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KNIGHTS HIT THE COURTATHLETICS, 6Fix a burned ThanksgivingHow not to screw up your big dinner, and how to keep anyone from noticing if you do.HEALTHY LIVING, 3What to do on your break?Got a long holiday weekend? Heres whats coming up.CULTURE, 4The war in the interview roomHow to make your military resume work to get you a job. ASK SANDI, 7HEALTHY LIVING ............... 3 INTERESTS .................... 4 CALENDAR .................... 5 ATHLETICS .................... 6 CLASSIFIEDS ................... 8 USPS 00-093 Publisher statement on page 4 In home delivery by Friday, Nov. 22The sky looked dreary last Friday morning, but the future for health care in Oviedo felt bright project thats been in the works for decades. Central Florida Regional Hospital CEO Wendy Brandon and Oviedo Mayor Dominic Persampiere addressed city and location about the ERs community role in saving lives, hinting that the emergency room will only be the beginning. Back in the late s, this was just a visiona dream and a vision for Eastern Seminole County, Persampiere said. The property that were standing on was under a lot of development pressure, but the councils denied a lot of things that wanted to be here, because we knew that one day we would have the start of a medical village here in the city of Oviedo. This is only the beginning. We couldnt be prouder. Oviedos new 11,000-squarefoot ER, a department of Central Florida Regional Hospital, features 12 private patient rooms, a trauma room and areas for CT Scans, Ultrasound and X-ray ser vices. The new emergency room helps address a long-standing need for Oviedo residents: convenient access to emergency medical care. Previously Oviedo residents who were critically injured Oviedos new ERTIM FREED The VoicePHO T O BY TIM FREED THE V OICECentral Florida Regional Hospital CEO Wendy Brandon and Oviedo Mayor Dominic Persampiere cut the ribbon Nov. 15. Please see HOSPIT AL on page 2An asteroid measuring nearly Earth after wandering through space for thousands of years. An some think. Earth launches a nuclear missile toward the massive piece of space rock, slicing through the atmosphere and breaching into outer space. Just as the missile approaches the asteroid and crosses The radiation from the explosion vaporizes the top layer of the asteroid into space dust and exerts a force so strong that it sends the tion. The mission succeeded. Disaster averted. Researchers and professors like Dr. Dan Britt of the University of Central Florida understand tude come from tireless research area of study that UCF plans to explore even further. NASA awarded UCF a grant for $6 million earlier this month to kick start its future Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science, a collaboration of researchers from around the globe led by UCF that will focus on asteroid and moon exploration. The group of researchers will be led by Britt, a physics and planetary science professor and former chairman of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society. Its going to expand what were already doing in Central Florida and make it truly an international center for research and exploration for asteroids and moons, Britt said. It will allow us to work more closely with some of the best people in the world. Its important to understand how a giant moving rock in space works before sending any kind of spacecraft, Britt said. The way you reduce risk, explore smarter and reduce costs is ground as you can before you design your hardware and bring in your engineers, Britt said. Thats what were going to do is try to explore NASAs exploration goals with smart science. The 45 researchers are a taking on a variety of projects related to asteroids, tackling different facets of the space rocks like composition, temperature, and the frequency that they enter Earths atmosphere. Some UCF research focuses on extracting resources from aster oids, which contain carbon. This element could potentially be extracted from the rock and burned down into fuel and water, turning asteroids into gas stations along expeditions to Mars and beyond. Something like that has 12 percent water and 5 percent car bon, said Britt, emptying out a pebble-sized meteorite from a plastic bag onto his desk. You could cook off a lot of useful stuff out of there, because carbon is what you drive your car on. But sending an astronaut or spacecraft onto an asteroid isnt as simple as it may sound, Britt said. Many asteroids are a collection of rubble held together by a gravitational pull, like a sandbar in space. Britts research focuses on asteroid composition and how the weathering of asteroids over time changes the surfaces an astronaut encounters.Landing on space rocks Please see ASTER OIDS on page 2 PHO T O COUR TESY OF NASA UCF researchers want to know how to land on, and possibly destroy, asteroids.TIM FREED The Voice ribbon on new Oviedo ER NASA grant to support asteroid research at UCF


