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Island Times Volume VIII, Number 8 Pensacola Beach, Florida August 7, 2012 Sandpipers Flock Back To School Beach School Classes Begin August 20


PAGE 2 Island Times August 7, 2012 Published every other Tuesday SHELLEY W. JOHNSON, PUBLISHER islandtimes@bellsouth.net www.MyIslandTimes.comNo portion of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher. Island Times Could it be true that all Kindergartners Ready For First Day2012-2013 School CalendarAugust 20 Students Begin September 3 Holiday No Classes September 12 Early Release October 22 Planning Day No Classes November 7 Early Release November 12 Holiday No Classes November 19-23 Fall Break December 18 Early Release December 19-Jan 2 Christmas Break January 18 Planning Day No Classes January 21 Holiday No Classes January 30 Early Release February 18 Holiday No Classes March 18-22 Spring Break March 29 Holiday No Classes April 5 Planning Day No Classes May 27 Holiday No Classes May 31 Seniors Last Day June 1 GB High Graduation Day June 7 Students Last Day/Early Release Day Pensacola Beach Elementary www.pbes.org 900 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach, FL 32561 850-934-4090 Gulf Breeze Middle School gulfbreezemiddleschool.org 649 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 850-934-4080 Gulf Breeze High School 675 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 850-916-4100Contact Information


Island Times PAGE 3Forever ...Barefoot on the BeachAs a tribute to Jane Waters who passed away January 10, Island Times will continue to run some of Janes favorite columns for your enjoyment August 7, 2012 Our latitude will change your attitude Lunch Specials MonFri 11-2 Dinner Specials NightlyCATCH IT ALL! Oysters Fresh Gulf SeafoodOPEN EVERYDAY Waterfront Dining Live Music Gift Shop Kids Playground#2 Via de Luna 934-3660Sports in Hi Def40 TVs 8 Big Screens 934-3660 WINGS45Every Thursdayc Monday Cajun Nite Tuesday Surf and Turf Wed Mexican Madness Specials Tues: of Wine Wed: Specials Thurs: Specials Tuesday Surf and Turf Tuesday Surf and Turf Wed Mexican Madness Wed Mexican Madness All Sports Always On As long as I can remember, dogs have been a part of my life. I have had a Cocker Spaniel, French Poodle, Dachshund, Bull Dog, Springer Spaniel, Irish Setter and a few assorted mutts. I have also had a parakeet, a pony, a monkey, an alligator, tropical fish, a huge white rabbit, two bantam roosters, a gray squirrel, and numerous kittens. Each of these animals has etched some special niche in my heart, but none can be remembered in quite the same way as a pair of greyhounds named Duke and Duchess. Actually, I inherited those two lithe, fawn colored creatures. They originally belonged to my brother who thought it would be neat to train them to race until he found out how much work it entailed. So, he gallantly turned them over to me, and I suddenly owned two giant pets. I hung on to their leashed for dear life as they galloped me down the street every day, and I would spend long hours brushing them, feeding them, and trying to keep their water buckets filled. I was allowed to keep the two monsters in the basement of our home until my dad discovered fleas in the pool table, and he evicted them to a warehouse area he owned. I walked there every day to care for the dogs and all went well for a while. Unfortunately, a green house was next to the warehouse and one night the dogs playfully ran across the top of it, breaking every single tiny window glass. After he paid the bill for getting rid of the fleas and replacing the greenhouse glass, my Dad tried to convince me that those dogs had to go. I pleaded with him to give them one more chance, so he took them to his sand pit which was a long way out in the country. I was not too happy with that decision but it was better than not having dogs at all, so I then proceeded to hang around his office until one of the trucks was dispatched to the sand pit and I would hitch a ride and spend the day with the dogs. The workmen on the sand boat and the dogs and I were all having a pretty good time until the nail sack incidents began. Every morning I lugged big brown paper bags of food for the dogs with me so, naturally, they thought all large paper bags contained food. Which isn't totally true. Nails were delivered to the sand boat in large brown paper bags. Somehow, these bags of nails began to disappear during the night. No one ever tried to steal anything from the boat since the dogs spent the night there, so it wasn't a thief. The mystery continued until some busy body caught Duke and Duchess sniffing the nail bags, and disappointed that the bags did not contain a few choice morsels, they calmly dropped them over the side of the boat into thirty feet of water. The busy body told my dad. Again, I had to make a dramatic plea to save my dogs, and arrangements were finally made to send them to my uncle's farm. I could ride my bike out there, so I was ecstatic that I no longer had to wait for the trucks. My uncle raised Dalmatians and race horses, and Duke and Duchess fit right into that animal kingdom until they found a nearby farm house with a pen full of chickens. They killed the chickens. All of them! Well, after my Dad paid the farmer for all those chickens, I knew I would have to employ some kind of new strategy, so I asked if I could keep just one of the dogs, and bring him back to town if I de-flead him everyday even every hour. I really begged. My Dad finally acquiesced. Duchess went to a greyhound racing trainer and Duke stayed with me. He hardly ever left my side and we began to grow older together. When I was a freshman in high school, he came at the end of the day to meet me, and when my friends would reach out to touch him, he would jump away gracefully, like a huge gazelle. He was so shy that he would never allow anyone to pet him but me. That summer, Duke came home one day and laid under a tree. He never got up again. All day long, I kept moving my beloved paralyzed dog from shady spot to shady spot. I sponged his long,beautiful face with cool, wet towels. Finally, my Mother called the vet. The news was all bad. Duke had been poisoned, and the vet took him away. My heart was broken...and even my Dad had a tear in his eye. ~Sympathies ~In 1958, JR Turner brought his wife Louise and sons Herb and BRZ to an island paradise called Pensacola Beach. He vowed never to leave and he never did. JR, a beach pioneer, passed away on July 23, at age 85. JR was well-known and loved on the island. After owning a masonry company, he went to work for Monsanto until retirement. He was a charter member of the Pensacola Beach Elks Lodge, Herbert JR TurnerJanuary 15, 1927 to July 23, 2012 a Wooly Booger King and The Islander Newspaper Father of the Year. He is survived by his wife Louise, sons BZR and Herb, daughter-in-law Versilla, four grandchildren Lindsey, Jarrett, Haley and Haven. His entire family and beach friends are left to remember his easy smile and island attitude. A memorial service and paddle out in JRs honor were held on August 4. Memorial donations may be made to Alzheimers Family Services of Pensacola. Jenna Breanne BredesenJuly 23, 1985 to July 25, 2012 Hundreds of friends and family members gathered at the Pensacola Beach Community Church, August 1 to celebrate the life of Jenna Bredesen who passed away on July 25. Jenna was born in Hawaii on July 23, 1985. At age one, the family moved back to the mainland. She attended Pensacola Beach Elementay School, Gulf Breeze Middle and High schools, where she was a straight A student. She earned a Bachelors degree from Florida State Uniforeign languages. She traveled extensively France, Spain, India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. She settled in New York City, where she was an internationally acclaimed mixologist. She left NYC in 2011 to continue her career in Mumbai, India. Six months later she moved to Washington, DC. She loved the world and the world loved her. Jenna is survived by her parents Mike and Sandee Bredesen, and her brothers Justin Pate and Hunter Bredesen. She leaves behind a world well traveled filled with friends from many nations. Jennas love for the ocean was well known to all her family and friends. As a tribute please consider donations to: Oceana.org


