Title: The Key West journal.
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Title: The Key West journal.
Uniform Title: The Key West journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Fred'k H. Mathews
Publisher: Fred'k H. Mathews
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: October 16, 1909
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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V.)LUMeI 1 N1). Ul.S3


Elks Enthuslastic In Their Approval of
The planner Mayor Pogarty Has
Handled situation.
The Elks Lodgo hIuld :i moetlilg att
tlio custom in )oso 3esltcr(iy, nafter-
1noo0n 0 n ui( nniiouslyl on1lorsed the
ianltier in which 1lyo.' Fougarty I ias
ihindled the situ:ltioi hiuro since the
Uon. (noo. l. AlIn hl dressed the
nmuting tnd in ai I'w well chosen
words lih exprle'tssed thie npprecitaioii
o 'the litret (i'(r i nii l11' ty lir the work
the r.iy r Ia oll ( o I r. t .\ ulo 's re
i,'lrks were lhotiii mi( d r21 2.2 1 witlih
(t I sit i'il 'ritv ('111 I :.; 'l1 iSt(it of LI 11 121 .1
lie ,oi'ii.liu hl n1niiil vocitcrous ap.
pltuse. line. (t. lIione Pa. terso
was on his lict it oi ono and stated
that Mr. Alliei lhal expitssud his
"entiiciits ex:lctliv IIld conllp iniciitcd
the Mayor oil tnio imirur il which
lie ciltd hIIdl'd it ditliti. .ullt Hitlli ioll.
Hoio ,ekll'crsoll 1. Ilruivnu address.
e(!O thu iiit'cling as didl ;lst)i 11 1 11u(16)r
o'ototlher. M;lyor IFogtir.t, who was
pIreoiit, reliede, stlii i. that e etlo l
worked I ighIt iid ,'iy iial done
everything whiicl hiin 2 UOi'i2ullcu 1lI(i
told him was right. Said t ei Mlayor,
"1 have niot totihltld 111y llolletr'
h.omye, nor 1i1 wn V l(W te, ha tl'v
left tliell ill lic .l22eit ',odilitioli tlilt.
the l torii l he I ni o lcvolt d
all my tino ,id 2 eiiery to unt,' which
I coln sce' .ioutl\' licvd ioutll work
for tlhe greatest guoodl or/ lioe clt1ir
The Mnayor's real:trks we ruer gorled
Sl by enithu;,inslti w al iu'n)J.
'itn' Lo.'ellsons Mwit,!l owhl
t o"f thi mn. t O ile fi -
able t it. i. 1 11 ofli Neley 1 .
SOdtobeor 1, y90(" hurnlg I .

T( ';t\ .T ('x,14tct ir.
IPral22' oi F' i i : 110'. 0(I''i 222t (2|1122gii
1 M i2s l'ii.i," N tt~l ,',*'' 12u 2t'(id h222222f
\vestlrditv ol tihe' ()l;\ i't. 2I.
.Nottiage Ihas beetn sl'i2linIz IhC S11111i
nier ill the mlouintcil s ,1' Neo' Ytrl',
whlil Mr ilihtil rct''.til'v Wtnt 11ou0h
q I blsil.ssluItId u2so to 1itlnl0d tie
weddlinig curci'e.. soi2 il' IIi H oI which
takes pl(eU ill I'ilnJde(, lli:i l Irt latter
part of this ( olh1110. '1'h S'. & F.
Fleit'2s lihctarv, oft' whi'ilh r. Fleitas
W1I4s t Me110nli21', wits 'wrc'kedl by the
bhurrlic.tim, Ineet'ssil(:titn Ilis immci.
lin r't, lriLi 1)o20o.

1' S.^M. .

There is a char-
acteristic in our

clothes f e uliar-
ly. their own--the
hang. Your fi-
gure can be grace-
fully fitted with
one f' our new
Fall M dels

it o notl ,

NG, OCTOBER 16. 1909. 5 CENTS
F rDoom 1


Contrary to all reports d the
Daily Press in various sections
the country, there was abso-
lutely no rioting or Ilooting
in this city during, or after
the hurricane which .swept
over the city Monday Oct. 11.
All such reports are absolutely
false and without the least

.... ._ .......... _2S' .. .. ... .l^ B

Mr Knight Thinks This Is No Time For a
Pollitial Contest.
The Morning Journal:
I. am iutlmurizod by MNr. Potor T.
K'lhntht to state that lih will not bo at
"tan(lidlato for Mayor at the fumining
City election.
When lie madohlls tinnouiciiCeint.
a short time 11io, it was it the sdli-
citation of a number of citieous wl.o
cesired thus to show thl ir apprecia.
tion of his serv'ies ts a iJpenluer of the
City (Couiiciil, hut in view of the
S...nnt ,l minitY tlhilt hns Ibefidlleu our

Capt Towles Here
Capt W. H, Towles, of Fort My
era, who is associated locally with '
A. Lumley in the cattle business
was an arrival yesterday on the 01
vetto from Tampa and is stopping &
the Jefferson. Capt. Towles' inte
osts here suffered some damage i
the storm, as the shed in which th
cattle were penned was destroyed an
the, steers turned loose at larre, fe
of which have been recovered.
Captain Towles states that Mot
day's hurricane was not felt at Fo
Mye's, nor at any point in Lee coui


Arrie In 44_IBriBgng Crow of Work-
mn lfth Them,
T, l. lIgram of Atlanta, General
Superintendent of Construction, and
E. Crews, of Savannah, lSuperlin
tendent of Plant Department, twoolf-
flolals of the Southern Hell telephone
Qo.,i arrived In tho city early this
morning d the S. S. Miami bringing
wltR them crew of tweity-five tele-
phone repairmen. and active operatlols
will begin at once to rebuild the plant
here which suffered much damage
from the hurricane. To a Journal
representative. the's morning, Mr,
Ingraml stated that he had brought on
ample eoew of workmen to push the
reccnsetrz&toiit work as rapidly an
possible, and while It is vague at this
time to state the exact date the local
telephone service will be tresuo ed no
4exponse will bI spared to have the
plaq.in working' order at the very
earliest date. '
Monday' sst~aon wrought particular
Sdestructlonto this plant, nearly all the
oableways and..poles having been
blovwadown, necessitating the con.
ry. sruction of entirely new liner. Moit
r. of tfe wreckage has already been
s, cleared by local manager Atkins under
li. the direction of Supt, Andrews,
at -i' reiestablishment of the tele.
r- phone service will be a great con-
in venienoe to the commercial interests
he ofthe olty.


