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Journal of Undergraduate Research
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Gainesville, Fla.
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UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA Journal of Undergraduate Research The Journal of Undergraduate Research publishes the outstanding scholarship of undergraduates at the University of Florida and showcases the work of students in the University Scholars Program. Editorial Staff and Board Submissions Writing G uidelines Archives Current Issue: Volume 15, Issue 3 S ummer 2014 As a child, Alia Lesnek enjoyed collecting rocks and minerals like pirite (or fools gold) and tourmaline, but she had no idea it c ould constitute a cour se of study, let alone a career >> Full Story Essential Nutrient Additions for Algal Bioremediation of Reverse Osmosis Treated Landfill Leachate Adrian Brene, Scott Edmundson, and Dr. Ann C. Wilkie College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Investigation of Transonic Flow Behavior around a Three Dimensional Turret Using Particle Image Velocimetry Carlos Caballero College of Engineering Structural Studies of the Human Brain Stem with Di ffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Shelby Goicochea, Luis ColonPerez, David B FitzGerlad, and Thomas Mareci College of Liberal Arts and Sciences McKnight Brain Institute, and North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System The Effect of Tone Production in Lexical Tone Discrimination Training Eric Holgate, Shuang Lu, and Dr. Edith Kaan College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Hydrochemical Evidence for Differential Weathering in Hroglacial and Deglaciated Watersheds in Western Greenland Alia J. Lesnek, Dr. Jonathan B. Martin, and Kelly Deuerling, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Identification of Microbial Diversity and Potential Pathogens in Bahamian Caves Melina G. Marte, Dr. David L. Reed, and J. Angel Soto Centeno Florida Museum of Natural History Anaerobic Digester Effluent as Fertilizer for Hydroponically Grown Tomatoes Jacquelyn Neal and Dr. Ann C. Wilkie, College of Engineering and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences In vitro screening of HSP90 inhibitors for heat shock response in Schwann cells Jordan Schmidt, Vinita Chittoor, Sooyeon Lee, and Lucia Notterpek College of Medicine Parahydrogen Induced Polarization Studies Using a Continuous Flow Homogeneous Hydrogenation Reactor Daniel Schulman, Ronghui Zhou, and Dr. Russ Bowers College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Photoplethysmography and Heart Rate Variability for the Prediction of Preeclampsia Lauren M. Silva, Dr. Shalom Darmanjian, and Dr. Tammy Y. Euliano, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Convergent Engineering Antioxidation capacity of fruit and flower extracts from American elderberry ( Sambucus canadensis ) Jacqueline T. Sroka, Sara M. Marshall, and Francis E. Putz College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Corneal Neovascularization and VEGF Expression in Pinnipeds Morgan H. Thomas, Barbara K. Linnehan, Carmen M. Colitz, Halie M. Witten, Jenna M. Herrington, Don A. Samuelson, and Sarah N. Miller College of Liberal Arts and Sciences The Journal of Undergraduate Research is supported by the Center for Undergraduate Research and the University Writing Program Feature d Scholar : Alia J. Lesnek Research from Across the Disciplines