PAGE 4 Island Times August 7, 2012 T?? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ?rivia?? ????? ? ? ??? ? PEOPLE Full Service Bar Live Musicwww.paradisebar-grill.comStay & Play RatesReservations 850-932-2319 AUGUST7, 8 & 11 The Nouveau Honkies 10 The Sun Dogs 12 & 14 Upstarts 13 All Star Jam 15 Fundraiser Pensacola School of Liberal Arts 16 & 19 Ben Prestage 20 Wade Baker Rent Kayaks & Paddleboards Full Service Bar Seafood to snacks Rent Kayaks Dance in the sand Cozy Inn Its the Blues, baby!21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach 850-916-5087 Come as you are Bike, boat or car Locals know where to go... www.paradisebar-grill.com FREE POKER Wednesday Nites Everyone loves turtle trivia. Answers came from kids, sailors, sweethearts and smart folks; but no one topped the retired United States Army Colonel Mike Cook for speed and accuracy. The waterfront Beach resident knew that the leatherback was the largest species of turtle in the world. He made no comment about who the biggest beach barfly might be. The Trivia Master who hobnobs with know-it-alls shared this documentation: The leatherback sea turtle is the largest species of turtle in the world and, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Marine Fisheries Service, it is also the largest living reptile. Leatherbacks can grow up to seven feet long and weigh more than one ton. According to National Geographic, the largest leatherback turtle ever found washed up on the coast of Wales in 1988. It was a male turtle that was 8.5 feet long and weighed 2,020 pounds. Christy Sullivan said just knowing she was correct was prize enough for her and sent a special blessing to the turtles and their trivia fans. Lila Cox thought it might be a trick question, but was on target with her answer. Greg Christoff and Tim Pike both know their turtle trivia. Ten-year-old Gulf Breeze Elementary School student Pier McMillan who had a harrowing experienced while fishing knew it was leatherback. He helped save a hooked green turtle. This question had people turning different colors. Walter Foster is green with envy over his wifes trivia t-shirt. Jersey Girl Gwen has been showing off her shirt. In an attempt to earn a shirt, husband Walter sent the correct answer, but way too late. Gwen is hiding her shirt from him. Sitting red-faced at the Roundtable Lady Kim Schmitz who corrected her original answer of leatherneck to leatherback and blamed her spell check. Semper Fi Lady. Sir Morrie, Gwen Foster and a host of others nominated the Galapagos Tortoise as the largest turtle. Sir Offshore Chuck Brower took the Trivia Master to the shores of Indonesia with his answer. The Star Fish turtle from Indonesia is the largest in the world. They are called the starfish because the back looks like a star fruit. They can weigh up to 900 pounds. Sorry, the TM is sticking with his NOAA know-it-alls. Deep in the sand dunes of Mexico Beach, Chuck Steele conjures up a vision of a Wooly Mastadon Turtle which never roams south of Interstate 10; and, thus is no danger to his beach friends. The NOAA know-it-alls probably knew nothing of this hairy friend of Chucks. And, the glittery crown of the Queen of Wrong Answers remains untarnished. Joanne Brooks sends a Tale of a Turtle. I believe that the largest turtle (not tortoise) is an Alligator Snapping Turtle. When we lived in town, our townhouse was on Carpenter's Creek. When some construction was done, a very large Alligator Snapping Turtle was disturbed. At that time it was estimated to be 100 years old. It was relocated to the Escambia River. They live in the mud and rarely move. They entice their food by sticking out their tongue which looks like a fishing lure on the end. Therefore, food! Keep us entertained, Queenie. The Trivia Master posts a photo challenge in honor of the Beach kids who trek back to school this month. Can you identify these two beach residents? Hint: they are both Gulf Breeze High School students. Remember, it takes both names to win. You could go to the head of the class wearing a new Island Times t-shirt! Dont be a dunce; send your answer to islandtimes@ bellsouth.net. Just like school, there are rules: include trivia in the subject line and your name and phone number with your answer. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, August 14. Who are these two beach kids?LIVE MUSICBETTY ON BAYOUPensacola resident Betty Fowler, 84 years young, sends her best to the Beach Turtle brigade. She called Holiday Inn Express General Manager Beverly McCay to submit her baby turtle name and guess of the hatching date since she was not able to attend the Shower. She chose Myrtle as a name because her son "who is now grown" had a turtle as a child and they called it Myrtle. She chose August 9 at 9 p.m. as the hatch date and time. Good luck Betty and Myrtle.GLAM GRANDMOTHEREvery student who passes through Gulf Breeze Middle School knows Becky Grace, the schools longtime secretary. She and husband Patrick are welcoming a new grandson, Declan, to the family. Declan has big brother Finian, who is now 16-monthsold, to show him the ropes.TUESDAY PATThe Pensacola Beach Visitors Information Center has a cast of volunteers who greet and assist the thousands of visitors who arrive in the lobby looking for directions, discussion, maps and good advice. Pat Cribb, who volunteers every Tuesday, had her very own visitors to show around last month. Her young nieces Lauren and Erica Stemler from Park City, Utah were on the beach. NEW CLUBBERSTwo skippers are now part of the very active Beach Yacht Club. Debbie Belger, Membership chairman, announced that Bob Kelly, Pensacola, and John Farris from Niceville are the newLOVE TO LOISThe Sisters of the Beach are famous for their outpouring of love and support within their ranks. When they found out that Lois Jernigan needed their prayers, they shouted to the Heavens. And, they continue to send her lots of love for the days ahead. GAL GRADUATESJust when everyone else is heading back to school, Angeli working in the hospitality industry, but she hopes to land a job in the fast paced medical world. She has completed her coursea Medical Coder. She is ready to put her new knowledge and skills to use. HAPPY BIRTHDAYIsland Times columnist Candace Segar will party with her sisters on August 20. Happy day!


PAGE 5 Island Times August 7, 2012 www.PensacolaBeachMardiGras.com Tim Jones request to extend his dock one hundred feet into Santa Rosa Sound was tied up when neighbors voiced their concerns at the July 25 Santa Rosa Island Authority Architectural and Environmental Committee meeting. After hearing comments from two neighbors, their attorney and Environmental Scientist Jason Taylor, the committee asked the concerned parties to meet with staff to reach an agreement. Staff will bring the results back to the committee in August. A request to move a dock, made by Greg Whibbs of Villa Sabine, met the same fate. The committee asked staff to attempt to mediate and bring the results to the next board meeting. The Administrative Committee made it less costly for Island residents and businesses to have plans reviewed. SRIA Director of Developmental Services Paolo Ghio proposed a reduction in fees for those submitting signs or fence plans from $50 to $25. Businesses will be charged $200 for renovation and addition plans, half of the previous charge. We are not struggling for revenue, said Administrative Committee Member Ed Guernsey. I think we should adopt this new fee structure as a way of giving back. We are able to do that right now. The Committee unanimously approved the new fee schedule. The Development and Leasing Committee keeps close tabs on the lease fee and property tax issue. Guernsey admitted that the topic is complicated and he continues to seek equitable ways to resolve the dilemma. He noted that although it makes sense to see how the Supreme Court will rule on the legality of taxing leaseholders, it is important to have a plan in place prior to the ruling. We dont want to wait until the Supreme Court decides before we make some sort of public stand about what we think should be done, said Guernsey. We cannot control what the County does with the tax receipts, but we can make requests. It is incumbent on us to make sure those dollars are brought back to the beach for the purposes of making the unfair taxes more fair. The SRIA recognized the importance of identifying the economic impact of the beach and continues to share that information in public meetings, on a local television series and with the media. The board will receive the results from a study prepared on the topic by the Haas Center. We need to educate the people about who we are, what we do and how we fund ourselves, said Guernsey. The Haas report will add to the validity of what you are saying, commented SRIA Chairman Dave Pavlock. Beach resident and Board member Tammy Bohannon reminded the Committee that there are many new Island residents who are paying a substantial lease fee coupled with association dues and ad valorem taxes. The idea that the lease fee is a small amount no longer is accurate, said Bohannon. There are many who are burdened with a heavy financial load. The topic will remain on the Committees agenda. The Santa Rosa Island Authority dedicated a proclamation to honor some of the Islands oldest residents, the sea turtles. In the proclamation, which Awareness Day on Pensacola Beach, the board noted that the sea turtles have been nesting on the island for centuries prior to humans arrival. The economic and environmental impact of the conservation efforts should be recognized. The proclamation was to be presented at Pensacola Beachs first ever Sea Turtle Baby Shower. The Full Board will meet in the boardroom, #1 via de Luna. The meeting is open to the public. Agendas are posted at www. Island Authority Committees Lower Fees, Monitor Tax SuitNeighbors Must Resolve Dock Disagreement 850-723-6142 Pensacola Beach Marina Sailing/snorkeling trips from $55!


