Title: Key West Druggist
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Title: Key West Druggist
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Language: English
Publication Date: February 3, 1900
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
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ijiwr THOMAS 0. OTTO, KEY WEST, FLA., FEB., 19oo.

Thi6 is a Family Home Paper,
arefuly edited so that. nothing is
tinted that is not calulated to in..
wrest or instruct. It is delivered
$ Free of charge, and we believe it
a doing some good. It has point-
idto many afflicted ones the road
Restored Health and in this
way hasesaved many lives. We
iuall be glad to know that you find
i interesting and will be pleased
hand you extra copies for your
friends should you so desire. We
-i:]l, at all times be pleased to see
:ou at our store, and will takepains
xc show you our stock of goods and
give you our prices. This will not
place you under any obligation to
purchase but we are confident that
,br complete stock and fair prices
rill appeal to you and that we
shall be favored with at least a fair
w iitaro of y)ur patronage. In any
trent, we promise you careful at,.
mention and courteous treatment.
We aim to make friends and try
x please all by being uniformly
polite, prompt and accommodating.
We want you to get intheo habit of
coming or sending to us for arti.
les you need in our line, and it
ourqt goods, low prices, constaLt
Sittention and civility will do so
we will make you our coscomers
and friends by untiring efforts to
make our stock superior in every
particular we appeal to your judge.
ment and interest; because of an
earnestt determination to treat aii
S fairly and honestly we ask for your
consideration, and on these princi.
pies we base our claim and solicit
a share of your patronage.
Your truw.

Here in The Phlllpines Sends A Strange
t Letter Home.
Dear Dad! When I sailed o'er
this western sea
-- he thought would come very often
to me
Lt I were to die, I'd determine the
(d fall at the front where the red
blood ran.
&rid so add honor unto our name
By a glorious death and a crown of
No thought of disease ever crossed
my brain,
and I'd thought him4 luny, who
feared the rain,
But more tan the enemy's shower
of lea?,
I nd more than his midnight charge,
SI dread
S he pelting, pouring,merciless rain,
That lengthens the list of our
heroes slain.
[ don't mind the ping of balls in
the trenches,
But I curse the floods and our
nightly drenches,
for from them I got such a horrible
That I Had to stop picking the
enemy off--
Nothing would check it. I'd cough
all the night,
&nd rise at dawn, looking much
like a fright.
Then at last, when confined to a
hospital room,
I thought that Consumption had
settled my doom.
But a comrade, God bless him,
brought about my recovery
By urging the use of Dr. King's
New Discovery.
Be saved my life when the chances
looked slim
d, youim bet, I'm mighty thankful
fow, Dadl if ever you take a bad
remember this cure's worth it's
weight in pure gold.
will cure every throat or lung
trouble-that's certain, ,
But light's must goout, so 'll ring
Y down the curtain.
When at the cowardly foe you

tour bullet may take the shortest
at, wanting that, thsre isn't a
t \t a y t Is put to out

*.li e folio n la poeni has madperlno
Soiirouits of the press for many years.
Last January it was afloat agaif,oredlted
to Wideawake. It is now once more on
Its roundscredited sometimes to various
papers and again to none,and the author's
name is never given. It was written by
Itobert Josselyn, and was published as
long ago as 1858, when it appeared In a
work entitled Joets and Poetry of VeY-
She Is melest, but not bashful,
Free ajd easy, but not bold;
Like an apple ripe and mellow,
Not too young and not too old;
Half inviting, half repulsing,
Not advancing and not shy;
There is mischief in her dimple,
There is danger in her eye.
She has studied human nature;
She is schooled in all the arts;
She has taken her diploma
As the mistress of all hearts
She can tell the very moment
When to sigh and when to smile;
0, a maid is sometimes charming,
But the widow all the while.
Are you sad ? How very serious
Will her handsome face beco'-n
Are you angry? She Is wret ,,
Lonely, friendless, tearful, dumb!
Areyoumirthful? How ;eip laughter,
Silver sounding, will ring out!
She can lure and catch and play you,
Ae the angler does the trout,
Ye old bachelomn of forty,
Who have grown so bald and wise;
Young Americans of twenty,
With the loc looks in your eyes;
You may practice all thelessons
Taughtjy Cupid since the fall;
1l at I kno a little widow
Who could win and fool you al.

Mrs. Mary A.*Wheeier, of Rock.
ford, Ill., writes: "A very severe
attack of the Grip left me with
one lung effected, and a monstat
and distressing cough which my,1
doctor could not cure, but after
taking one bottle of Dr. King's
New Discovery, I was entirely
cured." This grand remedy has
no equal for ctwing Grip and any
bronchial trouble it has caused.
--- 0 .* --
If a peahen calls, a donky brays,
pigs carry straw, geese flap their
wings, a pot boils dry or the clouds
move northward it will rain.
If a silver coin or fresh-laid egg
is placed in the hand of a new-born
babe, long life and prosperity will
be assured to it.
If the sun goes down behind a
bank of clouds on Friday it will
rain on Sunday.
While peacock feathers are kept
in the house sickness'will never be
out of it.
If a person's two front teeth are
wide enough apart to place a gold
coin between them he will always
be rich.
If one mends a garment while
wearing it every stitch taken repre-
sents an enemy which will be made.
If a pen drops and sticks in the
floor the owner's lover lives in the
direction toward which it inclines.
A ring around the moon indi-
cates bad weather, which will' last
as many days as there are stars in-
closed in the cirFle.
If a hairpin sticks out but does
not fall the wearer will have dis-
appointment; if it falls her lover is
thinking of her.
SIfta apider i found op one of
your garments it signifies that you
will soon have a new one of the
same sort.
Be sure that fgr every fog you
get in March you will have frost
in May.
If the thread Jnots while sewing
the sewer will live to se the gar-
ment worn ou ,

From The News'boy's Standpoint.
The Boy--I wouldn't mind if we
had another war wid somebody.
- The Man-You ain't thinking' of
going' to the front, are you?
TheBoy-No; but there's nothfn'
like a war for selling' papers.

Laacaster, N. H.
lrave been troubled for several
yea's with ohroniq indigestion and
nervous debility. Have tried many
remedies without getting relief.
About five years ago I began using
Electric Bitters, and I can' truth.
full say they have done me more
good than all the medicine I have
ever used. My wife has used them
several years tor nervous debility
and female weakness, and they are

theonly medicine thatshe nowuses.
I will also say they are our family
Witness: Lncaster, N. H.
A, W. Dmmod-o

".T< '~


A stranger, traveling through
Japan, is always amazed at the
great number of household gods
that he ees. The Japanese keep
tn 4X in ir tb io'iya 1,) wavfri evil
or procure good. In America thou.
sands of families keep in their
homes a household whose power
foi Y*oodqi lIiti~u EreSw t&aiWiki
tho*e of the Japanes, for it surely
prevents evil maladies and oures
dangerous diseases. In telling how
it blessed his home, S. M. Dailey
of Mayview, Mo., write: "Let me
add a few words in favor of Dr.
King's New Discovery. I believe
it's the best cough rli dicine ever
made. For curing a bad cough,
cold or lung trouble it has no equal.
For 30 years it has been almost
constantly in my home, and as a
druggist, I have always found
that, when once introduced in a
family, it has gained another per.
manent friend." Such evidence
proves conclusively that this
glorious cure has won it's place
as the American household god.


