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Interests .................................................. 3 Calendar .................................................. 6 Healthy Living .......................................... 7 Athletics .................................................. 9 Celery Stalks ......................................... 10 Tom Carey ............................................. 10 Classifieds ............................................. 12 UCF is out on the basketball court, but baseball is just heating up. Athletics > 9 Interests > 3 The Masters Academys cheerleading team just won its second state title. This family is living a mothers dream of owning an artisan bakery. Interests > 4 Calendar > 6 Celebrate the change of the seasons a little early at the Spring Family Festival in the Winter Springs Town Center this weekend, with fun and games. Two superstar magicians, when threatened by a street magicians performance, stage a new trick of their own. Opening this week: THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE Food service workers surprisingly thin An experiment in running a free clinic for city employees appears to have paid off in Oviedo, with medi cal costs cut by hundreds of thou sands of dollars as a result. The good news, according to ing from the Gehring Group: City employees are using regular doc more. Before the program began in 2010, city employees visited doc said. By 2012 that number dropped Prescription costs also dropped by more than 30 percent. Its nice to see that [cost sav ings] are coming in to fruition a little greater than we even expected in a two-year period, Mayor Dom inic Persampiere said. But employees are using it so much, its nearly over capacity. Employees may get sick and may not be able to get in that day, He said the city may need to ex pand that capacity soon. A fat jolly chef, in his crisp chef coat and puffy white hat, sings a little tune as he, surprisingly gracefully, twirls around the kitchen, alternating spoons and little taste test. stuff buttery rolls in their pockets and dine on rich foods between waiting tables. Its free, its there, so restaurant workers must be indulging. And theyre probably overweight. One University of Central tality dean thought so, until he crunched some numbers. My biggest surprise was when I found that wasnt the case access was not a factor, Dr. Abraham Pizam. I think we have the wrong impression, or the wrong stereotype about chefs. Pizam remembered attending a talk by a famous chef who was in a wheelchair and too heavy to use the wheelchair ramp to get crane to lift him up. That image has been en graved on my mind, Pizam said. And hes likely not the only one to picture chefs as the round, happy men with accents slurp ing fatty sauces off a spoon all day its an image we see in movies and on television. Those who havent worked in the food industry imagine the servers eat ing whatever they want while theyre at work. When Pizam thought about those ideas, he hypothesized that food service workers would have a higher likelihood of being overweight because of their access to food. He took nationally collected self-reported data, and sifted through the numbers. He found in that data, which was ana lyzed by the authors of Obesity male foodservice workers had an percent and were in the bottom service employees have lower rates of obesity ISAAC BABCOCK The Voice PHOTO BY ISAAC BABCOCK THE VOICE Working around food may actually help keep weight off, contrary to com monly held stereotypes. Other career elds fared far worse in obesity. Please see FOOD on page 2 Read Pizams and other articles about the hospitality industry in the International Journal of Hospitality Management at tinyurl.com/ foodservicestudy Oviedo clinic a success BRITTNI JOHNSON The Voice winds of change Tuesday night as the school board gave per rezoning elementary schools in a plan that tackles overcrowd ing issues, but will relocate more Passed unanimously by the ing plan aims to cut costs and overcrowding, and will affect 12 East Phase elementary schools in Oviedo, Goldenrod, Winter and Chuluota. School rezoning advances One step closer to a TIM FREED The Voice PHOTO BY TIM FREED THE VOICE Parents watch as the Seminole County School Board votes to approve a massive rezoning project on March 12. Please see ZONE on page 2


Page 2 THIS WEEK in history March 17, 1762 In New York City, the first parade honoring the feast day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is held by Irish soldiers serving in the British army. Early Irish settlers to the American colonies, many of whom were indentured servants, brought the Irish tradition of celebrating St. Patricks feast day to America. Seminole Voice is published twice a month by Turnstile Media Group | POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Seminole Voice | P.O. Box 2426 | Winter Park, FL 32790 Publisher reserves right to edit or refuse all advertisements, announcements, articles and/or letters to the editor. Submission does not guarantee publication. Columnists opinions are made independently of the newspaper. All rights reserved. Seminole Voice 2012 TCraft@TurnstileMediaGroup.com IBabcock@TurnstileMediaGroup.com SWilson@TurnstileMediaGroup.com JGallagher@TurnstileMediaGroup.com jwfoley@att.net Sandi@ChristianHelp.org SundewGardens@gmail.com KarenMPhillips@bellsouth.net Josh Garrick JoshGarrick9@gmail.com Brittni Johnson Tim Freed Steven Barnhart DSheehy@TurnstileMediaGroup.com Legal@FLALegals.com AShortridge@TurnstileMediaGroup.com Florida Press Association & Oviedo/Winter Springs Chambers of Commerce Seminole Voice is published by Turnstile Media Group. Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Orlando, Fla., Turnstile Media Group is also the parent of Golfweek, Golfweek Custom Media, TurfNet, Professional Artist, Winter Park/Maitland Observer, Baldwin Park Living and Turnstile Con nect. CHAIRMAN: Rance Crain PRESIDENT/CEO: Francis X. Farrell VICE PRESIDENTS: Patti Green & Jeff Babineau Periodicals postage is paid at Oviedo, Fla. 875 Clark Street,Suite A Oviedo, FL 32765 www.OviedoVision.com 407.366.7655 Fashion Frames Custom Contact Fittings Eye Exams for All Ages Designer & Rx Sunglasses Treatment of Red Eyes In-House Optical Lab Surgery Co-Management Dr. Gary D. McDonald and Dr. Jason R. Wallace Optometric PhysiciansTime for your health eye exam! FOOD | Staying on your feet may be the ticket to work health C ONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE eight of the occupations studied. Women foodservice workers had an obesity occurrence rate of 20.10 of jobs. ers had a much higher prevalence of obesity. Im not surprised at the re sults, said Dr. Kevin Murphy, as campus. And once Pizam thought about his results, he wasnt either. These people are in constant motion, he said. You will see this is a pretty exhausting type of occupation. Murphy worked in the restau rant industry for 22 years before becoming a professor, and saw the changes to his own physique when he left the restaurant busi ness. As a professor, he spends time reading, on the computer and doing research. Its much dif ferent from the 12-hour days on his feet at a restaurant, where he pounds. In the restaurant business everybody is on their feet all day long, Murphy said. That burns a lot of calories. Its really busy and you dont always have time to eat most of the time when cooks eat, they eat standing up. Pizam, Murphy and Orlando dietician and nutritionist Dr. Kaye-Ann Taylor also mentioned getting tired of the food if you have access to donuts all day, you might not want to eat them after years of that and the heat and pressure that comes from spend ing hours in a kitchen as reasons food service workers might be less overweight than other oc cupations. Work keeps them in constant motion, many restau rants dont have break rooms and frown upon sitting between tables. about the opportunity to sit down, not about the food, Tay lor said about working in hospital food service. While food service employ ees arent the heaviest, Pizams research showed that there were study. Taylor was a little more posi tive, saying that people in other