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Hometown news (Sebastian, FL)
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May 31, 2013
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United States -- Florida -- Indian River -- Sebastian
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Again, thank you so much for y our help and keep writing those interesting and informative columns in Hometown News." J ust as I suspected! Consider just how much time could have been wasted had we not thought about what was going on and instead just assumed that the change of hardware was the culprit. I can't help but think just how many older systems are still in service out there and how many people are having to hit the F1 button every time they have to boot. If this sounds like you, try replacing the battery; you may have the same success as George. 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VERO BEACH Sometimes, the most interesting and least explored historic areas are the ones in your own backyard. This summer, the Heritage Center of Ve ro Beach is teaming up with a local touring company to offer a special tour of Vero Beach focusing on the impact of a Vero Beach pioneer whose name lives on today in his family. The See What Waldo Built tour has been organized by Day Trippin with P atti and Vicky and will benefit the nonprofit Heritage Center and Indian River Citrus Museum by showing and sharing with tour participants some of the unique, interesting and historic buildings built by Waldo Sexton and stories about his life in Vero Beach. R ebecca Rickey, executive director of The Heritage Center, said the tour is scheduled for July 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p .m. the cost per person is $55 and includes snacks, bottled water, dessert, and transportation around town to the var ious tour stops. The tour will start at the Heritage C enter and the Indian River Citrus M useum and I will give a tour of it. Lots of people may know about Waldo Sexton from the Driftwood Inn, but there are a lot of other places he built that people may not know about, Ms. Rickey said. Mr. Sexton first came to the Vero B each area in 1914 on business, before Ve ro Beach was the official name of the town. He decided to stay and work for I ndian River Farms Company. Three years later, he was an independent citrus farmer, having planted 10,000 orange trees and was well on his way to becoming a civic leader in the community. Mr. Sexton is recognized as helping to organize the Indian River Citrus League, as one of the first exhibitors of Indian River Citrus at the Tampa State Fair and as having developed three varieties of avocados, one of which bears his name. Establishing McKee Jungle Garden, the Driftwood Inn and adjacent restaur ant are just a few of his other business ventures, said Vicky Stein, one of the tour organizers. I t s a great way for people to see Vero B each from a new perspective, Ms. S tein said. There will be a genealogist and a historian onboard, Pam Cooper and Janie Gould, and they will be giving lectures and anecdotes onboard the bus, she said. One of the first tour stops will be a visit to the Szechuan Palace for a cup of tea, spring roll and a tour of the building. The Szechuan Palace is a place thatHometown News SEBASTIAN www.HometownNewsOL.com F riday, July 18, 20143 Save hundreds of dollars every week with coupons & discounts from our local advertisers!786041 086999FORONLY...Treasure &Space Coasts Certified Water Specialist Water Analysis Clean Injectors Check Settings FREE 60lb Bag of SaltT une-Up Special$35With this Money Saving Coupon Expires 7/31/14 allritewaterfl.com 102109Local Business Here Year Round Se Habla Espaol Buying and SellingFine Jewelry Diamonds Gemstones Gold Silver Platinum Coins Fine Timepieces Modern & Vintage Highest Cash Prices Paid Immediately Jew eler on PremisesCustom Design &Repairs SummerAf fo rda ble decorative doorglass for your EXISTING entryway in ab out an hour! Add beauty and natural light Customize to your style Impact Glass Wood Interior/Exterior Doors Patio & Sliding Glass Doors Framed/Frame less Shower Units Etching Schlage & Fusion Hardware Mirror Wraps ti d l f SpruceUpsEntry Point of the Treasure Coast 2426 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart, FL772-463-6500www .entrypoint-decorativedoorglass.com 103365See What Waldo Built tour to benefit Heritage CenterT our gives insight on eccentric Vero Beach pioneerBy Jessica Creaganjcreagan@hometownnewsol.com See W ALDO, page 4 Some of the historic pieces of the Driftwood Inn including the Spanish kitchen and a cannon. Waldo Sexton was the pioneer of the historical site. File photo


F riday, July 18, 20144Hometown News SEBASTIAN www.HometownNewsOL.com 786042To advertise in this special edition call 772-465-5656 MOORE MOTORS097935We Service Everything We Sell 772-569-9908 5135 U.S. Hwy 1 Vero Beach WE RIP THE COMPETITION APART0%FINANCING(WAC)HUSTLER50th AnniversaryStarting at $2799 103408L et Go and Dance!Sebastian Plaza250 Sebastian Blvd., Suite 7, Sebastian, FL 32958937-467-3350 badcdance.comBallet, Lyrical, Tap, Jazz, Hiphop, Modern, Broadway RE GI ST ER NO W FOR FALL CLASSES!Check out badcdance.com website for class listings, pricing and upcoming registration dates. or Call anytime to register 103416T ues-Fri 10am6pm Saturday 10am -2pm Closed Sunday & Monday9090 North US Hwy 1 Sebastian(1/4 Mile North of Rt 510)P auls Guns772-581-0640 LICENSED AND INSUREDWe Buy Guns!SPECIAL DIAMONDBACK 380$299 opened as a local bar, a hangout spot. If y ou go inside of it, you will see it is nothing like any Chinese restaurant youve ever been inside. It is all stamped by W aldo, Ms. Stein said. When it comes to decorating tastes, Mr. Sexton was known for collecting driftwood, bells, iron pieces and antiques to outfit the buildings and businesses he built. H e had a very different way of looking at things. Its very artsy, Ms. Stein said. S ome of the other tour stops will include a walk-through of the Driftwood I nn, a stop at the Oslo Packinghouse, the P atio Restaurant, the site of Waldos M ountain and a tour of the Hall of Giants at McKee Botanical Garden. The group will take a lunch break at the Ocean Grill Restaurant. The cost for lunch is not included in the tour ticket price. Ms. Stein said should the tour featuring Mr. Sexton prove popular, other historic tours will be organized and offered for other local areas, including Gifford and Fellsmere. F or more information about the tour, call Ms.Rickey at (772) 770-2263.Tickets may be purchased at the Indian River Citrus Museum located at the Heritage Center in downtown Vero Beach. F or more information about Day Trippinwith Patti & Vicky,call (772) 2161798.W aldoF rom page 3 In her attempt to retrieve one of the animals, Ms. Weinstein was overcome by the smoke. When Deputy R yan responded to the scene, Ms. W einstein was unresponsive on the floor. D eputy Ryan carried Ms. Weinstein out of the residence and also safely escorted her remaining pet out of the house fire. H e saved my life, Ms. Weinstein said in a press release. I am so emotional about this. I want to do something special for him, she said. In his report, Deputy Ryan observed an oven mitt by the stove that had caught fire, potentially being the cause of the house fire. I ndian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar said he feels proud of Deputy R yan and his accomplishments. O ur men and women put their lives on the line every day and this is a perfect example of how our agency excels, Sheriff Loar said in a press r elease. D eputy Ryan has been employed with the Indian River County Sheriffs Office for six years and previously served in the U.S. Marine Corps. In 2008, he was recognized for his first life-saving event in Indian River C ounty, where he carefully assisted an 89-year-old man out of his bedr oom while a fire was spreading in his bedroom and black smoke was filling the residence. I ndian River County Fire Department officials said if Deputy Ryan had not acted so quickly, the older man would have suffered extremely dangerous levels of smoke inhalation. R eports also show that he was involved in assisting two people involved in a car accident out of a burning car.DeputyF rom page 1He saved my life. I am so emotional about this. I want to do something special for him.Sherry Weinstein Saved by Deputy Ryan