PAGE 6 Island Times August 7, 2012 by Kathi Lewis peas, porridge & a dry martini native cafeowned & operated by friendly natives! Go Native Daily 7:30 AM to 3 PM Our sh tacos are the best! Dedication Aug 19, 11 am Dolphin Cruises850-492-6337Located at the Beach Marina 655 Pensacola Beach Blvd. 850-261-2462Owner Peggy Henshall is ready to keep you in stitches!www.CajunStitchery.com CajunStitchery@yahoo.comnames, logos, custom artsmall or large quantities Marias Fresh Seafood MarketTake a little bit of the Gulf Coast home! Fresh from the boats daily We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere. rrrsGr rFrOstrsrMMr Mt 621 Cervantes Street Call for directions from the Beach This is a bit different from my usual column, but it is just too good to keep all to myself. It is a series of e-mails generated between several of my friends concerning the Sea Turtle Baby Shower. The Shower was originally planned for July 28 at the Holiday Inn Express on Ft. Pickens Road, but had to be rescheduled for the next weekend due to stormy weather. Im still laughing, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. From Peggy Henshall, July 28, 2012 @ 8:20 p.m.: Yep, George and I went to the Turtle Shower at the Hilton. Bob and Patrice met us there. I brought a present that I made for D.J. We never found the Turtle Shower. The people at the Hilton didnt know what we were talking about. We ended up walking next door to the Holiday Inn, ran into Lindsey Stanley, and drank myself silly. That would mean two margaritas. We had a fabulous time. The weather was beautiful and we talked, laughed, and watched all of the people in the bar and on the beach. I saw a man with too much hair stuffed into too small a swimsuit and a large woman who looked like she was in her underwear. From D.J. Zemenick, same day @ 9:09 p.m.: Oh my! I dont know where to start! LMBO Although we had to postpone for weather, the event was at the Holiday Inn Express on Ft. Pickens Road, Peggy. So close, but yet so far away. Looking at the positive side, the Hilton (on Via de Luna) also begins with an H We should have just headed down your way and drowned the sorrows of our postponement at your private party. I second your opinion about bathing suits. I saw an older, not I was on the beach this morning during turtle patrol. While I applaud young Olympians who turned off by pudgy older men in when the speedo is a leopard print. UGH! (My note: Maybe hes planning to attend the Nauga Champagne Brunch?) We dont know why Mother Nature wouldnt cooperate, but I know for sure that it will work out for the best. Shelley Johnson, Sunday, at 12:18 a.m.: Glad we could be the impetus for your Turtle Cocktail as long as the drinks were green, its all good. Paulette Provost, Sunday @ 1:17 p.m.: Actually there were two turtle cocktail parties going on. We were at Paradise dressed tire, with turtle pins, rings and turtles with great ceremony! Turtle shower cocktail attendees included Kathi Lewis, Christine and Lonnie Hewerdine, Amy DePew, Paulette Provost, Deb Friedman, Little John, Sharon Mattair, Cathy Long and Renee Mack and other assorted folks that were at the lively beach bar! Lila Cox Sun. @ 8:36 p.m.: I have to tell you how much I enjoyed to Sea Turtle Baby Shower that wasnt yesterday. Those of us involved in the event were gathering up our stuff and talking to those who showed up. A lot of people asked me if I was D.J. (I lost count). She is a Rock Star with a great following. I am so proud. DJ has done such a great job with her blog, videos and photos helping us all learn more about this endangered species. (My note: Dont miss DJs Turtle Trax on page 18 of this edition of IT.) She was as bubbly as a glass champagne. Im sorry we missed Peggys party at the wrong location and the other girls at Paradise, but we had a cooler of beer after the shower. There is no place like Pensacola Beach. Paulette Provost, Sunday @ 8:43 p.m.: Beautifully said Miss Lila! Rock on, DJ! And thanks to all of you who worked so hard on the cancelled Turtle Shower! Deb Friedman, Sunday @ 8:58 p.m.: I think we have two rock stars DJ and Lila! My prediction is this is just the beginning of another truly Island annual tradition. Im proud and very Blessed to be a part of it. Becky Shearman, Monday @ 7:28 a.m.: I am clapping for our Turtle Rock Stars! DJ Zemenick, Monday 8:56 a.m.: What Lila said was very sweet. I just supplied photos and video. It was Lila, Beverly McCay and Shelley Johnson who did all the hard work. What I contribute just gives some emotional attachment to our cause. Those little turtles are just so darn cute. Peggy Henshall, Monday @ 9:00 a.m.: Oh my, to add to all of the rest of DJs attributes of charming, intelligent, eloquent; she is humble. My note: Lord help me, I love these amazing women! And Id like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who made the Sea Turtle Baby Shower such a talked about and spectacular event! I have to agree with Deb in believing this is just the start of another annual island tradition. I just cant see how yall can top this next year. It still cracks me up just reading this whole conversation. I know its way past time to get down to the basis of my column and Ive got a great recipe to share! Why this one? Someone just happened to leave a Bud Lite in my refrigerator and I dont drink it so I have to use it Easy Beer Bread 2 Tbsp. sugar tsp. salt 1 -12oz. can of room temperature beer (Bud lite works really well)Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a loaf pan with cooking and beer. Mix well then pour batter into loaf pan. Bake for 45 minutes, then brush the top with melted butter. Enjoy, share and dont forget to laugh! August at a luncheon hosted by Jane Peaden in her eastern Santa Rosa Island location. Although there were a few very poor Michael Phelps imita tions, the party received a gold medal from the following: (front row, L to R) Kathi Lewis, Danah Gibson, Paulette Provost, Jane Peaden, Lynn Cieutat, Peggy Black and her dog Olive, and Claudia Fisher. (Middle row, L to R): Amy Depew, Jayne Drees, Gwen Gibson and Charlotte Spencer. (Back row, L to R): Peggy Henshall, Judy LOignon, Christine Hewerdine and Bonnie McDonald. Not in photo: Becky Shearman and Sharon Mattair.


Island TimesPAGE 7 August 7, 2012 850-206-3156 Joe Stukey Computer Repair in Your Home www.ycpals.com joe@ycpals.com Jennifer Byrom, P.A. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Toll Free: 877-889-8822 5177 Elmira Street Milton Facing the Courthouse916-9000 Sunday ServicesWorship by the Water, 9 AM Flounders Beach Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church www.gbumc.orgOur Lady Catholic Church, 9:45 AM Avenida 18 /Via De Luna www.stanngulfbreeze.org Pensacola Beach Church, 10 AM Avenida 18 /Via de Luna thebeachchurch.com There are 2,211 registered voters on Pensacola Beach who are encouraged to arrive between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to exercise their right to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, August 14. Polls for Precinct 94 are located at the Pensacola Beach Community Church, 920 Panferio, at the corner of Avenida 18 and Via de Luna. There is ample parking. An AutoMARK is also available at the polling place for persons with disabilities. Voters are reminded to bring their photo and signature ID with them to the polls. Pensacola Beach resident Dr. Thomas Campanella will continue to serve in the only elected seat on the Santa Rosa Island Authority. His current two-year term expires in November, but no one entered the non-partisan race to oppose him. The sample ballots contain: Republican UNITED STATES SENATOR (Vote for One) George LeMieux REP Connie Mack REP Mike McCalister REP Marielena Stuart REP Dave Weldon REP PUBLIC DEFENDER,1st JUDICIAL CIRCUIT UNIVERSAL PRIMARY CONTEST (Vote for One) Bruce A. Miller REP James Owens REP STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 2 (Vote for One) Jeremy M. Bosso REP C. V. (Clay) Ford REP STATE COMMITTEEMAN (Vote for One) Michael Combs REP Jeremy Evans REP D. Allan Richards, Jr REP STATE COMMITTEEWOMAN (Vote for One) Ashley N. Carr REP Rebekah Johansen REP Democrat UNITED STATES SENATOR (Vote for One) Glenn A. Burkett DEM Bill Nelson DEM PUBLIC DEFENDER, 1st JUDICIAL CIRCUIT UNIVERSAL PRIMARY CONTEST (Vote for One) Bruce A. Miller REP James Owens REP CIRCUIT JUDGE, 1st JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, GROUP 15 (Vote for One) Terry Ketchel Thomas Murphy PUBLIC DEFENDER, 1st JUDICIAL CIRCUIT UNIVERSAL PRIMARY CONTEST (Vote for One) Bruce A. Miller REP James Owens REP CIRCUIT JUDGE, 1st JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, GROUP 15 (Vote for One) Terry Ketchel Thomas Murphy Voters are encouraged to contact the Supervisor of Elec3900 with any questions or visit their website at www.escambiavotes.com. Community Church Serves As Beach Polling Place www.bankofthesouth.com 136 FORT PICKENS RROADPENSACOLA BEACH 850-932-9336Mon Thurs 9 4:30 Friday 9 5:30 LLObbBBY CLOSED fFROM 1-3 pPM EACH DAY. D DRIVE UpP OpPEN DuURING ALL bBANKING HOuURS. Bank of the South Island Branch Beach resident Jackie Henderson coordinated the Beach Churchs Vacation Bible School, which always includes a swim party and pizza lunch. This year was no different. Forty-four Bible Schoolers and almost as many adults, teenager helpers and lifeguards splashed in Santa Rosa Sound, north of the Church, July 27 until a thunderstorm made them run for cover. PHOTO LEFT: Ten-year-old Skyler Murphy gets a boogie board ride powered by the muscles of Hunter Dillinger. PHOTO RIGHT: Beach school friends Lily OConnell, left, and Ella Kaufmann, right, swam around like little mermaids looking for seashells. Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church is hosting a Welcome Party for Incoming Ninth Graders Monday, August 6, from 6 to 7:30 p.m at the Fairpoint Campus. According to organizers, its a way to start the school year off right check out the group, get plugged in, get to know the rest of the high school students and see what GBUMC is all about. All rising ninth through twelfth grade students are invited. For more information call 932-3594, 916-1660, or visit www.gbumc.org. Church Connects New High School Students at Social


