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Island Times Volume VIII, Number 26 Pensacola Beach, Florida April 16, 2013 Meet Mia The Mermaid At Earth Day...islandstylePensacola Beach Advocates Beachkeepers Host April 20 Event At Casino BeachMia the Mermaid and Ms. Caretta the Turtle are seaweed sisters, so the powerful tale that Mia shares about the perils that her dear friend faces when going ashore to nest on her native beach is startling. Melanie Waite will portray Mia and Kim Naker is the sweet sea turtle. This is just one of the family friend ly activities included Sea Turtle Homecoming event program. It’s all part of the Pensacola Beach Advocates Beachkeeper’s Earth Day...islandstyle, Saturday, April 20 at Casino Beach. Earth Day...islandstyle details are on Page 2.


PAGE 2 Island Times April 16, 2013 Published every other Tuesday SHELLEY W. JOHNSON, PUBLISHER !" ###$islandtimes@bellsouth.net www.MyIslandTimes.comNo portion of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher. Island Times Mia the Mermaid has a tale %&$'$!$($ %)!$**+!$ ,$,,!*"'+!.%/0$$!1$! 2$+3*$"'+4$*" $-*"5$$!6$*"$! $"'!*'$(**"7$ '$+8*,$%,%"* ""% 9*$$"'!4*"' 9%6$$6$$$55 !$'$.*4"$5 $##$%,%'*"5!7$) :,,*"5%8.!*,*$$ !$,$+,!*$* ,$5,.*$"' $-5'$! 4$!.!$ ""% The female sea "! 4$!.!!+ .4"$+!* ";$*':*'$+ /""10" $9$"$5(+ 9$+%<7,!*"5 $*,$"*"5 $!*5!$"' ,!*"5!$"' $"" for the turtle= Thats .!$!*("* $4%; 9$+.! .$$*'"" $$$!!$ "54"$!$, *"!"*"5!4*' $"'"$*(.*'*%: !.!*!!$*"'+ *5!*"5.$!*$$ "$+$% )!"$$$!8'( $0$!-,,* !$$"'.*!!1,$' 6$>***8!*+:* '$+/""1$"'9$5$* $(*"!1$!2$+ (".!*!*"'!7$ ):,,*"5!?"@ *"&)"@6,,"*+ &$'7$',"!' '*"5+*"5*",$*"$"' '$*"$-*-% *:$,$"1$!2$+3 *$"'+!$*"$-'Mermaids, Sea Turtles, Shredding and Shopping Bring Earth Day Message To Islanders*** 8!*+.* !$(!*6, 'C$$ $(!*$ !"!"' the festival site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

Island TimesPAGE 3Forever ...Barefoot on the BeachAs a tribute to Jane Waters who passed away January 10, 2012 Island Times will continue to run some of Jane’s favorite columns for your enjoyment April 16, 2013 Our latitude will change your attitude !"#"$"%&'%((')Lunch Specials MonFri 11-2 Dinner Specials NightlyCATCH IT ALL! Oysters Fresh Gulf SeafoodOPEN EVERYDAY Waterfront Dining !"" Live Music Gift Shop Kids Playground#2 Via de Luna 934-3660Sports in Hi Def40 TVs 8 Big Screens 9 3 4 3 6 6 0 "#""$" WINGS49Every Thursdayc Monday Cajun Nite Tuesday Surf and Turf Wed Mexican Madness Specials Tues: %&" of Wine Wed: !" Specials Thurs: !" Specials T u e s d a y S u r f a n d T u r f T u e s d a y S u r f a n d T u r f W e d M e x i c a n M a d n e s s W e d M e x i c a n M a d n e s s All Sports Always On Blue Sky Gift Shoppe #* +-/45789 850-932-7100 445 :& ;<;5 = < The Islander Newspaper – March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ongtime Beach Couple Passes Away)!8*K**$$" "",",!6,,$"' C$($8**"7$" 2*56$*"*$$"'! ,$*"*"5#,$" **5!2,"$*"7@$' "!8"5% >"''7$"$D$/ $"'8!*+1*(2* -.$"'! !.5 "*($+"''%:*(' .'"8*#!$! 8"5.'"N +$"$$ $!8*7!.("*"'*"5 '4'% )!8"58*7!. (*'$!5",**,$ !$!$"'!"' *"5$$% )!$'!7D/8(' $!*8*#,*"5$ !*-," .!''*"$$*(**$" $*!.% 0,,"'$*"*" ''$*(**$"$*!. 8"5*"$"'*$ 5$!*"$"5.*!! 8"5A*("!"% *"!8* ,,*,*"5.*! *,$$"'$,,"'$*" $,.!$"($ $6*(**$"8*% $'9,42$($( -$'(*'

