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Title: Center for Applied Optimization activity reports
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Title: Center for Applied Optimization activity reports
Series Title: Center for Applied Optimization activity reports
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Creator: Center for Applied Optimization, University of Florida
Publisher: Center for Applied Optimization, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: 1997-1999
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1997-99 Activity Report

Center for Applied Optimization
Modeling and Computation for Engineering, Science and Industry
University of Florida, Gainesville FL 32611

Engineering Address: Mathematics Address:
371 Weil Hall .; Little Hall
P.O.Box ll,)*) ; P.O.Box lh'l.
Phone: .; -'-.;',l'-,ii".,i Phone: .. '-392-0281 ext. 244
Fax: ..: '-392-.:.;, Fax: .. '-392-6254
E m ail: ..to i t*,ii. .i .-.. j!/ , l E m ail: t .. .. i i, l h, j!/ ,Ij

The Center for Applied Optimization at the Uiii; -if of Florida is an interdisciplinary cen-
ter which encourages joint research and applied i'i P I among faculty from. I i i.. mathematics and
business. It also encourages increased awareness of the rapidly growing field of optimization through publica-
tions, conferences, joint research and student exchange. It was founded in September 1992. The co-directors
are Drs. Donald Hearn and Panos Pardalos of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and
Dr.\\ dIIh ii, Hager of the Department of Mathematics. Center :;tli i., include faculty from Industrial and
Systems E!!_i1,. ii;,_ Civil I'i ._i1,. ii_ Aerospace -Eii-;,.. il;,_ Mechanics and Engineering Science, i.l. -
trical F!_ii.., iiiComputer and Information Sciences, ('!I. ill. 1 F ii.., ii;_ Mathematics, and Decision
and Information Sciences.

Optimization !1 i, be characterized as determining the maximum benefit of a decision process by
the use of mathematical modeling. For example, the most well-known technique, linear I'l'- "iiiii'"i- has
long been used by large companies in resource allocation, capital ',,l_ lii- production planning, facility
location, vehicle routing and scheduling and !ii i other decision problems. Typically these problems are
very large with ,ii, variables and restrictions on the decision process. \\ ill optimization modeling and
the help of fast computers for numerical computation, organizations of all sizes can now make more accurate
and beneficial decisions.

Optimization also embodies fundamental mathematical principles which arise in technical areas such
as engineering design, control of dynamic processes, and -I, 1,- :I, I, -i- Numerical optimization i'l a
key role in solving models of !! ,ii such complex processes. Thus an important activity of the Center is the
development of optimization software.


1 Affiliated Faculty and 1997-99 Visitors 3

2 Students In Optimization 5

2.1 Current Ph.D. raL,[. i in Optimization . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... 5

2.2 Center for Applied Optimization Ph. D. Graduates . . . . . . . . . . ... 7

2.3 Center for Applied Optimization Engineer Graduates . . . . . . . . . . .... 8

3 Current Research Projects in Optimization 9

4 Optimization Software Developed 13

5 Optimization Journals, Newsletter and Book Series 14

6 Invited Presentations on Optimization Research 15

7 Seminars 19

7.1 1997-1998 Applied Optimization Seminars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

7.2 1999 Applied Optimization Seminars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

8 Swedish Exchange Programs 21

9 Other Activities 23

10 1997-99 Refereed Publications in Optimization 25

1 Affiliated Faculty and 1997-99 Visitors

Industrial and Systems Engineering:

Ravindra K. Ahuja. Ph.D. (Indian Institute of T. ....-' ), Combinatorial Optimization, Logis-
tics and Supply-('! ,ii management, Airline Scheduling, Heuristic Optimization, Routing and
Sherman Bai, Ph.D. (MIT), Operations Research, Manufacturing Systems
Richard Francis, Ph.D. ('\. .! thwestern), Location Theory, Facilities Design
Joseph P. Geunes. Ph.D. (P. ii 1 ii, i, ,i.. University ), Manufacturing and Logistic Systems
Aii I -- and Design, Supply-( '! ,Ii Management, Operations Planning and Control Decisions
Donald Hearn, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins), Operations Research, Optimization, Transportation Science
Tom Kisko, IS' (Florida), Robotics, Digital Simulation
Panos Pardalos, Ph.D. (. !ii i. -..i ,1, Combinatorial and Global Optimization, Parallel Computing
Suleyman Tufekci, Ph.D. (Georgia Tech), Network Modeling, Virtual Manufacturing, Integrated
Product and Process Design, Logistics
Stanislav Uryasev. Ph.D. (Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, Ukraine), M1., !i .-in Optimization,
Equilibrium Theory, Applications in 1i !!! ..- Fii and Transportation.


Gang Bao, Ph.D. (Rice), Inverse and Optimal design Problems for Partial Differential Equations
William Hager, Ph.D. (MIT), Numerical A' i,- -i- Optimal Control
Bernhard Mair, Ph.D. (. !. Gill), Inverse A' i,- -1-
Andrew Vince, Ph.D. (. !,ii, i,, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Polytopes, Combinatorial Algo-
rithms, Discrete Geometry
David Wilson, Ph.D. (Rutgers), Image Processing

Civil Engineering:

Kirk Hatfield, Ph.D. (.! .- .. !,-. 11 *i Water O, iiil Modeling, Optimization in Environmental

Aerospace Engineering, Mechanics & Engineering Science:

Raphael Haftka, Ph.D. (UC San Diego), Si,,L. I1,i I and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Genetic

Electrical Engineering:

William Edmonson, Ph.D. (N.C. M1 ,i., Adaptive 1 IIl. 1I Parametric Estimation, Genetic Algo-
rithms, Intelligent Systems, Optimization

Decision & Information Sciences:

Harold Benson, Ph.D. ('\ .! thwestern), Multi-criteria Optimization, Global Optimization
Selcuk Erenguc, Ph.D. (Indiana), Optimal Production Planning

Computer & Information Science & Engineering:

Gerhard X. Ritter, Ph.D. (\\ '-...i-i'i, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition,
Applied Mathematics

Chemical Engineering:

Oscar D. Crisalle, Ph.D. (UC Santa Barbara), Process Control F" _i.. i- 1 Modeling and Opti-

1997-99 Visitors:

Motakuri Ramana, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins), Semidefinite P,.,_i ii iiiii_ Network Optimization, Mul-
tiquadratic Optimization, Graph Theory, C .,ii1 .i I Theory
Yasutoshi Yajima, Ph.D. (Tokyo Institute of T !li!i..,..- ), Global Optimization, Combinatorial Op-
Tania Querido, Ph.D. (Universide Federal do Rio de Janeiro), Combinatorial Optimization, Graph
Theory, Algorithms
Reiner Horst, ( University of Trier), Global Optimization, Mathematical Programming
Paola Festa, (Universita' degli "1!l,, di Salerno), Network Optimization, Robotics, Global Opti-

2 Students In Optimization

2.1 Current Ph.D. Students in Optimization

Mohammed Altuwaim is working on the optimization of periodic processes that can be described accu-
rately using bilinear representations. Advisor: Crisalle.

V.R. Basker is working on optimization problems concerning the minimization of robustness measures,
such as the structured singular value, and the Nyquist robust-stability margin. Advisor: Crisalle.