people. kind the noil(ecsity of being Thi now steamer recently purchase.
ti uicdd in. the wt r tfor. the common ed by Capt. Towles to ply between
wel, ad plyp rot'i' st'^ I this ist: raid Fort Myers will arrive
tv fa q pqrt in' &feiw duay. This steamer
He feelth thth tis i aI o l .'il';hrrzjlhAl felll Iad pdtlimnt,
political contests, or political Ieeling. ers, andt together with the three.
n that Mvor I'o-viza yshouli m Itve lstted schoo1oner, also belonging to
0 uoppoition, in order that hIi my 11 Pl.l. Towles, w~il furnish ample
bn Iree to. continue his good work, fr dli)iPpiig IaIcllomodaltions between
the relief' of our ulIli(ctied, p l thls (Oity and Fort Mye'rs and the low.
J Lui.'IiesN 11. woN. or west, coast towns of the State.
---- -- ^ As Fort Myrojs is the nearest ral);
Capt. John MIer'11 auii1 I' A. roadl Ioint to this (it) on the west
Crowell, two promineil (citizctii ol' coast t.ho stoamer line will no doubt
Tampa wore arrivals on the. Olivotte prove very popular.
yesterday afternoon, and are guests
of The Jeflerson. MIssrs. Miller anld Protect your children and yourself
Crowell are owners of tli .two-maisted Iromn the storm with a coat and sweat-
schooncr T'homas W. Kn eight which or. (Got them at L. Wolfson's, "The
was wrecked by NMonday's storml an( Store of Fashion." tf
now lying at the foot of the P. & 0.--- ----
dock, and their visit to Key West is
with a view to having the uecesviry YOU| DONT W AN
repairs tindeo to thl'ir vessel. Y U A
No Hadt Ruined.
lMoniltv's storni didl not Ii q-ta-hyIm line ofd modish mlrdlinyry
.... -- -- ,See Johnson .. --je ,
Thero you will find a skilled, e

ror mayor
I w ih to announce to the peo-
ple( of Keo West that I am a
oaridid.t3 Ilr Mayor. at the coming
oit eleutiomn I did not want to run
for t'lis oflic< but so many p-oop'e lihI
slatd on it that 1 h ive counsotedto
become a candidate.
J. N. N. McDuDLY.

rGUH i U, U t-",- '
IWU1 In the buHilni.w ./ie storm
i over and we are UtiTrl Spairing and
Halling bicycles at the same old stand.
Whalton still means icyele.
OC t. lichard. T. Ellis, U. S. A.,
rteu I to the city yesterday on tl a
Olreite. aflR t .n extended leave of
Jhbe S. 8; Miami an'lyed in port
rly this morning from Mia il and
laterr fori Havana,' carrying one
paliiseigr from ,s city, E. J. Mur.



IWTry Department
periqermi W.flA ake, who will at-
Iut `.Ik i''r t,.nni m P ov- D.

'lI iT lmi LU .uo. wa.UUI b WW w-Mf Wfa w p o n.e sJMI"u. e
r' fiJll(|I T" u haps your watch needs adjusted,$ rw o;'tb over.. aii.-.
iU.li To-% 1 -detjt i o ^^^ m*At '_|^ In works.
I l e will remedy the deftot no pht itui e6 A'ib works.
Benefit Per ormance At ENG AVING
SHe is an artist in this line and cn tmru out,ir fancy styles of rib.
bon-fhce hnd other engraving, or Roman or Old ~islish lettering. Also
AN I R 0DT( fine two or three-letter monograms. Tbisaork is doxe op the premise..
TVI I XTr IVT rX T'"1-.kT1MA 11n0T'hTf-4

Five fine reels of lliovilg pic-
tures w-ilt,bc. shliw; sttbjtects to
int(roest all, l. Entire procC

will b d.oiaterl to tLhe storn;
sufforctrs. Counm otit" those
wli canl, i.jby yoSn'selve anld
also help the poor.


Hunt up your old jewelry. Perhapsyou lra ie Mp- helrloom, or oth-
er treasured piece f jewelry that can be made seivloei*l aid to look as
new. Our jeweler Is ,pable of repairl ng or iurtitubfog broken parts.
We dou'b send your work away, but repair It rlght before or eyes if

We wish to inform the pulll
equipped with the latest tools oid
advertise, and we Invite one and a
up.to-date establishment are at rot
s tent with the quality of work w

Th `r
The Bzaar
.' *y ^ '

- II I I 1 I I I I ..



CAPITAL' $10,000
SURPLUS $38,000
eposltory for t II Uied Staes
Stts of MForMi, outyof Mosrom uid
tY of K!y WIe -
GEO. W. ALLEN, President
G. BOW NEATTERSON, Vice-president
RICHIARD H. KEMP, Asst. Cashier


Was your house blow off the the pillars?
Send for me
I am prepared to raise and repair damaged
Houses on short notice

)D B. Walker, Contractor


We do not wish to have you think that Drugs and Medi-
cines change as do the fashions, but the change of Seasons
brings the need for entirely different things from the Drug.
store., For every change and every need we are well supplied
as our long experience In the drug burieas n. this section
serves us well in keeping our sto fi "'. ..... i 4u ndct
that you may have that cannot bekup'lied instantly from our
stock. *
Depend on us for Your Drug Needs.

Phone 40 Simonton & Fleming Sts.

