IH* .dunk I niul. t they! liofieil t they, had |>eralora. Then Ubpfp are tho eggs to onoa the best bruah K should They froKe to the ground and I am a hired man and & hired, h.y; whom t .

,\' tin, .u".1 i 11 I tin1oidiint. , I bi.l ,a ttla Jug mil l I IN'I .....ed'I . l 00 co. hJ..l. Wheu. eggs ai' Iw cut .1'
of Uil
I ' !
till 0. .11. I. 11Jil .I'1 ., under hen- they ar. carefully selected !In day or. so at a time when they CUll be "
hey had not gone( many atm|' however A small patch for. plmen my garden" tlie 1'upples are '
l miirfc 'the dough stage.
*1.nt"D rlV' 1'1'' h..r.lh. l.u-fms-m-< I lh..y heard Hit boiitn.. andcrlei |rhapn' a hundred eggs being examined klllinl. v-hi|'. Just n few feet away others spared from other aud moro necessary GROVE & FIELDfl
until after fully matured GARDEN '
uuiiil tlilc In
Hwd be left
t i
lt 1"1" "I'| can \"ork. I wilt hero that
"WI 1hl' dueen that say our ground
u of people. KUlherliiR In Ihe nerrch, to net-are a are mipIKineil are not hurt. The nnme with 1'an- ,
lining' ( iinr-i i I""%e.l h>' o'11 I ..-d. liliitI . be .as inrfi-ct as poa Jhl.. t Bli I'lnk I bloom, will here I I. not good far gardening pur-. '
> and I they liunleil nluiiic' tit rapid lure.An jto lu. all have to '
I Itli-toll. flllil, I tills,. Hide. I Mtandard varieties are harvealed ,.11ou( are raising'Tomatoes C"pl.ots.tery, Strawberries Lettuce a* ; .
3I(Hi I ( ; III II o.o .1.1t' that wltb ,' .- The ., It to a coarse tenacious clay aJ-
.J plant tbe
Now Jim thy ,IM
I narrow ulleyIhe i-iu 4)11 i at ground tleedllng
liMikliiK. ,uul, .," ,-r IHIIKIUH nnil, li'tiKiH1 of hey |1.1. I 10.1 a uhulor ami, follow dlrectlaua. The by breaking. two rowa together In such few togetber'untlt for tbe'culture of Uow- Cabbage w* can supply yon a fertiliser mad especially for them that ha beea"
I ln / Mluiiibleil a heap of ant out II weeks ago are nearly
Jrullful, o'"r.i.' .,iud llt-lili. of nilr.H, mid. > i ragpiukm.. banket., Near by.rags Inn peHiilt will be that. the incubator will a manner aa to form a table upon nil clivnd, HM are HiiaixIrnKons I andHnliiiuri'iKl" era. hence I bad to lay tribute on the thoroughly tested. Oar Simon Pure No. t ha the best irnit producing 1'eCOI'4' .
\ : <. .. wen, > r KKed font, a uinke no fullurp. If 'an Inculintorlia'tilie wlilih the heads after Wing' C.lniiililm'H. are not Injured. ttuUU suit the woods and the riverbank any year ,
\IIIII4MIOlUlTH. Illlltl lllvO II.c..II..1 "iak..n.Mini. u pair n of wtuKleu" fdioeri grcuuy. AHUKKeHl out only a few hltkp It are laid to cure. It should rcmalu lu The \VrtH-iinn were In bloom. for material to fill my borders. have spent more time and money in crop experimenting' than all tIne masrafa ;
vt IIIK* i" I llii* .ui"liIt, tu. I Ilic. hi no doing that U tan soddoen the \llt>hl shout a .day A light rain !""h rank' |>huit; tliey will have to Itut. It was .not. always, ooiivoulent to tttreri in the state. Beaide special brantf I for special crop 'we. carry 'in torr' "

) nl.III'1h'I I ( < |1,1"11")l K.,1.1.l l II with IH'ill. rtiMliisI.1 I HIIO bin mind on I Ihe luHI . hatcht. \ any eggs do not batch.tluti or a heavy dew Injures the color of the in i-ii i on close. ntmu- lo tbe neld aodT this. woiMln, hence all kinds ol( FERTILIZING MATERIALS AND CHEMICALS. W* were _

rhiyi> ., "Irl..r'. mid 1nll1'< am. the tin l duly should be not to hrusb, It I I. welK If possible to cureIt Hut the try worst of all arc the I concluded. to try and have a supply, l of the first dealers to put the different fer tuning materu-a wi'um the teach. 54C .l

A Itmlx It linn I IDIIK" lilnli.rj ,nriHinl ,inquire regarding the Incubator but of entirely In a shed. But If put lu llerinmln IJIIen; they were oer a foot noil at uouie. whIch by a llttta conjuring grower a fart they should bear ia miad when orderin*;. We offer N,

. rlitfii ainl tor) ". cxttjnillnu. from' 'h""vlll Itld. lila on'n rl<'h. BlUei, 'the eCRM| tie It I. In the "allll that the while green U must be placed la thIn high rank tender .growth In great I attxouipiuhed In this way .
tillifinit.( . L> > < "llu'"II'r.l. As early In the
l J.IlU liltli's ...I..t.It bijors. which require considerable, extr rhuujM nil over 'tlw N:8 nk"'II. TbHyfrou uprlng as possible,
,' 1 1 in till Ii "''I'liJurtMl. a I tlir.v we.! nU geClOIII 111. I..IH hiHlllj, 'Hrrnjeil lit iiist-l f In miulrea about a dozen hens' 'to slii-d room. If left lo the Ai-ld., ) u.i I the ground. 80 there will IH generally hut March or sow I IlllMlllll.MM I ill' <'1 II . Hl.llH, I h. .dirty laKplcker'a, milt, mid. lielng a l If the weather liT Lime
Nitrate Soda
.r .
hlll..b a hundred. hliks, and It toe sea al>out a day after cutting until few lilIes this ..,..rllI"I I hn\e often ''il.
... __'_ uii Ui the .lit I ill. i 1 rucl 1 IH| >'H of the, |hH1umr Koud Kli.\\lll tin-)' did not 111 ,ou In. old the heng will lone about hutrerver It hi-arly cured. It can be piled 1'.1H.llt,. . It I In nut rich! to dig I the I send I the hired Imy with a whei-l- Dried Blood Oaa Lime ,
"I' 1"IJch: I Iti'Miliit'ini{" .' MIIIIV'' n I inntali* him 1.ly, '.I lie hllHKiH Vi11. il hiliceol.loiitf one half or more of the 'hlok..AIt.- under cover and ImllM nuil let them ,dry but If 1 live ; burrow over Ibo yard and garden High Grade Blood and Bow Coppei aa, 1
I ( UKIUMID' tell I v( Ili-rolHIll niulkilliilitlt .1t" imiiiM.. r. ,mid 11 until u lid II. In 11..111. layurs with 11'.I"'I' 'lIo"s to eatlier all' th.
'niio I llo buuilrvd-fgs; lui-uhnlor will The needing tituut liar full'l I nlinll I lr> laklng lli .... up Blood and Bone. Blue Stone ,.
.h-\i.Ir: liul.. I <.In!< not think Hillfiiil thu.m'.mvor.. 'Hire, ix'tlle. Hiihiuii iKtlt-d. T>'lien CiMitviilfiit trash that bus iiocumulalecl thereon -
him'ti-li' out more rhUks at one time Hit ofliii of late I u ) ,-.I'S t the> hun kc' michirrowHi Bone ., lu I'c' Soda. -
., h tliorii I .. old, I lii" iiiiHlono. I piitiK'| t* e"vr .l there niul. hide. I will "imr}' YOU Minn. will a down hem and they can Is .dune by holding I the ou a oylliitt mid n I.... Ki-lirnary. or March through tluw ..., every slick sod Tankage, Land Platter 4
1".1.' 1 mi. n l 1.,1 i i" 4 I . lie mined un loss npaie iwcili l It freeze' toil", uml'J kllln I tlH-m 'to HieKroiitid. (Bright Cotton Whale Soap I., .I
.. In-ei
has "
fuike After II
llinii I tlitHIIW. t lu uo irlUidcr!! anal .The ntmies thrown
.* y< I : 4111 IU"1111 1.1. unati-r IBHIthmi with hen. for lu the .. l.iint, wlntir waft very jiilld ihaiga| ) are to Cotton Seed Meal Ground Copperas .
of i Hi.. 'T'h i .I M I ,\'. IT'i'\':! .1 leiinnc. t tlioiitfh I lukr m.yce looked, I the 1 winter nenniiu doften lienn ((If I thatmany ,ulionld Ue t>ulk
In tin.. hr." "< i ,ilintf \'h., 'thi, limurrt surprise pihu. felt t. verol,>e
'i.;l.iu knii> :"I iff t ilnit.
; IOU! IIKO.III' .ml l vl.l.. h rn|>lilM' KpnaUIIMT ., llfiiil, ber iiMin| bin liead. runttalked ,\ l ,, while, the..'hen"., will thuds Flno IK n-jiily to luile. Itoth the. _h'" and fireihin. were nenrlv n tout -' The yard 1 la then' carefully raked generally "i

nlll'."..II..U.. ,VnJDii, M I"h",niul I Krlt 0 .IUII.I i.Hit SIr !li.-iii'. .! < lIiI101111130., Die) S<'teral I .C rtu. t. IUlltrl will I i-oiiie out ami bloom nt I III" iimial! **
-n l lr.I) .I tliu, i ill..'mi, I in.' and( loyal. 10liln him,, hut Ility to < Iot...* of tlipseemliiK \, lime. rrh.>te" will Up no January Hones. the garden. uud 'with HH-KP u funda- Low tirade t Potun.anld .ut". Tobacco Stem, .1'"init

khii' ;. .. nt. hN .,,1,1.1,I ..( HUH anil fielrwK.li I "niKpliktr. with I I hi. livid. I HiKot Hut I I tliluk Uml, IK*! thev need, a linn la maile for a "."tll'.t henp. 'Ihity Ni>. i Ground Tobacco 1

_,t nil lii-. .rirl't.-.I' vnsHiilii t to Unlit l the. Hiifelr out of t 'town at InM mill.II. I .. .. bare are jiprpad oil the Kroujnd H4> .. to turin % Hardwood Aabsa.--------. rirniiadTobaccq '. ,.
.nlt 11""" Nenrly" elI!! are of " ..
'lVlllIl ... .1 1 11 I,' l ll Iu".1..iii.. /") 3 oIling I.\' I .ix.iiinl. ntxnit, plilli iniiile, foi tli.I .- |.IHH now. Home el uuhim|his of yellow a /lied flue feel v Mo.. and fifteen f..et PHOSPHORIC ACll!:. Baled Tobacco Slema, "r----- -u- .

l lung iler mil. I IIIK j, f1i 'I llun. i"a in .IH>\ i' iftunied I ilvtr. lioplnx Unit II lioaf that hecoiilil oxalln In Hit-, mrden were. full of flow long hut any alec will do a<..1111&I. Coarse Ground Tobacco,

-' I > ,ili.> 1 t hiti" tin .'ill JM'rUln'tl 1 c'.ortolix) borrow' for theloieuHlon. Hut t hf lii //t .-in, 'llier w'I.I .-.,.. out again and to thin ilia. ...I oittAtitn' ,, tn iitlllxn- Oiaaolved Bone. guaranteed unleashed and'to -. ,. 'i;I

hi. I mile I I I I Uiin .1 hi,' ,,iiiin\, .\mi, .r..ull.? falliil h blui. )fllii-re WIIH a HIH..1! I.loom, In n few weekn The hurlers they are npreail $HiiKiotli, phil I even end Acid I I'hoaphate, lain all their (ruining and insecti J j 1

l"l.j iu r ..1'1 *un. 'lit'i I i.IIIK Iri'r" ard, I the . hi lila ea ., then all nt .HUM. : of pink lint. white Oxnlln were not nhoulil. be teu liKlL's or .ire ilu -p. Dissolved Bone Black. M..rt.e.. g "',

1 -.cn,...1.,1. I fn.,,'lii I I". ".I ..1'.11..1' l I h. I Ihe i.nrtli .'..m. tUe wnv I In'ueatlihhu I w butt and. lire full of MixtniTlipre over thin. Is thrown W-la>.er of Hurfaceanil WRITE FOR PRICES ANH DISCOUNTS TO -

"-|.| ''lill lr l t'ie .11.: .1,1, mill') hlllHlllHlvllli nuil he ..".1 falliliK fullMiuHe tvlll lie pleutv, of cnttlnK outS or of roart-illiHt four or Hte Inches

& \ nliiianil' .' i i jiiui'' ". xliil HMellllii ,had. fa In till. "ti'H lug ni| mid' plnnlliiK' 4i>ulii i an noon .dm-p, then anollier .layer of terns and -

I i.11.r3'i HI..'mi.'nl \l.y< iirults t fri>iu the \1"1 he rmtlmveroIl i'OIIHI,'loiiwneHMthp IIH, .1I tli"- \tiftlher I I In HO |I'H-oile' |'b can work no tII) until the ut alhilde material IsdlKH E. O. Painter l Fertilizer :Co 4

I,IIM, ,il 'ininlili' ..in..<"l |M'iiHuntithe, "rlt I HUH wan ..II1I.1".11.. be uax" iilnneHtH . The oulplautn In l loom. In tin-, ',,.- | >H.Hl of M)' ,IIIIIIIKMI, l 1..1 l wits live
f ,ii.h.. .oelt| \ i'lluiK, iiin) ful KIH| tip' I.. I uhur.. .'""1'' wan I ui," h."ruI I. h IK i S\ ,IH-IIII now aro the Ikordi-rn of pink, feet high. The ItiMt hijor, vhould be 'i--) ",

.- Till. i I tin, glut". of II."t, i.h itiiiu, rnl'1' I xviiN.l.Tisl, Hboilt all I hut I I'hl"III' and,. liiiImbue. I'. .dl- of ,.,11.I ami npK-u.l. lint HO Hint the' JACKSONVILLEL'OPPKU / FLf\ -'

.VII .ill,'tillerua l< IIHI.II-NH, no ktHHlUKU ((11). 111.1 at "I"h"wn.. Hhelleieil. " at tl i' inrlinii. nml I the (hills pink, mid ralMti I < an |H-mtraie I thioiiKh" nmlthnoiiirh .

& U N "rv..% tug I Ililllll'l, I I.r.pi: toy Of ( ..t'.I' ail olil woman u ho, 1..1|>l n hit,- I --- -_ - -
3. Inft --rn \1" winn.l .".' tin. t"11 i of (rim I.,,.... 'lh.I. hithnftiuieit' Ilirtl a ) "UI. Thp (memo finpht mnnjr pl "ntn In I In I the full nuil, njrtitn In I llm early --a----

tt.iin 1'1.1 -<1i'IIIUM*. .niiil l .lianm" *. )huts! nlni1 Hit )I. I ., imhl..t.. \\IIIHM. .ih...rlpl Ion .inJlllNKiriil I IHitM. nn, Killerlen" and, i.ookinl 1 I them. A winter the ... |.,Ht nhoiild. I lie, outiluwii PLATKKM.llAV.Nti 1':

sc.lrpi olil. .lining. ,,;. 111 lii inM !ni ilnlluollxb \\ I m hIs .I"'rll.lo". hail heenmriHt grill" inline of mine were hi' two l edIIHIIHH ami ihroun out and, nllitwi-d to -

I I Die K'ainl' I I-OP..I ina of lila. .ohl. .%l l I.>) I Hit. imllmrii leu I 1ml,I |.IH! Informaiit ' iii|' ntalrn I and, I literally, put rent for n few dtiyn, I then I thiotvii. hmk. -."

n li.nui-o. mil. out to lnii'1 (ili.I, I I'I li_ LII.- ., , i oilM I not t1 liliilhnl, hint, I thi-tii to 1..1.| I mm ira.ii pnMrn|
n .1., ,, IIIM. 'I .ilolii mm llh, her. hedn. I then In 1.1. I Ihe |>otn on them. ..>.niH, | Ht. tTio, Iii ri-il. ,mini, II rush irrlndniln .
., ..'. . HIM i rill I .1| ] IH.fore. I he foiltnlan I ..|.- ', nlinrp. I then i
\1\ lial I *? >. lie a,kel tlie toil it i :} p. .11..1| ii iL riHl them. with mwK, |"aKra mid Ill|> \ 'ry lnhthlu log .
? its. it i.lulling. t IM i.t|.<,in 1 h,.,in 'in In. IIIIIMlllioiil ] \ "lime. i.f. 1..1 ,1"0 lie, ,-.unlit. I,.. III. hlanketn, umf Hated. aft exeept, a UrgelmiatleiiH tlio cilia|itist he |"'r'|IIH at one pud, ti mitt -

t. \\ "I ),- "mH li"- tutu" nllKi'n 4111hniilill t.r. ;, *iiluiimt, .Nlink when ti.Ht hint: ilUiiiered I | I Siiltaul,, n-iillj' .11... It ."lo\\ n fiom" t Ihe Hinfnce AND\ ) IMUKTJV 1 (G.; -

jil"l li, lhinili lie MAN j"ul; I that Hhe ullli I t I, an-mirl-us. of 01( her Slit f Ihe weiilher ban I..'.. warm to I 1he. > irroinid, coiithiiilni' ; I Illun' fn,innil 1 1of
'hlliliN>ii null mt mid. lull tit ;t-lld.. I It l In I then t lIKlile
iii|' to via I iJlli! s .In A d ,-m.onlliieil I hi I the I old limit.lln .. uml. after a n few tlu)'n In Ilintnii hak all kinds the ln nesl ot
h IHUI t:1." .1'e'' i \ Oil I i inis homily r..rl..C I il\ill: |>lnk tutu! w hlto I litnheHi,, are in style art .t
jii\i.. ili'iii' .- no iii trig "in" iijite' \ron".1 >. all of nliitin, had I.m-uui .arrentiMl, vii n nrk of I Hit- brocxli-r, The Lou ian 'utittiltbyariy rarpenh-r n nmnll. c'n.t. hi I lilofini, II JIll nre ery l pn-Oy, Tlie lIlt. (. the bU. '

I \.1 ili" M>II.MI' ,,. iii. h..11ll .'.. the .11/11".1 pretext., '1i> IK* .illowninl. In j.1! .HI-r\'Ii.'e III, auiuuier nhro" glvin TIne yield 'arlen. of uournti wllli I In- folltiMf> I hit.-4 Oxalln I |ix kn Ilk. nl' .inn piomptly) executed.Laicst \

I h s i nil;"i illtn> e ,titl'l. l I Ilit. .1:.... mfr or 1,11.11'1. I tinuri, of eLI lka. hut *he Is out null and totality but a good average' : ",'r. 'I h<- flower, lire larue; Ihe white INiinfd, ; and la nut to IH- IntiKhi-d nt '

}i >,. <..\IN p .11. "U ,*i'l.ouumulbturi' Illlllpi ..y t h... wa* I..W glum. ni on nf I her, iiliiiv, at nut'b work In, tlin, whimher ylelil Is ti ton of thrashed brush from In larger I"ham' ,ii I the, |ilnk bellow Oxallnhi It. will lie light anil mellow mill I rl<-h.rli ,

'>ml' ,,.1 ,".. r"I.1..nl..I. >' ikitvei u > I pilMoiiern, ' 1 I lull.I .lw"l ".-'...11 I I.nnn" unit +'I..h(. ihrtm to ll>.e a.-.. An ..xpm-rleiii-ed| l |UIM| (i mil") nre In ,hlooni, I hll .1 ushers h lu huniiin It exci-llent. ( for euililtUiK designs in Wcddinj} Invitations '
anil. Inoxiil 1 , t of (.n"w who. wore-ii. mil 1.11.1. ", 1 ..1a --..-.- I ) ahotit couiuioii Harden null for |K>tn
hand .
1hz.:: Ioi\ in I. I klll ean cut one a< ren day on i lunar nt4-mn 'Hieii I have an- _
I n"\ ii in. e cot lihni mii'li| wawith. lit lIltN. one ap Beat Ge M for the YarmnIluu. j I! line. tliraahlug. and baling (-ontn al">utM alteare. has and for liorders; ail). tbi-ii It In HO teriHinvonlpnt. > Visitihg Card and Business Stationery f _s :!
Iti/in." .) tlufr ,, . & .. .I! kntimii' liii. mid he .had littleto I .. 'I' la to barea, giMxl, ti.uiHmiheap | "
.u-. i sun i ."" ""1..1 I I. oiimiiHe uuv at thin best varleUfK ,- 1 Ir tun. hue prlee varies no much b lug iliiNiirn" Q/ c:1t... pluk How era on t
Th.- ; -,1111111 \\ 1. UitM. :I I I..Ioui.lH I llllfl| ,nil. Ha) I.. I the iii lu-ru-; Inn IH HI.-IIII' .d of 1..'.. 'lw> are light gray In that the profit" for one year can Mvl- lung nt4'inn Kflib" Idmini 'lane an ..itweuitytham' to draw from, whenever. extcn .

ta wr i oiue' I loi m ,\our4liriNit, ,t nuil HJK4fur >(| wall'lifiil mid. fmthfiil. and wax IniHtedA .iiilur wuh t m ilinki-r,u uliadlng 'Jh* feniateii .lUiui. Iw mummed. an m imidnrd. I 1'.1.' wnl plei-e. Ihe rollaee Istlirte null la needed O..PAINTR S CO., .{
iaHtli' l hut if curio (tksl: l viik after hU arrival a larue xium IH 17 to 'JO I > thick.Thin Tb. Ilteruatslayerp piui IM of gnrilcu .
.\ ; > J ; eggs the unit ...n. vary hruab one year wIth another averages lolnsl very large and t j
.' Ud thfr, Hot (till i-ry. .1..11 hive. tlie her of priHouern ",'r ordereii .uI.nU- 'IwgUinlng early lu rIng. They tuniottr about adii I to $70 zIt |>er I'IU.' ." a* sent to, me years ago withtiuutlior null road dtitft or sjlud. or jt< rniliiffa ) Floridanioi
MN>ffl""i' I lion.. nil I mid .hl..I. mid littleleninie redHlt-innipii. from a "n"Yllrrt" A t-omiHint OeLand.
4 -.IIn | "' wil .. yiti "''l1 about 17 ggs' In sitting The vnrh-t) J uievcknew "
.l tli, I I In a good crop on the ao lii. ran
IIIITI hn I iKt-n I lli ]1"1. "I
H "i 4-t ur MIII' it nyc h.\lart. gus of i"f<-.e one year old are all right.ifr who wjut them, hut tliey are (TiehiruiTl . -
and half ",,'k of ,dad, t h. ground and l helps li> rot \ \nulBKi-oiinly' jill Miiitiuier IIHII. The, ---- ------ -
,.- _-. fisVml of the f"Ir. .h'l rn)1 Ir.... .Irp .. la.t year ray Lease laid it* and I iixallx I have pier neeii.j '. _
; 'ibu: l turin mo in.l ii.. IIOVIM! cry fcrninll anil iiumlHliuieut, an will, meutalmtxMtly :JIJ$ hul.h"d. If there ,la a pasture eggs the soil beside.. making as guxl. a j lit>l K f I..... illppliiffs from Hit grass HIII! the u-il to uorthciu" MinltB of the l lieU Uuuri *

1 to 1IIII,< fof. *. ti Kianil light l hl"1, from wan a"1{' I tlu* uiiiuherhat tliu hoime. tbe near growth UN Kaffir or Horgbum without --- --- wtt-di wlilfli lia>'e Ix-t-n ronti-d up m .Are < .riiii, ti. tlii: ilcclduou habit uU) c0i HAND CULTIVATOR ? i

m.A :_. hiM i ,'"gl. l-yli.< ,nil I IfftJiiK hit of .\\' u It I. I., ,'llz"D". I Ill.I milrod III It, as In summer gveso are they generally eat seen cultivation. Comport Heap ext-clk'ut. 'Ibe *Mt'e-d' M'liy. "their .l 141111)I I lo l I...". cloriiiatit for Hever.ilnioiiilis.

