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Island Times Volume IX, Number 3 Pensacola Beach, Florida May 28, 2013 Time To Say Goodbye "#$%% % %!&&& !!&% !' (%)*+-&./4 56/7 6!.()*+" .& 97"":; 9:!'()*+66&*7%9.&&&" <..9/* !&=%! 5 >9?@ACD&%?!


PAGE 2 Island Times May 28, 2013 Published every other Tuesday SHELLEY W. JOHNSON, PUBLISHER !" ###$islandtimes@bellsouth.net www.MyIslandTimes.comNo portion of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher. Island Times %$!%$$%&!$$'() $*(+,(!&(-.%!$/ !,!$'!-" $"$$$!0*"$+ 1!.%!,"++") ,!*(! )$-$$&("-!)! $"-*+!$-,&(") $-(")!($!.1! $$(-!+$' $&!(*("-. %!-"$).2 $(-!'!(")$'$ "-(")!$!1!$ *$&("))$("-! "!$!$"-!'$! "$*. 1 $'&,!!$ '"$$!1!1$"( 3+$$(-45 $,(!!"(("-( 3$"-(/(&+/ $*(+3"(+$"+! "+$.4 $'(6(!#(& *$"+!$*$$!$'(")$'!,$ $"-!'$!*!$ *,("-,($$. (!)$-$-", (*$"-!()!$"-$-(")("!($$-*(+$. %!+"+*-! 78%("),!(!$$ (")(*(""%&$!9'+ $"-:$&1*&.!+") *"$(-(,$!($3 (**+!( !)$+$"(")!$$! (")(*!( (*$*. %$""$"$(-! *(*$"!(")!$"$!$!1!,$( ".;!"!),! ,$"'$"("3"" "("(.<($-3( !"$(*$& !+"!(". %!$*(,! !-"$!(3!!()! $$-*(,!(!! $!1!($*. *$"+!"$$"("*$(".%! )$-$$3-!0 $*'($7"+0"3("*"$ 7"!$"-"("$(3((.(! !(-$+!+$(($-("$ !,(-$""---(3. %!+-(3-!-"$(" !2$""$-$"&,! !+!--. 4;$$+3-!( -(=$(-%&.4%!&()!$*$"+$"/$ (3()-$,$$"-!, (*$"(()(3'$& !(**"(+.= %!"-+$ -( ($ !)$-$-(("$! $!1!$"-!($ *$-$'()$!$!(. %!+"$""(-$+$83">"(*(-("2(" $(($(")("$*'(-(") (!$-$&$""$+'--,"!(3$ $"". %!+$$!3 $'$!**"(+$,. 8''+!"$"-:$&1*& $!()"(")?"$"@(")!@,@(-.%! A"((*(7',!(! *$"+ !)$-'")!$ *$--"$("$$!$(( $"-"+')!( 7$*<$+1$"-. %!-"("! $*$"-("! $"$.%&$!9'+$( $$$$("$'$ '$$+.<(*+3! $"-!$$+-$!((. A(&$"+$*(+! members are diverse as are their (".8!+&! *$"-(" 2(--1!'+"!$*!$3+$ )$. <$(+(',-(& '$3("$($"'$ !3$"(*$.2$" )(&,$-'* (")$"")("$$". 8"*'-"$(*$("$$!$! (&-"!$(+( ()$-$"-3"$$!. 8$+$"$$"-2$!,2 7-+$!$--$,! '$!+,$"$"$'() $$+.0("A!""! $$*$&(")$"-$-3((") 42+!''+(*$&(")$& **($=$(-A!"". 4$,!(B-(-"&",!$ B-(-(!"(C'$*$ !$'(.= %!((-$3$(-",!$ !,-,-'(&("! .;!"$&-,!$" !("),(!$")'+!+$ D +(")$D +(") $"-!3$D $-!( *("-. <$*"7$"##$(4*$(+$"-"('( (+,(!$")'+.= %!3*$(+$""('((+($$-+$(+ !()!$*")!()# $"-##+$-.%!+$ ,(-'($-3(!" -$*"E8,$+$+$"Beach School Students Form Tight Knit Family (".$-$"-'$-+. $*$(").0"C+(,!(( $.F3+-,". $-.6+'. ;&!$-.6"/)("'. 8!+0!-)**-( '+$+(")4<$3"G5,( 3(.= 8!-""-!( "$-$+$!(!" !$"-!+)"(!$ (((*$3!$! 1!'!+,($,$+' $!$*(+. STUDENT OF THE YEAR Matthew McCurdy, left, was named the Pensacola Beach Elementary School Student of the Year. The award is given to the student who excels in academics, good citizenship in addition to persevering and overcoming personal challenges. SHINING STAR Cali Hargrove, right, is Pensacola Beach Elementary Schools Shining Star. This award is given to a student who exemplifies high character and acts as a positive role model for other students. Both of the awards are voted on by the Beach Schools teachers and staff. Congratulations to Matthew and Cali. LACIE GRADUATES LAW SCHOOL Barry University, Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, is pleased to announce that Lacie Jean Tallo received the degree of Juris Doctorate with honors in Children and Family Certification, May 1. Prior to Law School, Lacie graduated from Florida State University receiving a B.A. in Communications and a minor in English. Lacie, who was raised on Pensacola Beach, is the daughter of Monette and Sam Hodges and Ronnie Tallo. She is the granddaughter of Mike and Jeannie Tinnerello and Russell and Carla Tallo and the great granddaughter of Nat Colona, Sr. Lacie is living in Orlando, where she is studying in preparation for taking the Bar Exam.


Island TimesPAGE 3Forever ...Barefoot on the BeachAs a tribute to Jane Waters who passed away January 10, 2012 Island Times will continue to run some of Jane’s favorite columns for your enjoyment May 28, 2013 Our latitude will change your attitude 5EEE* G;4*H/"HAA".unch pecials on ri inner pecials NihtlyCATCH IT ALL! ysters resh ulf eafoodN aterfront inin !"" ie usic ift hop ids layround ia de una Sports in Hi Def40 TVs 8 Big Screens "#""$" WINGSery hursdayc onday aun Nite uesday urf and urf ed eican adness pecials ues %&" of ine ed !" pecials hurs !" pecials u e s d a y u r f a n d u r f u e s d a y u r f a n d u r f e d e i c a n a d n e s s e d e i c a n a d n e s s All Sports Always On Pensacola Beach ChurchBINGO each month @ 6:30 p.m. $20 Dinner available for sale beginning at 6 p.m. www.thebeachchurch.com &J;%%K A?ALOQ The Islander Newspaper is a born again every week publication which is created in a windowless, oxygenless, concrete block walled room, lovingly called “The Dungeon. “ Liz and I toil there, submerged among miscellaneous pieces of equipment of various vintages all of which seem to be subject to hypochondria. If the editors themselves seem to suffer from excessive thirst and manic depression, don’t worry…these are occupational diseases, which can be quickly cured as soon as the layout sheets are securely packed for the trip to Crestview, and we can ascend into the upper reaches of our Ariola tower, to replenish our oxygen supply. Yesterday, I was forced to clean The Dungeon. All its bad points, its defects, its drawbacks, and inadequacies blossomed as I pushed the broom along the aging 3("+D Not only is the office too small, too dark, too dreary, and too hot, all the wall receptacles are on one side. So, if you should ever be forced to visit us, be sure !&!D -" ning crossways. The physical problems of The Dungeon are bad enough, but the nature of the newspaper business creates weekly paper snowstorms with drifts rising up the walls. Every level surface is covered with paper…layout sheets, typing paper, photo paper, yesterday’s New Journal, art work, last month’s bills, rejected photos, and enough shredded trim paper to start a new sport on Pensacola Beach, “Scrap Paper Skiing.” I sit on a tall stool when I am working to keep from drowning in constantly reproducing debris. It is really an awesome mess which bothers some people a lot and some people not at all. Last week Pam Jordan arrived right after clean up time. Pam, who has been bringing 3!*" 3+$ *$&-4;,!((! (*B!$33"!( look like this. “ She courteously refrained from using such explicit language as “clean” and “neat.” Cathy Kress, who has survived safaris in African jungles and who runs all over town with a Zoomobile full of wild creatures, is never intimidated by the horrendous chaos which surrounds us as we work. Of course, she usually arrives carrying a small pistol, wearing boots and a helmet, and she never stays very long… like, “Hi, here’s my column. Have to go now.” Is this the same Cathy who will sit in a restaurant and converse for hours? Then, there are the cagey columnists like Pastor Jack and Jeff Snyder. They always manage to turn their copy in at the door, remaining in the circulating air of the driveway. Somehow, neither one seems to yearn to spend any time in the dank environs from which The Islander springs every week. Then, take Dene Vaughn… she doesn’t even venture onto Ariola Drive. She sends her column by messenger. That’s how close she comes to The Dungeon. The fringe people who are obligated to enter our web, frequently exhibit real fear of getting bogged into a mire of quickpaper, never to be heard from again. “Good grief,” Mark Cashon ,$(-! (*!"The Dungeon. 48",$ $ like this,” Liz told him. “Even The News Journal .” Mark shook his head and headed for his studio in the bright Rip Curl window. Buddy Green necessarily must tolerate The Dungeon now and then as he makes repairs. Last time, he came over, things were almost at a break point. He stood on a stack of Islanders dating back to June 1981 and said, “What do you want me to do with this bill?” “In the shoe box,” I muttered. “There are six of them and they are all full” he answered. “Just give it to me,” I said. He tucked it back into his order book. “I’ll get it to you later.” He looked like he didn’t trust anyone who had to kick boxes, paper wads and wax blobs out of !,$+C "-!!". On the other hand, John Layson brings in photographs almost every week, and makes no comment one way or the other about The Dungeon. If he is upset or frightened by it all, he courageously hides his feelings, and pretends he is not really standing on copies of My Captain’s 19979 ad, a picture of Rooney’s Restaurants, and a faded cheese cracker box. John displays enthusiasm for the photo journalistic roles he plays for The Islander. He probably things the hazards of "(")! *$+'$ the training for photogenic beach disasters. Liz and I handle these inconveniences without complaining on any long term basis. However, the typesetter, the prima donna of all computers, voices her dislike (*$'$-,$ up on her screen. Why is a Queen held prisoner in a Dungeon, she asks, as she refuses to let one letter contact properly with the chips…she groans and crumples up expensive paper. She throws black spots into the middle of ads. She rants and raves and sends threatening messages. And then, "$+!!$)!(+('$&$"does nothing. No black blobs. No type. No tirades. No shrill messages. Nothing. She is the one great power in The Dungeon. She is the force of our small universe. Quickly, we begin to pacify her. We set the air conditioning at 55 yep, Fahrenheit! We turn fans on her. We start sweeping the D .;$&("!!-". We curtsey each time we pass her pouting screen. After a while we hear a cheerful click, click, click…a merry beep, beep, beep. The stories are coming through slick and clean. The moral of this column is if you must work in a Dungeon, do not underestimate the power of a computer especially a female computer. 97*R>.. OS). AO!97 9 !