An Awful Midnight Aide
Was saved J. B. Sykes of Fin-
ney's Siding, Va., through having
a bottle of Dr. King's New Dis-
covery in the house. He writes:
"Our lil:o!e daiJgbruh:o ;u'jiake ud-
denly with Croup and we gave her
a dose of the New Discovery and
cured her in a short time.Jt saved
serious sickness, a doctor's bill,
ad a long ride at midnight." It
always pays' to keep this wonderful
medicine in the house for just such
emergencies. It's harmless to
children, and won't let a cough,
cold or any throat or lung trouble
get a start.
"Please spell your name," said
the directory man, after two or
three attempts to catch the pro-
The man of the house patiently
"Ah, I understand it now," re-
joined the other, waiting it down.
"NottabittawiskL. What a long
dry spell I"

You Mlay Save a, Lie









ear y stages an d as cured
hundreds Who had been
given up by doctors.

oURES LA ORIPP, It poel-
tively klll1thio' rm ofthle
sdleas, retoreto to Immed-
ate health and prevonta
dangerous after effeorr
From It.

Sfaot on this torrVlb disease
Is wonderfully quick and
sure. It never falls when
taken In time.

OU ASTHMA ,It haaoured
some of the most hopelessaa
oases ever given up by a

NItl", OlOfU2t The moat
'obtinato and of longest
standing yield to it at onoe.
It lee lmply marvelloue In Its
rapidity in curing Coughs
and Colds.

World's Greatest Remedy
****.. o,.. *N

It Is guaranteed to oaroe

Tril Bettles Freft

Regular Size 50c. an $1.00.
C.\ t '

Horses, as a rule, are particular
docile and so it is not surprising to
find instancesof friendship between
them and smaller animals, though
oocassionally thd choice of their
companions is not a little strange.
Many are the cases of mutual affect.
tion existing between horses and
cats, the most famous beirg that
between the Godolphin Arab and
a black cat, which on the death of
his equine friend refused to leave
the body, and on being driven away
retired to a hayloft, refused food
and died of a broken heart.
More strange, however, was a
case, the tru'h of which is vouched
for, in which a horse struck up an
acquaintance with a hen and dis.
played immense satisfaction when-
ever she came into his stall and
rubbed against his legs, clucking
greeting to her friend.
Dogs and horses generally get
on well together, but the following
story from Manchester proves that
in some cases the friendship is
something more than a mere toler.
action of each other. A carriage
horse, accompanied by his stable
companion, a retriever dog, to
which he was exceedingly attached,
was drinking at a trough near the
exchange. While the dog was
waiting for his fridd to finish his
draught a large mastiff picked a
quarreLith him which ended in a
eight. The mastff, as may be sup-
and the retriever was severely bit-
ten. The horse, the moment he
heard his friend's cry, broke from
f bc man .wh was holding him,
hurried to the rescue, and after
kicking the mastiff across the
street, returned to the trugh and
finished his drink.
---- -'. -- --e
H. E. Bucklen & Co.,
There seems to be no limit on
the sale of your goods as trade,
increases on them each year.
Duplicate my last order, in haste.
Scientific Coutship.
The New York Medical Journal
uotes the following advertisement
rom a local Swedish paper:
"A rich young merchant is look-
ing for an intelligent lady with
good health, as a companion for
life. Replies addressed to B. will
only be taken notice of if ac.
companies by a portrait, an x-ray
photo, and a photo of the interior
of the stomach.
The Real Thing.
Mrs, Winkley-Is your husband
a brave man?
Mrs. Bronston-I'rhould say he





-The only sure cure for Consumptlon In tla Woi



Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Inpipient Con-
sumption, Lung Fever, Pneumonia, Loss of
Voice, Hemor0hage of the Lungs, Dry,
Hacki g Cough, Ti) 3ng 3n the
Throat, Quinsy, Shortness of
Breath, Phthisic, Etc.




DELAY NOT A MOMENT when that hacking
coigh and flushed cheek admonish you that the insidious
viper, Consumption, is secretly gnawing at your vitals aad
ere long your doom will be sealed. Do not delay a mo-
ment, When it lies in your power to procure a bottle of
"DR. KING'S NEW DISCOVERY." Severe coughs
and colds causing irritation and inflammation of the air
passages, bronchial tubes,etc.,are relieved almost instantly.
Knowing the many wonderful curative qualities of
this great discovery, we are willing to stake our reputation
on its merits. Nay, even more; so confident are we that
it will not disappoint the most sanguine expectationsof a
single invalid who employs it for any of the ailments ,for
which it is.intended, that we offer to sell it under a

was. Why, once he jumped in
front of a swiftly moving train and
saved a little clild from what POSITI UARANT
seemed certain death.
"Oh, that's no indication. Would And Will Cheerfully Refund Your Money f lt Doe
he have courage enough tograb Not Do All We Clalm.
the cat when it was having a fit
wlirow.it out ofha se,": .
S-,.. .. .: ,* mediin has ever yet been introduced to tre
cigT I are twon bd' this a t Almerioa people' like,it. Go to your druggist and get a
arette, and secon~the follow who bottle. If they have not got it have them send for it, or
smokes it. send for it yourself,' Do not under any circumstances lie
Dr. King' New Life Pill* them palm off on you some worthless preparation claiming
Cure when all others fail Give to be as good, as its eqpal does not exist. Ask for ",L.
them a trial and you will never IKIMOQ'8 NEW DISOOVERY POR CONSUMP.

take any other.
A Horror Is Averted.
It was a time of awful suspense
when the family physician told
Mrs. John Stout, of ammack, Ind.,
that nothing could save her from
death by Consumption, writes
Marion Stewart a leading druggist
of Muncie, Ind. "Mr. Stout told me
she then weighed only 90 pounds,
but he decided to try Dr. King's
New Discovery and is sure it saved
her life. Sh

we 17 ,n Her wonde.
ulr byrDr, King's New Dis-
or s l the talkin the Stout
neighborhood." C(an any sufferer
afford to be without this marvell.
ons medicine that has never had
an equal for saving lives?
Every bottle of Dr. King's
NewiDiscovery, Is guar-
anteed to give relief, or
money will be refunded,

TIQN and.take no other.

Tral Bottles Free of Cost. Regular Size $SoI
Beware of VO unterfelt and Immltation@.
Be Sure the Name "Dr. King's New
DIeoovery" ls on every Bottle.