We wish to announce to our ihany patrons and friends that although we.
sufireed ulmch damage to our stock from rtfonday's storm we are still in busi.
ness and offering the usual bargains customary of this store. We will make
an announcement soon that will greatly lterest you all.
004 Duval St. Phone 2361
- ft r __1- -, I


Talcum Powder
Four reasons for the rapidly
growing popularity of Wil-
laams' Talcum Powder.
1. The finest Talc the world
2. Tbe sweetest, quaintiest

SMost artistic boxes.
4. e Hinged Top that prevents
sticking,leking and loss of perfume.

Chas. B.Fgarty & Co.
. I I I l i I

c that our new Adppartmnt i.s i tL F IIIED, HOIM
appliloes to 'xebalu the work tlat : U F U I HweO
l to s k]. services of0n a thlng of Beauty and a joy forever. A well furlshed.meas
ur oomwindsc' and our prdes will Ibe oIfi, a ply home, How about your home? Would you like to make I mor
e turn 6t. o' "hb oomA~bble ai4 6cosy? Ifyou are not able to'pai:o.h we ,willu adlyou by
allowing you(to make weekly or monthly payments.
TAf a n Ai arle,'see'uu about this matter:
. .Key West Furniture Co.
o oDuv SIt. 7O0 W TUALST P HONE 319L
* .''.' 1 '" : *l 't "'' , ; ,,, ' ,, A 7 . ,,, : ' .


1 .I''s"




r." .--- -,'f. .


- ---. ..-

433 Front St. Key West. Fla

Editor and Manager.

Entered as secoald.clas mlltter, Sep.-
tomber 6th., 1909, at tih Post office
at Key West, Fla., under the Act of'
March 3, 1879.

One Year S5.00
Six Monthas 2.50
Three Months 1.25
3ne Week 10

All slubslcriptions payable in ad-
vunce, except weekly subscriptions
whiCh are 'payable to carrier evely
Saturday morning.

All copy for advertisements must
be in this'office by 3 p. m of day be-
fore publication.

If your paper does A
not reach you regu-. /
larly, wo will esteei
it a fvor if you will I
call us up, phone 2892
and notify us.

Tampa is responding to our appeal
for aid generously. The City Coun-
cil of Tampa has made a liberal ap-
propriation and the County Cotm-
missioners of Hiillsboraugh County
have done! likewise. All over the
city of Tampa funds are being raised
to relieve the sufferers here, It is
very gratifying to our people to see
our neighboring city and competitor
respond so nobly now that we are(inl
such a distressing condition, Tani-
pa has put everything else belimiii
her and is extending a helping hiand
to her stricken neighbor,
The Key WVst Ltation i,
certainly done splendid work since
the storm. Last night the lowi r
section of the city was lighted and
cars were running entirely around dli
circuit. This was accomplished only
by the most strenuous work, and the
management deserves credit for the
great work that has been done.
A member of the City Council ol
Tampa at the meeting called to ren-
der aid to tle sufferers of Key West.
arose and snail, "We must send thost
people Ten Thousand Dollars at once.'
That's the Tampa spirit.

Damaged Stock,
A part of ourt imnuense
stock of cotton and dress
goods, embroideries and
shoes wis dinIt n lllgd slightly
by the hurriicaim, so in ,i',l-
er to clear out stock of thenl
we will ollr thle entire lotl
at a big reduction in prices
until they are all gone. The
damage to these items is only
slight, but since they do not.
look as good as new we can-
not sell them as such. If'
you are searclhiig fo' real
bargIilns conie ill our store
and look them over.

Mrs. A. Davis,

Corner Fleming & Margaret Streets.


To the one holding the highest
number of votes on New Year's
Eve at 11 p. m. Votes given with
every purchase from 25c up.
The rights are given to any
man of any nationality to enter the1
contest for this valuable prize.
J. Leibovit, 128 Duval St.



Passenger or Tow Boat

Hull, length overall 75 ft. Engines triple expan-
sion. Beam, 12 feet. Roberts Tube Boiler
Draft 4 feet

The greatest bargain in this part of the Country.
For further particulars inquire for

Capt Hugh Goldie or S. M. Burnham,

Hotel Jefferson



Lucigani has a line of confeutionery that can't be beaten any-
where. His Ice Cream in acknowledged to be superior to amy
in the city. You're Looking for

FREDONIA, N. Y. .......
Manufaolurers of Pure Native Wine and Unfr- D D A THii
monfed 1ape Julelo ALL MADE FROM O O
CHOICE GRAPES. Annual output 200, -DENTALSUR61OR--
000 gallons.
We are wine makers and grow Phone 3542
large quantities of grapes in our Cor. Simonton and Caroline Sta
vineyards, which are all made KEY WEST, F.A
into pure genuine wines. Our
grapes are mostly Concord grapes,
which we make into wine for fam- Dr K en
ily uses and is called Concord D ..I.D endrick
Claret Wine. You know there
is nothing more healthfulto take DENTIST'
than pure wine at meal tir e GOLD GROWN & BRIDGE WORK
The barrels hold from forty-e'" ht A Specialty.
to fifty gallons and are only $18 Office Hours: 8,30 to 1 2.30 to 5.00
a barrel F. 0. B. cars, Fredo. 'a,r to's to
N. Y Office over Otto's Drug Store.
Parties desiring a barrel of this wine Phone Xo. 2902
will please notify or drop a card to A.
PASTORINI, our Key West repre -
sentatve, Ile will notify us and we OR J. 6, C PB U
will send you a barrel at C'.O. D. tcrn AMP LL
Any quantity suol, I'roull oe lbau'ul u. SU

Rids House of

Mae(ic Hoodoo Ant Paper 1Oc.
Magic Hoodoo Ant Killer 25c
Magic Hoodoo Ant Tape lOc.

Key West Drug Company


SWe received a telegram yesterday m
from our old and reliable piano tuner, P h a macst
Prof. D). S. Butner, stating that hulie
would leave at once for Key West,
and would arrive here next Sunday. Cor. White & Division St.
Parties who had their pianos and Phone 210 Key West, Fla.
organs damaged by the recent storm. _____
can have them put in first class coln-
dition by an expert at a medium Notice,
price. Leave orders at John L. We will appreciate any news items
Stowers, Music House, 426 Duval
Stoker. Music Houe, 4 Dul which any'of our readers will tele-
Street, corner Flemin i Street,
Street phone us. Or, if we are notified by
FORB tNT.-6 room 'cottage with telephone, someone from this office
bath. Beautifully furnished, includ- will go to any part of the city to re-
ing piano. Apply to E. 0. Shultz, polt anything which may be going
716 Duval Street. on.

