Group Title: The Key West over-sea Sunday star.
Title: he Key West over-sea Sunday star.
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Title: he Key West over-sea Sunday star.
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Monroe County Print. Co., 1929-
Publisher: Monroe County Print. Co., 1929-
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: April 12, 1936
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
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No. 41.





Approval of Florida's Ohl Age
As.eitance Plan, conditional upon
the necessary fund. being mnde
available by each of the 07 coun-
(its, was annlounc'd by Conrad
an Hyning, coilnmilhionter of So-
clal Welfare, on his return from
Florida's plan was presented
i-fornally to the Social Security
Board recently. All administra-
tive and legal, points had been set-
tled prior to the ilmeetting by Mr.
Van llyninh', As distant Attorney
General J. V. Ke' n and Attorney
W. O. Anderson. who were in
conference with the legal staff.
Outside of the leal points, the
most important consideration,
and the one which Irave the staff
of the Social Security Board the
most concern, was the question
of whether sufficient money could
be provided to place the plan in
operation in all of the counties
on n uniform basis. The Social Se-
curity Board requires, according
to Mr. Van Ilyiinir. that pitersons
who are equally in neeiid shall be
taken care of and that there be
no discrimination between per-
sons equally in need.
The plan will be presented for-
mally after the State Board has
secured the nl'ces"sary funds anut
coiplidl with the conditions
nlrcery' v tN \,\I\N\ Formal approv-
cl. It will not be possible to put
the plan in operation before July
first in view of the time neces-
sary to meet with each of the (7
Boards of County Commnis'-ionors
to explain to them in detail the
method of operntiorn, the finan-
cial problems, and the problems
involved in the selection of eligible
Because of the limited funds
that will le available the commis-
sioner believes that the State
Board will find it necessary to
raise the age for eligibility to 70
gible persons to approximately
A,0OU. The' age limit may be re-
duced by action of the State
Board provided efun's are avail-
able to include the elirbile persons
in the nge groui between (5 and
70. The National Security Act
Permits states to require an age
of 70 up to .Tlliluary 1940.
It is possible, NIu (i'iling to the
commissioner, thr.t the age limit
might bt, reduced to 65.


Beginning Monday morning
there will be but one ferry, the
Key West, on the run between
No Name Key and Matecumbe.
This schedule is expected to last
but a brief time.
Ferry Floridai Keys. Captain C.
P. Albury. is to le taken out of
commission several days. The
vessel will heave N\ N ame Key to-
night, arrive lMonday morning
and at once go ill drydock.
Necessity for this drydocking
operation was brought about by
damages, it is said, received at a
point between Upl)per and LowerI
Matecumbe known as Bowlegs
Channel where the wlat'er is very
low at ebh tide.
During the several days the
schedule is enforcellv in effect,
the ferry will have No Name Key
at 7 o'clock in the morning m an
begin the return from Mate-
cumbe at I o'clock ( in order to
complete a round trip each lday.


Sponge sales Wednesday at
the municipal dock were the live-
liest in many weeks, it was said
by buyers. Some of the lots
* brought what is considered good
prices. Total sales amounted to
approximately $4,000.
There were three bidders, mak-
ing purchases. Victor Moffat,
Milton Russell and Leon Carey, the
latter buying for the American
Sponge and Chamois company.
Mr. Moffat's purchases amount-
ed to about $1,981; those of Mr.

Russell's totalled approximately
$721 and of Mr. Carey's, $1,
The highest price paid for a
lot was $752, Mr. Moffatt, who
also paid $751 for another lot,
Mr. Carey's highest purchase was
for $675 and IM), Russell paid
$441.70 for a lot.
As far as can ie learned the
catch of Captain Julius Pinder
sold for the highest price com-

__eg ode co @@* 000I O *

Clergymen Should Be Concerned PUBLIC SAFETY CandidateFor Governor
*i. L -..-............... .......*
With Economic Social And o tAll Editor '
Due to the fact that there li

International Questions no law in our state requirin g
animal drawn vehicles to carry a
By DR. EDMUND B. CHAFFEE light when driving on the high.
EDITOR'S NOTE: The to the humblest. The early Chris.
views expressed in this col- tlan community founded after his ways after sundown so motorist
umn are the personal opin. dehth was seeking to build a new cn see them, there were 21 lives
ions of the writer and do not social order. This was why Rome '
necessarily represent the feared it and persecuted it. Jesus lost during the past two years.
viewpoint of this paper or any taught respect for human person- Such vehicle usually cary
other agency, ality, every human personality. uch vehicle us y cry
lie taught love, love for all, gous from three to five persons and
There is strong opposition in and bad. during the past two years over 500
some quarters against clergymen It is because the primary task persons have been injured in.
saying anything on living issues. of Christians is to build a now evolving animal drawn vehicles on
It is held improper for them to worll founded upon love an the highways after sundown with-
concern themselves with econom- Oervlce that Christiati clergymen the highw ys after undown wh-
ic, social and international ques- must cesaelessly proclaim these Iut can be removeThiss on hzard
tions. This is called "preaching ideals. No is it enough for t hihwa if the cities throughout
politics" and Protestant, Catholic to preach these ideals in general, highways if the cities throughout
and Jewvish clergymen are con I als unrelated to concrete issues the state will pass such an orid,
and Jewish clergymen 'are con- I ., 1 1.
stantly censured for indulging in are meaningless They must dance as I have outlined.
it. In the minds of such critics seek always to hold before men The uniform tranfic act that
religion is first and last "other- the long time goal of the King- ue hop to get the next lude isl ord-DAN CAPPE
worldliness." (o and proclaim the truth thattu to as il include this ori- Dan Chappell, candidate for
Old Testament Emphaised every issue must be settled in the dance. t governo- of IFlorida, addressed
Social Justice light of it. th you i ur the voters of Monroo county last
Of course, as true Americans Religious Leaders Must passage of this ordinance in your night at the corner of Duval and
we have no desire to depart fromin Speak Fearlessly city the interest of savlming streets rat 8 o'clock.
our traditional policy of the sop- Today more than for decades man lives. Mr. Chappell has a modern
aratino of church and state, but must religious spokesmen speak I foundd truck with powerful ampll-
the idea that religion has nothing fearlessly on issues that r I am e- onl in all gested ordi fc whih assured vefly pon
to io with unemployment, wealth tng fought out In the ecoiornic I anm cnclosing a solggested ordi- flers, which assured every person
to do with unemployment, wealth! ing fought out i the "cnotahane for your city requiring all in hi audience hearing his Intcl-
concentration, crime, housing, war an political. world, The "t o tal ancemal drawn vehicles to carry etn talks.
and all thg other problems which tGaran' satno set up in Itly, lgted ntrl dtn vafterhiles tou c al While his discussion touched
torment us is a dangerous fal-Gerany a Russia with the un- lighted lanten after sundow, as on every phase of gubernatorial
k\Rv. The religion of the Old mistakable drift toward such reg-L measure to make them visible att he particularly stressed
Testament took its rise in a revolt times all over the world, challenge to 'mtorlsts n your city his attitude regarding the con-
of the slaves in the brickyards of our churches as never beftorie., nance to your city 'i ted \u ivesr taxation year.
Egypt. Moses, the lawgiver, Whenever religion is true to it inancto your city attorney ly placed o the shoulders of the
preached a God who had seen the self it gives the message, "We and have him put it tn the proper people of Florida.
sufferingsfor his people nd hall must obey God rather than men." phraseology. Another matter was the
come to deliver them. The basic The trend in present-day civiliza-l tedious routine, impeachment pro-
niessage of the prophets too was tion is to make the state. like an- Su ted S ce Requlr cdin nd lega rquir-
a message of justice between man lent BRome, fiupreme over all, even Animal Drawn Vbhlcles to Car- iments to dislodge dishonest hold-
and ma and group and group. the consciences of men. Church- ry a Lighted Lntern While inrand public officials.
The had little to say about themen have a tremendous stake in the City Limits of These two matters, Mr. Chap-
future life; they talked of justice the fight now being waged to After Sundown. pell said, should be placed in the
e lentyn te h ee ad bring everything under the domin- SEC. All animal drawnhand of the voters. Why this
pace aTn pleny in the Ke and action of the secular state. Even vehicles operating on the streets should be done and how it can be
now. They proclaimed the Kin if they would let "political" ques. of --- at any time from done. he explained from every
(dor of God, a social order in hlf hour after sunset tofrona e
which God's will should be done. tons alone political forces will hf hour after sunset to a half angle during his talk last night.
Rne Tearej norm of I not let them alone. hour before sunrise and at any A number of frilCds who are
E Eea r hriatifor ..... Spokesmen for high ethical re- other time when there is not suf- interested in his campaign came
.The Ne Testament, built up. ligion whether. Protestant, Cath- fi icnt light to rc-ndcr clearly dia over highway ast night.
the w Testai t, built uonolic or Jewish, have far more than cernible such vehicles on the Among the part were Mrs.
the Old. has the same essent i an otherworldly message. They streets at a distance of 500 feet W. D. Sigler. chairman of the
ae. In the oet would not be true to their scrip- ahead, shall be equipped with at League of Democratic Women
the opening chapter, we read that;turcs ulid they not oppose man's least dne lighted lamr or lantern Voters of Dade county; Mrs.
4Jesus came prenobing the d tures did they not oppose man's nelanotern Voters of Dad e county; Xre.
Jesus came lea ng te god ,inhumanity to man wherever they! exhibition a white light visible Iomer Doikson, president of the
news of the Kingdom of God." find t. In season and out of sea- from a distance of 500 feet from Miamin Music Club; Mrs. Carrie
The heart of his teaching was -
heha son they nust seek that 'thy will the rear of the vehicle. diNegro Crowson, a former Key
that men should give themselves be done on earth as it is in heav- SEC. ---- Every person con-. W'ster; Mrs. Dexter Saunders,
to His Kingdom. He condemned en." evicted of a mildemennor for a and Bert Reeves, stto officer of
the lust for money and the lust. e violation of the above section shall the Veterans of Fo eign Wars.
for power, Look for ti e future study of for first conviction thereof be Pthul Iarks, formerly of Key
In his parable of the last judg- the question next week entitled punished by a fine of not more West, arrived yesterday morning
ment he taught that the sheep "RELIGION SHOULD HAVE than than $2.50; for a second such and spent the day visiting many
were to be divided from the FOUR MAIN EFFECTS QN ECOj violation such person shall be friends.
goats on the basis of the helpful NOMIC LIFE" by the Rev. Father punished by a fine of not less than
service which had been rendered R. A. McGowan. $5.00 and imprisonment of not'Fr, DAL LAS PARK
----... ........ -- less than two days FORT DALLAS PARK
A TooSoetaeeo oeSaoofeetoeeeDreeooreooeoLeeIoooee1 Cordially,
1" A State SafetyDirecASHER FRANK.
/ *] A X State Safety Director, WIL BE DEDICATED



see c oeeece eeco ocoaceo omae.050000 oe e om eec ce

_ww--- ww -- -- -
This column Is devoted to
the interests of the Rotary
Club of Key West.' It is at
the service of their board of
director and their Secretary
as their perpetual Club Bul-
letin. Rotarians are invited
to use it and to contribute
articles of interest to RO-