- --- --i--- v --- -- --- U, i i|
They rouse the Liver to healthy aotona, give tone to
the Stomach, invigorate the Kidnueys and thus
through the aotivity of those organs, pro
duoe a free o ad natural Mnovement
of the Stamaoh and iowels e

* A .. *


- -~

I ---- -----------

11 VFF

mo man lately wan-
d into a remote hotel that
u't keepla dictionary, and on
FcmIn dowl in the morning was
asked by the landlord how he
~ted, "Oh," replied the gentle.
.un,i "I Nsffered nearly all night
& m insomnia." The landlord
'ms mad in a minute and roared:
"I' bet you $2 there ain't one in
My kouse."





~r,,' Peculiarly Adapted


Women in a delicate
.nsiltlon, Sick at the
t.it;fmach, Pain in the
ackc, Headache. Dull
rtary Peeling through-
,; the whole system,
alnd utterly unable to at-
'ond to household duties
*:l flnd that

Slectric Bitters
.. ,ARE THE...



'th he remedy for them,
r:,e is no medicine in
:; world that will give

SPrnipt and DecisiveRelief,
single bottle will con-
:ilne ou It Is Just what
',ong have wanted for a
;anRS lme.

E ecltric Bitters
':-' safe and pleasant to
ejr and are a reliable
mnedione that does ab-
Ui tegly oude.

Electric Bitters
%re the only medicine
I hat does certainly cure
aess of Appetite, Faint-
i ng Spells, Nervousness,
sleeplessness, Melan-
oholy, and Dizzy Spells.
They have cured thous-
ands and will surely cure
r vu.-


-and at the low price of

Whea all London had Grip.
It would be difficult to find a
tuore vivid picture of a Grip epi-
:emio in a few lines than that
:)bioh appears in a letter lately
iblished from the great author,
Thomal 3arlyle to his sister Janet.
9rting from London he said-

AfSoes, manufactories, tailor shops,
xnd suoh like, are struck silent,
voary second man lying snifterini
n hi respective place of abode.
'ucoh epidemics have lately swept
ver this country, but many thous.
ands have learned that Dr. King's
fIew Discovery is the best remedy
aor thi wretched trouble, among
,hem is James H. Foote, a manu-
faoturer of Jamestown, N. Y., who
rrites: "A severe attack of Grip
Mroght oan a very obstinate oough,
__ but br. King's New Dias er
.redto be uto wiat Ital shede.
'XIt eced yno a sdycre that
I will alwaskeep i on band in the

Old gentleman to grave digger.-
Who Li thisarave for?
Grave digger.-Fer ol' Sulks, -

died th' other day.
0. .--What was the complaint?
0. D.-There wau't no com.
plaint, v'ry Body was satisfied.

Brotbhr Williams riz in meeting'
--S3id was something' on his
"Ii' about the hardest sinner
'.at the church could ever
i uwdl to go exhortin',
When the craps wuz looking'
An' o took up a collection
.4ftzr avery blessed hymn.
"A.vn thtr never wuz sich singin'
In theo country round about,
I sung 'em an' I sung 'eem,
;h'lwI wore the people out!
Til they hollered when they seen
Wheo my singin' ways they
'T:.~,'s ole Collection Williams
6Jnt .-rcekan' down the road!"
8y, 0 i;h- preacher: "Brother
I' t. b.~Ji Jonu told it plain.
_T1; *xn.o?,y you collected
.,'u u give the Lord again.
W'R.'ra1an' of a steeple
An 'a ,~ aurcb. bell hereabout,
t(c osae y:r conscience, brother,
A,3' jest assll the dollars outi"
'.":,'(af' W iit'ams grabbed his
Aj," hs tei'tPd for the door--
;'.!3v.,.O.-)fn b-.ca look so solemn
K b'c ai.ni.' life before!
'.' ":;e ..,'ie'',ad to the preacher:
:'.!i 0 ;-oin *of my way;
-,i :oh.n a re :ou.greogation
i r..rd rom this dayl"
--- --)- *--
H'':.". Champ Clark, of Bowling
fireeT Mo., is considered the
wittiest man in Uongress. His
speeches are in such great demand
hat at the end of the last campaign
from cver-work, nervous tension,
loss of sleep and constant speaking
he hadutterly collapsed. Hewrites:
"It seemed that all the organs of
my body were out of order, but
three bottles of Electric Bitters
made me all right. Its the 'best
all-round' medicine ever sold over
a druggist's counter."

The Menomineoludians, in north.
western Wisconsin, are making
as much money in lumber opera-
tions as the Osages are :n farming.
By t.e sale of pine logs in years
past ie 1.300 men, women and
,r ,d a 'ave accumulated a tribal
fund ag(regating $1,000,000 which
is st!ll growing. The tribe expends
about $75,000 a year in logging
operations and clear from $50,000
to $100,000 annually.

"What are you doing, Thomas?,,
asked the father of a young man
who sat dreamily gazing into space.
"Building air castles, father, re-
plied the visionary youth.
"Qu it, boy xuit it,,, said
the oWl man. Yol can't mortgage
strumures of that kind for a cent,"
to do -`
The landlady rapped on the table
for attention.
"Gentlemen, I suppose you are
all patriotic?"
"W~e arel" came the hearty
"And you all love your native
"Couldn't love it any better!"
came in chorus,
'"I'm glad to hear it, for you must
surely enjoy the few grains of the
sand that refused to part company
with the strawberries."

"Funny, wasn't it?" said the
young man with the hard-up look.
"I had a dead-sure thing on a $2,000
clerkship in Washington last win-
ter, but just before I got my paws
on it a man ahead of me on the
street struck an icy spot and went
down. s I laught, of course. Yes,
I leaned up against a lamp-post
and roared. The man got up
took a lbng look at me and limped
off. Next day I called on the chief
clerk, who had my little affair on.
hand, and as we met he pointed to
the door.. I went out. It was no
use to linger. He was the chap I
had caught at."

The Bnband Became Thoughtful.
"I don't see why you are so par-
tioula+ about your hair," said a
churlish husband. "I don't suppose
Eve Iver wore bangs."
"I don't suppose she ever did,"
replied t;he wife with a quiet smile,
"but then there was nobody in the
world but her husband to admire

Five Dollars a Pill.
Five dollars seems a high value
to place on a single pill, yet Mr. M.
. Austin, a veteran of the civil
war, whose home for 40 years has
been Winchester, Ind., believing
two pillftaken by his wife to be
worth #10. He says: "My wife
had been ill for some time, getting
no relief from good physicians. We
got a trial box of Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Two did her more good
than $10.00 worth of medicine. We
bought a box and their effect has
been marvellous. They are work-
ing wonders.
Buoklen's Arnica Salve
Has the largest ale of any salve
In tke world, Why? Because it
is t best.

