Title: Southern poultry and small stock
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Title: Southern poultry and small stock
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Language: English
Publisher: F.M. Clutter
Place of Publication: Orlando, Fla.
Publication Date: September 1939
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-I. ,ult r- i,

131 and Small Stock
I-- .------- --------------------------------- A CLUTTER PUBLICATION.-------.. .....---......
September, 1939 ORLANDO, FLORIDA Five Cents \
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S-"'.. .. p .. -Mtdy in tb _... ..o
^fe .?* -Ai6CUhu D" evelopanem
A OLA SrER FPu TlABrno .. .

~ ~ ~ I- S.r31A at

pipwacity crowd is expected
-annual Pwultry lstitu
at ams. aoeQwrrie, we
.38. Reports of Florida
on. and other features,
a Psaltry Cengcers ae lii
'S prominent part on the ins
S-,alc The~. tte Pnult
re' Asocmtir is holding i
meeting as tils magazine go
(Wednesdai, 0tl~.
i ,hiekhraising, feeding an
tal work are among the su
s f d for discissitm during tl
--FPoaltry apd egg laws9 vitamin
imals, flock management, bro
,-. poultry diseases and sanitati
-other subjects' on the agenda.
S ord received on Thursday a
i bosunced the reelention of Joe Willian
it~- ter Park to presidency of tl
:11lorida Poultry Producers' Associ

.Several new advertisements appeA
-ia this issue,.and from various stat
Of thi Union. It is to your benefit.
i ea particular notice of all adve
tng in these columns. We kno
h our reader-have purchased fro
Saua g of our- advertisers and wil
afaMtory results.
Pleabag comments from S.P. & S.
Advertisers are too numerous to gi'
.sace;; yet we pjit one just received
-".t last adv. sent to replace one use
f l.-I e resent issue; youl may run tv
,- tiee. I hope t will bring a flock
iq:g f s. The one in last issue brougi
4bqtrJee that I was pleased to rp
a -wsre your magazine does not sta
,.Jdey in the south, but that- it circa
lteM over the states."-J.IT.H.

-'he Sixteenth Annual Conventio
'4,W S e Texas Baby Chick Associtic
L bp held on October 2nd to 4t
.,convention will be followed b
i twnal two-day hatchery school
e Gunther Hotel of San Antoni
a, will be headquarters.

at Fornmai of the Fr 'ard-Fleori The .pate of-a
Fe, Poundation, a projat dr considMr- 'local farm
ek action for sme tm e b. rida Asso -ending Augst -
's ciation -of Itiar9, *ete Boards, has the freaflnE :
of been ansomriced iyStuaI H.'Bowman a mowth eit.
*st of Clermont, pp8Ident the asso~aa- -a vra ei
t- tion. He appointed a ouomittee of .in A
ry _leaders with vision in Florida pro- n m-J .
ts gress. The "Foundatio will spon- FanrmeOn a
es sor the idea of 'year-ro d business, n
encouraging conatruettl programs to., t m
nd promote Hvpe omm es. twelve t
b- months in the year, for day's popu- was cg~eab les
he lation of one and three-fourths 989mal --a4t9 -W
as millions. Egg prelucti aon
l- Plans include active suo ort of news- ',tinated V be.,ir Mt,
on papers with special tions, news heavier than a ytar '
stories and trade stimn lating activi- storage hold ilm. 4 ,w
n- ties; cooperation with business firms -
ms to maintain full quota sales people, Farmeso of Lake 4
he thus providing stabi ed income ed the North Lak*e-g
a- throughout the year; di ouraging the Protective Assodaciatoi .
practice of closing bus ess establish- poultry stock and popty fi
ments through the su mer months; Originally. oganed s as a
providing program of light summer thefts from poltryMen,
a entertainment, summer conventions, tioAt soop hasbeen ,be
s water sports of all inds, musical, clude' protection for itrus
to athletic and other t y of contests; and other farmers,
r religious, educational and scipnt.fic '
*w assemblies; open air c eerts, vaude- The "Penmsylvpxan
m ville and light opera. Association hap annouheit
th President Bovman n commenting going to launch a csMpSl
on the project states at year-round the idea of est and Deer as-
S. prosperity of the co unities will be and pleasing combYttititg
e lead to establishment f rentals on a nt. Baby Chick-News. ThiIi
c"- twelve-month basis, bilize realty only to sell more beer, u',
ed values, make employm t more perma- offering it as a meats o*I
P nent which would in rn encourage the income of the Stummv
of home ownership, of basic valde to vana.
ht Florida. "Realtors re community "T e s
t. builders," said Mr. B man, "and as Three reasons for.
sy such are the logical nes to sponsor records: To meow
u- this Forwardlforida Foundaion." dtCtlpn of ea o s .
,i bills twice,,ad to* .
farm iamalt!Qf c.w.
JLt us never fore that the culti- I I '
>n vation of the earth is he most impor- This i
n tant labor of man. Unstable is the upon request a
h. future of a country which has lost Wfedman. -Puli
y its taste for agricltre. If there is "Starting ItEla.
l, one lesson of history tat is unmistak- also have a w
o, able, it is that' ati strength lies Braqcng' and'
very near the soil.- aniel Webster. will be asdtb -.l -

