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Featured Scholar: Regina Last
Watson, Sara
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University of Florida
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apart and putting them back together again.
Her grandfather, a mechanical engineer,
encouraged this fascination. Upon graduating
from Atlantic High School in Boynton Beach in
1999, she decided to follow in his footsteps by
enrolling at UF as a chemical engineering
"I have always been good at science and math,
so it just seemed like the natural choice," she
says. As a USP scholar, Regina works in
Associate Professor Anuj Chauhan's lab,
developing a way to deliver eye medication
through contact lenses.
"We are working on an ophthalmic drug
delivery system, which is basically a soft
contact lens that will contain medication you
can use for any type of eye condition. The
practical use behind this is once the lens is on
you can leave it there and forget about it. This
makes it easier for patients, instead of having
to apply drops to their eyes. It's much more

Featured Scholar:
Regina Last

2002 - 2003 University Scholar
Mentor: Anuj Chauhan
College of Engineering

To develop a soft contact lens that can be used
to deliver drugs to the eye, scientists have to
find a way to entrap an ophthalmic drug inside
a nanoparticle and disperse the particle into a
contact lens. The lens must be transparent and
not interfere with the patient's vision. Regina's job on the project is to prepare hydrogel samples to be tested for
particle suitability.
"It has been a good experience to be able to work with more sophisticated equipment than you get a chance to use in
regular labs at UF as a student," Regina says. "And I was surprised that the people in the lab were willing to take the time
to help me."
Regina will graduate in May 2003 and is considering a job in food processing. "What I like about my major is that you can do
so many different things with a degree in chemical engineering," she says. "I have a lot of options. I love to cook and I
have actually thought of becoming a chef. So this would be a perfect combination of the two."
Regina is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, has received a community service scholarship from
the Delray Beach Lions Club, and enjoys reading and water sports in her spare time.


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