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Island Times Volume VIII, Number 23 Pensacola Beach, Florida March 5, 2013 The Island Goes Irish~ St. Paddys Day Pub Crawl Fills Pot OGold For HospicePensacola Beachs very own leprechaun Lloyd Hess arrived Crawl starts at 10 a.m. Sunday, March 17 at Sidelines where the !"# the Island promotion hosted by the Pensacola Beach Chamber. $!!


PAGE 2 Island Times March 5, 2013 Published every other Tuesday SHELLEY W. JOHNSON, PUBLISHER !" ###$islandtimes@bellsouth.net www.MyIslandTimes.comNo portion of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher. Island Times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orned Beef: all day at Paddy O’Leary’s, Paradise, Hilton, Holiday Inn Resort !"#$%&' '(!)!*++,'9:30AM./,)012*34 012 45/6 (7'.+89$ :022 !2223 :012; 0=' '?'!'.+&1PM-:@PM.(3'.-%5A&'/6 ;!%!$1!(",1'"+(", .(!"!.$"+>$(+6$ '/>;%$"!&! .(!)%(!'$'$ ",/? ("-$("%%%/ "$$$!4!$-)/-/,'!4 Pub Crawl2022 2012 + 022 0123 E022 '(!)! E012' 012! E0224E012

Island TimesPAGE 3Forever ...Barefoot on the BeachAs a tribute to Jane Waters who passed away January 10, 2012 Island Times will continue to run some of Janes favorite columns for your enjoyment March 5, 2013 Our latitude will change your attitude %!&'!&&( )*+*-*(/4/46Lunch Specials MonFri 11-2 Dinner Specials NightlyCATCH IT ALL!22<,'-;' >1E:1>...,+//+, ;. Oysters Fresh Gulf SeafoodOPEN EVERYDAY Waterfront Dining ( Live Music Gift Shop Kids Playground#2 Via de Luna 934-3660Sports in Hi Def40 TVs 8 Big Screens 9 3 4 3 6 6 0 ...,+, WINGS49Every Thursdayc Monday Cajun Nite Tuesday Surf and Turf Wed Mexican Madness Specials Tues: of Wine Wed: ;.( Specials Thurs: -( Specials T u e s d a y S u r f a n d T u r f T u e s d a y S u r f a n d T u r f W e d M e x i c a n M a d n e s s W e d M e x i c a n M a d n e s s All Sports Always On Gulf Breeze Celebrates The Arts19thAnnualMarch 9-10150 & 8 s & 8 www.GulfBreezeArts.orgMore info: 850-572-4292 "'9:! ;<"'9 The Islander Newspaper – April 24, 1984 I have never met anyone who gave rave reviews to Daylight Savings Time. That doesn’t seem to deter the United States government from setting the last Sunday ("2($! ($--" to “Spring Forward.” And you better spring whether you want to or not. If you don’t move your &$!$+$"!'%() one hour late everywhere you go "6"+$'-"(",E(&!! +)1)'!(-', there if you don’t spring. I’m not sure I ever really understood the point of saving more daylight in the evening by stealing it from the early morning. I am one of those dense people who believes that "$%(+ "(F"6$won’t tamper with it. ."$"$%$&(", $",$(,!"(%(! (%"$++$'(,!" ,$(""($(-'"$-+ William Willett invented Daylight 6$1(",5(-("#9/G3(& Willett never heard of this guy $"++$!0"$(1 his! Who needs daylight to throw +$3(&%$"&"%/H5! %!(+$($1(('/ Old Bill Willett had a theory that people get up earlier in the morning in the summer months ("!"($(/2 those people who rise at sun up G"-'("+H,$",%(! out turning on the lights, and if !'$($%$&$1"/-/ %!(!($'(/-/G)!' !$1)"("$/-/%!(! ($'$/-/H!'%(," more hour at night without turning on the lights. Then, if they ,)+$+&!'%("1 ever have to turn on the lights all summer long, and they will save (('/F""$';( "1 ,+$'-$( "+(("(",$1(",!%$ heater saving, so at best daylight saving is pretty small. 7$'(,!$1(",(-$" $)-/$"(+!%!%&$! I"&J$+46!/tell you, it’s hard enough for those gals to get there at a legitimate ($/-/$"$($/-/!$ ($' 1$/-/;!$+! -$(((+$'(,! not? Their eyes aren’t open yet $"'%$'/2"+&(",)$&$)( %!"-'!(+"%("$" !'+(+"!$",!(%" &$",%(!!("! !/."$+!(&(", +$($/-/!'$ '"(1"$/-/5!'$%$& "+$"++-$"++$"("-$&("!-(++ !!$-('0-tion. They stubbornly remained one hour behind time until the &>)$&%$+/?."! days, we adjusted to “baby time.” .+!,1"-"$!(", %$)%!&"%%!$ time it should be, summer or winter. A four-month-old, that’s who. Surely, a pointless tradition %!(!!$$+!,!1"' '$!+)+$+/! sun set and the moon rise at their +$("+--"/! William Willetts of the world arise and invent a way to end "$$-$$($(" "%&"+$"+$"+ ants, DUIs, and diseases…and let -!$"$!" summer mornings. [Editor’s Note: Daylight Savings Time is Sunday, March 10, be an hour behind all day. ] -$!(+" George A. Wright III lost his bat%(!&-($$"+",(1 heart failure on Friday, February #/:(+1+%(+$,! and grandson were there with him until the end. George and his twin brother I$&%)"" )#9(" 3$"!,($/ 2!(,!!! served in the Army "(#9/:" ("+!(+$(" $,($5!/: ,$+$+("#9#/ :%$-'+)' Monsanto for 28 years where he met his wife, Evelyn. After early retirement in 1982 he -)$&+"$"! $1(",("! IRS and retired in 2000. George and his %(B1'"(1+""$$ $!-#9"(/:( favorite pastime was wading in 6$"$8$6"+$!$ !/ ,%$$"$1(+,$+"/: was quite proud of his garden in the sand. ,(,"+$!4$ $("!K%;&(" 2003. 2:($".1$"+ stroyed their home, they moved -!)$!$"+(%$ never the same. George missed !)$!/ George was a life member of )!!72<$"+!"$$ $!B&+,9/:%$ $$--)!2-($" ,("9/ ,%$++(" death by his parents, George A. Wright, Jr. and Katie Moody ;(,!/:(1(1+)'!(%( '$B1'"L+$,! 4!'4("%+L,$"+" I!";(&-$"L,$,$"+" 5!-$;(&-$"L!(%(")! I$& I$& sonville, (+$L$ sister-inlaw, Mabel Wright, of Marietta, Georgia and many "($"+ nephews. A memorial ser1(%$ held at !$! 4!! 3$! %(!)($$$$"$@$("$ 4-'@26"$$/ Donations in memory of ,-$')-$+"$$ $!4--"('4!!$ !$(''!(/Beach Bids Farewell To George Wright //F.Captain’s hat. Pensacola Beach Community ChurchBINGO of each month 6:30 p.m. $20 Dinner available for sale ),(""(",$/-/ %%%/!)$!!!/9 Pot OGold Poker Tourney Paddy OLearys Thursday, Mar 14 7 p.m. Texas Hold Em 4444 Fun850-324-2667