St. Peter's Rome, can accommo-
date 54,000 worshippers, and St.
Paul's, London, 82,000.
Alaska babies rarely cry. When
they do, they are held under a little
stream of running water usually
under a barrel tap, until they stop.
The finest mausoleum in existence
is that in Agra, India, which was
built by the Emperor, Shah Jehon,
for himself. It was twenty-two
years in coursee of erection, and on
it 20,000 men were constantly em-
ployed during that period. The
colt was $4,000,000.
Coffins in Russia are never covered
with black. If the deceased is a
child, pink is used; if a woman,
crimson, though for a widow they
use brown.
The death penalty is rarely en-
forced in Germany, Austria, Den-
mark or Swedpi. In New York
eleven out of twelve murderers
escape without any punishment,
and in the United States only one
murderer in fifty suffers capital
The Crystal Palace in London,
where the first world's convention
of Christian Endeavor will be held
in 1900, can accommodate 100,000
persons. Preparations are making
for 25,000 delegates.
Immense coalfields have been
discovered in Zululand, the seams
being up to 45 feet in thickness
and of good quality for locomotives
and other purposes.
More than a third of the French
crown jewels have been bought by
Americans. Electric Bitters will
makestrong, steady nerves and eyes
brighter than the French crown

In the Phillippines the law which
relates to the property of married
people is entirely in favor the wife.
Any property abride may possess
is never by any chance settled upon
the husband, and if he is poor and
she well off, he can only become at
most an administrator of her pos-
After death, unless she has ex-
ecuted a deed in her husband's
favor, under a lawyer's eye, the
property goesfto her children and
lood relations, but none to her
A married woman retains her
maiden and adds to it that of her
husband with the prefix "de," and
the children bear the names of both
The husband symbolically en-
dows the bride with all his worldly
possessions after marriage. In
fact, it is clearly a case in the
Phillippines of "what's yours is
mine and what's mine is my own,"
as far as the women folk are con-
.-.-- --------
Mr. R. H. Atkinson, of Harring.
ton, Del., says: "My wife had a
hard cold which developed a cough,
nothing she took did her any good
until I bought a 50c. bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery. She has
use several bottles since and is
now rapidly recovering."

Patrick O'Mara, a private in the
Ninth regulars, went to the colonel
of his regiment and asked for a
two week's leave of absence. The
colonel was a severe disciplinarian,
who did not believe in extending
too many privileges to his men and
did not hesitate in using a subter-
fuge in evading the granting of
"Well," said the colonel, "what
do you want a two week's furlough
for?" .
Patrick aiwered: "Me woife is
very sick and the children are not
well and if ye didn't mind she
would like to(have me home for a
few weeks to give herabit of
The colonel eyed him for a few
minutes and said: "Patrick Imight

grant your request, but I got a
letter from your wife this morning
saying that she didn't want you
home; that you were a nuisance
and raised the dickens whenever
you were thera She hopes I won't
let you have any more furloughs."
"That settles it. I suppose I
can't get thefurlough then?" said
"No; I'm afraid not, Patrick. It
wouldn't be well for me to do so
under the circumstances."
It was Patrick's turn now to eye
the colonel as he started for the
door. Stopping suddenly he said:
"Colonel, can I say something
to yes ?"
Certainly, Patrick; what is it?"
"You won t get mad, colonel, if
I say it?"
"Certainly not, Patrick, what is
"I want to ay there are two
splendid liars iln this room and I'm
one of them. I was never married
in me loite."
Without a good supply of Buck-
len's Arnica Salve. Tou will
need it. It is a scientific com-
pound of Arnica, Calendula and
Healing Balams, and is the BUT
SLyv xg Huu WOIwO. Try it
-5 -.

Men of Action and Age Limits.
The six great commanders who
have won the Spanish war for us
are all men in late middle life, as
we commonly reckon these things.
The youngest of them are Schley
and Sampson, each 58 years old.
Dewey is 61, nearing the age fixed
upon-perhaps unwisely-for re-
tirement. Of the army men only
one-Miles-is under 60, and he is
59. Wheelen is 62 and Shafter 63.
Yet the way' iu which these men
fought the wqr was almost boyish
in its enthusiasm, its daring, its
dash, and its confidence. Is not
the rule of ,tirement for age ill-
founded b~hl in the army and
navy? A hundred years ago a
man begail to bo old at 60, but it
is not so now. It is about that age
that discretion reinforc'es devotion
and makes the great mania in every
walk of life. In the army, navy,
Senate, Cabinet, banking-house,
business office, railroad enterprise,
and everywhere else the majority
of men of greatest power and use-
fullness are probably between 55
and 65 years of age. Iismarck,
Gladstone, Von Moltke, William
I, of Germany, Cavour-the best
work of all these was done after
the half century had been long
passed. So, too, with our own Ed-
munds, Sherman, Hoar, Justice
Field, John Marshall, and the rest.
Every man is at his best when the
time of his fullest maturity comes,
and with the great increase in
longevity and a wiser living that
time comes later than it did. Many
of the best men in our army, for
example, the men best qualified to-
day to lead armies and conduct
campaigns, are on the "retired list,"
merely because they havepassed an
arbitrarily fixed age.-New York
-- ---- ***-I ---
Two Boxes Cured Him.
The undersigned has been
troubled with Piles for the past
six years, anil this greatly aggra-
vated by lifting and straining.
Tried every salve I could hear of
and all to no purpose until I heard
of our famous Bucklen's Arnica
alve. I procured a box and got
relief, and two boxes cured me
sound and well as I ever was, and
to-day am attending to my work
without interruption.
Roanoke, Va.
What Foolish Men Should Do.
The man who does not advertise
simply because his grandfather did
not; ought to wear knee breeches
and a queue.
The man who does not advertise
because it costs money; should
quit paying rent for the same rea,
The man who does not advertise
because he tried it once and failed;
should throw away his cigar be-
cause the light went out.
The man who does not advertise
because he doesn't know how him.
self; ought to stop eating because
he can't cook.
The man who does not advertise
because somebody said it did not
pay; ought not to believe that the
world is round because the ancients
said it was flat.

The best time tew sett a hen is
when the h4e i ready. I kant tell
you what the best breed iz but the
shanghigh is the meanest. It koats
as much to Vboard one as it duz a
stage hoss and you might as well
undertake to. fat a fanning mill,
running oats thru it. There aint no
profit in keeping hens for his eggs,
if he laze les than one a day, ens
are long lived if they don't contract
the throat disease; there is a great
many goes to pot every year by
this mellonkolly disease. I kant
tell eggsactly how to pick out a
good hen, but as a general thing the
long-eared ones, I kno, are the least
apt to skretoh up the garden. Eggs
packed in equal parts of lime water,
with the other nd down, will keep
from 80 to 40 years, if they are not
disturbed. Fresh beef stake is
good for henm: I suppose 4 or 6
pounds a day would be awal a hen
would need at fust along, I shall
be happee to advise with you at
any time on h question and

take pay for advise in egg.
Never judgeaman by the clothes
he wears- form your estimate from
the wearing apparel of his wife.
A philosopher says all the lotions
in the world'will not beautify the
face 6f a woman whose mind is
disturbed. That may be why the
simple baby-faced girl is thought
to be pretty. She has no mind to
disturb her features.
It would be about impossible to
shake the confidence of Joseph
Murray of Columbia, Ky., in the
world's greatest remedy for throat,
chest and lungtroubles after this
experience. He writes: "I tried
many remeslies for a severe oold
but it kcl.t growing worse and
finally resulted in a very serious
lung trouble; I was urged to trI
Dr. King's New Disxvry,. I
found great elief from one bottle
and now, ca trathfully say, that
it isthe b ad only true remedy

Ask yw dru for Dr.
King's r.Dicovery and
tak no otr.