Hometown News SEBASTIAN www.HometownNewsOL.com F riday, July 18, 20145 102106LARGE INVENTORY IN STOCK NEW & USED WE SELL & BUY T AKE TRADE-INS PICK-UP & DELIVERY CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE 103411 103423The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualications.S tevenA.Long,P.A.ATT ORNEYATLAW1317 North Central Ave. Sebastian,FL32958 772-589-7778 321-243-4963www.stevenalong.com General Practice,Including: BankruptcyFamily Law & Divorce Wills, Trusts & Estates WALKINLAWCLINICSA TURDAY7/19/14 10 AM1 PM 4000 Dixie Hwy NE (US1) Palm Bay palmbayjewelers.comHours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm321-725-3451 786230 103428772-388-2710RIVERWALK SHOPPING CENTER13429 US HWY 1 SEBASTIAN Arrests listed were made from July 2 to J uly 8, 2014Fellsmere Police Department Mackenzie Lee Powell, 36, 56 S.Elm St., F ellsmere, was charged with felony petit theft and a misdemeanor charge of resisting a merchant. Malcolm Montgomery, 21, 3461 Second Av e. S.W ., Gainesville, was charged with two counts each of possession and sale of marijuana. Brianna Noell Dalo, 20, 1811 Shakespeare St., Sebastian, was charged with violation of probation and misdemeanor charges of driving without a valid driver license, reckless driving and fleeing and eluding a police officer.Indian River County Sheriffs Office Ernest Adulai, 29, 723 E.University Blvd. No.45, Melbourne, was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card, criminal use of personal identification information, communications fraud and uttering a forged instrument. Todd Madison Crotts, 49, 2914 White Pine Land, Longwood, was charged with third-degree grand theft. Doris Jean Gray, 50, 956 Sixth Lane, Vero Beach, was charged with violation of probation.She was on probation for dealing in stolen property. Richard L.Mack, 22, 4686 50th Ave., Vero Beach, was charged with possession of cocaine. Sudiata N.Stinson, 37, no address given, w as charged with sale of cocaine, fleeing and eluding, possession of methamphetamine and morphine and misdemeanor charges of willful wanton reckless driving and driving while license suspended with knowledge. Andrew Waller, 25, 4896 30th Ave., Vero Beach, was charged with burglary of a business and theft. Ivory Antaeus Brown, 31, 4775 30th Ave., V ero Beach, was charged with delivery or sale of hydromorphone and two counts of possession or sale or morphine. Brian Leonard Carter, 42, 2215 15th Ave., V ero Beach, was charged with tampering with or destroying evidence, violation of probation, driving while license suspended, habitual offender and a misdemeanor charge of possession of cannabis. Earnest Rasheen Harris, 35, 1171 27th Ave ., Vero Beach, was charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine and a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest without violence. Lorenza Wendall Lattimore, 34, 1190 12th Ave ., Vero Beach, was charged with violation of probation. Henry Allen Schwab, 52, 1471 Fifth Court, Vero Beach, was charged with violation of probation.He was on probation for dealing in stolen property. Andrew Joseph Simso, 69, 1569 Ocean Cove St., Sebastian, was charged with grand theft and a federal charge of organized fraud. Jayme Lynne Wessell, 51, no address given, was charged with felony petit theft and a misdemeanor charge of shoplifting/retail theft. Cedrick Rashawn Wiseman, 25, 4251 28th Ave., Vero Beach, was charged with violation of probation. Eugene Clyde Damboise, 60, 858 Eighth Court S.W., Vero Beach, was charged with aggravated assault and battery on a person older than 65. Francisco Gomez, 33, 74 N.Lime St., F ellsmere, was charged with possession of cocaine. Robert Omie Green Jr., 23, 4540 32nd Ave ., Vero Beach, was charged with possession of marijuana, trafficking in and possession of oxycodone and a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest without violence. Simon Snyder Smith, 54, 115 Karrigan St., Sebastian, was charged with violation of probation.He was on probation for burglary of a structure and third-degree grand theft. Adam Leon Cheeseman, 21, 4825 38th Circle No.108, Vero Beach, was charged with attempted burglary of an automobile and a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. Spencer Chase Demotte, 30, 7000 20th St.No.886, Vero Beach, was charged with violation of probation.He was on probation f or possession of hydromorphone. Krystle Dawn Holmes, 29, 8400 Hibiscus Road, Fort Pierce, was charged with two counts of dealing in stolen property, giving f alse information to a pawn broker and giving f alse information to a secondary metals recycler. Wyman Shauntavious Malone, 34, 4460 27th Ave., Vero Beach, was charged with b urglary of an occupied dwelling. Hope Elizabeth Mennicucci, 51, 512 Aspen St., Sebastian, was charged with possession and sale of cocaine. Marcus Alexander Williams, 29, 2488 Atlantis Drive, Fort Pierce, was charged with resisting arrest with violence, possession of a firearm, ammunition or electric device by a convicted felon, introduction of contraband into a detention facility and misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana and cannabis, resisting arrest without violence and driving while license suspended, revoked or cancelled. Nicole Kristin Brennan, 25, 180 Ninth Court, Vero Beach, was charged with violation of probation.She was on probation for fraudulent use of a credit card. Sebastian Vincent Jones, 29, no address given, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery on a pregnant woman. Gary Eugene Knight, 26, 308 S.20th St. No.B, Fort Pierce, was charged with domestic violence aggravated battery and resisting arrest with violence. Adam Thomas Leisenring, 30, 5617 Sunpointe Drive, Fort Pierce, was charged with retail theft in concert with others, three counts of felony petit theft, burglary of an occupied structure, burglary of a structure and two counts of dealing in stolen property. Steve Perez, 19, 4204 37th Drive, Vero Beach, was charged with two counts of violation of probation.He was on probation for possession of cannabis, use or possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence, carrying a concealed weapon and driving while license suspended. Sachye Perez Cuan, 24, 3275 Southwest 23rd St., Miami, was charged with thirddegree grand theft, criminal use of personal identification information and uttering a f orged or counterfeit bill. Earl Ruffin Jr., 56, 4305 31st Ave., Vero Beach, was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell, possession of cocaine, a federal charge of purchase of cocaine and a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence battery. Michael Anthony Wilson, 30, 650 17th Ave ., Vero Beach, was charged with driving while license suspended, habitual offender.Police reportEditors note: This is a list of arrests, not convictions,and all arrestees are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty in a court of law.