--. . --

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wo ho.- Js I un

ion eenoey in pins there, aIty ab
dd ce If tAey in medicine,, in shli ki g, in 450 pairs Fre-i h Gros Mond a'"
4for 4aiW4jzj4ptQre Veeping? In ntetD ,t q $2 -,0pair.
L of .tke gloomy re bE oartire 4h'e-
t fobl e rtb
1^^^ro^ 1-a p ^; f-.B;
as.d" ingl ou heard it sajid .
F ,of th (hi e t w ,ua, eajo nvietrea; S ISTBI(Lte ;
quink" she is c*m9'rined.with the
is ^ rwagint deruands pf .....e...ant. 1*.... .... *..-......... .. ...
tILtEri~W' vt ddrhapds pfa jig jaut.
I It0-4# %Aol larger Th-traisipg -a4tl in the United I: S R
Im s'~ d~-aote, I do Stjter- today has reached the state / SQ B BREEING .
W4v s wasawldf.* be larT- where itiis no longer an experiment WrITE
,_tteibasine6p -6y a."ga.ci,'a- but were it esan truth- | "' .
l r" itps' fully be called ati industry. The de.- ExcKl..ar PRlaUCc
llft ere' m~r d is created- ad' has' ~xisted fVr Mated PaerT .$r U 3 Pa
ten j n earjp mor-e The p1ries ev 1939 N .A. Bnded Youn
$es i tbo d t'hiarwket 4s8 Bopgh to gi'e $1.00 EYosn dersD
i i&.th a' fair reiu and it opy- remains fr o OE5bhi .Slw -.pe
.It capital, the .bsoe[et to understand and lille SATISFACTION UAAtANi -
ealenete,-He .-ei theirr his irk and give his whole timeto P I L Coog JI
A!irdeia4-1Ied of'them'- it to.qbtain a livelihood from it. aul LO0gis, ..f I
id .,ufcident. wamJne to Success in this work as in any other CH ESTER, S. C.
iorpe, pr he over Sn- line of-endeavor of business is eptire- t
klnitowing little how to ly dependent on sound,business prin- """ "
lntfeOr -qualjty. or breed- ciples. The law of supply and de- -- --.
emat4erced-to stand by* mand; of over-head, of out-go and of
js. hopes through.' income, of location;, of markets and
IeQ, marketing, of distribution and other We manufacture Genuine Red-Ced.4
tune limn t hiy.town economic factors all play their salient Nesting agd offersame as follows:
fn tbim .e: e~ton futures part.. If the overhead of labor and for One bale .1.00
B father, whb:*was wesal- taxes, feed, water, transportation, in- Three bales 2.00
with himself conceived te'rest on money and other fixed charg-
the;e-was.4Pang us pio- es and expenses are minimized, the Cedar keepq-aw4y Lice and Mites.
producing. .TJ~y built possibility of a mual larger profit is We have Genuine Red Cedar Dog Bet'f:f
w of p1geon' houses and enhanced. Great ivings may be ding, and offer same as follows:
bly. 5-,00-iblds gathered made in the locationof the plant, and l2 Ib.l*les S1.0,
rtoierA; of: the United in the study of the.'various items of 50 lb. bales 1.50.
couple of Negroes were, expense, 0 lb. bales., -. 2.75 ..
'tle hheavy- wduk. Or .The conclusion is reached that it is All of these are Bargain Prices.. ,
wn. under ashady oak possible today t mae a pleasant out- / It's worth s bt more.
for the trenm .of gold. door living in the rising of squabs I
.4seappelitment. One for commercial purposes. A number
#ts showed its impending of lofts and'plants 4re doing it; but
ond particle pf nesting sound foundation stock, knowledge of Box 3236 JaCksonville, Flak4i
ie whole eatablishmentl! the fundamentals o the care of the ... .. .
.their own"' eggs on the birds and the, kno. dge of business
t onrtheir principles is ne Acry.-American .
t igh s out on pigeoi Joirnal. a and who can spend an,
l .edi ike so. each day? making money should ko
S ,4 : jt4 The nq~t ceqsas' ill be taken- in about our easy earning -plan. s
T s 1940,i ried farM e to cooperate right now (giving one reference)-
r to the fujlest in-tibs important pnb-
_- '*a ". tional undertaking they-wilr need a information al everything you'll
i --deeki'htariy good sdt 'of. rpec9di -for their farm to tairt earning at once. Not ap
-Lq4 the .igeet busi- this year, say specialists of the State of expense, Address Southern Po*i.lt
,e'.cale and very few of Agricultural Ektension Service. & Small Stock. Orlando: .'

. ....' ... ....

* r f. --

ea that





I"t. ..-




l z4,

~aol~R~bi-2 -9 atm. 2 e r

t9. Chiplty, Aug. 10 Production for
ohe asegwtth of July stood at 41.5 per
0 or the 1248 hens set to the
d.,BEgg Laying Tet at. the be-
of this test year. If produce
'.as figured on the birds alive
tthe middle of the month an
eta. -age of 50 per eeqt would have
e1- shown.
SThe- 89 New Hampshires continue
to have a perfect record with this
S- "tesat as they have had 'the highest
'average of any of the nine varieties of
poultry here each of the ten months
,,'past. For July they turned in a score
.f" b 14.6 eggs worth 14.9 points which
'? *a a about one egg and one point bet-
'4r.than she work shown by the 819
S':,White Leghorns. The 26 Australorps
V 4=uie-.third and the 39 White Wyan-
:idottes fourth for the month.
''Eo the end of-July th~ 4w Hamp-
shires have produced an average of
A 18 points for 206 eggs for each of
the original 39 hens sent us October
First. White Leghorns are now in
-second place with 170 points for 169
eggs and Rhode Island Reds ate third
With 169 points and 166-eggs. Barred,
ocks are fourth with 163 points for
164 eggs and White Wyandottes fifth
with 162 points and 162 eggs.