PAGE 4 Island TimesMay 28, 2013 PEOPLE ? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ??? ? ? ?? ? ? T ? ?? ?rivia? ?? ? Com e as you are Bike, boat or car Play & Stay R ates Reservations 850-932-2319 INN Top 10 Florida Beach Bars Full Service Open Air Go where the locals go Dance in the sand Eat by the Sound FUN Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Games Bring your boat to our dock MUSIC FOOD Try a Fred Burger or Renee’s Famous Shrimp Salad 21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach 850-916-5087 paradisebar-grill.com BAR May 28 Motor City Josh, 6 PMMay 29 Motor City Josh, 6 PMMay 31 Posi Tones, 6 PMJune 1 Reddog & Friends, 6 PMJune 2 Brooks Hubbert, III, 3 PMJune 6 Victor Wainwright, 6 PMJune 7 Bryan Lee, 6 PMJune 8 Bryan Lee, 6 PMJune 9 Victor Wainwright, 3 PMJune 11 Victor Wainwright, 6 PM Keep The Hurricanes Away Wooly Booger Bawl PM E E..; E E;Meet Queen Shugah Jayne The Trivia Master asked the Wooly Boogers to divulge a little known fact about their existence and the preservation of their Island tribe. It tripped up most, but not the scholarly and esteemed Sandspur publisher Chuck Steele. He did not consult the Beach oracle G. Cole. He did not seek council of the Knights of the Trivia Roundtable. Setting his beer and fishing pole aside, he sent a swift email to the pompous Trivia Master, “Jim and Bonnie Elbert.” It was indeed his neighbors Jim and Bonnie Elbert who started an organization to keep Wooly Boogerism alive. They named it the “Wooly Booger Preservation Society.” The Elberts, who still live in their waterfront home on Panferio, are longtime beach residents and retired from the grind of running multiple retail beach stores when their son Jeff took over the family business. In 1996, they declared the Wooly Booger to be an endangered Beach wildlife species due to loss of habitat. WPS membership required that a person was Wooly or was Wooly-related. It’s uncertain how many Preservation Society meetings were held, since the venues would have been dark bar rooms or sandfront beaches. The tribe thrives. Jim and Bonnie are proud Wooly Boogers. Big Bob Dority, who has a fancy new Galaxy tablet, and Offshore Chuck Brower, were among the throngs of people who answered Les and Lynn Cieutat. While they are certainly the wooliest of Woolies, they did not start the Wooly Booger Preservation Society. Les, who passed away, was the founder and energy behind organizing the Wooly Booger Social Club. His High Wooliness Les watches over the island tribe from his vantage point above the Paradise Bar. Her Royal Wrongness Joanne Brooks shall reign forever. Long live the Queen of Wrong Answers! The Queen waved her scepter and presented Les and Joy Anderson as the WPS founders. The couple, who owned the famous Sundeck Saloon and Sidewalk Caf in the heart of the Sandspur Republic, were not the WPS founders. They were champions of the Wooly Booger lifestyle. Burgers and darts. The wine menu had two choices. Red or white. Queen Jo has allowed a few to enter her kingdom, their passports are but temporary. She fully expects them to get one right soon. Monika Cosson thought it was Les and Bonnie Cieutat. Most-of-the-time Beach resident Jane McGrath quipped it was Les Cieutat and threw Sgt. Roy Wilson’s name into the answer, just for good measure. Enjoy your stay in the Land of Wrong Answers, ladies. The Queen of the Krewe of Coma Christine Cook blasted an email to the TM with a correct statement, but a wrong answer. “Les Cieutat, his High Wooliness established the Wooly Booger Social Club.” So, Stainless gets the shirt and goes back to fishing and sipping. The Trivia Master loves the ladies who work so diligently to send answers. So, name the lady who did not work diligently at anything for a while, thus earning the title of Beach Bum of the Year. She was the first lady to achieve this lofty status. Do you know who she is? Send your answer, along with your name and phone number to islandtimes@bellsouth.net. Hurry, the beer’s getting warm. Deadline to enter is June 4. CONGRATS GRADS Two former Pensacola Beach residents graduated from college in May. Proud parents Maria and Bill Weisnicht announced that daughter Eleni graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Biological engineering. New mom Sydney Waters received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a GIS cer( $.1+-"+C*-$ soil sample research project. She loves the environment and would like to work for the EPA or Park Service. Little Sailor and husband Jeff are very proud. OFF TO NASHVILLE Madison Murphy has earned some time off. The high school senior who carried all college courses with dual enrollment last semester is taking a graduation trip to Nashville to spend a month with BZR Turner’s daughter, Haven. Then, it’s off to NYU for six weeks. According to mom Linda, Madison will enroll at the University of West Florida in the fall. HAPPY CAMPERS Beach businesses and residents rallied around Karen Cook Cowen and the Krewe of Bananimals to help provide beach toys, towels, swimwear and fishing gear for hundreds of children who attend Camp Happy Sands. Shaggy’s, the Lunch Bunch, Beach Chamber members and Pensacola Beach Elementary’s Junior Optimist Club sent checks and items for the kids. Beach teenager Cody Cowen loaded, hauled and transported the items !( "$-("$(".$ year the camp served 195 disadvantaged children. READ ME Author Laura Morrigan will release “Woof at the Door,” the ("$",("3" July 2. Until that time, readers can ask her mom Pensacola Beach’s Frances Grow what the book’s $')$&$! chapter on her website, lauramorrigan.com. According to Laura, her mom is her number one fan! MUSIC FOR MOM The Pensacola Symphony Orchestra’s May 12 Mother’s Day concert was a huge hit. Among the one thousand guests were Art and Char Parrish, Amy Depew, Dee Riley and her sister Millie, Pandora de Balthazar and John Parrish, to name just a few. VINTAGE PHOTO Beach School fourth grader Lauren Thompson had some good news to share with the Island Times publisher. She unearthed a vintage copy of The Islander Newspaper which featured two photos of interest. Her dad and his fellow Marines were wearing military uniforms in one, and the second showed them in Beach H"( )!/)$.8 the time, her dad Mark was a Marine Corps lieutenant. He recently retired as a Lt. Colonel. Her mom is Dr. Jenny Thompson. NEWS GUY Channel 3 News reporter Joe Douglass had to cover the ($!"$ ""2!/ Day, but he made sure his mom (3-$'"!D ," May 12. He is a California boy, and mom still lives in LA, so the bouquet will have to do until she can come to visit the white sand beaches of Santa Rosa Island. FIFTY YEARS OF GIRL POWER Carleen Wheeler is an energetic lady who never misses a chance to volunteer. She’s at everything from church to Mardi Gras events. It’s no surprise that she is part of the Philanthropic Education Organization which encourages young women to seek higher education opportunities. The PEO recently recognized 7$" ++$** bership. She traveled to Central Florida to accept the award. Daun Dodson accompanied her. TWENTY YEARS AT THE PARK Teacher and multi-sport athlete Linda Fogel travels to Massachusetts working a summer job that she simply loves. She has served as a National Park Service lifeguard for twenty years. The swimmers are in good hands. BEACH BOUND Jim and Lila Cox have a home full of guests, so they toured them around Beach hot spots like Paradise, Casino Beach and the famous Fiesta Sandsculpture Contest. First to arrive was Maureen Tierney from Newport, Kentucky. Then the Wauconda, Illinois gang made their trek South arriving May 18. Jim’s niece Maria Weisbruch and husband Scott, along with his great nieces Sarah and Hannah Stendebach and their friend Kelly Dopak.