Where will the tax money go?The Sebastian City Council just voted to raise tax rates. A few weeks ago, the budget director recommended to council that money be spent because there was excess funds in the account. Now the council voted for more. The only projects I have read about are upgrades to city property, nothing to directly help the tax payer. I think the council overall does a good job, but I do think they should re-focus on doing projects that benefit the community as a whole. M aybe this additional funding can be earmarked for road repair, drainage and additional community lighting which is all desperately needed. Maybe there will be money available for a sewer system.About minimum wageOwning a service business required visiting accounts located in several counties. Over time, I became acquainted with families in the rural communities. Being a country boy and having grown up in the cotton fields, it was always tempting to lend a helping hand to my own kind. After watching a couple high-school boys progress through their senior year, I offered them jobs upon graduating. One of the young men was the local basketball star and the other was the son of a pastor. They were bright, clean cut and eager to gain employment. We we re all excited. Their starting pay was somewhere above the minimum wage. At the time, I thought how nice it would be if they learned the business and someday took it over. Having no one to leave the business to, why not? It was a fleeting thought. At 8 a.m. on his first day, the basketball player was asked to sweep the floor. The floor area was about thirty-five feet wide and the same in length. As soon as youre finished well do a few service calls, I said. When five oclock came, he was still sweeping. Around and around he swept, never quite getting the dirt corralled. The poor fellow was in over his head. He had never used a broom. The next day he w ent out with a service crew to pick up and deliver equipment. The pastors son worked diligently, learned fast, and had a knack for repairing electronics, which was very helpful. I was very encouraged. One out of two. F ifty percent isnt bad. A week passed and after consulting with my foreman it was decided that the basketball player was out of his league. It seemed there was not one job he was capable of doing, regardless of how simple. A high school graduateregrettably we had to let him go. The pastors son advanced to the point that he worked alone servicing the equipment. After a couple pay raises he bought a new Mustang Cobra and had everything going his way. It was encouragingbuthis appearance had started to spiral downward. He would come to work with long dirty matted hair, unshaven and clothes that looked as if he had slept in them. His body odor preceded him. He was the antithesis of a company service representative. I took him aside, one on one, talking to him about his appearance. Reasoning was not in the cards. Rolling his eyes back in his head he said, You mean you want me to look like you? I gave him leeway and tried to overlook his total absence of childhood rearing. The large truck we used to move equipment blew an engine. New engines were expensive. Then the transmission went out. They too were expensive. It was later re vealed that he liked to drag race with the big white truck. Se veral days later a phone call in the w ee hours of the morning woke me. It was the police. They had found the young man and one of his friends in our office building smoking pot. I immediately dressed and drove to the office. My first words were, youre fired, get off the premises. I then asked the police officer to r emove them from the property. What does all this have to do with minimum wage? Just this! I dont mind teaching a person a trade with the expectation of the individual becoming a loyal employee. But Ill be darned if Im going to pay someone for the privilege of teaching them what their parents should have taught them while they were growing up. Y oung people today do not know how to work! Period. The minimum wage is not a wage that will provide a person with all of their wants or needs. Its for a time in which they learn to work. Then its up to them. If one cannot prove to their employer that they are worthy of a pay increasethen they dont deserve it. Of the two examples, the basketball player was the best employee. We never found anything that he could do, but all he cost were his wages. The pastors son cost the business wages, a new engine, transmission, tires and gave the company a bad reputation. If you think youre worth more than the minimum wage, prove it. Every employer out there is looking for people who are worth more than the minimum and will gladly pay to get them. To paraphrase Henry Ford: If people will stop searching for a job and start looking for work there will be full employment. Got something to say? Email the Hometown Rants & Raves at newsfp@hometownnewsol.comor call (772) 465-5504.Commenters are asked to refrain from making slanderous statements. S tatements of fact will be checked for accuracy.Florida summerCliff Partlow /staff photographerSeven-year-olds Tyrese Thomany and Jay Green with the Dasie Hope Center, head back to the waterslide for another ride while visiting the North County Aquatics Center Thursday, July 2. For more information about joining the centers summer camp call (772) 589-3535. R ants& Raves THIS WEEKS LUCKYTHIS WEEKS LUCKYBUMPER STICKER VEHICLE Is this your license plate number? Go to the nearest HTNOffice to verify by noon Tuesday.GET YOUR BUMPER STICKER TODAY! STOPBY ANY OFFICEOR CALL!!! THEREWASNOWINNERFORLASTWEEK. THISWEEKS PRIZEISWORTH$400! 