Page 2 | Nov. 22, 2013 | Seminole Voice THIS WEEK THIS WEEK IN WORLD HISTORY Nov. 28, 1925 The Grand Ole Opry, one of the longest-lived and most popular showcases for country music, begins broadcasting live from Nashville, Tenn. The showcase was originally named the Barn Dance. Oviedo ER is located at 8300 Red Bug Lake Road in Oviedo between S.R. 417 and S.R. 426 with easy access from W. Broadway Street. For all your familys emergencies big and small Central Florida Regional Hospital brings ef cient, high-quality emergency care to the Oviedo community with the opening of our Oviedo ER. The 11,000-square-foot freestanding ER features: Adult and pediatric emergency care Physicians specializing in Emergency Medicine on-site 24/7 35 full-time employees including nurses certi ed in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support 12 private patient care beds Dedicated trauma room Diagnostic imaging including CT scan, ultrasound and X-ray Laboratory servicesCaring for Oviedo EMERGENCY EXP ER TS Opening Soon! &VEGETABLES FRESH FRUIT W Brian Thomas Produce 110 Geneva Drive, Old Downtown Oviedo(Across From Ace Hardware) VINE RIPE TOMATOES had to travel 10 miles southwest to Winter Park Memorial Hospital in order to receive urgent medical care. But now local residents will have the medical care they need at The positive impact countywide will be even greater, Oviedo Fire Chief Lars White said. decreases the burden on all of the other hospitals, White said. Now that we have additional space and availability, our rescue units will deliver in a quicker time frame and become available back in service quicker for the next 911 call. Thats huge. Were excited to see what that impact is. White noted that the Oviedo ER campus is designed to grow and projected that talks of expansion may begin after an initial sixmonth to one-year period. Oviedo ER Administrator Janet Livingston said she couldnt wait to begin taking in patients. Oviedo has a long history of taking care of each other, and I feel that the missing link, the missing piece to really making this a healthy vibrant community has been to have resources for emergency care, Livingston said. of living in Oviedo and enjoying many of the resources and services that are available to us. Now, it will be my pleasure to serve all of you, and to give back to this community. The Oviedo ER should begin accepting patients by the end of this week, Mayor Persampiere said during Mondays City Council meeting. Youre not so much as standing on something as formation exactly does that work when youre dealing with what you think is a solid surface? Co-investigator and UCF Physics and Astronomy Professor Humberto Campins research focuses on comparing the asteroids with other asteroids tucked away in the asteroid belt to better understand where theyre coming from, information that could help Earth prepare for an incoming asteroid. Campins said hes pleased to have UCF recognized by NASA with the $6 million grant. Its an indication that were doing well, that were competing at a national and international level, Campins said. The continued grants from NASA put UCF on a pedestal as having one of the top planetary science departments in the country. Earlier this year, the university received a $55 million grant to develop and launch a device that photographs the earths atmosphere, as well as a $1.8 million grant to study the mental stress levels of astronauts. UCF graduate student Tracy Becker saw the NASA grant not only as an opportunity for aster oid and moon research, but for any area within UCFs planetary science program. It means we should hopefully be hiring new faculty in the department, which enables more classes to be taught from new perspectives, said Becker, who studies Saturns rings. Depending on who they hire, maybe they will offer a course that was not otherwise available just because of the expertise of different astronomers. It means that the university, program, is about to improve and become a big thing in the communityThis will really put us on the map and people will recognize UCF as a stronghold in studying planetary science. HOSPITAL | First in east Seminole County may save more livesASTEROIDS | Multi-million dollar grant CONTINUED FROM FRONT P AGE CONTINUED FROM FRONT P AGE PHO T O BY TIM FREED THE V OICEA high-tech emergency room will begin seeing patients starting this week.PHO T O BY TIM FREED THE V OICEUCF researcher Dan Britt holds a meteorite.


