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Journal of Undergraduate Research
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Gainesville, Fla.
University of Florida
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Journal of Undergraduate Research
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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University of Florida | Journal of Undergraduate Research | Volume 1 7 Issue 3 | S ummer 2016 1 UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA Journal of Undergraduate Research The Journal of Undergraduate Research publish es the outstanding scholarship of undergraduates at the University of Florida and showcases the work of students in the University Scholars Program. Editorial Staff and Board Submissions Writing Guidelines Archives Current Issue: V olume 1 7 Issue 3 Summer 201 6 MR Spectroscopy and Functional Measures in Boys with DMD 12 18 months Prior to Loss of Ambulation Venessa Bibeau, Donovan Lott, Sean Forbes, Rebecca Willcocks, Claudia Senesac, William Triplett, Glenn A Walter, Krista Vandenborne College of Public Health and Health Professions Fabrication of Conformal Electrodes on Vertically Aligned Barium Titanate Nanowire Arrays for Shear Stress Sensors Peishi Cheng and Henry Sodano College of Engineering Determining the Effects of Age on Metabolic Costs in Adults Participating in the CHORESXL Study Karen A. Cuttin and Todd M. Manini College of Medicine Comparing the Accuracy and Versatility of Industry Standard Empirical Tire Models Jonathan Elias College of the Engineering Intercellular trafficking of Streptococcus mutans from Endothelial to Smooth Muscle Cells Emily Hardin, Ann Progulske Fox, and Edith Sampson College of the Liberal Arts and Sciences The Role of Macromolecular Crowding in Tau Aggregation Ali Musa Jaffer, Reuben Judd, and Michael R. Bubb College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Summer Focus on Health and Engineering


University of Florida | Journal of Undergraduate Research | Volume 1 7 Issue 3 | S ummer 2016 2 Evaluating the Raz Rru System for Use in Florida Springs Alexis Johnson, Nathan Reaver, and David Kaplan College of Engineering Genetic and epigen etic PTEN inactivation in NF1 MPNSTs Stepfanie Lam, Hua Li, Margaret Wallace Colleg e of Liberal Arts and Sciences Coupled Thermal and Structural Finite Element Analysis of a Disc Brake Rotor Kyle LeBlanc and Michael Braddock College of Engineering Investigation of Murine Norovirus MNV VP2 Protein as Possible Enterotoxin Austin Manny and Stephanie Karst College of Medicine Passively Compliant Membrane Wing in an Air Flow Raphael Perez and Lawrence Ukeiley College of Engineering The Relationship Between Barnacles and Green Sea Turtle Health Alissa Rubin, Elizabeth Hamman, Mike Frick, Cody Mott, and Tom Frazer College of Life Sciences Effects of Plasma Oxytocin on Cognition in Young and Older Adults Connor Volpi, Tian Lin, and Natalie C. Ebner College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Pulmonary Vascular Pruning in Response to Radiation Matt Wilhelm, Dustin Begosh College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Phenotypic Analysis of Gene Loci Identified as Risk Factors for Type 1 Diabetes Serena Martin College of Medicine The Journal of Undergraduate Research is supported by the Center for Undergraduate Research and the University Writing Program