Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 2, 1897
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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S II. B Guabyr as wired ffrirnds
S in s city the welcome new tat be
-1 baa s'c0red from tbi c ew York tboad
'of general ppraleerna decision revers-
isag the m o t fo rewsry depars-
& ut;mb any baiw o t a

arupo tht iade. Thi deelesio meant
-.a'so s a i. M'int uty et about 05 ron er-
'ry.b7" brahit frteo Cube to Tampa;
S- 1weM ald bae =aoloveid a eocrease
Sat"O- ie r Importat* B.now

I ^ w.' m,^/ .thef Wila sod c rbE.ang-

se t o asd i. eld Mte word wrapper
M his Gaify l i.a f ttiac i's suitable
for clgar wta pen."
ColoeI "y in bis argument be-
I p oa f r m ssi board of appraisers contended
S ta it wsm earlytihs intention ofcon-
~ r ns s Creose ct alldw the inmporauossr of Cuban
.m d y obaco at te fller ate, unless it was
i- of a quality soffioiently high to cin-
tai over 1 par cent. of wrappers. He
& be that aies co training fles than
i tha bat percentage of wrapper should pay
llse ro-a duty as tobaccoc o not specially provided
S for,"at ton filler ate; and the fact
Y .. .1. -s- that his Inrprelatsn of the act has
i been Ustai oed is one of the firs 4m-
utrravesg repream portabes toj the cinar manuilcturers of

.IwstwS .BUSn. interests thsey bave done so much to ad-
t 1 System or- ano.
i he ci-y,. oBIARTY.

oa f or a JeeneJeeaoMtiopofRepect Are Offered by
Va.the Ah orm the T4shers Aasociatioa.
The teachers dn attendance at tte
MedOMkAd Mr.. J.-W. meeting of the Htlrlborongh Teachers'
N-OM fn aho Aseeolatiosi adopted the Boliowing
|im&liti mreaolatoqtoof respoat on the death of
t theite bsit friend and co-wocker, Mise
la ir~ ^ Bethba Wftliais
r .... ,Wberea4 Almigh'ty. God has in tin
_7w vse. provdooe. see an. fl to remove
qqk* ll IW* fVet ear 02%t b7 the ,*read mesen-

h ti by thereby castag a .depp sorrow upon our
a aonusg an rrepanble losin
WW'I p UV" pfrlen. 'Ihenrfore beWlt
.t ^'el'^ Be2 That r geatlya manent
~i~p~ar~h ue j.. ~ar~tol he .2 --A -L--16.ers

in urnwvfly roeri re-
B r RH9m-*wrd:' 'What I do
thon .n .hoW.lJ but bof shall
., o e xtefcwsto the
i s t athry,
ankiuY(f prsy^ tbrfeBlFlfth -in mer'
A d Za omfoirt, as He
a aeati-g ones.

athsse a eaT 0 s le d,
'" ; ", = J. M. CA B ,

:.:- ; - h .U a q,, ty

;.- t bommitteeo.
JWX jfW g d inig] Ulneaa,

I^N lyMd"fte, PON*d 42*i

its ast has behale

H. lt aageda
,i dtrPlas City, died
,of t"a 31. &B

sewsawe yes


VUtrday in the Tampa By Ae lortMly Comfemd OB Two Poml-
S Howt. eUt Pop ..


Sq Not Tet Fally Determined-His And e C otom Hous and Post-
Movementa Are Uncertain-S-ome O iae Fially Change Hands-The
Notable Additions to the Party-- Rw Inenabeuts and the Old-few
Preparing the Palace. Chagee Yet Made.
romTaTsd'ray Daily.
Although not yet open to the geprl W ye .
public, the big Tampa Bay hotel is ac- 1Te irBt fruit of the, political trans-
ce*4ble enough to those ab h ave busi- formation chat swept over the country
nees there; and when a T-a sU"a re- with the election of McKinley will be
porter walked into the gre.r rotanda plunced is Tampa tod y. Dr. Doff
yesterday mornlog, he found several Post, who for four years has held the
people sitting about on the oivans, rwp nsiblo and lueratire poiltioa of
awaiting an audience with Mr. Hatha- postmaster. retires toIla, and has suc-
way, who, together with President oessor. G. B. ReynlIJs. trepq into the
Plnt. Major B. W. Wrenn and Supt. office, which is worth $2.600 a year.
MjYr-. of the Southern Ekpivft Co., Mr. Reynolds has for several years
was at lunch at the time. past been with I. 8. Giddens & Co. in
The grIat rotunda lay io the semi- the capacity of shipping clerk, and bih
obscurity caused by the closed and cur- appointment to bia present position is
tainted windows, but looked in the same nothing more than a rroognition of his
apple-pie-order it did the night the service, an a faithful and quiet worker
house closed for the sea-or last -pring. in the ranks of the republic. an party.
From Ibe regions above came mutBfd He has tie reputation of being an ex-
sounds of hammering, and at intervals cellent bumine.m man,and it-is predicted
the shadowy form of one oif ihe forty that he will give the people of Tampa
sarvtnbs who accompanier Mr Hat a- an adminiatratior of tne office that will
way from New York. flaite.i p-i. p-ove thoroughly satisfactory.
Major Wrenn-who is probably ite The only change that Mr. Reynolds
busiest man in the vicinity or Tanipa made in the offie force when he
just at present-was the first 'I the as-u r.es charge ia-t evening, was
distinguished party to emerge from the substituLioo of C. M. Davis for Miss
the long corridor that leads to the Beatty as chief clerk.
diningroom. He was in a. hurr,--he Dr. Post ii retiring from the position
generally is; but the great hustler for I l hbas hecll so much to the satisfaction
passenger traffe is never in too much of .ite public, take, witi him the Deet
of a hurry to talk to newspaper pfw,,ie. wi-es of a wide circ'e of Iriendo. He
and in a brief interview terse":- oru- % iul r.o-ae the practice of aelitistry in
lined his views of the approaohit-g i c L-i netl()n with Dr. 5Imas-n.
season. 'Ii.e clihi geio the admiasir.atiou of
"I look for one of the hest seaso os tle postoffice i- duplicated Dy the
on record. My avict-s are all of the pea eful revti lution that takes place to-
safe character, and from every quarter day in the custom house. Capt. Lesley
applications are comain in. We are retires in favor of the Hor. M. B. Mac-
goleg to have the people thi year. and farlane, who from start to fin.sh ih the
I need not pay we are macy for them. I iat campaign was an earnest and pro.
We alwe, s are. I can't say how r ani nounced AlcKnley man. Bi appomnt-
I ehatl le r -re, or what io likely to be m e-ict is onfe that gives general satisfac-
the duration of Mr. Plant's sty. l e t'ion to all classes, without reference to
doesn't know himaelf-it all depends political bias or paruaan ;feeling. Few
on circumstances. and we may leave at men in Tampa are more popular than
any tim-." i genial '"Matt" Macfarlane and his ad-
ajibr Wrenn has not yet tense up ministration is certain to be successful
his usual quarters in the bachelor'ss and creditable.
half' In the rear of the totel, and was The only change in the office staff
yesterday struggling with bh miun- thus farancounced istne appointment
tainous corresldndence at a desk ad- 'f Dr. H. M. Bruce as cashier, but It ia
joininlc the hotel office, probable that several other changes
Major Bradford DuOham. general wi.l be made in the near future.
superintendent of the Plant System.
artrdd Sunday morning; and H. A. DATES DETEBRMI ED
Fori,. superintendent of the South
Florida diylsio, W. B. Young, master For the Coming Bicycle Meets at Bal-
mea i oic, and Messrs. Darricott, ano sta Point.
Moe b bnLge supervisor, and road
matr, repettively, are also in the Ln t interview with a Ta Bat rep-
Scit resentative last evening Manager Mo-
cir baway and hi force Leish announced the following as the
lh o a a o ceer dates of the bicycle meets that are to
o rough the d in going er be held at Ballast Point this month
the hbuse, which will shine forth res-uehed asPo is oh
pllrent on the night of 'edoesday, undero s personal upe laely s .
Dedeiber 8th, the day set for the open- To e first mest will be held on the 8b,
og A cearlod of ilmtto a be olloww by events equally integ -

t aroga co almett ftqans n la J nd t ft cbm
'in yesterday. They ar to be used for eating and attractive on the 14h, h,
and o January lst. The contnmanc
ork on the nw ace. track and of these meets will dpend largely up-
t y theu raotofy. ataron o trcusnoalres and the amount of

jBelew Mgod athe teno.of the hotel
iLie oea a terisrly Corpeoded, and patronage reosived at the hands of the
hti to sadd jolf lioL will bardly be amsemenc-inoig pu4io of Tampa, It
es4 for use ntilqults l sine sei- is mucb to he hoped that the sntprtrise
go, R. J. Wlliams, who bnd shown by Mr. Metaish in bringingln
ala s the work, has, crar e his these noted cracks tothlr bhee will
kof lashm isu. Bpttow Jumntc., hbe aboedantly reward, and that he
Iwi. by Jauary is Aod himslf in a
ehi y are Isti nt a qantny portion to carr out bus original pe

SFining the Vete7. stars to thoe already on the grouod.
Jtsloody wu In town yesterday,
nediaig moere material fo his famiouns FOUNBD A 'MANLN'S N1 ."
dlt~,. Manatee oyster casnery. Tbe

-pb qtmogbh not ye thoroughly equip z. of odge Asked to ForiMt I41
ped f turning out about 2,000 eana a Chartarby Orind h. r.
day, the nnes oysteMr the world can
pd and will soon be pushed to Its Pythianisaa in Tampa has recently
ell Aprity to supply the demand hat been shaken from centre to circum-
WHil dobtedly follow the introdo- ferenoe and a sesatonal ending oat of
toIe ~( ts brand to the local market. a very modest beginning is predicted
Mr. ildy entertained a number of by those in authority and well-posted
ie tat bi home place Thanksgiving on K. of P. tactics. It seems that Red
Day wbn a real good was had. Crows Lodge K. of P. hu been appro-
.Langhy Litigation printing lodge funds for tillegtimate
The 0itrmiable lHtigaftionover the Uase.and that the Grand Chancellor has
ordered the lodge to forfeit its charter.
Co&;5,^s > ^^rpany wac brought up
ind tbe United 8tatesuprme court In The lodge thinks that it taknows
WU to yesterday un a moton i"wbere it is at" and very emphatically
made b7 the t og s =aotk nto bar defies the Grand Chancellor and his
the record in te cas reviqwod. The subordinaWea in their attempt to wreck.
i Ob of thiu os wi to show so worthy and flourthing organizatioa
Ihk.L h .~.ia#. t)oint0 kos reeiver- of noble K. of P5 and atoutly oiaJl
,f Olb-tS2'WPY. ,0.go Pswentt tLat tey hve violated no r1ulesK v
or hie iokm birisdiotion, &ad to seek d stnicy to, their by-laws tttd
h3i6"io bisorderte tt leettasaside tht tll of tbs insaationso that bav
o result l bowPVrIs haly h to eenf amade aganst Red Cross delg
semat fein the beianng, nor would the e ofthe fminset bob.
Tjo last innings ill be wathedWinAt

jeepe.- % demo '71 7
... i ":' ,t' Pl ~~d m .... 13,
wuI Ssr.:~i P aQD

Death of Col. abipley. | |
Washington, D. C,. )o t.-Co. l
W. D. Chipley of Flotie died thm
asoroitg at the Garfield hispitel w he re
he has been confined f .or aet.l wes .
s uerig with a oarbancle O s f -W
Oir wift aed children waeft at bhised- b -
SIdb. The remains wilt be shipped to la Owi B'e W, lt
,e home Psenooia fitliea e rnt. FRw I
Cdo. Choply was oe ao the foremon T ~ _llp i .
men of the South and hit deth wilt be Isite~ h| ,
a great te atrdopue fo Flokb H u to-
DX ToiATH OF InI le dR onr rop aiiiaiia ji t r v

Lidt ncelgid o f Mr. andMrn I ppon aue omf an Ohaeut -
S c an. eeet y aried lt a b st tl f o.t..
In loving mem iry or our own preci. B. BoeadeMi: pes i.deL t I o e
out. darling little daughter erie. boae ofh letl, qd-iB ba':
Thbs beautiful little wa b1rr wa bor at ta bealIt ffLe. ai
Reatd, Ala., on Friday night, May S0th, has1M me t M
180., and the sweet little angel was cll- fiaY be Ufted f .is
ed away from us on Friday morning Tbe follwingme l ei o i
abhp t 6 o'clock.siet. 17th, 17e, making willlremale In fores Otetl0 ei
bee atay here on earth with n only o. f tr d ina r led to be
fie years nd four moths, ilklng three Ail -eeood-taelm baggg sp ,
days. Too true it is this little one, from HaIvana to tbi port ,on lisf
we loved so well, now aleeps beneath the tofo@, be nwjec7to um
cold, cola s0d and our pain I more than tioa, etc. I
words cao tell. YTe the wound is deep Ai beddmig ad bon5eol t
and can ne're be healed, We can only .fron infected point will .stl be
trust her Io.-the Mater's care. We the quarantine bun.
konew she was too fair and pure for this The fact that sith er las
earth. Ob' bhow sad to see her little raws dispatch noertboe fu.th qa
empty chair-to know her #weet, bright bfor e eany srnMliots otLhe
eyes, have grown sodim-yea, have gone either in New Orieasia nor 1o9l6l, -
to sleep in death, and her elear.nmusical dictates the pratical daapptsa
voice is forever bushed. She wasindeed the epidemic, aad tully 4s.d e
unusually bright and attractive a iloa1 aotionttel in rsini a th4
well as very loving and warm hearted, quarantine. o -
makine Ea hoes of 16ving friendsamolg Th action sf tie board td a
her cquaintaaces. As for beaty of ing the restrictions on
disihition and appearance. none sue- bafgge; from Havana wiB e-g
passed and but few equaled her. Ohl Y11 commended, so lon g -i
how'sad we are now that our preciooL remains a menace to the
little Eunice is with us no more on neot; and tbe. advisabilit
eartb How we trimble with deep an- i the mot carefl srisc
guish and grief, at bhr absence, in our bedding asd other ho
little. al, lonely. weary bearted circle, from all nfseetd points is ta
She was so sweet, loving and affection- to 0 t1 for comment. 7
ate and O! how bitter our sorrow and af- a L U
flition, in this, the I Mss of our own
sweet little Eunice. .
a n .- _. -,. k. .-
Baitalastmy little darling, The Southern o.ant ~- t i
-Taou bst gone from me away, isecisto i rad m
To dwell among the Angels, i Spe Trade .;"