PAGE 4 Island TimesApril 16, 2013 PEOPLE?? ? ? ?? ? ? T ? ?? ?rivia? ?? ? SN Grea Gas ileae p 100 miles per alln sale priePensacola Beach m e as are ie, a r ar Pla a aes eserains 850-932-2319 INN Tp 10 lrida ea ars ll erie pen Air G ere e lals ane in e sand Ea e nd N Teas ld Em Per Games rin r a r d SI Tr a red rer r enees ams rimp alad a m s r i m p a l a d 21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach 850-916-5087 paradisebar-grill.com I N Apr 16 randn anini, 6 PMApr 18 en Presae, 6 PMApr 19 en Presae, 6 PMApr 20 ae nan, 6 PMApr 21 s Garre and, 3 PMApr 22 a aers am 6 PMApr 23 l rien Train, 6 PMApr 24 l rien Train, 6 PMApr 26 Pan rris, 6 PMApr 27 r l and, 6 PMApr 28 les am, 3 PMApr 29 a aers am 6 PMM a 2 T im pener, 6 PMFRI,19 CAPT MTG, 6 PMSAT, 20 WEIGH-IN, 3-9 PMSUN, 21s WEIGH-IN, 3-6 PM CONFSED CPD A correction to the April 2 engagement announcement: Sandi Huggins is engaged to Michael Turner. He’s the lucky guy who will wed sweet Sandi. Wedding dates are yet to be announced. Our apologies for the mix up. MLES OF SMLES With a hibiscus flower in her hair and a broad grin, Mary Jo Hollander greets each driver who arrives at her window of the Bob Sikes Toll Facility with a cheerful countenance. What a **( *,*"!5*( visitors, and a little lift to those .! "'!'$*+'*(!5! the toll booth to be the mundane distraction before arriving at their home in paradise. Thanks for the smiles, Mary Jo! ALREADY AN ADLT Madison Murphy turned 18-years-old on April 11. Time N *4+(+@*-+%/,*yesterday when little Madison was a toddler and then a Beach School student. Now, she is all grown up according to her parents Linda and Robert Murphy. SALNG N Pensacola Beach’s Erica Bush and Leigh Ann Holbrook of Gulf Breeze are returning members to the Pensacola Beach Yacht 640N $$*"%)*,$"' Audrey Dunton of Stapleton, Alabama are the Club’s newest members. The Yacht Club hosts the Preemie Cup regatta this weekend to support Sacred Heart Hospital’s neonatal unit. PROD DAD United States Marine Corp retired Lt. Col. Dave Glassman $('$*/$"'7! Carolina, April 12, to witness his youngest son Garrett’s graduation from Boot Camp. Garrett was designated as the “Company /",$";$"'.$,**+ promoted to the rank of Private First Class. FLP FLOPS Skip Tanner’s history on Pensacola Beach goes way back. He was the former owner of the only gas station on the island. This was before you had to pump your own gas, so everyone knew Skip. He will be showing and selling his whimsical metal sculptures at the Earth Day… islandstyle, April 20. See if he is wearing his new pair of Volcom N *N !$!."'*"5$" /""*5!77!,*" online. SGA SAYS Chief weather prediction scientist Joe Bastardi indicated in his WeatherBell.com report that the upcoming storm season will be active and somewhat fe*%:!$'$!*"* research to back his prediction. Queen Shugah Jayne Redmond issued an edict, that although the gentleman’s name is almost the same as the famous brand of rum Bacardi, she will not give his prediction another thought. She wants all islanders to keep believing that the season will be storm-free. NEW POST /+!"'!7$"$ D$/$"'8!*+(! last year, you probably spoke to Deb Asplund, who was a receptionist at the front desk. Deb, an architect who relocated from Washington State, has moved ,!"'-!7D/8 to the Escambia County Code Enforcement department. Best of luck in your new position. CONGRATS GRAD Lauren Campanella will walk across the stage at the University of West Florida’s May 4 graduation. With diploma in hand, the newly minted Marine Biologist is excited about what her future holds. Her parents, Dr. Thomas and Debbie Campanella, are looking forward to the ceremony. The Trivia Master says long ,$+*.$(Q)!@*"$4 !!N $5.!*!N +*"! breeze north of the Pensacola Beach Elementary School was too tough for most. The regular trivia gang was stumped. The Queen of Wrong Answers Joanne Brooks was polishing her crown. Facebook fan Kathy Condon who claims Minnesota and Pensacola Beach as her homes thought it was American, Florida and an Escambia County flag. Sorry. Jersey Girl Gwen Foster is becoming a common law citizen in the realm of wrong guesses. She is seeking extradition. She wants to cross the border wearing an Island Times trivia shirt. Her answers were way off. Maybe next time, Jersey. So, a newbie, a rookie, an online reader jumped in and stole the show. Maureen Lee will be prancing around in a new Island Times t-shirt. Her answers, “The American Flag, The State Flag (Florida) and the National Blue D*44"$5N +(17;$ correct. She does not have school aged children but travels past the school on her way home every day. She, like many on the beach, (!*!%)=?@ 5@G88@= plae ie a is Amanda andraan, e EA elin rdinar


PAGE 5 Island Times April 16, 2013 a 136 FORT PICKENS ROADPENSACOLA BEACH850-932-9336Tr riaLOBBY CLOSED FROM 1-3 PM EACH DAY. DRIVE UP OPEN DURING ALL BANKING HOURS. !" Bank of the South Island BranchFull Service Banking Close to Home SRIA Staff Seeks To Stretch Beach Road Repair FundsBeach residents will have to put up with pot holes on their streets for six more weeks while additional information is prepared for the Santa Rosa sland Authority Full Board. The SRA Director of Environmental and Developmental Services Paolo Ghio presented the Board with an alternative to repaving beach roads at their April 10 meeting. Baskerville-Donovan engineers had presented a report prioritizing secondary roads and parking lots for repair last month. “ used the BD list as a guideline. looked from our point of view with the budget in mind, said Ghio. “Some roads were in need of some type of repair like crack control, not repaving. think can come up with a list that can make the budget stretch. The goal of Ghio’s review is to allow more roads to be repaired with the available funds. Board Member Dave Pavlock, who worked in the road evaluation industry, said, “The roads out here overall are in good shape. There is a dire need for pot holes to be repaired properly. There is a great need for striping, especially speed bumps. Sabine 2*("'4'4! most glaring problem is the drainage at Rio Vista, Corto and Largo. 0*%; Currently, the SRA and County are working on a design $(*$!N'*"5*$ that location, according to Ghio. Pensacola Beach Advocates President Jim Cox commended the Board. “ like what hear, Cox said. “ recommend you establish a dollar amount and task the staff with seeing how many roads can 4$!'$"'*"'*"5! problem at Largo. The Board gave staff six weeks to return with a full report. Discussion turned to events and tourism for the Board. After hearing that the Blue Angels would not be performing their July Air Show, the Board authorized Director Lee to seek a promoter to put a civilian air show in the skies above Pensacola Beach. n an effort to support a weeklong shoulder season event, the Board voted to allocate 32,000 to the Pensacola Beach Songwriter’s Festival, contingent on other funding. The festival organizers received ,000 from the SRA last year, but reuested 0,000 this year. They have applied for a BP grant as well. “This is truly a phenomenal event,said Board Member Tammy Bohannon. “t is extremely uniue and lasts for six days unlike the Triathlon or the Art and Wine Festival. f the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival BP grant reuest is funded, the organizers would reimburse the Authority out of those funds. n his Executive Director’s Report Buck Lee stirred up a storm of discussion about hurricanes. He announced that at the Hurricane Conference a prototype to predict storm surge was featured. t will likely be released in the next two years. Board members asked for ideas from staff about how to reduce frustrations from residents and business owners who need to return to the island in post-storm conditions. Public Safety Director Bob West reminded the Board that the SRA becomes a secondary source and that the County controls those decisions. n other business, the Board heard from Baskerville Donovan engineer Mike Langston that the four-laning of the entrance to and exit from the Toll Facility will soon begin. Also included in the contract with Panhandle Paving and Grading is a crosswalk near the Elk’s Lodge, and turn lane improvements that lead to the service road east of the toll plaza. According to Langston, improvements could be complete this summer and work could likely take place during night time hours $(*'$'$+% Although no commercial projects appeared on the Developmental Services Monthly Report, Board members inuired about a restaurant slated to come before the group for fast track approval. They voiced concern about meeting proper timing and protocol for approval reuests. Executive Director Lee answered the inuiry noting that he tasked Ghio to bring the design to each board member individually since it was a new concept for the sland. The restaurant, located behind Wings at the Soundside Market, is slated to open prior to Memorial Day Weekend. “ am going to ride to Orange Beach to see the restaurant design in person over there, said Chairman Thomas Campanella. The SRA committees will meet Wednesday, April 24 at p.m. in the boardroom, 1 Via de Luna. Meetings are open to the public. Agendas are available "*"$...%*$N$%,% The eye catching, colorful and historic Rod-tiues will take over the Pensacola Beach Travel Lodge parking lot April 2-28 for !+$""$"$$ Rod-tiues Sunny Beaches Rod Run. Car enthusiasts will be part of the three days of activities at !!!$"'! time the Rod Run will be open to all pre-1 vehicles. The event is hosted by the Pensacola Rod-Tiues, which was founded in 12 as a family oriented street rod club. Registered car owners will be treated to a dinner on Friday night, and a movie on Saturday night complete with popcorn and root 4N$%'*4$5$"''$! $@!5*'% Spectators will have plenty to admire during the show, and owners will be on hand to tell attendees about their vehicles. More information about registration and club membership is available at www.pensacolarodtiues.com Standup paddleboarders will invade the waters of the Santa Rosa Sound Saturday, April 20, ready for a little friendly competition and a lot of fun at the Second Annual Five Flags Paddleboard Classic at The Grand Marlin on Pensacola Beach. Hosted by Coastal Paddle Company, the Five Flags Paddleboard Classic includes a 1 mile race, a 3 mile race and a 1 mile kids race (12 and under) featuring the world’s fastest growing watersport. “We are dedicated to organizing community events that showcase the popular sport of standup paddleboarding and provide a venue for area SUP enthusiasts to connect and compete, said Kevin Cook, founder of Coastal Paddle Company. “We are looking forward to a great event complete with a post-race celebration at The Grand Marlin. The event will begin at a.m. with registration starting at 8 a.m. For race participants, pre-registration through April 18 is 3 per person race day registration is 40 per person. Registration includes race entry, a signature event t-shirt and lunch. Register online at Active.com.Hot Rods Rev Up At BeachGrand Marlin osts Five Flags Paddleoard Classic


