Featured Scholar: Soon Hwang

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Featured Scholar: Soon Hwang
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Featured Scholar:
Soon H'..'ang

2002 - 2003 University Scholar
Mentor: Bernard Hauser

Ul'ly ii'i Le .DuukSu, D Lu I 'e jU-llul IL L lle I eIIllEy
in the place she never thought possible - the
University of Florida. Soon "Sue" Hwang, a University
Scholar, participated in a research project last
summer that allowed her to use some of the newest
technology leading the field of research in biology
and genetics. i . -.

"Before my participation in the USP, I had only seen ' j
the equipment in the textbooks," she says. "I was * -
not aware of the high usage of such biotechnology. I -
was extremely impressed with the technology available here at UF." With the use of this
equipment and the guidance of her mentor, botany professor Bernard Hauser, Sue
located a new genetic locus that is necessary for the development of plant maternal
tissues and fertility, and she helped clarify the role of the genetic locus in the
development of the plant's reproduction system.

Even though applying to the University Scholars Program was a way to continue research
while receiving funding, Sue soon realized the opportunity may have even suggested a
slight career change. While she continues to prepare for the April MCAT in order to attend
medical school, Sue is considering focusing more on the research aspects of medicine.
She feels this opportunity will not only allow her to follow her childhood dream of
becoming a physician, but also grant her access to top technology and funding through

In addition to the success of her project, Sue says one of her best memories revolves
around the relationship she built with her mentor, who not only served as a professional
source of guidance, but often times as a friend. "He made sure I understood all the
material and research, even if it meant taking extra time with me," Sue says.

Hauser says Sue is a very diligent worker giving her experience that has prepared her
well for a future in biology. "Sue learned to analyze and evaluate research data," Hauser
says. "As she worked on her project, she gained confidence in her own assessment of
data. Sue learned when to trust her judgment and when to ask for help."

Born in South Korea, Sue came to the United States at the age of 10 and her family now
resides in Melbourne. For this scholar, diversity stands high. As treasurer of Volunteers
for International Student Affairs, she has encountered the many cultures UF has to offer
and feels the promotion of diversity is extremely important. In order to do so, Sue
volunteers for several international services, including a conversational program to help
international students become familiar with English colloquial language. "Being part of
the minority group, I want to address issues that I, and others, face everyday," she says.


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