PAGE 4 Island TimesMarch 5, 2013 PEOPLE?? ? ? ?? ? ? T ? ?? ?rivia? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? !9&+= >?@A"'9&A>D@ FUN FUN FUN Gifts! Blue Sky Gift Shoppe E are 'G 21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach 850-916-5087 paradisebar-grill.comJ( (K OD>A INN $8 each ars 8K )$4 SI Mar 56 REA RSSELL ith VCTOR WANWRGT Mar 8 POS TONES Mar 9 PEARL CLARKN Mar 10 LES AM Mar 11 FATTY WATERS Special Guests Mar 1314 TE NGT AWKS Mar 15 LL’ ED TE LES MPERALS Mar 16 PATON NORRS Mar 17-19 STEEP WATER AND GI St. Paddy’s Pu Cral stop #6 at 12:30 Corned eef Caage served all day Steep Water and on stage ;PM 8 '! ( 8E E$ % March E March '%*G6>&;PM:*+#"::4%Q LOVE S NOTNG Dolphin tennis team members Jack Ettelson, Chase Dupuis, Marley Taylor and Maddie Bookout are making a name for themselves on the courts. The Gulf Breeze High tennis program has aces over West Florida and Navarre High in recent matches. G ONE-TWO John McDowell celebrated !(%!)(!+$'%(!!( grade classmates at Pensacola Beach Elementary School. The lunchtime party included cupcakes for everyone on February 19. KCK N TE GRASS Beach resident and high school senior Thomas Fitzgerald earned a spot on the area’s All Star Soccer Squad. The team comprised of the top high school soccer players took the field on Feb 21. Thomas who surfs, skates, plays hockey and soccer, must save time to study since he is always on the Honor Roll at Gulf Breeze High. FAR AWAY FREDDE Fred Simmons has been halfway around the world touring with Terry and Karen Krietzburg in Thailand and other exotic places. He’ll have all kinds of stories to tell at Paradise when he returns. TE TRLL Virginia Byers, who moved to the Beach with husband Steven, sent a compliment to the publisher’s desk. She said, “I read Island Times online and am thrilled to have a community newspaper.” We are thrilled to have you as a reader, Virginia. CAKE AND CANDLES Mollie Thibodeaux announced on February 24 that this was going to be a good year. She turned 84-years-young. The former Krewe of Bananimals queen knows how to start off on the right foot. OOGE MAN Never fear the Boogie Man, especially if it is the smooth voiced David McDonald. Did the guy whose job constantly takes him out of town get to spend his February 24 birthday with his wife and business partner Bonnie? OT STFF Marilyn Powitzky had just the right recipe to win the Pensacola Beach Community Church’s chili cook off, Sunday, February 24. Thanks to Mike Cook who ate chili and reported the results. RTDAY EELER Each year a mysterious lady sends a shout out to PegLeg’s Manager Beeler Guasz wishing him a Happy Birthday on March 16. According to her report, he does not have any plans for his birthday except chilling out and relaxing before the Spring Breakers arrive next week. SAME PAN Melanie Waite answered the riddle “What do Cayle Sessions and the famous far out Lady Gaga have in common?” They have the same hip injury which has sidelined them from dancing. Cayle will undergo surgery March 8 and after rest and rehab, should be able to compete with her dance team. Grandmother Mel says thanks for all the prayers. G FAN Joanne Brooks is staking her claim as the Beach’s biggest Andrew Zimmern fan. She thought the celebrity chef who samples bizarre foods should eat a !$1+$"+M $%!( appearing at the Chamber’s Taste of the Beach, September 14. She has a fond recollection of her dad eating chocolate ants at a little grocery store near her childhood home in Cleveland, Ohio. She would not have considered trying that dish. Now she thinks her dad was on the culinary cutting edge. I!"$(&$&%$$ Irishman and the correct answer to last edition’s trivia question. He was known by his many friends as Paddy Blake. In 1987 he gathered a few friends to toast March 17 at their favorite beach bars. By the next year, the party had gathered steam and the St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl was born. It is named $!( ".(!-$"%!,$ nized the Pub Crawl and founded the Society of Leprechauns. The Leprechauns raised lots of money for charity and drank lots of beer. Paddy was a diehard New Orleans Saints fan. The Trivia Master will "" -!$!$$"')$(", on the name. Of course, Wendy Brandon &"%!($"%/6!($ Irish gal and Paddy’s friend. She M %!-!"!( memory and sent this, “Paddy Blake of Gulf Breeze, husband of Shirley was the No. 1 Irishman around. He wanted to party with his friends on St. Paddy’s Day, so organized the pub crawl from bar to bar to celebrate.” Wendy will be wearing her new Island Times shirt. A bunch of good guesses landed in the Trivia “in” box. As usual Big Bob Dority knew the right answer was Paddy Blake. Jeff McCain and Linda Leithner hailed Paddy Blake as the name sake. Jersey Girl Gwen Foster, who loves Island Times dove into the archives and emerged with a correct answer. The Queen of Wrong Answers Joanne Brooks goofed up and sent a correct answer. “I think (and the key word is think) that master St. Patrick's Day partier, Paddy Blake, named it!” said the Queen, who shall now be known as the Duchess of the Dunes again until she gets off track. Queen Jo may also know the answer to this question. Will wonders ever cease? The Pensacola Beach Woman’s Club is a rockin’ group of gals. Always has been. They are hosting their annual Game Day and Card Party, March 14. So just for fun, pop over to your computer $"+)! "$"%/ What year was the Club first organized? A cool Island Times !(! $"% sent to islandtimes@bellsouth.net. Please put trivia in the subject line and include your name and phone number with your answers. Deadline to answer is March 12. Good luck! Earth Day islandstyle


PAGE 5 Island Times March 5, 2013 Santa Rosa Island Authority Public Works fast tracked a launch site at Park West to accommodate kayakers, catamarans and other non-motorized watercraft, according to Paolo Ghio, director of Environmental and Developmental services. His report was delivered to the Architectural and Environmental Committee at their February 27 meeting. “The parking lot has been striped to allow for boat trailers,” said Ghio. “The fenced entryway is large enough to accommodate a small boat trailer, but it has to be manhandled. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the sandy beach.” Avid sailor Chuck Beverly appeared before the Board on January 9 voicing concerns about motorized and non-motorized boats launching in a congested ramp near Morgan Park. The upgraded area at the most western Soundside parking lot on the island is a remedy to that problem. There is no charge to use the ramp. The A and E Committee gave three votes of approval to the proposed location and design of a new Pensacola Beach Visitor’s Information Center. Architect John Tice presented a site plan of a 1,6 square feet building located on pilings above the holding pond in the north central Casino Beach parking lot. The building’s exterior would be designed to complement the other SRIA buildings. “We would not have to interrupt service to our visitors,” said SRIA Executive Director Buck Lee. “After the construction is complete, we could move from the old VIC and it could be leased to another small business.” Board Member Janice Gilley was in favor of the idea, but voiced concerns about the lack of strategic planning and a master plan for the entire area. “Is this the right use of this ('$"++!( into the future?” she asked. The property over the holding pond is dead space according to staff. The project is estimated to cost 2, and the money is available. More shoreside attractions were approved by the Development and Leasing Committee including a kayak, paddleboard and beach chair rental concession at the Pensacola Beach RV Park, and a wild rotating barrel ride at Flounder’s. The Fishpipe, owned by Chris Thompson of Eastern 6!."M$$)(1+4mittee approval to operate on Flounder’s Beach. “There are only 12 in the entire world, and one could be located on Pensacola Beach,” said Thompson. “Riders climb inside a clear barrel with a small amount of water, as it spins it feels like a waterslide.” The Administrative Committee started their meeting on a high note. Dottie Ford, director of Finance reported the income for the month of December was 8 percent higher than the previous year. The revenues were 288,276 for the thirty day period. Susi Robichaux of EW Bullock Associates, the Authority’s ad agency, gave an update on the implementation of the EcoTourism project. The project and accompanying marketing plan was funded through a Gulf Tourism and Seafood Promotion Fund grant. The grant request was spearheaded by beach locals Lila Cox and Beverly McCay. As part of the progress report, Robichaux noted that there are 29 locations for signs or information kiosks highlighting the eco-tourism program. The program has a marketing budget and online interactive component. The agency hopes to see the program in place before Memorial Day. The grant program which is funded through BP has advertised a second round of grant applications will be accepted. Discussion about whether to apply for additional funding to augment the eco-tourism plan and support it through two years, or to host a car show followed. Director Lee announced that after discussion with Innisfree hotel executives it would be appropriate for the Authority to request a 2, award for a nationally recognized Car Show to take place the last week of October. He noted that is traditionally a low occupancy time on the Island. The show has been very successful in Panama City Beach in the off season and the promoter has three decades of experience. Dr. Lila Cox, beach resident, implored the Committee to make the ecotourism project the benefactor of a second grant request. “This is project is not a one weekend shot that could be rained out,” she noted. “This is $"("+()(+$%!(!! mission statement that this board approved. If they give us another dedicated to the ecotourism trail and project, it could change the face of Pensacola Beach.” Josh Butler and Jason Nicholson, both of Innisfree, explained how the Car Show would impact the island economy, perhaps even saving jobs in the off season. “This is a golden opportunity to bring exposure to the Island at an opportune time,” said Nicholson who is also a Beach Chamber Board member. “It comes at a time when we have to begin laying off employees, so it would prolong employment, too.” Harlan Butler, president of Innisfree Hotels said, “I do not see this as an either or. We need to celebrate ecotourism. This, too, is a an e ene an T mmiee en da a way to increase bed taxes, bring guests who shop, eat and buy gifts. I request that you entertain both these ideas.” The committee voted 2 to 1 to have the staff move forward with preparing a grant request for but would not identify what project the grant would be dedicated to. The Full Board will discuss at their March 1 meeting. A number of items are slated to be reviewed at upcoming meetings A report is being compiled from 2 pages of documents regarding lease fees, taxes and comparisons to other areas. Set for March 2 Committee Meetings Progress report on Core Area redevelopment and improvement projects. Set for March 2 Committee Meetings Neighborhood Road condition report and estimate to repair. Set for March 2 Committee Meetings List of non-budgeted projects to be considered for funding include recreation park improvements, Sabine Channel dredging, island sidewalks, water tower maintenance and stormwater fallout service on Pensacola Beach Blvd. Set for April 24 Committee Meetings. The SRIA Full Board will meet Wednesday, March 1 at p.m. at 1 Via de Luna. The meetings are open to the public.


