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rensacoia I, I-Iorlaa ~u gus


Back To School is really cool for kids from Pensacola Beach. The carefree days of summer have come to an end, but the McCurdys,
like most Beach kids are excited to be back in the classroom with their friends. Beach School graduate Maddie Grace McCurdy, left,
is in sixth grade at Gulf Breeze Middle School. Following in her footsteps at the Beach School are (L to R): Meredith, fifth grade;
Cayson, fourth grade; Matthew, third grade; Ryland, second grade and Kendall is in kindergarten. For more on this story, see page 2.


i, i-ionaa



Kindergartners Can You Tie Your Shoes?

And then there were five. Mad-
die Grace McCurdy graduated
from the Beach School last spring
and now is in the sixth grade at
Gulf Breeze Middle School. It
will be her first year away from
the little home of the Sandpipers.
However, following in her wake,
are McCurdys in every grade at
the Beach School except the first
grade. Kendall is in kindergarten;
Ryland second grade; Matthew is
in third grade; Cay son is in fourth;
and Meredith is in fifth grade. No,
they are not all brothers and sis-
ters. They are siblings and cousins.
Kendall, Matthew and Meredith
are the children of Fran and Ken
McCurdy. Maddie Grace, Cayson
and Ryland belong to Todd and
Karen McCurdy.
The McCurdys have had such
a prominent place in the Beach
School that Kendall, 5, has a spe-
cial spot to sit in kindergarten, the
McCurdy chair. Yes, this chair has
been reserved for the McCurdys,
since Meredith first sat in it six
years ago after Jennifer Neal
became the kindergarten teacher.
So, Kendall, who wants choc-
olate cake for lunch at school, sits
in the same chair that all four Mc-
Curdys before her occupied. Her
brother, Matthew says she will
not get cake, but probably a pea-
nut butter and jelly sandwich for
lunch. Kendall says that she does
not know how to read, but Ryland
told her not to worry, that Mrs.
Neal would teach her how to read.

Matthew was sure that Ken-
dall would learn all she needed
to know this year. He is the tight
end on a football team where his
cousin Ryland is the quarterback.
Meredith, who is ten, is excited to
be at the "top of the food chain" in
fifth grade. She was in Mrs. Neal's
first class at the Beach School and
loves math. She plays soccer and
basketball during the school year.
Meredith is the treasurer of the
Junior Optimist Club.
The McCurdys, who all excel
in sports and in academics are
representative of the students at
the Beach School.
Mrs. Neal welcomes all of
these bright youngsters with so
many refreshing activities and fun
filled games, the kids won't have
time to wish they were home with
their moms.
Mrs. Neal says they must
know all their letters and sounds,
be able to read 45 sight words, to
use their invented spelling in their
journal writing, count to 100, iden-
tify numbers from 0 to 25, add and
subtract to and from 18, and there
are many skills they learn which
are too numerous to list.
Mrs. Neal revealed, rather
reluctantly, that the hardest thing
for kindergartners to learn is how
to tie their shoes. They understand
their computer. No problem. But,
tying their shoes... "Flip flops are
the shoes of choice when the girls
are not wearing their light up,
twinkle toe sneakers," she said.

Published every other Tuesday
Post Office Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562

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Their morning meeting is the
favorite time of the day, according
to Mrs. Neal.
"They love
sitting in the
lifeguard chair
and being in
charge," she
said. "We have
a different life-
guard everyday.
The lifeguard is
the anchor per-
son of the class."
The life-
guard updates
the calendar on
the Activeboard,
assists Mrs. Neal
and brings a Beach Schoo
snack for every- teacher Jennif
"I try to
make everything fresh and fun so
they will stay interested. What I


love best about teaching kinder-
garten is that they think everything
is exciting. They love our com-
puter lab. They
are little sponges
and that's what's
so great about
S teaching kin-
dergarten," she
Beach kin-
s dergarten kids
enjoy an array
of happenings
and events that
are relatively
unique. For in-
stance, they
honor Ground-
Kindergarten hogDay, the one
r Neal hundredth day of
school, Hiberna-
tion Day which
is a real hit when Principal Jeff
Castleberry comes costumed as

a bear to scare the kids who are
hibernating in their dens.
These children learn a lot
about the environment, weather,
the ecosystem, and being one with
nature by virtue of where their
school is located on the shore of
the Gulf of Mexico.
They also take field trips to
museums, harbors in town and
fishing piers in Gulf Breeze, fire
stations, the Zoo, and the Saenger
Mrs. Neal's longest teaching
gig has been at the Beach School.
"This is the longest I have
taught in one school and it is by
far, by far, by far my favorite
school," she explained.
She is wonderfully respected
and loved by all the children she
has taught on the Island. Their
parents hold her in high regard.
Now, if only she could teach kin-
dergartners how to tie their shoes.

SRIA Budget Nears Completion For

Presentation To Escambia County

"This is a tight and wonderful
budget," Santa Rosa Island Author-
ity Board Chairman Tammy Bohan-
non said at the Budget Meeting on
August 11.
Board member Vernon Prather
backed her up, "This is a cash
positive budget that allows for the
goals of the Authority to be ac-
complished. It is a good budget,"
he said.
Finance Director Dottie Ford
actually presented two versions,
one including the projected increase
in the lease fees based on the CPI
and one without the item. The first
came to $5,936,194. The increase
in lease fees would add $199,000
to this amount. The total budget is
now $7,025,982.
Bohannon requested that the
Board consider funding a sug-
gestion made by Commissioner
Grover Robinson that $50,000 be
allocated to water quality testing
to be conducted by the University
of West Florida.
"We are a family beach,"
said Bohannon. "There is a true
concern about what is in our Gulf

water. Testing would give us a clear
Prather said BP should fund
this procedure. Board members did
not believe that the level of danger-
ous contaminants which may be in
the water, had yet been established.
However, Dr. Dick Snyder of UWF
is scheduled to appear at the August
25 meeting to provide details of the
testing program.
Prather discussed the purchase
or the lease of a front end loader for
Beach maintenance. "Leasing the
equipment may be better because
of the harsh environment here,"
he said.
Staff will prepare information
on leasing the front end loader.
Jim Cox, president of the Pen-
sacola Beach Advocates, reviewed
the history of the trolley system
of the Beach which is funded by
$100,000 from the Island Authority.
He told the Board the Beach Cham-
ber had offered to submit ideas to
increase the very low ridership.
He recommended that the Trolley
System be removed from the Public
Safety Department and placed in the

Administrative Department.
"I believe the Chamber and the
PBA would partner in the planning
process again," he said.
Board members did not re-
spond to his suggestion.
Cox, a CPA, also told the Board
they were using a flawed method for
preparing the budget.
"You are basing the current
budget on the previous year's
budget, without taking into con-
sideration the actual income and
expenditures from the previous
year," he said.
Dottie Ford defended her bud-
get saying this method was the one
that is used by Escambia County.
Sue Smith, Developmental
Services, said the SRIA will receive
$500,000 from FEMA for costs as-
sociated with the hurricanes in 2004
and 2005.
The Board also sent a bill for
$95,000 to BP for June's losses due
to the oil spill.
The final Budget Workshop
will take place beginning at 5 p.m.
on Wednesday, August 25 at the
SRIA office.


Island Times

August 24, 2010

August 24, 2010 Island Times PAGE 3

Barefoot on the Beach


By Jane Waters Cooper 16

If I were a tiny nestling turtle
on Pensacola Beach, my best
friends would be Melanie Waite
and DJ Zemenick. I wouldn't even
know it, but these two "turtle la-
dies" along with the other patrollers
would be easing my journey from
my nest to the Gulf of Mexico. That
trip is always precarious governed
by humans stepping on nests, pred-
ators coming along and disrupting
the turtles and even
automobiles scoot-
ing slowly along
park roads in Ft. ..
Pickens. Besides
all that, the turtles
don't even know
the difference be-
tween a light bulb
and moonlight.
None of this stops
the brave little
creatures espe-
cially when these I
roadblocks are
overcome by the
turtle patrol. Me a
Melanie and
DJ spend from
three to six nights a week, moni-
toring the nests in Ft. Pickens.
Currently, their shift from 6 p.m. to
6 a.m. puts them in the park in the
dead of night, which makes the al-
ready scary area a tad more spooky.
The animals which live in Ft.
Pickens aren't sure they welcome
these human intruders.
"I've had foxes sneak up on
me," Melanie said. "Armadillos
and raccoons have given me a start,
too. But the worst was one night,
when I was sitting a nest alone and
an owl swooped down on me, mis-
taking my white hair for a mouse."
Now, their vigil is not so deso-
late and lonely with the BP work
crews coming on at night.
"Someone is always nearby,"
Melanie said. "The works crews are
very good about keeping an eye on
us. They look like coal miners as
they walk along with their turtle
friendly lights on their heads. From
a distance, it's a line of little lights
dancing across the beach. Very
Melanie has been on turtle pa-
trol at night for more than 18 years.
DJ. after moving to the Beach, has

been doing the same job for two
years. During all this time, they
were volunteers. No pay. Now they
receive payment for their efforts
through BP
"We are employees of TRS
staffing," Melanie said.
So far, neither their work
load nor their pay has been cut.
It's just my opinion, but I think
these valiant patrollers deserve
payment for the
important jobs
they do under
less than per-
fect conditions.
S- says their paid
jobs are now
somewhat in
; limbo after the
oil spill was
contained. "We
have been cut
from twelve to
six hour shifts,"
she noted.
But the
turtles needn't
worry. DJ and
Melanie will be out there protect-
ing the tiny hatchlings, pay or no
"We will always do what
needs to be done," they chorused.
It's not all demanding. About
the middle of the shift, the crews
have a snack. Melanie mentioned
water, Gatorade and fruit. She did
not say the snacks included lobster
and chocolates. But, then these two
turtle lovers are doing a job they
love, not looking for a picnic.
DJ added her own comment to
the amenities they enjoy.
"As Wildlife Observers, we
drive ATVs with turtle friendly
lights," she said. "This is a great
improvement over doing all our
work on foot. Ten to twelve hours
a night was grueling."
"One time this month Melanie
and I shared an ATV which sported
a cardboard roof which was duct
taped to the frame. Still, we felt we
were in Heaven," DJ commented.
I guess you are wondering
what these ladies do besides munch
on snacks and ride in ATVs. They
do a lot.
DJ explains the drill when they

see a sea turtle during their patrol.
"We immediately make a call
to tell BP to shut down the clean
up in that area," she said. "We tell
them to turn off all the machines,
crew lights, and stop operations
maintaining at least 200 feet from
the nesting turtle. They must re-
main as quiet as possible until the
mama turtle completes her nesting
and returns to the Gulf."
The nest is marked and the
patrollers give the all clear for the
clean up operation to resume.
They also keep an eye out for
shorebirds and their chicks.
DJ likes turtles. She does not
like sea mice which also fall under
the protection of the patrollers.
"I stay well clear of the dunes
at night," she says. "One glimpse of
a beach mouse and I wouldn't even
need the ATV to get to the other end
of the Beach."
She shares this feeling with a
large sisterhood.
Although the number of nest-
ing turtles has dwindled over time
since Melanie started the patrol