PAGE 8 Island Times August 7, 2012 Pensacola Beach Chamber members shared the sweet successes of summer and optimism that the strong line-up of fall events will continue to make cash registers ring. Among the thirty business representatives who attended the July 31 monthly Chamber meeting at Days Inn, hoteliers and vacation rental agencies were reporting strong reservations through the end of October. We have been slammed all summer, said Marta Ray, Days Inn. Our weekends are booked through fall. There is no shortage of festivals and events for residents and guests. Beach Chamber Events Chairman Beverly Campbell updated the members with details of the Taste of the Beach, September 15-16 followed by the Art and Wine Festival, October 6-7. host our wine tasting at our festival site, said Campbell. We have kicked it up a notch for a higher quality guest experience. More performers, more artists, better wine. The Art and Wine Festival will showcase performing artists, art vendors, a wine tasting tent and complimentary food selections. The wine tasting tickets guests receiving a jute wine bag. Chamber President Maureen LaMar noted that the Chamber membership has grown to 136 members as she welcomed new member Water Warrior, a paddleboarding company owned by Becky Harger and located at Pensacola Beach Marina. Harger has recently received national recognition as the ACA instructor of the Month. Her class selection includes everything from beginners paddle boarding to an inner voyage experience. I am so grateful to the beach business community for sharing our information, telling visitors about us, said Harger. It brings me so much joy to make people happy as they learn to paddleboard. While paddleboarding is a new beach sport, miniature golf has been around the beach for decades. Kelly Eddins of Hampton Inn announced that the Tiki Island Golf and Games is a family friendly activity and the course has been refurbished. Rick Gordon, Miracle Strip Corvette Club representative, said their local contingent included a round of miniature golf at a recent meeting. The Corvette Club will host their annual show September 15 in conjunction with the Chambers Taste of the Beach. We believe that between this years show, said Gordon. We have visitors arriving from across the nation. Among the fall events is Pensacola Beach American Legions The organizers have tee-signs forms are located at the Visitors Center. During the Roundtable discussion Nan Harper of Island Realty announced that her business is growing. She and her colleagues welcome Joni Grissom to Pensacola Beach Advocate President Jim Cox updated the Chamber on the results of the PBA Master Plan survey noting Those results were forwarded to the Santa Rosa Island Authority Board, Escambia County Commissioner Grover Robinson, who represents the beach, and the County engineering staff. He encouraged business owners to communicate with the SRIA board. The SRIA is currently going through a process to identify which projects will take a priority and how to fund them, said Cox. I suggest you contact the elected SRIA board member Dr. Thomas Campanella, or any SRIA board member to give them your input. Cox reminded the group that the State Supreme Court will consider the taxation litigation although no time frame for rendering a decision has been set. Currently, businesses and residents are paying ad valorem taxes and lease fees, which is a heavy burden. The leaseholders sued the County taxing authorities for levying taxes on their leasehold property and improvements. We are in a wait-and-see situation, said Cox. I would hope a decision would come before the end of the year. Beachkeeper Lila Cox congratulated the island business community for their participation in Sea Turtle conservation. She shared a number of items that Gulf front hotels will display to educate guests about how to help the beach be more turtle-friendly. The next Chamber meeting a.m. at the Days Inn. Membership information is available at www. PensacolaBeachChamber.com or by calling Maureen LaMar at Upcoming Events announced at the Chamber Meeting: Emerald Coast Poker Run August 11. Bamboo Willies. Powerful boats will stop at the pier as part of their fundraising raised for charity. August 11, Gulf Breeze RecreBoardshorts and Bikini 5K First time event. JamicanFest walk. Bamboo Willies hosts. www.bamboowillies.com. Anything That Floats/Bathboo Willies. Registration Noon. of entry fee donated to Beach Chamber. www.pensacolabaechSept. 14-16. Music, events honoring the Sandshakers anniversary. Shaker Queen coronation on Sunday. shaker.com Taste of the Beach urdaySunday, Sept. 15-16, 11-4. Gulfside Pavilion, Casino Beach. Pensacola Beach Chamber. Music, food, cooking demonstrations. No admission charge. Participants can purchase food items from two dozen beach restaurants at the festival. www. pensacolabeachchamber.com or Vettes at the Beach Corvette Sizzling Summer Pace Continues Into Beach Shoulder Season Events Saturday, September 15, Miracle Strip Corvette Club. No Kacey Helps Kidz SepSponsored by Chips Gym. DeLunaFes Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival formances, events, islandwide. www.pensacolabeachsongfest. com Art and Wine Festival ber 6-7, Visitors Center Parking Lot. Art vendors, performances, wine tasting, music. SRI Triathlon Casino Beach. www.sri-tri.org. Pensacola Beach Chamber hosted Business After Hours at Paradise, Tuesday, July 31. The themed event was a light-hearted tribute to Beach visitors. Richard Hicks, left, owns the Fun Store where visitors rent everything from kayaks to bicycles. He dressed as a classic television tourist to win the costume contest. Chamber President Maureen LaMar, center and Board Member Karen Cook Cowen enjoyed his fun spirit. Beach resident John Fromularo of Wells Fargo tropical shirt and straw hat. John was awarded a prize for the person who hailed from farthest away. He was born in New York City. Bamboo Willies Robert Gleim, right, was racking up the miles, too. He was born in Indiana. Gleim admitted he was raised in Georgia. Representing the City of Gulf Breeze in his sporty orange Hawaiian shirt, Vernon Prather, center, authenticated its origin it was actually purchased in Hawaii. Chamber exec Maureen LaMar, left, and Pensacola Beach Advocate Lila Cox welcomed Prather to the Chamber event.


PAGE 9 Island Times August 7, 2012 American Legion Post 37913th Annual PUTT PUTT GOLF OUTINGSaturday, October 20 Tiki Island Golf & Games Pensacola Beach Tee Sign SPONSORS NEEDED$25 BENEFITS Yes! I want to support the Pensacola Beach American Legion. Enclosed is a $25 check made payable to American Legion Post 379. Mail to : PO BOX 1163, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562 Name: _____________________________________________________ Phone:_____________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ City: ___________________________ State: ____ Zip:_______________ SIGN WORDING: Line 1: _____________________________________________________ Line 2:______________________________________________________ Line 3:_____________________________________________________ Dylan Blass can return to Gulf Breeze High School with a winning fishing story. His 4.63 pound Redfish and 2.22 pound Catfish made him the runnerup in the Junior Angler 11-16 group at the Pensacola Fishing Rodeo in those categories. The weigh in was at Flounders on July 29. The avid fisherman works at Hot Spots. Max Williams, right, brings his varied catch to the WeighMaster at the Pensacola Fishing Rodeo, July 29 at Flounders Beach. Williams Barracuda weighed 24.42 pounds which was good enough for third place. His fishing partners Cuda took the top spot at 29.08 pounds. They brought Black Snapper, White Trout, Croakers and Pompano to the leaderboard, and took home a boatload of prizes.


PAGE 10 Island Times August 7, 2012 TheLizzards Tongueby elizabeth hewson ARE YOU READY?We understand your insurance needs!850-623-8092CALL DENISE TAYLOR TODAY FOR A QUOTE family owned and operated independent insurance agency Life, Business Auto & Motorcycle Commercial Vehicle Homeowners & Flood LindaMurphyRealtor@bellsouth.netis ready to assist you at 850-748-0865 LINDA TAYLOR MURPHYREALTOR Call Dennis Remesch850-384-7607 www.denrem.com Ready To Buy? Homes for Sale GULF BREEZE 5/5 $574,900 3/5 $249,900 NAVARRE Brand new! Beautiful new soundfront community located just 3 miles west of the Bridge. 3/3 $182,900 Call for a personal tour! Stunning on Santa Rosa Sound. Your own beach with 1.73 acres. Build your dream home. $180,000. Owner will divide. Check out my other residential lot listings: Gulf Breeze addl locations Featured Listing Waterfront Lot Gulf Breeze 850-932-2323 Move In Specials Climate Controlled Self Storage Drive Up Access Boat Parking Moving & Packing Supplies 24/7 Digital Surveillance Safe, Clean & Secure Great Rates Professional Managementsmartstopselfstorage.com15 McClure Drive Gulf Breezeformerly Storage Advantage I think there should be a gold medal for all the people who love the Olympics and no place on the podium for NBC. Once again, for an event that is cherished by millions, it's been taken hostage by greed and the almighty dollar. I really have not appreciated NBC dictating to me when I can watch the medal rounds of certain events, including gymnastics and swimming. News flash: when someone waits four years for the most spectacular display of world competition-which is an incredibly long time for a society is just not right to broadcast tape delayed events, including the Opening Ceremonies. I am just not sure what NBC was thinking. I've read all the blogs and editorials. I even followed the tweet that landed the journalist Guy Adams twitterless. He tweeted NBC executive Gary Zenkel's corporate email address and was banned for publicly disclosing someone else's personal information. Adams has since been brought back into the nest of Twitter with Twitter's general counsel wishing they had the luxury of tape delayed decisions. So what is NBC's excuse for not going live as the events unfolded? Bottom line, a corporation reaching for the gold. I kept reading over and over that their corporate sponsors deserve the greatest audience share possible because of the hefty price tag on commercials and that meant airing the games during prime time. Here's a thought. How about broadcasting the Olympics live with no commercial interruptions and a bottom scroll that says the 30th Olympiad is being brought to you commercial free thanks in part to, and then list the sponsors. I would have had my television on archer's bow (3 a.m. CST) to the last punch thrown by the super heavy boxers (5:30 p.m. CST). I would have made an effort to watch the sports live that I like and recorded others to watch at a more convenient time. Additionally, there would be no way I could skip over the sponsors' messages because they are embedded at the bottom of the screen. Plus what is really prime time these days? And if it's so important, then why do Central and Mountain time zones have a different standard than Eastern net, prime time is whatever you want it to be except if you would like to watch the Olympics live. Now I know that NBC defended its decision and basically offered up its live streaming as the olive branch, but while trying to watch the Men's 100 Freestyle Finals, an event that lasted less than 50 seconds, 48.44 seconds to be exact, I couldn't even get a steady stream with my brand new system and high speed cable. American Nathan Adrian was probably already dressed and on out he won. I ended up watching it again in prime time, but only under protest. Not too long ago, NBC's slogan was Always With You. I guess after paying $1.2 billion for the American rights to these Olympic games, their current slogan of More Colorful really should be changed to Just Gold. Until next time... Madison Howell from Cantonment took home the top prize at the Sandshakers Blue and Gold Bikini Contest, July 21. The Sandshaker hosts a Shaker Queen contest that culminates Sunday, September 16. The candidates gather votes at $1 each to be donated to charity. The Shaker Queen does not have to be a bikini-wearing model, just a good fund raiser, according to the rules.Pensacola Beach fans of local Monique Verdin along with Sharon Linezo Hong and Mark Krasnott, gave it rave reviews after its premier, July 31 at Paradise Bar and Grill. We were sitting near the soundfront stage, our eyes were glued to the screen, said Charlotte Spencer. Oh my God, we laughed and we cried. It was so good. According to the producers, American community as it reels from decades of environmental degradation. Monique Verdin returns to southeast Louisiana to reunite with her Houma Indian family. Soon she sees that her threatened by a cycle of manmade environmental crises. Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil leak are just the latest rounds in this century-old cycle that is forcing way. Monique must overcome the loss of her house, her father meaning of home. If you missed the Beach Thursday, August 9 at 6 p.m. at the Pensacola Museum of Art, 407 S. Jefferson St. The tickets are $5 for adults and $2 for students and active military. There is no charge to museum members. For more information, call 850-432-6247 or go to www. pensacolamuseumofart.org.My Louisiana Love Premiers on Beach, Encore at Pensacola MuseumThe Escambia County Board of Adjustment (BOA) is looking the board in an At Large position. Anyone interested in serving on the BOA should forward a current resume to the Development Services Department, Attn: Karen Spitsbergen, 3363 West Park Place, Pensacola, Florida 32505. Financial disclosure and W-9 forms are required. Established by the Board of County Commissioners, the BOA conducts any required quasi-judicial public hearings to grant, grant with conditions, or deny applications for variances, extension of development orders for site plan approval, requests for the temporary use of a mobile home as a guest residence due to medical hardship and appeals by those persons aggrieved by interpretations or administration of these regulations. County Seeks Applicants For Vacant Adjustment Board Seat