PAGE Island Times March 5, 2013 aii peas, porridge & a dry martini 5021242Owner Peggy Henshall is ready to keep you in stitches!anichercm anicherahcmnames, logos, custom artsmall or large quantities Marias Fresh Seafood MarketTae a little it of the Gulf Coast home Fresh from the oats daily We can cold pac for trael or ship anywhere621 Cervantes Street ':1E:>>>Call for directions fro the each aiva Serving Breakfast & Lunch ward winning serice iaTarr mens nil eals Tar LindaMurphyRealtor@bellsouth.net www.pensacolagulfbreezehomes.com independently owned and operatedWhat a blessing it is to have three whole weeks between Island Seasons! I know we have more seasons than anywhere else in the entire world. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, just the opposite in fact. Our many seasons are high on the list of all the reasons I love living in paradise. They also help our tiny island thrive thus ensuring the livelihood of beach businesses and residents. Having said that, I pray those serving as stewards continue to be reminded that greed is one of the deadly sins and sometimes you need to know when enough is enough. I know they love paradise as much as I do but there are times we have opposing visions of what it should be. I love the concept of the island becoming eco-friendly. I was raised in the country and taught to respect and love all of God’s creatures (although I never could learn to love snakes I recognize they serve a purpose in the food chain). I was also taught that if ever given a choice between helping an animal or a person, I should help the person. Well, I’ve always wanted to help both and I believe we have the resources to do this now. It is the perfect opportunity given the amount of BP money awarded to our area. Why can’t we add an even brighter concept of becoming handicap-friendly? If you think we already are, I challenge you to spend a day in a wheelchair navigating the island or trying to put your feet in the Gulf of Mexico. Keep in mind you only have use of your hands and some don’t even have that. .0-$ -)(1!$1 eryone should be able to enjoy and share our paradise. That includes being able to actually get to and in the water. We live in an area with many handicapped citizens. We have a huge population of disabled Veterans who live here and deserve every respect, consideration and opportunity just like the rest of us. If you accept my challenge, you will understand and if you didn’t, you never will. Most believe the wooden cross-overs are for handicap accessibility. Not so, they are there to protect the sand dunes. This may be why they end in stairs in what might as well be ten thousand miles through soft sand to the water when your only mobility requires a special chair. I know some of you are picturing some huge, ugly concrete at Casino Beach right now. There is an easier and better way. There is a special rubber pad used for helicopters landing in certain areas. These would surely be feasible for Casino Beach since they could be removed under hurricane threats and other necessary situations. These rubber squares can be put together to create the handicap accessibility. Another option would be the Handicap Beach Tricycles. I met a young man in a wheelchair during a festival on the beach and talked to him about the beach accessibility. He was having a great time but was unable to get to the Band he really wanted to see. The only access was through the sand. He has his own beach tricycle but it’s very awkward and time consuming to load and unload. Wouldn’t it also be a big bonus for our community to advertise and promote a special “Handicap Beach Weekend”? I can already picture the ads for “Eco-friendly and Handicap Accessible for all” I try not to use my column as a soap-box, but this is something dear to my heart. My husband is disabled from combat injuries while serving our Country during the Viet Nam war. When % -!(,$='%$ walking on the beach. He can still walk without requiring a wheelchair, but his condition is deteriorating and I fear that day will come. Even now he cannot walk the beach because the softness of our sugar white sand is too stressful and aggravates his pain. If only we had some way for these special people in our world to share all the joys in paradise available to us. Maybe some day. There’s not a lot of fun stuff to share because we’re all too tired and trying to catch-up all the chores neglected during the last few months. I’m catching "$"+ (" the chores will always be there waiting for me. I did take a short trip to Biloxi with Elaine Mitchell and Lois Jones. Elaine and Lois went for a Bowling Tournament and y’all know why I went! It took several days but I did manage to bring home some of the casino’s money. And, man, do I ever love room service! Since I don’t have that here, I do have a really great recipe to share. In true Southern tradition I have succeeded in taking a very healthy, good-for-you Avocado and made it into a very guilty pleasure. Don’t worry, if you don’t eat it every day you’ll be = "/0&E// Avocado Fries Vegetale Oil for frying or your on preference Cup Flour Tsp. salt 2 Large eggs ell eaten 1 Cups Pano apanese read crus or use your on preference E7 +*A&+&+ and sliced into in. edges Preheat oven to 2 degrees (for keeping fries warm). Heat 1 inch oil in a medium saucepan to 7 degrees on a deep-fry !--/3(M %(! salt in a shallow plate. Put eggs and panko in separate plates. 7($1$+("M !$&(", off excess. Dip in egg, then panko to coat. Set on plates in single layer. Fry about 4 or avocado wedges at a time until deep golden brown (approx. a minute). Put cooked wedges on paper towels (I use newspaper), then keep warm in oven while cooking remaining avocados. Sprinkle with salt to taste. Enjoy, share and spend some time in Paradise. PAT GI 3 Three enerains ne each amil rced a he a ener, erar 20 hen he mariarch Glria as, le, inied her daher Miss erlade and randdaher Terese in her a he id c ncer The airrshed as and had a i, i ime Glria is an aid id c an, in case ere nderin h searheaded he nih in h ninla eih, h as ssed ee ih hese ild men