Bold, Crown, Bridge Ia Pltel Wea n a 8poiall
OFFICE 8 to 13 A. M. 'og. B -u,
HOURS 1 to PM. M s 1smlah s
Phone-3892 Key West.. FlA .
-. -- .-,-,- i-
oFFICECorner Duval and Flemlng Sts.
HOURS a to 13 a. $ to 6 p. M .
Phone 332.
Special attention to d eaee of Wom-
en, Nervous Disorders and all kinds
of Electrical Treatment.

Notary Public
Real Estate and Mortpge Loaut,
Offoie Hours: ,...,ae, soafis p
Office-Cor. Simonton and Eaton St,

L. A. Greaux
E.TABsLtrroll18T2 .
Fine r.pait.- to l .acte waters
aan Iwtlr. .... .
Work doae pleoptly and wita
satisfaction. .t

You have all heard about the die-
obverv recently which awoke the
world. The honor for this discovery
i in dispute. Well, we have male
another startling discovery which will
awake Key West' and there'll be no
dispute. We have disc vered that
we have an excess of stock, and to
make room for our Fall good we
have inaugurated this "NORTH
POLE SALE," which commences
tis morning, lasting a week, Note
our low prices below. Entire stock
.at proportionately low prices:
Embroidery, Swiss, very flue quality,
regular 250 yd at.---------.--- 10 yd

Applique trimmings, regular 200 yd
-.......-.................... leoyd
.1 -**....... -- --------- --
Cluny lace and Insertions, cost 20e yd
to go at-...-------.--.-----------... yd
Filet lace and insertion, the regular 15c
-qeallty for---------------------...........Do..o yd
Fine Val. lace and insertlons, So goods,
special at 2 yds' for.----..--------- .--
P- gee, all colors, 30o quality, to go
Sat this sale for.----------....-----20 yd
Brilllantile, all colors, 750 quality,
special at-------- -----------le 'yd
Panama cloth, 5s inchlas wide, blank
and navy blue, all wool, $1.5o viltla,
Sppoeal at.------.. --------------n)0c yd
Panama cloth, 36t lcihu wide, black
ad pavy blue, the regular 75c (quality,
tobe sold at...--...-------... ...4- e yd
S o.--------------_.... -...._. .
1S V'olle, all colors, our regular 30c( qual Ity
yov?r for.--------------------2..... .. yd
I dikA' blauk p atqut pumps, for .tllshi
ms, the regular'~' kind, t6 go t~t.3li
S dl.es' black oxfords, many shalpes
Isad leathers to show you. The 02

quality to be sold at-..----..---1.25 Ipr
FlPhnel Blankets, new stock Just re-
dpived, Size 10-4, regular 1v value, to
be sold fr--.........------.....-----55 ec
Comforts to make you warm tills win-
ter, ,Our stock is now; buy now and
save money. They will be sold
during this sale at...---.------... each
fien's working shirts, blue, all sizes ,
well made, tha.75J kind for.--.. 43c (ich
*:'^ ----.----- .. _--..
Men's elastic seam drawers, finest (qtul-
Ity, they sell regularly for 50o we re-
dueo them during tils sale to...39c pair
jl)n's fleeced lined uindershirts and
underpants, they are worth 75c each,
but we are going to sell them during
this saleat..----.... ...---.----44 each
Prepare now for the winter
'UIdtl's suits, regular $6 value to go
at./^:.... .... .......---- ...-- 2.8.s
"Fatsy Maon's dress suilt, $12 values, we
will sell at..----.------.------- --....9

kmn'a fine cashmere suits, wesell then
regularly $16, but we must let them
Men's tallor.nmade silts, navy l.lut
serge, excellent values at (15. Let I1H
fit you with one at..-------------$ t)n
Boys' sults, a large assortment of pat-
tdwi and colors to select from. Values
as Irigh as 64 and (5, to go at-......2.25
1,00l pairs of Boys' knee paInt, will
glve good wear, to be sold at 15o per
pair. We need the room.
Children's shoes and slippers, our en-
tire large stock of elegant styles antl
shape* to go at bargain prices.
Mettas' buys' shoes at regularly reduced
Everythibt marked plainly. You
save from 20 to 50 per cent by buy.

tng in

Come in and see for



706 Duval St. '

Wm. Curry's Sons' Co.




To Be Given Away Pole



Cable Address "Curry, Key West."

NO. 611 FRONT ST.,


Corner Greece & Elizabeth Streets.j
Coipmiulon Merchant, Marine Ralway, Shingles a4d Lu .,



Split Duck Sails a Specialty. O. S. CLIFTON, Agent
205 Whitehead St. Key;West, Fb


The Iver Johnson

Truss Frame

We sell it, "Come and see it,
Unequalled for service.
Unst passed 'ar quality,
95 years on the market.
Backed by reputation ain capital
rTh "ame IVER JOHNSOI for
J.IABJIUT-Y 5L S.flt. .
If you want .an fl< min, ( Cycle at an
I l.iteat Price. we ba It

B iccle Supplies and Bicycle Sundries
A full line of Rambler Bicycles,
in our Store

422 GREEN St. -:- -:- PHONE 1603.
7"-- ---T--'_ 1 i ( r, t


Real Estate Insurance Loans
'- .
City and County Property$

Estates Managed

Collections Made
Key West, Fla., 124 DuvalSt.
Offices: ,
Miami, Fla., First Nat'l Bqak Bldg.
PHONE 323,.

Best Goods

Lowest Prices

Finest Fabrics

Latest Patterns
We gua l.i tee to please you in
every respect.
Give us a call.
Jakes Tradng Poalce



For anything you need. !:. ioib
way ofgrooelreV. V'e handle tl
rost complete line of staple and fathq
icceries in the city.
We Offer You
Prompt. Service
Courteous Attention
High Class Goods
Reasonable prices


/ IJ

i in AiN3rMtLMhir
12i Siantoa Ot




a- I

I~ ~~____----I~--L- _.---.- -

II --- ' . .