The square man mezzures the
same each way and hain't got any
winny edge nor cheap lumber in
him. He is free from knots and
sap, and won't warp. He is klear
stuff, and I don't care what you
work him up into he won't swell
and he won't shrink. He iz
amongst men what good kiln-dried
boards are among carpenters; he
won't season crack. It dosen't
make any difference which side ov
him yu come up to, he is the same
bigness each way, and the only
way to get at him ennyhow iz to
face him, He knows he iz square
and he never spends any time try-
ing to prove it,

A colored divine one day took
for the subject of his sermon the
"Creation of Man."
"In de begiinn God created
Adam out o' de mud' ob de arth,"
declared the minister, atnd chucked
him up ergin. fence fur t dry,"
"Holon dar parson nterrpea
a member 'i the-. o.egatti,
"Who built dat fence?"
Leaning over the pulpit and
sternly eyeing the questioner while
shaking a warning forefinger at
him, the minister responded:
"You look hyah yo fool man.
Don't you know dat such fool ques-
tions as dek is what's destroying'
de theology crdis country?"

Little Bob-"Aw I could walk
the rope just as well as the man in
the circus, if it wasn't for one
things" Little Willie-"What is
tj tLittle Bob-"I'd fall off."

The Wonder of the Age





--- *4

Liver and Stomach
1 ---------- ^.^4^^ -c---.-----

Never fails to effect a cure, even when Physicians and all
other known remedies have failed. They are the only
Pills that are given away in sample boxes, and the
regular size sold on a Positive Guarantee.

Disordered Liver, Loss of Appetite, Biliousness
and Constipation, Dizziness Jaundice, Fever
and Ague, Malaria, 81ok or Nervous
Headache, Torpid Bowels.

And are a Perfect Specific for

Malaria, Flatu enjoy,

Foul Stomach and Nausea.

R,. KINQ'8

New Life Psils

Actually give NKW LIU F A N-T" B t the whole
system; and make, one el like an entirely new being.
They are so composed that they give tone to
the Stomach, prevent Heartburn, rouse
the Liver' to healthful action,
invigorate the K^idneys., and thus
through the activity of these organs
promote the natural movement of
the Stomach and Bowels. They contain
no mineral or poisnios substance,but are strictly
vegetable. They do not cause nausea or gripin g or
any unpleasant feeling ;nor interfere with one's a work


Beware of Counterfeits and Imitations.

R l KING'S NEW LIFE PILLS" Is on every box

A freckle-faced girl stopped at
the postoffice and yelled out:
"Anything for the Murphy's?"
"No, ttero is not."
"Anytning for Jane Murphy?"
"Anything for Ann Murphy?"
"Anything for Tom Murphy?"
"Anything for Bob Murphy?"
"No, not a bit."
'*Anything for Terry Murphy?"
"No, nor for Pat Murphy, nor
for Dennis Murphy, nor Fete Mur.
phy, nor Paul Murphy, nor for any
urphy-dead, living, unborn,
native or foreign, civilized or bar-
barous, male or female, black or
white, franchised or disfranchised,
naturalized or otherwise. No;
there is positively nothing for any
of the Murphya, either individual,
jointly, severally, now and forever,
one and inseparable.
The girl looked at the popt.
matter in astoiiesment, and -sd:
"Plaze to look and see if there
is anything for Clarence Murphy."

"I coughed every n ig't util my
throat was nearly raw. 80 write
T. L. Martin, of Dixie, Ky. "Dr.
King's New Discovery gave me in.
stant relief. I hale used it in my
family for tour years, with the most
gratifying results, and can cheer.
fully recommend itfm the greatest
known remedy for coughs, colds and
all throat and lung tirubleol"
What things increase the more
they are contracted? Colds. To
prevent them take Dr, King's

WuLOH, W, VA., Feb. 4,98
H. E. Buckle & Co., Chicago.
For seven years I had a pain in
my sides and breast. During these
years I was never without pain
Storied several doctors, but they
did me no ood, I then decided
to try Dr. King's New Discovery
and before using one bottle I was
wholly cured and have had none of
the pain since, I cannot find
words to thank you for this wond.
erful medicine, but I thought it
was my duty to write and tell you
what good it .has done me, and re.
commend it to.any one with such
complaints. I am now 61 years of
age. Truthfully yours,
Bzaer MIzss

There is a Baptist minister in
Michigan, who knows that Dr
King's New Discovery may have a
priceless value beyond thepowerof
dollars to measure, in fact that it's
worth may be only estimated by the
worth of a life it has saved. He i
Rev. J. Gunderman, who was the
Baptist minister at Rives Junoe
tion, Mich., when his wfte had a
severe attack of Grip, followed b3
Pneumonia. During nioe week
that she ws unable toleave her bed
she suffered all the unspeakable
agonies of this terrible malady, and
would have died but for this in
vincible cure. Of her frightful
cough Mr. Gunderman wrote: "She
hadterrible paroxysms of coughing
lasting two or three hours, until it
seemed she would die in one oi
them. A friend recommended Dr
King's New Discovery. It was
quick and highly satisfactory in re,
sults, allaying the irritation and
inducing free expectoration. It's,
a pleasure tQ recommend such a
valuable medicine as the results it
the case of my wife were marvellous.'
In the face of such positive and re
liable evidence could any one doub
the life-saving virtues of this grand
cure. Resolve to-day, as you value
the health of your home never te
be without it,

The waves of the Indian Ocean I
in a strong west wind are 800 to
400 feet long and sixty feet high,
and have a speed of 83 miles an
hour. Such a wave weighs 864 tons
to the foot. If a ship 600 feet long
lies in the trough of the sea, a wave
sixty feet high hurls against it
21.,400 tons, move tlun nineteen
times its ownweight. This weight
does not fall upon the ship 4t sea,
because its buoyancy enables it to
rise, but if it drifts upon the lee
shore the power of a succession of
218,400 ton blows will tear to pieces
any ship man has the cunning or
the power to build.
&-- a-
Repels Deadly Attack.
Charles Davis of Bowerston,
Ohio, had a great opportunity to
test the value of many of the so
called "best" throat and lung cures,
but he don't believe in experiments
now. He has proved there is one
medicine for such troubles so vastly
superior to all others that they can
not be compared with it. He writes:
"I have suffered severely from
lung trouble for two years, and
have tried almost every remedy,
but received no benefit until I used
Dr. King's New Discovery. Found *
instant relief, but continued to use
it until all the trouble left me. I
can heartily recommend it to any..
sufferer from lung trouble."

