Development of a Fine-scale Laser-based Water Level Sensor

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Development of a Fine-scale Laser-based Water Level Sensor
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Journal of Undergraduate Research
Benjamin, Joshua
Kaplan, David
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Gainesville, Fla.
University of Florida
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Evapotranspiration (ET) is a critical component of the global water cycle. It is the process by which water is transferred from the land to the atmosphere by evaporation from soil and other surfaces (evaporation) and from the stomatal surfaces of plants (transpiration). It is a critical process, but one that is difficult to pinpoint due to a lack of accurate and affordable sensor technology. One low-cost approach to measuring site-specific ET is to take advantage of the diurnal fluctuations in surface water and groundwater driven by ET in areas where the water table is close to the surface. This method requires highly sensitive equipment that is able to accurately quantify water table variation. The goal of this work is to develop and test a laser-based water level sensor (LB-WLS) to improve the estimate of ET via diurnal variation in water level. Preliminary results indicate a high level of accuracy, with the LB-WLS generating readings that have 23.327 times less residual noise than traditional Total Pressure Transducers (TPT). Our next steps include optimizing the LB-WLS for remote deployment by reducing total power consumption and assembling the hardware necessary for field deployment.
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College of Engineering, University of Florida

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