18 years ago, she has encountered
several problems, along the way.
There are six nests in the park and
two on Pensacola Beach. Melanie
found an injured bird and an oiled
bird. She also
participated in
the relocation
of the first nest
to go to the East
Coast which
was a Kemps
Ridley nest at
Ft. Pickens.
In DJ's
words, this ,,
job was once
all volunteer, '
and somewhat
"I think I ,
speak for Mela-
nie and all the DJZem
other patrol-
lers," she said.
"We would definitely be out there
doing this for free."
Melanie has put in 1000 hours
in service to the Park. She has

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received presidential awards for
this service, a gold pin and oh, yes,
she can deduct her mileage from
her income tax.
But DJ and Melanie both
agree. None of
that is relevant.
For now, they are
being paid in ac-
tual money. Now
that may go away.
And they will still
be out there at Ft.
Pickens on moon-
less and moonlit
nights alike, pro-
tecting the always
endangered and
defenseless baby
I forgot to ask
them one question.
nick When do they ever
[Melan ie
Waite is on the Board of the Krewe
of Wrecks and serves as the trea-
surer DJ Zemenick is the office ial
Krewe of Wrecks photographer]



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August 24, 2010

Island Times



PAGE 4 Island Times August 24, 2010

i.99 ?9

7UriVi a?

?9 ?


Craig Barrow may be a hermit
or he may be just shy. All the Trivia
Master knows about him is that he
was the first to email the correct
answer to the trivia question, "Who
was the actor who played the lead
in the movie production of 'To Kill
A Mockingbird.' ?"
Answer is Gregory Peck.
What can we report about the
illusive Craig? He is a resident of the
Beach, boat captain and a big game
fisherman, when we asked when was
the first time he saw the movie, he
said it was so long ago he did not
remember. Wear your shirt with
pride, Craig, and keep playing trivia.
Well, knock the Trivia Master's
socks off, and hang them up to
dry, the Queen of Wrong Answers
Joanne Brooks sent the right answer
again this time and had the audacity
to accuse the Trivia Master of asking
a much too easy question. Say what?
Kim Schmitz who won the pre-

vious trivia, was the runner-up and
another correct answer came from
Chrissy Cook. Retired college ad-
ministrator Dr. Courtney Winstead
said "Gregory Peck played Atticus,
the main character and good father
to his children. Did I win? Probably
too late."
Sorry Courtney, great answer,
bad timing. Try again.
We also heard from Sandspur
publisher Chuck Steele in Mexico
Beach. Ted Pence rang in from
Cedar Bluff, Iowa. Both correct,
but too late.
The Trivia Master always wel-
comes Sandi Johnson's answer
which is usually correct, but she
is the Circulation Manager of the
Island Times, so she is ineligible.
She emailed "Gregory Peck. I love
that book. Johnny and I took the
grandkids to see the play in Seattle."
The Trivia Master asks all play-
ers to take a moment to remember

Sir Bill Greene of the Roundtable.
He knew too much to be playing, at
least so much that he had to be sent
to the Roundtable. He passed away
on August 12.
It's back-to-school week. The
Beach School has had a great faculty
since it was established by Harry
Gowens more than thirty years ago.
What was the name of the very first
kindergarten teacher at the Beach
If you are the first to email the
correct answer, you will move to the
head of the class while wearing your
new Island Times t-shirt.
The rules are the same. Email
your answer with "trivia" in the
subject line to isLiiidLiim s ~ ll-
south.net. Be sure to include your
name and phone number with your
answer. The first emailer with the
correct answer, wins a coveted
Island Times shirt. The deadline is
August 28.

ic dance in the sand

krvice bar tiki bar

_Aaterfront dining

Thurs, Aug 26
Victor Wainwright & The Wild Roots
Fri Aug 27
Blue Fin
Sat, Aug 28
Paxton Norris & Tyler Mac
Sun, Aug 29
All Stars Blues Jam
Tues, Aug 31
Biscuit Miller & The Mix

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The Leo's always roar during
August and this year is no excep-
tion. A birthday spectacular was
hosted at Paradise Bar and Grill
on August 7 in honor of Louise
Turner. Husband JR, and her sons
BZR and Herb gathered with lots of
family and friends to toast her day.
Beach businessman Kaipo Robello
celebrated on August 8. Wendy
Grice, who is married to the World's
Greatest Saints Fan Tommy, added
another year on August 15.
Amy Cheshire Depew, who has
thousands of friends on the Beach
and in Gulf Breeze and at least as
many on Facebook, got good wishes
from all of them on her August 13
birthday. Island Times columnist
Candy Segar, whose birthday was
August 20, had to continue her party
all week. She will fly to South Flori-
da for the grand finale. If you stop by
the Pensacola Beach Visitors Center
on Saturday be sure to wish a happy
birthday to Jean Curtis.
Susan Haselton-Kelley had
to get her license plate changed to
read "Mimi 2" now that her second
granddaughter has arrived on the
scene. Emily Alice Martin was
born last month in Dallas, Texas to
Ashley and Jim Martin. Big sister
MacKenzie is two-years-old and
according to Susan has not quite
gotten used to her new little sister.
Former King of the Nerieds,
George Henshall wrote that he was
a lucky guy to have Peggy as his
wife and sweetheart for forty years.
The romantic couple toasted their
wedding anniversary on August 14.
Former Beach businessman
Ross Orenstein appeared before
the Tourist Development Council
in support of the Pensacola Beach
Songwriter's Festival request for
grant monies. It's only fitting since
Ross kicked off a similar fest in the
80s. Ross reminisced a bit about
the Sun Ray Oyster Shop and touted
the event, but the Council gave the
money to DeLuna Fest organiz-

ers. Look for Ross on stage with
The Renunion Band. They played
Bands on the Beach. Their next gig
is the Pensacola Seafood Festival,
Sept. 24.
A party of Beach proportions
blasted onto the scene on Tuesday,
August 17 when Dick Brown's
friends decided to have a birthday
blowout at the Shaker. The beer
flowed and laughter followed. What
are friends for?
Portofino resident Sandi John-
son traveled south to take in a
Tampa Bay Rays baseball game
with her husband Johnny, who is
on a work assignment in Tampa.
Grandsons Ricky and John joined
the couple who witnessed a grand
slam at the ball park.
Brian Hagerott, Shaun
Hagerott, Jake Hartnett and Phillip
Masterson from Boy Scout Troop
425 have earned the highest ad-
vancement award the Boy Scouts of
America offers to Scouts, the Eagle
Scout Award. The Scouts were rec-
ognized in a ceremony August 22
at the National Naval Aviation Mu-
seum. These Scouts are among the
approximately 4 percent of all Boy
Scouts who attain the Eagle rank.
The rains poured and the winds
blew but nothing dampened the
spirits of the hardy Beach family
members who attended COLORS
at Lillo's Tuscan Grille on August
15. Deb Friedman was joined by
Chrissy and Mike Cook, Melanie
Waite, Judy L'Oignon, Felicia
Fischer, Morrie Drees, and DJ and
Carl Zemenick. Kathi Lewis missed
the shindig. She was out of town.
FloraBama Lounge co-owner
and all around good guy Pat Mc-
Clellan has his eye on the prize at
the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon. He
has completed the swim, bike, run
event in prior years, but says he can
no longer compete with the young
guys. He is entering the October 2
event in the Big, Old Guys division.

? P Ei


Island Times

August 24, 2010

Residential Lease Fee Increase in Holding Pattern

Beach residents affected by the
possible raise in lease fees based on
the CPI can relax for a while. The
Santa Rosa Island Authority at their
August 11 meeting passed a motion
unanimously which called for a 6.5
percent increase in the lease fees,
but with no effective date.
"The action to raise the lease
fees by 6.5 percent with no effective
date may or may not be acceptable
to the bond holders," the attorney
Mike Stebbins cautioned. "The
leaseholders will more than likely
have no objection to the increase
since it is not being levied until such
time as the board sees a need for the
Stebbins explained that the CPI
increase can only be changed every
five years. Although the item had
already passed, Stebbins said, "The
bondholders may have a problem
with that decision."
Larry Newsom, Interim County
Administrator, has become inter-
ested in the proposed parking lot
for Ft. Pickens Road, and will have
some improvements, according to
Mike Langston, Baskerville Dono-
van engineer.
Newsom's concept includes
moving the current fence further
south to provide angled parking.

Cars would not be backing into
traffic on Ft. Pickens.
In discussion about the addition
of a pedestrian crossing area with
solar powered lights on Ft. Pickens
Road, Board member Dave Pavlock
said the important point is getting
pedestrians back and forth safely
across the road.
"Our goal should be to get
families safely to one side from the
other," said Pavlock.
Scott Wheatley of Five Flags
Tourism Group brought an impres-
sive presentation of the October
15-16 DeLuna Fest concert planned
at Casino Beach.
Nick Bodkins, Wheatley's
partner said, "Our entire budget
equals $2.2 million. We are spend-
ing $340,000 on TV ads, $20,000
in billboards, and $100,000 with
Gannet newspapers."
Ticket sales are ahead of pro-
jections for the event, which will
take up all of the Casino Beach
and the parking area," according
to Bodkins.
The Oil Spill was mentioned
only once in the meeting when
Pavlock suggested Buck Lee, ex-
ecutive director, take some time off
after serving 60 hours weeks while
the oil flow was nearing Pensacola

Beach shores.
"I want you to remember that
offer when hunting season comes
around," Lee quipped.
Lee announced that the Pen-
sacola Beach Master plan would be
presented to the Board of County
Commissioners on September 16.
With the weather and the oil spill,
members were hazy on the Plan.
Although they voted for it on April
14, they decided they would like to
see it again.
Chairman Tammy Bohannon
requested that it be an add-on at the
August 25 Special Board meeting.
Bohannon said she would like
to see more grass planted at Casino
Beach and resident, Tommy Chavis,
suggested that the SRIA should pro-
vide a water feature to help people
cool off at the Beach. Staff was
asked to check into the device and
add the cost to the budget.
Lee introduced Paolo Ghio,
as the person to be a hired as the
new Director of Developmental
Lee said they had 40 very good
applicants for the position, but this
applicant to the Board was staff's
recommendation for hire.
Ghio of South Africa has been
in Pensacola for ten years. His

King Crab Reigns Over Crab Fest

It's a celebration of the most
famous shellfish on the Beach-
CrabFest. The weeklong event
continues through August 29 at
Crab's, We Got 'Em. It's jam packed
with specials saluting the King Crab
and his cousins Alaskan Snow and
Dungeness. For those who can't
get enough of the steamed, spicy
delicacies, there will be all-you-can-
eat specials or find romance over a
Steamer For Two.
"Our newest feature is Crab
Fries," said Manager Tim Russell.
"This is all about the Crab!"
The entire family will have
fun at CrabFest. The excitement of
the Crab Races, which take place
nightly, will entertain the whole
gang. The world famous Seadog
will help you choose your racing
crab and get him ready for the start.