Chicago, Ill.,
April Oth, 1930.
Mr. Stephen Cochran Singleton,
312 Eaton street,
Key West, Fla.
Dear Steve:
I certainly do o congrat,
late you upon the most excellent
Rotary column which you carry
weekly in your Key West Sunday
Star, and assure you that it is go-
ing to be my pleasure to exhibit
clippings from your paper at the
Club Publication Editors -dinner
Monday noon.
We hope that you personally
will be in attendance on this
luncheon, in order that you may
confer with other publication edi-
tors and give them some of your
wonderful enthusiasm.
Extending to you my best per-
sonal regards, I am.
Rotarily yours,
A. Y.

With President Melvin E. Rus-
sell in the chair, the Rotary Club
held its regular weekly luncheon
at noon Thursday in St. Paul's
Parish Hall.
The customary ritual and salute
to the flag, opened the exercises.
John Bogart invoked the divine
Guests were introduced by
members upon whose invitation
they were present, Sebastian Ca-
brcra introducing J, Lancelot
Lester as a former member, re-
turning to the club,


William Dmerit introdu DATEDRAWSNEAR
W. J. Savage and W. E. Olson, of
the Edison Coimpany of Orange, -
Nw -Jersey. Just 8 (lays more atnd the con"
Ben D. Trevor introduced his Just as ore an the
fellow members of the Monroe vntion of fireman ftt m other
County Roud and Toll Bridge sections in the state will begin in
Commission, Cdg Bu Key West, opening on the morn-
Commiu st,ion, Chai;'man Judge Bur- In of April 20, an continuing
well, Chester B. Treadway, B. M. ng of April 20, an.d 2.tiuin
Duncan and T. Jenkis Curry. i through April 21 and 22.
Brief addresses were made by The Key West department has
each of the commissioners and madl e very preparation looking
they hoped that all present might forward to giving the visitors a
be at the meeting in the court great reception and plans have
house, which was held on Friday, becn completed for the general en-
April 10, beginning at 10 a. m., tortainment featuren which al-
when details of the status of the ways form pa;'t of these gather-
bridges and related 'engineering igs.
problems were more fully dealt Just how many visiting organ-
wit, l izations will come and the num-
Due to the important messages ber of fire figl.ters will be here
that these guests had to bring be. I has not been fully determined,
fore the meeting, the election of but that there will be a large ag-
a board of directors was postpon- gregation from Miami -and other
ed to a future meeting, departments in the southern part
SERVICE CLUB PROJECT of Florida has been assured.
The existence of service clubs I Sessions will be held every
is proof to a certain school of so- morning and afternoon In the
phisticates that the baleful influ- Hotel Colonial, Chief Harry Bak-
ence of small-town thought pru- er said, and it is expected that
vades the community in which such every member of the Key West
organizations are present. Department will take part in the
It is useless to point out that program.
these clubs must have some sort
of appeal to a fundamental trait Red Cross Need
of humanity when they are not
only American in ocept but are Grows More Urgent
scattered in a common bond -
throughout the entire civilized With death and property losses
world. Nor will their critics ad- resulting from the tornadoes
mit that their membership, rep- which swept over several south-
renentative of the best in busi- ern states Monday an added ap-
ness, the professions, education peal for funds has been made by
and other pursuits of even the the Red Cross.
largest cities, is above subnormal Headquarters in Washington
quality and on a par with any has sent out another call to the
similar group intellectually and different units asking that every
in civic attainments, effort be made to get funds to-
But one may wonder just what gather and send them in quickly
these critics have contributed to as possible as day by day the
social betterment and commun, need for assistance grows more
(Continued on Page Four) urgent.

I (Special to The Sunday Star) I
MIAMI, Fla., April l.--Dedi-
uction of Fort Dullas Park in Mi-
ami, as the first Dade County
;seat in 1830, will be commemor-
ated by the un'eili:mg of a monu-
ment and bronze plaque at noon
Monday, April 13, as nart of the County Contentnial pro-
Members of the Florida His-
torical Society, ColoniAlD Dames,
Daughters of the American Rev-
lution and other historical asso-
ciations have been invited to "at-
tend invited to attend the cere-
monies. John P. Stokes, Sr.. of
Miami, will be speaker of the day
and in charge of the ceremonies.
Railroads On Way Out;
Bus Competition Grows
(Florida ?New Service)
TAMPA, April 11.-All winter
long, bus transportation officials
have been hard pressed to provide
facilities for handling the heav-
ily increased travel. At Tampa,
terminal point of Tamiami Trail
Tours and Florida Motor Lines, 70
buses per day on regular schedule
are checked In and out of the
Union Bus Station.
This season baseball teams
training in Florida have used
buses exclusively for transporta-
tion about the state to points
where exhibition games are sched-
uled. Business this season, of-
ficials state, is the best in the his-
tory of bus transportation and in-
dications are that admmer travel
to the state will be heavy.
In order to facilitate handling
of this increased business, the
Tamiaml Trail Tours opened a new
$50,000 terminal in Tampa and
general offices of the Inie were
moved here from Everglades,
while the Florida Motor Lines
plan extensive improvemnent-'i
facilities through remodeling of
their Tampa terminal this sum.



Early in the morning while it was yet dark cometh Mary Magda-
lene to the sepulchre *1"'*** then runneth Mary to Peteri and the dis-
ciple whom Jesus loved, and saith, "They have taken away our Lord,
and I know not where they have laid him."
(St. John's account of the Resurrection)
"Where have they laid my Lord?"
(So brave, sq fearless and so bold)
Could they bind Him tight
In rich man's shroud
And silence the voice
That cried aloud
His disdain of the merchant's gold?
"Where have they laid my Lord?"
(Hle walked the streets with the common crowd)
Could they hide Hiim back
Of an altar fair
While the hungry children
Stand and stare
At a temple by wealth endowed?
i'Where have they laid my Lord?"
(So tender, loving and so kind)
Could they flaunt a banner
Before His face
And teach Him to march t
At war's grim. pace
And His eyes to the smitten be blind?
"Where have they laid my Lord?"
(Oh healing hands; Oh tireless feet!)
nh thnk t i V1;1.1)

Might ring again
For the common cause
Of common men
In field and lane and common street

