". l~k tcP t ~bi oltttl daughter. last transport having sailed at ten had congregated out at the Bucrell bll then
'" -- _A MCloud, camMer for the St. Peters- o'clock last night. ring to see the fair senoritat Eery on to la
W'tt hrB has lea with is wife or a The chief cause of delay in getting was on tiptoe of expectation until the la- terint
5tke ihi~ eSeviIdtT tho horat Carol ina this expedition started has been the re- dies entered for the prormnades and lod wreci
ru P aoo to worhe careanac -
S of- tem 'Mrs. William Lake of Bartow has celpt of contradictory orders from' wa the applause when they did appear, Key
belat os far been paying aweei's visit to her siser. Washington. and the failure to provide certainly quite fetching in their tore ro one
WH- 'rs leadenan~ d her parentslt P enough ships to carry the troops desig- eostumea They are rather pretty, all suffer
i te' a bMrn Van Vorhis t. n ated. Instead o six thousand troops niah, and the eomblnatso of colors thin
6,0L The lodowia n delegates are hoself sailing from here the entire expedition ehad selected woe a etainly all that Of on
Tam nenon A. Ros which sailed did not carry more than auth
Ssap the Bosrnan. i a. Hills, and T. urt four thousand. No eava ry was carried could be desired. ra a o
t.t-Bn1- I T o- T lum Hi M srapdal died Tm nr sand no volunteer Infantry.At. the start offametos q prtty work t oPu
aso a ,Rore asnd the znrsar services were conducted The steamahip Decatur H. Miller, Ar- with the caps was done by I ]iO and y The
'.0 I -wtth beer T:d aornine at his country h4ine kadia, Florlda and Whitney sWiled dur- Angelita, the object otheI atten_ be; notil
e l lng the day, and the large troop ship ing a frisky loulng bull The ;rdwd ikLed Cilec
S Mohawk,. bought from the Atlantic this work id applauded the senorite to kee
210-.' Trasport line, sailed last night. The loudly. Attar that Angellta very bravely order
S KIDNGwHT ]l c freet five ships carried eight batteries o Lkneld In the ring and challenged the bu lane,
-- .l ashil lery with e wagon trains and sup- At this every one yelled and applauded. tv iGe
thie i l oois ~ rpe it ar toi pies, and the flevedth United Stat he nd paye t e "ana"w an i he
bI i tot irnfcantry. The Mohawk carried there. n- ahand played the "s hs over and
W r and also carried about five hundred men the peous shrieked "Brmvo, tavo, An the I
St e ws a vy s g afra trains. Between de the l p arrled pa ol thread ame ewaln into the
Swa ey shooting ara horses and mules. This is the lar- so at th
Sb, wn resulted inwOUndng est number of troops, and theient next a elame the. btndril l, Id oel,
rs idIJKiN ta i -nm rroS esucapen to several cargo ever carried on a a singe-llP from Asgeilt and OHl. a I sup- of tie
-amt m5otntey na e s Porte TaRmepa WhiO e the ships aOrried pse, to te mfact that a wroons aim h is on
l S T vessel woegroehng. h c all of the artIllery that coiuid he gotten never Whrt It should be, in eversase Juden
0 -t _Jo sis r Tw retegrote beloaa r to their pt ca- on board, there are still left here fifteen 'o t on the ,.oderillas Twen vide at and b
0;sz" -TV"-abs wtahered toe bar, ik ftoir he-to car loads of five and seven-inch riflest ln iae. nthr e do a
mW1WV ou s b ad four whi sodierthema kin fact, the little o etels seemed going
Iwp'on s advs lntd four whaquity, pol ttiers who weir The expedition did not wben tb as- to regard it in the light of a frollc and l 4
te advoto tat social fctuality, putting tLeir a u me the proportions origially in-d flsked around in the happiest manner, th 4u
tAo2ie rt satotended. All on the regular and volun- The picado were eliminated, sad so The
STmI. o oampanied their on and tehr cavalry, and the volunteer infantry the next thing to the bnderllas was the and
t wh o Tne accmawne d wac m left behind. I killlngl Every ne was en the qul vive tor tl
-5 with t ae Mgi that was o nt.ended F. The steamship Port Victor, recently I s Angellta took the sword, determined The o
hta viin g t? e ds F purchased and fitted up as a refrigera-. and calm. She wore a beautiful oombnr were
e wi ans-me ~~mbe, r e .of S the Secondor ship, sailed yesterday for Sa tiago tlion of pple sad silver and lookedvery" cuyto
i 'id'i an se-mlemier ow t secon wrthe a, cargo of fresh meats and pro-r" ed. ae.u.
two, 46M l Indeerd l.}mk Fisa aboy. He .. fo.y eAnd asessIOA
1i-for phyaleal di He visions for General Shafter's army. She prety a- For ou t for .nt sa
'w -,SlIanding near the hegroes, and alshn e eeve.al others andr quad se or w a her might, butthe i de
"b te nero made such a sweeping ofmen who are underaofers drs to on naughty little bull refused to be touched main
^ ^ ^ i ^tthe spra on the t i their regmrents now with Shafter. He frisked about wldly and madedivers pdecidn
e r -The movement of troops from 'lampa alarming butts at Angelits in reply to baher her
w pwstold 2hichrge nd, The v upo ofn too ops frna ndn an I Ok t d
Tewep on was discharged usec to Fernandlna, came to an abrupt halt attntlors with the sword. Twice she wsa Wh
wP rh the negroes took to -ther beels yesterday afternoon just as the Second 'bunted" and rolled in the damt of the twelve
SQuinn gave as and the w te Georgia volunteer infantry wa embark- ing, and had it not been for I male ta- peo
rymma oVened hre on him as he res ric
i 6t1 teLd tl .I W. K. leland o ade ng ontbie train. Te ewagone and bog- ar who was in the ring to astir, Alige- little
no00 w.K. no- ra u nni F.Segage had been loaded, and the men were lotq might havegot brown quite .in-jlee ing ci
~~c~t,~ L~~ri t CitY; tho. b runeiat 'm e p . w at the depot, when an order came oun- of the tor. Ar iss, no harm wa den, in hls
Sbew thesloPo, n door wad oneofthe tern ending the order for removal and exep to sthe bill, who received seratches Am-
llu~b g neir4thte'oon dbalr, amnd one of orddng the regiment to go Into camp and cets from th gelils s rword until be Am
reai tfho e d w white soldlees revolver on "-ampa Heighte where the regulars 5ees fro m Angelist sword until ha ger
d water truck m in the rfht leg ut above were originally camped. Colonel Brown fsthavewondered what sortf mat adors ert
Srn t the ankle, the bullet lodg g in the thecommander of the Georgia regiment, had hold of him. No doatb it was a had v
Swtm (Nom; maone stwer arop e n, an crthre does not understand the meaning of the much of a surprise to him s any one "m order
a s sdmin whchto. tco ntv eyed ime order, nor does any one ele, unless it when the fair torera finally did touch the her c
ail, where T.oe mWake oth neans that mote transports will be sent vital spot, and the poor little too rnlled the A
'that ,th erT the ,were e ty _erfO hnn here, nd the infantry regiments orgil- overdead .ecur
SCrso-i deet frote rnall boame i an on- ly ordered sent to Fprtandlna, wtll Again the aldienoes hrloked and stamap-
was,-K was exomttf'ront. a bame Inded be sent from here to Pdrto Rico. ed and bravoed, and more dollars and state
#ot a With the Hooting, and an effort The transport Morgan is stl here. flowers and spools of thread tum bled down ginal
will, ,^ to sent tooe ttoo wi th sup-
m.de -rq to arrest the oiers who he will be sent to Santiago withe a sp- i t the fair Angelita's white alippered feet. The
shiie wate ronernqd in the affair plies And Capt James McKay, the con-he tripped about fr4? side-to sidei-bow- of thi
-1,- 'a a l modore of Shafuter's lieet of transports S lped about frm sidein sdt how- e of t
S" atnda SOth i will go on her. He arrived here yen- lg with hands on her heart to the o Mand tracts
:@ i/ IIZ ..terday, having reached the States on e to theomb, It was rather iny exper
V Pwlt- Bh, a Daiy the leneca to e a woman upreariousloy applaudedee
&Wo. WI. &', Y. fothe"Srecafor work thst a Mae wold liov been tarily
Co lonel tard Duffy, and othero011- b l .uu r h d and booted for, but It toh to show ti.
k q ~ ~tyomth New or r- othe lnntegalluntity of the Mexicanl people lsab
a_* i hm rtim nment jt their n, .......in two am
t r0 cr'it~~r A GRcer night compl- fl ainTh ..t next bull cain in, snd agI tWe~t~
o thenesd niget compa-fthe girlstensed him with the p iny
'S ent-ary.atyeoi aof rt mcnts wa. s r can p small bottle of Rais Great Die- spap work. In this they do very welL In
uqa sed e patr lc socia ,event and over auus all Kidney. ann ti4ador $be4cloak playthere Is no"silm" required, on
*-4lpresitt thorZbily enjoyed them- teousle. iumovd gayvelc, urs Dia- and I really ts not diffileultl; for fe oint Stoma
ier m.OM drum, corps of atthe New bands.., All you have ga to do is to flap chew
gfthelb 44 w the cloak atte tee e if hbe, get too0"a
r:t fumrnu musthed te' music wJrka rhetn ..tta, .and. a" itre uturtl- nar to you for omtft dodge brakly be- Shake
and U-pgn w ast "g.ellent, tln of the Kldaneye and "aow, "u o oti blad a harrier. Bat the grlc amenoatl i the
p incuding as it did s5 and0M speede. e-men women. Regulamt wadder teespa, work without seoldpnu. d t
.5 finar lt* se of the intelletulia a emus It not sld b7y w'Thes hnderil work with this se nd digeo
an the. cl treot ba4 the renderlhg bt "wYa e sTh bdella worn wh i th is teeor-d
lbkd*"' by the Flovtda band and your druggIst will he sent mha in tohat .n e soot as badSAMA eui"-% e-- sis-a
.' 5y the Mew Te drum cocos. retsim of so.- One assoaautsf Is two. anti een the good natered asudense cupid dhe.
'ti. ho -s panlesd Ban ea was sung month's treatment and wlt car au not keep f rom s g eseug Feor sy, lpe, I digest
t, n .ee ea above mesuonbtd LwHal groaned for the boll They abed at klan gently
c tdeStep Shot P. O. Box W ameq, fs a light 0o haf Id. Out os the two bantlee. Ords
i. --i..~ -. gold by 8. 8; 1oMIY & CO.., q ima they rametlm plated one, sad then food I
C the grlt wouldh.ruab of and hew and stoma

