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Title: Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library ( CNDL, 2009 TICFIA grant application )
Physical Description: Grant proposal
Language: English
Creator: Florida International University and the University of Florida
Wooldridge, Brooke
Taylor, Laurie N.
de Farber, Bess
Publisher: University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, FL
Publication Date: April 2009
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
System ID: UF00091464:00001

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Office of Research
Division of Sponsored Research
PO Box 115500 !219 Grinter Hiall
Gainesville, FL 32611-5500
Phone (352) 392-1582
Fax: (352) 392-9605




Sponsored Projects
Approval Form

For Multiple PI Projects one Conmtat PI
Principal Invstigator: Laurie Taylor, Ph.D Multiple PI Pr.l-, I O Yes [ No must be identified in the signature blc.

Department: Digital Library Center College: George A. Smathers Libraries Current UPN#: (DSR Completes)

Project Title: Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library: Disseminating and Preserving Records of Daily Life I "..
If Known:
Funding Agency: Department of Education subcontract with FRU, the applicant institution
PeopleSoft Proposal #:

Type: New Category: Research UFiDept Person to discuss Applicaton
T Renewal C Taining L (name/phone/email): PeopleSoft Project #:
Continuation [ Extension ] Bess de Farber Application Deadline:
Supplemental Clinical Trial 273-2626
Revised O Other* [ ] [ Postmark 0H1 i r pi LI None
Change of P [] bdefarber@ufl.edu
Change oft *(Fellowships, patient services, public service, Date: 04101/09
Change Dept ID I- conference, etc.)

Check all that apply: Yes No Pending .\pplicl...n Mailing Instructions: ; Grants.gov
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Recombinant DNA/RNA 1D 11 1 OtherOvernight
Biohazards 0 I First Class Mail
*(If yes. attach the IRB and/or the IACUC approval letter) 0O Fax to:
.. .. ,, .. .Em ail. .
C'st ha rin.: If yes, complete the following: EL Email PDF
Yes 2[ Mandatory: -$' 41,224.00 Attach the required cost share letter and agency guidelines Release back to Pl
No O Voluntary Committed/i $ _4 Attach the "Dean's Approval" Letter I Internal Only (no mailing)

(DSR Use) DSR Staff: Received Action Date l ___ dl \ \c.iunil inilna r

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with University and Sponsor policies and procedures. The Contact PI will be responsible for relaying communications between all of the Pis, University Officials and the Sponsor
Pr ilip.lI I. ni.iu :i..r L nId.r ii.iefl By signing below you agree to perform the work and manage the project in accordance with University and Sponsor policies and procedures.
Investigators) Assurance Statement as Required by Federal Regulation: Investigator (s), by signing this DSR-I form, further certify that (I) the information submitted within the
application is true, complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge; -t =i ih.i v false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or claims may subject the Investigator(s) to criminal,. i
or administrative penalties; and (3) that the Principal Investigator(s) agree to accept responsibility for E. l ...,;,: i ...r. Ju .i ii -,.- .. and to provide the required progress reports and
the final report if a grant is awarded as a result of the application.
University Endorsement: This project has been reviewed by the officials whose signatures appear below as they relate to their areas and are satisfied that all faculty involved in the
project have .,.- :.. i ,i- i t ,i- ,i ii.i all .. i, I, r.l ~.r' in r,...*i . .. i J.. .. rI i re acceptable.
Indirect Cost Distributions: Upon receipt of DSR's Notice of Award, Principal Investigator(s) are instructed to use the Office of Research web-based F&A Manager to declare how the
indirect costs collected under the award shall be distributed. lhe return of indirect costs generally occurs in the Fall of each year and is based upon the i,. 1 .. ..t ., I . i.. J ..... '
and contracts during the preceding fiscal year (July 1 June 30).

P' inc( pal I i i.11rr: Check here if Contact PI []

NAME Laurie Taylor, Ph.D
TiTi E. Interim Director, Digital Library Center
L:FID 9221-6290 TELEPHONE 5 273-2900
DEPARTMENT Digital Library Center
"11palr i C i.r

William C. Covey lir
DEPARTMENT Digital Library Center

O~At I


Co-Principal Investigator:

Other Endorsement (Where Needed):



Co lleg A Vice Pr' t research :

Nxa/"$dlth C. Russell
fc()lir. George A. Srnathers Libraries

DSR-1.PDF ( May 1. 2008 )


NAME-sio O rt Prinale
Division of ir A... u.. oaate Director of Research

Please add tid L '[,n.,l .;I n i:Irtt c sheets as needed.