"The crabs have been in train-
ing camp for this week's CrabFest,"
said Seadog, who is a certified Crab-
meister. "We will have our speedi-
est, strongest and most talented
group of crabs ever scampering to
the finish line. You can't miss this.
It's the craziest thing you've ever
The contests continue with a
Crab Eating Contest and a Water-
melon Eating Contest. Come hungry
and enter both.
If you are not a competitive
eater, tune up your voice for Crab's
Karaoke on Tuesday evening. The
outdoor stage is the perfect back-
drop for amateur singers to have
some fun and seek fleeting fame.
"Of course, we will have live
entertainment during CrabFest,"
said Russell. "Great food and music

coupled with a view of the Gulf of
Mexico from almost every table. It's
hard to beat that."
The Little Pinchers CrabFest
area for kids includes a waterslide,
bounce house, dunking tank and
face painting.
The Fest continues through
Sunday, August 29. Crab's is located
on the Gulf of Mexico. Look for
the red roof at the traffic light on
Pensacola Beach.
For more information, call

Pensacola Beach Chamber's
Art and Wine Weekend.
October 2-3
Call 850-932-1500 to register.

includes a
position as
Director of
for Coastal
ICF in Pen-
sacola. He
is a volun-
teer coach
for Mere
Mortals, a
sports train-
ing group on
Beach. He
was hired by
the Board.
SRIA com-
mittee meet-
ings will be
August 25 at
5 p.m. at the
office. All
meetings are
open to the

o SBvS

SRIA Director of Environmental and Developmental Services
Paolo Ghio

2 bedroom/2.5 bath $188,500




August 24, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 6 Island Times August 24, 2010

e eas p orrib e & a b-r martini ) Beach Bids Farewell
by 7h Andy Bessone 1918-2010
F by Kathi Lewis Andy Bessone, a resident of brought the two team flags to

I cannot believe that I forgot to
take the last issue of Island Times
with me when I squeezed in a quick
trip to Georgia; and especially since
I was included in the Nereid photo
on the front page. That's the big
time, people. I know some of you
remember when you just weren't
anybody 'til you landed on the front
page on The Islander newspaper.
Oh, most of us were captured some-
where else in its wonderful pages
nearly every week. That's because
we were young and invincible
which allowed us to be everywhere
doing everything that even remotely
resembled a party. Not so much
now. But to me, it's still one of the
biggest honors in Paradise.
My disguise-costume was actu-
ally so good that even my grandchil-
dren had a hard time recognizing
me. I love costumes! Although I've
always considered my entire ward-
robe to be costumes. I have the town
costume, the appointment costume,
the everyday at home costume (one
of my favorites), and the grocery
store/shopping costume. Well, you
get the picture.
I remember once lending a red

dress to Marie Steele. She added
a tail to it and became a little red
devil for Halloween. Shortly before
Christmas, I enquired about the
dress (you know you need red for
Christmas). Marie looked very con-
cerned as she quickly apologized for
not returning it sooner. "I thought it
was just a costume" she said while
explaining that she had not yet got-
ten around to removing the tail.
"Don't worry Darlin' I can do
that," I assured her. "Actually it is
just a costume; but it's my Christ-
mas costume. I just remove the
tail and add a nice belt and voila
I'm ready for the SOB Christmas
Are there really people out
there who live in a world without
costumes? I suppose they don't
believe in magic dust either.
The weekend in Georgia was
wonderful. My sister Gail had no
idea (nor did her husband Rod) we
were planning a surprise Birthday
Party for her. We started singing
"Happy Birthday" as soon as they
walked in and were quite surprised
ourselves when Gail joined in sing-
ing, too. She looked around trying

a n Men's and

W ahCasual &
Four Season Apparel Clothing

Hiking & Backpacking THE
Snow Ski Apparel NON
Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes
Indoor Rock Climbing Wall pal g -ia

it ,

Maria's Fres4 Seafoob Market
Take a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
Fresh from the boats daily
We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere.
621 Ce tes Street MORE!
Pensacola 432-4999 MON -SAT 8 AM -7 PM
Call for directions from the Beach SUNDAY 8AM 6PM

to figure out who was having a
birthday. Her birthday was actually
the day before.
I love surprising people! And
there were definitely some surprises,
along with some great prizes at the
Mystic Krewe of Nereid's Splash
Party this year. Look for more about
that in the September 3 edition.
Right now, it's time to cook......
This recipe is a reprint. I made
a mistake in this one. Yeah, it hap-
pens. It's also an excellent recipe.
When I went to my last doc-
tor's appointment, my wonderful
personal physician Mary Ellen Neal
told me that I had left out the best in-
gredient in her recipe. I had already
cooked the recipe and thought it was
pretty tasty even with the missing
ingredient, which turns out to be
fresh chopped tomatoes.
Well good grief, I can hardly
read my own writing much less a
Doctor's! Who knew it was the
tomatoes that made the recipe, I
thought it was the wine......but
maybe that's just me. Or maybe it
was the wine that made me forget
all about the tomatoes..... whatever,
here it is again!

Mary Ellen's Shrimp with
Cream Cheese Sauce

1# Medium Shrimp, peeled
4 Slices bacon, cooked & chopped
Blackening seasoning
2/3 Cup Wine (rest of bottle is for
the cook)
3 Cloves garlic, chopped
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 4 oz. package cream cheese,
1 Cup fresh tomatoes, chopped

Cook bacon until crisp and
drain, leaving 1 tsp. bacon grease in
pan. Add shrimp to pan and sprinkle
with blackening seasoning to taste.
Cook shrimp just a couple of min-
utes, then add remaining ingredients
(except tomatoes). Continue cook-
ing until shrimp is done then add
tomatoes. Serve over pasta.
Enjoy, share and spend some
time in costume on the Beach!
See ya in the kitchen....


Bill Greene passed away on
August 12 leaving a long legend
behind on Pensacola Beach. Bill
Greene was a Ship's Officer in the
Krewe of Wrecks and a Lifetime
Duke in the Krewe of Nauga which
he provided the catalyst to start by
telling a woeful story of the tiny
Naugas. All this was in the Make
Believe World of Pensacola Beach.
In the real world, he was the
Past Commander of the American
Legion Post 379, co-founder of
the Over The Line Baseball on the
Beach, a founding captain of the
Whammy Jammer cruise, and he
was a Knight in the Island Times
Trivia Roundtable.
But Bill was never able to ac-
complish his worthwhile goal which
he passionately pursued trying to
get the Island Authority to build a
ball field for the kids on the Beach.
He made a to-scale model of the
project and took it to the SRIA but
they said no because of the need to
use red clay. He brought the request
back again and said he had found
a supplier of white clay. No again.
White clay was too expensive. So,
he put his dream and his model
Bill loved kids and toys and he
was a toy salesman for Greenman
Brothers when he first moved to the
Beach more than thirty years ago.

He later owned Tile Design.
The story of the Naugas reflects
Bill's creative sense of humor and
bears repeating. He saw Danah
Gibson recovering a chair seat with
"Do you know how many little
Naugas it took to make that mate-
rial?" he asked.
Danah said no, so Bill ex-
plained that Naugas were extremely
small animals and it took a lot of
them. Danah, now terribly ashamed
of victimizing the Naugas went
to the library to read about the
endangered species. Finally, her
sister Gwen, told her there was no
such thing as a Nauga. However,
the story spread around the Beach
and became gospel. Danah and her
sister, Gwen, founded the Krewe
of Naugas.
That was one of Bill's many
stories. He accomplished so much.
So quietly.
Bill is survived by his daughter
Kellie Greene of Maricopa, Arizo-
na. His daughter Kristine preceded
him in death.
A "Toast to Bill" in celebration
of his life was held at the Beach
Elks Lodge on August 15. He was
buried at Barrancas National Cem-
etery. Donations may be made to
the AmericanLegion Post 379, P.O.
Box 1163, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.


rensacola Beacn ior iony years,
passed away on August 16 at the
Joyce Goldenberg Hospice Resi-
Andy was a native ofNegaunee,
Michigan and was a graduate of the
University of Michigan. He was
with Westinghouse Corporation
where he served as their Financial
Controller for 35 years. He was a
veteran of the US Army.
He is survived by his beloved
wife of 56 years Mary. He is also
survived by his sister, and brother-
in-law Jim and Marie Velten of Ft.
Wayne, Indiana, two nephews, their
wives and children.
Andy loved sports and was an
avid fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers
and his alma mater, the Wolverines.
His friend and neighbor, Jim Cox,

William Harold Greene 1940-2010

Hospice room. tie also orougni
Andy a t-shirt autographed by the
ladies at Sammy's. Although Jim
and Andy had never gone there, it
was their long time joke that they
stopped off at Sammy's on the way
home from some lengthy chore in
town. Andy was admired by those
who knew him for being "a perfect
Andy, who was 92-years-old,
enjoyed an active Beach lifestyle
and had never stayed a day in the
hospital until last month.
A Funeral Mass was held at Our
Lady of the Assumption Catholic
Mission, Andy's church, on Au-
gust 18, followed by a reception at
the Pensacola Beach Community
Church. Graveside services were
held in Vandalia, Missouri.