eee.eeeeeO.eeee eeeeeeeo eeeee .e ooeee eee eeoe.eeeee

Checking Up On The Week

SUNDAY, !APRIL 5 anteed fresh laid.. .for breakfast
For the second Sunday in suc- every morning. .like "yard
cession we journey north, and I
thiu time, instead of No Name eggs s is over". .b
Key being the objective, it be- plans for running a temperature
comes the point of departure. We next fall are in ample evidence,..
are bound for Miami to do obesi- new buildings everywhere. .
ance to a ndw arrival on this be- million dollar group of five thoi-
fuddled sphere. It seems that
they can hardly decide as to the sand dollar homes for Negroes,
wisdom of keeping the latest aces- under way.. .Whites don't see why
sion to the clan until we have they can't have one as well. .
passed judgment upon it. Or, Move toward racial equality?. .
maybe they will keep it anyway "In town," non-producers are
and are only kidding us. smiling over gains. .out in the
Bob Smith drives the bus with "sticksought
a knowledge of the route and of ticks producers thought-
many of his passengers that puts fully survey the prospects for the
us all back much farther than the summer. hazards of a tourist
horse and buggy age; clear back town. .lime-light lovers rejoice
into the days of the old stage over the accession of a movie out.
coach. He has the patience ofi n .ld being bomb
Job and the driving ability of buildings being bomb-
Jehu. and delivers us safely from ed. .special privilege to all;
the perils of a road so crooked equal rights for none. ..will Key
that it should be equipped with West ever be like that?. .Let
turn-tables. us hope not. There should be one
Query: Did the county com- place on the East Coast where
missioners of those days own Americans may live at home. And
land all over the keys and did the there are plenty of them left to
road have to skirt every separate apeciae
parcel? Or did the surveyors get TUESDAY, APRIL 7
lost at frequent intervals and have Homeward and this
to straggle back in the general Homeward bound, and this time
direction as best they could? At young Alvin Key is our charioteer
any rate, we are told that the and as he is a native Key West-
new road by straightening out a eL', it comes natural for hin to
few kinks will shorten the trip be hospitable to strangers and
about site r en p cent. competent in looking out for his
S sem r e. u a own people. These bus drivers
We disembark from the bus and cdo much to take the curse off one
embark on the much abused, but of this world's slowest trips. Again
indispensable ferry, and she be- we find a congenial stranger and
gins her long over-landl voyage
by scrambling over the fivoyaget of we swap stories that were current
by scrambling over the first of in Delhi, Copenhagen, San Fran-
many high spots before she has cisco and Rosenhayne, N. J., he-
left the wharf a stone's throw foiae d Hosenhayne, N. J., ie-
behIt wharf a stone's thrwlfore we were born, and which will
behind. We gain a hge respect still be current in all succeeding
for a captain and crew that can generations wherever two or three,
brave the perils of the shallows speaking the same language, are
day after day, and turn away the gathered together.
wrath of critical and uninformed "The heathen rage and the
land lubbers wth soft answers ,
land lubbers with soft answers wicked imagine a vain thing," the
that leave the critics just as un-j captain settles grimly to the task
informed as ever. Those new riverIof ploughing a channel for the
ferries will feel at home on this benefit of the new ferries, the
Job, for we run into Marathon mud bolls up astern, and the old
and land a solitary passenger in timers fold their hands over their
thetimers fold their hands over their
the best manner of the Robert belt buckles and give a good imi-
E. Lee station of Buddha contemplating
There are always two or three Karma or whatever he contem-
congenial stranxers on any trip Karma or whatever he contem-
congenial strangers on any trip plated. In due course of time
that we have ever taken, and this Molasses Key bears due west and
is no exception. As we draw we point for No Name; the cap-
near our landing place on Upper tain executes a flank movement
Matecumbe, the sight of the mute on the last submarine mud pile
reminders of that September day and looks as though It would af-
when veterans and neighbors were ford him relief if someone woulil
sacrificed to Incompetency puts ask st one more fool question. I
a damper on the spirits of those No one offers himself up for
who know. sacrifice; driver Key gets all the
By this time, we could do with ditty bags on board the waiting
a nap, the comfortable seats in the bus and counts his passengers to I
big bus invite one to thoughtful make sure none of them fell over-
reflection with closed eyes, Mi- board. No such luck; and we
ami has demonstrated her ability roar away toward the setting sun
to blow her own horn; and, truth and the vigilant radio towers of
to tell, the trip and the mention Key West. '
of It have both turned out to he Y. S.-There are times when it
too long. is silly to argue. We advlsed the
-,-- parents of the new comer that it
MONDAY, APRIL 6 would be a good idea to keep him.
Miami. ,traffle to burn. atIt was evident that their minds
times it does. .scandals.. .guar- (Continued on Page Three)

oeggseccc @ eee oegoeuee



IIavin' netted $300,000 from
250,000 Jackson Day dinners, the
Democratic National Committee
hopes to get as much from the
next party celebration on April
13, the birthday of Thomas Jef-

'he Florida ship canal, now un-
der way through an initial appro-
priation authorized by the Presi-
dent, appears likely to have plen-
ty of trouble in securing a direct
Congressional appropriation.

The Senate apparently retaitf
its confidence in the Black com-
mittee investigatnig lobbies, De-
spite the attack launched upon
the committee, the Senators unan-
imously votel $10,000 for de-
fending its procedure in the

Th, President has yielded to
Congress in regard to reducing
the CCC. The dispute had become
the greatest obstacle to legisla-
tive progress. More than 200
House members had indicated an
intention of fighting to maintain
the CCC intact.
Charging that the President
has "squ!ludered" $21,000,000,-
000 to deepen the depression, the
Republican National Committee,
through Chairman Fletcher. says
that business has drawn on capi-
tal and savings of previous years
to the extent of $280,000,000,000
to keep commerce and industry
While Senator Borah has not
approved his plan entirely, Dr.
Francis, E. Townsend has come
out openly for the Senator, who,
he says, is nearer his ideals,
"than any other candidate in ei-
ther party."
Here's something new. Senator
Borah says that a member of
Congress has no more immunity
from arrest than any other citi-
The President is expected to
try "cooperation" with industry
in an effort to relieve unemploy-
ment and lighten the Federal
burden. Co-operative ventures to
cut hours and raise wages will be
This paring will see the emer-
gence of one of the largest Cica-
do, often called the seven-yera
locust. Appearance will be in the
area from New York west to Mis-
souri and from Michigan to north-
ern Alabama.
Army engitleers point out that
in the past 25 yeArs the Govern-
inent has spent only $372,000,000
to control floods-about two
thirds the loss from the recent
The RFC is making millions of
dollars profit through the sale of
bonds to bankers who refused to
buy them when they were origin-
ally issued.
The investigation into the
American Telephone and Tele-
graph affairs reveals that the cor-
poration practically sells to itself
its own equipment. This is accom-
plished through ownership of oth-
er companies. The result is that
nalarge element in operating ex-
penses is controlled. This is im-
portant because a conjpany is al-
lowed to make a profit over and
above cost. Since 1929 employ-
ment has been reduced 20 per-
cent, although operating reven-
ues went down only 13 per cent.


Established 1888
24-Hour Ambulance
Night Phone 6(S-W
Day Phon.e I .

_I____(_____ I_~ __ __ I __ _ _~_ _~

~__ __


; I


SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 193J,.



, : t. I'. \. \ I
\ i I l l' '

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S L ' I

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l i 1 ll I It .' l ,
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II I ii I' It.I
'i ni' v ,.1l. \',I I u t I', l l ri

'T iili'll sitl ; l it te -1n11t I
.'I'l thIiliIl- lto I y ('I'ir a
V 'l ')| did Ith t' 1ii cIu

I' \l l : I' V I ,.1

i\Vn 4 i IlA \ iI I'I-" ; T )i dI'
Ti ,l ; !1\\ !N I' .\ T1 l
\N\) 11F 'WAY ,

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I '- '1). A\ ) l T 111 I
l i u lf tii' i( ) I, )
'' I i i' 1 I. l''l ()l. I)
ii' IY It' .' \Nlit lI )t T
i. ', \ I t' X- ." < ) \ II I

I I, l;'I Hi' T. > I;\\' lIlt':T i

l p)it ili i .t ' t u t 1 (iii
S l) i, i) ) I l I

, :, r )lin r n ( ,v i,.' '.
il i' l h, is i ;thi s M i 'i k '' i

,C \' i\'i l 1 t ';trl t al'tt
i },)' tl ; ( ml'\ ir r s I', I t)'i .

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I II ; I %.I w r I

I '; I v( I i ,; I I I 'll I
11 l 11 I I' 1 c. i I

t ,11 ,'n k c I l' | I I r ,:i. 1 l
* ,11(.( | '. .i li ll' ; i

it ii till 'I . .ic. l i\i.
Sil i 'f n i it i'tc l i
io t I :omin s111io l
' )le i , ,il i', In ..'

tion I i '. t' l I ) '. n i t,
V, knnv,, li,' c 'ii i ..i ,

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l(ilt ,u I c I' iiintV t\'lt I)itI

tlic i is t :i tll Ih t an
heil t't ,u ht ii tlii I 'all

the slt m in e, s s n
evil thit. gl I< l latet I 1 1'

out this cotniig ses.Sit)tI


1'(t"I ib ; I lau'htI, \1>. l I. ii' wll \ils s'rvi' s onany additional expense during the TOI) Y'S BIRTHDAYS 0 LON LIFE
1 II, ', l t.i.s .MaIn M .- ( Cai u;- Nt K IIy f Il 'i ''rri t' |I coming fiscal year. This means
111, ,,l 1 11.| 1 s. F". W. ,l iv,, .,),.>it,,.v accou', ts lr,, thel FINEST MODERN BEAUTY T
hat an hirli',' krah'l' hil ph'tl i I,,it )f M ') t .i t 'r ( read t he('k- that Key West cannot be added to U. S. Senator William B. Bank-
i It al the air mail routes. head of Alabama, horn at Mos- MORE than half a million T-I w Gn -A C Ia S
: 1 31i. Mary '. .loh n., 7i ( k Swy- r i d for cow, Ala., (2 years nao. enthusiastic Electrolux owners
I ," i l ;: . 'l'hu a. i tn ,., ,i)va ;i )I ,iat of tax vx- o () will tell you, "Electrolux gives
Slii,. rsinu(,. 71t Ashl, Ir"t. ,,pti, j,)it .i,.th i i(,n I i' Aquarium Fish 1. S. Senator Fred IH. Brown you more!" But don't take their ume
,iunt.ial. st.'ri,. w,.,,r,.,'' lul \V' tl ,, .,,, ,, ),I .')l,, ihtax .exellim ioni Look Students Over of' N('w Hampshire., born at Osi- word for it-see Electrolux for
It',- n,..t'iay attr. o o .:! ,,i. I lo.k. h, t, ,,i i ,t : ht l ,, i' Thiyi ie | peer, N p l., t,7 yearears, yourself! Learn the amazing e Bn
t-., llt Ft n'al I was i t' t'i'iy i ith:;i'('. ernd iM'. Student of the -A of Leo Keenaof Mich., U. S. facts about its utterly different
Xi I Vti .nl:'>n lt sl revived I. y ,w,. .i,' p pI' ,un,' I a o rd-i Harris sch'pl were interestedl Minister to Iontduras, born in operation. Remember:Electro-
NVVV V P d'I IL ill nevordI, I M i st r oHl" .,)hs b-,,i -, ,, ,.
aihtl-- I hlin, i.,!,ht''trw. 'ilrs. ly'm tis '1ay- ci tith i, lhoaril's istruc-' visitors at the Key West Aquarium Detroit, 58 years ago. luxoperats withoutmachinery.
S.,,.1 i, d s. (;. 1 .. 'o ol .y i TiN Thursday morning studying the Oo A tiny gas flame does all the A delightful, easy to have, new treat.
V,. 1: ii. I). Pow'm'll. Mii; fish in the large and small tanks. Maj. Gen. Edfar T. Conley, As. work. Come in today Terms ment which as changed the mental
Si i T n in t St. stant The Adjutant General, areliberal. attitude of thousands of women toward
11 lianhiihildin and two rel nt-; il's;,l'- chi'r. Rev. Arthur B. lis Mary Plndlel thoi teach- horn at Fairland, Md., 62 year hair coloring
1..'. ...i ItIIhitilIt'vIt. l in,,ck ofii..iat'd. ci-, accompanied the party. She a. FLORIDA PUBLIC Clair2olylea
l'.... (1rl1hihir i il rall i Home was in told The itize Clairolthe will cover there gray hairs and blend
t\\ h l i ) i.. :,1:)Oiflth hilit i )-s I rt t 'i" i''l h Iao in tohld The Citizen one of the sub-t OnU
i' tit lth i Lilli, Wtlinm- 'r, of ,:anm,' nt's. jects being studied by the class is Pierre-Etienne Fhiandin, foreign UTILITIES CO them into the natural tones of your own hair
ot her ton, i1, died 7:15 o'clock ITuesday Miliss Watliuuton is survived by Florida fish and a personal tour minister of France, born 47 years so perfectly, they defy detection The corrective
Itssal. t mit e i' thi r'sidnce'.3 :122 D)u- (one sisItI. Mrs. Mary A. Johnson. of the aquarium was Rivin the ago. "Your Gas Company" oils in Clairol improve the hair health and keep
,. val strtet. Funeral s rvcts n--- -- class an intimate idea of some of ----I ROY E. LADE, Manager the hair in condition
hi '".wl hldl I0 o'clock Wednesday' Subscribe for The Sunday Star. tih fish they are studying. Subscribe to the Sunday Star. the hair in condition.