~ 7~T.z~a~u~-

t -



Office of Research and Graduate Programs 20L'-B Grinter Hall
Proposal Processing and Pre-Award Services PO Box 115500
Gainesville, FL 32611-5500
Tel: 352-392-9267
Fax: '52-392-4400

March 30, 2009

Mr. Robert Gutierrez
Director, Pre-Award
Florida International University
Division of Sponsored Research & Training
11200 SW 8th Street (MARC 430)
Miami, FL 33199

Re: Letter of Collaboration for Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library

Dear Mr. Gutierrez:

I am writing to confirm the willingness of the University of Florida to participate as a collaborator
in the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library project for which a proposal is being submitted to the
U.S. Department of Education, TICFIA. Our efforts will be under the direction of Dr. Cristina
Eguizabal, the Principal Investigator from Florida International University.

The University of Florida agrees to provide matching cost share funds in the amount of $41,224 as
per the attached budget.

If you have any questions or concerns. please feel free to contact me at (352) 392-9267 or via email
at uifp rop, ,al N1"iiifl.edu.


Brian Prindle
Associate Director of Research

The Foundation for The Gator Nation
,-. I [ : ll '- orr.i I ; Institution



George A. Smathers Libraries
Or it e of the Dean of ITni\ t -eit Libraries

535 Library West
PO Box 11 -1i 1nl
Gainesville, FL 32611-7000
352-392-7251 Fax

March 27, 2009

Mr. Brian Prindle
Associate Director of Research
University of Florida
PO Box 115500
213 Grinter Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611

Dear Mr. Prindle,

The George A. Smathcrs Libraries cost sharing for the Department of Education TICFIA Grant
Application and subcontract through Florida International University (the applicant institution),
titled Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library: Disseminating and Preserving Records of Daily
Life, is $41,224. The grant period is October 1, (109 through September 30, 2013. Cost share
will be allocated to staff time within the Digital Library Center for managing the technical
operations of this project. I agree to the cost share as outlined in the attached budget.


udith C. Russell
Dean of University Libraries

The Foundation for The Gator Nation
An Equal Opportunity Institution

Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library:
Disseminating and Preserving Records of Daily Life

Application to Florida International University as a sub-contract participant regarding its
application to the US Department of Education's Technological Innovation and Cooperation for
Foreign Information Access (TICFIA) grant program, entitled, "Caribbean Newspaper Digital
Library: Disseminating and Preserving Records of Daily Life."

In order to preserve and increase access to valuable resources for the study of the Caribbean
and the advancement of Caribbean Studies, the Latin American and Caribbean Center at Florida
International University and the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida, in
consortium with the libraries at Florida International University, the University of Florida, the
University of Central Florida, and the University of the Virgin Islands, propose a multifaceted,
collaborative international digital newspaper library. The Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library
(CNDL) will cross borders and build collaboration among diverse institutions to share resources
in a common space, expanding the range of Caribbean materials available to scholars, students
and citizens.
This digital library will comprise newspapers that examine similarities and differences in histories,
cultures, languages and governments. Caribbean newspapers cover the news of the day-
economic, political, cultural, and environmental. CNDL will be an umbrella for regional
newspaper digitization, including literary news journals, traditional newspapers, government
gazettes, and other works in newsprint whether held in isolation at a single institution or in
incomplete runs across multiple institutions. CNDL's primary output will be a critical mass of
currently endangered resources, largely unavailable to American researchers.
Building upon the success of a cooperative pilot project and progress made over the course of
planning CNDL meetings, this project proposes to meet the following goals:

o Increase access to and preserve Caribbean newspapers of note in English, French,
Haitian Creole, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamento by digitizing, archiving and making them
searchable through a centralized interface;
o Digitize complete runs of individual Caribbean newspaper titles, whenever possible, to
unite fragmented collections and present the most complete history;
o Build capacity for newspaper preservation and access in the Caribbean region by
developing a multi-layered and comprehensive digital preservation and metadata creation
training program with guidelines for requesting Internet distribution permissions from
o Cultivate new research initiatives among Caribbean scholars by providing increased
access through full text search and article-level indexing;
o Create tools to assist with overall newspaper digitization and specifically create software
to assist with newspaper segmentation, both manually and automatically, into the
individual article level;
o Ensure sustainability of the CNDL by consolidating existing organizational and technical
frameworks established by Digital Library of the Caribbean and assist local partners in
incorporating newspaper digitization into national public policy agendas, as well as assist
with secondary grant-writing and other fundraising activities.