:- --~-~~--' - ----

9 lll I


6 a


:' .?1;



I LLY t" %


Quilt of Howard Little Thought to
Be Established,
Bluefleld, W. Va.-The guilt ot
Howard Little, who was arrested
aldout a week ago, charged with the
murder of "Aunt Betsy" Justls, Geo.
A. Meadows and wife and three chil-
dren, seems now to be 'established
beyond a reasonable doubt.
His wife confessed to having wash-
ed his bloody clothing the day after
the murder, and in her affidavit she
says also that he left their home
about dark on'the night of the mur.
der and returned the next morning
with his clothes all bloody and torn
and said that he would kill her if
she told anything about his condition.
He borrowed a 32-calliber revolver
a few days before the crime was
committed, and returned it on the fol-
lowing Wednesday with two chamb.-
ers empty. The body of George
Meadows was exhumed, and two bul-
lets taken from it by Drs. Richard-
son and White, were almost identi-
cal with the balls taken from shells
belonging to the weapon Little had

Prominent Georgian Numbered With
Those of the Departed.
Eatonton, Ga.-Judge Joseph Bid-
ney Turner died at his home in this
place after a lingering illness of sev-
eral months.
His illness began last winter, when
he underwent a surgflal operation.
From this he never successfully ral-
Judge Turner occupied a number
of positions of trust and Imilortance,
and at the time of his death was
chairman of the Georgia state prison
He was born at Turnwold planta-
tion, December 19, 1801.
His parents were Colonel William
Addison and Louisa Dennid Turner
His father was editor of The Coun.
tryman, the only newspaper ever
published on a farm, and ft was upoyr
this paper that Joel Ch'andler Harris
began his career a.q an apprentke, .
Two Persons Killed and Eight In-
jured, Three Probably Fatally,
Plttsburg, Pa,-Two men Were
killed and eight other passengers se-
riously injred, three of them prob-
ably fatally, in a et car accident
The a Wed. In the fash-
ionable 't of t' e East
- lAd on Negley aven.
nes divli hurg RallW*y
C company. WIo.i. .- 'ta(na Lhih ties
w.a rounding a corner*at ftli rate
of speed one of the axles broke. The
car swerved around and upset, the
dead and injured being caught in the
wr ckaba

,:. ;..c,

All thtp victirms were passengers.
Cotton Crop Condition for'the Month
pf B*ptqrtber.
ew Orleans.-Takilg the cotton
belt as a whole, thbre has been no
marked change, and the change, it
any, has been toward further deterio.
ration, according to the Times-lemo-
' crat's cotton crop bulletin for ; the
month of September.
Continuing the bulletin says:
"The storm of September 20 did
great damage in the districts, which
came within its sweep. Picking has
made rapid progress and there is
generally an abundance of labor for
this purpose. Farmers seem disposed
to sell at current prices, at least
enough to pay their debts, but a con.
siderable part of the crop is likely to
be held for an advance later on. The
boll weevil has wrought havoc in cer.
tain sections, but the Intense heat
minimized the loss from this peat."
S Hosplial For Teoh Sohool.
,Atlanta.-Mrs. Joseph Brown
Whitehead has given the first money
to the building of a hospital at the
Georgia School of Technology. She
has given $5,000, and has the privil-
ege of naming tho building, which
will be called the Joseph Brown
5Whitehead hospital, in niemomy of her
husband, the late Joseph Brown
Whitehead. This gift makes possi-
te the beginning at once of the work
ont the building,
Town Almost Destroyed.
Black Lick, Pa,-Fire resulting
fIom a lamp eipleslon licked up the
greater portion of this town, one ot
the busiest in Indiana county. The
Sflame'd gained such headway 'that dy.
namite had to be used to blow up the
building In the path of the fiaues
to prevent further destruction. A
score of business houses have been
'wiped out. -The.population 'is ,000.
S paysDeath Penalty.
Athens, Oa.--Vill Hawkins, ooloredl
paid the penalty of wife murder tn
the, county jail. The hanging was in
private and was witnessed, by only
a few persons. Hawkifs maintained
an indifferloe to he enad His last
few days were spent in readinI his
Bible. 1.


Justice Gaynor Named For Mayor
of Greater New. York.

Tammany Cohorts Were Se Strong
That They Easily Overrode Oppo-

sition Faction, Headed by
Senator Patrick McCarren.


New York.--Justice William Jay
Gaynor, of the New York state su-
preme court, was nominated for may-
or of Greater New York by the de-
mocratic city convention.
The nomination was made with a
great demonstration of enthusiasm,
and by a unanimous vote. Tammany
had Its own way, which initiates the
democraic campaign for the control
of the city government for the next
four years. Of the 1,679 delegates
represented, Tammany had control,
to all intents and purposes, of almost
the entire representations of the bor-
oughs of Manhattan and the Bronx,
mustering 918 votes,
The Tammany cohorts were so
strong that they overrode with ease
the opposition, faction headed by
State Senator Patrick H. McCarren,
oi Brooklyn, who hoped to secure the
renomination of Comptroller Mets, of
that borough. The convention nonim
inated for this office,, Robert M.
Moore, president of the Commercial
Trust company, the Tammany selec-
In the mayoralty fight, Justice Gay-
nor's chief opponent will fe% Otto T.
Bannard, president of the New York
Trust company, who was nominated
by the republicans a few days ago,
and who has some assurances of sup-
port from the fusionists. There yet
remains the possibility that the Inde.
pendence League will make the con.
test a triangular one by naming a
separate ticket.
The platform adopted by the demo.
cratic convention dealt broadly with
national, state and municipal ques.
tons, denouncing the recent terti
fegfsiation, and objecting to any leg-
islative interference th local affairs
by the state legislature.
All Madrid Celebrating Occupation of
Mt. 'Gurugu,
Madrid,-The main stronghold ol
the Moors was captured by the Span.
ish troops when Mount Gurugu was
successfully stormed by General Ma.
rina's army, according to dispatches
from Melilla.
"the Spanish standard novo )floats
from the top of teae mountain falr s
nesses, from which the Spanish
troops had been so long harassed and
which the Rift tribesmen had come
to believe to be invulnerable. The
Spanish losses in the engagement
are reported as insignificant, while
the Moors are said to have lost heav-
Ily and to have been completely
Madrid is preparing to celebrate
the victory, which Is considered to
have Virtuaily ended the war.
eoore Make Desperate Assault.
.adrid.-A dispatch from Melllls
says that the Moors made a desper
ate attack on the Spanish force which
drove the tribesmen from their
stronghold on Mount Gurugu in a final
effort tq save their forces from rout
The Spanish troops were in read.
ness, however, and the Moors were
repulsed with the loss of but two
Prominent Democrats Attend 8lver
Wedding Anniversary.
New York.-Many prominent demo.
crate in the east received invitations
to attend the silver wedding anniver,
sary of Mr. and Mrs. William Jen.
nings Bryan at IAnols. UpOn the
Invitations were engraved the words,
"No presents."

