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Title: Highlands citrus talk
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Publication Date: January 2008
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I ~IFAS Extension a

The Highlands County Citrus Extension Newsletter

Highlands Citrus Talk

4509 George Blvd., Sebring, FL 33875 863/402-6540

Upcoming Events

Jan 31 RUP Exams Highlands County
Agri-Civic Center, Sebring
Feb. 8 16 Highlands County Fair, Sebring,
Youth Citrus Contest

WPS Train-The-Trainer Workshop
Highlands County Agri-Civic Center, Sebring
Highlands County Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP)
Workshop Training and Exams
Highlands County Agri-Civic Center, Sebring
Nutrition of Citrus Trees "OJ Break"
Highlands County Agri-Civic Center, Sebring
Citrus Greening Summit at the
2008 Florida Citrus Growers Institute

Volume I, Issue I
January 2008

Special points of interest:
* Mailing List Update
* RUP &WPS Workshops
* Nutrition of Citrus Trees
* Grower Tools
* Flower Bud Induction
* Citrus Greening Summit/
Florida Citrus Growers

I would like to again say "Hello" to you and tell you that I am happy to be back again working with the greatest people in the
world. Most of you know me from my previous stint here in Extension (31 years as the Citrus Extension Agent in Highlands
County). After a hiatus teaching citrus at South Florida Community College and Florida Southern College, I have returned to
see what I can do o help.
My job now is full time working in citrus and my goal is to provide a good educational program for you the citrus industry of
Highlands County.

Tim Hurner
Multi-County Citrus Extension Agent
Highlands County, UF/IFAS

Highlands County Extension is a cooperating service of the Highlands County Board of County Commissioners and the University of Florida The Institute of Food and Agricultural
Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer authorized to provide research, educational information and other services only to individuals and institutions that
function with non-discrimination with respect to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations. U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida, IFAS, Florida A & M. University Cooperative Extension Program, and Boards of County Commissioners Cooperating,

Feb 20

Feb. 28

March 20

April 8

J PPage 2

Citrus Grower Mailing List-Update
One of my first ventures is to determine who is who and where who is. The mailing list I inherited is 0 .-11
rather dated and had numerous bad addresses and people no longer in the area or business. The
economics of he times does not allow me to be wasteful of postage, paper and other materials.

My last mailing included a form asking it be returned to me to update your contact information.
About 60 % responded. If you have not responded and still want to receive information from me,
please send me the enclosed pink "Grower Response Form" included with this newsletter, please fill
it out and return it to me so I can update your information. If I don't hear from you, I will be purging my mailing list the end of
February and will delete you.

RUP and WPS Workshops
Another item that came up on my list from several of you is that many are behind in keeping current with their Restricted Use
Pesticide Licensing and their Worker Protection Standard Compliance. I have developed two workshops coming up to help in
this process.

First, is a Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Train-The-Trainer Workshop. It is scheduled for Wednesday
February 20, 2008. I am enclosing a flier with the details. It is important that you pre-register so we can adequately
prepare for your attendance.

Second, is a Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) Training and Exam Workshop scheduled for Thursday, February
28, 2008. I am also enclosing a flier and registration form for this workshop. Again pre-registration is necessary so we
can adequately prepare for this workshop.

Participants are encouraged to order study materials directly from the IFAS Bookstore.

CEU's have been requested for both workshops for Restricted Use Pesticide and CCA credit.

Nutrition Of Citrus Trees

Dr. Tom Obreza, IFAS Gainesville, and Dr. Kelly Morgan, Southwest REC Immokalee, have revised the citrus nutrition
publication, SL 253 Nutrition of Florida Citrus Trees Second Edition.

I have invited them to come to Highlands County Thursday, March 20 to give a presentation at an "OJ Break" workshop
highlighting this new publication. The workshop will give an opportunity to review the current recommendations for citrus
nutrition and to ask questions.

I will be sending out details on how to register for this "OJ Break" soon.

I have reviewed a draft of this publication and it is without a doubt an outstanding reference for citrus
growers on citrus nutrition. It is in the context of citrus nutrition BMP's which have been developed
based on research since the original publication came out in 1995. Several new sections have been
added to make this a complete citrus grower reference on citrus nutrition

Volume I, Issue I Page 3

One of the features I wish to use in my newsletter will be titled "Grower Tools". The focus will be to focus on tools that are
available primarily through IFAS that can aid a grower in management decisions. This month I am featuring r. Gene Albrigo's
Flower Bud Induction Program.

