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Title: Highlands citrus talk
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IFAS Extension on

The Highlands County Citrus Extension Newsletter

Highlands Citrus Talk

4509 George Blvd., Sebring, FL 33875 863/402-6540

Spring Highlands County OJ Break Series

Based on input from the Highlands County Citrus Advisory Committee and growers, I have set up a
series of seminar meetings this spring to be held here in Highlands County. This will be a busy
spring so mark these dates on your calendar now.

1. Highlands "Citrus Grower Forum"
Wednesday, January 7, 2009 8:00 a.m.
Bert J. Harris, Jr. Agricultural Center Sebring, Florida

Based on the feeling of growers who attend the first "Forum" in September, we have scheduled an-
other "Forum for Wednesday January 7th
We will have a "continental type" breakfast beginning at 7:30 a.m. with coffee, sweets, fruit, OJ, etc.
We will end about 9:30.
The purpose of the Forum is to allow growers to gather together and share information about their
psyllid and greening management programs, both successes and failures. The Forum format will be
to share what each of us are doing and how successful we feel we are in what we have done. Also,
to share ideas that may not have come to us from the research community, yet we tried them and
found success.

There will not be a planned program, but I have asked a couple of growers to begin the session with
comments and I have asked a couple of people who attended the entire International Research Con-
ference on HLB to share some of what they gleaned from the conference.
Please call (863) 402-6540, or email plowboy(vufl.edu, and register so we can plan enough OJ and
food and arrange the room set-up.

I would encourage everyone to attend.

Highlands County Extension is a cooperating service of the Highlands County Board of County Commissioners and the University of Florida. The Institute of Food and Agricultural
Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer authorized to provide research, educational information and other services only to individuals and institutions that
function with non-discrimination with respect to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations. U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida, IFAS, Florida A & M. University Cooperative Extension Program, and Boards of County Commissioners Cooperating,

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Spring Highlands County OJ Break Series continued:

2. Highlands County Citrus "OJ Break"
"Psyllid management"
Wednesday, January 21, 2009 9:00 a.m. Noon Conference Room III
Bert J. Harris, Jr. Agricultural Center Sebring, Florida
The topics ad Speakers for this OJ Break will be:
Dr. Michael Rogers, CREC, Lake Alfred
"Asian Citrus Psyllid Management Considerations"
Dr. Phil Stansly, SWFREC, Immokalee
"Scouting and Monitoring of Psyllids and Predators for Psyllid Management"
Dr. Lucasz Stelinski, CREC, Lake Alfred
"Biological and Low Volume Sprays to Manage Asian Citrus Psyllids"
Due to room size limitations, the attendance will be limited to forty five. Pre Registration is required. Please
call (863) 402-6540, or email plowbov(Sufl.edu, and register.

3. Highlands County Citrus "OJ Break"
"Citrus Nutrition and Psyllid Management"
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 9:00 11:30 a.m. Conference Room III
Bert J. Harris, Jr. Agricultural Center Sebring, Florida

The presenter will be: Dr. Arnold Schuman, CREC, Lake Alfred
The presentation will center on nutrition as it relates to management of HLB and suggestions
to lower citrus nutrition costs through adjusting rates and VRT application technology.

You can register now if you wish. Please call (863) 402-6540, or email plowbov(Sufl.edu, to register

4. Highlands County Citrus "OJ Break"
"Citrus Irrigation Management"
Wednesday, March 25, 2009 9:00 a.m. Conference Room III
Bert J. Harris, Jr. Agricultural Center Sebring, Florida
Mark Your Calendar. More Details on the topics and speakers will come out later.

5. 2nd Greening Summit at the Florida Citrus Growers Institute
Tuesday April 7, 2009
Stuart Center, Bartow, Florida

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Other Upcoming Activities and Events

1. Highlands County Fair Youth Citrus Sale
Thursday January 29, 2009 5:30 p.m.
Highlands County Fairgrounds
Silent and Live Auction

The Highlands County Youth Citrus program centers on a project for 4-H and FFA Members to raise
a potted citrus nursery tree. The young people get their tree in the spring, plant it in a four gallon pot,
and grow it for the fair. The entrant attends four workshops to learn about growing citrus and the im-
portance of citrus to Highlands County. Entrants prepare a display board for exhibit at the county fair
in addition to their tree. The display board requires the entrant to research a subject related to grow-
ing or marketing citrus and convey what they have learned in the display. A record book is com-
pleted at the close of the project summarizing what the youngster has learned.

At the fair the entrants exhibits the tree and the tree is then sold in a silent or live auction. This
year's auction will be Thursday evening January 29, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. at the Highlands
County Fairgrounds.

You are encouraged to purchase a tree(s) at the fair to support these young people in their citrus
project. Most of the entrants use the money to further their education after high school.

For more details on how to purchase a tree, contact Tim Hurner at (863) 402-6540 or plow-

2. Indian River Citrus Seminar
Wednesday January 28, & Thursday January 29, 2009
Havert L. Fenn Center
Ft. Pierce, Florida

Note: This years Indian River Citrus Seminar will be held at a new location, the newly built
Havert L. Fenn Center in Ft. Pierce. It will provide a much improved venue for the Seminar.
The program at the Seminar will include updates on insect, weed and disease control strate-
gies, fertilization, irrigation and food safety.

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.3. Certified Pile Burners Workshop Tuesday February 24, 2009
The Certified Pile Burners Training is back on for 2009. After several previous attempts to schedule this train-
ing workshop, it is now a definite "Go" for February 19th.