( I,

Siii ii l '' ************************************************ ************************ THE WEATHER l'lnty of ability. Success will
"'"'"'"'"'"'"'"'"""'"'"'"'"'"'"" ~~~~ NAVAL BASE WAY 0 ...................- THE WEATHER BE1TVE POT O ,,,
dt,,i AIAIM D C AITIV C I (,;ii t 1)(,( It. -I..(I itI I, .
I t, IlO iit that, By RUSSELL KAY AGAIN BE ACTIVE **'******* *********** TODAY'S FORECAST
n lI 1Il, \\li ,IIn iti ll merits ************************** ********** ********* ODE West d Vity POLITICAL
h il T .,.: ,; idt s It.- to lt, dtrn od t.a eector ani WASHINGTON, D. C., April Shak ico .wUl.l haoe j.ece at Keray r with ,cityd t ANNOUNCEMENT
t 1 t d t Ii, ni' Ihi. .' wv v iy in' il. ha tit been, the poor' C,, April my poet s; mI (ittteiall t'tti t' U o o
H '(I Ii ur n mItl:kt' :Ilart'-.- A11' ft..: as i (,o| tilT e outon h -p Restoration of activity at the K:eats would have died with a aiteiture tod o ay; g nte eto l i- r
i\ra l i lRoa i; lit.tfe variab'i le winds. For the Democratic Primary
,1,. \ ,,' il solid Ilicks. 1 T (;,vI ., .." in olthi(r lcan- well-known limb, for the legisla-Key West Naval base, if not un- V n yke w ld h v i Election June 2, 1936
I,,,,, Ililiat> i :wll t i,,,ll, .'ed II1M- tiur cv rtainly didn't (do anything lhyki wt uh hav iv me> TODAY'S ALMANAC
S 1. 1 l' tllat wa iyv, l(I la twei lln i l IFt r tlt der the Navy department, then sy aith y; SL 'ISCS ......... :07 .
i l )111' t S('ti- ofici .n h l li.'n :); l, I'l )olig.'d ---under some other governmentEvn I c la l Sun sets .. ........... :18 p. i. For State and County Tax
I, ii ;l':til'l tIlis :tl 'icllit rI Itns: t iliar.i-t d itut r of t nl. The rnace for National Demo- dMoosn .......... Collector
S li l inl t hi;. t I t.I( Il)il( inhl. t.l l tll;,]d t :lh llct l, tio ll"l(n n l .th .ti t (,oml ittow.voman l tolises, agency ,l was prePIdicted tIoday by Itt Ih e ii i l Moon sets .. ... :50 a. u. FRANK H. LADD
Sil rN:Eti '. tO'ur N'lXT (ovi'tnor,t" to ibe ilntl.r tin' aild liketWie onl- Representative Mark Wilcox. with a shuiddver; (For RoElection)
'!', l m;nI l 1y Il h.i tlriitih with the hair-pullint ''t isI- Failure of such restoration will -And Swibhib:r'ne \ulh! r1ltlashT me a 'IODAY'S 'TIDES
i' ,, in ,,ssi ilf 11 l) 'is- tli.,- ic,(,.:i.;(, l'v(. ie n kiohled ly. vikled three w ways beowl en h)lo FaieA..11. I'. l.
,l Ir lt l. : t(ps It I (I) 1 E.: I'l TS. .n I mI' inembtc i m. tense \Wells, Pauiline Burke Carrl mean that the base will be turned An t say,' 'C(od, the things Ie- Iligh .................. 1 :1 12:17 M A T E R I A L
S,(I .itllill):t,.y alwnv:' !Std Itto say and Helen Ht1n1t West. (bec l..... ... ...15 7:5)0
: il i. ,:. it h i VWi.;'.\I. STl wagon All three of these girls kl,\ back to the city by the navy doe ple can do I. For BUILDING a HOUSE or
-; ,, il .1e i pl it *i. \cith aln tn anra l ott! of 0 plt!" I. REPAIRING any part of itR
i I"' r' ii nIi t In (I lii h ." t ll :l s t m .' t nl ise. tl(ir politics and they're out hat- apartment, but this is an unlikely i REPAIRING any part of it
:1,11 a (. i tlN. alt- ',N T ',llom at1t inl Hit of the fn'l that thne joi alternative, Mr. Wilcox said. )er lyro; vwolt simply tlicard TO)AY'S HOROSCOPI WM. CURRY'S SONS
I ,ll tax i: s o11,- i l Ill i r . hial.;llyh.o don't pa lly anythilnc -- at least in any event, the congressman Oh! knI ow (lder old KilKli'nl ll T y's na' hs i t tl ,n. C
,. 1 i, ir ih, I -' 1 1 Iliil' I to : II' Ihv l)v with iia so lll (l wa ito ll hin' "tllnfih ." But you know today'ss native his a tl
I.I : d it (I.1 t.-dli i ( u il' ',I, i n llt hear liortenst( has the eldge as an Congressof legislation apecifioallly in a ndik hinti, I'lln y-- yy l e nltt uch indecision, falttlty SH E
,1 1 .;1 );r lc ill 1i ; 1:1,1I : I; 1).I ) V square. I "I "n h but it looks like she'll need ,I don't ive a hoot c' t Judi nent l and : want of direction.
i,,, I, , ,, It,, I I.v. (h(Ire a ihll! albot n Io, thnn tIhat. Mrs. West is a providing for disposition of the1 o wha Ift the ambition I once- arioused, PO U NDS F FA
's i:( i alI I )' Im r y \\as l akin' olitieianl frlom the round up and Key West base. BARHA A GtHi NE. there is sure rewa for t Le i
I ., 1' wild' ,'' II" I 'r li 1: liI hl l''s,' ;i Il| r' I t i1 tthe't a li-' tier, w hile th te litll 111'' ... _. .. "ittIt- ttyrdyf.
I, I, l l i\,I t ) I'I)r ..'cill .V l' i a it, ',pitiil'l :,l Z ; ii '.i..!: i i i ll ir :'. I I "' l 11 I'll t 11" o more than offset Mrs, sored by \ilcox, l said, and will The hll was daisy- .prinklcd, and Hind red l .E steRad last anero li n uto s: ca --yo u cant
,f!l ti l ti' 11 wih 't. !(' quitit 'ieill to \V\'lls' '' In." So nllto''th r it I ne U::td on results ol the hearii i the wind k1 keep my appointed i oi a To take oft f e:cc.a' fat go light y ii
i;i k i hi ftll t i. promiit tt o be a merry littL''e to be hed by tl House naval ar- F ew sfely and arassed Mary Ferrell Dickin. on, 'tty Itr, ra a'
S il a IN \\l;1 ( I ill I I".' ,n i" o n I, like le ily I\ I' 'lnd if Mrs. W est's parents tt ter Mly tired f-ee v t. -H ry w e nd o alfteuspoo l
ri,,!,i i o V ll anybody I tiu li, fe oresih d inouh nlivs o displIsition of the | As if olt lace, LAST MINUTE EASTER t' of tKrucn ltS in at RiUHHlo
( l ',11 I, ,j 1 1-.1 1,) conle o(li and 1t1a to m i *n ti 1ht1 !'I a n11nk havw a fishing' stillwith Ml bh Mne illness Oin the C( nnitt Again my t pl 's prAac d, il 1 te e Mrs. la VrllGo o HAvr F Tr.
I c II r i, t, I lit I Ia i ll ,,.a ih I in ior so s I, on w ali t it k-awav woua lv, but will pSrobaVtbly be held The silvery dusk I'il like a rip n- Nov lties I .u':,s, ,t. .- y cGlotrhe t n to fi now"20
Sr i n it 11 m, tin' o' tin next wek, Wilox said. e w po C 'h, Deliveries Easter Morning No drast le c'tll'iltis -nIo c'nert::11-
h co*I 1 . c oo. A l (' tll id sh a d ol w -s till. W
,, n l :'l 'v gt s I ws mighty sorry to see Cyril Discussinl the firthcomng 'l Tust KEY WESTI DRUG CO. ii tn 'h.'in'u Io n tlo dyour lttle w daly:
'LG lII)/l/ I:NNANCEI. It() ,I i (. liladwin drop out of the race for l'Hari"iK, Mr. Wilcox rviv alcd that Thely s ml to -prout K '.S' R C Iiof .' hru chlen.
Ti't 'a l. Treau rter, lIut hardenin t',I had given tl' Navy delparlt-, ke 'lowers on a hill.
I i. r is 'iv in t o l' th e fi ii;n a n c ia l a rte ric .s is sti re l e t lt ti a ll I ltl atut tl l c o nlcI C rn in g I L . . .. .. . o .it