jobs can learn from the food ser are in food service, but many sit ing up every half hour, taking a walk during lunch and just being on your feet more helps combat obesity. Pizam is glad to bring a little good attention to the industry I have a mission here in life to make sure our industry is healthy, attracts people and has a positive image, he said. parents it was an unwelcome change. It boils down to one thing, and an Oviedo parent representing the which currently sends students out of our neighborhood to get to Eastbrook Elementary, which is what the current plan has us on, you have to cross three lanes of very fast or very backed up. We really just ask you for a re prieve from hav ing to deal with ation on a daily basis. Other parents expressed con cerns about preserving the com munity and friendships their chil dren have built at their current schools. goes there and she thinks its her home; you cant get any better than that, said Karen Precord, an Oviedo parent whose Evans El ementary child will have to move to Carillon. And now youre go ing to pull her out of there, being there for three years, and send her to another school thats four miles away. Im going to have to go old child that she has to go to a completely new school. While most parents at the meeting were against the rezon ing plan, some supported it, and spoke up about the positive changes it makes. en spoke highly of the plan on be half of the parents in her current neighborhood, whose children are currently zoned for Geneva Elementary, about 13 miles away. Under the current rezoning plan, children in her neighborhood will be moved to Walker Elementary, shortening the travel distance to just three miles away. Golden also discussed the give and take that comes with school rezoning, and that there is no plan that could possibly please every one. Unfortunately theres no perfect plan, Golden said. You have to trust that the people who are holding these positions have looked at the big picture. Despite many parents objec tions against the it was a decision that had to be made and that it was a much bet ter alternative for the parents and their children than closing schools. They understand that theyd rather me do this than close ancing enrollment, Im not clos ing any schools. Yes, everybody loves their schools and everybody wants to stay at their schools, but I think, at the end of the day, people get it. Calderone expressed a simi lar sentiment, mentioning that ten necessary. Tonight marks the halfway point of our county-wide elemen tary rezoning. Weve all been go ing through a lot of change lately and sometimes change is hard for people, Calderone said. But the world we live in is in constant I hope we can all embrace the change that we as a district are go ing through in a positive light. about the rezoning plan on April ZONE | Parents upset at school board C ONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE You have to trust that the people who are holding these positions have looked at the big picture.


Page 3 There have been fumbles, drops and girls bloody noses, black eyes and three sprained ankles. But they keep working. A cheer leader shoots into the air, but her leg wob bles as the hands that hold it lose their grip and balance; she spins around loosely and falls back into the arms of her team. They try again and again, not quite there yet. The varsity cheerleading team at The Masters Academy has seen many trials. The teams been pushed to its limits this year, going through frustrating practices, never hitting their competition routine just perfectly and practically begging girls to join their squad. Many on the team have never even cheered before, let alone nailed hoped to make a part of their routine. Theres no experience here, were go ing to have to teach them everything, said ed working with them last year. A rst for the school But they built each other up. They prac tice for hours, cheer at nearly every sports game at their school and go to tumbling practice in their spare time. Their season is a grueling 10 months, and takes a lot of two years in a row, the squad has won the team not just cheerleaders, but all teams to ever win a state title in the schools Mandato said. the competition from regionals. Odds were against them making a repeat of last years win. As they saw the other teams hit the I dont think a lot of us believed in our selves, said team captain Madeline Man dato. Winning State Madeline remembers waiting behind that curtain for her team to go on, the three minutes tickling by felt more like 20. Then she heard her schoolmates out in the audi chanting their red hot cheer, booming in the stands. A peace fell over them. the arena with their cheers, movements sharp and clean and stunts that were ex done the routine without a mistake, ever. It looked so effortless on the mat when we were out there, said Erin Boncore, a ju nior on the team. Hitting the last pyramid, you could just feel everyone giving all they had, Olivia Kingsland said. popped straight up into the air held by sturdy teammates, and spun down full of grace. There was charisma on that stage and people in the audience whispered, Wow, Mandato said. Ive never seen them like that, she said. the score should be credited to their Mas ters Academy family. Just hearing the crowd react, it just pushed us to keep going, junior Katherine Deery said. Theyve come a long way in the past two years, working hard for their school to gain the student bodys respect, Mandato said. Theyve also worked hard to always respect each other, and thats part of Man a team that cares about each other they cant only hold each other up literally. That also gives them an edge when they cheer, the girls said. Bellis, an eighth grade member of the team. Were stronger than most squads. I want a team that loves each other, that loves holding each other up, Mandato said. The talent can come if I have their heart. THIS WEEK in human history March 15, 1972 The Godfather a three-hour epic chronicling the lives of the Corleones, an ItalianAmerican crime family led by the powerful Vito Corleone is released in theaters. The Godfather was adapted from the best-selling book of the same name by Mario Puzo. BLOOD, SWEAT The Masters Academy varsity cheerleading team won its second state championship despite injuries and setbacks BRITTNI JOHNSON The Voice PHOTOS COURTESY OF MISSY MANDATO Masters Academy cheerleaders react to winning their second state championship in a row. The team is the rst one to win any state titles at the small 25-year-old private school in Oviedo. To learn more about The Masters Academy, visit mastersacademy.org. To see the cheerleaders winning performance, go to tinyurl.com/ CheerMasters, and fast-forward to 1:25:00. and CHEERS


Page 4 ered hands together, creating a and settles on a metal tabletop. As she carefully rolls and stretches out her croissant dough, made earlier that morning from scratch, she smells the air and rushes to the oven to pull out a tray of espresso cupcakes. ished just by the smell. out of the kitchen and sees a line of hungry customers at the front counter. a dream that was put on hold for De Azcar, Oviedos newest artisan bakery, not only gives visi tors a chance to get their hands on pez the chance to live her dream. The bakery, which started has already gotten a great deal of business through word-of-mouth. I thought this place was going to grow slowly, but its just been boom ing every day and its more than what I thought I was go ing to have at this an Oviedo resident for 20 years. The community support has been overwhelmingly good. The bakery prides itself in mak ing everything fresh each day, of bread pudding, doughnut muf well as coffee to go with it. I love it, said Charma Parkey, a frequent customer who lives in Oviedo mom lives dream with new artisan bakery TIM FREED The Voice PHOTOS BY TIM FREED THE VOICE The Lopez family is living mother Angies dream of owning a bakery decades after they had to shutter the original family business. Please see BAKERY on page 5 De Azcar is located at 150 Alafaya Woods Blvd., Suite 102, in Oviedo. Visit deazucar.com for more information. MARCH 15 Its Family Bingo Night! Have a fun lled family bonding night of Bingo with the Oviedo Recreation and Parks Department in River side Parks multi-purpose room on March 15. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each game played. Space is limited. First come, rst served. Concessions will be sold. Call 407-971-5575 forr more infor mation. The games begin at 7 p.m., and cards cost $2 per person. MARCH 16 Its Easter Egg Painting from 1 to 3 p.m. March 16 at the Casselberry Art House, 127 Quail Pond Circle, featuring paint and plaster to make paper mache egges. All supplies are included. Visit casselberry.org/regis ter for more information. On Saturday, March 16, come to Riverside Park for a free viewing of Hotel Transylvania (Rated G). Bring your friends and family, blan ket or a comfortable chair, and enjoy the cinematic treat. Central Floridas nest gourmet food trucks will also be available starting at 4 p.m. The movie will begin at dusk. Please call 407-971-5575 for more informa tion. Hagerty High Schools Thespian Club is hosting a Free Kids Day on March 16 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Vine Thrift Store Ministry of The Forgotten Ones, located at 98 W. Broadway St. in Oviedo. Help us to help others by bringing a canned good when you come out for food, fun and games. Call 407-971-8135. Join the city of Winter Springs in celebrating spring at the Spring Family Festival on Saturday, March 16, from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Winter Springs Town Center. Enjoy games for children of all ages and live en tertainment for the entire family. Visit wintersprings.org for more information. MARCH 18 Club Riverside will open registra tion for summer camp on Monday, March 18. Club Riverside offers a variety of activities for children ages 6-13 attending the camp. On a daily basis, they will vary from outdoor to indoor activities. For more informa tion, and to register, visit cityofo viedo.net/node/1217 MARCH 22 On Friday, March 22, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. UCFs Public History Center is hosting an African Ameri can Culture Festiva l. The day-long festival will include hands on activi ties for every age level. Kids can play a balafon and a kashaka, and learn about batik and adinkra. The cost is $13 for kids and $7 for adults. For more information call Ashley Wilt at 407-936-1679 or email publichisto rycenter@ucf.edu Looking for something fun for your kids to do over spring break? The city of Casselberry has planned a fun-lled Spring Break Kids Camp and Art Academy to keep even the busiest of kids entertained for days. The Spring Break Kids Camp is open Friday, March 22, to Friday, March 29, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Wirz Park, 806 Mark David Blvd. in Casselberry. Cost is $20 per day for Casselberry residents and $25 per day for non-residents. Register on line at casselberry.org or call 407262-7700, ext. 1576. Send submissions to ibabcock@ turnstilemediagroup.com


Page 5 Oviedo. The best croissant that I, before now, had ever had was in Belgium this summer and I loved it. Then we came here, and it was better. ing came early while growing up on nearly every street corner with fresh bread sitting in the win dows. Her father, who worked as a photographer, would often photograph weddings and bring remembers admiring the crafts manship before ever taking a bite. Her frequent exposure to baking helped form her dream to own a bakery. After learning the baking trade, The couple ran the bakery until lina, was born. Their son, Daniel Jr., came three years later. said. Its not easy to be the owner of a bakery and be the main pas try chef of everything, so back then when I had my child, it was becoming to be a little too much and we just decided that it was time to sell. To commit more time to the chose to sell her bakery, putting her dream on hold. I always missed it and I always said I was going to open my bak ery again. some culinary school, and devel and her husband realized the dream once again in Oviedo. My daughter put it very well: here we are bringing a little bit of sweetness to Oviedo, Daniel said. In a sense, its not because Oviedos not sweet, because Ovie dos one of the best places to live in the nation, but as far as baker ies, weve never had a real artisan bakery. her husband have some help from the family. Daniel Jr., now 23, serves as an assistant baker, and licist who manages the bakerys Its amazing; shes put her life on hold for mine, my sisters, Daniel Jr. said. Its really awe she really wanted to do. band to sell their bakery in Texas, but her love and devotion for her children made it that much easier They were the most important thing in our lives, so there was no Did I miss it? Yes, but I dont re gret it one bit. De Azcar participated in last weekends Taste of Oviedo, and plan on serving new items such as artisan bread and breakfast sand wiches for the enjoyment of their customers in the coming weeks. I remember my kids would wake up in the morning when I toast and things like that. They just wake up from the smell with Thats what I see here with peo ple when they come into the bak ery, they just have that big smile. Notes BAKERY | Busy family life put this mothers dreams on hold C ONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 Housing rebound Mortgage Lender FBC Mortgage re cently released The 2012 Florida Mort gage Report. The report shows a strong rebound in 2012 for the mortgage and housing market. All data contained in the report is from nanced properties (no cash transactions) and excludes condos. Purchase prices averaged $210,000, an increase of nearly $20,000 from 2011. NFL coach comes home Michael Kruczek has been appointed head varsity football coach at Trinity Pre paratory School, replacing Drew Nemec, who remains at the school as assistant athletic director. Businesses hatching Three new businesses recently be came clients of the University of Cen tral Florida Business Incubator at the Daytona Beach International Airport. The companies Abraham Rosa Seasonings, AquaSolve and the First Response Di saster Team bring the total number of businesses at the site to 13, according to Connie Bernal, the facilitys site manager. Simulation tech boom The Navy is awarding several con tracts that will give this area a huge eco nomic boost and new jobs, according to a brieng U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson has received from Navy Secretary Ray Mabus ofce. Four contracts worth up to $307 million could mean many more jobs, largely in Orlandos growing simulation industry. An Orlando company, Cubic Simulation Sys tems Inc., received three contracts worth up to $298 million. Americas daughters Several Seminole County high school and middle school students who participated in Daughters of the American Revolu tion essay contests were honored during the annual Sallie Harrison Chapter, NS DAR, Youth Awards Program and Tea at the Lake Mary Historical Museum. Tough paint SunColor Paints has announced the opening of SunColor Paints Oviedo. The 3,500-square-foot outlet is the sixth lo cation for the fast-rising maker of hand crafted weather-resistant paint. Goodwill growing C.T. Hsu + Associates (CTH+A) an nounced recently that construction has begun on the new 21,600-square-foot Goodwill Industries Retail store in the Waterford Lakes area. Sanfords new chief Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte sent an offer of employment for the posi tion of Sanfords Police Chief to Cecil E. Smith, deputy chief of the Elgin Illinois Police Department. Smith accepted, and will take over the positions in April. Winn-Dixie donations With one in ve children in America not knowing when they will eat their next meal, Winn-Dixie presented a check to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida on Wednesday, Jan. 30, repre senting 34,830 pounds of food for com munities they serve. ArenaBowl in Orlando Recently the Arena Football Leagues Board of Directors voted unanimously to award ArenaBowl XXVI to Orlando The ArenaBowl is the AFLs annual Champi onship game pitting the winner of the American Conference versus the winner of the National Conference.