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INDIAN RIVER COUNTY When y ou are sick, the first place you turn to is your most trusted doctor. When your car is sick, you want to bring your investment to a place you trust. F or a one-stop place to bring your car, the owners of Treasure Coast Automotive guarantee the best service, parts and repair. After working together at an automotive repair shop, owners Andrew Langello and Steve Sharbuno, decided that they wanted to open a place that was fair in price and to the customer. W e are just two local guys, Mr. S harbuno said. We were working for a corporate company who we didnt think cared about their employees or their customers. The two thought to change that. T ogether, they started their business in 2009 and have a combined 30 years of experience. They also assembled the best, creating a team that has also become their family. The shop is an ACDelco participating Independent Service Center. They also use Kendall Motor Oil and are ASE Cert ified. They can work on any kind of car, make or model. Some of their services include oil changes, tune ups, fuel injection services, wheel alignments, transmission flush, engine repair, suspension and steering repair and manufacturer factory scheduled maintenance. One of the most common problems they see is the check engine light in the car is on. Someone driving with a check engine light needs to, at least, have it checked out. [The check engine light] can be anything from a gas cap being loose to something else that is small, Mr. Sharbuno said. But when someone drives around with one and then another problem comes up, the light is already on, so they wouldnt know something new has occurred. Their fair prices have made them a popular destination for potential customers with car issues. Currently, Treasure Coast Automotive sees around 60 to 100 cars a week. I have had some clients for moreHometown News SEBASTIAN www.HometownNewsOL.com F riday, July 18, 20147 Richard Steinfeld, MD. FAAOS Marcus J. Malone, MDOrthopaedic Center of Vero Beach 1285 36th St., Suite 100 OCVB EXTENDEDCAREWALK-INSERVICES MUSCLE& JOINTSTRAINS& SPRAINS SPORTSINJURIES BR OKENBONES(FRACTURES) IN-HOUSEX-RAYS SPLINTING,CASTING& BRACING TREATMENTOFMUSCULOSKELETALINJURIESOFTHEHAND/WRIST,ELBOW,ANKLE/FOOT,KNEE,HIPThe Orthopedic Center of Vero Beach is now offering after hours walk-in orthopaedic services. Our extended hours will provide immediate and convenient care for urgent orthopedic needs097933Monday & Wednesdays 5PM-8PM Saturdays 10AM-2PMHoliday hours are subject to change.772-778-2009www.orthocentervb.com EXTENDED CARECLINICOrthopaedic Walk-in CareNO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY 094869 Southeastern Honda3125 USHwy 1 PalmBay, FL32905321-984-4224Headlight Restoration southeasternhonda.comSPECIAL$3995Regularly $4995 Nitro Fill for TiresSPECIAL$4995 Regularly $9995 103418 Pawn Buy Sell Trade Guns Ammo Archery Jewelry Electronics T ools Instruments Collectibles Auto Pawn Boat Heavy Equipment Check Cashing Pay Day AdvanceWe Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum Like Us OnAs Seen On Duck Dynasty14325 N.US Highway 1 Sebastian 772-228-8609103425 See us on ESPNForget the hassle and e xpense of the yard sale Buy & Sell Everything Here! SPECIAL!$50 over cost of any new guns! 786157V ocelle &Berg, LLP(772) 562-8111www.VocelleBerg.comFORECLOSURE DEFENSE Business Shop makes customers, cars happyBy Brittany Llorentebllorente@hometownnewsol.com T reasure Coast Automotive co-owner Steve Sharbuno works on a car on a lift. Mr. Sharbuto and his partner, Andrew Langello, started the shop in 2 009.Staff photo by Brittany LlorenteSee CARS, page 8


F riday, July 18, 20148Hometown News SEBASTIAN www.HometownNewsOL.com 095612 2135 Palm Bay Rd, NE, Suite #1 Palm Bay, FL 32905 321.726.8007 OFPALMBAY US1P ALMBAYROADPIRATELANEBOTTLEBRUSHDRS. BABCOCKST. LIPSCOMB ST.N HOURS: Mon-Sat 7:30am-8pm Sun 8am-7pmWe carry the Largest Variety of Fresh Fruits &Vegetables in All of Brevard. We accept all Major Credit Cards, EBT/SNAP,Checks. We also offer Money Transfer Services and Gift CardsSpecials July 17 through July 23 P ALMBAYLOCATION FRESHPRODUCE FRESHMEATS DELI SEAFOOD SAVEONGROCERIES Baby Carrots1 lb bagRusset Potatoes8 lb bagBlueberries1 pint88 ea88 ea78 lb Iceberg Lettuce89 ea2/$5Granny Smith Apples3 lb bag2/$54/$5 4/$5 2/$5$1 .98ea Seedless W atermelon $2.98ea Beef Sirloin SteakF amily PackFresh Chicken Frying PartsBlackSteer Hickory Smoked Turkey Mill Dance Gouda Cheese Fresh Tilapia Fillets Fresh Silk Snapper Rovira Export Soda26 ozSsips JuicesAssorted Variety 59 ozW alkerswood Jerk Seasoning10 oz Hot or MildQuirch Jamaican Beef PattiesSpicy or Mild 9 ozCubanita Dough for Pastries20 ozIberia Olive Oil Blend2LtP ork Baby Back Ribs Bar S Chicken Franks12 ozBeef Round Pepper Steak Whole Chicken $3.98lb $3.98lb $3.78lb $4.98lb$4.48ea$2.98ea$5.98ea$3.98lb $4.98lb $5.48lb $1.38lb than 14 years, Mr. Sharbuno said. We r eally wanted honest and fair prices, somewhere you could go to bring your car, a trusted place, where you wouldn t have to pay astronomical prices and we are doing well. Tr easure Coast Automotive is located at 795 Eighth Court, Vero Beach. The shops hours of operation are M onday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Closed on Sunday. F or more information,call (772) 7949061 or visit www.treasurecoastautomotive.com.CarsF rom page 7 r ail project. The rate set by the city council members will give the city $265,038 to work with above and beyond the balanced budget, Mr. Kilgore said. The rate change would result in an 8.8 percent, or nearly nine percent increase in city property taxes for an individual homeowner, he said. Dur ing the vote, Councilman Jerome A dams and Vice Mayor Jim Hill were opposed to setting the higher rate. V ice Mayor Hill said he did not approve of allocating money for just in case projects and said he considered such allocations slush funds. He suggested that the budget committees concerns were valid and he wasnt opposed to funding those types of projects, but he didnt feel they should come out of the general fund, but rather some from capital improvements. Co uncilman Adams said he was happy with the budget being balanced and didnt see a reason to increase the citys revenue at this time. C ouncil members Andrea Coy, Richard Gillmor and Mayor Bob Mc Par tlan said they were comfortable setting the proposed rate at the highest level because it would give the city the most room to maneuver during the budget process and could always be lowered so the tax increase wasnt as high as first proposed. F or more information about city business meetings,or to view upcoming agendas,visit www.cityofsebastian.org.TaxF rom page 1We really wanted honest and fair prices, somewhere you could go to bring your car, a trust place, where you wouldnt have to pay astronomical prices....Steve Sharbuno Co-Owner of Treasure Coast Automotive