Island Times PAGE March 5, 2013 a 136 FORT PICKENS ROADPENSACOLA BEACH850-932-9336Tr riaLOBBY CLOSED FROM 1-3 PM EACH DAY. DRIVE UP OPEN DURING ALL BANKING HOURS. !"#$! %& Bank of the South Island BranchFull Serice Baning Close to Home Jennifer Byrom, P.A. !The hiring of a layer is an iportant decision that should not e ased solely upon advertiseents. &-. G7H+,I'())*((+*((,, -/))# & %916-9000 Sunday Services Worship y the Water 9 AM Flounder’s each .guc.org Our Lady Catholic Church 9:45 AM Avenida 18 Via De Luna .stanngulfreee.org Pensacola each Church 10 AMAvenida 18 Via de Luna theeachchurch.co By Cross in the Sand AWhat matters in the end is what we do, not what we think we are doing. Many religious people feel it is their duty to defend God from impious men condemning or killing because they best know who God is. What if God is hidden in the other? If God’s name is unspeakable, immersed in its own silence, merged with our human names? When did we see you? ou didn’t name yourself. We didn’t recognize you. The name is discovered in the other because God is never separate, the ground of being not a being that can be labeled. Only by entering silence silence is taking the focus of attention off ourselves and projecting it into the unknown $"%"+!(!/' Christians can forget that feeding the poor, clothing the naked and welcoming the stranger is a work of silence once our attention is truly on those we serve, not on ourselves or the institution behind us. In the silence of such love “service provider and service user” reveal God to each other. And in so doing those cold labels M$$%$'/ "')'"+(",!! $"%"+1/ The other can be threatening. Different color, food, language, dress or customs. If, on the other hand, we are attracted to the other we can fear falling into their otherness and so being absorbed or simply rejected. There is no worse pain than the emotional exile of rejection. There is no greater joy than when the other smiles back from their heart, recognizes and seeks you. God is not an alternative to the risk and pain of human relationship. God’s love is the intimate otherness of the common ground in which we meet and painfully learn to love each other. “Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you or thirsty and give you drink? When did we see you a stranger and make you welcome naked and clothe you sick or in prison and go to see you?” (Mt 21ff) Are you ready to play to win? Maybe you will take home bragging rights or a door prize -!"$$$!;an’s Club Game Day and Card Party, Thursday, March 14. The Woman’s Club hosts this event at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church in Hunt Hall from 1 a.m. to 2 p.m. >5!((!"$$$! Woman’s Club’s only fundraiser,” said President Shelby 6-(!/>5!%$"$ this event allow us to support the community all year long.” While guests are playing )(+,"+-("!( very favorite card or board game, a catered lunch is being prepared. The lunch begins at noon, but beverages are available as soon as the doors open. “We welcome everyone to our event,” said Smith. “The public is invited and we always have lots of men who join us.” There’s many ways to win prizes. Raffle baskets brimming with good stuff will be given away throughout the event. Tickets are 1. There is a Pot of Gold drawing along with a stellar group of door prizes. The Silent Auction will open at 1 a.m. for bidders to battle for artwork, jewelry and weekend getaways. “We are so grateful to the businesses and patrons who make donations to our Silent 2("?$(+"$$$! Woman’s Club member Chrissy Cook at a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting. “The beach business community is always very generous and we appreciate it.” In years past, the Woman’s Club has made donations to !"$$$!B-" $'6!"$$$! Junior Lifeguards, Pensacola $!4--"('4!! Lady of the Assumption, Favor House, food pantries and other local charities. They support !6",6$"$$!$$+ K%;&8+$" and Rice Luncheon, and Mardi Gras parade. They also supply volunteers to the Pensacola $!4!$-)1"$"+ activities. Tickets are 2 and include lunch. Reservations can be made by contacting Kathy Christoff at 8-92-9777 or reservepbwc@ gmail.com. Checks made payable ;4$")-$(+// ##(+$ 262. The deadline to purchase tickets is Saturday, March 9. "#$%!&'(05!$+7( ectors of the Krewe of Wrecks sadly notified its membership that three members passed away recently. 4!$B/>5&?4""(",!$who served as the krewe’s Captain during 24-2 died February 2. Services were held March at Rose Lawn. George Wright, krewe Captain 2, passed away February 1. Doris Olson Ferguson, 86, former Wrecks First Mate, died Friday, February 22.%"$$$!4--"(' 4!!(",3$!$"+ March 21 at 6 p.m. It is open to the public. ase ilies J$"+B$( ies now for 1 each. ou can purchase them in the name of a loved one, in memory or in honor of someone special, or for yourself. Please call Pegge at the 9/7$+("( March 17. ase edle March 28 Maundy Thursday Service, 6 p.m.. 3$!NB$B,,:" 9 a.m. March 1 Sunrise Service $+%$&2-!(!$$/-/ 3$!#NB$4!! Service, 1 a.m.1! %%March 8, 1, 22 Stations of News and Notesthe Cross-6 p.m. 3$!#NB$6"+$' Masses-8 a.m. and 94 a.m.10F"(+3!+ ist Church is accepting applications for summer interns. The internship is ten weeks and available to college students who have completed at least one year of college. Download the application at www.thepointministry.com.


PAGE Island Times March 5, 2013 all ennis emesch 50340 denremcm denremdenremcmaT ? oes for Sale GLF REEE 43 209900 21.5 99900 NAVARRE rand ne eautiful ne soundfront counity located just 3 iles est of the ridge. 33 182900 Call for a personal tour nnin n ana sa nd r n each ih 13 acres ild r dream hme 10,000 ner ill diide Chec out y other residential lot listings: Gulf reee &"1:&>22 )E,=#"@2&222 ),E="1:&>22 ),>"E>&>22 add’l locations :,#>"E>>&>22 ),>"#>&>22 eared isin aerrn Gl reee Pensacola each resident Lauren Pinston should have her on reality sho She continues to earn titles for her eauty poise and intelligence in state and regional pageants. She as croned the Sunshine Regional Our Little Miss ueen last suer. The Sunshine Region includes Florida Georgia and the Cariean. She too hoe aards for eauty prettiest hair prettiest eyes prettiest sile est party dress and est sportsear on her ay to eing croned ueen. She folloed that perforance y inning Most Photogenic ()'/%-A, 7A in song and dance. Stay tuned for ore on the each’s very on super star. The American Cancer Society is seeking volunteers on Pensacola Beach community leaders, cancer survivors, caregivers, anyone wanting to make a difference to join their Relay For Life of Pensacola Beach on April 12-1. The organization is seeking volunteers who are interested in getting involved in ,!$,$("$"!,! fundraising in their signature fundraising event, the Relay For Life. The Relay For Life event is held overnight at the Gulfside Pavilion. Individuals and teams have a goal of keeping at least one team member on the relay route at all times throughout the evening. For more information or to sign up for the Pensacola Beach Relay For Life visit www.pensacolabeachrelayforlife.com, call the American Cancer Society at 8-47-8 or e-mail Shelly. Nightengale@cancer.org.N a ll i d ase