: hlx n".> nlilih he heM', .* ..l huu.IlnJla one. of I the women |Mior. tr.uihllugiivalure UKM. Do not handle the mostlyK. The aeed and the stalks ara utilized I llnd a c-ympont heap Invuhiahli. mi in'V I I. legion., Tlit-y II",- 1.rtJl"IIIt! ( . )ct It >IUIH rK uuiH wader -
Ilhi. HIM Uc aumid l: "1 who UM tIght bodle gee ii|, everywhere all summer IOIIK. and HiU ri-Hlralui and U takes 011)7)
liand 0 leo much th"nmt week for feed but tbelr feeding value la low all "garden work.nml. eaHH-lally| so a tOry . ::.t : -
e'ralma1L d.. .v> U x
uy y ant and It .Would hardly pay to raIse It for Iliwora" TM amount of available __. '.sujw'IaC a...p4Io.1ee.'. ridus.sd, I
1t Jiisi l4v ..*<'.my lilugh t 99 long I life to U..lol iKHmantry""Drowning. : When' hatched! $ by, lIeN jrosllar do for feed alone, although In tbe western niMlrrlal I hint I van fcaihereil. up| from In tbe fall when tlor Icare* have fallettv. It to growing and blooming. In'tile I._'r:01.\b non.. -p5 St ... -
tli. hugrds not a fast urban hatched "| from the .., tliey are* raked ,,H.1..5..b,
f 1. .linCk-Htr. Klos.lxxiH. grow aa by up Iroplut, the oruiige it h le.u, hearsImratIrmuihy =.r sS.l ,
11""Wt. 'of uklohouia dwarf broom- a dhiliILiiril,5jid gr4ieieiid, utilisedIn ..' ,
,- (( ln f. they do not pan and C IUU MMH| with .flu" oaud or rtmildiuttf sappuMs,ie-ssse. Sle. _j I II'
Ile-ruter I ,"|x>k aicaln. f'ln wfttliu Ilau" > wax .h.r 1.11 loyctlfbitiiteliiaye Ifease r get everything sign U sewn fur roughness Instead ofsorghum a "' "|(_t heap, will sliuply appearnntoiilMhliig oWl,*>lIe 4Mp. a year, but It
:t-, w-oitU out of- hl. | I '1' ." 'Ve cant to eat which ttwr' ntetL Thar. t* uo .because It doe.'DOt sour' In to ounTwIio, has never trd and some tliim' during |Ibo m-a. la o.IILtI| ui-arly. the whole. tear ".IncloHig ..' .' -
tliuw lila MilieaoiiniliHl need of them tvboii son lire chop|>edr down and gone over * I'
ifozfa lAtciM ran him through the Iwdy, wimt" 0",1 women. shutting up they it 'W'nt .d.
d to econouilce'lu thl.'a.1.. And.-' It I Ia I
After brush .
t the lirulnl' Ja..II. riiHlietl over very( rough and brutal hut lip are lo be fattened. They win be aa this stack so badly. the a ,cryIng ,nliame that mull quantify. na the ..'1.. and. they l indeed Now, It the orange tree Is left( In at .

z' IIe lo wan ; coci>.to i plund.wIiii< trial' HtiMipidery. Kfutly ti> the little palernrsul fill as YOU "-.Dt them by T irlatiua. IfIIlv. In harvested the stalks cantiIJ ...f ,'ultualulp(I> material nhiHild, 1 a allowed. / form a tr*'a..n' "..'. uhlib I find. In- -t.t of nature, it yli-liln. very readily Com. oau bran potato and frrtiliT -

-.tfrtw-# BuS Dijjrilur' nil liJl kin. for they girl w |limp waH erjIiiK. and, whl"peiinl .. all hue' com oatM and fresh water fur forage anti then'plowed tmilttr lo KO 'n> WoII"''. na we all know Is done vnluadlt- floral I culture. Quite a lot In the HUT!UK' to a slight liiUm-nco toivtWIIIK '
. woulA iiontf of much, a Htniincb' royullHtnlioiiUl J In her ear: "11 rush |>e.tile'i' '! I It InI tlivy want. and.' left to run where iimklng au excellent green manure. eti-ri' nprtnir, mid, "''lIII'r I In ervrr Tit of lemt-M are K.IVIV. wlllinut, uny admlvtiire to riulrf It Into sapmovouuntalid'hloomltiK . r "lacks palmetto brrrics, men and
I I. hVrih, her I lAY. I am here. lo save . There are many. varieties of broomvuru. I : ''... an' I itTruw u I Into u luapnnd Slut nrtlllc-lal "
II,1 live > i'ir ; dry I |>| -" '", ilo not walk much liitfe ilnl. Inwu at huh f-minlry I place In under cnltlvn Ultr.} '" ndighr'rcMii. Write for'intbrni -
?.- I'lip old "aJ.i''I.. grimy.linlrril mill )ou,. Kear not." And. then be Rtmlfcbtem nfior tlii1) are full grow n. To have the but Mamtmrtb l Dwarf ..lot ('I". Izind \Ve know. ,Ihnlttrda, and Kar ItriMh I IM b"1 1 Idem to I lion. I hy, bulug I pushed during tbe growing .
*. I 'd hlH figure aicalll and. .r B .t4lu, I hi .: >I-or hln uunK up | '. .1 Kiii'ii-ai In raising them one iuutIIHXO ileiii., lit, raked- and 41m grass Hud mii of *umm tr. It run be re-
I. liin I IllM Hllll. .IUtltttllnie Kiven and California Golden Iiavepruveu handful of I"-.. 'dry l.-.".M pliutMt. lu duccHl somewhat to habit of
him (
-' luuiter, Ii jim.1! lildilin fly ,1\ a I pond or some boles In Ibe ditch net-da nml,I refune or all klinbt are <-nrteil a period- i TilE MlEnlt.\N? FillER CO.Jacksonviljy .
(-lUtlL-. I"'tor$ fomil tfetm: out at a l hl'k 1 %i'mreI I llJrlv \iitlm h that nftirniKiii I Hint I retaIn I water all summer, so that to be the most satisfactory In oil and. <1iiini>ed. over a river bankor Hit liottoui, of n 'flower |I..t or lox' are city .'lh orimice tree by the Juinnlin

_. ..In..JUKI iM-fore th" flOut> mtcredTlwy ( who were plaiiMl In .two great Ibi-y. cun aw I in whenever they ploaae.Una Oklahoma., Ht-ed can be secured from Into a ..11.. nr onto a vacant lotto very "..r..I. for I llnd, (lint the root ltt.gius) cnbin, grt wlng l lIy ntn and I Ma.

had an uiM| | >rtiinltv to get to the luailKtrinijr cart.. and behind the aloWhtm'nvy --- *. Brlnker In American Ag rlculturlst. kical ralaers or from Western seeds remain an unfflirhilv m oh>-<-t until of nmut nil i".nIM take kinill.i' to HHIUline xtailH, wrlicuvvi-r It eels like It. can be
,'ul.lns. liln- |K.IKI'. .driiKKed, to the huiiLa of : I wlutt-r we I liiimt.I uoocl III t the of tbla lawled
TlllaK "hl. I the Jin were |> men.tJroouivorn Mniiin, kindly i-o> ern It with a mantle" partiyoreeled" Irreguliirlty -
the Hie rIver Ixiire.' where tI.... con klti'hen itoveThe ustlu's| Were put Into ) .
itarluirtlKlmtmu( mid drllkl"l I I. a "Cash crop" and, of living green. I hy being aubjwleclto ayatcuuatlccondltlonii.
iii. hi the i'lliir. thi. ytt dm.titl. 1 on 'liuard. an old hulk of a a barrel and 'lo them every day I If pudluii hy late fall cultivation ( Wanted.
rAr9* w < \Vhu.u a liorao plcka up a nail In his hike other cash crop, has l Its favorable A few yearn "Ino, I was un a visit' , aclilod,
the cold
Jiiud I llu.' lioime or. IK.1 1 nnil I rone.l I Into the. middle of.the 1 1 to In 'Oot coffee and iimnnda It can be made tired .. It
<> ) .rlo. I fiml lout dom the driver do? Does and unfavorable features. Its a lailv a nelfchliorlng town It and Mild
." fItlI1Ifl)9lt) I In r. -uIucr' I HIIIPH I hadIMVII Mtr-iiiil 'l lieu th work of 1euth l>e- tIme I In Mnrrh. and < tea andron..tla; and often wer,,. and forced Into dormancy for a .
lump adlmsl was
. "1. hip| lliiiiliiK| lagglnw cultivation ou a very large scale I I. melikin HO me pople were [ spent bopH. and every day I ,M>ured' CURED MOSS. JERVSALEOAE
,wrvltur of Sir Hello dp Clmfiteuftyp. Kim ii. mid fon-r hum" along? Not unless be I bandled "deaiilue up"' their yanln This lady | little v'bllti lit leant In order to rest .
I succeiwfiil, but property water around I hip Mill,* of the harrHto SEED. QUEENDUIGHT }.
before It ended
.It dark wait !Now : ROOTSPkICLY
W'Iull. hml, nice and In II pertinent and Importantqucatlou .
v n-HiitM lo ruin the IIOI-KH. At tbe Ont a yard large garden.
'+ 1'lrorefor two ..1y. they) avoIded. tlierlEllaiifw 1. 1'1 he, Ui'tlumnll bad their, hauda tied xiliii of liiuipiimm be jumps down examine on a small sacle, aay from fifteen the yard by an til ley fetit-s. there Tvaa a keep{ It from taking hire from tlieaahes I I.. which Is better to pu..blite ASH'BARK AND BERRIES .

of tlie, HIIICH who wero neiirrlil h'II"1 I I I tliein mid were blindfolded. and. tIme foot andcarefully remove ti) 'weDt", "e acres for tbe aversgPtsrituer land hugo nnh pile, the winter's accumulation vtlien 1IO'hidl i WiflI lit wiiuetlnieiv. hot orange' by late (fall cultivation and HIGHEST CASH PRICE
( fur Hum, hut i i Lime woru then led to the futaj plank. lIttle ami eapuwlahiy l on new fioui plnivtl tbiiMirrel Hy take time rink of early freeslng weatbVflu .
l I Ini i aunt* of the lauieuess. Wbat Is lite or Hlx open lire I.Jacea.IIlIe PALD.
...ve.h. and, In the where the variety of sure crops Ii limited. spring I had I'-w--b--r.ra4.u-ot I hluJmmsduff- -
I their h..t entered allttreuil'lliiK. Jeuiine wan I theery laiit called "". m and. mild to the youiiR pagtrMnii durkutva' I4oya npeil overtMMinl wltb InuuiiAK of Ile', .ne. only 10 be cured It will prove to Inaspaving as drHiup the alley and stop by .the which c"o. then lulled. with s sufficient It cense growing and harden up with The American Fibre Co.jJACKSONVILLE.
C raised of gardtMi MOil and used
: "I 1 fear that "'I are diurcov- her un.ce9i.Ut her honda while abe by removing the cans of the trouble.If aluiosi any trop that can be anil'[iJli. and commence shoveling the tinautlty the risk of starting prematurely and I.
In the flower bed. The plants" neeined -
I *;Vr(.., ;I Jiute' "
c {4lm.' nlf.<'ntrrtelilntf the '. arm atnigglett'to the nearest chore, "whlnkvy medic, ...." you keep It going market the broth early lu the leanun heard the lady remark that abe turns and. Verbenas, IIow much la the orange susceptible. of '1
frflinf. JiiKtSfti an I cnuie In tliere. was uliU-h they renthed In tafety.Tlielr hut etery day the condition ht .when) tile highest price la usually paid paid' the man two dollars for taking were wtintlerfullynne. : being changed la Ita time of spring

1m '\ *low Jla""lnl" at JII duor. You wills natural good health anal Mninjcoimtirntlona growing worae A few dooe aomelluiti soil for that and other reasons should away ,that aalTplle. and Incidentally. Ilearned M bat about couf( lI..h"M.! I rouliner| V\e know' tluit the i>each
I lord" bore thpm tbrooKti the' easily became a' great source of the your someone use l>e cbaiiged coiiHlderable. eniieclully FRIEND
\ Ji>. ( ; .ly of I Hr. i'lt-rco'a Holdeu Medical afterwards that the man sold asks why. 'lhi. ilMil
# *r" ''wlior c dear Ix> 7" evere liardnblpH tliey, mulerweiit. and tuitlou'a of broomcorn.i the ashes farmer ; y art too. 1 tlie I'eouto and honey uud dome of
f 01. tall go .,. l 1.1".er l v it] |t.nj thes i t ..rTlwl; t.J' fiiKir' with aouw frlruda la Nnntea. not have, miiiiot, be aa uiuc-ti IdtJueiio-d as Uu-m
9)nlclit) | eyed u and unLrtlli lu tierfert con ltlOD. Oaullflo".1'1I.CauUllo. them thrown over her garden tluiea thrown .
-a I fl :'hiue J J4mI.4. will -care for us we hire they, al*6ile till the wan were Mni-lj-.Hght t linen lu totery hundred .. are the most delicate of ; but (did not feel at liberty to auk u they taken are out from the over lumw.I lie gardenwbe HonibIImi's A )''.. .. freeze rarely injures Ui" - -

In Ii1in." aiwwpred her broU.r.t1'1"t or and iieace once more dawned and "(toliU; .,. Jg UM mother alwaya nettled down with It.* brooding wings tails could, have filled they are 'eouipogteil with garulcutsoil. i is the fceUruary frt-exes which do- the flQ ;' i -a and Ii. P.Oaaolme
t IH what our IIi" ui.mt nlKui-iits originating In dl- grow A writer In the Kpltomltt 1 hewn to advantage. [ I do not like them mixed with i 3 l-a ilt,
over the old atone ihHteau on the hlllHMe. I .IIt ,..ivitUoeak 01) xbooewbo- greatest uilsthief. A week gained In yc.- -
t I '.UM. of tbo stoniactt. ft "olwayiIn ..iMucthhngWI.th"tc..whw.sbme&.Mu never had ,grass or I..... They too harsh Engine lot'P
It wn. (filially Ucrlilixl., after Home illii'tli -i And therein lu after yenrn ruled II.H u always cures. To cure con- should be done. Hbe aayai a ceuijiost) heap and would Pare to tryGirls Alia, (lIst. tlie. early )part ot February would ho hi (hamS loom, such a*

0- tli a I, I lie nliotkei'iH ahoulil' go the brave Hlr I.y. de, Cliaatelalne llpitoii use Dr. Pierces Pleasant I chanced to make tbe .acquaintance I West Virginia Ik-c. 13. 11101HOWS ) worth two week saved, .Noveiuber .I t;noding,i'eed. Pump-

ii' font iui try to (otitum irmitrt the hut Jila niHler lilaik-ejed. little Jeanne I...... They're sure. of a man who makes a speblaliy of I "ir ...wUer. There. proliably few z-. -u ins; Water Sawing

; - : XLllul WOI l I.>' the noldliTa of the reVUUliu. left Ibo old home to be the. ebnlvhilne' -a a growing cauliflower and this la his of our readers who have not seen orange ''w7-Ate,,; Wood, Running the

-I Ja JliU iHgulxe Loy4 wooldfiiilenror of another chateau In .out b.r. Kmnee.K Cat For Poultry. method! The ground Is plowed Iwl... : TU18T trees growing In truck patchestill Grindsioae.or lot say

.-t.-I > fa eel out of the town, wait- .rm awL iiuwu..- _.-. ._. Wnrfrtrap I PPII ._lei almul gtrgu .cut manured lightly and the plant put Yllllq We offer Oue Hundred Dollar He- hv ere cultivated more or less other purpose what-

IHMI. for poultry but many persona la late In June wIth a Bern transplanting ward for any case of Catarrh that cau- regularly throughout the winter uutll h eevet ,r,e-* u I r i a a;:
nffonl 1 machine Tbe piaiiU are nol 1m cured by Hall's& Ualarrh ('ore.L tbe near approach or harvest; yet the ' snail WeKuarantee
4 J bone
to power.
'imliUO( buy
( a cutter
_; f+ ++-444.t44++t++.-P+ Are often engaged la doing the work 01 ,orange uwe, no more Injured ( .
by .
.++tt.+tttt.., ++. t and It win >K>t pay to alt and wUu for cultivated several time wIth a Planet.Jr ; V. J. Ubeney A Co., I'r prl. .m-e satiafacuoa.
4 and L two a home under the most trying condition Toledo OWe : severe freeelng (han were those. not ,
1 cultivator given on* or ,
I Ifami. do nothIng elne, for there are NO M'OKE.
hoeing. He ta very'eareful about tying" !. Nature cries out against the tbe undersigned have known F.J cultivated after Aeptembrr. Often.. In NOFIRRNO PANG-

: : ,1 farm\arlounwHyn he through to nerve the. winter meat ,months toth them up. This la the main thing tooplpg sod lifting. the running lip and Cheney for tile last 1C years and. fact Ibo tr. In theRe"-tnlck Held* BR.
down stairs at times auood the cold weather' hetuerx han Write as fr and terms
WIllie her natural bug and grasshopper any way for no matte bow largo they believe hltn perfectly honorable In nil '
; I ; when labor should those that ; BLAKESLEE MANUFACTURIM
were eurefullyput lnU cTor
J diet In denied ber.. are, will not cell well If, they are not bustnea transaction, and financially
It U concerted who bare had snow white; and It i I. not only the) tying beaahlghtaanini. I uiaiicy |>y an early cessation of culture. COMPANY
;i Poultry by all ble. It is owing tooverstrain able to carry out. any ,obligation juad. .
: exjierlenca Uiat beef Is much better u that doe this but a vigorous' or by their flrujj- \\J _ _C. _ _' Birmlngl am, Alabama \\J. S.'A. ,

I a meat for hens than pork as the eas growth with plenty' of leave nhadln* neglect under these West Truax Wholesale Druggist. l'IJIIIIfY 'rlET-IlL09P. -
lent to and feet It la the head. ,. .
Department Say procure ;. conditions that the Toledo O. By' taklug the old reliable ilotanltf -
shape of a beef head. Have a little There Is quite knack about
a (tying foundation i. laid \Valdlng. Kluuau & Uarvln.Vhole- Blood Balm B. ft. it
[( ); cures ulcers
talk with your butcher and maybe be them up. If the cauliflower Is tied 1Ip i for serious womanly Ilalll Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally ac.rouU.' e<....*. pliupUM Itcbluu zi4n TroubleCan
will give you one a week, or It maybe too soon or too elope Its slants the I list.... Irreeu' acting directly upon tbe blood akUunculuif -
bones bolls carbuncles.
'I" It
that a nickel or a dime win secure growth; gala It not tied ap vloea : Is the first you
laxity the
I and mucous surfaces of lI.telllII'r1ce '
are all rUb clown take B. B. B. It b
n" you one.' After the cMlckenH- bare enough they get discolored and look to Impaired will eared by Ukiag '
step 75c bottts. Bold by all dmgglsu. -
I per five IIf.. vigor suit strength to the
-ateu aU the scrap oil the outside cut bad. Tile beet way according to be.
%t . -. -. i..s-44,4 ti a a a ti ti.. womanly Testimonial free.Hall's blood. It. IK.U. makes tbe blood
It with an ax. Out In halye.o la like thun, pureand
.: ........T T T T..T open Take ball Perfect regularity ire best.
\ jTTTT I quarters loa they will do tb... of string. and wind It around from may be established& i family I'Uls the rlc.lt. Druggist, ,!, Trial treat.iu COMFORT

- -7 "V" of ee Indlcatlona iZioof. a abort" aupply ,.' Beside the actual amount of food baud to elbow, then cut open the skein : W'tlM.1IM. of Dr. 1 sale UrUgglatk. w Toledo. O. nt./r e by writing Bloom Balm Co.., -i----,

;,_ ; t IW. roods are blab Many egga. fowla n Te 1>* n. UUed to ., ". they get from 1C the bens derive) a of string, and they, will be ,Just the : l'leree'a Favorite S. -' Atlanta (.*. *. . '

_ _MHaiav) ,! .w. can e0 ,the coat of .feeding them through the great benefit putting In their time right length. Pulling .out a atrlng : _, Prese-. _. It ,t., X.te-raJ1 Orowtb. Uali's Family, Pill 4-; tn*. eat.Wait miic 5 tepts .
cI eggs to bt .heap. Nor nbould they whll. they cannot b* out taking exelse. gather up lost enough leave to shade will heal(nfUmnuutfoa t1 tqoeeUODabIr.tIIe''priaelp.l.. object a---
winter and Others will not be well .
be; by reason, of tb high pric ofgroin. fed a* uaual anti w. shill Lear at the .' Tile .profitable ben 1 I. a busy the bead perfectly and no more tingenecessary : and ulcsrattoeind of seetlag to regnulata tat growthof .... Do not -delay treatise th*,firat T"f

ji i ; ;i.J ihele.ale re t f o tq product familiar Jieni 'one. live tier something. to do.. -Farmer's . and tie thl* a* low down aa., : : Cure femml fruit tree ,In the' fanontIUuhnt' While ohuc for vegetables such aa tomr ol Kidney trouble. It may result '
4 la wbl the string i. a trifle 1-: -_ It tb* cultivation late, -orceasing potato, cjmllflower turnip. boiled seriously. COMFORt POSITIVELY--! -
selling "
K. *' : toaVMba auonty,* (In .plhap ': egg are food price. SS - ."". the* bead thus allowing the top*. : moke weak>women from It ..rlr-la the most onion, 'etc, may be made by using a CURES Biirhts Disease, OraVeJ.' Ia>-> L

-. S '- '" In LQiaeezciptIahI..uti1k. e.J Now, we bare bad bent tBat were 1] rooCorn1eatklehema : of the'leave. to apread..ont aouiewtMt, :: : strong; and sick effectual protection of the wood. I cup of rich milk or cream. 'Into a portion flammation'Of. the Ki4neX'Inflammo- .

t-4. (. .juulte'a llTlug'oneisti and milk 'aOa .t wlbu|| ( to' Uty egg dt-flfty cent a ) exiwritnent ttatlen. to the air. and not,retard fbit growth oeitwtU. Bott green wood, Is more easily killed of this jitlr one' tablespoonful of *) oi, the. rJadd.rLiilanimsle.; of

th4tnwr..vha 'I proc tb. docen .aa at Of teen when, we bribed ends ont. the, following : concerning of tbe.. plant. They hoold not be tied ', .a ft*** we smckjnwra. by tb* ruptttMr 'aap .cella- .brfreeclog Hour% and be careful that there are- tan Urethra ibatUcnI and Painfol

p 'on lila farui aud |U. Do hem' wltij a good)b unuli every moin- tbe 'growing broomcorut.. i' untIl about th al. of an etc or forger -' .: : 1 .* writes Mtan' than U.waH-rlpeoed wood. In lump Season to taste wltb salt and urination, Drop* r rand g4miJmpotencct '

sell. this $G.U" ONt food even lug, aud warm water. Inthe drinking Broonicom.I I. a r variety 'aorgbaat* If an extra'heavyplant anti tbs, .EII.la nt.IMplH Ouljfatil of County.Jamc-. the northern state there" con be but pepper'and add a lamp of butter. tbe -febiala, DisordWrlyr'Jor '- ,.*-< sto

" I ., .tboU'Jr-.r: : bIKbt.thU dI.bea anda, ..wartu hpbwto .t.y.lu., and baa.uianyof tbe qualltlo of ordinary bead are/ well .r.wjcovered : wlthfItM/ vcavi,.t1f. e., .ee I tI..k' IPY. _. 11II. gru.aa gasJI little doubt that It' la the part of wisdom else of an egg Pot the milk over. th* booklet( .. ..-- *!
,:.I. 1.1' :'. .*-* ; bufr4bejr4. not like to gl** aouietblng. \ sorghtjavr-TJEevsorghuTn 1 iia.ID The patch ahonld be gone"'over about I I-1. 1_the use or his Paseihi.Pneaip.Opmm .' to ceasecultivation: betimes-- so fir* anti When It come to a bolladr Inthl "' ;,, l4.a-hl.i.2' ;
II ,', ,fhtd'.l IbI.bU' *> eoet for nothing H mere likely .they,cannot'to .' kardyyurU. a gr**t Mrouta-rosUtei twice a week. a* there are at Arab Only !' sumuneed sod 1w'Gal.lad.tlire.u .NtoiM, bea.at .montliiy.,. ; ks4 M.- aa to. liaiilin..-llm..''OMmyjiji thesyere -. uulytureand'? boil for- few no'ntnIlesarefuI AfcoCnerrncaIr l .