PAGE 11 Island Times August 7, 2012uzz..........................B Business The Dream is so AffordableWith prices at or below pre-construction costs, there has never been a better time than now to Own the Lifestyle! 1 8 V I A D E L U N A PortofinoOPENHOUSEDAILY9 AM 5:30 PMBeach ClubOPENHOUSEDAILY9 AM 5:30 PM 1 0 P O R T O F I N O D R www.resortrealtylife.com lLevin &Rinke Resort Realty, Inc Stop by one of our onsite offices for a tour today! Resort_Realty_6x5 Beach Clulb_Portofino_March 2011.qxd 3/21/2011 10:25 AM Page 1 By Joe Stukey Bytes and Bits VALERIE PREVATTE Criminal Defense Trial Attorney Representing Juvenile and Adult Clients in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties 850-444-7475 www.prevattelaw.comQ: What is the cost of a Windows 8 Upgrade? A: Windows 8 (Microsofts next Windows Operating System) still hasnt been released, but Microsoft has hinted that it should be available for this holiday shopping season. Since it isnt released yet, we dont know the price. Typically, a shrink-wrapped copy of Windows is in the $100 range for the Home version and is in the $200 range for the Professional version. When you purchase a new computer, Microsoft is now including an upgrade coupon so that you can buy Windows 8 for $14.99 when it is released. That offer expires in the early part of 2013. It appears that you can apply that upgrade to any of your computers, but you computer meets the hardware requirements for Windows 8. Many of the computers from the Windows XP era will not meet those standards. After Windows 8 is released, new computers using Microsoft Windows will have Windows 8, instead of Windows 7, installed at the factory. In addition to the new software, new hardware is being released to position Microsoft in the market for post-PC products. New products include redesigned keyboards and mice, in addition to new tablet devices. The Wedge mouse will be designed to operate on any surface. The Bluetooth mouse will allow users to scroll to the left/right and up/down with a touch of will allow the user to zoom the screen and use gesture motions to move through options on the screen. This article was provided by The Stukey Group. For questions, contact Joe at joe@ycpals. com or 850-206-3156.TOP BEACH BARFlorida Travel + Life magazine says they scoured the state looking for the best beach bar, and they choose PegLeg Petes on Pensacola Beach ahead of a raft of bars from Destin to Key West. They said, This old-school beach bar, with its sunbleached exterior wood and license-plate-covered walls, is a maze of bars, dining rooms, tiki huts and playgrounds for kiddies. Congrats to the Amberson family for this designation. Its a real feather in PegLeg Petes pirate hat.GET YOUR HEAD RIGHTDo you want to compete in the SRI Triathlon or just feel better, sign up for the Mind and Body Connection Living Well presented by Mary Cohen-Colson, M.D., Tuesday, Aug. 21, 11:30 a.m. at theAndrews Institute. Reservations are required, call 850-469-7897.MADE IN AMERICAJust like the major television networks, Island Times will let you know which products are made in the USA. Check out the 100 percent cotton t-shirt made by Patagonia at Weatherfords. Patagonia is a California based company. What about our seafood? The Grand Marlin are very local. Just ask Chef Gregg which ones swam in the Gulf last night. KREWE NEWSThe Sidewalk Social Director Gena Raymon has to keep your calendar in sync, so sharpen your pencil or tap on your iphone that Sunday, September 2 at 3 p.m. is the next Krewe of Bananimals event. It is the very popular Shrimp Boil and Membership Drive. Bring your checkbook and your wild side. Sabine Sandbar is the place to be. FLOAT MY BOATStart strengthening your arms and perfecting your skills, the annual Anything That Floats and Bathtub Races are set for Sunday, September 2 beginning at 2 p.m. behind Bamboo Willies. The entry fee is donated to the Beach Chamber. SEMPER FIRetired Marine Corps Colonel Chris Holzworth invites the entire beach to the dedication of the Marine Aviation Memorial Tower, Sunday, August 19 at 11 a.m. The event will take place at Veterans Memorial Park on Bayfront Parkway in Pensacola. You can return to the Beach just in time to have brunch at your favorite eatery. FLOUNDER FLICKThe DeLuna Fest organizers are hosting a movie night at Flounders, Tuesday, August 7 at 8 p.m. The Harder They Come, will show and lots of giveaways will go out the door. Its all part of the lead up to the star packed concerts on the Beach in September. Promoters announced that they will be making a $10,000 donation to the local USO. UNWELCOME VISITORBeach Visitor Center emthe aftermath of vandalism at the Center on July 31. After the deputies were called to the scene, the Santa Rosa Island Authority maintenance staff cleaned up the broken glass and got the VIC ready to open and welcome the Islands guests. The Beach Visitors Center hosted 3865 visitors in July.OLD SCHOOLGulf Breeze High grad Brent Sibley went old school with his press release to Island Times He sent it via the post oftion of being a member of the ing class of Gulf Breeze High, hosted a reunion at Paradise. His band, The Skydogs, provided the entertainment. CRAM THE VANThe Smart Stop Self StorCram the Van donations. Kathy Guzzo says they will make sure your donations of new school supplies make it to the local children who so desperately need the help. Smart Stop is located on McClure Drive in Gulf Breeze just east of the Publix Shopping Center.