Island Times

August 24, 2010

August 24, 2010 Island Times PAGE 7

TDC Giveth and Tak

Three weeks ago the Tourist
Development Council said they
liked Robert Rinke's proposal for a
series of free concerts on Pensacola
Beach, featuring nationally known
performers. The TDC then autho-
rized $300,000 of BP granted funds
to help cover the cost of the produc-
tion. Two weeks later, they changed
their minds and took it all away.
Others were standing in line at
their August 12 meeting, making
requests. Eventually the $300,000
went to DeLuna Fest which will
add an extra day to their October 15
and 16 concert event. The Sunday
concert would be free while there is
a charge for tickets to the original
two day presentation.
Commissioner Grover Robin-
son explained that the first decision
in favor of Rinke's concert series
had been contingent on approval by
the Santa Rosa Island Authority to
use $500,000 from the Island Beau-
tification Fund to purchase a stage.
The SRIA had granted con-
ceptual approval for the purchase
of or rental of a stage, but not final
Rinke was out of town and did
not attend the meeting, but Marilyn
Hess, president of Little Sabine,
Inc. who had offered the site on her

Margaritaville Beach Hotel property
for the stage at no charge, fielded the
questions fired at her by Larry John-
son, Pensacola City Councilman,
who is also a member of the TDC.
Johnson said he did not like the
way the situation to give the money
to Rinke developed. He continued
to question Hess, who maintained
her poise.
"We want this stage to be used
for the good of everyone," she said.
"It could be moved and set up in
other areas."
Johnson finally said, "I can-
not believe the board should give
money based on a 'maybe.'"
Hess replied, "If there is no BP
money now, it is ok. I don't want a
fight or a political struggle. I just
want what is best for all. We can
The TDC passed a motion to
give $300,000 to DeLuna Fest;
$50,000 to the Seafood Festival for
a concert; and $75,000 to the Civic
Center for a concert."
They are also funding the Gift
Card program with $700,000 from
the BP money.
"I want to recognize the pas-
sion with which Robert Rinke
worked, plugging hard and asking
BP for funding for a voucher and

eth Away
concert program. He put an awful
lot into that and I appreciate that,"
Robinson said.
Five Flag Tourism Group, who
are producing DeLuna Fest, told the
Council that they had sold 4,200
tickets and that 621 rooms have
been booked for their DeLuna Fest
concert on October 15 and 16. They
expect to add a third day, Sunday, to
their concert. They said the Sunday
presentation would include Gospel
music and New Orleans jazz and
would be free.
Ed Schroeder, Convention and
Visitor's Bureau, requested that five
percent of the advertising money for
the Gift Card program be allotted to
cover administrative and implemen-
tation costs. When Beach Chamber
members questioned the fact that
they were left out of this dispensa-
tion, Schroeder said, "Pensacola
Beach agreed to have us cover their
marketing and advertising, so no
advertising funds were allocated
directly to them. Pensacola Beach
Chamber and our Chamber will
have to coordinate to help cover the
implementation costs accrued by the
Beach Chamber since they won't
receive funds directly."
The date and time of the next
TDC meeting will be announced.

Oil Spill Response Continues, Changes

Claims Facility Opens
The Gulf Coast Claims Fa-
cility (GCCF), administered by
Kenneth R. Feinberg, has been
established to assist claimants in
filing claims for costs and dam-
ages incurred as a result of the oil
spill from the Deepwater Horizon
Incident of April 20. Claims pre-
viously filed with the BP Claims
Process have been transitioned
to the new GCCF Claims Facil-
ity for review, evaluation and
determination by the GCCF. The
new facility opened on August
23. The BP claims office located
at 5668 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. has
been converted into a Gulf Coast
Claims Facility and will be open
for approximately the next three
For forms and information go

to www.GulfCoastClaimsFacility.
com or call 800-916-4893.
The World Pitches In
To date, the administration
has leveraged assets and skills
from numerous foreign countries
and international organizations as
part of this historic, all-hands-on-
deck response to the Deepwater
Horizons Oil Spill.
Countries include: Argen-
tina, Belgium, Canada, China, Es-
tonia, France, Germany, Greece,
Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Mexico,
Netherlands, Norway, Qatar,
Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan,
Tunisia, United Arab Emirates,
United Kingdom, the United Na-
tions' International Maritime Or-
ganization, the European Union's
Monitoring and Information Cen-
tre, and the European Maritime

Safety Agency.
Health Advisory Rescinded
With water analysis from the
Florida Department of Environ-
mental Protection (DEP) indicat-
ing that swimming is safe in the
Gulf waters, and in consultation
with Escambia County govern-
ment officials regarding projected
and current oil impact on the
beaches, the Escambia County
Health Department and Escambia
County are rescinding the Oil Im-
pact Notice for Pensacola Beach.
The Oil Impact Notice remains in
effect for all of the Gulf Island
National Seashore property on
Pensacola Beach.
Residents should still follow
basic precautions in the event
that they come in contact with oil
product. Avoid contact with water
and sand if oil is present.

the beach's news available to the world

Jennifer Byrom, P.A.
Attorney At Law
Wills, Estates and Probate Marital and Family Law
Child Custody Juvenile Law
Civil Litigation Guardianship Law
Toll Free: 877-889-8822
916-9000 5177 Elmira Street
www.ByromLaw.com Facing the Courthouse
"The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements
V_ Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience "

ThSTU KEY Computer

$ GROUP .Repair

www.ycpals.com 850-206-3156

joe@ycpals.com Joe Stukey

r ----------------- q
Important Phone Numbers & Websites
The following phone numbers & websites are sources of oil spill information.

Citizen Information
FL Oil Spill Information
I Claims
I Oiled shorelines, tarball

from your cell
Oiled wildlife
I Boom problem


Officials warn leave tar balls
and oiled debris for the clean
up teams. Do not touch oiled
wildlife. Call to report.

Visit our website
for oil spill information, updates
as they become available.

I www.RestoreTheGulf.gov
I http://www.GeoPlatform.gov/
www.MylslandTimes.com gulfresponse
I www.visitpensacolabeach.com www.escambiadisasterresponse.com
www.sria-fla.com www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com
L ---------- -----------------.i

Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax & Copy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax

The UPS Store'

August 24, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 8 Island Times August 24, 2010

5 ooet

Soccer season does not have
to be a kick in the grass, the Gulf
Breeze United Methodist Church
offers Indoor Soccer for students
kindergarten through fifth grade.
Registration is $50 with forms avail-
able at the Fairpoint Drive or Sound-
side campuses in Gulf Breeze. Sign
up now. Practice beings September
6 and games start Sept. 18. The
league is currently seeking volun-
teer coaches, too. Call 932-3594
or 916-1660 for more information.
Check out the new Let's Move
Outside Junior Rangers program
at Gulf Islands National Seashore.
Gulf Islands National Seashore,

home to Fort Pickens, becomes
one of 36 national parks that offers
the program which provides tools
and information to parents to make
it easy to enjoy the outdoors and be
active and healthy. Young people
who complete at least one physical
activity in pursuit of their Junior
Ranger badge receive a special
sticker that designates them as a
Let's Move Outside Junior Ranger.
The activities range from adventures
like hiking with a ranger to body
surfing and canoeing.
"Gulf Islands National Sea-
shore Let's Move Outside Junior
Ranger program offers kids and
parents the chance to walk around
the forts or on the beach. These are

not only great exercise, but also
incredibly fun ways to see and learn
about the park," Nina Kelson, acting
superintendent said.
Before heading out, families
can look at www.letsmove.gov/
letsmoveoutside.php for more in-
formation about activities and
participating parks.
The Pensacola Children's
Chorus, under the direction of
Susan and Allen Pote, will hold
auditions for the Festival, Con-
cert, Echo and Young Singers
choirs. Pensacola Beach resi-
dents who are Children's Chorus
members include: Austin Wallace
and Brooke Heffernan are Young
Singers members; Olivia Chaney
will be a Festival Alleluia member
and Emily Chaney will be in the
Concert Choir; Madison Penico
is in the Echo Choir; Lainey and
A. J. Atkins are Concert and Echo
choir members.
Auditions will take place
August 30 through September 1 .
For details on which date to audi-
tion and more information, please
contact the Pensacola Children's
Chorus at 850-434-7760.



SRIA Staffer Saves The Day

Dear Buck,
Yesterday, August 12, 2010,
residents here in Lafitte Cove be-
came alarmed as one of the resident
Mute Swans was obviously injured
with what seemed to be an injured
or possibly even broken wing. Al-
ice Rainwater of 226 Le Starboard
Drive called every wildlife rescue
number she could find, including
the Sheriff's Department, but could
not find anyone willing and able to
assist. She dropped by your office
as a last resort and she hit paydirt.
One of your employees, Rob-
ert "Robby" Gropp, said he would
gladly come down to Lafitte Cove
after completing his duties and
should arrive around 3:45 p.m. On
arrival Robby assessed the situation
and made a plan of action. He first
attempted to entice the swan close
enough with food so he could do
his capture without getting in the
water. The swan didn't cooperate
and, remaining leery of Robby, the
swan stayed just far enough away to
make it impossible to be captured.
Not to be deterred, Robby went in

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Fri-Sat 'til1 1 PM Dine inside or outside
Sunday 'til 9 PM with a waterfront view
Closed Monday

Late Ni t
Live Entertainhent
begins soon

The Web
Facebook & Twitter

Across from the Hilton on Pensacola Beach
850-934-LILO (5456) www.lillostuscangrille.com


open 7-

< ^Day & Night

il ~at 10 am

Golf and Games 850-932-1550
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Island Times

August 24, 2010

7419 /*


the canal in his work clothes and
finally corralled the injured swan
in a cut in boat slip. By now, a
number of residents have gathered
to assist where they could. The
swan was captured and the drama
was over.
On behalf of Lafitte Cove
residents, I want to express my
sincere gratitude to Robby. He
is modest by simply explaining
that he loves wildlife and serves
as a rescue volunteer but that just
seems to be an understatement.
Buck, this is a guy that went above
and beyond and he needs to know
that the people of Lafitte Cove
are so grateful and appreciative
of him. His conduct sets a high
standard and it has not gone un-
noticed. Please be sure to pass
along our appreciation.
Kind Regards,
Tom Almon, President
LaFitte Cove Homeowners Assoc.
Frances Hanson-Grow, Secretary
Steve Homewood,Vice President
Tom Frutticher, Director
J.R. Rainwater, Director
Dr. Tom Grow, Finance Manager