_t i4 .r I. el -Tbey, (. |tt 1 If-they would.like .o.-vMasiuavbtWt- 1.4 thrive* under.reasookbly untivor a few beading Dp at a tIme 'If you ',, lb.!..' .t .s.ms :._ u h i would at* what .) freeolng and tba sudden IB'cTTryt to fir .toprBVeafn" : ,
_JI ;." 1] aettm.rii'nImn.-:: : :. .. ; bava never grown caaUfUrwer try n heel .1. t. nr beck asS Uooueh.& I could -.' leg temperature changes of winter;,.v JI 1- """uei9. '"I1..'lit
wU.pT'.proJUr"ba.U.a'e t abl lons.- ,? //.A'j-ikll _.; j ealad atsit I '..p.,.. :: 1'' C: ;(' ,'r, ** t,. I L&icLII, planted. a{-rt** pm..fecA [this' season a'tuey .srsa prs-fltaWen t-ea 54 5u.? .- usc rf np my'1iMlnlUnbWd 'Florida to-different having the evergreyn -, from tile irei, kIlt In n well Cteaten ego; *-- \>**i "***v*'' jz

ac' f JqUattI7' or.lat,It, .:'ttIuIukWller.a.aa. r"" T. 'trots for eeinna.or:for-howe) cpnsu np.'. epse- er tryl DrT Pt.i'es's ./ citrus tree ..,well notb*.dc1dnou 'Tblls iidJ 'b''.-tbe.r wt ,'blltC'.,:I Comfort' 1s1o1.1ib* ''iII'u sleble- "
.4M kt&as "
I tBe1' of oatlt "
.'1. .tr 'Nowfih to'rii.ie.caJow.ial.prtOlO ; opening spring a. ,. "'' ..aftHf PrmcrliKHiik With bet lltti '. > lr f pit*; JTa *** ,
t lneab : betuntUed If dealredU: .i -
: and/ Although" > thet ;
't t wIL , ::, t.trilh.1out IIC''ltI''
11 Iu. surince I ML-CT.1< ri rt hid I .J .
;of crop -
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-j ,.: I < : tile aaesUon is frenueatly asked" I Inly.",JL/iUUi ** ' .T n .tltX :,. ..-5 esOli-w..- I. .___._. .__,.." 'tqoch milder than that vegetables_ and oerr bOLL. .. A>erTr' the pfeaaant tathartk*. .,
ii ; r .) .W"er ub'-.* y-p ytMjrg .-& Mtl* .?-tint. a* early barr lnt. and*Ari*. marKetlar .' : '. father//f earlnr":'earthquake 'la,." _.. _-tI. iaItIat'r.ed. .Ut";ilt.1: *,Xully_, *,.ber'dlmatet't t't:t'_ ._ k a-,. u rffes 4
--c .: r._tlr"uer.\ ak.. tb'awl reply to euvb an Inquiry.demanduentering '1 are especially. lll1'ablflot'.JtJ"> > thai regton'of' bom*,sent his two.<', ..,- .'_.oIl'l.i h., 11111JItood .:.PIIt". ctU-u tree In p 1>':"Wbaa Blgteream horn*at J 'doclli 1 I----_ '__ _- ._-.- -_*_-'_i fr-- ,T. *.- -r ,' J-t--':
; ti % ; Into' detail,' bni It may;,1 usanlly" advUabl to plant It Ullll arJyL boy to A dJntant friend Until tba- aile4l . '' dlnesi'.a tb ejlmate ot3benorthi': l the oto. monmg anxl declared be.waJ lW : ";
-Yr. 'v. ---Prtti- -, :: ,' ,,:thA hi. .. ,....,.J'Y.,.., ,. Il'n. i.. .., nuiianear1'hi'htllictPli., ''nr'h''' ....... .. ____ ._ __ ... . .. .pent. ._ ,_ M'_._f ,__,_! _Ftr_ .._"_1!'U..t" _;.': .m.. A-uA.-. .. +-,. i :ih 1..li Mn ._.ihI,._ _.._ _.....p.. L .. .. iaaa- a ,- s'v i w"i H f <1. IBM 'ft -

The Kissimmee Valley gazette

Material Information

The Kissimmee Valley gazette
Uniform Title:
Kissimmee Valley gazette
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Kissimmee City Fla
Vans-Agnew & Harris
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Osceola County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
28.303889 x -81.412778 ( Place of Publication )


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 24, 1897)-

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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Resource Identifier:
33274531 ( OCLC )
sn 95026779 ( LCCN )

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t II G2Trr3TAu.uD ''t891, .6OID4TZD. I4OYEMHEIiU.. :i8r. .-" ,.. ', I' .- ( .

,..T: .' 4 .. .., '
1 : '

'= :'1:voL,. .'Y L.. Ni!,', 10 I" t' .L4' ,;, KISSJISIMEE. IT.Yill!, A ,-' ANUAItYI 24 90 3'' PRIC1 .. CENTS. k t

7 : -E _- ., : -I. : .
p 1 :.
., "
:. Baroo. M.aebll.ao; Uia4*.t r *--t .&&batorage no oeaafpt'.zporim nt j.-IIOC :I socUUon.- a alactad president *u& ': ,: 'i

SftL-T:' SICKNESS PMrranrry b U1 relim""the, muoa while utme the within-a tbe uw KILLS WIFE I II Washington chapeL,. wa'of the aoiemnlMd Duchem'II'Unit UMprlTita The ptDMi'af fur pn..ppl.* cut *a soon' 'as_ matared ,'. 5ARTHQDAKES"MEXICCL r .. ::1;: elected'eeIllua vka-prealdent JCd.1't1 34anra,.OL/J, ,w". &UUb 1' W55;, caraejN: } ; t _

Mtzlco' Git;. The crreraonT waai pit- Cod.befor .howl.c ( t this seneca who bajr been .latuict cashier for a
and aajue revival wt sacleot '
IN CATTLE Tb t not t AMD CHiLDREN. vat and quIet, owIng to the..pr *ed cf-tb year aor >.llo4' color., Thee : ; long: term orj-eara-wa- elected cash- .-? fLOftJrii:

--- Jenuic.I.-.. referred ut 1 I wishes o< both iMrtMt .rrmldent and sterna .are left on frern-'al&.,to. '' 14 T '. I. to .nceeeT-ColoMT-Anderaon.. and ,- ., \ l

term of Malt to the wotU Mma. Dial were to heave been present incbea 'In leostb>'Tbey,are put Into a Ferainand J uUems,4 wbo. baa 'baenln ( ,
CATTL.B IHtlVlON TO TUB MAI181*. tour of tbe Prince and Prlnceaa'Vafea et but were iwerentad ftooi attendlnc by cloae;, room,' It .poaalMeOB '. yb lTeaabov CE4EA'PQl8a" ".T. '. 'LU1D charge of the Ybo&t, City braDcb oe tJ\cI tNcfiaHT.,. iNTp Tina' OA'rrLI -

'. \ ezpreaeed regret a.t the A bllASTtjY DIBOOVBKt IN PITTSBPKU. -the death of tile Mexican Minister to the float It not' well<-packed 9'1 bank w. eattete.\.ai..nt. .- ....caahJe&o. .. MNGIID'qESrl0N) :, -. '.'.' \\
T&mJN '
KAH3 iO.f TI'JbuD4.
: : KII (HCVKNTY A tae A Australia tile brother-in-law of thel'l'08Idetit around tUe -charcoal furnace '. 1"ROPtARTJ. ; 'i t i" -
tliat tbe war In : PA. room. AND : \ ____
. s. ,: .
St Arc.wa "fjVt 1'- .:
I- said no wUoaa fuoeral occvrred .In 1 U plaoe4 to the middle of tbe room fi. i i' r' :, ;

..10. f J t' t. el.. \'IIHIDa. and kept goIng front three to flv day*. The atoaixiaUp AtlauUaaV.tbe-Ler, llOeIptofllang.. catti :.tiOI&Fr

; .- Lack of Mineral Subs anoln, Uu the abandonment' Itountlaa, ai t VlDOant Vej c.lsiok Kin bin ac !accoMlOK to the ,weatber, keeping Urn It i I. B.pdrt d tha\t ,3OO People for a.uft'Llne coal saIled which aoon-a/ber put. Ulto'PanaiaooL oqq 4t &UIOt7.-8beep" ,] '
o for New Or-
1 from 100 -to 110 _ _
Soil tna Caue Cattle Oriv.r (tile Wife Ttoroo Children Theta )J. UI uniianall Urg of temperature degrees.At Killed aDd Mam Mora lean "
I. lt' ,, t.1 t'.O o t-Jm ana crop the end ot the three cia,. the ploee are / without havin( UKeu on tile E.a-lalcgs.Cloa .Ors. ;.'Nat'lye' ,;
i where they can ijret It Rooovar "JIII treaty. KaxujrUU than* Almost BwyondRoOOgXlltloi bbace pe.JDtPtto'rIM this year are sorted nest taking out Uxjee inj9.ckut1y Injllred_" ". ., Liaise are coal. Hue ,Is of a net tonnage of-0,183. _
and cwttto and fond of :'
-1 -ase- bogs ar very and 1. the largo veaiel luat : ,
-Otbar Notea -' colored and thoae act Dow baa yet .
leaving ,
A. O. them, and see mtt thrive a. well on eu.terod thin \ t. tip _
port -. '
: .tate.r ON r ao well colored tor two days more. -, - ,, 1 ,
; <-uu tons of bunker'coal I beret. .1" -, _____
I'J. mid, Uunini' s seen tcoinx from tree to tree pU-lc- So far our :, b. been all we a* it I la AhMtued I that her bunker Two publication* lately rec veVl Clve;, '
HoiwIlilQg. like aeyeuty, yeara ago ,34.92O.5. Thla I. In payment Im o. A gliuntly discovery was made InI'lttslMiiK. lag up the berries (bust fall to the could wlih for toe plnea havIng a A Qoe vi lbefiuo t t rrll>le cmtutropbee have beea tilled muck tnora could an InsIght Into the uioronHtat of the I '' '

Ole uattli! of Central leoigla wore Unit .'tMe tor U23 Slat* oonTlctanceutly to 1'0., when some neighbor, sound. We bars seen aeveral guLhertag Iwaiulful uniform goldrn color and ever recorded In Uia.atate of Uuerrerola > at '..
.( O drlYen to tuo salt in r luulung the leaned t that corporatloo.Heretofore bearing crIes .Huliit from the rwt- tkene lierrlen to feed to (belt'neat flavor aa good aa during the ouimer. rFportMl to liate occurred when an. of destInation, but point UOu-LhWC5WinCb are of atgullloaat 1011: -

l : iMMitheflateru? 'conut of tlm .1(Ijite and when the atate hhalatur.uuwar.IIMI deuce of Vincent VeoueJH4ck. a Pole at bog-a.-New Btujrpa Breew.WORKTOBEGlfj Before pack lag for shipping we cut i-itiv'iuely rloleqt earthquake wan .restrlclloOB! on the, account vessel of boarantine : term toUi atuAcntof t'lorUla paatoral'coudltloiu _ _

.:' Hie' cut, lie thut fed UIMHI. I thi-HO& null :' huotoUtgrt' I It, waa cuatomniy Mil Spring Alloy broke open thee doors tfwvteini off to about one Inch. TIle felt ..t Cnllpanclno etUMlny a great i, ha.Jk 'front eu-Infected having and 'outlook The AJ-.t. -

,nuintlica ror a ureul" ( lemjili t>l time' I U, ,r<"flv" only a year for nuu4. found the 1..lr..Jlu of the house S.- keeping qtuUltlei are excellent.Uy kwa of life and l InjurIng many personA to be dctaJneid-* the port w*. ocdured fact 'wo notice it ,tb.growinimports rn ,
were. taki-n" Mirk *nil iniiiiy I.iI. Tbowuir. . 21.tll Mturaied with (blood. Mr*. Veucelwlck )t au trutU flit atrlckva dlalrlct quarantine Rtttw of luuuiaa Uty-, >\vr"cHili 10
(lIeu! entire l.mioli. governing following tbe above roHliortwe are stailon! .tor. th. ujKial.I ten ; isiaa > .
:. i-iilhil It "milt' nK-k, nuppon-lug' I the ...." wets chauirod and tbe matter lay Inside the l lied her face andhe..1 (Irmly liellere "..l1a". eacaped "blackhiOilZt5 'Very "_KI'r, btH ecattorlng rel> >rta iv.celvid tlon. .a* provided by Jiw day and datetv a receiver of range cattle la 7 ua ..".

r; II warn iliK- 'I.' < wilt III or on the IIIIUMMI in thin liaiula nliiMwt crushed beyond rtHMignllon. ON HOSPITAL aa not one laatauce hal bean b_ 9Ul'llt.l diet probablr-aw) tllan hiaie rather Chicago uiitde her Kce tet .'.. .. 3 _
griiMW*. 1'liey weremiiiow. | | -raoiia were klllrU and iw uiorr .gl.IlwtcocslalIJu-epg.uae oncwci's f'V"?>to tlJat.Feer *>0.6aj) bead ta\ -
\h'II., eah.ji.et .the |' t' mind I iMMlUW covered with cute Work will iN cIn on tliu' new rallwnyInWiiM'tal no far while It bn* been found' many II owners, the -al>UiJu : MiilTvrliiK' from' HMJ 11I11"1 Ii, alt. 'IIH'III . o injured. tI known (bat the stat. UlOl.tt"eI" only 1BO, IOO heqd: lu .'
of where left
riHiiinbuilcMiera' of i and .1". noil I CM' husband .VeucetIck. about Urns tlrnt ,irf next ou tbe' plant to ripen and to lake Ills vernal ti. New OHMua
.",\""..10.1 U\ fly. wi'ixhldo i Hiiiiultoii., Mr. MclJn l IiaewI all ataJe aliniMt ... the I II thus ,lieu ilecJlleil 1 lo ,chnJlite 1I1U1IUt.1 I .-" From all we have alUpped aofar. I (5111t44.| the |HiHi.U cUun'li sued many where l 10- lilllliMi to taking vniikrr revelpCa of Kaa u City the miiBM.,
.1. were lying
Inn! ,' x miller the I on cattle ,
iitnl\ 11"\' are lumped with.
lM 'wI
> noun- '- MI hula In. {he "'Iorhl MayAl "t. floor. i-iUlon !.f the iMilldliiK.' nml, the ulil, Mite lifter liHog In bufiilurig. enr re- buurnduieas hoUseS aiKl nwUlencea ore In 'MHul l, sh will luhlr-iiinliw fir: th.. Urit- tie the.tarutte-.c.i
jaw otliriH mi-iiKtl to II.IH' away and Hud. <1..1..1..| | ("'|'' f ..l.e sum. Hull YciicdHlck vi III NuliaiukMicd., 1tn new iKwpltal .Hint and reporta bare' bi>tHi. .atl.tsl nl1UJ1 nuil theta I. witch .nffertnff iaari'u1t I..h army lu (k/itb Afn<'. hot the total rewrtpta of- teat: city -'
d IIi> like u -i l .>u llitiil I nllU uoitHliniinoll ) It Hiu-ni-ui i cabsIjoluto In flail were 1.U7HWO bead. "-1'I
; |I. .r *I l.:il I-KI' JHIIllnil, ailiiiir will IN cr..oleii ant of Hit old. .II.. and IMyt.I"lo aiwnultrdIH -cut.
| ", while i.h llwr wi-iiwd to get liUimlrumi, niin' UIM of (lie. txliDcna that muffpr 'Lie .rcceUiU of
I -11
\ raiifie CaUe Cl//.
.1.'Jtll'.a |. wlfw 1 wilio. rail cutter.I'liu I tiller I I tt I llnuwmilil im'iid and a OPENING Of _
mill mOst the of THE.
|I.Kxir luuletml uf Mnluicn'\ 1111 King iitreetn. Huch \t1( WM Federal teleffrapb ??0 are rapidly being' Nxlu ieui 11Nb-.> ,
oil..1,1 get \ IT.V |IKM.r. not llml J>l.w HU ugly gaulion J _ _
I tbeu iiKii'ti h fli ;,wliJcb eSI lnh.. the panolty ofntv ably will cud before .maD .
ImiiroVi-iiieulx the iHd- bullillnic asHiiirifext ARBOR DAY APPOINTEDFOR HOTEL PONCE wears tuuotbluK.
NEW STOCKADE her luMililcr anil knl -Kcd fcrr down OE LEONA
m-eiiilng (I. net, <. i-i-, I tinIIUHI vt( the < that hiss no far'rracbtfd this city. ICanaaa
tlHMiinlve will ho made and city beIng etoartA,
iruulile. Some .n... ii"I'' ix-| .rle FOR CONVICTSII. FEBRUARY 7 nK'r Chlcago'a
will ba t Ui-dnfe eipea".
: IHJUUI! 'iu>, *' with t.h.h, ""HI"'". Siirh aic I I titu. -i>arUiI I-'. I lnilt.ni.
h.- (liu\e iJimliieil I from. nlil L HiMtlem I mill \ lime IOIHIM. IM .111...vl. *, are i rlf.. The t-hllilrrii were HH|<.> In one IN. 1 one.. of I I'ciiilliic tlhe 1 IMVIHI t tea.1".1'1..1 Millillugof| I III tlieHiiiilli. the IjiiiiniliMnrv ilenliral Friday, Fe"( nina |>t the ..I..ot-t all 4 t ,jppwere ,' out to the letter on Wedaeaday. this railruds| wujfh range tap the tattle.nuiee lak aa .r ',J
il h I. And iTislliiK I ato<-ka< near tlielrmine of (lie |tails niiil the Imrtol faUM-r !11t'I > t Arlior l and .
stu-i(nuclu. ot\ jenra of ex|I" I iiie I . : hay /'I'oCOnmMId.! iinliijitnM <|nli-kly nroceedMl to Tlie ceremony attendIng the opening dUUpKuiaued fron tb _ _
tliiMi I iiKh InvemlKullini nt I I 1'1.l(.MI. 11ul i In will t tnliic NO At lute wife ruined to hu.w.phheiI| I. Iir.' liiurheyWI ii ivntlnue l lu 1111 Dial that. the lie .lIl'1culta..l.re.1 "I
after liiiMlnic a mimt ( loka. # angry I the Marine, 011 day peopleinniicliiMit inert a u. huiiurovisunl' ] telegraph ottlco on was ( flung Ii a cannon In glona. The K. O.. t'. ,& IV, K.-U. i. .
*IMMIII I the. Hirkly, r.niKi-" I hu\e inI I the I it-ct I .ii.e| dm .t . lie, !1..1! iiii l nuiieil 1 Mow afu-r blow .Mlllliiry AiiKimtlm luMpllnl It....uu,. HLrmt.St. I live elate plant .wun.1'J .. outskirts. of tb> rJty.KartlutMk the cant tower, This act Was prompt brought to the city, In 1WW b7,721: '

; build lluil I I thin IH uut u ili I'.'iinf! I.lItI .1 I..II IIIIH <-\ -r been lu IIH, lu tbJHKUI. ix| .ii the .1..I< |>lmc litlk; ..... The In... situ KhrulHt |0 further Ixmilirynr | aliocka were fell In man ly iierroriued by. Mlsa IIel u Parrot, head; but shone that haa declined to l' ,

:: .'UI..I f(II.. I am ."1-11., il 1 'Hull IL In -i-i,. ,o'uIiJstuly tak.a great deal liaip WKU| of HIM flitter luu.-ki l the e.g, <' iHtJ.ilU1 irronmlH.' Kiqiwlally la the oluir ellltM and to". and l.etuurithe cole Lad died away 70.U01 head thla year. The *. T. N. c.5t--'.
.. I neither ci'titimimiM or lnfi iliiiiH. IIM "ner .f 1'lt., In looklnir, . u convict. liilllr, rout, I In H frljc'il-ful' iiiiumer: mid Two ni-crrti ,inliMTii were. klllei! aaol l.....r /Mwert'iuic of the day, tno4b-[ . u tho "IniKe rHM-tx-iiUlB was ralsotr tbe r. It. K. In ItfiMl brought 1182,1)51) hcadi' ,

iii..rt- limy huic i i li in it Io-rui, Iii holhiertuuuut' .IIH| tlioMo who have o them I ho lnM>|>ltnl i>liy. .... ,IUIJT I hat lucre .l-lil( ..l lucre I Injure) IHU-of I Ilinni |>'*, er with 1 pleaMltiK, and HII\.I..te| | | cernuHik *- Cases.. .'... de I..on orchestra. Hounded tbe this year only VJJjup tend. Vha. JI.