Flower Bud Induction

Citrus Flower Bud Induction is initiated usually in the fall and ends in January. The key mechanism is
temperature. Accumulation of hours of temperatures below 68 degrees (F) promotes the induction of -
flower buds. Leaf loss, previous excessive crops, and warm periods during low temperature
accumulation all can interfere with flower bud induction. Once the threshold of hours below 68
degrees is reached for flower bud induction, a period of warmer temperatures can initiate flower bud
differentiation leading to bloom.

Dr. Albrigo has devised a system of gathering temperature and other data during the fall and winter and then offering to grow-
ers a Flower Bud Induction Advisory. This advisory can then help the grower predict the bloom date. Knowing this a grower
can make management decisions to optimize various management practices such as nutrition, irrigation, and pest control.

The Flower Bud Induction Overview and Advisory can be reached by going to the following web site: http://www.lal.ufl.edul

The Flower Bud Induction Advisory for January 8 was as follows:
"Flower Bud Induction Overview and Advisory
L. Gene Albrigo, Horticulturist
Citrus Research & Education Center, Lake Alfred, FL


Currently, all central to northern citrus areas have flower buds initiated and growing. The flowering Monitor System indicates
this growth started about 20-22 December and the projected bloom dates for this first wave of flowers is about February 28
to 2 March if normal or warmer weather continues. This first wave was induced at about 800+ accumulated hours below 68
degrees F from Sebring to northern districts. Another 200 hours has accumulated and a second wave of buds will be initiated
to flower shortly.

Citrus Greening Summit at the 2008 Florida Citrus Growers Institute

The Citrus Extension Agents will be holding a "Citrus Greening Summit" at the Florida Citrus Growers Institute on Tuesday,
April 8, 2008.

The summit will be held at the South Florida Community College, University Center, Auditorium.

The program is being finalized. Mark your calendar NOW to attend April 8.

I FAS Extension
Highlands County Extension Service
University of Florida
4509 George Boulevard
Sebring, FL 338751

Highlands Citrus Talk
Published Monthly
Volume I, Issue I
January 2008

Non-Profit Org.
US Postage Paid
Lakeland, Florida
Permit No. 5528

Youth Citrus Proiect Citrus Tree Sale

Again this year, the 4-H and FFA Youth in Highlands County are raising Citrus Trees for show at the county fair. The purpose
of the project is to encourage young people to develop an interest in citrus and the citrus industry. Having worked for twelve
years in collegiate education, I can tell you we are seriously deficient in young people who would pursue a career in citrus. I
know those who say that a career in citrus is like a ticket on the titanic, but those of us who realize we will persevere these
trying challenges, recognize we will need the next generation to carry on the business.

We have about fifty young people who last year received a seedling citrus tree and have been nurturing it to show at the High-
lands County Fair February 8 16. In addition to growing the tree, they research information for an educational display board
and prepare a record book of what they have done.

What I am asking you to do is to come down to the county fair and bid on the purchase of one or more of these trees in a
silent auction. These young people have invested both financially and in "sweat equity" in raising these trees to show. They
need to sell these trees to recover their costs. The top two trees will e sold in a Live Auction on Thursday evening February
14 during the Livestock Sale.

Although you may not find enough trees there to resolve the resetting needs in your grove, you will be helping these young
people to develop an interest in the citrus business and whether or not they consider citrus for a career, they will better un-
derstand an appreciate what it takes to grow a tree.

If you cannot make it to the fair to bid on one or more of these trees, and wish to do so, please contact me, and I will help
you make the bid. If you need more information, let me know.

Highlands County

Worker Protection Standard and

When: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 8:00 a.m. Noon U FLOR IDA Es
IFAS Extension
Where: Highlands County Agri-Civic Center, Sebring, Florida

Program Description:
This training workshop is designed to prepare those individuals who will be responsible for
training agricultural workers and pesticide handlers on safe pesticide management as required
by the Worker Protection Standard law. Included will be training requirements, central posting
requirements notification of employees of pesticide applications, etc.

Continuing Education: 4 CEU's for RUP in Private Applicator, Ag Tree Crop, and Ornamental & Turf.
3 CEU's in CCA, IPM.