Seminole Voice | Nov. 22, 2013 | Page 3 ASSISTED LIVING RESIDENCE 395 Alafaya Woods Blvd., Oviedo, FL 32765 407-977-8786ALF License No. 9235, 9308, 9307 Signature property of Located on a beautiful campus setting, our two Savannah Court communities provide full assisted living services while Savannah Cottage offers a secured residence for those with memory loss. Call us today, stop by for a visit, join us for lunch, or all of the above! You are always welcome at Savannah Court and Cottage of Oviedo. MEMORY CARE RESIDENCEWhere hospitality is truly a way of life! Savannah Court and Cottage ASSISTED LIVING RESIDENCE 395 Alafaya Woods Blvd., Oviedo, FL 32765 407-977-8786ALF License No. 9235, 9308, 9307 Signature property of Located on a beautiful campus setting, our two Savannah Court communities provide full assisted living services while Savannah Cottage offers a secured residence for those with memory loss. Call us today, stop by for a visit, join us for lunch, or all of the above! You are always welcome at Savannah Court and Cottage of Oviedo. MEMORY CARE RESIDENCEWhere hospitality is truly a way of life! Savannah Court and Cottage Located on a beautiful campus setting, our two Savannah Court communities provide full assisted living services while Savannah Cottage offers a secured residence for those with memory loss. You are always welcome at Savannah Court and Cottage of Oviedo www.savannahcourtoviedo.com395 Alafaya Woods Blvd., Oviedo, FL 32765407-977-8786 Call us today, stop by for a visit, join us for lunch, or all of the above! After almost 35 years of cooking, Ive had my share of Thanksgiving Day disasters! Here are some secrets to saving your sanity and your Thanksgiving dinner: HOW TO DEFROST A TURKEY Youll need at least 24 to 48 hours to thaw a frozen turkey in the refrigerator. If you need to do a quick thaw, place the wrapped, frozen turkey in your kitchen sink or a large container like an ice chest. Cover the turkey with water every half-hour. It will thaw two pounds per hour. PREPARING THE BIRD FOR COOKING Remove the giblet package (neck, inside the cavity of the bird and check the neck cavity. Some manufacturers place the giblet package in the neck cavity and others place it inside the cavity closest to the legs. Most turkeys come with the legs already trussed (crossed and secured If youre not going to stuff your bird, theres no need to truss the legs. Trussing an unstuffed bird hinders the hot oven air from circulating inside and around the legs. This means that the dark meat will take longer to cook and the breast meat will cook faster and probably dry out before the legs ever get completely done. THE TURKEY ISNT DONE Dont rely on the pop-up timer in the turkey, as it usually means that the breast is overcooked and the dark meat isnt done. If the dark meat isnt done, remove the wings and breast meat from the rest of the turkey, in one piece, if possible. Cover the breast and wing portion with foil and set it aside. Put the drumsticks and thigh portion of the turkey back into the oven to continue cooking until done. You can re-assemble the whole turkey and garnish it, or just cut it into serving portions and arrange it on a platter. STUFFING SAVERS wet, spread it out in a thin layer on a sheet pan so that it will dry quickly. Place it back into the oven for 5 to 7 minutes. If its too dry, add more pan drippings or chicken broth to the mixture. SOUPY MASHED POTATOES Add unseasoned dry breadcrumbs to soupy mashed potatoes to absorb any excess liquid. GRAVY RESCUE TIPS If the gravy is lumpy, pour it through a strainer into a new pan and bring it to a simmer, stirring gently. If its too thin, mix a tablespoon of melted butter with gravy up to a boil and whisk in the butter mixture to thicken your gravy. If the gravy is too thick, add a little more chicken broth, pan drippings or a little water and butter to thin it out. BURNT OFFERINGS If the turkey begins to burn while immediately and continue to cook it. After the turkey is done, you can remove and discard any blackened skin and about half an inch of the meat below any burnt area. If your vegetables or gravy burn on the bottom, carefully remove the layer that isnt burned into another pot or serving dish. Dont scrape the bottom of the pan! If the dinner rolls are burned on the bottom, just cut off as much as you can, butter them, and fold them in half to cover the missing ends. Whipped cream is the perfect make-up for desserts. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Dont let mishaps ruin Thanksgiving dinner HEA T HLY LIVING