PAGE 5 Island Times May 28, 2013 Hot Rods roared into Paradise Inn, May 16-19 Top photo Paradise’s Terese Overlade gets a hug rom Charlie Tisdale, who owns the red T-bird convertible Bottom photo Warren Spike Livaudais drove his 1955 Sea Mist Green Chevy rom Hammond, Louisiana to oin the other car enthusiasts or a beach weekend Visitors Center, Segway Tours and Coffee House Ministry Meet Committee ApprovalConstruction of a new Pensacola Beach isitors Center could begin as early as October 1 according to a report presented by Architect John Tice to the Santa Rosa Island Authority Architectural and Environmental Committee at their May 22 meeting. The project, which would relocate the Center to the north end of the Casino Beach parking area, could be out for bid this summer, if it receives full board approval next month. “We will be looking for contractors who can deliver the quality we expect,” said Tice. The new building will be elevated with a south facing entryway, a lift for those who cannot climb stairs and large windows to allow for natural light. In addition the upgrades to the interior include a lobby with a information desk, free standing kiosks and display areas. The design shows ,$"-$*$). Future plans may include the option for additional retail spaces. Wheels, reels and coffee house preaching were considered by the Administrative Committee. The request by Innerlight to '$!!(-D!( Pensacola Beach Boulevard location to Ben Martin, owner of The Drowsy Poet, received unanimous Committee approval. The Coffee House would be open from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. everyday and feature a ministry, Christian bands and comedy nights. The request from Chris Phillips of Hot Spots to sublease the D$'$($"-$&$"!(")!$'("$B"" light was also approved, but will appear on the Full Board’s regular agenda due to the need for further input from staff because of its -)"-D$(". Nick Schuck of Emerald Coast Tours, received approval to operate Segway Tours from the Tiki Island Golf and Games, contingent on the execution of an interlocal agreement. Escambia County is drafting an interlocal agreement to address both Segway and pedicab operations on Pensacola Beach. A tour operator will lead groups of 5 riders east along the sidewalk to the residential beach streets during an hour long tour costing 55 per person. Banks Enterprises received approval to host the Gulf Coast Summerfest at Casino Beach, August 31. The one day Labor Day Weekend concert event would cordon off an area of the sand beach for staging and the audience. Promoter Cadillac Banks commented, “Concerts are a way to draw people to the beach. I can bring a good concert on a low budget.” Banks anticipates ticket prices to be 65. In support of the National Naval Aviation Museum’s fiftieth anniversary, Administrative Committee Member Dave Pavlock suggested the SRIA become a Bronze level sponsor. The 1, donation doubles the previous year’s amount. The Committee voted to approve the amount, but Member Janice Gil+$&-$--(("$$($ tion from staff on donations. “I am in favor of this sponsorship, but how do we dole out money and how much do we have to dole out?” she asked. Executive Director Buck Lee referred her to Finance Director Dottie Ford. In her monthly report, Ford gave the Committee a positive accounting of the income for March. Lease fee revenues were 4.5 higher than the previous year. Collections totalled 594,45. Expenditures remain below budget. The Santa Rosa Island Authority Full Board will meet, Wednesday, June 12 at 5 p.m. at 1 ia de Luna. The meetings are open to the public. Agendas are $3$($'$,,,.($D$.*.


PAGE 6 Island Times May 28, 2013 aii peas, porridge and a dry martini 850-261-2462Owner Peggy Henshall is ready to keep you in stitches!wwwCaunStitcherycom CaunStitcheryyahoocomnames, logos, custom artsmall or large quantities Marias Fresh Seafood MarketTae a little it of te ulf Coast ome res from te oats daily e an old pa for travel or sip anywere C S C B aiva Serving Breakfast and Lunch Award winning servie iaTarr mens unil ealrs Tar LindaMurphyRealtor@bellsouth.net www.pensacolagulfbreezehomes.com independently owned and operated Perfected in 195, after 23 years of trial and error by Grandma Dorothy. Great as a saladslaw dressing and as a marinade. Available at Apple Market and Joe Patti’s.Something I learned recently is that lots of people gamble on the Internet. I didn’t know that. I knew about the games, but not gambling for real money. That really surprised me since I consider it a “roll of the dice” any time I turn on my computer. That’s enough of a gamble for me in cyberspace anyway. If I’m gonna gamble with real money, then I want the real thing! I want the whole casino atmosphere as well as the freebies like free rooms, food, drinks, and especially their money known as free play. Oh, I know it’s not really free but my goal is to get the free play money outta their machine and into my own little grubby hands. My husband Bill and I attended the Gulf Breeze Middle School Symphony performed in the Saenger Theatre. Grandson Jesiah joined the band this year which is taught by Band Director Susan Smithey. She does so much more than teach our children to read and play music. She directs them until they can feel the music. I think that’s a very valuable lesson. The ability to feel and connect with music can change the life of an adolescent. They will always remember how Susan Smithey made them feel. Sometimes there’s a rare teacher who makes her students feel special at a time when they may need it most whether they know it yet or not. Just ask any of her kids which is their favorite class. So I’d like to say “Thank You” to Susan Smithey. Not only were our children prepared and amazing, but the setting was so exquisite that if my grandson never sets foot on another stage, I’ll always have that performance in my heart. Our granddaughter Quincy Rowe aka my SissyGirl also had achievements to celebrate. We traveled all the way to the Naval Museum on Sunday afternoon. Yes, that’s a long way for islanders on any day but especially those of us who usually refuse to leave the beach on the weekends. It was worth it. My SissyGirl joined the Girl Scouts as a Daisy last year. She has sold cookies, completed assignments, enjoyed rewards, and earned all her badges to graduate to the "3.1!( ($+$ Brownie Scout, new vest and all. Being my granddaughter, she really wanted a sash instead of a vest. Well, of course she would! Everyone knows sashes look a lot more regal than vests. And !/"(+$%($$("!$ child’s future. On the subject of tiaras, our current Reigning Queen Shugah Jayne Drees Redmond of the Wooly Booger Social Club has extended Royal Invitations to everyone in her Queendom on -$+A"#4 Ye Islanders, Be Ye Locals, or Be Ye isitors from Afar.” Queen Shugah Jayne is presenting the Keep the Hurricanes Away this Season Bawl. Per our Queen’s request, I !$3"( -!;+$* ily in Oklahoma since they expressed a desire to attend all the Wooly Booger Bawls because they so enjoyed the festivities last year. Of course, they loved the name! I hope all of you come out to Paradise for this one. Should we somehow have one of those dreaded storms in spite of our efforts, you will certainly be blamed if you did not attend. You could also incur the wrath of Queen Shugah not to mention some other powerful forces that you do not want to antagonize. So mark your calendars and start rounding-up your lucky charms, hoo-doo, we-doo, decorated Sheriff Badges and any offerings you might want $( 3"! Wooly Booger Altar. All white magic is welcome. To us this is one of the best parties of the year. Even the innocent by this I mean those who just happen to be at Paradise for the food or music get excited and insist on joining the festivities once they understand the meaning of the Bawl. Queen Shugah Jayne welcomes the pledges of support, loyalty and participation from her fun-loving islanders, mainlanders and visitors. Remember, “No Queen is an Island” which is a very famous quote that I just made up. For now, it’s time to share another great recipe. It comes from one of our own SOB’s Karen Hagford who currently lives on the East Coast in Fernadina Beach with husband Rick a long time National Park employee. Karen’s a prime example of the SOB creed that “being an SOB is a matter of the heart, not the location.” She makes enough of this recipe to freeze some for grandsons Stephen and Andrew Fredrickson. Quick and easy two things I love in the kitchen! Another (!D ('((+!(( exchange ingredients. But mostly I love being in the kitchen with my granddaughter SissyGirlpriceless. Let’s cook Baby Pot Pies Left-over chicken, cubed Celery stalks, well diced Peas & Carrots (use frozen, but allow to thaw) 1 Can Cream of celery or Chicken Soup 1 package Crescent Rolls Depending on the amount of left-over chicken, use celery, peas and carrots as needed. Starting with can of the chosen soup, add the remaining ingredients. Mix well, adding more if needed. After spooning mixture onto separated triangles of crescent dough, roll and seal it. Place seam side down on '$&(")$"$"-'$&("$ preheated oven until rolls are puffy and golden brown approx. 12-15 minutes. Freeze left-over rolls in freezer safe wrap or container. To re-serve, place frozen roll in microwave on safe dish and cook 1-2 minutes until heated through. Enjoy! Don’t forget to share and may God Bless our eterans and our friends and neighbors in Oklahoma. See ya at the Bawl a !"!Tr ria # $ # !"#$! %& Bank of the South Island Branch ull Servie aning Close to Home