103412All YouCan Eat Sunday BreakfastServed from 8:30-11:30 am $6 $6The Fraternal Order of Eagles #40679606 Trade Center Dr. Sebastian, FL Just off Barber St. Behind PublixsPhone 772-589-6573THANKSGIVING IN JULYTHURSDAY 4 PM 7 PM JULY 24, 2014T raditional Thanksgiving MealWhole Roasted Turkey Real Mashed Potatoes Turkey Giblet Gravy Homemade Dressing Green Bean Casserole Cranberry Sauce Only $9.00tax included Server works for tips only Sign up with any server No advance payment needed DINNER CATERED BY CHEESECAKE BOBT ell your friends to come in we are looking for new members to enjoy our good food and good times! 1140 US 1 SEBASTIAN 589-8989MON-SAT11AM-10PM SUNCLOSEDGIFTCERTIFICATESAV AILABLEJoin us on Facebook or visit our websitewww.vicspizzafl.com EVERY DAY EARLYBIRD3:00PM6:30PM Caesar Salad Romaine topped with asiago cheese and homemade croutons Chicken Caprese Boneless breast served with broccoli and sundried tomatoes, in garlic and olive oil over penne. P otato Gnocchi With Sausage and Spinach Served with garlic and olive oil Shrimp Verde Served over linguine with spinach and sundried tomatoes, in a creamy pesto sauce. APPETIZERSPECIALS DINNERSPECIALS Best Italian Restaurantby readers of Sebastian103424DINEINORDINEOUT... YOULLKEEPCOMINGBACKFORMORE.See our Full Menu at www.vicspizzafl.com O ut &about TH ROUGH JULY 18 F ood Drive: Morning Star Screen Printing is hosting a food drive to help the Homeless Family Center have a hunger-free summer. Drop all nonperishable and non-expired food donations off at 621 Second Lane, Vero Beach, from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, through July 18.TH ROUGH JULY 31 Tur tle walks, Sebastian Inlet State Pa rk, Sebastian, Fridays through T uesdays, from June 1 through July 31 at 9 p.m. Learn about Floridas sea turtles and maybe see a nesting loggerhead sea turtle on a ranger-led tour. Cost: P ark entry fees apply. F or more informa-ARIES March 21/April 20Finances are on your mind this week, Aries. You could be driven now more than ever to get your ducks in a row. Expect such tasks to be a bit stressful but ultimately worth it.TA URUS April 21/May 21T aurus, avoid being sidetracked by some familiar obstacles. Even with the best intentions you can get pushed off target. Pay attention and stick with it.GEMINI May 22/June 21Gemini, it may be tempting to set aside responsibilities in favor of more exciting experiences. But the real opportunities for adventure come from making commitments and goals.CA NCE R June 22/July 22Cancer, you may finally be ready to express feelings that you have been keeping to yourself. If you are worried about how others will respond, don't be. You have accepting friends.LEO July 23/Aug. 23Leo, do not deny yourself some pleasure, especially if you have been putting in a lot of work and effort to attain your goals. Enjoy a little down time when you can.VIRGO Aug. 24/Sept. 22Vi rgo, you cherish your time with friends and family this week, spending as many free moments with them as possible. In the coming days, carve out some alone time for yourself.Hor oscopesOrchestra to take stage Aug. 10 INDIAN RIVER COUNTY The S pace Coast Symphony Orchestra presents The Best of Broadway on S unday, Aug. 10, at 3 p.m. at the Vero B each Performing Arts Center, 1707 16th Street, 32960. This enchanting program features classics including South Pacific, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, The Producers, My F air Lady, and more. This innovative program will also include footage from the films. Dont miss this toetapping concert. The SCSO is a lively and passionate C entral Florida orchestra comprised of professional musicians and select y outh players. The Orchestra was formed by Artistic Director Aaron T. C ollins with a two-fold mission: to provide mentoring and performance opportunities for Floridas finest y oung musicians as well as to provide professional-level concerts at genuinely affordable prices. The ultimate goal of the organization is to help ensure the symphonic tradition for the enjoyment of future generations. In F ebruary 2012, LEAD Brevard named the ambitious Collins one of their under 40 Young Professionals, the youngest-ever recipient of the honor. Space Coast Business magazine listed him as one of Brevards M ost Admired Businesspeople in their April 2012 issue. Through his personal involvement with more than a dozen performing arts groups, pioD ining & EntertainmentFRIDAY, JULY 18, 2014 SEBASTIAN WWW.HOMETOWNNEWSOL.COM PAGE 9Barbecue stands the test of time Staff photo by Jessica CreaganT om and Kathy Monaghan of Sebastian enjoy a lunchtime break at Woody Bar-B-Q in Sebastian last week. The restaurant offers booths, tables and bar seating for parties of all sizes. Catering and take-out is also available.See OUT, page 11 See SCO PE S, page 12 F or Hometown News NewsFP@hometownnewsol.comSEBASTIAN Whether you are hosting a large gathering, need some hearty food in a hurry, or have time to r elax at the restaurant with friends and family, Woodys Bar-B-Q has the meal to fit your need. A step inside the restaurant fills the senses with the rich aroma of slowcooked and smoked meats mingledBy Jessica Creaganjcreagan@hometownnewsol.com See GRILL, page 10 See ORCHESTRA, page 10