UF Libraries cost share
Processing subcontract funds to UF Libraries
8% overhead allowed by TICFIA to UF

Cash to UF

Grand Total




Notes and Responsibilities

UF Cost Share:
Staff time is valued at $41,224. Staff time will be used to process content digitized by
foreign partners, or vendors, or for content that is born digital toward the completion of this
grant project.
Laurie Taylor, Interim Director, Digital Libraries Center (5% FTE @ $2,752 + employee
related expenses @ $934 = $3,686 in each of the four-years of the grant period, totaling
Mark Sullivan, Systems Programmer, UF Libraries (10% FTE @ $5,585 + employee
related expenses @ $1,035 = $6,620 in each of the four-years of the grant period, totaling
Cost share funds represent 33.3% of total UF subcontract costs.

8% overhead allowed by TICFIA to UF:
* Restricted to 8%; see http://vwww.ed.gov/programs/iegpsticfia/2009

Staff Salaries/Benefits $10,306
Central Storage $16,000
Digital Image Processing $8,000
(paid to vendor through UF)
Quality Control $3,590
OCR Processing $5,129
Archiving $1,539
Shipping Drives $1,000
GRAND TOTAL. $35,258 $10,306

1 2~~01021 ratYa




Staff Salaries $10,306
Digital Image Processing $12,000
(paid to vendor through UF)
Quality Control $4,382
OCR Processing $6,260
Archiving $1,878
Shipping Drives $1,000
GRAND TOTAL $25,520 $10,306

Staff Salaries $10,306
Digital Image Processing $13,000
(paid to vendor through UF)
Quality Control $4,202
OCR Processing $6,003
Archiving $1,801
Shipping Drives $2,000
GRAND TOTAL $27,006 $10,306

Staff Salaries $10,306
Digital Image Processing $13,000
(paid to vendor through UF)
Quality Control $4,114
OCR Processing $5,878
Archiving $1,763
Shipping Drives $2,000
GRAND TOTAL $26,755 $10,306

This information was prepared for the George A. Smathers Libraries by:

Laurie Taylor
Interim Director, Digital Library Center George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida P.O. Box 11707 Gainesville, FL 32611-7009
Telephone: 352.273-2900 FAX: 352.846.3702 E-Mail: laurien@ufl.edu

This proposal description and budget was reviewed and approved by Judith C. Russell, Dean of
University Libraries on March 27, 2009.

th C. Russell
n of University Libraries

2 2 Ca-,, I C: C.
uc e L i V:6 V V E-4
(^ 1^, m f ^c ~ ^ l* n -f- t*

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'T. I'. Lq -7 C C, C c i o

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S c C 7 C Cr .', 7- C' -T F- L* a
S- u- r'D -;. N! C. lc 'l Il C
B ,~~,.-,, i. uq-l~lltt It-~ o/ vi If fi l <- *rf *-" *-" *"bi I r I 8 -1 I I I I II I~
a -D U, L"llrr
.- -N .-0

CNr ,
2. (VN '-C

PC00. 0-.. C) C. C) C) co
r ,i L. C-, oo'. C Ca 'n0 C o <
C' 77 2QCC T -> '0n CM ar C'A CCC C' C'' CCl T- t0 D
C7, C c',
w C, *7 C' .7.7 N r. I- m .x S I. r
ar 'T rN ^ H

'C C 'C il 0 rC 0- C' ' 0' C' rD

TfL*. I '7.'C' 0j '*T *I ? 1 0 1 ir K IB0 O k > -CO O


CC C r- NC a 4C1 oo cD C -
:! ') .-. Lr, t.5 Ln C)~

d7CC'C'C.'77C C4 F- w CH CN

) ^ LI) -'L t- C(, Go -l C0 0
i~~~~~l~1 IA C ~slli ~ ~ '

CI '13* *C N' W Ca C'7 | C 1-4 .-W 0 C

C ~I 0 o oo C. o' 1;.o
i Do ril
17 L t,

'D .Au 'A bc A uf -' -A bl V Iq (
a) ) H I

~) 1`1 I I 1 I I I I I I 1"1 I I I I I I I I I 1`~1 I I I I I L~~1 I ~ I I I I I I I I I~ I I I I I I

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