For all of the details on the program and workshop details go to:
http://www.fl-dof.com/calendar/cal pdf/pile burner sebring Feb2009.pdf for details and a registration form,
including a schedule and frequently asked questions.

Please Note!!! The registration is mailed in to a Gainesville address, not to the County Extension of-

To become a Certified Pile Burner you must attend this course. Citrus growers and others who
burn trees or other brush piles regularly and are certified, can receive priority to burn even in dry weather, can
burn two hours longer each day, and can get multiple day authorizations. Non Certified Pile Burners must use
the regular DOF Permit process and are more limited in how they may burn. Certification is good for 5 years.
Those who use their certification by requesting a permit to burn 5 times in 5 years will be automatically re-
newed for five years. Those who do not will have to re-certify.

Citrus Pest Management Course Offered
CREC January 7, to April 29, 2009

Dr. Larry Duncan is offering a course at Lake Alfred in the spring on "Citrus Pest Management". It
will be taught on Wednesday evenings January 7th April 29th at the CREC in Lake Alfred. It is a
graduate level course and can be taken for credit or non credit.
It will cover Identification and biology of citrus pests and diseases, pest monitoring, principles of pest
management, pest management thresholds, IPM in citrus, and The evolution of Citrus IPM in the
era of citrus greening.

This is an excellent opportunity to get a refresher in citrus pest management at a time where pest
management has drastically changed in the past three years. I would suggest taking this course will
help you be more effective and efficient in your pest management in light of greening.

Timely HLB Tree Removal

I was reminded that in my last newsletter under "Notes on Psyllid Management and Citrus Greening"
article, I failed to discuss timely symptomatic tree removal.

Most certainly when considering such things as border effects, intensive pest scouting, localized
spraying, as tools in combating psyllids and greening, symptomatic tree removal is critical to reduce
inoculum in a grove.

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Report HLB Conference

The International Citrus Conference on Huanglongbing was held last week in Orlando. It was a week
long conference with a lot of technical presentations. I am still trying to get my mind around what all
was covered. The following is a brief overview.
I have a CD containing all of the presentations if you would care to see it.
International Citrus Conference on Huanglongbing
"Reaching Beyond Borders" Looking at the big picture.

Looking back on the conference, perhaps the most dynamic thing to come out of the conference was
the bringing of the global research community together to share knowledge and asses where to go
from here. Researchers from around the globe made up the biggest portion of the almost 450 atten-
dees. As they presented their work, questions from peers indicated that there are many people with
knowledge of the subject. This will undoubtedly lead to further collaboration of scientists with com-
mon interest working without boundaries. The end result will be an accelerated pursuit of the an-
swers to controlling the disease and managing the vector.

Presentations were made on the taxonomy and epidemiology of the pest, better understanding of
how to modify the citrus tree to resist the pest, the economic impact of both the Asian Citrus Psyllid
(ACP) and Huanglongbing (HLB) on the citrus industry and the grower, and more; demonstrated
how much more is known and how much closer we are to the solution.

It became clear that the arrival of ACP in 1995 and HLB being discovered in 2005 are dates in time;
however, both have existed elsewhere in the world for many years. Likely the bacterium was being
spread throughout Florida long before 2005.

Numerous times it was clearly stated
that essential to survival and suc-
cess are:
1. Use clean nursery stock,
2. the psyllid must be suppressed to
low levels
border effects and bad neighbors
exacerbate the problem, hence, re- ANG
gional suppression is beneficial, .,Jl v
3. Removal of symptomatic trees
Photos: Courtesy of Florida Citrus Mutual
(a symptomatic tree removed today could have been infected 2 5 years ago).

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Report HLB Conference Continued:

Eight Factors Associated with HLB Control were presented, they include;
1. the level of HLB incidence on the farm.
2. the distance from neighbors who do not control HLB
(one needs at least five miles from a "bad neighbor").
3. the total number of trees in the grove (size of the grove).
4. the average number of trees in 2008.
5. the period of time which inspections and symptomatic tree removal has been done.
6. the number of insecticidal sprays per year.
7. the number of inspections and tree removals per year.
8. the accumulated incidence of HLB since the first year.

Two closing points were:
"The current level of pest control is not sustainable (in light of pest resistance and cost), yet it is mandatory"
"Those who do nothing or who do not do enough, not only affect themselves and their future, but also their

In my opinion, we are making great progress, but we cannot "see the edge of the woods" yet. We will conquer
this, and our future citrus industry will be much different. Those who confront the foe and place their shoulder
to the task will be citrus growers for many years to come.
It was quite evident we have "bumped up the knowledge and understanding of citrus psyllid and greening
curve substantially". What we learn and accomplish in the next few years will not only deal with these two
pests, but allow for a whole new way to produce citrus.
Although no "silver bullets" were delivered the amount of research being done is phenomenal and the poten-
tial for global collaboration is huge. We are on the fast track.
We should thank all those who organized this conference and all those who contributed information.

Publications Available

I still have available sets of the newly printed "IFAS Citrus Pest Posters" (recently published) and
"Nutrition of Florida Citrus Trees" (printed in spring 2007). The pest posters contain all of the eco-
nomic pests. If you would like copies, please let me know

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Highlands Citrus Talk
Published Monthly 2008
Volume I, Issue 12
Tim Hurner
Multi-County Citrus Extension Agent
Highlands County, UF/IFAS

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