I hereby announce my candidAoy fb
Mayor, and respectfully solicit the sup
port of all voters In the coming eleo-
tion. During my dmiulistrAtlon i(of
four years as Chairman of the C J('
Finance Committee I have served the
city faithfully and without compenaa-
tlon, Voters will please take thil into
If elected I promise to oonduot'thim
office as It should, and promtre..that
there will be no regrets to those who
support me. Peter T. Knight.

I desire to announce that I am a
candidate for re- election to the oftfie
of City Tax Assesor, i.nd to solicit
1he support of friends and brother
townsmen in the coming election,
If re-elected I promise tofaithully ex
eoute the duties of this office as I
have in the past, during whioh time
my efforts have aided materially to.
ward bringing the city from a scrip
to a cash basis. My books have been
acknowledged by members of the
council to be Ihe most complete and
accurate ihe city has bad in years,
and I invite all to make an inspect.
tion of them in the City Hall,
William M. Pinder

I wish to announce that I am a
candidate for the office ot City Mar
hal at the coming city election, and
solicit the support of all voters, assur.
ing them that If elected I will per
form the duties without fear or favoi
and to the best of my ability.

Chief of Police .:
I would respectfully inform all my
friends and fellow citizens that I am
candidate for re-election to the offmee of
Chief of Police, and to assure them that
their support in the coming election
will h'e aj))rI'chited. If re-elected I
promise you all the seolame satisatct-
ion with which I have conducted this
office during the past four years.
Whitmore J. Gardner.


I hereby wish to announce spy andle'
dlacy In the coming election for the
office of Councilman at Large. My Irt*
vious service In municipal offices and
a life-time residence In this city quanli
fles me for the office which I seek, an
I respletfully ask the support of on
and all of my fellow citizens whodesti
a representative to serte -the"rri
lerests in a businesslike and satlidfko
tory manner,
W. 0. Kemp
To m y friends.and the voting people
of Key West in general, I wish to bring
before their notice my candidacy fbr
the office of Catain of Police in the
coming City Election. My service of
nearly three years in the Police Dept.
of this city, and a three months
occupancy by appointment of the office
lor which I am now aspiring, makes me
thoroughly conversant with the laws
and duties relating there to, and I
sincerely ask the support of all the
voters who desire this office filled by a
fearless, zealous and capable man. It'
will be appreciated if your vote on Nov.
9th is polled for me.

I beg to announce to the public in
general that I am a. candidate for
the office of City Clerk, at the next city
election, and respectfully solicit the
support of all my friends. I consider
myself capable In every respect to fill
this position, and if elected I promise
to use every means in my power to'
further the interests of the city to the
best of my ability.
T was formerly bookkeeper of the Mar-,
tinez-Hav&na Co.. from 1902 to 1908.
Jose PiJol, Jr,

hor-cplaln of P0lie.
I desire all my friends aid the voting

public to know that I am aoandidate in
Plot Against King Peter's Life? the coming election for the office of
'Vienna.-A plot against the life of Cptain of Police, and hereby respect-
Kin Peter of ervia, in which many fully olicit their support at the polls.
King Peter, I have once previously served the Pc-
army oficees were concerned, and lice Departn'"ut of Key West, having
Paving for Tts ultimate object the re- been an officer for over ten moliths,
moval of the present dynasty and the during which time my service was of
placing of a British prince upon the such satisfhetlon as to elicit the unsoll-
throne, has been discovered, accord., itedl commendation of the Mayor. 1
S r t reelved haere am in this raoo to Mfil the office ear-
ng to reports received her. lussly, conscientiously and lnipartially
if elected, and would appreciate all oa-
Dying Man Fought Friends, sideration given me
Chattanooga, Tenn.-A! telephone Bespectfully,
messagefrom Rising Pawn, Ga. Benjamin Carey,
states that Dr. B. P.Nicholson, of Captain Ben,"
Valley Head, has been poisoned by 1;I i,
taking a spoonfutlof poison by mis- FOR CITY SEXTON
take for cough syrup. He died in To the Voters of Key West.
terrible agony. He fought all within Feeling that a close application to
his reach like a madman. He was the duties of Sexton of the cemetery
74 years o. entitles me to the oonsideration of te
74 year old. nnnin. T e ain nfflr mms.lrnu snadll

Was Friend to Jhnson.
Nashville.-News reached here
of the death at Shelbyville of Jos-
eph H. Thompson, one of the closest
friends and advisers of President
Johnson during the famous impeach.
-0-6 6.0 i--Jt m"An was ily lRPS

meul triaI. I uuumpson w a 77 years
old and was formerly consul to the
Island of t. Thomas.