PAGE 9 Island Times March 5, 2013 by elizabeth hewson The Lizzards Tongueaie leanian liae aes esn aied n ensala ea in a ae e and aees se e e ses se as ened i Te lnel and Te id lie emanenl n e ea via liate ontrolled el torae rie p e oat arin oin ain pplie iital reillane ae lean ere reat ate roeional anaeent smarsselsraecm 15 Mclre rie Gl reeeforerly Storage Advantage It just seems like yesterday that I was hanging out in the downstairs of my mother's beach house when the phone rang. I answered and the caller on the other end, my boyfriend at the time, wanted to know two things my t-shirt size and my time for a -mile run. With a bit of dismay in my voice, I responded with why do you want that information? Well, I am trying to enter us in the McGuire's St. Patrick's Day Prediction Run. But that's not for another month and what makes you think we will still be dating then? It had already been a long-term romance for me as we approached the three week mark and I wasn't so sure that another four weeks would be in the cards. Size and time, he demanded in his best 2nd Lieutenant voice. Medium and 27 minutes. I caved in like a souffl being pulled out of the oven. The next four weeks flew by as I began to somewhat train for this race. In all honesty, I really ran miles in a time closer to minutes and my t-shirt size was and always has been a large. I am not sure why I even bothered going for training runs during those cold February days on the beach since my initial prediction was that I wouldn't even be still dating him come race day. But I did. And we were still together as a couple at the start of the race. I suggested that we not run together as it was obvious to me that there was no way I could keep up with him. He assured me that his prediction time was my prediction time and that we would cross the finish line together, hand in hand, at the 27 minute mark. All of the sudden I was feeling a little green. nfortunately it was not because of envy or nerves, but embarrassment. Throughout the entire first mile, I thought up excuses as to why I was off my 9-minute mile pace finally coming up with the ultimate entrapment of oneself. I was going to blame my plodding performance on a t-shirt that was definitely too small thus impeding the flow of oxygen to my lungs and with the caveat that it must have been accidentally mislabeled. For the second mile, I purposely backed off the pace as I was really breathing hard. My perspiration smelled like a brewery as I had participated in the Pensacola Beach Pub Crawl the night before. I was starting to think all of this was a bad idea -long-term dating, extreme drinking, time tampering, size shifting. It couldn't possibly get any worse. But it did. As we headed for the home stretch an Aviation Officer's Candidate School class began to close in on us. The more audible their chant became the more our pace quickened. I couldn't take it anymore and just stopped. What are you doing? Stopping. ou can't stop. That AOCS class cannot and will not pass us. Well I just did. And yes that AOCS class can and probably will pass me. If it bothers you so much, run ahead. I have no problem falling in behind them. No, I promised you we would run this and finish this race together. And finish we did in 2712. As I look back on that day, I may have been off by 12 seconds on my time and a full-size on my shirt, but that was small Irish potatoes compared to how many races I have now attended with my 1989 prediction run partner. So once again, while hanging out in what is now my beach house, I received a text message from my husband, the Colonel, saying that he had entered us in the 6th Annual McGuire's St. Patrick's Day Run on Saturday, March 9. After 24 years, he didn't need ask my shirt size or my time. And just for the record -large, minutes, and he will be waiting for me at the finish line. ntil next time...


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PAGE 11 Island Times March 5, 2013uzz.........................B Business mmercial esidenial Araisal, nslin ales 103 ayridge Dr. Gulf reee FL 850-934-1797 gdanielgreen.co G aniel Green, MAI, A aeer Gen EA 3 eal Esae rer 19 Exceeding Clients ExpectationsŽparadisecoastalrealty.com Kimberlee Bell Joe Billingsly Robbin Boyd Christine Furman Ardythe Haas Kevin Hayes Jennifer McCrary David Owens Shana Santos Fred Simmons Sandy Zern !""#$$$Directly across the street fro the Gulf for spectacular vies. 4 edroo2 ath. Tile throughout. TTThe Snowbird Open House was a huge success on Febru$'/5!'M &+("!B(,!I+'@(!" $"+8'$"4!(!$8 O/6-,$1+$ !!$"!(&7)K" 5(!:"7($"" 5+6$-)$,!8)3$" -.("(8(!$+$"+4$ ;(,,("-3$$!$"+ I$-7$-$""-@%J&/ :!'""! )$!"'$/TTTIsland Times %$") '%!$/%" 5%(Q.$"+R@%/B$)($4"'((",$D(& %%Q-'"$$)! $"+Q-'+((/ '$","%%%/-'( $"+(-/-+$('+$ 1"!$"+&"%%! ,$"+%!$+""$$ Beach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S CORNER//////6$-3$$The ight Way to Greet a DogB1"('&"%$+,%%!"'-$%$', !%" &(",'!$"+("$$+((")'' (+/.'%$"!+,$&!%"((0K+/ .!%"',$!$+$!+,0"$, ($"("!"%'"!)$&'!$"+$"+! +,"((/.!+,$'$-,"'$!$",(=$%(" $"+)!("+!$/7"0$!+,"!!!$+%!(! $")"$!$"(",/ %"!+&!(+,$!+$$(-+(", %$&/.-"$&'+,'$"$'"' +"0!$1$("%!'/ -$$+$+1($"+("-$("1((%%%/ $%"/-/


Island Times March 5, 2013 PAGE 12 Studio98 HAIR DESIGNS TT a einar a FULL SERVICE HAIR SALON Call for easy directions fro the each studio98hairdesigns.co Mnda andshaer, PM Thrsda Padd ears, PM arda The c, 2 PM nda Padd ears, 3 PMTeas ld Em 4444 n Per line 3242 av rTrai-22!23" % "40 5*5 67 &8 /9 %500 ntegrat ing traditional health anageent ith natural and alternative approaches rTrai LVNG RNGS T N. WE TAKE T OT.Carpet pholstery Cleaner *(;/? &$?.&?;$3 Pered eam lean Prcess n re>1E#2>1:>1 Seeing Stars... your horoscope for next weekMadame Astra DJsBeach Cafe 3 ia de na across from Springhill Suites 509101 OPEN EVERYDA Y at 8 a.m. reaas8 AM TO NOONHAVE A BIG BEACH BREAKFAST! nch11 AM TO 2 PM I AT3 PM TO 9 PM I A T PE Galaxy Girl y andace ear Free Star GazeCasino Beach EE EIE GS an aeltonelleyMary Kay Independent Beauty ConsultantHeres to a more beautiful you! ree it wit order oer 40ay orderin online or y pone aryayoaelton S S S Hi! This is Galaxy Girl reporting back from my intergalactic travels. Whew that was a close one with that asteroid passing by Earth, wasn’t it? And that meteorite hitting Russia was awful. I remember reading that Nicola Tesla wanted to create a shield for individual countries. No one could enter a country without permission and Mr. Tesla realized that this would prevent war. I think the same thing holds true for all this outer space debris like meteorites and asteroids headed in our direction. Just look at the beating the Moon has received with all the craters and pot holes. ikes! Have you noticed lately that independent, wealthy groups are getting together for space travel? Destination Mars! Hmmm let us think about this. Ponder what type of shield are they going to have for their spaceship? Everyone knows who travels in space any distance, that you need a serious space shield. And who is designing their spacesuit? It’s not like going to a well-known couturier and placing an order with several fittings. Oh no, these suits will have to withstand serious sand storms not to mention the sand particle issue. What? ou aren’t familiar with the sand particle issue on Mars? As you well know grains of sand on Earth are round unfortunately, the particles on Mars are jagged. These particles could tear into a person’s spacesuit and depressurize it. There are just a few minutes in that situation to get a person out of harm’s way namely death! And that’s not all how long are these people planning on staying? Are they planning on coming back to Earth at all? And are they going to explore inside the Martian tunnels? And do you think they might find artifacts from a previous Martian civilization? And do they plan on bringing space-mobiles with them for travel on the planet? And are they bringing a mechanic with them? ou laugh, who is going to fix everything? I travel all over this niverse, but PLEASE don’t tell anyone. They will come chasing after me with either a computer to spill the scientific beans or a strait jacket depending on their point of view. Either way, I’m outta here! ARIES (March 21 to April 19) ou could have some problems with doubters who don't share your enthusiasm for that new project you're supporting. But use the facts to win them over to your side. TARS (April 2 to May 2) Someone is impressed by how you managed to get your case to the right people, despite attempts to keep you on the outside looking in. Expect to hear more about this. GEMINI (May 21 to June 2) Good for you -your gift for seeing both sides of a dispute helps cool down a potentially explosive workplace situation. Some family-related tensions also begin to ease. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) our determination to prove yourself is put to the test by midweek. Counting all the positive factors you have going for you will help you get over your self-doubt. Good luck. LEO (July 2 to August 22) Several co-workers are still determined to resist coming over to your side. But don't let that stop you from presenting your proposal to the people who count. Stay the course. VIRGO (August 2 to September 22) ou might prefer to be taken on faith and not have to prove yourself. But the truth is, you need to offer more facts if you hope to persuade people to accept what you say. LIBRA (September 2 to October 22) A family situation takes an unwelcome turn. While others might be looking around for answers, you'll soon sort it all out logically, and the matter will be resolved. SCORPIO (October 2 to November 21) Someone might try to create doubt about your reliability for his or her own agenda. But your reputation and your colleagues' longstanding faith in you saves the day. SAGITTARIS (November 22 to December 21) An unexpected change of plans forces you to come up with an alternative by the end of the week. Look for colleagues to offer valuable suggestions. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Nothing upsets the Goat as much as broken promises. But before you vent your anger, consider that this could ultimately prove to be a blessing in disguise. AQARIS (January 2 to February 18) An old workplace problem you thought you had solved for good resurfaces. But this time, co-workers will take a more active role in helping you deal with it. PISCES (February 19 to March 2) Be careful not to be misled by a negative reaction to one of your more important projects. If you believe in it, then it has worth and is, therefore, worth staying with. BORN THIS WEEK Everyone appreciates your gift for finding beauty, even where it seems least likely to exist.