Island Times August 7, 2012 PAGE 12 Some of the best things in life are free. Bands on the Beach concerts at the Gulfside Pavilion from 7-9 p.m. is organized by the Santa Rosa Island Authority and has media support from Cat Country 98.7. The funding for this popular concert series comes from residential and commercial lease fees paid by those who live and do business on Pensacola Beach. There is no charge to the public. The series features regional artists performing in musical styles ranging from jazz and soul to classic country and Southern Rock. A limited number of seats are available at the beachfront pavilion, so spectators are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets. No pets are allowed and glass is prohibited. For more information, call the SRIA at 850-932-2257, go to www.visitpensacolabeach.com, or tune into the Cat Country 98.7 for the latest updates. August 7: Holly Shelton August 14: Big Muddy August 21: Southern Breeze August 28: The Sawmill Band September 4: 13th Hourglass September 11: Wildwood September 18: no concert -2012 Bands on the Beach ScheduleFree Concerts Rock The Pavilion Gulf Breeze Guns 850-377-3145Give us a call. We can order what you are looking for. HATS Hiking & Backpacking Snow Ski Apparel Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes Indoor Rock Climbing Wallwww.weatherfords.net HATS Mens and Womens Casual & Outdoor Clothing The Special Projects Committee of the Santa Rosa Island Authority is setting a course for the future. Deciding what to do, when and how to pay for it were the topics of discussion at the July 25 meeting. Chairman Fred Gant told the Committee that oil spill settlement money would be coming to Escambia County, and although the total is uncertain, it could be $113 million, $170 million or more. In an effort to establish a plan the Escambia County Commissioners have decided to appoint a committee of diverse people representing both public and private sector interests. The committee will likely be made up of seven to nine delegates and will begin work this fall. The beach needs a spot on the Committee, said Gant. Our staff and this Board need to find out how the money can be spent. When the time comes, it is important that we are ready to make a request. Gant further commented that there are different stipends of money which will be dedicated to different types of projects. Board Member Vernon Prather noted that with all the different pots of money that there will be many ideas about how the money should be spent. He noted that a great deal of money is sent from the Beach to the County, but an insignificant amount is allocated back to the beach. In order for the money to make it to Pensacola Beach, where the oil actually landed, we need to be very involved in this process, said Prather. County will have paid staff, but the SRIA staff is busy operating this island. We may have to think outside the box and hire someone whose main job is to secure funding for the Island projects. Board Member Tammy Bohannon concurred with hiring a consultant. When everyone is in charge, no one is in charge, she quipped. It is prudent to put out an RFP to hire a consultant. Someone who can consolidate the information, build consensus and walk the halls at the County. We need someone who is accountable to us. Chairman Dave Pavlock and elected Member Thomas Campanella believe it is the job of the SRIA board, assisted by staff, to take on this task. It is our responsibility to come up with a list of projects, keep it on the minds of the Commissioners and let them know whats going on, said Pavlock. We have a good rapport. We can tell our Commissioners how best to invest in the islands future. Board Member Ed Guernsey felt the investment in a consultant was advisable. He noted that if you look for funding, you must be informed. We need someone who can pinpoint the money and how to get it, said Guernsey. We need to look into this matter more carefully. SRIA Executive Director Buck Lee, whose varied experience includes stints as a County Commissioner and owning a government consulting firm, told the Board that there is no room to house a new hire, so a consultant would have to work remotely. He requested the Board write up the parameters for this consultant and he would prepare an RFP. After further discussion regarding the possibility of hiring a consultant, Campanella made a motion tasking Lee with preparation of a document describing the scope of the position. The motion passed unanimously. Ed Guernsey shared a vision for Pensacola Beach that includes a smooth functioning transportation system with trolleys and ferries, and a waterfront Convention Center to bolster shoulder season commerce. He is in favor of moving the SRIA office to the land near the Fire Station, and using the waterfront parcel which is within walking distance to core area hotels as the areas premier convention center. Additionally, his list of priorities included a more pedestrian friendly beach with improved crosswalks and an iconic walkable boardwalk encircling the core area. The pedestrian friendly ideas were also on Dave Pavlocks list along with upgrades to residential streets and Casino Beach parking lot, the removal of the sewer treatment plant and construction of a parking garage. Vernon Prather asked the Committee to return to the list of unfunded projects included in the recently approved budget. The Special Projects Committee will continue discussion of this item to refine, prioritize and seek funding for the improvement projects. The next meeting will be Wednesday, August 22 at 5 p.m. in the SRIA boardroom, #1 Via de Luna. The meetings are open to the public. Special Projects Committee Envisions Future Of Island Infrastructure, FundingSeptember 25: Kee Creek Band October 2: On the Beach October 9: Class X October 16: One Accord October 23: Civilized Natives October 30: Touch of Gray The Blue Angels will be in Pensacola with practices scheduled for August 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 21, 22. The Blue Angels perform practice air shows over NAS Pensacola beginning at 8:30 a.m. The schedule is subject to change without notice due to weather conditions, flight operations or other unforeseen events. Practice lasts for approximately 45 minutes and visitors are encouraged to visit the National Naval Aviation Museum following practice. In addition, after the August 8, 15, and 22 practices, there will be an autograph session with the pilots inside the Museum. Admission to the Blue Angel practices and autograph session is free and open to the public. No reservations are needed. The viewing area for the Blue Angels practice is located on the Museum Flight Line. Visitors should park in the Museum parking lot and watch for signs or parking attendants to direct visitors to viewing and parking locations, including special spaces for handicapped visitors. Bleachers are available for seating about 1,000 people. Visitors are encouraged to bring hats, lawn chairs and sunscreen. Stay on top of the action with the Blue Angels mobile app now available to download from iTunes and Android Market. Proceeds support the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. The National Naval Aviation Museum is open daily from 9 a.m.5 p.m. For more information, visit www.NavalAviationMuseum.org.Meet The Blue Angel Pilots During August At Naval Aviation Museum Island TimesR&Rread & relax available by mail PO BOX 844


PAGE 13 Island Times August 7, 2012 DJ Entertainment Sound Stage & Lighting www.boogieinc.com Happy Hour 49 Via de Luna 916-9808 PaddyOLearysIrishPub.com Authentic Irish Pub Texas HoldEmSPORTS!All The Games! MostlyBy Candace Segar 850-932-1417 500 Quietwater Beach Blvd Upstairs from Key SailingBurgers Fries ShakesWe have gone back to basics. Expect the same incredible quality food delivered in less time. DOG FRIENDLY DECK! BREAKFAST SAT & SUN 8-11 www.MyIslandTimes.com Free Sunsets Waterfront Location Next to the Yacht Club Open everyday at 9 AM 850-934-3141 www.DalesBigDeck.com 715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine MarinaHave you visited Dales Big Deck?LIVE entertainmentWaterfront Deck AUGUST 7th DJ Mike Z 8-11 8th 9th Karaoke with Becky 7:30-11:30 10th Sundogs 7:30-11:30 11th Fish Sandwich 7:30-11:30 12th Freeway 98 7:30-11:30 13th Open Mic w/Tim 7-11 14th Tim Spencer 8-11 15th 16th Karaoke w/Becky 7:30-11:30 17th Posi-Tones 7:30-11:30 18th Johnny Barbato & The Lucky Dawgs 7:30-11:30 19th Lektric Mullet 4-8 20th Open Mic w/Tim 7-11I just got back from a fabulous vacation. While I was on my trip, I started reading an excellent book entitled No Time To Lose A Life in Pursuit of Deadly Viruses, by Peter Piot. Dr. Piot is a clinical microbiologist and his first-hand account of chasing, isolating and eliminating (if possible) deadly bacterial viruses is a compelling read. Normally I try to be a little more upbeat in my writing, but this book coupled with several articles I read gives me reason to pause and think. What are we doing to ourselves as a species? Are we breeding ourselves out of existence? The first set of articles addresses hunger, thirst and overcrowding. One article discussed building smarter cities with hyper-efficient housing. The average apartment size would be 300 square feet. I personally dont want to live in a 300 square foot space. Two more articles focused on food and seeds. The startling fact was that banks are very much involved in global future markets. Why is that the case? There were more articles on slowing down climate warming. Every article was thoughtfully researched and written. They were all based on the Earths population reaching 9 billion people in approximately 40 years. This brings me back to my vacation. There were too many people. It was just bumper to bumper people and tempers did flare. My family and I did everything early in the morning to alleviate this problem and had a wonderful time as a result of careful planning. However, this in no way takes care of the future problem with just day to day living as the population approaches the 9 billion mark. My solution is a simple one, albeit very controversial. The above mentioned articles discussed band-aid fixes. We have to get to the root cause and correct it. Limit population growth worldwide and educate, educate, educate. High technology breeds better paying jobs. It requires a highly educated global work force. Productive people are usually happier, more content and have a sense of accomplishment in providing goods and services that are highly beneficial. It is never fun to go to the root cause of any outstanding problem or disaster. But this is one root cause that needs to be addressed. Night Sky Provides Twinklers Performance StageThe Escambia Amateur Astronomy Club offers a spectacular show courtesy of their volunteers and Mother Nature. The telescopes will be set up at Casino Beach, Friday and Saturday, August 24-25 at dusk, weather permitting. Members telescopes and binoculars will be set up for views of the Moon, planets and other celestial objects, said Dewey Barker, the clubs publicity chairman. We are also available to come to your church, organization or scout meeting. We love to show you whats up there. For more information, contact Barker after 4 p.m. at 850450-7767 or visit www.eaaa.net. To view the Club calendar and photos, refer to http://rlwalker.gulfweb.net/astronomy/ index.html. Unlimited Horizons presents Wake Up, Just Do It Sunday, August 12 at 2:30 p.m. at the Gulf Breeze Rec Center. Admission is $10. Therapist Russ Youngbloods presentation is based on the premise that everyone experiences a life much less perfect than they yearn for. He helps to set attendees on a rewarding journey toward their authentic self. For more information, www. UnlimitedHorizons.org. Youngblood To Wake Attendees Up From Status-Quo Trance