PAGE 6 Island Times April 16, 2013 aii peas, porridge & a dry martini 850-261-2462Owner Peggy Henshall is ready to keep you in stitches!anierm anieramnames, logos, custom artsmall or large quantities Marias Fresh Seafood Marketake a little it o the ul Coast home Fresh rom the oats dail e can cold pack or travel or ship anhere621 Cervantes Street Call for directions fro the each aiva Serving Breakfast & Lunch Aard inning service iaTarr mens nil eals Tar LindaMurphyRealtor@bellsouth.net www.pensacolagulfbreezehomes.com independenl oned and operaed Perfected in 1, after 23 years of trial and error by Grandma Dorothy. Great as a saladslaw dressing and as a marinade. Available at Apple Market and Joe Patti’s. Beach Optimist Club Kentucky Derby Party Saturday, May 4 @ 3 pm $25 per ticket Reservations:850-384-7436Christine Bunkie Hewerdine and celebrated her April *!'$+4+'$"*"5*"! rain at Paradise. We were a couple of days late which is why we had to dance in the rain. But as it always works out, Renee Mack had booked a band from New Orleans called 30 0. They started out as an all female band and played for the Mystic Krewe of Nereids King Kake Party several years ago. With a change in band members, they are now joined by a couple of men but they still play great dancing music. The drummer is the same and that woman can sure make some pretty music. Drums aren’t her only talent as she can sing you right outta your seat onto the dance N 4+-".*%)!$0 my kind of band and Renee has a uniue talent for scouting out great music for the Paradise Bar. Bunkie and tend to travel around the sland when we go out to play so we didn’t spend the entire evening at Paradise. We made a side trip down to Paulette Provost’s since it was Mental Health Night. Both of us felt we needed to be mentally healthy for the long evening ahead. Plus Bunkie had not been scheduled for the Grand Tour yet. ( believe Jeff Goudey has a back log or waiting list!) There were many ladies attending and Amy DePew brought her computer so we could Skype Lois Jernigan (in Tampa). After absorbing the necessary amount of laughter, love, fun and good food we were mentally healthy to continue our Two People Party Parade. The band at Paradise was packing up by the time we returned. t was a great disappointment. We were ready for more dancing. How could it be possible we stayed too long at Paulette’s? Dancing in the rain is one thing, but walking all the way to the core of the Sandspur Republic in the rain is altogether different and not nearly as pleasant. So we did what everyone should do and called our beach WAVE taxi. /4*(/*'"* '!+"5 driver as being “his daddy’s son as he drove us ever so carefully to the Sandshaker. That was a fun ride and an inexpensive way to parade in the rain. think still prefer the walk on a nice ("*"54'*(*"5*' "*+ out of the uestion! We enjoyed the last set of the band playing at the Shaker, and headed out on our own feet to Sabine Sandbar. The rain was "$+($"'*.$$ walk. Had we known a bunch of others were heading to Sabine from the Shaker, we could have really had a Second Line parade. Bunkie and had a good visit with Lori while listening to some tunes on the jukebox. /.$ "$+*,$*$ night and head for home. Maybe it wasn’t a big parade and maybe there weren’t a lot of people out on a rainy Wednesday evening, but Bunkie and always have "$*+ "'*"5"$*"," and music even if we have to make our own. We hate to miss a chance to celebrate and this is $+$ !'$'Q ’m not afraid to say it, am proud of all the years ’ve seen. After all, we’ll always know how to throw a Two-People Party. Granddaughter Quincy “Sissy Rowe strikes again! This time, it was her Girl Scout Troop (they’re called Daisies) that sang the National Anthem at the Blue Wahoo’s game. SissyGirl is loving her some baseball! D,,4!$5!! .N +4$$! 5$, the Blue Wahoos. Amy Depew took one of Sissy’s balls to the Clubhouse and got it signed by the entire team. just love talking about Sissy’s balls…..still something never thought would happen. By the time this edition is published and you are reading this, will be in Tampa. will be the caregiver for Lois Jernigan when she is released from the hospital. Lois will have to stay in the area for a couple of weeks before she can return home. She, along with Bunkie, Larry Keever and will celebrate the last year !'$'"8*#% ’ll be taking her a special gift from the SOB’s. Don’t worry intend to stay connected via cyberspace so can continue to bring you some great recipes along with a bit of, shall we call it “information rather than gossip? Meanwhile here’s an easy (y’all know how like easy) but delicious dish to consider for Cinco De Mayo. So let’s cook…… South Western Shrip Enchiladas 1 edium onion chopped 2 bsp. olie oil 1 lb. edium shrimp peeled and deeined 1 an o. chopped green chiles 1 sp. chili poder sp. sal sp. ground cumin 1 Pg. o. cream cheese cubed 1 Pg. o. eican Veleea cheese cubed 8 lour orillas 8 in. armed 1 ups chun salsa 1 ups 6 o. onere ac cheese shredded Saute onion in oil until tender. Add the shrimp and green chilies, chili powder, salt and cumin. Cook 2-3 minutes until shrimp turn pink. Stir in cream cheese and Velveeta until melted. Place cup shrimp mixture down the center of each tortilla. Roll up and place seam side down in greased x 13 baking dish. Pour salsa over the top and sprinkle with Monterey Jack cheese. Bake uncovered, at 30 degrees until heated through (approximately 20-2 minutes) Enjoy and don’t forget to share! See ya in the kitchen….. BONNETS and BASKETS Four-year-olds Sarah Selogy, left, and Ella Torres had all the fashion accessories needed to hunt for Easter eggs at the Beach Church March 30. Perhaps they should attend the Optimist Clubs Kentucky Derby Party on May 4 in their fancy hats.


