Title: Treasure Coast citrus notes
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Title: Treasure Coast citrus notes
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Publication Date: August 2010
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August 2010 Citrus Notes ( PDF )

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St. Lucie County Extension, 8400 Picos Road, Suite 101, Ft. Pierce, FL 34945-3045
772 462-1660 http://stlucie.ifas.ufl.edu

Treasure Coast Citrus Notes
August 2010

Inside this Edition

Advanced Citrus Production Systems Website
New Citrus Research and Development Foundation Website
2010 Packinghouse Day and Indian River Postharvest
2010 Citrus Extension Agents Fall Mini-Series Program
Syngenta Agri- Flex Miticide/I nsecticide La bel
Time for Soil and Tissue Testing
Pesticide Applicator Training

Advanced Citrus Production Systems Website

The Advanced Citrus Production System project has been underway
for several years now and is developing a lot of new information that
should prove very useful to those growers who have committed to
planting new groves in the greening disease era. The project
incorporates elements of "open hydroponics" or intensive fertigation,
high planting density and a suitable rootstock combination capable
of producing a compact tree and an efficient root system in the
fertigated zone. The Central Florida Ridge site was planted in early
2009 on property owned by Gapway Groves in Auburndale.


Quarterly Report Search Enqine

Early data gained from that experimental site has already shown
considerable savings in both water and fertilizer use while also
producing accelerated tree growth and early yields.

Another project is underway in Indiantown that incorporates all of
the classic elements of the concept and also trials with windbreaks,
mulches and Asian citrus Psyllid management techniques. You'll be
hearing more about this project in the near future.

To visit the Advanced Citrus Production System website and access
a brand new Powerpoint presentation that has been posted, click
on the following link:

http://1 28.227. 177. 113/AC PS/Index.html

Citrus Research and Development Foundation

The Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc. is a non-
profit corporation whose mission is to advance citrus disease
research and product development activities that ensure the survival
of the citrus industry. The newly designed web site, (formerly located
at fcprac.com) aims to reach all stakeholders in the citrus industry
and keep them informed with breaking news and updates about
research on citrus greening, canker and other exotic diseases.

The new web site address is www.citrusrdf.orqz~.

One of the most valuable resources on the web site is the Quarterly
Report Search Engine. This search engine accesses an online library
containing hundreds of reports, submitted in real-time, in which
researchers present specific results in areas that include psyllid
management, nutritional approaches to disease control, low-volume
spraying, genetics, physiological studies and more. Growers can
easily search progress report archives containing updates on all
projects funded by the organization. Legacy reports dating back to
1998 are also available online. Several additional search features are
also planned for release over the next few weeks.

SPackinghouse Day &E The
Indian River Postharvest W~orkshop

Packinghouse Day
When: Thurs~day, August 26m, 2010
Where: Ciitnrs Researchi and Eduncation Cent~er, 700) ExJperiiment Station Road,
Lake Alfred, FL 33850
Tirne: Registration opens at 8:30 A.M., ProgramCI slarls at 9:30 AM.u
Lunch Sponsor: DECCO

Indian River Postharvest Workshop
When: Fridy, August 21m, 2010
Where: Indian River Research and Education C=enter, 2199 S. Rock Rd., Ft.
Pierce, FL 34945
Time: Regisbtraon opens at, 8:3D A.M., Prog~ram starts at 9:30 A.u.
Lunch Sponsor. JBT FoodTech

This year, information related to citrus blacck spot will dominate both programs.
Presentations will include:
Cillus blak spot and its management in Brazil Dr. Eduzardo Feichtenberger
(Sao Paulo State Dep~artment of Agriculturre, Bradzil)
Citrus black spot (Guoignarrdia c~ifficarpa): identification, biologry, and control in
Florida Megan Dewdney & Natalia Perez (UF IFAS CREC & GCREC)
Updates about the latest Federal and State activites anrd regulations re ated to
citrus black spot.
Michael Homnyak & David Munyan (USDA CHRP)
Dr. TimCI Schubert (FDACS DPI)
New techniques of ~d~etectng infece and damnagedl frut using ultavolet light -
Dr. David Obeniand (USDA ARS, Califomia)
Pre- and postlharvest techniques to mirnimnize peel breakdobwn of fresh cillus --
Dr. Ma~rk Ritenour (UF IRREC)

No pre-registra~tion required.