I hkow thou art an Angel, pa is HaEtiU err, of Mc
Bat till 1 long to Me, editor a t of tla
Tb hle bright, blue eyes; o loivng l it r the
That we're did smile on me. sd u sFl o the motyprIKeMatot-
she usefuWthe a p go
%Aq. O, bow I long to fondle v- roted to the indaatriiai lsaeiQ* tj
S"bose beantifal. sot, golden cnrls, "SqatharebE teb u ias
A brush $hem. fondly, tenderly, M. Kerr's fist tii it io
b the little ringlets upward twirl, and one object of hii' pre TI
How I long once more to press thee, take aRc gmee foraf1 natm
Close up to my throwing breast t ilymoTamfglm -I
'Twould lull my acbing misery, fort *
To that sweet peaceful rest After a W g om ital i l M
But alal mypreolous darling b.W -Wr' Km
My bear't does sorrow so. t ahe apD-yfr
BecaueeI know my little Eunice. oKerr has dei4" ldedb l o
WilU 'er come back-no more special,'onvsoen edltim l
fow oft does toaia think love, ouothem Im, ti t M
Of those sweet perlie tooth and little view to making i ati
ruby lips, a aadequaL, preseatatioa n t to
That esed to Presa her fondly. 4uent~ice et nsrie
As soft as velvet tips, kr-at by oeuh .ltoeii.s 1
Oh my littedarling Eunice, M tad th srrit wmy-, iM .
Your mama will nere forget,.' -4Pllmt Sy m. in
The lsrt sweet bul and kissm,l om
How tenderly they were pressed, liksiy to be iamtrrol rem
Goo is with you my little Angel, tiMn M a be infe-rdrsot
04 love mnd ulake you blest, -r Of thaoss-eiadin lth# -
Bntwpe ould only give you, era ImmiPraut, isaedet .e af
A' little earnl, rest and largely deyotef to .UtKh a.
Thqi why on I not remi.ebr, of country trveee y the *
Ti bet a little while, Cbattnooga St. LOus rialt
U tl r pay, Fli lto to meet you, tn m elusesi dtn, i
IP that beutiufn home above the sti ic an I(sl oIt S
Y ar me in tbe arm of Jesus,. beyond u ,ltaic se. Wt
ec inime oa his gentle brea, st ias edis wWb.nq ,
Thors in Hie lovng emesos-
Swel, darling, you at r t, .-. ee no. b
-Wr% t ,sibymsaa is meamory be J?^ arP i eta

, Ai -ding oble .d ti rt t ls ll
,n ^ Pes,. s. --n w, loca hiS," -g s1
bie )joeka, whileOsguioh tobleo'^ r^^
oo-- ..roe last Sturai. ngh.I, t |
a: nseowa man-s-ppind is bh at _El^.. __- S- -
ero-w0hbo hoa Inva Smb u em

for the porpose of forwardngsa perlo n w a e
of Mr. Bobles' oaris crop by the I Wa S fr
underground routs. Sunday Mr. Pesa, 5habere l
Whle patrolling thenm iw eans, a Nrd SaOhOS ie n rom hi
oae Jon Jobe oan I helsb t of lfti '. S" ng
fro* from the trees, and tov urIn s b foan lbrso me k
prji over to the sheriff, Jobhneon as oawy io
oeimmttesd for trial -by joags s-riaon
yeardray n defan h ofthsf l -. T--
Jqhn B. SIgSltae' y,of the wer ll- wh at5
known legal firm of Lacgley & iol- ': -
taei, of LIeeebur, p14ed through .
TBipa BSunday evening lp his way to ,4 i
Palmetto, where he-Is td a branch -
o ae. Singeltary,. brother of
(eo0e Slagel ary; tb h ik u at H.
IMtrfahn'stini at 1wVt Tak*, and
Las wie tise-is of frfeads li this vi-

ltwst nove "

o^ptj' h io ssu4r ,ie. ^ jd, rs

** \' ,: -i T
S ..

.. : .

TRi -


'e oppoesras es.
... .. ah .o. .5..

If M7 ta" o..UDanSCPT .......

-'ae i nSiS b x
OM .. e" Oe r ....... m0
W :': pi ,MrroN s1. A YB R.
f i o "Ip payad to adsafa.

sE i a: dB.A-e' a ena seas 9. b
vcl.pw na m o r

dhemsesaw. riso'f. WI
sss make hlaualLas ama =

lanisdy, DeceMber t% 1807.

'N owflor hSe0olh wave.
S;. outb Flolrda will get its share of
ti --Um visitors this winter.
-. Jacksouvile isstill 9 rousing ever
L what' a howling success the Gala week
.-: even wa .
S.en grow reasooale whea Ihey
'.begInt to think other men are not
S'' obliged to think as they think.
T.T..T, T. T. stands for Th,
I4npa RInurae's Thanksgiving Tur
4' .key, ThLsk.
'It see-m to he fashionable to name
ilar after dead oelebritks. Livi
2ah a eight protest against the brad.
There wilI unrn hels

,h-.. Tbere wlle aumeronu wheelless
ase. a idle ia the bicycle shops when
.. t echailema wheels come into gen-
Seral use.
SEverybody is goiog to Ballast
A Pseit today. The program is
ela"bora and the gaieties will be im-

i Justice it very likely to be defeated
l ; Daota murder ease. A mob
latgWd all the witnesse tor the State,
ad ow there s no one to testify to
A-' ut is nearly ready to
-musal reign. The
als abhoppisr who begin their
rdl. aUineresaag in num.

'i lapiy a day of banks.
3 oytaing to be thankful
beg tlo be thankful thaL
eaqgisite pleasunre of
^ -N. AoIMgr os the sw -Ave
l e eia ave bea PwCooeW ieo-
I iapeple e leave theme
As~:m m .;* We have sr-
t11-e- thea all an on sub-

S ~spmfoegille Breese asys that
jt aise( pledtlful in the hanm-
ala con-ral~ty, that a
w-tha e asad a sting liot

'*3Faijolm Akh--bwghtee

H E thererls anew
40a 4

~uiqe s E rs W4tter-
part,, p w will
bfet.H To-wtichk

bt Mwhat tia it

s-1oaw6 rushed

.. .0.. . n.o

Ire~d~t loM!


PMtriotie Flowidiase have a great
;desalo be thankful for today "nd will
'dou llesscelebrate the oc. asdn with
all tba zet and enthusiasm phbaac-
.taeirbi of lo: al Americins. It is a
day of turkey and tbanks, of sport
and glee and thousands will anjoy
-thenmslesa in a way peculiarly their
Foemd as a state and Floridians
as a people should indeed be thank-
ful., The iatea nas been exempt
frop pestilene that walketh in dark-
ness a d disease that wasteth at uoon-
day. She has enjoyed the blessings
of peace; floods have not innumluated
her Aelds nor droughts cutoff her
crops. The harvest has been abun-
dant and progren and prosperity
have obaracterized every enterprise
-of a jpdable nature. ier-, citizens
have been prosperous, happy and
cootented enjoying to the fullest x.
tent their inalikgule rights as true,
patriotic American citizens.
Throughout the State and iu fact the
entire" Southland, the smile of a
benifieeut providence have brightly
beamed and our people feeling grate-
ful for such magnanimous protection
yill c6ebrate today in a manner that
will lend cheer ard hilarity to the


A sttenuous effort is being maild
to have the ltx removed from alco.
'hol used is thy a:La. I he Phl:ladel-
phia Pes ss ate thlt grain alcohol
costs uow $2 30 a gallon, but if the
tax were lake-t off it wr.dfld cost only
15 or 0 Ctolisagallun. That would
oni thL.. wood alcohol industry and
would greatly reduce the production
of turpentine In doing that the de-
struction of valuable Limber unneces-
sarily wvuld be stooped. Medicines
would be greatly reduced in price.
oool hats would cost much less, as
would a great many other things of
general use. That would increase
consumption. and as grain alcohol is
made from corn it would afford a
largely increased market for the
farmers' corn. Our manofaeturers
would Utte, in that respect, be on an
equality with those of other uoontries.
Many people oppose the removal
of the tax because they are .afraid
that the liquor dealers would take ad-
vantage of this new movement of re-
lief, aid claim to be artists. It is said
go require considerable art to com-
pound the various drinks of a first-
clas sroo.
It alcohol were free from tax and
the real of the law properly guard-
ed morB cbhafir dish artists would
exstt. The eaplbilities of the chafing
dieb are immense, but the fuel at
resent is expensive.

How often do we hear people ask
"* dnere on earth do the tlies come

from?" It is simple enough: Toe
toper takes the whisky fly; the cy-
clsne makes tbh house fly; the carpen-
ter mntt tbe faw flyt t s tw otrdir
mwake the Htter fly: Lbe hilackamilt
make. wie bwe ifl,.; -Ic jockey makes
tl UIraUore yi4he hutUli r ;makes the
cow fly: hli. Sprniibrifr. nunitas tbe
suo,'y fly. r n i t" houusewift makcs

Pfcapi you a< cycca too xz-
S to .cerT C-
Shapusike Yo ur

.t.e. a nd .. .fo c.
blo nod Gm-

Ohio Woman Suffered Grea -Agon
From a Terrible Soft-He" Storey o
the Cas*, and Her Cura.
"For many yeas I was af acted with a
milk leg, and a few years agoU broke ouat
In a ere and spread from my foot to sy
knee. I suffered great agony. It would
bu and itch all the time and discharge
a great dgaL My health was good with
the exseption of this sacre. I tried a great
many kinds of salve, but some would
irritate the sore so that I eou!d hardly
stand the pain. I could not go near the
re without suffering ntensely. 8omeonw
bent me papers containing testimonials of
cams by Hood' BusaarlUla, and I told
my husband I would like to try this med-
icine. He got n t' bottle and I found it
helped me. I kept on taking It ntfl my
limb was completely bealed. I cannot
pzalse Huds S fazaparfU enosgah ftO the
great benefit it has been to me. It
cleaases the blood of all impurities and
Sleaves'ft rifl and pure." Msa ANA E.
Dexad, Whittlebey, Ohio.
Yen can bay Hood's Srsapailla of all
druggists, Be sure to get only fBood' .
Hood's Pills are eott family
eHtbhrtio Poe c.


The Georgia legislature regards
football as brutal. and passed an act
to prohibit the sport, the very same
legislature, however. refused to pass
a measure forbidding the employ-
ment in workshops and factories of
children under 13 years of age.
It is a peculiar sense of public
,duty that leads the legislator to seek
to protect from the results of their
own daring sturdy and robust young
men, while regarding with unconcern
the dwaring of little children by
premature employment, which not
only stunts physical growth, hut
takes the little ones from the school-
room, where they properly belong.
It is alleged that Whitelaw Reidl,
editor of the New York Tribune, it
maneuvering to get Mr. Sherman's
place as secretary of State, It is
urged against him that it was in pur-
suit of that ambition that he sought
to bring the aged secretary into ridi-
cule by publishing in his paper
copy of one of the secretary's dis-
patches to the marquis of Salisbury
before it had officially reached its
destination. A point in Reid's favor
is that the republican organization of
New York, or Platt'a gang, is op-
posed to him.
We an* so constituted that we like
Just a little flattery, provided it is
well meant. When we do a thing as
best we can, we like the plaudits of
the public. The newspaper man is
not an exception to the rule le also
likes to have a kind word occasion-
ally from the people who read bis
paper from week to week. But the
battery that he likes best is that which
is attended by renewal of subecrip-
tion. When the subscriber pays the
printer though not a word may be
eaid at the time, yet the editor feels
that his work ts appreciated. This is
the kind of flattery that helps to buy
meat and bread, and helps to ipay
outstanding bills. If any of our
readers happen to be in arrears, we
should not object to a little battery
sn the way of a renewal.
A. J. Weot, the Louisville litiog-
rapher, did not procure a wife
through Prenologtst Boger, thoegh
both trikd herd to use science so

called, to capture a conaugal belp-
mate for the Fabls-Oity man. Of
the saay female- Barkises who were
willing and offered themselves for
wedlook4 the learned professor could
not find a single one wbose phrenol-
ogical bumps harmonized with the
biilocks on the frontal, occipital or
parietal ossifications of the Lohisvill-
ian. tHw would itdofor Mr. West
to try his hapd in taking the pretty
LrisflUle girls out to church, or the
thkrter or buggy-ridiog, or evun to
t.e ice-cream parlors. and let cupid
o;n tllines sfler his own fashion?
The public school building at Lake
Ciy lhas just been completed. It is
a eredtit to the State as well as coun-
ty, costing $7,000. School opened
with 250 pupils, under the manase-
i meut of Prof. Spenctr of South Caro-
The expense of the recent term of
the circuit court in Marion ca\Unt-
was a follows: Witea before the
grand jury. 488.70; jurors fees,
81,201.15; state wiaee, 1108;
s*erif'5 cost,# Ol; total, 88,699.86.
3WhWsan aveegpot S1 5 to 'eek
gemeoanda ib d ily aJ t minority
-of tm. na"o cue-half thit
l-a ~ faTO-. :* I i,


to w1ich the Expert Mdther is a 5
exposed aMd the foreboding and ess eas s -*a"
dread with which she kS tat Mbti or .a sawe go"
ward to the hour of womainfs ..
severest trial is appreciate by- but r-l*a 1a5 ** 0 0
few. All effort should be made S.
to p orth tthte hq idgged places tit a w

prelsse. to hervbosomn her b le. a

Nature that there changeagods for- tif eher ,

such violent protest in1 the way p5, ...... ao a54te^S-^^o '^
Nausea, Headache, Etc. Glooiniy .esr. S"itea. ia^sv .os, 6
forebodings yield to cheerful and ,D..e... edy
L +1k4 e- ui e

through the ordeal Qickly d nLe st. ra S tiF
vigorous and enabled to sjoyosly aU gUt .-e ---
Nature that the high andhoy ds- ti l as .ale eaF. w S, "
upward in an easy moLMotr' Fs and
without pain-is lefthetpong and dat 9he fginon i at O&C a' @ f

the timeev of of. "
el d- 8Mmi(b : rt l ,U-f f
now devolved qpo%,Jp g% Safety. ....