While it is known that the Am.
azon, in South America, is the
largest rives in the world, but few
people have an idea of its enormous
size. It is 100 miles in width at
its mouth. The distance from the
source of the Amazon in the Andes
to the Atlantic ocean is 2,000 miles
in a direct line, but by the course
of the rivernearly 4,000 miles. The
Amazon drains an area of 2,500,000
square miles (ten times the area of
France), and in connection with
the river and its tributaries there
are said to be 50,000 miles of navi-
gable waters, one-half of which are
suitable for -steam navigation by
large vessels. The number, length
and volume of the Amazon's tribu-
iaries are in proportion to its mag-
nitude. More than 20 superb
rivers, 1,000 miles and upward in
length, pour their waters into it,
and streams of less importance are
numberless. At the junction of
the Yucayali with the Amazon a
line of 50 fathoms does not reach
the bottom, and in breadth it is
more like a sea than a river. The
longest tributary, the Maderia, has
a length of 2,000 miles.

A lawyer was cros-questioning
an Irishwoman, the point under
inquiry being the relative position
of the doors, windows, and so forth,
in a house in which a certain trans.
aTtion was said to have occurred.
"And now, my good woman,"
teawyer said, "wll yqo be good
ut"to tell th .ou0rt how the
o wun r la yor house."
.How do the tir run?" the
witesm replied. "Sure, whin I'm
oop-tair they run down, and whim 14
I'm down-stais they run oop."

Dr. KIng's NMw Life Pills
Omu Headche and Constipation,
a purely vegetable and do not
4rip. .

_ ___ )





C~ .. ..1

The Roanoke News ,prints the
following fervent prayer which a
Colored minister made in behalf of
a fellow minister: "0, aLord, gib
him the eye ob de eagle dat he may
spy out sin afar off. Lay his
hands on de gospelplow. Tie his
tongue on de line of truth. Nail
his ear on de gospel pole. Bow
his head down between his knees
and his knees way down in some
lonesome, dark and narrow valley
where prayer is much wanted to be
made. Noint him with de gerosene
le of salvation and sot him on fire."
Current Miseries.
"I have jnst passed a bad quarter
of an hour."
"Well, I have just passed a bad
quarter of 4 dollar."
A sure and agreable curt
for Croup and Whooping
cough will.be found In
Dr. King's New Dis*


4 _

*t it is a concentrated
Sscolentiflo compound of
Arnica, Calendula and
Healing Balsams. Con-
tains more of the active
principle of the celebra-
ted Arnica Flowqrs than
any other like prepara-
tion Sn the wodl.


Positively and
Speedily Oures
' ULCers,
Salt' Rheum,
Fever Sores
and Bruises.

Is a Ouaranteed
Oure for
Burns, Piles,
Boiles, Felons,
Chilblains I Corns

can always be re-
Iledton and abso-
lutely Cures '
Cracked Hands,
Sore Lips,
Or any ailment for
which a Salve or
Ointment can
be used.




Only25oa Box

Always Waves In Sunlight.
For many years it has been t
proud boast of Englishmen ti
their colonial possessions were
numerously scattered over the fa
of the earth that there was no o
hour in the twenty.four that t
sun did not shine on a Britti
flag waving somewhere,
If any one will take a map
the world, locate the United Stat
Cuba, Porto Rico, Samoa, the SBa
which Islands, Guam, in the Li
rones, and the Philippines, a
compute the the time for ea
place relatively, he will find tl
the United States also is a la
on which the sun never sets,
From Alaska to the Phllippin
our possessions are within ea
sailing distance of each other. Th
cover the range of climates fr<
the frigid to the torrid, and all i
productive and, full of promise
the future.
--ft dip s
Helen GOUld's income is i
largest of any unmarried woman
the country.' She does not spe
much on bersel. On churces a
charities 4she pnd 00,000 a y
Detebting Flaws in Metal.
To detect hidden cracks open
from the surface of metals the s
face is first moistened with kerosi
and is then dried off with a clo
It is then coated with chalk. Af
a little while the oil works out
the little cracks and stains
chalk. A sorb of diagram of
hidden fissures and defects is tl
John Paul Jones' Unknown Gra
The grave of the revolution
,hero John Paul Jones, which
Secretary of State has been uns
cesfully trying to find, lies son
where in Paris, but its exact locat
has been unknown for'some fi
years. Jones, who was born
Scotland, and who was the first n
to hoist the Stars and Stripes
board a man of war, died in Paris
1792. He was given the honor c
public funeral by the French g
ernment. After the revolution
went first to St. Petersburg, wh
the Empress Catherine recei'
him with every honor and mi
him a Rear Admiral in the Russ
navy. During his life he
ceived the thanks of the Ameri
Congress and a gold medal %
struck in hi n honor. The K
of. Y!.Tunv" pr&O-Ixnted. 1im ' sword of honormnd a decorat
and he received similar honors fr
the courts of Danmark and Rus
A few weeks .back a wedd
breakfast was given ~y a stfisl
tial farmer blessed with five dau
ers, the eldest of whom was
bride. A neighbor, a young
mer, who was honored with
invitation, thinking, no doubt, t
he ought to sa 'something comr
entry upon 'Ae event, address
he bridegrocn thus:
"Well, you have got the picl
the batch."
The faces of the four unman
3nes were a study.
-- ^ ---
Mr. James Jones, of the d
firm of R. B. Jones & Son, c
den, Ill., speaking of Dr. Kin
New Discovery said,. "My w
last winter was attacked with
grippe, and her case grew
serious that we were alar
Physicians here and at Pans w
called but could do nothing
her. It seemed to us all like
full developed case of hasty c
gumption. Having Dr. King's
Discovery in the store and selli
lots of it to others, I took a boe
home and to our surprise I
great pleasure, she began gett'
better from She first, half d
(1.00 bottles have cured her sou
and well.--Every one knows
her recovery here and Dr. Kin
New Discovery ]as the credit
the cure."