Island Times PAGE 7 April 16, 2013 Jennifer Byrom, P.A. !The hiring of a layer is an iportant decision that should not e ased solely upon advertiseents &"!$'$!$&""&"#$$"($)*"+Tr irar i air916-9000 Earth Day... islandstyle AM to Noon !" Sea Turtle Homecoming 10 to 11:30 AM A Celebration of our Sea Turtles who Return to Nest Contests Activities 8 AM to Noon ~ events ~ Souvenir Cups Conservation Center prd spnsrs and rle riendl els Meet Mia the Sea Turtle art for sale The School Bell Rings TBeach School second graders have gone Pavarotti on us. They have written, produced and will star in their very own opera, based on the book “Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia. The youngsters have learned everything from set design to stage management according to their teacher, Debbie Campanella. Performances are at the Beach Church Fellowship Hall, Thursday, April 2 at :30 p.m. and Friday, April 2 at a.m. TProspective kindergartners can register for the Beach School Friday, May 3 beginning at 10 a.m. in the LibraryMedia Center. Florida law reuires that a student be five-years-old prior to September 1 to be eligible for kindergarten. Check in at the 7!0 4*"5$"! you and your child. For the list of necessary documents, contact ?""*9$5 9$"$5 80-34-4020 or jmagee@es$,4*$%-#%N % Pensacola Beach Yacht Club hosts this camp for kids, August -. t’s always sold out, so hurry to sign up. All the details including entry forms are available online at www.pensacolabeachyc.org. Cindy McBride can be reached at cindymc80@gmail. ,* %TFriday, June which is a half day, is the last day of school. #$%&" '(!"")**""+/12 +556 2("" ""2


PAGE 8 Island Times April 16, 2013 all ennis emes 850-384-7607 denremm denremdenremmaT ? oes for Sale GLF REEE 43 209900 21 99900 NAVARRE rand ne eautiful ne soundfront counity located just 3 iles est of the ridge 33 12900 Call for a personal tour nnin n ana sa nd r n ea i 173 ares ild r dream me 180,000 ner ill diide Chec out y other residential lot listings: Gulf reee ,"&"'-' ./0"-1' ./"-' ."-' addl locations 0"-' ."-0' eared isin aerrn Gl reee By Rev. Dr. Tom Garrison Pensacola Beach Community ChurchCross in the Sand ANo doubt youve heard the phrase your life is a journey before. f youre like most people, you are uite easily willing to accept the statement as true. However, if youre like most people, you also havent really considered the degree to which its not only true, but also what it means for you to actively start navigating your life to get the most out of it. And for that, you reuire a compass. Our challenge in life is to keep moving in the right direction while the conditions around us are constantly changing and in an environment where there is ever increasing uncertainty. When we learn how to listen and follow our .",$. 45*" our own destiny. 7!.'. "'.$+B would like to take a moment and give a few suggestions First, take time to realize that we are more than our job, family or hobby. We are spiritual beings that reuire attention and direction as we make this journey. Second, we can see our change over time physically, emotionally and spiritually. t is important that we take care of every area of our lives and beings. Third, we are all different and uniue beings and all have special gifts to touch, understand and connect with other people. This journey that we travel involves knowing that our time is something that can really allow us to understand we are not alone. We all have someone greater than ourselves to follow and do our best to understand the teaching of the one that always gives us direction, which leads to a peaceful and kind spirit. t is no secret as to what am writing about, yet sometimes we use our own compass instead of the compass of Jesus Christ. t may sound like a simple thing to say, however it is not. We get to experience the eternal when we confront our own journey if we do it in a way that we walk as people who produce out of ourselves the same love and grace as he did. t is true “your life is a journey it just all depends what direction we want to follow. sn’t it a wonderful adventure through this life even though we know we are going to explore .""!$'I"+B/* true that the best way to see the world is to understand the map by following the heart of God. Enjoy your Journey! Tea Rev-Elations on the each Church Trivia Contest April in a tiereaer over the &,!, ners Tea eers are fro left Gay arrett Steve Speirs Pete Kessler Rev To Garrison Kelly Kessler Sue George Carol Forest Monica McVay and Morrie Drees The Church hosts the Trivia Night every uarter