Page 6 Seminole Voice Its TAX time. Appointments Available 7 Days a Week!Tax Form Processing LLC4070 Aloma Ave., Suite 1010 Winter Park, FL 32792Tel: (407) 657-6336www.TaxFormProcessing.com Proudly Serving the Orlando Area for 18 years! Scan QR Code 40$ 00OffTax PreparationMust present this coupon at time service is provided. Offer valid for one-time use. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires April 15, 2013Code: SV13 One Senior Place ... See our full Calendar of Events at OneSeniorPlace.com407.949.6733715 Douglas Avenue Altamonte Springs, FL 32714M-F 8:30am 5pmM O N DA Y, M A R C H 18 Every Monday 10am 1pm Senor Club Sponsored by Family Physicians Group March 18 Movie Day March 25 Casino Day TU ESDA Y, M A R C H 19 Speaker Series: Things We Never Plan For 10:30am 12noon By LTC Advisors RSVP 407-949-6722 W ED N ESDA Y, M A R C H 20 Why do hearing aids cost so much? 3pm 4:30pm (and March 27) Presented by Harmony Hearing Centers of America RSVP 407-545-4098 Senior Survival Workshop 2pm 4pm Presented by the Law Ofce of Kathleen Flammia RSVP 407-478-8700 THUR SDA Y, M A R C H 21 The Real Estate Specialists are IN 9am 3pm (& March 28) Presented by Exit Real Estate Results Zumba Gold Exercise Class 11:30am 12:30pm By Orlando Family Physicians Medicare Educational Workshop 3pm 4:30pm Presented by Medicare Plan Options RSVP 407-949-6723 FRI DA Y, M A R C H 21 Fitness Club 11:30am 12:30pm By Arden Courts Memory Care Community RSVP 407-949-6733 Caregiver Workshop Vitamins for a Healthy Brain 2pm 3:30pm Presented by ADRC & Dr. Smuckler RSVP 407-843-1910Calendar of Events March 2013 OF CENTRAL FLORIDA CELEBRATING OVER 25 YEARS SERVING YOUR COMMUNITYBernard S. Zeffren, MD Eugene F. Schwartz, MD Winnie Whidden, MSN, ARNP-CVoted Best Doctors of Central FL, Orlando Magazine for 7 consecutive yearsDiplomates American Board of Allergy and Immunology Evening Hours Available793 Douglas Ave. Altamonte Springs, FL 32714407-862-5824 2 locations in Seminole County7560 Ste. 2064 407-366-7387www.orlandoallergy.com Phone: 407-365-3722 Fax: 407-365-7786 Phone: 407-365-3722 Fax: 407-365-7786 Phone: 407-365-3722 Fax: 407-365-7786 Phone: 407-365-3722 Fax: 407-365-7786 www.signman.net www.signman.net www.signman.net www.signman.net www.signman.net www.signman.net www.signman.net www.signman.net www.signman.net Computerized Laser & Rotary Engraving Custom Name Badges Signs & Banners Large Format Printing Rubber Stamps Awards, Trophies, and Novelties The Sign Man Calendar MARCH 16 HOPEs second annual Sham Rock n Run 5K takes off at 8 a.m. on March 16 at UCFs Lake Claire Recreation Area. Bring your best Irish costume (prizes will be awarded) and your best Irish cheer. Free beer after the race! Visit hopehelps.org for more information. Tour four private vehicle collections with more than 175 vehicles ; includ ing antique, classic and muscle cars on March 16 as part of Genevas Hidden Gems event. The tour begins at 9 a.m. at the Rural Heritage Center, 101 E. Main St. in Geneva. The small donation includes lunch. Proceeds benet the Geneva His torical Society. For more information, call Janet King at 407-349-1097. In the free full-day 2013 National Young Composers Workshop East on Saturday, March 16, young musicians, ages 13 to 18, will have a unique opportunity to learn from nationally acclaimed composers how to write music for orchestra or cham ber ensemble. The workshop will be held at the UCF Center for the Emerging Media, 500 W. Livingston St., Orlando. Register at youngcomposerschallenge.org As part of Seminole Countys Centennial Celebration take part in History Hike at the Lake Harney Wilderness Area from 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 16. During the hike you will stop along the river to hear a brief history of the area from local historian Mal Martin. For more informa tion or to register, call 407-349-0959. Come for a free evening of old-time mu sic at the Geneva Jam at the Geneva Community Center on Saturday, March 16. There is toe-tapping acoustic music to enjoy. Hamburgers, sausage, and hotdogs are for sale from 6 to 7 p.m. (or until the food runs out). A 50/50 rafe is held each month where the winner gets half the pot and the other half of the pot plus food proceeds help the Geneva Commu nity Center. The Seminole State College Planetarium will present its Spring Star Party on Sat urday, March 16, from 6 to 10 p.m. in the planetarium parking lot on SSCs Sanford campus. Visit seminolestate.edu/planet for more information. Trinity Preparatory School announces its biennial Trinity Tribute Auction with Monte Carlo an evening of dining and dancing with silent and live auctions on March 16. The event is open to the public, with individual reservations at $100 and patron sponsorships available as well. To make a reservation or for more informa tion, visit trinityprep.org/montecarlo MARCH 17 St. Lukes Concert Series continues with Light and Dark featuring music by the Lutheran Cantata Chior and Chamber emsemble at 7 p.m. on March 17 at St. Lukes Lutheran Church in Oviedo. Visit stlukes-oviedo.org/concert-series MARCH 20 Develop YOU! Monthly seminars for job seekers provide you with a competitive advantage as you search for your new ca reer. Each course offers skills to help you nd, prepare and land your next job. The next workshop is March 20 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Central Branch Library, 215 N. Oxford Road in Casselberry. Call 407531-1222, ext. 2034, or email Enash@ wca.com to register. Seminole State College presents Arts Matters: A Fine Arts Forum on Wednes day, March 20, from 12:15 p.m. to 1 p.m. Dr. Thad Anderson, percussion faculty at UCF, will be joined by the UCF Percus sion Ensemble in a demonstration and discussion of the amadinda, a primitive xylophone-like instrument from Uganda. MARCH 21 Theatre UCFs spring production is aptlytitled Spring Awakening. The musi cal is playing on UCFs Main Stage from March 21 to 30. Standard tickets are $20, or $18 for seniors and $10 for students. Call the box ofce at 407-823-1500. Newcomers of Central Florida Inc.s March 21 luncheon program will include the clubs popular Penny Auction. The annual event is at Maison & Jardin, 430 Wymore Road in Altamonte Springs. For more information, contact DeDe Fluhr at 407-366-9084 or wmuhr@yahoo.com, or visit newcomersc.org MARCH 23 Food Truck Wars will be at the Oviedo Mall on Saturday, March 23, from noon to 6 p.m. There is no entry fee, however, there is a charge for the food at each truck. Please visit foodtruckwars.com for more information, or email info@food truckwars.com ONGOING In celebration of Seminole Countys 100th Birthday, Historic Seminole is issuing a passport to history! Pick up your pass port and visit Historic Seminole spots on Centennial Saturdays. Centennial Satur days end April 13. For more information about Historic Seminole and its participat ing locations, visit historicseminole.org The city of Oviedo hosts a Special Needs Activity Program specically designed for ages 15 and older who are mentally or physically challenged the rst, second and third Wednesday of every month (next program March. 