George Boger is working on Theory and Algorithms for Multiplicative Programming Problems, and con-
tinues his work on heuristics and exact procedures for globally solving multiplicative programming
problems. George passed the oral portion of his Ph.D. ,., il f- i,_- exam in August, 1997. Advisor:

Joongkyu Choi is working on optimal production control. Advisor: Bai.

Juan Cruz is working at NASA I. ii_. Research Center on use of optimization for finding weak points in
models of |1i, -!, 1 response.

Sandra Duni is working on network optimization. Advisor: Pardalos.

Jon D. Engelstad is working on the optimization of emulsion polymerization reactors, with an emphasis
on modeling and control. Advisor: Crisalle.

Kostas Hrissagis is working on mixed-objective optimization problems, including l1/HL,, and 12/H, con-
trol design for -l 1il.iil robustness and performance. Advisor: Crisalle.

Shu-Jen Huang is working on numerical methods for the simulation of thunderstorm sprites.

Wen Lee is working on solving the harmonic retrieval problem using interval methods of optimization.
Advisor: Edmonson.

Boyang Liu is working on optimization of wing structures made from composite materials by genetic
algorithms. Advisor: ., .'.i,

H. Michael Mahon is working on optimal 11 control theory, with applications to robust controller ii11,
sis. Advisor: Crisalle.

Raluca Rosca is working on comparison of optimization against risk based on probabilistic models and on
fuzzy set models. Advisor: f. f,'i .'

Erjiang Sun passed the written and oral portion of his Ph.D. ,1i, if- i,,- exam. He had results on the
Closedness of i. ii, Sets in Multiple Objective Mathematical Programming and on Outcome Space
Algorithms for Multiple Objective Linear Programming. Advisor: Benson.

Satchi Venkatraman is working on use of response surfaces for design optimization of structures of launch
vehicles. Advisor: f,,. i.','

Gerhard Venter is working on use of response surfaces for engineering optimization. Advisor: If,, .'I .

Roberto Vitali is working on use of response surfaces for combining simple and complex models. Advisor:

Shuang Yang is designing computer-based algorithms that track the epicardial and endocardial borders
of the left ventricle of the heart. These methods are to be based on optimization methods that have
evolved from the calculus of variations-in particular, a technique known as optical flow. Advisor:
II / ...

Kuo-Huei Yen is developing optimal algorithms for the computation of robust -I 1l. 1i- margins of dy-
namical -, in,- affected by parametric uncertainties of the ,,t!i.- and linear !" Advisor: Crisalle.

Mehmet B. Yildirim is working on network optimization. Advisor: Hearn.

2.2 Center for Applied Optimization Ph. D. Graduates

Mehmet Akansel completed his Ph.D in 1997. His thesis was on lot streaming problems. Advisor: I ., ',

Raymond Carrol completed his Ph.D. degree in Dec. 1998. He is now a Senior A !,!- -I with Royal Bank
in Toronto, Canada. Advisor: Mair.

Hsin-Der Chen graduated in August, 1993. His dissertation research on New Techniques for Lotsizing
Models has led to four publications, and he developed a new pivoting I l. for linear programming
which is the -,Li. 1. I of an additional publication. During 1993-94 he was a research associate of the
Center. In Fall, 1994 he accepted an assistant professorship with Providence U, I; -if Taichung,
Taiwan. Advisors: Hearn and Lee.

Luana Gibbons graduated in August, 1994, writing a dissertation on continuous and discrete approaches
to the maximum clique problem. 'rI- accepted a position with Cutting Edge Optimization, Inc.,
Atlanta, GA. Advisors: Hearn and Pardalos.

Mohsen El Hafsi defended his Ph.D. thesis on PI., Optimal D,- .... Setup Problem for MI- ...... .,. ".,
S.,,,' ..... in July, 1995. During 1995-96 he was a postdoctoral fellow in the ISE Department. He has
a tenure-track position at the Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management of the Uni, -i-f of
California at Riverside. Advisors: Bai and Sivazlian.

Jeffery Herrmann graduated in August, 1993, writing a dissertation entitled An Investigation of Produc-
tion Scheduling Problems Motivated by Semiconductor f ..., !.. '', After two years as a visitor, he
accepted a position as assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department and the Institute
for Systems Research at the U ,i i i of -,T I, 1 1. i College Park. Advisor: Lee.

Alex Hipolito completed his Ph.D. in August, 1993, writing a dissertation on A Weighted Least Squares
Approach to Direction Finding in Mathematical Programming. A paper from his research was a finalist
in the 1993 Operations Research Society competition. After two years in a postdoctoral position
at Delft University of T,, 1i!-.1..-- in the Netherlands, he returned as an assistant professor in the
Department of Mathematics, University of the Philippines. Advisor: Hearn.

Tom Horak defended his dissertation entitled Optimal Component Placement in May, 1994, and accepted
a visiting position at Rutgers Uni -il Newark. Advisor: Francis

Dukwon Kim defended his Ph.D dissertation in July, 1999. He developed several algorithms for solving
general nonconvex piecewise linear cost network flow problems using a dynamic slope scaling procedure.
Advisor: Pardalos.

Bassam Khoury completed his Ph.D. dissertation on I., ... ., Problem in Graphs, and his research
resulted in three journal publications. He graduated in December, 1993. Advisor: Pardalos.

Franz-Josef Kraimer defended his dissertation on Essays in Production Scheduling and graduated in
Summer, 1994. Advisor: Lee.

Soon Chul Park completed Ph.D. on the solution of graph partitioning problems using continuous quadratic
programming in 1999. Advisor: Hager.

Leonidas Pitsoulis completed his Ph.D in 1998, and he is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Princeton.
Advisor: Pardalos.

Hari Pulapaka received his Ph.D. in 1995 in the field of graph theory and 1i-1 ***|, His dissertation
was entitled Non-revisiting Paths and C.,' 1, in Polyhedral Maps. He is 1* ni1,' ,\ at Valdosta ,I i,,-
University. Advisor: Vince.

Brenda Rayco IS (Illinois) defended her Ph.D. dissertation on Algorithmic Approaches to Demand Point
.1,(,(,,,,,',... for Location Models, and graduated May, 1996. NI,. is currently at Uni i-Bl of Hong
Kong. Advisor: Francis.

Purandar Sarmah received the Ph.D. in 1993, writing a dissertation on Application of !. y: ...... and
!. ,j, ..,., ...q ', ".1, in !. :. ......... 1'.i" ..... He currently has a position with Bellcore, Piscataway,
NJ. Advisor: Hager.

Chun-Liang Shih completed his Ph.D. dissertation entitled Active Set s;.,' in Optimization and
graduated May, 1995. He was hired by the Department of Applied Mathematics, Kaohsiung Polytechnic
Institute, Taiwan. Advisor: Hager.

George Vairaktarakis wrote a dissertation on multicriteria decision making in production management
and graduated in Summer, 1994. He accepted an assistant professorship in the Business School,
Marquette University. Advisor: Lee.

Elliott Williams defended his dissertation on Solution Techniques for Problems in Lot .......'. y and
graduated in Spring, 1995. He accepted a position with EP 1L i Corp., Miami, FL. Advisor: 1.,/. I'

Yongzhi Yang received his Ph.D. in 1994 in the field of graph theory. His dissertation was entitled Edge
Reconstruction in Graphs. He is 'ii l1, 1 at Alabama ,i i,.- University. Advisor: Vince.