For questions and the latest details, contact Mhark Rilenour at 772-468-3922, ext. 167
(r~itanrourrtlfl edul.

Citrus Management Strategies

in a new Disease Era

A Citrus Extension A4gent Fall Mini-Seriles Prograrn

B:30 amt Registration
9:00 am Cimrus Ilack Sport Managementn Updat~e
9:40 am Asian Citrus Psyllid Manragermet
10:20 am Bgreak

11:20 am Foiar Fleeding and SAR for Citnrs Trees
12:00 pm Sponsored Lunchf
ca Mrainuin anso udnRr C; manffF~ fs e~ia r Gart~fed Pasticide App~cutors and C~erge Crop Advises.

To raegster for a specific location, please con~tact:

Chris Oswait
Mlrongi Zekri

Stevre Fuch
Tim Gaver
Tim Hurner

Garyl England
Ryan Atvwoo

Mteetnrr Dates and Location

September 29m Lake County Extension Servie Office 1911 Worodlea Road, Tavares
September SFp Bert J. Harris Algriulrtural Center 4509 George Blvd., Sebring
October 5'" Indian River Research and Education Center 2199 South Rc~k Road, Ft. Pierce
October 7@k Southlest Florida Research and Educaion Cjenter 21415 SR 29 North, immakelee
Octobeer 12m Turne Agri-Civic Centewr Exhibition Htall 2250 NE Roan Stet Arcaia
Octoberr 14m Polkr County Stuart Confe~rence Center 1710 Hwy 17 South, Bartow
For more information, pleaae conmtact the lroa multrcounty citrus extension oagnts.

Lake jolunty Extension Service
Highlands Cjounty Extensionr Service
St. Lucie Counrty Extbension Snrvie
Hendry Countyr Extenirsio Servce
Desoto Counrty Extensionr Senrice
Polk County Exten~sion Service

86 -03-4846
8r63-51 -8677

Ft. Piere

Pre-rgistration is riequired.

U I ima V > of1 T~~ai~ ~c~~


Syngento Agri-Flex Miticide/Insecticide Label

Syngenta Crop Protection has announced the release of Agri-Flex
Miticide/Insecticide for the control of Asian citrus Psyllid, Citrus
Leafminer, Citrus Rust Mite and number of other citrus pests. This
Restricted Use Pesticide is a combination of the active ingredients
abamectin and thiamethoxam and is labeled for both ground and
aerial application. Contact your pesticide supplier or Syngenta Crop
Protection representative for more information.

http://www.cd ms.net/LDat/ d9 K6000.pdf

It's Time for Soil and Tissue Testing

July and August are the best months to complete your 2010 tissue
testing efforts in order to maximize the efficiency of your citrus
nutritional program. Leaf tissue analysis is a useful tool to detect
problems and adjust fertilizer programs for citrus trees because leaf
nutrient concentrations are the most accurate indicator of fruit crop
nutritional status.

The best time to gather 4 to 6-month- old spring flush leaves is during
July and August before the emergence of the late summer or fall
flush makes it more difficult to separate the spring flush leaves. Leaf
mineral concentrations are constantly changing; however these
concentrations are relatively stable from 4 to 6 months after
emergence in the spring.

Soil testing is most valuable when testing is conducted over a period
of several years in the same locations and the resulting trends may
be noted. Soil testing can be useful for tracking pH, P, Mg, Ca and
Cu levels, but soil testing for readily leached nutrients like N and K will
yield little or no practical value. Tests should be taken in early fall
after the heavy leaching rains that occur in late summer. It should
be noted that a citrus grower should not rely on soil tests alone for
formulate a fertilizer program or to diagnose a nutritional problem in
a grove.