August 24, 2010 Island Times PAGE 9

BigFoot Found Again

There is one strange breed of
palm tree in Ft. Pickens, planted
on a long strip of white sand. The
tree is so outstanding you can't
miss it. So, that is where the big,
hairy creature, BigFoot chose to
hide. There he was, exposed to the
world beside the tree which was
planted by some movie producers
who were filming on the island
several years ago. At least, that's
the way BigFoot describes it.
Kim Schmitz, winner of the
previous trivia contest, spotted
him and wrote, "Near the Pass
at Fort Pickens." She now has a
BigFoot t-shirt to add to her Island
Times prize.
We really like John Cam-
eron's answer even if he was too
late to win. "Your excellent paper
has a photo of BigFoot and a palm
tree on page 12. That location is in
Fort Pickens National Park about

7.1 miles past the gate. About 100
yards before turning right into the
Visitor's Center, there is a path on
the left that brings you to the point
and also the palm tree. Keep up the
good work."
All compliments will be grate-
fully acknowledged and accepted.
A family of five, hoping to
move here from Dallas, Texas -
Laura and Jason Greenwood and
their sons, Corey, 8, Chance, 5,
and Cooper, 19-months, named
the correct location and added,
"Getting our names in your paper
is really neat. We absolutely love it
here for reasons just like that. We
can't wait to make it our home."
Another Greenwood, Dave,
the longtime head of the Beach
lifeguards and no relation to the
Dallas tribe, emailed this answer,
"Probably too late, but BigFoot
is walking in Fort Pickens. He is

near the Pass. I remember the tree."
And our Circulation Manager,
Sandi Johnson, who loves playing
Island Times games, but is not
eligible to win a prize, also sent
the correct answer.
And this week, we actually
heard from BigFoot's biggest fan.
"You have done an incredible
job with this in the paper," he said.
Thanks for the compliment
and if you see BigFoot tell him he
doesn't sneak around very well.
He needs to find a better hiding
place. We must admit, however,
it's pretty hard to find a secret spot
for such a gigantic guy even on a
sparsely populated barrier island.
Besides that, our readers love
winning our contests. They find all
kinds of uncanny ways to succeed.
Look for BigFoot in the September
3 edition. No telling where he will
turn up next.

Shae rFest 9Sept. 10-12.
Queen receives:
Si'I* Glittering Tiara
Ieea >Shaker Necklace from
I* Jewelers Trade
Sign up today! > 2 DeLuna Fest Passes
Winner will be announced at Rides in Parades at
iShakerFest on Sept. 12.
Bring entry form to Shaker. Christmas & Mardi Gras
www.sandshaker.com Invite to Queen's Dinner
I Sandshaker Queen Entry Form
SPhone #:
proceeds benefit Beach Chamber and local charities i
LP m m m m

Wooly Boogers Ward Off Tropical Intruders

Experts At NOAA Still Expect Active Atlantic Hurricane Season

Wimpy tropical wave number
five which had no name wiggled
itself back into the Gulf of Mexico
just to make sure some rain fell on
the sun drenched beaches. It then
ambled off to Louisiana for a tour
of the sugar cane fields.
"How dare it come back for
an encore?" asked Queen Shugah,
leader of the Wooly Booger voodoo
team which, so far, has dispensed
with would-be hurricanes through
miscellaneous secret methods.
The Wooly Boogers will stay
locked in mortal combat with the
hurricanes until the storms are gone
away for good on November 30.
Wooly Boogers are visiting
their Keep The Hurricanes Away
altar at the Paradise Bar and Grill
on a regular basis and every day
they are blowing kisses to the south.
Although this non-scientific
yet powerful method has worked in
previous seasons, the hurricane gu-
rus at NOAA's Climate Prediction
Center claim that a swirling wind in
the Pacific named La Nina will send
the tropical weather to our shores.
"August heralds the start of

the most active phase of the Atlan-
tic hurricane season and with the
meteorological factors in place,
now is the time for everyone living
in hurricane prone areas to be pre-
pared," said Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D.,
under secretary of commerce for
oceans and atmosphere and NOAA
Queen Shugah has not met Dr.
Jane, but plans to confer with her re-
garding this blasphemous statement
via the coconut telegraph.
If you are not part of the Wooly
Booger tribe, you are welcome to
add your good luck charm or power-
ful totem to the altar.

"Every ounce of hurricane-
repelling power is needed," said
Shugah. Blo\\ and believe."
Stand by your queen, Wooly
"Hurricanes, stay away from
our shore." The Queen has spoken.

Pensacola Beach Chamber's
Art and Wine Weekend.
October 2-3
Call 850-932-1500 to register.

[ 850-932-2323
Ask about our *TORM gE
specialsfor 5 I
Island Times readers E x I
Climate & Non Climate Control Self Storage I
Boat Parking Moving, Storing, Packing Supplies

I 15 McClure Dr., Gulf Breeze storage-advantage.com I
L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ J

August 24, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 10 Island Times August 24, 2010

Pnrodse ,ii: Ranked #I in
o s :ISinle FiniI Home Siles
I on Pensaicola Beach in 2009~
~I\[. in

Pensacola Beach eal Bh sales and Transactions update:

> SOLD (August 4 -August 16)
Santa Rosa Dunes #944 1152SF $245,000
709 Ariola Dr 1248SF $311,000
231 Sabine Dr 2028SF $450,000
South Harbour PH3 1945SF $484,900

1694 Via de Luna 207 Panferio Dr
711 Ariola Dr 135 Sabine Dr
22 Condos

1014 Maldonado
Regency Cabanas, G8

45 Calle Marbella 15 Seashore Dr 808 Maldonado
Your place in paradise is just a phone call away...
850-932-0067 866-749-3732

Lots for Sale

1- 1- 1- 1 I- .. l,,

II- -I II H 411

I- I l . I- :,- i 1 1

Ready To


Dennis Remesch


Gift Cards Go To Hotel Guests

Area Chambers of Commerce
are dangling an attractive rebate
program for tourists who make ho-
tel reservations in Escambia County
during the near future.
The Gift Card program, which
runs through September 30 or until
the money is depleted, applies only
to new reservations. It was pre-
sented at the Tourist Development
Council meeting on August 12,
and made possible through money
granted to Escambia County from
BP as part of an effort to bolster
tourism. A total of $700,000 was
allocated for the promotion and
forty-four percent was reserved
for Pensacola Beach. Originally,
the gift card program was open to
out-of-county visitors only, now it
is open to everyone.
"The purpose of the program
is to bring new money from outside
the area to the tourism-based busi-
ness community," said Ed Schro-
eder of the Pensacola Convention
and Visitor's Bureau. "Each of the
three Chambers was allocated a
percentage of the $700,000 based
on their contribution to the annual
bed tax collections."
Basically, tourists will reg-

103 Baybridge Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL

ister for the gift card program at
www.VisitPensacola.com and then
make a reservation at the regular
hotel rates. They will receive an
American Express gift card valued
at $100 for each night up to three.
Visitors can use the gift card wher-
ever American Express is accepted.
However, it cannot be turned into
cash. Complete rules regarding the
program are:
* New reservations made between
now and Sept 30, 2010
* Program is restricted to lodging
located within Escambia County,
* Must complete stay by Sept 30,
* Only one qualifying party per
* Pictured ID required
* Not cash redeemable
* Good for purchases where
AMEX is accepted
* Not responsible for lost or stolen
* Cards must be picked up at the
appropriate Visitors Center
* The Chamber reserves the right
to suspend or end the program at any
* Good while supplies last

G. Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
R State-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836
Real Estate Broker #BK176669

I.-_ CI .

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales

Homes for Sale

.- III 1 -11- I 4- I 4 -1111


Ii- 111 11


the beach news available worldwide

become a Fan on Facebook

www.bayins.com bay@bayins.com


I family owned
and operated
Ni independent
l insurance agency
Auto & Motorcycle
Commercial Vehicle
Homeowners & Flood

* Not available to attendees of
group events (weddings, confer-
ences, reunions, sports)
Gift Card redemption requirements
* Registration form from Visitpen-
* Proof of hotel registration or
deposit prior to stay
* Proof of paid stay/lodging receipt
* Chambers are not responsible for
guest satisfaction at any property
* Chamber is not responsible for
information technology glitches that
interrupt registration.
For more information on Beach
hotels, call 850-932-1500 or go to

No Kidding,


Add Student

Programs To

Beach Fest

Tunesmiths will visit local
schools as part of the second an-
nual Pensacola Beach Songwriters'
Festival and Margaritaville Beach
Hotel is supporting the program as
the Education Sponsor. The Festi-
val runs September 27 October 3
and will feature over 60 nationally
acclaimed songwriters on ten stages.
In addition to their nightly presenta-
tions some of the songwriters will
perform at area schools.
"We are really excited about
participating in the Pensacola Beach
Songwriters Festival in this capac-
ity," said Tamara Baldanza, Director
of Marketing for Margaritaville.
"We support Jake Shimabukuro's
Music is Good Medicine in Hawaii
and The Bahama Village Music
Program in Key West, so this seems
like a natural fit."
In addition to the school visits,
there will be a Putt Putt Golf Tour-
nament at Tiki Island Fantasy Golf
on September 30 with proceeds
from the tournament earmarked for
the music programs in schools.
For more information visit


Island Times

August 24, 2010

August 24, 2010 Island Times PAGE 11

B USINESS B UZZMMMMMM M MMMMM.....................................

Pensacola Beach Advocates
President Jim Cox announced that
Escambia County Property Ap-
praiser Chris Jones confirmed he
would not be taxing the leased land
on the Beach for 2010. Since Jones
is following the Santa Rosa property
appraiser's lead in levying taxes
on leased land, he felt compelled
to wait for the judge's opinion in
the Navarre Beach tax case. Judge
Bergosh's opinion was delayed, and
by the time it was released, Escam-
bia County had already sent the tax
assessment rolls to Tallahassee for
Dana Szpunar is producing
a show for late night television
watchers called Wet County. It airs
on Channel 3 on Friday nights at 1
a.m. The show is very upbeat and
fun, according to Dana, who says
Pensacola Beach is often the topic
of the feature. The show is aimed
at a young, hip and active group of
viewers, so tune in, if that's you.