2.3 Center for Applied Optimization Engineer Graduates

Robert Murphy received his engineer degree in 1997. His thesis was entiltled Multigraphs, Weighted
Graphs and the F.7..,..... Assignment Problem. Advisor: Pardalos.

Eduardo Pasiliao received his engineer degree in 1999. His thesis was entiltled A ...,,,I., Randomized
Adaptive Search Procedure for the Multi-Criteria Radio Link F-.;' .., Assignment Problem. Advisor:

3 Current Research Projects in Optimization

* Scheduling Algorithms for the Autonomous Dial-A-Ride Transit. This project involved de-
veloping construction and improvement based heuristic algorithms for an autonomous version of dial-
a-ride transit problems. The existing algorithms are centralized algorithms and do not perform well as
customer load increases. The project focused on developing decentralized algorithms that can handle
much greater loads. PIs: Ahuja and Orlin (MIT). Source of funds: US Department of I, ..... 1",I ;. ...

* Combined Fleeting-Through Assignment Model. The existing fleet assignment models used by
airlines first determine the optimal fleet assignment and for this fleet assignment determine the optimal
through assignment (which pairs of flights be made through flights). The 1!-.i..l I involved developing
models which integrates fleet assignment with through a assignments. Higher revenues are anticipated
by the use of integrated models. PIs: Ahuja and Orlin (MIT). Source of funds: United Airlines.

* Cyclic Exchange Neighborhood Search and Other Very Large Scale Neighborhood Search
Techniques. The lo,.i.I. I consists of developing neighborhood search algorithms for partitioning
problems, a large subclass of combinatorial optimization problems that find significant applications in
logistics, manufacturing, telecommunications and scheduling, using cyclic exchange neighborhoods. It
is anticipated that the use of cyclic exchange neighborhood will yield more accurate algorithms for
solving partitioning problems than currently available. PIs: Ahuja and Orlin (MIT). Source of funds:
National Science Foundation.

* Inverse Problems in Diffractive Optics and Wave Propagation. We examine the mathe-
matical issues and computational methods for solving the following three classes of problems: inverse
and optimal design problems in diffractive optics, direct problems in nonlinear diffractive optics, and
inverse problems in several dimensional wave propagation. PI: Bao. Source of funds: National Science

* Surface Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Effects. The main topics of the project are: -I ,lifil
for inverse diffraction problems, direct modeling of scattering and liti! i i, I of complicated nonlinear
optical materials, and surface enhanced nonlinear optical effects. PI: Bao. Source of funds: Research
Development Awards (RDA), UF.

* Global Approaches in Multiple Objective Optimization. This is an open-ended project for
finding and creating global optimization techniques for representing the t- .. i i1 sets in multiple objec-
tive linear and nonlinear programming problems. To date, a"-!I, ...i ,." approach has been developed
and tested on linear problems. Other approaches are currently being investigated. PI: Benson.

* Citrus Rootstock Selection via Multiple Objective Optimization. This I!".i." I involved de-
veloping and i|il i,,- a multiple objective linear programming model to the problem of selecting
appropriate mixes of citrus rootstocks to use in Florida's citrus groves. The solution method is an
enhanced version of an interactive algorithm for multiple objective linear programs called STEM. We
found that STEM performs poorly in practice with citrus growers unless it is enhanced by finding the
minima of the criteria over the !t. i0 set as benchmarks for the decision maker. We developed a fast,
accurate heuristic for this purpose to help obtain citrus rootstock plans for groves in the Fort Pierce
area of Florida. PI: Benson.

* A Heuristic for Multiplicative Programming. This project involved developing a fast but ac-
curate approximate procedure for solving the global optimization problem of minimizing a product of
linear functions over a polyhedron. A promising heuristic that uses multiple objective programming
ideas has been developed and tested computationally. PI: Benson.

* A Survey of Concave Minimization Algorithms. i 1, approaches and algorithms for solving
the important global optimization problem of minimizing a concave function over a convex set have
now been proposed. The survey provided a framework for describing and categorizing these numerous
methods and evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of each method. PI: Benson.

* Fast Approaches for Solving the Modular Design Problem. The modular design problem is an
optimization model for minimizing the total cost of producing modules made of constituent parts of
various I " This problem has 111 i. ir benefits when used at the design stages of a production process
to minimize product costs. Mathematically, it can be modeled in a i. of ways. This project seeks
to develop a fast algorithm for finding optimal solutions to large-scale versions of this problem. Part
of the approach will involve investigating alternate ways of representing the problem. The remainder
will involve tailoring nonlinear or global optimization approaches to the chosen formulation to create
the algorithm desired. PIs: Benson and Pardalos.

* Minimizing Convex and Concave Functions over Efficient Sets. The problem of optimizing a
function over the tin i0 set of a multiple objective linear programming problem has become the sub-
ject of i ,ii recent studies due to its practical importance in ;i, i1 i,- and solving multiple objective
linear programs. This project seeks to ;,,i I -1- this problem for cases when the objective function is
convex or concave and, by using recent developments from the field of global optimization, to develop
algorithms for solving the resulting problems. PI: Benson.

* Quasi-Concave and Concave Minimization: Some New Results. Some important theoretical
properties of quasi-concave and concave minimization have either been overlooked or falsely stated
to date in the literature. This ,.i. .i. I will present some important new mathematical properties of
quasi-concave and concave functions and minimization problems. PI: Benson.

* Outcome Set Approaches in Optimization. This project seeks to develop the theory and tools
needed for solving large classes of mathematical programming problems more ti ,. I I!;, by working in
the outcome space instead of taking the more traditional but cumbersome approach of working in the
larger, more complex decision space. Initial stages will concentrate on the all-linear case. PI: Benson.

* An Efficient Outcome Set Algorithm for Multiplicative Programming. Using some of the
ideas from outcome set theory, an t wi ,i algorithm for solving the linear multiplicative problem will
be developed. Central to the algorithm will be the use of Tuy cuts in the outcome space, rather than
in the decision space. PI: Benson.

* Aggregation for Large-Scale Location Problems. T ,i, large-scale location problems involve
millions of demand points. An example of such a problem would be finding best locations of video tape
rental stores in a city when the distances between the stores and all the residences in the city must be
considered. In this example, every residence in the city could be a demand point. What is often done
in practice is to assume every residence in each zip code area in the city is at the centroid of the zip
code area. This ., -ii. I -i.,i of the demand points simplifies the problem but introduces error. This
grant focuses on finding good ways to do demand point .-i. ,l. for various location problems in
such a way as to keep the error small. This NSF grant supports the Ph. D. student II',l Emir. Ms.
Emir presented a joint paper in October 26, 1999, at the Seattle INFOi:. IS meeting, titled Demand
Point A -. ii. i for the Location Covering Model. PI: Francis. Source of funds: National Science

* Fully Automated Algorithm for Echocardiographic Quantitation. PI: Geiser and Ii i...
Source of funds:Advanced T, !..... l*.,,, Laboratories

* Variable Complexity Optimization of Composite Structures. Development of optimization
strategies that combine accurate and expensive models with inexpensive and less accurate models for
the design of composite panels. PI: Ul,,ilH, Source of funds: NASA.