f~ko~tOi 'cloch ti@'Noo day evening. that I have beene rue ofl Rtan dumfoundedandttiety at sma bolkoowf' tie.
Ptfrnn&.oof Fl-eTlrst Mary- an diasded troubles by Mail's Geat what It L meant
w l r a rW i.e si.- Again Asgeltits wIe emlied upra ton 5a.k ,Mr.
h t b t. iE- ty- r commend it. the sword and kill the torn. With Span- tatiga
i v L. ) FIWS5 lib grate she bowed and htou d and Port
-'The. weapon w "t dis- CHAMPION SHOT 0? ThE wOlIw. motions asd them +doe the frat whackit
.g-ehawghd, Slid the bal etutk Captain at the little bal She shoed, frm a o noe offce 1
ooghg'' hone. Tbhe wondeiL man Miss' Annie Oalkey wrptte" -Mynaet dIstne, at the eerk atuwally the sword
qeq~k d to Chie HarriWs hoUtoo hesmiuyof theuBut lW tt, Wetto tooktheanima strl~ht the etb. ihe K. t
eew. k e d toa Chief Harris' heouar0s. many ofe then BusleP Bill Wild t bull went for- her, head down, born out write
wher -he-wi anam Outi ne recovers. Co. harve given ,Alle5i' feet ese t and evidently with the idea of doing kuno- Hasre
ug cJkpLkM is attending, him, 5J50 Srn powder to ehake into te au a most def, It ths man bullfighter, ]1 Negrl- It pur
... ."i~i _sfeoron t one reretn the th u gtth trial, and it does al if no to, had not heen in the ring just then, no 1 a

'e ., is I4B"Isnt attendance on Captain takes the sting out of cornsamnd bun Angelimt hstoig lost hewsword. IttookAo

ar at-pari an( no oe coul do more than .., A .n Foot.Eaut to at cean to go time bo et oe utt smoienuy A
yea- he Us doi4n for his wounded friend' on Aens Foot-Ea s a t smoothed down to give him another throut,
EI S t cclort. cure for hot, aching, nerves or sweat which took himb in the neck, near enough MA
lag feet Sold by all- ruists and to the vital spt to tumble him. But be
ij- W TO I;OOK OO D. swoe stores, "S. -ample sent tree. Ad was by no means doe for, and It was
Geo leek: seeeay mo;re -n sn drems Alien S. Olmsted, L Ry, N. Y. only after some sharp werk that the little Grazi
GoWd ok are eaD more an S bull gave up theAhbost and stretebed bite- Aguj
1m e, de'eadieg -eatirety on a -healthy NO 'UIUotsn PAT. self out on the sand. The decorated white Drum
tt-,citsea of ad the vital organs. It -m- lesdragged him oat a moment after
h tUvetr Itlactive, yo have a tlilM e. That I, the way all druggets MeHt amid the plauditss of the crowd," to join -
loki t ar tf our ta ch it disordered, you Grover's Tasteless ChtM Tonrt tbr Ma- his compare outside n the corral, whence *
Bpe' loo yok: u yer kidsn aria. Chills and Fever. It s simply next day would be sold aloebeetteaka and_
B M a iffOIated..you haTe a. pnhed look. iron and QuuIlne t a ta atesse form. Thethd bull wa brought in, and thel
4- oocltnk and youwill0 surely 'ilree love. a a Iit prefer to p wok oomm d again, but we did -t,
to -d~o-u-4he 'Eectric BI i s tte r nauseaQing to01.5 dw* not stop longer. I admitted that the mow,
d a etnernetve and tonic Actsit teo dl- 'new women"of the tited Statesh w re