ii"l. iint-i>..l. uiI: l I IIIMC al-( ala I.i- I llmi jn li.lux "no the company ,he cry liltlH lioH-| for theIr reiovery.'lh :nl>ly fatally, In un, miSileut. at the ., urged l II'|.. our puhllc nclxiola.TriiHteiii uptMiliic HI ml us or ilia Htar Bpang'ledlianiier K. A V. It. B..ln 18WJ delivered

mi iii,.tl.'i-il, Hint H )hi-rc ..iiI I Hi- h.".. 11I. \'- |I.WH n.Ii hug. 1 lit I the. new ,, Stockade all""A' u ou th. clilltlrtMi )lulllrlol,1< t iihusi' l of 11.,. I '''','rl"util. Conl, aiiil antI school oltlifra. I In charge ., No rssva grown In Klorlda po>- nags were uufvrneUiiidtbeiiab} head; this 17W.WJ -

; .4 ....." to t thf llllrxlllll I. o ilti-r .lu-y lire. li'Knllnlili i here. w fll I !I... iiiiule |>n,>vlHli>for |riiiiig II.I If,., .mil wltli. it knife I In,. eachiiuiil. f 'i>k.- ( ""I./ly..1 I MlllHtiHM'. 1"\otu1. i.r ili<< vnrkiiM |public| liHtllutk of the jeaHeH all)' |Kl onou. character, Manner. II.". wefc ttofurledCand the Ibe K. 0..yeareal7 U. B. R., tHt\III iu in -IBM.!. '

,ii. tiniiiuilliliHi. .IJ'' ri-i-illiiK il ui.I.] HIOM| <*. bntliH, g.sl! t-tel tfi, with a* I . vlii* K|rmitf lit tier .lI..I tarn'n.1 andtJlblM "h.0.*n( rich III I'n ii 4-tir, nurlillng < wblle Htale am' MHiited to iakv article, actionit The crop la perfectly adapted to aD l>nliuhotel was fornmlly opened for brought In 2lOUObeed< t! In ..'ouly

wlo..". i-ljiy ur Hun. wiili I I tu.ii. m1l 3' I lie Hiiltli'iciii' iiiiinlifr, of l lHiiket with .l I IHaiiiiiiuiiro a inunlx-r of I time h I He ' ilnwu lilll. cnolitil Inlo* a trail n ill iMicoiirnge UH proM| olirerv-' hurls. of KkM-ltla. au
found lii.ilii- won lie IIIIH '.cen. |>iovcnniaay I'Il h J.. P I the menvnmi. HIM! .1 l tu get -mnul'r ot Iows of "'11'1"'|" )' I-it. lure of the spirit| of the proclamation. ton -,ilgli! |111.WIt.) laud*, of the lull the court wurti several hundred people -. _ _
Taking both eltJ_, It !.
tIll".- III vurloii* WIIIUIIH, of i the I I..I.liOkiII hii h i-nn INI mUltI between th boom of it ana C- sea to .alume ,
HII11.hl0lI.' _____ that tbev recwlvwd lum iHUk.r" '
p. NattyUfJtell cntllcIHIUU lrl i-n to I he eMHtlonn . -- ;;::- ----- } o'clock through nearly the court one and thousand. iaaed er head of range-\.lii.- J-1jjO than .
Into lh
- .. <) hotel, they did In 18U& 18UO.Un l\
: haa i few wi-vk* will uiemlanil rt.. 1..lr.n, I I.I 'ti-l., I .'...1..... P3W ..tiy .' t.1s.e i On oMHUnit"day| tIme pulilic, I Is Invited the other or

I '. then ri'iuriilm" tu lln-lr formvr '1"1"1'. 1,1., , 1 ::'1 1.:1.: i.clili, ,:. :' : I. r ,. : 'lu liiHMft. | tlie entire wound floor( lu heavy lucreaiie basil III the there has bees a :
; -
range w-cin I to I IH- all "rl&ln I ror II yctar I 'hI. "". ''I. 1"\\I" l 11) rnI-slrintl, ho J..4, i-liiillni, I I : I the inn+iilllci-nt rotunda anilji.nli.n at botli these receipt -r'

j: or ao wbeilt. It IH (test to 1 linn' themto lit'' r..nl, ...uueuu, t.1, ilullI ." '\-a I niul (lie Ki-iiiKl" .ill lung '"".-- agricultural greet center from lice
the ufi"-,*.hi u IllliKC l 10).11; l I, .. I I regions; the region where -
I .. .I I II II. 'ii 11'1'' .Vii-ui I I.e \ '. i'. & (o.ROYAU.POINCIANA I.
l 'I of utockIIHII. ,, , .. .. ''IIt, I .: I thin raugy animals from the West .
L4 The ilili'KlUni Unit I it.k.i Itil-- I" .1 .\ .I. .. .t .. _
1 .. \ .
: wilM, wU.-lt iki t tli*> i.illlf net 1 In. .I i 1"1.. .,".',. .I ,.hen.1; ,l.; ;.;: I ,.. -C.- fcnd Texas are brought up and fattirikeil .' _ _

) TITeHtiwisUuMji I linn; I I Ilirj .il... not II.. ", "u". .",.1 I 1..i .,eu-i. .huron' II'',. I lHu' :: ou. corn. ::1

JT. ( / ni I the IHIIIIC, ruiiKi-V f \11,1111 e' er> nine I. I It .. 11..1" Thu.. .I.. IH'" I h., I '-. . :" In reviewing the range cattle hbmVue { -

tinmiHWcr, YVHH vhiil lli.'> illil not ,...r -i... ...,I..1 h II.1"I.I I.,I" ...' ..r...' (/ .' I,. J. \. '. .' REMODELED of 1U01)) a-r-tbe Union. Stock VrU, \,
know lout' w inrufrilnnVil' ) i tint I l In- rut Iil'" 111. .11011 ... .. ,,,,.1 hiu.-, .. .. iuuul, rt. '.1'/1 , After inontlis. <>f im mrntlonm thelis'uui Chicago the Live Stock World nay:
to 1 tlilme MTtioiM, illil nii-iul ,\ \ . I'ulm-iiinn, tin lnrjr>st hotel In Tile offering have included fewer
tk HCII4 ".1111 jill 11 1. Flue.Ii A, ,
,, eVc I cuiritl lietlrlven ,< .I ,' .r'.t' ,. ,. : \ 1 flurliln. saul (lie I I. cattle of the feeder class for three ink \
Will lift few t IOHI Ifc-rrmy 1.1 I"'r H.t Ih., .' , .1..1.Iii 1/1 .li \ world open| for IbeoenMoii. '
ti. Much. riiiifceHr-w-' ,. !> I Hi h "h"l. "J tin-, "III.i.|1.. ..1...,I. ,r1. 1 : P'. .1J,', \ Tl. addition, if a great wing son*, to-wlt: Drouth' in tbe corn belt .

) Tln'ri-fiMi- mi-inn lu, in. Unit" I the I n, I r I hi. bin, < ir:I l.llcr, Mi'1., ,. II! \ . "01' (uxJitliilng nearly five hundred rooms' NUiittlug off demand for feeders; gOOd< ./I I4 IV
0 .0
...c callli. III hot net. Kuint- lii-iiilcal onIlii'm .lr.il I 'I In- |l..a.-IH |I'"ll' |ill| fllHI.IHKI' I I'll, . . Xlnl ninny' Inleriml Improvement have ranife and c-oufldeit In the futureuf -

I ratiKi---. \\hli-h I nre u ilcllclcnt on :ire' ut.' mnrij" II"i t lii-il, nl' I.1.I, real, ul.lI -: .- ..- : made. It a new, Itoynl l'olnclnnnErerp the range cuttle biuiue; low price /"

the 'irniiiI.! hlil "ruiiK'-H uf. tinhniKlHi h ". I the 1",1,111",;, I tl.. tlicmiiii, M-IIH elbgl.I,. \. '.'. riMini ban l bun rt..l.rJlt..1 l and ..|ulp- nhlch made cattle worth more , .. -

of '...rhl".1,.1t.. ilu .nit, llnil I thlcoiiihtiuii ''y IIJ''".. I..\ . .9JIftiIfI& .- |I.-'| with new "'nt..I..I"... Including- ranges than on tile market So, at the,
r"IIII Il"
In any otht-r Ht-itlun' of the -- -- i 1t..1'I.".. The .main floor hues beet q SaUce time that beet catU have been h Y.

c .'late hut I Ilu Minilii-rn t pt-nlimula.I lu iIfI&V" rccnriM-tiHl, throughout and the rotunda wiling at higher prices than last year, .

my (runvernniIon i with h I ilin-tors HUI,! deiiHHI BURNT CLAY fOR IIIIH hccu it-fiimIdled' with new, the \I'attji of feeder gradoihave Ituenent r4- -

tr they Inriu-iniMl' lnI, ninnychllilrcii . ru, tilt.lilt' uf te lute slId gold. TlllHst In have had to go for feed and - ---

t h llvliij h g I un I II.) -.. KMinl,I ii hi his wereHtlerled IDEAL ROAD BEDS I nlon nml Pltlxen. canning purpose af very low prlcef 'I .

_'b-; with,' |I'i ."..ir.. ,iiuj ...I In-Ill uini' \. W. t ijilirl: ,' ..l. l-iinla' (lii>r<%lii. . .. _..". ,''' a. comparatively feW r/>f the ranee cattle / _ _

; .r test very; I lilllle.h I P .t.u, .., I"," 11 ili'llcleuof "oiiuiii'iiilK liiinil' .I clny UK '(lie. lilenl :. --i; .' The, Heventy (communication, of having been bought for eorn .toedln.. .
' the lli'ni- illlH ,nnil \.heie llic,.. i # I Die Krnnd lod of Free and Tbe principal* u. tot the falling J '
., < ) 'in II.-, iii f.i|.II I.NtIl) IMHIM I ihnt will IIIH 1 ,lnlilHty ; Accepted "
cii Its Iii,,ye |I.... Miiiiillcil|' fin, uny Icntfthuf I ( In illy, .. 'liu.r' IH u ,mindly, IIIuct. p---- .. M l anoint uf ..1..1... was bold in JaclfixMivIlio off In the receipt., row the range I.l ______

time there IIIIH lu-eu II "inurki' l luiprovvmiml I It I !H 1-lnlliuil, hit.h :' ultli. Mu- HIIIIIIMKHioy \ Oil 1
In I I." I...IIa. unit I IIIUII)' now IMIM tis-ui| In chiyliiv 4iiir IIMIIMion .ilHMit three (hundred delegates In at.tetidanco .. and this largely by sheep Sheep hearing _

liuvu solid si-t, ot periiuinent teeth, from the venom lodgearbroiiKhout both -tipper aiff lower 'teethtgrase _ _
a l"I l I If I 1 put I Inlo hiiriit i-Iny |>roilinxi'i -<- ." AA" *
I I the rcolilt "f I 'h.' nrtllicliil I mipplyliiKof .lli-nl I diiil ifHtrMfHcliiry ). r.inih te. Thi. f... .. ,- Ute .la_ Tbe comuiuulca.IIHI very ckwe!) In the loose...aJlta.' :

p tlii-m. nulls h I I it I...s I IIIM-II pruven' .thai, I eii-iit. 1 M.vnti>ni l I. .ul liilnl.h nut HIIHInitory. :| . opened "I'n.-la J".at noon, and continued line neSt they pull .up >maJ y grasS ;' -
the 'water lu 'D\--\ >>? H.I ml hill oe llpus. IH ) : until Tlinmday tight three *ea-. plant altogether; and they eosuuuia J: -

.4 to a great extent, stilt O.II."y, df the ., 4 sloan IK-IUIT held eta II,. The meeting touch aced.grinding It Jo itfla- that. it. ". .

wvlln are also oft, and fur till* reason s.sJ. 41' were bold at the Maavwle Temple corner l I. useless for rOll&lA1.II1II'pu.-,, '

.; 4HM>iilu a* well aa animals do not get U. Ir..y, recently 1..1 bis nnwmll of Itridga and gor ytU streets. Thus they destroy some auniuil. Cattle _ _

tit.. "'I".lIt', amount of llHme aalts : gil (lilt t tvn miles east of lm.ll.( 0'e . -- ---- meet -deIe.t", a'Oox-lc' *heep.1A .

what, (lie body( reiulr for man's 1.uni \kIlo dlKKlng a well rul wal. 1> l I band l of scabby cheep at I everrwILJ.U, ,,
SIIrIII4C line lash of JCro"t4- 'il.v, I INCREASED VALUATION : Ing'place." ."Cattle rt'Uu.uJn.'trOUl .
'It, bnve examined It uny It la of tin, . ' Ulence-heepft' are the pCaaea '
'-Klluve seeu ca eaor re..lved.re.JlOrt. :' -I Of STATE' PROPERTY one;, .
,' 'froiu' e *|jr'Aery county from l. .j.Ut) Jin HrKluiKHi lies also. ,,_ eniconntera in. "elltel'll cattle joumaJ.' \ -
riMiml .111111| fly of I on h!n |1,1..-iAlHiiit The. comptroller tax book shows lncre In California-alono ,
1_ the llemtlif: IIiuJl" I On |'H'.II'' uf KlorIdfl . I' . ."ot.1J_ tba beep said -
, live .inlliHcxt I of I mliii t lh 1:1.: Ked ,'alll.tJooot state property of
i .. cattle together lisle beyond reasonable
but C..rltl .1' ; .
linvu iso lit) report' ".
;.e. -. .. I '' '_ > 4- -ji- . . .. 4-S74.tHM. over ll iC.Jlnt) tills la only n
4 fruuj .Uicr thou the iilgi-s ur Bnnj bill 1. .. .. ., '" . doubt by the destruction of wild oata _ _
tectloli. of tlm slate.' 11n-' flat woodv TK.M.N 1 ItdUIUCH. '.' ,'. .. 'c' Jt. ..... ; ., . ,'-. . ,.-,. .. .Imp In tlw. lmckflU the riches we "nleree" (erodlnm clcutarlnm) and bar _ _
-wo. : 1"
. 'hull show when LfVvtTiior
mod low (uuilit. seem,u t I. IH; tu a lurge4ltept Tin. MtiiilhtHHinil. KBIIHIIM City I Kontliirn -:-v-' -M' ; -. "- Jennings clover, reduced the natural mtortl _ _
--------- Into diNiiaud
t'XP nii>t. ('uitt 10' ink arc tifTcct- I.iusNl-uigr. i Ireullu \\n" held. iii|> at II phil fun-e.bln that taxowmH capacity of the state by 1WM.OVO hoed

: ed so tar a. ri.>p<>.itc' <]I. is hut tier other "i'i 1 I'k. lull Ii' I I inlltnorlli of Splro, I.T I. KlHIIlXtl \ :' shall lint all property at Its of vaeep. fn Montana, with lie once ..
cash vaiuuvl--ieSot> "
!- anuilols are Co. splendId bunbb-gravs pastures. Ute 1'

ffrcted wight lie open *to c.iiitroverxy.., JIM! mall c
c YQlltllr.nlual., are ),i-"rhii|>t> inure MIHuejiti.xe *..' In 'the expnw car was opened, ilnrliiii the HOBO battle 1 sued seeing I I LEAPS States. It l thrives best on moderately HKCOMMKNDH Cbame acre of this Invaluable graaa, .bl b... ,

Y Until Hi.-. ulili-r, ..11..- ii tot tlieUitiUnX. lint.nothing necurvil.froni, '1. The rot I that she Mas getting weak be gave SOME GASOLINE FROM ;: fertile, light sandy soils on which It CANAL rUO[: lira now naked or occupied'f'_* by' 'Worth1 ____

3: : attplnueutal .!, 1 CRB weed IOn

: jiikiUU' uteatlueri.$ .aunn-llmrH h the .1 owS lint. fnllixl. Tbeu they rifled t tbe majliur (' fbv cntlprduvtn In her skull WINffZi staple crop. It prodocea most abundantly in Ian Canal ComunlBSlon on the proposition tbe'otber band there are mllllona

: flCh. I III roi>giiUed. .i.rti-11 liiilnmi-d' andAtenicUnios aiul It I. said mi-nrnl a quantIty of will gill 111* tu... crtiHlilnit her skull EXPLODES. A with only moderate applicationsof of the Panama 'anal Co.1 ,to of acre of flatwood* rangea In FlorWa _ _

yU'emleil. Hph-i-n" wasted '' away.'liloml -lu-leiit< In nil globule*. U llftcen mlleH from "' C.- pieces ot seen "caue In each hill is recommended States-. for $40.000.OCIO.) has been deUvrtil buuent. It cannot be d uied that-' n

-'ri yyeM>fleiitlinen SIMI unluiiiKln, .wlnK 811J X ml 111.A rI-INert| from there HIIJ-R (. )' ) > IT OAMBI.INUKOOM. 115 assuring; a good stand. to I'rcHldent Hoooevclt. The m mIBPH the prjtlrleg) of South Florida tlie .tv _ _

I .kl bond or plee at leatlier. ilSnl often I tiitisl 1 K'"I"' uiniHhnhi. are scouring LITTLE II hItl, \VA$ KKVKHKI.VIIUHNKD. IK'KH NOT KKR.\f JTO'IIAVffi IlECKIVKI The crop la easily harvested (ruin the of the counuliMlpu, refuse to discus range have frequeoUy lieea 'In- t. _ _

VatiuiC clay If thuy '11'" wi.-" they can l I... tountry lu ncarcu of the rol>bera.Three ). > KKltlor8 INJI'IIIKH. Holls to which( U Is best adapted. It la the nnttir, of thereport and like lured by overstocking. When the proprietor _ _
.s.4jet. 4t. howluK they VriMiHonictlilug, HU.|HInilmrn, have been ar- Two rohlH-rn held up a cli>eeii men Inn used directly from the Held In which- reticence wax maintained at the'White see grasai or other fonclants ,;.
. .
"-.that. ,they are unable' ,to %v\\" Therefore K-Hletl, nuil taken to I'Menu, I. T. KallnHiil Kniiitillne' room' tncr (lie. saloon of --- -- Brew.Canaava. house But It was stated on excellent > pulled ""Jp Py the roots be ma; -. -- .;,

f Ia. would siiggwHt a rluiuiEiuf, range niul. express| ottlclnls decline to < IIIT Cole, at fourteenth, and Douglas| A Child P. ta a Can of Oaao'ene G.or. w. Adama a VTeli Known contain a larger amount of, authority that the report unanimously know that be la overstocking,. and 1. .1

Itnure often than Inn' bevn Itoll"" ,niak- Htnte how uiiK-h booty wan- taken. It UriM-lH, (linnliu.) :. >., mid M-t-iireil I the on a St.va Oaualnff an Explo- Citizen of Peuaaoola I carlio-liydrnle. food constituent, or fat- recommend tbat tbe, offer of the Panama should reduce bla. berd But, In tlietlatwoods. ..---... -T.MT _" '_ _ _
) t. .f gush|I !lust antI! f.lot' III iiuxiey fruNii the. > "patron tbe closer and' harder the\ '
IOK. Jh utIiouige a sei'lioil' how 1 IH mill however that the rotiliers, got furiuliiR manertal Umu I I. found la any 'Otlll.nlly"be accepted. The rei- : ".
..' r,"wlu-fe clay unity, t 1rOllnd if away with( f2.'x' *J. <'iiHtonirM of I tlu> iiljue. They wen don and Burning 1 er Severe y a V/lndo on runa 10tba other staple crop. port It Is stated la very volurnlnoua ,lepaaturlug tbe more rapidly wlU the "