I recently had the opportunity to look at a large soil sampling
database from groves in the Indian River area. There were a
significant number of samples with pH values well below the
recommended range of 5.5 to 6.5. Keeping pH values within this
recommended range assures that most of the essential nutrients that
you apply are readily available to your trees. The availability of N, P,
K, Mg and S decline rapidly at pH values lower than 5.5. The cost of
liming materials is relatively low compared to the current high cost of
blended fertilizers or source materials.

For more information about soil and tissue testing, and how to
properly take those samples, see Chapter 4 of Nutrition of Florida
Citrus Trees, Second Edition:

http://edisjifas. ufl.edu/pdffi les/SS/SS47800.pdf

Quick Reference Guide to Citrus Insecticides and Miticides

A few changes have been made to this very handy reference:
*Increase in Dimethoate REl from 48 hrs to 10 days

Please save the new version to your computer files. I have
laminated copies for your quick reference in my office if you need
them .

http://edisjifas. ufl.edu/pdffiles/IN /IN80700.pdf

Pesticide Applicator Training Opportunities

General Certification Standards (CORE) Training & Testing
Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 9:00 AM to 10:40 AM with
exam to follow.
Cost is $20 with checks payable to SLC Extension Advisory
Call (772) 462-1660 to pre-register or for more information:

http://stlucie. ifas. ufl .edulpdfs/natural resources/sept201 0%20-%20Core. pdf

Citrus Industry Magazine
Pesticide Mixing, Loading &( Application
One General Standards (CORE) CEU

http://www.citrusi ndustry.net/ceu l.html

Florida Grower Magazine
General Standards (CORE) CEU' s

http://www.qzrowi nqprod uce.com /floridaqrower/ceu/

UpComing bates to Remember

Packinghouse Day, Thursday, August 26, citrus Research and
Education Center, Lake Alfred.
Indian River Postharvest Workshop, Friday, August 27, Indian
River Research and Education Center, Ft. Pierce.
Citrus Management Strategies in a New Disease Era
citrus Extension Agent Fall Mini-Series, Tuesday, October 5,
Indian River Research and Education Center

Just for Fun

Nugene and Melvin were easing their moving van rig down a two lane
road in Central Alabama. Things were going great until they came to an
overpass with a sign on it that read CLEARANCE 11i' 3'. They got out and
measured their rig and found that it was 12' 5" tall.
"What do you think?" asked Melvin.
"Heck, there's not a cop within 10 miles of here," said Nugene. "Let's go
for it!"

Bubba and Virgil were out walking in the woods when they came upon a
hidden well in the ground.
"How deep do you think it is?" asked Virgil.
"I don't know," replied Bubba. "Let's drop a rock in it and see how long
it takes to hit bottom.

The two rednecks pitched a couple of rocks in the well, but heard no
sound. They found a larger rock and threw it in, but still no noise. A short
distance away, they saw a large log. They each took an end of the log
and managed to tossed it into the well. While they were waiting to hear
the splash, a goat ran right between them and jumped into the hole.
As they stood there wondering what just happened, Billie Bob came up
to them and asked, "Hey, have you fellas seen a goat around here?"
Well, as a matter of fact we have," said Bubba. "A goat just ran by us
and jumped into that hole."
"Oh, that couldn't have been my goat," said Billy Bob. "Mine was tied
up to a log."


Take Care,

Tim Gaver, Extension Agent citrus
UF/IFAS/St. Lucie Extension
8400 Picos Rd, Suite 101
Ft. Pierce, FL 34945
(772) 462-1 660
Tazaver.49@ ufl .ed u

UF/IFAS/St. Lucie Extension Website
http://stl ucie.ifas.ufl.ed u

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