with the heady scent of tangy, sweet and spicy sauces. Customers can be certain that a mouth-watering dish is just an order away. The Woodys in Sebastian has been providing delicious hot BBQ meals to customers for 12 years and in 2012, W oodys earned the Hometown News R eaders Choice award for best BBQ in S ebastian. Da ve McCauley, owner of the restaur ant, said the formula to a successful and popular restaurant involves two ingredients: great food and great staff. I t s the quality of the food and the people, its as simple as that, Mr. McC auley said. S taffing levels have very little turnover, which means the servers at Woodys have plenty of experience, build rapport with regular customers and can suggest meals to newbies with no problems, Mr. McC auley said. The pork plate and the pork sandwich are some of the most popular items on the menu, and for good reason. The lunch size plate portion, which is served until 3 p.m., provides a well-rounded dish with a helping of pulled pork, garlic toast and a choice of two sides. W ith more than a dozen side options, including creamy cole slaw, sweet potato fries and fried okra, visits to Woodys for pulled pork never have to be the same. One of Mr. McCauleys favorite meals is the Texas beef brisket. I t s always so moist and tender, he said. T om and Kathy Monaghan of Sebastian enjoy stopping in at Woodys for a bite to eat, even when they arent craving BBQ. The pork sandwich is always good, but its all good. The chicken is good, even the southwest salad, Mr. Monaghan said. A bout five years ago, Mr. McCauley expanded the restaurant and added a bar section, which is enjoyed by many customers throughout the day. The bar stays open during business hours, and does not have extended hours, so the feel of the restaurant is still very family-friendly, Mr. McCauley said. S tore hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the week, and until 9:30 p.m. on the w eekends. W oodys Bar-B-Q is located at 13600 U.S.1,Sebastian.For more information, call (772) 581-5767 or visit www.woodys.com.F riday, July 18, 201410Hometown News SEBASTIAN www.HometownNewsOL.com Sat., July 19 1pmDANNYMORRIS BANDSun, July 20 1pmABSOLUTEBLUE094885 7 035 S. Hwy A1A Melbourne Beach, FL321-728-4311Visit our website for food and entertainment menuswww .sebastianbeachinn.comLIVE Entertainment Dine Inside or Outside on the Deck! Join Us For Lunch Or DinnerKitchen Opens at Noon Tuesday-SundayCome See the Best Oceanfront Deck in Brevard County! Upcoming Events Sat., July 26 1pmBLUESDEVILLE BANDSun, July 27 1pmLASTCHANCE BAND 103417 GOODFROM7AMTO2:00PMEVERYDAY. MUSTBRINGCOUPONTOREDEEM EXCLUDESLOBSTERROLL20% OFF FOLLOWTHECROWDFORDELICIOUSHOMESTYLECOOKIN...LOOKINFORA GREATPLACETOEAT?BUY ONE BREAKFAST OR LUNCH OF $3.95 OR MORE & GET 2ND OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUEOVER150 LUNCH& BREAKFASTITEMS ALLSOUPSANDDESSERTSAREHOMEMADEOPENEVERYDAY7AM-2:00PM&DINNERONFRI4PM-7:00PMLOCATEDATCENTURYPLAZA(FREEWI-FI) ACROSSFROMHOMEDEPOT13260 U.S. 1 Sebastian, FL 32958772-228-9600pelicandiner.com Daily Lunch Specials LUNCHONLY $1395FamousLOBSTER ROLL THEGENERAL STOREC ARRY OUT DRIVE THROUGH DINE-IN DELIVERY103422ONE STOP SHOP FOR BEER, ICE AND GREAT FOOD5890 USHwy. 1, Grant, FLNext to the Antique Malls321-914-3988Home of the$1.99BreakfastSignature Smoked F ish &DipBREAKFAST LUNCH DINNERBBQ FRIED OY STERS, LIVER, GIZZARDS, AND BURGERSHOURS:SUN TUES 7am-2pm WED SAT 7am-7pm FREE SOFT DRINK WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY PLATTERExpires 7/31/14 MAINENTRANCEOFMELBOURNESQUARE321.723.GRIL(4745) WWW.R ODIZIOGRILL.COM095718Americas 1st Brazilian SteakhouseEnjoy A Dining Experience Like NoOther! NOWOPENHours: Mon-Wed 4-10 Thur-Sat 11:30-Midnight Sun 11:30-10 Unlimited Appetizers Award-Winning Gourmet Salads Indoor and Outdoor Full Service Bar Voted Best Patio in Brevard County Famous Rodizio Caipirinhas Brazilian Blue Brunch with Bottomless Bubble Mimosas 11:30-3 Complimentary Valet Gift Cards AvailableFULLRODIZIO-UnlimitedOver 16 grilled items hand-carved tableside by Rodizio Gauchos.Plus, unlimited Brazilian a ppetizers and gourmet salad bar. HALFRODIZIO Unlimited authentic Brazilian appetizers and trips to our gourmet salad bar,with over 30 fresh hot and cold items.neering reciprocal ad program and social media cross promotions, Collins has gained a reputation for generosity; championing other arts organizations throughout Central Florida for the cultural enrichment of the community. The Space Coast Symphony Orchestra performs in several very comfortable venues in Brevard and Indian River counties, with advance general admission tickets priced at just $20. School-aged children 18 years and under are admitted free of charge. In keeping with their mission, the symphony provides a unique Symphony for everyone ticketing program, designed to provide substantially discounted admission to any Space Coast S ymphony concert. R elying on a non-traditional orchestra model and a slim budget, the nonprofit group performs year-round in addition to providing separate and free ensemble performances. T ickets are $20 and available through the orchestra website at www.SpaceC oastSymphony.org St udents 18 years of age and under are admitted free.Call 855-252-7276 for more information.OrchestraF rom page 9 GrillF rom page 9DINING & ENTERTAINMENT