* Wing Structural Design by Genetic Algorithms and Homotopy Methods. Development of
two-level structural optimization methods for wing structural design, with genetic algorithms used at
the lower level to design individual wing panels. PI: U.iH '. Source of funds: Air Force Otim. of
Scientific Research.

* Variable Complexity Structural Optimization of Launch Vehicles. Development of optimiza-
tion strategies that combine accurate and expensive models with inexpensive and less accurate models
for the design of launch vehicle structures. PI: Ulj'iJ, Source of funds: NASA.

* Efficient Approximation for Structural Optimization under Multiple Damage Cases. De-
velopment of approximations of structural response that allow inexpensive estimates of the effect of
damage and changes in the structure. PIs: H',l, and Garcelon. Source of funds: NASA.

* Discrete Approximations in Variation Problems. The numerical ;, i1 -i- of infinite dimensional
variational problems, such as variational inequalities involving ordinary l[!!t I i I ii i equations, I thlI, i-
ential inclusions, and optimal control problems, is developed. Using recent -1 ,1,i1i results, errors
estimates are derived for discrete approximations of state constrained optimal control problems. For
linear/quadratic problems with control and state constraints, tim. ii, algorithms are developed for
computing a solution. In addition, the -I ,l.ii- theory is applied to generate both a priori and a
posteriori estimates for the errors in the computed solutions. For .lt!!. i. I Ii inclusions, discretizations
are developed with .11, 1. i, -. i. 1i i 1, I to encompass problems with discontinuous right sides and state
constraints. PI: Hager. Source of funds: National Science Foundation.

* Modeling and Optimal Design in Micro-optics. PI: Hager, Bao and Moskow. Source of Funds:
National Science Foundation.

* Innovative sparse matrix algorithms. Solving computational problems in science and engineering
often involves solving sparse linear -1. i of equations. In this research, Davis and Hager focus on
direct solution techniques, and the following avenues of research: (1) numerical update and downdate
methods, (2) ordering methods for reducing fill-in, including a powerful optimization approach based on
a continuous formulation to the graph partitioning problem, and (3) parallel I! iin i 11i. factorization
algorithms. PI: Hager and Davis. Source of Funds: National Science Foundation.

* Conference on Optimal Control. PI: Hager, Pardalos, Mair, and Bao. Source of Funds: National
Science Foundation.

* Decision Modeling for St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) Water
Supply Strategies. This model involves a mixed integer program for determining optimal future
sources of water supply while minimizing environmental effects. PIs: ,,l1'r, I./ and Hearn. Source of
funds: St. Johns River Water Management District.

* Traffic Assignment Models for Congestion Toll Pricing. Recent advances in intelligent highway
,* ,i 1 .!11-.1..,- makes practical an old idea: charge tolls for the use of congested links. This i 'i *r
concerns a study of the set of all toll vectors which will cause the user-optimal problem to be -1, 11,
optimal. PI: Hearn. Source of funds: National Science Foundation.

* Accelerated Decomposition Methods and Large-Scale Optimization Applications. The
overall objective of this research is to increase the tin i- and applicability of large-scale optimization
methods. Applications include models in operations research, production -,1 ,in- electrical and civil
engineering and the sciences. PI: Hearn. Source of funds: National Science Foundation.

* Traffic Assignment Algorithms. Accelerated algorithms for 1i1 !i I assignment and other congested
network models are under development. The algorithms are applied to models of urban 1i It I, natural
gas pipelines, urban water -l, I,- and in percolation -l, i,- PI: Hearn. Source of funds: National
Science Foundation and U, .' i, of / I rida EIES.

* New Algorithms for Maximum Clique Problems. New continuous and discrete algorithms have
been developed for this fundamental graph problem in the dissertation work of Luana Gibbons. The
problem has application in information retrieval, pattern recognition, coding theory, signal transmission
and experimental design. The new methods offer speedups which are orders of magnitude faster than
prior methods on 111 ii classes of graph problems. We are also investigating local optimality and related
properties for the Motzkin-' l-- formulation of the problem. PIs: Hearn and Pardalos. Source of
funds: National Science Foundation and U,. '" ,. i.' of / I rida EIES.

* Position Emission Tomography: Analysis and Algorithms. PIs: Mair and Rao. Source of
Funds: National Science Foundation.

* Tomography and Biomedical Imaging. PI: Mair. Source of Funds: DSR.

* Quadratic Assignment Algorithms. New very t-.in i I! parallel and sequential computational algo-
rithms have been developed for finding suboptimal (and global) solutions of the quadratic assignment
problem (this is a joint research effort with M.G.C. Resende and K.G. Ramkrishnan from Bell Labs).
Quadratic assignment problems have !i! I! applications in location theory, distributed computing,
combinatorial data ., 1, 1 -i- and VLSI design. Recently, two book was published in the Di \ 'S
Series, American Mathematical Society. PI: Pardalos.

* Optimization in Computational Chemistry and Molecular Biology. PIs: Pardalos joint with
C. I- ...../.., at Princeton. Source of Funds: National Science Foundation.

* Randomization Techniques in Algorithm Design. PIs: Pardalos joint with S. Rajasekaran from
CISE department of UF, and M. G. C. Resende at .1 .' Labs Reserach. Source of Funds: National
Science Foundation.

* Nonconvex Network Flow Problems. Several algorithms have been developed for solving minimum
concave cost network flow problems (with G. Guisewite). It has been shown that such problems can
be solved in polynomial time if the number of concave costs is fixed and the other costs are linear. The
overall objective of this research is to apply these results to an thi. i, algorithm for solving nonconvex
network flow problems. PI: Pardalos.

* Automatic Analysis of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Clinical Research Data
PI: Scott and Ii i/.... Source of funds: UF OP0.'.! .... ",q Fund.

* Algorithms for Lot-Streaming Problems. In this project sublot sizes are established for minimiz-
ing the makespan. Several methods are developed for consistent and nonconsistent sublot sizes. PI:
I., ,I .', Source of funds: U,. .., ', of / I lrida EIES.

* Dynamic Network Flows With Side Constraints. Modeling ,r. i_. ,, evacuations requires
large dynamic networks with !! !ii additional constraints representing congestion effects. Solution
algorithms are developed for solving these massive optimization problems. PI: 1. /..'. Source of
funds: U. '.. ,' 'i., of i lIrida EIES.

* Communication Network Design. The ;,: ,i1 '1.iil of tl.. i optics and increasing demand for
two-way audiovisual communication and interactive television has necessitated the study of feasible
il .I optic communication network design for homes. This study develops optimization models for
determining optimal network configurations. PI: 1.,/.'. Source of funds: U,.' ., of -'/..' .,

* Project Networks and Time-Cost Tradeoff Problems. In this work several algorithms are being
developed for solving time-cost tradeoff problems. Heuristic procedures are under development. PI:
1/ ,1'.I Source of funds: U, .. '!*., of / I rida EIES.

* The Greedy Algorithm and Coxeter Matroids. Matroids are the natural setting for the greedy
algorithm because the greedy algorithm solves the combinatorial optimization problem of finding the
independent set with greatest total weight. A Coxeter matroid is a generalization of matroid, ordinary
matroid being the case corresponding to the family of Coxeter groups usually denoted A,, isomorphic to
the !!!!!. i 1ii. group S,+1. There is, associated with Coxeter matroids, a combinatorial opitimization
problem that is also solved by the greedy algorithm. PI: Vince.