Qu-r"Asftroomical Pac*.
given tu momki queer oaloulatio
and odd compariWios. One of 1
most various of these is. one
which tihi relative simeof-thea
and some of the planets is shoe
They tell us that if the smn oa
be repremetec'by a globti wo
in dia*mMr4 the earth would
represented, prportionately, by
pea. Mara!by $nihead aNdM
cury by a i ii.Stai saed.
.. #.. 1111,
That your, ey w n .bwi bui
ed to you itf o do notb dr
after ring .Dr. King' NeD
ri f0 Consumption, Coug
For a quarter or
oentlary this wonderful medici
for Lung Diseases has been st
on thi positive guarantee. T
truth l It Always 1y and ne

The darkest hour in the hist]
of ail young man is when he a
down to study how to get mon
without honeily earning it

JUST AS GO O D Mark Twain's Costly Dinner. NO SPARE HOURS. A COMM
he Apropos of the Portuguese reis Mr, Cowhide (rrling at city There cae to a
at (pronounced ray), when Mark hotel) Iso Ikin ar the ncommonlyunclean
so -e A8 i gong h e i rings for dinner, the arm of a mother w
Dce ao one of his companions invited oa'I showed the same abhor
me i him to dine, with eight others, at Clerk: We have no gong. 'We a Looking down Upon _
he N *the principal hotel in that happy have breakfast from6to-1l, dinner ld fr a moment, the

of the table the hot called for the How am I to git ti o e mthe 'hdrathic hdophobi
es Abill which amounted to 21,700 reia. oity? Obdotor, it ha bad do.tor
e And we sell it much cheaper oae me to my misery, orid e aoer.
ad- boys" ejaculated the unhappy Cn BdiiA w iknes or su a
Ind man "There isn't money enough A Ohne Buddhist prit, who at Wer hall I do for m
och Is the statement often made by in the shiito pay that bill, Iamelam toe or sat llla ."ed Wahitsh its f wa l madam, r
hat a ruined community. Landlord, Aam fPeak toeylomn, withu his l the doctor; "the die will go ,o
knd hthi is &.mean swindle. Here's w |wit], the dirt."
"ad Druggists when t is o.mean widle, Here's onI h *"ke to noone, and ou-Ntted s d e.dwa ,
$160, and its all you'll get I'l m enoo.,,d ted "Wash its face--wash its MIo,
les swim in blood before I'll pay a onh an inch of a ade of a indeed exclaimed the mother
%By U L K I* cent more." ly daily, is at present in' losin her temper. "Wiast uxt
J The landlord looked surprised, kok trying to improve his exche- I'd Ile to knowI"'
SIbut immediately had his little eronthestrengh of hisexploit.. "Wash your own, madam-mwk
are ___ account translated "into a language re does not meet with much your own, was the rejoinda
for that a Christian could understand," success
when it was found that, at the the
S- rate of 1,000 reis to dollar, the
demand actually amounted to H R AT
ithe $21.70. More refreshments were .
ordered forthwith.
/ ~, i' "Sir," began the young man, as
ing t 8ii HOUL l iE PROOF POSITIVE thehe accepted the proferrec fhTiro i
ur. have called forthe purpose of re- J JI '
Bne *THA T4 q6- questing the hand of your daughter __
,th. in marriage and-" 2 000oooooooooo0oooo OOOooooooooooo
Dter DR "But," interrupted the banker, T- .. T 0 1R
of "you are comparatively a stranger
the U I II IO Vto me, I know absolutely nothing
the of your social or finaitial standing.
hue ....FOR.... Are you in a position to support
my daughter in the style to which I AE R S.
-8, ^&t M^^ **-^ ^ she has been accustomed?"
V, Von sum r. ptionn,"... "I have no fixed income," re -oooooooooo 0oooooooo ooooooo ooo
plied the would-be son-in-law, "but
ary in my official capacity as con-
'te Coughs and Colds 'tab- me e A thorough system renovator and
oy Tke her my boy, take her, and BIOOD P RIFIER.
ne- financier, "you a Chicago constable ?
ty Is the most reliable of all remedies, TWe heyr m nypointersasto P-
in 5 when you want any pointers as to --.--- -...-- --------- -------*---- --
0an the investment of your wealth
on and because the dealer, makes theovet men."f ELECTRIC BITTE
fa- more money 'on some cheap, ue tELECRonI in which Tme
he worthless substitution, is the only fre.utly oand themslvs iin ...HAVE...
d re w dreamland was well illustrated by
ved reason why he would offer y n Irishman, who, when recently G R EAT M ERIT
ian relating a remarkable dream he had
re. something else. Don't be deceived had, remarked: "Then I thought PECULIAR TO THEMSELVES.
as by something claimed "just as meh salningmes ked wid They act directly on the Liver and
h good." bdt insist on what you call Kidneys. If you are bilious, full of
,om for and do not be imposed upon. HeAgoehrouh o pu Malaria and 'have no appetite, be
Hes gone throutJ h college, pulled
-- stroke oar, sure to try
And won first honors, maybe,
n ., HE U F... Bt notice his utter helplessness
Erig E EQUAL e ~enked to hold a babyl

f Dr.King'sNewDiscovery AMON DusT. Electric Bitters
an A traveler sometimes fails to get
hat his trunk checked when going You will be surprised to see how
pl- ...DOES NOT EXIST FOR... away, but if he failsto get his Grip t hoV
eed checked he may g.away never to quickly this wjll cure you, they will
Consumption, Coughs, Colds return. Dr. KingsNAew Discovery
SConsumption, Coughs, Colds royal check on your p, save you thousands of dollars in
on'thasten your earthly exit
S and all Throat and Lung through failure seit doctors bills. Electric Bitters are an
A decisive blow has been given
rug Affections. many thousands of cough nd absolute cure for Headache and
rl *ow.jWO ,, colds by taking Dr, King's New
g'sIw felt. It's a mighty good thing to nstipation.
ife v ry Bottle Guaren't dl. keep oon hand, as a teapooful
la In 11 wiU often stop a cough, prevent
T L T SEsuffering, save a doctor's bill, and
r RThe secret of happiness is never E CT BI T
for REGULAR SIZE 50c and $1.00. to let yourtenerge e ...ABSOLUTE LY...
increase your energy is to increase
a your happiness, Electric Bitters
A,,uildsup the health and strength
ne 11 ALLli JOl a Umind a-d body,A U N D IC E
S LOST ON NIAGARA ALL THE JO LIFE ad is wonderful energy to
ttle Two Men Take The Frightful Plunge Seem to disappea.rhen a per. It is the little rift within the lute IN ALL FOR MS
md To Death Over The Falls. son has stomach t and ds. That by and by will make the Makes the blood rich and Pure.
ing persia. He has no ambition, lre music mute, s ie apns
o. A s-ort time ^ -ago tw^ men were feels morose and blue. His inward And, ever widening, slowly silence
d growing on ien rier r eome resA r Aha r i s al., t h i-n.- Create an appetite and restore
md arowing fhey onoy Nia river. Forhardly worth living, but there isn't It is the little coudh within the
of awhle thewereapped themsethey e o peon thardiordntnote h alth, vigor nd vitality. A single
o were in a fatal current, bearing ufpise that. H~ san so tone Knownbyitshars discordantnot,
for them straight to the falls. They up hiretomach, banish dyspepsia, That, unless stopped, will wreck trial will convince the most skeptical.
bent to the ors with all the improev e his digestion that a life's boat.
bt..to.. the *ort shot faster Ua 1ea will be a drbam of You can avoid such disaster by
.trenuth but t:-bYa He con do it by takinu stopping your oough with Dr.