Going green on the Beach has
become more than a trend, it's a
priority. Sidelines is encouraging
patrons to go green and try some
of their new fried green beans. It
won't take the place of their famous
Chicken Wings which are only
forty-five cents on Thursdays.
Saints fans take note. The
owners and management of Surf
Burger are pouring free beer be-
tween quarters and at halftime of
the Saints games. Who dat gonna
beat dat deal?
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
could I be the Shaker Queen this
fall? The answer is yes. Just clip out
the entry form from page 9 of this
edition and start gathering votes. At
one dollar per vote the gal with the
biggest royal total gets to wear the
crown. There lots of fame and even
a bit of fortune that goes with the
title. Check out the reigning queen's
bling next time you see her. The

money benefits the Beach Chamber
and other local charities.
Look for the Boogie-mobile at
Sabine Sandbar on Tuesday night.
The yellow flashing light means it's

Karaoke time. If you prefer to listen,
arrive around 7 p.m. on Wednesdays
for perennial beach favorite Tim
Spencer. Tim also entertains at
Flounder's Beach on Sunday dur-
ing brunch.

L during
Monday Night
S^ Football,
of the All Saints games,
tVHO DT 0 select SEC games.
BUFGER domestic beer only

Burgers Shakes

Fries Cold Beer
Waterfront Dining
500 Quietwater Beach Blvd
Pensacola Beach 932-1417 Q Red Beans & Rice w
Upstairs from Key Sailing U Sausage on Mondays

Pensacola Beach, FL
Authentic Irish Pub




Happy Hour

12 to 7 PM

49 Via de Luna Texas
916-9808 Hold'Em

Sign up to be part of the
Beach Pirate Flotilla
by mailing
islandtimes @bellsouth.net.

August 24, 2010

Island Times


Page 12 Island Times August 24, 2010

The Santa Rosa Island Tri-
athlon (SRI TRI) is considered a
"sprint" distance race. This means
the swim distance is about one-third
of a mile. For some triathletes, the
prospect of swimming 600 yards in
the Gulf of Mexico can cause some
worry. The best way to deal with this
is through familiarity and practice.
First, spend time in the pool to
improve your swimming stroke. If
you have access to a swim coach,
he or she can look at your technique
and provide feedback. If you can
get your stroke videotaped even
better! Once you are comfortable
swimming continuously in the pool
for 10-15 minutes you can try some
open water swims. Remember,
never swim alone.

Our local triathlon club, TriG-
ulfCoast, offers a group training
session every Sunday morning lead-
ing up to the SRI TRI. Geared more
toward the beginner, these informa-
tive gatherings include open water
swimming as well as other aspects
of triathlon. This is a great way to
get over any apprehension you may
have about swimming in the Gulf.
So you've committed to do-
ing your first triathlon, you've told
your family and friends that you are
going through with it and you've
gotten some practice swims under
your belt. Now it's race day! How
will you handle the anxiety and
nervousness at the start?
Start slow and keep telling
yourself to "relax". Ratio-wise the
swim is a small portion of your race

and keeping your exertion under
control on the swim will payoff on
the bike and run.
Consider starting at the back
of your wave. Most waves will have
40-50 triathletes entering the water
at the same time. Just wait a few
seconds for the crowd to start and
then begin your race.
To those of you who have al-
ready voted for our Pepsi Refresh
grant, thanks. Please take time to
vote again for Multisport Perfor-
mance Institute (MPI) in our quest
to receive a $25,000 grant to start
a kids triathlon program here in
the Gulf Region! Voting continues
through August 31. You can cast
your vote at http://gulf.refreshev-
Do it for our kids!

It all about the fun when the Capt'n Fun Runners host the Bushwacker
5K. ECiiiioi to cheer runners to the finish line are (L to R): Lisa Johnson,
Gail Walsh, Sherry Readdy, Lisa Piotter and Phyllis Carr,. Sherry Readdy '
granddaughter, Katelyn, front, was decked out in her island attire.

Andi Nelson, #743, -
and Jennifer Murray -",, .
enjoyed the Bushwacker
5K run on August 7.
They smiled and waved
as they made their way '
to the finish line in- 3
front of this pack of --
runners. The ladies are
preparing for the Ma-
rine Corps Marathon,
so this was a training
run for them.

Pensacola Beach resident
Pam Lane, puts her head down
and makes a final charge for the
finish line at Bushwacker 5K
run onAugust 7. Pam s time was
28:18 and put her in ninth place
in her age category.
The event which is sponsored A
by the Capt'n Fun Runners at-
tracted over 1200 entrants who
competed on the course begin- .
ning in GulfBreeze and ending at
the Beach Visitor Center

9-11 Charity Golf Tournament
Spll GULF BREEZE, FL, 32563
A great day of golffor a great cause
Second Annual 9-11 Charity Golf Tournament benefits
the Wounded Warrior Project which is a nonprofit
-,tiiii/:,/thti providing tangible support for the
severely wounded veterans and helps them on the road
to healing, both physically and mentally. For more
information on the Wounded Warrior Project visit their
website www.woundedwarriorproject.org

0111nie uLSi Pay Pal: www.911wwpgolftournament.com
Or send check or Money Order to: Lar."d
3749 D GIlli Breeze Parkway 357 h rt
Gulf Breeze, FL, 32563. *

For More Information
850-758-6698 or 850-529-8682
Email: 911WVVWPGolf@resallc.com


Page 12

Island Times

August 24, 2010

August 24, 2010 Island Times PAGE 13

Q: "How fast should my Inter-
net connection be?"
A: I have to assume that you
are not using a dial-up connection
because that method is so slow that
it is like not being connected at
all. Local companies that provide
high-speed service in our area are
the cable company and the phone
company. Using the wired cable
services, which include the standard
cable, telephone line, and fiber optic
cable, you can have multiple levels
of service. Speed when accessing
the Internet depends on the price
you pay for services. It could range
from less than 1 megabyte of data
per second to more than 15 mega-
bytes per second. At the highest
speeds, Internet pages appear in-
stantly. Also, be aware that wireless
connections are slower and can be
just too slow if far away from your
wireless router.
There is an easy way to de-
termine your actual speed on the
internet. Use Google to search

for "Speakeasy Speed Test". That
search will show you several web-
sites that will allow you to test
your Internet speed. Select the
speakeasy.net website, then click on
"Atlanta". The website will show
you the "download" and "upload"
speeds for your connection. Use the
site to test your wired and wireless
computers. With that information
you can compare your actual speed
to the speed for which you are pay-
ing. Your Internet speed usually
refers to the download speed. Your
monthly bill should indicate your
level of service (or you can call your
provider for that information).
Another method for connecting
to the Internet is with the phone
company's "air card". That device
connects you directly to the Internet
in a manner that is similar to your
cell phone connection. It does not
use your home cable service. Your
speed with that service depends on
the quality of the signal in your area,
but it always seems slow (3 to 4 mb-

per second) compared to high speed
home cable and fiber optic services.
For questions, contact Joe at
joc'u' cpil corn or 206-3156.

Glass Added To ECUA

Recycling Services

Emerald Coast Utilities Au-
thority (ECUA) is now accepting
glass items, in addition to several
other items that were previously
excluded from the program. No
sorting is required, and all newly
included items can be placed in the
grey recycling can with the other
recyclables that are currently ac-
For a complete and updated
list of recyclable items approved
for pickup, visit the ECUA website
at www.ecua.org or contact the
Customer Service Center at 850-

By Joe Stukey
BYTES AND BITS Your Computer Pal


932-7670 -934-1913

'=11W Il~I

.. .. on., or nd ..1ys drop
':annoi cor h ..:o ni.l in ohner offers:i

Welcome N

1143 G'Iuil Breeze Pkwy 9A
3497 Gull Breeze Pke W
www -clean .

Check out the bands and updates www.DalesBigDeck.com

715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Marina

www -my isat0imescom
the beach's news worldwide

IOeSto Sho for th WaesorsEthsat

Steam Clean
r-i a Ss cu', a Process

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors

Pensacola each,

Our &ar


Tuesday & Thursdays 7 to 11
Karaoke with BOOGIE, INC.
Wednesday 7 to 11
Tim Spencer plays your favorites
Friday 7:30 to 11:30
27th The Hushpuppies
Saturday 7:30 to 11:30
28th The Blenders
Sunday, 4:00
29th Daddyman and Tomato

Live Music every weekend

the sunset
Open Air

August 24, 2010

Island Times



PAGE 14 Island Times August 24, 2010

? Mostly Nuts .
& Bolts s

Today I was perusing the news chemical engine
and ran across two articles that half years of his
really hit home. The first article to make it happ(
delved into nuclear waste and what just like an eng
the United States was going to do have four main
about the waste. The second article cerning weight,
featured a car contest with a 10 mil- mechanical effic
liondollarprize. So, what was it that resistance in a
really hit home and what was the features. Ah, the
connectionbetween the two stories? ten million sma
Well let's start with the car so worth the effo
contest first. The Automotive X Mother Earth wi
prize contest is for the group who Now along
designs a car which has the follow- nuclear industry
ing characteristics: 1) is production recycling nuclear
ready, 2) appealing/attractive, 3) nuclear wastes-
affordable, 4) gets 100 miles to the written about ii
gallon Wow back the truck up Island Times. Th
Did I say 100 miles to the gallon? I grid has to be
did indeed! Continue! and 5) meets future and nuc
or beats current emissions regula- cessing or recycle
tions and last but not least 6) has a to do it. GE Hit;
range of 200 hundred miles. a group of fast r
One of the most interesting and return 99 perce
possible telltale signs of this contest grid instead of 2
is that there are no big companies common light w
competing in it. There are groups is what we curr
for example, called Illuminati Motor process. Now w(
Works who built their car behind the ply of power to
team founder's home in Springfield, There is ho
Illinois. This same team founder, a and our future!

.lce. Monday Night Poker Games Gain Popularity

er, has put two and
salary into this car
en. Now isn't that
ineer? The teams
focal points con-
aerodynamic drag,
;iency and rolling
addition to safety
allure though of
ckeroos makes it
rt. Not to mention
11 be thankful!
those lines the
y is looking into
ir or reprocessing
something I have
n a past issue of
Le link is this the
enhanced for our
clear waste repro-
ling is a good way
achi has proposed
actors that could
nt energy to the
-3 percent from a
ater reactor which
ently use for this
e have a good sup-
plug in our cars.
pe for our world

Pensacola racing phenom Johanna Long drives in the Camping World
Truck races with the Pensacola Beach fish sign and the word "Pensacola"
emblazoned across the hood of her truck to give the area additional national
exposure. She is one of many athletes who brings good publicity to the area.