20). For more information contact Jenette McKinney at 407-9715591 or jdmckinney@cityofoviedo.net The Casselberry Farmers Market will be open every Sunday at Lake Concord Park from noon to 4 p.m. until May 2013. For more information, visit the Casselberry Farmers Market Facebook page at face book.com/CasselberryFarmersMarket The Winter Springs Farmers Market is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday on State Road 434 and Tuskawilla Road in the Winter Springs Town Center. Visit Win terSpringsFarmersMarket.com for more information. Tijuana Flats offers live entertainment on the patio at three neighborhood loca tions (Winter Springs, Avalon Park and Oviedo) from 7 to 10 p.m on Saturday nights. Visit the locations on Facebook and Twitter for more information. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10139 hosts meetings every third Monday of the month at 300 Lake Mills Ave. in Chu luota, March 18 this month. Other events include: breakfast from 8 a.m. to noon ev ery Sunday, bingo from 2 to 5 p.m. every Sunday and dinner from 6 to 9 p.m. every other Friday. For more information, call 407-359-5020. Send submissions to ibabcock@ turnstilemediagroup.com


Page 7 Were now in the second semester of school, and maybe you notice that your child has some difficulty completing homework and classwork. Perhaps theyre just taking a little time to get back on track, but the truth is children are facing more challenging subjects than they did at the start of school. When struggling or feeling overwhelmed with new materials, students often avoid frustration by not com pleting their work. Teachers then punish this perceived irresponsibility with poor grades. It is concerning to find your child developing a habit of submitting incomplete work, or not turning it in at all. We know our society rewards responsibility and strong work ethic, so developing such a habit can lead to serious repercussions beyond a couple of bad grades. However, not turning in schoolwork isnt necessarily a sign of an unintelligent student. On the contrary, a pattern of submit ting incomplete work can be caused by many different factors, such as lack of organization or time management. When parents realize their child has developed a habit of missing assignments, the natural in stinct of many is to try to curb this behavior ASAP. Interventions in the form of lectures and punishments seem like the way to go for dramatic results, but they often trigger the op posite: denial, defensiveness, and anger. The keys to a more positive, longterm change in your childs academic habits are patience and understanding. Try some of these measured methods: skills and set realistic expectations. Use this understanding to help your child establish specific academic goals (for instance, a B in History). such as keeping track of assignments and deadlines or developing a study schedule to help with time management. work and performance guidelines, as well as underline what will happen if the rules are followed or broken. Setting up new ground rules with clear conse quences can seem demanding at first, sparking some resistance. Be sure to explain the guide lines calmly, making sure your child under stands the reasons behind the new systems as well as the rewards for following the rules and consequences for ignoring them. Positive reinforcement and clear communication are gener ally more effective than criticism and punish ment; your child doesnt like fighting about homework anymore than you do. Here at the Tutoring Center, we offer our parents and students a Weekly Performance Checklist to keep track of improvements in work completion, rewarding children for their progress. This form brings together parents, teachers, and our Center in using positive reinforcement to improve a childs work ethic. Coupled with the methods above, your child will soon begin to accept even appreciate homework as just another part of their daily routine.My Child Doesnt Want to Do Homework! Help! Dr. Peter Ancona Center Director e Tutoring Center, Oviedo 2871 Clayton Crossing Way #1049 Oviedo, FL 32765 407-545-4725 www.Oviedo. TutoringCenter.com HEALT H Y LIVING Cli ck her e to add photo or Dr ag photo her e Nerd is the word $2.00 Three teens at a time line up to tee off along the green just outside the clubhouse, polo shirts tucked into their pleated shorts. They practice their swings as their paired-up partners wait in the wings behind them duct-tape stuck on the heads of the in-mo tion clubs. tique, as the swinger aims to get the arrow facing up and club completely parallel in their backswing. sometimes outnumber small white projec tiles, moving occasionally in a straight line, as golfs next generation aims for the fair ways and greens. When a pair needs further guidance, whether its with their stance or correct club angle, the young novices hold up a white card with help written across teaches life skills. And this winter the Winter Park Coun try Club serves as the second home course Club in Orlando. The program is expand ing, and though it paws at the border of out to kids throughout the area. The organization aims to build a solid playing the game, and the etiquette and skills associated with golf. Every detail, from shaking hands with your opponent at the end of a round, raking your footprints after hitting a shot out of the sand, to the history of golf is reiterated so that each player is aware of the rules and roots of the game. Instructors purposely blend in life strategies to go along with the golf lessons. group what are the two words to describe being positive, to which they responded I can. which each player earns their way through different levels, using the programs nine and perseverance teach the kids not only how to hit a tough shot out of the bunker, but the instructors encourage application of those same skills to the classroom and other The program has helped me to respect the course and to do the right thing [off the course], said seventh-grader Chaz Pil gram. and wellness habits into its programming. The nine healthy habits promote chil dren being active and [along with] the core values helps the kids build character, said Another partner, the Edyth Bush Chari provide scholarships for children who want to experience the game of golf, but Were raising money so that any child who is not able to pay can have an opportu nity [to participate], said Certo. We dont want to turn away any kid who wants to learn. nize their opportunity to help develop golf skills, but to also be a mentor to kids who may not have one. The most gratifying thing is teaching kids lessons that can ultimately change lives, he said. This program is about giv ing kids a chance. Swinging for success STEVEN BARNHART The Voice PHOTO BY SARAH WILSON THE VOICE First Tee executive director Thomas Lawrence tees off at one of the programs classes at the Win ter Park Country Club. The program is designed to teach kids golf skills and life skills.