PAGE 9 Island Times April 16, 2013 Earth Day... AMN !"#$ Pensacola Beach Advocates Beachkeepers %% & % ()* !+ ,-( ,).( ( ,,) .( /"%-0+,) ,1'./,02& 3* '!$+ ,).( 1#,0-1-4,#)2/ 5" #6"7 +++85$( 9:9 4%%( 7 A Celebration of our Sea Turtles who return to nest !%' 66% -/" islandstyle


PAGE 10Island TimesApril 16, 2013 The Lizzards Tongue Computer Repair in our Home www.ycpals.com joe@ycpals.com AE EAe ndersand r insrane needs850-623-8092A TA A TE faily oned and operated independent insurance agency ie, siness A rle mmerial eile meners ld 99J9 Running is one of those activities that always invokes a response whether it be from a current participant, a former jogger, or those who swear that they would only pick up the pace if being chased. like to listen to those who are training for their H$'*$4! ultra marathoners who race for 100 miles through extreme conditions. Former joggers will wax poetic about the activity that did something to their body which landed them in this category. Even the most adamant able bodied non-runners will remember a time in their distant past when they broke into a trot. ts my belief that because running is so universal, it knows no strangers. Recently, a young lady blew by me on the National Seashore Trails in Gulf Breeze. She gave me a big wave and yelled out a good morning as she dusted me or possibly a more accurate description would be sanded $"'*""'',%/"$+ caught up to her in the parking lot and stopped to talk to both her and her mom. Turns out she was her on her spring break, ran cross country at her high school in Ohio, and was just accepted *"*(*RH"-+S%/ gave her the scuttle on all the trails in the area including how to navigate the Florida Trail along Pensacola Beach as well as directions to the University of West Florida where there are endless trails to run. She inspired me to cheer for Louisville as they had just made it into the Final Four and all the Florida schools had been eliminated. She must have taken my advice because caught a glimpse of her running towards the Florida Trail near "%8"'+/!',+ promise to cheer for Louisville. watched them defeat Wichita State. However, readily admit that the television stayed off '*"5"$!$,*"!*5$, this past Monday. t wasnt until the next morning that knew the Louisville Cardinals had defeated the Michigan Wolverines and .!C688#!$,% 8"'$-*"5!*"5%%% due to an overuse injury, was sidelined to my driveway for the Gulf Coast Half Marathon. 8!"''$**$"$" past my house, shouted words of encouragement and rang a cowbell for two solid hours. The only other person knew signed up for the race was my husband, the Colonel, and he had to opt out as well because of a stomach virus. So you can only imagine how surprised was when one of the runners called out my name and asked if lived here now, meaning Pensacola Beach. t took a moment for my brain to register the uestion and who it was coming from. Next thing know am getting a big, sweaty hug from another Marine Corps wife who hadnt seen since we left Cherry Point, North Carolina in the sum,K%:'$5!$"'! H*'.4*"'*""' grade and we were the classroom moms. Once the entire race passed by the house, hopped on my bike and met up with her $!"*!*"%:!4$"'* ".$*"'$C87"$$ and though our little ones are now "*!*"5!*!,$"+$ in high school, it was as if time had stood still for the both of us. We laughed hysterically about $*"*"5""4$'9687 Cherry Point to include people stopping to help me because they thought was having a seizure when was just really freaking out over a copperhead snake on the sidewalk to the alligator looking log in the creek that turned out to be an actual alligator even though our husbands kept telling us there were no alligators at Cherry Point. Our kids may have introduced us, but it was running that cemented our friendship and reunited us once again. am counting down the days until can start running again. am sure have many new friends to make and old ones to reconnect with. Yes, running knows no strangers. Until next time... by elizabeth hewson he Liards riend and ormer running parner im ichesson sill smiling a mile 12 o he ul oas al arahon pril 7 on Pensacola Beach. er ime as 2505. Pensacola Beachs ar amaras ran 22252 in he ul oas al arahon a Pensacola Beach pril 7. he does no no he Liard...e. eaher Baus o Pensacola Beach urns he corner a enida 11 a Via de Luna on her a o a age group a he ul oas al arahon a Pensacola Beach pril 7. er ime as 18. here ere 12 runners ho compleed he 1.1 mile course. indhams ild and ac inning aer aion lenn and anc indham along ih heir granddaugher racie hos he apn he pril 7 ul oas al arahon. en Lola he dog is here o cheer he 100 conesans as he ge rereshed and coninue running.


PAGE 11 Island Times April 16, 2013uzz........................B Business mmerial esidenial Appraisal, nslin ales 103 ayridge Dr Gulf reee FL 0-934-19 gdanielgreenco G aniel Green, AI, A ae-er Gen EA 836 eal Esae rer 176669 Bytes & BitsS Your Coputer Pal Exceeding Clients ExpectationsŽparadisecoastalrealty.com Kimberlee Bell Joe Billingsly Robbin Boyd Christine Furman Ardythe Haas Kevin Hayes Jennifer McCrary David Owens Shana Santos Fred Simmons Sandy Zern !""#$$$/8:1%%:%;:<%End nit in Santa Rosa Dunes uilding #10 Gulf Sound Vies Furnished Pool Cluhouse Exercise facility Tennis Court Doc “What is Microsoft’s Latest nternet Explorer nternet Explorer 10 is Microsoft’s latest nternet browser program. nitially developed to be used with the recently released Windows 8 software, it has now 4",'* '.*!A*" dows t cannot run on older versions of Windows, including Windows P. The latest version available for Windows P is nternet Explorer version 8. The new nternet Explorer 10 has so far received good reviews. t is now supposed to be the fastest nternet browser program in the market (maybe 20 faster than nternet Explorer ). n comparison tests, it retrieves information from the nternet faster than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, which is enough to convince some computer users to return to nternet Explorer. t is also reported to be more stable than older versions of the program. (Remember the “experienced a problem and needs to close message in nternet Explorer?) Microsoft has configured nternet Explorer 10 to automatically send a “Do Not Track reuest to every website that you visit. f the website complies, your activities will not be stored on their site. Of course, the website could choose to ignore that reuest. The software can be downloaded for Microsoft Windows versions and 8. You can select it from the “Windows Update option in Windows. Or, you can 5 "'!'" Microsoft’s website. Download it and then run the downloaded program to install it on your computer. Make sure that you check other software on your computer for compatibility with Version 10 before you install it. This article was provided by The Stukey Group. For uestions, contact Joe at joe@ycpals. com or 80-20-31. Peggy and George Henshall will soon have more room to stitch their famous designs at Cajun Stitchery. They will be moving their entire operation to a nearby location which has been renovated by George. According to Peggy, the embroidery machines which are nicknamed Clothilde and Boudreaux, will have more room to operate. TTTCongrats to Sarah Sadd in the successful hosting of the Gulf Coast nterstate Relay which began in New Orleans and ended on Pensacola Beach. Team Truly Spokin won the race arriving at p.m. on Friday night after traveling 23 miles in some challenging weather conditions. Sarah is the granddaughter of the founders of the Santa Rosa sland Triathlon, Ann and Charlie Knight.TTWho is Timmy and how does he know this stuff? He appears Welcome To Pensacola Beach!at Sabine Sandbar on Tuesday nights with pub uiz uestions, name that tune and trivia to test your brain. Are you up to the challenge?T7*$+.N $*"5$' were deployed by the researchers at Texas AM last week to study how oil might float across the Gulf. The results will be logged onto a website for educational and $!%)! found was April 10 on Pensacola $!%-".*+ "' one. Island Times will award a !*! "'*"5"$8*#%TEmerald Coast Utilities water is good to the last drop. t was selected as the “2013 Best Tasting Water in a taste-test competition held March 2 in Destin. As a four-time winner, ECUA will now compete against 11 Regions’ winners in the state-wide competition April 30, in Orlando at the Florida Water Resource Conference. Good luck ECUA.