"Laevzw one ML~dds



Ae OCAIf__I. ,


A certain individua b btr ki k-I
-ing lately because we don't up sh
all the llittle mi Oemeanoh s t J m
hear of, rhat maa does not know.
the mission of a newspaper. news.
paper to be a success must represent
the needs and topes of the people and he rt ea of ahIw h blAse t
not the spite and seth b antitions. .c -a eis'tw 1
The malevolent a.4 sinister ashes of lfe Tbe adt itA t
lh l micds of the people sabuld be taint InpAtsci *ist
kept ULt print. The pper should man eerbamf ithTh
be "a voice in the wilderness," cry- y of i t a their chr
ing the coming of a higher :iviliza. whoe'vein; Eaw ih the M'PMa i
tion, telling of the better men aid of lif ,
women that are to be; telling of the an b, a ith Or
advance in those things which, will isposed to
broaden the thoughts ind soften the tilswe in Taw --
hearts of man. Whenever a newp. s a,."'s
paper forsakes these rues it is likeia
locomotive that leaves the rails tlht froma- BeealSr, mn SS
guide it; the stronger it is the more with "__ hemo- U
complete the ruin. All men have X3. W. Chatou i
faults that they do not want made .6 v -hae -" Y
public, and if we should undertake ponobta. eeats., g
to publish all the little neighborhood W t Zh41y
wrangles that come to our kito sledge
we would not have two subscriptions "'
left la two years. A newspaper that .. '
is made the vehicle of personal spites
whether of the editor or his readeis,
ought to be ostracised by thi. jullic&. e 'mit a
A newspaper with no higher aims than
abusive laudations of persons a: i.ii- *
viduals has no place in the w.irl force. The newspaper isnot i police
force fr the punishment of crime; t I
is not the promoter of personal .mbi-
tious; it is nut the inquisitor to fiud "ws.a avo
jut Ihe hidden evils of a commuaily. wM.. o A d CAerr." -eM. w uSSi
It is not cur intention to use thia pa. re andtreated bythe d n
per to vut personal spite or confer He seeed to it worse all t e
howev, and diseases flnallWseelt ed r
persona' favor. We propose-to tr in icu. auire of the spine, IMMq hbb 0 w
to make the TRIBUNE a moral forue m tiT i ..
in educating public opinion, not in I ~if sad were a aeoe of ma stant
ridiculing ignorance or punishing Pan He was in this itffal Wf
for two ymm, w sne m oms eOft, dMM
crime. We propose to try to pro- mended L .S. tstg that itmcared asd
mote prosperity by stimulating the M amesOfthe w tasetu odiobddiimass
Aano S as his 3 wes e e U the oufi
industrious, not by abusing the indo- iect of the dC s the M r a
lent. We expect to stimulate gpod- get b0ear,d s.tAs A11111W
will in the community by seeking the walk oa .sl ttb w lg d wtTAiei~ tig
good name of the people, and not ex- "'z djh l a In tbre a
aide his erubcehhsorh ad webea
posing their shortcomings, acd if Me for thei. the dremafdl s b- s lJd 'eb l.I
there is any one who objects to this ~ e h I svt3 Wno .
it eias, madl he I..MANme -
paper because we proposelto adhere health. The cna e aa -
to these principles they are at liberty asMe lM dM thlse W elausm
to let it alone. AS to a real d med,
While Jacksonville's city council t l blood
has increased the takza.ion br we od t the a yd -- *A
a fourth miles, Ocala's council made rSct --e-a Isisy ft
a decrease of four miles The Star nttn
say this decree was 1ade i 6 the 8 &5 I a sure
face of the fact that double the Te tttere eGuitIt ta---
amouna of street paving has ba ATWe
doe this year over lest and that it P U.y
is admitted on all aides that the work d I the rem a
has been accomplished at a lees ct0 e0 aga |
to the tax-payers dating th past BooLksa on bda gd l M .
year than ever before.--Jacloovilk a.. a
Metropolia The city dmiaietratio
of Tampa might with prolt to itself L AL.AD VEST JlW r
visit Oct and take a ew lemons in i
mastering the question of governing Non-R dlent Nott P
and improving the city.
5t se forest Coodrt shm athIsmdl5tih
"American eompetttist appears io ass, aLsD eR la aad rrm
to be causing the countriesof tbe Old wiaisa H. leir.. aHI rae a'aUsI a aan
Workhl some apprehension. That may eah. e 'curra
be cited as one of the eklences of sJ. asm o. S fneA la t-.i55^
property or this side of the Atlan- --,4nces5?L, ra ml
tic. rseoiSam oa the am r.aldaem dresmasts
aa~ealeyasaad ian ame **

osea., .,.readoi steaS

i I lh



. .i i -a -- -
.. '


-. -W

111111j1i PITIlI ATIUIIE P111) eU iA ia5i1sJuL.BU CHANGl.
WE N LI U, Importbnt Change in the rLr t l
Vaods..snd D .eof LTrais.
w I s l bythe Ptuet caiThe Opeing Bopor the S aso Last Vesty BMicyc eet a Consp~Ies On Saturday. Nov. .27th,h follow A tu
.. .. " "l 01 t. u ing change in arrivals and deparmres i .
MA of trains at 'ampn on the Plant sys- t
: te will be effective.
Sanford, will arrive 9:B6 a. m., instead
it CowdOd &Eoy Odrers Show a Gratiying Which Was Attended By a Long And Filled the Spaious Grounds of 9:15 a. m.,as heretofore.n t a 3
t iThe Usual WeekIlyt but- List of Tampa' Bea t Peope- and the Picturesque Pavilion East Coast No. 8. from New York, t*fitb-s
p- t a,-At4hipats- the i ids Thou Who Were There-Thi Con- to Overflowing-List of Succesful Savannah and Jacksonville, will con- te Wla Prw
.." : : mittees and the Banquet. Contestants aloue t arrive at 5,~ p m. N. .o
o. l-S fast maSl from New Tvr
-r r From Sat rday~ V'Dad. via West Coast, unchanged; arriving g a y al ".
-,i.S u u.""-- "., 'i .. o. s .at. s o If e .d _avan ool .-
T- ah Iaa o a t t I red One of thel leading features of the 7 0p. Aao s h4E1

poit %Q Last n aight mayp fasirly beoonalied Wtel Ooet No. 7sb, from S rana. r- o ts er re
6-: 1^ 1-A.B.- S 4y te"d of ithtbe e athe d peningtof the ,eason, sine, Tn day was th fect bg b car ce Bal Wampas0 a. O., from Savanna. ba a oues
TA. OtRds s tliteti a n o f dhre di comitBrinson.w in ddin, Pao, aanged by the Tamps Litersar High rings and Ocals, will arrive

i er wa M i l op&Ai O 11e to e r a t fe udone totheatcoud in any way con- tiLrel adqueae nd t e p eta que tao UOnat N o. 7 v a B oora. ea o
g. aoi l lee b de tribut a to the n plehuc e of f the open and Atbetac Club; arrned i rt is not too 05o p. instead of 9 p. to. as h esrs ti hb d

bti 11410 Wb Y o a .r0It ore hasoet y th e night choen for the opn c favor measure reo ever ea wl e Tampa 1 n, th bcket and t
t' e ..aiwuld. 1 Somyeres the .t one of the best managed and most tn- Tranu from Thorotmk o da Bartow ofoa SS
tothe Iae Cfra0 Ace TA o joyable of all similar events the fo. onchanged P a rrivig, at60l leae LTama a to et, w e en
w .a ft a." t ..'" tt t 'P .r- The handsome apertimats of the receaory been given in Tampas e DA RU ., a iao
-upe of r t fbe &e 0d club T e oor oai it~el d fore bte a d 1 6phouse Je ,wie b t h e bless
L t . m P oub wE ap ritnce, J ohn T teg Fully 800 people were in attend Ie West Coast No. 76, ford Lsbr. a oe w oma alby
,' h tBsthe wn ti anth e d the arrangements for includg many ladins d h n. Orals, aannah and the east, leaves
~~f I~i~ W ;J ~5oO l~oftee alI b1ev dance were ntrusted tW the hajsds whose e thga faily, bOW
arpp.- Cis~u er W e.ot ts -od ly m nkaoh plan e feN- ol onI m embe sered upon The day wa perfect: the car esiee Tamp8:10 m in .stea d o 8 p mas. he ato- t their
i Cb s Ita i tt h ale ule rtkettl s etao fully e- eof ptio h comnamtittees,: E. M. Hendr, L C provided by the Co avamrer s Con yy hfretfor. h bar
tao basau iaf tea" ivme to )e that te unde etht could of any l wayel or entirely dTquae, and te ple turEque Eas. anopt N. 7, vand St. Peo- e m, u r

views otttsie manu^"fa urr e asso qua- bad been accured, and when the long F. D Powerl of Jacksont. tle, H. P, s rue urg division polon7 ill leave thl" rar ofMr, CliBton'&M
m i l o strng o ew ye ill r ee i de- tribrte to the pleasure of teir guest and ad ,rably arrange grounds of Jacksm lle 10 a. m, ian ah for 96 th. ee l depoIeo by e

1.b W P h evesown e fory. They are full of eouor- loaded wegit y thy train s of waio trhn. entire ,Tm b oo 1e for Thonotosas ea n ighboil lood
.:l f e o nhao the gyety of the oocain. Tempa'arfavorihe pleasure resort never east 5 pll .: veTamp :,uncha Mr, in- w ioth bckets and pit
T.bIC S L 'b mrIso or Florida ieaf remains The following gentlemeid composed pred to better dv ge. st i 1'a0 .. as heretofore.
fl I m L n. $otne growers the coammlttee on entertainment: ,R appeared to better advautgemprveitobeafutile at
R5ie se.e s ~b cedtlo.I Som 3yO th cmtee on entrsaltnt Y The program was carried out n TeaI o. 122, for Laklelu, Barrw the poogem of theSa
-D e Du. .aomp. their Inab d to find any t Prince. T. A. Chand cellar. Joe Say- evey d i pub ishe, .ad the fol- and P 113 ors, Prll Tampa ant tire lack h of rprot mo

e e t .Te reate g for the crops, wh ie ares,. A. Griffin. and Paul Worth vD Ay dersoni Time. bs 1.5. S. PeLerdbur wG arf d, Manatee il ura of B
e a q d for r eb u nropa white frese, J.oA. orii, ad Pa s W e lowing summary of the raee gives the 4:4 p in.., i instead of 6ie0 p.. av rrin sem of s y adeqata o
fir.orm Iti oi f fe b u F e, orma oT oug as official time and the ore r in which the ig Punts Gordtu 10:1 ar p. rendered the ber allnoie
pes an r lat hr produ a ct from rbeina up of a. r Prince, John Dougla, several onestants paON ed the winning Trin No. 82, via S paford and Jak. neighborhood eti es t be
le rb ed Tbe fact thanpt Florid aad .e B. Turman, while the post. sonvHlle, als via West Coast leaves 7h, limited oo e
ga8 o sr ma pdpido msk~nga place for fM! o nes lgmembs sers e r ld upon tle re- 150 Siiz ijl0. osille C leaves an Ma tenns soon ro
Wl I wrapper stpid m oc 7- a plof r J 1 El- e b aL E. 7: p. am., instead of 8 p. m. as hereto- elvs to asoinR their prn
;cbrej O h f to e ma ske meoas fully de- ceptton committee: s. Pa. Hendr, L. Clau ie hiHdler. J 'e a varies, A TIYNG S the oPlant
tia re .a threat 4. lantd is nowoeekO y remains iA. Bi and Paul Worth Smitn. Glenn. ime, 24. f tn o. 21 for Port Tampsa, t ucbof the orlt
Is lar th ardn &Cti.earemployng. meet the The serv s of Hallowell's orchestra Io n t The Seconud S ford and Srt. Pret wts at the, btake ofr

tlhisf vIY o agmeftlr al cfaodtos o outnouw al tn n rh and hb C ienw aa a. lea p. mw: uncan elnt o amed lt
s ews s5 -tatue of Tknspa'n leading industry. intemiasson for suppter. w, kept. ufi R. ti. Adtr|on. Time, 1.A O T Y A. St. Petesburg wharf and Manatee with sasurauce of oTly 9
ii ~ne h0 ty ered o ouse aianr Tan e I Psprd ~,se o f d he wa F w s ck ille, H. p, eraurg d ision poin ca ted, w l ave the rear ofMr. Clinton
weatilIb following areamon thOeag re. W tor I rp of Jacksonville, D.S. Cox Taemps 0.M, instead o .peedilydes eby
wdrd5d .ouse ufO tr. and Mr-a.1r u t Fae ta tcPgeroo re-u F foaPr o ie. Jr Short. l hTiie. etw nen iep mad Os cacout of the ou
2 own oy. They a~lonrb inlea0 i o itf rce thois' pounded with the .tr NTder.att, D l. ,gd. mra,4e c aoI d hl t pl i r l an ewed cne ad e
n0nedby'. wee1.e F. hi.eSimoutnc andlwife ,D.mascite until 10 'aorit

8 e. metu e ament for al eood i and sow galop and march. Tefe F ernt number En i FORt Otf. lean ma es 5 p. ounhn magnicent Tamp
w eaode TWobly than rbetor the made up the sws:t, and den ingph 1:10 a. m. rod her 8t the Plaee d yh

their das &eAd l made 180tei50 a e on the lre comm ittee of ho E eTrain No. 83 for Port Tampa b od by s lo r twice wLtrbe
~ijia jn' d SancheesMaya ad r wteking a fore wife, PC honnon.
LS of thrdands, an o ca r r cityheod nci The coBe dw ingar teanns co.-1 o A. of the pvoer re. e mia, e sd M as Metr and ee aristadtwst cad the ,o't lt weidi od a
.h 0wred 11 L ne in,676. This usemaHarri'de n about 2and sw . mendo: t, ird. 'wt ime. .7 i l for Washington and new Yr, a pnde et Ae be t. Pft la t
Ie*e m uir &aW.the Sedt:o & Co. nelsor ar feta Wend Dou tIsesl. Smith. ,aurr. tall. F s. wrF.mH ..0ocontUat Jacksonville with through sleeper grovNnd; epeialy to th
I o ed o d etof the onroe Cir o'closkf rs Chairman McFall. and h ability of the company to turn out ble punih ment o be kept awndy fro bt isin A moreica old
b. d I --- s Clart.,n of anlladafe. o sBrrt Tampa depart and arrive as fol- a groning. P
ovesand m a nde wife, F. uC. owyertand w babl F J o Sn S oponen rcom er d,80.wWcePibus

t otatd d ith Go Sle mis and um Mzs800 Ganled i s Thc e e a The ro p i pro am will onit f a br tail Ietora tn capirg. to
siSbS aSS i r d s d. ii e gars ewth aft op os to ave corner of Rwote and culd Po r.sby beall. w as to be found 9- a. m. nde O 1Crt: wr te Pand retro Sst ai
i:"l pmentrs weo e e we he Shme i PePrre hne ad c b le e Mp a e round trip; tiAikets to
t Of about, M bands, and repeft a de- wif F. h, Wing and %%ife 1L.. F. D.Powers, H. P. 'homr.on, Cecil m has through sleeper via. west coast 79h, limited good to

st, A r 1t o o Brown and wife, MrnA. BizeT. A. ChanceIT Cl,' ..rd ime. 2d which was attended, not o oly n ew York, and timber 14 reh. Man
a eist- we-dig Aa B. oelard & Co. apo armplolng t or. F-ale Hy ma. Frank Rtaldi, Fred, byhe onieatat in the sports of the The Se ond Ward cksonvillend ergorten Pin. at e a e seeade o
O ee eWood, Douglab b s, Smith, Sa ,ur t'z. Soal. aB. Tum o. J by a lrge number of society grea with through ic l eeper.gro ; e cialY t t