Typos Pavor Sanitarram. effre Will eight.
Atlanta.-A tthe reguIl monthly Psris.-Aoeordlng to -Auto, a sport.
.iMtpng of tlh Atlanta Typoegaphi- lag newspaper, James J. Jeffries ha
ea) Union, No. 48, reolutioslls were made the aouuoement that he will
pass l ind0osing the e tabUihBllht probably fiht Jack Johnson for the
of a tubereulosi, esaitarltti I heavyweight championship on April
Atlantas *0 ,or 3 at Ian Francisco.
AUr~r '8

date for re-election. f oIti Yo U'iMy
past record as a guarantee for the alth-l
rul performance of my duties if I am
re-elected, I
Thanking you and hoping you will'
give me your support on the 9th of No-
enmber, as you have.in the past, amn,
Yours repeotfully, ,
-- *_ ______1

For City


Gco. L. 3Babcoc
b *

I .!,
,. .. .
!- 1...
':: .I. :~ !~
~" I
r; ~:LP


Brings The Mornin

you every morning with

is of the night before.

ted on all local matters is

ore than this.
The business M in can keep in close touch with business affi
ual every moi'ling.

41 you rm' interested in the Social Life of the city, The Joutr
.all social events.

The Journal's Sporting News is the most complete in South Flo
' Every member ofthe family will find something interesting an|
i4us of The Morning Journal.


Telephone us your subscri




PHONE 2892.

( -

Factory No. 78

makers Favorite



0 i

433 FI

^._I'^l --L-L .L ri -S
A general election for the election four,
of the officers provided to be elected Th
by the electors of the City,of Key of t
West shall be held on the seogd to 0
Tuesday after the first Monday in folldo
November, 1909, to wit November,9th, e iy
1909. Each ward shall constitute an Tb
election district. ofth<
Every male person of the age of to OC
twenty one years residing in this city follow
at the time of the holding of said city teen,
election, and who'shall have resided een,
and had his habitation, domicile, home port
and permanent place of abode therein the 0
for aix months and possess all the Th
qualifications of lan election prescribed in
by the ('onstil ution and laws of Florli the
da, and who shall have paid his poll City
tax for the year in which said city T
election is held at least twenty days to
previous to said election, and who has A
been duly registered by the City Reg.-
istration Officer, shall be deemed a Wa
qualified elector, authorized to vote at
said city election,' Provided, that W
those male persons who by reason of
infancy were not properly subject to W
an assessment of a poll tax and are 0
twenty one years of age and possess Wa
the other qualifications shall also be 0
qualified electors at said city eleo W
tion; 1Providle, further that the pay.-
nmeIt o'f I State poll tax shall be
: prereqiu:i''; for voting at a city
(:e( tioin Us loinf as it is a perequilite aM
tlor votin g llt a State oleotion.
The City of Key West is divided
Into six wards, known and rdesisi;,c
as the First, Se-cOnd, lThird, Fourtiih,
Fifth nnd Sixili Wurds. rTle lirst
Wani is all that portion of the Uity
of Key West, according to Chas. W.
'Tft's map, within the following ter.
ritory, viz. Squares one, two, three,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten elev.- w
en, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, liAeen,.
'eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty. su
one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twoa.
ty-fottr and twenty-five,
The Second Ward sl all ihat por. pu
tion of the City of Keg West, oord. p
ing to Clhu. W. Tift's' map, within
the following territory, via. Square
thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three,
thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six,
thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine,
forty, forty-four, fobty-flve, forty-six,
forty-seven, forty-eiRht, forty-nine,
lftv ahd fifty-one.
The Third Ward is all that portion
of the City of Key West, according
to'Chai, W. Til's mapn within the
following territory, vis, quareA'fit.y-
two. fifty-five, fifty six,. fftlyeven,
fifty-eiRht, ftly-nuine, alxty, 111Ztyone;
sixty-tqe, sixty.three aL4 sixty-four.
The Foufth Ward Ill that portion
ot' th 'ity-oftKey Wetw aooording

.' .. *; ', ,
', ,


I _ __

~"I "~" "`








Bott returned honme
hq Olivette...
).-.A 'ood, sound. gen-
.). B. Walker, Eaton St.
ece Parks returned home
pa yesterday, a passenger
-A bunch of keys with the
name on key ring. Finder
return to this office. 8t

' here see Leibovit's ad.

on page

I E. Wood, G. P. Burke, H. O,
iols, J. G. Thompson and M.
impson, were arrivals oh the 011-
tb from Tampa yesterday.
We still have' a large stock of Sash,
)oors and Blinds, Mouldings and
iluilders' Hardware on hand which
we will sell cheap. Hurricane prices
Sto hurry them off. Gulf City Furni-
iture Co.' tf.
Charles Davi, of S. R. Davis &
.e Son, was a passenger from Tatmpa b
.e the Olivete yesterday. Mr. Davis'
tl has been spending a pleasant two
of Weeks in Jacksonville, an .returns tq
get his store in shape for'an active
winter business,
The Qstermoor Felt Mattress has.
proven that rain and hurricanes do
not affect it. One day in the sun af-
ter the storm and they wdee alright
For sale here exclusively by Gulf City
Furniture Co. t-f
Surgeon. E K. Sprague acomon
pnnied by his.1amily were arrivals on
the Olivette yesterday. Mr. Sprague
is in charge of the local U. S. Ma.
rine Hospital, and has just returned
from a two month's .vacation spent in
New York City, bringing his family
Here for the winter,
LOST-.Ladies gold watch, also
set; Finder will be rewarded by re.
turning toWm. Curry's Sons Co. 3t
Capt. Hugh Goldie, of the sohoon.
or Florida, informs us that theFlori.
la has ben found about one and one
alf miles From the fort in the south.
"'tst channel sunk in 80. feet of water,
S a total wreck. Only the spars,
1t1ils and running gear cat be ,saved,
The schooner.BragaBPN, belonging t0o
sheA. Granady Co., of Key West,
mud is sunk in the southwest channel
bout 150', yards from the Florida.
'oth of these schooners are danger.
"s to navr ition. and should be re.
fit performance At San Carlos. Five
fine reels of 'moving pictures will,be
Phown;'subjeots to interest all, En.
i proceeds will be donated to the
rtormn ufferers. Come out, thoFe
w0ho can, enjoy yourselves and alro
help the poor.
List of unclahned advertised letter
in the P.0.. at Key West,. I

Persons asking for these Ii
:.mase say Advertise.,
Aala, ires A -
Alfonso, marie
Arange, nosa
Buleno, Angelo
Bethea, P. o.
Srown, Hintou
ciseoe Ann Maria
clang John
chandler, v. D.
Puanlt, P. A. MP.
Bspin, caridad
ereen, Alice
oues, Mary
QoulQxaes Madgit na
njl1t, Jeunings.
eugihlin, a. U. +
Smerri, Kimmel
otders, ur.
porter iettie L.
St'lland, aobert,
stoms, carlton
st'riop, r onard, J.
sElqurt' 'pdre
tlrateT,,Bab b
will ., A,

th Oli.v .,

.i ", ', 1

letters *11i


Now open iIO
for your inspection

TH .