Island Times PAGE 13 March 5, 2013FLOUNDERS CHOWDER HOUSECelebrating years of Floundering neath the moon and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh catch including the Shrimp Boat Platterloaded with shrimp cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp and -peel ems. Kids love our Pirate Ship playground located on our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night 1"+0(!!%+0 ")$!)$"+/ Dance all night on Flounder’s beach to the most popular bands from across the south. "+$'$%&/6"+$'"!/2!5$ (,!" beautiful Pensacola Beach, 8-92-2 %%%/M "+!%+!/-CRABS WE GOT EMOnly restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor outdoor bar and gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach, was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup, Stuffed Blue Crabs, Alaskan Snow, King 7","'0 "+ them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes. Don’t forget to try one of our signature drinks like The Crab Trap’ which come with a souvenir glass to keep! Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band. &!8+8/9%%%/$)%,-/-MCGUIRES IRISH PUBOne of America’s great steakhouses proudly serving SDA (-6$&$+$"+.(!($(("+(",.(! man’s bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd’s Pie all inside a turn of the century New ork Irish Saloon themed pub. McGuire’s is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than 7, signed dollar bills hanging from the ((",!)/(1"$("-"+%(!,$+ and warm and friendly service by Employees who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery and the O’Tolf Wine Cellar featuring the -1($("!4!$$3"8!!(+ Artist Series. Featured on NBC’s Today’ Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member. Open every day at 11, 8-4 -6789, mcguiresirishpub.com After Sundown...................................................SIDELINES SPORTS BAR AND RESTAURANT6*7"0-($("/6($("!(,!+ "(("## big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it’s here. $-5!+$';(",@(,!/,/6$+$"+8()/ Kids menu for the JV players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seating. Video sports games. Centrally located on Via de "$=$!-$("$&(",$"+!$ (,!/K(& off at 11 a.m. seven days a week. 94-66.SANDSHAKER LOUNGEThe “World Famous Sandshaker”a Pensacola Beach Tradition since 197. Home of the Original Bushwacker. Been selling this signature drink for over years. First bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Monday half price 28B#$/-/(L5U Hold’Em at 7 p.m., 2 Tuesday VK$$&;+"+$'S$ +(@(5!+$'!$(56!(@(/(1B"$("-" J$8"+;+"+$'!6"+$'/4!&!(6!/ Across from the Boardwalk. Open 1 am am. 8-92-2211. www.sandshaker.com PARADISE BAR AND GRILLA little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer. (13(/B(()$ ("/("+'$/"! and Dinner everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch !7$'/8"0$Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour ##/(1$"+/&" Monday and Wednesday. Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise .""(0+('"6$"$8$6"+/$$"+('$&(",/ Open 7 days. 8-916-87.PEGLEG PETESAhoy, Matey. ou’ve found a Pensacola Beach treasure. Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks $(41/2&("+ '/(1)/-)/ Dinner specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers $"+))/5$&!a t-shirt. &!I'8, M '(",1!%"+!.$"+$##(&"8$+/ We’re here everyday at 11. 92-419. www.peglegpetes.com BAMBOO WILLIES BEACHSIDE BAR2)$!(""+!,($"!$!+/"$( bar serving your favorites. Specialty Fat Tuesday frozen drinks like the Octane #9/(1-( on stage. Bikini contests. Craw!("6" day afternoons. Willie’s Wear Gift Shop. Waterfront on Santa 8$6"+/ cated at the Boardwalk. 8-916-9888. www.bamboowillies.comTHE ISLANDER LOUNGE AND PACKAGEA bit of history. The oldest lounge on Pensacola Beach lo$+("!< ($+"$6! ping Center, about one mile east !$ (,!/6($ daily. Dance on the pole. drink $!/6!M )$+/F$( 4'8-$"+6"+&/ (1-(/I$%$' from The Break., our sister establishment. Open everyday for fun. 8-92-911. the beachs news available worldwide... www.myislandtimes.com SHAGGYS WATERFRONT BAR & GRILL!$+1+1&(",(6$)("$'/ $M $ through the open air dining room and side bar. $(+)$&"&'$-(' friendly. Arrive by boat or car, bike or on foot. Open everyday at 11 a.m. in the big red building on Pensacola Beach Boulevard. 8-94-482. www.shaggys.biz PADDY OLEARYS IRISH PUBMay the luck of the Irish be with you as you enter the Beach’s authentic Irish Pub. Happy bartenders serving Happy Hour priced drinks Monday thru Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Have you tried a Car Bomb? Electronic Darts. 5$:+AB-"/(1 music. All kinds of shenanigans. $+("!!((+(( of Pensacola Beach, 49 Via de "$/4$9#9/%%%/ $++'$'.(!)/-/


PAGE 14 Island Times March 5, 2013CLASSIFIED ADS are for 2 words. Additional words are 1 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 262. eal Esae r aleSSIIISINGEA EIIE or rent o inlde tilitie all or ore detail enaola ea aation ent al all or te ET ATE on earont ondo and ea oe oll ree iit online lleaationo edroo at l iew ro all roo or rent weely and ontly ntil roo all l le aation at or ention E TE EA eal Esae r en MARC 9: ce Pic Regatta Key Sailing 9: Gulf reee Celerates the Arts GS. Ends March 10. 10: Daylight Savings Tie egins 13: Santa Rosa sland Authority Meeting 5 p. #1 Via de Luna Open to the Pulic. .sria-fla.co 14: P Woan’s Clu Gae Day and Card Party. Our Lady. 15: Stone Cra Festival aoo Willie’s Portofino oardal. Thru Mar. 17 17: St. Paddy’s Day Pu Cral 20: Santa Rosa sland Authority Meeting 5 p. #1 Via de Luna Open to the Pulic. .sria-fla.co 23: MidWinter Sailing Chapionships. Key Sailing 26: each Chaer usiness Mtg 8:30 a Days nns. usiness After ours 5:30 The Grand Marlin. Guest passes 932-1500. 31: Easter Sunday Sunrises Services: oardal Aphitheatre Gulfside Pavilion and Flounder’s each APRL 2: ands on the each. Gulfside Pavilion 7-9. Free. 6: GC nterstate Relay at Gulfside 7: Pensacola each alf Marathon 9: ands on the each. Gulfside Pavilion 7-9. Free. 10: Santa Rosa sland Authority Meeting 5 p. #1 Via de Luna Open to the Pulic. .sria-fla.co 12: Relay for Life Pensacola each. Ends on April 13. 16: ands on the each. Gulfside Pavilion 7-9. Free. 19: Star Gae Casino each. No charge Open to pulic. Dus 20: Earth Day slandstyle Sea Turtle oecoing PA Yard Sale and Shredding Event Goodill Easter Seals ECA. Casino each 8 a to noon. 20: Star Gae Casino each. No charge Open to pulic. Dus 23: ands on the each. Gulfside Pavilion 7-9. Free. 24:Santa Rosa sland Authority Meeting 5 p. #1 Via de Luna Open to the Pulic. .sria-fla.co 27: Laevie Center 5K Casino each 30: Easter Egg unt each Church 9 a. All are elcoe. 30: ands on the each. Gulfside Pavilion 7-9. Free. *9;3C( 1st and 3rd Thursdays Dinner 6 at 6. ingo 20 at 6:30. Pulic is encouraged to attend. .theeachchurch.co *;34)9)F! 9:15 to 2 on MON and FR Call Sid ite 932-1739. ti i a it we will enloe a it ard ro end a chec r 32 made aale helle In Mail P 44, Gl reee, 3252044 Pesa ie a 1559 hiser a 1203 Maldnad r all odayall inda rpy eller illia ealty e nsrcin aarre ondront onity wo tory eatil detail en ni ee ea on te oat EATI T aerrn Gl reee tnnin on anta oa ond or own ea wit are ild yor drea oe wner will di ideenni ee ea on te oat t’s tie for a ne friends Adoptale dogs and ittens. f you don’t have roo in your heart and your hoe for a pet please ae a donation to help the Pensacola uane Society. huanesocietyofpensacola.org Thursday Nights at Surf urger. Dog friendly for friendly dogs. Meal discount if accopanied y dog. Dog gets free id’s urger. Located upstairs fro Key Sailing 500 uietater each Road P’cola each. PensacolaeachMardiGras.coreading Island Times... Is like having front row seats on Pensacola Beach