Island Times PAGE 7 May 28, 2013 Jennifer Byrom, P.A. !T &"!$'$!$&""&"#$$"($)*"+Tr irar i air916-9000 Bytes & Bits rra '(()#%*''+,-,, iking & Backpacking Snow Ski pparel Rock Climbing ear, Ropes & Shoes ndoor Rock Climbing allwwwweatherordsnet Men’s and Women’s Casual & Outdoor Clothing Steve Headley, an Army helicopter pilot recently back from ietnam, and Carol, a school teacher, met on Pensacola Beach in 192 at Dirty Joe’s. They were married April 2, 193. They are celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary. Steve, a Marshall University graduate, and Carol, a University of Alabama graduate, spent the ,+$*$($),& ing in Guam and traveling in the Far East before returning home to Pensacola. Their daughter, Christy, was born in 196, and they bought !( !*"!'$!(" 198. They have lived in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Beach area since then. On the Beach, they were two of the few original Capt’n Fun Runners, long-time members of the Pensacola Beach Yacht Club, and the Elk’s Lodge. Over the years, they’ve enjoyed numerous 1K races, marathons, triathlons, sailboat races, exciting vacations, Beach Mardi Gras parades and Blue Angels shows with their many wonderful friends. For twenty years, Steve owned sailboats with close friends Joe Stanley and Don Taylor. There are many fond memories and funny stories to be told about those sailing adventures and misadventures from Isla Murjeres, "#!#ariMexico to Pirate’s Cove with guys, wives and friends. Currently, Steve and Carol are building another home on Pensacola Beach, their favorite place in the world. They enjoy spending time with their daughter, son-in-law, two beautiful grandchildren and, of course, their many friends. Congratulations to you both. Carol and Steve Headley on their wedding day and celebrating their 40th anniversary.By Cross in the Sand AAs I write this article it is just minutes after seeing the news about the devastation by the tornados in Oklahoma. It is with great sadness that so many people have lost loved ones, caring for those injured and picking up what is left of their homes. I think it is only appropriate that we think about our prayers as others in our country are still +(") "-,$+* those in pain and looking at the task of rebuilding. It is certainly God we turn to for strength and hope. There are times we say the words that we will pray or ask for prayers, but what you may not know is there are many studies are being done to examine the effectiveness of prayer in aiding the process of physical and emotional healing. Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D., a doctor who has followed much of the research on prayer studies stated, Connecting to something other than self, something that inspires you, *!(")!$ +,(!$, and love they all embolden the healing spirit. In an article about the potential healing power of prayer, research reveals that prayer can help people recover from depression and illness by focusing the mind on the things in life that cause us to be grateful. It is also a way of expressing comfort in times of devastation when the whole world seems to be falling in around you. As we see events unfold around our world it is a way that we can do something that will let others know of our care and concern. Many people of faith, prayer is a natural expression of trust and dependence upon God. Yet, no matter what you believe about prayer, it may be just the prescription to bring relief to someone in serious need. Here is a short prayer for your consideration.l and lin d I apprah u han u r he are u share ih us This praer is espeiall r hse hse rld and lies hae een haned he ilen srms in la hma I as u mr hse hurin ie sheler hse hmeless ie peae hse in urmil and le hse h eel all alne s all ie me he srenh er msel r ur d ill men Q “What is 3-D printing?” A The latest thing in printers is the ability to “print” three-dimensional objects. It is certainly not what you normally think of when you imagine how a regular printer works. 3-D printing is done by special printers that can deposit layers of liquid material, such as plastic, to form pre"-!$. The design information about the object that you want to create is sent to the printer from a computer or USB memory stick. The printer then analyzes the data, electronically slicing it into thin layers. The printer then deposits the material in layers, gradually building up the shape of the object. It is the opposite of traditional machining techniques, in which an object is carved from a block of material. The technology is already far-reaching and is available for the typical home user in its simplest form. Major advances in the business world have been made the creation of products used for everything from airplane parts to human body parts. This kind of process might not lend itself well to mass-production environments, but for small business operations doing custom work, it has a great potential. Eventually, we could even be making the things that we need around the house. For the home market, printers might cost 1, or less. However the inking materials could be quite expensive, depending on what you are trying to print. The list of things that can be created seems to be endless --your face, jewelry, car parts, shoes. And, before you ask, yes I did see one operational gun that was “printed” with such a printer. One manufacturer even suggested that one day new cars will come with a printer and a USB memory stick containing all the parts that you can make for yourself. This article was provided by The Stukey Group. For questions, contact Joe at joe@ycpals. com or call 85-26-3156. Beach School Class o 2006 Gul Breee Class o 2013 Congrats Class of 2013,*-.'/0$'/!"!'1"' %"!/!"'2"'33',*" 4"'-!3"&"'01'.!3"5" 6"'3!3'789'3:$$'0 :$'0.'-"0'.%5"'3! H T F A F O %2;258"' 6%--$"!' G B H S S G B S