Lbotll 128 Duvait

Perhaps you're only, partially in.
sur el. Look' it up and il' so et me
"covbr" you In fill.
Il 1 I 1... .

': 43 dhe Leading Bramud',
125 Duval St.

.ir ) W5TAUBMrTD 9oo0
The 'Sew York -. CHMAKE.R&,J WELE&I
TLAM nDZ frArna Wil' ttEnd to your wants in cln.
A .r w r. ngt9t h ,clocks, and repal g
A POr S T iWJ ORWf w l. n .. we Complicated watth
tfI t Class Work. 39 ,.Ploie )1 w2*otk ,e alty.
Y,: ,. lt*1 '.^" 216Duval St. ,

Milinefyr :.+'.


Will take


/ Monday


1 8th atO


1.1it Avd RI ThA ~ 1nrm



But Bot Knocked, Out
;' ".. + :. . ,I ,

from our show case always blingi itl~. I
iraies. With' jewelry to your taste,.
oontentment Is assured vod as wel"
as adornment.
applies to watches we showaO wall as
to, rings, brooches, brmilets' and pins.
It'd money well hivtetesd buying Jew.'
elry of the highly aradb we oiibr and
at our prices. It. don't deptl eoate 2
but retinrs its value. Eiatninte our
collection before mrchasisui.N
We carry, e' them:ost cm e
line in the ty aqd also every .
else in the WeVI line you tat
you may desire. ,
!' ... ,..', . I' ._-

Our EnXFgavin' Dtpartenut is uiurivaled. We have
one of1i4, ,lot expert engravers in the country, as
more .thitu '00 satisfied oustomors will testify.
Enameled Cilatelaine watches, value $7, now $4.80
25 gepnuil diamond things; value $1950 now $10.50
Solidkgol'd ittot rings from $2.25 upwards
,4S0 a gii 14k bracelets ,

'1 '.1."

* ~ r ."

4'nt i~ 4Vsoteb~
;L' ''t


Immediately after thie hurricane we made no pululio statement--as it
wis possible to sayjust when service could be resumed-but simply\made
ii:, resolution namely, to spare no pains or expense to resume operations at
the earliest possible moment, With this end in view we put every available
man at work immediately cleaning up our lines, Not only all our regular
force, including linemen, trainmen, power station men, and office fooe took,
liold with a will, but a large number of extra men volunteered for employ.
met, .
It Is due to the heroic and unselfish work of every one of these men
that we were able yesterday morning to resume the operation of ears on the
3antire loop, and also, last night, to Arnirh .lights for the streets and the
business houses in the downtown district. We take this occasion to thank
these meu publicly for their unselfish work in our behalf.
Tonightwe expect to furnish current for street lights and stores through.
out the entire length of Du.vl St:, and some adjacent territory, The re
Inahlder of our customers will be given service just tis rapidly as possible du.
ring the next few days, We ask these customers to be patient, and to re-
member that each of'our six lighting circuits must be cleared up separately,
Ind that thoie circuits serving the greatest number of customers and those
easiest to clear up, must be taken first. The work has been expedited to-
day by the arrival of an additional force of linemen, metermen and oarpen.
ters loaned by the Tampa s electric Co.

The Key West Electric Co.



Instead of cloning out the
balance of my stock to ,a
merchant in town, as I had
intended, I wish to 'advise
those wlo have requested
pme to continue my sale, and
the public in general, that
I have moved my clothing
and furnishing goods to the
second floor of the building
and-will continue my sale
at the great reductions I.
have been selling the last
tean days until every article
is sold.
I' still have a large stock
to select from, so come and
take aidvan tage of this great
salb while you can,,

* A . ,

122 Duval:St.:

We always have

a fresh supply of

rwits Prenium hams.'.
,4wirls Silver Leaf lard,
iwilts Birookflold butter, in cartoons.
Cream ofWhet;, 10o pkg.
IPreto flour, 15o pkg.
White b rn meal,. 1S pkg.,
IPeter "oper's gelatne, 1lO0 pkg.
mjiiertd's baking powder, lb. 80,
%.bob applde-oldeer vinegar, 15o0 qt.
ITlawkeye rolled'oats, loo dk.
'i ]ttlbrIdge 0bieu, Ib. oane '2o.
r4yal Palm coffee, ib. oan 8s6.-
?Petrl alla tea, 10 to 20o pkgs.
F'rttt pudile, lOopkg.


6S IOval St Phon' 3752

FoR SBx ,IA.oe.-t lots. one 54
.A, by 119 deep on county ird. ; The
other joins this ia rear, s a corner lot
65 by 104 1-4,,loaoted .between Rlty
Lope, Factory and aIi ana Anlae,.
uan Factory. For ipartjtitrjani.
prioe ms E. Q. 8hlt ?T1t ODvai.St

: '.4 ;-- *:. ,
.. -' ." ,.. .

-*. :
... .:~

F. A.MOs$

VaIl qud,Wijts4 CxI tM f I
a*r~.s1t~kx theis., CLeeIWIDgS p i
Ir sr

'"" :3 2'.' ,'"~'. 1
e~ \* '~#'~

Our line .bBohetnian Ware s, the mos attractive
line of articles for. Chrisntas, Birthday and Woed
'ding preen~sn in'thl mi4t. 'lt :I I

--- ~1 7 -~ ---



- -----

rr9 .


. I

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