Island Times April 16, 2013 PAGE 12 Studio98 HAIR DESIGNS TT a einar a FULL SERVICE HAIR SALON Call for easy directions fro the each studio9hairdesignsco av rTrai#$$%$&' !' () *+* ,"%/0 12'' !*)) ntegrat ing traditional health anageent ith natural and alternative approaches rTrai LVNG RNGS T N WE TAKE T OTCarpet pholstery Cleaner 2" "$345"$ 6"#'7!4%"8"'479""-8 Pered eam lean Press n re:0: DJsBeach Cafe 63 ia de na across from Springhill Suites 850-916-0716 OPEN EVERYDA Y at 8 a.m. reaas8 AM TO NOONHAVE A BIG BEACH BREAKFAST! n11 AM TO 2 PM I -AT3 PM TO 9 PM I A T PE Galaxy Girl y andae earFree Star GazeCasino Beach EE EIE B L B PL GS usan aselon-ellear a neenent eaut ConsultantHeres to a more beautiful you! ree i ih orders oer 40as ordering online or b phone 850-9-865 ara.comshaselon S S S 3224!533+6766 iing Bacpacing no i pparel oc limbing ear opes hoes ndoor oc limbing alleaerrdsne ens and mens asal dr lin Hi Milky Way Pals, Galaxy Girl reporting the news. Wow! Last week was a really cool week for me. n my travels which took me to Jupiter, (not the planet, the city in Florida) met the owner, Deborah Nasack, of a wonderful vintage, antiue shop called Snooty Hooty’s. Deborah labels herself as a “Resale Therapist, Ph.D. Need say more? Well, she and started talking, and one thing led to another. She mentioned she had lived in New Orleans in the Seventies. “Really, said. “ was born and raised in New Orleans. Then she dropped the bombshell on me. She worked at You Boutiue in New Orleans. “ loved You Boutiue! exclaimed. just about fainted. told her had shopped there and not only did still have the clothes and hats from You Boutiue, but still had the bags and hat boxes they came in. She nearly fainted. Of course she uickly asked, “Do you want to sell your stuff? And uickly responded, “’m a collector. don’t sell my stuff. From there we jumped into the music scene focusing on the Warehouse and Oak Street bars. We both had a lot of good times seeing major rock groups in New Orleans back in the day. remember seeing the Neville Brothers and the Meters on a regular basis and Doctor John. As we strolled down memory lane, she mentioned that her brother knew Janis Joplin. Not only that, he had a hat that had belonged to Janis. Her brother had given Deborah the hat. t was in her shop, and got to hold it. love Janis Joplin and always will. That was a thrilling moment for me. Our conversation then exploded onto food. We were both so passionate about what we were talking about we couldn’t control our enthusiasm. Poorboys, muffalettas, snow balls and beignets were our hot topics. Or cold depending! Why is it when you talk about beignets, the topic of lots of powdered sugar comes up. Speaking of which did you know that you can get beignets on Pensacola Beach at Flounder’s for Sunday brunch or at Native Caf during Mardi Gras season? sn’t life funny and when they say it’s a small world, tend to agree even though travel all over the place. Come to think of it, might just go see what’s happening over in Jupiter, the planet, not the city in Florida. Until then, put on some Jefferson Airplane and party on!Galaxy Alert!From April 2 to May 3, 2013 in Washington, D.C., a UFO disclosure hearing will be held at the National Press Club. The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure will bring 40 researchers and government agency witnesses to Washington, D.C. to testify before former members of Congress on events and evidence supporting the truth about an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and a government policy to embargo that truth. This event will be live streamed worldwide in multiple languages. Visit the website at www.citizenhearing. org for more information. Pool shark and card sharp Chris McQueen showed a toothy grin when awarded the Texas Hold ‘Em 4444 Fun Player of the Month award for March. “Chris is a local diver and pool shark. Now hes added beach poker star to his resume, said Poker Promoter Rick Uzdevenes. “Chris also hit the very rare Four 4444s at the Shaker on April 8. Visitors are welcome at the poker tables and are treated just like family according to Colleen Finn, a dental hygienist from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. “These are the kindest people have ever played cards with, she said. “ will be back to visit again. They made my vacation a whole lot of fun. Tex Atkinson has been stacking up wins at the Sandshaker Lounge taking the top spot on March 2 and April 1 over Jon Woodham both times. The mysterious Waldo Defindorfin kept Woodham in the runner’s up slot on March 18. And Mike Wood flew into first place over Deb Friedman on April 8. Saturday’s action moves to The Dock. Chris McQueen marched to first place over Phil Tracy March 1. The ladies earned the top spots March 23 when Tiki Terri McKamey outlasted Dangerous Deb Friedman. Deb topped Terri on April Flying Ace Tex Atkinson posted a win March 30 over Chris McQueen. The Beach’s most famous rish Pub is a perfect place for the Pot O’Gold Poker Tourney. Betting and bluffing her way to the March 14 Paddy’s O’Leary’s tourney win was Cassie C. Smith. Jon Woodham and John Redman were the runners-up. n other action at Paddy’s, Chris McQueen racked up wins on March 21 and 24 over Todd Lentini. McQueen bested Ted Gorder on April but Gorder earned a win on March 28 over Tootie Humphrey. Lentini stayed in the second place slot when Waldo Defindorfin played to the win on March 31. Tex Atkinson was the Texas Hold ‘Em 4444 Fun victor on 44 over Jon Woodham. Games are open to anyone who is 21 or older and has a basic knowledge of the game. “The poker players are a good time bunch of people, said Uzdevenes. “Whether you live here or just wish you did, we welcome you to join us. The weekly game schedule is located on page 14 of this edition. For more information, call the poker promoter at 80-324-2.McQueen Becomes Beach Poker Royalty