tion, visit www.floridastateparks.org/sebastianinlet/events.cfm.TH ROUGH FRIDAY, AUG. 1 Summer sailing camp The Moorings, V ero Beach, 9 a.m. Monday through F riday. Six one-week long camp sessions for beginning children sailors, ages 8 to 1 3. Cost: $250 per week. F or more information, visit www.ysfirc.org.TH ROUGH FRIDAY, AUG. 8 Sports and aquatics camp Leisure Square, Vero Beach, 7:30 a.m. Nine weeks of full day summer camp programming for children 6-13 including volleyball, tennis, kickball, football and basketball. Cost: $90 per week for Vero Beach residents, $105per week for non-city residents. For more information, visit www.covb.org. Aerial Antics Camp, Leisure Square, V ero Beach, 7:30 a.m. Full day summer program for children 6-13 including training in gymnastics, acrobatics circus aerial and dance. It is recommended students attend all nine weeks. Cost: $90 per week for Vero Beach residents, $105 per week for non-city residents. F or more information, visit www.covb.org.FRIDAY, JULY 18 F uture Science Past Magic Show: 1 0:30 a.m., Indian River County Main Library, 1600 21st Street, Vero Beach. Free. F or more information, call (772) 5891355. Summer Fun 5K: 7:30 p.m., Pointe W est, Vero Beach. Benefits Girls on the Run of the Treasure Coast. 3.1 mile course features two water stations. Entry fee is $25 in advance and $30 on race night. Costume awards for the best Summer themed costume, plus prizes for finishing the race in different categories. F or more information, visit http://www.girlsontheruntc.org/FRIDAY, JULY 18 SUNDAY, JULY 27 Riverside Childrens Theatre presents Shrek the Musical, Anne Morton T heatre, Riverside Childrens Theatre, V ero Beach. Show times and dates vary. Based on the Oscar winning DreamW orks film, the twisted fairy tale is irreverent fun for everyone. Tickets vary. F or more information, visit www.riversidetheatre.com.SAT URDAY, JULY 19 Swap til You Drop: 1 -5 p.m., Club at P ointe West, 7500 14th Lane, Vero Beach. Clear out your closets and bring your like new clothing items (on hangers), shoes, purses, jewelry and accessories to swap for some things that are new to you. Clothes for women, men and children, plus accessories and jewelry and household items will be available. Register and drop off your items at the Club at Pointe West on W ednesday and Thursday, July 16-17, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Unswapped items will be donated to the Indian River Medical Center thrift shop. Entry fee is $20 per person. Aglass of champagne and hors doeuvres will be served. Music and prizes. To RSVP, call (772)538-0797 or email swaptilyoudrop@att.net. United Way Bowling Tournament: 2 p.m., Vero Bowling, 929 14th Lane, Port St. Lucie. Hosted by Indian River County Sheriff's Office. $20 per person includes three games and shoes. Entry fee must be paid by July 11. Teams of four are encouraged to enter, friends and family welcome. Prizes for top three teams. For more information, contact Jera Payton at (772) 978-6162. Caribbean night: 6-9 p.m., Sebastian Elks Lodge, 731 S. Fleming Street, Sebastian. Music provided by Fiddlin' Steel Drums with dancing and fun. Bring your own snacks but no drinks or coolers; the lounge will be open. Tickets are $7.50 and available at the lodge. Proceeds benefit Elks charities such as Children's T herapy Services, the youth camp in Umatilla, and local scholarships. F or more information, call (772) 589-1516.Hometown News SEBASTIAN www.HometownNewsOL.com F riday, July 18, 201411 Call Shawn Marshall Today(802) 777-5770SMARSHALL@Hometownnewsol.comA vailable Publications Weekly Coastal Treasures Readers Choice In Season103413 DINE-IN TAKE-OUT CATERING13600 US Hwy 1(corner of US 1 & Roseland Rd.)Sebastian 772-581-5767 B B ABY B ABY B A A CK DINNER CK DINNERFULL RA FULL RA CK $13.99 CK $13.99 HALF RA HALF RA CK $8.99 CK $8.99 (EVERYTHURSDAYTHRUJULY) VOTED BEST BAR-B-Q IN SEBASTIAN! VOTED BEST BAR-B-Q IN SEBASTIAN! Full Bar with Daily Drink Specials Salad with mesquite grilled chicken, corn,black beans,olives,red onions, and cheddar Jack cheeseIf you love chicken, try this Bar-B-Q Favorite AMAZING SALADDINNER SPECIALSOUTHWEST SALADBIG HALF A CHICKEN103415$9.49 $9.99 Sebastians 5 star Japanese/Thai Food772-388-8510103421Dine in Take OutMon Fri Lunch 11am-2:30 Dinner 4pm 9:30pmSat Sun Dinner 3pm 9:30www.siamcityrestaurant.com13600 U.S. 1 #3 Sebastian, FL 32958(Located in the Roseland Plaza) Bring in coupon for a FREE Soft drink or FREE Miso Soupwith purchase of any entree 1034265675 Micco Rd Micco, Fl 32976Closed: Sundays & MondaysExclusions for coupon: Coupon valid until 8/31/14. Lowest priced entrees will be discounted. Excludes, wine dinners, Lobster &Rack of Lamb. Can not be used with Gift Certications, including Hometown News Gift Certicates, or any other promotions.772.664.4065www.redroastercafe.comBUY ONEGET ONEFREE!Every Night of the WeekBuy One Dinner Entre,Get Second Entre FREE!(Lowest Priced Entres will be discounted)ALL EntresWe Cater Y our EventsWeekend SpecialST. LOUIS SPARERIBS IN A GUAVA BBQ SAUCEFriday 7/18 Saturday 7/19DINING & ENTERTAINMENTOutF rom page 9 See OUT, page 12


LIBRA Sept. 23/Oct. 23Libra, you are no stranger to meeting other people's demands, but you need to be very firm about what you want right now. Work with others but make your opinions known as well.SCORPI O Oct. 24/Nov. 22Scorpio, your intensity helps you get through some difficult projects in the weeks ahead. Be sure to make some time for rest and relaxation once your projects are finished.SAGI TT ARIUS Nov. 23/Dec. 21Sagittarius, there is a lot more going on in your life now than meets the eye. Moves that you make could be crucial to your success, so do your best to make sure you make the right choices.CAPRI CO RN Dec. 22/Jan. 20Capricorn, expect some initial dissent when you propose an unorthodox solution to a problem. Don't worry much, as others will come around when the plan starts to work.AQ UARIUS Jan. 21/Feb. 18Do not allow your emotions to get the better of you this week, Aquarius. Steer clear of confusing issues and do not delve too deeply into things you don't understand.PIS CE S Feb. 19/March 20Pisces, expect to be acknowledged for some special contributions this week. Stand up and take your bow with grace and appreciation.F riday, July 18, 201412Hometown News SEBASTIAN www.HometownNewsOL.com 103346Answers located in Classied Section F or more in for mation, Call(772) 828-4100786040 PLAN YOURFREE Breakfast FREE High Speed Internet FREE Coffee & Tea in Our Lobby Fitness Facilities Meeting Rooms & More! 103410Debbies Hair PamperingW alk-ins Welcome 484 USHwy. 