Page 4 | Nov. 22, 2013 | Seminole VoiceCurrent New Sculptures in Orlando The City Beautiful In the past week the visual image of Orlando, already called the City Beautiful, was public sculptures were unveiled throughout the city. Last week Mayor Buddy Dyer dedicated a sculpture honoring the Tuskegee Airmen outside the Orlando Science Center and then illuminated the much-upgraded Tower of Light at City Hall. This week, the festivities included the unveiling of eight new See Art Orlando sculptures around downtown Orlando. Then Nov. 19 saw the the Urban Art Museum on Mills Avenue. Countless communityminded corporations and individuals are to be thanked for this unprecedented unveiling of creativity. For now, lets celebrate the extraordinary new art and the people who inspire us by making the City Beautiful ever more deserving of that beautiful title. lando Museum of Arts Festival of Trees The holiday season in Orlando begins with the annual Festival of Trees, running through Nov. 24 as the Council of 101 transforms the Orlando Museum of Art into a holiday wonderland. Gener ous Florida businesses, clubs, and designers sponsor trees and decorations to be auctioned off, making this one of the Museums biggest fundraisers of the year. This is sculpture of a different sort and not-to-be-missed. Call 407-896-4231, ext. 254, or email councilof101@aol.comNow through Dec. 14 Crazy for Gershwin at the Winter P ark Playhouse The creatives at the Winter Park Playhouse often create a musical based on the work of a great composer or performer. Their newest effort is Crazy for & Ira Gershwin. Running through Dec. 14, this tribute to reminds us of the unbelievable number of songs created by this all-American duo including Embraceable You, I Got Rhythm, Someone to Watch Over Me, and SWonderful! Who could ask for anything more? Call 407645-0145 or visit winterparkplayhouse.orgNov. 22 Beethoven Sonatas to be performed by Leonidas LipovetskyCritically acclaimed since his debut recital at age 12, Leonidas Lipovetsky will perform the third in a series of eight performances of all 32 Beethoven Sonatas on Nov. 22. Presented by the Florida International Piano Competition, Lipovetsky has recorded for the BBC, Radio Moscow, and PBS; Van Cliburn Scholarship; and he taught at Florida State University. Lipovetsky will per form Sonata No. 2; Sonata No. 7; Sonata No. 19; Sonata No. 20; and Sonata No. 23 (the Appassioin Orlando. Call 407-770-1700 or Nov. 22 and 23 Seussical the Musical, Jr. being transported to the Circus McGurkus, where the Cat in the Hat narrates the story of Horton, the elephant who discovers the tiny people called the Whos. The story tells how the powers of friendship, loyalty, and family are challenged and emerge triumphant! Performed by members of the Children & Youth Arts Program at Central Florida Seussical the Musical Jr. will be presented on Nov. 22 and 23 at 7 p.m. at the Cornerstone Charter Academy in Belle Isle. Tickets are $10 (children age 3 and younger Nov. 27 Lake Mary/ Heathrow 4th Wednesday Art StrollAdd 4th Wednesday to the days of the month given over to at Colonial Town Center in Lake Mary. In addition to loads of original art, this family friendly nesses offering free wine samples as we Art Stroll. Presented by the Colonial Townpark Mer chant Association and Art for All Spaces, you can begin your stroll at 951 Market Promenade Ave. in 407-450-2255. Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Day Golden Corral hosts 25,000More than 25,000 meals will be served at the Salvation Army Gymnasium at 440 W. Colonial Drive on Thanksgiving Day as Golden Corral offers its 21st annual Helpings from the Heart Thanksgiving Dinner. For 21 years Eric Holm, president of Metro Corral Partners, has given back to the community, returning the favor to The Salvation Army, which provided a Thanksgiving meal to the Holm family when he was a child. We feel blessed that we can not only share in the experience, but most importantly ensure our Central Florida community is fed, Holm said. All are invited, and more than 1,000 volunteers are needed to help serve the free meals, which begin at 11 a.m. and are served through 5 p.m. Please pass this information along to any who needs it, and should you wish to volunteer, please call 407-423-8581. Nov. 30 Home for the Holidays with the Orlando Philharmonic The Orlando Philharmonic will call out the troops for their annual Home for the Holidays concert featuring The Holiday Singers, Florida Opera Childrens Chorus, dancers, bagpipers, aeriOrchestra! In two performances, on Nov. 30 at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the Bob Carr PAC, Home for the Holidays will include seasonal favorites such as The Little Drummer Boy, along with classical selections and a special perfor mance of Twas the Night Before Christmas. Concert attendees are encouraged to bring a food item to help restock the Second Harvest Food Bank. Call 407-7700071 or visit Friday, Nov. 22, 2013 Volume 23, Issue 47 PHONE: 407-563-7000 FAX: 407-563-7099 SEMINOLEVOICE.COMOrlando, FL 