WhoJ2'16"w t.rnfta the blood' cures pimnples. blotc- and cowardly women of M-eico.-Sa .ryi.i
ea an4bS and tves gaod compleion- curei Chils anCd Fever; lts on the liver Fen"ce Arsonaut ou B
i "Every# eteS gnaranteet Sold. at S. and regulates the system generally. All
.Mtap.&-- RrLoardra8 idrag store. it PcetS per Druggist. On Word. ,,Os .cu
'M -" A certain trrepresaible bore had a for-
124.0"-. .ou TTO CUREw A hOtiL IT'ON DAY. mola which he always used when it was
K .^ of, u dco haovrt e sis ptn -- sough to put him off and spare the ob-
sH^- e Su ?of notafeor and safSrJatldT- Take Laative Brome Quintne Tab-. )es ot b his attentions the trouble of an
'ansio: i- s.-a^ g 'n Aiag If you es A druggist re und the money interview wth him:
Y OUt ave "i Ageslt which .means e tt fital t J- w., "But I sure you I want but one word
T a st T hi may be the be- with him-only one word l"
ay daero dteseas-e MALARION IS. EMDORS-D rY BESTr He called on eon a celebrated lawyer.
|B^il to take it in hand at once PHYSICIANS. The lawyer's caark met him very solemn-
Digesttiptetr h et tve Cow,- e ly with thb remark:
~ M 7 V h.at .ta t iddlgeston and guaranteed to cure Chilts. Fever "Why, haven't you beard Mr. died
e h. ul pain and and A.ue. 'Al druggets, or fr nl ghtw out wh
l8 wori He had got rds out whec a "'
t itAnfI!1 MnSt- oft-Wct. Drug Co., St. Louis. tHeaplcanlyigo
does1 z.the m apUoliant was saying oeneillangly: ..
.the. diin r~r bd.ter- A letter received from N. ,T. Blake. But I aaessu you I want but one wrd
ttos.ad ismw.nt-t proprietor of Ge Swetwa4ter papts wit hian-only one wordl"-Youth's
"~ Iighl bs.41t HoteL at Ltthla Springs i., announces C'ji"U e
-naskee I~On that among the Proannteut guests of that 5cSS. seas.
thi e Soel popular resort Is MC. Hobson. the a .Dt dyou e "s ... a .ai
B11 tDe mother of UeutenauOst Richari P. tob- shoDd, wut b t
..o49t the Meyrlnac. ."s. Ifobison is o.~se-.w- ad h -iM ;he'da
gpetingher sUea t4lit hrnt Ue I + eb AD,- i
- hote. "and aooordpz tolatet advice, 2MfiM MMMC4tM @B'U*-5tM~M U
W'- O; -

Spani&h Bark WVith1Brm
Dm. Havana ow ix Port Nowis
pa-Pman55gwr Aihcr41-
SPriday's Daily.
SSpanish brtig Aijnapla, mch has
d the government odcials coM-
able annoyance already, arrived
ort Tampa yesterday, and i nonr
to cause stiln more trouble for the
ral officials in this city and it
linuton, -
i ,Amapala is. the,-vessel which
I out o't Havana harbor a month
crowded with refugees bound t
Crt Mexlna. She wa ptred
he veseels ef the American __ct
: squad.ri- and carried -t Key
. After being-detained therefore
el days. a American crew wa
n board and the vessel brought
e 3M Uet Key Quarantine toftton
lays were spent at this statonM ani
the Amapala started to Vera Crug
id her paesengers. After enaeoui-
g terrible storm And bei g nearly
iced, the brigc returned to Mullet
'Monday night with her anchors
and without food .r water. Tb-
ring ot the refugees had been some-
SawfuL Finding thatono sickness
ntagioms nature existed. the health
irities allowed the 'veel to come
rt Tampa and has reached the Port
B customs authorities had pot been
ed, so upon her arrival. Deputy
Itor Whitney ordered Aie captain
ep every one on board until further
a. 'He notified Collector Macfar-
and that offmic and Special Depa-
eorwe Macfartane want to the Port
e Depty Collector Whitwer was
Cad- in eAtrnini"ng the baggage of
assengers, as it had not been ex-
ed at Key West orM aUet Ke-.
the mean time, United States Mar-
John P. Horr had appeared, and
e request of the owner of the vse-
ad telegraphed Judge J. W. Locke,
e United S states ouortifo" permle-
for the passengers to land. The
* wired the necessary permission
before the collector knew what was
r on, the passengers were nearly
aore, although non* of- them had
he' immgratin fee timpoaed by
overoment upon' all alens.
baggage was found to bell right
vas released. The Dputy Coltec-
hse, aked tfor the sahp's pavers.
aptaln tried to hide them, but theW.
eventually found and take Ina
dy. The Marshal then look po-
in of the ship and placed two 505-
eputles on board, and they will re-
in custody until the.Tteasury Dc-
nent and the United States court
e what disposition is to be made*-f
en ttE ship landed there were
e families, making a total of fifty
e on board. Many of them were
children who, were without cloth-
' any kind, and had toh be wrapped
nktets to be brought on shore.
ong the refugees was Mrs. A.
ra and five children and rm, BRfsa.
te and two children. The latter
seen allowed to come ashore when
essel first reached quarantine in
to purchase medtOne and -food for,
itldre. "She has been stoDping at
venue Hotel, andwas overjoyed to
e her children once more.
of the refugees that had money.
ed last nigh tfor Oexitco. their ori-
Amapala is lying at the share end
e canal at Port Tampa. and- at-

The Interior of
Com any c. is e
ginning tos btf tA
tor'es hand: wBate
ae ar e rsa'beinf

promises to be 0m
auy afaCegU bet
State. ..- ,
The Chief BaNxe
ays DeWitt aiUt
the bei abtr bhe .
during forty yesi
They e .or onstp
and itomaeh and 11

ardA Ca.
Mrs. Johea J<
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wDfestlve Cordsia Ifs orsIa l.y- byt ^^i
ists. price 10 cents-t tl,3so ,p

J. W llwams, one of- tae tnde-.
ble PlanttSystem subordinates at
Tampa City. was in Ta mpa Jlt
for a few hours, and made' this-

C. B&nk.! or LoewivUle., To Zod ,.. OaWN
z that one box of DeWitts Witcbh R t
z Salve -was worth -t.0 to him.;

tvisee others to try It. It a10o
ewemw. qkin dis ae obsee ae !
ioree S. B. LeLnrli.
teed cure -tr. C.hills, Preer anj-t
k or money retdn4ed, 9M cents. All

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meat of Lheao bnelig SMOL tet.aU to
o exm,,t bysot MAS ogr. e aa taOi. .
.-OU tlSUpttiou for searen n e l .a .e a --' eI_.,
cr:l iio>tull ttioa; nriiwt S .lb la S- is I e t
im?1 eard c: but never tOlMi renif Oak
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I AUgUt. it
tEh fr'i month, to tl
rht tvs for cash the
ki wm he erty, to-WIt:
of the A&et
{ as-.vabls of s0
dW under cake No. L,l
Wb a A4e-"th. A. 11
s caft 110. 1
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Arom' Atty. tor


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and b ootbid

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St, ~sn.:
'16 e, .b .