PAGE 14 Island Times August 7, 2012 CLASSIFIED ADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562. Real Estate For SaleCLASSIFIED ADVERTISINGPensacola Beach Vacations Rentals. Call for the BEST RATES on Beachfront condos and beach homes. Toll Free 800-242-3224. Visit online gulfbluevacations.com Since 1963, RMI Vacations and RMI Realty have been the premier vacation rental company and real estate company located on Pensacola Beach. You can view, select, and book your vacation rental online! We offer spacious, affordable family beach homes, townhomes and condominiums. RMI also offers FREE Stuff with every reservation! www.rmivacations.com or 850-932-5376. Real Estate For Rent Double Red: Water Closed to public Red: High hazard, high surf and/or strong currents Yellow: Medium hazard, moderate surf and/ or currents Green: Low hazard, calm conditions, exercise caution Purple: Dangerous marine life Surf FlagsCalendarAugust 7: DeLuna Fest Movie Nite at Flounders, 8 pm. Prizes, giveaways. 7: Bands on the Beach. Gulfside Pavilion. 7-9 p.m. No Charge 8: Santa Rosa Island Authority Meeting. 5 p.m. #1 Via de Luna. Open to the Public. 11: Gulf Breeze Chamber Expo. Gb Rec Center. 9 to 2 p.m. 14: Voting Day 14: Bands on the Beach. Gulfside Pavilion. 7-9 p.m. No Charge 18:Kayak Fishing Weigh In. Flounders. 19: Boardshorts & Bikinis 5K 20: First Day of School 21: Bands on the Beach. Gulfside Pavilion. 7-9 p.m. No Charge 22: Santa Rosa Island Authority Meeting. 5 p.m. #1 Via de Luna. Open to the Public. 24: Star Gaze, Casino Beach. Dusk. Free to the public. 25: Star Gaze, Casino Beach. Dusk. Free to the Public. 28: Bands on the Beach. Gulfside Pavilion. 7-9 p.m. No Charge. 31: JamaicanFest. Portofino Boardwalk. Thru weekend. September 2: Anything That Floats & Bathtub Races. Santa Rosa Sound behind Bamboo Willies. Free to cheer. 3: Labor Day. Last day of trolley service. 4: Bands on the Beach. Gulfside Pavilion. 7-9 p.m. No Charge. 7: First Friday Portofino Boardwalk. 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Open at no charge. 9: Nereids Splash Party. Paradise. 11: Bands on the Beach. Gulfside Pavilion. 7-9 p.m. No Charge. 12: Santa Rosa Island Authority Meeting. 5 p.m. 14: ShakerFest. Thru Sept 16 15: Taste of the Beach. Gulfside Pavilion. Thru Sept 16 15: Miracle Strip Corvette Show. Casino Beach 18: Bands on the Beach. Gulfside Pavilion. 7-9 p.m. No Charge. 21: DeLuna Fest Music Festival. Casino Beach. Ticket Req. Thru Sept 23. 25: Bands on the Beach. Gulfside Pavilion. 7-9 p.m. No Charge. 26: Santa Rosa Island Authority Meeting. 5 p.m. October 2: Bands on the Beach. Gulfside Pavilion. 7-9 p.m. No Charge. BEACH CHURCH BINGO 1st and 3rd Thursdays, Dinner $6 at 6. Bingo $20 at 6:30. www.thebeachchurch.com ELKS BINGO 1st and 3rd Sundays, 6 pm, $1 per card. Family friendly. Open to public. 850-932-4444 BEACH BRIDGE CLUB ELKS 9:15 to 2 on MON and FRI Open to the Public Swim Safety NAME:_________________________________________________ ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________ CITY: ________________________________STATE: ___ ZIP: ______________ Be in the know! Have Island Times delivered to you! Send a check for $32 made payable to Shelley Ink Mail to: PO Box 844 Gulf Breeze, FL 32562-0844 Pssst . . if you want to be a wise guy about beach stu read Island Times WeddingsNOTARY to perform wedding ceremonies. 850-748-6878 East Bay Waterfront home 2,485 sq.ft. with 102 feet on the bay. $269,000. MLS listing # 402379 Call Linda Murphy, Keller Williams Realty 850-748-0865 New Construction. 3/3 Navarre. Soundfront community. $182,900. Two story. Beautiful details. Dennis Remesch, Re/Max on the Coast, 850-384-7607. Pensacola Beach Condo. Gulf front. 2-bedroom/2 bath. MLS#: 421524. $235,000. Island Realty, Nan Harper. 850-293-9321. BEAUTIFUL LOT Waterfront Gulf Breeze. Stunning on Santa Rosa Sound. Your own beach with 1.73 acres. Build your dream home. $300,000. Owner will divide. Dennis Remesch, Re/Max on the Coast, 850-384-7607 Villas on the Gulf Pensacola Beach. MLS#: 415543 $189,900. Very desirable 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath condominium just a few steps from the gulf. Noel Faddis, RMI, 850-932-5376 Building Real Estate Sales Team to meet demand. Top Commission and dis, RMI/Realty Marts. 850-932-5376 A diller. A dollar. A Floundering Scholar. Back to school so soon? You used to dance til midnight and sleep until high noon.


Island Times PAGE 15 August 7, 2012FOR RESULTS Island Times Info 850-324-2667Downtown Pensacola Beach Weekly ScheduleMonday: Sandshaker, 7 PM Thursday: Paddy OLearys, 7 PM Sunday: Paddy OLearys, 5 PM Texas Hold Em 4444 Fun Poker Hotline 324-2667 850-473-1008 4300 Bayou Blvd DrTraceyPinkston.com Integrating traditional health management with natural and alternative approaches Dr. Tracey Pinkston Studio98HAIR DESIGNS 939-8800 Sat 10 to 5 offering Bare EscentualsFULL SERVICE HAIR SALONCall for easy directions from the beach studio98hairdesigns.com 1143 Gulf Breeze Pkwy 932-2565 3497 Gulf Breeze Pkwy 916-9437 www.xclean.net Welcome New Customers15 % OffJUST TO TRY US Gulf Breeze: 1143 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, 932-2565 Tiger Point: 3497 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, 916-9437 www.xclean.net WELCOME NEW CUSTOMERS Dry Clean, Laundry, Leather, Households Items Wash & Fold, Shoe Repair, Alterations FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICES 15% OFF Just To Try Us FREE Pick Up & Delivery Services Dry Clean, Laundry, Leather, Household Items Wash & Fold, Shoe Repair, Alterations LIVING BRINGS IT IN. WE TAKE IT OUT.Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner V-8 Powered Steam Clean Process Dont forget Seeing Stars... your horoscope for next weekMadame AstraTaste of the Beach Sept 15-16 CAsino Beach DJs Beach Cafe 63 Via de Luna across from Springhill Suites 850-916-0716 OPEN EVERYDAY at 8 a.m. at 8 a.m. Breakfast 8 AM TO NOONHAVE A BIG BEACH BREAKFAST! BREAKFAST! Lunch 11 AM TO 2 PM FRI -SAT 3 PM TO 9 PM 11 AM TO 2 PM FRI -SAT NOW OPEN Free Gift with orders over $40 Celebrating 25 years as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty ConsultantFREE Delivery Who says you have to pay a HIGH price for beauty? There are 90 products under $10. Proof that you can save a pretty penny and still look like a million dollars! Call Susan Haselton-Kelley for Beauty on a Budget! ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Relationships continue to thrive, but watch for any telltale signs of potential problems. Take needed action now to set things straight before they become troublesome later. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Your powers of persuasion, backed up, of course, by your considerable expertise, help you establish your case even to the most dubious decision-makers in your workplace. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You might still be a bit reluctant to face up to some lessthan-pleasant realities. But the sooner you accept the facts, the sooner you can set about making some needed changes. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Expect to make adjustments, even when things seem locked up and ready to go. But cheer up: At least one change could lead to something you've been hoping for. LEO (July 23 to August 22) The success of a recent project should do a lot to boost your to start now to check out ways to make that long-deferred bigger and bolder move. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Ease up on the pressure you might be putting on the new person in your life. It takes time for a budding relationship to blossom. Show more patience and understanding. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You have lots of inner strength in reserve. Use some of it to resist intimidation from those who might try to impose on your good nature for their own reasons. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) The good news is that your on-the-job status is improving. The one cautionary note, however, involves a personal situation you might have been ignoring for too long. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Congratulations. Once again, your sharp Sagittarian "horse sense" helps you work through a complicated situation that would leave most people confused. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Plan on indulging yourself in some wellearned good times through much of the week. Then be prepared to face some thought-provoking issues by the 18th. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Positive factors continue to dominate following a recent change in both your professional and personal lives. Expect to make contact with someone from your past. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Workplace stability allows you to continue making progress on your projects. But don't ignore your personal life. Spend more quality time with those special folks. BORN THIS WEEK: You have the gift for making people feel special. Maybe because you know how special you are.Theres An App For ThatA free app has been introduced by the Red Cross. Hurricane will allow you to monitor conditions in your area or where your loved ones are, prepare your ters and let others know are safe even if the power is out. Download the app in the iTunes or Google Play app stores. The Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) will provide all residential sanitation customers new and improved pick-up services. The weekly bulky waste collection service includes pick-up of furniture and other household automated can for disposal. Gary Dean, ECUA Sanitation Collection manager says, The unique feature of these improvements is customers will no longer have to call to schedule the pick-up. They will simply place their items at the curb, before 5:30 a.m., on their regular collection day. Its just that simple. Its important to note, any materials remaining in the rightof-way on the regular collection day may be mistaken for a bulk waste item. Customers are reminded to not place items that are not intended for disposal in the collection area to avoid inadvertent pick-ups. Bulky Waste Program Guidelines Items accepted are: Furniture, such as: Couch, Mattress, Desk, Chairs, Dresser; Rugs and carpets; Vacuum Cleaners; Bicycles; Bags of Clothes; Grills; and Toilets. For additional information call ECUA Customer Service at 476-0480, or visit www.ecua. ECUA New Services Include Disposal Of The Big Stuff