Page 8 I read with dismay a recent derecognize In tervarsity Chris on its campus. I fear that the decision, rather than increasing diversity, actu ally decreases it. A university or college ought to be a gather ing place for the free exchange of ideas. However, the freedom to bring competing ideas to the table is seriously hampered when the university attempts to predetermine how those vari ous constituencies are allowed to enter into debate and dialogue. quently shaped by strong leader ship teams. The de-recognition of Intervarsity was sparked by a leadership issue: a group leader was asked to step down when she could no longer adhere to In tervarsitys understanding of bib seem a bit narrow-minded on Intervarsitys part, but the leader in question was only removed from leadership, not membership in the group. In good organizations, leaders are the embodiment of group identity. Think for a moment about a swimming team that had a soccer fanatic as its captain, who believed that all sport ing events should do homage to soccer. That would soon get confusing for the swim team and ultimately affect its performance. Would asking the soccer-obsessed swim captain to stand down for the sake of the group be discrimi natory or simply good manage ment? Healthy debate is achieved when passionate people from dif fering perspec tives talk out their differences in an environ ment of fairness and respect. The school admin istrations attempt to control a groups leadership diffuses the passion of that position and leads to weak dialogue and poor learn ing. I wonder what the campus Muslim group talks about when its leader isnt even a follower of Islam? would be comfortable in having to welcome someone into leader ship who was less than fully af why is that sort of discernment not Intervarsitys? The sad thing about the derecognition of Intervarsity Chris has an international reputation for combining passionate faith with intellectual rigor. This is pre cisely the sort of group that could enhance diversity and cultural engagement on campus; instead its voice has been silenced. issue of what other voices have been silenced by draconian enforcement of discrimination policies. Discrimination is when you are passed over for promo tion or harassed or threatened or made fun of, not when someone disagrees with your perspective or sets healthy boundaries for future discourse. As a Christian, I have to confess that the church has not always handled itself very well. We have said unkind things. We have put people down when they have differed from us. And for those instances, we need to ask forgiveness. But I also want to point out that there are many Christians who do observe the rules of debate very well. I think that Intervarsity is among those weakens the colleges spirit of inquiry and intellectual freedom, and that makes me sad indeed. Rev. Jim Govatos currently serves as Senior Pastor at Aloma United Methodist Church located in Winter Park. A former atheist, Jim is passionate about helping people understand and experience a living faith in Jesus Christ. Please share your thoughts by emailing him at jimg@ alomazone.org about how much money Let us help you! Call today!(407)-644-6646www.aSafeHarbor.com Member of Bob Adams President/CEO A SafeHarbor, LLC bob@asafeharbor.comS T OP Worryingyou have for retirement.Instead of being concerned with the value of your retirement account, you should be more concerned with the income that account provides. Income maintains your quality of life so you may live in retirement as you did when you were working. You need to have the income so you can travel, see your grandkids and live whatever retirement dreams you may have. If you would like to see how you can MAXIMIZE YOUR INCOME FOR LIFE call us today. There are options available that most Americans dont know about. Give us one hour to see if we can give you your lifetime. Jim Govatos Reality Lines Dont derecognize fellowship As it becomes clear President Obama is making Medicare a key topic for discussion within the broader context of federal spend have an opportunity to pursue common-sense reforms that pre serve the program while achiev what isnt working. Despite ongoing reservations, I believe that some parts of the Affordable Care Act can con ceivably be implemented with minimal dislocation, but only if the right policies are embraced by the administration. And thats why I think that the president is making a mistake in proposing potentially damaging changes to arguably the most effective part of Medicare, instead of building to drive long-term cost savings by keeping seniors healthy. The Medicare program com ponent in question is the Part D signed in 2003 (later implement to cover the drug coverage gap that that once existed in Medi cares plan for older and disabled Americans. Under Part D, seniors choose from a wide variety of privately run drug plans that negotiate individually with drug makers seniors now paying far less than they used to. According to a recent survey, proval rating and, unique among major federal programs enacted in recent years, will actually cost original estimates. Even better, improved access to drugs appears to be saving costs elsewhere: found every one percent increase .2 percent decrease in spending in Medicare. Part D works so well because it recognizes both the virtues, and the limits competitive markets. This is why President Obama and my fellow Democrats should capitalize on the important les sons weve learned from Part D and make the program their own. Put simply, both Democrats and to drive bipartisan cooperation and reduce health care spending through a proven government program. Medicare will be in bet ter shape as a result. Douglas Schoen is a political strategist and author of Hopelessly Divided: The New Crisis in American Politics and What it Means for 2012 and Beyond. DOUGLAS SCHOEN Guest Writer In good organizations, leaders are the embodiment of group identity. Medicare Part D could help reduce medical spending


Page 9 THIS WEEK in sports history March 18, 1995 Michael Jordan announced he would be returning to the NBA. Jordan came back to the Bulls donning the number 45, as his familiar number 23 had already been retired following his initial retirement two years prior. Were Celebrating Great Auto Loan Rates! Used automobile loans as low as 2.29% APR* Current model automobile loans as low as 1.99% APR* Oviedo Branches:156 Geneva Drive, 407-365-6611 8305 Red Bug Lake Road, 407-366-4868Winter Park Branch: 7250 Aloma Avenue, 407-679-7000Longwood Branch: 410 Myrtle Street, 407-622-7142www.mycbfl.com *Annual Percentage Rate available for consumer auto loans only and vary depending on age of vehicle. Rates are subject to change without notice and subject to credit approval. &VEGETABLES FRESH FRUIT W Brian Thomas Produce 110 Geneva Drive, Oviedo, Florida(Across From Ace Hardware) VINE RIPE TOMATOES SEMINOLEVOICE.COM With no shot at the postseason, the Knights ended an impressive en apart in recent weeks, but were already knocked out of contention because of recruiting violations. The ban from postseason play ended the Knights tenure in Cwith the team barred from play games in the conference. vealed weaknesses in the Knights down the stretch that wont be helped by the departure of their ton, who set numerous records in a Knights uniform. Though the Knights appeared to have exorcised scoring demons early in the season, in the past month they came back with a ven geance as shooting percentages plummeted. The Knights had hovered much of the season, particularly formance from beyond the threethat at one point in the season neared 30 per game also dropped off a cliff, with the Knights only Miss. Despite the downward trajec player of all time went out with a bang. Keith Clanton ended his college career with more than 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds, making him the second player in conference history to do so. Clan ton graduates just as the Knights prepare to enter a new conference, the Big East, next season. Baseball Already going on the diamond, the Knights are off to a promising still a week away from Confer ference before moving on up to the Big East. with a dismantling of Jackson three game series, and ripped into two-run blast by Erik Hempe and a solo shot by Parker Webster to keep the game out of reach. showdown against Columbia (1Knights end season on court ISAAC BABCOCK The Voice KNIGHTS BASKETBALL Overall: 20-11 Conference: 9-7 Home: 15-5 Away: 5-6 Source: ucfathletics.com