,; .0 ,. --_4 .

r 0U aa l a ad CSa & ae, A.D, 1J. e 9S; nw 1,0, -4-of n 1- t -4 and to the
k ft d to~a n d iew.a C. W. STEVENS. the n 1-4 of w 1-4 of awl-4 of 12-4 cf p. ma
f t eatats of Piar corn M,8MONTON, Master in Chancery. sec 30. townhip 32 south: n 1-2 of nw 1-4 D. UM
at el s eiktt 'for Complai nant
SnotIry Bc t= oods SoaCitor for Complainant. of ne 1-4 of nel- 4 of ec 34. townsahp 31. Bad
* tn d o oticefof UWr ti* of n f 1W by At south, all in range 2S east. the *w 1-4 sald p
Sote s tha 1 ort so mue otice ofttO St by of -t ofnw 14 of s- oec township 31, south. above
ia he samdBetn to 1tlfr' t and thew 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 16. I poess
UO 1 M and costs and also e township 3. south of range 16 east, the the for
in w1rtt of oetlon issue Is le CLirCuit ot n or the SIm JludnAcl Cr- s 1-2 of nw 1-4, and the n 1-1 of rw 1-4 erty Is
Honorable Circut Court, tt em tMss sU u orst ubho n u i.r l0- of sec 34; the se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec be m
ate of the Uth day ofr Ju. b i tshewma t a. township 29. south of range 5 east, lots and
-ag ooast slas anoana an lU loft Wou at .a a e to o. 6. 6. 7. 8, 7 9. 10. and 11 of subdivis-on pose o
r of the Mouroe Cigar Co., I ~ tmne ey. v s.ThunPo F.mbtas, w. of Medora, and lots 10, 11, 12. 1, 14, t and all
d to all and sIngular the m oua T., m. amso2 ma Ra e s iep. s 17. 18, M34.. 35, 36, 37, and 38 of block Datea
the State of orida, Ao- A pasr; -. aof 1 sf g bunn aod ve of e the subdovslon of Medora day o
MM tr tevy upon the goods r uiug *u thbe arm n-esodu 4 e lo And also the following relestate sit-
S tand r a tenements ofL ao a ae .e" n--Lbt.eamo es uated in the County of Citrus: n 1-2 of Sh
cola ~sSantan or so much e 1-4 of nw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and w 1-2 of F. W
will be ifclent to satLfy Tjr&Li-LWd r 1ir Mg coAs CoC : nw 1-4 of ne 1-4; ne 1-4 o nw 1-4, and e
I19.65 and costs, whereupon I NoLce Is hereby given tht the above 1-2 of nw 1-4 of w 1-4 of sec 9; ne 1-4 of
14th day at June levy upon entitled suit wherein the LIebIg Manu- ne 1-4 of sec 10; se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec
11 within the legal Bors f! factnring Company is plaitIff, and 32; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of wec 3. all in town-
the-court bouse doo r In the Thomas P. itubba W. d cotla Tison, and ship 17, south of range 14 east; ne 1-4 Unde
nea. on the 1st Meod"ar In Thomas i. Peoples, late partners In of ne 1-4 of se 18,' township 17, south of sale re
being the 1st day of sald trade, dolng business and trading under range 17 east. ne 1- 1-4 of s see1-4 ID
he highest and best bidder the fir name any style of itubos, township 18, .outh of range 17 east, se Jdge
e following described prop- TIson & Company are defendants, has 1-4 of nw 1-4 of see 16, township 19.. WIllian
2 Shares of Capital stock been instituted by ttachmenL, and that oasth of range 17 east; w 1-4 of ne 1-4 a
a CIgar Co. of the Par writs of attachment therein have been of sec 15, township 17, south of rage
0 each as show by certUfl- duly Issued according to law, and levied 1 east. e of 1-4 of ne 1- of sec 0; n 1-2
ued to N. t n Mach upon the following property, situated in of ne 1-4 of eec 14. and lot cve or ne 1-4
6 for 11 shares and certi- the State of Florida, nd various coun-. of se 1-4 of sec 35, all In township nine-
Issued to N. Santana. March ties therein, and mor articularly de-1 teen, south cf range 1.-east; ne 1-4 and
M for 147 shares. scribed as fellows. to-wit; the ne 1-4 of w 1-4 of sec 17, lot one in
n as the property of N i The following property being situated I block 14 of ~Ioral City. and the e 1-3
i sold to satisy said exceu- in the County of HUlsborough: A three of sw 1-4 of sec 35, and the ne 1-4 of the
I eights undivided Interest In lot 2. of sec ne 1-4 of sec 18, all In township 18. south
T. K. PPENCER. 117, and the se 1-4 of the me 1-4 of sec 18, of range 19 east, s 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec ,
abert. EHi borough Co. } both In township 31, south of range 17. township 18. south of range 19 east; the
'AJURi eapt; also a one-half undivided Interest e 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 27, and the w 1-2
rPslDn-s In the se 1-4 of thbee 1-4 of sec 7, frae- of ne 1-4 of sec 8, both In township 19,
tonal se t-4 of se 8. the e 1-2 of the south of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4.
/TBER'8 ALE. ew 1-4 of sec 8; lot one in sec 17, w 1-4 and ne 1-4 of sed 29, township 20, somth
of nw 1-4, sec 17; lots one ond two of of r 19 east sw 1-4 or nw 1-4 of sec 3&,
of a degree rendered by Meeheers subdivision of nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 tp 17, south of range 20 east; the w 1-.2
rrtOa phlllU Judge of the sec ,.e 1-3 oine -4of seclS.e 1-2 of nw 1-4 of *w 1-4 of sec 14 .and .e 1-4 of rw gel
r, efitb Juodicl circuit of, of sec 18; ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec I. all 1-4 of sec 20, township L. south of range gel
and for Hjt iboroWh in township 31, south of range 17 ejdt, 10 ewst: nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 8; ne 14 P1j
chanosry sltt4g. in a and all of the nw 1-4 of the sw 1-i of of .w 1.-4 of sec ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of ec
se pending ti uaid Court, sec 4, township 'south of range 16 14; lot 19 in Tbhmpklnsville, .ec 18, ew IDI
. 230t day of June, A. A.t east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 of e* 1-4, less two 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 2, all In township .
in mellmp and Fuller are and a half acres in ne corner of sec 13, 19. south of range 20 east; n ,-2 ofsw
N, apd L. D. Greene, et. aL,' township 27, south-of range 16 east: se 1-4, and me 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 5; nw 1-4
mOa . will .so publo corner'.of lot one in- ec ,. and lot -',a of se 1-4 and se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of me 1-4 of
tsor in -hanelry,. beforeIi tn sec 6, township 28, seuth of ranh Il sec ne 1-4 of bw 1-4 of sec 2M. and ne p
soues door In the Qity of east; nw 1-4 of *w 1-4 of ec 2. town- 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 6; all in township to (0
I borough county. Btlorida, ship 80, south of range 15 east; a 1-1 of south of range 20 east; sw 1-4 of sw 1-4
the rt day of Augut, n 1-2 of e 1-4 and n 1-2 of aw l-4 of se cf nw 1-4, and swl -4 of se 1-4 of secl,
Lig legal sales day, during, 1-4 of sec 34 township M8. south of range township 21. south of range 20 east, and .
r ad osae to the highsti 1 east; sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 3. andl 1-2 less ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16. In
Idr for cash, the following n 1-2 of se 1-4 of secI, township 30. south I township 19, south of range 21 east. S i
et :or parcel of lands lyIng'of range 16 east; e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of ie 1-4 And also the following real estate mst-
theCognty of HUllRboiouh of se 1-4 of sec 11, township ,. south uAted In the County of Martpn: Ne 1-4
T Florida, aad described of range 26 e; nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4, and nw 1-4 of ne 1-4
rit:- 3t1,8. township 27, south of range 17 east; of sw 1-4 of sec 13, in township 12. south: |
half ofthe north-efst quar- nw 1-4 of se 1-4 and n 1-2 o0 sw 1-4 cf of range I0 east, fractIonal se 1-4 of sw
ort.-east quarter of section me 1-4. and se 1-.4 of me 1-4 of sec 30, 1-4 of sec 4. township 14 south of range
8 tonwNlp thirty (3) soutB township 31, south of range 17 east; ne I 20 et; nw 1-4 of sec 1l. township I,
rWfro-two emit, Wll t ing 4 fme 1-14 of ec 16, and se 1-4 of w|t south of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of ne/1-4
a of laid or somlach thtof 1-4 of see a9, townslp 29, south of range of ne 1.4 .of sec 18, township 1., south
emea-ry to satlefysid de 22 ast, w 1-2 of ne 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec cf range 19 east, ne l-4 of nw 1-4 of sec
0eses ofi40t. 1X. township 31, fouth of range 21 eLt. P7, in township 16, south of range 16 east, Do
C W. jnlTj*uYria And also the following real estate sIt- se 1l4 of aw 1-4 of DeWitt Park In sec 5
rMa5ter In Chancery. uated in the County of Sumpter, and and the W 1-2 of nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of Doe-
11ON0, 9.,' State of Ftorlda sa 1-2 of sw 1-4 of aec Witt Paik. except lot &, -block 7. and
or Compnia t. 3. fractional w 1-2 of sa 1-4 if sec 14; blcck 8. and lots 9. 1, -M. a, d 12 In ___
Jane 3. IMI me 1-4 or sec 2fZractioll se 1-4 of ne 1-4. block 9. and 4Uock U, 27 28. ,.,1. and
4 and -fractional nw 1-4 of ne "- of sec 82. and lots 14 and 16 of block I. and
iTO NOi'-RDSID .NTS 4 3 ratuonal nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 36. 'lots 6 to 12 inclusive, and lots 29 '
Small i township 1, "south of range 14 to 23 lnclushve Is block 14. and
alt Court # the S&th Jud-' ast" all of the ne 1-4 of ne i4 to Sump- lots 6 to 10 Incluslve, block 37. and lot -
dt U the of Flrdm,,- ter county o sep 36. townahloJ, south 9 in block 33=and lot 15 In block 11. and
of.. range 21 east; sw 1 -4 otf ~ 4 and lots 17 to 20 Inclusive in block 14 in see WE
0o I~,BIoo Cou1ty0; In OW 1-4 oft S 1-4 of eft 3.V 1"' sm 1-4 S, township 16, south of range 18 east.
Pr - m of 5w 1-4 of seclltowMuhlp 20. south of and the w 1-2 ot ne 1-4 of sec-, In town- d n':
Sty7 2$uuag & 4iu" 'imso- range 21 east, and sw 1-4 of I"-4r and ship 1& south of range -18 east. D-"
S*w 14 of mw 1-4 of section 86 a4 mme 1-4 And also the ftlaowlmg real estate sit- "u
L S iL r and of w 1-4 of se a &in townuhisp U south. pated In the Coof^ty' Lv: : The e r1
s -l" oi ra nge It ea st w 1-4 jof nu -4 of see 1-4 of me 1-4 of se le3; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 r-.--