32835-5705PUBLISHERTracy MANAGING EDITORIsaac Babcock 407.563.7023IBabcock@TurnstileMediaGroup.comASSOCIATE EDITORSarah Wilson 407.563.7026SWilson@TurnstileMediaGroup.comDESIGNERTom Miller 407.563.7032TMiller@TurnstileMediaGroup.comSTAFF WRITERSBrittni Larson Megan Stokes Tim Freed Allison Olcsvay Kristy VickeryCOLUMNISTSJanet Foleyjwfoley75@gmail.comSandi VidalSandi@ChristianHelp.orgTom CareySundewGardens@gmail.comKaren PhillipsKarenMPhillips@bellsouth.netJosh GarrickJoshGarrick9@gmail.comADVERTISING SALESDeborah Sheehy 407.563.7009DSheehy@TurnstileMediaGroup.comLEGAL NOTICE ADVERTISINGAshley McBride 407.286.0807Legal@FLALegals.comSUBSCRIPTIONS/CIRCULATIONLuana Baez 407.563.7013LBaez@TurnstileMediaGroup.comMEMBER OF: Florida Press Association Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of CommerceTURNSTILE MEDIA GROUPCHAIRMANRance CrainPRESIDENT/CEOFrancis X. FarrellVICE PRESIDENTSPatti Green & Jeff BabineauUSPS #008-093Periodicals postage is paid at Oviedo, Fla.POSTMASTER: Send address changes to:Seminole Voice, 1500 Park Center Drive Orlando, FL 32835Publisher reserves right to edit or refuse all advertisements, announcements, articles and/or letters to the editor. Submission does not guarantee publication. Columnists opinions are made independently of the newspaper. All rights reserved. Seminole Voice 2013 Member of: Tom Carey SundewGardens@gmail.comEvery home should have a garden Experience homegrown gardening: Josh Garrick is a writer, photographer, educator, and ne art curator. He is a member of the Curatorial Council for the Museum of Florida Art. Garrick can be reached at or 407-522-3906.Josh Garrick Culture worthy of your calendar SEUSSICAL CRAZY FOR GERSHWIN IN T ERES T S THIS WEEK IN HUMAN HISTORY Nov. 25, 1952 The Mousetrap, a murder-mystery written by novelist and playwright Agatha Christie, opens at the Ambassadors Theatre in London. More than 10 million have seen it.


Seminole Voice | Nov. 22, 2013 | Page 5 FAMILY CALENDAR 37 Alafaya Woods Blvd. Oviedo, FL 32765 407 -542 -3345 Monday Saturday 10 A.M. 7 P.M. in the Publix shopping center near Planet Fitness NOV. 23The Light Up UCF Knight Run will benet The Childrens Miracle Network and the Second Harvest Food Bank. The Light Up UCF Knight Run is a festive, nighttime 5k through the University of Central Florida campus for everyone from serious runners to casual walkers. It starts at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 23. Registration is now open. For registration details, please visit registration/93975NOV. 28Each year on Thanksgiving morning, thousands of participants come out for the T urkey T rot, a 5K (3.1 miles) run/power walk and Tot Trot to benet Seniors First. Last year, the race drew more than 5,600 par ticipants to downtown Orlandos Lake Eola. Runners of all ages and levels are encouraged to attend. Costume judging begins at 7 a.m. so get there early on Thanksgiving! Visit for more information. ONGOINGThe Artistic Hand Gallery and Studios winter course offerings for children include Painting, Drawing, and More, Throwing on the Potters Wheel, Clay Hand building, and Mixed Media. Adult Classes for the Winter I session continue through January. Visit or call 407-366-7882.Calendar NOV. 22This months Sanford Art Walk will give early shoppers a jump on gift giving. Many participating artists will offer affordable, one-of-a-kind artwork. Adding to the festivities will be a special cultural showing of India Smiles with music, dance, and crafts in the courtyard of the Historic Sanford Welcome Center. On the fourth Friday of each month, multiple venues in Sanfords downtown historic district host the Sanford Art Walk, showcasing local talent along with oppor tunities to meet visiting artists. The event is free and runs from 6 to 9 p.m. on Nov. 22.NOV. 22-23St. Lukes Concert Series continues with its 20th anniversary featuring the UCF Symphony Orchestras Melody Rules! The performance will feature Anton Dvoraks New World Symphony, with Symphony No. 9, Opus 25 in E minor. Special guest artist Johnny Pherigo will perform Mozarts Horn Concerto No. 3 in E at major. Florida Home, a work for orchestra and choir by UCFs composer in residence Christopher Marshall will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the University of Central Florida. Dress rehearsal will be open to the public at 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 22, and the ofcial performance will be at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 23. Visit for more information. NOV. 23-24The Central Florida Society for Historical Preservation is hosting an Arts and Crafts Festival starting at 9 a.m. on Nov. 23-24. Its in historic Longwood off State Road 434 and U.S. 427. More than 125 artisans will be displaying and selling items, and more than 10,000 visitors are