Great Horned Owl

This owl's hoot does mean death!-
-. America's only "tiger" is not an ani-
.'mal, but a bird. The great horned
..owl, considered by nature lovers and
.'" sportmen alike the most savage and
-'*" 4etfttive of the owl species, is pop-
iL- 'ily known as te' "tiger" among
i Litle credence is placed -in the
,-(.;backwoods belief that the meloneholy
hoot of an owl presages a death among
S humans who may heart. This belief
holds true, however, as applied to the
i, furred and feathered residents of our
Woodlands. When the great horned
ov0I hoots, during other than mating
Sad~4m, some authorities beive he is
Strong to terrify into action some
quarry which he has lost sight of. A
g' rabbit, it is stated, will jump from its
S-hiding place when the fear inspiring
Sgry of this owl is heard, thus enabling
,'ite'"tiger" to capture it.-
.' The-great horned owl had one bene-
i` ,trait. It is one of the few ene-
s 4eO .of hawks, attacking them on"
.ti.rwosts at night when the latter
b1'i et bit poorly. It, daO fearlessly
ilahnks, proving its immunity
; 4o ogas attacks",, and -aas also Jeen
Slktown to attack house cats. when im-


Next Laying Test Completed

"Every one of the 96 pens for the
Fourteenth Florida Egg Laying test
are taken and several extra pens are
on the waiting lit. We usually have
a few cancellations during the last
week or two before the opening date,
so you can accept, a few pens with the
understanding that they will be used
if possible", states Superintendent
Stanton. "That is the best we can do
for this year and it looks as though
those who wish to enter with us for
the Fifteenth test had better begin to
plan on it and book their entry much
soenpr than in the past or they may
be left off the list. Interest has been
much better than ever before and it
looks as though 'the egg laying test
still has a place in the poultry world.
We are hoping to lower the average
mortality for the birds entered in
tests, as well as. those kept in flocks
at home and will continue to work
along that line. The average on the
Florida test is below that of any of
the past several years at the, present
time and is also below the average on
all tests in the U.S. and we hope to
drop still lower".

polled to do so by hunger. As a noc-
turnal second-stoy worker, few can
excel the "tiger" when poultry houses
'offer opportunities for pillaging, and
as for turkeys, and other fowl roosting
in the open, this feathered gangster
is rated an out and out murderer.
Short shrift is recommended for the

By Jams Allen
"A noble and Godlilde .phaae1
not a thing of favor or change,. e
the natural result of continued'l(W
Sin right thinking.' '
Cloth Bound S0o-.PetpaM t ..,l
Noawbvg etatlen, Bbx 4'4-'* .t4
L Oievelanfd,,OMo "''d4

evergreens nepothe water. it
identified by its great wing
reaching aI wwidt o $gwe t t
the two c4aew eriac-
protruding ATa e thy s
vading hnr i.m.tsI
perches qn a near pole t
over. Steel. traps et
about poiutr ai n .un
the "tiger", tjhus
cessity of spending bodrs of
with a shotgun.

BIRDS Vn.iov.
Approximately 0to birds from
select, Males sd Fenigq
My CANARDIS include erol i i
pere, Cinnamons, Gl -
Nightingpies and
MRJ& B. B,
810 Mieldasm Avemanm

What do you want y. at'
What have y6a got yo~efbn
Why not swap what, young
for what yon do want? H
'nt got it we can get it.
Write tqday for further particd .
enclose a three-cent stamn and-&5' sia
in coin for full information.
314 Swan Street DUNKIRK,.; : I
FOR SALEl-Six feet Spread, Fn Pi '. ,
ed and Mounted, rare opportul,
Texas Longhorn cattle now exlpe. '
Photo for stamp; also-good Hunting
Horns cheap.. .
Lee Bertilhlon, Mineola, fTe*
'f .:

' ,- - .' V
*0s we
'4 n,

rfew eta hed1,00
evr91 to 1,O0O

1k' .the -f- e , i
lt4 there best la;sng-. ens ZS diage breeds in.
"lle. f 8 ta*1i s laf poatests prodee