Page 10 THIS WEEK in political history March 15, 1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson addressed a joint session of Congress to urge the passage of legislation guaranteeing voting rights for all. On Aug. 6, 1965, Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act. After recently learning so much about mushroom cultivation Green Education Center, fungus will soon be on the crop list at my ous precaution before we begin; this is not about collecting poten tially poisonous toadstools from the wild for food. Of all the millions of spe cies and thou sands of edible varieties, our being limited to a few store bought examples of button caps or Portobellos are the least tasty or nutritious options we could be adding to our to our planetarily diverse menus. Whether growing on rotting wood, roots of living plants or a compost medium, the different species all start from two spores genetic material. The mycelium nutrients in either a parasitic, symbiotic or saprobe relationship in every land-based environment on earth. What we recognize as mushrooms are the resultant fruiting bodies sprouting from the mycelium threads lacing the substrate below. This subterra nean life recycles and provides vitamin and mineral nutrients to living plants, and to our diet. The common mushroom available at the grocery store is the quickest and easiest to grow using a simple compost medium. Inoculated sawdust and rice hull starter bags of mycelium of numerous varieties are available online. Bury chunks of this living material in immature compost pile components; water liber ally and in a few weeks the caps should start sprouting. more preparation and time. The inoculant materials are on short wooden dowels, which are hammered into holes drilled into able sweet gum, maple, and oak in diameter are manageable dimensions. This dowel method also works in pine using a limited number of other mushroom varieties. Keep the logs watered in the shade, and fruiting bodies should sprout in several months. Pasteurized straw, mixed with mycelium, packed into any number of vessel types, will grow a crop in all kinds of locations. To avoid cross-contamination by other fungus, use enough starter material to overwhelm competi tion. Oyster mushrooms grown in laundry baskets full of straw a cardboard box with the straw and medium and bury it in a shady, damp location. To further research mycology and online information sources. I am just getting started on this new adventure, so check back with me in a few seasons. Mercy what a busy weekend we all had last week. The Taste of Oviedo was a hit as always from the moment it started at 11 a.m. My family, per usual, came out and they loved it. I do hope all adage, spring forward and fall backward. Id hate for any one to I must say thank you to all my fellow citizens who have been playing Oviedo Chicken Detectives. I have learned quite a bit and found that there are still a few around; seems there are more males than females, and all of us are praying that they will come back. We miss them, as they are part of our town of Oviedos heritage. Here are the winners from the Oviedo: Cannolis by Teresa; People Peoples Choice Celery Buffalo Moskola; Judges Award Citrus Bradley; Judges Award Celery Bailey; and the Pro Division Win ner The Town House. A Movie in the Park will be Hotel Transylvania will begin at dusk, and food and activities Come and meet author Jim known writer of local history and author of Around Oviedo, the coffee table book and other local spoken to the Oviedo Historical say he is very entertaining. is looking for vendors for its March 23. A 10-by-10 foot booth crafts vendors are encouraged to apply for this event. To reserve a email ruralheritagecenter@gmail. com Coming up on April 13: The from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on (across from the Oviedo High the Oviedo Garden Club are busy planning for their semi-annual it will be held at the Oviedo Cemetery. There are shady areas and ample parking for those attending the sale. This sale has been a tradition of the club for decades. Club members grow many of the plants from seeds in their own greenhouses and backyards, tenderly caring for them for months before setting them in pots ready for transplant ing into neighborhood yards. The sale is unique in that many of the clubs 30 members are available to share their knowledge and experience. The plants are reason ably priced, and proceeds from the sale are given to local groups Center and other environmental related organizations, as well as the local library for the purchase of gardening relate books. Please more information. A thought: Ideas are like rab bits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen. CELERY By Janet Foley the Between Stalks Send word to Janet Foley about events and let her know whats going on around town by e-mailing jwfoley@att.net TALK T O JANET > Tom Carey From my garden to yours Tom Carey is the owner of Sundew Gardens, a you-pick gardening business in Oviedo. Visit the Sundew Gardens Facebook page and e-mail him at sundewgardens@gmail.com WHO IS CAREY > Growing edible mushrooms Thanks to Taste helpers Tornadoes can strike any day or night throughout the year. However, tornadoes are more common from March through June, particularly for states in the tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Although there is little you can do to prepare your home dur options for improving structural performance do exist and can produce effective results during a weaker tornado. Combined with the use of a safe room and wide spread use of effective strapping, which might increase the cost of a wood frame house by two percent, can create houses that all kinds of severe wind events, according to the Insurance Insti you can reduce your tornado risks before, during and after a org. Meanwhile, as you prepare for a possible tornado, know the truth about the following com mon misconceptions regarding tornadoes. Common tornado myths: rivers. Although some landforms tornadoes, rivers do not have any clear effect on them. The great trithe Mississippi and the Wabash rivers. your house to equalize pressure. Do not do this. Your house will not explode due to a tornado passing over it and taking time to open windows merely re duces your ability to seek safe shelter in time. In fact, once an opening is created, air rushers inside a structure and pressur internal pressures build up and put pressure on ceilings and the roof, which is also getting uplift pressures from external wind forces. This can lead to the entire structure collapsing. corner of the building for safety. The safest place in a building is in a small, reinforced room (such center of the building, on the safe room. tornado will result in demolition of several buildings, followed by several lightly damaged, fol lowed by several more demol ished. This gives the impression that the tornado skipped over the less-damaged structures. There are several explanations for this. One is that the surviving buildings were better construct ed. Also there is a possibility that the orientation of the buildings resulted in varying degrees of vulnerability. expert on preparing for, and repairing and rebuilding struc tures after a catastrophe to make them more disaster-resistant. To org or via direct message on Twit ter @jsalking. more information about how to make your buildings more resistant to a variety of disasters, IBHS March starts tornado watch season HAVE AN OPINION? We want to hear it! Send your thoughts (400 words or less) to Managing Editor Isaac Babcock at ibabcock@turnstilemediagroup.com