',c-ou'vi'Uleut' nnil If thin IH |/n>t ,rumciilent - _ . _ .111.111..1| I rn inlnuieB, Inter however, Her Moth,. puts tie Fire out.Irl't. !> To secure the beat result from Ita going Into all phaaen of the question wlreyraas be klllod out and aupplau.t _ _
; anjiply. artesIan w.-ilir or llmu l.aii >ulitiiil, gut |I..II.-.-..
t ;7\ater wlh| some 8iil|>liHte uf li-un ocaMiufllly. GOLD MEDAL FROM Ill| Tliey KIIVA I tb.- IIIIIIII-H of FrankU'llllmiiH I that fc-xnl oonipJIcaUoh. will arise a* the flat grass (paspnluovplatycaule} -j _
of seed I meal velvet -any
nn.l Kriink, JIMII-H. I t he ex pliMtloiiof a can of gaxollnn .
$ < This will act us n correc'tl'lu of tbe purchase that tbern Will the smut xrass, llerunud 'COCka-
-- tills coiiilitlon.' I PAN AMERICAN The N.hl..rfll". 11 Itolil. nu-. bavliift wIdth nlii set OIL tin klUheuHtovo clllr/eu of I'eOMacola, leoM>d from .a 1 lienim. wnerehy the proportion of protein put should foot and other These coot involuntarily ., '
Let International
taken ilm>, 1 I.'h.'1 ru-nrt >f the city.Xullher In c-kllillili Igiiorauce little lies- window In Ib. seeond atory of hlaiMwnlliw ,Is liicreirted.' In feeding pigs, meat. any dKHettldc -
| 1 i
useful fur without waiting
..IiU espwlully young Tlu Hcnilnolit I''ii liii (%ini|.lny atlIiniiM l al MTi lie protlucwd from cassava at a the dent be ...lIlIIlItJlU.'. ; fArseeglltug-by l
Ilie nmnkeil. "I" < thee flvyeert daugliUirof hotu< willie In amnd' state may
of men wa TlieyIrvw e. ,
atock a* It colitalua H hirmamoimt I I medi'l oman It U one of ties myaterie ofnu-
B,.t calcium -pbofiphnle, In a Hlinpe' thai :i t'lIl"nl..1, n golil ii n-volvi-rH ,huh onlereil the men In TlioiiuiM A. MoiTln a oflbllintlimker, Iml dose nut seem t to' Imve .ustalw-d cost of molt oue cent per pound. Tb." .4- 4sg tur. where the''teed come frOin..r
I rau-Amerlcaii
: liy I Identical condition
| littler
Ih[ ,> moth" la 1.1.1"1'| tlielr hands. After who llvea at (IKI1 Charles; slreet, Klteritlile any serious hiejurienet.a lie .tro k"tbauroiiiul. averago coat A VERDICT FOR' .
la f.lly.sslmlliitixl, lieu calcium IIIUHI'hautbf | Inn. lug the li-xt liiy of I"'rl..t- The outlook for Florida stockmen I t. (
| | otimemfeedatulfa ,
with I Ia
pboopbate of llm m uo donlxth ,,,-,u-I"J& tlielr money nod (lee <-anb Jackitoiirllle IN 'suffering from terrlklo be gut upon Ills foet and Clad more right It they would ouly Introduca*
lilt lOll |iuliii4. ThlH company deservesnil 1.11' ,, rlnHlii-il flOWS ''H'talra IntoHiintrliiH buniH, which It was feared at uiily. lu bit' night clotliea' ran down thaa, tliree cents p5'- pound. $1,50O DAMAGES \
i ( "' lw-at t sslt to IHHUIM'H'il.I. as II hutpt..eIiitrrln I lie hoin.rn I that be beatowediiM MHter native grasse and ..breed vp _1 ",;t,5
\' healthy bonen, 'nerves suit may hue ntrm-t, here |M>ll<-
MJb<>rVnhiial. texturei. un-cnrs aliiind'f ,| I II>In.i.n. I UMIII.,- ,iirwl,They pahu are orlKluatonif Month gIus.l| tirIng Hetcral 1 Klmta, after I linen.A little girl set the gasoline on tile where 'be. waa slopped l>y-a poUcoiuan.Admim . fstteulug food 'I'll* cost of live aegis secure, by Mrs. llnlnxm for In. done to the state b/ W'.dnaet11wlOJ"I I

t.; Inten-ulluliir flulil whierevorI I'... ...| mill| linjie, a IU.IU..lryJ", .>utAnoii. rIot .i-.ill wait Hem i In to tlie IMIii"cliii stove, because nt>e thought It wna uo waa |Jac l.lii the patrol wag- weight produced by feeding cassava I la JurltM recvlveii by'falHiiaInto a bole tat I"* of northern blooded cattle'.without _ _
t..t I. moot active I..J. IsMH Itn. Hint n wairtHiWMul, of oftlcemriiHlnsI more dangerous' than water and sIte ill, taken U> the county jail and locked II Outs per pound anil, In 75 day a lit a lcfecllv Kldewalk. Thee casa was due precaution ancaluit tba Texas t,
lu of _ _
. | aa ecseuithtuloiuu.thtiicIit, ant bh" ... mini Islag.sustauhhy nlKint,' every'country recttlpt on the orikr l 10 tin* .... Due ikf I tho n>bIHIII f Suited tu heat. It so as to five her lit, up' for safe' 'J ee i e. Wednewuiy afliiiioi.il prollt of 51*.1O |it. cent. was made- by triiil; lu t the Circuit Court last week' cattle fever. In a southern county ibis -:
Into tlieiriim lie iu>lly a warm and "comfy" ImUi lid wxamlued. committee fattenluK. bier upon i-na ava. OaaaavaIs uiul Mr' Malntoii a verdict for
'pb-it restorative 1t. nbHt-uce IIh"\ rah) "out of nit' alley.and I was by a got rail' a fine party of !> Ton bsHs jrpw. .
-- .jI..1mmbowui I to ilnltn-e. ."t.nllli, of globe.Puvrlily .o"S n>f a |M,lciMiutn!' aiitl llu oilier nn nlie "I.r.llL l Tlie gaaollne was aplK>lntel. .n<( aulrltluxla human that amount. It baa lieen decided that brought .down. In t full maturity' and _ _

__ ; 'V ." gcnm-al wasting. Tills .flliiindiMil medals (La the WIIM lmil lug a luilluuy.'The "I\I an oj"efi rnn. No wooner 'b -fev rii' 0, .
,- farm.efi lune\is capoilahly| useful In of the otll. C S tlillil |>lm-e
r-. I >:--chronlf dUirrlioen. ""U'II' nml other ,i-lnlH Ktliiuite of the, niinilH-r Navy of Department tofceua of Oovrrimr has offered sn additional limn It went tip with a roar, and the from inflIctIng Injury upoMihunself and ( .ulthtu.4 for nan, lurport-- -' would only add. largely t. the city's |IJ01't1etton. of. cattle.. geMraJly young \:
q forms-of maluutrltlou. especially| In lilt lull wlilch to Iw ordered for thenHlitiM reward of $!."
In aho mrvlcnblel are, Inilie uf tl.tMNl( rewnril for lIe arrest and chllil In the fai-e, burning her horribly, . (Hlierlff Hiul'tb telegraphed for a raw material, fur the manufacture once and wit learn a hole In tlio cit! have bees brought down and'care-foily:
I niul 'n'ho
participated .
t 7011.aDIIal. \tlillu uf the fluid shot out In a thus at Chat- of starch six tons of cassava which should ,
; with HIUUM aai a.gu'nhof Insane asylum tiwnnury, prove a
\l cnjln.1 11".rh'I' Wewt Indian naval' i-oiivli-Uim. of the party or pintle who handled .for a few 1D.ot1tb. }with .:. .
trail or name from lie, stove and talHMM-bee, amf Adams wan taken., produces 2,4HI, ( pounds of commercial wfrrulua to the autborlUea to proceedat
for'alietnJc, :
ski] badly uour bod. nuourvvtound .. ot the HiMinlali-Amerlcan' liurned tlie Holiuos county courthoime. cellent succe, scarcely.any ,j.0ri'hiflftru. \,
"ciunpiilKii wrvathnl thee little auklua and starch, a against l. ioiv obtainable .w wajkaTanip .
;\ tmliiials.iA Thursday morning under beuvy guard ppuada octco with repairing .
No clrw lies, IIMW found yet. There 0. it.
A 1S'ost Imllau caiupalgtu.nuedalwill ;
war. FE
lower'extreuiltlen with lire. It Jgulted tlm front arty bushels of corn. Ibunp. .. ., C
tu Tf .
12 a..IU"1. i. -
brifk pound* been of ton United Statesruvcimo a. t -
othteelahiul has a fMosIs .
: ailptinte cmt..tt iron : sir &aekedlnietIponuilt lx bestawed who wan 1 In upon that every fampalgn. otttiwra seti-i-iilng fur Illicit distillers her clothing and. threatened to burn .1. . tfl', ITnUt It I I. not advisable to be. In too great I wac ', AKRANaiNO KOE TttlP.'TQ: if ,, /
.lda nuin
In the to tba croP"i '
ono of 1la.l"ror..ar& . Iloluim County during; tilt her into eludera, bad not rescue coma Cake a hurry spring plant I _
a- Jn
Just at that moment, hue mother. rimU- Tlnrsoll seeM be nicely warmed op so BODY OUAflLESTQN.h :
veil ana mimi-k-nt wa- bust. week the .ave found and broken "roll cake made after tbe following I A FMHDTO "* '
the that will begin layor Bmyth rickeua and ,.
. tu mix 11). uiny' he cast In a aevoral, 'truth arrangement Inv, lu anti nianaglng tooiucnclt lire germloatkon a* Boon ; x-\layo ,
up' recipe 'haa the sanction of'JCCOtI8 tbe seed ta planted. The land should J. Of HemphllV. peproseotuoaT "
of wet wrappings. as
tug S SEVEN LIVES liyT means I 'tlJCI'J
; pla.on ground Ia" made with waslipota; barrels, etc, for ful housekeeper as being noted for Ita be laid In furrows toutfeet apart each Charleston, OIIIt:1t1It.borltjee: | jr1".Hlttll1POD'thtJ" ; ,.. W -
will .act as cornxv tile imnxW of making nun from cane -S e. excellences I la that used Inan { ALAKE .
one was
C way. The teed should be eat In email I Vreehdent'ree.duy ajwl5- -:,*
1'(111* condition.-W. B. French, 'IUlIlI'Tlle1 bar nyul* .no *x- old time southern bomsconceifuiotis ,
.J7' pieces about three turban long.making I conferenoct with 8 e.'l'u -
BY A '
L', .s. LOST iN A FiRE. ret oC tbe pnrUe they found engaged tot Its culsinaTo make 'it en- sure that jtfcare are at least three good :i iDIlO'YNINO. I 'regarding the, ar-r.- '' 'f
:' in the Im.ln.Tbe deputy marshal iulrea one pound of hone, one pound ot .
WAGON each It but little rrealdent'atrip -
V'P. DELIVCRy eyes on piece. require 'COAM I ,
; OMOTIV E BLOVV8 WeetvjlloCor. K .. KNpS lL-LIhl'l
will '
oiy butter one doaen of -
eare-u. pound
but with Ilttl
covering, cnltlvatlon the Charleston 'Exposition..;- ; ,.>'
,, -i- .
: -- ,tlKUenver... Lmt paasenarerUn : inc' T.V.-*. 0.; / nonu :hiieatla, a young laqV of St. ''sugar two pound of asinine, twa a little Jolla, worked around the ., J White the plan are a.;yt "entirely< ., .5 ."

.z : No. 19 of .l. WA UU BAYS. DROPpED .' a a. AugustIne was run ove* and aeveraly.Injured. pounds of currant, one pound of elt stalks .The cultivation-must ba 'very pntvlsionaOt nnderttood. that. the.' *" -

1"n .._ pasalngr trUb'Vico la' ble A LAMP. THIEVES CA.UOnT-- 'TIM little fellow; waa at ron, one cpp! of syrup' one tnmblct of .bat\J. .,\.o .. to.leaver tll.roota: nn.dlitarb '..!;'"and party -probably, t 5 will*
f of the .,. "'.', awaijroml, play In the street.when sewing: machine brandy.two tableapoonfola of ground While Inaaoa a- Jnppa'from4 tba .
:' fireman aMy -ot "Ifr :' ; The hotel thieve wb.o got ** Is. tkr fall,.when.tb. crop s-.. W shlitottoa* to coeadJ' .
"" ': tliMnlrertiieuuglacersnd and ib4 St. Charles hotel. Maw (UVleana/ wagon came- atone.Apparently allspice 'and cloves hrea .:.to.mt'If" Is made. ul. Beat U..n..t It 1m. 1 Sprtugbo': ,.tOot. egra;.Sock CbarU ton TueMay afternoon, ore veo. .'
_ ,j ., two a TwqamWe.wel'. Aaleep AboyaBho .xbe boy-was aware of ,tba approach' of two teaspoonsf of good brandof .
{ a "
.UCbb'lurlnc p. with a trunk containing SZfiOU worth meduvtely but Die cute fortb next ntotb.Lak&.Trbe44qTak.; ) In*'' l'et rUM'J' 1!,.. : Wedne.day51tIie' .. -
Store''wban toM Fire of Jewelry.brlonflnfr to F.:JbVVannera, I ibe1 vehicle and waa oaf of Its-.path, baking powder, a poop article ia al- year. seed should be aecnred before l2th.'will-.bi' iJPttit' CliarleJIt-.A.

1 3'he accMcrt* t okpa.. wttblu of.290 tb 'Broka' Oat .Oaoatntf CM iplO- a Chicago **leUan, were caught above I tint$ In riling from- the around ba lost wont,.worthless. Make op the batter any frosf-strike-them,'and properly ;'Morpbinii anl Murlatto. Aa'df.: :. /> rl'OJld) for that day U to bo preparedjby $ .

dt\ of OwiOepoC-aiMl arouaed the *"e.a": force* ..loi&i: I Oretna'iQ..the.oppoH aid.'at tII.rher.rwhUi his balance horse'a ana staggered. .' back The,.vehicle falling aa forordlnaryponud. cake.'mt nourJTben 0ir tlflybakldg Lianked.in.W.PLIeacb.jn1xekace.. . : .. .'" "[,;:. :"" ,f. .:" ."J. the-Cbarleeton.committee. -and 'tI\IJJt-. .
? with the
under '
powder -
<1 > .;i. ,, 4.1' trying: tor make theta - 5i I ; _. This vcouinuunjty.:was r shocked; ji4 mltted hi afew day a to 8eoi'Cortely **... ,
lir wtbej .
oFrtl, *> explosion L over.bla hotI7.tlutUdaJ"1.11 dredge each fruit with* floor 'itl'lL
passed eeparately
lye Carrie' while *
T of which I Nation flourUbln The
wltli tbeht bcct1.1nuch Baddoned the PresMont will retori1. Laavlnir.Cbarlestea '
. .* eeeapa by .pqlnful InteillKenice
g the.trIn$ roni tha .- -" ,- ; I .
of '
IT head Thedrive of '
genie Inhit;: t ;tbe.. .and add-cacb tbv batur JiJf'
a.psr.mteirq ,
8 ven1 JlTW '"warVloai ,In". lire ottBrwul wee that-the'dead' bodr of -L Joan had evening; .-v
h .reitui-neil oeeh t, ear.rorhumateltb..peteIlier r wagon ,checked tha) bone- and jumped stirring In a lltU at a tlnue until all Is f
1,11& with T.- Eastern .
shard from niannfaontrtnc
; war,'Buffalo,-N.TT.J 'at ail early* .thaTiotet which. h* lad 'liftedhim'Into ala prenent an teen found lDI.kel'hgIniCFrotn, lath o? tbq'morning 'of the:ratto..The' .
< ": y, \ ulurll"I hour'yjlid' IVarbrteln:, and Unotberfamily Loooeyrot-Lexington., .' .'W1aUe.be to.tba.llld.tbe wa.Dtud drove,to-Dr. added.are-/tt.-tntt-.urelu1lt.: famvd wxd4tod.. thin keen a-nuuber-of. wdu&allJ. thing i that.ih* tripwill pit jnaaa direct to CtnrkMtMv _ _
; v :
; tb'"H t abd atao away, 1a torit edge of thetUutrumenfsevered: r.tb '
'-.' ** fora af SOOfnet.au lived la rooms abore'avaboe WM abaeot Loooey was had..donet daring.the put''J'W week. and ,return and the tlreridraf official _ _
offlca- where the" Injarleawereexamined .
"WI dil. of tb men rushed. Into the hotel LJndal y : beginning thai cake never let yeiir bat. hli.e. ' UAtb.t* duties,will '
>! tb boHorwa* l feet store' and'' w8r "asleep ,wben> the Ore .ona aiul tbe "woanda drssa Ij. J Mr.Coaa bad iundoubtsU7cuunptted prevent 1I1JJ bel. away _ _
+' .told th leupreaentetl hlmartf aI-Lnoui.7PIlsld tar alt longer to aOaomMy necea suicide,and It la med bad JOmpedrrom romWahlngten- .a longe:iwriod.
rawny'Xrow'tlie aceue of ;, acctdant.TB . .. :"& .watchman police ed.*Tb eDt bn' the boy* head was the .upp _ _
: today that be accidentally 4ropp d tbe lattsr-aljOl and bad the baggage ordered Mryr tIeed'aDd boP taa TaJaUw, too BArvtCilUlANAGKMENT --th lPliDrboanI"attbe..eIole. than'allotted forvtbl tHn:AJUieurh, -
p canae.l a4lngop1* axploalonwill ba sustained and la ,
only severe tajnry
.t hurriedly chop ba-citron$ \ -
waa and tba *
plck.ovec .
: theproceaWoato alamp. 'A.' lew oUnntaa.. after ties dxii to )K ab.wbicb cur dock>teto *lieiak.II.Ii&dkbhUUt cor4ial-Inltat1onsh.vW-bpea.-receiaM i' -
newt bw known owl/t'- tba ) : MuwlaalpplVUlerstrain. not neceuasalIjangeTona,Tb" &Uid.IlIg "nt* carefully; Tree them "from all -tcaf$ &- .Lt -'
began .there wail a toad vexptoalon that driven ,,to v teb. : stated . : v -aa4. ,, it-havinnah-Atlaa a. ant ::4 .tb' ., t e/A J.. -i blew'outvllHt trout..toe- .treaM : "Tha-men. 'talked "tIut'tl"llJJIUd.et"I the,1..Ld physKrtaa_Jabt take that.'providing cold' or,expoae forslan-ubstitica. liked'AI ponnd Importantcliahie' tb ; end W* life .1iQ l uTVorew* ka ay : foulnl Itt .ltpoaflt **

i. " Z4ZW ; a burled : J .
t"nI&re'tht7peIIed U. trnnk drIedghEI choilped * a the annual /
J .J' <,. oat L&U tH middle of. the streit - were .affected ,recently- httm* .tf.totollb: :t1"lAC'VlUrI.tJl'o'aetd. : :-
".' 4, :
,- -;{ s ", '; '." & .riata( clHM wlorfowa th'CIPOstti MtfthJawelry la.:their grlpa lad 'Ti ' it., Nilta of anyknoani asp/a'/ rev.- 'meeting (*C tba ,tockboMcra of tba- institution .-*y eluding; -vlglli<_: bla. family 'e" rri';:,,.tJ tin oiii 11-

1' j-. JI..liB.h, *;aU .Jal. We of Broadway wer sb&Rrid antitNMlaD4o slipped way;i ,Tba whole .dei ctlV.- . 'f" i i IP i n si .- r-i'' when- added t ( JJ.ke- ,r CaL J.. .' ,... who ba left blcbetiee va.To ad>y nlgW. anil mralty: Admiral;Von Tlrplu and .Ib.swwtjryr .
force of the city waa -.tlleI.t trail/ '2 B0t1tsg.7'i! ln-a'elow abqjfonr baal?* rajMW t the bank 'atoca.lt/ l1.udesd Ir"' ( .
.. *c eludl.r, tst of ".brUS7 : the aKnlontoo was heard L . : on oSltuproiVlithuhI* '-. ,ponwnal, _
-. j'
-- .taa. Hwaaa two' bloeira ...' :-The aaaaea\ .ySil. L. ft l u a ::1Udc--1I d.:berdelCoC Perflt t.'L'. b.w,., IM1.Le, .. :.-, voaItlf'f -,.1 .14. f''
t : QL.1P.1)Praeci ,
TDMdae'raAA _
who- "LUtw -
( 1 W ckaretor a..1IIItn tllM.l' t : spent mind that "tCI' the ricf.c4J'he Hen "
t attributed to a |MAW'rlti<' ; ;., ;
5 ._ .r : I : to e I _tter" .ti k. ."s'I" .
) : "cr tt mtbe't34'4 "" .
,.'I '- tralted .. I ' '
I .0TW
( : --- ,'i, .' . ---h .. .,: ''
tq I' : .
r " \ "u4r jt4 -;. -c'f
J '
: ilX.- 1.. } ., Q" '11 t 'i' "
. ; ,
. ,. 1/, . . -- I ,- -- LL-. .". ,-.. =0.,', il1.. .zru"\ I ,. ...,, .. ,., ./\... ,.' F-" ,. ___. '-:--. '. !.' ..-1 .r.t\ti '
.j" r satari ;_ul 'I L # ', ; "' , .
'. '"," ---r .: -
: : ;:, ;: : ,_ "r' 'f" ".'t- "t J-' : : r '. : .11 " '
: : .' r ;!
''r.; "'\' : ; : ,.. :,__, ., .. .

.. .... '
-- __ k'L" ""
'.i ? '\'. ::" "'!.... ,w.W .!. '
: : .
.-. ,. ... ....... if.. . ".... .
.. ..
.. I < : ,. ;.;;.4\\. I. \ '
. .:., ; r. f .. M .' "" :. J, .
'+! "" ,''I. ...... 'J".. ,
.. JJ.rtly .
r. .M +, .
1' "
7' "f
1,1-1;, ;:' .>>f ., '" '"' "" ""#,r" ;" 7J'I' 1t.''iJ' 1'\.t't.; ; .' ;r '>-. "''i'. ..*> i" >r.,, .. if.
\ : ,
J .%, r \ I"'J:' .. "" ,11 1/,,' "f.
d ', r,. : "
.""f 4 ', U1.t: \ .'4't', ''lit r, I\\' ;, J "" ""f,

. \ ..... tI* ''' .,. t (:'1 IL. _" .
-- 7.' -- ., :V V V

.. V .V..
; ' ' -- rr v -
nlmrncvaiiu' Gazettorr ;.... ......: waa\ :, 4-4 \: ; .
. : ::
: I r-- %.ChI.-1......... njt ; BROTHERS'"WORLD'S, : : : :: ; ? %TLTIC CDTL1NE

e, T">->[PMO>M* NO.tt Frank Clarkson) the well. known '
4_. t, 'of p-A.' ,1ncQco; Yit.a norldUDI E..CO..U .n_, &04 ::1..n.. Sst015.10Na. ..
travelling man Jacksonville is ta'b
FVSUSSa SVSav raiDAV.Offl : .