Island Times PAGE 15 March 5, 2013 a r 6D8&@49 Via de Luna 916-9808 PaddyOLearysrishPu.co Authentic rish Pu Texas old’E GET YOUR SHAMROCKS READY. HUGE PARTIES ALL WEEK ... leading up to St. Patricks Day March 17 aineandarcm @<''K 6 Wednesday Mar 6: ecy’s ar NGO 7:30 p Thursday Mar 7: Karaoe ith ecy 7:30 p Friday Mar 8: Karaoe ith ecy 7:30 p Saturday Mar 9: Southern reee 7:30 p Sunday Mar 10: Letric Mullet 3:30 p Wednesday Mar 13: ecy’s ar NGO 7:30 p Thursday Mar 14: Karaoe ith ecy 7:30 p Friday Mar 15: Karaoe ith ecy 7:30 p Saturday Mar 16: Dennis Gossan Mie Norris 7:30 p Sunday Mar 17: De Your Friends 3:30 p Wednesday Mar 20: ecy’s ar NGO 7:30 p Thursday Mar 21: Karaoe ith ecy 7:30 p Friday Mar 22: Karaoe ith ecy 7:30 p Saturday Mar 23: Dennis Gossan Mie Sarra 7:30 p Sunday Mar 24: Southern reee 3:30 p)$K AAMO?D>? St. Paddys Day Pub Crawl Stop 3:30 pm erechans ere Junque in the Trunque Yard Sale Application S NSend today Liit of 50 vendors oted y enaola ea doate eaeeper R o enaola ea doate eer to oneer e ayale to enaola ea doate Rame Email Address Phne Mailin Address RTTTTTTTTU$RTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTMail to Pensacola each Advocates PO ox 1262 Gulf reee FL 32562 R Drop off at the Pensacola each Visitors Center. < &7A,J/K+ A*+E&E21, 7 A+, 3A7 +*+E&@=2>#2E#, What to sell: JK+ L&K crafts consuales plants anials or haardous aterials. All ites sold ust e ites alloed y la. Plan Ahead 0J -+22M0(+-/ space per vendor or note on application if ore space is needed. /.K,/// Setup: Chec in at the eacheepers Volunteer Tale. Sale site +-/<,'-;,+, ,0=2, Disposal of nsold tes: tes not sold ust e reoved no later than 12:45 p.. Goodill ill e on site for your convenience to tae any ites you ould lie to donate. f e cancel: f e are forced to cancel due to the eatherthe event ill e rescheduled for a later date. ill adhere to these rules ,3/' *A&/A/&A & & /&& H+ /./ participation in the Yard Sale /NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN4NNNNNNNNNNN $K! hec if you will need more than one paring place. Earth Day islandstyle se eals leed dn inn e an ene III emial ae a e neilin eemn a asin ea ea ndeds iends and ans aed e lside ailin and sndin aea e insiainal memial am dia ene i emed a sn i e neilin i inlded e asin se eals e e ne sae e lae sand an nainal aen ea nstructor isa Brinley from tlanta left wors with students ona Swift and aco Thompson oth from Panama City The annual Winter Worout on Pensacola Beach was held on the Beach ehind the Hilton Saturday Feruary


PAGE 1 Island Times March 5, 2013 Computer epair in our Home www.ycpals.com joe@ycpals.com 9633 TAX AUDIT? PUT REAL EXPERTISE ON YOUR SIDE. Our tax professionals have the expertise to help you through the entire audit process, whether youre an H&R Block client or not. We offer Audit Assistance and Audit Representation services. Call or stop by to “nd out more. Because you deserve nothing short of the tax audit expertise that comes with more than 50 years of experience. Tax Audit Support constitutes tax advice only. Consult your own attorney for legal advice. Additional fees and limitations apply. OBTP# B13696 2013 HRB Tax Group, Inc. 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To do that task, you might need the help of an experienced technician. Some people get confused about the difference between a “restore” and a “recovery”, and lose their data by making the wrong choice. A “System Restore” means that you will simply be going back to some earlier point in time that was before the current problems showed up. In that process you select the date (using a calendar) to which you would like to restore your computer. Sometimes that process solves problems, but often it does not. In some situations, that kind of restore process cannot be completed because too many changes have been made. The System Recovery is sometimes done using the original Recovery CDs. In most cases today, the CDs are not shipped with the computer. For most computers, you can order the CDs by contacting the equipment manufacturer. sually the manufacturer includes a program that you can use to make them yourself. The CD creation program will be on the Programs Menu. Also, the manufacturer may allow you to start the System Recovery by pressing a key, or combination of keys, on your keyboard. Those keys will vary, depending on the manufacturer. Once the recovery is started, it should not be interrupted. This article was provided by The Stukey Group. For questions, contact Joe at joe@ycpals. com or 8-26-16. Three dozen Pensacola Beach Chamber members crowded into the Pensacola Beach RV Resort's upstairs meeting room, February 26, to hear upbeat updates. Newly elected Board Chairman Beverly Campbell welcomed new members MediaCom, Vitamin Sea Fishing Charters, ProHealth and Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography. Spring has sprung early on the island with a full event calendar including the upcoming Go Irish on the Island March 11-17 Stone Crab Festival, March 117 at Bamboo Willie’s, Bands on the Beach Kick Off Concert, March Crawfish Festival, April 12-14 at Bamboo Willie's, and Pensacola Beach Advocates' Earth Day Islandstyle, April 2. Taste of the Beach organizers announced that America’s favorite chef, Andrew Zimmern will appear at the festival on September 14. The Beach Chamber received a BP grant to showcase the festival to a regional audience. Beach resident Rick Gordon announced that the Miracle Strip Corvette Show, which shares the Taste of the Beach weekend, expects record crowds. Hoteliers and vacation rental companies report the overnight stays are growing. Snowbirds are nesting here once again. Judy Nicholson of Resort Quest and Marta Ray of the Days Inn encouraged members to join the Snowbird Committee. They are working to prepare a welcome package for the 214 Snowbird Season. “We need this business,” said Ray. “Let’s really go out and get them.” Santa Rosa Island Authority Executive Director Buck Lee noted that guests may have a brand new Visitor’s Center in the Casino parking lot if the SRIA Board approves a proposal to construct a new Center in the new location. “I believe that it is time to get a more efficient and modern space for our Visitor’s Center,” said Lee. “If we locate it in the Casino, cars can arrive from the east or west entrance to the parking lot. Right now, once you see the Center, you have already driven past it.” Lee also reported that he was communicating with the top brass at the nited States Navy regarding the Blue Angels Show. His quarterly breakfast meeting with business owners is set for Tuesday, March 19 at 9 a.m. at the SRIA. Leslie Matthews of VisitPensacola showed off the new Visitor’s Guide and offered free delivery to any businesses that have not already received their copies. Matthews also introduced Jennifer Ponson from Pensacola State College, who serves as the SkillsSA event coordinator for Florida. “Skills SA brings high school and college aged students to Pensacola to compete April 27-2,” said Ponson. “They stay on the Beach and their families often travel with them.” The events, which are held at the Bay Center, test an entrant’s skills as they relate to the workforce. Pensacola will serve as the site again in 214. Opportunities exist to place giveaways in the competitors welcome bags. Chrissy Cook brought a message from the Beach Community Church that Bingo and Potluck Sundays are open to the public. The Church’s Randle Hall is now available for party rental. Cook said all the details are online at www.thebeachchurch.com. Campbell reminded the members that the Beach has plenty to offer, year round, to tourists and day visitors, but it takes teamwork to bring those guests to the Island. “We have to pull together and support each other to keep this place rocking and rolling,” she said. “I appreciate all who work hard to make that happen.” The next membership meeting is Tuesday, March 26 at 8 a.m. at Days Inn Gulf front conference room. Membership and additional information is online at www.PensacolaBeachChamber.com.Pensacola Beach esort Hosts Chamer eetingGN ITripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Awards for 21 include Gulf Islands National Seashore along the Pensacola Bay Area and Pensacola Beach on the list of Top 2 Beaches in the nited States. Valeria Palmertree, communications director for VisitPensacola, shared the good news. “The Gulf Islands National Seashore makes the list at number and Pensacola Beach is touted as the twenty-second choice.” The top spot went to Ka’anapali Beach in Lahaina, Hawaii followed by Siesta Key’s public beach. The Gulf Island’s National Seashore’s beaches on Santa Rosa Island were heralded as unspoiled. One traveler wrote, “Miles and miles of white sand and blue water.” Pensacola Beach was described as “best beach ever.” For the entire list, http www.tripadvisor.comTravelersChoice-Beaches. Island Times Blog“where shelly waters meet sandy beaches” www.myislandtimes.com