Island Times PAGE 13 April 16, 2013SHAGGYS WATERFRONT BAR & GRILLFresh seafood served overlooking Little Sabine Bay. $N $ through the open air dining room and side bar. Laid back, funky, family friendly. Arrive by boat or car, bike or on foot. Open everyday at 11 a.m. in the big red building on Pensacola Beach Boulevard. 80-34-482. www.shaggys.biz 850-932-1417 We have gone back to basics. Expect the same incredible quality food delivered in less time. FRIENDLY DOG Thursday off r diners eir riendl d ree ids rer r id Mon:: Red eans Rice 99 CENTS Tues: Surf Movie nnerlight 20 Discount on Meals Thurs : Dog Friendly Fri: Open Mic Night eer l L( 5555=O FLOUNDERS CHOWDER HOUSECelebrating 30 years of Floundering ‘neath the moon and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh catch including the Shrimp Boat Platterloaded with shrimp cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp and U-peel ems. Kids love our Pirate Ship playground located on our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night ("'0*!!.'0 "4$!4$"'% Dance all night on Flounder’s beach to the most popular bands from across the south. "'$+$.-%7"'$+"!%8!)$ *5!" beautiful Pensacola Beach, 80-32-2003 ...%N "'!.'!%,CRABS WE GOT EMOnly restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor outdoor bar and gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach, was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup, Stuffed Blue Crabs, Alaskan Snow, King 2"5"+0 "' them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes. Don’t forget to try one of our signature drinks like ‘The Crab Trap’ which come with a souvenir glass to keep! Open days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band. Look for the Red Roof. 80-32-000 www.crabswegotem.comMCGUIRES IRISH PUBOne of America’s great steakhouses proudly serving USDA *,7$-$'$"'/*!*$**"'*"5/*! man’s bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd’s Pie all inside a turn of the century New York rish Saloon themed pub. McGuire’s is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than 0,000 signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings of the pub. Live entertainment coupled with great food and warm and friendly service by Employees who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery and the O’Tolf Wine Cellar featuring the complete vertical collection of the Chateau Mouton Rothschild Artist Series. Featured on NBC’s ‘Today’ Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member. Open every day at 11, 8 0-433-8, mcguiresirishpub.com After Sundown......................................................................................................SIDELINES SPORTS BAR AND RESTAURANT7Q2"0,*$*"%7*$*"!*5!' "**"## big screens, 42 televisions. f it runs, jumps, races, it’s here. Famous for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs. Kids menu for the JV players. Full bar. ndoor or outdoor seating. Video sports games. Centrally located on Via de "$I$!,$*"$-*"5$"'!$ *5!%H*off at 11 a.m. seven days a week. 34-30.SANDSHAKER LOUNGEThe “World Famous Sandshakera Pensacola Beach Tradition since 13. Home of the Original Bushwacker. Been selling this signature drink for over 30 years. First bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Monday half price BARE 10 a.m. til close T Hold’Em at p.m., 2 Tuesday Karaoke, Wednesday 2 Ladies Nite, Thursday half price T-Shirt Nite. Live Entertainment Year Round Wednesday thru Sunday. Check out the Gift Shop. Across from the Boardwalk. Open 10 am 3 am. 80-32-2211. www.sandshaker.com PARADISE BAR AND GRILLA little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer. Live Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch of the Day. Renee’s Famous Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour 11-. Live Bands. Poker on Monday and Wednesday. Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise nn, it’s directly on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open days. 80 -1-08.PEGLEG PETESAhoy, Matey. You’ve found a Pensacola Beach treasure. Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks LaFitte Cove. All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlubbers. Take home a t-shirt. Look for the Jolly Rogers N +*"5(!."'!/$"'$##*-"D$'% We’re here everyday at 11. 32-413. www.peglegpetes.com BAMBOO WILLIES BEACHSIDE BARA beach experience under the giant thatched roof. Open air bar serving your favorites. Specialty Fat Tuesday frozen drinks like the Octane 10. Live music on stage. Bikini contests. Craw!*"7" day afternoons. Willie’s Wear Gift Shop. Waterfront on Santa Rosa Sound. Located at the Boardwalk. 80 -1-888. www.bamboowillies.com aineandarm 715 Pensala ea ld a e aine arina Tuesday Apr 16: Trivia ith Little Tiy :30 p Wednesday Apr 1: ar NGO :30 p Thursday Apr 1: Karaoe ith ecy p Friday Apr 19: Karaoe ith ecy p Saturday Apr 20: Southern reee p Sunday Apr 21: Wildood 4 p Tuesday Apr 23: Trivia ith Little Tiy :30 p Wednesday Apr 24: ar NGO :30 p Thursday Apr 2: Karaoe ith ecy p Friday Apr 26: Karaoe ith ecy p Saturday Apr 2: Doug Curle and p Sunday Apr 2: ohnny arato The Lucy Dogs 4 pen eeda a AM app r )Q?((49 Via de Luna 916-90 PaddyOLearysrishPuco Authentic rish Pu Texas oldEprs n T ars riendl a NEW TRIVIA TUES with Little Timmy