I withSeohipments of 14 ie00 se F. Morase tet. J a s Pr J. to o wuh to ay tNw Y t the m kd n al pror b treat is to store fS
SM l a o *" 90000 ei st triand Miss M azde Ga with two Pe oThfde y was broug wth o an appropri- i which wlad tote p re d oe Fr top
w P ch J"""rrls & Os fow ed. Duhglthsof, hea oytta< W. B. Ath erat ptrp away the closing hours of T a ot- i on oro a
et I oison Lieu.ten n added t n, andto te P gan b Da b to thu melodious strains ofwAr gatena v v b. an e
Craft Joe Sv e. aul Worth' ate bn hall W r, was g e i n rF
la eyOetor k last week, a uttora fowarde0ai ih Fif derthe aupies c.f the Athleticmoed into its new a lnt T n e ad
-NMI lne" M.rg ude ct o otput THendry.T.. A. Bize, T. A. a served by C l db w Y ULB.. quarters, a building erected epcll It p nt to take and
W J.a g .m hu eunsed to 80000, the.l shiplments aWI Owens, and wan one that was put up iF bythe for the .ndipurpose at the horneofo an d~ gPo. tre aeatt e taerd
a hy etom.andumedout 87,000 c- Lykes. Sett B. Turman. J BrowrF. day. but by a Itrge number of society aNeelpt noe i
The his best style and was thoroughly ap eolhDr wyatt Completes i ision- tret and RossaeueT pa eih, just as ool on, ta
"AM.IDouglas *,thFpmedaAHereo DiW.3Alpretitrtibyhp awayeeuetsofthecnf The losing hourew of Th bns- os oo r s m i

TtrTnh-ateeepper was served by Chef fwwY s ebLy hey OLB quarters, a building planned aend arranged CeaIt Pha~ ct to take y i
- walkf- e amounted tto5,000 tbe-lghipmen to Owens, and wasDr.one that was put up in Fad ee aemouTaop D eru o,
"-d i w o e s a aDso his best styse and wis thoroughly ap-i n Dr. Wyatt Completes 3 been inhssion- is h ,eet iand RosstavenuedTampan Heights,fund e Barsd dA

M WtAt snG The Councfl Fire Committee Tests the clity for some ays, maing a careful and is comfortably heated. lsesNw Hom Sewd" wing
$of1ths s adwetim a n b hrit f brewery eAf erm t, who has been mn the 'finished, being plastered ond t bai y co.d 0 Laaet atra
IME. go 1,se0iai ma n- ctyon0 Water T Presure. examination of the plant of the Flori- t is Mt, andientlY a ndx thtnlea IMan k l
loO.ni .' s I, Tde long-proposed test of the ater Id Brewin Compfly ats complete tl commodkte thnt le gest party. gtbree.. $ f P
o 'c lk prem wr i f Crisred by ahebliliyo Watars cIm tostouaOd returned to his boee kp awyosfrom c hos e yldi
The958=== t,, piOof the. n Cia r. bewloipny w. be y.. yL- ork.
tom70 0, the ~ Messrs. Speord ilte best beer ever brewedint derth eKier are denifhted wia thl an rt
.I -e ad 180 atbda0 n t s n b, th re cou mitte e after S aoth W at emhaustiue exama nert in wvch it mu s been -on ndabt by Ieu ,iv0 a u
k .~avessbf....a- ad d e bn g unavo idably csn- a v l en du b h t e ve g December, aoy-Isier
1 ;,hi vefed inChief Har rrss' ofwa ce alaun 2pr se patsted, m imselp ad fully stis- ed p itet little asolci tin itn the wbi ld pong.- ift ,ta b t L i. P.b
Cs otpu Ith Gov len m ing with C chairman McFgll, and scenabiit e te company to turh out ale punisimendrtg be kepworkby iross Ws hta d" -utwer.
idl[ ad I am.u ed o the net Mesrs. Sp6'ord ard Dombrowsky In the best beer ever brewed in the the indergartegasr ,a dwit. An in- o ri "o the n oI

Floidaavauue, wher tehsrn~ in h dr o- the iter, hih has never untl Meta, followed by Kindetgwten exer- 3 .i.Sme or ladle t.
oso-0t 4s. il et wr d at that point was male the snub- now been ierfeetly handled; and it is ciss by the lIttle people. An t "teryat- Monthly 00~exmit
t _~ I t a of a n e yh ingute t ist. not too mun h to s y tbat the marked ___o___-_

"..ad proved anythlog. bat satisfactory. v s t n, ofir.e Wy Ae wh children lek.
SS~~006 c~ Frank nfcbhefld. the newly-appointed ASs to th, bsrn ofthe t o
At t ext trial on of ose was brewster, who came here with Dr. a to go the benet of the

Mr. EFts- at S 00 lo doubttha ther brew will hereafter T y afternoon 1.t"i A. Alt.J lt
us i i hbea lt~ Sternu he at not to be maitaised at its present bigh st. lea. be eard wiasomladnba~a of U
NS hvebeen rt fift. h l dar3. Mr. Piank A llan, 'wel e wn
Sand At the tbsrd and last tret, the lines rk e
imUeeT4iv we eash aautdown to0 feet, with SoPLUS, 1900,991.94. bacelebrated hear tm"ty. by giv-
iel 0 gltn. t he rmslt that a stream of tbrty-nina ng PAtY. mbrSetI. Vrleode
ai iofl rttr feet and six inches was secured. Snnh, forida and Wetern BRi- ad prti M d IR--
s T iteha Tbe ate are to be continued until road's Aiual Xotia. eVng was moat plts uy r
s and l^?^,sa part.-nopast- voted M IHIe
i wia ihdj a te wa" ans between h cnity Svannah, Ga., Nov. .-The an- the 4 charming bostses of the ae
2nP ktall s tf e S watr w orks is definitely st neal meetAng of the stockbolders of the son ad wished bar many returns of
PiOW- oW:nsy t. aid wa our e anther;d sSavambnnah, Florlda'and Western Ball.h betr tal day.
t.... -. ula httOelot tiZ of ourse, be made the sib- read was blid,ere today. The follow Of
oftq Jeto emaleport tbe council. ing offers were elected: r. B. Plant, Th mern-*year-od son pf Jeam .
Mi.biar datWe m or .Wah B. Rhodes leave thias morn. president; R. E. Erwin, vice-prei- Paez,;he Well-known ciga macofto- J
ah. the eaBoa. 8. M.-l f tr Kanass Otty to buy a carl .d of dent; J. Moultne Lee, treasurer; R. B. tre died at bis residence I1 Waen
triMr W D. hora f the Tampa markeSt. If there Smith, secretary. Tamn at 10 o'clock Fridy oaiht of
lwith his a si IfsFlorda that thoroughly The grtoearnings for the year were cre pical menia rti. the foescm
BBBH gt"*"" nnde6simthe cla stock that ,is $3086,720.77, decrease of $47,798.28 ware held yerd arftrnaoon, A2XD.---,.
eOA P a bioti ad a mana that is from last year. The expenses were the I taerment taking pae at 3o'lock
I weiasbhtti ob l hered on bore flebh, that $2,426,728.88, a reduction o $101,48L89. in Mari cemetery unde the dires Sei* O1lOWsr nf
St ovTryman ira .. Bh odes, and the TMt- Surplus, 960,991.94 an increase of $68,. tion ft l taey a Madden.
8030 &that the orload of stock 63&.12-W
S I I Th director were all re-elected. W a maa auferng ra ah -b
dib hr bw a dipped ten Forila winter. They are Measre, H. B. Plant, M. F. img a sluggish bod -whe bl
e a 1 d w Plant, R. G. Erwin, M. K. Jeoup, H. i'na as trlax and lasi brin diuan
p! i Sl thmpepseope baker, 1012 M. Flagler, H. B. E ewcomer, and J. H. ad iis stomach food BI
alb thtest. Two loavas for five EstilL r W e t ivell iwelotha eA v.i t
^ ...... .. ... .S... i" t Prof.HL. Whitney, representative reFs rtathea .ij1 r ,'
of then h a ,parJ too; 1'r"
B||fl a8;^ W itf^ rus~iorr ol bM ^ ia'M~p Morning Tnbune, ZrriTed to at "p aWir
hisg1&and ga -spendab a aw lays-bag w"M aing wso the .
n. w country forismpr.and pworktgih

S.:' --' 1 ..apow
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^w^b h b
Wsur fifc^
^.f-I -f.'a
aLC.*-. 4


i' ~V~:~"r;"~~w""s~:'~"~p~3m~-;

Constipation cu. BE., AA .
Mr. Richard Croaker has bees giv- caetay ba t o st I r ttl wrMi It ~ In '. uv .. i War.
i lag ha ideas of New York State retane e disted mood tooe on e tbe bowels WAarmsro V. Nov. O 9.-The peal
Spolitics that seem to forecast his in- and ptrotdamet bt ness torpid lver, bdll of the state of South Carolina fro the
decision of Judge ,imonton in t cau
staions for the future. It ispo .i- o the Vandercook oompaoy'
ble that Croker's ambition is swell- plaint of the enforcement of the d peu-
oe. ang, and that be intends to take the sary law has been docketed if she
entire state of New York within the gestl ts Et a United States supreme court. epre-
todomaine of hi oe b e l r ileentatives of both sides of e tro-
domain of is bowhp-or, who cet i very have agreed upon a motion o ad
know, Croker may look upon him-. resusts atonand a e. AlldNgist vance the cae upon the docket, rhih
Wben resulkeasily ntho ug 1giss mrrt1"n probably will be almse th e
s elf a a future democratic Mar Popare by CI. Hood & o, L I moMn prhe
6".r. H The oq Pill m to ith Hooy o a lp r c M nday.
. so HanHs. Isia e principal ime as sthe effect
i -of the congressional "iwiln"Ar the
.:, a Croker is reported to have said, EBM Nfedel TION. t regulating la ta
That Senator Murphy is now the ___n spirisa Thes asma weder
AR- inoarporsted in the law st w tia
AR democratic leader in New York, and The lTIaiLsE this morning pub- man'si Snaat afrtherdeassion the
S that David l. Hill never was. What lishes a letter from its regular staff spremourt holding th state wto
F, this means principal, is that Croker correspondent, in which is given a but Judae Slmonton in the n case
h and Iuarply have made a bargain to graphic account of Fort Myers and hds thae t i mandmnutl did toa s-
move the friction and that the c fcee.-
d divide the poils if a democratic leis- the surrounding country. In this mentaof the dipemsy law by akin
laltreis elected in New York, next letter will be found set forth in de- sminln of goodshipped o theae
"oue atside, as in the cae of the VIsler-
year. Murphy to to be returned to tail, not only the more picturesque cookshipment, was a volatiof ltwa-
n i the senate nd Croner will have the aspects of the county and its famous tarsate com-wea law.
rest. stream, but its manifold advantages WARM TALK BY WIL. ON.
It I absurd to say that David B. from a more practical point of view. ma r oe U k sA ir-., A
7. Bill was never the democratic leader To the average Northern tourist- te rT Task.
in New York. He once dom~natea to the average immigrant--Lee coun- RALa. Nov. 9.-There is io end
tb the party there absolutely, and it was ty. and, indeed, the entire tier of o Bnmler's i n the state pr
IntO hewomadeMurphy aol y aor Butler's RockyMunt speehin I
nto ewho made Murphy Senatori He southern coupties-is still largely a whih it is asserted he said that Pemo
Sdo used Murph then as Croker proposes terra incognita: and it is only since crat would hire negroes to asaul white
to use him in the future, Murphy is the great free that public attention women. Nothing bitterer than thes de
roe a rich manufacturer of collars and lis been generally directed to the n e has een receiving ha
cuff bnbeardin heard recent years.
ra cuff at Troy. I he satesmanship in undeniable advantages offered settlers Bepublican papers are not taking his
bs bis make-up is a negative iquautity. s.ide In his denial that he made tue re-
nless Hi make-up is a aegalive quIantity by this favored section of the State. miar The Popliats who oppose him
He has been an absolute blank in the We think it safe to say that if the are not saying a word in his defeuds
senate, except th"t he is suspected of Otho Wilson. railway commissioner aud
senate, except ta t e is susp d of lusnds who put money, time and editor of The Hliyeeder and es-state
"80 havining added to his millions by labor into orange culture in the more chairman, ays in bi paper:
word sugar trust transactions. Thore is h o t t I do not doubt but what BuIle made
of s L ls t st The northern counties of hie 1etate ten the statement. because he is thi only
of othig else to be set down to years ago. had turned their nation man in all North Carolina meanenough
r, the score of hub achievements. ButCro- to Lee county in the t placch motives in a hma
lemon ger is noaw paradiig hlurpby ras a would now tind themselves in ircum- PATRICK HARTFORD DEAD.
the sage and a r Itriot who was true to dances pactically independent. IfjH PATRICK H l DEAD
party principles wheu Dave there ia a frost line in Florida. Lee In w t ,tneayinrke.m MIon.
Ar, in fa i ib al o t a i ountv is certainly below it; and the I CmcAoo, Nov. 2P.-Patrick Hartford,
Swasx tiin an l orty in New Yor to- advantages offered the general farmer one of the polcemeu wounded in the
xion dca. He o any p uch a polirkean, and trucker by its rich and varied aymarke riot and a pensioner of the
di r.T Hse li too much g politactn. police department, died at the county
right and he has not managed well. He soils, its equable and genial climate, hospital It is believed athatis wounds
bused are nuch as to insure tie speedy and had something to do with his tekcsg or.
sdhas lost the grip he once held on e a sf to ure eaae peedy n ord was h in tbh right tl othe
party. Other a, uspici tha tisfctory development of th entire thigh and had three toes of the lt
, Hill inteold to try to work his way section within the next few yftarF. foot blown off by the explo r oHl a
Hluerhenbomb. On the night of he rirotHam
nised back to the senate, The recent demo- IrPT-AWrATOB Y EVROPE. ford was lu the Third company nifth
gman in the frout rauk. T'he oc upiuy
man cratwc success gave encouragement to was commanded by L.eutenaut Bowler.
the his hopes, and for that reason the One characteristic of intiamation is Boon after the riot he was retired by
no Murphy-Crokr combination habeen that it tends to spread. Hence, no the pie peu ember of hd.
S formedhSixteen surviving members of the
good formed. Murphy is to be returned one seed be surprised that the in- oompauy which stood with him ou that
eamation in the Austrian Rechsrath memorable night will act as hduorary
Sfoto the Unite Stat senate by Tam- mmation in the Austrian Recbsrath lbearerm ht wl ac u ho
many votes in the assembly, and has spread to the streets of the city Barbr Anlus Fo r btteo.
Cioker's protege, Hugh J. Grat, is in which that body resides. But COLUMBI. & 0.. Nor. 89.-Attorney
~hve to be made go irnor of the ate. wil incident ueed not be General Barber will appear bf*o6i the
The is is a great plit that New ork surprising. It is none the less wor- United Statea supreme court on Mon-
ptho6t careful attentio.It is insns-
er polite can't. be put on a higher thy ob careful attention. aIt is -ii- apspea :odge
Ps be plane. SeW York is the hope and the ter symptom. Simonton's deouaion in the Vath4bdeo
or stronghod of democracy, but ICro- In fact, the temperature of all Eu- cae, which m vlvH e ll origist d pa
age d.-aler He will then ash qa have
o her deamteCry la ot the kind that rope seems 1o be rising toward the the case advanced on the doekes o o e.
ker democracy is Pot, the kind[that e w t 1
M t recommends itself to the natmona acute fever point. The local inflam- cloaio may he had hile he leI
is tirssemso. The iega l"ure Inesala
Steparty. The national party will never mations in Spain, in the Balkan Pen- January. and ti scti6 will be Iuided
at ept a didate wom Crokermay insula, in Austria, in France and in largely by this decision
accept a candidate whom Croker'may
seek to dictate. England are all danger spots, and i. i w.
~. tSs democrat of New kork- heighten the temperature of all Eu- RZEID"IIL N. Nov. oh .-The
^ et' r yet. will nominate a olen~man rope Smallpox bas the winter for tg its lr -foot smokestack repa ined
.iur.lCl, Ju ge Alton B. Parker for gov- its ason, and cholera the summer, by a yoanr man named Cole. a prufos
^ erao-ad5Seloe him they willdo So aleo these quarrels are seasonable. onl etk aint S GreeSheet
wuot sad sleet hiss th etoy ilgo lens
Pc graek5ice to the party of tbo na. National quarrels in winter and the his hold. sear the sop of the sau sbd
Lir on and place it op .the road to. sc- armles begin to march in the spring. ba dg ars oo 10Tfee te tas wab d '
emt s ifa 1900. The le that i beard Every monarch in Europe profese broken and ho seems to be only little
re to Cokfer the better it will ta for es a profound desire for peace, and n 'e l et o a "fish
W the national democracy. no doubt the profession is sincere. s___ar e aw arr wreete.
S Kasbe hbas gooasuse to be pull d In that fact all lovers of peace, the LoNor.No. 21 --The We^e. aerun
of her owe and obickens. The year's world over, will find ground for hope abarroor. from Oardiff. has foandaed
I rod froa the0 netted the Stat that them present troubles and dan. off Trerose bead a the result ot a sot-
S ms resthan t,00000. gers mil pas away peacefully. But Uslo with asn unknown e e. tr
erew has beed landed an OadIff.ater
itect- whether or no, some political geogra- having been in aso open bosr for 5t
hitle .-- i pby and some polittual history is Tlhke- bnl at wear L880 e w
uwes y o n aa i te ex 1 uoolis 117 gemtos,24 fetlog,-.2 ees