expected. For more information, contact Donna Bundy at 407-353-5061 or Bev Winesburgh at 407-257-1396. Notes Calling all artistsThe Seminole County Convention and Visitors Bureau will be hosting the T ourism A wards Luncheon on Dec. 12 at the Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. We would like to have the arts represented at the luncheon. The art must represent some element of Seminole County. Examples include nature, wildlife, landmarks, tourism related pieces, etc. Submissions must be received no later than Dec. 3. They will need to be approved and will be on a rst-come, rst-served basis. All mediums are acceptable. Artists will need to provide their own easels. Tables can be made available for tabletop displays. Contact Rosangela at 407-665-2908 for more information. Memorial gains momentumSt. Lukes Lutheran Church donated $500 toward Oviedos Veterans T ribute memorial on Veterans Day. The money will help build a memorial that will be part of the upcoming Oviedo on the Park downtown development. Sign up for youth sports Spring season registration for youth volleyball and youth basketball is currently open for all age divisions. Sign up as soon as possible at to be sure you get a spot. Zimmerman releasedAfter his fth run in with law enforcement since being acquitted July 13 of second degree murder charges in the shooting death of unarmed teen Trayvon Mar tin, Seminole County resident George Zimmerman was arrested for aggravated assault, domestic violence battery and criminal mischief and was released on $9,000 bail Tuesday. Zimmerman was accused of attacking his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, rumored to be pregnant, and aiming a shotgun at her. Police had to push their way through a barricaded door to arrest him at the home he shared with his girlfriend. Zimmerman had previously been cited or warned by police multiple times for speeding and for a domestic dispute with his estranged wife.


Page 6 | Nov. 22, 2013 | Seminole Voice AT HLE T I C S THIS WEEK IN SPORTS HISTORY Nov. 23, 1943 MLB commissioner Kenesaw Landis banned Philadelphia Phillies owner William D. Cox from baseball for life for betting on games. One Senior Place ... See our full Calendar of Events at OneSeniorPlace.com407.949.6733715 Douglas Avenue Altamonte Springs, FL 32714M-F 8:30am 5pmFRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22 WellCare Seminar Fri, Nov 22nd 9:30am-10:30am Mon, Nov 25th 3pm-4pm Tues, Nov 26th 9:30am-10:30am Wed, Nov 27th 9:30am-10:30am Presented by Medicare Plan Options RSVP 407.949.6723 Medicare Educational Workshop 12:30pm 2pm By Medicare Plan Options RSVP 407.949.6723 ADRC Workshop How to Survive Your Role as Caregiver 2pm -3:30pm Presented by Jerry Hamilton, MSEd RSVP 407.843.1910 MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25 Senior Club Sponsored by Family Physicians Group Every Monday, 10am 12pm November 25th Casino Day The Real Estate Specialists are IN 10am-1pm Presented by Exit Real Estate Results By Appointment Only 407.949.6714 TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26 AARP Medicare Complete 2pm-3:30pm Presented by LTC Advisors RSVP 407.949.6722 Health Care Reform 3:30pm-5pm Presented by LTC Advisors RSVP 407.949.6722 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 Bingo Bash 3pm-4pm Hosted by Orlando Family Physicians Open to the Public. Hearing Aids Users Improve Relationships & Self Image! Come Hear Why! 3pm-4:30pm Presented by Harmony Hearing Centers of America RSVP 407.949.6737 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3RD FROM 9AM 12NOON Dementia: Everything you want to know, but were afraid to ask. Guest speakers in clude: Dr. Goodman, MD, with Compass Research; Gloria Gluskin, LCSW, with Arden Courts Memory Care Community and Jerry Hamilton with the Alzheimers & Dementia Resource Center. RSVP to 407.949.6733 HAPPY THANKSGIVING! One Senior Place will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th. We hope you have a wonderful Holiday!Calendar of Events November 2013 875 Clark Street,Suite A Oviedo, FL 32765 407.366.7655 Fashion Frames Custom Contact Fittings Eye Exams for All Ages Designer & Rx Sunglasses Treatment of Red Eyes In-House Optical Lab Surgery Co-Management Dr. Gary D. McDonald and Dr. Jason R. Wallace Optometric PhysiciansTime for your health eye exam! Winter Springs entered its school history as a strong under dog. At 6-5 on the season, they hosted a Neptune Beach Fletcher squad that had gone 9-2 in the regular season. It ended in a 20-0 loss for Winter Springs. The momentum was already in Fletchers favor as the game approached. The Bears were still coming to terms with a 35-28 week of the regular season. Fletcher had just destroyed Wolfson 56-13 the week before. The Bears held their own for one quarter, turning what could have