PAGE 8 Island Times May 28, 2013 The Lizzards Tongue ...........by elizabeth hewson It all started innocently enough a few weeks ago. It was nothing more than a standard permission slip allowing the Kid to travel to the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter in Milton with his PE class to do volunteer work. Gulf Breeze High School would provide the transportation and the chaperones. All I had to do was simply sign and make sure the Kid had lunch money. However, nothing with a high school boy is ever innocent, standard, or simple. The night before the field trip, the dinner table conversation revolved around the pets we had as a family. There were a lot of remember whens. Over the past 2 years, we have loved, nurtured and grieved for our dogs and cat -Roy, Charlie, Sally and Sparky. Roy, who came to me via a co-workers ugly divorce and while the then 1stLt was deployed, was only with us for 1 months. A Bull Mastiff mix, Roy could leap the backyard fence in a single bound. Even electri-(-"I"$("!(*$ he was determined to catch that darn cat. His kryptonite was American steel going 25 m.p.h. Roy headbutted the side of a car while in pursuit of the elusive feline. Heartbroken, I vowed no more animals. Then we rescued Charlie, a two-year-old mutt. When people would ask what kind of mix he was, my response was usually, Well, it would probably be quicker to tell you what he isnt. We knew two things about Charlie upon adoption, his breed was not one of them. First, he had endured endless beatings, starvation, target practice and a gasoline bath at the hands of his previous owners. Second, he had endless love to share. Charlie was a loyal and faithful 85 pound furry *$"("3#+$3 cross country moves, multiple deployments, and the birth of the Kid. As long as there was kibble in his bowl and belly scratches to be had, Charlie thought he could outlive us all. He gave it his best, as he almost lived to be 1. Heartbroken, I vowed no more animals. Of course to assist in the rehabilitation of Charlies beaten, but certainly not broken spirit, the vet suggested that we adopt a female puppy. Thus, we acquired Sally. Half Doberman Pinscher, half Australian Shepherd, Sally was smart, independent, and had a face only her mother, meaning me, could love. She worked tirelessly teaching Charlie to wag his tail and to bark. She was always up to something whether it was !-(")(")-,"! steps or catching squirrels in the backyard. Well over six feet long in full stretched out mode, Sally managed to take up as much bed space as possible for more than 13 years. After standing tall for four cross country moves, multiple deployments, and the birth of the Kid, one night she bent down to eat her dinner and her back gave way from her neck to her tail. Heartbroken, I vowed no more animals. Then came Sparky, the cat with nine lives and the sense to come in out of the rain. During $!(!"-$"-()!"(") storm, Sparky jumped into our neighbors mini-van when they rolled down their window to see what was curled up alongside the road. They were Pug owners and Sparky was an unwelcomed guest. The Colonel said we could keep her. We found out the hard way that the Kid was, and still is, highly allergic to cat dander. Within months, Sparky found herself living on a waterfront farm in Southern Maryland. Every so often I would see her scooting along the driveway that lead to the main house. Heartbroken, I vowed no more animals. 1!-$+!-( I reminded the Kid of two very important things please be on your best behavior and dont even think about getting any animal. No dog. No cat. No goldfish. No chinchilla. No monkey. No animals of any kind. Once the Kid was off to school, the Colonel and I began our journey to an ultra-marathon competition that would challenge him for 55 miles over and through some very unforgiving terrain in the Blue Ridge Mountains. By 33 p.m. and somewhere along the Appalachian Highway, I received the text message With Auntie Shoux. Day was good. There were two dogs that were ALMOST smuggled home. After multiple text messages with the Kid and my sister, plus a quick peruse of the Shelters website, I realized at least he was using his manners. The next afternoon, the Colonel, along with 15 other runners, assembled at the start line for the Cruel Jewel. As fate would have it, at mile 35 and in a driving rain storm, the Colonel admitted he was done. The mountains, treacherously slick with wet, red clay, had won this time. It was one in the morning. While I drove us back to the hotel, we made the decision to check out after we rested until a reasonable hour like six a.m. Neither one of us said it. We didnt have to. There was no mountain too high or clay too wet, nothing would stop us from getting to Milton before the animal shelter closed. Until next time, I will be hanging out on Dog Beach with our newest family member, Pete, a four-year-old Pointer mix.


PAGE 9 Island Times May 28, 2013 premier dolphin cruise pensacola beach, florida www.pensacoladolphincruise.com PH / 866.976.2572 FACEBOOK / pensacoladolphincruiseBook online or call today! All cruises depart from behind the Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach Computer epair in our Home www.ycpals.com joe@ycpals.com ra i aa Tarirar In Stock... iaaa edhielue edSilerlue ies ariiriaivi a alls himsial Ts ara T a r i r a r Pensacola Parade Peopleara iri On SALE! ariraa purple reen ld Store Hours aaHer Royal Sweetness, Queen Shugah Jayne Drees Redmond, The Benevolent and Adorable Titular Ruler of the Great Sandspur Republic has decreed that her island tribe of Wooly Boogers should awaken from their slumber and appear at Paradise Bar and Grill, Saturday, June 1 sometime around 3 p.m. to celebrate the first day of storm season. The annual Wooly Booger Keep The Hurricanes Away Bawl is open to all. All prior Queen Shugahs, Sir Dudes, Royal Consorts and documented Wooly Boogers open their ranks to those Wanna-Be, Shoulda-Been, Coulda-Been and Wooly-in-Waiting subjects of the island who want to ward off hurricanes. To the under-informed, a long time ago the island had a law enforcement officer who coined the unflattering phrase “wooly booger” when referring to the beach locals. Bearded or not, the islanders loved it and wore the badge proudly. Les Cieutat started the Wooly Booger Social Club in 1996 and until his unexpected passing, was referred to as His High Wooliness. A few fierce storms changed the landscape of the island. So, it is the royal charge of Queen Shugah to shoo hurricanes away. Not an easy task. There is no charge to attend but guests should bring a good luck charm, voodoo talisman or any other oddity that may assist Queen Shugah in keep the swirling wings and raging rain from reaching our shores. There is an altar located in Paradise’s open air dining area. Mike Norris will entertain the Wooly Boogers all afternoon. Reddog and Friends take the stage at 6 p.m. Paradise General Manager and former Queen Shugah Renee Mack said the kitchen will be open, the bartenders will be ready, and those storms better stay away. The National Hurricane Center makes dire predictions about the number of storms ready to wreck the beach and proclaimed May 26 June 1 as National Hurricane Preparedness Week. “I am ready to protect the island,” Queen Shugah Jayne proclaimed. “I require Wooly toasting and dancing to power me up for the tasks ahead.” So, there you have it. You must drink and dance and have a good time at Paradise, June 1. The Queen has spoken. Wooly Boogers ary To Haper Hurricanes reuire ooly toasting and daning to power me up for te tass aead S Island Times Blog“where shelly waters meet sandy beaches”www.myislandtimes.com


PAGE 10Island TimesMay 28, 2013 Call Dennis Remesch 850-384-7607 wwwdenremcom denremdenremcomaT ? H S GULF BREEE NAVARRE B B B C Stunning on Santa Rosa Sound our own beach with 173 acres Build your dream home 180,000 Owner will divide C G B 6"&"'<' =>?"<@' =>"<' ="<' ?"<' ="

PAGE 11 Island Times May 28, 2013uzz........................B Business Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales B D G B FL G Daniel Green, MAI, SRA State-Cert Gen REA R836 Real Estate Broker B176669 ARE O READWe understand your insurance needs850-623-8092CALL S TODA FOR A OTE Lie, Business Auto & Motorcycle Commercial Vehicle Homeowners & Flood !!ET! Exceeding Clients ExpectationsŽparadisecoastalrealty.com Kimberlee Bell Joe Billingsly Robbin Boyd Christine Furman Ardythe Haas Kevin Hayes Jennifer McCrary David Owens Shana Santos Fred Simmons Sandy Zern !!"###C G F B B SF B P A TParadise Bar has been awarded third place in the Florida Beach Bars online voting poll. The Sandshaker Lounge bushwacked its way to tenth place. Good $ "-$$-'3 age and some colorful characters. TIf you hang around at Crab’s, We Got Em long enough, you are bound to see a familiar face from television. The most recent celebrity to dine under the red roof is Chef Robert Irvine from television’s Restaurant Impossible. Adam Richman loved the beignets and 'L$"-0*($)$ *part of his Florida series from the Crab’s Gulf front patio. TTwo Beach eateries celebrated birthdays recently. The Grand Marlin, which revitalized the northernmost spot on the Island, is now three years old. And, the funky and fun Shaggy’s has been open for one year. T?Beach poet and expert dart player Mike Willett wants to get a beachwide dart tourney organized to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of one of the famous “Dart Parties.” The party and tourney was June 28, 1983. Players threw at local pubs and pizza places, honing their skills for the annual event. Paddy O’Leary’s Irish Pub is the former home of Nero’s, a den of dart throwing and hard partying people. Will they revive the tradition? TDid you see Sean Rogan at the Cactus Flower? The former Beach Chamber board member has returned to the island as the manager of the new restaurant on the Boardwalk. See if you can catch him to say hello. He’s busy keeping diners happy. Feeding hot and hungry beach goers at Park East and Park West was Deputy Hal Harris’ other job. Not this summer. He sold his Beach Buns and Dawgs concession to Amy and Lenny Gruszczynski, who also have a shaved ice business. You can ride the free trolley to Park West. It’s stop number one. Tami Gordon and Saltwater Rick Uzdevenes are starting a new music duo, Sandbox. Tami plays with Whiskey Down and teaches guitar. Prior to forming this duo, Rick and Tami worked together in Mixed Nuts. Look for Sandbox at a poolside bar soon.TTGet out your cowboy hat and dust off your boots. Stacey Wright said the Cowboy and Cowgirl Party starts at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 1. Two step to Southern Reckoning. Free horse parking.TTTIf you’ve added a new boat to your list of summer toys, call Bay Insurance. The family owned agency can quote on your boat, home and bike policies. Serious anglers who all happen to be women will weigh in their catch from noon to 2 p.m. at Flounder’s, Saturday, June 8 during the Pink Rubber Boots Fishing Tourney. Be there!TTGrab a copy of Trolley Times and take a free ride! Available at your favorite beach business and the isitor’s Information Center. Trolleys run 4 p.m. to midnight, every day. Beach Church Flea Market and Festival