.r' !to . BliT,.V..ltef' OssaUe ".' 1a1Id1ig, city; 'There,: U'.notra morn popular: Progressive' Shows ...1 j 'M' ; f, ; , ><" '. I..tarSobedule,... .elJ'.ot.1Ye April e. J l.-,. \

. KWHI MMCB.OOCBOLA ootwrr rL'.' travelling. man on the road ,'loan 'Mr.Clarkson .. I '' I I : ." -- aj. N:1I8: O:3a )

t P. A. V Alia AQIflCW, t.. 1rr EL and anything he may, have, ,- : e' *' : I : 1( !( .'. >J., '., I jV-----r-\ V .V "rdl1W1i.IrnUed-V..lbul.co&C1t8l.1. No. 32 d U1i"F l'ld *loQtI'W...'" I "

w U. BAIUUS r. to matters this : at ,
.t; eay on affecting Stats Mus.uns' .MenireriaaMidCTrftloe"Animal < i : ( X-.Mlaml..f.: .t :30".10T.'j : 'spnvllle to. Washington.: Vestibule '
-- 1 _
will be read with interest.. XPon Tampa.*.i : : pm '
It. A.. YAH3 AUSErW. EdItor. I Exhibition. Lkrgeit, rvv ... 8:00: am S.Wpm: () I I P Um.i'dr.,1nIfJ'oom buffet sleeping f
: \ Mr. Clarkson I. at present representative RIcbe: ,-neat. n i<.A., ; : ., : ; \ ;, : Leave Le..T&JD1'A St. Augustine.
PoMolflfl. : ; 1'1-. In this State. forJOi* American ; )Leave Jacksonville to .N.'" York without. change ,.-
..1Ne4 at u. ta ZSsIIS. ; ,
Colonl .
c .i *aoond-elaa.. a.aU mattor,. Society ,for the Preservation of i SHb'ON.EARTH : : .: : x..S..nn..h..h 1:4O..m: 12:35: pm:45pm Connects at Washington .
.. ; : ..' Maryland
steamer for
i ; Tla ,
** dame, and in this connection he ..adfor .. f t" ij s g : Leave Charleston.;. .1 6:487i26pm: 4: Express'
, : Boston. Only one night, on the road.:
V .RabMirllMi. will' ..1.-! ;'". notlfrla* otto Ith IIt 1 I r/.v ; i l : r. s Arrive Hlehraonrt...< : 3:20: am is '
I& .r .aI:>:..et Ih. t>*f.t ,ratrulMriT; -- publication vesterday; e : Arrive Washington.. 11:20 put 7:01: am. No. AUanllo' EXp..COD
munloaUon from anthorU '; ; t wlth. from all in.Flortdarttn .
All oo > cxovnl our appreciate. the fact tbal..4urlna't.he Ofltcc HoIa J 8:20 neots trains) points
.WI BUM" I b llicawl hI' Mi* 'N j Arrive Baltimore..; 1:03'am: : nn
\ oorrMpood.liU. e w touring their tenth ' . connections made for all.
I. "
.. the has 3:00 1035am
") writ. past few years Legislature Arrive PhUa4elphla7Arrive : am ;
will b. nturtied nnlc- Consecutive' Setton- of : points. inoh< Carollnas. and '*sj Virvlnlas.
II"Jem.4 matter u04
New York;.. 8:53: am 1Q3 pm .. ,
which In favor the
taken steps are .of ?
4> 11d for. Pullman buffetsleep. j.
Tho. Mltor' 'In not__.Ibl. oploloni .x' preservation. of If&me''la this State, ootinuout (ucceu, and over : < ; Arrive Boston'.......f :OO1)In S.3iSpm: In ea.J&Ckson..Ule.t.) .i vla, ,llichmond .4
, prvMWI A4TMt4: bf lnf oorr raMt"pona:mr nu.be had oa flppl, cationUBHCEIPT10M . inR "tlll I believe ihetj&ere .Is room present to their million : for Pullman reservations. ,'' rate*"''andMl and.if W..hlu.It.QD..t.o..Ne". York., .: ;;.a',..;.
patron an ijfgfregationtlat >> other Infol'fDaloD.pply;\ to ! !
V ,
-- for rome improvement'on this line of ,/ V !
RATKS: t i.. in til essential 808 We lt Pay str -r:
. legislation. When the next session of / .1", Ci DOn TOJf- AB !
1I On. nil,,., on. year. -! . . 'LMO features absolutely new ., ::8tP. u.u SoL. Frt.. IDd P....-. n '"
*>DSCGDy. .Ia! tnoollmOne .ni the Legislature, convenes I will be J 'M. 4V ,', V '
copy. (thr. uooUi. .26 from bcjfintiing lo end. 0 ...:. --, .
there in effort to have a" State law V- -- -- :
an -- --- --- .
I la a* superb in quality ok 4 s :
: FRIDAY JANUARY 24th. looa. enacted which a. great. many of thoseInterested immeasurable in quantity -l J 'D&.ocJImate. : 01 the, East-Coast"bt.J1o.r1c1a" _'

in such matters, as well ... It is the only big Is nearer perfection .,Uua .thd'' of juij* ,
believe will
myself a great "
go way "
- WHY !DOT' FLORIDA,? In stropping t\je\ lavish destruction of show ol to admission reducw the other place on;J'' earth.' :W;, i, ..: .

Htenretary of Agriculture Wilson ban game which I Is at present going on -In price and. ,

unDoutuwd that experts o( the Agricultural the State. at the same time add J W.: }I t< VV

will hunt all new features to the show. .. 4d
Department "This Is oDe of the best game State.

hip I United SLuts: and 1 Ita possession. In the Union, and the fact that It has

k : f )rOn\ <1lt1onll favorable lo the cuttlvatlon that reputation. in all.,parts. of the Kissimmee, Jan. 27.. NOTARY, 4

1 of tiller tobacco such as Is Unite! State. and Europe has resulted

: now rained lu Cuba HO that If possible in the bringing to Florida of agreat Office '

, nil the filler t Mtianrninod In this. KIS '
\0 many people on pleasure bent. : ,l

: fnuntry eventually may 1 lie raised a. well as affording/ the people of this =-t-- I &

vlthln the boundaries.. of the United State amusement at the proper season

Stales."The. of the ;year. Call on '

14 United State.," the sncretaryr '"I bell<"'ve that a law .should be created

xays, "h. now paying ( ,(JOO.OOO for appointing. a State frune warden 1& 'CV

Mtappor tobtu'co. We have succeeded who will look carefully after this matter Orionit

In finding In this.. country the conditions and !give It his close attention. II Tk : y,.

under which all the 1.0.hn..o -
wrapper such official clothed with the
an were ,
l ncHMl \be raised and : ;\ .
we can iiere he would be In
proper authority a position

xpfrtu of the l Department" Agriculture to do a great deal in the way of t '. / : (

for the firnt time are. Decking soils preserving the game of this State." Shaving

uilaptablo/ to the cultivation of the fine' Mr. Clark.on Is one of the hardest. : ";

.tiller product. workers on political. lines In this State --- l : )

,;I "WI' ba"*,) parts of Pennsylvania and there is no doubt that whateverhe WANTED
and .
Ohio anil,, TVxax selected for the Investigations ..- endeavors to do In this connectionwill Old Fashioned Show slate actor (one ) ; )

- of our exports and land 1 for result-In a great deal of good. represent, .
fcV European: Menagerie( Roman Hippodrome .
ftliiillar ]>tirM>H(>H will )>e selected In There In this Stale who wealthy .
are DO people SporU, Arabian Cara..n.HIcta'ular ;
clal / ( )
all our n<*w Island 1'0"8.loD.. with a do not appreciate the fact that the l'af{oanUi and IVarta-I'a- with .
'I>; view to aHct+.iaiiiing how and under game of Florida needs protection and chic Wild Beast. Kxhlbllr: proaontlncmore in cash | sad O* BDMMnna Oes.g. arc Ptsssps 11a.IAtI..s.se.s .

4 what rondltionH tho tiller product canI. that protection should be .as rigid tut new exclusive fe.sturr. than aH head i : ,, / to sal T ahls FUM et tka ckatarf zOetair WTTOTCTU '
other shows combined. One of theleatliiffc
\ lie ImlK up- brre." the circumstances warrant.A amusement enterprises. of the Enclose nlohed . umu KITES, LLXE sad BISCITTDB BAY
- - '-- -- -- --- world ii !Bun Brother*' big show. SOS SsSOtsl .01 >MkMTtlU via tkacxisr J
INCREASED! RKVENUES! Fingerboard For Florida. one.. J

Stat Treamirer A. C. ('room has Yrou thaTlina-Unloii aud CIU..... -The Grand ,.'1otu.U8-- CTiloago. _i .. PLOIaDA! ZAT EAflWLT.R .

t rooelveil from the, ]Florida; Nava The annual reports of the State Kxperlment -

i Stores !and (\itnmlMHlon (Company the 1 Station, while less formal STREET PARADE women" to!: 1

,. i-uiii of *..t4IC0.7r:: !> This 1s in payment and technical. than trite!! regular bulletins established .

--;;:!;- for thi\ > first quarter I for the. 023) State are often more valuable to the Takes .place.at 12 m on- standing. ) I
-I, reader than these and that I I peosea d
<'- average sassing ) ] .

: rutlon.Herftuf. true In this Instance. MONDAY, JANUARY 15. ISQ.2 enclose s ) ] l of A
I ,
: ire, when the State Ijeglslatnre ; 1'asslng over routine matter and velope.
awnrileil. the c Curt sC<< TUrtJa"' ,.. aia at

to reelve only *21.1( <.1> a year and interesting. ('.contribution witnessed. l In this country. Two rs.PIssiS.., 5.1 M.- Lsks'MIsis aUrs .

fir( the entire bunch. The law govrrnini practical stork-keeping. in the reportof iwrfortnrwcs| afternoon and *,v>ninif.ne 3 ,.L.uaon', J.1'..1IICIt1fD'llo I.a..Z&UZk,
the Agricultural Some experiments >. ticket ad in it* to the combined < Te.te....q01ssw. --- 4....c. rVE.
!: ; the lease wan. changed' and the show and trained animal. expo.l olI. i to .

matter ,placed In the hands of Commissioner were made with native Florida Special excursion at the very lowest n.. .... ft. 417G11.ft'DQr, 'L*.

McIJn subject to the approval steers' to determine, first the digestibility rates. on i"I l) lines of trarel.. I -

or "digestible coefficients". of - ---'- .. essd, .
of the Hoard of ('ommlnilonn : T

9 of 1 State InsUtattnns. Mr. McLln Florida foodstuffs; second the relative Notice of Application to Sell ARE ) ANY

:_ leased all the State convicts to the economic and fattening" value of different Lands. Tlo. o.t
Tkal ........
Florida Naval Stores ana fommlsHJon feedatuffs ordinarily used. Incidentally To All Whom It Ma, CoO"' I
., ..
tkla :
.ll.1OJ the beef-making possibilitiesof N01ICK .IH 1IKKK0Y. : < ilVtN: TUAT TIIKit.tlervlirnttd. ... '. We.:1., 1 YOU
1: Company" for the sum of Robert .l'". F. ) HEAD
R. Mrtauirhltti. sa Kxttcttr -
)J Florida native steers and Florida- : ( Ihf: )Ilt M hrauxl' for I : it
B ix>r head payable in advance. o III and TwI.meut of John MflAiiKhUu purity anil .. ,
.., It will thus lie that under the grown foodsluffs were determined\ asa .. dw.s.ed.. and. ci 4iimrdln. fl.'h. poMst-aa ....... . ; "'
Been heir' lh t
-" tnlii r of I cut ale of sail t dtw**** .. .
p new rule the State receives, more by hint and guide to the farmer In ...t- apply of t In the ton. W. K. JoDnrt4m, County *naturml i.loi U a>re : DEAF ? NOISES?
JiMlgo Oil-cola' county &Ie'0' Plwrida. omTh r o" : ::
4 '13.\\120.75. three months for Ita tling the question whether It. would! ... IIghl.n.d
every 22d D T of Pl> .r]'. A. D. t903 oater.. .lb. (
!44-r* con 1'1.| '''. than It received fr< r the entire pay better to feed his semi-wild cattle for ND iir..U'r 'lo *ell tit prtrtt ..I.) .th.folio' |BIttHTltrtxl Uiot>. eitioitre ALL CASES OK
when the had than to sell them unfed directly off the ; :; waiffriT e. "' m: l'' kavowa 55 14m5 vqiieiie
year Legislature con- Ilem.e.I l ) 'b,1twgtn. lo UUrt ItoatMl Mh 'ulDIed DEAFNESS OR HARD HEARING'I I
trol. It Is estimated. that for the next range. ". fifTli, CtMiuty and St-MI. 4..sackas : :, >
B .
t of til'. nwW of i*' aad wW of net r I ;
our years there will be an average' of Sixteen.native steers. were obtained .:J.cc'of .:r.ct of Section Ono : Townaliip alvelr' free : : ; .: t ;':: ARE NOW CURABLE t
from; I'llriy.iot Houlli, Kaov THIrlf-Ou Itb' -. more thus |
4 1,000 convicts, Jor which will be received the range' In Hamilton county, 1 '. Miiuarr 2Ut. A I 1V03.ROBKRt Laaveatlne. : I:: : by oar new invention. Only those born deaf an incanbltv
annual Income of 1151,573 and for the nrst time lo their lives. : ./ McLATTOHUlt.' ksocb.rr?. ;: ;; 'j; : : : V
an A. Extouior: : ADd (Htardlan. stand wtn( ia\ .. : ;;: ] HEAD NOISES CEASE IMMEDIATELY. <
against 121,000 under the old method. .they were subjected to restraint and 1.0re&ul..r I' A.VANSAOICW.) about thai 'I.: : ;: .. -
Attorney Kccutor., 1O-I6 them. The > .
_* This mean. an Increased revenue for feeding. They were dividedInto r. A. WKMMAM. OP. BALTIMORK. SAYS "
-- ---- .rc. .
j= ::;, ; \ : BALytwoa.. 114. M.re. s
four tots enable ) 5,11. ,
aa evenly as possible,
.I the State of $130,575 from this Notice ol for Taxed Csils.s,
source. ,
Application dn..*>d to .f. \ -.tInIJ"ean4 of dssfs. tIIaab",JVII ir--r.t.J wiD.ow&1ft pus "'''''
... .
and fed on Florida-grown feeds a fuu .ery DI_,_ 10'" _at -
Quite an item, and. Commissioner Under Section 8 of .s.Id at : .. .. .. = 'w
AIio. ""lit.... ... ..4 UtJ bpt1'IUbC' wPrss.. scaliest,
MoIJn .Is to be congratulated for It.- arranged in different classes L.wlof S* aWajSMiagsf IS* MUSS SBBlffflBUIVIV, > "
three articles in each class of Chapter. 4888 I ftubmm*a tKoatmca* lor eatank, to"thrao avnartta,witbottt anysaweto. tnao lIeeI.antaa.
'' Tallahaasean.GET. . one ...I ..:...t.. bet pbwIclaa.I"1Mn. the_ swImS oar apoctaliat ot rats cit,?.who toM oao .
which Included thirty-five pounds of ' ,? t&xu&tess Id help sad iz osly".__rill'. tiLMths\_soUse. ***
.- 18 HEREBY QIVIW'' THAT K.A. ..I. lb.aisdad sew be lost fore,... .
GET. TOGETHER. OENTLEMEU I cassava per bead per day. This cassava I rchaaer of .Tax CertlOeatM hI ofcJOTKB : : : : I thee saw your adftl'tJaelll _l_ta.Uv I* a Mow York ..._. .ad crdee. yo.r b'.se.
I4U. 140'a..t 1417 dated Ik*IsIdsy.( Jane,A. : : : ....t. AltfT.. I had lued. It only I o I_ de,..__ toroordlrT. --- _
13.5 ?
E. Rose annunciates cents
plain cost) 1,000 pounds I
per _.... ..
- D.Isle i bM Died Mid oortlAcale in aayce, trad 1o-cIw"\aftrr sa >>liaarta. _tUe aM4 U Ia e --.. J .
busIne. aense in the following; s IfW'stlon of live welghfdally; the others 18.7, has niavl application for lax deed to.leave I. weordeno. \,and beg. Ie naai. Ve., Un7 .rw -
. w'uV Uw7 SaId Mrtiflcate. aa brsesI wxmHAN.ry>a.B>Do4waT, t..w'f; 'f/
. : 19.5 and 31.4 cents respectively' per the following described' property aitoaJed la)O.- iFe : Ou.r trcafnceyat does ,s.I stier/atrw HrWA your_lUll -JHlu..
:i\ "As the State has recognized the 1,000 pounds live weight. The gainof orots I county. rlortds. to-wit: : L
The ', of tia1 tb ne'i' of s.W *M e.4oIDv' "TJK'ft.YOU: ; CAN CURE YOURSELF AT HOME -.
't. value. of farmers' iastltutes and made those on the cassava ration 4, =,il In cilup U,.I tp26i. r M ,

-, appropriation therefor, I suggest that cost at the rate of 2.8 cents per pound. the The iMiiavooe...Id! 'UtKl of tuoh bum5 otartlfle.0 ss.e.es4 at ID Ut tb.. .dais....... of of liirEFNATIONU! AURAL,. CUKIC 696 U laW AYL.CHICABO ILL {

'4 on the coming of U. S. Secretary of Tbe next best. result was that obtainedon Unknown. Unlo.. ..U1 certlflral shall. b.rsdo.nu.d - .
s.-ror4In. to 'law, las lad will 1..11.
Agriculture James Wilson aad Prof. a ration of corn meal cottonseed thereon. on 'the Vu4 aajr of Pttbruary A. D. tiLe < ,
chief of the meal and 111.5ller -' wuo..50yomelsIslguSft.S.d.IaI3sitt. ) s eiDEI. AGENTS WANTED ;
It. W. Wiley, chemist crabgrasH bay costing I tM. ihcill: day 01( l>.c.inbr, A. D.JNO .
United States Department of Agriculture head per day; and on this a !gain lOOt. J rJ '
.- > N. UIt.!: iW Ptwo one in each town to ride and .
exhibit i a sample .mode1. .
: the highest agricultural author was mae<. which cost 4-5 cents. per Clftrk .Olrmilt/ Court 9fI .
. bicycle cot our flijiufactir.. YOU AN UAkB l TO ': ,:
remark .of Onoeot Coaatr., Fiords.Ity 'I $ ,
eminent It la needless. that
: :, .., ity and most agricultural qund. to W. R.JIo0eToN.iJ.t'. '-II j S5OAWEEK bCIdchYSngaWhee1trd.fotyye1J ','r'.

,$ chemist of the country a State Farm- this I. an exceedingly good showing ., ".}\,,""
Citation of : 1801 ;\
: er.' Institute be held. In Jacksonville. for cassava and for Florida as a cattle Administration. Mode1s.-IOVto sIB

; under the wiispice.. of the Florida and cassava producing State.. IN COUNTY JUDUE'S COtttTt O8CEOLA q ()
Cotmty K or I da. 'GO & 89 Mdeti.$7foI2? : '',
: ..btfcte Agricultural Society, the State But the most. astonishing result arrived Dy theCouuly' Judrt of aM Coiinty: .t i "

"'J :lair Association and the Jacksonville at in the feeding experiments of : "WiiKKKAaA"1'110' I IAII.. .K.. of lienrrien Admtnlaira' h.i>tlon applied on the lo Ibis K. ,. : 500 Sec ( s.j s.

K'&*:s' ' Board of f Trade Our farmers will be the station wa the ou.co"of, the test: tale of Viri N enke, riuc.aaeil. l Isle t of Bald i Yellow i Unnnty of oaorola. m55
glud of the opportunity to meet and instituted between two parUiMj f swine, Tbepia are. Therefor, l I. elt. and Imonlah t ti \ : 4.h11r:;; 1i&cya. -
all ODd BlDfiilar the kladrad sad. creditor* ofsatd )) ::J ONAPPROVAL to '
,. confer) with th llclal\ head of the that were born and raised on the station dco.aiif> 1 'to .b*> sad .pp...r !before this :t: anyone cigig dpO.s4 fis edsuisci p.M allow ,, 1ir \
, A two- farm. One of Court on or before the l I V
f if Agricultural Department. was Simon-pure lAYS/FREE/ VoeI.ke ;
4e day. gcanon. can be held; a. program. pine woods rooters, usually called Plrt Day of Nsrct A. D. 1903, Makes I) I umpu..' aie.ati r,
sod Die ob.lIoD') II coy they I hare. to .the I : ,
arra.Dgod to have eminent agrloultu- razorbacks.. and the other was of thoroughbred .;...U". luara .. Mforetiatd. otherwlae tba i f 00 frcesbe.d0botns.iiSnps y ;if
'.1| I he franted prayed.VITNKLS a ceist if the bfe'c3. 1
same aa
does not salt I
.rUU addrest the I Institute, In addition Duroc-Jerseys. The partieswere V ,
\ my name as Con JndM of the .
y :' : : : | nfl nT rniv whetS vatS ye. eeiwe4ttp, w ,r.t
) i
_e'e'f to the Scretaiy' of Agriculture equal In numbers and they were Conuty. afore-. l I January, A. 1) 1WOL
;; .and Professor.. Wile'. A business treated absolutely.. the same In all re- 1'-1 i W. B. JOHNSTON. W J. \) ii,' V i:5 u.'rc bee. squalid aM U a g.--ef ,'
If. SlY MOUR COUDIlutl... w WA eeii.tZsos tw.
t, t xneetlng of the State Agricultural Society poets" fed the same in fact, occupiedthe /' Attorney ol Petitioner.Sheriff's. rIv 0 Sacesage a lloyds. weds teds,Set bes setsisigas to limsts aad ese e.tole.u.s.pssi.i *w e. i. VSASTONISHINO :

and the State Fair Association same quarters the greater: part of --------- .
-: J. L. HEAP
", canhe held and the fair for 1002 can their lives. CYCLE CO.. Chicago. ; <

lie; duly launched. At the slaughtering the razorbacks : BY out, 1u..dond:. AH the EXECUTION a at of the IflflUtCD Circuit "" '; ...t

f. No occasion can be made. more auspicious averaged 170.6 pounds dressed Court |la and, 1 for Oareula ':0".''', Stat 0' V
lorldtx Herein A R. Bearden" !Ii plaintiff I attd "
\' for I tle' alb..rIDIl of our ..11'1'1Clult.url. weight'.and the Duroo-Jerseys 104.2 J B Hhiver la defendant; : I h.ve levied opus ; 'wTI ;..
and .lll oflVr for aale (o the hljtbeat bidder "i
...; u !better means to honor pounds. Tbe razorbacks averaged durlog the legal hoar of ule oo tbe ,

\, our Secretary Agriculture can be 70.6 per cent dressed weight; that .1.. Pint.1' IH r."....r,..A. Ift. 19030 ,'.il,

devised] than. gathering of the live they lost In butchering only 20.4 per The.*... being the Sot day ot Frbmary 4cT Y';".,".
'root o* the Court House door .In Kfaalna.eeUy ; \ '.<
progressive fanners and fruit growers cent, while the Duroo-Jer.ey. averaged ('* rionda, Itoe following described. . reel ) l :,

"i, .. to.meet. him at the. threshold of the only; 75.8 per cent. In other estate tot .No.'
State," words, the razorbacks were the attest.f Tango| thirty-two ...." eontalalDaf" 70 sod TO lOQ ..OFFEj] 3
_ _ _ ; '
a re.. AleC etf ol.fteVf of aeMloa 1..... _... : : ;
'This Is certainly. a. knock-down argument '37; towmhlp twenty sight! ((2H) ......(Oil)'thirty.use. ) _4. ,.
r : J.TQ. HEADOUARTBRS.Every ., of ly iL .st.y.w.posr eta- ad _ ',
awU neW
s.c(52) Iblrty- .
wEwiL UI.iL..r S.b.rcmS .. .
for the Florida raiorback. =w"'w. \ : .. .f h.' .M 5.to d
: ira two ) nty-tllbt raofe (Isietalnlof ) .Id4e...5 ben d.O.f b S.. Ii tI.I I. _ _ _
OIiOtt, a while some editorrefers The chemist's report promises a valuable 40....... Lisa v.laotf awu., and ewif .. : .Cw. ew U..d 1\
i, to the Florida. Railroad Commlaslon of ae1 jaectkM ((12)) i..'",. iowmihlpf: *) twenty ?*wT14tN' ZEii"froaeeeI /(
bulletin soon. The reports of EIght rtDvefll I) thirty-one coaululoi I Maoree.AUo t',
as a worthless body and of wU of nwU ihlrieea
of eeetloa(l-i) towa ;,
tbs show that that officer .
Entomologist .hlp)1"I-ellb.na.) (. .) ; UII) tblrtj-oae soIiilng4Oserss V
to the people.i We know '
/no benefit .
is keeping a vigilant eye on the iLw ba rca.l.no eI.5.1 O.50 WiL.aM i.450.l
.- :"that the statement false and that The laid. property ,b lav tevlod upon .. the V 'I r
- insect enemies of our orchards and properly of i. a. Hblrar. defenlant. lo aaiUfy '
1t ,the Commission saves: money to thepeople said .....$lon. and reel. Term of tale eatli err, _
truck farms) and ihiledoIng everything pl'f"b_ 10 for ..
pap It" : V
I daily. If who have
persons c. r. PV/ATI/ .
fp4 .jtrlevancea aa'arn.t.h.( transportation to combat them he 1'el'f'8the/ lIl1.rtffw.Iai5ary : .a J.fry......., 045....p1,0.5 A"_,4 ___.. ':ti\\
.. ...
of The Horticulturist 1501.TYIn.AS.ui .
apathy mauy growers. tth '"
companies will lay their claims before Jhaenix of -ou.----m--. ... ... ,,"
: .. "
: .
'of Illustrates colectlon .
.: a remarkable .
llaietoffs. sIlTew' : :!.:
Attorasys. : '
k German -----t. : ...., "J
the the .& <18 will be -
pommlatiop 1
1 _...__.... ......;; .
1 of pecans, and gives some fresh Home of N : -.. -..- ... _.' :
attended to and ._ ------ '
promptly any wrong? : and Op1n1.onsOP : : .1.rr.
; '- and valuablematter. on certain diseases : Inn *.U e = -.:='::.-::'::: ':n .::--.::- .... Po;(.
cc will b* righted. .At the present Urn Pboantz of I' a-vraM FRErc. . .._ _. :::': .
of cantaloupe) *, lettuce andstrataberries. : ... I _-- rIrcP5iLs .._ I It I .ao. ;
== """" .__ _, :
Inspector* appointed by tba Southern Royal ..... -... -Ierd-: .", fl"
,..' :';vJg1It!I K i ftnd Juspectlon( DureanJS ,._ N-.t1.oua1 :rznpoq142 & . Orient.St. I. .11"," ...Z1LI.Jr.1. :T&J.I\WTDfO Qu.-4i.pa-4aoe .-. __- __ GMtI... -111.. ;:. . :"

