Electrical Resistivity Investigations Using Non-Linear Four-Electrode Configurations

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Electrical Resistivity Investigations Using Non-Linear Four-Electrode Configurations
Maharaja, Amisha
Smith, Douglas ( Mentor )
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Gainesville, Fla.
University of Florida
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Amisha Maharaja




P- P. ,OIaaraa

FgRc- 1. Sch-t- Rcprcact- fi -.-cc A-cc

I I U,,iversity � Floida -du'.- R,--h

Figure 2. Location of Investigation. Site


The method o thi dy , prd ntly fie
i lR,, -t-y -t- ,,d for ,11,,t,,g the --

f th quare (fig 3) Th t
ng the he of, -ter The e lectr o1- de ...p,

I Current Electrode
P= Potential Electrode
a= ater-electrod distance

Flgure 3. Schematic Representation Box Pattern

P a P2

I = Current Electrodes r = distance between current electrodes
P Potentil Electrodes a= distance between p tent electrodes

Figure 4. Variable- Box Pattern

P = 2 ,/F(R's)


11 PI 12 lP2 A 1 P22

AV 1

P - I a

I�2 1,- a__\ - Ia _

p a -^ 2 F = 1

p = 2� (1.7))

I -, I !-i - )

A 1

Equation 1- s1 +the s lpfied - follo

S AV 1 r +6a'rl, 25a
I 4 r+ 2ar + 5a - -2ar +5a

T Air +6r a5a,

Equti 12 -d 13 are the --,t -ty eq-t.. for vrblebo tt-


-aet ritvty -s depth f p . f - n in figures 5 and 6 Th

peeai ... assumd t, bpr l t, th di e be n th po ele Tables 1, and 2

Electrical resistivity sounding data for box paern and varable-box paern at Dunn-Cobblefi ld Retenton Pond .site (.site
2) Electrodespacingis measured in feet, andthe electricalsenstvtiesarein hms-feet


10 Electrode Spacing (depth), feet

Figure 5. Log-Log Plot of Box Pattern aned Variable Box Pattern

Electrical resistiv sounding data for Werner array, box patern and variable-box pattern at Newnans Lake (.site 1)
Electrode spacing is measured in feet, eand the electrical sensltvtes are in hms-feet

100 101 10
Electrode Spacing (depth), feet

Figure 6. Log-Log Plot of Werner Array, Box Pattern, and Varable-Box Pattern


At the Dunn-Cob- ld Feeto P- s-, b- patte nd vaiblebo pattr h- Slb

At Newnans Lake, the Wnn.rarray nd b- pattr how -1, -tvity trds Hov,

box patn data , p t, ,,sb-x -,,-,-d, tmwer in magnitude b- patte nd Wnn.r ay

feet With sub,,quently ---d penet-, the -tvity -1- f vaiblebo patte app

ovel trnd ,s de e ,n rstivity wth i ng depth, whh s expected At Newna L

inreasingly .....hd d w -th-ing depth, nd theeby yielding more t r t

the magnitude f th t s al I by th -, f th sbsf



- Wenner array
- box-pattern
t- variable-eo pattern