Page 11 EDITORIAL CARTOONS at the similarities and differences between the two. Similarities Both types of accounts allow you to ignore the current year tax consequenc es of dividend and interest income. Both accounts also are exempt from the usual taxa tion of capital gains. This is especially important in 2013 and beyond, under current law, because the deal to avoid the taxes on dividends and capital worry about this. Both accounts also have a pen alty feature designed to discour age early withdrawals. Unless will assess an early distribution penalty of 10 percent on any withdrawals, or distributions, The only ways to avoid the penalty are to make withdraw gradually emptying the account in a series of substantially equal Code. Differences The real difference between the two types of accounts lies in the way they are taxed when you make contributions, and later, in retirement, when you make distributions: take a tax deduction up front provided you qualify under the rules. In return for this tax deduc tion, though, you must declare as ordinary income once you begin taking distributions. nitely without paying tax. The drawing down your traditional taxes by April 1 of the year after the year in which you turn age of the amount you were sup posed to take out, but didnt. Exceptions to RMD rules The only exceptions are if you are still working, still participating in your current employer retirement plan and you dont own more ated with your current employer, from those plans. have somewhat the reverse tax treatment. Theres no upfront deduction, but as long as you keep the money in the account until you reach retirement age, you dont have to worry about taxes ever again. Distributions about. The 10 percent penalty on early withdrawals still applies, but only on earnings. You get the basis back taxfree, as long as Congress now allows you to tions per year. That is up from including a full description of the income limits and contribu tion caps, as well as hardship withdrawal provisions and rules for inher Which is better? choice if the following conditions apply: tax rate when you retire will be higher than your income tax rate now. year is unusually low. need to use the money during your lifetime. The taxation on generous than the taxation of cially if your spouse is the sole subject to the estate tax when you pass on. tax-deductible contributions to income is too high. bets against future income tax increases. a tax-deferred retirement ac count is poten tially a useful tion strategy. relatively young, with many years of tax-free com pounding ahead before you will need to take withdrawals. before you begin drawing down against you and wish to delay taking distributions in order to shelter income from creditors. may be a better option for you if the following circumstances apply: bracket than normal this year. rules. believe they may start taxing ture, despite the current tax law. your retirement years to be lower than your tax rates in the current year. retirement. is no hardship, since youd be taking it out anyway. experts agree on whether you an employer plan, a taxable ac count, annuities or cash value life insurance is that its vital to take responsibility for your own retirement security. The most important thing is to contribute early and contribute often. Taxes play an important role in deter If you are considering this option, it would be wise to have a complete analysis to assist you your particular situation. You may obtain an objective analysis tailored to your circumstances by engaging an independent tax of CPAs and tax professionals. complimentary service to our cli ents and friends without charge. customized analysis, please do Bob Adams is president of A SafeHarbor, a rm specializing in assisting families in having a calm retirement when faced with stormy nancial waters. Visit aSa feHarbor.com or call 407-644-6646 for more information. Roth or Traditional IRA which is best for me? Bob Adams Finding the calm in rough waters A SafeHarbor The most important thing is to contribute early and contribute often. Taxes play an important role in determining your financial future. King Features Weekly ServiceMarch 11, 2013 King Features Weekly ServiceMarch 11, 2013 King Features Weekly ServiceMarch 11, 2013 King Features Weekly ServiceMarch 11, 2013


Page 12 The Marketplace Its FREE to place estate sales, garage sales and yard sales on this page! Visit SeminoleVoice.com and click Create Your Classified True Estate Sale Oviedo March 15 & 16 Friday & Saturday Saw grass Subdivision 237 Sawyerwood Place Oviedo 32765 http://EstateSales byCece.com Cash is king::Enjoy your weekend ESTATE SALES Garage Sale Tuscawilla 216 Chestnut Ridge St. 15/16th March, 8-3. Furniture, area rugs, clothing, single-man golf cart, trolling motor, many more items. GARAGE SALES Public AuctionOnsite & Online GLD Food Distributors d/b/a:Phillips Meats & Seafood: Tues3/19 @10am Preview 3/18 12-4pm. 1220 Transmitter Rd, Panama City, 32401. www.moecke rauctions.com Moecker Auctions800840-BIDS. 15%-18%BP, $100 ref. cash dep. Subj to confirm. AB-1098 AU-3219 Eric Rubin ANNOUNCEMENTS Bankruptcy Auto Auction Online/Onsite! Friday, March 15 @10am. Preview,9-10am. 3613 N 29th Ave, Hol lywood, FL 33020. Variety of Vehicles. www.moeckerauctions.com details, photos and catalog. Moecker Auctions 800-840-BIDS. 10%-13%BP, $100 ref cash dep. Subj to confirm. AB-1098 AU3219, Eric Rubin AUTOS Downtown Maitland Office for Rent Fully Renovated, 760 sq ft.; mini kitchen ette; private bath; 2 blocks from new City Hall. Parking front, rear & street. Ideal for attorney or other professional. $1,100 per month. 407-831-6622. REAL ESTATE: COMMERCIAL Seminole Woods Community Yard Sale Saturday, March 16th, 9am 3pm. En trance only at Front Gate. Located on SR 426 in Geneva. No Early Birds! YARD SALES Driver Trainees Needed NOW! Become a driver for Werner Enterprises. Earn $800 per week! Local CDL Training. 877-214-3624 Driver Qualify for any portion of $.03/mile quarterly bonus: $.01 Safety, $.01 Production, $.01 MPG. Two raises in 1st year. 3 months OTR experience. 800414-9569 www.driveknight.com HELP WANTED Heavy Equipment Operator Career! 3wks Hands On Training School. Back hoes, Bulldozers, Excavators. National Certification. Lifetime Job Placement Asstistance. VA Benefits Eligible. 866362-6497. MEDICAL BILLING TRAINEES NEEDED! Train to become a Medical Office Assis tant. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Online training gets you Job ready ASAP. HS Di ploma/GED & PC/Internet needed! 888374-7294 ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Financial aid if qualified. SCHEV autho rized. Call www.CenturaOnline.com 800443-5186. EDUCATION Airline Careers Become an Aviation Maintenance Tech FAA approved training. Financial aid if qualified Housing available. Job place ment assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance. 866-314-3769 MEDICAL CAREERS begin here Train ONLINE for Allied Health and Medi cal Management. Job placement assis tance. Computer available. Financial aid if qualified. SCHEV authorized. Call 888203-3179. www.CenturaOnline.com AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified. Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866314-3769. MISCELLANEOUS LEATHER LIVING ROOM SET In Original Plastic, Never Used, orig $3,000, sacrifice $975. CHERRY BED ROOM SET, Solid Wood, new in factory boxes-$895. Can deliver. Call Bill 813298-0221. MERCHANDISE The Seminole Voice e-newsletter has community news for Oviedo Winter Springs Geneva Chuluota Get it delivered to your inbox every week. Visit SeminoleVoice.com and click Subscribe to newsletter MindGymMarch 11, 2013 MindGymMarch 11, 2013 EmployFlorida.com1-866-352-2345 Employ Florida is an equal opportunity program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. The Employ Florida telephone number may be reached by persons using TTY/TTD equipment via the Florida Relay Service at 711. Disponible en Espanol. JOB RESOURCES at EmployFlorida.com helped me nd a new job I enjoy earning higher pay than I did before I was laid off. You too can discover REAL RESULTS with Employ Florida. HIRED. RANDAL HARDBOWER Industrial Electrician Green Circle Bio Energy Inc. 866-314-3769AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train ONLINE for Allied Health and Medical Management. SCHEV authorized.MEDICAL CAREERS BEGIN HERECall 888-203-3179www.CenturaOnline.com Colon cancer is the 2ndleading cause of cancer deaths in Florida. 7 out of 10cancer deaths can be prevented through screening and lifestyle changes. Colon cancer starts without symptoms so choose prevention and get screened.If youre 50or older, ask your doctor which colon cancer screening test is right for you. Colon Cancer Screening Saves LivescoloncancerFL.org rffntb ATTENTION DRIVERS!!! Now Offering a $10,000 Sign on Bonus!!!.46 to .60 cents per mile. No Tarping. Flatbed Positions Available. Southeast and Midwest. Major Medical. Dental. Vision. Short Term. Assigned Equipment. For more information call Frank Today @ 800-745-7290 or 321-396-3000. You May Also Apply On-line @ www. loudoncountytrucking.com Walk/Ins Welcome!! 5101 Wesley Road. Apopka, FL 32798