,, ... ...".to h&ve'm. re'power than. ,agentsjpfvnverlntctidenU Judge ),f.loae. at. Tallahassee, has Paul i -- -- '" ; ""

,. .'t kipper* will take their of railroads complaints, but to If decided against. Camp & West in' ; .suit: Citizen OeoHria of / I ............_ ...... ..........:., ,: Itt

.1 heir suit' on the eonvlct, mat...... He' New York: : : iL ,V" ,'
.; _
., 'a.,j --'-"" ,',D.the'Coownlsslon'the-railroad....-::will not be long in protecting.oompa-the lea lea the Injunction! asked for, sus-' A. T'b'N'E2 , JZm.V: V ::; j, '- t'$3.$ 20F.i' :; .Fu'II..Qua..rt'S": ,:: t, 1-

-: .bill of lading ,",The law,, both State ,fain. tbs. demurrer! entered by Com.nlisloner .-- .. : .. 4 ,
and Jnter-gtate, requires tran. or1.ao McLJn and dismisses the! OOJ.tc! S :aorD:,. J, M. WILLSON, JR,. BO YEAR** PURINA t V ... \
t "' deliver : V OP'THK XVI VaalawavaM ,
tlo'n companies to freight at ; : KXPCRICNCE V OILKBRATKO ar II'
":rthe rate stated !JI; the bill 'of lading bill In equity upon the following .KisaiiviMEE. TFLA.- r :
.i -
.-'r--- 'avad ittuslng to do.-80' subjects the rounds: Is! The proceeding/ ",* virtu- 0 .. ., ,, ) -; I' '
.. roadlo pentlty .. well i" ." 'Ie- $'A V .F ... 'p. :Calhoun: :1
severe el17ssulI'. against. ..the State, which) PureRyLWhiskoy i.. :
: to, the person lo whont'lbe.trrigbt cannot be ..ed.-save by its own consent Datybypd] ; : : .. ;
-:' .- lsconslgned.: The arbitrary " .- PURINKc
ulasifloatlon .ol freight, b; t these ;'tr Tbe'bond executed 'by Camp DiU; an : .-t-8, ort Ws'sU. all. .. ia ..adI'sgs... .M .nr&. .0r laoUeeia --... ....-. w1hj-. -. VJ
& West for the of the al- ; at7t" : V. V -- W ,o.set IS and Iss I" tJwf........ ,
:- 'f 'inspectors islflvlngr rl.llro&4.Jor. performance : TJtt*DC MA5IS.... "a>..vair KPVOIM.u4. TSiDLOMOWjt Sib will be_ vetissw W
; : __ : ria!i:1 _Tb". ... .. "
ty-v.' .& i rs*and shippers no end o.f trouble and ege4 contract,was never'labrolttod toor ;; V -', : V.. ,M'II 0& : VAhyOss Work .toe.das.avJ&OG.....aa lath..., w. .... a& ADd ....81 ,...
1:: ; =rIait. ..I'J' ''"'''' d..l1 ....1.:....... 1:
result,, 'hundreds of sutU' O fo't ... _
'ia to .. '
; r.: likely oosnmls. . '.. ..... _
.rby the board .
,' of '" "" Ii' .. .
." approve \\.1CO: f sioIteh sad 5.OsMSMS : ""' .... ..__. ___ ,
. : IdIta 5 "I"
.. .. ..
: : : "
.K.lnnt.het.r"lI8poPt.alJoDInea. -r .u ......
...- 'of"' Jostliutlens No nlsOV OssMofS Our s505005 f's. : THatr.lOLAVM ....... for. ..... .. .-to__.. -........ .
.,:G.... 1. complaint against these Inspeotors is) toners. State ; :'; .lcvsstloa .I.prcbabI. I"_ . (b..eu.irc.' ." .,-T"'.....ueCtIaJe.._. "( _ '_'- . ' .'-. I
-,--, -I, ( not con Iud to Gainesville, but etwee"i asm-lied$ . TheL: c '' : ;, LEVI .
= tc.M. = :
. I from all parts ot the South.Theoffl./ coe.p1aia&nm4awp'> $ ( 'VVestjf which ? .. m ". 'MONEV.OV... .' ", .
"'.J\\;..... Ic'als' _dl employes of tb.. roads tbere ...eIwI\o\ ______..\. e. V:O9IN .OAT..' 'tlg28'I930FI \ 1.. Blrmln ham 'A1.. t
: !
, ..nltnJunoUon.J sin/ .nroro.c, b .the .>" i .t"Hatrfsy Kewspspwla ,. \ ,,
\ areas. .MOm* Od.t.J.n1f as.any In 'the '. '' .. ; JI rses $ : ". ;; ' e, ..."" ..... .
"but powerless. to lakes '.' ; .the W. r!. ,..t .. : \ r-00f.14r-mnsWi entttled "Bouno.. i tt bf.
,\ OURtYt : they are 'Wor *Tim Cards_to all: pointe. .l ,Ii" .r "* oJ" i, t ; '" 1 Lf
..niuL.sbtpperr..taiAsL tha JHttiUM 4.thsorg.Y ... : \ "8'Iet'$ send cent Ip\\.Mature o*, ,
,.u7 Dt.P"c'tIJ: -.;.. ;:;ia.r: U\ii ,. eurreocv to, W* B. WP4O.' F \t' $)I' -:'_ -. --
: .. _. "' . .. 1
JOkOV11S4 .; Bt .-,-- --- --- ...... .
r .
; -
iII..... .. 4JsAmTlijSni5'; Wannah ... .,- ,:. ; ;

: ,. lleIITIIII' "" ,y Vit ..4 t -"" '.?MI.- "'".' ... c. ":;.; ," 'it.' :.r.....,.. ,! lf-_ : ,"' I'""' ,00&, ;J,. 1.1: /fII
'Jf. .
X:. ; : 't. ....., ..j-. ,. ; , , .. .. "'-"' f"J' " V4f4Af ... : ::.f' ,. .., ''k I
E .' '' . "< -d.; : .. '.- -' .... ".:'!Iot"'P'.lI/Ip/. !... J ;"':I11! .::--.,.--' '; ; V V%VVI.'_ ___ Vi'!.", ::;;: f"e...: : : -. ---- r' 'V
*!,. ., : '" ..... .. ";... "" '
---k ;:: > -
.j -
; ,
,' -:: "' ).., 1 ':: .. '-, ..{ .... _. '. . -: ,' ,.. '. L
-- -. ,..'".-,-'",'.. 4 .- ) _;.._', .-' -. V ,- : . : : )

- -

>9 Jt' '

.', '. W . _
I 'tit A 10 rJj: rj" A, & .LJ&

1 fJ. j., ITS .. .'. ""i; ., ,: ,... _
V "I ,' ,"1 ,'.".It 1\\ .. _

9_ 1 Ic *' \\, .. "'s' ,' '. -, . .. .' . --l': ...L. .... .: .'t{... .... .. L -", 1.0. __ :: ..:.. ,_ ....:...... I,11o ..

.A. 'W- '" .. .' '. . -. -''- ,. ' ,
'" \ : . ,
;;z. "Y"C, -- :

4 ,. )p I ... ..,.. _. . - _. \ 0 .. -0 0 ; 4Os;: ''': ''I:; 'I' ''' .w' 'iA"R"' 'I'-N" Q.'f'' :'.' '. -.U.-- 1t'-t . '1\\ ;i' ,i u : Pe.

,. '
.. .it 0 w0_ ".,., ft'. /, -. t ..., "",: ' ; .' .
t : '
... -
0: : ":!- ":-..," i..,: CALL OH.FOR. .,__- . : X .. 'I' ;"1. 0 ..UOOBAaOR.TO aj.vL* "T.e%.A.....*. 1; \c 0 ," Osceo1aPliarrnacy- - I

I ... at_.. 't .fIil._. '1 -It ( .
,,' _a- -..: be. 1.f. tmarkettiowopen to'tiicPub1&c.: ,
; .J. ..FORmn .: ; :: I. 1 *. .

iB rva '?a a A : . 0 WHOLESALe' : RETAli.. ; IN 'f t . '

!b .1'I 1Oi'Y6OOdS.i .. ': : . ; .... - .

; -* CLOTI1INU. KATz[ : I. erJ s, Qraiii:,, Jftay: ; '..- ,Grpund .Feed. 'V i' .W.t.. <> >" :. V.. DRILL. Y. MAMASN, . : I

i _i a ii ia. ji> > a>a a a : : : .
: .> ; '
0 --- r----t- 0, ._ 1'.tent Medjcines.}

1',004"'" ... >' ffl....,.. : : :::: : : : Oranges Vegetables Chickens: and .Eggs ; .., ", '' '. : '!' :"' 1 ':'.. \ P..1 .
'. \ .. ,.,..,._____"..__. (7 ,, ,. : -
: :
0 I ... I II for Celebrated l Onings VegeUbls F.".......... ''Hides. ?.,... Beeiwa_ and Tallow Specialty.' .,,. .; I : .w' :T t ic1s. '. 0t
tAdi .
0 ,
't 0
1. -
4.The Klsslmmee Valley Gazette The Dluie"[ Social given by Lb. ladles Secretary of State Crawford;:' i TO '
: -Tba-Sun Broi. Shows made
of the 'Presbyterian church at. !Buddeaty.! HoM.cli Hea : eId PH tel _

\\Vif", TULST HOPfK NO. 11. Hotel Klsslmmee was largely attended Senator C. A. Carson. received Co* That the.State Has Detertlaied'to -.e. U-Mt p' pJ' ;e. noon today. 7 : :

PUBLISHED EYKBY0VANSAGNUW: If(KID AY, and a very pleasant. evening was .telegram. from Governor Jennings Make a There*** tn4d. a r cr dltable. fbovlDg ontbectreet ;

OS IIY It morning' announcing the sudden ; Everything lookud oe) n,
spent. was a_ pronounced success aid Beat has the
... ss. HA""'.. financially socially And otherwlate.. ot lIon. Jno. L. Crawford laveatlgatlosi beat and in good order, 'and lhl. condition WHO ? "

0 -- WJ5INEB. L.AQU.-. -- George>o Ber e. Handed hls.. firMt big of .Stale" which occurred at ... a 8plal.0..0.. of affair. on the ouUlda 1 I a .

; ....... The Governor .also 'wired PortlatP.r .afa Index. to a aloe how on the (ito, TICKET
I. W. rtllev Praldant bass for 1902 on last Monday. He Under the above caption the Times-
IV H O.: Btantofd'1.1 Vlm.PrwIdcnt.Job . roimnftlee, of State. oHlcers apl> Ida. The b..nt waa' exceptionally .
llarrUr. tod Vms PreIId.I. was Ushlnir up at the first trettle on Union and ILlaa of Jan. 20th aays: _
a R. H. Bermuur. .,retar1. the Sugar Helt and captured a .U.npounder to Inspect Lake Flirt Canal to I, ia the Rood.-nafetathN.( C.) Ne .- er- '
,,., ; Cures I "Away back (n the 80s- day
-w. M. Kats.Traaiinr with all possible. upeod.An Sulphur ver. I SERIES NO. !67rWON'
with hi. first ball but lostbail of the fission were 0 GRAPIIOPMONE
OHIJIOKDStOTOY.' hook and of his lino --- PIMPLKH.' lHI'TIIKRU. CDmpIl0710. Orange Orovea For Sals!..Bargain.One .. ,
part on a Incipient blare at the blood and aklii illiioiM. made to drain E"nlflae by digging 1
MsTHonm c.uac.-.b.a.. aatih BubtHilb. .- second .strike. home In IClashinnicuVedne.lay PHAMhVirv Ktantmnia. canals. to dr.lne Grove In town, 3B5 trees: one 1 i Watson's .
II a. ... and 7 o.dock.' Prayer martins. Okehob lot In t.n. 20.orange trees, also. other . _
...." Tbprmd.f. evening' ; at 7 p. a*. .bbbChQO1 Two trick bicyclists on Wednesday big about ((1 I o'clock occasioned. Lake In the hope of reclaiming thousands fruits; 2 acres of land on Shingle '

S:46: ..8uaJaj moral"!. caused the'lat.h..rln" IltL.JlCI..mclll.\ . ., but the fire I eleganthal1 racks. of fo> cleared and Second choice
: FT I Rwzpr Pastor.H of a large crowdon : was acres augur plantations.Among Ck. a. feac; 5 series C No. 468.
mrr C.UIICJII-o. J. Frt.. ...._.-.. the street I In front of the poHioflloe' tinguished! before wore than a _i the canals. out was one from orange All t.. bea- ,
Preaching n.., Sunday II A. rn. and 7 .pt mYenaa Job Ing. .
00 People's meeting 4 JW r>. m. 8uu : a. m. Prajrer .meetlns. eveir Thur.4sy7 .- . .. TAN, KI.lmme. I wek
satisfactory contributions when volunteer tire, department ... .
V.ttr. weioome. : babN Second
p. 'm. .1.sr. Shades al Thomp choice takes machine.
IT.OMITS: EriaooriL c uac '-ArehdeaeonOrar. the hat was pasHed indicated the pleasurable aLe cold siip[>.ers.Mr. . A. soon an Ihe"eirec4 of these canals '1.28. Btrm,
.-l/af s.rrlo. T.ry 'ID.R.'r. :. BuoiUr: Kcbixil. s-ao p. m..U.Full feelings of the people.Ike : a.te do..n.through the All delivered from the Wood "Iak *
C. t H.,! Acrm has. started ) .o :
Stanford for
evening aerrln by Ihe ReeIo.,1r4 and fourth a > ( M .. -J. W. WATSON
Mill week
will be 1,25 rlpero '
.,. of ...,h month.1sEnaTTialAR Kraaure arrived In town several,, logging camp and Is. buying UI Calooaohatchee country began to be tran..lr'LbI A. 3v OILBBBT.TO p :
. CIIL'ICIfltyflI worahlp. on ., --- ,
( felt. and observed the '
people commenced
evtrr ttrat* Sunday. and (third Hunday. I in earntnniilti. days ago from the J East Coast, where large: ncrWge of choice timber, ( : DATES. ,
atomlng. service at 11 a*, a.. a>ea' he has. toaen .sojourning' for the paflt and . doing business on CITY BAKEHY. to complain that the canal was CtJRK A CtLDIIiONS DAY .

0 *log::4Aa.m.service C.a*K.7..-OO..C...m.at .Buuday... p. a>School. PreraraeelluiTbiiredu at. Lwo years. And has accepted a position largo proposes scale. My the way, It ....a.- ,turning too l.r. volume of water.. Take Lexallvo Bromo Quinine T.b va0.i A .
Drat-1 j
l> I. oMoonliallr avenlnl'' biTtwd at' 700"aiMn4 p.. m.th.ia v..rbo4 a. night clerk at Howl KUiimniiH the. motion or Mr. Acree that !:: a.t Ouioa & Into that country, overflowing' great Ie.: Al druggists refund the ; s" ig 24'"

....Ioee. F. O. Htlumr, raatoc.Al *. Ike ha. many frleods here who, .. CommissIoners _ _ _- | tracts of valuable. lands. These complaints .. to cure. E. W. Grove's. .11. ITT ] :
County passed
KX 1)AVIflIo.' Bupt. of .. .. ... and try a hot cup of have until the Board nature on each bx. 26c.
are glad to e him back again.Mr. rexoluliona. protesting' against I onto\e -

Official' Woatber epOrt.a. L. t'. Drlggs, oneof tlie.. owners I' 'lo.lolC of Ihu Lake. Flirt ('..nal.I of Trustees of the Internal. Improvement Piano Tuning. < ''." "..".... ..i. .
.. .... II.D.:. .. I Fund took the matter, and .
TupIaATUIWUt of the .*..It.h.a....... Orange Hammock, -- l )" a specialty. I : up This month I am tue00 tne.1 pianos -
(0' TMUMitAY ......... l&au..I3.ltIO'lMn. There was. n family reunion al City Bakery. appointed Hon. B. E. McLln, Commissioner here In my and 0
Gro.a. the Ullloon
a pansonger-on i-csldcnce of Ilobert Dratton BUT
I to be on band during .second I
I MI.. :\\i: her dow .lrip VednCBday.' . '). lie cx- )::1. Ariong.. those present, woo I n. -- eap thn month. fJtber orders SHALL CONTINUE '

-----.-- - 00Prtd.y poet. to begin the shipment of tmvflu. I Hratton. WeatherfoVd, Texan] : male to Orlando be attended to. 'I
eo' t.OKMurIy. and rusMts. this week hut Mil) not H. 1'. droves, of Fayette( H. N. ___ _C. K. WADK. 1tosupply my customer with a '".Ietyor Roods tat( (.I ( :
ton, of Kifsiuiinie. Florid., Nol
.:. reduce fdock will make special 0
n.d.y ..... 77 70 44 41 touch their niagnlflrrnt, crop of grspc-" | ..Dratton. ('.,,,Irollo; L.V.. to The lied ?Prescript. ) for ihitutla : will fit Ihe pocketbook and .also. give satisfaction in t

1I".d.,........... n 7.1 hi1ur.4sV. 4t. fruit until some time, next luonlh. and (family, of ('nh laway: Mr., price} on the biggest line of Chills and Fever I... a lott.he.ot Groves quality Anyone can readily fee that: in buying I. feEE ,

"'...._1.:1. -:/, We wish to call attention.. to tin. ..t.rll.'lI1enl !- Mrs. .Kolx-rt Chapwll| I. of Uoi. Tasteless Chill Tonic. It IH simply f .
Thflm4av .. . 6' I, roullt) Pour of the l I.oys' \\"IK'b Iron and quinine In a tasicloss form.
\. In aiioUier column uf Mr .. TT O V IS S F-I 0 IE:::
> /100.( There was .u jolly crowd . No cure. No pay. PrlO 54)4. .
J. A. fflMPMO$. P. M. .. -- -- -
Jno. L IWaman the popular livery an.llh.I all 0111i)vii 1.1.'n..I"' > M - :

"N. that. .plaa;; *r;.;; -10"--_-..,U,... man. Mr. lleaman. has. just revivedtwo I hey, \LMVO run ny more. such roe n (, will reduce In price Notice to Taxpayers a perfect fit is necessary and the essential feature is

_Id.. kla 1 _tl." .old .......... new buggies/ ami a handsome !t\\O> (ViiWiilU'" ( Mo., ) Fireklilo< Guard.Mr. Everything we I I wU be at the voUnl places of Abe the leather the shoe is made 01 'If the leather is old, 1'

II. JC. IlraUou says the < mid hides wanted. precincts. dates given moulded and shelf-worn .
seated .a.elllll"nul'! \ "surrey winch Coon : it not worth taking home.i I
below to taxes for 1002)
10. only ueigh H44! lH. hul assess :
M >un<
> pi ;
FRIDAY. J..NIIARV 24. 1904. with new harness .and irood horses cu.ables No. >iir GOOD cioriusu
J. ,
, nil,, hu\el. .oeii. fw-ling u little. KI..lmmo. .. January 2. = UI MILLI.MCKY UODS. :
him to furnUh iiiont .excellentturuouta. \, I Shingle 2, .
t hun, usual at this gsthf( 'rlng.I..rtt MAKINSON COMPANY :3, \
Caopbel. H.
-- I
I 4, iy ft f\ ;
J I t So C tint a V ulHiut 'noon. Ni"' I B..vlle. :
( ,V. Crinin; for HO long the |in|''n-' I Naru.. "I. 27. ,

See "Cinderella\ ." al Die Auditorium. ar flreniBn oti the. Sugar I Hell I aniltfldltind I thought! 'f. 'jM-iN OriKlnator of Low srjco> la Klaatsame, Florida '. ,

lias |r<>uo u> S..faforol.-. tire I to I the wuuls. > ). on ROut kin 22.: L&ievlpw. "I. .17.Crab .