',N I ,, .I I, i *l h Key Nol.l 'o. I hit' 1)' l0'ti on' l nt' w ill lr tIuIly help 1 Urages Som e A action An l i houIse s tall
II ; I W l ,, ,(iI; t:' a.( ,)m\1er hI Iht l l:ify '! )I K o ' alit' lii ll y Il I . al, th C yr told Ahem the 'r sheeuhl e Wmn o use ta

i)'i ll t .i, in th' l 11'it w, nic ei e'I followers he 'll voteI relainDl", l h, c i n ret slat said t And A Iril-weet l- ear tlowl eme
a 'lllht. hat''t fr lietn alhou'ih T d Lanas, told thes, if they didn't w it ey mind
"t'il l '. 1',, ( i o, i an n I cs lhis 'e may pirk up a lot of 'em. it, o gt ve at to some oith' r it go." v- As if a wind hadt b low n -
\ I,- ; l i l, tlo)l;'. t ,n I rWuAld, CIwnI pr, Kr tt is in the host ern nttt aiel c thTa iut l id; al if Away iy lo
S I ) i' ,I1" i ll,, i he ml of iosti f all a, ill it, a touigih no witpuh agto p cy c ut S itu l be tfound, until there roll
N )II ut ii i I.I tI, :. it I h's I l himsl lf ih ore t bo yea. the n to gve it back to te city. Quick Irish joy that shone.
...l- ii... ll h1 .. rl, ...i..n'want to Io that. So it's u to A i whe I fn e l a itt rne
C.ill lift'' 'tI tI'tt I' iuti hi sot tl'(' I 1 "I tII Ati when ii' 0fo0i\'didn't w t lily mind

I';l'll-i IlE ,, "nttl ,.e n"r''on LIlIYI MAIL SERVICE"pus o to- tl he kte wha f,
1,, Ievl. ( Itif I IiIlI'I GAIN REC OGNITION N T FOR k WEST U r 11. it,, to ,iv i to llo t whi(h 't'.. A if t ttin h blo
....l .WAHIN------int 6 ils th er ent the. avn y cy that 'tlent BARBARA ndfNE The superIor durability of Carey Shingles and
i 'ifi : ,tt 1, 171.7( '-., lt it itt' a ofr WASHINGTON, D. C., April 6. t'ttlliut tlh 0st ''he c t l r v 'itto..lundllA, Unt..Iti 'Tit
)'** W- the'shn to gc it F rid Ri toa t oe the Ineu oif two h s tiei t

' i lit ' uI ii s he t"jker which Congress let sl'Vit. "I s Iy .nt ot seb' GOAL Rofings is the result of two things: First, the
Si I : I l" t ill i t I 1 ci;t W do t'll ; .d .day nithl t to pay Justice h gov lmettiit piut s t men I k now my destiny, highest quality raw mater als are used to
I ,lip by in the bill to extend the tiwn thetll, an rst ore t out pay- Unswt ervin and sure
a ti- htartr lr,. Th, Mt Rh L The Peace E, R. Lowe, at air mail service which hea passed rolls". he dto(ued. make them. Second, there is more than 60
1-juIt ,ll ll(l llt,. '(,1t(.t' $1.,}12.G- TaverniErR in the COumITI of $250 for lHe pWointed (uti hl tIIt the Navty years of experience back of every step in
iat the last session, will pre- de;ta'Ient hias "refused on sRA v- their m ior dnufactureabili
I 44 17i WASHINGTON, D. C., April I will niot a civ e n n to res-ol-ifig it U

( ry'IlI-| 1" 1.T ',. tntcii y c. e: tos tollldibd on the Florida i vent Key lt from gettin rove soei' particular uise to B E When you are ready to roof a new or old
I.-:- I'V iw w"11 '' I '('V('III (' ['111(1111 .The "ju r' which Congress let hurrca e II OAL

l- i (i *; i' it alirAxinPcl l'Vr i t a i dirTnt air mai d service this year s whiii'h wd'I wanted a thiet Key t We st! o building, get our money-saving prices on the
III i to 1 I lrtilt t 11- trni, i tt'' c sum of 20 for at least, according to tt Charthles P t ii Navy best of experience a rhi eurp e.
,llt te's 1 last session, will pro- de part ment lilts iMr. dfu 'al oil sthe meoc weae ,.

S I l tl d t l st in Graddick, cdhead of the division of t liffe let octhe deill atoment a *
T. 1ll.t '('t w';i $2,58('.l 1 i. 1tn C rl. vent Key W i rvldi, Co mim ttn- c t
r nir mails of the pot office de. Mtust ither admit t no icane or1 t I

So i. ] 11; i ii in w1(Ii.\'S 'xii tone. W i. R. Porter, Norberg thhad ail ). se fol' l t he bas i ot elso T O S E E
II; ' I,,i II, I .,.1l XX' i 'I' i'n' 13. W arr n N athan partm ent. coml forward w 'ith i ti A ggesttion
(i! .l d\\- 'iil, "l hem .eol, I. il. W arren, Nathan of its own fot' isc o f the base.
in fit.h st i tt i ti i i't' it' i.'; Niend l l. Attt I;rney WoBl Albu Key West is only one of many a m 'i ts itit l t t mi' t't' ha E L.E C T R O L U X
1 1i ti ) I .) | ,t' ,'dilli 1() t(I $!)M ;,- C Mlerk Ro C. Sawyer, Sheriff K. towns in the country that have aidot ll ,t th e( o 'ltign 'sll alslrds a1 s aidtl
I1 1lrr ci ssi C. Sawyer, Sheriff K., iiild Will fodini the biasik. of the\
lilt mon d Chief Depty asked for direct air mail service, igs
lie ')91.6. R M O.(hompon, llod Chief Dcptty Iedo 'inhrs.
S l he ill la0. h which they will not receive be. Ti base is "goin o hitlod"t t t
, (I.'- t'u '.ct \vot' t Il $ i:tl(' '(ill cause of the "Joker." Aitholttt'o er 'ca"' litl the )rs-.
i) i"" ,, '!, -,Ii ll ''* ,! .) nh lt < n.' i\ 2t ,i.n Iothe "Joke I n h" l to ,e ,I tt. ,. \\,,,o. ssiit, a,,, NpO SOUTH FLORIDA CON. & ENG. CO.
....... The "joker"? in the bill to ax. sets if I;ability \\which migaiht N 'elli
lt SIl ,'l, sfo d 'ivi,.s tO' tht t li E( y.. tend the air mail service twaso a hI t' rned i-i a asset ith o lPHONE 588 White & Elia Sts.
Sti Ss tit ,'p tend the air mail srvie was PaN 6InLtllitgl. "Your Home Is Worthy Of The Bost"
: XIiti '' .(. .i i, )a I:.ui I l ), ('!lillann clause providing that the division Going To Call Bluff I
6 97' .-' 0 ) a llV1?1`11' . :t1ll t 'll ." ; 1o u l'' i 'i I t t'I s ull of air m ails slash opera tin g costs: lll sai(lit' t lt N av y dtpott mI eIiIt
w\ I() Nl .(tute IIn; t'w I tli)v :. t with the at. "h,; turnl lown ail our pro-'
.i t lot Ii i l ', ', it f it t la ga t il lt so that by July 1, 1938, expend;- posals forti' o' the t'se", and! 'I
S') ,'ut' Ii .ti m It.i. til Il: Iter (,a ( I u r tu ii m rr would balance revenue. il) u. st i e t i I t
)t I,''al. i- A.ccording to Graddick, it will "lt\V". 'I' g in I (' all thei, ,.
(11'.- 1 ,I it '11i \m i: Xi t (t iftl'- be impossible to extend the air t 'l l lit s w aC t h et will do wit t h
i n )) i)} 0: Ihe situ nli( a 's I''- mail service to Key W est this itasi itstetntd t)f iiSt tlling' us
l,,1o", , : I i t i' M r..'. j )' I )mt'V .'\ I) 1)V t 'til year because Congress will not l'wh1h ( ', hh e hattd 'his lptaiuhl n e till
llh:t h, Ii,' i: .' tic'i (i \.'at :; app' ropriate enough money for the t111t Ih' blns'( \.ill li' itt sr)')t' \V'y'
I'), :,'d i t',)., h,.hI, I I 'sl ored 'o n,,ivit, on thI. hiilitft fu' Is i,'- (
I t l't.i lit i t tl tllIso ln tlt profato T hni the dela'tnwnt be will niar h
i ':J ,k and d u h i'.- I1 order to keep the air mail willinj to pal't \with it, a dt thna.
I', Il., fii.1;,. 1 a 1 '1. ut n it r, nnin' last year, the division oth,' ao lrit( ,Ie will a lr'(t I t thI tihi
I' [!1( ";L. });:),1'. ")1 1w111 [I : .:v inl T1'),' opi))inlio (,.' MI)'. Alb)!nry' \v.wa had to ask for a deficiency ap. of th( bas, in so l ]111n1111(1'.
II(', 31,, of } '')al I l It y ,h< propriatio n of $1,300,000. Thr int. i all t o a ",
iv-, w. i',l that (l, li ,y' huhamount of the deficiency we Wailsox tlela'otl. "A's soon s it's .. I t has e'erthing other*
Iii i tuft l' Ill, I t il ,' t Ilt 'c isi ) u t 1t it' ll;i u'lt ) (il' i)l('t, added to this year's requested apl-rltl(,(', 't ~O i ntnf intrt'lttcl thi refrigerators haave- PLUS:
,I t ,'I. Mir M I,.\'t ill ut'a'l: tt Fropriation, Graddick stated. To crt)itiitte. aInd I think we'll hatv O LOW OPERATING COST
i' T . willh,.i d:,' inth" $1;)(. th.. h ~and h ,hd ci lI t 9h nr tr'nubl, in iputtingr the hill
..t I < I 2 tl I',l t f t I i'i.i: hillI 't II': .i t l,.('iL''lati m eet the 1938 deadline, the dvi (1uh at this session." NO MOVING PARTS TO WEAR
I "i l,. aI h' t o' I ,,t, I ,f a lill 'ti'h ,limi t, it ln' don will have to avoid taking on PERMANENT SIL
5 \\ll:)'al. ,8. I~he'ly .-d ,. l rl F,'.I' I( o n ) .~.ei"(s~ a(1e -*-**- I-** -*)-'-n.-*' PERMAN NT SILEN E