4 Optimization Software Developed

* RSDNET and RSDTA are computer codes for solving congested network optimization models.
They have been applied to problems in design of natural gas pipeline -1. ii,- percolation modeling
used in the design of lightweight electromagnetic shielding, and to 1i iti, network equilibrium problems
(D.W. Hearn, S. Lawphongpanich and J. Ventura).

* RSDTA II enhances the RSDTA's features by additional toll estimation procedures for 1i ,ti, network
equilibria (. I. I ii,. i B. Yildirim, D.W. Hearn and M. Ramana).

* LOTSIZE is a \\ ii, l ...- application for production planning which solves both single and multi-item
capacitated lot size problems. The solution algorithms are from the Ph.D. dissertation of Hsin-Der
('!I. i, and the \\ i1i...- software was developed by KTH visiting student Ron Birk.

* CBH is a heuristic for the maximum clique problem based on a new nonlinear optimization formulation,
and VHP is an exact algorithm. They have been extensively tested on Dl. !.\ 'S test problems and
both are from the dissertation research of Luana Gibbons. Other exact algorithms are C-P.f developed
by R. Carraghan and P.M. Pardalos and P-R.f based on a quadratic 0-1 formulation (P.M. Pardalos
and G.P. Rodgers).

* COVER and WTDCOVER solve the basic geometrical problem of covering a point set (possibly
weighted) with a circle of minimum radius by the i.1 ii .-Hearn algorithm. Applications include
minimax facility location and computer graphics (D.W. Hearn and J. Vijay).

* QUADNET is an implementation of Hager's dual active set algorithm for the separable quadratic
cost network flow problem. The code is available in both Fortran and Matlab (W.W. Hager and D.W.

* Q01SUBS solves unconstrained quadratic 0-1 problems both for dense and sparse matrices, including
concave quadratic minimization problems with box constraints (P.M. Pardalos and G. Rodgers).

* QAPP is an exact algorithm for solving quadratic assignment problems (P.M. Pardalos and J. Crouse),
and there are two versions of GQAP, a greedy randomized adaptive search procedure (GRASP) for
approximately solving dense and sparse problems.

* REMS: Regional Evacuation Modeling System is a network based 1i .i,. :1 ,! -i- i- -I. 11, for
*. ,. _. i area evacuations (S. Tufekci).

* ASCBM: Affine Scaling Central Bundle Method solves unconstrained and bound constrained
convex minimization problems. Designed for master problems that arise in decomposition and relax-
ation methods, it combines concepts from interior point algorithms, weighted least squares i,! -1-
smooth optimization and bundle techniques for nonsmooth optimization (A. Hipolito and D. W. Hearn).

5 Optimization Journals, Newsletter and Book Series

,. Journal of Global Optimization, published by Kluwer Academic Press, is the world's leading journal
in global and nonconvex optimization. Panos M. Pardalos is Editor-in-( 'I.!, t and Harold Benson is
an Associate Editor. The journal publishes papers dealing with every theoretical, computational and
applicational aspect of global optimization. Optimization is understood in the widest sense including,
for example, nonlinear, stochastic and combinatorial 'i iiiiiii i control, games, approximation
algorithms, and -I. ii- of nonlinear equations. Besides research articles and expository papers on
theory and algorithms of global optimization, papers on numerical experiments, applications, software
development, open research problems, and related book reviews are also published. Eight issues are
published annually.

Computational Optimization and Applications, which emerged in 1992 in response to the growth in
computing technologies relevant to the field of optimization, is increasing its publication frequency
from six issues per year to nine. \\ ill, iit W. Hager is Editor-in-('I. t, and Panos Pardalos and Donald
Hearn are Associate Editors. Papers dealing with all aspects of computational optimization algo-
rithm development and comparisons, implementation issues, modeling -I. in- and applications -
are published. Research with a cross-disciplinary flavor is particularly encouraged; Researchers from
industry are encouraged to collaborate with those from academia, while others with expertise on theo-
retical aspects of algorithm development are encouraged to collaborate with computational scientists.
The journal maintains a library of computer software associated with papers published in the journal.

Optima is the newsletter of the Mathematical Programming Society. It contains society news, articles
on optimization, information on conferences, and book reviews. Donald Hearn was founding editor in
1980. Publication and distribution continues from CAO under the current editor Karen Aardal. It is
now on the web at www.ise.ufl.edu/~optima.

Applied Optimization is a book series being published by Kluwer with Panos Pardalos and Donald
Hearn as Editors. The goal of the series is to publish state of the art expository research covering
all topics in applied optimization. In addition the series will include texts and monographs which are
suitable for graduate level courses in i -,i.. ,i1, business, applied mathematics, operations research
and computer science.

Nonconvex Optimization and Application is a series of books published by Kluwer and edited by Panos
Pardalos and R. Horst.

Combinatorial Optimization is a series of books published by Kluwer and edited by Panos Pardalos
and D. Du.

6 Invited Presentations on Optimization Research

Ravindra Ahuja gave invited talks on
"\-. I Large Scale Neighborhood Search," Dl !. 1 'S Conference on Large-Scale Optimization in
Logistics, Rutgers U, *. i-ii February, 1999.
"Combinatorial Algorithms for Inverse Network Flow Problems," INFOi:. IS Cincinnati; May
"\. i, Large Scale Neighborhood Search," INFOi:. IS Cincinnati; May 1999.
"Theory and Applications of Network Optimization," A talk given at ( 'S\ Transportation, Jack-
sonville, FL; April, 1999.
"Theory and Applications of Network Optimization." A talk given at SABRE T., iiii. .1. .- Solu-
tions, Dallas, TX, February, 1999.
".I i,.,l [ ..... Search Algorithms for the Combined Through-Fleet Assignment Model," the
United Airlines World Headquarters, ('!I,, .,I IL.
"lii,. i -- Optimization," Conference on Approximation and C .,ii,. .i,1 in Numerical Optimiza-
tion: Continuous and Discrete Problems, Gainesville, FL, February- March, 1999.
". '- Neighborhood Search Sint It,. for the Capacitated Minimum Spanning Tree Problem,"
INFOi:. IS Seattle, WA; November, 98.
"-i-. -.- Optimization," Departmental Seminar, Industrial and Systems Fii ii,.. iii,- Georgia
Institute of T. 1! .1..- ,, Atlanta; November, 1998.
New Neighborhood Search Algorithms for Partitioning Problems," Departmental Seminar, Cen-
ter for Research in Transportation (CRT), University of Montreal, Montreal; October, 1998.
"-i -. i -- Optimization," Department Seminar, Industrial and Systems Fii ii,.. iii,- Georgia In-
stitute of T. 1 i. .1. ._- Atlanta; November, 1998.
"'. ;- Neighborhood Search Algorithms for Partitioning Problems," Department Seminar, Center
for Research in Transportation, University of Montreal, Montreal; October, 1998.
"Solving Convex Cost Dual Network Flow Problems," INFOi:. IS Montreal; April, 1998.
1.i'..! 1,.,1,,ii Algorithm For The Convex Dual of Network Flow," INFOI:. IS Montreal; April,
". i-..Il : Optimization Learning From Recent Discoveries in Computer Science," INFO:. IS
Montreal; April, 1998.
ii-. i-.- Optimization," INFOi:. IS Dallas; October, 1997.
"ADART: Autonomous Dial-a-Ride Transit," INFOi:. IS Dallas, October, 1997.
"Algorithms for the Equal Flow Problem," INFOi:. IS San Diego; May, 1997.
"Solving Inverse Optimization Problems in Polynomial Time," INFOi:., IS San Diego; May, 1997.
". *- Polynomial-Time Cycle-Canceling Algorithms for Minimum Cost Flows," INFOi:. IS San
Diego, May, 1997.
"Solving Inverse Linear Programming and Network Flow Problems," A series of invited talks
given at the Uni,. i -if of Cagliari, Italy; September 1997.
"Telecommunication Network Design," Departmental seminar at the Ui .i -if of Cagliari, Italy;
September 1997.
"Scaling Algorithms for Network Flow Problems," Departmental seminar at the University of
Cagliari, Italy; September 1997.