PAGE 1 Island Times March 5, 2013 The Mainstrea and 850-932-1417 We have gone back to basics. Expect the same incredible quality food delivered in less time. FRIENDLY DOG Thursday off r diners heir riendl d ree ids rer r id Mon:: Red eans Rice 99 CENTS Tues: Surf Movie nnerlight. 20 Discount on Meals. Thurs : Dog Friendly Fri: Open Mic Night eer M l X EY :99+#%;::*,(,, iin apain now i pparel o liin ear ope oe ndoor o liin alleaherrdsne Mens and mens asal dr lhin Island Times Blog....www.MyIslandTimes.com where shelly waters meet sandy beaches Experience Fort Pickens from the seat of your own beach cruiser, during the Tour de Fort, Wednesday, March 2. The bicycling tour begins at 1 a.m. As part of the “Let’s Move Outside” initiative, park rangers will lead a tour of the historic sites which lasts about two hours. Participants should meet at the Fort Pickens Auditorium at 1 ide Through History t Tour De Forta.m. Bring your own bicycle and be prepared to ride approximately four miles. The program includes an auditorium presentation followed by a bike tour along the Florida National Scenic Trail. There is no charge to participate but there is an 8 entrance fee to get into the park per car. For more information log onto www. nps.govguis. Ranger Mie Ayond rt gets his group ready On a clear indy and very chilly Feruary 16 Auree apton agreed to e one of the odels for a coercial eing shot on Pensacola each y irdell Agency to proote Taste of the each. As Auree listens to the directions fro ane irdell left videographer Chris Rosario and photographer To irdell egin to frae the shot. St. Paddys Day Pub Crawl T-Shirtsget yours at the Beach Visitors Information Center $12 ~ proceeds bene t Hospice Open Mon-Sat 9 to 5; 9 to 3 on Sunday


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Island Times PAGE 19 March 5, 2013 By Terri McKamey One Stop Shop for the Watersports Enthusiasts E&!&%K&Q&'(509325520 Q!E : <5=5<155>#4?66#4 M 10 AM -Close alf Price Drins Shots for ARE Custoers. Poer Trivia7:30 10 AM -Close 2 WineeerWell. Karaoe ecy 8 PM Ladies Nite. 5 PM-Close 2 Wine eerWell. Mie encs and 8:30 PM R 7PM-Close 12Price Drins Shaer Shirt. Live Music 8 PM SUN: 9PM TIL KARAOKE & MUSIC W/DJ VIC @>''K&E' 509322211 Go Irish with us! ensacola each tradition Somethings always Shakin "(*4(#+Q a "(*4(#* since 193 Bands perform Wednesday thru Sunday on the Shaker Stage S h a e r S h i r t L i v e M u s i c 8 Calendar onlinesandshaker.comMon, 7 pm Go rish Poer Trivia 12 Price ushacers Tues,10am-close 2 Well Wine eer. Karaoe Contest 10p Wed, 5pm-close rish Ladies Nite 2 Well Wine eer. Mie encs and 8p Thurs,7pm-close (7' Cral T-shirt for 12 price drins or shots. Music starts 8p Fri, 9pm-1am 3', ;+ Sat, 9pm-1am St. Paddy’s Day War p '.;+ St. Paddys Day Sun, 4-8 pm St. Paddy’s Day Cral on n Party ith Mie encs and PUB CRAWL LAST STOP @ 6pm March 11-17 This is a great time of year !!)$!("$$/. +"W$'-$(' -!)$-!! (0$,$(-)!6$"+ 8+6!!$+-$" $"+;!((",/ .W1,$)$"+"%"" "$1"+%(! ""+$"+.W1=)" %$((","!$("/. $",$$"'!$'%( ("+-+%"$(&" !(",-%!$", !)$!'(",(/.$' $'$$%+%(!"%(!$#)$!+ ,($(!$"+ -'"%++$((,! $(",/6$"+M $!(-$ $'-'!()$(!( $'("!(",/.($%$' &!)(+((", "!%$"%(!)$( (,!"+"$!/.,$$" !%()8+ !-%! ("!$-(/ 2+$'!$1' $("!$!)$'$"+!$ 1'+('&(",/;(!$ $%$$1(",!)$'! (+$$(",)! !+"0--("+/ (",$ 'W$$)8+ !$"+!$(", !$)!;!((",$"+-$" $!$(&(",/ 7"W,(,"! -$"5"'$ $($"+5$&/;&'( $$%$+!,!3$'/ <(/:%('(,!/ 4)($%()-1(","/ 5!$%$"+! ($-$"'$! $($"+5$&0$"5"'/2%$+$-$+ %&'%(!!,$"+( S#5,($+! "'"+("3$'/5! 1 !$+'$",%((1 $%$+/ 5!$(-/J -,($$( $"+5$&/(!(",$!&$"+ (""'$"+%(,!'$! $5/"'"$%$+ $",$"+-(-$"'>" %!("(",/? -$"5"-$"6$"+ (",$)$'/ yle ailey n yen er tenon en lad eore itton oa ailey ade ite al arey ian tral att rawi ady nler aty oa nior nler aitlin rpy 4!&!%)(! -"$"$ -"/!NXX%%%/,)$&/-X $)X-$"#"$ -",/!2'$+'$!$(", this year? 5!"(!("(",$"+! $("!$,"/;!$$' %$((",C$)$&(+$"+, !(",*Bailey Tops Pompano Tourney Leaderboard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ail ssiain ani es n eeainal iesoal tlete eonied at ea ent:(,!6!0 7($"+6!6$4!$("2("7,-$%() ))(",!+%(! ("$$!$!"$$ 62($("2%$+$" D5!+$'3$!$! :(""$$$!/ :$"&$"&($+ "!('$0,$& @%$"6$("$(", 7"(1B"+4$-"I+$"/ @$'5"8(!$+" 2+3($"+'-($" I("$("$$-",!!" / $$ -$(!$-(&Q"$$ /--("-$("/


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