"'WNE thousand dollars reward
Sfor the capture, dead or alive,
of Carlos, the bandit.'"
Don Pascual Castro's voico shook
with fury as he read those words on
a poster which decorated one wall
of the office of the mayor of Mon.
"Your United States government
offers such rewards for ('Carlos, who
robs only the rich to feed the poor.
Yet it lots Joe Kincald kill my peo-
pie and steal their lands without
raising a finger."
As Mayor Hill started to protest
the door of his oflico swung open
a"d Joe Kincald himself camnn tinto
the room, He was a big, conise llnlll
across whoso face played a twisted,
solf-satisfied and cruel smilo,
"Howdy, Jonathan," he said to the
mayor as he Jatiiniied a black cigarr
Into his lioutli. "Ileardi mny Iallno
nontloned as I passed by and
dropped In to ind
out if you wanted .-d

to see me,"
"I hear you raid.
ed the Alzaga's
ranch last night."
Hill's voice was
"Their ranch!
Does that sound
like me?" protested
the oily Kincaid. "I
wouldn't have the
heart to dispossess
a rattlesnake. They
were just squatters
on public andr It
war open for any
good American to
enter and possess."
"They'd owned
that ranch for a
hundred years,"
cried Castro, his
fine old face white
with anger.
"The point is, can
they prove title In
this year of 1852?
of I *A a. Se-wl. MA&

. I" .

to defend myself, I've got a dozen
witnesses to swear that they fired
first. Nobody feels worse than I do
about the fact that the old man and
Ilis son were killed." As he spoke his
anger evaporated and the usual cyni-
cal grin overspread his countenance.
"That's a mighty nice ranch YOU'VI
got, Castro," he concluded.
"Keep away from It," thundered
the old Spaniard.
"You moan you've got just sqtat-
tors' rights too?" Klucald licked his
"Yes," answered Castro, "And I
will not humiliate myself my filing
claim. Kincald, try to take my ranch
away and see what happens to you."
After a low bow to the mayor, Don
1'ascual Castro departed.
In a bitter mood their Spaniard re-
turned to his ranch home just out-
side of Monterey. There he found
ovorythting In iit uproar
Sof exctllinecnt iluo to the
fact that r. loesta was to
S be hold that night In the
;. r town.
r ^*^HMM~

"But I'm too old to become a bandit and an
outlaw," sighed Castro. "if I were your age,
young man," he added, turning to Don Luis,
"I'd do just that."

I so I'll step Entering tlie spacious flower-
to .t to 'tlo ~ ordered patio lie saw hiI nrtrty,

was file claim to their land under
the American law when California
joined the United States, That's
what I did this morning,"
"They are simple Ignorant people.
How could they know your law
would expect them to beg, as a char-
ity, the homestead they had as a
birthright. As for the law," he
whirled upon the mayor. "Does your
law permit murder?"
"Now I kind of resent that word,
Senor Castro," snarled Kincaid, his
hand dropping to his revolver butt.
"I was entering a parcel of public
land when they popped at me. I had

udatir eye daullghtui;', luoslta lirtilng
scandalously with lDon Iuls, her
llanco, while D)ona Petrona, her
grandmother, looked on In good-
humored disapproval.
The girl ran forward to embrace
him, then stopped as she saw his
worried falu. "Fatlorl Wha' has
happened?" she cried.
"Nothing," answered Castro ironi-
cally. "I tried to Intercode for the
Alza a family, and accomplished
nothing. The senor mayor Is very
sorry. .. That's American law for
"Then take the law into your own
hands," cried Dona Potrona.

name..L I .

"Like this Don Carlos and his Vlg*
"Why not?" Roslta clasped her
hands in delight.
"But I'm too old to become a ban*
dit and an outlaw," sighed Castro.
"If I were your age, young man,"
he added, turning to Don Luis, a
sleek and serious young man who
showed little enthusiasm for the
topic under discussion, "I'd do Just
"Would you like to have a price
on your head?" gasped Don Luls,
his hand flying to the ruffles at his
"If I were a man I would join Car.
los and his Vigilantes this very
night," cried Rosita, her eyes bla-s
ing with excitement.

Back In Monterey meantime, Joe
Kincaid and his men were carousing
at the Golden Nugget saloon.
"IIow'd you come out with Alza.
ga?" asked Spike, a broken-nosed
Individual who looked as mean as
I his name implied.
"On top as usual,"
grinned Kincald as he
downed his fourth glass of
whiskey. "The ranch is
ours. Here's to Uncle
Sam," he added, as he
poured another drink. "He
looks out for his nephews
if they're smart."
"Ooln' to stay in town for
the olestti?" asked Bill, a
little cross-eyod snake of a
"Not for me," answered
Kincaid, "''mn going out to
S the shack to catch up on
nly slOee."
"Alone?" Spike
was apprehensive.
"Think I need a
c iaperone?"
S sneered Kincald.
S "I'll take care of
myself better than
you boys that stay
hero and get soused. "Hey," he
busboy who jostled against him at
that moment, "Got out of my drink,
will you, Juan?"
"Sorry, boss. Excuse," answered
the boy as he scurried for the door.
A moment later he was leaning over
a poon who lay asleep outside the
saloon and was shaking him vigor*
"Diosl" muttered the sleeper.
"What's the matter."
"Tell Don Carlos that Joe Kinoald
ride to shack alone tonight," whis-
perod the busboy. Then, his bands
tucked in his big sleeves, he shuf-
fled back into the saloon, once more
only a stupid servant of Kincaid and
his kind.

(To be continued)

CHECKING UP ON iand delmand that the bridge drawiand the existing bridges. No rails,
1we lpenl'd to save the trouble of buildlisKgs or terminals. The F.E.C.
THEr WEEK lonwerii I the rod. The moral lie- will still retain the Casa Marina
-- l in: that those' desirous of xeCr- and Trumbo.
Continued from Page One) cisinl ancient liberties will have oOo
were already ma: le lup. We i.ilght to gct further away from the set- iut, Chairman Treadway speaks
as well lhave stayed in Key West. ticmients. c.nuiuly and hopefully of the
S0l prospect that we will at least be
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8 Governor Lehman, o' New York, able to drive can's and run busses
Once more tie press brings u is iiquoted ias s'.yingr that the "con- over an uninterrupted road to the
ne\\ o( t sorm' trgelly. Our .L!tulti0,ilil giuaralnties" are worth mainland; and the citizens take
Autumin hurrieiicans, seindling lio- muecl more to professional crim- him att his word and feel assured
twice of their pro:.'r'c:s in advance, ials tha t tiihey are to decent pro- that, surviving one more tough
seem lari less o a lhtz/aird than the phi who seldom need them. And Key West will be on the
Spring cyclones that swcp c r t point the moral, today's papers t ill e on the
the mainland, Itll of' a New Vorlker acccu:;ed of wiv:y out of her' cycle of despair.
oO, a $1l8,000 steal being arrested in There are a number of well-
Talk about reciprocity! Spain Nev\ada and announcing that he grounded reasons for believing
has it in perfection.. First, time will I'iht extradition "to the last!that this arrangement could be
presid'et dissolves parliament andl ditch." There should be a first improved upon; hut it is evident
then the parliament dissolves the ditch that would also he the last that it is up to us to be "grateful
presidential office. Only the ditch, for his class. for what we are about to receive,"
United States of America and 0Oo and discourage any tendencies to
Enghlandl s;em to have niistere'd Muussolini continues to clean up rock the boat at this time. It
the problem of sol.'-government, in EIthioina, and it will shortly lie will he time onouph' to start rais-
Ours must be a sturdy form; for- a mattlcr for worll Itureet that the ing ou0r customary hell after we
ever its critics vir v it with al;I'rin, dark hose did not win and term-l e't the ship: .wnmped out. Key
and forever it rides out its storm., inmate the rxtonsion of the Roman West will yet "Io places," andt
and---"Long may it Wave." E lnpireu which Mussolini has in this action of Cilairman Tread-
o0t)o mitd. way's (and under what adverse
Dade County lcads the state in 00o circumstances he has .brought
collecting revenue from slot-ma- T'oday is big with renewed hope lhqne even this much bacon, we
tchietin. The next counllty. Dval and Ipromise for Key West. Rep. do not know) is the beginning of
is only about half as batl. J, Mark Wilcox announces the the turn of the tide. Hopeful citi-
Oo construction of community houses z'nis will have scant patience
Senator Eoir'a nmy have been of refure along the keys and the with any sea-lawyers who think
retarlded as ioo old to be a restoration of activity in that we could take in more territory
Iri'.sideitial candidate, but he Is beautifull, but at present dumb, nt this tinme
rapidly renli'ovinfg that iimpil'ession naval base.
as he strides vigorously down the oOo SATURDAY, APRIL It
middle of the road.. It i.: a good day for Justice T. This is the day we celebrate,
00o R. Lowe of Tavernier, too. His twelve times a year. The day
Our ferries must be having a claims meet partial recognition, you remember that if you had
bad influence on viSiting vessels, and that will meet with general paid your gas and electric bill
The Italian Malddeleno O(dIro pIlrval. Judge Lowe did a lot the day before you would have
strives to emulate their activi- ofb hard and dreadful work withl- fen able to nick the company
ties in takin; shot cuts from'out waiting to find out how he for the discount.
channel to channel. might be paid for it.o o
.The season's tally is likely to
THURSD A FRIDAY, APRI FRDA L 10 show two hundred yachts enjoyed
IHearst Is discovering that he OOD FRIDAY indeed 'or Kecv "R Key West's splendid harbor
took in a little too much territory West. ter people gather at t the past winter. If we had a
in his scrap with the U. S. S on- aot hose o her hester fevw banks dug out between here
ate and the U. S. Senate wins a 1 a nd No Name, the number would
popular victory as it asserts its Tradway tell of the p1ogrs ofe multiplied and the cost of dig-
power to overhaul Mr. Heart's'is l negotiations for tile establish-in would not amount to a much
plans for running the United "icnt of an automobile roa dtoas the absence uf a sheltered wa-,
States. the mainland. terway costs Superintendent De-'
oo0 000 meritt's lighthouse tenders every
Rugged individuals are finding All he can give is his assurance year.
their personal liberties again en- thdt he feels certain that the oOo
angered. It seems that in the money will be furnished and the President Roosevelt is quoted
Miami waters, you can no longer work begun within a few months. as seeing serious damage to Flor-
stick up a fishing rod on a boat All we will get is the right of way idn's list of attractions in the un-