Harold Benson gave invited talks on

"Generating the i.!. i. ii, Outcome Set in Multiple Objective Linear Programs: The Bicriteria
Case," the INFOi:. IS National Meeting, San Diego, CA, May 1997.

"Towards 1 [ii! !. Global Representations of the i.t. I. i Set in Multiple Objective Mathematical
Pi..- ii.iii_ the INFOi:. IS National Meeting, San Diego, CA, May 1997.

* \\ il!! ,i i Edmonson gave invited talks on

"SI.., !I ,-1. Approximation Methods for IIR Adaptive 1 iI<. I i University of West Indies, St.
Augustine, Trinidad, March 1997.
"Global Optimization in Signal Processing," Universidad Metropolitano, Caracas, Venezuela,
March 1997.

* Joseph Geunes gave invited lectures on

"Impacts of V ,i 1i. il Control Mechanisms on Distribution System Performance," the Spring
INFOi:. IS National Conference, Cincinnati, OH, May 1999.
"Requirements Planning for Multi-Product Systems with Component Substitutability," the Spring
INFO:.I IS National Conference, San Diego, CA, May 1997.
I .i11t 1, iLI Inn Planning in a Flexible Demand Environment: An Application to Specialty i.. I
Manufacturing," the Fall INFOi:. IS National Conference, Dallas, TX, October 1997.
"The Newsvendor Model: A Dynamic Heuristic for Infinite-Horizon Inventory Aii -1- the DSI
National Meeting, San Diego, CA, November 1997.

* \\ ill ii W. Hager presented invited lectures on

"The LP dual active set algorithm," Conference on High Performance Computing, Ischia, Italy,
June, 1997.
",L1. r approximation in state constrained optimal control," Optimal control conference, Detroit,
July, 1997.
",L1. r approximation in state constrained optimal control," Internation conference on dynamics
and control, Mexico, November, 1997.
"The wave annihilation technique and the design of nonreflective coatings," Conference on Dif-
ferential Equations, Vanderbilt U!i i -if November, 1997.
-".,!1. r approximation in state constrained optimal control," I i !..- element conference, Cornell
U!i. -I -i- October, 1997.
"A discrete model for the lightning discharge," Annual meeting of the American CG. .,.I'.l -1
Union, San Francisco, December, 1997.
"A new approach to Lipschitz .I.. iiil in state constrained optimal control," Twentieth S i,-
posium on Mathematical Programming with Data Perturbations, George Washington Ui i -!il
Washington, DC, May 21-22, 1998.
"Graph partitioning and continuous quadratic 'i-' '-iniiilil- Di. \L 'S Conference on Semidefi-
nite Programming and Its Applications to Large-Scale Discrete Optimization, Princeton, January
7-9, 1999.
"Uniform convergence and mesh independence of Newton's method for discretized variational
problems," SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications, Jacksonville, FL, May 7-9, 1998.
"The Euler approximation in state constrained optimal control," SIAM Conference on Control
and Its Applications, Jacksonville, FL, May 7-9, 1998.
"A new approach to Lipschitz ..0i III til- in state constrained optimal control," SIAM Conference
on Control and Its Applications, Jacksonville, FL, May 7-9, 1998.
"The wave annihilation technique and the design of nonreflective coatings," Fourth Internation
Conference on Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Wave Propagation, Golden, CO, June 1-5,

* Donald Hearn gave invited talks on

"Congestion toll pricing models," Montr6al Optimization Days, INFOi:., IS Spring National Meet-
ing and IFIP Conference, Cambridge UC 1 -i f 1999.
"A Decomposition Method for Congestion Toll Pricing," NSF Grantees Conference, Monterey,
Mexico, January, 1998 and INFOi:. IS Spring National Meeting, Montr6al, 1998.

* Bernhard Mair gave invited talks on

"Reconstruction of Positron Emission T. i. -i ,! '1, Images," at the workshop on Inverse Problems
in 9' ,i,-. held at Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Jan. 4-8, 1999.
".I ,!. I in .- in I|_ i,_ Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Livermore, CA, Nov. 16-17,
"PDE Methods in Automatic Segmentation and Edge Extraction," Lockheed Martin, Orlando,
July 28, 1998.
". I i, ,. ii, ,n Issues in Positron Emission T ii,- i '11 !," Third Conference for African American
Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences, Morgan Mi '.- Uii i i -il June 18-20, 1997.
"A Novel Weighted Least Squares Method for Poisson Data," SIAM 45th Anniversary Meeting,
Sii ,!,i,,,,[ CA, July 14-18, 1997.
"'. SI ii,-ii, ,! Reconstruction Algorithms for Positron Emission T.i-. ii 1 ," Universite de
N 1 I, N .il. France, Dec. 8-13, 1997.

* Panos Pardalos gave invited talks on

"High-Performance Computing," March, 1997 at IMA, Mathematics and at the UCI -i of
"- IV.,il,. ,i Optimization and Applications," International School of Mathematics "G. 11 |'!1 ..-
chia," Erice, Italy (July 1998).
"Large Scale Computations in Air Pollution Modelling," at NATO Advanced Research Workshop,
Sofia, Bulgaria, (July 1998).
Invited Colloquium Speaker, Business School of Administration (E.A.E.) Barcelona, Spain (V'.
"- li.,li.,i Problems and Variational Models," at International Conference, Taormina, Italy
(December 1998).
Invited Colloquium Speaker, Computer Science and Fi, l-.. i,- The ('lini. -. Ui i -if of Hong
Kong (December 1998).
i- .iilH. ,! Programming and Variational Inequalities," at International Conference, Hong Kong
(December 1998).
Oberwolfach conference on Applied and Computational C. .i I (G. 1!! ,ii January 1999).
North Carolina S1 ,i. Ci U!' i -i I Operations Research Program (Colloquium speaker, Febr. 1999).
Tokyo Institute of T. ,!. 1- 1 Tokyo Japan (Invited Speaker, March 1999).
Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Sciences (Dli. !.\\ 'S), Invited Speaker,
March 1999.

* 1 ,i. -I Uryasev gave invited talks on

.niII, .I[... 1- Calculation of Sensitivities for Probabilistic Performance Functions: Applications
in Risk A,' ,! -1- VII International Conference on i. ,, ,I-in Programming. Vancouver, Canada,
August 1998.
"4. ii- i, if- and Optimization of Value-at-Risk," Conference on "Approximation and C. ,, 'I .il
in Numerical Optimization: Continuous and Discrete Problems," Center for Applied Optimiza-
tion, University of Florida.