Island Times May 28, 2013 PAGE 12 Studio98 HAIR DESIGNS TT a erinar a FULL SERVICE HAIR SALON C av rTrai/00!01" % "23 4+4 56 &7 8( %433 I rTrai LIVING BRINGS IT IN WE TAKE IT OUTC U C ," "$/A8"$ -"#'B!A%"3"'AB;""V-8 Powered Steam Clean Process Don’t orgetC?C Seeing Stars... your horoscope for next weekMadame Astra DJsBeach Cafe 63 Via de Luna across from Springhill Suites 850-916-0716 OPEN EVERYDA Y at 8 a.m. Breakast8 AM TO NOONHAVE A BIG BEACH BREAKFAST! Lunch11 AM TO 2 PM FRI -SAT3 PM TO 9 PM F R I S A T OW OPE FREE DELIVER BC L BR & PSCL i Ses ipsicSusan aselton-elleyMary Kay Independent Beauty ConsultantHeres to a more beautiful you! ree ift with orders over 40asy ordering online or by phone -aryaycomshaselton ye Shaow Fragrances Sin Care Sunscreen ARIES March 21 to April 19 Youve set a fast pace for yourself. But as you approach your goal, you might want to slow down a bit in order to take time to reassess your situation and make changes while you can. TAURUS April 2 to May 2 Patience continues to be a virtue for the Divine Bovine. So as eager as you might be to get things moving, remember that time is on your side. Make good use of it. GEMINI May 21 to June 2 Theres a wee bit of uncertainty in the early part of the week. But things clear up as more facts come to light. Spend quality time this weekend with family and friends. CANCER June 21 to July 22 An old friends return could open new possibilities for both of you. But dont let yourself be rushed into anything. There could be some factors you havent yet explored. LEO July 23 to August 22 This week offers a challenge youre raring to take on. And while eager to get started, do so slowly so that you can focus those sharp Cats Eyes on every detail. IRGO August 23 to September 22 Put your skepticism aside and listen to advice from colleagues whove been where you are now. What they say could be helpful as you get closer to a decision. LIBRA September 23 to October 22 A family matter might again require your reassuring touch. Handle it, as always, with kindness and fairness, even if some of your kin prove to be especially difficult. SCORPIO October 23 to November 21 Your ability to tackle even the most intricate details of a project is likely to impress some very important people. A relative shares news later this week. SAGITTARIUS November 22 to December 21 The Archers aim might be focused on the big picture this week, but dont overlook checking for those details you might have missed. CAPRICORN December 22 to January 19 You might feel awkward asking for assistance, but who would refuse the charming Goats request? Do it, then go ahead and enjoy a musical weekend. AQUARIUS January 2 to February 18 Pour some cold water on that simmering misunderstanding before it boils over. The sooner things settle, the sooner you can move ahead with your plans. PISCES February 19 to March 2 Youre in a highly productive period, which you feel can go on forever. But you could be courting exhaustion. Take time out to relax and restore your energies. BORN THIS WEEK You can combine a sense of adventure with a penchant for practicality. Have you considered a travelrelated field? S unrise and S unsetBY%SUSAN%HASELTON-KELLEYJambo hello everybody. Decisions. Decisions. May’s wardrobe...insulated underwear or shorts? The month of May on Pensacola Beach was illusive this year. However, Mr. Sun’s rays are true to nature. Most of us outdoor creatures attack the heat of the summer months with massive doses of sunscreen. Nature’s little irony, the sun can do a great deal of damage even without high temperatures. A cloudy day also brings lots of U rays to our outdoor activities. Over the next several months let’s take a Safari Trek into skin care and how to avoid the dreaded sunburn. Together we will observe sun care knowledge, including U index, protection both in and outside, and other sun care tips. On Sunday May 26, the U index in the Pensacola Beach area was very high at 9. This means protection against sun damage is needed. Particularly between 1 a.m. and 4 p.m. Shirt, hat and sunscreen rated 3 plus, are a necessity to enjoy your fun day at the beach. Long sleeved shirts and wide brim hats will help the fair skinned humans on our Safari adventure. Be mindful of young babies, children and those not accustomed to sun exposure. Our pristine white sand beaches are legendary, but will reflect U rays and can double U exposure. Remember other parts of your body when applying 3 plus sunscreen. Areas of concern back of your neck, new hair cut means new skin exposure, belt line for men and the classic, top of your feet. Moisturizing your skin from the inside out by drinking lots of water will help reduce skin damage from the cellular level. Hydration is important particularly the day before you intend to relax and enjoy a day with Mother Nature. I look forward to more sun care adventures. Quaharini until we meet again everybody. Safarisu Santa Rosa sland uthority Chairman r homas Campanella, left, welcomes Pensacola Symphony rchestra aestro Peter Rubhardt to the ulfside Pavilion at the ay 1 others ay Symphony by the Sea performance


Island Times PAGE 13 May 28, 2013THE%ISLANDER%LOUNGE%AND%PACKAGEA bit of history. The oldest lounge on Pensacola Beach located in the ia de Luna Shopping Center, about one mile east !$ ()!.1($ daily. Dance on the pole. drink $!.1!D '$-.>$( Cypress Room and Sundeck. Live music. Just steps away from The Break., our sister establishment. Open everyday for fun. 85-932-911.SHAGGYS%WATERFRONT%BAR%&%GRILLFresh seafood served overlooking Little Sabine Bay. $D $ through the open air dining room and side bar. Laid back, funky, family friendly. Arrive by boat or car, bike or on foot. Open everyday at 11 a.m. in the big red building on Pensacola Beach Boulevard. 85-934-4852. www.shaggys.biz PADDY%OLEARYS%IRISH%PUBMay the luck of the Irish be with you as you enter the Beach’s authentic Irish Pub. Happy bartenders serving Happy Hour priced drinks Monday thru Friday from 11 a.m. to p.m. Have you tried a Car Bomb? Electronic Darts. Texas Hold Em 4444 Fun. Live music. All kinds of shenanigans. Located in the historic district of Pensacola Beach, 49 ia de Luna. Call 85-916-988. www. PaddyOLearysIrishPub.com. FLOUNDERS%CHOWDER%HOUSECelebrating 3 years of Floundering neath the moon and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh catch including the Shrimp Boat Platterloaded with shrimp cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp $"->*.@(-3($1!($+)"-$on our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night 3"-/(!!,-/ "'$!'$"-. Dance all night on Flounder’s beach to the most popular bands from across the south. "-$+$,&.1"-$+"!.8!%$ ()!" beautiful Pensacola Beach, 85-932-23 ,,,.D "-!,-!.*CRABS%-%WE%GOT%EMOnly restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor outdoor bar and gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach, was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup, Stuffed Blue 7$'8$&$"1",@(") 6")"+/ "them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes. Don’t forget to try one of our signature drinks like The Crab Trap’ which come with a souvenir glass to keep! Open days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band. Look for the Red Roof. 85-932www.crabswegotem.comMCGUIRES%IRISH%PUB"8*($/)$$&!L-+3(")>168 (*1$&$-$"-B(!($(("-(")B(! man’s bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd’s Pie all inside a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon themed pub. McGuire’s is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than 5, signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings of the pub. Live entertainment coupled with great food and warm and friendly service by Employees who Give a Damn! isit our on-site brewery and the O’Tolf Wine Cellar featuring the complete vertical collection of the Chateau Mouton Rothschild Artist Series. Featured on NBC’s Today’ Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member. Open every day at 11, 85 -433-689, mcguiresirishpub.com After Sundown......................................................................................................SIDELINES%SPORTS%BAR%AND%RESTAURANT1G6"/*($(".1($("!()!"(("## big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it’s here. Famous for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs. @(-*"! J players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seating. ideo sports games. Centrally located on ia de "$C$!*$("$&(")$"-!$ ()!.@(& off at 11 a.m. seven days a week. 934-366.SANDSHAKER%LOUNGEThe “World Famous Sandshaker”a Pensacola Beach Tradition since 193. Home of the Original Bushwacker. Been selling this signature drink for over 3 years. First bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Monday half price BARE 1 a.m. til close T Hold’Em at p.m., 2 Tuesday M@$$&;-"-$+N$ dies Nite, Thursday half price T-Shirt Nite. Live Entertainment Year Round Wednesday thru Sunday. Check out the Gift Shop. Across from the Boardwalk. Open 1 am 3 am. 85-932-2211. www.sandshaker.com PARADISE%BAR%AND%GRILLA little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer. Live Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch of the Day. Renee’s Famous Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour 11-. Live Bands. Poker on Monday and Wednesday. Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it’s directly on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open days. 85-916-58.PEGLEG%PETESAhoy, Matey. You’ve found a Pensacola Beach treasure. Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks LaFitte Cove. All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlubbers. Take home a t-shirt. Look for the Jolly Rogers D +(")3!,"-!B$"-$##(&"9$-. We’re here everyday at 11. 932-4139. www.peglegpetes.com BAMBOO%WILLIES%BEACHSIDE%BARA beach experience under the giant thatched roof. Open air bar serving your favorites. Specialty Fat Tuesday frozen drinks like the Octane 19. Live music on stage. Bikini contests. Craw!("1" day afternoons. Willie’s Wear Gift Shop. Waterfront on Santa Rosa Sound. Located at the Boardwalk. 85-916-9888. www.bamboowillies.com www.myislandtimes.com .....................................................................................