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Island Times PAGE 17 August 7, 2012 FLOUNDERS CHOWDER HOUSE Celebrating 30 years of Floundering neath the moon and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh catch including the Shrimp Boat Platterloaded with shrimp cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp and U-peel ems. Kids love our Pirate Ship playground located on our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night Dance all night on Flounders beach to the most popular bands from across the south. beautiful Pensacola Beach, 850-932-2003 CRABS WE GOT EM Only restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor/ outdoor bar and gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach, was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup, Stuffed Blue Crabs, Alaskan Snow, King them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes. Dont forget to try one of our signature drinks like The Crab Trap which come with a souvenir glass to keep! Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band. MCGUIRES IRISH PUB One of Americas great steakhouses; proudly serving USDA mans bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherds Pie all inside a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon themed pub. McGuires is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than 750,000 signed dollar bills hanging from the and warm and friendly service by Employees who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery and the OTolf Wine Cellar featuring the Artist Series. Featured on NBCs Today Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member. Open every day at 11, 850-433-6789, mcguiresirishpub.com Commercial & Residential Appraisal Consulting & Sales103 Baybridge Dr. Gulf Breeze, FL G. Daniel Green, MAI, SRAState-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836 Real Estate Broker #BK176669 Sandcastles and such...Pensacola Beach Real Estate After Sundown... SIDELINES SPORTS BAR AND RESTAURANT big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, its here. Kids menu for the JV players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seating. Video sports games. Centrally located on Via de off at 11 a.m. seven days a week. 934-3660. SANDSHAKER LOUNGE The World Famous Sandshakera Pensacola Beach Tradition since 1973. Home of the Original Bushwacker. Been selling this signature drink for over 30 years. First bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Monday half price HoldEm at 7 p.m., $2 Tuesday Across from the Boardwalk. Open 10 am 3 am. 850-932-2211. www.sandshaker.com PARADISE BAR AND GRILL A little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer. and Dinner everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour Monday and Wednesday. Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Open 7 days. 850-916-5087. PEGLEG PETES Ahoy, Matey. Youve found a Pensacola Beach treasure. Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks Dinner specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers a t-shirt. Were here everyday at 11. 932-4139. www.peglegpetes.com BAMBOO WILLIES BEACHSIDE BAR bar serving your favorites. Specialty Fat Tuesday frozen drinks like the Octane on stage. Bikini contests. Crawday afternoons. Willies Wear Gift Shop. Waterfront on Santa cated at the Boardwalk. 850-916-9888. www.bamboowillies.com SHAGGYS WATERFRONT BAR & GRILL through the open air dining room and side bar. friendly. Arrive by boat or car, bike or on foot. Open everyday at 11 a.m. in the big red building on Pensacola Beach Boulevard. 850-934-4852. www.shaggys.biz 2012 Visit us on the web at: www.mcguiresirishpub.com E-mail: mcguiresirishpub@aol.com ONE OF AMERICAS GREAT STEAKHOUSES 11 Time Golden Spoon Award WinnerFlorida Trend Magazine Hall of FameBeef Backers Award Best Steaks in FloridaFlorida Monthly Magazine Best Pub in FloridaFeatured on NBCs Today Show and on The Food NetworkHighly Recommended by Fodors, Frommers, Mobil & AAA Travel Guides A TURN OF THE CENTURYNEW YORK IRISH SALOON PENSACOLA'S OWN SINCE 1977 A TURN OF THE CENTURY NEW YORK IRISH SALOON ONE OF AMERICAS GREAT STEAKHOUSESTM 11 Time Golden Spoon Award WinnerFlorida Trend Magazine Hall of FameBeef Backers Award Best Steaks in FloridaFlorida Monthly Magazine Best Pub in FloridaFeatured on NBCs Today Show and on The Food NetworkHighly Recommended by Fodors, Frommers, Mobil & AAA Travel Guides 2011Visit us on the web at: www.mcguiresirishpub.com E-mail: mcguiresirishpub@aol.com 41524-25_DinrCoverPensacola31412.indd 1 3/19/12 11:56:27 AM Island Times May 25, 2012 PAGE 12 1591 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach, FL 32561 www.rmivacations.com 1591 Via de Luna YOUR Beach Rental and Sales Headquarters for nearly 50 years Joanne & Noel Faddis Do business ... where business is done! Island Realty 850-916-7188 www.PNSBEACH.comJoni Grissom from Navarre has joined Island Realty as their newest member. She is a graduate of the David Collins Real Estate School, and is enthusiastic about beginning her second career. Island Realty Welcomes New RealtorJoni Grissom


Island Times August 7, 2012 PAGE 18 Drop Me A Line... TURTLE TRAX By DJ Zemenick Blue Sky Gift Shoppe3479 Gulf Breeze Pkwy 850-932-7100 Tiger Plaza Next to Sonic Nest Update for Pensacola Beach & Gulf Islands National Seashore as of July 31: Hatchling Count Mayor Bob Merriman asks what year the Casino Beach water tower was painted to look like a Beach Ball? If you know, drop us a line, islandtimes@bellsouth.net What a way to celebrate your twelfth birthday! Garrett Chandler of Pensacola went flying down the waterslide with style at the Pensacola Beach Innerlight Grand Opening July 28. The young man will be in the sixth grade at East Hill Christian this fall. There were activities all day long hosted at no charge for customers and friends who gathered at the Pensacola Beach Boulevard location. Innerlight owners also operate the Pensacola Beach Marina, home to some of the Beachs charter boat and dolphin cruise boats. FISHING SISTERS! Addison and Alyssa Wyatt of fun at the Innerlight and Pensacola Beach Marina Grand Opening July 28. The girls were reeling in pinbrother, who completes the set of triplets, was busy on the waterslide. The three siblings will enter sixth grade this fall. Innerlight and Pensacola Beach Marina had adult volunteers to teach the children how to event was hosted at no charge, compliments of Innerlight.


Island Times PAGE 19 August 7, 2012Will you be Queen? ShakerFest Sept 14-16 readin the water Saltwater Rick appointed lady angler Terri McKamey to write his column this week. One Stop Shop for the Watersports Enthusiasts PARASAILINGSMILE HIGH CLUB Feel the Thrill ~ Join the Club! You wont stop smiling even if you tryPensacola Beach at the BoardwalkSALES & RENTALS KAYAKSSINGLE/TANDEM HOBIE CATS SAIL AWAY PONTOON BOATSHOURLY/DAILY WAVERUNNERS FAST & FUN Rentals Include: All safety gear Expert instruction Ask about eco kayak tours paddle boardsNEW! Video Your Vacation. Waterproof Cam850-932-5520 www.KeySailing.com OPEN 9 to 6weather permittingWell, were in the heat of summer now hot, sultry days, always a chance of an afternoon storm. Were also in that time of year when you can catch almost anything. Plenty of Amberjack and Grouper being caught offshore; still plenty of Red Snapper, too. Unfortunately, youve got to release those. Maybe well be have the Red Snapper season open back up in the fall. Guess we can count ourselves as lucky for the extra six days we got. ing on at the Pier. The number to beat is 49.2 pounds. September 2 is just around the corner and thats when theyll be awarding the prize for top King. Early morning and late afing, well, you can just about take your choice. Spanish and King and Pompano. This is how lucky we are to have such a diverse saw all kinds of huge schools of Mullet at Perdido Key the other for Smoked Mullet. Stop by and Dont forget to take precautions in this hot weather plenty of water to stay hydrated and plenty of sunscreen. A special shout out to the nament, July 19-22. Pensacola incredible experience. weekend as the Pensacola Ladies tournament. With less than 3 hours of fishing time left, the Shaggys Ladies Tournament. On board the caught and released a White Marlin and Laura Ladner caught the tournament. The team won ington, Laura Ladner and Taylor Easterling. And, to the guys who helped make it happen: Rimmer Jacob Mattina and Ron Ladner. The winning lady angler at who brought a 50.34 pound King and earned second place among Meloney. Long, lazy summer days what are you waiting for? Grab a MON: 10 AM -Close Half Price Drinks/Shots for BARE Customers. Poker, 7 PM. Trivia, 9pm TUES: 10 AM -Close $2 Wine/Beer/Well. Karaoke 8 PM WED: Ladies Nite. 5 PM Close $2 Wine/Beer/Well. Mike Jencks Band, 8:30 PM THURS: 7 PM -Close 1/2Price Drinks w/ Shaker Shirt. Rez plays 8:30 PM SAT: Curt & Friends, 3-7 on our Deck SUN: 9PM TIL KARAOKE & MUSIC W/DJ VIC Sandshaker.com 850-932-2211 Where the Locals Hang Out!A Pensacola Beach tradition Somethings always Shakin GREAT DRINKS at GREAT PRICES since 1973! Wed, 8/8 & 8/15: 9 PM -1 AM Mike Jencks Band Thurs, 8/9 & 16: 9 PM -1 AM Less Than Zero Fri-Sat, 8/10-11: 9 PM 1 AM Class X Sun, 8/12: 4 PM 8 PM Lektric Mullet Fri-Sat, 8/17-18: 9 PM -1 AM Less Than Zero Sun, 8/19: 4 PM 8 PM Fish Sandwich Party with us! Live on the Shaker Stage 9PM TIL KARAOKE & Fri-Sat-Sun LIVE BANDS Voted Top Ten Beach Bar FloridaBeachBar.com second place in the ten and under Junior Angler division. Pensacola Fishing Rodeo Tournament Director Marc Cabassa prepares to announce the weight of a King Mackerel being calculated at Flounders Beach, July 29. The event had something for Mackerel to the scales.


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