Weekly Schedule

Sandshaker, 7 PM

Paddy O'Leary's, 7PM

Paddy O'Leary's, 7 PM

Island Times

Pensacola Beach

Texas Hold '[Em 4444 Funl
Poker Hotline 324-2667

Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun
games on Monday nights at the
Sandshaker are more than just bet-
ting and bluffing. The tables are
packed with top notch players and
would-be gamers when the first
cards are dealt at 7 p.m. The play-
ers have their own bartender who
serves up frosty brews and famous
bushwackers. To stave off hunger,
players take a dinner break after the
first hour of play.
"It's not unusual for the poker
players to be treated to a great meal
by Mike and Mary Kay Wood," said
Rick Uzdevenes, poker promoter.
"We love Mike's famous Skeddy
and Sauce."
After the dinner break on Mon-
day, August 9 Tommy Grice served
up an ace high straight for dessert.
He outlasted a huge field of great
players to earn first place.
"Well, it's not as exciting as
winning the Super Bowl, but it's
close," said Grice, who considers
himself one of the world's most
devoted New Orleans Saints fans.
Cassy Cady Smith who played
well all night earned second place.
Smith claimed one of the top
spots the following Monday behind

* New Patients Welcome-
* Medicare & Tricare \ -
* 10 miles from Beach
* Call for Appointment

850-473-1008 U

Women's Health
Chronic Illness
. Hormone Replacement

4300 Bayou Blvd
Suite 5 Pensacola

native cafe
owned & operated by friendly natives!

Breakfast & Lunch
Natives say our
NEW! Dinner on Fri & Sat until 9 p.m. Fish Tacos
Specials 5-9 > 2 for 1 Beer $3 Wine are the best
$3 Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Margaritas 7:30 AM 3 PM
____________________________ Sun-Thurs
45 A Via de Luna 934-4848 7:30 AM -9 PM
Fri -Sat

Get Well Feel Good Look Great
Integrating traditional health management with natural and alternative approaches

Dr. Tracey Pinkston


Island Times

August 24, 2010

Col. Phil Tracy and Miguel Thomp-
son. The Colonel marched into first
place with his usual steady style of
play on August 16.
Poker moves to the historic
district on Pensacola Beach where
players gather at Paddy O'Leary's to
test their skills. On August 5 Justin
Scher took out Hank Misiak after
an exciting final showdown match.
Tootie Humphrey showed her win-
ning style over Justin Scher in the
final at Paddy's on August 8.
But, Scher reclaimed his first
place status on August 12. He
battled with the poker playing Pa-
dre, Father Sean Knox, infront of a
large crowd.
"We had a great night of pok-
er," said Uzdevenes. "We had
two tables, live music and let me
compliment first time dealer Eric
Weatherford on a great job."
Sara Mandel made a come-
from-behind charge at the final table
on August 15 to take all the chips.
Todd Lentini was the runner up with
Justin Scher as a close third place.
Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun is
open to anyone who has a basic
knowledge of the game. For more
information, call the poker hotline

at 850-324-2667.
From The Chip Stack
Welcome home Alex Gonzales
who just returned from Europe. She
is the Poker Gang's bartender.
Thanks to Dr. Glen Burleson
for sitting in as the dealer August 9.





For your swimming
safety please note
which flag is flying
prior to entering the
water. For added pro-
tection swim in areas
with lifeguards.

RED Water
Closed to

High Hazard
High Surf and /or
Strong Currents

] Medium
Moderate Surf
and/or Currents

Low Hazard
Calm Condi-
tions, Exercise

SMarine Life

August 24, 2010 Island Times PAGE 15

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- a

~ -


* 0


-W a i

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I never saw a purple Flounder;
I never hope to see one.
But, I can tell you anyhow,
I'd rather see than be one.

Real Estate For Sale

Who needs a bank? Owner will
finance at 6% interest with 20%
down on this 115 Ft Sound Front
lot. MLS# 382730. $374,900.
Fred Simmons, Paradise Coastal
Realty 850-232-2188.
1ST Time Home Buyer. Govern-
ment homes for sale. Easy. Quick
Move In. Call Clayton Homes 850-

Discounted. 4 Bedrooms and 3
Bedrooms. Payments ranging from
$450-$650. Call Clayton Homes at

Disability and Social Security
Income? This home is for you. Call
Clayton Homes at 850-682-3344.

- $79,900. Call today. Dennis
Remesch, Re/Max on the Coast,
850-384-7607; www.denrem.com

Pensacola Beach, 4/3 $529,000
Family home centrally located with
Gulf and Sound views. Call Real-
tor Linda Murphy, Cook Realty at

i s Real Estate

Personalized Real Estate
Sales Rental Consulting
James Hlubek 850-380-0014

I Employment

Licensed Real Estate Sales.
We must be doing something right!
Since 1963 we've sold them, their
kids, now the grandkids. Join our
team. Noel Faddis, Realty Marts/
RMI. 850-932-5376

S Weddings

Gregory Street Assembly Hall
Weddings Receptions Parties.
Seating up to 150 850-607-8633
Find Us On Facebook

Photography and officiant packag-
es for small, beachside weddings
beginning at $250. Email rdea-
rie40@bellsouth. net

I Meetings

Santa Rosa Island Authority Full
Board & Committee Meetings:
Wednesday, August 25, 5 p.m.
SRIA Office, #1 Via de Luna. Open
to the public.

Pensacola Beach Elementary
School, Inc. Board meeting. Mon-
day, August 30, 6 p.m. on Campus

Pensacola Beach Chamber
Monthly Meeting, Tuesday, August
31 at 8:30 a.m. at Days Inn.
Prospective members can call
Maureen LaMar at 850-932-1500
to register as a guest to attend.
Business After Hours, 5:30 p.m. at
Springhill Suites.

SReal Estate For Rent

Pensacola Beach Vacations Rent-
als. Call for the BEST RATES on
Beachfront condos an beach homes.
Toll Free 800-242-3224. Visit online

3 Bedroom 2 Bath House
Completely Remodeled on Pilings
Quiet neighborhood on sound side.
Some furnishings available plus
washer and dryer.
A Deal at $1300 per month

Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath house
on Pensacola Beach. Soundside.
Long term rental starting August
20th. Call 850-438-0987 or 850-
293-0321 or go to VRBO #222614.

Beautiful 1 bedroom, 1 bath at Re-
gency Towers on the Gulf. Monthly
rental starting in August. Call 850-
438-0987 or 850-293-0321 or go to
VBRO #143123.

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August 24, 2010

Island Times



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PAGE 16 Island Times August 24, 2010




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I go"


Bathtub Races & ShakerFest Taste of the Beach Miracle Strip Life's A Vette October 2-3
Anything That Floats Sept 10-12 Sept 18-19 Corvette Show Art and Wine Weekend
Sunday, Sept. 5 at 2 p.m. Queen's Race Enter Today Gulfside Pavilion Beach Saturday, Sept 18 PB Songwriter's Festival
Soundfront Bamboo Willie's $1 per Vote Food, Music, Kids Area Casino Beach SRI Triathlon
$30 Entry benefits Beach benefits Beach Chamber Beer & Wine No charge to view Islandwide
Chamber 850-932-1500 850-932-1500 Chamber 850-932-1500 Prizes Chamber 850-932-1500


Island Times

August 24, 2010


7Tc L/d^'4 TON GU E by E.K.Hewson

When I received my friendly of touch. Or are we? Catholic High within a few days me with 360 hours. Taking that one schools take off every federal
reminder from the Island Times As I was shopping for the of unpacking. more step, I have to account for holiday; some pick and choose.
editor about the deadline and theme Kid's back to school supplies, I So this had me thinking. How lunch and recess for 180 days. If Stuck in between Labor Day and
of this issue, I couldn't help but must have run into a dozen moms I many days of school are manda- I calculate that out at one hour per Memorial Day are Columbus Day,
ponder the question: What ever know, mainly military wives which tory? So I did the research. It looks day, I am now down to 180 hours or Veterans' Day, Martin Luther King
happened to starting school after always gives you a nice sampling of like most states and school districts 25 days or 5 school weeks of non- Day and Presidents' Day. That's
Labor Day? I remember in New different areas of the country. Much follow the 180 day rule. That is instructional time that kids have to four days right there. Next are the
Orleans, I attended school from the like Escambia County, the schools students must attend school for at endure. Having taught for five years, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New
day after Labor Day until Memorial in St. Mary's County, where I now least 180 days and/or 900 net hours I think these numbers are somewhat Year's, and Easter holidays, which
Day summer was basically all of reside, start around August 24. So of instruction. So let's do some basic accurate. I now also know why "half most school districts now call Fall,
June, July and August. The Colo- as we were discussing the cost of math. My son has attended school days" count towards the 180 fullday Winter and Spring Break respec-
nel, who grew up in Philadelphia, supplies and how many boxes of in Maryland, California and North mark because the goal is really tively. If schools only took off two
was on the same schedule as well. baby wipes (to be labeled "ART") Carolina both private and public instructional hours, therefore, every days for each, which they don't,
He always talks about how on the we had to purchase, the early start institutions. The school day has al- minute counts, that's another six days right there.
last day of school, his mom would date came up in discussion. I was ways been a 7 hour day -some form So in keeping with the 180 The numbers probably don't
pick him up in the family car filled the only one who had attended a of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Seven times 180 day rule, is it possible for kids tell the whole story, but no matter
with suitcases and his dog Kimba, school that started before Labor equals 1260 gross hours of school to attend school from Labor Day how creative I tried to be with my
and they would head to the Jersey Day. I remember moving from time. And I'm not talking the dis- to Memorial? Realistically, no. I calculations, summers off from
shore for three entire months of New Orleans to Pensacola Beach gusting kind, though some students believe from Labor Day to Memo- school have officially been short-
rest and relaxation. I guess he and mid-August of 1978, only to start might disagree with me. Then if I rial Day, there are only 37 weeks ened. Well at least Saturdays are
I are just really old school and out my freshman year at Pensacola subtract 900 from 1260, that leaves or 185 available school days. Some still sacred. Until next time...