2 fl It m lrgeyi w to have a pen o
-batamss .piodaei -w' laid eggs for
t being ,yyar own tale. O(ten small chilaion
e'cM- .will readily sat ggs from their vtry
s_- ~own bantams, whrn- they dan hardly
|plte" A aliveolest or- be-induced to eat store eggs. Bantatns ,
BaAh t t.'elid -the require so little feed that it is hardly
"BUApm aSliatcpn, and an expense; a pet-of these little fowl
oe'titai-t-ecQ e of breed can be almost entirely kept on the
i.teW-re-eaoUgh waste from 'the kitchen and table of
jandke' a small family. The cost of main-
.and tainipg btatins should not be orer
Served $1.00 per bird per year. The returns
Stmls ne for in eggs will average. around $2.25 per
Several bird; and there should be a considera-
Sp ault a lgg fse magl nes ble addition to this in flock increase
j a- batm department. IlluD or sale of birds: When bred hear to
a or cuts b afi .varieties of standard points a good specimen for
ATreWaO a"bWe. exhibition purposes, or foundation
faqto- r inbantam breed- stock, can be sold for several dollars.
S fiig a a'y aeLlf Miny varieties of bantams are the
S biatd bantams for finest fowl f9r eating. They are
of urp inug, su- plump, e. L bone, and of
z~i.ng' them a gameyt'flavow~ Amount of meat
i eQRpeltleoa with on the heavier breds i f bantams, and
f d .there ls 'no more large site of eggolal by all bWeeds
WSigh or thrilling bhbby7 than of thigh fowl is a surprise to people not
ig4 S rW xeoetia al pastime. familiar with their Surplus cockerels
J A find it protable as well. make splendid fryers at fifteen weeks
By of raising bantams is not of-age, dressing one and one-quarter
sutay shecard 'Among its to one and one-half pounds. There is
f 4 aera, tehers, minis-' much more neat' n a, bantam fryer
a .t of, trks, editors, than on a fryer'of the large brgeds
inepbiics, far- of the same weigb.. Baneam fryers
can be (and are) -used in-some kgh-
.th wmeaes to al- blass sestaurantsili"s, and hotels as
'.Wg't are -an a subebitte for quail, woodcock, par
.lir aYtaay estate, tridg, plover, sqnabs. Perhaps the
a u.ujr it. may. e. customer doesn't know it, as the size,
teo na4U'b pI i. Very gamey taste, small bone and appear-
ri ah a.- under the ance is fully equal to the real thing.
l tba-the l garage, Bantam fryers ate available when
Lj .Lg(cwa t- many gme" bfrds are oht oa season, very
-ijret~ab ban-' espesive, or dbtelt to procure. A
t'l have-room Bantam breeder'lting nearra summer

:s ; :62k A. -
lr V -


Sgitu lth


traizeg-f taPr wati .to
responsbilAt 0 of. fading a'
fe a,. l riave l, ta it
while to glte, themn few
tepd; thiW -.40 oub et_
sog,,butr Of -Values,
oney, WBy e ing-,0 SaQnef- O,
tb.i v 0 4.A few tvr d d
in hon e-ntwl#-cei on the
the "road,- *1ib. a plead
"Bantina i6o Sale,". wi
good cash returns. Bantam
ed at Easter time are an-
attradtion, ad ceil at- ap
Most gretJ pO qas well a
have ahob. IT yV wt
fine Eel ', hi1Utscten e hiie
ing of thia Ole-to "ay'
tamse.' ,'

Tlls dth Story of the O~ s* s
Nature, health, Folkloe pr
in a charnihg .way; Pblished Ine
in the back hills whliAre thlb.19
meets the-byways. $t.0 payse Itr.,
years' subscription. Sail Cerll ,
Try a classified ad in our -
51.00 pays rofr r ipeloe
'thity word adver~sment.
Short PMtedA Pe a WmtiSO.t
O. RAYBUDi Editor
Caddo Gap, Arkauusa
i i ..u kbB


-. 3. ,'-..4-:#.
--~~ -&r-r
V- .. --

|^fti- Money wIbRbitr
"r'Tfivlft w. m-btrlmtl
jor 6f Pheasants, RHbits, Chvles

wBebbA breeders and myself
a few hundred miles to see
H -took fvr breeder who writes well
Sso advertises cleVerlyr. It took
@Iytt- time td Ideate him, and
ite did get there vwe foud but
stabbits- on the place. This was
Q.s ease like the Irishman when he
the old sow: "A lot of scream-
Mit little wool".
otir lives we must learn to read
the lines. We must remove
iaask and see what's behind. Visit
S breeders as possible. Check
Ask plenty of qtefions.
game for a long time was
'dhit humbug and 25 Ipet coAt
e Sd ScHemesters sold their
tckat stiff prices. Tho&e that raised
ia"am gbt loads oh handairhd finally
riroaSl tin for meat at ptCes that did
l, gitahitoore feed and mountains of work
,*Jmw doe for nothing. T et out drop-
-kt fft great rabbit enti sidast.
NW;-r we have .drawn fthe pietutre
?'' tty: In life sticeesi depends in
e asurte upon whalwe do with
S:Aie- things as they aetuially are. We
dafe not be swayed, influenced or
4> hypnotised by tricksters' who would
::* 'k ve us believe that matters are a
SS ~dtarin way when they are exactly the
opposite. For the benefit of rabbit
bUe, Jbeders who are honestly striving to
Ri- ve the knotty problem of profitably
l- diJ~ sing their stock I will single out
': l tibit breeders who hawq made money
e and.show how they do it
S 'A butcher in Pennsylvania has some
I' 20. fibe breeding does in Fle~iish, New
S-Zeatlatnds (white and red)" Chinchillas
and Silver Martens. He is an expert
:- ssage maker and makes the best
at f~ang sausage that can be made
Be takes about 50 per cent rabbit meat
.- it htmaking up this sausage. Aside
Sronm his own surplus rabbits he buys
i' tg a rdads from other breeders. He
1i-ferves only the very best stock for
tl.terders. For this man I registered
Itoek. When he seUs S bleeder for
' $5 or 1$10 be self a rabbit and no
| -scrub. He it not compelled to crawl
is, ia "l his belly and ask jockies, com-
SCaasilon men, hucksters, *butchers or
icksters what they will pay him for
S 'toek of marketable rabbits. He
l- t~'l tes the price for his sausage.
S'A rabbit breeder in Maryland told
prna personally that he has built a
.alaes t~byrglig him daily on an
: $iy $40, Be has made a dandy
^to^ 'aendwib -tr.mif %abBFi meat