.** h
g lll~hl 1!3: I~n .I 4:;~ rll~. u n .

r .IU9 NOT )O SEEM Oti uvf qWI Lw'.W T ft l R'-ROmRlN
O~ R~MlklJilG 'IOU oFEFB!
AswI ,r kT PA) L I

UTIT 'D A Vm'EP, AQ A nlhPMTI I1 Rv Robk Dar't

relenting war that is being carried Possibly
on against silt water game fish. "Can you tell me how to wash
We old timers renemmber the spinach so as to 'get all the sand
pictures. of strings o' quail and out of it?"
squirrels that proud Nimrods used o "Sure. Ti( it ov the end of a
to drape around thir cars. Young- fishing p)le andi hold it under
sters don't l 1now ini ..thin i bout we s n te
this; the a mi' hgs i STrtsa werd s)its' ien the con-
i, se\vation qlucstion would settle it-
of then amind ve reIlagated them; ,d
to the bottom dr'a\.'er of the bu-' sel
reau in the attic. N o, we'll risk -

a prediction. As time gee'; on
and we begin to realize the value
of the wild life .o our woods and
waters, the pictures o;' a rack full
of splendid glamie fish being turn-
ed into carrion :;o that :ome fat
stranger can he g'lorificd, will al-
so become forgotten history. The
joke is, that the catching of these
fish was really the result of the
knowledge and skill of the captain
of the bopt. Half the time, he
knows that his customer is no
sportsman; and would be mighty
glad to make ;i living in more
congenial company. If all the

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S with someone in another city,
you will find that the horsr-
and-buggy days are definitelyl
over in the field of loug dis-
tance telephone communnica-
Last year, in the South, nine
out of ten long distance con-
nections were completed from
the calling party to the person
wanted without the caller
hanging up the receiver.
This amazingly speedy'serv-


liarqnin h)iur for I' omn.lo-Perl oa
ii",1u II t1 aliln-o.Slt nl MllMllgro
ni In ,nart rvrry night mad oII day
Sunilav. ree front pages odlreeloar
for l.nng5 Ixti-tnce ole@l to mry L i
porlts, poilh

ice was of untold value to
Lbuiness, nnd brought pleasure
to millions of folks who en.
joycd am few moments of con-
versaliol together although
they were miles apart.
Today, miles do not matter.
NWhen you wish to talk with
omlennie i(iho is faraway from
you, just call "Long Distance."
You will be pleased with the
speed, clearness and low cost
of long distance telephone


MI 7]

MA1 [tE

_ _______ __1____1___-

SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 1936.





e >eeeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefeoeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee ROAD PROBLEMS
(Seeret Operative 306 PLAINLY STATED
eeeeeeeeeeeeee*eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -
The r oins andl huinto sf cul-I hardly needed to mention this was C. B. Treadway chairman of
loge men int:'i uc all who are the reason for the posting), Lower
brought into tlie slahitest contact down to the left is a printed sign, t'.e state road department, said
with them. ,nioe have been "Welcome, George Allan, Orej,"F m a
):,rn of the w!ld ideas of -iolly- tendered to him by "friends" Friday morning at a joint meeting
weood in dlc)ictin college life, down in Cayo. Then there is a of the board of county commis-
otie'rs just 'rovl up r:)turally( as ''lady in blue" from a cigarette
tios ulpoln whose floors a:nd eds' a, and posted pictures from "Es- sloners, city council and bridge
nnd chairs na-e pilc one varied and quire," pennants revolving in all commiion, that he felt conf
I'esR an ass:,rti;iiit of clothing as directions and pictures of ELIZA-
the most ambitious haberdasher BETH AYALA, ALICE JONES, dent the bridges over the railroad
wouldd collect) .nd another ;roulP ANNIE LOWS HICKS (all lost
are planned with an eye to dash loves of, GAW). On SWEET viaducts and trestles would be
id color aned the riaqe o and WILLIAM'S side of the room s constructed.
iirii'ghout thel c0(!liRe yrar every |a charming portrait of CARO-!
igIn altl poster that. can be recur- LINE GRISSET and another Besides the members of the
dl aild mutilated are collected and "!over lost," MARY DAVIS.
:urefully arranged according to Pinned on the Culver blankets are different units there were about
Ihe.:e three o!jecti,'c in a college merit badges, pins of military col- 100 interested citizens present in
111)m's taste, loego societies, ensignias. A tiny
FRANK LUND and ALBERTi box radio on the desk always, the court room at the county court
WIGGINS, for instance, recline, seems to bring forth soothing mu- house to hear Mr. Treadway give
book in hand (Oh yeah? Yeah!!) sic from the ozone. Pictures of ou o
on leather and hickory easy chairs athletic teams of F.S.C.W. are an outline of the accomplishments
in their cozy on:-taind apart- also on one of the walls. Gin andby him inc hippotmnt
nment in the Nvw )Dorms. The whiskey bottles (cmpty threats y him since his appointment as
walls are a grayish silver and two which do not mean a thing, ex- negotiator for t:.e purchase of the
desks, upon which are compara- cept that they were probably
tively-neatly arranged well found on the grass after some- railway's extension.
thombeid hIooks end dlog eared thing like a Military Ball or so) I gaveresume of activities
papers amn pens and iuk and. ink clutter up a dresser. A grasm rug ave esue ctiv
.pots, are lilacd close to the win-on the floor is the object o our which were started three years
dow. A large rarlio is playing last look as we leave the "WAR-; agfo, the tliffecent contacts which
tuning in the college station, RANS." had been made in Washington
WRIUF, and a typewriter is POLY ARTMAN wandrs ad up to the time when Washing-
found pushed into as many direc- through a maze of three beds iand f
tions as the times you enter the a room and, whenever he decides t, following the hurricane of
place. Usually, there is aome to study, throws a five-foot heap September 2, said that should the
humorous note to a pal, or firm, of clothes from his chair and an- railroad abandon the structures
or friend of another college in .cther from his desk onto his bed. between the mainland and Key
it. In a second room two double- After studying, and just before West it would be the logical
decker beds ri::l almost to the retiring, the mass is once again
ceiling and closet, and draws, carefully transported to its usual thing to use thesa structures for
stained( dark green, enclose a wash: resting place. Scores of shoes are thoi proposed bridges.
stand and mirror. Th' floor is scattered in the dark corners be- Estimates, he said, for the
usually diPty andl heel-printed pa- neath the beds, and a flashlight is construction of these bridges
pers lie on it. Outside there is a usually employed, even in the (lay- pointed to a figure less than 50
winding staircase with brown til- time, to find two-of-a-kind. Bull percent oft the loiet estimates
cd floor and walls. Up this qtair- sessions and shrieks (some college ladle for independent bridges,
ease are thrown firecrackers and boy probably tearing his hair) which was about $8,000,000,
stink bolmbs and in an air vent penetrate all the rooms at any He had, since being appointed
on the bottom floor is burnt old time during the day and night, by the county commissioners, city
rarrs and paper's "''just to give the Bedtime is sometime after mid- council and bridge commission to
place an atmosphere." night. Of course, SIR LAW- negotiate for the railroad struc-
GAW and LITTLE WILL (The RENCE usually retires to one of tures, contacted the receivers of
Richards hoys when they're meet- the back rooms to do his studying, the road. Public Works Adminis--
ing gals in a ,-trange town) have or to'(he library. tration and the Reconstruction Fi-
two small rooms, one of them an These are the typical examples nance Corporation.
open air sleeping porch. Two of college men's rooms. The girls Tentative Offer Agreed Upon
large blankets embalzoned with at Tally-well, they have a mod- A tentative offer for the
the Culver "arms" are spread over ernistic red and white and chrom- structures of the road from one
the walls. On the wall opposite ium plated steel smoking room, mile south of Florida City to Key
you, as you enter, is a hosiery ad, and that's about all you or I West had been made by him and
with a rather pretty girls with should know about them there, tentative acceptance of the offer
rather pretty legs on it (But we Till we read again! had been agreed upon pending ac-
-- ....... ..- -..-....... .. ._. ceptance by the court.
SMr. Treadway then explained
HOPELESS MUDDLE STILL NO 'SLOTS' that in the matter of funds to pur-
IN FORT MYERS chase the structures, which were
---- to be secured from WPA, RFC
WASHINGTON, D. C., March or any other governmental
SFort Myers seems to be the agency, the latter organization
30.-Temporary airmail service only town in the state which has had agreed to sell the bonds to
to Key West from Miami will be successfully kept the ban on the get the money for the project.
:lot machines. Last week a man l The speaker then read a tele-
continued at least until Congress maine Lt we a ngram from Governor Sholtz, now
h d nm ade an attempt to operate one in Washington on the bridges,
ha decided on the size of the of the fully-armed bandits but and other matters, as follows:
postoffice department appropria- he lasted only a short time. At Received assurances Overseas
tion for the coming fiscal year; last report there were none op. H!ahway project would be ap-
Ierating in the town. proved, depending on War De-