a at Tampa. Florida, this 29& at
' June. A. D. U1 -
FK.K. Spencer. 3
ift of HiLsborough Comnty. Fla.
L Slmoato.
Attorney for the pllantif. "
r and by virtue of a decrees o
mdered on te 22nd day of Juis
1056, by the Hon. W. A. Hooler
pro hac vice. tn the cam o
m I. Ferris vs. Josiah FerrIt, et
odtng in the CIrcuit CgInl ot t.

I. WO. 5Ssonce -.
OaAOIu f~a 4us

A High Grade .ertilier M.sHs...


Then why pay 35 and 40 per t

EAIBU L AND VLONIN ......... .......-..,.AK
Wt, CfAL o. z ............ ..,......, ...

All fertiHmer ate-al lort Joitnmm 4Wt, AWNf
rby We Make the IDMg L g FrtMllnab ,; . -e.-

,,Pig's Foot" brand Blookd d B4
FmairalTand'Guano,the Ideol
AM OI a Or 175POAS........


of~rt 2551

of rang
nw 1-4 o
A -. ..

Tb Lb~a-I o d b
The Flea toisssq o. afmSalk
'Combs, (aw), 6-.j' .

Stub on Coany. Tefendant t ........
above aned and ail other pemons t- a JPlssovtl, Pt tar
terested In sald property are hereby re- m w
,qnoed Fo appear to the said acjon on C Uyde kw ll U1 IMl"
the firt onday~ n Sw te Bep erM the
saue beote the SOb day la mId. mo th (Cal t i a Clrao. L, t
and a rule day ln this court, else a de- tMemM S .wsetwse" an"d s'
falt wll be duly entered against them AamASLI Ins ll. iioR O.