?; *


(his specialty) and. along with these
he sells other itema-i-oft drinks, to-
bacco, confectionery, etc. He claims
he uses all his meters and often pur-
chases dozens of rabbits. He stated
that he has had days when he did (75
to $80 business at his roadside stand.
A Flemish breeder for whom, I regis-
tered many rabbits, showed me a buck
for which he paid $85. He weighed
15 pounds and was'tep quality stock.
He raised but three colors: grey; steel,
black. One of his finest qualities was
"not being stingy". Some take every-
thing but give nothing in return. In
other lines he laid money on the line
the same as for the rabbits. People
travelled. miles and miles to find his
place to get his strain of Flemish.
Big fellows he fs4 for the moderate
price of $10 to $15 each. Niee sized
Juniors he sold at $2, $3, $4 each. He
had outstanding does from which
young were promised two and three
litters ahead even before they were
born. He owned and raised the finest
Flemish I ever saw, and from him I
got the finest Flemish I ever owned.
That is the very reason this particular
breeder made money. He had TOP
One Easter Sunday I sold $250
worth of six to eight weeks' old rab-
bits at my own rabbitry. I sold the
junior stock at $1 each straight. In
the layout I had FlemiEh (white, black,
steel, checkers); New Zealands (white
and red); America Blues; Havanas;
Himalayans and Silver Martens. For
mass baby rabbit sales this particular
Easter Sunday was outstanding. On
a nice Sunday it was nothing unusual
for 300 to 600 people to drop in to
see my plant.
Farmers now pay approximately
$1,500,000,000 annually for power
and power machinery but before the
World war they sold power in the
form of work animhnals for several
hundred million dollars annually.

-)t ''-i



Pets, Dogs, Cats, RdbbRts, C.#knt

Pigeons and Birds

51.50 PER YEAR





=.., _

Recognized lAutority a '^il
Farkn Indimustries, Iftau,- -.-ft

It is claimed biy.some t str
do not need wSter but *.
take. In wknam 0ea evan
fed lots of "nT".tt,.x
abofat impossble lor tabibt t.
enough liquid frm saeculeal
quench their thirst, and in
weather when they eat more dry
they require -water.
For a breeder who raises tabbhlhi
for meat, in my opinion, tihe "] '
proposition is a reil home
Raise just about what eta4R
of in your city or towb amitd
the profits youise. tManty hae
ed to their sTrw tabt whob
ers can not be dcendut -
and what th$y de buy rtl -
minimum price. take 'tb acl,
of raising the stock and Jt is
figure what iswet be realized ]
sales to make a profit. . ..
It is stated that Baortsltv/Hlt.
rabbits usually begin tM
Most of eaur losses have bee
three weeks otage .buwrialea^
litters there are nearly -alwa~ a
that are small and de net rte6php '
growth with the others, sad these, alp
the ones that usually die oi, -g p'-::
haps before they get out ef the c-a
If these small ones do survived as Ta
rule they make poor breeders. Whip,
young rabbits die many breeders lea ..-
to the feed as the cause and make. s
change, and more likely .than not Silql- th
only makes matters woMe. Laek'l' .,.-
the proper amount of milk fSrr the .-
rmothes is often the easee. of the 1a. 4
of youngsters. Being pebrly 'etablit
ed, they aratbse subject to duMl '-
and especially eocidiosa. '-

An advertismemt in S.p, a sf 8a, t -,
either display or classiffed will Bl1I'.
orders. '-

:~~irk '3trth ;j -!

'BY J- 1H. ie i-i


salws- &i a
ft e ad- bother
eia be and. is,
4 4 TStT e te labora- ,
'iiat ieq, lso private
With the Wtdespread. inter-
the c palgn against these var-
S ore'.co wideie inter-
cj"iT; I atIe next sever-
t *'4# Q' to' be g4od
anyway. This
i qvia~t each cavy-
Ialft.r!ti- liaf in selling
4l1WStk, 'for'"i doubt there
lenty~~~o edition and and
..($4 gdier need ex-
IA 'flrMatatbr U~i Wbing to hunt
Sup or seek thWl out individually.
4y1u expe~ t to sey 4 vies you must
-ita l e.i iu.ttltit. "You will not
w ek-- jadfrKing back and
.p alusinirciAme to you.
sea4.i, ir~ ui a the lad
'aidt4.*tbgiess that gets
. iut iditiative mnd ambition
-nIPmalt# tde. for your
.vu have no business in the line
: 4t_ e' v a The-first necessity in this
'-.)tness.a ambition and the go-get-it
S 'attitude. You, as well as anyone else,
inse ll our cavies.
S ..WitH-.t avies, more than anything
-. j4p; -ipis to-adv~etisa Unless you
q p- r own horn ftle no one
I'now you are in biui ss. Classi-
'tv isflbis -e easoaible in most
ti.~uk i tia nea, and ,this journal,
ol 1 tAi ry. and-' mall Stock
w pl prove a Very ideal place to put
i yo r adv. and wil eatch attention of
-nyone interested tht. quickest of, any
If you want any kind of success you
=m' .lastand should advertise. A display,
-sia0e is even more beneficial and
I' thogh a bit morp expensive it will
k_,lPove a worthy-investment. Of course
,~ pil heptp adopt a catchy trade
"-er ba'ly 'Cavies for Sale-
-,,'^ Jpnes,.Bpx 2, Uoipville, Ker-
S-'4t" my bring you some inquiries
.itad'blde's too. But'i clever trade
-name will bring far better results.
Fpr.. example "Hi-Kwality Caviaries"
'-. "Blue Banner Cavalries" are some-
"ng.pth at are catchy and attractive.
.-p-sthfe iefai"ess' qic4rd printed-
yare quite reasonable. However
terratq yourself o promise too
or the-mountruou charge per
S.'sBe reasonable and you will be
Jn order -to obtain- repeat orders
South go~dgbu&ajiV-istock.; Every
b is -a knock to the entire cavy
gGive the customer a square
This an be done qn4 still be
r moresob than if you