After Sundown

Only restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking Celebrating 30 years of Floundering neathh the moon One of America's great steakhouses; proudly serving USDA
views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of Prime Steaks, seafood and Irish specialties including Irish fisher-
are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor/outdoor bar and course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers man's bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd's Pie
gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach, and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh all inside a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon themed pub.
was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup, catch including the Shrimp Boat Platter- loaded with shrimp McGuire's is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than
Stuffed Blue Crabs, Alaskan Snow, King or Dungeness you'll cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp and U- 750,000 signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings of the pub.
find them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu peel ems. Kids love our Pirate Ship playground located on Live entertainment coupled with great food and warm and friendly
as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes. our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night service by Employees who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery
Don't forget to try one of our signature drinks like 'The Crab Trap' revelers- Flounder's is host to the world's finest beach bands. and the O'TolfWine Cellar featuring the complete vertical collection
which come with a souvenir glass to keep! Dance all night on Flounder's beach to the most popular bands of the Chateau Mouton RothschildArtist Series. Featured on NBC's
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band. from across the south. 'Today' Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and
Look for the Red Roof on Pensacola Beach. 850-932-0700 www. Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch. At the Traffic Light AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member.
crabswegotem.com on beautiful Pensacola Beach, 850-932-2003 Open every day at 11 am, 850-433-6789 mcguiresirishpub.com
PARADISE BAR AND GRILL www.flounderschowderhouse.com SANDSHAKER LOUNGE
A little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with The "World Famous Sandshaker"- aPensacolaBeach Tradition
its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer. visit these island restaurants, since 1973. It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and has been
Live Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner pubs and bistros for fun selling this signature drink for over 30 years. The Shaker was the 1 st
everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch of the Day. Renee's bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Live Music
Famous Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour 11-7. Live Bands. Poker on after the sun sinks into the sea Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. Karaoke Tues & Wed. Poker & BARE Nite on
Monday and Wednesday. Monday. T-Shirt Nite on Thursday. Check out our new Shaker Shop
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly for great island wear, jewelry & gifts. Across from the Boardwalk.
on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open 7 days. Open 10 am 3 am. 850-932-2211. www.sandshaker.com
850-916-5087. PEGLEG PETE'S
SIDELINE'S SPORTS BAR AND RESTAURANT Ahoy, Matey. You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure. NATIVE CAFE
Score! Don't miss a point. See it all in high definition 11 Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or Open at 7:30 a.m. seven days a week. Owned and operated by
big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it's here. outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks friendly natives serving locally produced seafood and delicacies.
Famous for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs. LaFitte Cove. All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner The Fish Tacos are an experience to enjoy. The owners say their
Kids menu for the JV players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seat- specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlub- goal is to preserve the unique flavors of the Gulf Coast. Go fresh. Go
ing. Video sports games. bers. Take home a t-shirt. native. Specialty desserts top off expertly prepared meals. Seating is
Centrally located on Via de Luna, just east of the main Look for the Jolly Rogers flying over the west end of the informal. Art gallery setting with local artists displaying whimsical
parking lot and the traffic light. Kick off at 11 a.m. seven days Island at 1010 Fort Pickens Road. We're here everyday at 11. works. Serving breakfast and lunch everyday; Dinner Fri and Sat.
a week. 934-3660. 932-4139. www.peglegpetes.com 45 Via de Luna. Downtown Pensacola Beach. 934-4848.

August 24, 2010

Island Times


Chamber Festival Showcases Beach Chefs Signature Dishes

Island chefs have been ea-
gerly awaiting the Pensacola Beach
Chamber's third annual Taste of the
Beach set for September 18-19 at
Casino Beach. The festival is dedi-
cated to showcasing the Beach's
outstanding island restaurants.
Although the recipes are closely
guarded secrets, the list of signature
dishes that will be available at the
two day festival has been released.
"Each restaurant has a signa-
ture dish which will be served in
small portions for $5 or less," said


Paradise General Manager Renee
Mack. "The menus will include
variety of complimentary items as
Patrons can look forward the
following signature dishes:
Bullfeathers Fall off the Bone Ribs
Castaways Jerk Chicken Skewers
Crab's We Got'Em Crab Cake Sliders
Dog House Deli Cajun Red Beans
& Rice
Famous Dave's -Mini Texas Beef Brisket
Flounder's Flounder's Chowder,


European Luxury Bedding

Come experience the difference...
698 E. Heinberg St behind McGuire's 850-432-4777
201 E. Austin St Round Top, Texas 979-249-2070

Shrimp & Veggie Kabobs
Grand Marlin Island Ceviche
Hemingway's Fish Tacos
Hilton's H20 Crab Cake Salad with
Cilantro Vinagrette
Hooters Naked Wings
Lillo's Sausage Sliders, Crab Balls
Landshark Landing Mini Beachcomber
Frank & Lola Love Pensacola Cafe -
Crab and Shrimp Mac & Cheese
Native Cafe Famous Florida Fish
Paradise Bar and Grill Mini Cuban
PegLeg Pete's Cajun Fried Catfish
& Shrimp
Sandshaker Bushwacker
Sidelines Fresh Fried Grouper Nug-
gets, Steamed Shrimp
Surf Burger Grilled Shrimp Tacos
The Dock Jan's Famous Corn & Crab
Beach Pops Organic Popsicles

Organizers provide a Gulfside
dining tent, live music, and a chil-
dren's play area.
The Pensacola Beach Advo-
cates will have Taste of the Beach
reusable water bottles for sale. The
Chamber will sell beer, wine and
soft drinks.
The Miracle Strip Corvette
Show will host 115 gleaming
Vettes in the adjacent Casino
Beach parking lot on Saturday.
"This event is an opportunity
to taste the new and traditional
dishes the very talented Island
chefs offer year round," said
Maureen LaMar, Pensacola Beach
Chamber Executive Director. "It's
all in one place, priced and por-
tioned so that our guests can have
an Island culinary experience."
For more information, call
850-932-1500 or log on to www.

(*.'.'" ' I,


id aric-4 biI so I h ni l

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Island Times

August 24, 2010

Pa~w Va

August 24, 2010 Island Times PAGE 19


the water
by Saltwater Ricl

Hot and rainy weather has
made the waters in and around
our beautiful Island a steamy
paradise in the last few days. The
remnants of a swirling storm is
surrounding us as I take to the
laptop this day.
The weather has stirred the
inshore grass beds and a lot of
fresh grass has made its way to its
final resting place on our sandy
shores. Under this grass though
lies a bounty of fishing action.
Monster Redfish ban together
feeding on their prey. The birds

will show you where they go.
Spanish Mac's ball up the
huge schools of baitfish and then
rip through with lighting speed.
Speckled Trout are best in the
morning, evening and under the
lights as the water cools from the
days hot sun.
Reports of Grouper in the
Pass in 60 feet of moving water
will test your light tackle and
make a story to remember. So,
what are you waiting for? Do
yourself a favor and Go Fishin'!
(And, don't forget the little ones.)

Keep Looking Up

The Escambia Amateur As-
tronomers will offer star gazers
a glimpse of the September skies
in presentations at Fort Pickens,
September 10 and at the Gulfside
Pavilion Friday, September 17
and Saturday, September 18
"We will set up just at sun-
set at Battery Worth in Fort Pick-
ens," said Dr. Wayne Wooten,
astronomy professor and EAAA
sponsor. "We will have scopes
set up, clear skies permitting,
to allow you to observe Jupiter,
nebulae, clusters, double stars,
and other celestial treats. Free
star charts and information on the
EAAA will also be provided."
"If you can join us at our
sidewalk astronomy star gaze at
the Pensacola Beach Gulfside
Performance Pavilion on Septem-
ber 17-18, around sunset, it will
be a treat." he continued. "The
waxing moon and Venus and Ju-
piter and brighter constellations
will highlight these popular ses-
sions for beach visitors."
If you are star gazing at
home look for the New Moon on
September 8. The slender cres-
cent on the 9 marks the beginning
ofRosh Hashanah, the first day of
Jewish year 5771 AM. The full
moon, the Harvest Moon, occurs

on September 23, the day after
the autumnal equinox. The moon
is out of the evening sky during
the first and last weeks of Sep-
tember, making them ideal for
spotting deep sky objects.
While the naked eye, dark
adapted by several minutes away
from any bright lights, is a won-
derful instrument to stare up into
deep space, far beyond our own
Milky Way, binoculars are bet-
ter for spotting specific deep sky
objects. For a detailed map of
northern hemisphere skies, visit
the www.skymaps.com. It will
have a more extensive calendar,
and list of best objects for the na-
ked eyes, binoculars, and scopes
on the back of the map.
The star gaze originally
scheduled for October 15-16 has
been canceled due to a concert
conflict at the Gulfside Pavilion.
"The night skies can be en-
joyed from any vantage point,"
said Dewey Barker, EAAA events
coordinator. "But, the less artificial
light, the better. Keep looking up."
For more information on the
Escambia Amateur Astronomers,
visit our website, or call our spon-
sor, Dr. Wayne Wooten at PJC at
850-484-1152, or e-mail him at


Tops Inshore Slam

Tourney Ends August 31
The anglers who have hooked
up the trio of Trout, Redfish and
Flounder are trying to make it to
the top of the leader board dur-
ing the 2010 Gulf Breeze Bait and
Tackle Inshore Slam. The tourney
continues until August 31, and the
following have weighed-in their
catch: (The numbers represent
the weight of Trout, Redfish, and
Flounder, followed by the total ag-
gregate weight.)

Men's Division
1. Randy Westmoreland 6.2, 6.26,
4.79, 17.25
2. Dale Hall 5.62, 7.65, 3.05
3. George Shelton 5.89, 6.73, 3.39
4. Eric Gill 6.27, 7.31, 1.98
5. Jeff Pollard 4.94, 6.73, 3.40
Lady's Division
1. Mary Pollard 4.50, 6.31, 3.80

Flounder Fishing
Tip- A flounder's
strike will never
take the rod out of your
hand. It is subtle, and
sometimes it just feels
like some extra pressure
like maybe your sinker
is hung on something.
The trick to catching more
flounder is to NOT set the
hook right away. When
you feel that pressure the
flounder usually has the
bait in his mouth, holding
it in his sharp teeth. He
may swim 10 feet or more
to his safety zone before
trying to swallow the bait.

Dolphin & Nature Tours Enjoy a calm cruise to see dolphins, sharks, manna
rays, cobia, sea turtles, and native birds. Excursions include Fort Pickens,
Fort McRee and Pensacola Lighthouse for photos. Blue Marlin Tours include
snorkeling gear, snacks and ice cold water, soda, beer and wine. Boats operate
from sunup to sundown.
Make an unforgettable family memory TODAY with Blue Marlin!


Best Seafood, II

SPensacolat c

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
hardwood fires beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

We sell so many, you know they're fresh! iNeath the moon & stars on our beach

"Floundering at its best" "Best seafood on
Fodor's Florida Pensacola Beach"
"Best seafood on 1DE USAir MagazineD
Pensacola Beach" "Great ribes...and happy guests"
Fromers Guide to Florida Florida Trend Magazine
11%11 7 \ FRED FLOUNDER, Founder / \.
Guild__^e At the traffic light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003 Since 1979


Island Times

August 24, 2010

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