Attorney for PlentIff. .gti LY .O

sau'm8rs s ALE. JatCksonviUle Palatka, '8-oriniA, Jgr
Under and by virtue of two certl- itS ^sd on St..
writs of execution Issln ouo th!r. CITY OF'JACKSONVILLC,"
oUt COurt iof-ltheSixth t atorS Ci rcuit CAP. W A.H M Y,
Sthe f Frlda, In fand ft-i o an
= 9h19, T,' an the 17th o'B.. xt ................ ....... 0 ... ...
-April. t *o certain io-gme4-oa
wepn tt Re nt lauer &C ra e PaOso or dlh TiOket
Mart wore plain mand, W. Wsaea .. p, _
James C ll was defendant I have w 7 qs -e m, .. - -
fevled aqu and wlll sn oa the *-a 0gs ^
Xnda6aapgust. the same bbolnsig| w inng e ne 2
the So-t doy*tn said month and a legal Bwing as Mm. Os 31 PL CL &fG
5als day. urin the legal hours of O=Nm=FO
sale. to the highest and best bidder for -
cash, the following pewoal _ir a _.'
O"f forty horse-power Maonadlo holIber
one twety hersep-wer5Talbot &Fr K raus.i,..
nemine, one Egan o. 2.4 Ta lbot*F I -. -
laser, onew. taming b ae. oan Itrn b .'- '* ..

m -nad and Szb2es__-
.an =t-ases e -.. 1. .. ..t an .. "
*all .....wach, sad l2 -o -
l~~g 4tCInee eltU~iad~ r

t a 1-4

of rant
"3X tow



1 -~
/r..r /~P




mc o m ~ Ugns Ba Imiatar ito Sel a Sotli ag e C Bala t l SMNlaEr Wfa E
S.fn "o .* --w K o for the GH&be Problm. by twr of tIkes Colmnair. n ]C"s atai r ie -'e-S
,The Decond Kew York reginent broke an wIP mwne Seit"" of Ses4 f 1* W9Wutt g ^ ^ t i f
cap yesterday and began adlng the' I WtesMa Klha. the m s.- es W '
baggage and camp equippase on the EAppear ee-e.
Soarded the train, which was In thre- The ne triendless bunte4.Ih ta li;n
rmahit reto sections, last night anl by midnight. Her Army and Navy Defeated and,Cubans Returnmng to Their Planta- cf the plains, against boam s every Jtu'ia,
b aoethere waa nothing o thegalnt on Haer Colomes Wrested FYom Her, tioon to jenew Cultivation -Oa- I man hand, b the adprre to wai-y
left hut th.4 echo it- their cheers, a&- the coMote If he is adapted to amyapber
BiM-WL train bore them away from the camP She Sees Nothing Now to Do cia's Army Wil L.avj Today of useflness n earth, nobody he yts el
site they have oceupLEr.i for. the past "S
spL two months. occpl or e pst but Give Up. u a Hu'. been shrewd enough to fnd it out; if e
Before leaving, some if the rougher has ever done a respectable deed, It ha
element in the resCment atternpt;: I ano yes come to light The jck sabit
a arry out a threat preoucly md al to the Trb Special to the Tribune. Will at leaft f s '6i-l
st spssertvarmp wrecking the office m o3 'Imp Tr aor0 July os stated to-nrght Santiago, de Cuba. July 2M-BrIgadierw a s h s I asn
tro They have been a&re n the that te 3panlibn go% cLrmcu L"s raa General Wood late commander o the vstmle n c of n t h half I has
Strkoop lotr publishlgn some uf lther n- Iard a cmmun.L Ui., nUar 0sea to Firsi Volunteer infantry, better known wA valued S r its hid, the rat tk
Wi2t ti theb 1 ,V1 I isand riotous acts. but buh, 1h-; ith Ooeeb...enm t, LL ...L.i.o -isn, na "'Roosevelt's Rough riders" has been the rattnes e aueworb presrviug fg 'tenoId
a .K Vre ."rt t pted er to carry out their threats, whtc is tOe ben r negoun appointed military governor of ati o ariotlme ht th e le si
--e44 1pa nd thpt the newspaper men for peace LCtseon tim .0tutit moo, to succeed General McKl.bon, who will b
r b finable to take care of them- C O e _a er te r a return to his old duty o son us be i eh a h ayI
re"% I b ne reporter with a pistol.1 the UCC.paiu tne ueen Regent o is sutlciently recovered from his pres- tion a the coyote from his marUn : e.
W b- f stood oeragang of thirty soldiers, and, P 00tn na0- ei to hlii Lic u qui, iot Wor ent attack of yevow fever. mouth to his rugged ml-aepI ma
f.in g" .Wia S to then iader them walk away. lur toe meriminaiuo o, In cooini. Squads of natives were sent out to- fertflise. The abort gi counrr is Is wVasA
1 lUSS t lhth IbI Tb departure of the Second New At many of te cabinet council, of day to clean the treet. and bury the his home, the high prairits wee otwftot
. Yo"t only leaves two regiments of vo- late, hea min the patiae. tae ueen has dogs and horse, 'whose remain have
balt t0b Alabam nmers in Tampa, 'and three at Port burst into tears. anoa 0gged ann urged been lying in the streets in all arts of Sry. hairike vegetation that ol scaled \I 1 699.
rioste a t M- hjl City. The two so Tampa are her ministers to atrea ,te solution Ior the city for days and weeks. pastre bleeds with the dirty at of meatEnt
i ha, Si h ed, theSeond EQorgia and Fifth Maryland, terma of peace. Other steps are also being taken to the vandaL Through., it hen a a and
MIt ae55 TBhs'TLerse .wil dtoed by the Frit FLor- 'o'he prioe ot the Spanlards has held Improve the sanitary condition of the ns now a -aqn e m view"&***
s 1rhe a 4re c whinhbas been ordered'to turn out as lung as posaLiue, but with the city, and under the administration of rs n a gaig c
her o. mrB Fernaodina general Cop- army'ana tnvy deieated in every en- General Wcod, who was the President's now an nungtialy ae We at had z s.
lilh i eMeAB r.-thecrs commander, received gagtmenL, toe onVe lur peace netOiat- private physician, It Id expected that all He is without aquaintIce with any. l b- tt.
n a te-ors s n sasterdar stating that the tios na" arrive anu anc yueeii wil, epedemic disease wl soon be driven thing that is alive, easily OUlitry, I- ni -
~iu tO he 0 b' fdborar the Second Georgia Ftl~ftNrcr ne< muiersee 10 nECM OuL The lanlardU express ttt ways with a eromwaal aspOtw it Ihe f i>es
-bzrrc M- ESrttlad fti First Florida to prepare wonder at the energy displayed by the j, don mmati.t be ahmed sb a "H
b1 wr Baon- io ^emW-e"n to Santiago wan a Ws- A' CVUItOVU DAVZLtPK Americans in cleaning up the city. Theyhdu om e Sdsoe
take and that a tiago should have are disposed to allow the filth to remain e aor wu the o a adcC %ble e -
Aeor alrtad y i aread P ave ICO. In the streets, but military guards arb S'or at the lrt'opprt i. "p '. fa'
&O hate ordwes came eyerstlay for the Second though at War Witn Spam, We Oive placed over the street clealera. and they I Once the coyote bad thel e ibdl hOr bw OW.
t^ 1rapidli brigade of the Oecad lvlaon of the Spanilh irm kaiclerence. have no opportunity to delay untilTeitory tp hiself. He cold asr U S
at thseware meeiat remoa to F oor..a This- The French cruiser Rixault de Gen-1 haw= tO -im. f l --tm^ tn,
Sahs t oisGajra i Hi brigade and Is coo"- special to the Trilbune. ouilly, arrived this afternoon with a! there was Dm to lis nay.- B -
a94 01 0e0tha pi s te a iM bynM vandlis corsti Wasnlngion. D. C, July I.-Arriane- bargo of supplies for the relief of the when the lands were 3pa to tnslet-
eir 'oh a t A--- -Q ntments of menus webe practically cunclided by ae French residents of the city of Santlano. meet and a faily m Its plaen en-
to BttMh i O.hio Sad trM AI of the aLg- Government to-night for the transpor- A large exodus of the Cuban residents ti n L f. m S iT
- *it rlS qe and equippag f the brigade tation fl the Spaslish prisoners at ban- of the city Is expected during the next 7 uate See thu 5i
uikSSSS." *w no iSaa Srt t'ght and the trnts tiago from Cuba to Spin- few days. The Cubans who had been for the wild eatnre of the plains who a
Itni be str ck earti this morning. This ''he contract was awarded to the concentrated In the city under the order bad b*Vfie been udljtured. Then the e
k6 .VJ Wat o brigade expected to be sent to Porto Spanish Trans-Atlantic Company, rep- of General Weyler. are now returning otio"n had to h ot m av em a baua Isq'
IF S 41%4 OnJ t Rio F and the men are greatly disaP- resented to J. M.. Ceballos & Co., of to their deserted plantations and will Wpr
. the ew York. The company agTees begin anew the cultivation of their Owetas t
-W k Geneal Coppinger has received notice carry the prisoners from Cuban ports farms. migrant Ite any of thbe ee-u aA-ei.
*kle I n that 1x transpmorts are now en route to beain at the rate of 320 for each en- Agricultural pursuits have been the ta be 5 vogefc with hp] enc e. an he
...S.e5 5lPet bar'f~rl8antio0 adhe hae been lated man and 13 for each commis- chief source .f wealth of the Islandan he earnedtheright so so he cosiudend sa d
100M a Mn "A* --re h tat,.i'tm- ,,*,snewo.r sinned officer. sirbaistence to be fur- the Cubans realize that the sooner they bhnsnoel Ofo .nl.h i rin n-* 5enfi sosnhiea

