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Featured Scholar: Anton Yen
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Gainesville, Fla.
University of Florida
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LMIVER-iIN , FL. ID Featured Scholar:
lournmal of ,nton Yen

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2000 - 2001 University Scholar

Submissions Mentor: John Shea
College of Engineering
Anton Yen graduated in December 2000 with a double major in electrical and computer
Scholar Profiles engineering. He now lives and works in Boston. Anton says his research experience
through the University Scholars Program helped him decide to pursue graduate studies in
Future Contributions his field this fall.

Contact Et Staff "Anton was one of the top undergraduate students that I have known at the University of

University Scholars Program Florida. He was a truly unique student. It is very rare to find any student, much less any
American, with his enthusiasm and ability to pursue research."
Undergraduate Research
Resources -John Shea, Anton's Mentor, College of Engineering

Search: Features writer Allyson Beutke recently interviewed Anton, and the following is an
excerpt from their conversation.

| JUR Archives Wheem, did you grow up?

Enter Search Terms I was born in Escondido, CA, which is a small suburb of San Diego. I stayed there until I
J was five, and then my family moved to Boca Raton, Florida.

Why did you decide to attend UF?
It was close to home, and the price was right. Plus a lot of my friends decided to go there
as well, so it was nice to know a few of the several thousands students roaming around

Why did you decide to major in electrical engineering? What interests you about
this field?
My father was a long time IBM'er, so I grew up with computers. I've always had an
interest in computer technology, even as a kid. When I came to UF I wasn't sure if I
wanted to do computer software or hardware, so I decided to do the dual degree
(electrical engineering/computer engineering). It turns out I didn't exactly like the
computer stuff, so I turned to wireless communications.

What other activities were you involved in while you were here at UF?
I spent my free time hanging out with friends. We liked to go tubing and canoeing down
the Ichetucknee River and Ginnie Springs. I also studied)a lot.

What was it like working with your mentor?
Dr. Shea has been a great influence on my life. He introduced me to wireless
communications and is responsible for the interest I have in the subject. He is a friendly,
personable teacher who guided me along my USP research. Dr. Shea also gave me
advice about which graduate programs are strong in my area of communications and
about applying to graduate school.

Do you plan to attend graduate school?
After traveling around the U.S. this spring looking at graduate programs, I've narrowed it
down to the University of California at San Diego and Clemson University. I have been
accepted to both schools, so now I just have to make my final decision. I'll start graduate
school this fall after spending a month or two traveling around the world.

What countries do you plan to visit?
I'm definitely going to Taiwan. The Taiwanese government offers a cultural exchange
summer program for Chinese kids born in the US. I pay a small fee and my own air fare.
In return, they provide housing for me in two different locations (half the time in one
university and half the time in another). I will take a Mandarin language class as well as
classes in Chinese cooking, the martial arts, and Chinese instruments. We even take a
week or two tour around the island. My friends and their older siblings have gone, and
everyone says it is a great and rewarding experience. I would also like to visit parts of
Europe if I have the time and money.

What are you doing now?
I am a satellite communications researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Boston. (http:// Lincoln Lab is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center
(FFRDC), which means we develop projects for the Department of Defense.

Do you like Boston?
Culturally, Boston is great. It is a large city with many things to do. If I had a car, I'd go
out more, but unfortunately the lack of transportation has limited my excursions. I do not
like Boston's weather. It is way too cold. I'm a Florldian at heart.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life?

I can't say any ONE person has influenced me the most. I try to learn from everyone I
meet, but ultimately I decide who I am. At this point in my life, it's difficult to summarize
who I am. I guess you can say I'm constantly changing.


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