1, Sebastian In Riverview Park Plaza581-0850A Full Service Paul Mitchell Signature SalonDimensional Color Cuts Perms Foil High or Low Highlights Hair Extensions Facial Waxing Shellac Nails Acrylic Nails Pedicures T uesday15% Discount Off on PermsW ednesday$5 OFF15% OFFFor Senior Citizens for any serviceSHELLAC NAILS(New Clients Only)Exp. 7/31/14 Must Present Ad Exp. 7/31/14 Must Present Ad Exp. 7/31/14 Must Present Ad Dr. Amy Cousino Feline Medicine and Surgery Full-service animal hospital Cat Supplies & MeowByMail Deluxe Boarding & Groomimg www.TheCatsMeowCatClinic.com 772-388-5550 ScopesF rom page 9 SUNDAY, JULY20 Heatwave, A Tribute to the Legendary Ladies of Motown: Presented by T heatre-Go-Round Dinner Theatre in the Quilted Giraffe Restaurant, 500 U.S. 1, Ve ro Beach. Three-course dinner begins at 4:30 p.m., with the performance following at 6 p.m. Tickets are $55. F or more information, call the box office at (772) 252-9341 or visit www.theatregorounddinnertheatre.com.OutF rom page 11 See OUT, page 13


TU ESDAY, JULY 22 Natural Allergy Solutions that work: F ree workshop. 6-7 p.m., Alternative Medicine Family Care Center, 3408 A viation Blvd., Vero Beach. Class offers natural solutions that may help with asthma, food allergies, sinus congestion, headaches, environmental allergies, fatigue and more. F or more information, call (772) 778-8877 or visit www.AMFCC.info. THUR SDA Y, JULY 24 Professor Boom's Wacky Science show: V entriloquism and more. 10:30 a.m., North Indian River County Library, 10 01 Sebastian Blvd., Sebastian. Free. For more information, call (772) 589-1355. Roseland Jam Session: 1:30-3:30 p.m., Roseland Community Center, 12973 Bay Street, Sebastian. Held every Thursday, featuring acoustic country and bluegrass music. F or more information, call Jackie at (772) 913-2182. FRIDAY, JULY 25 T ampa Taiko Japanese drummers show: 1 0:30 a.m., Indian River County Main Library, 1600 21st Street, Vero Beach. Free. F or more information, call (772) 589-1355. Main Street Vero Beach presents Downtown Friday, 1 4th Avenue Historic Downtown Vero Beach, 6 p.m. Theme: Bike Night. Live country rock music featuring St. John's Wood. Featured charity: American Red Cross. Free admission. F or more information, visit www.mainstreetverobeach.org.FRIDAY, JULY 25 SATURDAY, JULY 26 Live in the Loop: 6:30-9:30 p.m., Riverside Theatre's driveway loop on Comedy Zone weekends. F or more information, call guest services at (772) 231-6 990.Hometown News SEBASTIAN www.HometownNewsOL.com F riday, July 18, 201413 Leon Gus Nichols P.A. Attorney at LawFREE CONSULTATION1627 US Hwy 1Suite 214 Sebastian(just north of Wendys) Personal Injury Bankruptcy Living Trusts772-581-0050 leongusnicholslaw.comB.V. Rating in most trusted Legal Source Martindale-Hubbell Legal Ability Ethical Standards103414 772-581-5663call for appointment14190 US 1 SebastianOwner/Groomer Missy FeeleyH ours M on Thurs 8-4 Fri 8-2 walk-ins welcome Like Me On Facebook103419 B oarding Av ailableDoggy Day Care Av ailable Lets Play louisroquedds.com 2 LOCATIONSTOCHOOSEFROM Dr. Louis Roque 103420 $100 OFFY our Initial VisitNEWPA TIENTSONLY NEW PATIENT OFFERX-ray code 00210 Exam code 00150 X-rays are non-transferableRIVERSIDEDENTAL9402 N. U.S. Hwy. 1, Sebastian 772-589-1140 ROQUEFAMILYDENTISTRY1956 41st Ave Suite D, Vero Beach 772-778-1040COASTAL TREASURES CHOICE IN DENTISTRY And the friendliest staff on the Treasure Coast Rebecca A. Temple A.S. Paralegal DegreeKimberly A. Temple A.S. Paralegal Degree1416 20th St., Vero Beach772-778-0021 Wills Trusts Bankruptcy Divorce and More nonlawyersolutions.com AFFORDABLE NON-LAWYER SOLUTION S, INC.The Name You Can Trust Since 1996 786071 OutF rom page 12 Sell your home with an Open House Ad in the HOMETOWN NEWS 800-823-0466 Affordable and Reliable Hometown News CLASSIFIEDS! 800-823-0466 Affordable & reliable Hometown NewsCLASSIFIEDS! 800-823-0466 Sell or Rent y our home in The Hometown NewsMartin County thru Ormond Beach 800-823-0466 We accept all major credit cards ClassifiedDEADLINES: DISPLAY: Monday 5:00 pm prior to publication IN-COLUMN: Tuesday morning prior to publicationHometown NewsFIND IT BUY IT SELL IT ALL IN HOMETOWN NEWSServing the following communities:Barefoot Bay Micco Sebastian Orchid Island Vero Beach Ft.Pierce Hutchinson Island Port St.Lucie J ensen Beach Stuart Palm City Hobe Sound Sewalls Point Palm Bay Melbourne The Beaches Rockledge Cocoa Merritt Island Cocoa Beach Suntree Viera Titusville Port St.John Po rt Orange South Daytona New Smyrna Beach Edgewater Oak Hill Daytona Beach Holly Hill Ormond Beach Deltona DeBary Orange City DeLand DeLeon Springs Pierson Lake Helen1Please check your classified ad in the first insertion.Hometown News is not responsible for errors after the first day.The publisher reserves the right to edit cancel reject or reclassify advertisements without prior notice.The publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors or for omission of copy beyond the cost of the ad.054037Tr easure Coast Classified 1-800-823-0466 Fax772-465-5696 Local 772-465-5551Email: classified@HometownNewsOL.com Logon to www.HometownNewsOL.comABORTION NOT an Option? 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DRYER,GAS Fr igidaire, heavy duty, great shape, $75, 772-664-0218 B.B ESTATE AUCTIONOnsite & Online Saturday, July 26th at 11am 300 E.Royal Palm Road, Apt 11A Boca Raton, Fl 33432 High-end Furniture & Decor, Antiques, Firearms & Vast Qty.of Ammunition, Fine Art, Oriental Rugs, Electronics, Fishing Rods & Gear, Tools, Golf Clubs, Boating Gear & much more! Visit our website at www.moeckerauctions.com Preview:Day of sale 10am 10%15% BP (800)840-BIDS Subj to confirm.AB-1098 A U-3219, Eric Rubin A CHILDLESS couple seeks to adopt.Will be full-time mom & devoted dad.Financial security. Expenses paid.Call/text. Christa & Adam. 800-790-5260.Atty#0150789 ADOPTloving married couple seeks to adopt, will be hands-on mom and dad.Financial Security.Expenses paid. 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