PAGE 14 Island Times May 28, 2013 CLASSIFIED ADS are 5 for 2 words. Additional words are 1 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562. Real Estate For SaleCASSIFID ADRTISINPensacola Beach acations Rentals Call for the BEST RATES on Beachfront condos and beach homes oll ree -isit online gulfbluevacationscom Real Estate For Rent CalenarMAY B B G P F T R UNE DL L C A P B W B K T H A T S B P B G N T D H F T A F P G B L S S T B B G P F O A B C BINGO A B C Y S N P R B F T F W I N H S D T V D P B C B B G P F M ED S R I A M V L O P S G G P D N C A B R F T A M F P G L PL F D B B G P F C F PetsBay View at 1559 Whisper Bay LS 1 1203 Maldonado Dr LS Call odayCall Linda urphy, eller illiams Realty -ew Construction avarre Soundfront community 1, wo story Beautiful details ennis Remesch, Rea on the Coast, -WATERFROT ulf Breeze Lot in Santa Rosa Shores reat value for waterfront property on the south side of ulf Breeze eremy ohnson, Levin & Rinke Resort Realty --1 Fabulous Gul ront home that was built for entertaining BRB S foot ceilings in living area, beautiful hardwood floors, itchen with double sinks, double ovens, double dishwasher, sub zero refrigerator, granite countertops Balcony with a sunken ot ub and glass railings for fabulous gulf views ome also contains motorized storm I A I P H S D E D T N S B D B L K S B R P B P B D P O D L L RSS C S P For 26 editions delivered directly to your mailbox Send 32 to Shelley Ink PO Box 844, Gul Breee, FL 32562-0844 reading Island Times... is like having front row seats on Pensacola Beach Real Estate For Sale B C BINGO A P F R WI F N P F R W I F N B B G P F M B R S S R I A M V L O P ULY B B G P F E F E G H B A B B G P F L M S R I A M V L O P P B A S P B A S FREE C T T B B G P F T R B S R I A M V L O P B B G P F C AUGUST B K S C shutters Paradise Coastal Realty, oe Billingsly, ffice Phone Cell Ph -1-1 CTE WATERFROT COTTAGE O BAO CHICO wo bedroom1 bath, renovated 1, Plenty of land to build your larger dream home or ust add on ish and kayak from your backyard or ust enoy the water etached garageworkshop has two garage doors allowing for drive through access itchen has granite countertops and uality cabinets with self closing antislam feature reat family parks in the area, located minutes away from Pensacola S, downtown or public boat launches ont miss this waterfront opportunity Call odayCall Linda urphy, eller illiams Realty -ard SaleSAT, JE 8 7 am to 3 pm Beach Community Chuch Spaces available, onations of good accepted Contact Sheila Speirs, -SAT, JL 20, 8 am S A E C N P N T L F H A B T W


Island Times PAGE 15 May 28, 2013 Happy Hour .'EAA# V L POLIP A I P T HE%&4 / 850-932-1417 We have gone back to basics. Expect the same incredible quality food delivered in less time. FRIENDLY DOG ThursdayU WHG Y R M R B R D D S NW W CENTS M C M .9ZA RED Z?!Q@ )"9: !! #AQ G% LAMOQ@LC[CA[A Happy Hour Mon-Sat 9am-6pm Sun 9am-3pm T M T L T W M B BINGO T M K B F M K B S S R S L M T T L T W B BINGO T K B F K B S T B S C JUNE 1 Cowboy Cowgirl Party Hats & Boots 8 pm P B W G V T MLS \OQ@C?[#AOO P B G F C U P MLS ;7%OQ@?LCLC?A P B W P C P MLS ;7%OQ@?LCLC?A P B G V P MLS //OQ@LO?OC@@ ISLAND%REALTY 850-916-7188 Two Pensacola Beach groups joined forces in a collaborative effort culminating in a presentation Monday, May 2 to the RESTORE Advisory Committee in the Escambia County Commission’s boardroom. The Pensacola Beach Chamber and the Pensacola Beach Advocates board members were asked to present criteria for grading Economic Development projects, which will, in the future, be considered for funding through RESTORE monies. The nine member advisory committee comprised of volunteers will develop a plan, solicit public input and set goals for Escambia County’s use of funds received from the RESTORE Act. The Escambia County Commis(",(!$3! "$$+" which projects are funded. It is expected that Escambia County may receive 113 million "*!6,$ Horizons Oil Spill. Jim Cox, President of the Pensacola Beach Advocates commented, “The partnership of our groups, representing beach businesses and residents, gives one voice to the Beach. A solidarity that is meaningful.” The Chamber and the Advocates developed a list of general criteria to judge projects O")*'" !* munity. O" !$)"*' people and improve the quality of life for Escambia County citizens. O$("(")"! RESTORE dollars are spent. O1!,$")**(*" from both the stakeholders and '( ($. O" !'$(($"-* munities that bore the brunt of the BP oil spill Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key. O" $C)$* need to be weighed with the perceived risks. O3$)!"-(") O>(($ O>)"("$$ least do no environmental harm They addressed economic development specifically by stating that preference should be given to projects or programs that address the following Create long-term jobs noting that there should be no targeted “average annual pay rate” for the jobs, expand Escambia County’s revenue base and establish economic viability with data on the return on investment, risk analysis and the sustainability. The RESTORE Advisory Committee will receive input through June 6, after which they will establish the guidelines for use. Chamber And Advoates Team Up To Present Restore Criteria H B C F B W S M P L R P B E S P R K C P H UWF R G B W GM P B