w-5ly to be made in the next 12 months. .1.r78 gr ooa u4 lfeet long. .4 feet
w BE T OUBL I A A. a was 1 ee deep. E6b a
TRZ 2%0U3LZ8 IN AYMM L owned byUse = m
L It comrny o aGrdlf.
'a,- I The clash between French anail an Iere i araluMI
the Britibh soldiers in the Niger basin is CooUmc. ., Nov. 9.-The state
ta. grave incident, but of itelfit i not railroad comtanimen has issued4it sta
i" l likely to lead to war. For some e" o the embng of the rat ads of
sheoole for the month of lyl"ui"
w weeks, now, Frenc.h and British com- givinS a the eompari h the
CObm. "'Q missioners have beet, eag ged in eaing tfo the same mouh s ~s
a ced . ;2 ~ ing year. A net increase of 04& -
e y u par in niKotiations f6r the peaceful o6. or .s 9per cent. Is .hon-3 uhe
e eati er the tate e tr tote settlement of all territorial disputes f'hs -n. !I ?
t etffU ^ ^le- o .eM in West Afrin$ between the two Na- Ares Ji o r b ty l *.
SZimAtt ue d tious. Whle the negotiations are 8PArTArmuaO, S& a Nov LW
tOW* kmlth. "riM' disorr sthe s, rharpanitig A 9tU Saw. .YUU $ebaf I
Btc iste iafi ierleetead Le i6t. spending, both agv .m r arnlng a gin saw Ulgyseia tMi,
it0 4ro a blloodCe timsest" of the"" one of HEancock's most prosperw fars.
ot oam of lu na, ard feir- seo1 e 6 a1ow en r0 ouwsad M, had his arm ut o of ol c him
tie as deMopity follow. In the cJe ow
ale, ahm.dend be, eutlo Inessrftcc iMcidenttorupture l:acefulrelation. hoMlder. Jpohnon wi probabtg live,
ed tisusr bnblilt aup in the lung T although he is very weak from-Ieee of
fWuy Sualetsot Ttere is more danger In the trivl Iblood oh fe
n aitblea for-thegermofthat blood. Jobson'fataher was ki4ledthe
a is itseas Oqe-everth of an the ambitions of France and Great 1rit- iame way several years age
d ea_ lh tch ikea due to rons.adptioe.
Thiakcfel death eolsd be easil s ain a to African territory. Great p.r.h.rea in New Tr t.
oegns -S0i ^"df" remedy w re" Britain is Determined to own artern NEW YOKa. Nov. 29.-Bev. 3.
set t i azfre. and cem dofe and Central Afnca from he mouth H. Parkhurst, who has been aw siee.
bell in D.eremls Gojrl X returned on board Shep.
S ,. W.eri t uere t p centf o all of the Nile to the Cape of Good Hope. June retired on bd
hcc a d o; dketion' AdrianUns He said he bad fu reoor.
i he --- and makesthe blood France, on the other hand, is dleter. ered his hbelsh and he 1 B
S i t r blood- mined toow the zine of tloe OSuau sd It made bim
'sriusmes.vs' g- a .t ie : t' om he backe New York and l:.
I S i 5ch dartis Stpon from the west'coast rigtlt a toss the many in po wa. .
,. dftlshni middle of Africa to the east coent,' uiaus- nismi..ase
(siescf .:rnaCgl auM it. taking Into all the upper Mile. i Mumao Nov. 24e-The del. s
a'mi t ""Off ait Both ambitionscan not be accom- eates from Ostalouda hawe,
2-- am es mpra yrm polished. It is in the strong ntantagon. mae saed with the O ew i'
-got ais m msdatismsaof these two ambtlos that lurks ,tj'
,_ thUe redl and immediate danger of etmyo ar e
trouble between the two nations.
O Genral Weyler now has a M Rjob oo a rN w --.a I
Sis hands rytg to pat pty n pl !i7.. |
1;A 'e, i--:
AL2 :.. .. . .'. .


l t '6 1 se Seminole CanninrCompany. Thi
^i J id TrU 1 Iecompany beran.on-a small scale in 1S79
*and now has a daily capacity of about
Mndent In 1w pounds t Fromotera Mears.
Garder er, carnr here twelve veas ago,
and ha'e b-rn amonr Fort Nyers'
y minst pr. ;rc.-i, vr and respected oitzens.
STheir enire place ia a labyrinth of
beauty and wonder. In addition to
Sthe canning factory, this company is
at resent putting in an electric light
,plant. Tne Messrs. Gardener are noted
for their bonest dealings and the goods
S tree out from their factory are the
fiy Bi e tam Doi ot D ver- y best on the mar et.
Among theold settlersof Myers is
ai r FltE Co7C WI- W. MB Hendry who is one of the
i ir tofgol Ca most prominent. Mr. Hendry came
RIk $" a here when the country was young. He
-has a large and hCghbl-respected fami-
Sly connection, some of whom are
T s among the largest cattle owners of
OL South Florida. Mr. Hendry has for
-seeral years been clerk of the circuit
+ court for Lee counLty. Another old set-
ise 0ou'onern.+ Ae estar atler is Irvin S. Singletary, present tax
1.atl 4tly, Nlnfell, Fonnta ot llector. Mr. Smgletary is the lead-
d t 8 p. m. tiea up at tiing real estate man of Lee county, hav-
4P flyerss, a ae eikgbten lg on his lists all kinds of lands. He
t "Cal oahsan liel btando which In the estimation of his
tie dock iq a scene of activity fellow men, and business entrusted to
Upon approaching the ton is care will receive prompt atten-
Sf the saw and hammer it t on.
idthse new and magilceaiF
W thlie w ompltand magneeon. Fort Myers s one of the leading fis-
4g MYscoueotlf at of Lee lr points or Florida. It would b, im-
Shr i iltteL city of 1,200 pooiihie to describe its advantages
ndoneof the leading townst along neir line. Every winter hun.
orida. Here is where General oired- ,r tartIon, weighing from seven-
was stationed io 1868. This 4' ayfle o o0 pounds are landed bhce,
the government) headquarters and all kinds of g.me abound. The
s operations in loutb l orud, town is surrounded by a rich farming


thbeetate: 1.. A Hendry, attorney: P. ice used here eomes from Puata Gords,
J. Hart, the lJading manufacturer oi and, while of good quality, it is some
cigars; John Taylor, proprietor of the trouble to procure it.
Taylor restaurant, which enjoys a A notable feature of the city s the
lar!e trade, and L. M. Str.,up. mana- winter residence of ThomaslEdison the
ger of the local ferry. famous electrician and wonder-worker
The two hotels must not be forgot- of the century. Mr. Edison lone aio
ten. These are the Myers Inn, under dinc,,vered the advantages offered by
the management of Mrs. I.. Gommi Fort Mye4s as a winter resort, and his
and the Hill H >ue, under the manager handsome home is 'pointed out with
meant of Mrs M. F. Hill. Both of these' pride to visitorshy his admiring fellow-
bouses are models ol neatns and com-, townsmen.
fort, abd arn well-tilled the year round Fort Myers is a shipping pointof
All the above named persons are per-! considerable importance for produce.
'eclly reliAnbl. Parties dealing withi dnd is the market and distributing
them c to expect strict integrity and fair: point of some of the richest country to
play. Florida. Oranges grape fruit, lemons
Thre is at pre-e it a go-d opening- and all kinds of citrus fruits abound.
.n Fora blyrs f..r an ice factory. The It is practically immune from frost, its


at h T r
,n- gTAnMW OOCU D. A borne attached to alight wMae
No remedy ias seffectal in eradicat- oudde ly bolted fsrom b pel st
lie ing and curing Catarrh as Botanic to or fbthe Sinel ewing no'i'
SBlood Balm. ( h. B. B.) It purifes and office on Franklin street yesseway a
o enr.hbes the binod, eliminates microbes, noo, and tor up town at a ea N that i~ i, BMa' if
bacteria e. ad builds up the system for a time threatened a geneabreakl

S and ltea e ted remedy, and don't company's Cubap agent In Tbor City. Wt w...
fromt te.flnstdioe. Tboun1dsofcase1 up. Tbe rnnod "!aima l flR.lll [.: ..

of it h( ao equali Bfy the old reliable no ne r ss o -s 6a.

Throw your money away on substitutepr t Br lk Wool...et ......
palmed off as "just as good." By th A large party of torisat from edry t Hde......-.
old relible Botanic Blood Balm. Price tol, Conn., whbo hae been at these Co- kia salted Iide;..
Gho G a" ftft ed R i
ho SLOD r wge bottle. line House for svsral days pautl left Oe...
an SAY IT ISGLORIOUS. the steamer Mistlatoe st night for
CORaMSoreialae pfrom teHing you Sita, tr tu hbae wnter R
whAt a glorious medicine you have. bomee, to whoh they make annual

withseewre catarh or the head a C. Butler and wifa, Na & ard al
ulcerated ore throat. She resorted t Wight, GraM ella I ad Kplingor, D. .
vario G rmedies wirtost ffct, reti l Pard n and wifm e mW. o pber and wifet
gae erald Betasil of e lBant(B. B.S Mre. Clayton. Ad Xr. M oaom n.
wrhih cured her catarrb, and healed
her a n throat. W. A PPPRa. One the largely for idd ha bevl
For sale by drugglas. redonia, Ab acstarl of s dugar a bcne te a er din Tar
pa :was brought into .the Tan off
s stern.J PLAT'B PARTY. yesterday afternoon b i W. W. Lvinea
wbo grew it on hle place netr town on 't
elwir yeMrwin and Brown Arriv ih antural land.
the ity.V Judge Grahata had but two Camae be-
R. G. Erwin. first vice-preident and ,tre him in the municipal court jyatar-
general ounsel of the Plantrp ystem o i ay morng. A Hoo4ab w ,I I
Sarived in the city yesterday eve nin 0fned pfora d licodet,
and proceeded at once to the Tampli Fredermea Zsyas forfeited a 98 be4 oa, --
Bay hotel. He wae accompanied b a ctharlg of ndlg a bl ele after
Frank Q. Brown, third-vice-president1 without a light.
and oI B. Smith, the secretary of tLe
system, The a m stiS lebo beegt gs
wajor Wroan had intended to via t ponas of boe er ~ k tar Jam.
day, tlr yftestard. I o company wt Saarm eletaal
V. Lits y, division pamaogar agl here sfe tr aboeutt 06 ernla.
oltbefystem, forth purpose of ..
acting the new hotl at th at p lae Lema 0 e. a -
bat wan detased an an otv ad M i mt.fya
of. damea The astie pmr4rlag the U
w. lprob abl rem au n at the haotWl m ae a t1Gr o wb e