PAGE 14 Island Times April 16, 2013 CLASSFED ADS are for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley nk, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 322. eal Esae r aleSSIIISINGPensacola Beach Vacaions enals. all or he ET ATE on Beachron condos and beach homes. oll ree 800-22-22. Visi online gulblueacaions.com eal Esae r en APRL 16: ands on the each Gulfside Pavilion -9 Free Dr reee 19: Star Gae Casino each No charge Open to pulic Dus 19: Paradise Coia Tournaent Ends Sunday April 21 20: Earth Day slandstyle Sea Turtle oecoing PA Yard Sale and Shredding Event Goodill Easter Seals ECA Casino each a to noon 20: Five Flags Paddleoard race The Grand Marlin 20: Preie Cup P Yacht Clu Noon 20: Star Gae Casino each No charge Open to pulic Dus 23: ands on the each Gulfside Pavilion -9 Free Mass Kunfusion 24:Santa Rosa sland Authority Meeting p #1 Via de Luna Open to the Pulic sria-flaco 2: each School Opera each Church 6:30 2: MP Sunset Triathlon Portofino 26: Rodtiues Car Sho Travel Lodge Ends Sunday 2: Laevie Center K Casino each 2: Welcoe Sills SA Contestants 30: ands on the each Gulfside Pavilion -9 Free ig Muddy MAY 1: Santa Rosa sland Authority Meeting p #1 Via de Luna Open to the Pulic sria-flaco 4: Kentucy Dery PartyOptiist Clu Fundraiser 0-34-436 for ticets : Pu Pedal The slander The rea 6: Spanish Delegation to Visit the each 11: Sea uoy Race P Yacht Clu 12: Mothers Day Concert Gulfside Pavilion Free 14: Priary Election ouse Seat District 2 1: Star Gae Gulfside Pavilion No Charge Dus 1:P Triathlon 1: ands Across the Sand Gulfside Pavilion Noon 1: Star Gae Gulfside Pavilion No charge Dus Pesa ie a 1559 isper a L 01 1203 aldnad r 95000 L 07 all oda.all Linda urph eller illiams eal 850-78-0865 e nsrin aarre. oundron communi. 182900. o sor. Beauiul deails. ennis emesch ea on he oas 850-8-7607. Pere aerrn sie r r dream me n a Tear Lo is cleared and read o go. 5000. L 0222 erem ohnson Lein ine esor eal 850-77-15 Gl rn nme in hie ands BB 200 leaor 650000. L 7218. Jennifer McCrary, Paradise oasal !"#""#$ 72. Paradiseoasaleal.com. ts tie for a ne friends Adoptale dogs and ittens f you dont have roo in your heart and your hoe for a pet please ae a donation to help the Pensacola uane Society huanesocietyofpensacolaorg Thursday Nights at Surf urger Dog friendly for friendly dogs Meal discount if accopanied y dog Dog gets free ids urger Located upstairs fro Key Sailing 00 uietater each Road Pcola each Pensacola each Dog Pars Open Daily sunrise to 10 a Leashed friendly dogs Located near par east and par est Loo for Dog Par signs P end 32 elle In ail P 844, Gl reee, 32562-0844 reading Island Times... Is like having front row seats on Pensacola Beach nda andsaer, 7 PM Trsda Padd ears, 7PM arda Te 2 PM nda Padd ears, 7 PM Teas ld Em 4444 n Per line 324-2667 via limae onrolled el orage rie p ccess Boa Paring oing Pacing upplies27 igial ureillance ae lean ecure rea aes Proessional anagemen smarspselsraem 15 lre rie Gl reeeforerly Storage Advantage Island Times Blog“where shelly waters meet sandy beaches”myislandtimes.com Aw shucks,I oyster to marry me... Floyd Flounder


Island Times PAGE 15 April 16, 2013 By Terri McKamey One Stop Shop for the Watersports EnthusiastsAE ETA Pensala ea a e ardal 850-932-5520eailinm PE 9 6eaer permiin aamarans Parasailin aernners aas a enals et a of your ey ailing un Earth Day... islandstyleSat, Apr =0, > Noon Casino Beach Epic is the word that keeps ,*"5,+,*"'$! ing last week. Thats all can say. /+ !+."$4$$"' !+!'4!*5! now. When you finish reading !*+!'4 !*"5% up and go right now! 64*$*!$-!4$! .*!(+"*"5$"$ *",4%*"!4$$"' !$!"''+$' offshore. Pensacola Beach and especially Navarre Beach are hot spots right now. "8"'"$44'! 64*$!+$"!"$ ola Beach Pier. Way to go Ben! The tournament is in full swing *5!".%8*,2 *-A$!.$*" $.*! !*%"'64*$$"'?$9$!+.$*5!4!*"'!*, with his .3 pounder. Watch out 2*-?$-*5""*"5+Q D55**$"''!* 4 pounder April 8. More than 64*$.$5! *"$*"5 day on the pier. Same uantities $4*"5"'$C$($* which is just a little longer. f you are fishing on the *,,4+** uette “First Shot called must 4!"'% /"!$*"!$' !*"5$+*"!$%,%$"' $'"A!**"5$"',$" !*!5$N $7-' )$"'D' !%!$"'J "5!7$"*!9$they are here and ve seen coolers full already. /J4$**"5.$! !*"5"'**"$"'$! %$4$-*'$"'5 !*"5Q Ben Arnold Reggie Guitterez Kyle Pruczinski fished aboard the ?Shutter Up? with Captain Jody Wells on April = to reel in this beauty. Cobia season has officially heated up in the Gulf and anglers are making the best of it. M 10 AM -Close alf Price Drins Shots for ARE Custoers Poer Trivia:30 10 AM -Close 2 WineeerWell Karaoe ecy PM Ladies Nite PM-Close 2 Wine eerWell Mie encs and :30 PM R PM-Close 12Price Drins Shaer Shirt Live Music PM SUN: 9PM TIL KARAOKE & MUSIC W/DJ VIC +(5=5<58 850-932-2211 Somethings always Shakin GEAT I a GEAT PIE sine 1973 Bands perform Wednesday thru Sundayon the Shaker Stage sandshaker.com Online Calendar Wed, 4/17 Tree-O Class X Tree-O Banana Republic Rez & The Solutions Lets Party Shaker-style! For your calendar... April @H-=@ Cobia Phobia Fishing Tourney, Paradise April =0 Five Flags Paddleboard Classic at The Grand Marlin, H a.m. April =0 Preemie Cup Regatta, Key Sailing @@ a.m.


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