* a' !is^^iv~ *f6l~ub s 1ati fa 'it-aO
hi'l'rr tordm. Be prompt in
tewei all thaticome your
way hOf&Aii t ing. :Do't put
'off answeringg aw inquiry until tomor-
row for that may mean thd loss of a
sale. -Reinember there is plenty of
competition the.l|idays in all lines of
endeavor. Don't delay shipments any
great leigth of 4ftle andif you have
no stdoe, on hai~ dbn't hold up the
order, at- leaaCf t without first in-
forming your cosorn'er and getting
his peimissioni fr the delay. Unless
your stock is bhie ribbon winners
don't advertise as such. Stick to the
facts always
Even when ydu begin to advertise
don'L wait for replies to come in to
you, before yo 'be1in actual sales
world. Do a little hunting. Subscribe
to several of the better small stock
papers and ltard-its-5ages and hunt
up prospects that way. Look ih the
"Wqnt Ad" co0nn, often one will
find several ads'of cavies wanted.
Write in to the advertisers and get
their best quotations. If you get rea-
sonable offers, self, don't wait for the
price to poom higher. Sell ps long as
you can make a reasonable profit, but
don't sell for a loss unless you are
really forced to.
With a little initiative and fore-
thought selling cavies will prove not
to be so difficult a problem as it first
may seem. Remember, first of all, it
pays to advertise,, secondly it pays to
read advertisements. You must be
on the alert always, and never allow
yourself to neglect your business.
Cavies are a business and should be
handled as such. No business suc-
ceeds that has no form of advertising,
of some kind. Even if you do get
cavies on one' of those buy back
schiems don't depend on them as the
only outlet of your surplus stock. Any-
one dealing in cawie is not obligated
to answer to ani one firm or indi-
vidual, as some companies would have
you believe.
Anyone with cavies can help him-
self to a" great amount of sales as-
sistance by jpining the co-pg~rative
National 7,Cavv lrderation. One of
its aims is to help members dispose
of their surplus stock. It idds to your
advertisements and letterheads to have
"Member National-Cavy Federation"
under your name.'- It gives prestige.
It shows you believe in fair play and
.honesty in the ca*p. business. Join
today and get the l benets of a mem-
bership in this fine organization. It
is organized for ale benefit of the
breeders and not fr the benefit of a

certain Sor ,,

,,.v, M., CUJC.I.
Recognized Authority on
Farm Industries, IthaMarN-.

The cavy in its wild state,.,'
fertile breeder, is said to prod-i
one or two, at a litter and.
litter a year, while domestic
mal. has tee to five to al
sometimes s.-many- as seven to a,
About four to five is a good 'ar
In my opinion one of the m
portant points in starting to bre
raise cavieq, is to have first cl s.
and to be reasonably sure ~a i
stock, buy from an experie ed
reliable breeder. With good 'bre
you will be able to raise strong,.
youngptei Ith t will mak
growth and be of good wef4t-
short time:L. These are the K
are in demand aj the labora.to..
don't let yqhr best breeders' g o
price, except as you have a,- p
for on these depends your ft
A natural food for cavies is grape
From early spring until late in
fall one variety follows a0ot
Young dandelions arp excellent in
spring, Cayies will eat and th riy .
practically the same kind of e
rabbits. Clover has great nitfi
value, and from this, the protein i(0
essary in cell and muscle building'
obtained. Cloyer hay is excellpdt
a winter feed, and for green feed
the winter, carrots and stock beets
the staple food.
Sanitation is another importan.p$'
in the carewof cavies, for they ma
be kept healthy. Laboratories'
no use for animals that are nott'
first class health, and surly
should not'be used for breeders,
the hutches clean and white-wash ,
inside. Add1 a little salt to the w
wash, it will stay on. better. If
cavies eat some of the white-washj t1
will do them no harm. Hutcheq thtp
are kept properly cleaned wil. A,-
require a disinfectant to be used .eg
cept in warm weather.

The farm population of the Ut
States on January 1, 1939, was..l
to the largest on record, paysw
Bureau of Agricultural Econolud
It was 32,059,000 persons. TAhe
time high was 32,077,000 on Jmnu
1, 191,0. ,

Get S.P. and 5.8. prices, on X0
printing-we will. sae you moey.1, .

V '.. Z

I. .

~nny*~3dsSgptmb~r 193

to America

*i've hundred miles off the English
a few weeks ago two pigeons
on board the American cargo
ean La Fitte, en route from
Sburg to Mobile. One wore a
No. 606. It took them about
ee days to recover from their tired
py appearance. The remainder
-tbe voyage they went about the
Sand seemed happy. A few times
flew out a little ways and came
We met ships but the birds
ed no desire to return to England.
tn the coast of Florida they did
go to land. They were very tame
-d showed no desire to leave the ship
i,' Mobile.-Clarance Power in Am.
on Journal.