G, I I M

S mmm ae. P0 PRmmE WONDER

I I-i. mnt Coaty m w a The Gr Railroad I a Arrives In F-o m -rr nt i

im ine at the By Mris better XAi From One Accoupany Tampa's Benefactor and w Go, meow ^"an's hpsoaft 1A
h-e. 2 Ta ATen ~ Cuban Tobseaco-A Chi. oo On With Him to the Inn Por and 1 *ga
A the Al s cao F rm'a Plans for edI e the' Night Wrenn t Weighty ioot --"sibs-inr o s
the Product. ords. READ *NAT TN PA MSTS SAS '
,- ,B = n B.-- ..N.., 9%eL L&, i.m It -
otmsut1.w, in F aildy , Prowmy. er S nday.s Datiy. i ___ yshii, ft
-ICO- thelb t M lt of a frn J.W. Twai ey of Manatee, who ba i Tbd season has opened. President Odl p' r LSm .mosr. th L. SmsS__
Sb t of bwee IV the city for several day lea *e H. B Plant's arrival here at 780 last r L a .
for ts bomethi. mern several hundred night on train No. 85, conclusively es- I E.. ,. s
t '- dollars richer thanbe was upon hilo a. tablises that fact; and from now on, rM h e P at ste S "e
Tad O ortUd to hjoJ rival here. Mr. Tess ly i well-kow until le in the spring, the palatial; ( r C
i ahmefl n erH th"iwffl it Tamps aa tbhe foramr generia ma- TaPi Bay hotel nse its spacious 61 fS-a
to M e aerS of the anatee Iobsa!o Co.. a grotade may be expected to be a scene p ar*rgSegea
I t s not ,oo mueb to ay that be is eq of oaInterrupted life and animation. PHYSICIAIS UST tE, I5 faoift ,| s.
Kt -egf the day Capt. of the meet thbiougly equipped ex- The train bearing the great railroad -. ,
i Peti ples made part who baye tha farybecome so- man and the distinguished party that
ijl tt the Bon oin tively engaged Jo thnew tobeccos cal-*,aoespaoi ed him to Ta pa, was about WENT TO WASHINGTON. AkkA A A A ;" -
srLi. ^ ood .intri tuar. Hisconaeutiodwith the Mana- twenty minutes lane tas night, and "Zh
i t ri tieded down aibh te Tobacco Co. was severed sometime when it finally rolled into the South Tampa's Coangreeman eavea For the
Al. -o the dirtributlou of since for reasons of a business nature, Florida depot it was greeted by an in- National Capital.
ii dly. was brought to and Mr. Teasley is inow making his tereted throng of curous spectators. i T S. M. Sparemn lft for
l T hetH o e.eS .cM .mS p a r k mase e i n g f oT e f t rtb a t h a s beh i i nd a n s t T rI B U N E n l ae It b q81A
iy tie l pr odeu preparations to engage in tobacco cul- President Plant-who has come to
1 ioabetheaoubse tar oT bis Manata plantation on a Tampa fore few day' rest afemr ca t st en by he 8
SPspes had prvidd large scale the comirsason. long series of railroad directors' meet- olock tran on te Pant d t
sl r KI mhi te dl for The canes that hare actuated him in n i South Carolina, ieorgia and hen s i he Jaon ile aleer
]SL wn i tyt. o coming to this conctuion are such as Alabama-was accompanied on thistrip by the TarB*ai re reentaive, he wan r.
sLal y ord Smith, of to interest all who ae in any way coo- by bhs son. M. F. Plant. Major B. W. for a bindly of n esa y
as iiinT Uton to corned in the ancceseof South Florida' Wrenn, passenger traffic manager of i rush, adoe hwarled out t the nearest U r
go" e ntoehutel, whico new industry. Soane time aoe Mrs. the entire system, and his private sec- news stand to reslen oth is stock ol
E we t tl e thirteen Twaley I ad planted out as acre of Cu- retary, Ernest Pope, Superintendent news btand o relen.i -his stock of
i s a wastool Wto be ban tobacco upon a lot that Iad been Myers, of the Southern Express Con- reading mnter for the eight, leaving But feel proud and:happy after being ttirred b*
asi thminr abhent on a placed at her disposal foi.the purpose., any and F. C. de Sullivan. the pri- Captd James W. Fe a ral standing in one of our
SOlb-i. The dinner, it is The crop wasa heavy on,. being in the vate secretary who has for so many utis has bee aa bur day wh me "
F lpdfl toywas hugely en- neighborhood of a thousand poundsand years acted in a confidential capacity id irn has been asy day wir ht be r u .
he MS stones. who. under Mr. Teasley's business oin Tampa was fbr Mr. Plant. said Mr. 'lsranr, a': e Ih out the
i gRida ae of! Matron Padle. to test the local market by seeking to The fact that the train was behind iI i'aps lueto drli thE a*nd ia tual
etd themselves ca man- dispose of his wife's experimental crop. time npon its arrival rendered it, st hado mucn to o t h atua
tw o then many cowplimet ts When Mr. Teasley came into the at the depot unusually brief. r. not hadl ti o m e a t a moutihfl sice yWe guarantee, and will take special aim. to
ie Vho oM erved the scene. TIassuu office last night it was to an- Plan had time only to exchange a few moroieng ake w long o ex give you a 4
eno- Mishell availed him- nouncethat he had been successful in words with the TRIBtNE representative ;bebo anked hw lang h etxpted to S
a ie sp ortunity to contribute a disposing of the crop to a local dealer, when the train moved out on its way in abeabe tast'igo. Mr. Spark-
I mlay orasgee, and a num- Yor shipment toChioago, st the very re- to the Port, where he and a portion of I shall prd hfir rreurn immei rtelpv .
r friends of the Home sent munerative price ofT85cnts a pound the distinguished partyspeot the night. aler the buliday but everything de.- V rat ant
were thoroughly appre- In otherwords, Mrs. Teasley's modest The ocly members of the party to ends uon buspires, aid I may be srinnJ U t ua
by the matron and the cbit- venture on her one acre lot will yield alight in Tampa were Major Wrenn and I ,b;iged to remain away from Tampa And we further guarantee you perfect sati
id theo a are her 850in the currentcoin of the realm his private secretary, who after a efew u l, I c h esu
g'tbe afternoon the children --au sufficient to provide her with hurried words with the new-pper meno eaj gi ng holiday i- t r w ring y Suits selected o
s aled ride,and the day was spring binnets for several years to in attendance, made their way to the menoely. repecaly the tri t 3 rgo ou12,r Stock. Our prices are $ 7.50. W8. ll 0
Io a les in a manner that come. office of W. V. Lifsey. division paea- l e mt n csiuents 12,15, and up to $30 periu
I &IRV, 16e o mt-hoL inyr nizt ltenocal
tfly creditable to tbe patrons When Mr. Teasley was asked what he ger agent of the Plant System, where epeciaIlyo a yer likes. s when as you can beat this you will simplymake a
baud of the Home, but thor- thougbtof the failure of many grow- they were soon immersed to an accu- ti Lems to m l e cirditinua of the record that can't be broken,
eq0yatlr to to th wals and e*r to sid a market for their crops, he mulated avalanche of mail that bade Ip 'le ofFlorida compare so favorably t
"iao k"gft deeymmitteto the replied: fair to keep them busily engaged until I ,pele o Florida c mpare sc i vorably
e "Ignorance of thd proper methods of t, by te ena n t o sito u i t w e r H I FrS r et.
O aeSe -about a t np p marpetl Floid to'o 9l give his views upon the outlook for the r ably situated t lanp our oe k of t

S esl aood toccopqo the saI iapreudp m years. Ourwit h tei usual wrakenes, when aske for his opinion t

== ,'a5' v M m" ll of tkePI J belw cond tio or in better hands YesterSdays hipment Were dAmong prp
d pI pt on the e covered the :n entire e groundd" Ypoltia utloek, w ih espemoral re er-w n
TBorhi er ath eg sai ; on Iof 97-' 8 wiall be oane lng ce to te ,u cese ioE t Mr. Pa o r o'h
e itdby TheR e d w. J. can hand ho nd local co e vqr pos i ble source of travel lbel to seat, anpd sooreached the s.leeper ust as the
who coPe for his b .ub- K il. fed rst that tbe Chicago a ths be trjoyed by south Flus soon return ds of pulled ut.
Uns hip-. tetrm d im T res, hs on In smyig that Ico sleeper, goe as far as Jacksonvi lles a
lll"T o w h m dir.T ealyne wrl t c e ot ici p ate th e b a t neaso n in ev ery sen se b u sio es trip .
w l the l tat epresentati ve of thheword that Florida has een or VEO WITH Oa Es. r d ENIRAL Al
i wh isoulet w be povaed .nyr ears. Our hotel were ne lod came in on the steamer aeein

.. .. ... "eo'p s already m d---the eattractSions already rida ii, -SfeSrmod e laI

" ... "- M'" +'l t 't B.atAlSiW Jual TOPICS. booked-were suob as to ...ure ..a- ne t fe oh h s om er
Aiii7 i q oh oae.' I aso wose brilliance hsor in better bn ds Y eterdays Shipments Wre Among Shortne Between r rts

"f Z BS action I. .y ors n r. of oton, ho are today om the a- the Heaviest on cord 8 i 1 Shortot ou t a u I.l.I.a..
l ead yesterday was memorable one delnhis, New Tork,%Boston 7ndthe_6

Nib or o t s viyeaterd ay al SbOeho-spible home of among the beat-known theatrical ex- =m .. .
. hU do nthebay rs of the great cit which, as well ans large portion of the
s. O~dT h o ea i b bar. prts of the Ifreo t citis of thae orth. hoodsignmernts already described, were
J h Tk pal~Tod as a big "dsh t ATnAWAY AND TEE HOTEL. bandd by Plilips & uller, whose en-
.kI 4 i a ir .p'" 'tily Among the notable arrivals upon the tire shipments for the twenty-four
with ho kap Irig a quIetly ats tUw n hat bore President Plant's private hoyrs agregatq at least 2,t00 box es,
S. a as t M eyr was D. P. Hathbs say, fresh from a most of whiob were forwarded to west,

11- t bwor ee ern po'4)C1
a w eor a there aeal ato ot n ohe Tampasl season at Shelter Island, o a point B *
hts0 piC Oho name in with forty of tasotel r yt's DF s LAW TEST.
5 he ol t th abrat.c aeI ad, as an advance umard of the ba~tle. d .
.~It 506o0 ~PM Onl e n th a in arelto upre ter i th e o 1
aJ e in l a st ilate r ou se. S .--= Brr Poomed e [eo the aL saw C
Dm In iSAtha f ouat week r. Hathea ay E promeedd at u le B o on
g-eNs ROM A na ton Ot"00 e'too the Tamp Bay, which was stbtutonsal and ustains tb oLO-
fuplU i g8 Ihted nup or 11 rti tree eae of fti' Decru si -
:.A P .hTSoei b brras dirners last night; and early to morrow he will ibs o d h
re f r eTitunville Nov. 26.-J sudge J, D.
Sy4 .r w d e. icI whs thOrohly n peter in e anest upon the wo o pu- B o sin Dav c o a A
-.? ^ dpuwsr Brooms, in tOe Brevard county ourt, ra
jee b e la unmberp or guUe.ast.lin President Plant's gmat pleasure decided ths afternoon t the n R
Ple 5lreod 4. tho no wasl en- ale in order for th"e annu! oPenir county court in imposing a fine on Jessto t' .
ii pedr g nk0s bopAd m4br o ed bout on December 8th. Tu fl oand Fdr Ho r.by for cachng e
If- a yddlaer oimwona am nu-dtw- Tuoker m nd uI Hotsby form catching Nava&
Jarmi If-tewey~stZ eih tn-mf- FTa bther t tae be thay the Bay rtes mu lle while firhring for pompl o a.d.
9k i *he aiJri bstus. dvery par wrrans. See sign, big bottom sh, between the 11t of No-

equa-l.. .. It wil rante ,a~ely a lleve n bo. s c. ..,oet o be 15ty o
-iP55i lamgaiCL u o 9bensee qnal italt eho in door, 711 Franklin street, member and the st of December, 'n
-' -'iZmuresme 1 Tampa Shoeo Store. 24-lmo violation of the Fuller law. = AND Ia3i
S ll p i This decision, according to them roo:l Pa.n- osi oter ota
A WUMhrf Thate diseerpaties The Tampa Wagon and Harnese Co lotion adopted ate recent meettiig 316at ptr 2%ap
d i-s---rly renlou" p1 a- showing a fine line of harness the Titusville fishermen, will sus pen T m. .mad ._
to t letlutemanufauctured and put up an the Ili- all g il-wt fishing until the Slst of De- OMni se eess-
One stfMS ie_. ;ved wasp nos penitentiary. cember, and virtually sustains theo C- A. Roux, 4 r
th.t Ib by 1B. XI a Osloe a ht ber "I don't know, there may be others stittiionality of the fish law as adopted eAV 0
eml tr anratL which was be maid, 'brut I have used Paker'es Tolu by the last legislature, and it tet ."-S. Pennn -ri
s dby 1a ls e nambew of her pa- 'Oougb Syrup in my family for years- which these case wr made.
UN nAd anwould not be without it." He knew Tbhe mandate of the supreme court in
Very th pel west ererom Tam hatter than to buy the inferor prepara- the case of Barry Singletso ha "t
ebeLs enp., e Blo that was bOeing urged upon him. yet been received by the clek oftbr
VOO D OOtoI.h Parker's Toiu Congh Syrup has no eirctcourtof ot, t K
1 w, .-.- .. .equal. It will immefdi tely relieve any circuit court o ti o t, ti
Ce nmga or Oold, Whooping Cogl e .. day of sentence ."l sot beh
.mm _be ipd kindre alens Coo .. no In .i heim,__ u, -. I,,--- t.-E: _t W .-
,erlove ingreIenrtis pleasatoto twrea
- eqin py a5 saf forel Udes.W PS in Phosphate cure kidney bha
he tabbmb MISede by -Mino M.VW Pharmacy disorders an di
8W astl&pKrebm Bay d J .. d atnbars. P aitate W Lorh pr
D .M 09.


l I- Sepre entatite Zn
4-iW..Ji-f .a e ,'-. An

ZJ.-s.d. e of thej a od de-
S ,wbio has he
*Sqebeh wete
l 3. SlDngerland aod
ortie ShAkbrF
i g Lftaen Villge. near
i ,o.l...,, 'o i- t*Phu-da where