X75 Whave beeti h Iave stem was all n.dn The eioht our law eirs
in erizb~.nF I't T{wr--k
bhieaveb e, t t i v, BI. Albettod, of Hooke. ly violated aby thoseawon r eftalmle ". |:L '"I 'uU II
hM suchtatoA N.(3. O f eatanythinga wo ker, Dr. in NewLPill,
hem no ap but one botle o whie o or Absolu ely cures Lame Back and
i r F ou- t we sleep, but always, o
t ie hr Ocenasingly for your good. he e They are pleasant
i ;s who werera ch. Now a gdt migh envy the gret enemies constipation WeakKidneys. are pleasant
d borne to destr on on the coure i petite. Icanetalor any ick headacheandstdtnaoh trouble. *
Shas savedis Mrs.eeedern Men don't gthaer grl o eto t ke and sure to give perfect
widow of the bave general Hiram thorns, oratsfac As you value your ex-
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NewDisoovery sbeemy and he replied that he had non salves, balms or lotions only made
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reliance in throatandlungtroubles "I am no bioytlist,' added he, to sell. The fruits Of wonderful afford go, tho d
for 2 years, hewrites." 'Itwould "and I never made A century rn cures come only from great media. aTTU to n gY t rem a trial.
oure me when all other remedies in my life" He might have added cines like Bucklen's Arninca lval v
Sfaied. One, when all my friend h e neverled b band. It astonishes the world, -a,..-
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not livtill morning. Then hadericn quarterdollar i about the ois iL ,a i
he hem givre meDr, Kng'a New Dis- most unlucky article they o t fe roUitB
er cover and it saved my life. I carry. On the Msid eoiow there ~ h wr worldmdas o retc pos tive guarantee iiat
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ey malady of throat, chest or lungs. ontal stripe, 18 rrohd and use of Dr. ing' New Die
ot i1ve .l. ornin ene **d the wo ov, Trit. ewontf Only 50o. and $I. per bottle.
en' Arnica Salv e.
n"=ld o hotceto lns ona tips Sad sf f r ilr o I








I i

S 1)f

S.. . ... .. .. ... .....
I .

ne Best Blood Medicine
w *


America's Greatest Blood and Nerve Remedy


Could testify

to .the


All troubles arising from [
Bowels, Inactive Kidneys,



merit cof
kd Stom.act

Impure Blood an(

this remedy for curing
hs, Lazy Livers, Sluggish
d .Weakened Nerves. It


It gives a fine appetite, regulates all secretions,

promotes digestion and

assimilation, cures dyspepsia, over-comes lassitude and quickly


riew strength and




It makes


It drives out all impurities and disease germs. By regulating
the Liver, Kidneys. and Bowels, it conquers Constipation, and

Absolutely Cures Jaundioe

It is the quickest and surest cure in the world for this dread-

ful malady.


By making strong,

nerves it




Sleeplessness, Headache, Neuralgia, Rheuma-
tism a'Pd banishes a multitude of

Such as Melancholy, Fainting and Dizzy Spells,
Backache, Tired'and Run-Down Feeling. It will surel




It quickly drives out Ague and all Malarial
Fevers, and by its timely use you may avoid


An investment of.fifty cents in Ele
and perhaps your life.
*** ,-,0 .


save a long illness

Bitters may

It has always proved


Who.need a pure alterative and

Nerve Tonic,

After using they become stronger, eat heartier,
sleep soundly and feel the joy of renewed youth.

I /


.*4, Wlii~DJ

Will Positively Cure More Maladies

Than any other known Medicine.
Our dealers refund the price f it does not cure a trouble
re~~tcofi end it for.

F f t .nd Oll tls ,. .t .

The Largest Fiftycent and OnezDollar Bottles on he Mrket
d . :)

one. 41 o*-64,
outhemn woati w Orwea0 =
m ak m6n out of aobhids
and oameila.- m sn' -mt

Now doth the anling amateur,
Sit on a log nd uiish
He was as lucky u the man
Of whom he buys his fish,
Mrs. Biz--"you shouldn't om.
plain about g ur lth, John.
hat would you do 11 you ad -
wife to mend thet'
Mr. Hix-'h, in that oe l
would a be al* to rs" m

Electric Bitters the greAt
kmorican Blood Purfier.

- .. -

Only you oan make the way
Sweet with roeor rank with rue,
Make thehoursawinggraveorgay-
"Only you."
Fall of rain or fall of dew,
In December or in May,
Love, in growing old, grows new
Like an evil-sprouting spray;
For a fresh flower comes in view
Every time I sigh and say-
"Only you.,"
Sweetheart, in your eyes of gray
Now, for ever and a day-
"Only yoU."
-- --. --
Composition of the Body.
German science announes that
evp-ythin needed to mase a man
weg 10 pound an be ondin
the white and yolk 10 hen's
egga. Beduced to-a id the
avenag man would yiel ninety.
eight ubi meter ofll
0n 4o to till a

mofr ran be obtained
besides twenty coffee spoon of alt,
fifty lumps of sugar and forty-two
liters of water.
When Saluel Janes, the pub.
lisher of the Sun in Pittsboro, nd,,
cut an ugly gash in his thumb on
a rusty can. Such wounds often
produce blood poisoning and look-
jaw, In this emergency his per.
fect faith in the best ialve in the
world was grandly sustained, for
he writes: Having a box of Buck.
len's Arnica Salve in the house
I applied it. The wound began to
heal at once and I never lost an
hour's time. I know this splendid
Salve is the beat of all remedies
for cute, burns, sprains, wounds
and bruises."
-- --
Meeks-"But what's the use of
arguing the matter. One cai't get
more out of a bottle than he puts
in it."
Weeks-"Oh, I don't know; I
put a quart of liquor in a bottle
once and got a big head and a $10
fine out of the next morning."
"When a man goes through the
race of life at too swift a pace," re-
marked the eformedsport, "he

SdHO tI&E*.
"Did you see anything ofa stray
pig along the road?" asked the
rirmer ov an Irishman who was
"Begorry," replied the son of
Erin, "an' w would Oi be after
known' a sthray pig from ony
other pig?"
He Felt Likes Now Man.
Asthma is one of the meanest
maladies that afflicts mankind. In
a severe attack, which is usually at
night, the patient feels that there
isn't enough air in the universe
for him tobreathe, and that he will
surely suffocate. A stubborn cough
helps thief impression. A short
attack blast your happiness; con-
tinued suffering blights your life,
James H. Dorrell of Queenstown,
Md. had the best part of his life
blighted by asthma, but it don't
trouble him now. He writes: "I
have been a sufferer from Asthma
for 80 years and have never found
anything to act like Dr. King's
New Discovery. One dose acts
like magic. I breathed easily and
freely a once, and in five minutes
I felt like a newman, I most gladly
advise its us to all sufferers from
Asthma aa well as cough, colds
and lung troubles,"
In the immediate neighborhood
of greet oitie_ the oarful tutdy



Combs and Brushes.


evoAN Does

. i






...A ND...
0 .


Su*.m. 0re:., Co


Bear in Mind
Our Stock is Complete, and
Cheerfully Solicit Your






Puir Drugs

Choice Perfurlneries


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