T:- o Control 'Blue Buss"
-. control chicken ticks-, or -"blue
',"lean up the poultry 'house
r.rugly, removing and burning all
dtm tubbish, and loose material and
qhkn sprAy liberally with kerosene or
-'r: mixture of kerosene and waste crank
iase oil. Special care should be taken
*tb.-fotce the spray into crcgks where
s are hiding. The roost poles
uld also be painted or sprayed with
',s material.
S he poultry house should'be cleaned
L4p in tils manner at intervals of five
s.nor six weeks until the infestation is
limiteded. A further precaution to
otect tie chickens is to suspend, the
Fsyoost poles by wires from above or
i, wrap the ends of the poles with oil-
'soaked rags.
SThe first hogs to rbach what is now
.the United States, were brought to
'-lorida in 1589 by DeSota.

SW TTONS, More Buttons
S:, (Not Coat, Shit' or Trousers)
iVhis is an advertisement from one
..'who doesn't intend to pay-now that
i 'a some? But it is from the editor's
-Fil0fie and she cheatie hubbie if she
Each person who will post 25 but-
Sod (old or odd) I will send two 15
;e 't brochures, your i.hoice, or a two
ie rs subscription to Southern Poultry
Small Stcck. If you send 50 but-
-.p.ns I will send you the three broch-
-4s and the magazine for two years.
Advertisement on page 10. Address
e author
DDixie Orlando

SH. and H; PHE0kStftT |

Rare Pheasants, Pea Fowl, Jungle Fwl :

and Pigeons
Mailing address: .902 Victoria Ave., Los Anglesa, Caif.
Avimy at 14711 Inglewood Ave., Comer 147 Si eet
Lawndale, Californa -

Soybean oil meal, costing approxi-
mately one-third less than'mieat crap
in a balanced egg mash ration, accord-
ing to H. H. Alp, extension poultry
man at the University of Illinois. A
possible protein combination to be used
with 400 pounds. of mash might be
made up, ha says, of meat scrap 50
pounds, soybean .oil meal 50 pounds,
steamed bone-meal .10 pounds, ground
limestone 5 pounds and salt 5 pounds.
Printing-.-et out prices on hat-
chery records, letter heads and envel-
opes -and all commercial printing.
Two color work a specialty. Submit
your wants and samples for lowest
prices. Clutter Publications. Orlando.-
- ... ..... .. .. .. ... .. ..1........

F REE !.
SAttention Swappers I I I! I
Look! I Absolutely Freel I
-c One
25 word, or less, Swap-ad in "Swap-
per's Friend" for one issue-with
One Year's subscription to same at
only 50c a year. ACT NOW! I
All words over 25 charged at one
cent a word additional. Say it in
25 words or less, send copy and 50e
for one .years subscription
314 Swan Street DUNKIRK, N. Y.



Send Three-cent Stampf
for Pamphlet

Rainbow Farm Pheasantry
Brrington, Illinois

Farm production averaged fiveper-
cent greater in 1987 and -1918 than
in 1929, while industrial product"
for the same period averaged 18' per-
cent below 1929 levels.
-li .---~-----

We furnish breeding stock at low
:ost and contract for gll you raise.

make $100.0o Month and More-

Write for free literature:*ad '
Our Plan to Sucess
I. W. Taylor RabbitCo,. ae
"The South's Leading Rabbitw y"
3338 Lang Ave., Hapeville, Ga.

Beekeeping Is Profitable
if run by modern methods in modern equipment, and Florida- is a good
honey country. Her developed areas yield orange, grapefruit honey as well
as honey from her vegetable cropS. Her waste lands give palmetto, tupelo,
mangrove and other fine honiesG Send today for
SL for the combination.

American Bee Journal

. H OmiWto r,




iWiwM tha m

iAti-' samd. fl, Engl

I tod ,ppredi
aL -i4,anOdyou have helped
FW*zte~ 1tpy. d I t tu
Ktora; d Tilbasueprmany w
r m.Ut .I -aft eeattig with t
Ai ftaspadi of'thidm.t

e tebpt to dUtr with
m$'tres of great interest.
.eouth Dixie highway enr
pa, an^d stop wat dhe sign
I Just four nll from
cea. Sometime i may g
a story about my

-'w1i4e past week- wrapped ar
X :n- os buttqts was a clipping
Sston newspaper-with an i
Sr. $fn of a rooster and a dog.
' re'-als. ahd both belong to a
t te -((..) man. Billy the p
er,, laps-on the back of his
S,.uqlty and there he sits in I
r while Bucky parac
gltatvace demonstra
1 iu-as -always.
i ~ch.-lon'thbrings "Our Dui
t it:.BiL.' to mydesk, and in read
:' pleal id publication, we lear
- pont pets.- We learn of. cr
v w-;J ich.a2s kind is the most
el e .learn of kindness,
i4- by a peroeatage of h-