been an offensive slugfest into a defensive stalemate as the teams went scoreless into the second quarter. Then things all fell apart. Giving up four unanswered scores over the next three quar ters, the Bears watched Fletcher slowly creep away with the win, despite plenty of stops from the defense led by Brandon Rod and Mason Johnston. For the Bears, the loss ends a season that saw an improbable The Knights were battling Thursday night in a late night game at press time. Rutgers (5-4, to Cincinnati. The Knights will reignite a rivalry against the University of South Florida when the Bulls come to town Nov. 29 to play at 8 p.m. the night after Thanksgiving. The Bulls, who ended their rivalry series with the Knights after winning four straight games and declaring that they were looking for tougher competition, are now 2-7 overall and 2-3 in American Athletic Conference play. The Knights before Thursday night were 8-1 overall and 5-0 in conference play. Mens basketball The Knights bounced back on the hardwood after falling 80-68 to Florida State on Nov. 13, turning around to beat BethuneCookman 83-63 on Nov. 17. Isaiah Sykes led the team, nearing a triple double with 22 points, eight assists and eight rebounds in the game. Calvin Newell had 18 points and four assists in the game. Tristan Spurlock dropped 16 points and snagged nine boards. They headed to Miami for Hurricanes this year on Thursday at 7 p.m. at press time. Theyll play two more road games against Valparaiso Nov. 26 and Florida Atlantic Dec. 3 before court to host nearby rival Stetson at 7 p.m. Dec. 7. ISAAC BABCOCK The Voice ISAAC BABCOCK The VoiceBears bow out of postseasonKnights look toward rivalry games turnaround from just a season worst season in program history. Lake MaryMeanwhile the Lake Mary Rams were blowing out Jacksonvilles Sandalwood by a 25-6 score, pushing their season record to 11-0 a year after they missed the playoffs entirely. They host First Coast at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 22. Oviedo bowlingThe Oviedo girls bowling team destroyed Martin County on Nov. 7, rolling a combined 801 Bowlers Amy Quick, Stephanie Rios, Katelyn Jones, Monica Butcher and Ember Miksa led victory.


Seminole Voice | Nov. 22, 2013 | Page 7 VOI C ES THIS WEEK IN POLITICAL HISTORY Nov. 27, 1965 The Pentagon informs President Lyndon Johnson that if Gen. William Westmoreland is to conduct the major sweep operations necessary to destroy enemy forces during the coming year, U.S. troop strength in Vietnam should be increased from 120,000 to 400,000 men. Young VoicesWe would fromYoung love tohear yourCall 407-563-7023 or email to have The Voice visit your class or group.Voices! Heres what students at Double R Private School said about what they are thankful for and what they like about Thanksgiving.I am thankful for my family. On Thanksgiving everybody meets in one place and we talk about what we are doing. It is fun and we can play with other kids. My favorite food is my Nanas green bean casserole. Blake W. 10 years old I am thankful for my mom, sister and brother. My mom cooks the best dinners ever. Well have a Thanksgiving feast at my aunts house. I like corn and all kinds of turkey. I like riding horses at her house. Jasmin H. 7 years old The Indians taught the pilgrims how to hunt for food and to plant seeds. The pilgrims had to pray a certain way so they moved here. It was hard to be a Pilgrim. I like to eat dark meat turkey. Bailey G. 8 years old Im thankful for my loving parents, brothers and family. My mom and grandma make food for us to eat. We also carve pumpkins together. My favorite food is my grandmas Oreo pie. My aunt takes great photographs for good memories.Kayla M. 12 years old I am thankful for my loving family and the food that my parents make. My favorite food is the dark meat of the turkey. I like playing with my cousins and we talk about things our family did long ago. Alexzandra L. 8 years old Sandi Vidal is the executive director for Christian HELP and the Central Florida Employment Council, with more than 10 years of recruiting and human resources experience. For questions, please call 407-834-4022 (fax 407-260-2949), sandi@, or mail Ask Sandi C/O Christian HELP, 450 Seminola Blvd., Casselberry, FL 32707. TALK T O SANDI > EMPLO YMENT Ask Sandi Grocery store bins are brimming with mounds of sweet potatoes, green beans and frozen turkeys while pumpkin pie, baked apples and cinnamon sweeten our senses. Thanksgiving 2013 is here and our village has much to be thankful for. Our hurricane season was quiet, our Geneva Elementary school continues to beat strong at the heart of Main St. and at least for the moment gas prices are lower. We have family, friends and neighbors to lean on and a generous community fuels local food banks, thrift stores and family