Colonel Hec
insportation of
ster general's (

The greater portion of the Cuban
irmy, under command of Geperal Oar-
Ila will leave the line of Americans en
guard around Santiago at day-break
to-r prrow morning. It is announced
that General Garcla will disband 'his
irmy so as to allow all Cubans who
vish to return to their plantatlois to
Jo so.

ment otth5e army, went to new eorT
to consult with' shopping comMaIes FEVER REPORT IS FALSE.
a"V concerning the transportation of the
1 f lfll-' Spanish troppssurrendered at Santiago. hreIs NoV One Buaspicious Case on
Bids which he had previously adver-
Stimed for were opened at the army build- DBotfa Aranss ow at rol-
^ ^I^ "' et.er returned In 'tt'an-^tue.
SZanyati e of An Interest ing N- In in Ne york to-day. Hey uarantine.
e aB y hd e Coloneld. tn this evening To-aigWhe had a
.. t r eu tonferetne at the War department with There Is a law in this state against
e 'oScretary Atler, Warthmaoter t general circulating false reports of the presence
'SeyAler an Gera l of epidemic e ospet The Times-Union

t W. d To auihn e eUo, et l wrhe bs mofler tha ide to e fore the enbreemenet this law, and yet
n s. g Faiday. fAtlarntrturn- ih that paper published an article In Its
g l tM. St I" eeted.m as in Le re panit c m- nssu of yesterday. that certainly places
-V o sWed y mrgM thq t"s daug- etarded as the best made. O t the aper or ts Tpa corresponnt,
t o Cah elle o tWeny-for thousand enlisted M a postion where an iunvnttio is
.. ha lSarh men an one thousand s toer it will absolutely necessary, and if there sa
t o at t ome three ost the government ti0 to rans- ent ground a prosecutor should
Colonel Brown ist~t a. tt ooe t ohe article s headeG t
iThehips wil fly the ioore of Spain The aice s hed "e 5 gLW
see S r at. a*ouestnwt anwill be manned probably entily FEVR e OE BOARD.. Transport
L y' nniash crewn 1t w s reark ransProm Santiago Detained at
Ansp for a-orI tht as one of the crloeas develo- ullet Key." In the article the wrier
Sd I- n port ts of the Um wa th ta p UnitedStates states lender a Tepa date itae_,T- e
g- orlemaet should anher Into. aft en y traneoort tArn arrived at quar
ha ntra with a cQonPSa marna ti today, and w le h L The
Spdriet HQ S .nnoailesa vesse areI n-ei to tha Aranas has %on board sixty-
oe t e- Uut aed
awbey re ish navy, andome o w-hic have four persons, and the trip other om