* eiany.e Mtajor Martin bua twee
C m. ore engaged oi tlouk

.aPlk'or DeSoto cofionty will suit

4.00lfcOto 5,000 asocres to begin
FIh, a eothat when she colony laWell
:'lP arye doable tam amo at will be
'd'ady As soon as a luestio isa es
A dithey will baild a larie brick
ibU. e mand other necessary buildingsl
K' a*th a view of operating a farm and
alairg blooded steck,wtich are the two
.. cpa.l features of a Shaker colooy.
i 7ae1has11r1 bave fifteen settlement
United States and number atout
W, : member. They bave two in New
-'h, three ina Ma acbu.ets, one in
e,`p et--o, two i New ampbire.
io im Maine, hree ino Ohio and two in
.Kentucky. Among the oldset ette-
tbesnts ars thee of -New Lebanon, N
-A in Colun2 a ceunoy, and Watervliet
tlbapiy oaty, New York.
STbe8bakers take vows of celibacy.
era wo wives ead no hubbands,but
', acber of men and women who have
'ajba r.tee vows oemPnr a element
Mi& i they wok together, for two com-
-a goodof.i all U.

ir 6100PAW-S Wioth of Bat during
tOther Roperty Burned By

a t S bast occurred
Ji yemsbegan uLS o'clock
nol uiu m a*d otnaned day.
Sdrd the old
s ese plie. which was being
firm for .tlstoanxe of
fjll f tea. A rtft mat

*a$ s se- m -c 5he5p |rthe
to l ~e lumberyard sad
s&0mii~ adr tbhem to t1ei it
lhert a uismie ag s subTi

Sethe effort f he fire
bseobtl a S? 5lb v il.
Re-lree wisb a

-tolie f=iWe -eTlMrge
fo tash"red wish
Wd heemourriing-=

W&Vfmb non t60"j

50lcp~ ji ~ W


SAn RaLinemn New York Chemist and
Scientist Makes a Free Offrr to
Our w asslera.
The distingnushed New Yurk cheti-i,.
T. A. Siocum, dempustratinlg lt i I'l-
covery of a reliable acd a eulute c-urr
for Consumption (Ifulmt'oary 'I tri-rcii-
losie) and all brdoichial, throat, lua:
and chbee dieasee, stubborn cougis.
catarrhal afectiuo~ general deciio
and weukress, los of flesh, a-.dall cod-
ditlund .f eating away, will bend
three free bttles (il .AtffereO) ob-
'i1bw Discovrfs a alny flitctio oT r r
o ThetlasIjBtE writing or m-- -
-fIHft e vwit"kenmirr Treatment" has
cored ,ttouusan6; ermnlotlty by its
Timely is j4td be coniders it a simply
proleaeional quly 10 suffering honuiamt
to donate a trial of hisd nfilllbiecrou.
science asiy develops new wonders,
and Alin gvrea cbemisat, patiently ex-
perimentiK gtor ^)ars, has produced re-
suite as breoecial to humanity as can

IIJ I ar urein any i a f
ab e mdrn ga .i

pean laboratories to thousands
those eured in all parts of the world.
Medical experts concede that broo-
cbtal, chest and luiw trouble lead to
consuimptioo, which, uninterrupted
mean speedy and certain death.
Simply write to T. A. Slocuto, M. C..
9@ iine street. New York, givinu post-
oftice and t-xpre-s address, and the frPe
medi-ir:vf WtII toA iUay sent. S ur-
fr*-rre -nitlij ruke itietnit adidntage td
bi-g-terou- [u.tJt'lltai it.
tlitei tell tie dr-t'.r thaHl tyou A
ttri- ff.r ti th 'I'TMPAr TRIBaNE
Yellow Jack ifledd
Carterets Candv n.ttartic kilt Yi:-
low Jack wherever the find biu. Nit
one who tiakt Ca-c,.ireta rteuarly and
systematlically It in danger from the
dreadful disease. Ct-areGts kill yel
low fever germs in the b.iwels and pre-
Svent sew ones from breeding. 10c, 2a.
60c. all drugkiAert tr
Wil.U u 'l41i i tn od aiadvadlt age of
this uffer. Saud 10 teu-tTo to is for a
generous trialsae oraak your druggist.
Ask for El)'s Cream Balm, toe most
positive catarrb cure. Full sise60 cets.
ELY BRO &,56 Warren St. N.Y.CIty.
suffered from oaterrh of the worst
kinl ever s~p a boy, and I never
hoped for oune, but Ely'e Cream Budm
seems to do vea that. Many acquaint-
anew bave ibod it with excellnt r -
sults.-Oeair O oLa.B, 46 Warren Ave.
Cbiaago, Ill.
IN Oure-3- o Pay.
That is tbh way all druggists aell
Grve's Tasteless Chill Tooic for Ma-
triaCihills and Fevers. It is simply
Iron4ind Quti ne in tasteless form.
ChlUerm loat it. Adols prefer it to
Situr. amating tonic.. Prioe, fifty
on. af d-w
e, j enow Jaok Prevo.tatie.
tmGid aaisut Yellow Jack by keep.
U tgMI sytq M tihoboagbly clean md
frerm geasim boredilg matter. Caa-
'( tt o lde OCatbarit will clansee tse
tii and ill all olti tagous dipos

Y elloweer o aoerm
bed!o theowe.la ; Kill them aod rUe
m ssaferoa the awful diueae. C.
earre imeetry the erms throumoesut
te satom agtd make it Imposibe for
ew ome to form. Caecaret re a th
oily relableumfe-gwirrd for ydsng end
ola ageies fellow Jack. lOc.2c. f0o.
alld r Au tog r D if
eefek plaig your order ford warer n
l rpe e will ee you moeey

f; leeteiriu a al jewery repairing
gdnctt. B. i oearrtl;1 o. They a:-
wiys have the bost wormban in Soelob
li0de l8
rt p ady cmdlide beau patent mmli
Scilmean Med loauitthediaeaeCacf fts
-aoltmis .: Aglo-Auenoan Drog Co.,
soCee rraueet add Flordmaeeetle.

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Sallr~a turn~osnt ~the bgt Ac0s4
v. pretiag In rhe reoy
mn yenase nice se tsoneryf youoes

J ~e.bqeaees st910~n
out -tw yo ka t lt

-YAW bolsatsil

cs aa. -- V1 C-.-b a lt- Ar-a Lk&e TWLa r;er.> A" 4 eutsp.ds4
on .r:e O ,lon.' tlw-l "le-1turdrsd
ArLAitia. Nov .8 -The house is at COLsxa. C C.. Nov
o i.,. the cvtrictv queC ton. speaker nights ago W\. J. Lee ort d
J.t .u- iuaii- -i: a sLeinr oefure that was slain iu L:s Lumse, tl
h, .r and ti. :u-imber- did u,>t hesitate who attemured burglary, ,
to CeoJo tinals j.i.ui Tio, in,,is has Charley Wnlsainu. a neg
o r 9IeS-t'. I3n urr i-r 1h.ti.dU lwdrS see- ei d t l L "
; oa o -rx .,i i i hst a e reed aia 1e 0as IStuce ma
ii ii d hae L impltic.tiun ant accot
l" c o11-1 t'" .r o' .. liams was tauenu to jail l
1. n e, ..,.P. rl iIriir a a cate- preveuL lyucunllg
.o ., 1.!., o U. .. -.- .ai..tolS and was ln wer on ,JL
t- uII..... -. wi:. , .*,-,a ato s uwer Simot Cooper. witli a
.-u .j ti, r T-. it 16 tlu;hr,l. Will st red ou on oody
give the .O5un lo t now he for he wai cap orel d and
rUpresuTr.t.ia s:. si ,. the master killed fuor mn. and one
Ju it -ir ti.e .,-.. i-- Meears Polhill wounded ia men.
uanA 1..,pu t .. I,. I- mn.rald wuo were Williams sal he wanted
u.e-. e toe ,u unuy eec- second Simon Cooper To
uou Os'easc. wer- nawi i in, and are had been under treatment
-ow Ial.ledged members of the boue. dtoe, who claimed he cou
Mr. he ,spes Aostre i i. ballot bill up to do any deed and at ti
was ihe Special order .or 10 ociock, b utexempt him from danger r
on' motilb of the author was earned To farther harder htmse
overand se for Moudy ues as the butchergf tme. the ner
same hour. beeieng gupend .
The minority report on rhe bill to re- Whsn Simon Cooper leu
duce the saiariea of railroadi comna terroriSd tbe uearos ho
sioner from L3.RiO to 2.u.JO was sub- rvincibse because he he d
mitted by Mr. Little of Muecopee, to e gunpowder an s'
chairman of the fluance comlullite This is the first caserret
The majority report of the committee e about of a 'man's d hlbe
in favor of toe bill. but the minority re into atnluig to commil m
port i, sigued. ,y7s eOe most prorul- iT o' ao c
nntarmbes o thfiace commae from Wdiams for a.te
4-samW* UrrW t"- to reduce cate h ot b een located.
milutn fmQ.4" fasjusy toL i aisd- I
meanor. whbaribe varde of the anfinl DRYDOCK FOR BA
I en d r$1 b lu~p o fieudoo, DRYDOCK FOR BA
is under -'ie, was taken up for final oui,-
siderailOil. The measure passed iae Issatoe Working l. iu..er
seuato soine time agi. The Li i nitl umenail Cily-- oll.arn
with strong oupostiou iu tlie house and T m 7
ou acouit ofuM tie oureroinu Issue was. BALTQOIU .No. 27.-T
upon muL-lu or Mr. D sucmu uof H ,u- "turers' Recurd nunounces
ton. wh l favored tie pasa. .ie otf ite Lil, effort is to be matle at thu
tmiip,,ranlty v aId oiU.o1 e table. sion of congress to have oi
'I euae hadl just euu h o erneu aryo
member, III tE- 1-laiier wtsu tine 13l. posed government orydocl
was '-i. ed to hbei-It uuel-ueos. Ihe f.,. the Iarbor of Baltimore.
tltintt I uraoer W '"..Ito (,lrul. lIJ intereaiod have secured the
tioe Ibtl uof u.itur dopk iii3 ruviii-I of beuators Geormau aud
that tMe WVtL:; etli lM L.nu te ai ou.ppor. iarylawt, also Seuator El,
sil-tiv .. I I. w.i-i; .Tr ,,-r u.. t:ier 1 o- Vtrgiun i. wnt to heartily
airel I'.) HiM ie ai e j s l Ae i llid solniiiorl lis idea. l'he aovautage
of r10 -O.wte-or C-t.: i titmre p0sec-es for ihe luci
Owi( .i., .1). 's- CP i'.'l' lI'itll .t a dLoeC olta the reasons for
ltei.iir e .!tet.'cr rioj.;id Ivu ove-d to thiL. point. have ueen place
dir:i.-.'e ut- btLJ tUco i. inzlt- : Le ste eciaI pentiemeu eieterred to a
cr,.',-r f -r .\'uL..e.,. Lu A. I S.-.S.,Ar thoroughly couversauti wi
B.lrt.e objPcttjtoo. 1, u tfl r! iuit liu wA S loil
carried atl ile bill wei.l vtr. Amon the most iimports
.-euaor G( Iav isitr.iui -cJ i jolnt eso reporiad Iur (tie week are t
lotioit emeoriititlU t;-,t to i :,u o M c mLay ItO mat
the cutr1oi az c, reno ted Ilnrlun tue wvr. iro-c'irbouL lhtulur appaL
The ret,-un:ton, wia usu.,pie.L miughatn. Aii; pipe wore
den. AJa., Illcreaslug cat
TWO BLACKS SHOT DOWN. oeuc; z1101 miniu coupa
mer, Ala.. and $500.0(0 ci
On Hadl A4....lllll -'.-,.i' Lady, lith puyp at Chiuriesou. Sd
( r .. A-mitn riJe but diugs re
SAVANNAH. Nov .7 7.-Au uuku nwnt erece-i are: .l5L0scl
negro was klileo by jyitlcers t..: r utle. :i.: 815.000 residese
Blaciihear. h i bdy being htera, y ri. hawn. Ala.. .nid a bank
bled with bualed fi.-di by a bard ,uf ar- JacsuiTvile, Fia.
gry citilellt. wluo wore .urstOi..tg him
witu the intention of kiiiii him. NEGRO KILLS WH
The crime for which no paid tie pen-l
alty at toe hands of Jualce Lynch was aeh a Basslr sienia oaorae
ab horrble uue, with Alass Reien Dun.. s Thoe. tassl Hie
the 17-year-old dnanhter of Eli Davis. a CoL MB.ia. & C.. NoT. 2
Lumer. ithvic_ mnu.les north of Bac. Charles Stevens took his
silo" asfrom their home at ed
Miss Davs was prepar ppeing from their home a ep
There was no one else in the non e. A i 00outy, to the dach to B
negro came to the door aud assed for a S evens sent his son hot
cup of coffee The yuunur' ay started wagon, he sremainit at at
to get the e ffie and the brute seized Ag 11 o'clock that mor
her by the throat and chuked her itou was een as Waipe ddriv
uuoomsciousnesa. As on at Mis Da Bauser, a negro, walking t
via recovered consciousnss she found gin. At 1 o'clock in tl
that the neho had fled. and she soon Butler returned to WamI
ot to her family ad told hier sory. A team and offed it for a
crowd of men followed toe neuro's trail had boghs is from Ster
with the result already described. the animal too slow.
Jerry Johnson, a inegmo wa lynched G eorge ws s ot missed
by a mob near Screve. He was in his mother thinking him
charge of officers, and was being taken and his father supposing h
to jail at Jesup A crowd of armrd The whole country aoon t
men rode up to the officers and d1e- msoared be woods
manded the pis Thei negro wa The body of the boy
made the tarire for a number of rifles found buried under leave
and hb body wae lieray 1 tn to pieces with a load of shot in the
with leaden bae Acording to M. bead. Se ui i beu l ms
Grey, a m~echan$ of Screvette as- and he wil oertetar bea i
gro stole a ale from Mr. PopwelL
-~----- OsIsLt .iaa-lu. esatee. u
OCharltse Sai of ,'kihtis We the Ihel is t c.ld Whte.r A
d~asla h~.lng lasimi.t< JaBaseon CITY. M., Ni
AmLeaA Nov. 57.-Uharles Miller of Jakson. a negro, ha rat
bOheago won the 1ithour raise here. p o from Govern
oortering 224 me t. A Kisditan. athe olde pi
Atdanta boy. oame mcoud. bemin jUtt service lu the Misteor
onae-sixh of a mile behind the winner, having beet there for o0
Albert Shock and Gastou Biererre were Governor tretiheus offers
starters id the race. buat i was tuO fas( l'hankhwiviug pardon, t
for them and they botu gave up early lined.
in the day. Jackson eui that he wo
Rieverre was nos well and claimml main here sLan te turned<
that there wa too mnDh team work i.r the old weather; that he
him to eio. Shonh lost lap after iap Or frieods enoide, and hi
and finally gave pB in 4laut. Miller to get out until warm we
gained a lap on th other rider before Jacsson is serviug a 20.
they had ooTered thr mUie and never from Si. Charles conuty ft
lot Is