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Island Times PAGE 17 May 28, 2013 via Climate Controlled Self Storage rive p ccess Boat Parking oving & Packing Supplies igital Surveillance Safe, Clean & Secure reat Rates Professional anagement smartstopselstoragecom 15 McClure Drive Gul Breee S A Monday Sandshaker, 7 PM Thursday Paddy O’Leary’s, 7PM Saturday The Dock, 2 PM Sunday Paddy O’Leary’s, 7 PM Texas Hold ‘Em 4444 Fun Poker Hotline 324-2667 By Charles Gheen USAT 3"):"" 2;/"Never Hurts To Tri ct Santa Rosa sland ri Blue Sky Gift Shoppeeed the perect git We are R ext to Sonic C[#L6\EOQ@LC?#A@@TriTriathlon is a sport that has exploded in the last decade with a burgeoning number of events, members and participating athletes. USA Triathlon USAT, the sport’s governing body, sanctioned almost 5, events in 212. There are over 55, USAT members and about 2 million people participated in triathlons last year. All indications are the strong, rapid growth will continue unabated. How, when and where did this juggernaut activity appear on the national scene? While there are reports of multi-sport events in other parts of the world earlier in the 2th Century, most agree that triathlon began in San Diego in the 19s. Some members of the San Diego Track Club SDTC had gotten a bit weary of their repetitive running workouts and were determined to do some type of cross-training. This evolved into loosely organized training sessions in the Mission Bay area which included running, swimming and biking. On September 25, 194 these workouts were crystallized into an actual race called the Mission Bay Triathlon and the sport had formally begun. Jack Johnstone and Don Shanahan organized the event and there were 46 contestants. Each of them finished a short course that included a 5 yard swim, a 5 mile bike and a 6 mile run. The SDTC sponsored and promoted the event. The race was held again in 195 while across San Diego Bay in Coronado, the Optimist Club held the Sports Fiesta Triathlon. That race is still held and is triathlon’s oldest event. While the fledgling sport continued to germinate in Southern California, an ongoing discussion an argument, really was taking place in Hawaii. For several years there was passionate conversation usually in bars among Hawaiian athletes about whether runners or swimmers ,* .$-",!$ he had read about famed cyclist Eddy Merckx having the highest recorded uptake of oxygen, Navy Commander John Collins inserted bicycling into several of those heated conversations. John and his wife Judy had participated in the San Diego triathlons noted previously and he was adamant about combining elements of three famous Hawaii races the Waikiki Rough Water Swim, the Around Oahu Bike Race and the Honolulu Marathon into one event. In February of 198 he launched a race consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run. The winner would be called The Iron Man. There were 15 male competi$"-#!* "(!-! race. In 199 there were again #*($"-# "(!including a woman Lyn Le*$(Q,!$*(" !. Sprs Illusraed featured the race in a lengthy article and hundreds signed up for the 198 competition. More importantly, “ABC’s Wide World of Sports” broadcast the race and its popularity grew. In 1982, before a national television audience, 23-year-old Julie Moss lead the women’s race until the last mile. Overcome by fatigue and dehydration, Moss collapsed to the ground several times and was passed near the Finish Line by Kathleen McCartney. The drama was a signature moment in endurance sports and captured the imagination of the sports world. Triathlon mushroomed during the 198s and capped the decade in 1989 by being designated as an Olympic event. The sport was off and running. avarre’s Gwen Ingoglia prepares or the Pensacola Beach Triathlon swim at Flounder’s Beach, May 18 She’s a marathoner, but this was her %! Tri rookies L to R Sam Hart and John Stockdill were oined at the start o the Pensacola Beach Triathlon at Flounder’s Beach, May 18 by Josh Biber who has raced a doen triathlons eighbors Mirta Loera and Monica Meredith, !& brought a cheering section o six children and other amily members to the swim portion o the Pensacola Beach Triathlon, May 18 Pensacola’s David Mayo launches rom high atop the May 12 He participated in the Dodge CAF Paratriathlon hosted by MPI on Mother’s Day The swim course in Santa Rosa Sound, was ollowed by cycling and running at the east end o the island Paratriathlete David Mayo mugs the camera prior to his swim to the start line at the Dodge CAF Paratriathlon on Mother’s Day ineteen athletes participated in a our day skills training camp with Multisport Perormance Institute which culminated in the May 12 competition


PAGE 18 Island Times May 28, 2013 TrCongratulations are in order "$$$!G%! sea turtle nest of the year in our patrol area was discovered on Pensacola Beach instead of Gulf Islands National Seashore. I thought we might have a late start this nesting season due to the cold temperatures that lingered into May. In fact, I think we may have broken *,$!-.2+ day of patrol was May 3 and the temperature was 6 degrees at 5 a.m. It turned out to be a beautiful day, but by the next morning the temperature had plummeted to 49 degrees on the beach at patrol time. Even worse, a northerly wind was gusting up to 38 miles per hour. It was the coldest sea turtle patrol I’ve ever experienced and it was brutal. It didn’t seem likely that sea turtles would come ashore to nest until the temperature returned to our normal range. One week later, shortly after dawn on Saturday, May 11, BioTech Rebecca Carruth discovered $"# during her patrol of Pensacola Beach. Wouldn’t you know that 9'$,$$! "a nest last year. Obviously she has racked up some good karma with Mother Nature. The nest was documented as PB 5111 and belonged to a loggerhead with a 34” crawl width this mama turtle will get even bigger. Unfortunately it was too close to the water and had to be relocated higher on the beach where it would be safe *D -("). Sea turtle nests are not moved unless they are at high risk of being washed out, which was the case with this nest. In the process of relocating it, Rebecca ,$$'" *("$("#)).8"-'$,&", female sea turtles come back to their home beach to nest, we know that the loggerhead who laid PB 5111 hatched from a nest 3+"$!($*$(" +$$). Since female sea turtles avoid bright areas and places where there is a lot of activity, it was no surprise that she nested south of four empty lots where it was dark. If she had come ashore and felt threatened or uneasy about her surroundings, she may have turned around and headed back into the Gulf, leaving a “false crawl” for patrollers to discover the next day instead of a nest. There is a possibility, however, that she will either swim farther down the beach to a darker area, come back in the wee hours when lights go out, or simply try again the following night. Remember, if you live on or are vacationing on Gulf-front property, there is one simple thing you can do to help increase the odds of having a sea turtle nest in your “back yard.” Turn out your outside lights and keep your curtains closed at night. If you don’t have curtains on some of your windows, move lamps to the other side of the room, if possible, and use them instead of ceiling lights. The objective is to let as little light as possible spill out onto the beach. Female sea turtles come ashore to nest multiple times in a season, then skip a year or two. This same loggerhead will probably return to the beach at least one or two more times in the same general area to nest again soon, so if you live on the east side of Pensacola Beach, turn out or tone -,"+()!!.8"any day now, as it gets warmer we will have more sea turtles coming ashore to nest. The darker your beach area, the higher likelihood !$+*$+ "-$,"surprise on the beach the next morning. Just remember, “Sea Turtles Dig the Dark!” Until next time, Lights Out! BY%DJ%ZEMENICKraT N U P B G I N S M Perdido ey -S 1 Pensacola Beach 1 t Pickens S Santa Rosa S S M R M F F F S C M C B T


Island Times PAGE 19 May 28, 2013 By Terri McKamey rarria PARASAILINGSMILE%HIGH%CLUBeel he Thrill in he lu u n sp smilin een i u rPensacola Beach at the BoardwalkSALES & RETALS KAYAKSSINGLE/TANDEM850-932-5520wwweySailingcom OPE 9 to 6weather permitting HOBIE%CATS%%%%%%%SAIL%AWAY PONTOON%BOATSHOURLY/DAILY %WAVERUNNERS % %%FAST% &%FUNRentals Include All saety gear Expert instruction Ask about eco kayak tours paddle boards EW Video our Vacation Waterproo Cam Wow! This year has been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ine Forest High School’s Lynsey Clark, 17, was coached by yle Fogel, at the May 18 Sur Clinic hosted by the Fellowship o Christian Athletes, Innerlight, WaterBoy and Surers on Mission at Park East There were 75 kids learning to sur on the picture perect day Tues, 528 AM C WB W K B PM Wed, 529 =7>PMC WBW ,5?'@PMThu, 530 CPM3 D" D S S $7!'@PM Fri Sat, 531 & 61 Bucut, 9 PM Sun, 62 /-"'PM K !A:0#!B'PM Mon, 63 AM C H P DS BARE 3$""'/"5'CE PM &SU[E AM C WBW K B PM5SUQE =7>PMC WBW ,5?'@PM&SUSE CPM3D" D S 2"$7!@PM Fr SU#E*%LPM Sat SUOE".LPM TOGA PARTY Sun SULE 9A/2$!@PM."D!A-$:0B'PM .SUA@E AM C H P DS BARE C "'/"5'CEPM Come early! Stay late! SAT JUNE 8 #CAE 850-932-2211ensacola each tradition GREAT DRIS at GREAT PRICES since 1973 S u n S u n Calendar onlinesandshaker.com Gary McAdams/Sandshaker .... 5K & Race Party .... 8 AM .... TOGA PARTY .... 9PM 1AM e .............................


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