and even if airmail service is then
abandoned because of shortage of
funds, an effort will be made to
avoid the use of ferries for trans.
porting the mail to Key West, it
was learned today from Stephen
A. Cisler, chief of the airmail di-
vision of the postoffice depart-
The department is now in-
vestigatiing two other possibilities
for taking care of the Key West
mail situation, Cisler uaid. One is
establishment of a "star" mail
route to carry the mail by trucks
over the highway now under con-
struction; the other is use of the
Florida East Coast Railroad, in
the event it resumes operation.
The railroad is favored, and
should it rebuild its line and again
start running trains to Key West,
will undoubtedly get the mail-
carrying contract, Cisler said.
Feasibility ofi a "star" route
by motor truck has not been fully
determined, the airmail division
chief indicated. Questions of the
possibility of delayed mail by
such a system, of the probable
volume of mail during coming
months, and of estimated cost of
such a truck service as compare%
with airmail, will all have to be
answered before a final decision
can be made
Whether the airmail will be
continued permanently depends
primarily upon the amount of the

Fruits And Vegetables
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of a wholesome diet. But they
have to be FRESH to be
GOOD. Careful and frequent
buying ke ps our counters sup-
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Tift's Cash Grocery
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The means adopted was the
passage of an ordinance requir-
ing that all who desired to "play"
as lot machine must register on a
book which the operator of the
machine must keep, and a com-
plete record must be kept of all
winnings (if any) and all losses.
In fact. while the right was rec-
ognized, the city invoked its own
right to require that strict ac-
count be kept of all "business"
Personally we do not cherish a
grudge against the slot machines.
They don't bother us because we
appropriation granted by Con-
gress, 'Cislr said, though the
status of other means of trans-
portation between Key West and
the mainland, at the time the ap-
propriation is granted, will have
a bearing on the decision.
"We will give Key West the
best service that conditions per-
mit", Cisler promised.
While airmail service is con-
tinued, all first class mail will be
delivered daily, as at present, the
plane carrying on each trip as
much second class mail as pos-
sible. Most of the bulk mail, how-
ever, will continue to be sent to
Key West by the Tampa-Havana
boat, until some permanent mail
service for Key West is estab.
listed. it was said. Should n
"star" route be established, to
operate by trucks over the high-
way, arrangements will be made
to transport second-class mail
along with first-class, for more
prompt delivery, it was said.


In Its Finest Style
Speoialling in Sea Foods
Key West meals at their best
in inuvitng surroundings
A six.eourse dinner .......... S0e
618 Duval St. Phone 471.J

don't put any money into them.
We have some small element of
the gambler in our make-up, but we
do like to have a small chance of
winning when we speculate. As a
moral influence in a community,
however, we consider the slot ma-
chine as about the most pernicious
form of plain robbery. If the loss
of the money played into them af-
fected nobody but the player, we
would say let the chump waste
his substance if he wants to. But
the wrong does not stop there.
Most of the money that goes in-
to the slot machines is owing to
somebody in legltitate tradeL.-f0r
grocery bills or clothing or o.thet
essentials to comfortable life. It
provides no real amusement, ap-
peads only to a morbid
get something for nothing, and in
short offers no legitimate excuse
for its existence except for the
benefits it bestows upon those
who own or operate it and cbl-
lect the swag.
Any community would be bet-
ter off without slot machines
than with them, and most of those
who have them in their places of
business agree with that senti-
mont. When the law sanctions
them there is little left for a
merchant to do put provide him-
self with come, in self-defonse.-
The Arcadian.
i - r- ---*~


A Book of Verse By
Stephen Cochran Singleton
(Ed. Sunday Star)
"The blood-red tinge of the
hibiscus, the upward pointing
of the rugged pines, the splash
of the turquoise sea and the
spirit of keys are evident on
every page."
PRICE $1.00
For Sale at The Citisen Office
and at "The Old Trading Post"

e* e****e eeeee0a* ee see*eeee *e**eeoo ee* ee eee*eeeo eeee *ee **e*ee eeee*oee eeeo

oeeoeeeoooeee oeeeoeoooeoee eee oeeoceooeeeee oeee e oeeeeoe seoeeee eeoeeeoes

Ley Memorial M. E.
First Presbyterian

Georgia & Division Sts.
White & Washington Sts.

First Methodist Simonton & Eaton Sts.
Fleming Street Methodist Fleming & William Sts.
First Congregational 527 William St.

First Baptist
Christian Science
Pentecostal Mission
Church of God
St. Paul's Episcopal

St. Peter's, Episcopal
7th Day Adventist
Bethel, A. M. E.
Newman M. E.
Trinity Presbyterian
Zion Methodist

Eaton bet. Duval & Sim'n.
Division St.
327 Elizabeth St.
909 Olivia St.
1106 Olivia St.
Duval & Eaton Sts.
Southard & Simontdn Sts.
8 P. 'M. Every Friday

Center, nr. Olivia St.
Southard, nr. Thomas St.
Division & Thomas Sts.
410 Division St.
715 Simonton St.
704 Whitehead St.
Virginia St.

Rev. M. L. Smith
Rev. J. C. Gekeler
Rev. J. B. Culpepper, Jr.
Rev. Shuler Peele
Rev. E. Richard Evans
Rev. Sam Pinder
Rev. Wm. Reagan, S. J.

Rev. Wm. Skondeen
Rev. J. M. Gresham
Father A. B. Dimmick
Rabbi Philip Kristal

Father Saunders
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ity welfare comparable to the
service clubs. Their good deeds
pre often hidden under the bush-
el of self-effacement. But yearly
they continue in world for under-
privileged children, the crippled
and the handicapped in a manner,
that deserves the commendation
of all who appreciate good biti-
...-.hl. .. .....miIM A*IA 4" 1ka nuk. 1 I

Szelihe p as exempliJed in Mte p ur-L-
pose to assist the unfortunate.
The Rotary clubs of Florida, ya
in addition to the diversified ef- G ta ner 's
forts of the individual organiza- a
tions, carry on a conlmon pro- .J lflPm c'V
ject, in connection with the state
university, that merits the conm-
mondation of Floridians who PRESCRIPTIONS
value the spread of higher educa-
tion, 34 Duval Street
During the present scholastic
year at the University of Florida PHONE 177
60 worthy students were afforded
loans to assist them in following
a college education. Nearly 20
cities were represented in the
student group to which loans had |si r trias
been made, Miami having two
students who availed themselves R d
of the facilities of the Rotary ed- s o od
ucational loan fund. A Shiple IHome Treatment
If the Rotary clubs of Florida
have no other answer to their PreOV It At Smell Cost
critics, they justify their exist- Never mind what people say, if
once in this one project, If aid- you have varicose or swollen veins
ing the underprivileged or crippled and want to reduce them,get an
original 2-unce bottle of EImerald
child, assisting worthy college stu- On (full strength), at any first-class
dents financially are the marks drug store. e
of a small-town mind it would be Apd i, I at to the enlarged elns a
a sad day for any community noticed in a fe* day. Continue its
when men no longer gather to-. au s of swellig dinitshes.
gether for these high civic pur-
poses but cloak themselves with M C) Nt l
an intellectual superiority that
has no heed for the needs of hu-
manity.-Miaami Herald.

POULTRY FEEDING Key West Restaurants
PRO LM OV are famous the world over
PROBLEMS SOLVED "' for their
NINEr YARS of aroful^ for their
NIN E YEARS of careful F'I'l't N I'ri/1!


up)*^t^ *44


i; '-4



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apartment's estimate, In addition ceived and assurances given that ROBE BOOK
left written memoranda reminder the money is available, work hOB S B
with secretary as requested. Be- could begin practically at onceI NAVIGATION CHARTS
lieve will require followup and and he, Mr. Treadway, believed Full line of Magazines and
we may have to make special re-'the bridges would be completed in Newspapers
turn trip, although assured of just a little more than one year 222 DUVAL STREET
sympathetic understanding -
m tet of from the time work is started.
problem, I He said he had received 100
Confident of Getting Money He said he had received 100
Mr, Treadway said that he was per cent cooperation from the H l K neys
confident the money will be au-, different bodies in Key West and P ale
thori ed and the road be con- the people as a whole. He asked Don't Take Dresti Drugs
Your Kidneys contain 9 mll on tiny
structed. B, M'. Duncan. he said. that everyone continue to work tubes or filters which ay be endaner ed
consulting engineer of the state in unison as they had in the past, rby nlct or drastic, IrrltatlnS 4rus. P.
cnreful. It fqnotlonal idney r I pr.%dder
road department, had been work-l do everything possible to get the disorders mke you su.efr oral m ettin
UpNllrNhts, Nervousnes, Lose of Pep, 'leg
ing on the matter, had secured a' road completed and Key West Pains. Rheumatic Pains, Diziness. CLr-
mass of data, and had plans made; would get back on the map and tlurui ng "dartns or Ituracit I dityon
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- -;I. --;-. .-.. Illr -----



SUNDAY, APRTL 112, 10,16.


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