S"Sil ,lI .... ,.- Calculations of Sensitivities of Value-at-Risk Using Monte-Carlo and Numerical
Methods," *.i, SIAM Conference on Optimization, Atlanta, GA, May 1999
"'. i,-,, i I and Optimization of Probability Functions: Applications in Risk A, ,! -1- IN-
FO1 E.IS meeting, Cincinnati, OH, May 1999
"Optimization of Value-at-Risk," Seminar at Kiev Uiii -if Ukraine, February 1999.

* David \\ i!-,. oi gave invited talks on

"An Automatic Algorithm for Aii l -i- of 2-D Echocardiographic NI,.it-Axis Images," at both
FSU, Feb. 1997, and the J. of Mathematics and Mathematical Sci. International C' ....
March 1997.
i., h! .. [ 1 .. 1 i,!i: Image A ,! -i- on February 10, 1999 at -l, i. ,- U. i-il-

7 Seminars

7.1 1997-1998 Applied Optimization Seminars

Date Speaker Title
10/2/97 Richard L. Francis A _i. .,.. Methods For
University of Florida Multi-facility Location Problems:
1 1,, 1"i For Containing Error
10/9/97 Yii [L Ye Solving Large-Scale Sparse Semi-
University of Iowa Definite Programs For Combinatorial
And Global Optimization
11/13/97 Motakuri Ramana Some Topics In Optimization
University of Florida
1/29/98 Mehmet B ii i, Yildirim Pool Sizing Practices In ('S.\
University of Florida Transportation
2/5/98 Joseph P. Geunes Manufacturing Planning Under
Penn Mi ii.- Univeristy Flexible Demand: An Application to
Specialty i,, I Manufacturing
2/12/98 Siriphong Lawphongpanich D. i. .. -i. I Scheduling
Naval Postgraduate School For Aircraft Carriers
2/19/98 Dr. '1 ,in,.! ,- Uryasev New Derivative Formulas For
Brookhaven National lab. Intergral And Probability Functions:
Simultaneous calculation Of Sensitivities
2/22/98 Ya Yang Optimization and Heuristic
Department of IEOR Algorithms For Flexible Flow
Columbia University ', .'p Scheduling
2/24/98 Jean-Louis (;. .t!in On Nonlinear Cuts In The A ,i- i.
(;1.1i. 1), 1 1 of Management Center Method for Optimization And
McGill Ui i -if Variational Inequalities
2/26/98 Farid Alizadeth Optimization \\ ii1 Linear, Quadratic
Rutgers Ui~i -i l And Semidefinite Constraints
3/3/98 Jacques Desrosiers A l;,i i 1i 1 -1, Cut-Second Approach
(; 1. 1. \ 1) & Ecole des For Locomotive Assignment
Hautes Etudes Commerciales
3/5/98 Ravindra K. Ahuja, New Neighborhood Search Algorithms
MIT for Partitioning problems
3/19/98 Burak 1.!:-1, ., i UF Lagrangian Solution of Maximum
Dispersion Problems

7.2 1999 Applied Optimization Seminars

Date Speaker Title
1/11/99 Mauricio G.C. Resende Applied Optimization In
AT&T Labs Telecommunications
1/14/99 Alexander Kreinin An i- 1 i, And Monte Carlo Methods
Algorithmics Inc. For Value At Risk
1/21/99 Donald K. Wagner Funding Opportunities At The
Oil,. of Naval Research Oil. ... of Naval Research
1/25/99 Terry Rockafellar Composite Modeling In Optimization
University of Washington
2/18/99 Ravindra L. Ahuja Airline Fleet Scheduling
University of Florida
2/25/99 Hoang Tuy A New Approach To
Institute of Mathematics, N( '\S 1 Monotonic Optimization
3/3/99 John Birge Optimization Models In I ii ,,
University of Michigan
3/18/99 Ranganath S. Nuggehalli Feeder Scheduls Optimization System:
United Parcel Service Trials &Tribulations Of Operations
Research At United Parcel Service
3/25/99 Teodor Gabriel Crainic Sequential And Parallel Metaheuristic
University of Montreal for Network Design
3/31/99 HongZhou Wang Optimal Opportunistic Maintenance Of
Lucent Technologies A k-out-of-n Systems with Imperfect
Maintenance And Partial Failure
4/16/99 Anant Balakrishnan Distribution Planning Revisited
Penn 1 ,i .- University Serviing The Big Box Retailers
4/23/99 H. Edwin 1.',. -inii The Multi-Period Single-Sourcing Problem
Erasmus University of Rotterdam
4/29/99 Vladimir Kirilyuk On Optimal Configuration of
Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics Parallel-Series Systems Consisting of
Unreliable Components
5/4/99 Mauricio G. C. Resende GRASP: Greedy Randomized Adaptive
AT&T Labs Research Search Procedures

8 Swedish Exchange Programs

The Center administers a program for visiting students from The Royal Institute of T !i. .1..-' (KTH),
.,,i -, I i', in cooperation with Ulf Brinnlund of the KTH Division of Optimization and Systems
Theory and E. Rune Lindgren who has joint appointments at KTH and in the UF College of Engineering
(.\ .., 11.S). Since 1990, the Center has hosted KTH students working on optimization and related computa-
tional projects at UF. A similar program is also administered by CAO for visiting students from Link6ping

In both programs each student visits UF for approximately three months and writes a masters thesis
under the direction of a UF faculty member. Below is a list of the 1997-1999 students, UF advisors and

The Royal Institute of Technology Students(1997)
Student Professor Project Title
Marie Edenhammar Bai Optimal Production Flow Control for Manufacturing Systems
Sara Ericson Pardalos Codes for Maximum ('ii,,. .- Problems
Kristian Ostlund Tufekci Aii ,1 -1- of Lot Splitting in Manufacturing
Carl Lundell Tufekci Decision Support Systems for IF!. !i. !!. Evacuations
Mattias i ,p,- Ramana Computational Codes for Convex Multiquadratic Programming
Jonas Rappe Pardalos A Parallel Algorithm for the Maximum ('C, ,i..- Problem

The Royal Institute of Technology Students(1998)
Student Professor Project Title
Kristoffer Bodvik Pardalos A Train Scheduling Problem
Mattias Karlsson Francis Demand A -. i- i G. in
Pontus Eriksson '1i tll.i Assignment Problems

The Royal Institute of Technology Students(1999)
Student Professor Project Title
Fredrik Andersson Uryasev ('\ ,1 Minimization of Bond Portfolios
Henrik 1.1,. i!, Ahuja A Transportation Problem for (''S.
Matias Karlsson
Jonas Palmquist Uryasev ('\ 1; Optimisation with Transaction Costs

Swedish Exchange Programs

LinkSping University Students(1997)
Student Professor Project Title
Erik Dahren Bai Overcoming Demand Distortion by Information
T ..iiin Setterberg !I ,!i in Supply ('!i i! Management: A Simulation ii .l1'
Jons Wahlstrom Francis Computer Models for Course Planning

LinkSping University Students(1998)
Student Professor Project Title
Tobias Andersson Tufekci A' i -1- of Mixed Production
Henrik Andersson Control Models Using EFML
Ann T. Pettersson Bai A Simulation MilHl in S('. !-il I.im ii,.i,
Sandra P. Petersson and Agents in a PAC Environment

Linkoping University Students(1999)
Student Professor Project Title
Pontus Fulke Bai Agent T. ,i..1.. for Manufacturing Planning
1, (; l, i Bai Agent T. i!...., for
Niklas Erisson e-Commerce Organizations

9 Other Activities

* R. K. Ahuja in an Associate Editor for the following three journals: 1 .....I ... .... Science, Networks,
and Operations Research Letters. He is also the ( 'I[t-i. ( '! ,,h for Networks area for the Mathematical
Programming Symposium 2000 to be held at Atlanta in August 2000.