Miller ad EUiot were the only meu Alabama Short on
who did not gt of of their wheel& at WAsOmEa ro, Nov. V7
a r qdurie flutter among the
U. erle a. h Dead. ee s ry deparqmeut over
PmiLADnLfPa A Ne~ 7.-Dr. Gearge of a table, prepared
L Horn wh for a number of yeal W ofl Sere

had a large number of pup.ts Im cLthat
branch of the scdence. Next to the late G- oad Sawmiii lsrtri
Dr. John Lkooe, he was looked o noun ..
as the leainug entomolog(t in America. GRBIvBE .O N. Nov. S1..-4T'
He was active in the Academy of Naia. ginlbou.e aCid sawmill of J. M o.
ral Scienpe and served as its ooaap fow a I iS koJ. CPtc ca oS 0 e on
ing secretary for some tin T .h Cap ePj and teern Valeyt ailt
ri)ipe m40 eoa ,t t ss Pa road,, haves ben destroyed y. de a
match is a bale of cotton ralm in the
VAL eBTA, GQ. Nov. 27.-In the cae blae. Tweive babies of cotton were n-
f Plimp Hodge. charged with the mor- sumed. The local loes amountato 1ou
der of his mcle, Sam Bodge, the jury $w,000, with no lusturan
brought In a verto& of oDines|anghet r
The penalty is from one to 20 years in uit.
the peitentiary. It is considered that BA Pni eiF lCO. NIv 97. -The OCro.
the defe5ide o ligh~tL IsWle says the Chinese merchant of his
a Vr Alderssa Dis s ity have combined to supprema nbln
Monreox yT Ala. Nov. 27.-Hon. mertus highbldders solieies.
business men have formed a -
Woodley a Oapw man kl nos to nsbmtt to there bidS .e k tm
from the Irsi ward ia Monegomery. withoWu their a=t inoo a hetIb .
proper of Moangomer 0y oaaty, eitan biader wil proceed to leave the or
9 a MoLtitk&PV, cavalry oeapany msad goe to work.
a promunucs bemnes mam and exmrllm
ed"0111 died inAMante .- An 5 Old ia r ss Ai&w.
Or~- __ __. = P-74t,.nwV No*. tT.-Dr. er,
SPMrA., Ga.. Nov. N -- am o h 7.--Tea M e iU Pea yl.
ai. ," hOT. ih .--n, ,. aidie d.. t.haheUe. tAtee a

t I Ltsrtat | IO ,,
Winchl rer.

womnI- and k
to beco ea
this a ie
tbyav 0d 0
lid north .
Md same uDELbr
of d an a
says h aT.

lha at asT 4,
a the t Is the t most it ra Bp lloo itadm a. grve?.r s
* the
juht U4nesh olec uldbe l

..e u w ses- Wri for prices and, ask for our pk,.
worded r;M wRel b i A'1

ee of tI r the deal Fei 1
Sooa Th Seasons Result Dpo
Our IDEL brandswill-qu styou. Thp~ier,
be$ ohf o- *and so are the goods-fA full StOck mt
4fBone, Acid Phosphate, Nitrate -of Boda
a t all agicu tra" brachend Blood and Bone $1iAi L

cu rey a .. e-
la Wnrie for prices and ask for our n ,'W hye
it of t 4 r the rd eal Fertilizers."
The p.tes
Wetliu eit I o:


adttottai We d igjg s Foott0 brand Blood and Bone S1
uct they .rd
th the at CIa-
wit inclsiries


Safety! C fefort c 1 Tme I i
nsetlos-&add tm. iosamrl .M assd

Clyd,( e llaUd 'eslLt-"e satimms Ig M

From r .......... i .......... ....Ha. ..
Foer bou orfWtses "Clyd5el" Besewek Oa Jiredta.f .

Fr rpor at a eeost t hiluow. 's


Jacksonville, Paltka, Sanuord,. CEnte.rise, F.,
AM eisted to sal aseWOW.
Fees ate fHemmin Street Jrev ohee e, F rssOLewtqo

Jacksonville, Palatka,'Sanford,. Enterprise-s Fla.,
mediate Tandipg8 on the St. Johns River.

t'earnerr i a ger t
LAssTe e jackwn^-:..^-: ... .-.Tesdaqu
eave afford ......... ........... 10C
General Paseenfger and Ticket Oftfoe. o04 We#oe'y *".
W.H. Warbuon, A.. P. A
IeSsvlmgFlva, ew To t ^ sssslY .
M.C cI nd,, T. .,
Bodl ng Qreni ileYorb.
S .... ter, ., 5 Bows Greea. New k.
Bowiungrees.nN Y Wtn. P CT YD1 A 9CQe ntseme

Of Fallt DREKW ^
We sbhosome great barga ins i
b we bought them at old tariffnprieds. o-it
hei you want a dress, stating r and i

Colored Dress Goods '...a ,-o

R1rakB', res wjoods-
AUWodlr It=&r Bfiekuin.i 06

-. -i :


a r~6~5

.. ;

1 fH Rp 101 MoIET
Mdl Haws "" Boa iN vwgs
a-Dolm Ap-
Omfubasem-S-tte De.o

8 -_ a a m- ss
hs0 t 5eaat brd* I

5'_ jme e"ismmbt ad hav
brp| 's maths The.
^fcf>hh foaM by she ex-
Jofuatohbr h tehd of so es.o
0 she etrasseiono ofon

I5 pro

S aIaIIw. ra trl Igt

ld"mA slap. befoe
- mfomd by Gener + Lu

u order of se
Ua8% S a of the

SiM. 0-A dispasch t
avroB ns saeys THo
11wM 4 9Cuba's sYarvt
tm~If Bwd-Rl' The-y
Bth Ol MfOW, Be'
Sfmet Puuoabsde reeds to
syiPt neardlly double
. AsMordin to reliable

QwJi iICOld Weather
a at INe loti a Ir adF lspp TEdls W T G e

arbe cCarges aMr. Mack With the
i a rte y-a nw the Durerent Part
of the Victim'. Body Were Hid-
d q.. i

-roal piuas. umOC the women w'c
*ppeamledt t Quoeen coouts osur:
~O a tm k hdumlioD o to e Th s.
trial tst much of she evidence shie lie
tense would Slurodaoe wrual. be uoai
itr po te eas. The reisut wj tiiar
anly three women were aunoig rFud
epeotansur wheu Judas Maddux rt.
poed Dourt for she trial of the *&I
d mardeterf Gldr-aopae.
Bfone Mr. Hnow began hs opening
addrem Johu t4o(ha. tse bauber. was
ftctned. Howe asked him if he hibd
Oab en.ll, mile is a of &uo ineois
4myium a Fo Ha&ulstoi. Tue whituas
Mr. Howe repeated the qesrioau proi
olouucin ean word with dellUbri u.
aoha shoagirl a moment and thenu u-
,ad as emphatic u. ,
"That as l ha I want of yo." said i
the bua lawyer, and Gutha seft see
Then Howe btea his address with aa
eclaranon od Thorn's Inuoceuce, sup-
smeunsed wab a s rrble amrrairnaeit;
of Mr. Nae' who was denounce as
sbe real murderer of Guldeasuppe.
hbwe n s. Me sad.
The defense called several witnesses
to testify as to Mhe pri er's good char-
acter. and afL a short *ecesa Thorn
was pt ou thoe staud tosestify t bu
own behalf.
SBewanuiue with the statement that he
tame to Ameneca 17 yearn ago, the pris
ouer briefly rtrted toe foats of his life
pD to the time he mes Mrs. Nack 18
boash* asan. Liuldensuppe was boaraung
With Mn. NMak at that time.
"I rentoii s. forushied room from her
$2 a week," said Thorn. "Laser I,
dersMood Goldensuppe was her aius-
aend. She fC made love to me aot I
reorued her lore. I was very fo'.i of
er and loved her up to the Lmomentr he
boos the witness stand eu muy f-rst
SThe prisoner then told how be aop
slanted the bath rubber in Mrs N act's
rffectiona and described the row he has
with Guldensippe in consequence Iais
Februry. Dariug this row Goalueu.
mppe Caught hold of him. Thorn lieli
i revolver, which weut off acideuialiy.
tim and (ave hun a beating. The prine-
er le the o ese and went to a boa-
sal. Mrs. Nack met him aftrwar6s

Today we print a few helpful hints about Wraps, Conts nnd Capes. -If the weather during the last thirty a s
seasonable, our present colossal stock of garments would have been entirely distributed. The fortunes of tradee ud -
wise, and we fin< ourselves owners of twice as many Coats and Capes as the date justifies. We. want to tell he~..ts
very anxious to sell them and propose to accomplish our wish immediately and at all-hazards

A Great Clearance Sale Starts Mo.i

This is the grandest gathering of-Wraps in the South. No l16t season's goods. Every garmenstinmed
them imported; others made in this country-exact copies of rich E ropean models. We sequred theas before
prices whirling up to almost the prohibitory ppint. The quotation' include offerings that! We eonldn't
That's the solemn truth, and not advertising cant or exaggeration. *e never lie-in the store or in tha papena; I
brilliant aggregation. You'll think we've concentrated all the Wrxa goodness of the country beneath irof. ht
upon this one controlling fact: The dazzling assembly here is peteI ial with greater bargains than you've t

Our 13 3i Ra int
For selling the best class oi Clothes is universally known. Mer ance or accident did not give up thi i
richness of style, elegance of material and thoroughness of wortmk aship about our Boy's Clothee h Ca etl
S Prices are as low as]you pay elsewhere for common grades. ugior Suits, Reefers, Top Coats, Long-Trouser guit 1
,nishings, Hats and Caps. -' .
It is the universal opinion of the ladies of Tampa and surrounding towns that the line of Millinery and Drese Goolds
this establishment is far superior in quality and a great deal cheaper in the price than the shelf worn goods offered the
ticated by our would-be competitors. Our goods are all new, Atylish and up to date. They have no equal andstha1t o'
ladies make a bee line to our store when they want something nibe at prices never attempted before iLuthe annal-of tradr.

It is useless for us to say any more than that these goods dust be moved and we must move them by low p"rcee. W'
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Who knows. Come and see us. Examine our goods and obtain our prices and you will always do your traded
thousands of others are doing every day.

T. 7. BUSH & i
The Tireless Toilers for Cash Trade and Originators of Lo
i *- f.

imu mlsmes o ames eo euo sumuSers
bw Dkof a of smawmeaL she-r

e w as sorry O ldeo nppe had ~ ; I T WV -, , V -r - ,- -r 1 /
m, has thus he muss nos heed 4 4 *e e
"C = s 4los of his coae-w
m is a '.t' .hat h Prices Count. *** .. Irit Wins.
ad mad Ilo iin after Tbh eTh
treotedMr. iHwe not to lead the W 4W*, A%
"-eNak tald me," idaC Thorn. '
he wishd to lesv Guldeusuppe
shed so live in some quiet place.
ited the Woodside cottage and as t W.
eda itable place we hired the .%W
SI paid 815 and Rot the key. The reat Sa
June I gave thekeo Greatest Bargain Sale
s she sid she wautea o do some
g t thcotfe. About 11 or 12
on Friday morning. June 25, .5
rack mes me at the door. She
I as b n udensunpp up @&aim I
M ir d hshe wes daiun there. a
tl d: le is dead I have shot
eh'ie equeeLed me to help. OO
an 'S b tounress thei Ever Held in Tampa.
snd 4ed her So undress she
We carried it to the bathtub. I
it amu bought some plaster of Yesterday was wonderfully busy in every de-
Slems bok she beant partment in the house due entirely to the extreme
) the body. She eu the head of values in new and needed merchandise. We find
klift. i.When she reached be from day to day the results of increasing interest in
k Withh ehns through shea our methods, which centralize so completely upon
wits aamli saw. She theonoau '
Sthe middle of the body, and I the absolute requirements of the people.
td hr why shea us Itgo, aol .
Mbh.J 'Iknow enuogh not to cut
hb $ bews .' Man sheet ofl
68410- Uvesy Nib, m in there
. wentw o neD ress o oods*
aIt? rW glh Today we wll show a new lot of Dress Goods,
l bw S lab b ndsl lsa. worth trom 75c to $1.50 yard, your choice for 50c.
SAttWr. t w beheb Every piece of Dress Goods marked down.
4 team.er *V th Remnants of Dress Goods at half price.
S l S we I W = -O A new line o Black Berge and Black Novelty
a xbws.hr MwnVmSw fo Goods.

S S s "3 V Great Bargains in Black Silks, Black Satins,
It h ,"s e FPancy Silks and Plaid Bilks. Remnants of silks at
dr 4,. 1et atba hhalf price.
so t ""e nft T M N S
S i-ha INr the Just received anew line of Dress Trimmings.
Im MS.Wso Ne Special Sale of Walking Hats. See the Ne v
Mak Wdpia 'a Goods in all departments
th follo iag dsgas
ai te sPhara had Openiine New Tillinry Every Day,

Me MhisaS .wloa wish o m ey
Lar l Ib Sd TwomIev f
a dsy'.abs ^^ Aw in

. Krause Wagner

Pon adB rs Foundry,ch

svesson. f r issp Flu


The.Tra ig... t:

When the opportuny is'41eYUt
liable Merc'hand4l in thve, j e
at Sacrificing Priee) by a' pmy ,
This has been proven in the af t s o a Mo a
of otr ,Great'..

We di4 not wsit uMtil thgLees a
time we kew a as a
right. The pubrm..
our statement, and th1 h
b h th s s .
at a8~~fcn rci ysss0nto

et hi

en Andde s im
iier i b a '

4&ehas "eo"
teOaeiblo as- and
iion i. W, evi
W1. or oer. le M t
ara aal e si

P he teru rep
and n. ba 'Nlcx. oa

e. kbo 4y.-

I atem am
92 UPiS~

m m !hrw

yaed at

#a bya

Ado.t ~~b rm;~~:~/ : ~;~~~;tc~4;l;

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