. tonight.To..eh.r.. mooned Mtutnably for uronioiinn.. cif ii"*ii. I'he. .HiM'tlon of land. I is & HraUon'n u..u.v. .. l.V9' 99V .9' u- __-w- *__'w_ .
.' the Oulco of .
al A.
InHtituto tomorrow Agriculture C. will
; plcimp
meet and
l..n. mo -----
'V'eoiro the. Hent.n ents of ) i ,red Midi I |p1 iiii. tribes i uiul wcttk I...,,, I -- --
.. > IH nim'''>.\ give in their taxes. YOUTH I lte
Crown p'y,
) "
Auditorium at 10, m. Comptroller; and HUl. J.
rlends is I In U Intl li ini. (;iii lt>, turiK'iitliK1' I "., .\.J. AlKlei'HOli.. L. P.. '
congrat rig '''r'j/j/v. amid moif Candy nl W HVIHYY.
T. I,. Warlnif .is enjoylnif a duck,. M. 'biteld. State Trl.urer. a com"it. TfffftTtfTfTTTtfftfffTtttfTTttfftTTtfTffftTtTTfT'ttttftTTf tttttt'
Tax .
rker has sucfee-ilexl, Mr. (*riTin!? HHIreman Co IlliT-h. The fire raKI.ditll. Assessor of Oscvola ( 0.
to visit that section and exam1inv
down the Illver Lhl.'t'k. -- -
on the Sugar llcli) and Mitland. fur> I lM>rn of the combustible I gum E -. OVERST8EET. NOUN .
Kuulllon and
T"II. Into the matter and con, aa --.5 till) the ( KI....
pro C'"sl
BORN Thursday January Ifllli to the |boxes and until r" ()
dry straw anti works I ;:4i., '
sluice of the complainants wanted .r. E :DEAL IN-
Mr. and Mrs. S. I). G'aalc a son. hoxos Hfre-4'oiiHinneil and )Icuving I - t. .
M. M. Hmilll of M. M. !Smith & ( .... Laxative Hromn Quinine ) t curea
: u. . ( llumivrias' just canals closed up while others did not. 1"b"t.
The Teleplione l ICxcbaufre Is. elusetl. ) trs practical l) Uead, eulnlllng u \ cold In one day. No ', IFre
.. .
of Siulthvllle, Flu.. one of the I lar-:,i'Ktruis > Some contend that. these. lay. \
persons canals Price cenlM.
on Sundays from 12, m. to 4, p. m. of In the of H.'iOto the company. ''A.J. Aniler, --- 2 hFamiyGrocertes
turpentine. operators have ---- - ,
A C.... hate a1 iiliie of ( call and l (get Stan lower waters several K
0 BORN to Itev. and N r. .V. E. Shlpp:: Stale, was in the city Tuesday..Ni': >oul erona .. uU) 101{. feet in Lake Okeechobe and desire The U. S. Live Stuck 1 l\.dy prepared .'

on Wednesday January 21:!, 1UO2:!, a 4inllh Is contemplating. moving hiiafafiilly ,, I pcntlnc I IM. >xci., nil join log Ht-rtion, that be by J MOIMJAN has 1"0"0''in-
untl, lliry., UH>, would hift\V" !cell I (' : .. Candles at they mae deeper so aa to further v.lu.bl.. both Itaniedy { I
daughter.. to KlbSiinniH" and iL i i. \Ui, he : reduce the waters In the,lake. for ''holers. Sorehead and
siiniod i in I the fire l I if I Mr., Anderson ii ) _ JlndM
The heavy .hower of rain Tue.davPm holed| thai he will do so as. It \\uulil, The committee left Tallahassee for Diseases In .Fowls and (' ",
nol suininonfMl' his entire. force lo complete stuck t of and Is lieueficlal also. to horses I
effective In allaying be quite nn etjuUtllc U> our cit. .K very FRESH"MATS
mo"loll was Myers where it will Uie
; very linKiiiNh the fire. M. M. Smith A (' and see them."' Ft. enter upon and cattle. For sale at the stores.
the dust nuUanoe." social elrd lI. important work assigned It" by the
t tiirpelitlne' o)>,crnUirs nine miles ) Hutr Price.
Mr. John Oarrlty. Is ezpccted back The entertainment, given at the "p')| of liii p.at Siulthvllle, lout:II'.OOt.l( ) ....0'. 'I'1I<.JIIIP80N. hoard.: You Kuow Wbat Von Are Taking S=: ; .. HE j

from Mexico In a few days for a short era House on Tuesday evening by Mr. by lire-ulso. Mr. Anderson wl1I'a\ - As the digging' of these canals. has When you take Grove's Tasteless) .
W. Powell Hale Impersonator for . I Uooclii. at reduced cost vast of and 'll Tonic because the formula I.
visit with hi. family. sums money, since
a reward. fur information. leading Uraltou's. plainly printed on bottle showIng HUUUU11UUUUUU1mUlUUUUUl UmU1l1 WW
Ilev. J. M. Ilayroan of Uoston. Is the benefit of the Episcopal church" the, conviction! of the party or .. the work of dr.ID.e Is to b continued that It Is simply every Iron and QuinineIn

spending a few weeka with hi. son-in- was quite.. largely attended and the vet who set tire to the, woods.. landlo.-and other there a spirit of general a .tasteless form. No Cure No Par. E. B. WATERS, U. A. CARSON,

results were quite satisfactory to those ---, opposition to obstructing said .
lswR.v. O. J. Frier. -
i! Den Hlnton and Rob Watson left laving the matter.. in charge. Mr. Itev. Mr. Poatfe and. Col. L. K. 'ib'T'; only Strain Laun' canals, and a general. de.lr that 1.Stanford has the largest and best President.. Secretary.

iajle' was very happy In the representation ersun representing committee. they rather be made deeper by blowIng selected stock ot Shoe ever offered II "
for Macon to take a busloeas .
Tuesday pointed> by the late Annual : 0
of his selections sad his BII- : out a ledge of rock at UM confluence -
course ID Mercer University.U ( of the M. K. Church South to Oyster? every day ( ''
lence thoroughly' enjoyed and appre- !' I Works. 10-tf of canal with the
1l natural)
,. .. looks very much! as though winter dated. his efforts.' with, the Conference College, donors I basin of te lake. I: a offering some spe lal Waters & Carson Grocery. C6. ; 4

0 expected to agsvln ladulge in that "Clnd.reU.A beautiful representation Leeaburg: with a view to settling ,,called.. for and 0 bargains in Rockers, ', ;;;
Ulngerlng lap" differences between the
: .
0 of this quaint fairy tale la 0 Arbor Day Proctasmtlosi. .
Miss Vlck returned to her home in perfect moving pictures (calcium light) and the. donors anent the college : received an ele. The season again .P&elb when Rug Funllure, Lamps -WHOLMAtt. AND BOWL DBAURa 18- : -1
0 removal from Lneshurg met In trimmed na .. for the
visit ,
Orlando Monday after a pleasant together with a. great number of scenes" """ we may .v.1) ou.el. of the opportunity .
with her .. Mrs. Bam Orlfla.Mr. Town Hall on. "luesOay ollA< HOLIDAYS.
sister Arrival' the
from recent Interesting events will IK' "1cl adoption of a b..uutul COUNTY AGENTS FOR

0 II. E. McLaughlin ha. been In given this. evening al the. Auditorium, Seven thousand nine hundred 4Jo presents. to adorn our pub- AU. DELIVERED AT KI8SIMMEK.JOB. } GROCERIES.Celebrated 0
-- '
the city this. week engaged on mattersconnected a. large per eenlage. of the proceeds togo lifty odd dollars were represented| i !<''M UJ;.. lie luod.; U. ClU..N..Y. oni.ANOo.FUA.WANTKO r w vv .. Ott
I the meeting. hilt.. l'uagc' ujx-akInjf. ft II. 1'....: A. .
I !
with his father's estate.The 10.he achool fund. Cinderellacomes THEP1 9. ,
coinmittxM ; J.V. 11I'k'n..oo. .ennlnl. --Trustwoi-thy men and :. A T.f3O-,
tlu offered the !: r : 0
.. new Watson building wIth It. highly recomniended.' Turnout ; Fenton., Vlrkslmrjr\ Governor ot( the State of women to travel and advertise for oldestablished k. .J 0 .
of land
panelled and stained <(
a most attractive appearance.The Admission l.r, 25 arid 3o cents. liquidation of the donor's claim ; H. (illlrH|>le, Sar- February A. D. 1002, t b Arbor Salary I7HO a year and ex- CIRCULARS AND PRICES. ;t Hay Grain i Crates Etc.
4, about *12.HN( ( ). This proposition. : 10:. Nelson .Fell, Nar- and I penaes all payable in cash. No can' FURNISHED OK .
Day, recommend that .
: hotels.. are rapidly being filled Col. J. L. Young, who Is constructing unanimously declined. The (' A. Vans Agnew. oa day raising{ required. Give rcr.rnC1 and
branch railroad from I ,Kansas Clly-Mo. throughout the State.. lbs planting of enclose self addressed,
the 1'laiil ; ;
? up with guests from the froxen( ) being. renfrU'ted. . to the above .t.aDt eove-
Klulow' to Palmetto has made. .- : H. L. Ornamental Trees and Shrubs to fur- Address Csxton
,.,., City a public
North and begins to look op.
mil no further business lyejVre It, .. Ga. MrX HIDES
; Mln- thcjcbeautify our public grounds.Kspeclally Chicago. Apl. 12, IU)( FURS WOOL .
Xlke old times again. statement to the effect that the 'road meeting adjourned and a settlement .; Dr. and Mrs. )

Miss, Bertie Johnson left Tuesdayvenlng will be extended to Sarasota within the vexed college question remains. I'hlla. ; J. H.l'rlnce. I. the proper observance of WAwn-Severai I portions of character ,
crowds . Kavaimab A. the day, together with pleasing and and .
the year. Large pf f iuen* ; ; reputation
.. visit of f several week. lo eah.tL
for atthe
" a remote all ever. (LeesburK Country Produce
& through Tampa. week en Va.; J. W. appropriate ceremonies urged upon (one In county required) represent a Specialty.
home of her uncle State Chemist pa. every c'lal.i 0 ., l'a..1.; K. Mar our Public Schools. Trustees and and advertise old established bu.In. .- _ _ .
route. to Palmetto where they are, r -
It. E. Rose in Tallahassee.Archdeacon Arbor ; Happerselt, Jox; ... houneof Solid
placed at work on tho new road which Day.1o Phlladslpbla; T. School Officers In charge of the various $18.00 weekly 10ao..I.t.aodIDI.S.lay :
: ' :
Gray will hold full the TVarhen of Otceola' County. _
Institution .
.Is now being fast constructed.. and It ; Mrs. Asbton, of the State dltloo..I.1 payable In cash each Wed- gmmimnmmfmmmmnmmniminmmimnmmmg

L morning services at St. .Johns. Mission Ia only a matter... of a short while before Governor Jennings has Issued, ; M. M. :Smith are hereby requested to take such action dlrL from head ofHoea. Horse 1 C'a ,

Episcopal church Sunday morning proclamation appointing Friday, ; Fendla Unnimwiok; will the otservanoe -ctnLQarriayefurnlahed.wheiineoeBiary.Refereooea.. . rl
the work will be completed.A & encourage proper .
11 o'clock and evening service at 7.15.Rev. ruary 7th, as Arbor Day. You ; L U StarbucV' Pro/la- Enclose a ....1.ddra.e "
; of the of .1.IatoD
4 Street Fair and Carnival! to beheld therefore please have your ...chool.oboJene I ; ... ., Atlanta; spirit \.1. / .tampecnenvelope. M.oaler, C.J- | UNDERTAKER and EMBALMER 1 1TOLL
Bertrand Elwes of England in for week i boy, Bt.. Aug-ua- I toj Building, iep5Taxpayers
Tampa one commencing with .. le.lo. 0
who I. visiting hi. father Gary Elwes thg day appropriate .; \ ,. Miss. Uxslo: R. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto 0 ,.- LIK1 QT_ .
of will officiate at St. Peter. Monday Jan. 27lh under the emou los.. ; Kubo Shields, set band s.ndhave/
Conway O.S.xES.D
;' auspices of the Tampa Light Infantry." Plant two or three good shade. ; J. U. Palmer, my = J'.e.

t Church, Norooossee, Sunday morning.' Thrrsday, Jan. 3Oth, I is Military Day.. (Hive bales, preferably )I. on the .: Jr., Beaver caused the great _swal of = Ladles and Cents' Burial n as. I'

0-; The fishermen report. that the black Military companies In the surrounilng grounds, securely fastening.. them. "' :i .. City; T. J. tbe State to b affixed at KICK LINE FURNITURK AND ." '9

& bass (yclept trout) are this early be- towns are U>4ie Invited to attend stout stakes.. I have been taught .W.C.; Mrs. Dalton Well., Tallahassee, the Capital l. = 0 8TANDAED SEWING MACWIK -,
to run and a few strings. of ; Boyle, this Ninth day of JanuaryA. W. C. MAYrRJ E ORIVXRa BY HAIL OR TE LEQR.APa **
.. jrlnolng and. assist In crowning the Carnival experience and observation that ;; New Orleans; J. GluM PROMPT ATTKNTIOM. . ., i ii
speckled perch Jave been brought In : J. M. Moho- D. 1902, and of the In- 0 MER =
Railroads andteamers ARDFACIIWS
,. Queen> on that day. transplanting. trees from the forest ; of GIADUATB OPTICIAN = REPAU&10 i .
this week.: .I ; Dawson JJrlando; depqde. United
are to give special rate. of is better.. not bo reduce them to t
Jno. U. CO S
'; One Hundredand MOHCMIKT8 RaVADBTOMU
0 John A. Walkof. ':Jno. B. Rtdgl' !y om. fare for the round trip for the entire unsightly poles but simply to cut !. : Jno. A. Pe- 8La t ANO WATCHMAK .- AND IRON PR8CLS.LULULULULULLILULLiLUL1L1ULULULUW1ULULtUULJjLULU. f
and Will T. Walter, who hare!' Been year. .
week. P.rleet
tips of the branches away.. take ; W. Rich Flutes GL"llEO A& lal1 -
;r ''p"- Park Hotel bars W. 8. JENNINQS, Wasting 1 '
stopping at the /gone Capt. Buckel. ha. 'been busy the liberty of mentioning this for the ; Merrill, N. Y.; .bI Pr
; '. down the river for a week's fishing lax; J. M. Magaw ,< 'Governor. of Florida. Sp '. ....Wctches. Clocka, Jewelry,
i r
0,. .r and hunting. past week In fitting out. the steamer.. efit of those young .teachers. who .po.ibly ; Lou Seaman. City; ))3y !the Onol. Attest: ,_,_....''--.. "d Silver-PUted Ware, Etc, '. .

Irene. He has taken: out the gasolerB have had no experience 1n I:> Ca.; Eo D. Torop- JOHN I* ffRAWP'0OSecretary la all It < r
'and Mrs. H. T. Butler and 'p. lacb. -
1" Mr. .
.... ; Orlando ,
engines which so unsatisfactoryand planting and again because Of ; of'State. ).oxa. .o chart
children, accompanied by Miss Davis, Michigan.; 8. II. Trsa*' OM 5t.ed.PLANTSYSTEM.
put. In a wood burning 18-horse earnest desire that the result of
) stopped In the city .. C.oeII ProoeeaMsigav.TOWN .
.4 f power return tube. boiler with a 1 10( day's labor shall be good' and

: thlil.! .....If'On t.be way to\\Orlando. horse power engine and substituted ing. HOO!* HAL Jan. 2Mb, 1002. State Bank of' Kissimmee

: :wber. *they will visit friends.Mr. side paddle wheels for the twin Extend a cordial Invitation\ )' City; A. Artman, Council met at '::3 p. m. TIME CARD. :

9. T. Butler of Narcooasea Is propellers. As soon .. the changes supervisors and all your patrons | MoKlhlnney, t' ank- Present: H. C; Stanford, p.ldeut; .

; again to -the front. Be reports this are completed!! the Irene willmake her. be present. and take.. part In the : H. Goldberg, Lake .City At; J. M. Wmoll.Jr", D. CJV L . Effective Jane 1 15th, 1902. 0

week the Brat bloom of the. year 1802, inttlsMrTp: to'the fish camp of Okee- cises. ..lie, Princeton Baas and S. 1. T. CoM8 Clerk. KI3SIMMEE. FLORIDA .

,. 'P' )hl.t.tangerines having bloomed regardless ohobee.Klsslmmee. The following' day while ; h,, Tampa; I K.!: Minutes of 1..1 meeting _r read Offers to Customers, Every Facility .

.. of the det.orreD&oold weather.We . ean. now be lure of Rotting I. fresh In mind please make a ....!, Keller; E. and approved. 0 ...f tttt. tt; Consistent .
J. W. Russell ..... ., Management.
the time straight from \the of the occasion ; Reports of officers were read and !I o wfl.ound .
right stating:
t- 0 are in receipt of a magnificent report r .. and wife Owen- ::7 '. f ,
"",t Bew map of the Stale. recently Issued Government Time Factory at W aldington. The number of pupils present, ; .. and wife J. I approved: "d ;' .lf<_'._ q .

.. by the) Department'. Agriculture A new and handsome clock: number of school! officers present, Mr. H. F... Mor t... Count W. Adtrhold, Salary' ....................I 9OMIJ as* & Personal Attention to 41'0 Business Iltnat & 'V. e,

.? .wlllob'if detail and completeness lat. has just been set up In the Plant system number of patrons present. the. ., W.B.D.:D.Holden Fudge, 4.lax McHhaiter Vavldaoa w... ... ... ... 40 aa 00 DOlALaaeaatw 0-I l!! !!!!fi \.
the finest picture of Florid ever pre- passenger. depot. The clock: Is her of healthy. !trees .DOW, growing[ Cleveland I. :' :::.::. : ::: ...: SOS i : N.; B. CARSON.
t. ; ; .
-gs .
W. A.Joiner ,.. ... moo OASHIlm.
,.. ''; enisd: electrically connected with the Naval !the school grounds and which were Athens! Oa.J.; BFDann ................ sane ] '

0 -T,.$.' Hayne and wile and Misses Observatory a, Washington and sets out. on previous. Arbor Days, the York. City. W. W'Into a*Mjki.aoe" Btmuon), wood," ,_, ..' f.. .... ea 4550&| a JdIdIii i : 1

.4 Mary 3,. Barber, M. Davis 'and B. .itself at eleven' : every morning.; her of good; sized trees set out'on '::111.Arbor : ; H. Seymour City; ,W B Maklaeoa e 14" -i ... m .I '-' "
Sheppard of Ooean Grove, New Jerey It also winds Itself, up "-nd needs no Day : C. J.Case; G., .Bar' J i MCPbalter.. ,Imedlug! rtsVasrsj'Cores., ..... .1 I 00 . u1 J .J, C li : -- 0 0 000 0 0 '. , '!. : .

; mak'sup- dell.rhtil little party handling except from"the finger of Mail me your reports promptly Winter Park; Jack
of -Klslmmee' .TlsMort. They arereglstorsd Father,Time himself. A. yet It cannot I I may consolidate them into one ; JJ. Flflsnlng Flem Tbe Vallev Oaaette. prieing. ,... ,i so C . : -

., at the. Grave. telephone the time to
achievement will doubtless follow wUe.MUaMarj:: Water.?.WU- _- ..*. .... -.-. , 1 ... .
Ice of the State SitperlnUndeot ; .
)lr11.,1&'o.wbo: 10 'III8I'11 lived LuIk&f .., N.-J.| H. -Da-. . U..N, .. UsgafoLaashllM .t I I9 .
..0.tla;. Tallahassee. V : New Jersey/ :, .._.. .._ ; fiUft f .- : . -
? Klsslmmee, 'now. of N_ :York,, wa* be oil. ., I..r., .1 wark.. ...... .*..,. _.-." . 0 k -
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4 HASTE- W.bra comparing the Incubator cbeckelsaij drifted Drilling la yew u
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\ ,. .' Itjot'tbat tact Xto*'Jien 1*. a. I lportallt'.ta I b*. about,these a.ntr halt feet apart l. . _raluabU.,,j ea' 'j ", .

u>*, ad.ut'luMieaaarjt adJoactJ I and the *stalkr ajboaff guitar eight l ; Orn--? 1 1'J. JomIQs.rK 1iq s' :
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t : : times wiu not alt at alL ;land. It It Ii planted too thin on good I .' "." Soar and- *.et Orange Y1X>OIOA1 ttOUOUTLilat' : aa4 1'.II'PLU' I .
.Thw. thou and. of Jnaubaiora$ Innaa.'and t' Mooka. TWSNn-rIYIII.NWUIIa tn Kliac' yoJ. 'oem* bed ;: !
; / , +.: +...+..+1"t.+++. + .. . . .. . ..II. .+++J t .tbW' demand.li tro..I.. TII. i oil.their! to-ad own'weight 1\ become bend <+nany r .%*f)them.tII.tI \ t 'b.\)1)"} : .: (c. r,l .. tMtovJP-: ft Nr* ; r--jp; 'J't' ,- ,

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beautiful districts' f-noKheNi .moitl[ CnltUfulfrieiid to john blm with uo\ere J. .a tome excel In ceruln reipect thk.a 4 .feearyv-bat jucatuw ?. ( -l' aD -- ; -. ... Oraaaaentaa treV ateu.TWBl NTr tcv.Urn -clooely pioatod -liUdsdV1m.KuL .
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tbvre If littl Breton town fry .1J girL wben thsy' would proceed t and some In others but all hare difficult to make Into .- ... : ,.: ,/ . '. : ,.'.. I 170 !arlelee. Corr.spea4oaenoUCitst! Qtalosnufre.4. ;I. } I
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ciuaiut -.e. | tn' the, market ean,.mal.tal.. I'QII. and mike a Urg. *(>buU '. . -. E.. GFUFFING-BROTHERS C<\
iti ancient ,StfetI, It* high-peaked It"glv" . 4 NCJt. Its cuilou1' galleries and carv I The man hIm but on tile market.', ..f z. ; ., .. .
d'pare 0 erand. rery close. Do not, expect to get thebent prIce Tb fleets lasted hera'a>week and ; not In anyenae.sclenilnc ICKONVILE1YLOUL .
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1 II bna ju grand and stately caihfdral whoiie waUbfu'l l oil ot brooiucorn is often BAd "twills method of florleta r --L.21 '
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tbe .coat and -manufacturer' U entitled I ly neglected. a beadod and. young punt are killed.',''or gardeners. stUI it waa tbe beet fr $f
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\ plainly >ast leading the roof whence they standard Tbe U1aar ... ha>e reputations and a* thoroughly aa Indian corn. alf I'adljrInjured.' .. pleased with'them, that I an glad to ,

4 j?. iiiliffccj cbaienu, urlio vthoso lofty. vhiuilM-iedi, out through a' tmuttlu to support, and aim to ;max* the After thj first beads appear It I. not! Flowergatdun -r, alj ,rained.Hweet communicate ,to others i who) may be ;

L towers niii) piiymcle' ' *Jim .wallows fly walked aiding the r.1 aeevral build- maebluva better every year.Iiue.wekebatr5 long; nature It 1. ready for harvesting I'... self--', Were three alnOlarty,sit anted. the ways and means ,. ,
\jfcaffimiiii' mm. I hlll.II'1 I I u'lr nexta al.d| I toga' and to tbe fait esHClly on feet ulttit and. whereby these satisfactory! result* .
lunmiiirnlilr I ute a.hle | and everything abould be la readiness -clinging to ,the brush; tU "'. 0 'M t ''III -.
:.' t.lltu'r young Ih. ground, li.v ...11 a low parapet anda the lint ba-lch. due to the fact that because It soon depreciates In value a/-. After the. freece.out In the wind blew wen 5 attained. .

I. 1.01 11e. lcliuii. hlvli. woiMleu. feliif. U wan IxKlunluiih 'inlatakeH are' made by lueujterlvucedo tel It ripe enough to cu In go hard ,(lie vines. snapped like KUUM. w. do $hot keep a uordencr, but hare TIME.TRIED AND CfOtTHSTaS/