A. 6-yeauevet stopped to th
pIppt&sajr 'it to TWco
iI*? o 9- o'nf ,.the
t akes, a .kindness for
S pas not showing the
S ,p-eciaPip.. faL
-ay. the words "than y

t '-^r -' t .^p

it- it- hd a
ashed yv^rlinftortne' 1bwrit her s bhle hl*& id e it'ff 1ot vng-
tS -.h' b~le ` h.is ppofitry feeding ifonrmla. doen, the 'it rmal -eftilse
r. The and seintit to one who had made the the fresh air and th sa
tm owl. .-iequest,- and -tifld- Aite lhe- has not, belongs to.tlvis creature. r':
ishman, received -an acknowledgement. In It seems t "eh I .t
n?."7 granting .this favor, our subscriber NeWs-Chro le po ptry '
spent some timn making the copy, he Whom this battery sydtestq
' thave' iiibd 1-lettbefa und-envelope which .has revised his opininpa-'.
sW1aAe s-ats to have slated, he paid .three jiUtlfeq this system. Re
cents to Uncle Sam, and his-kiidness ed that thl ghiath t bhi
dly was gratis pletely btokf d-doft, -ah4-
Kihloh Courtesy, appreciation and kindness is an incrdse.'in poul.ry
t your 'are linked. -When some one does a mortality, often. causing &
omale kindly d ed or'speaks a loving word, sis. le now urges "Back-t! a
rn will why not thank him. How easily this Plan for Poultry".
ho-may is done. Courtesy blends nicely with At any rate the battery ay
he but- esteem, and iurely one should ac- minds -me of a. jail or cqe
Though Iktowledge a favor, a kindness.- The camp with the poor little.
nrg aith basis of the "Golden Rule" is eind- in saitary- confinement, wf
Going ness, Each- day offers opportunities expectedi to ftu outggs-
iowever fir.doing good and which should be chine.- Insteadshe shoI
uttones, sought in our daily experiences. It freedom, for she surely i'
sit mn was. Ella Wheeler Wilcox who said:. humane trfttment.
-maney -."There is no Royal Road to Heaven -"
numner- they say, Our lite. "Annie s pa i
Drive Bit little kindly actions done each ar old (an Annicona). Sh
oute to .. day, has had the freedaln of.the
"Silvqr -tM#t lead, me thinks that way" -not until this year has she
riv .o ing Most every day; our -last
iniqt I am proud to be a member listed record of her laying was 272.
among nearly three-fourths of a mil- one year: And she still sup
lion, belonging to the-Jack London with a goodly number. $
-oud a club. In the event that some of our that a "beauty rest" is a
from a readers are not familiar with this and often remains on -her
lfustra- organization I will give briefly: ten o'clock, and yep, she actually
They Jack London wrote the book, "Its nice to get up in the morna
Brock- "Michael Brother of Jerry". This is its nicer to stick on the roopet ;'
et roos- the story upon which the Jack London -S
friend club was founded by-Dr. Francis Row- Thanks 'to Miss. Kathyrine
absolute ley, president of the American. Hu- for this bit of information
des-his mane- Society. Phis book can be ob- prove hppful to these
ting his tained from the Jack London club at propagating pledit.r -
180 Longwood avenue, Boston, Mass. cutti ng .-ProBte -s n
Price seventy-five cents. perimental Farm dp:es then
mb Ani- Through the Jack London club much if you dilute honey with thre.'Y
ing this is being done -to step the erualities in water, and stand the cuttingS
n much connection with trained animals per- solution over a day and a night,
uelty of formances on stage and screen. This plant they will prove most su
destruc- club was named for the late author, Most extensive tests were madf,
.hih it is composed of members who pay familiar varieties of c)rysanthM
hih no dues, but sinbjly pledge themselves and evergreen .cutiags also
imanity. to leave the theater, or-any place where splendidly. '

ink that
gni e a
ailing to
ou". If

trained animals are compelled to per-
formn unnatural acts.

Not only are'trainedanimals sub-
jected to cruelty. But how about the
indecent treatment given to the poor
little hen. I am' referring to the poor
unlortimnte hen imprisoned in an all

By the way do you ifal -
Joe?-No,'he is not the o
is not the cat. He is the
likes to go to a lady deat:i=
see he always goes there be K
loves tb haVe her tell hini l
his mdoth" instead-of "s

-~ ~ 41 rI~ .jt .-
-- - -r1C~r ~ r

-C-r :

* .

John W. Eshelman & Sons
MILLS: Lancaster, Pa. York, Pa. Circleville, Ohio
Red Rose Guaranteed Feed for Poultry and All Live Stock

Holders of Award of Merit RICE LEADERS OF THE WORLD
ASSOCIATION of New York. Each of the members is engaged in a different line
of business, and the Association's Qualifications for Membership:
Eshelman Red Rose Feed Store Manager W. ,
Phone 4026 South Dixie at Michigan Ave. '.' *". '..

25 Months a a 25 Cents

In the next few weeks we wish to enroll several thousand names to our
mailing list, and if each reader of this publication will cooperate and se-
cure five, ten or more subscriptions at only TWENTY-FIVE CENTS .
FOR 25 MONTHS they will greatly aid us toward our goal. Just think
twenty-five months for twenty-five cents. 3;
This offer is for a short period and may be withdrawn without notice. So
send your subscription or subscriptions today. Present subscribers may
take advantage of this liberal offer, and their subscription will be extend- *
ed twenty-five months.
Did you ever hear of such an offer? and for the oldest and best poultry
and all small stock magazine in the southeastern states. A competent edi-
torial staff and corps of contributors, all with practical experience in the
industries of their respective assigned subjects.
Send stamps or 25-cent piece well wrapped in paper, with the coupon for
S: subscription, and address it to

Southern Poultry and Small Stock, Orlando, Fla.

Note-With five subscriptions we will send post prepaid to party securing
same, choice of either of our 15-cent brochures advertised on page 10 of this
magazine, and give one year's subscription to S.P. and S.S.

. .Here's my 25 cents for 25 months' subscription to S.P. and S.S. I will .,
be looking for next month's issue. *

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