programs to help those in need. Thankful PlusWhen someone is asked what they are thankful for, the knee-jerk reaction is usually family and friends. Pressed for more details most would elaborate with spouse, children, parents, pets, God, home and country. Have you noticed how your thankful meter spikes when you fear losing something or someone important? A young father serves worlds away in the military, an aging mother struggles to breathe in a hospital ward, the family dog wanders away or a new job moves family members to a distant city. Circumstances like this fuel our fears. Has the time come when we might lose a precious family member? This applies to material things as well. Remember tions we had to quickly assess what we considered most precious and what to let go? How ironic that what we say about thankfulness and what we actually do about it are often two different things. As much as we love our children, as a society we do not nurture them. Many are obese. Domestic violence continues to harm and isolate American families, especially women and children. Millions of children are caught in the web of huA few weeks ago we fooring them and recognizing their service. Statistics show that at least one U.S. military veteran commits suicide every day. Post-traumatic stress and haunt them minute-by-minute. Can we do more than verbally How can we assist with their employment, donate to organizations like Wounded Warriors and help the military families? How can we help kids who go missing every day at the hands of a lucrative and addictive child pornography industry? How can we protect our kids from Internet predators? These are enormous global issues and yet they are as personal and nearby as a family member or neighbor with a dark secret. We say we are thankful for our country, but do we remember our history and our Constitution? Are we familiar with the records of politicians we elected? What do our children know about their history and government? When we accept half-truths as misspeaking, when we are silent as public oftime to ask ourselves honestly... how thankful are we really? This Thanksgiving let us not only say the words we expect to hear but take a next step to pair those words with action. We can make a real differ ence in the lives of those we give thanks for and multiply thanksgiving in our sphere of Christmas & Holiday FunMrs. Claus comes to town at the Rural Heritage Center from 6 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 7 with family fun, including making Christmas tree ornaments, decorating cookies and writing letters to Santa. Call 407-792-0758 or email for more information. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 6:30 p.m. as Geneva Elementarys Musical Mustangs perform Jingle Bell Jukebox...Flip Side! presented ers who will sing and dance for your entertainment. Arrive early, as this is always a standing room only event.Multiplying thankfulnessStetsons Corner By Karen McEnany-Phillips I met with one of our Central Florida Employment Council board members for lunch and we had a great discussion about the state of employment in Central Florida. Our discussions ended up landing on two things: the number of people working parttime who should be working full-time, and There are many companies who are promoting themselves as veteran friendly and have big plans to hire veterans. The problem is many of these companies are looking for entry level or lower paying jobs to be in the military, veterans are coming back in need of jobs that can support them and their families. One of the points of our discussion centered on resume terminology. It is impor tant for veterans who are re-entering the translation from military terms to standard terms for job descriptions. O-net has a translator that can help to take military terms and turn them into the more resumeThe other point was resources. As veterans, sometimes people coming out of the military are not always aware of all of the programs out there to help them. The Central Florida Disability Chamber, the Veterans Administration and Workforce Central Florida all have people and resources dedicated to helping veterans return to the workforce. There are also job fairs that are specific for veterans and those that are veteran friendly. In January, the Central Florida Employment Council will have the Mayors job fair and it will be focused on gener al jobs from entry level to midand upperlevel jobs, but veteran friendly employers will be noted in the catalog. Syracuse University has a great website for their program, but it also has information that is helpful to veterans in general. There are resources out there for vets, Calling all military vets King Features Weekly ServiceNovember 18, 2013 EDITORIAL CARTOONS


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