V Re anl WatCyn e at o f t, yt U d e m The iact is that the marnae hospite4
M| e b Roeo aund WAY SM E1beg surgeon s tate posItively yesterday th3a
| .I I. t0NdtD t.tmoin there was notaa single ase of yellow
OVA IF& ZsM a the Uslted states weltry -fever on hoard the A rana, and there
eS-y rv i, aned,throub Pat t p ita A OAlant Volunteer Regimanmnt oM- wa no suspicious eas
jS [ Fda-yoegM ht on their w6y to Fern- r It Is ouch sensational reports a these
. nded by lFle Ofaiers that cause a panic among peApme easily
--- frightened, and It was to reach such
--er a'.r eie, the .water tr o th The Second dGeorgia reglment.now oc- cases that the State law r a enacted.
.5 si h arond has, Rut begun cuples the campground. "hat the e-
S" venth regiment Infantry of the regular Flo Id" einlruy.
Sd*. morning ad army were camped on, and are thor- -
to B N Land Bptit ot y well pleased with be re t We have received a copy of the .ffl-
S h e Ile. oh thpre set eisgister o, the Hlat Florida Sm-
PNstationinary ior sesalonOLW- with announce-
A _J to p The regulars left large amounts of ments for session 18904. Among other
e :r Pa~t Week wi the trash ansd rnne matter scattered about Improvements. we note that the prepL-
MI RW. Kti t, r which fl t the Ieof the Geoi boys atory department 6 been diatontinued.
f0-,, iW r n re- hieoh sell a the bo the eort ia boys that addltions hare been made to the
po by bInd haulln educational appliances, and that the
O^ a -away. They had two das of hard number of instructor has been in-
P. "e.'t cn ii r day' Iw polieoing the grounds dltchin creased. The poston of honor aned
au teesa p n th -usef ulness,Sed -bySeminary students
Saro the tent and putting the en- all over the tate attest the thorough-
eir wll M be the usual fithSunday ere mp in a perfect san tary codn- ne of the work done in the academic
WtSO iapalt S pl servi ein th rico, 4 d nqw have the most perf.:tiY department, and the rosters of oe
Sat the d d grounds that have ever been the First Florida regiment, United
S-L.s -nel gtBroan th av eg r b tes Volunteers, and in the State
e. mt e e e The entire regiment' epre.ses troops are convincing proof of the e-
r 5 be 4 e v gret a isiacoon over the change from cieny of the mlltars instrucetion
WMni#deS .e ,r oew aw ves- Deeoto Psark. to the Height. Col other school In Florida has an officer of
ho he beraft;. says that ii thc'y iama-t moved. the United States Army detailed as
Brown systhatIf the n oecommanediant.
E t morning a July 2tch at. h W the regiltaent would have been on d,
Maft of Plant fty, of chulla the s1i lst, but that since they arri- The shoppes of Lakeland and vicinilty
.i r, t G U tanslomepin her ved on the eights tarea had hot been will be delLghted to hear that Bush. th
'mr ,'lew^^ig three M* C -@note i reamos merchant of are I. a. 4 3a
"l tree ~ te s anoth& eerious cae oa hekt re- teet again and has opened up a vwr
'parted.and those who were Ill had handsome and complete stock atcd
lboh stri father.~ wbio shown a marked Improvement, even in Friaklin street Those who bnow tW
l$thdi. drorwzygothr of their ]a.r sth ao rt time they have been on the big Bush stores will readily seek the
Hei ghts.ili i new quarters, and to those who did not
olonel have the good fortune to deal with
TJ. t Colonel hn ei a regular army of- them the Sun rould say, o at the
an iair iof troop Fist frstopportunity. Hh sh a big
us s. a rw. anitd Ot ao t eroop b rt sto~e, big stock, and makes correct ps-
attracting atin- Un~itedlStats.cavalryJ bfore the brea- hem.--iakeland 1nm.
Ssos1tyu ad to Mr. g out ofi ueetles with Spain. He was
: T a thorough tactician, having been lb The detached members of the signal
and' at -Ala.-pti- and in too well corps or the T&msa Naval Reserves re
rcity. Is a e at A a s.. turned Tuesday evening from pnibal
Aftte b an f0- known in military circes as an efficient Island, where they have been stationed
.A Man- officer, and an affable and courteous for the past three months. As thatsta-
n t tha l tion Dhas een aiscontinued, they were
= Stg|< .......i'li! V .... p- ordered to report to Lieutenant D. W.
'War. n ae. .Shea. yesterday. They are F. P. Deer-
0 Intefe IAutmenint Colonel WIlltam Garad, ing, chief quartermaster, and four
.-a~ ~I w as major of the Bavfpnah Vol__ter others. The boys- are tn fine train-
"4r a `tii b OI w c ur as which n c ing, and the bent of health, although
somewhat tanned by long exposure to
a m this befnt the fourth 'war 'tbep have the sun.
1i4 so=W volunteered for servic-i-. 'Colonel -
oam no isGau &ri profneoc Eugene 'Ware, aged 1 years, has di-
V a reby oftWanapab ha peace, appered feom his home at Terra C eA.
et.r. batsome ito tthont with .,ve to. and his mother, Mrs. Dai HogHtal-
b-omk eter thou Interess ant wlfare- ing, of Terra Ceia, wll consider It a
#00"jjIioft; reglieflt expects to leave (or Poto great favor If anyone knowing anything
Ric. lto In a few day% ladhokl irntrnpt of his wbereabouts will notify her, or
S aitfheoAt M t.hig that holds theM Ioea word at the Tribune office Young
s I theod Th are came to Tampa several weeks 8go
-"ogBe~ e and the last heard of ht i was a letter
v Iaw e Thehg BenaIn LAe eiooner, PL D. =ydeg that he was siciL
.a,- ., e as. b." e c,.harteredby the Cr'ow- "J.Kithap,..-dtt-
et Company to transport the .A. ight has prhsed the ter
N 0 --* .0,0. -- sniy uo off a VVnf ed OfC. L. Jones in the big tithing

in sesvioes Purtbearore, Le Ia ..e f -.T
tilly a toward. The men of the ta. o
tier have a ar of respect fsr the bra nram S
arseasre that d efie them or IoK thet 'i*
cunning amn that outwits thm, bt ?'
they can neve foqive the i cubiD g ]f
one tbst is aldaxi as ther veyp the e
pearanca. So, fmatthetrmner's onwho hoouid -i
blase away withbhi old shotgun at the _cahtha
prowia g oyoytabehind the banm to the .- ..
city spormumn who wastes a arzde vtl .
nttaded te.a a peirieehicha or uok g
in ding the life of a wolf lftig pt nb h
a along te hdgrwa tem tin aoel- puke
-nrelmtiWm war wgd- against. ,tlU I
I lut ll wanderer. thsiatbte
Snlce tdhebI.mm tle, of tbe wolvw an fi.e .
from the territory into the farming and the a m h.
seaok raising slates to the north tem tkheOw lI
ha been maen tha a d -lteywaow' to Oetrt fe
aras Theb eres ave b ed tgiher nes, b:e fti
to pao"et te bO ad m herd and manager a.
baee offsd iX btit-lasfe the Thea mat


with whilh

a use eaW in no -ow,
" Wbtiers d as mw suadl ..r ..a
"Down mtar th eedft tbhror Heoe to i0

Well r atber.o tho sothach S esr-- U-"ll
tmOws I"oen tbr r N. "a
-Y s t h er u -h h.p.'a c i
Hu flPt ttqr .0 BO l bra .
Why is St1' =a in
'Theoeber eoatyonmy c o rpi a
oaland this pay So we ril
tm oer the ie b~a w lie Peet l
The eoafip a"usat p aw em" oBtr
tbe sale of srwatd& w ftesg Tahome oi ,Mlte
eftL k we %l

ia~0of~theeargo cet qFpse1tit of Ties .
e.,i .;1Ot' '5

rp:d'tl CLffB


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