Registration: All attendees must pre-register by completing the Registration Form and
returning it with the registration fee to:
Highlands County Extension Office
509 George Boulevard
Sebring, FL 33875

Registration Fee: $20.00 per person payable to "Horticultural Advisory Committee"

Registration Deadline: February 15, 2008

Disabilities: Persons with individual disabilities that require accommodation must notify the Highlands

Highlands County Worker Protection Standard
Train the Trainer Workshop

Name: Business Address:

City, State, & Zip:

Telephone Number: Email Address:

U FLORIDA Highlands County
IFAS Extension

Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) Workshop and Exam

Provided by:
The Highlands County Cooperative Extension Service, UF/IFAS
This workshop is designed to prepare those in commercial agriculture to prepare for and take the necessary

Program Description:
Restricted Use Pesticide CORE and Category exams to become licensed to purchase and apply pesticides la-
beled for restricted use. It will also serve as an opportunity to be refreshed in the topics associated with the appli-
cation of Restricted Use Pesticides and obtain part of the CEU's needed toward renewal of ones RUP license.

When: Thursday February 28, 2008
Registration 8:00 8:20 a.m.
Workshop 8:20 a.m. to Noon
Exams 1:00 2:30 p.m.

Where: Highlands County Agri-Civic Center Auditorium

Workshop Topics: General Standards CORE Private Applicator *
Ag Tree Crop Pest Control Ornamentals & Turf Pest Control

CEU's 2.0 CEU's CORE
2.0 CEU's Private Applicator, Ag Tree Crop, or Ornamentals & Turf

Examinations will be given in:
CORE Competency Standards Exam
This exam is required to be taken for all specialty categories.
CORE Competency General Standards

Category Competency Standards Exams
You will take the exam in one category.
Private Applicator Agricultural Pest Control
Ag Tree Crop Pest Control, or
-----------------OmameRtale &-TurfPest-Gentrtl- -----------------------

Registration Fee: $15.00 (check payable to "Horticulture Advisory Committee")

Registration: Complete the form below and return it with your registration fee to;
Highlands County RUP Workshop
4509 George Boulevard, Sebring, FL 33875

Registration Deadline: Monday February 25, Registrations will not be permitted after Monday, or at the door.

Restricted Use Pesticide Competency Categories

Anyone who oversees the purchase and application of Restricted Use Pesticides must demonstrate competency in the following categories by
taking and scoring a passing grade on the respective exam and obtaining a license from FDACS.
CORE Competency Standards
All applicators must have passed an exam in this category.

Category Competency Standards
All applicators must have passed an exam in one of the following categories.
Private Applicator Agricultural Pest Control
This category applies to all applicators of RUP Pesticides on their own property.
Agricultural Tree Crop Pest Control
This category applies to those who apply RUP pesticides to Commercial Tree Crops on
properties owned by others.
Ornamental and Turf Pest Control
This category applies to those who apply RUP pesticides to Commercial Ornamentals and Turf Crops on proper-
ties owned by others.

Study Materials:

It is highly recommended that you take advantage of a study opportunity prior to coming to this workshop and taking the respective exams. By
reading over the training materials for each exam category you plan take plus listening at the
workshop should enhance your chances of a passing grade.. You can order the training materials from the University of Florida, IFAS Book-
store. The web site for the bookstore is www.ifasbooks.ufl.edu. When the bookstore website comes up, scroll to the "Pesticides" subsection
and click on "Books". You then can order the books you need using a credit or debit card.

The training materials are as follows:
CORE Competency Standards Exam

Applying Pesticides Correctly, SM 001 $7.00
This book covers information for the General Standards CORE.
This exam is required for all specialty categories.

Category Competency Standards Exams ;

Private Applicator Agricultural
Pest Control SM 053 $7.00

Agricultural Tree Crop Pest Control
Control SM 063 $15.00

IFAS Extension

Grower Survey Response Form
Highlands County Extension Citrus Program

Please complete this form and return to:
Tim Hurner
Citrus Extension Program
4509 W. George Boulevard
Sebring, FL 33875

Please retain my name on the Highlands County Extension Citrus Mailing List

Please remove my name from the Highlands County Extension Citrus Mailing List




City, State, Zip

Telephone: ( )

Fax: ( )

Cell: ( )


Web Address:

Are you interested in serving on the Highlands County Extension Citrus Advisory
Committee? Yes No

Are you interested in being a Program Sponsor? Yes No

Optional Survey

Check all that apply.

Citrus Grove Owner __ Citrus Grove Manager Citrus Grove Employee

Allied Industry Representative Crop Protection Chemicals

Fertilizer and Lime Sales

Other: Describe

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w: Grower Response Form 11/28/07

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