* R. L. Francis served on a committee to choose the second recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award
in Locational A' i,1 -1- This award is given by the INFO 1i IS Section on Location A 1, -i-

* P.M. Pardalos is Associate Editor for the J. of Combinatorial Optimization and J. of Optimization
I !...... and Applications. He is a member of the Advisory Board of OR ...... .... He was chairman
and organizer for
( !. ,.... and Workshop Organizer for the Workshop on "Randomization Methods in Algorithm
D. -!.ii (with Sanguthevar I i -. : i ii and Jose Rolim), Center for Discrete Mathematics and
Theoretical Computer Science (Di. l 'S), Dec. 12-14, 1997 Princeton UC i i I- 'I.
( .!- ..... and Workshop Organizer for the Workshop on "., !.il li i1i 11 I Optical Networks: Theory
and ]' 11 i,. (with DingZhu Du and Peng-Jun Wan), Center for Discrete Mathematics and
Theoretical Computer Science (D1. 1. 'S), March 16-19, 1998 D1., !. 'S Center).
Member of the International Organizing Committee of the "NATO Advanced Research on Work-
shop Large Scale Computations in Air Pollution Modelling (ENVII: .\1\\ 971731)", Sofia, Bul-
garia (July 6-10 1998).
/ .. ai and C',.f .''.... Organizer for the conference on "Approximation and C. !ii 1. '-.1 in
Numerical Optimization: Continuous and Discrete PI. It February 28 March 2, 1999, Center
for Applied Optimization, Uii. i -i-' of Florida.
( !-... and C-4.,. .... Organizer for the conference on "Optimization in Computational
('1i. ii-'i and Molecular BD. ..- Local and Global A1i... 1h. (with C. Floudas) (Prince-
ton CU, .i-i May 7-9, 1999).
Member of the Program Committee of the conference "NP-completeness and 1'P ,- lii (J. i i
I.U.T. de Metz, France May 17-19, 1999)
( .... and Workshop Organizer for the Workshop on -. 1. .li!.- Networks and C.! q.ii, (with
Badri R. Badrinath, Frank Hsu and Sanguthevar i ,. 1: ii Center for Discrete Mathematics
and Theoretical Computer Science (Di. l 'S), March 25-27, 1999 Di. !I\ 'S Center).
( .... and Workshop Organizerfor the "\\..i !:-!i. .1on Randomized Parallel C. ,ii ,II, (with
Sanguthevar i -. 1: 1 i ,i 12th IEEE International Parallel Processing Symposium (April 3,
1998, Orlando Florida).
.. .. and Organizer for the conference on "Combinatorial and Global O1,1' i, I .,i May
25-29, 1998, ('!I .i ., Crete, Greece.
... for the "i,. i ii. ...11 Symposium on Operations Research and its Applications (ISORA' '
(with X. Zhang, D.-Z. Du, and G. Yu), Kunming, ('Cii ., August 20-22, 1998.

* D.W. Hearn continues as Associate Editor for Operations Research with responsibility for papers on
large-scale deterministic optimization and as Associate Editor of Computational Optimization and
Application. He was named ('!i ,11 of the Department of Industrial and Systems F' _ii-,,. i1, May

* H. Benson continues as Associate Editor for the J. of Optimization l. .'.... and Application; Naval
Research Logistics; and J. of Global Optimization.

* B. Mair was the Organizer and ('C! i,1 for ,i1i- 11, -'l... is. ., u ..,,I Methods in Inverse Problems and
T( ........,,/,, held during the SIAM 45th Anniversary Meeting, i it,,[.,[ CA, July 14-18, 1997. He
was also an Invited Participant in Computational Radiology and Imaging: 1 b ..... 'I and Diagnostics, a
workshop held at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota, March
17-21, 1997.

* D.C. \\ i!i* was the Session ('!i ,,1 for the Imaging Session held at the Second National SIAM ,i ,l,. ii
Conference Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Atlantic Section held at Florida ,i i1.- University
Fii1 i- 20 March 1998. P ii..!'1I Carroll, a graduate student who he advises, won an award for best
presentation in this session. \\ I!-..!i was also the Session ('!i ,i for the Imaging Session at the SIAM
Regional Meeting to be held in Knoxville, Tennessee in March 1999. He also served as referee for the
following: J. of Mathematical Imaging and Vision; for IEEE ....... ...- on Medical Imaging; and
for J. of Medical Image .1 ...i.

10 1997-99 Refereed Publications in Optimization

1. Aggarwal, C.C., R. K. Ahuja, J. Hao, and J. B. Orlin, "Diagnosing infeasibilities in network flow
problems," Mathematical J,............ ''. 81(1998), pp. 263-280.

2. Ahuja, R.K., and J. B. Orlin, "S. i. [ topics in network flows," CRC Handbook of Discrete and
Combinatorial Mathematics. CRC Press, S.\, 1999.

3. Ahuja, R.K., and J. B. Orlin, "\. I large scale neighborhood search," Proceedings of the 15th National
C-.'f .' .... of the Australian Society of Operations Research, Gold Coast, Australia, 1999.

4. Ahuja, R.K., 0. Ergun, J. B. Orlin, and A. P. Punnen, "A Survey of Very Large Scale Neighbor-
hood Search Techniques," Proceedings of Discrete Optimization' 99, Dl.i !\ 'S-RUTCOR Workshop at
Rutgers Ui -. i -i 1999.

5. Ahuja, R.K., "The balanced linear programming problem," European Journal of Operational Research,
101(1997), pp. 283-309.

6. Ahuja, R.K., -1' il1i- and Flows," Annotated Bibliographies in Combinatorial Optimization: ( !,., ...
17, John \\ !. & Sons, pp. 29-38,1997.

7. Ahuja, R.K., and J. B. Orlin, "Developing fitter genetic algorithms," ORSA Journal of C( .. .,!H'.
7(1997), pp. 251-253.

8. Ahuja, R.K., M. Kodialam, A. K. Mishra, and J. B. Orlin, "Computational investigation of maximum
flow algorithms," European Journal on Operational Research, 97(1997), pp. 509-542.

9. Ahuja, R.K., and J. B. Orlin, -,11. .Iii ..- of primal simplex and dual simplex algorithms for the
maximum flow problem." Operations Research Letters, 20(1997), pp. 101-108.

10. Anderson, G., R.L. Francis, T. Normark, and M.B. Rayco, "A--. iG. Methods for Large-Scale
Network Location Problems," Proceedings on the Seventh Int'l S. 'l .... on Location, ISOLDE, in

11. Anderson, G., R. L. Francis, T. Normark and M. B. Rayco, "A i .1, Method Experimentation for
Large-Scale Network Location Problems," Location Science, 6(1998), pp. 25-39. (published in 1999).

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